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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday February 28th 2015 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a good show lined up for you here today I'm going to be gonna kind of give some final thoughts on the topic that I've been covering over the last many weeks about the neo feminism agenda and I'm also going to be taking your calls a little bit later in the show I want to get kind of your whole take on you know the topics that I covered during that segment you know during that series I guess you could say and you know see if people have any comments or questions or concerns that they want to pose and anything else that you want to bring up regarding that topic or really anything else that you want to talk about but uh you know if I could get some comments and questions and concerns about the recent material that I've been covering I'd kind of like to go in that direction so the toll-free number to join us is 831 390 443 once again the toll-free number to join us here on what on earth is happening 831 390 443 I am also going to be bringing a bob Tuscon on to the show briefly to talk about the free your mind conference the freer mind 3 conference is coming up April 10th 11th and 12th 2015 it's racing toward us it's coming up in really just over a month it's going to be taking place just outside of Philadelphia this year in Langhorne Pennsylvania at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania the speakers booked for the for your mind three conference Bob Tuscan Clint Richardson Curtis the illuminated one Davis Dennis McKenna Derek Bros ed fortune the new jersey weed man freighter X Freeman fritz spring Meyer Jay Parker Jenice barceló John Bush John vibes Josie the outlaw whales Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor luke rudkowski Mark Devlin myself mark passio Stewart Swerdlow and the anti media panel there will also be a panel discussion group and there will be an open mic night at the end of each night on all weekend pass for the Fuhrer mine three conference only 150 dollars you can use coupon code passio for 15 dollars off your purchase of any tickets of $100 or more and that offer ends this evening do we have Bob Tuscon on the line with us Bob are you with us you can work with surrounded hey Bob Bob's been really the main organizer along with John vibes of the for your mind conference this year and these guys have just been doing a phenomenal job getting the conference together organizing everything booking it at a great venue and booking an all-star lineup of speakers Bob want you to tell the listening audience anything else that you want them to know about for your mind and you know the floor is yours yeah mark I appreciate it are trying to bring awareness to this amazing event that has really taken things to the next level in the last few years we've been doing this we found on that being at an event like this is really something special we can all watch these videos online we can learn about this information through reading books but when you're there in person at these events sharing and learning and building community or something that is really really awesome about that and I just can't begin to say enough mark the promo codes that we've been doing shir yes it's gimmicky its commercial but it's scared to try to get people to buy in advance we need we need help with the financial stuff man it the Federal Reserve notes make these conference happen the information and the people at the end of the day are what make it happen but ultimately we have to slide people and we have to pay for the venue Dahdah Dahdah Dahdah so these little promo codes like passio which ends tonight this is to try to encourage you to just go ahead and get that ticket get that ticket now please help us out we have a lot going for this event no we have a lot on it it's a lot of people are depending on your help you get this information out there and again as Mark said tonight will be the last night for the promo code passio it's the end of the month we've been running in all month if you go to free or my conference calm and you enter coupon code passio you'll save $15 on your all weekend pass to the conference and I urge you to take this up on that it's not gonna get any cheaper we're not gonna raise the price from the 150 and it's at mark I've decided to keep it at that price to try to continue to make it affordable and also mark I want to point out that we have been really really careful not to turn anyone away so suddenly out there is listening right now and you just absolutely can't afford the 150 but yet your local contact me you know we'll make it happen we want to get as many people in there as possible obviously if we sell out we only have limited limited seating but obviously if we sell out we're gonna have to you know turn people away but if you wanna if you want to come we'll work something out whether we get a student rate for you whether we figure out something I don't really care ultimately if we could make this conference free we would we really would so I just want to make that clear to anybody listening who's on the fence who might not have all of them RT there you know mark I had I contact me and he's making payments on the ticket he's paying a little bit every using every so often just to come to the conference and and I appreciate that and anybody who said hey I absolutely can't afford this we haven't turned anyone away so that being said I don't want to deter people from spending the full amount on the ticket but at the same time I just want to make it clear that this isn't an infomercial this isn't a revenue generator this is organically happening for for a reason that's right and III think that's that's straight up man I I can't I'm not gonna bend you know and get all salesy with this and do all that BS I'm gonna tell it like it is like we always do mark it's just down-to-earth people you know putting on this event it's down-to-earth speakers who really want to see the world change for the better that are being part of this event and you know you as an organizer and your organizational crew is willing to work with the people you know to to make this be as great of an event as it can be and you know I think the last two were testimonials to the hard work of the organizing staff and and the the speakers that were all-star speakers that were a part of it and I think this year is going to not only be no exception to that I think it's going to probably be even bigger and better tell people a little bit about the the venue as you guys got I mean this is a real step up from the former venues and it's going to be held in a bigger location and it's gonna it's kind of an upscale location yeah it's an obscure location that it you know it's not that it's upscale mark you know the vanity of it all is not important to us it's that it's going to be comfortable for this space this meeting space that we find to be so important and it's gonna fit up to 600 people and we're hoping to get that many people in the door so it's at the Sheraton Bucks County just outside of Philadelphia it's a convenient location for most people in the Northeast you can get there it's right off 95 it's no hassle you can stay at the hotel if you like which makes a real convenient and we do have a block rate for anybody attending the conference because the first time the free or mine conference has been held in a hotel and so it's the first time that you know people can actually stay at the venue itself at the actual location of the conference which makes it very convenient I think it's not only gonna make it convenient but I think that's also gonna make it to be even more of a community if you will there's gonna be more camaraderie because when you room with people and yep PD no staying at the same place conversations will be started friendships exactly yeah exactly so I think that's gonna be really cool in that regard just the camaraderie of it all but ultimately you know I really do suggest that if you can stay at the Sheraton Bucks County where the event will be let them know that you're gonna be active for your mind conference so that they can give you the discount on your hotel room there they they have a free remind conference discount we have the phone number uh pet through your mind conference calm but if that hotels full which it's in its seeming like it may be full which is awesome there's tons of other hotels in the area there's tons of restaurants in the area and all that fun stuff in fact I'm gonna be up there next week to check it out for the first time we had a lot of people go and check it out for me and kind of scope it out but I have to get up there and start getting ready here because in a blink of an eye on mark this conference is gonna be here it's right around the corner and that's why we really need to to promote it listen if you can't come and you want to just help out promote the link you know share it on Facebook share it on I know we hate Facebook but use these platforms for some good use these platforms to get the word out share the videos tell people about it weird amount of email your email list I mean the list of things that you can do to help make this as great as it possibly can be is endless and I want you to kind of fill in the blanks and if anybody wants to reach out to us you have any questions or concerns info at the free or mind conference comm so actually it's info at free or my accounts icon no the info at free your mind conference com can mark I know you're hard at work with your talk this year right absolutely I'm gonna be giving a talk called the cult of ultimate evil order followers and the destruction of the Sacred Feminine and it is going to really be a hardcore expose of what order following is all about how it's really a religious belief system and it constitutes the members of the order followers worldwide really constitute a worldwide cult that's putting the world into bondage and slavery and until they decide to quit that position to quit that you know form of action in their lives and not go along with this control system of its demands upon them nothing is going to change and so these are the people who I think we ultimately need to reach in the long term and that's what my presentations going to be kind of geared to to speaking to I'm really looking forward to that I gave a little bit of a sample of my talk on freemen show the other night mark I'm gonna be giving a talk on scarcity based mind control and of course the solution definitely not that abundance yeah I think it's gonna be a pretty important talk I'm looking forward to fleshing out some ideas that I think are solution oriented you know we have to look at the route of the manipulation but at the same time figure out what solutions we can utilize to get us out of the paradigm that we're in so I I hope to offer both an informative topic that takes on the the heart of the mind-control you know the essence of mind control in my opinion and also take a closer look at how do we break beyond that how do we free our minds there you go you notice it's largely this whole conference the tagline for it is a conference on consciousness mind control and do cults you know it's a conference about learning who we really truly are that's the consciousness side of it you know this is about the true nature of reality the true nature of the human being you know who we really deeply are inside and how we're all one insofar as that we're all in the same situation together here on earth regarding human freedom and you know then there's the mind control part of it that's you know making people be exposed to and aware of the problem you know it's the whistleblower aspect of it you're gonna come out you know with all these different methodologies that are being used against us to to keep us down and suppress and keep the population and ignorance and then there's you know the part of it that looks at the occult you know how there's this kind of breakaway you know civilization of quote-unquote elites that you know is basically trying to wage a eugenics operation against the public and these are the the occult orders you know these are the the mystery traditions of old that went rogue and took that knowledge and secret it away hit hit it you know and are using it as a power advantage over the people who remain ignorant of that information called the occult the knowledge of you know both the human psyche and how it works and how it may be manipulated or steered and the knowledge of natural law the knowledge of the physical sciences and the the spiritual sciences if you will you know the the laws that govern the consequences of behavior of behavioral choice so all of these types of things will be discussed at the free your mind conference you'll see a wide variety of speakers from all different backgrounds and they'll be talking on a vast array of topics this isn't like a conference that is kind of limited to one you know specific narrow minded focus or scope it's a very wide range of topics and it's a it's it's kind of designed to just open people's minds up to the possibilities that are out there and let them make up their own mind you know you want to say something regarding that no I mean I just want to reiterate that it truly is an eclectic group of speakers and audience either overlapping themes amongst all the different topics but it really is a a look at something from from several perspectives this year we're having dennis mckenna join us I was gonna offer some interesting insight on it Bo Jen's and he and I were chatting the other day and he's he's got some really powerful stuff that we need to look at that hasn't really been brought forth that in a conference yet so there's a lot of original thoughts we just had a Ross Ben I don't know if you saw that I did not sorry that's great news yeah I will add him to my notes here so when I announce it on the show his name will be in there that's really great that he's coming back I thought his presentation for your mind too was brilliant we we did as well and Ross Ben has been confirmed we also posted the schedule up on the website so if you're curious to see what what speakers are speaking on what days go to free remind conference calm but listen folks I know you all love Mark passio and you're all gonna just go see mark past you and our capacity oh this mark past you some sick of here the gosh-darn a CEO already who the hell is this guy what on earth is happening here but go see all the speakers in maya if you can't afford all the days by the all weekend pass we basically built in the incentives to give you friday free so check it out and use the promo code passio there is again for your $15 off that ends tonight so we got to do that scarcity based marketing that ends tonight get on it folks mark i can't wait man i'll see you there bob thank you so much man great job ladies and gentlemen co-organizer of for mine 3 bob tuscan go up to free your mind conference calm and get your tickets today we'll be right back folks stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm I want to thank Bob Tuscan for dropping in during the last segment to talk a little bit about the for your mind three conference an event that is rapidly racing toward us and is going to be probably the biggest event of its kind in the Year 2015 definitely check out for your mind conference calm and get your tickets today I'm going to have probably a couple of other people stopping in actually in the next hour I'll be having the owner of rbn johnstad Miller come in to talk about the pledge-drive that is going on at the network right now to help bring in some resources to help the network so John will be coming up at the top of the second hour but in studio with me today is Jay Parker of the radio show SRA today Jay is also one of the featured speakers at the freer mind three conference and Jay is actually going to be hanging out with me during the show and maybe even joining in on taking a few of the calls later in the show me once again give the call-in number the toll-free number to join us here on the air 831 394 43 once again toll-free 800 three one three nine four four three and I'll be going to Jay in a couple of minutes and getting his take on some of the things that are going on some of the things I've been talking about I just have a couple of other real quick event announcements or just quick general announcements I just want to reiterate that my second ammendment presentation which I gave a couple of weeks back at the Liberty on the rocks meetup here in Philadelphia you could check that group out at Philadelphia dot Liberty on the rocks org the presentation that I gave on the second amendment called the the true meaning and purpose of the second amendment that video is now edited and on at what on earth is happening and on my youtube channel you can go to water on earth is happening calm click the videos tab and it'll be there I believe it's at the bottom of that page or you can go to my YouTube channel and check it out under my presentations so check it out it's getting some play going on through YouTube and through my website and through other people who have shared it on social media so if you feel that the presentation was valuable and worth checking out definitely pass it along and share it with your your friends so there are still what on earth is happening dot-com promotional t-shirts available to receive a promotional t-shirt as a gift in return for a voluntary donation to help support my work you can click on the email link that is listed in the article in the top of the news section of the water on earth is happening calm website so if you go to the news section of the website the first article the first item is about the t-shirts and you just click that email link and that'll send an email to me telling me that you want information on how to receive one of these t-shirts there's also a donation button on the left hand side of the wat on earth is happening comm website if you feel that you have received value from the information that I've presented here on the airwaves and on my website then feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue into the future well with that having been said I'm gonna bring on my guests for this evening in studio with me J Parker J you do a radio show every Sunday evening called sra today on the blog top network you've been doing a great job with that really getting your name out there putting out some phenomenal information to people about what's really going on in this world and a lot of information on the the dark side of the occult but also a lot of solution-oriented material that you've shared with folks over the past many many months and you're going to also be a speaker at the for your mind 3 conference as well so I figured I bring you on a little bit to talk about the work that you've been doing and get your take on some of the topics that I've recently been covering on the show well thank you mark I haven't been on your show while and I said well you know we have work that we're working on right now mark and I making a 32gig information drive with what we believe is the core information historically spiritually philosophy just what you really need to know about yourself the cosmos and what you need to do to get the best life possible all I have to say is that you know we in the peace and freedom movement at times you know look at the mainstream media look at the corruption in the world and we say yeah you know it's it's a cyclops it cannot be beaten you know that the people don't want to wake up and blah blah blah I'm not worried about that and I this is my new message to people who are in the awaken away our movement is keep on keepin on you know the biggest thing that's going to happen in the next year in this on this planet it's going to be the bricks of Nations producing making their own international bank of settlements Jay let's hold it right there and I'll let you pick up on that topic on the other side of this break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm in the studio with me tonight Jay Parker of SRA today you could hear his show on the blog talk radio network every Sunday evening from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time and Jay I'll let you continue with your thoughts before the break well I I just want to say that I'm very optimistic about the future due to the fact that since I woke up from my satanic and mind control around the year 2000 I've been studying your work mark nasi Hara mine brew slipped in all kinds of philosophers like Neil Cramer and John lamb lash and and this is what we are here as human beings to do we are here to grow and learn in consciousness in reality of what natural law and what true justice and true spirit are all about and we need now to understand that this corrupt system worldwide that the international central banker is through the Rothschild Satan I have built is basically got one year left to it the Rothschild banking dynasty is in a fight with the bricks of Nations and of course as China Russia South Africa Brazil and they are building a new Bank of International Settlement which the Rothschilds Bank of International Settlement is in Basel Switzerland where all the international money transfers happening which gives the Rothschild banking cartels central bank cartels literally complete control over the worldwide economy so now they've never had competition the Brits of nations will have a Bank of International Settlements ready in January of 2016 and this will cause a complete collapse of the Rothschild US petro dollar when that happens basically America's standard of living overnight will decrease 40% and it's my belief with the amount of people who are aware of the corruption and there's there's millions of them now it's it's well over 10% of true hardcore patriots that are aware of a lot of information and you know I'd say stragglers you might have another 30% but you've got more people now who are awake to the peril of tyranny in America than have been awake since 1776 man talking percentage was you know I think it's an encouraging thing and yet it's something that people should be concerned about at the same time because they're really trying to they're gonna try to collapse the economy here in a way that they can justify them to bring in martial law because oh the people are in you know disarray and upheaval and you know we have to bring order to this it's going to be a kind of a false flag event created financially families you know yes it is and we want to get back to the discussion of the of course social engineering that is going on with men and women the feminist movement of course Gloria Steinem admitted publicly that she was funded and helped directly by the CIA that's right and I just want people to understand that you know I've been through hell folks i I've lost I lost four good friends that never made it out of hardened Delaware where I grew up I watched him get killed by the cult and I lived my life now for every human being that has been ritually murdered by the Illuminati Satanist I am standing up and standing in their place those who have been murdered and declaring the truth to the American people and the world and the universe and and my life is not my own my life belongs to natural law and my life belongs to justice you know it's it's amazing Jay with how many people are involved in this that we don't we're not seeing more whistleblowers come forward it's like I guess it just takes a specific kind of Constitution that somehow transcends this programming and it happens for you know it seems like the fewest of the few to ever come out of this and it's just like you know you I would have thought by now that with what I knew about how the occult worked works that there would be so many whistleblowers coming forward at this time and it just seems like there's just not that much resolve on their part or courage on their part that seems like they've either been so you know frightened into the protection of their existing paradigm or either that they just you know have the the mind control has worked on them so completely that they haven't just been able to break that programming and you know that's kind of like what a conference like for your mind is all about - it's getting people to come together almost like in a group support type situation where they can you know help eat help grow each other strength you know because it does take an amount of courage to start speaking out and saying the truth especially when you understand the forces that we're up against and how they can make what they won't happen because they have unlimited resources at their disposal and they have an unlimited amount of minds that are willing to give their power over to them you know and yet even in those odds we're saying we're not giving up we're not giving in we're going to move forward we're going to use our will to to press forward it doesn't make a difference what happens to us here physically because we're fighting a battle that goes beyond the physical we're fighting a battle in spiritual warfare we're in the spiritual literally trenches you know absolutely well science is now catching up to what certain philosophers have been saying for years and all I got to say is mark you know you're doing great great work that showing people you know like Terence Mckenna showed people to get people to understand that culture is your enemy that's right pop culture and indoctrination I mean schooling is your enemy okay you can keep people down for a long time mark but I'm telling you right now we're at a phase where you know people I just like ten years ago you wouldn't have seen on YouTube a video of a man naked man crawling on a sheet rope you know climbing out of a window in Buckingham Palace and you wouldn't have seen that ten years ago I don't think and and what I'm saying is energy is coming into the earth from the center of the galaxy according to some scientists I'm going to get more information on this but the the Voodoo that you do Illuminati it's wearing thin it you don't have the power to keep human consciousness down forever and and you can blow your smoke all you want but truth is so powerful right and I can tell you you know EFT helped reprogram me okay you know that takes some effort but I tell you a truth reprogramming media how well a lot more absolutely there's no substitute for standing within that power and that energy which is truth and when people do that and they exercise that level of courage and they have resolved to move forward in consciousness and grow their conscience you know grow in the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong and let that knowledge guide their behavior nothing is going to stand in the way of that it doesn't make a difference you know how seemingly powerful this control system has been you know those numbers are rising and that energy will pick up steam as as the years roll on and you know pretty soon this is gonna be become common knowledge we have that doesn't mean we don't have a lot of work to do there's still a lot of sleeping people out there but you could definitely tell more and more people are hungry for this information and they're coming online to it a lot faster well I'm noticing you know I I do counseling SRA counseling I mean in a free basis people contact me and you know I try to give them pointers as to what I did to get my head back together again and become myself again and I just want to say that some of the people and in fact I'll be in the next couple of weeks I'll be having a man on who spent a life very similar to mine and it's going to be an interesting interview but the but to think that I want to say is the cats out of the bag mark with the internet the DVDs that Alex Jones alone has put into the information system of America and then we're talking millions and millions of DVDs exposing the federals exposing the Illuminati bankers creating all the wars this is powerful truth that you know I I don't understand the fundamental basis of the consciousness holodeck that we're in but what you think and where your hearts at is of utmost importance in this reality because it's ultimately going to determine the external seemingly external experience and you're having yep I mean that's the real law of attraction folks you know as we treat other people the whole society will be you know the more people that are doing violence because they think that that's some kind of a right and you know they have been designated with the ability to do an action that really causes harm and more people believe that the the more enslaved then the aggregate an entire society is going to be the more people who really understand the difference between right and wrong and have developed the conscience and then exercise that conscience by willingly willfully choosing the right over the wrong you're gonna see in the aggregate a society become more and more free you know it's just that general concept that overarching natural law that what I call the law of freedom yes there is a a law or a you know a mechanism that governs whether a society is free it's an algorithm you might call it mmm-hmm you know it's as morality increases freedom increases and as morality in the aggregate in a population declines or wanes freedom declines or wanes and you have more and more enslavement and tyranny come into that into that society into that culture it's just a very simple equation and unfortunately most people still haven't seen that that's really how it works and this is a natural universal law that is just in place in the universe that governs whether a society is free or not once we come to that awakening as a people maybe we could start making some progress and you know break down this you know outdated immoral system that really isn't serving who we are and you know create something much better in its place well we've run out time-worn we've run out of time with the Rothschild banking system because in one year it's going to have competition and totally fall it will fall because I guarantee you the Chinese and the Russians and the Brazilians I mean all the all the other countries that are trying to get out from under of the angle of British Anglo and par they realize they have a choice stand up or die you know it's eat and it's it all comes down look at the flags of the American Revolution for God's sakes live free or die you know join or die yeah okay I mean there's about stand up for your life if you value your life they were telling people back then this is an issue of life or death you know this isn't something to be taken lightly and you know I constantly think about a lot of the sacrifice of those men to win the modicum of freedom that they were able to and how it seems that we've squandered it in the modern world you know and I think we're doing our ancestors the legacy of our ancestors a grave injustice if we don't stand up right now now is the time to stand up now is the time to speak up speak the truth to other people unapologetically you know and consistently you know and that's what it's this is all about that's what the great work is all about folks you know so you know in kind of keeping with that and the transition over and I'll start taking calls in the next segment hopefully you know over the last many weeks I've been talking about a pretty controversial topic that a lot of people don't want to hear they don't want to get into and it's kind of like ignore it as the big elephant in the room and this is this topic of the war that's going on between the sexes in our society and it's a war that was largely fomented by a lot of secret societies occult organizations covert think tanks that are working toward globalism and human enslavement eugenics groups you know covert eugenics groups and also you know socialist schools of thought and Marxist schools of thought and intelligence agencies I mean you have all of these two in groups working together seemingly pushing the same agenda and it's all because that this agenda leads to one place bondage enslavement tyranny you know total control by the state the state being Wed as some you know evil psychopathic overarching dark father figure or dark you know a husband figure to the women of a society and in doing so it acts as a form of controlled breeding it acts as a form of what I call epi' eugenics eugenics that is not waged through physical control of genes or physical control of the breeding of a population like let's say through something like forced sterilization no this works through mind control and then as a result of that deep mind-control conditioning that social engineering that is in place and entrenched within a large large overwhelmingly large portion of one gender of one sex of the human species then it propagates out as controlled or selective breeding or in other words eugenics throughout the entire society this is a topic that I've been covering over about the last four or five weeks on the show and you know I've taken a few calls from people at the end of some of the shows but I want to kind of get your take on you know that this whole thing and then we'll move to some callers and get their concerns or their comments or their questions and you could chime in on some of that one of the things I want to just wrap up kind of on this topic on before I move to you j2se say with your take on this last you know several weeks of material that I've been putting out is that I just want to say there's one other aspect that I really like to touch on when it comes to this whole topic and that is the power of real women you know when women step into their true power when they step into them their true selves and they stop you know wanting to be manipulated by this control system that promises them things in return for their obedience or compliance what can what kind of power in effect they can have on the world so we'll pick up that on the other side of this break folks stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the last break I was just talking about you know I wanted to bring up a positive aspect of the material that I have been covering and just briefly put out there what I feel is the inherent power that exists in women that exists in the female gender of our species to help to heal humanity you know women could be some of the most powerful influencers they could be some of the most powerful healing agents if they choose to step into that power and into that role within our society you know it's just so few of them have you know kind of decided that that's what they want to do that that's you know the work that they want to do and accomplish in this life you know I want to go back and just briefly mention that movie Jupiter ascending which I was talking about before that I really thought the implementation of it was sort of weak but I thought the theme of the movie was strong in that a heroine character a female based hero character needed to make a decision about whether she was going to you know this is the overarching plot of the movie without getting to a specific spoiler the choice that is a place before the heroine of the film is that does she do what it is comfortable for her and her family or do what is required to just save her and her family or does she step into the larger form of love which is agape in other words family love and the love of just ones that are close to you is known as filos you know you have romantic love which is eros okay then filo s-- is the form of love that is between family members and siblings and friends etc but then you have the form of love that they talked about in the Greek mystery traditions that was called agape in Greek and agape means universal love it means true care wider care and caring for all care for truth care for that there's justice in society care for you know other people's suffering in general and she has to make a decision whether she wants to stay in this just familial based love of family and close ones that are close to her or does she move into care for all of humanity and truly do the right thing and you know not care about what happens to just her and uh you know this is stepping out of the satanic mindset really it's stepping out of the mindset of me me me all day long and you know thinking about something bigger and deeper and you know more Universal in your concern and in your care and that's what I felt the movie did a good very good job at portraying that that choice or that theme well you know I personally didn't really particularly think it was a greatly implemented movie that's kind of almost neither here nor there the algal the allegory was what was powerful and informative and and true so in that sense I think people can learn a good bit from it but um Jay I want to get your take before we start taking some calls tonight on some of the material that I covered over the last few weeks and we'll do that right on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn stay with us we'll be right back freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone they're listening to what on earth is happening here on our PN I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm J I'm gonna go to you in a second to just to get your take I just want to say that you know if the vast majority of women in this world would step into their role as nurturers true caretakers true protectors of the youth and the innocence of our society and you know not be kind of influenced by you know all of the lures of the state and the so-called protection that they think it gives them or the security that they think it affords them they could really step in to the power of being able to act as a healing influence for Humanity simply in their capacity to influence order followers to stop doing what they are doing and to quit their jobs you know that's the number one role that I think humanity and the power that that women can step in to to heal humanity you know because let's face it folks the vast majority of people who are truly creating who are acting as the creators of the dark new world order as physical dominators are men and the women that they are around and with on a daily basis I'll have to start dissuading them from doing this and not supporting what they're doing and not supporting the roles that these power-hungry men and largely immoral men are stepping into for a paycheck and that needs to stop being thought of as acceptable you know and women have the ability to do this if they first waken themselves you know and it's gonna be a very you know tall order but I mean I think we're already starting to see you know this in a very small way and you know I think with events like Ferguson paying the police really as they truly are people are waking up to what's really going on and the brutality and the Nate the you know violent nature of what's been going on in this society for a long time you know I think we're starting to see you know this turn a little bit Jay I want to go to you and get your thoughts on just in general the topic of neo feminism that I brought up over the last several weeks and if you can comment on you know this idea that I think women can step into the role of some of the most powerful agents of change amongst us in their capacity to influence order followers to stop doing what they're doing oh absolutely we all have our role to play in healing this planet and our species and it's time to stop saying I'm powerless it's time to stop saying somebody else has got to do this I don't have time and it's time to say I answer to a higher power you know I answer to justice to love to honor the truth and lay your lay your life down and that's Jesus Christ said and you will gain your life that's right and this is what I have discovered in the last fourteen years of study the further I go down the rabbit hole okay I see the corrupt nobody studies the corruption as much as me you know I joke but you know it's a lot I spend a lot of time looking at what they're doing to destroy the planet with their Fukushima's and they're putting all the radioactive waste from every nuclear power plant in Europe is pumped directly into the North Atlantic and the English Channel through a processing facility in France what are these people mad they're pumping raw caesium-137 which has a half-life of 30,000 years directly into the North Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel which is now getting into the fish in the sea shells and you know the it's just like what was what is this I mean I'm telling you right now there's a lot of people in this world that don't have the knowledge that you and I have more but when the 40% decrease happens in the petrodollar you're gonna see people saying okay I've had enough because the American government has gotten by and large nothing but cooperation from the American people with every war with every intervention every nation building every lie we have obeyed and we have o endured the corruption but now it is apparent to people that have something left of a mind that the oligarchs want total destruction of the middle class and slavery for everyone but themselves so in in the vein of you know talking about social engineering and that's this is what the breakup of the American family was nothing but a eugenics operation yep but the and you were talking about Louis Louis Shapley's Phyllis Schlafly spoke yeah the who killed the American family yeah now now she laid out a lot of it in that book now I haven't I haven't looked in her research but I have looked at dr. John Coleman's ball to read that Tavistock Institute for human relations for and you have to get that book because you know if you want to quit your television addiction just watch just read that book you'll turn the TV off oh yeah I mean it goes deep into how these think tanks are you know largely based overseas you know set the agenda for popular culture and you know basically steer whole societies because they understand the deep psychology that is uh required to be understood in order to manipulate people based on their you know internal psychological mechanisms and uh you know there are base desires and instincts etc and they know how to push just the right buttons and you know steer entire societies the way they want them to go and it's amazing how the Marxist and the fascists you know which basically it's a joke the AMA seems the opposite exactly because it you know they say all the Nazis were the opposite of the Soviets excuse me when you look at the societies of the Soviet Union in Nazi Germany they're identical and so the opposite trip is not working and you know mark people are waking up and I tell you the truth here I know in my heart that when you look at people like Laura Eisenhower when you look at people like Kate be get out you humanik endeavors you know doing things on a one-to-one basis reaching out to people trying to teach them about their own power about right how the disconnect from the lie and start walking the center path I'm telling you that the change is going to happen it's going to be positive because III don't know maybe I've lost my mind but I feel that when they pull their next 1929 crash or their Boom Boom Boom we got to go to war to protect ourselves I'm sorry the American people are fed up with war and and you know you can convince a bunch of eggheads that it's necessary to invade Russia but this ain't gonna fly so so let's you know I'm only get back to you talking about the destruction of the male and female natural relationship and and you know talk about the social engineering but I recommend that everyone go out and seek Aaron Russo's last interview with infraworks comm with Alex Jones that was a great interview interview with Aaron with Aaron Russo his last full length interview with Alex Jones he goes into Nicholas Rockefeller joking about oh we created the feminist movement to destroy the family so we could tax both the men and the women and and destroy the family and then Big Daddy got the children home yeah in the color an errand into the government indoctrination camps and you know they'll be the next Hitler you can well were they how government wants to put children in school at the age of three now I mean like I said folks during the expose of the Neo feminist agenda that I did over the last several weeks you know I laid out a lot of the think tanks that are involved and if you just look into their work they're quite open about it it's not even like they're even trying to hide it you know I mean the Frankfurt School and you know those who were working through Antonio Graham she's plan of the long march through the cultural institutions constantly talked about that we need to break down the family dynamic because that's the thing that you know it acts as the social cohesiveness within you know a people that we want to conquer that we want to rule over you know and that they're very open about their strategy I mean a caller called in last week I think it was last week to talk about that right in the Satanic which which I call they a Field Manual for the Neo feminism agenda it says right in the introduction which was written by love A's daughter Xena that this is a manual for eugenics it says it's a manual for selective breeding which is eugenics and it uses the word eugenics she uses the word eugenics so they're very out in the open about it you know I mean the Fabian Society you know who's also a big part of this you know neo-marxist neo socialism coming in and essentially breaking up the family unit you know playing the two sexes off against each other you know their logo is a wolf in sheep's clothing literally they're they're telling you we're trying to conquer a society from the inside and that's really what the Nazis and the Communists did they tried it out in the open to have their open revolutions and when people rebelled because they knew it was slavery they said well you know we'll just shake hands we'll work behind the scenes will conquer governments covertly will conquer societies covertly through their social institutions and then you know we'll divide the spoils on the other side after we have them enslaved you know they just shook hands behind the scenes and this is that occult ah cracy that I've been talking about you know we don't live in a patriarchy or a matriarchy we live in what I call the occult ah cracy the rule by the dark Oh cultists the forces that went behind the scenes that went wanted a wage war covertly through mind control through social engineering through eugenics through epic eugenics as I call it and they've been very very successful because up until now people have not been able to really pick apart their agenda and understand all the aspects and all the elements of their plan from a focused analysis point of view as operational warfare you know as a not only a PSYOP strategy but a eugenics strategy and I think we are seeing the very beginnings of people starting to wake up to that agenda your thoughts on that people are waking up mark more more this is because of the internet and you know it's just funny that there were anonymous is doing a program where they're actively see hangout the pedophile called sub the Illuminati and trying to expose them yeah I know there's a big one going on in the north of London and I can't remember the district name but a lot of names coming out and if they're doing some fact-finding sessions there to see you know the extent of it I'm sure they're gonna realize how extensive it is once they start going down this rabbit hole and I think England has been doing a much better job at exposing the pedophilia and the ritual pedophilia of the the satanic ritual abuse that's going on within their society I think the United States should take a lesson from them as far as you know speaking up about this and exposing it but it is happening it's it's it's going on and it needs to continue and needs to go much further than it already has J we do have some callers on the line do you want to go to the phones and take some calls with me yeah sure I do want to say to people that in all honesty you know Aaron Russo's interview with Alex Jones you've gotta listen to that because it'll tie into what mark has been saying for the last I don't know how many years about this issue and some others you know right from the horse's mouth coming from somebody who's deeply involved within rocks all right the Rockefeller Foundation exactly all right let's uh let's go to the phone lines and not hear what people have to say on this topic and really any anything that you want to propose or talk about is fair game there's no taboo topics here I'd like to take some calls on the whole neo feminism agenda topic that I've been covering the last few weeks but if people do want to wander from that you know you know it's fair game anything is fair game so let's go to the phones let's hear from Andrew in Arizona Andrew you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark how you doing AJ hi doing well hey listen you guys were talking about enforce calm and the Alex Jones interview there Rousseau and in that interview they say they're gonna ship everyone but the RFID microchip and that kinda reminds me of a movie I watched recently Dark City yeah it's a fantastic movie because it's exactly what the Illuminati or the dark occult is want they want to have everyone walking around with no memories and who they are what they are and they want to just kind of just blot out the light and just turn everything well we darkness and put them into a trance at their will yeah great allegory of that movie yeah you could really glean a lot about people can say a whole lot and embed ideas through allegorical fiction and I think it's a good medium for for teaching people through the subconscious you know my tact and my approach is quite different and hits the conscious mind and you know is a direct engagement process but you know making spiritual allegories like that through through fiction through fictional stories can really be quite powerful and conveying an understanding of what is going on and convey agendas to people if they at least allow from a certain open-minded perspective to allow the possibility that hey this might be about something bigger I can apply this fictional story to what's going on in the world in some way and I don't have to just take it on a you know a purely fictional basis I can look at it from a different perspective if people do that I think they learn a lot from allegorical films and I think dark City is a great one I don't believe so oh kinda yeah it's an excellent film that mark I sent you a hard drive I think it was a couple months ago for the arc data and I'm kind of sifting through it right now and I'm wondering what is your like top three things I should go to on that hard drive it's so so difficult because there's so much on there you know I think anything that talks about mind control is something that should be checked out and looked at on that drive I think the things that are in their own Satanism and what Satanism really is and the kind of different schools of Satanism that are out there if you will the dark occult roulette the dark eyed occult ideology should really be understood because this is really what the religion of these quote-unquote elites the Psychopaths is it is their religion and if you don't understand the mentality of the people that you're you know at war with if you don't understand they're what makes them tick what drives them you're not gonna understand the nature of what we're up against and you're not gonna understand what's gonna be required to get us out of it collectively as a species so I think that's very important and then I would say the third thing is anything that deals with really deeply working somebody through any kind of trauma and up to a higher level of consciousness of any material that deals with human consciousness on there and how the mind really works will be a big help to people now you know that's not really limiting it down to specific things but if you stick with those general topics I think you know you'll go a long way in your understanding with the information that's on that drive so Andrew I want to thank you for the call great points that you brought up and ladies and gentlemen we're coming up to another break stay with us we'll be right back you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on rbn [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm riding shotgun with me for this edition of the show is Jay Parker of SR a today a radio show that he hosts every Sunday evening on the blog talk radio network from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time be sure to check out Jays radio show every Sunday the call-in number to join us as we are taking your calls through the duration of the show is 831 390 443 once again the callin number to join us eight hundred three one three nine four four three I want to say thanks to Andrew in Arizona for his call in the previous segment and let's go back to the phone lines let's hear from Bob in Cincinnati is this the Bob from Cincinnati what a delight and a pleasure it is to speak to both of you how are you both this evening Bob it is phenomenal to hear from you I'm doing really well and you know really great that you've called in to the show haven't heard from you in a long time it's always a pleasure hey have been oh hi Jay how are you doing my friend good excellent it is such an honor and a pleasure to call back in after many many months I have been studying like Jay we kind of delve into the darkness of this world mark your topics I can't believe that you continue to amaze your audience I mean the the insidious neo feminist agenda the emasculation of the American and Western male the D spiritualization of the inauthentic and a man and woman I mean dude you are tearing it up well Bob I appreciate that so much you know it could be a controversial topic to head into but I think I did it in a tempered way and I think a lot of people came away from it with a very increased understanding of a very important part of the agenda that is really tearing the world apart not just America but the entire world through fomenting this war between the sexes and the information that I brought forward was again first and foremost about trying to empower people through that knowledge so that we can heal that divide that has been wide in between sexes and hopefully this information will help to start bringing about that type of a healing process 300 percent mark and I am in full agreement with your assessment that the role of the sacred female in our culture and in the reality we live in has been stifled stunted and debilitated she along with the inauthentic male such as myself working 50 hours a week to make our pittance of a slave credits in our minor bank accounts to be able to scratch and pay our bills while our children her children lament in the care of strangers so that we can buy more plastic things and another vehicle that we can't afford and insurances and things that we don't need while our children lament in private hands hands that we the strangers we don't even know mark the sadness in her eyes I see every day myself in the workplace I see it in the dark sad eyes of the child picked up at 6:00 p.m. in the evening market it's heartbreaking well Bob I don't don't be so hard on yourself because you know I won't even count you as that inauthentic male because at least you're mentally emancipated and understand what's going on and you understand this agenda I'd call the inauthentic male someone that doesn't even really understand what's going on or almost delights in in being part of that hierarchical order or process at least that's not your mental attitude you know what's going on and you know you're trying to become involved as much as possible to be a part of doing something about that that's a life long long way from you know the type of you know totally you know it but in the box thing that I'm talking about when I'm talking about the inauthentic being you know so I wouldn't I wouldn't sell yourself short menu you've done the work as well and put out information out there and you know interviewed people and touched on topics that are you know very esoteric and and very liberating to human consciousness if they're properly understood so you know I think you're definitely on the on the right side and part of a part of the healing process but I understand what you mean in so being physically still a part of that system you want to emancipate yourself physically from that as well absolutely and you're very kind to say that mark we won't even touch about the emasculated male as my similarities to that but at any rate my good friend there are a couple of points under neo feminism and two of them were in the ancient days as Janos as he is shared on his show sra today on blog talk radio at on type 1 radio ashram that in the ancient ancients would sacrifice their own infants on a slab a stone slab to the god Molech dark horn god Molech and to this day mark infants are still seen through self through through the that you like you said in epigenetics at eugenics operation that the dark occultists don't even need to do it themselves my god mark the people place their infants up on the slab and young couples mark who are not married who are struggling and who all of a sudden find themselves pregnant with a baby they often the infant is aborted mark in the in the it's a nightmare the factories are churning mark nothing has changed mark can I stay over absolutely will hold you over till the next segment Bob stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're taking your calls for the duration of the show riding shotgun with me is Jay Parker of s.ra today the callin number to join us 831 394 43 once again toll-free 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 no taboo topics of course there never are on this show but if you'd like to call in and talk about the neo feminism agenda the topic that I've just completed covering over the last 5 shows or so on what on earth is happening I'd like to take some calls regarding that we were talking to Bob from Cincinnati before the break hit us Bob you were talking about how abortion really plays a major role in this agenda as well and I wholeheartedly agree with you absolutely mark the mind control and that's exactly what it is people laugh sometimes people who are unaware of the term mind control as soon as you say that word or that phrase they automatically go into cognitive dissonance and they they they layer on what they've been taught what mind control means which is a form of classic 1950s Manchurian Candidate brainwashing but as you and I at Jay and others who've studied this deeply know mind control is a subtle a very quiet influencing of the thought process and this plays exactly into the thought process of young people who don't know the world don't understand what's going on don't understand their responsibilities to humanity and natural law and and when they're knee-deep in debt and all of a sudden an infant that the prospect of an instant appears in their world they're they're not Wed they're they have no income coming in the automatic the system mark as you know the system has created a convenient place for them to deposit the infant into the arms of death and God mark now I weep and it pains me and thanks to your your show four or five years ago when I first started listening to what on earth is happening my god the light came on and this is not a political issue the dark occult politicized this this is a spiritual issue this has to do with obeying natural law period full stop and I know you know that mark I'm just sharing this with with your audience some of the audience that that might not see it this way but but I would like to hear your thoughts on that before I make another problem without any question are the whole abortion agenda is a 100 percent ritual sacrifice never-ending factory you know that that's that they want bloodletting of humans of animals going 24/7 on this planet and they essentially have that I mean that's that's what a satanic culture does a satanic culture continuously kills it's about death it's the cult of death it's the order of death you know it's the the cult of the Black Sun as I talked about over the past many weeks this is the inversion of everything that is positive that is based on life that is based on truth you know it's the inversion of all of that and they want to turn nature on its head they want to turn natural law on its head and they want to rule in hell you know they're perfectly content to do that because these beings are devoid of truth they're devoid of joy they're you know devoid of any true emotion of any true creative capacity and they want other beings to be as miserable as they are and in hell with them and like I said they're doing a very successful job but simultaneously the light side of things is also doing a relentless job at exposing this darkness in our world and you know we're we've been have had a modicum of success in waking some people up we just have to push this a lot farther and get a lot more people involved to do the great work and then we'll be making some real progress I think Jay your take on this well I just sit back in amazement at the status quo churches today okay when it comes to allowing fetal tissue to be put in vaccines and in Pepsi yes where where are the anti-abortion people are they down in Atlanta surrounding the Pepsi headquarters no they're not you know what I mean I mean because what what kind of deep you know religious people are getting involved through you know talk about that this stuff is being used in food products you know or we're in that agency there's fetal tissue in Pepsi Pepsi uses human baby fetal tissue as a flavoring you know about this right and the Board of Directors I mean they're stockholders of PepsiCo tried to sue tried to stop Pepsi from putting fetal tissue into the Pepsi and the federal government sided with Pepsi company and said the the stockholders cannot force them to take the fetal tissue out of the past you also you don't see things like you know priests or were religious leaders getting involved in trying to get you know this stuff taken out of like vaccines you know why you aren't they protesting that humans are being fed to humans if they're so goddamn righteous because I'm protesting it it just it just goes to show you the inactivity that you know a lot of people are in because they're held back with certain beliefs or they're so afraid of what other people will think of them it's this whole idea that they won't step out of their comfort zone they won't step out of their position to speak up on something because oh then what will people think of me and my official pasady is this this or that you know that's why I'm so always hesitant of groups groupthink behavior religious institutions etc it's like these people set up boundaries for themselves and then when the truth comes along and shatters that boundary they won't go where the truth leads because they're too comfortable within their own little boundary that they've set up for themselves their role you know their community status the money that they're making etc the status in society that they enjoy they'd rather protect that and so then they'll just protect the whole paradigm they'll go along you know for the whole the whole ball of wax and protect the paradigm 'it's well I called a lot of these people in science in religion you know in you know government positions etc they're the paradigm protectors even many of them who know some of the things that are going on they won't step outside of that role and take you know take it to its full you know conclusion or its full measures as it needs to be if we're going to put this into hyperdrive and really wake up the public you know it's going to take a lot more sacrifice on people's part I think to really step into you know the heart energy that the power of true care to to really be a warrior for the truth and it's not an easily done thing like again I go back to thinking about how few people have been whistleblowers regarding the occult what about even the positive side of the occult well I I happen to know for a fact there's thousands and thousands of people who know about you know really understand about consciousness and how it works understand about the mind control understand about the positive aspects of occult information and yet they stay silent about them because they have this old hermetic notion of don't cast the the pearls before the swine you know this elitist attitude when it comes to spiritual information it's not going to get done that way either you know that that's just as bad as staying silent for all those selfish reasons now you're kind of taking this spiritual elitist attitude and you're going to stay silent for those reasons it's like you know one is purely ego driven and the and the other one is like kind of like you think you've transcended the ego to some to such an extent that what this information is too good for some people and you know it's on they're unworthy of it I mean I think we went down into a slippery slope like a lot of people taken that kind of a mental attitude and not saying hey this is information that should be spread in an egalitarian fashion and people should just be handed it and like an adult and that's your Dharma to do that that's you know the work that you need to do to do that to put that place that information out there and that's their karma whether they're going to accept it or not whether they're gonna take it and integrate it and integrate it and use it for the betterment of humanity or not that's their karmic you know influence or their karmic situation however you want to look at it so you know III think that just more people need to need to step up and forget about these classical roles or what other people think or what they've been told about what they should do with this knowledge and we should just all bring it to the table and speak it and speak it constantly that that whole idea of alchemy being labor and constancy in other words it's work but it's work that needs to be done continuously there isn't going to be a total break in this for anybody it's it's a heavy weight that needs to be picked up by all equally and move and we can we can move it if we all pick up some of that weight and as the saying goes many hands make light work you know but it's still a continuous effort that needs to be exercised on our part that's right an occultist need to speak out Marc they have been silent good and halted people who know that the truth of natural law who keeping silent you will have to answer for that this the Age of Pisces is over in no time to speak and Marc I just want to say one last thing about epi eugenics um there is a self sterilization going on the Germans right before World War two experimented with sterilization by drawing couples who they saw as untorn mention subhumans which horse you know is just our dark ideology of nonsense but they would bring the couples into the office and they would have a an x-ray machine in the desk and they experimented with this and they found that that by high doses of radiation from x-ray they could get a small percentage of people sterilized now mark it failed I know it's it's horrific to think about Bob are doing that every day with these police trucks taking x-rays in people's house you know without their informed consent just hitting the population wherever they feel like it to penetrate look into the homes that's been going on that's been going on from police helicopters you know art they've been hitting the public with these x-rays I was just talking about it with my friend John today you know they've been hitting these people the population with these rays and who knows what that's doing to the to the fertility rates you're absolutely right I've got a darker one for you mark we're doing once again the dark occultist don't need to do anything we're doing it to ourselves ladies just hit that laptop right on your lap any radiates your ovaries day in day out or was it that cell phone in your back pocket set it right next to your Duff and get that radiation so close every day it radiates your ovaries or was that your sperm disappearing day and night oh I've got one last one for you stick that cell phone right next to your head as you speak every day irradiating your brain ladies and gentlemen what a pleasure I will see you both at free your mind 3:00 pick up your ticket today Bob always a pleasure to hear from your man great points always great insights that you bring up on the show it's been too long man don't be a stranger and thanks so much for the call man Bob Bob from Cincinnati ladies and gentlemen all right let's move on let's hear from another call or let's go to Mike in Colorado Mike you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show well thank you very much I wanted to say mark your work on your Denis o feminism was your analysis the spot-on and the way that you explained it really I think gives people a good idea of what's happening and what's going on with the outside world well I appreciate that well the idea to in our women and as you said have them step into their power I think for all humanity and all human beings would for me what's the paramount understanding is that if it's of the mind of man it's a fabrication in many I mean if it doesn't exist in nature and we believe in it that's a contract that's invented by us that's really only going to take us down a dark path the idea here is to stop accepting illusion as reality and get back to a deep understanding of the natural world as it really exists absolutely well or even a light path so when I hear the term that people need to wake up that's a mental construct as well yeah I mean it's not to say that there aren't different levels of consciousness I guess it's just kind of like a you know a way of putting something like a metaphor that their level of consciousness is so low it approximates not being conscious it approximates a form of unconsciousness because they're unable to see certain things that are actually before them in the natural world or they are in denial of the acceptance that those things exist in the natural world before them in their actual physical presence and their physical experience that's kind of where that whole construct or that whole idea came from of comparing the people who are very unaware to being quote-unquote asleep and the people who are aware you know to being quote-unquote awake you know my criterion the criteria that I look at of being really spiritually awake differs a lot from what people traditionally look at that as and you can get an idea for that if you check out my streetwise spirituality seminar where I go through the points about what I feel it means to really be awakened spiritually sure and you get that innately and I do too but I think listeners and I think the people walking around this world they don't realize that a satanic agenda is a total fabrication they don't understand it they think it's something like there's the Satan thing that's going to come and take their children from underneath the bed and so they're disempowered because they know that they don't realize for a real process I'm sorry good no I mean they don't realize it's not real and you can step out of it in any second sure because it's all based in it's all based in getting people to accept illusions that aren't real sure the farther away that they push people from the natural reality the more into the satanic world they have pushed them you know and the solution lies in to coming back to a deep understanding of what's real and what's not real again the ability to discern truth from falsehood which is really where we started this whole discussion the whole show started with that whole concept that that's what is ultimately required you know the Satanic mindset keeps people in an illusory identification and as long as they're in that type of a low vibratory identification they're open to all kinds of manipulative tactics and they can be kept in an artificial version of reality right now you're taking on that Wow what you just said was totally right on no it's part of what they don't understand part of what they don't understand Mike is that this is an incremental process it's not something that happens overnight a society doesn't just wake up the next day and find everything has changed and everything has gone bad it happened so slowly that many people don't have that long historical worldview to understand these patterns you know they're there they're not educated enough in in actual world history to see hey this is not something that's new this has gone on before techniques very familiar to what is being are being used and employed now have been used and we've been down this path before as a species you know and you know until we actually come out of there manipulative methods you know nothing's going to change so stay on the line we'll continue on the other side of the break folks don't go anywhere we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] don't dare speak this wall between us little whip so we keep there's nothing wrong cold of sighs welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm we were talking to Mike in Colorado before the break hit us in the last segment Mike I'll bring you back on let you finish up your thoughts from the last segment thanks mark well I'm sitting here and I'm wondering maybe we need to make up some new words so people can understand okay if you tell a Democrat that Democrat is a construct it doesn't sink in sure they're so identified with it exactly and I mean even you know you call a tree a tree that's the construct as well and it's that fundamentally basic and we've trapped ourselves into this thing and I listen to you and I've seen your work for a few years and I think you're fantastic and I think you work your tail off to try to get that across to people but yeah it's called ego identification it's like you know when people are asked what are you or who are you you know most of them stretch for a role that they're playing in society or think of themselves as their job or you know the type of person that they are you know most of them don't even think you know I'm a being that is having an experience you know in the physical domain but my nature is of spirit and you know this is all a growth process and a learning process to develop the soul to develop the you know individuated unit of consciousness that we would refer to as the soul you know most people don't even have that type of a perspective they're so in a worldly way to a an ego based role you know it's what I called ego identification in material early material that I covered on the show and I think people would definitely benefit from you know getting a deep understanding of what that ego attachment and ego identification is all about because it helps people to understand just how deeply in mind control people can be as a result of clinging to this these roles as their identity in life and thinking that there's nothing outside of that well and that also makes me wonder what guys like you and I did karmically to be here with all these people get it or maybe we chose it willfully because we're the best people for the job out there in the universe who knows you know that's how I have to look at it I can't look at that that at this as punishment it's like I look at this as a mission and you know I think we were kind of spiritual warriors that willfully volunteered for this mission that's the way I look at it we said they said hey we got a planet out there that's gonna be a real tough nut to crack and we and we said yeah watch this well I think that's the kind of team that we are that's the kind of away mission players that we are well and good for you and thanks for your work and keep it up brother you got it my friend thanks so much hey Mike you know that's the only way I think we can look at it if we look at it a different way we might drive ourselves crazy you know what I mean I don't I don't I kind of had that that take of a maybe I'm here because karmically I did something really bad but the way I tend to want to look at it these days is I accepted a mission and I think we're going to be in that mission for the long haul we're going to complete it ladies and gentlemen stay with us we'll be right back after these words with more of your calls you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're taking your calls for the duration of the show the toll-free number to join us here on what on earth is happening eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again toll-free 800 three one three ninety four forty three let's go to two good close personal friends of mine Tim and Kelly in Philadelphia Tim was one of the main organizers of the second freer mine conference and his wife Kelly is on the line with him as well Tim and Kelly are you with us hey Mark how are ya doing well how are you doing Kelly I'm all right and right behind me is just putting on the baby subhead no worries oh so what I want to address and this is specifically to all your female listeners out there all the ladies out there and to all the men who have sisters and daughters and and you know any female up close to them you know there is a cycle of neo feminism that's also the destruction of family that that I have experienced tonight I feel I have pulled away from and I just want to you know go over like this cycle that I've seen myself go through I've seen other women go through but also I have solutions for that as well sure I read ahead oh you know the first cycle is you know from the moment of birth if a woman is giving birth in a hospital her baby's traumatized and you know she's she's splashed to miss me and I'm talking about the babies the baby's a girl she splashed you know it's with singing erythromycin the eyes which can cause blindness and then they want to inject her with a poisonous vaccine within hours of her birth and they want to shove twos and other objects up her nose and down her throat and then finally they separate mother and child and then when the baby is about 6 7 8 years old she's introduced to princess programming where she's a damsel in distress that always needs saving there's the promotion of sex pink is everywhere barbie is Nino and specifically about those Disney films the mother of those princesses and those chunks always is absent usually dead and then she's raised by the evil stepmother so there you have that you have that aspect of the destruction of the Sacred Feminine and then you know that's for anything you don't tell me what that is that's them telling you exactly what they're doing yep that's that's one of them wave hello to you continued thanks Jay and then you know it's awkward like 10 years later and you have women going to college and I used to work at a university before I had my children and you know the one thing about what they're pushing right now and it specifically at the university I worked at is STEM education stem stands for science technology engineering and mathematics and they're pushing with all over the board but specifically they're pushing it to women and stem is really left brain and when I see when these these students that have stem education come out they usually go work for the military-industrial complex and the medical mafia and now they want women to go into those fields and then after college you don't get a job get a job ladies get taxed like they're like your male counterparts you're still gonna make less so there's that other you know could be false to be if you will and then you meet your prince charming and you have your dream wedding where you're acting out your princess programming and then have the child put them into the same system and wash rinse and repeat and do the same cycle all over again and after that wedding it doesn't end there you got to go and get a mare a license that you can have Manoj at well at the government so there's that that destruction of family and that destruction of a sacred union between man and woman and then like you said the process is repeated because then the woman wants to have a child and she's gonna go to the hospital so her child can be traumatized like she was and then she's gonna be traumatized like her mother was where she's treated like a sick patient and she's confined to a bed and shuts monitors and she can't move and then she's told the line her back to give birth but it's the doctor who delivered the baby not her ladies you delivered your baby and then oh and then don't forget all there is maternity leave then which you know you hear that you hear the questions when are you coming back now I wasn't asked that you know when I left they knew I was leaving there so I didn't have it but I know a lot of women are asked what are you coming back nah are you coming back and then you know under the Family Medical Leave Act to get you nights piece you get up to twelve weeks of maternity leave where it's considered you know you're considered sick okay you're not sick when you're even first okay and if you know it's considered a disability you can enter and then you you're entered into that false debate though look at countries like Sweden with their mothers get up to a year of maternity leave it's paid why why are you why are you working anyway you know and like you said mark then and the process is repeated and you send the baby to daycare and the baby turns five and then he sends in the indoctrination stations right Hargett part of the whole process of driving women in the workforce was to just cut off the feminine nurturing from the child and the other part of it is you know you could double the tax base and also basically create more internal competition within the workforce and that drives down wages and combine that with inflation you know you have the dollars value going down and you have you know competition over wages going up and you know basically that's making a that's destroying the middle class that that combined attack is destroying the middle class and you know it's uh it's leading to the type of depression the type of financial depression that we're in that's just demoralizing people all the more they understood these forces these forces are all actuary doubt you know when they went into this whole agenda they knew what they were doing this is a deliberate constructed methodology and it's a grand stretched strategy a chess strategy and most people just aren't psychologically sophisticated enough to understand the chess strategy that's been played against them how sophisticated of a maneuver this whole neo feminism program is it's a it requires study it requires reading it requires especially on a lot of the part of a lot of females who have bought into this ideology it requires you know the ability of them the you know look introspectively inward at themselves and ask some of the tough questions about why they bought this type of an into this type of an agenda and couldn't see that it was an anti-life agenda in general it wasn't about evening the playing field between men and women it's about destroying society and ultimately destroying life in the long term but there and and I feel though there are solutions and I do want to share them you know specifically for the ladies of your audience don't give birth in a hospital first of all do a home birth as you know mark and you know Kim and I attempted a home birth with with our children unfortunately you know that didn't work out but and there's a one Midwifery and and you know if you look at the statistics home birth is so much safer than a hospital birth the United States is you know see this industrialized first world nation and it has one of the highest maternal neonatal death three and then number two stay at home Rob nurture and educate your children take them out of daycare team competitors indoctrination zation and number three stop living beyond your means and that's going to help you stay home because if people are you know in a two-parent household and they're both working you know find a way for for that for the father to work and the mother to stay home that is her job that's the most important job she can do this the most important job that I've ever done in my life and it's the most rewarding I can never imagine going back to work maybe maybe when my children are out of the house but now I can't fathom that idea I cannot so people just have to stop living beyond their means you know don't get don't buy the fancy cars maybe you only need one car you no doubt downgrade the size of your house like that's like that stop living beyond your means what is more important you know that's what you know a lot of people want to do they want all these creature comforts and you know they want to do that when really they're they're not you know making the kind of money that is conducive to that lifestyle then they go into debt you know and then they're willing to do basically anything to keep a job to you know pay off the loans that they have or pay off the debt or the expensive house at the expensive car the mortgage etc the car payments and they let that determine their actions you know they look at that as well I have to do this to maintain this lifestyle that I've you know decided I need to be living and you know then you know the control over their actions follows that because they'll do anything to maintain that lifestyle well can I add some sure The Satanic mind control that was you know conspicuous consumption and materialism in the West it is right now because the internet and the reality that things do not fill the hole in your soul I think materialism for a lot of people is getting its ass kicked well what do you think I mean I certainly think that there's a small percentage of people that realize that this certainly isn't the path to happiness and they're starting to turn away from it I think societally we're a long way from that happening from that worm turning but I think it can happen I think there needs to be more of a spiritual renaissance happening within people and understand that they have to get out of this mimimi mentality I think part of the first thing regarding that is to understand that the whole selfish lifestyle ideology is Satanism if people don't understand that and don't understand that largely the people of the world are living in a satanic culture already because they are in the aggregate that the people are already living in a satanic mindset most people don't understand that they don't understand that because they don't know what Satanism is they don't understand say Satanism is essentially egoism its mimimi ism let's call it that if you understand that that's what the ideology is that is completely allowing the world to be manipulated and controlled and that is no different than what these people in these you know dark secret orders and secret societies refer to as Satanism if they even ever refer to it as that again some Satanists don't even call their belief system or their religion Satanism they just call it the old religion you know they call it you know the religion of the ego or the religion of the self you know they don't they just use Satan as an archetypal figure you know some of them could believe in demons and entities I'm not discounting that that happens within the realm of the occult it does some of them believe that they call on forces and powers etc but I'm telling you the overarching religion that they have to keep people in the mindset in the idea ecology of is egoism is seeing the self as the most important thing above all else regardless of what's right or wrong you know my work is all about the importance of the self and understanding the nature of the self you know what the true self really is the authentic self but that doesn't mean it's worship of the self for putting the self on a pedestal or seeing the self as the highest power in the universe it's seeing the individuated aspect of the self and as being something that is connected with the higher self that we have to make that bridge of connection in consciousness and understand we are part of something larger and there are you know higher powers that ultimately have you know set up boundary conditions in this world that govern our behaviors and that's what natural law is man didn't make those laws you know you know it's this is all part of a wider understanding that has to open up for people to get out of the you know totally ego centric service to self mindset that they're in once we start transcending that mindset it becomes easier and easier to see how we've been fooled and the agendas that have played a big role in this whole in the orchestration of the creation of this whole worldwide control system so I think what you're saying Kelley is some good solutions in that you know we separate from the existing amoral system as much as is within our power to do so at the same time if we morally raise our children the right way by taking the time that needs to be invested in the minds of our youth and home-school them and take them out of the government indoctrination camps that's got to be a gigantic plus who are putting their mind on the right path at a young age during their formative years well I just hope that people will take that into account and really you know see what their partner at home and really talk about but you know our boys only 11 months old right now but sorry talking about what we're going to do oh sure you have to start you have to plan it plant it early it's a good good frame of mind to be in for sure but that's all I wanted to say but Tim has a few words absolutely hey what's up Martin J hey Tim hey young mention about this feministic neo feministic agenda that you know it's not only an attack on the woman but it's attack on the male its attack its the agenda to feminize the mail so the feminist agenda is what feminized the male and you know masculinized women's right um I just wanted to mention some things about that um you know so in America and in the Western eyes world fertility rates has been dropping and our fertility rates are below the replacement rate um now which means that our population can't sustain itself on the base on the prior fertility rate that's right population is going to continue to decline based on the rates now so everybody worried about overpopulation and all that it's really a faucet and also the ethnic groups who moved here from other nations they had a higher fertility rate and so they moved here and then once they came here the fertility rate continued to drop they're a little bit higher than the Caucasian people but you know over time that it continues to drop and nowadays we're hitting record lows were a fertility rates and it's the in 2012 I got here as a 2012 fertility rates at record lows liking the fifth year in a row that u.s. birth rates have declined so we're in this continuous decline which leads me to where I like the cover a lot of what I want to focus on because you know I need to protect myself and my family you know I cover a lot of the fire warfare chemicals things that are used for eugenics against the people as population controls so um what really on comes down to this is what is called endocrine disrupters and also known as hormone mimickers or xenoestrogen and what i refer to them as simple as gender benders because they're basically feminizing men and mesmerising women so they're very tender towards each other and then endogenous Wade where each person the women isn't really a woman anymore and the man isn't really a man right so so these endocrine disruptors they're things like plastics and they're founded pesticides and chlorinated products heavy metals laundry detergents and antibacterial soaps and shampoos cosmetics and liners and your food cans and even uh pharmaceuticals like prozac and birth control pills and even soy like baby formula soy based formulas and flame retardants which they use in baby clothing even though they spray pesticides from mosquito control and these are used so mosquitoes can't reproduce um so all these things are affecting people's and there are hormones in certain ways to where the men are basically making men you know emasculating men met feminizing him so there's a there's a story in the woman who I found her story her name is Vicki blazer and Tim hold on let you continue on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm taking your calls for the duration of the show the toll-free number to join us 800 3 1 394 43 we were talking to Tim in Philadelphia Tim you were talking about estrogen mimickers that are put into foods you termed these gender benders because of how they kind of blur the distinction between the sexes and kind of try to you know feminized men and and masculine eyes women and in so doing they're kind of creating the beginnings of sort of an androgynous society and that's why it's part of the agenda to put this into foods because if that goes into people's systems it's going to you know totally break down the classical gender roles and that's going to break down strong men which have traditionally acted as the protectors of the society and therefore the state can come in and basically rule unchallenged because there's not going to be any strong men in society anymore Yammer you said with us yeah yes I'm here on because these these gender burners you know nowadays um I really don't have any problems or for any people who are gay or any of their choices like that score just nowadays I just see more and more people who kind of look at them and you're cannot even sure whether they're a male or female because nowadays it's like more and more people they either you know these it's you know it's just hard to tell it's blurring the line and so III see this myself out in society and it's not it's not saying treat these people with any kind of you know discrimination or anything like that it's just a commentary on that this is being done in society and it's being done for a specific purpose a specific reason you know it's not saying that these are bad individuals because they you know that they're they've undergone this process it's saying that this process is part of the agenda to weaken our species in general so that we cannot counter the tyranny that we're under and this is part of just not only mental liberation from slavery but when necessary physical forceful rebellion you know which is what they don't want they don't want that to be a possibility you know part of what I'm gonna talk about coming up is this fear of rebellion this fear of revolution you know it's it's a big mental block you know part of the topics I'm going to be covering coming up is I am going to go through a gun ownership and the the whole dichotomy between force and violence again because I think it's so important to ingraining people and help them to understand the self-defense principle so you know starting that I think right here on the air next week I'm going to give my second ammendment presentation live on the air you know in an extended format and you know I said we're gonna be covering the occult history of Nazism you know and the occult roots of Nazism as a religion the dark occult roots and then go back into some solutions about how to you know work your way into people's influence through you know the exploitation of certain familial dynamics and social dynamics that many people aren't even aware of I'm gonna try to make a point of that as kind of a new solution so to speak of how we can get out there and reach more people but you know this whole idea of not being able to physically wage any kind of acts of resistance they want society the controllers want society there they don't want strong men capable of rebellion in society they especially don't want strong independently thinking awakened men in society and what they're using women in this neo feminism agenda to do is keep men in a volatile state keep them in a dependence they keep them attached to the state because the women are so attached to the state and the men they know that the men will generally follow the women's lead when it comes to what's going on culturally what's going on societally I mean Hitler said this he said if you want the minds of the children you have to get the minds of the women because where the women go the children and the men follow you know they have been the traditional nurturers of society those who have been grained you know moral fiber in the young [Music] today welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I want to thank Tim and Kelly for their call in the previous segments a really great job and good insights that they brought up let's let's hear from a couple other callers and let's hear from Robert in California Robert you're live on what on earth is happening welcome now we lost Robert okay we lost there so there's a rest reprint Jose in Porter he goes up next okay no worries let's hear from Jose in Puerto Rico Jose you're live on what on earth is happening welcome those are you with us okay hear me yes I can there you are ah how are you Mike doing well yourself oh [Applause] how can I say this I've been waking up on a lot of things man I basically have the same type of reasons you have I've been doing this for many many many years man I've been awakened but I'm I'm so glad to see more people coming out so I wanted to tell you about some things that not many people are aware of okay specifically Puerto Rico this is a place because I'm aware and I mean I've been around a few more emails I got Freemasons friends I'm also around a culture where they practice Santeria over here is this African witchcraft so I put the pieces of the puzzle together and there's a large in Illuminati over here brother large influence the HAARP facility they use Arecibo they came to us every single day is you know I know what's coming helicopters are passing over you know Puerto Rico was basically the place where they experimented on first and they used all these experiments once they realize that the music the brainwashing once they realized that they is that it worked they passed it on to the United States over here in the island is basically all brainwashing the gang music the gang violence everything is totally online this is basically loominatee central with the GMOs as well the beers horse light all the things that they put in it there's a lot of things people are not aware of and I wanted to mention one thing that I figure it out sure I'm not gonna for the sake of my own safety I'm not gonna mention names but I've been to the free Masonic temples and I have quite a large variety of acquaintances who are inside the Freemasonry so one of them told me that there is a big huddle right out of space every one of us they know what we're doing they know everything I mean there's surveillance technologies or you know advanced enough that you know they could be they have the kind of resolution that they could see you know they could read the date off of a coin from space so of course they could surveil everything that people are doing from space you know and that's part of the whole agenda is to get people thinking well we're constantly being watched so we've watch what we do and not do anything against the state seems all-powerful but I think it's like it's a fear tactic to try to keep people from real right action and you know people say well aren't you worried about them listening or you know videotaping you or trying to win you know somehow and trap you or I really don't care what people hear that I say I mean I I don't try to encrypt any data coming in or out of you know my personal computer because all anybody can do if they listen to what I'm saying is learn about what's really going on in the world you know the harm that I'm doing is in telling people the truth I guess you know in their eyes so you know I'm just I don't concern myself with you know that what they're doing and the you know the type of propaganda and fear that they're trying to put out there I just say I'm gonna stay steadfast and keep speaking the truth no matter what happens and once you're in that kind of a mindset in that kind of a mentality I feel you create a level of protection around yourself from the universe itself from creation itself when you stand in the power of truth and under the power of natural law as long as as long as you know you're doing the right thing that's what you have to keep doing oh and that's what I've been doing I have a couple bloggers that I've been spreading information on and I came upon your information I'm like oh here's another guy that knows what I know I originally came upon the work of Roger Kent he speaks about divine law and he will he went through all this detail about contracts and he has a similar work that you did only he goes deeper into contracts I went more deeper into the psychological level many things of psychology I also noticed the rise of narcissism in in the United States if you go to tumblr you will notice all these teenagers that there are basically narcissus absolutely yeah and I it's a big it's a big part of it is getting people on this into this totally egotistical that I concern myself with during the course of any given day mindset which is Satanism people don't understand if you're in that mindset you are already a Satanist whether you understand it or not whether you don't need to acknowledge that you're a Satanist you know that's what people will say well you're saying that other people are a Satanist when they themselves will not admit that they're Satanists yes that's exactly what I'm doing I'm telling people who will never say the phrase I am a Satanist that in fact they are Satanists whether they know it or not your sake you're Satanists based on your actions okay your actions if your actions are satanic by definition you're a practicing Satanist I'm telling people what the main core ideological principle of Satanism is is only focus on the self and don't care about what's going on with anybody else if that is your mindset you already are Satanist whether you understand that or not it's the case and by that very definition we are living in a satanic culture because that's how most people behave that's how most people think and act and so we're living in a satanic society already the goal is to get out of the Satanic mindset so we can break down the Satanic society which is a society based on violence and slavery and that's correct man and that's what I've been seeing in all the song social networks I've been observing people I recently got came upon this information and I'm not sure if you're aware of this you were exactly as what these people worship I mean in in my estimation what they worship is the ego itself it's you could call it the Archon ik force the force that wants to destroy life the force that wants to have slavery the force that never wants to admit to being wrong the force that wants to be God and rule in a prison you know if that's what it takes to be God here that's the force that they quote-unquote worship or I would just say they place that on a pedestal as something to be respected and aspired to I wouldn't even really I personally wouldn't use the term worship when it comes to what the adherence to the Old Religion order the religion of Satanism or dark Luciferian luciferianism believe in to me we're at least in the circles that I was involved with there wasn't really so much of a concept as worship as there was these are the characteristics we wish to enshrine and propagate and if you want to call that what they worship I mean you know that that's fine you could say hey they worship the ego but it's kind of a little bit of a misnomer because it's not like there's you know rituals to that and saying oh this is what we must worship and acknowledges our God but you know to a Satanist to the type of Satanist I'm referring to the ego is the God the ego is God you know and it's unchallenged and it can never be wrong and it's the thing that all my identity comes from and it's where my personal worth grows out of and it's all about getting more and more and more more and it's all about me me me at the expense of everybody and everything else including freedom and and right and what is right you know that doesn't enter into the picture to a Satanist that's the mindset I used to be in in my youth you know took me the better part of a couple of decades to crawl out of that the morass of that type of a low frequency low vibrational mindset and get my head back together and reclaim my soul you know and I'm telling you that comparatively my case of the ego was a mild case compared to where other people how deeply entrenched and and other people are not talking about these ëletís I'm talking about your average Joe and Jane out on the street you know they're entrenched in it a hundred times a thousand times deeper than I ever was and yet they know don't know the first thing about this religion yet they're ensnared by it deeper than I ever was and I can honestly say that but I see that out there so we need to develop a better on understanding of what this ideology is ultimately really about not what the Hollywood depictions of it are and don't get me wrong I'm not saying two things like as you might see depicted in Hollywood don't go on because you know I mean the man sitting in the room with me right now can tell you all about some of those things and has he has laid out that on the table that's the other thing that's called predetermined programming that you're aware of that - sure Jay I'm gonna let you chime in on this since we're talking about Satanism and the dark occult and you know the gentlemen's original question was you know what do these people worship you know in my experience the ego was the central focus focal point of this religion you've come from a different dark occult background from generational Satanism and the type of satanic ritual abuse that they use and put on put their children through so I'll let you speak to that from your area of involvement with the dark occult well I just wouldn't say first off thanks for a great call and Puerto Rico has gone through just a huge amount of black bag stuff just unbelievable stuff and to be an aware person living there must be a trip oh yeah one of the things that I see the whole society I've been awakened for many many years I just couldn't understand why people cheated themselves this way but the one thing that uh that I wanted to point out to mark that I figured out um what number seven is and number seven is out in space literally out in space if you looked at vector symbolism you will notice that all those symbolisms resemble either a v-shape or a pyramid type shape or the Nike shape that's one example and the Nath nasur logo it has the V shape as well what exactly are these people worshipping well many many researchers have considered that that is Saturnian symbolism because the concept of Saturn as a God in ancient in the ancient religions is one of disciplinarian and control center you know base vibratory energy and control control base consciousness and that's what these people identify with and so they kind of chose that as an archetypal symbol and use it a lot in their in their symbolism to basically direct people and you know influence them through art types yeah that's that's one that's part part of it that's part of it but there's actually a physical object out this space literally that looks like a wishbone it was photograph of the astronaut's helmet it actually shows and it shows other types of photographs and the Mexico 2002 it was seen in this in the sky swirling around the same v-shaped object if you also look at the movie Stargate the the pyramid shape in the eye is actually that that's seven and there's actually a few songs that are that talked about seven and it's kind of resembling a little bit it goes towards Willis and that's where me on the Neo feminism comes in in the north in narcissism oh man it just goes way deeper brother if you only knew the things that I knew as well I witnessed so many things as UFOs over here as well law a large part of the population is so controlled I don't even know how to begin over here you know I'm basically cornered and imprisoned in though in Aladdin me well I think one of the best things to do is try to reach out to others maybe through something like meetup or something like that or social media and try to get something going locally in your area like maybe a documentary night a meetup group a discussion group of some kind when you create some kind of a community I think that's where you can kind of really dynamically play off of each other's energy and build that and that kind of builds confidence in for people to speak the truth as well when they meet with a support group of some kind that's really what we're talking about is uh you know supporting each other in the hard times that we're in to try to expose the truth and get this information out there to the general public so that it becomes widely known and then we could start putting a making headway and making progress and turning this thing around so Jose I definitely sympathize with you you know being out in Puerto Rico and being around a lot of that negative energy but I guess you know you're intended to be one of the lights to try to you know start something and get something going in that area you know the idea here is don't wait for orders from headquarters just get out there and do it do the best you can and do what you can and I want to thank you for that call yeah well did I just say you know as far as waking people up start always with health issues and things pertaining to what you eat and stuff like that to open their minds to the fact they need to learn more and I usually go from there that's great advice I'm gonna move on to another caller Jose thanks so much for the call Robert from Canada we lost them before he called back in let's see if he's here and now Robert are you with us Robert from California yeah yes how are you bitch oh great thank you making a couple of comments about it on last week's show which was great yeah online you could probably search it called gender and sexuality in Nazi Germany and this other ones by Milton Myers called they thought they were free - really excellent and so we're coming up to a brick folks hang on I'll hold you over till to the next segment [Music] welcome back everyone final segment for this edition of what on earth is happening we were talking to Robert in California and Robert you were talking about a couple of books that you recommended for people to check out they thought they were free yeah which is Milton Mayer there's a PDF online but the other one is just a very short on paper it's only three or four pages and what was that hyung called I'm gender and sexuality and Nazi Germany and it really spells out like what you were saying about the destruction of the sacred masks and then the fake Sacred Feminine right to bring in a police state and and it really started happening like in ymr in the Weimar Republic back in the 20s almost like in August of the 60s here you guys like know the destruction of morals the destruction of the family I'm single motherhood became like a badge of honor yeah it's actually the first time in world history that single motherhood was not only was there no stigma it was actually encouraged encouraged and we were using women as breeding mares basically to date more you know completely compliant youth that they could use as cannon fodder right order followers you know factory and now that yeah men where the value of men was it there just to be sacrificed you know that mask join was to just be a sacrifice which is what were their their only value lay in what they could do to keep the state alive and propagating propagated you know and you had welfare for single mothers which I encourages in their marriage to this day like you were talking about so that right it could have been borne out by history you know if we just look back it's like what you're saying last week about the mrm there's no that checks out and I agree with you it's just a reaction it's did something to join and it just exacerbates the whole thing it I'm not saying that there aren't accurate analyses that are working on some of that because there are however it becomes reactionary when it simply tries to postulate that this is just human nature and it does not take into account very specifically outlined publicly acknowledged strategies of social engineering that have been known about and that have been out there and being employed in society for decades and decades and decades and for somebody to just say oh no this is all just human nature and this is how it is and there's nothing we can really do about it except completely separate from it I think is very divisive and it's not going to lead to anything positive long-term I grasp it as an immediate response of defensive response you know and that's kind of what I think it is it's almost like a biological reflex response which is why it's spiked so big recently but I think you're going to see a lot of these people wake up to higher levels of understanding as they study it more this may have been one of their ins to the control system and because they've been disenfranchised you might say in a certain way a lot of these men they're they're it's a it's a big learning opportunity to understand mind control it's a big learning opportunity to understand social engineering in our society and how this is an example of what I call epic eugenics and we need to understand it very quickly because I mean there it's having a big impact throughout the whole Western world the great call all the callers were great tonight as they always on the show when a thanks thank Jay Parker from SRA today for riding shotgun on this edition that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening folks when there's only two mistakes that one can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks so much for listening we'll see you right here next week good night everyone [Music] [Music] [Music]