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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today is Monday January 11 2016 and this is the first what on earth is happening podcast of the year this is podcast number 196 I didn't do a podcast last week because well it's actually an interesting story two weeks ago my podcast was on physical health and the importance of physical health when it comes to combating the current immoral system of slavery that humanity is living in but I did not ultimately get to doing a show last week because I had to visit a sick relative in the hospital who has not been taken to well care of themselves in their own physical condition and that you know led to me having to spend some time last week going and visiting them hopefully the person will turn around they're ingrained habitual behavior when it comes to choosing the wrong things to put into their body and not putting the right things into their body but you know as we all know old habits die hard so we have a great show lined up for you here today though I'm going to be getting into talking about more issues related to the topics of self-defense rebellion and courage and this is going to be an ongoing theme of this show as we move forward certainly other topics will be revisited and new topics will it be introduced but this is something that I think people really have to get through their head and a lot of people still don't have it have an understanding or a grasp of it because they're too right-brained many people will insist that I'm too left brained because I talk about these issues I would definitely take exception to that because I think the Sacred Feminine dynamic care for truth and care for freedom is what drives the dynamic of self-defense and true courage so this is what I'll be getting into and also discussing some discussing those topics in light of some worldly events that are currently taking place as as we speak so that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening I want to do some housekeeping in some event announcements right now the free your mind for conference of course coming up in April of this year the freer mind for conference a conference on consciousness mind control and the occults will be taking place April 15th 16th and 17th that's Friday Saturday and Sunday April 15th through 17th 2016 at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in Langhorne Pennsylvania just outside the city limits of Philadelphia for your mine returns to Philadelphia with a three-day conference featuring top caliber whistleblowers and researchers from across the country who will shed light upon our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions spreading awareness on the topics of consciousness mind control subversive occult influences holistic body mind spirit health and solution oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times the speaker list for free or mind for Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien davidwhitehead Freeman Jamie Hanshaw Jay Parker Janis barceló Jim Marrs John vibes Jordan Maxwell Josey Wales Ken Rolla Laura Eisenhower mark passio Mark Phillips Mary Sean Young max Egan and Ross been an all weekend pass for the free your mind for conference $169.99 individual day passes $59.99 tickets are available right now get them now if you can make a donation of the conference that's also very welcome the website that you can get your tickets free your mind conference calm this is gonna be the biggest event of its kind certainly on the East Coast probably in the whole country probably in the whole world in 2016 free your mind conference calm don't miss it ladies and gentlemen free your mind for April 15th 16th and 17th of this year I will be giving a live all-day seminar along with Jay Parker this will be called demystifying the occult part 2 Satanism and the dark occult a live all-day seminar by myself Mark passio and my good friend Jay Parker this will be taking place Saturday February 6th 2016 from 12:30 p.m. to 9 o'clock p.m. at the ethical Society of Philadelphia the ethical Society is located at 1906 Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia PA the admission price is a twenty to forty dollar cash donation whatever the attendee can afford to give minimum cash donation asked for is twenty dollars but if people can give more you know you can donate up to forty if you are inclined to do so there will be discounted parking available for this seminar demystifying the occult part two at easy parking which is just around the corner at 21st and chestnut streets in Philadelphia what this seminar is going to be about is what the dark occult actually is and how it works I gave a seminar about different occult traditions last year and this one is going to specifically focus on dark occultism Satanism in particular so the description is as follows what is Satanism what is dark occultism how are they employed to control us how can we defend ourselves against their methods of manipulation in this seminar I will discuss what Satanism really is versus what most people unfortunately still believe it to be I'll outline the basic ideology of Satanism the ideology which is running our society and the ideology which is ultimately ruling this entire planet I will explain the psychological mindset of the adherence of this dark religion called Satanism and that mindset is such an integral part of the continuation how that mindset is such a an integral part of the continuation of human slavery I will delve into the knowledge of how this old religion works in order for people to strengthen their own defense against it's unholy influence in our society and in our lives this is what demystifying the occult part 2 Satanism and the dark occult is going to be all about once again along with Jay Parker I'll be giving this all-day seminar Saturday February 6th you can it's uh only at the door tickets can be purchased no advance tickets plenty of space don't worry about running out of space the the room is a nice large room so it will accommodate everyone who will come and attend this this all-day seminar it's all day from 12:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the ethical Society of Philadelphia once again Saturday February 6th really really looking forward to this of course this is going to be hosted by Arthur Capozzi of pattern-recognition time who also hosted demystifying the occult part 1 and who also hosted my natural law seminar a couple of years back I will have DVDs and t-shirts both what on earth is happening DVDs what on earth is happening t-shirts and I will also have some founders merchandise my band the founders I'll have t-shirts available there as well speaking of the founders we will be playing my hissed hardcore punk band the most extreme anarchist band in the world to my knowledge were called the founders and we'll be playing with Saturday February 27th 2016 at Connie's rickrack in South Philadelphia Connie's is on just off the corner of 9th and Ellsworth streets the exact address is 1132 South 9th Street Philadelphia PA so we don't have other bands yet we're looking for bands that would be appropriate for our style to book on this bill but will basically be headlining it and it'll be our second full show we'll be playing a full set so come on out to check out the founders if you're into freedom minded music with a very powerful and positive message of freedom and anti-authoritarianism once again February 27th Saturday night will be probably starting around 9:00 p.m. so if you're into good heavy freedom oriented music come on out and check out my band the founders will also have t-shirts available there for the band there are still what on earth is happening t-shirts available you could check that out on the website what on earth is happening calm clicking on the left hand side the promo t-shirts still available for a donation you could click the button and find out how that works by emailing me also there is a donation link on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening calm website if you feel that you have received value from the information that I have shared as part of what on earth is happening please do feel free to make a voluntary donation so that I can continue to do this work long into the future I want to thank Alex Avery of authentic news Mediacom I did an interview video interview with him this past week and it is now up live on my website in the new section and in the recent news on the left hand side of the site going to be covering some of the things that I talked about with him in that interview in this podcast today I will also be interviewed by Joyce Riley of the the famous radio show the power hour and I'll be on that show this Friday January 15th at 9 o'clock a.m. Eastern Time that's 8 a.m. Central time so you could check out a live interview that Joyce Reilly will be conducting with me this Friday again on the power hour 9 a.m. Eastern Time the topic for discussion most likely will be order followers and the cult of ultimate evil that they are member members of and you know there's still so much so many excuses that people give to order followers you know I'll just I could actually even lead in to this podcast with that but just one other very brief point of housekeeping uh also I am still looking for kind of new topics to talk about on this show I will be getting into the concept that I refer to as maven targeting in a future show I'll be covering um preparedness it's something I think is very important in the times we're living in and will be coming in will become increasingly important as events move forward I'll be covering self-defense in the form of martial arts and bringing on a martial arts expert to talk about that as well I will be talking more about the dark occult and especially the influence that dark occultism had in the rise of Nazism and still has influence in the form of Nazi ideology in our world today so there are some topics that are coming in future shows but I have asked for some topics that people want to hear discussed through Facebook and we did receive a nice long list of topics that people want to hear talked about and I'll be considering them for future what on earth is happening show topics regarding order followers and I still hear so much and again this is a good lead-in to what I want to talk about today because I want to get into self-defense and gun control and I want to get into the situation happening with the militia at the mahler Wildlife Refuge in that whole situation you know I also want to briefly talk about toward the end of the podcast today people who still think you know that Isis is the main problem that we face in the world today you know the radicalized form of Islam that the United States created as a way to take people's freedom away by putting them in fear but it this all relates to order followers because people are still making excuses for these people's behavior and thinking that there is any excuse for the behavior of order followers and people still don't get it they still think that the way to deal with these people is to sugarcoat the truth and you know try to you know blow smoke up their ass and talk to them like they're a child you know it's like we're not gonna get out of this mess that we've created for ourselves until we start being honest with people who are doing things that are completely immoral and telling them that it's not okay and telling them that they need to stop doing it regardless of what that means for them I didn't put them in that situation I don't care how much mind control they were put under okay I was put under a lot of mind-control - and I still didn't go and do that job and become an order follower and somebody who oppresses somebody else's rights yeah I got involved with a dark cult until I found out that it was a dark cult and how they were a scheming to put people in permanent slavery and then said no to it so somebody who was as into a cult as I was in the past can say no anybody can and there's no excuse for these people continuing to do what they're doing you know what people will take exception to what I'm saying when I'm telling them to quit their job and attack me like I'm the bad guy for saying that because I'm saying oh if you have a family to support and feed I don't really care how how else or how much how else you need to work to go and do that or how much hardship you or your family might come under as a result of you quitting your current job that's immoral immoral yeah I don't care about that you know because if it comes down to you either harming continuing to harm people or your family having some hardship because you're currently out of money from your immoral occupation then maybe your family needs to suffer in the short term that's how it works that's how it is okay you know I didn't put somebody in that situation they put themselves in that situation they have to deal with the repercussions and the consequences even if it means they have to suffer short-term people want to think Oh everybody has the ultimate Allegiance and the ultimate thing that they have a responsibility to his family bullshit okay can I say it any plainer folks that's absolutely not the case your family is not your first responsibility a human beings first responsibility is ultimately to the truth and a human being second responsibility is to freedom then your family comes next actually your self should ultimately come next because if you can't care for yourself and put yourself in a good spiritual and psychological condition you can't care about anybody else so I would say yourself comes next and then your family comes next because and I mean the higher self I'm not talking about just caring about selfishly yourself no don't twist my words and you know try to twist the meaning of what I'm saying I mean you got to get yourself in a proper spiritual state otherwise any kind of care that you might quote unquote care that you might give to somebody else is a low form of care that's what that's what people are arguing for about these order followers that they're low form of care over their immediate family somehow supersedes care with a capital C that somebody should have to the truth and about human freedom okay so this nonsense bullshit about how the family unit has to come first over truth and freedom is utter nonsense the laws of morality come first and the law freedom comes second that which is directly connected to the laws of morality so when I tell people yeah you need to quit your job no matter what it means for you in the short term quit your cult am i interested in what's gonna happen to you short term not my business or my problem quite frankly and if you think that sounds callous and uncaring you could think whatever you want am i interested in what people think about how I feel about other people or how they feel about me I'm explaining the right thing to do is the right thing to do always the comfortable thing to do or the easy thing to do no it isn't but when it comes to harming somebody else's rights that's when it's time to take immediate action and stop performing that behavior and people will say oh well what about repercussions if there's going to be blowback amongst the actual institution that they're involved in hey look at my situation I was involved with the people who are actually running things do you think they don't have resources and the ability to do whatever they want harmful to another person and I still said no to them and left they consider what I understood about their operation insignificant and didn't want to come after me because I don't know quote where the bodies are buried about specific crimes that might be high-level crimes that's when they really physically go after somebody when somebody just understands their ideology and what they're doing ideologically in the world to put people into a trance into thrall you know so that they can continue to feed the Machine of slavery that these people have built they don't really care about that because they know they have 99.9% of people's minds but you know what if their order followers if their robot order followers started quitting their jobs and Mastro's those people would be in trouble because they they couldn't punch their way out of a wet paper bag you know they're not going to basically control people they have to control the minds of dumb idiot and Neanderthal men to get them to do their bidding for them violently and they got to control the minds of dumb idiot Neanderthal women you know and you know I shouldn't be insulting our Neanderthal brothers because they were probably much more intelligent than modern human beings are okay bad choice of words all right you know these dumb idiot moron women who then support the behaviors of these dumb idiot moron men who go and give their free will choice and their behaviors over to psychopathic lunatics because there are secondary Psychopaths but oh hey that brings in a paycheck and that creates our quote unquote perceived level of security so let's support all the men that's the at most women's attitude let's support men for doing this let's not make excuses they're providing for our comfort and the comfort of our children I mean please you're a moral trash you're the people like that are a moral trash so I'll be getting into some of these issues regarding order followers and the absolute bullshit excuses that people continue to make for them because they're soft weak minded idiots and they don't want to hear the truth about that they certainly don't want to hear it spoken plainly to their face like that but like I said if it is about an issue that is affecting people's rights and freedom and that's what order followers are doing every day and needs to be spoken plainly to their face just like that and if nobody else will do it I'll do it so how about this Obama gun control situation going on and people just sitting back accepting it I mean this is like one of the most ridiculous things that I've heard and he started early this year I knew he was going to you know because this is his last year full year in office and he's gonna hit it hard this year as Pappa dent you know as the puppet on the master strings he's going to be mr. yes-man to his overlords he's gonna try to put Jam forward the cultural Marxist agenda and Jam forward the gun gun control agenda supplemented by tons of false flags this year I'm telling you I said a couple weeks ago 2015 was the year of false flags we had more false flag events in 2015 than ever before in one year and I'm telling you 2016 my prediction is 2016 is going to supersede 2015 in the amount of false flags were going to see this year it's gonna be out of control because this guy is determined you know he's his elite masters love him because he's a good actor he's a good enough actor okay he comes across as intelligent and sure of himself to all the dunces of the world who hang on his every word okay he's a rabid communist he's a rabid gun grabber and that's not alarmist that's very real world practical understanding of who this guy is and he lied to everybody about saying you know the executive branch has become too powerful you know under Bush previously and we need to get rid of this precedent about signing statements and executive orders and then he became the president who did more executive orders and signing statements than any other president in history and now the new thing he as our King is going to implement is all executive orders regarding guns you know the new executive orders he put forward makes him more difficult for people to obtain guns he's trying to eliminate private sales of all kind in the whole in the whole United States saying that anybody who wants a saw a gun to another person should have to get a firearms dealer license in order to do that to take away people's ability to exchange firearms long arms rifles and shotguns etc between individuals which has been a tradition of this country since its beginning when handguns came in they regulate those so as that private people can't sell them you have to be a firearms dealer to sell handguns but long arms have always been sold and traded between people with no problem in this country now all of a sudden Obama wants to change this and make individuals have to obtain a license in order to sell property to another person totally doing an end-run around Congress with all of this even if you believe in the laws of man ok and said he wouldn't do and Congress that that had been done too much and the presidency and gotten too powerful and out of control as a result of that during all of his campaign promises saying he wouldn't do those things and here he is doing them and people who support him still won't acknowledge that he was an absolute bald-faced liar that's because as long as long as he supports the Liberals worldview you know then anything he do he could do no wrong anything he does it's it's fine as long as it supports our worldview and what we want done through the violence of the state I mean another thing he promised in these executive orders is he wants to get radically increased the size of the BATFE the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives as if this isn't a completely out-of-control federal bureaucracy as it stands he wants to hire tens of thousands of people to you know take part in this absolutely criminal enterprise as if any of those things need regulation by government of all people yeah you know an another thing he wants to do is he just wants to set the precedent that anybody who is anti-authoritarian shouldn't have weapons that's one of the big things in these signing statements well it's the most dangerous thing of all in them he wants to make it so that if you're diagnosed as having some absolute nonsense made up a health condition called oppositional defiant disorder odd meaning if you don't believe in the legitimacy of the authority of human beings over other human beings meaning that you don't believe in the authority of the legitimacy of Authority and slavery then you can be diagnosed with this fake condition made up by psychologists that are completely on board with the globalist agenda and you could have your firearms seized see this is a new precedent he wants to set if you have OD D oppositional defiant disorder if you're anti-government in any way yeah people who are you know coming back from the absolute manipulation of warfare of the wars of aggression that the United States is waging throughout the world military veterans and who say you know stand up and talk out against government and their manipulations he wants to take guns away from those people saying uh we're saying oh they have PTSD so they shouldn't have weapons to be allowed to defend themselves that's what that's what part of these are all about and let me tell you something it isn't military veterans coming home doing these shootings it isn't people with oppositional defiant disorder it's people on psychotropic drugs it's people on SSRIs and SNRIs people on antipsychotic drugs you know who are basically put on these things because people want to numb out their emotions and people want to numb out nonconformity to society and one people all in a totally numbed out deadened state of awareness and then part of the the the suppressed personality breaks through and does crazy stuff and harmful things and chaotic things and half of it is there directly mind controlled patsies to put to be put up to do these false flag events the other half of them are all on all these you know absolutely brain destroying chemical drugs pharmaceutical drugs like the SSRI and an SSRI class of drugs that I've talked about on what on earth is happening in past shows but no nobody wants to talk about those issues those mental health issues they just want to say if your anti-authoritarian you should have your guns seized that's what this clown communists in in the white house this puppet is trying to put ram through through executive orders and make no mistake folks that's exactly what it's about exactly what it's about so hand in hand with this situation is this developing story in Oregon at the mall or Wildlife Refuge where this militia has taken over this plot of federal land which was the seat of a lot of tyranny done unto people to seize their land and to put them in prison and they chose that as you know an area that would be a good target to take to do some pushback against the government so a lot of people come down on different sides of this issue something and it's a false flag itself some thinking you know while these people shouldn't have done this because the people who were going to be put in jail as a result of this fire situation which I'll briefly explain you really didn't want their assistance or help I tend to come down more on the side of the people who are doing this occupation you know a lot of the people who I want to talk about how this is similar and yet different from the so-called Occupy movement that all these leftists and liberals you know Ana so-called a narco communist contradiction in terms but uh the people like that agreed with in the Occupy Wall Street movement but then somehow this is completely different to them you know there were there's a practice that is done by ranchers when you know brush fires are in danger of being ignited because of weather conditions and growth of certain kinds of foliage they basically take take down certain you know leaves and and foliage and they burn it and sometimes this is done close to federally held land and sometimes since the borders are constantly encroaching on their land from federal territory that the feds are continuously seizing they have almost all of the Western land in the United States if you look at a map of federally held territories in the United States they have almost the entire western portion of the United States which is completely unnecessary there's no reason that people shouldn't be allowed on those lands to you to use it to do what they want with it but yet we believe the federal government has a right to keep people off of those lands and say that they own it when in fact they're just you it's just an agenda 21 mechanism to basically push people into tighter and tighter territories so that they're easier to control and so that they're on top of each other so tensions boil between them and they don't actually utilize the space they think there's overpopulation they want eugenics etc that's well that's what this whole agenda is all about of you know crowding people into cities and take more and more land away from them I've talked about here many times there's no such thing as overpopulation the planet could probably support 50 times the population that we have now with the amount of space that is on this planet we couldn't continue to do things the way that we are doing them now as far as the unsustainable ways that we do things if we had that kind of a population but space wise there's absolutely zero doubt in my mind that we could have at least 2030 4050 times the population that we have now on this planet and I know that sounds strange or even crazy to people who haven't looked into the issue you know I'm not saying we could continue to do that using the types of technologies that we have now that aren't based on clean energy and and sustainable energy but as far as just the amount of space that we have for people to live on absolutely and the amount of food that can be grown in the in the land that is on this planet absolutely at least that much at least that many people could live on this planet but this issue is ultimately about setting the precedent that the United that the federal government owns the land and everybody on it that's what this is Alta Mele about that there are the gods they're the kings they own everything and they're gonna take more and more and more land and they're gonna push people in a tighter and tighter spaces and they're gonna come in and say if you did something that was an inch over this imaginary line then we're gonna put you in jail for 20 years or 15 years or whatever they want so the Bundys who were involved in another land grab situation and another tyrannical situation dealing with the federal government couple years back were involved with this the this other family the Hammonds and since the Hammonds were convicted in a court of law regarding their practice of setting fires and then the federal government said that one of them got out of control and spread on to their land that they you know they served a jail sentence and now another judge wants to put them in double jeopardy which is meaning that they're going to say that after you've been tried and sentenced and you've served your time I can say that wasn't enough post fact but after the fact it's called double jeopardy it's illegal in the United States you're not allowed to go back and say oh we can basically tack on to your sentence it's like if that means you're really being tried twice for the same crime and that's called double jeopardy it's a totally unconstitutional and this is what this issue is ultimately about it's about the land grabbing of the federal government and it's about double jeopardy that's one of the biggest issues in this that hardly anybody is talking about so the Bundys are basically what we're saying that the Hammonds are basically cowards who won't stand up for their rights so they're gonna stand up to the federal government for them now I understand people will say oh they're not within their rights to do that because if they have refused help help shouldn't be rendered I think it's more like they realize that these people are wet noodles you know who are just gonna lay down and what some people are saying is well I don't care whether other people lay now we're not going to lay down you could fit you could think you have everybody because you have their mind and their acquiescing to your bullshit but you're not going to have us and I can at least get behind that kind of mentality I don't uh in all honesty you know people make the other argument oh they're the selfish type who only care about their rights and you know what that's better not then not caring about any rights that's better than being such a wishy-washy person that you laid down the tyranny I'll take the people who were left brain selfish but do care about their own rights over the people who don't give a damn about any rights I'll take those people any day any day that's why I said compared to the idiot moronic people who want slavery and and Satanists even folks I'll go on record I told people this before I would go back to the kind of people who were involved in Satanism in a heartbeat rather than the idiot that walks the street that I walk around today in a heartbeat and I'm very open about it and I don't care what people think about that you want to know why those people at least care about themselves they care about whether they're free they don't want to be slaves they want to be the master of slaves I think that's wrong too don't get me wrong I'm not saying I advocate that I'm saying you know what's better to want to be a master or to want to be a slave neither one of them is you should be acting but guess what wanting to be a slave is infinitely worse than wanting to be a master over other people as bad as wanting to control somebody else is wanting to accept and lay down to control because you so don't care about yourself or anybody else is even infinitely worse than wanting control over other people and so what the Bundys are basically saying is they're drawing a line in the sand they're saying they're going to oppose criminal acts and tyrannical acts regardless of whether the person who are directly affected by them care or not so whether you support the actual action and think it's the time or place okay I'm not gonna even get into debating all of those things because maybe you know there are bigger things that they could have chosen and better places that they could have chosen to do this but whatever you know it is what it is it's it's going on right now and you know they're shutting down this facility because that's was the seat of the tyranny that was taking place in that region so that was their choice for it they're using the lost word of no saying no this far no further we're drawing a line in the sand I can have respect for that and how this occupation difference from the Occupy Wall Street occupations is it's being done with teeth these people aren't just going there with signs and placards and you know megaphones and demands that they're making from you know the steps of a City Hall or something like that they're there with weapons and that's why they're being treated completely differently than the government treated the Occupy protesters let me tell you something folks the safest places I have ever been or where firearms were prominent and openly displayed the places where people wouldn't have even dreamed about doing violence to another person or trying to start violence with that group of people you you wouldn't even imagine the politeness that was display I've been to open-carry rallies where firearms are just oh boy rifles the automatic rifles are just openly displayed openly carried and let me tell you something safest place I've ever been or felt in life on this planet no safer place that I've ever been or attended because there's not one person that would have thought to come in there and start trying to take other people these people's rights when they're in that kind of a situation and it was totally peaceful totally peaceful and polite some of the most polite peaceful conversations I've had have happened with people that I when I've attended open-carry rallies and the people that partook in those rallies I'll tell you what no police push back police pepper spray you know police absolute trouncing of people's rights to speak and assemble not when they're well on to the teeth you won't see those cowards do anything like that there and guess what you know what they might roll in with physical force but I guarantee you one thing that does happen they're gonna meet resistance they won't be able to do it with people like this without consequence there will be physical repercussions and physical consequence upon the aggressors know it like you know your name so therefore whether they have my complete approval or not and I think it's the greatest of ideas what they have begun they have my respect that's where I come down on this issue and I wonder why more people who just stand against government period won't basically say that they at least respect these people whether they want to say that they condone their actions or not we're the anarchists saying any pushback against government is a good thing anybody willing to stand up against tyrants is a good thing folks I don't I don't men any words and I just tell people if at this point if open fully out in the open criminal types like flagrant criminals said I stand against government will you help me okay let's take a stand against them I would take those types of people any day of the week because you know why let's say drug dealing cartels let's say weapons dealing cartels okay let's say just absolute criminal gangster thieving thugs okay but aren't government theming thieving thugs okay from the general population what's worse the overt criminal who's basically telling you I'm just gonna do what I want because I'm a criminal and I don't care about you or your rights or a person who's gonna lie to your face make other people believe them make other people trust them in their naivete and say I care about you but I'm gonna rape your rights and be a tyrant claiming the whole time that I care about you and I'm doing it for your own good what's infinitely more dangerous the overt criminal or the covert criminal the criminal who's out in the open about their criminal behavior or the occult criminal who wants to hide their criminal behavior while pretending to be a wonderful person that cares about you and is doing these things for your own good and the good of the the greater good of the group I'll take the overt criminal any day of the week so at this point folks I don't care who's standing up to government I don't care how immoral they are if they recognize the problem is government we could work out our other moral issues on the other side of doing away with the occult criminals that's infinitely more important to me I don't care who disagrees with that position like I said folks the time for me sugar coat things even in the sense of how I've been doing the water on earth is happening great work that I do okay of trying to influence and change people's minds how I've been doing it is over it's over in case you haven't noticed since I've come back and it's going to get more extreme okay because we're living in extreme times and extreme measures are gonna have to be taken so I'm not interested in being some lovey dovey person who has to explain things sugarcoat and feed it to baby because they can't handle it never really did that but did it enough to an extent that I could help people who were on the fence and who wanted information to get it now I'm not even bothering with any kind of a buffer I'm gonna be who I really am and I'm gonna lay it out how I lay it out to a friend that I talk to in front of me because time is short and if you don't realize that you're not paying attention and this is part of this whole thing of getting prepared which future shows are going to be on I might try to bring back Fernando salgueiro who I did a show on water-purification way back because I consider him a preparedness expert I'll see if I can get him to come back in a future show I intend on bringing my own personal martial arts instructor on the show to talk about self-defense bodily self-defense without weapons if that individual agrees to come on the show you know I want to talk about preparedness that I do and what I think other people should be doing and again I said not all my eggs are in that basket I'm still trying to change people's minds otherwise I wouldn't be doing seminars you know otherwise I wouldn't be speaking at conferences but you know what some more my eggs are going into that basket if you take my meaning and you know what if anybody else out there listened and thinks this is a joke this is a whole big part of this people who think this is a people still laughing and making jokes that all the memes out there making jokes about this whole thing about you know you know these people are short on snacks or whatever because they need food there just to keep an occupation going now they're not laughing when the occupiers wanted food camps set up for them you know because they were sitting out there with no food and in many cases no sanitation you know uh but that's ok but these people who are saying you were gonna need donations and food supplies somehow that's different let me tell you what the only difference is folks the occupiers did it with no teeth no fangs no venom and they wonder why they got completely shut down so quick these people are doing it at least the right way and now another militia from Idaho has arrived and they're setting up a defense perimeter which I actually think is a good idea it's going to be a lot harder for the feds to wage another Waco in this situation you know what I mean we got to start thinking about tactics like this you know I'm not telling anybody go out and do something like that but it's already done and then people got to start thinking about how defense is going to be created for this you know so I think that's what should be done really at all protests quite frankly you want to know my actual take on on protesting I think all protesting should be done with a militia a malicious should surround the protest and say we are here to ensure that these people's rights of assembly and speech will not be aggressive on and if you try it then we will defend them you know and you understand what that means now if that was done when government agents want to come in and shut down protests you'd see a lot less protests shut down folks a lot less you why why were Ferguson protests shut down cuz there was nobody there armed and willing to defend their rights when the I came under attack that's why they were shutdown has nothing to do with race has nothing to do with what color your skin is folks it has to do with the presence of the ability to defend yourself through firearms get your head off from up your ass and understand that boys and girls people think it's all joke they're still laughing about this stuff you know I can't impress upon you how deadly serious this is the whole situation that's going on in America with all the false flags with the gun grabbing with the total encroachment of communist ideology cultural Marxism people wanting to grab people's guns and yeah there that is a legitimate concern yes they do want them it's not alarmist they're making incremental inroads to that will eventually lead to confiscation if Americans are not vigilant and people are watching it all happen like it's a movie because they're conditioned to see life as images that are taking place on a screen and they think this is a laughing joke and they're gonna find out how deadly serious it is they're gonna find out what a bullet whizzes past their head and that's when they're gonna start waking up you know and and that could come from a patriot group or it could come from a tyrannical Fed agent eventually people who are laughing and thinking this is all big joke and it's going to go on forever like this are gonna get caught up in the crossfire somewhere and then they're going to stop laughing real quick people have to understand what kind of preparedness is gonna have to happen not only you know physically but psychologically understand you know if war is coming to this country folks it ain't like you see it in Hollywood films it doesn't look like that a bit not even a little bit they better be realized they better realize real fast in what kind of physical condition they're gonna have to because like I said in past weeks there's a lot of keyboard commandos out there to think they're gonna hop up off the keyboard and they're gonna be in shape to wage battle physically you're gonna get taken out in seconds is what's gonna happen they're unprepared people and most of them are just these egghead types that think this is all just about you know putting ideas forward it's largely about that hey all that's what all of my work has been about but you know what while I've been doing that I've been getting ready physically in the event that the great work is a failure because once the great work is recognized as a failure if you have to have a physical revolution then so be it it has to be done that way is that long-term failure of the ultimate goal to get it done in consciousness yes it is but in the short term sometimes those drastic measures need to be taken so you can live to fight another day ideologically because if you're not alive physically you ain't gonna be able to wage an idea an ideological war but most people are unprepared cowards who wouldn't rebel for anything physically there's nothing they would actually physically fight for especially these egghead types look folks I'm I've been described as somewhat left brained okay I think in a logical progressive manner there's nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with a scientifically oriented mind that that needs to be part a large part of who we are but then you need the creative you need the imagined imaginative side of the personality you need the nurturing side of the personality you need to side of the personality that's capable of getting angry that's capable of displaying intense emotions you know intense emotions drive forward right behavior if they're aligned for the right reason which is for justice seeing injustice should create anger in people these egghead types I wonder whether they're even human sometimes because they can't get angry I talked about this on the show I did with Alex on authentic news media there are people who I have seen in my personal life who are incapable of anger I've never seen him display the emotion of anger I mean his name was brought up the other day somebody like Deepak Chopra you know this is a guy learned a lot from about you know the spiritual side of things in the past and he's made the statement he never gets angry really you never get angry well you're not a human being then there's something seriously absolutely wrong with you I'm not telling people they should get angry and be angry all the time but if you are incapable of getting it getting angry there is a human aspect to the psyche that is missing from you you are an incomplete being that is actually broken and that means you're too far in the right brain imbalance and you don't understand what the Sacred Feminine dynamic is it has nothing to do with femininity or being female I have the Sacred Feminine dynamic because what that dynamic is about is caring enough for truth and freedom that you can get angry and use the sacred masculine principle to defend your life your rights and your freedom so people out there and want to say I'm too left brain or I'm saying that the masculine dynamic is more important than the feminine you haven't been listen to a goddamn word I've been saying and you want to twist it you want to get it all stood up because largely because your to right-brained and there's nothing you'd stand up for people who are too left brain also won't stand up for anything because they're little cowards who have only ever used their mind and think that there's no role for the usage of the physical body you have the spiritual types who think the body isn't important you have the egghead types who think the body isn't important that's why half these people look the way that they do they look like they blow over a strong wind you know there's no strength to them there's no substance to them yes they do just look like the kind of person that would just let themselves be walked all over and would never say no and you know what people like that are infinitely more dangerous than even people who want control over others and you heard it I said openly here and I don't care what people think of it they're more dangerous because they're the kind of people who will overly intellectual eyes or overly spiritual eyes every to everything and there's no balance they're not in really in the world they're in their head I like I said in my spirit in my streetwise spirituality seminar you've got to be in the world but not be of it it's film aground spirituality it's spirit in the flesh and this is what these people want to ignore because they because ultimately they're cowards this all comes down to folks it all ultimately comes down to nobody would take a physical stand to protect their life rights and freedom and property because they're chicken shit cowards and people better start realizing you're gonna have to power your way through whatever fear you're feeling and I'm not telling people don't feel fear there's plenty of things that legitimate fear should be felt about you know people think these people are invincible it's another thing I want to touch on how so not invincible they are and I'm talking about in a physical manner they're not invincible let alone invincible mentally / psychologically but the the fear that people are feeling has to be worked through has to be gone through the way out of it is through it not running away from it as I've said courage is not the absence of fear it is right action in spite of any fears that may be present you're going to say yeah I feel that fear and in spite of it being there I'm still gonna do the right thing and that's what these cowards who won't quit their jobs are all about oh I'm in fear because I don't know how I make this much money I'm in fear because I don't know what will happen to my family I'm in fear because I don't know what my peers will think of me for just upping and quitting well you know what you're a coward little boy if you feel all those fears and you let them own you instead of you owning them and this is exactly what all the rampant right brain spiritual types are all about letting fear zone them not wanting to say anything about the negative not wanting to speak out not wanting to say anything against tyranny you know it's all it's all just working upon the self and being a super spiritual as I can and then all the egghead types who are just all over analytical and over intellectual they'll talk about ideology and philosophy odd infinitum but when it comes time to take in real world back oh I want no part of it and ultimately both of those kind of people are trash because they won't stand up physically for what's right you'll talk about it endlessly but they'll never do anything there are the same kind of people that want guns taken from people as a matter of fact you know these egghead is leftist these egghead leftists I mean you couldn't have any more of a joke of a human being they're not real people they're they're wishy-washy milquetoast little children who never emotionally grew up they don't have real emotions they're constantly living in their head and then oh here's somebody like me and say oh I have outbursts oh well a world that is run by coercion violence tyranny enslavement we should have any outbursts about that it's nots not the time to get angry ha ha yeah yeah we should we should just think it's a joke we should make some witty jokes about it like our egghead leftist friends would do you're a bunch of clowns is what you are and you're gonna find out how clowned you are you're gonna find out just how clowned up and clowned out you are and like I said you'll wake up to it when bullets start flying past your head or hitting them then you'll wake up to it quick quick it'll be a Satori awakening both for the yet let the leftist eggheads and for the right-brain spiritualists it'll be you'll have a instant Satori Awakening trust me nothing will do it quite that well as being thrust into a situation where a physical confrontation is happening around you that you thought was a big joke was never coming civil wars coming in this country folks it may not be this week or next month or even next year but it's coming at the rate human consciousness is plummeting trust me it's coming because I walk outside I don't see things improving I don't know where all these people and the so-called spiritual movement think that the world is waking up or in the freedom movement think the world is waking up I go outside and I see nothing but dumb ignorant soft hipsters who think they're cool and who think they know something and they know absolute shit is what they know they don't they barely know their name they know what the television tells them because they're all TV watchers they think everything's a joke they think nothing serious they want government to be mommy and daddy and protect them and care for them from cradle to grave because they're soft ignorant weak-minded people who don't want per any personal responsibility and that's what human Vaman is okay and that's all I see around me I walk out that I walk outside folks I don't see hardly one person who cares about a real issue or will even discuss a real issue and you know what they are they're people who think nothing physically bad or dangerous can ever happen to them they actually believe that they actually believe because restraint has been being used by people in society to the extent that it has that things will never break down and people will never say no with teeth and you you bring up the idea of physical rebellion against tyrannical government to them and they think it's not possible they I mean what do they think it has never happened first of all it's already happened in this land and the seat of that rebellion was right here in the city where I live and I don't think that's an accident I think I came back here willfully because of what happened in this city and the kind of men who were here present in this city and I'll tell you what I feel they're spirits when I walk on the streets where they walked and it's tangible and palpable they're still here with us make no mistake about it we are not going to go quietly into the night all these people they think nothing physical you know or dangerous can ever happen to me they think they're so protected and they think the state is their friend and they think it's going to protect me forever because they want no personal responsibility for their own self defense that's what a chicken shit coward how a chicken shit coward thinks I want somebody else to defend me should it ever become necessary I'll just call the police and they'll say when something bad happens to you and the police aren't around that's when you'll change your attitude no little boy no little girl I don't want any help from anybody like I said I'll arm myself and I'll take my chances and if it means my death then so be it no I'm not gonna be calling from Hell I'll call for help from other private individuals who understand real freedom and real responsibility that's who I'll call for some help for not from somebody who worships the state not from somebody who thinks they're doing the right thing while simultaneously they're raping people's freedom who are under the illusion that they're the good guys I don't want help from people like that don't need it again I'm not above accepting help from people but I'll accept it from the right people who do have their heads on straight and whose heads are not up their ass and who do know what's going on and who do really know the difference between right and wrong those people can help me and I'll help them I'll have their back just as they'll have mine because we're brothers and sisters in freedom and in right but people who don't understand that I we don't want your help or need it okay so don't tell me who I'll beg for help from you don't know me at the time that we're living in folks people really have to start understanding your complex of the brain and its role okay I know people will sell that somehow this is going to go against what I've already talked about about the higher brain the importance of the higher brain functions no doesn't go against it at all I never told you that one part of the brain needed to somehow be trashed or not used go back and listen to that material again I'm explaining how all of its important the emotional part the part that is governed self-defense and the part that governs higher-order thinking it's all important that's what makes a human being a complete human being I'm gonna probably do a podcast or a presentation in the future called having the psychopath I hear the title of that that's going to be the title of it whether regardless of what form it comes in but it is going to be called having the psychopath not not being a psychopath but having the psychopath meaning that there is a component of the human personality that has psychopathic qualities in it that is there for a reason people should watch the movie equilibrium one of the greatest movies ever made watch it several times okay to understand the allegorical content of this movie and part of this movie is about having the psychopath the psychopath needs to be part an integrated part of the human purse of the complete human personality like a tool never governing the personality ever but like a tool it needs to be picked up out of the toolbox and used when it is necessary to use it and then when the job is complete then the tool gets put back into the toolbox and neatly and gets put away you know how few people can do that in in society hardly any because that takes self-mastery to be able to do that people will have already had to have worked with their shadow material and understand that component is there and sometimes maybe even nurture that component a little bit if they've been become super right brain imbalanced wasn't as difficult for me because I came from a place of super super left brain imbalance developed the Sacred Feminine of care for truth and care for freedom and care for all beings rights and then push that back toward the development of the sacred masculine principle of self-defense and quote unquote having the psychopath then you could say hey here are those psychopathic personalities that were actually ruling me before now I've still maintained the actual possession of those but I rule them now and they're in the toolbox for when I need them that's the role of your complex of the brain that's the role of the psychopathic aspect of the human personality everybody should have that vicious animal there that's why we have a reptilian component to the human consciousness the snake why do you think that symbols of the American Revolution were rattlesnakes you think that's an accident I mean the people who made those symbols who put them on the original flags of this country did it for a reason the people who fought against their oppressors the tyrants that came over here and tried to put us under the rule of an absolute psychopathic boy king they needed to be fought with absolute viciousness they needed to be fought like a rattlesnake attacking its its attacker the psychopathic aspect of the personality through the art complex needs to come out at certain times it's not there accidentally it's there for a reason it's part of the survival complex of the brain and you know what the times are coming when that that's gonna have to be taken out of the tool box and put into usage and unfortunately there's so many people out there that don't even have that in their toolbox and that's sad it's not a bit it's not a good thing it's a bad thing that they don't have it once again never ever my advocating nor ever have advocated that that part of the personality rule the Bing you can't allow that to set up shop and say I own this place that's what all of these controllers have done that that have that the masculine aspect of the personality completely run away from them and a need they therefore they want to control other people I'm not interested in controlling anybody the game of control needs to be put away and laid down forever and people need to understand you shouldn't be trying to control anybody else or wanting to be controlled and accepting control from anybody folks if you aren't making preparations physically to defend yourself and your loved ones and your rights most of all your rights and freedom you're mentally ill I said this on the authentic news media interview which is in my news section right now and I want to reiterate this emphatically it is a clear-cut sign of true mental illness if right now you are even remotely semi aware of the situations that are taking place on this planet and you are not making any kind of preparatory taking any preparatory actions regarding your own defense you are mentally ill and I'm gonna I want to say this even more emphatically okay I don't care how poor you are does not matter how much you think you're in a hurting financial situation if you need to literally are of yourself and live off your body fat if you need to eat substandard food for a short amount of time I'm not telling you to do it to a point where you're gonna die okay that would be counterproductive because then you're not gonna be able to defend anything but if if you need to cut make cutbacks in food in the amount of food that you eat in the quality of food that you eat I'm trying to explain to you that it is going to be so important for you to have the physical means of resistance and defense that if you need to sell furniture in your house do it if you need to move to a place that's less expensive do it if you need to move out of a place that prohibits the procurement of certain kind of arms do it because you know what when the time comes and you're unprepared you're going to be caught with your panties down around your ankles and you know what you're gonna say oh shit why didn't I get ready when I had the chance that's what you're gonna be saying unless you're the kind that just wants to go quietly into the night you know and you know what folks I had that attitude before this is a totally screwed up planet the people are all screwed up they don't really care you know and if it all comes down and it you know it goes to pot so to speak and shit and fan collide then whatever happens happens and if I get killed in and I get killed I no longer think that way folks that is no longer I thought that way once years ago I no longer think that way and you know why I'm too important and I recognize that I'm too important if I have something significant to contribute and teach the human society I want to survive the be over to teach it to where whoever is going to be left so I intend to come out the other side of Armageddon and notice I don't use the word apocalypse the apocalypse already happened is over and done with folks you know surprise apocalypse means the great revealing that which has been hidden is now revealed all already done done that next next is was the truth that was previously hidden accepted and acted upon and if it was then you know what happens ascension transformation transmutation and ascension and if the answer is no it was rejected and the people don't give a damn about truth well then you know what followers apocalypse Armageddon and that's the place that we're rapidly approaching and I know people who understand what I'm saying will agree with that statement and they won't take it as alarmist thinking thinking it's all a joke it's all a movie that's playing you know what the hour of the time is okay so I'm once again I'm gonna come out and say how I really feel no more sugarcoating this no more telling people it's all gonna be okay because I don't think that it is kind of never did really think it was gonna be okay because I thought I had a pretty good pulse on where the human mindset was probably by the time I started speaking you know previous to that I thought it was gonna be a matter of explaining this to people and they were going to accept it how naive I was how wrong I was a couple more things before I end the podcast for today and it they're all connected this cop shooting in Philadelphia that just happened by this guy dressed like you know an Islamic Imam and you know with his white robe you know saying he did the shooting of this cop in the name of Islam first of all for people who haven't seen it you could just go in to YouTube and say Philadelphia cops shot in the name of Islam it'll come up the the video itself is very suspect to me I'm not immediately claiming that this is a false flag event I don't know that for certain but it's it smells fishy let's put it that way I own handguns that are in the nine millimeter and forty five calibers and I'm telling you if someone was shot multiple times with a 9-millimeter handgun the amount of blood that would be produced would be ridiculous all right and there's absolutely not a drop of blood his adrenaline pumping heart pumping you know he gets out of his car to give chase to this guy after he's been shot three times and not a drop of blood you know I mean that does not and people say Oh wounds happen in different ways and you know look folks somebody shoots you three times in the arm with a nine-millimeter pistol at point-blank range practically you think you're gonna get out of a car immediately start giving chase and there's not gonna be a drop of blood spilled on the ground I mean to me that's suspect you know people will of course you know come down on both sides of it and they'll be debunking of all kinds but I'm just saying it just looked contrived and setup to me you know like the cameras were just right there in a perfect angle and hi-def video captured and you know it just seemed like it was like okay action yeah to me that's what it looked like people will you know say different things about it and they're entitled to their opinion but ultimately what I think this is just gonna do is make cops more radicalized get them up in arms about you know oh we have to watch out for these radical Islamists that are all here all around us and you know they're gonna be much more willing to immediately go to violence against the regular citizen and that's what the whole Isis quote-unquote Isis thing is about Isis ISIL al-qaeda whatever you know you want to call the whole result of operation cyclone which I want to get into in a minute you know people still think that this radicalized form of Islam is the big problem you know and they don't understand how this is just all being used as a one huge false flag to take Americans rights put them in fear give them the boogeyman and then we'll propose the solution but Oh incidentally solutions all involve violence being done to the ordinary citizen and taking away all their rights so will sanitize society make you perfectly safe but oh in the meantime you'll have no rights and you'll be our slaves you know and people are still buying into this absolute nonsense about Isis being the biggest threat to human society you know and you talk to idiots like this and they know nothing about how radical Islam was even formed they think this is what Islam is they don't even understand this is a subset a small subset of a radicalized variant of Islam that the United States created its wasn't created over in the Middle East so although I won't I shouldn't say that it wasn't it was created in the Middle East but the the the brainchild of it and the people all fostering this plan well then you need to go to the CIA you need to go to the Pakistani ISI you need to go to British military intelligence you need to go to the think-tank institutions like Tavistock Institute you know then you understand how you know this radicalized form of Islam was fomented and actually handed to people who we wanted to do our dirty work for us you know and if people don't know what I'm talking about you need to research operation cyclone you know it was the the biggest intelligence operation ever conducted in the entire world ever by the CIA and the US CIA and the Pakistani ISI procuring arms from Israel arms merchants and then selling them to the Mujahideen which were the so-called freedom fighters the Islamic freedom fighters in Afghanistan that were fighting the whole territory in Afghanistan when the Soviet Union was making incursions and trying to annex parts of Afghanistan in the 1970s so that they could take resources from that area of the world and also essentially extend the Soviet regime to the Persian Gulf Coast realizing that that would have really been disastrous because commie would have really spread further into that region of the world the a covert faction of the US Senate led by senator Senator Charles Wilson I believe he was from Texas you know went into taxpayer funds covertly channeled it through black budget ops through CIA and other intelligence agencies and bought tons and tons of weapons Soviet weapons may look like it was coming from you know they were taken from the Soviet Union made almost all of the arms came from Israel arms merchants Israeli arms merchants you know covertly funneled those in their Afghanistan and uh you know handed them to Islamists who they felt weren't radicalized enough we need to give them a religious aspect to fight against our enemy oh they're gonna be doing the fighting of our enemy the Soviet Union for us but you know we need to give them a deeper reason to fight so let's make it all about their God you know and give them a radicalized form of Islam and you tell us the people that this is all declassified this was Declassified decades ago just look it up operation cyclone don't take my word for it go research it you not only has it Declassified he made a Hollywood movie about the senator who did all this stuff who helped it with the Senate Appropriations Committee you know it's called Charlie Wilson's War book was it's actually a movie based on the book the book explains it in great detail the movies based on the book of course it's Hollywood dramatized and everything but still a great movie starring Tom Hanks I mean one of the biggest Hollywood superstars in the movie people still don't understand that this went on we created the radicalized version of Islam through the Mujahideen the Mujahideen the CIA trained moujik went into a huge database from of our intelligence agencies and that's where the name al-qaeda came from which means the base it literally meant the database of CIA trained assets of Mujahideen fighters who were trained and radicalized to fight the Soviet Union in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan which is why the Soviets couldn't really wage a protracted war hot war there in that region and that kind of terrain and climate and eventually it bled them of a lot of money and it's been attributed to one of the reasons that the Soviet quote-unquote Empire or regime began to crumble because it bled them militaristically and bled them financially and Wilson was hailed as a big hero but then there's unintended consequences is there a real aspect of radicalized Islam yeah it's not fake it exists in the world certainly but who made it how what was its origins how did it get that way nobody wants to look at causal factors no you need to do your research and homework and you know I this is all connected with the creation of the big bad boogeyman I'm not saying somebody like Wilson who was a pawn and puppet in all of this it was part of the master plan other people saw this they're like wow here's a new booking man that can be created and get off the leash so then we have to call for the destruction of people's rights and freedoms and we have to create a bigger military police state you know and that means more military industrial complex spending and buying and bankers getting rich and more debt being taken from from countries more imperialism being waged and resources being seized for the super elites they're controlling these whole projects people have to wise up about how it all works and fits together and you need to realize it's all an illegitimate mafia operation but yet there's still people who buy into it and oh we got to go get all the ISIS characters you know they're the big threat let me tell you something folks like I said before nobody from the ISIS organization has ever posed the physical threat to my physical well-being American police though pose a gigantic physical threat to not only my well-being but yours American military the dunst order followers that are still in the military pose a gigantic threat to your freedom because when they're ordered to fire on American citizens they'll do it in a heartbeat without thinking about it moron little boy order followers in the National Guard you want to talk about who will fire on American citizens as soon as they're given that command you think they won't you're a naive punk child and you need to start realizing how insidious the acquiescence to Authority is in the order following cult you'll hear a little bit more about that when I go on the Power Hour with Joyce Reilly this Friday folks I kind of wanted to make this one you know short and sweet if you will you know maybe a little shorter maybe not so sweet but that's really all I have to say and I think people really have to start taking this much more seriously and realize that the hour is late I mean I will continue to teach people until I can't anymore and at one point when things go south then I'll no longer be a teacher I'll become a warrior at that point but until then I'll try to continue to explain what people need to look into in research no part of that is going to be this seminar coming up on the dark occult in Philly on February 6th part of that is going to be continuing to talk about the order followers part of that is going to be exposing the occult dark occult connections to Nazism and how alive and well Nazism still is in the United States and abroad and a huge part of it is going to be the brainwashing the immense unimaginable brainwashing that females of our species are unfortunately still under and that is the Neo feminism agenda which stems directly out of Satanism and communism and that will be my topic of and by the way I don't know if I officially mentioned I think I have officially mentioned it but the full official title of my presentation at free your mind for is the unholy feminine again this is part of like almost like a series that I've been conducting at the for your mind conferences I did a series of free I did a presentation for your mind one which was about the dark occult and how they Mock the masculine members of society the male members of society who are doing their dirty work for them occult mockery of the police and military in free your mind too it was about the destruction of the sacred masculine the New Age bullshit religion that turns people super right brain and won't allow them to say no and stand up for their rights and that's destroying the sacred masculine dynamic of standing up physically for yourself when someone else is in the wrong and his core is exercising coercion and violence to take your rights then last year for your mind 3 I presented the destruction of the Sacred Feminine how the order followers of the world are destroying true care about what's right and about other people's rights and freedoms because they just want to be given orders and then act upon them regardless of whether their behaviors morally right or not this year I'm going to talk about the destruction of the true feminine more but by explaining how specifically females in the society are being turned into an unholy variant of the feminine energy and therefore they're supporting the slavery system and the on the unholy monetary system the religions of the world that work hand in hand to put people into deeper bondage and guess what a lot of people won't like it once again so be it not here to be your friend here to tell the cold uncomfortable unfortunate truth the truth is ugly but if we look at it and care about it enough to do something to set things right the world will change for the better so move forward in your own research move forward in what you can do hear the truth speak the truth and put it out there for others to understand accept it and then put it out there for others doesn't matter what people think of you you will have planted a seed life is not about just making friends you can make friends along the way it's a wonderful thing not knocking it but ultimately it's a the first and foremost responsibility is to understand what's really going on and help other people to understand that as well that's what the great work is all about folks so I hope you've enjoyed this edition of what on earth is happening I know it was a kind of you know harsh and intense one but you know we really need a fire lit under our rear ends folks I hope I could maybe influence that a little bit with my vitriol and how I'm trying to impress upon people the moral imperative and the seriousness of the times in which we are living you've been listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio once again my website what on earth is happening calm ladies and gentlemen thanks so much for listening I'll see you here next week [Music] [Applause] [Music]