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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you have to groove on three-dimensional space [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one on one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time today is Sunday June 2nd 2019 this is episode number 211 of what on earth is happening we have a great show lined up for you here today we're going to be talking about Right Livelihood it's a concept I've brought up in the past it is obviously a concept from the Buddhist philosophical tradition that relates directly with natural law but we are going to flush it out in detail today and I'm going to be giving some examples of what what Right Livelihood actually is and what it most certainly is not so that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening so a couple of quick housekeeping duties that I want to get to is that I will be speaking at an arkadelphia the first-ever inaugural and arkadelphia conference here in the autumn of 2019 this conference will be taking place here in Philadelphia on September 13th 14th and 15th the guys from the state of anarchy are the hosts of it I'll be one of the featured speakers I'll be giving a talk that is going to be called the sacred gift of anger in which I'll talk about how the powers that be want to diminish the emotion of anger of righteous anger righteous indignation in people and how they go about doing that and how anger can be a truly motivational emotion if it is used in the right way if it is processed properly and directed properly also a big part of annika Delphia will be the debut of my first ever documentary film which is called mark passio and the science of natural law a feature-length documentary film about natural law probably the first in the world as as I know and that we'll be debuting at an arkadelphia 2019 I'll also be giving a workshop I will have to decide on what that's going to be more likely than not I've been kicking around the idea that I will be giving a workshop on how to teach natural law for the potential teacher of natural law I'm going to be do probably doing a workshop with resources and information on how to actually go about doing this type of work that's more what I'm leaning toward it's not set in stone yet as what the workshop will be but that is what I've been leaning toward and it will probably have center around that in some way so that's an arkadelphia 2019 you can go to the water on earth is happening calm website shown here okay and then you could click on the an arc adelphia banner there to get tickets that will take you to their main conference page and if you use the coupon code passio at checkout for your tickets you will get five percent off your ticket sale and five percent of the ticket sale will go directly to me as a donation as an affiliate donation from the state of anarchy and an arkadelphia so do check that out and another quick announcement I was interviewed on The Wizard Factory which is a podcast that has been gaining some traction of late this is hosted by Logan Hart and Bryan Easterday and I was interviewed on this past week by them on The Wizard factory that interview is now up on my website it's also up on my Facebook page and you can check out the wizard factory on YouTube by going to the news article on water and earth is happening down here at latest news and in the latest news section or you 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week so that's all the housekeeping that I have for today's show and I guess we can jump over into the slides so there is the an ARCA Delphia banner that the guys from state of anarchy made you could use again promo code passio to get five percent off your ticket sales and five percent they'll match and donate directly to me so that's coming up it's going to be a great conference a lot of fantastic speakers max Egan's gonna be a part of it Larkin rose you know Benny wills that I interviewed last week so so many people so many great people that are going to be part of this Anarchy related conference here in Philadelphia so do come and check it out so the show for today is a discussion on Right Livelihood and again I've mentioned this concept in the past when talking about natural law and this is so important to natural law it is really one of the most critical aspects of living in harmony with natural law as we will see thanks to Brett for making the title cards looking great as always and thank you to the whole staff for your work here my producer Mike's been doing a fantastic job really appreciate his efforts thanks to Tom and everyone else on the setup crew and of course my assistant Lea for keeping things running smoothly here at all times so you know we're going to talk about what Right Livelihood is and the first thing that we have to understand is yes this is a philosophical Buddhist concept that's where it comes from in the Eastern traditions at least I would say this is directly related with natural law and I'm going to explain why of course but you know in the traditional sense we get the the general philosophical viewpoint of Right Livelihood from the Buddhist tradition and you know I haven't really covered Buddhism too much here on what on earth is happening but we're going to talk a little bit about it today we of course study integral traditions here that means that there's no one path that is the only path to understanding the truth and understanding the world of the occult and natural law there are many different paths that can help lead us to that understanding and my approach has never been a single singular approach it has always been a multi-faceted approach to truth okay I would refer to it as an integral understanding of how things work together and that you take the best parts of all different traditions philosophically as they resonate with truth as you understand them to resonate with truth and you bring them all together so you know one week we could be talking about Freemasonry another week we could be delving into the tradition of Kabbalah in some weeks we will discuss things like Buddhism okay so this is the world's fourth largest religion actually but Buddhism is often not just considered a religion it does have some religious trappings but in general it's a philosophy on life that is characterized by a few overarching you know worldviews and and general points about what is taking place in the human condition so we're gonna get into that and then we're going to talk about right livelihood as part of what Buddhists would call the Eightfold Path and we'll talk about what that is so let's dive further into it here and look into the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism now again I'm not championing Buddhism as like the be-all and end-all I'm just saying that it's something that along someone's individual spiritual journey they can pick up something from and you know move forward with it because there is a lot that does resonate with truth and natural law that comes from this tradition as there are from many other traditions again I take pieces from Kabbalah from Tarot from Freemasonry from Rosicrucianism you know from Thelema etc you know so again the this is part of an integral approach to truth and an integral approach to understanding natural law principles and I think that these fit in very nicely with an understanding with a deep understanding of natural law and they certainly resonate with my worldview and my understanding of how things work if you get them down to their core esoteric principles again this can be perverted and turned into a religion okay into a form of control if we allow it to be okay if we allow that effect to happen and I'm not gonna tell you that Buddhism can't be just as corrupt as any other religion in the world because it most certainly can okay but when we look at the pure tradition from an esoteric point of view and we understand the subtle factors of these Four Noble Truths as I'm going to present them here today I think you can understand how real esoteric Buddhism could be as powerful as any other of the mystery traditions of consciousness and natural law so the first of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism is that and people will often say this very very incorrectly as life is suffering that is a complete miss translation of how it is written in the original Buddhist texts okay it would be a good translation would be either life contains suffering or life is or can be stressful okay life is stressful is one of the ways that that could be actually translated correctly not life is suffering as you will hear many Buddhists who don't understand the esoteric aspect of that first noble truth presented very incorrectly I would say that the best wording of the first noble truth of Buddhism is that life innately contains suffering including self-inflicted suffering okay so there are many kinds of suffering that life contains as we make our journey through it but life itself is not suffering that is not what I how I would interpret the first noble truth and I don't think anyone else should either so life innately contains suffering and things that will cause suffering but what we really want to focus on and look at when we look at the whole Buddhist path and philosophy is that life contains certain elements that are self-inflicted aspects of suffering okay and that's very important to distinguish things that we cannot really control that we have no control over that may cause suffering in our lives for instance death which is a natural part of the life cycle okay we're going to experience you know other beings that we love people animals etc pass away okay and you know their consciousness go elsewhere this is part of life okay this is not a self-inflicted aspect of suffering but of course we will feel suffering when you know loved ones leave us so what we really want to look at here is that life contains self-inflicted suffering okay because this is part of making the distinction between what you do have power to change and what you don't really have power to change you don't have power to change the laws of nature you don't have power to change the way life itself you know generally functions okay that's going to be what it is as it was designed to be but what we do have power to change is aspects of suffering in our lives that are self-inflicted okay so we have to know that that exists life innately contains things that are going to cause suffering for us and a lot of that is self-inflicted that's the crucial part of the first noble truth the second of the four noble truths of Buddhism is that the cause of the self-inflicted suffering that we experience in our lives is attachment to desire now many people will wear this one way more simply than it should be and they'll say the cause of suffering is desire and it's way overly simplistic okay if you want to get down to a real esoteric philosophical understanding of real the real philosophical Buddhist tradition no one would word just that they would not word the first noble truth has life is suffering okay it contains suffering including self-inflicted suffering anyone who really understands the esoteric elements of Buddhism would never say the second noble truth as the cause of suffering is desire okay the cause of our self-inflicted suffering is attachment to desires that we have meaning that we are it's okay to experience desire we all do if we're in the 3d world we're going to have desires okay it doesn't mean that those are unnatural doesn't mean that we should try to squash them or suppress them it means that we should be aware of them watch them okay be able to move through them and be able to set them down when need be okay it's what really causes self-inflicted suffering is attachment to desire but I'm gonna go one step further than that and say it's attachment for the desire of reality to be a different way than that and how it actually is okay meaning we want natural law to work a different way we want the universe to work some different way we want to do things that cause bad things to happen but we want good things to happen as a result and the universe just doesn't function that way but we have an attachment to the desire for it to function the way we want it to instead of the way it actually does that's the main cause of saw of self-inflicted suffering in this world okay now that doesn't mean don't ever desire the world to be better than it is it doesn't it doesn't translate to don't understand that the world is in a bad condition and he the human condition is slavery and basically endless suffering because of the self-inflicted suffering we've caused ourselves okay through government through all the other ways of wrong thinking that we've implemented and hardened into institutionalized you know life here on earth okay and we've basically built a prison system we built a slavery system okay so it doesn't mean don't see that honestly for what it is and then try to change it okay it's saying don't have attachment to try to make things into a the opposite of reality the way that they actually do work okay because you don't like the way reality works then you have this attachment to a desire for it to work some different way that's what this means okay it's like the prayer of serenity okay give me the grace to accept that which I can't that that cannot be changed okay and yet your the courage to change that which should be changed and the wisdom to know the one from the other that's the real prayer of serenity okay what we're talking about here is when we want things that cannot really be changed to change okay like how natural law functions in our lives we don't want to understand that we want to ignore it we want to lie to ourselves that it doesn't exist and therefore we're in this state of continual self-inflicted suffering okay we're bringing that down upon ourselves no one else is doing it to us we're doing it to ourselves and that causes attachment to the desire for things to be some other way it's also the attachment of worldly desires that you know we just want to have for our selfish pleasure and selfish benefit not doing anything to help her assist the human condition you know when we when we give of ourselves at least part even part of our time and skills to help others and to really attempt to put the truth out into the world and attempt to better the human condition in whatever way we can and whatever way we know how then we're gonna see the universe come to our assistance in our life to flow more effortlessly and for less self-inflicted suffering to happen that's how karma really works folks that's how natural law really functions okay so that's the second of the Four Noble Truths the third of the four noble truths of Buddhism is that there is a way to alleviate self-inflicted suffering self-inflicted suffering can be conquered it is not a hopeless case we are not doomed to endlessly you know put our own hand over the fire of the stove or of the burning coals and burn our flush away there's a choice there is a way there it can be conquered it can be defeated now the non self inflicted aspects of suffering that come about naturally in the world there's going to be natural disasters there are going to be deaths of loved ones etc you know we're going to have accidents in our lives we're going to make mistakes there they're going to be sources of suffering for for us okay it doesn't mean that you can conquer every single form of suffering what it means is that you can conquer you can learn how to conquer the ways that you are holding yourself back and the ways that you are causing suffering in your own life needlessly that need not be that way alright that's what the third noble truth is so that's great news that means there is an answer to why we suffer there there's a reason why we suffer okay and it can be conquered there's a reason for the suffering and it can be conquered this is all good news good positive things to understand about reality instead of having a completely dark worldview that oh woe is me nothing can be done I'm just doomed to suffer here okay obviously we have control over certain things and other things other people have to make the decision to change their own minds their own hearts and their own behaviors and therefore change their own lives and impact you know the the collective quality of life here on earth for all so the this is actually largely good news okay and the fourth met the fourth noble truth of Buddhism is that the method for ending self-inflicted suffering is what is known as the Buddhist Eightfold Path or the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism okay so there is an Eightfold methodology by which self-inflicted suffering can be conquered now you know we could talk about all of these at some future point I'm only going to very briefly highlight some of them and these are the kind of very similar to the steps of initiation in the Western mystery traditions of occultism okay so let's look at what that path of alleviating suffering actually is it's called the Eightfold Path and it's right understanding right thought right speech right action Right Livelihood which was what the is what the bulk of the topic of today is I'm laying the groundwork for that here right effort right mindfulness and right concentration so what we're talking about really here is putting your consciousness into alignment and you know understanding thought speech and action those are the aspects of con business you know our thoughts our emotions our actions okay and our understanding means coming into knowledge of the truth and I my producers trying to get my attention just give us one moment you all right folks so I'm just being told that we're having technical difficulties that we cannot control that we have no ability to to solve because it looks like Vimeo is actually down the actual Vimeo site is completely down and it looks like YouTube is partially down as well so we are still streaming fine here we are still recording the show in real time people may have to check this out in podcast cuz it looks like there's some major internet difficulties at least here on the East Coast so my producer just wanted me to unmute and discord so people if they want to follow along in discord can can check out the show from the discord calling room so I just did that looks like that's okay and I just want to say you know it's a again it's always a house of cards when it comes to technological issues and some of it is not within our control the things that were self-inflicted we took care of in between last week and this week and we got some new electrical you know power surge equipment we got some we eliminated a couple of adapters and we're able to run some better cabling so it looks like we haven't been having any glitches so far I'm very happy about that but you know hey we can't control what happens with Vimeo and YouTube you know those are other services who knows what kind of technical issues they're wrestling with but again this it very much it's almost synchronistic it goes hand-in-hand with the topic today that some things are within our control to be able to fix and improve and some things are not that happen and that just has to be accepted as how it is okay so we just continue we press on we move on and we do the best that we can and you know we let the chips fall where they may okay but we make the right effort okay that's a huge part of this right you do what you can okay staying in mindfulness of the entirety of the situation and exercising right concentration focusing on the task at hand okay and when we put these all together what we're really talking about is I saying before is this is about bringing consciousness into alignment with itself within the individual okay such that we are not in contradiction we're bringing our thoughts our emotions our speech and our action all into alignment okay and all the different modalities of thought okay concentration contemplation or mindfulness okay right effort okay the willpower bringing the willpower to the task at hand and then of course the understanding of truth the understanding of what is right and what is wrong okay and right thoughts and right actions right speech and right actions we combine all of that together then with performing the right tasks that we need to perform on a daily basis to support ourselves and make a living in the world okay I don't really generally like that you know phrase make a living but you know we use it to mean supporting ourself in the resources that we need to get things done on a day to day basis okay to have the resources that we're gonna require to operate in the world and that's important and no one should shame anybody for that you know researchers who do a lot of hard work who are putting the word out in whatever capacity they can in whatever way that they can you know they should be supported in their efforts I've always agree with that I think there are ways that they could go about doing it where the hand of theft in the form of government taxation doesn't come into the play in the play as much by thwarting that and trying to do n runs around it I totally support that because I think we should pay in as little into this slavery system that those resources are then turned around and used to enslave us even further you know so I would like to see more people you know buck that entire system to the extent that they can but what we're really talking about here today is people who choose to do jobs on a daily basis that are actively causing harm to others as we will see so and that the real answer is that they should not perform those jobs regardless of what it for them in their life in their lives that's a very tough decision and a hard pill to swallow as we'll get to but going back to the Eightfold Path this is sort of the initiatory tradition within esoteric Buddhism okay and if we really understand what these things mean we'll see that if you you were to follow this Eightfold Path it puts the consciousness into alignment so that we are being that as we think so we feel so we act and that Trinity of consciousness is brought together as one and is not in internal contradiction within the individual that's going to open up tremendous doorways for anybody that gets into that that flow in that state of consciousness okay we're getting in touch with the higher self by doing that and we're putting ourself onto the initiate Spath so this very much resonates in many ways with the esoteric occult traditions of the West okay it's it's a it's a bridge between the East and the West the Eightfold Path and the initiate tradition so moving on from that let's look at that middle part of the Eightfold Path I believe let me just go back it was it was number five out of the eight okay and let's talk about what Right Livelihood actually is so Right Livelihood is an important aspect of the Eightfold Path of Buddhism true Buddhism encourages its disciples to engage in compassionate activity and to make their living in a way that does not cause harm to others what does this sound like folks sounds an awful lot to me like natural law this is part of natural law natural law is all about knowing the objective difference between right and wrong behavior knowing which actions are rights because they do not cause harm to others to other sentient beings and which actions are wrong wrongdoings or transgressions against natural law because the performance of them does cause harm to other sentient beings so in the Buddhist tradition this concept is there through Right Livelihood it's also there through right action of course okay so we should not be taking part in occupations that are inherently whether directly or indirectly causing harm to other sentient beings okay so and you know we can't talk about every single job every single occupation in the world every single profession we would be here for a month okay I'm gonna give a handful a couple of handfuls of jobs today and talk about whether they constitute Right Livelihood or not some of them are outrightly wrong livelihood some of them I would consider almost noble professions and some of them are sort of gray areas that it depends on the circumstances and you know you know who you're working for the capacity in which you're doing the job as we'll get to they are often do edged swords even though they you know you might even say it's the same job but it's it depends on again the circumstances that you're doing the job in so we'll look at examples a little bit later and then you know after the formal presentation probably in the third hour of the show depending on how the formal slide show goes we'll be taking your calls through discord you can go in through the the calling link on the show page and I want people maybe to think about some other professions that they might have questions about that uh whether or not they fall in with Right Livelihood and or comment on anything you know that I said here today or ask any questions that you'd like to so calls will be coming up most likely in the third hour so let's move on to the next slide so you know again I'm going to present general jobs occupations and we'll talk about whether they constitute Right Livelihood or not so continuing with what Right Livelihood is a Zen Buddhist monk by the name of teach not Han said to practice Right Livelihood you have to find a way to earn your living without transgressing without transgressing your ideals of love and compassion the way you support yourself can be an expression of your deepest self or it can be a source of suffering for you and others again there's that concept of it's not only causing harm to others but it also causing self-inflicted suffering so this is about what the real cause of the suffering that we experience from a self-inflicted aspect you know is all about and uh you know this this Buddhist monk is you know he's in his 90s now and he's been basically teaching the concept of Right Livelihood for a number of decades and I think it's very powerful that he's putting in there that this directly relates to our experience of the world okay it can change how we experience our lives ourselves and it also can change the quality of life for other people because you are affecting other people in the course of the work that you do on a daily basis and let me tell you something folks I know there's a lot of people out there in the freedom movement that are in a lot of internal contradiction when it comes to this okay a lot of people are still doing jobs that they themselves know that they shouldn't be involved with okay so this is sort of almost my it's not only teaching this concept but it's an appeal though there's going to be an appeal on that you should trust in the universe the universe will provide when you are doing the right thing we cannot only be we shouldn't be so fearful about what will happen without you know the amount of money that we're currently making okay I had to take a hit to do the right thing okay and now you know resources are very slowly coming back to the point where I'm able to support and grow this operation not just scrape by and that's great thing you know that's a testimony to the fact that I'm reaching people and having value in their lives and so are the people who helped out with the team to make this possible okay and that's what this is all about and when you're doing that the resources will come okay so we'll talk a little bit a little bit about that later the next part of this that I want to get into before we start looking at different examples of different occupations and talking about you know whether or not they are in alignment with Right Livelihood I want to talk about how Right Livelihood directly relates to natural law in very crucially and critically so Right Livelihood is an inseparable aspect of the understanding and application of natural law again natural law being the inherent non man-made eternal and immutable objective conditions that govern the consequences of behaviors of beings with the capacity for holistic intelligence and the capacity to understand right behavior from wrong behavior okay meaning human beings and anything that is a higher level order of organization than a human being as far as consciousness is concerned okay so to understand natural law means that you have to understand the difference between right and wrong behavior and therefore you must include Right Livelihood as a part of that understanding it means that you're in contradiction if you say you understand the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior and yet you're still in an occupation that is causing harm to others whether directly or indirectly okay so to truly bring our behavior into alignment with objective morality under natural law we must first know not think not believe not guess we must know if the tasks we perform in our daily work do not cause harm to others and are therefore in alignment with natural law and are therefore Right Livelihood that's what constitutes Right Livelihood so again this concept is not just a Buddhist concept it is a direct concept related to natural law and it's understanding and then of course our acting upon it which is what Kant the exercise of conscience is knowledge is the knowledge of the difference conscience is the knowledge between the difference between right and wrong behavior and the exercise of conscience is the freewill choice that we exercise to choose either right action / wrong action or unfortunately as so many people are doing by being in wrong livelihood wrong action / right action which is causing all the chaos and self-inflicted suffering in our world okay so when I talk about Right Livelihood yes this is something that is generally discussed as part of the Eastern traditions particularly the Buddhist philosophy but overarching Lee this is a natural law concept this is something that you have to understand and you have to apply in your life if you're really going to put natural law into practice in the world so if we engage in Right Livelihood on a daily basis as part of our understanding and application of natural law the law of freedom goes into effect the more people who will do that in the aggregate the more aggregate freedom we will have as a society the more people who will not engage in Right Livelihood and will continue to engage in wrong livelihood that is harmful to others the more chaos self-inflicted suffering and ultimately tyranny and enslavement we're going to have in the aggregate as a people as a whole society that's the law of freedom that is how it works in the world whether anybody really understands that or not or wants to accept it it doesn't require any belief day in and day out just as a brief aside to the presentation I talked with people who have literally attempted to apply natural law and then saw what they did if they don't apply it and compared and contrasted the quality of their life how because you could see it in your own understanding you don't need to believe me it's not a belief system it's not a religion it is not anything that any human being has invented okay it's not part of you know constructional ideas it's something that exists in Nate Lee - nature itself inherently in nature so you know I people say how did you understand natural law you know I actually did tests on behaviors my own behavior I lived a certain way you know not causing harm to people and see what would happen then deliberately did a test where you actually don't engage in drew objective morality and you know do things that are not really right and or honest and then see what happens and you watch the difference in quality of your life it's actually amazingly synchronistic it's unbelievably synchronistic how the quality of your life will change most people won't even have the courage to do an experiment like that I talked to more and more people who have actually tested it in their lives and that's how the scientific methodology works folks none of this is a belief none of this is a religion never asking anybody to believe a damn thing test it out in your life you know it's an extreme measure to go to but you will see how it works if you do and I guarantee you if you are stepping in the right livelihood and right action you are going to see the universe come to your support in more ways than I could ever possibly express it will become practically flowing and miraculous in some cases okay and you know I see how I lived before what the quality of my life was and I see what I'm doing now since I've been engaging in what on earth is happening and attempting to teach this stuff and the quality of my life has changed dramatically for the better now of course you know you can still look at the external world and see all the self-inflicted suffering going on and that can be depressing you know it does it's not a cure-all for everything it doesn't mean you're magically going to be happy all 24 hours a day okay it means that your life will proceed in the direction that it needs to proceed and you will not have obstacle after obstacle after obstacle thrown in your way and support that you need will come to the table I not I don't believe I know that if you step into right action and Right Livelihood the forces of the universe will come to your assistance and guide your life in the direction it needs to be without a doubt I know that's true so that being said this is a again a huge part of natural law understanding okay so we have to take it in holistically as not just a Buddhist concept but Right Livelihood is a critical and essential part an inseparable part as I've worded it here in this slide of natural law so how do we know again the key word on that last slide was you have to know whether you're your daily work is in harmony with Right Livelihood and therefore in harmony with natural law or not so how do we know if we are in right livelihood okay and you know the real answer of this question before I even read the the sentences on this slide is common sense and not lying to yourself okay it goes back to the first step of initiation stop lying especially to yourself alright so you know common sense has to be applied and we have to really be honest with ourself about what we're doing and too few people are willing to do that folks we're constantly lying to ourselves we're constantly telling ourselves things that are not true we're constantly believing our own bullshit here in humanity and that's part of the problem that generates self-inflicted suffering you know we don't want to look at ourselves in the mirror and honestly assess what we see and what we are doing on a daily basis people want to run away from that you know they want to run away from that internal shadow work alright so the key question that we have to ask ourselves when considering whether or not an occupation or profession constitutes Right Livelihood is this does the behavior that I am performing in the daily activity of this work caused harm or loss to others directly or indirectly and if we answer that question honestly not lie to ourselves but if we look at ourselves square in the soul and we answer that question honestly without lying to ourselves we will know whether or not we are in the condition of Right Livelihood it's not that hard folks all you have to do is say in what I am doing in my heart harming any other sentient beings am I taking anybody's property am i causing injury to them am i making their lives lower quality than what it was before am i helping them to be extorted or robbed by other people and my harming animals you know am i directly harming people or their rights their freedom etc you know am i harm people's financial situations robbing from them with hidden taxes like inflation okay like fryer part of the practices involved in fractional reserve banking usury etc okay so we'll talk about this but if you just simply look at the simple difference in the two images you know police with batons guns shields etc practically stomping over a woman and then a librarian trying to help a young girl you know become an avid reader okay it's common sense which one of these is Right Livelihood and which one is wrong livelihood okay and we'll talk about this in detail as we go through examples but this shouldn't be any hard brain work here ladies and gentlemen you know this should be something that we just look at ask ourselves honestly and come practically to an immediate conclusion you know if your brain is functioning correctly and again if you're not lying to yourself that's the key okay you could just look at you know you know shutting down free speech you know shutting down protests taking people's rights you know engaging in practices note with note whether it's moral or not if a politician says to do it they're following orders right there on its face that's immoral or followers any job that that you're an order follower and you're involved in a hierarchical chain of obedience okay command and obedience the innately inherently that's in a moral job that's wrong livelihood so we'll go through this I'm going to talk about some professions again that I consider what I would call all most noble professions that like their real service to to people to humanity in general and you know some people will debate that and they'll come up with examples where it's not the case but you know we're talking about generalities here okay not a lot of blanket statements okay when it comes to these jobs you're always going to find some accept to the rule alright but what we're really looking at here is the common sense application does the task that you're doing on a daily basis cause harm to others okay it should be very easy to see which ones do cause harm and which ones don't so let's start looking at some examples so you know obviously my listening audience should understand this my viewing audience people who might be new to this might not but you know as we talked about here on what on earth is happening government is slavery ladies and gentlemen whether you understand that statement whether you accept it or not it's absolutely true government is a ruling class of so-called lawmakers that makes up their arbitrary dictates their commands that they call laws that allegedly they've been given this ability by you know it being delegated to them even though no individual on the surface of the earth has rights like that to command others and you know we call that the delegation of rights that certain groups of people have oh it is is a master class you know that then thinks that they have the moral right to issue commands called laws to their subjects or slaves you know that is the subject class you know and that they have some kind of a moral obligation to obey the arbitrary dictates set by the masters called laws so if you're involved in government in any capacity I don't care what it is you could go all the way up to commander in chief you know to any kind of high-level politician all right anybody in Congress you know anybody in the judiciary all right anybody in any capacity down to a desk clerk working in an office of a local politician anyone involved in any capacity of government you're in wrong livelihood because you are participating in a system of slavery that's what government is and that's what you're supporting all the way up from the highest levels of that hierarchy all the way to the lowest levels of that hierarchy interfacing with the public that is wrong livelihood on its face because it's participate in human slavery whether you accept that or not if you don't understand that you don't understand the government is slavery you need to go back and listen to the podcast in order and you'd most certainly need to watch my entirety of my natural law seminar all three parts in their entirety you know I would I would very much expect my viewing audience to understand this point and understand why right on its face any aspect of government no matter how small no matter how seemingly insignificant if you're working for government you are working with stolen money you're receiving stolen money for your effort for your work and you are involved in slavery okay whether any role that you fulfill in that entire system you are involved in what constitutes and amounts to slavery and therefore you should not be doing that job if you're gonna bring your actions into alignment with Right Livelihood and natural law and again this goes down to any level politician you know anybody working for them in their offices even state federal state local okay or you know super estate you know international law you know UN EU all of that garbage okay any aspect of government all the way down to the local level alright so of course that includes the judiciary as well and this is just a priest class to think their God if imagine thinking you're the judge of other people you're the judge of other people you're gonna decide what happens to their lives see well and what whether they've actually committed harm or not that's the key I don't mind people judging people's behavior what but whether it's moral or not now whether it's legal or not screw whether it's legal whether the behavior is legal is meaningless whether the behavior is moral it means exercising personal discernment and judgment but to dress in a black robe as part of some priests class and actually believe that you're in a position of authority over other people and what happens to their lives I mean these people actually believe they're gods that walk amongst humans that's what they believe they think they have special rights that other people don't have they think they have the right to do things to other people that other people don't have the right to do could you imagine how fucked up somebody's thinking has to be and how fucked up their parents made these people to think like this you know and we'll talk about other examples that people are equally just as just shit-for-brains because I mean that's what these people are they're shit-for-brains children you know I'm gonna say it just like it is in plain street language okay these are psychopaths who think they're fucking God that's what they are you ain't no God of me or anyone else Psychopaths all right you're a punk-ass bitch in a robe and that's all you'll ever be that's all you ever have been and that's all you'll ever be thinking you're god and you make the law and you judge other people yeah yeah yours sick in the head you're sick in the soul is what you really are that's what people like that really are their soul sick their soul dead largely as many of the other people we're going to talk about here in this section of the presentation so of course these people are involved in the government in a sick demented priest class capacity and their lunatic psychopaths every single one of them for even believing they have the rights that they think they imagine themselves to have all right complete wrong livelihood as is any aspect of government ever for all time in all places so let's get that straight no aspect of government can possibly be right livelihood because it is the belief that man is God man gets to make up what the law is and there is a master class in a slave class and if you're involved in it you're participating in slavery and that makes you an immoral person to do any aspect of that work you are immoral you are a bad person an immoral human being meaning you don't really deeply understand the difference between right and wrong behavior because you believe in slavery and you believe it must continue and that makes you a bad human being that's what makes you a bad person one of the many things that can make someone a bad person but that's one of the biggest how about all the order followers and enforcers of this slavery system called government like the military and I don't care which branch of the military it is Army Navy Air Force Marines National Guard doesn't matter you know let's let's go back to other agents of government real quick you know include Park Service in that include meter people in that meter maids Park Service people all of them anybody supporting government in any capacity okay and then you have a strong arm of the government you know for the people that don't want to come into line you have the military and the police the enforcers of man's law of men and women who think they're God on earth okay enforcing their dictates because that's all these order following dogs are no respect for them no one should have any respect for them have respect for people who fought as members of a militia to actually conquer tyranny that's what I have respect for that's a real fighting force not organized by a government bonded in there mutual respect for human freedom is the only fighting force I have any respect for okay that's not the United States government that's not any States government okay anywhere on the earth that's not any nation's government ok the concept of militia has put forward in the Second Amendment is all about a fighting force of the people fighting for their individual rights to be protected coming together and bringing their well maintained regimen of weaponry and tactics together in military style with military weaponry to fight tyranny you know not this shit this is called stealing resources from other countries that the sick demented psychopathic politicians in the United States tell them to go and seize like all the poppy fields of Afghanistan how about how about that is one of the main aspects that this job entails you know securing the raw materials for the life destroying hard drugs that are brought in here to the United States and refined in factories here in the United States you know harvested in Afghanistan flown in to the east coast of the United States processed in East Coast factories to be distributed out through the rest of the the middle land u.s. West Coast all over the whole US and hook people on you know in into the opioid epidemic that we have whether it be done through the black market or whether it be done through legalized death drugs called opioids which is a complete epidemic in this country epidemic levels okay it's it's pandemic levels not just epidemic levels it's everywhere throughout our society like a plague and these are the people making it possible okay I'm all for putting any substance you want in your body but let me tell you something the kind of dangerous addiction and death do that is caused by you know hard opioid addiction it's it's going up by a thousand percent since we've been in Afghanistan and it's it's not just that it's what these people do militaristically like the barbarians that they are following any orders they're given to kill any civilians that they're told to kill you know invading other countries these are invaders is what they are they're invaders you know you want to put your skill toward serving humanity learn natural law and teach it to other people that's how you're going to bring about tremendous change in the world for the better not by going in following orders and wielding a weapon at somebody's face because you were told to you know these people don't have any real conscience they're joke followers that don't have any real courage either they think there's such big bad men your little boys that don't know how to think for yourself and you want other people to do your thinking for you that's what you are and there's nothing more sad or fucking pathetic than that that's the most sad fucking pathetic form of life that there is on this planet folks you know I don't care who I offend by saying that get as offended as you want get as offended as you like you're involved in the military in any capacity you're in a moral person and you are partaking in wrong livelihood absolutely not part of Right Livelihood you want to train with weaponry like that organized a true militia that is in keeping with the ideals of the American Revolution and why militias came together at that time the fight oppressors they were oppressing us you know on this land you know understand the difference between you know following orders as part of a being a lap dog for a government or any nation in the world and really being part of a true fighting force that's really fighting for freedom you're telling people you're fighting for their freedom you're doing no such thing never have been and never will okay so stop lying to yourself again this foot fits directly in line with the first step of a cult initiation right livelihoods directly related to that first step of initiation because for us to understand whether something's in Right Livelihood or not we have to stop lying to ourselves and that's what too many damn people are still doing they can't look themselves in the mirror and tell the truth about what they're involved in where that make even if it makes them uncomfortable they don't want to take the action to change it because they're too worried about who the short-term suffering that might result from me not having this job Oh insignificant next to the damage you're doing to other people and the damage you're doing to your own soul so if you're honest with yourself about those dynamics you'd step out of that role and you wouldn't do that behavior anymore and you'd find Right Livelihood let's look at the next example police well this is just a different form of the military in the modern world that's all it is this is just the standing army that the founding fathers told people about that we should never let rise up in our midst because this is just a mercenary army it's a mercenary standing army that's all I consider police forces anywhere in the world hired thugs paid to enforce the dictates of whatever slimeball politician tells them to go and carry out an order that's all it is and now and those orders are all coming down from on high from the dark occult orders that stand behind government institutions and these people don't think that that's true they don't think they're involved in the occult the dark occult they don't think that Satanists give them their orders let me tell you something little boy you are owned and controlled by dark occult sorcerers of mind control that's who owns your ass they own your mind they own your soul and they own your ass boy so get is offended about it as you like these people know nothing about what's going on in the power structure of our world think they do and our poor little mistaken misguided misdirected and completely misunderstanding souls that have no real knowledge haven't done any real deep reading on any practically anything don't know how the power structure of the world works know nothing about the occult even though they're wearing their symbology all over their bodies you know being ritually mocked you know watch my occult mockery presentation a cult mockery of police and military personnel see how these people are looked at as the occultists dogs they cut the dark occultist call them their dogs and their pets because they just blindly follow and are just completely obedient to their commands but like no will or mind of their own they only have a mind to serve their institutional body which is their proxy psychologically psychological proxy family their proxy parents because they every one of them have deep seeded mommy and daddy issues nested way deep down in their subconscious mind and in their underlying psychology unresolved psychological issues in all of them making them act psychopathically and just be willing to follow somebody else's orders without actually exercising true conscience because you've come to know what behaviors are right and what behaviors are wrong these people don't know that and they don't care all they do is act on orders so their order followers they're members of an institution that supports and is the strong arm of slavery they're not exercising true conscience because any being that is following orders cannot truly be exercising their own conscience they because their their actions are actually driven by just obedience in the following of an order you are not thinking about whether the the behavior is actually right or wrong or causes harm to others or does not cause harm to others all you're saying is I am willing to do that for a paycheck I am willing to do that to keep this job and that's what all order followers do if they didn't they wouldn't be order followers they wouldn't be in that profession in that occupation so all order followers including all military all police everybody involved in government it's all wrong livelihood it's all immoral behavior it's all an immoral way of supporting yourself in making a living every single one no exception blanket statement every single individual in every one of those institutions I mentioned 100% everyone and this is so hard for people to hear they don't want to hear it you know they think that's part of the attachment to suffering attachment to self-inflicted suffering through attachment to desire they don't want to accept that's the truth of the world not because I said so because if you really do deeply understand the difference between right action and wrong action you know that no one can have Rights delegated to them that don't exist for any another individual everybody's rights are exactly the same under natural law that's what equality under natural law means no one can delegate a right that they do not have so no one could be given or gifted okay rights that other people don't have and these people believe they have rights that others don't and can do behaviors that other people cannot do right there on its face you understand that it has to be amoral because you are inventing a right that doesn't exist under natural law and you're claiming that you have extra rights that other people don't have right there that's immorality and then what you're doing is you're supporting the slavery system of man's law and they're all just brainwashed little boys I mean just if you just look at them you just look at them just look and really see their eyes their faces look at these people barely want to call them people every one of them you could see has the gist the mind of a little child you can see it on their face they really think they're big bad men but look at them there's nothing there in the eyes there's nothing there in the soul they're stunted people stunted through trauma stunted through parental abandonment issues that they never worked through stunted through other inadequacies whether real or imagined stunted because they're they never did cognitive development or psychological developmental work probably dumb as a bag of screws okay and a lot less useful all right you dumb as a bag attacks you know and certainly not as sharp you know I'm gonna just look at their eyes and faces I mean just look at that image for a second just really look at the eyes and you're you're seeing a stunted child if you're honest with yourself I know that's all I see when I look they're not looking at a man not a one zero of them and you can go on and on down the line every single last one it's some stunted little boy that is craving power over other people because they have no true internalized power through their true self no connection with the power of the true self and deep down on the subconscious mind they know that they're in wrong livelihood they know that there are moral people they know they're on the wrong side of history every single one of them deep down in the subconscious mind you know and the only real level of I think no one should have any respect for them you know they're not there they're unworthy of respect respect is an earned thing it's something that first you have to give your give to yourself no one else can give it to you you have to have it for yourself and not other people you will earn the respect of other people when you have true self-respect no one in this pivot in this position of order follower can possibly have any true self-respect look at what you're saying you're saying my own judgment sucks so bad that I'm gonna just completely you know allow other people to make the decision making of regarding my behavior for me how could anybody in that position have a drop of self-respect stunted children that's all people like this are you know get as offended as you like nothing will ever make what I said they're untrue it's eternally true and again not because I said it because it's factually correct and accurate and that's how it really works when it comes to morality so get is offended about what I said as you like but you will never change the truthfulness of those statements there are eternal truths so military any branch any capacity any ancillary capacity wrong livelihood not right livelihood causing harm to others supporting the slavery system police any capacity dispatcher you know people who work on their cars it doesn't make a difference any capacity of people being involved with the police wrong livelihood not part of right livelihood under natural law supporting the slavery system following other people's orders whether they're right or not let's move on to the next example so you know ancillary aspects of government like lawyers okay again they're upholding man's law which is a slavery system I don't care whether you're a prosecuting attorney whether you're defending attorney doesn't make a difference why you got involved how much you want to help think you're gonna help people through this system the answer isn't to try to use the system to change the system okay it doesn't work like that you know you know go good you're going to go and join you know the forces you know of the orcs in Lord of the Rings and you're going to change that from the inside you know go and join sauer ons forces you know you're going to change that from the inside you're gonna go join with the white walkers of Game of Thrones you're gonna change that system from the gonna change the knight king system from the inside yeah it works like that yeah yeah that's how it works see all the ways we lie to ourselves we just keep telling ourselves the same bullshit lies over and over and over again humans love the reassurance of comforting lies especially when they're telling them than themselves so it's no different when it comes to any aspect of being a lawyer you know all you're doing is you're giving you're giving perceived legitimacy by taking part in this institution to the slavery system that's all you're giving of your time you're effort your mind to the perceived legitimacy of a system of slavery that is actively harming other people and you're partaking in it and receiving stolen money from it because that's all taxation is theft at the point of a gun we're being told you'll be kidnapped and thrown in a cage if you don't comply it's feudalism that's the only form of government we have worldwide it's all forms of feudalism folks that's all it is a class of people that claim to own everything and be what and have the right to take as much of anything that they want to take that's called feudalism and they just allow other people to exist on what they claim as their property that's called feudalism and it's a system of slavery surf them and that's all these people called lawyers are contributing to every one of them 100% blanket statement because you're giving legitimacy to the slavery called government so this is also wrong livelihood not right livelihood oh here's one of my favorites the banking system that's some good watermelon juice right there so here's the Federal Reserve System total thieves class of people that considers themselves legalized thieves stealing from the savings of everybody else through fractional reserve banking through the taxation system do the interest rates through the printing of money resulting in inflation which is a hidden tax on people's earnings and savings so what makes the perceived cost of things and services go up but it's not them their value going up it's the purchasing power of the unit of currency going down and therefore you need more of it to receive the same goods and services and that's a hidden form of theft so they're taking from people's earnings in many ways they're engaged in usury charging interest on lending money you know all of this is in a more are immoral practices the whole banking system as it is set up today I think people don't even understand like when America was founded banks weren't even allowed to really operate here we put in provisions into like the Articles of Confederation to like make sure that banks could not operate on banks and lawyers were not even allowed to operate in the or in early America I mean just go and research that and you'll see I'm telling the truth these institutions crept back in overtime you know and this was all part of the the reconquering of America by the British crown which it did very effectively you know royalty imagine that I mean that's what that's what these politicians and bankers think that they are then you have actual people who actually think that genetically they're royal you know that they have special powers and rights that other people don't have I mean it all comes down the line to oneself in thinking that certain people thinking their god on earth that's really this is all ultimately about so when we support those systems of slavery we're not in right livelihood and it's it's a hard pill for people to swallow and I'm telling you if it's a modern banking institution it doesn't matter what level of it down to from the the manager regional manager local manager all the way down to a standard clerk you're involved in an institution that's ultimately causing harm in people's lives not providing any true service to humanity but just trying to make money off of money and engaging in usury and other fraudulent practices when it comes to that level of banking and finance I mean all you have to do is look at the bailout here that took place in 2008 and the whole too-big-to-fail fiasco you know and how certain mega banks you know like goldman sachs came out on top of all that like because of the types of fraudulent banking practices they're they're undertaking the Federal Reserve does the same thing this is just a you know a system of regional management of banks in the United States it's a central banking system which is part of communism you know this is what people who don't understand what communism is and haven't really deeply understood and integrated into their mindset what the planks of the Communist Manifesto really are central banking is one of the largest and yet people would say this is a necessary institution they're legalized gangsters is what they are moving the the kinds of money around and engaging in the fraudulent financial practices that they engage in with impunity legalized gangsters okay so any aspect of the modern banking system is wrong livelihood you know and that goes for like people who work on Wall Street and are just engaged in rampant speculation when it comes to stocks etc you're not really providing any real service for people they're manipulating numbers on a screen that direct the course of people's lives it's legalized gambling but you know I'm not saying there's anything wrong with gambling just do it with your money you know these are people doing with tons of other people's money you know and then the greed that gets associated with that you know talk about attachment to desires creating self-inflicted suffering anything that just worships greed is not right livelihood and you think these people are serving humanity you think these people are serving truth you think these people are serving natural law you got to be joking gotta be kidding yourself these people are serving nothing but their own wallets - pure unadulterated rampant greed and selfishness going haywire any so-called occupation or profession that has that as as main characteristic is amoral and therefore not Right Livelihood so I would definitely include the manipulators on Wall Street sorry folks just taking another drink all right I'm gonna move on to the next slide here here's a huge one the energy industry you know and this is hurting people in so many different ways causing harm it's causing harm to the planet number one which is how we sustain life you know without the planet and its ability to you know sustain us on the surface of this world you know all life is going to take a negative impact so to do things that are ecologically unsound and polluting number one on its face is inherently immoral and this goes for energy production you know Big Oil you know drilling operations that look at the Gulf oil spill the ecological disaster that that was the types of energy production with nuclear reactors like what happened to Fukushima still to this day polluting the Pacific Ocean to unimaginable levels and all for greed all to keep the world on an energy paradigm that is unsustainable just because you know they set it up that way they profited from it and now they want to keep it in place they're doing things with inventors that are inventing systems of clean energy of potential free energy radiant energy inventors found dead poisoned you know that this industry is totally holding back modern innovation and technology totally holding back clean and renewable sources of energy that could be employed you know people say oh you know how would we run our cars how would we you know build the roads and the tires all that it depends on the oil industry we haven't needed any of that stuff for over a hundred years I've talked about endlessly Tesla prototype technology of you know hovering electrogravitic cars that that would have been refined by now to tremendous levels of you know complexity and technology and smoothness and the operation of that technology he just built prototypes and we don't need roads we haven't needed roads for over a hundred years if we wanted it if we wanted to implement that technology but again people just let these people rule and they let them harm the environment and the people and the animal life it's just unbelievable the environmental degradation and destruction that's been done through the polluting energy industry and that's really any modern form of the energy industry down to working in you know the electric companies that you know are just charging exorbitant prices for you know something that really should be a resource that we have the ability to just simply distribute it to people and allow them to use it as they need it and that people said that was that socialist no it isn't that's called harnessing the wheelwork of nature in the way that Nikola Tesla envisioned it because no one should own resources that serve the entirety of the people of this planet like all water or electrical you know systems of production and distribution was Tesla social a socialist or a communist because he thought that the real work of nature doesn't belong to certain individuals it belongs to it is there for everyone to access it doesn't really belong to anyone it Nature has provided us it to us for our benefit and we should have access to it that's why you know water is a thing it's not a right but access to water is a right for human beings and there are people who would say no we can own take up and own all the land all the water all the resources of nature no one has that right this is called knowing what right property is what true property rights are you know there is a legitimate form of property I own the camera I'm broadcasting on I own this computer I own the chair I'm sitting on I own this microphone in front of me I own my body I own my consciousness why because I'm not claiming I own every camera in the world there are every computer in the world there every microphone in the world or everybody in the world you see the difference it's what I'm using it's what I am I need do the things that I am doing you know I'm responsible for those things I acquired them rightfully there's a usage for them that I'm putting into effect and I'm responsible for their maintenance and upkeep you know and that stops where other people's property begins you know I could put what I want in my house or my car but I can't just put anything I want in somebody else's house or their or in their car just like I could put into my body what I want but I can't put into somebody else's body what they don't want in their body you know well just because I'm saying that you know energy doesn't belong to just small groups of people you know who have set up a blockade against other forms of true free energy technology and other ancillary you know non polluting forms of energy production and distribution certainly much more ecologically sound than what we have in place today it doesn't mean that I'm spouting some communist or socialist rhetoric I totally stand against those forms of statism you know this is truly sharing amongst ourselves the the harnessing of the wheelwork of nature and that's what a great scientist and inventor like Nikola Tesla was trying to do an envision for the world now we're gonna get to talking about you know people involved in technology and invention you know scientists and they're it's a dual edged sword you know and so can energy production and distribution be can it be done right yes it can then would it be right livelihood yes it would but the way we're doing it now it's harming human beings it's harming animals and most of all it's harming the planet that we both rely upon for the continuation of life and the life cycle and that is what makes it immoral so in the way that we're producing energy today it's wrong livelihood if we were to truly step into an alternative clean sustainable ecologically sound energy paradigm driven by the desired a better humanity and to clean up this planet then absolutely that would be right livelihood so this also could be one of the dual edged swords but most certainly the way we're doing it now is wrong livelihood oh the talking heads of the media I mean could you imagine the place karmically that these as gerald Celente likes to call them prostitutes are you know I mean but beautiful word for them I mean as David Icke calls them the repeaters they're the repeaters of the Dark occultists behind government blasting their worldview at humanity to mind-control them and could you imagine these amoral pieces of trash have taken that job for a paycheck sold out their fellow brothers and sisters of humanity many of them are darker cultists themselves are come from dark occult families without a doubt without any doubt okay you know I can't remember the daughter I can't remember her first name the daughter of us a business in ski that a high-level think-tank demon that is now gone you know from the trilateral commission he's now burning in hell you know allegorically at least you know his soul is just you know recycled but his daughter in a statement on the news actually like said publicly you know how dare Trump and his supporters try to tell people that the news media is fake and then try to offer an alternative worldview which I could care less about Trump and his supporters because it's all part of government slavery but she's like upset that other people are trying to compete with the entrenched media and calling them fake news and she goes you know it's like they're trying to tell other people what to think and believe and how dare they do that because that's our job actually came out in a television on-air report saying that they she considered it their job to get in the heads of other people to tell them what to think and believe to tell them what to believe I mean you talk about some psychopathic lunatic who thinks they're God on earth you piece of filth just demonic filth is what someone like that is and that's all of these people are they're talking head parrots taking a report from whatever government agency or a think-tank laid it on their desk sent it to them electronically and said you're gonna read this and you're gonna sell it to the people and you'll be paid well for doing it I mean I can't imagine that that's one of the lowest forms of any type of employment that there is in the world the media is largely responsible for how fucked up the brain and mindset of the human beings in this country and throughout the world are and these people actively participated in that process of the degradation of truth and trying to blockade and and stop the true distribution of truth out to the world and there's the only word I can really use to describe that is utterly demonic that's how far I would go to say how wrong the behavior that these people engage in is it's as demonic and sick as the police and military's behavior the violence that they conduct except these people are doing it through lying they willfully lying to people they know that they're telling people total bullshit they know that they're not engaged in telling truth your whore Liars for dark occult aspects that lay behind the government that's what you are all the members of the mainstream press for a paycheck I mean there are like literate like the cut in the concept that there are special places resort reserved to torture people like this for eternity you know I I would say you know I don't believe in that traditional conception of Hell well let me tell you something I think that their consciousness journeys to a place upon the relinquish ink of the body which why many of them want to become transhumanist and prolong the inevitable you know passing of the body I'm telling you what I think happens is that their consciousness is going to be shown the error of their ways for what would seem like an eternity in the space that they're going to be in in the form of consciousness that they will be in and I wouldn't want to trade that kind of Karma for anything in life for any amount of success or happiness in life I wouldn't trade the Karma that these people have coming to them you know so obviously wrong livelihood not Right Livelihood doing harm to others through lying giving people false information when they should have a moral obligation to provide information to people that they should be taking in to make informed decision-making in their lives and these people are doing the exact opposite they're keeping people dumbed down so that they make wrong decision making in their lives and that continues the chaos and the enslavement in our world now the alternative media is I believe a different story now other people will say well that this spans a wide gamut and I agree okay there's not they're not all the same there are different people with different levels of understanding but what I think the difference maker here is they are actively trying to do their best to bring people information that they think they need to know and do their best to report on it honestly and tell the truth like legitimate journalists I mean I consider what I do here a form of legitimate journalism it is talking about what's really going on in the world but most of all it's talking about real spirituality and getting down into an understanding of true human psychology that has led to the human condition so I consider myself a member of the alternative media even though some people would not describe me as such they would say I'm more of a spiritual teacher and a person who you know analyzes some of the conspiratorial aspects of human history so you know I am a researcher certainly a researcher into the field of the occult I consider myself an occult petitioner not just a researcher okay and I'm a teacher of occultism and a teacher of natural law but that all plays hand-in-hand with using the new style of media which is putting information out there onto the Internet in the form of this show in the form of the podcast that this show has been in the form of for going on 10 years okay nine years now so that's what we have to understand is that the alternative media is at least making an effort to inform the population and that's why I would consider it largely Right Livelihood there are some people that do it much better than others but I believe that most people within the alternative media are actively willfully trying to report on things in the best way that they know how and I hope that that would continue and the quality of it would increase because as I said not all players are the same in this game okay so that being said I would say for for those who are actively making an honest effort being engaged in the alternative the true alternative media in the service of truth and freedom is Right Livelihood ha ha what can I say you know talk about some of the biggest liars that have ever lived religionists high-level religionists trying to co-opt the spiritual destinies of human beings since day one you know you want to talk about people who came into power as a result of human origins as a result of cosmic abandonment as I've talked about look no further than religious leaders and the institutions that really the highest level dark occult sorcerers are ultimately behind controlling the world from you know I've said before people think the world's controlled from New York City from London you know from Tokyo you know from Paris you know none these things are true the world is always controlled covertly through religious means because the spiritual the the perversion of the destiny of the spiritual life goes hand in hand with the perversion of the you know physical lives of people the psychological and the physical so you have to ultimately get to the spiritual corruption aspect that game is what really is controlling the whole game so the world is not controlled from New York through London through Tokyo etc the Beijing you know all those seeming places of power financially no the world is controlled as I've said many many times from Rome Jerusalem and Mecca you want that those are the places that are the real centers of power then you could say Tibet if you want to can put the Eastern traditions in with that that would be the fourth place but the Vatican okay a high-level rabbis in the Judaic tradition in Jerusalem and the high level religious leaders in the Islamic religion in Saudi Arabia in Mecca and Medina but largely Mecca that's where the world's really controlled from religion stands behind at all because then this the the dark priest class priest class of the world the dark occult priests class stands behind the ostensibly enthroned religious traditions you want to know where the real dark priest class is at it's in the halls of the Vatican you know it's in the religious centers were the highest level religious leaders in Jerusalem and Mecca are at that's where it's all the real power is conducted and then you want to talk about they direct this secret societies they direct the intelligence agencies how tied in with the intelligence agencies the religious institutions of the world are tied in with the CIA the NSA mi5 and six Pakistani ISI the Mossad out of Israel and you can go on and on down into the occult orders like skull and bones the think tanks like the Club of Rome all being directed through religious agendas and dark occult agendas ultimately without any doubt if you study it and you're honest with yourself you'll come to that same conclusion this is the father of the control system religion it's all religion you know the mother of it that directs the emotional aspect and the desire aspect is the monetary system of what I call the unholy trinity religion money government government is the male child of action that controls it from the physical level you know and then the the ostensible places of power then are Washington DC with that the center of government and military strength of course the City of London the center of financial control particularly through the Rothschild banking dynasties and the other central banks they control and then of course the Rome which really acts as the center of the religious power because the Roman Empire never fell it just basically you know went behind the scenes and works through all institutionalized government and religions so obviously before I move on yeah anybody involved in organized religion from a traditional cultural religious point of view wrong livelihood you're not telling people the truth religion isn't the truth it's not real spirituality it's a proxy for real spirit quality and a lot of what they talk about is dogma its proxy for the real thing you're not giving anybody the real asset Eric traditions you're trying to get them to believe and pour money into your coffers that's all that's all these people are doing and ultimately controlling their minds it's a form of mind control it's a form of emotional and psychological control it's a form of monetary control through tithing and all the collections that they do and let's face it folks a large portion of the of these people are pedophiles and pedophile protectors and then the police and military are also pedophile protectors for them and the judges and the politicians etc you know they all work hand in hand together religion and government need each other it's one of the good lessons allegorical lessons of Game of Thrones even though it ended like you know five pounds of dogshit in a 2-pound sack you know by them voting in a new king instead of just destroying the throne and leaving it be at that which no one can seem to do you know the only places that seem to be done in was Conan the Barbarian and Harry Potter you know but anyway digressing from looking at allegorical movie traditions you know the these these people you know get Game of Thrones was talking about how the state and and the the church need each other they rely on each other they're of there a magic arch okay they form a strength a structure of strength and stability that would not be there if the other you know side of the other pillar of the arch was not in place you know those two institutions have to work hand in hand you know when if one Falls the other will shortly fall thereafter because they're both forms of each other you know religion is really the enthroned government we're truly behind the scenes and government is just a form of religion that's all it is it's a form of belief it's all it really is is a belief system that's not based in anything real it's based in a belief that is just dogmatic and erroneous meaning it's not true it's a false belief system so anybody involving involving themselves in it and propagating it is in wrong livelihood so let's look at health care medicine in general now again this one's a dual edged sword because I would say there are ways that you can be involved in medicine slash health care and do it in right livelihood and then there are certainly ways that it can be harmful and damaging to people as is the majority of healthcare in America and that's because we have two overarching worldviews when it comes to health care in medicine and that is the allopathic worldview which is basically based on the Rockefeller protocols instituted around the turn of the last century the 1900s okay when you were wiping out not natural Pathak and homeopathic remedies and replacing it with the pharmaceutical industry and the surgery you know and the death care and surgery and pharmaceutical industries okay so I would say allopathic practice is part of this destructive and harmful worldview and system that is entrenched in modern healthcare especially government overtaking and government driven healthcare and a lot of it's run through government money and grant money you know pharmaceutical industry absolutely tied in with all of that you know so big pharma you know plays hand-in-hand with the the allopathic medical industry and that's all this is is a big business it's a big industry of disease okay I recommend Sonia Barrett's work called the business of disease which gets into it in detail and it's a great documentary so what you have to do is be honest with yourself and say is this really helping people to get better to learn about nutrition to learn about how to really put the things into the body that they truly need instead of selling them on pharmaceutical drugs and surgery because that's mostly what allopathic medicine is doing it's treating the worldview is Newtonian it's the Newtonian paradigm the out scientific Paris so-called scientific paradigm of Newtonian materialism that matter is prime and if we just get down to the basic building blocks of matter we're gonna find the cause for everything and this assumes one overarching wrong way of thinking and that is that the universe and life within it is a machine it is not a machine it is based upon spirit ultimately and there are aspects of it that can work like a machine but that doesn't mean it is a machine that's where this conflation happens okay we can study things to understand their basic workings in nature but we have to understand that their essence is not just the matter okay the matter is an expression of the spirit of pure energy and consciousness and if we understand and treat things from from those levels that we're moving into a more holistic approach to medicine a more holistic approach to health in general and this is known as naturopathy okay some people in the past called it homeopathy but generally we call it naturopathy now okay it's treating things from a holistic integral approach when it comes to health instead of being deaf care it's true health care because it's integrating mind body and spirit or soul with the the symptoms that are presented at the physical level but we're going deeper than the physical level to understand things at the cure so I would say allopathic medicine wrong livelihood naturopathic medicine Right Livelihood because you're truly trying not to do harm you know doctors were supposed to take the whole you know thought hypocrite ease the Hippocratic oath to say I will endeavor to do no harm to my patient you know who's coming to me and trusting me with a problem that they were having with their health I think most doctors today in the allopathic fields are doing more harm than good you know they won't tell anybody any natural solutions because they can't make money from it you know they just want to prescribe drugs and surgery I'll just give an example I'm gonna just come out and say some personal information as a you know an anecdotal example my mother came came over here and spent a little bit of time with me this past week not a lot of time just you know hey you know less than half a day and we got to talking and she told me that she's developing what her primary doctor called severe arthritis a severe arthritic condition in her knees and she doesn't eat right and she doesn't really take care of her body properly I've tried to explain you know the dynamics of health and nutrition to her and put her on the right path when it comes to taking care of herself doesn't want to do it you know says she's too weak willed doesn't want to change her sense8 tastes pleasures you know very very attached to desires when it comes to that see this goes back to the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path okay will not let go of the attachments to wanting certain tastes present when she eats and therefore is undermining her health in doing so well not when she doesn't understand yet anyway and it's difficult to teach you know someone who's very rooted in their ways new ways of doing things when they're set in a certain way by a certain age and that's okay you know I also get ups a little upset about it it's gonna be what it is you know what I mean certain things that you have you could do what you can and certain things some if somebody has to develop the willpower on their own and that's just it that's the way that it is you know so you know I've been trying to tell her for years get on turmeric it's an excellent anti-inflammatory and you got to take a lot of it you can't take little you know pissant you know amounts of it you got a load up on that stuff you know like if you're gonna take turmeric like take you know 15 turmeric pills a day you know capsules I should say because pills conjures you know pharmaceutical imagery take capsules of turmeric you know 15 times a day you know you just swallow swallow them with a little bit of liquid throughout the course of the day put that in your body it's incredible for what it will do you know to your joints you know for inflammation in your tissue etc that's the source of all diseases inflammation I've been telling her that for years won't buy term turmeric cheap - and you go to a local you know ethnic food store that sells like you know Asian foods etc and Indian foods I mean wow you can get turmeric bulk high-quality bulk turmeric like sir rock-bottom prices you know I have a tin of turmeric in a big coffee tin like this big you know and it was like hardly it was like nothing it was a few few dollars you know and you know I just went out to a local you know middle eastern Mediterranean style food market in University City here and you know great selections of things that you might not find in a regular supermarket especially in the bulk that you can get them at a place like that but anyway going back to the story about the difference between allopathic medicine and holistic healthcare you know they won't tell her about this you know her doctors won't tell her about this they were recommending surgery on her knees and like hundreds of thousands of dollars you know cuz their insurance company's gonna pay them very well for that that's their main product and service they want to sell that surgery you know she goes and get a second opinion in and the other doctor says hey I'm by the way on the air I'm like violating this a family members HIPAA rights so but hey I'm gonna use it as an example because I think it's a great example of you know the difference between these two worldviews so you know she goes to get a second opinion and uh you know the second doctor says oh I don't agree at all I think this is a mild case at best it's it's yes you have some arthritis there but it's not as certainly not as advanced as your other doctor would have you believe and I certainly don't recommend surgery so like they'll even tell you completely contradictory things but like you know he wanted to do injections of like certain types of pharmaceutical grade gels into her knee I'm like you don't need any of that first of all it's gonna not gonna really be absorbed in the right places where it needs to be it's only going to provide probably temporary relief you know I was explaining to or higher hyaluronic acid this is another thing that people should be very aware of and how much it will help with your joints you know I could you know briefly you know tell you that I've had other friends that have had arthritic conditions and you know had you know been recommended surgery especially in the knee area and they started taking large amounts of hyaluronic acid and turmeric especially if you take those in conjunction with each other and that in that condition will improve radically in a short amount of time it won't be an instant or immediate but I'm telling you you you take decent amount I mean you can't take the recommended dose on the bottle of capsules you know you gotta like eight fold that minimum eight times that much you know cuz they're giving you like these little tiny recommended doses that's not how if you're gonna really load up on a supplement you take them you have to load up on them so I'd like say you know if they tell you to capsules take 16 times it by eight and you'll be around the right area you need to be okay you know so I was telling her we'll look into hyaluronic acid it's not that expensive you could buy it in bulk online cap it up yourself get a capping machine and cap it up and take it every day you know doesn't want to do it doesn't want to swallow the pills doesn't want to put it in smoothies you know it's like you got to be willing to do the work you know that's another part of it it's not gonna just things aren't just gonna automatically happen for us we have to exert will that's right effort you know of that Eightfold Path so you know a holistic practitioner of true holistic health care naturopathy would probably have told her about hyaluronic acid and turmeric and probably some other so supplementation adaptogens and whatnot that she could do or anybody in that condition can do and you know that's why I consider this Right Livelihood you're trying to do what is the most efficient and best for the person to alleviate the suffering or the cause of their suffering okay you're not trying to do the shortcut just because you will profit the most from that and that's why I think allopathic medicine wrong livelihood and holistic naturopathy is Right Livelihood so moving on from that you know so-called feud so-called food production you know there are factory farms that are just torturing animals all day long non-stop you know and this is absolutely directly causing harm to other sentient beings you know so farming of animals wrong livelihood well you know we talked about this in the shows that I did on carnism versus a plant-based diet recently and you know if people can't get this from a common sense perspective that there's a drastic difference in the sources that we can take into ourselves in the form of food then I don't know what to tell them like they're your there cut off from their soul that's that's all really comes down to they're cut off from empathy and compassion toward creatures that are you know of less complexity than ourselves okay so this is a very clear-cut one as far as I'm concerned if you're involved in the farming of animals it's wrong livelihood because it's directly creating harm and suffering to other sentient beings namely animals okay and it's not doing good things for the health and well-being of human beings either with the ecological impact of factory farming and any animal farming really and these you know input into the body of something that suffered though in the ways that these animals do and that's doing a damage on the physical level and on the spiritual level and I've talked about that in the past on the podcasts the audio podcast that I did on carnism when I went into the occult aspects of the meat diet so you could look back into that I believe it was around 122 123 something like that anyway there's an obvious difference in the image you just saw and the one that's on the screen now and if you can't see that I feel very sorry for you as a human being and get his offended about that as you want because to just engage in organic farming of you know plant and vegetable matter is how we are intended to really grow things and that's what we're intended to eat as human beings so I would say that you know natural plant-based farming practices are Right Livelihood as compared with especially factory farming practices and you know animal abuse that takes place on on farming on farms throughout the world which I would certainly consider wrong livelihood now and again we have to just stop lying to ourselves and apply very simple moral principles from a fundamental first principles philosophical perspective when we do that honestly common sense can just very easily be applied to these situations and we can know the difference which one is Right Livelihood which one is wrong livelihood it isn't that hard folks we want to overcomplicate it and over complexify and that's what really all forms of evil really want to do it's one of the methods of mind control is obfuscation and complexification you know anything that's bad for us really wants to obfuscate the issue of make it way more complex overly complexify it so that it you know creates a you know a mesmerising of the brain a hypnotism if you will and you know what is right and what is common-sense is infinitely elegant and infinitely less complex it's simplistic we know it in our heart you can't overthink it with the mind you have to apply heart based intelligence which is what actually the topic was I should have mentioned on the wizard factory podcast that I did heart based intelligence as a true part of whole intelligence and the understanding and application of natural law and we have to apply heart based intelligence when it comes to understanding which daily work practices are Right Livelihood and which are not and I think if we're being honest with ourselves that's not hard to do so moving on from that education teaching many different methods of doing it but you know if people are gonna you know take part in the outcome based education system that we have here in the United States and really throughout most of the world there it's doing a lot of harm to young people because it's putting them through a ringer of in dr. indoctrination instead of truly leading them out of Darkness which is what true education through the classical liberal arts methodology known as the Trivium is supposed to do but most teachers aren't doing that in the world they're engaged in following a curriculum to get a paycheck pumping out socialist and often outright communist propaganda in many cases they are involved in brainwashing techniques they are involved in just going along to get along to get a paycheck you know instead of really trying to reach the minds and lives and hearts of the students that they are charged to teach and to bring up to a higher level of understanding and in that sense the educational system has been an abject failure the formal education system and that's why I would say as much as this may pain people to hear most people in the formal you know public state-run education system are not in right livelihood you know that's a hard one for most people to hear and to accept but when you know how overtaken it is by the government by forces that are at work inside of it corrupting it you know the answer is not to keep putting our effort toward these decaying dead systems it's to start building new systems to really do what these ones were intended to do ostensibly but it failed miserably and that's why I think that home schooling is one of the noble professions that an occupation talking about and most people will receive no money for that but alternative methods of teaching alternative schooling okay there are different forms of schooling and unschooling coming up here in the United States especially they're gaining a lot of traction those type of teachers I would also consider engaged in a noble profession so teachers who are truly trying to be educators of the young and it teach them how to think not just what to think but how to think and how to come to conclusions on their own and engage in critical thinking skills and in the Trivium process of truth discovery we should value teachers like that and I think conscious parenting is a big part of this you want to talk about what the most important job that there is and what could be the most noble it's it's being a parent okay a conscious parent all right you know and you know while that's a path that I have not you know chosen to put in place for myself in this lifetime I I highly respect parents who truly do their job as parents to educate and truly raise their children in a moral capacity there's no more noble job or profession than that as far as I'm concerned okay so those are the two distinct roles in the different forms of education being a indoctrinate er which is not right livelihood and just going along to get along for a paycheck and then being a true educator which we need many many more of which is Right Livelihood you know I'd put librarians in that you know obviously you know there's a lot of books that are untrue in a library many that are but librarians can if they act in the right capacity direct people to the reading the right books or helping them find the right ones you know so I I have kind of a very deep respect for books and collections of books built down deep into my DNA you know so this is a profession that I've often wanted to be involved in it's something that if I didn't have to do what I do here from a moral obligation perspective with what on earth is happening I might pursue a career in because I want to be around books you know I would love to work in a bookstore I would love to be a librarian of some kind I feel like I have that in my in the essence of my ancestry in my DNA and it's carried over obviously in this lifetime with the amount of books and knowledge that comes with them that I have accrued so I consider librarians Right Livelihood tech careers or careers in the IT industry as I just put out an ad seeking help you know it's a dual edged sword it depends on what you're doing it for you know you want to go and work for somebody like Lockheed Martin you know or other defense contractors you know supporting the government and the military and helping them drop bombs on foreign countries that didn't harm us then I'm gonna say you're not in right livelihood but you know if you take a career in IT and you learn you know web technologies or programming and you get involved in the battle to get information out there to people you know help do the great work that's absolutely a noble profession you know it's I did IT and was engaged in wrong livelihood in it but because the institution's the institution that I work for and some was right livelihood and some was wrong when I recognized the institutions that I was working for were just really doing a lot of harm to animals I stepped away from that you know IT work that was a you know part of Penn's research in their School of Medicine because I was employed there in the past so you know the whole tech sector can definitely be both wrong livelihood and right livelihood depending on who you're working for what the purpose of the work is and again common sense and natural law principles have to be applied to determine which you know jobs in the IT field are within right livelihood in which you should steer clear from science as well it's very similar you know to the tech field okay so some scientists can be engaging in things that are truly moving humanity forward and that should be the goal of Science and invention it should have as its goal as Tesla said the betterment of humanity and if it doesn't have that as its main goal it is only a perversion of itself so you know scientists can be involved depending on what they're doing and what institution they happen to be working for they can be engaged in Right Livelihood or they can be doing things you know covertly for the government you know intelligence agencies and really doing harmful things to people the environment animals etc so again science is a dual edged sword its knowledge again that's where the word science comes from from the the Latin verb ski RA which means to know or to understand when we develop knowledge about how things work in the natural world we have to make a decision through our conscience through our knowledge of whether something is right or wrong because it either doesn't cause harm or does cause harm whether what we're using it for is right action and therefore whether we are engaged in Right Livelihood so science is another one of those dual edged swords you know inventors this is the last one that I really want to get into invention is another thing that I think maybe if I had some mentoring and pursued a slightly different educational path I may have tried my hand at I think I have a mind for it or maybe could have developed a mind for it however I don't want to invent anything that's just gonna be crushed you know by the system of slavery that's in place which is why I think you know people making patents and you know basically handing the the technology to the government through the patent system is just it's unconscionable so but there are inventors who were really trying like Stan Meyer pictured here who built the water fuel cell for cars basically it was a water splitter that split the water molecule into its constituent elements hydrogen and oxygen powered the car with a hydrogen based cell and then output oxygen rich oxygen into the environment as its quota waste product I mean you talk about a genius this man was poisoned to death in a restaurant basically clasping his throat and saying collapsing while saying I'm poisoned and then they rule it like natural causes from a heart attack yeah because the poison stopped his heart you know wasn't a heart attack it was poisoning which caused cardiac arrest meaning the stoppage of the heart yeah the guy who invented a car that will run on water invented this the battery that would fuel any car on water alone okay that's what that's what happens to people like that so you know inventors can be a very noble profession okay I consider if they're doing it like someone like Stan Meyer was doing it for the right reasons for the uplift and betterment of humanity through the technology I consider that Right Livelihood and a outrightly noble profession and I did forget one more really two more professions and guess what folks I consider them very noble professions and that is plumbing and sanitation I know that's gonna be a big shock for some people okay III generally consider them almost exclusively right livelihood professions okay do you realize how much plumbers and sanitation workers have contributed to the health of human beings and the general longevity of human beings and the better quality of life of human beings if we as human beings did not have people to engage in these in this work human beings would be back where they were in the dark ages during the the bubonic plague okay we would have literal disease and plagues around every corner plumbers and sanitation workers have done more to increase the health and well-being of human beings probably more than any class of people in human history including teachers including so-called educators okay because they're given them the physical conditions to be able to live on continual disease so that they can learn and improve their mind and therefore improve their soul so this is actually a job you know I don't people look down on jobs like this no way you know I consider them practically noble professions okay and it's like something like that literally if we honestly I'm saying this honestly like if we solved the human condition of slavery and we were actually free living in a state of anarchy and just you know engaging in voluntary behavior and dealing with the Psychopaths that were left in the world that we would have to deal with you know but there was no ruling class and we actually built an anarchic Society in all honesty folks I'm gonna do a few things I'm gonna paint I'm gonna garden and I probably take a job as a sanitation worker seriously not joking not a joke not laughing about it at all okay I find what they do to be honorable okay and again plumbers and sanitation workers if we didn't have them you you would not even imagine what our society would look like especially in urban environments good god is all I have to say so I'd say that these two categories of labors that I'm mentioning here as an example plumbers and sanitation Right Livelihood and I think I'll end on just talking about what the solution to wrong livelihood is you know because this is what people will say well water what are we supposed to do if we're in the fields that you talk about as being wrong livelihood and again there's millions of other fields and professions that we didn't talk about here today I probably had you know profound oversights that I should have included but didn't but there's only so much time on every show okay so this is the most difficult pill to swallow folks and listen up and listen up real good okay clean your ears out and listen really well to what I'm not to say because this is the take away from all of it the most difficult thing that most people do not want to hear or accept and they don't want to tell the truth of themselves about it when it comes to being out of alignment with Right Livelihood is that they should stop doing the harm causing occupation immediately no matter what the short-term cost may be for them or their immediate family members I'm gonna read that again because it's so profoundly important to understand the most difficult thing that most people do not want to hear regarding this whole topic we've been talking about today of Right Livelihood they don't want to hear it they don't want to accept it they don't want to tell the truth to themselves about it when it comes to being out of alignment with Right Livelihood the solution is they should stop doing the harm causing occupation immediately no matter what the short-term cost may be for them or their immediate family members and I fully understand and appreciate what I am saying and asking in full conscious in full consciousness and awareness of what I am saying and asking of people that means you may have to suffer in the short term but you will no longer be harming others you will be taking the karmic debt of what you have already done through the short-term suffering but the long-term karmic debt will turn your life around for the better you don't need to believe that the only leap of faith that you need to take is to do it and you'll see and you'll know that what I'm telling you is the truth this is a pill that no one wants to swallow but it is absolutely true nonetheless the solution is to quit the job that is causing harm and find work that is in alignment with morality under natural law and there is no shortage of those occupations or jobs they're everywhere around us we can do something that is not something that is causing harm or is involved in a institution that is causing direct or indirect harm to other human beings or animals the environment it is possible many people do it on a daily basis so this is a meme here when you want to quit your job because you know it's not the right thing to be doing but you you know that you need money to survive no one's saying that this is easy it can be very difficult all I'm telling you is it's the right thing to do and if you do it you will see your life turn around for the better perhaps not in the immediate short-term because you're gonna have to take the brunt of the karmic debt that is coming your way whether you like that or not or want it or not and that may be the suffering that you have to go through in the short term to quit that job and maybe not have the resources that you need and you might need to struggle and your family may even need to struggle and I'm telling you take that accept that directly telling you that's a better choice than what you will be doing to your soul long term if you continue to do the harmful job that you're in that is not in alignment with Right Livelihood when you're in wrong livelihood that could be one of the most powerful phrases that a human being can ever speak I quit quit your harmful job quit your cult quit the thing that is responsible for causing harm to other human beings to animals to the environment and most of all to your own soul ladies and gentlemen that concludes the formal part of the presentation material for today's show I hope you enjoyed it this was episode number 211 if you have enjoyed and appreciate and have found value in what I present here on what on earth is happening please 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livelihood I'd prefer you know mostly prefer staying with the topic if we can if people really want to bring up something else it's that's not all you know that's not out of bounds you can bring up whatever you want but I generally like to field questions if if you know we can on the concept of Right Livelihood today so it was making me aware that we have a great addition in the water on earth is happening call room and it's Vinny Eastwood I very much consider Vinny Eastwood appear I consider him a friend I consider him someone who is engaged in Right Livelihood and who has seen the in practice the things that I've talked about here on this show today I believe that maybe what brought him into the room so I'm gonna go to him first as a special caller Vinny Eastwood you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show my friend so Vinny you need to unmute yourself in discord I've unmuted you at the server end hopefully you're there I'm seeing that you're still muted yourself so let's try just look for the unmute there you go there it is Vinny welcome it's great great to see you are in the calling room we're working on that I may be implementing a custom solution I have a couple of developers that are helping with that task we may be implementing a simple web-based solution without all the complexity of discord and that may be coming it's in the Alpha stages of testing right now so it's not going to be here for a few weeks but we may be implementing a new very simple call system that works right through your web browser and makes it easier for me to manage calls on the backend as well so you know hopefully that will clear up some of the technological confusion that is often happening with discord but I thank you for persisting through it and being part of the show today streaming and various other tweaks and things like that but I've mixing microfinance and and geese won all of these things were either free or donated to me by listeners I mean it's phenomenal like you realize how much people are willing to put some of their resources where their understanding is and help support a cause and that is because you were generous with your time and your knowledge and you did the work you know and you dedicated your life to trying to tell the truth to people and put that knowledge out there so you know the universe returned that in the form of generosity that was displayed to you from other people that you brought value to their lives and that's how this dynamic works yeah social kitty whereby if you do good work for society I had a realization the other day you know how everybody comes up to your mark and they say keep up the good work yes it didn't actually occur to me into the other day what keep up the good work actually means what's that yes they're great that's right that's right when people tell you to keep up the good work what they're doing is they're acknowledging the fact that you've asked the who what when where why and how and you understand something so that if somebody else questions you and asks you the who what when where how you're able to answer that and now you have adopted the mode of the teacher and that's what people are saying when they say keep up the good work they mean keep teaching people the things that you're teaching them because if you don't society itself suffers that is why it is the good work and that's why you have to keep it up persistence persistence is a huge part of it you know you may not see the dividends pay immediately it's something that you have to continue to do it's like anything else you go to the gym one day you're not going to you know you know lose tons of weight and be in perfect peak condition one day you have to habituate it you have to do it continuously you know you get on to a healthy diet you don't do that for a week and then stop you know you habituate it you make it part of your daily routine it's the same thing with doing the work it's the same thing with being in right livelihood it's something that you have to make part of the whole integral makeup of your life and continue to do it with persistence it's a point that you're making there you know they see me that have any interview that's going to be there do I interview them no and in fact if I know who they are and I have followed their work and stuff like that it complicates the situation because I get this kind of fawning sort of a little girl with pigtails type of type of mentality like oh my god and it can often be uncomfortable for people and I think that it's a hell of a lot more easy to get to know someone by asking them and they tell me who you are and what it is you do than it is by investigating the stuff that they've done because often the only person who truly understands who they are and what they do is the person you're talking to and so when you make assumptions and deductions about all you must think this or you must do then or whatever you get out of kilter and that makes it very difficult to forge a relationship and my idea behind a talk radio interview is to forge a relationship probably within about 30 seconds I want to forge a relationship with either a listener or a or a guest or something of that nature because that's all the attention span really allows for a very modern society you you have to be open you have to be honest and you you really have to go straight for the the throat of the issues otherwise you're meandering BS and I think that comes off very clearly as well to the viewing or listening audience if they have any you know general deductive reasoning and powers of intuition they're going to come to an accurate conclusion whether someone is the real deal or whether they're fake fairly quickly and like you said time only allows in the type of thing that we do talking to people where we have to kind of you know be honest and open enough to get into that space where we form a quick connection with the other person and then really hear what they're saying and then be able to respond to it so you know a big part of that is that you know basic respect for self and the other you know and that is part of what we talked about here today you know and I just want to say that I respect the work that you have done and I consider you an inspiration in the great work because you are you've been doing this for such a long time you've been persistent with it you know you're doing it through you know donations funding it you know and all of this I consider is the right way of going about doing this type of work so you know I want to personally thank you for what you've been doing and uh you know I want to you know direct my listening audience to say that this is an example of how someone can get involved and do the great work you know follow Vinny's work look at you know all the work that he has done in the past it's a tremendous incredible body of work and you know he's still at it and doing it and persisting with it you know we all take certain amounts of time off to rest and rejuvenate but always back at it and not doing it to the best of his ability so Vinnie you know I want to say that uh you know I really consider you an example of Right Livelihood and would direct my viewing audience to check out your work and understand that's really what life right livelihood through the alternative media is all about I think you you're correct in saying that because there's there's Right Livelihood in media and then wrong lively yeah and that's good because it comes full circle with what I was just about to say in it as that I was having a conversation with the listener and I considered what my work to be BES alright and what I mean by that is their works that are real okay they actually manifest things in the three dimensional realm they actually do physically exist somebody built a bridge somebody built a home somebody built a cell phone tower or something like that these are things that are actually manifested into physical reality these are what I call people who do the real work without without which all of these pieces of technology and everything like that that we're using wouldn't exist all the people that are building the servers and the systems and doing will be the background work the real work right whereas everybody else has been doing bs work now that doesn't necessarily mean to say that BS is bad because every single human being alive requires at least a little bit of BS to survive alright and what I mean by that is the entertainments that we choose to absorb whether it be Game of Thrones or the latest Avengers or whatever these things are be is they don't actually exist they yes in reality there are physical augmentation they don't actually change anything in the physical realm and it reminded me of what an old Zen master said he said before enlightenment you must chop wood and carry water and after enlightenment you must chop and carry water yeah because just because you learn something new just because you were entertained for a bit doesn't mean it actually makes any difference it is your actions based upon the BS how do you react to the Spears is a good BS that make that fills you full of hope and and a sense of imagination to be able to go and create new things or is it be if that makes you feel afraid and drawn and insular and make you kill yourself eventually after taking too many pharmaceutical drugs you see it see there's good vis and there's bad BS and as I always say never underestimate a man's ability to play mind games with himself and come off the winner that's re you know and that's what part of is all about is it's that first step of initiation the the true beginning of the spiritual journey is stop lying to yourself above all else yes stop lying to other people but we have to first stop lying to ourselves that's part of self-respect you know and this is what two too few people are willing to do too many continue to tell the the whole themselves the whole BS story about how the job that they're doing is necessary and right and it's all justifications none of it holds any real you know weight when it comes to objective morality and natural law so you know I I think that you know we we do need a certain amount of what perhaps you could call it distraction and or you know lightheartedness because the the great work can be very heavy at many times and if you try to just can continue non-stop it can burn you out so you know we all have to you know have our little distractions and you know little times that we engage in you know some light hardness and or even outright fantasy but then we come back down to the ground where the work is still there for us to do and we have to come back you know somewhat rejuvenated and renewed from that little temporary distraction to continue to do it to the best of our ability and you know as I said again I I consider you appear in that work so thank you for the work that you've done and I want to thank you for you know the insights that you brought to the table today as a caller exactly one week off and then I see my pals live that's great very fortuitous timing that's that's what synchronicities are all about Vinnie I want to say thank you again and enjoy the rest your holiday today is Queen's birthday weaking in so for those of us and the former British colonies I want people to remember one thing that's very very important we're all still slaves of the British Empire that's right because they created the banking system and the court system and nary a person can escape from that reality so ladies and gentlemen if you are in a colony or if you're not in the colony you still belong to the Colonials and today is Queen's birthday weekend and I was talking about this this little meme it's got the Queen you know with the little smile and their little wave is happy creams birthday weekend slaves oh my god you imagine people still having respect for royalty amazing it's the year 2019 going on 2020 and they still think royalty is a good thing well it's everybody's thought royalty was a good thing for a long time because everybody was raised on royal education and served in the Royal Army and so and held high standing in the Royal Courts and they basically said that hey if you put royal in the name of anything it's it suddenly becomes so much better than it actually is you know it's a basic principle of scamming and we have to throw off that feudal colonialism and I have a real true revolution in consciousness worldwide you know that's what really is very much necessary and I think that's why more people have to get involved in the great work and become a real educator and a real teacher and a true journalist you know as I consider that's what you do Veni and you know if more people stepped up into that role of being a truth teller and are doing it fearlessly they'd see how the quality of their lives would improve and how the universe would reward them for that work long term I am so sorry to still keep yammering on but there's so many important this is that like for example after the Christchurch mosque Massacre happened I'm so far the only alternative journalist who's actually been to Christ interviewed the president of the mosque interviewed one of the survivors from the app and gotten some people to do proper video analysis and things like that and oh sorry no worries okay so the the question is what's happening down in here in New Zealand directly after this Christchurch mosque massacre and what's actually happening is they're trying to take the guns off of everybody like they're turning up to people who work for the New Zealand military at two o'clock in the morning and taking their weapons off them that kind of thing right without a member and without a member of parliament or justice of the peace present which is what you have to do to comply with the law here and that's um under New Zealand law specifically to prevent the the case where the military people might start shooting the police who are unlawfully coming onto their property and trying to seize their firearms and things of that nature in some kind of insurrection is incident you know it's kind of like Posse Comitatus right in Reverse and nowadays we've got this massive neat censorship going like I can't use the word false flag and in my video titles otherwise they do they they get a flag automatically and I've got maybe another eighteen days that's why I'm actually coming off of my holiday on the 18th because I had all of these flags and things like that and if I got one more I'd be I'd be dead this is the point where at I got censored in real time never happened to me before Mike on the day after the shooting I got we live with holy I saw that episode I saw that yes and may that that's never happened to me before never happened to Holly before I've been doing this ten years he's been doing that 25 yeah this is them this is them practicing or putting into a beta phase the actual artificial intelligence algorithm for certain things they don't want said I believe that's what's really going on you know behind the scenes that they're networks absolutely and and there's also the physical chilling effect I've been visited by the cops five times and and inside of for talking for talking on the Internet airwaves imagine this imagine I one of my listeners he slam $1,200 in cash down on my thing and he says if any I want you to go to Christchurch I want you to get the story down are you afraid to do this because it's going into the Lions Den two weeks after it freaking happen what do you think is going to happen right you know and so I do announce on on air that you know I'm raising money to go down there and that kind of thing whole thing and then all of a sudden the cops turn up at my door and I'm like okay wait away really quickly let's comment them all all all chipper and Tyrion things like that even though meanwhile my heart's going through and it's absolutely terrifying because when they turn up not once not twice but three four five time you start to give a message beyond what they told you and you know what they told me nothing they told me absolutely nothing they didn't ask any questions you know and that's like oh that's incredible intimidation tactics right because they probably know that I'm a journalist and youtuber and all of the pureness doesn't anything they say or anything they do is probably going to get spread throughout the social media so what did they say and what do they do they do nothing and say nothing right just trying to intimidate the viewing and listening audience you know as if to say don't speak out or you'll be paid a visit to you know we can't back down to that more people have to just stand up to this tell these people you're you're not going to shut down freedom of speech you're not going to shut down let's put it this way they're not shutting down freedom of speech without a full-scale worldwide war it's not going to happen it's certainly not happening here in America and if they want to try it here in America you're gonna get a war that is going to spill over into every other country of the world that's what they're gonna have to do it forget about even ideologically fighting it like will ideologically fight it but they keep pressing the issue and pressing the issue and pressing the issue I guarantee you they will not avoid the powder keg of America exploding in their face it will not happen without bloodshed that's within their power to stop what they're doing but when it comes to the censorship issue and I'll keep repeating this just about every week if it's pressed and it's pressed to its full conclusion they're gonna have a war that there's no absolutely no possible way that they can win a physical hot war not a war of ideologies they're gonna have a physical hot shooting war on their hands that they're theirs they're not going to be able to unexploded is gonna explode in their face and they will have caused it so I don't know maybe that's what they want are they maybe they just you know they're like the bully in a school that like is begging to be punched in the face as hard as the person who's been you know trying to withhold their their anger at their bad behavior doesn't want to do but eventually they crack them in the face and break their jaw and shatter their nose all over their face that's what's gonna happen with the them poking the the you know whole of America with the stick you know it's good because they're not gonna be able to control what was I'm trying to explain to people would I know to be a fact a lot of people don't know about the American the underground American culture of weapons ownership because most of the world doesn't engage in it and doesn't see it I'm trying to explain to people take every sports fan in the world triple that number and then quadruple the number of guns and put them in those people's hands and that's what you have in America and now and then you're going to try to shut down their freedom of speech so you know there's this video of this you know heavyset kid being bullied by a little thin kid you know I guess he's calling him fat looking at him and he starts actually hitting him and like the kid is the big kids using so much restraint because he's like three times bigger than this little skinny runt Punk in this video maybe I'll post it with the podcast and you know finally the kid just snaps picks up grabs the kid in a bear hug picks him up turns him upside down and literally almost pile drives them into the ground practically on his neck or in his head his obviously his leg gets really messed up I mean he slams him to the ground harder than a professional wrestler would you know fake you know slam you know not really attempting to hurt there you know you know opponent where the ending is rigged you know but you know I mean he slams him on concrete the way a wrestler would you know slam somebody on a on a mat that has a lot of padding and give to it you know and I mean you know with full force you know and it's like I think the young kid got off easy you know walking away with maybe a broken bone or two and you know a little bit of a concussion you know it's like that's what they are literally trying to do to America and you know the thing is is a lot of people think it's such a bad thing to say if you don't stop it's gonna come to a physical fight I'm I'll tell any politician that to their face I'll tell any cop that to their face I'll tell any judge that to their face I'll tell any lawyer that to their face cuz they're in the wrong I'm standing in the right the people who don't want their rights taken and abused or standing in the right freedom of speech is the right side of history the censorship of the freedom of speech is the wrong side of history and anybody that would support that you're there not only in the wrong side of history they're so dead sick psychopathic lunatic people who think they are God in this world and they're gonna exactly find out how much they're not God and it's not tough talk it's not picking a fight it's telling people that when they want to bring the fight by trying to stop freedom of speech you've closed down the avenue for the communication of truth that's gonna lead to a hot war and it's gonna be a word you're not gonna win I don't care you could have every army in the world at your beck and call to win it win quote unquote you're gonna have to saturation hydrogen bomb the earth to defeat the American public that's what you'll have to do and then there won't be any winners because you'll have no slaves to command so I say if we can't do it ideologically I'm ok with pushing it to that I'll just come out and just be as Extreme as possible I would be fine perfectly fine it would be a moral just war and absolutely there is such a thing as a moral just war fought with by the people who organized into militias to stop that kind of a fighting force and the numbers that are here in America you would have to drop hydrogen bombs on the entire surface of the country and you wouldn't get everybody you'd have to do it pretty much to the whole planet and doing that would basically cause a nuclear winter on the whole planet anyway so you would show people how much of a psychopath you are by trying to maintain control of that level and you would you'd wipe out your slave population anyway so slavery would be ended and you'd have to reset the slavery system anyway so I'm okay with it being pushed that far I don't fear that eventualities or that result I don't fear it a lot of people think it wouldn't go down that way because they don't understand the actual numbers they don't have an accurate understanding of what exists here in America as far as weaponry is concerned and zero understanding of it none whatsoever it's that's exactly what Prime Minister just under I don't see because honey you--you'll the prime sunnis term of African colony okay that didn't rebel successfully against the crown okay that's what you don't understand you don't understand what it's like to fight for something and now I have been in my life and probably still AM today to a certain extent a real oh okay and and and the thing about that is I've been punched in the face many many times Minnie Minnie Minnie tougher every time it was for a different reason so I sort of like run through the gamut of getting punched in the face for different reason after a different reason at a different reason and each time getting punched in the face I learned not to do that one particular thing so I've improved somewhat and I'm happy to say that for the last ten years I have not been punched in the face once because I figured out what was what I was doing wrong and it's just like Mark said you know if you come into accordance with natural law a whole bunch of bad things that could happen to you won't frickin happen to you that's right that's right and see that this is we have to stand in solidarity with the members of the alternative media we have to say we're not going to take this censorship it doesn't matter if they sense or somebody I don't agree with I would fight for their right to continue to say what I don't agree with like I don't but I don't think that they should be censoring Flat Earth videos I don't agree with it but I don't think it should be censored I think that should be at least out there for people's consideration if they want to click on it and view it and try to gain an understanding of what is being said whether they agree with it or not you know I think religious stuff if whether I agree with it or not that's freedom of speech you should be able to put out there what you want to put out there as long as you're not advocating for harm being done to other people you know I'm talking about self defensive rights when people are doing harm to our bodies and our freedom you know don't expect people here in America to take that nonsense because it don't they'll take it to a certain extent but when it becomes uncomfortable enough for them you'll see that eventually again the powder keg that is America will will detonate like a bomb first it will happen here first more likely than not and then other countries will follow the example they're waiting for us to start the second American Revolution worldwide you know and I think you know I don't I don't want it to come to it having to be done like that I think that that will inevitably prolong it and delay it and we'll have to do it again at some other point in consciousness I think that if we do it in justise if we do it the right way if we do it through an understanding of what right and wrong are we won't have to go through that you know dark night of the soul for the vast majority of the human population in the form of bloodshed you know I would much rather do it through understanding this is something I wanted to ask you as well because of me being punched in the face many times and in retrospect probably for good reasons what is the point where you can actually just lash out to someone physically when they haven't actually physically lashed out at you you know that kind of thing because one of my mates Barak he's got he's got this this dude who comes around to his place and every now and again he said he said to actually like use physical force to get him off the freakin company the guy hasn't committed any violence or any threat yeah but if he's if if somebody's on your property and you tell them to leave that's that's an act of aggression as far as I'm concerned if I tell someone to leave my home and they don't that's an act of aggression that means that means you are you're you're implying that violence could be started at any time because you're not leaving something that you don't own you know and I would say if you're on your private property and someone tells you I'm not leaving then it's on as far as I'm concerned I mean I wouldn't tolerate that if I asked somebody leave and they refuse to leave I would lay hands on them you know so I think that's totally in keeping with natural law as well you know because that's that's a violation of your rights in your own property that that's called trespass once you're asked to leave a place when you're you're made aware this isn't your space this is my space and I own this area or I'm living here and this is where I live and I'm asking you to leave and they don't that's called trespass and that's a transgression against your natural law right to remain secure in your living space so that's where I would say that comes into play in a public space I would say you know only ever respond to physical physical act of aggression and don't begin it you know but I think in your own property when someone refuses to leave that is the initiation of a physical act of just by remaining there is a physical act of aggression well my my cause of it is like I would probably be a much worse person if I hadn't been violently attacked but I'm not but I'm not sure if that's the that's the best way to teach people is to just violently attack them whenever they displease you or do something annoying no certainly not like certainly not just with words but again in the example you were giving there with your friend if he it's his private space and someone has refused to leave that's you know that that's definitely a violation of of your natural law rights in your own property so you know that's one example I would say a physical you know strike doesn't have to happen but you have the right to physically remove somebody you could try to do it with the least amount of force possible but in all honesty I would say it's up to it's up to the person who's being aggressed a pond then to determine what amount of force they'd have to exert yeah and I think maybe having experience and that kind of thing I mean you grew up in the main streets didn't didn't you Mike you know usually it's not really I would say that there were you know it was not a terrible neighborhood where I grew up so there was not a whole lot of physical street violence but I've seen some of it and you know had to defend myself in some cases but like you know I've seen some things that there were repercussions due to certain organized crime operations taking place where people had crossed some other people in organized crime and I've seen I've seen some physical things go down where you knew it was something involved in organized crime and somebody took a very very bad beating so that's about the extent that I've seen it here in South Philadelphia I haven't you know directly seen a whole lot of you know street violence you know in some places you you had to know don't walk through this area because it's controlled by certain people who are you know engaged in you know drug activity etc and so you just steered clear of certain areas that's gotten somewhat better and the cities cleaned up in that regard but there are still areas that I would say you would know you know this isn't gonna be safer you might be a cost that if you walk alone open at night that's why in general in general if I'm walking out in public I'm carrying a gun you know III carry every pretty much every day where I go so if anything were to occur you know even though generally it's perfectly safe and people generally treat each other pretty well but if there were a situation I don't want to be caught with my pants down I want to be ready for it that's what preparation and preparedness is you know so that's why I think everybody should be armed I personally think everybody should have the ability to stop a violent attack with whatever weapon they choose by carrying that with them wherever they go I think there should be no restrictions on carrying weaponry of any kind that's our natural human right and people can't understand that from from a lot of their perspective they don't see that as being peaceful there's no aggression when I walk on the street with a firearm there's no aggression taking place on my part I would not initiate aggression it is there to respond to an act of potentially deadly aggression that's what it's there for and I would try to use non-lethal then move up the semi lethal and then move up to lethal force if it was required and that's what you should do to try to minimize it but in all honesty I think that you know if someone is aggressed upon they really have the right to use whatever means at their disposal to defend their life in their property quite frankly I think it's a very clear-cut thing so if any I'm gonna try to squeeze one more caller in but thank you so much I'm really glad that you called in thank continue with your work and I believe your website your main website is the vinny Eastwood show com is that correct that's right that's Vinny with the why because it's the most important question and Eastwood like go ahead make my news it's the lighter side of genocide just because we're being exterminated doesn't mean we can't make it fun otherwise what's the point of being killed the Vinny Eastwood showed the only thing worse than the truth is for these jokes there you go see there's Vinny it's a unique brand of humor that he injects in there keeping it very dark topics as he does discuss as I do toward the lighter side with his unique humor and personality so check out the vinny eastwood show calm ladies you don't have any thanks so much for calling in to the show today let's see if we can bring one more person in if we have time I think we have a couple of minutes alright I'm gonna go to Joe Brogan Joe Brogan you are live on what on earth is happening Wilson thank you mister pashya mark can you hear me okay yes I can you're coming in loud and clear Joe we limited time so go right to your passion or coma I understand mark I know that your preferred format is let you present all the info first ask questions later I think that's the most efficient way so I'll just ask for the same respect explain to your listeners I'm a former Iraq Afghanistan veteran member of the US Army current pension collector from the US Treasury based on a disability that I collect from being injured in Iraq I just have a few notes and whatever resonates with you you can reply on on an open-ended segment we've got less than survived minutes last sigh I don't want to disrupt the listeners any more with a back and forth so I just have some quick notes you talk about the questions being related to Right Livelihood so I will suggest a guidance for the notes I talked about a society of meaning and what I like all your listeners to know who are anarchists and individualistic fighters for freedom for order followers who are coming out at the Pythian system tithing system or tariff related agreement where we have been signed into captivity by the United States government or whatever government we have been indoctrinated to support I just want you guys to know it's an inch by inch fight for order followers to escape these government controls and and manipulations on their consciousness in order to exercise our own free will so it takes a while so I would just offer some some criticisms to to the way your program is going mark I I know you're such a metaphysical guy and you talk in broad distances and lengthy strides about the metaphysical and long-term implications of these choices of immorality but I would just pose these few challenges to you real quickly in less than two minutes here when we're Americans fighting for commercialism or industrialized society in the West and we agree with women's rights we agree with freedom of choice etc to a large degree when we're trying to talk about slavery and our corporate owners our bank owners our government owners but we've been indoctrinated into a system to support going to war for fascist communist dictatorships for example in the Middle East where the where the women have no rights whatsoever they have to stand six feet behind the men and wear masks around their face in order to talk they have to have certain acceptance I would ask about that and how this where do you draw the line between true freedom of the individual and and supporting the elimination of these complete control systems it's like this cagillion dialectic that only you could provide insight into if you ever chose to provide political commentary which I think you should and I truly believe you should one note I have about you being a political activist in a way is your notes on a narco poco this most recent segment you you gave a two-hour presentation on what anarchists are not doing and perhaps what they should do I would suggest when you're talking to the military you've given that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening I'll probably continue with the question and answer session next week folks so remember what on earth is happening government is slavery we'll see you right here next week thanks for watching everyone have a great week [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]