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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time today is Sunday April 28th 2019 we have a great show lined up for you here today this show is live every Sunday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. East Coast time that's 12 noon to 3 p.m. Pacific time today on what on earth is happening this is episode number 207 we are going to be talking about a plant-based diet versus the religion called carnism this show is entitled least harm possible and what I'm really going to be getting into today on this show are the moral implications of how humanity eats this is going to be about real plant-based nutrition and a balanced and holistic approach to food and nutrition so that's gonna be the main topic on the show today I'm also going to be right now getting into a very brief recap of what is known as the dark occult season of sacrifice so let's jump right in because I'll tell you what there this is a huge topic today with plant-based nutrition versus carnism and we may or may not even have time for calls I'm gonna try to get the presentation into the first couple hours and then leave time for calls if there's not a lot of time for calls today I'll tell you what I think I'm gonna do since this topic has so many different air avenues that we have to explore and I have about maybe around 50 slides maybe slightly less than 50 slides to go through today I may just if it extends over into the third hour we do a whole call-in show just on this topic for next week and I do nothing but take your calls on this topic so we'll see how the time goes with the formal presentation and then determine what to do with calls after so I have one piece of housekeeping to get into before we jump into the season of sacrifice and then into at least harm possible we I do still require an in-house video editor now don't get me wrong there are people who have been absolutely of tremendous valuable help who have been doing a phenomenal job especially my friend Jeff Ritter who's been editing videos for me remotely there are some in-house tasks that I really do need to work with people on here while I am here that really doesn't lend itself to video collaboration very well I need to sit with someone and do some video editing tasks so if there's anybody in the Philadelphia area that knows I prefer the person to use Final Cut Pro because the person will be editing on an iMac Pro System so if the person you know prefers another video editor we could perhaps work with that and I could get the software install it and we could work with that but if there is someone in the Philadelphia area that can actually come to the office here at what on earth is happening and do some video editing on a voluntary basis it is not a paying job right now I don't bring those kind of resources in just yet at some point I want to get my entire staff that is working on voluntary basis right now paid for their efforts so that is only going to really happen if more resources come into what on earth is happening right now you know what we're what we're making here insofar as donations is not going to be sufficient for that so I have to ask for this on a voluntary basis for those who understand what we are doing here if you have video editing skills with Final Cut Pro I'll take someone who works on premiere or you know any other video editing platform nonlinear video editing platform you know if you use resolve or something like that or Vegas will work with you but ideally if you use Final Cut Pro and know it well and can volunteer at least one day per week during the day you know to come and do some video editing here that is what we really require here at the one on earth is happening headquarters so if you do have those skills and you want to take this offer seriously to volunteer for what on earth is happening please send an email with examples of your video editing work to the address the email address Leah at what on earth is happening calm that's my assistant Leah Boone her name her first name is spelled L e eh eh it's right there on the screen okay so Leah le IH a at what on earth is happening calm put in the in the subject video editing help okay and send that email to Leah Boone and you know what we'll go through them and see if you know your skill set is is meets the requirements and you know hopefully bring you over to help out so thanks for you know listening to that pitch there and let's jump into the actual subject matter for today's presentation so Brett's been doing a great job with the artwork as always Brett Hatton thank you so much here's the title card that he came up with for the show today called least harm possible plant-based nutrition versus carnism revisited now I did this before I had an entire podcast on this topic I believe it was podcast number 122 people can correct correct me if I'm wrong on that number but I believe that was the number of the podcast and um you know it got a whole lot of reactions all across the spectrum to people who you know write to me and say it changed their life for the better to other people who write to me and tell me I'm an agent working for the dark side because I don't believe we should be harming animals for our source of fuel okay for our bodies so we're gonna get into all of this dynamic a little bit later on in the show but first what I want to do is do a brief recap we are still in the 40 day dark occult season of sacrifice which I talked about a few shows ago you go back into the podcast archive just click the podcast tab what on earth is happening calm and you'll go back through the video and audio archives there and you can see in other shows I've talked about the dark occult season of sacrifice this is a 40 day period between the spring equinox around March 19th to the midpoint of spring May Day Orvil purchase knock that is as it is called is one of the four major Sabbats of the occult year this 40-day period is considered a time to make a sacrifice to the Sun and the earth so that you know the cycle of life will continue it grows out of ancient pagan beliefs however it becomes perverted in the world of dark occultism where they the darker cultists who are really running things in our world conduct mass murder rituals during this time of the year as humans an act of human sacrifice okay because they believe they are appeasing the spirits of the Sun and the earth so that crops will continue to grow on the earth by giving blood to the earth it's a sick twisted belief system I of course don't subscribe to that belief but there are darker cultists who do and it doesn't matter whether you believe in it they believe in it and as sick twisted psychopathic religionists their beliefs affect other people in the world because they are certainly willing to act upon them so this year we we have seen many different occult sacrifice rituals during the season of sacrifice now I want to say one thing I think they started early about four days early on the Ides of March we saw these uh you know shootings alleged shootings that took place in Christchurch New Zealand and there's a whole lot of you know speculation and data regarding whether this was a real or staged event what I want to say about this is I do not ever really come down on the position and make it a big thing whether something is actually took place in the physical world or whether it is a hoax or completely staged event and there's a reason for that and the reason for the is because I don't want to get bogged down in the particular zuv any given event I want to talk about always the why behind why this event or whatever it happens to be occurs and what the justifications that are gonna come out of the political world for why rights must be taken away from other human beings who did not conduct any such acts okay that are depicted okay so I have my own personal takes on what happened at Christchurch New Zealand and you know I don't I see a lot of problems with it let's just put it that way okay I don't believe the official story okay I believe all of the official stories of any of these types of events are fabricated and it's done to politically charged people and polarize them into varied mindsets so that they could be turned against each other and ultimately conquered by the ruling class all the while having their rights taken away in the process this is what all false flags are about and when I use the term false flag it does not imply that no one died okay or it doesn't imply really anything except that something is being used for some type of a political justification and to take rights away from people by staging an event whether it be staged and real and real people are harmed or whether it be staged and it's called what other researchers like David Icke have called a no problem reaction solution event in which the the actual alleged victims aren't even actually victims but crisis actors okay so what I'm saying is that a false flag just because something is a false flag it does not mean that either some people really died or they didn't die a false flag can be a true event that take takes place in the 3d world and people are harmed and a false flag can be something that is completely fabricated like the Gulf of Tonkin incident which never actually took place okay so just because something is a false flag says nothing as to the nature of the reality of the event regarding whether people were harmed or not so I want to make my position clear on that false flags can be either real events or completely staged events but they are still false flags because they are events that are constructed for a political purpose to to ultimately take rights away from people because you're presenting the problem to the public they're reacting in a horrible way because the perception of the event is that it is such a hard thing that the government must do something about it and then the original orchestrators of the event step forward with a predetermined solution this is called the Hegelian dialectic applied politically it is known as a false flag event now regardless of what anyone thinks of the christchurch shootings okay we are certainly seeing an aftermath in which they are using it to politically justify the taking away of people's rights to own firearms and protect themselves and with any amount of force required when self-defense requires it okay and that's what this event was ultimately all about that being said I think this was the beginning the official beginning of this year's season of sacrifice even though it was four days before the date of March 19th they liked the Ides of March as well the dark occultists you know this goes back to the story of Caesar being stabbed in the Senate okay the that that's the whole idea of the the the dark aspects of the Ides of March now that's when we saw this to place okay so now jump forward exactly one month to tax day here in the United States and we saw another event take place this time you know in Europe in France in Paris at notre-dame Cathedral which you know a huge portion of it you know burned and if you look at these flames they're you know orange to yellow hot producing large amounts of white billowy smoke when you have a hydrocarbon fire burning certainly under 800 degrees you usually don't have anything like this taking place usually this is indicative of some form of an accelerant okay so I also don't believe the official story I cannot tell you exactly what took place but I don't accept the story that is put out by politicians and mainstream media okay now again you look at this taking place right in the middle of the season of sacrifice right in the middle of the month of April and it is our lady which is what the words note read I'm in French means our lady because it's about you know Mary the mother you know the the biblical mother of Jesus and that's the this isn't alchemical Cathedral okay so the first thing you have to understand is how chemical cathedrals often made you know in the Middle Ages are these are books in stone these these are books of occultism carved in stone and the inside of them tells and the outside tells amazing stories regarding what is going on with humanity in the human condition so if you're interested in learning more about what really cathedrals are all about in some of the mysteries that they concealed by the the sculpture and painting that is within them contained within them I recommend reading the works of some alchemists from you know a little bit later like Fokin le in in his essay long-form essay called the mystery of the cathedrals the mysteries of the cathedrals I'll post it with the podcast I also highly recommend the work of J Widener the researcher J Widener he wrote a book with the occultist / Alchemist Vincent bridges and that book was called the mysteries of the great cross of Hendaye I don't believe that I have a digital copy of that I'm a I'll have to check it's a very large tome it's about 650 pages if I recall it was one of the best books I've ever read people should definitely check that book out as a matter of fact let me briefly step out of the slide presentation and go to the web and I'll go to Amazon and see if I can find the mysteries let's say mystery of the great cross of Hendaye Hendaye is spelled H a and D a ye h en da ye okay we can bring up the laptop there it is it's the mysteries of the great cross of Hyundai okay you can get a Kindle or paperback version on Amazon this is the book right here it's about an alchemical monument in hen de France on the border of France and Spain and it really gets into a lot of interesting information about alchemy Kabbalah occultism in general and end times type of prophecy especially that which was kind of predicted by medieval alchemists so this directly relates to this year season of sacrifice because more likely than not there's a dual edged purpose to the event at Notre Dom first is you are symbolically seeing the immolation or burning by fire of Our Lady again the dark occult this love to immolate the Sacred Feminine in the season of sacrifice we you'll see this over and over again we talked about it on the podcast that we did here on what on earth is happening I would recommend going back and looking through the symbolism that I talked about about goddess symbolism and how often goddess symbolism as the certainly the Notre Dame Cathedral is an example of is always used in human sacrifice rituals especially when it comes to rituals involving fire okay or some type of burning process okay like the re-entry of the Columbia space shuttle which burned up okay Kalume means dove the Dove was a symbol of Semiramis and even Isis and the holy spirit okay so in the Christian tradition so we're talking about a symbol that represents peace love etc being destroyed being immolated similar to the you know ritual a bohemian grove the cremation of care okay again cremation immolation sacrificed by fire destruction of care the Sacred Feminine you'll see the symbolism repeated over and over again if you are conscious of it and what the symbolism means so this as soon as I saw got word that note riddim was on fire during the season of sacrifice I immediately thought this could possibly be a you know season of sacrifice ritual so you know I'm not definitively saying that's the case but I'm saying that you know we have to look at this as a distinct possibility especially because of the symbolism involved now some people will take this as an example of what is known as synchro mysticism which is events that are seemingly perhaps are coincidental but really are telling us something in into the human subconscious mind at a very deep level that is profound so it could be an example of that I lean more toward a direct false-flag myself it's just so overwhelmingly coincidental and then what I know about materials science okay which I took at an Ivy League university as part of the curriculum there with engineering this absolutely looks to me like there is an accelerant used because fire in open air burn of hydrocarbon material which would be presumably in that spire and attic region at Notre Dom is not going to burn that bright and produce that type of billowy white smoke unless they were actually storing tons of chemicals there so you know that's my take on it from a material science point of view I'm sure experts have chimed in I think many experts have chimed in and said that they also see something very fishy in how this Cathedral burned but anyway I would certainly highly recommend reading more about the Gothic cathedrals the cathedrals of the Middle Ages and you know understanding what these alchemists who built these cathedrals were trying to depict regarding the human spirit and the human condition because they're beautiful monuments and in stone that are really books that are there for us to read so that's what I wanted to say about note Redang then as a alleged response you know or alleged continued response to the mosque shootings in New Zealand you have the Easter April 21st church bombings in Sri Lanka that happened across the country I think a total of 290 people are said to have been killed in these regardless again of what you think these events are they are they're too politically charged people and polarize people the whole theme of this year's season of sacrifice seems to have been the polarization of religious thinking people between Muslims and Christians okay so that's what I think we're seeing there in the Easter bombings you know an interesting how the mainstream media uses the term Easter worshippers instead of Christian you know showing their their bias but if Christians do something extremely heinous as that of religious extremists and that religious faction often do then suddenly they are fine to use the word Christian so but anyway absolutely season of sacrifice events okay taking place here no doubt in my mind whatsoever so we have three days left in the season of sacrifice ladies and gentlemen may 1st is the end of it and I'm telling you be vigilant wherever you are and understand that if something takes place in the next three days especially on May 1st which is the highest holiday of the occult year of all purchase knocked in April 30th into May 1st you know you can almost rush rest assured that this is part of the season of sacrifice ritualistic killings that take place almost every single year during this time of the year like clockwork ok I'm not a prophet it's not a prophecy to say it I understand their belief system I understand how their minds work they don't deviate from a plan once the plan works and guess what folks it's working people are falling for all of it hook line and sinker the political and religious polarization is at an all-time high you know because people cannot see through the facade they don't understand the occult they're not truly spiritually awake or enlightened ok and they will fall for whatever the mainstream media tells them and still paying attention to sources of mainstream media okay there's still the vast majority of the population especially here in the United States and throughout Europe and Canada and Australia and New Zealand are all still paying largely the population is paying close attention to what the mainstream media says on whatever source that they prefer to listen to from the mainstream believing that they are properly informing them and even want to tell them anything resembling the truth this is how asleep the population of Western civilization really is and really throughout the entire world okay anybody who believes mainstream media is trying to tell them the truth at this point is such a absolute child dunce I mean take it as a hominem attack because it is but that doesn't mean it isn't true anyway okay it's certainly an ad hominem attack against who I consider to be dumb uninformed naive childish people who should be adults who know better by this point in time with all the information that is out there okay believing the mainstream media I mean is about the most naive childish imbecilic thing that anyone can do and yes it is an ad hominem statement it is an ad hominem attack and yes it is still true okay so I mean this is the part of the problem here okay is that people still don't understand the mainstream media is not there to inform you regarding what is true and what is not true the mainstream media is there to instill and inculcate political narratives into its target population to make it easier make that target population easier for the control class to rule over that is all the media is and never has been there to do okay and the people who still don't understand that your children your children you haven't grown up mentally you haven't grown up psychologically and you certainly haven't grown up spiritually okay so let's move on into that's my little wrap-up of this year's season of sacrifice since I won't be on the air until next weekend the season of sacrifice will have officially ended not to say that events can't take like that can't take place at any other time of the year but I just wanted to do that as a brief recap now let's jump into the main topic of discussion which is called least harm possible plant-based nutrition versus carnism revisited now the title is revisited because again I covered this topic and I want to go back and say some more things about it and clarify some of the things that I talked about and what I want to start by basically putting this meme up here that I downloaded from the internet okay Ally doesn't become truth wrong doesn't become right and evil doesn't become good just because it's accepted by a majority okay lots of things are accepted as by the majority the slavery of humanity through government is accepted by the majority it still doesn't make it moral it still doesn't make it right it still doesn't make it good okay conventional wisdom is almost always wrong it's it's almost never wisdom and it's almost always wrong okay so just because most people think a certain way doesn't mean that it's the correct way of thinking or being in the world okay now that being said I'm gonna try as I did in past weeks you'll hear me say very harsh things get his offended as you want okay I'm not going to mince my words but I'm also going to strive to strike some form of a balance between telling people the truth which is going to be harsh and being at least compassionate enough toward compassionate enough toward other people's situations to understand that not everybody is there yet and not everybody understands yet okay that's why I'm doing this topic again to revisit a very what I consider a very important topic we're going to get into so many different dynamics of it and many others callers will bring up and probably remind me of that I didn't cover okay but again the main thing here is the morality aspect I'm not so much even talking about it from position of diet and nutrition I'm gonna get into that okay that's important okay however the main thing I want to cover is the moral aspects and implications of how human beings eat and what that does on this planet so the truth doesn't change just because you don't want to hear and I want to say a couple of things regarding this dynamic okay regarding the dynamic of most people are close minded to the truth they don't want to hear it if it conflicts with their pre-existing belief or what they they themselves have come to understand through their limited amounts of research and think that they know in its fullness okay so they've made a conclusion based on often what is cursory researching and reading headlines about things instead of really deeply delving into articles and books okay and then doing testing in the real world themselves to test what they read okay most people hear things and make a judgement about it okay based on their pre-existing belief system that's called a religion okay so what we try to do here is break down religious belief systems and thought because they are holding us back from an understanding of the truth so if you find yourself being triggered by things that I'm gonna say in this podcast you should ask yourself why you're emotionally triggered are you emotionally triggered because what I'm really saying is wrong bad evil etc okay or are you emotionally triggered because you recognize the truth in it perhaps that it even even at a subconscious level but even at a partially conscious level you recognize that your thoughts emotions and actions are not in alignment with that truth and therefore you're reacting with anger instead of actually listening and saying it is possible for me to change because my actions are a choice okay but to do that the ego has to get out of the way okay the ego must be calmed the the constant jibber-jabber of the thought thoughts that bounce around in the human mind have to be partially laid and set down so that you could actually hear what's being said because another dynamic of this slide is most people don't hear what's being said I've said this over and over and over again on this show most people hear what they want to hear they don't actually listen to the words that are leaving the person's mouth they're waiting to talk they're my is racing thinking about other things in order to learn you must learn how to listen to truly listen not just hear the words but to truly listen to what's being said as it is actually being said not interpreting it according to your internalized definitions or preconceived notions about what you think is being said but actually listen to what is being said that's part of teachability that's called the part of what's called the teachability Index the ability to learn by way of being taught by someone else okay so keep that in mind as we move forward in this whole series I'm going to bring back a few slides from the first episode that I did on this topic okay I believe again it was episode number 122 so this is a controversial matter and when we break down the word controversial into its etymological roots we get the prefix from Latin contrib which means facing face to face up against okay and then the verb verse over sorry the verso is the first person present tense and then verse re is the infinitive form so it means to change to alter okay so when we put them together the word controversial literally means from its etymological definition face to face with changing coming face to face or confronting having to change okay that's why topics that are hot-button topics with people are controversial because it involves a dynamic whereby one side or the other involved in the dynamic must come face to face with changing one's self and that's one of the white's controversial topics are one of the most uncomfortable topics to discuss so is this a controversial topic yes absolutely it is okay is there a truth regarding it yes there is a truth regarding it that truth is knowable it is not an unknowable dynamic what proper nutrition for a human being should be okay now I'm not claiming to know everything there is to know about every dynamic of nutrition but I do know the dynamics that involve morality that's what I would consider myself someone who was extremely knowledgeable on that and I wasn't always III you know when you I'll tell you what I was like in the past as we go through this presentation I was one of the biggest carnivore meat eaters that you could possibly imagine trust me I put you down when it came to going toe-to-toe eating meat believe it talk to the people who know me from my past and ask them how I could eat and how I how much meat I could eat okay you would not even be able to conceive of it and I'll tell you some anecdotes later in the presentation okay and I was able to change I was able to change I was able to reverse a lot of health issues I was able to really you know come into a much better state of health and energy okay so this presentation is about nutrition and morality and there is a truth regarding what human being should and should not eat that is not an opinion okay and it is not just a lifestyle choice there is a truth morally regarding this get is offended about that statement as you want it will never make it untrue there is a moral reality regarding what we should be fueling our bodies with and what we should not okay now I'm not here to be totally judgmental I'm not a militant vegan I'm gonna talk about militant vegan and how I stand against that position later on okay I make this as a personal moral choice for myself my dietary choices okay and I am a vegan because of that okay III engage in a plant-based diet I don't even know whether I want to use the word vegan because it has religious connotation that word in the modern world okay I'll still say yes I I am vegan okay but I don't want it to mean what a lot of people think being vegan means which many people think it means being militantly vegan which I am NOT okay and we're going to get into that dynamic later but what we choose to fuel our bodies with has absolutely everything to do with morality under natural law this show is about what natural law is and what natural law is not okay we're going to talk about that dynamic next okay so the the human diet should my whole take on what the human diet should be about is not a position of extremity it's a position of balance but balance doesn't mean doing harm to other sentient beings that's not a position of balance that's a position of violence and that's an extreme position okay and again I'm not saying anybody needs to make this change overnight this is another thing people will hear one saying and they won't listen fully to what they're saying they won't understand I'm I am trying to help people to understand where the morality of this issue lies and then make a decision to slowly over a period of time change themselves change how they think about it and change who they are okay I am I never have told anybody to change their diet immediately and never would you'd be doing harm to somebody else by telling them to do that so no one can find anywhere on any media where I've ever told anybody to change overnight never it's never happened and it never will happen okay so that's I'm gonna talk about that dynamic a little bit later okay so I'm also gonna talk about fad diets regarding this and extreme diets that people sell never eat this kind of food never eat that kind of food go on this type of a high carb low carb you know high glucose low glucose all these fad diets are nonsense I'm gonna get into that okay we should be taking a balanced approach when it comes to natural food truly natural eating means as much as possible eat the food that nature grew unmodified by man okay you could cook some of it okay but you want to have most of it being raw okay and then you want to do juicing and blending which we're going to get into as health benefits of what many people don't and that's why they don't enjoy optimum health okay so I'll be getting into juicing and blending later also now this is an issue of natural law okay this is an issue regarding morality and therefore natural law comes into play what natural law is is a set of universal inherent objective non man-made eternal and immutable conditions which govern the consequences of behaviors of beings with the capacity for understanding the difference between harmful and non harmful behavior the understanding of natural law is centered upon bringing our own conscience into alignment with objective morality this means definitively knowing which behaviors are rights because they do not cause harm to other sentient beings and which behaviors are wrongs because they do cause harm to other sentient beings so when we take what we eat into account there is a question that must be asked did we harm another sentient being in order to procure what we are taking into our body as fuel and that's the only question that really one should ask when it comes to determining the morality of the human diet the only one as we're also going to get to a little bit enough in a couple slides okay so this is a moral issue and it is all about the aggregate morality of human beings so this factors into it how in the aggregate how many human beings believe government should continue to exist and therefore slavery should continue to be enacted upon the human population the vast overwhelming majority so overwhelmingly there are more carnivores carnist s-- i would call them people who believe in the religion called carnism which we are going to talk about and define on the show today then there are people who eat a plant-based diet as nature intended okay overwhelmingly in the aggregate so what is that doing karmically we're going to talk about that okay when you see the suffering of animals how many animals are suffering needlessly every single day at the hands of human beings all of this goes into the etheric field the energy field of the earth and karmically has an effect in the aggregate on human beings okay and what we then must undergo and experience as a consequence of our collective behavior okay so moving to the next slide what natural law is not this has absolutely nothing to do with any of these things Darwin's theories regarding macro biological evolution the Darwinian notion of the survival of the fittest the so-called law of the jungle the so called natural order any and every aspect of human-made law including common law so-called common law but here's the one this second to last one that's highlighted in red that we're really gonna be talking about here today natural law has nothing whatsoever to do with any aspect of the behavior of the entire animal kingdom for any creature with less cognitive development and capabilities than a human being natural law only applies to human beings natural law does not apply the consequential laws of behavior do not apply to the animal kingdom other than human beings because they do not have a complexified brain capable of truly understanding the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior and being able to express it okay through their language because they don't have language okay that doesn't mean that animals cannot exhibit forms of morality which I'm going to show you they most certainly do okay but it doesn't mean that we should apply the standards that can be applied morally to the animal kingdom to the human Kingdom this would be a complete ridiculous logical fallacy to say because animals behave a certain way humans should also behave that way no we are not just animals we are not just any other animals we are special in the animal kingdom as I talked about the family hominid I in the whole classification system of life is only contains homo sapiens sapiens and that is why we are the only animal that is capable of being bound by natural law because we are the only animal that has the capability to understand the difference truly understand the difference between right behavior and wrong between which actions are rights because they don't cause harm and which actions are wrong because they do cause harm to other sentient beings okay so understand the laws of the jungle the so called survival of the fittest and and so-called natural order when it comes to the animal kingdom has absolutely nothing to do with natural law the phrase natural law means what it I defined it as on the previous slide it has nothing to do with animals natural law has nothing to do with animals except whether human beings should be eating them or not then natural law absolutely applies but natural law has absolutely nothing to do with animal behavior let me say that again a couple more times natural law has absolutely nothing to do with animal behavior meaning animals that are not human beings that are of a lower classification than human beings when it comes to the complexity of the brain of the central nervous system of the abilities the capabilities of that being okay that's why they are in the animal kingdom lower than Homo sapiens sapiens on that scale of complexity there that doesn't mean that they're you know they're they don't have rights like we do but we are a more advanced and complexified Byng and obviously having more capabilities when it comes to language creativity technology even our spirituality an emotional dynamic range of emotions complexity and thought you can go on and on and on with everything that separates animals and human beings okay and then you can go on and on and on with everything that separates the entire animal kingdom from the plant kingdom which we're also going to talk about because people make the the fallacious argument that because plants live that you know people who engage in a plant-based diet are causing harm unto plants okay when they don't because they don't understand the complex offical life and how there are scales and orders to that and that's why we an animal okay are gonna be held to two different moral standards when it comes to natural law animals it's not going to apply to them but it's going to apply to us okay so our food choices are going to have natural law implications all right so once again natural law has nothing to do with the behavior of animals lower than human beings I can't stress that enough it does not apply and it does not have anything to do with them if you understand it properly there are people who will disagree with that and they don't understand what I am referring to as natural law they have their own thought about what it is and their definition their internalized definition is incorrect about what natural law is and is not I've made this abundantly clear on past shows so what does a plant-based diet conflict with okay if we should be eating a plant-based diet that is naturally growing from the earth okay what is the thing that is standing in the way of us aligning our behavior with nature it is a religion as every other thing that causes harm in this world has its roots in religious thought okay so carnism is a religion we are not born carnist so we are not born people believing that we should be slaughtering animals and eating them for our food okay if you don't believe that you know don't indoctrinate a baby into eating meat and when they grow up to be a young child see how they react to the killing of an animal to eat it they would be horrified by it okay when I was at an arc apoco and watched Gena cars presentations I talked about before she showed it a video of a girl you know trying to free I believe it was a turkey could have been a duck I'm not sure in some third-world country from somebody who was trying to hold it down and cut its head off with an axe okay and I think it was a turkey or a chicken and this baby was crying and finally got it away from the person and you know wanted it to go free because they recognize that we don't need to do that it's unnecessary to do okay and most people see that especially from when they're young but then it's beaten out of us and carnism is beaten into us that compassion is beaten out and carnism is beaten in it's a religious dogmatic belief system carnism is a dogmatic religion based entirely upon violence because that's what has to be done for people to eat the flesh of animals violence has to be conducted upon them the main belief system of carnism is that it is morally justifiable and/or necessary for human beings to kill animals and eat their dead flesh ok now first of all if you saw what the meat that we're really eating looks like before it is quote-unquote dressed most people wouldn't need it because it has the the absolute color of death ok it would be looking like you're eating a zombie carcass if you ate meat as it really would look if it was shipped to the supermarket without the dressing of the meat industry and just look up what that's called ok I'm not really gonna talk about it much in this presentation but it's called dressing meat ok the process of dressing meat literally they're dressing it up to make it look like something other than what it really is the red coloring that's not what meat really looks like that's not what anything that is is being consumed that came from an animal looks like it's often pale gray to even a black collar to a dark gray or even black ok they inject it with dyes to make it colored that that red color ok so most people would be horrified if they looked into the meat industry look up the documentary called Earthlings ok Earthlings was the documentary that started to really wake me up about what's going on with carnism ok look up the look up dr. Melanie joy there's another individual look up regarding the belief system called carnism and I would also recommend the work of Gina car ok so and there's many others many many many others ok too many to go into in this present as I have too much to get to all right but that's what carnism is and I define this as a religion and it is the what I call the ultimate expression of domination this is dominion over others that's what it is which is what human beings do not have we think we have it but we don't have it we should only have dominion over ourselves which is where freedom ultimately leads when we have dominion over ourselves we enter a state of being free that's what the word freedom really means okay we don't have dominion over ourselves we can't even control our own animalistic tendencies and behaviors okay and the urge to kill the bloodlust that's within us most of us okay but we certainly don't have dominion over other creatures that are not us including the animal kingdom including other human beings and including the animals of the animal kingdom okay anybody that thinks that is a religious nut that believes a wrong interpretation of the Bible because it never says that we are given dominion over the animals ever anywhere in the Bible and it never says we should be using them for sources of our food it says take the fruit of you know the trees and every every you know fruit bearing and you know a tree and plant and its seeds etc you know and use that as your your food that's what it actually says in the Old Testament believe it or not and I know most fake-ass Christians won't bother to look it up because they only go by what they're fake-ass Christian preacher told them at their fake-ass church on Sunday okay now that's all they give a shit about you know they have a religion the truth be damned what God intended to be damned what nature intended to be damned you know they just go by what their Bible thump and preacher told them you know or their church the dogmatic religious belief system of their church tell them we're gonna get into that the whole false religion argument of carnism because there's tons of justifications for this religion okay the so-called normal natural necessary argument provided by Carnot's and the meat industry is provably false an amoral meat industry propaganda all right carnism or eating killing animals and eating their their dead flesh is not normal it is not natural it is not necessary people will make a billion arguments though our ancestors had to do this this this this and this in survival situations it is not meant to be done all the time see this is the whole thing that people have to understand there's a difference between a total dietary pressured survival situation for a short period of time and what you should be habituating and doing indefinitely okay that's why this became a religion because probably out of cataclysms that happened in the past dietary pressures were exerted in our environment upon us and we had to engage in karna stick practices for a short period of time the problem is we made it of dogmatic religion and kept doing it okay and then people will argue the point but what about the Eskimos way up there in the north territories that you know don't have access to being able to grow on on you know fertile land and I've made the claim what makes you think that's where human beings should be living you know you know the whole dynamic of if you can freeze to death by going outside maybe you shouldn't live in that region of the earth maybe your older people's migrated to that region and again may be driven there through environmental pressures but we're not meant to stay there and live in and inhabit and make habitable places there maybe we're meant to live in the temperate zones of the earth okay that's why they're the temperate zones of the earth that's why different climatic areas and regions of the earth exists okay for certain things to thrive in certain areas human beings are meant to thrive in certain areas of the earth and that'll be rejected by people okay just about every aspect that I bring up in this entire presentation I'm not naive enough to think everybody's there's gonna be somebody somewhere there's gonna have a problem with every aspect of it okay and I'm gonna tell you that is because they haven't done enough looking and they haven't done enough research and they haven't gathered enough knowledge they haven't gathered all their grammar they haven't understood what the gathering of that data means by performing the actual processing upon it to come to the logical conclusion and they certainly aren't spreading the knowledge by telling this truth to other people through rhetoric okay through spreading it through speech telling the truth to others if it were being done much much more of the world would be reducing the suffering of animals and I'm telling you that's nowhere near happening nowhere near happening as many people go plant-based that many more people are born and continue to eat meat the percentage doesn't really change okay and the suffering of animals more animals are suffering today than ever have been in the entire history of the earth and guess what this is part of the worldwide and continuous season of sacrifice because what's really going on year-round worldwide is the altar of sacrifice is constantly flowing with the blood of animals and it's constantly flowing with the blood of human beings through war and and you know sacrifice rituals that take place year-round but I'm telling you it's happening every second of every day through the best lauter of animals it's a bloodletting satanic endless ritual an endless satanic bloodletting ritual that's what carnism really is let me say that again you want to know what carnism really is more so than just a dogmatic religious belief system it's an endless satanic bloodletting ritual that's what it really is whether you accept that or not nothing will ever make that untrue that statement is eternally true and will never be untrue the practice of carnism is an endless satanic bloodletting ritual okay and trust me the people who are the high priests of that religion the Satanists and Lucifer LARC Luciferians of our world absolutely are overwhelmingly in just brimming with joy that that this sacrifice ritual goes on non-stop every single second of every day throughout this planet now what is that doing okay now I'm gonna let's go back to the slides I want to show you the entire truth about this in dynamic and it's the only truth anyone ever needs to know about this dynamic it's the only question that it ever needs to be asked natural law truth regarding animal life eternal natural law truth regarding animal life to know the moral truth we need only ask ourselves one simple question regarding the practice of carnism and that question is about property and property rights ladies and gentlemen all rights or property rights your life is your property your rights are your property your physical property is your property ok every violation of rights under natural law is a violation of property rights all right so the only question it needs the BS is a question regarding property do the lives of other beings belong to us to take and then what humanity needs to do is ask that question and then answer it honestly answer it honestly and I should say other sentient beings sentient beings there is a difference between sentient and non-sentient beings animals are sentient beings and as we're going to talk about plants are not really sentient beings there are many who make the claim that plants are sentient plants have a biological instinct response mechanism to certain stimulus stimuli in the environment but that does not make them sentient in and of itself plants are not sentient animals are sentient there are many people who think animals aren't sentient in the year 2019 there are people who would say animals are not self-aware creatures that they are not sentient and don't have a form of identity yes they are more group thinking type animals responding more to instinctual stimulus response mechanisms than our human beings which are much more waited but they absolutely have a range of emotions a thought process have the ability to feel pain and empathy and they are imbued with spirit that is why they're called animals the word animus in in Latin anima animus means soul an animal to be an animal means that you have a soul that you are imbued with spirit and that's why we call them animals because they animals means you can move independently of the earth you're not attached to the ground or reliant upon the earth the ground itself to take your nutrient sources okay that's why plants are different than animals we're going to get into that that that difference between plants and animals okay and why the whole argument that Oh plants are just like eating plants is just like eating animals no it's not it's not the same thing and I I feel bad for people who don't understand that it's not the same thing it's a 100% complete difference as we will see so here's the here's the problem folks this question isn't being asked and it's certainly not being answered honestly it's not being answered honestly okay I want to tell an anecdote about a friend okay now I don't really don't even want to mention the person's name maybe I'll bring this individual on for an interview perhaps you know maybe I can bring him on for you know an interview and then take we could take questions about this dynamic but a friend of mine tried to go vegetarian a couple of times and failed at it not because you know of any other reason that he had cravings for me and wanted to continue to eat the way he had always eaten okay so the person just said I'm not strong enough to do this that's being honest that's it I'm not I'm not telling anybody beat yourself up over not being vegan today okay one it's a process you don't have to do it immediately all right I'm gonna talk about that that's how most people fail at eating a plant-based diet they do it too quickly and they throw your their body into shock into a form of shock okay so all I'm asking for is honesty folks that's it I'm just saying acknowledge where you're at acknowledge what the truth is acknowledge what the moral position is and then try to move toward the moral position and maybe you will be able to and maybe you will fail and then you acknowledge that and you're honest with yourself about that I fail in many ways that I try to be better I try to be less angry with people I fail at that every day folks okay I still strive to try to control my anger and hatred toward other people because of their ignorance I struggle with that on a daily basis but I'm not a liar to myself about it I don't say oh no I don't have that problem I have that problem okay I recognize it as an issue that I should work upon for myself and that's all I ask of anyone I don't demand perfection of people immediately if we are moving toward what is right that's good enough for me but we're not that's the problem see the biggest statement that I just said there was the word if that was the most important word if we are moving toward what is right and better for Humanity that's wonderful but we're not doing that as a species we are not doing that that is not happening that's happening in tiny little little isolated pockets of humanity but it is not happening with humanity as a species in the aggregate and that's why freedom in the aggregate is being destroyed that's the only question - one needs ask right there on the screen and it needs to be answered honestly from where we're really at right now not lying to ourselves because that's the first step of a cult initiation and there's the correct answer we're having a technical issue folks give me one moment to resolve this and I apologize but sorry okay I apologize for that I don't think we stopped streaming but there was a glitch that happened with my producer and not no worries so let me step that back one moment and take that again if we're being honest with ourselves okay and we're answering that question honestly okay and we ask the question do the lives of other sentient beings belong to us to take no they do not that is the correct answer of that question morally that is the correct answer so if you know that to be the correct answer then what you should do is try to change how you are contributing to that dynamic of suffering and you could do it to the extent that you are able and you know what that means folks that means if you can only say one less day out of the week I'm not gonna eat meat then that contributes and makes things slightly better than it was the day before you know you could take small baby steps to the this destination okay I'll work with somebody who isn't going to go immediately plant-based and say I'm just gonna reduce the amount of red meat I eat or I'm just gonna reduce the amount of meat in general or eat meat less days out of the week wonderful any amount hey I'll take you know going less authoritarian than more authoritarian you know that doesn't mean that you know menurkey is the end goal there's still something after it same thing when it comes to vegetarianism I was vegetarian for 12 years I never thought I could become vegetarian I became vegetarian inside of one year that was an accomplishment to me it took me 12 years to become vegan or a fully plant-based 12 years okay so it was a process it wasn't an instantaneous thing that happened overnight and that's all I'm saying is move toward the truth when it comes with anything that's the best that anyone could hope to ask of anyone else just don't move away from it or shut it out because it's not what you want to hear you think it's not what what you know is true for you instead of looking at what's actually true in nature according to natural law and that's the only natural law question that needs to be asked folks is this your property do you have the right to end the life to take it for what you how you see fit to use it when if that's not necessary that's the other argument you know meat eaters insist that it's necessarily going to show you the absolute complete ignorance of people especially on social media where you cannot even believe how this debate rages and it's politically polarizing okay I'm trying to take this out of the realm of polarization okay I'm saying yes there is a truth about it but no we shouldn't be beating each other up about it that's why I could have a conversation with a carnist and not want to kill them we could sit and have a conversation about it okay you know status I would say I'd say that's why we got to work on government more than this we got to work on ending government more than this I think the number one thing that will help the animal kingdom is the ending of government quite honestly I think ending government will help people to become so much more compassionate beings okay getting rid of the notion of human slavery will help us end the slavery of the animal kingdom for the militant vegans out there to think it's going to work the other way you're delusional you're delusional that you're human beings will never end the captivity slavery and torturing of animals until they end the captivity slavery and torturing of human beings first it's like putting the cart before the horse when it comes to free energy people think oh we're going to invent all this free energy technology based on Tesla's visions for the future and then humanity is going to be free wrong doesn't work that way putting the cart before the horse when humanity ends government free energy technology will emerge only then see that's good because we don't understand we have give up our religions you got to give up your religions okay government is the religion that's holding back the going away of the religion called carnism look at all the government subsidies of the meat industry how many tax dollars go to pain to have these animals slaughtered for human food so-called food it's the feeding of death to a population that they want to emulate death that's what it is and that's a ritual in and of itself and trust me when they're capable of getting away with it if they haven't already of feeding human beings to each other they'll be doing that too okay so we need to be honest with ourselves okay and yes there is a difference between taking fruits and plants and vegetables off of you know trees and bushes and shrubs and plants that they grow on and versus slaughtering cows and chickens and pigs pigs will often have the consciousness of dogs you know if not even more intelligent there's probably as intelligent as some young human beings that's how intelligent pigs are okay so if you can't see that there's a difference between these two things do it eating a plant-based diet versus engaging in carnism there's something seriously fuckin wrong with you I would say it's possibly a latent psychopathic tendency if you think this baby doesn't deserve more rights than a potato you're a psychopath if you can't see the difference in the complexity of life between a pig like this that is almost like a puppy a dog when it's a puppy okay versus you know taking some fruit off of the vines that they grow on and and consuming them fresh then there's really something broken in someone's brain and they've often bought again fallacious arguments that come out of pseudoscience when it comes to the plant kingdom and then they are trying to make that association to the animal which cannot be made it's a false equivalency I'm gonna play a video for you that shows you the compassion that can be displayed in the animal kingdom which is utterly amazing this is a dog who comes across in a market of unfortunately a fish that is already dead and tries to help it by splashing the puddle of water that it has fallen into over its body I mean look at that you know most human beings don't have that kind of compassion you know this is obviously some kind of a market where fish have been thrown on the ground probably in a third-world country somewhere you know he's trying to even determine whether it's still alive knows that it needs to be in water that's how intelligent animals can be you know knows that that animal belongs in water and is trying compassionately to put water over them I mean you know and we say animals many people insist animals don't have emotions or so or a form of sentience you know unbelievable you know they're doing better than we are in many cases these animals in their spirit believe me Gandhi said that a nation's moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals let me tell you something folks I think we should take a lesson from some of the animal life as we're not doing so well okay the barbarity and viciousness that people will kill animals with treating them like they just absolutely own their lives because some fuckin religion told them that they do you know just about every world there's there's factions of just about every world religion that believes humans own all the animal life on this planet and can take it whenever we whenever and however we see fit to take it and nothing could be further from the truth see human beings aren't doing so well when it comes to their moral progress because we're constantly lying to ourselves and we're constantly trying to make all these different justifications for our behavior for our criminal behavior okay for our immoral and often criminal behavior from carnism practices all the way up to genocide okay because it's bait it basically one is the same thing as the other believing that you own life that you do not and that you could take it as you see fit one form of twisted religion leads into another form of twisted religion carnism will eventually pave the way psychologically and spiritually to eugenics it's part of why there's so many you Genesis believing that well here hey if human beings have been given the me dominion over the whole animal kingdom why not the human Kingdom as well after all they believe human beings are just any any other animal and what is that belief called that's called Satanism one of the tenets of Satanism is that human beings are just like any other animal and in many cases are worse than other animals and I'll tell you what that part of it is true that in many cases human beings are worse than other animals but I don't believe were just any other animal we have the capacity to understand the difference between right and wrong behavior we have the capacity for changing who we are mentally and psychologically and emotionally and spiritually so what does justification mean when we break it down into its etymological elements you want to know what a word really means not just a Miriam Webster dictionary version but you want to get down to the real root of what the word was intended to mean by the people who put language together from its older roots in older languages jut the word justification comes from the latin noun yes yes URIs which means right or law where we get the word justice and jury from okay and the word the Latin noun the Latin verb fetch array which means to make or to create so when we put them together to make a justification literally means to create a right to create a right to invent or make up a right that does not exist so when we are justifying immoral behavior we're saying that a right exists to do that immoral behavior when in fact it does not we made it up we invented it it's a religious belief here's all the justifications for carnism and there's many more these are some of the most popular ones the apathy and ignorance justification oh we as human beings have our own problems we don't have time to worry about whether animals suffer or not just ignore it or don't care about it at all who care that's them this is us you know the apathy and ignorance justification I'll just ignore what's going on again I'll post uh if I can find one now Earthlings the Earthlings documentary with this podcast in a related video section the people who haven't watched Earthlings don't understand what eating meat is or even just generally using animal products period is you don't understand the colossal suffering that you're contributing to or you don't care or you believe the lie that we have to do that when we do not it is scientifically proven you know and there's endless places that people go can go to look that science up you know I'm talking about the moral aspect of it here if you don't want to do that homework that's on you the fundamentally flawed idea of the natural order justification this is believing that you know natural law means the Darwinian natural order which it does not well the other animals kill other animals for food so why shouldn't we do the same to them this is believing that animal standards for behavior should be applied to the human domain okay social Darwinism in other words the natural order the survival of the most ruthless which oh why shouldn't that just happen in the human Kingdom why not just eat humans then since they eat other animals why shouldn't we just eat other humans right cook that baby up put him on the spit and roast them up over that fire why not right no cuz we're just other animals they kill and eat other animals why not just kill and eat other members of our own species why not you know this is how ridiculous people who make this claim sound and they're often scientism Asur religionists almost invariably these are the two groups again the two polarization dialectics than we've talked about endlessly on this show people who believe in science as being the arbiter of truth and people who believe in religion as being the arbiter of truth both equally have their head firmly up their ass and will probably never get it out till the day they die and that is exactly what is driving the harm of this world religious thought the next justification the false religion justification perfect timing God gave us dominion over these animals so that means we can just murder them and use them as we please because we have dominion over them yeah right mm-hmm you know just believe it because your book that was written by the Pizzo dynasty of Rome you know there was one of the most influential cult families you know under Constantinian rule you know and after you know told you that that that's okay you know the way that they handed down the Christian religion Constantine II Anna T is what I like to call it you know with it with a nice helping from the Pizzo family the Pizzo you know bloodline the next justification the 1984 doublespeak justification don't worry this one was killed humanely as if there's such a thing as killing humanely hold on a second I'm gonna run this not big knife across your throat I'll do it humanely great I'm just gonna take your life when I don't have the right to but it'll be humane you know 1984 double speak we can main make words mean the opposite of their dictionary definitions killing and humane yeah the separation worldview justification they're not conscious or aware like us so it's okay to kill them for food you know I've just proven that's not true in the video I showed and if that doesn't prove it to you on your hearts broken not just your brain but your hearts broken and a part of it is that's what the problem is folks part of this has nothing to do with somebody's ability to even think properly it's their ability to feel properly has been destroyed there's no heart based intelligence and then they want to justify why they want to continue the practice by saying well oh plants are also conscious no they're not conscious in the same way and no they are not the same forms of life and no they do not have the same level of complexity ssin and no they don't have this spirit plants do not have individuation they're not souls they're connected to the earth where I'm gonna talk in depth on this and explain to you a book that really should be read and not just that book but many many other books you know but I think you to really understand the dynamic that's taking place regarding life in general you have to go into the occult you have to go into the occult realm and look at the hidden dynamics the unseen dynamics regarding the spirit and most people don't even think that that exists because of how rooted they are in materialism how connected their ego is to the flesh and all things rooted in the worldly domain they can't even think at any level spiritually they don't even believe there is anything to spirituality at all and then we have finally what I call the no justification justification or in other words the actual truth I do feel bad but I could never give up my meat it's just too tasty see this is what it really is about folks it's about feeding the animal dynamic in us just feeding the desires the lower base desires in us as human beings instead of trying to work with those desires and those appetites to transmute them into something better which most people never grow spiritually enough to learn how to do and again it's not an instant thing it's a process this is what people fail to understand you don't need to achieve enlightenment in a day you don't need to go to a plant-based diet in a day it's a process you just need to be honest with yourself that there is a goal and a destination to get to and yeah it is goal based it is destination based all the people say oh it's only about the process no not true either that's false pseudo spirituality it is about accomplishing something see this is why I don't like the Eastern traditions nearly as much as the Western mystery traditions Western occultism has done more for the advancement of the human spirit and real spirituality and all the Eastern traditions put together ever could in the entire time that they existed and that's because the Western occult tradition is reality based and it deals with the shadow work of not trying to be ascetic and push everything off and and push it out and just meditate etc it's about working with the shadow it's about calling the shadow up bringing it right before you and making it as real as possible and then saying let's go let's do battle let's see who's stronger and if I fail and I find out I'm not as strong and I'm weaker then I fail and I find that out and I know what my work is to do the east one that the Eastern traditions will never never teach that they never have as far as I'm aware and I've studied them all okay but they'll never teach it like that they'll never teach that internalized shadow work not in the form that the Western mystery traditions will not with the honesty that the Western civilization mystery traditions will not with the honesty of it okay and that's that that's the calling of the student of the genuine occult the real occult okay most people have never even laid a finger upon it most people have never touched it a day in their lives and never will they'll die in their ignorance the vast majority of human beings will probably die in that level of ignorance but for those who really want to go further into it you have to understand to understand this in its fullness you have to take it out of the realm of just science you have to take it out of the realm of even just empathy and compassion and you need to study it from a holistic occult perspective and that is the only place you will ever find the truth regarding this dynamic and I cannot just teach you that that is a lifelong journey of study that's what Hermeticism is sequestering yourself from the rest of the world to study and that's why most people will never do it like I sequester myself from the rest of the world to make slide presentations like this after what I've sequestered myself from the rest of the world to learn hard-won knowledge through time and attention and care you know all of those justifications just form a big wall to wall us off from where we could be going and the world better world we could be making here at all the justifications are here oh there's the biggest one on the top left getting ready to collapse you know morality is subjective moral relativism Oh lions eat meat so why shouldn't people oh maybe because we have 100 percent completely different biological makeup evolutionary pathways digestive systems teeth you know built completely different as animals period plants have feelings so why should we just eat animals because I applaud what we're doing harm to the plants no plants don't have plants have instinctual mechanised instinct response mechanism to environmental stimuli that is not the same as feelings it can be confused as feelings but they do not have the bio complexity to experience emotions in the same way than animals do in the animal kingdom I'm sorry but nothing that anybody sever says or any pseudoscience presented will ever make that true okay they are not the same as animals and never have been and never will be that's why they're in different kingdoms one is the animal kingdom one is the plant kingdom Animalia and plant i okay we need meat for protein going to prove to you that's not true absolutely untrue okay there's great sources of protein that are highly bio absorbable that you could do that has nothing whatsoever to do with killing animals there it's for their free-range oh yeah I'm gonna show you a free-range farm in a couple minutes and what people think you know actually I don't know if I'm gonna left that slide out but you know what people think of is free-range or just chickens crowded and extremely crowded barns on their unsanitary conditions just because there's no cages in them you know our ancestors ate meat yeah once again in instances under extreme dietary pressures probably brought about by earth cataclysms that's not our situation and it was meant to be done in a survival situation hey folks if I'm in a survival situation am I gonna go try to hunt some smaller animals that I could take down and and and eat yeah I would do it I'm gonna not gonna lie to you because it's true that's what I would do to sustain my life you want to know why given me stayin alive to propagate what I know and a squirrel stayin alive I'm gonna choose myself over the squirrel in a survival situation but given not being in a survival situation I'm gonna leave the squirrel the damn squirrel alone and let him go forage for his nuts in my backyard okay and and you know build his little nest out of foam in the backyard okay it's not bothering me you know that nature be what it is let Nature lie what do we need to constantly be disrupting because we can't learn how to leave other life alone that's what it's all about that's what it's about with human slavery regarding government people just can't leave other people alone we can't just leave the animals alone real freedom is the right to be left alone and we should respect that right for all other sentient beings leave the animals alone folks there's plenty of human beings that need hunting trust me you know we want to sell we need our guns for hunting yeah we need our guns for hunting a lot of human beings that need to be hunted leave the animals alone they didn't do anything to harm us one person can't make a difference untrue totally untrue I'm a living example oh they're grass-fed as if that makes a difference to taking their life what if you were on a desert island yeah but we're not okay the whole what if justifications you know humane slaughter there's that 1984 speak they're bred to be killed yeah yes they are in many cases and that's the the wrongness of it it's the circle of life well there that Darwinian natural order you know I'm gonna talk about hey what if that's the case why don't people just lay down if alien life comes here be the first on the plate you know that they they feel like we're a good source of protein for them well then you'll be the first on the plate I'll get to that God put them here to kill well yeah God get God would do that to give dominions or us dominion over the animals to take their lives and find it in the Bible you will not be able to do it because it's not there cuz I've read the whole damn thing and it's not there it ain't in there so-called Christian fake-ass Christian it's not in there we have canine teeth yeah which are constantly getting smaller practically generation after generation after generation you know not just that our canine teeth are basically to chomp into harder fruits and vegetables so to be able to rip pieces of them off okay they're not the same canine incisors that like lions and tigers big cats bears etc have eating meat is the natural order of things our bodies are designed to eat meat just look at these incisors if we didn't eat meat where would they go animals where would they all go besides plants feel pain right and tigers eat zebras and and and you know this is a vegan street meme the arguments for eating meat really need to evolve and that is what we look like when we make these justifications we look like you know primitive primitive beams you know and this is an insult to our you know cro-magnon and Neanderthal you know brothers and sisters from our ancient past really because they probably knew better but people want to keep making excuses it's that's all it is it's called not being honest with ourselves ladies and gentlemen that's all it is all it is whenever people are gonna have a problem with this presentation and say oh yeah he's full of shit about this this this and this I know better about regarding this it's all lying to yourself it's all all lying to yourself it's all lying to yourself all of it every bit of the justifications that's all it is and that brings us to this and this is why people can't get out of their case of the egos they can't get out of it I just ran across somebody posted a meme from myself from the past on Facebook and I was one of my favorite memes that I've ever seen it said it's not so much that human beings have an ego it's not so much that we have an ego it's that the ego has all of us see that's what it is the ego has us it controls us and we can't escape from it and what is the ego the force that tells us we're never doing anything wrong we don't need to change you can keep doing that here's another justification for why that immoral behavior is okay okay see what Earthlings showed me is that I was participating in immorality and I don't want to contribute to that level of suffering because if you watch it and you watch how visceral the it's designed to elicit a visceral emotional response deliberately because when you actually see life being taken the proper visceral emotional response is one of repulsion and one of wanting that not to continue wanting it to stop and if you don't feel that you're broken at the soul and heart level and I would argue your brain is also broken that's what's turned your tendencies towards psychopathy going back to the slides this is all about the occult initiation what I've called beginning the process of beginning the spiritual journey and what is the first step stop lying especially to yourself speak the truth even if you aren't living up to it say what's true you can say this is the truth but I'm not there yet see that's all that's all right me and my friend who attempted vegetarianism not full veganism of vegetarianism and failed at it at least could say I know that this is the better way to live now I couldn't do it guess what you're honest with yourself you're not lying to yourself and guess what that puts you 99.99 percent ahead of the rest of the human world in my estimation okay because most people will never admit that about themselves their ego is too calcified and in the way so that's the first step of initiation we've covered the others but the first step you don't begin until you make that first step of saying I'm not gonna lie to myself anymore here's the justifications put into the mouth of alien beings eating a human being for their Thanksgiving dinner we have our own problems no time to worry about whether they suffer they kill other animals for their food why shouldn't we do the same don't worry this one was killed humanely God gave us dominion over them that means we can murder and use them as we please they're not conscious or aware like us so it's okay to kill them for our food well I do feel bad but I could never give up my meat it's just too tasty these are the justifications that are used now all you have to do is put yourself in a position right where it's being done to us by what we would consider a higher order or they would consider a higher order of beings than we what we are you know here's what I say to all the people who make all these justification arguments and especially you know who talk about you know well oh we have to survive off of these animals you know they're our source of protein and they're our source of energy and fuel and that's what creates health imagine if a species decided to show up from space in monstrous craft and you know okay they came through a wormhole right they came through an einstein-rosen bridge wormhole and then there their technology malfunctions and they can't reopen that wormhole to --home said they're stuck in our neck of the woods in our galactic neighborhood and they come across earth and they say oh what tasty species live on that earth on that planet you know this will fuel us and give us a source of protein until we can get our wormhole technology repaired so let's go down and start you know harvesting the planet of these humans and taking them in ours our food ok well in in the case of the person who believes that because we're more advanced beings that we've been given dominion over these lower creatures that we should just be able to murder and eat them you'll be the first on the aliens plate then I guess you would go voluntarily you would not say that if there's anything morally wrong with doing that to human beings and you would just say because they're higher order beings than we are we're much less complexified than they are well boom you just put yourself right on their plate and you tell them to dig in how many people would do it if it's them in that situation a big fucking goose egg that's how many that's how many would offer themselves up well you know what I don't know maybe I shouldn't say that because humanity is pretty damn self-loathing and maybe there would be people who would just say let me be your food after all isn't that what's really being done now isn't that what's really being am I really talking about a hypothetical situation if you really take my cosmic abandonment presentation into account and you really have done the work researching ancient accounts and ancient evidence for non turn on earth originating beings who are really involved in interfering with the human natural evolutionary progression and you realize this is exactly what's happening now it's not a hypothetical situation we are their source of food actually and this is a farm and that's gonna answer one of the next questions that's going to come up ok but folks the reason that we are going to constantly be enslaved and farmed which is what's really happening on this planet it's one big farm it's actually a series of farms you know the nation states are just walled off farms that's all where one ruling-class you know rules of certain animals and then on the other side offense another human farmer rules another set of animals that's all that's all the earth really is folks it's a big set of farms big set of factory farms and this is because the universe is obeying as it always has and always will the law of Correspondence it is one of the natural laws embedded in the universe that which is above is light to that which is below and that which is below is like to that which is above shortened as above so below as below so above the universe is self-similar across all scales of existence and with regard to all forms of behavior as we farm farming will be done unto us as we consume animals we have no right to take others will consume us this scene does not depict the natural order as many will insist that it does Oh all life eats other life all life has to kill other life to live untrue not true you're not killing plant life to use vegetables and fruit to sustain oneself it is a continuous growth cycle you're not taking an individual in life as we're going to talk about plants are an earth consciousness that is embedded and bound to the earth and when you clip things off of plants and or out of the earth it is like taking hair out of a human being or cutting hair from a human being you know obviously trimming it is better than plucking it out that's why people make the argument we should be moving more toward a diet where you're not taking the plant from the earth well you're using what it produces I'm not that much of a purist I still eat vegetables and fruits you know and not seeds berries etc okay and forms of you know some human modified foods that are protein based okay so this scene does not depict the natural order rather it depicts the chaos that we have chosen and created for ourselves through false belief systems or religions so this middle fish that is eating the smaller ones but also being either eaten by the big fish will be humanity for as long as we continue to engage in fundamentally flawed ideology such as carnism what we do unto others will be done unto us and that is a universal law that can never be broken that's called the law of Correspondence I believe it is the the third of the hermetic principles behind mentalism and polarity because what this is all about folks is heart based intelligence this is where people fall short they're always trying to reach the understanding of something from the head from the brain only and that can never be done not with with true holistic intelligence you can only maybe come to some conclusions accurately about things intellectually but only so many things and only for so long at some point it has to go to the dynamic of the heart energy and this is where so many of us fall short because we're not growing in spirituality and heart based intelligence and many people think there is no such thing as real conscience or it's subjective where there is no such thing as real spirituality or there is no such thing as enlightenment you know that's that's how solipsistic the world has become we can't just put ourselves into the heart energy and just feel whether something is right or not compassion is so lacking in human beings we become technologically advanced and practically compassionless creatures even when we see bad things happening to human beings let alone 100% totally innocent beings that have done nothing to harm us like the animal kingdom that we're supposed to be stewards of like parents are stewards under their child under their children we're not doing any kind of a good job as stewards of this planet or the other creatures that live upon it as a matter of fact we're really fucking it up badly and that's because we can't step into the heart and that's all this is about that's all it's about that's that that's the crux of all of this is heart based compassionate intelligence which most people fall short of and want to make excuses and justifications for why they're not developing those capacities so what I want to do is talk about now actual nutrition from a dietary standpoint when it comes to a plant-based diet versus a meat diet because see not only is what is true moral what's true is also good for you it's what's best for you can you eat a meat-based diet and be healthy yes but only because you're really taking in the nutrients secondhand from what the animal consumed that's why but you're not really doing any real health benefits to the body by eating a large meat largely meat-based diet as I'll get into a little bit but I'm not gonna make this the crux of this argument you want to stay as close to the source as possible folks that's what this is all about and you know what you want to know what the source of it all is there's one source of all of it folks and without that there's nothing and that is the Sun the Sun is the source we don't even know what the Sun is we have no idea what it really is we have no idea what the universe really ultimately is from a spiritual dynamic but let me tell you something folks something is powerful is something that can sustain all life in an entire solar system and that's what the galaxy is really comprised of is in and so far of it it's it's the magnitude of its mass and that's what's making life possible you better damn well believe the Sun is something we barely even scratched the surface of understanding how and why it is the source of life so if you stay as close to the source as possible okay that's where you're gonna find optimum health and nutrition that's why eating whole fresh fruits and vegetables should be the staple of one's diet unmodified from the earth see there are certain things you do need to cook potatoes beans etc you know legumes beans etc and that's you use them sparingly but if something that you could take right from a vine you know or right from the earth and eat it that's what you want to stay as close to as possible when it comes to your diet and that's where energy and nutrition come from see what these contain is phytonutrients micronutrients okay plant-based micronutrients and we get them when we break it down by chewing by mastication chewing the food breaking it down getting the water out of it plants in their root system have an uptake system into the roots of all the nutrients in the soil if the soil is nutrient rich and has to be acidic the soil for nutrient dense foods to grow that's part of the whole chemtrails agenda is to you know the geoengineering agenda is to spray alkaline earth metals so all the things they spray are in the alkaline earth metal group on the periodic table what that will do is alkalis the soil and an alkaline soil cannot grow nutrient-dense plant food that's what they want they want the food yet to grow but they don't want it to be nutrient dense that's why they're messing with the soil and the water table so the root system also acts as a filtration for the water it's almost like a distiller and a structure ER it brings it up into the plant material and then you have structured water in plant material this is why it's so healthy to eat it and juice it and blend it the more you break down the cellular walls of the plants the more that energy can get directly into the human bloodstream and then into the cells eating truly natural is not extreme a truly natural based diet for our nutrition of plant-based foods is not an extreme position as many will insist that it is Chadwell esel Esselstyn jr. md said some people think the plant-based Whole Foods diet is extreme half a million people a year will have their chests opened up and a vein taken from their leg and sewn onto their coronary artery some people would call that extreme you know coronary artery bypass surgery because heart disease is the second leading cause of death behind cancer well I'm sorry it's the first leading cause of death I think cancer is the second heart disease is the first and again it's because we're also not living from the heart and eating the way that we are eating what is the first organ that gets affected the heart does this is a direct law of Correspondence direct law of Correspondence it's not an accident or a coincidence this quote by Wendell Berry people are fed by the food industry which pays no attention to health and then they are treated by the health industry which pays no attention to food you know the food industry only cares about making its profits and growing as much food on the land that they have allotted to them as possible they don't care about what that's doing to human health they just care about the profit that comes with it largely not a total blanket statement some some organic farmers do but not many and then the health industry pays no attention to food because they want patients they don't want people healthy they want people sick so they could be treated and that's how they make their money and that's certainly how big Agra and Big Pharma work hand-in-hand to make their money and if you don't believe that again you're a naive fucking child I don't know what to tell you you know I mean I hate to just have to say it that way but sometimes people just need to hear it that way you don't understand this is all collusion and conspiracy done practically right out in the open in front of people but the naive children of our world do want to believe everybody has our benefit in mind and oh the world is just so hunky-dory and people wouldn't do that they're not psychopathic enough to do that no you're not psychopathic enough to do that but you are naive chump enough to believe them to believe those psychopathic people that they're trying to help you the food industry all they want to do is get you to buy more okay and the the pharmaceutical industry once you ill so they're working with the food industry to keep you that way so that they can sell you their products called pharmaceuticals and surgery and that's it that's it and that that process works glove in hand so part of why many people who try to go plant-based fail is for this reason they believe that it's an event that has to take place Oh Saturday morning I'm done eating meat forever I'm going fully plant-based okay no it's not an event it's a process it's a process that could take years it's a process that could take most of your life you you just move in the right direction and you contribute less to the dynamic of suffering you know we can get into all the dynamics of how yes plant-based diets do create less suffering in the world they are more ecologically sound and sustainable as well absolutely it takes like two football fields a year to feed one human being if they eat a plant-based diet in land size and being able to maintain healthy soil approximately two football fields it takes over 14 to 15 football fields to feed people one year with animal husbandry or animal farming okay that's seven times or greater the amount of environmental impact at least that's that's a probably a conservative estimate so part of why people fail they go cold turkey and they try to make their body adjust to a very very difficult to adjust to dynamic taking place within it practically overnight bad idea very bad idea I've always been of this position I've never told anyone see this is what people will say I tried to go vegan and I failed at it and it made me sick and I will always ask them how quickly did you try to do that they're like I just stopped eating meat one day and just went to the supermarket and bought nothing but you know vegetables and fruit and I'm like well there you have it that's why you fucked up that's why you got sick you know I mean imagine an alcoholic with the DTS with delirium tremens trying to stop drinking you you're you'll probably die literally you know you got to go into a detox clinic and probably receive I can't remember what the name of the drug is but you got to receive a specific drug to make your body handle the rejection that's gonna take place when it comes to the withdrawal you're gonna be going through and it's a physical withdrawal that can destroy your body that can actually kill you it's this say it's practically the same thing not as extreme but it's almost the same when it comes to trying to go and eat a vegan diet or a plant-based diet you can't do it overnight it has to be a gradual change and some people at the feet you have to feel that by doing it gradually and seeing what you can handle you know it's like it's like taking nee-san iodine some of them are stronger than others - you know a friend of mine took a dropper full of nascent iodine and like was so messed up for hours and hours you know couldn't settle down like you did like to send him off into a spin you know some people have more of a Constitution to be able to handle it you know you start with one drop and you see how you do with it then you move up to two then you move up to three you know it's like weight lifting weights you don't go for the biggest heaviest barbell in the gym you start small when you build your way up you know that's that's that's this is part of the ego where people want to do everything right away they want immediate gratification and immediate results it doesn't work that way it doesn't work that way with understanding the truth you have to read and study over a long period of time and get so much diversified information you can compare and contrast it to come to an accurate understanding of what's really taking place it's a life journey it's not an event here's why I get upset with people folks they never try to start they look at it and go oh that's too hard fuck that goodbye don't bother me with that anymore because they don't want to challenge themselves to be better than they were yesterday or to be better tomorrow than they are today that's what I have a problem with I would never cut somebody down for not being vegan but saying that they think it's the right way to be and they want to move toward it I would never cut somebody down from being vegetarian but not vegan when they're trying and they're reducing the suffering of animals I mean you know the understanding that we have to allow for time with any process even the process of learning what anarchy really isn't moving toward it that's a process - I'm not expecting anybody to get that overnight I didn't get it overnight but you got to be moving toward it you can't be saying I'm just gonna sit here and stay here I'm pitching my tent halfway up the mountain and screw the peak I don't want to get there no wrong you have to want to get there that is the destination it isn't about just excusing people's behavior who are halfway errs that would be like saying hey men are kisses that's that's the perfect path no it's not anarchy is the goal there is a specific goal and it's not menarchy it's anarchy just like there is a specific goal it's to eat a plant-based diet and to even go beyond that that is not the end-all you know who says anarchy is the end-all of enlightenment and spirituality it's not it's the beginning that's the transformational point that really will set us off on our own an even further journey and it never ends and that's why people have a problem with it they have a problem with infinity because infinity is infinity is a part of the notion of God which most people have a problem with just as death is you know all of these things people don't want to wrestle with because they don't want to turn inward and Lee and look at these dynamics and sit up at night thinking about them alone with with no other source of distraction that's what most people can never do you know they're not comfortable enough with themselves in the world to be able to do something like that that's really where the shadow work lies people you know and I see too few people doing it so the the the beginning step is stop lying to yourself acknowledge what is the truth but from a moral perspective then look at yourself in the mirror and say where am I at in this process and be okay with it as long as you're acknowledging what the truth is if you're not acknowledging what the truth is you shouldn't be okay with it acknowledge the truth and then start from where you are at don't try to jump 10 steps ahead don't try to jump jump 10 light years ahead how about you try to jump 10 centimeters ahead how about you put one foot in front of the other and see how it goes you know that's called a balanced approach to changing which most people never take they what they take either the total extremists position or the I'm not doing anything position and both of those put things will get you to the same place nowhere so don't go cold turkey to be a you know a little bit of a funny pun there take a plant-based diet and a stepwise progression I would never tell anybody to do a cold turkey because I'd be doing harm to them by telling them that okay your body is gonna go through changes most people do it the wrong way by doing it too fast and too extreme and their body can adjust it can't keep up and then they develop some imbalance and it makes them sick and then they blame the plant-based diet on being sick but when they caused it and the other thing they do is they don't eat the right foods they want to go and eat all sugary starchy foods just cuz they don't have animal products in them that's the wrong approach okay you want to eat healthy whole fresh fruits and vegetables largely unmodified from the from man as nature intended and grew it in the earth you do that I'm telling you you will never not be healthy you transition to that kind of a diet okay let's move on and this is another thing that I think people think of when they think of veganism because there's so many militant vegans and I'm here to tell you militant veganism is hurting the cause of veganism absolutely I see it every day I see it happen I see how people talk to and treat other people who aren't vegan and I'm telling you by being a militant vegan you are hurting the cause of veganism yet as offended as you want get as offended as you like that's also the truth okay most people see all vegans as assholes just because of the militant vegans okay and there's a very big proportion of vegans that aren't assholes that are doing the right thing and trying to help transition people over to the right way of being when it comes to how we eat and the militant vegans are hurting that cause because of their over-enthusiastic attitude and that's putting it politely okay they think that you know you know okay we can treat humans as badly as humans or treating animals well you're not doing any good by projecting that attitude okay first of all look when it comes to statism I may have an extremist attitude okay but guess what we have to solve the human slavery problem we call it before we can presume to solve the animal slavery problem that's that's what the great work is it's help yourself first right enlightened self-interest so that you are better and you are in a more spiritually advanced understanding and position in life then you can help those who are still below you and haven't made that journey yet see you do that in the same way when you do the great work with human beings you have to help yourself first then you helped other people I couldn't start doing the great work until I helped and fixed myself then you'd start doing the work toward others and you still refine yourself while you do it it said you never reach perfection you can only strive toward being perfect I'm not perfect when it comes to anything I make mistakes in just about everything I do and I acknowledge them I try to learn from them and then I move on and try to do better than I did be previous ly it's the same that's the same approach we should have when it comes to a plant-based diet or veganism being militant about it insulting other people making them you know saying that you know we should kill them just to save the animals is not going to help the cause you want to be militant about something being militant about human freedom how about that you know then we'll help the animals when we free ourselves up and guess what it'll be infinitely easier because you'll see the mindset that will change when we end the slavery called government will create such a colossal chain reaction when it comes to consciousness regarding animals that you you will scarcely be able to believe what we will be able to do when it comes to the liberation of animals once we liberate ourselves and so don't put the cart before the horse get it in the right order and understand that we have to free ourselves before we start you know worrying about permanently freeing all animals it's part of the process though ok you know many have said if you're not a vegan anarchist you're not doing it right ok you know we have to move toward being a plant-based diet which is the only voluntary non-violent means of sustaining ourselves right now in the form that we are in at some point hey we could probably all move toward a fruitarian diet at some point we could all move toward living off of just breath and light it's possible I know people I actually know people who are doing it I know people who have gone from being total carnist s' to being vegetarians then vegans then fruitarians are doing nothing but sustaining themselves from light from the Sun um I'm not telling you I think that it's possible I'm telling you I personally know human beings that have done it and have sustained themselves we're only losing slightly marginal amounts of weight and still maintaining optimum health really coming to their base line of weight that is optimal for their body type okay it is absolutely possible to do not for everyone right now in the state that they are in but being at least vegetarian is absolutely possible for just about every single human being and then at over time that can be transitioned you can transition to fully plant-based forgoing any animal by-products and it's a process you don't have to do it overnight I've never claimed that you do and I never will but the militant approach isn't helping the cause extreme fad diets don't help the cause either and they have nothing to do with the truth about nutrition certainly not optimum nutrition and you have a million of these the Atkins diet the South Beach diet the grapefruit diet the zone diet the power protein diet the flush plan you know cabbage soup you can go on and on and on about all these things the macro diet the macro by biological diet that's another one you know then you have I'll be talking about them actually actually right now this includes all the keto diet and the Paleo diet these are the big fads right now these are the huge fad diets okay all of these fad diets have zero in the form of a balanced approach to holistic nutrition and there I said it okay you know what keto comes from ketones in urine you know what that means that means there's no sugar in your cells okay that's why type 1 diabetics when they develop ketones in their urine and their blood sugar is really high the sugars the glucose is not making it into the cells and it's staying in the blood that's why the blood sugar is so high when they take a glucose reading in the blood so what you're doing is you're putting your body in the state of ketoacidosis that means it's in an acidotic state it's one of the most dangerous things to stay in for your health what does what does an acidotic state start the body into a chain reaction of doing because it's not getting the fuel that it needs through glucose which is the fuel for the body and then the brain along with certain fats okay it starts to turn on the adipose or fatty tissue and that's why these diets make you lose weight now the Paleo diet slightly different because it restricts a lot of the things that it does in the keto diet but it also includes other foods that were unprocessed and were available when you know we say human beings were hunter-gatherers and before animal husbandry and and uh you know farming practices agriculture okay basically the ancient Paleolithic diet of Paleolithic man again another fad diet that you know keeps meat and you know says that we you know should eliminate anything that needs like partial cooking like corn or beans or things like that look my whole point when it comes to nutrition is if it grows in the earth it's not something that is there you know it's not something that is there to be shunned okay yeah there are certain poisonous berries and poisonous plants I get that okay that's not what on those those those anomalies are not what I'm talking about in general if the earth grew it it's something that we can put into our body even if we cook it a little bit okay you know so like beans are gonna have to be cooked potatoes are gonna have to be cooked I'm not saying use them as the staple but it's not like like there are macro biological diet people that say all bananas are poison and should never be consumed you know how dare you put a banana in a smoothie or every form of mushroom is a poisonous object and should never be consumed this total extremists irrationality okay I mean some of the macro biological diet followers are some of the craziest out there but so are the paleo and really the keto people really don't have it figured out what harm they're going to do their body long-term you can go look at the keto thing you'll see people have talked about before keto during keto and after keto and you'll have a slightly heavyset person who has a lot of body weight on them a lot of fatty tissue then during keto they'll slim down and then after after it you know they'll way gain a lot more weight back okay because it sends your body into an unnatural cycle you cannot put your body and leave it in ketoacidosis the acidotic state means that the body is actually eating itself okay it's it's just an unhealthy extremist approach okay so all of these fad diets are not gonna maintain optimum health you know it's gonna maintain optimum health true natural nutrition from high density water and nutrient foods that grow in the earth naturally without human modification that's the eternal truth of the dynamic when it comes to nutrition folks and no one will ever convince me otherwise because that is how nature intended it and that's how nature works so and secondly many many people including myself are absolutely living proof proof you can live strong and healthily eating a plant-based diet okay so that's my take on fad diets I want to show you this book because along with Earthlings this book is probably the best book that I have ever read on holistic nutrition okay now people can say whatever they want about Kevin Trudeau he's in jail right now now I'm gonna say he's not in jail because of what they claim that he's in jail for which is fraud because of a diet program that he released okay he's in jail because the rulers of the whole world but specifically those who control the pharmaceutical cartels and who controlled big Agri cartels wanted to put this guy away and make an example out of him for largely this book natural cures they don't want you to know about it's probably a six or seven hundred page book most people haven't read it and most people won't just like they won't read the next book I'm gonna tell them the read okay but let me tell you something throw in the garbage can anything that you think about Kevin Trudeau I don't care whether you think he's an honest human being or a dishonest human being okay somebody who did dishonest business practices could still be telling the truth about food okay so this is where discernment comes into play where you can say maybe he did do dishonest business practices when it came to money but that does not negate what he said regarding human nutrition and food this book woke me up to the dangers in factory farm food and all the preservatives and additives and chemicals that are in most packaged foods that are on the supermarket shelves okay it's long it's well documented and detailed he goes into just about every dynamic of food and nutrition that you could possibly imagine in this book it is it is it is a text book it's not like a textbook it's a text book okay and it reads like one alright but if you make the time to read it cover-to-cover all the way through you got to read it all not skim chapters not read the headlines of the chapters or go to the images and read the captions read it cover-to-cover and if you don't come out with a transformed understanding of what's going on with human food in the modern world I feel sorry for you because this is the book that blew the top of my head off when it came to understanding what's really going on with food and and really making the very beginnings of my dietary changes and subsequent body and health changes okay so why this guy is in prison is because they wanted to make an example out of him gave him a 10-year sentence for claiming that he was involved in fraud regarding a diet program and then saying he was in Caen of court that's why they added so many years to the to the prison sentence because they were saying he didn't acknowledge the authority of the judge and didn't cooperate with the court rulings of quickly enough so they ruled him in contempt and added years to a sentence and who gets 10 years for any type of financial fraud and contempt of court and guess what no parole he's been in there since 1999 saw 2013 he went to prison in 2013 he's not gonna be out until 2023 okay and they're gonna keep him in there that whole thing with no parole the whole sentence murderers get parole and within three to four years in some cases murderers that have killed other human beings to take something from remember just because they wanted to kill them murderers come out come out of prison on parole in like four or five years in some cases this guy's already done almost seven years on his sentence and it's gonna probably be in there all ten it's a disgrace and anybody who's not angry about it isn't paying attention to what's going on in the Justice so-called justice system and the immoral injustice system in the United States because big Agra and Big Pharma made an example of this guy you want to know why else one of the one of the most knowledgeable cultists on the planet regarding the real occult for people who are unfamiliar with his work you want to know why he's knowledgeable about the real aspects of the occult because he was involved in the occult not because he read about it in books because he joined an occult organization called the great the Brotherhood of the great white temple okay or the temple of the great white Brotherhood I should say he joined an organization called the temple of the great white Brotherhood is the actual name of it they simply call it the the great white Brotherhood were simply the Brotherhood okay so he was a member of that organization and he learned about both the dark and light aspects of the occult from the inside just as I learned of the dark aspects of the occult from the inside in the Church of and other satanic organizations so here's the one of the first things that I always talk about about people don't understand when they claim to be enlightened or they claim to be spiritual or they claim to understand freedom they don't understand any aspect of the occult they don't understand any aspect of occultism at all and that's why they're completely asleep they're not awakened you know everybody wants to throw this word walk around I'm Loki's woke yours were woke as a bag of dog shit on somebody's porch is about how woke you are because they don't know any aspect of the occult and haven't learned any part of it and until you do don't you throw the word woke or awakened around because you're no part of it now here we go when it comes to nutrition the ridiculously tired but where do you get your protein cliche I mean how many times have we heard this fucking thing huh how many times how many more times that we need to hear this fucking thing where do you get your protein from how about spinach kale beans peas endlessly and go on and on peanut peanuts nuts in general you can go on and on and on the protein Wars an eight ounce steak is about 1.8 ounces of protein with only 0.27 ounces of usable protein for the body products like spirulina rice protein and yellow pea protein especially the pea protein provide five ounces of usable protein for each eight ounces consumed I'm going to show you a pea protein based product that you will not believe I mean look at the meat substitute products that are coming out based on P protein like you know the impossible burger or the Beyond burger you know I mean you know not to say you should make that any kind of a staple of the plant-based diet but if you do have a craving for meat burger you know then you know that's something that acts as an acceptable substitute providing lots of absorbable protein without harming animals too be made in the next tile four ounces of ground beef contains 20 grams of protein in 320 calories but it is high in acidity meat is very acid forming again the plant-based diet is an alkaline forming diet when we take fresh whole natural foods into our diet we are putting alkaline forming foods into our body it doesn't matter whether their pH like an oranges pH is very acidic but when you take it into the body when you eat a fresh orange a fresh organic orange you are taking an alkaline forming substance into the body okay that citrus fruit is alkaline forming and disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment in the body internally when the body is alkaline internally so for ounces but with the ground beef there you're also adding high acidity high cholesterol saturated fat no fiber and header' hetero cyclic yea heterocyclic I me a means not really sure what they do but you know I'm assuming that that's some sort of a negative amino acid 4 ounces of black beans on the other hand contains the same 24 grams of protein only 120 calorie lower acidity no cholesterol no saturated fat and 9 grams of fiber what and tons of phytonutrients and you know nobody's gonna tell me sitting down and making a nice black bean burrito you know with other vegetables in it isn't a great lunch or dinner you know where we don't need what we think we need when it comes to animal products it's untrue you know then the normal natural necessary argument doesn't hold any water human beings are scientifically proven to be able to survive there's a book I'm gonna see if I can maybe find it for the discussion or question session next week probably um it's called we don't need meat I found it in a thrift store and it's a whole book talking about the whole myth of the need of eating animal meat you know it's sorry it's not normal natural or necessary it's a religion it's a religious belief system that we are indoctrinated and inculcated into since the time we are young then you have the book but plants feel pain to this argument which is all too common okay no plants don't feel pain in the same way animals feel pain as I explained before plants have while they are connected to the earth an instinctual mechanised of instinct response mechanism to external environmental stimuli okay they don't have a central nervous system a spinal column like a vertebrate animal they don't have the brain of the animal they don't have the the sense sensory organs that an animal does and they certainly don't feel pain in emotion the way that animals do because they are less complexified organisms than our animals and that's why they are in a completely different kingdom of life than our animals so stop making the argument that because people believe erroneously that plants are sentient which they are not animals are sentient plants are not okay and here's another thing plants need to stay connected to the earth where animals do not we can exist independently from the ground that means we can move that's why we are imbued with spirit that's what it means to be an animal not to have to be connected to the earth itself you remove a plant from the ground you have to take some of the ground with it okay the plant has to continue to survive in the earth in the ground okay so it's a less complexified form if you really want to study the the differences between plants and animals and human beings you want to get into the occult you want to get into readings in Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism in pretend Kabbalah in particular the Western mystery traditions okay and they'll talk about the evolutionary progression all the way down to the mineral kingdom mineral then up to animal I'm sorry then to plant then up to animal then up to human and then beyond human okay so you know just do your basic biology and do a basic comparative anatomy study between plants and animals and they're not the same never have been okay and yes it is acceptable to cut that cucumber off the vine and consume it where it no it is not acceptable to shoot the cow in the head and eat it okay there's a difference and if you can't see it there's something broken in your brain in your heart that's my that's my final word on that here's the book that I recommend for people who really want to get into the differences in nature between plant life animal life and human life and again skimming sections is the wrong approach you have to sit down with this book in a quiet environment and read it cover-to-cover over a multi-day process or a multi-week process if necessary okay it's it's it's about sitting with the information going through all of it consider everything the author has said and some things I don't agree with okay but I'm telling you right now if you look into Freemasonry approach on nutrition Rosicrucian approach on nutrition Kabbalistic approach to nutrition the Western mystery occult tradition approach to life in general you're gonna find a common theme they all recommended less harm to the animal kingdom why and this book is called the Rosicrucian cosmo conception by the author and famous Rosicrucian us from the early 1900's named max Heimdall that's ma X and his last name is hind L hei n de ll I will be posting this book with the podcast in searchable PDF format I've not been able to locate it as an ePub an electronic publication text with reflowable text if anybody does have a copy of it please you know shoot it over to me you know or make me aware of it send me a link or something but I do have a searchable a nice nicely scanned searchable PDF version which I'll post with this podcast so in this book he talks about the progression of the soul oles and the forms the bodily forms of the many different forms of the body of the mineral kingdom the plant kingdom the animal kingdom and the human Kingdom okay and he goes through all these different cycles and progressions that are undergone by life in this book and he talks about the differences between plants and animals and human beings and when you understand plants are part of the earth spirit they're connected to the life of force of the earth I mean as are we all to a certain extent but we are animals are more individuated than plants and more complexified life form and therefore we should strive to do less harm and not depend on them for our food sources because of the etheric energy the killing of a being with the soul is going to fuck is going to put into the the etheric field of the earth and create a karmic dynamic there you know just like you shouldn't kill a human being because of the karmic dynamic you shouldn't kill animals because of the karmic dynamic when you do it on a mass scale you are creating an etheric energy field on the earth that is polluting the entire earth with negative karmic energy okay they gets into all of this in this book which why just about every occultist worth his salt has always advocated for a more plant-based diet whether they just advocate for vegetarianism or going to a full plant fete entirely plant-based diet they all advocate for doing less harm to animals and that's what this is about it's not about being perfect it's about doing the least harm possible that's the title of the show no one is ever going to be perfect okay it's about using your discretion and your your spiritual discernment to understand that eating less animals and contributing less to the suffering of the animal kingdom is going to be better karmically in the aggregate for human beings and for animals okay you know how much has the life evolutionary progression of animals suffered because of what human beings do to them probably a ton just like we can suffer as a result of what higher beings have done to us okay so this is about getting into the heart that's why I recommend the Rosicrucian tradition the lamp of wisdom combined with the flame of the heart that's what these symbols are you know one represents knowledge but one represents holistic intelligence through heart based intelligence the symbols depicted on that that is what the rose Cross has always depicted there the ring of roses around the cross representing the heart energy and the chakras of the body the center one being the the heart the seven roses on the cross the cross representing the physical domain in which we live if you understand Rosicrucianism like any other aspect of high-level occultism from the Western mystery traditions it will clear up a whole lot I'm not telling you that this book is the definitive be-all end-all source on you know the truth about you know a soul progression and or nutrition I'm telling you it's something that if you read in the right mindset with the right reverence for knowledge you'll probably come away with it somewhat transformed as to what a better way of living is because that's what the book is ultimately about it's about the golden rule and that has nothing to do with organized religion it was a concept that was around thousands of years before formalized Christianity okay it's about doing to others and living with others as you would prefer to be treated and not be harmed so don't do that harm to other people the apophatic version of the golden rule to start with you know then you can move up to actually truly treating people in a better way which is transcending morality and then getting into ethical treatment of other beings we're not even at a moral treatment of other beings let alone an ethical one you know morals is just about not doing harm ethics is then about treating people nicely and helping them being altruistic because you're in a position where you can do that because you're strong enough you know that's a very difficult place to get because most people are still living lives to completely embrace immorality and contributing to the suffering of other beings folks read this book and read books that deal with real occultic traditions in the Rosicrucian tradition the free Masonic tradition the Kabbalistic tradition the tradition of taro there's so much out there I'll do another show at some point where I show you how to get more materials from the web you know because I'm telling you this is the first part of the great work is gathering the grammar then you got a process that you got to go to work on it you know this book can take some people weeks to read ok you have to sit down and power through it even if you don't understand sections of it read them anyway and then go back and revisit them later you know take it in in to the extent you can now that's what it's about doing what you can do now so that's all anybody can do but see most people are too lazy to do that that's why I'm hard on people I see what they are capable of then I see what they're actually doing and the two don't jibe they're way out of whack here's what they're capable of and here's what they're doing you know not good enough I'm not one to baby spoon feed people and tell you that you're doing great when you're not you know many of us most of us could be doing far better than we are and that includes myself sometimes the point is be honest with yourself here here this this is free-range is what we call free-range you know animals crowded into you know often filthy pens big barns you know where they're given small amounts of feed and water you know until they're ready for slaughter and the ones that they don't even need or want go into a grinding machine you know look that up but anyway this is the question everybody asks they'll say you're working for the dark side the vegan veganism agenda is an agenda of the New World Order you know and the the globalist elitist they want people to become vegan I agree in many cases yes they do so why does it seem like the masters want their slaves to become vegan or to go to a plant-based diet okay and I'll answer this question okay and the thing is when people is instantly as assume that someone's an agent just because they're talking about something they don't want to hear or they don't like to hear okay it's a again a childish naive position with no discernment applied little to no discernment applied alright yes it is true that the whole idea is that they want to move people off of a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet but not because they're concerned for our health not because they're concerned for karma of the animals okay they'll probably still find ways to torture and kill animals and children and people okay but the reason they want this to be done is because they realize the ecological turmoil and imbalance the world has been heading into headlong largely because of the ways that we're in balancing the earth due to practices like big factory farm farming okay the kind of runoff that it produces how it's polluting rivers and streams and oceans they don't want to upset the ecological balance so much that it proverbially burns down their farm they need economically and control wise to keep controlling the animals on the farm so they're they're not interested it's not like they're trying to make people healthy or undermine health people so they want people to become vegan to undermine their health I'm gonna read you things about what people think something about what people think veganism is or what they say about you know not living to cause less harm it's an utterly ridiculous I'm gonna get into that in a moment okay but yes there is an agenda to take people more toward a plant-based diet for a very specific reason the farmers of the world of human beings have an active interest in maintaining their farm they don't want the farm system to collapse because if the farm system collapses because of the imbalance is done onto it because of the practices of breeding so many animals and polluting the earth to that extent then their whole system of control is unable to be maintained so they are interested in sustainability but sustainability not from a point of view just because the the earth is it will be really truly healthy and thriving they want it just healthy enough to maintain the control system and keep it on lockdown for their slaves that's why they don't want the ecological imbalances and disasters that could come at a future point when it comes to continuing to maintain unsustainable practices when it comes to animal usage and that's the only reason that they're promoting veganism more okay that's what people have to understand which they don't they automatically assume because they're trying to propagate it that it means that it's got to be something harmful for us know sometimes they do things that are just in their interest alone and they they take the the hit you know just so they can continue to continue to farm the system they'll take a hit and say well hey we'll have to have less animals in in slaughter sacrifice you know but they'll do that and take that compromise because not doing it would mean the whole farm system is going to collapse from the amount of decay pollution and unsustainable practices that they've been continuing to exert so farmers of human beings will often modify their practices once their farm gets polluted enough just like a pig farmer will modify his farming of pigs once his farm gets polluted enough it's the same dynamic when it comes to farming human beings no different before I get into the next section I want to keep this slide right here and I want to show people I want to read to people actually I'm going to jump out of my slides so I want to read to people a PDF of something that I found online I will keep the person's name anonymous honestly I'm going to keep their name anonymous not not to embarrass them because their words are embarrassing enough I'm going to keep them anonymous because they don't deserve to have their name mention on what on earth is happening but I'm gonna mention their words and to show people how utterly nonsensical and outright sold dead their mind their body their soul their words that come out of them are that's what this is here for and I'm gonna tell you most of the human species is this way most of the human species okay so this is what I'm calling a semi recent Facebook post that I stumbled across when I was looking into veganism versus carnism dynamics one day this person wrote on Facebook publicly for the world to read minimizing harm is pointless and futile ever heard of a species of cicada that gets stung and paralyzed by a specific type of wasp it then eats the organs out of the cicada and leaves its eggs inside its shell to form a new baby wasp okay so wasps one of the more aggressive forms of you know insects in the insect Kingdom you're going to compare their behavior to human beings as if we should somehow emulate the behavior of wasps and Yellowjackets okay yeah great we're off to a good start okay nature is disgusting I'm not about to change my diet and get health problems when I've likely evolved to this point as a result of my ancestors eating meat actually no not true you probably haven't evolved to the point you have because they've eaten me you've probably evolved to the point that you have because nature took it there and certain people were strong enough to endure environmental pressures you know and it's not just eating meat did that it's because they had a will to survive and propagate to take knowledge down to the next generations more likely than anything else sickening yes humans are predatory species here we go with the poison worldview okay and that we are like any other predatory animal I'm not entirely convinced there isn't an agenda behind veganism either we just talked about that misunderstanding yeah I'm entirely convinced that there is an agenda behind veganism but I just explained to you why it exists and that's the truth about why it exists could be to awaken or to weaken or cause health problems amongst the greater population that has switched to eating plants know not why it is to continue a sustainable practice of human farming is the real answer but this person wouldn't understand that I already have a restrictive diet I'm not switching from the Mediterranean diet it seems to work best for me and my health Jordan Peterson recommended the diet of meat and salad there's a great source that you want to trust when it comes to nutrition somebody who's eaten practically nothing but meat yeah great idea putting the body in the ketoacidosis okay it's going to have a long-term negative effect on the organs because your body and brain are not getting the glucose they need into their cells and then into the the the energy producing centers of the cells in the nuclei Petersen recommended the diet of meat and salad it seems to clear up most health problems only in the extreme short-term for specific problems the keto diet was originally created in the in the medicine industry and propagated to try to treat certain conditions the neurological conditions in children I can't remember the exact one it was it was some form of a neurological condition and in the short-term it helps with that but it's not intended to be eaten as a dietary you know staple or a continued diet for regular adult human beings ethics and morality simply isn't enough when it comes to these dress changes know why not why isn't doing the right thing enough because see he's not actually convinced of the real science that shows and proves we don't need based proteins or products in our diet if we transition off of them having eaten them people who never ate me and we're brought up being on a plant-based diet never have had a problem eating a plant-based diet people who have lived on a life of eating meat on a Carnot carnist diet yes you have to transition off of it gradually or you will do harm to your body I need scientific evidence that eating just a plant-based diet is going to supply me all with all my nutritional needs it's out there in such droves that you are practically drowning in it secondly all you have to do is go to people who have done it and show they've been doing it for decades in many cases with no problems to their health secondly the science is in on that and you can read about it I actually in the earlier slide it was a new study that the site has the study and it talks about that the the most effective diet for long-term nutri nutrition and health was one of a balanced diet of whole foods that come directly from the earth just as I've been saying some other products are made from says some of the vegan products out there are packed with chemicals are absolutely disgusting I absolutely agree that's the first true statement that he made okay yes there are vegan products that are not healthy for you that's called using your discernment you can go buy a whole bunch of vegan cookies full of sugar and there there are no animal products in them and you could eat vegan cookies all day and undermine your health very easy to do okay no one is suggesting to anybody to do that okay that would be equally as healthy as eating animal Laden junk food okay some other products are made from nuts which certain people have allergies to yes and this is appropriate to people who don't have allergies because waiting for an answer from the dunce who wrote this okay let me go back sorry why would you want to be stuck being a cow is that why you care well who made that claim we're talking about other animals are a cow in this incarnation in their life and don't deserve to have on needless suffering exerted upon them okay incapable of higher forms of thought they can't write speak or create this is the whole point I just made with which is why they're different from us and why they're different from the plant kingdom they just eat and enjoy food they aren't trying to take humanity to the next stage of existence and that is why I would say I would choose my life over a squirrel's life in a survival situation yes I am a more complexified and in that case important being because I am capable of influencing other people in this world to take their life to a higher stage of evolutionary growth than an individual squirrel that I might hunt in a survival situation but if I don't need to do that I'm going to cause the least amount of harm possible here's another solution for you why not take up the burden of converting humans into solar-powered cyborgs that way we don't need anything but sunlight to recharge ourselves well I just talked about the fact that I actually know two people that are living off of sunlight know them personally as friends who are not eating solid or liquid food don't even need to drink water if they don't want to okay living on the Sun already in it this year today I know two people who are doing it and they're in good health and no they are not weak and no they are not frail or emaciated rather than whining to people like me that have no ability or power to shut down those industries you know I don't know what that has to do with anything I didn't ask to be raised as a meat-eater neither did any of us I just spawned and found myself in this fucked up world it's a nice way to say that you know your mother gave birth to you I give give me a procedure to survive off sunlight and I'll gladly take that up again that is a process it's not an instantaneous procedure it's a long-term process which most people in the world will never get to in this lifetime right until then we are breeding animals into existence and killing them for energy in an amoral capacity yes you are that's what's going on that's the altar of sacrifice that's the continual satanic bloodletting ritual that's taking place on this planet without any doubt I'm not going to fuck with my biochemistry especially my hormones by eating soy and tofu who said you had to if you don't want to eat soy and tofu don't secondly soy and tofu aren't the problem it's genetic modification that's the problem with that and no one is saying to make soy and tofu a staple of your diet I don't have a problem with the soy bean as long as it's not genetically modified quite frankly and in moderate eaten in moderation as should all beans be eaten in moderation because we don't need as much protein as they say I'm going to show you a product if you're worried about your protein intake okay that I use I'm gonna go through a couple of things that I use that I think people should be aware of isn't you think my life isn't already difficult oh here the truth starts coming out right I don't want to do the work see my life is already difficult enough you're adding another thing for me to be concerned about and to research and to do work regarding si si that's the truth coming out from the shadow self you think my life isn't already difficult there's that one of the truest statements uttered in this nonsense I'm working round-the-clock like a slave so I could have a roof over my head now you want me to have health problems too by screwing with soy and tofu no not what anyone said and putting words in other people's mouths okay so this is the dynamic as it always is hearing what you want to hear and that's where most people are at they can't hear what's being said they hear what only what they want to hear that's a mind that is closed to the truth and that ladies and gentlemen is what what is it is creating right there that's the reason it's called religion a mind that is closed to the truth that believes whatever the fuck at once is creating that and farm globally so I'm gonna wrap up by talking about positive aspects of things that you could be doing now that really will go into it you will go into overdrive by doing these things you will put your body in optimum condition okay that with moderate exercise on a daily basis you have to filter your water you have to filter your water you have to filter your water get over it the people who insist that you could and I'm not advocating for any particular reverse osmosis or any other water for your purification system here's the thing filter your water just do it okay just do it I use reverse osmosis for water filtration in my home okay this is not the one on the screen that's gonna be on the screen right now is not what I use it's just a picture I found I don't care what brand you buy get a five-stage reverse osmosis system even for stage ones are acceptable okay I'm right now using a five stage reverse osmosis system with a five gallon tank okay you can get one of these nice brushed stainless steel you know faucets to put above your sink where normally it'll go in the hole where your soap dispenser would normally go okay but you'll get clean pure water down to like maybe eight nine ten parts per million with a good one okay close to distilled all right there's first of all nothing better that you could do stop drinking the water that comes out of the tap and cooking with it don't put it in your body hook up your reverse osmosis system to your ice maker in your fridge if you have an ice maker you don't want to use that for ice you want to use the reverse osmosis system for your ice okay I don't use I don't consume tap water only thing I do and it's dangerous enough with all the chlorine and chloramine and other derivatives chlorine based derivatives and other toxic substances to even have it go through the the pores of skin and your hands to do dishes with it I should be wearing you know protective dish doing gloves every time I do dishes but that's the only thing I use tap water for get a shower filter that filters chlorine and other dangerous chemicals that are in the tap water because especially when you turn it on hot you're getting it in ee by breathing it by breathing the fumes so I try to even do dishes and more lukewarm than steaming hot water sometimes you have to use really hot water to get some things off if you leave it too long you know so you know doing dishes immediately after eating helps with that as well because it's much easier to break the food debris away from the dishes but you have to filter your water I can't say that enough for as many times you're drinking pure poison if you're drinking unfiltered tap water if you go to a restaurant okay you might drink some of the water there but you don't make that a habit it's what you do every most of the day every day that counts the most that's gonna have the most impact on your health get a reverse osmosis system folks they're cheap here I'm gonna step out of the presentation I'll go to Amazon and I'll put in reverse osmosis system let's see what they're going for these days looks like they're not selling them amazing I don't know what happened oh I'm in books I'm sorry I think at all departments sorry about that I was looking for a book earlier I forgot to change that menu here we go look at look at the prices on these I mean you're gonna tell me that if - as an investment in your health you won't be able to afford less than $200 or in this case here's one 137 dollars you know 189 for a nice one with a nice you know they they have the nice stainless steel faucets now in many cases you know I mean come on this is a no-brainer three hundred dollars as an investment in your health yeah this is nothing nothing all right let's go back to the presentation slides the next thing the number one mistake people who are transitioning to any kind of a plant-based diet or people in general are not doing is doing fruit and vegetable juicing and fruit and vegetable blending the number one thing that people are not doing enough of or not doing it all that is that they are undermining their health by not engaging in this form of eating is using juicing and blending smoothies as a supplement drinking fresh juiced from an actual juicer fruit juices and vegetable juices and drinking plant-based smoothies health healthy smoothies with a good high powered blender now you can do this with a crappy juicer and a crappy blender I'm gonna show you higher-end products that again I will endorse them I'll say yes I use them I'm not I get no kickback monetarily to tell you that I think these are good products this is the juicer and the blender that I myself use in my home in my kitchen I use the Breville Juice Fountain elite which is the juicer that is pictured here on the left it's made almost entirely out of stainless steel with the exception of the top plate the chute the waste chute is play as a plastic polymer assembly and the collection tank is also you know the juice collection jug is also a non BPA plastic okay but it's solidly built it's built like a tank it has variable to two speeds so it's variable speed cleans up very easy okay will make great juice doesn't oxidize the juice that much they have an even better one now that's called the cold the the Breville cold XL they call it I'll show it to you but now it even heat the juice even less it's a negligible amount of friction from the blades that will heat it a little bit some people will say that will create some oxidation I find that it doesn't really deplete the nutrient content of the juice you could store it in the fridge two to three days depending on the type of juice I would say probably two days is the maximum you ever really want to store it before you drink it this will juice just about anything you can throw and add it in there okay wide feed chute you could put whole apples in there and I often do I recommend celery juicing celery all the time cucumbers high water nutrient you know for a micronutrient dense are all greens basically you could do leafy greens but wrap them around harder greens or carrots and then a masticating juicer such as this will do a good job even with leafy greens but you have to wrap them around a harder fruit or vegetable okay and just get into celery carrot apple that's a great introductory juice okay or even just carrot apple okay look and incorporate the greens do celery try this one celery cucumber apple it's fantastic it's utterly fantastic okay you drink that I mean you're getting so much nutrient content and energy it's it'll keep you going the whole day and then blending you know you want a high-powered blender like a Vitamix 5200 that's what I use they have even higher powered ones now the newer Vitamix is are even more powerful than this one okay they're amazing blenders worth every penny for an investment in your health you can go down to any you know goodwill or some type of a thrift store and find used juicers and blenders they won't be necessarily as good as these but guess what let me tell you something folks I went to a thrift store just off of South Street here in South Philadelphia and I got the juice fountain elite juicer for 40 dollars it's a 200 it's a 300 dollar juicer I got it for 40 dollars in perfect working condition with perfectly sharp blades looking like it had only been used once or twice and somebody said I'm not doing this because they didn't have the willpower to do it and so they took it to the thrift store and I ended up being the proud recipient of that juicer for a measly $40.00 okay that's how I got that's a true story about how I got the current juicer that I use now I lucked out but you know I don't expect to go into the nearest thrift store and find a juice fountain elite for $40 you know but you probably can find a simple juicer you know for less than that even for like ten dollars okay and it'll do the job to get you started okay same thing with blenders you could you get like some cheap shitty blender that's gonna do a half-ass job but let me tell you something that he ain't gonna make a smoothie like my Vitamix is I'm sorry not gonna happen you know and it's a way to get started you know but the better something comes out technologically the better it tastes you know so you could prepare it better you're more likely to continue doing the practice on an everyday basis to habituate it all right here's another let me just show you some juicers before I go into air air fryers okay juicers and blender this is the one that I recommend I recommend going to Breville comm BRE VI L le Breville they're the most expensive or not the most expensive you want to get into like a Norwalk juicer you're gonna pay thousands of dollars that's the best juicer in the world okay but Breville I think is the best compromise between your you're getting a much higher quality often stainless-steel product okay but you are paying a little bit more now you can go on Amazon or Ebay find these for even cheaper okay and you can even go with different juicers or even generic brands well I'm trying to show you something that I feel I can at least recommend in good conscience where you're gonna get a dynamite juicer okay so you could see the prices here are a little bit more expensive but again you have to look at this this isn't just a joke game piece of technology this a heavyweight piece of well engineered technology that's gonna last years and it's an investment in your health you're doing this so you don't have to pay tens of thousands at the psychopathic doctor at the hospital okay who wants you in there sick all right so this is the one I have the juice fountain elite it retails for $2.99 95 I got it for $40 at a thrift store near South Street okay you know this is this one here the big squeeze this is a auger juicer it's it's a slow juicer that tears chunks of things often then squeezes them alright this is the new one juice fountain cold excel a nicer and even nicer one with a much bigger collection container okay that's their flagship model right now alright I had what did I have I had this one I had this one in the past which was one of that is one of the best juicers I ever had the juice fountain duo this is a blender and a juicer in one and has a blender attachment that you could put on top so if you get this you have everything you need okay so and then they have some citrus juicers I don't really recommend them because they do not keep the the pith in the juice masticating juicers like like the ones I showed you up here are much better for citrus okay so you could watch jay kordich on juicing he's somebody I really recommend watching his videos he passed away a few years back I also like john kohler from discountjuicers.com maybe i'll you know link to his page i think he's a definitive source on juicers and juicing in the modern world almost like the modern-day jay kordich I also recommend Dan McDonald Dan McDonald nodes a whole lot about juicing and has great recipes especially when it comes to detox for the body so he calls himself the life regenerator great guy very positive attitude okay so that's juicers now blenders I'm a Vitamix fan you know some people like Blendtec's on people like ninja okay there's tons of them out there at all different prices they're newer ones pretty expensive you're gonna have to for a heavyweight one with a tamper you're gonna have to you know go into like the 400 plus dollar range okay they have some older ones that are you know in the 300 dollar range and so I'm not a miner that this is the one I own I own the 5200 it retails for $400 still today okay when I got it it was even more than that I was like 475 some 465 something like that so you know they've only come down a little bit in price but I'm telling you you you could start with a cheap blender and work your way up to one of these but I'm just telling you there's no substitute for something that works like these things do once you see them in action you will never see it as a regular blender and it's not about the price it's about the investment in your health you're spending a couple hundred so you don't have to spend a couple hundred thousand okay you got to look at it that way okay which you're gonna have to do through you know insurance which is all scammed on top of it all right so that being said I'll jump back in and finish some of the other things that I want to recommend and we all know I know we're limited on time I think we have like two minutes okay so an air fryer this one changed my life too I don't think I've used my frying pan ever since I've gotten an air fryer okay you to cook vegetables you've you know forget pouring lots of grease or some type of you know oil in a pan you know and cooking in it and letting it get all saturated into the food an air fryer you you will never cook the same way again once you start using a good one of these get a good digital air fryer there's a couple different brands listed here I don't use either one of these brands I cannot recall what my model is off the top of my head but you know get a nice big one like a you know at least over five quarts okay minimum and they work great okay cook very fast almost comparable to microwave speed fast cooking okay and you could cook anything in them okay and you could totally reduce having to put any oil on food when you're cooking this way I use a light Cokin oil spray you know and it does a fantastic job much healthier cooking for those still worried about where they're gonna get their protein okay I highly recommend from pure the intestine cleanse formula this was not on the market it was only available through certain health care practitioners and now they came out with it publicly and it is one of the best P protein based powders with all other kinds of amino acids added you got to just go online and look at the the nutrient data on this it will blow your mind okay for people who get into weightlifting bodybuilding any kind of sports activity you know working out at the gym this is the stuff this will keep you going all day okay you take it take a smoothie with this stuff forget about it okay probably the best protein powder on the market as far as I'm concerned adaptogens look into them they work with helping to solve stress through herbs they're compounds which help the body adapt to stress and exert a normalizing effect on the bodily process especially weight hormone regulation thyroid regulation everything ashwagandha astragalus Cortis have ginseng licorice with rhodesia eating well as a form of self-respect that's what this is all about folks respect yourself respect others respect the animal kingdom that's all we have for today on whatever is happening we're out of time I'll see you right here next week government is slavery [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]