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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today is Monday December 14th 2015 have a great show lined up for you here today I'm gonna be getting into the lack of courage in modern human society courage is something that we need in much greater abundance in our world if we're ever going to defeat the dark forces that currently have a stranglehold on this planet and become truly free so I wanted to talk about how much courage is really missing from our society and what we could do to remedy that situation I'm also going to be getting into how it takes wisdom to really deeply understand information when it's coming from a secondhand source not having to go through a painful dark experience of suffering firsthand in order to understand how something necessarily works so these are some of the themes I'm going to get into today on the show I want to let everybody know that my Tesla presentation that I told everybody about wanting to get out last week is finished and released it is called the dark side of Tesla's technology and I released it on my website and YouTube channel earlier this week the presentation was originally given back at the Tesla Science Foundation's Tesla's people conference back in July of 2015 and it was it was about how Tesla's technology has been seized and confiscated by the United States government and by agencies of that government and weaponized and used against the people on September 11th 2001 in the biggest false flag terror event of our times and when I was planning to give this presentation you know shortly before the Tesla's people conference I was thinking you know how is this organization the Tesla Science Foundation going to receive this message you know with a little bit of hesitation a little bit of trepidation because these are you know the very intellectual types the very left brain scientific types and I'm happy to say that when I gave this presentation live at the ethical Society of Philadelphia back in July it was very well received by many scientists and engineers at this conference several of which came up to me afterward and congratulated me on a good presentation and said this is something that I really need to look a lot more into so it was not dismissed out of hand as conspiracy theory it was received with what I would definitely call an open mind even among the very scientific types that you will find at a conference such as this so if you want to check it out it's called the dark side of Tesla's technology it's only about less than 20 minutes long maybe about 18 to 19 minutes and it is up on my website in the videos section you can also go to my youtube channel at youtube.com slash what on earth 93 which is my YouTube channel and you can watch it there as well feel free to share it on whatever social media sites you want to share it on that's a good way of spreading the information on what on earth is happening calm so the free your mind for conference just to do a little bit of housekeeping and get the event announcements out of the way the free your mind for conference is going to be the biggest conference of 2015 by far and away I'm so looking forward to this event not only because I'm a part of it but of the other phenomenal speakers the world-class speakers that are going to be part of this great event coming up here near Philadelphia in April for your mind for a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult taking place at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel which is at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania on april 15th 16th and 17th of 2016 for your mine returns to philadelphia in 2016 with a three-day conference featuring top caliber whistleblowers and researchers from across the country who will shed light upon our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions spreading awareness on the topics of consciousness mind control subversive occult influences holistic mind body spirit health and solution oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times the speakers lined up for this year's for your mind conference Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien davidwhitehead Freeman Jamie Hanshaw Jay Parker Janice barceló Jim Mars John vibes the legendary jordan maxwell really looking forward to having jordan as part of for your mind for Josey Wales ken Rolla Laura Eisenhower myself mark passio Mark Phillips Mary Sean Young Hollywood star max Egan Ross Ben and there will be some more speakers announced shortly before the conference but that is already an incredible all-star lineup of speakers and you'll never see speakers of that caliber all in one place except that for your mind for your mind for Sheraton Bucks County Hotel 400 North Oxford Valley Road langhorne PA coming at us April 15th through 17th 2016 tickets are available now get tickets right now at free your mind conference common all weekend pass for this all-star lineup one $69.99 individual day passes $59.99 tickets available now at free your mind conference calm just want to also mention that I do still have what on earth is happening promotional t-shirts available you can get those by inquiring as the how to receive one at my website what on earth is happening calm you can click the t-shirt link on the left hand side of the page there's also a donation link on the left hand side of what on earth is happening calm if you feel that you have received value personally from the information that I've shared on what on earth is happening calm my youtube channel my video my podcast my videos my podcast then feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue it into the future so with that having been said let's get into some of the topics that are gonna be discussed on the show today I want to start off by just basically telling people about how the founders first full show went this past Thursday in Philadelphia my hardcore punk my anarchist hardcore punk band the founders our website the founders not us we played our first full show our first full performance at a little place called Connie's rickrack in South Philadelphia in the Italian market area of South Philly we play with some other local bands and the show went really well as far as I'm concerned I was especially happy with how the band performed they did a very professional job you know I congratulate them for that we played a tight set and there was a lot of high energy and a lot of good people came out I do want to say that I'm in general disappointed about the entire Philadelphia music scene as a whole if you won't even call it that I've been going to a lot of music shows just to see what's out there just to see what kind of music is popular to see the the quality of people who come out to music nowadays whether they're awake and aware at all or not and I just have to say that I feel pretty profound disappointment with what's out there in so far as modern music goes I don't think there's any kind of a message in it this is something that we personally spoke to at the show on Thursday and I don't see that getting better I see people not wanting to infuse any kind of a message in music they're too cowardly to do it in many cases and that fits in perfectly with the theme of the show today you also have a lot of what I would call outright political enemies in the music scene today and you know this is something I really want to do a whole show on I may bring on a member of my band in the near future and just have a discussion with them on the air you know to talk about this very topic and make a whole show out of it because it's something that I think music is a vehicle that can awaken a lot of people if it's used in that way and unfortunately I think all too few people are using it in that way to spread a message of awareness and make people aware of what's going on around us I mean this is what the founders was envisioned to do and that's what we're going to continue to do we try to infuse a message in every one of our songs so there's very very few people who are what I would call even politically awake let alone spiritually awake in music nowadays at the founders show I would say that there were very few anarchists there although there were some certainly what I would say there are people who think that what we're doing is extreme and that's you know not an encouraging scientist in so far as where people's general consciousness is at now it doesn't really surprise me because I know this city in general is pretty much completely asleep major cities on the East Coast basically are I mean the mind control techniques has worked to such a almost perfect extent that it's not a matter of you know who is under mind control it's a matter of who is and who has slipped through the cracks so to speak and who is aware enough to understand the the methodologies that have been used against them that have been used to subvert their minds and essentially engineer how they think so I find that it's very difficult in to get people even excited about a message of freedom in music these days and that's sad that's a sad thing it's um you know you you'll hear people basically saying you have to extreme of a position when we're already enslaved you know and this is what people are basically saying it's like a very wishy-washy attitude especially from men you know I mean again in no way am i trying to make any kind of a sexist statement regarding this but it's a statement that I would expect more from a female member of society moreover not because they're just less apt to understand real freedom but because this system of control benefits them a lot more than it does men in many ways it also oppresses them as much if not more so than men in many ways but you can see how the system has been designed to basically do a lot of violence unto men particularly at the behest of women in many cases when it comes to certain things that they want to do to use the apparatus of the violence of the state to get back at men in some ways okay if there's a problem between them the state has traditionally been used by like that by many women in society so you can understand the perceived benefits that a lot of women in society have regarding the state what I can't understand more so much more so than that attitude is I can't understand how men can want to continue to support and uphold the completely immoral institution that is government it's very saddening to me that this is how domesticated and emasculated men have become you know I mean they have literally had the courage sucked right out of them they're wishy-washy they're soft they I mean let's just comment right out and say it they're cowards you know they're cowards you say something about rebellion to them you say something even just about how absolutely immoral government is and you could see that look come over their face like a frightened dog like oh my god he's talking about this how am I gonna get out of this situation I don't want to talk about this you know I'm too scared to talk about this I'm too chicken to talk about this I'm too much of a little boy to even talk about this let alone do something about it you know and this is where society is at folks you know you have practically half of society practically cheering on the state and the other half is too chicken to do anything about the absolute immoral coercion violence and slavery that's being enacted by the state and until that changes I mean don't expect anything better than what we have expected to get infinitely worse this is part of what I'm gonna talk about at the free your mind for conference as part of my presentation which is called neo feminism and the Satanic epi eugenics agenda is the title for my free your mind for talk because men have to really start to deeply understand that they need to table this discussion about how the state needs ultimately be confronted and ultimately ended but moreover they need to table the discussion that they need to start having absolutely nothing to do with women who want anything to do with the state to cut them out of their lives until they put their head on straight and realize that the state is coercion violence and slavery and until they recognize those things and don't want anything to do with it as an institution on this planet men should have nothing to do with them and should do nothing for them you know so that's part of my that's going to be in my solutions section as harsh as it sounds as a solution I think more men need to understand that and I know these will be words that will be very difficult for people to hear out there while tough I could care less how you perceive it I'm not here to be your friend or be liked by you I've said that a million times you know I'm here to tell the truth about what's going on in this society so that slavery can be ended in it people's minds are completely socially engineered by people they never met never even knew and aren't ever gonna know probably who meet covertly plan covertly and execute their plans covertly I mean what I find hard to swallow about all of this is that we're on living in the city where the founding fathers of America lived walked wrote the Declaration of Independence organized against the British fought the British and set up the foundational principles by which this country was supposed to you know allegedly work and in that very city you have a bunch of wishy-washy little boys who are afraid to even table a discussion to talk about the immorality of the state and here's why folks they have no courage they're cowards they're afraid of rebellion they're afraid of lawful righteous rebellion it instills fear in them like a little boy and that's why they're living lives of quiet desperation that's why they find life so difficult and constantly battling against it never going actually with a flow of life but constantly in a state of depression constantly in a state of conflict internal conflict and conflict with those around them and they don't understand why things aren't gonna get any easier because they're battling against creation itself they're battling against the universe itself if there's one thing I know for sure the universe rewards those with courage that's why it's rewarding the dark occultists again this is something people don't want to hear me say how could you say the universe rewards evil Marc why because if evil people have more car than good people you know what the universe is gonna reward them it's gonna work that way especially if they don't actually carry out the actual physically harmful behavior and get stupid dog minion robot followers to do it for them you know they understand how to perform little tricks to get around the brunt of natural law consequences these dark occultists know that they're going to escape at all but you know they're certainly not gonna get hit with the kind of karmic debt that an order follower gets hit with people still don't understand how that works because they think karma and natural law work some different way than it actually does I've talked about this concept before on the podcast I call it dark care when somebody who has bad intentions at least aligns their thoughts their emotions and their behaviors their thoughts their emotions and their actions are aligned as one even if they want to carry out dark deeds they're gonna be able to accomplish it because they're unified and they're not in internal conflict and division they're not divided amongst themselves they're on the same page and all I see out there in society again I don't want to make a blanket statement this is a generalization because there are some very very good courageous people out there and some of those people came out to see the founders on this past Thursday night I'm making a generalization about people in this city in particular in most major cities on both coasts I would say most major cities in the United States period and certainly most people in the music community in this area where I'm from and it saddens me because one of the things I talked about on stage was that the types of genres that we blend namely punk rock hardcore and a little bit of metal these were supposed to be the genres of music that were infused with the spirit of rebellion and today you don't see that at all except in very very few bands and again it's because people don't have the courage to put a message of rebellion in their music anymore because they're too afraid of oh we are people gonna think of me if I speak out what might happen to me Mike an agent of the government come after me or something you know why be harassed will I be watched why be listened to you know what who cares about any of those things the only reason that you're gonna care about any of those things is if you're a chicken coward then you'll care about those things a whole lot I could care less who's listening to me I could care less who's watching me you know what all they can do is learn something from my words and attitude and behaviors maybe maybe by watching me and paying attention to what I'm saying and trying to record it all maybe you'll learn something little boy maybe you'll learn something little girl time for you to grow up you think I'm worried about who's listening to me who's tracking my activities who's tracking what I'm saying do it do it as much as you want first of all I'm not afraid of you because I know that's all you are is a little Arrested Development completely spiritually dead and being what do I have to be afraid of that I'm not afraid of you physically let alone spiritually and once again true courage is not the absence of fear I'm not saying that you need to be completely fearless you know you be completely fearless you could be reckless courage is moving forward with what you're doing that you know to be right in spite of whatever fears may be present that means you could say to yourself oh I might be afraid of what the government might do of what these are following hordes of orcs might do to me physically because they're brainwashed morons but you know what that doesn't mean that you're not gonna continue to do what you're doing anyway see that's where the absolute cowardice of most of the people of this society comes in they let their fear stop them from doing anything stop them from taking right action stop them from learning stop them from understanding stop them from putting information forward for others to understand and as soon as the word rebellion is spoken they shut down you know the fear that very word instills I just recently listened to a compilation of some former podcasts that I did before I took my hiatus many months back this was actually before the free your mind conference when I talked about the Second Amendment the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment when I gave that lecture live on the air over a period of a couple of weeks and then followed that up with a show about the fear of rebellion in society and I listened to it again and you know I mean I have to be honest about what I thought about the job that I did during that pod those series of podcasts I'm sitting there listening to it and I'm thinking to myself no one else practically no one else I shouldn't use the term no one it's a blanket statement that in this case is not true um hardly anyone else all too few people say things and clearly and unambiguously is this and have the courage to say it in that way and I was just very happy with the job I did on that and I was happy that the person who you know made that compilation of shows did it and put it out as a six-hour video podcast I'll probably link to that on this show today on this podcast because I think the person did a decent job with the slides that they put together for it from a lot of my work and some other slides that they assembled and it conveyed the message really really well the way that they put the video together and I was just thinking you know I wish more people would do something like this because a lot of people just won't say it plainly and clearly they'll beat around the bush they'll tiptoe around it but they won't say things to order followers right in their face so to speak I mean whether they're saying it through a podcast or to them directly in person you know when I encounter people in the military or police I don't sit and bite my tongue just because that's what the job that they do or people who have relatives who do these jobs I'm gonna say what I think about it regardless of who is around me or what they think if something is true it's true I don't really care about what they think you know people have this total fear that they allow to cut them off from what not only they want to be doing in many cases but what they really should be doing a need to be doing if we're going to reverse this human condition of slavery there's so many people who could probably actually do a good job with conveying information because they have a mind that you know can take in information and process it and understand it and then deliver that to others but they're in this state of Arrested Development you know they've been shut down before they even begin it really is like a child in many cases with these people it's like a frightened child who says Oh daddy told me not to go near that you know that's in daddy's closet we don't we don't go in there because that's where all his stuff is that and he told us we don't go in there you know that this is really what it's like it's like a psychological child they can't get past that fear they can't get past that idea that they've been told you don't go to that topic you know and so they obey and as long as that courage is missing they're gonna remain enslaved I mean this is what a lot of cultists looked at as the ultimate answer courage more so than even care more so than even knowledge and understanding they looked at courage as the absolute essential ingredient in the awakening of the soul because it takes courage to even look into information to understand what's going on that kind of courage is required not only courage to act upon right information but courage to even take it in because they're so afraid of how bad things are and how ugly the truth is that they don't even want to do the work to take in the knowledge and I mean what really sickens me about people like that is their squandering what our ancestors did for us which was for a short amount of time create a pocket of freedom in a world that was completely enslaved yeah the encroachment came right back in and took took it you know took that modicum of freedom that they built this you know encroachment of tyranny but for a time America was the freest and most prosperous place to live on the surface of this planet and what the cowards of the modern day world the men and women of America today are doing is squandering what our ancestors fought and in many cases died to create here and when I think about where I'm at that saddens me greatly because Philadelphia is where that basically started and the battles that took place near here the men who died fighting tyranny near here especially in a place such as Valley Forge you know I think about the spirits of those individuals who cared enough about freedom and who actually had the courage to do something when their freedom was threatened the way it was and ultimately gave their lives in many cases the spirits of those individuals is completely at a state of unrest and cannot rest because of what's going on in this country now I want to talk about another topic that really kind of irks me and that's the concept of patriotism and what it really means to be a real Patriot you know a lot of people attack this word now because it only means one thing to them you know this unit dimensional thinking that you know something can't mean more than one thing to different people like it's like when you say Satanists to somebody when when I'm talking about Satanism I'm talking about it as an organized ideology that runs through occult networks throughout the world that has basic tenets such as rampant out-of-control self-interest and self-preservation at the expense of other people's rights and freedom in other words pure selfishness moral relativism social Darwinism and eugenics these are what I call the four tenets or the four pillars of the satanic ideology of organized institutional Satanism as what I would call a dark occult religion you know the word Satanism can also apply to people's perceptions of what Satanism is which isn't what I'm talking about when I use the word just like the word freedom can mean more than one thing to different people you know certain people think the state of freedom is present in the United States now because they have a very limited idea of what that word means when I use the word freedom I'm talking about true freedom capital F capitalized all the letters in it to distinguish it from the fake form of freedom that is perceived by many people still so the word Patriot doesn't just mean one thing you know and so many people say oh you know people who call themselves Patriots you know that word has been co-opted and it needs to be taken back it needs to be reclaimed by people who understand what the word patriot really means i'm not talking about the fake patriots out there to people who think government can do no wrong status who think my country can't do any wrong and i'll be loyal to it no matter what it's not what a patriot is never was never has been and is never going to be anybody who thinks that's what a patriot is they don't know the meaning of the word patriots are are people who have loyalty to the truth first and foremost real patriots not only do they have loyalty to the truth they have loyalty to the other people living in their land who have loyalty to that truth it's a brotherhood patriots are a brotherhood and a sisterhood of people who want real freedom they're the real freedom fighters people with real courage real will to act not people who praise the military who praise the police who praise the state propaganda and say because this kid this kind of control comes from our country it's somehow good i mean give me a break people like that daring to call themselves Patriots are a joke they don't know what real freedom is and they don't know the meaning of the word Patriot they're followers just like the people there they're praising when they praise the military or the police bunch of followers true patriots are real free thinkers they're people who understand the essence of real freedom and are fighting to create that and protect that and we have men in society who are completely neutered completely neutered because they're so afraid so afraid of actually speaking out let alone doing something to challenge the immorality of this state they don't even want to talk about they don't even want to put it on the table and talk about it I mean they think they're men you are absolutely d bald neutered animals you don't even resemble a man Arrested Development folks that's what creates this absence of slavery they don't even have an emotionally developed makeup to even be able to get angry at things that should anger them at ways that they're completely controlled and even worse they'll let people who absolutely don't care about freedom influence them because of what they want from those people their employers or their spouses or their family members now all these fake forms of loyalty out there that people are letting just completely stunt their spiritual and emotional development and keep them inactive it's the worst place to be ladies and gentlemen I've talked about it before the worst place that one could possibly be in this world is to know what's going on it within yourself within your own mind and to let other people keep you in a state of fear and inaction I'm talking about people who have particularly who have spouses who they'll listen to and they'll say I don't want you involved in that you know oh it's too dangerous or you sound like you're crazy because you think these things just because they don't understand them and people fear what they don't understand so they're in shutdown mode and they say you got to be in shutdown mode with me and you know what that's the worst place you could possibly be especially as an individual who knows something about what's going on I'll tell you what that's the last place I'd ever want to be in many cases people are living in such a state of conflict internally and conflict with the truth that they'll go into addiction mode you know to beat up on themselves doing drugs and alcohol and trying to numb out that knowing that inner knowing that they should be involved in this battle part of getting that whole attitude out of your your whole makeup is to develop real courage and start getting on the side of truth and start getting on the side of right action to do what you need to be doing in society to start doing the great work and you'll see how the universe will come to your aid in your life well actually improve people think why is my life so difficult why am i encountering so much resistance etc well part of it is because you don't care about truth part of it is because you don't care about freedom and you're not actively doing something to you know try to advance those things in the world people love their creature comforts you know and I understand women's love of creature comforts what what really aggravates me is how much men have become attached to creature comforts and how much they love quote unquote love life whenever I hear people say I love life it's like I don't know how you can love this state of existence the way that it is you love life the way it is there's something seriously seriously broken inside of you I mean you're way way more screwed up than I even imagined life in the form that we're living at today shouldn't be loved folks I mean don't get me wrong I'm not knocking the whole con I'm not knocking the whole idea of life of course life is a brilliant gift a wonderful gift but I'm saying if you love the way things are now there's something really wrong with you and this is the problem people are so attached to their comforts to their you know the way that they do things now the way that they have something set up you know you'll hear people say I don't want to speak out about that or I don't want to talk about any of that because I don't want to lose what I have I don't want to lose what you have what do you think you have things you think you even have don't even belong to you your body is claimed by somebody else let alone either physical objects like your house or your car I mean it's a joke this is how selfish and satanic this society is you know this idea that I'm comfortable I'm I'm in a comfortable job I'm in a comfortable house I'm in a comfortable relationship these are all false notions of comfort anyway you're in a relationship where the other person really doesn't care about freedom you're you're not in any real relationship you're just attached that's all users don't want to be by yourself because you're trying to fulfill some need to be with somebody else and when that's not any kind of genuine situation but you're you're in a job and you're happy that you make a certain amount of money so you can live a certain lifestyle and really all you're doing is prostituting yourself I mean is how many people are actually doing something they genuinely want to be doing very very very few goes all they want is the paycheck you know and they'll prostitute themselves out for it again it all comes down to absence of courage I'm too cowardly to stand up to my boss I'm too cowardly to quit my job and do something I really want to do I'm too cowardly to stand up to my so-called spouse because they're saying that what I'm talking about doesn't have any validity or is quote/unquote crazy I mean imagine people allowing other people's perceptions to color what they're doing because they don't have the courage to stand up for themselves and do what they want to do or what they know they should be doing and ultimately it comes down to we love our comfort and our lives quote unquote more than we love freedom more than we love truth and freedom and that's a false form of love that has nothing to do with agape with true love with love as a higher form of awareness and consciousness that allows consciousness to expand and unfold and evolve I want to take back the word patriot because patriot originally meant real men who are standing up for truth and are united on that front standing up for truth and real freedom that's what the Patriots of America were doing and that's what the new Patriots of America will do when I think about where I live and what happened here and how the founders and the revolutionaries of America how their efforts are being squandered by the absolute hipster leftist commie trash that exists in this city and throughout this nation these too-cool-for-school know-nothings television watchers is what they are brainwashed television watchers who think they know something and you know they are they're communists walking around in costumes dirty Communists and that and they'll spread this cultural Marxist garbage which by the way do me a favor anybody the ones to try to convince me the founders founding fathers of America were somehow bad people don't bother to email me don't bother to attempt to contact me in any way cuz you're a moron I'm not interested in your cultural Marxist garbage okay go move to North Korea or someplace where you know you could spread your cultural Marxist garbage to another bunch of zombies cuz it ain't flying with me because I'm more educated than all that okay Graham she's plan is not gonna work on somebody like me you're not gonna convince me that what those men fought and died for was to set up some other form of slavery here I don't buy that revision revisionist I'm not interested in hearing it I have already looked into the claim and have rejected it thoroughly as and I wasted too much of my time even doing that because it smelled like before I even investigated it and I have done that investigation and it holds no water and quite frankly I'm tired to hear a lot of this crap that all it does is try to put doubt in people's minds and take them off the course it's a really good tactic of distraction and manipulation and disinformation what the Founding Fathers and the Revolutionary individuals of early America did for this country being squandered by people who are no nothing television Watchers it's a disgrace let me tell you something folks the founders would have already called for war a long time ago a long time ago they would have called the militia up you know what maybe I wasn't even planning on doing this but maybe I should at this point tell a personal anecdote people seem to like it when I do that so you know I'll throw one in that I had a few last week on the show and this is a very very very very personal one for me because of this state of consciousness that I was in when this occurred and you know what a lot of people will probably completely dismiss this but that and that's fine you could dismiss it all you want it personally means something to me because a lot of people will dismiss the spiritual world you know they'll say all that that's not real that's just in your mind you know for example if you have a psychedelic experience for example with a compound like DMT just throwing it out as an example people say oh that's just interactions and you're in your brain the reductionists out there you know consciousness is just an electrochemical interaction in the brain I used to be one of these people by the way I used to be one of these left brain eggheads you know so another part of why so many people don't have any courage you know I just want to as a brief aside before I even tell this anecdote I want to talk about the left head left brain eggheads you know because so many scientists don't have courage and that's what kind of impressed me at the Tesla conference there were scientists and engineers there that at least had the courage to say there's something to what you're talking about and I need to look into it because I haven't looked into it I was impressed by that most egghead types you know or have no balls whatsoever they have no absolutely no courage their total cowards they sit behind their research they sit behind a keyboard you know they sit behind a desk and they want no part in trying to turn over the the established paradigm you know all they're worried about is the grant money that's flowing in and you know their comfort once again you have a lot of egghead libertarians they want to make everything about just a conceptual idea and a philosophy but when it comes time to actually taking real-world action they want no part of that so a lot of eggheads out there who are just purely left-brain intellectual and have no real intelligence will say something to the effect of Oh mark you're going to tell a story about something in the spiritual realm that absolutely can't be real everything's just an electrochemical interaction in the brain now we perceive well you know what I never envisioned anything like what I'm going to talk about with you I don't think my brain just magically came up with it and being where I'm from and having recently been through the place where I was through I think it'll make some sense to people back a little bit I believe it was just before the fray was just before the free your mind conference about a month before the free your mind conference maybe two months definitely before for your mind three so this was early 2015 um I had driven through Valley Forge Pennsylvania and became and I was fine that day I mean I was feeling really good I think we were going to some kind of a meetup group and I took a different route that day than I normally do to get to where I was going and it took us right through the middle of Valley Forge where of course very important battles during the Revolutionary War took place it was a turning point in the Revolutionary War and a feeling an overwhelming feeling of unease and discomfort came over me that I have never felt I've I it's not not entirely true I did feel before the last time I was at Valley Forge but this time it hit harder like it was overwhelming it was so heavy of a feeling of discomfort and unease and sadness that I almost had to pull the car over I definitely slowed down and I said I vocalized how thick this feeling of sadness and discomfort was and I felt that I was feeling the spiritual residue if you will you know of the souls that died there and I'm not a sensitive folks okay in case you didn't gather that from all the the years of podcasting and information sharing I'm not somebody who like is like very subtle or picks up on a lot of subtle energy you know it's not like you know somebody walks into the room and I say oh I can feel your aura and I can feel the you know this chakra is slightly off and needs tuning or whatever you know however you want to look at sense it is that can see all or feel all these subtle energies That's not me intense energy yes subtle energy not so much I told people anecdotes about like when I went to England and visited the crop circle formations as part of a sacred sites tour and we we went to Avebury and Stonehenge and you know places like that you know the crop circle energy was super subtle it's not like you felt it physically in your Anatomy we went to Stonehenge do is nothing subtle about that place at all you felt the energy physically in your body almost as an electrical signal and it was there as surely as I'm sitting in this chair right now then you didn't take any subtle perceptions to realize it to feel it if you couldn't feel it you're probably uh I don't know paralyzed or something or you know your your nerve endings were dead end or something because it was real palpable tangible energy in the body that was my experience at Stonehenge anyway I've never been to a place like that before or since and never felt energy like that before or since and it wasn't just you know the you know all at being at Stonehenge that had worn off a long time and the end I was still feeling this energy you know so there's something real there obviously in the Geo mansi of that place but my point is when I was at Valley Forge feeling this energy it wasn't subtle I'm not a sensitive and pick up on super subtle energies it was palpable and so you know a little while after that you know I'm I just made my way to where I was going to go and then you know went home after that and maybe about a week or so after that I'm just estimating Barb and I ordered some food out from a local takeout place in South Philadelphia I won't mention the name of the place because it was a bad experience and it's not typical of them that this was something obviously that was like a one-off problem with one of the components of the food it's not like this place is always bad or always served as bad food actually it was usually very good but we had a bad experience with a salad that we ordered we each ordered a salad and there was a hot pepper in each one of the salads like a green hot pepper and both of us when we bit into the pepper kind of thought we sensed that something wasn't was off about the taste but you know it wasn't so bad or off that we like spit it out of our mouth immediately and so we both ate the salad and finished it and um almost immediately after finishing it barb starts feeling sick and she's like oh no I think something was bad in that salad and I said are you sure because I don't feel it again she's a little bit more sensitive than me especially stomach wise with food and this hit her immediately and you know I I have an iron cauldron for a stomach you know anything that goes in it unless it is extraordinarily rancid or diseased gets dealt with you know it's I never have any stomach or intestinal issues it's a you know kind of my intestinal system my digestive system just each literally whatever is thrown into it and deals with it I've always been like that very fortunately but barb stomach is stomach is certainly more sensitive and she felt this right away and went upstairs and you know vomited and you know started feeling really sick and she's like I think I have food poisoning from that sound and I'm like really because I don't feel anything and she's like oh yeah something was bad in it there it's definitely because of that and you know she started feeling feverish and then I'm thinking oh wow maybe it really was I wonder if this is gonna hit me and boy did it okay and you know this is like the only time I was really sick and in during the whole early part of the year you know and it wasn't obviously just like a sickness that comes in from the immune system this was food poisoning and I did not throw up but I got this fever you know my system kind of kept it in but this I guess obviously it was some kind of either a bacterial or viral agent in this and it made me like you know extremely hot body temperature wise probably had a fever in the range of a hundred and two sweats chills you know everything associated with flu-like symptoms and this came on really late I'm trying to sleep it's very uncomfortable and I'm waking up I'm in and out of sleep and the fever is obviously getting worse and I'm becoming what you would call delirious from the fever like the fever is so high it probably was approached in 103 or so that I'm starting to hallucinate a little bit and as I'm having these like waves of like you know visions or hallucinations I'm starting to see the faces of men who were involved in the first American Revolution very clearly coming toward my vision near my face and they were very angry these Souls these spirits were very angry and they were it was like they were costing me asking me questions why is this going on why is that why is this being allowed why did we do what we did if you're allowing this to happen and go on and I swear to you folks I'm not making any of this up this happened and it was extraordinarily disturbing and I wanted it to end because it was extremely intense I didn't like what they were saying or asking I felt almost like I was highly accosted because I have been trying to do something to reverse it and it was very accusatory these spirits and it was all men that they look like Revolutionary War era people you know faces of like men of that period clothing in some cases like when I perceived that very much similar to what people wore during that period and they were angry about what's going on now in this country and I felt like what are you getting you know in my in the condition that I'm in why are you hitting me with this I'm one of the people that's been trying to do something about this and it was like a barrage they kept coming and they were saying what did we do this for we did this for nothing we gave our lives for nothing and they kept asking why has the the militia not been called up that was a phrase that many of them kept repeating why has the militia not been called up yet in other words saying we would have already been in physical rebellion what you're allowing is so unacceptable it's a disgrace and folks I mean this was so powerful and hard-hitting because it was there was a tangible narrative to it it wasn't like a disjointed thing where a one came and said I miss my wife and one or one came and said you know I lived near here during you know 240 years ago all of them were saying the same thing America has become a disgrace what you're allowing is unacceptable the militia should have already been called up why are you allowing this to continue and I broke down completely in this feverish hallucinatory state I completely broke I lost it you know if an event any of you ever talked to like Barb about this if you see her free your mind or whatever she'll tell you how like really really profoundly reaping that's the state that I went into I mean I went into profound weeping because these souls if you will these spirits would not stop barging me well I was already in a sick weakened state and again people will say there's nothing to it mine just manufactured at all while you were in a you know weakened physical condition having food poisoning I don't look at it that way I take into consideration Who I am I take into consideration where I am I take into consideration what had just occurred now you could say oh well that was fresh on your mind and you just brought that into the narrative I don't know you know people will dismiss it easily they'll poopoo it they'll say oh there's nothing to that you know and you're just feeding into a hallucinatory experience well maybe I tend to look at it more like maybe the veil did thin there for a little while in the state that I was in maybe these beings maybe these entities these spirits are always around us but we just can't perceive them maybe their souls aren't on rest and they can't move on because the job isn't finished yet not only is it not finished we've practically squandered the work that they did do and they're not happy about it and they can't rest I think that's actually more likely than just the revision of the reductionist explanation that oh it's all just you know little electrical impulses in them in the physical matter of the brain I don't buy that explanation I don't buy that egghead explanation like I said years and years and years ago I probably would have but recent experiences and you know my awakening process have shown me that there's much much much more to reality than we perceive with the normal state of consciousness that were in most of the time so that's my anecdote about having encountered possible spirits of the revolutionaries of the first American Revolution who are not at rest and who want the militia to be called up who see what's going on in America as an absolute affront to their efforts as a squandering of their efforts and these men and in many cases who were just boys who were I shouldn't even say that they were they may have been the age of boys but they were real men you know 14 15 year old so-called boys but I'd say 14 and 15 year old men who fought and in many cases gave it all gave their lives to secure even a small amount of freedom that led to the most prosperous place on this planet for a time they're definitely not at rest folks they're angry they should be angry and they would have called up the militia already would have already been done they would have tolerated it to this extent that we've allowed it and people say oh that's too extreme you know maybe for some who don't care about freedom who love the comfort that they enjoy more than they actually like their rights and they just don't understand that they are already enslaved and that physical action may be required to remedy that situation they don't have the courage to encounter that reality and deal with it and again it's part of the whole social engineering the war on men the war on the sacred masculine aspect of self-defense the war on self-defense in general keeping people sedate keeping them trying to keep them as calm as possible so that they could be led to slaughter without resistance there's a war on testosterone folks this is another thing I'm going to talk about it for your mind for they want that's the the chemical of rebellion and they want that eliminated from society as much as possible the chemical assault that people are under to arrest their development and destroy testosterone in society which is not only essential for a man's development and the spirit of rebellion to be present in a man but it's also necessary for women to have testosterone in their bodies to have hormonal balance healthy sexual attitudes and energy and for them to have an amount of rebellion within them not to just be enslaved and ruled so it's an essential compound for both men and women and that's why there's a war on it that's why there's so many over estrogen izing chemicals estrogen mimickers that take this compound out of the human physiology I personally know a an individual a man who's a friend of mine who had such a problem with testosterone I won't mention any names but had such a problem with testosterone that his doctor told him for all intents and purposes you have the hormonal balance of a woman your body is mimicking the hormonal aspects of a woman because your testosterone levels are so low they're almost non-existent for what they should be as a man and how this individual had to have testosterone injections I'm not even sure he might even still be taking them so you know I mean this is because of this chemical onslaught the you know things like bisphenol A it's another thing that attacks testosterone acts as an estrogen mimicker who knows what's in the heavy-metal toxic soup that they're spraying on us every day being sprayed like bugs from the chemtrail assault so I think I've said what I want to say about courage today I think people will get the gist of the message by what I've put out there and understand where I come down on this issue I think you know there's still an enormous amount of ignorance in society but I don't necessarily believe that any amount of talking is going to remedy that ignorance because these people are willfully ignorant but not only willfully ignorant they are cowards period and their cowardice is not going to allow them to see the truth accept the truth and act upon the truth and no amount of suffering is going to develop courage courage is something that has to be worked within the individual to be built up to be built upon and that takes time especially if someone has lived in a state of cowardice softness weakness for their whole lives that's why they want a society of so-called men that aren't men at all raised by in many cases single women who don't care about anything but creature comfort getting their way getting what they want out of men getting what they want out of the state and don't our concern with freedom whatsoever not even a little bit these aren't men folks there are little children they have Arrested Development not only spiritually mentally emotionally and physical Arrested Development because there are hormonal balances completely off their testosterone levels are completely off the chemical makeup thereof their brain is imbalanced their right brain imbalanced and in many cases they're both left and right brain imbalance there are eggheads who are also cowards the egghead side of it is over intellectualization and that right brain side of it that's office you're willing to lay down the tyranny a lot of people with letters after their name that these titles are so proud of her just like that completely often imbalanced they're not even a man it's not that's not a man a male doctor a male scientist you know most of these people are cowards they don't care about anything but money they're totally you know reductionist in their thinking about consciousness and you know their total egghead over intellectualized left brain imbalanced cowards the thing I want to kind of wrap up on is the idea that and it's the second part of the main topic topics that I wanted to get into today is and I brought this up because of the whole world situation of what we're going through again you know it's not like we haven't been through this before likely that will be we'll go through it again because it's probably gonna come to bloody revolution and again that's just going around the big wheel of karma once again because you didn't get the message and do it through consciousness like it needs to be done to affect the true solution not just a revolution there's many people that insist that somebody can only learn something through first-hand knowledge through actually doing it themselves and I reject this notion I talked about this on the Veritas show that I did with Mel fàbregas which I think was a really really phenomenal interview I it's up on the news section and on the right now it's in the recent news on the left-hand side of the one on earth is happening calm website I definitely highly recommend people to check it out Mel's an excellent interviewer and you know he does good work in his own right on his radio show Veritas radio so in that I talked about in that interview I talked about he Amell actually asked me the question do people have to learn through suffering you know and I I basically answered that you know suffering can definitely be a teacher chaos can be a teacher but is it a hundred percent required to learn that way no it is not you do not have to learn through first-hand experience his first-hand experience a absolute clear teacher oh yeah without a doubt you know but I gave the example if somebody had never seen fire before and you wanted to explain to them the essence of fire could you communicate the essence of fire to them without them having to put their hand in the and the answer is yes you could explain that to people people want sis all know you can't yeah they'd have to feel that they would have to know you can garner what the essence of something is by hearing about it seeing images of it having somebody write something down about it having somebody tell you about it absolutely if your ego is not so powerful that it says I can't take any of that I can't accept any of that no matter how logically the argument is structured no matter how many examples are provided and shown to me I need to go and do that harmful thing for myself and you go put your hand in the fire that would be ego especially if there's a ton of evidence built up to explain what that thing is and how it works and you know this is what a lot of people erroneously even in the truth movement in the new-age community whatever you want to call these movements insist that things have to be learned firsthand and no they don't this is what mystery schools were set up to teach people if you want to learn it the hard way then yeah go do it firsthand which is why you want to learn what how to be moral and you want to learn how not what actions not to take because you're creating chaos as a result I'll keep doing what you're doing which is completely wrong and creating tyranny and enslavement in society and you're gonna learn firsthand why you shouldn't do those things does that need to happen that way do you need to go into tyranny to understand what freedom is no you do not I mean this whole idea is not the way the law of balance works this is not the way the laws of polarity work you absolutely do not have to go into that extreme to understand what something is you can garner it through what you might call secondhand knowledge but at some point it was first-hand knowledge things can be taught down to another generation things again can be taught from someone that didn't go through that experience why it's not a thing to take that experience that negative experience you do not need to burn your hand and learn to fire as hot folks if I if somebody else puts their hand in the fire if somebody had put their hand in a fire a hundred years ago and you know what the effect on the flesh is going to be you do not need to repeat the experiment I think we've had enough examples of how tyranny in society works and what it does to the human spirit and what it does to human innovation and motivation and consciousness you know to understand this is not a good road to go down so you know this whole idea that we have to experience that thing and we have to have that firsthand gnosis I reject it thoroughly secondhand information taken from people with wisdom who are trying to convey it and communicate it down to people who have not necessarily been through that experience is valid and legitimate if it's true and somebody understands how it works and they convey it down to somebody secondhand that is a valid and legitimate method of learning you can garner through consciousness through someone else's experience how to understand how that thing's thing thing works on your own for yourself but the ego has to be removed from the equation that has to be gotten out of the way you have to think I'm not so important that I absolutely must have that first-hand experience you hear so many people say this nonsense unless I experience it for myself it isn't real oh really so if you've never been skydiving it isn't real you know I mean this is nonsense I've never been scuba diving is it not real I mean please you know I've never driven a big ocean liner I've never sailed a big ocean liner oh I guess that can't be done because it's not real then until I do it I mean people are idiots with what how they think the logical fallacies that they come up with they're really really brain dead they're brain damaged and brain dead in many cases because the ego thinks like that the ego thinks there are no absolute truths the ego thinks that there is no objective reality the ego thinks that all make reality the way I want it to be just by my thoughts the ego thinks unless I experience it it isn't real the ego thinks my perception is the only reality there's objective reality independent from you and if you don't think so your ass all obsessed which is the biggest form of mental illness in the world moreover what it is is it's wanting to be God you know that's what this really comes down to people think they're the arbiters of truth and there are the arbiters of reality I'll make things the way I want them to be ignore how they really are because I prefer them that way and I'd rather have reality be that way and so therefore all just thinking and it'll be yeah like your God good luck with that that's why we're going through the experience we're going through folks you want to try to be God you're going to be put in Chains in Chains and you're gonna stay there till you burrito breaks down and realize I'm not that thing I'm not God I'm not the creator of the universe I'm not the creator of reality laws exist in this realm I'm bound by those laws those laws are here from my uplift and benefit and I need to learn how they work the ego wants no part of that that's what the ego is not this sense of self that the New Age movement constantly tries to convince you the ego is all we need to dissolve that barrier you know why so I'm floating off in a spiritual haste place and I don't know you know what my rights are so when somebody encroaches I'm like oh we're all wanted it's okay and you know this person is it's no no fault of their own there is no such thing as fault you know it's all just an experience I mean these people are like you know gone gooses okay gone there's no help for them in many cases because their brain damaged right brain imbalance just as much as left brain and balance will lead to physical brain damage that's where a lot of people are at folks the more and more I look at society the more and more I realize just how sane I am through the knowledge that I've taken in and how insane other people are and now in a state of complete imbalance they are in and it saddens me because here's one of the things I wanted to get into last week a little bit which I'll touch on for a moment now before I wrap up it is highly unfortunate that we are connected to all of these other people to the morons out there the eggheads and you know the reductionist you know who think that there's no such thing as consciousness and all the people who take it to the other extreme the right brain imbalance people who it's all just an experience and it doesn't matter what happens and nothing that happens in the physical domain is meaningful all just as imbalanced and unfortunately we're all connected to all of these idiots their ignorance is our enslavement the people who care about truth and freedom we're enslaved by them not the dark occult okay by the people who are socially engineered by the dark occult that includes the military in the police of course because they're doing physical enslavement and that includes the dumb down masses because they're doing the mental enslavement they're propagating the mental enslavement and their ignorance and their mental enslavement is our enslavement unfortunately because there's no place we can just go to be free it being nice and easy to say hey slaves and masters and slaves enjoy your little drama down here on earth beware out you know what when you figure that out and you can can show the place that you go physically physically not just saying oh you can go to a mental place I'll go to my safe space where there's no tyranny it's just all in my mind you know no that's not what I'm talking about New Age dunces okay I'm not talking about that but show me a physical place you can go to escape tyranny as a person living on planet Earth and when you have that you could say you know what masters and slaves enjoy your little earth drama hell that you've created here and we're out but until you could show me that place you're connected to all these other idiots and that means there's only one way to change the situation if you want to be free and that is to change their mindset by putting information forward at all times and places that's what the great work is and that's why it's so resisted because that takes courage to do that work because you've got have to not care about what other people think about you you have to not care about the comfort that you're going to receive from other people whether it's an employer or a spouse etc see I'm not one of the people who tries to say it's all gonna be okay or that we don't have to worry about doing that work all we got to focus on is our ourselves because I recognize were connected the law of one is true we are bound to those other individuals unfortunately I don't want it to be like that but again I'm not a solid sis who says my perceptions are the reality and if I don't want it to be that way it magically becomes not that way no I recognize it is this way whether I want it to be this way or not it may be unfortunate but it is also true that we are connected to these other people that's why courage is so vitally important to be able to even start doing the great work to change yourself and then to influence other people to go through that same change that you went through to recognize that there is no such thing as Authority that it's all illegitimate the most dangerous religion on the face of the earth so I think that's probably a good place to leave this podcast for now because a lot was discussed and there's a lot of food for thought there I think next week what I want to do is talk about music it's something I really haven't done a full show on and you know I want to really get into the topic of the missing aspect of rebellion in music this is what I've largely been doing folks by the way I mean in taking the hiatus from the work I took a hiatus from it in this form that I'm doing right now such as my podcast and videos but I didn't take a complete hiatus from it I was putting out the great work through music because that's one of the ways I think it's very effective can be very effective plus I love music I've always been a performer in music since I was about 14 years old 15 years old and I've always liked it it's always been a way to expects expend energy and put forward thoughts for me and it's that creative aspect you know that Sacred Feminine right-brain creative aspect put forward in the right way put forward to try to change things which is the masculine aspect music is whole drained activity so I think next week I'm going to try to do a show about this and maybe bring on at least one member of the founders to have a little discussion about this so stay tuned for that and you know I just want to basically end with the thought that it's people who put art out there who put forms of creativity out there who put innovation to drive innovation forward you know artists musicians inventors these are the kind of people who are really directing positive change now you could look at what you do with information as an art form you know that's alchemy that's art and there's many ways of organizing it and forming it and shaping it science is an art form you know understanding how things work and then doing something with that knowledge to innovate and create people with that creative essence are the people who are driving humanity forward there are people who are doing things that make society better and make it really worth living especially if we use those things in an uplifting way to contribute to the great work of creating more freedom in our world so that's all I have for today for this edition of what on earth is happening I hope you've enjoyed the show I hope you'll tune in next week well where I'll have a discussion about rebellion in music it should be a good one ladies and gentlemen you've been listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm have a great day everyone see you next time [Music] [Music] [Music]