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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you've got to move on freedom fighters book says [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on water on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time welcome to the show thank you for tuning in today is Sunday August 18th 2019 this is show number 220 and the topic for today is going to be Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift extended edition part 2 continuing on from where we left off last week on this presentation that I originally gave back in I believe it was January of 2019 so I have a few housekeeping announcements to get to before we get into the subject matter for today so let's go over to the laptop and let's get started with the event announcements so this is the title card for today's episode Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift revisited part two we'll be getting to that momentarily I will be speaking at the inaugural and arkadelphia conference hosted by the state of anarchy this conference will be taking place in Philadelphia September 13th 14th and 15th 2019 rapidly coming up less than a month now you can use promo code passio at checkout to get your tickets at an arkadelphia calm if you put in passio as the promo code at checkout you will have $5 5% I'm sorry taking off your ticket sale and then an additional 5% will be matched by the state of anarchy and donated to what on earth is happening I will be giving the presentation the sacred gift of anger this is the title card for my upcoming presentation at an arkadelphia the sacred gift of anger is my main presentation at an arkadelphia 2019 and I think people are going to be very happy with how this presentation is shaping up I'm building the slides as we speak and the content is gonna just be things that people really need to understand regarding human emotions and how we should never let them cut ourselves off from the so-called negative emotions because they can be a powerful impetus toward right action if they are channeled properly and that's what this presentation is going to be all about at an arkadelphia 2019 after my main presentation on September 14 that Saturday night September 14th I believe I'm the last Speaker of the evening on the 14th we will be screening a rough cut a rough draft version of my first ever documentary film Mark passio and the science of natural law and again this will be a rough cut unfortunately the film will not be completely finished by the time and arkadelphia is here and we will not have the film available at the conference but we are going to show a rough cut on Saturday September 14th on Saturday evening after my main presentation so that being said I also have a workshop a full all-day workshop taking place the Monday morning all-day event after the conference is complete on Monday September 16th 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. all-day workshop called teaching natural law with Mark passio this will take place at Papi's Italian restaurant about a block away from the main venue that an arkadelphia will be held and the tickets for the workshop are 120 dollars available at an arc adelphia calm in the tickets and workshop sections so those are the main event announcements that I have oh I also want to make it known that we are still looking for what on earth is happening team members with certain skills right now on a volunteer basis hopefully it can eventually manifest into something more than just a volunteer effort I mean that all depends on how you know what on earth is happening is funded through donations you know we have the one great work network in the works and a lot of exciting things happening regarding that Network I hope to roll it out hopefully by the end of the year maybe early next year depending on how things go with development but um you know maybe that could bring in some resources for what on earth is happening I want to get team members you know compensated eventually but right now it is a volunteer effort all the people who do the great work here at what on earth is happening are volunteers they work on a volunteer basis and if you are interested in contributing to the great work here at what on earth is happening we need some additional team members we are looking for people who are very good with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator okay and this is all in-house so if you're willing to work remotely we have remote help we need in-house help on a daily basis here at what on earth is happening when we are here in the offices in Philadelphia working on the great work okay so we need people here in person okay it's not a remote effort here okay we're not asking for people who live in other cities we are asking people who live in close proximity or in the city of Philadelphia who are willing to come here in person okay I don't know how I can make that any more clear this isn't a remote effort I understand it is for graphics work and video work as I'm about to explain but we have remote help regarding some of this we need people who are here who will be here from a certain time to a certain time on the days when we work here okay at my headquarters here in South Philadelphia and we need people who will show up in person to help out for the efforts that we are doing with the documentary and with the live show every week okay so we need people who are great with Adobe Photoshop and mostly Adobe Illustrator I'm looking for an illustrator to sit down next to me and come up with some original vector graphics illustrations you could be good with illustrator you could be good with CorelDraw you could be good with you know something like another our artist program like Autodesk SketchBook you know we have access to all that software here so you know as long as you're a good artist you know who can draw original art that's what we were really talking about here okay we the the software largely doesn't matter as long as you have the skills to work a particular you know software program and use that as your main tool for expressing your creativity so Photoshop Illustrator SketchBook Pro CorelDraw whatever or any other vector illustration tools okay or paint tools we need video editors okay because we have a couple of video editors but we really need other video editors to work on some additional projects here in person that you could be actually given direct you know you know ideas about what we are looking to do and then implement them here okay we have some remote help regarding this but we need people sitting in at the workstations that we have here that were donated to us for this work you know we had some people that were going to do this and some of them worked out some of them didn't so we're still looking for additional people who are good with Final Cut Pro Adobe Premiere and any other nonlinear editors you know maybe like DaVinci Resolve etc but really we are looking for people who are good with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere in particular we also need Mac and Windows system or operating system technicians whenever there's a technical problem it always falls to me and what that usually does when there's a technical issue that I have to solve is it takes me off of the work that I need to be doing during the week and things have to then go in a linear progression instead of a nonlinear progression and I need to sit and solve the technical problem until it's fixed and I can't do anything else until that is fixed I've put a call out for technical help for a long time and I know this is highly specialized I understand what I'm asking for okay I'm looking for volunteer help as a person who is a desktop troubleshooter who has a lot of experience fixing problems on Windows and Macintosh systems okay you should be familiar with the latest versions of Windows 10 and Mac OS okay meaning Mojave and the upcoming Catalina okay so that's what we're looking for here to be part of our in-house team at what on earth is happening if you are not in the Philadelphia area do not respond to this call for help okay we will put your email in the trash can and empty it all right you will be wasting your time this is for people who are able to come here to my headquarters in Philadelphia in person I don't know how much more I can make that clear because no matter how much I tell people this is an in-house job people from other states you know or other countries continue to get in touch with us and what you are doing is you're not helping because you're adding noise to the signal understand that we understand you are well-intentioned but we are not looking for people who are not or outside of Philadelphia and when you respond to a call for help when you're not from Philadelphia when that's what we're looking for then it makes me and my assistants job all that much harder to actually find people who are legitimately responding to this call for help do you understand okay I want to make that a total you know very clear caveat to this that this is for in-house help okay I I have to do that folks because people still don't listen you know they still they hear what they want to hear and they want to get involved and they have their heart in the right place but they're not listening to what's being asked for okay and I know this is a long shot because hey Philadelphia man I mean this city's getting worse and worse and worse and worse by the second with how brainwashed the population is here you know so I realize we are asking for a lot okay maybe there's one or two good souls out there who want to help than the great work here in person okay so if you have that skill set we need physical butts in the physical seats here in our office in Philadelphia okay I don't know how else I can make that more clear but that's what you are asking for if you are from Philadelphia or can come here on a weekly basis possibly you know multiple times a week please get in touch with my assistant Lia Boone her email address is Lea spelled le IH a Lea le IH a at what on earth is happening comm that's her email address you will be contacting Lea Boone L e IH a and her last name is spelled Boone B oon e Lea Boone at Lea at what on earth is happening calm okay that's who you want to write to if you're interested in being on the physical in house in person in Philadelphia in south philadelphia what on earth is happening team we need some people who have some creative talent here because what I want to do is start incorporating some original graphics in my presentation not just things i snag off of you know DuckDuckGo images or google images or something like that we want to start making some original art here okay and for that we need vector illustrators okay we need people who will help with a lot of video projects that we have on board okay that are gonna take people who are good with video nonlinear video editing software like Final Cut Pro Adobe Premiere DaVinci Resolve etc okay so please if you have those skill sets and you're willing to work on a volunteer basis at least at first hopefully we hope to get some people confident compensated depending on how the one great work network goes but if you are willing to help on a volunteer basis okay please get in touch with my assistant Lea Boone and answer this call for assistance here at what on earth is happening so thank you to people who already have responded and thank you to people who are you know perspective members of the team we appreciate your efforts and you know the the volunteer basis the people have already done this great work on it is absolutely invaluable and I thank them from the bottom of my all right that being said before I jump into the main presentation let's let's switch back over to the computer slides and I want to just go over this meme real quick that really connects with my presentation at an arkadelphia my upcoming presentation called the sacred gift of anger because you know as I briefly talked about last week and just interjected a little bit of this whole Jeffrey Epstein situation regarding pedophilia and child trafficking at the highest levels of government institutions which is all about Satanism at the highest levels of our society you know I talked about my take on it and how this is all about just Epstein was never gonna see the inside of a courtroom you know regardless of what you think happened to him you can conjecture from now until the end of time but he's a member of the big cult that runs the world and the big cult that runs the world isn't having him singing like a burden in his day in court it's just not happening okay they control that because the population is largely comprised of amoral pieces of fucking trash that will do anything that they are commanded to do or asked to do for a big enough paycheck or a big enough bonus enough cash waived in front of their face and they say yes Satanic master overlord whatever you say I must do I'll do that and take your petty cash bullshit you know reward for your honor you're absolutely obedient house slaves amoral action that you want me to take okay because that's how much the to a large extent the vast majority of human beings on this planet are immoral trash and that's why we're headed in the slavery direction that we're headed in because people will not take heat of natural law they don't want to learn it they want to remain ignorant they want to remain just totally and completely oblivious to what's really going on in the dynamics that are really controlling things and ordering things here on this planet and in this universe and they do not want to understand the cosmic consequences for their behavior for all for everyone on the planet and so that's why this satanic cult continues to get away with what they are getting away with because all that karma is deflected away from them because all they are ordered give and people like the people who work at Google who are their globalist slaves doing their bidding for them okay what I'm about to show you should make you angry and see the thing is people will see this and they'll just be like oh yeah that's just the way it is no it's not the way it is or has to be oh it may be the way it is it's not the way it has to be people are behind this this isn't some something that is just set in stone in the universe and you have no control over human beings make these decisions through their free will through their fucked up mindset that think they're doing the right thing and or just know that they're involved in the agenda and want to bring in this control because they're brainwashed and or just just evil people at the core of their being in the core of their mind and heart this is what we're up against this is what the good people of the world whose alleged good people of the world who say they want freedom who say they want a free society are up against but we keep blaming some you know way high up levels up the hierarchy it's the average person who follows orders and just does this immoral behavior that's causing all of this if you don't reach them with a message of natural law because you're angry enough about the behaviors that they're implementing that are creating chaos you're not doing the great work you don't even understand what the dynamic that needs to be done is you know people are just talking about saying how they want things to change well things don't just magically fucking change sorry to break the news to you little boy little girl you know I'm gonna just keep getting harsher and harsher about this stuff because the more and more I see the more and more I realize no one's paying attention to what's really going on hardly anybody I mean I can bring up these dynamics on the street not one person four square miles around have any idea what I'm talking about none they don't even believe there's any such thing as truth they don't believe there is such a thing as natural law they don't believe in objective morality they think it's whatever the fuck you want to believe make it up solemn sysm your whatever you think is your truth is true whatever you think is right is right their total relativists and saw abscess we're all in this city everywhere just about every person you talk to because they have been gotten their souls or gotten their gotten by the government they're gotten by the education system they're gotten by whatever political party total Association egoic Lee you know their whole identity wrapped up in you know they're gotten in every way so this slide is a meme that's going around on social media everywhere I'm glad it's kind of going viral that shows you people talking about the Clinton body count and all the people that were soaked have so-called committed suicide around the Clintons you know since they were some of the biggest drug traffickers in the United States back in Arkansas okay you type in in DuckDuckGo search engine clinton body and leave it blank okay and then start typing a space after that and then all of these results about the clinton body count will come up clinton body count clinton body count fact sheet clinton body count wikipedia clinton body bags clinton body count meme clinton body count what really happened clinton bodyguards Snopes clinton clinton body count snows clinton bodyguard deaths all of these things about deaths related to closeness with the Clintons you know will come up in DuckDuckGo but on Google you type it in and one result comes back Clinton body shop in Clinton Mississippi a car body shop collision center so if you don't think that blatant censorship is taking place about something that is very real but what couple do you know I've a I asked this before what couple do you know on earth that has over forty people connected with them at a friendship level at at a close level okay not just just even associates at a friendship level connected to a couple that you know you that forty people who are friends with them committed suicide over forty how many people do you know at all in your life to committed suicide if you know one two or three that's a lot for most people or if you know someone who knows somebody committed suicide you might know you know five or ten for one imagine one couple and then here's what will be said oh there are high levels of politics so they're under stress and their immediate associates and friends are under such stress well how many people in politics know forty people who have committed suicide let alone couples in politics with forty people around them that have committed suicide who are their friends it doesn't happen even in politics okay you won't find examples of it and so so this is a very real example of censorship and I'm glad it's making the rounds on social media because imbeciles who don't think we're in an era of total censorship regarding these big tech jackasses that our total socialist clowns and total totalitarian assholes okay people actually still trust this institution if you are still using Google as a search engine at this point I mean you're like complicit with communism that's how blatant it is all right you're complicit with total worldwide totalitarianism and worldwide socialism assuring in worldwide communism that's really how bad it is and that is not to take the alternative position to say I agree with the alt-right and the right-wing authoritarians it's all nonsense it's all Hegelian dialectic to get people to just believe in the legitimacy of authority vested in human beings called the government but it's very apparently blatantly totalitarian especially when it comes to socialists and leftists who are authoritarian in their mindset and want government involved in every aspect of life and now they want to control what people are allowed to say I'm gonna do this search in real time so people can say oh this isn't a Photoshop thing let's do it in real time so I'm gonna step out of the presentation I want to go over to my web browser okay and let's bring it up in real time here we go this is the DuckDuckGo search engine I've reconfigured it so that it will show results as you type I usually turn that off there you have it I click in there and there is the result clinton body-count fact sheet wikipedia bags meme what really happened Snopes and bodyguard deaths okay right there with the word body now let's go to google and do the same exact thing so i have the search pre-prepared clinton body in the Google search engine I'm gonna put a space after it as I would if I'm gonna continue typing something and the only result that now comes back is clinton body shop that's it okay right there you've seen it in real time so the meme is accurate as a matter of fact they've even eliminated some results here in in in the search in the google search engine in real time the same results are present for DuckDuckGo so right there if you don't think you're your ability to research is being completely censored in real time by these totalitarian search engines in these totalitarian big tech companies look i i'm on their platforms i'm on youtube okay i'm on facebook I'm on Twitter I'm on their because I'm trying to make people aware of what's going on I'll be on there until they want to censor me and then I'll dump their platform and go somewhere else I don't really care what you guys want to do you're not gonna stop me from speaking and getting the message out cuz you're authoritarian trash and you are evil you are evil people at the core of your mind and heart you're evil all of you and you should be completely ashamed of yourselves you are immoral trash human beings to continue to do this you're not doing anything that's good for people you're not doing anything that's good for the world you're trash you're a moral scumbag fuckin trash okay who thinks you're good and that's what every other immoral piece of scumbag fuckin trash throughout human history thought they think they're that they're good and they just want to impose totalitarian control over other people in their speech up to a point where they're rounding them up and putting them in war camps and we're shooting them in the back of the head you are the fucking trash not the people who are trying to speak truth and learn about what's really going on at high levels of corruption and government including child trafficking and pedophilia to ask questions about that means that you're a good person trying to seek the truth to try to censor research about that means you're an authoritarian piece of fucking garbage and that's what the people who work at Google are that's what the people who work at Facebook are you are immoral garbage human beings at the core of your heart you have a black-hearted evil core to your heart because you don't understand the necessity of free speech at this time in human history and that makes you a garbage amoral human and you should be ashamed of yourselves and your parents should be ashamed of themselves for bringing a child like you into the fucking world it's your parents fault for not raising you with morality you're garbage trash and that's all I have to say about that right now so we're gonna jump into the main body of the presentation for today's show I'm gonna say it just plainly and flatly just like it needs to be said cuz no one else will say it like that I'm the only one who will say it like that so it's been said so let's move to back to the presentation here we go so continuing from last week's show and folks I'm gonna have another caveat before I start because again I'm gonna keep being mr. broken record so put up there and put up on the lower third mr. broken record because that's who I'm gonna be again now and I'm gonna keep being mr. broken record week after week after week after week after week after week okay because people don't listen they don't get it it doesn't matter how many times you say it they want to hear what they want to hear not what's being said okay no episode of what on earth is happening stands on its own every episode that you watched it as a current episode every single episode that has preceded it is a prerequisite requirement to understanding the information that is covered in the current episode this episode is a continuation from last week's specifically but to understand it you really should go through the previous 219 episodes because this is show 220 and that doesn't mean every show doesn't have different information but it also doesn't mean like other podcasts each podcast stands on its own what on earth is happening episodes do not stand on their own they have information that I have built upon in previous episodes that you need to go back to to understand what I'm talking about in this episode so I want to show you I'm gonna step out of the presentation again go to my web browser I'm going to bring up the water on earth is happening calm website okay so let's go there okay and I'm gonna click on actually let me even make this full screen and I'm gonna click on podcast the podcast section okay first of all I've changed a couple of things here okay and when you click the podcast section now anchored to the top is the subscription section which has a caveat paragraph underneath it which says episodes of the water earth is happening podcasts are listed here in reverse chronological order newest first okay meaning the newest episode is first to 19 which is posted as of last week to 20 will be posted tomorrow okay and then you go backwards to 18 to 17 etc okay so you go backwards chronologically if you are a new viewer or listener you should not start with the most recent episode since newer episodes build upon material that is covered in previous episodes can I make it any more clear in the English language okay because this is what I've been talking about since day one and I still have people saying how could I listen to what this guy is talking about in this episode because you can't listen to the new episode and understand you have to go back to the old episodes and listen in order at your own pace you should click here to start with episode number one and work through the podcast in order at your own pace now if you click this bright bold red link okay because that's the other thing people like flashy stuff in front of them they have to have their eyes wowed you know maybe we should make a gigantic banner at the whole top of the site cover up where it says what on earth is happening put it in big fucking bold red letters start with podcast number one then go to two when you're finished number one when you're finished number two then go to three do you understand you know I mean I really feel like I'm talking to a whole population of people with like very advanced down syndrome you know I'd say it's a sad fucking thing to have to say week after week after week that the podcast is not meant to be listened to out of order or watched out of order and yet I'll still have people I don't understand what you're talking about in podcast number 79 mark well maybe because you didn't listen to one through 78 people are just really I mean their brains are burnt burnt hard burnt hard burnt to a fucking crisp due to the radionics the bad food the chemtrails that the the the smog and carbon the the hydrocarbon exhaust in the atmosphere that they breathe in every day the GMO foods the lack of exercise sitting in as a sedentary lifestyle disconnection with nature and you can go on and on for why their brains don't work but you know why the number one thing they just want to hear what they want to fucking hear they don't want to hear what the actual truth is they want to hear what they believe already in their own mind and they don't want to have their mindset challenged and altered because they want to believe they can change the world without changing themselves and their own mindset so if you click this link okay which I'm going to do let me just go back and do it in real time okay you click this link right here that says you should click here to start with episode number one it now will take you to a section that I have set up called podcast in order okay you could see that up in the URL here it says podcast in order after the slash of what on earth is happening calm okay podcast - in - order okay so that's the URL to go right there okay so the same subscription section is there except it says the opposite episodes of the water earth is happening podcasts are listed here in chronological order oldest first since newer episodes build upon material that is covered in previous episodes you should start with episode number one and work through the podcast in order at your own pace the most recent episodes of what on earth is happening can be found here and if you click the word here it takes you back to the way that the podcast is set up on the main podcast page now that being said I have also changed the button so I want to let people know that so see this button where it says what on earth is happening podcasts start the journey to true spiritual awakening click here okay this button has now been redirected for new viewers coming in ok if they click that it goes to the podcast in order page the main tab still goes to the pod to the newest episode first okay so I've kept that so people who are existing viewers you could just click the tab if you're a new viewer and you happen to hit this button here you'll then be taken to the podcast in order page I think that's a nice compromise for everyone the way the interface for the site is set up right now at some point in the future I'm going to completely have what on earth is happening redesigned with a super modern slick adaptive interface that's coming down the line probably early next year sometime so we'll see what happens with the one great work Network and how that whole situation goes and then hopefully I could have the water on earth is happening site read a lot redesign with a nice modern content management system so that's uh that's some of the plans we have for the website but you know more of that later all right so we could jump back into the presentation and this is the title card for the presentation Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift originally given in New York City as part of the Nikola Tesla conference hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation you could actually the Tesla Science Foundation at their website Tesla Science Foundation dot we had a problem with our streaming software it looks like we're probably restreaming I apologize for that we had a crash of our streaming software so I'm letting my producer get things back up properly okay and if you can fix my monitor as well yep and just if you can make that fullscreen for me and you have to put the go back in window you have to put the yeah that's good you have to put the card on the black interface underneath the window you accidentally turn that off when you go to the windowed interface I apologize for the technical difficulties folks this happens from time to time you know we're not a perfect operation here we're doing the best we can with the budget that we have thank you okay so hopefully we're back streaming on all platforms I if you guys could let us know if we're streaming on all platforms we're at least this is at least being recorded and so we will have a full podcast you know I'll have to edit that back together but you know it'll be what it is okay so we are back at the title card for this presentation Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift I gave part 1 last week to today hopefully I can continue well and finish up part 2 I believe I should be able to finish it within the time allotted today hopefully and then we'll take your calls on this we might even do a full call-in show on this topic next week but we'll see how things go okay so I'm gonna jump ahead to where we left off in the slide presentation last week let me just pull up that slide there we go okay we ended off on this slide of the presentation called why hasn't humanity's paradigm shift that was being talked about in the late 90s early to mid and late 90s not happened why hasn't this occurred in human society why are we still at the place that we really we're back at that time period when the paradigm shift was being talked about this change in human consciousness was being heralded you know you hear people talking about it today they don't call what the paradigm shift anymore they just call it the awakening okay like the awakening of humanity and you hear oh everybody's saying Oh humanity's awakening we're they're really getting this you know and I don't know what planet they live on I say this over and over again not to discourage people you know but I don't see the evidence for it at least not here look I think if you're gonna have a gauge to have a basis you know to measure the awakening of human beings do would you believe in your mind if you're going to conduct some sort of a scientific investigation regarding whether that is actually occurring would you go to the least populated centers of the planet or would you go to the most populated centers of the planet would you want to go to where human beings are congregated and concentrated or would you want to go to the place where so few people live that it's negligible compared to where the bulk of human beings live on the earth where do the bulk of human beings live on the earth do they live in the most rural areas and sparse areas where there's not that many people or did the bulk of the does the bulk of the human population live in concentrated cities in urban environments well it's like over ninety percent of the human population lives in urban environments now certainly in the United States that's true whether that's true for the rest of the world exactly at that figure you know it may be a little lower than that but I guarantee you in westernized societies which is what this audience really is that's who I'm talking to people who have access to technology I listen to an HD screen to watch an HD stream in real time we'll go to pull up a podcast series on their computer we're talking about a westernized society Western civilization okay that has access to technology you know total sanitation and clean running water toilets etc we're not talking about you know third-world countries where you could say oh there's very dense populations there especially in their cities but if you're gonna try to really gauge whether a human awakening is taking place you're going to go into the the most highly concentrated population regions which is urban environments in Western civilization and you just do brief very brief social experiments you're going to be horrified by the answers that you get of where people are at and I've done them see don't don't you know try to speak before you've done your own homework you want to really understand what's going on socially in in the minds of human beings around you do the social experiments that I've done and get the data so you'll see some of that data presented in teaching natural law my workshop at Ann arkadelphia we're gonna have some of that data for you about where people's mindset is that from social experiments that we have done in real time right here in the city I'm from and you'll find if you're being honest with yourself or if you just do this enough you could do it in any area and the results will not be drastically different because the human population has been brainwashed similarly no matter where you go no matter where you go and I'm going to show that in the documentary mark passio and the science of natural law we have clips in there man on the street interviews that show you just what people still believe everywhere you go it doesn't matter where you go so don't tell me any awakenings happening because I've done the actual social experiments and I have the numbers I know the dynamics that would need to be present for an awakening to be occurring and I know what the actual numbers regarding where the human mind is actually at regarding the true state of awakening and let me tell you something there's no such thing happening once again I do not say that to discourage anybody to get them depressed to make them you know want to give up I tell them that because it's the truth and in order to change something for the better you have to know where the dynamic is currently and you have to gauge it and assess it honestly you don't try to see what you want to see you have to see what's really there and guess what that's one of the hardest things for people to do because it will show you what the great work is and most people when they see where we're really at as a species and they see what the work is to do you know what they say fuck it it ain't worth it it'll never happen it'll never get done based on how fucked up humanity is that's what most people say except the truly crazy ones like me that say I'll be here no matter what happens to my body continuously doing this work from now till the end of fucking time if necessary because that's what someone who has really committed their soul to performance of the great work has committed to no escape no going anywhere else until this mission is accomplished and until someone has developed that much willpower has hardened their mind body soul and every other aspect of their personality to commit to the work no matter which direction it goes prepare for failure okay until you've developed your willpower to that preternatural extent to a superhuman extent prepare for failure okay so why hasn't this paradigm shift already happened here's the reasons most people still believe in authority and that authority and government are morally legitimate and necessary we ask this question over and over again in the man on the street interviews for the natural law documentary people believe government and authority are perfectly legitimate they exist in nature naturally and that they are absolutely necessary or human beings will go into a state of total and utter cos they still believe in the legitimacy of the left versus right political paradigm which means they believe in slavery they don't understand the government is slavery and they believe government is necessary to prevent chaos and coercion when government is coercion slavery and therefore chaos we're gonna apply more and more chaos to get rid of the chaos yeah it'll work like that once again I want to I want to have this water in this pot but I want to turn it on a boiling flame until it evaporates away and I still want that water to be perfectly cool with the flame under it not evaporating when I put my hand in there I want to I want to put my hand in a boiling pot of water and I want it to be ice-cold well good fucking luck because reality doesn't work that way ignorant shit you know and people just won't say it to people like that you don't understand the laws of nature you don't understand the dynamics of consequence as as to actually how they really work here on earth and throughout the rest of the universe you don't get it you haven't studied it I'm one of the only people that will just come right out and say it like that to somebody's face just like that again I go on again I'm still going on I'll turn the so-called alternative media just about every day just trying to find something to listen to and it's like I mean what is out there people it's it's it's it's so bad you can end up just vomiting over the sink or in the toilet that's how bad it is I mean I just can't believe there's this just that much swill and garbage all on the alternative media that aren't talking about first principles not talking about first principles and natural law it's horrifying then you have other people out there that want to blame one group of people it's all the Jews it's all the Freemasons it's all the zionists it's all this since all the Jesuits it's just the Vatican this oversimplified totally unit dimensional way of thinking about the entire world control situation and they don't understand the dark occult they don't understand how it's all a hierarchical network that's worldwide interconnected interconnected societies orders institutions organizations connected with intelligence agencies connected with the religion connected with medical organizations drug cartels pedophilia big banking big business Big Oil big pharma all connected interconnected dark occult secret societies no people don't want to understand that's how it works cuz that's complex they have little shit baby boy baby girl pooping their diapers thinking you know that hasn't hasn't developed a more complexified way of thinking about how the world structure really works together think-tank organizations you know social engineering Institute's like to have a stock they don't want to understand how it all fits together and works together as a hierarchical organization and a framework that guides people's thoughts the way they want them to think no that's too complex they want to reduce it to oversimplified notions like it's all just the zionists is that a bad part of the world control system you damn well better believe it and you need to understand it and study it that doesn't mean that's all there is to that would be like me telling you it's all just the Freemasons or it's all just the Jesuits No are they is it is that important to understand and to study absolutely and I've talked about that in presentations I've talked about that right here on what on earth is happening I've talked about the Jesuit Order I had at a preliminary basis as part of a wider a study in fake-ass Christians I'm not telling people don't look into all of those things you have to but to just try to reduce it to just one thing you're oversimplifying everything and you don't understand how the world structure of control really works because you don't understand the occult and how it works the second reason to Pete the paradigm shift hasn't happened is because most people in the world still believe the mainstream media still believe that the mainstream media and its pundits are telling them anything resembling truth and you go out do a man on the street interview maybe if you're from a super conservative rural area that won't be the case and people are aware that the mainstream media is duping them and lying to them but walk out in any urban environment and say did you watch the news you pay attention to mainstream media and either they're watching television news in some form or another regardless of what network it may be or they're reading government approved newspapers they're reading mainstream media newspapers and magazines and then they'll say they're informed now you're about as informed as a sack full of fucking hammers okay that's about how much you know about as much as those hammers do you know and you're a lot less useful to the world the least that hammer is a tool you're a tool but it's just in a different way and a lot less useful of a way you're a tool in the same sense that you're useful your masters most people still believe that the purpose of mainstream science which I call scientism is a genuine search for truth and the betterment of humanity through the understanding of nature and the development of new technologies no that's not what science in the modern world is about it's about the opposite it's about occulting and under a genuine understanding of nature and the development of new technologies because science is controlled and operated by occultists and mainstream science is all about getting approval for government grants getting government grant money so you can continue your hamster on the wheel form of science going round and around just to get that money for the next year but for making no progress you know and then all these so-called scientists want to say they're good people you're a moral fucking trash taking money from the government which is stolen loot stolen money at the point of a gun to somebody's fuckin head taking it so you and your family can be comfortable going around on the hamster wheel of government grant money piece of shit but no no one will say that no one will say that to them there they're good they're just trying to put food on their table for their families you're taking stolen money from the government through grant money and you're going on an endless fuckin cycle like a hamster and a rat wheel progressing science not one iota and if you think you are you're a fuckin liar to yourself most of all let alone blow and smoke up other people's ass I don't want to hear that there's any real science going on in institutional bodies you guys are covering up what's possible and you want to say that's conspiracy theory you're a piece of fucking garbage the conspiracy theory is what you're pushing that you're pushing real science that you're actually conducting real science that's the conspiracy theory asshole I'm done with I'm done with people believe in this garbage shit okay I'm finished you're not you're not getting the old mark passio back ever who was very calm and had a maintained to calm demeanor I'm channeling all my rage about what's going on and how fucking dumb people are for believing this nonsense you're as dumb as dogshit okay I'm gonna keep saying that week after week after week after week until you get up off your ass and you start changing these people's minds by putting this in front of them so undeniably that it's everywhere and cannot be escaped that's what our work is to do not to run away or say I want to get off the planet you're a fucking coward if that's how you behave or to say this is all just about what happens after this life no it's about the work you do here to change it in the here and now that's real occultism that's real spirituality this is see that's the whole problem is escapism saying I want to go somewhere else where my soul can progress your soul ain't going anywhere else but the earth until you end slavery here boy and girl that's exactly where it's coming and staying and probably until you make the vow to say I'm going nowhere else you're gonna probably forget a lot of your past experiences and they're not gonna come back like that in the next incarnation you're gonna have to go through it all over again you achieve real self mastery by understanding that your work is here on the ground on the earth in the now then maybe you'll come back more empowered than the last time you somebody was shat out of their mother's womb okay so I'm just gonna get harsher and harsher about this stuff because the so-called big boys and big girls really haven't grown up they just think that they have but they don't really know what the goal is or where it's to be done most people still believe that the purpose of the so called education system is to edify and enlighten people through genuine knowledge and here's the other thing people still send in their kids the government schools thing you know they're gonna get that education they're believing and the people who work in the education thinking you're part of the solution you are teaching a government grant money funded curriculum to indoctrinate students into believing what the government wants them to believe you're not doing any real education if you're teaching inside the government approved curricula you're lying to yourself trash lying to yourself trash okay I want you angry I want you mad at what I'm saying if you're not you see if you're asleep and you're not getting mad at what I'm saying you're not waking up the first step of waking up is that you have to get angry about the truth you have to get angry about what you've been involved with Punk you've been poked you're a punk bitch that's been punked okay you've been clowned Out Boy clown out girl and you don't even get that you're clowned out if you're a member of these institutions pumping out the shit they hum bow all you got to do is look at the result are we an educated population or are we dumb as a bag of fucking hammers societally Oh where's the teacher saying this no cuz you don't want to lose your your tenure or your your pension or whatever the fuck you're waiting on you don't want to lose your benefits cuz you're a little boy and a little girl who won't grow up grow a set of fucking balls grow some courage and speak the truth and reality will stay the same and degenerate into worse and worse states of totalitarianism and slavery until you grow that set of balls okay you know the sugarcoating is over here on what on earth is happening all over okay we did that for way too long I hurt people with that shit I hurt people by not showing in my real personality hurt them I'm making up for that now okay because I sugar-coated enough for people to take some of the information but I wasn't hard enough on them that's what happened you know and I still want to walk a line where I don't let my anger eat me up I'm trying to put out a message to the people that will get it that have a strong constitution and will to move forward there will become the teachers that are needed you know I see maybe one every six months a person newcomer starting to teach natural law maybe one person every six months comes along and I watch a video by them and I'm like I'm impressed you think that's the rate that it needs to be at to make any appreciable progress in the world situation you're out of your fucking mind when I go on alternative radio and every person I hear is talking about natural law I'll tell you the alternative media communities doing a good job they have their head up their ass that's where it's at right now okay so back to the final point of this slide most we'll still believe that the institutions of religion banking medicine law law enforcement military and just about every other societal institution exist to do what they claim they exist to do meaning they believe that their ostensible purpose is their true purpose as I covered on episode 213 the ostensible purpose of modern institutions often has absolutely nothing to do with why that institution truly exists and what it is actually set up to do society you have to learn the difference between a sensible purposes of mainstream institutions and their true purpose in society which we covered on that podcast I believe it was to 13 to 13 or to 14 I think it was to 13 what all of these things constitute and are all ultimately comprised is a system of false beliefs that is still widely believed and accepted in our society as a whole and if you tell the people know you have the religion you are the believer you are the non scientifically minded human being you are the one who is operating on faith alone when no evidence evidence suggests exists to support your position you are the religious cult believe believer and follower not me I'm not the conspiracy theorist the conspiracy theorist believes the mainstream media is telling them the truth about Jeffrey Epstein okay that's the mainstream that's the conspiracy theorist of the world not that alkali alkaline earth metals from the periodic table are being combined with aluminum and other soft metals and sprayed into our atmosphere that's not a conspiracy theory that's actually occurring it's not a conspiracy theory that high levels of the government are run by pedophilia and child traffickers Pettifer pedophiles and child traffickers that's not a conspiracy theory that's the fact of life on planet Earth in the 21st century the conspiracy theorists want to tell you there's nothing to that because they are putting out the government approved conspiracy theories that everything is fine the mainstream media has your best interest at heart and the people on there want to tell you the truth and most people believe I don't except for a moment that the bulk of the population doesn't believe what the mainstream media tells them about Epstein you'll say that for a day because it's cool and then don't just repeat to them anybody believing in this conspiracy death what had conspiratorial aspects as a conspiracy theories and they'll go yes ma'am yes sir we're not to believe in the conspiracy theory we're to believe in exactly the narrative that you put forward just like what we tried to tell him about pizza gate pizza gate actually occurred and was real folks it was about the emails that were pulled from the Podesta email server that they say is a crime to commit no the crime is the pedophilia that was all documented in those emails not exposing those crimes that's not a crime I don't give a fuck what they say what government says or what the mainstream media says fuck you we're going to own them we're going to spread them we're gonna propagate truth no matter what you say the problem is people are not angry about that situation people aren't angry that the bulk of the population believes all these false beliefs and because they're not angry enough they're not doing something about it they're not channeling that anger and putting it in the right action of speaking the truth out into the world that's why there's only like four or five people teaching natural law on earth in any kind of a way that is halfway decent when there should be four or five fucking million by this point at least well I'm not supposed to be bitter about that that I've conducted that I've given up my life that I want to live and the comfort level that I could have had to do this shit see that's the problem yeah my producer signaling me to show people what my shirt says yeah I just got this this week let me turn into it there we go says me and my homies would have been stacking bodies by now you know that's that's really the attitude that needs to happen we need to make these people afraid of us not the other way around you should be very afraid of me cuz I'm not afraid of you you know I don't give a shit what you think of the founding fathers our George Washington how about that that's not what it's about ass not what it's about it's about the idea the idea of freedom that okay they didn't go all the way well guess what we'll stand upon their shoulders and we will go all the way I don't put them up on pedestals as gods if you think I do you don't know what the fuck I'm talking about you don't know what my work is all fucking about you believe what you want to hear it's a it's a a symbol and an idea that needs to be taken to a further level of consciousness and manifestation did they get it all the way absolutely not do most people today get it all the way absolutely not I talk about this all the time how how do vegans actually still believe in government that's one that boggles my mind oh I know they're brainwashed and it's a religious belief system to them but they could so fully understand how will enslave the animal kingdom but they can't understand how government is slavery to the human population and then anarchists don't understand what we're doing the animals and so they don't want nothing to do with eating a plant-based diet you know and people go you can't be healthy on a plant-based diet folks do I look unhealthy to you do I look not strong to you do I look like I could not handle myself to you do I look like I'm afraid or weak to you you think any of those things you better have another thought coming to you I eat a fully plant-based diet and I'm about I could whoop my 19 20 year old self in all heartbeat second my 20 year old self Wharton last 1 second with me in my body today ok so it's all about whether you do it right or not and that takes a huge intake of knowledge and this is the whole problem folks this is the whole thing that most people don't want to go through that process they don't want to go into the knowledge all the way they want 1/2 ask the knowledge and then they have asked the proposed solution that's why you have people out there that say they want freedom that say they want free energy and they still believe in authority government the mainstream media the mainstream education system mainstream science religion banking law law enforcement military and all the other institutions because they are religionists religion does not mean believing in Christianity Judaism Islam Hinduism Buddhism etc those are the cultural religions and I'm gonna keep saying this over and fucking over and over and fucking over and over and fucking over like a broken fucking record religion means more than you believe that it means it means being caught in false belief systems about how the world works that's religion it means you believe that the violence and coercion and slavery of government is morally legitimate which it never can be that's religious belief it means you believe in all the other institutions money you know the education system science as scientism all religions that hold you back from where you need to go in your understanding in consciousness to understand your world and the role that you play in the world and the dynamics of consequentialism that are at work in the world natural law the laws of cause and effect through behavior so moving on to the next slide yeah let me step back one sorry I'm gonna just go back there okay it just wasn't the transition wasn't working properly there we go there is simply no polite way to tell people that they've dedicated their lives to an illusion and it doesn't matter you know I I don't really know this gentleman's work that well daniel dennett but it doesn't matter who said it all that matters is that the statement is true this is a meme just pulled off the net you know but it's absolutely true and you have to stop trying to baby feed it to them you got to tell them no you're brainwashed no you don't understand what's going on you think you do but you don't you need more information you need more knowledge you don't have enough knowledge about what's taking place you haven't looked into it deeply enough you look into it in a cursory way for the soundbite that you don't but you don't dive into the deep water that takes time and persistence I see people I see people all the time who finally get a glimpse of what the great work really is you know they do 180 degree turn around you keep going that way I'll be headed this way that's what they say whether they verbalize it out loud or whether it's going on in conscious or subconscious minds it doesn't matter you can tell they don't have the will because they'll say this is how much effort is involved to make this create this little change in the world yes actually even more effort than you think because you don't see all the aspects of it and most people go fuck that man get that away from me I want no part of it and that's exactly why the world stays enslaved because we don't have the willpower to follow through to push forward and let me tell you something folks it takes its toll on the people who are doing the work because what we end up thinking is what are we doing this for for who for what why bother to continue when nobody will get off their ass and help or so few will get off their ass and help it's not it's not worth it because it's not going to accomplish the end goal and if you're not in it to accomplish the goal what are you doing anything for why would you set one foot toward a institution of a project if you're not in it to complete the project so all this about don't want the goal that's bullshit spirituality too you have to want the goal badly enough that it drives your behavior to push forward until you achieve the goal that's what manifestation in the world is all about it's not about just wishing it and saying oh well yeah we may never get to that but but you know in the physical world this is the goal I'm not talking about perfection I'm talking about ending an imbalance that should never have arisen called slavery which is an unnecessary imbalance in the world if you think slavery is necessary you are fucking sick you're sick you're so sick if you think it's necessary if you think government and slavery are necessary to teach some lessons you are a fucking sick person mentally emotionally spiritually you're ill you're mentally ill you're spiritually ill your heart sick your soul sick the regular experience is in the physical plane are enough of the whetstone to sharpen all of the things that we need to sharpen in the physical domain our will our spirit our emotions all of it you don't have to go into such a level of imbalance to produce slavery so that you can't progress in consciousness absolutely unnecessary some of the people who I think are some of the most spiritually imbalanced when they go off into statements like all thoughts should cease like a car toll a you know also get part of it when they say evil is only necessary until people realize that evil isn't necessary if you have to be willing to discern and pick and choose and look at is this statement actually spiritually correct and absolutely truthful is this statement about we have to obliterate human thought to become enlightened true no it's a big crock of bullshit because he's too right brain imbalance to realize that we need thought as a tool in our tool set here on earth to accomplish the ending of our slavery what does that mean you throw everything out somebody says just because they're wrong about some things see this is where people go I don't like one thing you said so I'm throwing out all your work it's a baby fide little baby position you don't agree with one thing that I agree with and I think it's true so everything else you say you're a fucking idiot and you're it's all nonsense it's such a baby fide position it shows how emotionally immature people are in our community our so-called community we don't have any fucking community and honestly to tell you the truth if the world wasn't enslaved most of the people in this community wouldn't be in my quote Friendship Circle and/or physical presence I wouldn't choose you see in hard circumstances you make choices to associate with people you ordinarily wouldn't and that's guess what is that harsh you're damn right that's harsh it's cold it's cold I think about how many people I know and have known in the in the whole freedom community so-called freedom community that if we were all free would I have one thing to do with them and the answer is probably nine out of ten no would not be even associates let alone friends with I get as offended as you like doesn't matter to me I'm not here to be your friend I've told people that a thousand fucking times we are here to accomplish your mission not to be buddy-buddy friends and all all social and oh lovey-dovey I could care less about any of those elements if I happen to make a good friend along the way wonderful it's an added bonus that's not what I'm here to do it's not what I'm looking for I am here to get the work done of ending human slavery that's the great work alright let's move back to the slides so most people in the free-energy movement still don't understand the free part there is no free energy movement there's people who want to create inventions so that they could have patents and profit from something that they hold back from everybody else that's what the Furret so-called free energy movement is and don't tell me that's not what it is that's absolutely what it fucking is I've talked to them myself I don't need I don't need it here in book knowledge I've actually spoken to people that that's their mindset and they're all too happy to come out and tell you that so that's my mindset and when I when I say back to them you ain't creating freedom or free energy you're creating more slavery then they want to get all offended you don't understand the free part cuz you don't understand freedom freedom isn't turning an invention over to government so they could use their violence to stop anyone else from using it so you're the only one that can profit from it that's called slavery that's slavery not freedom I just have to laugh at all the people in the so-called free energy movement that believe patents are the way to go you're smacked ass clowns okay I'm gonna start getting hard on them I'm gonna start getting hard on the people in the New Age movement I'm gonna start getting hard on people in the anarchist movement I'm gonna start getting harder on people in the you know exposure the disclosure exposure of extraterrestrial intelligence UFOs aliens all of that we need to get harder on all these people because here's the one thing not one of them or practically none of them in any of those communities so-called communities understand you don't understand freedom and natural law and how they go hand-in-hand together and because you don't understand that occult knowledge you're helping to enslave the world through your behavior and your mindset and you don't understand that and I'm not here to be look I'm really I'm done with a lot of stuff folks I don't know how many more conferences going to go to I might just do my own events here when I want to do them I think I'm done with after an arkadelphia I'm finished with all conferences I'm not attending anybody's conferences I don't want to go I don't want to travel I don't want to go anywhere I'm gonna find a venue that'll let me do smaller presentations here in Philadelphia on at rare time schedules when I build up the presentation to a point where I say yes it's ready to deliver on no timeframe and then I'm gonna book a venue and deliver that presentation because I don't well I don't want this Kim I really don't want this false community around me anymore it doesn't do anything for me quite frankly and I hope people do take offense and insult to that it's you should be offended sometimes you need to be offended you know I don't see us doing any progress I don't see us making any progress what I want you to do how about a tan arkadelphia you come okay and then maybe stay for a little while and walk around the fucking city and talk to people in this city and you'll see what I'm talking about then you'll see what the great work is to do cuz you probably live someplace where you're around this really small tight-knit group of people or your only friends or people on the fucking Internet and you don't interact with the real world the real physical world around you that's what the Internet has done it's made people all huddled and fearful in their own homes oh I'm gonna stay here to tap away on the keyboard for a little bit that's what it's made us into not people who go out and actually see what people's behavior is like all around them on the street because if you did you'd be horrified and depressed about the real state of humanity instead of believing everybody's waking up like the 5 fucking people on your Facebook feed are and then you want to extend that to the rest of the world because this is your whole community so uh yeah sorry I accidentally just pulled out of my slides let me go back to that so you know this is this is the state of humanity where we're in a completely lockdown prison society rapidly progressing to an over our prison planet instead of a covert one and you have people in the free energy movement that say we're gonna work through the government and through patents to get free energy I mean hold on a minute like you know I have something for you just just cut away to the just the regular yeah cut away from that yeah that's fine okay I got something for everybody hold on let me show you something alright let's cut back to my computer fullscreen here's the free-energy community yeah we're gonna uh we're gonna wear and invent all these great inventions are gonna be all about free energy and we're gonna do this through the government the government's gonna approve everything we're gonna have patents for all of it of course you know oh I make these patents and the government will give us the rights to the patents right and then once we have the pants we're the only ones who are gonna be able to profit from all of this right but then we're gonna have it put out there by the government cuz they're gonna see how great it is right they're gonna see how wonderful all these inventions are and how great and how much humanity needs them we need them for our freedom and so then the government through the patent system we're gonna put out all of these free energy devices everybody and everybody's gonna be free that's how it's gonna work yeah yeah you smacked asses smacked asses and there's no polite way to tell you that you've dedicated your life to an illusion there is no polite way see I didn't I I dialed it back right like I dialed it back on the info war show admittedly I dialed it back when I have a totally new audience I'll dial it back a little this ain't that folks this is for the people who have listened and watched what on earth is happening podcasts number one through 219 that's where you're at now that this is what you're going to get now yeah oh it's humorous at some level I'm trying to inject a little bit of lightness into it but it's not really that funny because we aren't making progress in our understanding in consciousness we still think the same thoughts we did 20 30 40 fuckin years ago and think magically we're going to change the world and that's the problem everybody wants to change the world but they don't want to change their own thoughts and emotions and actions they think they're gonna do that that's gonna happen magically and the government is going to be the the assistants in this process right they're gonna Matt Nate because they want to help us so much they want to make things better they want you fucking enslaved Dundas that's what government wants and there ain't no polite way to tell you that if you've dedicated your life to the illusion that government wants to improve the quality of life of human beings on this planet you're all fuckin dunce and you are a religious cult follower and believer and all the people who believe that in the free-energy movement you spread this podcast around or the whole free energy movement because that's what you need to hear your dumb fucking dunces that our religious cult followers that believe in the cult called government and actually think they're there to help you instead of fucking enslave you dunce all right so I was respectful of the Tesla Science Foundation to go up on their stage that they invited me to and dial it back a little bit and present this as politely as I could well this ain't their stage this is my stage now what on earth is happening is my stage okay and now you're getting the real mark passio you're getting Mark passio from the founders not mark passio of old what on earth is happening a claim all right because there's no time to put it politely anymore you don't understand where we are you know I said a long time ago almost jokingly I should change the name of the show from what on earth is happening to what in hell is happening but guess what it's not a joke anymore folks we're in hell this is hell Earth has been turned into hell this is what the the metal singer that I call the the philosopher mage of heavy metal Ronnie James Dio said in the song heaven and hell it's on and on and on it's heaven in hell we have the choice we have the freewill choice to either create a paradise or prison on earth it's both heaven and hell and it goes on and on that that choice is continuously renewed in the present moment that's why it's a gift the present of the present moment of free choice free will that is gifted to us by the creator of the universe to create anything we want to create and here's we're choosing to create a fucking prison out of what could be a paradise planet and and I'm not supposed to be angry about it right I'm not supposed to be totally calm don't get angry that's what the New Age movement and bullshit religion will tell you if you're not angry about the situation where we've been given the freewill to create anything within our imagination and we chose to build the prison you are spiritually broken as a being if that doesn't produce any anger in you in your physiology you are broken and you are have fallen for their bullshit satanic agenda if you have no ability within your body within your physiology to feel the emotion of anger present inside of you that means they have disconnected you from a gift of the creator of the universe your full range of emotions and emotional intelligence because if you don't believe that scenario shouldn't make you angry you are brainwashed and undermine control and you're under emotional mind-control and there's something physically wrong with your Anatomy you're in your brain your midbrain isn't working properly now that isn't to say let it go crazy to a point where you cannot control it and you're making yourself sick the point is what am i doing with it it's like you got to look at it like combustible rocket fuel this is what I'm going to explain in the sacred gift of anger you have to look at the gift of anger as something that's going to drive you forward as you burn it and take you from one place to another you don't just light it where it's at and it goes nowhere you need a vehicle for the expression of the anger this is the vehicle for that expression what I do here and if you really listen to what I'm saying and you detach emotionally from it you will hear the truthfulness the the veracity of what I'm saying this is part of escaping the mind control is being able to listen to somebody say something to you in all different emotional states whether it be anger rage fucking total bliss and niceness or whatever other state in between humor but you're not listening to the emotion you're listening to whether the information is true or not and that's what everybody in our society the vast majority of us have been conditioned to do is not listen to the veracity of it but just hear the tonality of how it makes them feel how the actual word vibratory energy that hits their ear drums makes them feel when it gets converted into electrical impulses in their brain they're not listening for the truth they're listening for the tone how does it make them feel that's why they're playing on this mind-control dynamic in the mainstream media and on the nightly news that's why they speak with such sweet tones but they're telling you bullshit continuously the goal isn't to go and do their same exact tactics like that we need to shake people out of the trance by showing them you hear it like this as they how they talk on NPR then oh we have to do what our government overlords have commanded us to do this week because they know it's better for us right but if I tell you you're a fucking brainwashed cult member like that suddenly oh that hurts how could he be this angry and say something like that but you'll go and listen to the brainwashed Order follower on NPR speaking with the sweet voice loving you you know like the Pied Pipers leading the rats to slaughter the idea is to physically hear it like that and make the mental Association to break that bondage that emotional bondage that is saying to us only when we hear things presented in a wonderful sweet matter should we accept it as being true that's called mind control that's emotional mind control there's a huge part of this presentation on Tesla and his technology because the people in the free energy movement are also under this mind-control and they want to hear what the same thing that they want to hear they just want to hear people tell them you're doing so well your daughter it's so wonderful is what my friend Michael came over last week and told me he's like yeah all the people with the free energy would think that there's doing so well until they hear you then they realize there's a whole nother level they have to go to and I'm like thank you that's a great compliment I don't want to be known for making everybody feel comfortable and wonderful about what they're doing unless they're going all the way in their understanding and then hey if they are like that then I do want you to feel wonderful then you're doing the right thing in the world but I can count those people on two hands especially in a movement like this unfortunately and the same can be said for the new-age community the same can be said for the UFO community and especially the anarchist community I mean a little bit more get it in that community but not by much percentage all right so let's move on so what is the main thing holding people back in the free energy movement it's their belief and authority just like it's the same thing holding people back in just about every other aspect of life it's the big cult authority is an illusion of a diseased psyche based entirely in violence and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic belief that some people are masters who have the moral right to issue commands while others are slaves who have a moral obligation to obey the masters the belief in authority is the world's most dangerous religion and as I like to call it it's the world's most dangerous cult if you believe in authority you are a member of a cult whether you accept that or not as being true nothing will ever make that statement untrue that's the objective inherent truth of the universe not because I said it because that's exactly the truth of what is objectively and inherently within creation imagine being forced into religion that you can't opt out of it's called government that's what government is based upon the belief in authority which is a delusion of a mind controlled disease ease the mind which is built entirely upon coercion duress and violence none of which can lead to freedom all of those things only lead to chaos and slavery that's it chaos slavery and death are the only things that belief of authority can lead to according to the laws of the true laws of attraction and manifestation inherent in the universe which is natural law which the free energy community has absolutely no fucking clue about I could talk about this with them with the vast majority of them with the night and day for hours and hours daily and they have no understanding of it because they are not Oh cultists they do not study the body of knowledge known as ocultism because they're bullshit other cultural religions have told them that that's evil and you should never look into it when it's really the understanding of the human psychology and the understanding of the hidden laws of nature that the bulk of humanity have not been made privy to and that's why they keep living their lives in a mindset of total illusion and creating chaos slavery and death because they don't know those laws of creation and this is how it goes they believe in authority in the old world this is the old world order as I call it authority vested in one that's the old world order all of the power concentrated in the hands of one being who is like God God's representative on the earth he has the Divine Right to rule which came out of our ancient human ancestry and human origins of the beings that were here calling themselves the gods saying that they had the right to rule over us they had no divine right they just had advanced technology that made them look like gods that's all it was so advanced it was like magic you know and then what they tell this story over and over and over again throughout in many different storytelling methods and and venues throughout human history you know the man who would be king you know just about I mean there's hundreds of them the road to El Dorado you know what else there was actually an episode of Oya dura bout to Ferengi that go in are worshiped as gods in the Delta Quadrant in in Voyager you know on the other side of a non stable wormhole I actually just rewatched an episode that was about this and I reminded me of the whole story of Enlil and Enki you know the two gods who wanted to be worshipped as you know the two extraterrestrials that went to a non advanced planet and they wanted them to be worshipped as gods that's where the god-king story came from Emperor's kings pharaohs so all from the same place believing that their God on earth this is the origin of government the whole idea of their administrators as God's chosen people on earth you know what do you think that came from you think that's the god of creation choosing one group of people over another what do you think the god of creation orders people in in the Bible like you know Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac because he wants human sacrifice that's the god of creation no that's that's God's with a small G that's why they're called the Elohim plural gods yeah their gods have nothing but a big bag of shit because that's what they are we're big bags of shit and that's what all the people who have continued their whole institutions and rituals are their huge bags of shit the people who believed in authority all your a bag of shit okay I'm not gonna tell you politely like I do on other people's platforms this is my platform now I'm gonna tell you how I want to tell you because I'm done what your bullshit thinking of violence you're a violent person you believe in violence you believe in coercion you believe in slavery and that makes you a bag of shit you're an amoral fucktard who can't think at any higher level so I'll tell you in your language I'll tell you in your street language I'm not gonna sugarcoat it like all these other researchers one - and all these other podcasters one - I'm gonna tell you the way I would say to you to your face here in front of you you're an amoral bag of shit so that in the ancient past the amoral bags of shit that believed in this system of authority called it kingship to euthanize it oh the King is different than everybody else he has special special dispensation he's been given this authority to rule everybody else and make everybody his slaves his subjects because the gods put him in power the gods commanded him he has the divine right to rule and jackass assholes today still believe this nonsense there are people who still have any respect for people calling themselves kings and queens can you believe this bullshit I mean what like we've not progressed one iota as an entire civilization and as a species this is how immoral the bags of shit on this planet are they call themselves human beings and then other people want me to take it light on them I'm not after 220 episodes of doing this you know I'll take it light on your fur like one or two episodes going into some new platform but then guess what you're gonna get hit with the harder material I'm coming back just like their psychedelics do with the clipboard you know you always taking one hit a half a hit of acid of LSD he's done I like a little bit like me two grams of mushrooms hit him with a light experience hit him with the lay he's not not that experienced let's hit him with a light happy-go-lucky fun trip on the first round Hey Oh next to experience oh he's been here several several times so what's he learned what's he put into practice out in the outside world huh let's look at his chart here okay still looking at it as a means of escape you know still looking at it as some Joyride is he actually acting brightly in the real world now hasn't really bring the message down to the ground on earth right but he's yet back here over and over and over and over well now hit him with the hard shit yeah you know anything about psychedelics that's how it works you know well what I knew I had a lot more work to do it was leaving me in a pool of sweat almost curled up in a fetal position going my god I don't know if I could take another I don't know if I could take any more like that and then when I finally got up off my ass and really started doing what I was supposed to do it's making me laugh hysterically and other people are going what the fuck are you laughing about well because it's telling me I'm on the path so it's saying it have a little bit of fucking joy in your life because you are doing the right thing and then other people who are aren't and aren't making progress it's leaving them in the fucking ball in a fetal position and a pool of sweat on the ground that's how that shit works you know it's the same thing with what on earth is happening it's just it meant it may be a different form of a psychedelic experience if you're really putting it to practice in the right way I'm gonna hit you hard if you're not doing the right thing if it doesn't apply to you don't don't take it to heart it's not for that message isn't for you then if you're really doing the work but if you're not you know I'm talking about you so now this is the New World Order right authority vested in few this is the New World Order the Old World Order God King one of authority and one unchallenged ruler and all his henchmen under him killing for him well it's no different in the New World Order it's just the authority has been diffused a little bit into a handful of people comprising an oligarchical institution calling itself government the government has taken the place of the single ruling member and now they are a body of ruling members that's all instead of having one being that represents God on earth this is an institution that represents God on earth and they are they all the lawmakers like the king was the lawmaker nothing has changed except the euphemism of what you call it you don't call it kingship any longer now it's called government it been euphemized what all this means is to control the mind and yes it does mean that asks I'm not gonna even go into why it means that you're just an ass if you haven't looked into it after 220 episodes yes government does mean to control the mind asks yes it does no matter how much you say it doesn't yes it does immutably true regardless of whether you think it's incorrect or not you're wrong okay and I don't need to endlessly repeat and qualify myself over and over again go look it up in past episodes I'm tired of repeat myself in that regard that's exactly what it means because the only way you control the body is when you control the mind that's it and this is why people believe in government because they're under mind control only way you can believe in authority is if you're under mind control oh it doesn't matter what political identification you happen to identify with left/right centrist doesn't matter men are kiss you believe in the concept of authority you are under mind control and you're an immoral piece of trash and really it's like I don't really want to associate with people who have that mindset much anymore you know I want to try to bring more people over to the non authoritarian mindset and I will use what is at my disposal to reach those people but you know when it comes down to the nitty-gritty people who are authoritarians are not my friends because they are believers in an illusion and thus they are undermined control and you can't ultimately really be on the same side and trust people like that because whether you call it kingship or government or whatever other euphemism you want to call it however you want to identify with this concept of authority it doesn't matter what you call it I call it what it really is it because what it really is is slavery you could you my zit however you want but what it really is is slavery okay you know people can call it kingship they can call it queenship they can call it royalty they can call it oligarchy it doesn't make a difference how you what words you want to use the euphemized it's the same thing when it all comes down to it kingship is slavery and government is slavery and here's what the New Age movement that why is this in a patella presentation because the jackasses in the New Age movie free energy movement actually believe you can create free energy while maintaining a system of slavery in place they you believe that people in your movement yes you believe that that's your belief system people in the UFO disclosure movement believe you can maintain a system of slavery and still have the disclosure of the truth of extraterrestrial intelligence to the world and all the good things that will come along with that you believe that because none of you are talking about government as being slavery I don't hear it you're too chicken shit you're chicken shit cowards just like most of the people in the free energy movement you're chicken shit cowards here's where I come out is not your friend right everybody wants to think I'm so chummy chummy with everybody anarchists I'm not your friend UFO community I'm not your friend new-age and spiritualist movement I'm not your friend free energy movement I'm not your friend I'm here to tell you the uncomfortable truth that all of you at one level or another still believe in forms of slavery and that's why you'll never create a world based on true freedom that's why you'll never have true spirituality that's whether you'll never have true freedom that's whether why you'll never have true this disclosure and that's why you'll never have true free energy and I'm the bad guy in your communities for telling you this for telling you the truth well fuck all of you how about that okay I'm done with all of you you know because what I keep asking myself in this whole community is what do I do this for for who for what like the former running back of the Philadelphia Eagles Ricky Watters said greatest thing he ever said most honest thing that was ever said in professional sports because he was the star player of a shit team the star player of a shit team and he laid into the team and he said why am i busting my ass doing this for you for who for what cuz guess see what what I understand that I'm doing this for is not for you cuz you ain't on my team you're on your own team lost in your fucking mind okay I am serving the truth not you and your bullshit communities your so-called movements that ain't move and fucking anywhere they move and fucking anywhere okay see this is what this whole platform is gonna be about for me it's catharsis named after the Cathars who I highly identify with as being people who were teaching a true variant of the early Christian tradition but then we're slaughtered for doing so learn about the Alba Jensen crusade in the slaughter of the Cathars well this is catharsis this is the Cathars combined with the spirit of Isis the goddess of truth and real love it's necessary tough love this is catharsis for me because I'm coming out now this is my platform for really speaking as I really feel not as I would on somebody else's platform or stage and that's why I really don't want to do anything on anybody else's platform or stage anymore because I don't want to travel because I hate being harassed by fucking jerk off road pirates when I travel you and moral trash pieces of shit pigs okay I don't want to be harassed by you fucking dunces who have no right to harass people the way that you do on the road and honestly I'm done talking to a half assed mindset community that doesn't understand natural law principles your so ensconced in what you're doing and seeing things from a myopic perspective that you can't see first principles and I'm just done talking to people like that I honestly feel I'm more effective on my own platform saying it out in the open the way I would hear on the air and then doing presentations where I'm just I'm the sole host and I could just be myself because I I don't like wearing a mask anymore I don't like wearing a mask anymore this is who I really am you know and there's nobody behind this this is my platform the run as I see fit that's why I don't want your jerk-off comments on this platform either that's why silence all of that that's not censorship because I'm it's not a public platform it's an entirely private platform Google and Facebook and Twitter are engaging in censorship because they're running a public platform you can't give people an account and say this is your account to post whatever you want and then say oh if it doesn't agree with my political opinion I'm going to censor you know that's acting as a public utility and a public forum and then your censoring people if they don't and allowing other people to put their ID out if they do concur with your narrative that's immoral I never claimed that this is any kind of a public platform this is me mintmark passio and mark patios platform only that's what what on earth is happening is is now was since I started and always will be you know so that's why I really don't want to do any work with outside agencies anymore to be honest that's why I've pulled back from it and pulled back from it and pull back from it and even in the current couple of years that I've done it what I've seen that's out there are sickens me to my the core of my being and take as much as offense as you want get as offended as you want by that you don't see it to the level that I do you don't see the behavior you don't see the mindset because you don't talk to that many people you talk to your little small fucking circle of friends that's like this big and I see the big picture of everybody coming and bringing stuff to me and I can get a very accurate picture of what the overall dynamic of behavior and personality is like and I'm telling you if you're not a pole by you're not paying attention to it plus people would rather argue amongst themselves and actually go out and do any real work because they see we're putting together a platform like this is they see what doing the steady work of having to do this constantly make all this content you know you wouldn't do it you couldn't do it you don't first of all most people don't have the skillset to do it and they're not developing the skill set they're still talking they're Yap and Yap yeah fucking yap yap yap shut your fucking mouth and get to work how about that no that doesn't occur to anybody yap on fucking Facebook buh buh buh tapping away on the keyboard so what you sound like a jerk-off well you know what you have the show really in a long term as an archive of your data you have a big fat fuckin goose egg ninety-nine percent nine nine nine percent of you well you can Yap on and Yap on gums flapping the fuck away about how I could be doing it better or how somebody else who has a huge body of work can be doing it better fuck y'all how about that okay this is Mark Paseos circa episode 220 not circus ode one I'm done with that Mark passio okay he ain't ever coming back you're getting the hardcore shit now let's see if I got this correct you believe that people can't govern themselves but you also believe some people can govern hundreds of millions of other people this is the smacked ass fucked hearted mindset of people who believe in the concept of authority but can you imagine explaining to someone that's not from the earth what government is Larkin Rosa's has done great presentations on this tell me what government is oh it's we'll see we don't believe that people can govern themselves so they have to be externally controlled too coercive laws you know and then this one body of part of humanity is called government and they write these laws and then the aliens thinking well wait wait wait you just told me that people are generally bad and they can't really take care of their own affairs so are these not human beings oh no they're humans they're just a smaller subset of humans well is there anything inherently that makes them any better than other people no just more people voted for them and their opponents when they were running for election and this is what people believe they believe you could take a subset of shit and put it in control of the body of shit and magically the shit will turn to gold that's what you believe that's what the the jackasses who believe in government believe what makes these people morally superior and and having some wonderful majestic mindset that's holier than thou they're just as much moral relativist as any other member of the population all you got to do is do the same social experiments with them and don't be all too happy to tell you that their moral relativist and or solid sis that don't believe in objective reality and don't believe in objective morality because that's what 99.9% of them think like and then we think they're fit to govern others you know the whole idea that oh because man is not a angel he's not fit to be fully free and unbounded by government no wrong because man is no angel and and no human being are angelic no one is fit to rule there are none who are fit to rule others you know the whole idea of the concept of divide and conquer this is what this is all put in place for and davide and Imperia means divide and rule you know it's been euphemized into divide and conquer I was talking about this was with a friend this week it's been euphemized into that it actually means in the original Latin divide and rule not just conquer but rule over someone rule over the two groups that you're dividing and that Hegelian dialectic is what they use to polarize the political party polarization is at its more advanced than it ever has been in human history in the modern day and that's because people don't understand natural law they don't understand the legitimacy of all forms of authority as being violence coercion duress and slavery because they do not understand natural law they do not understand the principles of natural law they do not understand the transgressions against natural law which are murder assault rape theft trespass coercion and lying all forms of theft all forms of taking that which does not belong to you probably the ultimate of which is coercion attempting to take the greatest gift of the creator of the universe away from the beings that is he gave it gave to them as their birthright he/she/it whatever you want to call it that force that aspect of creation gifted to human beings as their birthright endowment freewill coercion is the theft of that all forms of transgressions against natural law all forms of wrongdoing are forms of theft there is only one ultimate wrongdoing and that is theft don't steal rights life freedom property free will and there won't be a problem continue to perform and condone acts of theft in any aspect that it exists you're going into bondage that's how the universal laws of consequentialism of cause and effect of morality work and this is what people don't understand and that's why you need to listen to all my work on natural law especially my three-part nine-hour series called natural law the real law of attraction and how to apply in your life this is the title card right there from that presentation available on what on earth is happening calm in the video section or on my youtube channel the vast majority of the very people who say they want to see the manifestation of free energy are actually blocking the manifestation of free energy by the way they continue to think because this leads to what they continued to condone and how they continued to behave which has kept humanity in a state of total slavery it starts with the slavery or imprisonment of the mind through mind control and then it manifests out into the world through what they condone and how they behave themselves through the manifestation in the physical world with the body conducting that manifestation through their behavior and that's exactly what we are talking about the people who are in the free energy movement unfortunately have not freed their minds yet they are still under mind control of the belief that authority and government are morally legitimate when they never can be and for as long as you continue to think that contradictory notion that cognitive dissonance being still in place that you can work through channels of government and government can be in place but somehow you're gonna create a system that frees human beings you are imagining what never was what is not now and what never can be because you are under mind-control free energy cannot be manifested as long as the people of Earth continue to believe in and condone humanity's current immoral institutions which are based entirely in violence coercion deception ignorance greed usury and exploitation and for as long as you continue to think that these institutions exist for their ostensibly purpose instead of their true purpose and for as long as you think that they are trying to actually improve the quality of life on this planet instead of hinder it and enslave it you are a naive retarded mind controlled individual who can only do anything to help the manifestation of slavery on this planet and you can never do anything to truly help the manifestation of freedom on this planet that is an immutably true statement that is that way because this is how the internal dynamics of creation as laws of the governing dynamics of behavior work not because I said it but because MIT like many millions of people before me and millions at well that will come after me I have learned and discovered that principle that is already pre-existing in creation and its laws that is what natural law is and this is how it works in the free energy community you have people who are positing oh this is what we can make happen who wants this to happen Oh everybody raises their hands oh I want that to happen I want that change to take place but then when you have somebody like me saying then the more you know what you can't have that change take place externally in the external manifestation of our entire society unless all the individual members of that society change inwardly change how they think change how they feel change what they condone and ultimately change how they behave in the world then all the hands go down when you say who wants to change like that say fuck you I don't want any part in that process I want to stay just how I am and I want the world to magically change around me when I don't want to change one fuckin part of myself well you are a smacked ass fuck tarded naive bitch if you think that's how it works if you think you can keep your hand in the boiling water keep applying heat to it but you're not going to get burnt the water's not gonna eventually boil away okay you're not gonna hurt yourself in the process all right after you take the water boils away oh I put the pan on the side I want to magically cool my hand off by keeping it right over the fire you want to believe that's how the world works this is how retarded you are and the people out there listening you're not bringing this information to people properly you're not putting them on to it they're not watching it they're not paying attention to it you're not making them pay attention yes you might have to divorce yourself from their presence and say this is more important in my relationship to you either pay attention to it or go off the cliff by yourself but you're not taking me with you and I'm not gonna help you go by going to being buddy-buddy with you while you drive yourself off a cliff into the flames you have to make them see how important this is and ask them right to their face you value my relationship our relationship that we've built as friends or associates that are partners or whatever because you're displaying who you really are that's what you got to put in front of them and that's what I put in front of people and you know what I've done I've let them go their separate ways I like because they're bad people that's the big divide is separating the good people from the bad people if at some point they come back and they say I want to know what you wanted to teach me before then do it take them up on that that's called turning the other cheek well you got to put before them an ultimatum at some point that it is not here to not have a divide happen between people you know the concept here is we are not here to bring peace we're here to bring the sword of truth by placing the choice will you pay attention to the truth and how reality really works and become a rut truly good person by learning objective morality or will you continue to stay in the illusion to trance the the total mind controlled mindset and continue to help build the planet of enslavement and if that's your choice you're a bad person that's what makes you a bad person this is what I've told almost every member of my family which is why I really don't like go or it like to go around them for any length of time they're bad people they're just bad people when it comes down to the inner core of who they are on the outside do they try to overtly hurt people no that's not what makes you a truly good person though just refraining from physically damaging other people does not immediately make you a good person capital G good capital P person that's not the definition of a good person the definition of a good person is when they see tyranny happening in the world they will try to find the causal factor of that condition so that they can do the most good to help reverse that condition and if they don't want to learn those principles and they say fuck that I don't want to learn that I don't need to learn that I'm not gonna do that with my time I'm not gonna take at least enough of my time to learn this works and then help propagate it you're a bad person and that's not proselytizing a religion that's saying the truth about how a law in nature works that people have to learn as surely as they need to learn how gravity works so that they don't walk off tall buildings or fall out windows of tall buildings okay and teaching that is what makes some what learning and teaching is it what makes you a good person and you got people getting involved in all kinds of theft and schemes and you know just just shit that people are involved in just schemes to try to steal from people I mean the love some of the lowest form of Trac lying the people in the media you're some of the lowest forms a fucking mutant garbage your parents were just in just absolutely inhuman trash garbage I mean there's no end there's no even words for it there's no words for how low of just fucking garbage people like that are people who want control over other people because you know why you know why you want that control you know how much of a piece of fucking dirt garbage you are that's why they want that control they hate what a bad fucking person they are they know they're a big fucking piece of trash garbage and so they think everybody needs it can be controlled like they would really want done to themselves because you're a self-loathing piece of fucking garbage but no one will say that to somebody like that that's the mindset of someone who is a control freak and wants to control other people's behavior but I'm one of the only people with the balls to say it like that prove me wrong prove me wrong that I'm not the only one with that much courage that's what I want to see I want to see other people just saying or right out in the open the way it really is don't sugarcoat it at all and there's people like oh you won't do any good like that you don't fucking know a goddamn thing about what good will come out of that want to know why only like like make be mean to people in the history of humanity have ever tried it you think it's been tried you don't know human history if you think it's been you don't know what unapologetic truth might do to the world you know maybe that's what we're really supposed to be doing here instead of trying to give people a little little tiny bite-size Oh little baby here's a little bite-sized piece of the truth here Oh will you take it I'll put it on a little tiny little spoon for you here just open up a choo-choo train choo-choo - whoohoo no how about no how about we try to treat people like what we want them to be responsible adult human beings capable of learning and disseminating truth no we can't have that that might put us in the light of an adult instead of a self-loathing little fucking child that wants mommy and daddy to take care of every aspect of life for them when are we going to grow up and what are the people gonna step forward who are just going to say no this isn't the way it needs to be or should be and you're the problem because you're a self-loathing little child inside that's never grown up emotionally mentally and spiritually to understand we don't need this level of control and enslavement all around us to get involved in every aspect of our lives we can be responsible adult human beings that no knows what's best for us and doesn't infringe on other people's rights in the process of performing that kind of behavior that is within our rights that perform we don't need all these rules restrictions and endless violations of our rights coming into every area of our lives possible this is what the modern left once a little baby society being told what they could do by mami papi nanny daddy I'm not your fucking child motherfucker you don't own me I own my life I know what's best for my life not you your dumb bag of shit quite frankly you're certainly not as intelligent holistically as I am you're not gonna tell me what I know and I don't know when you don't know shit about the world and how it works don't presume to tell me you know and I don't like I'm your fucking child it's quite the opposite way around I'm the adult in the room boy and that's how it's gonna be said to you cuz I'm not gonna be ruled by fucking children and you're gonna learn how much I'm not gonna be ruined but by children when the time comes and it's comin tassel was an adult in a world full of children again just like the founding fathers of America he didn't get it all you know you got to understand the time period we're talking about we didn't have the information that we do now that the totality of the information being present at our fingertips the ability to awaken the mind to the level that it can be awakened in today's world it's amazing that the people who existed before Tesla and at his time were even able to grow and develop themselves to the extent that they did what was he some perfect enlightened avatar no but guess what he was way out in front of most of the rest of humanity in most ways so again I'm not propping Tesla up as some God or Saint hey I'm talking about Tesla as a person who saw that we could create a human future far better than what we are doing and saw that potential in humanity and realized by giving humanity freewill choice they will choose to do the right thing if they're given the tools and the knowledge to make those correct decisions the people who are root will really be truly psychopathic will be a tiny fraction in our society this is what people have to understand the bulk of humanity is not really they've been turned into bad people through the mental influence that they've been put through but that's no excuse for them not working on themselves and coming to the correct conclusions see it's a dual edged sword you have to be at least so hard on them that you don't make them think this is something that should be being done to you and you're the victim and you have no control over it but you also can't be you know so light on them that you're like oh woe is you this is all just mind control and you're a big victim here there has to be a balance in place where you say this does not have to be the way the human condition is but this isn't human nature this isn't nature this is how human society the conditioned human society has come into through mental influence and wrong forms of mental nurturing nurture Trump's nature in almost every way sadly because we are programmable beings our nature is that we can be programmed by the information around us and in our environment and through our environment and the people around us and if the people before us were programmed in incorrectly and then they teach that to the next generation well garbage goes in garbage comes out you have bad parenting generally you end up as a bad adult that then acts as a bad parent until you break the cycle and we have to understand that's what we're talking about here with genuine enlightenment we have to break the cycle of the desire for more control Tesla wanted to put that framework in place through the technology you know he said that science you know that is divorced from the betterment of humanity is but a perversion of itself paraphrasing you know science that you know does not have as its end goal the betterment of humanity is but a perversion of itself okay he also said peace can only come as a consequence of universal enlightenment and I modified that statement to say a world based in free energy can only come as a consequence of you know a universal paradigm shift in human consciousness and therefore a paradigm shift in behavior you're not ever going to get free energy first again that's putting the cart before the horse Tesla technology rides in the cart the horse that ushers it in is the paradigm shift that is currently missing in humanity what this whole present about the paradigm shift that has to usher in Tesla technology and true freedom hasn't occurred we will never have Tesla technology until that paradigm shift in consciousness happens and all of those characteristics we discussed them last week in part one go over them and review them watch the natural law seminar watch the streetwise spirituality seminar which I cover these dynamics of what a paradigm shift in consciousness and a true awakening of humanity really looks like the true characteristics of an awakening in humanity that's the world Tesla envisioned ladies and gentlemen and it could be a society that is truly free and one that has technologies and possibilities that we can scarcely envision from where we're at now we have to want it bad enough through our free will and then make it manifest through our behaviors it will not just that paradigm shift in consciousness will not just magically manifest on its own so thank you that's the end of the formal presentation 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purely voluntary basis and that is what this operation is funded by voluntary donations so thank you to everyone who has ever donated in passed in you know in the president or will donate in the future you make this work continue you make it happen so thank you so much and that is all for the whole part of the presentation here today I think for the remainder about the 45 minutes or so that we have left let's um let's go to the phone lines now the end of the show is probably going to be a little bit different today because we'll have to probably manually end the show we lost about let's say a minute so let's end the show at 6:01 p.m. today so that when I edit it together you know we'll have an approximate three hour-long exact three hour-long show okay because right now the show will still run on a three hour basis and I'm just saying that out loud from my producer okay so we'll end the show at 6:01 p.m. today all right so let's go to the discord phone lines and start to take your calls let me just bring it up on my local system here okay here we go all right paddy lager you are live on what on earth is happening episode number 220 paddy good to hear from you welcome hi mark can you hear me up without and clear we're using a new interface by the way for the computer and discord and so far it's worked beautifully I want to like knock on wood somewhere to make sure I'm not jinxing it but we've had very rock-solid connections where there's been no general interruptions I mean we did have a failure of software that was the streaming software here today and things like that will occasionally occur we got back into it rather quickly but it looks like you know the connection to the laptop that sits on my desk where I run the the callers it has been working perfectly so far since we've kind of switched over to some new technology so I can hear you loud and clear what do you have for us here today well first I just want to thank you once again for expressing your passion and really putting this message forward because it is so important and you really do inspire I think many of us here because that really gives us the courage as well to do the same you know this this whole mindset is insidious I mean everyone that I work with that I'm around it is really quite scary to see how many people are stuck in this notion that government is something that will always be here they can't even vision they have no imagination they believe it's a solution they think government solves problems you know they don't understand that only human care leading to right action in the world and then the creation of technology used for a right action can ever solve human problems you know and there are people who will say leave the technology out of it just about everything around us is a form of technology electricity in the home plumbing sanitation that is helpful with disease you know refrigeration of food communication you know just everything around us relies on technology in our way of life technology isn't something that should be shunned technology is something that should be learned and then we will direct it and guide it as the Masters of Technology which is an assistive tool for our way of life will direct it in the right direction you know and this all comes ultimately from how we think and feel that has to come first you know we have to understand government has never solved any problems oh it's done as coerce hasn't made anything better hasn't made life better on this planet human care human innovation and human technology is the only thing that has ever made life and increase the quality of life on this planet not government not coercion yes and when they get to the point but they realize that this government is not needed that they're just a parasite that's it and they're just sucking us dry then we can maybe use that technology as Tesla was putting forth many years ago and spread it free as it should be without me because it's not to be a cultic yes you know again my background is in education and medicine and I see the use of technology there again being used for ways to limit to harm many people I mean you know I work as a naturopath with a lot of clients because I'm not licensed I refuse to be licensed so I don't have my hands tied but I work with clients and they they tell me what they're put through as far as what technology what they're exposed to and this is the this is the dark side of the technology is not being used for good it's being used to suppress and harm humanity and I just you know I I'm trying to find a way to kind of break through this mindset because that's really at the at the crux of where everybody is they have to break free that we don't have to accept what they're giving us no this little small miniscule of truth it's not the whole thing I mean they're just they're stuck in this mindset that oh I have to I have to have I have to expose myself to radiation to see if if this thing growing inside of my body is still there I have to expose myself to these chemo therapies to kill this thing I mean that's that's chemical it's like it's asset they're putting into their blood you know they can't even see that you know it's a dual edged sword you know not all technology is good or gonna be used for good you know so that's where human discernment has to come into play and that's where we have to be truly awakened people that understand the whole world situation if we're going to use technology for the right reasons so I mean this goes to the heart of the whole matter when it comes to Tesla technology as far as I'm concerned so I'm really glad you brought up this point it's like you know it's not about either having or not having technology it's about how you use it it's the same thing as it called knowledge right it's just neutral knowledge technology is just a way of enhancing what we are doing in the natural world it's a tool set right techno logos right yeah okay so we're talking about the tools of the word right tools this literally is the etymological definition of technology it's using nature the word and sculpting it through the language of science into a tool so that we can use that tool for our betterment technology isn't not something that is part of the natural world it all came from the natural world everything that we use in some form or another had to come out of the natural world right it's an extension of the natural world and it's the same thing as knowledge it's a neutral tool technology isn't good or bad innately on its face inherently it is something that can be used for good or used for control coercion and evil the same thing is true about the occult the occult is neutral knowledge but if it remains hidden and a small priests class uses it to their advantage and Holle wields it as a weapon over people who are ignorant of that knowledge only bad things can come about as a result in the manifested world the same is true of occult 'add technologies okay technology has to be understood to the extent by the everyday man that they can make a accurate discernment and judgment regarding how it's being used is this being used the right way is this the best what usage of technology whether it be for communications or for publishing or for health for medicine in any in any aspect of life the the discernment is the problem that's not there in humanity because they're still acting as naive children trusting other people and trusting experts instead of learning at least in a general way you know in generality to become a generalist about it I'm not telling every single person that you need to know every single nuance about how every computer in the world is programmed no one could do that okay I rely on technical experts to help me with what I do and we'll continue to do that okay I know enough about the generalities of it to use it and to help put a show like this together you know I take credit and you know kind of like I'm proud that I helped set up this entire program and learn a lot of the technology and how all this work and I wish other people would do that because you would see how powerful communication tools that we can really get for not any kind of a ridiculous an exorbitant amount you know okay how you can use them you know and the whole idea here is there are things that are not unit dimensional they are dual edged swords and we have to understand there is always two sides to them and that we have to have the discernment and the judgment to put them into effect and let them manifest in the world properly there's a proper usage and then there's an abuse and abuse and abusive usage of Technology and that's what I think you know we have to go through the growing pains to really learn and understand hey this stuff is not only possible it's out there in the world and right now it's being used for the wrong reasons well we have to understand what is the true transformative potential of some of this technology and I think that's what people can start to learn if they really study about Tesla and understand what his you know heart you know his care what he was really trying to put into effect and then learn what he ran up against and it's the same forces that we're up against in the modern world regarding the implementation of potentially transformative technologies but again it's my contention we can't put the cart before the horse either we have to work on ourselves work on our mindset and work on creating a society of true freedom that respects freedom that first of all understands what freedom is and respects it in all of the people of the world and builds a society based on freedom like that before we're ever gonna have a type of a technologically advanced civilization that's gonna be based in some type of free energy technology that's going to propel us to a type one civilization you you will never do that without the mindset of freedom and that's why people have to understand you know the answer is not government government is the problem it is it is slavery and to try to implement you know freedom by conducting more coercion and slavery you you and you're that person who actually believes that you're going to heal a wound on your hand and make it nice and cool and healed by putting it right over a campfire it's literally that brainwashed that people believe you could add the same polarity to a dynamic and magically come out the other end with a different with the opposite polarity and the laws of nature just do not work like that and it's it's unraveling that mind-control I mean the government is my control and they are controlled to believe that they need this drug called government to to be comfortable and to be safe that's the fear that where they comes back let me ask you a question your area is it more rural or urban where you're at I live in st. Louis Missouri and I would say it's probably a lot like Philadelphia you're actually in my city so okay so what yes well in the county just outside of this okay so if you go into the heart of the city you see this dynamic where if you ask people like is morality objective they're gonna say oh no it's just up to us to decide and if you say is government necessary you know and is it morally legitimate they're going to say oh absolutely you see that dynamic in that urban environment 100% I mean I'm a college professor I teach at a college and I you know I I've stepped out of education and then I get back into it because I have a passion for teaching I really do love it touching my students with education but you know I was at a it's our first week of class we had all of these meetings and they had the audacity to tell us that our students don't they get confused by too many choices they're trying to limit places they want students to have a direct path to Ajo be a just over broke job to enslave them to keep them in this system they're like if you give them too many choices they get confused and they run away but no we have to give them this class and then this class and they have this system to go through outcome-based art of the enslavement of them exactly and I and I'm sitting there you're laughing and I'm looking around at my co-workers thinking don't you find this to be a joke and they're just all in it they're all in it you think it's great because they don't really care about the betterment of human beings they just want the paycheck they're just there because that this is what they have to do as a way of making money and all they care about is getting the paycheck at the end of the week and this is what I'm gonna do I've been trying to explain to people mmm by definition makes someone a bad person we have to stop viewing this traditional definition of a good person and at versus a bad person which is stuck in people's minds okay that's why I did the whole show called evil is more powerful than good in our world more people are bad people in the world have become it doesn't mean that inherently they're bad people more people through their free will choices and their refusal to work upon their selves their mindset and their behavior have become bad people in the world then there are good people and that's this is that very dynamic people just care about themselves and what they are gonna get out of a situation that's what Satanism is that's what Satanism is so I want to ask you another question see I'm asking you more questions than you're asking me but I find it an interesting dynamic to kind of like look into and you work at a university now you are an anarchist and you are also a vegan I mean I I am a vegan I don't even like to evening use the term because of how emotionally charged it is I just say I eat a complete plant-based diet okay so I know you're into that way of living - of not harming animals leaving the animals alone and for our nutrition taking the plant-based Whole Foods that are in nature for us to sustain ourselves on okay and if we do that the right way we could be strong healthy individuals thinking clearly really doing the work you know there's no reason why anybody can't transition to that form of a lifestyle okay well regardless of what you want to call a vegan plant-based etc okay so obviously working in a sort of an urban you know university style setting University setting in an urban environment you're gonna see a lot of younger people who are vegan okay or who you based diet yet you're also going to see that total dichotomy that toad a socially engineered mind control dualistic dynamic and putting them in total cognitive dissonance where on the one hand they're vegan and believe animals should be free and free of coercion and and you know enslavement through what they're what's being done to them through the farming system and on the other hand they still believe that government should be in place and human beings should be put on farms called governments of the world and kept in in a state of free-range slavery through the governmental system how do they in their own mindset reconcile this total contradiction in their thinking well about you know I you know because I have a problem with both vegans and anarchists because of that concept right there you know and again the vegans they can't bump up to end animal will never vote it out of existence you have to abolish the government first and then the animals will be free because the humanity will have risen in consciousness to realize we can govern ourselves and we don't want to be governed so therefore we shouldn't govern any of any no masters above and no slaves below you know this is the whole concept of no masters no slaves you know it's not only that we want to free ourselves you know from the tyranny that is seemingly ruling us from above but we shouldn't be masters over other beings either that's what real freedom is being an advocate of true freedom means that you don't advocate for being masters of species that you consider not as developed or quote lower than you in consciousness you know so you know I just think we have to bridge that community through those communities through natural law as you said the anarchist community doesn't get the aspect of natural law that applies to animals and the vegan community doesn't get the aspect of natural law that applies to human beings but to me it's yeah I said the the anarchist community doesn't get the aspect of natural law that applies to animals and the vegan community or plant-based community often doesn't get the aspect of natural law that applies to human beings and I just think we have to resolve that cognitive dissonance in the mental you know functioning of these groups of people by bridging that understanding through an understanding of natural law yeah we really do mark and I think one thing that's kind of scary in the vegan community are all of these fake vegan foods that are full of GMOs and all of that so that's another thing I'm a strong proponent of you know if we're going to be healthy vegans we have to be focusing on real food none of this GMO soy chemicalized food because I think that might be affecting their mental state as well I think that's definitely a part of it it's like you know small amounts of that fine but if we're gonna make that the total staple of what we're eating and then you know a lot of them are juicing and blending on a daily basis and then supplementing correctly it's like you know they're there's so many natural things that we could be doing just with raw foods and just making that a staple you know then if you're gonna eat a few things that are that are somewhat process you know you're not gonna be doing that the bulk of the time when you make that the bulk or the the essence of the diet then you're going down the wrong path and a lot of vegans do do that more so Patti thank you so much for the points that you've brought up today great great you know things for people to ponder and consider so thank you thank you for everything mark you got it all right okay let's go to all right let's go to Josh Josh you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey Mark can you hear me not unclear oh wow I've been trying to talk to you again since the last time for a while so thank you for answering my call sure I want to say thank you for your work on the Tarot because since having the Tarot now in my life since when I first got like the wider rate deck I mean the amount of synchronicity that it's shown me in my life and in some of my friends life has just been so just I can't even really even put it into words but I definitely have come to a more understanding that it's not just for like fortune-telling and divination yeah hey isn't it amazing once you learn what it really is oh it blows my mind it really it really is every like I just sometimes I even look at it on days where I'm not expecting anything I just want to study what card means what threw my book and then boom I get like a hit of just like wow I like sent when you pointed it out the the right like the second path on the tree and we're certain like birthday cars of me and my girlfriend's cards were like mine is the fortune and then the star card and hers is like the fortune and the temperance card and then there's the hangman and then the justice one and just little things like that that just really blow my mind about it see well eventually I'm gonna do a more in-depth presentation on the Minor Arcana that's planned in future episodes of what on earth is happening I may go through every single card in the Minor Arcana and talk about you know allegorical meanings of the symbols of the cards and that could be a multi-week show you know so that's gonna be coming up at some future point but it's like you know people ask me like oh do you will you do tarot card readings things like that and it's like you know I mean I've done them in the past for people I've had them done from friends for me you know but you know I don't really like to get into like reading or divination with them I can tend to like more want to show people what the real meaning of them are and then they could do their own readings with them if they want to use them like that you know what I mean but the real goal of me going into the tradition of Tarot which i think is just such a rich philosophical tradition when it's improperly decoded is to just show people how you can look at this book of life you know and this book of truth for yourself and like make a personal connection to it through a proper coding of the symbols and allegories within it and then you could use it in multiple in a multifaceted variety of ways for yourself you don't have to depend on somebody else doing that for you okay so that's how I tend to look at it and where I sort of want to keep that going and I think I'll extend that like maybe after Anika poco I said I have I'm gonna do some presentations on pizza gate after that a conference is over and I'm sorry an arkadelphia and then uhm I'm gonna do some extended presentations on the Minor Arcana of the Tarot as well so we'll have all a lot of other information to build on regarding occultism I want to do further work on Rosicrucianism for people I really want to do a whole extended series on thelema because I think Philemon is horrific Lemus understood by people and I think I really need to clarify what real thalamic thought and philosophy is and really emphasize the difference between Crowley and Philemon which are not the same thing and too many people try to conflate them and say that they are identical and one in the same and that's just not the truth so I think that's you know well different occult traditions I have to cover more in depth as well in future shows right yeah cuz my buddy showed me a little bit about the Toth deck and he has a book that he gave me that I want to study from Aleister Crowley and I have his I have his diary of a drug fiend book and like the drug and other stories book of his but he's definitely like an interesting character that I've been studying not someone that I want to end on chest that's right I was going to say if people want to really look into some of the basis of Thelema I wouldn't start with some of the more difficult to decode work I would I would work with a smaller work such as the heart of the master which is pretty good a spiritual philosophy that doesn't have too much of Crowley's ego embedded in there so you know okay I would work with a what you might call a lower level that doesn't really need a lot of you know decoding through allegory gematria cetera which a lot of other Crowley's work is like laden with so at the heart the heart of the master is probably a good starting basis for people that are just looking into the Leymah for the first time you want to start with some lighter material that's what I would recommend anyway but again I have to recover what it is just like you know I could do a whole another series on Freemasonry possibly you know or Kabbalah go into deeper aspects of Kabbalah like bring up some work of some Kabbalistic teachers that I like like Israel Regardie or Brian Greene you know people like that and you know just really go in depth and show people some work that could get trigger people's interest in it in an easy-to-understand way because like it's such a big field people don't know where to start maybe I could just give them some basics on you know where to really start looking into the tradition so that they could properly decode some of these things right and I wanted to say I have just to think cuz I could ask you questions for hours and hours about the occult but I know you have other callers on the line go ahead you go on fire away we'll see where it goes okay so I want to say first I believe you when you talk about Satanism and everything from Anton LaVey because when I was first you know finding out about the occult that's kind of how it started with the knowledge of you know reading the Satanic Bible reading his essay books you know I still have them I just never faced my life upon them or really do it so for we just read yep I'm sorry just repeat that last part you cut out there for a moment oh I said I believe everything you say when it comes to safe ism and I think other people if they read like you know Satan speaks the devil's notebook The Satanic warlock you know all those things that people really you know it's not that hard to find these anymore either so either it was like I know his work from the temple of set such as the ruby tablet of set you know I mean I would definitely check out something like that which is a large volume and can be difficult to go through because of how dark it is but it'll put it'll show you their mindset for sure and these are really honest they this is a religion you know it's not just such people they they have a religion with very specific tenets you know very specific worldviews way ways of looking at the world themselves and other people now you have to put yourself in the so called masters mindset you know you you like it like some zoo said in the art of war if you know the self and you know the enemy you need fear not a thousand the result of a thousand battles you know if you only know half of that equation you're gonna lose half the battles if you don't know either you're gonna lose every battle you face you know this is about understanding who we are what our current situation is and then understanding what we are up against and if people don't understand those things or if they want to take a childish and naive position on exactly what our situation is we're gonna lose the battle right yeah and I wanted to ask how do you feel now like from you exiting the church how do you feel about those past people like Nicholas Shrek and Xena and then you have someone like you know Marilyn Manson who that's a synchronicity of it itself because holy wood was my favorite album in high school and now I've recently found out that he based that album a lot on the Tarot if not like a honey I just remember listen to that album but I'm saying the imager with with his music I'm not hugely into it but okay yeah I know cuz we'll call it work oh yeah everything and pretty much that Marilyn Manson has done has been through the occult and like you know I love that album Hollywood but it makes me hey you know when I can when I see little things more now in you know mainstream or even people who don't claim to be mainstream it just well he who makes me this hard dance and holds the same rank as I did in the Church of Satan he was just a least by lava when lava was alive I believe he was appointed very close to the time that I was appointed priest so we had the same rank in the Church of Satan um it's interesting that I did have the books that a former caller when we did the show on the whole society being one large Saint one big satanic ritual was talking about and drogyn ization within the whole agenda of Satanism especially modern world worldly Satanism in the modern world I was trying to find some of the books from one of the organization's I belong to called the Whitehall Church of Satan in the past or just had some affiliations with this group and got involved with it for a time you know but I did have those books lent out they are here now I got them back my producer went down and looked for them before I'm gonna ask him to actually bring them up if somebody could bring them up there on you'll see them they're out in the open on the bookshelf downstairs you'll see they're too small like about this big and they're bound by a plastic black binding just bring them bring them all bring whatever is there and they're there they're on the bottom level of the books or should be you'll see there's small plastic bindings but anyway um what I want to do regarding that the reason I'm gonna just even show them here on camera is at some point in the near future I want to do a show on the agenda of androgynous ation in human society within Satanism because this is a faction of modern Satanism see laveyan satanism isn't so much for this aspect they were for the delineation and and distinction between the sexes however there are other satanic fact of sex if you will factions that do want to yeah that's them that do want to really and Rajah nice people and to show that is a very huge part of exposing modern Satanism because this is you can look at this as this is the leftist faction in the world of modern Satanism want to bring the world into what is known as international socialism or worldwide communism so I'm just gonna show this I want to thank you for the call and bringing up reminding me you know of this point in yeah yeah Thank You Josh so um you know what I'm gonna show here are pretty rare items to have physically in your possession I don't know how many of these were ever really printed okay but these are the books that I was that you know there you could call them books they're more like large pamphlets they're like these are just bound at a local copy center probably and um there's probably not that many copies of these in existence I would say there's probably in the thousands if I had to venture a guess okay so um this one here is called Satanism social realism and the Second Coming okay I'll see if I can hold that closer and if the camera will pick it up I'll go over here okay and that is the priest of this organization from Whitehall on the front and there it says Reverend Magus by Magus Josh no malice or Jay Solomon who is considered the high priest of that organization the Whitehall Church of Satan I I would doubt he's probably even alive at this point I don't know whether that's the case or not I haven't really tried to catch up with him but there you have it right there social realism and the Second Coming okay and as you can see they use different symbolism slightly different symbolism than the laveyan branch of Satanism but um you know what I really want to get into and talk about when I go through this I'm gonna go through and make notes on this I might even digitize this I got to see if I have a copy that is already digitized okay but I want to talk about where he really gets into the message of androgyny okay so it you'll see it right here I'll just go right I'll see if I can get this on here it says survival and the and regeneration and this shall be this shall be my name on words and that spell Satan survival and the androgen nation you see that right there right here that's his acronym for satan survival and the androgen nation so this is putting you know human egotism and survival physical needs and androgyny as the basis for the society that they want to create this is the first tenant of Satanism combined with the eradication of the distinction between the sexes and that's what this whole androgynous ation agenda agenda is with the 60 some-odd genders etc and weakening the male in society and denigrating the male etc and that this is part of the Satanic agenda and I covered this pretty extensively in neo feminism and the Satanic epi eugenics agenda and I know this is diverging from the you know Tesla and humanity's missing paradigm shift a little bit but you know this is part of the reason that you know that paradigm shift hasn't happened because we're being completely mind controlled and brainwashed by institutions and think tanks and occult organizations that have really gained a foothold and a contraction in our society that are putting us down the wrong path you know and then this is the adjunct or addendum to that book which I showed people last week called satanic where a few weeks ago called satanic rites and ceremonies and this goes into some of the rituals that this particular organization does get involved with and you know you see here there's some there's some oh he had an association with lavey as well shown here where where Levay is um and there you have Peter Gilmore you know so it's show it's showing people that like you know people in other satanic organizations really kind of a you know what he called sanctioned sanctioned Solomon's work as part of the Whitehall Church of Satan so where they may have disagreed in certain aspects you know he had their blessing in others and again as I've said lavell Ave was just a lackey you know that's all he was he was involved with the bushes and people and intelligence you know his son outed those aspects of it and you know talked about how you know he was just an order follower as well people who think all he was great his own person I mean he had connections to the lansky Meyerson crime organized crime syndicate which then had obvious connections to you know Israeli intelligence and US intelligence you know he became personal friends with members of the Bush family and this guy was just the lackey for government agents you know and they charged him to put the work that he put out which was a coalescence and concrescence of the satanic ideology for the every man and every woman that's all it was all ultimately about to bring people in from the outside because they know they don't have the numbers unless they actually bring some useful dupes in with characteristics and skill sets that they can use as tools so let's go to another caller we have limited time less than 10 minutes left on the broadcast so let's hear from Apollo G apology you are live on what on earth is happening episode 220 welcome to the show very well go right ahead awesome hey it's great to finally talk to you let's say a happy belated birthday by the way thank you early this last week on Monday yeah happy Leo season too I'm a Leo moose so I've been feeling that great kind of energy I'm creative creativity and things I have so many things to talk to you about but I don't know let me see um your shirt is cool to it but synchronistic that it's a episode 220 his George Washington's birthday was on February 22nd yeah that's my birthday in February so that's why I know that but or not yeah my sister's birthday oh really yeah I know somebody else who has it too but um Jesus okay so I don't know where to start um so you talked about in the a couple episodes ago with the Satanic society stuff um just New York State in general especially I live in upstate New York and you're right about the people here they're taken yeah the East Coast up into you know most parts of New England but especially the state of New York is owned owned not even as bad here in Philadelphia as it is in New York said it's really bad ah I'm from Pennsylvania originally and when I moved here you could just tell what kind of the difference in people yep Pittsburgh is slightly better than Philly and the middle of Pennsylvania is much better because it's a yellow grandma spurts environment um right they have most of the eastern seaboard and the western coast man they call it the left coast for a reason it's really right out there polarize it's right but um speaking of which was I gonna go on - oh there's in an anarchist thing I was gonna talk that's just um I feel like that's just left rain right brain um the mental schism do you always talk about you know it's the the ones that are willing slaves they'll but they're they're good enough to or at least open-minded enough to accept it to not harm animals yet they won't have the masculine components to stand up to you see how the other side have all of those dynamics InterPro so it's worked with it's such a simple concept but like yeah it's such a simple concept but like your friend owned get a cured we're not holistic as beings as as individuals you know and that's that that'll cause problems societally because the society is just gonna be a reflection of the individuals that comprise it right polarized as you say like the po'lice I was I made a connection I don't know if you mentioned the the fact that like the north and south pole are polite you know and in the middle is where you know things grow yes and off I see er I like officer to say officer just because it's male energy you know it's like an officer it's in green language how that language worked out like that yeah and I know you like science fiction so another green language thing I realized was science fiction itself is the two the two sides you have the masculine science logic from the Greek room sigh and then Phi if from the so the feminine side creation like the Fibonacci spiral is always creating it shows you when it's what's possible with those two things together like things that we haven't ever imagined about a doubt I mean that's that's a great point you know and and that's why science fiction can work to enhance the human imagination and wake people up to possible and get them thinking hey we could be doing so much better we could be advancing our society and so many interesting and creative ways you know that's why I've always liked it as a genre right it's like a painting you are you're taking that chaos of just all the possibility and then putting it into a very ordered thing even though the painting might look chaotic over what you're trying to paint but it's still what it is specifically it's that dynamic of both life imitating art and art imitating life I mean it goes in both directions absolutely let's see I mean I could go on and on yeah but I thought that was really fascinating that with the two Greek ruins and how psychology and philosophy are also based on those two things and there's almost a dichotomy and people that study those things where like people will want to gravitate more towards the psychology side of things and some people more the philosophy side so but only when we coloring it to do we have a whole little understanding right that's what I have to do any people just trapped in one and like the other ones just nonsense there we just we got to fight the other one yeah you have to bring that awareness up into the full conscious mind of people this is the whole point of it all folks it's it's it's learning that that's where our imbalances are and then learning how to integrate holistically all of those aspects of the mind and the individual okay so we're running out of time we have like maybe so we're going to end one minute after so we have like two minutes left I'll try to squeeze one more caller in let's go - lets go - Ivan from Phoenix I'll let Ivan take the show out today Ivan you are live on what on earth is happening welcome my friend hey mr. broken record what's up man hey I'll let you take the show out today go right ahead slavery people reactivate your free your mind meetup groups I looked online - the only one up and going I recently had a meet-up week ago so we got to jump back into that all the free your mind or get beat ups went by the way so don't give up going I see too many people giving up too easily Ivan they know they have to understand the great work is the long haul you got you got to understand this is a slow steady effort and you got to be in it for the long haul you got to realize this is low you got to fight for the long game you know yes indeed yeah it's not easy it is not her assistance always you're like giving up yes I know you're in it for the long game because you you have good qualities of persistence you know that's that sacred masculine dynamic where you just keep fighting no matter what the odds are it's like you people like us I don't think know anything but to keep swinging you know what I mean it's like I may go down I may be taken out who knows what will happen but I'm going down swinging in some form or fashion you know what I mean I'm not going down quietly that's just not in my nature and like you said this show is your house this is your place that's what my conference was my place that's right my way contrary to all the opinions and suggestions that everybody had no I put up my money I did it my way now you guys go out there and do whatever and you know taking suggestions is great I let people give me suggestions all the time and then I run them through I decide hey is this what I want to do is it do I think it's a good idea sometimes I run with the ball and sometimes I think say thank you for the suggestions but I'm gonna do this my way instead so ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening thank you for watching I hope you found the section on the second part of the Tesla and human missing paradigm shift very informative remember go up to the website and you go to the diff section to make a voluntary donation for physical items there check out the art drive offer to make a direct donation at what on earth is happening downtown / donate this is an episode number 220 remember the government is Slade Wilson right here next week thanks for watching [Music]