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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you have to groove on freedom [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavour to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and right here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time we got a great show lined up for you here today today is Sunday February 24th 2019 and today is the 200th episode of what on earth is happening that's right ladies and gentlemen 200 episodes into this endeavor it's been quite a journey and what we have planned for the show today is I'm fresh back in in Philadelphia from Acapulco Mexico I was at the a Newark apoco 2019 conference it went very successfully for me I'm gonna recap the events of the conference talk about what I experienced on the way there and back and while I was there and some of the great speakers that I got a chance to see and people that I got a chance to meet with while was out there and give people a little bit of a you know a finger on the pulse of the anarchist community and how its how the entire movement seems to be progressing so that's gonna be the first hour of the show and then we're gonna do two hours of your calls starting at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time on discord you can go to what on earth is happening dot-com slash show in order to get the discord calling room link we take calls through discord it's an app similar to Skype with a lot more features and that's how you can call into the show live so starting at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time we are going to go to your calls for two hours and you will make the content of the show from that point forward so let's jump into the topic for today which is an orca poco 2019 and my experience at this great event so if we switch over to my computer I will show people the again the title card of my presentation at this event this was my main talk on the main stage and and the occult part to religion versus initiation I'm gonna summarize what I got into in that presentation in a few moments but to start I want to just say thanks to the organizers of the event thank you to Jeff Berwick he did a great job in the organization Jessica Gill who was one of the main event organizers also did a great job in being responsive to my needs and was very professional helped set up all the travel arrangements for me so I want to say thank you to her as well you know everybody had different experiences at this event mine went pretty smoothly this year I'm happy to say you know for others that may or may not have been the case but in any event I know what a difficult job conference organization is and can be I was involved in it for several years and it's a lot more difficult than people make it out to be so have a you know a lot of respect for the people that and undertake such an endeavor and I want to say thank you to all of the organizational staff the people on the stage particularly did a very good event on the main stage at least that's where I spoke and you know the the the tech staff was very good and responsive as well so I want to thank them as well you know it's a big job to keep a lot of people happy and at an event this big you know because there's so many different needs and requirements for different people so just want to say that people seem to have really attempted to go out of their way to you know meet my requirements for this event and were very attentive in their job at doing that so I want to give a shout out to some of the other speakers that I felt really brought a lot of value to this event I'm going to talk a little bit about my presentation and workshop in a few moments but speakers that I got a chance to actually catch at the event while I was there you know first of all I traveled for 16 well I was away for 16 days and half of that was travel I traveled for eight days okay to and from this conference four days to get there and four days to get home because I traveled by ground because I don't fly and I want to talk a little bit later about the experiences in traveling because it really makes it such that I don't want to travel anymore at all and I want to talk a little bit about that and I want to talk about how far down into a police state we really are and how that has to be stopped you know and I mean actively stopped by whatever means necessary because it is getting worse and worse and worse okay so that's coming up as part of my experience which was you know partly good because I enjoyed traveling by ground but partly bad because of the scumbag order followers and the experiences that they put people through while they're just trying to travel from one place to another so I want to say that I think the people that really brought what I consider to be the most value to the event - Erica polka we're the people who really incorporated fundamental philosophical ideas and fundamental spiritual ideas to this conference and really talked about the holistic picture because there were many people and I'm not outright complaining about this I'm just saying this is the fact of the matter who do not have the holistic picture when it comes to Anarchy they have a very limited scope and this is what I was talking about you know before I left when I did the show on the arc Drive a lot of people have incomplete partial pictures of the entire situation regarding human freedom and we need to close that gap we need to narrow that chasm that divide in knowledge by helping people to get the bigger picture information because it's still not out there in a big enough way folks by any stretch of the human imagination okay and there's many people who think they have the total picture and think that they have all that they need and they're sorely mistaken and they'll they'll revel in their ignorance they will revel in thinking that they have it all figured out when in fact they're missing huge pieces of the puzzle in order to be able to see the big picture grasp what's really going on so I think the people that did an excellent job in bridging that divide and helping some of the quote unquote the double-quotes anarchists that were in the community there to start to develop eyewire worldview about the the scenarios and the the data that they really need to take into their mind in their worldview to really develop a deeper understanding of what's taking place and those were the people I went there to hear and those are the people who I feel we did shared work together at this event in bringing people further along in their understanding and that was of course David Icke who has been who I consider a personal mentor in many ways and he gave a phenomenal presentation a very long forum format in which he really went into detail about the entire big picture and talked about that dynamic that many people only see the pieces but they don't see the big picture they don't take a step back you know they can't see the forest for the trees and I think he did a very good job in explaining the wider picture to many people and I think a lot of people responded well to that and I want to thank him for being a part of the event max Egan is always a pleasure to be around as a man and he is just a phenomenal speaker he gave a speech with just it was a you know an on the fly right out of his mind very little in the way of pre preparation which I have so much respect for his ability to do to speak like that just direct from the heart you know without any actual prepared statements or prepared presentation and his speech was absolutely phenomenal at this event max is a guy whose presence you just have to be around and feel because it's he's an inspiration as far as I'm concerned and he was one of my favorites at the entire event Derek burrows did a fantastic job you know he gave his talk about all of the points of what holistic Anarchy is all about paired this to the spiritual system of you know the understanding of the chakras from the Vedic tradition and his speech he just knocked it out of the park you know III think that this is what we need more of we need more people bringing the holistic picture to the anarchist community and incorporating true spirituality into the understanding of what real anarchy anarchy is all about so thank you to Derrick Bruce Larkin Rose always does a fantastic job this was no exception he gave several talks I was able to catch his main stage presentation which was great he did a little skit at the event where he kind of dressed uh it was pretty cool he dressed like in a an outfit that he had everything split right down the middle like he had a shirt that had two different patterns on it and a hat that had two different patterns on it and then he was turning around from one side to the other to pretend to be two different people making making arguments one of course advocating for the nonsense and slavery of statism and then one person who was able to you know think logically and clearly and understood government to be nothing more than violence and coercion and he was advocating of course the the anarchist position and it was very well done I I got a chance to see his talk that someone recorded in the room on a guilt-free freedom which was also very good in one of the breakout rooms where a lot of the workshops took place and just Larkin is just absolutely brilliant in his ability to break things down and easy to digest ways and put it in very simple terms for people to understand he always does a great job with that and he did a great job at this conference as well Benny wills I mean what more can I say just absolutely gigantic heart on this guy incredible creative skills and ability to put into words and infuse comedy into a situation that is extremely profoundly serious yet Benny has such a way with words in his poetry you know and he did conscious poetry at the event laden with you know comedic al as well and it was just so creative and so well put together that you just have to check the guy out Benny wills from joy camp you know I mean if people aren't familiar with joy camp in this community you need to become familiar with them because it's an absolutely brilliant comic element in the anarchist community and I think people who are familiar with my work would love it so Benny wills and Sonja absolutely a pleasure being around them at the event and the the job that they did was just outstanding a person who I was not familiar with until attending this year who really made a profound impact on me was Gina car I was not familiar with her work on veganism and on animal rights and reducing the suffering that human beings do to animals and I just have to say the people at the event did not treat Gina well okay I just want to say that okay the room cleared out for her presentation on veganism and it was absolutely unacceptable as far as I'm concerned borderline disgraceful I I have to say that that was one thing that I felt was just not acceptable that I saw took place literally from almost a thousand people in the room down to like less than 50 people while she was speaking and that is was not cool at all okay first of all she is an absolutely eloquent speaker she is an impassioned speaker her information was so profound that it left me in tears literally okay while I was sitting there watching it if people aren't familiar with her you should be familiar with her information it just like hit me so deep you know emotionally that I I can't even say enough that's all say okay so Gina Carr brilliant was not familiar with her became familiar with her when I sat through her main stage presentation and she did a fantastic job the videos that she used were perf the images the imagery all of it can't say enough about it G Edward Griffin who I did get a chance to speak with on this year as well I I talked with him at more length last year he is just a spectacular person he gave a great presentation as well sort of advocate a little bit more from the men arcus position regarding government and you know I'm okay with that because he's helping move people along toward a deeper understanding of what's really taking place in the world you know especially regarding the monetary system which is what his focal work is all about so G Edward Griffin has been a cornerstone in the freedom community and he continues to be and just a tremendous amount of respect for that individual and just when you hang out with him and talk with him you can see he's a tremendous human being and just you know really has a way with people so I want to thank G Edward Griffin for being part of it mark Devlin you know all of his work with music and the dark occult you know if you're not familiar with musical truth his books I believe he has two volumes of his books now on musical truth you should be I actually gave a little blurb on Volume one that's I believe on the back cover of the book his work is fantastic and his music his DJ skills finally got a chance to hear that he showcased that at a pool party that I attended while I was out there and Mark Devlin is just an amazing DJ as well in addition to being a great freedom activist and author so we did also get a chance to hang out a little bit and talk and Mark is just a fantastic human being and his his DJing skills are just top-notch he played some conscious hip-hop and rap that was off the scale that I had never heard some of these artists and their incredible mastery of language and bringing it all together and putting it saying so much in so few words and yet doing it in a creative way and in a way that was you know just such musical craftsmanship ingenious and mark really helped expose me to some some new conscious rap and hip-hop so I thank him for that as well and then you know Chuck Williams he interviewed me there he has worked with - in the past he's big into the crypto community he interviewed me as part of the crypto show they had a bus out there that they were doing it live interviews the whole time so he brought me onto the show we also hung out him and his wife Melina we hung out on the beach at Anika poco did some body surfing and you know got in the ocean got some Sun I don't know if you could tell I'm a little bit sunburned it was a lot worse while I was there it's kind of moved into a light tan and it's not as bad as it was but you know I could still tell and feel it the Sun in Acapulco is not like it is up here in Philadelphia it is hot and I mean it is penetrating you know and part of that is you know the geo geographic location on the earth but part of it is what we're doing to the atmosphere ladies and gentlemen you know cuz we're killing the atmosphere you know we're order followers are killing it what they're spraying into it and you know the Sun is just it can take its toll on you if you're not careful I don't use chemical sunscreens or anything like that I stay away from all that stuff putting any of that on my skin I just try to take the Sun indirectly and just being outside you know with little shade I did overdo it a bit but you know part of it you know all the travel all the work delivering the presentation workshop which I'm going to talk about momentarily it takes its toll on you and you know you have to part of what I was trying to master and and juggle there is you know rejuvenating and getting a little bit of personal time to be in nature you know because it's like we forget that is all part of taking care of the physical body and activating the physical body so I not only got exercise I got you know a little bit of you know relaxation time while I was there as well and I have to remind myself a lot about how important that is because I don't do a lot of that so I did have a good time in the ocean and swimming in the pools at the princess hotel resort there I love the water you know I joke around that you know I'm a cat because I'm born under the sign Leo but I'm also a fish you know because I love the water I love to swim and it was always one of my favorite things to do growing up and I still am a huge fan of the water so I did get a chance to rejuvenate and hit both pools and and the ocean while I was there which was a great thing so I want to say thanks to also Carmen and Pat from the state of anarchy they also interviewed me out there did an interview after I came off my from my main stage presentation and that went really well we kind of had a little bit of a gathering outside their setup area out of the main the main speaker area the main stage and they interviewed me for a little over a half an hour I guess and they're also putting together an event called an arkadelphia which is going to be happening here in Philadelphia this fall I don't have the exact dates but if you look up on Arkadelphia I'm sure that you will find the event they actually former formally invited me to participate at an arkadelphia and I accepted so I will be part of that event I will be giving a presentation at a Newark Adelphia again that details on that will be forthcoming but I want to thank them for the work that they're doing all the other people that I hung out with Greg Mike Jason Rachel's so many others too many to name you know just made the experience so wonderful and I want to thank everybody you know for who was a part of it who attended and who are contributed to it because they all made it worthwhile so the actual event I can't say that I had any bad experiences I will say one thing did happen it's just a personal thing you know it would feel like I was not a lost item but I do feel like an item was personal item was stolen I'm not gonna really get into all the details of it it kind of bummed me out for a little bit because I feel like if you can't trust your stuff at an anarchist community you know that about supposed to know about the spiritual principle of not to steal then you know where can it people be really trusted and that kind of put a little bit of a small bomb out aspect on it and I'm gonna have to basically go through some things to you know replace the item that was taken nothing extraordinarily important that cannot be replaced but that's all say regarding that I did have a small piece of personal property what I feel was stolen not lost do the circumstances I know exactly where it was where it was placed and then it was gone upon me turning my back for a little while which you know you really shouldn't do it all but I figure you know if you're not gonna trust somebody at an anarchist conference you know where can you trust anyone so a little bit of a disappointment there I didn't let it ruin my time I tried to let it just you know go and you know continue to enjoy myself and do my work while I was there so you know that's all say about that the travel okay it was laborious it was long okay I enjoy traveling by train especially I hate airplanes people know that I get nauseous on airplanes I don't like the TSA so the traveling by train wasn't so bad it's just you know long so you know I was traveling two days by train to get there and then made transfers to buses after that so I traveled from Philadelphia to Longview Texas by train on Amtrak and then transferred over to buses from that point near you know to get to the Houston area and then down into Mexico down to Acapulco all on buses from there so going was two days of train travel plus an additional two days of bus travel the bus was much harder than the train obviously not as comfortable but you know generally went pretty smoothly funny story I did miss a bus connection which could have delayed my arrival by 12 hours or more maybe the better part of a day and I didn't want that to happen I was actually still putting some finishing touches both my presentation and my workshop so I really didn't want any more delays I wanted to get there on time so when I missed the one bus transfer that I had near the border at Laredo the people at the bus station said there's a border bridge that you can cross by foot and it's easy to cross it's only like three or four blocks from here just walk in this direction they pointed me to it they said you can go over to Nuevo Laredo and just get your next bus connection from there so that's basically what I did and I walked across the us-mexico border it's something that probably not many people I've ever done who are from here in the United States so I figured it's an interesting story to tell there's like a border bridge the cars are allowed across it it's a smaller one at Laredo there's - there's a huge one where most of the traffic goes through and then there's a smaller one that is a little bit west of the position of the main bridge it's on a street called convent street and I crossed that one on foot and when I went across and got to the Mexican side the border security agents really hardly did anything they made you put your luggage through a scanner just make sure there was no weaponry being carried across the border and after that they didn't even want to see my passport they didn't even take it didn't stamp it didn't ask me why I was in the country none of those traditional customs questions that you get harassed with okay they they just waved me right through I was like do you even want to see this and show them the passports were like no just go right through you know so it was like totally hardly any you know harassment or tightening of border security going into Mexico at all it was painless went in the wave of Laredo got my next bus connections and was on my way I was fine coming back was an utter disgrace and this is what I wanted to think topics I want to get into before I go into some of the things that I presented but folks this country is getting worse and worse and worse and worse when it comes to police state measures the people here who do a job that think that they're involved in some kind of security are utter fuckin garbage you are utter fucking immoral garbage I don't know how else it could be said all right you should be so embarrassed and ashamed for yourself your parents should be so fucking embarrassed that they are the kind of trash that they are and that they raised the kind of fucking amoral trash that you are that's all I have to say that's I mean that's all I have to say to the people that think that they're protecting or providing any security for people here you are a moral fucking garbage okay you are dirty Nazis and you are dirty fucking communists it doesn't matter what side of the left or right paradigm you think you're on you are totalitarian fucking scumbags okay and I would say it right to your face but strip away your nonsense of being part of some gang and then I'll say it right to your face man to man little boy sorry there would only be one man in that equation and that would be me you're a little fucking piece of trash boy whose mommy and daddy didn't pay enough attention to them when you were a little boy boy okay so coming back into this country was like a Nazi worse than Nazi Germany I guarantee you the German citizens of the Third Reich did not go through anything like this the actual German citizenry okay because they treated people worse than cattle barking orders now at the border it wasn't as bad it wasn't that bad I should say that the actual customs agents at the border not that not that bad similar to the Mexico situation where they they scan your bags took they did stamp the passport they didn't even ask any questions coming back in but then after that there is a there are security checkpoints that are set up by u.s. Border Patrol and these are the trash that I'm talking about this is the total fuck trash I'm talking about okay and I'm just gonna use plain street language to describe these pieces of shit scum okay because that's what they are and you are destroying America you're destroying America you're destroying America and you're selling your children into slavery you pieces of trash that's what you're doing you're selling your children into fucking slavery you pieces of scum all right and anybody that thinks that you're doing anything worthwhile the thinks you're doing anything so-called moral or to protect people or to provide security they're dumb pieces of dirt just like you all right I'm not gonna mince words I don't give a shit who agrees with me or disagrees with me it's because most people sit sheltered at home watching their imbecile TV don't pay attention to anything that's going on in this damn world and think they have some informed opinion when they have a brain full of liquid diarrhea okay that's really what they have you know and they deserve a smack in the face but unfortunately shit splatters you know what I'm talking about people you know what I'm saying okay that's what it really is that's how dumb people in this country are and how ill informed and uneducated they are and they're a disgrace a disgrace to what it means to actually supposed to mean to actually be American your own American pieces of fucking sewage all right so treating people like cattle making them literally get off the bus line up separate from your luggage taking your luggage off the bus line up put your luggage in of all in a line stand behind it have dogs sniffing all through everything you know going into the bus where people were sitting sniffing through all the seats and where all the luggage compartments were you know under gunpoint when they already big men you're big you're such big courageous men aren't you you little filthy pieces of trash boys little little baby boys is what you are all tough because everybody else has already disarmed you're so tough such tough guys your lowlife little wusses is what you are lowlife little wusses that you'd get cleaned up you'd get your ass handed to you in any confrontation with any real man in two seconds boy that's what happened to you son okay you know take off your cult outfit than other jerk-offs believe in and then face any real man and you'll get put down and put in the ground son that's what would happen to you all right you're trash and your parents are fucking trash that's what you are that's all you are that's all people who believe in your bullshit are okay so people didn't think it was gonna go like this on this show did they cuz I'm fired up from that all right I'm back I'm glad to be back in this country because I don't really want to travel anymore folks the the experience that I went through on the way back into this country not leaving it got coming back into this country makes me so embarrassed to have to say I'm even a citizen of this area of the world that I'm a citizen of this country whether you want to talk about what that means to be quote a citizen I'm not talking about the legal definition talking about that I live here and this is the kind of trash that the people of this country breed that's what I'm talking about that I'm embarrassed to say that I'm from here and I'm embarrassed that other people think this is what's necessary and required to be in place in this area in of this geographic region of the world you are utter garbage garbage okay get as offended about that as you want I couldn't give a shit alright so that's the the what the u.s. Border Patrol does they're just as big of pieces of trash as the US Park Service's as all the police of this country are cuz your authority rien garbage you're authoritarian garbage you're authoritarian garbage and the people who think what you're doing is in any way moral is just as much garbage and you're complicit with totalitarian you pieces of trash and the problem is not enough people are teaching actual morality to people not enough people are even bringing up the philosophical issue of morality and what it really is to do wrong to somebody else you have no right to do any of the things that you're doing none you just believe that you do cuz you're a little crap boy you're a little piece of crap boy who is raised by a little piece of crap mother and a little garbage piece of crap father that think you have these rights when you have no such right boy okay that's what you are and it's it's bad parenting it all comes down to bad parenting folks it all comes down to that every time trash amoral trash will beget immoral trash and that's what we have in this country we have a bunch of little children who are immoral trash than becoming parents and breeding more immoral that's what we have in the United States of American throughout the world you know folks it really doesn't matter where you go you know one thing in all my travels and all the travels that I've ever done in wherever I've gone in the world it's the same consciousness there is no difference no matter where you go and as a matter of fact believe it or not the the heart of America the actual people who live here are probably the most conscious people on earth as sad as that is to say with the dumb bags of shit walking around here okay but I'll tell you what it's probably even more conscience conscious than any other country on the face of the earth and that kills my heart to even have to say that but I'll tell you what it doesn't matter where you go it does not matter where you go it is the same immoral garbage the same worship of the cult of the state no matter where you go doesn't matter they have almost everybody's souls they not only have their minds they have their souls okay it's bad it's really bad and that's what this show is about I'm trying to tell my listening audience you're not getting the word out well enough because this is still how it is and there's millions and millions of people waiting in line to do these fucking jobs okay so let's gaze that is our effectiveness how effective have we been we're a piss in a pot that's what we are okay that's that's how effective getting the message of real morality out to the world has been I I have to just say it like that because if I didn't I'd be lying to myself and you and I'm telling you that's where we're at so so I traveled a total eight out of the 16 days that I was gone from Philadelphia that was brutal okay so it's good to be back and not on a moving platform anymore okay however I do prefer the moving land tubes to the moving sky tubes I have to say okay so at least um you know I love to travel by train okay I have to say that train travel was actually somewhat enjoyable you know cool experience if you've never gotten on a nice train and you know traveled somewhere cross you know even partially across this country do it it's worth it it's a good experience to get under your belt you know in your lifetime I would highly recommend taking the sleeper cars as well you know it's not really that crazy expensive to do your meals are included when you do it that way you get a nice little sleeper car it's nice cozy you know there's two bunks if you're traveling with someone you know they have their own bunk too but you know a little bit more roomy if you're only traveling alone and you know the Amtrak people try to do their best to accommodate people and be attentive to their needs while they're traveling I have to say they were very hospitable as well people down in Texas you hear about that Texas hospitality it's true people are pretty polite down there I have to say it's not like it is up here on the East Coast where it's like a hostile environment you know my experience in Texas was the people were very polite and I would imagine that is also because there are so many firearms there's so much firearms ownership and concealed carry that people are just polite because you don't know who's armed so you don't start garbage with other people you know so I have to say that dynamic that you hear about Texas in my experience at least is you know it's a true stereotype that you hear about that Texas hospitality and it is true at least in my experience so um you know what I want to talk about briefly before we get to calls and let me say this about calls well this is the 200th anniversary of this format first in audio now in video since 2010 so almost been doing this 10 years about nine years now for the show I would like to hear when we go to your calls in the next hour what has been your overall quality of change of your experience since listening since what for whenever you started okay so whether you started with the podcast whether you started watching my videos on YouTube however you got into it and you you now follow what on earth is happening the show what has it done in your life what what has been your experience of how you have changed how your life has changed how your relationships with other people I'd really like to hear about that I want to hear about your personal experience of change in your life regarding having taken in the material from what on earth is happening and what it has done transformative lis for you if anything that's up personally what I would like to hear you can bring up whatever you want to ask whatever questions you want if you have any questions do you want me to clarify anything I've talked about from day one that you're free to do that as well so you know but what I'm saying that I would like to hear about is how has this material helped you in any way now you know and how has it just changed the quality of your life in any way that you would like to share with the listening and watching audience so one of the things I do want to say is let's go back to the slides real quick I just want to show people a little bit about the art drive I'll go back to the other slides regarding the presentation cuz I do still want to talk about that and talk about the response for it but um you know I talked about the arc before I left and I put this ad up on on the show to have how to receive the arc I went through the whole process showed people how to box it up and I I just want to say to everybody who took me up on this offer in the last couple of weeks you guys did a fantastic job number one yeah very very very respectful in your taking me up on this offer and I thank you for that that's number one number two is the response was overwhelming I mean when I mean overwhelming I mean I'm going to ask live on the air for your patience in me fulfilling these requests for the ark information it's going to take me little while I'm telling you the response was overwhelming and they're still coming in okay so let me just show you a quick picture if we switch back to the presentation okay this is just some of the archives that I got okay this is what my desk looked like when I got back home okay please be patient folks I'm one person I do have a few computers here only a few ok so I it is going to take a bit to fulfill all of these requests and get them back out to you a little bit longer than I usually take usually I'm very on the ball quick with this okay you have to realize while I was away this is what occurred so just be patient with me I'm really the only one who does this okay I'll have a small amount of help in getting these to the the office in the neighborhood to ship them back out so I'm just saying just publicly please just be patient with me okay and I will get them fulfilled and out to you okay so I want to also let's see yeah I think that's pretty much all I wanted to cover I'm just looking at my notes here I want to talk about the presentations that I gave okay the main stage presentation I was trying to fit so much data into such a small relatively small period of time then I had to talk very quickly I had to move through my slides very quickly to get it all in so maybe at some future point when maybe this is out publicly I will give the whole presentation in an extended format maybe here's what I'll do I'll make this deal with everyone if you want to call it a deal I will after this presentation becomes public at a future in a future what on earth is happening show I'm going to do a full extended version all right here on the show of Anarchy in the occult part 1 & 2 so the whole series of Anarchy and the occult delivered at an arc apoco 2018 and 2019 I will do a full extended presentation series on right here on what on earth is happening that will be a couple of future shows okay maybe two or two or three shows it will take to do that all right so that's some future material for what on earth is happening but um delivering this live on stage was a great experience okay as rushed as it was I really needed like really about an hour and a half to properly unpack this I had half of that time I had 45 minutes I went over by maybe two minutes okay the next speaker who followed me was a lovely individual who was I had no issue with me going over by the couple of minutes that I did and I apologize for doing that and there was no problem but I usually try to be really respectful and keep it right on time if there's someone following me so I did go over by a little tiny bit but as I said I would really required a minimum of an hour and a half even to do this in a way that it wasn't rushed but I had to speak very quickly and when you see the video when it comes out you will notice I'm I'm moving very fast so that's number one number two is this was heavy esoteric information for a lot of people there and I want to say I by estimating I calculated how many actual chairs were in the main hall you you had about 2,000 chairs set up in that main hall in the main speaker hall at Erica poco 2019 they did a fantastic job with the setup and the stage I felt the stage maybe could have been a little bit brighter color wise it was a little on the darker stark side I don't have a problem with that I'm just saying like maybe just for pictures and things like that maybe they could just enhance the brightness and color aspect of the stage a little bit but it was very professionally done and again the audio and video people bang-up job I mean just great job I can't say enough about their their professionalism that's one thing that I had to I have to say that I saw personally again I'm not speaking for everyone everyone's experience will be different as a speaker or an attendee I experienced a lot of high level professionalism while I was there and I want to say thank you again for for treating me like that and having the the professionalism that was displayed so that part of the presentation was really on on point of the of the event I should say so um I counted approximately how many people were in attendance during my talk if I had to give a rough figure estimate I would say that the vast majority of those seats were filled with the exception of some toward the back I would say maybe three-quarters of the seats I'd asked to meet like 1500 people were in that room watching my presentation maybe a little bit less but I'm gonna say right around the number of 1500 people which is uh it's awesome you know to attend an event where there is that many people and they're very attentive in their in their paying attention and being respectful while you're delivering everything so I want to say thank you to the viewing audience that was in attendance for their respect I think that my presentation covered some areas that many people were did not think it was going to go into I think it was as was last year's presentation almost not shocking but it was a little bit of a much different experience than what many people expected it to be okay I'll say that and I think this it's because the type of information I bring to the table when I attend events like this and speak at them is so different from the general information that is presented by other speakers where many people are talking about the political and financial aspects I got into the spiritual aspects the aspects of consciousness and most of all and most importantly the aspects of morality and some few people too few people have put together the moral issues as being the underlying causal factors of the human condition of slavery which we are currently in and experiencing as a species there is still is not enough in the way of a direct understanding of the causal relationships between morality and freedom and that's one thing that I find very sad and lacking in this community of people they're pretty much willing to have an open mind and seek the truth however so I have to say that I think there were much more in the way of open-minded individuals there then closed minded individuals who just don't want to hear it that dynamic is also present though the closed-minded dynamic it is there okay the good news regarding at least this community is that the closed-minded dynamic was far outweighed by the open-minded dynamic and that's good that's heartening okay that is actually good to see so many people came up to me as they did last year and told me your information blew my mind I'm gonna be looking into your work thank you for being here thank you for doing what you're doing and presenting this especially to this type of a community that was told to me repeatedly after my main stage presentation so thank you for the people who expressed that kind of a sentiment to me personally and the people who weren't receptive to it obviously did not even say anything didn't come up to me there were no people who were you know like brutally Curtis critical criticizing what I got into and talked about I think just if they it didn't resonate with them they just ignored it or just you know did not engage me and that's fine okay not everybody's gonna be ready to hear what I have to say the way I say it either okay and there was a dynamic of I do want to say a few individuals who still don't understand me or my style and don't understand the righteous indignation as many people will hear the first part of this broadcast and not get why I'm angry about this so one individual I don't recall his name don't know whether he wants his name out there I'm not you know hammering on this person because of this I just want to bring it out as a dynamic that was called to my attention an individual stopped me while I was walking on one of the pathways there at the hotel and said mark why were you so seemingly so angry during your presentation first of all I didn't think I really was I thought I gave my presentation in a pretty tempered way personally I've raised my voice a couple of times you know and you you know it was given in a pretty straightforward you know stark way you know made a couple of little jokes but you know it wasn't like by any stretch of the imagination my most you know angrily delivered work certainly said nothing like I did it on this broadcast okay so I didn't think it was really that angry angrily delivered you know if you will but this one individual did think it was so I said well let me ask you this and I did it very politely and it's not again I'm not angry at the person for saying that I just said what dynamic if not the dynamic of the enslavement of our fellow brothers and sisters of human beings if that dynamic of enslavement of our very species would not create the emotion of anger within you what dynamic would ever make you angry you know I can't remember who said it right now off the top of my head but someone once said you can tell a lot about a human being by what makes them angry you can tell a lot about their character about why they get angry do they get angry over absolutely frivolous inane nonsense that shouldn't make anybody angry do they get angry over what the mainstream media tells them you should be outraged about this next forty-eight hour period that we're gonna be hammering it and then we're gonna switch to the next thing we think you should be angry about okay no I'm angry about my rights and the rates of my fellow human beings being taken away from them without the right to do so and if that isn't what you want to gauge yourself as an individual based upon if that dynamic of slavery will make you angry I think there's something profoundly broken in your constitution as a human being I think there's something profoundly missing in your psychological and emotional makeup as a human and I think that that has been taken from you without your really understanding that it has been taken from you okay and as such I have agreed by being asked by who's gonna be the promoter and organizer of the event Carmen from state of Anarchy to deliver the presentation that he knows because I speak to him personally that I have had in the works for several months haven't really fully you know worked it out all the details of what the presentation is going to contain but he has asked me at an arkadelphia in the fall to present the presentation that I have had on the back burner kind of you know waiting in line to deliver which is going to be called the sacred gift of anger I will be delivering at an arkadelphia in late 2019 a presentation in title I agreed to do this called the sacred gift of anger okay and let me tell you something folks that is exactly what righteous anger is it exists for a reason there is a very valid reason for the existence of this emotion it is not there to be shunned it is not there to be pushed all the way deep down and ignored you know so it later explodes in hideous ways like a bomb okay it is there to be felt and it is there for valid reasons and I would suggest that if those out there are incapable feeling anger then your own masters have done a more profoundly spectacular job at the total annihilation of your personal psychological and emotional makeup then you can possibly ever imagine you are broken at a level that may not be fixable that is how much of a head fuck they have done upon you that's the only way that I could stack I can't really say it any other way to people okay because if you don't know definitively in your heart mind and soul that there is a role for righteous anger in the world and that this is it this is the reason for it when people without absolutely any right whatsoever in nature in the universe come forward and attempt to make other people their slaves and put them under their duress coercion and violence if that's not the time to display the emotion of anger then what the goddamn hell is the time to display it ladies and gentlemen because if you can't understand that simple fact there is something profoundly broken at the soul level inside of you inside of you I don't really trust people that never display the emotion of anger I I don't trust them I I don't want to be friends with them okay I don't hang around with people who never get angry I don't do it okay I will ostracize you if I see that you never display that emotion and you're incapable of displaying it I know that you're really deeply psychologically fucked up it's not the other way around it's not that if you do display it for the right reasons now don't get me wrong folks I don't want to hang around totally toxic people that get angry about everything and stuff that they shouldn't be angry about but if you're not angry about the things that are human being absolutely sure death should be angry about okay let's emphasize that word greatly there is a time and a place that you should be angry about certain things okay if you cannot feel that emotion and then channel it and do something with it there's something profoundly broken inside of you and a psychological a mental and emotional and mostly at a spiritual and soul level and these are the dynamics that I'll explore more in depth when I deliver the presentation called the sacred gift of anger at an arkadelphia later this year so back to the main presentation you you could hear like a pin drop while I was delivering this people were I felt so attentive and practically on the edge of their seat they weren't like hungry for this knowledge which was a very very good thing to see okay so I have to say that I feel it was more well received than I would have anticipated and I went into some harder material for people this year than even the first year okay so I talked about how religion is the one and only problem erroneous belief systems that people put through their mind with very little psychological processing and then they accept the belief which becomes what's known as an axiom an axiom is a core widely accepted belief in society okay and then they act upon it and because the belief was incorrect and they took it in without enough proper filtration of the belief of the of the axiom the the underlying information then they're acting wrongly in the world as a result and then they get a chaotic result or a result that is not what they want in life this is what my main presentation was and it was talking about not just religion as cultural religion if there is government as a religion money is a religion okay moral relativism is a religion which was one of the big religions I was talking about that we have to erase this virus this is a mind-control virus okay it not only constitutes a false belief a false axiomatic belief it is a false religious belief so people have to understand first of all I'm talking about religion from a much wider world view than cultural religion of Christianity Judaism Islam etc it's not what I'm talking about as a religion you could look at you could put those in the grouping of religions but religion is a much wider field of endeavor to study because it's about false axiomatic beliefs and then what I got into a little bit later in the presentation was in order to purge this virus from the human psychological mental emotional and spiritual makeup we have to go through the process that was taught to the ancient mystery school tradition initiates through the process of occult initiation what and then I described what is the initiatory process this is why it was called religion versus initiation most anarchists are still in religious thought process they're not really in truth seeking methodological process they still have a lot of fundamental religious axioms in their mind that they haven't exercised the initiatic traditions of using a virus removal program to scrub away and remove those false axiomatic thought processes okay so the initiatory system helped to guide the initiate in the proper way of removing those mind viruses from one's psychological makeup and then I went into what that process is which was a five-fold process I added a sixth step actually you know I did that kind of with the seven hermetic principles and then the the principle of care which surrounds and binds them all together in my natural law seminar in this presentation I talked about the process was stop lying to yourself and to others stop dreaming or engaging in cognitive dissonance or magical thinking learn how to think through the Trivium and quadrivium truth discovery processes okay live in the present moment and stop infighting amongst ourselves because we understand what our actual situation is in here and now now we're at war and then activate the physical body because most anarchists aren't really eating and exercising right and engaging in the self-defense principle this is another big thing I want to talk about before we go to your calls the lack of understanding of the self-defense principle I'm going to do that when I get to my workshop segment okay and then I added to activate true care or true heart based intelligence in the understanding we have to activate within ourselves that we understand that as even one individual is suffering all our suffering let me just temper what I said earlier about the pieces of amoral garbage that are totalitarian scum working in the whole system of government here in the United States they do need healing okay these are brain sick individuals that have totally imbalanced brains because of the garbage food that they eat because of the garbage religious thought processes they were taught by their garbage parents and garbage school teachers garbage media people clergy etc okay they have total garbage for the mind so that their output and behavior is total garbage garbage goes in garbage comes out through behavior garbage goes into the mind and becomes a mind virus and then it goes out in the form of garbage behavior and then we get a garbage world which is what we have okay a world based in coercion violence and chaos that's what government is that's what slavery is they need healing okay part of my work is to help other people to see what the needs and requirements are for the change that we want to see expressed in our actual living experience no one person is going to be able to do all of that work impossible it is impossible for me to do all that for all the individual I cannot do that for anyone actually only they can do it all I can be as a way show or the other thing is you hear this dynamic by total fucking imbeciles all the time and I'm gonna say this directly to all the people who say this you are a total fucking imbecile because I directly make a point of directly engaging this dynamic in 90% of my presentations that I deliver there is no new and formation in any of the presentations that I deliver folks it's always been here in humanity among us since we have existed as a species okay the truth is eternal it has always been it will always be there is nothing new in the work of Mark passio if you believe you are going to discover any new colossal data or information or invention or system or you know some kind of a solution that is brand-spanking-new that no one has ever heard of just turn the fuckin show off right now and never listen again you're never getting that that's not what I'm here to do imbecile you know how directly do I have to say this do I need to go out with a megaphone and shout it in the fucking streets okay there is no new information here this is the I talked about eternal truth there will always be present because it is part of the dynamics of nature how thick and fucking boneheaded does someone have to be not to understand that when I've said it a billion fucking times I'm tired of repeating myself about this dynamic and this is all an imbecile who has obviously hasn't taken the four fucking seconds to listen to anything I've ever said well whilst spouts with verbal fucking diarrhea I'm sick of it I'm sick of it because I've said it a billion times and you're too dense to listen okay there's nothing new Under the Sun you're never going to get anything new these are eternal principles of truth that can never be destroyed that will always be present all I can do is help to describe them the people help people to understand them because they're they have mind viruses in the way of understanding them and so I do that in my way because this is this is how I want to do it I'm not interested in how you want me to do it or how you would do it that's the whole point you get out there and do it if you don't like how I do it who gives a shit certainly not me I could care less I've been doing this for too long to care about what anybody thinks of me or my work or how I do it I'm only interested that you develop an understanding in whatever way you're going - it doesn't have to be from me you don't like the way I do it turn to show the fuck off who cares okay go listen to somebody else who has the truth and learn from them I don't care where you get it but people have to become adults and understand you got to understand this because it's about your freedom and mine and everybody else's for that matter so I put it out there in the way I want to put it out there you want to do the work don't complain about how I do it not interested in your complaints okay I couldn't give a shit get out there and put it out there in the way you would if you're so smart and you're so great and you could do it so much better go and prove me wrong prove that it can be done a thousand times better than I can that's what I want honestly that's what I want out there folks I want it to be done a thousand times better than I could possibly ever dream of doing it so give me about a million teachers doing it that way and we make it a little bit of headway we'd be making a little bit of progress out of human slavery okay so that's the dynamic that I want to talk about not everybody is ready to hear the information that I delivered at an arc apoco there are still some people who are very resistant to it and you really see that when you look at anarchists you know social media that have all these retarded left brained religious worshippers of scientism of outdated completely erroneous and outdated Newtonian world view of what science actually is and contains and and how the scientific methodology actually works that has been disproven for about a hundred and fifty years and this is how far from the actual ketchup that when real discoveries are made in new scientific forms and new scientific discoveries are brought forward in the scientific community this is how wide the gap is before the public actually gets it we stay like clinging on to a dead corpse okay the vast majority of human beings when scientific discoveries have been completed former scientific discoveries have been completely disproven as false and a new emerging worldview comes forward in science it literally takes over 100 years over a century for the public to even beginning learning that what was printed in old textbooks is wrong and that's what you have in the so called anarchist community you have so so-called scientific Darwinian materialists that are scientism worshippers they're not they're not people who really want to go through a scientific process of truth discovery they are just worshippers at the altar of what is called science which I call scientism because it's a religion and that's what these pd's left-brain imbalanced smacked ass hats are because that's what they are you know call it an ad hominem attack all you want it's still true okay so those are the people who won't get this because I'm actually talking about them in the presentation they're the left brain imbalanced people who are stuck in a completely imbalanced worldview that is there to mind-control them into continuing to wear their chains they'll never get out of their chains in that imbalanced mindset in that imbalanced worldview there in the worldview schism there in the psychological schism they're broken at a brain level and at a soul level because they dismiss consciousness and spirituality they don't even understand that's the only solution the only solution is changing consciousness the only solution is coming into the knowledge of true spirituality that's it you're not working toward that great work you're not making any progress in creating a world that is based in Anarchy or true freedom get over it okay so that is what I want to say from my presentation next if we want to switch over to the computer view briefly to show people this was the poster for my workshop demystifying the occult revisited initiation into the mysteries this went on for nine hours I went over by about an hour okay I planned on an eight-hour workshop it went into a ninth hour folks this is probably I'm very proud of how this workshop turned out okay and I mean I worked hard on this to put this together in this way okay the people who attended were top-notch all right I want to thank everyone who attended the workshop you guys were so respectful your questions were incredible too in the question and answer session and it just went perfectly from beginning to end the room setup was done very well the projector that I had was great and the screen there was a little bit of a tech snag at the beginning I want to thank the tech staff for helping me work that out during the setup in the workshop room the people who attended gave me a lot of good feedback both at the workshop and after and said that this workshop helped them to understand such a wider picture of what is going on that they just had nothing but really great very nice respectful things to say to me after they came out of it and I've gotten much a lot of email I one of the things I want to do on a future show folks is I want to read some of the correspondents that I get from people to show you how powerful and profound it is to hear from people whose life this work has changed and that's what I want to do when you're in your calls as well which we're gonna get to in like a couple minutes so I want to thank everybody for sending feedback on both my presentation and my workshop at Attica poco because it is really heartfelt it mean it means a lot to me personally to hear what you have to say regarding that I try to go through my emails as best as I can you got to understand folks I get so many emails it's crazy okay so many were piled up when I got back I'm trying to take my time and go through them a little bit I have a lot of people I want to write to and thanked I'm gonna respond to some of the email feedback that I got regarding my presentation and workshop so I want to thank everybody for sending that feedback this presentation this workshop I feel was one of the more powerful pieces of knowledge that I put out in in one day in one day session to people and it was a conglomeration of other material that I put together no hugely new material but it was the way that it was put together and the order and the you know different elements of many different presentations that I actually totally incorporated into this that I think made it special and unique and that was harder to do than I thought it was going to be I was working on this really right up to the point where I had to go and deliver it believe it or not and you know that preparation in putting a nine hour workshop together it was like the preparation I had to do for the natural law seminar a whole lot of work that can be stressful because you have a deadline doing while traveling and wall away but I have to say it came together in a way that I was so very happy with and I just want to say a very special thanks to the people who contributed of their personal resources to attend this workshop because it you know wasn't an extra ticket separate from the main ticket from the main event and the people who attended helped to make the event a financially worthwhile for me to travel and attend another country for all of those days and without you the event would not have been and without you and contributing those resources and attending my workshop the event might not have been in any way financially viable for me to even do or participate in so I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for being willing to contribute of your time attention and resources to attend the workshop that was for me the the biggest highlight of the entire time that I was down in Mexico was delivering this workshop I really really really feel that way so thank you again on that being said and again I you know the people that I want to say gave certain types of feedback in no way am i angry at anybody it's it's you're very welcome to give you know even negative feedback and not agree we don't have to agree on everything I want to just say where I feel like some of the anarchist community goes whereas the majority if I had to pinpoint what is an imbalance within the community it would certainly be that left brain scientific thought process which I consider a religion but there is also the opposite where you have two people who are two on the spiritual new-agey side a little bit more too much toward the new aging that do not understand yet deeply very definitively deeply the self-defense principle now thankfully I think most people do but there are some who still what I would say I would have to unfortunately label them to be pacifists who would not engage in the self-defense principle for any reason I also feel that that's a extreme psychological and spiritual imbalance I I have to say that to be honest with you and to be honest with myself so um you know I said some pretty extreme things at this workshop you know regarding what we have the right to do under duress like I did in out in Phoenix when I spoke and delivered duress dissidents and deadly force at Ivan's conference in Phoenix our truth mind reality you know the reality of our rights are very extreme things we have the right to perform deadly force upon those who are taking our rights away I'm not telling anybody that it would necessarily work out well to do that now but I'm not saying it's not a right you know it is a right when someone is kept under duress and prevented from exercising their rights they have a right to use self-defense of force up to and including deadly force that's the truth that's our natural right and people have to understand that they have to understand it it doesn't matter whether you don't like it that's either true or it's not true and I'm trying to explain to you it's true and it's a right and so you know you have people at even an event like this which is considered an anarchist event who still don't understand that aspect that there is a time when we have the right to take lives because of what those people are doing to take lives and rights away from people that they have no right because they initiated the harm see I have to refine the definition of a right it's not just who causes it's who initiates harm you know it matters who starts it because one can do harm to someone who has initiated harm without right that's called self defensive harm that you can conduct upon someone else if someone accost you on the street and pulls a weapon and says give me all of your possessions if you shoot them or if you beat them to a point where they're mobile you know you performed to right you didn't do anything wrong in that situation there's only one wrong and that was the initiation of the harm or duress or coercion and this is what people cyst off to psychologically understand they haven't gone all the way in their understanding of the self-defense principle and if you don't combine and marry together in sacred Union the self-defense principle with the Sacred Feminine principle of non-aggression okay you know that's what this hat that I'm wearing today is all about you know it says na PSD non-aggression principle principle of self-defense the principle is right in the middle the P okay so it's about combining these two forces together these two pillars of enlightenment or principles of enlightenment however way you want to consider it or look at it if you only have half you only have half the equation and that's not going to get it done okay so that's one dynamic I wanted to discuss a little regarding some of the people present Anika poco certainly not the majority but maybe they'll get there you know it's like they have to hear this right out in the open you that's why I do feel like the mincing words and trying to take people they're super tiny little piecemeal while worrying about all of their emotional considerations look there's no more time for that there's I don't have time for that maybe you want to do that and your personally I'm not telling you not to okay you do it you do the great work in whatever way you want to I'm just saying that's not my that's not my schtick folks okay that's not how I do things so if you want to complain go do it somewhere else don't don't complain about how I do it just get involved then do it how you would want to do it and show me how great that works out okay and then when you're converting hundreds of thousands or millions of people I will shake your hand I will pat you on the back and I would be like you did something I don't even have the patience to do maybe it should be done that way that's not my personality I don't feel like I have to do it any particular way okay as long as I'm speaking truth truth remains truth no matter how its communicated see this is part of taking people out of the mind control the mind control is truth is only truth if it's communicated a certain way wrong as wrong asks wrong ass okay no it is not truth is the truth whether it is scream than somebody's face okay or it is given in the most gentle peaceful terms imaginable because someone is so frail they can't handle being spoken out like an adult okay I'm not interested in that dynamic I want to confront the dynamic of why are you in the mode of saying just because you don't like the emotional delivery that you can't accept whether it's true or not all that matters is whether it's true nothing else matters except whether it's true this is piercing the mind control confronting it head on direct your under mind control if you can only hear things from an emotional point of view and you want to gauge the truthfulness of it based on how it makes you feel that's mind control let's look at it head-on correctly okay that's what I try to do with my work is make people aware of that dynamic because most of them aren't aware of that dynamic of mind control and how it works so the goal here is do get out there and do the work don't complain about how other people are doing it because we're in a situation where we are way deeper into a police state than we've ever been before and these jackasses in government want to make border security harder tighter for even American citizens coming back into this country they're a disgrace a disgrace your freedom is being affected by everyone's is and I'm telling you we have to turn it around folks we have to turn it around okay so I'm going to exit out of the I want to leave the the last slide on the main presentation by just showing the donate link okay if people have found value in what I've presented here during the years doing what on earth is happening please visit what on earth is happening com donate there are many ways to donate to help this show continue going and to help me in just being able to continue doing this work so thank now I just want to send a couple more thanks out to everybody who has helped before we go to the calls I personally want to thank everybody who accepted the ark offer and donated as part of sending their drive so appreciated you guys are you're the best you're so generous you're hungry for the knowledge I'm going to get do my best in not messing around and getting all these drives back out to everyone hopefully by the end of this week or maybe into next week a little bit but I'm gonna do my best in doing it as quickly as possible and it sa safe a way to get your property back to you safely as possible so thank you for all the people that donated as part of their taking me up on the ark offer and also tremendous thanks to all the people who donated technology not only just donated monetarily through the links that are on the donate page but who needed technology this takes a lot of pressure off now there's nothing on the wish list people actually purchased all those items for me I mean that that is that's that's profound from my heart really it really is because you know why that really helps take the pressure off of me and keep some things in the pipeline - you know when I need when I need extra toner or paper or discs or anything like that and it's there and I don't have to wait for it and you know it helps make the process of making inventory and getting things out there to people smooth and that's what this is all about is getting this information out there and because of the gifts area of the site and the donations page you guys are helping me get this information out to a much wider audience and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping with that task so I think that's all that I have in the way of any slides for today so let's jump in with your calls and the rest of the show will be you will make the content anything is fair game and I personally want to hear about what your experience in taking in the information of what on earth is happening how that has gone how it has been for you has changed the quality of your life and the quality of your relationships if you'd like to talk about that so let me get gerd up here with my headset okay and I'm gonna unmute myself and jump into the call room I think everybody in the waiting area in the call room on discord will be able to hear me and let's jump in so here we go let's hear from unabashed anarchist you're live on what on earth is happening episode number 200 are you able to hear me check looks like we're having a technical issue my mic is unmuted his mic is unmuted you uncheck the main link okay all right there you are we have you it looks like we solved that issue that I had push-to-talk turned on and I'm no worries I apologize folks it was a little bit we had a couple of technical snags setting up today I apologize for you know the little bit of tuck issues that are going on this is gonna happen we'll work through them so thanks for your patience so uh yeah thanks for being the first caller on the 200th episode and anything is fair game what do you have for us today well thanks for having me mark I've been following you for a long time I actually discovered your work first when you did an interview with a red ice radio Henrik Tom Graham yeah a long time ago I remember 12 2013 something like an individual who when I was a child I I actually independently derived the idea of political Anarchy and philosophical anarchy without having any input from outside and I was you know to shut down and told by so many people you know no no this isn't the way it is that would never work and yadda yadda yadda and so I just went off onto the Internet and you know from spiritual and political and all kinds of different explorations and you know when I heard your article and I believe here you're talking about how like you know well here's why democracy is actually like a million times worse than monarchy because you know when there's a monarch it's like that's the person to blame for everything that the government's doing when there's a democracy it's the whole SIOP of well we are the government this is what we are doing and you know that how insidious that actually is and the I's incorporated into democracy that the majority will rule the mob will rule you know and that means if there's an immoral population that believes that they could just make up whatever immoral things that they want to make up that that's perfectly fine and acceptable under that form of quote man's law well I see one of the one of the folks in chat has the name immortal technique and that's that's a rapper I'm very familiar with and he's one of his uh quotes that I took most of heart is uh you know universal truth is not stipulated by mass opinion that's awesome yeah yeah immortal immortal technique actually played at an arc apoco I did not get a chance to 10 but our friends of mine attended and said it was fantastic he's amazing we are working on finishing touches on on my work and was unable to actually attend at that point so but I heard it was very very well done awesome so mark there's one thing that I there are a couple things that I've written just jotted down trying to get on the calls for the past couple weeks one of them is you know and I'm big into like you know debate and argumentation not from like a hateful standpoint but just from like I've always looked through your work to see like is there something that you know I could like improve upon or like that I don't necessarily agree with 100% it's very hard because you're on point about a lot of stuff mark but I do I hate that I feel like the way that um you've communicated the idea of good and bad while it is no it's mostly very very on the up and up I think the one factor that you haven't really touched on - you know satisfy me is the idea of intent as being a part of the karmic formula the part of the common morality like - like well an action that causes harm is a wrong and an action that doesn't cause harm is a right true but true in the sense that you know the Sun rises in the West it's like yes okay sure well that's true from a certain perspective but from another perspective you have a man who has a random number generator that if it hits on a certain number it's gonna explode a nuclear bomb and it never hits that number and the bomb never explodes and so you know we can still see that he's done a moral wrong and then we have a man who's you know stone-cold sober car and perfect repair tooling down the road and hits on a nail or something he doesn't see and swerves and like kills a bunch of people and we can see that he's you know morally not as culpable for that act as the first individual would be for his act even though such action as armed people I would agree with that I don't really think that I have you know misrepresented that in any way in my world no there yeah but III think that you know I take the approach that intent isn't as meaningful because to many people I believe use that as an excuse and justification for behavior which initiates harm to other people because they'll say well they just didn't know right so the idea is that ignorant of natural law would be some sort of an excuse now you hear this all the time in man's law ignorant of the law is no excuse well that's a bogus argument nobody could actually possibly possibly know all of the statutes and all of the laws that are made up by man on a daily basis it would not even be a practical thing okay no one could take all that information in and no know it at any given time especially when it's in a constant state of flux and changing all the time because of the moral relativism that it is based upon but to say that there's no excuse for natural law for not knowing natural law I think does hold weight because you can have the intention of wanting to do good okay but in exercising something that is based upon coercion to perform so-called security and or trying to keep people safe which is always what all of the rights the the limitations and taking of Rights is always based upon we're gonna keep you safe because they're playing upon people's innate sense of morality by trying to say Oh what would you advocate be done if if this isn't done and how all this harm would come to people no one can keep us safe that's number one see part of her more people have to get into is there's a there's a few things that can never be done okay it is an impossibility for anyone else to actually really take care of all the aspects of your life that you need to have functioning and working to be a healthy adult human being only you can really do that you have to take the responsibility to do those things that's not to say we can't cooperate and work together okay but it is ultimately to say you cannot make someone else responsible for what you what is going on in your life okay you can't make someone else responsible for your health you can't make someone else responsible for your education you can't make someone else responsible for your relationships you can't make someone else responsible for the progress the progress of your spiritual understanding learning and growth you must be responsible for all those things so this not nullifies the nanny or the the left aspect of the political spectrum who they want government to be mommy nanny and take care of all those things no one can take care of all those things only you can be responsible to take care of those things for yourself the second part that nullifies all need of man's law and this intent of trying to do the right thing you know this is why they always have to portray government as being the good guy who's trying to do one of these two things or the others either provide and care for everybody or what's the other thing to protect and make everybody safe this is the daddy aspect of the whole you know aspect of government and this is the part that is all about coercion of other people okay and then we're gonna take your rights to make you more safe and keep you protected well here's the big axiomatic flaw in that thinking that's religious thinking because just like no one can ever care for all of your needs and what you need to develop in your life no one can ever protect you or keep you safe it is an impossibility for another to protect you or keep you safe now look in a situation we're like you know an attacker is trying to attack someone's wife or girlfriend obviously a man can help work off that kind of an attack individual or even a group of people it is possible to help contribute to helping to protect or keep an individual safe but there are no guarantees and they're not gonna be there who's going to be closer to the actual nature of a situation that could potentially harm you than you this is why self-defense and martial arts have to be part of our self-care a program okay you can't leave that to anyone else that's why you can't say I'm going to let the government protect me you have to learn martial arts self-defense and Firearms responsibly so that you can do this when the situation arises every your child should be practicing those things and you know mark I do have two children I've got a five and a seven year old and I've raised them both and I'm continuing to raise them both homeschooled teaching them study Aikido Taekwondo Shotokan hue teaching them all that you know when it when it comes time you know will teach them firearms as well but uh that's Conyers parenting right there that's one of the things that I think should be emphasized more the idea of teaching them about anarchy kind of openly and how to some people that was like oh my gosh I can't believe you're you're telling your kids this let them grow up and make their own minds up but it's like no there are people out there teaching their children about the legitimacy of the state or about you know if they don't follow all the church's rules they're gonna burn in hell and another really good way you are doing what you are doing there's you are properly morally educating your children which is what you're charged as a parent is to do so you're doing it the right way by morally bringing them up from a young age that's what we are supposed to do as parents you know there they are your words you are their steward and you are doing right by them and teaching them those true moral principles so thank you well thank you Mark and the last thing I really wanted to get across to you I know we use in the you know truth community the idea of chess as a concept of the light against dark there's a game that I'm not certain that you're aware of it's older than chess and it's it's called go or baddack or wait cheese the pendulum they have but I have heard of it but I do not know how to play it mark I know you're a busy guy but if you have a moment to learn that game I promise you that the the philosophical and spiritual truths that you will take away from learning that game will absolutely impact your view on how to argue how to debate how the truth movement should go about a lot of things because it is very much a game where it's also you know the it's it's absolutely worth the play anyways part of the truth community should check it out yes you are not the first person to tell me this my producer is actually smiling because he brought it up to me not too long ago and it's something that I am going to take time to familiarize myself with in the very near future so thank you great points see look folks these are the kind of calls that we get here okay I mean I just I've said it many times before I want to re-emphasize it again the callers to the shower like the best in the entire talk you know radio TV world it's it's truly inspiring it's like that this is something that like make does make me feel good that we get these types of calls so let's go to let's go to Brandon bonanza Brandon you are live on what on earth is happening episode number 200 welcome you are unmuted from my end if you can make sure that your own microphone is unmuted on your end Brandon are you there alright I'll give you another second or two the unmute is down in the lower left-hand corner of the discord interface you should unmute yourself when you come in because you will be server muted muted from the actual server end until I unmute you so Marc there he goes alright worked it out hey I was using my other laptop which I didn't have it okay no worries what do you have for us here today Brandon so that coming through my computer yeah you wanna you want to use headphones or and silence any other audio in the room from any device so if if you don't have headphones you're gonna hear an echo that's gonna create an issue so try it again I can hear you fine so just go ahead and risk your question or make your comment okay so um what I wanted to talk about was you wanted to know who was affected from you and I've came across you probably about mid December 2018 so it hasn't been that long Wow very recent okay so what does yeah what has been your experience or your impression of the information this fall I I actually talked to you recently I'm on your shows and my experience has been was at a point where I've been meditating for a few years and I was pretty good with the spiritual aspect and I've also been super into Ron Paul right to anarchism and enter capitalism but there's just something there I couldn't there was something that they couldn't give the spirituality that I was that I was trying to convey to most people and I understood that then I came across you and it kind of all fell into place that's where a very Brandan Wright very quickly a lot of people tell me one of the things I hear from many people is that whatever background that they were coming from prior to becoming privy to the information that I put out there for people is that they feel like they had an incomplete picture or a very disjointed picture of things where they could not see the relationship between them and they tell me that this weave that tapestry together and help it all come together and make sense that it was taken all of this was taking place from all of the different former perspective this seemed very disjointed before was that something like your experience cuz that's the thing I hear over and over again from people is that I helped connect the dots or put it all together for them yeah that's that's really true because I felt that on either side they weren't very accepting of each you know if you look at the spiritual community as far as their politics or you look at the anarchist community as far as their spirituality I agree there's what I liked about in my presentation on the main stage yeah anyway to see that and then so you're the way you break down natural law was very inspiring so thank you I've had this domain name that is anarchy means without rulers calm I bought it a while ago and I had been working on it right when I stumbled across all your stuff great name oh the way so it's basically just a landing page so if someone's talking to somebody and they're and because anytime someone hears Anarchy they always think about chaos well not people like us but the general public so I figured it'd be a nice place to point people to and then I came across you so I actually blinked in one of your videos about natural law and there so hope you don't mind no not at all I really appreciate when people spread the word like that and you know who knows how many people that might be new to this also they stumble across that for whatever reason and you know then they hit that and they're off to the races so I really love it when people share my material like that I encourage them to do so it's how that's exactly how I feel I kind of feel it's like I can throw rocks into people's shoes and then when their it just becomes an annoyance and then they kind of look into it because obviously we all know how hard it is to convey just this pure truth to people it's just really too strong for them they did the cognitive dissidence kicks in we're like oh we're like transformed we're able to take that raw electrical energy through this information like into ourselves but then we tend to have to step it down or hand it to other people who can step then step it down to give to people who aren't really strong enough to take it it is likely really throwing a weight to a person that has never worked out a day in their life or you know has very fragile bone structure and weak strength and they're not going to just take that lift and run with it they have to be helped to be built up first and again I'm not telling people not that that's not what needs to be done that is definitely what needs to be done you know it's just I have to try to give this information to the people who are capable who have the strength and motivate them to go then and help there's other people who have a little bit less strength than we do so it's it's important to keep in mind I'm not saying that that work doesn't need to be done I'm saying I'm the person who's gonna hand it to the other strong people first you know that we got to build that tight-knit community first then we can go on help disseminate it to the people who don't have that strength of character and will but Brennan I want to ask you something if I may after you you brought up the dynamic of the divide between the anarchist community and the spiritual community this is what was one of the cruxes of my presentation at Anika poco what do you think that we can do to bridge that divide or that gap in understanding and help anarchists to understand deep level spirituality a little bit more and help the spiritual people understand our key a whole lot more what do you think might be a method of doing that or just something that could help to bridge that divide and and help that understanding to flourish more oh I'm actually really glad that you asked me that because I recently wrote a blog post about knowing yourself that's what I titled it know thyself because they went watch the matrix your video about breaking it down and it had been awhile since I watched it a lot of things really clicked for me so I wrote this this easy article kind of breaking it down talking about like how religion is all basically trying to tell you the same thing all the religious figures and so that's that more laws more problems calm quick shadow so I wrote that and I tried sharing it around with some of the people a couple of people were pretty receptive I've gotten some stuff published on libertarian institute.org before but they weren't really interested in it and it didn't even I tried to cut out all the the the hippie dippie stuff and all the really religious stuff so that's something I tried and then another thing that I just been getting into recently is I don't know about with the libertarians but I've been getting into tarot cards because of the symbology it's a fanat it's an absolutely fascinating study I mean and it will open up a whole deep understanding of true spirituality and natural law and true freedom if one really deeply penetrates the the mysteries of the message of the Tarot it's something that I found find profoundly important and have covered a pretty decent amount in my work so I highly encourage you to look deeper into that tradition what have you found so far in studying it so you you were the one I had to credit with turning me on to it and then I've been looking into Michael to Zairian and his work and I found this book I'm not sure if it's recommended but it's called the ancient arrow and its symbolism by David Lemieux and they want like 300 hours on Amazon for but I found it some coal books are like that that the you'll pay a premium for them depending on how rare or out of print they are absolutely I mean it was pretty it was printed in like 84 but I ended up finding it for $20 on some used book site oh great and it just goes into the link between Hermes thoughts and the thoughts between connection with that and the meanings of the cards when it comes to that so I found that I think just with the symbology because if I could because I'm a podcaster and I want to start a video series I think if I could start to show people the symbology that they see in everyday life and the way it relates to the Tarot maybe this way mention because this way it's not really political or religious it's kind of a fun thing that we're doing and I'm just dropping in ideas as I do it it's are helping people to see a system of correspondences that were there to wordlessly teach profound life lessons that is what the Tarot was designed to do and I think people who aren't religious at all can see that if it's explained properly to them and I think that is pretty it's a pretty good and effective toolset for helping to bridge that divide that we're talking about because you know it understanding what the tarot cards truly represent in life does not require any religious belief it is just it's a it's a pictorial fable it's a collection of pictorial fables and life lessons it's one of the ways you can see the Tarot so I think that's definitely a good approach and a good introductory thing that maybe some of us can do and again we could do it in so many different ways folks it is it is doable from such a different considerable amount of perspectives the great work is not one thing it is many many many approaches that we should all use simultaneously from health to true education methodologies to you know understanding allegorical systems to teaching straight plane philosophical morality to people it can be done in so many ways you could do it through art through music through pictures through different occult traditions and you can choose you can decide the way that you want to go about doing it in in accordance with your strengths okay so that's what I encourage people to go ahead and do so let's see who else do we have here all right I'm gonna go to Ivan from Phoenix I see that he's in in there because I want to give you a little bit more time last time we spoke Ivan from Phoenix my friend how are you doing hey Mark can you hear me today absolutely sounding good oh really I was the last the first two times I called you on this show I was at home those nice quiet environment show synchronistically the first time I called you was from work noisy background from work oh I can hear a small bit of background noise but it's not very distracting I'm hearing you're fine through my headphones I hope it's coming through okay Andre live stream so go right ahead yeah very well it keeps kicking me out the hot spot onto my tablet and the tablet is what I'm attached to now listen alright yeah jump in alright so yesterday I attended here in Tempe nearby Phoenix an event called local to global justice interesting yeah it's I think what we would categorize like social justice kind of die and sure enough the panels were interesting and I only spoke twice asked two questions and two different workshops both times obviously I got that glazed so you wouldn't say they were a highly conscious community by any stretch right there as conscious as far as I think I threw this term at you before conspiracy tainment so as far as the universities and whatever the powers that should not be allowed think they know that's as far as they're going it's I did it's a box within a box so they cut me out of one box and falling into another box and such they think that these traps are set up I call them you know color the sacks before the gold mind can be truly developed you know they have on different nets or snags waiting for people if they break out of one they want to snag you in the next one before you can get to the finish line of understanding natural law so yeah that is how the the system sets up their their psychological control nets without a doubt right I know you can tell it's well-intentioned speakers hopefully and attendees however they're not ready to go there and the funny thing is is the subtitle for this event was called radical imaginations okay so they were talking all these problems with you know sex trade labor and all this stuff and I stood up and said okay I hear what you're talking about has anybody considered doing away with money altogether that is the thing that's keeping everything together it causes money lack of funding and all this stuff you have poverty you have wealth so if you get rid of that whole concept and do things that need to be done because they need to be done that can change things you just have very you just attack the very God of all creation there I mean you just attack the dynamic that actually created all of the matter and energy and laws of all the universe money right I mean that's what did it I'm an atheist mark oh my god yeah I mean that's deicide man I mean that's exactly what that is you just tried to kill their God amen I'm blaming you mark because you want to know what I learned from you there you go the one you told me about the one I so thanks mark now you made me you made life that much more but trouble for me because I'm amongst all these people in the matrix and attempting to wake them up to that they're in a matrix let alone get out of it I think when we depression regularly when we make headway in destroying the religion of authority then it will be easier for people to see side of the box of the religion of money it's gonna be very hard while government is still in place see I feel like if we do get out of this very deadly and chaotic situation that we are in with the slavery of government then we can make some progress in headway toward the end of the monetary system and moving toward it as a society where we're actually treating each other as a living dynamic human family of brothers and sisters that's going to take tremendous work and I don't think that we're gonna be able to do that while we're in slavery well I think we have to end the authoritarian religion first and then move to that higher level of conscious that will be the next round of this fight so to speak you know and you know while we're still in this system you know obviously people are going to have to acquire what the resources that are used within this system to just be able to live eat do what they do with technology put the word out you know some create physical items and send them all over the world if they can you know it's a it's it's an unfortunate thing that is quite frankly right now necessary insofar as because other people still believe in we unfortunately must continue to use it and employ in the best ways we have to transmute that illusion into truth by using it in the best ways that we can put it to work through through us in so I think that's the best way we can deal with the unnecessary monetary system that is in place right now until we move to a higher level of consciousness and get out of the the slavery of of the whole control system as far as government is concerned I think money will be around longer than government will if humanity moves in the right direction I think that will be the religion we will conquer after we conquer the religion of government personally Oh mark we can we butt heads mark Butthead I'm just saying they're there two heads of the same snake I agree this whole order followers and belief in authority they I'm not gonna do what you tell me well here's a hundred thousand no ok here's two hundred fifty thousand okay so they turn because if the order legal sorry yeah man-made legal order followers won't follow the orders then the contractors and mercenaries sure as well and Ivan I want to say something in addition to that as an addendum to that when we think of the morality and overall consciousness of the people even the people who are oppressed by the system of control how many people percentage-wise do we think if offered enough some of this you know illusory construct that we call money would not cave in and do something immoral if asked who for a certain amount of money you know I think the number would be exceedingly small I think we would be looking at less than five percent of all human beings to be honest again if I'm being honest with myself and others which I endeavor always to do I think we would be looking at about three to four percent of human beings would not cave in under the pressure of accepting tremendous amounts of wealth for themselves to do something immoral to another human being sadly you know part of what I learned from you then trying all this in with what you just said now I would say the that percentage that you threw out there maybe the other end of the spectrum of the true psychopath the true psychopathy you know the truth yeah everyone else will be secondary third for whatever your level of psychopaths that would give in not for a hundred thousand maybe for a million right the ones who won't that's that small one percenter feet opposite of not a trace of psychopathy in their system that's right and it shows you that's how little light there is in the world that's how true how small what a small amount of true spiritual light and enlightenment there is in the world and it does show us what our great work is to do you know we have to communicate these principles of true and morality to all who will will listen at any level and plant those seeds of understanding in them so that they can you know flourish at a later time possibly so Ivan thanks so much man your your calls are always fantastic do you have anything else I'll just throw out a few movies oh and I think barb had set a little something in my ear about bugging you may be doing a little segment yeah we could maybe bring on a show to talk about some allegories at some point you know through movies or I'd like to bring you on the one great work network when we get it started and you know you know you have a page on there where you could do allegorical breakdowns through you know videos or articles you know I think it would be great you know I want to sit down and talk about with you about making that happen at some future point the network is gonna take a little while to get up off the ground I still looking for more technical help folks briefly let me interrupt you very briefly Ivan I'll let you get back to your point and longer allegorically about movies because you always do a great job with that we we did mention last week that I'm still looking for some technical help I should have covered this and before going to the calls I want to take just a moment because I did say to either my assistant if you were in any of those positions to be able to contribute technological help to what on earth is happening but we didn't give her email address I just wanted to give her correct email address because her name isn't spelled like you might think that it is it's L e I H a at what on earth is happening calm Lea at what on earth is happening calm if you are in a position to be able to help technologically in the ways that I asked last week I'm looking for a webmaster with strong PHP skills skills in a you know my sequel database programming you know who can modify some open source software maybe even make you know a mobile app I'd like to love to do a mobile app at some point if you have any of those types of skills and also we were looking for video editors and Photoshop people so video and graphics send email to my assistant Lea at on earth is happening calm she has taken in everybody's requests to try to you know contribute and help with the team here and we are going through all of those and we have you know looked at everybody's skill set and we're going to be getting back to people so thank you to everyone so far who has responded and that is the email address there on your screen that you can send your your an example of your work and you know a resume and whatever skill sets that you have over in my assistant and you'll hear from her so thank you Ivan sorry for the interruption on that but it's something that I thought was important that I neglected to mention so you said you had a few movies that you think people should look out from an allegorical point of view and I know you're pretty good you haven't your finger on that pulse and seeing what Hollywood is doing whether it be for for good or ill you know you you you get out there like the messages that are being put out there through movies and popular entertainment so what do you have for us in that regard okay I believe so I have them all written down so I'm gonna start watching the ones that you've recommended to pick out the the allegorical content to content within them right okay yeah so this movie the yeah serenity it should still be out barely maybe in a handful of theaters Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway the trailer has it you know just old couple you know she she's trying to have him get rid of her new husband yeah that's a total misdirection from what the movies about in essence it's almost like another Matrix movie spoiler alert because that reality that you're watching in the movie it's it's now it's like in a another world basically there's handlers manipulating what's happening there and it's a total mind game kind of thing watching that movie as it unravels so you know that's one serenity and then this weekend I did this new animated cartoon one called How to Train Your Dragon it's the third one the world okay right off the bat what stood out for me with that almost they sorry I got distracted here that it has references to America Trump and the wall in the conversations and Dragons over population of dragons and building something to keep them out I'm like okay that's interesting but they mess it up for me and I guess someone like great car would at the higher side chapter really like this he's all about the Hollow Earth and so we got the dragons or reptiles interacting with the human and they're trying to find a hidden world and when they do find it it's like in the middle of the ocean this hole in the ocean that goes to the center of the earth so Hollow Earth theory and that's where the dragons end up going and disappearing because they can't exist with humans yet because humans aren't evolved enough to live with the dragons with the reptiles so I was like fuck how much truth was dropped in there possibly or you know that's where the reptilians are at center of the earth but that's just a cartoon mark we're just conspiracy theorists right you know they're always dropping little subtle things and hints in there for in pop culture for us to consider and to look at it for conscious of them so Ivan I want to thank you for your call always bringing up great allegorical things in in pop culture especially movies again I think I'm gonna have to do a segment on what on earth is happening with you at some point and or you know work to get you on one great network and have your own page on that network at some future point so we'll talk about that absolutely but a great call as always let's move on to let's go - Ethan strong Ethan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show Ethan strong you have to unmute your microphone from your end there you can you hear me now you just unmuted thank you yes I can okay excellent forgot about that little feature no worries so hey I'm glad to hear that you got down to that conference well and back safe it was at red here that things went well with that for you the travel was definitely safe it was definitely a truck it was a journey I've never done anything quite that extensive before through ground travel but it was an experience got to see a lot of this country and of Mexico both beautiful land masses I'm just you know nature is just so profoundly beautiful so it was good from that respect the human element you know on the travel not so much although you know the people just traveling and doing their job to you know make the travel comfortable on the the voluntary you know services we're very good and doing their job well not so much in the form of the government people who are trying to pretend that there's somehow helping or giving assistance or protecting that made it practically unbearable but other than that not too bad and you know I'm gonna have to consider whether I want to do anything like that again it makes me really not want to travel at all and just stay here until we destroy this system as it so very much needs to be destroyed but yeah go right ahead okay yeah can you hear me I just want to double-check and make sure that I'm coming through coming through loud and clear you sound pretty good okay excellent um and just a little know kind of a tech issue I'm noticing this happened last time I was on the call with you there's kind of a your transmission is broken a little bit especially when we're on the line together I don't know what's causing that but it's just something I noticed it happened last time and it's happening a little bit now too yeah I think I could try to clear that up by unplugging my headset and plugging it back in but I think part of it is that dis chords duplexing feature which means the ability of each person to hear each other while they're simultaneously speaking is not as advanced as some other chat programs duplexing functionality technologically so basically you kind of really have to have one-way conversation and the person has to pause and then the next person start to speak because if you're both speaking at the same time there can be a it's not a good it's not good to overlap like that and while I'm talking and you are not do i sound clear and okay though or is it glad that definitely it seems like what I just noticed there after you mentioned all that is that as soon as I'm done talking and you go into response mode there's a little bit of broken transmission on your part but then after maybe five seconds passes you start coming through clear unbroken yeah this is normal this is the the way that duplexing works in discord I'm sure that their developers their programmers will add improvement to the voice quality as they continue to refine it I feel like this program right now met all of the needs that I was looking for in a IP based voice program to let people call in without having to you know rack up fees internationally if they're calling from another country so this lets us all just communicate over the Internet and it had the features that I was looking for so some of those things that are just not totally refined will probably get there at some point we'll just you know work around them as we continue to use it but thanks for bringing that to my attention yeah no problem man I'm really just kind of glad that you're back on the live program and as I was mentioning last time we spoke the timing couldn't have been more perfect for me because personally I was just getting through all of your previous podcasts and as soon as I pretty much as soon as I finished the last 196 it was maybe two or three weeks that passed before you started this new version of the I've broadcast so I'm down just that your your back on on the stage here yeah you know me too I mean I I have to say that I was down for longer than I wanted to be and I it is good if he does feel good to be back and doing this it's something that has been an outlet for me it's almost cathartic for me to do and you know i I've said it before you know I know people will think this will sound egotistical but my perspective being absent and lacking in the community I don't think was a good thing because I think that that void was filled by a lot of noise let's just say being nice saying it like that but I really feel like I should keep my my voice on the airwaves and lend the perspectives that I'm bringing forward and bringing to the table to people to consider because I think it pushes the envelope of consciousness forward and that's what I'm here to do that's what my work is and when I am doing it and OnPoint doing it I think that that really helps my energy and my mental state so again it's cathartic for me yeah well that's a good segue for me to fulfill your request for Collins today I personally before I stumbled upon you and your work and your podcast and everything I had been taking in a lot of information and content from different sources eclectically like you recommend people do and I felt like there was something missing from much of it and you know I was putting together you know connecting the dots in my own time and consciousness you know over the course of you know maybe eight years or so and I don't know how it took me so long to come across your work because I I remember I mentioned this in the last show when I talked to you that I've discovered you through the interview you did with max Egan like however many a couple two or three years ago whenever that was and and I was just like wow stuff that you were saying really resonated with me and I had already kind of had a lot of those kind of thoughts that you were speaking to on my own and then you know got into your work and realized wow this guy is out there speaking about a lot of the stuff that I've kind of concluded on my own and just felt really grateful to come across your work and so you know for me I'll just say I'll leave it at this as far as how your work has impacted me personally as I said I've taken in a lot of information and content from other teachers you know that put out work along these lines that you do and I haven't felt more inspired by anybody else as I have through taking in content that you've put out there so that really means a lot that's how that's how it's impacted me now I think thank you yeah that means a lot I mean you know especially when I hear that you know you you came to the work a little while ago and you know you you found it and it helped to you know connect a lot of former material that you had taken in III find it interesting that a lot of people come to this to my work very almost late you know like that they don't discover it until they have so many of the other elements of the picture it would seem like this is almost like a final destination for a lot of people and or search algorithms of a lot of people's social media and or search engines that they were using are not you know basically taking people to my content or connecting them to it which you know who knows that could be deliberate it could be the way the algorithm is set up but you know it seems like it takes people a little while to get a lot of other knowledge under their belt and then when they do find it that's when they're not resistant to hearing it because they have the way has been sort of prepared for them a little bit more it's like if people aren't familiar with any of this and they just find me cold you know just out of the blue out of nowhere it's gonna be difficult it's gonna be hard for them to really get the truth of what I'm saying because they're not gonna have been psychologically mentally prepared and have looked into a lot of other material so that's what I find has been a pretty similar journey or experience for most people is that they kind of come to me last after they've you know really looked into a whole lot of other people's work and they're there they're there the barriers of psychological resistance have already been you know somewhat broken down and prepared to hear that some of the heavier information that I have to present yeah that's for sure that there's got to be some kind of foundation before sinking teeth into what you've put out there cuz it's like yeah it's like an atomic bomb going off otherwise so that's a great way of putting it descriptively yeah I don't want to take up too much swim because I know there's a bunch of other people and in the call list but I did I last time you were on air and we spoke prior to you taking calls you were talking about some stuff then that brought up a question to mine for me and I didn't get to ask it last time okay so right go right ahead that out there and prior to that actually I want to just let you know I plan to do my very best to get on these weekly broadcast live because I have a pretty extensive list of questions I want to ask you so anyway so this one came to mine last week you were talking about the difference between nations and ignorance as you've done a number of times and so I kind of wrote this down and I'm just gonna read it off the way I have it written okay so considering the phenomena that I've called divine inspiration or innate conscience which is the ability for an individual to tap into the infinite field of consciousness or the mind of God whatever you want to call it tap into that and receive knowledge insight information given that ability or this phenomenon how does that phenomenon fit into your discourse regarding the difference between nations and ignorance because if this phenomena is real as many individuals would claim it to be and I personally through personal experience know it to be true and real is there really such a thing as genuine essence because if all knowledge and information is available to us through this field of consciousness and information and individuals are not privy to it due to their neglect to exercise their ability to tap into that realm then can they still be considered truly nation I think that's kind of a lot but does that make sense yeah I mean I think in the 3d reality that we live in if you want to consider that quote the real we can still say that information can be sequestered from people or let's say they can be sequestered from their ability to receive it by being dissuaded you know by being having been really physically psychologically emotionally and spiritually suppressed and dumbed down so much so I mean it can be still I think a matter of really them never having encountered it but you are correct also in that even in the 3d world through books through podcasts through movies through allegories through you know writings interviews audio video you name it documentaries so many different eclectic variety of sources there right now there is so much information in the world we are drowning in a sea of information and yet we are in a an absolute desert of wisdom because it's the processing that input and processing of that data is so profoundly lacking and that's what ignorance really is it's not taking in what we should be taking in so that we are then not coming to an accurate understanding of what it means and then applying it in our lives in the right way in that sense I would say it I would consider it true that there really is no nations in our world we can live in a nation to environment that is just not the case for Humanity right now you know maybe you could say areas of North Korea China etc you know that are already much further down the totalitarian hole they really have had this information purged from their communities and then they have you know internet firewalls erected to keep it out you could say in certain extreme situations like that in humanity that yes in essence is present in all of Western civilization there is no situation like that and if we haven't taken it into ourselves at this point we are actively involved in the completely unspiritual practice and in the freedom murdering practice of actively ignoring truth or as I call it engaging in ignoring you know we have to just emphasize the ignorance means to ignore something that actually is present and that's what I would say is the condition of the wide majority of humanity not necessarily for everyone but for the overwhelming vast majority we're in a state of ignorance and not necess so thank you for bringing that up Ethan and thank you so much for the call let's move on we're gonna be taking your calls through the end of the show Frank from Italy Frank from Italy you are live on the 200th episode of what on earth is happening welcome I didn't come here yes I can hear you okay first of all first of all I want to apologize because my English language is not so so great it's no problem at all we can understand you fine and I want to thank you from calling from really really grateful that you I can speak with you today because there's been a long time that I'm listening to your walk great you want to meet 2015 okay June to July so you can even listening to my voice because I'm really really really grateful so I can speak with you because your work really transformed my life thank you so much originally from Cameroon okay and I'm living in Italy as an answering and seven so for me is quite a pleasure to speak with you because in your post cast you really raised metrio material thanks so much I mean that is that is really what this is all about helping people to just come up in consciousness see what's going on and then make informed decisions and then get involved in helping others to do the same thing so when I hear that my work has helped you in that process of spiritual discovery and growth that's what makes doing this worthwhile for me so do I discover you because I remember in 2015 I was doing a life signa talk about self had personal development because I have studied a walk of in Tony Robbins all those would all those guru or the New Age right I don't even remember his name but have studied will walk of new New Age people so I started to teach people about it and remember during my presentation that I took Nelson Mandela love forgiveness the two weeks after my presentation I saw a post on Facebook but Nelson Mandela was part of energy so there I say okay all these thing that I'm doing because I also learned a little about and be where they say you have two orders successful people you don't have to invent the hot water so just go and take me up on strategies and teach it to other people so you can make money that was my man said so I was only there because I wanted to study the walk of Antonio means Brian Tracy T Harv Eker so I can teach it to other people so I can make money right after my seminar when I've discovered that Nelson Mandela who I use as a model of forgiveness was part of that Illuminati so I asked myself this question when I'm doing this type of modeling don't fall for the force of goodness of the darkness say okay what does Illuminati is freemason I need to know them because if they had out there doing that dog walk I need to understand how they are working right and prevent myself from them so I went to my room in my room they checking on internet on YouTube Illuminati all those type of thing that's where I discovered that all my rock star like Rebecca Lee we had all the people I used to admire even a basketball player like Kobe Bryant I also have a chance of covering at home so I discovered that all of them were part of Illuminati a popular culture and especially the music industry is flooded with dark occultism without a doubt and discover them so I remain in my room for two weeks I didn't know where to go what to do anymore because I have my bath it was difficult to me do muck yeah I can hear you continue okay so when I discovered that all the pop culture do you need any players all the people that are applying kind of God you kind of got depressed at that point in in discovering that a lot of these people were not really on the side of really really depressed ever many my room for two weeks I didn't go out because I didn't know what to do anymore right and that's how I discover your walk Wow see so some people come to it from the dark side of things but it you know you you were involved in looking into what you had considered previously to be practices of spirituality but they were coming from a more ego driven perspective and there's many people who are very happy to teach it to people from that lower level perspective even principles that can actually be applied and work but they're only being done from that more ego driven selfish perspective you know and that's not a proper application of spirituality and occultism that's done from a very egoic position so some people come at it from that side where their intent was to look at the good side of it and then they discover that there's a dark element to it and then they want to know more about what that is very very interesting experience that you had there Frank and I'm very glad that I could help in a you know bridging that that knowledged gap there and helping you to understand a little bit more about those darker elements of the occult that are really controlling things behind the scenes in our world and really doing a number on you know the collective minds of humanity that keep them in this mindset of believing that this whole control system is somehow morally legitimate when it really is just based in coercion and violence so uh how long would you say it took you from the discovery of my work to really understanding you know the the moral principles and and changing you know your worldview okay you really like not too much time because I really have an open mind but in the beginning for me was difficult right when I first this thing I liked my brainwashing to the world like occultism so for me of course it was something back but when I take patient because I I was saying that and into my room so I can listen to a podcast is not that half Michelson are not part of some type of mystic group so little by little when I saw a presentation of natural law where you really explain your cultures in what it consists on the grid the module and Minor Arcana all those type of things so he started open my mind and I really granted the concept but for me is difficult because as you can see my English is not perfect but like when you used to say new grid will require the assistance that we used to do because you are presentation of the natural Samina I have made you transcribe of it with my poor English so it took me 2 weeks fantastic thanks for doing that and I just briefly want to say before you continue to anybody that wants to transcribe any of my presentations into other languages you don't need my permission just do it and redistribute it ok you don't even need to write to me and ask just if you want to put it in another language take the original English video make subtitle it make a transcription put redistribute it ok ma my information isn't copy written in that sense you know I wanted to remain intact I would like you not to take it out of context but absolutely if you want to translate it into other languages you don't need my permission to do that ok as long as you feel you're gonna do a good job in the translation and not change the context of things that I've said just please do translate it and put it back out there so that that is just something I wanted to say to the listening audience who may have experiences with other languages because we do need to get this out to everywhere in the world not just the english-speaking regions of the world so thank you for that Frank and continue my purpose when I mean it was good service for all it was is for really understand and reps all the concept so now I'm preparing myself because it took me like I said not too much time to really grab the concept of occultism and spiritual law like you see in one of your pod cause I can say that I really have the North Star for me was easy very difficult I used to have was to really go out and move myself from the of the culture of the Occidental culture because for me I was much more ego driven right and you know what this is what I hear this is what I hear from a lot of people Frank I hear that they had to actually have the time set aside somehow to actually sit with the material sit with the information it seems like part of how they really control us is by keeping us so busy and so focused only on survival and running that rat race and running that rat wheel that we never take a breath we never stand back from the situation and look at it with fresh eyes from a little bit far away from it that we're always wrapped up and ensconced in our own thoughts and in our own you know daily practices on a daily basis with work with you know family life etc and with frivolous things and entertainment that we never have the time to actually do that so well I want to say to you that I want to thank you for making that time in your life that we can all make that time even if it's a few hours a week we can make that time and spend it with quality information that we know that we need to take in and learn and understand it is a labor of love if we consider that we love ourselves and we love our family members and we love our children and we want to see better things happen for future generations that there is no excuse not to do that we have to make the time even if we have limited availability of time there are ways of making that time and engaging in time management to be able to take in pertinent knowledge so Frank I want to thank you for doing that I want to thank you for the call it's great it's very heartening to hear from people from non-english speaking countries and regions of the world I actually just got an arc Drive from Italy and you know it's like it's something that you don't see that often Italy is one of the regions that for whatever reason I guess it is mostly a language divide you don't see a lot of people you know getting the arc driver even data you know from the gifts area from Italy there are a few but more so in you know other areas of Europe like France and Germany etc you know a Sweden Switzerland etc there are many other places take me up on a lot of these offers but Italy seems to be reticent and I'm starting to see more people from Italy get involved and and really you know go down that true spiritual path of learning and and development and that's good to see because I'm you know that obviously it's a big religious stronghold of the world clearly you know with the Roman Catholic Church there and the Vatican so I think it's a good thing that more people from that area are coming online to this knowledge and working to take it into themselves and spread it so thank you so much Frank so let's move on to another caller let's hear from state of Anarchy state of an achievement your lives what on earth is happening you've been here background noise as well my headphones please mute because background or I'm going to have to let you go are you there stay oh there he goes Carmen how are you mark can you hear me yes I can so let me let me make this point because I don't think I've ever really fully made it so the best way of going into the call is you have to put on phone I'm gonna have to I'm gonna have for a moment to explain this okay and you want to listen in the room in the discord room don't listen to the live stream because that's gonna be delayed by between 10 and 20 seconds okay so please listen while the calls are active for you to be called inside the disc war room with headphones or earbuds on okay so let me go back to you Carmen and hopefully you can Mew that background and like I just make sure that you have some type of headphones or ear buds on because you don't want to be listening to my voice through speakers or it's gonna echo back in and then I'm not really gonna be able to take the call so let's try it again Carmen from state of Anarchy you're live on water and earth is happening are you there all right mark am i coming through you're coming through great now now it sounds good no worries awesome well I just wanted to say thanks for coming in Acapulco and and bringing the message down there to all those people because you know it is an anarcho-capitalist conference and we got to make sure that we don't get lost in that you know the hype and all the craziness around the crypto can't get lost in the hyphens not just the hype but the hyphens right yeah yeah yeah yeah and I hear all that stuff it's that's too much the infighting the division that's like that's the one thing I think the anarchists forget about that I really appreciate you bringing to the table because it's about the unity and the unity behind the truth that is what's really gonna make this sort of thing happen so let me ask you what do you think was the general mindset of the presentation that I brought to the table from people that you spoke to and you know intermingled with at the conference what was the put your finger on that pulse and give us some feedback of what you think most people at the conference thought about the work that I brought forward dude everybody just seems like that it's like yours is the complete picture like I feel like every other speaker sort of like specializes in one area or anyone well that was your take or did you feel that that was the community so that's that's there that was the take of everybody that talks to me it's like everybody has and even it's funny even the past couple of callers have been echoing this it's like people come to these conferences with like a certain like certain sort of like you know a couple different jars of knowledge and it's like once they see your work you spell it all out for them from wide why certain things inside of your like this to like what the actual causal factors are on a spiritual plane some people only have one or two of those awareness is and you bridge the gap which really allows people to sort of really ground themselves in a holistic understanding of what the problem is but more importantly what the solution is and that's what's really beneficial in my that so that's a high compliment and I really thank you for that and I'm happy to hear that that is kind of the way that the information is being received from that community from someone who's talking to a lot of people and kind of gauging you know reactions so thanks for that she'd battery oh yeah mark well guess what it's growing so fast that like now the state of hierarchy finds itself throwing a conference in Philadelphia and we're gonna be bringing a lot of people from an arc apoco there you know and I'm pretty sure you and I have talked are you going to be involved in this yes you put the offer out on the table while we were doing that interview outside of the main lecture hall and I'm I'm in you know if you if you want me to be part of it I'm in and I'll prepare that lecture that we talked about the sacred gift of anger so according one of the main organizers it's going to be happening here in Philadelphia in the fall yeah absolutely I'm totally down for doing it a mark you're the man dude well thank you again for traveling by land all the way to the Pacific coast of Mexico to give that much-needed presentation it was thank you yeah that's insane and then the crazy part is you spent four days coming back when did you get back I got back I got back into Philadelphia yesterday at 3 p.m. Eastern time and then I didn't even take a day off jump right into the show the next very next day that was the plan it almost didn't happen I I pushed through it and made it happen I'm glad I did so because the the show's been pretty on fire thus far and the callers have been great so you know it was long it was an arduous travel it was tiring I'm glad it was actually kind of glad to be back in Philly if it's weird to hear myself say that but I felt the same thing yeah I felt the same thing you know it's we have some kind of a community here it's not it's not you know maybe the greatest that we could possibly hope for but I'll tell you what it's like you know I'm not talking about the general population in the city I'm talking about there is a freedom community here that you know there are some people who do truly get it who are from this city and we're kind of like a small tight-knit unit a tight-knit community and I think some people are doing good work you know putting the message out there and I consider you one of them so thanks for what you're doing with state of anarchy and thanks for getting involved in conference organization it's a big job it's a heart it's hard work so you know get your you know feet wet in that and I wish you all the success in the world in putting the event together and I'm glad that you're inviting me to be part of it thank you for all your support thank you for inspiring me since like 2011 and dude I will be seeing you soon because me and you have a documentary we have to finish that's right Harmons helping me to edit the documentary on natural law that I'm making it's called mark passio and the science of natural law it's going to be a full-length documentary on the entire you know teachings of natural law that I've been putting forward and we're gonna put that into a very good visual format through video through a documentary video and Carmen is one of the chief editors on the project so we're actually gonna be turning that into high gear and my goal was I really want to get that finished polished and out by the end of the year maybe if we can get it done and polished in in the way that I really want to see it done maybe we could debut the documentary at an arkadelphia that's that would be that's great that would be a tremendous goal it's kind of a lofty goal you know to have it done and polished and ready to for release then but I think if we work on it pretty steadfastly we could get it done by then and and you know debut it at that completely agree mark and let's set that as our as ours goals I'd be happy if that happened you know I've got two ambitious enough timeline for me I'm more than that I think it's a great idea awesome all right mark well I'll get off the air I'll let you get some more callers thanks for having me on man appreciate it you got it brother thanks so much Carmen Carmen from state of anarchy ladies and gentlemen check out his youtube channel all right let's go to let's go to [Music] voluntary Asterius you are live on the 200th episode of what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey Mark appreciate it you can call me Chris by the way I I was a not aware that you attended in Acapulco by ground I thought figured you would have flown like most of the other folks I did last year I made an exception to my no-fly rule I haven't been feeling well so in 2005 but I I kind of was a little upset with myself that I broke that no fly rule and and flew out there last year I'm not a fan of air travel even if the TSA wasn't part of it it's nauseating to me the air quality and motion of a plane doesn't suit me well for some reason and I feel like I'm almost nauseous the entire trip which doesn't really happen with me when I travel by train and or car bus unless I really try to read a lot on the bus or car you know then I can get that feeling but it happens to me no matter what on a plane so that was kind of torturous taking the multiple planes last year and I just resolved I wasn't gonna do that anymore so I went with ground travel again tremendously different experience and very taxing also on the body but at least it didn't make me feel like I was gonna throw up the whole way there sure sure yeah it was kind of interesting the flight in I think I was the only one attending in arc poco this year going in and on the way back I think there were about 10 or so attendees from the event who were getting back on the plane but you know I I always feel disgusted with the TSA when we go through there but it's kind of interesting leaving we had to go through the the whole process with it wasn't TSA but oh no yeah was the TSA when we hit dallas-fort worth from Mexico City and some of the anarchists that were with me in Lyon I was talking to them and they were saying they don't like going through that body scanner and I was like why are you going through the body scanner if these people are gonna violate you make it clear what they're doing right and they weren't even aware you can opt out and I always try to raise my voice and I said I'm opting out and sure enough 17 artists in a row opted out and I and I made a point I always do this when they're when they're doing this you know the TSA agents try to be so polite with you and they're like oh I'm you know I got to do this that and the other do you have any sensitive spots and I say yeah my penis I don't want you to touch my penis and they always tell me they say oh well I have to do that and I say well if you're gonna violate me go ahead I don't consent to you touching my penis and I don't want you to do it it's your decision and they always say well I have to do this and I tell them it's your decision I mean you can't get into a huge philosophical debate and that moment but I try to emphasize the fact that this is something that they are doing it is their choice to do it what what we're not told to these people is no you do not have to do it what you mean is you want the money that you receive to do this immoral behavior from the people who are paying you to do it that's what you are really saying that you will do something that is an immoral violation of someone else's natural rights because you want the money that comes from your masters as a reward for you doing this immoral action to another human being that is what they are really saying when they are saying I have to do it no you don't have to do anything you want the money that comes from doing it that you are paid need to act in that immoral capacity and that dynamic is exactly what makes every single one of these people immoral bad people and they need to be told just like that they need to be told like that by their friends and family members above all else but here's the problem their friends and family members are just as immoral as they are in most cases and would do the same thing for money this is the problem with most of the people of the earth is that they are just immoral people at their core foundational values in their in their the spiritual aspects of themselves they don't care about what's really right or wrong all they care about is how they will gain from the performance of the action and if they will gain from it they will do harm to somebody else and violate their rights and that's what Satanism is this is what I've been trying to explain to people for 12 years that that is what the religion called Satanism actually is it's not what people think it is it is being willing to do anything to your fellow human being if it means that you profit from it including violating their rights or their life and that person is a Satanist whether they understand or agree with that definition or not that is what the religion of Satanism actually is it doesn't matter whether they don't understand it by that very actual truthful definitively correct definition of Satanism that makes them in practice a de facto Satanist by their deeds oh yeah and it was even more even more obvious what was going on the the individual that was right behind me in line she had just learned that you could actually opt out of this full-body scanner right she was she was probably about six months pregnant I mean very she was very pregnant and she opted out and you know we were all speaking in very loud voices so everyone else around could see what was going on right and this guy was groping this pregnant lady and I said so you're going to feel up a pregnant lady and public you know this is your choice anyway I you would mention you went on ground travel and it just reminded me because I'm always furious every time I travel anywhere through the airport because I really hate those fucking TSA office no and you imagine imagine how many people will apply for those jobs how many hundreds of thousands of people nationwide and worldwide will go into that type of a job they don't even understand the concept of what Right Livelihood is people should look up this concept Right Livelihood it's part of the Buddhist tradition see part of the Buddhist tradition which there are aspects of true spirituality within other religions as well you know it's not that they are have every single thing wrong it's just they they do they don't get down to the real core truths of morality in many cases because it's wrapped up with so much dogma and other nonsense but in in the Buddhist tradition in the Far East it is taught that there is something called the right way of making a living the right way of making the money that your resource that you need to make to survive and live in in the 3d reality and if you are doing something that is a violation of other people's rights lives and freedom then that is wrong livelihood that you should not do that for any amount of money and if it does cause harm if it does initiate harm or aggression or coercion or violence or duress upon anyone that you should not engage in that behavior regardless of whether you will be paid for it okay and and this is what people have in these positions have to understand there is a right morally right way of bringing in resources for you and your family to survive as is currently needed unfortunately in the current monetary system we are living in and then there is a morally wrong way to do that okay we need to step away from the morally wrong ways of doing that and only do that in a capacity that is morally right and acceptable according to the laws of morality to do and unfortunately most people don't care they will just continue to go and violate other people's rights as long as they're receiving a paycheck to do it and we need to stop calling these people in any way good people they're not good well-intentioned people they're people who don't care they don't care about whose rights they're violating that makes them psychopathic they don't care they look you right in the face and go I care more about my paycheck than your rights or even mine see they're saying they don't care about their own rights you know I'm not talking about mine mark passio speaking as them they'll say to you I don't care about your rights and I don't care about my rights they don't care about human rights now what kind of a person doesn't care about human rights it's called being an amoral bad person we need to stop you from izing it and say oh well they're just trying to feed their family I don't really care that's not my that's not my issue or problem my issue or problem is are you violating people's rights to do that and you don't have any right to do that you know you only believe that you do you know personally I don't care you put a gun up against my head and tell me to go violate other people's rights I don't shoot me it doesn't matter to me it's not I'm not cooperating I'm not going to do the behaviors that are commanded to me to do for any amount of money or any amount of violence you know we have to get over that notion that you know it's okay just because they have children to feed no it's not that still makes them an immoral human being that still makes them a bad person you know we have this totally wrong idea of what a good person and a bad person are you know we have this soft definition of what it means to be a good person it's it's a way narrower path to truly being a good true moral human being than people think that it is and that's therein lies the problem is that most people have been given this soft euphemistic definition of what a good person is you know these aren't good people and that never were their parents couldn't have been good people to teach them or not teach them I should say any kind of true moral values they had to come from an immoral upbringing so-called upbringing they weren't really brought up or raised at all you know in any kind of true moral principles and you know their parents didn't provide that kind of a morale nurturing environment because they did probably didn't have it themselves and then the cycle gets perpetuated down the line to the next generation and the next and the next we have to break that cycle and we can do it by openly telling people that what you think of as being immoral or being good is not what it really means to be moral or good and those are bad people and we have to say it openly and plainly of them and and insult them right to their face by telling them you're just a bad person you're just an immoral person I'm not interested in what their sensibilities are you know I don't care whether they get offended by that get they could get as offended as they'd like it's still true and that's all that matters when it comes to this spiritual war all that matters is are you on the side of truth are you on the side of true goodness or not and this is what people on our side have to come to understand is that they have to stop mincing words they have to be more bold with people and they have to tell them right to their face you're an immoral person and it's not okay what you are doing oh yeah yeah I totally agree with you mark III did attend your workshop as well oh great thank you so much I appreciate that and just as my feedback I've I'm still following more your information I think I've followed you for about four years and I still haven't haven't consumed all of the content that you've put out there but my personal opinion about that particular workshop and I do hope that that makes it the video from that makes it online yeah I think that was very briefly very briefly before you give me your analysis of it um I did record it I am planning on getting that edited fully to release the entire 9 hour presentation workshop of demystifying the occult revisited it will take a little while to do that but I'm going to have the resources available to do that I have the raw material and that will be being done so rest assured at some future point maybe not right away we are going to release demystifying the occult revision workshop from Anika poco 2019 so go ahead continue Chris perfect yeah well I just want to let you know that information I would consider is probably the best put together presentation of this information that you have done to date it was absolutely fantastic thank you so and so I'm looking forward to having it come on come up again I know I think it was about five hours in before we took a lunch break yes and in from in that fourth hour to the fifth hour my focus kind of started to go away a little bit there so I do look forward to catching some of that information anyway I just wanna let you know I could definitely tell the amount of effort that you put into that it was absolutely the most refined presentation I would say it was it was more or less a summary of almost all of your content put into one presentation I'd have to agree that that was kind of where I was going with it I really wanted to give people their money's worth and hit them with a whole lot and I know it covered a lot of ground and that's why I did want to try to you know trying to strike a balance between putting a whole lot of info in and then maybe possibly losing people's focus and intention and attention because I know that that is a it's a tall order to sit there for that amount and take in deep esoteric material for that amount of time and I just want to say that like people like really did a fantastic job in like a tuning themselves to to really do that because that's that's no easy task I recognize how difficult that is to do I don't pretend that that's not you know a tall order to ask someone to focus their mind for that long a period of time so it shows you how you know does desiring to get that body of material into oneself that the people who attended that were and that's it's inspiring to me that there are people out there who do take that approach to it and I want to learn that that deeply and badly so uh thank you so much Chris for you know your analysis of that and for attending and helping me to you know get some resources as part of you know my entire journey down to Mexico and Britt you know convert that back into the to the great work here back in Philadelphia so Chris thanks so much for your call just a real a great feedback on the the event the seminar at the event in particular okay let's go to look we have a less than five minutes left total so let's see who else can we go - lets go - Roman Roman you are live on what on earth is happening episode number 200 welcome Roman are you there there you go hi can you hear me yes I can you just unmuted great can hear you well clear okay Wow I tried to contact you for years thank you yeah I tried through many many different ways and struggled because I can it was pretty hard to get you on so anyway just go directly to the topic so I'm just a little bit about my journey so I discovered something like six years ago a language based on arithmetic and mathematics and it actually took me quite a few years to actually realize that that knowledge was actually what you are explaining as the natural laws it's through the discovering of the key billion book that allow me to understand that what I was able to see in mathematics in numbers in arithmetic actually was actually what that key Balian structured in its way through the language of the shape of the numbers basically I discovered that secret language that is encoded that I couldn't understand I I initially downloaded that geometry that is actually challenging a little bit your explanations about very nature of numbers and nature of of geometry than the way you present it and and then after that I discovered your work okay so it expanded my approach and my understanding and I used a little bit of your material to the course that I did exam it's a profound whole work the Cavalli on and you know again geometry is one of the the methodologies of the quadrivium it's one of the quantification sciences of the quadrivium which is the adjunct to the Trivium method so it's all connected and you know I guess by looking at the natural laws the underlying principles of natural law that is contained within the Cavalli and then that somehow led online for you to discover my work in natural law is that correct so I downloaded a geometry I discovered something that it took me actually three years to understand it's based on so for people who would like to look at what it looks like it they just can go to Facebook on sacred arithmetic I think 25 23 thousand followers Facebook page called sacred arithmetic and they could actually see the symbol that I discovered and it actually took me years to understand what this symbol was and it's only when I dis read the key Balian that I realized oh wow I I see through this symbol those universal laws that's and that are explained in a key value and then then I taught to people but the problem is that people don't give a shit they don't understand they they don't get it I did a course to more than I don't know 50 80 people and I guess probably like 10% of them got it and but it requires so much work to be able to get that left brain only way of thinking out of the way that often comes through pure number and abstraction and arithmetic and you know the physical science is to connect deeply into not just get rid of it but to make it not be our only modality of processing information so that we can combine the head and the heart you know we can actually combine both aspects of the holistic aspects of higher thought function of the brain and combine that with true heart based intelligence you know and when we do that you know then we're going to make real progress in consciousness and we're going to make progress toward greater levels of human freedom but ladies and gentlemen that's really all the time that we have for edition of what on earth is happening it's been so good taking your calls and hearing from you and your experiences in discovering this show glad I got a chance to recap an orca poco for everybody that's all the time we have for this edition ladies and gentlemen we'll see you right here next Sunday 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Eastern remember you've been watching what on earth is happening and the government is slavery we'll see right there next week thank you for watching 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