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freedom man that's what it's all about welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio today is Monday December 7th 2015 and I'm back from a long hiatus my last podcast was back in April of 2015 April 18th to be exact that's almost 8 months ago and you know a whole lot has gone on since then in my life and in the world obviously and I just wanted to come on and ease back into things and tell people a little bit about what I've been doing during my hiatus some of my reasons for the hiatus and catch people up to date on some important happenings and things that are actually taking place so let's jump right in and just tell people a little bit about why I took a break for a while I was feeling pretty burnout I felt like I needed some time for myself to do things for my physical health and mental health and just really wanted to put the ball in some other people's Court for a time and just take some time that I needed and I did that and I'm going to attempt to come back in a podcast format maybe eventually move it back to some form of an internet radio network but for now it's going to be in a podcast format once again and I'm going to attempt to do this about once a week that's gonna be my goal so hopefully these will be pretty regular and I think it's important that I keep people up to date especially with the free your mind conference coming up for your mind for is coming up in April of 2016 I'm going to talk a little bit about that today as well so you know I'm not a superhuman folks you know contrary to what some people may think I need time for myself I need to rejuvenate and recharge I need to reflect upon things I need to figure out new ways that I want to approach this work and other things that I do so that's that was my main reason for the podcast hiatus for the radio show hiatus I left the former network that I was on Republic Broadcasting and I just want to kind of do this on my own without a network for the time being now I want to say a few things about you know how I want to approach things moving forward for people who are familiar with me and my work this shouldn't really come as too much of a shock they kind of know my personality they know that I'm straightforward don't sugarcoat anything but I really want to even move that into higher gear because with the events that are going on in the world and how things are very rapidly quickening in the move to bring people into totalitarianism and slavery I really want to drop the pretense altogether about you know kind of talking to people in any kind of a way that placates them or makes them not feel offended by you know what I have to say I really want to bring out a little bit more of what I would consider my real personality how I would interact with friends just on an everyday basis and you know just really be more of who I really am which is somebody that doesn't tolerate bullshit and doesn't placate bullshit and bullshitters to say in very plain street language okay and there's a whole lot of that going on in the world today there's way too much of it and there's way too many people that placate it and the because they're placating that people don't understand that their behaviors are completely unacceptable and the things that they support are unacceptable in other words I want to make this radio show if you will even less politically correct than it ever has been before and I want to really stick it to people who need it stuck to them so to speak you know who need to be complete told that what they're doing is not only asinine not only destroying our culture not only destroying our values but ultimately leading us into a state of slavery from which we may never escape and it's wrong and that's the problem as so few people are willing to tell people that their behavior is wrong so this is gonna cut like like moving forward I want to make what I've been doing even more in-your-face and abrasive because that's what I'm really like on a day to day basis when I talk about these things I'll just give a quick anecdote you know and I'm gonna get into this a little bit later in the podcast you know the whole false flag incidents that are taking place in the world recently like I said like I've been saying 2015 is the year of false flags we've had more false Flags this year than ever before and it is starting this gun control debate in society and you know I recently made someone so uncomfortable that they walked away from me in a in a pub okay because I was saying to a friend I don't care what people want to talk about and debate on regarding gun control there is no debate and when I talk to somebody when they bring up this issue and ask me what my take on it is I immediately say there is absolutely no debate I don't want to have a debate because here's the bottom line are you gonna come and try to take my guns from me because you'll be met with the front end of an ak-47 if you try it and I said so or any agent of the state who tries to do that period the end of the debate and that's that should be the attitude of every American who values their freedom and wants to remain in any modicum of the the the the sense of the word free at all so you know I'm gonna get into talking about some of these false flag incidences incidents later on the the the program so I've done a lot of interviews on during the hiatus and you can check all of those out you know I wasn't completely inactive as far as the great work is concerned although I've been busy with other aspects of the work which I'm going to also get to there's many interviews that I did with many great radio talk-show hosts and you could check that out on the news section of my website what on earth is happening dot-com if you're new listener of course I always recommend to people to go up to the podcast section of the site the archives and just move forward in order from number one forward because there's a progression of information there a lot of people you know will look at my website and say I don't know where to start you know if you read the homepage if you read the landing page it tells you where to start where I recommend that you start I recommend that you start in the audio archive the podcast section and you go back to number one and you work your way forward in order at your own pace it's building block material there are prerequisites you know listening to the modern podcasts that the later ones in the series is you know be you shouldn't do that before you listen to the early ones because the information in the later ones has prerequisite material that you need to understand from the earlier podcast so take them in order if you're new if you're a new listener and move forward at your own pace you'll get the maximum value from the information that I've shared by doing it that way I want to say thank you to all the people who expressed concern for me during the hiatus and you know just real quickly you know people basically wrote to me and asked in many cases are you okay and the answer is no no not really you know some of it's something else I want to talk about I'm not okay I'm not okay emotionally you know physically yes I'm okay you know actually physically I'm in better shape than I've been in my life I've really been doing uh you know in my personal life a lot of physical activity trying to stay as fit as Savan keep my health in his good shape as possible I've been you know doing a lot of physical fitness work I've been training in martial arts because that's just as important as learning how to handle firearms should it come to a situation where self-defense is gonna be required so I've been studying the martial art called jeet kune do-- which was Bruce Lee's system of martial arts street fighting and that's been going really great I've been enjoying it immensely it's it's been helping keeping me in decent shape and it keeps the mind sharp as well I've been doing other activity in the form of music which I'm going to get to and that's a really really big new thing for me I've always been involved in music I've always been a vocalist and been involved in bands in the past and all I'm gonna tell everybody about my new project in this podcast so just to go back to you know the thank yous that I was about to send out a lot of people expressed a lot of support and concern for me during the hiatus and you know while I I totally appreciate that I mean I've been fine physically but the answer to a lot of those questions and concerns is you know I'm not I wasn't okay emotionally and mentally in many cases during that time because a lot of things have been taking place in my personal life and just seeing the state of the world the way that it is and rapidly growing worse I mean things are growing more and more and more insane by the day and it seems that less people are awake it seems that people who seem to be awake are really not it seems that the mind control was working even more effectively on people and more people are television Watchers and less people are readers and there's just there's so much going on in society that is absolutely tragically horrific and I'm gonna get into that as well today but I just wanted to say thank you for the concern because it's definitely appreciated and heartfelt and I understand that you know a lot of care was sent my way during that time so thank you for that thank you for people who may help support me in my personal life and in the work that I do by sending me gifts and donations and you know that that really helped me to keep going and just thanks for you know having the mindset that you do and being part of the fight for freedom you know that's more appreciated than anything else so I just wanted to say thanks to everybody for showing their support during my time off I just wanted to mention quickly before I get into the material for today that there is a donation button on the what on earth is happening website and for people who have found value in my work and want to help to support the work that I do and I'm going to continue to do you could make a donation by clicking that on the left side of what on earth is happening calm the donation button with that said I'll jump into some things that I want to talk about for today like the free your mind for conference I mean this is gonna be the biggest conference by far of 2015 for anything having to do with events that are taking place in our world and truth being spoken regarding those events for your mind is a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult and it takes place now yearly in the Philadelphia area it was by yearly I founded this conference back in 2011 and set it up as a bi yearly event a biannual event during the odd years so we did one in 2011 in 2013 and in 2015 I turned it over to new organizational members in I guess that was late 2014 because for your mind 3 was under new organizers and they've done a phenomenal job with the event made it bigger than ever before but free your mind 3 was by for the biggest event that was part of the free ermine series I'm sure free or mind 4 will be even bigger so the speaker lineup is just phenomenal already this is this conference is gonna be taking place just outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County Pennsylvania on April 15th 16th and 17th of next year 2016 next year is just right around the corner we're rapidly approaching the end of the year it's amazing how fast 2015 flew by and the free your mind for conference is going to be here before we know it it's gonna take place at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel once again the same venue that for your mind 3 was held at which was a phenomenal venue the Sheraton Bucks County hotel is located at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in Langhorne Pennsylvania just outside the city limits of Philadelphia so here's the description of the event free your mind for returns to Philadelphia in 2016 with a three-day conference featuring top caliber whistleblowers and researchers from across the country who will shed light upon our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions spreading awareness on the topics of consciousness mind control subversive occult influences holistic mind body spirit health and solution oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times that's what free your mind has always been about and will continue to be about in the future the speakers lined up for free or mind for already Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien davidwhitehead Freeman Jamie Hanshaw Jay Parker Janis barceló Jim Marrs John vibes Jordan Maxwell Josey the outlaw Wales ken Rolla Laura Eisenhower myself mark passio Mark Phillips Mary Sean Young max Egan and Ross Ben and more speakers are going to be announced soon that is not the complete speaker lineup but is already a phenomenal lineup of speakers the tickets for the free remind conference have been on sale for months and on all weekend pass is $169.99 individual day passes $59.99 you could visit the conference website for more information the conference website is free your mind conference calm once again free your mind conference calm free your mind for coming at us in April of 2016 April 15th 16th and 17th now my personal presentation at the freer mine for event is going to be a double presentation yes I'm going to be giving actually a double presentation on over two nights my presentation will be split over two days at the freer mind for event it will be on Saturday and Sunday so that's Saturday April 16th and Sunday April 17th and this two-part presentation that I'll be delivering will be entitled neo feminism and the Satanic epi eugenics agenda that is my topic over a two night presentation for free your mind for neo feminism and the Satanic epi eugenics agenda and that I'm going to go more in depth into this topic that I have before I'm going to be talking about the war on men and therefore by proxy the war on women I'm going to be talking about neo feminism as a satanic Lee inspired agenda I'm going to be getting into how it is an example of eugenics eugenics through waged through mind-control waged through social engineering and hence what I refer to as epic eugenics and you know there's going to be a lot of detailed information in this presentation and it's going to be uncomfortable in firm information that many people don't want to hear that's what I pride myself in doing saying the things that other people won't say because they're a little bit timid a little bit afraid they want to be liked more than they want to tell the truth they you know don't want people to be offended you know they don't want to upset their delicate sensibilities you know well like I've always said and is the tagline for this show get as offended as you like and you know if you don't want to be offended don't show up from my presentations at for your mind for because I'm gonna say some hard things that many people are not gonna want to hear so it's gonna be a very intense presentation and it's gonna cut through all the BS and it's not gonna it's not going to hold back any punches let's put it that way so you're gonna want to check that out at for your mind for over two nights so speaking of epi eugenics and neo feminism I'm gonna be getting into some anecdotes about incidents that I've been through recently just in interaction through music because of course with with a new band you want to get out there and promote and you want to meet people in the music scene and you want to you know meet venue owners and Booker's and you have to really put yourself out there socially in order to promote a band properly and that's one of the things I've been doing recently so I want to tell people about my new music project it's called the founders that's the name of my new band the founders and we are a we are an anarchist hardcore punk band so for people who aren't too familiar with that genre of music it's kind of a blending of the punk rock the old punk rock style kind of from the late 70s and 80s through into the early 90s and it's it's kind of blended with a more hard and abrasive style of music called hardcore so it's a faster and heavier form of old-school punk rock known as hardcore punk so it's taking Punk and it's hardening it even more than its original stylings and you're putting more heavy and abrasive lyrics into it with faster some faster beats so you know anybody who's around my age around 40 probably would have heard this musical genre heard of it if not actually be familiar with it you know it's uh it's not your father's music let's put it that way you know it's it this isn't music for old men wearing fedora hats you know this is music for you know people who are into fast paced fast-moving energetic music that is up and in your face and you know putting a message forward specifically our style of this form of hardcore punk so you know I grew up on stuff like this this is stuff that I listen to when I was you know in my teens and early 20s and I still love it you know I like heavy music I mean when people heard my you know bumper music during the what on earth is happening radio show and podcast you know it's it's mostly metal I think metal punk hardcore genres like that are the essence of rebellion at least they were intended to be you know part of what we talked about in the founders is how that rebellion was sucked out of the music you know sucked out of those genres sadly and most people who are still in these you know so-called heavy genres of music like metal hardcore and punk they're not talking about anything you know they're just posers who were basically you know trying to be part of a scene they're trying to you know a forge an identity you know they think it's all about you know what they wear how they style their hair what tattoos they have you know what kind of people that they hang out with in this quote-unquote scene there seem stirs you know they're not they're not interested in the message they're not interested in rebellion you know and you know another thing I'm just kind of tired of hearing when I bring up music is all these New Agers who think oh all music has to be this you know namby-pamby fairy style you know what woodland flute music all the time or something or you know playing the didgeridoo you know it's like get over yourself I mean for real okay you know how old are you are you 90 years old you know cuz I'm not you know I want some energy in my music and don't don't give me this crap about oh it's just all about just vibration there's more to music than just the vibrational tonality and you know what sometimes you need an abrasive and discordant tonality to wake people up okay sometimes they need to hear it that way that's my style it's always been my style it's always gonna be my style I'm never going to hand it to you with the sugar cube okay so if you're expecting that you're gonna have a long long wait you know so all the people that think oh music is only this one thing and it's oh it's got to be so pleasing and pleasant and sweet and nice it's like whatever you know I understand the experiments with the Emoto water stuff I get it understood but you know what I could be just as effective playing some hardcore punk music up on that stage and delivering a message through that then anybody can through whatever new-age music or you know relaxing calm soothing melodies that they can play so you know I'm not really interested in hearing people's opinion on that you can have your opinion on that I'm gonna write the music and play the music I want to write and play got it okay so you know this isn't gonna be for everybody the founders is not gonna be for everybody I fully understand that you know this is what again what I like it's what I grew up on I'm proud of this band how it's coming out so far for as long as we've been around since by the way we were born on the 4th of July okay you know I was trying to put something together a little bit before that it kind of wasn't working out I had a little fourth of July party here at my house where we did a cookout and a few friends showed up and we got to talking I was telling them that you know the project I tried to put together wasn't really working and you know they said hey we're musicians and you know we got together for some rehearsals after that and it went great we really gelled well and you know realized we were kind of on the same page about what we wanted to do musically and you know so far it's working out great so this band was born on the 4th of July which is amazing I'm in an amazing synchronicity and we publicly announced the band on September 11th so kind of two very interesting synchronicities there I'll tell people a little bit about our upcoming show and again just to go back to this briefly this band isn't gonna be for everybody I fully realize that not everybody's gonna like the style if you don't like the style don't listen to it simple as that I tend to think the founders are gonna be a band either people love or they hate there's not really gonna be much in-between you know it's either you're kind of familiar with the genre you kind of like it you really like the message you resonate with the message and the energy or you don't and I totally understand that's what it's gonna be like and you know what I prefer it that way that's how I prefer things so we clearly know where we stand you know that's how I tend to be in my personality that's how I tend to be in my life and why should it be any different in my music so check out my band the founders our website is the founders dot us the founders dot us that'll take you right now to our Facebook page we're probably going to have a full website under construction soon but for now we have a Facebook page for the band with photos up there and you could check out some videos of course we don't have a demo recorded yet we'll probably be going into the studio to record a demo very soon we're going to be playing live though we played a preview show where we played a couple of songs at an open mic night back in October but we're going to be playing our first full show with some other great bands coming up this week I know it's very short notice for people who are listening to the to the radio show right now but if you are in the Philly area and you want to come out and check out my band the founders we'd love to see you out there live we're going to be playing this Thursday December 10th 2015 with a three other awesome bands custom power ride beards and whiskey and Concord Road this will be taking place this show will be taking place at Connie's rickrack Connie's rickrack is a you know popular original band music venue that's located right here in South Philadelphia in the Italian market section of South Philly which is my neighborhood I mean I you know when I usually go there to check out some bands I walk over there and it's right near my house so um you know this is you know right in my neighborhood that I grew up in so Connie's rickrack is at 11:32 South ninth Street in Philadelphia again this is this Thursday December 10th the founders Phillies newest anarchist hardcore punk revolutionary band and we're playing with custom power ride beards and whiskey and Concord Road three other great bands it's $10 admission for the show the show is 21 and over to go in because there it is a bar and there's alcohol served and the doors will open at 8:00 p.m. this Thursday night and the show will begin at 9:00 p.m. the first band will start playing at 9:00 p.m. so for more information on the founders check out our web site the founders not us that's you know one of the things I've been doing and you know what we're bringing a very serious up front message about freedom with this band that's what the lyrics are all about the lyrics are all about ending tyranny ending slavery ending mind control you know talking about a lot of the negative elements that are taking place in society you know it's freedom oriented music it's music that is exposing the dark New World Order agenda it's music that is talking about what we need to do to get our minds right and you know start fighting back against this tyranny so that's what the founders talks about you know our songs again are are up in your face you know very simple language and you know it's abrasive and again like I said it's not gonna be for everybody for people that enjoy energetic in-your-face music though they're gonna love it for people who don't like that kind of music you're not gonna be into it so you know don't listen to it and complain about what I want to do musically if you don't want to do music like this form your own musical outfit and do whatever kind of music you like and put a message forward with it just like if people don't like how I deliver the truth then you know get your own radio show or you do your own video or host your own conference or you know you know do your own presentations you know and this is kind of like what I want to transition into talking about there's so much infighting in the whole truth community and nitpicking and people just constantly trying to say oh this person's a show because he talks about this or this person's a show because he doesn't talk about this and meanwhile these people are basically doing nothing but complaining you know I've talked about this before and it's going on worse than ever a lot of in a lot of ways I think these people may be paid disinfo agents just to spread you know division within the scene within the truth-telling community and you know you'll often look at people who complain about things like this and complain about certain people who are doing something and you look up what they're doing and the answer is always nothing they're doing nothing you know which is why I want to say I really do appreciate a lot of the people who have stepped up and started doing their own podcast started doing their own radio show started making their own presentations you know I see a new crop of truth warriors out there who are really doing the great work and it's it's really encouraging to see you know I like to think that maybe my work helped you know influence some of that and other pioneers in that this whole community really helped influence that you know as they say you know if we've seen farther it is because we are standing upon the shoulders of giants I look at it like that as well for myself if people who came before me in doing this work and putting this information forward didn't do what they did to the effective level that they did it and the proliferates level that they did it I wouldn't know what I know and I wouldn't be able to do the work that I have done so you know it's good to see that it's continuing forward and people are taking the ball and rolling with it and I think more of that needs to be done I think we need to have less infighting and people need to unite on the one front of freedom and we could sort out all the differences later you know I do want to talk about my view of modern society and my take on the whole getting this done through consciousness aspect where I previously really had a very positive outlook toward some of this stuff my outlook is becoming decidedly darker when it comes to our ability collectively as people who are trying to expose the truth to quote-unquote wake the sleeping masses and get this transformation in humanity accomplished in consciousness or in other words breaking human slavery breaking the chains of human slavery through consciousness alone I am at the point where I do not believe personally any longer that it will be down that way and I'm just being honest you know I'm being honest about where I stand you know in my analysis of the situation that we're in I think things have grown dramatically worse I think people are more asleep than ever I again I don't know where people who have a positive attitude live where they're coming from or what they're seeing it's almost like we live on different planets because anybody who has a positive outlook about people waking up I think they hang out with too many people who are very awake and they don't understand how outnumbered people like that are so they're seeing the world through rose-colored glasses so to speak they think everybody is like them because I feel they're leading a sheltered life they're leaving a sheltered existence they're only surrounding themselves with people who who are of like minds and they don't venture out into the world to see what's out there they don't venture out in this society very much in many cases they're you know they'll sit behind the keyboard all day talking to people who are like them or they'll hang in their houses or in their friends houses with people who are like them and then they develop this mindset Wow everybody's waking up because people I deal with every on a daily basis they're they're pretty awake it's a very very naive mindset to work yourself into because I mean when I go out into the public into society on a daily basis I see what's out there and I'm telling you it is mindless golems out there that have absolutely no idea about one thing that is happening you could not bring up one topic of truth one topic of anything that is of significance to human freedom and these people have not looked into one iota of it not one microscopic aspect of it they're closed-minded they're ignorant on every aspect of what's going on in life all they know is what the television tells them you know they are absolutely shut down and don't care that's the thing not only are they dumb and completely ignorant they don't care about how dominating aren't they are I mean these people are just that they are the perfect slave they are the perfect mind-control slave they love it the way it is in many cases absolutely love it the way that it is totally identified with money totally identified with career totally identified with the state and they want all of that to continue unabated unchallenged because that's their comfort uncomfortable in my slavery is their mental attitude oh you know if it's slavery and this is slavery well it's not so bad I actually got an email from a golem like this that said if this is slavery will then slavery isn't so bad why are you so angry what makes you what makes you so uncomfortable with the world the way that it is I mean you have to be an absolute child to think that way I mean it's not stuff like that doesn't even make me mad or upset it makes me profoundly sad that cultural engineers social engineers are capable of making a human being into that putting a human being into that mental emotional and spiritual condition it's almost an unfathomable thing I I could not have believed it years and years ago until I understand the depth of what was really taking place in our world now that I understand the depth of social engineering epigenetics mind-control you know I I realize that these social engineers have accomplished something that is a miracle it's a miraculous situation that they could take a human being with actual potential and turn them into a mindless golem robot that doesn't care about their own freedom let alone anyone elses it's pathetically sad these people aren't human beings I don't know what they are but a human being is not one of them they're not even close to being a human being not by my definition of what a human being is and the qualities of human being has not even close so my take on the ability of people who are awake to awaken the masses and get it done through consciousness is and has for actually quite some time been very dark I personally think this is going to come to war I've stated this in some interviews and I'm just gonna come out and say it openly especially now with all the false flag events with the communists the rabid communists who is leading the charge from the puppet actor position of President President in the in the White House right now with the the new neo liberal and communist and neocon and fascist you know puppets that are on the way in whoever it may be it doesn't make a difference who gets in you know government will still be the ruler because people have elected masters I don't think that this is going to be done by convincing people of the difference between right and wrong behavior and that government is violence and slavery I think it's going to have to happen through but through bloodshed through forceful revolution and I went into in my last podcast why people are so psychologically afraid of that it the main the real answer is because they are absolute cowards and they wouldn't fight for anything let alone their own freedom they don't care about themselves they ultimately hate themselves they don't care about their children they ultimately hate their children deep down inside and their own psyche they didn't really ever want to have those children if you aren't willing to fight for yourself and the generations that come after you don't tell me you love yourself or your children because you're a liar you're a liar and a coward on top of it okay so if you hear somebody say I think physical revolutions going to be necessary and you think oh no it should never ever ever come to that you know well what do you think the founders of this country did this is another thing you know people talking down this cultural Marxist bullshit about the founder somehow being bad people you know that comes in through the communist infiltration of America because that's where all that crap comes from you know that the founders were setting up this country for slavery I mean please the world was already completely enslaved folks that this country is the only place where a modicum of freedom ever occurred because people who actually cared about freedom actually put down their oppressors for a time for a very short time you know and the monarchy couldn't stand that they had egg on their face for a short amount of time and they vowed to come in here and wipe this place off the planet through stealth through infiltration and that's exactly what they've done exactly what they've done they followed through on their promise and they always do because they have the will and the care to get done their agenda and yet sadly humanity still hasn't developed those qualities so I don't want to hear from people who say oh that's too militant of an attitude you know like Samuel Adams said if you love the tranquility of servitude more than the animating contest for freedom then go home from us in peace we don't we don't want your opinion we don't want your help and you know what we don't need it it's gonna get done however it has to get done folks and you know what you want it you want to test this attitude you want to test the zeitgeist the spirit of the times you want to test that go to any American gun show and you'll see the zeitgeist you won't see it you'll feel it in your bones you'll feel it in your bones there is at least three percent out there who aren't going to lay down and go quietly into the night ladies and gentlemen bet on it know it like you know your name so I want to openly table that discussion it needs to be openly talked about because this government is getting more and more brazen by the day what the Communist puppet talked about yesterday on the airwaves is it disgrace and it's all these false flags are being done for is to try to disarm America and you have the absolute cowardly trash European may cling cowards who think America should be disarmed you don't know what freedom means boys you don't know you couldn't spell it okay you're a bunch of domesticated dogs and you love your domestication and you think you're a man you don't know the meaning of the word think that only government should have guns I mean you gotta be joking anybody who's not vehemently angry about that is asleep is asleep and if you're not talking to these people just like that you're asleep they can't understand what gun ownership is for they're asleep the informations been out there they're ignoring it no cuz when your government comes for your rights and freedoms physically you know what you're gonna do you're gonna crap your pants and you're gonna piss in your pants like a little child and then you're gonna go in the ground because you're gonna have no means of resistance you know what that's not happening here in America boys you know this whole European attitude it disgusts me just because you're already enslaved because you gave up your firearms decades ago doesn't mean that you're gonna lead us into that condition punks it's never gonna happen here it doesn't matter how many people get killed it doesn't have better how many children get killed it ain't happening here know it know it so how's that for some vitriol huh how's that for some righteous indignation about what's happening here in America turn this country into a fascist communist regime and that now they want to take what they laughingly call assault weapons away assault is a behavior clowns it's not a kind of weapon a semi-automatic rifle is not an assault weapon assault is a type of behave can a semi-automatic rifle be used for assault yes it can so can a baking pin okay you know this is a mind control tactic to try to demonize a tool that is intended to be used as a defense against government tyranny and people still don't understand it go back and watch my second amendment presentation again the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment look it up on my website in the video section look it up on YouTube watch it share it one of my most important presentations that's out there but you know it's like once they've taken the man out of you know a physical body it's very difficult to reenact xual man into a male body that's another thing I want to talk about today you know how emasculated this society is and Europe is way farther along than even America and you know it's disgusting it's something I'm gonna talk about a lot it for your mind for this gender-bending you know the emasculation of the american male and the masculine of the female that's how they know once they confuse gender roles you got a society on the road to enslavement because there ain't gonna be no real women in that society and there certainly ain't gonna be no real men they're gonna be weak they're not gonna resist they're not going to know the meaning of rebellion against tyranny because they're cowards and that's what you have you have a whole society of men with no bass in their voice who wouldn't lift a finger to fight against tyranny they're garbage and they've been constructed that way they've been built they think there are thoughts of their own they think the way they are is their choice it's a joke you're a joke a joke that you even believe that crap they you made those choices those choices were made for you little boys you think the way social engineers and dark occultist wanted you to think according to their plan according to their specifications and they built you to spec you don't even know your thoughts aren't your own you don't even know your behaviors aren't your own you're running a program you're running a program that was written by people you never met and never will me I want to tell some anecdotes about things I've seen in society actually have happened to me and friends of mine that if you don't understand the depth of mind control by even hearing these couple of anecdotes I don't know what will explain it to you you know the just to go back quickly these false flags this one in Paris and now this one in California I mean it's so blatant that these are scripted events with crisis actors you know who don't even display any real emotions real grief real trauma and the news media is just constructing this whole narrative that this is all just because of gun owners we got to get these guns out of society and they're tugging on the heartstrings cuz that's what they do you know and they got people thinking with their emotions not with any logic not with their minds not with the logical part of the mind you know this neo liberal retard logic that goes like we need to get all the guns away from private citizens and so the only be in the hands of government and criminals who don't care about laws you'll take them away from all the law-abiding people you know who don't want to harm anybody they'll have no ability to resist the government and the criminals who don't care about what laws get passed you know what there's a segment of people who are gonna be turned into criminals because there they are good people who don't care about what laws get passed when those laws take their rights you're not taking my rights you're not taking one firearm I have you're not taking one magazine I have you're not taking one thing I have for defense away from me not without bloodshed and you know what you think I'm the only person who feels like that in America let me tell you something I'm came about it compared to some people I even know personally let alone probably some of the really really vehement people out there how they feel about this it would make me look tame very encouraging sign regarding the sentiment here in America regarding all this crap with these false flags the day after Thanksgiving on Black Friday there was 185,000 gun sales in America on one day I mean that is like a gift from God itself as far as I'm concerned you know I mean that's one of the only things that has put a smile on my face in the last several months that is such a beautiful majestic statistic that it's just like I'm ecstatic over it because what that shows you is there's people who are awake to what's going on and they're drawing the line in the sand and if you want to get total enslavement done here in America you are just very much listen to the words that are leaving my mouth right now globalists dark occultists rogue people in government Mel Terry who are going to follow your orders to your own deaths the only way the only possible way that you're gonna have of leading this particular country in the total enslavement is through total war and you better know that like you know your own name you're not gonna get it done without that just know that and you want to keep trying to bring that dynamic you're gonna get war that's what you're gonna get so very encouraging statistic that means that people aren't fooled by this agenda not here anyway some of them are some of them are retarded idiots who actually believe government cares about them and is trying to protect them you know like this clown this commie clown coming on you know network TV last night and you know just talking like that you know you're they're supposed to be our protectors really you're supposed to be my protector I don't need a protector boy I don't need a protector I don't need or want a protector I'm my protector and ultimately living in accordance with natural law is my ultimate protection that's what all the protection I need in any dimension of existence anywhere you know so I don't need anybody coming up and telling me I'm gonna be your protector I'm not a punk little boy child like you you know I don't want to protect her I take that responsibility unto myself like every human being should this is a problem with society you got too many little punk boys and girls who say I don't want that responsibility I want to be an eternal child I don't want to have to learn how to defend myself I don't want to have to learn how to fight the bad guys if I have to then there in lies the problem ladies and gentlemen weak people weak minded and weak bodied people who don't want to do what's required to keep their rights to keep their freedom no they want somebody else to provide that quote/unquote service for them you know what it's not possible now first of all it's not possible for you to abdicate that responsibility it's always yours and it's not possible for anybody else to truly protect you that's not what these enslavers in government ever do anyway all they do is show up after the fact you know ain't me one cop or soldier that I know that ever protected anybody especially cops all they are good at doing is showing up after the fact and making things worse you know you want to talk about terrorism there ain't nobody that's ever made any kind of a terroristic threat to me or made me feel like I was being terrorized or oppressed except police except American police they're the only people who have ever made me feel physically threatened in life that's it no terrorist organization no terror cell no radical religionists anywhere have ever made me personally feel threatened for my personal physical safety the only people in life who have ever done that to me are American police so who are the real terrorists who are people who inspire feelings of unease and discomfort and for threat duress in other words only people have ever done that to me in my life are American police i neva worry about gangster criminal thugs and thieves on the street because at least again you know where they stand they're not people who are trying to tell you they're your protector while they're trying to physically harm you you know where you stand with a common street thug criminal the problem with government is people believe they have legitimacy in doing the violence that they so I want to just get back to the degradation of consciousness in society how bad it really is how far gone we are you know all the work that people have been doing trying to explain to people about mind control about dark occultism about the loss of our freedoms and what ultimate impact has it had there are some people a small percentage of people who are waking up and who are doing good work themselves but you have this huge huge swath of society that is just going deeper and deeper into a trance and that the mind control is so effectively working upon them because of their absolutely degraded emotional state these people are literally retarded literally retarded which means slowed down their development it's called Arrested Development intellectually emotionally and ultimately spiritually they are in the state of Arrested Development meaning that they never really came out of a childlike naive childlike emotional state because they're not doing any shadow work with themselves they're not trying to understand the self better they're not trying to understand the consciousness better they're not trying to do self reflection and personal improvement this is a thing that is actually so sorely lacking it's not even sorely lacking it's actually talked about in a negative way in society now oh you want me to do personal improvement that might involve effort truth I mean I've heard people scoff at truth in the time I've been all I've heard people scoff at the term freewill since I've been on this hiatus just interacting in people and with people in society I have heard people not only scoff at the term truth I've heard somebody say oh that word I just imagined that scoff like eyebrows come down in a in a you know a thorough and scoff when I said the word truth and said oh that word like I just said a felt dirty filthy word I mean what how destroyed does the spirit of a society need to be for any individual to hear the word truth and react negatively like that how much mind control does a society have to be under I heard someone scoff at the term free will Oh free will you think that's really important or scoff at it as if it doesn't exist oh yeah that's an illusion I mean this is how totally zombified brainwashed they have members of our society it's disgusting it's totally disgusting it's very very frustrating and again I feel more sad for these people than I do angry with them it's like you are that destroyed your that weak your that spiritually dead yeah how did you ever allow yourself capital s self to come into this degraded condition it's pathetic and sad and the problem is folks you know people will say well why are you angry about it the problem is because unfortunately very unfortunately and I don't want it to be this way but I'm not the kind of person that says oh because I don't want it to be that way I won't acknowledge how it really is this is how most people react to things that they don't like that are actually true and real you know they'll try to say oh no it's not that way it's the way I want it to be well I don't do that you know I'm not a naive person that thinks I can make reality the way I want it to be just because I don't like how it is I fully understand how it is to adopt that most people do not understand and have seen the people who are making it like this through their willful efforts to make it like this so people are in the condition of thinking I'll make make things how I want just because I'll ignore it if it's uncomfortable than me I'll ignore it and then it'll go away it won't exist anymore this solipsistic attitude you know I mean they actually think this way that's how degraded they are spiritually that's how naive they are there is a huge huge push in society to emasculate men that's another thing there is this gigantic push to somehow make men fearful and ashamed of being a strong man a strong willful man this is what the Neo feminism agenda wants they want men who have no will to challenge anything any woman says regardless of how off-base it is like truth uh or free will why do you think that's so important you know and when I when I tell you things that have occurred when I'm getting ready to tell these anecdotes you'll think that those things are like nothing in comparison with how bad it actually is I went with my guitarist from the founders mic to a show to try to basically um check out a club where we will potentially be playing at maybe you know introduce ourselves and you know meet the people who booked there and get into the venue in the near future it's a place in in the Northern Liberties area of Philadelphia called kung-fu necktie it's a rock club and we went to a went to see a psychedelic rock band that evening and we were we went to the bar we got a couple of beers and actually it was two of my guitars it was Mike and DJ and the show was over people were starting to file out we still had a couple of beers that we were gonna finish before we left and went somewhere else and we were leaning on the pool table near the rear of the club near the exit door as found as far away from the stage as you can get without leaving the building without leaving the venue and there was absolutely plenty of room everybody else was just walking by us with net with no problem we weren't blocking the way out there was a wide through way through through thoroughfare to get out of the the venue and get to the door at least 50 people or so walked by us and went out the door as the show ended while we were still you know leaning there at the edge of this pool table having a beer and not one person said a word until a woman turns to my guitarist Mike and with a very angry angry nasty look on her face goes almost right up to him in his space in his personal space near his face and says why don't you quit manspreading yes ladies and gentlemen that word just left my mouth and like I had to do a triple take and like a triple take like what what I couldn't even process in my mind mentally what was just said it was so unfathomable to me to actually hear this in a daily interaction with another human being like what went on now for people who don't understand what that term means and again she bumped into his elbow on the way out the door as he was leaning on a pool table and accused him of what she termed as manspreading because she bumped into him probably in her drunken condition because she looked like she wasn't altogether with it um and you know we were absolutely fine sober having one beer getting ready to go and you know nobody was like you know blocking the way nobody was like you know trying to make themselves as big as possible like they were getting ready to fight a grizzly bear or something okay we were leaning on the pool table drinking a beer getting ready to go and because you know she bumped into him nudged into him on the way out she turns to him with this really angry look and practically screamed that right to his face now for people who don't know what manspreading means you have to go back to New York's subway New York City subway signs this comes from a man sitting with his legs open on a subway seat and therefore making it you know tight for other people to get a seat if they want to sit in the seat directly next one because his knee is out because men aren't going to sit there with their legs crossed like a woman because they're not women they have these things or at least are supposed to have these things called testicles in between their legs I realize most modern men don't have those but you know allegedly they're supposed to be there and some men who still do have them tend to open their legs instead of cross them on a subway car in the small seats of a subway car so New York has actually started fining people New York City in America has started fining people for the horrific crime of man spreading sitting with your legs spread open on a subway seat I mean this is where America has come folks Minh I first saw this ladies and gentlemen when I first heard this term I actually thought it was a joke I thought this was like a sarcastic type of you know jab at the Neo feminist movement I actually thought it was a joke when barb first brought this to my attention she said look at what they're doing in New York and I said oh that's funny and she's like no no no it's not I'm like yeah that's really funny and she's like that's for real I'm like now come on that's a joke right and she's like no that's not a joke they're for real they have like signs on the subway cars there and I was just like you absolutely have to be kidding I mean with what's going on in the world today this is what people are concerned about not only that but this is what people that what people look at this and don't think this is a complete asinine joke this woman takes it so seriously she's yelling in a man's face at a rock club at a rock club in a major city because she bumped into his elbow in a crowded rock club I mean and you don't think that there's a war between men and women taking place that is socially engineered against the minds of women I mean this is one slave bumping into another enslaved human being and getting angry at this person and talking at them like you know they're the problem or the enslaver oh you're you're one of the the hierarchy of you know men who is oppressing us the patriarchy like I said there's no such thing dunce there's an occult aa cracy you are living in an oak autocracy which is ruled by the occults ruled by stealth methods of manipulation mind control and epic eugenics that you know nothing about because you're an unread dunce that's where you live not in a patriarchy and let me tell you something there's plenty of female dark occultists that I was around and worked with as well when I was involved you think there aren't women involved in this agenda you're out of your mind if you think that there's people from every walk of life every ostensible religious background every ethnic background every gender every class economically even you think it's just the rich you think it's just men you know Oh people think it's just white rich men yeah sure you want to talk about naive you know that believe this they actually believe this crap let me tell you something I was actually good friends with a black female Satanist for a while so you don't think that there's every ethnicity every gender involved in the dark occult agenda you don't know what's going on and you don't know who's directing it because you quite frankly haven't read enough haven't opened up your mind enough haven't studied enough you don't know what's going on in this world or who's directing it and you're taking it out on somebody sitting at a rock club having a beer talking to friends because you accidentally bumped his elbow in your delusional state and probably drunken one too so my guitarists did not remain I was so dumbfounded that I actually remained silent ladies and gentlemen if you could believe that you know I could not even process it I was literally standing there like gape jawed for several seconds because I could not even process what just happened I was so in it like a stupor over it that the words couldn't leave my mouth but immediately my guitarist answered in a very vitriolic way let's say I won't repeat even on the airwaves what he said and you know then you got to start thinking you know are there going to be the white knight errs coming out to rescue the damsel in distress who just accused somebody of manspreading and being a patriarchal tyrant because his elbow extended out a little too passed too far past the pool table god forbid you know and you know then you have the students who hear a harsh thing said to a woman god forbid who acted that way in society and then he wants to be a big tough guy you know that didn't happen on this incident but you know upon hearing what he said in the tonality that he said it and other people turned around and heard what he said because he said it even much louder than she said what she said to him I was like you know getting ready to have to physically defend myself at that point but in that eventuality did not occur no white knights stepped up you know you could look up that term if you're not familiar with it you know people who want to defend the damsel in distress regardless of how wrong she is you know I have no problem with defending people just make sure they're in the right first you know make sure they're within their rights first then come to their defense you know these guys that think women can do no wrong because they're women they they have their head lodged firmly in their colon you know and anybody who tries to put somebody who is acting inappropriately in their place regardless of what gender that they are you know of you know they want to immediately come to their rescue if they're a woman regardless of how wrong they are so yes ladies and gentlemen in my own experience I have now heard the term man spreading viciously and vitriolic ly directed at a person who is just standing at a pool table with a beer this is where society is at this is how far the neo feminism agenda has come and if you're not angered by that you're asleep you are completely unconscious and asleep to what's really going on in our world because this is part of the emasculation of men this is you know another term that's that's floating out there toxic masculinity I guess I'm just completely poisoned because I act like an actual male member of society that doesn't want my freedom taken away and my rights taken away and I'm prepared to physically defend those things so I must be extraordinarily toxic you know any hint of anger that is expressed in the voice that's toxic masculinity toxic masculinity I mean yeah you know who sits and comes out with this stuff good old Reginald over in the City of London at Tavistock you know our our boy Reginald man you know he's over there with Lionel you know and James and they're just sitting there with their cigars looking out the window from the Tavistock building going well wait'll you see what we got for these Americans next manspreading Lionel Oh Reginald that's brilliant you know and you don't think this is how it's going on you know if you understood the people that were inventing this stuff and coming up with the things that they're going to put in your mind these fat old white men in three-piece suits smoke and expensive cigars with more money than they know what to do with sitting there in a think tank building saying how are we going to rape Americans next and you don't think this is all coming from Europe and particularly England and the crown and Israel and Germany and France all of these European states is where this is all coming from they just have this is still their colony they just have their little satellite here that they're running from DC and New York and LA in Hollywood you know and they're just it's just they're running their operation remotely I mean it's laughable I mean I have to almost poke some humor at it because it's so sad and these people are just completely asleep to it and completely enthralled by it toxic masculinity man spreading urine you're a slave you're enslaved your rights are taken and this is what how you're thinking trying to attack the only people that are gonna be capable of defending your freedom and rights physically because you're not certainly not gonna do it you know look like happen in the first American Revolution young men had to make sacrifice of their lives and possibly even give it all to create the modicum of freedom that we enjoyed for a certain time a small amount of time and people are inventing these terms to try to make men embarrassed for being real men I mean you're slaves who love being slaves now possibly even the worst one if that's not bad enough folks yes it gets worse or at least to me it gets worse I mean some people might think the manspreading thing is like the worst one but I have a doozy for you here I was in the venue where we the founders my band the founders are going to be playing this Thursday last week to promote for the event I brought some handbill flyers there and some stickers to you know put our name out there and put the event out there so that people who attend can you know see that we're going to be playing so I'm doing some promotion in the club handing out some fliers putting them on the tables and and while I'm standing at the bar doing some promotion a black woman comes up to me at the bar and says are you a racist and I said to this african-american woman what in God's name would make you ask me that question obviously she didn't know who I was or she would never would have asked that question but I'm like why would you think that about me what possible impression would I give you that I'm a racist person did you hear me say anything to that effect she said what you're wearing and I said what I'm wearing what are you talking about and she said things that are on your shirt and your hat and I said I said I think for a minute about how to look down for a second cuz I just threw on a shirt that I had laying around and went out I had a three-percent shirt on this night it has you know the three Roman numeral and then it has two crossed old-school revolutionary war-era black powder muskets on it and then it had two godson snake underneath that and there were no words on it it was just those symbols I had the three the Gadsden snake and then the crossed rifles and I'm sitting there and just thinking for a second how could she possibly interpret that as any kind of a racist symbology could you possibly believe that black-powder musket rifles you know are a symbolism of our symbols racism could you possibly think that the Gadsden snake a coiled rattlesnake is a symbol of racism when it has as quote the coiled rattlesnake ever been associated with racism and see this is the effective power of the mind controlled mass media they actually have people ignorant people who aren't readers in society believing that symbols like this are racist see if you're anti-government you're racist imagine this and then of all things she said my hat I was wearing a baseball cap a black baseball cap with the Ben Franklin join or Die logo on it now for people who aren't familiar with that the join or die symbol is the segmented rattlesnake that was used as a rallying banner during the first American Revolution and Franklin would publish this to try to get men to join the militias in newspapers and newsletters and it meant either joined together against the British or you're going to be in big trouble because you know they're coming for your rights and possibly your life so this was the flag that was actually the unifying banner for all the militias at the Battle of Bunker Hill which was the first major battle of the American Revolution the the Franklin flag as it was known or the join or Die flag and this symbol of the segmented rattlesnake with the words join or die under it was on my hat and my answer to her was do you know what that symbol is on my hat that's that's how I answer the shock-and-awe of being called racist or being asked whether I was racist and I'm saying you know not only am I not racist I think racism is one of the biggest way ways humanity is divided and conquered and ultimately enslaved to her and she was like oh and I said yeah but not just that you know if I said well what what made you think that and she said your shirt and hat I said well do you even know what's on my hat do you know what that is or who made it and she said no I said well first of all why would you think it's racist if you don't know what it is secondly do you know who made that and she said no and I said that was made by Benjamin Franklin one of the founding fathers and revolutionaries of America during the Revolutionary War era and I said do you know what he did and she said no and I said he founded the first abolitionist Society in America in 1775 he founded the first anti black slavery Society an abolitionist the Pennsylvania abolitionist Society in right here in Philadelphia in 1775 so you're talking about the person who championed and pioneered the anti-slavery movement in the North before anybody else was talking about it as a big problem and accusing me because I'm wearing the symbol of his rallying cry for the American Revolution against the British who were instrumental in bringing those slaves over here to America to the south not that the north wasn't involved in that at all but the South was obviously the people who were utilizing that slave labor force this guy set up the first organized society to try to put that practice down and you know what I heard from the other end of the line folks crickets chirp chirp chirping away absolutely nothing to say back because she was so embarrassed and how ignorant she was that she did not know any of this part of our own history these are the kind of golems you have walking through society on a day-to-day basis and it's not getting any better because these people's minds are owned they're owned by the media they're owned by the government they're most of all owned by the social engineers they don't even understand how their minds are socially engineered at all or who's doing it they're reveling in their ignorance because oh this is my time to get back at the white man you know the white man is becoming the new cultural enemy and this is what they're these social engineers are trying to foment the war between men and women in particular and between the races as well between black and white and they're succeeding they're getting it done I'm seeing evidence of it all over the place when I go out into society it's like if you're a white man you're being treated like you're the enemy we are not the enemy because I'm a man and because I'm white and because I act like a man I'm not your enemy as a matter of fact I'm one of the people fighting for human rights more than anybody else's and you know this is why I need a break from this sometimes folks because this is what I see on a day to day basis and it starts to wear thin on you it starts to wear you out - see this is disgusting it's apps your energy it saps your strength it saps your will to continue to go on not that I'm gonna stop because I'm gonna keep going but people need to know how bad it is so we can get to work on this we need to get to work on this and you cannot remain silent about these issues they have to be discussed in the forefront now there's a war on men now there's a war on white men in particular as well you know this is an erase issue I'm trying to explain how the divide and conquer tactic is progressing in society and people are still falling for it you know how many people think that oh it's it's all white people are the problem you know because why because most white people in government are doing oppression - people of minority mine re you know races of course they are there is real racism happening there that doesn't mean all white people are supportive of that you know I mean I mean these people have to be more discriminatory in their understanding you know yeah I mean they have to be did they have to discriminate in the right way and realize they're it's not about white versus black it's not about any race versus any race or men versus women it's about government versus the people it's about tyranny versus freedom that's it that's the only war going on and people have to understand that we're already actively in a war I talked about this on a Reese in a recent interview on Veritas radio we're already actively in a war folks thousands of people over 5,000 people have been murdered since 9/11 uh without any trial by American police in America I mean the Nazis couldn't have done anything that successfully with the silent consent of the people being accused of being racist for wearing a for wearing Ben Franklin iconography I mean you have to be kidding and again this has to do with this absolute bullshit garbage you know with the the rebel flag being removed from our culture because it's allegedly racist when it wasn't about racism it was about the right to secede from the union and not be enslaved as states of a federal government but now anything associated with that see she saw the cross trifles and associated that with that elongated X of the rebel flag you know so you know then probably associated the snake with the tea party who she sees as oh they're rich white men who don't want their money taken away and they support the corporations so that's the bad guy because they don't want socialism in America you know they don't want the radical redistribution of wealth out of the hands the people who have actually contributed to society through doing you know building businesses etc god forbid we have a voluntary Society you know what I'm not a rabid commie I'm not a rabid capitalist either folks you know I'm not for communism and socialism but I'm not a rabid capitalist either I've talked about money as a form of mind control and how people get attached to it as a religion but you know what going back go into real capitalism versus the crony form of capitalism we have now would be a great stopgap compared to moving into socialism and communism the way we're headed just like having a constitutional republic would certainly be a better way of being than moving into a form of totalitarianism then then we are obviously we have to go to total a total anarchist society where there's no man slaves and no perceived you know legitimacy to violence and coercion in the form of government and we have to go to a society where people in consciousness have come to such a level of consciousness that they see each other as they would see themselves and don't need monetary systems and move to a true gift economy you know we're so far away from that those levels of consciousness that it's it's laughable those have always been my positions you know but are there stopgap measures to that hey what I'd love to go to the form of government that the founders envisioned compared to what we have now yeah it would be like heavenly in comparison to what we have now is that the end of it no it's got to go further than that it's got to go to total anarchy I mean there is no government because there's no people who are masters and none who are slaves and there's no subjects and there's you know there's only natural law that is always in effect and people understand what natural law is and they know the difference between right and wrong and they respect that those boundary conditions that's it you know same thing with the monetary system compared to the fractional reserve absolute crony capitalism of fiat currency and absolute nonsense in the form of derivatives and you know bank fraud that we have now what would it be like heav'nly to go to a monetary system that was based in true voluntary capitalism it'd be like heaven in comparison to what we have now is that the end of it no it would have to be pushed farther than that you know and move to a point where we don't need these these uh shits of exchange to actually accomplish what we want to accomplish in society people still can't envision how that could ever work or be done because they're under mind control you know I tell people it's like you know a family wouldn't what a family of a mother father and two children develop a monetary system or they just didn't do things for each other that they could because they note recognize that they're they recognize that they're all in the same situation together and would help each other as a family unit a family dynamic until humanity forms that kind of consciousness that we are all one family sharing a similar experience here on earth and we don't need to compete with each other and have these systems of exchange and ultimately complete imbalance where one person can have it all in one person can have so little then you know nothing is ultimately gonna really change for the better in the long term because these are all totally systems of control any form of government and money or systems of control I've talked about that from day one it's always been my position it's going to always be my position I think that's the position of someone who's really fully awake and you know and there's so many people who hold on to one or both of those religions Authority and money but you know that's what we're trying to break down those are the religions that the great work is all about breaking down folks so you know I think that explaining these incidents explaining my take on where society is headed talking about what I've been up to especially musically and with the conference I think that's a good place probably to leave it for now just thought I'll briefly mention what I'm gonna be up to over the next you know several weeks to months I'll be releasing the video of my Tesla presentation shortly I'm not going to give an exact date but hopefully over the next few days to a week it's called the dark side of Tesla's technology and it's about action at a distance weaponry or scale or weaponry I gave this presentation back in July at the Tesla conference here in Philadelphia it went really well it was received very well and I hope to get the video out very shortly I'll also be doing some upcoming live presentations I don't have exact dates on those but they'll be here in Philadelphia and the surrounding area I've not stopped in live events also probably going to be working with some people to do some presentations out of the area shortly think confirm there yet but keep a stay tuned to the website and the radio show for that some of the topics I'll be talking about in those presentations I wanted to do at a presentation uniquely on Satanism and how it works how its structured its ideology to really clarify that because there's so people who don't understand what Satanism really is they still believe in the Hollywood variant of it and I want to do a full-length presentation to clarify that especially since in my demystifying the occult presentation I only very very briefly touched on dark occultism I want to go very in-depth on Satanism in particular also be probably doing a presentation soon if not in a live presentation certainly here on this radio show in the future on the occult origins of Nazism which is something I've wanted to cover for a while so I think that's a really good place to leave it for today and again I says I said at the beginning I'm going to attempt to do a new podcast once a week don't hold me rigidly to that schedule but that is my goal and you know hopefully I can stick to that schedule of at least putting out a new podcast on a weekly basis so ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for listening to this new edition and new format of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com and I will see you here on this podcast in the very near future thanks so much and have a great day