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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday December 20th 2014 this show is live right here on our VN every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to midnight Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Central Time tonight we have a great show lined up for you I'm going to be continuing to talk about order followers the bane of 21st 21st century earth really the bane of humanity if the truth be told the people who have really caused all the atrocities in every geographic region of the world throughout human history who have been the most responsible for the carnage and death on this planet since human beings have existed on it I call order followers the creators of the dark new world order those are the ones who are bringing it into manifestation we're going to continue to talk about this dynamic of order following how it has gotten so bad in the world today tonight I'm going to talk about the lie of the quote moral order follower there is no such thing and never has been we'll continue to delve into some of the psychological factors which create order followers and the psychological factors which create and keep people as the supporter supporters of order followers which is arguably an even more important psychological dynamic to understand so that's coming up on this edition of 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tonight so you can get those there or you can get them with the podcast this will be podcast number 179 so let's jump into the material for tonight again we've been talking about order followers and you know eventually this topic is going to segue really into the support of order followers and how that psychological dynamic is largely perpetuated in our culture and it's going to get into some somewhat controversial material when I talk about the underlying psychological factors for the support of order followers what's going on within their minds so we'll pick this up on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us we'll be right back [Applause] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're talking about order followers how they are ultimately the people who bring into manifestation slavery they're ultimately the people who bring into manifestation every totalitarian regime that has ever existed on the face of the earth yet people are still attached to people who carry out orders that other people give them emotionally attached because they have a familial relationship with them they'll continue to offer justifications for their behaviors and tell you that the lie tell you the big lie that there is such a thing as a moral order follower and I don't care how unpopular or controversial it is or how much it makes people cringe at me saying it or hate me for saying it once again I'm not here to be your friend I'm not your buddy I'm not your guru I'm not your leader I'm here to tell people the harsh truth so that they could understand natural law and wake the hell up and then do something about what's going on on this planet because it has gotten completely intolerable and people who can't understand the factors that are leading that are underlying what's going on I don't know what it's going to take to wake them up the problem is people are too worried about how harshly I want to attack an order follower and they're not worried about getting out there and actually doing the great work of reaching these people's minds by telling them the harsh truth about what they're involved in now they want to attack the messenger order followers are the people who are bringing the dark new world order as the dark occultists of this world referred to it the new world order in their eyes into manifestation the world of total slavery of lockdown of people having no rights and government being God and granting people whatever rights they feel they should have and then revoking whatever rights they feel they shouldn't have completely turning natural law on its head and putting people in a cage that they're never going to be able to escape it's going to be worse than death folks if we don't turn it around and it starts with understanding that there is no such thing as an order follower who is a good human being deep down inside a truly moral human being oh they can do good things to certain people but that doesn't mean that they're a truly good being there's a difference and this is where people who know order followers are involved in familial relationships with order followers think totally purely emotionally about this topic they can't think about it from a logical perspective and secondly then from a perspective of a pure experience within the dark occult I have to realize I have experiences that many other people will never have not many that mutt the vast majority of people will never have in their lives I know who these people are really serving definitively without any hesitation without absolutely any doubt whatsoever for people to get to that point without having gone through the experiences that I've gone through can be very difficult you know it's I liken it to being in war the people who haven't been in war not going to know what that experience is like unless they are actually within it you know and it's why I kind of laugh about the whole situation when I try to explain to people that dark occultus on these people you know my experience being in the dark occult with the psychopathic lunatics it's like when you're trying to tell people that you know who they're serving it's similar to and they want to say no it isn't that way it's similar to somebody who's been to a particular city this is another little analogy I give you know if imagine three people okay try to look at it this way imagine somebody who's lived in the city of Paris their entire life they've they were born there they grew up there and they've lived there from the minute that they were born then imagine somebody who went to Paris on vacation for a week and then imagine somebody who's never been to Paris ever in their lives never even seen a picture of it you know except maybe you know on the nightly news or something like that seeing a picture of the Eiffel Tower have no idea what the whole city is like at all now which one of those people would you say would probably have the best idea of what the city of Paris is really like of course is the person who's lived there their whole lives who was involved in it who was there and then people want to turn that on their head and say well you've never been a cop so you don't know what it's like I don't need to have that experience to know who you serve because I was in with the people who owned that institution who run it and directed you know so it's like if you're going to go to the person who's never been to Paris and ask him what it's like you know good luck with that and then they'll try to say I know what it's like more than somebody who actually lived there their whole lives which is why all I could do with somebody like that is laugh at them good and and it's sad because they'll never have those experiences so they'll never know that that's the the total truth they'll never understand it and all they want to do is keep order keep offering justifications for order followers and keep all offering this lie that you can be a good person and be an order follower simultaneously when there is no such thing and never has been I made a simple post about this to Facebook this week and I'm gonna read it on the air tonight there and here here it goes quote there is no such thing as an order follower who is a truly good person all order followers are bad people by definition get as offended as you want by that statement but nothing in the universe will ever make it untrue by definition order followers are those who carry out actions which they have been commanded to perform without first critically judging for themselves whether those actions are morally right or morally wrong that is the actual definition of an order follower and that is exactly what all police and military are people who carry out their orders by definition otherwise they wouldn't be in that job a truly good person will strive never to perform an action unless they have first determined the morality of that action for themselves in other words under natural law right and wrong objectively looked at the action and said this falls within the parameters of objective right or objective wrong and that is the hallmark of a truly good person the willful exercise of conscience order followers never perform such moral judgment or they will willfully act against that judgment by following immoral commands which they've been given and here's where I go I go even further okay people don't understand this a lot of people don't understand this part of it following any order is immoral is an immoral act by following any order regardless of reason or intent and I would go so far as to say whether the resultant action is good or bad you still performed an immoral act by following any order regardless of reason or intent from any other person or group order followers have attempted to abdicate their personal responsibility and duty to engage in moral judgment and to exercise conscience for themselves we'll pick this dynamic up on the other side of the break I'll continue reading this post so they wear this everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] there's a cool side that we don't misspeak there's a wall between us it'll rip so we can treat it dear that there's nothing wrong it's cold welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on our bien I'm your host mark passio my web site what on earth is happening dot-com want to continue reading this post that I posted to Facebook during this week about there not being any such thing as a moral order follower no such thing as an order follower who is a truly good being and people can get as offended about that as they want I don't care who you know that was a cop I don't care who you know that was a soldier I don't care who you know that in any capacity their job is to follow orders I don't care how they're connected to you I don't care what familial relationship they have to you get as offended about it as you want to get like I said I'm not here to be your friend I'm not your friend period I have plenty of personal friends in my life I'm not I don't do a radio show for popularity purposes I'm here to tell people the hardcore truth about what's going on in this world so we can get to work doing something about it and get to work trying to morally educate the idiots out there that are continuing to create this hellhole world in their unconsciousness so by following any order regardless of reason or intent from any other person or group it doesn't matter whether the order is go and feed the homeless go and do this that's a kind act to a stranger or whatever doesn't make a difference what the order is if you follow it unquestioningly before weighing the action in your own mind against natural law against the definitive understanding of the difference between right and wrong behavior then you are not following conscience by definition so by following any order by any person or group order followers have attempted to abdicate their personal responsibility and duty to engage in moral judgment and to exercise conscience for themselves since order followers will perform actions that they have been commanded to perform without determining the morality of that action for themselves then by definition they cannot be truly good people regardless of their so-called intentions by definition if you are following orders you cannot be exercising conscience and that is the hallmark of what a true good person is the willful exercise of conscience the knowledge of the objective difference between right and wrong behavior under natural law and its exercise is wilfully choosing the right action over the wrong action order followers do not do that step they do not do that filtration process of weighing the action against natural law it's called moral judgment moral decision-making they say the law says this I've been ordered to execute this law or to uphold this law or to enforce this law by the politician who signs my paycheck and therefore I'm going to do that action that I've been commanded to do by definition that's what they do that is the definition of their job if they don't do that they don't do that job anymore they'll be fired from that job which is why I'm I'm trying to say every person who considers themselves a virtuous small human being should quit the job of doing a following orders period because there is no virtue in following orders and there never has been it is not a virtue any who has been told that anybody who follows orders has any virtue has been lied to and has bought a lie there is no such thing as virtuous order following and that's an oxymoron they are diametrically opposed concepts there is no virtue in order following it is virtue less so the last sentence of this post I'll just finish reading this the eternal truth is that all order followers are and always have been bad people and will continue to be bad people until they cease to be order followers period now that doesn't mean that someone who's not an order follower is automatically a good person you know someone who willfully exercises conscience on a continual basis is a truly good person and they can slip up and do something bad but no one who is actively performing the the behaviors of an order follower in that moment is a good person no.10 blanket statement there's another thing people hate the human ego hates absolutes ladies and gentlemen they hate absolutes when you say 100% no exception to the rule always works this way peep people in deep ego hate that because deep down inside they hate truth and when they hear hardcore unwavering indisputable eternal truth they hate that most of all because the ego hates the absolute it wants everything to be relative the ego wants to find the tiny little exception always searching for it endlessly when there is no exception to an absolute law doesn't exist cannot exist will never exist that's the power of the ego ladies and gentlemen it gets in the mind it takes root and it says there has to be this can't be this way it has to be a different way because that would mean that everything I've been led to believe is a lie and I was wrong and I can't admit that the amount of years it took me to get to this understanding to keep saying I was wrong I was wrong over and over and over again not just once multiple times hundreds of times and I got an email recently I can't remember the person's name but they said when I listened to your show mark it makes me so angry because you keep saying things that I think and saying how wrong they are and he's like I just want to thank you for continuing to say them because it takes me time after time listening to say really hear what you're saying not what I want to hear in what you're saying to really hear what you're actually saying and recht make the recognition that I was wrong about how I previously felt about that and all my thinking was bit wrapped up in in emotional attachment in emotional attachment to an idea which wouldn't allow me to see the truth i I just thought it was to me something like that is a compliment not you know it's great people thank right and say thanks thanks for teaching thanks for taking your time to do this wond wonderful see something like that makes me realize that it's reaching people who were resistant to change at first very resistant to change that's the people we have to reach folks you know don't worry about me getting a little bit harsh a little too harsh or cutting off a supposed order follower you know that's the least of our worries folks believe it or not you know get out there and teach natural law to the idiots out there who are making the world a living hell that's what you need to be doing you the listener and teaching people that is the solution to stop doing actions that are violent to stop doing actions that are coercive to stop following orders it's about the entire lesson of this world is what we need to stop doing not anything new that we need to do again people want to say I want to hear solutions first of all I gave you wicks of solutions a grassroots solutions that people can get involved in to turn this entire dynamic on this planet around the whole show is a solution from the very beginning it's solution oriented because it's about changing the way you think and when you change the way you think the external manifestation follows the problem is people are too attached to erroneous ways of thinking they want to continue to offer justifications for all this immoral behavior because of some familial connection they have to an order follower the Nazis did the same thing folks they thought oh my father is involved in the party my grandfather is involved my cousin's involved my brother's involved my son's involved it can't be bad yeah it's how every totalitarian regimes begins with support from family members that don't want to admit that they were wrong and they got duped we'll pick this up on the other side of the break folks don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com we were talking about the lie of the moral order follower in the last few segments we were talking about the justifications that people offer because they're somehow connected in relationships to order followers and how their ego has them thinking emotionally regarding these people instead of logically instead of from a natural law perspective natural law does not care what justification somebody offers for a moral behavior it's a computer program folks I don't know how much more clearly I could put it the other thing people don't understand the universe is based on law unwavering law that doesn't care why you did what you did it only says did you that did you do this and it was immoral it was based on coercion it was based on violence and you had no right to do it yes or no well if yes here's the consequences if no here's the other consequences that's it it's a computer program of pure logic and law and that's why it's not called natural suggestion the laws of nature are not suggestions they're unwaveringly their unwavering absolute laws that work 100% of the time flawlessly at all times in places everywhere in nature everywhere in the 3 dimensional space-time continuum that we refer to as the universe and people don't want to understand that because they want their mind to be God they want their justifications to prevail they want things to work the way they want it to work instead of the way it actually does they can't get their ego out of the way because my father or grandfather was an order follower and like I said before the break the Nazi said the same thing folks so did every other totalitarian regime you think those people didn't have mothers and daughters and sons and fathers etc that that somehow offered justifications for all the things they did people can't see they're in the same situation you're in no different situation than that as a matter of fact it's a continuation of the same people from the Prussian schooling system that became the Nazis in Germany that came over here as part of paperclip and settle them throughout the whole United States tens of thousands of Nazis being brought in to avoid war crime tribunals so they would come to work for this sick criminal government the OSS which subsequently became the CIA brought all these thousands of Nazis over here to work for for us and they they settle in major cities in the United States and we wonder why they're taken over by totally draconian Nazi and communist laws same thing happened with the Communists came over and exported their whole outcome-based education system over here the Frankfurt School and Antonio Gramsci his plan the long march through the institution's we think we've defeated these regimes of Nazism and communism they shook hands behind our back and said we're takin the America down together we're gonna crush their cultural institutions we're going to make them amoral when I drive a wedge between the sexes break up the family dynamic so we can get the children in the government indoctrination centers pollute their minds with collectivist propaganda nonsense and people are too stupid to see the plan they're too stupid to see it because it's a chess game that they're playing and we're not even playing checkers it's too psychologically sophisticated from a perspective of mind control for most punked idiots out there to figure out because they don't read they have no long view of history and they're still out there making excuses and justifications for murderers which brings me to the images I want to go through for tonight's show image number four with this podcast slash radio show is showing a so-called rally that police and their family members had outside of City Hall in New York City and they are wearing t-shirts that say I can breathe I can breathe that the disgraceful nerve of these human vermin please scratch that take the word human out of there they're just vermin these are verminous scum whose mothers didn't raise them whose fathers didn't raise them absolute trash and I'd say it right to their face and so should anybody that sees any part of this dynamic supporting a murderer images four and five show these Nazis wearing these shirts that's what they are Nazis you want to take a look at what a modern Nazi looks like images four and five they're right there iron six and seven shows show it to we'll get to that though mocking Eric garner who was choked to death for selling loose cigarettes you know that that warrants you getting choked to death in in modern US si in this in the united socialist states of america you know it doesn't make a difference whether you're talking about the national socialist kind or the nazi variant of socialism or the international socialist kind which is worldwide communism they ultimately work through the same methodologies it's ultimately the same system when you strip it down no different people who think that it's different or just idiots who don't read books who don't understand that these systems are basically the same thing it's all about just total control they think Nazism or fascism you know so different than communism when it's the exact same thing it's all based on socialism you know it's just the only differences in how we're going to divvy up these resources for ourselves you know that's all how we're going to take and steal we're going to we're going to do it through Corp corporations we're going to do it through government we're gonna do it through political parties we're going to do it through you know labor unions that's all it's just a different disagreements in the methodology a little bit but ultimately behind the scenes it all creates the same thing which is serfdom slavery the state owning everything the people having nothing abolition of all property period all property including the self including the body and people are too stupid to understand that these entities shook hands behind the scene came in here and said we're going to take this country from the inside since we couldn't take it from the outside militarily folks if you can look at these pictures and not get angry you are fundamentally broken and that's all I have to say and there are people out there I know there are people out there I know I'm talking to some of them right now that cannot experience the emotion of anger because this is the over feminization of both sexes through hormones that's pumped into the food some of the same hormones that are given the animals before they go to slaughter and because of the atrocious diets of people they are incapable of getting angry the actual instinctual urge to protect and defend oneself from injustice and violence that's taking place against the the individual and the society cannot be felt it has been selectively actually chemically bred out of a lot of people out there and the New Age religion is another big part of that dynamic that you can't look at a Nazi telling you I'm happy that another one of my Nazi order following scum choked a human being to death for because he was following his orders don't allow anybody to sell loose cigarettes themselves without paying us our you know slave tax our extortion fee we'll pick this up on the other side folks stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening we're into the second hour of the broadcast for this evening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening comm was going through some of the images with the broadcast for tonight and we were on image four and five for people that aren't familiar with the reference I should just clarify that by saying you know this is about this man Eric garner who was choked to death in New York City by a New York police officer that for the unimaginable crime of selling loose cigarettes on the streets of New York City without giving a extortion tax to his feudal overlords god forbid I mean you know we really need to bring back the gallows for people like that you know and hang them high he was choked to death by this cop who didn't have any action taken against him and is just out free who murdered somebody on the streets of New York for refusing not to sell cigarettes loose cigarettes murdered and there are people defending this action saying well he was breaking the law as if like a voluntary exchange on the street between two individuals for something deserves to get you choked to death I mean if you think like that you are an immoral piece of garbage and anybody that cannot get angry for seeing that this is taking place right in our midst you are a broken individual your there's something psychologically damaged inside of you you need help there are something wrong with you if you're not angry about what's going on in the United States right now and throughout the world for that matter the ability to feel anger is a totally natural human response to tyranny and the people who can't feel it and there's people out there I know they can't feel it in any aspect of their lives they're so brainwashed they're so brainwashed the chemicals in their food they're probably taking chemical drugs pharmaceuticals SSRIs SNRIs screwing up their brain chemistry hooked on junk media hooked on sugar hooked on alcohol whatever they can't feel emotion its numbed out of them they're broken people I mean broken in many different ways not only is the brain not working right they're broken like a slave because only a slave won't get angry at injustice then image six more readily explains this Eric garner whose crime was selling loose cigarettes was killed by police his last words were I can't breathe activists has been activists have been using the phrase I can't breathe as a reminder of the murder and now this there's an image here on an image six this you know of a cop basically in front of a t-shirt that says breathe easy don't break the law police officer jason Barthel of South Bend uniformed company thought it would be funny to mock this man's dying words by selling t-shirts to fellow cops which say breathe easy don't break the law apparently the implication is no matter how ridiculous the law you can expect to be killed if you don't follow it and that's your fault cops are buying the shirts by the Dozen it should say Nazis and Nazi lovers are buying the shirt by the Dozen because that's what the people of this country have become Nazi lovers same thing the immoral scum of the country of Germany that allowed a complete utter lunatic psychopath to take over their whole nation and his whole party his whole regime of dark occultists of course he wasn't that the head of it the puppet Hitler you know but the black son order was certainly the head of it and the occultists who ran that you know all the occult orders that led up to the creation of the Third Reich and the subsequent Fourth Reich here in America now but people don't know about the occult origins of Nazism I should do uh you know we did a documentary series as part of TFP documentary night here in Philly on that maybe I should do a whole series on that a series of podcasts on that you know because people don't understand these things are one in the same totalitarian regimes are all underlay by religious institutions dark occultic religion is what ultimately underlays all the drive toward totalitarianism people don't want to understand that Satanism and dark occultism uh sure in the so-called New Age movement to make people docile that's what the whole plan is to make you docile to make sure there's no real men in society to make sure there's no real women in society now I'm going to be getting the very controversial material and future shows talking about the directed mind control tactics that are employed against women in this society and how they've largely fallen for them specifically the types of targeted mind control techniques that are directed at women because if you can control that dynamic you control who breeds it's a form of eugenics people are too stupid to understand that that has been controlled by the social engineers and the think tanks and the dark occultists of this world the whole modern feminism so-called feminism movement the modern variant of it not classical feminism simple equality under natural law for women I'm talking about the modern feministic movement all came out of dark occultism and people can't grasp it they can't understand it again it's a chess move there - psychologically non sophisticated unsophisticated mindset they can't even understand the move that's just been played against them they don't have enough long view of history they don't have enough understanding of the occult world they don't have enough understanding of human psychology the last image that I want to talk about for tonight is these other shirts that have been made by cops and Nazi supporters Nazi lovers that love the Nazi regime that has taken this country it says it's image number seven it says hate cops question mark the next time you need help call a crackhead I have wrote a little response to this meme or this image on social networking and I said how about if all the Nazi lovers out there stop perpetuating the absolute BS lie that someone's personal responsibility to defend themselves should ever be abdicated and placed in the hands of any other person or group because that's the implication first of all the entire creation of a police force is a completely flawed fundamental axiom it's a flawed idea from the inception that's people saying I wish to put my right duty and responsibility to defend myself into the hands of any other person or group just think about how stupid that is really that's what you want you don't want the the right duty and responsibility to defend your own person you want somebody else to do that for you well I want no one else to do that for me ever am I asking for it I don't want that service I've never asked for it I don't want the help of a cop in any situation we'll pick this up on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm talking about order followers the continued justifications that people want to offer for their behavior and how people are lashing back against people that are tired of all of the crap that is going on with order followers in the modern world and starting to push back and these people are out there defending the Nazis saying hey cops call crackhead the next time you need help on a shirt in image number seven and I was reading my response to this so just basically saying I don't want the help of a cop in any situation and I've said many times if I'm dying I would rather die than accept the cops help yeah is that an extreme attitude yeah I don't want cops to exist period I think it's a completely flawed axiom that anybody ever anywhere in the on the earth started a police force because what a police force is is a barrier against the understanding of natural law and I'll say that again all police forces everywhere on the earth at any time in history are barriers against the understanding of natural law because by attempting to abdicate the response the responsibility and duty to defend yourself and the people around you in your community from totally immoral behavior and you're saying I'm gonna place this into somebody else's hands what goes on then is the immoral behavior builds up in that society and we expect these other people to sanitize it and remove it and take it away from us and we want to live just having these people segregated from society in prisons and then we go on not teaching morality to our children and they think that they're the solution they think that more cops are the solution and they think they're doing something good when in effect what you're doing is preventing the learning of natural law which is why I've always been an advocate of don't have any prisons don't have any police forces we need to find out just how bad Humanity is let's find out what we have become and then stare it in the face and do something about it without fear and embrace the chaos that will happen as a result see that's the ultimate psychological factor that lies underneath people are afraid of chaos because you're gonna find out just how much you shirk your responsibilities and then you're going to have to look at the room and realize it is completely a a mess beyond our wildest imaginings and it's nobody else's responsibility to clean it up than us this house is a wreck it's in ruins and we still want to try to pass off the responsibility to somebody else by saying it's your responsibility to protect me it's your responsibility to you know defend me when I need self-defensive force it's nobody's responsibility but themselves especially in an age where firearms exist because then neither sex can say I don't have the ability to defend myself and that's what they what they've successfully done throughout the rest of the world largely through the rest of the world not entirely they haven't been able to get it done here to take firearms out of the so called slaves hands and you'll never get it done here mark my words that's one thing I know like I know the sun's gonna rise on the eastern horizon tomorrow no governments taken the guns of American citizens bet on it boys and girls bet on it it's the only reason I feel there's any hope at all because of the amount of firearms that exist in this nation and will never be removed from the American public's hands is the only reason I feel any hope not because we're moral people not because we're an educated people because we're not but there's still at least enough red-blooded 'no sin this country to understand when hot tyranny is going to be approaching you're gonna need that weapon and they're not going to successfully take those weapons out of our hands it's not going to happen i don't care how many false flags they pull you ain't getting that done without such a cost of blood that even if you did somehow succeed it will be as if you failed so i I said you know is the stance of let me die rather than call a cop for help is that extreme enough for you because I'm an extremist I wear the badge of extreme is proudly with honor I am an extremist the truth is extreme and I said by the way I wouldn't call on the help of a crackhead although a crackhead would probably be a better choice than a cop I personally call on the help of a springfield XD or a Mossberg 500 personally you know I think those are much better choices for self-defense than a cop or a crackhead I'd place the crackhead as a distant second though so all the Nazi lovers you know take something like that and shove it up your rear end free people aren't interested in your nonsense your garbage your justifications for your Nazi loving and then people want to get angry because I call cult member a cult member and I call a Nazi and Nazi get is angry and offended it means you want to get like I said I don't care about your emotional response to what I say that's your karmic consequence for ignoring truth you want to think what your emotions like an idiot go think what your emotions like an idiot I'm here to tell the people who have the capacity to understand who have the mind of an adult who don't need it sugar-coated or watered-down and and if they want to go and teach it like baby spoon you know baby feeding you know baby food feeding spoon-fed to other little infantile people or then they could do it that way it's not my style and it's never going to be get over it get over it instead of critiquing my style go teach yourself how about that now you don't want to do that you don't want to put your name on anything because you're too cowardly to damn cowardly god forbid you go start a site or a radio show or a podcast or whatever now we can't have that we got a critique Marc who's actually doing something go critique the other truth tellers out there whoever they may be and just incidentally folks I wasn't on the air last week to you know announce this I had a personal commitment that I wished to attend and did so last week which is why I was off the air but the caller who called in a couple weeks back who claimed to be a police officer was in fact not I won't say who it was if the person wants to reveal who he was he's free to do so but it was a gag call so they got me I freely admit it and my response would be the same nonetheless and it would be no less harsh because I do know who these people serve definitively even if they do not and I'd say that right to their face in person we're going to go to your calls on the other side of this break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm last half-hour of the show I'm going to go to your calls toll-free number to join us 831 394 43 let's go to the phone lines and hear from Helen in Washington Helen you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show thank you mark I'm absolutely delighted to talk to you thank you so much for speaking the truth for all of us out here I discovered your podcast about two weeks ago I am sorry to admit that I never heard of you before that and I've been it's kind of obsessively listening to them and I've got as far as number 28 so I've got a long way to go and I'm sure that you're gonna answer a lot of my questions as I listen through all those anyway I I just wanted to say that um I was a little afraid to talk to you because I'm kind of ignorant I've started this voyage of discovery about natural law and trying to raise my consciousness about four years ago and my family and my friends I think I met they tell me that you know it's depressing that it won't hear about it and I'm obsessed and I'm paranoid and conspiracy theorists and I was telling you know it's only a theory if it's not true but anyway I I have a little story to share with you I moved to a small town in Washington State from Southern California when I was pregnant with my first child about 33 years ago and we moved here is about 19,000 people and it's geographically isolated and it's beautiful it's the Olympic Peninsula anyone familiar with that area we're about 18 miles by water from British Columbia Canada and we're the town that had the famous footrace through town where the Border Patrol caught the guy trying to smuggle explosives into the United States in his car by ferry from Canada and he was planning on taking it too Seattle and blowing up the Space Needle during the millennial celebration but you know they caught him and we had a handful of customs security people at the time now they've built this huge gulag in town and we have over 50 Border Patrol agents with dog kennels it's like a kind of an SS compound and it's very um centrally located so if you drive anywhere in town you're constantly reminded you have to drive past and every day you're reminded of this sort of militaristic presence really it's pure mental illness I mean that that's what's really infected our society is total mental illness they're the ones who are mentally ill and paranoid they're they're so worried about some kind of chaotic event happening that we need to give up all of our freedom in return for the false illusion of security and protection which doesn't exist you're absolutely right and now from a sleepy quiet little rural town we have these patrols um if you have a car accident or you call 911 because you're having chest pains not only this fire department come and and cops but the Border Patrol problems and I don't know what it is they're looking for but it's very scary and it's an intentional militaristic presence and the whole tenor of our Police Department has changed no more officer friendly they all have those cuts they're all buffed up on testosterone oh and I quote my question to you is where do these people come from where do these pleas come from recruiting them actively from soldiers who are in the military right now in the Middle East when they go out of their way to recruit them into LA I understand that but my question is where do they ultimately come from don't they come from our communities aren't they someone's children in the United States we would but but nonetheless they are the sons and daughters of people who live in this country and that means those parents did not moral we raise their children and that's all this comes down to that's all this comes down to I I agree with you so wholeheartedly and it's such a validation to have been listening to these podcasts and to have the opportunity to talk to you and have some voice of reason saying you know that this is not crazy to believe that what's happening is in moral and frightening and totalitarian you're absolutely on the right path and never feel as if you know because you don't know it you know the totality of what's going on that somehow that makes you you know in any way lesser than anybody else the bottom line is you're at least striving for the answers you have a desire to know and the only stupid question is the one that goes on asked right on I all out end with a story that I guess can be considered funny if it wasn't so sad about ten years ago now so you know that it's worse now but ten years ago I was painting my living room the day after Thanksgiving and there was a knock on my front door and when I answered the door there was a cop standing there and you have to understand that I'm in my 60s and I have five grown children I mean I live very middle-class life I'm not a cat or a threat or criminal but anyway I open my front door and there's a cop standing there and he says doctor car parked out front and I said oh my god yeah did somebody hit it was there an accident he said no I'm issuing you a citation and I was really taken aback I said well how can you do that I'm not even driving he says well your wheels are not turning to the perfect oh I mean you had everybody kidding I'm serious in my restaurant this is America big big crime wave did you happen to catch the guy that busted the window of my car and broke into my car a few weeks ago and he says oh I don't know anything about that but your wheelchair doctor did occur no robots robots but you know what we made them ladies and gentlemen we're the ones who made them and now we're the ones who are going to have to deal with these amoral pieces of trash these robot order following Nazis until you get up off your rear end and start getting up in these people's face and telling them that what they are doing is unacceptable and start educating the children of this country about morality and natural law nothing's gonna change how I want to thank you I'm sorry not to toot my own horn but I have five kids and we homeschool them so soon when it was very rare and kind of unpopular right and interestingly enough we had many friends over the course of doing this that came from a religious point of view and we're not a member of any religion and people would say well you know the public school Spencer's all left wing and and we want to give our children our you know conservative religious values nice laugh because we homeschool because we thought the schools were too right oh it's a fascio communist system or calm you know fascist system however you want to word it again they shook hands they brought in their variants of outcome based education in through the backdoor in this country took over the cultural institutions took over the government took over you know set up all the think-tank it and intelligence agencies and you have the world that exists today because of these two political totalitarian ideologies coming here and setting up camp in the one country that they knew they couldn't militarily defeat so they took it over culturally ideologically you know in all the institutional aspects Helen thank you so much for the great call great points that you raised and ladies and gentlemen that's what it's all about it's about morally bringing up your children get them out of the government education centers get them out of the government indoctrination centers I should say home school you know instill moral values and you know again that's gonna take a family dynamic that's why the family dynamic is so vehemently attacked you know that's why they want to drive a wedge between the sexes so people are dysfunctional and then you know you end up having single parents who can't raise their children have to send them to a doc indoctrination center by the government and then you have the kind of immorality that's all around us it's a it's a beautifully constructed plan it's a chess move that few can understand and see and we're going to go into a lot of the dynamics over it over over the coming weeks so let's go to another call let's hear from Sterling in Texas sterling you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark are you doing doing well it's an honor to be on your show and I really just wanted to kind of just give you a an overview of what happened a couple nights ago I had an encounter with a few older followers and I get really emotional when I talk about order followers and and and you know the kind of things that go on because you know I live in a bad neighborhood I live you know I hear gunshots all the time and you know I live right next to the projects but uh you know it bothers me more when there's violence happening for more the followers and gangsters but anyway uh I'll continue on with the story so basically uh I totally agree with that statement there because in any kind of a gangster or thug there is no belief that they're an authority figure of any kind of when they just engage in violence nobody puts up with it because they don't think that they have the right to engage in that violence unlike you know a state sanctioned order follow or like a cop or somebody like that right so continue and and so basically what happened all right although did we lose you sterling I'm sorry we lost you there your call seems to have dropped if you want to call in in the next segment I'll bring you back to the front ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back for the last segment [Music] we go [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm in the last segment taking your calls we do have sterling back on the line sterling are you there yeah okay you can continue with your story yeah I'm sorry about that so basically the other day around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning I was awoken by the sound of order followers apparently harassing a young black gentlemen of course because I live in a predominantly black neighborhood and basically what I heard was you know just a little back and forth I couldn't exactly understand the conversation but basically you know I heard him getting maced and from what I could tell in my apartment was that he he was outside in this sort of Park area between the buildings so when I went out there I went out there with my dog because I wanted to seem you know sort of inconspicuous because earlier that night riding home on my bike in the cold from work I was around ten o'clock at night or so I was stopped at this not you know Nazi checkpoint in my neighborhood where I live and the order followers you know they said it's past curfew and so you know they they proceeded to ask me for my identification they said he's a or why don't you have it so you know I'm just like you know just kind of shrugged him off like what kind I didn't he I don't respond to you know stupid conversation like that so you know so anyway he's like you know eventually he's like I give him my name whatnot he's like okay proceed to your unit you know so I proceeded to my unit and so you know later on that's when all that happened so I proceeded to go outside with my dog and I was walking on a leash and approached where I heard the order followers and I guess they apparently they taken the young man up the stairs and he was still you know incredible pain from being maced and so I stood there for a while and you know I was waiting for them to come down or something I didn't really want to get up in there and you know I was like I was trying to provoke anything right so you know you know I wanted to be safe but at the same time I wanted to see what was going on in my neighborhood and that's basically what I explained to you know the fat the fat white or the follower who trudged down the stairs and asked me you know what what was I doing and I'm like yeah you know we spoke earlier he's like oh yeah yeah right so I was like well you know I just basically came to see you this is exactly what I said I said I came to see if order followers were committing acts of violence in my neighborhood you know I said it exactly like that and just to make it clear and you know who he is and what I was there to do so you know and I said that to his face and so you know eventually a few more came down and so I asked the gentleman up the stairs I asked them sir I basically what they told me was that he broke into an apartment and whether it is he not or whether it did whether or not he did was irrelevant to me because I don't want order followers like you said involved in any situation in my neighborhood at all you know anywhere near me so you know and then the black house slave order fall over I like to call the black ones the house slaves because they remind me of the good old days you know right so he he trudged down the stairs and he he proceeded to you know threatened to shoot me and my dog if I don't if I didn't go inside this is what's happening in the United States of America ladies and gentlemen for being out on the street right now and they're they're setting curfews in areas and then harassing anybody regardless of their age I mean you have any kidding me the thing is in mark you know for the first time I think in history in this generation is people are finally starting to realize was really going on in communities because communities like this haven't had a voice until now people who people who live in places like this they they don't listen to shows like this but now that there's there's more populations more technology and now there's a voice now and so now people speak out and now people are seeing it through through cameras through media through radio and it's things like your show to get that allow people like us to have a voice you can speak out against it I appreciate you calling and telling that story I'm sorry you had to go through that yeah well thank you so much for doing what you do Marc and I really appreciate it thank you my story you got it this is what's going on in our country and our name and and there's Nazi lovers out there that love it that'll defend it that'll offer justifications because they'll say my dad was this or that or my grandfather was this or that well who gives a damn right is right and wrong is wrong folks and that's all that matters you need to understand natural law and you need to understand the consequences for ignoring it is the slavery system we're living in see if I could squeeze in one more call let's hear from Miguel in Las Vegas you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark yeah unfit just like black color how much I appreciate it work and I'm following it for about two years now and I'm pretty much sure most of it backwards and forwards um help me get out of that New Age day that I was in for so many years and that's a tough one to break right right and and I'm still pushing forward there was a topic that came up on one of the discussion groups on Facebook the other day one of the guys brought up that um whether or not somebody that was being a vigilante was acting in a cordon with natural law and I was wondering about your take on that and no you know I had planned to bring it up all week calling your show and it's actually pretty interesting tonight on the news they're talking about some guy that drove to New York specifically to assassinate two police officers you know according to him in an act of vengeance for Eric garner and I'm wondering what your take is on that well I think it's doing something on an individual level like that is not really going to end well you know but at the point that we're at I I personally see a hot revolution coming in America you know that I think is going to need to be organized that I think is going to need to have a groundswell grassroots effort behind it just like the first American Revolution had I think this one's going to be a hundred times bloodier and you know it doesn't have to happen if the the consciousness of the people would you know come up to a level where they could understand what's going on around them and they can really deeply grasp natural law and the consequences of breaking it then we could have a revolution in consciousness but do I see widespread evidence of that occurring III can't come on look if I wanted to come on the air you know how many more people I could probably get to hit this webpage and listen to this radio show all I would need to come on the air and do is blow smoke up their rear end tell them what they want to hear tell them they're loved and protected by all the higher angels and entities out there in the universe like so many other crap New Age believers and all these disinfo agents do okay tell them that the outcome is assured it's not going to take any effort on our part you don't have to change the way you think the white hats got this in hand and all the arrests are being made as we speak don't you know you know and you guys all know who I'm talking about the all the clowns out there that actually want to tell people what they want to hear and you know how many men and millions of hits per week these people will get because that's what people want to hear they don't want to hear you're gonna have to be involved you're gonna have to get up off your ass and do something you're gonna have to talk to people not just be a keyboard commando speak to people in real life host events make make media be the media you know put your real name on something and say I'm not afraid that's my real name I'm not afraid of who's coming after me my die is cast I cast my died a long time ago ladies and gentlemen I'm on the right side of history I'm on the right side of truth and that's all of it matters when you do that you stand in your power and there's no force in the universe that will stand against you when you do that with courage courage is the force that the universe respects you know and if I if I am telling you the truth do I see a grand mass of awakening in consciousness no but you know what I do see I see a nation that has more guns than any of the than all the other standing armies in the world combined and they're not gonna go quietly into the night that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening there's only two paths you there's only two mistakes you can make on the path of truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you here next week folks [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]