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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you have to move on freedom book says [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm ladies and gentlemen government is slavery the show is live every Sunday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. East Coast time that's 12 noon to 3 p.m. Pacific time today is Sunday March 24 2019 it's episode number 203 we have a great show lined up for you here today every week on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time today very controversial topic coming up for the show I'm going to be talking about how the religion called atheism is actually destroying human freedom that's right atheism is a religion and that's right it does not liberate the mind it enslaves it so we're gonna be talking about that very controversial topic a little bit later first I have a couple of quick housekeeping duties that I want to let everybody know about next week March 30th 2019 is going to be the nine year anniversary of the what on earth is happening show / podcast nine years I've been working on this you know with a couple of hiatuses however on March 30th 2010 was when I began so been at this for nine years now amazing so next Sunday will will celebrate that I'll figure out some you know form of celebration maybe we'll do a little contest or something not sure yet but next next week's show will be the 9 year anniversary of the show I have released the Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift lecture that I gave at the Nikola Tesla conference 2019 in New York City at the New York or hotel if we can briefly switch over to the laptop I will show people that that was released it's on the home page of the what on earth is happening calm website and you can pick that up on the gifts area of the site by going to the gifts tab or clicking the donation gifts button on the left and this this is the description on the homepage of what on earth is happening I'll read it very briefly the manifestation of free energy through Tesla technology is entirely dependent upon a particular type of spiritual paradigm shift that must take place first in the body of humanity this paradigm shift was hinted at by Tesla himself but unfortunately that necessary shift in consciousness still has not occurred at the level required to break the stranglehold of our current corrupt polluting and unsustainable energy systems in this presentation mark passio discusses what this spiritual shift in consciousness entails and some of the reasons why we are still so far away from achieving it as a species so this is a presentation that went over pretty well at the Tesla conference many people were very interested in it and came out and talked to me about what I said at the conference there was still some people that it made a little uncomfortable and who weren't ready to receive it but you know that's okay maybe they'll get there in time but anyway um you can pick that up by going to donation gifts by clicking this tab right here or by clicking this button and then when you enter that you can go over to the DVD section and the Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift is available on DVD there is the image of it and it is also available on flash drive you could also pick it up on a USB flash drive I've actually upgraded to some USB 3 flash drive so they're even better quality than they were before they're faster and I also want to let everybody know that I did put a new donation method on the donations page so people have been asking me if I would do patreon for a while some people like this as a donation platform allows recurring monthly donations so I did start a patreon page and I'm posting all of my video series that I do right here on the one on earth is happening you know video show is will be posted at patreon as well with their descriptions so if you click that it will take you right here to my patreon page and you could become a you know someone who donates on a monthly basis using patreon if you like this as a donation platform so I think that's all the housekeeping that I have for this week's show let's jump right into the main topic which is I'll start my presentation slides and we could switch over to that and again the main topic for the show today is and we're we have to switch over to the slides that's the yep okay there we go okay so the main topic is how the religion called atheism is destroying human freedom and once again I'll give a shout out to Brett Hatton for making the great podcast art that he's been doing for me you know great job with the graphics as always so this is a very highly controversial topic for a number of reasons obviously a lot of people know about the dangers of religion in the so called freedom movement or anarchist movement if you will and I have no problem with that as a matter of fact I've said from day one and will reiterate on this show that religion needs to be destroyed okay period okay I'm a I'm inst don't mince any words about it I know I make no bones about that I don't care what people who have a whole lot of religiosity in their mindset and still subscribe to religious viewpoints want to say about my take on that they'll say oh I'm still a Satanist because I say that no I'm someone who really understands how you really use reason and how the real scientific methodology works okay and that does not negate the existence of a creator that put the laws of reality into effect which we're going to talk about here today so a lot of people in the freedom movement because of their sheer hatred for religion which I don't have a problem with but it's more of its let's not even use the word hatred it's more of a blatant dish crossed and an understanding that religion is a control system which we'll be talking about but yet they're stuck in the dialectic see they think that the answer as I did many years ago when I turned away from my religious upbringing I thought the answer was to go to the opposite extremity the opposite polarity and the opposite polarity is always in the controlled dialectic it's always part of the polarization dialectic there is a third way or a middle path that usually if not always leads to the truth but that's the one that you're you never hear about that's the one that is kept hidden that's the one that they don't talk about on the mainstream media and that you don't learn about in history books and you don't learn about in school you don't learn about from your school teachers from your parents from your friends from your family members you know from anyone okay that's the one that you have to go out and seek on your own through depth and breadth of knowledge you know and there's a whole lot of confusion and misunderstanding regarding this so I hope to clear it up today with this presentation and I hope to get some of the people who in the freedom movement think that atheism is somehow the answer to understand that really you're you're fooling yourself and you don't understand ultimately what the religion called atheism leads to in society in invariably inevitably and it is historically proven if you have a long view of world history that it leads to what I'll be talking about that it leads to which is totalitarianism so let's jump into this presentation and this you could call continuation of the divide and conquer strategies that lead to the infighting in the freedom movement now a lot of people will then that I talked about last week now a lot of people will insist I'm adding to the division okay they'll they'll say that mark you're talking about how oh these people are wrong and these people are problematic and even people in the freedom movement are problematic I'm not trying to create any division folks I'm trying to help people to understand that when they are incorrect about a dynamic that often far too often their ego is so in the way of any real learning or growth and this was the same for me mine was no different when I was younger and I went through the whole polarization dialectic process okay so I want to take a very brief aside and let people know I'm still struggling with some allergy issues okay this presented itself on the show last week when I also say I haven't really addressed that briefly before I continue I set up a new intro for the show that is a motion graphic intro I actually made that myself pretty proud of how it came out I think it's looking pretty good and working very well and then I was able to pick up a nice brighter colored backdrop that's like a marbled blue which I'm really liking and it's a lot better fabric than what I was using I'm gonna actually like iron it make even less wrinkles in it so it'll look pretty pretty slick but I just actually unpacked that today and set it up and a wonderful individual donated this new microphone which is a shure sm7b and it's obviously a better focus own than what i had been using so i want to thank the individual who donated that you know who you are i don't know if you want me to say your name publicly on the air but thank you so much it's a beautiful donation to the effort so we're trying to continuously improve the quality of what on earth is happening and the entire production value so thank you to everyone who has contributed to that effort so jumping back into the presentation what we have to understand one other thing by the way I take the issue that allergies are a form of vaccination damage okay just as autism is just as other illnesses that are brought on by vaccines that have absolutely ridiculous additives and adjuvant in them that if people want to debate vaccines as far as the actual active mechanism for building an immunity that's one thing but the additives and adjuvant that are added into these things are an atrocious poison and that are are they're harming children and they harm adults as well because I never had allergies growing up ever indoor or outdoor to animals to cats anything okay to dust nothing okay pollen absolutely not the allergy symptoms that I experienced in adulthood came on during my early teenage years when I got a booster vaccination for going into high school after I was graduating from grade school and then I was not able to be around cats literally right after I got that booster vaccination shot okay then cats set me off they triggered me like I was good you know going to die not able to breathe my lungs you know basically completely a big becoming congested my sinuses filling up and not being able to breathe well through my nose I said last week that I think this was triggered by some dust that I was exposed to during cleaning a spring cleaning on my place here in in Philadelphia and I think this is a continuation of that and or possibly I was exposed to another allergen in my environment but I just want to say that I think that this is vaccination damage and many of us will have it not even understand why we have some of the issues that we do physiologically and I've tried every remedy possible people have put me on different programs to clean just about every system of the body my diet is pretty decent I say it's actually been tightened up since I became vegan in 2018 I've never physically been in better shape and I've never physically felt better and my diet has never been better so I don't think it's a dietary issue whatsoever and I don't think that anything really that you could do with dye and homeopathic remedies is going to solve the issue okay I know I no longer believe that because I believe this is immune system damage that was done through vaccinations and that's why we have to be very serious in our efforts to understand the problems with vaccinations and really really err on the side of caution whenever attempting to give any of these things to children okay whoever disagrees with that you could have your own take on that I've said my piece I'm going to go into all of this in depth on another show on nutrition and health which will be coming up in the near future so going back into the presentation for today on atheism what we have to understand is that like religion like all other forms of religion atheism is just a dialectic and it's again it follows the form of the Hegelian dialectic that we talked about last week which is a divide and conquer strategy now again the philosopher who came up with this was George George Wilhelm Frederick Frederick Hegel okay this individual I don't feel was a dark occultist I don't think that this person was just evil in coming up with this philosophical stratagem okay but what it has been done is it has been taken and perverted and used for the manipulation of humanity so the Hegelian dialectic is a framework it's a psychological framework for guiding the thoughts and actions of individuals into conflicts that lead to a predetermined solution okay so you have to have conflict you have to have opposing sides that will vehemently war against each other and then from that thesis meeting the antithesis okay conflict will engage and then there will emerge a synthesis from which the controlling class can manage the conflict and the chaos and bring about the result that it wants that it already had predetermined but if it said I want to do this everybody would you know give resistance to that they would say no we don't want that but once you bring this conflict this artificially induced conflict and and a polarization between two sides then it becomes a piece of cake to bring in a predetermined agenda that is that synthesis between the two okay so and what they want is they want people warring over these ideas so that they are easier to conquer they are manipulated they are weakened and they are easier to further manipulate and further control so the Hegelian dialectic is accomplished by manipulating consciousness into circular patterns of thought and action which never lead to a true solution the synthetic solution that is offered by the ones manipulating this artificial conflict this is called artificial conflict resolution that's another term that in the modern world the Hegelian dialectic is given by social engineers and by some psychologists artificial conflict resolution okay the synthetic solution quote-unquote to these conflicts cannot be introduced unless those who are being manipulated takes sides that will advance the predetermined agenda and that is what people are doing when they fall into either religiosity or atheism they are both diet polarization dialectics as I'm going to explain so moving on to the next slide this has been my take since day one on what on earth is happening and I will reiterate it and it is true it doesn't make a difference whether you don't accept it it doesn't make a difference whether you don't believe it it is true regardless okay the concept of religion and what it actually means not what you currently think it means for those who may be new listening to the broadcast okay again part of what I show here on what on earth is happening is you have to understand what the presenter means by the topic that they are discussing not hearing a word and triggering your own pre-existing internal definition that exists already in your mind of the word because there is a larger context in which matters with everything context matters with everything okay the larger context that I am using the word religion to help people to understand what it really represents okay so you have to get your internalized mental definition out of your brain that you've been handed that has been handed to you and has been regurgitated to you since the day you were born and understand I am using religion in a much wider sense as a word as a construction mental concept to convey meaning to someone then what you may understand religion to be or what your dictionary definition that you have floating around already pre-existing in your mind this tells you that it is so I call religion the one and only problem of this world okay the word religion does in fact come from the Latin verb relig re there are people who insist that this isn't the case and I'm telling you this is the etymological definitive etymological place origin of the word religion it comes from the Latin verb relig ra relig or e in Latin literally means to bind to hold back by tying to thwart from forward progress all you have to do is go to a Latin dictionary online a Latin to English translation site or and pick up a rudimentary like a high school level freshman or sophomore level Latin reader and go into the vocabulary of the Latin reader and look up the word the word relig or e it is a verb that's the infinitive form okay religio relig ra okay and it means to bind to hold back or the thwart from forward progress religion as I am using the term is a system of sociological control it's a control mechanism based in there's three qualities of something that that makes something a religious belief okay the belief is unchallenged it is erroneous meaning it is false and it is dogmatic meaning it is rigidly held to and it can be law actually unchallenged or completely unchallenged but basically is pretty much accepted on blind faith so it is based an unchallenged erroneous and dogmatic belief not knowledge which is provable through scientific methodology but a belief system which is specifically designed to hold back the progress of human consciousness the term religion as I am using it here does not merely refer to the belief systems of what I call and many others refer to as the cultural religions of the world okay for example Christianity Judaism Islam Buddhism Taoism Hinduism etc so forth and so on on infinitum and all the different flavors and variants that they exist in throughout the world these are what I refer to as the cultural religions or the world religions the cultural religions of the world however you want to look at that term however you want to express it these are cultural belief systems okay that are often about God about creation about human origins about morality you know etc okay but they are beliefs they are not ultimately based in knowledge often they work through parables to teach people some rudimentary moral lessons but you're not really getting to the heart of science of true knowledge when you just believe in largely unchallenged almost always or partially erroneous beliefs and dogmatic beliefs which people just take on faith and stay rigidly clinging to okay what on earth is happening has never been about clinging to any rigid beliefs it's about understanding factually what has taken place and what is going on in the world okay and what has taken place in nature okay so people will say well it's a belief to believe in something like gravitation or electromagnetism no it isn't because it has an observable effect in the world and that's why people say oh it's some sort of a religious belief to believe that natural law exists no it requires no belief because it has a natural observable effect in the world as we're going to talk about and that's what sets it apart and it's not a religion it's actually a science and it is knowable just like the dynamics of motion are knowable through scientific laws the dynamics of the consequences of behavior are also knowable and thus come comprised a science of morality so religion in a wider sense must be recognized as an active form of mind control placed into human society by social engineers religion in this wider view of the term includes an array of limiting and controlling belief systems or social structures such as Authority government money mainstream media scientism which will talk a lot about materialism solipsistic ism hedonism atheism and many many more we could do a hundred shows on religious beliefs and never touch on Christianity Judaism Hinduism Islam etc we would never need to bring the cultural religions into the picture I could do a hundred shows on religious beliefs and never talk about the cultural religions once that's how many religions are out there in the world folks if you understand religion in this context and stop insisting that it's just your limited mental definition of the term okay so all forms of religion not just some but all forms of religion are what put the human mind in a cage and keep it there I refer to this graphic on the right in this slide as the head cage or the brain cage or the mind cage and that's what this is all about it's very interesting that this show is number 203 ok symbolically occultic allah in a cult numerology when we break that down it's 20 that zero doesn't add any value so it's it's equivalent to 23 in the thalamic system of occultism numerologically the number 23 means getting out of mind control that is literally what the number 23 means okay to get out of the limiting and controlling belief systems that have held back your consciousness and that is very synchro mystic if you ask me I did not work work at that's this way this was my intended topic and I didn't even realize that until like yesterday okay it's very interesting how things just work out like that almost magically if you will okay so what we have to understand religion as ultimately is nothing more than forms different forms of mind control that's all they ever have been that's all they are now and that's all they ever will be okay so you could replace the word religion in the top sentence as the one and only problem that mind control is the one and only problem because religion is mind control just like government is slavery well all forms of religion are forms of mind control so I don't know how much more simplified and repetitive and babyish I need to take this down to a level of I don't know how much more simplified I can break it down in little baby spoon-fed bytes to the listening audience huh you know there are people who say to me mark I can't stand how much you repeat I can't stand how much you're you you just go over the the same things but it's like then other people are like I can't even understand a word that you are saying to me so you have to tread this medium of saying things over and over so those who are a little slow on the uptake can get it okay versus potentially boring people who are very quick on the uptake and they have a sharp mind and they can get it with the first time it said I are on the side of I'm going to keep repeating it I'm gonna hammer it into the minds of the people that are out there to the extent that I am capable because there is all I think more people than not are slower on the uptake and that's because of a lot of vaccine damage that maybe they've they've undergone that fogs the mind and and you know affects the body in many different ways but it also has an effect on the mind plus all the toxins that are in our environment these are all forms of controlling the mind and limiting it and slowing it down okay we have to understand as I'm talking about it here you cannot tell me one human problem that is not based in mind control that is not based in wrong thinking wrong thinking is the basis of every single human problem and that follows the law of mentalism of natural law everything is ultimately stems from and is created from a mental construct even the universe itself okay so everything has to come eventually from mine as a causation as a causal factor then it comes down into the realm of manifestation once it has existed in mind so every single human problem first existed in the human mind before it became a manifested reality in the 3d world in which we live and share that's why religion has to be destroyed all forms of it every single form of religion humanity will not be free until every form of religion including atheism is destroyed and we know the truth because only knowledge will set us free ladies and gentlemen there's no Savior coming to rescue us from our own fucking stupidity you think that you are a baby a baby in your mindset no saviors coming to rescue us and no blue avians are coming to rescue us either for your other group of fucking babies okay because that's what you are who believe this nonsense peddled to you by people in that whole fucking community of the the et saviors that are coming any day now they're just having a problem with the warp drive they're getting it fixed they're their engineers are working on it as we speak they'll be here any minute fucking little dunce children believe this shit okay and here's why this is the reason people fall for religion this is the reason people fall for any form of mind control that they fall for it's why they don't understand reality it's why they don't understand what's taking place around them and within them it's why they've remained mental children their whole damn lives okay and this is a piece of cake for people who understand it to manipulate people and this can either one of these conditions okay our social engineers the masters of this world the d'arco cultists of this world who are manipulating the events from behind the scenes it's a you're a joke to them Humanity is a fucking joke to these people okay they are they have people on strings are making advanced like dunce puppets that they are because that's how easy it is to manipulate people in a state of brain imbalance okay getting them to believe the nonsense that they put on TV get them to believe all these nonsense false flag events okay yeah you know get them to lay down their rights whenever they're told okay it's a piece of cake for these social engineers to do because of the ignorance I'm gonna term I'm gonna call in a new term I don't know if it's it's out there in the cultural lexicon yet but it I haven't heard of it so I'm gonna coin the new term okay the ignore ROTC okay that's what the vast majority of the human race is the ignoratio yeah you've been you've been christened as belonging to a new secret society it's not the Illuminati the illuminated ones the enlightened ones no it's the ignore Otte okay the ignorant ones that's what I'm gonna start calling people instead of the Dead the Sheep the Sheep oh you know the ignoratio is what the people of this world really are okay the ignorant ones there's your new very own custom-made secret society okay and you know it would be funny if it weren't so damn sad that's what it really is it's really sad it's a sad joke is what it is okay and here's why the puppet masters can continue to make that puppets dance on their strings because people almost invariably are in one form of chronic brain imbalance in the neuro chemistry of the human brain in one form of brain imbalance or another so chronic left brain dominance this is when someone is too rigid of a left brain egghead okay and we all know people like this we all know them right we all know people they're the ultra skeptics nothing is true you know no one can ever really truly know anything you know jackass is to think like this I mean imagine this there's no such thing you know it's almost like they've gone so left brain that there are a fully right brain imbalance you know that's how a lot of these forms of imbalance work you know how many people know the Sikh religion is that is like a control freak because they've gone so far in the right brain imbalance their whole fucking brain becomes imbalance and they come around the left brain tendencies it's the same thing when it comes the left brain imbalance so some people are such rigid skeptics that then they go into solid sysm okay and they think nothing can be true because no evidence is good enough for them no matter how much is presented rigid skeptics the eggheads okay scientism worshippers those who worship at the altar of scientism which we're going to talk about what that is what scientism is and what it means okay not real science not genuine science but scientism a religion atheism the religion that we're talking about here today okay this is a hallmark of chronic left brain dominance people who believe that there is no spiritual dimension that there is no consciousness they'll say consciousness is just electrochemical signals in the physical brain science has proven that inaccurate we're going to talk about how much science has proven inaccurate in the Newtonian model in the completely 100 percent scientifically disproven outdated Newtonian materialistic paradigm of science you are clinging to the dead corpse of 150 year old disproven science minimum of a hundred year old disproven completely disproven me and that that's people who think they're up to date with scientific developments they think they're up to date they don't read any new science that comes out they're reading things from textbooks that were printed 75 fuckin years ago and think that this is still accurate you know or what they learned in school when they were just a little chump you know and they actually believe that what they their teachers told them and in the textbook that the Rockefeller Foundation published you know that somehow that's accurate science that's accurate cutting-edge modern science you are it's like it's like it's like someone who says I just got the latest telephone you know and they bring out one of the old you know models forget the rotary ones that that would be way too new they bring out the old ones that are like that mountain mounted on the wall and it has the mouthpiece that you talk into and you got to hold the earpiece up like that and there's a crank on the side you know that that that's what they think is the latest telephone model you know forget the latest iPhone or Android model that's what they're working with and this is exactly what they're working with regarding science and they think they're up to date on science and they're using a completely outdated and disproven paradigm as their basis for understanding and then they consider themselves scientific you got to be absolutely fucking joking me okay but unfortunately no these people are actually serious okay and think that they know see a problem is it's shallow depth of knowledge not drinking deeply enough from the perience spring of knowledge okay they want to take the shallow little sips you know like a little girl at a tea party the dainty little sips of knowledge and then put it down never go back to it again and say I know everything there is the fucking know you don't know anything little boy little girl nothing because you don't do the real work you don't you're too lazy you don't really look into it deeply because that takes too much time and effort and you want to believe what you want to believe you want to stay there and I ultimately this is about I'm not trying to change anybody folks I'm here to witness truth that's it I'm here to put truth out into the world that's my job that's what I am tasked to do okay it's someone else's Karma whether they want to stay on the path of Satanism and disinformation and wrong information and then do harm as a result that's their Karma that has nothing to do with me okay I'm fulfilling my Dharma and my karma by putting the word out by speaking the truth out there into the world okay and then I've done my piece then it's up to other people and what they do with it is on them it's not on me okay that having been said this rigid left brain chronic left brain and dominance will then lead to even solipsistic ism approach that is so rigid and so believing that nothing really ultimately constitutes proof of anything that they go into the religion known as solace ISM which is the religion that there is no such thing as truth that there is only perceptions and that there is no actual objective truth no objective knowledge I have people saying there's no such thing as knowledge I hear this on on social media no no such thing is not what nothing can be known you can't know anything you know imagine this imagine and they think they're gonna be free they think they're gonna be free folks knowledge is the only path to freedom there is no other path to freedom except through knowledge get it out of your head if you think otherwise you want to think path to actual freedom is believing in something we're believing in someone okay these religious mindsets will put you in a fucking trap and keep your soul in that trap they'll keep your mind in that trap and they'll keep your soul in that trap because that's what their design to do that's exactly what they're designed to do and atheism is no different atheism is the exact same trap just another religion just like saw abscissa is okay so solid sysm the religion that espouses the belief that there is no such thing as truth and everything is just a perception moral relativism is what left brain imbalance will lead to because if there is no such thing as knowledge well there's no and there's no such thing as objective reality an objective truth then hey how could there be objective reality well obviously there can't be so these are see this mindset this left brain imbalance leads to the belief it's all perception and therefore human beings get to make it up what morality is it doesn't exist in nature it's not something that we have to align our perceptions to because it exists objectively and independently of us no no no we get to make up what right and wrong are and then we could change it we can change it anytime we want we could change it in any location we want you know this is the jackass mindset of people in this left brain chronic left brain dominance form of brain imbalance this is how fucked up their mind is okay and it's just amazing it's amazing that it's the year 2019 with all of the scientific knowledge and discoveries that we have made regarding consciousness and regarding actual spirituality that we're still at this dark age we're still in the dark ages when it comes to this dynamic because there's a gap in science see all these left brain eggheads think they're up to date on science in there there's a scientific knowledge gap that takes place in time and it's growing and growing and growing and growing you don't understand this dynamic you better look it up and research it when new actual scientific discoveries happen and the scientific community it's now taking longer and longer and longer a period of time to get that understanding out into the public sphere at all and then even once it does emerge into the public conscious it takes so much longer for the public to really understand how that dynamic scientifically works so you you have to you have to realize you're dealing with to time lag chasms from the time an actual scientific discovery is made you're going to the time lag when it actually gets published out to the community in any kind of a wide way where people are even taking notice of it at all then there's another time lag from the time it gets published into the wider public community and the time that it's actually understood by dumb people you know till they can rewire their brains enough to accept yes this is actually how it does really work you know so that's the kind of time lags we're fighting so going back to the slides you know moral relativism is one of the hallmarks of Satanism Satanism is a religion that comes about through extreme chronic left brain dominance and imbalance and moral relativism will lead to social Darwinism because they'll say well hey since human beings there's no other higher power in the universe and this is how atheists and most left brained eggheads and rigid scientism believers think okay since there's no higher power than human beings well we get to make up what right and wrong are why shouldn't human beings form a social pecking order that is like the animal kingdom see it all comes down to when you're in this form of left brain and balance you think the rules of the animal the lower animal kingdom should be applied to human beings behavior and I see this over and over I see jackasses arguing online saying oh well the lion just devours the the gazelle on the plains because it takes what it needs - why shouldn't human beings act like that why shouldn't we just do whatever any other animals do because we're not fucking animals that's why we're not just animals we have an animalistic component but then we all have a higher thought component which are neocortical brain is supposed to make possible but most people aren't using it they're not using either hemisphere of the brain they're certainly not using them well I'll tell you that much you know so because they they think we're no different than other animals you hear this all the time human beings are not set apart from the animal kingdom no no we're not set apart from the animal kingdom right because animals can do all the things that we can you know they can form multiple languages they have higher level mathematics and creativity and art yeah yeah right there's no difference I mean people don't even understand what dumb bags a shit they sound like when they talk they really don't they don't they don't understand how ignorant they sound they really should videotape their voice and go back and listen to how dumb they sound okay you know I go back and listen to old shows that I do and I go Wow unbelievable job nobody else is doing this and I'm horrified it isn't like I want to take pride in it I don't want to take pride in it I'm horrified that so few people are even doing anything like this there's like a handful of people that are doing this this type of work effectively but most people it's the exact opposite they open their mouth and a liquid stream of diarrhea comes blurting out of it you know they should videotape themselves and go back and watch and hear what they sound like cuz they don't even just understand how bum they sound when they talk yeah we're no different than other animals I mean please and then of course you know in the satanic mindset moral relativism will lead to social Darwinism you know that we should just act like other animals and have a a dog-eat-dog mentality you know a beastial those with the shark sharpest teeth and claws with the most ravening vicious attitude will come out victorious and emerge on top of the of the human herd you know yeah that'll get you a great world yeah it's a what a wonderful place you'll be fucking living in yeah oh we're already living in that place because of this mindset I forgot that's where we already are at see yeah that's what wrong thinking has gotten us this is the state it has gotten us to and then you just take that out to the final solution and it's called eugenics a Thor eteri anism totalitarianism and eugenics which means some people are going to decide who's allowed to live and who must die and that's the height of the satanic ideology that's the height of what these Saints this dark occultists want to put into the world that's where they want to get the human population to accept they want to get us to that place of acceptance then on the other side of mind control again I call these the psychological schism I call this the psychological schism this is where our species is at in one form of chronic brain imbalance or another I call this the prelude to divide and conquer once you're in this form of imbalance you could be conquered only people who are operating with the brain on all cylinders combining the left and right brain hemispheres and using it toward their highest potential which is what the mental path really is okay then you're going to be able to be manipulated deceived and ultimately conquered and enslaved chronic right brain imbalance works the exact opposite way it's the exact opposite form of mind control so the symptoms of this form of brain and balance are you're naive and you'll just believe anything open to blind belief with no investigation somebody tells you something new with very little evidence to back it up and you accept it blindly too many people in that mindset especially in the truth community okay it's a hallmark of religious extremism religiosity it has been called a willingness to just believe dogmatically religious beliefs solve abscissa mcgann you see the religion called solid system works in both directions left rein and balance and right brain imbalance people in solids ISM think there's no such thing as truth no such thing as objective knowledge absolutely things exist independently of our perception in the universe in the natural domain it is our job as human beings to align our perceptions to the objective reality that is taking place within us and around us this is like this is like infant class 101 of reality detection and understanding it's it's horrific sadness to me that I have to explain this to any other living human being and that there is you have no idea the tremendous resistance to taking in even this small amount of knowledge how many people would say absolutely not you're completely wrong you don't know what you're talking about over and over and over and over again I hear this while the world is practically in fucking flames and they still can't get that it's because of wrong thought it's because of wrong perception people acting upon inaccurate perceptions that they have come to inaccurate conclusions because they are using inaccurate methods of reasoning and they don't can understand that this is what's happening worldwide that is putting people into the position where they can be easily manipulated and ultimately enslaved and they'll fight you to the death that they know and this isn't how it really works fight you to the death the ignoratio ADEs and gentlemen we're gonna have to build them some kind of a a building some type of a meeting house or a church of some sort you know it has to be really really fucking big I'll tell you that much you know it has to be a gigantic facility somewhere so salep sysm exists on both sides of the equation left brain imbalance and right brain imbalance okay no such thing is anything that's true it's all just a matter of perception and opinion and then of course right brain imbalance will lead to things like unworthiness self-loathing drug addiction you know so you know just hating the self you know I'm not good enough and then that leads people to join institutions like cults like the government like the police like the military you joined a fucking cult little boy little girl who hates themself that is in a state of largely both left brain and balance and right brain and bounce but the willingness to join a cult is a big right brain dominance trait right brain imbalance trait okay because you got to be already in a state of self-loathing and self-hatred to join a cult okay and that's where the order followers and the police and military come in they're in that form of imbalance as well even though they're left reign and balance Psychopaths many of them most of them almost all of them and the form of right brain brain imbalance will ultimately lead to people being willing to be a willing slave by choice or saying there's nothing that we can do about it the world is headed into slavery we can do nothing to turn it around it's an ultimately going to be destroyed it's called giving up giving up and standing down mentality don't do anything take no action little impotent children think like this powerless children and ladies and gentlemen this is what this whole mind-control dialectic is designed to put people into that's the mindset it's designed to place you into the mindset of a powerless child these social engineers know exactly what they're doing they know exactly what they're doing and they're doing it very efficiently and very effectively by the actual state of the world all you got to do is take a look out your door see what the world is really like and you understand we're getting our asses kicked by these social engineers and it's because people don't want to set their ego aside admit that they were wrong admit that they were duped admit that they're in one form of brain and balance or another and then heal themselves go through the shadow work of healing yourself so that you can actually strengthen yourself and come out of the the mindset of being a powerless impotent child and actually act as an adult as a cosmic adult in the real to make positive lasting change now people don't want to do that they want to remain infants cosmic infants so this mental schism will then lead to a worldview schism and I know this is a review for some people but guess what a lot of other people don't know this or they heard it and it went in one ear and out the other and they completely forgot it okay in one ear out the other not paying attention not really giving the spiritual currency of time and attention to the subject matter okay and that's why that it does bear repeating to firmly nest it in the psychological understanding in the human mind okay when you're in the left brain form of imbalance your worldview starts to shift toward believing that the universe is a state of total randomness with no order to it this is the the universe is a grand cosmic accident no creator no underlying intelligence and nature everything happened as a complete accident all the laws of nature just manifested that way because no answer to it okay because it just randomly happened that way okay they don't even try to offer an explanation they'll just say it's just random occurrence okay as if you could throw a bunch of pieces up in the air and when they land it's a working computer I'm just gonna take all the components of a computer or all of the raw materials that comprise a computer I'm gonna take it in a big box I'm gonna take the box throw it up in the air and when it lands there's a perfectly working you know MacBook Pro or there's a perfectly working HP Envy right there you know imagine this this is how people think the universe works that there was no design that there was no handiwork whatsoever that the laws of nature just magically appeared from the thing as did all matter they think there's no such thing as spirituality consciousness morality natural law nothing meaningless terms I actually had someone in the freedom movement I'm look I don't generally when I talk about people that I interact with on a daily basis I don't use their names because in 99.9% of the scenarios that I refer to if I did use somebody's name I would be horrific aliy embarrassing embarrassing them to their peer group and that's that's a sad thing I had someone at a meeting of alleged libertarians and anarchists say to me consciousness and spirituality are 100 percent meaningless terms to me and I said well enjoy your slavery men just enjoy it like why would you be concerned that you're going into slavery at all why would you show up here why would you even be concerned that the world is degenerating into totalitarianism why wouldn't you just go back kick on the fucking idiot tube and watch whatever reality show you feel like watching for the night why not what would you be trying to get into any philosophical discussions about the wrongness of going into a state of totalitarianism and slavery what would it matter because consciousness is meaningless to you and spirituality is meaningless to you well then right and wrong obviously have to be meaningless to you as well truth has to be meaningless to you as well by definition because they are stuck in a paradigm of science that is 100 complete outdated and wrong and this is again I'll be saying it over and over again the Newtonian paradigm of scientific materialism look up the primacy of matter okay as put forward by the Newtonian paradigm of science that is 100 percent Blee false by modern scientific standards and yet they still think that's the standard for science you're not privy to the new shit man as the dude from The Big Lebowski would say you're not privy to the new shit sorry but I got to just say it just like that you are you're thinking your old rotary telephone is this the industry standard okay and again it's because they take a tiny little bit of knowledge they latch on to it that's that's dogmatism that's religion and this is my beyond and all and this is my damn identity it's my identity you know that's how most people think people in the randomness worldview trapped in the worldview of randomness believe that existence has no purpose other than to continue to exist there's not attempting to do anything to create anything to move toward any other preferable state of existence no purpose other than to continue to exist when that is actually completely scientifically disproven we know that the universe is attempting to create more complexity and less differentiation by creating more forms this is something that the ancient Greek philosophers and Egyptian philosophers talked about endlessly and ultimately the randomness worldview are the hallmarks of scientism atheism and totalitarianism every totalitarian regime that has ever existed on the face of the goddamn earth has told people these things the universe is a cosmic accident there's no creator okay spirituality is meaningless there's no such thing as real objective morality or natural law existence has no purpose except to survive survival as human beings only purpose that is what they are trying to put into the minds of the people to get them to accept total control absolutely 100% that's what it leads to left brain and balance and that is what atheism is all about determinism on the other hand just to counterbalance this okay is the opposite right brain in bounce and this is why a lot of people go into the opposite dialectic see folks I want to re-emphasize this people see the danger of religion and then they think atheism is the preferable alternative that's where they're getting lost that's where they're making a big error in judgment because they're falling into the setup socially engineered dialectic of two false choices that's why when I tell people I'm not a religion aside on't subscribe to any religion I think all religion needs to be destroyed and equally I am NOT an atheist I do not accept atheism I think that's just another religion that needs to be destroyed people like look at me like I have you know 1000 hydras growing out of the base of my neck you know they don't they can't that immediately stop someone from putting you in a box because that's what everybody wants to do they want to do this you know a ontological grouping in hierarchical boxes okay which is not even a right way of looking at ontology anyway okay but that's where everybody when they're they're trying to figure you out they want to get a read on you that's what they try to do I gotta put this person in a box immediately or then he she makes no sense whatsoever to me and I needed to rigidly make sense in my dogmatic worldview okay so you have to understand there is a third alternative and in many cases there's three four five six a thousand alternatives to the dialectic let's look at the right side of this dialectic let's continue it's called the worldview of determinism the opposite of pure randomness everything is determined everything is set in stone you can't change a thing God controls every event in all of creation so all occurrences are obviously preordained because God is all-powerful and all-knowing free will is an illusion and does not actually exist this is actually one you could throw on the left as well under randomness a lot of people they've gone so into the paradigm of the primacy of matter think that matter controls everything in the since there's no consciousness there can't be any free will so you got to see how brain imbalance and often mirrors each other one form of it it often is a mirror to the other form okay so just because you go in right brain and balance doesn't mean you can't have characteristics of left brain imbalance and vice versa just because you go into left brain and balance doesn't mean you can't have right brain imbalance they work together hand-in-hand to systematically destroy the mind and the soul so free will to the deterministic individual then the worldview of determinism doesn't exist and since God controls everything change is impossible because it's all part of the divine plan that you aren't really given free will it's all an illusion and therefore you know action would be meaningless because you can't change anything you know it's all set in stone it's all pre-written it's all written to occur and these are obviously the hallmarks for anyone who's really thinking and paying attention at all of both religious extremism because this is all pure religiosity and the mindset of a slave slave think as I call it one is master think one is slave think and even to call it master think is really not accurate it's you know just pure left brain imbalance of believing Sciences the beyond and all which leads to atheism and leads to totalitarianism and then the opposite is a total religious nutter so in either instance you're not coming out with a good outcome in either instance you're coming away with the world that is drenched and saturated in chaos okay that's what ultimately these two forms of completely brain imbalanced worldviews will ultimately lead to so I call these polarization dialectics okay these are dialectics to polarize the public into two camps because that's where they're easily managed from two camps that are fighting against each other then you could easily manage the chaos and you can manage the outcome on the other side and then you win so you conquer once you have the people divided and fighting amongst each other which boy do they have I mean man when I I thought it was going in the right direction and we were gonna really understand these dynamics we were really gonna bring them to a wider understanding in the world and man did we horrific Lee fall on our face in our own shit that's what happened in the freedom movement folks that's what happened okay I don't care who I offend by saying it you're not doing good enough you're not doing well enough you're not getting the word out there effectively enough you're not trying hard enough you're not trying hard enough because look at the state of the fucking world too busy fighting each other not understanding the polarization tactics that are brought to the table by these engineers I'm telling you your face and people that are infinitely more powerful than you fucking realize I was with them I work with them I know who they are and I know what they're capable of and you don't you think you do and you don't you believe that you know what you're up against but you don't or you would be putting every ounce of your effort into fighting these people instead of fighting each other so let's get into the polarization dialectics of religion versus atheism so you can really see how this comes about and how it manifests in society the worldview characteristics of a religionist which is obviously religion ism religiosity religious extremism is born out of chronic right brain dominance as we've already seen so we all know this jackass we've all met this jackass okay we've all met the Jesus Freak we've all met the Allah Freak we've all met you know the Jewish Torah law insane fuck okay we've all met them alright cuz there's no shortage of them out there okay no shortage of them these are people who really belong in mental asylums really if you ask me as opposed to walking the street trying to convince people of their absolute nonsense garbage view of reality so look at the world view characteristics spirit is primary God is all-powerful so matter is ultimately meaningless okay what I've heard people say this that believe the new-age variant of this religion you know now I'm not just talking about Christianity I'm talking about right brain imbalance religion you could throw a New Ager over there and it would be the same thing just just be a different image okay spirit and is primary creation God whatever you want to call it is all powerful the physical world is evil or it should be ascetically shunned at the very least I have people I heard someone say recently all matter is meaningless the 3d world is just a total illusion that doesn't matter we should try to ascetically shun it we shouldn't take any action we shouldn't try to change anything here we shouldn't try to impose our will upon and etc so forth imagine imagine they think nothing that happens here matters Wow are you lost lost that is the epitome of Satanism that is not spirituality at all that is what Satanists would have you do and that's why Satanist wrote a lot of the book of the books of the modern spiritualist movement they've they bragged about it to many other people other than me you know you can go back into other people's works that talked about the that dark occultists we're going to take over occult publishing houses I mean have a spiritual publishing houses I taught I was told when I was involved in satanic grottoes in my tri-state area I was told that they were taken over publishing houses and they were gonna put all kinds of spiritual nonsense out into the public domain to muddy the waters of what real spirituality is told out the old plainly blatantly like they were just proud of it because they are and they don't just talk folks they do what they say they're gonna do and they did it because what people believe today they have their head lodged so firmly up their ass they're probably never gonna get it out till the day they die and even then they won't get it out and death as I've said many times before is no cure for ignorance they'll probably be reborn as still in the ignorantiy okay so God demand strict human obedience to his arbitrary and often conflicting set of rules and goals in the physical world should not be focused on rather we should focus on the promised afterlife with God so every single one of us knows the religious freak every single one and because there's no shortage of them okay now this is why most people in the freedom movement distrust dislike and/or outright hate religion and rightfully so okay however what is their strategy once they recognize that this is a controlled paradigm and a control system most of them go well all forms of spirituality and consciousness are fraudulent and therefore I have to become an atheist that says I don't believe in the existence of any form of a spiritual dimension okay that's part of the dialectic of the social engineers to get us to accept that we don't have a soul and that we there is no such thing as spirit or consciousness that's the dialectic and many people fall into the night dialect as did I I fell into the atheism dialectic and that's what pushed me into Satanism and in a way I wouldn't have changed it I wouldn't change it okay what I would change is other people's rigidity and holding on to it because while I held on to it for a length of time I still wasn't in such ego that I held on to until the day I died okay but what had to change it for me was recognizing that I was actually taking part in the enslavement of all my fellow brothers and sisters okay that's what had to change it for me and I had to suffer for that mindset to change see most people will never change their mindset because they they're they're so entrenched in ego run amok that they cannot admit that they were ever wrong they're incapable of making an apology to themselves to other people and to creation and they cannot say the words I was wrong see I was never that kind of a person ever never ever once for I'm saying while I was a Satanist for a time I latched on to that but really if you show them the alternative evidence I would say I need to look into that and then once I looked into it that and you can you could confirm this you could ask people who know me personally if I do this in real life okay when alternative evidence has shown to me and it is convincing not if it has billions of holes in it that can be easily you know brought forward and shown to be holes in the model or paradigm but if it convinces me and it holds sound the rigorous testing I will say I had not considered that thank you for bringing that new information to my attention and I'm going to adjust my worldview accordingly and if you don't believe that I do that and have done that endlessly ask people who know me in my personal life if you could find them on social media and they'll tell you the truth about I won't put any words in their mouth let them tell you okay so I'm not just saying that I do that alright so what people fall into here is the exact opposite dialectic they think because religion is emisn t answer that atheism must be the answer when it's only another completely contrived setup part of the dialectic to hold people's minds enslaved so the left brain dominant atheist thinks like this and this is our mascot for for this show you know you saw him and I believe it was on anarchy and the occult part one that I gave it an orca poco in 2018 okay this is the mascot that I'm putting forward for a he looks like a nice righteous smug little prick doesn't he okay so you know and this is what most people who take on this worldview look like and sound like and think like and you know in general behave like that they're so above everybody else that they haven't figured out when you don't have anything figured out boy you don't have anything figured out girl nothing your mind is so small it's like you know the whole the old adage there's more in heaven and earth than his dreamt of in your philosophy okay Shakespeare you know he's saying your mind is so small you can't even conceive the wonders that are out there in the universe at all and this is one of the things atheism will hold you in a very tiny mindset that is incapable of perceiving the wonders that are all around us the worldview characteristics of atheism is that matter is primary and that there is no such thing as spirit there is no such thing as God or spirit does not exist the physical world is all there is so we just continue to smash subatomic particles down to finer and finer constituent elements we're going to get to that god particle and it's going to explain everything about the entire universe yeah good luck with that you know not only is that not going to work to explain the intended outcome a result it's probably going to end up in very destructive forms of energy that are gonna blow a blow a large portion of the earth up or maybe the whole thing atheists think that only the physical laws of the universe exists but there are no laws that govern behavioral consequences so there's no such thing as natural law to them and that is why they're destroying freedom that is why people in the freedom movement it's one of the main reasons the people in the freedom movement that subscribe to the polarization dialectic called atheism the religion called atheism are destroying helping to destroy human freedom without even knowing it and they think they're liberators they actually believe their liberators in this cause or movement so-called movement it's not moving anywhere never has been okay we haven't formed the movement we haven't formed the true community that is actually trying to move a weight from one place to another they don't understand people who subscribe to this worldview don't understand the great work they don't know what it is they don't know what's required to do it because they're lost their soul sick this is what soul sickness is comprised of that you've gone so far in the left brain and balance the you you have lost really your ability to commune with spirit and to commune with any higher form of consciousness than your own limited consciousness and that's why people in this mindset don't really have true compassion that's why they don't really understand natural law as what what is in nature objectively as the true arbiter of the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior and that's why they get a lot of it wrong that's why they will advocate for things that aren't rights to for human beings to do so when you think only physical laws exist but there is no such thing as spiritual laws that govern behavioral consequence you're going down a very slippery path atheist thinks think that science and I wrap it in quotes is the arbiter of truth then only if there's some scientific peer-reviewed journal that says yes this is how it is that that's how it is well there's a lot science gets wrong too just because science hasn't understand certain workings of nature doesn't mean that those workings of nature don't actually exist and aren't working you know science doesn't know everything because science comes from human beings the methodology of science so there are always going to be human error and flaw within it so we can't like quote-unquote trusted implicitly forever you know you could you could trust the scientific methodology up to a point but there are always some things that we're not going to be aware of variables and calculations we haven't factored in okay because we have limited perception and our measuring instruments have limited perception and there are things in the universe that exist well outside of the limiting defined boundaries of the human perception capabilities through the senses and even out far outside of our measuring implementations through scientific instrumentation that we use to extend our five senses okay so we have to understand science is not the arbiter of truth but this is what atheists think it is and that's why I put science in quotes real knowledge is not limited by this belief system okay what I would accurately say that they believe in a scientism meaning that they look at scientific institutions here on earth as the be-all and end-all and the arbiters of truth and finally they believe that consciousness is either purely mechanical and existing as electro magnetic fluctuations in the brain or it is meaningless altogether again as I said I've had people in the freedom so-called community come up to me and say consciousness is a meaningless term to me I don't even want to discuss it as a word I nothing that you can say about consciousness has any meaning to me at all imagine this yeah so they won't even a person like that would not even start watching what on earth is happening when I started talking about consciousness as the solution to the problems of the world and to the problems of the self-inflicted suffering of humanity they won't even start that journey of the discovery of knowledge of who we are and how we create the reality that we create because there's no such thing as consciousness it has no meaning to them but you're gonna be free don't worry about it yeah let's switch back over so these are the two polarization dialectics that have to choose from just like we have Republican and Democrat conservative and liberal you know we have all these what Coke and Pepsi McDonald's and Burger King oh my god they might throw Wendy's in here from time to time that's that's the Libertarian Party you know I mean when are people gonna learn how the divide and conquer strategy works I mean I can't I can barely believe folks it's 2019 I went over this in 2010 and hardly anybody understands it to the point that they're actually living it nine years later almost a fucking decade later that I have to revisit divide and conquer over to shows people should be embarrassed embarrassed okay that's where we should be that we should be in a state of embarrassment and dare I say shame shame on people for being this lazy and falling for violet polarization dialectics this easily I mean I would have thought people in this community were made of harder material we're made of tougher stuff their little fucking boys and girls that can be easily swayed and then you have other jerk-offs that want to say I'm a cult leader because I'm trying to explain to people how it really works I'm not asking anybody to believe anything I'm telling you belief is the beginning of the destruction of all freedom asks again people don't even understand how stupid they sound their mouth opens and liquid shit pours out and they don't even see how stupid they sound they don't hear it because they have in their minds what they want to believe and that's it and there's no room for anything else there's no room for real understanding for penetrating into real knowledge they already know everything there is to know and that's it and the height of hubris and the epitome of ignorance so here's what we're given oh and by the way yeah I'd be a really you know just hasn't another assign I'd be a really effective cult leader right because I explained all of the dynamics and all of the mental manipulation techniques of cults over many shows yeah so I'm a great cult leader because I've told people the techniques of cults yeah yeah makes sense doesn't it telling you man if these people had a brain cell with die of loneliness so then this is the dialectic we're given right this is it here is your two choices here's your Coke and Pepsi here's your Republican and Democrat okay but and this is where most people fall now they just think about this dynamic to the people in the viewing audience how many people in the world fall into one of these two categories would you not say that is over 99% of human beings that either have a religious belief system or are atheists you'd have some people you'd have a small sliver somewhere maybe okay I'll say maybe 1% then we'll say they're spiritual and they don't they're not an atheist but they don't subscribe to any religion but it's a sliver if that if not a paper-thin slice okay so as with all polarization dialectics they can ultimately be seen through if our consciousness is high enough and we can go to the middle path we can go to the Middle Pillar we can go to the center path the center point however you want to look at at the point of balance between these two hallmarks of extremism and polarity and that's where they can be reconciled and that is that natural law is the key to human freedom if we understand that there is a freewill component I'm gonna back up a couple of slides because I want to go back to the worldview schism slide and explain the the the middle path between these two or the truth which leads to enlightenment to true enlightenment once we have that knowledge is that there is a random component to creation and there is also simultaneously a determined component to creation or a deterministic component however you want to word it and natural law is the deterministic component and it works hand in hand with freewill so there's not just natural law there is natural law and freewill which is the random side okay when we understand that we have the freewill to behave however we want but we do not have the free will to be isolated from the consequences of how we behave there will always be consequences for action depending on whether you act in harmony with the laws of morality or not that doesn't mean there is not free will it means that is a hot pot on the stove there is a flame raging under it there is water in the pot it is what it is that's a hot pot that's a hot stove that's a hot flame that's hot water that's the state of it that is law it is in that state of reality right now if you do a certain thing as a result of your freewill meaning you have the free will to walk over to that boiling hot pot and put your hand in that boiling water that is within your freewill choice to do that and a consequence will be delivered unto you if you make that freewill choice that is how natural law works that is a natural state the heat that is being delivered to that pot to make that water boil is a natural state that exists in the 3d world you walk over to it you put your hand in it that's a freewheel decision and a consequence will be delivered and it will not be pretty okay and it works like that flawlessly all the time no matter who wants to say there's some supernatural being that can do that and not have received the consequences doing it you're full of shit anyway and it works that way 100% of the time flawlessly unless you're performing some nonsense party trick like putting some chemical agent on your hand that has some kind of like a you know protects you from the boiling point of water I'm not talking about any kind of trickery I'm talking about just doing it regularly in the natural world you'll see what will happen you'll receive minimum second probably third-degree burns where your skin will be blistering okay so we have to understand that there is both a random component which is freewill and it's working in tandem with the deterministic component which is the natural laws of creation going forward back to the dialectic where we split the dialectic and came down the mental path to understand that if we understand that our freewill is at work in the world in conjunction with the deterministic natural laws of the universe regarding human behavior and morality that is the key that is the ultimate key to the cage ladies and gentlemen it's the key to the head cage it's the key to the cage of our souls it's the key the cage of our hearts that our hearts are in and it's ultimately the key to the cage of the physical prison reality that we exist in here on earth on earth natural law is the ultimate key to all human freedom and that is why atheism one of the reasons that atheism is destroying human freedom because atheists reject the existence of natural law morality they believe we can make it up they believe morality is a human construct that we get to invent based on our whims and preferences and I will explain exactly why that's one of the most dangerous paths to go down to believe that morality does not exist inherently in nature and then it exists only as a construct of the human mind because if we are the creators of morality we can arbitrate it and ultimately we can take it away that's inescapable logic that if you're being honest with yourself you have to acknowledge if man is the creator of morality men can wipe morality off the face of the earth just as easily as he curse allegedly created it it doesn't work that way folks the behavior exists in the 3d world and therefore the characteristics of the behavior exist in the 3d world that is the natural realm the natural world that is why natural law exists in 3d reality in nature not as a contract of mind whether a behavior is moral or not is predicated entirely upon whether a behavior initiates harm to another sentient being or not that's it and people still don't get it and they don't want to get it it isn't that they are intellectually incapable of grasping how this works it's that they outrightly refuse that it works this way because they want to be God they want to be the highest power in the universe this is the problem with the human ego run amok the human ego run amok says there is no higher power in the universe than man because that's what I am I'm one of these creatures and therefore nothing can be more powerful and buying me I have to be able to do whatever I can get away with doing as long as I don't get caught that's what most people think morality is they're jokes who are ultimately leading humanity straight down the path to enslavement and destruction and they don't even understand that that's what they're doing you know it's this whole adage forgive them for they know not what they do know don't forgive people like this they don't know what they're doing in their ignorance they're causing your enslavement and your destruction and the devastation of your freedom and mind and that doesn't deserve forgiveness that level of ignore ents doesn't deserve forgiveness these are ignore and people that are ignoring reality in thinking that they can be sheltered from the consequence of ignoring reality and there is no such thing so going back to the slide here is here's what it is it's me saying this is the key I'm trying to hand you the key to understanding and again this is why her medicines throughout time have told people don't do this they I've been warned by other people I've been warned through books and lectures endlessly and even individuals personally don't do this humanity is a barbarian horde species that is to set in their ego to ever accept anything resembling truth you're wasting your time you're wasting your breath you're wasting your energy and guess what folks I know that's true I already know it's true and I reject it anyway I'm gonna put it out there just because it's the right thing to do and for no other reason okay I'm not looking for anybody to accept this I've long since come to the acceptance point that the vast majority of people will reject this until the day they die and want to kill me for saying that it's true doesn't fucking matter go to say it anyway because it is true and I don't serve human beings I serve the truth that's the force that I work for I don't work for people I don't even work for me so this Center path this middle way okay is what ultimately shatters the illusion of the polarization dialectic and the center path the reality of what is go in the universe that we have to align our perception to is that yes there is a creative force at work in nature that is intelligent and is ordering it's an ordering principle that is attempting to drive the universe toward a certain direction of more morality more freedom more complexity more understanding more consciousness Terence Mckenna once described this as a complete the universe is a complexity conserving machine okay it's bound by law just as machines are bound by the mechanical components that comprise them and then the software if they have a software component the universe is no different the physical matter in the laws of creation are what make the big machine that we call the universe that's a it's a mental construct ultimately but there is a high level high powered intelligence that runs the machine that runs the clockwork of the machinery and I call this world view the world view of simple deism and again this is not religion people will insist this is religion no it is not and the only thing you have to ask yourself is where did a physical law come from to realize we know nothing about the origins of laws zero even myself you say if you tell me where did natural law come from I have to tell you it came from creation so what does that mean what does that mean that I know about where it came from what are the characteristics of that well it's intelligent it's conscious it's attempting to learn and grow and create new forms but can I tell you what that law is how it got put into effect how that consciousness or intelligence put it into effect no no more than I can tell you what what put the law of gravity into effect that's not for me to tell you okay this is what simple deism is simple deism means that laws exist in creation and man didn't put them there higher power did and that sit that's basically nothing more than that it is a balanced worldview that too far too often goes completely ignored in the dialectic war between atheism and religion because they don't want you to understand this worldview the simple deist worldview is that there is no separation between creator and creation they are one see the religionist wants you to accept that the creator and the and and the creation are separate that's why it's religion okay that you know the creator is something independent and separate from the creation and then the atheist just wants to take the creation aspect and say that is it exists independently and there is no creator they're both separatist worldviews separation worldviews none of them are holistic integral worldviews this is the only holistic integral world view the deism simply means it comes from the group the Latin root Dei which means God where we get the word deity obviously okay so it simply means there is an existence of a higher power or creator and if you're okay with the word God use it I am I'm fine with that word many people are not you're not fine with it use the word creator use the word creative intelligence creative force I don't care what you use doesn't matter to me again I'm not here to tell you what that force is I'm here to help you explain that force put the laws of nature into effect that we experience and that we are bound by and here's the main thing people always talk about oh there's no evidence wrong there is evidence for a creator the evidence of the creator may be scientifically discovered and known through the observable effects of the laws that the Creator put into affecting the universe we know the existence we are able to discover the existence of the Creator through the observable effects of universal laws when you observe the effects and understand that they are quantifiable and knowable then you understand something put those laws which always work that way flawlessly or at all times and places into effect and creation something had to put them in effect and again it doesn't matter what you want to call that force you can call it anything you want neither the physical nor the spiritual domains take precedence over the other in essence they are one and the same this is the spiritual domain you're in it now it's not in Hereafter this is the physical domain the physical domain is that the body of God if you will the body of creation the universe is that body it is the spiritual domain they are not different they are one in the same this is so impossible for people who are rooted in either an atheistic or a religious paradigm to even conceive of they've never thought on this level ever once for a day in their lives and that's how the manipulators wanted that's how the controllers wanted they want that people can't think at this level and that they reject the middle path which is the true path because they want them stuck in the dialectic which is always going to be about warring and fighting you know and it's not about Oh getting into such non duality minded thinking that you think nothing matters no wrong incorrect not spiritual at all okay that's not what do out Everson's non duality means it means that seemingly paradoxical scenarios can be reconciled by getting out of the dialectic it doesn't mean oh don't take up the polarity of standing up for gun control because the manipulated masses want gun control and then you're falling into a non-dualistic mindset No one thing is true and one isn't see oh oh you're going to fight all the status because they want to enslave humanity and want government to continue to exist and keep keeping humanity and his condition of slavery so oh you shouldn't now stand up against that because that's dualistic thinking wrong one is right and one is wrong one is false and 1 is true spiritual anarchy is right and true and is based on principles and morals and government is slavery and is a false illusion based on the falseness of authority the false belief in authority and it does harm to people it's violence and it's coercion and it's enslavement so that's not what we mean by duality versus non duality ok yeah and people go into this right-brain form of imbalance where they think oh we should try to strive to go into this you know thinking that nothing exists worldview not nothing exists it's all construct it's all an illusion and therefore no no no action here matters I mean nothing could be further from the truth and nothing can represent fake spirituality more than that the truth is is that this is a place of learning and growth the universe is a place of learning and growth built upon law for the benefit of all beings not just humans all beings this is a place of learning and growth built upon law it's not random it's not pure chaos we can turn it into pockets of it into chaos by our free will if we ignore the law which are the laws of morality and which is exactly what we're doing here on earth we've turned this into a chaotic prison planet and that's why Earth is quarantined folks you think the rest of the universe wants this infection you think it wants this viral disease called human beings infecting the rest of this quadrant of the galaxy you got to be crazy we ain't going nowhere till we get our heads right until we get our heads unfucked and uninflated ok then maybe we'll visit our car we'll be able to meet and visit our cosmic neighbors but not we're thinking like this not while we're stuck in these Diet polarization dialectic paradigms and people cannot seem to get their head out of them they're just clinging on to them like they would cling onto the body of a dead corpse that they were you know loved like a relative or spouse and they're long dead crumbled to dust and they're still clinging to their fucking bones that's how these people cling to these false paradigms the worldview of simple deism puts forward that natural law behavioral consequence are in place for our maximum evolutionary progress not as any kind of a prison mechanism or you know as the dark ocultist seem to think oh because there's laws that bind our behavior that we're in a cosmic prison no the laws that bring the consequences of behavioural free will choice to us are there for our maximum benefit so that we can understand what happens as a result of what we do we can understand the results of what we get in manifested reality as a result of the behaviors that we put forth into this reality if anybody can't see how this approach is far more balanced than realistic than the approach of either scientific materialism or atheism or religion I feel sorry for you at a soul level I feel sorry for you that you're that childish that you are and people will call these ad hominem attacks no they're not they're the actual state of consciousness that one must exist in to keep buying into the dialectics and not see the other path that can lead to true freedom it's the mindset of a child who wishes to eternally remain a child that is what it is it's the mindset of someone who has not grown who has not progressed spiritually and who has not come into a mindset of cosmic adulthood that's exactly what it is and here's one of the things that holds people in that paradigm of atheism scientism okay and I'm not the coin ER or the inventor of this word it's been around for a while scientism is an exaggerated trust in modern scientific institutions to such an extent that the individual extending such trust believes that these institutions are the only source of verifiable truth even many so-called quote-unquote anarchists still believe in such an institutionalized worldview of science to a great extent they also accept without question the completely outdated and definitively scientifically disproven paradigm of Newtonian materialism many within the anarchist movement cannot grasp that true science is a methodology of truth discovery that is actually an ongoing process and not a belief system not a rigid hardened dogmatic belief system as dictated by modern worldly institutions some of the foundational hallmarks of government grant money funded materialistic science quote-unquote include ignoring entire data sets to fit their worldview and fudging existing data sets to fit their own deeply entrenched worldview the emerging modern sciences of epigenetics and holistic biology are just now beginning to turn the tide in such a world view by rightly and correctly incorporating consciousness and metaphysical understanding into their research methodologies and I know a lot of people will have problems with the word metaphysical okay but it just means meta is a prefix that comes from Greek that means to go beyond it means you are looking beyond the purely physical and you are going into the domain of consciousness and spirit to understand what gives rise in the call realm to the manifested physical reality that we experience that's all it means you can look at it as metadata or what is metadata metadata is data that describes what other data is like or behaves like so metaphysical just means it there's something that goes beyond the physical that has an effect upon the physical and has an effect upon the physical manifestation now I looked long and hard to try to find an image to describe scientism and I came up with this one which was a person writing on like one of these clear you know dry erase boards in a white marker but he is completely blurred and obscured as a result of the equations that he's putting out there through what looks to be a biochemistry and I wrote underneath it that scientism does very little to advance real understanding it mostly serves only to cloud our understanding of self as this image is portraying the person is getting lost in the trees and cannot see the forest nor can even see that he's in the forest okay he's getting lost in the minutiae which is not the purpose of scientific discovery scientific discovery should be about the betterment and advancement of humanity and this is where science has gotten lost on the way by removing the spiritual component the new emerging fields of epigenetics and holistic biology or simply new biology are what are attempting to begin to put science and spirituality on a healing convergent path instead of the incorrect worldview of diverging them to the point where science thinks that there is no such thing as spirit also completely disproven if you look into modern sciences again the people who think that way aren't privy to the new shit in science ok to you know put a funny anecdote to it ok but they're just not privy to the new science as all comes down to now I want to put people onto some names I was going to put them into the presentation but I'll just give you some names okay you want to look into in the fields of epigenetics Bruce Lipton again in holistic biology or new biology as well dr. Bruce Lipton okay he wrote the book the biology of belief and many other things on the wisdom of yourselves is another excellent book to check out by Bruce Lipton okay and it's out in audio series as well so Bruce Lipton talks about epigenetics the factors and consciousness that go beyond the genes the genes do not control our reality or our experience they are simply expressions that are actually activated through consciousness and the environment and if those things can be changed the expressions will change okay it is not like the Newtonian paradigm of material reality when it comes to genes of materialism okay we are learning in new fields of science that it does not work that way so many people in the older generations you know beyond my generation like even one generation older than me are so stuck in that Newtonian paradigm that genes are everything no your if your genetics are a certain way that's just it that's just it you were dealt a bad hand of cards under it's not true it simply isn't true and the emerging fields of epigenetics and holistic biology are proving this now another person you want to look at when it comes to epigenetics and spirituality being merged with modern science is Gregg Braden Gregg Braden is also a great researcher that he wrote something I think called the God code about the the the expressions in human genes or the God matrix something like that he has many books out he wrote something called fractal time that I think is a something that explains how consciousness can affect human outcome on a species wide level okay and now how we are given Choice points in time and that our consciousness if we learn and grow enough and we mature spiritually we can change entire timelines okay that they are just tendencies for expression okay they are not set in stone endless cycles as many people erroneously believe they are from their studies of you know the Vedic UGA's etc which are not saying that they are set in some cycles they are saying consciousness has everything to do with how they flow okay and then finally a Joe Dispenza dr. Joe Dispenza he's worked a lot in the field of epigenetics written many books I highly recommend his work especially you know when it comes to understanding how the subconscious works and how you know we have to do internal healing work upon ourselves and our own subconscious mind because that's far more powerful and having a much deeper effect see it's the metaphysical part of the mind it we want to just look at look for consciousness in the brain that's not where it exists at okay this is like a receiver antenna like a radio you know do you look for the person who's speaking on a radio inside the radio you know are you looking in your your speakers connected to your you know desktop computer for from my voice you think I'm a little guy inside the monitor no you realize that it's a signal being sent to the device it's the same thing when it comes to consciousness in the brain you know we're using it as an as an antenna / receiver receiver / transmitter and the subconscious plays an infinitely stronger more powerful role than does the conscious mind often in determining or in helping us to understand why we choose certain behaviors that we do and this is what I talked about regarding shadow work you know there are many people that will use different techniques in conjunction with shadow work physical techniques you know shamanic dancing drumming tapping you know meditation yoga it goes on and on you know sweating you know extreme physical exercise psychedelics you can go on and on with the methodologies you know forever okay but it's about actually getting into the nested regions on the subconscious and changing how the conscious mind ultimately works because that is part of the metaphysical domain it goes beyond the physical brain this is all part of epigenetics and new biology and if you don't research those emerging Sciences I'm sorry folks but if you don't research those emerging Sciences you have absolutely no idea about what's really going on discovery wise in science in the modern world and you're stuck in a paradigm that does not incorporate consciousness that does not incorporate the metaphysical aspects of our reality okay and therefore it is taking an entire section of the world an entire section of reality and is saying all of this is off-limits for consideration when it comes to what is actually happening scientifically and we can only look at this limited paradigm that only exists in the physical domain when it when you look at it is a sliver it's a tiny little sliver in the visible spectrum in the auditory spectrum okay in what our senses and our instrumentations can pick up what we say is a quote observable in the scene world is a sliver compared to what actually exists I highly recommend David Ickes work on that topic who has done a great job in explaining that the metaphysical reality goes far beyond the physical realities much wider and this is what the world of occultism incorporates okay the definition of occultism is that we are looking into the unknown or unseen world the largely unknown or the largely unseen and that exists in the unseen realm far more than in the seen realm so so that it involves the incorporation of a much wider and larger worldview and a more complexified worldview than that which is ordinarily taken by the average human being and the average human being defaults to one of two speeds they either look at the simplicity that religion offers them because their minds are so simple they can't operate on any higher level or they say I'm gonna dump all religion and become an yes and say there's no such thing as spirit or consciousness at all and both of those are childish worldviews that don't incorporate the totality of reality they haven't looked far enough into what's really taking place in our world drinking a shallow draft from the Parian spring at which point you will become brain imbalanced and intoxicated and only drinking extremely deeply from the stream of knowledge will sober you again okay and that's where most people fall short they don't go deep enough in their knowledge and in their understanding and that's certainly what scientism promotes so not that I could ever give enough evidence for anybody to accept it so I decided I'm not going to try to push that on people I'm giving you vistas and areas and avenues of research to go down which there are endless once you start there you can go into endless other areas of research I've given you three four names so far actually five okay where you could research for the rest of your life on the five names I've dropped in this one show okay but if you think you know everything then you know keep living how you're living and expect a different result which you've never gotten and never will atheism is actually a religious belief that is completely inconsistent with the scientific method now this is not me saying this this is a Templeton Prize winning scientist in physics saying this ok I honestly think this is a Marcelo gleiser he said I honestly think atheism is inconsistent with the scientific method atheism is a categorical statement that expresses belief in non belief that's a circular argument I don't believe even though I have no evidence for or against period that's what an atheist says it's a declaration but in science we don't really do declarations we say ok you can have a hypothesis and you have to have some evidence of some evidence for or against or for that an agnostic would say I have no for God but on the other hand an agnostic would also acknowledge no right to make a final statement about something he or she doesn't know about so if you don't have evidence for the definitive non-existence of God just saying that you don't believe in it is a circular argument it's saying I don't believe I believe in a non belief okay it's a circular argument and he concludes by with the in this statement with the adage the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence okay which is a eternally true statement just because you don't have evidence to support the existence of something right now doesn't mean that it definitely doesn't exist it doesn't mean that it does exist either okay but just saying that you don't believe that something exists is not proof that it doesn't exist and I would argue we have more proof of the existence of a creator through the observable effects of the laws that have been put into place okay so moving to the next slide natural law is a science it is not a belief system and again I make no bones about the fact that 90% of people will not accept this are not going to understand it will not look deeper into it will just say you're wrong you don't know what you're talking about I do and shut it off so guess what if that's your approach I don't care what you think do that stay dwelling in your ignorance thinking that from the position of the low level of knowledge that you have that you can somehow solve the problems of the world when there is no way of doing that without growing spiritually and understanding the wider laws that are applying and active in nature if you don't understand those laws you are going to be going blind through life and you're going to be unconsciously co-creating the shared reality that we all live in and this is what 99.9% if that's probably a very low estimate of people in the world are doing they're co-creating completely blind because they have no they're in total deep ignorance of the actual laws of nature that are operating all around them natural law is a science of morality that can be directly observed in the 3d world you don't have to believe in anything there are no religions no rituals no practices or beliefs that you have to subscribe to to understand the existence of natural law at all the evidence of the existence of natural law is the resultant state which humanity receives as a direct consequence of its aggregate behavior or in other words the human condition itself and yes there is a correlation in this instance between manifestation and causation okay correlation and causation do perfectly align in this instance in many cases they don't but in this instance they absolutely do all you have to ask yourself is the human condition freedom are we free our human beings free are we free to exercise our rights unrestrained or we're being stopped from doing that are we living in a perpetual state of duress which is the continued threat of violence being conducted upon us if we don't comply with the commands of government the ruling class that's the human condition duress enslavement violence coercion it isn't freedom and when we understand that the law of freedom has the quantifiable effect that aggregate freedom is directly proportional to aggregate morality meaning as a society behaves more morally they become more free that we understand that natural law is actually in effect by the consequence that we have received societally are we an enslaved species yes we are therefore we cannot be behaving morally as a species period the end that is how the law of morality works in nature and it is in effect it does exist and it has an effect upon our behavior whether you like it or not or understand that or not there's nothing you could do about it no more then you could change the you know the way a galaxy were okay you're not powerful enough to change those laws nor you powerful enough to remove the operation of natural law the moral laws of consequence of behavioral consequence you cannot take them out of effect any more than you could put them in effect the consequences will be manifested in the human into the human condition either way as a direct result of the moral quality of the aggregate of aggregate human behavior collective human behavior we collectively reap the result of the behavior that we collectively so so the law of freedom is simply this aggregate morality is directly out sorry aggregate freedom is directly proportional to aggregate morality that's what that that equation written right there at the bottom of this slide is the sum of the all of the human freedom that is experienced on earth by all of the human beings on this planet is directly proportional to the sum of the quality of moral behavior of all of the human beings acting on this planet the sum of freedom is proportional to the sum of morality it is eternally this way and can never be any other way and the problem is see this is this is Revelation folks that's what this is when you deep penetrate deeply enough into nature itself into the way nature operates and works this is what will happen eventually if you stay true to the study if you stay true to the discovery process you will penetrate it and go beyond the veil and then it will be revealed unto you how it actually works that's what enlightenment is it's knowledge about how the laws of morality work to bring us the consequences of our freewill behavior in the form of the experience that we undergo collectively here on earth and anywhere else in the universe for that matter but human beings are so deeply entrenched in ego and ignorance that they refuse to even look into it to any extent to end let them forget any penetrating extent they won't look into it from a cursory extent moving to the next slide this is one of the reasons that the word natural has been so co-opted and degenerated to a point where you can't even say natural law and have people understand what you mean by it they want to say oh you're talking about the laws of Darwinism or you're talking about the laws of survival of the fittest survival of the most brutal no I was never talking about the law of the jungle I was never talking about how animals behave to each other ever that is exactly what natural law is not I'm gonna do a whole presentation one day here on the air called what natural law is not how about that that's gonna be an upcoming show you know I got shows up coming on nutrition and morality I got a show coming up on what natural law is not I'm still going to do a show to identify the mavens of your family and/or friends set and how you can work on them to help them to understand so that they can subtly influence other people in the ways that they naturally do okay I have a lot of shows planned I'll announce some topics next week maybe of a future shows but I wanted to take a little bit of time too and I know we want we want to go to callers but I have a couple slides left and I think are very important to go through so we will be taking your calls for the duration as soon as I finish my slide show the etymological root of the word natural this is very profound for people who have not looked at this before hopefully you will know a lot of them people know in my work what I do is I break words down from there etymologically okay so most people have never even heard of where the word natural the word natural came from Latin language okay the English word nature is enema etymologically derived from the ancient Egyptian word n TR okay and I'll get to the uncie ation of that in a moment but if you transliterate that from the egyptian when they took it into coptic they actually spelled out the phonetic pronunciations of their words that were originally in hieroglyphs it was transliterated as NTR okay and it meant God in the original Egyptian it was symbolized hieroglyphic Allah as a simple stylized flag on a pole which represented a force which was known to exist through its observable effects but difficult or impossible to see with the eye now many people have also interpreted the symbol of n TR the flag on a pole to be an axe and that is a alternative end I would say possibly equally correct symbolic way of decoding the hieroglyph okay because it was a symbol of power and strength in the physical domain that could cleave things and could take them down to their constituent elements by breaking it down further and further and further and this is what the force of nature ultimately does if we are listening to it if we are paying attention okay and it could help us to break ourselves down and get us out of ego it can cleave our minds and get it out of the ego you know because we're certainly in a state of a complete complete entrenched egoic mindset which is holding us enslaved and it needs to be broken down and broken down and broken down until it's undifferentiated and goes into unity consciousness to help understand to help us understand what the actual laws of nature really are so continuing with this etymological breakdown and TR the Egyptian word meaning God was actually pronounced nectar okay there's the phonetic pronunciation their net sure extremely close to the English pronunciation of nature and many would argue who have studied Egyptian that the vowel sounds were not the important parts they didn't really have vowels as they're not really present in a lot of the Semitic languages like Hebrew okay so the vowels were not important the consonants were so it could easily have been pronounced nature okay so literally the word for God and Egyptian was nature see that's when it was integrated that's when we had a holistic worldview that's when they understood their words was no separation between the natural physical domain and the spiritual domain and that's the understanding we need to get back to by bridging science and spirituality from the divide the chasm that has you know erupted between them all unnecessarily because of the separation brain imbalanced worldviews of most human beings now the word the the suffix al just to finish this I should have just added this into this slide and I left it in its simple form al comes from a sanskrit a root and it means of from or relating to so we tack on al to any word coming originally from ancient Sanskrit and it means it is about this it is of this is from this it is relating to this so when we take the word NT our nature God and we tack on the root the Sanskrit root al natural okay it literally means of from or relating to God okay which is the same thing in the Egyptian language as nature okay it's this holistic integral worldview that is not a separation worldview of the creator separate from the creation of nature separate from spirit they are one in the same and that is the middle path worldview many in the so called freedom movement and I always put freedom and anarchist in quotes when I talk about these kind of people subscribe to atheism and scientific materialism actually outdated and disproven paradigms but they are the very same ideologies which drive Marxism socialism and communism and I'm gonna add they drive Nazism as well absolutely okay but you know this is a historically provable fact I'm not going to back this up with anything you can research it on your own whether the Communists were atheists whether Marxists are largely atheists and socialists or largely atheists it's should be common sense understanding to anybody at this point in the game okay what I do want to ask is the much more important question than just recognizing that these are the idea that atheism was the underlying ideology which drove Marxism socialism communism and Nazism okay I want to ask why why did they have to make the religion of atheism the underlying belief system in these ideologies why does the religion of atheism destroy freedom and drive totalitarian ideologies such as Marxism socialism Nazism and communism why is that the case most people have never asked that question and you should come to a accurate understanding of why if you've listened to me and understood what I've said thus far now I'm going to put up a couple of slides here folks that I've deliberately arranged the way that I have arranged them and made the text as large and bold with a satanic Baphomet behind a couple of slides I'm going to talk about that I have because what we have to ultimately understand is that everything that I just put up on that screen and the last slide which I'm going to go back to okay let's move back to the slides okay okay the Marxism socialism Nazism and communism I've put them all together for one specific reason because if you really understand what these ideologies are you understand that they are one and the same ideology and that is the ideology called Satanism this is what Satanism is and is creating so listen to the power of this statement right now for the very reason that the religion of atheism postulates that there is no higher power than humanity atheism is the ultimate pathway to moral relativism in any society in escape ibly once you have the people buying into atheism the next tenant that you can bring them into in the Satanic ideology very easily is moral relativism now why why is that the case that is the case because if someone accepts that there is no higher power than man and there's ultimately no creator of the laws of morality except man himself so if we made what our arbitrary construct that we call morality is and it's not something that exists in the natural world and that was put there by the Creator then we can change what morality is or means at any given time or location and that is called moral relativism and it's one of the hallmarks of the ideology called Satanism the religion called Satanism that I was a priest within so moral relativism is the destroyer of all freedom moral relativism is the ideology or religion that objective morality does not exist inherently to nature and that right and wrong are subjective constructs which human beings may invent and arbitrate according to time location circumstance or preference in truth and reality morality is objective rights can never become wrongs and wrongs can never become rights and any place or time regarding how many people believe or wish for it to be so and that is for the reason that man did not invent rights rights exist inherently to creation they are not arbitrary contracts of man going back to the slides any society of human beings that believes that there is no natural objective difference between right behavior and wrong behavior and therefore believe that human beings may arbitrarily create or decide what right and wrong are for themselves is a society that can never truly bring their own behavior into alignment with natural law since the governing dynamics of human freedom are predicated upon the aggregate morality of a society it is a total and permanent impossibility for true freedom or anarchy to ever exist in a society that embraces moral relativism the Satanists the the dark Luciferians the social engineers the mind controllers of this world they all know how that dynamic works ladies and gentlemen that is why they are bringing people into the mindset of Satanism so that they are easily divided and ultimately conquered and enslaved you have to get people to buy the Satanic ideology at a much lower level than the Masters of the ideology and the masters of that religion in order for the masters to control the slaves of that religion and here's the other slide that I backed up with the Baphomet symbol of Satanism ok all subscribers to the religious belief that rights are a human creation and that includes atheists because they most certainly do believe that by definition also religiously believe that rights can be altered or abolished at the whim of human beings now that bears repeating again in this episode all subscribers to the religious belief that rights are a human creation because there's no higher power than man of course by definition also religiously believe that rights can be altered or abolished at the whim of human beings ladies and gentlemen that's why all totalitarian regimes want their slaves to become atheists that concludes the presentation form for this episode of what on earth is happening I do want to remind people you can make a donation through the donation gifts area of the site my new Tesla presentation Tesla and 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there are a lot of callers waiting here my goodness okay all right so all right let's go to let's go to ponder ponder you're live on what on earth is happening episode number 203 welcome to the show you have to unmute yourself you are unmuted on the server end unmute your microphone on your end going once going twice alright I'll see if I can come back to you later let's go to one shoe one shoe you're live on what on earth is happening welcome okay I should be hearing everybody I am unmuted and not ok I'm gonna mute him back up alright let's go to Ivan from Phoenix Ivan from Phoenix you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Marco there he goes he's got it working right folks listen up Ivan before you start it's ok with a little bit of background noise but I just want to say people who are using discord just use it on your own a little bit before you jump right in like try to understand how it works ok I understand there's a little bit more to it than your average you know chat program but just you know maybe read a little bit about it like I've read the instructions in the what on earth is happening chat when you come in the text channel called wo e IH just you know check that out that'll help you to understand what you need to do once you get into the channel ok because a lot of people are just technologically not ready when I go to them and it kind of like you know disrupt not not disrupt but it create a free-flowing show so please if you're gonna go into the calling room try to be technologically on the ball if you can we've been doing this for many weeks now and you know if you're not sure of it maybe work it with a friend until you do become sure of how it works okay I'm just asking that all right I even go ahead yeah you're cutting out I think it's because some of the other mics might be on and it kind of interferes or something I don't know when I listen to you on this board yeah it's uh it's it still doesn't have good duplexing and I'm hearing that from several people generally if there's not a lot of noise on the other person's end it doesn't happen in your case you're gonna hear that because you have noise coming through the mic and that is going to create a duplexing situation which discord does not just it just does not handle very well which is why I recommend a very quiet environment using headphones so you'll have to bear you'll have to bear with me on that but go ahead and go ahead and make your point Oh or your comment anything you want to talk about movie stuff I know last week where was a crawler that referenced the movie Suspiria and I started watching and I didn't finish it it looked very very strange and it looked like it had some ritual abuse stuff and some satanic stuff in it I couldn't make heads or tail of the beginning I went about halfway through it and had to stop for personal reasons I had something else how to take care of I'm gonna go back to probably finishing it probably one night this week so I'll be able to comment a little bit more on it but it definitely looked like some sort of a head job regarding some type of ritualistic stuff for sure exactly that's what I picked up was the ritual on dance how dance can be a big ritual and you know people artists dancers perform big things that occurs graph about an idea of what you know reasoning behind it might be what energetic you know connections you might have I don't know a physical you kind of harped on intention intent or intention intention and I think I don't know I've been talking a lot about intention and I think we're falling on opposite sides the same way we did with government when I mentioned government the external entity government is a feeble internal government you you know controlling your own mind is the positive I think intention we're on the same on the opposite things that that to internal intention you know your intention yeah that's all bullshit unless you do actually however we need to be aware of the external intentions coming towards us also known as agendas or agenda corporate agendas religious agendas what are their intentions so those are the things you know why I kind of use the word intention sure instead of agenda it's it's it's somewhat of a slightly different connotation but I hear what you're saying and I agree you know their stated intentions of why they do certain things are not the real reasons we have to look at the action and what it actually produces in the real world not just what these people say okay and then um I know just to put it out there people that might be local to Arizona I'll be speaking next Saturday up here at a local event up north called Anarchy's ona and that spawn off the an arc of poco some local guys decided to put that together and reached out to me and invited me to speak it's just a little 20 25 minute talk but that that'll be the first time I'm going public and it's interesting you were talking about religion in this episode yes that's gonna be kind of my topic is money or proxy proxy ISM people that are proxy Asst and don't even know it in that so you know synchronistically you're talking about religion and I'm gonna be talking about that Nick well Ivan I want to wish you really a whole lot of luck I know you probably won't even need luck because you're gonna do really well on your first public speaking engagement so you know absolutely uh you know put it out there and I wish you the best with it so that's anarchy zona that's all this coming weekend right yeah Saturday all-day event yeah it's on my website for your my name's EECOM has a link to that and tickets on facebook on our key zona and I did try and get ahold of you because mark I needed help from your flag show fairies you know those things are not easy to put together I'm up to about 50 slides just okay going around there to put things up I'll tell you why I will give you a shout to give me a shout tomorrow I will probably have some time to help you out with some of that without a doubt I'm being sarcastic mark we remember a few weeks ago you were talking about the slideshow presentation fairies that they make those oh the fairies yes okay so you don't really actually need my help you're talking about that the fairies came and helped you out and it's all good yes they're awesome man aren't they great yeah they're so out de Ivan people were complaining that I dare to put my presentations on donation gifts and and you know ask for a donation for them before putting them out for free I should just have every single thing that I do forever and have nothing coming in so that I starve can't pay bills you know can't live in a society that unfortunately is brainwashed toward money you know but it's like you know I live in a house like everybody else I'm a human being I need to consume food nobody's coming over and going look let me just give you all the food that I have you know unfortunately I require that too it's like you know they're not looking at it from a realistic point of view I cannot espouse money and tell you it's a form of mind control but if I don't bring it in I can't survive and continue to do this work until we undo the monetary system and replace it with some something else that is more spiritually inclined right now everybody is in that situation I would never begrudge another researcher like if you want to you know put your put your presentation that you do at a dark Ozona on DVD and flash drive and say give me a donation for this Who am I you're not allowed to do that man you know it's it's unbelievable what people expect for free so another show I am gonna be doing is called the entitled attitudes of modern-day Millennials and also some other people who are from foreign countries outside of the United States that have a very socialist attitude which that's all safe for now but I have noticed this attitude of like give me everything completely for free I put every single one of my presentations that I have ever done for free on my website and that's not enough I can't put one on the gifts area for a couple months before I release it for free I'm not allowed to do that Ivan yeah Oh too bad you don't control yourself Marc I mean hey we need to submit to these authorities people don't even know what they're putting out there a lot of cognitive dissonance on the body yeah there is and here's the thing Ivan you look up these complainers and these are you know alleged critics you know they're not really the critics of anything except showing how naive and entitled they are in their very they're very childish mindset of not really understanding how the real world operates or what kind of expense is going into doing things like this and you know what was I just getting at about how they you know they're their whole entitled mindset just shows you know how they don't really understand how reality in the year 2019 works and you know they want to they want everything just given to them they don't want to work for anything you know it's it's amazing so yeah I know that's unfortunate because we some of that concept yeah in a future higher elevated consciousness society where we've grown out of that necessity for this belief in product ISM where you know things that are in existence we all have a right to access you know food clothing shelter and and you know where we outgrow this belief yeah everything can be freely given receive and shared and all that fine yeah when we're at that level of consciousness right but you know in the modern world it's like to do this stuff what do you think none of the equipment that I am using here cost me anything what do you think everybody again like the equipment ferries they just delivers the equipment stork I forgot about him the equipment stork delivers equipment right to my second-story window he hovers out there he says here's a new camera mark it's the equipment stork yeah I have a new laptop for you you know I mean imagine this and then you look up these complainers these chronic complainers and you know what they've done publicly that's what they've done publicly how's that how'd that come across on this court you know and I caught it I calculated yeah dude I I real I broke out MATLAB on the computer I calculated that that's exactly what they've done that's the exact amount you know I took me a long time to calculate I had work a few days to calculate that exact amount but that's how much work they have out there publicly yep hmm Ivan it's always refreshing to hear from your brother great do some great work out there next week I know you don't even need to hear good luck but all the best okay all right thanks mark next day on the next week Sunday if you get to my car absolutely you got it man all right take care all right Ivan from Phoenix always great to hear from let's go to who do we have here let's go to let's go to electric boogie electric boogie you're live on what on earth is happening I think I tried you last week did we get to you hi I'm mark can you hear me now yes I can there you go welcome nice to finally be on the show absolutely yes I just want to thank you for your a great and as you say it can 99.9% of all people don't really get it it's well you know as long as they're not like if they're staying attached to mainstream forms of media and entertainment and they're not reading the right material they're not reading the right books they're not watching the right podcast they're not listening to the right lectures it's not just about how much data comes in but it's about what quality of data comes in and that's the unfortunate part is they're not really reaching the quality material yet and you know hopefully if they dig a little bit deeper and they spend a little bit more time and pay a little bit more attention they might get there but you're absolutely right too few and too far between our quote unquote getting it as of right now unfortunately you know I've been feeling drawn to start making videos in one way I believe that I'm one of those people here to bridge the gap between teachers as yourself which from South with the knowledge you know for the people as me and others here you know with all health interests and just in the truth and I want to kind of bridge the gap between your information and the more like mainstream ignorant general population but I'm not really sure how how to do that so I guess that's like it's not really question but it's you know I've been pondering about this for quite some time now I'm not really sure how I would you know like reach out to them more why I hear this a lot that people want to start reaching out but they don't know quite how to do it or how to begin so let me ask you something that might help you determine where you might how you might do this work effectively would you want to do this with video would you want to do it just audio do you think that you would be do well standing up in front of other people and speaking like in a presentation format would you rather not be seen but just be heard like what ideally do you to yourself a form of media or what a situation would you ideally see yourself delivering your content or information in yeah I've been thinking about that a lot too and uh and you say you want to take up in the maybe other so your mic is breaking up a little bit just repeat the last part you've talked about righteous anger yes and I've been feeling that a lot you know for a long time but personally I feel that like people don't listen to me being like a so-called angry insane tinfoil hat you know that for me I think maybe doing like comedy sketches or something that like kind of would make people think but like yeah I've often thought about that I know a lot of friends who are very much into delivering things that way I think it could be powerful if it's done right so if that's your you know chosen form of expression then that's one way of getting it out there and I wish you luck doing it I think I've actually kicked around believe it or not doing some form of spoken word Live individually it's something I may throw my hat in the ring to do at some point you know I've seen it done by other people and I've looked at it and go like I think I could come up with something pretty creative and do some you know creative and even snarky spoken word you know so I around the idea you come with some pretty you know dark sarcastic humor you know so I would probably want to look for people to cooperate with you know maybe I'll call in you know in the future again with like an email address or something - cool - to get people to me maybe you know talk about like writing a script or something you know for for these subjects because it's like I should look yesterday I'm from Sweden and you know the situation here or actually globally but here it's really fucking yes really bad like you know they pushing the transhumanism and and transsexual is agenda the the social Marxist Marxist ik agenda you know and all of that shit really hard and they actually just recently came out with a new law this year to protect people with transsexual is what they called yeah there are transsexuals for against hate speech so people generally think this is a good thing right but actually what this actually what it actually sorry my English right now we're getting fucked us but it actually creates you know the the free speech is you know on the line of don't have free speech anymore cos you can basically get imprisoned for yeah you know what I mean I do they have they have taken free speech to such an extent people or self censoring because they don't want to take a chance of landing himself in prison I get it and that's where America is gonna be headed soon if we don't wise up and see how far this agenda has been advanced in many other places in the world and prevent that from happening here electric boogie thank you so much for the call I hope that it gets better out there in in Sweden because I know that you guys are in many ways further down the path of totalitarianism so but thank you so much for the call and your insights let's go to let's see let's go to laws of reality laws of reality you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark how you doing I'm well yourself I'm doing all right um I wanted to say that your joke that you just made about the UH the mathematical equation that what done publicly I really got a kick out of that I mean sometimes you have to laugh or you'll cry it slightly that bad right I wanted to say that your slides today and the presentation really on point I thought you did a great job with those thank you I try every week I mean you know really you know like I said that the the slide show fairies they're just good to me you know funny how I don't have to do anything I just miss all magically given to you right right absolutely no that was gonna say I think the main problem honestly in the whole society not just the quote-unquote freedom moon that people are absolutely they dread responsibility they're afraid of it and they don't want to actually do anything they just want to listen to other people do something and you got it I see it every day in my work I do you know just an Instagram account I have I'm working on a a website do you know Yan Irvin I believe you guys have been in the past yeah I do know Yan we were friends for a while and when I came out as a vegetarian and started talking about you know the immoral aspects of carnism as to how we treat animals Yan suddenly lost his mind on me and like thought that I was you know involved in you know trying to perpetuate or promulgate the globalist agenda and a satanic agenda and saying that I'm still involved in Satanism and it's like I don't I never did anything but treat that guy nicely you know I actually he stayed at my house one night when really he was speaking at free for your mind conference early on in in that series of conferences and tried to treat him you know with respect and uh you know went on a show a couple times and then he just suddenly turned when I did that show and that was it now I'm the bad guy Wow so you know there's no what once you hit a religion that people are firmly attached to because they don't necessarily have all the information or have approached it you know in a in a way that wasn't the correct way of approaching it then they Anna they think that you yourself are trying to push something bad and it's like this is what I talk about depth of knowledge this is why I talk about you know not just skirting the periphery of something you have to go so deeply into it that you know all of the aspects of it and all right I personally feel that he didn't do that regarding a plant-based diet and then wants to you know blame others or say that it's it's an evil lifestyle and it's shame because you know I thought he was doing other good work and you know then he comes out and just does nothing but launch you know vicious attacks on me personally right he doesn't like one aspect of what I'm talking about so it's a shame but that's what it is and some people you're not gonna change their behaviors and they're gonna act the way that they're on act oh yeah what I was gonna say is is that like the problem the biggest problem is like all these compartmentalized issues whether it be like the diet or shape of the earth whatever it is it's totally fractal eyes the truth moving the other point where the the bottom line the foundation of it which is what you focus on and everything that you do is been totally obfuscated and so there there's no there's no way to reach common ground with anybody and the common ground has to be morality and natural life and that's what is no no one's even talking about that because they're fighting about all these other things again I go on line at night and try to find any radio show live or any podcast or something on YouTube regarding morality and natural law and it's like I I end up watching my own stuff how could it just how could it be that way it's like no you how come you're the only one out there how the more people not be talking about this you know I know I feel the same way every day and I I do my best to bring light to this as much as I can what I have I was actually uh I was on Facebook for four years a few years ago and I had like a pretty decent foundation of people who were listening and after the algorithm changed that Facebook did and the recent purge of pages that they did last year I had all of my I had my whole page just totally dismembered and I'm telling you they're their shadow banning like crazy it's unbelievable they are they are making your results not show up I mean even search results it's it's getting really bad the censorship and the shadow banning and I'm telling you I've said it before it's a slippery slope they want to continue to play this game they're gonna play silly games they're gonna win silly prizes it's not gonna be pretty when you know that they don't understand the bomb that they are setting off they are gonna set off a bomb here in America throughout the American population and when it goes off there's not gonna be any unexploded it oh it's gonna get ugly I mean there's no doubt about it I mean America on the precipice of blood in the streets if you ask me I mean it's getting to that point people are just getting so angry at each other over you know this or that and the next thing and then you have the people are angry with the establishment who don't know how to how to react without you know causing a absolute shit show so I mean it's inevitable but yeah with the Facebook thing I had about 1.3 million like likes on Facebook and with my with my work and it was just all gone overnight so I've been kind of having to restart and I got off of Facebook because that is just a hellhole there is no point in trying to use it so I've been using Instagram right under the same name laws of reality and I you know what I'll tell you I've gotten some great feedback from people that I really wasn't expecting I've made more connections with my you know 954 followers on Instagram that I did with the millions of people on Facebook it's it's not always about quantity sometimes you have to look for what has been called vertical integration and go with the people who really will get it to a very deep level and build from there build to a higher level from there and then eventually it can go out horizontally you know so I I try to do I never try to garner a whole lot of followers I want people who will understand the work that I'm putting out in a very deep sense that's what I'm looking for with putting this show on and putting my website up if other people get it fine that's great that's an added bonus but I'm looking at the people who have the will and the drive to actually do something about the situation that we are all in you know who actually have the desire to take this knowledge to other people on their own in their own way that's what I've always been looking for I've always been looking for the other teachers out there never for followers so thank you so much for the call laws of reality I wish you luck in your aspect of the great work so thank you and let's go on to let's see Francesco Francesco you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show thank you I can you're coming through loud and clear thank you okay [Music] you received in art great so what did you think of the art drive and the knowledge that's on it to make a decision as what possibly as you said this will take you know probably more than a lifetime would you say that there's enough to keep an average individual occupied for probably the duration of their life if they really wanted to exhaust the knowledge on that device one pocket-sized device and the knowledge that's on there will basically help you to understand just about everything that you need to understand about what's going on in the world and you probably could not exhaust the knowledge on there from now till the day that you die that's what I would describe the arc yeah I think it's pretty safe to say that and I would like to make a comment on what you said about the well first of all something I noticed least over here when I talk to people that are usually very left brained yes oriented and they they'll claim you know that they are so a is and so what unquote you know scientific or pseudo scientific right yet I mean you hear what is it you hear mostly that you know some religious actual religious belief both from Christianity from you know pseudo Christianity mainstream Christianity and you know another misinterpreted principles like many men is inherently evil yeah and life life is suffering yep yep the whole human nature misunderstanding the whole thing that life is actual suffering instead of that it contains suffering and that we should not contribute to the suffering that is contained in life by generating self-inflicted suffering they never talk about that and then you always hear this argument that human beings are just like every other animal and it's just not the case it's not true we have characteristics and capabilities within ourselves that make us very drastically different than the rest of the animal kingdom and we should not hold ourselves to the standard that we hold animals to we should hold ourselves to an extremely much higher moral standard than any animal has ever held to because they have limited capacity for understanding and learning and growth that's what makes us a more advanced creature than any other animals and the other the other big thing is the the fact that if you mentioned to them something like the New Age they say oh my god no I I don't believe this I don't believe this BS this spirituality absolute nonsense yet and especially as you mentioned on your show especially you know in this in these parts of the world if you say that you you have a right to defend yourself and to keep and carry with you the means that you but defend yourself yeah yeah yeah the most you know the more the useful tools to defend yourself such as firearms they go you know they go nuts on you how dare you how dare you be able to protect yourself and your loved ones off such evil sale Francesca where are you from sorry where are you from what part of the world I'm from Italy Italy so what we're having a lot of callers from Europe I would expect that you guys seem to be your concern is seeming to awaken from what I am able to understand I'm getting a lot of arc requests from Europe you know would you say that there is a growing concern with the direction that most of Europe is heading in the population do you see that happening especially you know lots of anger at the situation but it's I would say yeah it's not balanced with knowledge would you say the anger that is expressing is not balanced with accurate knowledge yeah yeah yes okay oh yeah it's mm it's really it's all right probably a recipe for disaster in a way because people are getting more and more polarized so they are very angry and they express their anger at you know immigrants or the anger at right right-wingers right at each other yeah yeah yeah that's the political polarization divide that's what we have to as people who are really in the know about how these dynamics work that's what we have to start to try to break down in our fellow brothers and sisters and get them out of that form of mind control so Francesco thank you so much for the call great points I think I have time for maybe one more caller let's see let's go - lets go - Remy the seeker Remy the seeker your live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark how you doing well yourself good good good good yeah so I mean you for just like for a few minutes about some actually some of the stuff you've been talking about over the last couple weeks sure which i think has been a really has kind of in a big sort of an answer it kind of to help kind of equal out some of the conflicts that I've been having but um there's actually something and that happened recently that I kind of want to address was you were about like the the season of sacrifice last week okay and you I actually have been paying attention to what's been going on going on in the country and I kind of made a call that on the 19th and the 22nd that something would happen and so I'm currently based in Pittsburgh and so there was you know one of those police brutality cases for a kid named Antoine Rose they actually started his trial on the 19th okay and they closed it out on the 22nd and then there were riots in the city because of that and uh and I I actually I said on social media I was like there's gonna be something weird happening and I that same day I found out they started the case and then they closed it on the 22nd so amazing yeah it kind of heavily not an accident if they not at all absolutely to dis rest unrest yeah and yeah I mean it's kind of it's crazy to see all the stuff that's going on just around because yeah because of the results of the case you know and um it's really kind of showing what I think is a very kind of saddening aspect of the of the division of the it's pretty much just like it didn't conquer that that's happening and I think more polarizing lis than ever that I've ever seen but I just wanted to bring that to your attention because I think that that's something that not only to you but possibly the listeners you know um could possibly kind of look at and and sort of see it as like a as a solution as not to react in anger and like to like really see what's in that like the people that we're pitting up ourselves against are really are the people that were supposed to be unifying with and I think that it's kind of you know it's it's very telling to see how how many people have fallen for it they just you know right into it and sort of how you brought up the idea of that like okay you need to pay for things you need to buy food and it's like although you can acknowledge that money for example isn't real we have to deal with the collective the collective consequence that so many people have acted upon that foul that false belief which is resulting exactly as as you could observably see with the natural law and because of that we're seeing a breakdown that we have to pay for food when food grows free and in the same way the idea of the whole racism thing is that racism in its core is understanding of the human relationship as far as like our value as spirits of you know but because other people believe in it we are now dealing with the issues of that act of that's right and that's racism is unfortunately a section that I left out of the divide-and-conquer from last week's show it's something that I probably can do a whole entire show on I don't see racial divides getting better they're getting worse as well in many instances it's it's really a shame you know but this all goes to Remy it all comes down to that the people who are falling for these division these divide and conquer techniques still do not have enough knowledge they have not taken enough knowledge into themselves about how these tactics work and that knowledge that they could be taking in would steel themselves against them when they see them used and brought out to be put at work in society so Remy I want to thank you so much for the call ladies and gentlemen that's all the time that we have for this episode of water on earth is happening remember everybody the show is live every Sunday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. East Coast time I'm your host mark passio you've been watching episode number 203 of what on earth is happening we'll see you right here next Sunday remember ladies and gentlemen government is slavery thank you for watching [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]