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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] is that the groove on freedom-fighters book says [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today is Sunday May 19th 2019 this is show number 209 and on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time welcome everyone thanks for tuning in we have a great show lined up for you here today I'm gonna be talking about the importance of identifying and awakening your local maven and I'll explain what a maven is and how important they are in modern society and how they are influencers of many people in many different peer groups awakening the maven is something that I have touched on in the past I've often referred to it as maven targeting I more look at it as identifying who the maven is and then sort of really trying to work on them as a potential influencer of other people because that is how we're going to reach the maximum amount of people with the truth so that's what's coming up today on what on earth is happening a couple of very quick housekeeping tasks first of all you may notice that there might be a slight background hum it's pretty hot here in Philadelphia already so to do the show in a small bedroom as a home studio would be it would be sweltering in here if we did not have air conditioning so there is a room air conditioner in here now and unfortunately that might create a little bit of background noise but hey this is what it is you know I don't have a multi-million dollar you know high-quality studio we produce this show on pretty much a shoestring budget with volunteer people helping out to produce everyone who does you know participate does a phenomenal job and I thank them for for their efforts all the time but you know you know I we don't have like you know huge studio space here so just bear with us regarding that during the hot months of the year you may hear an air conditioner humming in the background so that it is what it is that being said I want to show people my website if we could switch over to the laptop I have posted we've announced publicly that I will be speaking at an arkadelphia 2019 this is going to be a great event coming up September 13th through 15th the banner is live on the homepage of what on earth is happening I'll be a featured speaker my main presentation that I'll be giving is entitled the sacred gift of anger I'll have a couple hours to deliver that presentation at an arkadelphia 2019 I don't 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inaugural one the first-ever an arkadelphia so please do check it out at 1:00 on earth is happening calm click on that banner and use affiliate code passio at checkout to save 5% and have 5% of the ticket sale go to myself so that's really all of the housekeeping oh I'm sorry at an arkadelphia going to be debuting my documentary that has been in the works it's called mark passio and the sign of natural law it's to my knowledge the first documentary that's ever really been made on natural law and we will be premiering this at an arc Adelphia 2019 so come on out for the initial public release of Mark passio and the science of natural law my first ever documentary film that is being edited by one of the hosts of an arc adelphia Carmen chironji so I think that's all the announcements that I have for this week I will be announcing a workshop that I'll be giving at an arkadelphia as well because they will have some workshop classes that are being delivered by some speakers there as well I don't have my topic lined up for the workshop yet but I will be announcing that shortly so stay tuned for that so I think that's all the housekeeping let's switch over to my slides and I'll just show people the the pretty nice banner that the guys from an arc adelphia made for you know for me as a speaker and there it is if you use promo code passio a check out you get five percent off the tickets and five percent they match that and I'll give five percent to me so it's a nice way of doing affiliate sales so that's the banner that they made and I'll jump in for the topic for today's program which is awakening your local maven okay so this is a topic that I've bounced around in the past and kind of talked a little bit about and hinted at that I would be doing a full show on now well we will be taking calls on this topic and really any topic that anybody wants to call in and talk about a little bit later on I don't know if I'll have a full two hours with this particular topic maybe it will maybe it'll go longer than that I'd really don't know I I don't have that many slides for this but the slides are very pertinent and really illustrate how important this topic is again I called this in the past maven target targeting but it is more like really trying to identify who the real social influencer in any particular social circle or group dynamic is and it's very important for a lot of different reasons which I'm going to talk about here today thank you to bread Hatton for making the the slides for the title cards for the shows I've been doing a great job as always so thank you to Brent so let's jump in with this topic and talk about what a maven actually is because it's a word that some people have heard but I'm not that many people really know what it is truly I hear a lot of misconceptions about the word maven as well for example a lot of people before I even get into defining and a lot of people think allmate mavens must be women I've heard this misconception time and again and that is not the case a maven can be anyone it does not have to be a woman so this is just something that I think a lot of people because of the way that it's been used in colloquial language think of a maven but the English word maven is actually derived from the Hebrew Maeve in which means a person with understanding or a teacher so a maven is an expert an influencer or a teacher who is highly trusted by others to pass along relevant knowledge in a particular field of interest and that's the key factor about what a maven really is a maven is a trusted influencer or teacher it is someone that people genuinely look at and give their trust to for whatever factor that they have some sort of a you know X Factor genis a qua factor you know that it's a characteristic of their personality that maybe it's some sort of charismatic factor that enables trust between themselves and the base of people that they are connected to that who they influence or who they communicate information to so a maven is not necessarily just a teacher you know I've said before so people can consider someone like myself a maven because I've tried to teach and pass along what I know regarding what's going on in the world regarding psychological knowledge regarding knowledge of the occult etc so I could be looked at as a maven among the anarchist community the spiritual anarchist community you might say okay I could be looked at as a maven in people who really want to study the occult from a deep psychological and philosophical perspective so however there are certain spheres of influence in which you can consider that I might be a trusted person but there are many other spheres of influence in which I would not be trusted okay one of them could be a social circle of friends or just people on the street one of them could be you know people in a neighborhood one of them could be in a family dynamic again I would not be considered the influencer of my family dynamic I would not be what you would call a trusted individual or involved in a trust dynamic in my family there are other members of the family who I would say would fulfill that role so what you have to understand first and foremost by regarding the very definition of a maven is that a maven is highly trusted in the sphere of influence that surrounds them okay they're liked and trusted by the people who listen to them alright so in his book The Tipping Point which is shown here on the Left which is a fantastic book that I think everybody should read and check out if you haven't already that brings up a lot of great points about how you know influential people and certain dynamics and circumstances can often have a wide reaching and very dynamic impact even set off by a small group of people so he it's Malcolm Gladwell the popular author Malcolm Gladwell in his book The Tipping Point described mavens as intense gatherers of information who were often the first to become aware of pertinent data and new trends in their fields Gladwell also suggested in the tipping point that mavens have the greatest influence on on others when they partner with other trusted social influencers with wide networks of casual acquaintances so you could look at those other people who connect with mavens who are considered experts in their field they are social influencers particularly in social media fields in the modern sense some people even equate the modern form of what a maven actually is with a social-media influencer Gladwell would suggest in the tipping point that our mavens are often influenced the other social media influencers it works almost like a hierarchy dynamic okay and this is incredibly important for a number of reasons okay and this is what I want to try to communicate with the main you know formalized presentation here on today's show is understand what a maven is and then understand why a maven is important to identify and understand who it is and what they're capable of doing okay and again this is something that not that many people have even really looked into a researched okay so read the tipping point okay perhaps I'll post a link to it or something like that with the show and you know people can check out this book and check out what Malcolm Gladwell the author has to say about just general dynamics that like act as a switch that a flick a dynamic to the other side like a pendulum swing or like a seesaw tipping okay so what he's talking about here is how do certain trends dynamics factors within society how do they go from being one way from one polarized dynamic to then switching over to another dynamic okay how does change how is effective change Creek created mavens are change agents this is the number one thing we have to understand about what mavens really are and what they do they influence change in a society they can influence change for the negative it doesn't necessarily mean that they influence things for the positive okay but we are looking for the mavens to be able to help get them to understand the truth wake them up because then they have other people's trust so these are the people who can flick the switch on social dynamic in a very short amount of time because of how many people they are capable of reaching and how many people whose mindset they are capable of influencing okay so we are trying to reach the influencers this is what this dynamic of the importance of identifying and awakening the local maven okay because you could you could try to work on one person that doesn't have that much influence right and you could you could spend years trying to awaken them and getting them to see what's going on in our world okay helping them to understand the mind control that's going on helping them to understand all the factors of the control system getting them to understand human slavery getting them to understand social engineering so forth and so on okay but if that one person has no reach with others in society you've done all of that labor and all of that work to reach one individual that may never do anything with that knowledge okay the importance of reaching the Maven in any given social dynamic or group is that they are then in turn going to take that knowledge and information and pass it along others who trust them and at some point this will be a trust or / belief dynamic a trust / belief dynamic okay admittedly okay I'm admitting this and explaining that this is not necessarily a bad thing okay you may have to rely on trust and belief at first when it comes to these communicating this type of information and then when the people run with that ball after it is given to them they will then it will leave the area of trust and belief and then they will take it into a into the realm of knowledge by doing their own research on their own homework and then understanding the dynamic for themselves okay but we have to reach the Maven with that knowledge get them converted so then they can then go out and do their magic of influence with other people and it's not it's not like you know this is the same thing as like brainwashing people like the mass media and social engineers do because the information that we want to communicate to the Maven and then help them to communicate to other people through their trusted networks is the truth so the truth is not going to do harm it so this isn't about like just you know trying to brainwash people into a belief system it's trying to communicate knowledge to them by identifying the main influencers of other people in a social dynamic so that's what awakening the Maven is all about and I'll just give a brief example okay so um my family maven is my own mother she's like the new matriarch of the the extended family you know all of our cousins you know friends other people within the family okay the whole extended family dynamic probably more people call and talk to her and ask her for advice than anybody that I know in the entire family okay more people physically probably go into her presence and her household talk with her on a daily basis than anybody else any other single member of the family for someone like me in my family dynamic if I see a couple of relatives a year it's a lot literally I mean there are people who work with me who know me through my work who have never met a single member of my family because they're never even really in my presence it's you know not necessarily a good thing in some diet in some aspects maybe it is because we would butt heads a lot because a lot of the members of my family are totally ignorant to what's taking place in the world and don't care you know not not even that they don't know they don't care to know so you know that doesn't really sit very well with me personally so you know I try not to inflame that dynamic by you know being in their presence a whole lot and so I kind of steer clear and that's what I've chosen but I did do a lot of work to try to get my mother my own mother to understand this dynamic knowing that she would be the one who would possibly communicate some of the information to other people in the family that I would have no chance of doing that but she would certainly have a better an average chance of doing that at some point if she woke up to a certain extent and in the early going it was brutal I mean ultra brutal okay as I'm sure many people have stories like this with their own family members but see the thing is is before you put all that effort into a single person I'd say identify them whether or not they're a maven within your family dynamic so you want to really do that you want to spend the time and energy to do that if the person is a maven if they're not of one of the mavens of the family or social circle or friend circle then you're probably investing a lot of that time and energy into helping to awaken one individual that is not really going to pass that information along or even have a chance of influencing other people within a particular social circle and that's not necessarily a bad thing either it depends on how much you care about that individual and really want to help them awaken themselves and you could spend that time to do that just the dynamic we're talking about here today with awakening the maven is putting that effort into a person who you know is going to have significant trust and influence with others so that the the information will reach others as sort of a snowball type effect okay which we're going to talk about which I call the maven effect all right so the next slide is and it looks like we have a little bit of a glitch there let me take that back sorry about that folks all right that looks good so the the next slide is about the different types of social influencers in any given area of our society okay and the maven here is shown in the middle who connects people through sharing knowledge and again this is what what on earth is happening is all about okay so again I could certainly be seen as a maven for the type of people who are seeking out the type of information that I put forward here on this show and have been doing for the last 12 years through what on earth is happening however there are other types of social media influencers or just social influences I should say this does happen on social media and other types of social networks okay but there's a connector who connects people to each other okay they're not necessarily the sharers of information or communicators of information themselves what they are good at networking people together okay this is what conferences can help to do this is the importance of a conference organizer they bring a lot of people with similar interests in similar areas of knowledge together so that they can come together network and then help each other okay and there are other types of people who are very good at this just people who are very good at networking establishing connections between people there the connector or the network or I would call them okay and then you have salesmen who use their knowledge to engage other people and to persuade other people they have good charisma they're good at talking with people they're good at communicating ideas they're good at selling things to people okay and they're very important to we have to understand that this is about it's almost like engaging in a sales pitch to people you have to help them to understand why they would be in a better position to know this than to not know it because ignorance is death it isn't bliss as many people think oh I don't want to know that that'll make me upset no not knowing this won't just make you and knowing it may make you upset but not knowing it's going to get you killed okay it you're you're going to be slow killed you're going to be dumbed down to a point where your masters just have such an advantage over you that they're gonna put you into an early grave really because that's really what's going on here you know soft kill eugenics is what's really taking place in our society and the people who are so ignorant are gonna be spending the better part of their adult years in and out of hospitals that's how bad the dynamic is you know and not not just that have their psychology broken so that they can't engage in any healthy relationships they're gonna have their health broken they're gonna have just you know in subby in such a state of ignorance that they're not going to understand what's going on around them and they're going to be susceptible to just about every kind of negative influence and and negative social engineering that is taking place what we're talking about is using all of these social influencers in our society for the the fit of communicating the truth and again you're not doing any harm to people when you communicate the truth again yes the truth may make you angry but it will also set you free you know this is what we have to be much better at doing because I'll tell you something folks we haven't been very effective at doing this the other side is much more effective the authoritarian side is more effective at putting their message out there much more effective at using technology which I'm going to talk about later in the presentation okay but there's certainly much more effective at identifying the mavens who will communicate this knowledge to other people they have many more sales people engaging in sales pitches to other people in society that's why why they have so many people believing in their nonsense that's why they have so many people under their mind influence and brainwashing and social engineering we have to get better at this dynamic of social influence because the people who stand on the side of the truth are not really doing it they're certainly not doing it to any great effectiveness okay they're there they're really um playing a half-ass game when it comes to this okay to put it as simply as I know how to put it because a lot of people want to remain anonymous a lot of people don't want to get involved on the playing field on the battlefield okay they want to kick back and they want to just say it's good if I know this you know cuz that'll help me and help my situation but if somebody else doesn't want to listen and pay attention to this that's their problem no that's your problem too that's your problem as well okay and the reason it's your problem is because other people's ignorance is going to affect your freedom whether you like that dynamic or not that's how it is it is a numbers game okay whether anybody likes that dynamic or not a lot of people want to think oh you see you know a lot of people want to take this concept of the tipping point or a paradigm shift or a quantum shift right and they want to make it not about numbers they want to say oh it's only the little the small amount of people that have to know this for it for it to flip for the script to flip in it for the dynamics ago the other way no it's not folks it's a small amount of dedicated passionate concerned people that will help to influence people in a wider way because they put so much time into this see but it's not about not reaching massive numbers of people the whole world dynamic is only going to ash it to shift when enough people in all of society shift their behavior this is about not just changing what people think but changing the behavior of all individuals within society and right now we don't even have we if we have two percent of all of society even understanding this let alone changing their behavior I would say we're doing massively well we don't even have that I'd say we probably have under a percent still okay you know we need to really step up our efforts in this regard and a lot of this comes down to courage a lot of it I have people writing to me all the time mark I want to get involved but I'm still you know I don't want to necessarily put myself out there you know they're waiting for something you know you know what they're waiting for they're waiting for a backbone to grow up their spine that's what they're waiting for you know I don't know if you're gonna do that you know you better go order some you know some bone growth miracle cure because a backbone ain't gonna grow itself you just got to get out there and start doing it and you got to take your chances you got to throw your you got to throw your cards down you got to throw your dice down on the table and cast the die and say it's gonna be what it is that's it I'm not interested in what happens to me in the physical I'm here to perform a mission in the metaphysical you know that's what this is all about this is about what's going to happen with my soul not just about what's gonna happen with my body I could care less so it's gonna happy what happened with my body this is about speaking the truth out there into the universe you know the universe is spoken into existence as I've said countless times you know if we're not putting our voice out there and we're not contributing to the chorus of the truth and then we're not going to be really truly on the right side of history because for people to say that they intellectually understand this and they're not communicating it to others and they're not trying to reach the influencers of our society you they don't really know and they certainly haven't converted it into action you know do they really know and do they really care that becomes the question when people don't want to convert this in action by speaking alright so you know this this slide I think helps people to understand the main types of influencers in our in our society and you may be one of the three okay and if you are one of those influencers then do the work that you need to be doing I consider myself that maven in the middle okay I am a maven when it comes to a certain type of community a certain type of individual not in every dynamic that I find myself in in life however okay so and that social circle is only going to be so big with stuff like what I do with what on earth is happening folks especially at this point in history where we have such a an astounding array of ignorance you know amassed against us you know because so many people are still in that you know they're gonna cover their eyes ears and mouth you know they don't want any information coming in to the contrary of their predisposed worldview and they're certainly not going to communicate it to other people they're shut down you know we need to reach the people who those people will trust this is why a lot of people who have a lot of people in their social media sphere of influence okay are often targeted by the powers that should not be you know and if they start talking out against them they'll try to do whatever they can to ruin their you know life dynamic okay they'll bring financial burdens down upon them you know they'll try to smear their name you know and slander them etc and many other ways even blackmail you know force them into a situation where you know they can be blackmailed and you see this a lot with celebrities and people who already have a lot of people who are paying attention to them okay so there are reasons there are legitimate reasons why people are hesitant but we have to shed that fear you know because there's the believe me not doing this is gonna result in a much greater harm and degradation to all of society than doing it and having your personal situation attacked okay this is where we have to overcome that fear and understand it doesn't matter what personal losses one might have to endure or sustained you know the rewards that you're going to get by speaking the truth and helping to influence other people are going to be much greater in the long term so you know you see people who have huge social media gatherings and an influence I mean um you know just as an example just look at this girl who Alex Jones this young girl who Alex Jones just interviewed last week on his show you know I happen to be checking it out and he brought on this girl so she has like a million people a million YouTube subscribers and she's talking about how like they're censoring her because you know she's considered extreme right far-right wing to them and you know they're trying to shut down people of you know these political persuasions who they can slap a label on you know I talked about they haven't tried to do that with me because I don't think anybody is capable of labeling what I do they don't even know what to think of it or they don't even want to draw any attention to it you know because they certainly don't want people listening to my stuff you know they absolutely don't want you coming here and getting the information that's in what on earth is happening because this is the most forbidden of the forbidden this is the stuff that they don't even want to even allude to to hint at to even ever speak the name because once you start looking down this rabbit hole it's all over it's all over for your belief and authority you know it's all over for that religion really if you're really being honest with yourself and you really do go down the rabbit hole that I present here it's all over for all religion and that's the last thing the social engineers want because that's their main tool of control is religion religious thought that's their main tool of control and that's what we're trying to break down here from day one is getting people out of a religious mindset helping them to understand that they need to learn what the actual truth of what's taking place here on earth is and the truth about real spirituality okay and they don't want you looking into that because that opens up whole new avenues of knowledge and understanding that will open up not knowledge about suppressed science occulted Sciences the occulted aspects of the human psychology they don't want anybody looking into the occult that's why I'm the last person who they want to draw any attention to okay so but you know this this young girl who came onto Infowars this week I basically said she doesn't care whether they try to censor her you know not interested in it she's gonna keep speaking and with a banner she'll move on to another network and basically said so much as YouTube and Facebook and things like that are just stepping stones to get some following say what you want let them ban you take your following to another platform and that you know in all honesty I commend her for saying that that takes courage I think more people should have courage like that you know not that I agree with everything this individual says I don't agree with everything that just about anybody says okay you know I think in some ways we shouldn't agree with everything we say okay you know you got a question in your own you know thought processes sometimes you know not to a point where you're you know losing all having so much doubt in yourself that you're not willing to put information out there but you know you always have to be able to reevaluate what knowledge that you have come to know okay and possibly make adjustments so what I find commendable with this teenage girl Soph is that she has the courage to just keep doing this and most adults don't have courage like that so you know congratulations to this individual because I wish more people would have that kind of courage you know this is what's holding the world back this is what's holding the entire dynamic back from people understanding the truth is that there's a lot of people out there who know what's taking place and don't have the courage to speak it they want to remain anonymous and that's cowardly you know I see it all the time this is why you know uh for example the arc Drive you know I don't want anonymous cowards requesting the art drive what do you what do you think I think someone who's an anonymous coward who doesn't want to put their real name out there okay he's gonna think when is gonna what do you think I think they're gonna do with the knowledge of the arc Drive do you think I think they're gonna take it run with that ball spread that knowledge all over the place how people to understand it they're already cowering under the staircase in a little ball you know oh I don't want to use my real name although the powers that be they might they might know who I am then you know you know and then you then you have other people who think I'm not using my real name because I used a assumed name when I was involved in the dark occult you know and what a thing I'm not using a real name now you know mark passio is my legal full given birth name that was given to me by my parents that's on all the bullshit legal paperwork that of anything that I still you know I'm involved with with the state as far as you know mailing addresses licenses etc okay and there are people out there who still insist that isn't true because mark rokahr was the name I used when I was involved in the dark occult and I that was an assumed name that I just took and I've told people the story in the past where I took it from and they still won't even bother looking into all of that information where I explained it and half of them spell it wrong because they probably saw it written in handwriting and uh you know don't I don't even get that right you know so a part of what I'm talking about here is it's all it all comes down to courage folks you know if you're gonna become an influencer of other people you have to have courage to speak you have to have courage to speak unapologetically you know and that this is one of the biggest dynamics that I see in our society that's just not there we still have cowards walking among us you know who want to remain anonymous you know what do you think that the whole powers that be the whole power structure thinking of people like that they're so afraid they're what those people are walking around those social engineers and they're thugs are walking around like this here's their mindset folks they're like look at that little punk-ass bitch they're so afraid of us they won't even use their real name imagine they won't even say their name they're so afraid of us of what we we could possibly do to them like I don't give a shit what you can do to me physically you think I'm afraid of you or anyone you think I'm so identified with the physical body that you think I think this is Who I am that I'm this meatsuit you think that's where I'm at with what I know spiritually and you think that's gonna hold me back from speaking and continuing to speak you have another thought coming to you if that's what you think but let me tell you something that's what these controllers think of people who remain anonymous cowards okay you're never going to influence anybody with an assumed name or with you know being anonymous it's like they're just looking at you and going wow what a punk-ass bitch coward that's exactly what they're thinking you want to know how I know that because that's exactly what I think okay to put it bluntly and in street language all right and I'm being nice about it compared to what I really think of that dynamic let's move on to the next slide into what I call the Maven effect okay and um some of these slide images were taken to give credit from a article on let me see if I could find it real quick I'll step out of the slides for a brief moment it was an article called influencers a discussion you can go back to the laptop influencers I'll make this fullscreen a discussion about the law of the few this was on the buzz bin and it's a you know not necessarily a great website but the dynamic is that the article is a very interesting thing and you could see where you know people are looking to these dynamics of influence are talking about and dissecting Malcolm Gladwell's book the tipping point talk about levels of different influence in the blogosphere okay how social media influence gets propagated down to lower levels of society and you know that last slide that I actually presented with the connector the Maven and the salesman was actually taken from here okay so it's an interesting article I'll probably link it with the with the site you know not that I'm that into the website that it comes from just I thought that this link was actually sent to me actually thanks to barb for finding this she sent me this link so I'll give her credit for doing that because she thought it was a interesting article about Gladwell's the tipping point you know another thing that this whole dynamic is called is opinion leadership I thought I would bring this article up from Wikipedia to show people that a lot of people consider the Maven dynamic or the Maven affect the flow of a two-step flow of communication which you could read about in this article and it's called opinion leadership where the mass media or even alternative media first communicates ideas to people and then the other influencers then take it down and step it down to other people in society so it's another dynamic that you can look at when it comes to understanding of the concept of a maven it's called opinion leadership so I'll step back into the slides now okay so this is um an infographic that I refer to as the maven effect and you could see the maven would be the red individual at the the bottom of the slide up in the front who has the most effect because they're communicating with the most people in a given network everything is flowing to and from them okay they're the knowledge communicator and influencer with the rest of the people and it's there they would be it like sort of the top of the hierarchy when it comes to this trust network this trust communication network okay so that's who you want to try to identify and reach in your social circle and uh again if you really sit and think about this you will be able to identify it just think about it in your mind who is the person that other people in my social dynamic in my sphere of influence who do they listen to who do they communicate with when they want advice who do they call who do they go to who has the place where people come together around okay you know it fit geographically physically this is important okay because most people will gather at this individuals home okay for example like when holidays come up you know my mother's home is the big place that's where people will go you know or like you know my mother will go to wherever she's going if she's going likes let's say to my sister's house she's going there and then other people are gonna gather at that location they're gonna go where the Maven is at it happens all the time they're the ones who can make other people gather around okay so you just sit and think about this dynamic in your social situation and you will know who the Maven is you will be able to identify that's the first process that's the first step in this process is identifying who the Maven of your social dynamic is or family dynamic okay so you have to identify them first and understand this is the type of influence that they hold they'll talk to a few people in their close circle and that will widen out okay so they have the most power to influence and affect change that's why the Maven is so critically important so I'm going to break down a dynamic here that and I apologize for the slight glitches that we're having today I'm not really sure why that is going on with the presentation but perhaps I need to upgrade something or up update my presentation software or maybe it's just a loose connection but we will look into it um that being said let me I did step forward okay there we go okay so I call this aspect of the Maven effect the five to one ratio now now this is slightly different than just the Maven having influence this is how to influence the Maven okay so let me just say that again the slide that you're looking at that I'm going to build up here in this next part of the presentation is what I call the five to one ratio okay this is a 20% ratio okay the Maven that is the one and we're gonna have to have five other influencers that are going to influence the Maven okay so let's let's put the Maven in the center here here's our maven okay and let's name him Malcolm after malcolm gladwell and we have there in the middle of the star there's malcolm in the middle remember that was a pretty good sitcom show so there there's our maven malcolm on you know named after malcolm gladwell okay and he's he or she is the center of the their social network but that's who we are targeting we have identified them and we're going to put our effort into awakening them because if we get them awakened to the knowledge of what's going on in the whole control system societally and we get them awakened to the higher level psychological knowledge of what's going on into social engineering and to the entire world of the occult and the world of real spirituality right think about the power and the influence they're going to be able to have to influence other people to start looking into those dynamics and help change them for the better okay so we this is us this is us as an individual okay and we're where we see the Maven we see the influence that they have in other aspects of society and the dynamics that they're involved with and we say wow wouldn't it be awesome if we were able to wake up that maven that person clearly with more influence than me in this social dynamic or social situation or a family dynamic okay so you know you could look at the person to greet the green you know person icon at the top of that star as let's say someone like myself and the maven let's say it's someone like my mother right and I'm going to go to work on them I'm gonna put the word out here I am putting out the word okay I'm trying to reach their mind I'm trying to help them to see the truth I'm trying to help them to clear the cobwebs out and clear all the mind control out and get them to see reality as it is and I'm working on them and working on them and working on them and working on them and I'm taking information to them every day and I'm making them watch documentaries you know and I'm putting articles on their computer and I'm sending them email articles etc okay and you know what it's doing largely not a damn thing okay and we've all been there right all of us have been at that place I'm sure almost every one of us we have one individual we care a lot about we have one individual we really want to see get it and we try to work on them and there's like no progress right they're resistant they don't care they don't want to know they don't look at the stuff you try to send to them or give to them right I went so far as to walking in randomly into my mother's house you know just just arriving showing up walking in with a stack full a stack of DVDs walking into her house while she's watching something else shutting the regular television programming off putting a DVD into the DVD player hit and play and saying we're sitting here and watching this until it's over literally some storming into our house there and saying if if you want me to leave you're gonna have to call the police and then there's gonna be yet you're gonna be taking several people out in body bags literally did it okay I don't really recommend going to that level of an extreme but yes I actually did this okay that's how how much I'm not taking no for an answer when I decide I'm gonna help you to understand something if I think that it's important enough that you understand it and now I'm at a point now where after doing that for like 15 years that person does not argue or fight and kind of knows what I'm saying is the reality of the world knows that it's true but really isn't at a point where they're so awake that they're trying to influence others but they're not resistant to the reality of our world anymore and they can see it for themselves to a certain extent now certainly not to a huge you know oh encompassing extent but they're in a far greater position than they ever was without me ever having said a word okay then if I would have stayed silent not done that worked upon them they would have been in a colossal state of ignorance compared to where they are okay so but that's not going to be enough what you have to do is you have to get at least four other people who you know to understand the dynamic that you're trying to communicate and you have to get them also to influence the Maven I have found that this is the magic number it is a five to one ratio you have to have five people working together bringing similar information you could do it from a slightly different angle a slightly different perspective but that you have to all be speaking the truth toward the one influencer and if you do that with five people okay I'm gonna say you're gonna have reached that magic ratio where you can actually make them take that information in for themselves not just believe the five people but to look into it for themselves and then really start to then communicate that to the other people who trust them in their social circle okay and that's what we're trying to do here we are trying to influence the influencer you have to identify who has a lot of people's ear right who do people listen to and Trust who gives them their confidence and gives them their ear who they want to hear what they have to say and they like being around them and again admittedly that's not necessarily me socially certainly not in social or family situations again when it comes to the people who are hardcore about this like the water earth is happening viewing audience yes then I'm the Maven in that circle but again we're not just talking about someone like me you're you're trying to reach the Maven in your social dynamic that's the point here so you have to first identify who they are then you have to expose them to this knowledge from I'm going to say a minimum of five people okay I have found at least with someone like working on this with someone like my mother for example that probably she has heard this information now from about four people but there's this one more that I think if it came through okay and was steady you know hammering on the person steadily maybe there would be some more progress what you have to understand going back to this slide folks if we could cut back to it briefly what you have to understand is just picture on the outside of the Maven all the way around this star okay picture the poison signal right the poison signal of the mainstream media I didn't add this to this slide but perhaps I should have just imagine other of these radio wave graphics coming in from the outside but even bigger ones you know 50,000 watt ones okay coming in from the outside of every direction 360 degrees and they're all hammering that individual with untruths with lies with propaganda okay with fake news narratives okay and this person in there not fully awakened state is still susceptible to all that poisonous influence and social engineering so think about it when one person even steps away there the shield is down in that area okay if they all would step away they're being bombarded from every direction and in my case I was hammering them just from that one direction for ten years okay and then from every other direction or whenever I stepped away that poison influence came right back in like a tidal wave just swarming them okay so we have to understand that this is a dynamic of continual perseverance with an individual continual perseverance with a single individual because you know that the time investment is worth it because you know who they are then K working five people working on one would be better than 50 working on a thousand possibly okay because of how powerful and how many people that one person is capable of influencing the number that they're capable of influencing okay if you had 50 people who know the truth in a given geographic vicinity and they want to go to work on let's say a thousand people they might wake up ten out of those thousand people okay think about it you're not going to wake up everybody you bring the truth to okay so 50 people doing that with even a hundred people each you know who knows you might wake up like 10 or 15 20 people to that extent a maven however if those five people just worked on that one individual might wake up a thousand people that's how powerful the influence of the maven is and this is what we're failing to do we are failing as a network of people who know the truth about what's going on and are trying to bring that information to other people we're failing miserably at this dynamic at the identification of other social influencers we are not doing it effectively enough okay so we need to really try to bring bridge this dynamic and and to work on the people who we know are the influential among us identify them and work on them individually alright now one of the interesting things that I also thought is this is the whole concept of the man in the pentagram that is depicted in many different occult spiritual traditions okay this is this five to one ratio okay and then they're connected at the center of the beam okay in this image you could say well it might be connected at the sacrum chakra but I'd like to think of it as it's connected at the solar plexus chakra right in the center of the individual right at the solar plexus you could also look at it it's connected at the center of the heart chakra okay or really all of the chakras along the middle path and the ones that are the most important are obviously the third eye the heart and the solar plexus the that's the mind the heart the care okay the intelligence the care and to me most importantly in this dynamic the solar plexus chakra is where it all connects and comes together because that's the courage Center and this is about courage to speak this is about courage to put the truth out there especially in an age of censorship in an age of suppression of knowledge and ideas and information and imagine I I mean I look out my door I see other people in the area where I live and they are full-blown advocating Soviet style and Chinese style censorship it's disgusting thinking that people's freedom of speech should be limited and suppressed and they should be silenced I mean you have to be kidding this is where we're at in American society this is where we're at so you know this dynamic of the man and the pentagram or a woman in the pentagram it's it's incredibly symbolically powerful because it's talking about you know Brit bringing ideas together at a central focal point coming together from those five points of the star which represent earth air water fire and spirit okay you have to bring your resources the earth okay your general characteristics and personality and skill set together and work on those things you know that the the earth aspects of the individual of the personality work on those things and work with them to help to bridge this dynamic of influencing others but put them to work toward that purpose toward that goal and then you're using the other three aspects of the purse of the consciousness intelligence care and action okay so air is the intellect water is the emotional aspect care and then fire is the will taking action taking right action in the world you know so we have to bring all those things together for the higher spiritual purpose which is the quintessence the fifth element that's the head of the individual so earth air water and fire are those four you know aspects of the the extremities the limbs and then the ether or the quintessence or the spirit that's the head that's the guiding part of all of it that the other forces serve the forces of nature should serve powerful dynamic a very important ratio okay you could look at it as you know the you know one fifth aspect twenty percent okay that this is a very influential and very important factor in nature you look at the twenty to one hundred percent ratio okay the this is where I think the tipping point really would start to happen okay it's not going to be finalized until it flips over I would say fifty-one percent which is why that's a huge occultic magic number and use that places like area 51 or like May Day May first which is why they you know take this symbolism in the occult after the number 51 but the twenty percent factor I think is where momentum starts becoming almost irreversible toward the opposite dynamic that's where it can't be died not denied or marginalized any longer okay and I'm telling you this ratio in this dynamic is ultra important when it comes to what I call the Maven effect which is where it would be like setting off a chain of dominoes okay another aspect that I want to get into and reiterate in which I've been hammering on a lot is the critical importance of a competency and literacy when it comes to technology technological competency okay this is another area we are absolutely and utterly in sufficient in in the freedom community the so-called freedom community and we need to do way way better and way more work okay I have finally gotten some good technological help here at what on earth is happening after practically begging for it for a number of years and thank God it has arrived and arrived in a very big way and in a good way so I again thank the people on the team for coming forward however when I look at the wider network of people in the so-called freedom community anarchist community you know spiritual anarchist community half not half I'd say 95% of them are practically technologically illiterate half only have the basic very basic technological competency skill set if I'm being generous there I mean the very basic to like just do something like open a browser window pull up some information go to a video watch it type in a search in YouTube that's about it that's about all they know how to do okay maybe check email you know most people don't even know how to set up an email client you know they're still they use webmail you know they check their email in a web browser never even set up a mail client okay it's the things that I get asked how to do by an average individual who allegedly is awake and aware in any given week when it comes to technology or their appalling where I almost like it almost starts conflict between me and them because I'm almost insulting to them because I'm like it's the year 2019 and and you don't know how to do this really you know and I don't want to have to be I don't want to be like that I don't want to be insulting to people like that but when I like think of like how far in the game we are how far into this dynamic of censorship and thoth the total totalitarian shutdown of our society we are and the average person still doesn't even know how to set up an email client that wouldn't know how to network two computers together if their life depended on it you know knows nothing about how the internet works knows nothing about how to set up their own website as all anything that they put out into the world depending on whatever social media network that they're in into and therefore could be censored at any given time know how to do none of none of these things you know let alone put out their own media creation you know record video record audio do live-streaming make a podcast make a banner or you know a a poster make a presentation people don't know how to do any of that let alone one of it they don't know they don't know how to do all of it they don't know how to do one thing of it they don't know one aspect of any of those things and this is where we're at this late in this conflict this late into this war and it's unacceptable it's 100% completely unacceptable you know even with what we know how to do here we're still struggling with technology as you can see it's there certainly a loose connection somewhere along the line and that's okay it's alright we'll work our way through it as we always do because that's what this is about perseverance see it doesn't make a difference how much you have to keep struggling you keep going you keep going with it okay that's that's what a lot of people I see when it comes to this dynamic I'm going to stay on this topic for a second because I think it's very important when it comes to influence in society and how we can become the mavens of a society we could become the new media but how many people fell short in that task in that goal because they don't know how to go about it in any way and they're not learning see I I always give people the benefit of the doubt when they're open minded and willing to learn then I don't I don't hammer on them I don't get on their case as long as they're open-minded willing to learn willing to make changes willing to you know look at something new and say okay I didn't know how to do that but let me try it get into it see if I could do it the right way and just get involved then I don't have any problem with them it doesn't matter if they're not fully competent okay it's called trying it's called making a real effort to try and they're not afraid that means they're not afraid to fail see a lot of people people are like I'm afraid to fail I'm afraid I'll mess it up I'm afraid I'll break this or that and so I'm not gonna even start that's the act that total wrong attitude to take when it comes to this okay get a cheap tablet computer you know get a cheap two in one for a cup a few hundred dollars a couple hundred if you have to spend three four hundred do it okay and if you try new things and if you destroy it okay it's a couple hundred dollars you know I know a lot of people don't even have that you know kind of resources to put out there but it's like hey people go to the movies and buy all kinds of crap food and you know buy subscriptions all kinds of cable networks it's like invest that in a piece of technology that you can use as a learning platform you know and you could experiment a little bit with and try new things with and then maybe if you mess something up okay then you're not messing up your main computer all right this is what we have to do we have to take chances and get involved and try new things I see too many people they're like well I don't know how to do that and I don't want to I don't want to have to experiment because I you know I might mess something up and so they never even bother they never try and that's part of again taking it back to the dynamic of courage is a huge part of today's presentation because influence and and reaching other people is ultimately gonna come from a state of being encouraged not just being in knowledge and caring saying yes I do want to do it I care about this dynamic getting out there to a wider audience it's about having the courage to actually do it so you know at some point I really want to start going more into technology a teaching technology I feel like the teaching of the occult of the psychological aspect is of course it's the most important element but if it's not combined with the technological element what we are going to have is a bunch of people scattered to the four winds of the earth then know a lot about the psychological the philosophical the occult aspect and yet they can't do a goddamn thing with a computer to reach one other living soul anywhere on the Internet and this is the way information is propagated today folks it's not propagated by going and standing on a soapbox in the town square in case you haven't understood that it's propagated digitally and we're notwe're that war that space okay that that digital warfare space for the propagation of knowledge we're not doing very well in we're getting we're getting clobbered the Empire has struck back okay let's put it that way you know we might have initially hit them and you know blew up their first Death Star but let's put it this way you know they've they're rebuilding not just rebuilding they probably have rebuilt many of them the pole point here is we cannot take lightly the influence of the mainstream media and the social engineers and now there's a new technological god class the new tech elite you know these big tech firms like Google Apple Microsoft Facebook Twitter these they look at themselves as the new gods of our society because of what their technology and networks have made possible how they've made they have made it possible for people to communicate effectively on a mass scale and now they're trying to control that because they realize hey we can't we gave people too much too fast that's what happened folks that's what the social engineers realized they gave us powerful computing tools too much too fast so then they wanted to scale it back right they wanted to scale it back make it be less powerful mobile devices that are all about consumption of information that are coming from on high from from the sources that they put out there ok and down into the hands of the little person who only has this small little you know thumb device at their hands with an actual no human interface to actually really create anything ok except maybe take a few pictures or point a video point video at somebody okay and then share it on their own you know network that has only a few people paying attention to any given one of them you know when when people were learning how to build whole websites and there was a diverse ecosystem when it came to websites we were making grounds that's why it's when the apocalypse happened folks that's the apocalypse occurred past tense and it happened during the second way of a personal computer technology coming in you know Moore's law you know ramping up and taking off and powerful desktop systems enabling people to be media creation experts to become media creation experts and then be communication experts by reaching people with that media that's what personal computing advances in personal computing desktop computing advances in Internet technologies and speeds and advances in camera and lens technology made possible without a doubt ok now they've scaled it back because they realize we had too much too and they scaled it back giving people tap-tap-tap with their thumbs on some little crap screen that you can't really build any any media with okay and people think and that's what computing is all right it's a joke is what it is it's a sad laughing joke all right we need people becoming truly technically competent of what the internet is how it works okay how websites work building diverse ecosystems of websites again like we were doing in you know the early 2000s into the mid 2000s when social media came in it destroyed all of that and destroyed the influence it was having it destroyed the learning curve that was steadily ramping up almost asymptotically okay because it was a logarithmic scale of learning that was taken place folks all right people were learning how to build real websites then everybody got on Facebook and Twitter and that was it now that they have all those people in those platforms now the censorship begins and nobody knows how to set up anything elsewhere and that was the plan that was the plan the whole time all this time people could have been learning powerful you know web technologies and desktop computing how to really have a media set up media creation and communication and they weren't doing it because they're tapping away with the thumbs on Facebook and Twitter on their phone instead of really learning computing and really learning how to become the new media so this is what we have to do we ourselves have to learn how to become the new media and at some point in the future this is what I'm going to turn my attention to I'm thinking about possibly doing it when I get the one great work network up and running up off the ground and maybe that'll be part of the subscription model that I'm going to put together with that network with many other great hosts and communicators of information so you know maybe a part of what I do on that network a part of what my role in that network will do is actually on a weekly basis teaching people how to use different technological tools and just sharing my my computer screen in real time and doing like a a webinar based thing where people can come in ask me questions ask me how to do things ask me what I think the appropriate tool for a given job is I'm very good at things like that you know helping people set up computer systems you know showing them the best practices for things you know we could show people camera technology we could show people you know desktop computing laptops content management systems Photoshop you know presentations with a PowerPoint and Keynote how to make flyers in Photoshop or illustrator you know just or even open source tools you know learning what software is the best software for a particular job you know which software is optimized really well showing people open-source software if they don't have a lot of money to spend on software what the best free tools are okay and how to use this stuff how to really do things with it okay um it's something that I'm very seriously considering and trying to put together sort of a prototype classroom environment for and uh you know it'll take a while to get that up off the ground but I'm definitely going to do it in the not-too-distant future so that's what I wanted to say on how important technological competency right now we are like in it is like we're in an age where people don't know how to read and write and like a few people who have kept the the scrolls and kept the books and tried to communicate the knowledge are saying you know we better get out there and start teaching these people how to read and write that's where we're at okay that's the allegory because for people only to know how to consume media online and not know how to create it is 100 percent completely unacceptable and I'll tell you what that's where I'd say again 95 percent of the freedom community is there there is a core there is a you know a central core in the in the the you know the very heart of the community there are technologically inclined and know how to do this stuff because they recognize the importance of knowing how to do it but too few far too few okay so we're never going to make headway unless we learn how to use these communication devices called computers to the absolute maximum efficiency that we can possibly use them to okay it's never going to happen with the type of way that people are using computers today we're never gonna reach enough people we're certainly not going to reach the mavens of our society Malcolm Gladwell said that ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread like viruses do okay they get communicated very quickly from person to person and then it ramps up and then it covers a wide area geographically and geopolitically we have to understand that we can be those influencers of change okay we what we have to do is we have to be willing to learn what is necessary to put that information out there and we have to be vigilant to being able to identify who potential influencers in any given social circle or dynamic are so those two things we have to act as a maven ourselves but for mostly we should identify social influencers that are already present and already doing that work of influencing other people some people don't even know they're the mavens okay this is another dynamic you have to understand not only can mavens be anybody that some people don't even know there it they just do what they do and they don't even understand that this dynamic or what it could potentially the kind of change it could potentially lead to they're not aware of that okay they're just doing what they do naturally you know nobody a lot and I'd say 99% of mavens don't look for that position they don't go out there and say let me become a maven you know they just are natural leaders and influencers that gravitate to that position that other people trust so that being said you know as I said before it's like a domino effect okay a one thing doesn't seem like it can create that much change it doesn't seem like it could you know make that much of a difference you know this this whole presentation is about like how much of a factor or a difference can one individual make and I'm telling you a lot that doesn't mean that for the world dynamic to change whole large numbers of people need to change their behavior that still is true the question were that we're addressing here is to set off that change okay often small in amounts of individuals who people didn't think we're going to be able to have the influence that they have can set off that type of chain reaction so it is literally like setting up dominoes okay and uh you know that's the last slide that I have in the formal presentation before I go to some other housekeeping and go to calls I'm gonna exit from this and I want to see if I could bring up this video that I watched that was on YouTube which was about one small domino not being able to knock over a huge set of dominoes it's a very interesting one let me look it up and then I'll tell you to switch back to the laptop in a moment yeah it was an interesting video where this guy uses us he has a little tiny Domino the set the size of a like Pez candy in in a pair of tweezers and he's going to knock over a hundred pound Domino okay on the other side of this short chain of dominoes with a tiny little Domino about that big let me see if I can find it real quick and I think you'll appreciate this dynamic I'll post this video with the with the podcast yeah here it is it's called a domino chain reaction let me bring up the small one the short one we're not getting audio bear with us folks know about playing dominoes but what you may not know is that a domino can knock over another Domino which is about one and a half times larger so what I have here is a chain of dominoes each one has one and a half times larger than the previous one and the smallest Domino is about five millimeters high and one millimeter stick and I will carefully place it and there are 13 Domino's and the largest Domino it weighs about a hundred pounds and it's more than a meter tall ready boom that was 13 Domino's if I had 29 Domino's the last domino would be as tall as the Empire State Building amazing so you know the this is what the Maven effect is really about folks okay you know the Maven effect is about you know who are we as an individual to be able to influence and have change on in a wide overarching impact on society and I'm telling you we are all that individual potentially okay this is about what the potential for one individual is all about and how powerful one individual the amount of powerful change an effect an influencing effect for change one individual can have in all of society there's a movie that just came well it's a movie that came out this year that wrapped up a trilogy that a lot of people didn't even know was a trilogy it was the the unbreakable trilogy with the movies the sequence of movies that are allegorical films about this dynamic are unbreakable split and glass and glass is a new one that just came out in 2019 I'd like to recommend allegorical films to people and I think first of all these are done by M night Shyamalan who I think is a brilliant movie director I think he is one of the best allegorical producers of our time when it comes to allegorical films and spiritual films and this is a sensibly a comic book hero a real-life comic book story you know about like guys who think that they are comic-book heroes or villains and you know one of them has a condition where his bones are super brittle one of them has a condition where he's almost invincible where nothing can hurt or harm him and he never gets sick and another one is a split personality a di D dissociative identity disorder or they used to call an MPD multiple personality disorder where he has 24 individuals living with him and he has superhuman capabilities and um you know I don't want to spoil it for anybody but it's about having these potentially latent powers or abilities to influence society suppressed by a small minority that is interested in keeping the dynamic the way that it is where we don't have that power that's what the allegory is ultimately about in this series of films so I think they're not only very entertaining and well done movies I think that the you know what the person who really wrote these movies m-might somalian is probably one of the better allegorical film producers of our time on par with someone like Stanley Kubrick I would even go so far as saying so I'd highly recommend them and it is about this effect of influence this chain reaction this domino effect if you will the Maven effect as I would call it it's about how we as individuals that people would not immediately consider that we're so powerful as an individual being able to have a far-reaching impact and effect on others in society and this is how dynamics of change often go they are often set off like chain reactions like this so we have to understand we're that hand we are that potential influence that sets that into motion and sets it into effect in a wider way in our society and that's what we have to strive to be and you we have to have courage enough to start that process okay and it's a learning curve for us because it is going to involve if we're really going to reach a lot of people it's going to involve really learning media content creation alright so I salute the people who are doing that already and continue your efforts and the people who have not started that as of yet get involved and get on the playing field get on the battlefield and don't wait for orders from headquarters get out there and start and do what you can and learn as you go you know and the dynamic will get easier as you do it you don't have to know everything at first you don't you know what on earth is happening at first the very first week was not as polished of a show as it is today and you can see we're still polishing it and still making adjustments and changes you know it's always a process it's never something that's totally complete and in final form yeah life isn't okay so the whole point is get involved now do what you can do now as you could do more you ramp up your efforts that's what it's always about okay and with that said I think that that will conclude the formal slide presentations for today's show as always these shows are archived that what on earth is happening comm slash podcast I've been putting up the podcast on Mondays because I'm usually pretty drained after doing a three-hour program on Sunday nights and to be quite honest I'm gonna watch the series finale of Game of Thrones tonight I'm not going to be putting up the podcast tonight more likely than not okay yes I watch certain allegorical shows to see what the the allegorical content is I you know hope that they will do the right thing and destroy the throne itself tonight but we shall see okay I don't know if George Martin is such an awake allegorical writer or even the people he worked with but we'll see how it goes that being said a couple of quick things if you have found value in the water on earth is happening broadcast please go to gifts dot what on earth is happening calm here's a slide for the gift store and you can get all kinds of mementos here in return for a donation so we have t-shirts we have flash drives DVDs coasters keychains buttons stickers etc okay so go and check it out gifts thought what on earth is happening come we appreciate all your donation gifts that we've received here at what on earth is happening it keeps the operation going and moving forward also if you haven't taken me up on the 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know check out donate page and thank you so much to all the people who have very generously donated over the years to what on earth is happening it is keeping this cause in this effort going and growing so thank you so much and that will be all for the formalized presentation now I'm gonna put my headset on and we're gonna start to take your calls so calls are always as always taken on discord here at what on earth is happening do not listen at this point in your web browser or on any type of mobile device to the stream if your if your calls are being taken if you're just watching continue to watch that way but if you want your call taken and you're going to go into the the discord chat call in-room okay what you want to do is you want to listen only in discord with headphones because you will be getting me on a delay if you listen in the live stream okay so that being said let's saw get ready to go to your calls for the duration of the show any topic is on limits if you want to talk about the Maven effect your experiences with trying to reach an awakened a local maven that's fine but if you want to take it into any other area that is fine as well we're not limiting it just to that topic so any topic is fair game alright let's see let's go to links from the north links from the north you are live on what on earth is happening show number 209 welcome links are you with us you I thought I was I didn't see way in there oh it's down at the bottom sorry okay yeah I'm Way behind sorry okay all right I'm gonna jump sorry about that let's go to Andrew Rigby Andrew Rigby you are live on what on earth is happening number 209 welcome to the show greetings mark thanks so much last week I was on the show as y1c granite oh okay but you know the your show today inspired me you know what I am Who I am gonna call Andrew breaking my whole life so let's just keep it with the way it is the message not going to change I'm a I'm a Salesman as you described it and an aspiring Maiden ultimately I would say a Salesman I'm um what I really my passion is a connector I'm a connector I connect people to who have the right ideas to the right source of connections whatever it be they need expertise funding the sort of thing that's what I do I'm hosting my own database right now so I can spread a whole bunch of all of the knowledge that we're talking about here on the terabyte and even more so I'd love to figure out a way that we I can work with you and collaborate and figure out how we can get stuff that I've accumulated even hosting more and other servers and just building a whole network of servers that are hosting these all of this knowledge that it's getting out there so yeah like I think that is something people have suggested I'm gonna continue doing it but through the method I've been doing it directly with the arc but I think people putting up torrents is a very effective way of communicating information that cannot really be taken down or censored because you could share them with magnet links as well which are really only like hash tables and links you know so you send that out you send a magnet link out you could post that anywhere and nobody can stop a magnet you know you'd have to shut down the internet you have to shut down text you know you know you're gonna shut down hypertext you know it's like that's the whole technology the Internet is built upon so anywhere the text can be posted a magnet link can be shared so doesn't even require a centralized server yeah no doubt you've been a great inspiration to me to help me just get the word out there as many possible ways as I can inspire me to start writing do a whole bunch of other stuff so I'm really excited to share everything they have with you fantastic that offline as far as technology goes they'll mark my question is a really simple one what is the one area of technological research that you would say you're most excited of emerging research and advancement in the field of technology I would say that yeah my my eye has been on photonic computing if you research what photon based computing is it is going to be a radical advancement to computing architecture in the near future hopefully in the near future I don't know how far along they are with prototypes prototype models of photonic computers but essentially it's light based transference of data and it is going to increase speeds you know you know speeds of internal data is going to go into the it'll be like in the instead of transferring hundreds of megabytes per second will be transferring hundreds of terabytes per second like literally like the introductory prototype speeds that they're talking about or like it six terabits per second now I know that's not terabytes but like you know it'll get to a point where you know it'll be over a terabyte like to copy an arc would be a couple seconds literally right you know whereas now it's like four to five hours you know or more it right but like Wi-Fi technology where they're actually transmitting data like a Wi-Fi through a light that you'll have in your home no no this is this is actual desktop computing architecture that we're talking about so you know I'm sure this would eventually also then be taken into the realm of networks if it hasn't been you know theoretically discussed doing that but we're talking about a new computing architecture with something that's called universal memory some I think HP has worked on this with something called the memristor and it's something that basically is going to act as a universal form of memory so there will there won't be separate memory components in the architecture so you won't have RAM a cache harddrive you know anything like that it will be one form of memory and you know we're talking about you know beyond zero latency speeds you know you'll be able to copy whole libraries of data in literally seconds so yeah what would naturally would transhumanist agenda type style future I mean I don't think I don't think it necessarily must you know it could but I'm not I'm not the fearful technology you know a person who looks at technology in just that fearful way we're just it becoming powerful is gonna mean the end of humanity I think we have to just maintain control over it and use it as you know what it should be our servant instead of allowing it to become to become its servant you know I'm not a technological light a Luddite as people know I think that any of the advancements that have really led to a increase in human productivity and quality of life have been because of technology just about anything we use on a daily basis to make our lives easier is some form of technology or another when it comes to computing technology I think there are ways that we can make it better and cleaner and not as polluting and not as destructive to human physiology but I am for the advancement of technology in the sphere of communications this is where I think we are very capable of communicating information more effectively and completely and in a more efficient way I mean right now you look at how we're still doing things copying things slowly to thumb drives or you know just too often slow hard disk drives that aren't even solid-state in many cases you know or every computer I use now has an internal solid-state drive thank God I mean because the the old HDD hard disk drive magnetic platter technology just needs to go to the dustbin of history you know that stuff is his has been done should have been done like 20 years ago and only now the prices are coming down to affordability for the average consumer you know the average end-user so um you know I I think that what I look at toward the future is what has been referred to as photonic computing and Universal memory you want to definitely check those out absolutely thank you so much and I'll take it off the air but mark thank you for taking my call but I just wanted to also put a recommendation out there to your listeners as far as a book that's really worth reading by a gentleman by the name of PJ McClure he calls himself ironically based on the show the mindset maven okay and and his book is called flip the switch interesting you lost you've already you mentioned flip the switch on the story but he wrote the book titled it flipped the switch the mind by the guy he called himself to mindset maven PJ McClure it's available for free online he give this away he was PJ is in Paul PJ McClure Creek MCC oh you are great I'm not familiar with them so thank you for the recommendation and I'll definitely check it out all righty thank you very much money Andrew thank you so much for your call and hey thank you for your courage and putting your name out there you know I find that I find that personally commendable I'm not saying any everybody has to do that at your own choice I'm going to necessarily look you know negatively or down at you I'm just saying that like you know I think I'm not saying just in a discord room to take take your call you need to do that what I'm talking about is if you're going to go and put your information out there on a worldwide Way on youtube on Facebook on your own website you know associate your name with it it's your work you know what I mean don't make these people think that we're afraid of them we shouldn't be afraid of them you know I'm not saying they're not dangerous people I'm saying we show fear that's emboldened them that's all I'm saying okay all right so let's see we're implementing a queue today to see who got into the room earlier so I'm gonna try to stick with that if possible okay it's a new technology that we're working on and you know I'm gonna try to stay to that to honor people who have been in the room longer than others so let's move on to Francesco Francesco you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey good evening mark thank you for taking my call absolutely well so I guess well first of all this is what this was a great show and I guess another way that you sort of do your reality your reality checks for people yeah definitely like we need to find the courage to to get out there and try to influence the more people that we can and for for me you know in the beginning was quite a depressing show because I'm not that much great in influencing others at least person to person but I guess the the good the good side about it is that I you know I I took to the Internet so in a way to sort of try to to send the message in the bottle and see you know who will will be taking it so exactly we don't have to be we don't have to be all things to all people like if you're a better creator of media and and just putting it out there you know start up a channel or a site and be a content creator again as the last caller Andrew said he's a connector he may not be the Maven he may not be the sales person or even a creator of the media himself but he can connect people he can show people hey you might want to talk to this person or you might want to look at this person's information or sphere of knowledge and you know those connections are very important too so that's a type of influencer you know so you you you find what you're your strengths is and then you do it you put it to work you go out into the world and you put it out there for people I'm just trying to get people that like not be you know complaining about what's going on in the world but not really doing anything we have to take action it's not just about knowing what's going on and then saying oh woe is us you know what are we gonna do you then have to take some form of action and try to do it out in the digital space space if possible you reach the most people that way because this is the new town square quote-unquote this is the new way that you know again people don't physically leave their homes get up on soap boxes and try to raise their voice and and talk to all the people in the town square you know we still you know people still do little you know canvassing things and handing out flyers and then I'll call it business cards but really the digital space the web is where the new town square and where the new personal communications forum is at and knowing those technologies and how to use them is ultra important because that's where we're gonna reach the most people exactly well for me it was you know kind of seeing the the brick wall which I had to confront every time I try to speak about these issues you know in the in the physic in the physical world right but I guess so that the good thing is that that motivated me to to get get get more active you know to hurt the movement in the end yeah so let me ask you a question in how has the response that you've gotten when you've attempted to you know kind of Oh enlighten or help to awaken somebody or give them some information that you think is valuable and pertinent to their life how have the vast majority of people that you've attempted to do this for reacted give me like a ratio of percentage how many people would you say you were able to help somewhat reach somewhat or how many people were not interested at all I guess the reaction that they got most of the time with but at first in credulity then they say oh well you may be right but you know can do anything can do anything about it yeah that's a stage within the awakening process let me ask you something would you say like eight out of ten rejected it would you say six out of ten rejected it at first no probably probably probably even nine okay all right now how many have come back recently more recently and said I think there was something to what you've said there but I don't necessarily think there's much that we can do out of those out of those nine out of ten yeah probably another nine out of ten yeah probably yeah maybe you know okay so then there's still a few who think who kind of know what's going on and think we can do something there it's it's not you know everybody who is kind of has thrown in the tower or given up or said no we can't can't influence this for the better so there's you know that and that's that's what I'm saying I'm saying it's probably it's well under 10% folks you know that are even thinking we could turn this around at this point and again I'm still one of those people as much as I think it's really bad I wouldn't be on the air every week if I didn't think there was something we could do to make this better I wouldn't bother I wouldn't bother speaking so I think it's still possible although we're in a very dark time we're at a very dark aspect of this problem is maybe and then people that might say yeah right but I don't want to get involved because you know if I you know share share some of the things right some of the things that you passed me you know I I know Facebook I have a friend that it's I know some cops or whatever and I can't you know shows up you know who the cult of ultimate evil we're having some audio issues because of how the the laptop has been sort of glitching out a little bit today not again I'm not really sure what the source of that I'm gonna try something here and see if this corrects it at all but you know yeah I I can still hear you so I'm you know continue so you're talking about how people like they are afraid of the of what other people think of them you know that this is the thing that is holding most of us back is we're still in this fear of what other people think we're still in this fear of you know what will these people in my social circle think of me if I share this information this is what your you've encountered a lot of yes exactly as I said if I share this you know I know somebody that you know it's it's a co-op or works for the government so right I'm afraid of their reaction and and you know things like that see this is the stuff that I'm talking about folks you know this is what we have to move past as as us as a species as a people especially even in our social circle as potential influencers of other people you know there's so many people who do know this and they don't want to come forward Francesco I want to thank you so much for the call by the way a great point that you brought up regarding fear of what other people think and how other people in your peer group might might think of you might might look at you as if you share certain information you know I have briefly told this story I won't use any names I know somebody who's as highly knowledgeable as someone like myself in just about every area of this of all of this knowledge that we talk about here on what on earth is happening and because of a financial situation that they are involved in where they stand to inherent inherit I'm sorry a lot of money from a from a you know a financial empire so to speak from a product the person does not come forward and speak because they think that their family will cut them off and not they will not receive the potential inheritance that they could and so they just stay silent and again I've said it many many times in the past I think that's the worst karmic scenario to be in in any other out of any other scenario I think there is more karmic debt and suffering associated with knowing the truth and staying silent than there is with people who literally do heinous things to other people physically I think there's more karmic debt because of what you know to be true and that is a deep spiritual burden if you don't communicate that to other people so I can't say it any more strongly that if you do understand what's taking place it is your personal moral responsibility to communicate it to others okay let's continue on and let's go to Loki tow Loki tow you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show thank you mark for taking my call absolutely yeah I kind of just did a little late to the show but I hear that it's about influencing people yes and yes that's take a lot of time to influence somebody sometimes like with me because I do the Latin like I back in in your latest show where I said where I translated all your natural law seminar yes and I went through I did do a presentation I did a lot of announcements and I did do was more like an old school close to the Flyers everywhere and everything it it kind of didn't go too well because I practice run for me okay I only had like two people I showed well actually they were more interested anybody else but it showed me what I needed to do for the next time basically this is like a learning curve sure yeah that's the thing like like you can't be afraid to fail you can't be afraid of rejection or failure you try if you don't do it well and you fail you fail and you know eventually you do it again you persevere until you get better at it and then more people will will turn out and receive the message I mean you know I wasn't getting this type of viewership that I get now back you know in 2007 when I first started you know I started in a living room with like you know a handful of people sitting in you know folding chairs in a friend's living room that's how what on earth is happening started and most people don't even know that you know so you know it's it has a snowball effect you know you have to keep doing it if something is worth doing it's worth continuing to do but yeah even after that half it showed me what I needed to do and what I'm going to do different now is actually go talk to people personally with the Latin community it's a little different because in social media it's mostly or for family so Latin community that's what I have to do is actually go talk to him go to the flea markets go where they go and there you just have a flyer and then talk about the topic set I'm going to talk about cuz I've noticed that with the two that we're interested it's because I was talking about the topics that I'm gonna present you know just a brief overview and that kind grab them so that help me learn what I need to do like so next time so I'm gonna create a flier that has the topics that I'm going to talk about and just like a brief overview in Spanish basically this is this is an interesting dynamic here that you're talking about Latino because I have often myself wondered and a lot of people will you know try to take this as some type of you know race dividing statement but it isn't I think it's a it's a cultural and social dynamic that we have to explore more by discussing it and finding out where the factors are but I hear constantly and and and see people questioning you know why aren't there more you know african-american people or Latin American people you know or or Asian American people at events regarding freedom you know why why does it why is it seen or perceived as some sort of a white culture for freedom being a white cultural thing or horribly in many cases as seen being white racist you know which absolutely is not and the people in the freedom community are very very accepting and not racist at all you know and I but you don't see that many people from a more diverse series of ethnic backgrounds when it comes to you know conferences meetups etc and why would you as I'm assuming a Latino American am I correct okay what why would you think that that is the dynamic that we see take place I may do a whole show on this dynamic at some point or albeit admittedly a potentially controversial topic but I think it's something that needs to be fleshed out and understood better the there's a psychological dynamic that we're not really seeing or addressing in why this may be that way what why do you think it's that way or have you heard anything to that effect um well to what I've learned and I guess my opinion on it would be is because of the cultural differences and the it would be yeah morosely it'd be the cultural differences on the way that people are raised and said more comfortable with that type of I'll say programming of the way the culture is they're more comfortable with that but then at the same time it's is still the same language it's just it's just the difference in culture oh is it a more inherently sort of embalmer ingratiated sense of respect for authority in government in the culture because you know I mean there are you know traditions of Independence as well in the latin-american countries and cultures but you know it seems like maybe also the influence of socialism you know has pervaded in a lot of the Latin American communities as well or Latin communities I should say you know in in Central and South America so you know those factors I think have to be factored in as well but you would say it's more cultural and do you think it's like that way from how its taught to young children yes because like in the let religion yes and are in the Latin culture where they have that where we have to follow what the chefs in which it's okay up to a certain point but then you still got a question if it's right or wrong and most of it's wrong because they're falling with the laws of the government too and they teach that in religion where you really have to listen to Big Daddy right and they do that in the real in the church in the religion even with my background because I came from a Jehovah Witness type of religion which is kind and a really strict but I've noticed the similarities because it even in that culture they teach you you have to listen and follow the laws of the government and they they they they put it in their teachings and I believe that's heavily like I said it's heavily in the culture of the Latin community because religion is sort of heavy in the sure nine community but it's been kind of broken up because of the stroke school and the way information is provided and it's actually broken up a lot of families that way too because of the a lot of that information is out there but in my experience there's not enough information in Spanish and that's what led me to translate your word to help produce more cut minyan in spanish basically yeah there's definitely that language gap there as well you know and I think you know technology can also assist with that because there's definitely some automated translation that is capable of being used to bridge that language divide but not to go back to the point that you made and I want to thank you as well for the call great points that you've brought up and thank you for answering my questions when it comes to that dynamic culturally but they do too yeah I've got it one of the things that our lakita brought up there is the influence of religion and you know this goes hand in hand like hand in glove with government these are both authoritarian dynamics that play off against each other you know neither one of them wants to see you know the the the other lose their influence and power because it would diminish the influence and power of the other these are two arms of what I call the unholy trinity the unholy trinity of mind control and social control is a religion which is the father of it all that's the highest end of it it's all religion then you have the mother which is the monetary / financial system which works on our emotions and is the feminine dynamic influencing our desires for things and then of course you have the child which is the male you know active influence that comes together because of religion and money and that is government you know the religion of authority combined with money people being paid off to do to become older followers and you know hammer people into submission you know that's ultimately what government is all about you know because it is slavery so you know this is what people have to understand is that these three dynamics all work together as one cohesive unit and they're on the same page and the social engineers that put all these things together they're operating on the same page where were divided all over the place because they could put us into different dialectical positions to war with each other over you know just two different forms of control two different ways to get to the same prison cell you know you're gonna take the left path you're gonna take the right path but you're ending up in in a prison either way you go and they have people believing that they're radically different things but that's the power of mind control alright let's go back to our call queue and see who's next in here alright let's go to Greg Allen Greg Allen you're live on what on earth is happening episode number 209 the influence of the Maven awakening your local maven what do you have for us Greg we're having an audio problem although my producers telling me we're having some audio issue are we okay I'm hearing I'm hearing him fine it's not coming through the stream you sound fine to me do you want me to reconnect my headphones all right I'm gonna I'm gonna reconnect now this all right we're going to make a reconnection real quick to the computer hold on one moment Gregg are you still there yeah I'm still here mark okay that looks like it cleared up the audio issue that we were having thank you for your patience yeah no problem got a few gremlins in the works oh yeah apparently it's okay you know pesky little critters well if they weren't doing their stuff then you know we've obviously got them bothered I'm glad to talk with you I've been following your work now for a couple of months I'm a truck driver and I've been downloading your podcasts for you know you sure that's on iTunes and of course as you can imagine I spend a lot of time in the truck and you're really waiting my way through from episode one I think I'm up to episode 37 oh that's great of your podcast for so really some powerful information and confirmation of a lot of things that I've come across in my own research over the last 11 years I appreciate that thank you yeah no one saw every when I came across you in the last dozen years I thought you were still maybe working for the opposition but I get that a lot even to this day I mean how many years can you you know advocate for total human freedom and the destruction of the occult and the destruction of mind control and people still tell you that they're trying you're trying to do that you know it's a lot of people don't have still don't have very accurate powers of discernment when it comes to understanding who's the genuine article and who's controlled opposition but I think people with discernment you know do find that out or figure it out pretty pretty quickly mm-hmm well your own personal story touched the chord with me because I loved it usable my life was really down the toilet and it was a time in my life where you know I was at the lowest ebb human being could possibly be and rare one night I fell to my knees in tears and weaping and deep remorse and regrettin I sobbed my heart out like a baby for a long long time and it was at that moment when I would really suppose in the Gospels what to describe it he's you know looking up to the heavens and pleading to the creator of all creation to forgive me for every rotten word deed and act that I've ever done and I can't really explain it except say that he felt like at the time how was I had a deep warm glow into my chest and deep in my heart and it was literally felt like our weight was being lifted off my shoulders Wow yeah that's the psychological dark night of the soul you know that's yeah this is our hitting rock bottom and you know there's two ways to go from there there's death and then there's coming out of that abyss and rising up toward the light and it looks like you chose that path which I'm happy to hear that you went in that direction because often it takes that level of suffering and that extreme dark night of the soul for people to be able to turn their life around and see the truth for what it is and you know make progress toward the direction of the truth and and toward right so I I commend you for having that you know fortitude personally and spiritually to be able to do that because some people thank you they go in the of that other direction and they resigned themselves you know or they they just hit you know not just hit rock bottom they go right past it and they don't make it so it's aw it's a it's a testimony to your spiritual strength Greg well thank you one of the things that you said in your podcast that struck another chord was that there are the three little words the hardest words for any human being to say it was I was wrong and I think it was during that conversation that I was clearly with the Creator to forgive me for everything that I ever done wrong was you know I did say our job was wrong all of the things I've ever done said of what that path ever since and so yeah your podcasts are really coming from a place of good spirituality thank you I was just once all about her you know it's about it's about making that you know genuine effort you know that you know it's about trying again even if you fail you at least made the effort and no one can say you didn't try you know and that's where we have to get more people at that level of courage to say I don't know what's gonna happen but I'm damn well gonna try my very best you know and I just try to be a an influencer in the way that I try to lead by example of the efforts that I've put forward over the years and kept going even though I've had some dark points during that time you know I haven't given up I've kept going I've tried to refine the work and bring it up to a as high of a level as possible and just show people that that is possible to do you just have to set your mind to it I think somebody said once that the the Million Mile March begins with the first step and the first step in in that process is really admitting to yourself that you're recognizing that you you you are in the wrong and and it's the very reason as to why your life is a pile of crap you know and you need to do something about getting yourself out of that it's recognizing that you know maybe every wrong word the in action that you you've actually been doing and saying that is wrong that's been hurting people and see if you would if you acknowledge that to creation creation isn't gonna bury you for that it's not it's gonna say okay well you were wrong now what so if you make that apology and you say I'm willing to change my behavior my actual actions to do better the creation is not only not going to bury you for that it's not gonna you know beat you further down for that it's gonna actually come up underneath you and support your effort to change and that's what people have really gone through that process can testify to they can they can say in their own experience that that's what happened though you'll see it in the direct result in what happens to you in your life I saw the remarkable 180 degree turn around in my life and that you know I've had so many things happened to me in these last 11 years ago way beyond coincidence where I see the workings of the universe the Creator whatever you want whatever is comfortable for people to call it where things are just happened for me doors have opened for you no jobs of materialized contracts have opened for me you know I that she's a phenomena that I wanted to ask you about that a lot of the places where I go or see or do I can I come across the figures of seven one and seven which is my birthday first two first of July I see this all the time I see these numbers placed in front of me all the time warrant seven and I'm just wondering if you value anything of a similar experience where maybe the creation or he's trying to let you know that hey I'm with you I'm standing with this it's amazing that you would even bring that up and it's what's even further amazing is the synchronicity of the numbers because those are my numbers especially seven seven is the number that I see all the time I see triple seven seven seven seven and when I did the English geometry of my name my first middle and last name all add to seven and this is a very significant spiritual you know symbolic number representing coming to a place of knowledge care and and right action which is what 777 has represented has represented a cultic lee in occult gematria and the numbers one have come to me in the past mostly I still see them from time to time but in the form of eleven eleven eleven eleven has been called the the lightworkers call it's a a balancing numerological aspect and it also represents justice because justice is the the scales of justice are the balancing aspect in nature okay and the justice tarot card is card number eleven of the Major Arcana of the Tarot which when you lay out the cards in the Kabbalistic tree lay out comes to the top of the macrocosmic Tree of Life in the crown position of that tree of Kabbalah in that card layout representing that it is the highest force in the universe that law justice and law and natural law is is the what rules the entire all of creation so those numbers are probably what I would consider to be the most symbolically significant numbers at least in my life those are the ones that synchronistically or if you want to call it synchronistically reappeared to me over and over and over 1111 was happening before I went into what on earth is happening almost like you know like literally like driving me nuts eing it so much to a point where it was almost like saying you have to do something more than what you are doing knowing what you know having gone through the experiences that you're going through isn't enough this is a doorway they call they also call 11:11 a doorway it's like leaving one world and then entering another world like doors okay so like like you said doors have opened up for you okay I I consider the ones almost like opportunity presenting themselves or showing you what your work must be and the sevens are often I find at least I don't know if others will agree with me when it comes to gematria analysis you know occult numerology analysis but the sevens are almost like a nod from the universe that you're heading in the right direction that you're going in the correct direction they're like an affirmation at least that's how I interpret them okay again gematria and numerology are not what I would consider the biggest strong suit of mine in the occult studies what I would personally consider I have a very strong background in is you know Kabbalah Freemasonry Tarot those are the traditions that I have really delved the most into in the in the occult Sciences the occult Western mystery traditions but gematria has been an ancillary study of mine and it's uh my personal interpretations of both the 7 and the 1 are like that the the opportunities are there in the ones and then the 7s are almost like your Pat's on the back like you're heading in the right direction and this is affirmation that you are doing going in the right direction and doing the right thing well the strange that my first name is made of seven letters Greg or Gregory which I'm let's endure to believe in understanding these short for comes from the Grigory what the Watchers write the religion was there are a wiser and better man understanding that you know the the great men like professor John Allegro Manchester University we send over to transcribe the Dead Sea Scrolls we published a lot of what he'd done all be in in rough form and then the Roman Catholic Church flipped when he published his word because he was taught the contradiction all the church dogma that they were putting out and that he'd realized that they'd conflate the two stories you know the the true story of a guy called Ahuja the teacher of righteousness and the the worship normal worship of Mithras that's a very combined in the combined the two together yeah yeah this guy did live but he was born in 160 BC and died 1880 I think it's 88 BC um he he was a radical and a rebel he was the leader of the yes in community and took the priestly Jewish hierarchy to task sadly one too many times and they grabbed all of them and they'll disaster the tree to her house where you get the story of the sky called Jesus Christ there seems knew he was you know the new he was just an ordinary mountain but not the the Jesus JC that bullshit that we get from you know the the church about organized Church in Christianity churchianity or as I like to call it constant Indiana tea because I came here ultimately from the Council of Nicaea and Constantine to maintain control in the Roman Empire Greg thank you so much for the points brought up a very very incredible spiritual dynamics there I want to thank you for what you have done to change yourself and wish you the best in your continued journey so thanks so much for the call really great stuff thank you mom you got it yeah I talked about that dynamic when it comes to you know the co-opting of true Christian ideals and philosophy in my fake-ass Christians presentation if people want to check that out I went into those dynamics that Greg was referring there in toward the end of his call in the fake-ass Christians presentation you can get that in my video section or on my youtube channel all right let's saw let's move on to another call let's see who we have here let's go to Ivan from Phoenix Ivan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome you have to unmute yourself I can see that you're still muted on your end Ivan from Phoenix I've unmuted you at the server end I'm showing that you're still muted on your end I'm gonna move on alright let's go to okay I'm try links again links you're live on what on earth is happening are you there I can there you go we got you ah great and nice to talk to you again you too so I want to talk about to to online personality study you know at least know them maybe you have like some some thoughts about because I I was actually - is it it's bit synchronicity because I was thinking like the other day that like I'd like to talk to you about these guys and maybe they would be what you would call a maven so and they kind of been going in in different directions so like I came across a guy in the shed a few weeks ago in the after our chat and he told me about an American guy that's a a Christian guy actually but I've been going into his work or listening to his live streams for a few weeks or now and his name is Owen Benjamin do you know about him I do actually yes I think that he has gone into quite a bit of information and there is some of his perspectives I don't agree with because they're a little bit too radicalized toward certain inaccuracies but then he gets the considerable part of the picture when it comes to what's really going on control wise he understands the pedophile aspect of it you know which is a huge aspect to really understand I don't think he really deeply understands some of the more occult aspects of it certainly not necessarily from the psychological position when it comes to the occult and I don't think he understands what Anarchy truly is that being said I don't think I don't think he would be an individual that would be able to understand those things he seems to have a very sharp mind so you know it's a someone that I wouldn't mind trying to you know pull over toward a even more aware position by making him aware of some other information he just hasn't looked deeply enough into as of yet but I have checked out some of his live streams and he does have a considerable viewing audience because of his status as a celebrity so you know a celebrity comedian so I do think he's a maven I agree with that contention I do think he has a tremendous potential as an influencer so you know I think maybe people should bring some of this information to his attention and maybe he can go even further in his understanding without a doubt yeah so I'm aware of him yeah so that's basically the conclusion that I've made us what you just told me that like he seems to have a pretty sharp mind and and be kind of aware of things and I like he's kind of like he's the first basically Christian person that I've felt that I you know he seems to be a good guy and he started a farm and you know he got thrown out of Hollywood kind of read open his mind about that stuff the under so - true theology a little bit and how that co-opted the original reel aspects of the Christian philosophy which is older than what we call Christianity and he understood the occult more I think he would a wider understanding of what's you know really taking place with the control system and how it incorporates religion into it would would dawn upon him but that information from what I've been able to gather hasn't hasn't quite reached him yet so you know again everybody has different pathways in their journey and learn different things at different times and at different rates so I definitely see you know potential in somebody like that their ability to learn and communicated but he's kind of unfurling it and you know doing that almost like in real time on is on some of these streams from what I've been able to gather and kind of odds just going deeper into learning about all this so the inter an interesting dynamic if someone like that does you know go even further and see how the control system would try to contain that you know because you know clearly they don't want people like that with large viewing audiences who they clearly influence really waking up fully they don't want anything like that happening yeah he got thrown off Twitter and he PayPal as well so wow something's up yeah mmm yeah they're trying to do that with more and more people you know and use them as an example of like you know make other people afraid you know it's like people can't give in they have to keep going and have courage even if somebody doesn't have every aspect of it right you know what I mean you know there's a you you have to be able to freely be able to speak and and make mistakes and get things wrong you know yeah this is how we we flush things out and come to an understanding of what's really taking place and they don't even want people to be able to go through that process they want you to receive the reality that they push toward you that's all they want you know and if people let that happen they deserve what happens to them you know yeah we have to resist this you know I think he's building his own network as well so so yeah that's cool true and I also like to talk about another part that you've been interviewed by before and in my regards he's been going in the totally wrong direction you know quite a few years now I'm kind of saddened by this because I used to listen to him and be a contribute to his work I do yes I just want to I just wanted everybody know we're still having some audio problems and I believe I know what the issue is I don't think we're going to be able to solve it on today what no matter what we unplug or move I know my producers been trying to figure out and trace it there's only one dynamic that's been changed on today's show and that's the introduction of an air conditioning unit into this room and I think this is an electrical issue with the power in the room because we may be almost overloading the the power the the electrical you know circuits in the room because of the air conditioning being on with all the other equipment in here so it's something I'm gonna have to look at maybe have my electrician come in and take a look at but I think I've noticed a correlation when the air conditioner compressor kicks that's when we're having the laptop caught briefly so I apologize for that you know we didn't want to swelter in here because it's a pretty hot day here in Philadelphia and it seems to be causing dropouts with the computer which is where the unfortunately the discordant audio is running from so if that comes through in the show I apologize for that there's not really anything we could do about it we'll we'll try to take care of this you know and get it sorted during the week so that doesn't happen on next week's program so I just wanted to say sorry about that links but let's let's just continue and you know power forward so is she coming through on the stream say something no you're not coming through I'm gonna make another disconnect and reconnect so just bear with us you you check ok sorry about that folks my producer is trying to correct a discord audio again I think it's a problem with the air conditioning unit being on so links are you still with us no I don't think you're coming through in the stream say something again she's not coming through yeah your your audio is not coming through in our stream that's the issue that we're having did we go off the stream just I know that you can hear me just give us a moment we're still dealing with a technical issue on the server and on the streaming end cut my mic you check okay all right so it looks like we may not be able to continue with calls I'm not really sure look link say something one more time so I can hear you but unfortunately you're not going out over the air so why don't you just ask a question and I'll repeat it that's how we're going to have to proceed because I am fairly certain you're not coming in let me quit discord and relaunch it I'm gonna quit discord well this is live production internet TV folks and it doesn't always you know it's not always trouble-free and I apologize that were seem to be having some severe issues going on today links can you still hear me okay she back check good say something yeah I can hear you but you're not coming over the stream so unfortunately we're going to have to do is just ask your question and then I'll repeat it and then I'll answer it so you you were talking about Henrik Palmgren okay so she's saying that she feels that Henrick palm grin is going in the wrong direction with you know what he's been covering on red ice and III do think that as well I have heard that he has gone in what you would call a white nationalist direction and this is a blow back from you know the kite type of forced cultural penetration that you have in Europe happening from trying to force cultural integration and bringing in a lot of Muslim migrants from the Middle East and other areas into Europe and when you have that type of a cultural clash it's going to be something that is not really going to produce a lot of optimum scenarios when it comes to how people are treating each other and getting along when it's done non naturally and done because of many different political factors this is something that is definitely happening in Europe and a lot of the a lot of it is creating a lot of tensions and conflicts and it's polarizing people and creating a dynamic where you're having this backlash toward you know a more elitist cultural view of you know Europeans whites etc and I think this is a dialectic that they want because it plays into their hand politically and I think that Henrick and for unfortunately in my eyes is someone who kind of fell into that dynamic you have to understand that it's all a polarization dialectic and it's done deliberately and instead of just you know moving it toward hating on people like you have to identify the political polarization for what it is and let people know that this is a divide and conquer strategy and a technique that is used by people too you know by the social engineers to set people against each other it's something that I think too few people are want to talk about because they're afraid of being attacked and labeled as you know being racist that by even bringing up the whole dynamic but you know to fall into it from just a you know racist mindset and take it into a realm of you know just hating people because of a cultural difference or skin colour difference isn't going to help anybody you know it's like we have to see all of this as a divide and conquer strategy and you know a lot of people don't really understand how that dynamic works they don't they don't see it fully for how it really operates and how it's been socially engineered and it's it's hard for people to even have the discussion because they don't understand social engineering that this is what is sort of disappointing as far as Henrick goes because he does understand those social engineering dialectics you know or as far as I can tell he does but this is like you know something that he's unwilling to you know put aside the the personal issues because of what's actually happening in their environment you see this dynamic with you know going on in England a lot as well you know because of their certain Sharia law coming in no-go zones for people where there are high levels of you know Muslim migrants etc and it's all designed that way you know it's all it's a political design and people can't really see the dialectic you know dynamic that's taking place they can't see it so it's something that I think it's going to take a deeper understanding of social engineering and mind control tactics for people to really get what's happening in that dynamic and to pull back from a reactionary Ansem just pushing back against the people these people don't even on who are being used for this political these political agendas don't even understand what's happening they just want to go into a place where they might think that they'll have some sort of better quality of life instead of actually making their a region of the world better you know I mean you see this happening at the u.s. southern border as well and I've talked about it a little bit and again I don't really believe in you know nation state borders either but at the same time you know I understand how this is all being used as a geopolitical divide and conquer strategy and as that's why it's very difficult to overcome these dynamics when you have one culture being pushed into another and there are cultural divides and values separation value differences how would you expect those people to legitimately you know integrate and get along when that's being done through completely artificial means as a dialectic you know so you realize this is a very complex issue not everybody understands the political motivations behind it and understand how it is a dialectic and an agenda and you know it affects things on a on a social scale it affect affects it on a political scale and it affects it on a financial scale and this is exactly what the globalists won and they want people divided and arguing over it and they want people who have the potential to become radicalized to radicalize themselves over it and then that creates further conflict and divide in society so the plan is working according to plan it's working perfectly according to schedule according to plan because not enough human beings are aware of the social engineering aspect of this they don't get why certain high-level globalist elitist would want to push cultures together like that and what they are the chaos that they are trying to create by doing that they don't understand that dynamic so that's my response to what you brought up about Henrik and I agree that I certainly agree that that individuals was a maven and bringing together bringing people together in the truth movement especially with the work he's done in red ice creations I also find the direction he went disappointing and I don't I think he's capable of coming back from that position if he acknowledges you know the ways that you know he was incorrect for having done so but you know that's going to involve you know that those three powerful yet hardest to say words so you know we'll see what happens with that again I've talked about uh we could you know discuss the work of other people and their potential effect on people as well as mavens again I do think Palmgren was one of them because you know the stuff that he did in the early days with red ice it put lots of people together it put a lot of people on the map you know and that work was invaluable so I definitely agree with your analysis as to the direction that he went so thank you for bringing that up links you got it no worries okay that was links thank you links for your call let's move on to another caller and I'll relay your message so get right to your question give me get say your question or come and quickly so let me repeat it and then I'll address it okay that's how we're going to have to proceed unfortunately and hey it's what it is and we'll sort out the electrical issue that we're having you know next week okay let's see who's next in the queue we have Arnold no yes Arnold from Paris Arnold from Paris you are live on what on earth is happening welcome not really sure if you're coming through strong in the stream my producer is saying no so let's just I'll get to your question or comment and I'll repeat it for the listening audience so I just we have your audio now we finally looks like we resolved something in software so we have your audio go ahead Oh fantastic thank you so first of all I want to say thanks for putting in some French expressions in your in your show at the beginning of this show that's really funny I just want to tell you that in France here things are you know things are going to pot here in France and I said you know sake why I can't say what yes yeah well the X Factor when it comes to a maven why are they trusted yeah I was trying to think what you were referring to but yeah I remember okay yeah in a sec why exactly yes I noticed something with the the influencers there's a the fact that the bigger the influencer is and the more influence they actually have the the mo that the more to have to lose yes agent yeah so whether this is sponsorship deals or character assassination media assassination censorship you know most of these people who have these big audiences it's at least the ones I see what is ad revenues they're just so scared that these guys their message that's why ya know can't rely on a revenue stream coming from these big social media giants you know if you're relying on a revenue stream you know I don't like to call revenue if you if you're making any amount of money or you know donations come in through YouTube or Facebook or Twitter like that's the wrong model that's just just an incorrect model okay it looks like your audio went again so just say they were saying just before so I'll respond to that he said the censorships getting so bad in Paris that people are literally getting jailed for certain political cartoons that they're putting out with political messages and yeah that that is that that is how far gone and some audio is coming through from your mic I'm hearing a loop coming through very strange what's happening as long as is my voice they'll come my voice isn't coming through my voice istel okay okay so it looks like I'm getting a loop coming through in discord it's making it very difficult to it now it just stopped so let me bring Arnold back on and now there it is again so I'm getting in my head head set my own voice looping through so I apologize about the technical problems for today it's I don't rule out the possibility that this is some some kind of check okay it stopped in discord at least now let me see if I can go back to Arnold and see if he's in there No so what I'm experiencing folks is um I am hearing in my own headset my own voice coming through which should not which should not be happening so I'm gonna I'm gonna cut the calls and just talk for the rest of the show okay so that's what's gonna have to happen so we're having we had a we had a problem with the laptop video today cutting in and out and now discord seems completely wonky where not only where the callers voice is not coming through to the stream but then somehow my voice has was echoing back into discord and then going into the headset that I use to actually listen to callers and take their calls so I'm going to just write out the show even though I don't have any slides you know prepared for this and we don't really have callers to take so I'll go on what we've really been making this show about which is not only influence but courage okay and this is what I'm hearing from Arnold and Arnold I apologize I know you wanted to call into the show that I did on veganism and we weren't able to take your call then and now we're having audio problems when you finally do reach us from Paris but he was saying that things are so bad in France that the censorship has gotten to a point where people are literally being jailed for what they are saying and writing and when you have a society that's being closed to that extent it's as far as I am concerned it's time for physical rebellion and when they are starting to start to do that here I will advocate for outright physical rebellion 1776 style like what the Founding Fathers did to the agents of the British crown out in the open advocate for out in the open publicly on-air okay that hasn't started happening here in the United States yet but if it does I say it's open season on anybody involved in any aspect of government who would dare to do that to someone speaking their mind and that's what the Second Amendment is for folks that's what the Second Amendment is therefore that's what gun rights period are therefore that's what those weapons exist to take out a tyrannical government that has become so tyrannical that they are jailing people for speaking their mind freely and if that's what's already happening in other countries it's long past the time for physically removing those people literally physically destroying them so you know that's what's going on in many areas of the world you know and this is why you can never allow yourself to be disarmed being allowing yourself to be disarmed as getting rid of your last aspect of the ability to defend yourself when a Tyra comes for your rights and that's what is occurring and that's the level of censorship that they want like is what is active in North Korea and China these are these are countries these are governments that have long since should have been overthrown a long time ago by their people as as brutally as necessary physically for them to do you know and when people hear people say that they think that's radical that's not radical it's radical have speech closed down that's what's radical you know then it's radical that a whole society would tolerate that kind of shit that's what's radical it's radical that a society that is tolerating that kind of shit has already been disarmed to a large extent that's what's radical you know I mean this is the problem folks is that people don't have that kind of anger in them this is what I'm going to talk about in Arkadelphia the death of the sacred masculine aspect of being able to get angry at injustice that is clear injustice taking place in a society you know and another aspect Arnold brought up that I thought was extremely powerful is that the more people think that they have the lose the choir they become it's like you know you give somebody a little bit of comfort level you know they have money they have nice things they have a nice home or a nice car and then all of a sudden Oh since things are great for me it doesn't matter that this is happening in the world screw all these other people I'm doing pretty well the financial system is working for me so let me just shut up keep my mouth closed it doesn't matter what kind of other justices are taking place what whose rights are being raped and taken away and stolen you know let me just be quiet because I have a little bit to lose you know no you have a padded prison cell that's it that's all you have some padding on the walls of your prison cell that's all anybody like that has you know don't don't get it twisted and think just because you you might have a little more money and possessions than other people that that means you're not a slave like the rest of everybody okay because you're still living in a totally feudal system that's what this whole system is it's feudalism if you want to really be technical about the kind of government that really still exists the only government that exists okay we're just different feudal plantations carved up that's what countries are and the feudal lords are the government violent government system and they're thugs they're henchmen okay who are stealing the people's resources but yet allowing them to live on the land and calling it their their own land and mate pretending that they they have property no you're a feudal serf living on the landlord's land and that's all you are okay nobody owns their land or property outright you know the the government would say you're not allowed to do that you know not without paying them they're extortion called property tax you know not only do they want to take people's possessions take the product of their labor the fruit of their labor now they want to shut them up and say that they're not even allowed to speak about it because malevolent is taking place a very low level awakening at least mentally you know people aren't doing enough physically but at least some people are starting to understand because some people are speaking and that's what this is about reaching the influencers and then hopefully you awaken them to the extent that they become conscious enough and they become courageous enough to influence the people that they already have at their disposal who are listening to them and paying attention to them but as far as what Arnold is talking was talking about in his call is concerned they're jailing people for free expression already in Europe and they want to make it worse and worse you know I don't care how many people want to disagree with certain historical aspects and try to put forward revisionist history it's it should be their right to speak and if they're not correct about it the answer is to counter that with a correction to why they're wrong and continue to speak about it you know can you imagine me I don't agree with the flat-earthers okay could you imagine me saying all flat-earthers should be silenced I don't necessarily think they're so sharp in their math and science skills but that doesn't mean that I think that they should be silenced they should be allowed to speak where I get it where I have a problem is they want to harass me for not believing in their fucking religion now I got a big problem I'm not gonna be harassed you're not gonna harass me because I don't accept your religion any more than some government shithead is gonna harass me for not believing in Authority their bullshit religion you know you're not gonna harass me for not believing in your bullshit religion no more than I would allow some imbecile fake-ass Christian or some you know crazy radicalized Muslim or some lunatic Orthodox Judaic belief person who believes in that shit to come and say uh you're gonna have to believe in my religious belief or I'm gonna endlessly harass you watch what will happen to you physically you continue to do that I'm not gonna be I'm not gonna live my life harassed you think you're playing with some little boy you know you better think again you know and that that's what I would say is the same thing when they're telling you you have to accept the religion of authority and they're trying to Punk you out and say you know not only are you not going to rebel cuz we're going to take your weapons we're going to shut your mouth too and you're not even going to be able to speak and we'll throw you in a cage for speaking your mind folks any society that's already that closed down anybody who supports it should have been swinging from a rope a long time ago a long time ago or had their body full of holes a long time ago not now it's already largely too late for something like that largely not entirely but guess what that's why nobody's ever taken Americans weapons ever ever ever bet on it boys and girls bet on it like your life depends on it ok I wouldn't bet your life against it because you'd lose it because though well they will never disarm this country for that very reason because when they try to do that the weapons will come out know it like you know your fucking name ok I'm looking right at you and telling you the truth about what will happen you don't think so you have no clue what's here you have none zero clue would exist right here in America none ok so I I'm sorry to hear that that's happening there in Paris and and in other places in Europe but guess what every person who lived before you should have been more thoughtful when it came to laying down their rights to weaponry that's all I have to say because now a physical rebellion is going to cost tens of millions of lives whereas maybe it would only have to cost a couple hundred thousand if that but now it'll be in the realm it'll be a hundred times that factor a hundred times that factor easily maybe more because you've let a tyrannical government get the reins of society and they have a monopoly on the ability to use force through weaponry not here in America there's more privately owned weapons than there are people in America and I mean far more enough to arm every man woman and child if necessary ten times over probably okay or close to that all right not to mention probably the illegal and black market weapons which would amount to even more so that level of tolerating this type of abuse I don't care how much the leftists get control over bureaucracies in government the American population is never going to get to that level of first of all they're already so from people that I just talked to many of them are so fed up on what's happening with the social media clamped down that there's going to be a big blow back to this you don't think that there's going to be coming a huge blowback from freedom of speech advocates with what has happened in social media with with these clowns on Google and and Facebook and Twitter and Apple I mean you are trash communists I'm saying right here I'll say it right here on your own fucking platforms your trash communists your trash authoritarians your Nazis - I'll take ball attack both sides you know of your fake imagined political spectrum between left and right it doesn't matter what flavor of authoritarian you are you're an authoritarian piece of trash garbage scumbag who wants to shut down a society and make the government take over and take people's rights away including their freedom of speech and you ain't going to get away with it in America you're not going to get away with it because we're going to first combat you philosophically it's going to spill over into the political arena but if it has to it will spill over into physical combat if necessary and trust me you'll never win that you'll never win it you don't have the resolve to win that you're on the wrong side of history you're morally wrong and you're not as good fighters as the people who will fight you not even close so my suggestion is at least in America you want to try and press this you try and press it because you're gonna find out how bad you will lose okay but in Europe guess what they try to press it like they seem to be doing you guys are gonna have a real fucking bad time of it and I feel very very sorry for you but you should look to your not too distant ancestors for destroying your system your true natural rights and laying them down to tyrants because that hasn't happened here in America to the extent that it has happened in your region of the world and I'm telling you when it comes down to having to defend your rights physically you guys are going to get hit the hardest in the world maybe not as hard as China and and and as North Korea because they're gonna get hit the hardest in the whole planet on the whole planet but let me tell you you're gonna have a real hard time of it if it comes to that alright so I mean that's straight-up real talk alright responding to Arnold from Paris talking about this level of censorship that's taking place in France and you know they're trying to shut down all the social media the ability of people to scream what's going on with the the Yellow Jackets you know the protests with the Yellow Jackets they're in Paris you know they want to cut people's ability to even cover that in any kind of real time because they want to come in with their narrative you know and that's why I'm saying people have to be more bold you know we have to we have to really have a total pushback blowback on these tech giants when it comes to how they're trying to shut down speech your Chinese Communist trash your globalist trash your soviet-style Stalinist trash your Maoist trash okay your authoritarian Pig scum is what you are if you support that type of closure or freedom of speech because what you are as a person that wants a society that still has freedom of speech to become a closed society and that's called an immoral scumbag piece of dirt and that's what these tech giants are and that's what all the people who would support them are imagine what your the number your dirt bag parents did on you imagine what kind of trash scumbags your parents were to raise a child that would turn out into an adult that way what trash fucking parents you had you know imagine this imagine the kind of dirt that your your parents were and and probably your grandparents too that they have no values over what's right what's just what how what freedom really is you couldn't spell it and neither could your parents and grandparents you know and you would say you're trying to improve society wouldn't know the meaning of the term okay we have to be bold speak the truth and influence the other influencers and motivate them to courage learn the technology to put that out there learn the technology to circumvent censorship put the truth out there in the biggest way that you know how and tell everybody within the sound of your voice that government is slavery find the mavens influence them that influence their peer group you've been watching what on earth is happening we'll see you right here next week folks [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]