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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome all in all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday December 6th 2014 this show is live every Saturday evening here on RB n from 10:00 p.m. to midnight Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Central Time we have a good show lined up for you here tonight I'm going to be continuing to talk about the overall psychological dynamic of order following and how the order followers of this world have absolutely zero to do with virtue have absolutely zero to do with true responsibility as an adult human being I'm going to be talking about how order followers are the general bane of 21st century earth and how that entire psychological dynamic needs to go extinct it needs to leave this planet if there is ever going to be anything that resembles true freedom here on the earth and as part of this discussion I'm going to talk a little bit about the current events that are happening in the United States particularly the Eric Gardner Scituate garner situation in New York City and talk about some of the dynamics having to do with our wonderful order following friends as it relates to that entire situation I'll also be taking calls probably about halfway through the show so I'll give the call-in number here at the beginning at the top of the show for those who want to get in the call or queue the call and number to join us here on what on earth is happening 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 once again the calling number to join us talking about the dynamic of order followers 800 3 1 394 43 I would particularly love to hear from order followers themselves although I doubt that they will have the intestinal fortitude to call into the show and take me on head-on what I would really love who I would really love to hear from ladies and gentlemen are people who are in a relationship with order followers I want to hear from the wives of order followers I want to hear from the brothers and sisters of order followers I want to hear from the children of order followers and I'd like to ask you some questions about how you see your the person that you're in this relationship with your family member your spouse etc so who I would really love to hear from our people who are in any kind of an intimate close relationship with an order follower that's whose mind I really want to pick on the show and on the next several shows where I'm gonna be covering this dynamic so that's on the agenda for this evening we'll be getting to that in a few moments let me go to a couple of quick event announcements the free your mind 3 conference the biggest event of its kind in 2015 coming at you April 10th 11th and 12th at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania just a hop skip and a jump outside the city limits of philadelphia speakers already confirmed for free your mind 3 are as follows Bob Tuscan Clint Richardson Curtis the illuminated one Davis Dennis McKenna Derek Bros edy fortune the new jersey weed man freighter X Freeman Fritz spring Meijer Jay Parker John vibes Josie the outlaw whales Larkin Rose mark Devlin and myself mark passio I am going to have a presentation on the dynamic of order following per for the freer mind three conference I actually have a working title for my presentation my presentation at the freer mind three conference is going to be 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who become order followers what is order following first of all we really should define this we should defined it very specifically and unambiguously so we know exactly what it is I'm talking about so many people will hear a phrase they'll hear a concept and they'll just try to you know go along with the definition that they already have in their mind instead of really sitting there and logically breaking it down and analyzing and looking at what it really is not thinking about it from the perspective that you want to think about it from but actually define it actually get down to the nitty-gritty of what the dynamic of order following actually is and what order following is unambiguously is taking action based on what another being commanded you to do with their words when in fact you are not first deciding for yourself through your own skills of judgment through your own mental processes whether that action is actually a right or wrong behavior that is the definition of what simply doing a command that someone else has giving given you or in other words following an order actually is so let's get that totally clear to begin with here when I'm talking about what order followers are now since that is the definition that we have firmly established okay and I don't see how anybody can really deny that that's what an order father were is someone issues a command the person follows the command it's so simple it's almost stupid when you think about it that way okay we can't get any or than that it doesn't mean they're doing any kind of mental processes to determine whether it's right or wrong an order follower does what they are told they follow the command that's what an order follower is now what we want to establish is is this what modern institutions of police and military and other government employees actually are are they order followers and I would say absolutely yes they are order followers because is a cop or a military personnel trained to sit there and debate philosophize think analyze regarding a dynamic of behavior there'll be the first people to tell you we're not thinkers we're doers we're not there to analyze the law we're there to enforce the law we're not there to think about our orders we're there to carry out our orders they're all too happy and proud to actually say that this is the dynamic that they engage in I've talked to many of them personally in the past and I'm telling you they're highly proud that this is the the way that they display their loyalty to their institution by not thinking and I would say that goes for 99.99 percent of them okay now they're you're maybe very very few exceptions to that rule so I can't say 100 percent of the people are like that but I'm telling you right now the vast majority so let's let's get that clear before we go any further I'm going to make generalizations I always make generalizations in my work I think anybody that doesn't put forward a general philosophy without making generalizations is completely an unrealistic human being generalizations do generally hold true which is why they're called generalizations most people in these institutions fall into this category the other tiny tiny percentile of people that do go against that grain often don't last too long in these institutions folks because the institution doesn't want thinkers it doesn't want people that are going to question their orders it wants people they're just gonna follow with their orders that's what these institutional bodies are that's what they're set up that's what they're designed for if you don't understand that you're an extraordinarily naive human being so the dynamic of order following is about skipping the entire analytical process that should come right after someone is told this is how you should behave or this is what you should do or even if they're thinking about a particular behavior on their own the next step should be looking at what the difference between right and wrong behavior is and comparing that behavior to that set of standards which is called morality and this process is called exercising conscience it's saying do I know what the definitive objective difference between right and wrong behavior is which we've discussed odd infinitum on this show called the boundary conditions known as natural law consequences the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior right behaviors actions which do not cause harm to other living beings and wrong behavior are actions which do cause harm to other living beings does somebody who's an order followers sit down with that set of standards of moral standards objective moral standards in mind and then weigh the behavior and that balance and decide here are the the behaviors that fall within the parameters of wrongdoing because they are an affront to natural law they are things that are considered transgressions against natural law there are things which are ultimately based in theft from somebody else taking something from which I don't have a right to take murder the taking of some other beings life rate that the taking of sexual freewill Association assault the taking of someone's physical well-being that isn't yours to take theft the taking of property that isn't yours to take trespass the taking of security that isn't yours to take okay you know murder assault rape theft trespassin taking freewill away from someone this is these are all forms of theft we've gone over it you know until I'm blue in the face basically in my natural law seminar in my podcasts on natural law go back to podcast number one listen forward you'll come across them somewhere I think in the in the 70s somewhere but my point here is is an order father we're sitting down with the objective standards of right and wrong behavior and then actually weighing that potential action in that balance know they're skipping that entire analytical logical process the whole process of logic and they're just going right to the action I'm commanded and I act because what they really don't want is the responsibility of deciding and judging for themselves the difference between right and wrong behavior and whether the action that they are about to take falls within the parameters of right action they don't want that responsibility they want to remain little boys and little girls little children who don't exercise personal responsibility for their own behavior and are constantly making moral justifications for wrong behaviors again we looked at the word the breakdown of the word justification and the prayers the problem folks before I even break down the word too many people are willing to excuse these order followers actions and I'm going to get into the the whole you know situation regarding Eric garner as a case study as an example regarding order followers and what they actually do and the chaos that they actually cause in our civilization you know but the bigger problem even then the order followers willing to perform these actions in my estimation is people willing to justify their behaviors endlessly to a point where they'll actually support something that this absolute murderer did to a person living in America you know and they'll actually support that kind of sick psychopathic immoral behavior it's absolutely disgusting and I'm personally disgusted with it justification for Psychopaths you'll pick this dynamic up on the other side of the break folks you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting don't go anywhere we'll be right back [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone all yes the great band spirit Caravan there with the lyrics wake up from your sleep if it's your soul you want to keep and that's the problem folks too many people are still in the consensus trance that there's any such thing as a good order follower there is no such thing as that creature in the universe there never has been any such thing as a good virtuous or moral order follower doesn't exist has never existed at any time period in history on this planet or any other does not exist now and never will exist in the future as long as you're living in a in the three-dimensional universe in the three-dimensional space time continuum ladies and gentlemen there is no such thing as a virtuous good or moral order follower because by definition if someone is following the orders of another person they cannot actually be exercising the dynamic of conscience which is to weigh and judge for yourself whether a behavior is falls within the parameters of right or wrong and if you are not doing that for yourself therefore you are an order follower you can not be a good individual the definition of being a good individual is to exercise conscience which is the willful choosing of right action over wrong action once the difference between the objective difference between right and wrong behavior is fully understood and integrated into the individual's awareness but here's the problem the problem is so many people in this sick psychopathic society want to insist that there can be such a thing as a moral order follower so many people want to make justifications for order followers criminal behavior and as we've talked about on this show before people have to understand where words come from the word justification comes from two Latin root words the word yes jus in Latin really in classical Latin it would be spelled I us you know modern variants of the Latin language we'll put the J in there which you know that character really didn't exist in classical time so you know with spelled I us then but jus that's the root of the word justice because jus or I us an ancient Latin meant law or right meaning morality to fall within the parameters of rightness within the law and then the second part of the word justification comes from the latin noun the chair a for chair a means to make or to create so we put them together yes and fetch air a to make or to create right to make up what is right to create a new right to make up the difference between right and wrong for ourselves we can make it up we can create rights where a right did not exist because it was actually an immoral behavior that created an arm but we can call it a right oh don't you know police have rights that other individuals don't have they're allowed to do things to people that other people would be jailed for that other people would be seen as a criminal or a murderer for but somehow they possess rights that other people don't have you know this is what justification is creating a right that does not exist and this is the problem is that too many people in our society want to make excuses for these psychopathic criminals they want to let them off the hook because you're in uniform you're just doing your job you're just following orders well guess what that's not a justification and just following orders and or just doing my job or however way that a member of one of these cults because that's what they are cult members wants to word this okay just following go just doing my job none of these are ever valid excuses or justifications for immoral criminal psychopathic behavior and should never be accepted as such and therein lies the problem is that too many people just will accept that as a justification and that those people are arguably more asleep than the order followers themselves and I I actually in many cases will get angrier at looking at the rationales and justifications of these Nazi lovers let's just call these people what they really are folks let's stop you for maizing things let's not trying to be nice to people because we don't want to upset their delicate sensibilities there are Nazi lovers that's what people who support order followers are your Nazi lovers and that's what you've always been you're the same people who caused something like Nazi Germany by not speaking out by not getting up in an order followers face and telling him he was full crap and then what he was doing was wrong and immoral you know there's there's a phrase I can't really remember who said it off the top of my head maybe someone could call in and refresh my memory but the phrase goes something akin to there is a very special place reserved in hell for people who remain silent during times of moral crisis and that's where we're all at ladies and gentlemen in this society we are in a time of moral crisis and too many people are remaining silent they won't speak out they won't speak out to their friends their family members they won't get up in an order followers face and tell them what they're doing is nonsense and wrong and that's the problem therein lies the actual crux of the problem the lack of communication between people as human being because I don't want to cause waves I don't want to make people upset I want to be looked at favorably by these people I don't want them to see me is the odd man out or somebody who rocks the boat well that therein lies that the basic underlying causal factor of the problem fear not wanting to get up and engage somebody and call things what they really are without euphemism cuz I'm done with this society in case you can't hear it in my voice over the last few weeks I'm done with what's going on and anybody who can't feel moral outrage through righteous indignation through righteous anger about what is going on in this country and in the world has had something fundamental to being human robbed from them it has been broken from them it has been stolen from them it has been conditioned out of them and that's a choice ladies and gentlemen okay it's a choice to fall for that conditioning and mind control so if you can't feel righteous anger for what's going on in this country you have absolutely no idea what's going on like the saying goes those who aren't outraged aren't paying attention if you're not outraged you are totally unconscious and people will say they can't stand to hear me for any length of time because I display some emotion and outrage over the moral atrocities taking place in our name right under our nose in this country that was supposed to be founded on freedom and equality under natural law you're an immoral person if you're not angry about it how about that how about that you know I know so many people I'm telling you I know and see individuals in my life ladies and gentlemen there are people that I have met in my life and know personally that I have never seen them expressed the emotion of anger ever ever and that's not a person who has attained any level of self mastery or spiritual enlightenment that is a person who is fundamentally broken in the brain they're fundamentally broken in the psyche because they can't express that emotion of righteous outrage when people are being murdered every day in this country murdered by police now you look at this example of Eric garner okay choked to death because god forbid he sold loose cigarettes without a license and Taxation while we robbed from the godmen international banker tax wage slavery masters are a god how dare you take pennies away from our masters in this world what are you thinking you're some sort of a free being that can interact with someone else voluntarily and be left alone you're insane it surely deserves being choked to death don't you think folks people in this country are clowned they're clowned by how backwards they think pick this up on the other side stay right there [Music] the cool we don't dare speak the wall between us so which he printed the there's nothing wrong yes there is a code of silence ladies and gentlemen and let me tell you where it really lies it lies in the hearts of the people who don't want to come out and speak out against this immoral system of corruption and order following theirs where the code of silence is at that's where it has to be broken and you know where else it's at it's inside this cult itself the cult of order followers we need to stop calling this an institution we need to stop calling these people police we need to stop calling these people soldiers we need to stop calling them quote-unquote public servants they're most certainly not that we need to start calling them what they really are cult members that's what order followers are cult members I've gone on the show in the past I've done podcasts on it to explain the very techniques that cults throughout the ages have used to brainwash willing followers done whole shows on this maybe it's a good time to reiterate some of these basic techniques because this is what people don't understand you're dealing with a cult that is operating among you and more over than that you're dealing with something that the people who did their best to try to bring a basic understanding of what would be required to keep any level of freedom active on this land okay continuously warned us about the founders of this country continuously warned the people do not allow a standing army to rise up in your midst continuously warned us to not allow that dynamic to happen less than 200 years later we have a standing army living among us in the form of militarized police forces they constitute a standing army this absolute communist Michael Bloomberg came out and what so much bragged about this dynamic the other day he said at our disposal we have an army use the term army to describe the New York Police Department and he said it's the seventh largest standing army in the world and this is what we've allowed to rise up in our midst in America and that's what the militia was supposed to be on guard against that's what it was supposed to be used to defend against the rise of a standing army in our presence which the founders continuously warned against and that's why even provisions in the Constitution stipulate that if an army needs to be raised it needs to be dissolved after the war is fought but no we keep a continuous standing army and we keep an even more infinitely dangerous standing army in the form of militarized police presence in every major city in the country they constitute a standing army and moreover what they really actually constitute ladies and gentlemen is a cult they are a tight-knit cult that has tentacles in every city every town in America and the techniques that are used to put people into this indoctrinated mindset into this cult mindset are the exact same induction techniques that are used for any cult throughout time the exact same techniques and they're it's a piece of cake to use these techniques on people who want to give away their personal responsibilities to judge for themselves the objective difference between right and wrong be havior or in other words who don't want to exercise conscience it's a piece of cake because what you accent essentially have on your hands when you have a person like that is a child who wants to be led that's the psychological dynamic at work here folks these are children who have never grown up they want to be led they don't have any personal responsibility they don't care what their actions are causing to other people in the form of pain and suffering they don't care about the difference between right and wrong they want somebody else to tell them what to do so they could just do it without having to think for themselves that's called a child who does not want to grow up and take on personal responsibility for themselves and nobody's going to tell me any differently about what that psychological dynamic is because I've just given it to you straight about exactly what that dynamic is that's exactly what it is and when you have a bunch of little pathetic children on your hands that don't want to grow up a cult that is based on ancient occult ik techniques of brainwashing and mind-control an ancient subversive psychology it is a piece of cake for a cult like that to totally do a number on these people's minds and turn them into robot soldiers and that's exactly what the Darko cultists of this world have done they own these people they own this cult of order followers they own this cult and there are only too happy to brag about it they'll brag about it in words to people who are within their circle of followers and they'll brag about it wordlessly through ritual and symbol through symbolism subversive symbolism that they plaster all over these idiot followers that they have amassed only too happy to tell them that they're their animals that they're their pets that they're their dogs that they command on chains and leashes they're a joke and the techniques are the same throughout history doesn't matter what geographic region of the world it doesn't matter what time period of the world the techniques are the same and the dark occultists who use these techniques to bring these cult members into their thrall never very they never waver they never change why would they need to change their techniques they work they work upon the simpleton mindset of these people when you have the mindset of a child and then you have people who have ancient advanced knowledge of human psychology and are willing to use it to manipulate people it's it's a joke it's a piece of cake it's a game to these people it's hardly even a challenge the techniques remain the same basic techniques throughout history have been used to indoctrinate cult members isolation herd conformity indoctrination through repetition saying the same thing over and over again until they believe it and using techniques of trauma physical and emotional against them isolation conformity repetition and trauma say them with me folks learn the techniques of cults because that's how these people are made this is how order followers are made isolation from the rest of society put them into an us-versus-them mentality get them to see everything as either part of the group or it's outside of the group demonize the outsiders outsiders don't belong there not one of us it's us versus them if you could physically separate them from the community by putting them in a camp all the better all the better and these people can't see that that's what they are they can't see they're in a cult already police and military you are cult members it doesn't make a difference if you agree that's true you don't need to agree with it it's what these institutions are you're in a cult boy you're in a cult isolate them from the whole population create an us-versus-them mentality demonize any outsiders there they're not us conformity no individuality will be tolerated break down the old identity give them uniforms give them the exact same look shave all their head off their the hair off their head make them run through drills teach them songs where they say all say the same things at the same time it's called being a total conformist robot pick up these techniques on the other side of the break stay with us ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] you and [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm and I'm in a fairly serious mood this evening as I've been for the last pretty good amount of time because of what I see going on in America today that absolutely is disgusting and anybody who's not completely disgusted and outraged is an unconscious being period I want to talk a little bit more about the techniques of cults that are used on the zombified brainwashed population of cult members out there in the police and military you know I want to talk a little bit more about the people who support these people if you even want to call them people the justifications that they make for their behaviors well what what I would call the fundamentally false axioms that they believe in like they're not all bad they're not all bad all order followers are bad folks the dynamic of order following is bad that's what makes somebody a bad person the willing to follow somebody else's orders by definition that's bad that's immoral this is what people can't understand cuz they can't logically process knowledge they can't think you can't make the conscious realization that if you are taking an action without actually weighing whether it is a right or wrong behavior first and you're just following an order from someone else you don't understand that's what makes somebody a bad person you have no idea what spirituality is at all at all how about this fundamentally false axiom are it's not them that are actually bad or evil it's just their behaviors or their actions that are bad or evil that's like saying oh Nazis weren't bad people just what they did was bad well that doesn't make them a bad person oh really you can't be defined by your behavior well what better way of defining whether a person is a good or bad being than their behavior huh you want to come up with some different better criteria for that I mean just think about how illogical this is it's insanity it's brainwashing its mind control to spit out this garbage totally flawed axioms that people don't even think cause it's just rote coming out of their mouth like verbal diarrhea then you have all the absolute mental midgets who don't understand moral culpability or responsibility they want to think it's all the politicians fault well hell the politicians ordered these police to go and shut down the illegal sales of Lucey cigarettes on the street god forbid how dare we do this against our masters we certainly have to send armies of people to choke people into unconsciousness and death most certainly to put this absolutely horrific behavior to an end you know we can't have people interacting you know through voluntary interaction on the street with goods without the approval of their owners and Lords how dare we you know and people want to say that's the politician I don't write the law I just enforce the law that's called I'm just a mindless drone robot dog who does what I'm told whether it's right or wrong it's a joke it's a disgrace and the people who still don't I understand this dynamic are completely unconscious and asleep and that's the fundamental nature of the problem folks there's too many Sippy support the actions of this cult and support the members of this cult personally when what you got to say to evil is it's all crock of crap you got to say no definitively to evil you got to say I'm not having any of it I'm not going to tolerate any of it and you got to get up in people's face who engage in the dynamic of evil and say this is unacceptable behavior and it will stop we will stop it because this is not going to continue to go on in this country unchallenged and I'll guarantee it if it's the last thing I do in this life I won't whip people into action to stop this dynamic or I'll die trying we're real short on time folks you don't understand what time it is it's 11:59 fifty nine and you better start to understand it people who can't get angry you're not angry now what would it take for you to stand up as a real man or a real woman what would it take nothing because you're a slave who likes being a slave that's all comes down to you don't have a drop of courage inside of you that's what somebody who never gets angry is a coward a coward so what happened with this Eric garner situation is a politician gave an order we can't have these slaves on the street voluntarily interacting with each other because we're not getting a cut how dare they think that they can keep the product of their exchanges with each other without paying us a duty without paying us our extortion fee slaves might get the idea they're no longer slaves so get out on the street and harass them and put this practice to an end and stop them by whatever I'm not a force called violence that you don't actually have a right to engage in that you need to engage in to make them stop doing what they actually have a right to do there ain't no human being that interacted with Eric garner that he physically conducted violence against and anybody wants to say that he was conducting a wrong behavior you're talking out your ass and you don't know what you're talking about because you don't know the difference between right and wrong behavior if that's what you think and if you think that and you think what was done to him is somehow justified you're a Nazi lover and you're a cult member supporter choked to death over selling somebody a cigarette this is where we're at in America folks and the fact that people are outraged is an even bigger outrage than the act itself now there is outrage I mean there are people who are outraged they're out in the street over this it's somewhat of a healthy sign you know but the fact that the average person in America isn't absolutely turning the life upside down because stuff like this in general is going on I'm not just talking about one of these incidents I'm talking about the general state of things the fact that they're not actively engaged and putting this dynamic to arrest it speaks volumes about the total loss of morality in this nation the total loss of morality I'm just I'm just sick to call the people around me countrymen anybody that I even live around because they're just disgusting absolute amoral trash your calls on the other side of the break I've been informed we have a cult member on the line we'll pick this up on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] No [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before we go to the phones I just want to address this issue of moral culpability when it comes to order followers people insist it's the politicians that are the problem it's the order givers that are the problem well there would be no death in the Eric garner situation okay if it was just a politician saying we don't want you selling those Lucey cigarettes they told an order follower who went out was willing to give his energy of his body into doing a violent behavior order followers are the ones who actually carry out the orders therefore they have brought the resultant harm into manifestation in physical reality this is what people cannot seem to understand that's what it means to be personally responsible for the causation of that harm not the one who ordered the harm carried out the one who actually did the harm that's what blame is for ascribing culpability that's what the word culpability means culpa in Latin means blame who is at fault who is the one who actually caused this harm to come into manifestation in the physical reality well of course it's the one who took the behavior not the one who said that the behavior should be done or wrote down than it should be done the one who did it is the one who is the most culpable the most responsible am i telling people that politicians and order givers have absolutely no moral culpability no never ever ever ever once made that statement and never would once make that statement you'll never hear you cannot go to any place in any interview or podcast or video that I have ever done where I have said that an order give there's no moral culpability for their behavior for their moral behavior because I have never said it and never will make that statement what I have always focused on is that the order follower bears more more emphasis added more moral culpability than the order giver because through their actual behavior they're the ones who cause the harm and brought that into physical reality and if people don't understand that I don't understand what's wrong with them there is something wrong with their thinking there is something fundamentally broken in their ability to analyze and logically think if you don't understand that an order follower is more morally responsible for harm that results in the world than the one who spoke the order to them I think most of the people who listened to this radio show do understand that that truth so let's go to the phone lines and see what people have to say about this entire dynamic that we're seeing play out in our world cult members and their family members and supporters will go to the top of of the queue Ron who is a police officer I mean a cult member you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show what do you have for us this evening I've been a police officer for ten years mark have been or still actively are still AM how do you enjoy your cult well I found your work do you like serving Satanists you like serving since the Satanic elite of the world who are pedophiles you want to have a conversation or not no I want to ask you if you enjoy serving the Satanic elite because you don't know who you serve you think you do but you don't see I definitively know who you serve it doesn't matter whether you don't sir you'll need to even know it in your own mind for it to be true you think that what you understand about the world is true you have no idea who you serve none bad none you can continue now I wanted to make that statement first I first found your work on natural law and what I do is try to enforce natural law again what you're trying to do versus what you're actually doing are two different things if you're still involved in this cult what I'm trying to explain to somebody halt meet the caller for a moment so I could explain a point what I want to explain is that the intention of what someone thinks that they are involved with versus what they are actually involved with are two different things what if you would have asked the Nazi in Germany what are you actively involved with they would have told you well I'm trying to bring about this result in society I'm trying to do this I'm trying to uphold the laws of our culture that are made by our politicians it would have made the Nazis any less evil would have made them any less evil what you can't see because you're too close to the dynamic Ron is that that's you you're still involved in the cult of ultimate evil doesn't matter whether you don't understand it doesn't matter whether you perceive it differently it doesn't matter whether your intention is honest meaningless all of those things are meaningless and I'm just it's just I can't even believe we're still at a point where people don't grasp this into your 2014 going on 2015 I still can't believe that they can fundamentally confuse intent with actuality of bringing harm into manifestation by what they support and condone P in your cult or murdering people with impunity on a daily basis in this nation and whether you understand that or not you're part of that dynamic finish what you want to say on mutant yeah how nice of you don't mute me it's easy when you're behind the microscope showing if I'm gonna make a point on the air I'm gonna do it sir finish what you have to say let's see in some cuffs and make that today move buddy I don't do anything that's against natural law so anybody that wants to try to put me in that situation will have to come and do it with the proper amount of force because if I haven't done anything wrong to another human being no one's taken my freedom so you're still in the satanic mindset I'd love to see people like you come out of it but you're committed to it for a reason you can't admit you're wrong you're not man enough you're not man enough to admit one fundamental thing you've been duped you've been duped see that's what makes me infinitely more of a man than most men out there because I could look at myself in the mirror and say I was duped I figured out that I was duped and then I had to take a little hard look at the soul go through the long deep hard night of the soul and say to myself how do I let myself get duped like that and now what am I going to do about it but I went through that process and I came out the other side of that process and then became a force for truth and goodness in this life because people don't want to hear that hard truth of who they're really serving because they want to fundamentally believe that they're doing something good with their intentions when they don't really know who or what they're involved with at a higher level because they don't have enough knowledge they don't have enough knowledge and they haven't done enough reading and seeking and discovery in their lives to understand what they're really involved in and that's the fundamental dynamic nature of the problem you pick this up on the other side folks you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn we'll be right back [Music] you know today disguise the night 90 bucks a day [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're taking your calls till the end of the show this evening let's go to another caller and hear from Zach and Chicago Zach you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi it's good to talk to you again Marc thank you I uh I heard the little jab the last caller said he was like well you wouldn't be saying that if you were in handcuffs and even though I would have liked to hear what he had to say you're completely right that he is still stuck because of that little jab it just goes to show that he's just like intimidation once again so few people are ever going to come out of a cult mentality because as I said they can't admit that they've been duped I often think about how many people who were involved in Satanism at the level I was involved in it with will probably not hardly ever if ever come out and expose it and talk about it because they stay in that mindset for life most people can't ever break out of that mindset in multiple lifetimes you know if they it's too painful for them to admit that they were wrong and duped this is part of the problem when it comes to the dynamics of people who are supporters of order followers you know they don't want to admit that they've been duped into an ideology and supporting something that is ultimately evil and ultimately destructive of human freedom now these people don't even understand they're not only enslaving other people they're enslaving themselves and they're enslaving their own family members simultaneously they don't get it even if he thinks he's you know trying to uphold natural law he's still driving around in a vehicle that's been provided by the state just you know intimidating people let's put it this way how could anybody possibly uphold natural law if they are a believer in authority and following other people's orders it doesn't even make any logical sense that that statement makes abs there's it's totally inconsistent with itself you know and can't possibly be upholding natural law if you're following orders and you believe in Authority which is what the state is period you know very completely and I have just a few things I'd like to bring up to you sure Shola in this day and age you know there's a lot of things we could focus on and and I love all your work and I have kind of realized that the three most important things at least from what I have found is the understanding of natural law the real Holy Trinity and the Trivium and the story kind of like a nine-fold system really like you have to categorize your thoughts emotions and actions into the grammar stage you have to logically process all your thoughts emotions and actions and then you have to act with their newly processed thoughts emotions in action that's right yes exactly I mean that that's it that is what the the Trinity within us is all about and the three fold methodology to discover truth to understand it and then to act upon it exactly a very accurate understanding okay thank you um the next thing I'm jumping over to symbolism because I always see the stars on the police cars I'm just like those stars should be pointing downward and going off of that I was watching Full Metal Jacket a while ago and I noticed that at the very end when the soldier that goes crazy kills the bull sergeant and then himself right there to downward-pointing stars on the wall behind him and then as the credits start rolling you see two broken pillars you know that background amidst the fog uh this is very deliberate symbolism thrown in there by Stanley Kubrick of course who was you know the maker of that film his his work is just unparalleled if people watch Kubrick's films you will see a whole lot of hidden occult symbology he was obviously involved in some capacity with the dark occult no one who made the film Eyes Wide Shut could not have had involvement with the dark occult in some capacity to understand that it operates the way it does very highly accurate rendition my level of involvement was certainly not anywhere that high level and certainly not in in those types of environments was a lot less some you know elaborate and you know in in extraordinarily rich aspects of society as portrayed in that movie my level of involvement was much less so but Kubrick in general portrays it accurately in that phone and I believe that's because he had direct involvement yep and people just seem to they don't want even they're too afraid to even think that uh you know these things are putting it deliberately like I saw an episode of Smallville and two girls were turned the corner of a hospital and then sent her frame in the background with a Planned Parenthood poster and I'm like wow and I told my friends then he's like do you think that's deliberate cuz stuff in movies is you know some of its really random like yeah maybe some of it's random but that was definitely there on purpose throwing in a little nod to the you Genesis in society huh but uh and so I have three more small things one is trying to talk to him do my friend's fiancee actually trying to understand and convey self ownership which is self-evident to me and a lot of other people she just doesn't get it and I I'm still working on the rhetoric stage of working out a logical proof for it but I'm wondering just throwing it out there if you could work on a simple if-then therefore a logical proof or self ownership because I'm trying to work it out and I can't find one on the internet so it doesn't require any kind of extensive intellectual debate either you own yourself or someone else does and is there any legitimacy for anyone else owning anyone else that's it I mean it's it's really that simple if you can't sit down and logically see the truth of that again my statement is just simply there's something fundamentally broken in the individual they're fundamentally brainwashed to a level of being broken I don't just mean like broken like to a point where something doesn't work anymore broken is also the word we use for the slavery of animals when you put an animal into deep bondage and slavery such that their actions just immediately react to your commands that's called breaking the animal and that's what's been done with somebody like that if they cannot understand self ownership from just a simple perspective of looking at the natural world and saying either I am my personal owner I own my body my consciousness directs the actions of my body and therefore I own it or someone else owns me and if there is a claim of ownership against me or against anyone its illegitimate because that's called slavery and slavery's are always illegitimate self ownership doesn't need to be intellectually debated or analyzed or broken down or you come up with a proof for it it's inherently true it's like trying to say please give me a total and absolute proof of gravity when I can throw a bowling ball on your foot yeah and there you have it you know her proof will come when they're taking her to a Fema camp yeah that's when the proof of self-ownership will dawn upon her what we started a conversation with GMOs and stuff and she's for the GMOs because you know she believes the mainstream and I talked about eugenics a little bit and she's like you know people uh you know there's dumb people and they should be sterile Michael what if they think to satanic ideology it's a satanic mindset see this is what I mean by you're giving me a great auger us a great example here Zak of someone who's trapped in what I call the ideology of quote mini-me Satanism she's not a Satanist she doesn't wouldn't even understand or be able to articulate the Satanic ideology but she ascribes to it nonetheless by what she espouses in her life okay this is deep left brained over into intellectualization believing in eugenics believing in the negativity of human nature etc these are all satanic postulates and this person doesn't know what Satanism is would not describe herself as a Satanist to any other living being but nonetheless behaves and takes on the ideology of the Satanic tenets so this is what I call many me Satanism in quotes because this is the form of Satanism that the real Satanists and dark Luciferians want to propagate to the everyday man and woman to get them into a mindset where they can be easily ruled if I can't I have two more little things what a little example of something I have come to realize and then just throw something out there for you to elaborate on without meaning it to say anything else yeah absolutely wanted so I've realized in my discussions is look as well as with those two people my friend and her and his fiancee and just other people in general so many people refuse to distinguish between force and violence they say oh that's the same thing and right well you know like I understand that there's a difference and we eventually do get to a difference but they don't wanted to say okay there's a difference in the action and the intention and everything so why don't we just call it different words and I've heard people to use the phrase initiation of force and so I kind of took that and I was like okay well if you refuse to say the initiator of force or you know the person using force I would just add one word to that definition Zack I would say the initiation of coercive force okay if you are initiating coercive force against someone else who has not caused harm that's violence that would be my personal definition for but continue and I agree with that completely but the way that I just kind of went about our okay so let's just go with that so we're gonna have initiator force meaning the person committing an act of violence and then the reflector of force and that I feel like that's really good because you don't have to go over the line you just have to reflect the amount of force and maybe a little bit more back required to defend yourself from the initial act of violence exactly last thing was Zack I'll hold you over till the next segment just hold on [Music] welcome back everyone last segment for this edition of what on earth is happening this evening taking your calls we're talking to Zack and Chicago Zack I'll let you finish up your last point before moving on to another caller all right when talking to people about responsibility you know I'm one of the people who is totally fine with saying ability to respond or able to respond but many people seem to just go no responsibility or being responsible just means you have an obligation or you're accountable or culpable so I just want to say thank you for all your work and just if you could delineate or you know talk about the differences and the similarities between the ability to respond or an obligation accountability or culpability and that's all I would say both of those are part of responsibilities of true responsibility yeah there is the ability to respond to something that's part of a person's individual responsibility but I would also say it has to do with what are you morally culpable for that you have actually put into manifestation through your behavior in the universe what have you done what have you effected whose life have you affected in what way now this is all part of respondent responsibility you know if you've done harm to somebody else you are the causal agent of that harm and you're responsible for what you've done you know that's what culpability is all about there is blame in this world folks the people who don't recognize that blame exists and is legitimate they're these new-age brainwashed right brained individuals to think oh nothing is caused nobody's to blame you know it's just all things that just happen and oh you're placing a judgement down on that because you're saying that it was more immoral or evil or that this person's to blame yes that's exactly what I'm doing we need to judge judgment is a huge part of life you know if you don't have accurate judgment about the objective difference between right and wrong you're never gonna be responsibility responsible for your own behavior for your own actions and this is what we have people that don't want to have to judge the difference between behaviors and therefore they don't want the responsibility that comes with choosing after they've judged the right action or the wrong action they don't want that responsibility okay yep and they're therein lies you know that's my basic understanding and definition of responsibility which people really have to get a hand on if they're gonna understand what's really going on regarding these this dynamic of order following Zack phenomenal points that you brought up great call thanks so much for the call this evening let's hear from salt in the United Kingdom you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hello mark AME yes I can go right ahead hello yes I'll be very quick I'll be as quick as I can because I want to allow another caller to get through his posture but basically in keeping with the statement you made in the past about one of the best things that can be done is art and I want to basically give one of my songs that is a translates well as a poem which is about all the followers called armed thugs so you sell yourself don't sell yourself to the devil don't you know you'll get a better price if you sell it to the army so these aren't folks trained and hail in the rain how to bring about death in a variety of ways and the nation it says is proud to display these idiot a-holes dressed and never raised and so what better commodity can a government have been a myriad of bodies who think that questions are bad and that following orders is the meaning of life and I'm happy to be killed in the name of a lie so these drones will be told but that better than us now you're in the army you've risen above those foolish civilians they're out on the street to decide for themselves or to think when to sleep how were to eat how to act what to do and believe you'll be happier in our conformist machine so what better commodity can a government have the myriad of bodies using the questions apart and following orders is the meaning of life and I'm happy to be killed in the name of a lie so tell me the difference between a gangster and a soldier it's just a little piece of paper signed by El Presidente or mr. prime minister that's all it takes to make this murder okay and then there's no effing machine and bombing these effing Bay's from half the world away and there's nothing to pay because we're so big and mighty that they can't retaliate and what better commodity can a government have and a myriad of bodies who think that questions apart and following orders is the meaning of life and happy to be killed in the name of the line that's awesome salt I mean really great creative lyrics they're brilliant thank you one last thing I want to say it's colorful is I really really loved your righteous indignation tonight I feel like I am one of the only people I know who gets this angry and that strange person with the strange opinions it keeps kicking off about random stuff you're not the only one cell keep it up put the great work out there for others keep being creative that's a great expression for it to put it put it out there you know in a creative way for other people to absorb so thanks for sharing that with us what am i I know you use a Alex Grey's artwork sometimes because it's very expressive and very purposeful for what we're talking about well then I'm a big fan of tool and one of the favorite my favorite lines is from a song called the flirt and it just simply is I was wrong this changes everything there it is line became my own personal mantra for a good while because you know that's the most powerful you know he said no is the most powerful word that's right but I was wrong as the most powerful phrase exactly right exactly exactly right well I'm gonna go in that another caller come through so thank you for taking my call and take a selfie thanks so much beautiful lyrics there - thanks for sharing that let's hear from Rahul in Washington you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hello mark thank you for taking my call I listening to your podcast for a little bit over a month and I'm about halfway through and it's just just an amazing amazing work that you've done and it really has helped me a lot and I really do appreciate it I want to bring up two points one of them is about the movie The Dark Knight and it kind of relates back to to what you're talking about tonight about order followers so the Joker he represents the tarot card of The Fool so here itself and he represents the force of natural law yep and so who does he kill he kills them in that movie he kills bankers and he goes to the bank and the banker tells him this is a mob bank but the really the reality of the situation is that every bank is a mob bank and he's the agent of chaos he's the force that needs to come in and clean everything and cleanse everything take take it all out burn it all you know I put the words of truth in the villains mouth paint him as the the ultimate villain but then put the most profound philosophical truths in his mouth that's a big technique in Hollywood these guys yes definitely um and so like the people that he kills - he kills gangsters and he makes them kill each other he burns this giant file of this giant mountain of fiat money and at the end of the movie he sets up these two boats with civilian prisoners and with with which civil one built with civilians and one both with prisoners and he gives them the choice to kill each other and that's basically what the natural law conditions are it's like the law of the jungle and in the end natural order emerges and they both decide not to kill each other and that situation would not have arisen if it wasn't for the Joker doing that force of natural law that's right he's the prankster the clown the shaman you know and it's amazing how they depicted him in that light by using you know the character of the Joe Joe core in Batman you know the villain in that series like I said bringing in this actual positive dynamic the voice of truth but paying that you know putting that in the mouth of the villain again it's kind of like a technique to kind of almost confuse the situation in Hollywood on the the so-called good guy is the guy who violates everybody's rights in that film and basically you know spies on the entire city simultaneously yeah definitely yeah Batman represents the cops run a movie that's right so everyone thinks he's the hero and he's necessary to keep Joker at bay and Joker represents everyone's basically their aggression towards this immoral systems right yup the press for chaos the press to take the system down and dismember it and just completely disassemble it and replace it with nothing replace it with the simultaneous organic order that will come from Anarchy that's what it needs to be replaced with Marc I'm just going to make one more really quick point and hopefully you can get another caller on the line um basically um for the last couple weeks I've been of it I took the short URL the shortened URL to your natural law seminar and I printed it on a bunch of slips of paper when I'm at school like at college when I'm walking to and from class I'll be handing people the slips of paper with the natural law URL on it no I don't I don't say anything to them I just hand it to them right and and if people ask me what what what I'm giving it to them I just say you'll see and what I've noticed is that the people who don't take it they have a look of fear on their face already on the whole body on their whole like their whole body language their whole aura is just giving out this like this fear energy and those people are definitely not ready for it it's like it's wrong move that's a very creative way to go about get slipping the truth out there to people literally pun intended thanks so much unfortunately that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening remember there's only two mistakes you can make on the path to truth ladies and not starting and not going all the way thanks for listening we'll see you right here next week good night everyone [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]