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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one at all you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic broadcasting org today is Saturday November 15 2014 this show is live every Saturday evening here on RB n from 10:00 p.m. to midnight Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Central we are still in a two-hour time slot for the time being again I announced that last week and that will continue on into the future and may go back to a three hour time spot at some point in the future so for now it's a two-hour show 10 p.m. to midnight Eastern we have a great show lined up for you here tonight I'm going to be continuing the cosmic abandonment extended presentation here on the air tonight cosmic abandonment is a series that explores the connection between the interference theory of human origins as I call it with the current human condition that has taken place on this planet in the times that we are living in tonight I'm going to be getting into what I call the unwritten story of the human future how we can change it some solutions and we're gonna look into something known as epigenetics and how critically important of a role that plays in finding the solution to the current problems that our species faces and overcoming the trauma and the abuse that this species has taken in its quote unquote childhood so to speak so that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening I will be taking your calls in the second hour of the show maybe a little bit later into the second hour depending on how the presentation material goes but I'll give the call-in number right here at the top of the show so that those who want to get in the caulk you can do so early on the toll-free number to join us here on what on earth is happening is 803 one three nine four four three once again free number to join us 831 394 43 and do have a couple of quick announcements that I want to make so bear with me and then we'll jump into the material the truth freedom prosperity documentary night that takes place monthly here in Philadelphia will be happening this Thursday November 20th from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Guarin Recreation Center the Guarin rec center is at 16th and Jackson streets in Philadelphia this month we're going to be showing a film called Park Avenue money power and the American dream here's a brief description of the documentary in America the rich are getting richer well isn't that great doesn't that mean that there's lots more wealth to go around or is it good news for the rich but very bad news for the poor 740 Park Avenue Manhattan is one of the most exclusive addresses in the world home to some of the richest Americans the 1% of the 1% ten minutes to the north across the Harlem River is the other Park Avenue in the South Bronx here unemployment runs at 19 percent and half the population need food stamps the American dream of equal opportunities and hard work says that you can be born in the Bronx Bronx and end up at 740 Park Avenue but is that dream still true this film argues that the super-rich haven't just bought exclusive addresses they've bought the whole system and they're running it for themselves let's say that's absolutely true of course this film is a little more on the mainstream sign up side of things about wealth disparity here in America it doesn't really touch on the occult aspects of what's going on and how really these people are indeed dark occultists but I we have been touching on the topic of wealth disparity in the discussions at some of these meetings and I we thought that this film would kind of be appropriate so that's the film we're showing this month and the again the Guarin recreation centers at 16th and Jackson streets all the documentary nights as always are free to attend they always happen on the third Thursday of every month hosted by myself and Barb and truth freedom prosperity and there is a free parking lot at the Guarin center off street parking fenced in you could feel free to bring your own food and drinks if you're gonna be coming out to the free documentary night this Thursday so the big announcement is that the freer mind 3 conference is coming at us in the first part of 2015 April 10th 11th and 12th of 2015 free your mind 3:00 at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel 400 North Oxford Valley Road in Langhorne Pennsylvania just outside the city limits of Philadelphia a little bit north of the city the speaker's already lined up for this coming years for your mind conference Bob Tuscan Clint Richardson kertus davis dennis mckenna just announced he has been secured for the free your mind free conference really looking forward to seeing Dennis McKenna as part of for your mind 3 derek bros Edie fortune also known as the New Jersey Weed Man freighter X Freeman Fritz spring Meyer J Parker John vibes Josie the outlaw whales Larkin Rose mark Devlin and of course myself mark passio those are the speakers that have already been announced more speakers will be forthcoming in the coming weeks an all weekend pass for this conference which is what I am highly recommending everyone who attends to go ahead and buy right now is only $130 for all three days including a speaker meet-and-greet on Friday night where you can get to meet all the speakers and have a discussion with them where we are asking people as part of the support effort for this 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of resources to host the conference of this magnitude so the best way you know I can't overemphasize this enough the best way that anyone can support the free your mind 3 conference if you are in to the information that these whistleblowers and researchers are putting forward if you are into the goals of the organizers of this conference to try to raise awareness about all of the you know horrific problems that are going on in our world and have people come forward to expose those wrongdoings and those in Justices and then put forward very empowering solutions and to bring people together so that they can learn from each other and network and make new friends and then you know spread the word throughout the you know the the rest of the course of their lives throughout the year until they meet again at another conference if you support that those whole general goals the best way that you can support this effort of the free your mind conference in general is to buy your ticket up for the conference in advance again that's what helps the organizers accomplish what they want to accomplish so we'll pick this up on the other side ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com just have a couple other quick event announcements there are still what on earth is happening t-shirts available promotional t-shirts that I made for my last seminar in Connecticut the demystifying the occult seminar you can receive those as a gift in return for a voluntary donation to do that to receive the info on how to do that you could just click the email link that's listed in the article regarding the t-shirts which is at the top of the news section on the what on earth is happening comm website also there is a donation button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening comm website if you feel that you've received value for from the information that I've shared here on the what on earth is happening radio show and website please feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue to do it into the future with that having been said let's jump in the material for tonight's show and I want to as always direct everyone's attention to the radio show tab of what on earth is happening calm underneath the player whenever the show is live there will be images for tonight's show there's only one images in that one image in that section tonight it's just an image for the free your mind conference website there they're working up a poster for the event I'll be posting that with each show and also making an article and probably putting it in the new section regarding the conference once the some of the imagery is completed and also be putting a banner on the front page of the site as well but underneath the images for tonight's show you'll see cosmic abandonment slides part 1 & 2 we're well into part two we're going to start with slide number 168 this evening and move on from there and hopefully get through the rest of them but if you like you can also download a zip archive containing all of the slides for this presentation unpack that locally on your computer after it finishes downloading and then open up the slides with any image viewer that you prefer to work with probably the best way of doing it so we're going to start on slide number 168 for the cosmic abandonment extended presentation this evening and that slide is part three the the third and final part of this presentation called the unwritten story of our future of course part 1 was the story of our past part 2 was the story of our present and now we're talking about where do we go from here now that we know the kind of horrific truth about what the origins of humanity was love was really like and you know a lot of people will say that the whole interference theory of human origins is kind of like a PSYOP in and of itself this is one of the things you hear anybody that's talking about the possibility of non-human involvement in the events that have taken place on this planet in the you know things that were done in the early human time period and regarding our origins and how we came into the current condition that we've arrived at in the in the times we're living in a lot of people will say that anybody that that thinks that it had anything to do with non-human entities or any offworld forces is you know somebody who's trying to spread fear and just make it seemed so hopeless make the situation seemed so hopeless that people give up now I want anybody to find me ever saying the words it's completely hopeless in any of the material that I've ever done never from day one have I ever put forward that sentiment and I still to this day don't think like that it can be changed our situation can be changed our condition can be changed the question I always ask is will humanity will it to change because it doesn't just change on its own the the factors that have driven this condition of slavery that we are trapped in it's not just going to they're not just gonna go away they have to be addressed they have to be looked at deeply they have to be confronted it's not going to be you we're not gonna be able to ignore the causal factors and somehow create the change that we want to see reality doesn't work like that natural law doesn't work like that so in this section what I'm really trying to do for people is to leave them with with some hope regarding that this situation is changeable and I hope isn't even the right word to use in in this instance it's really to help to instill some knowledge in others that the situation is in fact changeable if enough care attention and willpower is put into the dynamic of actually changing it through our behaviors so the first thing we have to understand is I'm not telling anybody my take on the the human origins story to make them depressed to make them disempowered or the MIT to make them give up and think that it's hopeless that's number one I'm trying to explain these factors because only in knowledge and knowing the truth about what happened to us as a species are we ever going to be able to identify and confront those causal factors head-on and then work to change them to work with that shadow material and not ignore it and not try to run away from it to actually transmute that energy and understand how this condition came about because only when you understand how something a problem actually came about are you in an empowered position to do something about it to change it for the better so that's the whole intent of this entire cosmic abandonment series all right it's to instill that knowledge and then say here's what was done you have to deal with it you can't run away from it you can't pretend that it didn't go on it explains just about everything that's happening in the world if you are being honest with yourself and you really look at it objectively some people will deny that some people will you know won't want to look at any of the evidence because of the horrific implications which I agree are pretty horrific you know it's like we were talking about just as a brief aside you know we were talking about allegorical movies and one of them that I brought up was the time machine and there's a scene in the time machine when the the quote hero is trying to get information from like a quantum computer or some type of a photonic computer and the the image of the person representing the computer asks him well you know the he's talking about the rest of the people not wanting to know the truth and therefore they kind of deserve their situation because they're so ignorant and he was saying well you know isn't that kind of harsh and he says well I want to know the truth I want to know what happened and he said the computer answers him and you know kind of says will you still want to know the truth even if is so horrific that it will haunt your dreams for all eternity you know that's the question I mean this situation is not good it's bad it you know we were served a raw deal we were served a bad hand of cards but you know that's that's you know as the ball bounces as the saying goes that's you know the deal that we got in life now the question is are we gonna pick ourselves up dust ourselves off keep getting up regardless of how bad we've been beaten down and do something about it you know and that's what this section is about so I'll move on to slide number 169 and we're going to start talking about what the process of healing from abuse is all about because really what has been done to humanity as we've been put through a vicious vicious cycle of abuse and now we're continuing that pattern we're continuing the bad behavior of our quote cosmic parents who set themselves up as gods here you know as our owners as our masters and you know to get out of that abuse victims cycle is a very narrow pathway we're going to talk about that on the other side ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're talking about healing from the abuse that's been done to our species over thousands tens of thousands of years possibly hundreds of thousands of years and it's a very difficult thing to break out of the cycle of abuse as I was saying before the break it's a narrow pathway to walk because so many factors are against you see I covered this before in a previous show when we talked about how dominators get to become like that how they go into that mindset and it's often because they've experienced abuse it's a very critical thing to understand about the mindset of these people how sick they are they're they're ill people they're mentally ill people and they don't understand what is really the underlying psychological factors going on in their mind at a subconscious level at all because they run away from themselves as well most people who have undergone severe abuse that the pattern they generally fall into because they've been beaten down so badly it's where Humanity is collectively so when a traumatic or chronic form of abuse occurs whether it is experienced directly or it is witnessed being done to someone else for example a child witnessing a for example their mother being abused by their father just to throw out an example you know or whether the child is beaten themselves by one of the parents okay the one of the things that usually happens is identification with either the one who is performing the abuse or what the one who is being abused and that kind of that bifurcation you know that choice between which one am I going to identify with am I going to identify with the one who is doing the abusive act and therefore I look at that as oh well that's strength because they're not being hurt or am I going to look at you know well the victim is being tortured or punished somehow and you know doesn't really deserve it so should identify with that when in fact really either form of that identification is a form of imbalance of course identifying what the abuser is a hallmark of left-brain imbalance because then the person usually goes on and becomes abusive and then identifying with the victim and maintaining a victim mentality is a right-brain form of imbalance so if you look at the chart and on slide number 149 it you know talks about or visually demonstrates this this bifurcation of identification so the the traumatic or chronic abuse occurs the experience are identifies with either the abuser that's that left hand path that they go down or they identify with the victim then you know since they're not dealing with the actual trauma directly their emotions are either going to turn outward toward other people and they're going to go out and look for someone else to abuse and therefore become the abuser if you follow the flowchart downward or on the other side of things if they identify with the victim mentality there are the negative emotions that they're trying to suppress will turn in Word and then they become a victim themselves and let other people walk all over them and in both of these situations really what's happening is the experience or of the trauma is doing abuse to themselves because when we're hurting other people were hurting ourselves or if we're allowing ourselves to be victimized by others of course we're hurting ourselves by not saying no and standing up for ourselves and our rights so really this is all about continuing to stay in a state of lack of self-respect lack of self-knowledge in a state of self-loathing all things that we're going to talk about later on in this solutions section and put forward some basic ideas to really help people to understand how we can come out of that mentality and the first aspect of coming out of that mentality is knowledge of self I mean I can't overemphasize that enough that's the key to everything because through knowledge of self you then understand knowledge of your own sovereignty and then you extend that sovereignty out to others because you recognize they're not actually separate from we're not separate from anything we're all part of a living dynamic system which includes everything and you know you then exercise the non-aggression principle you exercise the principles of a voluntary society you stop believing in the coercion of statism which is slavery and you know you actually maintain a free a philosophy of freedom in your daily life and actually put that into practice through your behavior through your actions so you know know it all that all starts with knowledge of self if you don't understand yourself and how you work ultimately you never really truly get to that and whether people develop that knowledge directly or they absorb it you know through like osmosis or it happens organically ultimately they somehow understand enough about the self and how they operate to understand those basic principles that I just referred to so part of healing from abuse is really deeply understanding the kinds of imbalance that lead to a enslaved society whether Italy it's a let form of left brain imbalance that leads to what I call master think or a form of right brain imbalance that leads to what I call slave think either one of these forms of imbalance allows the dynamic of slavery to be perpetuated and to be continued on into the future so the slide on slide number 170 just again has been part of my work since day one talking about the basic concepts of the structures of the brain again this is a simplified model human neuroscience isn't quite this simplistic however the model in general holds true of the triune brain the three general complexes of the brain being the reptile complex or the ark complex including the brain stem and cerebellum which largely facilitates motor skills and fight-or-flight reaction survival mechanisms etc and then you have the mammalian brain or the limbic system which generally makes possible emotions by creating the chemicals that ultimately go into the bloodstream and throughout the body and help you to feel something in the physiology regarding what the behaviors that you're taking toward others and then of course there's the human brain or what's known as the neocortical brain the neocortex which generally governs higher order thought functions both left and right brain logical and intuitive thought processes both scientific and creative so if you're in a state of chronic left the brain hemispherical imbalance in the neocortex we've talked about this many times what happens is it will create a suppression of emotion and a suppression of the limbic brain and then we'll eventually be routed into the r-complex of the brain and live like a Dominator you know wanting to control everything and everyone it's what I call sleep I'm sorry it's what I call master think this form of extreme left brain chronic imbalance toward the logical you know side of the brain only the side of the brain that just deals with the physical world okay and survival and you know analyzing things and breaking things down it doesn't ever get into the nurturing and compassion and and creative and intuitive sight of thought that's what the right brain does which you can equally go into a deep form of chronic imbalance if you are too much toward the the right or feminine part of the brain just like you can go into the left brain masculine imbalance that leads to slave think so that leads the master think so when you go into this right brain form of imbalance the feminine imbalance when that part of the brain is chronically dominant it creates a suppression of the r-complex of the brain where the survival instinct is made possible and what this form of imbalance does the right brain imbalance will it will eventually root us into them a million or emotional brain and we'll be at the you know will be basically a slave to our emotions and will constantly be an emotional thinking and reactive mode and also it you know you're always in fear because the fear response also takes place in the limbic brain as do all other emotions positive or negative quote negative emotions they're not really negative they're all there for a purpose and a function but the ones that make us quote feel bad it's all there in the limbic brain the positive and negative ones so if either one of these types of brain imbalances are present that is contributing to the dynamic of the continuation of slavery on either side that's the first step in knowledge that we have to understand toward getting out of the current condition we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us everyone [Music] you know today disguise tonight 95 today try to run try to hide welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking about where the perpetuation of abuse comes from psychologically and generally you know we were looking at slide number 170 and generally what happens is if someone's undergoing a lot of abuse early on in life usually and again it can be psychological emotional mental abuse it doesn't have to be physical abuse it can also just be you know not coping with whatever situation life has dealt and that could be a form of abuse you know somebody just not having that internal fortitude and strength or support around them to deal with the situation that life has dealt them and they go into one form of imbalance or another the left brain imbalanced individuals will identify with the abuser and they become they take on that master think mentality themselves that I'm going to take control now because I'll show other people you know I've been hurt so then I'll go and hurt others so they're always looking to control and the right brain imbalance the people who are in chronic right brain imbalance they've also had abuse often in their past and in their childhood and what they what form that this psychological dynamic takes on in their later years is they will go into this slave think mode where they'll look for protection because they're identifying with the victim mentality well I can't take any action myself somebody else has to do this for me I'm not responsible that you know somebody else has to take care of my basic needs or my protection you know that they want to be protected and so you could see how the whole dynamic of government and slavery is perpetuated through these two dynamics playing off against each other you know it's the its it could be considered the ultimate dialectic you know it's like a feedback loop you need the masters there to basically be the controller the people who think they're the masters you know who think that they're in control there are left brain imbalanced sick individuals that you know think that they own and have the right to control other people and then you have the people who are willing to lay down to that and never stand up for themselves never stand up for their rights always want this quote protection from you know Big Daddy government and you know really don't understand human rights and keep you know wanting this slavery system to continue you know the perfect house slave mentality of right brain imbalance and again it's it feeds back dynamically with the the master think left brain form of imbalance so until we understand how that dynamic works we're not putting ourselves in an empowered position to heal ourselves through you know exercises and you know ways of healing that deal with this form of brain imbalance and ultimately work to bring it to balance okay and I talked about those modalities of thought in the past there's many different ways many different methods many different programs that people can use to on a daily basis bring the brain to a state of balance and keep it there again if there's right brain and balance there's concentrative exercises the left brain form of thought is largely concentration and logic somebody who's super right brain imbalance would have to use concentrative exercises in order to bring their brain to a state of balance if you're super left brain imbalance in your control freak you know like many of the police and military individuals out there you would want to use meditative techniques meditation is the right brain form of thought that stops the the mind and the logical and analytical thought and just puts us in just the state of present moment awareness being in the now and you know looking at ourselves of just being with ourselves and I've talked about you know the importance of meditation in the past I also talked about the dangers of excessive meditation and how the New Age movement uses it to basically get people to stand down and not really take action but there is a positive and empowering usage for it of course and then the contemplative exercises where you're just actively using daydreaming and types of visualization techniques to work with both the very image based and verbal based and you know a logical based left brain in conjunction with the creative and intuitive and flowing and you know open-minded aspect of the right brain to just visualize scenarios and you know do things that kind of let you see infinite possibilities that's what contemplation is ultimately about it's it's just working with mental material it's like an active form of daydreaming so these these three modalities of thought concentration meditation and contemplation are all methods of balancing the brain depending on what type of inherent situation is already present in the human brain in the brain complexes so it's so important to understand this basic knowledge of self and how we work psychologically and mentally in these physiological processes and it's amazing that none of this is really taught in schools at an early age you know the school system obviously has no vested interest in wanting people to understand themselves because understanding yourself is empowerment and they don't want you empowered they want you to be a good little slave so you can come out of the school system and just obey and go you know do work for whatever my you know faceless corporations that you're going to go a beg for work for worship the almighty dollar and just you know spit out children and wash rinse and repeat the cycle all over again only self knowledge is going to ultimately take people out of these forms of imbalance and people have to want to work with themselves they have to want to know themselves they will have to want to look at themselves and we have to encourage them to do that as conscious people if you're already conscious and you understand this dynamic works you have to share this knowledge with people you have to put it out there for their consideration in a way that they can understand it so the second part of this what I wanted to get into tonight is the concept that regardless of any of the abuse and trauma that we have undergone in the past as a species consciousness can trump all of that knowledge of self okay and then putting that knowledge into practical application through enough care and enough willpower which is what consciousness is really ultimately all about being aware and then doing something with that awareness will trump any of that trauma it will conquer any of that trauma so what we're looking at has that has been done in the human past that we've talked about for many many weeks on this show is genetic manipulation a dumbing literal dumbing down of the species physiologically through genetic splicing and and modifications and you know tinkering that really these beings had no right to do now people will think well this is the ultimate code of nature and you know once that's done there's nothing that can undo it and it just it's set in stone it set a certain way it's like a computer code and that's just it and we cannot possibly outgrow that or you know overcome anything that's been done to us genetically and that mindset is nonsense it's a newtonian worldview that is completely out of date in modern science most people still think that way because they have bought into this you know early late 1800s and early 1900s model of science and quote-unquote evolution which I talked about extensively at the very beginning of this you know extended presentation series cosmic abandonment that that this entrenched model of ancient science of ancient outmoded outdated scientific thought is still largely entrenched in the public consciousness because newer Sciences and newer discoveries within science really take a long time to filter their way down from the science the community into the public's hands and again I'm not talking about scientism I'm talking about real cutting-edge science in many cases takes a long time to really even come into public consciousness years and probably about two decades ago most scientists said that the gap was over 25 years now scientists are saying the gap is almost 50 years five decades and that's a conservative estimate literally like what is being discovered in real cutting-edge science now will not really be understood the implications of it may not be understood by the general population for 50 years and they're saying that that gap widens each day as new discoveries are made so you know when I talk about these the science of epigenetics most people only even have heard of it or not have studied into it or looked into it at all and most people again they're still working with this outmoded Newtonian view of you know reductionist materialistic science which is completely out of date and it's just perpetuated as the entrenched paradigm because that perpetuates the you know disempowerment mindset that we're all locked into a way of being that human nature is a certain way our genes make us a certain way and that's it and there's nothing that anybody can do about that you're dealt back those cards and you have to accept that it's not the case ladies and gentlemen we can actually change those things through consciousness and we're going to talk about that when we get into epigenetics we'll be back after these words stay with us everyone [Music] - what on earth is happening into the second hour of tonight's broadcast I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com just want to make a very brief correction I forgot to mention to get your tickets for the what for the for your mind three conference you can go to free your mind conference calm I forgot to give out the conference website I believe earlier and again I'm highly recommending people to go there who want are going to attend the conference even before you make any travel plans get your tickets in advance and I recommend getting the all weekend pass only 130 dollars for that package that's the early bird special on that so you could do that right now at free or mine conference calm and of course in coming weeks we'll have a lot more information on this great event but let's go back to the cosmic abandonment presentation thought we were talking about epigenetics in the last segment and that this comes from Greek and Latin roots this word the the prefix epi epi means beyond you know or past so what we're talking about here is to go beyond the genes to go beyond genetics of course genetics comes from the Latin term genera which means to make or to create and you know of course that's what we're made of is our genetic material and it definitely does facilitate a lot of the characteristics and functions of the being of course but a lot of people think that it's all set in stone and it's just the card that you are dealt with and you can't transcend any of those characteristics throughout the course of your life and this is the big lie this is the big lie put forward by Newtonian science and Darwinian evolution theory etc and epigenetics is an emerging science that really shows us that we are at the writers of our own genetic code in many ways okay it isn't to say we can just snap our fingers and chant you know you know grow a sixth finger or something like that okay that's not what I mean by this it means that if you work in consciousness if you work with all the aspects of your consciousness your thoughts your emotions and your actions and you engage the true intelligence which is a combination of the logical intellectual side and the creative intuitive side of the mind and you what you develop true care and then you put you know all of that all of your willpower into actually doing what you know to be the right thing okay and living in harmony with truth living in harmony with natural law and being unified in consciousness in such that your thoughts your emotions and actions are not dualistic are not in opposition to each other and are not inconsistent with each other meaning as you think you feel and so you act and there's no contradiction there you are going to be engaging aspects of the life force energy that underlies everything in ways then most people don't think as possible I mean here's a simple example okay do you think that the people who are truly aware and whose minds are working correctly and understand what's going on in the world in life on this planet haven't been subject to the same types of physical detriments going on through things like chemtrail bombardment in our skies spraying of heavy metals okay the poisoning of the water supply the the poisoning of the food supply you don't think look the the extent that I have awoke in my consciousness look at all the abuse I formerly did to myself my body the types of that type of diet I was on previously underneath all of that was still a drive to learn to grow to understand truth to want knowledge and to want knowledge of self above all that all of those things all of those bombardments which can affect the genetics which can affect the mind can affect the brain still in the long term because of the persistence that I activated within myself in consciousness could not prevail could not keep me down it kept me down for quite a long time but eventually the true self burst through and it emerged stronger for the experience actually and what I'm trying to explain to people is the people that think oh it's just a hopeless situation because look at how we've been dumbed down look at how they've done genetic modifications to us in the ancient past yeah that's it's very dark information it's a very dark knowledge to understand I personally accept this as what went down in the ancient past okay I think there's enough evidence to prove it personally many people will disagree with that however it's not something to feel so disempowered about that you give up and you say well since non-human entities are more powerful than us there's no way we could have a rise above this condition you know it's not the case consciousness will trump even all of that genetic modification that was done the thing that has to drive it is care again that's why the image that I picked for epigenetics was an image of all the chakras of a being lit up these energy vortices that are associated with different levels of glandular activity within the body within the center line of the body going up to the the crown of the head representing illuminated consciousness but you look at the the chakras the way they're laid out in this image on the right hand side on image 171 in the presentation slides and you see that all the energy is focused in the heart the heart chakra that you know this is what I call the eighth principle the lost principle of the you know underlying dynamics of natural law the underlying principles of natural law it's care that's the generative principle that's what really is generating everything that comes after that that feeling okay that it's a choice of what we want to care about you know it's like going back to the Matrix movie when neo is having that conversation with the Merovingian and he's trying to tell him oh it's all just about a causality and Nia the Morpheus character says to the Merovingian everything begins with choice it's true the Merovingian tries to lead him off that path because he's the dark occultist that doesn't want people to understand it's all about freewill choice you know there is causality there is natural law at work in the universe and we are bound by that and we have to accept those consequences when we choose a specific behavior or action but it all ultimately starts with choice we have to choose a behavior and then natural law goes into effect natural law consequence goes into effect so what we care enough about to do in the world is ultimately what's generating the condition in the world this is a huge part of epigenetics and what is driving our care well the quality of our mind the quality of consciousness you know that's why the first principle of natural law is everything is mental the whole universe is mind everything begins in mind mind is what's ultimately driving the dynamic of what we care about what we think about drives what we care about and then we behave that's why one is the father one is the mother one is a considered a masculine quality one's considered a feminine quality and then you know you have the behavior is the chart the male child of the byproduct of that quote marriage this is the Trinity this is what consciousness is all about so you know I think it's a very highly appropriate image compared to the very scientific you know double helix ladder twisted twisted ladder DNA image there on the left because the energy is coming from the heart care is the underlying the underlying dynamic that's going to create or anything that we experience in our life that's why I call it the lost principle the so many people don't care you know that's been lost it's like the lost word is know so few people are saying no when their rights are violated that that's considered the lost word nobody uses that sacred masculine dynamic of saying enough is enough and I'm not gonna take it anymore you know they just stand down you know and the Sacred Feminine principle of care is often lost that so I call it the lost principle of natural law so we need to develop that care if we're going to engage epigenetics ultimately it does begin everything does begin with choice and that's a mental process which again is why mind control is such a powerful set of factors when it comes to the controller's you know game plan there are methods of manipulation to go to work on the human mind so that it stifles the care and ultimately they want to destroy people's care so an individual that I want to just recommend and again I can recommend an individual without agreeing with every single thing that he says again people will say oh I don't agree with this aspect of his work so this guy's got to be some kind of an agent or working for the bad guys not everybody is going to agree agree with everything someone says I don't expect everybody to agree with everything that I say okay I'm pointing out a high quality of work that I feel people will benefit from understanding and you take what you will from that and you leave what you feel is inaccurate or you know might lead lead someone astray in a certain way I think personally certain people in the field of studying you know consciousness can become a little bit too new agian - right brained I feel the gentleman I'm going to recommend is pretty balanced and is on point when when it comes to his work in epigenetics and what he calls the biology of belief which is the net Idol of his book his name is dr. Bruce Lipton and Bruce Lipton wrote the book the biology of belief he has a lot of videos out on YouTube I highly recommend people check them out because it's all about how ultimately consciousness is stronger than the material world of genes and if we want to change what's going on in ourselves we have to change what's going on in our so we'll pick that thought process up on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us who are listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening com we were talking about epigenetics and I was recommending some of the works of dr. Bruce Lipton his book biology of belief I think is an excellent book that talks about epigenetics and the power of consciousness to actually change everything that we are experiencing in life including ourselves and you know epigenetics means to go beyond the genes to go beyond the physical matter that we think is just directing everything that goes on here it's not really the case it's the facilitator for it it's what makes the physical experience possible is the genetics the consciousness is what's driving the genetics that's the code that ultimately underlies all of it and we are the the writers the controllers the directors of that code of that story and we can change what actually manifests by changing the the quality of our consciousness and so what this book kind of gets into it talks about how human quote the human condition is very different than what people generally think of as quote human nature I've discussed this a lot in my work where I don't think there is any such thing as human nature as far as being good or bad it's all about the conditions that result as a result of what is programmed into the individual if anything human nature is that we are a programmable species that is the nature of our actual framework the physiological framework that we are born with that we can be programmed the question then becomes how will we be programmed what will be programmed into us what kind of information will we take into ourselves what kind of informations will information will other people instill what we take in through food and diet you know water etc you know again that old adage of quality goes in quality comes out garbage goes in garbage comes out in that respect we are like a programmable computer if you put a good file format and a good operating system you know on the drive and then good programs that are written bug-free then you're gonna have good quality output on that computer if those things are all corrupted you're going to have terrible garbage output on that computer humanity's similar to that not again saying that we are computers saying that we work like that so the conditions are going to also influence the result and that's why they call it the human condition we improve the the condition by improving consciousness which then helps to improve the condition even more it's a feedback loop again another big aspect of Bruce Lipton's work is the audio series wisdom of your cells again I can't recommend that one highly enough either you have to check that one out wisdom of yourselves is a great audio series by Bruce Lipton that gets into epigenetics I again highly encourage people to check out his YouTube videos as well and again you don't have to agree with every aspect of what the individual is saying in every part of the work that he does I think these are decent works that he has put out that explain up epigenetics and I take that and then move forward with that information and if he says something I don't particularly agree with I don't have to accept everything that the man says nor does anybody have to accept anything that anybody else says you can take what resonates in truth and you know set the rest aside as as they say so that's a my recommendation for who you should check out and there are probably some other people who just type in the term epigenetics I'm sure many other people are getting into this topic now but lipton kind of pioneered this especially as a activists getting out there and giving presentations and talking about this dynamic actually got a chance to see him live just outside of Philadelphia in Haverford and he was it was a very good lecture that he gave near near Philadelphia on this topic of moving beyond you know what people perceive as limitations through genes and you know how the whole medical industry is based on this whole you know we're gonna just affect the matter you know and we're not gonna treat the whole being you know we're not gonna actually take the whole being into account their conditions their consciousness their state of mind their stress level etc all of that you know it's just like here's a physical mechanism if we can change this will change the result well reality doesn't work that way folks we're not just machines you know we're not biological machines this is an old outdated Newtonian notion that's been brought into other Sciences like the field the various fields of medicine and it is an inaccurate paradigm in general it's built upon fundamentally flawed axiom the fundamentally flawed axiom that matter is superior to everything else that matter is prime okay and as we've talked about here that's one of the huge things that this currently entrenched paradigm wants people to continue to accept because it doesn't want us to understand the role of consciousness and spirit involved in every aspect of our lives and how it's not really separate from the world of manifested matter the world of manifested reality it's what's ultimately driving it so that's really what I wanted to say on epigenetics and I want to get into the things that are going to really be required on our part to change if we're going to change the condition that we have been thrust into again a big part of this is not our quote fault okay what happened happened and it was done by beings that were at that time certainly technologically superior to us certainly mentally superior or I should say just intellectually superior not in real intelligence and not in holistic intelligence because if they had any holistic intelligence they won't have done the things that they did but um I can't let humanity off the hook entirely because we are responsible for the perpetuation of the current human condition because we have not developed the intelligence the care and the willpower to change the current condition we simply don't care enough in the aggregate as a species to change what is happening through our behavior and our choices we're in too much fear still as a whole to say this system is junk it always has been junk it is junk now it always will be junk for as long as it is perpetuated we need to stop fearing the chaos of the collapse of this system we have to allow that collapse to go on you know we need to set up other solutions in the process of that coming entropy you know and I'm all for that chaotic transition personally you know I think that order can emerge out of chaos I think that the immoral systems that we've built up we have to stop staying attached to and let them fall and then we will build something that is more orderly on the other side and I'm not saying it may not be a painful chaotic transitional period in between but the problem is as long as people keep fearing that slavery is gonna continue you know I'll take that chaotic painful transition any day over the continuation of slavery you know that's my choice I'll choose freedom any day but many people are still too in fear to make that that correct choice that informed and correct choice that conscious freewill choice you know they want to continue to look for protection they want to continue to be dependent they want to continue to try to absolve themselves or abdicate themselves from their own personal responsibilities in life and when you do those things slavery is all you can manifest that's all you're going to get so what this next section I call respect remembrance and responsibility the 3 R's okay respect remembrance and responsibility now what defeats respect true self-respect what defeats it is the dynamic of self-loathing self-loathing is it and we're on slide number 173 now what creates self-loathing is the trauma that previously went on in someone's life and then when they idaite when they identify as somehow being deserving of that of that you know horrible events that were done to them it was done maybe because I wasn't good enough uh you know I wasn't smart enough I I wasn't worthy enough these feelings of unworthiness okay is the underlying psychological condition that it makes people try to abdicate their personal responsibility because they they don't have enough respect and self love for themselves okay all bullies are like this all controllers are like this all victims are like this okay ultimately a bully a controller a Dominator hates themselves ultimately a victim hates themselves nobody who loves themselves could try to push other people around or sit there and take other people's abuse if you truly love yourself and you're not in a state of self hate or self-loathing then you're not going to try to control anybody else nor you're going to accept somebody else's control you're not gonna play any part of that game we'll pick this dynamic up on the other side of the break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] the community side that we don't dare speak it's a while between ups it'll rip so we keep it there there's nothing wrong this cold welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break we were talking about the psychological dynamic of self-loathing or just hating yourself and so many people are trapped in this condition subconsciously psychologically and don't really even know it or understand this condition this is slide number 173 and I'll just basically read what's on the slide it says self-loathing is the underlying psychological condition that causes people to attempt to abdicate their own personal responsibility to exercise conscience and to fall into patterns of willful ignorance order following and the justification of immoral behavior that's really what's going on in the world folks you know order followers just doing what they're told other people putting up with it people excusing this behavior thinking that it's okay that they have the right to do that somehow offering justifications for it not exercising conscience other people trying to hand off or pass on or advocate their own personal responsibility to do the right thing or to be responsible for themselves to someone else you know this all stems from not caring enough about yourself not having enough self-respect I'm gonna end the presentation part of tonight's show with this topic of self-loathing and next week we're going to get into this dynamic of the 3 R's respect which is what will ultimately heal self-loathing remembrance which is understanding knowledge of self and responsibility understanding that ultimately you are truly and totally and ultimately responsible for your own behavior and you cannot pass that responsibility or separate from or alienate yourself from it in any way and you know those three things really constitute a solution when it comes to a deep understanding of what's going on in our world what's going on within ourselves and understanding the dynamic of natural law so continuing with this slide self-loathing is created when earlier trauma or traumas have been suppressed and buried deep into the subconscious mind instead of being confronted dealt with and healed okay working your way out of the abuse victim cycle through applied knowledge care and willpower that narrow path that we talked about regarding how to get out of the abuse victim cycle the effects of such unresolved trauma often take the form of feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness whether real suggested or imagined again can a Dominator really like himself and who can like themselves if they don't really know themselves who can love themselves if self-knowledge isn't present could you really love someone you don't know no of course not you have to know them you have to know something about them in order to express feelings of even like care or love so people don't have a deep relationship with themselves and in many cases that's why they don't love themselves and they're trapped in this these feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness and so they either strike out against others or they turn inwardly against themselves and then imagine that they deserve more abuse of course neither one of those things is true a Dominator has no right to do what he's doing and you know somebody sitting back just taking abuses indirectly doing the wrong and a harm to actually everybody around them by not standing up for what's right for their rights and the rights of other people you know people sitting there watching other people be abused or just abuse themselves are indirectly doing something that is harmful to others that's why you know I always tell people people who do not understand human rights who do not understand the difference between right and wrong and want to remain in that level of ignorance are ultimately doing wrong to other people they're there I don't care what somebody does to themselves their own body but there are levels of ignorance that you don't have a right to you know people say somebody that can do whatever they want with their own mind think whatever they want well that's not really true it's not really the case there are mode there are modalities of thought that are wrong and that includes condoning violence against other people that can includes accepting violence being done to people in society in general and saying I don't care that's an act of violence in and of itself not to care about injustice has done to other people you think of it that way how many people are really doing violence indirectly in direct violence through their total not caring of what is happening with other people the injustice is that are taking place with others that person is doing indirect harm because they by their ignorance are perpetuating those in Justices and allowing them to continue so the effects of these unresolved traumas take on the forms of feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness whether they're real suggested or imagined and again this is on both side sides the left brain imbalance dominators and the right brain imbalanced slave thinkers okay so moving on to slide 174 it's the last slide and then I'm going to start going to the phones for the time that we have left I've just lowered prison bars like the door of a prison over the top of the image that's is this golem creature this totally destroyed self loathing individual that says I have suffered therefore I shall cause suffering for others that is the very dynamic that perpetuates the prison that perpetuates slavery somebody who doesn't care is only focused on themselves doesn't care what anybody else is going through doesn't care what up what in justices are taking place toward others or what's going on in the world and is totally focused on me me me me me which is Satanism thought-process it's satanic thought most people are in this modality of satanic thought from the minute they wake up they think about nothing but themselves they don't get involved in you know communicating knowledge to anybody else and that very dynamic of I'm only concerned about me and since I've gotten a raw deal I'm gonna treat other people the way I was treated instead of treat them the way I would rather be treated then that's what perpetuates the dynamic of slavery and imprisonment and disempowerment next week we're going to get into again the 3 R's self-respect self-knowledge remembering who we are and personal responsibility these are the things that heal self-loathing and bring about true self-love so that we can affect the solution understand our own sovereignty understand how natural law works and then live our lives in harmony with it and ultimately end slavery by doing so so with that having been said I'll leave it for there and hopefully next week we can wrap up the official part of the presentation and then in coming weeks we'll move on to some supplemental material regarding cosmic abandonment and then future weeks I'm going to be moving into some of the dynamics of order followers and their thought processes and what we need to do to try to change their state of consciousness or influence a change in their state of consciousness I'm going to talk about some other social dynamics down the line that are going on in society that are really negatively affecting our society and keeping it where where it's at which is exactly where we don't want it to be which is a state of slavery and disempowerment but next week more in the solutions section on cosmic abandonment for now let's go to your phones for the time that we have remaining let's hear from Ivan in Phoenix Ivan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hello Ivan are you there oh hi early today there you go yes I'm gonna take some calls till the end of the show and you're the first one in the queue my friend what do you have for us tonight oh okay well I had mentioned to you and Barb about the new film interstellar in theaters yes we got a chance to watch that yes I have not yet I have it on my to-do list I am going to get to it soon okay well this film is pretty interesting it again somewhat touches on what you're talking about here again the general premise is that the world is uh Tran sustain life pretty much and instead of fixing the plan ends at which they cross basically can't they're looking to go offworld and find another place to go and ruin base it's pretty pretty interesting the first thought that I got when I saw this film even though they don't mention it I thought of you know how we in the truth movement or researchers pretty much we look at things in a bigger picture in a holistic way right and I'm looking at Mars how Mars you can kind of say eh it was probably life on there and the beings on there screwed up that planet and then left that planet to find someplace else and kind of I guess came here and now whatever impossible you know I think I'm not very possible they just moved a little bit in inward toward the next planet in the solar system who knows what happened on the other side of Mars that was more likely than not a planet that became the asteroid belt through some type of Cataclysm hey Ivan hold on the line with me I'll hold you over through this break okay ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back with more of your calls to close out the show [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone final segment for this edition of what on earth is happening this evening we're taking your calls we were talking with Ivan and Phoenix Ivan are you still with us yeah I'm here okay you can go ahead and continue the fault that you were on before the break okay not to give anything away with the about the movie but basically I saw this film twice and the second time watching the film I can sense how the director Christopher Nolan said three hours and for three hours was able to take the average movie core and attempt bring their consciousness from a third dimensional consciousness and then concentrate us this dimensional realization because the movie really gets tricky it's a little bit a la 2001 Space Odyssey so that's all I want to say about it but you really gotta have your mind open and just aware because things that are happening there and thrown at you your average moviegoer like make no sense what the heck but Jaime Samara Kylie allegorical if you're comparing into 2001 I'd consider that a good complement to the movie because that I consider to be one of the best films of all time and that definitely makes me want to go check it out right especially after reading one of the reviews from The Daily Mail and they trashed it so as I cut there you go negative review go see it yeah definitely gonna take your recommendation yep well that's pretty much all I wanted to contribute today so you can get a few other calls then before the show absolutely I haven't always a pleasure to hear from you my friend all right take care about you too all right let's hear from a Lee in Connecticut you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hi mark hi how are you I'm good um thank you for having me on your show um I just want to say that from having listened to quite a bit of your material now it seems to me that your position is that all forms of control are inherently slip debris is that correct sure well you've expressed in your natural law seminar that it is critical to establish internal sovereignty as this leads to order in self-control I found myself experiencing confusion when I have considered an application of law of Correspondence to this dynamic how could it be accurate to make an axiomatic statement statement that all forms of external controller slavery if we see a very clearly laid out example of inner world so to speak where control leads to harmony in order so as you have said as well if this self governance is not applied it would be there the interior Anarchy which is tantamount to internal confusion well your your your likening external control to internal control when in fact they're really opposites of each other they're not using the same dynamic which is external control is coercion based whereas you use the same word control to refer to you know the dynamic of self control perhaps self mastery might be a better term for it it's knowing the self to the extent that you are not being owned by the internal forces that dwell within the individual consciousness you are directing them you are using them you are putting them into effect and as such you are exercising mastery and skillfulness of using those whereas not knowing how to use them places you essentially at their mercy and they control you so that's how I would kind of rectify that because it's kind of like a language thing where you're you're kind of equating it with the kind of external control there's based in coercion and it's not that same dynamic I hope that kind of clears it up does it I just in case how is there why is all control abuse because it's based in coercion and the removal of free will or the attempted removal of free will by one being against another that makes it inherently wrong because you're taking something it's theft you're stealing something that doesn't belong to you which is someone else's free will choice so long as they're not harming someone else all external control is based in the dynamic of coercion coercion is a form of theft and therefore wrongdoing so that's all pretty you know explicitly laid out in the natural law seminar and if that wasn't a in depth enough coverage of the the basic dynamics of natural law I would highly recommend that you go back to the podcast and go through the sections I did many podcasts on natural law I think it was back in the 60s or 70s I don't quite remember off the top of my head maybe a little after that but you can go back in the podcast archive where I cover natural law pretty extensively in depth and talk about a lot of those dynamics there so then um relating to that what about anarchy in relation to freedom because using the law of Correspondence as within so without I I just I just don't see how internal anarchy is any different from external and energy because I believe that all it's all the you know the self really if we want to get back to like oh like I guess oneness people would call it well again right I'm using that term internal anarchy in the literal sense of the word so if we break down the word anarchy means no ruler or no master if there is no internal mastery that means that the house of the self is open to control or rulership from without if you are not applying then the knowledge of self for the manifestation of or the realization of your own internal sovereignty someone else or of some other force is going to come in and and set up camp there it's like an abandonment of a house it's an abandonment of a piece of property you know you're not setting up rulership or possession within that that entity within that consciousness and therefore you know a squatter is going to move in and say well I own this now it's kind of works like that dynamic when I say internal anarchy I mean literally there's no rule or no master at home in the house of self and that's a very bad dynamic it's a bad thing so in that sense the word honor code becomes Anarchy becomes negative if it's inwardly and artistic we need inward rulership of the self again you have to see the terms rulership control or mastery in a positive sense here because when they're applied within to the self that is what is based in knowledge not coercion that's what's what's based in nature not a perversion of nature and I would the main thing that I would recommend at this point if you do have kind of grasp the whole concept of correspondence I would start to get into some occult writings that deal with these topics I think a few of the books that I recommend in the natural law section might help and then you could branch off from that to go into some other works and you know some authors that deal with that topic I've Richard Wetherill is one he's not basically an occult writer but you can get into some of the writings of Rosicrucianism that deal with a lot of these topics many free masonic authors have dealt with these topics as well it's probably where I would recommend for you to go next but the first place I would say is the extended natural law section of my podcast and as always I always recommend people to start at at podcast number one and move forward from there to get a general holistic tapestry of my work so Ally I want to thank you for the call and I'm gonna round up show by going to a caller over in Poland Bart from Poland you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hello mark welcome to the shadow yes can you hear me yes I can you're coming through well okay well thank you very much you are back on line and yes I would like but of all I would like recommend a few movies related to psycho puffy or their following and justification so they are related to nuclear are whole cows so this is safe safe from year 2000 okay the US production and then we have tread this is a UK production from year 9 1984 and of course that one is the movements a black comedy doctor strange laugh yeah oh absolutely directed by Stanley Kubrick no less yes yes of quite great recommendations okay thank you and the last question mark as you were the member of the Church of Satan so have you met such strange behaviors of some you know members that they for after some time day I think having that the homosexual tendencies we're out of time for this edition I'll try to answer that on the next show but ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have remember there's only two mistakes you can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see right here next week thanks for listening everyone have a great night [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]