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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark passio [Music] come one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time today is Sunday March 31st 31st 2019 we have a great show lined up for you here today I'm gonna be showing people live on the air in real time how to find occulted information in the age of Internet censorship we're going to be showing people how to go out and actually hunt information that the mainstream media and the powers that should not be do not want you to be able to find or to consider or to know so that'll be coming up a little bit later on this edition of what on earth is happening on a positive note today is the 9th anniversary actually yesterday was the 9th anniversary of the what on earth is happening show in whatever form it has taken whether it has been a live radio presentation a live internet video presentation or a podcast I've been doing live internet broadcasting now for nine years March 30th 2010 was the first ever show of what on earth is happening and we're still going nine years later this is episode number 204 so you know I just want to say thank you to all the people who have supported my efforts over the years you've made it somewhat tolerable I mean even though the world is just getting worse and worse and worse and ignorance is at an all-time high you know I talk about it with friends and you know people who are close to me about the ignorance level of humanity and it's hard for me to believe sometimes it's really is that I think we were in a better situation nine years ago even more than nine years ago than we are today I think people were waking up more in masse back in the years 2000 5 6 7 shortly after you know the 9/11 fall flag ritual murder event than they are today because the mainstream media quadrupled its effort to brainwash the populace and now you have people today who actually believe the mainstream media is trying to tell them anything resembling the truth they're so ensconced in the dialectic they're pitted at each other there's all kinds of divides in humanity with people fighting against each other instead of actually fighting there in slavers that it's it's a sad situation and you know it makes me a question the actual you know good that all of what on earth is happening has been able to accomplish sometimes it's like sometimes I think why bother when the world is getting far more ignorant by the day and you know there's people who tell me Oh have heart the world's waking up people are getting it people are waking up I'm sorry folks I I don't see it I don't see people with the level of knowledge that someone like myself has I just don't and I don't care whether you think that's an arrogant thing to say or not I know what I know I know what I've taken in I know what I've studied about the world I know how accurate my conclusions are that I have come to and I know where other people's mindset is that because you could just tell by talking to them just for a few minutes you know you could tell whether people have any kind of semblance of real knowledge or whether they're buying the mainstream narrative on just about everything you know and I'm telling you people now are not only comfortable in there ain't ignorant they're smug in their ignorance they love knowing nothing and then want to tell people that their feelings and their you know opinions are just as good as someone else's hard-won knowledge you know and I'm I'm personally sick of it and I really have to say to my watching audience this is a failure on all of our part that's what it really is it's a failure on our part we have not reached out to people efficiently and effectively we have not done the work people have remained silent I can't tell you how many people come up to me at events that I speak at or anywhere else for that matter and say I feel like I have a firm grip on this but there's something holding me back from teaching it to other people I'm not ready you know as if I ever was you know somebody had to say to me hey get up off your ass stop thinking that you have a right to sit on all of this knowledge and do something with it somebody had to say that to me in harsh terms you know they had to come right out and say you know you are actually causing harm by not doing something and putting the information back out there into the world you're actually part of the problem you think you're part of the solution because you know know you're part of the problem because you know and say nothing and see part of it folks is people don't know anything about technology this is gonna be the first show and not in a continuous series like one after another after another I'm gonna mix things up here on the show okay but this is gonna be the first show of many many to come in the future where we talk about technology and actually how to do things hands-on so this is going to be an unscripted there's very few slides for this show it's not a slide presentation this week okay it's me explaining what you actually have to do at your own computing device and namely a desktop computer I'm going to get into why they want to take desktop computing out of the hands of the public they want you on an imbecile device called a cell phone or a tablet okay they want you on the mindless imbecile consumption device called a cell phone or tablet because they don't want the horsepower and creative capacity of a full desktop system in the hands of the slave class okay that's why everything is moving to phones that are just total mindless consumer devices where people don't make any of their own original content on their own with it you know and they just sit there gobbling up whatever mainstream media they want to vomit it people today okay you have to understand you need legitimate computing resources at your disposal through a desktop computer or at least a semi powerful laptop computer okay and you to understand certain protocols that have been around for a long time actually okay on the internet how to get past censorship this is well I'm tall I'm gonna actively teach people how to get around internet censorship today for those who don't know it and see a lot of people are still tied to the web model the client-server model okay they don't understand that there's anything else on the internet and I could show you you know a lot of other areas of the internet that that isn't web-based okay at some point I could show you how IRC works for file transfer you know at some point I could show you you said for file transfer today though I'm gonna focus on BitTorrent and the BitTorrent underlying technology the protocol I'm going to explain to people what it is and actually how to use it and show you how to use it in real time so what we're talking about here today if we want to switch over to the slides well first of all I want to thank Brett Hatton for the graphics that he's been making he's been doing a fantastic job we can go over to the computer you know he's been making these great graphics for me every week for the show he made this nice 9th anniversary podcast show plaque you know on a graphic phenomenal and again this is the 9th anniversary show you know again yesterday was the actual anniversary on the 30th but you know today is the closest date that I'm doing a show so we're celebrating it today and you know it feels like I've been doing this for 90 years folks you know and it again have to reiterate I think things were better when I started people were more intelligent they were more open-minded they were less brainwashed and mind-controlled than they are today people say oh we think the world is waking up I don't know what you I don't know what people who see that see I don't get it people then other people will say it's just because I live in Philadelphia a shit globalist leftist trash City ok full of fucking communists ok that's the only reason because these are the only people that are around here I don't see it that way I've traveled to places in the world people say ah you know a savvy world traveler I've traveled to enough places to see that basically wherever you go people are just the same there's still the same ignorant bags of shit that they are anywhere else okay people want to take exception to that you go right ahead and get his offended as you like okay when when you have studied and know as much as I do and you've taken in vast amounts of knowledge like I have you'll realize how ignorant people are and if people see the art drive and they you know gotta know many letters people writing back to me saying I didn't know how ignorant I was until I received her art drive okay I didn't know how much I didn't know you know cuz that's the thing people don't look deeply into stuff they start the periphery they want the soundbite they want to go up to a web page and have some talking head tell them oh this is this is all you need to know I'm trying to tell you you can't get all you need to know from one podcast for you can't get it from a series of two hundred and four okay you have to do your own digging in your own research and that takes time and attention it takes time of your life and it takes your unwavering focused attention that you have to take at the expense of other things that you might want to do in your life you have to put those things on the back burner of your life and maybe never do them and that's what no one wants to hear they don't want to hear somebody tell them that do you have to sacrifice and you have to say I might not be able to do things that I wanted to do selfishly with my own life with the time of my own life because I have to make the time to really learn about what's really important to learn about what's going on in the world and what's going on within human beings nobody wants to hear that hard harsh truth you know it means you might not be able to serve yourself and spend the time that you want to do doing the things you want that's what I keep telling people that's why I'm a better person I'm bitter about it you know oh I you want me to do the same things that made you a better person yeah actually I do because maybe if more people did it we would have be able to have a lighter time of it again the old saying many hands make for light work you know the problem is that there's so few people doing this at this point nine years in I thought there would be at least 1 million people doing as good of a job or better of a job than I do here on what on earth is happening I I could tell you guess what folks there's still only one mark passio and it's a shame to have to say that it's a crying shame ok there should be a million people doing what I do to this level or way better and when I go on the internet and I look for them I come back to my own videos that's still where it's at ok because nobody will just come out and say it nobody will put lay down the truth bombs like I'm dropping of them every week here on what on earth is happening and saying it unapologetically they're either too ignorant or too chicken shit ok so we were in a better position nine years ago than we are today and guess what there's no excuse for it I don't care what excuses you want to make for it you can make all the excuses you want there's no excuse for it people have infinitely more resources at their disposal as far as computing technology is concerned websites torrent sites alternative areas of the internet way more researchers who are looking into this work and putting bits and pieces out there that can act as breadcrumb trails for what people really need to look into on their own they're just not doing it because they're lazy they're lazy and they want to just get a soundbite from another person and think they know and that's not how it works doesn't work like that okay you got to invest the time and you got to invest the attention and see part of the problem is people don't know where to go they don't know how to mine the internet for the gold that's there they don't know how to do it you know they're at the they they're on Facebook thinking they're gonna get their news from Facebook they think they're gonna get what they need to know from that bag of shit there were simulcasting on okay the yeah and then they they think you're gonna make the world better by trying to convince other people on Facebook with text comments yeah with text comments you know you're gonna you're going to change their worldview with a couple of lines of text on Fae book or Twitter it's a bit people or a bad fucking joke is what they are by the way that they think a bad joke they don't understand the depth and breadth of knowledge that is going to be required to reverse this situation yeah look here's how I've been liking and get to people before we jump into this material here's how I've been likening it for people giving them a little analogy of what we're really up against first of all we're up against beings that are practically like gods that's how advanced and intelligent they are as far as their complexity of understanding of the human condition in human psychology compared to the average idiot okay you're up against master psychologist it's like playing the most advanced chess master in the world when you've met you've never even looked at a chess board and you don't even know how the pieces move you're gonna get your ass crushed in twenty seconds in the first couple moves of the game he's got even checkmated okay you're not gonna have any idea what's going on and the games already going to be won by the opponent I like it a little bit more like this it's like a baby sitting in a hight highchair okay that just got fed a bunch of strained Peas by mommy with a little baby spoon and crap than their diaper and has strained peas running down the side of their cheek and their opponent is Bruce Lee at the prime of his life okay that's literally the mismatch that we are in that the human species is in up against the social engineers were up against and it's because of that knowledge differential that we're in that position and the knowledge differential so shows no signs of being closed up that knowledge gap shows no signs as a matter of fact the ignorant are proud and boisterous of their ignorance proclaiming it widely and loudly online if we're ever going to close up that ignorance gap people have to learn how to do their own research on their own by finding the data you have to be able to amass assemble the grammar the pieces of information that you need to analyze and if internet censorship is happening and that's the topic of the show let's go back to the slides okay because the main topic of the show today is how to find the information that you need to know in the era of Internet censorship this is the problem now we're at an increased disadvantage than we were 10 years ago 9 years ago or longer ok we we are in an increased disadvantage now because now big tech has said we are going to censor people's ability to find out we're going to take videos down we're going to take sites down if we can we're going to ban people's social media accounts that are trying to tell the truth and point people to the correct links that they need the research here's the problem folks there is still not enough true knowledge being gained on the part of the people who say they want freedom because you're not going to get out of the situation of slavery that we are in through any other means than true knowledge by reading the right books by listening to the right lectures by watching the right videos ok so what I want to do here today is show you circumvention techniques on how to get around internet censorship deliberately okay when they say no we don't want you to know this you have to know methods methodologies don't memorize tasks don't memorize steps get the conceptual idea so moving forward with all technology ok and look we're this is gonna take as long as it'll take ok it might have to take to three shows who knows I don't know we'll see if there's time for calls today we'll take calls in the third hour I may do this for an hour an hour and a half or take the whole show we'll see how it goes ok but I'm not gonna rush it it's gonna take as long as it takes to get the understanding out into the public okay just like I do when I do longer form presentations on the air ok it'll take as long as it takes so what the first thing I want to establish with people when we go into any technological tutorials here on what on earth is happening the first thing that you need to understand is you are not memorizing steps or tasks let me repeat this so that you really hear what I'm saying when I try to explain to you how to do something you are not memorizing steps and you are not memorizing tasks it may change in the future it may look different on your system okay there are different operating systems there are different configurations of computers there are different software that you can use to do the same job you are not memorizing steps or tasks you are analyzing and trying to understand concepts on how to do something that's called a methodology so I am going to show you a methodological framework for being able to get information that you want to get okay when somebody is telling you you can't have it so that being said I am going to use specific a specific system a specific piece of software etc so your setup may be different it may be drastically different the idea is not to get attached to it's exactly in this place and this menu in this item and it's called this you're not learning about it via rigorous you know it's always in this place and it's always called this approach you have to get that approach out of your mind and you have to understand you are learning a conceptual methodology and if you can apply it then you apply the methodology okay so it's like you know waxing a car as a methodology okay you might use a different kind of wax it might be a different kind of car it might be in a different circumstance or situation that you're applying it you know there's different approach approaches for applying a wax to a car it's the same thing you know baking in recipes and you know cooking okay it's the same thing with technology there are different approaches there are different methods there are different recipes you want to understand the basic conceptual idea that's what you want to carry forward and be able to apply in a different circumstance okay now secondly I want to talk about censorship in general and how dangerous the the climate that we are in actually is okay people have to understand this is going to lead America into a total powder keg situation if it's not resolved if it's not addressed if it's not looked at as being a horrific totalitarian thing and I'm telling you it's already driving wedges between people and the people who come down on saying that they want censorship to continue and they want people to be increasingly deep platform you are vile absolute evil totalitarian Nazis and communists you are the enemies of freedom you are the enemies of everything that is good you are trash your parents were trash and you will probably give birth to trash okay you are immoral garbage if you want to take freedom of speech away from human beings and you are so limited and confined in your ideas that you want no discussion taking place on by anybody who disagrees with your shit ideas okay that means your ideas are shit always have been shit and always will be shit because they can stand up to no reason no scrutiny and no rigorous investigation through logic and that means that you don't know how to think and that means that your ideas are utterly fucking worthless okay so don't get as offended about it as you want that's exactly how it is that's hard truth all right and if you're on the wrong side of that equation you're on the wrong side of history and you're actually an evil person you're not just misguided you're not just brainwash you're evil you're a black-hearted evil soul if you want the shutdown of speech okay and you deserve whatever happens to you as a human being and you deserve whatever happens to your soul because you're trash this country is going to go up like a tinderbox sooner than later now I'm telling you that's what they want they want the bloodbath that's going to ensue when they deliberately outrightly try to censor all speech because then it's going to come down to the gun and I'm telling you it's not going to be pretty here because there's more guns here in America than there are people far more and that's what they want they want people so stupid that they will go for this censorship that it's going to eventually lead to a war and I'm telling you you and your family don't want that on either side whatever side of the equation we're talking about you don't want it you're not going to be prepared and you're not gonna understand that it has nothing to do with anything they show you in Hollywood movies I can assure you of that okay and you're not gonna be ready and neither are the police and military they can think whatever they want about what they think it's gonna be like and how prepared they are for it you're a little fucking boys that aren't prepared at all either you just think you are and your handlers your masters your your people who tell you when to sit lay down or roll over like the good little fucking dogs that you are you think you're you're proven to be prepared you have no idea what you'd be up against in this country at all okay so you're being lied to and set up for a bloodbath extermination but that's what they want folks and that's what I've been trying to avoid on day one and I'm telling you we're spiraling headlong into the very thing I've been trying to avert and to say that censorship by the tech giants like Apple and Google are bringing us directly into that scenario and they think that they're going to manage it and there's not going to be any physical repercussions and bloodshed they're out of their minds they're literally completely disjointed and out of touch with human reality they have no idea how bad it's gonna be when it goes down if we don't reverse this course because I'm telling you America is not some little chickenshit country like Sweden that has given up their arms you know or like when they say we're gonna ban semi-autos we're gonna just turn them in and say oh oh I guess let's what up and like I went down after this Christ Christ Church shit in New Zealand that ain't gonna be how it's gonna happen here I can guarantee 100% you won't see that scenario trust me all you need to do is go out at a local gun show happening at whatever armory there might be near you at whatever tradeshow location or Convention Center and I'm telling you you'll have your finger on the pulse of what America is really like very quickly that you don't see on a daily basis because people don't really talk about it they don't talk about it openly they have what they have and I'm telling you you you have no idea the level of gun culture that exists in America none go out research her for yourself go to a gun show or two and talk to people and you'll understand you'll understand I'm telling you the Philadelphia Eagles are the most popular sports team in Philadelphia and I'm telling you an Eagles game pales in comparison to when people turn out at the big gun shows it's like it's like nothing it's like five times that many people go in and out of that place during the weekend then show up at an Eagles game okay you have no idea so I'm just trying to give my take that we want to go down that path well let's go down that path and keep giving over our power to the big tech giants like Google Facebook Apple I mean you want to talk about the the most evil people in the world the most evil vile trash on earth people like Apple you know who have now announced they're now the new curators of news they have a new news curation service that they're now offering they're going into services regarding news because we have to clean it up because we have to tell you what's right and true we can't have you looking at alternative opinions we have to have trusted news sources the authorities you know and they'll tell you what reality is and you'll swallow it and say yes sir may I have some more you know and this is what Apple thinks in Apple the company that originally was about we're gonna put publishing power into the hands of the people through technology and made computers that were about publishing content that people themselves made with tools that are in their hands so that the world wouldn't become like 1984's Ministry of Truth now Apple is saying they want to move everybody away from the personal computer platform that this is something that they're not focused on that they're focused on the handheld platform and services so that they can deliver content that is approved by their government masters and it's not even US government masters it's Chinese government masters because they're red communists you know and they want to tell people that this is officially sanctioned curated news you know and that other people who they deem unworthy to fuck to speak truth they they want to ban them from whatever platforms they control and then work with other tech giants like Facebook and Twitter and you know Google and have people censored from those platforms as well and YouTube look I'm gonna keep speaking truth until they do censor me okay I'm not interested in what anybody can do to me I'll put it up on different platforms anyway and people will come to my platform to get it the whole point is this censorship is out of control it has gone completely awry and these tech giant's think they're God they think they're God is how arrogant and ignorant these people are that they actually believe they're going to control what you get to see in here I'm here to show you today that ultimately if you know what you're doing nobody can censor you ain't have to shut the internet they'd have to destroy the Internet and to destroy the Internet infrastructure you'd have to destroy the earth at this point if you get on to real distributed computing models distributed networking models there is no way to shut down that protocol that's why you're never gonna shut down crypto currencies that's why you're never gonna shut down real peer-to-peer information file-sharing and you're never going to shut down something like BitTorrent can't be done unless you shut down the whole network called the Internet which I'm gonna show you why that is today but what I want to say about the people who buy into all of this crap and actually still believe the mainstream media look folks I'm gonna say something that's highly unpopular and I'm telling you right now more people believe the mainstream media's narratives of things and accept that the mainstream media is telling them the truth or at endeavoring to tell them the truth about world events now in the Year 2019 than did in the year 2010 when I started and people will say can't be no way the world the world is too much more advanced and sophisticated and knowledgeable people are more knowledgeable about what's going on folks more people believe the narratives of the mainstream media today than did in the year 2010 when I started doing the water earth is happening show and certainly more people believe it than when I was really preparing all the information for my shows back in 2004 5 6 etc before I started speaking publicly in 2007 12 years I've been doing water on earth is happening and I'm telling you right now those 12 years have been a solid descent into pure ignorance in in on the part of the population the world was much more awakened aware in 2007 than it is in 2019 far more and the reason is is because they've taken what was happening in 2007 increased processing power processing horsepower going up and up people buying larger screens larger monitors wanting bigger laptops there were more like workstations in personal computing more powerful desktop computing computers were coming people were making content they were making videos they were making websites people were learning HTML and JavaScript to make their own websites content management systems were coming forward people were learning them open-source software was in a better state than it is now okay everything has reversed this trend and gone into a state of decline since then and now what do you have you have people who are consuming government sanctioned media on mobile devices that's what you have you have people on iPhones and Android devices sitting there with their phones consuming mindless media that have put are put out by government and state sanctioned institutions and you know what they look and sound like the next slide I'm going to show you what these people look and sound like that have bought the entire mainstream media narrative and believe CNN Fox News MSNBC you know whatever internet you know puke that they swallow on a daily basis that they believe that they're telling them the truth and they don't do any research on their own they don't actually read the right books they don't actually watch the right videos they don't actually listen to the right lectures no they form an opinion based on a soundbite from whatever mainstream websites they happen to navigate to on a daily basis okay and then they form an opinion based on a soundbite that they hear on some news that they heard in their local pub you know and think that they're informed or what because you they let some of them listen to NPR that's an alternative voice oh yeah yeah they listen to some alternative researchers you know and they're so informed you know Joe Rogan's gonna tell you everything you need to know you know all you got to do is watch his podcast and you got it you know or whatever other alternative news outlet people want to go and watch and make that make the the mecca of everything I'm telling you don't even do that with me I'm trying to explain to you how you need to learn about how to go out and hunt information from an eclectic variety of sources okay but all the people who are buying the whole mainstream narrative and still believe them the media is telling them the truth and they're informed here's what you look like this is exactly what people look like okay so this is what's going on with with the media so this is what this is my model of what's happening folks okay they're they're putting their hands over your mouth okay because they've just shoved all their puke inside of you they've just shoved all of their nonsense okay all of their garbage and swill they've just shoved down your gullet and people were so eager they had a funnel and a hose okay and they're like turn that spigot on because we've got to get that hose jammed down into that esophagus all the way down to get the funnel in there to hold it in place and then in turn turn on the floodgates and let's get all of that sewage into us as deep as we can get it down the gullet and as fast as we can get it down there you know you know the old big ornate spoons that people would put on their wall you know it was a big trend back in the 70s and 80s you know the big huge oversized salad fork and salad spoon on the wall you know that's how they're eating all the sewage they're eating all all the mainstream media sewage then are giving them nothing but religion see all of this stuff here all of these things okay that they want to shove onto people you could just replace it with one word religion religion get out of your mind that religion is the cultural religions of Christianity Judaism and Islam like we talked about last week religion is erroneous and dogmatic belief structures that people have given you and that you have accepted and shoved it down the gullet and now what you're what you're gonna do is you're gonna puke them back at people so you wanna though the reason they're holding their mouths over the the ignoratio here's a member of the ignoratio oaks you know this is gonna be my new term okay this is the average Joe Schmo imbecile the ignoratio the ignorant ones I told you we gotta get him a big temple you know maybe we can all Corral them into one big huge world temple called the Temple of the ignorantiy okay because all of the sensors are putting their hands over their mouths not to stop you know them from speaking it's not not to get splattered with all the verbal diarrhea that they're gonna get splattered with once they open their mouth and regurgitate all the horseshit that you've just been crammed down their throat and here's what they're gonna look like when they do it this is this is the people who buy the mainstream narrative of everything and they're rigid ultra egg-headed skeptics who think they know something when they there there is dumb as dogshit okay and they want to claim that they're in the know and they're knowledgeable and they haven't looked into absolute anything not at any deep level Oh at a little tiny cursory level oh I've looked into this oh I've listened to the sound byte of this oh I read this one book you know and then they want to be the expert they want to be the expert and they start puking their nonsense all over the place thinking that they know here's what they look like this is what people like that look like here's what the ignore Otte do okay this is you this is the ignorantiy okay spewing your verbal diarrhea everywhere okay non-stop uncontrollably soon as your mouth opens all the liquid shit pours out of it okay that's what the average human being is in the year 2019 then listen to the mainstream media dumb bags of shit that have totally just spewed their verbal diarrhea all over everybody else in the complete state of ignorance that they dwell in perpetually 24 hours a fucking day it's a disgrace it's a disgrace people are a disgrace okay and we're not doing our jobs folks you and I not doing our jobs effectively enough okay the great work is not being done nowhere near as efficiently and effectively and it is widespread idli enough to get any kind of a situation that we are in reversed and headed in a positive direction we're not even close it's it's the baby versus Bruce Lee that's what it is Bruce Lee versus an infant in a highchair eating his strained Peas okay somebody make me a nice piece of artwork of that Bruce Lee throwing a vicious sidekick at a baby's jaw while he's got strained Peas leaking down his cheek sitting in a high chair please someone make me the art I'll feature it on the show next week if you make it okay give me Bruce Lee at the height of his career at the leanest and meanness that he ever was in his black you know martial arts you know pants you know throwing a wicked sidekick at a baby's face okay because that's the situation that we're in and that's what people don't understand that the social engineers are so infinitely more complex and their understanding of the human dynamic than people themselves are that we are up against practical gods and no one wants to acknowledge this they want to say I'm I'm pessimistic no I worked with these people I know what they're capable of I know how intelligent they are and I'll tell you why folks it was the only place I felt like I was ever around a group of peers which we're gonna talk about the word peer a lot today it's the only place I felt like I was around other equals in actual intellectual acumen because when I see people in the so-called truth and freedom movement all I see is the ignorantiy that's it I see people who are so ignorant of the actual dynamics that they need to understand because they haven't looked into it enough they haven't aggregated the data and actually read and read you've got to sequester yourself and read for like years to get to any level of real knowledge of what's really going on how many people have ever done that that's what the Hermit is on the tarot deck he's at the bottom of the macrocosmic tree right after he gets out of ma coot because he's at the desire for knowledge set at that point he's at the desire for knowledge sefirot you know that's yes sowed on the tree of life on the macrocosm microcosmic tree you know which we talked about when we talked about Tarot symbolism in the past and in my demystifying the occult part one lecture you know that's that's where people need to be they need to actually do research from a very eclectic and even a obsessive point of view and they don't do it because they haven't taken enough in for Dave and even assembled enough information let alone actually gone through the process of taking it in as a brief aside or anecdote I talk to people I I attempt in some cases to talk to people about potential theories of why so many very advanced structures that we can't seem to duplicate today exist in different places on the earth that engineers and you know builders cannot duplicate and people want to insist they just want to insist they have any idea of how any of this was done and all was done through pulleys and levers and leverage and slave labor etc and so forth and you know what they are folks here's what they are this is what they look and sound like here's who they are spouting their nonsense I know how the pyramids were built they had this complex system of pulleys and ropes here that you can't hear them they can't you see that this is just exactly what they sound like you know they see what they did is they made ramps switch back to hem fullscreen okay here folks here's what they did they made ramps out of huge amounts of mud and then they pulled up with these ropes and they had elephants pulling ropes of these big multi-ton stone blocks up these extremely large ramps of mud they would have actually amassed much more than the actual mass of the pyramids themselves had these ramps actually been built yeah that's what you sound like dumb bag of shit okay but then when you even put before them the possibility of considering the interference theory of human origins in front of them because oh yeah over at Bell Beck we quarry 1 million or even multi-million pound stones you know that no crane on earth could lift and if even a crane did attempt to lift it if there were a crane powerful enough to even lift partially part of it it would crack under its own weight of gravity but yeah human beings do that oh and you know why you know why the archaeologists tell us hold on a second let me go back to our local archaeologists here's our local archaeologists yes they built the large massive stones at belbek ladies and gentlemen as slurry walls to hold back floodwaters that's all there was just a lot of sewage water and they needed to build 1 million single slab stone slabs as protection against potential floodwaters from so this was just a slurry wall that's all that's what they built yeah yeah there's your you've straight from the mouth of your local archaeologists don't you know there was a leading expert in the field okay you know and people believe them they actually believe this nonsense you know because that's the humans do humans humans wouldn't fill up bags of mud and like throw them to build a slurry wall wall no we would we decide let's look we're gonna quarry we're going to acquire a 1 million stone block out of the bedrock of the land for oh and by the way we're going to do this from like many many miles away from where we're actually going to put it so we're gonna quarry it from one place then we're going to transport it over the uneven structure of the land and hills and rocks and valleys and we're then gonna position it here to hold back a little bit of water because that's how humans build things yeah and then when you asked them have you ever even looked into the possibility of alternative human origins theories and what source texts have you looked into or what real deep researchers whose work have you completely exhausted have you completely exhausted every single writing of citchen or or Icke or von Daniken etc so forth or or Graham Hancock or you know anybody you could go on and on and on with the researchers okay you know LA Marzulli or you know many others okay have you read all of the ancient texts you know have you read the Upanishads you know have you read the Vedas you know have you read the Eddas of the Norse traditions you know or even the entire Book of Enoch or something like that or the Babylonian creation epics you know or their cylinder seals etc the translations of those no no no no no no no no no haven't looked into any of it well what's your basis for forming an opinion I watched a couple of episodes of ancient aliens and I decided I didn't like Giorgio tsoukalos as hair this is what people think knowledge is this is what they think knowledge is and they think that their opinion is as valid as someone else's years and years of hard one research and going into knowledge and add in a huge deep way sacrificing your time the time of your life that you want to do other things with and then you have an imbecile coming along saying oh I watched a couple of episodes of this show and I've I've just decided it's of all bunk and nonsense they have no knowledge you have an in for you have an uninformed opinion based on your fields and your intuition ain't that great okay see people think their intuitions so hot and on point no it's really destroyed not only is your law or your logic circuits fried your intuitions in the shit or two so what I want to show people is methodology how do you gather the data how did I gather the data how did I gather most of the data from the arc ladies and gentlemen most of the data fro that is on the arc did not come from downloading it from a website some things did but you know what if I had to venture a guess three to four percent of all the data that's on the arc which is a tiny fraction of all the data that I've ever downloaded an archived okay if I had to guess how much actually came from a website three to four percent if that you want to know where all that data came from I'm gonna tell you the three places all that data came from usse net BitTorrent and IRC that's where I got almost every piece of that data alternative internet protocols that most people know nothing about and possibly have never even heard of that's where I got most of the research data from the arc because most people don't publish this stuff on websites it's called going into the dark web okay you know and some people will call the dark web only tor okay or encrypted sites I consider that the dark web is infinitely much more than that it's really any area of the internet that is not really hosted on a website or a web server it's not part of the client-server Network model of the Internet and some people will you know say that's a limited definition of what the dark web is but I'm telling you're getting closer to what the totality of the dark web is is when you factor in all of the other internet protocols not just HTTP hypertext transport protocol which is what the web is okay so you have to understand there's way more to the web then you open it up your web browser you know just because you fire up edge or Firefox or Chrome and go online don't think that's the totality of the internet because it is not there's way bigger areas of the internet than just the web and then you're getting crowded into the ghetto of the internet like Facebook and Twitter you know and thinking that that's where you need to get your data from most people know nothing about the internet and how it works at all they know less than nothing and think they know about it and they know nothing about how it works at all okay so going back to the slides I want to show people two basic general models of the Internet and just generally of information transfer on the Internet or how generally a network of connected computers works in a particular setup or scenario okay so the first and this is what we know about right this is what the average person somewhat knows how the internet works they have a rudimentary understanding of it okay this is called the client-server Network model of the internet or of any network really ok the Internet is just a form of a network so this is a client-server network set up through client-server protocol ok this is what hypertext transport protocol is or the web the world wide web HTTP that's why that's that the beginning of all of your websites HTTP colon slash slash that means go out over this protocol hypertext transport protocol meaning the protocol for transporting web pages from a server to a clients ok that's what it means all right so all of the computers on the outside that are around the central computer are called client computers these are client computers on the network it means that they run some type of software that is going to make a connection to the central computer called the server so the central computer is the server that's where the data that all of the other computers on the network are going to try to connect to to get the data that they want from the server the server has the data and it's serving it out to the clients who are requesting the data from the server ok so this is how just about every website in the world works right now ok let's say let's say my computer is the one in the top left right underneath the words client server ok let's say I'm a potential publisher of information right so I have a website that I want to put up and it's called what on earth is happening and it's comprised of documents and images audio files and video files okay and links so I have all of that data in a folder structure and I'm going to upload it to the server I'm going to send it from my client computer to the server because the server is the one that's going to push the data out to anybody that requests it okay it's not going to go from my computer I don't have the bandwidth to do that okay I can't support that many connections I'm not sitting on a huge backbone infrastructure section of the Internet I just have a limited you know pipe to my own personal computer I have a limited you know set of bandwidth to it okay so I am going to send it to the server and then from there the server has the bandwidth that it is going to serve out to all of the other client computers that data so here's how it looks okay the server has the data and it sends when it is requested by the clients it sends the data to the client computers this is how you view any website okay when you type in w-w-what on earth is happening comm okay it makes your your web browser makes a connection to the server and then the server is going to send you the documents that I have put on it that's it it's a very oversimplified way of explaining how it works but essentially that's the model okay now look at this model okay you are relying on the power of a centralized computer in a centralized location so this is a centralized network model it is not decentralized or what is called a distributed network model what does this mean for publishers what does this mean for publishing in general what it means is that let's say someone wanted to take down the information that is hosted through any given website how many computers do they need to knock off the network the answer is one they need to knock the server offline so people can do this by actual going to the hosting provider and trying to get get it taken down or they can send a distributed denial of service attack a DDoS against the server and it can then be you know overwhelmed and not be able to serve the documents because here's the thing the server has to enough has to have enough bandwidth to accommodate all the client connections that are asking it for data so what happens when a server gets very very very very very popular or let's say one file on a particular server gets extremely popular well it has to keep up with the bandwidth requirements of serving that file to thousands and thousands of client computers okay so what happens is with every increased connection the bandwidth slows down a little bit more a little bit more a little bit more a little bit more okay until eventually it slows down the data transference to a crawl and then what happens is nobody can get the file because the server is overwhelmed this is called a client-server network model or simply a centralized network okay this is centralized networking and this is how the web still works the world wide web web servers still work on this model largely okay there are things that they offset it with but largely we're dealing with the client-server model when we talk about the web okay so now conversely to this the opposite of this model is called a distributed networking model okay so in the distributed networking model we remove the centralized server because we're no longer talking about centralization of information we're talking about distributed information over all of the resources that comprise the computers on the network ok so no one is a centralized server but everyone is their own server as we're going to see you are now the client and the server so now there's a new name for all of the computers that connect to this network they're no longer called clients because they perform more than the function of just a client which is to request data from a server ok in this model everybody on the network is called a peer now what does what are the implications of this connotative Lee even in language when we call someone appear it means they are on the same page as we are we know what they know they have similar capabilities as us we're equals on the network okay as we would call peers we would call appear unequal appear one of our peers in real life that's why I say I don't want followers I want peers okay and I don't mean Piers Morgan I mean people who I consider equal to myself okay all right i we need to be peers in our whole circle okay meaning we are all providing similar information and functions okay and it's not because anybody told us to do this it's because we've arrived at similar conclusions because we've all gathered the data ourselves and gone through similar transforms with it and come to the correct conclusions about what it means that's all it means it's not cultish in that I want everybody to believe the same way I want you to arrive at the same truth because you went through the same process of transformation and truth discovery methods that other people did as well to come to that conclusion because it's true so in this distributed network model the computers that are connected to this network are called peers they are all basically equal and can do all the same functions okay the server is removed because there is no centralized server okay and everybody can send bits and pieces of all of the data to anybody else okay so if one person let's say the one in the upper left-hand corner under the word distributed has the whole file right and they want to send it to everybody else they can send bits and pieces to other computers and then those computers can send bits and pieces to even more computers that join the network okay until everybody has all of the file and that very much decreases the load on any one given computer for serving the file whereas the server in the centralized model that we just saw in the past a slide has to do all of the reason they have to have enough resources and they have to do all of the work to get that file out to thousands of other client computers now you're distributing the load across multiple computers so it's like connecting processors in parallel instead of in series okay this is a parallel processor model okay here's how this network distributes information simultaneously to all peers so anybody that wants to connect can connect to other computers in the network and they can send bits and pieces of information to any other computer within the network it's an ingenious model distributed computing especially peer-to-peer file sharing services that and this is why they're called p2p peer-to-peer any peer can send any amount of data to any other peer within the network and therefore you are distributing the load from taking it out of a centralized model and putting it into a decentralized computing model it's genius okay absolute genius more of the internet should work this way okay that's all the slides I'm gonna show you folks so I'm going to just do this here okay if you want to donate to what on earth is happening multiple ways you can go to gifts and you can get physical items my Tesla DVD is is out Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift it's out on DVD it's out on flash drive that's available on the gifts section of my website gifts not what on earth is happening calm okay you can get the arc for all of the data that I've done throughout the the years all the research that I've amassed throughout the years the best collection of my research that led me to the discoveries that I now understand and try to talk about with people on a day to day basis you can get that on the arc hit the arc button or tab and fill out the form and you could get the shipping instructions for the arc drive one terabyte of research data and then finally if you want to make a straight donation there are ten ways to do that at the donate tab or button what on earth is happening calm slash donate thank you to everyone who donated and especially people who donated equipment through the wish list the wish list is now actually right now for now it is you can watch it and see when I post new items to it but people have helped me to acquire the technological needs that we need here for what on earth is happening things are going pretty smoothly and efficiently in that regard and I think everyone who has donated in that capacity or in any capacity you make the work easier so thank you okay that being said that's all the slides we're gonna get actually India really using some of this stuff okay so what I want to show people is when I'm looking for something that I want to do research on where do I generally go to get it and there's lots of places okay now in the past I was a big Usenet head okay Euston that was my place okay I practically lived on there okay most people don't even know what u s-- net is they've never heard of it they'll probably never use it okay it's a pretty geeky area of the internet that is about news binaries okay they call them news groups but really there many of them are to boat post what they call binaries or just digital data okay and they post them in sections then you got to go and amass them and assemble them and then check them and there's parity programs you know par files it gets very complicated and technical okay so I mean when looking into what am I going to show people you snut isn't the thing that resonates immediately and comes to the top of my list namely because people usually have to sign up for a new a premium Usenet service where they have complete binaries and binary retention okay otherwise you're not you're not gonna have a hard time getting complete binary files unless the service that you use really specializes in in binary file retention over long periods of time so you stat is really an older model but when the internet was coming on strong that this was the hot area and if you knew anything about where to go get alternative information you are like trying to surf website to website and hope you could come up with something you went on Usenet and you did what you had to do and you downloaded the binaries and you put them together okay a lot of the data on the ark came from Usenet a lot okay just look it up research it some people might want to get into it it's definitely more technical more geeky than what I'm about to show you today which is really much more accessible to the average person who's not a tech geek okay so the next area of the internet I could potentially show you when I was thinking about all this that is even more geeky than what I'm going to show you and arguably more geeky then using that even is IRC which stands for Internet Relay Chat now a lot of people are somewhat familiar with this who are older school internet heads but they would you just use it for chat purposes a lot of people don't know that IRC has direct client-to-client capabilities within IRC servers okay so you can go into a server and you can request file lists and then you could actually request file transfers from BOTS that are on IRC servers okay and a lot of the info that I got from on the arc came from IRC servers as well okay so you have to understand there are areas of the internet that most people have never heard of that yet there are many files that are available by going there and looking at the file listings and then mining them ok and you have to know what tools you need to do that you know you have to have a good I our C client you know or you have to have a good Usenet client ok so there's many of those you have to research what programs or tools are fit for the job see part of gathering information is understanding first of all what is the information format right so if you want a book what are the forms of books on the Internet well you can get text files that's txt part of the thing is when we're talking about any technological endeavors most people don't know how computers in general work they haven't researched them enough they don't know the operating system well enough the basics of the operating system they don't know the HFS which is the hierarchical file system or the organizational file system within the computer many of them don't know how that works more people that I know in life do not know how to just organize an HFS a hierarchical file system meaning a folder within folder structure on a computer then do know how to do it more people don't know how to do it then do know how to do it and I'm telling you that even includes young people that I know more people don't know the hierarchical file system of a basic operating system like Linux Windows or Mac ok and how to organize folders and files within the file system older or younger more people don't know how to do it then do know how to do it in my experience and that's sad and now they've removed them from phones largely Android still has them but Apple really doesn't really have an HFS it does if you really dig in there ok but it's a hot mess you know and most of the the files are actually in the app you know there's a folder inside the app then the files that the app uses are in the folder and that's locked down in iOS which is why I consider it a garbage operating system Android while marginally better at least you can get access to the HFS and largely Android phones are infinitely easier to root or gain root access to than an iOS device which require more requires in intricate jailbreaking that most people have even given up and doing because of how much of paranoid control freaks Apple is as a company that they want to lock down hardware and software and people don't even understand it that's how it works they don't even understand how horrible their whole software model is and how they're basically robbing developers and preventing developers from putting their software directly into the hands of their potential clients that they have to go through them through Apple to do it the Apple some of the most vile evil control freaks on the earth anyway not to make this about that most people don't know the hierarchical file system of a computer and they don't know file types ok so if I say txt to somebody they're like what the hell is that PDF don't know what that is or does you know E see I don't know you know more people than not don't know any aspect of personal computing anymore because they're too busy doing this here's what they're doing all day that's what they're doing all day long with their piece of crap slab okay you know that's that's my clock for the show that's what that is okay you need a good computer with actual processing horsepower storage space the ability to back it up easily so you don't lose your data okay a high bandwidth internet connection take the data aspect of this seriously if you're serious about wanting to get knowledge into your brain take that data aspect of this seriously and put save enough money to get a halfway-decent computer system set it up at a desk where you can sit and you can read and you can watch and you can learn and you could listen by a big screen instead of a little crap that everybody's watching everything and ruining their eyesight that's that's killing their eyes with the blue light in it anyway this is what they want that's the model they want you on folks they want you looking at a tiny little screen where you can't do any content creation that you're just consuming it's nonsense that people get have given you and you can't even do alternative protocols basically and it not effectively anyway you know the space you don't have the resources or the processing power invest in a decent laptop personally I think laptops are very overrated very overrated very underpowered technology in them okay and they don't do nearly what a desktop computing system does you want my advice you want to take data seriously you want to be really researching what's going on in the world you need a powerful desktop computer with a large screen that's the way to really do it if you're serious if you're a ham and Egger just stay on a phone you know get a little case that has a little flip out thing for a phone and put a Bluetooth keyboard in front of it be a ham and Egger okay but if you want to take it seriously go out and buy a legitimate desktop computer with at least a 24 inch monitor okay I'd suggest a 27 inch monitor or larger okay and get a decent internet connection you know a lot of people are still in places where they don't they can't get high bandwidth internet connections like thankfully here in Philadelphia FiOS is installed and I have a gigabit synchronous up and down connection to the net over fiber-to-the-home okay so very fortunate because I know that's not the case in many places but I'll tell you what if you have the opportunity to do a fiber optic connection to the Internet get it and don't look back and it's worth every penny it's worth every penny and reliability and speed okay so that's my recommendation there the next thing you have to understand is you got to know your file types okay so if we're going to be looking for books we're going to be looking for potentially text files txt potentially rich text files those are RTF potentially Microsoft Word documents those are dot do C or dot do see X okay but more likely than not most books are going to be in PDF Portable Document format that's an Adobe format Adobe Portable Document format PDF okay that's um being able to take text and print it to a page to a digital page just like you would print it basically to a printer okay and it's going to look on the page like it would look if it were printed and it's non reflowable text and graphics now the newer formats that you'll see are things that are made for digital readers okay or digital ebook programs and those are a pub dot e pub epu be okay that's a reflowable textbook okay that can make text larger or smaller and have it refloat page after page okay if you want a good readable book that you get online and you read on a computer screen or you download to a mobile device to read which are what is an acceptable usage of a mobile device like a tablet to read books on okay then you want pub that's your best bet that's your best format choice okay so then what if we're looking for audio okay in general you have like three formats for audio okay you have mp3 which is the most widely known format that are it's basically compatible with just about any audio playing device and then you have slightly newer audio formats that are in the mp4 encoding scheme like mp4 or m4v which is like another older variant of mp4 audio and then the newer variant is AAC AAC is advanced audio codec which most modern mpeg-4 encoded audio files are encoded as AAC okay so but you know you have your uncompressed formats like a fanned wave and flack okay so a flack is a lossless format that's slightly compressed but you have totally uncompressed like WAV and AIF okay you have multiple multiple or bus that's another one an open format you know like a compressed mp3 but it's like open source instead of licensed to technology okay but generally most audio players can handle most formats if you have something like VLC we're going to talk about programs that you're going to use okay before we even get into the protocol and how to download it you've got to know your file types that you're looking for you got to know programs that you're gonna need to use to open these things okay so let's say we don't want to download a movie file you're gonna have multiple formats there okay most likely you're gonna deal with them to mp4 when it comes to a movie file okay you could get an MK V which is Matroska okay that's a newer high def format okay but largely you're gonna look at mp4 older files you had Windows Media Video WMV and you had what was the other one you had a VI okay avi files audio-visual integrated files those are largely outdated formats almost unwaveringly you download a video file today it's going to be an mp4 format or MK V which is Matroska which you'll see some people in code in okay so you're gonna need a program for playing those I recommend VLC player okay I personally have a video player that I use on my Mac platforms called mova store movies people pronounce it differently I prefer that over VLC personally but there's many video players okay there's something called system there's another one called L media you know I mean you could get a million different players okay VLC is a general cross-platform one okay and people will say they like iTunes they hate iTunes they like Windows Media they hate Windows Media in general you can use these to play audio and video formats generally almost all audio formats VLC can just play play just about every audio format as well if you have VLC your basics are covered all your bases are basically covered okay for PDF document I recommend either preview if you're on the Mac or Adobe Reader if you're using any other platforms Microsoft has a built-in PDF reader that does a decent job as well but in general if you want to go cross-platform Adobe Reader exists across every platform Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free software not open-source but free and VLC player is what I recommend for video well I'll open up these pages and take you through them and show you them and you know for audio and video yeah VLC will handle your basics for books okay PDFs Adobe Acrobat Reader and then Adobe has another program called digital dimensions which will let you read epub books okay on the Mac there's just books which is their book platform there's another great one on the Mac called book reader that also exists on the Windows Store you can download that and you know they'll do the job for most other book formats including epub okay so I think that covers basically what I wanted to say about that let me show you some places to get that software okay so Acrobat Reader I'm just do a search here we could switch over to let me make my browser full screen here and we are not in real time that is not showing up in real time maybe we could switch out of that switch back and that okay now we're in real time thank you okay so you know I just typed in Acrobat Reader okay so I'm going to go to Adobe's page here and here's where you can get the PDF viewer called Acrobat Reader and you could download it for your platform so basically this just makes it available for you to open a PDF book up on your computer after you locate and download one okay VLC is the other one that I wanted to show you about for audio and video so I'll type VLC player and we'll go to their official page which is right here it's called the video land client okay land means local area network so you could play files that are either local to the computer or even across a network or even stream them okay so this is VLC media player it gives you a big download button here to download that and generally audio and video are playable here you could you know go through endlessly through other music players too if you want to look for an alternative to something like iTunes I generally use iTunes for like you know internet radio and you know mp3 files like for lectures or what or whatever because it serves the needs well enough for me to make a playlist drag it in and hit play some people are vehemently opposed to it and there's many other open source alternatives available to Apple's iTunes but generally if you have VLC you could play any basic kind of multimedia audio and video and if you have Adobe Reader you can read PDF books now for epub books I'm going to show you Adobe Digital Editions okay so this is Digital Editions okay and you could download it from here with this download link right here all this basically is and here's the versions for Windows and then they have other platforms probably somewhere else they have mac and windows version on on linux you'd have to probably find some type of an epub reader I think book reader also exists for for Linux but you know people who are using that platform are usually a little geekier and you know they have their own choices of software and know where to go or they'll go on github and get an open source you know program that they'll install themselves so in general though these are the three programs you're going to need a PDF reader you're going to need an ePub reader and you're going to need audio and video player of some kind okay so you can look for those if you want alternatives but I've just showed you the basics of where you can get them okay now the next thing I want to show you is some general free areas of the internet that you could get a lot of books from okay so one of the places is archive.org now I used to like scribed a lot SCR IBD com it has increasingly become a place of books being censored removed due to obvious copyright claims claims of copyright infringement it was a very hot area of the internet where you could get just about any book now they make you jump through a lot of Hoops it's a shame because it was a great area of the net and now I don't I can't really recommend it as much for for books that aren't as heavy heavily copyright controlled I recommend archive.org okay so just let's say for example you wanted to research into the occult on archive.org okay so I'm gonna do some just basic searching here and again folks this is all real time today I'm doing this in real time on my computer I'm showing you how this stuff works we may run into snags we might run into technical difficulties the show is gonna flow as it's going to flow so you bear with it okay but here we go I'm gonna type in let's say I wanted to research information about the occult organization known as the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn I'm gonna type in the words Golden Dawn and I'm gonna hit go and this is gonna probably bring back a ton of results okay so here's a book about the Golden Dawn okay I've never seen this book before I'm just doing this in real time obviously that's some sort of a book preview okay but if you look in here I will guarantee you they will here we go I will guarantee you they will have stuff on the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn okay all right here is a book by Israel Regardie on the Golden Dawn system Volume one okay and I believe this looks like it's the whole book okay so you could page through it here and this is a preview of it that you can page through and this is the book okay now if you scroll down here alright so let's say we were looking for this book okay I'm almost certain they're gonna give you this book in multiple formats okay so let's scroll down it shows you how many views it's gotten which is a paltry amount by the way and you know it's going to show you how here we go the download options look at how many different formats they make this available in so you can get it via torrent okay you can get it via a zip archive here's a PDF with text the PDF kindle format which is um I believe it's mobi if I'm not mistaken mo bi okay JPEG files where the pages are just digitized as images text that's a txt file full text ePub epub is a reflowable text file that's what I'm gonna download it as hey so let's say I want the ePub file okay I'm gonna hit this button to download the ePub so it just downloaded yes it was that fast okay there's my download list I'll go to all my downloads okay this is what's in my download list right now okay and you can see there that it downloaded so if I click this icon right here that'll bring up my downloads in my web browser okay so here's my downloads I'm sorry in my file browser I should say not my web browser on my local file system okay this is the Mac finder which is local file browser for the Mac platform which I'm on a Mac right now I'm on a MacBook Pro laptop so I'll make this column a little wider so you can see the full name there's the name of the file I could rename this to whatever I want so let's say I wanted to name this the author's name Israel Regardie okay and I'll name it Golden Dawn okay and this is Volume one of four volumes I believe if I'm not mistaken okay this is an ePub file now if you look at the if you get information or properties on the file it'll tell you how big it is okay it'll tell you what kind of document it is and then here is very important a lot of people don't know about this this exists in basically Mac and Windows when you get properties on the file or info on the file you can choose multiple programs on your computer to open a file with and then change it to always open with that so on my computer okay if I wanted to look at the contents of the ePub because the ePub is really just a folder with other files in it I could open it with a zip decompression archive program and look at the files that comprise the ePub I'm not going to do that because that's not going to allow me to read it the two programs I can read it with our ebooks dot app which is the default on the Mac or a book reader which I have installed on this on this computer so I'm gonna leave it with the default but if I wanted to let's say change it to book reader I could change it I can't change all there and it will change all a pub files open and book reader I'll leave it on the default app which is books and I'll close that and now I'm going to double click it and that'll open my books program and it will open the book okay and I can make it fullscreen and we can read the entirety of Israel Regardie is the golden dawn Volume one from 1937 which is a very good and important occult book about the Golden Dawn system okay and this is the entirety of that first volume of the book so you know there we have it now let's say we want to go back and get the other volumes okay so I'll clear that one out I'll go back here let me close that I'll go back and let's see here's volume two okay all right that's volume two I'll scroll down here I'll choose epub that just downloaded just finished downloading okay they're relatively small files okay I'm gonna go to volume three now I'll scroll down and choose ePub epub is probably your best format for reading digital books again PDF works but it's not going to reflow the text okay especially if you're gonna read it on a tablet and here's volume four I'll do the ePub there as well okay so and again this is just one example okay of something that you want to research okay let's say I want to look up Thomas Paine's work Thomas Paine and searching okay this looks like some sort of a small pamphlet about Thomas Paine only about 40 pages 60 page book you know tons and tons of data here on archive.org whole biography about them a longer book okay so you know you could read endlessly endlessly just from one small site like this okay most people don't even know about it and don't know what it makes possible okay for them some books you can download some you can't okay but anyway I'm gonna go back to the finder I'm going to show you that those books those other books are indeed on here okay I'll just rename them in a easier way for me to process or catalog them at some point okay that was volume 2 this one's volume 3 and this one's volume 4 so I'm doing some you know digital organization now right and let's say I was going to make a folder and call this you know information on the Golden Dawn I make a new folder okay I'm gonna last so these four items here I'm gonna put them in the folder and there they are in the folder okay very simple very easy very effective and you could start building a digital library like that okay and you know good luck going on somebody's website and finding that you know what I mean that's in a searchable archive on the Internet alright now as it gets into harder areas to research of things that they really don't want you to know or have okay you have to really go deeper and you have to go into even more hidden areas of the Internet okay and then it involves knowing how to do that and what programs are NASA sorry okay so one of the things I want to show you is called BitTorrent now first of all you have to know what BitTorrent is okay so yes I'm going to show you a Wikipedia page god forbid I know it's Wikipedia everything on there is a lie but you know I think they do have accurate information about simple things like the BitTorrent protocol okay as far as going there researching about false flags wouldn't recommend it but it can tell you about basics of computing technology and applications okay so BitTorrent abbreviated BT as a communication protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing p2p which is used to distribute data and electronic files over the Internet this is exactly what we talked about okay so this is what makes a distributed network possible for file sharing on the internet it's it's the the protocol called BitTorrent okay now this is not the web we are going into a different protocol it's not HTTP it's BitTorrent protocol so this is a distributed network model how it works is if someone has a file that they want to share they don't send it to a web server they announce on some type of a forum or tracker as it is called that they have information to share what that does is that opens up their computer for connections from other peers to come and get pieces of the file and then other people will start to share those pieces of the file so in other words you only have to get 100% of the file out and it doesn't you don't have to get it out to one individual or one other peer as long as 100% of the file is shared on the network it's available to the whole network because people can go and take little bits and pieces from other people and assemble it on their own computer that's why it's called BitTorrent it's tiny little bits everywhere but they're shared to create a torrent a torrential flow of information okay like torrential rain okay BitTorrent is one of the most common protocols for transferring large files such as digital video files containing TV shows or video clips or digital audio files containing songs peer-to-peer networks have been estimated to collectively account for approximately 43 to 70 percent of all Internet traffic depending on location as of February 2009 that's ten years ago that was the estimate I'm going to tell you it's probably more than that today okay so we have to understand that more of the data that is shared online is shared through BitTorrent than probably any other protocol including the web and most people don't know what it is or how to use it okay you're missing entire areas of information on the internet because you don't know what you're doing regarding BitTorrent okay you know what I how long ago I started using Victorian I'm serious I heard about the protocol being made in the year 2001 and I have been using it since later that year when the first client program came out from BitTorrent com I believe it's BitTorrent comm as the official client I'm gonna show you some clients okay I've been using it since the year that it came out that it was released to the public okay so in February 2013 BitTorrent was responsible for 3.3 5% of all worldwide bandwidth more than half of the six percent of total bandwidth dedicated to file sharing to send or receive files a person uses a BitTorrent client on their Internet connected computer a BitTorrent client is a computer program that implements the BitTorrent protocol popular clients include mu torrent Xin lei transmission qubit torrent views deluge bit comet and ticks Adi bit torrent trackers provide a list of files available for transfer and allow the client and the client to find peer users known as seeds who may transfer the files seeds are people who have the whole file okay or a whole folder of files depending on what's being shared okay a seeder means that the person has 100% of the share okay and that is available from them okay that's all seed means okay so a cedar has the entirety of the file that's being shared on the network all right so I want to show you some of these clients okay so uh first of all well before I show you transmission which is the one I use and I'm going to use today I want to show you the original BitTorrent client it is BitTorrent calm as I thought this is the original BitTorrent client that's available on all platforms ok so let's look at other platforms just to show you what it's available on ok so it is available on on Mac it is available on Windows and I'm assuming there is a Linux version that says Windows Mac Android maybe not on Linux so but anyway transmission is the one that I'm gonna recommend for people I think it's pretty much the easiest okay and it is available on all platforms so if I go to download yeah here it is for the Mac here it is for Windows I'd recommend the 64-bit version right here I'll make this a little larger I recommend this one if you're on Windows which is the 64-bit edition ok this is the Mac version it'll download it as a disk image file on Mac and then there is a transmen there is a Linux version that they make available as a tar file that you can unpack and then install ok so and it's available I guess in binary form another for other Linux distros ok so if you're on any given Linux distro listed here you can get the binary package ok that's for the ultra geeky we'll leave it at the Mac and Windows version for now that are listed there to download my producer made me aware of deluge I hadn't really used it I've used a mu torrent and transmission largely on the Windows platform but deluge allegedly looks like it's a good client it has a nice interface off to check it out myself but showing you this one ok and you can make your decision what you want to which version you want okay I'm gonna use transmission for today I'm on a Mac so I'm using the Mac version of it okay so one of the places that I want to show you first and foremost is a place that I've been downloading material from for a long time that is again it has gone through many incarnations it has been better and worse off in the past they've been under attack recently I've heard you have to realize that I'm not telling you this is where everything you need to know is that in one central location but it's a place that I think a lot of people do not know about I think that a lot of people in the freedom and anarchist community should know about this place for file-sharing and you can go there and you can get things that the powers that should not be do not want you to have this is definitely forbidden information in many cases and in some places it's a lot of in some areas it's a lot of dross and drivel and you have to weed through it like you do any other place but at least you can get some things there and it's called conspiracy central okay so consiguió website okay here it is right here okay in my address bar concen org okay showing you the address right there okay so when you get to the concent org splash page here okay it just has a little blurred about how to find torrents okay basically what you want to do is you want to click on where it says torrents right here you see my mouse here in the upper right hand area circling where it says torrents I'm gonna click on torrents that's gonna take us to the actual torrent tracker okay I'll make this a little bigger okay so here's the listing of what's up here now again I'm not going to tell you that every single thing here is worthy of your attention and downloading and going through it you have to weed through it as well okay we can see here you got options ranging from looking into state-sponsored terrorism to Tucker Carlson to a research pack on the taro just on the very first page so if we want to do some research on the taro you could go right there and download Tero research pack with audio video images etc okay so I'll show you how to use certain functions on the site and I'll show you what the little icons mean and what some of the columns mean as well so you have two basic methods of downloading and utilizing the BitTorrent protocol one is a torrent file okay so what a torrent file is is someone who is sharing something it's like making a a catalogue of what they're going to share okay and they're gonna then upload this little pointer file to a tracker and that's what this is right here this icon right here this green little box the green arrow downward pointing arrow with the file box is the link to the torrent file alright so let's say actually this is a very good documentary I've already watched this one a couple of years back okay demolition of truth I think we'll we could use this as an example it's a pretty big file though it might take a little while to download but guess what it's well worth seeing it looks like plenty of people are seeding it too so in this column here where it says seeds that's how many people actively have the complete file and are sharing it alright so let's just say we wanted this documentary okay just as an example demolition of truth okay it's a psychological examination of 9/11 this is about actually with the cognitive dissonance of the 9/11 ritual okay and why people don't want to acknowledge that the evil people that actually pulled this off could have done this and mass sacrificed 3,000 American citizens okay and why people don't want even look at it as a false flag let alone a death ritual okay so it's like about the psychological cognitive dissonance that people undergo when they even talk about 9/11 so I'll just click on it to show you the details this is where you can get details of the file okay and this is the you know cover of the DVD alright and you can even look at content inside the the torrent file so it's going to show you there's how many videos it's one video the total size okay and then it's going to give you a content listing basically what we'll be doing when we download we're downloading one matroska file which is MKV which is basically HD video okay usually with subtitles embedded not much of the time okay and you can get info you know on the file it's the slights working a little slowly today this will give you more metadata on the file okay you could see what trackers are hosting it by clicking on trackers it's hosted by two trackers concent and MV group okay so these are two you know servers that are hosting the torrent okay which is a pointer file to start downloading so we could do two things here we could click this to download the torrent file or I'm gonna go back to the main listing okay and I want to show you where there are two icons okay so right here the first one was a torrent file now I'm gonna show you what that one is first okay so if I click on this okay it will download a torrent okay now it automatically I have my client set to automatically take the torrent and it embed it into my torrent program and then throw the torrent in the trash so it watches the Downloads folder there's a script that watches the Downloads folder for a torrent so that just sent it to my transmission BitTorrent client program which is what this is right here this is called transmission let me close this downloads window I'll close my books app window okay right here I'll bring it to the middle of the screen is the window called transmission this is a small client program here it is in my dock okay and all this is is a little downloader app so you you need this installed that's why I showed you you got to go get the torrent program the torrent application program first okay you'll see that the file is now downloading into my downloads folder okay so when this bar goes all the way across as it makes more connections I'm gonna briefly zoom in let's see if i zoom function works can't zoom in while I'm connected to the HDMI so I can't do that in any event it's showing you right here that I'm downloading from seven out of seven peers that I've made a connection to now it's just made a connection to 1/8 peer but I'm still downloading from 7 it shows you the download speed downloading it about 2 megabytes per second which is fairly fast ok now if I click on this that highlights it pretty nicely anyway but if I click on this I could hit this button here that says inspector ok and I can look at more info ok so here's how much of the file I have I have about 5.2 percent so far and climbing and it'll get faster as I connect to more people who will send me the file okay so this is info about the file ok how many pieces exist ok the hash of the file you know its security its creator etc date date created ok this will show me how much of the file I have in a pictorial representation ok this will show me the trackers that the torrent has been announced on ok or basically where it's being shared and then this one is interesting these are the peers that are connected to the network so these are peers that are actually sharing the file if I click this column it'll show me who has the most of the file so very there's a few people that have very little of the file and then these people at the top these three are cedars meaning that they have the complete file as shown by there's a check mark here I'll make this a little bigger for you let's pull this over there we go so this shows me how fast I'm downloading from each peer on the network and these three green peers here are cedars because they have 100 percent of the file so you see the file is doing pretty well ok I have almost 10 percent of it already so we'll let that download as I explain more ok we'll just leave that going in the background and in a few minutes I'll have that whole file and I'll be able to play that documentary okay so let me let me just download that torrent file again real quick I actually just threw it out but I want to download it again to show you what the torrent file is okay so I'm downloading that I'll go to my downloads folder this is the actual torrent file okay and all this is is a pointer it's a little text I can actually even oh maybe open it up in a text editor okay I'll open it up in a text editing program to show you what it is okay so it's a lot of binary data okay you could see there's there's hash binary data in there okay but basically all it is is some text and it's telling you at the beginning of it where the announce is at in other words where the torrent is hosted okay at some future point I know this could get a little technical but at some future point I'll show people how to host using BitTorrent like if you have a file you want to host and you want to get it around Internet censorship you can host it via BitTorrent there's no way for them to stop it they'd have to shut down the entire network real quick I want to go back to my presentation just take it off of there for one second yeah and I'll bring my main presentation back up I want to go back to the distributed model and show you something while this downloads in the background so let me go back to the distributed model if we can go back to it yeah you can bring it back up thank you okay this was our distributed network model where there is no server but everybody is a client and a server simultaneously known as peers okay and that's how the data flow of the network this is what we are right now we're one of these computers in the BitTorrent Network okay so as I am downloading this file I am also sending it to other people okay so I am sharing it while I am downloading it as I get pieces of the file in even though I only had like 10% when we went to this slide I am actively sharing bits and pieces of that 10% that I already have and when I have 100 I will share bits and pieces of the whole file with other people who want it on the network I will be called a seed or a cedar okay though the more people that have the files on a distributed network the easier it is to share the files it's the exact opposite of the client-server model the client-server model when the file gets popular okay it becomes harder to get because one server has to serve that file out to thousands or hundreds of thousands of clients so it becomes more of a taxing load on the server to provide that bandwidth and get it out to all those other people at some point it becomes crippled and you can't get nobody can get the file at that point when the server gets crippled okay in the distributed network model the more people that connect to the to the network and are sharing the file as Cedars or even just regular peers who have part of the file the easier it is to get the file because there's more pieces of it in multiple locations it's a genius absolutely thought through brilliant genius model for information distribution okay you're distributing the whole workload and you're distributing the file over a wire area okay brilliantly done actually okay now here's the main point I wanted to bring this up because of go let's go back to this slide okay what happens if my computer were to go down let's say I'm a cedar of the file okay but let's say many other people also are or have or at least a hundred percent of the files out there on the network if my computer goes down let's say I'm the computer underneath the word distributed okay in the upper left hand corner of of this graphic okay if my computer gets shut off or goes down or gets attacked what happens to the file it's still being distributed amongst all the rest of the computers in the entire peer-to-peer network it doesn't matter whether one or two or even half the computers go out you cannot attack a distributed network the only way you can really attack a distributed network is you have to take down the whole network because as long as there are clients or nodes of the network that remain healthy in the network the file as long as it exists in some form in a hundred percent amongst all of the computers can still be redistributed reseeded so this model makes your network integrity much more robust it's infinitely harder to take down a distributed network than it is a centralized network to take down a centralized network all you got to do is attack the server to take down a distributed network you'd have to take out every peer for the most part okay way more robust of a model let's see how our file is doing all right we're at 31 percent so doing pretty well so in a few minutes we'll be able to play that documentary okay and I highly recommend it by the way which is why I chose to download it okay so let's go to the explanation of what these magnet icons are these like u magnets okay so um let's say I want let me look for another one that I might want here just in in looking I'll tell you what I'll do how about if I do this I'm gonna sort by seeds okay let's do ah excellent excellent documentary actually one of my favorites secret of alchemy by Jay Wagner okay so what I'm gonna show you here is the difference between a torrent file which is that little file that I downloaded okay that has to be hosted on some type of a tracker versus a magnet link okay so secrets of alchemy is a documentary put out by Jay Widener this is based on a lot of the content of the book called the great cross of hid the mysteries of the great cross of Hendaye this is actually called the secrets of alchemy the great cross and the end of time it came out I think back in might have been 2010 I think or 11 not really a hundred percent positive but it is a great documentary about the cross of Hendaye which many people don't know about which is now chemical monument in southern France on the border between France and Spain that has a lot of imagery of the Tarot on its base has a lot of very intriguing symbolism on the cross misspellings that no Latin scholar or alchemists whatever misspelled obviously done deliberately to you know hide some sort of a cryptic message and Weidner breaks down the symbolism on this cross talks about how it may be some sort of a warning about some sort of a potential deluge or some type of cataclysmic event a natural Cataclysm so it is a let's see what the actual content is I'll go into the folder here it is an mp4 file ok so um the magnet link is the entire all of the data that you need to find the data that you are going to download you don't need the torrent file it's it's like a distributed hash table that contains all of the data about where you need where your client needs to go to get the file ok or what connections it needs to make to get the file and that magnet link can be shared anywhere ok it's just the link that's all the magnet link is so let me go back to the the page where this was at and I want to show you the actual magnet link so I'm gonna download this through the magnet ok so here's a magnet link now what you have to understand magnet links are is these are like torrent files but they don't need to be hosted so anywhere you can post text so you can send this over your phone in it to in a in a text message you could text this on signal you could text this on telegram you can put this up in a forum on the Internet you can post the magnet to Facebook okay you can send it via Skype okay there is no way they even if they the only way you can stop a magnet link from being shared is to shut the internet down because you would have to stop all text transmission over the Internet think about that okay so magnets are impossible to stop but the problem is most people don't even know about this technology even though it's been around for over ten years okay so if I just look at how long this URL is okay I'm gonna go right here okay I'm gonna right-click and I'm gonna say copy link location all right now I'm gonna bring up a text editor okay and I'm just gonna paste this link in to show you what it looks like this is the entirety of the link I'll make it larger sorry okay right there let me make it really big okay right there is the magnet okay that link is giving you the data that you need to get that file anybody who shares that text can get that file that's all magnet link is okay so all I have magnets the magnet protocol set to be accepted by my BitTorrent client here which by the way we have over 50% of the file already okay pretty large MKV Matroska file it's an HD video file about clocking it at about three point three gigabytes okay it's gonna be nice quality when we finally get that okay but let's say I want secrets of alchemy this is obviously a much smaller older mp4 file four hundred and twenty megabytes okay being shared by about the same amount of people I'm gonna click the magnet link that's gonna push it right into my torrent client boom now this is what's called in the magnetized state okay when you see this red bar all right now it has just done what is called demagnetized meaning we've gotten enough information and we are starting to connect to other peers to start to download the file and now we've connected to seven and now we're already downloading from four out of the seven so now the file will start coming in okay now folks a lot of people are dissuaded from even going on to other areas of the internet the quote dark web whatever you want to call it they're so scared or so sweat swayed by propaganda okay the chances of anyone doing anything to come after you because you are downloading information from BitTorrent sites is practically negligible okay the whole thing is here this is how research is done this is called fair usage for research purposes okay this is getting information into people's hands who need to hear see and understand this information okay so I'm not interested in hearing oh this or that or that or I'm worried about this agency or MPAA or RIAA I could care less I can care less about all your copyright claims okay I am talking about when we need to do research and you need to look up documentaries and you need to look up books and you need to research and understand guess what go and give people who you think did a good job with their research go and buy it buy the original you know this makes the information shareable and able to be freely distributed so that people can learn okay then if you want to go and support people you go and support their work that's how I do it that's what I do you know I just bought a book that was put out by Jim Keith I mean he's dead long ago now I just bought physically one of his books because I think he does such a great job you know you know go and support people's work you know my friend James Yeager I mean I I can tell people he gave me permission to tell people I'm gonna be in the film maker James Yeager's next film very happy very honored to be asked I was asked this week James Yeager is the filmmaker who made Fiat Empire about the Federal Reserve System many years ago he's made other many great films he made original intent he made corporate fascism he made cultural marxism he made spoiler he made Molan lebay he made good guys with guns so many great documentaries over the year this guy was responsible for he actually said to me today he's like mark you're you know I can't believe I have never asked you to be in one of my films and he said I'm gonna correct that oversight and I'm asking you to be in my new film which is going to be called unsustainable so look for that one from James Jaeger I'm I'm announcing it here for the very first time today on the 9th anniversary show of what on earth is happening I'm gonna be in James Jaeger the documentary producers new film called unsustainable which is going to be about the globalist agenda of the UN and we're going to talk about all of their control-freak methodologies you know how they've basically ensnared the population and the whole green agenda and carbon tax agenda you know and are promoting a totally false notion of sustainability because they want to control energy and people so I'm gonna chime in with my two cents in an interview in that documentary and I'm very proud to be invited to be a part of it so check out James's website is our EC films.com m ec films I think that stands for matrix entertainment collective I'm not sure about the collective part but I think I know it's matrix entertainment so M EC films and you know you could sign up on his uh his list he has another site where you can go and give your email address and you get all of his documentary films you could download them for free very generous just for being on his email list okay we have secrets of alchemy now that came in already folks so uh let's check out a little bit of this okay let me just show you it did finish and I have my seeding set to pretty low not to eat up a lot of my upstream bandwidth here so I I'm gonna remove the torrent okay actually I'm going to hit this little magnifying glass to show me the location of the file first okay and then I'm gonna remove the torrent from the sharing position in the client and here is secrets of alchemy now it was in a folder I'm just gonna move it out of the folder it's right in my downloads folder now secrets of alchemy not mp4 let's give it a let's give it a play a quick watch and listen I won't play the whole thing I'll play like just a few seconds of it here we go hi I'm Jay Widener and welcome to the secrets of alchemy the great cross and the end of time many people ask the question what is alchemy this primeval science appears to be a mysterious affair conducted by our ancestors it has been disparaged by moderns and outlawed by both church and state the answer to this question is along and involved in this series will go a long way in answering it the short end alright folks so you get the idea I'll just scrub through it real quick and you can see this is the entirety of the documentary a lot of great visuals with this good audio editing you know there's a shot of the Cross of Hyundai itself that's the top part of the cross of the alchemical Monument called the cross of Hyundai it's a very interesting documentary the book is even better I think I highly recommend the book by Jay wider and Vincent bridges and you know I just wanted to show you that you can find research data like this that you will be hard-pressed to find in other places okay and we're gonna you know let it continue with that with the demolition of truth documentary let's let's see what else they have in here let's say I wanted something on Freemasonry let's see what they have in here on that so I'm just going to do a quick search on the site the search function has been very slow I'm not sure whether they're having problems or not but it's been difficult to really get the site to search unfortunately you can see it's it's trying to process it but it's going very slowly this is a great documentary above majestic it's relatively new let me take a look at that the implications of a secret space program okay you know again you're gonna have to you know look for some of this stuff and then make your own decision this is by Corey Goode and David Wilcock so you know you have to take some of this stuff with a grain of salt some of the stuff you got to watch it and watch it with an open mind let's see American anarchist documentary uh it's about the Anarchist Cookbook which isn't real anarchy but again neither their stuff like that on here okay there's stuff on transhumanism there's stuff on a cultism magic sorcery occult esoteric and hermetic books archive there's one that's actually worth taking a look at and downloading okay and look at the file listing you know you could probably go on and on and on there was stuff by Crowley by Gurdjieff Golden Dawn members okay let's let's try to grab this one it'll have an interesting collection of books okay let me go back and I'll grab this one I'll do the torrent on this okay I'll do the magnet link I should say all right so let's download that one it'll demagnetize and hopefully it'll come in fourteen cedars that should come in pretty quick we're almost finished downloading demolition of truth should be wrapping up in a few seconds well folks there's many other areas concent is only one okay I'm just letting you know I'm just showing you one example okay you have to understand the concept then you could take it and apply it elsewhere alright we finished downloading demolition of truth all right so let me show you it is the entire documentary it's not just a clip okay I'm gonna go over here to the MKV file I'm going to throw the torrent file out here's the MKV file now they name it with pretty you know complex naming system with a lot of dots just gonna name it I like to name things simply not to complicate stuff okay demolition of truth is the name of this documentary there we go demolition of truth that MKV here we go I'm gonna play a little bit of it very high definition you [Applause] it collapsed the top floors collapsed down there's an explosion was in the lobby like this the third explosion the whole lobby collapse okay so once again folks you get the idea this is the entire HD documentary of the documentary called demolition of truth download it in real time today I showed you how to go out and find stuff that they may otherwise want to censor or not have you be able to download and consider you know the the potentials okay you have to know how to go out and get alternative information okay that's what you Leela to be able to do alright it's about being able to get that on your own on your own terms when you want to be able to get it okay so again don't memorize tasks or procedures you are trying to learn the conceptual idea the concepts introduced what is the BitTorrent protocol how does it differ from the web okay how is distributed networking different than centralized networking or client-server model okay what are the programs necessary to be able to do this then you could find just sites where you you look for things okay you want to find a torrent you know with some of my stuff on it you know you could just type here let's go let's go and type mark passio torrent I don't know if anything will come up but let's try it rap mark passio in quotes and then the word torrent let's see what happens fake-ass Christians and natural law on a bit torrent site torrents to dot-eu there you go okay so you can get here's what's in this torrent file there's ebooks showing some I guess background information okay there's videos of streetwise spirituality of art Kaposi's pattern recognition time which was the prelude to my natural the natural law seminar in New Haven and then demystifying the occult fake-ass Christians and natural law seminar so if you wanted to download that torrent it's available at this at this site okay so again this is the kind of stuff that you know and here it's available at these trackers so conspiracy central has it okay but it would be available on this site let me just type my name into it well tons of them you know matrix trilogy decoded lectures and documentaries pack streetwise spirituality you know what on earth is happening study pack amazing you know I very rarely do that but there it is okay so you got to understand there's way more ways that you can get tons of information here's max Egon you know gatekeeping the smart grid you know you you can go on and on forbidden history of the Sumerians Anunnaki Sitchin and others pack okay you know there are there are whole other areas of the internet if you know how to use them okay you're not just going to click that and get the data you need the BitTorrent client you need to you know download the torrent file all right so that's doing the research to actually get in there and get what you need okay and I just showed you how to do it in real time we're downloading an entire book pack okay and we could look at the in the inspector here okay let's look at the file list this will show us all the books that are in this collection so look at how it's broken up into categories okay so we have Aleister Crowley Charles Leadbeater esoteric Sciences Franz Barden Gi Gurdjieff Hoonah which is a Hawaiian system of occultism The Magus collection Raymond holder the occult BeeZee which was another site that had a lot of occult books okay and then voodoo let's say I wanted to look at Gurdjieff stuff which is really great you know here's some of his books if not possibly maybe his whole collection I don't know symbolism of the Tarot by los Penske and then so these aren't finished downloading yet he some of them may finish earlier than others sometimes you could actually okay so some of them have finished so you know let's say let's see heart of the master this book is fantastic actually by Crowley it's one of his less known books I actually have a physical copy of this one it was so good but this one finished ok so it's a PDF okay I'm opening it I'll make it fullscreen I'm just gonna show you this is the entire book okay so you could read the whole book heart of the master okay and again it's just one example and it's a short thing you know it's nothing long let's go to Barden see if any any of these are finished seven hermetic letters my friends Barden okay whole book layout fonts images if there are any at all okay so this is 100% complete content you know not just in most cases it's not just excerpts or you know passages from these books it's the whole thing and this is a one hundred ninety five page book okay and you could see all the pages there in the index that's the entirety of the book okay so my point here is for those who want it and for those who want to do the work and who want to research and who want to take the time and attention to do it not only is it all out there it is at your fingertips immediately I just showed you how to do information gathering in real time and this is just with one program with one protocol with one site ok nowhere near exhausting the totality of what is out there ignorance is a choice ladies and gentlemen it's a choice and people are proud of making it and they're all too happy to tell you that they've chosen it instead of taking the time and possibly sacrificing other areas of their life and instead making the selfish decision to do other things when freedom is being destroyed and that's not a right as far as I'm concerned to maintain that level of ignorance is a full-time job of participating in evil ok so you know I'll let this complete you know this torrent file complete I'll show you you know some of the other books that were in it it's really it's really going at full steam now so we have about definitely over 50% but I think I think that really I've shown you what I wanted to show you regarding BitTorrent and I think you could pick up that ball and run with it if you choose to you know if you choose to pick up the ball and run with it the data that you have is right there in your hands the data that you need to get could be right there in your hands the information on how to do it is right there in your hands you have to make the decision do you want to do it do you want to spend the time do you want to go out there and actually learn how to go out there and look for what you need to know that other people aren't gonna tell you they're not going to show you how to do that ok they certainly don't want this information in your hands at all by any stretch of the human imagination ok they want to dissuade you from looking into it they want to tell you it's not important it's not something that you need to know and they certainly don't want you to be able to get around their narrative they want their narrative locking your mind in place thinking that they've somehow told you what you need to know okay so you want to go and look for things that they're not telling you in the mainstream news you want to see videos that they're telling you that you're not allowed to see you want to find books that they're telling you you shouldn't read you want to watch videos that they don't want you to be watching use this information go out there and do it and do it on your own behind their backs do and runs and soar swerve around their obstacles and you can publish like this to what another show in the future I'll show you how you how to publish using BitTorrent as a protocol so if you make a documentary and it's being banned you could get around the censors and share it on any BitTorrent site just like this you could share it in any form with a link just like this so you know you could keep making you know accounts you can keep making the email accounts you could keep making form accounts and just post magnet links so they're gonna have to stop all text transfer on the internet to stop the real free flow of speech if people learn how to use a distributed network like BitTorrent which has been around like I said since 2001 I've been using this protocol for 18 years and I'll guarantee you 99% of my listening audience just heard about it or just even saw how it really works for the first time today in the year 2019 so with that being said I'll let that continue and let's go to your calls I'll take calls until the end of the show on anything you want to talk about including you know information and the age of censorship you know distributed networking models my ninth anniversary show and anything else you want to ask about so let's all let's jump over to that I'll let that continue to download in the mean time and go into my quit some apps here to free up some resources let me go into my discord client get my headset on and hopefully this goes smoothly all right okay here we go taking your calls for the duration of the show on this 204th edition of what on earth is happen we have CJ k3 279 you're live on what on earth is happening welcome CJ k you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show unmeet yourself CJ k3 279 you're live on what on earth is happening welcome all right you're unmuted at the server end so please unmute your microphone on your discord client I'll give you a couple seconds all right I'll try to come back to you sorry let's go to Danny quest Danny quest you're live on what on earth is happening welcome okay I am assuming people are hearing me in the room just make sure you guys are unmuted on your end I am unmuting you from the server end when I want to take your call are they not hearing me for some reason Danny quest your yeah looks like we're having some audio looks like we're having some audio difficulty let's try it again Danny Quest can you hear me should I take my headset am i coming in there he goes we got him Danny Questor live on in life yes you are I can hear you loud and clear am I in am i am i coming in yes I can hear you Danny go ahead seems like a bit of a delay yeah you're listening on delay so you have to listen in discord not in your web browser turn me off on the show and only listen in discord we have to make that very clear in the discord instructions Danny I'm going to come back to you because you're still listening in on delay all right let's go to try surreal sage surreal sage you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hello can you hear me yes I can loud and clear I'm so glad to be on and I'm very grateful that you've been doing nine years just discovered you before the new year when I was kind of overwhelmed at the amount of information that is available at her fingertips and just kind of asked the question you know help me help me just get to the truth help me get to the root and so if I may ask how did you actually discover what on earth is happening where my material I actually met a guy named James and just got acquainted with him and he was watching your material and he just started on the journey himself six months ago and we've listened to your natural law seminar now going on maybe three or four times and we're going through your slides and transcribing it all and we're really excited about doing the work here in the Royal Oak area Flint area Detroit area so uh yeah I think that a lot of very glad because a lot of new people are coming into it you know and it seems like people are really clamoring and scrambling for the information now because you know things are closing in and you know things are degenerating in our society more and more and I find that new people come to it every week you know literally they discover it you know as late as you know right now and uh you know so it's it's always good to hear new people coming into this information so I salute you for you know having discovered it and look looking beyond the traditional paradigm that the mainstream media wants to put out to people absolutely I'm just grateful that you have did at doing what you is it is very it always just comes up for me in conversation ever since discovering you and I just want to you know thank you I don't really have a question off the top of my head but I do want to just express my gratitude for you to continue to do the work and so that we can be educated enough to go out and do the work ourselves because you're right we all we all need to come together and really take responsibility for where the world is and really get our heads out of ass and I I came from the new age kind of background of people and it didn't really vibe completely with me and a lot of ways so it definitely came at the perfect time in building a business to help shift the consciousness of the world and your work is going to be paramount to bringing it to fruition thank you very much appreciate that sentiment thank you and one other quick thing I want to ask you in seeing the techno technological demo that I gave here today do you think that that was you know targeted well was that like you know do you think the average person will be able to see that and like you know learn from it and say hey I can do this I can you know go out there and get get this stuff and learn how to get around this censorship is it - do you think it's too much is it right on you know is it it was it balanced enough for people who aren't like very tech savvy to understand what I did there you think I think I think it was I mean I came from savvy I was a gamer back in high school so and I had views all set up and I actually am very grateful that I joined today because I didn't have a place she get Torrance I was I used to go to Pirate Bay and they don't have that anymore so I'm going crazy right now but I I think you were really great at explaining it it is still out there you can still access it if you email me I could help you locate that but there you know things shift and move around because of obvious censorship issues but you know they're certainly not going to be anything as esoteric as something like what I just showed people with con sin so I hope I'm striking a little bit of a balance between you know showing people you know the basics and not overwhelming them or losing them that's why I wanted to stick with one protocol one program and just show people the very basics of it so i hope i you know tread that that medium pretty well yeah i think you started out down the path very well and i'm sure you go deeper as well as you move forward thank you so real sage thank you so much for the call and insights i really appreciate that let's move on to oh let's see who do we have let's go to a pox a pox you're live on what on earth is happening episode 204 welcome good loud and clear good good to talk to you again i want to thank you for taking my call i had two really important questions that I'd like to ask and I know I can talk on a little bit maybe I could just bring the ideas to you and I'd like to hear your opinion on them sure go right ahead okay so the first question I had is regarding morale and I know based in from from watching your videos and listening to you for so long I can understand what morality truly mean but my question is I feel like there's a lot of people who their their perspective of morality is judging it by the end to the action as in like the ends justified the means rather than the action on its face value that's right so what I'm having trouble talking to people about is like how do I get people to understand that when you take an action you have to see inherently if it's immoral rather than the result of it like with you know with taxation that's justified lodgement things but as well yeah it is because people have been sold on the ends justifies the means mentality or ideology and that's the problem then they can't see that something that is actually immoral is harming someone in the moment because they are looking at a future thing that they want to do with the robbed money that was robbed at violence and/or gunpoint you know you have to always take it down to two people that's how I think I always think works effectively it do rights change because there are more people in the world and some people will insist that they do you know they'll actually think yes right rights change because they're they're all wrapped up in situational ethics instead of actual moral issues they don't understand that those are two different things okay a situational ethical scenario maybe well you don't take a cutting implement and lop off somebody's leg because you feel like it but a doctor may need to do that if someone's leg has become so gangrenous that the infection of gangrene is going to spread throughout the body and kill the person you know well yeah in that implement in that situation the amputation of a limb is something that is not only moral but required to do if you're gonna save the person's life okay but it doesn't mean that morally you would have the right to do that just in any situation you know and so these people are there they don't understand the difference between morality and a situation where you might do something that you could label as quote harmful to somebody but it is required to be done with their consent okay the whole point is coercion is always involved when it the action is immoral in the situation where someone's a patient and has to have their leg amputated they're agreeing with situation the requirement of that scenario to save their life and it's being done with their consent not against their their their will in a coercive capacity in which case the action would be immoral Pete you have to take it down to two people in the world if it was only you and one other person would you have the right to do this to that other person and see the thing is is if people are being honest with themselves they would answer the scenario honestly and say no in a situation where there are only two people in the world I would not have the right to do this coercive or violent behavior to another individual but you know what the problem is the problem is most people aren't honest with themselves see most people will sit there and bald-faced lie right to another person about something that they really deep down inside know to be true see that's why i i i i was saying it in a conversation I was having earlier some people will say I'm just too busy I'm just too you know concerned with other areas of my life I have this responsibility or I have this many children or I have this job or whatever but it's all justification it's like at some point I have to look at somebody in the face and go I don't believe you I think you are lying about what you say you have to do or what you say you know I don't believe people are as ignorant as they make themselves out to be at some point you have to call people on their bullshit and say you're a liar you are actually lying not only to me but you're lying to yourself nobody wants to hear that but guess what that's the way that it is with most human beings more people than not are lying to themselves and not telling them solves the truth about what actual morals are in any given situation because they just want to say I don't want to be held responsible and the ends justify the means and as long as I get my way and I win and and and you know things are not not changed and I don't have to do anything differently than so be it but they're not really telling themselves the truth you know and I think that's why the truth community has to press these people's feet to the fire more the problem is is there's too much comfort in everyday conversation this is why in a lot of ways I have sequestered myself more and more to be honest with people I don't like going out as much I don't like being around people because I'm the kind of person that would be so confrontational then I'll make the whole room uncomfortable okay but it gets to a point where then it's gonna come to physical confrontation at some point and that's why you know I don't I don't want those problems I don't want those problems because I know what I'm capable of - right and when if somebody did try to mess with me physically I'll hurt them really really really bad you know so I don't want to put myself in those scenarios with the hard-headed type of people that are out there regarding what's really true about morality and then people who want to tell me they know what's going on when they haven't been in the place as I've been they want to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to the occult and they've never been in an occult order in their life in their entire life you know in their whole lives they've never been in one situation I've been in and they want to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about you know go to a bar we're all veterans hang out and ask them where they were they served in the Armed Forces but often maybe they're there they're missing a limb okay oh you you lost that limb in Fallujah well guess what fuck you buddy you were never even in Fallujah how about that see what happens to you see if you end up without a piece of glass in your eye you know what I'm saying and this is like what this is like what I deal with from people because they have no frame of reference to even process the experience that I've had in life which is why in most cases when I realize I'm dealing with people who are totally disingenuous who are lying them themselves and others it makes me want to just sequester myself that's that's what I do you know but I'm just saying that other people have to get out there and put the time in see I do it like this I do it out on the airwaves this way you can sit with the information you know there's nobody to talk to it's out there it's a one-way directional flow it's from me to everybody else you know the calls an opportunity for interaction but in general what I am trying to do that's why I don't put comments I don't want a bunch of asinine people who don't know what they're talking about spouting looking like the guy I put in my presentation from that movie to Team America okay I put in it put in the presentation spewing his verbal diarrhea everywhere that's what 99.99 percent of human beings sound like when I'm out in public okay and it's it becomes painful it becomes painful to be around okay when when you know what you know and you have people who absolutely know nothing trying to tell you that you don't know what you have come to understand through personal experience through personal experience not the reading about it in books are hearing about it from other people from actually being in the rooms with these people who are devising these plans and scenarios and then they want to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about regarding this stuff you know at some point you gotta let people like that go and you got to be like it's your funeral it's your funeral and you're bringing it closer to you faster and faster but to answer your alternate question here it's to get people look at their own actual moral standards you have to get them to see themselves and doing the behavior to another individual themself one-on-one that's that the scenario that works the most I've had limited success with it some people lie to themselves some people will not engage in that exercise they'll say oh this is some false choice that you're giving me to look at the behavior no I'm trying to get you to understand that if it's wrong for you it's wrong for anyone to do okay and they don't want to acknowledge that because they just want it both ways you know they want to have their cake and eat it too as the saying goes they want to say this wrongful activity can be done somehow I could still call it a right and justify it okay but I'll talk give you an anecdote without really mentioning any names cuz again I don't know who once their name mentioned live on the air on a public show going out to tens of thousands of people you know I bumped into somebody at a you know freedom or into the vent you know of meeting that I go to on a semi monthly basis okay and I just said does anybody have the right to coercively collect any resources from any other individuals does anyone have that right do you have that right do you have the right to say for whatever altruistic reasons I want to collect money from somebody and even if they don't agree to give it to me I'm gonna take it from them by physical force and if they if they resist I'm going to commit physical violence to them and take what I want do you have that right does anyone have that right this person was honest with me and said no we do not so can anybody say that are wrong for any individual to do by doing some magical ritual with a pen and with some people present in in you know suits and robes can we can turn that wrong into a right and he was honest with himself and he said no if I'm being honest with you no one can do that in objective reality they can claim that they're doing it and other people can claim that they're believing that it's legitimate but I said that's not what we're talking about we're talking about in nature and objective reality in the real world in the real universe can that behavior still be done and magically become a right when we just we you just acknowledged that for any individual to do it it would be wrong for them to do and he said if I'm being honest with myself which I endeavor to be no no one can turn that behavior into a right when it is not a right for any individual I said sir you're an anarchist whether you know it or not that's the essence of anarchy and he said well I never looked at that word uh such I always looked at it as meaning chaos and I said that's because you were lied to in the lie was repeated to you your entire life and you never looked at the actual root etymological definition of the word Anarchy to know what it really means and when I told them that's all it is it's voluntary interaction not coercing people against their will and not saying their rights magically exists for a small group of people that don't exist for anybody else or that we can magically create rights when they're wrong for individuals for other groups of people to do you know to imbue people to grant them the right quote right to do something that is actually a wrong for any individual to do can't cannot do it so when he acknowledged that I said congratulations you're actually an anarchist de facto you're a de facto meaning and indeed anarchist whether you agree that that's your identity in your deeds that's that's the morality that you reflect whether you understand that or know it or not and you know he said well I have to look at that from that perspective and understand anarchy in a different way then and I said yes you do and hopefully he has done that so that's my answer to you about how to go about that you have to put the person with their own moral values naked in front of themselves and say would you do this to another individual is this what you would advocate that one individual namely yourself do to another what would you do to another individual given that set of circumstances and then guess what if they say I'd violently coerce them and take what I want you know you're dealing with a psychopath you know but if they're honest with themselves and if they actually do have any real morality left within them they will say to themselves no that's a wrong it would be a wrong for me and it would be a wrong for anyone so it can't be legitimized and it can't be just the fighting call - right thank you I hope that you know maybe you'll have some perspective and luck with that scenario approaching it that way I know that's one of the ways Larkin Rosa's approaches it especially when he does his candles in the dark that's where he always tries to take people back to you know their own individual what do you advocate what would you do yourself what would your action be in that scenario and then you could hold their feet to the fire and say you know what that's really a psychopathic mentality or attitude for you to say you'd actually hurt somebody you know when you when as an individual you should have no such right to do that and then watch them squirm you know so I appreciate the call I hope that you know gives you a way of an additional way of looking at that scenario so yep no go ahead if you have something else go ahead I think we're having an audio issue sorry God what is it hold on one moment yes you can yet Moo my mic you okay so the question is in in a situation you know it's a regarding self ownership you know people have the right to put what they wanted their own body and and you know can't coerce someone to put something that's harmful into someone else's body well do they have the right to put something that's harmful into their own body and I would say yes they maintain that right that's called a vice it's not a crime however what I would say when it could become immoral is when you have taken the personal responsibility of taking care of another individuals life as there are your ward and you are their steward so if you've taken stewardship over someone like a child if you hurt yourself to a point where you're incapable of fulfilling your responsibilities to that child or ward as their steward then that is called neglect okay and you are actively doing harm to someone if you're in the position of neglecting them like a parent would neglect the child if they did so many drugs that they cannot fulfill their obligations as a parent in that case yes you are harming someone else but it's always another person involved I would say that we get into a blurrier area when we talk about do people have a right just to blow off all the issues going on with freedom and say I want to live a hedonistic lifestyle you know is that level of ignorance not harmful you know when there is slavery taking place see that's the issue right all things being equal all people's rights being respected freedom being present yeah anybody can basically do it on anything they want to themselves and ignore whatever they want but when slavery is taking place is it the right of any slave to just say I don't give a damn about the other slaves or my own slavery I just want to have as much fun in the slave plantation as I possibly can before I die you know think about how harmful of an attitude that is you know so I worry far less about people doing drugs and putting anything in their own body that harms them it's their own life the point is is when you are ignorant of freedom you when you were inert of the principles that underlie freedom you're doing harm to an entire society by making the understanding of freedom not be propagated you know that does way more harm than harming an individual body namely your own so I'm far less concerned about people harming their own body than I am people just completely being ignorant about the dynamics of human slavery that has taken place all around us I think that does far more harm okay so hopefully the audio issues are somewhat cleared up all right so it looks like we may be having some issues with the caller audio let's see if we can clear that up let's go to let's go to a wisdom wism wisdom you're live on what on earth is happening welcome you're unmuted on the server end just unmute your microphone in the discord client okay not hearing their audio I'm going to jump from them let's go - lets go - lets go to mark seven mark seven you're live on what on earth is happening episode number 204 welcome people having a lot of issues with audio today in the chat I think people just have to become more acquainted with discord and how to unmute themselves okay I can't unmute your microphone for you let's go to rob hood rob hood you're live on what on earth is happening hey how you doing thank you so my producer is saying he's not getting the audio coming in let me try something different I apologize for this folks we're having some audio difficulties let's hold on are you there that went through the wrong speaker I apologize hold on okay go ahead do we have them we don't hold on I may have to quit and relaunch discord here I can hear you find my we're not you're not coming through over the audio stream so my producer is telling you you're not coming through the main stream does he have you now say something testing one two what's up yeah we monthly have you now I apologize for that everyone know we're working some things out but go ahead yeah let me just talk about the discord real quick so um to me I mean this is the second time you called on me since I guess you could say uh since you unretired yeah and um it's it works I think perfectly for me on my end I'm not the most tech savvy guy as I probably told you informed you but the experience was generally smooth when you went into the correct and what I think maybe he's happening with the other people the people in the call log is maybe they're listening on their phone I totally agree that's what's happening and you're not yeah that's a great point cuz I'm on my desktop I mean yes if I may cut into your call time yeah no go for it yeah let me let me just inform people once again I've done this before when I go to calls you cannot listen to the show in your web browser on YouTube on Facebook you can't do it okay when I to go to your calls if you want to be one of the calls okay that I take if you want to be a caller on the show you can't listen to the live stream you have to only listen to me in the discord chat room in the discord call-in room you can't listen any other place the only place you are going to hear me in live real-time without a delay okay because the stream goes out over a delay but I'm actually talking to the caller in real time through discord you have to listen to my audio in discord only so I hope that clarifies it for everybody who may be not chiming in when I call on them because they're listening in their web browser or they're listening over youtube or on Facebook or wherever they're listening you have to shut that stream off that is not a real-time stream that's delayed by I'm gonna say consort seconds I think the best estimate is for it can delayed up to 20 seconds so between like four or five and 20 seconds you're hearing that on a delay okay I see in my actual browsers here or when I check it on my computer it's around seven ten-second delay at any given time seven to 11 seconds approximately okay so you have to listen to me to call on you in discord nowhere else so I hope that clarifies it and I think we put that in the instructions if not I'll look at the instructions and I will update them and maybe put that in big bold text in the instructions on discord that you have to listen in discord for what I call on you so thank you and I'll let you get to your question yeah and I'll just say a little bit more about that mark is so when you call me now I'm just a regular layman right I'm not no like I said take your anything that what I do is I go right to my headset the headsets already on and what I do is I have your show on on your website what I do is I just exit out of that there so there's no like feedback there's no delay there's anything and I'm just right now I'm in the app on discord you're using best practices man that's all I can say now those are the best practices you got a headset on okay so there's no interference from other sound sources in the room and you are clit you're closing the stream when I say we're going to correct yeah I'm not even watching your show right now this is like me having a phone conversation with you got best practices that's exactly how it so for anyone out there that I mean if they're having a little hiccups believe me um again I'm not a wizard but I guess I figured this kind of this stuff out so if I can do it I think anyone else can do now let me ask you real quick before you go into any other comment what did you think of the presentation today regarding showing people an alternative protocol on the Internet namely BitTorrent and how I took him through a couple of downloads would that it's eye-opening cuz let's put it this way I had a friend in college so I graduated college eighteen seventeen years ago and he was always downloading music and stuff like that and I remember BitTorrent you know that's the kind of time it was coming out and I was always under the impression from the propaganda that with BitTorrent you're going to get a virus or that is not impossible that's not impossible that could be a valid concern long as you keep your definitions up-to-date in uh you know windows security I would say you'll be okay but it is not that's not an invalid concern okay viruses are floating out around there so you could always scan the file with any type of antivirus but I always recommend if you're using Windows you want to use the wint you want to run Windows Update and keep their virus heuristics up-to-date if you do that that's probably the best protection that you're gonna have those machine I don't recommend these third-party virus antiviral companies I think that if you are very steadfast about running Windows Update the and and keeping those virus definitions up-to-date and defender you're gonna be fine on Windows at least that's been my personal experience I haven't really gaint gone on any malware infections as long as I stay on top of that if you don't keep that up to date you're gonna have outdated malware definitions and then things are gonna creep into your system for sure gotcha and then the other thing real quick is on the BitTorrent is I thought you would get a knock at the door saying you're doing something illegal the chances of that I explained this to some people here's what when that would occur if if a movie studio insider takes the reel of a brand new film that has not hit even the theaters okay or has not gone to blu-ray yet okay and they give that to you and you digitize that you're the first one to hit the internet with that in a big huge movie torrent location you have a chance that they're gonna come after you and sue you okay okay if you are putting up you know nutritional information documentaries books like I just showed people occult books no one is coming after you it's it's it's that that's fear-mongering okay at that point okay there were just so it works they want you to think every small person who's getting any of this esoteric information right you're going to be a criminal yeah okay the movie companies and the you know recording industry's only coming after people who are putting out the latest and greatest stuff we're in the biggest quantities okay they're only going after the people that who are like digitizing it first and they have the hot you know new thing and they're getting it out there before anybody else and they're circumventing their sales that's all they care about they don't care about people getting this information out there however most people are dissuaded from getting information like this out there because of those very reasons of fear you know that's where it's very effective all right so let if I can just get into a few points why I called absolutely okay cool well first I'd like to say like everyone else been saying happy anniversary um you know I don't think we have to say that every we don't have to wait til next year to wish that to you I think every show we should wish that to you because the gift you give to everyone is um I mean you're timeless such as the truth is as well so there's sonam synonymous the other thing I I found out and I didn't realize was today when you know the season is sacrifice you can add to your list brandon lee remembering remembering IM 26 years ago on this date Wow and you know it's kind of almost that that that motto let the sun kill or let the father kill the father let the sun kill the Sun no I mean it's amazing I would bring up Bruce Lee today and that's what I'm saying you you've been kind of alluding to that you've been picking up his uh Bruce Lee and and you know given a sidekick to the baby and you've been talking about how you've been doing the Marshalls arts but Brandon Lee has been forgotten and that was a ritual - yeah I agree so the other things just I wanted to touch upon last week is this whole thing down at Temple University where you know they're confirming or everyone this mumps outbreak yeah and and you read in you know these local newspapers they said 108 unconfirmed case or suspected cases 18 confirmed and they're giving out all these vaccines they're only giving out like I think the last report was 1800 vaccines well last time I checked Temple has like 30,000 students and the other question people have to ask the reporters is if you're vaccinate you have to the only way you get into college is if you have all your shot these days as I understand right right if you have your shots and people are getting the mumps then the vaccines don't work right so there are people that don't get yeah they're the only people that should be contracting the mumps or the people that don't have AXI and then they'll blame the unvaccinated rocky making that happen right now I don't know how that mechanism so lame it right so last week when I was when this whole you know shanigan is was going I was like thinking aback when I was a kid I was like you know music and trauma to me are the things that are left left imprint on your brain so like you know you're driving in the car you hear a song you it's kind of almost like a teleporter it transports you such as trauma and then I recalled Magic Johnson getting the HIV thing and you remember exactly where you were with that and that holds star thing with the vaccines and the AIDS scare and all that so I just wanted to hear your your take on the music you know how like when you hear a song you could teleport you right back to that moment in a drama yeah and also is there some type of connection with that is it like the senses is that sound is it imprinted on your brain or is I'm just kind of grasping it works the same way with joy and trauma you know we can hear we can smell things or hear things and be taken back to a positive time in our youth and then other elements that trigger the senses can take us right to a traumatic place as well so it all depends on what we were exposed to during that time or place or circumstance it could be it could work in either direction absolutely okay yeah it's just it's just an interesting phenomena you know every not doing that day you know and I think sometimes routine is the killer of time you know like you were talking about set aside your distractions you know like if is you or the Phillies playing tonight you know people would know you know 9:00 to 5:00 daily work life it's all a distraction from really learning the truth there aren't people in that routine in that cycle so that they never come out of it and never look into what's really oh and piggyback on the last caller the drugs you know you asked about if someone's doing something harmful that's just a tool in their toolbox to keep you drugged up so you don't cover their the layers and that you don't have the energy or the drive you know go further into the truth you know it takes tenacity it takes willpower you know I sat in pretty much my bedroom and just did nothing but study for virtually seven to eight years of my life you know to come to the level of understanding and it was because I went into the experience that I did I was like I need to know everything about this I need to know what they are doing I need to know who these people really were I need to know really what their ideology was ultimately all about you know I was just a round of mine was still totally blind to what I had just been involved with I didn't understand it myself even though I was actually there you know I mean then I was like I went borderline obsessively crazy with knowledge looking into it because I wanted to understand every aspect of what I had just been involved with you know oh and I found it I definitely went into it in a deep way you know right so thank you so much for thank you yeah and I appreciate everything you do thanks again always great to hear your perspective I appreciate it but I just want to show you before I move on to another caller if there's any time for that let's go back to my laptop I want to show you the it did come in so this is the whole book collection okay of all the occult researchers that were in that collection that torrent finished while we were taking calls and look at this cache of books on asset Eric knowledge I mean you know here's all a lot of Israel Regardie books you know amazing you know there's his famous the Middle Pillar you know the complete system of the Golden Dawn system of magic you know philosopher's stone The Tree of Life which is a brilliant book you know all that's in there all Gurdjieff's books Beelzebub's tells to his grandson that's a great one by ger Jeff unbelievable great cash I mean Hoonah is pretty rare to get some stuff on that I don't have this one so that's interesting so there you see it I mean you can get so much you know there's so much out there and again this is just a tiny little example you know for in a few minutes of what we touched on so ladies and gentlemen I think that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening folks I hope you learned a lot we're going to do more technological Series in the future I'm your host mark pass you know thank you for watching we'll see you right here next Sunday [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]