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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you have to groove on freedom [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery thanks for tuning in to the show today today is Sunday September 1st 2019 this is episode number 221 of what on earth is happening we have a great show lined up for a year today today's show is all about the first ever an arkadelphia coming up here in Philadelphia September 13th through 15th 2019 looking very much forward to being part of this great conference here in Philadelphia today I am joined live in studio with the conference one of the conference's main organizers Carmen chironji Carmen thanks so much for being on the show today actually having me mark salutely so Carmen I want to just jump right in we're gonna actually have also three other great guests we're gonna be talking to your Co organizer Pat leach via Skype we're gonna be talking to two other speakers including Derek burrows and Etienne de la booth C I believe I'm pronouncing that squarely can correct me if l if that's incorrect but Carmen I want to start off with you and just let the listening audience know a little bit about what's gonna be happening in just a couple weeks right here in Philadelphia as part of an accord elfia well we're really excited it's a three-day event Friday the 13th Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th we have an amazing line-up of speakers you obviously Derek it's and a la Bowie Square and Jeff Berwick a lot of other people Clyde to call we got a whole host of people that are bringing a lot of different sort of perspectives into this one melting pot the three main subjects that we're kinda tackling is occultism occulted knowledge cryptocurrency and you know how blockchains are revolutionising economy and finance and then the political theory of anarchy self ownership and so we have all these speakers coming together to do all this but we also are making sure this is a very fun and sort of like memorable event so we have like stuff happening at night every every evening we have sort of like a sort of like two shows at the one night and then the the blowout at the very end we're gonna have a huge skatepark a competition for pro skaters at FDR down the street and then a concert after that so it's going to be very fun and also very enlightening okay so that's what's kind of setting this one apart you're really incorporating some additional social events into this conference as well in addition to just the educational outreach absolutely to the attendees we believe that you know it is about human connection at the end of the day and that's how we're really gonna sell out our key to people like you're not just if somebody's yelling at you on Facebook through a text screen it's not as effective is if somebody looks you in the eye and you know touches your heart a little bit with something that affected them that made them feel this way now tell people a little bit about the venue for the event all right so the venue is actually what's really exciting because it's it's almost like two venues in one so you have the inside of the venue Galdos catering which is a huge catering hall a giant main floor that's gonna have you know all the speakers speaking and stuff like that plenty of vestibules there's bars inside they'll be food to order but then outside is H I can't even bigger parking lot even more square feet and we have a giant sort of like outdoor Agora slike extravaganza if you will we have um we're having this we but we got a giant tent put up to where anyone can come and for like a small fee get a piece of a table and sell their wares whether it's you know don't soap that you make or maybe some glass bowls that you make we're gonna have a bunch of food truck vendors out of there I got a lot of the Philly vegan pop flea type food truck vendors coming through and then part of the we're doing a lot of fundraisers for the free Ross project but my favorite one is the one we're doing outside we have a dunk tank and we bought a bunch of presidential masks and it's gonna be called dunk Trump for Ross so you can like you know pay a couple of money to throw like balls and try to dunk them fake Donald Trump into like a dunk tank I mean I like the idea that you're bringing some food trucks there with vegan food because you know sometimes people when they come to a conference you know they have to make a lot of compromises on like what they're gonna eat especially if they have any dietary restrictions like being vegan so you know I'm glad that you're doing that because that gives people an easy access to get you know some good healthy vegan food while they're actually at the event no I mean I can relate to that personally you know I mean I went to a and other comforts I don't want to I don't want to dime them out but we ordered a vegan entree one of the dinners in it it had um you know like dairy in it you know I mean because the chef wasn't too keen on you know would be it actually means so yeah we want to make sure that that edge is covered from a personal perspective and just in general that's great now I'll tell us a little bit about some of the speakers that are gonna be at the event well I'm really excited for Derek who will be joining us soon he was running for mayor Houston's bond in my opinion I think it's one of the coolest things I was actually me and Pat two hours before this were on Ken bozek's podcast and I was talking about him running for mayor of Houston has inspired me to maybe one day run for mayor Philly on the platform of dismantling the PPA I think I would have enough support if I attack if I took on the parking authority so that's I'm really excited for that of course at Tandy law Bowie c-squared will be joining us in this call as well and I just reread his book again understanding your slavery it's a great book that like it's just a very like straightforward non-emotional way of putting forth the truth that we are under control by what he prefers to his intergenerational organized crime and I feel like that's the most logical least emotionally charged way to like nail that concept and then we have Gina car who's gonna be a beacon speaker I figured I'd throw her in there cuz I want to make sure she's great yeah she's awesome she really has the full body of research too for anybody who's like on the fence about that kind of and I'm max Egan is gonna be part of yes yes max Egan's coming he's also doing a workshop as well and then of course you my friend a keynote speaker preparing my presentation almost to finish my main presentation called the sacred gift of anger I think people are going to be pretty impressed with what I have to share regarding that I think they've seen a lot of it in the last few years here on the show but you know before we go to some other things regarding the conference because I we actually are going to scream you're helping edit the documentary of Mark passio and this and the science of natural law which is my premier documentary first-ever a documentary film that I've ventured into making we're going to actually premiere the rough cut of that it's not gonna be the very finished final version but we have a pretty decent rough cut prepared to screen and we have a little trailer clip of that that I'm going to show the the listening audience on the show here today so let me just go through a couple of things very quickly about at least what I have planned for this event hold on one moment and jump into the slides and we can cut over to the laptop real quick so this is the title card for today's show it looks like we're having a technical issue no no we're not there we go let me just hit play on my slides okay so this is the title card for today's show about an arkadelphia thanks to Brett for making the great graphics of course our guest derek bros Carmen Pat the organizer team and at TN coming up in a couple of moments so this is gonna be my part of my contribution to the event I'm gonna be giving the talk called the sacred gift of anger you can get tickets at an arkadelphia dot-com and if you use promo code passio at checkout for the event then you can get five percent off of your ticket sale and then the Anarch Adelphia organizers will actually match that five percent and donate it directly to what on earth is happening so I'll go to an arc adelphia calm to get tickets and you could use promo code passio a check out for a 5% percent discount this is the title card of my presentation called the sacred gift of anger and I'll be giving this on September 14 that Saturday night September 14th after that we will be screening the first-ever documentary film that I ventured into making and Carman again was one of the editors of the film it's called Mark passio and the science of natural law I'm gonna cut away briefly and cue up the the trailer and we're gonna play that for everyone here today so let me get that queued up and we can cut back over all right we're having audio we're having an audio issue I hear we go not coming through okay here we go apply to human behavior does our knowledge your ignorance of these laws impact our collective freedom as a species this video will explore these questions in our current understanding of universal forces that affect the daily lives of each and every one of us natural law I guess you could say just what almost like first instinct kind of I'm not really sure I'm actually a lawyer by training in education so I'm probably the worst person to ask applies to the whole country [Music] I think it means like how law is interpreted by people everyone was born nice and kind but they are corrupted by society that's natural law to me so what actually is natural law the definition of the word natural is inherent to an having a basis in reality in nature in other words not man-made the definition of the word law is an existing condition that is both binding and amitabh 'el binding means have any effect that cannot be escaped immutable means unable to be changed by anything or anyone [Music] natural law therefore is a set of universal non man-made binding and unchangeable conditions which govern the behavioral consequence of beings with the capacity for holistic intelligence natural law governs the aggregate or collective freewill behavioral choices of entire populations by manifesting the consequences of the behaviors that we choose the consequences which we receive are always dependent upon whether our chosen behaviors are either moral or immoral or in other words right or wrong so that's a very so that's a very small clip of the documentary really happy about the way it is turning out so far I think it's gonna make a big impact when it finally goes public and I want to thank everybody who's been working tirelessly on it so I think well let's jump back into the slides briefly because I just want to finish up with what I'm going to be taking part in so that's the science of natural law documentary coming up so we're going to be showing the rough cut as part of this great event in Arkadelphia and then the Monday after the event September 16th an all-day workshop I'm hosting at Papi's Italian restaurant 31:20 South 20th Street in Philadelphia it's going to be 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. an all-day workshop called teaching natural law with Mark passio this is for potential teachers of natural law I'm going to share some insight about how to go about doing this some of the skill sets that's going to be involved I'll be giving people per specific slides that they can use as part of teaching natural law if they want to do that in their own area this workshop is $120 to attend and again tickets are available at at arkadelphia comm so that's all the the event regarding what I wanted to show and I think now would be a good time to like bring in our other guests for this show and we could start talking to them let's uh let's cut over to Skype everybody if you would unmute please I'll introduce everybody one at a time we have an Arkadelphia co-organizer Pat leach Pat welcome to what on earth is happening but stop mark we have two speakers here with us today Derek Bros Derek welcome thanks very much absolutely and another speaker for Ana an orchid elfia 2019 at Tian de la Bui see now I have I pronounced that correctly it's a pleasure to be with you guys great ok so that is the correct pronunciation there then at Tian de la Bui say we see yes ok square it so uh gentlemen if you want to start us off just let us know what your basic role is going to be in a tan arkadelphia 2019 or how you helped in any way to set up promote the event or how you're gonna be taking part in it just start with Pat yeah my name is Pat leach I'm part partners with Carmen and sunny organizer of in Arkadelphia mark that trailer got me so amped I'm so ready for that premiere you know thanks I hope to helped worked on it shot shot the video I remember we had to do it twice and you're in your room and then Carmen and I went out all over Rittenhouse Square and temple and and shot it wow it's looking really really good yeah I think that's it's gonna be really great when it all comes together and is finished and polished and it's it's got it's off to a really awesome start and I think people are gonna be even impressed just by the rough cut let alone we will refine it even after that to get it into its final form but it's looking awesome already yeah I'm really excited for that I'm really excited for a lot of the parties some well you guys did a great job with explaining what's going on is you can just go to an arc adelphia calm and get a little bit more detail the schedule is there yeah I'm really looking forward to your seven-hour workshop teaching that's law and the documentary I mean this thing is all finally coming together we just have 11 days left I've been working on this thing since since the day we left an arco poco we showed up at an arco poco sort of with a dream and a banner and some cameras and some sound gear and we got the best response that we could have ever gotten you know thank you so much to all of our speakers Derek and at the NA I mean if it wasn't for you guys this thing really wouldn't have happened you know so it's really just the support and everybody coming together and really making this thing happen that's it's just this game is really coming alive it's coming coming to life Pat but I mean you know a lot of people don't really know what goes into conference organization a lot of people have a lot of complaints a lot of things you know that they they you know don't like about how certain things are done but those who haven't really done it don't really understand what it is to organize an event that is this large before we even go to our other speakers I'd like you and Carmen to just talk about like what it's like to organize a conference of this magnitude because our listenership I I don't really think has an appreciation or a really an understanding of it because very very few people have ever done anything like that let's be honest okay so just like you know you guys together like just go back and forth a little bit talking about what it is what is it really like to organize a conference like this the first three months were excruciating it was very little time you know this was redesigning that doing a like a evolution of the brand like redesigning the brand establishing our business our financials just developing and designing the website just getting involved with the network and pushing doing a ton of promotional graphics and just contacting everybody and making it sort of like I don't want to say like fake it till you make it but really get it out there enough to where people see that like we were really trying to do this and we really wanted to get people on board and then you know we've done this with virtually no sponsorship you know we basically put out a bunch of graphics and content and on-boarded everybody and got them to sort of agree and then the ticket sales just started to come in and they steadily grown and allowed us to sort of finance this thing and make it happen yeah this thing is entirely self financed so far we have a couple like small sponsorships but as far as like what everything's been everything that's been paid for it's been booked has come from the support of the people who are coming together to attend this event which i think is really cool that's like the most grassroots thing I've ever been a part of I think when something stays small like that and grassroots it's these more true to its original intent as well so you know it's great that you guys were able to organize it like that with just the the funding and the help of the actual community that wants to see an event like this you know come together and that's that's an encouraging sign because it can be very very difficult to get the resources for something like this people don't understand how much things like this cost it's in the tens of thousands of dollars ladies and gentlemen you know so when people like you know you know talk about like oh it's you know could be done a lot better or this or that it's like you know I I heard criticism when I was in the early days of organizing for your mind you know you hear criticisms of a lot of events but you have to realize people are gonna have to just try to work and do the best that they can with the resources that they have because it literally like trying to find a venue that will even host something like this and do it at any kind of a reasonable price it's like there was an event here in Philadelphia called you know ending racism sexism and authoritarianism that took place I was supposed to happen in in New Jersey in Pittman New Jersey and they moved it last-minute to sugar house casino in Philadelphia yesterday and a couple of people I know attended and they found out just what the price was for one day renting one room one large ballroom at sugarhouse casino was fifteen thousand dollars now that's not including all of the other expenses to bring all the speakers to lodge all the speakers to print all the promotional materials to make the website etc you're looking probably easily a thirty thousand dollars for a one-day event you know so this is a three day event that's you know it's starting off somewhat small like the original for your mind was you know and it's going to be at a nice cater it catered ballroom type venue but it's like you know you're still probably coming close to around that much money for an event like this at least I would imagine I you don't have to share any of that data but I'm just saying like people don't really understand what it is to do something like this and when you do it out of your own pocket or with just with donations contributed it can be very difficult and you often caught it right very by the skin of your teeth literally okay so you know I just want to first you know take that time with the organizers to make people understand you know you guys are putting skin in the game you know it's like this is what I ask people to do this is what makes me happy when I see people doing you know get up do something organize something do some kind of an outreach you know this is what why I get down the reason I get down and the reason I feel like we're not making any any impact is because I see so few people actually doing something real in the real world not just tapping away digitally on a keyboard but trying to make an impact in the real world bringing people together helping people to network with each other and establish connections we need that type of camaraderie and Brotherhood and sisterhood you know it this isn't just about you know digital transfer of information you know we we really do need physical real world events as well in addition to you know just putting information out over the internet I intend to continue with physical real world events I think I'm going to continue them in the form of hosting just my own presentations locally you know someplace in Philadelphia at some point in the near future this way I could work around my own schedule and finish a presentation and then deliver it instead of trying to finish it on a time frame in an in a schedule like you know kind of getting a book report done for you know your high school class or something so that's my vision for the future of live events of what I'm doing and anybody can do things like that you know this is what the teaching natural law workshop is going to be about hosting events in your area to teach people about natural law and what it is why it's so important why we need to understand it as a society so you know I just wanted to take that time with the organizers because it's so important to realize that this is such an important part of breaking through to people is giving a platform for speakers in the form of conferences like this and a lot more of that I think just generally needs to be done with people who are just coming up and you know presenting their information so let's go over to our speakers and I'll get they're taken let's have have you guys talked about what how you guys are going to contribute to an arkadelphia 2019 so let's start out with Derrick bros I guess just introduce yourself tell people like your main website and tell people how you're going to be participating in this year's and arkadelphia yeah thank you Mike I appreciate that and yeah so a Newark Adelphia sounds awesome I think that before I get started on Who I am it does remind me of the early days for your mind what I'm seeing so far which is really cool so my name is Derrick Rose based in Houston Texas I run the website the conscious resistance calm the YouTube channel the conscious resistance Network and it's basically focused on exposing people to the realities of our world helping people understand their own self ownership their own self empowerment on a true spiritual plane as well as confronting the physical institutions of power and exposing government corruption and corporate corruption and all these various systems and and what they're really about so I do that as a youtuber I do that as a journalist both here in Houston and wherever else I can doing articles and reports video reports and interviews and things of that sort and I regularly speak at various events including at arkadelphia so I'm really excited to be a part of this and Eric what is your talk don't be at your mainstage talk at an arkadelphia going to be on I'm you know I'm still kind of working that out actually mark but honestly what you guys just hitting on and what you were your your kind of closing thoughts there as far as having skin in the game and making an effort is it's pretty in line with where I think I'm gonna be headed I'm not sure exactly was a couple of ideas that I'm working with but you know I've really just been putting in a lot more time focusing on Houston where I'm you know where I've been my whole life and my activism that my work is always focused on that how I can affect my local community in addition to going and doing say national protests are coming to conferences in Philadelphia or wherever it may be or an OCO and things like that but I've noticed what I see personally a very huge gap in the marketplace if you will of activists and truth seekers who are actively engaged in their own community there's a lot of people who are active online or have big YouTube channels and have you know good ideas or maybe great work but they also have no connection to their local community in any way which I personally blame is a weak point for anybody who's trying to build long term freedom and build a movement of people who actually question government and question authority around us is you know I think the goal an important goal should be to actually try to have those conversations with the people closest to you so that you don't end up surrounded by a bunch of status neighbors who have no understanding of say natural law or the things that are important to the listeners and you haven't made any efforts to engage them so I really have just put a lot of energy and time and that even more recently so I think that part of my talk is gonna send her around that you know what what are people doing to actively move the their goal you know themselves closer to their goal whether that goal means exposing the deep state or you know spiritual balance or whatever your goal may be and that the reason that brings people to Anika poco and to Anika Delphia and to you know your YouTube channel and my youtube channel I've been really pushing my audience recently to think into question and ask why are you coming to this content you know are you just here because you're obsessed with The Conspirator mint the infotainment the addiction to YouTube and just keeping up with what the Epstein's are up to or what this groups are up to or are you actually trying to achieve change and change yourself and change the world so yeah I think my talk is gonna kind of explore that concept a little deeper and really ask that question of the audience and everybody else there including myself and just thinking about what we are doing in any tangible way what else we could do and of course the answer is going to be different for everybody and there are circumstances but at least to press that question and to put it towards our particular community and towards the community of people online who are looking for solutions and who are looking for answers to ask what are you doing you know what what tangible steps have you taken to spread awareness Derek I love that idea for one overarching reason people really seldom stop to think that the the so-called bad people that are really ultimately doing this okay the people who are brainwashed the people who are you know just not do not understand true objective morality that end up going into the police force to control people end up going into the military and taking orders to go and take natural resources from other areas of the world and their people you know they are made up of people from our community they're not like alien beings you know Orangemen you know they're people that were raised by men and women in our local areas that and and this is what happens they don't they're never engaged on these ideas you know they think there's no other alternative for them and they go into these sick Dupre you know control freak totalitarian institutions and you know offer their body you know as a sacrifice up to you know these people in alleged power that you know and the cycle just continues and continues it's like they're not coming from somewhere else they're coming from our people this is what we have made as a community you know we need to look no further than in the mirror if we want to know what is ultimately creating the experience that we're receiving in the world you know it's we're doing this to ourselves so it's like this is why more people have to speak out they have to be willing to actually engage people where they're at you know the answer isn't running away you know I see this is a big thing everybody wants to leave leave the city go here become an 8x pay go down and move to South America or wherever it's like the answer is to make your community community better where you are at you know and so few people want to engage in that thing because hey they honestly they'll look at people like me and say you want me to become as frustrated as this person is now I I admit it it's frustrating you you you do this for this long and you see this little impact because what it's really about is people have to ultimately at some point stop being an attendee with an ass in the seat and be somebody who's actually doing something and get up off their ass and put skin in the game in this battle for freedom and actually engage other people you know if we're it's yeah the the the days of being just passive observers looking at things like they're taking place on a screen which we're all too familiar with you know with all the black mirrors in our home ok you know how many screens do you have that you stare into on a daily basis I know I stare into a ton of them 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 right in front of me right in that room alone ok you know you know so it's it's like you know we have to start making that conversion from just being this passive observer to being an active participant and I think that's what conferences can start to engage people and especially when you talk to people directly there I always get in conversations with people that say I want to start and I came here to hear you and gain some inspiration from you and it's like how do I start and I just say you start from where you're at don't second-guess yourself if you know enough to even come to an event like this you know enough to start talking about this material you know so Derek I want to thank you for that answer and I want to come back to a very interesting dynamic about that that I'm gonna particularly pose to both Carmen and Pat but you guys can jump in on as well about this area where I'm from and I'll come back to that will do a roundtable on that in a moment but let's go to at TN at 10 let people know about yourself your website any projects that you have done in the past and what your role in an arkadelphia 2019 is looking to be absolutely so I am attend a lab we see which is a pin name my background is I'm a technology into entrepreneur I've valsa I used to live until very recently outside of Washington DC I was in Washington's largest CEO networking group I've worked on Wall Street I've run a national third-party political campaign and I've worked at one of the big four think tanks and and my thesis is so I'm an I'm the founder of a start-up public policy organization called the art of Liberty Foundation and I'm the author of a book entitled understanding our slavery and in the book understanding our slavery what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to make my thesis is that government is not something that was designed to protect life liberty and property government was always designed from the beginning to rob and enslave the population and as everyone on the call probably understands if I don't have the ability to take your money and call it taxes if I don't have the ability personally to make up rules for you and call it laws then you can't delegate rules that you do not have yourself to a representative or to a government and so if the ability for the government to do all these things doesn't come from We the People where does it come from and so my thesis is it's been a legitimate from the beginning and what I try and do with the book is not only do I expose the illegitimate of government but I'm exposing the role of the media in in giving the population this false template that it's legitimate that you're all that is legitimate because we have this political ritual called an election something decide to vote for it if it is that you are somehow now responsible for paying its taxes and obeying its laws and so so the the book breaks down the legitimacy of government but it also breaks down the media system and I do it in visualizations I do it in infographics I do it in historical photographs in a way that has been designed to improve the number of people that want any book because it's very fiction rich and also because the majority of people are visual learners when you when you see a visualization you come to kind of a deeper understanding and so you may our name may not believe that there are six companies controlling hundreds and hundreds of subsidiaries to give you the kind of illusion of diversity of choice but if I show you a media ownership chart you're like damn there's six companies controlling hundred the subsidiaries to give me a choice and then you come to this kind of this deeper insight and so that's what I'm trying to do with the book the books been very successful it's now in its third edition for opening and it's been the best-selling book at an ARCA an ARCA an arc poco for the past two years and what I'm really really excited about with an arkadelphia is that you know in our case that's been really like the best-kept secrets of American politics because it's really the only you know it's the only quarter political solution that's fair for everybody nobody gets the ring a pound or nobody gets to use violence or force on anybody else and they've been hiding the fact that the world is this self-organizing placed produces spontaneous order and that absent monopoly government you'd still have everything the good things you want out of government you'd still have police it just wouldn't be monopoly police and they would only be focused on protecting life liberty and property they wouldn't be focused on SWAT team in you for having a plant or for gambling or for some other victimless crime they wouldn't be engaged in road piracy and if their review then you fire them and you go and you get another you know another security company that provides the you know the same level security that the monopoly police are providing now and so so in the book what I'm trying to do is share this message that that that we can have all of the things that people want from government that protect life liberty and property without the violence the war the the for-profit prisons where you know people convicted for victimless crimes or forced to work for slave labor and these you know for-profit prisons and so I'm doing that in this like very very info rich book you can download it for free at understanding our slavery dot-com and in my talk at an ARCA polka will be something along those lines I'm still putting it together myself but it'll be continuing to expose you know not just the legitimacy of government but media's role in showing how this small handful of old-time music these and a couple of dozen new media internet social media and search companies are able to really weave this kind of control of perception by hiding the alternative voices that are bringing this information to light at the same time they're amplifying the voices they're telling you that the system it's legitimate and that you just ought to pay your taxes and vote harder even when we're being robbed wholesale from Washington DC attend I have a copy of your book both physically and digitally and I have to say it's definitely one of the most impressive efforts of our time talking about the legitimacy of government on its face it's right up there with the most dangerous superstition but I think it's done in a way that just um you know everyone can really just understand and it's so visually rich as you said with a lot of great images in it that I think it's very visually appealing to people it doesn't really read like a textbook or a simple philosophy book because it's very visually engaging so I think you did a great job with that I just wanted to say thanks for putting that out there it really reminds me a lot of the science of natural law documentary because I'm talking a lot about that in that documentary where we explore that if you know someone does not possess the right to take a particular action because it causes harm to someone else or holds them in a state of duress that that that a so-called right cannot be delegated or granted to any other individual or group and then magically turned into a right because it's a wrongdoing you can't delegate or wrong to someone else and magically turned it into a right by any process of mankind that this is something that we explore in the science of natural law documentary and we show how much people do not understand these dynamics you have to see the result of the man on the street on interview format that we did men and women on the street you know interview format and I think what it does is it visually highlights where the human work is to do what is the great work well we're we're visually showing it in this documentary we're showing how much people don't understand one thing that we're talking about how much they get the wrong answers when it comes to it being asked questions about objective morality you know I mean I see it every week on social media I try not to even go on social media anymore because for me all it is is a huge state of depression where I just see where people are at you know and I gauge collectively where humanity is at in their understanding of morality and it's horrifying quite frankly and this is something that I want to ask you guys individually before we get to asking about like this particular area because I want to get to talking about where how you guys have engaged the local community regarding this conference particularly to the organizers one of the things I want to pose to everybody including the speakers is you know do you see people in mass or just I you know in your communities gaining any kind of a wider understanding of morality in general do i I don't even see people talking about the concept of morality and when I do I always hear the same thing that it's subjective it's up to us it's different for everybody moral relativism seems to be completely running rampant and no one or not no one I don't want to make that blanket statement very very very few people in the freedom community even grasp or understand that internally in their own mind as the biggest problem that exists on the face of the earth they don't even understand how tied to the destruction of freedom the whole concept of moral relativism actually is and that's not that's like that's the root of the tree of evil as far as I'm concerned and so few researchers speakers activists are even in in talking about that and imbuing it into the discussion you know I want everybody to just speak to that for a moment and give me their taken perspective on that and see how do you see that playing out in your community on your circles in social media etc so Carmen you could jump in and do that first of all we'll go through everybody else in order well I relate to you mark because I mean the most immediate community that I've been trying to teach this to is my family my like nuclear family and you would think they would be the most you know I guess like open to you know maybe hearing something from their son but there seems to be like this mind virus that is very very difficult to get through so my success has been found outside of the nuclear family and Morvan like the contain commuter like for example an interesting thing that I'm excited for about in Arkadelphia how to address this problem is at the at the skate competition after the show it's going to be a lot of in Arkadelphia attendees but that competition has its own crowd and there are a lot of like punk rockers and I grew up in that senior I grew up skateboard and me too yeah that's that's usually a lot of people's first introduction to it but a lot of people get stuck there and don't ever you know kind of transcend into like the spiritual truths and the higher level thinking that you kind of evolved into if you go down that path and I think to have people like like like Etienne and Derek and all of our people kind of like mix and mesh with those people is gonna be a great way to bring like this outside perspective into the local communities a good example somebody who's doing that whom who's gonna be there is Brandon Martin the guy who runs skatopia he's um he's pretty involved in doing that in his community over in Ohio and it's gonna be cool to see like people who might just be interested in you know tagging things with graffiti and you know smoking various plants to maybe consider that hey look maybe this punk thing like maybe there's more to it than just being pissed off maybe there's some sort of healing that needs to take place and I have to be a part sure and like a big thing in that community is nihilism yes you know just not caring about anything just totally shedding care and saying no the world's just doomed and I'm not even going to bother with anything doing one lifting one finger just let it go to hell you know that's huge in the whole punk rock community especially here in Philadelphia I see nihilistic tendencies all the time yeah and then the other side of that is you know the people who don't go that route usually get sucked into the you know sort of like the corporate materialist route you know whatever it is just making a living and you know having a nice house for your family and you know so yeah your your family thinks you look cool and you're like you know you're following along the little like life path it's like the game of life that's t-nut I mean they want to fit into that and what I think we're gonna do at an arkadelphia to draw in those types is the outdoor carnival is gonna attract a lot of eye and foot traffic and that's gonna be free to attend the the ticket holders will have access to the inside area where all the juicy stuffs going down but we're going to be having a lot of people just coming through all these food trucks and stuff have their own audience like I mean even in the vegans there's like vegans don't understand the connection between you know what they promote and anarchist and how it's like essentially the same thing just applied to human I was talking about this last week on the show how could vegans advocate entirely for freedom for the animal kingdom but not extend that freedom to human beings exactly and and throw away the idea of the legitimacy of so-called Authority and how could people in the freedom community who want anarchy not understand that we should extend that to the animal kingdom exist like how could you want just certain beings to be free not all beings to be free it's it's a total act of cognitive dissonance if you ask me but it's like these are the communities that we have to bridge you know we have to act as liaisons and bridges between these communities because they they only have half the picture yeah or even less than half and there's a whole wider world of information that they have to open their minds to exploring and hopefully you know and arkadelphia could help do that in some way or form yeah that's the idea these these trucks that we're bringing out of huge audiences that are from that visit them all the time in all the various locations and usually it's just pop-up flea markets but this is gonna be a little different because they're gonna be waiting in line for like you know a banana ice cream whip behinds gonna start talking about the illegitimate sea of government and then they might get into an interesting conversation it opened some paths you know what I mean yeah it should be an interesting dynamic yeah so Pat I'll let you continue with that discussion you know we're basically talking about like how do you see your community when it comes to or social circle when it comes to understanding the concept of that moral relativism is the main problem and that we have to understand rights you know are our objective you know and and right and wrong is objective and we can't just delegate rights that we don't have you know you know even in the freedom community the idea of moral relativism is huge and I see it constantly i I was on a Liberty oriented page this past week where somebody was saying who was a freedom advocate just saying oh all the vegans are talking about that they're they don't eat animals because they want to have respect for nature and then it had like a you know a bird devouring or lizard devouring or bird or something like you know a bird devouring a worm I I don't even remember exactly what the meme was but it said and yet this is nature and it's like what that's trying to do it's it's trying to plant the mind virus as Carmen said of moral relativism because it's like it's saying that we should somehow have the the moral sensibilities of the lower animal kingdom of animals that just operate purely on instinct and don't have a higher reasoning function of the mind you know it's um this is something that I constantly try to tell people the Satanists in all of the the rituals that I attended in all of the groups that I affiliated with throughout the years that I was involved in Satanism and the dark occult one of the main things that they told me that they wanted to do above all else which was one of the main pillars or tenets contained in the Satanic Bible was to get the human population to think of themselves as nothing but another animal this is open conversation with high-level Satanists at actual events and rituals that I attended when I was a dark ocultist in my past in my youth okay they said spoke openly about that they were going to convince the population that they are nothing but animals and should basically just choose to act like other animals and really I didn't have time to get into a wider conversation about it but what I really should have went into is well I guess that means we should just walk down the street and rape anybody we want because that's what animals do they don't ask if another animal wants to be their mate they just go and have their way with them so I guess we should just be just raping indiscriminately then I guess you know I guess if you just don't like the look of someone and want to take their territory like animals do you go and rip their throat out with your teeth I guess that would be a perfectly acceptable behavior because if you're saying to just devour an animal like that one animal will devour another well then by that rationale I could just boom blow Carmen's brain out here and then carve up his flesh and then just draw away right it would be just perfectly fine and mortal to do so because the animals do it you know all of these would be just existing rationales for just behaving however the fuck we want with absolutely you know no moral constraints whatsoever so you know if that if people think of themselves as animals why not take it out to its logical conclusion and just absolutely be a beast of the field you know this is what Darwinism has done to humanity's brain it is a mind virus this is Darwinism this is social Darwinism this is cultural Marxism and this is ultimately it paves the way for radical totalitarian control freak behavior is really what it does because what it's saying is that the animal kingdom as far as the animals who can't reason and think and don't have the capacity for holistic intelligence like a human being then we should just bind our behavior back to their way of being in the world their instinctive only behavior right that is that is that what we are we shouldn't aspire to be anything else than lower animals right because to see that they've got Darwinism as a religion and it's not a religion it's a theory and a bad one at that you know and social Darwinism is the credo of Satanism you know that's what this ultimately is minoo other way to slice it except it's satanic thinking and as Carmen said I like the idea that this is a virus of the mind it's a virus of thinking it's literally like an infectious disease spreading through the population that's what moral relativism is so Pat I'll let you speak to that for sure so I would say that by the time I started to give back or raise awareness in my community I had already destroyed my reputation with drugs in the legal system so no one was really like willing to listen to me so I turned to the Internet and that's sort of where Luciferian came out of this animation about sacred geometry and spirit and fractal mathematics that essentially proves the opposite of what you were just saying is that we're not just these animals we are these godlike beings that sort of stem from this same source and and then it sort of evolved into and arkadelphia you know what I mean I tried to start some meetups around here in Bitcoin meetups like one person came and nobody came i mean i'm upstate new york and the cats come out and sunnah you know nobody's really willing to listen so you know i just decided to do this on a worldwide scale now and people are looking now people are listening you know and that's why we're bringing people like you you three you know some of the leading researchers in your fields to the cradle of Liberty what better spot for something like this and you know I I through those hard times I'd sort of become a drifter on the little concert scene and there's there's sort of that nihilistic element in the punk scene that you were talking about where we just find ourselves in these drug-induced days is where we find some sort of some sort of spiritual enlightenment but it's like you know everybody is just all about the jammed and the camping and what festival to go to next so we've actually partnered with my buddy from clockwork records and we're throwing an ARCA work and we're bringing in some dubstep some deep house we're bringing and really like well-known music from Philly local and a lot of other big name artists and that's just another way to sort of draw in this on-the-fence type of crowd and expand into this like pop rock skater scene and like the dubstep deep house Grateful Dead head scene because we're all looking for this sort of utopian anarchy you know but there's just there's there's a lot of you know confusion still there's no the lack of direction so I'm good I mean I'm doing in Arkadelphia because you know it's just the next level this is just where it has come to great you know and I think that's great bringing in some musical artistry into it because you know that lends the creative aspect to it and you know that that can help bridge the philosophical understanding cuz a lot of people come at this from the creative aspect of the right brain you know the right brain intelligence and you know that that helps bring it all together you know that that helps you know people who really only do the verbal and the heavy research end of it to be able to you know unwind and get a little bit of creativity into their mind you know and it also helps the people that you know are like that to come over and get some of the philosophy you know from the music scene you know and again we need to bridge with that community these are people that have to get the philosophical aspect that philosophical underpinnings of a true freedom oriented way of life you know because they have the general idea of that but they don't know what the specifics are you know and then a lot of the people in the in the freedom community are extremely left brained I mean it's something that I'm actually going to talk about in my presentation that holds a lot of them back in their understanding and you know they need that that creative you know expression and outlet you know to be able to really integrate a lot of these ideas holistically and you know that's a lot of these type of events don't do that you know I know free mind fest that was hosted by my friend Tim Smith attempted to do that with a lot of musical acts mixing that in with with lectures and things like that and it went pretty well so I know you guys are gonna try to take that to the next level now where are some of these just as a brief aside where some of these music related events going to be they're gonna be held somewhere separate than Galdos catering that's right at Gallaudet those happen to be at the end of the lectures yeah each night like Friday night is like a rap based one to bring in peace so these are like after parties yes exactly okay all right great and then yes our day night it's a bunch of us basically everybody within the community Berwick Derrick might come out and spit some stuff new rapper that we've got gonna be like I'm free on Friday night Friday evening yeah okay but we took a page out of your book Pat why it's home yeah yeah thank compliments to Leah let me just pull up the graphic right now yeah Vinny from what is it power to the people yeah how are through people power through people so stoked to have him my fantastic rapper yep yeah he is excellent so we have a lot of like internal family truth hip hop going on that night yeah Dee Bros might even take the microphone I heard let's go over to Derrick brews regarding like you know your take on what you see as far as your local community your local social circle whether it be you know in person or online regarding getting the idea that moral relativism is the problem that really needs to be tackled and you know where do you see people you know and how do you see them engaging this you know I think there definitely is probably a pretty pretty big dearth of people who are thinking on on those terms in you know in their average day there's so many people who are just trapped in what would you consider the matrix or the rat race and just trying to survive every single day or they're trying to survive and so in any free time they have they're trying to distract themselves from whatever may be stressing them out or pressing on their you know on their on their neck or and so it's a lot of people don't even really go down those rabbit holes to start to question the power systems around them let alone why do these things happen and to look at morality and even those who I think like you were saying might believe that the concept of morality is something that's subjective they might not even be consciously cognizant leox saying morality is subjective they just sort of act in that manner but I do think that there is some hope and it probably comes in smaller forms and in ways that we don't always see that don't make viral videos and things of that because you know over the last pretty much the last 10 or 11 months or I don't know how or whatever long it's been since an arc of poco and since the beginning of this year I've made a specific effort and really kind of in a bigger way the last two years to get out of the bubble that is the truth or community that is the anarchist American anarchist community and that is you know that some of the conspiracy research circles because I do think it is a bubble that we can put ourselves in that many of us put ourselves in especially when you do this on a pretty daily weekly basis of producing content you know doing writing essays or books or you know putting graphics together just being involved in this world in general and then you get to a point I know where I have been for years where nearly everybody you know is somebody who's connected to that world in one way or another and then you each other friends maybe outside of those bubbles that we exist in some people have no friends outside of those bubbles but I realize the importance of spending time outside of the anarchist bubble is that we get to connect with normies with the regular folk who are out there just living and breathing and trying to go about their business and I do try to approach it from some level of a compassionate understanding and from what I consider to be the beast you know the strategy of a bodhisattva that is somebody that is trying to lessen the suffering of all beings you know and going out there and communicate and working with them so on one hand I don't see a lot of people out there just having these conversations about moral relativism or Authority and what that means but I think that's the role that many of us have chosen to be and to be the ones who come out there and have these conversations and to get these ideas out there and to ask people about this and that's definitely something that I've tried dedicate my time and energy to and you know Carmen mentioned earlier that I am running for mayor of Houston it's been a really interesting ways kind of weird thing to do for me but the reason I chose to do it is because of this because I wanted to talk to people who aren't in this bubble you know they being part of this bubble I have a certain a crowd that's gonna pay attention to the ideas my take on moral relativism a natural law and you know digging deep into these rabbit holes that I do on my youtube channel but that's still a part of that but especially more and more censorship happening the algorithms are just keeping people and their own little filter bubbles so we're not necessarily reaching and gaining new people constantly but through entering this bullshit political system not with aspiration to be a politician but to play their game and to talk about why self ownership is important to talk about why force is wrong and then to use that to talk about things like mandatory vaccinations or surveillance or to talk about the control grid they talk about 5g to talk about all these different issues now I get to inject some truth into that world as well as here from everyday regular people who again aren't going to come to these events and conferences as important as they are and find out what they think and as you guys said earlier to meet them where they are so for example this morning I spent two and a bauer's with some people who are supporting what I'm doing trying to wake people up through this and we went and block walked around a neighborhood just going door-to-door and passing out flyers without these ideas you know the campaign stuff it doesn't have my face on it it's not about me it's about these ideas hey we want to talk about this we want to talk about this we're gonna talk about this and going door-to-door and talking to people and hearing their concerns here I think I'm saying okay well these sound interesting and I am also concerned that my house is gonna flood or I'm also concerned that you know this little problem these problems that seems insignificant and the bigger picture the viola crap we got pedophiles run in the world but at the same time these are these these are these small things that keep people from being able to act and you know if they're worried about their house is gonna flood or why is my trash not being picked up or these silly kind of mundane things they can't even get to the point of spending time on YouTube dissecting these conversations and having that so I'm trying to meet these people where they are by talking to the air every day nor me and at the same time say hey by the way here's some bigger picture things going maybe if we started coming together we could question and challenge these things so yeah it's been an interesting strategy to try to hijack their signal for a little bit and to talk about real issues because I think that's where the people are at the people who are already questioning natural law they're watching the show or they're watching the archive they're coming to n arkadelphia they're going to these conferences and festivals and that's still necessary and important but the vast majority of the world is still plugged into the matrix and is Yellin that rat race is doing their everyday normally things and I think it's up to us or those who choose to be to go into that room to get out of our bubbles and to engage them where they are absolutely I mean that's one of my main areas of frustration personally at a personal level is that I think our community hasn't done an effective enough job in engaging the people around us in our community to understand the the the concept of the legitimacy of authority to and understand the concept that moral relativism is the problem you know that this is a mind virus that this is a form of mind control to get people to accept that to get people to believe in it I talked about the the four pillars or the table legs of Satanism upon which the entire platform of the dark occult is base and that's egotism or pure selfishness as being the foundational aspiration for human life whatever I can get you know let everybody else be damned as long as I get ahead that's egotism that's you know putting the self as as the God in in our world for all intents and purposes then moral relativism the idea that there is no such thing as objective right and wrong but human beings based on their perceptions can make up what right and wrong are and then that leads to social Darwinism the idea that the strong should rule the weak and that's perfectly morally acceptable you know for people to just form a ruling class and that just rule violently over others because they can do it because they have the physical prowess to do it or they have the weaponry to do it and then that leads to the final conclusion and the final solution which is you and that means that because their their physical prowess and genes put them in that positions of power according to these elitists that they should decide who lives and who dies that's eugenics and that's what I call diss genex because they're really not making the population gene pool any stronger they're actually weakening it so that it can't ever Ravel against their control you know so these are the pillars of Satanism and yet the average person embodies them the average person believes them in them and accepts them as foundational principles for their own lives and I see this continually in just stepping outside my door I don't wouldn't need to leave and go any further than this street that I live on to find probably almost every human being with the exception of very few believing in all of those tenets de-facto Satanists without even ever having heard the term Satanism because see people don't understand all Satanism is is egotism that's all it is it's just believing your God this is what they want this is what they told me that they openly told me with absolutely total out forthrightness and just being right out in the open said we're going to turn the population into this this is our religion but we're giving it to them at a lower scale so that we can control them very outward and open about it not trying to hide it whatsoever at least amongst their own circles and said these are the things we're going to get people to accept that's true as just the way things are and what I'm trying to get you guys to speak to is I not only see this in the general dumb completely unread unresearched and television watching fluoride water toxic drinking you know fast food eating population that has never cracked open a book one day in their miserable lives but I see this in our community is that's what makes me you know enraged and sick to my stomach is that I see this in the community of so-called freedom advocates I see I see these tenets espoused by freedom advocates thinking that's going to somehow bring them freedom and when you say to them no moral relativism and only looking out for yourself is exactly what has created this problem it's not what could ever lead to the solution of the problem it's what created the problem to begin with and it harkens to you know the quote from Einstein that no problem can ever be solved when you stay at the same level of consciousness that created the problem to begin with but this is what I feel our own community of people in the freedom movement the anarchist movement whatever you want to call it they are still themselves infected by many of these mind viruses especially the moral relativism mind virus and I see it over and over and over and over and over again in speaking with them personally in sin in looking at their online posts they are radical left brain atheists to a very large extent because they've thrown religion out and with the bathwater they've thrown the baby right out of spirituality of true spirituality right out with the bathwater of the of religion I say throw religion out who needs it but you throw spirituality out with it and you're going to get a worse totalitarian regime than we already have and this is what moral relativism is going to bring to the population of the planet so at 10 I'll go to you next what what do you see on in this regard on this front when it comes to moral relativism particularly in our circles of people let's for the moment leave aside the unwashed masses we understand how fucked their minds are I mean all of us understand where they're at there beyond mind virus their mind is literally liquid diarrhea okay okay to just put it in in in you know plain terms that are that just accurately describes okay but you know what do you have to say about my contention that our community is often just as quote/unquote guilty in the creation of the continued shared human experience of slavery through the belief in moral relativism so I mean I gotta go back to where did you know whether it's our community or whether it's you know that kind of average person in the street you know why do they have such poor morals and the reason I believe and you know from my research is that if you're you know like I said if you're an intergenerational crime system and you're using government gubin re-ment a to you know to control the information that people will receive you don't you don't want the population to be moral and upstanding you you want the population to be dumbed down you want the population to be you know drugged up on opiates you want them listening to gangster rap you you don't want them reading you want them focused on the shiny flickering screen where you're able to use a variety of different psychological techniques to keep them you know watching the deception and the distraction and so you know the original at the end a lab we see who I took my pen name from when he wrote in the sixteenth century you know he was pointing out the tools and the techniques that that the Monarchs the organized crime of the time used to create fealty and to create obedience in the population and they oh they openly talked you know this is this is literally in the 1500s and they openly talked about a feminizing the population by giving them you know games to play in taverns and brothels instead of you know garrison garrisoning troops they would just give the population taverns brothels public games bread and circuses and so that technique has continued throughout history and so now children are taken away from their parents they're put into a mandatory government school that is a more completely moral free zone you're never going to encounter real morality because if people had real morality then they would understand that the things that the government is doing is evil and immoral and illegitimate and so you have to control the information that the people get with these mandatory government schools so you can number one ensure that they don't ever receive any reality and number two you can ensure that the template that they're given when they're very very young it lie in life when they're when they're children when they're in middle school before they're old enough to question the morality of the system that is being promoted to them they accept it without ever thinking twice about is it moral is it legitimate is it necessary is it desirable to have a government they're just given this template and they're saying I pledge allegiance thousands and thousands of times before they even know you know what they're pledging their allegiance to and then you're controlling the the information that they receive not just with the mandatory government school but you're controlling the information that they received through the propaganda and so every television show the government is the hero whether it's a CIA FBI ATF that that all the wars that we fought in are legitimate and we're always the hero and it's okay when we murder people around the globe but it's okay when we go you know out there and because they're washing this in the sea of propaganda it really is you know the equivalent of a modern version of Plato's cave where you know it's only a very very few amount of people that can you know can kind of escape the case the cave and have understand you going to train themselves because they realize the importance of understanding natural law because they understand the importance of understanding morality that they understand the importance of getting their own morality uh tight so that they're not harming the universe so that karma has not come back to harm them and so the so I'm but I got to tell you I'm actually seeing more and more people discussing these ideas I'm seeing more and more cut you know these have conferences like an arkadelphia and ARPA Vegas you know popping up around the country it really is kind of the fastest growing political movement on earth and it's only going in one direction and so I feel very very kind of optimistic and so when you ask you know what am I doing in my own local community I just have recently moved I was living outside of Washington DC in Northern Virginia kind of on the tech corner outside of DC and it really was like living outside of Mecca because statism as a religion and and it's very hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon is not understanding it and so what I've done is I've relocated to New Hampshire with something called the Free State Project there are 24,000 plus libertarians volunteers and anarchists that are moving to New Hampshire where we can magnify our impact as activists as community leaders as you know people in the you know in the community - where - where there's 5,000 people on the ground now there's 24,000 that have pledged more people arrive you know kind of every single week to New Hampshire I'm in Florida right now as you can as you can kind of tell visiting some family and and picking them up an RV for an East Coast tour but when I'm in New Hampshire I'm amazed at the impact that I have in New Hampshire just by meeting the people that I do whether it's at my yoga class or whether it's at a salsa class or whatever but but you know being able to kind of have an impact that is disproportionately impactful than what I could have done in Northern Virginia with a much more kind of willing audience and my thesis is is that if we can win one state and we can get one state to either you know have political secession or have widespread Martin Luther King Gandhi esque civil disobedience where we're ten percent of the population says hey we're not paying taxes we're not withholding taxes for our employees when police officers go to try SWAT SWAT team people for you know plants that people gather around them and laugh at them and point out that their heads are shaved and that their order followers and what they're doing is immoral and they're wearing a costume and and and I think that the i think the Achilles heel of statism globally is in New Hampshire and I think we can win everywhere but at first I think we need to win somewhere and right now that somewhere is New Hampshire the Free State Project is a very interesting endeavor and it's good to see that it's kind of growing and that you've gone up there to take part in it so you'll have to keep us up to date as to the progress of that whole endeavor and how you designate unfolding yes so one of the next questions I want to get into for everyone and I'm gonna particularly pose this to Carmen and Pat carmen lives in the city of philadelphia he lives it only about less than two blocks away from me and pat lived here for a while with carmen and one of the things i want to ask is how has the local reception regarding an arkadelphia been like just when tell us like how people reacted me you told people that you were having a conference about anarchy the even maybe the venue you know or people that you've interacted with to do you know any of the other ancillary things setting up the event or have you done like local promotion and reached out to the local community and and were done you know flyering pamphlet in whatever like how have people from the local area of philadelphia reacted to the event and the general philosophy of the event well there was there's basically two reactions I'll tell my favorite one first we had a bunch of people just come out of the woodwork as volunteers like we had people from different universities that were in the area that knew about you know in Acapulco and stuff that may have never gone there and they just like straight reached out to us hey can we help can we do yoga in the park and me can I be like your speaker volunteer we had a woman who just came back from Honduras but was born and raised in South Philly and she had a something she's gonna be like a liaison to all the speakers she's gonna take care of so much we have people even from like the East Coast community coming down some of the people who worked at red pill are coming to help us out too so we have a lot of grassroots help to come in like we have people hitting me up hey do you want didn't even be a driver didn't even do this so that was really cool there are a lot of people helping and then there was the local targeting on Facebook and I don't know what algorithms Facebook's using to target people in Philadelphia who are interested in Anarchy cryptocurrency and occultism which is what we sent out there but all we got were communists commenting on the ad saying about how ridiculous the whole thing was and we actually had to recruit some of our speakers to go to the thread so it was mixed between people silently showing up to help in every ancillary capacity and I mean even you and your community just jumped right in you know we teamed up like it was nothing so that was awesome but then yeah some of the more I guess traditionally educated folks you know was met with much resistance like you know what do you what do you guys do this is crazy buddy a bunch of conspiracy theorists but that's to be expected as far as the venue the guy's a South Philly guy like if he gets his money he don't care he was like oh that sounds cool I want you to tell my listening audience do I exaggerate even a bit when I tell people the Philadelphia is a communist taken city dude it's ridiculous like my street I live up a small street and for about like four decades there's a sidewalk on the street that the only thing on the sidewalk is a fence to a gas station and for four decades people park their cars who lives up the street on the sidewalk and it wasn't a big deal and then one day the communist government just said you can't do that anymore and it's gonna cost you $50 a day to park on the sidewalk and they literally robbed me of thousands of dollars at the threat of taking my car to move it so I mean that's just one example of that and then you had the mind virus I mean I went to Temple and I was in an engineering school so I didn't get a lot of the politics but they make you take you man easy stuff and it's all just straight out of like what at the end talks about about how it's just like socialism and mind control and collectivism and that whole thing to to get people to basically support statism right so yeah I feel he's bad at that I mean I did a show about the socialist attitudes of people especially in the millennial generation which you and Pat are members of yeah and you know there were studies political studies done where people of your generation were asked if they would rather live in a socialist or even an outright communist regime and over sixty percent it was something like it was almost 70 was in the sixty percentile of people that responded we would rather live in socialism or communism than have capitalism continue yet when they were asked to define what socialism was only about 20% of them could accurately define that socialism is a system by which the means of production and goods and resources are in the hands of the state and to be distributed as the state sees fit to the rest of the population they could not actually give the definition that what socialism really is is the state's control over the means of production and the distribution of goods and resources and services so a paddle let you continue like you lived in Philly for how long approximately probably three months maybe three or four months at the end of the summer okay right up right there right right the next to the gas station yeah they'll take it the shit out of you for anything but they won't clean up the fucking trash around the cars or fix the potholes that you have to park over top of so there yeah there are so many potholes in the city from this past winters I actually made a video what's on our channel one of them was on your road to I was skating to your house and it was just a huge huge hole with like a cone and there's like three inches of the cones thick and out of the ground cuz the holes that I know the hole you're talking about I know exactly that's right on 10 Street just before the corner of carpenter Street I know I almost killed myself riding my bike down that Street late not seeing it look thinking just be a some type of a you know a small water pool or you know or a collection of water or some oil from a car and it is a literal like multi foot deep hole that your whole front tire could go into and that could crack the axle of a car it's so deep and yet things like this will stay there for like six months in this city while they're raping people and people are literally begging them to put - our parking because the whole idea is they're appealing to the selfishness right they the technique I've actually spoken to people to pieces of trash their work for the Philadelphia Parking Authority these lowlife scumbags okay I've actually spoken and sent they are open they will tell you if you find the right person how their management does it they send people to appeal to people's selfishness they go door-to-door to find a useful fucking idiot dupe and they appeal to their selfishness and say all kinds of people are coming into your neighborhood that don't live here with their cars to park here to take the Broad Street subway that just ask people you go to people and ask them where you look hit with this idea that there's this whole big influx of people of aliens from outside of your neighborhood coming here and they're all going to park their cars on your streets so they can easily easily access the subway and then go to work in Center City on the subway this is the lie that they literally go door-to-door to sell to people so people will go think and that never thought this thought ever before one day in their lives all these people are coming here that don't belong in this neighborhood and they're all parking their cars here and now that means we have less parking spots for our cars this is what these scumbags do in government come in and plant these ideas in people's heads but here's the thing are the people strong are they resistant to it or are they weakling spiritually and mentally and emotionally and do they just give in to it and immediately jump right into selfishness mode and go go oh where are they they're coming they're coming here and parking their cars here that's how they get their agenda through by appealing to other scumbags selfishness because these people don't even stop to think they don't care about the rest of the community they don't even care about their own family members I've said the people who voted for have all these two-hour parking and have to get a permit what about your family that lives right over the bridge in New Jersey they can't come here and Park in your neighborhood now because you instituted two-hour parking and they go oh think of that because oh you are funny that is your fucking self that's why because you're adhering to the first tenets of Satanism which is pure selfishness and this is what's really in the hearts of people this is what's really deeply embedded in the hearts of human beings they don't give a rat shit about anybody but themselves that's what Satanism is this is what Satanism is and unless we're teaching that that's what Satanism it see the the Satanists did a brilliant thing gentlemen they did a brilliant thing they called their religion Satanism in the modern world and then you know what everybody goes I'm not a Satanist That's not me I don't worship the devil I don't worship Satan I say that I worship the God of creation so that can't possibly be my religion right no because if they called the religion what it really was then other people would know oh it's your religion all right it's nothing but the religion because what the religion should be called is selfish ISM it's the religion of pure selfishness and that's where most of all of our community is okay I understand you don't need to show me that again okay so I understand why they called it Satanism because they want people to believe it's something else when all we really need to do is explain what the real satanic religion is that all the masters of the world adhere to is the same religion than all the slaves at a lower level adhere to and that's the religion of putting yourself first over everybody else and thinking you're the most important and fuck everybody else because that's exactly where most people's minds are at in this world but without ever having done any self assess thing for anybody else okay and that's what all these people in this city are they are just purely embedded in the religion of selfishness and they're they'll listen to anybody trying to tell them oh somebody else is out to get you and take what's yours and then they'll try to close off that resource and or hand it over to the state which is exactly what they've done with all the public things that were once public in this city it's all state controlled and that's called communism ladies and gentlemen that's what communism is that's what communism is okay and that's what we have so you know I when people when I say on the airwaves Philadelphia is a communist taken city and then I get email saying Oh mark that's an exaggeration that's not that's not really what Philadelphia's where's my vomit puppet when you need them you know okay that's that I want to jump in I want sure back you up I want you guys to jump in about what you how you see this dynamic in your communities because that's all I see here I don't see self selfless people here okay yes the people who are already awake and aware they came forward to say yes will will come and contribute in some form to the conference but how many out of a metropolitan population of over four million souls 20 yeah a handful if I'm saying 50 am I going way too far yeah okay that there you have it so go ahead at ten jump in on that dynamic I'm particularly interested in hearing what it was like in DC versus what it's like in your new you know home area of of New Hampshire and then we'll go to Derek and talk about your current city is briefly Houston you're in Houston Texas so that's got to be a pretty socialist stronghold as well but let's start with that TN and then move to Derek regarding your local areas in this dynamic so that so one of the things that I can I cover in the book understanding our slavery is I I point out that you know once the Indians the American Indians were conquered the Indians had a had a magnificent you know good morality they you know they were in tune with their families they were very family structured they lived they were you know they lived free and after intergenerational organized crime the government quote/unquote government after the government conquered the Indians the first thing that the government did was take the Indian children segment them away from their parents so the parents would have a you know limited ability to provide moral instruction and and explain to them what's right they would put them in Indian boarding schools running the Prussian model of Education and within a couple of years they took the once proud and free Native Americans and they turn them into taxpayers and order followers by segmenting them away from their parents and their family in mandatory Indian boarding schools and so this is a program that's been going on for a very very very long time in 1953 Bertrand Russell writing in a book called on science and society said through diet injections and injunctions and injunctions as schooling so we're going to put stuff in the food we're going to put stuff in the vaccines and we're going to school them up in these mandatory government schools we will create a a you know population that will rebelle and you know that was in 1953 and so if you take a look at the diet and the it you know there's where they putting in the food they're putting recombinant bovine growth hormone and the dairy they're putting aspartame in the sodas are using fluoridated water fluoridated water and beverages they're using genetically modified organisms they're using a food coloring they're using refined sugar they're using glyphosate soaked wheat what are they putting in the injections they're using aluminum phosphate aluminum hydroxide mercury in the form of thimerosal a gazillion different additives and jute nuts that have been proven to have neurological issues and then what are they doing in the schools they're giving what moral relativism and they're segmenting the kids away from their parents who would provide instruction and they're withholding the Trivium they're withholding they're not giving the kids the tools to to be able to analyze the information they receive and understand whether it's true or false so they're not giving them the basics of logic they're not giving them grammar they're not giving them rhetoric and so this is you know I look at I look at the population as being you know as being intellectually and morally crippled on purpose to make them more manageable and to make them easier to rob control and enslave and it is a program and it starts with the mandatory government school and then there's a youth program where the kids get Awards Cub Scout adventure loops Boy Scout and hurt bad news for how to pay your taxes and and and how to salute the flag and roll and the flag but I mean we got it we got to be honest that that their running game on the population they're right there they're giving the population these artificial templates that say it's good to be a bad person and until we expose that until we expose it to the population and the population goes oh I didn't understand that there are a handful of companies controlling everything I see on television I didn't understand I never thought about the fact that they forced my kids to go to the government school I never realized that there was a hidden curriculum in the government school system of obedience and statism and then tell you I really think that until we expose the PlayBook exploit expose the techniques the hidden curriculum of the government school system that we're just going to continue to churn out you know generation after generation of these sad pathetic amoral fluoridated vaccinated government school corporate food eating dumbed down muggles yeah I mean it doesn't show any signs of improvement at least in my neck of the woods like it as a matter of fact last decade has been an abject disaster as far as I'm concerned like I would give anything to go back ten years in the past because it was so much better than than it is now that it's I don't think people really can conceive of it if they don't really live in a metropolitan region to understand how fast the morality of the people is just in rapid descent so um Derek I want you to speak to that dynamic and you know do you see it as any different in in your area in Houston what is the the general you know populations thoughts like when it comes to even exploring ideas such as Anarchy and or just you know the concept of objective morality and not being you know violent or trying to impose one's will and be coercive or put people under duress or anything like that like are they open receptive to that are they you know just radically authoritarian there because here it's like just even speaking out against the state or telling people you're anti-government you're looked at as a domestic terrorist practically it's it's that it's getting that bad in Philadelphia yeah there might be some of those here in Houston as well I mean we're definitely promoted as I would it's an accurate representation but we're promoted as like a democratic city that votes Democratic but we're also still in Texas where people love their guns and where people want to be left alone and you know the city of Houston itself has a lot of libertarian --is-- freedom ish sort of traits about it but it's by no means a like you know bastion of freedom like for example there's there's no zoning regulations in the city there's no you know there's no state tax so there's some of these benefits of it right but it's still a place where people generally think that the instrument of government or the state whether federal state or local level is something that should be used as a way to you know enact your vision of reality and so again like as participating in this like local political thing and getting to see how people think I do see it wow there's so many people that their first thought when there's a problem in the world is what can I do to get the government to solve the problem more well the government should do this what the government should do this so it's really exposing me to that mentality and also causing me to be more creative about how can I get these people to think about how can we take care of ourselves and what is morality you know is the government as an institution even ethical is it even practical let alone effective and having those conversations with people because you know our campaign that we're running is basically all about getting the government out of the relationship so again it gives me an opportunity to say well maybe we don't need to use the government to take taxes from people to make that you know to solve this XYZ problem that you have here maybe there's another way we could go about that or maybe that whole institution shouldn't be involved in that way in the first place and have that bigger conversation so you know I do think there's some folks who are open to it but generally just like any other major city the people here in Houston if they're engaged at all they're not just in that rat race trying to survive and try and distract themselves or just get through if they are politically engaged they typically do see and this is right left everything else they seem to think that the government is the the tool to make that happen there are some libertarian minded anarchist minded people here the city but of course they're definitely in the minority of people and then they're also the folks who if they don't recognize the state are they you know they they might understand the state isn't a valuable tool and that we shouldn't use it but then there is a a pretty good chunk of activists in the city of Houston who are left-leaning and our gifts and who are a bit more extreme on there and maybe the kind of people who were protesting or talking online about and arkadelphia why they didn't like it we have some of those crowd some of that crowd here in Houston - some of those same kind of minded people so you know I think it's everywhere but again I'm actually about to have to sign off mark just for today but I just want to reiterate what I said earlier is that you know I think that it's up to us and I will be emphasizing this at an arkadelphia I'm also doing a workshop and you know lots of other fun things I look forward to hearing your presentations mark of course and seeing the documentary but if anything I just want to reiterate that whatever steps you take you know even for myself to take something as what I would consider extreme to run for an office as a mayoral candidate you don't have to do that I understand the aversion of politics I have that same aversion to politics but whatever you do whether it's just passing out flyers to your church community or to your neighborhood community or to whatever it may be or say you have a kid getting involved in the PTA the PTO the sort of statist groups involved in the schools it still gives you a way to interact with somebody that you might not typically come across all of a sudden you're talking to the neighbors and to the parents of you know the the kids that your your child is going to go associate with if you're in the state school system and why not make an effort to communicate with them instead of just staying at home complaining oh all the kids at school or state as my kids got to be exposed to this well there's a lot of people and this is just real-world stuff there are a lot of people that I've met through this particular adventure of mine and here in my community where I live in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Houston because it's just honestly the only place that will take a felon who doesn't have a lot of money I meet people who are just trying to make it through another day you know and these people they might care about the things we talk about but we need to be to meet them where they're at be able to see that you know not everybody's gonna come to annika Delphia per se or not everybody's gonna watch you know our youtube videos but they're worth talking to and those are the people that are in your communities that if you can't afford to home-school or on school or whatever your kids they're gonna be going to the state school system so why not make an effort in some form or another to get to know those people so as I said go to a PTA meeting your PTO meter just go to a neighborhood meeting or just go door-to-door passing out flyers about this YouTube channel or whatever documentary you saw that excites you just anything because we can't rely for one on social media because of censorship that it's just increasing more and more but also there's something different that happens when you talk to somebody face-to-face this is why we go to these conferences because we know that the power of connecting with each other face to face it makes our movements that much stronger so for the people out there who if you can't make an orchid elfia then get involved in your own community you know and if maybe you end up making your own local events like we were talking about earlier you get your own groups going or your own events happening and that can help you where you're at because we can all come together for really beautiful events but at the end of the day we're still going back home to our own communities and I think that's where we should really be putting our efforts and energy yeah but thank you guys for the time today I appreciate absolutely dark thanks so much for being part of this conversation thank you see you later and arkadelphia alright so we're going to go to calls via discord at about 5 p.m. Eastern so if people have any questions for our remaining guests karmak or Angie Pat Leach and Etienne de la boue Luisi you can call in via discord the callin link is on the what on earth is happening calm slash show page on the website we have about 20 minutes before that so I want to get your take on this dynamic gentleman one of the things that I have been trying to do is explain to people how deeply interconnected with the state the the world of the occult is that's been a mission statement of what on earth is happening practically since day one you know I told people on day one of doing this show that I had a background in the occult I didn't really explore it until after I had covered a lot of information about consciousness and spirituality as a foundation for going into some of that darker material and back then when I was first starting I gave people a lot more leeway and taking a lot more time to get this dynamic 12 years later as many people can obviously see my patience has worn thin and I've become rather an irritable human being when it comes to people's ignorance because if other people took 12 years of their lives to explain something at the expense of many other things that they could have done with that time and the way that I've done it has been exceptional and extraordinary if I may toot my own horn for a moment okay I did it in a very specific and meticulous pattern that made perfect sense laid it out very meticulously and methodically with a very enhanced sensibility for aesthetics graphics and people's you know stepwise progression of needing material laid out in a certain fashion okay and I think I did it better than anybody in this entire movement if I may say so not trying to brag just saying that if I compared my work to everybody else's work mine stands out okay now with that being said the frustration that I am feeling is I don't feel that we're any closer to getting the population in any appreciable percentage or number to understand that this goes beyond politics this goes beyond money this goes beyond corporations this goes beyond crooked judges this goes beyond crooked police that this goes to a priest class that is enthroned behind the scenes and they have a religion and part of their religion is giving a lower level of their religion to us to believe in and then live and put into practice in the world now when I have attempted to explain this to particularly the freedom oriented community and particularly the so-called anarchist community or the so-called libertarian community I've gotten more resistance from them than trying to explain it to a fucking bum on the street straight up quite honestly okay there are some of the people that don't want to hear it at all when it comes to the occult you know they want to hear this is all political and financial machination that we could just clean up if we either stop participating in it or create a new system but when you talk about mind control at a deep psychological level that has been practiced for millennia not for decades not for centuries for thousands of years then I'm not just a conspiracy theorist I'm somebody who's radically making up wild stories just because they have no experience in that realm in their own lives they've never spent one day in it and never will they've never been tapped they've never been asked to participate they've never come across an opportunity to get involved in the world of the occult but what if and when you do and when you do talk to the people who have been involved in that world you will realize there is something that sits enthroned behind the ostensible power structure and our community see this is where my really where I want to take this discussion our community does not understand what it needs to understand and when I say our community I really don't even want to include myself in that okay it's the so called anarchists or what I call the my freedom movement I've called this to my freedom movement for about eight years now okay which is is a derogatory name to label the the so-called freedom movement because I don't believe we have a freedom movement and never have I believe we have a community of people that want to believe what they want to believe regarding the world but do not want to accept the world as it really is because they cannot expand their mind enough to understand that there are things that exist in the world that you have never participated in that have never you have never seen into the heart of because you've never been invited or asked to come into that community and you may never you may die in the state of never participating in a community like that so what I want everybody here to speak to is where where do you think this do you see the same resistance that I see regarding this dynamic because I see it everywhere in this so-called community I call it the my freedom community wrap them all in double quotes actually believe my out of the quotes it's the my freedom community okay so do you see that dynamic regarding occultism in general because I see it like they see this as some quaint little nut niche of religious belief that oh some just lunatics believe that or think that that's going on or that's real and it's just part of an extension of religious beliefs and religiosity they don't understand what a cult ISM is they don't understand who the occultists really are and how they work and operate they think mind-control is some you know a non-existent thing or some illusion that people bring up or discuss and don't see actual social engineering mind control is actually taking place in the world you know and every time I try to explain these dynamics it's like button heads with a fucking rhinoceros I mean really it really is and again it it really makes me think why do I do this I think this every day I think of just quitting and shutting the fuck up every day okay to be honest with you guys right cuz I want to make this more real right just let's talk out on the real okay I don't see this community getting it quite frankly I don't think my contributions to this community are valued wanted or listened to even understood at all quite frankly so I want you to talk further I'm not gonna even interrupt you guys talk amongst yourself for the remaining 15 minutes until we go to calls on the dynamic of why is there such a reserve do you see the resistance that I see to the understanding of the world of the occult and why is it present in the so-called freedom community whoever wants to start starting I see it absolutely I know exactly what you mean and just speak up a little bit right into the mic yeah I know exactly what you mean there is an absolute resistance to it anytime it's brought up like you almost feel the energy of the room change and I think it's because I think the biggest reason to be honest is because people are afraid of accepting that because what of what it might mean yeah you know what I mean it there they'd actually rather like you know sit amongst themselves and say oh it's just some you know shitty politicians screwing everything up because that is easier for them to accept and to digest and to sleep at night and I just want to comment on briefly because you you've said this more than once to me in private about how you feel like it doesn't affect people and the only thing that I can truly say is it affected me and it helped me change my life for the better I'm not trying to say it doesn't help individuals I very much understand you can make an impact in an individual's life I feel I've made an impact in many individuals lives I think what I'm getting at is what I'm angry and frustrated by a lot is there's no appreciable difference in the understanding of what's taking place do you think that people really understand that Jeffrey Epstein is a member of the dark occult and that he's working with occult satanic organizations that sit enthroned behind the corridors of power and are allowed to operate with the rape and murder of children with impunity people should watch the upcoming movie called the hunt have you heard about this no do you know what it's gonna be about is it have you ever heard the mote about the most dangerous game the most dangerous game is something that the satanic elitist actually play with people they've card her off they cordon off a huge swath of land that they own that is often thickly forested or maybe an island or an island okay and they release people that they have kidnapped from wherever community they kidnapped them from for whatever reason they've targeted them they put them in that area like game in a forest and then they go and hunt them physically hunt them with rifles okay and obviously no one gets out alive because they may be given some rudimentary weapons in some of the accounts of this happening that have leaked out from you know within the world of the occult but they essentially hunt them down to no one left alive okay and now there's a movie a modern film coming out and I think a month or two maybe even less than that called the hunt that is going to be about the the most dangerous game there's an old movie back from the 1930s this is how long ago that this information came out that these elitists that these satanic elitists do this it and it was called the most dangerous game it's a very old film but people should watch that one and I'm very curious and seeing the new film the hunt and if this is is it our people getting it do they think it's just a science fiction film like a fantasy fiction film I should say do they think it's just people making up things from the realm of their imagination you know this is stuff that art is imitating life that they are trying to tell the story about that this actually goes on and this does actually go on this is Wow Dick Cheney shot that individual that he shot it was a hunting thing what was the guy that had got um they said that they were hunting quail yeah no that happened during the most dangerous game and he accidentally shot one of the participants that was supposed to be one of the hunters because he thought he was one of the that's what happened and he ended up with buckshot in his ass you know so like do you see people understanding what they're seeing about Epstein do you really think they progressed with that level of blackmail though you know I think you have to have some sort of incomprehensible experience to like realize that this type of shit is even possible like have a lifelong indoctrination of Satanism and understand the back the backend side of that or you know I have experienced with DMT or something something that you think do you think that people would have to go into the occult to the extent that someone like myself has gone into it to ever possibly understand it it cannot be explained see that's why I feel like why bother sometimes I feel like that is true so why should I bother because I feel like it can't be communicated that no one will accept it because it hasn't been their experience and they'll never accept it unless it's their experience this is part of the human dynamic of never-ending doubt that you will doubt something until you are actually experiencing it yourself and I don't think that learning has to happen only through gnosis I don't accept that as a principle of the exploration and learning and actual taking into ourselves of fact I don't think fact has to come in only through personal experience you can know that something is true even if it didn't happen to you I can know that there is water in this cup that will wet him if I for no reason without having to do it he can know that without having to have it poured over his head okay you know it's but but but people are just in ego they're stubborn and like you said they're in fear they don't want to accept this as the world and as long as we refuse to accept the world as it is how can we possibly hope to change it from where we're at the first step of changing anything is making a diagnosis and understanding where you're actually at in a place of hell or in a social condition so I'm sorry for jumping in I just wanted to say that I'm gonna go we're gonna go like at least five extra minutes and then we'll go to calls it's like four or fifty three we'll go to like even ten after five before we go to calls I want you guys to explore this dynamic on your own I'm gonna stay out of it go ahead all right I want to jump in here because I think you made a bunch of good points and I want to address some of those I want to start with really defining the word a cult which really just means hidden and so things have been occulted they've been hidden from society and I really think that the main thing that has been hidden from society is that there are technologies and techniques and ways of controlling society and I think that these techniques have been passed down through what I like to Caillou I like to use the word intergenerational organized-crime because I think that that starting with you know free masonry behind you know even even you know going back past free masonry going to you know ancient Babylon there were techniques that were developed that were that allowed the ruling population to whether it's nutritionally crippled the population whether it's intellectually crippled them with mandatory schools some portion of the population figured out that if we can control the information that people receive then we can program the mind like a computer and the way that we control the information that people receive is that we give them religions whether that religion is Catholicism whether that religion is statism whether that religion is Satanism whether that religion is Tom Medic Judaism whatever it is if we can program the population by giving them a template that we are able to influence their decisions and so if you can give somebody if you can slip them the statism as a child they don't even realize that it's a religion even though they're doing it they're using all of the tools and the techniques of an ethically manipulative cult and I think that that dynamic that ability to hide the tools and techniques and the playbook I think that's been you know kind of the the kind of one of the key techniques what I try and do in the book is make what was invisible visible and so you mentioned Jeffrey Epstein Jeffrey Epstein is a member of the Bilderberg Group is a milk member of the Council on Foreign Relations these are two of the organizations that I finger that I finger in the book as controlling the media and in the in the book I've got media ownership charts and I have visualizations showing how those two organizations the Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg have over the decades in fluent you know have maneuvered their membership into the key reporter ships editor ships publishers pred the presidency the vice presidency the Joint Chiefs of Staff the CIA the DoD the import-export bank the Federal Reserve going back in time through Republican Democratic administrations it doesn't matter going back decades in every single one of these major centers of power you're going to find somebody in from the Bilderberg Group or the Council on Foreign Relations and so now when you put the pieces together and you see what Jeffrey Epstein was doing so you see you've got a member of the exact same group running a black mantle operation factory factory automated as many people as we can scoop up in our blackmail operation a year politicians prominent individuals and you realize hey the reason that these people are in power is because they're willing to do the things that most people won't do like run a blackmail operation on you know dozens and dozens and dozens of politicians and prominent individuals and some been real quick I know I said I wasn't going to but just to highlight this fact it's like people don't understand that that's how they operate that they are bringing people to this island getting them involved in some type of sexual activity with children or even having children come close enough to them just so they can photograph them with children making it even appear as if they're involved in sexual activity with them both of those things are going on they're actually doing sex acts with them and they bring some people photograph them in compromised positions with children so that they can get total compliance from these people when they're back in the regular world interacting so they'll say hey you're gonna vote the way we want you to vote on this issue no I'm not oh no you're not well then tomorrow's newspaper is going to have the picture of you with the seven year old boy in between your legs that's what's gonna happen you know or you know it's gonna have the picture of you with all of these four year old girls all around you you know that's how these sick fucks operate and people don't understand it they don't get that that's what this is all for and they don't understand the other half of it is they're actually participating in murder rituals torture rituals you know all kinds of sick depraved rituals with these people looking at his islands seeing the types of buildings that are on it you know creepy and people going oh what is this what kind of denomination of church is this it ain't no church dumbass you know it's a satanic temple is what it is where they conduct rituals with children and people still don't grasp they don't seem to be grasping what they're seeing so good I'll let you let you continue I just wanted to interject that no no it's a it's a great mark it's a great point and so what now I think to your point now that what is what was invisible to a certain degree with Epstein has been made visible and what I'm trying to do in the as I'm trying to using the visualizations you know if you never realized that you know that these three organizations have their membership in all of these different key reporter and editor ships at almost every major publication and news network and paper of record and you know new service well once you see a visualization kind of connecting all the dots all of a sudden you've made what was visible what was what was invisible occulted you've made it visible if you didn't realize that they were using religious symbolism and their propaganda in the in and understanding our slavery I've got three dozen examples where you know they've got bush in front of the cross or in front of Jesus or the or Clinton and Trump having halos and they're using all this religious iconography but you never really notice it because they come by one at a time but if I stack three dozen examples in front of you then I've taken what was occulted and I've now made it visible and so what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to make these connections that were previously invisible and occulted I'm trying to make them visible in a way where people come to understanding very very very quickly into kind of a deeper understanding because they can see the connections for themselves they can see see the historical pattern they can see that the United States is running the exact same play book as the Nazis the Soviets and East Germans and because human beings are really really good pattern recognition machines when they see that pattern they're like hey wait a minute that's that's artificial that's a that's a playbook there that's they're not they're doing that on purpose and so that's really I think you know I think that we can that we can expose it the question becomes how do you do it when the population is watching this propaganda system where they think they have that there's hundreds and hundreds of different companies and organizations that are providing them there News and then and surely if if there was organized crime was really running things than it would be on one of these channels and so what you realize that it's not hundreds and hundreds of different it's just this small handful of companies operating as a cartel controlling every screen and deceiving every audience well once you see it for yourself then it's a lot harder for them to fool you again and once you realize there's a man behind the curtain it's a lot it's a lot harder for him to fool you again and so how do you do it in a situation where they're controlling every screen and deceiving every audience in addition to the book I've got a little flash drive it's called a wafer drive as a credit card size eight gig flash drive that has the book and eight gig of evidence of government criminality and I think that we have to go door to door and so one of the projects that I'm working on is we call it the pre state project but but let's take the book are physical copies of the book physical flash drives physical DVDs have acts and let's distribute a hundred thousand in New Hampshire and let's wake up let's really widely expose let's get around the censorship the only we're never gonna you're never gonna be able to cut through the censorship on the DARPA Internet you're never going to be able to cut through the censorship on the mainstream media you're never going to be able to change the algorithmic manipulation that Google is involved in so you have to go door to door you've got to physically distribute you've got to physically get this information into people's hands so that they get around the how to rhythmic censorship of Google and search engines and so I think that that it's got to be door to door it's got to be hand to hand and so in our Liberator flash drive we make it so anybody can download a liberator anybody can can can print out the label and wrap a USB Drive of their own and hand their their neighbor a flash drive that is going to have these media ownership charts that's going to have these visualizations showing how these organizations that produce Jeffrey Epstein are controlling all of the levers of power from the media to the presidency to the vice presidency to the CIA NSA Joint Chiefs of Staff FBI Federal Reserve System but you've really got to see it with your own eyes to believe it and you've got to get around the censorship to be able to put it in front of people so that they can see it with their own eyes it's a good idea to do that digitally with a small flash drive that makes it easily you know shareable you know people can copy it and share it easily so great idea like to do it like that so Pat we have about five minutes before we're going to go to calls I'll let you speak to the dynamic of do you agree with my contention that the so-called freedom movement is very very resistant to the idea of understanding the occult forces that we are up against and if so how why do you think that is and how can you possibly see what do you see that we might be able to do to put a dent in that dynamic see it's just so complex that I think people are almost unwilling to just absorb it all I went and I looked at I'd looked up epstein Island that temple just now and also found this huge sundial and you know that brings to my attention the Stars and the understanding how to harnessed astrology in the precession of the equinoxes and its relation with time and nature and the kingdom of God being within and how to use this energy to your power and I think that's potentially what these sick fucks are doing and as far as like us like we like you said this is a like Howard said this is being this information is being passed down through generations of criminals and so on and so forth and you know it's just so much to wrap your head around I think we all sort of dive into one little specific area and focus on and then everybody's focused on that but it's just so widespread that it's just like almost incomprehensible so it's like saying before you almost need some incomprehensible experience to sort of open your mind up and to realizing that you know this is all a facade it is all made up it is all controlled by some really sick fucks and I don't know that and that's why I'm doing in Arkadelphia I'm just trying to bring people together you can further talk about this shit further expose it you know what I mean I don't know what the fuck is going on but it's definitely something then I'm fucked up shit I'll wrap up this segment before we go to calls with just saying that I feel what the most important topics to get across to the freedom community in the modern world are are the understanding of the realm of the occult what occultism is why they are hiding this information as at 10 was just referring to and understanding that how what the state of mind that they want to keep the population in is this is what people don't yet understand they don't understand who the occultists are they don't understand what their belief system is they don't understand what the whole realm of the occult is the information that it contains why it's important to understand it and they most certainly don't understand natural law as a body of laws that operate within the realm of the occult because they are unseen non-physical laws that ultimately then percolate into the physical domain because they are about the consequences of the behaviors that we choose and people don't understand in the freedom movement to a very large extent how moral relativism is the absolute murdering force within this community it is the dynamic that is completely and utterly annihilating human freedom more than any other and I think that that we really should try to take up the mantle of explaining these things to this community because they're very very reticent and even outright resistant toward accepting that these things are true and we're not gonna make any headway until we get people within this community to grasp these concepts and understand why we need to understand the world of the occult and why we need to understand that to embrace moral relativism is to embrace slavery yeah and that's why we were very deliberate in putting occultism as a tag for an arkadelphia we're I'm sick of it too I'm sick of like people staying just in the political realm or even just in the cryptocurrency realm we want it to be very deliberate so if anyone out there you know thinks this is important and wants to support us I mean like I said we're doing this without sponsors but this is something that like the whole world has to come together to contribute to so if you want to contribute in any way as far as like volunteering getting involved sponsorship shoot an email to TSO a at the state of anarchy calm because we need everybody to come together as one to overcome what is a very powerful and ancient force that holds us in bondage sorry let's put that email up there was TS o a at the state of Anarchy comm so if you want to get involved with helping them with their mission statement of exposing this within the freedom community that's why I decided to take part in this conference because you are including that aspect you know and that my contribution regarding the world of the occult is gonna come in the form of my workshop you know I'm gonna talk about a human social dynamic more than anything else in my main lecture regarding anger and why it's needed and why it's suppressed there's going to be some information about social engineering there which ties in with the occult but largely that's going to be about this the social dynamic and the cultural programming of the suppression of anger why the powers that shouldn't be you know are doing this and trying to repress anger within all of us so what I'm gonna do right now is I'm going to ask our hosts to mute up on skype and then I'm going to unmute you in discord so we can prepare to take calls in discord okay so just mute up on skype and then I'm gonna switch over to discord okay and I'm gonna unmute myself in I'm gonna unmute myself in discord we have some people on the line for calls I'm gonna unmute now my guests on discord so just give me a moment to do that binary alright alright gentlemen just give me some audio to make sure that we do have you on discord by noise rules okay at 10 you have to unmute your mic on discord all right at 10 can't hear me let me let me or maybe you can I'm not sure at the end you have to unmute your mic on discord plus you're unmuted at the server level so just on mute in the app yeah there you go there you go great all right so we're good to go let's go to the phone mutters yes we're hearing you all right so let's go to a pox a pox you're live on what on earth is happening with our guest Karmakar Angie Pat leach and at 10 della boot Luisa how's it going I'm doing ok thank you yeah thank you you know it was nice to get variety of people's on the show - I think you guys brought up some good topics I have some good points that been thinking about and I think it would be good to get you know I'd like your opinion and also everyone else's as well in the call sure go right ahead ok so you know you're talking about what what people have to do to be able to to get back to first principles on on different yeah two people to get back on first principles like the fact that morality is objective that there is you know there's a spiritual realm and there's more than just material yes so along those lines I was thinking of the motivations behind people like what they do in their belief system I find that many people like you know when they they're motivated by like when they do things in life or when they tried to join certain groups or their careers or the relationship I find that they're there a lot of people if they're not mentally strong enough they are they're driven by a sense of belonging rather than this you know then this independent mentality that you need and I feel like you need a certain strength and you need a certain mental toughness to be able to think outside of the system and I was thinking to be able to break through to people how do we how do we reach people like that without them having guilt without them having been through something like you know incomprehensible like Pat was saying or through something really traumatic or going through the occult like yourself what is it that we need to break through to these people so that they can see and they can become strong enough mentally so they can stand on their own and not you know not try to join groups as belonging it does really seem that way doesn't it like that the people who are really going to really go the farthest and their understanding have been toughened they have been tempered almost as if it's like a sort being being forged you know in heat and hammering you know it's like people who haven't suffered and been through a lot of trauma and suffering really don't seem to really get it at a deep level only the people who have experienced that and come through it so who would like to speak to that dynamic like what can we do possibly to reach people on a term other than them having to go through such a negative experience because it seems like that's what we're choosing on a mass scale it's like on a mass scale the whole population of the planet is saying we're not going to learn this lesson until we get beaten and forged in fire like a sword you know then you know we'll come out on the other end a little bit sharper but it's like we're begging for that negative experience we're begging for what I call the way of maximum pain which is not necessary there are spiritualists all over the world to give people the boat the new a bullshit that oh nothing good can ever come without that happening it's a big crock of shit of course you can learn again this is what I want to make a focal point of my work in the future you can fully learn and become fully enlightened without having to go toward the most negative experience it doesn't mean that you don't suffer at all but it doesn't mean that you know what I don't believe that fires hot so let's just burn all the fucking flesh off this hand down to the bone to prove it like I don't need to do that to learn fire is hot you know like we have to stop being so just ridiculous in in in certain forms of extremity you know so like let's let's go to the caller's question and I'll let you guys return you know respond in in turn is there anything that can be done to try to get this understanding to people without them having to go through the way of maximum pain so to speak potentially we're moving motion so I sent two images of Epstein's Island to chat and if you look top at the temple you can clearly see that there are hieroglyphs on the patio and it is clearly like fractal frequency of expansion so mathematics for me was allowed allowed me to look into this stuff deeper and remove emotion because mathematics is objective is morally objective your is no emotions there is no subjective answers tonight Thanks so when you follow this fractal mathematics to the center - at least for myself I realize that I am that source and everyone is that source and they don't teach us about this stuff in public school they don't teach us about Fibonacci or the golden ratio or how facto mathematics is the framework of all or the entire organic realm and it must stem from something spiritual and then we look at all the like you said at the ending there's six corporations that rule everything and all of their symbolism is the epitome of spiritual facto mathematics whether it's a car symbol whether it's on food whether it's a football team no matter what it is so they're just hiding the stuff in plain sight and they're pushing it right in from your face and as long as you see and you accept something else you're like internally digesting and adding that to your sort of like live or but those those are dull arrows you know I'm gonna do anything so I felt like moving the motion starting from the center mathematics helped me and open my mind up a lot of things one of the things I heard the callers say was that a lot of the trouble that he finds is that the people who are you know I guess okay with being in the cult of mediocrity or the cult of the ignorant is that they find a sense of belonging because that's what I feel like a lot of us are looking for in general and I would say the only way to really offer them something to get them to open their mind to something else would be to to essentially give them somewhere else to belong somewhere somewhere else that's more true to the heart and the only way to do that in my opinion is to lead by example like I know the people that I've managed to change or get their minds to be open to these new things it isn't because I've proven anything to them it's because I they felt that like they could trust me they could trust what I was saying because they felt that it came from a place of compassion and that that place of compassion seem more belonging to them than whatever you know rigid social structure they got thrown into so I think we have to offer people something benevolent in the face of all of the stark stuff as far as like hey look this might be a hard thing for us to comprehend and to accept but we're in this together with the by the very nature that you're willing to explore this with me and I'm willing to explore this with you and face it and courage and bravery that might give them a new place to belong that's my two cents I think that's definitely the right approach I the only problem or issue with it is there's so few people that do have any understanding of this that the idea of we're only going to do it by leading by example how many people could we possibly influence it's like we only have a certain reach within within our own communities and lives and it's just I feel like it's such a paltry number compared to the overwhelming hordes of ignorance so out number that the human population the the awake population that it I get discouraged because I see like even if I went out and attempted that what are the odds that I could do it with even three or four people in the course of a week or a month what impact is that going to have unless they're all also become as in fluent in as much of an influencer it's like the the chances of building that and making it become a dynamically expanding exponential pattern seem slim at this point if it hasn't happened already I'm not going not to be discouraging I'm just saying that I just see like like I I thought that that was going to happen over a decade ago in my naivete regarding how moral people were and how they would respond well to truth and then when I saw not only completely be rejected but the dynamic went in 180 degrees in the opposite direction where people quadrupled and ten folded down in their position on government authoritarianism like I'm I'm discouraged to the point where I'm discouraged more than what I told people I told people not to get discouraged and like I went way beyond their former level of discouragement seeing where human beings are at but I think I just looked too deeply into the average human heart and saw how black pitted like coal it was I don't know whether again I think your idea is very well-intentioned and good hard Carmen and I don't want to dissuade you from that course of action I'm just I'm sorry I have to be honest about what I think right so I feel like I did try to do that with people and basically what I found was that they literally do not care about the truth or freedom and that they are that they find the world perfectly acceptable in the slavery that it is don't care to understand why it's wrong don't want to do anything except to selfishly live their lives because I think one Satanism has a person at that level of control they're gotten I don't know whether people in other words maybe they went deeper into Satanism than I ever did that's what I've really come to start to think by having looked at the human condition as deeply as I have I don't think I was ever much of a Satanist as black-hearted and deep into Satanism as I went it was negligible - how satanic my neighbors on this very street art or in on other blocks in this community or in this city or in this nation I I just think they made and past tense present tense and future tense they were are and will be better Satanists than I ever were and than I ever was and that's the problem they don't even know how deeply into the Satanic mindset they have gone and are currently in they don't understand that they think it's just life as normal business as usual and they don't understand any aspect of what Satanism actually is let alone how deeply ensconced in it they are in their own personal mindset and that's what why I'm I have been increasingly more and more discouraged in even attempting to continue this I don't I don't you know the the capacity that I'm going to do this I'm still gonna do the show but I am really going to largely back away from a lot of aspects of this because of where I see people's minds and hearts I don't see them open I see them 100 folding down forget bubbling down their their trip their their hearts are being hardened 100 times over as I see it I don't see any body opening up their minds in this especially in this area like I feel like if I don't I feel like I have to some at some point leave this city or I'm going to go completely mad this city is a like molten lava pit of just absolute sick darkness of the human mind and heart and that's because they know where they have to inject the satanic energy like as Ross Ben who was one of the speakers in the early for your mind days said what is done in Philadelphia is done with the full consent and an approval of the earth the Earth Spirit itself takes the energy that is present in Philadelphia and scatters it throughout the rest of the whole planet it's it's a it's an injection point like if you inject into a vein it'll to carry the the the the thing that you're injecting throughout the body Philadelphia is like an injection point for the earth literally this is this has been discovered and talked about in geo man see it's it's a very well known thing that Philadelphia is one of the power centers of the earth as far as the Thira kenner G is concerned and the wat itself has Phi in it twice FHI which is Fibonacci right cultivation right so and you know this is this is a Center where the occultists knew they had to take it so deeply so completely that all of that black energy would be sent out through the rest of the world you know because that's why the whole mound system is here you know that the ancient mound system of the the ley line systems all converge here in Philadelphia what they called the dragon paths or the ley lines this is a deep energy you know it's it's a conduit Center yeah it's a coming together of conduits of energy and they understood this G oh man see and that's why they had to take this place so completely and boy have they I mean it is it's I mean when people come you'll see I I hope you see when you come for an arc Adelphia I want you to see I I don't want you to just go and you shouldn't come here and just then that's one of the things I'm going to suggest for people who are coming to this conference don't just come here and only interact with the choir please you will be missing the experience you will be missing the totality of what you could have as an experience in coming to the city of Philadelphia if you're not from air if somebody whoever is if we commute the interface sounds I don't know where that's coming from but let's try to do that it's probably in somebody else's this Court I'm sorry for that oversight we didn't go through every single setting so it's just what it is anyway I think my advice to people coming to Philadelphia is attempt to vet what I'm saying and understand I'm not making it up or exaggerating it okay anybody who's really awaken aware and who has been here for any appreciable amount of time will show you I will tell you personally that I'm not exaggerating what I'm saying okay and it's why it's hard to be from here to live here to just be it doesn't matter how strong you are after a certain amount of time it wears upon you it wears upon you and see this is what I have to understand that I ask other people to be as strong as I have been and now yet I absolutely fully 100% admit to everybody out there I'm my armor is weakening my shields are weakening they're taking hits because of how much darkness and blackness and soul-sucking Satanism is here in Philadelphia it's a satanic center of the earth you're not catered man three months three four months was all I could take him and then I mean I I admit I'm one of those guys who flies down south for the winter but you know what I'm doing that the past couple years is it's made me want to get more involved up here in my communities right right I've lived here for the whole 45 years of my life Pat and let me tell you something I would give I would give up my life to have the city returned to how it was 20 years ago even I'd take a decade ago that's how wretched it has become this place it is a sick wretched place of Satanism and communism Mos Eisley has nothing on the city of Philadelphia believe me never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy you you I think in the caller's diner dynamic I'll go right ahead yeah that's why we got to get you up to New Hampshire because I feel like Philadelphia is is bringing you down wait I feel like like you maybe it's the other way around maybe everybody needs to come here and build the community in the place where the energy is actually scattered to the rest of the world that's what I'm thinking I'm thinking I want to take advantage of this here man see stuff but I also like the idea of the free state project of them all coming together and bringing you know people of a freedom oriented mind set into one place you know it but yeah Philadelphia is definitely it is it is having a negative impact i I I have a the that I very mixed feelings about moving because I consider that running and it's just not in my nature it's like am i I feel like I just have to somehow weather it but I don't feel like other people really appreciate that's why I want to say when people come to the conference interact with the community in the city go into Center City and interact with people go into South Philadelphia and interacting people go into West Philadelphia and interact with people go into North Philadelphia and interact with people okay and you will see the dynamic go into Northeast Philadelphia and interact with people you will see the dynamic that I am talking about here and what the mindset is like and you will see it's far worse than whatever community you're coming from I get the only place that if you're coming from that I would say it's probably worse as New York City yeah and maybe law Los Angeles and Chicago if you're coming from one of those cities I'd say we're either you're either even worse off or we're right at the same level but it's about right at those levels believe me I'm gonna throw Washington DC in oh sure it is it is the neck it is literal watch the status bring their children to Washington DC and take them to the Cathedral of the Capitol and temples along the plan you you know the show them the and it really is you know because if once you understand that these are you know just techniques that are being used on them that's our fish were pledging and the the point I was going to make is if if you if for those of that have heard Plato's allegory of the cave there are people that are trapped in a cave they're there they're tied up in a cave and behind them there is a fire and in between the fire and the prisoners as a walkway and puppeteers go along the walkway and and they cast a shadow play on the wall of the cave and the prisoners grow up and all they ever know is the shadow play and if someone comes you know when if when prisoner escapes and he gets outside and he sees the outside world Sun other people and like what's going on and he goes back and tries to explain the reality of the outside world the prisoners think he's insane because they don't have any frame of reference because they've never been outside of the cave and so that is the dynamic that we're dealing with in that the that our fellow people trapped in the matrix but they're getting they've had all the information but they have received controlled to them their entire lives with that can whole was the mandatory government school whether that control was the media propaganda system whether that is Google manipulating search engine results whether it's the videos that are recommended to you by YouTube whether it's the fact that they're manipulating the stories that pop in reddit whether it's the fact that they're controlling the comments and discuss the con to the comment plug-in that they're using whether they're censoring I just got censored on Meetup so up isn't allowing you need to post discussions to the guru too - one of the groups that I'm in and then they're censoring my emails - BAM even though they're not spam and so the population is having this kind of information warfare waged against them in ways that is imperceptible - 90 plus percent of the population now it's starting to get out now we've got a whistleblower for Google I don't know if the if everybody's up on the latest news but - two weeks ago a senior Google engineer released it did a document dump - project Veritas where where he related information including some of the lists of websites that Google is suppressing and so now people are starting to see hey wait a minute you know Google is lying if you later search results and they're manipulating autocomplete and they're manipulating the videos that are suggested to you by YouTube they're censoring some they're magnifying others but I got to tell you until the person understands and comes to kind of a sadistic somewhat sophisticated understanding of what that program looked like the companies that are involved and how they do it you're not going to really if they think that it's that they get or legitimate then they're going to remain trapped in clay doze cave the CIA has a handbook one of the Maxim's in the deception handbook is all things being equal the amount of of it's harder to deceive somebody the more channels of information that are available to them however within limits the more of those channels that you're able to control the greater the likely exception will be believed and so if you're stealing trillions of dollars through the tall bailouts military-industrial complex fraud no-bid contracts given to you know to military contractors and Beltway bandits and forcing the population to buy ethanol gas that they don't want or forcing the population five acts as they they they you know it come on as long as your as long as you're able to control as long as they don't understand that that dynamic they're gonna stay trapped in the cage but you know not to be a broken record once they realize that that dynamic is going on it becomes a lot harder to fool them because they understand the game and that's what I'm trying to do that's what I'm trying to do it bosz the fact that and by the way like I said if you're stealing if you're stealing trillions of dollars a year a couple hundred billion that you spend to control the media back on Wall Street we used to call that mice it might as well be free it literally might as free for them to control hundreds of different channels and then the other the other aspect is is that they're using psychological techniques to keep people trapped in watching the TV whether it's constant motion I'm going to tell just a quick real quick story the most interesting thing I learned in 2008 it was a study done by Duke University they took rhesus monkeys they put them in front of video screens and images would go by the video careens and the images would keep kind of going by as a freakin cherry juice e juice was coming out of like a little hamster bottle and they would drink the cherry juice e juice and as long as they kept drinking the images were keep but at anytime they could freeze image and they could have the image stay on the screen just by not drinking the juicy juice which is akin to kind of paying for something it's delay of gratification and they found out the monkeys would would would pay essentially pay to see two different kinds of images and one image it was kind of obvious they would pay to see monkey porn they would they would literally pay as they would they would hindquarters of female monkeys but the other image that they were willing to pay to see and it was it blew me away and today I described it this thing that I learned in 2006 is that they would pay to see pictures of higher status monkeys Wow and so monkeys live in a troop and if and there's a defined pecking order with a monkey number three you'll pay to see image as a monkey to pin one but aren't worried about anybody but you'll pay to see one through seven but human beings are biologically attuned to look at pictures of higher status monkeys and this is the kind of biological psychological mechanism that that they understand that keeps people glued to the screen that once you kind of understand it and you tell that to somebody then all of a sudden when they catch them what I like to call surfing the monkey porn you know then they go oh wait a minute um that's why I'm doing it they understand that there's a dynamic behind it and so by by kind of revealing the tools and the technique that this prime system is using to keep people trapped looking at their tablets their smartphones their their television sets once you reel once you can say hey gain to running you know they're they're there they're keeping you trapped in the system by exploiting their knowledge of human psychology and biology it's a lot it's a lot easier I found age what's they realize you know how what kind of game is being played on just now I think that's a very great point that you brought up regarding you know the types of images that they would quote pay to engage in I would say that human beings that have not developed higher functions in in their spirituality would behave like that it's the same as human beings that haven't developed higher function spiritually regarding the refusal to engage in violent behavior that have not you know developed the spiritual sensibilities to realize the legitimacy of authority have not developed a spiritual sensibilities to realize we shouldn't bring harm to the animal kingdom etc it's this whole experience is about growing into something more than what we have been as a lower form of human into a higher form of human being spiritually and the problem is so few people even in the freedom oriented community that do understand part of it don't understand the spiritual dynamic involved in it because they have thrown out the baby with the bathwater they have thrown out religion and in doing so they've thrown out spirituality with it that you have to put it through a filter where you throw the whole bucket into the filter the spirit stays caught and you you can keep that intact but all the rest of the religious trappings and nonsense and indoctrination go down the drain and the problem is people aren't engaging that spiritual filter they're throwing it all down the drain including legitimate spirituality and that's why they're not growing past the monkey tendency the animalistic instinctive tendency to want the saint to be like their masters most people would trade positions with their masters in a heartbeat you know and except for the people that are engaging in this higher level spiritual dynamic and truly growing as a spiritual individual so let's go to another caller let's hear from Brendon Brendon you're live on what on earth is happening with our guests from Annika polka welcome oh my god gents thank you guys so much for taking my call I want to talk about specific actions that I intend to take towards contributing to the great work okay um there was a book that you read Mendon market was fantastic and I want to reprint copies of it the end of all evil fantastic look this netbook is really a beautiful work and it should be shared and I call was referring to the book the end of all evil by the author Jeremy Locke yeah he's a very rare book that is out of print it was only printed I believe once there was only one printing done so all the books are from the initial printing that exists in the world and if you have a copy of it you'll be pleased to know that that goes for about two thousand dollars right now a physical copy of the end of all evil but thank God there's many digital copies online I believe there are PDFs of it and I think there are a pub versions of it as well for anybody who has not read this book you are missing out on one of the best books ever penned you can download it it down from understanding or slavery com is that we make available in a PDF on the Liberator great but yes um my dream my goal of contributing to the great work though is to print 1000 copies of this book and then go ahead and distribute it in packs of six with instructions on finding Mavericks and communities and having each individual person who receives a pack of six send out the six books to individual members that they identify as Mavericks that is a fantastic idea man III you know think that that's an awesome way to go about reaching people with a fantastic message because too few people yeah and no not that book I mean you really inspired that those thoughts Marc so thank you for that but I mean I I am you know don't know I'm kind of an walking blind with some of the ideas here not really knowing the ropes for collecting it I mean I created a GoFundMe or no it's not a GoFundMe it's a what's it called Kickstarter it'll get funding but I don't know if it's um you know if I'm on the right track with that or what's appropriate or or how I need to you know move forward in a way that I can be legitimate without causing problems for everyone hey man you're already legitimate just by he is speaking out like this you have a good speaking voice you make good communication skills don't wait for orders from headquarters just get involved and do it and do something that is you know unique to yourself and you know a lot like Pat said earlier if you have to fake it til you make it you know even if even if your voice trembles at first just power through it you know just yeah to record yourself you know or turn on your webcam and just record yourself and speak and you know just see how it goes you don't have to send that out to anybody if you don't want to and do it a few times till you get comfortable and then post one you know that that's how you start you know okay make a website you know that you could use simple tools you could use WordPress or Wix you know or get involved with a more comprehensive content management system if you know how there's tons of ways to get involved you know I think that print book printing is a great idea you know you get it out there for people you know people need to read stuff like that you know so um you know just so just do it that's all it's just getting started is the hardest part it's like anything else the initial momentum right objects at rest tend to stay at rest objects in motion tend to stay in motion this is all I want to try to inspires for people to just get up and get skin in the game just get involved you know that's it and guess what what's the worst that can happen you you you don't do that well or get it many people pay attention to you hey well welcome welcome to the world you know who's really paying attention to me you know what I mean there's comparatively in the world there's only a few people listening to what I do here on what on earth is happening it's like you know we need many more voices anybody else doing any aspect of this is contributing to the effort and helping in the great work yes that's it very good hey Brenda not one last thing yes sir devote 10% of those to New Hampshire all right you you broke up there a little bit Howard can you say that one more time yeah I said about 10% of those copied Hampshire there you go yeah if we can free one state those those there's 100 copies having just portion and effect in us in a state that only has 1.3 million people and already has five thousand-plus activists on the ground and so what I'm trying to do is I'm truck matter what you're doing just take some portion some five ten percent of the effort and just target it towards New Hampshire yeah this is a very interesting dynamic and I'd like to see where it goes I've heard about it since it first started and um you know I'm sorry we're having a little bit of audio break up issues I apologize for that but yeah I've followed it since it started and I think it's going in an interesting direction and I'd be just interested in even seeing how many people in the Free State Project have heard of the book the end of all we've all but it's a very small percentage even there so I think that's an interesting experiment that could be done that Howard is proposing there with sending some of those up to the Free State Project very cool yeah and I would love to just can't get in any contact information from you guys and I have a go get funding for it but I'm not sure how legitimate that is or what I need to be doing to work towards that well I'm not sure if that book is copyright written or not or whether the author even care if it was distributed I guess he wouldn't care if it's down as long as it's not sure as long as you weren't selling it I don't know if you intend on selling you know just just yeah if you're going to just turn it and distribute it I'd he'd probably be happy with you doing that yeah you know print it distribute it I don't want to speak for him but I'm just saying oh yeah I think he obviously wants this philosophy distributed to people yeah I've actually tried to reach out to the author and was unsuccessful I mean I made that kind of press did that search because I did yeah to reach the author and wasn't able to I have not been able to determine who it is either he's done the world a good service by the printing of that book yeah cool really oh okay so my producer told me that there's copies selling for as low as 300 dollars on Amazon the last I checked they were all around 2000 I guess it depends on who has won and what they're willing to part ways with four all right so Brandon thanks so much for your call great you brought up yeah I hope you have the best of luck moving forward in participation in the great work alright let's go to primo primo you're live on what on earth is happening welcome it's my dog started ok ok I want to tell you if we do have thought in your wildest dreams that one of the idiots walking through your city what not your city philadelphia in 2016 fighting for some part of the slave matrix with the DNC the Democratic National Convention was in Philadelphia right yes I was that some of the the gatherings of people just seeing what type of people turned out I was there on the streets down you know by the state in place oh yeah you didn't have a vomit puppet I mean I would have needed a couple of million of them yeah they're come defined so I came on to you my awakening started that year the summer of 2016 ok and I was there went walking through that City and I I had to get hard to get there I was fighting for Bernie Sanders fighting against Hillary Clinton right yeah yeah so but at that moment when I saw you know what unfolded boots what awakened me right and just insane I couldn't believe what I was seeing and and you and I was lucky enough to have two people I followed that were had oh gosh in my mind is stopping him sorry there were fans of Bernie Sanders they were trying to get people motivated to promote Bernie Sanders and they were really amazing women to visit amazing women and they were awake they were paid attention and they woke up during that process and they were helping other people kind of see the behind the veil what was behind the curtain and and I and I totally agreed with them thank God but most of the people they were alienated pretty harsh at that point all the people just couldn't they were too still they didn't it didn't expose the system to them let me ask you a question do you think many people were sort of jostled out of their house I'm sorry do you think many people were jostled out of their sleep by the whole thing that happened with the you know yeah we're we're seeing that we're having a broad eyo problem with discord I apologize for that I was saying do you see that many people were jostled out of their sleep by what happened around that and many of the people so literate what I what I saw with the scam the election process was because that was my next step I said I gotta fight this shit so I would I just happen to have a local ad person fighting our registrar of voters here in San Diego and he was in my tail isn't oh my god I'll jump in and then I saw I really saw how the the ugly sausage is made because I we had a very corrupt official and so this guy who had been fighting for decades like you but he was just really entrenched in that battle he he even though he was one of the people who awakened to be and that next level he's still lost in the matrix years later when I had to walk away all the people who probably were instrumental and my waking up but they're all stuck on ledges down that rabbit hole so I gotta ask what led you to my work well I stayed for years I was I kinda shut it I could only do baseball that could only do a public radio and public radio became oh just so toxic I just couldn't believe it so when I started see yeah and then I was the day after one the debates and then when I turn to NPR on and I was like I wanted to hear what they said what Bernie Sanders did because you know being progressive they must be you know on with it and they were like insanely promoting Hillary is like they never heard the same debate I did so I was just like gobsmacked was like what what oh it's crap it's and I so at some point I would just get you know I was you did I didn't need a vomit puppet I was the vomit puppet if I listened to this stuff and I just tested it I turned on the radio and I said well how long do I go before I smell the lye right the record was 18 seconds yeah 18 seconds I heard the messaging yes it was amazing that how hard the push is to keep the disaster going but so let me ask are you going are you going to be coming to an arkadelphia will you be coming to an arkadelphia oh no I wish I could it took I mean I was lucky I got to Philadelphia then I'm very poor I mean I have to say being poor has helped facilitate my awakening I have never benefited from the system so I I'm not invested I just I didn't get brainwashed and and for whatever reasons I don't know why my one guys who can I hear that dynamic a lot and a cream oh we're getting really low on time and I thank you for your call I want to hear from our guest for the last remainder of this and I want them to respond to this dynamic that you just brought up because I think it's very critically important actually I hear this from a lot of people I hear people say I didn't start to get aware of all of this stuff going on that you're talking about until I had downtime away from my job until I was laid off until I got fired until I was out of work until I wasn't in the rat wheel in the rat maze anymore in the corporate you know running around like crazy competing for you know corporate position you know then they realized hey I got screwed from this you know that I looked up to or that I cared about and I got laid off and then they started looking into how things actually work they started having time to look into things so I want you guys to speak to that dynamic you know that this individual is saying until she really was in a place where she was financially not benefiting and had the time to look into it she didn't do it when she was in that rat wheel race so do you guys see that dynamic or can you speak to that a little bit absolutely I think that the rat race and the jobs and the nine-to-five and the status seeking is part of the distraction I mean like Howard said what was the second thing the monkeys watch seeing people of higher prestige than them and that's that's what that whole thing is it's just a constant like distraction to try and get to that place that you think you want to be to to things that they were willing to even pay or delay gratification for with sex and power exactly you know exactly and yeah i given if you take that away if you almost become think of it as like Sullivant towards those torts of endeavors it gives you a second to rewind and maybe you know have some critical thought of your own and take some time to research these things right right you also have to get you also have to discover self-direct the self-directed internet and so that you you really everything they'd be given to you and all of the information you know that you receive is essentially being directed the revolution is not going to be recommended for you by youtube yeah the only thing that is going to be recommended for you by YouTube is going to be another video that is going that is it has been psychologically picked to distract you that your love you know they already they've already known on your past behavior the things that you're interested in and and what is light what you'd like click on and so they've got you on a wheel can we get him to click on it one of the techniques that I think is fascinating once you understand monkey vision is you know that the Drudge Report which is when I like to what the CIA is selling today if they have a really important story they're gonna link to the Daily Mail in the UK's version of that story and anybody that ever we're running out of hell we're running out of time pad I just want to get your final comments before we we get I just wanted to say I had cut it then at the na off a little while okay finished but I just want to say if you wanted to test this stuff on your own and just pull up DuckDuckGo browser and Google browser and he keeps searching the same thing and you'll see how this is stimulate Google will stimulate you in a negative way and push you down you know this this this this begat you they're putting you in the direction they want you and dr. ko is you know it's actually like I'm a real internet browser ladies and gentlemen I want to thank our guests Carmen Quran G Pat leach at TN dill abuti a and Derek Bros come out to an arkadelphia September 13th 14th and 15th that's coming up in only a couple of weeks we hope to see there an arkadelphia calm ladies and gentlemen you've been watching what on earth is happening and remember government is slavers always wanted to say that slavery thank you guys and Omar for everyone that's watching if you want to go up to the what on earth is happening calm website you can make a donation on the donate page there's many different ways to donate you can also get the Ark drive on the ark tab people have been taking me up on they off that offer I hope that continues thanks so much you'll see probably next week maybe the week after the conference it depends on how things go for me but hopefully we'll be right back here next week take care everyone [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]