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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday February 21st 2015 this show is of course live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here today we're going to be continuing our discussion on neo feminism as a eugenics operation an operation of what I call what I've coined epi' eugenics eugenics that is actually waged against a population through mind control through the control of human perception we'll be talking about some of the mind control tactics that are specifically targeted toward women in our society as we've been doing for the past several weeks I will be taking calls in the third hour of the show this evening the calling number to join us 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 once again the toll-free number to join us in our number 3 with your calls and comments 800 3 1 394 43 before we start this evening I do have a few announcements of course the big conference coming up on the East Coast this year the free your mind 3 conference biggest and best conference of its type anywhere really in the world if you want to be technical about it I mean this is a conference that really delves deep into the nature of the problem that humanity is facing it's a conference on 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with that coupon code passio pas si o you can enter that for $15 off your total purchase so tickets are available now don't miss the free your mind conference coming up in April at April 10th 11th and 12th 2015 the website free your mind conference calm so I did finish editing my second ammendment presentation video that I gave on February 10th in Philadelphia and it is now online at both the what on earth is happening dot-com website and my YouTube channel you can see it if you go to the news section of the website the videos section of the website it's at the bottom of that listing if you go to the videos tab or you can click the second item under latest news it says watch marks presentation the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment and I'm really happy with the way this came out it was a short presentation especially by my standards I usually give much longer video presentations but this one was just over a half an hour I think it clocked in at about 41 minutes or so and I think you know I did a pretty good job breaking down all the different components of the Second Amendment and then reassembling it on the other side to help people understand what it was really truly about so you could check that out once again on the news or video section of my website or my youtube channel which is youtube.com slash what on earth 93 what on earth all lowercase all together in just the number 93 after that there are still what on earth is happening promotional t-shirts available as a gift in return for a voluntary donation to support my work you can click the email link that is listed in the article in the top of the news section item of one of the water on earth is happening comm website for more information on how to receive a promotional t-shirt and as I said last week I'll be making some new designs for the free your mind conference so those will be available and I have a really nice kind of vector graphics design that I'm going to be breaking out for the free your mind conference on t-shirts so there also is a donation button on the left hand side of the water on earth is happening calm sight if you feel that you've received value from the infirm I've presented and shared here on this radio show and on my website you can feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue it into the future so with that having been said let's jump into the material for for tonight again as we've been talking about this topic which is a controversial one and again controversial just means face to face with change often it means face to face with dealing with something that is burdensome or uncomfortable and then you have to confront it and deal with it in order to heal it because ignoring it isn't going to make the problem going go away it's gonna make it much worse that's kind of how it is with this topic of the mind control techniques that are specifically targeted against one sex it's a Hegelian dialectic this is a fomented war between the sexes and the dialectic again very important for people to understand can work a confrontational dialectic that is a form of manipulation as has been it's it's been called the Hegelian dialectic in philosophy it's been called problem reaction solution by alternative researchers only one side needs to buy into the manipulation or the lie in order for that dialectic to actually take effect to manipulate that side and then they attack the other side and you know you're off to the races so this is what I've been trying to explain when it comes to this it's not about trying to further divide people it's trying to make the people who have bought into this dialectic understand that they've been duped they've been lied to and by buying into it and propagating it they're actually doing more harm to humanity and creating further division and like I said fomenting a war between the sexes instead of them coming together and understand the tactics of manipulation and control that have been being used against them so that's really what neo feminism is ultimately all about but even more so it's a eugenics operation as I've been talking about over the past many weeks eugenics is about selectively deciding who gets to propagate their genes and who does not and what I call the Neo feminism agenda is an example of epi eugenics that means that it's eugenics that's being waged epigenetically meaning beyond just the physical control of genes they're doing it through mind control they're doing it through the manipulation of human perceptions and you know we've talked about many many topics so far that we've covered regarding this this concept this topic in general I'm going to probably either be ending it this week or next week this topic and then moving on to some other issues that I want to discuss but depending on how things go with the the breakdown of the topics I want to cover tonight and callers you know it may we may wrap this topic up this week it may go into another week but last week we touched on things like hypergamy which is you know the concept of marrying upward or looking at a person that you're going to become involved with simply as a resource that's really what it is about you know it's especially a monetary resource the lack of true care that exists in society the the lack of care about the difference between right and wrong behavior you know so many people are only interested what a person does for money and they're not interested in whether they really know the difference between right and wrong and there are a truly moral individual or not we talked about the the the trap of buying into the idea that the socially engineered condition of a lot of people in society especially the socially engineered condition that a lot of women are in as a result of the type of mind control and manipulation to has been used specifically against them does not make that they're currently engaged in behaviors their nature it's a trap to buy into this concept that this is just human nature and to not study social engineering and mind-control as a basis for this condition and the condition is capable of being changed if people wake up to the manipulation tactics so you know this as soon as I hear people say ivory emphasized this over and over again this is just human nature this is just man's nature this is just woman's nature i autumn a red flag automatically goes up and I immediately think the person really doesn't know what they're talking about and hasn't really done their homework because to make that statement totally dismisses it's totally dismissive of social engineering and mind control to bring about that current condition that condition can of course be changed it's not just permanently set the way we are what is pretty much permanently set as the way we are is that we were made as a programmable species this is the true nature of a human being and whether good programming goes into the child during the formative years will largely determine whether good output comes out in the form of behavior in that child's life and this also can be changed even later in one's life but it becomes more difficult because that early formative year programming is absolutely quintessential for for development and what the the person you know later on locks on to and values as real and values as good and values as important moving forward in their lives it's very difficult to get someone out of that mindset if it's calcified and solidified you know over the course of their lives and it's never been challenged that formative framework that was laid down during the early formative years of the child because the mind at that age soaks everything up like a sponge puts it into the subconscious mind and then relies upon it moving forward you know we have to understand how to get inside and unlock a lot of that content that comes through self introspection that comes through working with one's own psyche that comes through doing deep introspective work to look at the things that are a Miss and awry and I've been put there through programming and through trauma you know and then to deal with it and say hey is this benefiting me and then to say well if it is then okay keep that part if it's not then some change needs to be made it's not okay to stay this way it's not okay to just accept this as just how I am you know work needs to be done in those areas for healing and for growth you know and for moving to higher levels of awareness and understanding what made things like that and if that's not in our better interest and we have the power we have the capacity to change it through working upon ourselves so you know some of the topics that I want to get into this evening well just to recap a few more things we discussed last week before doing that you know we talked about the a little bit about the imbalanced ratio between men and women in the so-called truth movement and you know it's a dynamic I really wish we would see come to a level of balance by more women women stepping up and you know offering the truth as they see it to the wider community it seems like this you know overall there's there's just this huge huge dispatch disparity between you know the amount of men who are doing this type of work and the amount of women who are doing it and I think it it has to do with the topic I'm gonna start on today which is that a lot of women in general tend to like statism they tend to like the condition that Humanity is in and don't really want it to change that much because they see a lot of the ways that they perceive that it works out in their favor in their favor kind of like the the perks of the state if you will and we'll get into some of those things but just again as a somewhat of a recap you know we tried to look at why there's this disparity between men and women and the truth movement last week will continue that this week and if there's any people want to call in and offer their perspective on that I'd like to hear that we talked a little bit about last week how women drive the corporate economy with over 85% of the purchases of the American economy an amazing disparity with men in society making only approximately 15% of the purchases of all goods and services in the United States mean that is an overwhelmingly incredibly imbalanced statistic 85% of purchases made in the United States are made by women 15% of all purchases in the United States are made by men you know if that doesn't tell you that the techniques of marketing are working heavily in the minds of women compared with men in society in general again this is a generalization okay but you will hear me making them during you know talking about topics such as this that that's overwhelming that's an unbelievable statistic as far as I'm concerned you know and people should consider something like that why is that you know hardly anybody even asked that question I feel that it's because these controllers and these ocultist directly target the psyche of women you know they know that women are largely relying upon this desire for security we talked about that as well you know and it's an illusion and they manipulate and play upon that illusion and you know in doing so they get people to buy things that they you know put a perceived need for in their mind even though they don't really need it and it's driving the whole corporate driven economy you know the whole profit margin driven corporate economy very successfully I might add and last week we of course touched upon the studies that have been done on human attractiveness to the opposite sex and you know we were talking about the imbalanced statistics that come out of these studies on attractiveness and you know this stats say that the overwhelming body of men find about 80 percent of all women except ibly attractive while all women find only about 20% of men accepted ly attractive we'll pick it up from there on the other side of this break folks stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm so before the break I was kind of recapping what we have covered and specifically some of the topics we covered last week on the Neo feminism agenda as an operation of what I term at the eugenics we had looked at some attractiveness studies human attractiveness studies that show that overwhelmingly men find approximately 80 women of 80% of women acceptable attractive while women as a whole in general only find approximately 20% or less of men except ibly attractive this is an example of what I call the manipulation of human perception to create a desired outcome on the part of the social engineers by getting women to only look at a certain very narrow slice of mail males in society as somehow acceptable and that meet their expectations in any way and this is a way that eugenics can actually be waged through the control of human perception itself and we talked about that a little bit last week we talked about how you know this will allow social engineers to really control the propagation of certain types of genetics and values that's even more important than controlling the propagation of genes is controlling the propagation of values because if they can condition certain people to value simply money or looks etc or social status this becomes the new form of social Darwinism and social engineering at the same time and most women don't even understand that this has been done to their mind they believe their thinking their own thoughts in many ways and these thoughts are actually coming to them through the social engineers through the think-tank agendas through the media through the control of the media through the control of pop culture and pop music and what you see on television and read in magazines etc it's a very tightly knit strategy it's a very scientifically created strategy because they understand so much about human psychology and so much about the the hidden deep seeded subconscious motivations of people and they'll exploit that and they'll send that into imbalanced forms of desires and and drives and motivations they know how to manipulate those things not just understand how they work but they understand how to manipulate them to bring about their desired outcome so we talked about that a little bit last week and how all of this is really resulting in following birth rates really all over the world and largely in westernized countries anywhere where the society has already been you know industrialized etc there's falling birth rates they're all below 2.1 just the belt and you know we looked at America's hovering between you know one point eight five and one point nine somewhere you know depending on whose numbers you look at I've seen numbers as low as 1 point 8 4 per 2 people which is seriously declining but overall if you look at the over all population of the world you know especially in the Western world we're seeing birth rates going on the downward curve as we speak you know people are always talking about overpopulation and this is a lie because they're really perceiving overpopulation in cities in concentrated urban areas almost all of the Western westernized countries their population index is actually in decline you could look this up through just type in birth rates by nation and you know you'll have tons of charts about this so we talked about that a little bit last week and we ended up kind of talking about how there are people who historically will side with an immoral system to just selfishly reap the quote-unquote benefits of that system for themselves and this is kind of what I want a segue into talking about tonight you know we also touched on last week about how it's so it can be very difficult for awakened human beings to interact in a relationship if they're in a relationship with someone who still isn't quite awake you know and how you know what I said I considered one of the ultimate wrongdoings or sins if you will that anybody could possibly commit and that's not standing within and speaking the truth and being an advocate for truth and freedom just to get along with or go along with someone that they're in a relationship with in a what I call a lower form of love the eros form of love or romantic love is certainly not as high as the love of truth which is agape okay you know that that should come before every other consideration including family familial love and romantic love I would say that needs to come even before the love of one's own children because without that kind of pair your children are not gonna have a future we'll pick this up on the other side of the break stay with us folks [Music] [Music] you know today disguise a nice night divide today tried to run try to hide welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're continuing to talk about the neo feminism agenda as an example of eugenics as an example of an operation that I term epee eugenics eugenics waged through the control of human perception and I was getting ready to get into some new material you know what I was talking about just before the break I think it's very important that you know care for truth has to really be our first consideration everything is secondary to that because if we don't care about what the truth is then we certainly don't care about what the difference between right and wrong is and then we're going into a prison because there's a law in the universe that as morality which is built upon care for truth increases freedom increases and as morality declines which is the inevitable result of not caring for truth freedom declines and we go into bondage and slavery now that's an absolutely immutable law that exists in nature if you don't accept that get over it you know if you might as well not accept the existence of the Sun or of gravity okay because you are affected and bound by the workings of those laws that you did not put into place in creation you know they're part of nature inherently and you know this this society is just basically conditioned into not caring about what's right not caring about what's true you know if if we had real morals in society the first question that that would be asked by people encountering each other for the first time wouldn't be about how much money do you make or what do you do for a living it would be about are you a true moral being that really knows the difference between right and wrong how about the first question being please define a right for me maybe the world would be a whole lot better if that was the first question that pops up in conversation do you know the definition of a right you know it's one of the biggest reasons we're all losing our rights is because nobody even understands what a right is in our society anymore that's how dumb down and selfish people have become so the the areas I want to take it tonight the topics I want to touch on can again seem unrelated as you know we talked about in the last in last week's program I'm gonna just cover some different points regarding this and they they could see them unrelated but when you see them together in the big picture sense you understand how they are all part of this agenda and it's an agenda make no mistake about it to control human population and it's elected it's a selective breeding agenda it's control through the human mind of which types of people which people with particular characteristics and traits they want to be able to breed and propagate those genes characteristics and traits their value system most importantly or their lack of one you know that's what they want to try to keep in place and that's how this this whole neo feminism agenda works folks so you know tonight I want to talk about how there's a lot of women who have been culturally conditioned and again generality statement a lot of most you know I'm gonna use terms like that it's not a blanket statement it certainly doesn't mean all there are many anti statist women there are many women who are involved in truth speaking and you know involved in the truth movement of propagating real information to people to try to wake them up but the vast majority of women in our society have been culturally conditioned to desire the state to want the state like I said this is what this whole agenda is about is ultimately creating an unholy wedding between the women of our society and the state because of the perceived perks that they Seve from the state as Big Daddy okay this is always connected to parental abandonment issues and because so many people in our society have grown up without the presence of a father figure a strong father a strong manly presence in their lives there's a reason for that the state doesn't want that they want the increased divorce rates they want that the increase increasing fomenting of the war between the sexes because the less strong men there are in society the more people depend upon the state and become subservient to it so this is all happening at a subconscious level through programming you know they lot of women have bought into the state as this protective father figure and again a lot of it has to do with they themselves don't have a good father figure in their lives and so they're using the state as proxy for that as a psychological subconscious proxy you got to understand this is how the psyche that has been affected by some form of trauma starts to work it looks for something to substitute in there this is often referred to as a psychological proxy and in many many women's lives the state has become the psychological proxy for the strong father figure that may be absent in their lives or may they may have a dysfunctional relationship with that father figure in some way so they're dealing with abandonment issues of some type regarding the father figure and that is so widespread in our society it's unbelievably widespread and you know it doesn't have to mean physical abandonment it can mean a strange 'men you mean psychological and mental abandonment emotional abandonment emotional trauma interaction with the father figure in many cases because many men aren't in touch with their emotional aspects as well as they should be and therefore when they have daughters they don't really understand how to interact with them very and then this leads to this a strange condition even in relationships where the father is physically present and then you see the females of the society coming over to the side of the state of course it's more complicated than that because there's outward brainwashing in school systems there's outward brainwashing in the media there's outward brainwashing in in mass entertainment in magazines you know on the nightly news everywhere and you know what is what this has ultimately resulted in is the state taking on the role of daddy in many of these women's minds and it happens the same way for men too I mean they're not exempt from that from all those psychological processes and from not understanding how different traumatic circumstances within their lives leads them to want the state as a proxy figure for the strong parent you know this is this is really universally done in both sexes but it's been very very successful when it's been employed against women and then a lot of men want to step into that role because they want to be part of that perception you know they want to be part of all the strong masculine figure he's a member of the state he's a member of the the so-called two-party system which is really one party called slavery that's not how it's going to be seen in the mind of the mind controlled inauthentic woman the inauthentic man is gonna go and take up his role within that institution of control you know because he's going to want to be seen as attractive to the inauthentic woman which is this is what we have largely in our society there's only a handful of real people left folks we have the proxies running around we have the you know golems the husks you know the empty avatars if you will that have nothing inside there the unauthenticated man and woman the flesh robot the automaton you know and this is propped up everywhere but it's it's largely due to these subconscious parental abandonment issues because their undealt with and unresolved and these people are doing any introspective work upon themselves to understand where these issues lie as when I talked about cosmic abandonment in that whole series we went through I talked about my own parental abandonment issues on both sides mother and father how I dealt with it and work through it if you're not looking at it directly and confronting it it's gonna eat you alive you have to do that work no matter how painful it is and there's no shortcuts to doing it there's no shortcuts it's called understanding what happened and dealing with it and understanding you're not gonna go back in time and change it or how are you going to let it now affect who you are in the moment and most people are just they're eaten up by it they're eaten up by because they think they're gonna somehow suppress all that subconscious matter material and somehow they're gonna come out on the other side unscathed by suppressing it all instead of dealing with it well it doesn't work like that folks you're gonna get more of the same you're gonna get more negativity you're gonna get it get more chaos in your life the more you refuse to deal with issues that are buried down and traumatic traumatizing you at the subconscious level and I would suggest this is the vast majority of women are have these types of subconscious trauma issues and many of them don't want to deal with it and you know they just want to look for a proxy and the states all too happy to come in and say I'll be big daddy you know it works pretty flawlessly and it's not and it's gonna continue to work until people really start to come around and understand how this operates so a lot of women openly like the state and are very outward about saying so you know they think this control system is great in many cases again not all please don't say I'm making any blanket statements because I'm not I'm trying to use basic generalities like a good majority a vast majority I feel it's a vast majority personally it's a vast majority of men too but you know women seem to really openly enjoy the quote unquote perks or quote unquote benefits that the state gives them over men in society in many cases and again at this subconscious level they've bought the state as the proxy for the masculine father figure that is in some way absent or has abandoned them in their lives you see this big time in princess programming you know the princess programming by Disney and other media conglomerates but specifically is put out there by Disney this is part of the concept of hypergamy of looking to that strong masculine figure as the provider you know it's not about whether the person is really truly deeply good it's like you know lavish me with the resources that I want and take care of me as a father or mother would again it's like a proxy for an absent parent more than it is a relationship that's based in equality and again not sameness okay once again equality does not mean just sameness you know if you're thinking about it like that you're thinking about it all wrong that means different people bring different things to the table in the relationship and then there's a blending there but they're they're both being treated with equal fairness and equal rights that's what I mean by equality equality under natural law equality and care equality and what they have as their value system this is the familial dynamic that the controllers don't want they want to destroy it it's largely destroyed make no mistake about it it is largely absent and the people who awakened themselves to what has been done through this agenda are going to need to rebuild that familial dynamic because as long as that's destroyed you could forget about the proper raising of children you could forget about people truly learn morality in our society and that's exactly where the controllers want this dynamic at they have it there they've they have largely accomplished this you know you look at how sexuality is treated the the the hyper sexualization of women especially young women in our society through advertising through media through pornography etc but then you know in the same breath they're actively discouraged to have healthy sexual lives this whole cultural shaming of women you know who god forbid have had more sex partners than it seems being socially acceptable you know that this creates all kinds of you know cross confusion going on in the mind they've crossed signals being sent and again it's it started when they're very young almost prepubescent ears and you see in media and advertising this sexualizing of women and boys as well of girls and boys that are very young even prepubescent you know the princess programming is a big part of it too I mean that this goes on in movies this goes on in magazines and television constantly and again that's part of this you know hypergamy concept that is sold to young women you know just using sex as a methodology of manipulation to hold over you know males heads to get what they want is a big part of the hypergamy thing you know this idea that you know again the the male is to be seen and used as a resource and again if this happens on both sides of the fence don't get me wrong folks I mean men do this too but I'm saying it's widespread among women it's encouraged among women by their family members in many cases I mean I know this is encouraged within my family and other friends families that I've spoken to about it they're very open and saying yeah that's how you know parents tell their there are female children to be in many cases in most cases you know marry up marry for money etc and you know then you see that how this leads to high rates of divorce and you see that divorces are largely initiated by women almost entirely actually I mean the numbers back in the early 2000s were that almost 80% of divorces were initiated by women in our society and that was in the early 2000s I don't know exactly the number that it stands out but I guarantee you it's over 80 percent over 80 percent and this is all because of this mental programming that goes on real-world men in our society are not living up to the mental programmed expectations that many women hold in their minds about what a man is and you know what men many men are the unauthentic men you're they're getting what they have been programmed to get and women don't see this you know they've been conditioned to want these doormats and then when they're getting these doormats and they're not living up to their their expectations as a quote-unquote man and her mind about what she's been told that a man is then you know they don't want to continue in the relationship in many cases and in many cases it does become an abusive relationship and a lot of times because of the dynamic of how valued money is about everything else within the relationship and you know this is on these are gonna be unpopular things for people to hear I'm trying to explain to you how these mind controlled dynamics are going to work to create a totally destabilized society so that controllers can comment easily mop up the remains and will continue on these topics on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Public Broadcasting we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening com we were talking about how a lot of women in society love the immoral system that we have because they perceive the state as a means of security or something that will give them perks or benefits when it comes to you know in interaction between them and males in society we talked about the hyper sexualization of women and you know putting up of women on you know sexual pedestals in many ways that you see in media and advertising and pornography but then the cross signal being sent to actively discourage women have healthy sexual lives in society this idea of cultural shaming when it comes to female sexuality princess programming in the media and in entertainment conglomerates sex being openly used as a methodology of manipulation and for hypergamy divorce is being initiated largely by women over 80% of them because men aren't living up to the mentally programmed expectations that they have for them look at divorce and family courts you know divorce courts and family courts in especially in Western countries but particularly in the United States they ruled drastically in favor of women in almost every instance 95% of rulings of divorce courts and family courts are in favor of women in our society 95 percent now that's not overwhelmingly skewed okay I mean you're gonna tell me that in all of the interactions that happen between men and women women are have the moral high ground in 95% of those instances you know I'm not trying to sound sexist when I say that just seems like a very skewed number to me you know and most women won't look at that and say yeah there's something wrong with that number that's a skewed number the state wants this dynamic in place it wants this tension in place they want they you don't understand anything that's going to lead to basically a child that's not growing up with a strong male presence in its life that's what the state wants guaranteed that is what the dark occultists 1 I'm telling you that is part of the entire satanic agenda that we're talking about here because without a strong male presence okay you're never going to see the kind of masculine energy that it is going to take to resist tyranny in society that's what the all the religion is about that's what all the the whole monetary system is to suppress that and emasculate the male and make him into a corporate slave in a noose called a tie okay have all that you know any kind of rebellious angst stripped out of him you know let's let's redirect all that to football you know you know and looking at our tribe of our team as our car our identity our self-identity I was watching a video the other day a child maybe about six years old literally crying tears big crocodile tears streaming down his eyes into his cereal as he's sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal okay videotape this is being videotaped by his mother okay who's trying to comfort him instead of telling him what a complete clown he's being I don't even care if the child was two years old okay I would never feed into the kind of delusions that I was seeing in this video maybe I'll post it with with this podcast I don't know but he's crying about the Seahawks loss in the Super Bowl I guess he's from the families from Seattle and you know the he when he was asked how are you feeling about their loss he said I feel like nothing [Music] powerful words wake up from your sleep it's just soul that you want to keep absolutely I mean I couldn't concur more that's what's required on the part of humanity because we are losing our soul as I was saying in the in the segment just before this last break I was looking at a video a child crying in his bowl of cereal in the morning because the Seahawks Seahawks lost in the Super Bowl and his mother's videotaping this and asking oh you know how are you feeling and he says as he's weeping uncontrollably he's saying with this face with his lips pounded out like I feel like nothing you know that that's how culturally conditioned already at that young of an age at about 6 years old or whatever he was okay that your identity is to be wrapped up in your team in your tribe this is how unauthenticated they already have a six-year-old boy wonderful job raising that child mom and dad you did so well I mean you you got a broken golem prop golem probably just like yourselves on your hands who's whose entire identity is wrapped up in a football team and he's saying because they lost he feels like nothing he feels nothing yeah yeah he's on the road to greatness in society let me tell you you know but that that's that's the part that's that's par for the course folks that's that's the standard that we're dealing with right now and that's everywhere everywhere and because we're raising children like this in the aggregate sense you know the general population is raising people like this that's why we're going deeper and deeper into slavery see people think making men weak like this or somehow emasculated like this or having all their identity wrapped up in a in you know the identity of collectivism the identity of the state the identity of the tribe you know they think oh that's that's gonna somehow only weakened men no as men are weakened the entire social structure is weakened cohesion between men and women are weakened and as a result women are going to suffer the consequences of that as well and largely they're going to suffer the consequences of that through the tyranny of the state because there's not gonna be any strong male figures to resist that tyranny that mind control that brainwashing or any of the masculine energy is going to be funneled into the state and all these mind controls zombie flesh robots called police and soldiers you know are just gonna enact that tyranny out onto the public and you think women are gonna be somehow magically exempt from that they're gonna be the hardest hit people get bet on it just don't don't take my word for it just historically look at what happens to women in a society that it has descended into tyranny you know they think they're gonna receive any protection from this mechanism quite the opposite it's a joke this whole agenda of neo feminism is a complete joke and it's totally anti woman has nothing to do with women feminine superiority at all it's the destruction of the female just as much as it is the destruction of the true male you know where one other thing I want to bring up when it comes to this dynamic of driving a wedge between men and women well you know so we talked about a lot of the perks that women see as perks or benefits from the state why many of them will enjoy its continuation you know the continuing the continuance of the life of the state in general but I mean we can see it's operating as a eugenics weapon the Neo feminism agenda is already in place and operating in the Western world as a as a eugenics weapon we this is evidenced by the falling birth rates in just about every westernized country I think you know they're ramping this into higher gear now with the advent of social media over the last many years okay I mean within the last you know less than 10 years I'd say really within the last five or you know six or seven years when social media started coming up you see a very drastically different dynamic between men and women playing out in society people think social media is actually you know they tend to think that it's actually kind of like bringing people closer together by letting them share all the stuff in reality I feel that social media has acted as it divided between people a big divide between people and then they're they're coming into like just isolated little pockets of people who just talk to each other you know and ignore everything else they're put it's putting people in bubbles but one of the other things that I think it's doing throughout society dynamically is its helping to drive a deeper wedge between the sexes its fomenting the war between the sexes at an even greater more accelerated pace and at a greater level and a more accelerated pace and I'll explain how I feel it's doing this before social media people interacted publicly in person imagine that you know they went places and did things together now everything's on the on this virtual screen that is people are just tapping away tapping away saying nothing ninety-nine percent of the time okay and it's like they're not even interacting in real life anymore and this is that this is actually really created a very wide split between men and women and how they see social media and I've brought this up to some men and I brought it up to some women as well and you could see how there's a completely different attitude about this between men and women and how women like how it functions and men somewhat like how it functions but then when they see what it's actually causing socially those seem to think they'll seem to agree yes there's a point here that this is socially divisive you know and they'll go oh aha they might have an aha moment and realize you know what you're talking about but even if women do see the point that you're trying to make they don't seem to care they like it the way that it is because again it works out like a benefit or a perk in their favor and there you just have the concept of satanic thinking when something is being used to socially divide people don't care whether it works out whether one group is hurt if it works out in their favor you know and this is the concept of the state to being seen as somehow good or that should be there or that should be present because as long as something works out in their favor forget the other person who's harmed by it forget the violence that that's inherent in that system you know I'm not saying there's violence inherent in social media but there's certainly divisive Nissen Herenton it and you know when you bring up the way that it's been dividing people through keeping them apart you know through you know basically women through can use these social media and dating sites kind of to just garner more and more attention for themselves and then you know kind of almost like a grocery list or you know a shopping line item you know have a whole bunch of things to choose from a whole bunch of men's interest to choose from whereas social media does not work out that way in most men's favor and you know this has actually made women even more completely radical when it comes to what they see as somehow acceptive attractive etc you know appealing and it's this it's the continuation of the type of princess programming that you see in Hollywood movies through Disney you know this concept that somehow men are not there as equals but they're there as resources to be exploited and to be gone to whenever the need is is there um and don't get me wrong folks I'm not saying men don't use and look at as objects in many cases as well that happens at this in the same way what I'm saying is that social media has made it possible for women who previously had to basically interact with in society physically and go places and do things okay with men if they wanted to you know forge some type of a relationship now has basically removed them from that interaction to a large extent where they can actually just operate digitally and you know somehow like like I said like some sort of a grocery list or you know a shopping item choose between men that they want you know to interact with somehow and men don't really have that opportunity through social media or certainly it's not there to any large extent and when you bring up this dynamic to people especially young people who are you know in dating ages and etc or looking for relationship ages they will both agree that that dynamic is present but you'll only ever hear men say yeah that's that's true and it's kind of messed up women will say yeah that's true so what you know you'll hear that kind of an attitude I just suggest that people kind of bring up this in casual conversation and ask people what they think about it I just see it as a huge divisive thing that really most people haven't even kind of considered or really deeply thought about and any kind of a level now is are these things planned like that or they just work out you know I would say this could be part of this overwhelming agenda in addition to basically collecting everybody's data and being able to work up psychological profiles on people this is what they're using it for to continue to drive the wedge between the genuine interaction between men and women in society which form higher levels of dynamic cohesion between men and women and get them operating on the same page and looking at the same types of things and developing you know higher level values and care for what's really going on that again that familial dying that looking out for each other dynamic and it's become all about how can I use the opposite sex as a resource again what do I get out of it's satanic thinking satanic thinking so that's something I just wanted to mention you know that whole idea of social medias role in dividing men and women and in the modern world you know all of this really comes down to what we're seeing throughout our society is a lack of just genuine care between men and women you know you're seeing them just see each other as the enemy more and more and more and more and that's what they want they want any way that they can divide and conquer people you could talk about religion as a divide and conquer strategy class social status and income etc age you know race ethnicity etc nationalism but you know people often don't look at the one biggest one that's staring people in the face gender so the biggest divide and conquer strategy of all especially without this neo feminism agenda is being used in the modern world I think there's a genuine lack of care between men and women and there's a rising genuine lack of intimacy between men and women you know we could talk about destroyed sexuality in society destroyed sex drives do the long oppressive hours of work that people go through and then they don't want to interact with any level of intimacy with their partner you know how about media destroying the sex drive pornography destroying the sex drive you know the whole idea of pop culture you know and the brainwashing that goes on through mass entertainment painting you know this this hard to reach ideal you know this is what a the perfect woman's body should look like this is what the perfect man's body should look like you know has nothing to do with genuine interaction between the people it's all superficial it's all on the surface it's all what can I get out of it satanic thinking how about the destruction of healthy sexuality and sex drives through just what's in the food through its in the water do all the chemicals were bombarded with on a daily basis in cleaning products and you know products that we use every day around the home in the bathroom all the kids a whole chemical society the chemical Laden society about the oh the spring they're doing on us you know what's the result of when soft metals enter the bloodstream and get into the central nervous system you don't think that that can have an effect on human sexuality and and you know intimacy in general and again then that acts as a methodology of eugenics of controlling population growth how about radionics and electromagnetic fields over all the waves that were constantly bombarded with on a daily basis everywhere if they could they would destroy sex entirely folks you know like the concept in brave new world they won't open eugenics like that they just know that if people saw that type of thing being waged like what or like what Huxley put out in brave new world that there be lash back against it so they're not doing it in that straight eugenics type of methodology they're doing it epigenetically and you're going to see whole characteristics whole value systems bred out of humanity this way until we awaken to what's going on folks it's a very very elaborate strategy it's something that only one in a million people are going to deeply comprehend and understand how this is being conducted I don't even expect most of the listenership to really understand this entire tapestry and again I've only been following a loose line when I really deeply formulate this into a cohesive presentation maybe I'll make a formal seminar regarding this entire topic and I'll call it epi eugenics the Neo feminism agenda you know and maybe that'll be an all-day seminar at some time in the future I don't know what I'm saying is that there's many different components to this and you have to look at it all as a tapestry to understand how it works how these different methodologies of attack work together so many ways they're destroying sexuality and intimacy I mean just there you just look at what's going on in Japan right now folks I mean I don't know how many people are aware of this but I've read many articles about that there is an actual crisis they're calling it openly an intimacy crisis in the country of Japan right now surveys conducted in around 2011 and 12 are finding that over 60% of men and 40% of women I'm sorry 50% 60% of men and 50% of women between the ages of 18 and 34 who were single at the time that they were polled that that these surveys were conducted were not interested in any kind of a relationship with the opposite sex were not involved in and did not want any kind of relationship with the opposite sex now do you think that that's normal behavior for men and women in the modern society I mean I just don't see that as normal behavior that's that's those numbers are so skewed that is some type of mind control agenda at work and they actually call this the Japanese intimacy crisis I mean if you just type that term into a search engine you will get articles on it I mean I I see that crisis as coming to the United States are already underway and United States probably just at lesser percentages right now and this is what they want they want a rise in the divide between men and women in our culture they have it they have it going and until we awaken to their methodologies of control it's not going to change for the better I want to touch on a few more points in this hour coming up and then we'll go to your calls in the third hour of the show stay with us everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Applause] [Music] [Applause] there's a cool science that we don't dare speak it's wild it's lead-ups it'll rip so we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong there's a code of sides welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm so before the break you know I was talking about this crisis and intimacy that you see happening in the Far East in Japan and how many young people want nothing to do with the opposite sex anymore and that's just absolutely non natural that has to be the result of epi' genetic programming in other words mind control and the declining birth rates in all westernized countries are an example of epic eugenics eugenics that is waged through mind control where the population is actually calling itself and that those figures I guarantee you the figures that I talked about regarding the Japanese intimacy crisis 60% of men and 50% of women not interested in any kind of a romantic relationship in Japan between ages 18 to 34 those figures are coming to the United States and other Western countries I guarantee it unless we wake up to this manipulation that's being conducted against us to weaken us to divide us and to conquer us another thing you see in society that I feel is a disturbing trend is the rise of a sexual ism now I'm not saying hey if anybody just you know doesn't want to have any sexual life that's their business and that's you know their free will to do so but I see this very steep increase in the rise of a sexual ism which had always traditionally just been a level thing and engaged in a small you know percentage of very tiny percentage of the population it is now extremely on the rise and there's a reason for that it's all of these things working together that I call all components of this neo feminism agenda which is about the total annihilation of the familial dynamic in society once you destroy that you destroy morality you put people on to moral relativism you put them down the path to social Darwinism and that leads inevitably to eugenics and ladies and gentlemen I've just described to you what the religion of Satanism is now I don't care whether there's Satanists out there that want to say I'm a spiritual Satanist this and that you know you hear all these different terms thrown around about there's this kind of Satanism and that kind of Satanism when I talk about Satanism I'm talking about the old religion ladies and gentlemen get that through your thick skulls out there okay I'm talking about the ancient hidden religion of slavery of the perpetuation of slavery and the keeping of the human animal as a slave that's the religion I'm referring to okay so everybody wants to rebrand everything and call it the same name you know you want you want to call what traditionally the religion of Satanism which doesn't have to be called Satanism okay I don't care what you call it it's the old dark occult religion period the old hidden exploitation of the human psyche and the laws of nature if you have that knowledge and other people don't I call that Satanism and I call the tenants of only caring about yourself and not caring about what's true or right not not thinking or accepting that there's a true difference inherently between right and wrong behavior thinking that it's okay for the people who are the most ruthless in society to somehow come on top and rule over other people as long as it you know we get ours and who cares about the suffering of other people and the the last tenant of well since we're if we're in that position of rulership well let's let's control who propagates their genes and who doesn't who probably otherwise who lives and who dies which is called eugenics these are the general tenants of the old religion I don't care what name you want to slap on it you know call it atenism call it you know dark luciferianism I don't care what name you put on it doesn't make a difference what name you you give it as long as you understand what it does and what its tenets are you know people get too hung up on labels and then they want to argue it's like saying what is Christianity well ten thousand Christians are gonna come together and disagree over what Christianity really is you know cuz there's so many different forms and flavors of it understand that when I'm talking about the Neo feminism agenda I'm talking about it as an extension of this old religion which I call Satanism it is a satanic agenda without any question in my mind and radical forms of it are coming up that are just openly openly espousing Mis injury in our society the radical hatred of men will pick up that thought on the other side of the break folks stay with us [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone here listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm so before the break in the last segment we were covering different aspects of the intimacy crises that are going on all around the world well we hear about it particularly in Japan I made the prediction this is coming or already present in the United States we talked about the rise of a sexual ism which is people with just no sexual preference and just this are dismissive of sex of any kind and how that's on the rise because of a lot of the different mind control that's going on in society and again this is all part of eugenics they want this present you know we talked about all the different things that destroy sex drives you know long work hours media pop culture food you know so-called medicines the pharmaceutical drugs pollutants in the water you know fluoride etc radionics and and electromagnetic fields smart things that are going on in smart meters Wi-Fi networks chemtrails you know soft metals being sprayed on the population for number of reasons and you know this is just this all comes together as a perfect storm of eugenics and people can't see how it all fits together how it's all working together you know they can't see the grand scheme the grand plan you know I was talking about before the break head it's the rise of radical feminism you know this idea that you know men should just die we should deliberately control the the the ability of men to breathe as if this hasn't already been done epic eugenic ly throughout our society we're genetics studies show that already about 80% of the genetics coming from women's lineages as opposed from men's DNA which shows that most women only breed with approximately 20% of males in society about a fifth for whereas four out of five men basically do not propagate their genes through birth through birthing a child you know and this is all done to essentially continue the immoral system that we have and continue the eugenics operation that is already being conducted against the public this whole idea of women are largely being responsible for the continuation of this immoral culture by who they're choosing to continue to breed with women aren't I was reading another study it's something I guess I should bring up before you know continuing that you know women say overwhelmingly say that they want a nice quote unquote nice man they want a moral human being in a partnered relationship but overwhelmingly the same studies that have been conducted about what women say they want prove that then they go and do something completely different to that in their actual actions and their behavior and then they get together with a guy who doesn't have any of those characteristics is that they say that they want which again there's cross signals you know you have one idea that is planted they're more likely than not by the familial dynamic of their family members telling them you should go and get a quote nice guy that will quote take care of you okay but then they're looking at what are the pressures of society what is society saying is acceptable looking at all these different factors that they hear about in the mainstream you know media and culture and entertainment etc and then they go out and pick probably the most immoral the most ruthless the one that will enter that will accept the chains of the state the most just to get over on somebody else and make as much money as he can regardless of what industry he has to go into or how immoral the profession that he has to go into is just to be considered attractive or desirable by the inauthentic female in our culture see it's a feedback loop the inauthentic female desires the inauthentic male so more men step into the role of being the inauthentic male and this is why women have a huge huge say in the outcome of humanity probably more so than men do because they get to decide what's the next generation going to be like am I going to hold a value system within me that is genuine and true and real and is based on truth and freedom or am I gonna hold a value system that's all about money and gain and ultimately Satanism cuz that's where we have it right now folks most people are Satanists I don't care who that offends the vast bulk of the human population are satanic in their mindset and therein lies the problem of this entire culture and why we're going into bondage because we only care about ourselves we don't care about what's going on in a wider sense you want to know what Satanism is I keep telling people it's waking up every day and never considering anybody but yourself you think about your own crap you think about your own situation you think about what you have to do to be more comfortable that day or the next day or the day after that you don't care about justice in the world you don't care about rights human rights you don't care what's going on globally you don't consider the state as slavery you don't want real freedom or know anything about that because that involves deep learning that involves true care that involves real introspection and changing your own mind changing your own thoughts which is the solution which is why things like this have to be talked about because they're toxic and poisonous people are being turned into toxic poisonous people that don't care about real values and as a result what what are those specifically those women doing they're going out there breeding with the same kind of man that they've been breeding with that has made the world the way that it is and they keep doing it because they say one thing and do another contradiction internal contradiction and consciousness they don't really want a moral man they want a man who comes out on top within the immoral society that they're in that's all they care about the vast majority please I'd want to try to refrain as much as possible from ever using blanket statements okay when it comes to this dynamic I will I will say the vast majority and hey are the vast majority of men any different they'll go into these immoral institutions just to make money to appeal to you know the opposite sex they don't care about what they're doing they're just following orders like going along by rote because this is what's gonna get me mine this is gonna get me what I want and therein lies the Satanic thinking that's going to lead us into oblivion and on top of this now you have the radical sex of neo feminism that are absolutely openly man-hating practicing open misandry the the radical hatred of men you know some of them saying all men should just be done away with you know and then they'll have some sort of I presume that they'll have some sort of a breeding project aa brave new world you know we'll have designer babies you know that are just taken from our genetic material and propagated and I guess they'll all be women too I mean you could see how sick and imbalance this becomes at some point you know I'm certainly not for the subjugation of any people let alone women I think women should enjoy the same exact equal rights under natural law that all beings do that all being should enjoy you know I said from the beginning that's the difference between classical feminism which espoused equality under rights and neo feminism which is all about trying to replace this so-called patriarchy with a matriarchy we don't have either folks we have an occult aa cracy a phrase I've been pointing and you know trying to ingrain in people's minds over and over by repeating it every week we have a society ruled by the dark ocultist the hidden hand if you will the controllers that understand all of these dynamics about the human psyche and how they operate and are going to exploit them because the public is painfully and dangerously ignorant of how the human mind works and how the real laws of nature work so that's the kind of rulership we have we have an occult ah cracy and its want to know what what neo agenda it ultimately leads to neo feudalism which is what we're already in folks we're already in a neo feudal society that's the only kind of government there is on the earth as feudalism and sadly that's what a lot of these radical feminist groups would love to see they want to see this total control system for some reason they love the nanny state they think somehow its strength when in fact it's total chaos and destruction and the only way we're going to help heal this divide is to bring these attentions to the fore we can't keep staying silent about these things we have to put them up in people's faces and talk about it it's not going to be healed through silence so I mean those are the basic issues and dynamics that I wanted to bring up regarding this topic I'd like to talk a little bit about the reactionary movements that are going on regarding the whole neo feminism agenda because of course with every action there's going to be an equal and opposing reaction and again many of these just set the stage for confrontation and a further divide and war that's what they want war between the sexes you can't understand you have to understand that's all these people one they want division and war that's it they want to continue to suck off of that energy because as long as people are divided and at war with each other they're never going to understand the predator that the mindset of the predator that's already exploiting and preying upon them I don't understand how people can't grasp that so you have the men's reaction movements to the Neo feminism agenda you know the men's rights activism in general MRA and then you have other groups that identify as big towel or MGT o WC which stands for MRI stands for men's rights activism and then migt o stands for men going their own way which is a men's I would call it a reactionary movement against the Neo feminism agenda that is about totally cutting off from interaction with women men's rights activism largely points out some of these things that I've been talking about over the last many weeks and wants to try to bring some more education and discussion to the fore regarding these things but again it's it's very both of these seem to me to be very incendiary I've tried to take a more balanced perspective and not try to foment a further war which is why I would say I would not consider myself a member of any type of reaction movement such as that I consider myself a an individualist who you know studies these dynamics and makes my up my own mind about them and then tries to explain to others how these dynamics are really working in society I think getting involved with any particular group is probably the wrong answer I'm not a collectivist in general and Hema and what I consider my nature I don't see myself anymore I may be I once did so I shouldn't say it's my nature but I've changed my condition let's put it that way to wanting to be involved in groups to you know working on my own and I will work with certain groups of people if I feel their intent is you know pure and well founded but I just you know don't consider myself a group joiner anymore I think I learned my lesson on why it's probably a bad idea to get involved in group dynamics period okay so you know you can look at some of these movements and you see you do see some misogynistic tendencies or outright misogyny within them in some cases and that's because you're going to get radical people involved on in this because it's such a controversial and hot-tempered topic to begin with in most people's minds so I don't look at that as reflective of the entire of any of these entire movements you know you have to look at look at that and say well there's going to be extremists in just about anything and you need to realize there are a small percentage of it there are some valid many valid points that are brought up in within these reaction movements and you know one of the solutions that they bring up which I don't really think as a solution is the idea of just completely separating from interaction with women I think that's gonna largely I understand it as a defensive mechanism I can understand it hey if they perceive they're being traumatized by this agenda they're gonna say let me shut down and not have any interaction but is that really the solution I can understand why that is proposed as a a solution but are you really changing anything as a result of doing that that that means you're not going to be interacting with any of these people there's to be under the influences that they have been all the pressures of mind control and cultural engineering and social engineering okay and they're gonna still be outputting that same behavior because you're not really doing anything to change it you're just going into a shell you know so this is the idea of the SEC siddhis you know many articles have been written on this maybe I'll post some links to some of them I think there was a good two-part series but I think it was an info Wars reporter I think it was Paul Joseph Watson I'm not 100% certain so don't hold me to that but I'll look up some good articles on this concept of thus exodus the the dropping out of society by the American male really the male everywhere throughout the world because they see that modern females have become so you know I guess mentally weakened in there in these different forms of social engineering that have been done to them but many of them don't even understand that it's been done through social engineering again where a lot of these groups fall into is that this is just the nature of women which I see is the greatest danger within those movements okay you could hear some of the gripes from some of these movements and accept those gripes as valid okay because they're seeing the symptoms as I've explained a lot of the symptoms okay but the proposed solution is to just go into defense mechanism mode and not interact that I see in I understand it as a short term defense mechanism but long term I would say that's going to lead to more problems because what you're doing is you're just going to allow the social engineering to take its course without any resistance men are as if they're awake are going to have to bring knowledge of how this agenda is a eugenics agenda to the table and confront women with that who have fallen into it you can't do that if you just drop out of society folks we'll pick this dynamic up on the other side of the break and then we'll be taking your calls an hour number three ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm some kind of wrapping up the neo feminism agenda topic and maybe I will continue this next week maybe I'll do an all call-in show next week on this to let people air their comments or questions or concerns but I feel like I've touched on most of the topics that I want to touch on and I left on that note of the whole MRA and MIG toe movements as what I consider kind of reactionary to this understanding a lot of their concerns that they bring up recognizing that many of them do see the symptoms of what's happened in the social socio-sexual divide between the sexes in our society but many of them incorrectly ascribing this to quote-unquote human nature or quote-unquote female nature which is absolutely the deepest trap that one could fall into when approaching this topic in general almost overwhelmingly you do not see people within these movements as being spiritually awakened they are very left brained they have a lot of knowledge and information about what has gone on but many of them are of this total left brain scientism religion that will not allow them to see the nature of the control system that really is in place occult eclis even many of them are anti state and have understood the violence that's inherent in statism but yet they still don't see that as connected to morality and don't understand the nature of objective morality certainly don't understand natural law to a deep extent and most deaf and they do not understand the occult the occult aspects of the control system and that's the number one thing you know if you go back to my streetwise spirituality seminar which I wish a lot of people within these type of movements would look at the very first characteristic of being spear truly spiritually awakened that I listed in that seminar streetwise spirituality was knowing about the occult and understanding that it has both dark and light sides to it that was the number one criteria for being truly spiritually awake out of all the other possible things that it means to be enlightened or awakened that was what I listed as number one as the most important characteristic and everywhere I look it always comes back to that one dynamic ladies and gentlemen always the people who are deeply awake who are truly awake understand the occult I'm not saying they have to be practicing Oh cultists okay hear what I'm saying not you what you want to hear in what I'm saying I'm saying they know of the existence of ocultism they know what it is they know how it's used that's the difference between the people who are truly awake and the people who think that they're awake so I just want to wrap up a few things about this on the other side of the break and then we're going to be going to your calls toll-free number to join us 831 394 43 we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere [Music] you know today the skies are nice today [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I think the final thing that I want to wrap up on the final note I want to wrap up on on this topic is in these reactionary movements the biggest dangers to think that this is all female nature and to dismiss the influence of social engineering and mind control the people within these movements have to become deeply awoken spiritually and understand the nature of the occult forms of mind control that have been used against our society if you don't understand that you don't really understand the nature of what's going on around you completely removing yourself from the equation is not the answer long-term I get why people want to do that as a defensive mechanism because they've been traumatized by this okay you want to do that for a time I did that for time folks didn't interact with anybody people thought I was some weird hermit or something but what I was doing in that time was I was getting my head straight and I was learning about what was going on in our world deep amounts of knowledge and learning were being taken in and then I met had to make the decision to do something with that knowledge that's not where it ends that's where it begins what you have to do is get in there and confront people explain this not stay silent not stay hidden not stay to yourself you need to put yourself out there in the world if you want to make it better you got to get involved they're playing their dark sick twisted game then leads to eugenics and a destruction of human freedom we have to get on the battlefield and play the real game of awakening the human mind to the truth to true care and the right action that's called the great work and it involves courage it involves persistence and it involves real care for all it involves understanding that this is not human nature what we are experiencing this is the deeply mind controlled human condition and I think that's a good place to to leave this topic at except for of course we'll be exploring it more in the calls that I'll be doing in this hour and I think next week I'll do an all-call and show on this very topic for anybody that has any further questions once any clarification you know wants to ask about any resources or just air out whatever whatever concerns or comments that they have it's a good - from time to time just do an all call-in show so maybe I'll do that next week and again as I talked about on previous shows after wrapping up this topic I'm gonna go back into exploring gun ownership rights and why it's so important and how there's still so many people in the world that don't understand why it's important or refuse to acknowledge it because they're too absolutely sickeningly right brained you know they're not in a balanced state of mind you know it's bad to be totally left brain and be a Dominator but it's it's also bad to be completely right brain and not want to stand up for yourself through self defense you know enlightenment is about the two pillars the non-aggression principle and the self-defense principle combined that's the holy union of the sacred feminine and masculine you know there's still a lot of people that don't get that so I'm gonna give my whole second ammendment presentation on the air in a somewhat extended format and then you know we'll talk about gun ownership rights and what it's really deeply about why it's a cherished cherished tradition in the United States and why that has to spread to the rest of the world so also on future shows I'm probably going to do an entire series on the occult history of Nazism as a religion people think Nazism was just a political ideology it absolutely was not just a political ideology it was a occult religion and I'll be breaking down the early history of Nazism and looking into its occult roots the occult roots of Nazism and then I'm going to go back into solutions after that series is wrapped up and I'll be looking at what I call the technique of maven targeting this is identifying the people who have the most influence in any given fear of influence like a familial dynamic workplace a grouping of friends etc and working on that person to try to influence their thinking so that they as the Maven or the one who the whole group seems to listen to and take their advice from will propagate those ideas and then we maybe will be making more headway instead of just trying to target random individuals to wake them up because we seem to care about them they might not have maven value as I will explain on coming shows so the whole concept of maven targeting as a strategy to converting people to the truth will be discussed on a future show or shows as well so for now I think I'll leave the Neo feminism agenda topic where I have it and we will go to the phone lines for the remainder of the show so let's hear from ray in Oregon ray you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show well thank you Mark you know me your world you're aware of my work absolutely this is ray Carter ski correct yes yes I'd like to speak about the as you know I I call myself a living Christ yes and that disturbs a great number of people Christian and non-christian alike sure now I'd like to talk about the Christ consciousness and the second coming of Christ okay when Jesus of Nazareth said that I am the truth life and the way he gave the secret to a world beyond conflict a world of non-dualistic energy of balance the balance between the right brain and the left brain yes in other words insight wreck perception but a tie-in with one's subconscious mind which sees it all gathers at all does not separate does not divide has no beginning has no end it is infinite intelligence is God itself operating within the human the human being man's fall from grace was the was the fall the descent from that holistic non-dualistic consciousness of of divine perception of truth of being at one with truth resonating with truth you and I you have a different approach than I do but you and I resonate at that level of truth that is unmistakable you have a better way of connecting with the intellect of other people now I perceive that the intellect all intellect is satanic oh because it's it's dualistic in nature and by that it means I mean that it's divisive in nature and it's opposing in nature whenever you have an idea it's always a dualistic energy that must be reconciled into a non-dualistic insight then one can take action and that action is act of creation now that's the whole purpose of of life that we can admit that way that act of creation works through our free will that's true as we're putting that action into the world through the process of our free will right I agree most people do not know what that means you see they are still caught up with the ideas that have been conditioned into them through remote sources satanic sources the media governments religions that they consider that all to be normal fair right there's nothing normal about it's all satanic without let-up and the average person lives that way from birth to death they lose that that non-dualistic spirit as an infant when they become conditioned by their parents who were conditioned by their parents and prior generation to the beginning of the family they've all been conditioned and they pass it on to their children that's the sin original sin of contradiction it's all done through mind control and it spreads through society like a virus like it's all lately perpetuating virus yeah right now you know that I'm waiting a controversial character of me on the Internet and I have a lot of opposition I think anybody who's speaking the truth about what's going on in this immoral culture will come up against the opposition and be perceived as very controversial you know there's many lies that are spoken about all of the people who are involved in in truth-telling in our society we're not going to let that dissuade us you know we're going to stay persistent and keep moving forward because that's all that we really can do and we're going to wake people up a little at a time if that's what it takes until the great work is accomplished well I have the solution to every problem that we face in society we can dissolve the New World Order instantly by following this solution and that is from this moment forward if everyone listening to what I'm about to say is it their full attention and watch the reactions to what I'm about to say they will understand the content of their conditioning and the extent of their confusion and the extent of their violence and that they join with each other with other people of like-mindedness and they become the collective that's all society is and it's a divisive violence arena the arena of of absolute destruction both destruction of others and self destruction of confusion from this moment forward but everyone hearing my voice from this moon forward until the end of their lives never tell another lie at any level a white lie a black lie doesn't matter you see most people find that impossible and yet to rise above the dualistic energy of the intellect the satanically ruled intellect and that's exactly what the intellect is an instrument like a computer that is programmable we must rise above that when you rise above to the non-dualistic arena of truth you have transcended hell you have risen above hell in your life and your life only but it's infectious every other man woman and child who comes in contact with a truthful man for a simple man of truth is is what a Christ is that's what Christ consciousness is right they should be something for someone resonating at that level they're going to affect everybody around them energetically almost by osmosis yes yes now you do one heck of a job with your presentations but you are speaking to the intellects of your audience so they're going what you say may not be what they hear because they're the noise that they have going on inside right that's that's always a tough one to align the so-called internal dictionaries of language you know words are our limited thing you know that they're they they define things you know they they like you said that they the language is part of the left brain and that breaks things down and analyzes and separates things so that they could be more understood and then seen holistically and a lot of people don't have the same internal dictionary so when you're saying one word or concept they you know compare it to what they have in their internal dictionary in the mind of language and it doesn't always equate it's a it's a very tricky concept language and right being as clear in your under in your explaining of something as is possible to be it's why kind of I prefer the spoken language over even the written like I'm working on a book and I constantly worry about well is this much explanation through language in this paragraph or in this sentence sufficient to really convey convey the idea because I can't be asked the question I can't come back with a you know a clarification of a topic it has to stand up on its own and that's where you get into you know very verbose wordings and get get into editing things out infinitum and it's kind of like why I more prefer the spoken word to the written word because you can have that dynamic interaction between people where you further clarify through you know making you know an additional statement to try to really get people to understand what it is you're really deeply saying it could be a very tricky thing and I think it requires balance and it requires a lot of practice and you know I always hope that I'm you know doing enough job on on those grounds but you know you're you're not always going to reach every single person you do what you can and then you hope the chips fall where they may and that people really get the gist of what you're saying well I listen to you deeply and I I resonate with the energy behind your words I'm not I'm not too concerned with the letter of the word my attention is paid to the spirit of the word sure and that's where truth felt I I couldn't agree more I mean I think that's really profound insight there for people to listen to because well you know people in the past have asked me well you know who do we listen to whose information is good who do you pay attention to and I try to explain to them it's about an eclectic gathering of knowledge and information and you have to ultimately feel do you resonate with the spirit of that individual do you think he's telling you the truth as he or she understands it do you think they are giving you the truth as they grasp it as they currently understand it or do you think there's an agenda behind it you know and I just think if you pay attention to somebody's work for a long enough time you will get the essence of the heart of that person you know I followed your work for a long time over over approximately a decade ago almost a decade ago I guess you could say and it really helped me to put a lot of things together and you know it's like you just eventually by listening to somebody by gathering in their work and and taking it in you get the sense for that person's mind and heart you know it's like you have to listen to enough of it to you know so I think that's a big part of discernment it's a big part that's the intuitive right brain side of things I know where the intellect isn't really present where your that's heart based into intelligence that's that's the the right brained side of things and I think that's so important for people to be able to do and not just go along with the analytical approach I'm not saying that isn't important I think that's important as well I tend to look at the intellect as part of the intelligence process but the intuition and nurturing of the right brain and the heart have to be brought into the equation to balance it I would say intellect without that Sacred Feminine perspective is satanic thinking is pure dualism I think that's where I would just slightly differ but your insight about how to feel somebody's information and feel their energy is very very very profoundly valid and I think I think more people should take that into consideration when listening to information from any teacher seok so-called you know you mentioned word insight now insight is direct perception regular coming up to a break hold on right there folks we'll be back after these words welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break we were talking to Ray in Oregon and Ray you were going to make a point about insight I'll let you finish up that thought and then I'll move on to some more some other callers we must acknowledge what the intellect is all about we must use the intellect in order to dissolve technical problems and insight not insights but mindsets that are gathered by virtue of mind control our minds being manipulated by other sources and we must use the intellect in order to communicate one with the other now that was the only purpose that I see this Christ I see the rest of us glacé we must become silent we must die to the intellect die to the mind and be reborn of the spirit of infinite intelligence and have direct perception that's insight in all other matters of life now to straddle that have that balance between the two to know when to use the intellect and when to drop it that's the secret now this comment I made about never tell another lie that's an instant transition from the dualistic intellect into non-dualistic truth and Christ consciousness with Jesus of Nazareth said I am the truth life in the way he gave the secret to eternal life you can only see the truth in the eternal moment of now any to anything after that is in the time bound moment of intellect you know from the past present future etc and full of illusion full of representations of truth and we have been trained to worship those ideas that have been imposed upon us yes that is step away from truth and to step into hell and most people are completely unaware of it not only unaware now by they're attached to their attention to your own reactions to the truth that's how you are able to see just how conflicted young your intellect is just how attached to those programs that they write yes yes exactly now I'm under a lot of attack coming from the US United States government's intelligence community they've been after me for 19 years destroying my character my credibility my reputation they haven't done it they're still at it and I'm trying to I've been everywhere on forstman agency you're from the federal the FBI to the state into the county no agency will investigate what's going on and I'm asking the assistance of the public to put pressure on the sheriff of Josephine County Oregon David Daniel who has refused to acknowledge my five requests for a criminal investigation and I need we can we can change our country with this investigation because all of the nonsense that goes on the criminal actions of our our politicians our so-called leaders who are not leaders at all can come to an end but the son of the guns in jail where they belong and to open the gates of all people who are in jail over victimless crimes that's revenue gathering measure there's no crying there's no if there's no victim there's no crime most people we have millions of people that wishing in prison cells over victimless crimes this must come to an end but the people must understand the basis genesis such hellish behavior and decide for themselves no more that's what I'm asking your audience to do to exercise their pressure on their government officials to investigate this issue of mind control at the federal level and on the Internet let's get let's get this started ready do you have a site that you've documented some of this software that your work is on that you could send people to well I have two sites one is LisaRaye enterprises that's L e e s a ra y enterprises dot-com that's my daughter's site I assisted most of my ratings are there with regards to the spiritual aspects of of how to how to come to Christ consciousness because you cannot come to Christ consciousness through thought because all thought is dualistic there must be a step off point where you die to the intellect to be reborn of the Spirit and then I thought that's the dynamic rate that in my work I refer to as true care it's heart based energy ray thanks so much for those insights people check out Ray's work a lot of good stuff that he's put out there over the years ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening more of your calls for the duration of the show stay with us we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we go [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're taking your calls the toll-free number to join us 831 394 43 I want to thank Ray in Oregon for the great call in the last couple segments let's move on and hear from Dave in Massachusetts Dave you're live on what on earth is happening welcome oh yeah they must get maybe getting back a little bit warm on the tráfico bomb of your show tonight about the neo feminism and insurance you know you know what you talked about how what the disparity between between men and women as fathers like being active in the patriot movement yes and everything yeah you know there's least nine men for every one woman maybe even 19 men for every 12 and 20 people yeah I mean I would I would have to agree I mean why do you think that that is particularly well oh I did agree with you was I agree with you a lot that division these women have been weaponized the woman has been weaponized against them and they were back here in Massachusetts not just because it's waiter but they're what they all look like state troopers they're like they're part of the police state they're all walking around and these big heavy black their style boots but you're almost think there's their Massachusetts state troopers and everything you know and I you know it when you're when you're in a boy I don't like it what I wanted to talk about but I must we went wing it when you're walking around anywhere at any building public building the hospital anyway up whenever you hear someone making a racket by have you noticed how these woman walk around like they're that their staff oh they make a racket when they walk they can either creeps when they when they walk up behind it that meant men walk very quietly then you know almost ninety-nine out of a hundred when somebody's making a laugh at walking up to me behind your idea that the chapeau and everything now you know it's almost always a woman we're you know wearing some big heavy boot boots just our shoes that make our racket you know men want or what quiet but David if I if I could bring up a point here what I seem to notice is that a lot of a lot of women in our society don't seem to recognize that this entire thing that we're talking about ultimately comes down to control it's one of the things that I feel that the female in our species seems to be resistant to deeply grasping like for some reason they feel the control meaning coerce coercive control somehow equates to security or safety and as I talked about in my natural law seminar and on all the material here on what on earth is happening when I discussed natural law I explain to people that this is a fallacy and you can never achieve security or safety through coercive control because coercive control is based in fear and ultimately can only lead to the creation of more and more chaos and disorder within any given system let alone our society so this is I think the notion that ultimately has to be continuously brought up to people especially when they're young that the vying for control is not how an orderly society is created that's how a destructive and chaotic society is created the desire for control is never going to secure you any amount of freedom any amount of security and the amount of safety to believe that it can is a fallacy on its face and this is what I see you seem to be talking about like how many again not all but many women will kind of identify with this control dynamic because they think it's somehow equates to strength when in fact all it's doing is adding more and more disorder into our existing society and bringing it further toward enslavement I think more women need to understand that dynamic because many of them in this in their hyper masculinization through the neo feminism agenda think that somehow taking control and constantly wrestling for control is somehow indicative of real power or real worthiness or real strength and in fact it's the exact other things it's not real strength it's it's actually a weakness because it's based in internal insecurities and it's not going to lead to anything that's desirable or what we say we want in our society it's going to lead to all the negative things that we say we don't want that we you know identify as bad for us and this whole attitude of the desire for control is not going to accomplish anything good for Humanity in any way that you know we can even understand you know so this is part of what I think a lot of people are not doing with both men and women they're just not helping them to understand that the desire for control is only going to lead to a more satanic and enslaved society we have to let go of all that desire to control other people you know and this is what I just see happening in this socio-sexual divide between men and women it is largely about control this is what relationships have become about they're not about partnering anymore they're about who's gonna be the dominant person who's gonna be you know the one who quote wears the pants it's not about a cooperation it's about you know competition and that's the way I see what's going on another big thing is just name one one number these weaponized woman Justin Pope and posters all the police state on us men they love that 9-1-1 not the kind of man I am I've had that 9-1-1 call on so many times not because of anything I did but just because of who I am and maybe just because of something that I said and the next thing I know that the shop over there and they automatically Snider was siding with the woman could care less about about about my side of the story that commanded me to leave the premises off in any kind of a dynamic where there's any kind of you know social upheaval you will see the state largely taking the or listening to the side of the female in the situation in to a great degree more so than the man I think a good movie that was made about this dynamic was gone girl I don't know if you're familiar with that or if any of the listening audience is familiar with this movie but I highly recommend this movie to see how the the woman the woman in many cases will leverage the power of the state and play it and it's a very powerful movie I think that this movie is so powerful that I don't think it was even it has been recognized as the cultural influence that it is I think it will be seen in in retrospect as a cult movie if you will as a movie that has a cult following because um I think the themes in it are exceedingly powerful about how manipulative a woman can become and get away with that level of manipulation because she will leverage the the quote power of the state and influence of the state to get her way and you know basically um get away literally with murder in the instance in the story of gone girl which people you know will have a lot of comments about both ways that movie but that was written by a woman who I believe was formerly involved in the neo feminism agenda and kind of woke up to it I can't remember the name of the woman who wrote the book but it was a book and then it was made into a movie I think it's a great allegorical film and I think people definitely need to see it personally so Dave David I want to thank you for the call and the points that you brought up and let's move on and hear from consolo in Toronto I hope I'm saying that right there's a console Oh console Oh cansado insomnia Marana welcome thanks I just I got a book for $2 I found it at a book sale and it was quite interesting because I was talking about moral law and I just wanted to throw if you wouldn't mind me reading a section of it go right ahead sorry give me just a second here okay morality calls upon every human being to make the same choices and all the same opinions without criteria without logical reasons without interest in its own sphere morality is like aesthetics in which indefinable beauty Canon must be fundamentally the same for all thus more allottee makes the most sublime revelation of human history we are one becoming more and more what we are has been the object of evolution as far as we can see the existence of absolute morality confirms the existence of absolute freedom there is no guarantee no prescription no method from making our choices method will be a model of good making every choice calculation and every false calculation and there not an evil the mathematicians to make a mistake or now Liars because their objective was the truth liars are swine because their objective was their good and evil effect only objectives you do not recognize means every action is an objective in itself the choice between good and evil admits of no compromise in the symmetry is absolute there can be no question of doing good with the intention of doing evil or doing evil with the intention of doing good in the first case the intention was bad the result is merely apparent in the second the intention was really apparent and then it's bad and to result with two moral law not fate and necessary evil does not exist it says only it wants none of it awesome I mean that that is just beautiful and profound now what was the name of that book it's called it was translated from French it's called the eighth night of creation and I typed in the author and it's basically unknown and there write a few of only a few searches about how long how long is the book the book let me just check it is about 405 pages and it has something that that's awesome yeah I was who is the author it's unknown it's well know the operators no it's just that there's very few searches about him it's jerome de Souza's and all pronounce his last name de shu SS yes for anyone who look once look into that I can't believe I found this book for $2 and it's also 1978 which is absolutely unbelievable so it's more likely than not out of print by now and that's how most of the best books are unfortunately I know is on actually full for cheap so hang on cuz you can get it for around four bucks use the eighth night of carnation that sounds like one I have to look into I do not believe I've ever read or heard about that one so I'll have to check that out that is a really profound console thanks for sharing that with us do you mind if I just can't I go I read a quote from the satanic which data I think really applies to the situation oh yeah absolutely I mean this is this is the book that I told people that shows definitively that the whole neo feminism agenda came directly out of Satanism it's almost like a field manual I posted it I believe it was with last week's show or the week before and the people need to read this book to understand exactly these how these tactics of manipulation work so yeah go right ahead this is right from xenos they writing the beginning of the book the introduction to it I haven't even finished it but she's already in one sentence she says what it's all about quote the Satanic witch among many other things is a guide to selective reading the manual is there it is right there folks in a nutshell right there Xena Levay the daughter of Anton LaVey the the former high priest of the Church of Satan in the book The Satanic which is telling people right they're out in the open at the beginning introduction of the book which she wrote okay the Levay wrote the book she wrote the introduction to his book is telling you right there this book is about selective breeding and that's just another term that's a euphemism for eugenics so I'm sorry content continue console Oh a manual for eugenics The Lost science of preserving the able-bodied enable minded while controlling the surplus population of the weak and incompetent yep that's Satanism there's that there's that old religion there's that old-time religion you know people don't want to understand that that's what Satanism is you know they don't want to grasp that I mean right there in a nutshell that says it all and this agenda comes directly out of that religion and you know I I don't know how to put in a any plainer there it is in the words of one of the most famous Satanists in the world Xena la vie absolutely yeah it was just that one coach you spelled everything out you know yeah so I just wanted to bring that up and then really recommend that book it's called the eighth night of creation if anyone can get a copy of that I feel like that was just such synchronicity coming across that book and you know not so that's how these little gems find our way to us sometimes you know absolutely talks about yeah I think this was a person that if he was alive today he would be talking to you about natural law because so much of it is because of the law of entropy it's all the same thing it's all that which has already been here and that we are bound by and that we work with and through and you know it's there's nothing new Under the Sun as they say it's just people have had a different way of explaining it in their own terms and their own words in their own cultural ways throughout history and that that's all but it's always been here consolo phenomenal points and a really great recommendation on that book and thanks for bringing up that quote from LaVey from the satanic witch great call thanks so much so let's move on let's hear from Angela in California Angela you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show I'm mark can you hear me okay yes absolutely okay awesome I studied your work for a while now and I actually kind of it was one of those people who took notes on it and test study bit like a course full because the way you laid it out was very helpful for me in my learning process that kind of led me to a couple things that I wanted to touch on solution wise that people might find it or helpful trauma one is water I mean 70 what 70% of the makeup of our body so I learned a lot recently about distilled water in testing it out myself and there's some really powerful potential behind that I feel in removing the impurities that were being subjected to about our content absolutely this is why there's a campaign against distilled water and they want to make up this lie about drinking it leeches minerals from your body no it doesn't work that way your body needs the purest form of water that there is I generally drink with our osmosis water but when I can get my hands on distilled water I'll use that juicing is one of the best ways to get distilled waters from fruits and vegetables yes it's amazing for decalcifying the pineal yes actually so there's a lot of potential there and your answer Angela were coming up to a break hold on and I'll let you continue this on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the cool science don't dare speak there's nothing wrong [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on RB n last segment for this edition of the show we were previously talking to Angela in California Angela you were giving some great information about the healing power of distilled water and its ability to decalcify the pineal gland so you can continue with that line of thought yeah in case you didn't catch what I said right before the break Andrew Norton Webber is a good resource for that he also goes into a I'd be a touchy topic for some but during therapy if you want to take that a step further so just really fascinating information that I found very useful in my journey another couple things I just wanted to touch on real quick sonic understanding sound and resonance to reveal language spells and how to speak more clearly in truth thom tillis Bonacci I know a he has a great piece on that he has tutorials all over YouTube and he also touches a lot on Astro theology but I know you've also you break down a lot of phonics in what you define in your presentation which we're gonna let me down that rabbit hole oh yeah Santos has some great information I definitely recommend his work and then last little tidbit for everyone listening is sovereignty and removing our active participation in support of the system which is kind of this catch-22 we'd find ourselves in which has caused a lot of frustration for me personally Kate of Gaia is really helpful in that she's done that in her own life and he does regular talk and podcast as well but she has some really good resources on how to do that and it's different for everyone so you're not going to get a direct answers but you are going to get insights and information that helps you know where you need to go I'm sure it's not to persuade anyone to go down my path this day but to encourage others who are aware to start seeking and testing out solutions through themselves and share those with your network that is in the know as well that's how we're going to use consciousness and intelligent to create a new way and redefine and dissolve the current limits that are being set up for us so there's some really awesome opportunities with all the adversity that we are facing and we need to use our creativity and band together with those that know are in the same battle I think I just wanted to say as I'm here in California on the west coast one of my biggest concerns is right now the geoengineering the massive worldwide global weather manipulation going on you know we're dealing with Psychopaths trying to play God or whether who gets rain who doesn't they are terraforming the beautiful coast of California right now with heavy aerosol spraying we see the signature of HAARP over us all the time the ripples we're getting hit with some gnarly tree species so I just wanted to bring that up and your roots well I'm not telling you what to believe or not believe about geoengineering that's a huge rabbit hole but please observe the sky and start documenting it Angela great advice there for the listeners thanks so much for the call unfortunately that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen remember there's only two mistakes you could ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks for listening tonight everyone we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Music] [Music]