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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday October 18 2014 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have another great show lined up for you here tonight I'm going to be continuing going into the cosmic abandonment extended presentation cosmic abandonment is a presentation which explores the connection between the interference theory of human origins and the present human condition on earth so I'll be going into some researchers that have dealt with the interference theory of human origins tonight we've done that before on a previous show but I'm going to actually give some resources for the listening audience to explore regarding some of these researchers and then hopefully if there's time I can get into some fictional allegories that have dealt with the cosmic abandonment hypothesis the ancient alien hypothesis the interference theory hypothesis if you will so that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening I will be taking calls probably toward the second half of the show the calling number to join us I'll give at the top of the hour for those who want to call in if you want to get into the caller queue I know sometimes it can be difficult to get through on the air so I'll give the call-in number at the top of the hour the callin number to join us eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the callin number to join us 800 three one 394 43 I'm gonna start the show with some very sad news a very good friend and fellow patriot and fellow truth seeker Popeye from federal jack calm the radio show down the rabbit hole has unfortunately lost his life partner his wife Marcy and she passed away I believe yesterday and our heartfelt condolences go out to Popeye a very tragic tragic thing to lose someone you're that close to and at such a young age so pop I just know that your your true friends are here for you and if you need anything please do not hesitate to ask we're here for you in your time of grief so with that having been said move on to a couple of quick event announcements not really too many announcements for tonight's show but I just want to remind everyone of course the free or mind 3 conference is coming up in 2015 they're still planning the new organizers are still planning on hosting it in April I believe the dates were April 10th 11th and 12th if I'm not mistaken let me just look on my calendar here I'm sorry the dates looked like that they were going to be the 8th 9th and 10th so scratch that what I said before it's going to be Friday April 8th Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th if the dates that I was told hold true hold steady and it is going to be in southeastern Pennsylvania not right in the city limits of Philadelphia but just in the suburban area just outside of Philadelphia so I'm going to let them make the official announcement of the venue on the website which is WWF read your mind conference calm so for your mind 3 coming up in April early April of 2015 already a bunch of speakers have been lined up for that more speakers will be coming in the coming weeks tickets will go on sale fairly soon and the official venue will be announced I believe pretty pretty shortly so keep that in mind and definitely check out the website for your mind conference calm you could also go to the past conferences and see the type of caliber of speakers that are booked for this conference and watch videos from the previous two for your mind conferences so with that having been said there is a donation button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening calm web site if you feel as a listener that you have received value from the information that has been shared and presented on this radio show in my web site you could feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that it can continue into the future and that button is on the left hand side of the site on the navigation it's right under the podcast link it says donate - what on earth is happening and it's a green button so with that having been said I want to direct everyone's attention to the radio show page of my website what on earth is happening calm just click the radio show tab if you're not already on there and underneath the player for the show there are images for tonight's broadcast and then there are the cosmic abandonment presentation slides broken up into two parts we're going to be focusing on part number two and we're going to be starting with slide number 139 which is the researchers section of this presentation and uh even before we do start that I may step back a couple of slides and just say a couple of quick things about the last section that I went into which was the psychological framework for understanding what is going on in the human condition in there in the present and understanding that from a point of view of having the knowledge of the situation that occurred here with humanity in its infancy in our ancient past with these beings that came to the earth and did what they did here and and left us in the condition that they put us in so but I just want to say one more thing about the images the the numbers will not correspond because they're in two sections so you know you could just go through them in order as I tell you to move to the next slide I'll try to basically observe the the numbers the best way to do it is to download the zip file of all cosmic abandonment slides and you can unpack them on you know decompress that zip archive on your own computer and then you'll have all the slides there in one folder and you could just open them up with any image viewer as we go so that's my recommendation is to just download that zip file where it says all cosmic and vandeman slides it's a small zip archive 48 megabyte archive so let's start at the section there was many slides before slide number 139 where I talked about order followers and I gave some images of order followers as basically being psychologically immature people that don't want personal responsibility for themselves they don't want the personal responsibility to choose for themselves right action / wrong action and as such they are what I would consider psychologically immature people they are psychological and spiritual infants if you will they have not grown up they haven't grown up at a mental level they haven't grown up at an emotional level they certainly haven't grown up at a spiritual level and don't really understand natural law they don't understand what conscience is they don't understand the true difference between right and wrong although many of them are convinced that they are the good guys and do understand the difference between right and wrong they 100% absolutely do not understand the difference between right and wrong behavior because if they did they wouldn't be order followers the very nature of being an order follower is a wrong behavior and people will and you know vehement ly disagree with this and you know the debate will go on and on between people who don't understand principles or first things and those who do understand principles and philosophy to understand that the entire mentality of being an order follower is an act of evil in and of itself by its very nature will pick up that concept on the other side [Music] [Music] [Music] on earth is happening here on the Public Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're continuing the cosmic abandonment extended presentation on tonight's show we've been covering this for many weeks and will continue to cover it for many more it was basically talking about slides 137 and 138 in this presentation for those who are following along with the slides I'm gonna go on the last slide that gave an image of order followers and basically start there and just retouch on this one topic to clarify a very important point when someone is following orders it's an immoral act by its nature because what you are doing is you are attempting to abdicate a personal responsibility which can never be given away to someone else no matter how much you claim that you're trying to give it away this is a essentially a birthright given to you by creation by the very nature of being a being that has the capacity for holistic intelligence and the ability to discern the ability for discernment so if you say I'm not going to judge or discern for myself whether this action is actually morally right or wrong and I'm just going to act when this order is given to me that in and of itself is a wrong behavior is a wrong action I don't care whether you're doing whether the action yields a right and positive result in the way of not harming anybody the actual vision to simply follow an order is a wrongdoing by its nature III don't know if I could really clarify that any further than that III don't understand how people don't really grasp that entire concept or idea yet so many people still don't understand it they they want to debate this and think that somehow you can do good or be good while you're following orders there has never been an order follower who is a good person ever in the history of humanity in the history of the universe and never can be not ever will be never can be the two things are mutually exclusive they are diametrically opposed to each other being a truly good being is antithetical II opposed to being an order follower it cannot you cannot have those two things existing in tandem or combination simultaneously it is not possible okay so for people that think there are good soldiers good cops know they can do good things in their life but ultimately a person is not a good person until they are actually judging the difference between right and wrong for themselves and then willfully consciously in a state of knowledge choosing the right behavior over the wrong behavior consciously and willfully which is the definition of following conscience of obeying conscience of exercising conscience when you're doing that you're actually in harmony with the objective knowledge of the difference between right and wrong behavior which is what natural law is all about not doing that meaning following what someone else tells you to do by definition is not exercising conscience by the very definition of the action that you are performing and the lack of thinking that is involved in the performance of that action so people really have to understand this in a deep deep way to understand there is no such thing as a good order follower um not to be labor at this point but I just want to wrap up this part of the presentation and move on into the researchers but I just want to tell people this is going to be of the focal emphasis of my work in the coming months I'm actually gonna put together an entire presentation on the dynamic of order following more likely than not if I do not do it before the for your mind to three conference my presentation at the for your mind three conference will be on the dynamic of order following and how it is the ultimate evil that has ever existed and ever can exist okay so more likely than not this is going to be one of the it's it's gonna be the crux of my work in coming months okay and it's something that people really have to deeply understand that and I called these people in these slides the least mature among us and yet the most responsible among us for the continuation of the human condition of slavery because of their blind belief in authority and their willingness to obey orders they are the most morally culpable or morally responsible individuals okay ford keeping humanity in the current condition notice I'm not going to say putting us there these people didn't put us there you know we were put in this condition over eons of time but these people keep the condition the way that it is they are the the paradigm protectors you might call them of the violence ideology that currently rules the world and because they give their mind and their body over you know they're an actual cog in the mechanism of that entire evil system I don't care who that offends again get as offended as you like you're you're taking offense to truth matters completely zero truth is what is it's always going to be that way it's never going to change and these principles are eternal okay it is eternal that an order follower cannot be a morally good person because they are not actually using the their ability to morally judge whether an action is right or wrong by definition inherently if you can't see that there's something broken with your logic okay you're not really using your mental faculties and processes properly to weed out logical inconsistencies anyone who thinks that that isn't the case and again I'm making an absolute statement here 100% blanket statement I don't really care who disagrees if you if you disagree with that statement you're incorrect not because I say so or because you disagree with me because you don't philosophically inherently understand the difference between following orders and exercising conscience by definition so so not to again stay on this topic too long because I want to move on the last slide that I did on this topic was very harsh rhetoric you might say you know I call these people the house slaves of the world and you know I was saying that unfortunately a lot of these people are so stupid when it comes to their long view of history or even their short term view of history that they're not even offended by that term they don't even understand what you're saying when you say a house slave which was basically a slave living in in the civil war area period when black slavery was practiced particularly in the southern states where the the plantation owner would basically control the rest of these slaves who didn't want to be slaves and who would often you know make efforts to try to free themselves he would control them by giving a select small tiny group of of these slaves certain special privileges like more food more clothing more you know blankets in the in the cold weather be allowed to sleep in a shack instead of out in the field under the elements etc and for that those little tiny pittance of favors the master of the plantation would demand that these so-called privileged slaves which were called the house slaves by the rest of the slaves would give them special privileges and make them basically keep the other slaves in line brutally in many cases brutally beating them if they've stepped out of line and this is how these house slaves actually turned violently on their own people and simply went along with the bidding of the Masters because they got theirs in their mind but they were still slaves nonetheless they were still kept you know as pets as work mules just like the rest of the slaves it's just that you know they got a little bit better treatment by their their animal master you know and you know they thought that they were actually making out in this deal when in fact all they were doing was putting even tighter chains on themselves and this is what the the military and police forces are of every country not just America every country everywhere on earth at every single time and place in human history and the same dynamic would apply on all other planets in the entire cosmos wherever there is a life with the ability for the capability of holistic thinking of holistic intelligence every person who has ever been an order follow or anywhere in the cosmos that it's that same exact dynamic they have been the house slaves of that particular culture anywhere in the cosmos and people have to get this through their thick skulls and understand that order following is not a virtue it is the antithesis of virtue it is the exact opposite of any kind of virtuous thinking or behavior period so you know that that's all I'm really going to say about this I'll just repeat my little saying that I put in their mouths because if the truth be told this is what these people are really saying to the world whether they understand it or not or whether anybody else understands it or not just putting it out there on the table openly regardless of who likes it the the order followers of the world are saying to everyone else we are the house slaves of this world we would rather enslave our own species ourselves included because we're some of the biggest you know slaves of all basically agreeing with our own servitude and everybody else's including our own children okay we'd rather enslave our entire species including ourselves rather than grow up become psychologically and spiritually mature develop real courage because these people don't have one ounce of real courage real courage would be to speak out to speak the truth to take the truth into one's self and then communicate it to others and ultimately to say no to say no when somebody is telling you to perform any kind of him and immoral behavior that would take real courage these people don't have one drop of it and for the people that quit this job and and refuse to continue to be a cog in the machine of E of evil okay I have all the respect in the world for them all right that's not what I'm talking about I'm talking about the people who continue to follow these orders on a daily basis who are still in that machine of evil for whatever reason I don't care because you're feeding your family I don't care because you can't imagine yourself doing anything else because you don't think you have the education to do anything else does not matter why you continue to do it okay unless you develop grow up develop real courage and think for yourself there I have zero respect for anybody who's still an order follower you don't deserve any respect you're not worthy of any respect okay you are the person who is responsible for the continuation of slavery on the earth the end period deal with it you don't want to look at in the mirror and accept that that's the truth you don't want to look at yourself you don't want to look at all the the dark aspects of your subconscious what made you behave that way what made you go into a field like that what did you think you were gonna get on the other side you know for whatever justifications a reason you chose to do it the universe does not care this is another aspect people have to understand natural law our bet is boundary conditions existing in the universe just like any physical law the physical laws of creation and dynamics do not care about you you walk off a cliff it doesn't make a difference if you didn't understand gravity it doesn't make a difference if you thought there was a Ledge there but there wasn't one you're going down anyway because it's a law that you're bound by the laws of morality and behavior work the same way they don't care whether you don't understand them they don't care why you chose to take the action that you took that was immoral you're going to reap the consequences for the actions that you perform because you are ultimately responsible for your behavioral choices and you can never advocate that personal responsibility ever for any reason the end so you know I just wanted to wrap up that section with a definitive in point people still III just see I see people still don't get it folks they still don't understand these principles they still don't understand this dynamic they're still debating it or arguing you or trying to justify it there completely and utterly clowned clowned okay and the joke is on you if you don't understand what I've just said you're playing yourself you know because I just see the dynamic that's out there I see Chi I hear conversations I I see blog posts I see comments and message boards you know and I'm telling you humanity is still in a deep slumber when it comes to this in a deep slumber and you know why it is it's because we're still not talking to these people we're still not getting up in their face we're still not talking about this dynamic openly and unapologetically right in people's face with it no now we want a tip to tip toe around everybody you know we want to dance around the subject we don't want to offend anybody's delicate sensibilities we don't want to lose a friend by speaking the truth we don't want to alienate a family member well that's the reason we're in this situation ladies and gentlemen it's the reason we're in the situation we're in because not enough people are willing to speak the truth to those around them and that makes them just as cowardly as these house slave order followers just as cowardly see ultimately that's the the dynamic that's really gonna pull us out of this mess is true courage and that's that's that's what's gonna get us out of it so let me move on to the researchers that I highly recommend people check out for looking into the dynamic or the the topic I should say of the interference theory of human origins this is one of the most pieces of evidence that people have to look into when it comes to what happened us in the ancient past the dynamic of these beings that came here and essentially created a new species that didn't exist before made them as a slave race that didn't want to think that only one that you know follow orders reproduce eat sleep you know breed and do what they're told and some have come out of that condition they've evolved out of it do hard work do the hard work of those who came before them and propagated knowledge you know but many people are still in this original condition you might say the condition of quote unquote the original sin of what these beings did to a species that they had no right to do what they did to at all which is genetically hybridizing them then genetically further manipulating them and dumbing them down even more we've talked about this on past shows you know go back into the archive on the podcast section and look at the cosmic abandonment slides and presentation watch my cosmic abandonment video which I had to do very rushed because I only had two hours to do it and there's a couple of errors in it but you know the video stands that presentation stands on its own on the less because you know for that small amount of time I had to do it I have you know no problem with the way it ultimately turned out so this section is called researchers and I'm starting here with slide number 139 so I want to basically give some resources for people to research this for themselves that's ultimately what this is all about so with the cosmic abandonment slides for this podcast and by the way this will be podcast 172 I have put together a list finally of all the people who I recommend that people research into deeply to start to have a handle on this topic and I've made little three links next to them basically next to each researchers name or author's name or presenters name there is a little G link a little Y link and an A link okay so the cut the key is right up above this section above their names underneath where it says researchers to explore and I should take the word into out it really just should say researchers to explore when studying interference theory of human origins and there's a key right below that the G link for each researcher will take you to a Google search of that researcher so you don't even have to type their name or copy their name and do a search engine you just click that link and you'll be presented with a whole bunch of you know search results regarding that individual if you click the Y it will do a youtube search on their name and again you may get different results you know certain people will have more you know videos available certain people meant not that might not have any videos available but it's there nonetheless as a resource to you know just you know if you want to research a particular person's work you click on that it'll do a youtube search on it if there's any videos related to their work then if you click the a that will take you to an amazon.com search you know there's other bookstores and whatnot and places to obtain hard copies of materials but Amazon is pretty well known one it's a you know deals with a lot of merchants all over the world so you can click that if you wanted to do it maybe an eBay search look for different prices or whatever whatever shopping outlet you like you can go and search on places that accept Bitcoin if you use that it's up to you you know but I just provided one link where you could find materials to buy from these researchers and so I went with Amazon because it's probably the easiest and the most familiar for people so if you click the a that will take you to an Amazon search for that individual researcher and you could see what materials are available by them in the form of books or DVDs or things like that so without having been said let's jump into this section I'll move on to slide number 140 and talk a little bit about some of these researchers the first I want to mention is and I'll mention probably all of them in this list that I compiled but I want to really focus on some of who I would consider the heavyweights are the really important people to study the other thing I want to say and I always do whenever I talk about other people's work because if you don't give this caveat you have a million people knocking down your door saying how could you you know get behind this person he said this do you agree with that I don't agree with everything that any of these people have said or write about I think their research is valuable I think you need to look into it to put a bigger picture together you come to the truth by doing eclectic research that means gathering all your grammar from various sources of information you gather all the seemingly disparate pieces of information you bring them together and then you start filtering it and you work through it and you say look at these commonalities look at this person you know doing this research how did he do this what was the process he used to look into that you know here's his conclusions what are these pre people's conclusions does it make sense when it fits together does it explain what's going on now in a more clear way in a way that makes sense you know you could ask so many questions regarding these peoples work it doesn't mean I agree with everything any particular one of them says I think their work is valuable and is worth looking into okay so erich von daniken is the first this is slide 140 he's written a slew of books made tons of documentaries Chariots of the Gods of course is his most well known work you know he also wrote a book called gods from outer space which I definitely recommend to people it's one that I think people would really get a lot out of some of these books are still in print some you can find again on Amazon or Ebay or something like that you know some of them may have fallen out of print and maybe a little bit more difficult or expensive to find many of them you can also find online you could actually download them in either PDF format Portable Document format or electronic book format ePub format electronic publication so you know you could do torrent searches if you want to try to find these peoples work you could in many cases you could as is the case with many of these researchers work you could you know request my art drive my amazing repository of knowledge hard drive to many many people have requested from me it's actually really has gone very well the distribution of the research that I've compiled over the years online I've probably already given out over a hundred and fifty of these drives you know it's a real simple process you just email me from the contact page and you know say you want the arc I mean it's right there on the contact page of the website you know and many people have taken me up on this offer and it's worked out pretty good I send lists the very clear detailed instructions which people do have to follow if they want to receive that offer you know without any problems but most people follow it to the letter and you know they they get the research and it's a lifetime of research look just this little tiny research list that I am providing here with this podcast today will keep you busy for multiple lifetimes you will not be able to go through all of these people's material if you lived probably ten lifetimes okay that's how voluminous and proliferates their work is alright so this is stuff that you know you have to take it a little at a time you know let synchronicity carry you people always say to me also you know where do I start start where you're interested in so you know find somebody that you already resonate with some of their work their work will take you to other people's work you will be where you need to you will go where you need to be okay the universe has a way of working things out like that when you're seeking the light when you're looking for knowledge when you're looking for truth synchronicities pop up left and right constantly almost on a on a minute-to-minute basis you know that's how it was during my rapid awakening process you know when I really kicked into high gear of course my initial awakening stage was very slow and I had to come out and decondition myself from you know satanic thought from the you know dark occultism that I was involved in in my in my youth but after that when I really started seeking the light and seeking truth the process really accelerated and that's how it will work for most people - ladies and gentlemen stay with us we'll pick this up on the other side of this break you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com I want to apologize I think I spoke right through the last Network break because there was a slight technical problem on the network and and I would did not hear the break coming through my headphones in my studio here so no worries you can still hear that content when I put my podcast up on my website because I actually record everything here on this end that's what I edit my podcast from so for those who missed out on a little bit by listening over the network you could just check that out on the podcast page nothing was lost but I do apologize for that and hopefully uh you know will reel in the slight technical issues but um let's continue on with the presentation and these researchers names again I was saying that you have to put together all of these seemingly disparate pieces of information and then you see the full puzzle picture a lot of people aren't willing to do that work you know they don't want to do the reading they don't want to do the homework you know they don't want to take that time in that effort so you know they'll say oh that he said something that I don't like and I'm done listening to him you know that's unfortunately how most people's broken reasoning works you know they won't actually sit and listen to something that they potentially disagree with see again this whole dynamic of the mark of real true intelligence is being able to consider a notion or consider a piece of information without at first accepting it or rejecting it and you would be surprised how many people cannot or are unwilling to do that I've actually asked someone to their face are you the kind of person who is capable just ask this question to an individual that I saw out on the street at some kind of a rally I think it was a rally to try to get marijuana decriminalized here in Philadelphia and I was asking one of the people who attended the rally I was talking about consciousness and how you know then it's never brought up that you own your own consciousness you own your own body and somebody telling you that you may not put something into your body is a claim of ownership on that body and consciousness and therefore it's slavery and I said no one ever makes the right to use whatever drug you want to use an issue of slavery and the person was so effect like God so you know flummoxed and offended by this you know which is where it's really the real issue that goes on with any you know concept of prohibition and this person was so didn't understand the principle be of self-ownership behind it that they were like look I don't want to talk to you anymore I don't want to hear anything else you have to say this is how unconscious and unready to hear truth this at particular individual was and I said just listen what do you need to take that kind of a all-or-nothing approach for I said there's no possibility of interchange or interaction for information with you clearly I said I said just answer me this one question and I'll and then I'll leave you alone are you the kind of person that is capable of listening to information or reading information or watching information and reserving judgment about what you've just seen heard or watched okay read hurt or watched and just putting the idea somewhere in your thought processes of your mind but not actually immediately accepting it as being true or rejecting it as being completely false and the person said to be honest no I am not capable of doing that when I hear see or read something almost immediately I make a judgement decision about it and either fits into what I already think in which case I think it's true or it I reject it because you know it completely conflicts with the way I already think they actually said that to me and I said goodbye there is no help for you I said there is nothing I can show you there is nothing I can teach you there nothing I could do for you I cannot assist you in any way that's called the 100% calcified ego that's what the ego is ladies and gentlemen that's one of the things that the ego is that that the deep calcified ego attachment that's what it is right there it's no better way could I describe it to people and this is what you see when it comes to this topic people don't want to do the research they don't want to listen to someone else and just put it in their mind and then you could sort it out after you don't have to accept everything Erich von däniken says you don't have to accept everything Lloyd Pye or William Bramley or zecharia sitchin say but you can take it in and you could keep it in your mind and say hey how does this fit into the bigger picture is there something to be learned from this is there anything of value here that I could explore that I could learn from know most people are unwilling to do that they already have their belief system and and information be damned you know that's where most people's head is at so the next research were on slide 141 I want to call to people's attention as Zecharia Sitchin zecharia sitchin is has put out some of the most proliferates amounts of work when it comes to the ancient aliens / interference theory hypothesis out of any other researcher and he's often along with Erich von däniken considered kind of like you know the grandfather of of this field of research and you know there is just so much in the way of books that he's written and his books are like they read like text books you know he's put out the whole earth Chronicle series starting with the famous 12th planet book which I highly recommend other books in that series were stairway to heaven wars of gods and men which I actually amazingly just found in a trash pile and in outside of a thrift store the Wars of God and Men was sitting in the trash for stuff to give away for free you know this is the kind of stuff I come across when I'm walking the streets of Philadelphia you know I'm magically in there at the right moment it's a book I have digitally but I didn't have a hard you know printed copy of it so of course I took I took it you know I found another book and by sitting in like a bargain-basement section of a thrift store the end of days that was his most recent one you know other books in the Earth's Chronicles were the lost realms when when time began was book 5 book 6 was the cosmic code and then end of days was the last one in that series I believe he wrote that shortly before he passed a few years ago there is also divine encounters Genesis revisited journeys to the mythical past there were giants upon the earth and then of course the Lost Book of Enki which is just an amazing you know recounting of the ancient story that happened between the quote-unquote gods these non-human entities that came to the earth in the ancient past and the early human beings who they basically were ruling over like gods you know as the authority figures and the kings on the earth back in the ancient past so highly recommended is Sitchin's work he also appears on a lot of documentaries on this topic let's move on to the next researcher Lloyd Pye Lloyd Pye of course famous for the Starchild skull exploration which he's done a lot of great work with and DNA analysis on and his books everything you know is wrong and alien origins that's really the main crux of PI's work is human origins and hominids and how you know human beings are not evolved from our hominid ancestors but are a result of genetic manipulation I think PI's work is some of the best in this regard and I really highly recommend everybody checking him out you could go to his website you could you know download some of his videos on YouTube just brilliant brilliant stuff and unfortunately he passed back in 2012 the week that I did this original presentation of cosmic abandonment here in Philadelphia slide 143 William Bramley most famous for writing the book the gods of Eden which is a book about again the early human experience with the gods still living the quote-unquote God still living on the earth with us Bromley takes kind of a little bit of a different approach and you know I think he somewhat sees it as they were trying to uplift us and you know make us they were you know are they were our creators are you know God's quote unquote and some of them were there to try to bring humanity out of its you know early mental state of you know barbarism and degeneration which of course they put us in you know he kind of doesn't really you know get too much of a down attitude toward these beings of certainly I do you know I don't see these beings as moral or ethical in any way I've said that time and time again so we'll pick this up on the other side folks ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] you know today disguise at night today welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're into the second hour of the show and we are continuing with the extended cosmic abandonment presentation as we have for many weeks here on the show I'm going to get right back to the slides we were on slide number 143 I was talking about William Brownlee's take on the quote gods of the ancient past the Anunnaki the Nephilim etc he kind of lets them off the hook a little bit easy for my tastes I really look at everything they did here as very and more immoral and you know some of them tried to clean up the mess afterward but you know some of them didn't want to do it didn't want to do what they went ahead and did but they did it anyway you know so it's kind of like they say you know the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree you know we don't understand morality just like our parents didn't understand it so very unfortunate but true so let's move on to slide 144 I'm gonna pick up the pace a little bit because I really want to get to some callers who are holding and take some more calls throughout the show so let's um move on to slide 144 Michael challenger his book slave species of the Gods is perhaps the single most important book that has ever been written on this entire phenomenon on on this area of research etc okay people have to read this book that's all I'm gonna say about this guy this book is required reading if you don't already have it get it if you haven't already read it read it read it okay he's also done a lot of good work with the concept of Ubuntu he has a book out called contribution a blueprint for human prosperity which is also an excellent book Michaels take on ending money I certainly agree with some of his methodologies I don't particularly agree with I don't think he has a firm enough handle on the concept of ownership which is what all rights are based upon and many people who are you know not saying this about Michael in particular I'm just saying many people in general out in the world who are very right brained don't have a concept of the true concept of ownership they don't have that understood and they want us to try to say that there's no such thing as ownership you know it's like you know if you're not if you're too left brained you think there's such a thing as Authority if you're too right brained you think there's no such thing as ownership well these two things go hand-in-hand together because if you don't claim ownership of your self ladies and gentlemen authoritarians who believe in authority come over and claim it for you very readily you know and if people still don't understand the concept of self ownership I mean you know god help us what can you say I mean what else needs to be said that hasn't already been said now that's the way I think of things nowadays it's like I'm really people are still this deep in unconsciousness for and this long all these people have been talking about these things all this information is out there and still people haven't even begun or have gone so far off track in one form of imbalance or the other they continue to believe in authority or they actually have worked themselves into an imbalance state to believe that the whole concept of ownership is completely and utterly illegitimate needs to be thrown out the door you know so nothing could actually be owned including my body my consciousness while I'm inhabiting this body in this physical vehicle somebody would say I don't know him this because they want to take things to the right brain extreme of well it's not eternal well nothing has to be eternal for you to own something my computer is an eternal but I own it it's my property you know my body's not eternal either but I own it it's my property while I'm in have while my consciousness is inhabiting it some people are just never going to they're never gonna understand they're off in a in a spiritual days you know they don't they're they don't get it because their brain is burnt their brains all burnt up from whatever drugs they've done from you know whatever endless meditations they've sat doing you know it's you know the whole spiritualism movement has just gone so awry it's made these super ripe brain individuals and please I'm not referring to Michael challenger here I'm talking about people in general who are very right brain and balance I think Michael challengers very well-thought individual I just think he needs to firm up his understanding of ownership and that you know there are certain physical items that are more important than other physical items it's kind of like a you know a point of contention you know that I have with some of his work which like I said I don't agree with everything everybody says or teaches or talks about but one thing I will tell you is that slave species of the gods will give you a very firm understanding of the events that happen here in the ancient past the subtitle of the book is the secret history of the Anunnaki and their mission on earth I highly recommend the book I think anybody who's studying this topic needs to get that book and read it next researcher slide 145 David Icke and not enough can be said about David Icke again most people have not looked at any of his real information because they will not sit and read his books in their entirety that's where his information is laid out in their tapestry that's what he is he's an author of books he doesn't do podcasts like I do you know he does a you know very large presentations similar to my all-day seminars but his main area of focus is writing that's what he does this is what I'm more than not loathe to do I'm not by my nature someone who really likes to write words but when I do write I can write well and you know again I'm working with an editor to get a book out by sometime next year but David's work is in his books and for people who really want to look at the information that he has assembled and put together and aggregated you need to read his books in their entirety and their long big books that read like text books again this is not information that is put out there to entertain people so you have fun with it it's not there not picture book store not it's not like you know you're gonna get J mount to some rock music it requires focus and intent and dedication and time and energy and effort you know nobody wants to put those things into that we want your self gratification you know so when you tell people you're gonna need to read to understand this I look for a long time like I said I shut myself in basically in my room you know in my house for for practically the better part of a decade mark why are you so antisocial mark why don't you interact with people mark why don't you talk to family members because I'm sitting here learning about what's really going on on this slavery planet that's why that's what that time was used to do to awaken myself you know that's not easy work that means repeating over and over again I was wrong about this I was wrong about that I was wrong about this I was wrong about that and then taking in the correct information and understanding how it all fits together in a tapestry that makes sense of the world the crazy insane asylum in which we live and I think here's a guy who has done brilliant work when it comes to decoding that entire matrix of information the book I highly recommend is children of the matrix particularly on the interference theory hypothesis his other books are also equally as brilliant and the truth shall set you free if people have the patience to go through it is a great book for waking up people who are beginning on their journey you know for just some of the 3d worldly aspects of the the whole you know conspiratorial aspects of things that are going on in this world if people would simply take the time and just read that book so many things would be answered he wrote Alice in Wonderland in the World Trade Center disaster he wrote the guide to the global conspiracy human race get off your knees infinite love is the only truth everything else is illusion the biggest secret the robots rebellion tales from the time loop you can go on and on and others so his work is again huge and it his books are big and they're very well sourced and referenced you could you could research in one of his chapters you know probably for a lifetime with just the endnotes to the chapter and go and read the other books that he cites it's just amazing work and again I've talked about his courage before if anybody had had one-tenth of this guy's courage we'd be free already you know this guy is not afraid to speak his mind and come forward and say what he thinks regardless of what anybody else thinks about what he's saying so I personally have a tremendous amount of respect for him and will continue with some more researchers and their work on the other side stay with us everyone [Music] welcome back everyone listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm when I continue to move through some of the researchers that I think people should be aware of and check out their work the next person is credo moot wah David Icke has done a lot of work with him particularly in his series the reptilian agenda he's an African Sanusi shaman from the Zulu tribe in western Africa and he's a library of information one of the his people's uh you know keepers of knowledge to tell people about the origins of humanity and the events that took place in our ancient past highly recommend his work he also has a book I can't remember the name on off the top of my head but I'm sure you'll come across it in the links that I have provided the next researcher on slide number 147 is Michael - sorry on who I have an absolutely tremendous amount of respect for and consider him a mentor to myself and my work and his origins and Oracle's series must be viewed period I mean it's just absolutely 100 percent required viewing for anybody that is trying to decode what is going on in this world period and the work is just it's an enormous and scope and he presents it brilliantly and in a scholarly fashion you could actually watch that all on YouTube if you just type in origins and Oracle's it's out there you know or you could find it on a torrent site he's also done a lot of work on the Irish origins and influence of early civilization and he's put out a great documentary called architects of control I can't recommend Michael - sorry on enough also his recent work with the Major Arcana of the Tarot is brilliant as well so do check out his website as well and check out his work on YouTube and you know pick up some of his books Graham Hancock is the next researcher on slide 148 famous for fingerprints of the gods famous for his series called the lost civilization of the video series I highly recommend people watch that one doesn't get into ancient astronaut or cosmic abandonment / interference theory that much but his work on you know the ancient world is absolutely worth checking out and his work that you know there were ancient civilizations here in the distant past and you know the progression of Technology and civilization has not been linear his work really demonstrates that beautifully slide 149 Michael Cremo famous for the tome forbidden archeology which presents many many many cases of suppressed archaeological evidence that is basically thrown in basements of anthropological and archaeological museums and universities never be seen because it doesn't fit into the existing paradigm that the entrenched researchers so-called want to tell people about the linear origins of humanity the linear progression of civilization and humanity and the whole Darwinian macro biological evolutionary theory quote-unquote evolutionary theory Cremo demonstrates that you know not only is technology and civilization much older than we think but you know it goes into advanced technologies of the ancient world evidence for that it's just a book that people really just have to look into and see how much suppressed evidence that there is to support alternative theories and hypotheses for human origins and the events that took place here in our ancient past that shaped and you know formed forged civilization as we know it today so called civilization the next researcher on slide 150 is LA Marzulli I think this gentleman has done great work when it comes to looking at ancient architecture evidence for these beings existence these quote-unquote gods Anunnaki / Nephilim gods of the ancient world he's done a series called Watchers a video series it's like a video magazine series just incredibly well put together where he enter interviews a lot of researchers he goes to different countries and looks at different evidence great work in tandem with Brien Foerster who I'm also gonna recommend later and he's got a few books out as well so I really recommend his work he takes a little bit of a you know traditional Christian perspective that these beings are in fact fallen angels I tend to disagree with that conclusion but nonetheless I think his work is very well put together and very much worthy of people's time and consideration the slide 151 deals with David Hatcher Childress and his work his focus has been on the ancient technology that these beings used when they were here and you know the science behind them he's also done some work into the beings themselves with looking at the whole skull elongated skull evidence and how this was not just cranial deformation done you know with binding but in many cases that which you know that the cultures that did do that were mimicking the gods their quote gods the beings that were here and acting as gods over us because they had essentially created us so Childress has worked is very good he's also a in many different documentaries that deal with the UFOs and the ancient aliens hypothesis slide 152 Trey Smith his main work has been looking at the Nephilim and the stories of them in the ancient past great long DVD of series called the Nephilim the truth he's also done another pretty good series called Noah I definitely recommend checking out his stuff again a little bit more of that Christian perspective that traditional Christian perspective but again I'm not gonna hold that completely against somebody regardless of what religious tradition they want to view this in from a filter through that's their filter that they're processing it through I could still listen to the information and take what is valuable to me from it without having to accept their conclusion regarding what these beings are what it means in the spiritual aspect you know so there they could have their look at what this means spiritually and I can have my look at what it means spiritually it doesn't mean that I think that all their data needs to be thrown out you know III don't look at this from that type of a traditional Christian perspective but nonetheless of many researchers who do study this have come from it from that biblical perspective and I don't have that much of a problem with that again I don't have to agree with their conclusion but I can look at all the evidence that they've aggregated and that can basically be put into the huge pool of resources and evidence to draw from and help understand the dynamic better Giorgio tsoukalos is on slide number 153 of course very famous for his ancient aliens series which I definitely think is really worth watching the earlier ones I think are some of the more densely information-packed and then you know as they are more pressed to come up with some original information some of the later ones may stretch a bit and you know put forward some deeper conjecture than I would prefer but nonetheless the ancient alien series particularly the early ones are is is excellent viewing and I definitely recommend people watch those the next researcher on slide number 154 Immanuel Velikovsky of course famous for his worlds in collision book about the formation of the early soul system and how bodies heavenly bodies collided and you know release tremendous amounts of energy into our solar system he was ridiculed endlessly for this whole hypothesis and you know in more modern times he's been kind of vindicated and a lot of you know cosmological evidence has proved him correct so a couple more researchers I want to talk about on the other side and then hopefully we can get to your calls in a couple of segments ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] we go [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we're continuing with the extended cosmic abandonment presentation talking about researchers and their work in this field we're moving on to slide number 155 if you're following along with the slides this is Robert shock shock basically talks about how the Sphinx has weathering patterns that are not consistent with air or wind but water it's one of his main focuses of his work which basically makes its antiquity much older than what traditional Egyptologists have talking about I've talked about so he has a book out called forgotten civilization and basically again gets into how our you know the world view and our paradigm of what human culture and civilization has been like you know is not the linear progression that we think that it is and many events in the past have basically rapidly changed you know what what is the events that have occurred on this planet his book is about you know the the Sun and it saw you know sunspots and solar flares that have affected things here on the earth again another theme in this whole field is cataclysms and research into earth changes that that fits hand-in-hand with the story of the beings that came here in the ancient past and affected us in many cases they use these cataclysms to take advantage of you know their whole view of themselves as our gods and also in some cases there is evidence to speculate or support the possibility that these beings caused cataclysms that they actually had technology that was so advanced that it could actually cause cataclysmic events on a planetary scale so moving on the next is slide 156 DS Alan and JB Dallaire together these two scientists wrote a book on essentially cataclysms that have happened in the Earth's past and they focus on the last major Cataclysm that happened over ten thousand years ago here on earth again this is a very consistent stream of data that comes in through a lot of other researchers including people like Jacques Velikovsky Graham Hancock Michael Cremo and others so this book is another huge tome but it's got a lot of really important information in it regarding how you know certain cataclysms may have happened in the ancient past on the earth so another highly recommended book and they really do a very scholarly job with that book some researchers that I did not put in the slideshow because again I had very limited time I just wanted to point to people some of the what I would consider the most important information to look at but nonetheless there are so many other researchers out there in this field that it's way bigger than most people think I just want to mention some other people's names and briefly mention some of the things that they have done you want to look into william cooper of course his book beyond a pale horse lays out a lot of information about humanity's involvement with some of these beings jordan maxwell has talked about interference with humanity in his presentations again a brilliant researcher very courageous individual to Brian Forrester has done some of the best work with the elongated skulls evidence and he's also done a lot of great work with Nephilim architecture his work is highlighted in La Mar Azul ease Watchers Watchers video series I definitely recommend all seven of the Watchers videos I think he's coming out with an 8 with an eighth one very soon too so Bryan Forester also has a good YouTube channel I'm sure if you click the youtube link you'll come across that in the links that I've provided Richard Hoagland I think has a lot of great information on ancient civilizations on other planets in our solar system namely Mars somebody I've been following his work for you know 20 years just absolutely great stuff again I wouldn't say I agree with everything that he thinks or you know I would say he needs to go further in some of his understanding and areas of research particularly when it comes to government and authority but in general I like his work and I think that he is a person who's trying to get it the truth of what happened here in our very ancient past Richard Mooney wrote the book called gods of air and darkness which is another great book old not very difficult to find in print anymore but deals with a lot of ancient technology and hypothesis about beings that may have come here in the ancient past also gets into a little bit about the possibility of the moon being a non natural object that possibly may have been artificially created similar to some of the things David Icke talks about when he talks about the moon in his newer material Rob Skibo or Skiba I'm still not really sure about the pronunciation I think it's Kaiba he has some great videos on the Nephilim on YouTube I definitely recommend people check those out again kind of a traditionalist a Christian perspective but again I don't have to agree with his conclusions to look at his data Jay Widener done a lot of work on alchemy and the the great cross of Hendaye he wrote that book with Vincent bridges I definitely recommend that but he also gets into the archons and and what they may be and this kind of overlaps and fits in with the interference theory hypothesis as well poll Laviolette another scientist who has done a lot of research when it comes to cataclysmic events and what may cause them he talks about Seifert galaxies explosions in his book earth under fire that may send out gravity waves from the center of galaxies and effect planets in you know the outer recesses of the galaxy definitely a book worth checking out Connor McDowell again this is a researcher Michael - sorry on off on points - in some of his work he's done some work with you know Humanity in the Eden time period you know the whole Garden of Eden story Ignatius Donnelly has done a lot of brilliant work regarding Atlantis and lost ancient civilizations his work is actually very very scholarly put together and worth checking out John Anthony West does a lot of work with the ancient Commission were Egyptian civilization and you know their whole belief system and spirituality definitely a gentleman I highly respect and recommend people looking into mark Pinkham he wrote the book called the return of the serpents of wisdom which deals with this topic Steve quale he's done a lot of research and work with the Nephilim and Giants etc Tom Thomas horn again a lot of work with Nephilim both Quayle and horn take again a Christian perspective when it comes to it will heart um he's a lesser-known researcher he wrote the book called the Genesis race our extraterrestrial DNA and the true origins of the species a great book which I definitely recommend people checking out rick smith also known as the UFO teacher he's done a lot of great work on this topic he's also put together a lot of work about the moorish legacy and thus its suppression by the entrenched powers that should not be I definitely recommend Rick Smith's work I was recommending him for the freer mind three conference I'm not sure if the new organizers are going to look into his work and take him on board but I'd like to see him speak there w Raymond Drake has also put out I believe several books on on this topic let me see if I could find the the one that I was recommending for people it's called gods and spaceman in the ancient East goes into you know the the Vedic gods and you know the their ancient technology that they used and how these were basically recounting zuv beings that came here from another place so yeah Drake's work is definitely worth looking into there's Andrew Tomas I believe I'm saying that right he wrote a book called we are not the first about a lot of you know proof of ancient technologies and beings that had come here lost science and and technology pretty good work let's see Robert Charo if I'm saying that properly he's it's obviously a French name or a french-canadian name he wrote the book called forgotten worlds I believe he also wrote the book called the book of the Masters of the earth but forgotten worlds is again postulates you know scientific and technological advancements of beings from the ancient past and uh you know there's some other researchers that you know people could look into their work as well [Music] [Music] there's a cool science that we don't dare speak there's a while between us little ribs so we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong Cole decides welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I'm gonna try to go to the phones in this segment I'm going to just wrap up this section on researchers briefly but let me give the calling number to join us here live on the air 800 three one three ninety four forty three again the calling number to join us on what on earth is happening eight hundred three one three nine four four three that's a toll-free number and there's no taboo topics here on the show there never is we're talking about the interference theory of human origins but I won't limit the discussion to that you could basically ask anything you want comment about anything you want that I've talked about or covered so far or anything else you want to bring up so that's the toll-free number to join us and let me go back to wrap up these these last couple of names that I wanted to put out there I was talking about Andrew Thomas and Robert Charo let's let's move to our LD on he put out something called God drives a flying saucer would had which had a very interesting kind of biblical take on the whole phenomenon again a kind of a alternative Christian perspective you might say but I think still worth checking out for some of the information he puts out in the in that book Josh Reeves is one of the few freedom oriented hosts and researchers that hasn't really talked about this topic on air a lot of at least from a open-minded perspective that has gone into this topic in depth of a little bit so I definitely recommend checking out some of the things he's talked about regarding this Allen Landsberg was the individual who put out the series the television series in search of and he also I believe wrote some books on the topic if I'm not mistaken but the in search of series really went into a lot of alternative explanations about different things in the world and you know mysteries of the past and hidden technologies occulted technologies etc so it was a very well put together series I believe it was done back in the early 80s if I'm not mistaken it could have been in the in the late 70s I think it was in the late 70s but he also wrote a book called in search of ancient mysteries and it definitely deals with a lot of these topics as well and as a decent read so they're all the researchers I want to talk about I'm sure people will have many others and can point out you know names that I've missed but this is just intended to be an introductory list to get people interested in the topic and looking at it with an open-minded perspective and understanding there's a lot of different perspectives that people come at this from and there is a whole lot of data to be looked at but that's what finding the truth is all about that's what truth discovery is all about it's about gathering the information from a wide eclectic variety of sources and looking at it all without prejudging it and then performing a filtration process upon it to be able to get the big picture about what is really going on so if you do that you know then I think you'll understand the bigger picture and the big pattern that the powers that should not be in this world don't want us to see or understand so I think if we do that we'll be one step closer to really understanding ourselves that's what this is all about this see people will say well why do we need to know about all this stuff that happened isn't that ancient history isn't that all in past yes but no I'm not saying dwell on this I'm not saying let this be you know the be-all and end-all of your life I'm saying but if you don't understand the past you don't have a accurate framework for understanding how we got to where we're at today that's why this is so important to understand you have to understand what happened here that put the human mindset in the psychological framework that that it is in and again that mindset is all about abandonment that that's the root issue because from abandonment issues with mother and father you get I'm not worthy I have to find a a surrogate mother or father figure I don't have true deep self respect or self esteem therefore I am NOT confident in my own decision-making because I didn't have that guidance there and I don't want that responsibility that comes along with truly discerning and judging right from wrong for myself so I want to give that responsibility over to somebody else and I'm just gonna stay willfully ignorant of true the true difference between right and wrong morally you know that and that's where we're at in society this is where what society has become folks and this psychological framework didn't just happen all at once one day this was born due to circumstances and and this hypothesis this theory if you will readily explains the fertile ground in which this psychological framework grew from cosmic abandonment our cosmic parents left this place abandon us here put beings that were all about authority and control and domination in charge of us and then we inherited that legacy and again I'm not stating they're not possibly not still around or monitoring the situation people want to you know say well what makes you think they're not here cosmic abandonment isn't about them not being here it's about the fact that they are not here openly they left the parents made us and left okay they made something that was like a baby that they really didn't want except for specific purposes it would be the equivalent like I said of somebody who was very very destitute and believes in authority and wants to rely on the state having a child only to get income money welfare money from the state but you know they did this for their purposes they wanted workers for whatever their purposes were for whatever their reasons for mining whatever resources that they wanted to take from this planet and that's what they use us for or so many of the stories go if you accept you know that part of the stories so you know that the whole point here is if we don't understand the conditions from which we came from in the ancient past we're not really going to have an effective understanding of the psychological framework of humanity in the modern day and that's what this entire presentation was designed to try to help people to grasp so next week what I will start to get into since I've four kind of a second time going into some of these researchers work and finally you know aggregated a little list of them and you know put some links out there so people again you can just click on the link they don't even have to type the name or get the spelling right it's all right there and you can research in three different major areas of the web Google the major search engine Yahoo the major video I'm sorry YouTube the major video website and Amazon you know a big outlet for books and DVDs so I'll leave this section there and next week I'm going to be talking about some fictional allegories that have really presented in kind of a brilliant way this ancient story whether it's conscious or deliberate or not it really highlights a lot of the aspects of the ancient story of our past through allegorical fiction so that'll be coming up next week on what on earth is happening let's see if I can get a phone call in before the break and then we'll continue with your calls throughout the third hour of the show let's hear from Tyler in Utah Tyler you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hello yeah I'm doing well how are you I'm doing great who do you have for us my name yeah my name is Joe I learned lawyer Mike what definitely partially relates to what you're saying okay like on a personal level okay I do have a couple things really quick if you don't mind sure I'm at the point in your podcast where I'm up to where we're moving forward together now I'm all the way caught up so I'm gonna be listening live now that's great and uh the first time I've been with any wife I didn't meet you do in Manchester I came out for the conference and we spoke briefly awesome presentation was excellent so I appreciate that I really appreciate your time and all your efforts and everyone that was involved including Richard Grove yes and Richard is going to be editing the presentation and putting a video out of it in HD he said the video came out very well the audio came out very clear I got my slides over to him and he's going to be editing that and I'm waiting it'll it'll probably look similar to the natural law video he did a phenomenal job with that and that should be up probably no I don't want to give a timeframe there is no rush for it but it'll be up shortly and you know people will be able to check out that seminar on deimata me a call yesterday is working on it awesome that's great uh you know I want to thank again the woman that mentioned to you you've mentioned several times throughout your podcast that kind of sparked you on there with you know releasing your information doing that I think that you know she's a very important person in your life and it just goes to show how important it is don't when somebody says something is there like it does really plan to see if it matters absolutely I'll hold you through the break stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm were into the third hour of the show for this evening and we're taking your calls for the duration of the show the toll-free number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three we were talking to Tyler in Utah Tyler are you still with us you were you were basically saying that it's so important to reach out to people because you never know how you're going to affect another person and what they may go on to do or who they may go on to affect or who they may go on to wake up I mean I think it's a great point realizing that and then taking it in and you know acting on it like you say really will show you that that's true but you know your work on that at Rolla has become what I would call a part of required information to look into and I pass it on and I talked about it all the time and I and the weight of how important that topic is and in order to take back our freedom and to engin the powers that should not be in it you know that's the cornerstone of what you're doing really appreciate it I absolutely concur whenever people ask me what I think is the most critical aspect of my work and the thing if they pay attention or look into nothing else it is the natural law material that is the thing that people have to understand and integrate most deeply into their consciousness right yeah and we just need to keep you know keep pushing it out there and just stand in that because that's really all when you boil it down but anyways I move on to my question yes huh so it does play in a little bit not necessarily on them on them on the macrocosmic you know whatever came and manipulated whatever that's still something I'm really kind of dealing with in processing so sure I'm there with you but you know so how does one approach you know figures in their life who may have contributed to abandonment issues you know in on an individual personal level like family members that actually caused like harm within you and and does one approach individuals once they realize you know the weight of all this and then you know especially if you're trying to maintain and repair and and move forward yes use pink L been in the room you know with these people and then you know are you and how are you dealing with this personally yeah well I could even just use myself as an example off to that for this question there isn't really a need to have to like confront somebody up in their face like a parent about the issue of abandonment from whatever perspective in other words I was talking in the the shows on that about my own and my siblings own abandonment issues I could get over those abandonment issues without having to work with the parent okay it's something that is going on in the individual so the the parent does not have to be remorseful or even understand that they performed such abandonment to their child or what you might call neglect in a certain aspect of their life so just me consciously recognizing that that happened is progress and then what you're doing is you're working with the emotions and the shadow material that comes up from the understanding of having been on the receiving end of that condition so it's it's internal work it's not something that really you have to make confrontation but it isn't direct over harm like somebody following order it's you know them not just really deeply understanding the things that are really truly required for the upbringing raising nurturing of a child most people on this planet simply just are not good parents I mean it's just like take the higher road forward without necessarily you know making a situation any worse right and that it's also about understanding the things that are required for true nurturing of a child and raising real true raising morally of a child or forward that's right and you can do that with if you're going to bring enough new life into the world you know you know at some points I think you know anybody even thinking about doing that you know how could they even think of it with how the world is now in the uncertainty but I understand people are still going to procreate at least they could do this at a conscious level and understand that they want their child to be in a better position than they themselves was attempted to be brought up in so that's my kind of take on it it's really about internal psychological work that the person who was on the receiving end of that traumatic you know situation of abandonment does upon themselves to transform that and then rebuild the personality in a stronger form in a way that they're not dealing with these issues of self-esteem and that they have you know they're empowered and they're confident and they can let go of that even if the person won't you know say that they are sorry about it or even acknowledge it you can let it go whether true forgiveness is involved in it as a two-way process and the person wants to involve you know work with a healing process with that with that those parental figures or not at least you're letting go of that and you're not staying attached to it and you know it's not holding you back in your future endeavors that's really my take on what yeah the real healing process is about yeah that's great you know that's just like reflecting back exactly kind of where my thought process is going so you're just like repeating and doing that that's the case and really you can only affect yourself and then it people want a relationship with you in this do you making those changes in might decide look at certain things and if they don't and that's kind of that's kind of the door that I leave open with family members again people who have heard me talk on this topic know that I don't have a very positive opinion of my family in general but nonetheless if they wanted to come and wanted any of this information I would never turn them down and I would try to help them to understand it's just they're still in the state of being unbe gun they have not started it doesn't look like many of them have any intention of ever starting they're in full denial mode they're in what can I do about this mode even if it is true and it's just that fear well will completely block you and hold you back and that's kind of like where you know everybody I grew up around is at so I just don't really deal with much of that and you know I also speak the truth on apologetically whenever I have the opportunity or I'm in their presence but I don't really seek out those relationships I don't try to surround myself with any anybody like that I surround myself with other conscious individuals and try to build you know eclis on our knowledge but that isn't to say that you know I'm not open to forgiving them or working with them if they wanted to know and move forward in knowledge I would embrace that with open arms and I would never hold their past you know unconsciousness against them so that's where I think people need to to leave that when it comes to unconscious family members you know that's kind of my take or approach to any part that's great that's great and then really quick just like totally off topic have you ever heard of the New Living Kabbalah a practical and experience or guide to understanding the tree of life by will parfaite you say perfect I believe I have heard of this book I'm not sure if I went through the entire thing but I know I did see it so tell me your impression of it q well I'm still working through I've been working through and an individual handed it to me like eight years ago and I pick it up every now and then I really you know try to work through it but it's just really extreme perv so but I'm picking it back up and so she's wandering I had an opinion not a bit anyway I mean it's interesting if you have a chance to look into it maybe if you know give me the author's name one more time well parfaite can you spell it AR EA RFI pp okay great Tyler thanks so much for your call really great observations and things that you brought up ladies and gentlemen stay with us we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host mark passio we're taking your calls in this our final hour of the show the callin number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three let's go back to the phones and let's hear from Kevin in Philadelphia Kevin you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark how you doing dude hey Kevin how you doing great to hear from you I it's very amusing that your last your last caller was who they were and said everything that they had said I had a whole bunch of things I wanted to say but this is almost kind of more important I'm hoping the guys still listening listening I also have just recently caught up finally to the end of of all of your stuff I think I have missed like maybe one or two in like the fifties or sixties but I believe I've hit all about 95% of your show and I have to admit that like he is 100% right about that taking a chance on saying something to someone's you you and I met at like a screaming of the zeitgeist film and germ book store in Philly like all those years ago and it was that moment and you later giving me those DVDs of Michael Tate area and the oracles and urgency series like that just blew me away and I it was like hook I was just like coach mortification can you give me and sousou decades ago doesn't it it seems like an eternity years ago right yeah I think it was about seven years ago I think it was like it was it was exactly like well your what that was Culver talking about when it comes to be like you saying something to the PERT to a person the right time in their life when they need hear it that's right and and and that actually happened to me with you so like reason why I have gotten in the route that I have gone you know I've met like a to podcast have done one I'm kind of like setting aside because I feel like I've gone through is like what I've gone through with it and over and I'm kind of concentrating upon this but button thank you fat as well for coming up in the show who long ago for that that whole thing of self ownership and property rights in like a resource-based economy is like it's something that the zeitgeist movement really needed the top Sean because it's really like they they they needed to have people understand that they don't will Dipple their stuff at all it's really about getting people who don't have access to things currently be access that's me exactly we money is a social construct if we could just like and the Federal Reserve or at least the ire asked um yards even we had to keep money transitionally for a little bit like with like a unconditional income would be nice I like as a transition but there are so many things that we need to do we're not really living in like thank you for for showing me that there are other people out there that think if things are really messed up so that was just you've been there to just simply point that out and feel like I'm with you man like I teased at you so we're the discontents cavity where the people were the discontents were the people who are not content with the status quo with the way things are and that we need more people like that we'll miss comfurt the problem is when so many people are just get into this comfort level that they can't see the injustice and they can't see the violence and they can't see the evil that's really going on in this world because from their perspective well they're comfortable they're being left alone they have a roof over their head they have money in their bank account they have the car they have the talent that widescreen TV the flat panel TV you know they can afford a meal and have friends over for a football party or whatever you know so that comfort level is what's holding them back from in consciousness from their understanding of what this world really is that comfort level is holding them back from their understanding of the difference between right and wrong and natural law and like you said and like the previous caller said you never know who you're going to affect with your voice or what they'll be inspired to do like you know you've already done two podcasts you've probably woken up a lot of other people you know it you never know who you're going to activate you know that's why you know myself me and Jay Parker were talking about this earlier actually and he was saying you know we continue to do what we're doing believe me folks I am a normal mortal human being I didn't even feel like doing the show tonight it's it's like I had to really you know use my willpower like I worked on computers today I was tired I wanted to sit and lay down and now you know after relaxing a little bit I have to force myself to get up and go on the air for three hours you know it's like that takes you know dedication and willpower and it's not like I you know I'm looking at it like oh this is the greatest thing let me get to it it's like here's more work coming I have to focus now I have to get real my mind in and focus and pay attention and then you know be ready to talk to people and receive calls while I'm doing it yeah the energy is there you know I get into it but it's like you know it I don't really want to do this I don't want the world to be this folks I don't want the world to be this way I want to live my life in peace and freedom and not have the world be ruled by violence unfortunately it is that way so the only way to undo it is to speak to people and get them to understand basic principles about the difference between right and wrong and the point that's being made here is we're gonna power through this anyway even if we don't feel like doing it even if it's not something we want to do we're going to continue on with willpower persistence and you know as much patience as it takes to get the job done because without that you know we're not ever going to really affect change in consciousness which is where it has to happen you know we could talk about you know physical revolutions we could talk about physically trying to do something to change things but unless it's changed in the mind the same events in the same circumstances the same basic outcomes are going to be presented to us so what this is about is reaching out to people with the power of your voice that's more important and more powerful than any other agent agency of change is speaking truth and if you understand what's going on you have a moral obligation and responsibility to speak it to others because again like the caller's have been saying here tonight folks you don't know the person you're going to touch or reach and what they'll be inspired to go on and do in the future yeah I really appreciate how much that you have spired me it's exactly that - oh you were doing and then I I couldn't help but emulate my amount of pater for lack better terminology the you know mans have paid yourself see what you know I could be a slight assistant in that process through the information but ultimately you wanted to break your chains and look at what you've done you've gotten active you've gotten active and involved you're on the playing field and now you're influencing others and that's what this is all about yeah that's exactly it because like I I it literally went from those moments where you like you helped hand me that information and then I've got home and I just sit there for 20 some odd hours and listen to well you know I I was in a way lucky I had like a newborn that was kind of like just hanging out with me the whole time you know like it was very soon for me to just sit there and watch stuff you know I see this happening more and more and it's a very encouraging sign for me again we're nowhere near where we need to be as a species but there's more teachers starting to step up there's more people that want to propagate this information to others you know free your mind groups propping up all over the country you know people aren't getting on the battlefield they're understanding what's going on and they're saying well it's time to take out the sword of truth and start going to work you know so that's an encouraging sign and you know Kevin I want to thank you for your courage and you know for getting involved in the great work so thanks so much Kevin the great call always encouraging is hear from somebody who's active stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] you know today disguise at night today welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we're taking your calls in this final hour for tonight's broadcast I want to thank Kevin from Philadelphia for his encouraging call during the last segment let's move on and let's hear from Bubba in Colorado Bubba you are live on what on earth is happening welcome good from you know we're here in my team members we saw this video on the internet and they showed the astronauts the Apollo 8 mission and they were saying where couple hundred thousand miles from Earth and yet they were showing the window there's the earth and all of a sudden the screen fell off and they were in low Earth orbit they were lying Paper Moon yeah I've seen that as well and this is a total lie um we're actually connected me and my buddy to the NASA's program and we've been Cape Canaveral of course man Space Center in Houston Nutt and also Cape Canaveral and we were told in 1960 it was called the West ran and there was gonna be a man space program but it was gonna be phony we got a lot of information and that this stuff is never gonna be revealed you know this is over like 55 years ago going on right and and then they told us look you just gonna be lied to about this and what's heck what are they doing and we never much not sure if you're familiar with any of Jay Widener's work he done a series about cubic stanley kubrick's and possible involvement in the moon landing you know creation you know the the whole story that they told to people under and anything you know he kind of comes to the conclusion that there may have well been a real mission of the moon but we're not we're not privy to the real data that said that they brought back were the real encounters that they may have undergone there but instead you know broadcast kind of like a sanitized version of this too you know through a studio to the American public and you know the the movie wagged the dog is about creating a war through the media through you know the ability to affect consciousness through mass media and uh it's done by a guy called named Stanley who's played by Dustin Hoffman and a lot of people suggest that was really about kind of like a veiled allegory about the life of Stanley Kubrick so I think it's definitely an interesting topic to explore and look into and I kind of fall on the side that more likely than not they definitely were holding back data if not fabricating it outright but I think people should check out the works of Jay Widener when it comes to that his Stanley Kubrick movie series is very well put together and definitely worth checking out so Bob I want to thank you for the call and I'm gonna take another call here from Zak in Chicago Zak you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show I'm mark how you doing doing well it's good to finally get to talk to you guys listen to your stuff for a very long time now and I got to tell you going through all your stuff I've gone through your whole series like three times now and I still get new things from it all I God three times I don't know if I can handle hearing myself at all for that long that's that's great though I'm glad I'm glad you find the information valuable enough to go back and revisit it oh yeah I uh I've been going to many different podcast series such as Gnostic media school sucks peace revolution and free reign radio I kind of feel like just like with all the other callers and I've been talking about it's funny because everyone's on the same page like it's so awesome but uh I realize that you know it is like our job to get information out there and I kind of realize that like my job and this is to kind of look at all these different sources of information and just basically like make a mind map of like all this material and say hey here's an amazing starting point here's a bunch of stuff go for it you know sure like I said it's a largely introductory material to get people started to whet their appetite get them researching on their own I provide some resources to do that like I said I just consider myself an aggregator of this information this information has always been here and will always continue to be here and and on that topic I realized part of the reason why you know it is slightly difficult to communicate these ideas to people comes really down to the words as as you said many times you know like the universe the world is made of words and if we know you know how to use the word we can make the world what we want well I think that's me yes and so what I'm I'm saying all this because I have a few questions that I think can get you pretty quickly and it's pretty much just about defining a few words because I think we agree on things but uh I just I feel like our the way we think of the word just makes it a little different for each of us so if you don't mind I'd like to just give like a definition real quick and I'm just you don't to say about it alrighty well alright before that I want to give it I want to let you know that I do believe that there is a you know there is a will of creation or the generate generative operative and destructive forces of the universe and that there is like something out there and I say that as a caveat because the word I'm defining as atheist okay and from merriam-webster the full definition says one who believes that there is no deity and and it's just the common like person death as a person who does not believe that God exists and God is like a very general you know word and if I click on the word God it goes to you know well let's see what it goes to a quick sorry oh god the perfect and all-powerful spirit or being that is worshipped especially by Christians so what I'm getting is if we go by like the definition that it kids and an atheist you know simply doesn't believe at least from from my understanding they don't believe in basically a big guy in the sky you know and so when you say you know the Schism of the mind one set is atheism it's like whoa do you mean like there's no there's nothing out there at all or do you mean people's general definition of atheism which is nothing at all okay that's no III mean people who don't believe in any higher power in nature which is essentially what deity is I mean if you look at the definition of deity deity is basically a higher power in nature you know that is like you know a supreme power or force in nature that this is what I'm saying atheists don't accept they think that you know our will is the highest will in creation and you know there's nothing out there beyond us that governs what we are doing that we are the ones who have the right to basically control and govern things and they don't believe that the universe has boundary conditions in place for the way humans behave that's what I'm I'm looking at as the definition of an atheist that's my my way of seeing what a theism really is about the traditional I don't accept your God or any of the religions gods you know it's a limited way of looking at atheism I look at it as there's no higher power at all I don't accept that there is any higher power the man is it okay well that's exactly what I thought and if you'll bear with me I just have two more words and I think one of them is going to be even easier libertarian the definition an adherent of the doctrine of free will so when you put libertarians in the same no cabinet Esmond our kiss and things like that like that's the first time I stepped back in a row row row away when I finally don't agree but I think it's the political party is what you're not Aryan political party philosophy yes menarche ISM the true you know unadulterated or on influenced definition of libertarian literally just means somebody who believes in and follows liberty or the non-aggression principle or the principle of volunteerism you know which you know I certainly accept but I'm talking about the political party libertarians when I talk about that yeah and and I have one more thing that I I don't even have a definition for I just want to hear what you had to say knowledge for the next caller book was write it I would like to once again thank you for all the work you do and I can't wait to have my own work out there that you can look at and say hey this guy's doing it too and that's what it's all about I mean that that to me when somebody sends me a link and says here's what I'm doing or here's what I've put out there that's what I'm encouraged by you know people can thank me or whatever you know that that's neither here nor there I'm gonna do this regardless of you know what whatever gratitude or you know comes my way but I appreciate that but what I like to see more than anything else is people actively getting involved yep and and I'd also like to say I'm I am also sorry I'm sure a lot of people are you have to teach people right and wrong that is like it's almost insulting that we have to teach people like most basic things about it's amazing I like I said I I sometimes lay awake and I lay awake at night and almost laugh because it's like really the this task has fallen to me you know and and other people who understand you know not just me obviously but you know it's just a ridiculous notion it's I can't even fathom that this is where we're at in the world yep and so here's my last little thing actually uh I'm gonna just say a green word green language word and then my last thing sorry sure friend said the word measure to me and if you take that apart in green language you could look at it as me as you are as in and what if I'm measuring you I'm looking at you know me in relation to you like the ratio of me to you interesting that's a very interesting way of looking at it [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting final segment for this evenings broadcast we're taking your calls let's see if I could fit in a few more callers in this segment let's hear from mark in our real quick before I do go to the next call on the previous caller he had mentioned the green language aspect of the word measure as me as you are I think it's a great way of looking at it because isn't that the true measure of a person you know the ability to see themselves as someone else the ability to equate and relate to each other to see the you know the basic essence of consciousness and the divine spark of creation within everyone you know to understand the Equality under natural law of all people not that everyone is the same but that we are all equal in our rights you know I think it's a really nice green language way of looking at it so thanks for that let's hear from mark in Oregon mark you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show I'm ray Oh ray I'm sorry ray in Oregon you're live on what on earth is happening welcome no way mark I just said your previous callers I don't even know where to start they it is a stream of consciousness they they they you call up with one thing you want to talk about and they bring all these other good points to it I mean you can't help but be a little bit just happy and what's the work you've done I can tell because I've done your your you know I've listened to most your podcasts I've read off a whole lot of those books I haven't finished I'm not caught up because I stop to stop to read the book looks you know but then said I also heard your you're a funny guy too you know people wouldn't when they think of marked a CEO probably funny isn't one of those things no I wouldn't expect so but I could tend to have a kind of a dry sense of humor sometimes I to think I make people laugh every now and again I get it I get it when you told last week you said sell your clothes the bike man that cracked me up and then I'm totally serious about that one though what I called I mean among million times million things as the mutual admiration society I want to thank you the first time I ever even held you I think I asked you for you know what worried your your pivotal books your important book she just listed them that's amazing I don't even know where to start I've read some of them but the thing that I wanted to talk to you about is this this Georgia Guidestones I know it's kind of trivial and it it really doesn't matter in the greater scheme of things but it's kind of caught my interest they just put the 2014 in there I saw that yes I'm sure where they're going with that or if they're trying to tell us something but most certainly occultists have erected this monument and clearly there's got to be some significance to them putting that stone in there yeah and if you look on there's guys that apparently do to mantra and have reduced the numbers and the angles and and all the different things that you can and they came up with 10 24 14 and does that number mean anything to you it does not right off the bat but you know I guess we'll find out or you know next week sometime right Oh quick yeah I wondered also I thought came to me is the Stonehenge where that's always been you know this mystical circle in Memphis - you know these things - these people or whatever may be the words just wore off of that and what we've got left is is you know whatever they say I also read I'm not sure if this is true but that stone has gotten knocked down once and they redirected it yeah all those stones were in total disarray it was basically reconstructed I believe in the mid 20th century or early part of the 20th century I'm not exactly sure the date but they definitely reconstructed it as they thought the arranged went if you really look at a visualization of the completed Stonehenge it was a full ring of those sarsen stones with lentils on top of them all so the arrangement of Stonehenge certainly was not as archaeologists and anthropologists found and originally it was rebuilt they're pretty they're pretty open about telling people that that's that was reconstructed back then it's not really a secret I mean you know we learned about that when I visited Stonehenge back in 2004 well and so as far as the Georgia Guidestones definitely occult but not really you haven't really put a lot of thought into it as far as whether that means anything or or obviously whoever erected the monument which again he gave his name is RC Christian which is Christian Rosen Kreutz the mythical founder of the Rosicrucians clearly what I would consider a dark element of Rosicrucianism the person who you know made this monument which is essentially about world population control a very dark world view of humanity certainly I think they must have some kind of a reason in their own mind for putting that other cornerstone in their setup with the date 2014 I can't tell you that I know what it is because I don't but you know like I said if there is any significance to that date particularly in the month of October we'll find out very shortly I would say but you know a lot of people have been speculating about the possibility of a major event taking place toward the end of this year I guess time will tell and you know will either I'll be here to sort it out or not but you know they certainly have these beliefs and kind of put this out in their symbolism on their on their monuments and and through their their occulted writings and symbols so again I think we'll just have to wait and see on that one no mark thank you very much for everything you do for who you are you're I just you said you're not a Superman I have my doubts I don't agree with everything you say but for the work that you do the things that you put out there you're amazing please continue I know you will I will continue but right believe me your your praise is way beyond if you really you know knew me personally and and saw what I deal with I'm just like you man it's just it's just we got to just stick together and do this if we want to get this work done that's all it's really about I'm plotting through it and you know I have to refocus my will on a daily basis and sometimes it's very difficult but I really really appreciate your your encouraging words there thank you so much amen and and we really don't have a choice do we mark no that's that's right if you understand the truth about what's going on there isn't really a choice but to get involved and do it you know that's all there is to it you know it's just get on the battlefield folks this is a spiritual war we need to be fighting it you know that now is not the time to rest on our laurels it's just we need to press forward ray thanks so much man I really appreciate the kind words about it let's hear from Jonathan and Kentucky Jonathan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Marcus were I'll let you know I confirm that I sent you and even Jonathan your phone is breaking up can you repeat I apologize I said that you need confirm and the title should be Jonathan from Kentucky okay I'll check it out okay the other thing is I want to give a real quick story it I did a what military simulator once and you put on this handset in your in this virtual world and you're supposed to engage the terrorists and while you're doing it out was I was talking back the whole time so all the guys to wake up and I kill the dude and say oh another sacrifice to the New World Order they don't even know who they didn't never know who did 9/11 or you know like another sacrifice for the Jesuits a new world order of the way well they did the Schouler at the very end and you know what my score with his mark what's up seven six six six huh I was going to say 777 what did the other guys that you were doing this with think of your commentary some of them laughed some of quiet and listened and they were more shocked when they seen the score and then it made him leave amp and think everything I just said pummeling nicely that'll tell you that Amy ain't a damn side I don't know what else to tell you synchronicity is an amazing thing hey Jonathan yeah I just want to let you know there's a cool beat YouTube video that resonates to me I think you'd like man it gives you a lot of peace it's the girl who dresses dress to the universe I will set up hammock music is the title that you like it and the girl who dressed the universe interesting yeah I'll check that like the video yeah I know Jonathan thank you so much for the call man you have a good one all right let's hear from Ivan and Arizona Ivan very end of the show you take us out my friend oh man you guys covered everything in yep I got another email from another guy studying up through your mind Atlanta they're cropping up everywhere aren't they yeah Ivan thanks so much for what you do I got you in there at the end of the show as a little tradition ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening remember there's only two mistakes that you could ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see here next week thanks for listening good night everyone [Music] [Music]