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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday November 22nd 2014 this show is live every Saturday evening right here on our BM rbn from 10:00 p.m. to midnight Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here tonight we're going to be continuing and hopefully finishing our cosmic abandonment extended presentation on the air tonight cosmic abandonment is a presentation that explores the connections between the interference theory of human origins and the current human condition that we face here on earth in the present day tonight on the show I'm going to be continuing and finishing up with part three of the cosmic abandonment presentation called the unwritten story of our future tonight I'm going to be talking about solutions to the human condition to the problem that has been ongoing for hundreds of thousands of years on this planet and that problem ultimately comes down to self-loathing a lack of self-respect due to the abandonment issues that this species has faced and tonight I'm going to be talking about the solutions in the form of three R's as I call them respect remembering and responsibility that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening I want to give the call and number right at the top of the show because I will be taking your calls in our number to the callin number to join us here is eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the callin number to join us for your questions or comments in our number two on what on earth is happening is toll-free 800 three one three ninety four forty three just a couple of quick announcements before we get started the free your mind three conference is going to be the definitive event dealing with consciousness mind control and the occult in the Year 2015 certainly here on the East Coast for your mind 3 coming at you in April of 2015 April 10th 11th and 12th that's Friday Saturday and Sunday April 10th 11th and 12th 2015 right here just outside of Philadelphia at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania langhorne is just north of the city limits of philadelphia the speakers already confirmed for the freer mind three conference on April 10th 11th and 12th of next year Bob Tuscan 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couple of images of the shirt design and then you click the email link that is listed there to email me about how to go about receiving one of these shirts as a free gift in return for a voluntary donation to what on earth is happening there is also a donation button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening comm website if you feel that you have received value from the information that has been shared on both the what on earth is happening radio show and the website through my video videos and podcasts you can feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I may continue that work into the future so with that having been said let's jump into the material for tonight's show as always there are images for the show posted with both the live show and with the podcast tonight podcast will be podcast number 176 we're slowly working our way up to that 200 mark so you can if you're listening live you can go to the what on earth is happening radio show page and underneath the player for the tonight's broadcast you'll see images for tonight's show and then underneath that you'll see cosmic abandonment slides part 1 & 2 we're well into part 2 and we're going to be beginning tonight slide number 174 now if you don't want to follow along with the links the numerical links that open up like a little pop-up window right in your browser you can click the link that says all cosmic abandonment slides download them here and that's a zip archive that you could decompress on your own computer and then open up in whatever image viewer you happen to prefer and follow along with the slides that way so let's start at image number 174 which is the slide that I left off on at the end of last week's show in at least in the presentation section of last week's show we were talking about self-loathing as being one of the underlying if not the very most important underlying psychological conditions that has led to the perpetuation of the current human condition of slavery only a people who are self-loathing and ultimately do not have a deep personal relationship with themselves and their own inner aspects of their personality and psyche can allow themselves to continue to be enslaved there continue to be harmed or continue to harm themselves there has to be an amount of self-loathing present within the personality within the you know the nested shadow material of the psyche of the individual self-loathing is the ultimate condition that we have to overcome as a species if we're going to free ourselves and operate on this planet as we should be operating in harmony with natural law and as sovereign beings so what is the force that we have to understand that overcomes self-loathing we'll pick that up right on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back Oh [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're talking about the over the underlying condition of self-loathing as being one of the prime psychological conditions that causes people to continue to accept and remain within the state of slavery as a species slide number 174 I have the the slide is about self-loathing and I have the image up there of a Gollum creature a creature that's made by someone else a creature that doesn't even think its own thoughts has animation kind of breathed into it by its master and it's just a like a flesh robot and it's saying I have suffered and therefore I shall cause suffering unto others you know what is that a being that cares about itself is that a being that really has any developed self respect you know no it's a being that is ultimately trying to say I'm not truly responsible for what I do or what I caused in the world for what I put out there into the universe and they think good things are going to happen to them it doesn't work that way folks not according to the principle of Correspondence under natural law what we put out is what we're going to receive back from the universe you know so as long as we're in a condition of self-loathing expect more suffering heaped down upon you because of how you think about yourself self-loathing is the underlying psychological condition that causes people to attempt to abdicate their own personal responsibility to exercise conscience and to fall into patterns of willful ignorance order following and justification of immoral behavior only a self-loathing individual will fall into those patterns willfully remaining ignorant continuing to do things that they know are just horrible for them following orders of other people who somehow no better than them and they just want to follow them because they don't want the responsibility of choosing right over wrong for themselves and justifying their continuation of their their choosing of immoral behaviors self-loathing is created when earlier trauma has been suppressed and buried into the subconscious mind in order for someone to truly hate themselves there had to be at something traumatic happened to them and they don't want to deal with it at a conscious level they want to bury it into the subconscious keep it there and never deal with that shadow psychological material again the brilliant teacher Michael tous Ariane has likened this to continuing to eat off of a dirty plate day after day after day without doing any of any cleansing in the mind he likens you know compares the word sanity with sanitation both referring to cleanliness to clean up something is to make it sanitized well that's what we have to do to the mind and make the mind sane you know we need to work with that shadow material clean it up deal with it confront it face it recognize its presence and then work with it we don't want to do that the mind is going to remain in a totally deplorable condition and it's going to be largely operating at the level of the subconscious and therefore it's going to own our behavior without even us really consciously being aware of it and then we just fall in the same patterns over and over again so self-loathing is created when this earlier trauma has been suppressed and buried into the subconscious mind instead of being confronted dealt with and healed the effects of such unresolved trauma often take the form of feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness whether real suggested or imagined and I want to focus on that term unworthiness because that is the key the thing that we have to overcome as a species so many people think that humanity's nature is this way is what we have allowed to basically happen to us to the state that we've allowed ourselves to come into and it's not our nature it's our condition there's a huge difference between the nature of something and the condition it happens to be in you know you could take a silver coin that it's its basic nature is it's made of silver but if that coins extremely extremely tarnish you can't maybe maybe can't even tell that it's made of high-grade high-quality silver okay I mean it's just an example it's not saying that that has any actual intrinsic value what has real true intrinsic value is human beings you know we are the thing that we have to consider truly worthy of infinite worth as well as I'm going to get to you know that's that that's the key to all of this is a total reevaluation of what it really truly means to be a human being and stop you know having this negative poison worldview that human nature is somehow demonic or horrible or evil when that's not the case at all now that's not to say let people off the hook for their immoral behavior because they've been conditioned into accepting things as they are we should be striving to change that because that can be changed so you know it all comes down to healing that self-loathing which is what we're going to talk about today and the only force that really counter self-loathing is self-respect and self-respect is about moving to a different perspective the word respect is derived from the Latin prefix re meaning again and the Latin verb SPECT ra meaning to look at to look upon to look at so we put them together RIA ghin and SPECT re look at respect to look at again to take another look at well what are you taking another look at of course for self respect you have to take another look at yourself reevaluate yourself honestly without lying to yourself and say what have I allowed myself to become what condition have I allowed to take root and if you honestly want that condition to change for the better then you have to develop self-respect by looking at it not trying to push it away and then working with it working with that painful shadow material which and there's the problem most people don't want to do that they'd rather try to run away well there is no running away from it how could you run away from the self you can doesn't make a difference where you go it's gonna be there with you because it is you so good luck trying to run away from it good luck taking the escapists approach that's what religionists do that's what New Agers tend to do you know and I'm not making it 100% general 100% blanket statement I'm saying you saying that as a generality the very right brain among us often fall into that that trap and you know the dominators of the world are both left and right brain imbalanced that's what people have to understand they're left brain and balance when it comes to the you know outlash that they want to take against other people you know for them hating themselves you know they think they're in control of other people this petty sense of illusory power that they derive from you know doing violence unto other people but then you have to understand they're also in a very twisted right brain imbalanced mindset as well because they hate themselves they have no true self-respect they don't have any knowledge about the self and they're willing to basically subjugate themselves and enslave themselves so whoever's giving them their orders as long as it means I don't have to think for myself and I don't have to engage my own personal responsibility and my own personal judgment to choose from that to choose the difference between right and wrong behavior for myself as an individual see when when you really start to gain true self respect you look at yourself and you say is the action that I'm taking does it fall within the parameters of natural law as something that I have a right to take is it an action that does not cause harm to others and therefore it's a right or is it something that does do harm and violate others and therefore it's our wrong we'll pick this up right on the other side of the break don't go anywhere folks welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking about the power of self-respect to bring balance to the psychological condition of self-loathing as one of the ultimate solutions to overcoming the current human condition of slavery because only people that don't have a truly developed sense of self love could continue the condition of slavery to continue to perpetuate it or could continue to accept it and that's the thing that's the harsh truth that most people don't want to hear and hate me for saying but it's true nonetheless ladies and gentlemen only a species that hates itself could allow itself to remain enslaved and participate in its own enslavement and if you just sit and think about that statement for a little while quietly with yourself you'll realize that it cannot be any other way therefore the solution is love but the solution is self-love before any other form of love you have to come to a personal relationship with yourself by looking at the shadow material only self-respect can heal self-loathing and therefore to help to put Humanity on the path to healing and conscience and freedom nothing else can do it and let me tell you what the deep inner knowledge the core underlying truth principle if you will that has to be understood when it comes to the dynamic of self-respect as being the thing that can heal self-loathing you have to understand that the value of the individual is infinite that the individual has infinite worth it's not about a group it's not about society it's not about anything else but understanding if you take hold of your infinite value the infinite worth of the self and you recognize that there's nothing that is more important than that you're gonna be on the path to healing to understanding and ultimately to true freedom but so few people care enough about themselves in that regard to want to look at the things that are uncomfortable about themselves that they want to try to run away from that they want to try to escape they think that they can keep pushing it off and pushing it off and pushing it off well eventually that big beast comes up from behind you and he eats you when that's your attitude about that shadow material it doesn't go away it grows and it becomes more and more powerful as you ignore it this is what all the order followers have done this is what all the willing slaves have done that perpetuates this condition the super left brain among us the order followers they want to just do harm to other people because they think that they can and they can get away with it all the people who want to sit back and take it and say oh we just need to watch you know we just need to sit back and see what how it all plays out you know not even being active participants in life what can I do mentality you know I don't want to get involved mentality all right brain imbalance and then these two imbalance dynamics play off against each other to create a world of total enslavement and all of this because yeah uh it stems from what originally had been done to us in the past but as I said we talked about all of that we brought out all that shadow material we brought out all those things that those nasty things that nobody wants to talk about or even consider that has happened to the human species over vast stretches of time genetic manipulation enslavement you know being made to think of other beings as as gods somehow that have some kind of a actual right to rule over us and then perpetuating that system down through government and religion and kingship etc those systems being handed down to us by those beings and you can you know make the argument all this was done to us but like I said this is the solution section this isn't about crying in our milk folks you know as a little kid you know our childhood is over now it's time to actually recognize what's been done and man up and deal with it and say hey this is reality this is how it really went down what are we gonna do about it now no use living in the past and saying woe is us it happened already nothing you could do about the past the past is done it's that which is it's the truth you either recognize it and accept it and then move on and do something about it or you live in a state of denial this is about looking at the truth recognizing it's it's a horrible condition and saying but what are we going to do about it now in the present moment where all power lies to create change to create positive lasting change the answer is recognising the infinite value of an infinite worth of the individual see that that's what if people asked me one of the things that brought me up out of my grave out of my total unconsciousness that was it I was laying there in total depression recognizing what I had partaken in recognizing what kind of a person I was and I said well you could deal with this two ways you could lay down and die and let the world beat you or you can say I'm worth more than this they didn't beat me they may have used me for a time but I love myself more than that and I'm going to rise above that condition because I have the strength and I have the willpower and I have the self motivation and I have the self-love to do that these are what the solutions are so you know that this is all about that one overarching principle the infinite worth of the individual the infinite worth of the self so that's slide number 175 about self respect and you could put the word self love in place of that they're equivalent as far as I am concerned self-respect is self-love and vice versa because it is turning the attention toward what really matters what's going on within and ultimately that's a process of remembering again this is the 3 R's respect remembering and responsibility when you start looking at the self you start to discover what the self really is the deep core aspects of it that underlie consciousness that are the expressions for consciousness again people will say you know the ancient mystery traditions have said to know the self is the ultimate commandment you know that's what we're here for it's the ultimate dynamic that's going to bring about healing and freedom that's why it was kind of their mantra you know know the self know the self and you will know the universe and the gods only knowledge the knowledge of truth is going to set us free that's it nothing else can do it so this is a process of remembering who we actually are there we are a byproduct of our thoughts emotions and actions that's what ultimately what we express in the world that's how our consciousness expresses itself and either we come to a fulfillment of those aspects of consciousness or we fail to develop them again I really like the way the teacher Michael - sorry on the teacher researcher kind of has this idea that we're here to develop a soul a lot of people insist we have a soul or we are a soul you know maybe we're here to work upon the soul to develop it further you know it's not just the static thing it's something that you work upon like a sculpture of some kind and you put the more energy and attention and focus you put into it the better it becomes so if we work with the thoughts emotions and actions and we develop them to their full potential we're developing the soul and if we don't we're going down deeper and deeper into darkness and that suffering and that pain is good we're gonna have to learn through that pathway that dark left-hand path instead of taking the straight albeit quite narrow road directly to the truth if we develop our thoughts we arrive at knowledge we arrive at a deep understanding of what is going on around us and why we're here and who we really are and then we will ultimately use that to do the right thing in the world which is what wisdom is all about right action if we fail to develop our true holistic intelligence we're going to be stuck in a condition of ignorance which is where most of humanity is clinging to illusion vested in the illusion wanting to prop up the amoral system that exists all around them believing in fault the false I idol of money above everything else and authority 100% lost in the land of illusion attached to things that don't even really exist in nature we'll pick up this all-important process of remembering it's all about knowledge of self folks stay with us we'll be right back welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking about solutions to the human condition of slavery and we talked about self-respect and recognizing the infinite worth an infinite value of the individual as being one of the underlying psychological conditions that really has to be developed in order to counter the self-loathing that is so prevalent in today's society that gets people to accept and participate in their own enslavement we're on slide number 176 of the cosmic abandonment presentation talking about remembering the knowledge of oneself and the expressions of human consciousness the true holy trinity of thought emotion and action or as it has been known mind spirit and body and we have to bring those together such that they are not in contradiction such that as we think so we feel and so we act as we think in the mind so we feel through our emotions the spirit in which we take our actions and then so we act with the body and those three elements of consciousness are in non-contradiction unity consciousness again we were talking about you know the fulfillment of these expressions of consciousness versus their failure or the inactive aspects when we don't put these to their best use in the world during the time that we have so you know in thought we can come to knowledge understanding and wisdom or we cannot actively engage our holistic intelligence and remain in a state of ignorance foolishness and naivete believing anything that is put out there for us to believe refusal to look at information that is out there that can help us to understand what's going on most people aren't nation' because there's plenty of information out there they're ignorant they will willfully ignore the truth because they have this idea deep down nested in the subconscious mind if I'm ignorant I can't be made to be responsible for what's going on around me and that's folly in and of itself that kind of thinking we're responsible regardless of whether we know or not because the truth was out there it was all around us at all times you didn't take it into yourself that's that's on you you know the emotional aspect the emotional expression of consciousness its fulfillment is what I have called true care the generative principle empathy for all you know the high high expression of love not the you know bodily or just romantic love not even just met you know mental you know deep understanding or affinity with a concept not that kind of love but the fully open and expanded form of love known as agape which is care for all care of injustice going on anywhere because if it's taking place even with one individual it's happening for all the understanding that as one suffers all our suffering true compassion true care that's the generative principle of the universe that's what drives everything ultimately the failure of this of course is apathy indifference callousness how much callousness and apathy is going on in society how many people just don't care about the injustice Azur sufferings or just just the everyday you know things that people are that is uncomfortable for people that they happen to be going through many callous people are out there that just try to go by whatever corporate policies are out there and don't treat people as human beings you see this constantly every day they've just become so callous to people around them that for a paycheck you'll just do whatever some heartless corporation commands of you to do and try to blow it off and justify it like that's just what I do for a job and this is just this isn't Who I am this is just what I do it's just I'm making a living nonsense you're putting that energy out into the world through your behavior it is becoming who you are you're allowing that to become who you are I'm not telling anybody you are your job saying that's what they're in that's the attachment the mindset they're in with that kind of an attitude that I don't care about how this affects others that kind of callousness in the world and it's all too prevalent and there's all way too few people who are willing to call people out on that BS that they exhibit in their everyday lives on a daily basis and get up in their face about it and tell them it's not acceptable and then the the final expression of the remembering of who we are in consciousness is our actions with the behaviors we actually put out into the world that affect not only ourselves but other others around us the fulfillment of which is courage will power the development of the will the true will and persistence never giving up never giving in never allowing this world to defeat you and put you down and take you off the battlefield take you off the field of action that takes tremendous courage you know what it takes way more courage to exercise the willpower and persistence to renew the resolve to continue to do that work that takes way more courage than ever even beginning it let me tell you something folks the day I began doing what I'm doing I tossed the die the die is cast already I knew what I was getting involved in I knew the enemy I'm facing and up against I know it definitively definitively because I worked with them so there's no doubt in my mind to kind of Yvonne stun and let me tell you something it's way more it takes way more courage and way more willpower to continue to do that on a daily basis than it ever did to start doing it when you start doing it you start to develop that will even more that's what it's like any other task you want to get good at it you got to practice you got to keep doing it over and over and over again it's like playing an instrument you know getting good at anything computers you name you name the skill art the failure of the active component of consciousness is when we are lazy cowardly and submissive you know we let people push us around and we stop trying and we say that's too hard or I don't want to do that laziness cowardice and just laying down to the control system that whole mindset what can I do plenty you can get involved in any one of tens of thousands of areas that can help the cause of human freedom it's a math it's about asking what help others need for at first or just going out and finding something that you're good at doing and then just doing it it's real simple folks there's nothing to it but to start doing it you know and you'll build yourself up as you go I talk about constantly how I feel I waited too long to even start talking about all these topics with what I knew previously at least at least I finally did get up and start doing it so the question becomes on this chart on slide 176 you know which column do you want to fall into you know what do you want to be said when you're when you're gone and you're no longer in this world you want to be said that you are a person who fulfilled those expressions of consciousness or one who ended up as a total fail that's all really comes down to I know I won't be able to look back on what I did here on earth and say I did nothing I know it will go on to affect other people and it will have a ripple effect and go and move outward as more and more people understand it and then become become teachers of it themselves so it's ultimately all about knowledge of self that's what helps you to develop that self respect these two dynamics work hand in hand folks hand in hand self respect and the knowledge of self remembering who we really are and the fulfillment of that remembrance that knowledge of self is the knowledge that we are sovereign and I'll get into the definition of that word that all-important word sovereign on the other side as we wrap up the extended cosmic abandonment presentation you're listening to what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back don't go anywhere [Music] we go welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com tonight we are wrapping up the extended version of the cosmic abandonment presentation at some point in the future I am going to go back and start to present some source material on some of the information within the cosmic abandonment presentation however I feel that this is probably a good time to start jumping off into topics that I've really wanted to be talking about in covering you know on water on earth is happening for a while and some of the issues that I'm going to be getting into is order following it's going to be my topic at the free your mind conference I think this is something that really really has to be deeply understood where this comes from it has to be understood that we have to reach the minds of these house slaves of society you know I'm just gonna come out and call them what they actually are until you reach their minds we're not going to be making any progress you know or you know what is gonna have to happen is going to be really horrific that is going to be something that people can scarcely even imagine to secure any modicum of remaining freedom that is left than in this pond this planet for human beings but if we can reach the minds of these order followers maybe we could change the result for the positive without having to go down the path of bloodshed but I'm also going to be getting back into the importance of gun ownership and refreshing that repeatedly on this broadcast and really helping trying to help people to understand you know the concepts of how important the people who originally created this country and essentially were you know not all the way enlightened but we're trying to help get give people some modicum of an of an idea of an understanding of what it meant to be a free free being and again you could make all the claims that you want and say everything about how you know while they didn't support this for all people and yeah I get that and yeah we also engaged in conquest of this territory of this actual physical land and I guarantee their sons and daughters are still paying the the brunt of the the karmic consequence for them doing that but my whole point here is through the idea of self-ownership and the ownership of the ability to defend yourself through weapons you know and the importance of the of the understanding of the Second Amendment the concepts laid down in it the importance of understanding what the militia even is I'm gonna be going back into that material again because I don't think it can be overemphasized particularly at that time in which we are living you know and I said at the end of my demystifying the occult seminar folks if you're unarmed at this point you're a very naive and even stupid individual I'll come right out and say it you know I I think at this point it's more important to be armed than it is to have food on the table that's how important I think firearms ownership is at the point in which we are living in history so you know that's another topic I'm going to get into and and yet another topic I'm gonna be getting into when I talk about you know order followers is how important the awakening of women to the truth is going to be in helping to get these order followers out of their mindset and you know I'm gonna say some unpopular and controversial things when I start talking about the mindset of women in our culture in the modern day and how deeply the cultural conditioning affects them even in many cases much more so than it is affecting the male population I'm not saying both contingencies are not super brainwashed but I'm gonna specifically get into the the mind-control targeting of the female population so it should be quite interesting and even controversial topics that are going to be brought up on this radio show in the coming weeks and months as I say on those topics probably for months so for now I just want to briefly make one more quick event announcement then I'm going to jump back into the material and then I'm going to take your calls in the last couple segments but I just want to mention to everyone that I was interviewed on the vinny eastwood show this week on Wednesday night November 19th it was a roundtable discussion with a few other individuals bill Turner took part in it Clint Richardson and of course Fenny Eastwood and we talked about the pros and cons of the free man on the land movement and the straw man / legal fiction you know the separating from the legal name and legal fiction concept and um you know I think that just I'll just let everybody know that interview is posted on my website in the news section where all my radio interviews are posted I definitely encourage people to download that and check it out I just you know think that I was you know once again when it comes to a lot of these roundtable discussions I see myself as the most extreme individual from my standpoint of freedom and it's like you know I don't think our freedom needs to be negotiated with anyone it's already our possession we need to secure it the end you know that's it you need to be willing to do what's necessary to secure what's already yours isn't that what responsibility for something is that's my definition of responsibility it's a huge part of my definition of responsibility you know and it comes down to this notion of remembering who we are to go jump you know use that as a springboard to jump back into the material on slide 177 I explained the word sovereign the word sovereign is derived from the Latin adverb super meaning above and the Latin noun regnum meaning rulership or control so we put them together that the first part of the word sovereign so vert comes from the Latin super su bear meaning above and then reign the word reign comes from the Latin regnum re G and um from the Latin Rex Regas meaning king regnum is the rulership of the king or the control of the king his control or rulership thus a sovereign means one who is above control super regnum above control not a subject to control not a subject to the rulership of another one who is above the rulership or control of another or in other words in one word someone who is free and people still don't understand this you say the word sovereign to them are you sovereign well if the answer is no that means you've just said you're a slave the if somebody says are you a sovereign and the answer comes back no the next question should be well then who owns you because what you're asking is do you own yourself when you ask somebody are you sovereign you're saying that someone else have ownership and rulership and control over you and therefore are you their property essentially you know if somebody says they're not sovereign that's basically what they're admitting oh you are owned by someone else well you could you please then tell me who who your rightful owner is in the natural world in reality who actually owns you and is responsible for what you think feel and do you know that that's the next question that should be asked because what sovereign means is free above the rulership or control of someone else not under the under jurisdiction of someone else not someone else's subject not someone else's slave sovereign means free not a slave a free being and by that definition all beings in the universe are sovereign beings because there is no such thing as legitimate slavery all claims of slavery are inherently illegitimate meaning all claims of slavery are morally wrong all conditions that you know take on the form of slavery are morally wrong conditions and are therefore invalidated the problem is so many people continue to give validation to the slavery system by even being to negotiate with it and therein lies the problem they don't understand their sovereignty moving on to slide number 178 and you know that that knowledge that part of self-knowledge is part of the remembering process you have to get to a point where you know you remember oh I'm a free being I always have been a free Bing but I've just been accepting this condition of slavery and in many cases participating with it talking about participating with it you know slide number 178 you know has the the most least mature and the most responsible people among us that are responsible for the perpetuation of the human condition of slavery namely the police regardless of what country they're in or what time period they're in this is about personal individual responsibility getting out of collectivist mindset of trying to say this is for the betterment of the group or the group says that this is okay so it is no that's not how natural law works that's not how the truth of reality works either something is right inherently by nature or it is not doesn't matter how many people agree with it doesn't matter how many people condone it doesn't matter how many people support it an individual's personal responsibility to choose right action over wrong action for themselves as an individual always belongs to them it is always their own responsibility they own it whether they want to or not one can only make a claim that they can abdicate that will pick this up on the other side folks you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us we'll be right back [Music] the cold side don't speak between us welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on our BN continuing with the extended cosmic abandonment presentation I'm going to attempt to wrap it up this evening we're talking about the 3 R's self respect remembering who we truly are and personal responsibility this is what is going to get us out of the current human condition of slavery ultimately and they are all things that we have to work with individually in our own psyche it's not a external solution it's not an external thing folks if you're expecting that you're expecting what is never going to ultimately happen people have to heal themselves because they care enough about themselves to do it and they take the personal responsibility to develop the knowledge that can heal them we're talking about that personal responsibility and the people who don't want it more than anybody else who think that they can pass the buck on to someone else who's giving them an order it's just my job I'm just doing my job I'm just following my orders now you're just being a good little Nazi slave you know you're just being a good little house slave that's what you're really saying and think about it can somebody who accepts slavery for themselves and others really care about themselves are they a real man is that a real man is that what a real man is has nothing whatsoever to do with being a real man you're so attached to the system you're so worried about chaos I'm so worried about the bad guys I mean these people sound like little tiny little boys who's whose mommy and daddy didn't pay enough attention to them didn't give him enough love you know I'm worried about the bad guys out there you're working for the bad guys out there clown you're already working for them you're working for the demons of this world news flash for you and you're so stupid you don't even know that because your face hasn't seen the inside of a book since you were in kindergarten that's the problem with these people and I've said it before and I'll say it again I'm not going to be ruled by dumb people who don't want personal responsibility for themselves and are afraid of danger lurking around every corner because that's no real man no so they're certainly not gonna rule me you know that's all I'm saying you know my dies been cast a long time ago though folks I don't really care anymore you know about what I say because I'm not going out if I'm gonna go out of this world I'm not going out of this world quietly let's just leave it at that I'm certainly not going to go out at the hands of let you know in the dynamic of laying down two little boys who aren't even real men you know they're so attached to this system that they're willing to give over their life for something that doesn't even mean anything all it ever has meant is slavery you know people think that they're good people that they care about them so they don't care about themselves let alone anybody else and yet these these are the people who serve the gods of old you think people like this didn't exist tens hundreds of thousands of years ago they served the beings who came down here and told us we're your gods same kind of people serving those demons then as are serving the modern demons of the world the progeny of those beings that came here and did what they did to us a hundred thousand two hundred thousand four hundred thousand years ago nothing's changed because the mindset hasn't changed because these people still hate themselves still think that they're they're not worth more still want to accept the condition of slavery still want to abdicate something that can never actually be abdicated your own personal responsibility to choose right from wrong for yourself you can only make that claim that you can add the Kate personal responsibility for moral choice to someone else this can never actually be done in nature your individual personal responsibility for your own behaviors always remain your own property that always remains with you and can never be given to someone else so responsibility isn't how much money you make can you put food on the table can you have this kind of a house or this kind of a car that's not what real responsibility is I hate to burst the bubble of idiots and morons out there who think that that's what the measure of personal responsibility is because it is not and never was the measure of personal responsibility is how much knowledge do you have about what the difference between right and wrong behavior is and how much are you going to accept that the choice of actually making that behavioral decision always lies with you as an individual and can never be put off to any other individual that's what real responsibility is it's accepting conscience and saying I'm going to accept that this is the judgment that I have to be making I have to weigh these actions in the balance and say is that action a human right under natural law and if it's the answer comes back no I'm not going to take that action for any amount of compensation for any promises for any condition for any amount of comfort and certainly not for any amount of money that's what being a real man is that's what being a real woman is taking that as your own property your own responsibility so at the bottom of this slide I've just simply put you know three sentences grow up think for yourself and stop following orders that's how you'll know you've entered cosmic adulthood when you recognize following any orders doesn't matter who they're coming from is utter childishness utter slavery and you're not only putting yourselves in those chains you're putting your children and those who come after them in those chains that you have forged slide 179 regardless of how troubled it may have been humanity's childhood is over the past is the past folks you know this section is not to be people down further it's a solutions section it's to explain to you what was done is done now you you've got to accept it and live in the present moment as any other trauma okay did trauma happen yes it did well we have to accept that there's not the pass cannot be altered the question becomes what are you worth are you worth picking yourself up and dusting yourself off and then moving forward it is the measure of yourself as an individual going to be not how many times life has beaten you down but how many times you're going to get back up and say take your best shot again see because my worth as I see it is infinite I'm not just gonna sit down and lay down the slavery that's what reversed that realization is what reversed my mindset and an all came full circle back to the self but not in the way that I originally saw the self saw in a whole new light and it wasn't about just serving personal selfish interest anymore it was about knowing the truth and helping other people to understand it as well to get into the slipstream of the will of creation and do that great work fearlessly regardless of what happens to the flesh that's what the work the soul work is the soul journey is to do that work and as you do that work you're working upon the soul our choice as a species ladies and gentlemen is to accept cosmic adulthood or perish to accept it and enter it because we are not children anymore we're adolescents trying to move into adulthood that have really screwed things up and kept them in a screwed up condition yes again trauma was done to us except what I accept that I recognize that but that doesn't mean you sit there and you keep beating up on yourself never develop self-respect never develop self-love never develop personal responsibility it means you recognize something bad happened but I have more worth than to let that beat me down and hold me down and so therein lies the choice do we grow up as a species because the only other answer is we're going away as a species that's the only other real choice so is there a choice involved is the question I guess that is a choice you know do we have enough self-respect to dust ourselves off from the trauma that happened and say what are we going to do about this now are we worth more than this condition and we either choose to do that work upon ourselves helped others come out of this conditioning and change the dynamic that's going on on this planet or we're going away permanently folks [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm just going to wrap up a few final thoughts for the extended cosmic abandonment presentation as I said humanity's troubled childhood is over and we are in our cosmic adolescence moving toward cosmic childhood and the answer is to stop believing in all the illusion and fantasy that we've been fed regarding authority and money and religion and all the other systems of enslavement that we are completely attached to and controlled by they only ever have been systems of control to limit us and then make us look at our self-worth as being limited when in fact it is of infinite value slide 180 the the ultimate answer is the deep understanding of natural law and its underlying principles the the objective inherent in nature difference between right and wrong behavior conscience the ultimate sovereign on the throne of the universe that will never be and can never be dethroned the boundary conditions that ultimately govern nature and govern the behavioral decisions of the individuals within it that's the key to everything folks slide number 181 it's the key natural law and its understanding is the key that can unlock all the locks on all the doors to all the cages of all the prisons everywhere in creation that's how powerful that knowledge is which is why it is the most occulted knowledge all of the other things all the other distractions all the movements all you know the the the heroes and and you know saviors coming to rescue us although distractions all the New Age nonsense you know you know the religious nonsense of the New Age and other world religions you know all the other distractions and minutia are all there to detract from someone's attention so that they do not get to an understanding of natural law that's all it comes down to so that they do not understand what rights are and what they are not when we get that key and actually put it into the lock on this world and turn it we will end slavery on this planet and that key is natural law and that's what our mission was here to do folks slide number 182 our mission here on earth we came here to end slavery now we took a mission when we incarnated on this world and we thought oh we can get this done then we come into the world of forgetting and the world of illusion where the conditioning is so strong from our birth and most people are derailed from the mission for one reason or another they've bought into one illusion or another that has derailed them from performing the mission that they came here to perform which is to lead a rebellion against slavery on a planet I mean there can be no greater mission than that folks and the brothers and sisters that we came here to perform that mission with they're here we are here the question is how many of us are actually doing the work of the mission versus sitting back and watching someone else how many of us are actively involved in the battle plan versus sitting back and saying oh I see what you're doing or I like what you're doing or I don't like what you're doing well instead of critiquing something and on the battlefield folks you know this has been my war cry for years and years now it isn't about watching someone else do the work it's about helping them do it when we end this condition that the trauma ultimately brought about and then perpetuated because we didn't engage in the healing dynamics of self-respect remembering who we truly are and then accepting our own individual personal responsibility to understand natural law and choose right action over wrong action okay we allowed this condition of slavery to perpetuate itself but when we do that personal introspective self healing work to take a look at ourselves again recognize our infinite Worth accept who we really are and accept the personal responsibility that comes with our natural inherent birthright of sovereignty that's when we're going to be free and that then and only then are we really going to truly exercise our birthright and step into the wider community of beings who also have gone through that transformative spiritual journey recognize their own sovereignty on our existing and operating within that sovereignty within creation and believe me they're out there slide 180 three and four they are out there in the cosmos not all the beings in the cosmos are like the beings that came to this planet and did what they did but at the same time they're not going to do that work for us because then we'll be their responsibility you know it would be like them you know just taking on some kind of a an animal species halfway in between you know an animalistic state and a human state and they they have their own work to do upon themselves you know that they don't want us to be their responsibility they want us to be responsible for us that's what any good adult would want for a child not to constantly have to look after them and you know constantly provide for them even into their older years they would want the child to have enough knowledge and confidence and self respect and responsibility that they're going to engage in that for themselves so no one's coming to rescue us from ourselves folks it's not going to happen you're waiting for that you have been duped that's all I can say all the talk about this groups coming to rescue us the white hats over here the Andromeda's this space alien group it's all nonsense it always has been all nonsense if you are waiting for that you've been duped we have to do this for ourselves they don't want that these other beings that are out there don't want a species that can't take care of themselves out in the in the wider galactic community or the wider universal community we're going to be confined to the nursery that earth is to the prison that we've turned it into until we develop that personal respect and responsibility as individuals so you know when we do that the heavens will welcome us the very stars will welcome our presence we don't want to do that work it's going to be a long and painful journey down the left-hand path into the arms of eros that the goddess of chaos who will gladly assist us in our further teaching I for one would hope that people would choose the direct path that leads to the arms of Isis the goddess of truth you know and then helps us to understand who we really are what our real worth is as individuals and that knowledge and understanding will help guide us to wisdom which is right action and when we do that we end slavery here and then we'll be welcomed by the wider community that you know well we can then learn and grow from together so you know to me that's all they're really that really needs to be said to wrap this up and that's the end of you know my formal presentation on cosmic abandonment in the extended of variation I do want to revisit this topic in the future soon you know maybe even interspersed with in other shows that I'm going to be doing on the topics I already mentioned earlier just to UM you know bring out some source material and read some things from different ancient texts that will help people to understand this information has been out there since time immemorial and if you read these texts with the knowledge that we've already covered in these presentations you see it in a whole new light and then things start to really make sense to you and there are some very important things within those ancient so-called sacred texts we'll get into that on future shows but you know for probably the remainder of the show this evening I'll go to some callers and we'll see what you have to say and it's the topics as always there's never any taboo topics here you could talk about cosmic abandonment you could talk about anything else we've covered your questions your comments your concerns coming at you for the last segment of the show ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we're into the last segment for tonight's broadcast and we're going to go to your phones no taboo top to your phone calls no taboo topics anything you want to talk about questions concerns comments coming at you right now let's hear from ally in Connecticut you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark it's actually pronounced i li i li welcome thank you um we actually met last month do you remember us meeting i do not after your demystifying the occult seminar at the at the bar time manchester okay great yeah well I just wanted to let you know right away unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity this week to look at the specific source that you directed me to last week or to probe the document documentation and freemasonic or Rosicrucian source literature in general as regards the topic however i would really like to clarify my inquiry which i began last week a bit more okay okay I feel it would be helpful to me if you could illustrate a bit more for me what our world would look like you like on a collective and an individual level in a hypothetical scenario where a great correction had occurred in humanity and natural law was being observed by all sure what what would as well they are very very easy actually it's it's actually quite simple to visualize imagine a simple family unit mother father and a couple of children right that actually cared about each other and lived in a state of true care for the needs and the dynamics of that whole unit now extend that to billions of people can you imagine that that's possible yeah well then you're well along the path that most people are not on because unless that imagination is present that can never manifest that's what a world that would be peaceful and voluntary would be like and that's the consciousness that the world has to get to until you see things as different or separate or other from something like thinking about it like that you're you're already in that satanic consciousness if you see it that way in that state of separation but if you can envision that and hold that as a vision in your mind for what the world not only should be like but could very well be like it is possible then that imagination is going to is going to what is going to be what is going to propel us to actually create that scenario ok and if it never makes it there what happens to the collective it keeps suffering until it learns that that's where it needs to go for as long as it takes the the world is has no shortest shortage the universe has no shortage of painful lessons to provide us with trust me on that one if you in case you haven't already recognized that by just looking at the world we could be here for a long long long long time or we could tip things so to imbalance that you know the our ability to have the the experience that we're having at least on this planet goes away and then you know the soul journey will probably continue somewhere else because if you haven't recognized it as such there's no shortage of places to have experiences in this universe you know so there is no escaping lesson it go it will go that way at some point it will have to you know but it can there it can tip down and go into hell worlds and El experiences and it could tip upward and go into in you know experiences that you could scarcely envision is there a shortage of time for doing the great work yes I would say that there is I would say that there is a absolute moral imperative at this point to get on the battlefield and start doing what needs to be done absolutely i I am NOT one of the people that thinks there is an infinite amount of time in the experience that we are having to change the dynamic for the better before it tips into a really really bad direction we're already well along that way so my answer is there is a limited amount of time yes okay um one last thing last week you responded to me using the analogy of a house of the upkeep of a house regards responsible ordering and caretaking of the interior landscape transferring this micro module to the macro module who is in charge or who should be in charge of organizing and maintaining our collective house so to speak that would have to be done when a higher high enough level of by all when a high enough level of consciousness is reached so you to do it without that level of consciousness is very extraordinarily difficult it's trying to put the cart before the horse a organically organized dynamic of people who are at a high level of consciousness would be able to do that very easily and without any authority involved without authority involved you know skills like skillsets might come into play by choosing you know who's better suited to do those things but the problem is now we have a centralized authoritative way of doing that that always ends up being violent when consciousness is developed then you could do that that type of thing organically and naturally without it becoming something that is based in authority which is what a voluntary society would look like they would be doing those things of its own volition based on skill sets naturally and organically I mean that's the best answer that I can give you at the current time so great questions and I want to thank you for the call let's hear from Tom in Toronto Tom you're live on what on earth is happening we have limited time hi great show is usual Marv thank you this week I'm gonna just talk about some symbol and symbol it sure I'm gonna go off quickly so the first one is the symbolism of Hell like you know how the underworld I think it could actually date back you know like the God location mark actually sending people to the mind when they were bad right okay because it was you know there was a hellish sort of contest yeah back then they referred to that place as the absolute which meant the abyss you know the word abyss is almost similar to it you know it meant the the deep literally translated meant the deep yep very similar indeed the next one I want to talk about is a Christian Jesus on the cross with the the cost is supposed to represent or element or physical world sure and being tied to the cross or nailed to the cross represents not having any impact on the physical world and the crown of thorns represent not being able to think so it's really about being a victim to or element I mean I I do personally see the crucifixion story of the physical man as something to try to keep people from emulating that mode I don't necessarily see all the symbolism of the crucifix in general as negative I've kind of broken down the the Rose cross imagery as being something that's quite positive in general I like the the you know the way that you're breaking down some symbolism there unfortunately that's all the time that we have for this edition of what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen I'm sorry I thought I heard the music coming in on the on the top for the end of the hour but okay so you can continue well I think we have one more minute okay the next one I want to talk about is clay golem okay actually quite accurate in describing how people are treated so it's really only made up of earth for action it has some emotion in it play but it's really about fire being used to cook the goal of win right a willpower is used on the goal oh that's right well it has no willpower no it has no air it's taking away burning up its freewill burning up its care you know it just essentially is something that can act by only the direction of its master yeah and the last symbol I'd like to talk about the Illuminati pyramid it is people see it as they have all the knowledge but the way I see it it's about I representing knowledge and it's being trapped inside a pyramidal structure you know you've heard time and time again people you know I want to follow my dream but regarding that regarding the triangle I kind of more see it as that that's that that Trinity that I described earlier of thoughts emotions and actions kind of encapsulating that I of the knowledge of self so there is the break music coming up for the end of the show sorry we can continue that discussion of symbolism on another show but that's all the time we have for this edition folks we'll see you right here next week on what on earth is happening thanks for listening good night [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]