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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday February 14 2015 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time yes folks it is the artificially constructed quote-unquote holiday of Valentine's Day this evening and I think it's quite appropriate because we have been talking about the war between the sexes on this show for the last few weeks and I'll continue to discuss that topic here this evening it's the topic that I call the elephant in the room the thing that really no one really wants to get into and talk about mind control that has been very specifically designed engineered and targeted toward women in our society to foment a war between the sexes this is of course the Neo feminism agenda and I call the Neo feminism agenda an example of an epic eugenics operation this is eugenics that is waged through mind control and we're going to be getting into this evening how this can affect populations how this can actually reduce population and act as a eugenics operation I'm also going to be touching on perceptions of beauty and perceptions of attractiveness and intimacy and sexuality this evening as well so we'll be getting deeper into the whole neo feminism agenda and the types of mind control that are specifically targeted toward women in our society I'll be taking calls in the third hour of the show the calling number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three once again if you'd like to get in to the call and call in queue early in the show I'll be taking numbers an hour I'll be taking calls in our number three so the toll-free number join us here on what on earth is happening is 831 394 43 a couple of quick event announcements the freer mind 3 conference is the huge event coming up in 2015 on the East Coast anybody who is into matters dealing with truth enlightenment human freedom needs to come out and check out this conference because it's going to have the best speakers and it's going to be the biggest event of its kind the freer mind three conference is taking place April 10th 11th and 12th 2015 at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania langhorne is just outside the city limits of philadelphia it's a hop skip and a jump from the city the the venue is absolutely gorgeous and we're expecting to see many more people than were even at the first two for your mind events while the first break is coming up folks I'll continue to tell people about the free your mind three conference after these words stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone they're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the first break I was telling everyone about the freer mind three conference coming up April 10th 11th and 12th just outside of Philadelphia in langhorne pennsylvania the speakers the confirmed speakers for this year's for your mind conference are as follows Bob Tuscan Clint Richardson Curtis the illuminated one Davis Dennis McKenna Derek Bros ed fortune the New Jersey Weed Man freighter X Freeman fritz Spring Meyer J Parker Jenice barceló John Bush 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calm you don't want to miss for your mind 3 coming up April 10th 11th and 12th just outside of Philadelphia I want to thank John from the Philadelphia Liberty on the rocks group for hosting my special presentation that happened this past Tuesday on the second amendment here in Philadelphia I gave a presentation called the true meaning and purpose of the second amendment it went really well it was a full house it was standing room only we really packed people into the cafe in Center City Philadelphia and I think they really learned a lot and I think it went overall as best as I could have possibly hoped and it was professionally a video recorded with good audio quality recording as well so I will be editing that footage and posting it to my website and YouTube channel very shortly I don't want to give an exact date but you know what probably within the next couple of weeks hopefully depending on how my schedule and my time goes over the next couple of weeks so look for that coming very soon I think the presentation really hit all the marks that I wanted to hit on and I think people came out who did come out really learned a lot from it also be on the lookout soon I don't have an exact timeframe but I have been informed that the demystifying the occult seminar is being worked on of the video is being edited as we speak so that should be coming shortly as well although I don't have an exact timeframe on that but that seminar is still going to be coming out and I will be posting that also to my site and my YouTube channel so stay on the lookout for that one as well there are still some what on earth is happening promotional t-shirts available to receive one as a gift in return for a voluntary donation to what on earth is happening you could check out the top of the news section of the website or you can click the first link in the latest news items on the left-hand side of the water if is happening comm website to find out there's a little email link there you could just click that and and it will open up your email client so you could ask about how to receive a promotional t-shirt I'll be making some new t-shirts for the free your mind conference as well a great new design and I think people will really like that and that'll be available at the free your mind conference I was going to attempt to get the what on earth is happening book completed and published by the free your mind conference although I think that's going to be a little bit too lofty of a goal I'm hopefully targeting sometime mid-year if I could possibly finish the editing by the time the conference were all you know rolls around beforehand and have enough time to get them printed I'll attempt to do so but more likely than not I will not be able to have the books completed by the conference and we're probably looking around mid-year sometime in June maybe July by the time everything is really ready to go and is finished being printed but I'll be announcing that of course here on the radio show and on the website finally there is a donation button on the left hand side of the wall on earth is happening calm website if you feel you've received value from the information that I have shared on the site and on this radio show please feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue doing this well into the future all right that being said the topic for this evening is what we've been covering over the past few weeks and you know I'll probably continue this for at least through this week and maybe into next week if maybe I'll do an all-call min show at some point as well on this topic because I think that always gets people thinking and their questions you know kind of offer a lot of feedback for how I'm presenting a topic and many listeners will often call in and really bring up topics that I haven't even considered and you know make a lot of very valid points so you know last week we got into this a lot deeper and we're you know I was talking about neo feminism as a prime example of the Hegelian dialectic and this is something that I want to reiterate so people understand where I'm coming from with this I am not trying to further divide anybody or pit men against women or take a quote-unquote side what I am saying is that in a dialectical manipulation it is only necessary for one side in that manipulation between two sides to set them against each other it is only necessary for one of those quote-unquote sides to buy into the lie to buy into the manipulation you know once that happens then you know they go on the attack and then the dialectic works you know it creates the tension it creates that you know offsetting of those two sides off against each other and this is what people don't understand that you know look I gave you know police as an example you know you could see how it's only necessary for the police to be manipulated to think of the public as a threat or an enemy because of some fake terrorist event okay that that was obviously a false flag operation and then if they buy into that manipulation okay and of course I'm referring to 9/11 in this example but if they buy into that mental manipulation the public doesn't necessarily even have to buy the lie that was sold okay the police are still going to have that intention there's have that mindset so in the war between the sexes if just men were manipulated or just women were manipulated the dialectic would still work because they're going to be pitted against the quote opposite side really there are no opposite sides we're all in this together and that's what I'm trying to explain to people by exposing this neo feminism agenda trying to explain that this agenda is to set people off against each other so that they're easier to control through manipulation and what I'm trying to do is offer a healing process of healing methodology and that healing method works through knowledge that's how you make a diagnosis of what's wrong you have to have the knowledge that this is an agenda and it is an example of very very very deeply well planned social manipulation this is social engineering at its finest ladies and gentlemen okay so that's the first thing that we really have to understand is that this is about bringing people back together not trying to separate them further so I'm going to be continuing to get into what we've already covered a little bit as a little bit of a review and then some new material on the neo feminism agenda coming up you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] you know today this ties a nice 95 today tried to run [Music] welcome back everyone they're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com will continue to continuing to talk about the neo feminism agenda has very distinct and separate from what I would refer to as classical feminism which is about simple equality of rights under natural law and being treated as an equal in society which I'm certainly all for for both sexes and for everyone neo feminism is something altogether different with quite different hallmarks which is about largely about manipulating women into pitting them against men in society and it's done deliberately to foment a war between the sexes and we're in the throes of that war make no mistake about it and what I'm trying to do is help people to understand where a lot of this agenda came from what it really is so that we can actually move forward and recognize that this is a divide and conquer strategy that this is a dialectical manipulation to try to weaken the population and ultimately really destroy our civilization it's an example of what I call epi' eugenics it's going even beyond traditional eugenics because it's eugenics that is waged through mind control it's waged through social engineering in past weeks I talked about the involvement of many think tanks in this agenda in the Neo feminist agenda how this is brought about by institutions that have long been involved in mind control and social engineering like the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations the think tank societies out of London like the Wellington house and Chatham House foundations here in the United States like the Rockefeller Foundation International type think tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations the Club of Rome that's long been involved in eugenics operations Marxist and socialist movement involvement like the Frankfurt School from which Antonio Gramsci you know came and brought his plan about the long marched through the cultural institutions in order to bring about a communist society the Fabian Society where we get the term Fabian socialism about incremental creeping socialism you know these this is an agenda that is absolutely you know brought into our modern culture through these types of agencies let's not leave out the intelligence agencies folks because the CIA's involvement in the Neo feminism agenda cannot be overstated you know it's something that I really didn't touch on much but I want to mention that you know that's an oversight on my part not to bring up US intelligence agencies especially the CIA because clearly they've had deep involvement in the propagation of this agenda uh and you know last week I went a little bit into the involvement of satanic organizations dark occult isms involvement with neo feminism I gave the example of lavas book The Satanic witch as an example of the manipulation of men by women in in our society how this whole neo feminism agenda is really a satanic mindset you know it's it's ultimately getting people to think in a satanic mindset a divisive mindset it is not about unity it is not about coming together to create more strength they don't want that in a population they want us atomized and adding to each other's throats and they always want us in a mimimi mentality not a mentality of what's really going on as a whole in the aggregate of our society are we looking at you know what's really taking place regarding human rights or we just worried about our own stuff you know as as just individuals you know and you know the mindset of the vast majority of people out there folks is me mean me all day long from from the minute they wake up until the minute they go to sleep at night they're never thinking about what's going on on a wider scale they're only focused on what can I do for me you know and that's it and that that is bringing people into a satanic mindset they've done this culturally it's it's not you know something that's oh you know that's there trying to accomplish they've accomplished it it's a matter now of how do we heal the psychology of most people so that we can get out of this satanic mindset that's leading to further and further enslavement so you know we got into that a little bit last week and I've been talking about the emasculation of men and why that's so important to destroy strong men in a society once you destroy strong men and you know I folks I go out everywhere and I see the deep emasculation of humanity of men within our society it's appalling it's appalling what most people think an authentic man is today you know there are hardly any authentic men there are hardly any authentic women I mean we've been turned into something that barely even resembles a human being quite frankly now you know people can say that's harsh all they want but it's true you know this idea of the totally social engineered being what the dark occultists often refer to as the new man that's actually one of their names for it you know this concept of we are going to mold people into the golem that we want them to be the flesh robot the flesh Android you know get them only focused on the self and the selfish base interests and you know then they have the mind and then once they have that mindset they own your behaviors people are out there not even understanding that most of their thoughts are not their own and therefore they've been turned into the quote new man the new woman the inauthentic being will pick this up on the other side of this break folks don't go anywhere you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone and listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're continuing to talk about the Neo feminism agenda as an example of what I call epi eugenics eugenics waged through mind control it's also a good way of bringing people into total bondage because if you put out a form of mind control that tends to emasculate strongmen what could have been strong men in a society the state takes that much more power because there is no one there that is capable of resisting the state should the state go totally tyrannical which it has and you know most men out there are just content to let this continue to go on and on and on because they're not strong men they're totally emasculated little boys you know that's the truth of the matter and that's why this neo feminism agenda is propagated by the state it's propagated by all the organizations that lie behind the state and comprise what I call the occult ah cracy what we're really ruled by is the occult we're ruled by dark occultist you know this whole idea even in classical feminism that there's a patriarchy in the world isn't really accurate there's not a patriarchy there's not a matriarchy you know people think well oh it's a corporate ah cracy we're run by all the corporation's you know even that is a misnomer because it goes so much deeper than just finance you know this is about control of the human soul folks if you haven't figured that yet you don't know what's going on in this on this planet okay we're living on a farm we're soul energy is being destroyed and harvested and eaten you know and this is we live in an oak autocracy as I talked about last week and that's what people really need to understand most people don't understand anything about the occult let alone the dark occult you know they have no idea what it even is you know they have all their little religious beliefs you know but they don't want to learn about what's really going on behind the scenes behind the Carver's of power because it's just it's unpleasant it's uncomfortable and most people don't want to hear about what's unpleasant and uncomfortable you know like I said I'm not here to be your friend or be like there to win a popularity contest I'm here to explain people what's really going on on this planet so if they want to do something about it then they're empowered with some information to actually do something and make some real world change so you know we we talked about last week the mindset that most people are in most women are in and have been culturally conditioned to be in to look at a relationship as a resource you know as a resource for them personally as opposed to just you know looking for certain true characteristics real strengths in an individual meaning morality you know meaning you know care for truth honesty in that true sense meaning true right action meaning a deep knowledge of the difference between right and wrong behavior in other words conscience these aren't the types of inquiries many women are culturally conditioned to make into men know they're culturally conditioned to ask the first question in meeting a new man in their lives what do you do for a living you know we brought up this big question last week that you know the the all-encompassing question that is usually the first question a man is confronted with when you know having some interaction with a female inside and I did a social experiment where I asked 75 people what the first question in casual conversation a woman asks a man after initial pleasantries like what's your name you know are you single come up you know after that's done the first question that after the initial pleasantries are exchanged what is the first question that is asked and 75 out of 75 people said what do you do for a living you know I didn't ask people overseas the dynamic might be a little bit different in other countries but here in America that's the satanic dynamic that's that's going on because what it immediately says is I'm concerned upfront the the most not with what you're really like you know in your characteristics or personality but I'm concerned about how much money you make because I equate that with security and a good man ok that's somehow is value in the majority of women's minds and again I don't want to use a blanket statement there you know I'm using a generality and saying the vast majority not all but the vast majority to be honest ok and for 75 out of 75 individuals and then the caller that I asked that question blind to last week on the air who gave the same answer that's seventy six people for seventy six out of seventy six human beings to say the same answer to a question means that there is such universal cultural agreement to that dynamic that it's overwhelming I joked last week and I'm not even really joking it's it's actually pretty serious if you went out on a street corner and stood there and a hundred people walked by and you stopped the hundred people and asked the question what color a light does the sky refract on a completely cloudless day where there's no weather where there's no you know perceptible weather I guarantee you 100 100 out of 100 those people would not say the word blue eye oh I guarantee it folks okay you'd get some other answer but this to this question there's universal agreement and that's saying something very specific and powerful about what's going on culturally in our world you know so this is the idea of psychologically being caught up in the idea of security and safety and seeing money as that blanket for security you know not harmony with morality not understanding and living in harmony with natural moral law no absolutely not how much money do you make that's gonna provide you know universal human security you know it's this idea that value is held in one place in one place only and that's in the bank account in the wallet you know and that this is the problem folks this is the problem that many women have been brainwashed and mind-controlled and culturally conditioned to think of this as the primary source of value and I mean what does that say about where their value system is in the aggregate again not every woman is like that of course you know but in the aggregate is what we're talking about here if that wasn't AG if that was not true in the aggregate sense you couldn't have that kind of universal agreement that that's the first thing that is primarily on a woman's mind and it just goes to show how deeply rooted this cultural conditioning is see the problem here becomes as I've also talked about in past weeks which I also want to reiterate because of how important this dynamic is to understand many men specifically men will get caught up in the idea the erroneous idea the erroneous notion that this is simply the nature of women that this is the nature of a human being or at least the the sexual gender of women in our society that this is their nature this is a problem because that's not the case this is not woman's nature to be like this this is how cultural conditioning and mind control has gone to work on the females of our species over countless years to turn them into someone that values money above just about everything else and I'm not saying again please do not put words in my mouth and saying I'm making a blanket statement that all women exercise those behaviors and traits and characteristics I'm saying it's going on so widespread that it is absolutely the rule as opposed to the exception okay so understand clearly what I'm saying I'm using yes I am using a generality but I'm not saying everyone is like this and I'm not saying it's their nature that's what I'm specifically trying to explain to people that this is cultural conditioning this is mind control this is brainwashing and it's not even just done by the occult ah cracy okay this is done by parents this is done by former generations and passed down to their children and that's why I want to talk about the type of met men the type of man in society that women have been culturally engineered to find attractive or appealing because this is so important when it comes to who women choose to propagate their genes with and therefore what the next generation becomes like and how then that's propagated down through the coming that the future generations and we arrive at a point where we are now you know you have to understand this long term dynamic these people in these groups think long term they've been planning this for countless generations you know where people have been doing this who will never see the result of this because they're long gone from the world you know they're playing a long strategy game of chess because it's all about their group coming out on top of humanity not them individually they're involved in what I have termed a mastermind you know hundreds thousands even millions of minds coming together and being focused on the same goal and putting things into the world through their willpower and their dark form of care what they want to accomplish their base desires and putting their actions into effect in the field of play in the world to actually accomplish that agenda and this this gets propagated through countless generations you know they're implementing a long term strategy whereas most human beings they don't see what's right in front of their face they don't see down the line in the next five minutes so you know what I would like to really get into here today to take this in some new directions you know I mean you know we talked about last week not only about this whole value system and how there's you know most women are seeing are taught culturally taught to see money as the the primary source of value I won't use the word only but the primary source of value in society you know not real values okay and this expresses through what is known as hypergamy which is looking to quote you know marry up in society you know to find someone who has a lot more money than them okay and to try to you know in other words like marry for money as opposed to married because you really are genuinely into the qualities and characteristics of the personality of the person that you're you're together with you know it's it's like taking this intimacy away from relationships and just making it about a social partnership like a business you know and it's a very dangerous game to get involved in playing because what it's doing is its weakening the so the moral fiber of an entire nation of an entire people because again air as long as money is propped up and put up on a pedestal and up on a throne as the primary value of a society this is not just done by women when it comes to looking at men this is done by mothers when it comes to looking at children and fathers men are not separate from this dynamic you know many of them are just as guilty of making money the primary value system you know so you have to understand that term and research that term a little bit hypergamy but this is all about really how so few people in our society men and women care about the difference between right and wrong the first question I think should be asked and when people are encountering new human beings that they don't know and haven't met is do you know the difference between right and wrong how about do you know what's really going on in the world and do you care you know those questions you don't hear asked you know and it's often because most people want to ignore reality you know they're brainwashed by religion they're brainwashed by this new-age belief system that's out there that oh bring up the negative you know why do I want to deal with reality why do I want to look at that why do I want to look at all the bad stuff that's going on that empowers it more you know that's not how that dynamic works you know you don't look at what's going on that's bad and negative and disempowering and that is being used to control people you're going to get more of it because you're not doing anything to stop it you're gonna let evil run unchecked in the world and that's where they have people mimimi mindset money is the only source of value and I don't care about the in justices that are going on throughout the world I care about me in my own situation and you know what that's called ladies and gentlemen that's called Satanism I should know a thing or two about it as I was a priest in Satanism for many years of my life you know that's the mentality that's the religion called Satanism you know people want to insist this is about the worship of some Christian archetypal devil beast you know no it isn't Satanism that you could sum it up in a nutshell folks it's worrying about you and yours all day long every day for your whole life or the majority of it that's called Satanism you're only focused on yourself and your own gain you know and that's where they have most people and I mean this is most men and women but I mean to be honest I just see this dynamic really really sold to and bought by the majority of females in our society unfortunately this is why most marketing is geared toward women because they know that traditionally they were the people who you know directed homes and provided the nurturing environments of homes and so they're going into kicking into high gear you know marketing toward women and using all of these our title mind control brainwashing techniques to get into the subconscious mind and make them want in many cases things that they don't need you know it's approximately 85 or 86 percent of the entire economy is driven by purchases made by women I mean that's an amazing figure that's an amazing number it's almost it's about eighty-five percent of purchases so they're driving largely not entirely of course but largely the entire corporate economy with their purchases I mean what does that say about how well how effective the techniques of manipulation and marketing have been toward women that number should probably be about equal all things being equal but they're not because due to the cultural conditioning and due to the way women have been brought up by their parents in many cases and the former generations they've entered into this mindset that is about money being extraordinarily important to them and to me what what this is saying is not only do they not largely care about what's going on on a wider scale in our society and this is evidenced by how many what by just looking at the ratio between men and women truth tellers truth seekers and truth tellers within the so-called truth movement it's a painful statistic that most people don't want to look at and then that they'll want to get angry at me for pointing it out you know I mean compared to how many men out there doing the great work of trying to expose the evil that's going on in this world how many women are doing that in comparison the comparative ratio if we're honest with ourselves we'll be right back folks [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm and before the break I was asking the question you know why don't you see an equal amount of men and women within the truth speaking community sir clearly there are many women involved but if you look at the ratio the comparative ratio I mean it has to be 90 - 10 % or if not you know even more skewed and you know you have to ask yourself the question why is that so if women in our culture were just as concerned with truth morality equality under natural law again when we're talking about equality here please don't don't make that in your mind seem like I'm saying sameness all right when I say equality I mean equality under natural law all of us being equal in our rights you know so I believe in equal but not the same equal under true moral law not man's law but not the same meaning of course people will always have different characteristics traits of their personality talents skillsets etc nobody's going to be the same you know that's very important to emphasize when you talk about equality between any groups of people when I say the word equality in those instances I'm talking about equality under moral law meaning everybody has the same rights everywhere and at all times at all times and places so you know I just throw the question out there I'd like to hear somebody attempt to answer it you know I don't think it's I think it's part of this whole dialectical manipulation and this social engineering I don't think it really has anything to do with women just being innately you know less courageous than men I think they've been culturally engineered to behave like that I'm not trying to let anybody off the hook either you know I'm just saying when we get into this argument that this is all about just the nature of people and this is human nature this is female nature red flags immediately go up for me that that means that person who's trying to make that statement really doesn't know what they're talking about because they're leaving the social engineering dynamic at the door or putting it on the back burner and they want to blame quote nature note the nature of the human being is folks we are programmable species and because people don't understand the programmability of the human mind they're thinking thoughts that aren't even their own there's the nature of humanity until we understand that and understand how that programming is accomplished we're not going to make any headway or progress out of the mess we've worked ourselves into so get used to the slavery and get used to getting a lot worse until you delve into those areas of human nature and human consciousness you know as soon as I hear somebody say human nature is this or that and they don't follow that by saying human nature is programmable therefore this is the resultant human condition as a result of the programming humanity has already received and the vast bulk of that programming is received in the formative years the first six years of life and it's put there by culture it's put there by the occult controllers and largely it's put there by bad parenting we'll pick this up on the other side folks stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be back after this break [Music] freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're talking about the neo feminism agenda this evening as we've been doing for the last few weeks and will probably continue to do for the next couple weeks at least I want to start to shift this in somewhat of a new direction and talk about the dynamics that have made the world the way that it is today because that's a huge part of this and I want to talk about how this agenda is indeed a eugenics operation and how it limits populations but more than just limiting the population slowly over time what this agenda accomplishes is it limits true holistic intelligence within a population over time not only that is it limit true holistic intelligence it maximizes the kind of people that the occult ah cracy is looking for it enables them to breed and pushes out people by limiting the the genetics of strong independently thinking people by through mind control and selective breeding that is done by the people themselves believe it or not because of how much mental influence and manipulation they are under by culture to actually weed that population right out of existence practically of strong independent thinkers of real true free thinkers and people who question things and who do their own research instead of engage in blind acceptance so it's a it's a very critical dynamic to understand how it works and it's also somewhat of a complicated dynamic so you have to kind of follow me through here because it's when you come out the under end with this understanding that I'm going to try to give to people you understand how epigenetics is really I'm sorry epoch eugenics is really going to work on people in the world ok so epigenetics means that you go beyond the genes and this means you're entering into the realm of the mind and consciousness ok and epigenetics understanding epigenetics is a huge part of the solution to the problems that we face because consciousness can trump just about anything that's going on genetically or physically when you combine this understanding of epigenetics with eugenics you have you get what I call epic eugenics ok and to my knowledge I'm the first person that is coined that term I haven't heard other researchers use it I don't know if I am but I think I may be the whole point here is what you're doing is you're waging a eugenics operation which is to control and limit and steer the population and decide who gets to propagate their genes or who lives and then continues the next generation and who does not get to propagate their genes ok so eugenics is basically population control it's not just population reduction its population control it can be reduction but largely it's determining what kind of traits and characteristics you want propagated in a society through the kind of genes that are going to be propagated ok that's eugenics now what I'm explaining that neo feminism is is it is an agenda that wages eugenics meaning controlling which genes will be propagated in a society but done epi' genetically epic genetically meaning it's done through the manipulation of the mind as opposed to things like forced sterilization or you know the relocation of certain people or the actual killing off of certain groups of people or segregating people it's not done through physical means it's done through the manipulation of the mind so that the population will actually carry out that eugenics operation upon itself we'll continue with this analysis on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Applause] [Applause] [Music] boy those words are truly prophetic and appropriate aren't they you know there's a wall between us and a river so deep and we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong there's a code of silence and it can't go on that's why I've broken my silence on this particular topic even though I know full well going into a topic like I've been covering over the past few weeks on this show I run the risk of alienating a large percent of my listening audience okay I run the risk of being called a misogynist I run the risk of you know saying you're placing all of this blame on females in society and it's none of those things folks you know first of all like I said I'm not here to win a popularity contest I'm charged with telling the truth to people putting the truth out there so people can empower themselves with it you know I'm not on any side I'm on the side of truth and freedom that's that's the side I'm on you know those are my values that's what I find important and indispensable in life you know I'll take those over being liked any day any day so again this is about trying to heal this divide and the only way you could do that is by talking about these issues you know you're not gonna get that by ignoring it thinking it doesn't exist and hopeful hope that it's gonna magically go away on its own I'll tell you that much so the direction I want to take this is trying to help people to understand how neo feminism is a eugenics operation an example of what I call eugenics and I'm going to kind of seemingly jump from kind of topic to topic from here but you'll see how this all works together hopefully you will see the tapestry about it how it all works together so I'll just jump right in with general attractiveness studies that have been done over the last few decades and I'm not even gonna give any specific examples because there's a ton of them and you can look them up for yourself okay maybe I'll post some links or something with you know a podcast or this week's show or next next week's show who knows but the main overarching point I want to make here in this section is that the perception of what people find attractive is actually largely not really their own and but many scientists and many people in society insist this is all genetically controlled insist that you can't you know there's no helping that or it's just the way that it is okay and that's just how people are quote-unquote we are just like that quote unquote now what I'm trying to explain is this is one of the biggest manipulative techniques that is used in humanity against humanity and I think when you look into Studies on general attractiveness that have been done about you know the sexes and what one sexes finds attractive in another sex I think it will really enlighten a lot of people as to just how deeply this social engineering is ingrained in our culture and once again you'll have the people in the left brain scientist camp saying this is just Darwinian evolution and natural selection and you know survival of the quote fittest okay and what I'm going to insist is absolutely incorrect this is mind control this is one of the blatant most blatant and purest examples of mind control that you will ever find and I'll tell you how one of the main ways you'll know and you can't always just use this standard okay when things are so skewed to one side you know there's mental manipulation going on folks I mean completely skewed way off the median way off the norm there's nothing natural about that when you get 100% of people to say the first question woman asks to a man is what do you do for a living to answer that question like that that that is so universally agreed-upon you know that's that's not nature that's mind control you know nature strikes a balance and often forms a happy median not so when social engineering enters into the picture that's what pushes things all to one extreme - you know one unnatural direction and I'm gonna try to through you know this section try to explain one of these dynamics and we'll see many other instances of this as we move forward with this explanation of how neo feminism is in fact eugenics if you can manipulate what one gender finds attractive in the other you're well on your way toward being able to steer how a population propagates and let's make mince no words and make no mistakes about it women decide in our society which genes propagate because they are the ones who are deciding who they breed with period I mean it's an inescapable conclusion therefore you have to ascribe responsibility for how the culture has propagated how the how humanity has propagated to the female of the society now I'm not saying they bear the 100% total responsibility for that but a large amount of it has to be placed upon upon their shoulders because they have through whatever manipulation happens to be in place in their mindset decided who to breed with and therefore which genes get propagated in a society and then how those future generations will actually be raised because the value system that is shared between them and the men that they chose to breed with and propagate children with is then passed down to the next generation of children I mean this is just a simple logical inescapable truth you know that that is how genes get propagated in a society and that then that's how value systems get propagated mentally in a society and the occult ah cracy the occult controllers know this and therefore very wisely from their point of view from their manipulative point of view from their strategy it's a wise move then to very significantly target which target women in their mind control methods to try to steer them to choose the type of men that they want them to breed with therefore they can control how the gene pool propagates down to the next and future generations and they only need to get a few generations which they've already done in order for it to just take on a seemingly natural progression and propagate on its own by rote you know then you have that self-fulfilling prophecy you know type thing where the they can even back off a lot of their influence and people will just do it to themselves because they're they think they're thinking their own thoughts and then they pass down those erroneous notions down to the next generation and the next and the next so one of the best ways you could do this is by manipulating what people think of as desirable attractive period however you want to look at that term okay what I'm trying to say is it's largely manipulated and it's not a natural dynamic that is in effect in nature in human beings in our culture today in the modern world this is a manipulated dynamic and I think modern attractiveness studies that have been done by many psychologists and social scientists display this perfectly what how these studies generally work and again I you can look these up on your own or I could maybe post a couple of links because there's many of them how they work is they'll take a group of just men and individually they will isolate them let's say you have a hundred men or let's say it's a bigger study there's a thousand men okay and you're gonna isolate them in a room by themselves one at a time and they put a screen in the room you know no other distractions just a projection screen and they project images of women from all over the world every culture every walk of life every just about every age group every social income bracket social status what however you want to look at it it's a wide swath of you know people from all different walks of life of women from all different walks of life and individually the men are asked to simply give a kind of a yes-or-no answer of do you find this woman that you're seeing on the screen except ibly attractive and it's not like for long-term relationship or marriage or anything like that it's just general attractiveness I'll continue to explain this on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm of course we're continuing to cover neo feminism as an example of epic eugenics as I've coined it we were talking about how perceptions of beauty and perceptions of attractiveness are manipulatable and how this social engineering dynamic is used to the advantage of what I am calling the occult ah cracy the ruling occultists in our society and when you look at some of these studies you could see how much manipulation is involved by the skewed numbers involved which will really really shock a lot of people I know friends that I brought this up this dynamic up to have been incredibly shocked by the figures involved and that's what I want to share with people and explain how this these studies work there it's they're very simple you know again they'll take a group of about a thousand men isolate them one at a time in a room and show them images from of women from all over the world every cultural walk of life essentially you know every a sensible religion background age group you know and just say to them simply gauge any like a yes or no way do you find the image that you're seeing right now the image of this woman that you're seeing right now attractive or not it is not for do you want do you think this person could be your soul mate or can you stay with this person for the rest of your life till the day you die would you want to marry this person you know nothing like that not even long-term relationship type things okay it's just saying physically do you do you like the image of this big period that did you find it attractive do you find it desirable do you find it Pleasant please period that's it now what they do after they and they do this with literally hundreds of images if not thousands okay and when that's done they take basically a percentage so they do it with one guy right and let's say he said he found you know out of the let's say they showed five hundred images and he said three hundred or let's say yet he said you know a four hundred were attractive and one hundred were not attractive that would be eighty percent okay if he found you know 250 attractive 250 not that would be a 50% okay and then they do this with all the guys in the study and then they average the numbers so you get an average percentage from all of these thousands of thousand people of the average percentage that the men as a group found attractive in in all the women that they saw okay and when they do this with men and show them these images of women the numbers are approximately somewhere between 79 and 80 percent around 80 percent of the women were seen or perceived as attractive by the whole group of men in the aggregate approximately 80 percent so that means in general as a generalization the body of men in a society fine approximately eight out of ten females except ibly attractive now you could say maybe the numbers slightly less than that you know you know you could you could it could go you know there's a margin of error that could go either way a couple of percentage points but around the mean of very high 70s to low 80s saying that men in general think that the majority of females are reasonably attractive or reasonably acceptable in their appearance period that's it it doesn't say anything else it doesn't say you know that you know again they would want to spend their entire lives with any particular people that they were shown or you know they thought there's not says nothing about the personality types this is this is a study in physical attractiveness very simply okay now when this is done with women you see an entirely different dynamic emerge so the same thing is done 1,000 women are selected for the study each one is put into a room individually and shown images on the screen of maybe you know a few hundred to a thousand men that are from every single walk of life every cultural background every religious denomination you know every social status income however you want to look at it all ages okay and essentially this then they average up all those numbers okay so they take each woman's percentage of the men that she said yes that person's physically attractive and then they average all of them once they did that with all of the women involved in the study and I'll give you the average percentage on the other side of this break so stay with us and you'll hear what that figure is and I think you'll be amazed by it ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone we're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm so in the last segment I was explaining how a lot of these attractiveness studies that have been done to determine in the aggregate sense how men and women differ in their perceptions of what they find attractive or appealing or you know acceptable in physical appearance differ and how this is a very specific example of one of the ways that human perception is manipulatable and how this works toward the advantage of the social engineers and I'll get I'll be getting into that but we were talking about the men in the aggregate sense in these groups found approximately 80% of the women whose images they were shown in this study acceptable and when they did the same thing with women and then average the percentage of the amount the total amount of men whose images they were shown that they found physically attractive or physically acceptable in appearance the number was less than 20% yes less than 20 we're not even talking about 50 or 40 or 30 okay the average numbers were approximately between 18 and a half to 20 percent in different studies that were conducted which means less than or approximately two out of ten men in our society are considered by women to be reasonably physically attractive and again this has nothing to do with relationships this has nothing to do with personality characteristics this has to do with simple physical appearance less than two out of ten now I would I upon seeing the results of these studies I don't immediately start my mind does not go to the place where most other people's mind goes to it now I'll tell you where their mind goes to which is completely incorrect erroneous thinking it goes to this whole notion of that's just biology that's just that's just women have to be more selective in the choosing of a partner because you know a man can inseminate many women and a woman can only you know be impregnated once every nine months and then has to carry that baby to term and that's a big concern so they're going to naturally be more selective that has absolutely nothing to do with the results of this study folks zero even if you were taking that factor into consideration which I'm not saying is completely and untrue you would still see a medium being hit and you might see a little bit less than 50% but the number would probably still hover around 50% minimum when you see something that's that skewed there's mind control at work without any question this is social engineering at its finest because what the social engineers want is to be able to control population and more specifically than that what they want is to be able to control what kind of person propagates their genes and what kind does not so one of the best ways to do that is to manipulate what a certain gender namely the gender that propagates the genes through their choice of who to have sex with and therefore who to breed with if you can manipulate that mindset that perception of what is considered or deemed attractive and then propagate that notion socially culturally in a widespread way you're well on your way to being able to mint manipulate who breeds and who does not breed which is what eugenics is in a nutshell and what they want to put forward to most women in society as to what is attractive is the emasculated male this is what you see propagated in magazines this is what you see propagated on television shows this is what you see propagated in many movies not all movies Hollywood is still kind of like a big divide going on between the dark sorcerers who are telling their tales and weaving their mind-control tactics and there are still some you know people who are telling some really powerful positive allegories out there just as a brief aside to this I did go to see Jupiter ascending which I was somewhat disappointed in the direction that they took it I thought this was going to be about that and it there was some info very good info put in there about the real history of earth and how earth is a farm owned by beings that are not quite fully human this this notion was interweaved into the end of the storyline but with this good promising storyline they really took it off in the direction of like a you know a romance film kind of what I did find that was very well done or at least somewhat well-done is since the main character was a female the Jupiter character not to have any spoil overt spoilers but if you don't want to hear any you know minor spoilers then don't listen to this part she has to make a choice in the film main the film is all about her individual choice she has to make a film about getting out either staying in mimimi thinking and only caring about her and hurt her own life and her family's lives her immediate family's lives or taking on a wider level of consciousness and a wider perspective about what's actually happening to the human species the human race who are being bred like cattle for harvesting and she has to make a decision whether to stay in that selfish mindset or to come out of that selfish mindset and develop true care for all in other words to come out of what you would consider filos form of love which is familial type love and to move to agape type love which is care for all care for the well-being of all beings she does make the right decision in the film which is you know a positive aspect of it I thought the premise of the film was great I thought the implement the implementation of the film was weak and I was kind of disappointed by the Wachowski Zhou implementation of it but that's all I'll say about that in my brief aside I think it's still worth kind of checking out so going back to these attractiveness studies when you can manipulate an entire half of the population to only see a very very very limited scope of people in that society as attractive okay whereas somebody you even would want to kind of be around or have dealings with you're already steering the ability of many people within that society to propagate their genes at all and this is borne out in genetic studies this is not just speculation this is not just me saying I think it works like that if you look at genetic studies about ancestry about human ancestry you find that the human species has largely been propagated by women's genes in other words more women propagate their genes than men propagate their genes I know that sounds strange because you would think I would have to be a 50/50 figure but that's not how it works okay if what it means is that at any given moment in general only about 20% of men are actually imprint you know worldwide or impregnating women and therefore approximately 2 out of 10 men propagate their gene downward into the gene pool stream in the future whereas approximately 80% of women are propagating their genes down into the gene pool so when you look at why society has turned out the way that it has again you could say this is a harsh judgement but you have to firmly look at the role of women in who they have chosen to propagate their genes with now when you combine attractiveness studies that have been done between men and women and how they wildly diverged and again there are people who will staunchly stick to this genetics Darwin Darwin ia's Darwinism survival of the fittest crap when it comes to that and/or then go to the false argument that this is just human nature ok they're completely ignoring social manipulation they're completely ignoring social engineering they're completely ignoring mind control they're completely ignoring the role of advertising and placing images before people you know look folks in with in Satanism believe it or not okay I'll bring up a topic here that I didn't really plan on talking about but it comes to my mind when we talk about studies like this there's something that has been put forward in certain satanic groups or certain satanic philosophies called crystallization inertia and when it comes to sexuality this is something that I think people should be aware of and look into when when someone is young and they're exposed to certain imagery it takes root in the subconscious mind and people will think well preferences you know sexual preferences attractiveness preferences things like that are just ingrained and they're just part of somebody's DNA I'm trying to explain to people no they are not they are largely socially conditioned okay they're driven by social engineering they're driven by the types of images people are exposed to it young ages and even if you look into this concept with in Satanism believe it or not you know that's what I'm trying to say is even within any other ideology you could find things that are true you could find things that are worthy of investigation and study just because some Satanists have talked about this concept doesn't mean that people shouldn't look into it it's called it's called crystallization inertia but in some groups like the Church of Satan they use the term erotic crystallization inertia to talk about how sexual preferences are developed through exposure to certain visual stimuli often at young ages okay so um I think it's worthy of people looking into because I think it illustrates my point through advertising through so through media okay through television through magazines through movies people are being influenced from young ages to decide what to see certain things as attractive and other things as not attractive and that's that gets rooted into the subconscious and that gets taken with people throughout their lives it's programming this is what people don't want to understand they want to understand that that they don't want to understand that we are a programmable race we are a programmable species and that's a very uncomfortable thing to them to look at because then they have to start looking at while who's doing the programming who's allowing bad programming to come in who's propagating bad programming see then responsibility comes in to the issue and that's why people don't want to look at this you know so the this helps to illustrate the point of how attract and this gets ingrained into people often at very young ages and that sticks with them subconsciously throughout their life well that imagery has to be being put out there by someone and they're these cultural engineers are using to steer the mindset of human beings particularly women again because they know they're the ones who are ultimately responsible for the propagation of the gene pool for the choice of which genes get propagated through the gene pool and again look into these genetic studies if you don't believe me look into them yourself look into you know genetic studies show that you know more women have propagated their genes over time than men and you'll see that it's true and again maybe I'll post some links with the show ok so this is one of the topics that I want to explain about how this is a eugenics op now how that works then is out of the very small percentage of males that many females even find acceptable mentally ok they the females mentally through their perceptions find acceptable to prop to even socially engage let's say OK at all then you're going to have a smaller percentage within that twenty percent or so you know and it'll of course of women aren't just going to interact with those twenty percent ok socially it'll be a much larger number that they interact with but the studies show that they will generally wish to engage any further relationships with about 20% of males because that's what they even physically find attractive then they'll we that down by what they're looking for beyond just looks and then that comes into this dynamic of hypergamy and it brings in the dynamic of well what is their communicated value system that they've received from their parents and the older generations and then you know how are they going to interact with this smaller percentage of males that they you know have already kind of weeded down from the bulk of the male population and then they're going to say well moving forward into the future with more serious relationships or long-term relationships or they're gonna find the people who have those social characteristics that they find a tractable attractive and move forward with those individuals so you're really talking about a smaller and even smaller percentage of men so what is happening as a result of this limitation within the perceived value attractiveness and value of men is you're actually seeing population reduction happen and people will say how could you possibly say that the world's more overpopulated and you know tighter numbers of people then it's ever been wrong what the world is not overpopulated this is more social engineering and mind control cities are largely overpopulated and stacked with people because they're concentrated focal points for populations or as we don't have distributed populations over the land this is this could create the perception of overpopulation and they want that because they want people on board with eugenics again it's what I call mini-me Satanism they want people thinking satanic Lee people who think satanic Lee and agree with the tenets of Satanism are more likely to be manipulated and socially engineered and controlled if they get people thinking in a lower-level way the real local talk receipt thinks we're going to talk about declining birth rates in just about every westernized country on the other side of this break folks stay tuned for that you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] you know today disguise at night today welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on our beyond I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm so we talked about general attractiveness studies that have been done comparing what men and women perceive as except ibly attractive and how that wildly diverges and I use it as an example of cultural engineering social engineering to divide men and women by manipulating you know what is even perceived as acceptable in both of their mindsets but specifically in women and you know when you when you start to control things like what people find attractive acceptable attractive etc this is going to have a long term effect and because there's this much more tightly controlled selection that you see happening birth rates are actually falling folks I mean you know people don't even understand this they think like because the world's population in general is going up that somehow that means we're over populating the planet the population rate is rising in destitute areas and destitute countries and this is largely a survival mechanism we're in the mindset of people who are living in in totally destitute conditions they will often think the best way of propagation is to have a lot of children to hope that some of them survive and then maybe come out of this condition it never really usually works out like that but that's the that's what a survival based mindset generally does so you're seeing totally destitute third world countries populations rising and believe me the powers that should not be the occult Accorsi doesn't like seeing that either that they want to conduct harder core eugenics on those people largely through you know the kinds of poisons they want to hit the children with when they're as young as possible or just hit them with genetically modified food that's going to reduce their fertility you know that they're they're going to a more hardcore type of eugenics when it comes to that in westernized societies they're using these epigenetic eugenics techniques what I call epic eugenics which is waging this war of weaning down the population by getting the population to do it themselves because they're thinking thoughts that are not really their own and believe that they're their own thoughts when these thoughts have been socially conditioned into them at very early ages often in their formative years through media and also through the propagation of that those forms of mind control through bad parenting so I want to give some figures at the top of the next hour before we start taking calls just to complete this section we'll continue this next week on what the actual birth rate here in the United States actually is and you'll understand our population is going down not up we'll pick that up on the other side of this break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting stay with us we'll be back [Music] freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're into the third hour of the show for this evening we're talking about the Neo feminism agenda how it is a methodology of eugenics and it's what I call epic eugenics eugenics waged through mind control I was getting ready to talk about declining birth rates particularly in Western countries and all you got to do is type into a search engine you know birth rate figures and you'll see that the birth rate is below the necessary requirement to propagate the population to maintain a steady number to maintain you know a population that's neither rising nor falling you need a two point one birth rate which means that you have 2.1 births per two people and the reason you need a little bit more than 2 / 2 is because there's unnatural deaths that happen you know in society and that accounts for you know slightly higher death rate so the birth rate has to be at about 2.1 so it's slightly above a natural you know death rate at the same time as people are born so the the birth rate has to be two point one per two people for the population to maintain a steady number without rising or falling currently the birth rate in the United States is approximately 1.8 for 21.85 depending on whose numbers you're looking at that is well below the rate that is necessary to maintain a steady population so the actual population overall within the United States is falling not rising and it's you look up ever just about every other quote westernized country okay industrialized country the figures are approximately the same if not worse than the United States some of them are in many cases lower than one point eight the United States is right about in the middle of one point eight / two people the again depending on whose figures you accept but recent numbers have shown approximately one point eight five is the birth rate in the United States so we are not we don't have an overpopulated world we have overcrowded cities and that's how the occult Accorsi wants it that's how the occult controllers want it they want people crowded into regions where they could be easily herded and controlled they don't want them being around nature a natural environment you know and you know that they want to try to wean this population down as as much as they can but more over than that they want to take out the qualities and characteristics within the population that they do not want propagating and therefore they have to propagate the notion of attractiveness to the female who chooses who to propagate genes with down to the next generation they have to make the acceptability or the characteristics for attractiveness be ones that are hand in hand go hand in hand with the propagation of this immoral system in other words men that are acclimatized and go along with and agree with the corporate world okay and this is why they have to ingrain into women that is so important that it's the number one important thing that it is the source of value that it is the source of security forget morality forget ethics you know truth what's that who cares reality couldn't be bothered with it it's working splendidly folks and the population is actually dropping as a result welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm before I go to the calls I want to give the callin number once again the call-in number toll-free to join us here on what on earth is happening is 803 one three nine four four three once again the calling number toll-free 800 three one three ninety four forty three I'll be going to the phones in just a few minutes but I just want to give people a little bit of a preview of what's coming up on future shows so of course I'll wrap up the topic there unless you know we go into a lull with calls then I'll jump back in with some more material but you know I I concluded there in the last segment with the following birth rates in westernized countries which are easily you know able to be looked up on any search engine and confirmed this is showing how this is a eugenics operation which is very much working it's a brilliant strategy it's a multi-faceted plan I don't expect anybody to understand all the facets or intricacies of the plan by just listening to one show you'll have to understand this section of neo feminism in its totality by listening to all the shows I've done on this topic but then compare it contrast it and put it in to the larger puzzle picture with all the other things that I've covered since day one on this radio show which is why I always recommend listen to the show in order from number one at your own pace because it is a tapestry of information and you can't build the things in the later sections without building a firm foundation at the beginning so this is a stepwise progressive initiation into knowledge and into the truth about what's really going on in the world and how this society is 100 percent completely manipulated and controlled and that's done through social engineering or otherwise mind control so I'm gonna take this topic into it's so necessary to destroy sex drives you know and propagate a genuine lack of in Tallin intimacy in society that's another big part of what's going on that's fomenting the further war and tension between the sexes in society you also want to take one side what if you're the government or you're the controllers because that's also going to drive a wedge further in between men and women and we could look at some of the ways that you know women kind of are benefited by government and benefited by the whole immoral system that's propagated up around us and how many of them like it like that they like to take advantage of those quote perks and see government as a protector or a daddy figure and this always comes from parental abandonment issues you know just like all the people who want the nanny state have mommy issues the people who want protection by this immoral institution called government often have daddy issues so you know we'll talk more about how this fits into parental abandonment issues as well because that cannot be overstated destroyed sex drives through lack through overworking people the type of pop culture that they're sold and and how that is propagated into their mindset the food water chemicals radionics chemtrails you know all of that goes to work on people's libido as well so we'll be getting into how they actually not only use you know manipulate Auri tactics regarding attractiveness and and values but how they do it often physically as well to make people not want to propagate their genes by destroying sex drives we'll talk about how women have been hyper sexualized and yet in many cases through family and in popular culture discouraged to have healthy sexual lives I'm gonna get into sex being used for manipulation social medias role in the further dividing of men and women because people can't see how that's going on in many cases they think it's you know made people more social and and brought people closer together when in fact it's actually created driven quite a wedge between people you know so and we'll talk about men's reactionary movements toward what has been done and how women have been conditioned in our society and men's reaction to that you know what has been will look at you know certain attitudes within like MRA men's rights activism movements and things like that the mgt o/w movement which stands for men going their own way this concept called thus exodus which is another big thing about like men dropping out of society not even wanting interaction with women as a result of you know this dynamic that I've been talking about of the neo feminism agenda so this will be coming up on future shows I'll be getting into all of these topics and more probably take at least another couple of weeks to go through it but like I said this will take as long as it takes because I think it's such an important dynamic to deeply understand so I'll stay on this topic for as long as it takes to thoroughly to my satisfaction cover the issues that I want to talk about after that I'll be going into I'll probably be giving my presentation that I just gave at Philadelphia Liberty on the rocks called the true meaning and purpose the Second Amendment I will probably take a whole show and give that presentation in an extended form live on the air with slides even though I'll be posting the video of it I'll probably do it as a radio show and extended podcast with slides so that's coming up because I want to re-emphasize the importance of gun ownership rights and re-emphasize the importance of the Second Amendment in general I'll probably be doing an entire series on the occult history of Nazism of the religion called Nazism in in a future show and going into all the occultists who fomented that religion and brought it to the forefront in the early and mid part of the 20th century so that'll be a series coming up on what on earth is happening and then I'm gonna go back into solutions in future shows and talk about what I feel is a a social informational warfare technique a social informational warfare technique that to my knowledge I have never heard proposed by anyone and I have a name for it I call it maven targeting maven targeting I'm gonna try to make this popular I'm gonna try to spread this to as many people that have the capacity to understand what it is and how it might work in society and that's all I'll say about it for now I kind of hinted at it before but we'll be getting into this these and many more topics in coming weeks so let's go to the phone lines and hear what people have to say I would prefer to keep it on the topic of neo feminism in general although there are never taboo topics on this show so you know if people want to bring it in a different direction you know I won't stop them from doing it but I'd like to hear calls on the Neo feminism agenda if pot if at all possible so let's go to the phone lines and let's hear from Ray in Oregon ray you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark absolutely brilliant it just it really it really was it the you've just you nailed it you're on man this is really good stuff and you looped it back around for me by by hitting the population I just got in a big fight with my neighbor it was about population so the first thing I'd say right ask you is we you say you can just get these anywhere where did you get your stats for the population won many many different places you know you can compare and contrast this all you have to do is type World birth rates that's it you know and you can get them for any country you just type into any search engine you prefer birth rates for the countries of the world that's it and you could go to any number an enormous number of sources and see how certain different sources will vary slightly but in general they don't vary vary drastically and the United States I only have one in my notes tonight in the notes that I was taking when I was preparing the show the the the average percentage or number of the birth rate it's not a percentage it's how many people are actually per two people in society are actually having children and propagating their genes period it's 1.84 per two people that's the average again you could see it as there's certain sites that might cover it as one point eight five one point eight six I'm leaning toward the little bit lower and of where most people had it but it was around one point eight five so I've seen many sites listed as one point eight four two point one to propagate a steady population right right I would take it in just a little I got a question and then another follow-up question as I'm as I'm going you know through life and I'm doing my best to to do this great work and I'm trying to wake people up I understand I think enough about it to know it's important I've alienated pretty I'm not very good at it I don't think but it doesn't shut me up I just I I know all I have to do it well sure as I'm looking at this it becomes very apparent that there is a great amount of people that just ain't gonna make it they're just they're served calcify i they're harmed they have no spiritual you know place to even down and those people those people will mentally wake up in a concentration camp that's the level of suffering that will be required unfortunately ray-ray stay with me I'll hold you over into the next section ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] how appropriate folks phenomenal lyrics from the great band spear caravan their wake up from your sleep if it's your soul you want to keep I think you know can't be any more synchro mystic or time appropriate with what Rey was bringing up before the break the last break hit us right you were talking about how people that you try to bring these topics up to or so mentally calcified and resistant to learning and understanding the truth about what's really going on around them you want to continue with that line of thought they will fight you to the death won't they I thought my neighbor went in his house to get a gun and I thought he was gonna shoot me well we were talking about his population but my bigger question on this is okay so the people that that finally do wake up in the concentration camps the ones that don't when they die where do you think their next wheel of pain is gonna be do you think it's on the earth or do you think there's other planet absolutely without it I mean that if you're asking my belief about that dude can I say I know that definitively no but my belief is you're not going anywhere anywhere you're gonna stay here till the lesson is understood deeply and you know it'll take as long as it takes as I say it like it like I say it'll take as long as it takes to cover this this topic it'll take as long as it takes for the souls journey to progress into higher levels of awareness and it may not have you know that'll happen for as long as the earth is here you know who knows I mean if we really really go overboard and do something destructive to the earth to affect its ability to carry life you know I don't know if we'll go so far as to actually physically destroy the planet but III think we could do something to the atmosphere and the land and water that makes it toxic enough that we won't be able to live on it and then this species will go away but I think spiritually that the beings the souls will still go to someplace that can carry life and will have similar circumstances so that they have to learn the same lesson you're not escaping the lessons because the lesson is embedded into the fabric of creation you know it's the will of creation to prop to move consciousness to higher and higher levels that's the will of creation that's the sin tropic force that is driving everything ultimately in consciousness and it counteracts and moves against to act as a sharpening grinding stone if you will of that blade the force called entropy okay or the the chaotic force the force that wants to hold that progress of real evolutionary development and consciousness back and it gives it something to essentially work against unfortunately the people that you're referring to have just been caught up in that chaotic and tropic force that force of entropy that force of dissolution the the moral decay the total ignorance you know the apathy the laziness the cowardice etc and they're just swept along by that current they're not engaging the will and they're not engaging the will because they don't have enough care and they don't have enough knowledge and that's the owners are the only forces that absolutely must be developed in order to create positive real change and to change the actual conditions there are requirements built-in requirements to changing what the conditions are that we already have and unless those requirements are met conditions do not just magically change themselves no do not want to understand that dynamic so you know Steiner postulate that and I was going to tie this in with you've heard of the the cult of Saturn right of course absolutely the Saturnian cult is one of the aspects of the occult ah cracy without any doubt you know you see this evidence all over the place in judiciary's you know judges wear the black robes you know the whole education system you're rewarded in graduation with this black robe and black square you know without any question the Saturnian symbol is everywhere in advertising you know they consider this you know one of the gods of the ancient world L you know was Saturn and you know it generally equates with the the disciplinarian the chaotic principal this force of entropy as well Saturn is an adversary in a poser it could be equated to the concept of Satan in many cases but without a doubt this is the absolute control freak that there there's a religion of control freak ISM is the way I would put the whole Saturnian priesthood so without any question you know the Saturnian priests class is part of what I refer to as the the network of dark occultists the occult aqua sea as I'm going to continue to refer to it in the future because I personally like that term that's enough now here's what Steiner says he says the ones that don't make it in this turn that that do calcify and turn off and will not have anything of it that is where they go they go there so what do you think about the I where do we go if we if we you know learned our lesson what what's our next step do we decide the word avatar to you would does that mean anything to you um well you know to start with this the Steiner reference um did he think that they would go there physically or would this be some sort of a spiritual imprisonment there for a time because I'm not certain that Saturn would have a physical atmosphere capable of supporting our kind of life today is he talking three dimensional or is he talking in a spiritual dimension of some kind I got the impression that it would be spiritual interesting [Applause] [Music] the cool side that we don't dare speak it's a while between us so we keep there's nothing wrong this code of sides welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm taking your calls for the next two segments until the end of the show call free toll-free number to join us 831 394 43 I want to thank Ray for his call and bringing up the interesting points that he did let's hear from Brandon in Boston Brandon you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hey thank you Mark absolutely Alice can you hear me yes my grant I think this is a very important topic I'm glad that you're dedicating a lot of episodes to it until it becomes resolved because this is a huge ginormous topic and I kind of got turned on to this through Michael to sounds work on the females and I what he's talking about nestled on the following ones we made it with the women and but what he brings up out of all this literature and mythos that there was no protest on behalf of the women right and so therefore we have this sort of seducing fallen angel type right sort of literary environmental consciousness media what we call now o in many accounts and many accounts they wanted to quote they wanted to breed with the gods because of their capabilities through their technology and through the influence that they held with the other beings that that came here and did what they did to humanity and and many of them like you looked at law that's a better position to be in than just the lowly you know slave species you know it's this whole concept that people in a situation of control or slavery will often participate with their enslaver or the system of enslavement that they are actually in just to have a somewhat more comfortable place within that system of enslavement right yeah and it's really unconscionable you know that's improve it you know but um you know because of the fact that like you know um well you know why do why is every country named after a woman a goddess Europa content named after a goddess but he also says that they probably had that technology and I think it was Isaac Asimov who said that technology at some point becomes indistinguishable from Mannion magic that's right nothing you know couldn't miss because sort of magic that the Mouzone of the tantric zone of the citizen such a woman which comes through us who the vampire now oh that's exactly what those allegories are about that the seduction of the woman by the vampire class this is the class of the okk occult Accorsi class the occult controllers who are not quite human quote-unquote they're psychopathic you know they have all these resources and capabilities at their disposal which there's almost like magic and then the women are seduced by that and want to be a part of that whole system when it's actually feeding off of them and everyone else around them that's a perfect example the whole vampire allegories absolutely bring a great point see and to see how now the further you have it merges into the Neo feminist agenda and by the way I'm loving the the terms you're coming up with here like the aqua touristy and all but um the Twilight series huh yeah how we had vampires who vegan okay so you have this effeminate vampire right I think that series and it's interesting if you like I hate it right but interesting this study if you're gonna study other children who are exposed to this stuff and you it's like the the kind of Gothic gone to look they're super friend right you know it's putting this aesthetic out there into society and you know this whole gothic type mindset as well is largely about like not caring you know I was just saying like it's become cool not to care you know you know not to know about what's really going on not to care you know to be to just to be seen as somebody who really deeply cares or is emotional and cares about things that are really going on is seen as oh what do you want to be like that for that just leads to stress and that just leads to you know you being disappointed you know this whole idea of destroying the heart energy destroying real care for the the suffering of human beings and all beings you know that that has to be destroyed and I'd say that's a big part of this whole agenda as well I mean that's all a part of the whole occult agenda in general but it plays into the neo feminism agenda as well yep and one more thing I just said you know from just as my personal experience okay with woman reacting to an awakened man I mean I don't call myself awakened like on the process of being awakened sure I understand you know I mean you know uh you know they go through these stages whether they're like way to say they're not waking or whatever they'll say well he's not like I need percent of us man slobs I know horrible saw other figures and mothers that had been grown and grew into love Oh a he must be gay or be I'm just deny that you know and they actually go through the stages of grief and then they finally come to some kind of obsessive like acceptance you know it's very fast I don't think anybody psychologist has really talked about that I mean Carol Gilligan it's definitely a very difficult thing for people trying to cultivate any kind of a relationship with the opposite sex if one of the members are quote-unquote awakened and very aware of what's going on and the other is not and is in that uncomfortable state of not really wanting to be awake and not really wanting to know and I've seen you know relationships either totally broken up over it or in in some cases the the person who is awakened capitulating because they want to stay with that person out of comfort reasons and deciding I'm going to tone down my rhetoric I'm going to tone down my action when it comes to exposing things and speaking the truth and you know what that's the worst place to be the worst place anybody can be ladies and gentlemen if you are in a position where you know you have responsibility to the truth and you shirk it because of the fellows or eros form of love again I explain the three different kinds of love before in in the Greek mystery traditions there were three words that were used to express love or love energy there was eros which is romantic love between a man and a woman filos which is familial love or the love shared between friends and other family members okay then there was agape and agape is love for truth love for all beings love for justice love for freedom in other words alignment with the will of creation for higher consciousness that is what agape represented if someone shirks agape for either eros or filos meaning romantic or familial or friend kind of love and they stopped engagement in and propagation of truth as a result in my estimation that is the worst spiritual place to be in the universe a bit I wanna I want to really thank you for your call Brendan phenomenal points that you brought up there let's hear from Jim in Connecticut Jim you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hi mark a very interesting show I wasn't aware of some of these things you've been bringing up I have two questions first question is is but do you know what the age range of these male female attractive studies were yes it was I believe and I don't hold me to this but I believe they were conducted from 18 all the way up to like 60 or 65 years of age so it was wide swath of people it was a whole age range of adults you know I don't know if they went over the late 60s or not but and again I I don't want to say that definitively but there were many different studies so I'm sure some of the age ranges varied okay but it was all adult men and women that were part of it and I would say the age ranges were pretty much all over the board so it wasn't into ryeong temple no no no it was all over the age spectrum okay my last question is do you have any information or knowledge of who specifically is behind this manipulation I I gave you could probably find rosters of people on any of the given groups that I mentioned you know look up people who are members of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations the Rockefeller Foundation the Council on Foreign Relations the Club of Rome lots of other international think tanks members of the Central Intelligence Agency you know I mean if we look up there's the the Bilderberg Group annual meeting of the there their whole membership is it comes out almost every single year look look up just about any name on that and there are people who are involved in these types of mental Latian you know definitely looking at Tavistock Institute of human relations I mean if people aren't familiar with that mind control think-tank they don't really even understand where so much of the social conditioning comes from and people want to say that's just a conspiracy theory let me tell you something these are the most advanced psychologists occult psychologists in the world who know all the intricacies of how the human psyche operates how it can be manipulated how it could be steered how it can be directed they're shaping human perception they're controlling human perception once you do that you own people's behavior when you own their behavior you own their soul looking at all of those groups and more I'd recommend going back into my work in the in the past and I talk about many of the different think tank groups in the section on who are the occult controllers in in the podcast early on how do you spell this Tabitha Tabitha yes it's ta vie I s T Ock Tavistock Institute of human relations there's a phenomenal book by John Coleman co le MA and John Coleman who is a historian who has done brilliant work in exposing the mass nations and the mind control that is put out there by the Tavistock Institute of human relations many other researchers as well but John Coleman's is particularly excellent I recommend it yes absolutely thanks so much for the call Jim and let's hear from Jonathan in Kentucky Jonathan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome mark long time to see how you big brother doing well yourself yeah I know there's a lot of doom and gloom we have especially with the way society and humanity functions and I really wanted to give the word of encouragement if that's okay sure go right ahead you know I look at I look at how we all are in this planet and we always ask yourself why are we here why is it like the way it is the only thing I can come to is what better time in the universe beyond this planet in physicality to repel this oppression because if we don't do it here how do we deserve to be anywhere else that's right you know you know I it's funny that you even mentioned that because I was just saying this that well you know people always talk about escape but like what better of a place to be where the action is at you know it's like this is where the work is to be done this is our this is our work this is our goal and not so much spiritually but I highly consider that it has to be in our DNA we are connected to this planet and maybe we incarnate here because of our DNA resonates with it we are the white blood cells of this planet the awakened one i ike I kind of like that approach I kind of like what you've laid out there you know I don't think escape is the answer I don't think looking to other dimensions other times other places is the answer I think we are here for a very specific reason and that is to accomplish the great work of changing the consciousness of the people of this planet because I fundamentally know in my DNA in my soul in my resonant energy within my being that the universe abhors slavery the universe wants freedom for the different aspects of itself it doesn't want the beings of any particular planet to be enslaved it wants for us to know the truth and be free as a result and we do that by bringing by understanding the psyche by understanding the aspects of the self through self-knowledge and then through knowledge of the laws of nature and bringing our behaviors into alignment with those laws so that we can co-create wisely and consciously and that's what that's what the will of the universe is for us to learn those things it doesn't want slavery it wants to see this condition called the human condition of slavery ended and that's the work that we are here to do that our mission so Jonathan I thank you for those words of encouragement I think people should take them to heart yes sir I had one one more quick thing ask an hour they take it off if you like your occulted tactical hat I did receive it and thank you yes I love that it had the flower of life on the front and it had the tag anti Archon on the back which I thought was awesome yeah thank you that gift I didn't realize that that would be who sent that yeah that's why now if you notice my last name is from southern Sicily two of my family crest we're talking about DNA is that a dove or a pigeon with all of these in it now I just wanted to throw that out there Oh interesting thanks so much thanks for letting me know that that was you that sent that folks I get a great little gifts occasionally sent from listeners that are really well very thoughtful and very appropriate as well so absolutely thanks so much for that Jonathan and thanks for the great call let's hear from Sterling in Texas sterling you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark are you doing well yourself I'm great I just wanted to bring up a few things about going back to parental abandonment sure I think that the perfect movie that or at least that I've seen on that just sums up the human condition of parental abandonment would be king of the Avenue have you ever seen that movie no I have not thanks for the recommendation what is it generally about fantastic movie basically what happens this young white boy grows up and he was adopted by a drug dealer it's black man start starving right there we're coming up to a break on you continue this in the last segment ladies and gentlemen stay with us we'll be right back [Music] see when I try to show [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone final segment for what on earth is happening this evening we were talking to sterling in Texas starting I'll let you continue thank you well I'll try to make it quick for the other callers but basically what happens is the young white boy he grows up with this heroin addict mother and he always has nightmares about it he's haunted by his childhood and he never knew his father and so he was adopted by this black man this kingpin and so what ends up happening he was murdered and obviously he sees all these traumatic things while he's alive but so he grows up to become a kingpin and he he fought he battles in the movie or he's either in conflict in the movie for king of the Avenue is what they call it I guess just to have control over his region so this other guy gets the position for king of the Avenue and he was threatening to kill his family because his father killed his father is this making sense my yes okay so what happens is he was so traumatized and I guess programs somehow right uh that he has this vision this encounter with the devil in his living room and he makes a proposition a deal as he usually does and he says he promises him safety promises to to allow him to become king of the Avenue if well I guess he was just he was basically just saying that he needed him to become the king of the Avenue and he would have to summon a demon in order to do so so what he has to do or what he did was he went to the grave of his father and dug up the corpse because the devil said that he needed a conduit so I guess that means like like subconsciously that that traumatic experience would manifest and into it you know the demon that he position so I mean it's it's truly amazing how parental abandonment issues that create trauma are truly reflected and carry energy throughout most people's lives and because it works at such a subconscious level in many cases people don't even recognize the power that that kind of trauma has in their lives and don't work to eradicate it because they don't even recognize it it's like this is going on all over society both men and women you know and this is why we have to call attention to issues like this and understand that in many cases this is driven by unresolved trauma that happens during childhood and then the behaviors that we're conducting are actually done subconsciously without people even realizing what the real causal factors of the of those behaviors are thanks so much for the call sterling great points good movie to look into I'll be doing that that's all the time we have for this issue of what on earth is happening folks remember there are only two mistakes that one can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks for listening tonight we'll see right here next week [Music] [Music]