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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday November 29 2014 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to midnight Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Central Time we have a great show for you here tonight I'm going to be beginning a series on order followers the bane of 21st century earth and we're going to get into some frank discussion and I'm gonna just lay it all out on the table about what these people are who they serve what they're doing what the psychological dynamics are at work that continue to allow them to do the actions that they perform on a daily basis and we're going to talk a whole lot in the coming weeks about the people who support them because they are part of the continuation of the dynamic of the destruction of freedom at work in this world that's what's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening I'm also going to be getting into my take on the whole Ferguson issue I know I'd never really usually get into talking about common events current events I should say here on the show I get more into the underlying psychological issues but I am going to talk a little bit about Ferguson and the precedents that this event is attempting to set in the minds of the American public so we'll get into these issues and more I'll be taking your calls in the second hour of the show or really whenever I feel like you know stopping my rant for tonight we'll get into some of your phone calls the call-in number to join us right here on what on earth is happening is 803 one three nine four four three once again the toll-free number to join us on Aer 800 three one 390 443 if you wish you can call in now and get in the caller queue again I'll be taking calls a little bit later show quick event announcements I have we have the free your mind 3 conference of course coming up the big event about consciousness mind control and occult forces at work in our world where lots of whistleblowers and researchers are going to come together and they're going to share empowering solutions they're going to shed light on the darkness that's going on in our world and then they're going to bring forward their brands of empowering solutions that they see as they see should be implemented in the world to help us really move out of this condition of 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website and you could receive that as a free gift in return for a voluntary donation to what on earth is happening to find out the details just click the email link that's listed in the news article on at the top of the news section of the wat on earth is happening calm website also there is a donation button on the left hand side of the website at what on earth is happening calm if you feel that you've received value from the information that I've presented on this radio show and through my podcasts over the years and through the videos that I've made over the years you can feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I may continue it into the future with that having been said there's really no images for tonight's show I usually direct people excuse me up to the radio show page for the images for tonight's show but really I'm just gonna talk about some issues that I feel are important and I may revisit some images or put some new ones up when I break down this topic of order following and what contributes to it what makes it possible and the people who support it but right now the only image that's up there is of the for your mind conference page there they have had a banner but they're modifying it there is a banner on the front page of my website but there's they're modifying a poster and I'm gonna get that soon and I'll be posting that I'll be actually posting a news article about the conference to the water on earth is happening site and with each podcast from here on out I'll be posting the the free your mind conference poster so that'll be B put being put up on the site within the coming week but what I really want to start getting into is this issue that went on in Ferguson it's a good place to start the topic of the dynamic of order following because we saw just that take place with these absolute robotic cultish order following police in Ferguson Missouri and I'll pick up right there after this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting stay with us we'll be right back [Music] 95 today welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com was getting into the order following cult which I call the absolute bane of the 21st century you know these are the people that are destroying human freedom and I don't think there's any better example to look at in current events than Ferguson and the the sickening series of events that we saw play out this past Monday and you know it's just utterly ridiculous that people still don't see the real issues that are involved in an event like this they're so brainwashed by the media that they see all the things that the media wants to push at them and make them pay attention to instead of the real issue involved which are the police state the rising police state measures in this country the main two issues ladies and gentlemen regarding an issue like what's taking place in Ferguson just outside of st. Louis Missouri is twofold for anybody who has a little bit of consciousness and for anybody who's really paying attention and the two main issues are that a precedent is being set in the United States as we speak actively that police may engage in summary executions at their discretion because let's face it that's what this was and if you still don't understand that that's what this was you are absolutely not paying attention and you're still absolutely asleep to what's really going on and you know I base my understanding of this on initial eyewitness reports not testimonies that came months later to go to an event and understand it and understand what really happened you have to get the freshest eyewitness rip eyewitness reports possible immediately following the events and when you get that happening that's when truth is being spoken before the media and the the government cult that runs the media okay and owns it comes in and cleans it all up and turns it into their official series of events that they want the public to you know think of it as just like we saw with 9/11 just like we saw in the 7/7 bombings just like we saw in the Oklahoma City bombings in any false flag event that's what you're always going to see you're going to see initial eyewitness reports that are trying to come out with the truth and you're gonna see that all covered over by government propaganda very shortly after the fact the initial eyewitness events the initial eyewitness testimonies all consistently described the same series of events and that is after whatever happened between you know Mike Brown and the police officer Wilson okay and they had some type of a scuffle or confrontation Brown attempted to leave the scene on foot and Wilson took drew his weapon and told him to stop okay when he didn't stop and he came into a body posture that was facing Wilson Wilson unloaded two rounds at his body hit him in the torso lo the eyewitness has said that it happened in the abdomen said that he was struck in the abdomen he went down onto his knees after he's already shot gripping his abdomen with no weapon and from 20 to 25 feet away as all the eyewitnesses to the event described Wilson then proceeded to unload four more rounds into Brown's chest now oh I want to ask anybody okay all you need to know about this event is if an average human okay that is not a police officer were to take out a weapon and while someone first of all unarmed shoot them twice you'd already be probably going away all right if you if they were down on their knees unable to threaten you from 20 feet away already bleeding out and you unloaded four more rounds in their chest with your firearm you'd probably be going to jail for life if not facing a murder one charge that's the real issue involved here people okay I don't care what your background is I don't care where you're coming at this from what was witnessed was a summary execution at a police officers discretion and that's the precedent that they're trying to set in America just like they did in Nazi Germany that if you somehow disobey an agent of the state the agent of the state has license to murder you and I don't really care what you think about what this guy did first of all I don't even believe the official story that he somehow robbed this store you know even if he did you're gonna hunt a person who took some cigar blunts and then summarily execute him you're not going to try to actually take him in to a court you're gonna then just put bullet holes in him because he took some blunts I mean the the the idiocy of people talking about this event as if they really understand it or know what happened and support the police support summary executions of of United States citizens you know and that doesn't make a difference how you want to use that term I'm talking about your average person living in you know this land okay I'm not talking about the whole straw man legal fiction argument of citizen you know we're talking about flesh-and-blood individuals living in America the precedent is being set that if you don't follow an order followers commands that they somehow have license to execute you on the spot that's an issue number one issue number two is the precedent is being set for the complete elimination of free speech and free assembly by people in America and cops are saying in all cities throughout the United States will shut down public speech and assembly at our discretion anytime we see fit and nobody's talking about these issues as the main issues you go to blog sites it's all about the rioting or it's all about the looting okay or it's all gone oh they're there blocking traffic let me tell you something folks I've been through this before over and over and over and over again sorry to burst your bubble or to get you know you know tell people who are traveling on a road trying to get someplace where they're gonna either do some mindless consumer shopping or go to their corporate slave job your right to travel on a road does not Trump the right of a mass of people to freely assemble and speak about a grievance that they have regarding social justice so get over it get over that the right of speech and assembly Shrunk the right to travel in a car on a road a mass of people have the right to block a road with a protest regarding something that regards justice being served it's supposed to make life uncomfortable it's supposed to stop you from doing the average events that you would normally carry out so you pay attention and you look at the injustice okay so if if I were being blocked on that road I would have no argument it's called tough it's called your right to get to where you're going doesn't come before the right of a mass of people who are assembling and speaking because they want to see justice done and if you think that's a more important thing than speaking the truth and trying to expose wrongdoing you're really messed up in the head we'll pick this up on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen stay with us we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone they're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm and I'm a bit fired up tonight as you can hear because you know what we're seeing in this country is absolutely deplorable and aside from the actual issues involved which as I've already said are precedents being set for summary executions by police for the slightest disobedience of their orders and a precedent being set for the complete elimination of free speech and assembly at the discretion of police whenever they see fit to shut down an assembly by people who have a grievance that deals with justice being served you know more disturbing than that are the people who support the police in these precedents that are being sent because there's a group of people involved that somehow they find distasteful or that they don't agree with you know it's the my freedom movement that I've been talking about ladies and gentlemen you know on one hand they'll say oh yeah we need to stand up for freedom in this country but what they really mean is we need to stand up for our freedoms my little group my little dynamic when it comes to the social justice being done for people who I don't see eye-to-eye with well then walk all over their rights who cares about them that wasn't being done to my people that wasn't being done to my faction you know I call these people the my freedom movement cuz they have nothing to do with a true human freedom movement they're after their own little slice of freedom and that's all they care about is themselves and I'll tell you what you know the media may may have pounced on this issue because of the racial dynamic involved to try to you know play the divide and conquer race strategy against the public and it worked but in many ways these there are underlying racial issues when it comes to a dynamic like this one of the things I really want to talk about is all the people who because it's a predominantly black community are racist against black people and then therefore immediately side on the side of police and say I want this protest to be shut down or look at how these people responded when you know they saw it as justice wasn't served which it wasn't because again the precedents being set the police can murder people in a summary execution style with zero impunity having to not worry about it what so ever about any actions being taken against them that's what we really witnessed in Ferguson wake up and understand the real issues precedent being set for summary executions by police against anyone who disobeys their orders and the precedent being set that the state will completely shut down any assembly or protest as they deem that they're going to shut it down whenever and wherever and that's cold tonal slavery ladies and gentlemen that the founders of this country repeatedly warned us against and told us to watch for the encroachment of a standing army in our midst which is a militarily armed police force you have a standing army in your midst and that's what the militia was for to protect against the rise of a standing army in your midst and instead what did the sleeping populace of America do they lay down and they let a standing army rise up among them because they didn't understand the Second Amendment or why it was in place they didn't understand the writings of the founders of this country and what they were trying to warn us repeatedly about no but we know better than all of them we know better than those words of wisdom we don't have to listen to anything that they said because the modern people know so much better laying their rights down to these total clowns these order followers what mommy and daddy issues who aren't even real men who are a bunch of cowards a bunch of cowards robotic cult members is what they are it's a disgrace what's a bigger disgrace is the idiots that support these people if you could even call them people their Nazi lovers plain and simple the people who support these order followers are Nazi lovers because that's exactly what they are you don't think that Nazi set this system up as they came over here after World War two through paperclip and other projects that funneled them into this country you're out of your mind the Nazis took this country from the inside and the morons of America are just sleeping to it look here's what I want to put on the table folks I'm gonna call out a couple of groups of people okay I want to hear from these groups of people I want to hear from militia members who are in active organized militias in any state in the United States that's who I really want to hear from on the open lines front from now - whenever I stop covering this issue or you know into the immediate future when I'm on the topic of order followers what I want to ask the militia members is where were you for this event when people got their free speech rights and free assembly rights shut down on them know you'll come out to something like clive Bundy about cattle grazing though and be willing to die over that when the BLM came and tried to take a ranchers land away that he had his cattle grazing on for decades and decades okay but you won't come out to support people who are completely angered at somebody being Somali executed by police without trial a precedent that was set in Nazi Germany there all of these people are completely amoral the order followers themselves the people who support them and the people who say this isn't my freedom that's being trampled on I don't care about this issue because Oh a black man somewhere in the middle of the United States was shot was murdered so that doesn't affect me doesn't affect my freedom your my freedom movement people you'll know what real freedom is you couldn't spell it because you don't know the real issues at hand and you're involved in this for the wrong reasons because you don't have actively advanced consciousness I'm calling all the militias in this country a bunch of cowards and racists right out in the open you're a bunch of cowards because you had one iota of real courage okay you would have done what the real militia is supposed to do and defend the First Amendment with the Second Amendment now I've taken part in some open carry rallies I'm telling you right now police don't ever try to shut those down not a one will they come to and try to shut him down because people are carrying battle rifles with them and all the people in Ferguson showed up to a gunfight with a sign and a camera well good luck with that folks like the old saying goes you don't show up to a gunfight with a knife well you certainly don't show up to it with a camera and a sign so where were the militia to protect people's First Amendment what protected right to free speech and free assembly that was again Samaras know no we're because it was a black man that's why and don't let's not let's not get it twisted and say that's not what would it was about that's exactly what it was about race does play into this as an issue I understand the media wants to make it all about that but I'm telling you there's a real factor involved in that and these militias look at it and say oh it's just some black guy we don't care about that and I'm telling you that's how it goes down I hear about it from the inside from people who are involved in militias that's the thinking that's involved so don't try to tell me that it isn't because I happen to know firsthand that it is the other people that I want to hear from is I want to hear from women who are involved in some capacity in a relationship with order followers that means if you're a wife a mother a sister or daughter of a police officer I want to hear from you because I have some questions I would like to ask you if you have the guts to call in we'll pick it up on the other side stay with us folks welcome back you listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm talking about some of the issues involved in the whole mess in Ferguson Missouri and how the my freedom movement doesn't want to come to the defense of somebody who's been completely some merrily executed by the state and and stand up for a Just Cause of trying to bring justice to this situation where a cop gets away with complete impunity from murdering somebody who didn't want to obey his commands god forbid okay and as I've said the people who have this attitude are Nazi lovers if you side with the police on an issue like this I don't care who you are I don't care where you're from you're a lover of the Nazi Empire deal with it because that's the truth all right and you want to take the attitude that this doesn't affect me or this was somebody else or I don't agree with the way this person acts or this person acts first of all the other thing you have to understand is how much Agent Provocateur happens at events like this you know where the crowd isn't even actually doing these things first of all let's talk about these fires for a minute okay because people just see oh fire was set to this car fire was set to this building do you know how wet the weather was in Ferguson the week leading up to this event was raining day after day okay and the it was so cold and wet and damp incendiary devices had to have been used to set some of these fires to have them burn as hot and as long as they did I guarantee you these people did not bring this stuff out there this is done by agent provocateurs who are hired by the state to make a situation deteriorate and look as bad as possible so idiots in the in the population say Oh see what these people were doing the police I have like to respond the way that they did by firing tear gas at them and shot in the protests down you got to understand this is a battle tactic this is a psyops warfare tactic that is done that is it's an agent provocateur in tactic and I will guarantee you those fires were set by incendiary devices by agent provocateurs and not by the protesters you know you people have some legitimate gripes about looting that takes place it's very easy to whip a largely unconscious crowd up into a frenzy and I'm not going to tell you these are the most conscious people on the earth folks because they're not I mean you look at some of the people that show up for protests like this they don't understand the real issues that are involved you know they often do use these things as ways of just taking out aggression I'm not saying that I am just for random violent actions I'm saying if you're gonna go to something like this have a purpose understand what's going on and if you're going to show up when you know what the police are gonna do you better show up prepared you know they fire canister of tear gas which is basically banned as a chemical agent in almost every country in the world but use here against the citizens of this country and you know not what everybody scatters because not one person even is prepared with a gas mask except a few media people what do you think they were going to do and everybody just scatters at the first sign of trouble when it comes to group dynamics like this you know because they're not prepared for it you think they're not going to use chemical weapons on you and rubber bullets and then eventually real bullets these people are cult members the police are cult members they're going to do whatever that are robotic ly commanded to do because they are members of a cult that is separated from society isolated put through traumatic techniques put through mind control put through repetition put through trauma put on a horrible diet put on a complete diet of adrenaline damaging the brain turning them into would essentially constitute a an adrenaline junkie that's what these people are they're brain-damaged junkies the police in this country are brain-damaged junkies and their drug is adrenaline the drug that will burn the human brain worse than any opiate worse than cocaine worse than an amphetamine 'he's worse than heroin and that's what you're up against cult members with burnt brains who don't care about you and who are just going to do whatever justification is but is they can exploit to do violence because that's what they are they're in more violent people that are looking for an excuse to conduct violence that's what a cult member does I went through all the techniques of cults in the past on this show and identically every single solitary technique that any cult has used to bring in followers and to keep them under mind control to carry out their orders is identical to police and military training identical point for a point for a point and people want to look at them as just some institution some arm of the state when in fact what they really are ladies and gentlemen are one big cult and it's a big cult of little boys and little girls who never emotionally grew up who are still little children in their own minds who never did any psychological cleansing never did any psychological workup on themselves and are still in a childlike mindset of I want mommy and I want daddy to tell me what to do and that's exactly how it is that's exactly the truth so who I want to hear from in the second hour folks I want to hear from militia members and I want to hear from people who are directly involved in relationships with order followers of any kind particularly police but I guarantee you probably none of them will call in to the show you know because they'll have their little justifications about everything that they do and why they don't they don't want to do the right thing you know because they think they're moral people well you know I am all for the Second Amendment I'm all for gun ownership I'm all for organized the militias operating in this country all for it but you have to have a higher level of consciousness and understand the real agendas the real precedence that are being set in this country not just have your own idea of what thing is going on because oh this person or this issue I somehow find distasteful so I won't get involved there but I'll go and support the good-old-boy from Arizona on his land grab issue but god forbid the black kid who you know was so mentally executed by police in Missouri oh I want nothing to do with that issue it's called choose and pick freedom okay the my freedom movement will choose and pick the issues that we want to support or not support we don't they don't care about what's right or wrong they don't have any real moral sensibilities they're after their own interests trust me folks I'm the first person who would get on the air and want to tell you that the militias in this country are truly wide awake really know the difference between right and wrong and are going to act on that I don't see it just like I don't see a real freedom movement I don't see a freedom movement at all we have a my freedom movement going in some of the conservative wing of political structures that aren't fully awake even to the whole politics rigged game a whole galley dialectic of politics the puppet show you know some of the people understand some of the issues regarding freedom but they only care because it affects their pocketbook it affects their wallet that's why most of those people are involved is it a real moral issue to them now no because when it's what's happening to the poor the underclass other races oh oh well then why don't the police just go in and wipe them all out you hear this on in ignoramuses speaking on on public boards I mean just the racism that's rampant on the Internet it's a it's a disgusting thing that speaks volumes about the more the real moral place that America is in which is absolutely in the at the bottom of a toilet bowl it's a joke the people of this country are a joke so I'm gonna go to your calls that's all honesty that's the end of my rant for tonight let's hear what people have to say what they want to talk about and what issues they want to bring to the table because I'm fired up tonight folks and I've had enough your calls on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn stay with us we'll be back the cold we don't speak between us their work so we keep her into the welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm as promised we're going to go to your phones and your phone calls in this hour I've been talking about the absolute immoral condition of order followers how they're being used as pawns to essentially shut down free speech and establish the precedent that somehow the police have the right to summarily execute the people of this country without trial on their discretion for not following their commands and a lot of idiots out there actually believe this and follow them and stand up for these Nazis and continue to justify their completely immoral behaviors and I talked a little bit about the whole Ferguson incident the real issues involved compared to what the media want to you know mind-control people into believing the issues at stake are and the calling number to join us is eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us in this hour your questions or comments eight hundred three one three ninety four forty three let's go to the phones and let's hear from Bart in Poland Bart you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hello mark good evening thank you for taking my call lutely oh my comment on the Ferguson events is Leo this is an example of involution and we in Poland had this situation during the Communist period you know and you can watch them find on a youtube channel movies from this period from the late 80s when you know military military forces were just said against workers in Poland so you know unbelievable I you know I have I never had such such a dark vision you know that the kind of situation may happen in the United States but unfortunately it is happening okay mark I have one more questions so here two weeks ago I was asking you about the homosexual tendencies among the church update and grotto members and before I before you proceed with the answer I would like to present from the background you know why I'm asking you about such you know we survey question so to be honest I was you know non-verbally sexually abused by a group of people who were interned a member of this organization and it happened before my awakening when I woke up I was trying to find the answer and fortunately thanks to Thomas Sheridan material to wish on YouTube channel in you know video podcast series library of psychopaths I found the episode number nine in which Thomas was talking about the sexuality this individual and according to Thomas information this psychopathic person because they are they are a secondary psychopath had no you know sexual orientation they are attract both genders because they perceive them all the people of the old you know another let's say trophies or objects in their sexual portfolio and it was you know a bull's eye and later on I found a very good material from Alex Jones regarding Bohemian Grove right and you know this was the final evidence so my question is do you face such be behaved honorable maybe on the level of dark occultism that I was involved in that I was personally involved in the answer is no that was not a part of the behaviors of the the grottoes that I was involved in but again by my own admission I was involved in dark occultism at a very low level without any question in my mind when you get to the higher levels of the dark occult society's orders networks whatever you want to refer to them as you are certainly dealing with the dynamic of perverse sexual practices particularly related to children and again of both yes because they want to traumatize the the mindset of the child and often they'll do this with family members this is done generationally with family members the children of the people involved within these cults they're doing this to traumatize them to bring them into their perverse practices because they understand how the the trauma victim cycle works in most cases the person will not be strong enough on their own to overcome the traumatic abuse that was done to them and then they will fall into the same pattern and perpetuate the silent become a cult member and continue the cycle yes so this is not only done for pure you know perverse sexual you know desire purposes on the part of these psychopathic or secondarily psychopathic individuals but it actually serves a purpose to perpetuate the cult agenda and mentality down to the next generation making in the ranking yes an individual I want to point you toward is Jay Parker you should definitely no doubt yeah he's done worried about your mind conferences and he has his own radio show and I gets into this dynamic Laura deeply mmm-hmm III presented by Jay and one last one up question mark if you know could say something about the recruit and protests to this organization how it does look like well for example if somebody is a worker of such organization if now you admit a requirement how the Co inclined a generational level recruitment is done simply by family members bringing the younger generation into the fold of the cult at a level that operates with the general public which was my involvement recruiting is done through free will they don't want people who don't want to be involved involved they don't go out and try to actively convert people to their mindset they put their literature out there and for those who have slightly psychopathic tendencies let's say they'll be attracted to that literature and then become involved through their own free will as I did and then the material that is basically the application material for involvement with one of these cults or grottoes whatever you want to refer to them as is an extensive psychological profiling it's an extension extensive psychological workup on the individual by asking them many many questions about what they think on several different issues politically socially philosophically ideologically you know they get inside your head with a lot of these deep probing questions they you know want to know who your your role models are who you look up to what books you read what movies you like just everything about your internal psychology so that they can recognize what where you're already at where your skill sets are you know how you might serve them what best ways they could bring you in gain your trust put you to work for them toward their agenda if you look at the application material in particular for the organization known as the Church of Satan which I've actually published on my website on the section about Satanism you'll see all of these questions they're pretty extensive psychologist plays a great role this is all about as I've said from day one the occult is ancient psychology the dark occult is a class of ancient psychologists that were called a priest class back then and they still operate as a freeze class but essentially they are dark psychologists that know all the inner aspects all the workings of the human psyche and human motivations know how to exploit them know how to manipulate them and they're doing it on a completely unconscious public that doesn't know themselves that's why it's a piece of cake for them to do what they're doing ladies and gentlemen stay with us more of your calls on the other side of the break we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com toll-free number to join us I'm taking calls in the second hour of the show 831 394 43 I want to thank Bart from Poland for his excellent call in the first hour great questions let's continue with our callers and hear from Joe in Los Angeles Joe you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show thank you Mark I think it's important to note that we and you know we all accept we should accept blame for this we fund these order takers we fund them through our our fear and paying taxes and in an even more diabolical way that I found I looked at my 401k and my IRA accounts and I looked at the book because I don't know money that well and I started looking at the companies that are listed in what's called this S&P; 500 and do you know without me knowing as much as I try to follow natural law veganism watching what I buy why I contribute you I unknowingly have been contributing to companies like Monsanto Pharmaceuticals fracking you name it all the stuff that all the truths movement is against so I'm saying as to others that maybe were ignorant as I am we're actually a magnessen now if I continue to invest in those things I am I will be ignorant they're hidden in there and they're one another fear tactic of you will be taxed if you don't give us that fake money back that you've earned and put it in something like an interest you know IRA or 401k because you supposedly can't have it sitting in your savings accounts so my wife and I are currently working on getting rid of these things and I got to tell you the penalties are unbelievable like you have a penalty up front I believe you have a text immediately and then I think you get another tax penalty in the coming year however that works so I just wanted to alert your people of that and then the only quick question I have is I know you've mentioned before on the show and if you feel comfortable can you please give your tips on how you don't pay taxes because I think that's what you said you do I only only agree to work for anyone for cash that's it so that's an extremely difficult way to live in the modern world that's all I'll say about it I mean so my the money's going from there their hands to my hands and that's it there is no middleman that's why they want to destroy cash in society that's why they want a cashless society so that no one could possibly do that see my take is so much it's more extreme and different than most people I don't care if I starve in the street most people do most people will continue to play ball with this system because they care whether they will go hungry and starve in the street I'm never gonna give you anything directly is if I can help it I don't it doesn't make a difference whether I die the end that's the level of courage that people have to get to that's the level of courage that people have to get to and we're so far away from that that it's a joke it's laughable and they know that it's laughable you want to see the whole idea of money people in this movement still can't see that it's a religion and that it's all based on something that doesn't exist a construct invented as a quote-unquote medium of exchange when in fact there are only actual resources and actual people you know what's going to be food in the future I mean you know it's going to be I'm sorry money in the future food seems to grow food anything that can shelter the body and any form of weapon or ammunition to fire from that weapon that's what that's what money is going to be and exists as which is called things with actual inherent objective value with real intrinsic value which is can eat it can you shelter yourself with it can you survive with it can you protect yourself with it that's it but most people don't want to understand that and they're gonna continue how many people continue to give their support to the monetary system in general how many people out there this is what they're chasing they're chasing an illusion it's all based on this illusion of security you know it's something I'm gonna get into in a huge way in future shows the support of this monetary system and you know who the biggest supporters of of it are in our society the bit the people who are practically the absolute neophyte worshipers of the monetary system is the female contingency of this society as unpopular as that comment will be women are so tied up in the belief and money it's so few I mean so few men really understand that money is an illusion but the level of mind control that that the female population is under when it comes to money being the source of some form of security and safety in this society is utterly laughable they have almost 100 percent of the minds of these people safety security beauty acceptance I mean you should see the Crick you know you see the thing is that they try to promote in your magnet but real freedom is never discussed real freedom and this is part of the whole emasculation of the male agenda because they want to take the Sacred Feminine I'm sorry the sacred masculine dynamic of standing up for your rights and having the ability to defend yourself and the ability to provide for yourself independently away from the mail of society because they know they're the ones who who if they're informed enough and have the ability to defend themselves would be the ones with the physical strength to take action against this tyranny and that's why they need to masculinize the women and bring them into the state and emasculate the men so that they won't stand for themselves I'm gonna be getting into this whole gender dynamic as a big huge dynamic of mind control operating in society and put there very skillfully put into this society by the social engineers who are basically running the show and it'll be unpopular you know I'll I'll be I'm sure I'll be called the misogynist for you know alluding to these issues and bring them to the fore but so be it so be it people can think whatever they want I'm not here to be your friend folks I'm not interested in your friendship I'm not your pal I'm not your buddy I'm here to speak the harsh plain truth so you can hear it and you could wake the hole up and start taking this country and this planet back from the Psychopaths who have taken it mark have you have you heard from the IRS regarding no and I will ignore anything they send to me what you're not going to get blood out of a stone first of all and secondly I'm not giving you anything pedophiles the end your pedophiles I know definitively what you're doing what government is doing with children I'm not supporting it the end okay the end you know the amongst people understand that see if people really understand who they would up again we're up against definitively for real they wouldn't contribute their energy to continuing to help these people that's why if I had any magical ability all I would want is the ability to knock somebody unconscious and throw them in a ritual chamber with these Satanists because then you'll see Chiefs of Police judges teachers doctors lawyers everybody at every level of every social institution at the highest positions of power are involved in the satanic cults they're running your society you'd see that in a heartbeat and your your eyes would be open to what the world is truly suddenly unfortunately I don't have that ability I wish I did [Applause] Joe thanks so much for your call great points we'll pick this up on the other side folks stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm I want to thank Joe for the call in the last segment let's go back to the phones and hear from Fred in LA Fred you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yeah market spread in Iowa in Iowa I'm sorry hopefully a dialogue if you recall on the Bob Tuscon show I was at the hospital collar and we talked it wasn't a month very large March or April you recall that vaguely I do a lot of radio shows and interviews so what was the topic more or less than New Age movement I would like to talk about that later I'll have a dialogue with you but begin with everything you said in your rant on the first hour and your monologue I agree with you 1,000% total agreement to have a moral government requires the moral people Americans anymore are not moral and there's mitigating circumstances for that okay I strive to be a Christian and I fail every day of my life if we want to lay the troubles of our wars we could put them at the feet of ill understanding Christian they go along they don't know their Bible and the mitigating circumstances are that they have ignorant pastors or pastors with an agenda or even psychopathic pastor now to reiterate my face my foundation is the word the Bible that is what I judge everything again now when you went on on your rent and then just before the break what you said I'm an agreement with and I don't listen to your show because I was so teed off that I have hardly ever listened to it but right now what you have said and I'm saying it again I agree with you the issue I have and I made a misinterpreted is this the New Age movement is to brainwash and take away from people there are moral values put down and the word I absolutely agree and what you could do if you want to hear my take on the whole new age or as I have come to call it along with many other researchers the new cage movement Fred is you could check out my work on New Age BS and the suppression of the sacred masculine which is out there in several different forms it's out there in a slightly over one hour presentation from the free your mind to conference it is out there in a seven hour extended presentation of podcast a video podcast with slides and then it is out there in an even more extended format that I gave in I believe it was in North Carolina it was New Age bs extended an extended version of the presentation revisited with even more points that I brought up about how the New Age is a the New Age movement is kind of a deceptive religion which is trying to get people to to stand down not stand up for their rights and actually you know fall into this idea of accepting everything as it is regardless of how much evil is being propagated and I get into your you know what you brought up that it's basically destroying morality through the concept of trying to emphasize moral relativism within the movement so Fred I want to thank you for your call and the points that you've brought up and I want to point you to those videos I think you'll get a lot out of them they're all on my website in the videos section let's hear from Eric in Colorado Eric you are live on what on earth is happening welcome home are you doing I've been better kind of kind of disillusioned that the general state of the consciousness that is being displayed in on planet earth right now but what do you have on your mind tonight well maybe I can cheer you up a little bit so we've had two meetings of free your mind Colorado great um following in Ivan's footsteps but for your mind Arizona absolutely great job I've had a couple people contact me via the net for you know other places that are trying to start up awesome the word is spreading um you know they've both been well attended it's a really great news Eric yeah people really interested we actually had a guy come in named Mike and he helped Richard Grove I guess he and his girlfriend help Richard Grove with the taping of the occult of the demystifying the occult thing yes he was sporting one of your fine what on earth is happening t-shirts excellent oh this this offended as you want on the back oh yeah that was a custom one that they are a listener to the show made and brought a few out they actually gave me one it was pretty cool sweet but so I'll throw in my two cents on Ferguson too if you if you're interested in or go right ahead um so I know it was you who recommended it but this film snowpiercer that came out recently yeah yeah great movie great allegorical film yeah and you know to me the main message that I refer people to in that film that I think useful it you know it communicates very well is that you know what the ruling class wants to get us doing is killing each other for them like this is by far the most efficient way that they have to control populations and to keep us all terrified and and you know if you look in I'm sure you have liked to you know what it says on the Georgia Guidestones about the big picture and you know I look at GMOs and vaccines and all the pesticides and you know just clearly they've been you know engaging in what I call you know song term soft kill program of reducing the population and Eric even more so than getting us to even fight with each other it's to get us to control each other to get people to be so afraid of stepping out of line you know that's what that whole movie was about know your place know your role stay in line stay in your place you know we're doing that we're policing each other and keeping each other in the mindsets that were in and in the support of the immoral system that we're in more so than anybody else more so than any external force that that's pushing on us to do that we're doing that for each other and acting as our own sheepdogs if you will exactly and you know that this whole dynamic of this you know almost like a war that's happening between the sexes if this is what's driving it this social engineering you know I'm gonna talk a lot about you know things like even declining birth rates in Western nations you know and that's part of the eugenics op you know that's part of the depopulation agenda you know to get the the sexes warring with each other as well when they have two equally wake up to how these mind control tactics are being used in our culture it's total cultural conditioning its mind control programming and I'm telling you some of the institutions that are putting it out there are the think tanks you know the Tavistock Institute you know different think tanks out of England different think tanks out of the US and you know people don't understand how these social engineers operate or the depths of site psychology that they have at their disposal to manipulate the masses and until people understand those aspects of the psyche and how these manipulation techniques are being used they're powerless to defend themselves against them yeah yeah it's that's why you know I've taken really deeply to heart your you know ethic of really focusing on causes rather than symptoms and you know I mean there's there's people around me right now who are getting fired up you know we're you know we need to go you need to go protest we need to fight this out in the streets and I just like I'm like you know really you want to go to war with this when you're surrounded by people who are so misguided they still think it matters who they vote for becoming like we're really ready to sustain a kind of warg into this massive war machine when when people can barely figure out what's going on moment to moment yeah I don't want to squelch anyone's you know fire to stand up for the rights and whatnot but I'm I just know I don't see it being really truthful Eric I want to once again applaud you for all your efforts out there in Colorado keep up the great work with the free your mind group out there thanks so much for the he'll stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] today welcome back everyone last segment for this edition of what on earth is happening for this evening we're taking your calls I want to thank Fred and Eric for their calls in the last segment let's continue with your calls and let's hear from Ivan in Phoenix Ivan my friend welcome once again to what on earth is happening what do you have for us this evening hey Marc I'm glad to see that Eric got the call to call in he every once in awhile that guy's from the meetup groups try and get into your show but you have so many callers that are difficult to get in the lines fill up pretty quick went once you know I give out the call-in number I'm glad that to see that I'm glad that you know people are always have really good comments and questions and as I've said before I think this show gets the best callers and talk radio now as to the meet ups I want to say something before I let you go on with your comment or question um I did a search for freedom related meetup groups on meetup.com earlier today and it was very telling and it simultaneously gave me the chills and made me want to weep at the same time and I'll explain what I mean by that they gave you they give you a map of the globe with all the meetups that are related with issues of freedom with little red markers in those locations and you when you type in freedom meetup groups freedom related meetup groups you see all these markers on a globe of the earth or on a map of the earth and almost the entire world is dark except tiny little places in your there's some some in Europe you know there's some in Canada there's some in Australia there's some in New Zealand the basic english-speaking areas of the world there is zero in like the whole Asian world there is zero now with the exception of like you know a couple of countries in Africa there's zero in South America and Central America but then the United States is so covered with meetup groups related to freedom that you cannot see the map underneath the red markers there are so many of them throughout the entire United States that it completely covers the map and when I saw that I just like you know it was almost like I couldn't believe it it's a very encouraging sign actually there's a lot of encouraging signs going on that there is a slow progressive awakening happening in this country and as the police police state marches forward I would expect more people to start waking up and becoming concerned and getting involved in really understanding the real issues that are going on so Ivan I'll just you know I threw that out there and I'll let you continue with whatever you want to talk about well well not now that you mentioned that that kind of takes me in a different direction from what I wanted to bring up some I'm still really working on my courage even though I've done the meetup group and the website there's a lot more that I know I need to do and I thought I can do and I need to get back to doing my podcast show it's been already over a year since the last show I only did four episodes I'm just flew by and I have these thoughts and ideas that I need to get out there but a slight fear in the presentation of it holds me back I don't want to put something out there and have it all you know like half a store or an eye makeup can I make an effort in a laying some of that fear you're incredibly well-spoken Ivan you know the issues at hand I know that you do from speaking to you personally the all you got to do is go out there and start doing it let it happen naturally it will that will come those skills that you're concerned about will come over time you go back and listen to some of my earliest work you know I think I've come a long way in my presentation and delivery style compared to where I was I never really had those fears because I've throughout my life always been in front of the public I've been involved in music since I was 15 years old I've always been up on a stage it's like the most natural thing in the world for me to be out there in front of other people so I never had the issues of stage fright or you know speaking in public you know you know anxiety I guess you could say what I want you to know is it if there's anybody I know that can get out there and do this it's you I'm telling you that as a friend I'm telling you you have nothing that you should be worried about you know the truth you know what's going on just get out there and put it out there and let the chips fall where they may Wow well thanks for that Marcus you will not be doing anybody a disservice you will not be doing anybody wrong and putting out bad information I know that you understand yeah I got it I got it in fact now that you keep on tacking it on one of the main ideas that I had I've had for like two years and it it deals with this Ferguson stuff and what you were talking about on this show one problem that I've always seen is this constant thing that we and everybody anybody who drives has seen this when you're driving on the road and you see a police car with somebody pulled over we drive by like I'm glad that's not me and that's one of the attitudes that needs to change I've always envisioned what needs to happen in these situations every single car on the road that sees that police car pulling somebody over needs to do a u-turn pull over and you need to have 20 30 50 cars everybody pulls up right there to see what is what are you doing officer what are you doing to this guy that's that's a key that'll shift it because right now it's it's at a point that three four or five police cars pull over for one person who ran a red light or something and all the pedestrians keep going now if you're doing any studies of America is even infinitely worse Ivan they're stopping people for walking down the street in the middle of winter with hands in their pocket saying that you look suspicious because you have your hands in your pockets you know I mean we're at a place that we're worse than Nazi Germany ever was with show me your papers saying you can't walk down the street in America with your hands in your pockets in wintertime you know that's right we're at folks right well let me throw out the quick feed of what I one of the areas I want to put out in my show along those same lines of this police officers pulling people over we need to give people a choice D an option you want to get pulled over by the red and blue lights and get chance and being here or we want to have out there some kind of service or a group of people that put you at ease that make you relax that if you're needed help this group you you're pretty sure that they're there to help you and that is what I would like to start planting seeds for us we need helpers and I've broken down the word helpers to mean human evolution lead person emergency response services and these guys can be wearing green jackets for balance with the yellow letters of helpers and they do everything pretty much just like a police officer but they're not there to enforce laws they're there to help people imagine that concept mark so that you know that's an idea that I had but that needs to be people that know natural law right I know the difference between right and wrong people who have a balanced mind not coming back from wars and learning to kick people's butts see that that's like people like us who know what's going on to go out there and spread this and that's what needs to happen and like one thing that I liked is what you mentioned with the Meetup all the red dots on the US if the United States or if America is going to be of some kind of importance maybe that's the importance of leading the world in this creating helpers not only us hope is but then global helpers because if the u.s. comes down if helpers bring down the u.s. system that exists then there's that fear of other countries coming in sure but on the ground we need to have global helpers that china has helped Europe has helpers and then when those governments try and do something help her step up and then globally it's like a militia but yet it's no military kind of maintenance humpers and like I said human evolution lead person emergency response services and that's what it is people taking care of people who know the difference between right and wrong be a very interesting concept you know I mean I think you should put it out there and see what kind of response it gets from from individuals who might want to you know get involved in starting something like this why not you know that's what putting together information reaching out to people through meetups and and websites and podcasts is ultimately all about it's finding people who think the same way propagate these ideas and you know we can change society for the better if we all get involved again the concept of many hands making light work you got to get involved in there in whatever capacity that you can put the information that you know out to other people because not everybody knows what we know folks you know it's up to us to spread that information in a distributed sense throughout society ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening remember there's only two mistakes you can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks for listening - what on earth is happening we'll see right here next week good night everyone [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]