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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday March 21st 2015 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here tonight tonight on what on earth is happening I'm going to be continuing my presentation entitled the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment part two of this presentation coming up tonight live on the air I gave part 1 a couple of weeks back last week I was unable to broadcast the show live I had a commitment with some of the organizers for the for mine 3 conference which is rapidly coming up three weeks away less than three weeks now and it is going to be a phenomenal event so tonight I'm going to give the part two of the second amendment presentation hopefully this will be the final part we'll see how it goes it might extend into a into a third session but I don't think so more likely than not all concluded on the air tonight and then I'll take your calls if there's time in our number-3 for the first part I know we didn't have any time to take calls but I'll try to leave some time to take some calls in the third hour so I'll give the call-in number right now the call-in number to join us 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 once again the callin number to join us here on what on earth is happening 800 3 1 3 94 43 a couple of quick event announcements of course starting right off the huge event coming up on the East Coast just outside of Philadelphia the free your mind 3 conference April 10th 11th and 12th 2015 that's Friday Saturday and Sunday April 10th 11th and 12th at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania I've been informed that already the rooms that have been reserved for people coming there for the for your mine three conference are already all taken but I know that there's an alternative hotel that is actually being recommended by the conference organizers you could check that out on the website the speakers lined up for the free or mind three conference Bob Tuscan Clint Richardson Curtis the illuminated one Davis Dennis McKenna Derek Bros the new jersey weed man ed fortune freighter X Freeman for its spring Meyer Jay Parker Janis barceló John Bush John Mitchell and Bonnie Mitchell John vibes Josie the outlaw whales Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Mark Devlin myself mark passio Ross Ben Steve stars Stuart Swerdlow an alternative media panel featuring luke rudkowski if we are change the free thought project and the anti media a meeting of the minds a speaker panel discussion with whatever speakers want to participate in it from the conference and open mic night sessions where people from the audience can get up there and voice their opinions about whatever topics they feel are vital and of interest also there will be a movie showing on I believe Friday evening of Dan Fogler z-- Don peyote which is a great film about in general conspiracy theory culture or just you know the culture of you know open-mindedness and trying to understand what's really going on out there in our world so that's going to be on Friday evening an all weekend pass for this great event only $150 it's going to be the biggest conference of its kind certainly on the East Coast probably in 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the player on that page you will see images for today's show and underneath that you will see the second amendment presentation slides these are the numbers that you can click on to bring up the slides that I'll be talking about with the presentation I'll be giving live on the air tonight this is podcast number 189 if you're listening by podcast the images are are of course posted with the podcast a good way to do this is to download the zip archive which is also included there unpack that on your computer and all the slides will be right there in a folder for you and you could follow along that way locally right on your own computer it's probably the easiest way to do it last week on the show I left off on slide number 25 that was the last slide we looked into this was under the section that starts with slide number 24 the right of the people to keep and bear arms now we were breaking this down phrase by phrase I guess you could say in the Second Amendment and breaking down largely each word that's contained in the 27 words of the Second Amendment we left off by talking about you know what is the right of the people to keep and bear arms and I started that section by defining what arms are and that's on slide number 25 which is where I'll pick up from today the definition of arms as any decent dictionary will give is weapons and ammunition of any kind and this is a common-sense definition when we think of arms okay aside from the arms which we have on our bodies at least most people okay the the general population that doesn't have any sort of disabilities okay these are potential weapons our arms and legs are potential weapons okay this is the first and foremost form of arms the ability to just conduct force by hand hand combat if necessary okay but arms are defined as anything that could potentially be used as a weapon the microphone stand that's holding my microphone up right now has a nice strong solid metal base and if I needed to defend myself with that microphone stand it would definitely provide that purpose so therefore you can consider that arms if I were to use it in that form of defensive capacity but arms are weapons and ammunition projectiles etc of any kind that you can think of that can be employed for defensive purposes so that includes clubs sticks hammers knives hatchets and axes of course firearms bows and arrows anything that can you know fire any kind of a projectile weapon this is pretty simple and common-sense a common-sense definition this is where we left off on last time and the founders in the Second Amendment when they wrote the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed this is exactly what they meant by arms it did not just mean firearms it meant any form of weaponry that can be used defensively in the defense of one's life freedom or property so I think that's about as clear as I can make that if people still don't understand that I don't really know what to how to further elaborate on that it's a simple definition and people want to turn it into something more complex than that the founders actually capital the a in arms to make it clearly understandable that this meant you know the any of the broad range of kinds of technologies that could possibly be used for self-defense so moving on to slide number 26 when we are talking about here the right of the people to keep and bear arms sadly I do need to define what a right is for most people I know the listeners of this show probably deeply understand this by now but you know we can't hurt to really berate this you know repetition makes things sink in more deeply so we have to look at what a right actually is this is probably the biggest problem in the world folks is that the vast majority of people on this planet still unfortunately do not know what a right is and they certainly don't know what the definitive objective difference inherently in nature is between right and wrong behavior it's absolutely profoundly sad to have to speak those words unfortunately that is true nonetheless so this is where I delve into you know a little bit of a rehash from my natural law seminars and my material on natural law from my former podcast if you aren't familiar with that and you're maybe you're a new listener you definitely need to go back and check out that work because it is absolutely seminal to what we talk about here on what on earth is happening and it's absolutely the most critical information really to understand so just to reiterate a little bit from my natural law material the difference between right and wrong is actually inherent right in the words we say the word right and correct meaning both moral and true meaning bit correct based in truth these two words are usually used interchangeably because if something is based in truth we are going to find that if we act upon it we our actions will be in alignment with morality so if something is right that means both that it is correct meaning it is based truth and that it is moral meaning that it is in harmony with the laws of morality it is in harmony with natural law okay so that this means that actions that are based in that which is right do not result in harm to other sentient beings that is the basic definition of a right a right is an action that we are capable of taking that does not cause harm to another sentient being that is what a right is and we're not talking about animals or lower life-forms and we're talking about rights we're talking about beings once again I've reiterated this on past shows and try to make this clear natural law applies to beings with the capacity for holistic intelligence which I equate with the capacity to have within your own mind the understanding of the objective difference between right and wrong once we have that capacity to understand that that means we are beings with the capacity for true intelligence holistic intelligence meaning both the intellect and the creative capacities the intuitive capacities the nurturing capacities the intelligence is not just intellect as I've said many many times on this show it is intellect combined with the right mind the left mind is the intellect the right mind the right side of the brain is the creative and moral capacities within the human being so how does this contrast with wrong behavior or wrongdoings wrong we say the word when we say it's incorrect you're wrong about that meaning it's not based in truth and we use the same word wrong when we say that something is immoral meaning that it's in opposition to natural law because actions that are taken that are wrong they result in harm to other sentient beings so that's the opposite of a definition of a right if an action causes harm to other beings other sentient beings then that is a wrongdoing and we talked about in the natural law material what basic wrongdoings are the basic wrongdoings our theft murder assault theft trespass and coercion okay so we're talking about things that are some form of theft we're taking something that is not rightfully ours to take from another being that is their property that we don't have the right to take from them like life or freedom or property so this is the basic difference between right and wrong and that's what a right is therefore if we look at the right to keep and bear arms that means we have a right to keep the defensive ability to protect our lives our freedom and our property when they are under assault or they are or we are confronted with coercion or threat of violence that is an inherent human right that cannot be taken away by any other being it exists inherently in nature this is the other thing people need to understand is that rights are not constructs that are invented by human beings you hear this argument odd infinitum by people who are moral relativists who don't think that rights are something that exists independently and objectively inherently in nature an action is based in nature it exists in the real world it's not something that exists in your mind a right is an action therefore it exists in nature we have to get that straight people will pick this up on the other side of this break don't go anywhere you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] 95 today and tried to run try to hide [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm I'm giving part two of my true meaning and purpose of the second amendment presentation live on the air this evening and we are getting ready to move on to slide number 27 we're talking about what rights are the difference between right and wrong behavior the objective difference that exists in nature inherently because these are actions and actions create something in nature they exists in nature they are not something that just exists constructor aliy in the human mind an argument that you hear far too often from people that think that rights aren't something that are objective and inherent in nature well rights are actions folks and that means they affect other beings other than the one who takes the action therefore they exist in nature that has to be really understood deeply that's why they're objective they're not open to interpretation and they're not something that we just get to decide on a whim that's called moral relativism the people who believe that that's the case that we could just decide what rights are or not you know if something causes harm to another being that's not a right it's a wrongdoing it's a transgression against moral law that which does not cause harm to other beings are reserved as rights those actions are reserved as rights that means the ownership of firearms and self-defense against incursions of violence are inherent rights that can never be granted by man in any way nor taken away by man in any way moving to slide number 27 now this is the second part of this natural law aspect of this presentation this is the section on natural law which I refer to as the two pillars I call this the two pillars of enlightenment this is what real spirituality must include and you can never remove either of these two basic tenets or principles or pillars the foundational pillars from the equation otherwise you don't have real enlightenment and you do not have a grasp or a true deep understanding of what natural law means so of course the first principle is the Sacred Feminine principle as I refer to it but most people simply call this the non-aggression principle which is very simple do not harm of your other fellow beings period that's it don't go out and cause harm to others very simple don't take actions which are wrongdoings which are transgressions against moral law that's the Sacred Feminine or non-aggression principle and this must must must be combined with the sacred masculine principle that's what the chemical wedding is all about this is a marriage between the sacred masculine and Sacred Feminine principles without that natural law does not stand it falls apart the idea the philosophical foundations of freedom fall apart without both of these principles included and of course the second pillar or tenet of this philosophy is the sacred masculine principle which is what I refer to it as but most people would simply refer to this as the self-defense principle this means when you are confronted or accosted with violent behavior on the part of someone else coercing you threatening you threatening your life your freedom or your property you have the right inherently to defend yourself with the appropriate usage of force up to and including deadly force should your life be threatened this is an inherent right of all people cannot be granted by man cannot be taken away by men and sadly too few people don't think that this is an essential right or too few people don't understand this principle because they're too right brained and they think somehow the state has rightfully garnered some sort of a monopoly on the usage of force and therefore we don't maintain the right of self-defense of force when we are being accosted by coercion or violence the sacred masculine self-defense principle is essential to understanding human freedom if you don't understand it you still have the mindset of a slave and this is why this is left out of all teachings of enlightenment all teachings of higher consciousness by the traditional teachers of it the New Age movement trying to sell you enlightenment without the sacred masculine principle that's like giving somebody half of the equations of physics and saying well you'll need to know all the rest you know don't worry about those you know that's like teaching addition and subtraction and saying hey forget about multiplication and division you know we'll leave those on the back burner you don't need to know anything about those yeah good luck with that let me know how your further understanding down the road works out we'll pick this up on the other side of this break folks you're listening to part 2 of my presentation the true meaning and purpose of the second amendment stay tuned we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com moving right along with the true meaning and purpose of the second amendment presentation part two this evening let's move on to slide number 28 the next part of this equation that I'm going to attempt to define clearly is the word to keep the phrase to keep okay so the right of the people to keep and bear arms what does keep mean okay it has to do with ownership it has to do with the possession of something so if you look up in a semi-decent dictionary what the word keep means it'll tell you it's a verb and it means to have to own or to retain possession of something very simple definition unfortunately most people don't understand it and - too far too many people don't think there's any such thing as ownership this is part of this New Age brainwashing it's part of the new religion of the world it's part of the whole right brained imbalance of the Sacred Feminine without the sacred masculine and it's becoming far too prevalent and it's a very very very dangerous ideology there is such a thing as ownership inherently in nature because if I am using something in nature that is my possession if I have rightfully acquired it if I am using it actively and I'm controlling and responsible for its usage then by all means by all definitions I am the owner of that piece of property that thing now you can never own another being another person but a an inanimate object I can own okay I own the firearms that I own I own the computers that I own they are mine there's a reason you would say that they are mine this computer doesn't belong to anyone else that I'm speaking to you through the usage of there's a reason for that my stuff is on it I'm using it no one could just come along and take that that would be called theft even in a society where we did away with money which I'm all for I am all for doing away with the constructional idea of money which is a limiter to access of energy within a system and that's all it's ever there for it's a means of controlling people that doesn't mean there would not be such a thing as ownership ownership would not go away in a totally moneyless society where we stop using a medium of exchange that can be exploited and turned into a completely haves and have-nots system which is what we have now with 1% of people controlling over 50% of all wealth in the world and that's a conservative estimate to keep means to have own or retain possession of and if you know the right brainers among us the total new agers out there want to make the argument that oh you think you could own something forever whoever used the term or the word forever you're not going to own anything forever that doesn't mean ownership doesn't exist while you are in existence in this life in this dimension in 3d reality using something of course I'm not going to own my body forever because I'm gonna die my body's gonna die one day my consciousness will relinquish this body and it will no longer own it well that doesn't mean I don't own it now ok so people want to make these ridiculous arguments about the non-existence of ownership because it's not for eternity nothing's for eternity folks except consciousness and existence itself so get over this this right-brain notion about there being no such thing as ownership not only is it a completely naive thing you're just completely wrong about it you don't know what you're talking about if that's what you think you're incomplete right brain religious imbalance and that religious imbalance is called the religion of the New Age movement and there's nothing new about it it's a very very old deception and it's still running like a program very strongly in our world today to own something means that regarding that thing an individual maintains rightful possession of that object meaning you didn't steal it from someone else or a coerce someone to give it to you the control over its usage meaning you're using it and the responsibility for its usage meaning if you use it improperly and harm somebody with it you have to be held accountable for it you're the maintainer of it you maintain the responsibility for how it is used and its upkeep these are the reasons I own a firearm I am the rightful owner of it I acquired it rightfully I control its usage and I maintain responsibility for it the same could be said for a car a house a set of clothing technology you know a hard drive a computer a cell phone a desk whatever any physical object if it's mine these are this is why it's mine I rightfully possess it I control its usage and I'm responsible for it period so clearly try to understand that folks this is what it means to own something to keep it that's why we're losing our freedom folks because too few people understand ownership of their freedom that's why it's better that our freedoms are being taken unlawfully unrightfully from us moving the slide number 29 now continuing with the concept of ownership and directly related to that concept is a quote by Jamesburg who wrote a book called the ideological origins of the Second Amendment and in that he said the possession of arms is the distinction between a free man and a slave it being the ultimate means by which freedom was to be preserved I mean truer words were never spoken you know the problem is we don't have people of this type of a thought process today in large enough numbers that's the difference between somebody being free and being a slave slaves are disarmed slaves aren't allowed to own the ability to defend their freedom for the very reason that they are considered slaves by their masters and owners and anybody who's been disarmed has been made a slave by those who have disarmed them make no mistake about it and if you don't understand that you don't understand freedom if you don't know that definitively the possession of arms is the distinction between a free man and a slave because that's how your freedom is preserved when and if if and when it comes under attack by people who would think themselves your master your owner and no one no one that does not understand that could say that they're a real man or a real woman they're not enough they're not an authentic being they're an inauthentic being they're a person in the mindset of a slave and they don't know what true freedom is not even a little bit moving on to slide number 30 again continuing with the concept of natural law how this goes along with rights the right of people everywhere to keep and bear arms for defensive purposes we have to understand equality in rights that there's nobody that has any more or less rights than anybody else everyone has the exact same rights no one has any more rights than anyone else no one has any less rights than anyone else because rights are the same thing actions that do not cause harm to another Bing people want to turn this into all kinds of shades of gray when it is not it is black and white did it cause harm to another Bing well then it's a wrongdoing did it not cause harm to another Bing well then it's a right it is that black and white it is that simple people want to try to you know overly complexify everything because they they can't think along simple lines of morality and this is largely because they're not truly moral beings they want to come up with the exceptions to everything they want to find the last little my new shove an exception to that well what in this situation if this happened and then that happened and then that happened like you know what forget all of this you're making things too complicated did you take an action and it resulted in a harm to another being when you had no right to do that that's it that's it did you deliberately take an action and it's a of your own free will whether you're told to do it or not no matter why you thought it was okay to do and you didn't have any moral right to take that action and it results in harm to another Bing will guess right that's not a right you just committed a wrongdoing I mean people have to stop trying to overly complexify everything and just get down to basic understandings of things it's not that complicated folks since rights are not created by humanity because they exist objectively and inherently in nature and this is by right by way of them being actions as I have already explained that is why rights exist objectively and inherently in nature because they are actions and actions exist in nature no human being or group of human being is actually ever capable of granting rights to anyone else nor is any human being capable of revoking Rights from anyone else I would say no Bing period whether they're human or not rights exist in creation the creator of the universe the creative force in the universe existence itself however you want to word it that is how rights have come into being they are built into the very fabric of existence and therefore they're my birthright as a being within the universe within nature that means they're my possession it's my ownership I have ownership of my rights who else could own my rights if my rights are actions that I may take who else could possibly own them see this is why people don't want to understand the ownership of rights because they don't want the Associated responsibility that goes along with that ownership that's the crux of the issue of people not understanding what rights are therein lies the problem people don't want that associated responsibility moving on to slide number 31 so I'm sorry let's just go back to 30 for one second this is you know deeply deeply interwoven into the whole concept of the right to keep and bear arms we have to understand every body has this this right it's not just for some it is for all beings all beings with the capacity for holistic intelligence possess the right to defend themselves from violence it is a universal inherent right of all people everywhere and everyone shares that right equally moving on to slide 31 continuing with the concept of self-defense this right that is inherent to all people everywhere no matter where they are no matter what time period no matter what geographic region we're defining now as an another part of the Second Amendment the right to keep and bear arms so now what does the word bear represent or mean in the wording of the Second Amendment you look up the verb to bear in any decent dictionary and it's just a very simple definition that will be given by almost all dictionaries to bear something means to carry it that's it to take it from one place to another to carry on one's person that's it that's all it means it does not mean to brandish to wield or anything like that some people get those confused to bear arms means to carry them on your person that's it very very simple definition so now let's look at that definition if I place my hand gun on my hip cover it up with my shirt and walk around with it like that not harming any other Bing of course that is a right because it does not cause harm to other beings so then if no one if rights are equal for all people everywhere how can anyone grant someone the right to bear arms to carry arms in a defensive capacity no one can if I use that firearm in an unlawful way in a way that was contradicting natural law or moral law by harming someone with it when I had no right to do so then of course I would have to be held accountable for that but we have these things in almost all states called concealed carry licenses were the state thinks they can grant or refuse to grant the right to bear arms to carry arms on our person wherever we happen to go saying we will determine whether or not you have that right completely contradictory to natural law thinking that some people the right to grant or refused to grant rights which already exists that's like me telling someone you have you don't have the right to use a computer you don't have the right to read books you don't have the right to use a fork or a knife I mean it's ridiculous and yet there are still complete idiots out there who think that this is some type of a privilege just as they're the same people who think driving in a car is a privilege I don't care what legal terminology you want to get into the whole maritime thing I understand all the distinctions people make in legal language versus lawful language whatever it's all a fiction anyway folks made up by people who are psychopathic people who think their god and just want to control you it's all illegitimate it's all an illusion only the mind buying in and any any of that crap makes it real it's the same thing with this no one can grant somebody the right to travel no one can grant someone the right to protect themself with any kind of arms by one they're walking around with a bow and arrow on my back that's my right because somebody telling you I'm gonna disarm you is that person saying I'm your master and owner and you're my slave and if you don't know that you don't understand what freedom is you haven't understood it yet if I want to walk around with a big caveman Club that's my right I start threatening people with it that's not my right same thing with a gun I want to walk around with an aka all day or an ar-15 or a 308 this is the reason we're in a society where there's there's so much violence by other people because an armed society as a polite society a society where every person would be armed and carrying weaponry guaranteed folks you once seen a lot of physical violence in that society I absolutely guarantee it you'd see how polite people would get oh fast to each other how much sudden mutual respect would be given and received we'll pick this up on the other side of this break folks stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com so we were talking about the inability of anybody to grant or refuse to quote grant and write which already exists and this includes owning firearms and this includes carrying firearms you know there's a couple of people who are starting to understand this who are even involved in like state legislators and I think I'm not sure whether it was Texas but it might be where a state senator or house representative in a state legislature has put forward a bill to try to revoke concealed carry licensing because he's recognized that this is an inherent human right perhaps I'll try to post a link to this article or articles about this you know if I could find it but I know I read an article dealing with this and thought it was an encouraging sign you know there's a lot of state legislatures out there that have passed the Second Amendment protection acts and I think that's also an encouraging sign I mean again I'm not a status you know these are words on paper however at least it's an encouraging sign to people or understanding at least philosophically that the right to keep and bear arms needs to be defended so I'll be talking about this a little bit more next week some of the states that have come forward with legislation or passed legislation that is about nullifying any of the federal government's attempts to conduct any gun control measures whatsoever because they are completely unconstitutional and they're against natural rights period so I think I'll leave slide 31 at that I think it's pretty clearly explained and let's move on to the next section which is the last phrase within the Second Amendment the phrase shall not be infringed I would hope I do not have to explain shall not be it means you don't do it for you know those who might require an explanation of that it means you never do it in perpetuity it is not ever to be done okay real simple but a lot of people have the hardest time in the understanding of the Second Amendment unfortunately with the word infringed they don't seem to understand what this word means perhaps they've never looked it up you know perhaps their English grade school teachers just never got into that term with them you know they never they never you know look that up in their spelling book okay and then looked up the definition well an infringement is very simple that was slide 32 moving to slide 33 where I explained what an infringement is an infringement is a measure or an action that limits upon something else or encroaches upon something to limit or encroach is what infringement is to act that you look up the word infringe in any decent dictionary and it will tell you it means to act so as to limit or undermine to encroach upon and we'll continue with that concept on the other side of this break folks at the top of the second hour you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on rbn don't go anywhere [Music] [Applause] [Music] the cool science that we don't dare speak as well between us little ribs so we keep there let there's nothing wrong [Applause] it's a cold of sides welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn we're into the second hour of the broadcast this evening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we were talking about what is infringement when in the Second Amendment it says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed what does the word infringed mean to infringe as you will find in any dictionary it is a verb and it means to act so as to limit or undermine something to encroach upon something that means encroachment now people might want to know you know what what does the word encroach mean you look up the word encroach and it means to advance gradually beyond usual or acceptable limits to advance gradually beyond the usual perception beyond acceptable limits that's what encroachment means this is the concept of incrementalism of the stepwise progression to gradually get to where you want to go by advancing very slowly so it's unnoticeable you're encroaching upon it slowly you're gradually eroding it this is called incremental ism and this is what all tyrants do this is what smart tyrants do I should say because someone who wants to make a quick power grab is going to be immediately recognized for the tyrant that they are they're going to try to take too much too fast and then people who care at all about freedom even a little bit will say wow we don't want to accept this you know yesterday we had this freedom today it's gone that's tyranny that's a total infringement upon our rights they would understand what was going on but if you do it very incrementally in slow gradual stepwise progressions most people never see it happening the whole concept of the pot with the Frog and you boil the water you boot you put the up frog in the pot when the water temperature is just fine you know it's not hot at all it's nice and comfortable for the Frog and then you turn it up very slowly and it'll stay in there if you put in enough pot of very hot water it would jump right out this is what incrementalism is gradually making changes that lead to tyranny that's why registration of firearms is always proposed the universal background checks gun permits gun registration I mean we already have in certain states where people need permits to buy guns to own that's a complete unconstitutional enactment I mean you know the people should be seeing red flags all over the place if your state has any kind of a law that says you need a permit by government to own a firearm of any kind of any kind once they start instituting incrementalist measures like that you can guarantee right around the corner is going to be confiscation of firearms and they haven't tried this in states right now but they've done it during national disasters during natural disasters like in Katrina National Guard troops were going door-to-door confiscating weaponry and you know what I think about that is people should not have turned one thing over to them even if it meant coming to deadly force being used anything you know anybody that submits to that is submitting the slavery I don't care what the circumstances are you let yourself be disarmed you might as well accept your chains right then and there they'll use any excuse that they can get their hands on these incrementalist s-- these fabian socialists because that's what they are they're neo-marxists they're communists they're fabian socialists the incrementalist see that's how they think they're gonna push socialism and eventually communism into society and you know the nazis are no different what do you think that's any different it's called national socialism that's what nsdap stood for national so Silesia Deutsche arbeiterpartei the National Socialist German Workers Party that was the Nazi Party they were socialists people want to thank all these these regimes are so different Maoists you know the Communists Maoists were so different from the Nazis of a Maoist were extreme left-wing the Nazis were extreme right-wing you know what folks they all meet at the wingtips which is called 100% totalitarianism death camps secret police total ownership of property by the state total ownership of the people by the state slavery you think it's any different you're buying into semantics and in word games and language so all the same measures that they enact same actions that they take anybody that thinks they're anything different has no long view of Street and absolutely no understanding of what totalitarian regimes are none Stalin's Soviet Union was so drastically different than Mao's China and Hitler's Hitler's Germany don't you know so drastically different in the form of incremental socialism and incremental fascism that's being brought into the United States because these two seemingly opposite wings of totalitarianism said hey we haven't been able to take down the United States from without let's joint let's shake hands conquer them from the inside incrementally so they don't understand what's happening because their people are asleep at the switch and we'll sort out the spoils of of ideological warfare political warfare on the other side when we have the country in our grasp and if you don't understand that's what happened you're a naive child and you have no long view of history at all the Fabian society's logo the Fabian society's very low go their shield is a black wolf in in a sheep's clothing in in sheep's dress a dead sheep skin overtop of the black wolf I mean they're telling you out in the open we're coming in as a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing to conquer you incrementally we we don't even need to come with weapons of war we're gonna come with an incrementalist ideology so that you never know what happened this is what Nikita Khrushchev told Americans he said we're gonna bury you but we don't need to do it with with war weapons of war weapons of mass destruction we're gonna do it ideologically incrementally and your children are going to wake up one day in a communist country we're going to turn the United States into a communist country over a long plan this was the plan of Antonio Gramsci the Italian fascist / communist whatever you want to call him you know people think there's such different ideologies he was a Marxist you know people will call him a socialist a communists but it's the same basic thing it's just a minor difference in how you get there whether you're going to do it through the corporation or the state now we have a mixture in the United States I call it the Camino fascist regime or the fascio communist regime it doesn't make a difference it's just a label the result and the end result is the same folks graham she had the whole idea with a physical hot revolution toward communism is not gonna work we tried it with the Bolshevik Revolution toward this you know and it didn't work out the way we exactly planned so we want to do this through incremental ISM and he called this the long cultural march through the institution's the long march through the cultural institutions that means you have to take over the school system that means you have to take over the media that means you have to take over local government you have to get into the minds of people you have to corrupt morality you have to get people to worry about frivolous things distract their attention culturally bankrupt the morally bankrupt them and then they're ready for conquer you just walk in that's what Fabian socialism is folks it was named after Fabius an emperor who just went and took places that he had already ideologically decimated and the population was weak worn out and he just walked in with his troops then they and they offered little to no resistance that's what's going on in the United States right now so why people got to wake up and start understanding what their rights are and start defending them that's what incremental ISM is folks that's what it means to infringe upon something to take it over incrementally and that's the plan of these socialists whether they're the left-wing variety or the right-wing variety their plan is the same speaking about the dangers of infringement or disarmament the very author of the Second Amendment George Mason who I would say had even more to do with the writing of the Second Amendment even then the co-author James Madison in my opinion after studying it a little bit I think Mason really was the person who insisted on this he wrote about infringement being the road to enslave people and this quote by him explains that perfectly quote to disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them George Mason the co-author of the Second Amendment I mean it's right there I mean you you can't be any less ambiguous about how this founder thought to disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them telling people once again a disarmed person as a slave an armed person is a free being founding father Thomas Jefferson third president of the United States slide number 35 now said the strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government now this associates directly with the idea that the Second Amendment is about defense from tyranny from government and people want to say it's about hunting rights it's about sport it's about target practice it's about just home defense or defensive against individuals on the street bunk bunk the Second Amendment was about defense against government tyranny and all the people who want to make the other nonsensical argument that small arms wouldn't provide much of a defense against government tyranny in the modern day you don't know what you're talking about either if it wasn't going to be so effectual small-arms which is what all governments fear their people being armed with because that's what a militia comprises and militia is distributed throughout the population when it is properly composed no government or standing army is ultimately going to stand up against that kind of force because it's as I said last week it's death by a million bee stings there'd be so many people coming at them they wouldn't be able to defend against something like that and it would be from all places not just one place not just a place where an army had set a standing army had set up they would never have the ability or resources to defend against something like that from the entire population if that force were distributed throughout it and Jefferson is saying as much right here and he uses the term as a last resort which I also agree with I don't think people should be quick to just jump into warfare I never said that okay however when reason fails and people are determined to conduct violence as a last resort there is the right of self-defense it should not be entered upon frivolously but you know what folks we're at a place where that time is coming and once again my work here from the very beginning has been to try to avert that time I don't I don't know if my efforts have been effectual enough or if another peak enough people have truly received the message philosophically that's what happened during the first American Revolution that's why we had to go that route and sadly I think maybe not right away but the time is coming soon where we may have to go that route again and it's going to be extraordinarily bad when it happens because the technology is so much more deadly than it was back during the first revolution 230 years ago we're going to see the world if it comes to that is gonna see bloodshed the likes of which the world has never witnessed before in human history and I really don't want to see it come to that which is why I teach morality which is really the only thing that could stop it from coming to that well let me tell you something folks if you don't recognize that there's enough people in this country who still do respect the the very concept of freedom and aren't gonna let that go easily and they are going to physically fight the tyranny that they are encountered with you're also very naive if you think that isn't going to happen if these thug Nazi pigs and communist pigs cut try to keep coming and encroaching upon our rights you'd be a very naive person to think there aren't enough people who still have enough respect for human freedom that will physically battle against that that kind of tyranny in this land and you know what the people trying to bring in this kind of enslavement know it that's why they want the firearms and that's why if I'm telling those people right now if you want to get them you better be prepared in or every aspect of your soul for the blood that it's going to take to get that accomplished and that's all I have to say about that you want to know who I'll leave the last word about disarmament - I won't leave it to the fount one of the founding fathers Thomas Jefferson as I said in my original presentation that I gave back in February I'll leave the last word on that subject to the Supreme Chancellor of the Nazi Third Reich Adolf Hitler let's hear what he had to say about the disarmament of his slaves of those he wanted to make his slaves Hitler said quote the most foolish mistake we could possibly make meaning of course the Nazis would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms history teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so so let's not have any native militia he actually uses the term militia in this statement German troops alone will bear bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order what a wonderful New World Order this man was bringing in one where all of his subject races would be completely disarmed and at his mercy we'll be right back folks [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're continuing with part 2 of the true meaning and purpose of the second amendment presentation that I started on the air here last week and I'm continuing with this week let's move on to slide number 37 in the presentation a slide that I call gun control the road to death last couple of slides were called infringement the road to slavery once that has already taken place incremental ii and then we have gun control measures in place invariably one thing follows ladies and gentlemen this is a historical pattern the people who understand that this happens understand a long view of human history and aren't aren't wearing blinders when it comes to just recent events they understand that this is a pattern that can be demonstrated repeatedly throughout history that result ladies and gentlemen is genocide more specifically demo side which is murder by government its murder of an aspect or a contingency of the population that the people in government see as somehow undesirable or unworthy or unfit of life anymore and they need to be exterminated like insects or animals and sadly in the last 100 years directly due to gun control measures being implemented in different states throughout the world not over 90 million civilians non-governmental people have been murdered by governments within the last 100 years our loan as a direct result of gun control measures that have been implemented by governments and you can look at the statistics on the slide that I have posted here the image on the slide the chart this is borrowed from JP fo org this is an organization that is one of the best gun rights lobbies in the United States it is called Jews for the preservation of firearms ownership and they do the work that they do as a direct result of their understanding of what happened during Nazi Germany and how Hitler began his total conquest of the state of Germany by taking guns away from Jewish citizens first and then rat rapidly completely increasing the gun control laws over time you could specifically look up a lot of the wording of the 1938 Nazi gun control laws and you could directly compare them to the gun control laws that were implemented in the United States in the 1960s they're almost identical word-for-word as a matter of fact I believe if you go to JP fo dot org you can get the original language in German of the Nazi gun control laws of 1938 and compare them with the 1968 I believe it was gun control measures implemented in the United States and the senator who put forth that legislation actually used the language of the not Nazi 1938 gun control laws to write the legislation of the 1968 gun control laws implemented in the United States took it right from the Nazi playbook and that's documented on their site but this chart shows how invariably as soon as gun control measures are implemented by government genocide or demo site follows invariably the Ottoman Empire the Soviet Union Nazi Germany Maoist China you know Guatemala Uganda Cambodia under Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge Rwanda and there's many other examples throughout history these are dis is just in the last 100 years if you take into account all the people killed by government where the result of government measures over 270 million people in the last 100 years alone and that number is rapidly growing but 90 people as a direct result of gun control measures and that's probably a conservative estimate and yet people still think gun control is a good thing they somehow think government has your best interest in mind and cares about you know it cares about you all right it cares about controlling you and making you a slave by disarming you and then you have no ability to resist anything they want to implement so let's leave that at that and move on to the last part of this presentation which is the reassembly again all of this was the the the first part was called field-stripping we're breaking down the Second Amendment into its constituent components like you would field strip a rifle or a handgun now we're going to reassemble those components put it all back together find out what it really really means and we'll do that on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to you what on earth is happening here on our BN continuing tonight with the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment presentation that I started last week on the air and we are getting ready to conclude it with what I call the reassembly putting all of the words and phrases of the Second Amendment back together after having properly understood them by breaking down each word and phrase in the Second Amendment so that we could truly and deeply understand its meaning and purpose that's slide number 38 I'm moving on to slide number 39 now and I explained in this slide that this is a matter of language in the understood the understanding of the Second Amendment is and this is because there are differences and in many cases significant differences in the colloquial language the English usage the contextual usage of English between late 18th century speaking or parlance and 21st century speaking and this is something that people generally don't have a firm grasp on and it goes over their heads in many cases it's it's unfortunate too because the founders really did try to do their best to make their ideas as unambiguous and clearly spelled out and as specific in language as possible and yet over time the understanding of the way that they wrote and spoke you know gradually gives way and you know the the type of colloquial usage of language that we've developed today takes over and then there's that loss in translation you might say so in this slide I'm going to read two wordings of the Second Amendment the way it was actually written and then how we might write it today if we used almost all the same words so here's how the Second Amendment was written in late 18th century the the late 1700s parlance a well-regulated militia comma being necessary to the security of a free State comma the right of the people to keep and bear arms comma shall not be infringed now there's some strange comma placement especially after the word arms and before the phrase shall not be infringed we probably wouldn't write like that today some people even question the kind of grammatical correctness of that and we don't really break our word our phrases down we don't arrange our phrases I should say in kind of the order that this was done at least not with like qualifiers I guess you could say we wouldn't start the the sentence in that way today if we were trying to clearly convey necessity so we would convey the word necessity with since something is necessary then this must or must not be done and that's how I'm going to you know introduce this next wording of the second amendment how we might rewrite it using again almost all of the same words but we might write it in a slightly different parlance today in the 21st century and here's how it would go since a well-regulated militia of the people is necessary to secure freedom the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed now if we wrote it like that today there would be much less ambiguity over what this whole statement means and what its purpose is the clear intention of the militia of the people is necessary to keeping our freedom and therefore since the people of that the militia of the people need to be armed no one should ever be able to infringe upon people's rights to keep in bear arms this would be much more powerful of course if people truly understood what the militia was and is that it is all people so that's a simple dichotomy there between how their language was used and how our language would be used today and again I would start that with the word since because that conveys the necessity of what follows it now on the next slide I'm gonna take a little bit of license you might say pun intended or maybe just uh you know display a little bit of ego here and say here's maybe how I would have written it back then if were I alive back then or how I might rewrite it today not that I think it needs rewriting I think it stands fine just the way it is personally I think for those who have any kind of a historical understanding of how the founders use this language or what their true intentions were by just reading their you know their writings them themselves read it read it yourself I think that it's unambiguous as it stands and doesn't need rewriting but just as a exercise were I to rewrite it myself here's how I would have written it since it is true that a militia of the people which is a decentralized distributed force of armed individuals comprised of the body of the people who maintain working weaponry and tactics commensurate to a military force is necessary for and essential to the preservation of a free way of life the inherent natural rights of people everywhere to own and carry defensive weaponry of any kind shall never be encroached upon so as to limit or undermine those rights that is the reassembly ladies and gentlemen in my words for what they're worth since it is true that a militia of the people again the militia is a decentralized distributed force of armed individuals comprised of the body of the people of all the people the whole people who maintain working weaponry and tactics commensurate to a military force that's what a well-regulated militia is well-regulated means you're maintaining weaponry and tactics and a militia literally means strength that is commensurate to a military force without being a military without being a standing army since that body of people a militia of the people is necessary for an essential to the preservation the maintenance of a free way of life securing freedom the inherent natural rights of people everywhere under natural law to own and carry to keep and bear defensive weaponry of any kind not just firearms any kind of weaponry any kind of Arms shall never be encroached upon infringed so as to limit or undermine those natural rights I think were it were according to something like this the ambiguity would completely be gone no one would ever question it maybe I'm just being a little bit optimistic there but because there are really sick demented people out there in the world who just want to be slaves and love the slavery system that we have they're just psychopathic people and then the other kind of people are just totally masochistic and just enjoy slavery because they don't want any personal responsibility because their self-loathing people they don't have any self-respect they hate themselves deep down in their heart and they want bad things to happen to them the problem may I have no problem with people being like that if that's your constitution of a complete milk toast clown fine be like that here's the problem here's where it comes into a problem enough people being like that starts to infringe upon my rights and the rights of people who want to be free and there's where I have a moral problem with that whole ideology of self-loathing self-determine you're taking something and taking that position that does not belong to you because those rights are not yours to undermine or take away and that's why I have a big moral problem with that kind of a mental attitude that's why the understanding of freedom is so important the philosophical foundations and understanding of freedom are so vitally important because they have to do with the effecting of other beings so I've said in the past there are thoughts that are not rights to have people think all thoughts are rights whatever thought it may be wrong folks you are incorrect if you believe that there are thoughts that are violence make no mistake about it there are thoughts that are VY just by holding them in your mind because of enough people act upon those thoughts that becomes materialized as real violence in the world you could call them potential violence when enough people have thoughts that are completely out of alignment with morality and freedom then you're going to see that materialize in the physical world according to the first principle of natural law the principle of mentalism the universe is mental everything that comes into physical manifestation must first exist in mind and herein lies the problem folks the mind must be changed what we think must be changed in order for the external manifestation to change and when you think things that are wrong that are incorrect eventually it leads to immoral action that's why the understanding of right versus wrong of correct versus incorrect is so important and that's why people need to be on the right page when it comes to the right of people to keep and carry defensive weaponry of any kind as I started this presentation last two or two weeks ago with that that the second amendments wording were 27 words that are worth fighting for I'm moving on to slide number 41 now a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed these are 27 words worth fighting for because of what they convey because of what they mean because of what they represent because of the original intent of them and the purpose behind them but make no mistake about it folks they are just words we cannot make them sacred or put them on such a pedestal or a shrine that we forget that actions must back those words when tyranny is coming at you hot and completely brainwashed agents of the state are following their orders just doing their job listening to the commands of their quote-unquote leaders their Fuhrer their Chancellor their chairman their president and their intent on harming others and taking away natural inherent rights because they've been commanded to do so you know what happens with the 27 words of the Second Amendment they become just words like that real fast you're not going to be sitting there explaining historical significance or intended purpose when somebody's actually coming for your rights that's when action is going to be required and if you're not physically prepared getting psychologically prepared for that is one thing but if you're not physically prepared for it you're going to be up that creek without a paddle as the saying goes you're going to be caught with your panties down around your ankles as that other saying goes so my slide number 42 conveys the concept of getting ready and being prepared for eventualities that we all do not want to see but which very very well may manifest sadly and unfortunately and let me tell you something folks if you're not at least somewhat prepared in this capacity you better start getting prepared or you're going to be in a bad situation and you're gonna have no recourse when tyrants come and want to relocate you or take your rights your freedom or your property and you think that it will be the first time it's happened in human history think again if you have any long historical framework or viewpoint or understanding you will understand if that does happen to people there'll be just many in a very very very long line then it has happened too in the past because we still haven't gotten the lesson we still haven't gotten it fully that's why I suggest if we want to avert that potentiality we start deeply understanding natural law deeply understanding morality again the firearm is the last recourse I've said before when I show this slide I've said a few things that I'll reiterate here one you're looking at a totally peaceful nonviolent being in that photo on slide number 42 who harms none I want to be left to myself I think the first and foremost right is the right to be left alone I don't bother anybody I don't want anybody to bother me when I interact with people I interact with them through reason and if I want to change their mind I do it through persuasion not violence not coercion [Music] but you know what while I've been a teacher for many years on rights and on natural law and on what's going on in this world most of my energy goes into teaching some of it goes into preparedness and I would absolutely suggest the same for others we'll pick this up on the other side of this break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] you know today this ties a nice 95 today and tried to run try to hide [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm and just about wrapping up my part two of the true meaning and purpose of the second amendment presentation which I began here on air a couple of weeks back this is a short segment I may do a little bit to complete this on the other side and then we'll start taking phone calls but see what I can get through here we're still on slide number 42 where I was explaining you know the idea of being ready preparing physically for what may occur in this country and possibly in others and that means owning firearms that means being responsible with them that means knowing how to use them that means knowing how to take them apart knowing how to clean them operating them properly keeping them in good shape practicing with them teaching family members and friends make it a part of your life that's basic preparedness and I think more people need to become involved in it it is part of the American culture as I said in coming weeks on this show I want to talk about how other nations have allowed themselves to become disarmed and how disgraceful that is and what they might be able to do about it but just to wrap this up I want to say talk about a few things on these last few slides the first thing is some of the imagery that you see here alongside my photo on slide number 42 with my ak-47 at a local range you see two flag images these are images from flags during the Revolutionary War era one of them the one on the left with the snake on the yellow background with the words don't tread on me is known as the Gadsden flag after the American patriot Christopher Gadsden from Georgia who was one of the I believe the commander the Georgia militia if I'm not mistaken and who fought in the Revolutionary War this was a huge symbol during the Revolutionary War period and represented the rattlesnake who simply wants to be left alone in nature and when someone won't leave it alone that's when he strikes it's a concept within natural law that natural law right of being left alone of not having someone come at you with coercion but if they do you're ready you are Fang and venom eyes and you'll also give them that warning the rattling of the rattlesnakes tail means beware leave me alone I don't want to harm you but if you're coming toward me if you're encroaching upon me my rights my life my territory my property then be ready to be struck and that was the message being conveyed during the American Revolution to the British back then who came over across an ocean on ships to oppress people at the behest of some psychopathic lunatic boy King because he was their leader and they were just following orders you pick this up on the other side in the third hour of the show and then I'm gonna be going to your phone calls I'm gonna wrap up these last three slides and then we'll see what listeners out there have to say about the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment ladies and gentlemen you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting stay with us we'll be right back [Music] freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're into the third hour of the show and I'm getting ready to just wrap up the last part of my true meaning and purpose of the second amendment presentation here on the air tonight and then we're going to be going right to your calls on slide 42 I just broke down some of the imagery of the two flags that are on that page in the circles on both sides of my photo holding one of my firearms and on the left hand side of course is the Gadsden flag as it is known after a Christopher Gadsden of Georgia on the left hand side I'm sorry on the right hand side it is the imagery that is known as the Franklin flag Benjamin Franklin originally designed the segmented snake in some of his newsletters his newspapers and underneath and it said join or die I believe the original said unite or die if I'm not mistaken but it was a turn to join or die to try to bring people into the actual combat of the revolutionary war effort against the British and you know this was a warning either you know join the militia and join you know the Revolutionary Army and fight back against these tyrannical oppressors who came over at the behest of this psychopathic king to oppress free people or you know suffer the consequences and the concept was people had to come together to fight this tyranny which was on their doorstep which was in their midst and the message could never be more appropriate than in the time that we're living in and let me tell you something folks if we unite if we join together all of the people who are seemingly separate from all the different places in not only the United States but in the world and we come together under the common knowledge and the common sense understanding of natural law of moral law and we unite under those principles not a single shot will need to be fired not one if we do not do that death is going to be visited upon this earth in amounts that are almost inconceivable and I'm not saying that to fear monger I'm saying that because that is how natural law consequences work we're in a big simulation you might look even look at it like a video game you know what the game's called folks Truth or Consequences we unite under the truth we join together under the truth under common sense under conscience under natural law under morality and we will experience freedom we will experience prosperity we will experience peace and harmony we refuse that truth and we refuse to come together under the banner of truth there's going to be the exact opposite oppression suffering warfare slavery and death and don't expect it ever to work any differently those are laws that are built into creation itself these are what these symbols mean to me those are my interpretations of what they mean and how we might see them today in the world I think they're just as appropriate and just as hard-hitting in their message as they were over 200 years ago the men who made them should be respected and revered and I think they're the real American flags forget the flag of the United States as far as I'm concerned that's turned into a symbol of oppression and tyranny in my eyes these are the real flags of this land that we call America so I just wanted to comment on that symbolism that I chose for that slide there let's move on to slide number 43 I said in my original presentation back in February that if it were up to me maybe I would only add four additional words to the second amendment to perfect it and those words are come and take it in the original Greek Molen lebay the words uttered by the king in general Leonidas who fought at the Battle of Thermopylae against the / incoming Persian armies trying to conquer what was Western civilization at that time in Greece and those Spartans held them at least long enough before they were killed to the last man to bring in some support by other Greek factions to actually get them united because they knew that if they didn't fight they were going to be conquered and their way of life was going to be completely destroyed some people say that this battle preserved the idea of freedom in Western civilization and it would have been completely annihilated had those people not made that sacrifice however people want to look at it historically the words come and take it came out of that because when Leonidas and his men were ordered to surrender their weapons and surrender to the Persian troops his response was Molen lebay which meant come and take them if you can and as I said they fought until the last man of course this phrase has now been used as a rallying cry for people who wish to preserve gun ownership rights especially here in America and this flag is another big symbol in the gun culture community come and take it I personally prefer the silhouette of the a kay I'm more of an a k guy than I am an AR guy but hey you know we have our preferences and finally folks the last slide slide number 44 you know I didn't say anything about I told you what I felt the gadsden snake meant when in reference to the Gadsden flag itself but I just want to talk about the symbol of the snake in general people will look at this oh it's the serpent it's the it's a symbol of the devil is Satan's the great serpent yeah biblically that is true you know this the serpent is looked at as you know Satan biblically and in religious connotations in many cultures specifically modern Christian culture but if you look at the historical underpinnings from this story and connect this with the information that I broke out during my cosmic abandonment presentation there's an alternative interpretation that goes along with the original serpent story of Eden and as we talked about briefly in the cosmic abandonment series the brothers and little an N key these beings that came here in the ancient past are attributed in by many people to creating humanity and then genetically tinkering with the genetic code of human beings to make them into a slave species regardless of what people think of that story it's the underpinnings of the symbolism that count here as I'm explaining this and lil tried to make an key into the the the great devil the the adversary to his rule in this story of these two brothers and that's why he kind of pinned him as the slithering serpent many feel Anke was the good guy in the story as I've said there were between these brothers because it was n Keys originally planned to create humanity and genetically modify the beings that were already here as one of the early parts of this story goes when N key first set foot on the earth one of the first animals that he encountered that he had not ever seen before was a snake and when he saw that he took sort of a liking to it because again as these accounts go the skin of these beings was somewhat akin to the skin of a snake which is why many people have associated them with reptiles with reptilian like creatures but their skin simply had an appearance like you might say like a human elbow or knee but all over that's what their skin just looked like which is similar to a reptilian hide so the story goes that when he first encountered the first animal they encountered on an alien world it was a snake and then when n key had sort of a little bit of a change in conscience when he realized how degraded the Bing's that these other beings these other intelligent beings who came here from elsewhere had created on the earth were how completely violent they had become and the kind of deplorable behaviors that were they weren't enacting upon each other and he much much later on more likely you know thousands of years beyond the first time when they when they started doing these genetic manipulations because these beings have an enormous lifespan compared to ours he allegedly had this change in conscience to a point where he wanted to at least try to help educate people according to higher standards of morality and consciousness and he formed mystery schools to do this to try to teach the humans how to really interact with each other and to teach them about the laws of nature and to teach them about you know the sciences etc and these became the first mystery schools which then of course became corrupted and polluted by people who wanted to take that knowledge and use it for advantage over their fellow beings that's how dark occultism got started but one of the original secret societies during these times was known as the Brotherhood of the snake and it was a brotherhood that came together to try to teach people again they used the snake because this was n key symbol back then and they taught the mystery traditions of consciousness amongst themselves in in secret because many of these this knowledge was forbidden by the faction of these beings the the quote-unquote Anunnaki the ones who came down from the heavens as the name is translated out of the Sumerian this this Brotherhood was considered you know illegal it was considered something that was forbidden hence a secret society had to be maintained many of these beings who came here and created us did not want our uplift did not want people to have this knowledge which would level the playing field against them while they were still here so this original society took the symbol of the snake okay and it was about higher consciousness it was about teaching others and it was about protection among those with a like mind this is one of the underpinning reasons that I chose this as the symbol for the background of this entire slide presentation because I think humanity today needs a new Brotherhood of the snake as strange as that may sound to some if you understand the story and you know what this original Brotherhood represented and don't get me wrong let's not leave anybody out it's not just a Brotherhood we need a new community a new mystery school if you will a new brotherhood and sisterhood of the snake no one is left out of this of course people who understand both the non-aggression principle and the self-defense principle equally and are willing to come together to teach those principles and defend those principles I think if we create some sort of a new universal worldwide community such as that that teaches natural law principles I think we might be able to reverse the trend toward despotism and totalitarianism and tyranny that is so prevalent all throughout the world so I'll conclude this presentation with that notion and with that hope in mind so that concludes my presentation the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment I hope people enjoyed it I hope they got a lot out of it I hope they will share not only the presentation as I've given it but you could teach others yourself what the Second Amendment really means what the founders intended it to be spread the word talk to people about it get involved in firearms ownership be a responsible firearms owner own the responsibility that comes along with it most of all I think the best thing we could do is teach young people respect for firearms to teach them the rights that are associated with this to teach them responsibility the responsibility that is associated with this and when we do that we're going to see a different generation come forward in the future that will understand these principles and really hold them in deep respect and be willing to defend them so with that I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you'll spread the ideas to others with that having been said let's uh start going to the phone lines and see you know what people have to say on this topic I'd like to keep the the topic to the Second Amendment in general firearms ownership in general the self-defense principle in general if people want to go off on different topics you know I try not to make any taboo topics on this show or limit what people can talk about so if you want to go off into other tangents you can but I'm going to ask for people to if they have any comments on this particular topic to call in tonight and you know let's see what you have to say on it so let's hear from Bobby in Louisiana Bobby you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hello hello buck man I've just recently discovered your work your piece work dude before I've gotten to your work I don't know if you're familiar with him just name is dr. Norman liver good his work is on her knees press it's called the new enlightenment he talks and talks a lot about the New Commonwealth all about what she's been talking about cuz I saw some of your videos and again give me the gentleman's name again it's Norman liver girl he's on her knees press okay Freddy's press calm yeah he talks about the new enlightenment some of this topics go to philosophy over tyranny okay police state you're in a police state attorney right least AUSA about the Cabal cabal provoked riots and so forth and so forth oh I'll definitely check out his work I'm not familiar with it but I will definitely take your recommendation and check it out it sounds like I would definitely be interested in it and I'll look into it for sure thanks for the recommendation thank you I didn't catch all of it I don't have any access to Internet at the moment no serious serious transition right now and my goal is not all alike so he was talking about preparedness i'ma tell you something mark you everybody's not prepared I mean I'm kidding MP Bobby hold on one moment I'll let you continue on the other side [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn we're taking your calls for the duration of the show we were talking to Bobby in Louisiana and Bobby you were wrapping up your thoughts and you were talking about preparedness I'll let you continue on that I appreciate the credits go I mean you have some people like me to ask them who know who has been completely and utterly then crippled by all the policies that creates the conditions and poverty and that's why they want to decimate the country financially as well because they know that it's very difficult for people to maintain you know things like basic preparedness items and weaponry when they don't have the the basic necessities for survival on a day to day basis you know like food and clothing and shelter etc that's one of the big reasons that the extremely wealthy global elitists want people in destitution and poverty without any question it's it's a matter in that kind of a situation too as difficult as it may be to simply you know try as much as possible to just put away small small amounts until you have something that you can part with to you know get some basics in this regard there's there's a good group here in Philadelphia that is called survive and thrive and maybe perhaps there are groups like this in other areas maybe you could check meetup comm or something like that where many people will teach people base survivalist behavior you know they'll teach basic techniques and mental strategies psychological strategies in addition to what items that you can over time procure and put away over time without having to break the budget so to speak that you could come out with not only a mindset of preparedness but a small cache of preparedness items that may may help you know I interviewed Fernando salgueiro who was the head of survive and thrive probably a couple years back and I told him I was gonna have him on again in the future to talk about preparedness and survival we talked about water purification when I brought him on but maybe at some point in the near future I'll bring him on to talk about basic survival techniques and items that everybody can do in an affordable way but even myself I struggled so much to purchase one of the first you know what you might call expensive firearms that I did and it took me several months to save up for it you know like III I'm this in the same situation as many other people are out there and you know it really just takes a kind of a commitment and saying well is this important enough to me to go ahead and do even in the light of you know that I may not have that many resources to put toward it so Bobby I want to just thank you for your call and say you brought up a lot of good points there that many people do have to take into consideration when they're looking at basic preparedness in this regard so it's a good point to make and I want to thank you for the call let's move on to Nathan in Arizona Nathan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey debate club last week and I had an argument with a guy the second amendment okay in what I said what regard well thanks to you I knew exactly what they when he brought up this phrase well-regulated and free state oh they love the well-regulated part don't they so many people want to insist that that means the government has to be in total control of every aspect you know that's the big argument by the statist and I knew what to say and now and then he tried to say this in the National Guard is malicious oh here we go with that one that's a huge one that's a huge one by the so called revisionists out there by the leftists out there all the National Guard is the modern militia you know it's just it's an absolutely ridiculous argument the founders repeated over and over and over and over again in their own writings and in in a you know public meetings that they attended when asked who the militia was they said it was the body of the people we're over and over again unambiguous yeah and then he actually took it even further than that he even had the balls to say that there was nothing in the Second Amendment about individuals having gun rights Wow and the right of the people to keep in their arms that has nothing to do with people's rights I guess different different language than the English language I guess I mean meaning of the word people right people you must miss that word anyway this guy was a cop that makes sense now he's a cult member what do you expect from a religious cult member I could tell it because of the I am better than you attitude and he was trying to laugh at me about everything that I said in response to him and then you even started insinuating that I should be locked in the cage and give him an attitude yes Nathan hold on I'm gonna let you continue on the other side but here's the thing with people like this okay they haven't read one word from the founders own writings not a one they show their complete ignorance by nonsense like this stay with me I'll let you continue on the other side stay with us everyone [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn taking your calls for the remainder of the show toll-free number to join us 831 394 43 we were talking to Nathan in Arizona Nathan you were telling me that after you tried to explain what the real meaning and purpose of the second amendment was to this cult member this religious cult member follower he responded to you that you should be thrown in a cage for your agreement with our founders who put this provision in the Bill of Rights for your stance on that you should have your freedom taken away isn't that so American yeah it gets worse than that - he then went on to say that our attitude would change once we saw how big their machine guns were and I asked what the military and police are gonna do against a hundred million gun owners and he told me that he just have to take us out one at a time yeah well like I said let them try they don't even understand what they're gonna be up against in this country if they dare to try it that's that's it and you could call that you could call that whatever you want it's not even a threat it's not even a promise it's a fact is what that is it's a I'm not gonna let them take my god and torture me for a couple years and not the only one my friend you know many people are with you believe me more than you know you can more than any of us know where you can be at somebody's mercy for as long as they want so it's a pretty easy choice if you ask me let me tell you something Nathan I go to some gun shows in some podunk podunk towns you probably call them out on the outskirts of you know the urban area around southeastern Pennsylvania and I'm telling you the amount of people that show up it's like a massive sporting event you might think it was a Philadelphia Eagles game the amount of people that come out it's on believably encouraging how many people are in the mindset of at least minimal preparedness and at least minimally know a little bit about what's going on I've had people tell me when I get in conversations with them at gun shows about the tyranny that's going on in America and I've had the response from many people we know many of the people here know exactly what's going on and we're getting ready we may not know as much of you or how it works as well as you do or to the extent that you know but we know enough to prepare and I'm telling you that sentiment is omnipresent at these shows just just go and put yourself around that culture for a time and you'll see you know there are people who aren't at a higher level of consciousness and and don't really understand it to a full extent but there's many who do get at least that tyranny is coming that they're making encroachments on our rights and freedoms and they are not going to take it laying down yeah if you're not you're gonna be found with your pants around your ankles that's right most important that's absolutely correct Nathan I want to thank you for the call and for the points that you've brought up really great sentiments there and just hang in there because know that you are not alone and know that there are many other American true American patriots in the true sense of the word not in the sense that we just follow whatever the nation does from the point that we are going willing and prepared to defend human freedom at all costs against government tyranny there are so many of us they're gonna stand with people like you and they're not going to be able to get this done easily so thanks so much for the call let's hear from Jonathan in Kentucky Jonathan you are live on what on earth is happening welcome mark you know what the differences between an ar-15 hey what's that ar-15 like a prom queen in a cave like a biker chick I wholeheartedly agree after having you know used both of these platforms I'd have to say I'm in agreement with that sentiment I can't take credit for that that came from a spent as operator sunny physique oh and I knew you were a kay guys I don't I don't want to beat up on the AR too much good friends of mine really love that platform and I I don't dislike it I think it's extraordinarily accurate it's it's it's a it's a nice platform but uh you know given the choice I'll take the a K platform any day of the week just my personal thank yous you're a no-nonsense kind of guy into a cave and no-nonsense kind of weapon simple is better in a fight yeah well I didn't know if you knew that I I like running guns I run my rifle every Sunday with my group I'm running right now a PTR 91 or it's pretty much a g3 okay and I just wanna let you know I went to a gun show at a2 and I seen all the five five six ammo that's being bought and you think you know being a dude who's running that there's a panic on it oh well put it this way all the green camp green chip thing is is they've made that green shift ammunition for so long for all these wars they're converting over to a steel core round so instead of selling it a cost they're making a big gun scare and getting everybody to buy it up and they're making a profit off right right yeah and then I wanted to say man your your reference on the Brotherhood of the serpent really kind of concluded what may be my thoughts were on that Kundalini experience I had to it might have uh might have been something I guess you could say and yeah so I've heard about you people tell me about their Kundalini experiences how what occurred during yours if you don't mind me asking I had a serpent bite me and my dream coil around my arm and I was in an open desert and with the venom that snake bit me and uncoiled my arm and the venom surged up through my arm up to my heart when it hit my heart I awoken with my hands in front of my face and I seen the flower of life symbol in my face and it as soon as it was aware of me and I was aware of it it disappeared and my lamp fell over all the power shut off my house and I heard a thousand knocks underneath my bed and on my roof and although very interesting so this was more like a visionary experience than something you may have encountered were experienced during something like a meditative experience oh no no now I will say I do dabble a DMT and I use it for ritual purposes I burn sage and I tell people you gotta let go of all your pride and ego and angst and the teacher plant but I would it wasn't anything like that because there was a month afterwards and it was very powerful but we got to run some steel some time man ha ha I would love no we we got to I know I've been to Iraq and you know I you know I've learned something over there and I look at these cops dude and some of them have this smug attitude and I just look at them I think in myself I am just one man and you don't even know what kind of hell I could unleash on you Jonathan the thing is I'm gonna read some information about the fear of rebellion and the fear of revolution that a lot of people have next week on the air and possibly I'll even read some of the writings of Thomas Paine in the next week or two because he talked a lot about how one Patriot during the Revolutionary War era one person of the militia one a person who really was supporting and defending freedom would be worth a hundred Tories or a hundred supporters of the state and that's the thing people have to understand is our numbers are going to be so much more powerful because people who will physically defend their freedom are going to fight like a hundred men because they have something worth fighting for they're not just fighting for hierarchy and following orders they're fighting for something that truly means something deep inside their mind and heart and when they fight for that when they fight for that truth they're gonna take on the strength of a hundred men and I couldn't set it any better myself then all the people who are supporting this tyranny they better understand that before they enter into this slightly and no Borg I mean really you know if you want to do a tracking they really are man yeah and it's it it's gonna be to a point where this dark elite and whoever they're conjugates are they're gonna go down swinging and instead of us passively being able to unite not passive but I would say assertively unite right and not by around it's not gonna happen they want to have the angst and and anger and struggle and suffering so that they can feed on the last minute before their dark flame is extinguished Jonathan I will say this more so than not I tend to agree with that analysis I wish it were not that way and I really want to try to avert it coming to that I don't know if we are going to be able to do that I think it can be done if the human will is summoned to do that work but I tend to more agree with your analysis on the way it may go I hope for all of our sakes that both of us are wrong on that though Jonathan I want to thank you so much for the call phenomenal points that you brought up thanks so much for calling yeah let's hear from Rafael in Indiana Rafael you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi mark great speech yeah absolutely welcome back I just have a few comments if I may sir go right ahead um I just want to comment on how I love and how you said in the past basically called all people and say that you don't care if they need to starved by a gun and and that's on for nah you know fire our municipal protection yeah I mean III I wouldn't go so far as to say starve yourself to do it I mean if I said that it may be a little bit on the extreme side but there's ways of saving up slowly incrementally and there's even time to do that now I believe like I said I mean the first good firearm I purchased I had to save for several months to save up enough for that because you know I just was kind of a bad time financially and it took a while to do that but I did it anyway and I just literally I said hey uh I'm gonna put ten or twenty dollars aside each week you know and you just do what you can that's what it had to come to for me to you know I'm in a slightly better situation than that now not drastically but you know I did what was necessary to do because I'm not going to get caught unprepared and that that's all comes down to it you have to summon the will to do it so I totally agree to is uh evolved I guess on what alone understand second meant a lot alone natural law right now but there there's a b-movie there I saw not so long ago mark it's called goodbye world unless you've seen that movie before it sounds familiar I'm not certain though it's it's basically the premises where I guess technology is brought to its knees and and people are much brought to over the reliance of a survivalist and how busy they're all revolves around group of people on and the meanings of basically uh survival surviving and it's you know it has its subtle angles they're irrelevant but there's a zone the premise of the movie is basically tell me the title of it one more time I just want to write it down all I'll check it out a goodbye world ok all right continue and and it just stopped there's a I think one of the best parts of the movie is and I don't want to give everything away but it's just basically uh one of them somebody from the group take it quote the third and then later on they quote a Fourth Amendment okay and in I guess and the responses being encroached by these Outsiders and I think that's basically a permissible I guess not only your second lemon that you're covering but most people don't even know level no natural all right no let alone the Bill of Rights they even know what what help what it means one twenty when I guess crap hits the fan so to speak and there's pretty good movie you know okay I'll definitely check it out on your recommendation and and one other thing else its way I century not unless you got it but there was a video and a pretty relevant to what you're covering now it's it's the YouTube video it's called um guns with history and it was a social experiment that was done it's it's a beautiful you I think it just popped up not too long ago but um they set up the shop in New York where they're selling these guns and all these customers not normally they come in and when they were asking inquire about the firearms instead of telling them you know of an actual history or what nature of the firearm uh they start given the history of how was used to kill quote-unquote you know somebody son murdered their parents or this gun was used in the column binding you see the people's reactions and that is totally our few station of the Second Amendment and that's in the firearms Wow so this is like a anti-gun propaganda documentary right that's how you should think about buying guys real what's up with the verbage is on the video but it's basically totally contradicts of what you're trying to unbeliever mode in that is pretty uh that's what I people to do that that's part of that cultural programming you know that social engineering that they have to do to change the mindset of people to get them to lay down their freedom without a battle you know without a struggle yeah I mean it is just uh you know it's pretty pretty uh if people aren't aware it's just the attack that people are getting subversive later all as it's a society it's it's you know it's relentless and that's why we have to do our best to educate our fellow men according to these principles to help them to understand not only the the Sacred Feminine non-aggression principle but also that sacred masculine self-defense principle they they have to go hand in hand and the understanding of them have to go hand in hand Raphael want to thank you so much for your call always great points that you bring up thanks so much let's hear from Jeff in Cambodia Jeff you're live on what on earth has happened I think you're the first caller I've ever had from Cambodia and you are calling from a place that has experienced the direct result what happens when people are disarmed of their firearms Jeff you're live on the air yeah mark when you mentioned when you mentioned Pol Pot of course I just last week went to the museum up in front n seeing the results of what happens when you've got an unarmed populace and unarmed people Papa you know what peaceful populace that is very well educated but they didn't have the wherewithal to fight back and I'm just saying that you know you can find it on YouTube and videos of it but to say that it was horrifying experience would be a massive understatement he took it to such an extreme extent that he was executing anybody that he continued he considered to be an intellectual person because he felt that the actual intelligence of other people would be a threat to the rulership of his party that is the extent that the communists there went to you know act actually actually killing anybody that he felt had some decent intelligence because that could eventually lead to the overthrow of his his regime yeah and he by the look of the guy if you look at the interviews by the American who interviewed Pol Pot's over there the guy you almost want to believe the guy that looked like a grandfather and he I don't even know that the guy knew that he did it I mean it just it does make you think about the mind-control aspect sure Jeff hold on through this break I'll let you finish up on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Applause] [Music] there's a cool science that we don't dare speak as well between us it'll rip so we can pretend that there's nothing wrong it's cold of socks the wall welcome back everyone final segment for this edition of what on earth is happening this evening we were talking to Jeff in Cambodia a place where government demo side happened in the past as a direct result of gun control measures that were implemented Jeff I'll let you wrap up your thoughts Jeff we ve lost him so I'm sorry about that we looks like we lost lost Jeff Jeff you can call in quickly I'll bring you back up let's move on to Rahul in Washington Raul you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show thank you glad to talk to you yes so in regards to your topic tonight I became a gun owner about I would say almost two years ago now okay and it was in response to the Edward Snowden Edward Snowden leak basically and it it was like a catalyst for me because I've pretty much always thought about becoming a gun owner and I've always I've always known the value of the Second Amendment but and I've kind of been in the conspiracy world for for a while but it wasn't until that moment when the government you know I don't know if Snowden is a legit guy or if he's just an actor but the government basically letting everyone know we're spying on you right out you know yes yeah in a way that the Germans or the Russian I couldn't even have dreamed of you know with the internet and everything and so that was my catalyst for becoming a firearm owner and I've been carrying 100% of the time 24 hours a day unless you know I'm almost 24 hours a day when I go to sleep I disarm myself as I'm nights down but um I basically carry inside my home and one thing I noticed is this is before I discovered a cultism and I discovered you know true spirituality in her medicine so but one thing I noticed is when I became a firearm owner and I started carrying and I'm out in public and I'm interacting with people is it really transforms the Beast consciousness within oneself very quickly because any type of unchecked anger could cause you to take someone's life you have the power over life and death so you find out as do I that it actually quite settles that aspect down within your Bing yes definitely really really started a spiritual transformation for me in that culture becoming a gun owner I completely became non confrontational and my level of empathy towards other people I mean it was like it's like a complete different night and day because the consequences of your interaction with other people is out of you know the stakes are much higher when you're armed Rahul brilliant points we're out of time but the final point here is if everybody were armed we'd have a much more polite society ladies and gentlemen that's all it ultimately comes down to it's not only the great leveler of the playing field so to speak it makes for a much more civilized interaction between beings as they say the gun is civilization ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening remember there's only two mistakes you could ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks for listening everyone we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Music]