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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time welcome to the show today ladies and gentlemen today is Sunday June 16 2019 this is episode number 213 of what on earth is happening and we have a great show lined up for you here today I'm going to be discussing the public's continued naive and misplaced trust in established mainstream institutions we're going to be talking about the institutions that the public has placed their trust in unfounded ly and we're going to be most of all really delving into the psychological reasons why this condition continues to be the case and why it is so difficult to wake people up to the true intentions and motivations of mainstream institutions and why they are so completely lockstep in their mind still believing that these institutions are set up there for their betterment and the betterment of our species so that's coming up today on this episode of what on earth is happening we'll be taking your calls in the third hour of the show through the discord app you can get the show of the call invite link on the show page at what on earth is happening calm slash show we're also of course simulcasting on Vimeo Facebook and YouTube live so I do have a few housekeeping announcements for today's show and if we can briefly switch over to my computer to my web browser I'll get into those announcements so essentially I will be a featured speaker at this year's and arkadelphia conference it's the inaugural and arkadelphia this year 2019 this will be taking place here in Philadelphia September 13th 14th and 15th and tickets are on sale now I put a banner up on the homepage of the site if you click that banner it will take you to the an arc adelphia website the event website and just posted underneath the workshops under anak adelphia I also put a article on the homepage of what on earth is happening let me just go back and show you that in the news section if you scroll down and go to latest news you can click that first link there and I put up an article on the homepage that I'm going to be hosting the teaching natural law with mark passio workshop at anak adelphia as well my main lecture will be entitled for the main part of the event sorry about that folks let me uh looks like my laptop may have may have locked up here hold on one moment there we go I just was able to get it out of full screen mode sorry about that let's switch back over okay so I'm at the main event of an arkadelphia I'm a featured speaker and I'm going to be giving the lecture called the sacred gift of anger just take a look at all of these amazing speakers as part of the event they have all star lineup it's going to be myself Lynn Albright max Egan derek bros mackenzie wolf zachary Hubbard and dick scary welder Josh Sigurdsson Laura Larkin Rose Amanda ratchets luke rudkowski sterling Lujan Gina car Clive de Carl at 10 de Lobo ta Erin Nakamoto Sasha day game Benny wills Lea Thompson dance isom Omar Baum Katie Anna Nina Anna Nina ken Bocek Chuck Williams and Leah Boone and more to come so I mean they have a tremendous lineup here for the inaugural year of Anarchy Adelphia and again on the main website they just added the workshop so I made an article regarding that on my website it links over to that workshop where can get tickets and this is the abstract for the workshop that was just posted so check out the an arc adelphia website it's gonna be a great event here right here in Philadelphia actually in my neck of the woods in South Philadelphia so the state of Anarchy is hosting this event great guys that are doing great work to promote the entire worldview of Anarchy accurately and you know if you're so inclined start getting your tickets now five if you use checkout code passio the promo code passio at checkout then five percent of ticket sales will be deducted from your ticket and five percent will actually be donated to me - what on earth is happening for you know us to be able to continue the work that we do here so that's one of the main event announcements I wanted to go over initially and as well let me see what else I have just bringing up my notes here we are doing a summer clearance sale at gifts at what on earth is happening donation gifts so let me refresh this page because the 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may not be doing a show next week and the following week I will announce that definitively on the show website so stay tuned on the the website particularly on the show page for that announcement but it looks like next weekend and the weekend following we probably will not be doing a live show so we'll probably be returning three weeks from today so I don't know that definitively we're gonna see how things work out but right as of right now it looks like the next two weeks we will be taking a little bit of time off so I just wanted to announce that before you know we step into the main part of the presentation now few people just everybody just give me one moment cuz I do want to make one very small adjustment to my slide presentation because we just got the add graphic in for for the Annika polka for the Anarch Adelphia workshop so I'm just adding that into my slide presentation real quick and we can step over to the slides right now we can go live to the slide presentation in the main window please if we could switch over to the slide presentation in the main window bring it up in in the main window please thank you okay so here we go all right so as I said an arkadelphia first inaugural event of an arkadelphia this is the first one that they're hosting you can get five percent off your ticket sale with promo code passio you can click this banner that I have up on the homepage of what on earth is happening and as well the teaching natural law workshop which is going to be taking place the Monday after an arkadelphia so it's the the Monday right after the main event which is a Friday Saturday and Sunday the 13th through the 15th my workshop will be an all-day event on Monday September 16th 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. taking place at a breakout location Papi's restaurant which is just down the street from the main event hall okay of an arkadelphia the tickets for the workshop an all-day event from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. are $120 you can get tickets at an ORAC adelphia calm that being said I think that covers all of the announcements that I wanted to go through before jumping into the bulk of the material for today's presentation so thank you to the crew they always do a great job thank you to my producer and backup producer the setup crew lighting and of course graphics Thank You Brett for doing a great job with the the title card for this week's show which is the public's misplaced trust in mainstream institutions and um you know this is an homage here to the great film the great science fiction allegorical film about what's going on in today's society they live by John Carpenter for anybody in the truth and freedom movement that has not seen they live you know I don't know what's keeping you back because that's a must see and if you're not familiar with it watching it will help you to understand why this is certainly an appropriate title card for the show today so let's jump into this material the I guess you could call him a self-help author and spiritualist Michael Ellner David Icke is has actually quoted him many times he's actually put this quote by him in one of his in a few of his main presentations said just look at us everything is backwards everything is upside down doctors destroy health lawyers destroy justice psychiatrists destroy minds scientists destroy truth major media destroys information religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom I don't think truer words were ever spoken and I think this sentiment is you know what I'm opening this presentation with this episode this week with because I think Ellner here accurately encapsulate exactly what is and has been for a long time taking place with the mainstream institutions of our society and people who don't agree with this quote I would suggest are extraordinarily asleep now one of the things I want to say is last week I went pretty hard on people okay I you know had a pretty intense blow-up on the air because I'll tell you why the last couple of shows actually were some of the most I would say not poorly received they were very they were well received by people but they included some of the hardest resistance to the message of what on earth is happening that I have ever received by even my base audience okay and that is because the information that I was laying out in the last couple of episodes is some of the hardest in the world to hear what we were talking about in the last couple of episodes was right livelihood and this show kind of in a way is an adjunct to that and it is a continuation of that topic in some ways it's slightly different but in many ways it is so closely related because it is about what the perceived purposes of the mainstream institutions are versus what they do in real life to human beings okay and that's the clear thing that we have to be have the discernment and the faculties of mind to distinguish between one is an intended purpose and then there's the thing that they are really doing in the real world which is harmful okay and when I was talking about being involved as a person who takes their paycheck who makes their living for their daily expenses of life through working for some of these institutions I got a lot of blowback from people who wanted to say no mark this is going too far okay you're attacking the people's livelihood and their ability to put food on their table yes that's exactly what I was doing because there is no excuse for doing harm to other people when we know what the right thing to do is and we know what the wrong thing to do is and what I was being so harsh and judgmental on people and getting so angry about it righteously angry about it is there is no excuse to be made for why one should continue to do things that are harmful just to receive a paycheck and see this is the problem with the world folks this is the problem this is the unspoken problem that no one wants to just directly confront right to someone's face looking them in the face and say you are an immoral person because you continue to receive a paycheck by participating in a job that is part of an institution that is causing harm to other people and it doesn't matter whether you're feeding your family with that paycheck see this is what I'll say to people because I am NOT taking part in it I have removed myself from those institutions I am doing independent work and I am making the living that I make morally so those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones while I'm not living in the glass house see so I can speak on it and I can be harsh and judgmental about it and yes we should be judgmental to those who are causing harm it isn't about just taking their nonsense and bullshit and saying that it's okay it's not okay it never has been okay and it never will be and that's the problem with people they're too soft and people have too thin of a skin and get too easily offended when you tell them you know what what you're doing is wrong you should stop doing it it doesn't matter if you are poor as a result if you must be poor for a time you should quit your job and stop participating in the institution that is causing harm maybe you'll have to struggle for a while and that's the harsh truth of the matter there's no there's no dance around you know there's there's no uh you know white winding paths that you could do this this end run around the issue okay no it's a straight direct confrontation then if what you are doing is causing harm to other people and therefore is not a right then you should desist in that activity even if it harms your ability to put food on your own table or the table of your family in the short term there's always other things that you could be doing there's always other jobs there's always other positions that you could take and you don't need to continue to do that just because you don't see any way out of it or you define yourself by that thing is not anybody's concern least of all mine okay that has no bearing on whether the thing that you're doing is moral or not okay so know it isn't going too far it isn't you know being too harsh or judgmental it's actually just speaking uncomfortable truth to people that don't want to fucking hear it that's all it really comes down to okay so the same thing is going to apply today and some people will say well this is common knowledge by the people who are aware and awake and what I'm going to address that because part of this show today is not just making not just reiterate eating something or you know going over a material that may be the the choir already knows okay it's not just speaking to the choir because the last part of this the middle part of this whole presentation is going to be about the psychological factors and reasons that people behave this way in the first place and the last part of it is going to be about how the people who are in the truth movement think that the whole world is waking up because some people happen to be on the same page with them and understand what they understand and they don't understand that that isn't what's happening okay they're seeing the world through rose-colored glasses as I've said they are seeing it from a skewed individuated perspective and they don't understand just how much ignorance and darkness there is all around us and I don't say that to try to discourage people okay but if you think that everybody agrees with this quote that is this first presentation slide okay cut cut back over to the slide full screen please okay if you actually believe that the vast majority of people in the world actually agree with this gentleman making this quote you're absolutely out of your mind because the vast majority of the people of this planet absolutely believe that the very institutions that he just mentioned in this quote are their God are their actual complete God and Savior and would do anything to protect them and have the and speak about them with the utmost respect and reverence okay and I see it every day I see it every single day ever any place I go in public there nobody is is attacking any of these institutions they believe that the health care system is wonderful they believe the media is trying to tell them the truth they believe government cares about them and is necessary and on and on down the line of brainwashed imbecile ISM okay and I mean they're out there in hordes and droves my own family is the perfect example I just had a conversation with a family member I said you know I don't even go around the family that much okay just as an already an aside and anecdote okay I don't go around the family that much anymore I said why don't you tell me what the rest of the family thinks about like you know what's do they ever talk about corruption in politics do they ever talk about how you know totally screwed up the whole banking system is and and how in bed with you know corruption and in politics that all is do they ever talk about how bad of a job the mainstream media is doing and how they're just a propaganda wing of the government do they ever talk about how science is just funded by government anymore and it's not really a pursuit of truth do they ever talk about you know how the medical field is actually detrimental to human health and the the family member I was talking to go it goes no not one single member of the family ever touches on any of those subjects or topics and never talks about any of those institutions with a condemnation with criticism let alone condemnation and I would suggest that this is probably the general zeitgeist everywhere not just in my family not just on the street in the city that I live in in this communist craphole that I live in called Philadelphia you know but um I'd suggest that it's probably across the entire planet over the entire world that is the sentiment there's a tiny tiny tiny small small tiny fraction of people who get that all of these institutions are broken and are the problem themselves most people think it's all just a tiny few bad people that are the problem no it isn't it's almost everybody that's the problem you know I think I was guilty of planning that seed in people's minds in my earlier presentations I talked about the sorcerer's of the world being the crux of the problem and that's not the case while there are a huge problem they're not they're the causal factor of the problem what we're going to be talking about here today is the causal factor of the problem and that's people's trust in the institutional bodies of our society which do absolutely nothing to make any aspect of life better for for the human species zero and not only don't we need them were infinitely worse with them in place so let's jump forward here and start looking of looking into what I'm actually talking about what I would consider the seven deadly mainstream institutions we could liken these to the seven deadly sins okay these are the seven Hydra heads okay of evil in our society today the big daddy of all of them religion and ultimately every single one of these things is a form of religion okay again I'm using religion in the wider sense I've said last week that I think I need to go back and revisit the term religion maybe over and over again maybe harp on it until people are so tired of hearing me harp on it that they finally start spreading the real definition of what religion is in an overarching sense not just some person's limited cultural definition of some stupid religion that they happen to believe in or are considering I'm talking about religion in the big sense of the term meaning it holds you back from truth it's a belief system it's an institutionalized belief system that holds you back from the truth regarding reality regarding the reality that has taken place around you and within you in your own psyche that's what all religion is it doesn't have to be a formalized religion with doctrine and ritual banking is a religion okay the medical system as we know it today is a religion science as we know it today is a religion the media is a religion the educational system is a religion okay government is a religion money is a religion this is what people don't understand they say the word religion and they're totally brainwashed as to the actual definition they think it means only the limited definition that they've been hammered into their their soft soggy brain that the word means and they can't perceive something from a more multi-dimensional angle to encompass a wider understanding of what the word religion actually means and that's why I say when I'm talking about religion here I'm talking about the cultural religions in general well when I use the word religion in a wider sense I am talking about indoctrinated belief systems institutional belief systems that hold us back from an accurate understanding of the world and prevent our forward progress in consciousness that's what the word religion in and of itself means so religion is the one and only problem that humanity faces because everything all of the problems that humanity faces are subsets of the one overarching problem and that's wrong thinking and that is exactly what religion Fosters and foments wrong thinking incorrect thinking non critical thinking belief based thinking emotion based thinking instead of logic from facts that have been gathered and dealing with reality head-on and dealing with what's going on in ourselves head-on now we don't want any part in that we want belief and we want to be told the world is just hunky-dory and there's no problem with the mainstream institutions so these seven deadly institutions the seven heads of the Hydra okay that we're up against in humanity religion government media education banking and finance healthcare and medicine and science okay and you you can name other ones that are huge parts of the problem but I would endeavour to say these are the biggest problem causers in the entire human world and that the fact that people still reverently believe that these things are doing what they claim that they are doing and that we need them and that if we didn't have them human beings would be worse off instead of better the fact that most people still believe that is the the nature of the problem here on earth and you know I don't hear other people talking about this you know again when I turn on alternative news media I don't hear anybody really delving deep into the issues that are going on they're talking about nonsense most of the time they're talking about political nonsense look in it look at it all over my new show studying the the veins on the leaf of the tree instead of pulling back and seeing the forest for what it is that's what they're doing they have tunnel vision and minutiae vision they don't look at big picture trends they don't look at big picture thought processes that are actually steering humanity in a certain direction and that's the problem the inability to pull back and actually see the large picture and that's why I'm reviewing this topic you know I went into this and called it you know identification with institutionalized belief systems in the past on what on earth is happening we're actually looking at the actual trust that people place in these institutions in the modern world they actually believe that they are here to serve what I'm calling their ostensible purpose so let's look at this dynamic okay we want to look at what is the difference between an ostensible purpose and the actual true purpose of what these institutions are doing so the word ostensible is not a colloquial word it's not a word that we use in everyday conversation or speech you don't hear the word ostensible a lot so some people might not even know what the definition of the word ostensible means so I want to give everybody a very clear working definition of the word ostensible as I am using it here throughout this slide presentation okay the word ostensible means represented or appearing as such not actually being what appearance indicates suggesting an appearance to unaided senses not borne out by rigorous examination or greater knowledge based on deceptive resemblance or faulty observation or influenced by a mo Shin's that present a clear view illusory I mean I think that is probably the best definition of ostensible the best working definition of ostensible that I could possibly lay down okay represented or appearing as such meaning it's not actually that thing it's just appearing to be it not actually being what appearance indicates suggesting an appearance - here's the key on aidid sense is not borne out by rigorous examination or greater knowledge it means the people who accept the ostensible representation of that thing have not done their homework they have not actually rigorously examined a thing to determine what it's really doing or what it really is they're just looking at it cursorily and saying oh yeah I believe that that's it's it's real purpose for existing they're not really delving down below the surface and looking at what's really going on so they don't have written they're not doing rigorous investigation and they don't have greater knowledge to understand what that thing is based on deceptive resemblance meaning it's very much trying to appear as the real thing but it's it's not that thing okay or faulty observation here's the key the people who are looking at these institutions do not have the observational capabilities or discernment to accurately observe what they are doing and what they truly mean what they truly represent so they have faulty observation that they're looking at these institutions with influenced by emotions that prevent a clear view illusory there there you have it that's exactly what I was talking about we can't come to the truth of something by just emotionally reacting to it okay you could have emotional reaction that's perfectly valid okay but you're not going to come to the truth about something through that at best what that will do is drive you drive your actions and your behavior to do something about it when you have an emotional adverse reaction regarding how wrong that thing is or how wrong the set of that institution is in the harm that it's doing in our society to the people of our society you could have all the adverse emotional reactions you want once you understand the actual nature of that institution and then maybe that you know true righteous indignation that emotion of true righteous indignation righteous anger is going to drive you to actually do something about it to create real world change that's the whole purpose of the emotion of anger as I'll be talking about at Annika Ann arkadelphia okay so that is what the word extensible actually means what we are going to do here today is look at the mainstream institutions and we are going to compare and contrast there are ostensibly purposes the purposes that they state that they are there to do and try to portray to the public that they the the role that they are actually fulfilling in society versus the true purpose of these institutions and what they are really doing through their actions to the people of our society okay all right so one of the things that I want to say is this is what our society really is like this is what the average every man and every woman okay the average Joe Schmo and Mary Schmo okay really look like going through their daily lives okay they are wandering through life blindfolded faulty observation faulty perceptions never really knowing what right and wrong you are never really knowing what is good for them and what is truly bad for them okay because of the brainwashing that is done culturally through all the institutions I'm talking about here today so there is no ability to discern truth on the part of the average member of the population and the part of a bigger part of the problem actually is that the people who are awakened aware and understand the material I'm going to present here today actually believe erroneously believe because they want to believe that the world is better than it is because they want hope they're addicted to the drug called hope okay they want to believe that the average Joe and Mary Schmo actually know what's going on and are aware just like they're somewhat aware of the nature of the situation that we are in ok the awake person I'm talking about that they're somewhat aware at least okay maybe not completely because they might not know the occult aspects of things but they're at least aware of the 3d you know institutional degradation and corruption aspect of our society but they portray they push that off onto other people they are it's a transference thus a process of psychological transference is taking place whereby the semi or possibly very awake person attributes to the rest of society that is walking around completely brainwashed and blindfolded as we see in this slide okay they attribute their sense of discernment and understanding to that average member of the population and that's a huge problem okay and I'm gonna be talking about that toward the end of the slide presentation here today so don't try to ascribe your own powers of discernment and judgment to the average member of the population the great work is to know the proportions of what is taking place in society it's part of it it's a big part of it okay so don't make the mistake of thinking just because you're awake and a large portion of your friends may be awake to not think that we're in a very very tiny minority and the vast majority of human beings in the world are exactly in this situation that you see here so let's look at the first the granddaddy of them all that is actually a form of what our all the other institutions are and that's religion now again we could define religion until the end of time and people are still going to insist that that's not what it means religion does come from the Latin verb relig RA and that verb does mean to bind to hold back by tying or to thwart from forward progress you know in the word religion definitively and definitely means that as a positive connotation word religion can mean to reconnect to rebind to okay that is also an acceptable connotative definition of the word religion meaning if we are exercising true religion we can reconnect with the truth and with the laws of nature natural law okay but in the overarching sense that I am always using the word religion as meaning a problem in the world a problem in society okay I am always generally referring to religion in the negative aspect meaning it's something that holds us back from the truth and holds us back from a forward progress in consciousness all of the religions of the world the cultural religions of the world make these overarching ostensibly aims of their troop of their purpose but these are this is their ostensible purpose meaning it's not the real thing it's the one that they want you to believe that they're doing and that is religion claims that it is connecting people with God or spirituality or quote reconnecting which is one of them connotative definitions of the word religion to reconnect so does the cult do the cultural religions really fulfill that promise they claim to be showing people a better way of living through a moral way of life through their allegorical stories they're parables they're you know teachings etc and that moral way of life is wood if it will really be done would be coming into an accord living in accordance with natural law the moral laws of creation okay this is the ostensible purpose of all of the religions of the world no matter what they are okay they claim we're connecting people to truth to God to spirituality etc and they say that we're showing people the way that we should really be living because we're showing them how to be a moral person and I claim a huge crock of bullshit on that ostensibly clean I don't think that's what religion ever as done I don't think it's what it's doing now I don't think it's what it's going to do in the future I don't think it will ever do that I think that is a claim in name only okay or an ostensible purpose but it isn't the real thing it isn't what religion really does in the real world of nature to human beings in our society you know if you really want to look religions been one of the biggest killers of human beings in the history of humanity one of the things that has started probably more wars than any other dynamic in human society so let's look at the true purpose of religion what is it actually really doing in the real world if we're being honest with ourselves see you again once again I think that's why there was so much blowback folks over the last couple of shows when I talked about that if you're in a position where you're doing a job and it is immoral and it is harming other people and it is very easy to know whether it's harming other people because their lives are being harmed their rights are being harmed their property is being harmed they're being held back from being able to do things that are their rights etc okay it's very easy to see whether something that you're doing is actually creating harm toward other people but the key factor there is if you're being honest with yourself and I think that's why I got so much negative feedback and blowback in the last couple shows it isn't because what I'm saying isn't relevant it isn't because I'm saying is somehow old-hat or anything like that okay it's because what people are are complete fucking liars to themselves above all else that's the truth of the matter they don't want to be honest with themselves and tell themselves the truth about the person they really are they want to blow smoke up their own assholes and tell total lies about the person that they really are instead of confronting that person in the mirror directly confront ativ Lee and acknowledging what they have really been a party to okay they don't want it they don't want to look at that they want to blow smoke up their own ass and blow smoke up other people's ass and lie to themselves and others about what they're actually doing in life when what they're doing in life is either absolutely nothing and a big crock of garbage or its self self-serving nonsense or it's actually harming other individuals their rights are their property if we're being honest with our ourselves and that's the key term here so let's look at religions true purpose if we're being honest with ourselves you know so I think that that scares off most people that don't want to be honest with themselves you know and well I don't know I'm not interested in those people quite frankly then again this show has never been about tailoring and and baby spoon feeding people and making everybody comfortable and reaching the greatest amount of people it's never been that I know that that's never gonna be my role in my function in this in this work my role is to reach the people who have the will to be honest with themselves and then who will take this framework and run with it and teach others in whatever way they can and that will reach more people that will reach the largest amount of people possible I'm looking for the other potential teachers regardless of whether you want to teach it in my style or not most people are not gonna hear this style I fully acknowledge that I'm not looking for most people okay I'm telling you yes eventually this message has to reach most people but that's not what what on earth is happening is for what on earth is happening is for the teachers with thick skin that's who it's really for if the truth be told if we're being honest with ourselves here so I'm trying to be honest with you about who this show is the dynamic of the show is actually designed for since day one I've just been ramping up the intensity to try to help those people develop the thick skin they're gonna need to do this work because most people can't hear it you plug them into the like I said into the electrical circuit that I am you're gonna you're gonna blow them to kingdom come that energy has to be stepped down or slowly ramped up so that they can take it and that's who I'm looking for so the true purpose of religion if we're being honest with ourselves is to misdirect the spiritual lives of people in order to make them more easily controllable that's the whole purpose of religion the whole purpose of religion is that get people hooked on dogma promises of an afterlife promises of a savior okay not to really teach people what real true morality is the true purpose is to hide or occult the true moral laws of creation to hide or occult natural law religion is there so that you never really truly look into what the natural law is of morality in life in creation in nature these institutions are actually different legs of the spider that is the world of the occult that is the whole network of dark occultism worldwide that is are really the controller's of the world religion is just their one of their main outlets for the way that they actually perform their mind-control upon people and the true purpose is to get you running in circles of dogma and misunderstanding regarding what true morality is instead of actually hitting the bull's eye and really understanding what natural law is and how it functions in our lives the true purpose of religion is also to make people more accepting and docile so that they accept government rulership it's to work upon the right brain to put people in a state of right brain imbalance which is belief based which is unworthiness based based meaning oh we're such bad people we're on where the only God can save us instead of thinking we have to become worthy through taking in knowledge of truth and save ourselves oh no no we have to wait for external forces and external saviours to come and rescue us from our own bullshit ignorance yeah that's how it works folks don't you know and if we're being honest with ourselves exactly what I have on this slide here today folks is exactly what religion does misdirects the spiritual lives of the people of the earth to make them more controllable it a cults true moral law called natural law and it makes people more accepting and docile through keeping them in the imbalance of the right brain so you know take it for what it's worth accept it or don't that's not the extensible purpose of religion that's the true reason that the religious institutions are operating on the face of the earth and everybody will go oh yeah it's all the other religions just not mine mine is completely untouched by that corruption but all the other ones yeah they're bad they're broken they're corrupt just not my mind made it through all the way to the modern world from the ancient world were these things these systems of mind control dogmatic systems of mind control were invented okay to enslave humanity and all the way up to the modern world every other one got corrupted mine just made it through that gauntlet untouched unscathed yeah keep lying to yourself dunce you know I mean this is how stupid people sound and let me tell you something folks people think over the influence of religion isn't as strong as it used to be you're out of your damn mind if you think so religion is as strong if not stronger than it ever has been in our society and it's weaving its spider web into our lives and new and unforeseen ways you know yet the dark aspects of the church have infiltrated the whole socialist movement and leftist movement in the United States and they're raising up total communists Jesus camps there's tons of them right here in Philadelphia combining fake-ass Christianity with socialism and communism you don't think so you got to just look around and really see what's going on and put your finger on the pulse of it and open your eyes and look around as to what's really taking place and beyond with yourself about it as most people don't even know this let me tell you something's going on in just about all the major populated cities of the United States and religions on the upswing not the down let's go go back here we go moving forward government my favorite everybody's favorite who listens the one on earth is happening right once again not on the wane completely on the rise trusted more than it ever has been in the history of the world and I'm telling you it everybody defines their whole identity through what kind of politics they believe in this is our entire society's identity and and the freedom movement wants to say oh people are waking up they're really you know not trusting government and just opening their eyes and seeing how corrupt it is what planet do you live on what planet do you live on the vast majority of people still watching the news as we're gonna talk about still believe the mainstream media still believe the government's there to protect them and care for them so people naively misplace their trust in this institution because they identify with and believe in its ostensible purpose and the ostensible purpose of government is to maintain critical infrastructure protect people's lives rights and property punish wrongdoers preserve justice in our society and defend freedom from potential enemies whether they be foreign or domestic enemies to freedom this is what government tells you it's doing you know we're going to build and maintain the critical infrastructure of the country you know the road system the transportation system the communication system the electrical system etc water gas etc all the necessities of life right we're gonna protect people's lives rights and property we're not gonna take those things we're not gonna subject them and enslave them we're gonna protect your rights punish the wrongdoers somebody's got to do it all people out it would turn into a society of cannibals and murderers if not for government right somebody's got a you know bring those wrongdoers to justice and defend our freedom from enemies lurking around every corner I mean what kind of a smacked ass does someone have to be to actually believe this nonsense but yet that's 98 percent of probably our entire society I'm gonna say minimum minimum number 95 percent of society believes that that is the extensible purpose of government and they're smacked ass clowns period I mean there's no other there's no polite or nice way to say it they're brainwashed children who never grew up emotionally mentally or spiritually never grew up stunted child development almost always through what I'm going to talk about here today which is childhood trauma through a particular type of psychological abuse I'm going to get into the underlying psychological reasons for this belief for the trust and belief in these institutions for believing all of the ostensible purposes of these institutional bodies so let's look at the true purpose of government if we're being honest with ourselves once again you could lie to yourselves all day if you want but if we're going to get down to the meat and potatoes of this if we're going to get down to the nitty-gritty and we're gonna really tell ourselves the truth this is what government is here on the earth to actually do the true purpose of government is to control and ultimately enslave the people who are its subjects government sees itself the people in government sees itself as a master class of commanders of other people lawmakers those who others must obey or be punished for not obeying and you know that's called folks I don't care what name you want to give it that's called slavery you want to you for my zit you can you for my zit whatever way you're little naive tiny broken and thin-skinned mind you know once to you but if you're a big boy and a big girl you're gonna call government for what it is and stop you from isin it and saying that it's some other thing you're gonna say exactly what it is and that's slavery that's what government is it's one class of people who are masters who who believe they have the moral right to issue commands to others that they call laws which are often arbitrary often conflicting often the different things in different places and different times which makes them completely morally relative and not in keeping with the moral laws of creation which do not change with time or location and are not relative and are not subjective the real laws of morality are objective so that's what governments really doing folks if we're being honest with ourselves it is enslaving humanity the true purpose of government is to dictate commands called laws to protect its own interests and limit any threat to its continued control that's what government wants to do that's its primary purpose to continue to survive to continue to grow and to continue to limit the freedom of others so that any threat that those others may pose to its continuation is limited and or disposed and that's what laws are for and that's why there's more and more of them every single day the third true purpose of government is to conduct abject violence in the name of safety and security getting the naive children that are its slaves to believe that it's protecting them and keeping them safe when in fact all it's really doing is conducting abject violence in other areas to take resources that at once or to shut down rights shut down freedom and let me tell you something folks it's not in here police and military are not in these this list of the seven deadly institutions but they are part of government obviously you have to take note of that this is what I'm talking about these are the conductors of the Jek violence these are the people that actually perform it the order followers you know all government is is one huge chain of obedience up from the order at the top the order givers to all the way at the bottom of the order followers the police in the military order following trash the dogs of the commanders at the highest end of government and and those who really are the occultists the Darko cultists who sit enthroned behind in the shadows be you know behind ostensible government power so the people who are really conducting the actual behaviors are the ones who are getting hit karmically the hardest as the karmic clowns of the controller class at the highest ends of government and the occult they call them their dogs their pets their animals that's what they call the police and military and yet they're just all too happy like a slathering dog you know a slathering dog just you know with its tongue hanging out saliva dripping down tell me what to do next master I mean just think about that for a minute you know not to belabor the whole topic of order followers we've done whole shows on that you know but just what kind of a person who even considers themselves a human being let alone like considers themselves men are gonna make their job like make their life you imagine saying I'm gonna make my life just doing the behaviors that other people command me to do me what kind of a total ass retard do you have to be to think like that seriously like how broken does your brain and soul and most of all your heart have to be to just say to yourself what my entire life is going to consist of is I am going to stop thinking for myself about what's right and wrong and I'm going to listen to what other people tell me to do as far as my actual behavior is concerned could you imagine and then and you think you're a man with courage you're a fucking ignorant child a bolas ignorant coward child that's what you are all of them 100% all of them all our followers are that bolas ignorant child cowards I'll say it to your fucking face and people should be saying it to your face that's what government is folks whether you think so or not that's the truth eternal truth of the matter the next institution media here's some of the lowest arch demons of Hell quite frankly you know to put it in simple words as I can they're the the bottom-feeding arch demons of Hell that's who these people are if there's anybody that I think are like even lower than the order followers it's the media I personally don't think so I think the order followers are lowest of the low they're the scumbags of the scumbags but the media are right down there with them because what these people are paid liars that's what they've always been but that's not what the public thinks that's not what the mainstream public things and folks I'm trying to explain to you today what your work is the people who are listening to me really trying to get it trying to understand what I'm trying to get accomplished what I want actually done in society what I would like to see happen in society is for people to understand the difference between the ostensible purpose of these institutions and the true purpose but guess what folks that is not happening if you believe that that is occurring and happening you yourself are naive child a naive ignorant child all you have to do is do some social experiments see most people just don't have even have the courage or the balls to do that do some social experiments in your own town or city go into your own local pub or venue a music venue wherever a restaurant okay and ask people do you think the mainstream media does a fair job in trying to act you accurately report what's taking place you think that that's their intended purpose like do you think that that's what the people who actually you know dress in their suit and tie or they're you know you know business type outfit and go into work every day as part of the mainstream media is their goal in their mind to say I want to try to accurately report what's happening in the world and accurately report truth so that other people can make informed decision making just do that experiment and see the results that you get the answers that you get and I'm telling you if you're not shocked and horrified like you I don't know what to tell you you're not paying attention you're not paying attention to the zeitgeist the zeitgeist the general mindset and worldview of the people all around us you think because you've seen through the facade that other people have and it's not the case and it isn't that you could say oh numbers are growing slowly no it does it's not that numbers are growing slowly percentages are staying the same as the population grows that's why some more people are aware of this because the population is growing but if you actually looked at percentages they're not really changing this is why the great work is not succeeding the potential teachers are not coming forward and courage and speaking the truth to the average member of the public like I said I asked a family member does anybody ever complain about the mainstream media no they watch it do I go into family members homes they're watching the the 6 o'clock news around dinnertime perk in their ear up when they won't hear here's something that they think interest them and but not in their head believing that that's what going on you believe that but I'm telling you it's it's everywhere I I'm not doing this to try to people will go oh um somehow an agent working for the dark side because I'm telling people all these bad things about what's going on in society I'm trying to accurately portray what I see and it doesn't matter where I go I go to any town city in the United States I've traveled just about every single state in the entire United States and I've traveled to many foreign countries I mean not not like a better portion of the world but I've traveled to enough places that I've seen other cultures and it's no better than it is here anywhere anywhere not a bit as a matter of fact I think America percentage-wise probably has the greatest percentage of the oven awake population than any other country in the world and that's sad that's not saying much folks that's a very very sad dynamic so the ostensible purpose of the mainstream media is to provide accurate information to people so that people can make informed decisions regarding what type of behavior they're going to choose to take people want their behavior and their decision-making to be based on reality right so that's what the media's allegedly here to do to provide that accurate information about what's taking place in the world so people can make their decision making accurately based on informed decisions based on accurate information and they're supposed to act in a power checking capacity to corruption in other institutions like government that's why it's been called the fourth arm of the government in addition to the executive letter legislative and judicial branches it's been called the fourth the state the fourth branch of government okay has been a nickname given to the media because that's what it's supposed to do that's what real journalists would be charged to do we don't have that that's not what the media is today you look at operations like Project Mockingbird operation Mockingbird a CIA you know I believe that's one of the reasons that Jim Keith was taken out he did a lot to expose that in his books you know and um you know talking about how many people and the intelligence agencies are on the payroll of mainstream media feeding it disinformation and just concocting fake news stories to brainwash the population and to change the world view of the whole population and these this research was done back in the 1970s and there were hundreds and hundreds of people embedded from intelligence operations like the CIA that aren't supposed to operate on US soil but are supposed to be intelligence foreign intelligence gathering outfits and hundreds of them were operating within the mainstream media back in the 70s imagine how many thousands are now no folks the true purpose of the media is to control the world view of the government subjects to control the minds of the government slaves that's what the purpose of the media is to feed you the narrative that the government wants you fed and wants you believing that's the true purpose of the media if we're being honest with ourselves it's the spread government and corporate propaganda lies and misdirection to get people not able to discern truth from falsehood because you're feeding their minds with so much garbage you could group Intel you can group entertainment right in with this because most entertainment is the same form of mind you know polluting garbage and ultimately it is to control the public's perception of what is possible mostly what is socially possible that's the purpose of the mainstream media to get you thinking Oh change is impossible look at how bad people are to each other you know we can never not have a society without government you hear that from the day you're born through these paid prostitute Liars you're going to eventually come to believe it and that's most of society is that not only do they believe the propaganda that's being shoved down their throat by the media they actually believe the extensible purpose of the media is to tell them the truth and they believe they're doing a good job at it in social experiments I've done asking just about every single person in a pub a local venue here in Philadelphia do you think the mainstream media is doing a good job or trying to do as good of a job is within their ability to do to report what they come to learn accurately regarding what's taking place in the world 100 folks that this is one of the most terrifying horrifying results I've ever gotten in a social experiment in a pub that is also a music venue in the just past like the Northern Liberties area maybe up toward the North Philly area of the city which is somewhat of a hipster area these days I myself and a friend did a small social experiment asking people do they actually believe the media are trying to tell people the truth to the best of their ability 100% of the people in the pub said yes they are one every single individual every single one not one person said no I think they're paid liars and they don't care about anything but their paycheck not one zero not one person and and people think the world is waking up and let me tell you something folks I'll bet you I'd go do it all over again and get the same exact result because this population is asleep hard-core asleep education here's one of the reasons why the public is as dumb as it is here's one of the reasons that population is as docile and naive as it is one of the reasons the public doesn't have the critical thinking skills they need to discern when they're being brainwashed propagandize and ultimately deceived the ostensible purpose of so-called education whether it be all the way down to grade school education all the way up through higher education through the universities I don't care what level we're talking about the ostensible purpose that people believe that it's serving is to teach the young the necess to teach to the young the necessary information and life skills required for successful living and secondly to provide the toolset for critical thinking and informed decision making is the mainstream education system actually succeeding in that role is it actually attempting really to do that is that its real purpose and I'll tell you what you go and ask people I'll go and ask friends of friends family members who are involved is this what the education system is really set up for no mm-hmm yep yes doing as best as they can with the limited resources that they have you know and teachers are have the best of intentions and they're not just following a script that is harmed harming children to get a paycheck and to just keep the status quo and stop not rock the boat so that they have a paycheck to feed themselves in their family no it isn't that it's that they're really trying to educate people and teach them truth and teach them critical thinking skills and discernment skills yeah mm-hmm and I'll tell you what assholes in my own family believe that shit they believe the ostensible purpose of the education system because some of them are involved in it and they actually believe that bullshit because they're lying to themselves and they don't want to acknowledge that they may be involved in something that is harmful to others namely the developing minds of young children and impressionable youth and it's their paycheck it's their bread and butter so god forbid you talk anything bad about that you know this is my identity I consider myself a teacher in the public school system or whatever how dare you attack that that's attacking me no that's just what you do and the institution you're involved in doing it through that's not who you are it shouldn't be the view of who you are but that's the problem is people identified themselves with the job that they do it's called ego identification cultural identification and then we have political identification you know identity politics job identity people can't see that there's something beyond that that they themselves are something beyond that in consciousness and awareness no I am my job so I'll take offense to a critique of my job or the institution that I work within instead of being honest with what you are actually participating in and what is the actual end result of that in the real world what's the true purpose of the so-called education system it is to indoctrinate the young into the worldview of the state so that they aren't easy to control shouldn't say easily it's just a more easily controllable or easier to control matter of fact I'm gonna fix it in real time how about that all right back to the slide all right it's fixed indoctrinate the young end of the world view of the state so they are easy to control present a skewed depiction of both past history and current social events politically brainwash the young and impressionable that's the real purpose of so-called mainstream education and I would add a fourth one it's to prepare people to do jobs where they become obedient workers as George Carlin said that's why you're never going to have or you're not going to through these in institutions you're never going to have an informed population capable of critical thinking because the owners of the world don't want that the owners of society want obedient workers and that's what the education system is there to churn out again if we're being honest with ourselves you want to lie to yourself all day that this is set up to actually edify and enlighten people and give them accurate information about the world and what's happening what's taking place lie to yourself all day all damn day you can lie to yourself good you know go look in a mirror and practice lying to yourself about that you know you can get better and better at it so if we're being honest with ourself education is just another aspect of state indoctrination it's the state putting their people in point positions to brainwash the young to make them ignorant and docile so that they are easy to control by the state that's all the modern and doctrine ation system really is if we're being honest with ourselves and you know there there's you know exceptions to the rule in general like you have some teachers that are gonna try to slip some things in with children that happens okay there's some schools that do try to teach critical thinking or some programs that try to teach children critical thinking skills okay so you know I'm stopping short of making 100% entire blankets regarding this but in general it holds very true as a rule banking and finance were some of the highest level occultus operate from this world there ostensibly is to maintain the value of established currencies that the people use to provide stability and safety for people's financial resources and to assist economic growth and prosperity throughout society this is the ostensible purpose of the banking and finance institutions and again I would suggest that anybody believes that that's actually what these institutions do behind the scenes is an extremely naive child not capable of true critical thinking and you know wants to lie to themselves and tell themselves pretty you know you know light-hearted stories about what's taking place in our reality instead of actually looking at the cold hard truth once again I'm not here to make people feel good or feel better about what's taking place I'm here to try to get people to accurately see what is truly taking place and that is ugly it isn't wonderful and beautiful the truth right now where we stand as a human species is horrific and ugly and it takes people with thick skin to look at it honestly and assess it and come to an accurate understanding of what it is instead of looking at the ostensible purpose and go oh yeah sure I guess that's what it's there for that sounds good to me because I don't have to think or look any deeper into what's really going on in this world and once again I it's my contention that's why so many people had such bad reaction to the shows from the last couple of weeks because they don't want to do that honest assessment they don't want to do that critical thinking you know and they want to say I'm going too far or I've crossed the line regarding telling people they should quit their jobs if they're involved in immoral institutions like this no that's exactly the advice that everybody in our society who considers themselves a moral human being should giving to people who are doing immoral behaviors and propping up immoral institutions who are continuing to do immoral behaviors that's the exact advice that should be given the problem is most people are too cowardly to confront people like that and tell them to their face no it is you yourself who is involved in something that is immoral and you need to back off from it you need to back away from it and stop doing it stop actually taking part in it through your behavior even if that means you might have to be poor you might have to struggle more than you do now already in the short term but in the long term you'll be doing less harm to society and prosperity through universal laws of morality will eventually come to you the problem is people are too cowardly to go down that path because they don't really truly believe in their hearts that that's how it works see and that's because they haven't actually conducted the real-world experiment to see what will happen and I'll tell you anybody that's done it will tell you maybe in the short term you might have to suffer but in the long term yes the universe will reward you and you will find prosperity and you will have your life completely turn into a in a better direction it's not my belief it's not a prophecy that I'm making it's not me trying to predict what might happen it's my definitive knowledge of how the laws of nature work I'm not telling you that might happen I'm telling you it will definitively happen if you decide to walk away from something that is immoral and you continue on that path you persist on that path you don't just step away from the goal that was too hard I'm going back to what I was doing before no you have to persist on the path and add actual value to humanity do something that actually does contribute value in a volitional way in a voluntary way and then you will see the universe come to your assistance and reward but guess what most people will never do it they'll never test the validity or veracity of my words because they don't have the cat the courage to actually change their behavior they're stuck in an endless cycle a loop of wrong thinking leading to wrong behavior leading to the failure of courage to get out of that loop that's exactly where and how they're stuck the true purpose of the banking and financial system is to direct the economy in ways that best serve the rich and powerful to maintain an extreme wealth wealth gap between the rich and the poor and to finance wars of aggression and resource theft all of this plays into the hands of the state keeping people low on the totem pole of resources makes them afraid makes them always focused on money makes them live in an hour scarcity based mindset all the time so that they won't step out of that and actually take a chance and do something that is actually moral and truly productive to society but most people won't be honest with themselves about how this works they want to believe and trust in the ostensible purpose of the institutions of banking and finance again look at that first one to direct the economy in ways that best serve the rich and powerful in other words make the rich richer and the poor poorer maintain that wealth gap that's what they want because the the poorer and more destitute people are the more it becomes practically impossible for them to turn any amount of resources toward a pursuit of truth or helping others they stay in total survival or complex mode in the brain oh and always self-serving ideology me me me thinking because I have to get my nyeh you know cuz I'm in such a state of deplorable resources and that's where the ruling class wants people they don't want people in any kind of a state of prosperity or or comfort when it comes to their own finances or or just general resources that they have at their disposal they don't want that that doesn't serve their interests people are easier to control when they're in fear of not having and in fear of the little that they do have might be taken away from them and so they won't step out of line that's what these institutions are here to do keep people in fear and keep them in line and you know what folks I just want to go back to it before I even step forward you know again I listen to the alternative media and nobody's even just hammering on these fundamentals you know they're dirt out in space you know talking about like you know nonsense I mean I just hear more and more and more nonsense talking about the paranormal and ghosts and you know what the afterlife might be and the Flat Earth nonsense and you know the secret space program this and that and just like you know can't we get down to brass tacks and really look at what's really taking place that is truly affecting the lives of other people in the very real 3d world first I'm not saying never get into all of that this is all I hear I can't even turn on the main the the alternative media anymore and hear anything about like the government doesn't give a shit about you or your life the banks are doing they're not doing anything to rectify the economy or you know help people to actually get up off of their feet financially they're there to control you and enslave you they're not even talking about the enslavement of humanity anymore they're not I'd never turn on one piece of alternative media where one other human being uttered the phrase government is slavery I'm the only person on the surface of the earth that I hear doing that and people want to wonder why I'm in a better mood having done this for 12 fucking years in my life to try to spread this message of truth and make people aware and the alternative media is talking about the fucking Flat Earth no I I have no right to be bitter none whatsoever you know because a bunch of smack dances is who we have to work with on our team and guess what if you're not one of those I'm not talking about you you know all these people want to get offended by me saying this if it doesn't apply to you you should take no offense you know I'm not talking about everybody it doesn't apply to everybody it talks about the people who aren't doing a good job explaining the truth about the world to people if you are doing a good job doing that wonderful we need more people like you but if that's not you I am talking about you being a smacked ass not really talking about what's important but I'll tell you what most of the alternative media that I turn on that there are heads up their ass they're not doing any kind of a good job whatsoever in it really explaining the dynamics that are going on socially and especially psychologically and then most of all they're doing a crap job explaining what's going on spiritually because they know nothing about the occult and they think they have the dynamic figured out that's the dangerous part they think they have all the information that they need and they do not so let's look at the last couple of institutions of worldly institutions people to completely misplace their trust in in a naive capacity like little misguided children the health care or medicine industry you know the ostensible purpose of which is to nurture and maintain optimal health for the population provide medical treatments and care services for the sick and research new methods for treating and healing diseases is that really what the so-called health care industry is doing is that what the medical field is really doing in our society I have to call a huge crock of bullshit if you believe that's true and yet people believe this they go to these magicians these sorcerers and the white lab coats and you know all of their team members and they say go ahead and make your diagnosis and tell me what's wrong and tell me what I need to do to fix it and then they listen and they nod their head and they say yes sir I'll try to do that or maybe they don't even bother to do that they don't even care enough about their health but the ones who do at least want to get well then go and listen to the advice that these smacked ass clowns give them who have done no homework at all on nutrition know nothing about how the body really truly works and functions regarding the building blocks it's receiving through food their Creed isn't let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food no they have the Newtonian paradigm of false science operating in their brain everything is a mechanized process in a machine because matter is prime and there's no such thing as spirit and all we have to do is look at how the mechanized function works and then we make it work the way we wanted to by surgery and and or pharmaceuticals that's all so we're gonna actually chemically make the Machine do something like a action reaction based process you know and that's gonna try that's gonna treat this patient and that's gonna get down to what's ailing them and fix it and people believe this shit see this is my this is my entire family is that sick patient laying on the bed almost almost every member of my entire family believing the utter sewage that is being dribbled out of the mouths of the doctor and nurse telling them what they need to do or the medicines quote-unquote medicine poison that it should they should say that they need to be taking or the surgeries that they need to have but never uttering one word about proper nutrition zero never once never talk about give the building give the body the building blocks that it needs to maintain optimum health you have to give it what it needs to do repair work on the body and then health will follow you never hear that one time ever because that takes you right out of that hospital bed that makes you healthy and you're no longer a patient that means you're no longer a customer because these into this institution isn't helping patients this institution is serving customers like McDonald's or Burger King serves customers with their poison okay that's all this industry is doing its selling you a product called drugs and surgery pharmaceuticals and surgery are the products to sell and you're their customer and if you ain't in the hospital bed if you're not in the doctors in the chair in the doctor's office you're not a customer you didn't just go through the drive-in or walk into the the business so that's why they got to keep you in there they don't want healthy people sick people are their customers healthy people are not what do you think people looking for the profit motive that these doctors and all the people in the healthcare industry are looking for do you think they're looking for healthy people are sick people who's gonna make a more profit just do the fucking math fucking dunces out there I'm telling you I mean they don't even think about it from that perspective because they're naive little trusting children who can't put themselves into the mind of a psychopath and that's why you know I I have to really develop the having the psychopathy presentation folks you know it's get I've been talking about it for too long it's got to be done okay it's one of the next things I want to work on maybe that'll be a series here on what on earth is happening having the psychopaths so if we don't have the psychopaths within us if we don't really understand the mindset of the psychopaths we're at the true psychopaths in society's mercy that doesn't mean be the psychopath notice that the title of my potential presentation is not being a psychopath it's having the Psychopaths that means having the qualities of the psychopath within our personality and keeping them in a box that we can open up and trot out when we need it when we need those qualities were those characteristics of behavior and what it altum Utley means is understanding the mindset of the psychopath because there is a time to turn off emotion there is a time to turn off compassion emotion and compassion should be our guiding compass for our direction in life of course that goes without saying but there are times you can't use them to come to an accurate course of action sometime they have to be shut down you have to do what needs to be done and that means having the psychopath having the capabilities of shutting those emotions down the true purpose so just to reiterate I want to talk about the ability to have the the mindset of the psychopath within our psyche so that we can recognize the Psychopaths behaviors and the way that they act because they're good actors they're good at pretending they care about you they're good at pretending that they have your best interest in mind that's what psychopaths are great at when in fact all they have is their own interest in mind and they don't give a damn about you in any way whatsoever that's why most people cannot put themselves in that mindset so they say to themselves they wouldn't do that no you wouldn't do that the psychopaths would absolutely do that and I'm telling you psychopaths are the the top place that they're at is in government I'd say second in Business and Finance business finance and banking and then I'd say third there in the medical industry because Psychopaths think they're God and they have a god complex and they love having power over other people and that's what a lot of doctors have because they're psychopathic if not outright Psychopaths allopathic doctors let me qualify that you know and I don't really care who gets offended by that I don't give a damn you have members of your family and than allopathic medicine I'm telling you that's how it works and ultimately if they have faith in these institutions they're psychopathic if not outright Psychopaths because they will refuse to acknowledge that there's not really the patient's best interest at heart it's a profit mode of operating and no that shouldn't come into play beating them then you'll have the people who are defending capitalism in business why shouldn't there be profit motive in everything because you're talking about sick people you fucking psychopath that's why that's why there's too many damn psychopaths in the in the so called freedom movement that are hardcore and caps you know you have that there their compatriot bounces in the and Comm movement that are a narco communist contradiction in terms well the anarcho-capitalists are just all about making money and profit motive and everything that's not that shouldn't be your profit motive with helping people sometimes your motive just needs to be to do what's right that's unfathomable to them you know because they don't have that true sensibility of helping alleviate other people's suffering as what should be the real motive of all people all being suffering I should say the true purpose of the healthcare and medical industry is to make extreme profit from sick people who are looking for the solution to their illnesses just think about that that's what their main motivation is make extreme profit from sick people who are looking for the solution to their illnesses so you're garnering their trust in your bullshit Rockefeller protocols of medicine which haven't done anything except make people infinitely sicker in our world and your main motive your mo is to make profit from those sick people because of the misplaced cross they've placed in you and your institution I mean I can't think of a bigger fucking piece of trash than that you know but that they're all over the place these people are all over the place and the ultimate goal of the healthcare and medical industry is to undermine the general health of society by providing false treatments in the form of pharmaceuticals surgery etc and other uneffectual ineffectual treatments which do not address the underlying causal factors of illness they treat the symptom instead of actually going to the underlying cause and treating the illness from their from that level of causation and that's deliberate because they know if they treat it from the level of causation with natural applications especially nutrition nutritional applications they won't have sick patients to make them rich anymore they know this and their trash for knowing it and pretending like they don't and going along to just make as much profit as they can through their sick psychopathic Rockefeller protocols that's the true purpose that the medical industry is fulfilling in our world today for if we're being honest with ourselves and finally the seventh of the seven-headed Hydra the seven deadly institutions of our modern world is science which I should call scientism I'm just referring to it as in general the scientific institutions the institutions of science and there are sensible purposes to pursue and learn the truth regarding the qualities and workings of nature through accurate discovery methods accurate discovery methodologies this would mean actually applying the true scientific methodology the Trivium toward the process of observation and learning and then coming to accurate conclusions and then publishing those conclusions that's not what's happening in society okay that's the extensible purpose that's what science should be doing but that isn't what the institutions of modern science are doing they're ostensibly swill also be to conduct experiments to prove or disprove theories and hypotheses about the workings of nature and human beings and then to publish the results of such learning to the public so that the public may be accurately informed regarding the findings of the scientific institutions we don't have that we have government-funded science through grant money that is fudging data and results to give to the public the results that the government wants given to the public that's largely what we have and also to prop up the other industries like the medical industry the healthcare industry the pharmaceutical industry big Agri etc that's all we have you know we don't we don't have real science taking place in our world through the true scientific methodology we have scientism dogmatic forms of science that are conducted through government grant research money within strict boundaries and limits of what's on limits for discovery and what's strictly off limits for discovery and even research and looking into the true purpose of modern science or scientism as I call it is to act as a research and development arm of government to provide new technological means of controlling the public that's the number one area that Sciences is involved with in today's world and its true purpose is to skew and misdirect the public's perception and worldview regarding what is possible in the natural world they don't want people understanding what's possible regarding free energy technology regarding what Tesla tried to do for the world they don't want people understanding the device that Stan Meyer created to run you know transportation on water that is and completely sustainable and unpolluted they don't want that they want to try to tell you that's not possible even though it's already been done and the technology suppressed and the people inventing it killed to protect the interests of big oil and that's the main thing science in the modern form is therefore scientism is there to skew and misdirect the worldview of human beings so that we don't understand what is naturally possible what is possible in nature because if people did they wouldn't stay in the totally confined forms of behavior that they do they would be striving to create a better paradigm in a better world for all of society all of human beings science doesn't have as its true goal the betterment of humanity it's also a profit motive it is to get as much government stolen tax payer grant money as it can to perpetuate their lifestyle that's it was told to me directly I worked in the science field I worked in the medical field at the University of Pennsylvania as a person involved in supporting computers in medical research laboratories at the School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania that's what I did for a while and I heard conversations there and heads of research laboratory research departments saying don't ever dare look for a cure we don't look for cures here we try to find treatments through potential pharmaceuticals because that's what will keep the grant money coming in and that's what will keep this department in business heard a head of a department say this to a lab researcher and people want to say science is there to actually discover truth about how nature actually works about the wheel work of nature and then publish the results to people to improve society you are a dumb naive dunce if you actually believe that's the true purpose of the institutions of science that are operating in the modern world I don't know there's no polite way of putting it folks is that if people believe and place their trust in these institutions and I'm telling you that they are it's widespread it's not diminishing it's it's growing and increasing by the day the type of trust that people place and you know what to know why they place their trust in it because these institutions pay their bills so to say I don't trust them is to say ultimately I want my money fucked with and nobody wants to do that because they're chickenshit cowards that's the reason that's the answer most people won't step away from their source of income because they're chickenshit cowards see nobody else will say that you'll not hear that on any other alternative media program you won't hear it you only hear it from mark passio on what on earth is happening that's the only place I'll tell you what I listen to tons and tons of alternative you turn to the media and I'll never hear one of the assholes on given any of that information that they think is so important never say that to anybody you want to know why they're afraid they're gonna lose their support I don't give a shit if not one person ever donates to me ever again I stand in the truth and the universe will come to my assistance even if no one individual as a human being will so so be it you get offended turn this shit off how about that you think I crossed the line I don't give a fuck I'm speaking hardcore truth that no one else will boys and girls and I'll continue to do it till the day I leave this shithole planet that's been turned into a shithole yeah the alternative media they're doing such a great job ike her i cross the line me yeah cuz i'm telling people you're getting really hitting anybody with any real hardcore truth you you don't want to tell them their bullshit cowards because they won't stop doing it immoral thing for a paycheck and start doing a moral one to make your dick your daily allotment of what you need to live now no one will say that because they're too afraid of what other people say about them and think about them you know and they're too afraid they're there are clicks on youtube will dry up so their their monetization of their channel will dry up because they're taking all their money from internet censors this is a slide that I put in my Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift presentation that I delivered at the Tesla Science Foundation's caught Tesla conference 2019 in New York at the New York or hotel earlier this year back in February or I think it was January and the slide posed the question why hasn't the paradigm shift that the whole New Age movement and spiritualist movement back in the 1990s was heralding that was going to happen it was coming in the year 2000 or 2012 you know we're gonna see a massive paradigm shift yeah it's gonna everybody's going to be thinking differently our institutions are gonna be different world the world as we know it will completely change life on Earth will be completely different we're moving into a new world a new age everything's going to be better we're gonna have you know technology assisting humanity instead of acting as a detriment to it you know people are gonna know spiritual truths about what's been going on in the world they're gonna see institutions completely differently oh it's gonna be such a wonderful place we're gonna make so much progress in consciousness we're practically gonna build a paradise here on this planet the paradigm shift they called it crock a shit I call it because it never happened it was some bullshit promise the people were selling people hope iam about to make money on I'm not I'm not proud I'm not making any profit from selling people on hope in case you haven't noticed people are donating to me because I add value to their lives through telling them the harsh truth that no one else will so I posed the question why hasn't the paradigm shift that the spiritualist movement of the early 1990s promised us why hasn't it already happened and here were the reasons that connect directly in with the show that I'm doing here today most people still believe in authority most people I'm sorry most people still believe quote authority and government are morally legitimate and necessary and still believe in the false left-right political paradigm they believe in the institution of government they believe in the I that the absolute bullshit notion called authority vested in human beings and they believe government is morally legitimate has a morally legitimate reason to exist and is necessary to control people and the vast majority still believe in the false left-right political paradigm which are all total Crocs of illusory bullshit most people still believe the mainstream media and its pundits are telling them anything resembling truth and trying to bring any value to their life by helping them make informed decision makings through accuracy of information most people in the world still believe that the purpose of mainstream science which I call scientism is a genuine search for truth and the betterment of humanity through the understanding of nature and the development of new technologies most people still believe that the purpose of the so-called education system is to edify and enlighten people through genuine knowledge I want to go back to mainstream media again because the social experiment I just really can't get it out of my head of how horrific the end results were then that people were actually saying that they thought the media just is somehow gets things wrong they don't always have their facts straight they're actually trying to report the truth but sometimes they just don't have all their ducks in a row and they just don't have all their facts straight and so they give inaccurate information to people believing that it was accurate at the time yeah that's what it is they're just so well-intentioned and they just at the time had some things wrong and so they reported things to the best of their ability and knowledge and then they later realized that what they were saying you know it might not have been true and oh sorry yeah that's how it works I mean could you imagine the childish mindset the childish dunce like naive overly trusting mindset just just just out there openly saying please just deceive me you know I'll just take it just just shove the hose down my throat and turn the faucet on I can't get it down to go it fast enough going back to the final slide about the missing paradigm shift that should have already happened but has nowhere near happened moat the final a bullet point on this slide most people still believe that the other institutions of religion banking medicine law law enforcement military and just about every other societal institution exist to do what they claim they exist to do or in other words they believe in those societal institutions ostensibly purpose but they do not understand their true purpose and here's the way I want to kind of wrap up the idea of talking about like the fact that people have this trust this misguided misplaced naive trust in these institutions before I get to the why okay but the fact of the matter that so many people are actually in this condition I've said before and I'll say it again those who are committed meaning have a personal commitment in their lives to the societal institutions should actually be committed to an institution meaning a mental institution meaning an institution for the mentally ill because that's what these people are they belong in a fucking straightjacket in a mental institution those who are committed to the institutions should be committed to an institution okay that's that's the accurate the actual and accurate way that the people who actually put their misguided faith and trust in these institutional bodies of humanity that's what they really are they're insane people that cannot come to an accurate understanding of how reality works around them and what they are doing through their decision making of placing their trust in these institutions is actually acting as a completely insane individual in the world and therefore doing harm to other people in the world because they're propping these institutions up with their trust and with their money get as offended as you like that's the truth so let's get into the real psychological reasons regarding why this trust is so prevalent in our society and I'm just jumping straight to it and explaining it right out the number one reason that people still have faith in all of these institutional bodies is due to unresolved psychological parental abandonment shoes that are nested deep way down in their subconscious mind and that they have never dredged up from the subconscious brought to the conscious surface and confronted head-on and dealt with and then worked with worked with that shadow material that shadow were done the shadow work to deal with that shadow material to actually resolve those psychological issues that is the actual point of fact reason that we have a society that is completely naive and trusting in all of the worldly institutions all around us that are doing nothing to serve who we say we are and what we want zero John I see folks I ask people all the time what the hell has the government has the medical industry has the media has the scientism has the educational institution ever actually really done for you what has it done to enhance or increase the quality of your life anything that is enhanced or increased that the quality of your life has been done by you through your own hard work and effort not due to any of those institutions you should take credit if you're in a position of prosperity and and knowledge and right behavior no one else did that but you these institutions didn't do that why are you even why would anybody even in a better position claim that it was because of any of these institutions see it's psychological transference on to the proxy parent which is what I'm going to talk about and most people have never studied psychology one second in their lives so they don't have any understanding about how this works they think it's random or it's like it's just monetary incentive a lot of it is monetary incentive but it goes much deeper than that from a psychological point of view and the real reason is unresolved parental abandonment issues now obviously there's two parents every single one of us regardless of how we may identify has two biological parents otherwise we wouldn't be here give me a moment I want to take some of my watermelon juice here I've been drinking watermelon juice like it's going out of style it is let me tell you something folks I'm just gonna do a complete sidestep for the main presentation here and just talk about this for one second it is the most detoxifying one of the most detoxifying things you can put in your body do you think you have on unclean food or or whatever chemicals drink a whole lot of watermelon juice but you have to juice it with the rind okay all right I talked about this when I talked about juicing don't just juice the red flesh of the watermelon if you're gonna do watermelon juicing juice the whole thing you juice the rind skin and all just clean the skin with clean reverse osmosis or spring water even or you know distilled water clean it well on the outside but you juice the whole rind skin everything okay and you drink it integrated this is actually a green juice that I'm drinking here today I know it looks bright pink reddish okay but let me tell you something this is a green juice because of juicing the skin and the rhein where all of the phytonutrients and detoxifying nutrients are at and you drink decent quantities of that I'm telling you it's gonna pull out just about all of the negative toxins that you're accruing in your body it's a diuretic it'll make you pee but it's it's a good thing okay that's flushing toxins so back to the presentation biologically folks we all have two parents okay man and woman otherwise you're not creating that child okay I know lots of people are gonna take offense just by that biological natural statement okay so we all have a father and we all have a mother otherwise we wouldn't exist on this planet okay so the first form of parental abandonment is motherly parental abandonment when in whatever form a mother is not present we're not doing our job as a mother okay we went into this in the past I'm not gonna reiterate what constitutes parental abandon okay so you can get that on former shows that I talked about that as a main topic all right what we're talking about here is why do people maintain a naive and childlike mindset and psychology when it comes to placing their trust in an unfounded capacity in the mainstream institutions of this planet and unresolved parental abandonment issues is the main reason that we that we as a society are still doing this it's why we're we have all the or just about all the problems that we have okay and this leads to dogmatic religious thought and it leads to misplaced trust in institutions that are harming us not actually helping us certainly not serving who we say we want to be or where we say we want to go in in life okay so the first form is motherly parental abandonment issues let's kick back to the slide there we go unresolved motherly abandonment issues will leave the child feeling a lack of care and nurturing and will lead the child to look for such needs to be resolved by proxy this means you're not going to look for another real mother you're going to look for a proxy mother you're going to look for an ostensible mother one that will try to fulfill the role of care and nurturing that the biological mother did not provide when the child was young so those needs are going you're the child will attempt when they become an adult even will attempt to resolve those unfulfilled needs by proxy and try to find a proxy parent in the form of a proxy mother that means not the real thing a false form of a mother that's what proxy means this leads to the quote societal institutions care for me want to provide for me and nurture me and have my best interest at heart syndrome okay the syndrome that that child is going to distort to display as a young adult and then eventually into their adult years whether they are male or a female if they have mother abandonment issues so don't just confuse this with just because it's a female child that this would apply to only females it does not okay it could easily be a male child there but we're talking about the mother not fulfilling her duties and roles as a mother to provide care and nurturing in the traditional motherly role as a parents okay this will lead the child to look for the needs to be met by proxy by a proxy parent the institution's will step in and act as the proxy parent and then the child will develop the Stockholm Syndrome of thinking societal institutions care for me they want to provide for me they want to nurture me and they want to look look out for my best interests and this is how you have largely this is the left when it comes to government and I would say largely this these are leftists in the political paradigm in general okay but you know these issues span all the institutional bodies and it's why people are still in that naive psychological state like children no matter how old they are biologically placing misplaced trust in institutional bodies that are in our society and believing they have their interests at heart when they do not now conversely we have fatherly parental abandonment issues that go on psychologically and again and this just is a an apropos image that I found that I thought you know went along with the concept of a child being ignored it could easily be a male child there okay so don't just think it's just the father ignoring a girl okay both of the examples there were female children but it could be a male or female child just I'm making that trying to make that clear so people don't misconstrue the imagery okay but we're talking about fatherly abandonment issues of any gender child okay and what happens in that instance is the unresolved fatherly abandonment issues will leave the child feeling a lack of protection direction and discipline in their lives and this will lead the child to look for needs to be resolved by proxy by a proxy father the institution's will act in that capacity as a proxy father parent okay this leads to the quote societal institutions protect me they want to keep me safe and secure and life would be chaos without them syndrome okay so it does the same thing but in the opposite aspect the the child grows up to be an adult thinking these institutions that are acting as the proxy parent because of their unresolved psychological parental abandonment issues in the daddy aspect that when unresolved they think this institution subconsciously their subconscious mind replaces the father with the institution as a proxy father and they think this institution has to be here to protect me you know to keep me safe to keep me secure and if it won't it didn't exist life would be abject chaos without it and nothing could be farther from the truth it's doing the exact opposite of those things it's making life actually less secure less safe with less rights with less freedoms it's not securing any of those things but because people haven't done the actual homework and haven't actually done upon their own psyches the psychological shadow work which the occult and occult practices can help them to learn about and then actually enact and you could call them spiritual practices but really they're talking about occulted aspects of the self those which have been deliberately hidden and not talked about not brought forward to resolve deep down embedded subconscious psychological trauma because the the all these institutions don't want that trauma resolved because they know it's the underlying causal factor of why so much trust is placed in their institution to begin with they don't want that dealt with and healed they want it to remain occulted hidden nested way down deep into subconscious mind where it can manipulate and control people and get them to dance like puppets on strings which is exactly what we have in our society this is the real reason folks this is the real causal factor of why this trust is not only so present why it's growing everyday trust in these institutions is not breaking down folks that was a promise that did not go fulfilled trust in these institutions folks I just wish you I wish you could just come and walk with me just walk take a nightly walk with me and here just listen you know the problem is a lot of people they don't do enough interaction with other human beings they sit in their house they watch their screen whatever form of screen whatever black mirror you're staring into today you know that's all but they don't go out and interact and talk to people and just try to observe the zeitgeist try to observe what's going on mentally with other human beings all around us most people don't do that this is what I try to make my work now that doesn't mean that I get into heated debates and conversations with them sometimes it's just listening I'm an eavesdropper I'll be honest with you when I go out in public I eavesdrop I listen to what I'm you could say oh that's not respecting other people's privacy they're in a public space I'll listen to what they talk about and it is the epitome of Jack asset ood okay quote me on that the average person just is just drooling nonsense all day long never saying anything of substance never ever complaining or talking about the failure of societal institutions if they have anything to say about these things it's in praise because maybe their job depends on it but you take a walk with me out societally and you just listen to what people have to say and you'll just see it's all people who just have 100% faith and trust then what's going on around them is for their betterment and and best interests that's how naive in childish they are and it's because the vast majority of people in our society are still little children whose mommies and daddies failed them did not pay enough attention to them did not care for them or nurture them did not spend enough time with them did not teach them properly did not truly raise them morally and did not protect them and direct them and discipline them we have a society of grown children with deep-seated deeply nested parental abandonment issues and that is the reason we have a society that is completely miss placing their trust in worldly institutions that absolutely are doing nothing really but destroying them and enslaving them long-term so let's move away from addressing not only the what is happening now we talked about the why it is happening but let's talk about the perception of it by the so called conscious community and I'm going to wrap up on these couple of slides and then we'll go to your calls for the duration of the show picture this individual in the middle of this circle of people that is depicted in red here in the center of the circle as somebody who is largely conscious and awake who knows about the degradation and corruption within these institutional bodies but yet hasn't woken up to the point where they're really truly accurately engaging the real proportions and numbers of what's really going on in all of society regarding the awakening of the public mind okay so they have their own little circle their own social circle that they hang out in and I just talked about this that people generally hang out in their homes okay with close personal friends or family members or just by themselves where they have little tight-knit cliques and circles on social media that they don't venture out too far from they certainly don't go on other groups or forms that are completely the antithesis of the belief or worldview that are in their little social media circles okay I do this all the time deliberately I will sometimes go to places online in in a rarer sense actually not not that rarely like pretty frequently online but in a much rarer sense in the physical world to to places where I know that people have the complete opposite worldview as far as it can go I once like attended just to hear what their worldview was and see like socialist meetings here in Philadelphia I've done it just gone observed pretend that I was interested just to hear what they're saying to each other and what their worldview is politically I've done it okay I've gone in other circles to just be around a dynamic that I know no one there understands one thing that I know about because the consciousness is so low just to hear where they're at to try to get it put a thumb on the pulse to put a finger on the pulse to get the zeitgeist not many people do that and I don't even really talk about that I do that I just do it because I'm an observer of the psychological milieu meaning what is really taking place in the average minds of a lot of people that's how you get where the numbers are the proportions of the dynamics are okay you don't get that by just thinking about it in your own mind you have to actually observe and listen to what a lot of other people are saying and then people will also make the argument you would have to travel and see that in different places and I feel like I've done that enough and I've done this in other places enough when I have traveled and it's no different anywhere you go but the people who don't do that have this microcosm that they dwell in so let's put that up full screen on the slide because this is what I'm talking about this is the microcosm okay that individual who considers themselves awake and considers that they understand the dynamics that are involved in what's taking place in our world has this little small social circle that they surround themselves with okay and they're they're like you know always around these types of people who are also like them and are awake and aware and are you know trying to understand the dynamics of what's going on and that person in the middle is like they just see just they're a circle of friends on an average daily basis and they say yay everyone around me is waking up all of the people in my circle and my social circle my social media circle they're aware awakened aware they know what's taking place they know what's going on so this is a wonderful thing and then they make the fatal error they make the absolute fatal error of ascribing what that means and what they ascribed them the meaning that they ascribe to that is so that means the whole world is waking up because this small little microcosm of the world happens to understand most of what they understand okay and so they think wow because the people that I am hanging around with on a daily basis and interacting with on social media on a daily basis happen to understand some of the things at least that I understand that that means the whole world is waking up and coming into a place of consciousness and awareness and pretty soon the whole world is gonna be changing for the better but it's a deadly inaccurate conclusion to ascribe that same level of awakening to people outside of those small tiny minuscule little social circles that they always dwell in and never really leave because this is now let's go back to the slide because I want to show that go back fullscreen I want to show this animation okay because what this really means is they're not seeing the forest for the trees they're surrounded by that circle of people and they can't see past but what lies past their little inner circle of people here's where that individual is there's there's little there little inner circle that they can't see past but beyond that through an extremely large gap in consciousness and knowledge lies the infinite hoards of humanity the infinitely ignorant hoards of humanity that go on like an infinite plane in all directions whose numbers there is no end to who number in the billions literally and they think because they have a tiny little circle of aware people surrounding them in their social network that somehow that means the world is waking up I would suggest to my viewing audience my listening audience that the people like this in the truth and freedom movement are just as naive as all the people all the ignorant hordes around them who are miss placing their trust in all of the institutional bodies of humanity they just have a different form of knowledge they just see the world through a different set of rose-colored glasses they can't see the truth which surrounds them because of their naivete and their being hooked on opium their narrow and nearsighted vision excuse them their perception from the truth and you know what that serves to do excuse their perception from what their work is to do and that's why they largely don't do it that's one of the main reasons they don't actually step on to the spiritual battlefield and do the great work because they think they're being properly informed that their little social media group is accurately portraying the dynamics of all of humanity and it most certainly is not and there's an infinite amount more work to be done and we have to have an yeah we have to take the rose Howard glasses off and look at the world for what it really is beyond the comfort of our little social circles and with that message as sobering as it may be I'll end the formal presentation for today's show so see past the inner circle of 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through check and money order over the snail mail address and a great way is through donating supplies from our technological supplies from our Amazon wish list I do not have anything up there currently because having put a list of technological items people have actually fulfilled that wish list and sent all the items to me and we are using them as we speak so I thank everyone who is donated to that through the wish list and all the other methods of donation you could find the donation page at what on earth is happening calm slash donate so thank you to everyone who has generously donated - what on earth is happening now and in the in the past okay so I think that does it for the formal part of the presentation here today folks and let's move on to the call-in segments of the show and go to discourse so let me get set up here and get my headphones that I need to take people's call on the discord platform okay got it all right so let me join the call-in room and let's see who's in the queue all right so we resolve some issues with taking Ivan's calls Ivan from Phoenix so I'm gonna go to him first because I missed several of his calls over the last couple of weeks so Ivan from Phoenix you are live on what on earth is happening episode number 213 welcome my friend mark and you near me I can hear you sir we finally got that bill as you resolved so it wasn't me man I'm like I know I was a small issue on discord on our end we just figured out today so thank you for your patience and you know bearing with me through that no problem no problem for a minute there the conspiracy side of me wanna take over and stay mad they don't want to talk well as always good stuff today and a lot of synchronistic stuff anytime you put on a show for some reason within that week leading up to that show or two things happen to me in life that are like will synchronicity with what you're talking about okay again today this show kind of thing yeah people thinking that they're awake when they're not this whole thing you used to what was the word you used today I wrote it down Austin scible yes the word offensive ooh and for me I know you saw my presentation at a narco and in our zona or oxy ISM and I was wondering if maybe Austin suitable it relates to that too say very much very much so it could be used you know as a descriptive quality that would certainly compliment or go right along with something being a proxy for something else and we talked discuss both of those terms on the show today not only the extensible purposes of the institution's but also the way that psychological proxies work for those suffering from parental abandonment issues we are getting a little bit of noise on the line that's that's okay I know Ivan isn't work as he told me earlier so the background noise we'll just have to deal with and do the best that we can liver shut off the machine is that but that puppet or it's just noisy and just a little bit noisy on the mic but it's okay my producer was asking me to try to clean it up but I think no we'll just deal with it it's okay so um anything else that you have yeah well you mentioned something about the get my thoughts straight here I'm not taking it personally but again sometimes when you speak stuff I was like a talking about me I'm doing to work it doesn't relate to me so I'm like no the things that I have ever talked about in the negative capacity regarding people have been related to you I I consider your doing the great work with what you've put forward you know and I've been vocal about that that the conference that you put on was one of the best organized ones I've attended you know you made your speakers feel very welcomed and treated them right and you know the way that it was hosted at the venue that you chose was done very well and I think a great and very educational time was had by everybody who attended and a good social time as well so I consider that a huge part bringing people together like that as a huge part of the great work and you're actually doing that you're putting your money where your mouth is so certainly none of those things apply to you man you're out there you know you have skin in the game let's put it that way you're doing okay great thanks appreciate that okay that wasn't exactly where I was going for you mentioned something about people not talking something specific but I had I wanted to bring up you have a caller that calls in once in a while from Italy Francesco and he has a YouTube channel free thinker ts and he's interviewed quite a few people and he does a lot of the translating into Italian you know not too many people who follow it however well Italy and I want to see Margot he seems to be a place where there there is certainly a language barrier and I don't get a lot of crossover I look at site traffic and where it's coming from country wise the english-speaking countries obviously are the highest traffic but Italy is it's not very prominent as far as how many people you know kind of hit my site and sort of our paying attention to this material and I also very rarely get any orders from Italy for for you know the donation gifts merchandise so only recently I've gotten like a couple of art drives you know they took me up on the offer from Italy so there's been very little dynamic interaction on the part of what on earth is happening and the nation of Italy which I'd like to see increase as I would really all of the countries of Europe obviously we get a lot from the UK from France from Germany etc where there's some you know more english-speaking individuals but you know language is definitely a a barrier issue there when it comes to putting forth this information and that's why I appreciate people's effort like that who are doing the work to translate the presentations into other languages so that's always a good thing right and I wanted to bring it up because I've been interviewed by him a couple of times and I posted it on my facebook I need to put it on my website actually but I posted it up shared it with Facebook and it's gotten a little bit of use 30 40 50 years or something however the point I wanted to bring up is some of the things that you brought up about people commenting or pushing this forward I've been kind of pushing it forward with interviews with him and obviously I probably need to you know put on my own work and pushing it but like you said I know the way you present it not everyone can digest it and I feel like I'm one of the few out there that kind of has the patience to deal with the ignoramuses and kind of find different ways of expressing these ideas and simplifying it and I think in I've kind of done that right and I think there's a lot of people who have those types of you know skill sets as far as dealing with people I am more like a straight forward straight shooter or city type guy that doesn't want to mince words with some people I have the ability to do that depending on their personality but you know when it comes to the abject ly ignorant you probably want to keep me and them separated but um you know if somebody's trying to understand and yet they just don't have the knowledge under their belt I'll try to guide them in the right direction as long as they acknowledge that like as they if they acknowledge like you know I I don't know this and I think I need to know it I'll give them all the information they want it's when it comes into the place of willful ignorance that I start having a problem but yeah I mean it's like it's great that people like you will step up and do that when they know they have certain skill sets that I lack I don't I'm not I can't be all things to all people you know so it's like that's what I want more of I would love to see more people that you know we'll break it down further into baby spoon you know feeding morsels for the people who have thin skin wonderful it's just that's not gonna be me you know it's like that's not in my my nature it's not in my personality like I I have to I have to talk to the big boys and big and and big girls in the class okay I have to talk to the grown-ups in the class then they can go and teach it to the the really really you know misguided young all they want and I think that's important and necessary but it's just not everybody there's gonna be roles for other people not everybody has to fulfil every role and so that's why I think what you're saying is very you know it's it's critical for people to understand you might have the ability to reach people than I would not be able to reach because of my personality you know so if you feel like you have those capabilities get involved and actually start doing it you know and don't don't wait for orders from me I'm not trying to order anybody there's no orders from headquarters there are no headquarters it's just us so just get out there and do just me yeah I've been labeled yeah there have been some people that are like oh you want to Paseos students are you one of his lackeys like okay I see where you're coming from and they don't even understand how much that creeps me out to have quote followers or lackeys or you know people looking up to me as some guru it's like I don't want them to like that around me you know that you just ask people who you know have seen any type of a sycophantic dynamic around me I generally push people like that away from me mm-hmm yeah yeah I want players in this battle you know I want people with as much skill if not more than me me I love people that I can learn from you know it's awesome when somebody comes into my life that like they have skill sets that I know nothing about they can teach me it's like wow that I want more of that you know what I mean and people aren't other people who are showing me things that it's like that's beyond my capability or understanding I'd have to really apply myself and work hard to understand how all that works it's like I want more people like that around me because I want peers in the work not followers I'm not you know the guru the leader whatever you want to call it you know I'm just a guy trying to be free like I want everybody else to be free that's all it really comes down to exactly when we're open to it being the teachers and students at the same time where the student is a teacher and the teacher the student that's when we all you know everything's in balance that's at ego right and you to learn and grow absolutely told me something like that many years ago that I was in a better spot than you were because as I was learning I was also you know attempting to do I was starting to meet up group the website a little podcast so you know and it's true and even with all that it's still stressful there are I get angry with people who that are ignorant is there the temper there are times I don't know whenever I see these police brutality stuff my first inclination I always think of samurai sword there are people I mean you know hey Mark it's not that bad only about 250 million people were killed by government last year I mean the last in the last century 1900 so hey yeah in the last century so yeah once it hits maybe bombs like it's working out a billion been you know five or four defensive in most people's minds unfortunately but Ivan you know you bring up a great point there and I want to thank you for the call you you're talking about like you know righteous anger and how you feel sometimes angry and or depressed and you know that's normal what you are experiencing there is pure normality and the way emotions actually should function in the human consciousness and physiology that means that it's a healthy normal emotional response when you see the ignorance of people and you get upset about it angry possibly even depressed we have to move in spite of that forward right I wrestle with this all the time all the time ladies and gentlemen I'm human like anybody else I get extremely depressed I get extremely angry sometimes I want to give up I make myself through the power of my will push forward you know so it's like you know we have to be in this fight together and try to prop each other up because we have limited numbers we have limited resources and we have limited energy and we don't have infinite energy to pull from you know we have to pick and choose our battles sometimes too and you have to understand when you're ready to get burned out you know and you have to just try to do what you can to support what your your psychological makeup needs your spiritual makeup requires and what your physical makeup requires you to do and that's a balancing game that's a balancing act that has to be played it's like spinning dishes on on you know spikes you know you have to you have to move back and forth between those dynamics of consciousness and you know work on different aspects of the self at at simultaneously and it can be very difficult it could be very depressing and it can be very angering and that's normal and I would say for people who are wrestling with that don't beat yourself up I try to just acknowledge it and say I know I need to improve I know I need to need to do even better but it's hard because you know were were human beings and we're not machines we're not gods or machines we're human and you know you have to acknowledge you know what you can do and try to do that to the best of your ability and try to put the the resources that you have in the most efficient way toward what the most efficient way of actually getting something done and helping is so Ivan thank you so much for being one of those people so let's move on and go to let's see I'm going to try to take Nicholas Peters call I tried him last week as well and we had a technological problem Nicholas Peter are you there yes I am all right you're coming in loud and clear this week welcome to the show perfect thank you so much for having me um yeah for your impression podcast that you had a couple weeks ago and the technology one we were talking about how to download videos off the YouTube I suppose to be excellent thank phenomenal and at the end of your nutrition one you'd mention the Breville juicer and I had actually I've been looking at juicers and I didn't know where to which one was good is there so many options out there so I did end up getting the Breville one with the Excel cold and uh yeah been juicing I've been that's a better model than I have I just made this in the Breville Juice Fountain elite but that Breville cold model that you purchased is even a better than this one yeah it's fantastic yeah I've been doing like the watermelon the cucumber celery and carrots and the carrots just by themselves are fantastic like like my skin is glowing like haven't been it's been making a big difference in my life for sure isn't just carrot juice magnificent I mean it's yeah believable I mean the the nutrient makeup of carrot juice is like almost chemically and biologically identical to human blood it's like that nourishes all of our cells and veins and capillaries and circulatory system and gets into the eyes the beta carotene nourishes the eye I mean it's it's literally a miracle of nature and you are literally taking in the energy of the Sun practically almost directly Wow yeah that's yeah I know like my hands are getting a little bit orange it's it's awesome but um yeah you had the natural cures PDF yeah on on that one and I actually downloaded it and there's a there's an app on the Android devices called kay reader and so you're able to actually just listen to it like any sort of any PDF so I'm actually able to listen to it at work I listen to the whole thing I'm relisting to it now and it's yes there's other ones that do that as well that will turn like a physical you know a PDF book an electronic PDF or ePub book into an okay into a audiobook I should say there's one called moon yeah yeah yeah just listening to the Google text speech is pretty redundant but uh it's uh it's it's good I also listen to the none dare called a conspiracy and whatever happened to justice and I'm gonna re listen to those but those were both very very interesting and I definitely appreciate those recommendations especially the the justice one because of for law on I want to learn more about that stuff through books and whatnot in terms of the founders I actually listen to I actually bought a couple of those flash drives or thumb drives a couple of months ago and I think they're excellent like I was actually pleasantly surprised I knew like one song or one song like the nation is sheep and yeah the whole thing was pretty strong I enjoyed it very much I really was very pleasantly happy with surprised and happy with the quality that we got from a demo that cost us less than two thousand dollars to record it was a friend who put me in touch with a local studio major works here near Philadelphia in Collingswood New Jersey and I thought a fantastic job was done you know some of my band members weren't quite as happy with with the result but for the money I thought it was just phenomenal studio quality for a demo this is that was just a demo release we haven't even recorded a full-length album we're sort of on hiatus there were some you know possible personnel issues that might have to be resolved so I haven't really been dealing with the founders right now it's kind of on an extended hiatus but I want to at some point get back in the studio to record a full-length album just to get these songs out because we have 13 original songs that really have to be done justice in a studio recording environment as a full-length album so I would like to eventually see that done I don't know how much further the project will go beyond that but I have to get at least one full-length album out with the founders for sure yeah they'll be great yeah just like trying to because you have some good lyrics for sure and I'd say just keep going through that and like the lyrics just put just make it even if like the music wasn't as top quality of it like the lyrics would just be great like cuz I know you had like the one song spraying us like bugs but that's not on the demo yeah sprayed like dogs right yeah yeah well I'm a whole host of songs like that were you know on you know on our deck to be recorded in a full-length album but never we never really got in this you know people can see all the list of names if they go to the lyrics page on the founders dot us our band website and the lyrics page actually has all the lyrics for even the unrecorded songs that were completed so all of our completed songs are also listed there in addition to the ones that were recorded as part of the no masters no slaves demo okay perfect um yeah in regards to the juicing I know you mentioned John Kohler at the end of the presentation and I thought that was I thought that was fantastic yeah cuz I've been I've been looking at his stuff for a while and especially his gardening is a youtube channel growingyourgreens and I heard that I think I heard you saved in one ear at the end of one of your podcasts that you have started a garden in your backyard well I mean a friend of mine just gave me a like vertical hanging bag for tomatoes and I got some tomato seedlings and I'm gonna try my hand at it I just got some organic organic potting soil so you know I'll see how that goes but I just I don't really take the time to learn enough about it and to do it I have friends who are involved in it at a much deeper level than I am and I kind of like helped them out in like a very ancillary capacity I helped them show them a method of I am okay with working with wood so I showed him a method of like building some some basic garden beds and that that's kind of the extent that I've really gotten involved in it it's not like I said if I didn't have to do this I'd probably turn my time more over to the pursuit of gardening and art because that's what I find kind of like in personally empowering in the world I think we're here to be part of doing something creative and and and nurturing and nutritious so you know for our own bodies and I find gardening and art to be those things that I have a personal interest in but like I this is what I do because this is what needs to be done right now in the spiritual war that we're in so maybe if we eventually you know make shrines in this or I can feel like I can tag out to other people who can take the risk some of the burden away from me maybe I'll make more time for that but right now I make very little time for it unfortunate yeah yeah cuz I'm John Kohler has a friend of his that had business called Boogie brew and it's all about organic biological gardening so it's basically just teeming with nature and having them do the work for you so for instance like I've been doing using all like those in kind of ingredients the natural organic ingredients I have mulch so it's like even if you water it once a week you're basically fine there's almost nothing you have to do they're just doing all the work for you and making sure that the plant is nutritious it's gonna be able to deal with the temperature changes that that happens you're gonna have more more yield and just overall much healthier plant it's all of efficiency like that were you're not overly complexify efficient and best way you know so I like that whole approach and it wouldn't surprise me that you know John Kohler is taking that type of a approach to you know growing you know plants for your own actual nutritional intake yeah and I think he's a fantastic maven like if especially since you're a fan of his I think if there was any sort of way that you could get in contact with him and try to talk with him because I know he has he's super genuine he is aware about some of the problems in the world but he's not I'd love to interview him about juicing sometimes yeah like you guys just talking about nutrition and then just other things that are impacting the world because he's definitely aware of like the legal like the whole cannabis thing and how ridiculous that is in the power structure and he's were chemtrails okay but but yeah he's got like half a million subscribers so that's a great outlet exam and then only certainly way more than my measly whatever it is 60 couple thousand you know it's you know people do take an interest in you know doing things for their own nutritional you know intake and development because health is important like you can't do anything without your health so I know that he's racked up a whole lot of interest on YouTube and he's well-deserved cuz he has a fantastic YouTube channel some of them actually yeah and um I forgot to mention it when I was talkin on your technology podcasts about how to do the videos but you were mentioning how we're so technologically illiterate and we just have consumer devices we're not doing anything to really develop anything or create anything on our own so that definitely inspired me to buy a bunch of a bunch of different parts to make my own computer with the help of my brother Oh building zone will really show you how it all works together you know that's a good exercise I actually yeah like my brother oh sorry yeah they're cutting in and out so it's like I'm kind of interrupting - no no no worries I actually built my own computer to make a hackintosh years ago finally retired that when I was able to get the machine that we're actually producing with today which is an iMac Pro but the the old hackintosh like you know retired and made made in a Windows 10 PC but I built that out of parts and it was a good experience you know it's like it it can show you really like how computing really works and like help you learn what some of the best components to get if you want to make a good efficient computer so I certainly recommend that it can be it can be taxing on someone it could be kind of complicated but if you put the research into doing it I think you know building your own is definitely very rewarding in the computing space I'd highly recommend it yeah cuz I unfortunately don't know anything about how to really build one so luckily I have a brother that's in the IT industry and so yeah he recommended the parts and he's like oh solid-state drive that's definitely the future and way faster I remember you mentioning that - yeah so I definitely got one like a one terabyte one so that'll help me with making videos on Camtasia and stuff because I've improved cuz I was I've been doing videos on YouTube but I was never I was just doing the cell phone you know just taking a camera in my face and it wasn't really visually helping anything like it was just me talking and so me learning a little bit about Camtasia and editing software's and stuff like that that's definitely been awesome it's a cool program it's definitely the way to go with building your own and using solid-state hardware for storage and you know for your operating system so you know keep at it and you'll you'll learn a lot more about you know how the whole alternative media works and and video editing etc you know lot live publishing I think you're on the right track when it comes to that it sounds like you have a mind geared toward you know being able to learn about technology so keep going with it keep going forward I think you're on the right track I appreciate that very much thank you thank you marginally um I was never able to because last week I your time on Right Livelihood again and I wanted to definitely touch on that and also give a little bit of a like proof that karma does in fact exist okay I was working at Aldi for a couple months and I was just seeing all the incredible waste like a box of cereal was opened but the bag inside was fine so they're throwing it out and I was just getting really sick and tired of seeing it so I ended up just going into the dumpster in the back of the store and just picking a bunch of stuff and everything was fine and like it was so much edible stuff that they were just wasting away and there's people's a huge problem in America is wasted food I mean we waste so much food that's unbelievable I I have people who work in the food industry telling me stories of this all the time but yes go ahead continue yeah so I was uh I was seeing that it was all this waste and so I was taking some stuff and people were seeing that I was doing it like management and I told him flat out I'm like if you think I'm doing something wrong then you go get me fired tell the store manager tell the district manager I know I'm not doing anything wrong I'm not purposely breaking anything in order for me to get it later you know so I knew that inherently I was not doing anything wrong I know that right and wrong or objective and so I ended up getting called into the office like a couple weeks later a couple months later and I was defending myself I told him I didn't steal anything I donated some of it I composted some of it I kept some of it because it was perfectly fine and I know I didn't do anything wrong and like she was telling me it was like illegal and all this stuff I'm like well right and wrong is not the same as legal and illegal you know and she's obviously wasn't getting it so they ended up firing me and I had no job lined up whatsoever I was perfectly content cuz I told the woman what's what I told her that I wouldn't want to work for her anyway I was gonna quit right after they talked to me about it because I just don't want to work for someone like that she's just good at following rules and not doing the right thing and so I was perfectly perfectly content with not having a job and not having anything lined up and that same day I asked my brother hey do you have anything at your job because I used to work with him I'm like do you guys have any openings he said yeah well talk to the secretary we'll see and so he got back to me she said she was interested and within two days I got a job and I'm making instead of like 1350 I'm making $19 and now I'm full-time and now I'm getting overtime and it's like if I was doing something wrong for all these months there's no possible way that I would be rewarded in such a drastic fashion like that sure not having anything lined up the closing of that opportunity opened up the other opportunity because of what you did to help other people exactly it's exactly what you've been saying like this it just opens up for you and I knew I knew it inherently I knew I was in the right the whole time and so I wasn't even worried and so with people with if they're not doing right livelihood just at least be honest with yourself because that's one of the best qualities I have is that I've just honest with myself like I had depression for seven years because I was so honest with myself about mistakes I had made for so long and I was always just on my ass about things I've done wrong so and people need to just stand up to these needless rules and regimentation 'z that don't do anything to help anybody you know if anything it just serves to just keep people in a mindset of scarcity and fear and then like like you said it's just wasteful it's just wasting resources that could go to helping people and that's all done because of government regulations and unnecessary laws and rules you know it and like you you attempted to explain to your former employer its legality does not equal morality you know what what's legal does not necessarily imply what is moral and this is what more people have to understand so Nicolas I think that's a really great anecdotal story that you shared with our viewing audience our listening audience I thought I want to thank you for bringing that to the table thanks so much not a problem I really appreciate you taking my call it's an honor and a pleasure speaking with you and I hope to be able to speak with you again at some point thanks so much take care and great call all right you too thank you all right see it's like this is part of the I think support aspect that I'm talking about that we all kind of like have to try to reinvigorate and bring each other up because of how stressful this whole understanding can be it's like we have to look toward the community to you know try to garner strength you know and the the callers don't show me this and always have so you know I think they're the kind of people that you know are taking action are putting themselves out there and are trying to make a change for the better in our society so you know I thank them for that all right let's let's see let me try to bring in somebody new that we haven't really heard from let's see let's go to a wall gypsy a wall gypsy you are live on what on earth is happening episode number 213 welcome hey can you hear me okay yes I can oh great hey Mark thank you very very much for taking my call I'm actually coming from a 12 hour time zone difference I've been up all night waiting till I try to give you a call tonight so thank you very much for taking me here I preach no problem if I may ask what what contrary calling from live in Taiwan Taiwan okay great I'm from New Jersey originally but I I escaped New Jersey yeah you know all about that you know I currently work here as an English teacher okay not for any government school as you were talking about earlier I'm a tutor a freelancer so I'm the boss but before I get into that I just wanted to say I used to be a member of truth freedom prosperity years ago yes I was a very active member in that group here in Philadelphia I was a passively active member because I'm not to bid on like big groups of people but like I do a little bit of work here and there but I met you passively like liberties and some and the feds and stuff like that yeah I remember I remember liberties that was once a cool place and those were the good old days back then man but anyway and I knew how to podcast back in the day but I just wasn't listening to podcasts right so I didn't I didn't listen to the show but about a year and a half ago I started listening to what on earth is happening and the synchronicity is just unbelievable two years ago I wanted vegetarian and listen to your old post cast about you know tell people to watch earthlings and stuff like that so it's just been incredible so thank you for all the great work and may I ask were you aware that that was me from truth freedom prosperity back then I guess you heard it in in some of the ads that I did for that group in the podcast before you initially aware I'm sorry you broke up were you initially aware that that was me from truth freedom prosperity or did something else that loudly lead you to listen to the podcast a friend of mine you know Corinne Jacobs oh yes yes it's a friend of mine and back in the day she messaged me back pass to his podcast and I put it off for a while and then one day I had no closings it was so yeah that's awesome but the the key point of why I'm calling tonight is on currently I've got a I've got a great deal of autonomy when it comes to the curriculum that I teach and I've been struggling a little bit to like fill the time I'm like what am I going to talk about we're not gonna teach for two hours and I'm just very inspired by your plea for people to start teaching more natural law my school they have really good teaching methods and articles and great ways to get people involved to learn English but their topics are just awful and boring so right now I'm in the process of developing classroom style natural law related lesson plans nice I think it's a varied idea yeah it's I'm pretty psyched about it I've already kind of started a little bit you can eventually translate them into Chinese because they speak Chinese here and I can read and write a little bit but speaking listening but a friend of mine might be able to help me on that path something soon and there there's a country I've never gotten any correspondence and probably that's that's that's a really really tough egg to crack I mean that's literally like you know firewalled off from the rest of the world practically yeah that's a tough one but I'm really glad to see that you know you might be putting a project like that together all the way out in Taiwan that's fantastic but Taiwan it's a bit different from China Taiwan it's a more or less open society all the liberties that America has its Communist China it's kind of funny to stay the hell away from right exactly why I wish you the best of you know all the luck in the world in that endeavor and I think it's like great that you're dead now and you have to know what you can touch and let me know how that project works out in the future well one thing I want I wanted to do while I have the chance here um I wanted to extend to anybody here in the audience to take a look at the Google Drive that I've been making I've been collecting some articles and trying to make some work here if I if I could just give them my gmail address and then anybody can send me an email and then I can just hook them right into the Google Drive anybody let's take a look at it or help me work on the classroom style not for lost stuff okay my um my gmail is um if a wall gypsy at gmail.com it's all that were them it's all capital nope no periods no breaks it's just capital a capital W capital o capital L and then lowercase gipsy gy p sy that's at gmail.com okay 300 Oracle veteran animal rights WikiLeaks occultism factory-farmed and how that's related to occultism the secrecy there so um thrones allegories for natural law I'm doing some writing about that one so we're not a lot of stuff there fantastic III definitely I'm very happy to see that more people are getting involved in the great work and doing it in their own way a wall gypsy I want to thank you so much for the call and you know keep in touch and let me know how that project with on teaching natural law to Taiwanese students that are learning English work out you know in in the future I wish you the best of luck with that and thank you for doing it well folks I don't think we're gonna have any time to go to a final caller I think less than two minutes left in the show I mean maybe I could bring in one person to just make a quick comment okay so let's say let's let somebody take the show out completely okay so let's go to Jay Jay and our con Jay an Archon take the show out for us you have less than a minute about a minutes going on mark government is slavery there you go anything else thanks for taking me my call great episode today I'm gonna try and call in again in the future I hope you can take me and I'd love to get an interview with you on my show sometime I have a website cognitive concurrence calm so I'm gonna hit you up about that but yeah great show you hit the nail on the head with every single topic as usual and yeah you know I'd love to get a question in but I probably won't so thanks for taking a head we have about like about a minute go ahead okay one question I would like to ask you is do you think it's even possible for the aggregate of world population to wake up or do you think that it will just be a select few of awakened individuals kind of the way the Christians perceive the end times crying right no I do think it is possible I don't think it's extremely likely where we're at right now but I think it is possible now the question is will human beings will it into existence by an act of their own will that's our caution that's energetic activism that's right and that's where I have my doubts because I don't really see the human will in a very positive and empowered position right now that being said it depends on what the people who are awake now do with what they have at their disposal and how much we can be of a powerful and motivating influence for others around us so with that being said I think it is a matter of what will we do with what we have come to know that will influence others and then maybe we can make that situation possible that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening folks great our calls as always thanks for watching ladies and gentlemen government is slavery we'll see here possibly next week possibly ingredients thanks for watching everyone have a great day [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]