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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen thank you for tuning in today is Sunday August 11th 2019 we have a great show for you here today this is episode number 219 of what on earth is happening and a little bit later on in the show I'm going to be delivering in an extended format my presentation from back at the Tesla Science Conference Tesla conference of the Tesla Science Foundation 2019 in New York City my presentation entitled Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift this will be a revisited version of this presentation in which I'll give it in an extended format before I do that I have several event announcement several housekeeping announcements to do so let's switch over to the laptop this is the podcast artwork for this episode looking really really great and we have a few event announcements to go through some gems just gonna jump right into that I will be speaking at the inaugural Antarctic Delphia conference hosted by the state of anarchy this will be taking place in Philadelphia September 13th 14th and 15th 2019 it's coming up in just over a month if you order at an arc adelphia calm and you put in promo code passio you'll be given 5% off your ticket sale and 5% will be matched by the state of anarchy and donated directly to what on earth is happening my main presentation will take place on Saturday September 14th and it is entitled the sacred gift of egg that's my main presentation at the at the Ann arkadelphia conference and I'm gonna be getting into how the social engineers have attempted to stunt and actually remove the emotion of anger from our human emotional makeup and why it's so necessary to maintain the ability to get angry and feel anger in our physiology and in our emotional makeup because if we don't feel that and direct it properly you know when our rights are being taken away you know when our self defense of rights are being taken away when our freedom of speech is being taken away we'll largely sit there and take it because we won't even feel an emotional and physiological response in the form of anger in the body you know and this is not something that should be purged this is something that should be felt and channeled it's a healthy emotional response when we feel it for the right reasons so that's coming up Saturday September 14th as part of an arc adelphia 2019 I will also be delivering a workshop as part of this event it is going to be happening the day after the conference on Monday September 16th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. this is an all-day workshop entitled teaching natural law with Mark passio this is at Papi's Italian restaurant 31:20 South 20th Street tickets are $120 to attend the all-day workshop up in the gifts area of the water earth is happening calm website if you click on gifts either the tab or the button we have some new items in there anarchy and the occult part two which I originally delivered at an arc apoco 2019 back in February is now available on the gifts area of my website in the form of DVD and flash drive so do check that out at gifts dot what on earth is happening calm also up in the gifts area we do have a new t-shirt design the new water on earth is happening t-shirt design with the new vectorized logo on the front and on the back ending slavery one mine at a time with hands breaking chains in front of the earth and the water on earth is happening website URL this shirts been selling really well you know in return for donations and I can't really be happier with the design as it came out it looks really good I actually wore this shirt which is my actual next announcement on the Infowars show this past week I was rescheduled yet again from my appearance that was scheduled to be on Monday due to the mass shootings in Texas and you know I fully understand you know that that a huge potential false flag event like that which more likely than not was a false flag you know that's going to probably be take the precedence and and take priority to be covered so I was rescheduled for Wednesday August 7th and the interview went ahead as scheduled on Wednesday August 7th and I'm very happy with how it went I think a lot of new people were turned on to the very idea of natural law and many probably had not heard about it before and our website traffic went up probably by about tenfold so you know this was actually a good thing for what on earth is happening and Alex was very gracious and cordial to me on air and he said that he wanted to actually bring me down there in studio to do a presentation you know from the Infowars studio so I'm completely down with that idea if that's going to be offered to me in the future we'll see what happens and he did say that he wanted to bring me back on so I think it was overall a very good success I'm gonna step out of the presentation for a moment switch over to my web browser because I want to show you where you can actually view that presentation we can switch back over so if you go to what on earth is happening comm and you click on the news tab or you just go down here in the latest news section and click this top item sorry about that you can go to the news section and at the top of the news section is my interview on on Infowars this past we so that's where it is at and I obviously did not place this on YouTube because of their fascist totalitarian policies regarding censorship so I did post it up on Vimeo and embedded it through there I don't anticipate that being a problem Vimeo is generally a platform that respects freedom of speech as far as I can tell if there if it does end up being a problem I'll host it right on the water earth is happening calm website itself and not bother with a video streaming service but as far as I know you know it'll be fine on Vimeo so you can play that video using the player right there on the top of the new section switching back over to the presentation slides I want to let everyone know and I informed everybody about this that well actually before I even talked about that I was gonna bring out my coming appearance in the documentary called unsustainable which is a documentary by James Yaeger of Fiat Empire Fame this is the filmmaker that made Fiat Empire he is actually from the Philadelphia area and I've been working with him and we finished recording for a Fiat for unsustainable his new documentary coming up but before I get into that because I want to show you a couple of video clips from unsustainable I want to talk about what everybody's talking about very briefly and that's the Jeffrey Epstein alleged suicide in prison while on suicide watch and um you know I can't really look first of all folks it's like not to say I told you so but I've been telling people for you know a while that he's not going to last long okay you know this is no surprise you know this is vindication actually that this whatever it ends up being whether it was an actual suicide whether it was a hit on him to stop him from talking or whether it was you know a you know covert smuggling them him out of the jail cell and replaced them with a corpse or whatever who knows okay it could be any people are speculating wildly it could be any number of things but what it really comes down to is you're not gonna see this guy in a courtroom okay bottom line and you know I said this from day one when you know he was arrested this is not going to come out you know they'll squash it somehow and you know this is not a surprise because you got to understand folks this is this is vindication to my message as far as I'm concerned since day one I've been trying to explain from day one to people out there who some of them will listen and take warning from someone who's been on the inside of this cult and some just don't want to know they don't want to learn they don't want to understand how the world really works they want to remain in their totally naive childlike mindset and not understand how things are really going in the world it's all one big cult it's all one big satanic cult ladies and gentlemen I've been explaining this to you for 12 years now okay this guy is part of the cult the police on the inside of the New York Police Department are members of this satanic cult they're gonna work with their overlords with their masters that are up higher at higher levels of the hierarchy and the satanic cult and they're gonna do whatever they're ordered to do get you know they're they're gonna take their payment you know they're gonna take their orders from their higher level commanders and they're gonna say yes sir we'll take that addition to our bank account and we'll do whatever you asked whether it's looked the other way so we can kill himself whether it's kill them ourselves or whether it's move them covertly and replace them with a body it doesn't make a difference what happened this is what I'm trying to say everybody will get caught up in all the speculation of the who and what and how you know you got to understand the why ladies and gentlemen they're not going to allow somebody who procured children for them for decades okay to go and talk to the public about what happened okay they're not good that's not going to be part of their agenda no matter how they have to institute getting him out of that position okay that's all you have to understand and what you have to understand is the cult members facilitated it and I I'm talking directly about the poll at that prison in you know institution you have to understand they're on the inside of this cult this is what people don't understand the media that is saying oh people will speculate about a conspiracy well this isn't a fucking conspiracy well if this isn't a conspiracy what is a guy who's supplying children to high level politicians first of all that's not a conspiracy and then he ends up dead in prison and you want to say too that the mainstream media has taken the position the public shouldn't think that this is part of any wider spread conspiracy are you fucking kidding me I mean just think about how ridiculous that is on its face okay it's all a part of the cult dynamic ladies and gentlemen that's all I want to re-emphasize the people and when people you know email me or text me or Facebook me and go oh my god did you see what happened this is absolutely crazy this is so alarming this is a I'm like yeah and yeah and this is what I've been trying to explain to people for like the better part of two decades of my actual life 12 years publicly okay this is no surprise no one should have ever seen this is any kind of a surprise he's a member of the one big satanic cult network that runs the world and so are the police so are the police okay they facilitated this openly with their higher level satanic network members that's what happened that's definitively what happened I'm not speculating there as said the actual methodology you could speculate all you want but that's what happened okay they're members of the same cult that this guy is a member of and if you don't think that and you don't know that you are naive fucking child that's all I have to say on the apps team situation and anybody who is awake to what's really going on regarding Satanism in this world this is no surprise none should become as no surprise whatsoever okay so one of the things I want to get into and I'm gonna I'm gonna emphasize the idea that you can't watch what on earth is happening out of order okay all right so III want to go over that for new viewers because I may have picked up some new viewers from the Infowars audience okay and again I dialed back what I am really like in person on the show for a new viewing audience okay this is a normal thing to do okay I don't want them coming in at the level of intensity that I'm at right now I want to slowly bring them over and up to speed because many of them are not now I'm not trying to insult them by saying I'm just saying most of them are coming from the world of politics and finance and the Mash nations that go on within those realms and many of them do not understand the world of the occult they do not understand what's really running the world they don't understand that this is a religious hierarchy that runs the world a sick twisted ancient satanic religion okay so I'm trying to bring them on board with this and to alienate them by insulting them or you know just going to intense is not going to serve a purpose for trying to bring them on board with this information and there are many will say that the people like that shouldn't be brought on board and I think that's bullshit that's elitism that this information is for everyone to understand and secondly it's the 101 of spirituality this isn't anything advanced this is spirituality true spirituality regarding natural law 101 and every human being with half of a brain in their head that's still functioning can understand this information okay now secondly I've also already said many times in the past you may not get it from me okay and that's okay people may not like my delivery style they may not not not like my personality they may not like the way that I present guess what then don't watch don't listen tune it out turn it off then it's not for you now you might hear it from someone else that'll wake you up to it in a faster way than I am able - I am here to teach the people with the will to move forward and become a teacher of natural law that's what I'm that's what my purpose is that's what I am here for that's what I've been doing since day one and nothing has changed regarding my personal agenda in regards to this information that I bring to the table okay that being said before I give that caveat even again before delivering the main bulk of the presentation today I want to talk about my appearance in unsustainable and I want to just say I think James Yeager is one of the best filmmakers in the freedom community as far as I'm concerned I mean he's made films like Fiat Empire okay he's done original intent he made corporate fascism he made cultural marxism okay he did spoiler he did good guys with guns I mean he's made some of the best documentary films of all time as far as I'm concerned so this is the screenshot of his website here I'm gonna go to his website in live time and I'm going to bring up the a couple of excerpts from the documentary that I was in so are we having an issue now okay we're good okay all right so this is James Yeager's website this is matrix entertainment okay his website is M e C films.com that's Amazon Mark II as an egg C as in cat films.com m ec films.com is his main website and you could look at all of his documentary films I mean here here's the full list Fiat Empire original intent cultural Marxism corporate fashion ISM spoilered Milan la baie midnight ride mainstream good guys with guns and now his latest offering is unsustainable all right so I'm gonna click into unsustainable actually already did the subtitle is the UN's agenda for world domination okay you can read the synopsis on this page I'm not gonna get into all of that now you can read that on your own okay that's the full description of this new film here's all the people who are actually featured in this upcoming documentary and I am down here on the list okay he has some people provisionally featured and I want to play the trailer for you so this is a few minutes long so let's get into this here we go we can now authorize corporations to take property from private individuals as long as the government can present an argument of tax revenue [Music] the globalists are added again not to rid the planet of poverty or war this time the plan is to wage war a war on humanity itself [Music] rather than pushed for sustainable energy sources like solar fusion or Tesla technology power elites at United Nations headquarters want to confiscate not only your car and single-family home they want to inventory and control all of the land water and air minerals plants and animals building projects and human beings on the planet first tonight our report on the incendiary radio host Alex Jones for years Jones has been spreading conspiracy theories in short their plan known as agenda 21 has hijacked the environmental movement and is now in the process of establishing universal zoning laws for real-estate development across the world no matter what your situation is the the environment comes in first the environment does not follow political boundaries rivers run through a whole lot of towns while Americans sleep the power elites in New York City and the DC swap jet around screaming about climate change and global warming and forget about private property ownership the globalists have the ultimate plan for that share your ownership with the states in what they call public-private partnerships they call themselves a clean local governments for sustainability we are an international they're not a local government for sustainability from the producers of good guys with guns and cultural marxism matrix entertainments present um sustainable a James Yaeger film not coming to a theater near you unfortunately the UN's plan for Humanity is coming to a neighborhood near you in fact through legal termites like Italy cogs and sustainable developments it has probably already arrived a plan to confiscate farms forests and historic properties while outlying guns single-family homes cars and even roast beef dinners a plan to dumb down and drug up your kids a plan for the destruction of national sovereignty through illegal immigration in short a plan to replace capitalism with socialism and constitutional principles with the ten planks of communism a plan to corrupt the American judicial system of the vote and use fiat currency to finance the whole agenda with ever higher debt and more nightmare taxes globalist organizations that have been established the largest of course would be the United Nations and a lot of other globalist organizations that we know of that exists the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and all these are all subsidiaries of the United Nations some say the UN's agenda is a plan to depopulate the world by billions those remaining would be forced into smart cities and human settlements others say the forests and wilderness areas will be cleared of roads dams farms and electric grids so animals can run wild through thousand mile corridors while surveillance cameras and concentrated energy weapons keep we the people under good control we've been barred by Democrat policies from building what's called fire breaks and controlled burns yes agenda21 is not just another conspiracy theory like the theory that NAFTA will destroy the US manufacturing base it's a cancer that's already insinuated itself into every level of the US Republic while we the people have been eating bread and watching circuses on the globalists media propaganda machine from the producers of good guys with guns and cultural marxism matrix entertainment in association with oathkeepers present unsustainable so here's a new theory maybe it's agenda21 that's unsustainable and maybe it's time Americans find out what they can do about it unsustainable the UN's agenda for global domination [Music] all right folks so that is James Eagles new documentary film that I am going to be a part of and I'm really honored that he invited me to take part in this new documentary that he's making and I went and filmed my parts a couple of weeks back and he has put some excerpts from some of the people that will actually be appearing in the film one of them is Nick long char from the Tesla Science Foundation you could check that out on the excerpts section of this page but he did put an excerpt of me up so I'm gonna play that now for everyone to check out as well I believe this is the question he asked me on the right to keep and bear arms here we go the right to keep and bear arms is one of the two foundational pillars of enlightenment that is how important the right to keep and bear arms is the self it is part of the self-defense principle the first principle of higher consciousness or enlightenment is the non-aggression principle which essentially states that a sentient being should not initiate harm to another sentient being do not do a behavior that initiates harmful result toward another being the self-defense principle states that if harmful action is being initiated against you by another being that you always inherently maintain the right to stop that other being from conducting that behavior by whatever amount of force is required to do so so that's the right to self-defense so the self-defense principle and the non-aggression principle always have to go hand-in-hand if we're going to be building a free society so the right to keep and bear arms is you have the right to defend yourself and your rights and your property against attack from someone else with whatever type of weaponry is required to do so and it's so important because if you remove that right from any human being they are at the mercy of whoever is willing to come and attempt to take their rights from them and there's lots of people in that type of a negative and down a fallen consciousness okay so that's why you always have to maintain the right of self-defense and the Second Amendment was put in place to essentially keep that natural right in place and tell people that it should never be infringed upon no matter what all right so that's one of the excerpts of me from the film unsustainable which is going to be coming out fairly soon I think James said it's all within a few months hopefully so be on the lookout for that and you could check out James's main website em ec films.com so you know I think that's a good lead-in to the whole Tesla presentation that I'm going to give on the air today and you know people have to understand that you know this cult that runs the world runs it on energy okay energy is the main thing that everybody needs in one form or another after all we are all energy okay and the world is energy and the main thing to keep in mind when it comes to what I'm gonna do here today and and a film like unsustainable is that the control of energy is the control of human beings and it's not it doesn't belong to anybody to control this is a birthright of human beings living upon the earth you know to control the energy that people need for their survival on a day-to-day basis is a form of slavery and that's why they keep going with their you know agendas to put us all in controlled areas okay under the idea of sustainability which it is not okay constantly trying to push the arvin agenda you know which isn't what's driving climate change it's the Sun doing that as I've talked about it had innumerable amount of times this is a total lack of an understanding of real science on the part of most people in the world that don't understand that solar cycles drive climate change on the planet and always have for millions and millions of years and they rely on the public's ignorant in these regards okay they rely on people not knowing about Nikola Tesla as a scientist and an inventor you know I still have people in the so-called freedom movement or people who think they just know a lot about science constantly saying Tesla was a charlatan you know oh and you know when he was asked to really demonstrate how this would work you know he couldn't prove it okay Tesla himself backed off of his projects because he knew he was in a nest of vipers and didn't want to give potentially destructive technology to deliver it into the hands of satanic Psychopaths okay he may have seen that too late but he saw it eventually and this is one of Nick launched are from the Tesla Science Foundation's main theories is that Tesla himself backed off of some of his biggest projects like what he was planning at Wardenclyffe at Shoreham Long Island New York because he recognized that this could be weaponized and then if one country gained you know total control of the technology they could terrorize the rest of the world with it and I think really the two countries that have largely seized control of Tesla technology is the United States and Russia there are others that probably have some prototypes of it but I guarantee you that the United States and Russia have working Tesla technology working scalar beam weaponry action at a distance scale or interferometry weaponry without any doubt in my mind and again I've told people you got to look into the work of Thomas Bearden most people won't sit through his presentations because its technical okay you got to look into the work of Thomas of a loan you know you got to look into people who really understand a lot of the science of zero-point energy and scalar technology and this is what Tesla was working with you got to get Tesla's own notes to understand you got to get his laboratory notes and some of them are only available in Serbian and need to be translated probably less than a tenth of his notes have actually really been translated out of Serbian okay so this is another thing a part of the work that has to be done for us to really understand what Tesla understood you know largely people over in Europe and you know Serbia are doing the work of picking apart Tesla's work because obviously he was Serbian and he's a hero to them but you know we need a lot more worldwide translations of Tesla's work okay and so before I get into this I just want to reiterate one more time that what on earth is happening is a tapestry okay you can't just come in and start listening at the most recent episodes what I finally did as a matter of fact I'm gonna step out of the presentation and show this to you on the water on earth is happening calm website because I think this is very important okay let's move back over to the laptop and I want everybody to look at the podcast section because I've added a paragraph disclaimer a caveat at the top of the podcast section okay I'm gonna read it here for everybody today it says episodes of the what on earth is happening podcasts are listed here in reverse chronological order newest first if you are a new viewer or listener you should not start with the most recent episode since newer episodes build upon material that is covered in previous episodes you should start with episode number one and work through the podcasts in order at your own pace you should not skip around and if you are new you shouldn't start listening at episode 219 okay or episode 218 which is the most recent up in the podcast section okay click this link right here that says start with up as so number one see this link okay you're gonna click that and I finally figured out a way to create a section where the podcasts are listed in order from number one forward very proud of myself that I figured out how to do this with my content management system finally but I got it done and there it is okay so you can click that link and now you can listen to the shows in order it without having to go back and let you know go scroll to the bottom of the page and go go up okay so that's great for new listeners and viewers okay because it's something that I've been saying over and over again week after week and I'm gonna keep saying it you have to listen to what on earth is happening in order at your own pace don't skip around start with podcast episode number one and then when you're finished that episode move to number two when you're finished that episode move to number three if you do that and you stay in order at your own pace you will get the maximum benefit from all of the years of content that I have been delivering through this show what on earth is happening okay you will get the maximum value out of it if you do it that way if you don't do it that way you know your I don't know what to tell you I've been trying to explain to people this is the way it has to be done for years now okay if you want to skip around or you want to start listening from the end it's like reading the end of a book and having no frame of reference and what happened in the beginning of the book so if you if you want to insist them on banging your head against you know a solid concrete wall go right ahead okay and don't take my advice what on earth is happening is a tapestry and it has to be viewed in order for it to make sense okay I don't know how else how more plainly I could possibly put it but there you have it okay so let's jump back over into the presentation slides and let's start the main presentation for today's show which is entitled Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift so I originally gave this presentation at the Nikola Tesla conference hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation you could check out their website at Tesla Science Foundation org okay and this is headed by nick launched our my friend who invited me to speak at this year's tesla conference i took him up on that offer this would this took place at The New Yorker Hotel in New York City on January 12 2000 19 so I only had 15 minutes really to deliver this presentation I went slightly over I think I delivered it in about 20 minutes but still that is not enough time to go through the details on a presentation like this so I figured today would be a great opportunity to just deliver in an extended video podcast format so that I could really unpack a lot of the concepts that I did not have a lot of time to unpack at the actual conference the conference was very well attended a lot of other great speakers a lot of people came out Nick actually said to me Nick filmed his parts at what we actually filmed our parts for unsustainable on the same day at Nick's home ok and um MIT told me that it's like I got some feedback from him from this presentation when I saw him when we went to record our parts for unsustainable and he said that so many people went up to him after the presentation and was like who is this guy like this presentation was you know outstanding like and I didn't really think I was gonna get that good of a reception because look there's a lot of people in the free energy movement that don't get what I talk about there's a lot of people just like there are in the freedom movement and in the anarchist movement that don't like me that think I'm too extreme or they misunderstand what I'm saying and they don't understand you know natural law you know and they don't want to hear it so you know I'm not very popular even in my own quote/unquote circles ok namely the freedom movement the anarchist community etc I almost see myself somewhat the same way in the free energy movement where there's a lot of people who don't want to hear what I'm laying down because it's extreme it's radical to them okay they want to just stay in the realm of science technology innovation invention etc but they don't want to really hear the real deep philosophical dynamics that are really going to lead to real change in our energy paradigm and that's what I came there to do I came there to present the underlying true streetwise spirituality that is going to have to manifest within the free energy community and this was called a paradigm shift which I'm going to talk a lot about in this presentation I don't know how many you know old school people out there remember you know listening to like alternative information back in particularly the late 90s early mid to late 90s and they talked about a lot of spiritualists in that community talked about the paradigm shift well we're gonna talk about what that meant okay and it still hasn't happened it's still not really underway okay and that's why I call it humanity's missing paradigm shift this is something that never really materialized and I'm gonna talk about why it didn't materialize and until that paradigm shift happens don't expect free energy okay don't expect suddenly the controllers of the world who are a satanic cult to suddenly say we're gonna allow people to invent free energy so that we can't control them anymore we'll just let that out we'll let it happen we'll let it manifest and let the people let our slaves have it yeah yeah I mean you actually believe that that's gonna happen without stopping this cult this worldwide cult without putting their whole system in the ground where it belongs okay I shouldn't even say in the ground that because it had pollute the earth we need to put it into oblivion into the void where it belongs okay so let's jump into this presentation and I'll explain what that paradigm shift meant why it isn't happening and what we really need to do to make it happen so people who are watching this because they're into Tesla or free energy okay and you think that this is just going to be about something I got really bad news for you guys it involves so much more than just coming up with some new invention and then oh trying to put a patent on it and giving it to Big Daddy through the patent system because that's all you're doing you know and that's how so many people in this movement they're stuck in their thinking in that regard I'm gonna get rich oh I'll help the world at the same time but I'm gonna patent this everybody's gonna have to license it from me you know you put it right into the United States patent system so they can shut it down and that's how their thinking is I'm not booked asking you to believe how it is I've talked to many of these people personally and I'm telling you that's exactly how they think and I keep trying to explain to them you don't understand what the world is boys and girls you don't understand what is running this place you haven't done your homework you may have done your homework in the fields of science and technology and invention but you haven't done your homework regarding the occult at all you haven't done your homework regarding the real geopolitical situation that humanity is unfortunately enslaved within and let me tell you something folks it's not just about politics and finance this is a cult that wants our soul that's what it is and they want to be God and you know what it's the same thing in the UFO community that the community that wants to investigate extra potential extraterrestrial intelligence you go to people at MUFON you know you go you go to people in the New Age community in the spiritualist community and you say do you know anything about the occult you know anything about Satanism do you know that this stuff is really running our world you know what dark occultism is no no or you're you're nuts man that stuff doesn't exist and then you see you're seeing stuff coming out like the epstein situation you know this is stuff like I could have told you about 15 years ago in all of its gory detail so I'm looking at this like oh yeah oh whoa a little bit of this slipped out into the mainstream media Huck because got too big for their britches this guy was a little too popular he was a little too well-known right he dealt with people who are a little bit too well-known he dealt children to people who are a little too well-known so I'm just like yeah hey this is this is business as usual and everybody's like oh what's going on they don't understand what this is they don't have no understanding of it at all they can't decode it because they don't understand what the world is they don't understand it's one big satanic cult they don't understand pizza gate look folks I'm telling you right now after I get back from you know maybe a month after this conference is done maybe less than that I'm gonna start preparing material and delivering material on this show on pizza game I think I'm gonna just to make it a multiple water on earth is happening shows I'm gonna go into what Pizza game really was and is and now Peto gained a better term for it obviously because the whole pizza gate term you know throws people off from what it's really about pedo gate is definitely a better name for it but we have to understand it grew out of what became termed on message boards as pizza gate on the internet on internet forums and it's real and you need to understand it because it all ties in so how does this relate to the free energy community in every way because as long as you guys only get small pieces of the puzzle you're not fully enlightened you're not aware of your surroundings you don't understand what's really going on in the world and then that acts back in that aspect you act like naive little children you act like I see I see people with incomplete knowledge really as a parent sees a child that you don't know what you need to know to go through the world as a grown up adult and I know it's condescending I get how condescending that sounds but it's true nonetheless okay I happen to know way more about what's really going on on this planet than most people that doesn't make me a better person to them than them but it does make me a more enlightened one because that's what enlightenment is enlightenment is not just about such as pseudo spirituality as the New Age movement wants you to believe enlightenment is about how much you really know about what's going on within yourself and around you in the world that's what enlightenment is that's what consciousness is the ability to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to those patterns within your own consciousness within your own mindset and in your environment in the world in the everyday world in which you live and the people in the free energy movement sadly have a very incomplete picture of reality in the 21st century because they don't understand what's really going on politically meaning they don't understand that the whole government system is run by a system of pedophiles and Satanists a network a hierarchical network of dark Oh cultists they don't understand the causal factors that have led to the current human condition of slavery are about natural law or about how these mind controllers and social engineers have gotten us not to understand natural law and therefore not to live according to it and therefore we are ourselves creating the system of slavery all around us because we are not living in an in a state that is in true alignment with true objective morality so back to the slides worked I'm directing this right at the free energy community the the Tesla community itself if you will okay the only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are the people who are living a lie and sadly the free energy community is still largely living a lie because they are still ensconced in all of the mind control that the social engineers of this satanic hierarchy Network hierarchical Network have put them in into that mind-control entrainment regarding what's going on in the world especially in the realm of government and politics they don't understand what it is they don't understand that it's not anything that we should be aspiring to or trying to continue they don't understand that it's a system of slavery and they don't understand that as long as that system of slavery continues there will never be free energy in our world ever there will never be a paradigm of free energy so the free energy community the so-called free energy community needs to wake up you need to wake up and what you need to wake up to is the world of the occult you need to understand what occultism really is you need to understand that natural law stands firmly within that body of knowledge referred to as a cultism you need to understand natural law and you need to start living according to it and then propagating that message so that others may also understand that objective morality and live according to it and if you think you're gonna create free energy without that happening first you are seriously in a state of mind control regarding how reality manifests on this planet or anywhere else in the universe for that matter so moving forward tesla envisioned a world powered by free energy and we're not just talking about free as in gratis we mean a state of abundance where you don't have to worry about where energy is coming from or if you will have enough he wanted to tap into the endless wheel work of nature regarding how energy would be procured and distributed and this is possible Tesla showed that this was possible through the many invite through the many experiments that he performed and the notes that he took on that experimentation regarding scalar energy Tesla was very enlightened for his time although I would not say he was totally enlightened either okay he understood and did a lot of research about how this would work he himself had to get out of the many ideas of you know Darwinism was being propagated you know he had to get out of the idea of eugenics in many cases you know he had to get out of the idea that you could work with people at high-level positions of power and Finance and government and somehow they would help you to develop this he was naive in some instances about just how evil some of the people around him that he decided to work with to advance some of his technologies were now this definitely at least put him out into the limelight and put him out into the public helped him become known as an inventor and helped him propagate some of his ideas that were more advanced but I think Tesla eventually started to realize what the world is a little bit later in his life and he started to recognize that these people were not going to allow this period no matter what and he recognized that he was in a den of vipers that was run by this hierarchy of occultists at the highest ends of the spectrum and I think he went into some depression at that point and he himself recognized really how bad the state of consciousness throughout the whole world was and that's when I think he started pulling back from his own perhaps more advanced technological you know directions that he wanted to take humanity in because he recognized this if this is the state of the consciousness of the world and these are the kind of psychopaths that are running the world this planet is not ready for this and that could be a very wise decision that he made he himself recognized that his technology could God could not be put in front that true freedom had to be put to the forefront it's it's a you know a cart before the horse as I like to describe it situation you know and Tesla technology is should be in in the back in the cart and the thing the horse driving it into our society should be true freedom a mentality of true human freedom and the manifestation of true human freedom then we could bring in those advanced technologies because we will have matured as a species to a place where we will not destroy ourselves with that technology we're nowhere near that point at all not even a little bit are we near the point where we're gonna have free energy technology and suddenly that's gonna free us and that's going to prevent us from destroying ourselves we haven't worked upon ourselves spiritually enough to have that eventualities to have that outcome we have to understand how things really manifest in the world this is part of truly waking up becoming truly enlightened and understanding the true laws of attraction and manifestation which is natural law you know Tesla one that a world where everything was powered by energies from the earth and the Sun and surrounding the earth you know and be able to distribute that energy effectively through the earth he was using the earth as one wire as literally a single wire system of energy distribution whereby the energy could be literally distributed created at one point on the surface and distributed to any other point on the surface through the ground through the earth and it's mantle itself literally a lot of people don't understand that about Tesla's work this was a form of standing scalar wave technology transmitted through the earth and he envisioned that it would power everything it would power our homes it would power any transportation devices including planes trains any kind of electrogravitic hovercraft even that he also worked with as prototypes he had a prototype of a electrogravitic antigravity vehicle in the year 1905 over a hundred years ago like 115 years ago 114 years ago Tesla was already working with anti-gravity transportation and had working prototypes of it and you think that they would let that out you think that they would let the public have anything like that so we could travel in three dimensions instead of the totally controlled road system powered by gasoline and the petrodollar that makes them rich richer and richer and richer by the second every single day every second of every single day on this planet good luck with that good luck with having that system in place and then saying oh yeah let's just do away with that and give them free energy technology which we can't control and we can't control their movement and the spread of free information you think you're gonna censor the world with Tesla technology powering communications good luck with that wouldn't be possible wouldn't be possible to the extent that it's possible now because the dumb public doesn't even understand something like BitTorrent folks we gotta understand BitTorrent BitTorrent is a technology that's like over it's like 20 years old and people still don't understand it they don't understand how it's uncensor ball oh they're talking about oh we're gonna regulate Bitcoin and some people in Congress who have an inkling of how BitTorrent and Bitcoin actually work technologically under the hood or like you can't there's no way you can control that you'd have to literally shut down the internet and the Internet is so integrated into the earth you literally have to destroy the planet to shut that down this is what people don't understand because they don't even understand the technologies that exist now let alone what's possible this is the other thing folks people look at this ago oh that's science fiction that's in just in the realm of the imagination no it's technologically absolutely scientifically feasible they don't they just don't know enough about how it would work because they haven't actually studied it they're using just pure speculation but they haven't actually read the works of Nikola Tesla they haven't actually read and watched the work of Thomas Bearden I have a scientific background in engineering folks but let me tell you some of the folks this is stuff that I've the best and brightest of the human world would have to come together and work upon to achieve a level of understanding of a genius like Tesla you know who comes around and into the human domain like maybe once every 500 years of mine like this I'm not trying to pretend it understand every single aspect of it the generalities of it I can see yes this could be possible this could work that's what they want to keep from everybody folks they want to keep the possibility from people of what's possible they don't even want people looking into what might be possible they want you in the mindset of that can never be stumped the imagination completely and just have you sit back never looking into any of it that's what they want that's what the social engineers 1 & 2 annek large extent that's what they have successfully accomplished you tell people about the potential for free energy technology and they're like that's a conspiracy theory pipe dream no it's actually scientifically achievable if we would get out of the entire human condition that we have trapped ourselves in because of course in a system of slavery the masters are never going to give the slaves freeing technology just think about that would would the masters of the plantations in the American South have suddenly brought semi-automatic weaponry to all of the slaves on the plantation said here you go have this of course not they wouldn't have given the highest-end military-grade technology to people who they wanted to keep as their slaves well the the masters of the earth plantation are not going to suddenly come out and give their covert occult technology that they're using to maintain their status as a breakaway civilization to their slaves and say here use this as you see fit so that we can no longer control you do you really think they're gonna be that stupid this is what the free energy community has to understand that's never going to happen you have to end the system of slavery first you have to understand that the system of slavery is in place on earth and you are slaves just as everyone else is you have to understand the reality that government is slavery or you will never manifest free energy technology you have to manifest freedom first because you have to have the freedom to invent and to experiment and to not have your inventions taken from you and and put into a covert hidden program like they always are through the patent system and through the military industrial complex system what do you think that out in our the groom Lake facility you know that they don't understand that this technology is possible technology that's a thousand years beyond this at this point they don't want it coming out because they know that the control of energy worldwide is the control of people worldwide that's why they don't want the industrialization of third world countries it isn't because it'll destroy the earth through climate change it's because they like the level of control that they can exercise over civilizations over you know subsets of civilization that are much less technologically advanced it's much easier to control the flow of information it got a little bit too hard for them here because of the internet and that's why they're doing all this censorship so you can't put the cart before the horse and think that free energy technology's going to usher in an age of true freedom it's not doesn't work that way it's the opposite way true freedom is going to usher in an era of free energy technology into the world and make the human future absolutely amazing once we free ourselves from the current human condition of government slit enslavement then we'll have free energy but not until not a second until so here's what we have today we have what's called the controlled energy paradigm if you switch back over to the main presentation thank you we have what is called a controlled energy paradigm or what I call the scarcity paradigm this is the dynamics of total scarcity of energy and getting people to believe that energy resources are completely scarce first of all it's not even true according to their model that they're trying to push on us which is the oil model that we have to get our our energy from alleged dead plants called fossil fuels I mean and if you believe these things are fossil fuels you know I have some really good oceanfront property you know in the middle of Utah to sell you are in the middle of Colorado somewhere I got some great oceanfront property you know right in the middle of Wyoming you should you should ask me about it after the broadcast I'll give you a good deal you know great beaches out there you know people actually believe that oil is a fossil fuel fossils yeah I mean it's you got to look into the abiotic understanding of oil and understand this is the Earth's blood system this is the actual blood of Earth of the body of the earth and it replenishes just like when we take oil when we take blood out of the human body okay it eventually replenishes hemoglobin builds a new blood and we eventually you know if you take out a pint of blood eventually a pint of blood gets rebuilt it's the same thing with oil it will never run out unless you take too much suddenly that's the balance they want to try to strike but they will keep people on the oil paradigm forever if they can endlessly this is not a non-renewable energy resource for as long as the earth body stays alive the entity of the earth the planet itself remains alive see it's the same thing when a body dies the blood will eventually just like the rest of the body dry up and decay because there's no life within it anymore that's what happens when a planet dies it eventually breaks up and the planets sick because of what we're doing you know I don't think it's enough at this point to actually kill the planet I think the planet will produce cataclysms that will eventually kill us before it allows us to kill it as its host personally and I think you know we're well on the way to creating that scenario of the Earth Mother turning into Kali the destroyer and sending some natural cataclysms our way to shake us off her back like fleas because that's what we've become as a species it's not what we have to be it's what we've become we've allowed ourselves to become that kind of a parasite to our host planet well oil is just like blood folks it is not going to just you know run out okay it exists throughout the entire body of the planet and they'll keep us on this controlled energy paradigm for as long as they possibly can to control us so let's look at the characteristics of the scarcity paradigm of controlled energy it's polluting and unsustainable there we have the real usage of the word unsustainable as opposed to how the UN wants us to think of unsustainability well this energy paradigm truly pollutes the earth through the burning of hydrocarbon based fuel with internal combustion engines let me tell you something folks this city is just absolutely disgusting Philadelphia is just they call it Philadelphia for a reason okay I mean the amount of sludge and dust and just everything that is just sickening literally disease-causing agents that pile up in this environment and that we are breathing in on a daily basis from all the cars I can imagine New York must be even much worse we just live in a toxic sludge cloud literally because of oil and internal combustion technology internal combustion engine technology and they want to say oh they're tightening the the regulations on this there's no such thing as doing anything to solve that without getting rid of that technology and using something different I mean you look at the amount of dirt and debris and dust that piles up in our atmosphere that we are breathing and you turn on a fan for a couple of days and the blades are like practically black in this city you know and we're just breathing that shit in day after day after day and people are just fine with it like this is normal like we need these cars with these engines like there isn't there hasn't been replacement technology for over a hundred years minimally a hundred years they're that dump they're that naive that they don't understand the first thing about what we are calling free energy or even scale or energy so this is real non sustainability because you are truly polluting the earth by using this and what you're doing as far as how you're procuring it and the types of violence that that is responsible for and causing we'll talk about that in a moment but this whole paradigm of energy is based in the fear of scarcity therefore it's based in fear-based consciousness it's not based in love based consciousness it isn't based in true enlightenment true understanding true higher level consciousness it's based in total fear of running out of not having the kind of mindset that puts you roots you firmly into the reptilian part of the brain the brainstem the fight-or-flight mechanism of the mind always in fear of not having of running out that's where they want people because people embedded in a mindset of fear are easier to control and to sell your nonsense ideas to them because you put them in a state of fear it perpetuates dependency dependency on oil companies and cartels dependency on government dependency on the military violently procuring sources of oil in other countries that we have no business in maintained by violence exploitation and imperialism this entirety scarcity paradigm of controlled energy is totally maintained by violence because in order for the industrialized world to keep taking the amount of energy in the form of oil that they need to continue to survive and to propagate their system they have to engage in military violence and imperialism and exploit third world nations to take their resources out from under them whether they do that through shady and completely corrupt trade deals or whether they do that through sending the military and should those negotiations quote negotiations fail which is bribery to their highest level satanic hierarchy partners on that farm you know this farm over here says to that farm over there you're gonna deal with us and take the deal that we offer you it's an offer you can't refuse or we're going to send our military in there that's how it works folks it's just two farmers getting up in each other's face for a minute and deciding how are we going to do this are we gonna do this you know through our corrupt deals that make you sell out your own people or are we gonna send in our thugs called the military that's how it really fucking works ladies and gentlemen you know read Confessions of an economic hitman another guy who was at a level of this satanic hierarchy he didn't understand that as Satanism though John Perkins you know because they they just use pee as useful dupes they don't know he doesn't really deeply understand that it's Satanism at higher levels you know he's in the military-industrial complex arm of the negotiation with another human farmer deal okay and that's the role that he played and he wrote great books exposing how it works but guess what it goes to a much higher level mat into the priests class into the social engineering priests class that were where the Satanists and dark Luciferians really operate from that are really calling the shots he don't he didn't quite understand that this is all a high level religion the military-industrial complex isn't running the highest levels of it folks okay it goes into higher level intelligence agencies it goes into higher level agencies like the NRO the National Reconnaissance Office the Department of Naval Intelligence DNI into the CIA and NSA and eventually goes up into the highest level religious organizations on the earth mainly the Vatican etc because it's all it's never been stopped being run by religion folks never this is always this planet has always been run by a priest class an occult priest class and this is what people in the free energy movement have to understand and they don't understand that you try to explain that to them there are most of their eyes go glassy there are a million miles away they don't want to hear it they don't want to listen some of them do but too few just like in the anarchist community you try to explain this to them their eyes go glassy there are a million miles away mentally they're not really listening it's in one ear and out the other and they think they know I'm trying to explain to you I'm telling you this from a position a perspective of having been on the inside of this satanic cult admittedly at a low level of it but guess what at a much higher level than most people who are even they're useful dupes ever see and these people are very out in the open about their agendas very very speak openly about it when you're in in that at that level of it with them when you're at the actual occult hierarchy level of the priest class of Satanism and dark luciferianism and the people who are at lower levels of this that to go into just regular you know the secular aspect of it and the financial and and political aspect they don't even understand about these levels of it they haven't been taken into those levels because it hasn't been deemed necessary - they don't really have the skillset they're a trained monkey pushing the buttons for the agenda that's all that's what you have to understand not everybody gets taken up into that level of that satanic hierarchy they want people with social engineering ability high IQ high communication skills the ability to mind-control others so that they never look into any other level of this that's who they really want that's who they groomed to take up into the real priests class level of this not people who they could just you know train in worldly skills and say you know go over here and tell deliver this message you know or people that they're gonna say hey just work in your scientific field and invent this for us they don't need to see that level of the hierarchy they're just trained monkeys that's what that you have to understand about one who I call useful dupes so let's continue about the characteristics of the controlled energy paradigm and I'm gonna unpack this as long as it takes folks see this is what I don't get a chance to do at presentations people say oh you rushed through that yeah well I saw all the time I had you try to develop a fifteen minute presentation and say something mine powerfully world-changing that blows somebody's mind and people were still coming up to the host of the conference saying wow who was that guy he blew my mind Nick said half the crowd got up and left and went out on the end of the corridor into the whole hallway outside the conference room to talk to me and like less than half the people that were there for my presentation were there for the next speaker which I don't I think that's kind of rude myself but I'm glad that they you know wanted to hear that that's how much I interest them interested them by what I said people always complain oh you left this out you left you didn't talk about this yeah I had 15 minutes like I said try it come on put a presentation that you think I'll like really make a difference in the world together and record your own voice for 15 minutes and see how well you fucking do yeah most people won't even try to do it in the privacy of their home let alone go out in front of hundreds of people at a conference a lot live in front of them and do it go record your own voice with like some audio recording software for 15 minutes and see how well you do you'll find out how hard it is so the next characteristic of the scarcity and Energy paradigm is that it promotes a separation worldview that nature is ours to conquer and this is what it's all about folks the idea of separation separation from source separation from oneness separation from wholeness in the worldview and in the mind this makes us think it's us versus them it's us versus the planet even it's us versus nature if we don't conquer nature we'll be conquered by it that's not how nature works nature wants us to actually work with it this is what Tesla was trying to achieve he called it harnessing the wheelwork of nature not conquering nature but taking what nature already provides and procuring the vast abundance that comes from nature for our needs as a species which is possible to do without polluting the planet without turning over just totally distorting the balance of nature and without the type violence exploitation and imperialism that we are currently addicted to in the controlled energy paradigm it's all possible without all of that but this is what people often think who are left brain nature belongs to us the planet is ours it's ours to conquer it's ours to subdue as we see fit it's a distorted religious worldview as well many fake-ass Christians think this as well nothing could be further from the truth we are a part of the living dynamic system of nature which is life itself this planet is alive it is a living holistic dynamic energy system which can be thrown into a state of imbalance and disarray even but like I said it's gonna shrug us off long before it allows us to kill it but we're doing a good job provoking it sticking needles in it everywhere you know like like we have you know the total right to just you know take the blood from the earth is to the extent that we see fit in a totally violent way this energy paradigm stagnates humanity's collective evolutionary progress in consciousness that is how powerful of how we even look at energy what it is capable of doing to our brains and our spirits in mass it is actually literally stagnating our evolutionary progress forward as a species and the most important thing to understand here is it is completely immoral we have no right to continue this controlled energy scarcity paradigm we have no right it is an amoral one because it is based on coercion and control and violence and ultimately slavery it is enslaving the human population it is in complete and direct opposition to spiritual law or moral law or what I refer to as natural law God's law that is exactly what is this controlled energy scarcity paradigm is in direct opposition to and you think that that's going to be allowed to stand indefinitely eventually nature's gonna step in and say enough is enough and this isn't going to continue we need to be have developing mature understanding of what we are really doing to this planet and each other as a result of this energy paradigm that is completely amore and if we don't wake up to that it's going to lead to the last point listed here on this slide it will lead to humanity's total slavery and extinction it's already led to what amounts to total slavery I don't think we're in total lockdown hardcore slavery yet but we are in a state of slavery that is covert we are in covert or occult 'add slavery right now and what it's going to lead to is overt totalitarianism that's what's coming and that's what humanity is currently richly deserving of because we haven't changed our mindset we could not say we don't deserve it as a species as judgment no that's what we talked about was the human condition collectively when we broke down the taro and we saw the card number 20 is the judgment card at the MAL couth position on the macrocosmic Tree of Life in the last couple of episodes that's where Humanity is at right now if I could label the time period that we are in right now we are in post-apocalyptic cosmic judgment I'm gonna say that again okay because that's where we're at and what we're it's getting ready to break down into the situation of 100% overt total human enslavement and then eventually to human extinction and when it does get to the extinction phase it will be a mercy killing we will finally be put out of our misery as a species and allowed to go extinct after we are in a state of total whoa wo e meaning 100% shame and misery as a species that goes on for an indefinite amount of time that's what's gonna happen if we don't reverse our mindset and that's not fear-mongering ladies and gentlemen I'm explaining to you how actual spiritual dynamics play out in nature according to natural law and the real laws of attraction and manifestation and people better wise up and start taking heat they better wise up and start taking heed and really spirit truly spiritually advancing themselves and understanding that we are actually standing in the way of the will of creation and the laws of God because that's what humanity is acting in the capacity of right now as we continue this controlled energy paradigm and as we continue the overall control system called government and human enslavement I'm gonna say again what I say that our current human condition truly is we are in a state of post apocalyptic cosmic judgment we are past the apocalypse the apocalypse already occurred past-tense apocalypse comes from the greek roots oppo which is a greek prefix meaning to take away to remove away from removed from and then the greek noun khalipa time khalipa time means to hide to conceal to keep secret to occult and will you put them together it means to take away that which has been hidden to remove the veil to unveil to do cult to take out of hiding and bring into the light of day that's what apocalypse means when people are talking about the end of the world they are referring to the biblical concept of Armageddon Armageddon and apocalypse are two different things our mageddon is the alleged total battle between the forces of good evil and how they have arrayed themselves in opposing duality at the quote unquote end of time when time is up for Humanity that's the concept of chile azzam the end of days in Christian prophecy okay that is not the apocalypse the apocalypse means the great revealing of information that the truth has been taken out of the realm of the occult out of hiding out of being hidden and it has been exploded onto the world for them to see to hear to understand that's the apocalypse and that already happened that already happened past tense it you could say it's continuing to happen but it has already occurred and that information is all already out and you know what humanity has said to it it's raised its middle finger to that truth to that revealing and it said fuck you that's exactly what humanity has done to it in mass it is said we want no part of that keep it away from me I don't care that's exactly what humanity has does has done as a species and that is why I say we are in the period of poke post apocalypse we are in a post apocalyptic period of humanity the apocalypse has occurred already and humanity has said to that great revealing that great do cultic of information fuck you I want no part of it that's exactly what it is said with one great voice and that is why we are now entering the period of cosmic judgment as a species and you know what folks you can say that sounds as religious as you want I don't really care I'm not interested in your analysis okay I'm about as anti religious as it gets but I know when cosmic forces are coming for what we have allowed to continue I can feel it in every fucking single one of the hundreds of trillions of cells of my body because I am attuned to that and if you're not attuned to it and you think what I'm saying is somehow religious go right ahead and say whatever the fuck you want I could care less it has nothing to do with religion it has to do with how the universe actually works you think we're going to be allowed to stay in that level of saying fuck off to the truth for indefinite an indefinite amount of time you're out of your mind no because you know what the people who think that are they're atheist trash who think there's no such thing as anything higher than humankind in all of the universe that's what they actually naively and childishly believed that there's no law higher than man's law that's why we get to make it all up there are a theistic moral relativists and there's a bunch of that trash in the freedom movement and anarchist movement and I'm gonna call them out every week every week I'm gonna call you out trash cuz that's what you are you don't want to understand that there's a higher power in law in the universe than little old impotent man that's destroying itself and putting itself into its own chains you think we're the highest power that there is you have a lot to learn about what's going on in this life boy and girl because that's what you are you're a little boy and a little girl that hasn't grown up it's exactly what you are so that's where we're at and that's what's coming as long as we stay addicted to this oil paradigm this totally controlled energy paradigm of complete scarcity and fear and violence and coercion we're heading toward post-apocalyptic cosmic judgment 100% overt slavery and eventually merciful human extinction when it is finally allowed after we've suffered enough by our own hand by our own hand see it's not really anything else doing this to us it's us doing this to us see that's the quote good news too because if we put ourselves in this position we can get ourselves out does it look likely no it looks highly unlikely I'm just to be honest you know I don't want to blow smoke up people's ass never have been the type to do that I try to be as honest as possible with people about how I actually see the dynamic from a realistic perspective I'm a realist I'm not an optimist nor am i a pessimist I'm a realist I gauge highly accurately overall patterns of the human condition and people want to say that I'm not good at that I'm probably the best there isn't that to really look at the overarching dynamic within all of society and see it as one trend and to understand where it's heading and then I try to Acula accurately report on that situation that condition and I think I have it very well scouted and very well analyzed and that's why I say we are in a very very very negative place and we have the ability still to turn it around it still isn't set in stone it can be done do I think based on the trend of where human will is going that it is going to be turned around no I do not but as long as there's still a possibility of that happening regardless of how slim I'm going to tell you what the other possible outcome is because I'm here to lay those choices before humanity that's what part of my job is to do explain to you what's happening and explain the choices that you have by changing your mind and heart that's what my charge is to do that's my work that's my Dharma so let's look at the other choice and this is a choice this isn't something that's being done to us this is something we are actively choosing through our free will through the behaviors that we put out into the world through our free will just like everything that happened in the Epstein situation was all a result of free will it was coercing and removing the free will of a lot of those children but let me tell you something folks it's still freewill based behaviors on who will cooperate based on how much money is thrown at them why do you think the the controlled energy paradigm continues how much money has been thrown at people to shut people down to kill people kill people developing alternative inventions have the news lie about it and say it's all hokum how many people will just take a payoff to either shut up lie hurt somebody else covert hide information tell people that that's not possible when they very much do know that it is this is the problem with all of humanity folks we've become a species largely comprised of trash that will take any payoff or any advancing of their level of comfort to do evil to others as long as it's not them on the receiving end in the immediate sense and then people will say no most people aren't like that you're full of fucking shit you're full of fucking shit most people aren't like that it's a total anomaly when you find someone that's not like that the vast overwhelming majority probably over 99% I'm gonna say probably like 98.5 percent I'm being super generous today if you find one and a half percent of human beings that would not take a payoff to do something bad I mean we're in good shape I'm gonna say more likely it's probably over 99% of human beings they would just say yeah what do I have to do give me the payoff and I'll do it so this is why things like this continue folks it's nobody doing this to us it's not just because these people are so powerful it's all the people below them that are willing to say what are you going to give me to do this for you and they have unlimited resources because they've been profiting on off of this oil based energy paradigm for you know centuries and then they wave it in front of them wave some money in front of them and go here take this which is a pittance to them but it looks like it's like oh how much how much this is to the average slave and they go of course yes sir I'll get right on it do it right away you know and you're telling yourself that's not how it works you're lying to yourself you are a liar to everyone around you but most of all to yourself so let's look at the characteristics of the other potential choice that we can still make but are unfortunately not making certainly and not enough numbers to really make a difference the abundance energy paradigm or free energy it's non polluting and truly sustainable from a true sustainability aspect because it's unlimited and it's harnessing the will work of nature as nature put it they're not exploiting nature and creating a polluting environment based on energy explosions which is what internal combustion is actually doing see that's that's the whole thing do you work in synergy with nature or do you work in opposition to it by trying to blow it up you know that's what the controlled energy paradigm of oil is all about many explosions and then nuclear aspects is larger level explosions that release radiation energy you know and people don't understand this that true free energy true energy that is about harnessing nature's will work is not about pollution and explosions you are literally taking energy as nature intended it almost as mother's milk okay because that's what nature is it's our mother it's the Sacred Feminine dynamic in the universe and it provides if we understand how to take from it in the way that we should I mean it's the it's it's the difference between a baby suckling at its mother's breasts versus a baby trying to like poke holes in the mother and drew withdraw the blood from her like a vampire okay that's literally the actual difference that we're talking about the free energy paradigm is about empowerment via abundance no longer people being kept in a mindset of fear through scarcity who artificially created scarcity this would be truly creating a mindset of human empowerment through abundance of having the energy that we need it would be at our disposal when we need it and there is enough for everyone there is enough there is way more than enough there is more than we could ever possibly use actually it would promote true independence independence from government independence from the whole control system independence from the monetary system independence from all of the corrupt institutions and cartels and companies and corporations that we are currently dependent on it would promote genuine power meaning no scarcity would obviate aggression and war not this false illusion of military strength and power that's not real power that's actually spiritual weakness of having to be a Gretsch aggressive and coerce and attack not showing your own weakness and fear there's nothing manly in that there's nothing powerful in that that's the perversion of true manhood that's the perversion of the the true sacred masculine the true sacred masculine would be genuine helping to squelch this whole idea of scarcity and stop aggression and war that's what a real protector in society would do by promoting true free energy in the true abundance paradigm the free energy paradigm would promote it promotes as a promotes an integral worldview that we are quote we are part of the living system of nature so the worldview promoted by free energy would be we are not separate from nature we are one with it we are an integral an integrated part of the wheel work of nature it is us and we are it there is no separation whereas the controlled energy paradigm continues with the idea the worldview of separation which is what this is all about the reason we continue to do these things that lead to human enslavement is because of a worldview of separation from self from the true self and how we are all one and all part of the living dynamic system of nature it's all energy and it's scientifically provable that's not new-age hokum when I say that I'm not saying that in the sense of we are one with the actual and enemy forces yeah at some level of existence we are but here playing out on the ground of course those people are doing things totally against the human interest to continue the system of slavery and no in that in that sense we're not the same as them we are not one with them I'm talking about the highest level of existence you know you always have to caveat that we are one with at some level of existence you know at the three-d level of existence you do have to understand there are definitive forces at work that are against the the betterment of humanity you know and that's not that's not promoting a separation worldview that's saying the truth about what's going on the separation worldview is at a much higher level of existence that oh oh it's us versus nature we're separate from it I'm trying to explain you with that higher level of awareness we have to understand everything his energy and that's scientifically borne out that is proven scientifically it's not a theory if we're paying attention to new modern science and not ancient Newtonian paradigm of science the free energy paradigm promotes true human evolution in consciousness it is the true evolutionary force whereas what is one of the things that would be serving the involution airy force or the satanic force at work in nature would be the controlled energy paradigm this serves this works against the involution Airy force and serves the force of true evolution remember we talked about those two forces that are always at work in creation involution versus evolution the controlled energy paradigm serves involution stagnation and the opposite of human progress we're going backwards in progress in consciousness free energy or the abundance paradigm promotes true human evolution and consciousness it is truly moral this paradigm it is in harmony with spiritual law moral law natural law because it is not based in coercion violence fear scarcity etc and this energy paradigm if we were to actually implement it through changing our worldview to a world view of true freedom and then implementing that here on the earth would lead to a state of true freedom for all it would sustain it it would be better to say sustain true freedom for all okay then lead to because it has to be led to through developing true freedom I think I'm gonna perhaps change that to say sustain true freedom for all it would be much better worded like that it would support that state of true freedom and it enhance it and help it to grow and flower so those are the characteristics of the true free energy paradigm so these are the two choices that humans have in front of them before them and these are choices based on freewill behavior what will we do will we continue with the controlled energy paradigm that others that came before us put in place through their free will decision will we continue to take jobs in that sector will we continue to support that whole mindset that it creates will we continue to tell people don't look at free energy alternatives will we tell people not to look into Tesla's true science and innovations when we tell people that no that's not that's not possible that's all just can in the realm of conspiracy theory or will we work to truly build the free energy the true free energy paradigm which is possible so this is what what our path is if we're moving in the path of true evolution I'll go back and do that again it's okay are we moving in this direction folks are we moving in the direction from involution the controlled or scarcity energy paradigm to true evolution to the free energy partner if we're really if we have half a brain in our head we would say yes that's what we want and people in the free energy movement say this is what we want to happen but again as always things don't just magically manifest just because you say you want it to happen this isn't the false variant of the secret or the false variant of the law of attraction it isn't just thinking in your mind and feel it in your emotions and then magically it manifests there are requirements for the manifestation of free energy it doesn't just magically occur because you say you want it to happen and you have a good feeling about it you have to do things in the world to make it happen and the first part of that is changing the mindset of people to understand its possibility and how it is right to move in that direction whereas staying in the other paradigm is wrong morale to understand how the free-energy paradigm on the right in this image aligns with natural law the spiritual moral laws of creation God's law and how the control energy paradigm listed on shown depicted there on the left is totally the opposite the antithesis of natural law the antithesis of morality the antithesis of God's law it's the polar dynamic opposite but you don't just get there it's not just a magical quantum leap okay there's something in between there's something that lies in between these two states of existence for Humanity and what what is that it's the paradigm shift but what is the paradigm shift okay a lot of people I think haven't even heard that term some people who study spirituality and have looked into the whole New Age movement have heard this term because that's where it gets bannard about you know that's where it gets tossed about all the time in the consciousness movement in the new-age community the paradigm shift again especially when I was first really getting into a lot of that material back in the mid 90s before them you know turning the millennium the words paradigm shift were everywhere in the alternative news community and in the New Age movement community and literally everywhere everywhere you turned okay so what a paradigm means is a way of looking at the world it's literally the way your worldview the way you see reality the way you see nature the way you see your place in reality okay and they were talking about in the spiritualist movement that we needed a massive shift in the way people think about everything in the way they see the world in the way they see themselves in the world in the way they see nature and reality itself and they were talking about that unless that happens humanity's not going to make this shift forward in consciousness so this has been called the paradigm shift or the quantum shift or quantum leap now let's look at the word quantum for a moment that's not in my slides here but it's been in much of my other work and on my other presentations a quantum shift in consciousness literally means a shift in numbers okay and I've said this an innumerable amount of times and many people yet do not understand this this is not going to occur by just a small amount of people changing and the goal is for a quantum shift in consciousness to happen in the physical domain excluding this from happening in the physical domain is an imbalance in consciousness and an imbalance in the understanding of what true spirituality is and what the true goals are of the great work it is to perform the work here upon the earth that is not attachment to the physical domain that is an accurate understanding of what the one great work is to do here it is to end slavery and change the paradigm of consciousness on the earth so that souls that come here to learn grow and evolve have the capacity and the environment to do so because this is originally intended as a school for learning and growth not the prison that we've turned it into do our poor choices and through mind control and I don't look I don't know what I have to do to convince people of that this isn't an eternal prison that is here so that like individuals get we're not supposed to build a prison and then like you know go to some other dimension that's not the goal if that's what people think you haven't understood the bulk of what I'm trying to lay out here on what on earth is happening that this spiritual domain and the physical domain are one and the part of the separation worldview mentality is to separate them to say that the work is to be done here on the ground on the earth is not putting the earth in a higher level of importance you know to put physicality at a higher level of importance than spirituality it is the understanding that they are one in the same and the work is to be taken from the higher level self and the higher level consciousness and spiritual domain and brought into the physical domain where it can actually be put to work put into work in physical manifestation this is how we learn and grow the physical domain is is that literal whetstone that we sharpen ourselves upon it is not slavery that were to do that upon it is the physical domain and the challenges it challenges that it contains and represents we're not meant to just be enslaved so that we can learn whoa whoa enslaving each other's a bad idea and now I know that and I could float to some other dimension of existence wrong we are to learn those spiritual lessons while we are here and then bring those lessons boots on the ground directly into the physical domain and change it you know the UFO guy and a alleged spiritual expert leer I can't remember his first name was saying on podcasts in the past we're not here to change the world we're here to be changed by it get the fuck out of here how about I just give you a nice South Philly accent get the fuck out of here are you nuts you know and you're teaching this is spirituality you couldn't fucking smell spirituality man somebody find me is his first name you know Laer who was saying we're not here to learn spirit it's not Roger Leir he was like the alien guy who was performing surgery to remove alleged alien implants and somebody else named Lear and I can't remember his first name but like the stuff that he put forward about alleged spiritual you know truth is just poisoning people we are here to change the physical reality and end slavery ladies and gentlemen this isn't something that is just done in them in the mind internally that's where it begins see you can't do it externally unless it begins in the mind oh you can do things just in the physical domain that'll don't make some people sit up and take notice maybe you know like what do you think the Battle of Thermopylae of the 300 wasn't worth doing you think the American Revolution wasn't worth doing did it long term change anything well one could argue no cuz we're still enslaved but guess what it set an example it set an example of how you should think about freedom that you should be willing to die for it if necessary and death should be no thing to consider when it comes to procuring true human freedom if we're asked to lay our lives down we should be glad to do it literally happy to do it do I want to see it come to that not really because I know how much suffering it's gonna create in the world for ourselves and our loved ones but if it comes to that it comes to that and if that's what's demanded of us happily you know that's like what Thomas Paine said if there should be trouble in the world let it be in my day that my child my children should know peace I mean that's a real man and that's a real man sentiment you know let that burden fall upon us so that the loved ones that come after us will know a world where this paradigm shift has occurred and it's better for them so we have to understand the paradigm shift the quantum shift in consciousness is all about how many people make that shift the word quanta where the word quantum comes from in English is a Latin word meaning an amount of something that's why it will never occur until the amount passes the magic number and the magic number is 51% that's when the momentum will be taken to a place where it cannot be stopped that's why the momentum is still in the favor of the Darko cultists and the controlled energy paradigm in the world of slavery through government because more than 51% still believe in those things as legitimate and how we should have things and until we flip the dynamic to 51% in the other direction do not expect a quantum shift in consciousness to take place this is why all of the satanic holidays are 51 may 1st 5-1 area 51 it's the flaunting their magic number in front of you because they know what it means and you don't they know they can keep the dynamic the way that it is as long as they have 1% over half of the people's minds in on in their way of thinking in their mental paradigm and until we change it to 51% to the truth we are never going to be making headway in creating a entire society based upon true freedom so stop thinking that you could say ok a small amount of people can influence it toward that great shift in consciousness but until you have those numbers it is not going to change the reality of the situation in which we live upon the earth in the state of physical manifestation physical manifested reality so understand that this paradigm shift is the same as a quantum shift in consciousness and it requires numbers no for more information on this idea of the paradigm shift you should check out my presentation called streetwise spirituality that I gave back in 2014 in st. Louis Missouri and the subtitle of that presentation was what does it truly mean mean to be awake and eyed it just popped into my head it was John Lear John Lear okay I apologize for not remembering that you know my recall is generally pretty good and I just needed a couple of moments you know this guy says we shouldn't be trying to change things in the physical world we shouldn't be trying to get more build more people and get them onto the side of truth build that number it's all about just the self changing your full fuckin shit boy how about that you like that come and see me about it okay your full fucking shit and you don't know what you're talking about and you're a false spiritual teacher and you should really no one should be listening to you cuz you don't know what the fuck you're talking about how about that let's just come out and just I'm just gonna get confronted about it with people when you're spewing fucking nonsense because that's what you're spewing you're spewing fucking nonsense okay and if you want to hear stuff that overturns bullshit like that watch streetwise spirituality because that's where I talk about what it really means to be awake what does it truly mean to be an awake human being this whole word thrown around now it's like all truncated a main cool I'm woke you're woke is your asshole okay that's about how woke most people are who use the term I'm woke okay you don't know what you're talking about you don't know what woke means you don't know what it really means to be awake okay because all the people who claim to be woke so hip and cool oh I'm a millennial I I can use the term woke and like I know what consciousness and spirituality really is okay you're a little hipster fucking trendy who thinks they know what spirituality is because you read a couple of New Age books and you know absolutely nothing boy girl nothing okay like I said here's where I'm gonna hit people hard this is episode 2 219 okay I'm not I'm not the mark passio of episode number one anymore I'll take it easy on people who are new viewers in an interview but here this is episode 219 and I'm gonna speak it the way it really is because we're out of time to talk about it any other way okay for the new viewers I gave you the caveat you don't want to start here because you're gonna you're gonna probably see and hear things they're gonna be a little bit intense for you at this point you should go back to number one and listen in order and then you'll start to get it so I gave a presentation called streetwise spirituality here are the this was the whole crux of this presentation these points that I'm gonna show you okay so what it what does it mean to be awake is the same thing that it means for the paradigm shift to take place so we're talking about what this paradigm shift actually is the 20 points of true spirituality that I talked about in street wise spirituality are the 20 points that comprise the paradigm shift so let's look at them each in turn and once again this presentation on the missing paradigm shift Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift it will take as long as it takes if this takes three episodes it will take three episodes if it takes five it'll take five okay we'll see how long it goes but I'm gonna unpack this the way I need to unpack this okay so the first aspect of what it truly means to be awake is that you have true knowledge of the occult when I was looking at all the characteristics of what it means to be a truly conscious individual and be a person that could could be considered to be spiritually awake I was thinking well what it would this rule is really all about what does it really mean this term I'm awake I know what's going on I'm fully conscious the very first thing that you need to have that most people don't have and that's why they're not awake is knowledge of what the occult really is what is ocultism what knowledge does it contain what knowledge doesn't hide why is it so important for us to understand that knowledge this is the knowledge of hidden science and hidden spirituality and how ultimately those things need to be bridged into one to change the paradigm and we need a science that incorporates true human spirituality and we are nothing close to that the occult is knowledge of how the physical laws of nature actually work it's knowledge of how the spiritual laws of nature actually work it's knowledge of occult science and knowledge of natural law which is the spiritual laws of creation upon which all human freedom depends the second aspect of the paradigm shift is knowing that truth and morality are both objective and it is our goal as human beings to bring our own perception into alignment with objective truth and objective morality and the goal of how and the measure of how well a society is performing that alignment of their own perception to objective truth and objective morality is the measure of how well a society is actually doing when it comes to waking up and enacting the paradigm shift they are not subjective constructs our perception is subjective but what we need to do is work to bring our perceptions into alignment with the objectivity of truth and morality which exist inherently in the natural world and are not human trucks that we can just invent that's what moral relativism is just inventing morality and saying oh whatever is the the relativity that that's built on is solipsistic a that's the idea we can just say whatever is true and it magically becomes true for us no there is no such thing as truth for us there is only truth and whether we know it or not whether we have come to understand it and bring our perception into alignment with it or not and that level of you know the morality of not the relativism of knowledge called solipsism is what the relativism of morality is based upon moral relativism the idea that human beings can just make up whatever right and wrong are and what's right for you is different than what's right for me or what's right in that society is different than what's right in this society bull shit morality is objective a right is an action that does not cause harm to another being and if you take an action that does cause harm through murder assault rape theft trespass coercion or willfully lying you have conducted a transgression against natural law by harming another by initiating harm against another those actions exist in the physical domain and therefore there is an objective truth about whether you are actually causing harm through the performance of those actions has nothing to do with subjectivity or relativism the characteristics of those actions are objective and therefore the morality that underlies those actions is also objective the third characteristic is knowing the characteristics of the higher self we talked about the difference between the higher self and lower or egotistical self endlessly on what on earth is happening most people have not made that transition in their understanding then we are infinite consciousness having a experience in the physical world we are spiritual beings having a subjective spiritual physical experience here to learn and to grow and to understand the laws of the cosmos and the laws of true morality and to understand the laws of attraction about what we will create if we try to break those laws or ignore them and not take responsibility for ourselves in our own behavior and you can get a lot more than that in the presentation regarding this separate the difference between the higher self and and the egotistical self and how a lot of people are trapped in the egotistical self because of ego identification in the presentation my first presentation called what on earth is happening which is also broken down extensively in the early numbers of this podcast series when it was audio-only so you can go back and start at number one and you'll get all of that information about the higher self versus the lower self or the illusory self characteristic number four of the paradigm shift is knowing that the physical and spiritual aspects of our reality do not supersede each other no one should be given precedence they are one in the same as I've talked about in previous slides okay you have to understand this is about boots-on-the-ground spirituality this is about spirit in the flesh this is about accomplishing the true great work here on earth not in some Hereafter realm or some other dimension of existence that we do not know whether we are going to okay this is about doing what you can do while you are here with the knowledge that you can gain from a true understanding of real spirituality it's about putting it into work that's the third step of the Trivium input processing output ok thought emotion action grammar logic rhetoric rhetoric is the action stage how you put it into practice in the physical world so this is what holistic simple deism is about it's about understanding that there is a higher power than mankind that put the laws of creation into effect you can call that creation the universe God I don't really care what you call it quite frankly higher power the all infinite names for it that you can call it I'm not interested in what you call it or how you relate to it in your own life that's for you that's not for me that's your own choice and your own preference on how you form any type of a relationship with that force I consider it the all or the universe itself and I'm perfectly fine with the word God many people are not and again I don't care I'm not interested in whether you're uncomfortable with terms of language get as offended as you like if I want to call that force God I'll call it God if that suits the purposes of what I'm trying to explain I don't see it as the religious God of any religions I think that's a childish bullshit worldview quite frankly I see it as infinitely more complex and powerful than what religions would make it out to be because they want to water it all down and they don't want you to understand natural law they want you to understand the law of man and the law of the church but natural law they don't want you looking into because that's gonna show you the real law of God and then it's that words is gonna leave their governments and religions in the shitter where they belong okay because most people with a brain will dump them there once they understand true natural law because religion is just the Queen's Chamber and if you want to get to the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of life you got to understand natural law because that's the real law of creation you know and we have to understand this is all it's all one you know that the worldview of simple deism bridges the worlds of materialism and the world of spirituality and religion because one could be to left-brain the world of materialism and scientism can be far too left brain and it's a matter is prime and there is no such thing as spirit and conversely the world of total spirituality and religion can go too far in the right brain direction and say Oh don't worry about matter only worry about what's gonna happen to your spirit after you're dead because the the world is evil and the old flesh is evil and don't worry about anything that happens in the physical world that doesn't matter bullshit of course it matters our lesson is to bridge those two worlds and to understand that there is ultimately at the highest level existence no level of separation between them the spiritual domain is the physical domain this is where all the lessons of the spiritual domain play out and are manifested what do you think all the energy that comprises the universe is in spiritual energy you think this is all isn't all ultimately a construct and a simulation of the mind of God of the creator of creation itself of the universe if you will of course it is you know scientists are speculating do we live in a simulation what else can it be what do you think this is actually physical they've already dulled into the realm of matter so deeply that they've already proven to themselves there's no physicality it's all energy you know oh no but they're gonna build bigger super colliders we got to get to that god particle and not understand God isn't anything but actual energy and consciousness experiencing itself through this illusion of the physical domain which is where all the lessons play out and that's why it's still of utmost importance and can never be downplayed and say it's so much lesser than the spiritual domain it is the spiritual domain they're one in the same the physical universe is the spiritual domain it takes a very balanced brain to understand that unfortunately most people are in one form of brain imbalance or another and they'll either side with the atheistic worldview or the religionists worldview sadly and that's why we're in so much trouble as a species because we can't balance we can't seem to balance our brain through self work and understand a worldview of non separation and non duality it's very difficult for people in one form of brain and balance to another to understand that point number four right there on that slide the fifth factor of the paradigm shift is released from ego identification this is what helps us to understand the true self not to be identified with the work that we do or the roles that we play not to say I am a doctor I am a lawyer no I am pure consciousness having a spiritual experience in the physical domain of learning and growth these are just roles that I happen to play you know I'll say I'm a teacher of natural law do you think that's all I am do you think that that's what I ultimately see myself as I know I'm infinite consciousness at some level of existence that's a role I am playing here while I'm on the earth so the release from ego identification helps us get in touch with the higher self again my presentation called what on earth is happening goes into more in depth about that characteristic number six of the paradigm shift is the exercise of true discernment and judgment this is what the New Age community doesn't want us to exercise so just believe you know a lot of religion wants that too which is the New Age is just another religion government wants us to just trust it oh this isn't conspiracy you know it's Joe the whole thing with Epstein it's a conspiracy theory don't use your own judgment but would powerful people who might have their activities of pedophilia exposed to a nationwide audience do know they would never work together to try to cover that up never never I mean come on they wouldn't pay people off in prison institutions and in the police force and in the medical community if they had they would never work together to spend their trillions of dollars to cover up their crimes that could that's that's a conspiracy theory the media tells us yeah and jackasses still believe these assholes smacked jackasses they want to believe mommy and daddy would never do anything to hurt us they're gonna tell us the truth and believe the mainstream media cuz you're brainless television Watchers you know that's all it is and it's not exercising your own discern discernment and judgment people want to say you judging is bad no you have to judge everything that's what we're here to do we are here to judge we are here to judge whether something is an in alignment with truth and objective reality and objective morality and bring our perceptions into alignment with those things through our discernment and judgment and we need to exercise them like muscles because if we don't they atrophy and disappear and that's why so few people have discernment and judgment at their disposal they haven't exercised them and therefore they've atrophied and shriveled up and gone away practically if not entirely the seventh aspect of the paradigm shift is becoming mentally free of all false religions again I've defined the word religion to the point where I want to puke the word religion comes from the Latin relig re meaning to hold back to tie back to thwart from forward progress ultimately religion is the force of involution at work in the world and it has nothing it has to do with the cultural religions but it is not confined to the cultural religions we have to understand there is more to the word religion than Christianity Judaism Hinduism Islam taoism buddhism etc these are just the cultural religions that have come down to us in the world since time immemorial that's not what the word religion only means you have to expand your understanding of the word to mean that it is anything that holds back human consciousness from forward progress from its actual etymological definition learning the root meaning of words when we study where they came from helps us to understand what they really mean and when we look at the ancient Latin relig re where the word religion does in fact come it means to hold back by tying up to bar mind to thwart from forward progress in understanding of something or in movement that's what religion is so what other things can constitute a religion false science that is holding back free energy technology government which holds back an understanding of true human freedom is a religion politics is a religion the New Age movement of false spirituality is a religion and too few people are trapped in that one money is a religion and we're almost the entire earth is trapped in that one glorifying money and thinking it's so necessary it's well maybe necessary right now unfortunately because people are such a low level of consciousness that they cannot see themselves as one and one overarching dynamic unified human family living here on the earth with the same basic characteristics and needs so that we would help each other to learn and grow and have what we need no we're not at that level of consciousness I'm no fool or naive sucker to believe that we are I live in the world I'm not of the world but I certainly live here and understand what's really going on see a lot of people hear me say that no oh that's new age woowoo no money is still a religion no matter how much it may be required at the level of consciousness that we're at now because we can't see each other at the level of total separation that we're at as one human family and lived together at a higher level of consciousness where we wouldn't need a monetary system we're nowhere near that level of consciousness what do you think I'm naive enough to think that we are it's why I talk every week to show people where we're at as a species and what our work is to do so really waking up as being mentally free of all false religions so if you're saying that you're awakened you're still in the religion of money politics cultural religion scientism government you're you're not really awake and many people are there I'm in full recognition that the bulk of the world is there I'm trying to work with people to advance that level of consciousness so people come out of those false religions because the one true religion that would truly reunite us to truth is a deep understanding of natural law it's not a religion it's binding us back to the truth that's the only religion that there is see truth is the religion and natural law is truth it's not speculation it's not belief it is a science which is why my upcoming documentary that's going to be screened I forgot to mention that we need a slide for that for the natural law documentary so I don't forget to announce that as well really I just need like separate slides for my presentation and for my documentary screening it's coming along very nicely and we are going to show a sneak preview it will not be the finished version we will have a preview version ready to screen on Saturday September 14th after my main presentation the sacred gift of anger will be screening a rough cut draft of the documentary the first documentary that I'm putting out called mark passio and the science of natural law the science of natural law not the religion not the belief not the conjecture of natural law the science of natural law natural law constitutes a true science when understood properly so becoming mentally free of all false religions is the seventh characteristic of the paradigm shift the eighth characteristic is understanding that knowledge is never negative you know too many people in the New Age movement say oh I don't want to look into that that's negative well knowing something is never negative increasing your knowledge even if it makes you feel uncomfortable is always positive learning uncomfortable truths does not make them negative see this is gauging things based on emotions and not logically and what do I say gauging something on emotions I don't mean using the intuition that's something entirely different that requires holistic brain intelligence to really do properly to thin slice something and gauge whether you think it's coming from a place of accuracy that's the intuitive capacity of the human mind okay that is not okay gauging something purely with the emotions gauging something purely with the emotions is something to the effect like this that makes me feel bad when I hear it so it can't be true or I don't want anything to do with it I don't want to learn about it I don't think it's important if it makes me feel bad that's gauging information with the emotions there's a difference between that and using the internal internal capacity of intuitive recognition which I'm gonna do a whole show on probably about intuition and thin slicing as the author Malcom Gladwell referred to it in his groundbreaking book called blink I have a show planned in the future on that dynamic so we have to understand that learning something even if it makes us uncomfortable or sad or scared even okay is never negative because we're increasing our knowledge base and we need to do that with very uncomfortable truths the New Age movement wants to tell you that that's bad and they want to tell you anger about what the truth about what's going on here is bad also and neither one of those things is true okay you can dwell on it and as Jay Parker likes to say gargle with sewage I'm not recommending people do that either because that will SAP your energy and I fall into that myself I don't fall into so much as taking a lot of negative information into a point where I get depressed I see where people's minds are at and get depressed I see how far off from a level of true understanding that they are regarding what's taking place in themselves and in our world that they are how bad they're in a state of total abject ignorance that's what depresses me that's what I tend to dwell on because I see how big of a divide there is between me and that average human being that's just totally brain fucked they're totally mind fucked I mean seriously but to just just just put it in the realm of everyday street parlance like these people are really really brain dead and soul dead and it it kills me to see it because I recognize what the potential for Humanity is and how much we've largely squandered that potential on what we have become what our current condition has become it's painful to look at but you know as Vernon Howard the philosopher said those who do look at it will become well you have to look at it enough to become well but not necessarily so much to throw yourself back into a condition of imbalance and let me tell you something I'm not perfect I'm a human like anybody else I tend to go in that direction of almost looking at the human condition too much and too deeply because I'm trying to improve it and it makes me very depressed sometimes not gonna lie but you know we have to try to it the more we collectively fight past that and learn the truth about what's going on we will synergistically help each other to fight that mindset of falling into that depression the problem is too few people are even doing that so the next point of the true paradigm shift is knowledge that the current human condition is slavery and that the causal and the causal factors that have led to this condition we need knowledge of those things that we are currently enslaved and that slavery is called government and we need to know not just that it is in effect that condition of slavery but what are the causal factors that have led to that condition and those causal factors are mental factors causality the realm of causality is always always exists in the mental and spiritual domain first before it manifests in the physical domain so we need to know that we are in slavery and we need to know how we got there only when we know the causal factors of how we got there and why we are in that condition will we be in an empowered position of knowledge to reverse that condition and sadly we're nowhere near that either and like I said from day one that's what sets what on earth is happening off from other shows of this nature in from earlier is no other show of this nature to be quite honest but it sets off it sets itself off from other shows and programs in the alternative media community because I go into the causal factors that have led to the current human condition more deeply than any other researcher has and I wish that weren't the case I wish there were people that would do it a hundred times more effectively with a hundred times greater numbers a thousand times a million times greater numbers but that it hasn't been the case thus far and I find that sickening personally I don't want to be the person that's doing this type of work the best than anyone else I should be a mediocre player in this game at best okay there should be a million teachers of natural law who are doing it better than me by this point number ten understanding and living in harmony with natural law well that's all about getting the current human condition and the factors the causal factors that led to it not understanding natural law is that very causal factor so in order to become awake we have to understand natural law and we have to align our behavior to it not just understand it intellectually but bring our behavior into alignment with true objective morality as an individual and then do it as helped to push in the direction of getting that done as a species let's look at the second of the the second half of the 20 factors that comprise truly being awake number 11 knowing and living both pillars of enlightenment the non-aggression principle and the self-defense principle this is part of natural law these are what I call the pillars of natural law the pillars of enlightenment the non-aggression principle states that you should not initiate coercion aggression or violence against your fellow sentient beings it is always immoral to do so and then self-defense principle so the non-aggression principle is the Sacred Feminine principle of the pillars of enlightenment hand-in-hand with that is the sacred masculine principle the self-defense principle which states that if aggression and coercion and violence is initiated against you as an individual that you always maintain the right to defend yourself physically with whatever weaponry is necessary to do so against that incursion against your rights and freedom and your property and we can do that collectively as well as as individuals the right to do that is the right of individuals to keep and bear arms and then the right to do that collectively is the right to organize into militias to protect our rights as individuals collectively as a species number 12 knowing that authority all authority is morally illegitimate and that all government is slavery this is part of what it means to be truly awake and this is where the people in the free energy paradigm fall very very short in the free energy movement I should say so-called movement fall extremely short because they don't understand the free part most of them are still status still pushing for government still trying to do things through government and they don't understand that until they break that slavery down and get rid of it that government is never going to allow them to manifest free energy in any form whatsoever this is what we talk about here constantly on what on earth is happening and the people coming here who are watching this presentation because they want to learn about Tesla and the missing paradigm shift have to understand this point perhaps more than any other that all authority is illegitimate because it is based on coercion and it is all ultimately a form of slavery and that's what government is that's not my belief on what government is that is the objective truth of what government is and it is absolutely provable based on the behaviors that government enacts and the situation of duress that government puts the people of the earth in it is immoral coercive behavior and it constitutes a form of covert slavery and really truly overt slavery when it's properly understood you understand that you are a slave on a tax farm being just squeezed like a battery to get done whatever the dark occult social engineers want done on this planet and that is slavery that is putting someone one on a free-range plantation factor number thirteen of the paradigm shift is recognizing the recognition of free will and personal responsibility this is what religions and you know scientism they don't want people to look at they want people staying in this very naive mindset where they just accept things on faith and a lot of religion wants to discount free will at a higher level and ultimately discount personal responsibility to choose for oneself moral behavior over immoral behavior that is the exercise of conscience and the knowledge of the objective difference between right behavior and wrong behavior is conscience itself we have free will and natural law is in effect free will is the random component of creation in the universe and natural law is the deterministic component in the universe both of them operate we have free will to choose the behaviors we will enact but we do not have the ability to be insulated from the consequences of the behaviors that we choose because that is natural laws consequences and you tell people that we've created this condition of slavery through the abdication of our personal response ability no one really truly put us in it we did it through Detroit the poor choices of behaviors that we enacted through fear and through mental influence you know this isn't some hardcore form of electric electronic mind control where we are free will has been completely taken this is influence at best I should have called it mind control should have called it mind influencing because that's what they're doing through the media and all the forms of mind control that they're enacting it doesn't mean that we've become robots we have free will and we have the personal responsibility to understand what behaviors are moral and then freely choose them even if it means an uncomfortable situation for us in the short term that courage is required to do that and unfortunately people want to shirk that responsibility and remain cowards and not actually employed in the world they want to come up with a million excuses for why they can't do it and I'm done here in them I've been done here in them since day one actually you know there is no shirking of this responsibility at a personal level and there is no excuses for not really understanding the knowledge of right and wrong and exercising and in the world we need to grow a pair okay and stop making excuses for why we're not doing this work and that includes speaking out speaking out what your real name all these people with these fake names in the movement your fucking cowards how about that okay get his offended as you like you're fucking cowards people who don't want to use your real name you're your birth given name you don't want to use your your you know birth surname and your birth family name because you're too chickenshit to come out against big daddy government and say yeah Here I am this is me this is who I am and I'm gonna speak the truth regardless of what you fucking do you don't have that level of courage you'll have those balls because your little kids your little kids thinking you're gonna play in a grown man's world in a grown human beings world grown man's world grown woman's world grown human and you're not gonna use your real name you're a chickenshit little pissed pants boy and piss diaper girl coward how about that let's go hardcore against the people who don't use their real name in the movement too just like I'm gonna get harder core against the atheist you're just as much fucking trash as they are how about that huh now I'm gonna be getting up in people's face more and more about this shit okay because I see where your sticking points and your religions are when you can't you can't see it because that's what cowardice does shuts down your vision you know you think you think that like first of all they have no ways of tracing who you actually are okay you know secondly if you're going to speak up about this grow the balls to do it all the way don't set a bad example for others because you're too chickenshit to do it all the way it sets a bad example for the whole movement of the whole community when they know you're not using your real name cuz you're a chicken shit coward then it emboldened them okay it just emboldened our enslavers because it says hey look at how afraid they are of us still they won't even use their real name and you know that that brings us to the next points okay so knowing that negative emotions serve a critical purpose this is the whole idea of the sacred gift of anger you know people would mark these as negative and say oh we should never feel this never get angry well that's what will drive your behavior when you're a righteously angry and you channel it correctly look I want to try to dial things back folks and not be this angry all the time but Pete I gotta be shown some progress I have to be shown some progress as a society some to just feel like okay we're moving some in the right direction I have no indicator of this none zero you know then maybe I won't be as angry as I am because I'll see progress being made right now it's all just one neg negative manifestation after another you know people not not going to get prosecuted or probably a lot of things exposed as a result of this Epstein thing they're gonna cover this up just like they did Pizza Gate you know we have no bones even being thrown our way to indicate that things are moving in the right direction at all the media is trying to spin it always a conspiracy theory if you believe that he was a hit was taken out on them you know so the negative emotions can be powerful drives to channel and move in the right direction when they're based on righteous indignation not just getting angry for frivolous reasons number 15 knowing that enlightenment is not about pursuing personal bliss while being surrounded by suffering while existing in a world totally filled with suffering this is what the New Age movement elements with satanic elements within the New Age movement would have you believe is a big factor of real spirituality live your bliss pursue your bliss pursue your bliss make bliss your life's goal and your life's aspiration when slavery is taking place you know I'm gonna have I'm gonna have a slide-in in a the sacred gift of anger to kind of go back to the last point of to slaves in civil war era America seated in a cotton field with in the background one of the house slaves viciously whipping at a whipping post one of the other slaves who stepped out of line and one of the slaves turning to the other seated you know below the and crops saying to the other slave I just can't understand why you're so angry all the time this is the equivalent in the modern world this is the equivalent that people won't get angry about enslavement what would you get angry about your football team losing them running out of your favorite fruit at the local supermarket you know I mean just imagine that and then imagine that same slaves saying why don't you just pursue your bliss why don't you just try to find something that makes you happy in this state of slavery and just try to do that all the time as much as you can imagine that this is what people think spirituality is in the modern world this is how fucked up their mindset has become and how totally mind influenced they have become by the dark occult who told me back in the night late 1990s that they were going to take over the publishing houses of New Age spiritualist communities and published the most ridiculous nonsense regarding what spirituality was so they would completely throw people off the path of true spirituality set it right to my face that we're going to buy up those publishing houses and or infiltrate them and wait until you see what we are gonna put out regarding what spirituality is and then come the turn of the millennium my god did they ever and people bought it I mean bought it they just swallowed it down with the proverbial funnel down the throat and throwing the garden hose in there and turning it on full fuckin blast you know forget slurping up with a straw and a spoon we got to get that bullshit down the gullet way faster than that put the funnel down the throat throw the hose in there and blast away that's what the new-age community did with that satanic information and they got a lot of people turn onto that switched onto that satanic spirituality so it is not about pursuing bliss when we are enslaved you know that doesn't mean never have any enjoyment for yourself it's hard to find when you know how bad it is especially when you know as much as I know about how bad it is it's very difficult but it doesn't mean you should never take time to recuperate regenerate find something that you enjoy and and focus on that for a time so you can go back to the work you know I have my guilty little pleasure pursuits you know and without them I'd probably you know feel way worse than I already do trust me it's part of living in the world you don't have to be of it and make it be your whole thing this is what I'm about but you know I'm as human as anybody else you know I want to have some modicum of pleasure in life as well but that's not what I live for factor number sixteen of the paradigm shift is knowing what true forgiveness means it isn't turning the other cheek in the false Christian sense of the word you know true forgiveness is if someone's really sorry you can move forward and heal and show them that you'll be willing to give them another chance to learn and to grow it doesn't mean when somebody shows you that they're not sorry and is continuing to smash you on one sheet that you offer the other to be destroyed that's not what was being talked about in the New Testament aspect of turning the other cheek that was continued to go to people that you think can get it and can be truly converted to the truth and keep bringing them the truth even if they smack it out of your hand proverbially you know even if they say oh no I don't want that that's some conspiracy theory or that's some you know religious hokum or whatever you keep bringing them the truth you keep taking more chances on them to understand that at some point because you planted the seed in fertile ground that's what real forgiveness is all about that's what real turning the other cheek is all about factor 17 knowing the difference of what cannot be changed versus what should be changed there are things in the world that cannot be changed they're set in stone they are determined that is natural law the human condition is not determined or set in stone it can be changed and it should be changed because it is currently an immoral condition that we are being held in on slavery and duress and censorship and not being allowed to exercise our rights and we're being forced to do things that are actually in violation of Human Rights like contribute through taxation through the the slavery and theft of taxation to violence that is being done to other people and it's being used that money is being used to cover up crimes of pedophilia and child murder so there are things that cannot be changed like natural law and there are things that absolutely can and should be changed like the human condition 17 I'm sorry 18 caring enough to take real world action real world right action to create real world change you know this requires courage not just care but care and courage this isn't about just wishing a new world into existence it's about taking action to implement it in the physical world and that is what the great work is to do it is not just to learn about this and say I know it so I'm good and I've brought my personal behaviors into alignment with it but I don't care what happens to the world because I don't care enough about the world wrong it is about doing it in the physical domain and helping all others to learn this and understand it and make a quantum paradigm shift together natural law is for all freedom is for all heaven is for everyone nineteen knowing that real enlightenment includes influencing others to improve themselves again same thing that I just said it's not about just knowing it yourself that's what the New Age movement and false spiritual teachings would have people taught and believed and again that's why I take umbrage with certain levels of higher level occult teachings like Hermeticism they were occultic elitists they were holding this knowledge too close to the chest see that's where the attachment is bingo that's where the attachment is it isn't in being attached to the world that you want the world to change and slavery to be ended the attachment is you start to take this knowledge as only belonging to some that's where the her medicines went wrong and that's why they weren't successful which is why I don't call it one thing it's not just about hermeticism it isn't just about Rosicrucianism it isn't just about Gnosticism it isn't just about esoteric Christianity it isn't just about esoteric Rosicrucianism or Freemasonry or Kabbalah or Tarot it is an integral approach to truth involving all of those things and more throw the leymah into that as well and you have to understand none of them were ultimately long-term successful because they were turned into religious systems of belief and or mystic traditions that didn't include everyone and try to get the word out and in a wider sense and looked at it as this is only for some incorrect this knowledge is for all and it is basic beginner knowledge 101 stuff okay I'm gonna keep re-emphasizing that I'm you're gonna hear mr. broken record earn his name okay are you gonna hear mr. broken record earn his name cuz I'm gonna repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat until it fucking sinks in just like the media does I'll play the same mine influencing tactics that they you for the right reasons and I'll keep repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating till someone thinks about it enough that they take it into themselves and eventually recognize its truth I'm repeating true information not false information okay thank you great job that's there is your host mr. broken record maybe instead maybe I need to go back rerecord the intro and say and now here is your host mr. broken record how about that maybe we should just do that you know it's much more accurate okay so the last aspect of true genuine enlightenment truly being awake the true paradigm shift is knowing that enlightenment does not equate to perfection ladies and gentlemen you are looking at a very imperfect being and I'll be the first to tell you so okay I'm about as rough around the edges as it can get okay the goal is we try and we work upon ourselves as much as we can to the extent that we can and with the time that we have that's real spirituality okay you are if you are expecting total perfection in the physical domain you are expecting what never has existed what does not exist now and what never will exist we strive to that ideal knowing that we're never going to reach the total perfection because that is the creator itself perfect that level of perfection does not exist in the realm of the physical that is the idealistic pure spiritual domain of pure consciousness and that's the only place that exists so to expect that in the physical domain is to set a bar that no one can live up to and then it discourages them and says I'm not even going to start that's why so few have even begun along the path to true knowledge and true enlightenment because they think it means perfection when it does not religion has inserted that idea into the culture and discourage so many people from pursuing true spirituality as a result unfortunately so those are the 20 factors of real spiritual enlightenment that I discussed entry wise spirituality and they are in fact the characteristics of the genuine paradigm shift that needs to take place in human consciousness a quantum shift in consciousness before we can ever really implement true energy before we can arrive at a paradigm of true free energy that Tesla envisioned for Humanity the paradigm shift aspects that are most critical to the emergence of free energy our knowledge of the occult because occultism comprises hidden science and what we are talking about here in too with Tesla technology is occult science science that has been hidden from general human understanding the second aspect that's very critical to free energy and the free energy movement is becoming mentally free of all false religions and I already explained why they're doing so poorly at that they still believe in government and politics and they're not understanding that we are never going to get the free energy paradigm implemented in a state of governmental slavery because many of them still don't understand the government is slavery the third aspect that is critical to free energy is knowing the human condition is slavery and the causal factors that have led to this human that that have led to the current human condition how many people in the free energy movement talk about natural law huh hmm I'm waiting you know I'll probably rot to ashes waiting to hear people in the free energy movement talk about natural law you know that's why they're making no progress we have to bridge all of these communities folks we need to bridge the UFO community that's seeking the truth about the interaction of humanity and extraterrestrial intelligence we need to bridge the community of people who are talking about the need for a new energy paradigm and the move toward some type of Tesla technology and or free energy paradigm we need to bridge the new age or spiritualist community in with this knowledge and information we need to bridge the alleged freedom movement and anarchist movement with this information because here's what none of them are doing none of them are talking about natural law zero the amount of people that are talking about natural law as being the causal factor that has led to the human condition of slavery in any of those movements is so negligible that I can count them all combined on one hand and I'm not exaggerating I'm saying probably less than five human beings you know you know so you know here is an example of what I was presented with I wanted to show some people this for doing the work to try to explain to people in the free energy movement what was going to be required for this paradigm shift to take place I was presented this back in 2015 at The New Yorker Hotel at a former Tesla conference this is called the Tesla Spirit Award the Tesla Spirit Award I'll turn it toward this side camera here it's a bust of Nikola Tesla that was presented to me and my producers just giving it a light dusting that's all in my mitt was on my mantle okay so this was presented to me back in 2015 and this is about doing work to help not only explain what was going to be required for the free energy paradigm to manifest but for helping to promote Tesla's vision and the work that he did to the average public okay so I thank the Tesla Science Foundation for giving me this and I wanted to you know show people that you know this it says right on it it says awarded to mark passio for continuous dedication to Tesla's legacy which I'm very humbled and you know proud for having received as well because you know so many people work within the Tesla Science Foundation to try to bring Tesla's understanding regarding what he wanted to do with energy to human beings and you know very few people are awarded that Tesla spirit award so you know just one that before the show was over to to show that to you and you know I'm when I got that award nick launched our of the Tesla Science Foundation introduced me as his friend and what he called a true American patriot and I don't take those words lightly okay I know a lot of people have take umbrage with the word Patriot but there's a difference between a patriot falsely so-called and a true patriot that is fighting for his country in the form of the people and that the territory of the country okay it's not nation state patriotism obviously I don't align myself with that type of patriotism but I take the words an American patriot very seriously and I do consider myself that because what a true patriot acts as as a defender of truth a defender of natural law as justice and a way of living that was the original intent of the people that originally came to and set up America they were fleeing not only religious but political tyranny and trying to come and establish a place where there would be more freedom and that's a first step you know I don't I don't buy into the cultural Marxist line and paradigm that this was all done to set up worldwide tyranny I do not accept and or believe that that was the case and I don't think it's historically provable and there are many people that will insist this was the plan of for America the whole time know that people came here because they wanted a freer way of life originally that was the original intent did it degrade from that rather quickly yes it did because of the influences and factors that came over here and people wanted to integrate everybody and not leave anybody you know out and they didn't want to send Tories back to England and let them live under the tyranny of the crown of the crown okay you know they thought that was it too much of an extremist position but you know what had degenerated into in less than 200 years were people with largely no true respect and understanding of real freedom and only a handful of people still doing that great work to help propagate to everyone then the understanding of what true freedom is under natural law and that's again this fourth point here on this slide that the aspect critical to the to the emergence of free energy the free energy paradigm is understanding and living in harmony with natural law that's why this has to be bridged into this community the so-called free energy community finally knowing that authority is morally illegitimate and that all government is slavery is the final the fifth and final factor that I think is very critical to the community of people that say that they're Tesla supporters and that they want a free energy paradigm to emerge to understand you know this is all about freedom they don't understand the free part that's the problem and that's why one of the reasons that the paradigm shift hasn't already happened here are some other reasons that I listed for why the so-called paradigm shift all talked about in prophecy back in the mid 90s never occurred really it started in the early 90s I'm using that term I don't know what the oldest instance of the term paradigm shift being used to represent you know building a world of real human freedom and turning over all the you know existing enslavement institutions and you know replacing them with you know factors within society and and people that would really propagate true freedom I'm not really sure where it emerged it came out of the spiritualist community of the early 90 but it certainly hasn't occurred we're moving in a more authoritarian and totalitarian direction freedom is going from the realm of being covert and occulted to being overt in what's called the externalize ation of the hierarchy of dark occultists ruling their slaves as gods and their slaves as their total subjects and the people in the dark occult hierarchy being propped up as gods of society we're moving toward that in a coat in an overt fashion rather than a covert form of control so why hasn't the paradigm shift happened well here's why most people in the world still believe that Authority and government are morally legitimate and necessary as we're going to show in the documentary the science of natural law I mean we have total tons and tons of footage on the street of man on the street woman on the street interviews of them saying if government were removed everything would be chaos okay he's government morally legitimate oh absolutely it's morally legitimate and we need it over and over endlessly the average person believes this and they still believe in the false left-right political paradigm where they pick a team you know where they pick their team that's gonna be in charge that's gonna exercise this Authority we're running out of time folks I got about a minute left a minute or so most people still believe that the mainstream media and its pundits are telling them anything resembling truth and let me tell you something we did this experiment me and a couple of friends went into a place asked them do you think the mainstream media actually endeavors to tell people the truth and tries to do as best of a job as they can 100% of the entire place said yes they believed the mainstream media cause they're ignorant television Watchers and they don't understand how much the intelligence community has garnered control of the mainstream media and they have their point men in positions of power all throughout most people still believe that the purpose of mainstream science or scientism is a genuine search for truth and the betterment of humanity through the understanding of nature and the development of new technologies when this is all government grant funded government stolen money grant funded science that is there to produce the results that Big Daddy government wants folks that's all the time that we have for this edition of what on earth is happening we're going to continue this extended presentation of Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift where I go into depth in this material right here next week on the show and we'll continue with your calls about this topic after I finish the presentation thank you everyone for watching ladies and gentlemen government is slavery [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]