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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] give that the groove on freedom [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time welcome everyone and thank you for tuning in this is episode number 225 of what on earth is happening today is June 7th 2020 and we have a great show lined up for you here today if we switch over to our slides today's topic is and we're switching to the slides right now we're having a technical problem already folks there we go okay today's topic is remaining loyal to first principles in an age of psyops and disinformation and we're going to be getting to this topic in a little while but I have many announcements to go through before we do this because as many of my viewers ship knows I have been on another hiatus away from doing live broadcasting for approximately three months and I want to let everyone know who is not aware of why that is so back in February of this year of 2020 my longtime friend and former life partner Barbara marinelli passed away and if we could go over to the slides I would like to dedicate this show to the memory of Barbara marinelli this is going to be really hard for me and just want to take the time and get through this so barb was my partner for a long time and she she struggled with pressure she struggled with addiction and on February 22nd she passed away from what was an accidental drug overdose and it was an accident that's I want that cleared up before any other speculation takes place it was definitely accidental and not deliberate we know this from phone records of you know her ordering food and the food literally showing up to our house we spoke with delivery people that said that the doorbell wasn't answered so this was clearly not intended you know barb helped me so much in every way with the early days of what on earth is happening and even as we grew apart as life partners we stayed tremendously good friends and Barb was willing to do anything to help with anything that I needed here at what on earth is happening and there what as I've said many many times there would be no water on earth is happening without Barb's assistance and help and support and you know she wrestled with problems of her own as we all do and I just want to say that this show is all about remaining loyal to principles you know barb did the great work barb assisted with the great work she did a lot of conference organization helping other people to organize things she you know did anything that really was asked of her to help and I hear today a lot of people talk about some version of spirituality that I highly disagree with and that is that people who are truly awaken spiritually should be happy and shouldn't be depressed and you know I've literally blocked people from my social media who talk like this because it shows me how much how little people really understand about what real spirituality is and what a war it is and what a struggle it is you know if you're not depressed about the current events that are taking place in the world I'd check your pulse okay you know I would really check III might you know go have yourself checked out by a psychiatrist because there'd be something wrong with you if you weren't somewhat at least depressed for people who say oh when you're when you're quote/unquote awake spiritually somehow depression goes away no you're incorrect you're wrong you don't know what being awake really is you have some bullshit version of spirituality in your mind that some asshole false spiritual teacher told you it was and that's not what it is at all that doesn't mean you wallow in it or let it get you so down you know barb struggled with depression and struggled with addiction for many years even while we were you know together and I would try to help her through things like you know kratom which helped with the physical withdrawal of addiction particularly opioid addiction and you know for people that say somehow if you're awake that means you're totally happy and not depressed no you don't understand what the real awakening process is it's volatile it takes its toll on you physically mentally emotionally because you realize just how deep and bad the world situation really is you know being spiritually awake does not mean depression goes away folks as a matter of fact sometimes it exacerbates the condition of depression and you know I tried to be there for barb as much as humanly possible and I tried so many times to help her conquer the the demons that she was battling internally that's everyone's own internal work and it has to be done one on one you know so and then another thing people always talk about is oh you know taking substance you know we've talked about this forever on what on earth is happening this is a right our body is our own property we own our body you know it may not be a wise thing to do but it doesn't mean that anybody has the right to stop us I mean what kind of not really sure why we stepped out of the slides there I'm sorry we didn't that was a an error taking place in software here if we could just clear that up because I'm not able to monitor what I'm seeing here thank you you know we've talked about our self ownership of our body our body is our property that means we we can put into it what we wish it doesn't mean that our decisions that do that will always be good ones but that doesn't nullify the right what cut and what kind of a hypocrite would I be if I said as traumatic as this has been folks and it's been a trauma for me and others who love barb you know for for me to go back and relive finding her is horribly traumatic I told myself I was gonna hold myself together during this you know what kind of a hypocrite would I be if I said I want all drugs outlawed because this happened to my best friend we can't abandon our principles just because something traumatic happens the principles are still there they're eternal life is going to be filled with pain and traumatic situations that are going to happen no matter what accidents occur acts of nature occur we live in a dangerous world and that doesn't mean as soon as danger or trauma rears its head that we throw our principles away barb was an adult who made her choices about herself and her body and I wish I could have helped more with informing those decisions but again that has to come from a place of internal work and barb was a sensitive soul who they was affected by things greatly as am i you know I don't necessarily show those types of emotions all the time but they're there and for me to say I'm not depressed over the world situation would be a lie because when you look at where people are at it's disgusting horrifying traumatic and depressing and for people not to feel that means that they're not quite human that they're not complete as a human being so I just wanted to start the show saying that without barb there would be no what on earth is happening so this show is dedicated to her memory and I'm going to also dedicate the natural law documentary mark pacion the science of natural law to the memory of my former life partner Barbara marinelli I love you barb I always will thank you for everything you did for me and for the cause of what on earth is happening and for the cause of human freedom so with that being said I just want to have a brief moment of silence for the memory of Barbara Marinelli okay everyone thank you again without barb this show and everything I've done here would not have really occurred that's how instrumental she wasn't helping get this project off the ground she helped host my very first lecture ever in a friend's home helped with all my early presentations and I want to talk a little bit about the future of what on earth is happening now in projects that we have planned things we have done in the interim and things we're going to do and let me just say this folks this from last year the end of last year and at the beginning of this year has been a continuous trauma for me personally I am coming back now and I am going to take things slowly and just go at you know a pace that I'm able to deal with and that means you know if certain weeks you know I don't have as many slides as others because I'm working on other projects you know so be it what I'm gonna do here today is go through things and make announcements and talk about things that are in the works just at whatever pace I feel like doing it then I'm gonna go into my slides for this show and then we'll take calls if there's time so I'm not gonna take do anything in a rushed way and I'm gonna ease back into things here on what on earth is happening because again I am still psychologically and emotionally in recovery myself regarding everything that has taken place over the last several months in my life and another thing that that has really done it has really knocked a lot of tolerance out of me for bullshit from other people and I already wasn't a bullshit taker to begin with but I'm gonna talk about how I'm really at a zero point of even being somewhat understanding of nonsense and idiocy I'm not doing it I'm not tolerating it I don't have the time or energy mentally or emotionally for it and if the people try to interact with me who bother me or upset me or annoy me you are going to be very very quickly punted out of my life like a football through the uprights it's not even going to be a question or any kind of a thought process involved it's just gonna be a quick cutting off so I don't have the energy for it and I don't have the tolerance for it quite frankly and you know what I I consider people who say that spirits real spirituality is just the infinite building of more and more tolerance for idiots you're also incorrect you're wrong it's the cutting off of things that SAP your energy and understanding that your energy needs to go toward more important things and you shouldn't dedicate even one second of it to nonsense and bullshit so I am going to be even infinitely harder about that than I ever have been in the past and I was pretty damn hard about it in the past but now it's just gonna get really brutal okay so that's number one and I want to talk about that regarding social media in a moment let's talk about some of the future present and future things going on here at what on earth is happening I will be participating in a teleconference a live video conference called other perspectives other perspective of reality it's um in Spanish otra perspectiva de la realidad this is a conference taking place out of Madrid Spain organized by my friend Nuria who is hosting this all day on June 13th so that is next Saturday this coming Saturday I should say and the other speakers are Felix Rodrigo Mora Theresa Moreira josep pàmies and myself mark passio there were some other speakers but unfortunately they were not able to be present during this so I'm going to do not only a presentation but I'm going to do there's a pre-recorded presentation I've already recorded the video and giving it to them I'm also going to do a extended question and answer session for about an hour and a half following the presentation of my conference of my live video pre-recorded video presentation so the all of the presentations will be subtitled in English and Spanish so if you are either English or Spanish speaking you know don't worry all of the presentations will have both English and Spanish here is the webpage that showed my personal presentation again the conference is other perspective of reality June 13 2029 - 7 p.m. Madrid local time and my presentation at this conference is called worldview violence and the real pandemics if you're interested in attending this virtual conference please visit the official conference website where you can take a look at the schedule and you can look at speakers and speaker BIOS the website for other perspective of reality conference is OPD our 2020 dot-com that's o p dr - 0 - 0 . calm check it out it's going to be a great event I'm excited about it and I'm really glad to be participating in it and I think not only my presentation is going to be very impactful but my question and answer session should be very enlightening and I'm really looking forward to taking part in that extended hour-and-a-half question-and-answer session with the audience so go over to the website Oh PDR 20/20 and check out this conference coming up now in relation to this I was also going to be oh by the way there's my title card of my presentation at this event again it's called worldview violence we're going to be talking about what worldview violence is on today's show and the real pandemics I cover the actual pandemics that are taking place instead of the perceive the ones in this presentation this presentation is going to be going into the water on earth is happening donation gifts area of my website this week probably tomorrow so that will be going live as an item that you could order in donation gifts this week and it will be a pre-order for it because I'll be actually releasing it right after the conference is over so it won't ship out until after the conference but I'll probably put the item up for pre-order in the store this week related to this I was also going to be taking part in seed 4 which was scheduled for May 29th through 31st in Athens Ohio this conference unfortunately was postponed due to the coronavirus quote/unquote pandemic so it is being rescheduled but I do not have the rescheduling information as of yet when uh Brennan and Martin has that information I am hoping that I will have that very soon and I could tell people the rescheduling date and time for the seed for conference I'm still going to be a part of it I gave my word that I would take part in this event and it would be my last public conference because I'm not going to be doing conferences anymore I'm just gonna stick with my doing my own events but I agreed to take part and seed four before I made that decision so I'm gonna honor you know my commitment to this event and I will be giving a presentation when the conference is rescheduled called fake-ass anarchists and believe me there's a lot of them and we could see them out operating and people calling them anarchists when they're nothing of the kind and you know we need to talk a little bit about that today as well so you know let's saw continue I've done a few recent interviews that I think went really great I was recently interviewed on the Alex Jones Show on infowars.com you can check that out it's in the top of my news section right now what on earth is happening calm slash news I was also interviewed by Keith Knight with Larkin rose we did a you know dual interview with Keith Keith night of don't tread on anyone that interview went really great and it is posted to my news section as well so check out the what on earth is happening comm news section for all of my recent interviews and happenings the sacred gift of anger which was my last formal presentation which I gave back in late 2019 is now free on YouTube again I put my most recent work on the donation gifts area of my website for a short amount of time usually a couple of months maybe about three months and then it goes out for free on YouTube and my other you know media channels such as bitch shoot Vimeo etc I'm going to talk about some new social media and new content delivery platforms that I'm on because it's very important getting the word out there to non censored places as we know we're fighting big tech internet censorship it's horrifying it's a total contravention of the First Amendment the people that are conducting it are traitors to the people of the world forget being even traitors to America you are traitors to the people of Earth I don't know how much stronger I could even say that the big tech giants that are censoring people from giving anything other than the quote-unquote official narratives you are traitors to the people of Earth I'd say that right to your face and most of all you know whose face it needs to be said to your dirty rotten lousy failure of parents that's whose face it needs to be said directly to you are traitors to humanity okay and you know we need to get things out on the different platforms so to to that end I am now hosting what on earth is happening content on library and minds this is critically important because we all need to learn about and start using alternatives to YouTube and Facebook and I'm just want to briefly take a second to yeah my producers just having a bit of a technical issue if you could just hit the zoom button up up there because that's you know I'd like to have that full screen if possible thank you thank you library is a phenomenal content delivery platform that is blockchain based that means it's impossible to censor okay so if you're having problems with YouTube censoring your videos here's my challenge to the so-called freedom community okay number one start using other platforms other than YouTube in literally one day I could switch everything on my website from YouTube to another platform and embed all the videos from a different place if I want to while they're hosting that for free I'll use their delivery content system but as soon as they start censoring me I could switch to another platform with the click of a few buttons okay everybody first and foremost needs to have a backup option like that and don't just host your videos there host them in multiple places and please for the love of God make local backups I hear people say oh my youtube channel got taken down I don't have any backups you're out of your goddamn mind if you don't maintain local backups of your material why in the hell would you even put your content online if and trust it to another platform that isn't yours if you did not have a local backup you are out of your mind if you do that okay so make local backups nightly at the very least and host your content multiple platforms online I highly recommend library and here's why library cannot be censored once you upload a video it goes on a blockchain and that's it you're not that's not being censored or taken down by anyone okay it's a public ledger that is distributed li maintained just like BitTorrent like like Bitcoin etc okay the the network is built upon the strength of the network is built upon the usage of the network by its users so it's a phenomenal content delivery platform it's getting a lot better with its interface and I think it is ready for primetime use I've been using it and enjoying it and I highly recommend people who are concerned about big tech internet censorship to join library comm you could join right from a link that I posted on my Facebook page or you could just go to my site library TV slash at mark passio and then mines is a social media platform that is similar to Facebook but a good alternative to Facebook that doesn't censor that is a free speech platform I have created a page there I'll be you know posting there as well mine's com slash mark passio we have to look into delivering the live stream to mines I'm gonna look into that and if possible we'll be sending a live stream out to that platform as well so that's really good news I'm really happy to be part of these networks I know a lot of other alternative media hosts have made the transition over to these networks for a while I think it's smart and I think it's high time that I have done it I'll still be on traditional social media and should a traditional content delivery platforms as well but I'm going to be utilizing library and minds all the more as time goes on so let's move on to the next thing the documentary mark passio and the science of natural law is being actively worked on Joel Torres has taken the lead editing role and is doing a fantastic job we're making good progress on this it is not ready for release yet we have gotten so many phenomenal donations in for this documentary I thank everyone who donated folks because of you I can pay my video editor and not worry about not having a budget before I had to literally beg for volunteers and it wasn't working out so well where money had to come directly from my pocket now we have a budget to pay a video editor so this project is absolutely moving forward as planned we are taking our time with it I want it to come out just so I want to be very proud of it everyone please be patient it is absolutely going to be out by the end of this year okay I know that's a long time to wait we are projecting hopefully that it gets out even sooner than that I don't want to make any promises but we're working hard toward it like you know we're basically working about three days a week on this right now okay full-time days okay so there is still an option to make a donation to pay for the cost of the documentary there's five donation tiers ranging from $50 to $1000 there's a $50 tier a $100 tier a $250 tier a $500 tier and $1,000 here one hundred percent of all donations go directly to production costs whether it be to pay for video editing or to actually press the documentaries themselves all donors receive a complimentary copy of the completed documentary on flash drive and DVD and folks there's been questions about this from some people that is what the shipping cost that is going to be added into your donation you're making a donation on the gifts area so you could make this donation at gifts dot what on earth has happened happening calm the gifts area of my website when you make the donation a shipping fee will be added depending on where you are in the world there is a flat-rate shipping fee that will be added if you are in the United States in Canada or in the rest of the world anywhere other than the United States or Canada you will be charged a flat rate shipping that is to cover the shipping costs because when you make a donation you will receive a copy of the documentary when it is completed on flash drive and DVD you'll get a full HD version on flash drive and you will get a DVD copy on DVD disc which it will be DVD resolution okay so you'll get a DVD resolution on disc and you'll get a HD version on flash drive and the shipping cost is to cover shipping the disc and flash drive to your home you know when the documentary is complete just want to clear that up for people because more than a few people have emailed me to ask why am i getting billed shipping when I'm just making a donation that's why you're gonna get a physical copy of this when it ships ok as part of your donation we are debuting a new t-shirt we're debuting a whole new order of t-shirts that's going to be being done in a couple of weeks these aren't ready yet if you look on gifts dot what on earth is happening calm I'm out of most t-shirts I only have a couple of women's designs left we'll be placing a new order probably very early this week as a matter of fact we're just finalizing artwork and things like that and going to get the order in this week this is the new design for a Marc passio and the science of natural law t-shirt this is the t-shirt for the documentary the design on the front has the logo of the documentary and the design on the back has a design with the Flower of Life and then under that it says as morality increases freedom increases as morality declines freedom declines and then the what on earth is happening calm website URL we are going to be releasing this in short sleeve and long sleeve designs will be pressing long sleeve t-shirts for the first time here at what on earth is happening coming up in a couple of weeks so beyond the look out for new shirts at the at what on earth is happening donation gifts that's gifts not one on earth is happening calm coming soon okay long-sleeve shirt designs will be included for most of the t-shirt designs so please be on the lookout for all of that really excited about the new shirts think these stimulate conversation they get people interested you know they're a good conversation starter so and they help support the effort here at what on earth is happening because there's a lot of fees associated with doing this you know and I want to get this to a point where I could really you know give stipends to all the volunteers because there's many volunteers that still aren't being paid an item that we introduced last month or a couple months back that's really going well and now people been gaining getting a lot of value out of this it's called the complete mark passio one great work collection so what's on this little flash drive this flash drive is tiny it's only a few inches okay it's like a little bit bigger than a flash drive and it contains all of my work that I've really ever done publicly it contains all my presentations and all my presentation slides for every presentation I've done it contains all archived interviews and ancillary videos from 2009 to the present it contains the whole what on earth is happening podcast series audio and video all the way up through podcast 224 and when this one is done it will be put on there and it all has the founders no masters no slaves EP that's my punk rock band that we've released one EP we're been on a hiatus I don't know if we're going to get into the studio and release a full-length album we'll see if that happens I hope it does so I'd like to see those songs you know get give their be given justice by being recorded professionally and this is all on a really nice on disc external 500-gigabyte solid state drives no moving parts solid-state NAND flash electrical storage very ruggedly built comes in a nice little carrying case with a wrist strap comes with a nice little tag you know put on there with a little chain really nice presentation these are available in gifts thought what on earth is happening calm and a lot of people have taken me up on this offer and a lot of people are telling me they really like how we did this complete one great work collection of all of my work so check that out at gifts another offer I've been doing really for many years here at what on earth is happening is the Ark drive and the art drive is a one terabyte external USB 3 Drive that you send to me and I send it back to you filled with all of the research data that led me to the understanding and conclusions that I present here on what on earth is happening and the drive is actually comprised of about 1,800 video files 8,000 digital books in the form of PDF or ePub files and over 20,000 audio files in the form generally of mp3 audio files lectures presentations etc it would take a lifetime to go through that much data literally and it has for me and I am now today announcing that soon I don't have an exact date on this but shortly I am going to be offering for the first time and if we can go back to the slide I want to show people this it is going to be called Ark 2.0 Ark 2.0 is coming soon do not let that dissuade you from getting Ark one because that is still being made available while I am building Ark 2.0 but Ark 2.0 is going to be coming soon I don't have a publicly available release date yet I'm hoping it's going to be within a month or so we'll see how it goes because I'm still actively building it and let me tell you something folks the second Ark is going to be too terrible of data and let me tell you something when you see the quality and quantity of information that is going to be on r2 you're not going to believe it I can barely believe it it is just some of the best material ever amassed in one location so that's coming shortly so be on the lookout for our 2.0 I'm very excited about that as well next up this is some of the biggest news that I have ever released here on what on earth is happening I told people on Facebook I'll have a big announcement this is it I told people before on this show that I would eventually be doing this seminar and I've slightly tweaked it a little bit and it's even bigger than I thought it was going to be after understanding what it's going to cover and I'm gonna tell people what its gonna cover and if I could just ask my producer could you just make that full screen please thank you this is a live webinar it is a seminar a multi week seminar that is going to be taking place over twenty three weeks hosted via zoom teleconferencing software zoom webinar it's going that's the form that this skill set sharing class of technology skills is going to be presented through it's going to be a zoom based webinar so you'll need to zoom software if you choose to enroll and participate so let's describe this it's called how to become the true media folks I talked about in the last show that I did back in January I'm sorry back in February that the main reason people aren't doing the great work of teaching people natural law in a public way is because people do not have the technical publishing skill set to be able to deliver online content in any cohesive way in any structured way in any organized way in any formalized way and this is the problem this is the underlying problem you could have all the knowledge in the world many people out there who I speak with who know my work have an extraordinary handle of the knowledge that I teach here at what on earth is happening and then when I ask them what are you doing with it silence comes back a look of confusion comes back what do you mean what am I doing with it well how are you putting it out there publicly you have a website oh I'm sorry I don't even know how to build a website what know where to start do you have videos oh I don't know how to run equipment like that I don't know how to work you know a content platform here's the problem folks you could have all the knowledge in your head and it makes no difference if you don't know how to distribute it out to other people publicly and doing that work publicly in today's world is not picking up a telephone and calling your friends it's not handing out flyers on the street it's not talking to your family when you get together for a family function or get-together it's going out online and putting that material out in as public and as free of a way as possible and you need to know publishing tools in the modern era technologically to know how to do that and the percentage of people who know the actual content who know the principles that I teach here at what on earth is happening that also know how to do that publishing work is a tiny tiny tiny few if any you know there's some people who who know how to do that technical work but it is all too few now this seminar is designed to help people get some of the basic and intermediate skill sets under their belt that they will need to actually deliver the type of content of talking about what natural law is and how it works what rights are what true morality true objective morality is etc out there to the public so this is a seminar where I am teaching people not the information but I am teaching them how to distribute the information effectively in in essence how to do the things that I know how to do with content delivery I mean take a look at what we do here with this show take a look at what I do with my website take a look at what I do with the physical items that I put out there through gifts okay this is going to be an intensive seminar it's going to be three hours a week for 23 weeks that's 69 hours of instruction 69 hours of instruction so people are going to look at the price I can go oh that's a lot of money to ask for instruction it comes down to about seven dollars and fifty cents an hour for my time you know what most instructors pay private instructors pay for their ask for their time to do private tutoring an instruction for skills like this upwards of a hundred dollars an hour if you're lucky if you're lucky okay I'm going to take seven dollars and fifty cents an hour approximately for teaching this seminar so it's 23 weeks that's a long commitment this isn't for your average person this is for people who are ready to make a dedication in their lives to learning how to teach natural law so I fully understand what I'm asking folks I'm asking for three hours of one of your nights every week for 23 weeks we're starting July it's going to begin July 7th that's one month from today okay we are taking enrollment for approximately one month a little less than a month I'm stopping enrollment on the 4th of July midnight July 4th ends enrollment for this seminar so you have from today which the item is live on gifts until midnight July 4th promptly at midnight on July 4th that item is going away from this store you will not be able to enroll from that point forward I will accept no new enrollments ok it will be hosted via zoom software so you probably suggest downloading zoom meeting zoom client for meetings if you intend to take part in this I do not suggest taking part in this seminar via your web browser I highly recommend using the client software on a desktop computer I don't recommend taking it via a tablet because I'm going to be talking about skills that you should have a desktop or a powerful laptop a semi powerful at least laptop computer see this is part of the problem is everybody thinks you could be a content creation and delivery person with a tablet or cell phone you need to get out of that mindset folks it's really a garbage mindset quite frankly and there are people who will debate endlessly about this but you know I'm just gonna say my entire mentality on this is set down the mobile devices for when you're having fun we're just reading you know or just absorbing content they're not content creation tools they're not effective content creation tools can you do it oh you can do it it's not impossible it's just going to be a lot harder for most tasks this is what the powers-that-be one they want to stuck on the mobile black mirror you know they don't want to setting up a powerful desktop machine anymore that's so 90s folks don't you know that's so nineties of you to have a powerful desktop computer it's so 90s of you to even have a powerful laptop computer you know you know I won't be able to do half the things that I do with water earth is happening if I didn't have the equipment that I have tried to use mobile devices or like chintzy laptops doesn't really work like that folks you have to have at least good mid-range equipment up to at least low-end high range equipment you know using low-end stuff for mobile stuff that's not going to get you there I'm sorry it's just the sad fact of the matter truth and that means it takes a little bit of money you have to have a little bit of a budget to do this stuff you know if you're a total pauper and have absolutely no resources at your disposal you're gonna find it very difficult I'm not gonna lie to you you know unless people are very generous and just give you equipment for free and guess what I've had the great fortune of having people give me expensive equipment for free because of what I've previously done you know starting this on a total shoestring budget and then you build when you can you know yeah that's that's another way of doing it well let me go back to the details of this very very important and powerful seminar that I really hope we have you know a lot of enrollees into this seminar because we have an opportunity here to really teach people how to do this not just teach them what to teach you know you you can make that determination of what you're gonna cover on your own I'm not to tell you exactly what you need to talk about okay but what you do need to understand is how to actually get it out there so there is limited space available we're only going to have so many spaces in this seminar so you know if the seminar fills up I have to pull the item from the gifts area as well because we only have a limited amount of space you know that I'm gonna be able to pump out my desktop to to you know show people in real time things that I do and I also have a you know camera that I can show people Hardware things like that so it's a distance-learning seminar okay it's the next best thing to being right beside me and me showing you hands-on it's going to be Tuesday evenings from 8 p.m. Eastern Time to 11 p.m. Eastern Time so it's a three hour session every week once a week on Tuesday evening for 23 weeks it will conclude on December 15th the week before Christmas approximately a week before Christmas ten days before Christmas now I chose eight to eleven because I don't want to alienate people on the west coast of the United States now obviously I have to have it at a time I'm going to be up and active okay so people in other countries unfortunately yes it is going to be geared toward us time us time zones and you know I'm you know I apologize in advance for people in other countries but you would have to work your schedule around that if you want to attend because I do have to first and foremost cater to english-speaking people in the United States I mean let's just face it that's just the way it is that's my target audience and you know I am going to have to basically put it out there so we have the maximum amount of people in the United States attending as possible and I'm not gonna mince words about that or pretend that that's not why I chose this time to do it I did that because I want all time zones in the United States to be able to participate so if you're on the west coast you just subtract three hours this will be taking place 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. if you're in mountain time it'll be 6 to 9 if you're in central time it will be 7 to 10 and East Coast time it will be 8 to 11 we're starting Tuesday July 7 2020 we're ending Tuesday December 15 2020 the cost for all 23 weeks of attendance will be five hundred and twenty three dollars and ninety three cents personal donation to the water on Earth is happening cause this is not this seminar is not for sale I am giving you a it is a private closed seminar let me say that again the seminar is not for sale it's a private seminar that I will be giving in return for a donation of value that I feel is appropriate I will be giving a private invitation to attend as a gift to you if you choose to make a donation to what on earth is happening of five hundred twenty three dollars and ninety three cents enrollment is open as of now right now you can enroll at gifts dot what on earth is happening calm my gifts area of my website which is a exchange of donation for gifts for gift items that's how we work things here on what on earth is happening we don't sell you anything there is a private donation from you to me as one human being to another because you find value in the work that I do as a human being to try to get the word out to others and do the great work and if you find value in that then you can make a donation to our efforts here in return which you will receive a free complimentary gift sent to you and in this case that's how we are working the seminar there is no merchant exchange here it is just a private donation and then I will invite you into the seminar which is a private closed seminar I think this is a really really really important and big thing here at what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen I think this is this I'm gonna just make a statement here this seminar is as important as the work I do on air here on what on earth is happening that's how important it is this is teaching how to do and distribute the great work nothing could be more important so I'm very very excited about announcing the how to become the true median online seminar so if you go to gifts now I'm going to show you where to go okay right now then we're gonna jump back into the presentation because I'm gonna give some bullet points about what we're going to be covering in this great online seminar I'm gonna jump out I'm gonna jump over to my web browser I just want to show you real time where you go for this okay here's what on earth is happening dot-coms homepage and by the way I want to just mention you can watch the natural law documentary trailer we released trailer number one okay and it's there right underneath the link that you can click to make a donation all right so if you click gifts right here it'll give you a little caveat warning okay to say you have to have these a you know payment method set up or donation method set up we're going to click on the green box that'll take us into the gift cart okay and then right here at the top of the cart underneath the link to go back to the homepage you'll see online tech seminar and there's the slider I'll just pause that slider there let me go back and show you that the slider shows random items when you click in it'll be different each time you click in but there it is right there you could click that to go right to the page or you can go right here and click online tech seminar it's right at the top okay if you click that you'll see this page that shows you the item in this in the gifts area you click that it'll take you to the item page and then there's a description so here's the product description we're going to be covering all of this in a moment okay and then you could click Add to basket and then you can click view basket and when you hit check out here you could then fill in your information and choose a donation method you could donate via PayPal me you could donate via I believe six different crypto currencies if not I'm not mistaken okay and that's how you will complete your donation okay so that is how to enroll in the how to become the new media online technology seminar let's jump back into the slides and let's move on the skill sets that are going to be taught as part of this seminar are beginner and intermediary so I want to stress that ladies and gentlemen they beginner and intermediate skillsets if you are already a technology expert if you are already a content creation or content delivery expert it's probably better not to take this class because you will probably it will probably be beneath your skill level okay at some point I may make an expert class or advanced class but right now this is beginner and intermediary skill sets and here are the skill sets that are going to be taught as part of this seminar for people to learn how to do the great work we are going to I'm going to be teaching basic operating system skills so I run a Mac I'll largely be showing people how to do that on Mac but I could also run Windows in virtualization so I have a Windows 10 setup in virtualization if people want to learn correspondences on the Windows system I can also switch over to a virtualized Windows operating system and show them basic skill sets they're my main computer that I will be hosting the seminar on is going to be a Mac I will be showing people file systems and disk formatting so we'll be covering different file systems for hard drives and how to format hard drives and or solid-state drives I'll be covering how to manage and organize files and folders locally on a computer especially if you have a large amount of data that you need to organize well and efficiently that's called the hierarchical file system or HFS of a computer file system the folder and file management so we'll be going into that in detail I'll be showing workflow and what is called best practices how to go about efficiently carrying out a workflow on a daily basis and what I consider best practices to be meaning that there are tons and tons of different ways to do something but I will be showing people what I consider the best and most efficient way of doing those things we will be getting into basic word processing and publishing of print material or just words you know simple flyers with a word processing program how to make outlines with word processing programs that's very important almost everything that we do here on what on earth is happening starts in a word processor I can't just write there I want to emphasize a lot of people don't know that or understand that almost everything we do here starts writing text into a word processor to build an outline to structure thoughts and ideas so important people have to have those skills the next skill set will be internet and networking basics you know the basics about how web pages work the basics about how a basic a simple high-speed internet connection work good choices to make about internet connections routers networking cables etc networking basics how to set up a basic home network and other things you know regarding networking web browsing how to set up your web browser browser extensions you know there's so much to this you know we'll talk about ergonomics as well that's that's workflow and best practices how to set up your work environment in the 3d physical world searching the web and searching the dark web to different things especially nowadays you know I look back at the way I used to do things and almost just about every practice that I did with a computer has changed over the even the last five years adaptability is something I'll be talking about in teaching you know keeping up with new technologies as they're released not not getting hung up on one way of doing things when new systems and software and equipment comes out you do migrate and move you don't just stay you know a person who is fearful of upgrading you look at what things are new and things that can make your workflow more efficient and you slowly transition into those new things instead of staying you know in antic antiquated systems but searching the web and dark web boy has that changed dramatically so I'm gonna be showing people how to search err you know one of the things I said in a recent interview with my producer is um that most people don't even understand that the bulk of the Internet is unindexed what does that mean it means that the search engines that most human beings use on a daily basis are not indexed they're not indexing content of the vast majority of the Internet it's and people have done the calculation it's like 96 percent and that might even be a high figure folks ninety-six percent of what is actually available online you cannot reach or find from a traditional search engine let me just say that again folks and I'm gonna say at least let's qualify it with at least 96 percent of the content that is actually available on the Internet is not indexed by traditional search engines that means you cannot find over 96 percent of the content online with a search engine such as Google where DuckDuckGo or yippee or whatever else anybody uses ok Yahoo etc I'm gonna show people how to search not only the regular internet search engines but how to search the dark web the areas of the internet that are not indexed by traditional search engines I'm going to be teaching basic graphic design we'll be getting into Photoshop we'll be getting into some page layout tools ok basic print publishing and page layout we'll be getting into how to build presentations teaching presentations such as this you know these slides didn't make themselves folks you know I got to make my slides for my show every week I'm going to show you software to use on how to make presentations will be doing basic audio editing and publishing you know how do you edit audio for the web how do you then embed it into a website will be doing basic video editing and publishing and publishing it video on different content delivery platforms such as YouTube bit shoot library and then how to embed on the web whether you're doing that through a content delivery platform or through basic html5 web publishing how to make a website you know I'll probably cover very simple things like how to make a blog how to make a simple site maybe through Google Sites and then up through introducing basic content management systems you know maybe I'll show people a word how to make a wordpress site or maybe I'll show people the Joomla content management system okay video conferencing tools how to use things like Skype to a conference with others or zoom we'll get into a little bit of sharing content via cloud sharing services because if you're going to collaborate with others sometimes you have to post things on the cloud and share people into that unless you know how to set up a server yourself which is more advanced skill sets which I'm not really going to cover in this seminar so we'll get into the basics of sharing documents and media via cloud services and then finally we'll look at hardware and equipment and talk about best practices there these are all of the skill sets and more to be taught as part of the how to become the true media 23 week intensive seminar hosted by me and I really hope people take this seriously and seriously consider this great opportunity and come and that is who it is intended for people who are looking at making teaching natural law a fundamental focus in their lives and want to really learn how to do it effectively so that's how to become the new media folks I hope people will take advantage of it so let's move on to a couple other brief things before we move into our content for today's show a lot of people don't even know I have a patreon a lot of people have emailed me and asked me if I have one I've had one for quite a while I just wanted to share this great graphic that Brett Hatton made and um tell people I've had a patreon for quite some time you know I don't every every week on the show announce it and tell people it's up there I just tell people if you want to make a straight donation go to the donations page of what on earth is happening calm hit the donate button and you'll go to that page and there's all the different donation methods listed but if you want to go directly to my patreon you can go to patreon.com/scishow and if you want to become a patron there for a monthly recurring donation you could do it at that URL to everyone who has donated to the one on earth is happening cause and to all of the volunteers here on the staff at what on earth is happening I want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you so much I could not do this without you you make this happen that is how everything is funded here at what on earth is happening it is done through voluntary effort we are voluntary us we believe in voluntary interaction so I want to say thank you to everyone who has voluntarily contributed in the form of donations or voluntarily contributed in the form of their very valuable and valued skill sets thank you from the bottom of my heart what on earth is happening would not be happening without you and you know I just really want to say thank you to the the crew here everybody involved you know from my associate producer Lea boon to my producer he on the show Mike seaman to everyone on the setup crew everyone on the sub crew does phenomenal work every week we do a live show thank you your effort is absolutely valued absolutely needed so I really hope people hear the sincerity in my voice because it is humbling the generosity that people have shown and I mean people during this dark time have made incredibly generous donations through their efforts to this cause it's overwhelming that's all I can say is it's overwhelming okay I thought people were gonna be I just want to like take some time with this thank you because I really thought it was going to be people were gonna be buckling down and like really watching everything like monetarily like I have received such generosity during this time I can't I can scarcely believe it I can scarcely believe it thank you guys thank you okay so that being said I do have to get into a slightly unfortunate aspect of work here ladies and gentlemen what I really want to do is be a presenter I want to be what I really am good at and I'm really good at being a researcher and a presenter I'm really good aggregating information and presenting information I am an aggregator of knowledge and a communicator of knowledge I want to be able to focus on that I would say the bulk of my time goes into technical work and always has from day one from the beginning of doing this and I've tried my hardest to communicate this I'm going to try to do this calmly and without anger today okay I have tried from the Bata of my heart to communicate how difficult what I do is because I am continuously sidetracked from my work to have to do technical tasks when all I want to do is find and create content for everyone out there so that they can learn I am blocked from doing that on a daily basis because of technical issues that I myself have to deal with folks to just this week I had to delay making my slides and stay up for into the wee hours of the morning literally some days until 5:30 a.m. totally groggy and tired working on slides and working on technical things because I had no technical help and if I didn't solve it it was not going to get solved and I would not be able to make the announcements that I've made today because I've had no technical help that what happens is my slide content gets pushed back my research gets gets pushed back and I have to work on the technical work instead of the actual content and content delivery I would now at this day you look at everything I've done since day one with what on earth is happening and I want to emphasize this as part of the show this is gonna be the last thing I talk about before I jump in to my actual slides for today okay if you look at how much content I have created in the history of what on earth is happening multiply it by ten times at least ten times that is the amount of content I would have had out if I did not have to be the technical person for this work I want to say that again I really want to hammer it into people's brains and I need you to listen and hear what I'm saying I could have had ten times the amount of work and probably even greater quality than it is even put out there in if I were able to just focus on doing my work if I had a tech person see this is what that's why I want more people to learn this because guess what if you learn these skill sets that I'm gonna be giving in the seminar you could go and help any content creator in any part of the freedom movement not just me you can go and help anybody become part of anybody's team and help them you want to volunteer your work to somebody who's local to your area go and do that and learn the skill sets go and do it I need local volunteers and with one exception I can take a remote volunteer I still have some people that I are volunteering to help in one of these positions which I'm going to talk about but folks unfortunately if I do not really have a response to my call I've been asking for this for years I've been asking for this help here in Philadelphia for years and specifically the last show I practically begged for this help and gave the email address to respond to and in the interim of all this time really only a couple of people even answered the email for help that's not good enough that's sad when I ask for donations people have been very generous when I've asked for even technology equipment donations people been more than generous people will throw money at a problem but when you ask please get involved and help I need your skill sets here I need to be able to turn to a living human being while I'm here in my studio and go I need help with this can you please take me off of this can you take this off my plate and help me with this while I make some slides or why research what I want to talk about next week I can't do that folks I have to sit and deal with the technical problem first in a linear fashion because if it's not running smoothly I can't do what I do that's why I need people in-house everybody says you you always get back now I want people to really listen to what I'm asking for please listen don't just assume that you know what I'm asking for okay so I'm gonna show you what the details of this are on my website in a moment this slide is called the great work get involved put your talent where your mouth is people say they want freedom and then when you say can you get involved and actually help they're like no good luck finding somebody though and then they pat you on the back sorry bud you're out of luck because I don't know how to do that I don't know how to do that shit it's a good luck with it that's what I get constantly 24/7 almost okay that's why I'm hosting the seminar people need to learn how to do this shit and not make excuses you need yeah it's like a long commitment of time guess what folks if I taught you for 23 years you might get as good as I am at it maybe 23 weeks is nothing you're gonna get the very basics but it's a start and it'll inspire you to go further and it takes some more of your time to sit and learn this is a sacrifice of time I'm not gonna lie you can't do it in 23 hours you know that's a 69 our seminars nothing 69 hundred hours would probably be more like likely okay it's a commitment you have to understand that and be prepared for it it's a sacrifice of things that you might have wanted to do and you have to make time for this and you can't do other things that you wanted to do in your life you know you got to put down those selfish you know instincts to say oh I can't spend this much time doing this yeah you need to that's what I what do you think I've done for the last 12 years 13 years of my life I put down the selfish instincts to say I just want to kick back with some friends this week I got a towaway I can't go out I'm working on something I'm building a presentation how many days beautiful summer days I stay cooped up in in the house to do this work it's sacrifice that's the meaning of sacrifice so going back to this slide I really want to tell people what I need okay I have some graphic design help Bret Hatton has been wonderful brother you've been absolutely phenomenal in the help you've given what on earth is happening and Brett is having some family issues and it's a hard time for him and I wish you well I'm not gonna reveal that because you know that's private but we're there with you brother okay and he's been doing great and he's have been helping remotely and it's good help I really do still need a graphic design artist sitting in a chair at one of the computer workstations that I have set up here in my home studio I will still obviously have Brett involved on the team but we need another graphic designer in-house for things that come up quickly that while I'm sitting here saying all you know what this has to go on on the show this week I just say boom can you create that please you know and I don't think that's asking too much from one human being one or two days a week honestly I'm gonna just you know at the risk of sounding that I'm in some level of pride or hubris I'm gonna say I deserve that I deserve to have that type of volunteer effort I'm not ashamed of saying that we're asking for it I've put out work to creation such that creation should bless me with a little bit of volunteer effort like that I'm not that's not that's not shameful to ask for or to say and anybody who thinks that it is you don't understand what real spirituality is it's not having some false humility I've done a tremendous amount of work and sacrificed a tremendous amount of my life to do it I deserve this help that's called the law of allowing in true spirituality I have to open up ask for the help and say I as a human being and worthy of receiving this help and I am and I look anyone's square in the eyes and say I am worthy of receiving this light of help on a volunteer basis without and having to completely devastate all of my resources for to just pay for it if there is resources from the class and from the donations that come in yes there could be some sort of a stipend involved but it is not promised or guaranteed we will see you know I do not make look folks I'm just gonna be honest with you okay only in this year after 13 years of doing this practically full-time full-time 13 years I stopped my corporate job 13 years ago almost to the month okay I this year 2020 13 years later I just finally ramped up over a 13 year period to making half in a year of what I used to make at my corporate job that I quit to do this and just went on a wing and a prayer that the universe would barely provide for me to do what I need to do I want you guys to think about that I'm not just trying to like you know sit here playing the violin folks I just really want you to think about it that's the type of sacrifice I did and said I'm gonna let the universe sort it out and if it puts me on the street I end up on the street and that's where it wants me to be and if it puts the resources in my hands then it wants it to come in because I've done the right thing and so be that as well that's the kind of quote-unquote faith I put out there to the universe to provide and I'm doing it again but think about that folks right that that's what made me to be able to happen to be able to do this full-time okay just think about this this is a full-time job okay that I do a tour every day and in 13 years I've only this year gotten to the point where I make 50% of my former salary on a yearly basis you tried doing that half yours first of all don't half your salary cut it to almost nothing the first year and then slowly ramp it up over a 13 year period we're at year 13 you're making 50% you try it try living like that that's how I've been living so you know the people say oh mark you make a lot of money you don't know what the fuck you're talking about quite frankly and I said I was gonna remain calm I'm gonna try to remain calm today folks for Barb's memory on this show I'm gonna try to remain calm cuz I dedicated the show to her okay just imagine doing that and now you know what I've been doing over the last 13 years doing this work so what I am asking for is an in-house graphic designer no not a remote graphic designer don't wish me well don't email my assistant saying I'm from somewhere else and I want the graphic design position not what I'm asking for I will need an in-house graphic designer next we have a wonderful video editor in the form of Joel Torres he's doing just knockout work with the documentary unfortunately that is all Joel can do Joel cannot take on another project and my producer is just telling me right now that I should mention something that I left out of my slides when I get out of this slide I'm going to mention that thank you we need another in-house video producer for ancillary video production work that I have in the works and I want someone here not remote because I can't I can't get involved in sending everybody this stuff back and forth back and forth back and forth working remotely with video files is cumbersome if you've ever done it I need somebody to work in-house from art my local server that I could throw all the material on there it is here's your username and password login there's the video editor premier or final cut go to work that's it I don't want to work remotely with that we can do some ancillary video projects remotely right now this isn't it I need somebody in-house I had a generous donor donate three computers to me they are they are being used but not to their full potential I should have people Manning those workstations doing this work in-house and they are used but not to their fullest potential quite frankly and that is sad to me because my donor did not have to generously donate that equipment for free to me and those machines are helping tremendously in the work we do here but I have to in full disclosure be honest they're not utilized to the full extent that they could be because we still do not have asses to sit in those chairs okay and that's what I need I need a in-house graphic designer an in-house video editor I need an in-house web developer I'm sorry I need an in-house or remote web developer I'm going to compromise on the programming because I realize how rare this is okay so here's what I need the web developer for folks I want to start a network I want to start a live streaming network that will eventually become a 24/7 streaming network look folks I'm paying right now this show to do the live stream I pay a yearly fee of between one and two thousand dollars yearly okay and guess what that's actually not a bad deal right now we don't how we're not pumping out such tremendous bandwidth that I have to up that to a higher level for bandwidth purposes it suits my needs right now with the way we stream but out of my pocket I pay between I'm not going to give the exact figure but it's between one and two thousand dollars yearly that's pretty cheap actually okay before that money that I'm paying that account that streaming account I stream 3 hours weekly I want to turn that into a 24/7 stream of a network with tons of different hosts that's going to be called the one great work network it's one of the plans that I had that I wanted to roll out before the end of last year now I'm saying I want to roll it out before the end of this year and the reason it's delayed and it's going to sit on the back burner in indefinitely possibly we have hosts who want to participate in this network probably max Egan will participate probably if he's still on board derek bros if he's still on board land and honor Jay Parker we have tons of people many of many others who are going to participate in this network you know probably Brandon Martin I'm gonna put the offer out there to several individuals to start out they can all leverage my streaming account ok they could all use that streaming account and we'll set up a schedule where one person takes it one hour a week another takes it two hours a week I'll take in my three hours a week etc and we could keep filling up hosts on a network until we have a 24 hour live stream going how phenomenal will this be how great will that be I can't do this folks I don't have a webmaster I can't webmaster all of this myself I can't do it I can't I can't webmaster my own site right now and that's what I'm doing you got to see I'm gonna show people one day the whole podcast is probably I might do a complete pre-recorded podcast of my Monday day during the day you're gonna see what I get up and do on Monday to put the podcast of the show online the next day the video podcast I'm gonna show everybody that I'm going to show you how long it how painstaking it is how much detail-oriented work it is and I'm not even a programmer and I'm just muddle through it folks I trudged through it like plodding through a tar pit just shrugging painstakingly to get it done I'm gonna pre-record one time to show people what that what is involved the work that's involved I need someone to help take that burden off my plate so I need a web developer folks I need somebody who wants to webmaster the one great work Network website which is that one great there's a template that is just in place there it says like a domain that's parked it's gonna be one great work network.com one great work Network com is the site there's nothing up there please you know don't try to sign up we're gonna and it's we're also taking away the former subscription model so that's not accurate do not try to sign up for it that's just something we've had in place as a placeholder we are probably going to try to make the one great network network absolutely free how about that as an announcement I want to do a free 24 hour streaming channel build up the network to that but I need a webmaster for it folks I need a good webmaster who knows his way around content management systems who knows programming languages like PHP who knows how to work with my sequel databases who knows video you know streaming like the back of his hand and who can really manage really well a content management system and schedule things that's what I need no one has really worked out and come forward for this task we are are talking with some people so we have some people who are interested in this and our remote my absolute dream would be to have somebody on site that could do that here in-house right here in Philadelphia I'm not holding my breath for that graphic design video editing that should be no problem first getting somebody ass in chair here in my studio okay we should not be having the problem we are having with that the web development work and web mastering okay I have to compromise and accept remote help for that and I need tech support in-house you know so much of what I do look we almost didn't go on air today just just tell you a little anecdote I almost canceled the show literally six minutes before we went on the air I almost had to cancel the show and there may still be some technical issues that might happen I don't know I don't want to definitely say that's gonna happen but you know we ran into a big tech snafu six minutes at what was it 254 p.m. something happened technologically that almost made me have to say cancel the show for the week or maybe you know we'd have to delay the show by at least an hour while we fixed it luckily that didn't happen we had a quick workaround and it worked out that's the kind of stuff we encounter here and guess who has to fix it every time you know my producer knows his way around tech issues as well in general though there is never any one here that knows as much as I do about technical issues that's what I did for living folks I was a technical troubleshooter on the information services team at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine division I worked tech support at an Ivy League university so and I also worked for one of the biggest tech support companies in central New Jersey gear 3 technologies for a long time I was their lead macintosh Support Specialist so I know high-end technical troubleshooting myself it's what I did professionally for years it's the job I left to do this ok I cannot be the tech troubleshooter for what on earth is happening forever I need help with this in-house when problems happen I need a competent tech person to say will you please handle that for me so I could focus on delivering my show for the day you know I think I deserve that for how much I've done and they have to be in-house the tech support is not remote it's in-house you know I need somebody here every Sunday that's the tech guy you know and you know right now that's me now think about that folks just think about the burden of that before I go on-air a tech problem happens I got to jump into the role of being tech troubleshooter I can't sit and think calm myself and compose myself and get ready to deliver what I want to deliver and say and and step through my slides and emotionally and mentally prepare myself I got to be troubleshooting a tech problem that's what it is to do this to be me in this position and do this look folks that's because I don't have the money that other people have I have a little bit of donations put aside toward going toward the projects that we're working on but if you think I have the kind of operation that some people have or just that just maybe even came from money who can just hire people at the going rate people who don't give a damn about what we're really doing here they would just come here and do anything we asked them to do just because yeah well you you want to pay me $200 an hour that's how much a a going rate technical support person's gonna gonna ask for I mean if you get a real half-ass person who you know barely knows his skill set they're gonna say seventy-five dollars an hour you know you get a good real good competent person you know I mean my company charges over $100 an hour and I made like you know 70 or you know fifth between 50 and 70 depending on where the job was when I was doing this professionally an hour you know sometimes I stayed there a whole day sometimes I got the job done quickly but you know you look at going rates for this stuff it can be upwards of 200 an hour depending on what's being asked for right now we are asking for an in-house volunteer to do technical troubleshooting when it arises so that's what I need and I want to step out of the presentation briefly because I want to go back to the website and I want to show people the new page that I set up it is right next to gifts if we go over to the computer again please we're still having an issue there we go okay and um we if we look at this help tab right next to Gibson between gifts and donate you click help and then it says help us accomplish the great work we make it a little bigger for the screen here there we go so we have in-house graphic designer if you have this skill set please contact my assistant Lea Boone at lea at what on earth is happening calm it is spelled le IH a at what on earth is happening calm okay we need a in-house video editor same email address we need an a web developer that is either in-house or remote okay so you see that there are folks in house or remote that's the only one that if you are remote I will consider you know bringing you on to the team we need help people who know content management systems html5 CSS which is cascading style sheets PHP which is a scripting language for the web my sequel database which is generally what we use here for our web stuff at what on earth is happening and if you know JavaScript J s node things like that that's a huge plus okay a node J s I'm sorry you know things like that and then the technical troubleshooter position we need a high level experience on both Mac OS and Windows we use a couple of Windows 10 computers here as well a troubleshooting on those platforms for both desktop computers and laptop computers again the email is the same Lea at water on earth is happening com all right so that's that I'm gonna jump back into the slides and just say put your talent where your mouth is ladies and gentlemen because very unfortunately what may need to happen if I do not receive this help and I have to pay for it which is going to create a huge financial burden here because until I get some things straightened out with my home and with the former home that I owned jointly with barb I have to have that place sold at some point and I have to go and clean it up which is going to be a really horrific task you know not only being clean it up I mean literally like remove items so that when I sell it it will be prepared to be sold it's you know if I don't have this help in house I'm gonna have a have to spend that money out of out of what I have put away it's gonna be a real tremendous financial burden for me to that end if I do not receive I don't want to I never want to have to make ultimatums here at what on earth is happening and I know this is a lot of stuff about what's going on here and what I'm doing and what I need help with but it needs to be said if I don't receive the help that I'm asking for on a volunteer basis for the very first time ever since the beginning of water on earth is happening I will have to start utilizing some sort of a paywall slash donation system for the water earth is happening show itself and I don't want to have to do that I really don't want to have to do that but unfortunately I'm going to have to if I don't get the help I need so what I ask of my viewership is if you want to see the show stay completely free and it should stay completely free helped me to get the help that I need and that means become part of a search team for me if you don't have the skills yourself and can't be here in Philadelphia yourself please stop wishing me well please stop saying I hope you get the help you need actively help me search for the people I need the skill sets are listed you can point people right to that page be a liaison at least help put the word out help get people here in the chair don't wish me well I don't want you wish saying I hope you get it I'm even gonna send say you know I value trying to get me help more than I do the money to pay somebody I don't want to have to pay somebody I want somebody to get involved and volunteer their damn time I don't think that's a lot to ask for I think the people who think that's a lot to ask for have their head up their ass quite frankly this is not asking much one to two days a week to volunteer some of your day to help do this work and I've been practically on my hands and knees begging for it for years to no avail and that is unacceptable so what's going to happen is and this isn't an ultimatum this is a sad fact of the matter if I have to pay people to do this work it will be funded by making the stream each week not free and put behind some sort of a donation wall so that will be up to you whether that happens there will be a deadline for that happening the next few shows will remain free and if I get the help I need the show will remain indefinitely for free if I do not get the help I need within the next 30 days the time frame is from this June 7th today to July 7th way the class seminar called how to become the true media begins if I do not have these positions filled in those 30 days what on earth is happening will cease to be a free live stream and it will go behind a donation wall and the money the donations that are taken in from that will will go to funding the help that I require so we were having another technical problem here trying to solve it on the spot looks like we're okay I want to jump back into my slides we're good let's go back to the slides please so you can go to that position page and share it at what on earth is happening comm slash help and I think I've explained that to the best of my ability as calmly as I can without getting angry I'm very happy with myself that I did not go off the handle during that so that's all what the great work is about folks it's about getting involved now just before we start I am going to take my producers advice and say I did not mention that unsustainable the recent film that I was in which James Yeager the local film producer here who has done tremendous work including things like Fiat Empire original intent mole on lab a good guys with guns he's one of the greatest filmmakers of our time as far as I'm concerned documentary filmmakers of our time and just a great guy all around by the way who I consider not just a associate in the great work but I actually consider a friend he made the documentary unsustainable both parts are out and they are released on DVD and they are out on the internet as well on his YouTube channel his website is MC films.com MCC films that's matrix entertainment collective films calm and you can go to you could search for original intent doc is YouTube channel all one word original intent doc do see is his YouTube channel his name is James Jaeger he made the film unsustainable which I appear in very happy with the way the documentary came out people can visit his website or YouTube channel please get ahold of unsustainable it came out fantastic so that's my brief announcement that I left out of my slides thank you to my producer for reminding me let's jump into the actual content of my slides for today and again this show is called remaining loyal to first principles in an age of psyops and disinformation again I will take this at my own pace I'm moving pretty relatively slow pace here today if we get two calls we get two calls if we don't get two calls we don't get two calls if you want to listen in via the call room or you want to wait in queue for calls there's the discord Channel that's what on earth is happening calm slash discord I spelled D is cor D that's what we take calls on on the program will usually do it in the third hour of the show from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. East Coast time more likely than not I'm not going to get two calls today but if we do that's the URL maybe next week we'll do it all call-in show okay everybody is gonna want to know what I think about the coronavirus fingers please switch back to the slides given my produce for a moment there we go everybody is gonna want to know what I think about the coronavirus so-called pandemic because everybody's in a state of confusion about this no one knows really what to think that it is or what's going on and again I said we're in a dark time and it's not for the reasons that some people will speculate it's not because of the virus folks it's because the people's reaction to this so-called pandemic and I am NOT going to say that the illness is not real because I know people who have gotten it the illness is real what we are being told about it however by so-called official sources is what constitutes the SIOP our people getting sick yes they are is this a genuine illness of some type or form yes it is it does exist is it what the mainstream media and the government are telling us almost assuredly it is not so what my take on the whole coronavirus pandemic is is this it is what I refer to as a socially engineered perceived crisis now don't get it twisted into thinking that because I use the word perceived then it doesn't mean something actual in the 3d world is occurring there is something happening in the 3d world regarding people's sickness which is very extreme in some cases but the hype about the deadliness and danger represented by this illness is not deserved and accurate if you're familiar with the researcher and presenter Larkin rose freedom advocate anarchist from a true anarchist perspective I think you should take a look at the videos he's been doing recently during this crisis perceived crisis because I think it's made a lot of sense and it's very similar to my take he did one where he compared it to mountain lion attacks explaining that if the government were hyping mountain lion attacks and saying you shouldn't go outside and mountain lions don't live in the city look at the you know ancillary problems that would create be created in society from essentially shutting society down when people aren't in danger going out in the cities of mountain lion attacks when you know if people go into their environment and they're you know you know domains for people I'm sorry one person every four years are fatally killed in mountain lion attacks in the United States one person every four years you know ridiculously small statistics it's very similar to the danger represented by kovat 19 so the Cova 19 pandemic is an orchestrated and managed large-scale event that this is not to say that there isn't a real illness making the rounds in the human population but this event is designed to steer the public's mental perceptions in a specific direction which is dedicated by the social engineers of our world because what they want to do is they want to take the perceptions from being in addition to sicknesses that are actually occurring and death that is occurring and worldwide economic devastation that absolutely is occurring in response in the created response to this pandemic what this socially engineered crisis is designed to actually do is to create fear trauma cowardice inaction distrust division and Submission in the human population now you look at all of those things those are the real pandemics that are happening the illness is not the pandemic the illness is what it is it's an illness that's occurring for certain reasons and I may not even get into speculating at all today about what those reasons are quite frankly the reasons that this illness presents itself are not that important what is important is our reaction to the presence of on any given L nough sin our society so the reaction that has been specifically socially engineered by the social engineers and their henchmen the mainstream media is one that is elicited and designed to create fear which is the one of the biggest pandemics in our society the reaction of fear going into the r-complex of the brain and then not thinking clearly about what's really happening things that we talked about here since day one on what on earth is happening things that people quite frankly should know a lot better regarding how they have viscerally emotionally reacted in emotional mind control to this mind control socially engineered event they have fallen for the hype and fallen into a consciousness of fear which is where they want people because if they're in fear they're easier to control that's what the social engineers and controllers of our society want everyone in that consciousness you know you look at me from day one since this is started absolutely zero fear what dispels fear knowledge I've had the knowledge of how a lot of this stuff works since before I ever started on what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen quite frankly having thought that health works the way it does having thought that the transmission of disease works the way it does understanding things about human diet that most people don't understand I've tried to communicate all of that endlessly to people tried to explain people the dangers of the meat diet tried to explain to people to bolster your immune system through supplementation adaptogens etc juicing and that doesn't mean taking steroids I've had actual people when I've used the term juicing actually think that I meant taking steroids I mean this is where some of us are at folks like you know it means juicing fruits and vegetables in a juicer you know turning it into liquid and drinking it fruits and vegetables please folks you know I mean would you think as much as I am into health and that's what I would have think like injecting steroids really I mean really should I have ever had to field an email about that once ever you know it means get a juicer from a health store department store and run some fruits and vegetables through and drink the juice that's what I mean by the word juicing please you know you know we could get into speculation from now until the end of time as to the causes of this illness or how serious it is quite frankly the point is falling for the media hype and then calling for other people's rights to be restricted you don't know how many people I've had to literally block unfriend on social media mute them you know and just unfortunately have to look at in a way that totally diminishes my respect for them as a human being and guess what it can be mutual so be it I could really give a damn couldn't give a damn couldn't give any less of a damn because friendship doesn't matter to me as much as sticking to principles does and that's what it's all about this is another thing I think Larkin Rose did an excellent job recently talking about you can get his videos on his YouTube channel or on his library I I recommend people going to his library you know that's what I'm gonna start sending people more to there's much more of my youtube than library but I'm gonna be you know uploading content that's another thing I need I need people get involved you know just helping me manage these things you know I do it all myself you know I can't do it all day every day you know I need a break from this sometimes I need people to take over some responsibilities of just even helping to upload content I want to get all my stuff uploaded to library that's a Herculean effort in and of itself but Larkin was talking about he stands you know with legitimate protesters if they're protesting against police brutality he stands with people defending their homes and businesses if they have attackers coming out them at them were condemning people who are doing violence and on the side of people who are defending against violence that's called staying the principles sticking to principles and you know when you look at the actual danger posed by this people with compromised immune systems and the elderly sequester themselves if you're concerned about that and about it affecting you in a negative way you can sequester yourself you don't sequester other people and demand that they be in the type of fear that you are you take precautions because you cannot stop other people from exercising their rights and going about their business in public that's the fact of the matter that's called understanding self ownership and understanding rights you know and you know it's not like a leper going up to people and trying to spit all over them and then you can even get into the argument well that transmitted leprosy you know first of all we have to look into actual transmission vectors this is part of what again I'm not gonna really get all into today but this is what people have to understand they need to research and they need to look at do things like this actually get communicated by coughing or sneezing on somebody or breathing the same air in close-quarters I would suggest that is not the vector of transmission but again we could speculate on things like that until the end of time and you could find medical and scientific experts that will argue both sides of the equation I tend to lean on that virology and epidemiology is not what we have been told that it has been what not we have been told that it is by traditional methods of science by traditional medical establishments and scientific establishments that is my position and I have every right to hold that position and to explore it so another aspect of what they're trying to put us through in this socially engineered crisis is trauma the trauma of not being able to conduct our daily lives the trauma of having our rights stripped away the trauma of the fear if we bought into it of getting sick or our loved ones getting sick cowardice is another part of the real pandemic you know and how many people has this turned into cowards who won't stand up for their rights who are doing everything the media and government have told them to do because they don't want flack and they don't want any more hardship in their lives for going against the grain how many people are wearing a mask just because they were told they have to cowardice leads to inaction in the world all of this has been designed to get us to distrust each other you know this city that believes the mainstream media Philadelphia I mean you know these people I mean walk down the street like if you're coming at them and you don't aren't wearing a mask because you don't believe the mainstream media and the government like you are a bomb that is going to explode they'll walk to the other side of the street all distrustful and and and cowardly it's unbelievable it's like they're on their digital devices or on their TV saying master what do I have to be afraid of next whatever you tell me I'll be afraid of it it's really pathetic it's pathetic folks it's pathetic it's pathetic and people should know better by now they should know better by now and they don't the division that it is created amongst human beings the people who did this they know what they're doing they're chess masters and the division that they have sewn guess what folks I'll go right into the division aspect of it myself I think an aspect of it is healthy and an aspect is unhealthy and that is if you're going to say I'm gonna compromise my values I'm divided against you but the other aspect of the division that the social engineers have fomented is division between people who accept everything the mainstream media says versus the people who are skeptical of that worldview it's a big part of the division that's being sown I'll always take the side of division when it comes to I'm going to people who say I'll abandon my principles at the first sign of danger or trouble you never had any principles about that let me say that again you're the kind of person who says I'll drop my principles at the first sign of trouble or danger you never had any boy you never had any little girl you're not a man or a woman that's called the attitude of a punk-ass child you never had principles I'll say it really hard to people write to them you don't abandon your principles in the face of any danger real or perceived the principle is eternal and changeless it's immutable and we're going to get to that and finally what this pen pandemic socially engineered pandemic crisis has created is total submission in many people where people are just saying I'll do whatever is asked of me and that's called submission regardless of what the truth is they're willing to submit because government and media told them to nothing could be more dangerous that puts humanity in an extremely dangerous position and you know who are the people out there saying yes sir anything you say sir ma'am the military and the police the order followers are the biggest danger in this time the biggest danger they've always been the biggest danger so what I've been saying since day one nothing has changed nothing has changed folks these are all the people that are going to say I will do my bidding I will do the bidding of my masters now more than ever because there's a perceived danger and that's the biggest danger in all of it and submitting to that is an even bigger danger than the danger that the police and military and National Guard the order followers represent themselves saying I'll go along with it is an even bigger danger this these are the characteristics of this engineered crisis that we are in the middle of regarding the coronavirus Cove in nineteen the novel coronavirus one of the characteristics is that the nature see the government and media are saying the nature of the illness is exactly what we say it is the nature of the illness is exactly what government and mainstream media say it is that is one of the characteristics of this socially engineered event so what I would say to people is you must research and look into what the nature of such an illness is to begin with accepting current virology and epidemiology me ology Sciences on their face when they are government-funded grant government grant money funded quote Sciences okay on their face is a problem in and of itself that constitutes a belief system first of all I can show you a report from the National Institutes of Health that says that they tried to expose people directly to this virus 455 people and could not transmit it even though they were in extremely close quarters they put 455 people in extremely close quarters with each other some who had been confirmed to be infected with this novel kovat 19 virus and they could not transmit it to 455 people so what does that tell you about the nature of what we're talking about it should say the nature of it is not what many people believe it to be so again I'm not going to go into all of the aspects of what the nature of even a virus in and of itself may be is the illness real clearly the illness is taking place what is its nature what is its origin I should really write here nature and origin see people just assume viruses work the way traditional sciences tell them that they work and they assume the origin is oh it just broke out of this wet meat market in China could have come out of a laboratory could have come from injection into animals could have come from injection into human beings ladies and gentlemen I look at other vectors possible vectors of spraying it upon populations what about putting it in certain water supplies probably lots of ways that things like this because it could possibly not be a traditional virus as we think of see this is all speculation and what if or this is possible I'm not saying it is this much more research would have to be done I'm not going to jump in a specific camp and say it absolutely is this thing it could be lots of things it could be an environmental toxin released as a gas or in liquid form it could be injections that perhaps release themselves into our immune system over a specified period of time that could be very well engineered to do that there's many things I could imagine that it may be and work through or as a vector of contagion so-called contagion but to just say I accept what the government says it is or I accept what the media says it is absolutely not you will not force that worldview down my throat and say I must accept it because it came from those institutions no one will make me accept that ever nor should anyone accept it just became just because that worldview came from those institutions the next characteristic of this crisis is the cause and transmission of this illness is exactly what the government and mainstream media say it is again we could speculate a whole lot regarding what the actual cause and vector of transmission is and again I don't accept classical sciences definition for these things or explanation for these things I highly recommend that people read a book called the invisible rainbow by Arthur Furstenberg and understand that traditional vectors of Contagion do not work the way people have traditionally believed through virology that they work and there are many doctors who take this model because they've seen that it doesn't work the way people have traditionally thought that vectors of contagion worked and then that throws the entire perception of this so-called crisis into question mark territory I'm telling you don't immediately accept the explanation and don't think that you already have the knowledge of what it is what its origin is what its causes what its nature is how it is transmitted you don't and probably no one really does because more open-minded true science needs to be done to those ends and you won't you'll very rarely hear this perspective from anyone folks very rarely but no one is going to tell me I must accept the nature of this illness or I must accept how it was caused or I must accept how it is transmitted the next next characteristic is the threat of the illness is exactly what the government and mainstream media say that it is well first of all the numbers can prove that that is a study in epidemiology or disease transmission which is essentially statistics and I'm telling you yes they can lie about that and they are lying about that but you could gauge simply by an understanding common-sense understanding of just looking around you and how many people are sick or how many know people who have gotten sick the the comorbidity factors that they have other health issues that they have every person that I know that got this illness regardless of what you think the nature of it the origin of it the cause of it or the transmission vector of it every person that I know who got this was older meaning at least above 45 years of age I wouldn't say I won't call them old you know most of them sick frequently older than 45 but at all of them older than 45 45 is my current age all of them with pre-existing health conditions almost all of them with some type of diabetes almost all of them with very bad diets or borderline bad diets almost all of them with compromised immune systems in some form or fashion and not helping their immune systems with right diet and right supplementation almost a blanket statement almost 100% I would say upwards in all of those scenarios upwards of 98% less than 2% of people who I know who succumbed to this you know particular illness of kovat 19 having been truly you know you know it shown that they had this form of coronavirus less than 2 percent did not meet those criteria that I just talked about age comorbidity factors bad diet little to no exercise compromise the immune system not supplementing properly certainly not juicing or blending it on a daily basis you know certainly not taking adaptogens nascent iodine you know other good herbal supplementation's on a daily basis not taking care of their health essentially the next aspect of this is to just totally foment the fear fan the flames of fear at every opportunity these people in the media and government are just telling everybody to be very afraid and succumb to their fear not telling them how they could boost their immune system not telling them to look at other possible nature origins causes transmissions or look at the actual ratio of what the actual threat to younger or healthier people really is no they want everybody to be afraid equally and so many people are falling into this trap and thinking oh this is the end of the world in its you know strength in its virility in its you know Trent transmissibility it's not folks it's not at all that I can say with certainty okay but what with certainty they want you to be afraid of it because people in fear are easier to control easier to get them thinking in a clouded way in a clouded capacity succumb to their fear go into the r-complex of the brain and start thinking because I'm wearing a mask and protective equipment I'm saving the day and at anybody who's not is endangering other people I mean it's it's very sad that many people look folks I tried to really take it easy on people actually until they really upset me and I just I took the easy approach of just turning off people on social media by saying unfollow when people got more annoying and pressed the issue more and more and I just I didn't even say things the most people unless they even said something to me when they said something to me I was very direct and almost blatant and said you're incorrect and you're in fear right now and you'll see it differently at some point and you'll thank me for saying it to you directly many people not just some I took that approach with other people I took a harder approach because I didn't like the way they approached me about it and I probably should have done this with more people we're out right unfriended them on social media stop talking to them in person I've had to do that with very little people because pretty much if you know me in person you pretty much know what I'm about and you kind of think similarly I keep my social circle pretty tight in that capacity and most people that I hang out with hang around with aren't idiots quite frankly that are easily scammed so you know I didn't have to do too much in the way of saying hey I'm not talking to you in person anymore but what really came down I came down the hardest on people is when I didn't like their attitude or approach to me personally I either unfriended or blocked them outright from social media people who were at least somewhat respectful and trying to present their viewpoint of it I simply unfollowed them and I did that with a lot a lot of people okay I unfollowed way more but I blocked a ton too so I want to take the time briefly to talk about my approach and attitude regarding social media for a brief time here a lot of people think the same thing about my social media outreach as they do about what I do here on what on earth is happening that I'm trying to reach the maximum amount amount of numbers let me say emphatically I am NOT trying to reach the maximum amount of numbers of people on social media just like I'm not trying to reach the maximum amount of numbers here on what on earth is happening I am trying to reach the highest quality people to those ends I do want my social media to be more of an echo chamber than a debate forum a forum for debate I'm not looking for a form of debate if I want a form of debate I will go personally on some shit show like Reddit and try to debate imbeciles there and convert them to my point of view which I wouldn't waste one sliver of a second of my time doing because my time is way more valuable than that crap okay for my social media I am NOT trying to make it a diversified sounding board of tons and tons of different ideas that everybody endlessly debates I'm sorry if you think that's not open-minded I could not give less of a shit do you understand I want my social media specifically Facebook to pretty much be a 5,000 person sounding board for natural law and I'm not afraid or ashamed to say it I'm saying it openly what I'm doing here today folks regarding this is I'm being totally and completely honest with you about what I'm trying to do with no hidden agenda and I'm looking directly in your eyes through the camera and telling to you if you disagree with me about the really big stuff like sticking to your principles or about natural law just get off my social media it's not for you I don't want it gummed up and gunked up with dross because that's what you are if that's what you're on my facebook page or any other of my social media for you are dross look it up look up the word it means a bunch of extraneous garbage that isn't needed okay it's stuff that doesn't matter that is in the way dross okay that's basically what it is it's trash that is they're gumming up the works that is all it's doing is making things harder to do I want 5,000 people who do who have been through my work and do understand what I'm trying to do which is to teach natural law and who do want to be teachers of natural law and who agree with me on the basic first principles and aren't going to get hung up on all the other little minutia that they don't agree on you don't want to agree on you know a particular vegetable that I think is healthy and then I say yo throw it in your juice that you drink on a daily basis then just don't fucking drink that or juice it or eat it or do whatever you want with it I'm not talking about my new shell like that my social medias should essentially be a sounding board an echo chamber if you will I'm fine with using that word that term I want my social media to be a 5,000 person echo chamber of people who totally hardcore agree with the basic first principles of what I lay out and want to go out there and teach natural law to others and I'm not afraid to say it just like that I want it to be a sounding board and an echo chamber that's what it's there for if you're a wishy-washy person who doesn't really agree with what I teach get off my social media if you don't agree with first principles of what I am teaching get off my social media and open up that position for someone who does because that's who I want all 5,000 of my so-called digital friends to be and I want the dross eliminated and when I find that you are dross I'm gonna unfriend you at the very minimum I'm gonna unfollow you if I find out your true draw someone friending you and if you really say shit to try to harm the cause of what on earth is happening then you get blocked when I see people directly teaching moral relativism you are blocked because you are the enemy you're the enemy if you teach that satanic religion so if you're a moral relativists not only should you not be my friend on social media I want to know who is so I could block them from my social media all right so I want to make that very clear so this whole fear mechanism is what's driving people to call for the government to limit or remove the rights of others this is the last characteristic of this what I am calling a socially engineered perceived crisis which is much more hype than it is actual harm they want you to express your fear by begging the government to limit or remove the rights of others which is a violation of natural law and who is the one hyping this crisis as oh it's so extraordinarily dangerous that you know we have to basically live in a bubble it's the mainstream media and this is just one example you could throw any mainstream media up there this is one of the worst but these are the same people not just talking about CNN it just happens to be the graphic I chose I'm talking about all of the mainstream media the dinosaur media the paid lying sack of shit yellow journalists media you're paid whore Liars as gerald Celente so rightfully calls them the prostitutes because that's all you are you're not journalists you're prostitutes posing as journalists you're paid whores paid lying whores I don't know how much like how much clearer I could say what I think of these pieces of dirt your pieces of dirt and your parents were were and our pieces of dirt whether they're alive or dead son girl the vast majority of the imbeciles out here on the street actually believe the same lying sacks of shit that told us that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq I mean can you even believe it unfathomable is it as unfathomable to most of you out there as it is to me that you have jackasses there's jackasses in the freedom movement that believe these fucking jackasses that believe these lying paid horse axis shit they'll take their word for it that it's as dangerous as it is and they need all this protective equipment and it transmitted exactly as they say it's transmitted I mean imagine how fucking dumb you have to be or willfully ignorant there is the the big crisis there's the big pandemic willful ignorance dropping your principles at the first sign of trouble boy nothing could be more willfully ignorant at the first sign of your perceived problem that that these paid Horrors told you to be afraid of folks that the amount of time that I've been doing this and putting this work out and the amount of time all of the information that has been out has been publicly available we should well beyond this we should be well this is unacceptable and it is painfully sad I mean the the peep the amount of people who have fallen for this nonsense they're ignorant is blatantly physically painful to me physically painful and physically traumatic to my body and soul because we should be well beyond this point in our understanding of how things in this world work and we're not because we all have our little biases we want to see things from this perspective the left has their little biases that oh we want to have the nanny state and everybody taking care and being afraid of everything taking care of us from cradle to grave providing for us and they don't want the responsibility of growing up and putting the big boy and big girl pants on and having our own responsibility for our lives and that includes our immune systems and whether we get sick or don't then you have the right so you know when other types of crisis is breakout and we're in some sort of physical danger we want Big Daddy government coming to the rescue with the police and National Guard they drop their principles at the drop of a hat - it's pathetic it's pathetic it's painful willful ignorance and it's everywhere and the amount of people that have actually stayed true to their principles is our piss in a pot and we should be way beyond this point and we should know way better by this point and I'm unimaginably disappointed and sad in the freedom community above all else let alone the fucking idiots out there in the world I mean you forget the other side of this window Jesus Christ the dunces the willful ignorance is it's colossal and let me tell you something folks the so-called freedom movement hasn't done much better they've been just as bad it pains me to have to say because many of them are believing these jackasses in the mainstream media the best meme I saw through the whole coronavirus crisis was this some days you feel like you're surrounded by fucking idiots and in other days you realize it's not just some days yeah it's it's pretty funny it's pretty funny but guess what it's even more sad than it is funny because it's true that's the problem that's the problem that's how I feel every day especially in this city I mean this sees fallen Philadelphia the place where the Declaration of Independence was written and signed is fallen that's the only way that I could say it it's the only way that I can say it it's run by garbage crash and it has become garbage trash it's one of the reasons I can't get any help here even though I've begged for it endlessly there's there are a tiny handful of good people left in this city and guess what the the good people actually believe that the solution is to leave this city and let it be fallen and overtaken all anybody talks about who has any morals left is I need to get the fuck out of here as if that's the solution and I understand the desire for that I understand the desire for some sort of a safe haven but guess what there's nowhere in the world that's a safe haven these days folks you've got to stay where you're at and make your community better where you are at and very little understand that dynamic either it's not the coronavirus that's scary it's how brainwashed and easily manipulated the masses of people can become boy truer words were ever spoken the person who made that meme is point right on point that's the real pandemic right there it's one of the real pandemics the brainwashing and manipulation of the masses that's a pandemic if there ever was one and it's worldwide its worldwide but it's especially prevalent in leftist take in cities in the United States of America cause boy oh boy are they cult members I mean the right are bad enough cult members you know the political right-wingers are bad enough cult members but I mean they look like holy guardian angels next to the leftist these days it's sad to say you know because the left has become a total demonic cult especially in major populated centers of major cities but this is a teaching it's a learning opportunity and it's a teaching opportunity the very understanding that the overwhelmingly vast majority of the human population has accepted the mainstream media hype about this pandemic is the exact dynamic that should show those who consider themselves awake what their own work is to do and I know that's a mouthful and sort of a run-on sentence but just listen to what I've said there folks because so many people are completely brainwashed by the mainstream media and believe the official narrative about this so-called pandemic that's the very dynamic that should be waking you up to what you need to be doing if you understand what the truth of the matter is and how badly brainwashed people are you need to move out of the realm of just saying I'm taking in information and learning about what's going on and get to the point where you are teaching other people in a formalized way not just mentioning it to them when you go to the damn grocery store that's not teaching I'm sorry the people who think the armchair quarterbacks who think that you're help you're doing something fine I'm not saying don't do that folks don't get it twisted and say be silent when you go in public I'm not saying that I'm saying that's not formalized teaching you're not going to sit there for hours upon hours upon hours and teach people anything if anything they're gonna be a little bit receptive to what you have to say and then you move on you might plant a seed if that but that's not formal teaching saying something your family member isn't formal teaching let me say something about this folks I want to talk about doing the great work in this capacity from a personal perspective and a couple of friends and mine actually asked me to mention this okay and it's the the state of consciousness that my own mother has gone into as a result of the kovat 19 crisis it's amazing it's amazing all of the seeds that I planted hammering information in how many days I went to her house I would go from my house over to my mother's house with a DVD walk-in I go in with the key okay she'd be sitting there watching something like Dancing with the Stars I kid you not literally I walk up to the TV put the disc in the DVD player close the tray switch the input and say this is what we're watching tonight call the police if you don't like it an actual like direct violation of her free will that's how much I hammered this information into her I said call the police I'm armed if they come they your son and them some of them will die today that's what you'll have to do to get me out of this house I've done it I'm serious I'm not even kidding I've done this ask her ask her if you ever meet her in person finally after the kovat 19 crisis breaks the planting of the seeds pays off and my own mother is calling me I've had the blinders taken off of me that have been on my over my eyes my whole life I can't believe I didn't see it before this is all about them controlling people and lying to people through the media my own mother and then she hits me with I'm so angry that we're being lied to in control like this controlled like this and then she hits me with I can't believe you knew what you knew for this long and you've been trying to tell people for this long and how it didn't drive you crazy because it's only been less than a month and I already feel like I'm going crazy and people when I tell them it's not what you think it is they're saying to me you must be crazy now do you know how much I did I just have to smile but there's a part of me that is thoth my heart is completely warm that I'm like ready to jump up out of my seat and cheer and then there's a part of me that's like Jesus God that took almost 20 years of hammering knowledge into somebody and it was one person doing that to one other human being and it took that many damn years see that's what people who think they're doing the great work by just talking to a family member is now what if I just left it there and I'm just I'm just gonna convert this person one to one in person no technology no outreach no global platform no putting out formalized media presentations week after week after week month after month no I'm just gonna talk to one person you know the progress that you'd make or even a handful of people you might even have four or five people that are awake to her extent which is not a great level of awakening it's not it's good she sees it now she's not arguing it's about control this is about enslaving the populace this is about taking our rights away and I can see it now that's a spiritual awakening that is at its very budding and beginning and that's very very very encouraging news but look at the Herculean effort that in addition to all the time I took to do all of this I was doing that in person for that many damn years and now it's just starting to break up through the surface and she's now at the point where she's at least not afraid to tell other people this is all bullshit you look at the perspective that that was truly done out of and you look at how harshly it was done it was done nonetheless out of love and then she'll say I could only imagine a chick she's humbly acknowledging to me finally after all of these years it's breaking up my voice I'm gonna try to hold it together because folks in the past when I started doing this she said some very unpleasant things to me about me doing this work and now she's saying I'm glad you're doing this and I can't believe I didn't see it before and she's like I can only imagine what you know because she knows the amount of information I've taken in she's seen me doing it but worrying about me worrying about that I was going crazy because of how much how incessantly like a pit bull I was just studying and reading non-stop and not having a social life for many years you know that's how much 1 to 1 work pays dividends over that long a period of time what we're really talking about is doing it in a bigger way folks and that's great do it one on one too in addition I'll get it out there in the digital space that's where the war is folks the battlefield is not just in person it's a piece a small part of it the battlefield is in the digital domain I'm sorry if you're not a techie or you don't like that that's the reality that's the fact of the matter so this should show us where our work what our work is to do how are we going to reach all these people ask yourself the question is the voice of the truth winning or is the voice of the lie and the deception winning what's reaching more people what's reaching more numbers of people the voice of the mainstream media and the the deception that that voice represents or the voice of reason logic truth I think if you're being honest with yourself you understand the propaganda of the media is working way better and you know we need to put our own propaganda out there that's what speaking the truth is it's a form of propaganda it's it is saying I am attempting to influence your mind toward the right way of thinking and there is a right way of thinking in a wrong way of thinking about all of this stuff absolutely and the right way is stick to your principles stick not to your principles stick to the principles because they're the same principles for everyone they don't change then as part of this whole pandemic agenda we have people saying we have to listen to the so called s experts and the so called official narrative isn't to be questioned you know this is coming from this is coming from actual and de facto Satanists folks I very rarely have ever talked about actual names of people inside the Satanic community because guess what you don't really have to understand their names it's not as important it's what everybody think also important name all these names you know if I said James Comerford what the hell is that to you you don't know this name you don't know anybody you wouldn't know who that is you wouldn't know nothing you know if I said it's just uh out of the top of my head Vincent Allen you have no idea who that is what would it mean to you if I told you any of these Satanists that I worked with worked in as a manager of any particular store or bank or were a teacher at an Ivy League university or were a judge in a particular district or even were for example a police chief of a town what would be the difference if a name was named you could name people like Michael Aquino Michael Aquino was a general in the Armed Forces in the Army's psychological warfare division who was a practicing and renowned Satanist ascetic the high priest of the temple of set experimenting and conducting experimentation in electronic torture techniques while he is a professed Satanist and while he is actively in the United States military and then was brought up on trial charges for child trafficking for involvement in child trafficking rings and you know what happened to his military career oh it was intended he was promoted to a four-star general even after those allegations and they weren't just allegations folks and then people want to say you're not naming names as if naming names is gonna do anything you need to understand their mindset and strategies because you know what these Satanists are doing they're giving you their mindset and you never understand that that becomes your mindset and that's why they can beat you that's why they can own you that's why they can enslave you because they can enslave anybody that's outside their mindset fully entirely wholly outside of it oh but they can enslave the minimi Satanists that they give a watered-down variant of their ideology and it becomes they become a de facto Satanist so whether you're talking about actual Satanists involved in some sort of a actual network of Satanists worldwide and/or they are de facto Satanists that agree with the ideology of Satanism and the politics of it in many cases of the the high-level politics of it which is globalism we're already seeing many of them out in the public an external ization of the satanic hierarchical network if you will they are the control freak governors of the states with the hardest clamp down in lockdowns during this so-called pandemic they are the so-called medical experts that are pushing a particular narrative and there then the NGO non-government organisation foundations like the Gates Foundation's Bill and Melinda Gates etc and folks there floating it there floating it out in the open in our faces on I believe it was that Today Show not certain about it I'd actually downloaded the video this is a frame of that video taken from that appearance Melinda Gates went on with an actual inverted cross necklace a small inverted cross medallion which is absolutely a symbol of organized Satanism it is not a symbol of the Church of Satan it is not a symbol of the temple of set these are low-level satanic network organizations that interface with the public it is however a symbol of worldwide Satanism and the worldwide satanic network because it is a symbol of the inversion principle the inversion of the Trinity the inversion of Christ consciousness in general I've talked about it I didn't fight him the inverted cross talked about it a lot in my presentation called demystifying the occult part to Satanism and the dark occult and I listed the inverted cross and the inversion principle as one of the major pieces of symbology of worldwide Satanism doesn't matter whether the Church of Satan or the temple of set or any other particular organization does not embrace it as one of their particular symbols the Church of Satan embraces the Baphomet design that Anton LaVey created the temple of set embraces the simple inverted pentagram that was favoured by Michael Aquino the Whitehall Church of Satan here in Whitehall Pennsylvania always favored a variation of the Baphomet known as the hearth h e a rth so you could look up any of these things they all have their preferences for symbology and organization they don't all organize one way you have to look at them as sex just like there are sects of Christianity it does not mean that the inverted cross is not a chosen and agreed-upon symbol of the worldwide satanic network because it absolutely is and has been for since Christianity has embraced that symbol they've inverted it these are Satanists ladies and gentlemen this is the missing piece of the puzzle these are control freaks there are people who think they're God there are people who think there are kings our rulers are masters that their worldview and that their absolute decrees are not to be questioned or challenged that's the definition of what it means to be a Satanist the very definition and we have to understand their mindset if we're going to defeat them we have to first understand that the world is run by sickness this is the missing piece of the puzzle that many many many people who are waking up because of this crisis and starting to ask questions still as yet do not comprehend or understand that what lies behind the ostensible rulers the ostensible politicians the extensible structures of power are satanic dark occult social engineering mind controllers and it doesn't matter if you know their names personally folks the former governor of Pennsylvania was involved in Satanism one of the directors of the Federal Reserve was involved in it people in intelligence agencies are champions of Satanism people of major banks corporations champions of Satanism teachers politicians judges police actors people in music in the music industry people in technology you could go on and on and on and on they're in every position of power and influence in our world and you need to understand their mindset which I'm not going to go all into today you can look it up in my former work understand their belief and their mindset because they are the ultimate enemy behind the scenes and the secondary enemy is the people that they have brainwashed into their worldwide satanic cult and now their cult members that are out there including the police the military the National Guard the general public the big tech companies people who want to censor people people who want to socially shame people the radical left the radical right it doesn't make a difference they have all of these people in a state of what I now call worldview violence the cult this is the new cult technique and this is the new propagation aspect of the worldwide cult of Satanism it's called worldview violence and here's its main tenant the official quote/unquote official narrative of the master class is not to be questioned by the members of the slave class that's it the slave class average population is to listen to and accept the official narrative put forward by the Satanic ruling class and that is it and that's called worldview violence if you don't agree with our narrative you become a pariah you become persona non grata you become someone who we will conduct violence upon you by saying you cannot do any of the rites you may not perform any of the rights that you used to be able to perform unchallenged and unhindered we are going to hinder you in the performance of those rights because now the world is different and this is the new quote normal jackass is saying this saying this term there's nothing normal about it it is absolutely abnormal and it is absolutely based in violence and I stand against all forms of violence I stand for the right of self-defense against all forms of violence if someone is taking away someone's rights harming their physical body taking away or harming their property you have the physical right to use whatever amount of force is required to stop that non rightful behavior up to an including deadly force and that's what I stand on the side of I stand on the side of people who have had their rights violated if you've had your rights violated that means it is actionable it is actionable it's actionable whether through words or actions and in most cases it's actionable when you are physically prevented from conducting a right that is yours to conduct you have the right to take physical action against the person attempting to thwart that right now I'm not saying that you at that moment choose to exercise it because most people don't understand that that is a right I'm saying it is a right we have to teach more people that that is a right sometimes you'll want to try to exercise that right and unfortunately more people will show up to try to stop you from the exercise of your right of self-defense they want to try to tell you that you don't have a right to defend yourself and your property against violence and duress is we're in a state of duress and that's what world view violence propagates even more we are in a state of duress worldwide not only the duress of the state telling you you must obey its dictates called laws we are in a state of duress with now the average golem the average zombie telling people you must accept and propagate the narrative of the ruling class and you may not challenge it and if you do we're going to shut down your acts your access to the media content delivery platforms and you'll be d platformed and that's the taking away of our First Amendment protected natural law right to freedom of speech and that's a very dangerous proposition folks to tell people you must agree with my cult belief system and if you don't we're going to de platform your freedom of speech and then take physical rights away from you because you're begging for a physical war you're begging you're begging for not for physical violence you're begging for a dramatic and extremely bloody physical response to duress if you think this civil unrest is somehow putting people in danger you have no idea what is possibly potentially coming you haven't seen real civil unrest you haven't seen the last word resorted to you haven't even seen people start to say the lost word know you've seen people viscerally react in the arc complex to a bunch of fucking nonsense and the overwhelmingly vast majority of them doing so completely unarmed you haven't seen anything that constitutes something to truly worry about when it comes to kinetic action at all and let me tell you something folks most of the people out there including most people listening to me you're not physically ready you're not mentally ready in knowledge for how to handle a situation like that you're certainly not psychologically and emotionally ready and most of you are not spiritually ready you know so all I have to do is say keep pushing the world view violence folks and eventually it's not going to turn it's not going to turn into it won't be a protest and it won't be even riots it'll be something that most people will have liquid diarrhea running down the inside of their pant leg when they actually see what will really happen and that is what I have been trying to avert since day one on what on earth is happening however I am very ready in all of the ways that I just touched upon from the physical to the spiritual here is my final word on the coronavirus so-called pandemic the best meme made about what it really is all about this is the media hype at the top and that's what it represents as far as actual death potential and actual true transmissibility for anyone with any kind of a healthy immune system we're not extremely old and infirm and that describes it as best as I could put it without words so let's move on to the next aspect in the time remaining we won't get to calls hopefully I could finish this aspect is the the civil unrest as a results as a result of the you know nationwide as a result of the George Flinn murder now regardless people have asked me what do you think about this as well now regardless of what you think is what the actual event of what this group of cops did to this gentleman again that's the ancillary issue you could debate that from now until the end of time again we could go into the who what when and where we have to look at the why you got to get down to the causal factors and the understanding of what is really taking place beneath the surface and the only thing I really want to truly mention about this is that the protests that erupted as a result of this event regardless of whether you want to see it as some type of a PSYOP or an actual murder first of all the first aspect of the joy George Floyd situation is police have been summarily executing people on the streets of the United States for decades and decades and decades it does not matter whether it is a white black Asian Hispanic police officer doing it to a white black Asian Hispanic Native American human being the agent of the ruling satanic master class doing it to the person who should have their rights respected in whatever way that people should be respecting rights and not conducting violence upon them is not happening we are seeing police violence against all kinds of people it is not a matter of race it is a matter of the state and the violence of the state versus the people and their rights first and foremost that is the principle that is what I've been saying since day one race is essentially an illusion there is one quote race the human race you know what the real race is the race against time to morally educate the human race that's the only race there is okay before this planet becomes a real true shit show you haven't seen the real shit show break out yet folks but you're going to see it in your lifetime of things if things continue along this trajectory this very dark timeline trajectory that we are on there are at least the next aspect of this event that took place regarding George George Floyd is there are now as a result of what occurred at least five separate groups of people involved in the civil unrest that has broken out throughout the country stop look lumping them all together it is not one group of quote protesters this is what I hear everybody doing no matter what side of the flip of the coin left or right they come down on the ones who lean left oh it's all legitimate protesters and they could do anything they want the ones who lean right oh these protesters are disgraced the police and National Guard should shut them down it's not one group of people stop calling it them the protesters or the rioters it's five groups of people at the minimum and I'm being generous saying and I say it's at least five is my qualifier here are the groups of people protesters with legitimate grievances about the murder of someone and again if you even want to look at other alternative conspiracy theories about the nature of this situation fine go right ahead it takes nothing away that the police have have been murdering human beings forever and we're to over close to 20,000 people have been summarily executed on the street since 9/11 above 15,000 15,000 is probably around like 17 5 or 18,000 have been summarily executed without trial by their peers which is said even in their own political system that they have a right to summarily executed without trial by a peopIe peers on the streets of America since 9/11 that's the police state we've become we were already a bad police state before that it's just gotten infinitely worse the second group police and government agent provocateurs ate an agent provocateur is a French term meaning a person who conducts conducts violence in an otherwise peaceful and legitimate political protest to try to give the people who are peacefully and legitimately protesting a bad name so the police are going out they have groups that are going out onto the streets and doing violence to people and businesses just to give the legitimate protestors a bad name that's group number two group number three are radical leftists and outright communists agent provocateurs like Ann Tifa who are not freedom advocates or truly anti-fascist groups you know we stand for anti-communism and anti-fascism here on what on earth is happening because we are anti Authority we are anti all authority we are anti all authoritarianism we are anti all totalitarianism we are for the building of a voluntary society without coercion and violence these are not people like that they are not anarchists stop saying that these people are anarchists they are fake-ass anarchists they are taking the label and name of Anarchy and using it to an agenda that suits their own ends which is a communist takeover or a radical leftist takeover a socialist takeover at the very least stop lumping them in with legitimate protesters and/or anarchists they are neither of the kind the next group of protesters which are out there are white supremists agent provocateurs going around there these Asian provocateurs no matter what persuasion police and government radical leftist communist ante feh or white supremacists they're all actually out there doing violence some people and property to make the protest look bad and to make anarchists look bad that's it that is what the goal and agenda of all of these people are to do the white supremacist factions want to make people who are non-white look bad and look violent so that other white people will go run to their cause and say oh look at these other races doing such violent things and rioting it's largely started all the protesting and some of it is fallen into by people who are very angry and have a lot of misplaced angst okay but you have to stay out of that and keep it on focus about the principles of the state versus the people that's the main principle and we're running out of time I may have to continue this next week let's see how it goes the fifth group is opportunist Krim criminals otherwise cotton otherwise known as common thugs and common thieves and they're out there taking advantage of this at a very horrific time so that they can just take what they want or hurt who they want because of totally wrong mindset that they have and then they want to carry out wrong behavior but I want to let people know these three groups in the middle folks that I've just put in red you have to understand one thing about them they're all essentially the same people they're funded by all the same people they are funded from behind the scenes by the social engineer ruling class whether it comes from the radical left aspect of the satanic network or the radical right aspect it doesn't matter they're just two hands that are all looking to put the human population in Chains and getting a clamp down and martial law instituted because they run the show from behind the scenes and they control all of the provocateurs from behind the scenes they own the police they own the radical left-wing aspect of the provocateur and they own the radical right-wing aspect of The provocateur II and if you don't understand that you a naive Punk little bitch that hasn't done your homework you're a naive Punk little bitch that hasn't done your fucking homework yet as offended as you like it we'll never make what I just said untrue it's all those groups are controlled by the same groups of people and we need to stop lumping all these people together as the protesters here's the main principle to understand everyone involved in the protests and or riots believe in the legitimacy of government and want it to continue and folks unfortunately I'm gonna have to leave it right there at that slide and we're gonna have to pick this something next time and then we'll do I'll finish my last few slides and we will do.a all Colin show after I finish my slides next week because we have run out of time here on this 225th edition of what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for watching I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm and remember the fundamental principle to understand in this time has has not changed and never will change ladies and gentlemen government is slavery we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]