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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday January 3rd 2015 happy new year everyone this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time yes you heard it right we are back to a three-hour format here on what on earth is happening as I said that we would when the show went to a two-hour format about a month back or about a little over a month so we're back to three hours in the same timeslot there was some initial confusion as to the the timeslot I originally thought that I was pushed back an hour from 9:00 to 12:00 Eastern but I had the time zones confused it was when I got the call from the network regarding the going back to the three hours I was in a very noisy place and there was a little bit of misunderstanding there so I did put that out on my Facebook page the people who follow me on social media so I apologize for that error the show is back to its regular three hour time slot from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that is 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time so we have a great show lined up for you here tonight I'm going to be continuing my series on order followers talking today mostly about the supporters of order followers and their psychology and we'll also be getting into a little bit more of the psychology of order followers themselves and gonna maybe begin toward the end not sure transitioning to some of the material that I really want to begin covering for the next many weeks on what on earth is happening after I kind of wrap up the concepts and ideas I want to put out their own order followers I'm gonna really be getting into the whole eugenics operation that has been going on right underneath our noses for at least the last hundred years maybe more that involves the dynamic of creating a war between the sexes and driving a wedge between men and women in our society so if I don't get to that material in the later portion of the show certainly I'll be starting that next week so I will be taking calls in the third hour of the show this evening the call-in number to join us if you want to get in the call queue is 800 three one three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us here on what on earth is happening 831 390 443 that is a toll-free number of course a couple of quick event 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quick event announcement and then we'll jump into our topic for this evening more on-order followers and their psychology and the psychology of those who support them you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm couple more quick event announcements Before we jump into the material for tonight's broadcast another great conference coming up in New York City the Tesla Science Foundation is presenting its third annual Tesla memorial conference Saturday January 10th 2015 it's an all-day event from 9:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. at The New Yorker Hotel The New Yorker is located at 480 1/8 Avenue in New York City the theme for this year's Tesla memorial conference is let's create the Tesla curriculum what information about Tesla do we think should be really being taught to young children and the Tesla Science Foundation trying to get information about Tesla into school curriculums essentially so that's gonna be the theme of the conference for this year bringing education regarding Tesla and what he tried to do for Humanity to young people which is which i think is an honorable effort so for more information on this conference coming up really in only a few days that's coming up next weekend next Saturday visit the Tesla Science Foundation's website at Tesla Science Foundation org there are still what on earth is happening promotional t-shirts available people are really seeming to love these t-shirts they're a great conversation starter it's a good you know promotional piece to promote the website and you know the work that I've shared on the website so if you want to receive a what on earth is happening promotional t-shirt as a gift in return for a voluntary donation to help support my work you can click on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening dot-com website it's the first item under latest news or if you just go to the news tab it will be the first article on the news section of the site and you can click the email link there to find out how to receive one there's also a donation button on the left hand side of my website what on earth is happening calm if you feel that you've received value from the information I've shared on the website and on this radio show please feel free to make a voluntary donation help support my work so that I can continue it into the future with that having been said let's jump into what may may or may not be the final in this series that I've been doing on order followers depending on how it goes this evening but what I want to talk about today is the psychology of the people who support order followers and I guess I'll jump in here and talk a little bit about how people are apologists for order followers and they want to excuse their behavior because they'll make the claim that order followers believe that they are doing quote-unquote good this is one of the biggest psychological mind states that exists out there in our culture that somehow order followers are inherently or overall in the aggregate sense good people it's just that they do things that are misguided because they believe that what they're doing is good and acceptable and I tend to just completely refute that whole argument in general I think a lot of these people really enjoy what they are doing I think they're totally broken individuals with just completely damaged souls who hate themselves and enjoy creating pain for other people that's what a secondary psychopath behaves like and you know people making just complete excuses for these people is part of the whole Stockholm Syndrome that this entire culture is under you know we want to just say oh they're just good people it's just a few of them you know spoil the bunch they're largely good and then there's one bad apple in the bunch you hear this argument continually over and over and over by people who are essentially what I would call Nazi apologists and I want to talk a little bit about my use of this word because you know I get people who are trying to tell me I shouldn't use the word Nazi I shouldn't talk about the Nazis well first of all nobody's gonna tell me what I will or will not talk about or should or should not talking about should or should not be talking about on my own radio show I'm gonna talk about what I want to talk about because I have freedom of speech and if you don't like it shut the radio off shut the internet page that you're listening to to it on off you don't have to listen to me okay you're certainly not going to influence anything I talk about here because I have a very specific set of things I want to talk about and I'm going to talk about them as I see fit and I'm gonna use the terminology that I see fit to use so go on your own show and talk about what you want and you know or don't talk about things that you don't want discussed well you know you do that when you have your own radio show so I'm quite frankly just tired of the the emails like it's like it's bad enough that I have to sift through the nonsense that I get in my email box because I do have to essentially you know look for things that I do need to respond to but you know just if you're gonna write to me and say moronic things like you know somehow the Nazis were just good people or that you know Hitler was a wonderful man and he was completely misunderstood because you watched some moronic documentary that is has its facts completely wrong and screwed up and you want to buy into some nonsense about how the Nazis were humanitarians well go ahead and believe all that nonsense you know and ignore actual facts and reality you know the and people want to say oh the term Nazi isn't a these Nazi apologist apologists for order followers want to say it's not a valid comparison what's going on in today's culture through order followers somehow isn't an equivalent of what the Nazis were doing in Nazi Germany or you have these other complete idiots out there that want to say just that a number is what they want to argue about how many people were murdered by the Nazis or how many Jews were killed by the Nazis I've said from day one who cares it doesn't make a difference whether the number is one or a hundred million does not make the slightest bit of difference the bottom line is you're talking about a culture that put authority on a pedestal and worshipped it as a god bottom line bottom line all based in total authoritarianism all based in collectivism all based in socialism and fascism and people can't see how these are the same forms of control with a different uniform on because they're brainwashed they're brainwashed by their culture they're brainwashed by their racism they're brainwashed by the things that they've been lied to about and then and then people want to say I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to this dynamic I mean give me a break anybody that would support this sick regime or any other dictatorial totalitarian sick twisted psychopathic regime needs their head examined because there's something seriously broken inside their soul there's something wrong with people like that and they haven't read enough they haven't done enough study into real history that's why they don't understand what's going on now welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio before the break I was talking about how most people are completely lack a long view of history don't really deeply understand collectivism authoritarianism totalitarianism and want to make somehow excuses or apologies because they have certain likes or preferences or dislikes that you know lead them to look at one group as a bad guy one group is a good guy Wow you know and they want to make excuses for things that the Nazis did or they want to say oh other regimes killed way more people than the Nazi Nazis like Stalin's you know Soviet regime of course absolutely no disagreement you know and people you know have a hard time with well why then do people focus so much on the Nazis because the Nazis came closer than anybody else to completely overtly ruling the world you might have heard of a little thing like world war ii perhaps in your travels you may have heard of it you know so this is why they are considered the poster children for totalitarian authoritarianism you know they devastated practically the entire continent of Europe and what was it a manipulated war of course of course it was a nebula manipulated war by international banksters and the Nazi dog got off their chain of course they're manipulating both sides but you know this is a good segue into a concept that I want to really try to hammer home with people and get them to understand really listen to what I'm saying here folks because it's gonna it's gonna really carry over into future work then I'm going to talk about on this show so really try to understand this it's absolutely vitally important in a dialectic manipulation that is being carried out by the highest levels of the control system let's say the people who are the mind controllers the dark occultists of this world the think tank institutions that really want to socially engineer the entire culture the whole world the social engineers the mind controllers of the world how whatever label or name you want to put to them in a dialectic manipulation that they are trying to carry out against the general population when they create the two sides when they create the divide and they pick one side against the other in their divide and conquer dialectic manipulation strategy only one of those sides needs to buy their propaganda and lies for that dialectic manipulation to work to go according to plan and to operate as the social engineers as the dark occultists want it to operate and there can be no better example of that than Nazi Germany that was fomented by the dark occult and I mean you know what like after I touch on some of the material that I'm going to be talking about regarding the vast majority of women's support for statism authority you know the support of dominators through the relationships that many of them are involved in with order followers and dominators how mind-control has been very specifically targeted at women in our society I'm going to get into the devastation of real moral value through the of the family dynamic I'm gonna be talking a lot about neo feminism I'm gonna be talking about about the new former what I'm calling neo feminism as a eugenics operation the war between the sexes all these topics are coming up you know how there's a complete lack of respect between men and women in our society the emasculation of the male in society putting women into a more dominating mindset what one in control this is these are all dialectical manipulation tactics now after I talk about that I think I'm going to do a series on the dark occult creation of the Nazi regime the how this religion came into being of Nazism and you know you we can get into how that brought communism into being because if you think that you know it's not essentially the same religion it's the same dark occult religionists priest class behind both of these dialectical approaches to totalitarianism and people still fail to see how they are essentially bringing about the same thing because they're so concerned about labels they think that somehow fascism and communism have different end results it's a name it's a label folks they both are totalitarian regimes based in collectivism where government is God the people become feudal serfs nobody owns property nobody has rights and the world goes into a huge prison society concentration camps regimented mindset unit uniforms you know it's it's they're so dramatically different I mean people of a complete childish mindset cannot see the difference I mean cannot see that they are the same it still insists that they are somehow different from each other a childish mindset thinks this way because they've bought into the dialectic that somehow they're different it's all one thing folks I said it last week you want to know who's behind this it's that the cult of the dark Sun period I don't care what name you want to put on it the priest class of Saturn the dark occultist that the mind manipulators the social engineers this is a dark solar cult that is running the entire show and people still don't want to understand that they've been behind all of these totalitarian regimes they've brought them into manifestation they fomented them so maybe I'll do a series on that I think I really should and cover a lot of the connections because then you'll see the crossover of the connections between different social engineers and behaviorists and how a lot of these dark occultists brought some of the organizations that eventually paved way to the NSDAP the National Socialist German Workers Party in Germany that was the Nazi Party and people still don't think that these people are alive and well here in the United States I said it again in the last few weeks the Nazis in the communist shook hands behind the scenes they said we can't really defeat America militarily so we have to break them down morally we have to go in their institutions and we have to work through cultural deterioration and they have done a masterful job a masterful job it is a grand chess strategy that they have played off against the people of this country and really of the whole world and so few people can see how they've done it especially regarding the war between the sexes it's a difficult thing for people to even see because they're so ensnared and entrenched in the roles the whole ego identification the gender roles that they're in that were created for them created for them and once again I'm not saying that there isn't such a thing as a real man real masculinity real a real woman real femininity and there's nothing wrong with either of those dynamics what they have done is created the artificial man the artificial woman the artificial being that is when to the state that is when to the concept of authority that is when to collectivism and they're not operating as a genuine being at all in any sense of the word on the other side I'm going to go back into the psychology of order followers and the people who continue to support them these people with Stockholm Syndrome you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break I was talking about a very important concept that only one side of a dialectic manipulation that is set forward by the mind controllers of this world by the social engineers only one side of that dialectical divide needs to buy the propaganda and the lies in order for the dialectic to work in order for that dialectical manipulation to work and I'll just give a couple of examples world war ii is a perfect example okay you can look into the manipulation of both sides you know how that was funded by the same people same international bankers just look at the look at Chamberlain's policy of appeasement to Hitler in the Nazis regarding Czechoslovakia and how he just basically did nothing while they rolled into another area of Europe they clearly were being given orders to allow this to happen and build up but my point here is is if you have one group of people buying into the total authoritarianism is as all just a big manipulation while tanks are rolling into their country oh we understand they're just mind controlled and you know they all bought the dialectic on this side so what are you supposed to do throw your hands up in the air and say well we all understand it's a big manipulation game and while you're being steamrolled you know this is a perfect mirror of a modern example we are living today with a standing army amongst us something that the founders of this country continuously warned us not to allow to happen but no we don't want to think that they knew anything you know these weren't intelligent people you know that we should have listened to their advice you know and now we have a standing army in the form of police living amongst us in every city in the United States they constitute a standing army whether anybody understands that or not is irrelevant and most people don't understand that that's what modern militarized police constitute they constitute a standing army living among the population which is the one thing that almost every family father of this nation said do not ever allow that to occur in your midst and that's exactly what we allowed to occur you know people are so all the status out there all the arguers for the state are so worried about what happens if we get in an anarchical environment what happens if we get attacked by a standing army outside of our borders well hey newsflash there's a standing army inside your borders right now how about learning about that situation how about we we take on that situation first so hey the dialectic has already worked on one side the police have bought that the people are their enemy they've been trained that way for decades and decades bought into the order following is a virtue and and their cult culture their cult culture the people who are part of the police forces and their family members are members of a cult culture they're themselves that the order followers themselves are a member of a cult and then the surrounding culture that surrounds that cult all the people who support them for whatever reasons they support them for they believe they're doing the right thing they want the secure they want to receive the security or the protection that they're going to somehow Seve walk by giving up all your rights and letting people run roughshod over your natural rights as a human being now all of these order followers supporters want to abdicate their personal responsibility to defend themselves you know you'll hear this from min arcus and other forms of status well what are people supposed to do be constantly on guard regarding their freedom and constantly having to defend themselves yes that's exactly what people need to do it's been said time and time again eternal vigilance is the price of freedom I would say you need to be on your guard to be able to defend your rights at all times in places otherwise they're meaningless and essentially you don't have any and that's the truth that no one wants to hear because they want to think that it's somehow not a completely horrific idea and a flawed fundamental axiom to say I want to give my right to defend myself over to somebody else and they're the people who are appointed to do it you know what again maybe in the ancient past when there were no you know projectile weapons that could be fired from a human hand were men essentially in the position where they had to take on that role because they were the traditional protectors of the family unit especially when it came to females because let's face it men are the physically stronger of the two sexes just by muscle mass and muscle strength and body frame alone once the era of Technology came in and projectile weapons were invented every it's everyone's individual responsibility to defend themselves and defend their rights you know III went to see the third Hobbit film and I thought that this was actually very beautifully portrayed in it and you saw the total coward who didn't want to fight and pick up a weapon and wanted to hide amongst the women and children who were in it surely sequestered off against you know away from the fight against the orcs in the film yeah you know and whatever I'll have there'll be minor spoilers it's a great film if you want to go and see it I think it's a the whole Lord of the Rings movies in general all the Tolkien movies are brilliant spiritual allegories but you know minor spoilers as the this war goes on and it's becoming worse the women actually come out the real women say we want to stand and fight with our men and they take up weapons and go and join the battle and you see some you know this cowardly man one of the characters in it you know still wants to hide and you know not not fight alongside everybody else it's a good allegory about bravery and what real men and women do when their rights are under attack when their bodies are under attack they're not milquetoast they don't lay down the domination they're they don't have Stockholm Syndrome and make excuses for their oppressors they stand and fight you know and nobody wants to talk about the validity of standing physically against an oppressor you know the Nazis weren't going to be reasoned out of their stance folks you know III like the scene in the movie inglorious basterds which i think is a phenomenal allegorical spiritual film that people really should watch you know that film is really about the mindset of the Nazi and how it should be dealt with and you know if once again if people don't understand this is who were ultimately dealing with you have you have no conceptualization of history you don't understand what happened post-world War two people think we defeated the Nazis we defeated no such entity we defeated the German Vermont the Nazis didn't even surrender to the Allies in in the in the treaties of surrender there were no people present from the Nazi Party the German military surrender to the Allies so you know then what happened afterward is the central the intelligence agencies from not only Britain but America as well competed with the Soviets for how would we divvy up the Nazi scientists and we brought all of these scientists doctors engineers and most importantly psychologists over to the United States with the help of British intelligence with the help of our own oh oh s s the Office of Strategic Services at the time which subsequently became the CIA and absolutely most influential II through the Vatican that brought all of these Nazis in the tens of thousands into the United States and they settled largely on the east coast of the United States in New York and New Jersey which is why they're some of the most Nazi totalitarian states in the United States at the current time we'll pick up this exploration of the psychology of order followers and the dialectical manipulation on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone honors is happening here on our PN I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're continuing our series on order followers this evening and I was talking about how people in this country really have Stockholm Syndrome and are apologists for these order followers and don't want to call it like it really is and the way that it really is is that a minimum of a thousand people are being murdered by these people every year American citizens in this country being killed by police and people still think that this is somehow acceptable and not a sign that what they are trying to do is condition the people that police have absolutely free reign and do what they want and that their orders must be obeyed and people still put this form of totalitarian authoritarianism on a pedestal and think that you know any or if this order follower calling themselves a cop in this costume is commanding another individual then their word is the lawn you have to do what they say I mean it's just it's it's such slave think it's pathetic it's pathetic slave think and once again the dynamic I was talking about before is only one side of a dialectical manipulation needs to buy the lie for the dialectic manipulation to work successfully and the social engineers the mind controllers the dark occultists understand this dynamic perfectly well and are using it to great advantage in all of their workings in society I was saying about world war two being a dialectic well if people woke up and recognized well the bankers are funding both sides and they're you know appeasing Hitler this territory to make him you know blow up into a huge threat so that then you know other people have to come in and take him out what are we supposed to do just let him take over the world let his troops run roughshod all over the entire world of course then the dialectic is going to work and people are going to have to come in and say whether there's a dialectic going on of dialectic manipulation going on here or not we need to do something about this and that's what had to happen same thing with the police today what are we supposed to do as modern Nazis are advancing on us and taking our rights and constitute a standing army amongst this country what are we supposed to say oh they're just manipulated you know we don't need to take any action or do anything about this situation oh just stand back and observe and watch and just say Oh aren't they isn't it sad that they're so mind-controlled they're going to push the dialectic until there is a blowback and it's gonna be like a bomb going off folks I mean if you don't understand that you know we're well on our way to civil war in this country you're not paying attention at all at all and they're probably gonna get that and again that's what I've said from day one what I'm doing all this work to try to avert and avoid but unless people wake up to the dialectic on both sides it's going to work both sides have to be woken up to it not just decide that we are on as truth seekers and truth tellers the people who the mind control is currently working on would have to wake up as well and there's no indication of that happening no indication of it happening at all it would be happening that people say what would be your criterion my criterion I'm I've said it over and over again when so few people want to become cops or soldiers that what we consider the mainstream media today would have to go on the airwaves and say we cannot find people to fill these institutions the institutions themselves are crumbling because no one wants to do these jobs that's when I'll say there's an awakening happening in humanity and not a minute until so you want to think about how far away from that we are that's the criteria for a real global awakening right there and we're not even remotely close to it folks hate to burst your bubble but I'm not here to be like some of these other people who say the white hats are all here to rescue us and the and ramen UNS have our back to you know weather getting ready to make the mass arrests any minute now i mean please these social engineers are firmly in control because they have people's minds there's no indication that that's changing on a global scale all they need to do is keep pushing the dialectic on one side on the people whose minds they already firmly have until they're out of the mind control the dialectic will work because what do you think the American public is going to do as this gets worse and worse you think they're just gonna keep standing back and taking it at some point it's gonna blow up and I understand that's what they want so that they could quote-unquote declare martial law but guess what that'll blow up itself and people aren't gonna just sit back and take that the point is you sit back and do nothing these people take everything it doesn't make a difference whether you know they're being manipulated actions going to be required to either get them out of that mental manipulation or failing that to physically deal with them and no one wants to hear that because both of those things are extremely hard things to do are going to be extremely hard things to do the best-case scenario would be people join the great work and actually get these people out of the mind control that they're under but that's extraordinarily hard work that involves people dealing with the truth and dealing with personal introspection which most people don't want any part of because they're children they're emotional psychological and mental children just let's look at the psychology of an order follower for a few moments where does this desire to even become an order follower come from they want approval they want to be told oh you're good it's virtuous what you're doing you're listening to what the state commands of you because we say it's good and so what they do is abdicate their personal responsibility to judge and discern the difference between right and wrong behavior for themselves and they make the claim that they can give that up to someone else that can tell them what to do and then they could just perform the action without actually judging it in their own mind according to spiritual law according to natural law whether it is actually a behavior that they have a right to take or not now they don't want to do that judgment they don't want to do that discernment what kind of people don't want to judge and discern for themselves and want to let other people make their decisions for them insecure people childish people children that's a hallmark of somebody who is a child and wants to remain a child who doesn't want to grow up they believe they want to believe they're doing good the semblance of good and they have this need for approval because of their own self-loathing they want the new mommy and daddy see and this all stems from parental abandonment issues folks this goes back to my cosmic abandonment series this is about actual you know human parental abandonment issues because their parents failed instilling true morality in them and in many cases filled them in many other ways whether it be in you know physical absence or not emotionally let them down spiritually let them down didn't he instill morals in them largely because of the breakdown of the family dynamic which again as a result of this deliberately created war between men and women that is raging in our society so they're going to go to the new mommy and daddy the state for their approval because they didn't get it from the real mommy and daddy you see how this dynamic works to keep these people eternal children will pick this up on the other side folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone they're listening to what on earth is happening here on RB n I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com I was talking about parental abandonment issues with in order followers they have this incessant need for approval from others you know because they didn't get enough approval from their real mother and father or their real mother and father were absent or let them down in certain ways whether it even be emotionally or spiritually they certainly didn't raise them with real moral values because there is no such thing as the moral value of thinking that following somebody else's orders is a moral virtue because it can never be such so many people in America buy into this religion this nonsense religion that following somebody else's orders obedience is a virtue I mean give me a break it's the exact antithesis of that it's the diametrically opposed polar opposite of virtue or morality because conscience is the definitive of the definitive difference between right and wrong behavior and exercising conscience which is the hallmark of a moral being means you are going to act upon that knowledge and choose willfully the right action over the wrong action once you know the difference following orders is the exact opposite of that it's saying I don't care about knowledge I don't care what the difference between right and wrong is they're telling me to do it they're offering me this to do it and I'm gonna do it the exact opposite of Virts you completely logically proven right there what about the supporters of order followers how about their a parental abandonment issues you know as people engaged in this Stockholm Syndrome dynamic they believe that they're going to receive security or protection in this so-called exchange you know of will do what the order follower says and will get protection you don't think that comes from parental abandonment issues they're substituting the feeling that they never got from mommy and daddy security or protection and handing that off to the state people never think about how this dynamic works when it comes to the underlying thing that's going on here in society folks is parental abandonment and then you tack cosmic abandonment onto that the cosmic form of parental abandonment and you have the absolute perfect degradation of a species which is what humanity is undergoing right now the parental abandonment issues of this dynamic cannot be overemphasized and you think about then why that is what's creating the destruction of the family dynamic what's creating the the destruction of the ability of man and woman to get along with each other what's creating total hatred between the sexes and many people will insist and insist it's just the nature of people it's human nature and again as soon as I hear that term I know you don't know what you're talking about immediately I know you don't know what you're talking about you might be able to see the symptom you may be able to see the symptom you may even be able to have an accurate analysis of the symptom but you do not understand cause factors and anybody they wants to just chalk any of this up to just human nature has absolutely no clue what they're talking about because they're completely ignoring social engineering they're completely ignoring mind control they're completely ignoring the stated agendas of think-tanks worldwide they want to put eugenics operations into effect in the world they want to take over society with collectivism and totalitarian belief systems and they're doing this through the destruction of morality and they're doing that through the destruction of the family dynamic and this is a joint operation this is not only a collectivist totalitarian based up but it's also a eugenics up when you understand how it works together you you'll realize it keeps the population manageable and birth rates in this country are down and that's another thing I'm going to get into two point one percent birthrate needed to maintain a steady population the current estimates are word of 1.85 and dropping but nobody talks about that because we're packed like sardines and overcrowded cities and then people want to say the world is overpopulated the carrying capacity of this world is a minimum of minimum of ten to twenty times what we have on it maybe more not with the current way that we are using technology however with the current way that we are quote feeding populations or growing food or you know living in unsustainable cities using unsustainable energy supplies when clearly much more advanced technologies exist that are willfully deliberately held back the supporters of order followers are also advocating their personal responsibility just like the order followers are the order followers are advocating their personal responsibility to the mother and father figure you know government to that because they don't want to own the responsibility to judge and discern the difference between right and wrong for themselves their supporters are abdicating their personal responsibility to defend themselves their rights and their property they want to leave that to someone else so for all the men are kists out there who say government is set up as some form of a protectorate you know it's there's there's that word security and protection you can never give that away to someone else cannot be given away it's yours whether you like it or not and there they would say well what are people supposed to do constantly be on guard against you know the bad guy who may come at any moment yes correct which is why I advocate for the arming of everyone everyone should be armed you'd have a lot more polite of a society the more armed the population is you know and then all of these people who want to support the state and who think that we need order followers in the form of standing armies once again you already have them among you people are more worried about standing armies coming in and attacking from the outside well if everybody was armed you wouldn't have to worry about that the militia would take care of that again the other thing the only entity that the founders of this country said was necessary for the preservation of freedom said do not allow a standing army if you did need to raise a standing army for some reason like a very well-organized attack on your borders you would do that from the militia you would organize that from the militia it would be able to be organized quickly and organically and when the threat would be dealt with then you would put the standing army standing armies were never meant to be kept in this country and people will sell that was in those times not in modern times the founders would never have changed their position on that because they recognized the danger of a standing army and we're in it we're living it folks the example is all around you we'll be back [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the cool side that we don't dare speak [Applause] Wow between up so there's nothing this coal decides to walk welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm when are people going to wake up and understand that there is no such thing as giving up your personal responsibility to someone else to either discern the difference between right and wrong behavior or to defend yourself when someone who doesn't care about the difference between right and wrong behavior decides that they are going to violate your rights and freedom that responsibility always belongs to you and you alone and again it's the Sacred Feminine and the sacred masculine combined the personal responsibility to judge and discern the difference between right and wrong behavior is the Sacred Feminine dynamic of the non-aggression principle of coming to an understanding a deep knowledge of the non-aggression principle which I call the Sacred Feminine principle and owning the personal responsibility to be responsible for your own protection your own self-defense is the sacred masculine dynamic but this is what people have been divided you know and ruled as a result of not understanding you have certain people the order followers on one side of the dynamic on one side of the dialectic they want to advocate that responsibility to adjourn to discern and judge for themselves and then you have the people on the other side of the dialectic the supporters of order followers the supporters of authority and you know believers that somehow order following is some sort of a virtue they want to abdicate that personal responsibility to defend themselves in their rights and I would make the claim that deep down inside this comes from deep-seated psychological parental abandonment issues being experienced by people on both sides of that dynamic clearly the order followers are seeking approval that was lacking in their parental quote upbringing and I wrap it in quotes because they weren't raised they weren't brought up they're still morally dead and all the people on the other side of the equation are acting as little children who want to be protected who want to be you know have the strong father figure big daddy government take care of them keep them safe when it isn't anybody else's responsibility but themselves to keep themselves safe people don't like to be told that they're on their own and when they screw up a situation they created it and they're gonna have to deal with it no one is coming to rescue us folks there are no white hats out there you are the person who is going to have to do something nobody's stepping in and going to pick us up by our bootstraps and be responsible for us it is not going to happen that way get over it see that that's that's how you know not one of these people that's just trying to somehow exploit other people's confidence you know that's all a lot of these other so-called researchers want to do they want to build a big audience by telling people what they want to hear instead of telling the harsh cold reality the harsh cold truth and the harsh cold truth is more people want the dynamic of the world the way it is then want it to change because if more people wanted it to change it would change we are not at that tipping point we are not at that point of change not yet not even close to it and that's what I'm trying to get people to clearly see what our work is to do the great work is so far beyond where at most anybody conceives of it it's so much more difficult vastly difficult than anybody even has a conceptualization of hardly any one people are stuck in this new age crap dynamic of it only takes a little bit of people to create a mass change wrong wrong incorrect it's a lie it's all about numbers it's 100% about numbers folks that's why it's called a tipping point in a chemical reaction you would need to add a certain amount that's why it's called a quantum shift the word quantum in Latin means an amount you want that balance to tip the other way well then a certain amount of force is going to be required and that means a certain amount of people are gonna have to change how they think and I would say the minimum you're ever going to get that done with is 1/2 and if anybody thinks were anywhere close a 50% of the people of this world being fully enlightened you really have psychological issues because if you could look out at the world and say half the people are enlightened I mean there's something seriously wrong with your perception I don't know what planet you're living on but it certainly is an earth in the Year 2015 I want to talk a little bit more about this whole belief of doing good see everybody is hung up on intention and think that this is another New Age lie the intention is what matters wrong incorrect the action is what matters the effect that you had through your actions that's what matters intention is largely meaningless it's a nice thing see this is a great lie to tell the people who are hung up on emotion they're hung up on how something makes them feel the same kind of idiots that won't listen to what I'm saying or even considerate or even watch a long video that I've put out because you don't like the sound of my voice you don't like the tambour in my voice Oh what where's where's your crying towel how old are you that's my that's my answer to people like that how old are you are you an adult you know clearly you may be an adult in physical age but you're her child emotionally and mentally again probably stemming from parental abandonment issues and once again hey I have these issues too I talked about them openly on the air there's a difference between having something and dealing with it confronting it because you recognized it and you recognized it as something that was making you something less than you could be holding you back that's what I had to recognize my parental abandonment issues as and then confront them deal with them and say now how am I gonna move on with my life and what am I gonna do with my time and my life how am I going to make an impact now most people are content to sit on the sidelines and pick apart other people's work but they have nothing to show for themselves you know constantly I put people's names that I get emails nitpicking emails or or confrontational emails and you know where their work is in the toilet bowl non-existent a big goose egg because they're cowards cowards they wouldn't they wouldn't dare put their name on something they're fearful little boys and girls who are total cowards now let me tell you something folks I definitively know who I'm up against and what they're capable of and I've said it many times on this show you wouldn't stop me with a bullet because I'll be right back here because I know that until all are out none are out so I'm here for the long haul so it all comes down to people not wanting to grow up they want to remain in that childlike infantile mindset that says someone else is going to handle that for you well newsflash for you folks were the only ones here nobody's coming to step in to handle our mess for us we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you listening to what on earth is happening here on republic broadcasting i'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break I was talking about how there's no one else here who's going to help us out of this situation folks I mean if you believe that I think you're extraordinarily naive other intelligences other species while they may exist out there in the universe are not going to want to do our work for us then they'd be responsible for us like a parent would be responsible for a child and we're already someone else's bastard child that has been left at the doorstep of the universe they're not all that anxious to come and pick up that basket and take care of what's inside of it for the rest of eternity they may support us in our efforts to heal ourselves but you know you you have to give encouragement to an adolescent that's trying to become a responsible adult but you know we're worthy adolescent who is saying we know what we don't want no part of adulthood you know we want to remain eternal children well how do you think other beings in the universe are going to respond to that well you could stay in your prison there until you get the message of how you need to behave and anybody that thinks that all of these beings they're somehow racing here tripping over each other to get to us I mean it's wishful thinking and the people who propagate that message all they want is listeners they want to blow smoke up other people's rear end to get listeners because people love being told what they want to hear and that's all that dynamic comes down to like I said if I wanted to increase my listenership I'd get on the air here and I'd start saying hey the Arcturians they have our back man there they're coming there hey we have word from channeled sources that you know the craft are on their way and they're all going to come here they're gonna take all the good people away from all this suffering and all this chaos you know I could increase my listenership tenfold by telling people what they want to hear that's how people have gained massive audiences that don't have one drop of information that's even worth looking at know that they won't talk about natural law forget about an analysis of what actual morality is you know break down different actual occult ideologies philosophies symbols help people to understand how they're really being manipulated no it's just all good vibes you know that's all it's all just making people feel good well you won't come to this radio show or to my website to feel good ladies and gentlemen it's about learning it's about knowledge it's about right action it's about getting out of your ego identified mind controlled state and they're all the different religions that hold you back whether they're cultural religion whether it's the religion of authority the religion of money the religion of scientism the religion of the New Age movement all things that just totally hold us back from our real potential as a species you know people have to understand until we decide that we're gonna get past whatever the abandonment issues that were that had gone on you know this is a big dynamic in both men and women and start to develop real self-respect we can't get along with ourselves let alone with each other let alone with anybody else outside of ourselves that is internal work in eternal work that needs to be done and hardly anybody wants to do that work they want to pass on the buck they want to pass the responsibility to somebody else and they keep wanting to make excuses and then get all objectionable about me bringing up an example of the Nazis as what these people emulate and what they have become I mean if you can't look at the historical parallels of what the Nazis did and what American troops and police soldiers and police are doing in modern times you're blind there is nothing else that can be said about it except you can't see the two plus two equals four it's pure blindness through wanting to believe what you want to believe and not looking at the facts I mean the historical examples abound from how they completely infiltrated the culture of their society through how they work through these think tanks and these dark occult organizations how they took people's rights how they took people's weapons the confiscation that they want to try to put through in the United States the constant infringement on on gun rights and gun gun laws constant infringement by making gun laws which is expressly prohibited by what was supposed to be a limiter on government in the form of the Constitution we refused to heed the profound wisdom of the founders of this country we didn't want to take on our personal responsibilities of self-defense through the militia which means military strength present everywhere is what the word the actual term that militia comes from in Latin means militiaman gharam means full military strength present everywhere which the founders repeatedly said is it is constituted by the people themselves it's not an agency of government the people make up the militia when they were asked they repeatedly gave the same answer to that question and clearly stated it in their writings and they said it was the only thing that was necessary for the preservation of freedom the state of freedom to be preserved and people completely ignore that which is why I need to do more on the Second Amendment as well again not that I'm a constitutionalist or a men are kissed or a believer in reply in representative government because I'm not I'm a complete anarchist but the Second Amendment is something that people really can learn from because you could break down every word in that sentence and deeply understand profound principles that the founders understood that they tried to communicate us to keep us free or will allow us any modicum of freedom but what do the people of this nation say there's no wisdom and that we don't need to pay attention to that that was 230 240 years ago where we need to listen to that for ya cuz look where you're at in a jail cell with a standing army living amongst you in every city and again this is all because of the complete breakdown of morality brought about through the cultural march through the institutions of both communism and Nazism religions religions of the state that once again made a deal behind the scenes and said we're going to have to take this this particular nation down that was too strong for us to take down militarily we're gonna have to take it down culturally and again the main thing that they are doing this through in the modern day is the eugenics operation of the total war that they're fomenting between the sexes which is going to be topics of many future shows the mind control that they specific tags specifically crafted to target toward women in our society because both of these religions of totalitarianism the Nazis and the Communists understood deeply that you have to take the minds of women first before you can get the whole culture because they are acting or were past tense I should state acting as the nurturers and the installers of morals into the youth and so once you have their minds you have all the men's minds as well we'll be breaking that down in explicit detail in upcoming editions of this radio show your calls coming up in the third hour ladies and gentlemen stay with us listening to what on earth is happening here on the Public Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm let's go to the phone lines in this hour the toll-free number to join us here on what on earth is happening 831 three nine four four three let's hear from Rahul in Washington Raul you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hello Mike a great show today I have a question in a comment I wanted to put forward and before I get to the question in comment actually you know you mentioned on your show many times it's a comedy show and for someone who knows what's going on it really is like comedy gold like I find myself laughing even though it's really serious no I mean but my question is um have you read The Wheel of Time series I have not who's the author the author is a man named Robert Jordan okay and it's kind of like a cult classic and free for someone like yourself I would highly recommend checking it out because it's like a spiritual allegory and the author Robert Jordans was a freemason so so the book is it's just completely filled with symbolism and I don't really don't want to give away too much so I'm just gonna let you check that out on your own but but just from your background I think it's something that you would just just really really love and really get into yes I'm kind of what you've just described there briefly almost reminds me of terry goodkind's Sword of Truth series which was a very profound works of spiritual allegory that I felt dealt with some themes that are in Freemasonry as well um so for the comment that I wanted to I wanted to just make this comment and then just basically go off the air and let you kind of elaborate on arrow but the so this is very highly related to the topic that you're discussing now and plan on discussing in future shows something that I've found in our culture is that male energy the males are emasculated and then male energy is is a only acceptable for expression under very specific parameters so so like sports um is a big one and then police and military obviously and then also archetypal jobs such as a construction worker doctor lawyer businessman etc and male energy it simply represents decisive action so that energy is always going to be there like any any human being is always going to have the energy within them so if they weren't excuse me if they weren't misdirecting that energy it would naturally dismantle the control system like on its own and football specifically is carried out inside of a gladiatorial arena and it's like a simulated war ritual and the scrimmage line it's like a clash between two armies and you know I don't I don't even watch football anymore but I was in the cannabis market the other day and I heard on their television just the roar of the crowd I live in Seattle and you know CLO Seahawks won Super Bowl last year and it's a really big thing and I haven't watched a single second of football all year because I don't see the value anymore like I see it for what it is but I heard that roar of that crowd and I sent chills up my spine because it like I remember you know all those scenes in the gladiator movie and it's it's almost exactly the same and that energy it's like they're siphoning that energy and they're letting people express it you know in a harmless way in a way that's not going to damage the control systems completely rattled and deflected away from them so I'm just that's all I had and I just wanted to kind of hear your thoughts on that absolutely I think you've made great points there Raul the masculine energy is continuously suppressed and channeled in completely futile directions they don't want any real men in society that's the the entire problem with society right now is that there's actually too much false masculine energy and too little real masculine energy true masculine energy which would stand up against injustice which would stand up against anybody trying to take away our rights and would and take a defensive posture against incursions like that you know this is the reason that the quote again I'm always going to refer to this or I'm going to endeavour always to refer to this dynamic as the neo feminism movement it isn't classical feminism they are creating a war on men essentially through their religion through this religion that I'm going to tag as neo feminism and part of this is the emasculation of the modern male and the subsequent masculine masculine of the modern female but not in the sense of true masculine energy of Dominator masculine energy of wanting to control okay and you see this happening in society and the reason that this is done is you have to look at I'll probably make some slides regarding this or a chart to illustrate it visually you have to imagine real masculine energy on one side real feminine energy on the other side and what they want is to blur the lines between them to bring everybody away from those genuine things and have it all be sort of a competing mixture okay where there's no real men and there's no real women and everybody is a a silhouette or a husk that isn't really acting in the capacity of a genuine being there the literal non genuine false being you know the they don't want real men and real women in society real men and real women are not going to be able to be manipulated and well I'll give further elaboration on what I consider a real man and a real woman to be as I explore this topic in the future and I will assert explain what I consider the artificial man and the artificial woman to be or the manipulated man or the manipulated woman and that's who that's what comprises most of human society today the artificial manipulated man and woman that bears no resemblance to the real item to the real thing they can't even conceptualize how this was done to them they were made into beings into creatures by people and think tanks and groups that they never met never heard of and they were turned into golems by these people that are operating on rote response like a stimulus response organism instead of an actual thinking human being and this was done through social engineering and once again I can't emphasize enough folks when I make some of the generalizations that I will make come when I approach this topic I know people are going to call me misogynist they're gonna say oh how dare you say these things you know what I'm trying to do is tell people the cold hard truth about how a dialectic manipulation only needs to be bought by one side for it to work stay with us everyone more of your calls coming up [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're taking your calls this our final hour of the show for tonight's broadcast call the call in number 831 394 43 I want to thank Rahul for his call and great points that he brought up let's hear from said Danny I hope I'm pronouncing that right in Connecticut welcome to the show doing well then I got the pronunciation of your name right with a little piece I didn't get to finish on last week in Thailand just what you're talking about now the UFO issue sure thank you and so you're getting cut off there is mentioning your time constraints mentioning about you know there's a third option we were talking about the UFO a little bit that there's military very possibly you know obviously there's a ton of documentation and understanding to what our militaries have you know the high quadrants of that was north of ramen Lockheed Martin and the military-industrial complex these around the world and what they're doing with technologies but you know where they began where what their involvement in the whole apparatus is they from the phenomenon of inductions in my true line here to connect it back is when we look into the Nazis and what the Nazis were really about focusing the same or away from you know a figurehead and charismatic people like Hitler and rather ever the multitude and manifold abundant works of going through Himmler's worked what he was really interested in going around in the real life Indiana Jones and hijacking everything that was ranging culture what what about some of the secret technologies that a Nazi that's very rarely ever brought up historically Hans Kammler was involved with you know then you get into the the whole concept of the Nazi bell and you know the antigravity work that they were doing I'm sure they already had very well developed anti-gravity X you know and you know people don't even know about all this work that they were doing with free energy technologies many tree lines there as soon as we touch the order of the Bell then you go back into the deeper elements as you've mentioned and so many great researchers talk about with the Thule society and what it relates to back in ancient society you can take that work into those things understand the connections that say the actual clarified bush line the bushes who are actually clearly at the Roosevelts but Prescott Bush himself as sure right home with Nikolai Tesla and the entire work that Nikola Tesla's work was being exploited by sher into these German circles I mean there's an abundance no question Tesla was in bed with a den of vipers you know he woke up to what I believe a little bit later on but it was already too late he had accepted funding from you know these international banksters and you know then they crushed his work once they realized that he had a different intention that they did I don't know if you're familiar with the work of Eric Berman who is dating a daughter of a lady was dating a lady who was the daughter of and who towards the death in 1999 exposed himself as Otto Skorzeny who is Hitler's bodyguard he's the one who provides as much of this first-hand testimony concerning himself and George Herbert shirk as you would properly be named at fault in the in Prescott Bush and how they killed Tesla and soldiers work out there not only Edison GE but on the other major court for military application that produced this wonderfully staggering fireworks of delight in the military that we now have also connected there to everything you were saying before you know it's it's just we could scarcely even imagine how far ahead this quote breakaway civilization through the dark a call I mean you could get involved in the whole lines of research with you know von Braun and and coming over as part of paperclip and then the formulation of NASA and then all the different occultists that were involved in that group you know and only then you look into the connections with the NRO the National Reconnaissance Office which I talked about in my demystifying the occult seminar in Connecticut you know and you look at how they're clearly dark occultus all of their symbolism is just what is so out in the open it's practically insulting you know and I meant I mentioned the elastico Runge again owes no Connecticut is that your seminar there we talked about Navarra no story with being a problem basically Luciferian family and tons of background on and I've got a expensive Kabbalistic Hebrew background I was sharing with you when you're talking about the integral will one of their patches is probably about with the smile reference right and and of course you know these people are there and we can keep looking at things you know monetary things like looking at Martin Bormann existing in Argentina perfectly of putting Deutsche Bank down roots down in 1950 kicking back millions of dollars to Morgan but you know and that's just one of the guys that we were able to trace and track and eventually find his where bouts you know you look at somebody like calm ler Hans Kammler was never even discovered we don't know what became one of the highest ranking technological officers within the the Third Reich and absolutely quote disappeared yeah because he's an upper tier and they're gonna provide to one that's a great point because if you're familiar with Joseph dr. Joseph p4 Ellsworth when he talks about Operation Paperclip we know it's not even people who research it come on to the notion that it's handfuls of scientists with Joseph P Ferrell has wonderfully elucidated in his research you're talking of he said minimum ten thousand more like twenty thousand of the upper tiers of the not easily network they were integrated into anything that could influence in mind and professorships the bankers to indicators doctors lawyers and you know indian al proverbially and it's direct result of them being brought over here resulted in MK the MKULTRA mind control projects of the 1950s and 60s and all going when we true and also going back before that we understood dr. Josef Mengele was doing all the prelude work to MK or anything before that it really started in nine days in the early nineteen hundred's eyes shifted out there when they didn't feel it was gonna go so well with some of the formative stages then they brought it back which is why when you know that dressing up and they had the one piece of technology that was lacking during the Third Reich after the war you know what that was the television yet it really ramped up into high gear from that point forward and they also were you know experimenting into all the drugs which is how I'm killed still were to create the altars and this is your compartmentalization and birth what your friend our friend Jamie know we listen to Jay Parker talks about where you cultivate from the 1880s and 90s when these bankers are coming over here this German infrastructure into where you're taking over the minds of people you're taking over their finance you're creating the infrastructure in which this cult of that pom can can have its play through all the drugs and I mean we watch some of the drugs that Mengele burst and they come over and they jump out mean opiates advise has been around forever but street drugs lotin jazz culture with the beat because the Nazis are now flooding over here and you're gonna entertain the populace if this kind of Soma you know so that you now you've got TV you've got the beginnings and heroes and nanos so there's all the things that are gonna make TV even more access it's what we've got a population that's off for mine that well is it Danny thanks so much for the call brilliant points you brought up we got to go to break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us we'll be right back [Music] [Music] you know today this toys a nice 95 today tried to run try to hide the welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're taking your calls till the end of the show let's hear from Nathan in Arkansas Nathan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark how you doing hear me yes okay introduction I had a couple messages for the listeners tonight sure first of all I was happy to hear you talking about world war two because I've come across some hidden knowledge about world war two in in case people don't realize this they're not telling you everything and in school education and there's a whole lot more manipulation and history behind what World War two than what you know and it's all in books it's all there it's just not in textbooks another thing is I wanted to share a story I started listening to you know probably six months ago and you really opened my eyes because it's just helpful whenever somebody is take speaking the truth and taking it all the way nobody needs to want to do that well they're afraid of what other people might think of them I you know maintain the position that I really don't care what anybody thinks about me I'm not here to be anybody's friend or to be liked I'm here to tell people the truth period right and I come to that same position myself because once you see what's going on you realize that there's no point in being attached to anything in this life because right it you it can all be taken away from you at tonight that is a profound point right there that I am going to very much explore on future shows especially when I talk about some of the mental manipulation that has been targeted against women in our society that is a profound point another thing once I started listening to your show I realized that I had to become in balls so I found a group that that's kind of like a debate club it's called Socrates cafe they do them all over the country you can find them on on meetup but if you basically vote on a question to talk about for two hours and I just go in there and I start talking about the truth and I figured figured I would get a pretty positive response because the people who you would think would show up to this thing would be you know more intelligent people who at least care enough about about issues like that to talk about them but after speaking to the same group for six months it's almost like they haven't learned anything and they're completely in the opposite direction of of where they should be like they are arguing for their own enslavement and they're arguing about what what's the best way to do eugenics and you can't even get them to admit that something as simple as taxation it's stealing you can't even get them to admit that that they're slaves you know religion is a powerful thing and the religion of authority is the second most powerful religion on this planet yeah the amount of cognitive dissonance there is just absurd and it's reading about nineteen eighty four right now and it's a book they call it double sink where you're able to magically do the mental gymnastics and everything and I'm at the point where he reads gold books gold Birds book I mean the character makes a comment that all that Goldberg is doing is telling you kind of what you already know it's just that nobody has ever called you that before they didn't realize they didn't realize how simple it was exact of it the truth is simple it isn't complex now that doesn't mean that it's easy to follow it if you're totally culturally conditioned to ignore it or to look the other way or that society is so screwed up that following truth is going to actually be a painful thing because of how many people are you know in complete and utter oh you know obliviousness when it comes to what the truth is it may be a difficult thing to live but the the actual understanding and existence of truth is quite simple right I mean it's just shocking how how long it can take you to convince a small group of people that you regularly in with just to change their minds who and they all have the arrogant attitude that they're you know the great thinkers of the community and just getting to admit they're wrong about anything it's so shockingly difficult that you're like totally right about how much you know huge myths we are like we're in serious danger here when when even the people who claim to be smart can't even admit that they're you know just most obvious the truth the house is burning down the the the house that we live in proverbially this planet is burning down all around us with us in it and we're arguing over like you know details of like you know the patterns on the wallpaper or something to that effect oh you know when we argue with nitpicking little things in people's work you know we're not getting on the same page when it comes to morality we're not getting on the same page when it comes to the illusion of authority the non-existence of it in nature we're not getting on the same page when it comes to what real freedom is about and we're certainly not getting on the same page when it comes to all the different dialectics and you know divide and conquer strategies that are being played off against us and seeing those for what they are all their means of control I I got an eerie feeling about a month ago I don't know where it came from but I just got the feeling that the mouse trap just was snapped like at a specific moment I remember it and it's ever since then I've kind of realized that we're we're actually in a civil war right now and that every society is breaking down and pretty soon gonna be driving tanks up to your house and so it's it's also very profound what you just said there war against the people of America has already commenced it's ongoing now it has already begun the problem is most people just don't understand that that war has already begun so yeah and you know it's too late for a lot of people like Justin in my experience with these people I'm gonna still speak the truth and and plant seeds everywhere I go but some people if they can't if they don't see it it's too late for them and the people who do see the truth has to come together and form some kind of network to deal with these problems because you can't wait on forever because for some of them it's just not gonna happen again I can't remember the name of the individual who said it I'll have to look it up or perhaps someone can give his name on the air someone made the statement there's a special place in hell reserved for those who remain silent during times of moral crises and we are in a moral crisis right now and the vast majority of the human population is both ignorant and silent you know there it's not that they're incapable of understanding it they are ignorant they are ignoring what is taking place in their myths because of their cowardice and they are just you know sitting on the sidelines watching it happen as if there's some kind of spectators you know life is not a spectator sport people get involved get on the battlefield do the great work engage your fellow human beings that's what this is all about Nathan absolutely brilliant points that you've made up that you made there anybody doesn't believe that it's that bad yet just get on YouTube and type in UC Davis police brutality and you'll see the Ferguson riots from about a month ago and you can see the cult mentality of the police work they're literally stormtroopers and the boss is Darth Vader and they're just they might as well just be raping people on the street I'm getting that bad I wonder what it's going to take to wake up the slumbering American public how much longer are they going to take this the founders are just absolute their spirits are weeping and you know Nathan I want to thank you the call because it it you know brings up this point I'll just give a little anecdote here I went to a gun show in Oaks Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia last weekend and or it might have been two weekends ago and I took a route to get there that I don't normally take and it took me through Valley Forge and I regret even taking that path to get up to the show I wish I would not have done it I don't want to even drive through that area anymore because so tangibly and palpably in my body did I feel an energy of mourning that I almost had to pull the car over to the side of the road and just break down in tears when I think about what the American revolutionaries had to endure to secure the modicum of freedom that they did for the people of this land and how we have absolutely squandered that sacrifice that they made it sickens me to the core of my being [Applause] stay with us folks final segment on the other side of this break [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome back everyone final segment of what on earth is happening for this evening we're taking your calls let's hear from Tom in Toronto Tom you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark um today pretty good show thank you I just wanted to talk about the ego of order fault how it works through my observation though it's like a concept I referred to as perceived side you know people perceive not only size but they perceive quality of things that don't actually did like they'll perceive that a queen like she's just an old lady sitting on a chair with a metal hat they first see that there's some sort of combined ability about them and you know that works on the ego and it happens both ways like to say a real object like say a dollar bill has some magical power to it and a not real object has some physical power to it you see what I'm saying yeah you know it's like it exists only in their construct rely dia in their mind but it doesn't exist actually innately in nature yeah it's like a cog in it's like a sort of miscommunication between the left and the right brain the left brain sees the reality the right brain sees the creative imagination and it gets those two confused like oh this isn't actually completely real it has these sort of non realistic qualities to it like give an example like how do you kill a vampire right like oh so you get a steak some garlic some holy water but in reality you know doesn't matter vampires aren't real right people will fight about no dialectic in politics works you know do you want this side to rule you were you want that side to rule you it's all the belief in something that doesn't exist which is Authority and they just get people to identify with one aspect of it and you know then they're involved in a religion of believing in something that doesn't actually exist in nature yeah and think about order falling they think that they their boss or they're higher up authority has some divine power like in reality he's about the exact same height as you he's anatomically the same he probably has most the same education that you do and here he is running your life like you like some sort of tool like turn a person into a tool as if they don't have their own soul and a caller called in I think I don't know a week or two ago and he's talking about good order following versus battle the only good order following is when something that doesn't have a soul it control basically if you have intellect you have a soul you have the fifth point on the pentagram head full and you are not to be controlled none of your things are to be controlled if they belong to you whether it's your body or your home or your possession yeah we have free will to choose the behaviors that we will and you know people saying that you know they can somehow abdicate that freewill choice or it's a cop-out you know pun intended you know that they are trying to give away something that cannot be given away to someone else that they're personal you know yeah Lavery isn't intrinsically real can't it's not possible right even after they give you the order you still have to make the choice all that boy right that's correct you're still choosing see it comes down to like that scene in in the matrix you know where the Merovingian is talking to the the three heroes are you know morpheus and neo and he's trying to get them to dismiss the concept of free will where he's talking about causality and you know causality is natural law it's it's how the universe responds to our choices and Morpheus says everything begins with choice and that's where Morpheus is completely correct but the Merovingian as the dark occultists says no wrong it's only all about causality no it is not we are not just pure and total slaves to natural law we have free will and are gifted with the ability to interact with natural law natural law is always going to bring us the consequences are of our behavior but we are free to choose which behaviors we will put into effect in the universe what we cannot escape are the consequences of that choice yes we influence cause out and you know I want to say that all the order followers they're listening the Box does not have some divine crown of gold on his head he's just another guy found himself in a position where he can tell you what to do and you're only listening to him because think Lavery real whatever well what about the magical green pieces of paper or whatever color they are and in all other countries you know the the plastic slips of paper up there and in Canada Tom you know they're there that's what's that's what's ultimately guiding their decision-making processes I have to do that for those because then where am I going to get my my you know daily bread from I have to you know chase these magical pieces of paper that enable me to do things and have energy in the world you know there's there's the ultimate religion that works hand in hand with the religion of authority but that one's going to be even more difficult one to break down until we break down this authority religion first yeah toilet papers I mean those pieces of paper are intrinsically just toilet paper exactly but it even less than that because they wouldn't be too comfortable to use them in that capacity and/or sanitary for that matter it's an it's amazing where people's minds are at when you come from a purely natural perspective and looking at things as they really do exist in nature without the constructional ideas of man you realize how utterly ridiculous the mindset of the vast vast majority of people actually is it's sad it's a sad thing it like the previous one of the previous callers said it is it does become like a comedy like it's such a grand joke and the jokes all on us the punchlines on us we're the punchline you know when none of it has to be this way and we have potential that we can scarcely even imagine to do incredibly creative and wondrous things as beings and as a species you know in the aggregate sense and what are we doing we're fest we are absolutely festering in a prison of our own making it's all ego we we put this vision of the world over the actual world and no you know then we wonder why everything doesn't make sense like I call it like like a schism you know like I call it the dark world this is the dark world where you spend your time when the real world seems too hard like a schism is precisely what it is you know that's what I was kind of describing before when I was describing how you know all of these different dialectics work you they create a schism and they pit one side against the other and unfortunately only one side has to go along with the schism you don't even need both sides in full schism you know you only need to separate one side from the other side and you know pit them against each other in pit that group against the other and then it takes on a dynamic of its own that's why we don't have to reach out and educate these people who have bought that mental schism who have bought into that mind control in that propaganda unless enough of us step up and get involved on that spiritual battlefield and do the great work we're not going to reverse this dynamic that we're experiencing yeah also well no worries Tom great points that you brought up there and you know that is what it all really comes down to is deep ego not being able to admit that we were wrong where we were duped and you know that's what we have to get these people ultimately to see who are giving their energy and their mind over to something that's ultimately leading us down a completely evil path that leads to nothing but destruction and slavery so I want to thank you for your call great points that you brought up as always everybody who calls in to this show brings up phenomenal points constantly you know I want to thank everybody for calling in and offering their points of view and I want to say you know stay tuned because we have really really profound topics coming up on future shows that are going to be controversial to say the least but without any question they will be enlightening remember everyone there are only two mistakes that you could ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way you've been listening to what on earth is happening thanks so much we'll see right here next week [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]