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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today is Monday December 21st 2015 it's the winter solstice today the first day of winter hope everybody's having a good holiday season if you believe in all that kind of stuff and even if you don't I hope you're having a good winter season we have a great show lined up for you here tonight folks we're going to be talking about a topic that is really near and dear to my heart and something that I haven't really talked about too much on this radio show and in any of my podcasts or videos I want to do i what been wanting I have been wanting to do a show about music for a long time because music is such a popular influence in society and it's been such a huge part of my life since I was young that it's a topic that I really haven't covered nearly as much as I want to and today I'm gonna be getting into it in a big way with a good friend of mine and my bandmate in the founders Mike Thompson so he's gonna be the guest on the radio show today so that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening just a few quick housekeeping things and a couple of announcements I want to let everybody know that I am going to be giving a new live presentation coming up in February February of 2016 this is going to be another presentation hosted by art Capozzi who hosted my both my natural law seminar and my original demystifying the occult seminar those were done back in 2013 and 2014 so this new presentation is going to be live in Philadelphia in February the exact date is going to be forthcoming but I want to start the promotion for it now because this is going to be a great live seminar that's going to actually be consisting of myself and J Parker and the title for this entire seminar is going to be called demystifying the occult part to Satanism and the dark occult this is something that I only very very briefly touched on in the first demystifying the occult seminar and I think this is a topic that needs to be given more attention and clarified in people's minds explaining to people exactly what is Satanism compared to what most people think that it is and I explain to people how this dark religion operates in the world so demystifying the occult part to myself and Jay Parker we're going to be talking about Satanism and the dark occult this is going to be taking place in February of next year February 2016 new live presentation and this event is going to be hosted by art Capozzi this will be taking place I have the venue although we're still trying to work out the finalization of the date and time but the venue will be the ethical Society of Philadelphia in Center City Philadelphia so it's a great venue I've spoken there before as part of the Tesla Science Foundation's events that they have had at the ethical Society so it should be a really a great overall all day seminar with myself and J Parker there is coming up one of if not the biggest conference of its kind free your mind for coming at us in April of 2016 April 15th 16th and 17th free your mind is a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult and for your mind for this coming year will be hosted at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel the same place that for your mind 3 was hosted the Sheraton Bucks County it's another great venue that this hotel is at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in Langhorne Pennsylvania just outside of the city limits of Philadelphia for your mine returns to Philadelphia in 2016 with a three-day conference featuring top caliber whistleblowers and researchers from across the country who will shed light upon our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions spreading awareness on the topics of consciousness mind control subversive occult influences holistic body mind spirit health and solution oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times the speakers lined up for free or mine four are as follows Bob Tuscan cathy o'brien davidwhitehead freeman jamie Hanshaw Jay Parker Janis barceló Jim Mars John vibes Jordan Maxwell Josey Wales ken Rolla Laura Eisenhower myself mark passio Mark Phillips Mary Sean Young max Egan and Ross been an all weekend pass for the freer mind for conference one $69.99 individual day passes 59.99 tickets are available and have been available at free your mind conference calm the conference's website free your mind conference calm ladies and gentlemen if you're at all into any of the information that has been and continues to be talked about on this podcast or in the truth community in general for your mind for is not an event you are going to want to miss because this conference really brings people together from all over this country and many other countries as well who are who have a thirst for truth and knowledge and want to come and gather and meet with like-minded people and that's what a conference of this kind is all about it's about getting people together forging relationships forging alliances if you will and bring people together who are interested in truth and freedom so for your mind for in Bucks County hotel in langhorne PA April 15th 16th and 17th don't miss it the conference website once again free your mind conference calm there is a donation button on the front page of the what on earth is happening dot-com website on the left hand side of the page if you feel that the information that has been shared freely on this podcast and through my videos is of value to you feel free to make a voluntary donation help support my work and myself that is again on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening calm website also on that left hand side there is a link for what on earth is happening promotional t-shirts I still have plenty of these available they will also be available at the for your mind for conference I think I might even have another design possibly we'll see how it goes but the t-shirts are still available they have the all-seeing eye design on them really great redesigned logo that says a truth love and freedom and above it reads one great work so if you're interested in that click that link and it'll send an email over to me and I'll tell you how you can pick up a what on earth is happening promo t-shirt for a voluntary donation so I think that's all the event announcements and other housekeeping that I have for right now I want Oh actually there is one more I want to let people know that the founders will be playing live here in Philadelphia in February as well February 27th we have another show coming up here in Philadelphia this is my anarchist hardcore punk band really going strong so far making waves in the city people talking about the band and if you're in the area come on out and see us on February 27 that's a Saturday night and we'll be playing at Connie's rickrack a local establishment that promotes local music so that's in the Italian market section of South Philadelphia I'll have a flyer for that made pretty soon and we'll promote it here on the site and on the founders not us our website speaking of the founders my guest today is the lead guitarist of the founders Mike Thompson Mike thanks so much for coming onto the show today to have a discussion about modern music thanks for having me mark yeah absolutely it's something that needs to be spoken about in depth Oh without a doubt it's something that I've wanted to do for a while and something that I'll probably do in somewhat of an ongoing basis with people like yourself who are knowledgeable about you know music in general especially music that involves a powerful and needed message and music that is really about rebelling against this system of control and slavery that we find ourselves in so um I guess my first the thing that I'll throw out to you is if you want to tell the listeners about how we became involved in the current project that we're in that that backstory we could start there sure in fact the free your mind conference that you were just speaking about that's where the you know beginning of the founders actually that that's the very start of it where I met DJ our other guitar player and we hit it off we began speaking about music but also moreover we agreed on the same points as far as what the system was doing to society and how it was destroying the fabric and morality of society and that's that's essentially where I came in to you know the circle of friends where we ended up on the 4th of July getting invited over to your place this is before you and I began hanging out and that was when the band actually formed that day on Independence Day and you know ever since then we forged a great relationship and you know we agree on the same points that we need to free humanity from slavery absolutely I mean I remember that day clearly in my mind we were having a cookout out and in my backyard for a 4th of July and you came over with DJ and you you guys were asking me about the project that I was trying to get started musically and I was telling you how poorly it was going because some other people that I had involved you know weren't really dedicated to it and it was kind of falling apart and you know I felt like this isn't something that I'm gonna be able to take live or anything like that and you know you said what kind of music is it and I was telling you it was hardcore punk and you're like well I get R you know I love that kind of music so you know it was kind of like no no I was showing you the the prototype of the logo that I was trying to work out with the artist at the time and you know kind of everything just kind of like synchronistically gelled it synchronistically blended you know and then DJ was talking about that he plays guitar and you know he would want to be involved in a project that talks about topics such as this and it just kind of almost like you know it really just came together that day where we said you know we have people who are very interested in it again also our other guitarist Carrie was there that night and our drummer Jerrod and you know it really just came all together suddenly like without even anybody pushing it or expecting that this is was going to turn into a project you know we just all kind of like we're talking and realizing we had a lot of interests in the same kind of music and of course the same message and you know that one thing led to another so to speak and the rest is history as they say but very synchronistic very synchro mystic that the band would get started on the fourth of July you know that would be the place where we met and talked about this project and then you know agreed to start meeting and writing some some music so couldn't have planned it that way if we tried that's right so I guess what what I really want to get into is the state of modern music and specifically like you know to just open up a topic rebellion in music in general but specifically the genres of music that were supposed to be about rebellion yeah you know metal hardcore punk you know these these genres were supposed to be about saying screw the system we want no part of this immoral system of control yeah you know and infusing a message of rebellion and standing up you know through the discordant types of sound that it puts out like shaking people you know making them pay attention yeah you know what do you have to say you were regarding that general gist of that these genres were really supposed to be rebellious in their nature and what's your view of what what has happened to them well what I see today and what it's become is a part of the control system what what I see is the opposition controlling rebellion controlling the rebellious nature within mankind and specifically within this art form of music itself and you can see over the years how it's just little by little been bred right out of people and why it's so necessary right now to be that mindset to live it and to bring it to people because it has been taken away from these genres of music because of how powerful it is the message itself that could be given to somebody through an art form like this so readily available is beyond reading a book beyond sitting through a lecture it's far more condensed and straight to the point and you know I see why they're doing it and what's happening within these genres of music and the lack of rebellion that's taking place within that and that's why we're doing what we're doing it's so much with music as an art form in general so much can be said so quickly yeah you know with so few words whereas explaining a concept you know for example in a lecture or presentation it often has to be elaborated upon but because you're you're giving things in a structured organized way that's you know has a sound accompaniment and it has a mathematical nature when it comes to music you're structuring words in a way that they have to be efficient and they have to convey the message quickly you know wrappers I find are very very very good at this you know I I'm amazed sometimes in conscious rap how few words it will take them to put a message out that's so you know distinct and clear and powerful exactly so I totally agree with what you're saying regarding the hijacking of these musical genres I mean you know they've been turned into more scenes and hangouts and you know identities and fashion statements feel good yeah yeah yeah lacking lacking completely any rebellion whatsoever that all all it's become is a way of fitting in not questioning Authority not going against the grain and that right there is giving up your right to think and I have to say that that's been done a little too well because we're seeing that too much within the musical scene today you know I mean you talk about kinds of music that are popular that don't contain any hint of rebellion at all pop music you know things that you'll you'll see at you know music awards programs things that you'll see on if you do see any music on like MTV or the you know vh1 or any of these other channels it's just um it's so sanitized of any kind of a real message a message that matters you know so many people are even fearful of putting in a message that matters in music anymore because it's like oh you're taking yourself too seriously or you know what why are you trying to interfere with my time to be chained right you know you're trying to get me to learn something or pay attention to something or god forbid care about something you know I mean can you speak to that aspect that in modern music yeah I mean that that goes into the control mechanism that you know is taking place right now where I did mention you know the feel-good aspect of it where people just want to feel good they don't want to think critically they would rather be on the side of popularity than to be on the other side where you know when you are a truth seeker you're usually ostracized you know because other people don't understand what you're saying right you know and as people fear that ostracization absolute because they want to belong yeah and so they're trying to be more popular so that they can get more well-known more famous if you will and therefore they are removing that message to be accepted just for acceptance so it's like it's a catch-22 you know do we want our music out there yeah but we want it out there for a reason we want it out there so it will help to awaken people it will people will pay attention to what we're actually saying it and think about those themes yeah I mean again that goes back to paying attention which most people aren't doing when they're listening to music or even what they're watching on television they're they're busy trying to be just distracted they want that distraction they love it unfortunately and you know when it comes to music they're not most of the time people are not paying attention to the lyrics even yeah they don't know what's being pumped into their psyche and their subconscious most of the sure because they don't even know what they're being told and that's a dangerous thing and that seems to be what's been taking over the minds of people you know yeah that's why I've always been interested in hearing what a band has to say bands who don't have much to say and don't have a message in their lyrics never held a huge appeal to me right here I was always a lyric reader I wanted to hear why is this band bothering to write a song a lot of people don't even think about that they're just all about the music but they don't even recognize like you know if you're gonna write a song what are you trying to say by the song it isn't it's supposed to be an expression of a message you know through a different medium in this case music right and most people just don't care about the lyrics in music and they like you said they just let it slip right into their subconscious I mean the lyrics were writing are very deliberate they have a deep message to them the message is rebellion and freedom and you know it that's a huge part of what we do as the founders because we want people to sit and listen to our music and read the words that were we're putting out there and of course we want you to hear the music too but um you know when we get good recordings of this I think people are going to realize you know how much we're pushing the envelope of this genre of music and you know it's a little bit difficult to hear live because you know there's a lot of difficulty associated with not only presenting a band properly live but also recording it but when we get some studio recordings I think people will really clearly be able to hear what this band is really all about yeah um I want to shift the discussion into a little bit talking about like musics role in society or moreover it's perceived worth in society because you know you have so many people that look at music oh it's just you're gonna just become another starving artist you know and so many people don't even want to be associated with people that / that perform that put out art in all different forms whether it be you know a traditional art you know painting drawing etc art through making videos through making music I mean you just what's your view of how music isn't how its viewed it's perception it's worth in society well I mean unfortunately when you take a close look at what's going on it's easy to see that people most of the time I mean really most of the time need to be told what to think what to feel how to believe and what they believe in and a lot of the time people are told what is popular what is pop cult sure what you should be paying attention to by the mainstream and unfortunately a lot of people this is the way their mind works that they go toward that it's a moth to a flame essentially if they go right for that and they will bite the bait and they do it almost every time and unfortunately bands like us that are going out and speaking the truth and doing it on our own you know we're not telling people you know what to believe this this is not an opinion this is the truth you know this this is what the truth is it's unbridled you know and whether you like it or not that's your problem you could take it or leave it but I'm telling you from what I see it's a lot a lot of it has to do with the fact people need to be told what to think and what's popular right and they flock toward what they think is secure what they think is safe I see this big-time and a lot of people even out in the music circuit you know they want the maximum safety they don't want to go anywhere where the boats being rocked right you know it's it's part of you know the whole topic of last week's show which was courage you know courage is so lacking in society it's it's no different in the music circuit you know a lot of people just want to run away from anything that is real you know continuing with that I think it's it's been increasingly difficult to get people excited about music to get them to want to come out and support music I mean this was a problem you know when I was a little bit younger doing music as well and it hasn't really gotten much better what's your view on that well yeah I mean people tend to say that with technology that we allowed ourselves to gain convenience when I don't see that I mean in certain respects yes but people also will say that you know and this is this is just a blanket statement I mean that it brings us closer together when it doesn't I mean in fact it's brought us further apart you know where people would rather just watch online or you know they're not willing to go out and support something in person right because they're taking a gamble on their satanic mindset of what I can do from myself what's gonna benefit me and if I go out and I don't enjoy myself and god forbid you know but and take a chance yeah yeah and especially with a band that that has a message like our band the founders I mean we are speaking out against the establishment which most people are afraid to do you know as a matter of fact when you even mention that that's what you're about you see the fear come over people's minds come over their faith their facial expressions all of it their body language it's like oh you're gonna talk about that now yeah oh where can I run to you know because they're cowards I mean that's what it really comes down to you know it's like they they just wouldn't stand up for themselves if you know they were being you know forced into a prison camp that's that's how late they'll wait yeah and then probably won't even do it then yeah unfortunately what what about people who just use the music scene quote-unquote to be just that scenesters to be people who are just there for fitting in and trying to make friends and don't even really care about the music they're more interested in you know what's the fashion that's gonna go along with this kind of music or what kind of friends am I gonna be able to make here at this club or at you know in this new scene what do you think of scenesters as if I need to really ask yeah I see them to be just as vile as the controllers that are ruining the fabric of society I mean whether you're willingly ignoring or you you just don't know I mean you're being a part of this system that is distracting people and and demoralizing completely the minds of people you know I mean I I don't have any appreciation whatsoever for somebody that wants to ignore the truth I mean it doesn't take much to look around to see the state of the world that right having in you know and if that's the way you want to go by ignoring it then you're just as much a part of the problem I'd say they are the problem yeah you know yeah that's a great point you know we have a song in the band about people who are inauthentic and just you know trying to fit you know and they're the kind of people who will you know actually be vocal and talk out against people who are genuinely into this for bringing a message you know because it's almost like oh you're ruining my good time vibe right you know the ladies and gentlemen the founders aren't here I mean yeah we want we want people to hear our music and have a good time at our shows but we're not here to placate people and tell them what they want to hear we're here to bring a strong powerful message of truth in and infuse that into the music and make that a part of the entire experience we're not here to just have a good time vibe flowing at every moment at one of our shows you know we're going to say uncomfortable truths regardless of what how that makes people feel it's just like I do in my presentations you know it's like we're not gonna sugarcoat what's going on in the world we're just going to put it to some cool hardcore punk music and let that be a different vehicle for the expression of this message so what we'll get into maybe some of our individual songs before we start talking about some some other topics too so we could give people an idea of what you know lyrically message wise this band is all about but essentially I didn't really talk about your background at all maybe we could start there you know how long have you been playing guitar what are some of your influences musically you know tell us a little bit about yourself and then we can get into like you know what we're doing with the founders as far as our message goes sure well I'm a lover of music from a very very young age and I always found the expression of anything artistic through sound and vision to be a very powerful vehicle you know for it for anything and at a young age I fell in love with rock and roll and punk rock and you know saw bands like The Ramones and and you know Jimi Hendrix and and saw that and I and I said that's what I want to do you know I want to get up there and do that and over the years you know I realized as I grew into my teenage years what real you know rebellion actually was and what what it stood for you know it wasn't just saying hey I'm gonna go against the grain it was looking at the state of the world and the punk rock that I got into was very much like that a band that that I think we both can agree on the exploited I got into at a very young age and they talked out against the system and I couldn't believe the powerful message that they were bringing better it made me want to be somebody to be able to bring that message and essentially I've been playing guitar since I was 13 years old I'm now 31 and I've never put it down no matter what it seems to be as far as being unpopular because it seems that you know artistic value is not really appreciated right and there's a reason this we're not making a ton of money it has no worth in society right exactly you know and that goes into the the Socialist Movement that wants to control that you know we're you know that's not being supported so you know I never gave up on that and yeah I mean I the bands that I played in it in the past I didn't really have other like minds you know as far as what I believed in as far as the genres that I was into that's something that we agreed upon and you know we like heavy music I mean we like heavy guitar riff driven music yeah you know with heavy drums and it's it's a personal taste preference obviously not everybody's gonna like this band you know that doesn't mean that we're not good at what we do that doesn't mean that we're not a good representation of this genre as an art form but not everybody's gonna it's not going to appeal to everybody yeah you know they're a lot of people are gonna hear it'd be like oh that's terrible I don't like that kind of music you know well and that's fine you know a lot of people don't like death metal a lot of people don't like black metal a lot of people don't like punk rock a lot of people don't like country music a lot of people don't like you know line dance music but whatever you know a lot of people don't like rap this you know as far as the style goes that's a taste preference there is no right or wrong when it comes to that it's like you know what appeals to one person's your is not going to appeal to other people's ears our goal here was not to try to find the kind of music that's the most wide widely liked or accepted you know it's what we were gonna play what we liked because this is our band it's not someone else's band if they like a different kind of music go form your own band go put out your own kind of music that you like this is what we like say you know a lot of people have a hard time with that they keep telling me oh I don't I don't like that or what why are you doing it like this it's like I'm not really interested in what people think of our musical style at all we're gonna play what we like exactly the end and more importantly beyond the sound sonically beyond the actual sound of the bands a lot of people need to start waking up to the message right now there are bands that I don't necessarily like their sound yes they're messy that's right is speaking about the truth speaking about freedom yep and breaking us from slavery then I will listen to them and we we will listen to music like that with an open mind exactly you know and support it because it's putting out a message of truth and freedom that's right without a doubt yeah great great point I totally agree fully so um I guess maybe it's a good time to talk about like some of the things we do get into in our in our songs and maybe talk about some of the songs specifically and you know and the writing process yeah so um how about the song a nation of sheep you know one of my favorites I mean you know it couldn't it just speaks for itself in the world that we're living in right now and what this country has become you know how easily people will be duped into believing whatever the control system wants them to with doing any critical thinking whatsoever this song right here touches upon it the lack of a courage the ignorance yeah you know you know that is prevalent in society what the founders you know would think of us yeah you know the founding fathers of America I mean you know the line it opens up if they could see America today the founders would turn over in their graves I mean I think it's almost an understatement the founders would chastise us in on you know to the nth degree for what we have allowed this country to degenerate into and you know this song is you know all as all of our songs are they're hard-hitting they're in your face they don't pull any punches they don't mince words you know uh I guess if we want to let people get a little bit of a preview lyrically because I think this is something that I want to put out there for people to get the gist of what is you know what the founders really talk about it in our music so I'll just read the lyrics to this song and you know then we can continue with maybe another one this song is called a nation of sheep it goes if they could see America today the founders would turn over in their graves they'd be sickened by what this country has become land of the cowards and the home of the effing dumb a nation of sheep baguettes a government of wolves police state rising a population of slaves fluoride in the water and the television rotting their brains ignorance apathy corruption everywhere you turn history repeating because these em efforts don't want to learn a nation of sheep that gets a government of wolves fascists neo-cons and their corporate dupes Marxists communists and their socialist tools liberals and conservatives all brainwashed fools while the people fall prey to latarian rule if they could see America today the founders would turn over in their graves the people in denial of truth they don't want to see submissive cattle who still believe they're free a nation of sheep but gets a government of wolves I mean you know that that's that's the overarching message of what this ban is bringing to the table in the way that we're saying it in this band yeah not sugar-coated not trying to make it seem like it's something else that it's not this is exactly what it is this is what we stand for you know um I uh when I introduced the next song that I want to talk about at the recent show that we played I noticed that it made a lot of people uncomfortable because so many people still don't know what a false flag is or so many people have been convinced that oh that's just a conspiracy theory right you know they don't even know the word and what it means right where it came from you know and you know when you try to let people know that a lot of the events that have been happening in this country or contrived they are orchestrated they are scripted you know and they're there just to make people afraid so that then their rights can be script in the aftermath and claiming we need more security people still get uncomfortable talking about this and still don't understand the tactic that's being used against them in a false flag attack right it's amazing that the news media has been able to keep through what they will not talk about people so ignorant of this basic tactic that's been used throughout history yeah very ignorant to history in general or most people unfortunately you know they don't know what the Reichstag is they don't understand what was done you know through that to take away people's rights and that that same narrative has been used over and over and over again and this song in particular really gets right to the heart of that and you know it's one of my favorite songs because this seems to be a perennial thing that they've been pulling where it's just constant happening left right every other week it seems like there's another false flag and people don't seem to be waking up to it because the media is something that they rely upon still and they'll think that they are going to actually tell them the truth they don't know who owns the media why they hit us with so many false flags in 2015 I mean we're at the end of the year and I think this year had more than any other in history yeah I mean it really was almost like they were coming every week yeah you know so as opposed to a nation of sheep that that song the sound is very punk rock oriented it's very hardcore punk sounding yeah I would say the song another false flag which is the song we're talking about is our most hardcore song this is this one sounds more in the hardcore genre yeah without a doubt yeah so here's lyrics folks for another false flag how do you get the people to surrender their rights unleash an act of chaos that snuffs out a lot of lives blame it on an enemy an easy lie to sell such an ancient tactic but it works so goddamn well 9/11 77 Port Arthur and Sandy Hook the Boston bombing Oklahoma City WTC 93 it was another false flag the times and places change but the technique remains the same will the people see the truth and know where to place the blame order out of chaos the most dangerous game understand the strategy or or fall for it again and again 9/11 77 Port Arthur and Sandy Hook the Boston bombing Oklahoma City WTC 93 it was another false flag just another false flag give up your freedom and we'll keep you safe give up your rights and you'll be just fine give up your freedom because you're afraid give up your rights and become our slaves nine eleven seven seven Port Arthur and Sandy Hook the Boston bombing Oklahoma City WTC 93 it was another false flag just another false flag you know when people are still you know resistant to understanding that message because they don't want to believe that were ruled by Psychopaths exactly that would do something like this yeah it's incredible that people don't have that discernment that that's been snatched away from them to not see and understand that the paradigm for the left and right you know is the same head of Hydra it's the same beast and they do not see that because they want to be fooled people love to be fooled and you know that's that's working a little too well I mean look at who is running right now for the presidency you know I mean it's absurd it's a joke a bunch of clowns you know and as it is people don't understand what it is to rule themselves to become moral themselves and to not need a master that's right I heard a recent quote from Adam Koch Esch I believe it was Adam he said when people ask me who I'm supporting for the next president I asked them what kind of cancer do you like most yeah I mean I thought that was just great that was just brilliant calling a spade us yeah exactly I mean they are they are a cancer upon Society you know and if people don't see that they have a lot they need to do some research about to find out what these people stand for where he come from a lot of people are still in this naive mindset especially people in music and this is a good point to just do a brief aside to talk about like the lack or small amount of true anarchists and music I mean so many people you you start talking out against government in general and it turns them off because they're still under this a delusional childish naive and people in government care about that and want to make life better for them they actually still believe this nonsense you know I mean it's a it's a it's a mindset of a four-year-old child literally absolutely absolutely I mean to not even know even within the lyrics of a nation of sheep how you explain the fluoridation of the water most people don't even understand what that actually is they're not even educated to understand cause they're fluoridated exactly you know so it's no wonder why we've got a lot of this fog going on and just absolute shameful behaviors of thought where people think that these people actually care about them they're far gone and very lost they they ascribe their own moral sensibility to other people which is a dangerous prospect I've talked about that a lot on the show in the past you know just because you wouldn't take an action that is highly immoral doesn't mean someone else would not take that actions that you know you're not that person you don't know what their mindset is like you know to just describe your moral sensibilities to someone else is a dangerous proposition because you have to understand the kind of psychopath we're dealing with in the world so you know there's there's just such a small amount of people who are anarchists in the whole music circuit and not only that there's a small amount of people who understand real Anarchy right you know there's this fake form of Anarchy that goes around in music that it's really communism in disguise socialism in disguise you know people have to understand anarchy means exactly what you just said no masters no rulers no authority and that's it it stops there you know if you try to inject something else into that then you know you're usually bringing a system in in place and yeah again this form of music is supposed to be about saying screw the system we don't need a system of controls in place we'll take a chance on chaos that's what real Anarchy is all about is shedding the fear of chaos yeah you know anarchy isn't chaos but it involves that dynamic of refusing to give in to fear and if chaos is a possibility then so be it I'd rather be free and chaotic then perfectly safe orderly and totally enslave I believe Thomas Jefferson said I prefer dangerous freedom and that's something that's right I know for a fact this bands and as friends what we stand for that's right you know I prefer to live in danger that's right without it I don't want to be duped and lied to and you know be kissed with a lie I'm sick and tired of seeing people wanting to have that be their reality and you know that they are a part of the problem yeah yeah that fear that they give in to and perpetuate is definitely the problem and you know I've said it before I'll say it again I'll give me my 45 acp and I'll take my chances with with the Psychopaths and or even cannibals all around us you know I don't I'm not interested in being protected anybody who wants to be protected is not a real man or a real woman that's right you know you're responsible for your own self defense and protection and there's no excuse for not understanding those principles and arming yourself to be able to to defend yourself if necessary we're a deadly force that's right and that's what they're trying to take away yup from people through all these false Flags they want to give the illusion that if our guns are taken away that suddenly the terrorists is going to change its mind a little criminal yeah or the government yeah which look for that yeah I mean that that's incredible that that dialectic is being used and relieved yeah that's more amazing very sad so we have another song about scenesters about people who just come out to be part of something and they're not even really into the music they're about a fashion making a fashion statement you know having a scene of friends fitting in stuff like that and they they're not they're certainly not about rebellion exactly they're the first people who will clear out when you start talking about rebellion they're the first people that will get all timid afraid shut down go glassy-eyed on you god forbid they have a message of truth right that's injected to their psyche you know that that's again going back to the whole feel-good behave right which they think they're any different from their parents they're no different from their parents that exacting you to allow this slavery to take place in society that's right you know and they imagine that they are very different from their parents generations why because they dress different they got a few more tattoos and their parents ever had yeah oh wow that makes you real different it has no knowledge II yeah exactly think that they're so hyper aware now that they've got their smartphones which in my opinion the phone is only as smart as they use that's right and you know that that's any different but it's no different I mean it's even worse in fact because they've got a library at hand that they could be looking up anything but they choose to just be placated into being you know a slave for the system that wants to you know be you know a part of this system and it being similar the whole paradigm that goes along with it they accept the whole view of reality the whole projected view of reality from the mainstream media exactly these people the worst part about this hipster generation is that they believe they're informed yeah they actually believe they know something they know they think they know more than someone like me yeah you know yeah they they actually believe that there are highly informed people because they can click a few buttons and you look something up on Wikipedia right yeah a government-controlled right anyway so this song is called hipsters and costumes so I'll read the lyrics fake-ass Seamster pieces of just trying to look the part conformist scum just like your parents were system lovers from the start your mouths move a mile a minute but none of you got to say you wouldn't know what punk really means if it smacked you in your tattooed face all you want to do is belong you don't want to rebel you're nothing but hipsters and costumes and you killed punk long ago to you punk is just about a look and a scene it's about fitting in and making friends punk was never supposed to be about belonging to a crowd it was supposed to be about taking the control system down fake-ass scenester pieces of just trying to look the part conformist scum just like your parents were system lovers from the start your mouths move a mile a minute and none of you got to say you wouldn't know what punk really means if it smacked you in your tattooed face all you want to do is belong you don't want to rebel you're nothing but hipsters and costumes and you kill Punk long ago that's the some of the lyrics I'm actually the most proud of for writing because it's something that really needs to be said in this scene oh yeah you know in this whole community of people absolutely you know which is like a scene it is a bunch of scenesters and we're gonna come in and be the uncomfortable discordant dynamic within that quote unquote scene to make people uncomfortable you know because that's what this is what punk rock has become you know and I say you killed Punk long ago they killed what was the spirit of punk do I think punk is dead no I don't because we're living proof that it's not that's right you know we're and that's not other thing I want to talk about like just as a personal side anecdote I don't dress at all like I'm a punk rocker you know I've been into punk rock since I was a child yeah okay listening to the Ramones and and other punk bands but people will look at me and immediately associate well he doesn't dress like a punk rocker is that what a punk rocker is his hair isn't like a punk rocker right oh is that what is that what it is to be into punk and understand punk rock conformity yeah that's that's what it is I don't know you're gonna for it then you don't fit you know an act that goes in with mindset yep and if you're not towing the line of what people have been you know lied to about which they don't understand these aren't even their own thoughts that these are scripts written for them you know why that is yeah you know the fabian society if they don't know about that then they're completely uneducated about what's been done that's exactly right you know can steering mass movements of people you know steering societies in the way these things things want them to go so that song hipsters and costumes I particularly like it's a absolute venomous vitriol yeah as you can hear but I think it's needed vitriol absolutely so part of my background I was in a stoner rock really stoner metal project years ago called Oh mega Lord and you know we were kind of like the the stereotypical stoner metal type band the themes that you might think of as part of that genre but we also were very into freedom and rebellion and we had a song called not going to die with bullets in my gun kind of kept that in in this band we kind of like took that song and we're if you will covering it or just making it our own since it was on one of the songs that I was involved in the writing of when I was in Omega Lord so this song is really about not giving up you know it's about you know you could you could interpret it from the perspective of yeah a physical gun but to not die with bullets in your gun means you did everything possible that you didn't give up without trying without a fight you know so what do you think of this one yeah I mean what you just said I mean it's just not giving up no matter what the opposition is bringing your way which is a lot of people that are going to disagree that are going to swear that they've done enough research to know what you're talking about to say you're wrong and have no clue that they've been lied to you know I'm not giving up no matter what anybody tells me you know i I've used my discernment you know in my life and where I've been around the world I've seen it for what it is I know that the control system is doing its best to take people like us and turn against each other and essentially run away from freedom because it's not popular you know that the the talking or you know rather the the topic of freedom and truth is something that most people scoff at that's right and I don't care if you want to scoff at it I don't care if you don't think that that's cool or popular that's not what I'm on this planet for that's right you know what we're here to do is to bring morality back to cut the chains of slavery and I'm sick and tired of people trying to turn that away you know right from society and I don't care if it makes me unpopular we're here to lead a rebellion against the practice of human slavery he's right yep so the song not gonna die with bullets in my gun here's the lyrics you tried to hold me back you tried to keep me down try to make me live your lie this is where it ends I'm taking my shot ain't wasting no more time not gonna die with bullets in my gun no surrender no retreat no compromise or peace let slip the dogs of war and if you're in the way of this runaway freight train gonna get run down for sure not gonna die with bullets in my gun not gonna die no I'm not gonna die with bullets in my gun fighting with my future haunted by my past sure as hell wasn't the first so if at all cuz I won't be the last and if I have to go now let it just be so but I'm gonna take as many with me as I can may not win the battle may not even win the war but I'm shooting all my rounds not gonna die with bullets in my gun not gonna die no I'm not gonna die not gonna die no I'm not gonna die with bullets in my gun yeah yeah that really does get to the the heart of what we stand for never give up that's right persistence you know the universe will reward courage and persistence exactly so one of our I think our more popular songs especially sound-wise very well just to go back quickly to not gonna die I'd say that's our most metal sounding song that's definitely got an element of Motorhead style you know metal art punkish metal song in it I'd say that's definitely our most metal song that we have if you want to consider any part of what we do quote metal I tend to really look at us as straight a straight forward hardcore punk band but there's definitely elements of several genres in our in our music you know it's certainly a lot of undertones ya know from from all of our outside influences definitely but a culminated into one which i think is very unique in this genre of music so we'll just do a few more songs to talk about just give people an idea of what this band is all about will do well three percenters again this this is probably one of our more popular songs Sam sound wise this is really about the small amount of people who will rebel against any form of tyranny you know the 3% or who fought the American Revolution I'd say maybe there's about three percent who are willing to fight the second one should it be necessary to take it into the physical domain and that'll be enough it'll be you know horrific if it has to go that way but it was enough the first time it'll be enough this time but this song is really about what you know are you a man or a mouse you know do you have real courage will you stand up will you stand together for for freedom or will you will you run you know will you be somebody who doesn't have the courage to stand up and run and you'll count yourself in the other 97% right yeah so you want to speak to this song or this is one of the favorites because this is what we understand as far as the revolution that took place you know these these men and boys that fought for our freedom I mean truly not what's going on right now in occupied occupied countries around the world I'm talking about the guys that fought against the Tories yep that said to the Redcoats jog on that's what I don't want you here that's right now and that's what we're willing to do because unfortunately the Redcoats are somewhat still here they're completely Nazis and the Redcoats aren't here and the Communists all of them and they all shook hands to say we can't let this place be a bastion of freedom exactly we have to take it down from the inside yes but you know too many people are here who will overtly physically fight for their freedom when you're trying to overtly conquer them but you know if we take it covertly if we take it through stealth if we take it through mind control and subversive influences then we have their minds and they'll just breed more people who are milquetoast people you know exactly total milquetoast uncor aegis you know boys yeah Joey exactly no yeah yeah and that is the opposite of what the three percenters were and are because those that are willing to give up their lives for the greater good for freedom you know these are these are men that's right these are men that are willing to actually go beyond their ego and say enough is enough with evil enough is enough with tyranny we will not put up with no tomorrow's for any of those ones so nor should they be whatsoever and when you when you know what's going on in the present world right now the poisoning of our food air and water there is more than enough good reason with that but again I mean the freedom is taken away from other individuals around the world through occupation enough is enough you know this has gone on long enough and this is what this song is about that's right so here's the lyrics to the song three percenters when hits the fan will you hit back or will you turn tail and run like a bitch grow a pair and get prepared to stand and fight the evil in our midst three percenters we stand together three percenters in liberty or death three percenters fight to the last man never surrender or retreat militia of the people fighting tyranny might die on our feet but we won't live on our knees three percenters we stand together three percenters in liberty or death come and take it don't tread on us Liberty or death don't tread on us we're the 3% don't tread on us Liberty or death don't tread on us because we're the 3% when hits the fan we'll hit back we'll stand and fight until the end if hope is still alive in this land it lies with the 3% 3% we stand together three percenters in liberty or death yeah like we're not messing around with the lyrics of these songs with the message that we're bringing at all and I'm trying to explain to people as we're on the stage - this isn't an act it's not a gimmick it's not a joke we're not playing we're not you know trying to make people think that were something that we're not it's as real as a heart attack ladies and gentlemen right that's right you know this is who we are and this is what we're talking about on stage you know there's no distinction so two other songs these are ones that we've written most recently our two newest songs we've not even perform one of these yet live we have with one that we close our most recent set with in Philly but we'll be playing the second one that we'll be talking about at the neck show so we wrote a song called kill the Masters influenced by the television show Game of Thrones the phrase that they put on that show if people aren't familiar with it there's a scene in it where former slaves are basically going through the city and killing that people who thought that they were legitimate masters of these people legitimate owners of other people and in one of the scenes they actually paint the phrase on the wall with blood kill the Masters so I said you know that symbolically and literally even kind of depicts what needs to be done but you know we need to kill the idea of mastery of other people we need to put forward the idea of self mastery and kill the notion that other people can legitimately be ruled by others you know so uh you know I'll let you speak to this song you know your take on it yeah I mean when I first heard that you wanted to write a song kill the Masters I was ecstatic about that because we we understand that on a deeper level this isn't just some childish game of boohoo I don't like being told what to do this goes beyond that this is explaining exactly what we see in society what's being done to people the slow kill you know the the kidnapping and rape of children by our masters by these people that that think that there are our masters these immoral Psychopaths these people have got to go we can no longer allow them to poison the psyche and the minds completely of anybody within society it's got to be ended you know and this is essentially from what we we agree with I mean there there is no reasoning with somebody that's completely immoral you know to stand on that same level ground is not going to happen we cannot do that with these people you know we can't sit and say let's go into their courts and try and figure it out people have been trying to do like talking it's gonna is gonna stop Psychopaths from doing what they're doing exactly from controlling others and harming others and raping people's rights right you know they don't care you're up against an enemy that doesn't have any morality it doesn't have any capacity for morality doesn't have conscience it does it's never going to develop conscience exactly you know when you're when you've let that breed in society to a certain extent it is eventually going to come down to physical confrontation yeah it doesn't have to but where we're at I feel unfortunately i-i've said said in the last couple of weeks I don't really think we're gonna do it in consciousness now I which is a failure long-term I and this will probably have to be done again at some point you know to get it in consciousness but at the point that we're at I'm very non hopeful regarding the ability of humanity to get its mind out of the prison that the mental the mental prison that humanity is in it's gonna be very very difficult yeah in order to unite I agree that it's going to take a lot more I mean a lot more but you know even more so just just speaking on that topic of how immoral these people are you can't reason with an immoral person with no conscience no there have been hearings where they've gone into their courts people that were a part of the MKULTRA program and if you don't know about that go to the back of Marc's podcasts and start from number one you have to understand that there have been hearings in Washington for people to try to stop these things from happening to other people and it never has stopped right they've upped their game and they've shut these people up so I don't see any more reasoning with these people you know so that's why kill the Masters is certainly one of my favorite songs so here's the lyrics folks to the song killed masters by the founders would be Kings without a conscience claiming the right to rule over us their robot enforcers follow their orders but they're nothing but gangsters and thugs when ignorant rains this is the way that history always replace freedom destroyed we hope you enjoy the New World Order of slavery break out of their mind-control embrace reality we're gonna make you see that there's no authority their system is illegitimate and we are not their slaves so kill the Masters and break your chains power-hungry Psychopaths raping liberty day by day every time they speak they lie to you so don't believe a word they say the so-called leaders of this world are corrupt and allege it the rotten to the core what's even more their system ain't worth break out of their mind control embrace reality we're gonna make you see that there's no Authority their systems illegitimate and we are not their slaves so kill the Masters and break your chains phenomenal couldn't have said it better myself yeah I mean this is the kind of message you're gonna hear it a founders show it's not gonna be sugar-coated it's not gonna be for the faint of heart it's not gonna be for the wishy-washy milquetoast doughboys you know I know that's the new trend I know that's the new thing that's considered attractive in society you know a dude who has no bass in his voice and looks like a woman yeah you know yeah but you know right it's absurd but but even worse though is satanic agenda don't drive with the system that's gotten the minds and something that Hitler said this is a direct quote from him saying where the women go the men and children follow that's right and what we see today is a bunch of doughy I can't even call men I mean yeah we need a new term we need a new house with our other guitarist I'm sorry our bass player John about this and you know we were saying we need a new term for the inauthentic woman and the inauthentic man yeah because we're degrading the word man and woman which are sacred words solutely you know by even referring to these people as men or women which they most certainly are not in no way shape or form you know and and it's it's working unfortunately within society and you see it with these so-called men that they'll do anything to get the attention of a woman even if it means just being ignorant going along with everything and it's it's happening rampant yep just for the sake of popularity and to not be ostracized yeah yeah god forbid exactly that person might be there their whole scene of people might not want to hang out with me or might might you know marginalize me somehow like like like that's important like what's some moron who has no idea about what's going on in the world thinks of me is important right yeah you know it's a no nothing that's absurd you know that we needed new we need new terms for people like this you know we like a man Gollum or a manbot or a femme Gollum or a fembot you know something to that effect you know we just we can't call the men and women anymore because it's a degradation of the term but we need to come up with some kind of a term for you know the the garbage element of society that loves the slavery system you know the man golem in the end the FEM golem yeah well last one will do and then I want to talk about like you know bands we like and you know some influences that we've had throughout our musical careers bands that are doing it right you know brands that are rebelling against the system and talking about similar things that we're talking about also I want to talk about like fake forms of rebellion using you know that's important for people to understand you know how they're putting out this with this kind of a message or so-called angst but it's just a distraction against what's really going on yeah so uh last song I want to touch on is uh are the the newest song we just finished writing this at the last rehearsal session it's called stand and fight and uh that's the tagline of the NRA as well folks you know is stand and fight I actually you know didn't like the NRA in the past because I thought they were too soft on a lot of gun control legislation they've really been going after a lot of states that have been implementing unconstitutional anti Second Amendment gun laws now they've been using those dues to really fight these people so I think they've gotten a little bit more hardcore in recent years there are people who will disagree with that but you know and I like other gun lobby groups you know like Jews for the preservation of firearms ownership gun owners of america etc but you know I am an NRA member I actually subscribe to that and pay dues to just keep my membership because they're doing decent things with that they're promoting awareness of Second Amendment issues that are important in society and I think they've amped up their rhetoric quite a bit as far as I see which which is needed right now more than ever with all of these false flag attacks these control without a doubt things that they keep throwing out there so they could try to take our guns away you know they they literally think like Eric Holder that psychopath that lying piece of crap saying we got a brainwash people to think about guns different way different way so we could do this daily openly talking about that they're just gonna quoted by somebody saying this on television and look at what they're doing they're doing it in plain sight you know and you know there's there's no other reason why they shouldn't be ramping up the NRA and you know putting out what they believe in it needs to be done without what we're doing that's right stand and fight moreover is really about standing your ground you know not giving in not going quietly you know pushing back because the people who are doing this have no right to do it so here's the lyrics stand and fight by the way this is a tag line on our badge or button that we bring to our shows and give away for free to people it's a tag line on the back of the shirts that the founders just recently pressed we do have t-shirts available you can get them at our shows I'm going to be going into the studio and recording a demo very shortly maybe even you know an EP type of thing yeah but here's the lyrics to stand and fight no surrender no retreat no quarter no prisoners we reject your brave new world of death and tyranny our souls we will not sell we embrace our sovereignty we will not surrender our freedom and our rights we will not go quietly into the night stand and fight we will speak the truth to all we meet both near and far we will not be silenced and we will not be disarmed we will not stand down we're active and we care we will not comply because we're awake and aware stand and fight no surrender no retreat no quarter no prisoners we bring to all who hear our words just one philosophy no masters and no slaves death to all authority when tyranny threatens everyone and we've run out of time it all comes down to one decision join us or die stand and fight I mean that's as hardcore as it gets ladies and gentlemen it's right you know the founders are definitely a band for the new three percenters let's just put it that way that's about how many percent of people that I would figure would probably be into our music and message because they have enough spirit and they have enough intelligence and they have enough courage to even be into a band like this right you know it's not the popular approach for 100% sure but you know what it's spreading a message of truth and freedom to the masses and you cannot unhear something you know you can reject it but you heard it yeah and you cannot unhear a message of truth so Mike what I really want to get into next is bands you like like who do you think's doing it right who you think's putting good stuff out there there are definitely some great bands that are bringing the message of truth out there and doing it in a way that is very unique you know a few bands that I I have to say on the top of my list you know and I think you'll agree with this I did mention before it'd be exploited one of my favorite bands personal yeah same here and in fact that was the first band as friends and as a band together that we all salt together that's right and we actually went and saw them when they came to the US for the first time in about 15 or so years a couple months back during the summer powerful very powerful great show and you know they are true and our kists and they come from Scotland right and the oppression that they have had to put up with you're an absolute real reason why they believe in what they believe in it's not just for this look in fashion you know they they believe in anti-authority you know taking a chance on chaos right and you know taking it to the next level rather than saying there's something wrong with this picture actually saying what needs to be done here's the solution and you know they're they're one of those bands and other bands that I I've been listening to for many years that's one of my favorite bands is Killing Joke right and rape band they've been doing it since the get-go I mean since 84 you know I mean talking about real issues and yeah you know a lot of Elliman occulted elements of society exactly exactly and doing it in a way that it's tangible you know it's tangible for anybody but you could feel what it is that they're talking about i mean they're they're speaking about Bohemian Grove MKULTRA Tavistock Institute ending the Fed right calling out bono that right there Oh has he gotten the groom of the stool position yet yeah right apparently he's hot for that anybody that's not against a fake guy like that I respect them wholeheartedly you know and yet whole arenas of people ya know who love popular stuff yeah again and there's an example where musically I don't have a problem with what a band like that is doing but look at what he's involved in yeah why would I support that and and you know who's a sees kiss and huh you know yeah look at look at the people he's mailing with you know take a look at that and it will give you a very honest perspective more like wiping them exactly exactly you know so um alright exploited Killing Joke I want to throw one out there yeah Black Sabbath oh yeah I mean that goes hand-in-hand and this is why they're so attacked by the system especially religion you know oh they have a dark name oh they sing about all this dark stuff yeah because they're making people aware of it exactly you know exactly this is the band that is has been doing that for more years than anybody else and are still doing exactly I mean their new album the way I saw their new album it is like saying to all the little boys out there hey boys let us show you how it's actually done yeah you know because you've been copying us not infinitum you know trying to sound like us and let us show you the real deal and how it's really done and it just like makes a mockery of all the the Sabbath imitations in stoner rock etc yeah that's and it's all generic too it's like you know stoner rock when I was playing stoner metal 12 13 years ago nobody was into it it wasn't if it wasn't cool right you know now all of a sudden it's the big thing especially in in somehow East Coast cities yeah this has become the big thing yeah you know and it's like every band sounds exactly identical to each other if you go out on any given night see a bunch of stoner rock lineup and it's like rehashed riffs yeah that there's there's no real originality to it and it's just like you know it's just to be cool and to follow the trend yeah first of all you're about 13 years late on that guy's yeah I hate to break that loose to you you missed the wave sorry looking at a band like Black Sabbath you know these youngins that have listened to them they heard a song like sweet leaf and they didn't even listen to the message right they just said oh they like to smoke weed right we are gonna do the same thing and we're not even gonna listen to the message you know so they're just spreading nothing but ignorant these kids so yeah I mean they are shown it and shown these young and so it's done all right you know it's it's great these guys are in their older age and they're pushing hard so it's good to see man I mean the song Sabbath have put out war pigs you know electric funeral yeah a lot of songs off master of reality how about children of the grade yeah oh my goodness yeah after forever another legend just views or even anti religious views yep and on the new album zeitgeist I mean right you're very eclectic song like that with a message you know another band I've always been into that I feel did take a lot of influence from Black Sabbath but took it to a whole new level as Cathedral Cathedral is one of my favorite bands of all time always talking about breaking down the control system breaking mind control exactly you know first of all that's the intro music of this show is a Cathedral song these guys are from the UK Lee Dorian who was the former singer of napalm death started Cathedral I believe back in the early 90s and in 89 or 90 and it's just these guys have been one of the strongest do metal influences in the world and they have a very powerful and relevant message I mean you know talking about mind control the song satanic hiss roboticus you know satanic robots is what this society is trying to breed just about every song off caravan beyond redemption that the intro song comes from that album freedom the song revolution you know the song iconoclast yeah I mean just listen to the words of that one you know that's from I believe the seventh coming just all their albums one is heavier than the next you know very powerful band God you throw one in alright I I have to say you know out of recent times a band that is doing it or was doing they're not playing as much anymore they'll do a show here and there is System of a Down oh sure and you know the these guys their parents fled the Armenian Genocide something that most Americans in most of the world know nothing about I did not even know that yeah and it all had to do with gun control folks and this is what they're trying to do here you think that's going to end up very well then you got another thing coming but um you know they they get into everything I mean they talk out against Hollywood they talk out against the psychotic behave years of this system I mean one of my favorite songs of theirs is the prison song where just blatantly is saying they're trying to build a prison for you help me and how they've hiked up the rates of people going into prison how we're used as nothing more than cattle for them to make money off of they also have a song about chemtrails yeah yeah no I mean they they get into all of it what's being done to us and why it is important to stand up against it the the founders are going to put out a song about chemtrails as well it's one of the next songs we're going to write it's called sprayed like bugs that's gonna be coming up a system of a Down definitely great band how about in connection with Black Sabbath of course do I mean yeah I call him the sage of heavy metal absolutely absolutely from everything that he did in rainbow to you know the actual band do I mean the gates of Babylon yeah kill the king you know one of my favorites I mean he he had not only a powerful stage presence but the message in his lyrics were very very beautifully written so yeah that's that's another one of my favorites right there um let's see oh one of my biggest influences as far as persona goes in music is Jim Morrison yeah you know the the doors of course became very popular but Morrison was one of these people who really woke up to the control system a lot of people you know have talked about his connection with his father in intelligence in naval intelligence very very quite possible why they possibly assassinated Morrison the death definitely didn't make much sense it was in a bathtub of course this is harkens to the killing of the King ritual I've talked about this in another interview series and you know he was known as the the Lizard King right you know this whole idea that we're going to take a possible very influential member of society that could be a change agent on a wide scale and kill them you know was done with Kennedy he was a you know synchronistically associated or synchronistically associated with Arthur of Camelot mmm hence you know he and he was president so the killing of the King you had Michael Jackson more likely than not ritualistically murdered and you know he was the King of Pop and you can go on and on Elvis Presley the king of rock yeah you know again possibly ritualistically you know taken down from his position and murdered you see how this is also done with females being built up to be destroyed particularly in pop music yeah oh so but the doors were always big musical influence for me and of course Jim Morrison who basically got on stage repeatedly during his career and told his his own audience that they were a bunch of slaves they were a bunch of weaklings and soft people who were letting themselves be pushed around and called them slaves to their faces yeah yeah sometimes things like that really do need to be done and said yeah just straight out it's like what are you allowing yeah what are you allowing to happen to yourself and your society you know yeah you want to throw another one out there uh yeah I'd have to say they're not a favorite band of mine by any means I do appreciate what they're doing being in mainstream because that's something that does take courage because you could easily become very well unlike like that message gets brought across the wrong way Muse in English bands they have come straight out over the last two albums talking out against mind control right against war and you know I mean the latest album is called drums you know and it's it's what it is yeah you know so you know when I look at that that band in particular I I feel bad sometimes because their audience is a wide large audience and it doesn't seem like they're really getting it in their minds because people don't read lyrics they're not reading the lyrical content which is so important it's utterly important if you want to get the message of what a band is transferring across I'm familiar with them and I've liked some of their lyrics definitely Oh without a doubt without it it's again not really what I tend to prefer musically but sure yeah and see for what they do they're pretty good yeah absolutely yeah and and you know for what it's worth you know I'm sure there are some people that have gotten gotten some sort of knowledge from this information that there I went in there and woken to whatever's going on right now hopefully you know that's better what I hope for what they've done but especially with a big audience like that yeah yeah a large I throw another couple out there yeah maybe a little bit more popular Pink Floyd I mean oh yeah they talked out against mind control and indoctrination of the youth totally and completely yeah I mean I attended Roger Waters doing the wall you know the whole double album and I felt like people didn't even understand what was being said you know yeah what was being said yeah about how dictatorships rise to power and you know how people are conformist and they build walls of barriers of identity up for themselves and they don't really get it because they're not paying attention to what's being said yeah you know it's all just about hanging out and listening to the music and having a good time you know about Megadeth Megadeth is a band that puts it out there pretty plainly big time yeah big Dave Mustaine is pretty pretty awake one of my favorite bands certainly you know I mean he's not afraid to say how it is and is an incredible musician you know somebody that that you know came from a band like Metallica and continued on the way he did but when even further you know nothing against Metallica I like them as well they're older stuff more you know but he went the extra mile by actually putting truth into his music beyond what Metallica was doing in life you know and he knows that it's a mind control agenda how there's covert weapons use subversive influences you know so he injects that into it in addition to the political stuff I think we just got to get him a little further to convert him to full adder yeah but definitely a very good man performance wise as well Megadeth I've seen them a couple of times and was never disappointed with their stage presence and performance Larry very very very tight musical band without a doubt absolutely just a couple more Nuclear Assault old-school thrash band phenomenon again talking out about mind control they have a song called brainwash yeah you know telling people stop listen to these popular forms of media they're just trying to tell you what to think you know they have other songs that are about you know thinking for yourself and not listen to other people's opinions and you know you're you know best what's best for you stop listen the society trying to make you conform to what they think is best for you you know you know I always loved their musical style today the same here man same years so uh havoc is a really good modern thrash band very technical modern thrash band speed metal yeah and they speak openly about all the subversive political agendas going on you know about you know the need for rebellion in society so that's a band that I really appreciate anybody else you want oh we left out one of the probably most important and really forthright bands when it comes to a message freedom and that Sons of Liberty yeah absolutely I mean I would love for the founders and Sons of Liberty to have a gig together sometimes what I you know that would be like a perfect band for us to maybe open up for in the future because these guys are putting it out there very very very plainly for people talking about the Federal Reserve you know talking about the loss of freedom in America how we're becoming a police state how the world is enslaved just open openly discussing these themes in their music yeah it's not sugar-coated it's very naked out in the open and it's attainable for those that are Liberty loving human beings that that actually want to know the truth that I want to live it and not just be placated into being entertained right and shutting off their brain I mean that that's all well and good you know if you want to sit down and watch a film but you know when that's all you want to do is just be entertained you know you know that that you're just turning off your brain and you're not going further you know you're not you're not adding to freedom certainly when that's happening speaking of Sons of Liberty and people who just want to be entertained I mean I recently saw a piece of YouTube footage from one of their concerts and that by the way that we're talking about the bands on the Sons of Liberty is a side project of Mike Schaeffer from Iced Earth another pretty popular metal band that talks about a lot of these themes as well that that's a band that should be included in this discussion but Sons of Liberty was playing a gig and Schaffer was on stage trying to explain to people about the loss of freedom and society and how you know these people are trying to completely take over every aspect of our lives and you hear a couple of people in the background at the show just saying you know you could hear it on camera them saying just play the song and we just want to hear the music you know it's just like why would a person like that even be at the Sons of Liberty show yeah you know it's like you don't know what this band is all about right you know yeah you know there there are three percenters by them without question ABS you know I mean he's talked about his attitude his mental attitude Schafer's has said in interviews you know I'm a federal human being I'm like a caveman you're not going to control me that's Adam intelligent and that's the thing this system fears the most that fears an intelligent feral man and will not be put in in in bondage and chains that's right you know they're trying to breed that out of society there trying to keep men from being desirable that are like that to women that want of a slave they want somebody that's going to lay down not cause any ripples whatsoever and that's what's happening right now we're watching that take place it's very unfortunate but I chuckled when you said that Mike because I could tell a little personal anecdote it's almost becoming like a traditional on the show now just as a brief aside I actually and I was telling barb this the other day um it was uh I was I was out with another friend who was having some problems and I was trying to talk to him about the situation that he was in and won't mention any names but I was at a pub and there was a table of a few women sitting having drinks and food and I was at the edge of you know that area where that table was at the bar and they were having a discussion and I couldn't help but overhear some of the things that they were saying but when they got into a discussion about their view of men I have to just confess and admit I did start kind of deliberately eavesdropping a little bit okay just hear what was gonna what was being said what was coming out of their mouths and one woman actually turned to the other woman and said you know I have to be honest that she did not know I was listening or could hear but I was definitely with any earshot range but you know my back was turned to her and I was really trying to tune out the other noise and really listen what to what she was saying and she said what I really want in a man what I want a man to be is my slave she actually I swear to God ladies and gentlemen this was spoken aloud she actually said what I want in a man what I want a man to be is my personal slave and she wasn't joking or kidding and they weren't didn't view it as a big joke yeah they let they laughed like uh-huh you know you're saying it right out in the open because they're basically saying thinking the same thing yeah and this is this is the reason they are enslaved they don't even understand the very reason you are a slave and don't even really even know you're a slave because you're too you know ignorant to even recognize that fact because you haven't even looked into anything you're a slave B cause you think like this is that is the causal factor because what it happens in the mental realm gets reflected in the physical realm especially if it's happening in the aggregate sense then that happens in the aggregate sense societal exactly when one suffers awesome right that's what we're and that mentality is creating the slavery that is being perpetuated and they don't understand that they don't understand that that's how natural law works you know as many people are thinking like that you're that's gonna be given to you by the universe actly you know precisely and they're enslaved because they think like that but um we got into this topic because we were we were talking about you know people who just want to be entertained just want to hear you know music they don't want to hear the message of freedom injected in something a band like Sons of Liberty again very popular band Iced Earth this is a side project of theirs and you have people saying I just want to come because oh you know I want to hear the music and I don't really want to take part in that you know discussion about rebellion that they don't want to be feral you know they don't want to be untamed because they're worried about what what's what's this person gonna think what's that person want to think is this person gonna like me is this person gonna ostracize me am I gonna be popular with women you know am I going to be popular amongst my peer group you know and that's what we're this social engineering aspect comes in where they're actually trying to make women not desire not be attracted to not one a guy who has any of those quote-unquote feral masculine untamable qualities that will stand up for his rights that will stand up first freedom because subconsciously they're like somebody who plays with the system you know and and complies with the system they make more money they don't be they're not harassed you know they're gonna be easier to control because they can be controlled in this sense so they're gonna be easily controlled by me and influenced by me yeah you know and they have a lower they have what I call the mini-me Satanism mindset absolutely the controllers are the big saint 'no sandy these are the mini Satanists you know they're they're propagating the whole system by what they're thinking in the aggregates sense but there are just a smaller version of their psychopathic satanic controllers exactly any other bands you want to throw out there uh yeah Dead Kennedys is definitely up there you know more so from my younger age old school old school old school punk and hardcore punk yeah they got right out there I mean if the name doesn't tell you what they were about I mean they they basically spoke out against the system you know yeah that's something that resonated within me yeah you know since I was a teenager so yeah that's that's definitely know we're probably leaving a million million names out of this but yeah I mean I think that's a good place well how about some rap because you know we've been talking about metal hardcore punk stuff like that absolutely I like rap personally um you know III don't listen to a whole lot of it because I really limit to conscious rap um one of my favorite conscious rappers is Paris I mean if you've heard this guy stuff I mean he is he could say so much in so few words this is he's from the gorilla funk label I think people should check out all the rappers on that label but Paris I think is one of the people who really stands out yeah absolutely you know I I I'm not as familiar with Paris but as far as I know you know he's very similar to a guy like immortal technique sure you know where he's very colorful with what he's saying and he's not sugarcoating things or anybody but as far as hip-hop goes you know immortal technique for me is is definitely up there guy I've been checking out a lot recently as carreño yeah just phenomenal great I'm probably the best lyrical writer and the the flow of his raps lyrically are just incredibly impressive but he gets into mind control in the stuff that he talks about the occult stuff definitely worth checking out absolutely how about our personal friend st. Pete I mean this is a guy who has to come up and get more popular in the music in rap we close he is just incredibly talented yeah there's just the message he brings is about truth it's about the tyranny taking place in society but the power behind it yeah I mean you know he opened up for us for our first show and I was in the back green room just you know going over some some chords and warming up before we went on and listening to him in the back man I was so fired up because he's not sugarcoating it he's saying it how it is and he's doing it in a very educated way right you know so without a doubt very very very intelligent guy st. Pete folks I mean you gotta check this guy stuff out just brilliant absolutely um anybody else yeah k rs1 oh sure old school stuff you know this is a very learned man he understands the dark occult you know he could call it out very well and you know some enjoyable songs out there you know so he's definitely up there you know that gives you an idea like what we're about musically I think you know I think it's a good place to leave the section of you know the topic of bands we like right how about people who are doing it wrong how about people or yeah there's a lot of too many how about you know this idea of petty rebellion focused on this but you know really that's not gonna get you anywhere yeah yeah that there's too much of that going on where it's it's in my opinion I I see it to be no different from the George Soros race Wars right that he funded I mean it's the same rhetoric the same thing and a lot of these these guys don't really realize what they're doing is actually pinning everybody up against each other you know and you know what one guy I can think of that's an absolute sell out completely P Diddy you know Puff Daddy you know this guy come on you know he goes and says vote or die back back you know when Bush was was running you know and then he's now saying you know don't vote you know but yet he's still in love with the system still putting out the same garbage music there's no message behind it you know so I see it for what it is I mean it's it's just garbage just Seamster punk rock you know the I always found a contradiction in terms pop punk I hate punk rock you're not pop yeah exactly who's making profits hop you don't understand it's not Punk you can't put those things together they're oxymorons yeah they're diametrically opposed opposites now you know abandoned we didn't discuss who I thought really had a phenomenal message of freedom early on but then went in a completely different direction for many years now I think they're very slightly beginning to get an edge back is Metallica I mean I don't think any discussion about you know metal could be complete without talking about the path they went down absolutely a lot of people feel they sold out I think somebody got to them I think after the album and justice for all which if you just listened to the lyrics on that album is unbelievable absolutely regardless of what you think about the sound of the album right the lyrical content alone is one of the most messes absolutely anti-government albums out there yeah and then in the next album they're not talking about any of it and it's you know a black cover with the Adson snake hidden yeah as if they were trying to send a message you know I think perhaps someone got to them and said you want to be the next Elvis Presley you want to be the next you know Jim Morrison well I'll keep doing what you're doing yeah you know yeah you know and they didn't really have the nerve to say okay whatever you think you need to do we're gonna do what we need to do right you know I think they just said we'll go with the program at least for a while then that's when you saw Hetfield's you know total alcoholism come in yeah you know because I think then he knew what he was doing was I think if anything you know of the members left in the band he might have the most possible you know chance to really still fully awaken and bring a good message of freedom to people that he's the lyric writer Cliff Burton was really doing that oh yeah his influence is still all over unjustice absolutely you know absolutely it's a shame he's not with us any longer right but I think they were somehow gotten to and decided cave you know very far because the the transformation between those two albums its Tucson yeah that's night and day yeah truly so I just wanted to say that we were talking about other bands that you know lead up what you might call false sense of rebellion or just uphold the system completely are there bands that you think are you know fully satanic and just uphold the system you know what love the system of slavery as it is yeah yeah one band I can think of that comes to minds and musically you know again this is this is how it works folks I mean they paint it the way they want to to bring people and they reel them in and you know they make it all seem like it has to do with rebellion and going against the system or you know just being rebellious period but most of the time it's just garbage and one band that I think of is a band called Ghost BC and they're from Sweden this band comes from a black metal band called repugnant and now for those out there that don't understand what black metal is black metal is a genre of music that is 100% safe I mean they literally use satanic imagery lyrical content has everything to do with eugenics and you know you name it this this is what these people stand for and unfortunately a band like ghosts are actually doing pretty well within the music scene and you know I mean the lead singer dresses like the black Pope and their songs have everything to do with child rape black mass and sacrifice and yet they're drawing large crowds of people and unfortunately and I understand this mindset of a young person that wants to go against the system that wants to be rebellious in nature and sees the corruption within you know things like the Vatican or just you know the Christian Church in general I'm not saying that all people that follow these religions are that way but the people that are the the spearhead are these religions they are very immoral people and and I understand that you'd want to go against that and you know that that's something that I can I can attest to because when I was younger you know I grew up in a Christian household and you know it from from what I saw from it I saw a lot of fakeness I saw a lot of false reality going on with adults that they they were trying to put upon me that made me angry and want to go against it so I started listening to black metal and thinking that that was the right way to rebel you know and I realized over years and specifically when I lived downtown in Manhattan in New York in the financial district in Battery Park for a few years what a Satanist really was you know and this is before I actually knew what what it really stood for wasn't this red devil it wasn't right this you know entity that that's sitting with a pitchfork this is a mindset that's right and I saw it outright I saw it for the years that I lived out there and was repulsed by the people that lived in that neighbor hood you know not everybody but by and large the materialistic behaviors of people and the the mimimi mentality is so overridden that you you can't miss it when you're in that neighborhood can't escape from it but one of the biggest false flags took place in that neighborhood and yet people are flocking to it to go to Ground Zero - like it's Disneyworld right you know and and don't even remotely question what took place worshiping the official story exactly I mean the 9/11 truth museum IRS's all of their predispositions and and and prejudices etc exactly exactly this whole false rebellion it's just a dialectic you know they're saying well you don't like this aspect of the control system oh here we have the other arm for you you could flock right into the arms over here and we'll take you in you know but you're not gonna get anything different right you know I mean that's what I fell for earlier when I moved towards Satanism because I hated organized religion to the extent that I did you know because that was one aspect of the control system and then when you see what that is and you say I'm done with this oh hey we have this other arm of the bird of prey this other wing of the bird of prey ready and waiting for you we'll gladly take you into that will call it rebellion but you're just gonna get more slavery exactly you know how people wake up to the fact that this is a dialectic and you know there is a a way out of that it's by rejecting the dialectic realizing this these are all aspects of the control system and you have to break free of all of those forms of mind control right so I guess I'll that's really basically what I really wanted to get into but it I'll leave the floor for you might can talk about anything else that you want to get into and then we can wrap up yeah absolutely I mean with with what we're speaking about right now with the false message of rebellion you know there are bands that try to paint themselves as being rebellious and you know I touched upon that within the metal scene and and we did touch upon that within the punk rock scene and you know a band that I actually knew personally you know that their entertainment lawyer was a friend of mine and we ended up hitting it off and I was pretty young at the time I was in my early 20s and you know my mindset you know I thought that they were cool because you know they were popular and I didn't know any better that their message of rebellion this false pretence of you know just taking the same line that's being given by the media because let's just face it I mean everybody pretty much knows that George Bush is a very unpopular man in America I mean for the most part and that that was something that I noticed with their music that they just would toe the line that they would say exactly what you want to hear and still be asking for a master essentially which is completely immoral you know these guys are not about a message of truth and as I got to know them I realized all they cared about was partying the feel-good which look if you want to have a good time that's fine I'm not saying you can't do that but they in no way we're promoting the message of truth they were very self-indulgent and did not care about anything other than themselves and money so you know for them to call themselves punk rock couldn't be further from the truth these guys and there's a lot of that that goes on within the musical scene unfortunately but um you know I gotta say people gotta use discernment you know you can't just jump on a bandwagon and think that these people care about them same way as government you know that they're gonna actually bring them a message of truth you got to do some discernment and critical thinking and a lot of times they're being promised things yeah you know oh we'll give you money and fame and power etc you know they're they're just toeing the line because of what they're being promised exactly and that goes on not only in government of course but in religion it goes in in music and in all aspects of our lives you know the financial world business world etc absolutely I think discernment is a hue problem for a lot of people you know because they don't take in all the points of view all the information and then you know filter it and analyze it and you know see what comes out in the wash so to speak you know they're just very easily led and influenced and that's why they're using music to lead and influence people because it is a form of art that can reach the subconscious mind quickly and can say a whole lot in so few words you know so it's it could be its again it's a tool and it's how it's used it can be used as a mechanism of enlightenment and it can use be used as a mechanism of mind control it's about the consciousness of the wielder of the tool Mike I am proud and honored to have you as one of the wielders of the founders sonic assault you know and it's a blessing that we met and feeling we met all in the 4th of July that's right of this year and it's been a great relationship both as friends and musically ever since and I want to thank you for coming on and sharing your views on the modern state of music and rebellion within the the musical community so thanks for coming on what on earth is happening and we should do this again sometime in the near future absolutely thanks for having me we've got ladies and gentlemen Mike Thompson of the founders the founders dot us the most extreme three percent er hardcore punk band that you will ever hear musically and lyrically so come out to see the founders here in Philadelphia On February 27 Saturday night February 27th at Connie's rickrack in south philadelphia you could check out their website connie's rickrack comm check out our website the founders thought us I'll be putting a poster up on the founders not us and at what on earth is happening when I make it for this show and don't forget I'll be speaking live here in Philadelphia in February be getting an exact date on that it's going to be called myself and Jay Parker both speaking live on the same day full day seminar it's going to be called demystifying the occult part - Satanism and the dark occult you're not going to want to miss that because the to insiders into this world talking about what they know about what goes on in Satanism and the dark occult myself and Jay Parker that's coming up in February in Philadelphia at the ethical Society and of course for your mind for April 15 16th and 17th free your mind conference calm do not miss that biggest conference of its kind anywhere in the world ladies and gentlemen you've been listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host Mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm thanks so much for listening have a great day everyone see you next time [Music] [Applause] [Music]