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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time welcome to the show everyone thank you for tuning in today is Sunday June 21st 2020 and this is episode number 227 of what on earth is happening today's show is going to be called the psychological state of police and their supporters and we'll be getting to that in a moment first want to reiterate a few things I want to let everybody know that what on earth is happening is a show of cumulative information this means that if you're a new viewer or listening listener to the show you should not start here you should go back to the podcast archive on what on earth is happening calm in the podcast tab or section and you should listen to the show in order starting at show number one because this show is show 227 and that means it's built upon the previous 226 episodes so it's cumulative information and everybody should know that this is a tapestry of information so if you are new to it you should start with show number one that being said we could in a moment switch over to the slides for today's show I'm getting them ready and you could switch over okay this is the artwork for today's show again entitled the psychological state of police and their supporters and this is going to be the actual topic material for today but as with the last couple of shows sorry I have a little bit of an itch there and I apologize for that as with the last couple of shows folks I have a couple of housekeeping announcements because there's important things going on here at what on earth is happening and I also want to say that people have to understand that this show is entirely donate supported and therefore I am going to tell you and keep people abreast of what we have available for your generous donations now we have a site set up called gifts thought what on earth is happening calm where in return for a donation to support the cause of what on earth is happening you can choose through a shopping basket a host of different gift physical gift items so new in gifts in the gifts area of the website is my most recent presentation called worldview violence and the real pandemics we are now making that available exclusively in gifts on flash drive and DVD so this is what the flash drive and DVD look like I originally gave this presentation at the other perspective of reality conference that was hosted out of Madrid Spain a couple of weeks back actually last week and it went really successfully and I think a couple hundred people digitally attended the conference so very good success for a first conference effort I want to thank Nuria for hosting it and inviting me to speak and I think people will find my worldview violence and the real pandemics presentation very hard-hitting that being said let's move on to the next item of course still we are still accepting donations for my premiere documentary effort called mark passio and the science of natural law this will be my first full-length documentary film that we're going to be releasing toward the end of the year it is coming along fine it is progressing at the pace that I am expecting it to progress out which is we will release it when it is completely finished and polished to my satisfaction and that is all anybody really needs to know about the release date right now you know it will not be rushed it will not be released half half-baked okay that's what people should know about this film but let's go back to the slide regarding the donations help support the documentary we have five donation tiers on gifts 100% of all donations go directly to production costs whatever is left over and not used for production costs at the end of you know the actual production of the documentary is going to be put toward creation and distribution of flash drives and DVDs for the documentary all donors toward the documentary who make a donation will receive a complimentary copy of the completed documentary on flash drive and DVD you can make a donation at gifts thought what on earth is happening calm new t-shirts are coming to gifts we have finalized all art and put the order through with our silkscreen company that we use here in Philadelphia and they are working on the order so they should be coming in very shortly I don't have an exact date when the order will be fulfilled but it will be soon and we have long sleeve designs coming as well a lot of people have been asking for those the complete mark passio one great work collection is available this is a relatively new item I'll probably at least be advertising this until maybe my tech seminar begins in early July so this is all of my publicly released work all of my presentations all interviews that I have done whether audio or video all of my audio and video podcast series of what on earth is happening my punk bands the founders no masters no slaves EP and this is all on a very small ruggedly built SanDisk 500 gigabyte solid state drive that has both USB C and USB three connectors I'm actually going to ask my producer to go ahead in to my office and get this Drive I really like to show a physical copy of it to people while on the air so we could just switch back to the slides and leave it there I'll continue forward it's in the blue drawer underneath the DVD duplicator thank you with that being said the Ark Drive is something that I've been offering here on what on earth is happening pretty much you know for the past at least five or six years and the arc Drive is an offer where you ship a one terabyte hard drive to me and I ship it back to you filled with all of my research data okay there's on the ark drive it consists of right now about 1,800 video files 8,000 digital books in the form of PDF and epub documents and about 20,000 digital audio files in the form of mp3 and mp4 audio files all the details for this are available at what on earth is happening comm / arc and as I've been mentioning over the last couple of weeks arc 2.0 is coming soon which is eventually going to be a 2 terabyte hard drive offer so I'm still working on that I tell people I have about 80% of it complete I am working on that when I find the time to fill that drive a 2 terabyte drive up and I'm almost completing that task probably another a couple of weeks hopefully we'll see how that goes but I will be announcing here on what on earth is happening when Ark 2.0 is available to the public now let me just come out of the slides and let me just show people this really quick this is um if we move to the front camera yeah this is the case for the mark passio one Great War Collection Drive okay it comes in a nice little hard carrying case okay and I'm gonna open this up and show this to everyone zipper was already open okay we have the USB cable in there and here is the actual drive so if you take a look at this this is how small this drive actually is I'll show it to you in my hand beautiful little solid-state drive we have a little key chain that we attached to it with a description of what's on it okay as you can see there alright and then there's a little cable that plugs into the bottom of the drive like that for attachment and this is a USB c3 can they're there but if you have the more modern Thunderbolt or USBC connector you can hook it up with that new standard which is USB C so this is what you will be receiving if you donate for the Marke passio one Great War Collection will show that a little bit even closer in this camera here there it is and this is the SanDisk drive you can see how tiny that really is look at the the thinness of that okay and these have no moving these are no moving parts these solid-state drives this is electrical solid-state storage with no moving parts so there's no magnetic platters in there so it's very rugged you know this would survive any type of a fall or jarring much more rugged than a standard magnetic platter based a hard drive so I just wanted to show people that physical item so they see what they will be getting for their donation in the gifts area if they do decide to go ahead and get the mark passio one great work complete collection there it is No thank you for that Mike alright let's move on I have announced over the last couple of weeks that we are accepting enrollments in a online technology seminar that I will be hosting it is called how to become the true media this is the full extension of my teaching natural law workshop that I gave back in the fall of 2019 and it is an intensive 23 week long 23 classes 3 hours per class of an online technology seminar I'm going to be hosting that on the zoom video conferencing platform and there's limited space and let me tell you something folks the the spaces are filling up and we're going to have to close enrollment relatively soon it might go all the way through for the month that I planned it but I'm thinking we're gonna close it before July 4th so if you haven't enrolled yet you don't want to wait until the last minute that's all I'll say about that this will be hot happening Tuesdays from 8 o'clock p.m. to 11 o'clock p.m. Eastern Time that is to allow for all the time zones particularly in the United States to be able to attend and we are starting Tuesday July 7th classes will run for 23 weeks on each Tuesday for three hours until Tuesday December 8th I announced incorrectly that it would end on the 15th last week the last class will be Tuesday December 8th that's a total of 23 classes enrollment is $523 93 cents personal donation you can enroll at gifts thought what on earth is happening calm and I want to go through the skill sets but before I even do that I'm gonna jump out and go into my my web browser because I want to show people you know the actual enrollment process so if you so we can cut back to my web browser and if you uh this is what on earth is happening calm I'll make it slightly bigger okay if you go to the gifts area of my site if you click the gifts tab and then of course you know I'm just letting you know how we handle donations and you say yes I have that donation available let me just go to the front page okay and on the front page you see online tech seminar if you click that this will take you to the item if you click the item this will take you to the description page where you can add it to your basket okay and I just want to show people the description I can read this this skill sets they're gonna be taught here okay we're going to be teaching basic operating system skills we're going to be teaching file systems and disk formatting and that's also gonna be about you know how to prepare hard drives if you want to copy data for other people to them file and folder management or the hierarchical file system the HFS i'll also be teaching disk backup how to backup your data that'll be part and file and folder management and HFS skills workflow and best practices word processing and publishing internet and networking basics how to search the web and dark web we'll be talking about how to get data via what you could call the dark web so things like BitTorrent and other methods of downloading peer-to-peer graphic design and publishing print design and publishing how to build presentations dynamic presentations like we give here every week on what on earth is happening audio editing and publishing video editing and publishing web publishing possibly getting into how to build static pages some dynamic pages maybe some content management system if we even get into advanced areas of web publishing like that video conferencing sharing via cloud services and media hardware and equipment so I want to just read these caveats here please note this seminar is private by invitation only so this is not a publicly available seminar you are receiving an invite to the presentation for your private personal donation so this isn't a business or anything like that we are giving a private invitation to attend if you give us a private donation to help us advance our efforts here each personal donation is for one student invitation to the seminar each student must enroll separately okay now that means that you know if two people want to take the class there they should give an individual donation I can't stop anyone from you know bringing a bunch of people in into your home and sharing the seminar on your your personal computer and putting it through public no public speakers in the room if people want to do that they can do that but I'm just saying here that you know we're basically making it available for each person making a donation in return for your personal donation you'll receive a personal invitation to attend the online seminar these classes are hosted live and will not be recorded for later playback if you cannot attend in live time please do not enroll people have been asking that question we are going to offer this as a live personal class that I am giving to you I am your personal tutor in all of these skills so it is not intended for playback at a later time it is intended that you take see what we're trying to weed people out honestly if I may be honest with people I want to see the people who have the commitment to do this with their time it's not about what's more convenient for you and I'm sorry just to say it that way you know but actually sorry not sorry okay I am looking for people to make a personal commitment to this work you have to understand if you're going to do this work it is going to be a sacrifice of your time and effort and what you want to do in other areas of your life and that's just the way it is okay so we're looking for people to make the commitment with their time and resources and that's so that's deliberate okay why we're not going to be offering it as a download okay if you want to attend you have to attend live so if you can't make the live attendance do not enroll okay the only computer a lot of people asking about what requirements do I need for my computer it's very simple there's only one computer system requirement to attend this seminar your system must meet the minimum requirements for the zoom the zoom client software and that you can click that link there and get all of those minimum requirements pretty much I'm trying to reassure people by saying if you have a relatively recent laptop or desktop computer you'll be fine don't worry about it if you're if you're running Windows XP on an ancient ancient ancient Windows system it's time to upgrade anyway folks you don't want to keep honestly I know I hear a lot of technological Luddites out there that are like oh never upgrade anything stick with exactly what we're what works at a given time it's bad practices it that it's terrible in the form of security you're asking for an exploit to be you know to get hit with a security exploit and get your shit stolen you're just asking for that okay and I know guess what in this community it's not a popular opinion okay I happen to be a tech expert and know what I'm talking about okay terrible practice to run with ancient ancient hardware and software not a good practice okay if you have an ancient computer and you know your computers ancient it's time to upgrade okay what if you can do that monetarily but if you have a relatively decent you know computer that isn't some sluggish paperweight okay running an ancient version of Windows or ancient version of Mac OS you're going to be fine and you don't need to worry about system requirements okay all you need is an high-speed internet connection okay no dial-up connections obviously okay you get a high-speed internet connection and you get the zoom client and that's all you need to attend okay I hope that answers that question permanently I can't see that yeah yeah I think actually the zoom client if you click that link it runs on systems back to XP so you know they're really supporting ancient systems okay yeah so if you want to get my attention like that write it in a big marker there's a marker in the drawer in the other room because I can't see pen that's too far away okay a short time after you have completed your donation to enroll in the seminar you will receive by email a link explaining how the class invitations and virtual classroom environment will work along with a link to download the zoom video conferencing client software if you have any questions about this enrollment process you can send an email to true media at what on earth is happening comm that is the email where we are fielding questions or concerns about how to become the true media seminar true media at what on earth is happening calm alright so that's pretty much it I'm gonna step back to my presentation slides and we're good there or you can switch back over to the slides thank you alright let's move on we are still looking for help here at what on earth is happening and you know you know what again we I'm getting a lot of not a lot but from certain places you know blowback for going over this these housekeeping things and I just want to say folks I'll move in my own pace with these shows I'll talk about what I want to talk about and if I want to go over help in donations I'll do it this isn't your show you're not going to dictate what I do on the show I don't care who you are what you've contributed okay the bottom line is I determine what will be shown in what time it will be shown on water on earth is happening and if don't like it shut the fucking show off how about that at the risk of losing my audience quite frankly I don't give a damn what anybody thinks about the pace that I go over things I'll get some of the content when I get to it and I'll talk about my housekeeping for as long as I want to talk about it so if you don't like that toughest fucking nails okay let's just say it just like that to people so you put your big boy and big girl fucking pants on and you understand this is my show and I'll talk about what I want here okay you know I'm tired of the entitlement and making demands you don't know what we do here you don't know how we suffer here to do this okay and I thank the crew for their persistence and tenacity in getting things done I know I'm not always the easiest person to deal with and guess what we we force our way through it by an act of our wills here and I appreciate every bit of it okay people may you know I may express it differently than some but know that I feel the appreciation that being said we definitely need more help here we are busting our ass to do what we do okay so we need help in the fields of graphic design video editing web development and certainly technical support folks I could barely prepare for the show today I'm sitting in the studio trying to get my mind mentally prepared and my slides already in transition make sure they're all ready to go with my presentation and we encounter a tech problem where there's an Ethernet cable that's frayed or damaged and the end isn't crimped properly in the cables falling apart and therefore one of my cameras isn't working because we use NDI for network camera support and you know I know that's Tech Talk and most people won't understand it but I had to sit here and don't make an Ethernet cable myself because you know I know how to do that and I know how to make and crimp the cable I have to do that in in the time I should be preparing for my show and sitting here and getting mentally prepared you know instead I'm wrestling with tech problems that's not what a content creator is supposed to do okay so we still don't have that in house help because people want to sit back and watch instead of actually do something and it's sad it's sad and I'm gonna keep hammering on it and if you don't want to listen to it help me get the help that we need in here and then we'll have the help that we need and I won't have to advertise that we need help and I'm gonna keep asking for it and I don't give a shit who doesn't like that this is what I take time to do I'll take whatever amount of time I feel is fucking required the end okay so we need help and these are the fields we need help in preferably here and the only one that really can be done remotely is the web development the other ones you've got to be local in Philadelphia if you can help send an email to Leah that's my assistant Leah Boone Ellie iha at what on earth is happening calm you could also go to what on earth is happening calm slash help it's a whole new tab that we put in the website the help tab and you will see these positions you know are still there and you can click the email to send an email to be considered all right let's jump into the material for today I'm gonna review a little bit from last week and then jump into some new stuff so as I said last week we had a whole section called no lives mattered matter to the cult called government this whole debate about which lives matter you know all lives these lives these other lives folks it's all a moot point if you haven't figured it out by this point in time yet the government doesn't care about you your life your safety your concerns it won't it's only there to control and eventually devour you and people still haven't figured this out idiot retards on the streets still haven't figured out that they don't give a fuck about you at all not even a little bit no lie that your life doesn't matter to them nobody's life matters to them except to the extent that they can use you as a resource and a battery to continue to drive their system in their agendas that's it so I mentioned last week to almost tongue-in-cheek I wish I could find that you know Cthulhu slide of no lives matter so I made my own with some great imagery from you know the whole Lovecraftian mythos you know if people aren't familiar with HP Lovecraft you should be ok because it's tremendous horror fiction that is really an allegory about what's really going on in our world ok so you know no lives matter and this is what government is government is the hulking monster you know emerging from the darkest places of you know the etheric regions to devour humanity and the people it's getting ready to devour represent everyone on earth you know the the Cthulhu beast monster of Lovecraftian lore is government and what it's coming for what its emerging from the occult shadows to do is to devour human beings all human beings ok it doesn't discriminate the way brainwashed human beings discriminate and have all different you know race-baiting and nonsense divide and conquer going on in their mindset government doesn't discriminate like that it just sees everybody as their slave and eventually it sees everybody as their food and if you don't get that yet you're not paying attention to a goddamn thing I've said from day one on this show and I know there's still a lot of people stuck in left versus right mindset and politics even those who listen to this show still haven't gotten it fully the lives of human beings as I mentioned over the last week on this show or a really last couple of weeks only matter to the cult called government in the exact same way or to the exact same extent that the lives of animals matter quote unquote matter to meet farmers so this is a government agent this is some sick twisted lunatic from Virginia who is the tyrant that he's standing behind the seal saying 6:m Tyrannis are always this way with tyrants this is a guy who really needs to be at the end of a fucking rope okay who is a tyrant himself you know and there's hell government and it's agency human beings in the same way that a meat farmer sees cattle and human beings haven't figured it out yet they haven't figured out that this trash that calls itself government and says that it's our authorities are no more than human farmers and they don't give a shit about the people that they you know round up and heard in the human form of cattle all they care about is the extent that they can control dominate enslave and eventually murder people because that's what they are in slavers and murderers and if you haven't figured that out yet you're a naive fucking child I'm not gonna mince any words I'm not even care I don't care whether I offend you I'm not here not to offend you I'm here to tell the truth and I'm gonna tell the truth harshly and plainly I told the truth nicely through a couple hundred episodes that's long over not interested in pussyfooting around other people's sensibilities quite frankly I don't care what your feelings are I care what the truth is and the truth doesn't care about your feelings never has and never will it's independent of your feelings it's independent of your consciousness it's independent of your perceptions what our goal and work as a human being to do is to bring our perceptions and consciousness into alignment with the objective truth that is independent of any of us and it's a brainwashing technique that we have to dance and pussyfoot around other people's feelings I'm never doing that let other people do that it's fine if they want to do it I'm never doing it as a matter of fact I already have done that past tense you can look up the way I presented myself on air through the first hundred or so episodes of this show or longer and I held back my true personality I wore the mask I put on the persona like a suit and I'm not doing it anymore ever look I promised myself I'm not gonna get even as fired up as I did last week I'm gonna try to tone it back a little bit to present this information well folks we're long past the time that we should be concerned about hurting someone else's feelings or you know dancing around their delicate sensibilities because they have no backbone or spine you know let's go back to the slides so last week I explained that garbage which is all government attracts human garbage like attracts like according to the laws of attraction it's not that opposites attract that's a misnomer and it's a misunderstanding of the real laws of attraction the real laws of attraction brings similar consciousness together and often unfortunately firewall off dissimilar forms of consciousness which is the divide that we seem to find ourselves in in reaching people with this information but like attracts like in the real law of attraction that's why I'm saying here that garbage in the form of government attracts garbage in the form of human beings that are individual garbage in their psychological makeup government itself is a straight line vector for people who are Psychopaths control freaks bullies racists etc and every other lowbrow form of consciousness every other just piece of dirt trash human beings lowbrow low-rent consciousness that's what government attracts all you got to do is go in any government building a look at the type of people that are in it they're lowbrow trash it doesn't matter what color they are it doesn't matter what educational background they have it doesn't matter how much money they have in their bank account they're low consciousness pieces of shit all of them all of them even the ones who think they're so intelligent and smart you're not intelligent you're pretty fucking dumb people from a holistic intelligence point of view you don't have holistic intelligence you're dumb is a bag of fucking hammers if truth be told and you think you know something and you're a little fucking punk boy punk-ass bitch little girl who knows absolutely nothing when it comes to real spirituality and real understanding about how this world works and I'll tell it right to all your faces because no one else seems to want to be able to do that so I'll pick up the slack for the other cowards out there and I'll do it and what they want to do what these lowbrow low-rent pieces of dirt want to do is just carry out their desired forms of violence upon others because they hate themselves and their lowlife pieces of shit that in that psychology of total lack of true self-worth and true self-respect they want to carry out violence on others because deep down inside they fucking hate themselves and that's what we're going to get into it in a deep way dissecting that psychology here today so idiots out there who believe in government always ask the question vote without government how'd we do loose you know they're there so they can barely even get their words out because there's such you know mouth-breathing pieces of garbage that they're choking on their own tongue and here's what they sound like boom we're all going home loose that's what you sound like you know without government violent street gangs would take over because that's not what government is they're not just a violent street gang who has taken over no they're here to protect us you know this is what idiots think that's what the brainwashed imbecilic public believed that this thug criminal street gang have the right to conduct such violence that they conduct on a daily basis in this country and throughout the world still don't get it still don't get that it's just a gang imposing someone's will that's all it is so whatever has been and last week I explained that cowards attract more garbage in the form of garbage people and garbage government cowards do this when people are in a state of cowardice and don't want to deal with any type of infringement of their rights by themselves on their own through an act of their own will and their own engagement of the self-defense principle which is their right duty and responsibility what do they attract more human garbage and more government garbage like attracts like that's how the law of attraction works garbage attracts garbage and cowards attract garbage so as soon as most so-called freedom advocates and they're nothing of the kind become afraid that their life might actually be in danger suddenly they want to call the police and National Guard to handle the problem for them they don't want to take any action themselves because they're chickenshit little pieces of cowardly garbage and in in that state of consciousness called cowardice they're exacerbating the problem worldwide they abandon their principles at the first sign of trouble and really that's a lack of a true way that it should be put they're not abandoning their principles they never had any cowards never had any principles a coward who wants somebody else they want to abdicate personal responsibility and duty on to someone else you never had any principles you never understood principles to begin with coward moving on to the next slide I sort of wrapped up my whole position on police last week with this slide and tried to make it as extreme and brutal as possible and I also reiterated yes I actually really mean that no it's not a joke no I'm not kidding if I ever find myself in this situation literally being eaten by zombie cannibals do not call the police toward my assistance I don't want your fucking help house slave I don't want it ever for any reason I'll deal with this problem should it present itself it's just a flesh wound anyway okay I'll deal with it in my own way all right first of all I'm ready for any eventuality because I've done what I've come here to do so I'm ready to go at any time no matter what what situation takes me into another realm of consciousness with no fear with zero fear because I know I've done my work while here and I am prepared for whatever comes next how many can say the same and I'll look you're right in your face and tell you that so I'm not in fear I'm not a fucking coward and I don't want your so-called services because you can't protect anyone and you don't protect anyone it's a bullshit lie and a bullshit false belief that police ever protect anyone anyway no one can protect you my alignment to the natural laws of creation and the will of the creator or provide protection for me first and foremost and then the 45 would hollow points in it on my hip does the rest boy let's get that straight okay so you don't protect me boy you don't protect me girl what I just said protects me creation and then my right and duty and personal responsibility to my own self defense and the defense of other free people that are not harming anyone that's it nothing else so people want to say uh you're a blowhard oh you're saying this and then let's see what happens no don't fucking tell me who I am or how I'll behave you know nothing about Who I am or how I'll behave when trouble presents itself so that's true and serious sentiment and it will not change because my principles don't change because first principles are eternal and immutable and they do not change and if you've brought your mindset and consciousness and to align with them your mindset and consciousness and principles don't change either and this is what too few people understand are in the consciousness to grasp and understand I see we have the rage cam online yeah so let's move on to some new material for today I want to talk a lot about the psychological polarization going on our world to create a world of masters and slaves now this is the idea that there should be a master or enforcement class called the police politicians etc that have so-called Authority and then other people who have to obey their commands who have some sort of a moral obligation to obey their commands called laws and jurisdiction but what we're really talking about is a race of masters and a race of slaves if we stop mincing fuckin words and stop using bullshit euphemisms dispense with the euphemisms children that's what little children who don't want their little delicate bullshit pussy sensibilities dealt with they don't want that that disturbed oh I'm sorry sorry but not sorry you know they don't they don't want to hear it like that stop you from izing language and trying to cut out whole segments of language you're not going to tell me what my language must be or what my worldview must be I'm not gonna listen to infantile psychological infant children tell an awakened being how to think talk and act I'll engage in those modalities of consciousness as I see fit because it is my right to do so you're not gonna force your worldview on me and that should be the whole attitude of everybody in this movement stop taking shit from little shit diaper children because that's what these people are little children who have never grown up they're not psychological adults and I'm not taking shit from psychological infants so let's look at the actual polarization dynamics or polarization dialectics as I like to call it this is the psychological sorcery that goes on to create a world of masters and slaves so let's go full screen with this very proud of this next transition I thought I did a good job with that one okay worked a little bit on that so um there's really two types of people in the world there are the people who believe that government should exist and there's people who know that government is a euphemism for slavery that's the one true divide in humanity but there's another subdivision in the supporters the police and their types of mindset and then then the supporters of them and there are two kinds of mindsets so the police themselves I put over here in the left category in red which are the order followers and the Psychopaths and again I'm putting the slide from last week on there that garbage attracts garbage how government draws people into policing that are the worst kind of human beings they are the Psychopaths the control freaks the bullies the racists and anybody else who is just a self-loathing piece of dirt who wants to bring their brand and their form of violence upon others that is what government attracts government is garbage so it attracts garbage what these people all have in common is they that they have chronic left brain dominance or chronic left brain imbalance and the characteristics of this imbalance are they have a misanthropic worldview meaning they generally hate people and they hate people for the wrong reasons they don't hate people because they're ignorant they hate people for their own selfish reasons oh there's too many people I don't like the way this culture behaves I hate these kind of people because they look different from me or have different customs from me they don't hate people because they're actually committing violence they don't hate people because they're actually doing immoral behaviors because this is what the order followers in Psychopaths and the police force do they commit immoral acts and behaviors and violence and put people under coercion and duress so if they hated those things they wouldn't go into a into a field into a job into a position where they are actively doing these things they seek out a position where they can be allowed with immunity to do these things that's how it works that's the kind of psychology government itself is drawing is attracting into it and people do not understand how this psychological dynamic works they naively believe that oh these people are all well-intentioned and they just hate you know violence and coercion of other people and they're there to help stop believing nonsense bullshit justifications these are fairy tales this is what violent coercive people who have a ton of self-loathing and are just control freaks psychopaths bullies and fucking racists want you to believe their intentions are and it is not true it's bullshit it's a bullshit lie that Psychopaths used to cover up their true intentions and we have to become psychologically guarded and psychologically mature against their manipulation tactics to tell us that they're in is to help and protect innocence you're full of fucking shit and I'll say it to your face you're full fucking shit and this is what no one else will say no one else will just come out and say it like that because they're coward chicken shit people who won't just come out and say the fucking truth the way it is so I'll do that for all of humanity if I have to cause don't nobody saying anything like this on podcast that I've ever watched not a one person the next psychological characteristic and their sick twisted psychopathic left brain worldview of these order followers and Psychopaths is that they have a strong belief in the authority vested in certain human beings in other words they condone and believe in slavery if we're not even mincing words or using nonsense euphemisms to try to spare people's feelings their supporters and condone errs and believers in human slavery the next characteristic is they generally lack empathy and if you've ever dealt with police this is true either they never had it to begin with and their primary Psychopaths or they've essentially been turned into cold callous fucking psychopath because of the nature of the work that they've done and it's put them in a position of constant adrenaline which go right to the brain and destroy the fucking brain and look particularly adrenal rushes absolutely annihilate the electrical impulses and all of the neuro pathways of the limbic system look it up look it up in neuroscience it's very well known at least in in more advanced neuroscience if you live in a constant adrenal state in a constant state of adrenal engagement okay of being an adrenaline follower and junkie that's what violence puts us into violent state of mind puts us into the adrenaline state and that routes us into our complex of the brain and if you look up biochemically what it does in neuro science terms is it absolutely annihilates the electrical impulses and the synaptic pathways of the midbrain the mammalian brain which is responsible for the feeling of emotions in the body it's called them the mammalian brain or the limbic system the limbic brain I covered this extensively in earlier episodes of what on earth is happening go back to square one podcast number one and listen and you'll get those episodes about how the brain works and that is what police have had done to their brain most of them are completely annihilated have completely annihilated limbic systems of the brain and therefore they lack in general terms lack empathy they have an inborn desire to control others because of their own inadequacies we're going to talk a lot about their psychological state of either real inadequacy complexes or perceived inadequacy complexes and they of course justify constantly and justify comes from the Latin yes meaning right and fetch are a meaning to make or to create or to fabricate so when we put those words together to justify literally makes to invent a right to create a right where at one did not exist and never existed so they justify their own violence as a means to an end they are just the fires which means they believe that they can create rights for themselves that do not exist and we so we have the two categories that we're going to look out of order followers and Psychopaths and we're going to look at the psychological characteristics of both sets of police so on the left hand side you have police on the right hand side or in other words what I'm calling the garbage that is attracted to institutionalized garbage they're already garbage and they are attracted to the garbage called government they're already mental psychological emotional and spiritual garbage and they are attracted to the institutional garbage slavery called government then on the other side you have their supporters which I'm breaking down into two categories also I call them the bootlickers and the cowards and again this is the idea that ours attract more garbage into our entire human experience and they throw their principles down the drain and in the garbage can at the first sign of any physical danger these people have chronic right brain dominance or imbalance they also share the same false misanthropic worldview that the dominators on the left hand side of this chart have they generally hate people for all the wrong reasons not because of their ignorance but because of selfish reasons or because they're not like them enough either and I see it every day I hear every day from people again a couple of weeks ago I was looking at a Facebook post and these people in these protests don't share my worldview and political ideology and I think police should just shut them all down II whether they're peaceful or not not just the the you know ones who are actually destroying property and committing violence on people they're saying even the ones who are there for legitimate gripes because they don't like their political worldview and they say quite frankly I don't really care about anyone else except my myself and my own and my worldview and the worldview of others who are like me and guess what that's called Satanism that's what that's called Satanism that's the very ideology of Satanism and I know all about it because I was a priest of that religion for many years and that's the problem is Hollywood has sold people a false version of what Satanism is in the worship of the Christian devil it is what Satanism really is is not given a rat shit about anybody but yourself and those who are like you that's it that's all you care about that's called Satanism you don't want justice for any for everybody you want justice for only the people you with and who are like you and share your cultural and culture and cultural values and now that's not the same that say that there aren't differences in cultures and things that are better or worse than in certain ones not everything is the same but what I'm saying is these people these bootlickers lickers and cowards and supporters of the police generally are in a satanic mindset and only give a shit about themselves and their own and their property and they don't care about the injustice that has done to others through the police as an institution these people who are bootlickers lickers and cowards have no sense of true personal responsibility they want other people to come up and clean up messes for them and I'm going to explain how they try to abdicate that responsibility and I'm going to explain what taking on that true responsibility would look like in a society that really was based voluntarily and we understood both the non-aggression and self-defense principles in their fullness they desire to be kept safe or protected and this is a myth this can never occur police forces don't do that even there are sensible duty is not to do that it is to simply catch people who have done violence to other people or what we say is violence to other what they say is violence other people and then punish them through a court system or even summarily on the street as they're mostly doing they're not there to try to protect anybody they even state this themselves and the Supreme Court has even stated that they have no duty to keep anyone safer to protect them they show up after violence has been committed and then go and try to find the one who did the violence unless they're the ones doing the violence then they have qualified immunity and get away with it wholesale so the belief that police can or are there to protect or keep anybody safe is a total fucking myth bullshit false belief system that was never true to begin with and if you only just open your eyes and use your own powers of observation you will understand police have never done that and never will do that they don't keep anyone safe they don't protect anybody they're not tarrant for anything anybody wants to do because they are never able to actually stop them from the act of doing it they can only show up and do some form of punishment to people after they have done it so they never obviate or remove the free will of anyone that wants to conduct violence that free will is always there and somebody just has to be willing to trade anything bad happening to their person physically or possibly their freedom of movement if they want to conduct that form of violence nothing is stopping anybody from committing violence unto you except you and your ability to defend yourself and your body and your property with whatever means of self-defense you have at your disposal that's the truth of the fact of the fucking matter whether you like it or not whether you understand it or not and nothing will ever make that untrue and these people these bootlickers and cowards want to justify the violence of other people they don't try to justify their own violence because they're condoning and supporting violence but they justify all of the other people who are doing the violence they justify their behavior they're violent and immoral behavior as a means to an end as well so you could see the ways that these two mindsets differ but you could also see they're very similar in some regards so moving on let's look at the psychological profile of all police blanket statement all of them every single one of them fall into two categories unless and until they quit their cult let me say that again all active police all blanket statement get as offended as you want nothing will ever make it untrue it's a true blanket statement every single police officer in the history of humanity for all time these are their psychological characteristics they can be broken down into two simple categories I would say most of them are actually really all of them fit into the first category and then you have that special brand that is in the second category the psychopaths the real either born or secondary condition psychopaths it doesn't really matter they behave the same way but we have that special brand that is a small percentage that then influences the whole and makes the whole batch rotten to the core the saying is not it's just a couple of bad apples the saying is one bad apple spoils the bunch get that through your fucking skulls dumb people who don't even understand how to relate a little you know saying to make a moral point it's not it's just some bad apples wrong incorrect the saying is one Apple one rotten apple spoils the bunch okay look it up and understand what it really is before drooling diarrhea out your mouth and saying well just remember apples because you sound like some dumb you know caveman who a boulder followers cerebral cortex and key you can't even speak that's what you sound like dumb dunces okay and I'm tired of hearing it from people Psychopaths gravitate toward the institution of policing toward the institution of control over others regardless of what it may be this happens in the medical field this happens in banking it happens in any institution that has any control over people's lives because these people have God complexes psychological God complexes the psychopaths are what I'm really talking about here but true blanket statement whether you like it or agree with it or not eternally true all police psychology can be broken into two categories with no exception ever order followers and Psychopaths every cop that is active duty is one form or another in psychology in psychological makeup and characteristics get is offended by that blanket statement as you like your offense to it will never make it untrue so let's look at the psychological characteristics of both of these groups of human trash order followers have an extreme lack of holistic intelligence regarding regardless of their intelligence quotient as measuring as measuring pure intellect most order followers on the police force have low IQ some of them like detectives might have a higher IQ but all of them blanket statement lack holistic intelligence extreme lack of holistic intelligence that means that they do not have heart based intelligence they do not have true emotional intelligence they do not have true moral intelligence because if they did they would not gravitate toward the profession of control over others and they would not have the low holistic intelligence of not understanding why the very institution of police is immoral from its foundations on its face if they had drew holistic intelligence they would understand that this is not a way to solve the problem of immoral behavior in our society to begin with they are people who have such low true intelligence factors that they cannot logically and morally come to the accurate conclusion of what causes immoral behavior and how to deal with and solve the problem of immoral behavior that is their childish psychological mindset first and foremost in other words to put it very simply they're dumb people no matter how smart they think they are no matter how clever they think they are they're dumb holistically they're holistically dumb once again bring any police officer in front of me I will tell them to their face you can think you're intelligent all you want you can have a high IQ as measures in today's IQ testing intellect i IQ as measured by intellect quotient tests is 147 that's considered a genius and that is considered less then far less actually about one-half of one percent of the whole human population has an IQ of that value or higher about point zero five percent of the whole human population has an IQ of 147 or greater which is the last time my IQ was measured years ago measured 147 I'm not bragging about that I'm just telling you I don't consider that a measure of my holistic intelligence that's just my intellect quotient it shouldn't be called intelligence quotient it should be called intellect quotient my intellect for pure logic mathematics science etc is about 147 that's not my holistic intelligence because holistic intelligence does not just measure left brain intellect it would mat measure heart based intelligence and you really can't measure that with a test natural law is written on the heart morality is written on the heart it's not written in left rein verbage it's not measured through words or testing or instruments it's measured in the heart and what we know to be true regarding objective morality so these people don't have that form of intelligence they're not philosophers they're not people who want to study morality in depth they bought the bullshit illusion of morality as put forward to them by the institution called government which is a huge crock of shit lie and it's a cult belief system so holistically they're dumb people they attempt to abdicate their own personal responsibility to discover what objective morality is or in other words which actions are moral and which actions are immoral they don't want to do that for themselves they want to be told by government and by politicians what that is and then they want to enforce those dictates those man-made dictates not the actual law of the universe that true spiritual laws of morality of creation they're very little concerned with what those spiritual laws of creation in fact are all they care about is the dictates of mankind who think that they're God of the subset of mankind called government that thinks it's God here oh and they'll enforce and obey their dictates but will they look into what real objective morality is not a fucking moment not for a fucking moment and they think their moral human beings your scumbag fucking trash there's nothing moral about you if you quit your cult you're on the path to becoming moral they want to be told what to do they don't want to discover how to behave they want to be told what to do by perceived quote-unquote superiors because again these are psychological little infants who never grew up they don't want the responsibility of truly growing up as a true holistically intelligent spiritually awakened human being they want to be told what to do by their perceived superiors like a little fucking child in diapers it wants direction from their parents and that's what the government and the parties of government arts daddy and mommy left brain and right brain you know controller and nurturer that's all it is psychological proxy parents and that's who they want to give over their behavior to they want abdicate their personal responsibility to choose moral behavior based on knowledge which is conscience and they just want to advocate that to someone else who they think they just know better and they made the law and we just enforce it no you're just an order follower who doesn't give a shit about what's truly right or wrong and you want to be told what to do because you're a fucking little child inside your psychology you're Chuck you're you have a total childish psychological makeup and you never grew up into a true adult human being in consciousness and in your internal psychological makeup regardless of your physical age and no one's ever told you that because you never had any real parenting or mentoring and you've been deceived your whole fucking life and you've run with the fucking deception because you don't want to acknowledge that you were duped and you were too stupid to figure it out they have a internal psychological desire to please their superiors because their superiors are seen as their psychological proxy parents as I've just explained that's why there's only ever two political parties one political party usually the right wing one represents daddy that is the protector and father figure and then the left-wing party is usually the mother figure which is the nurturer and provider from cradle to grave the nanny you know that's all it is then people still can't see it they can't see how they are proxy parents psychologically for people who never grew up and outgrew the need for psychological parenting because they never did any internal work upon themselves psychologically and spiritually this is why people think people need to be controlled and think that they have to jump into the position of controlling them that's not an adult psychological point of view that's the point of view of a fucking child who never grew up inside of themselves and nobody will just say it plainly and truly just like that because they're afraid of hurting other people's feelings fuck your feelings we're not it we don't have time left to worry about how your feelings go child children aren't gonna dictate what my rights and freedom are they're not going to dictate what other free peoples and true psychologically advanced and grown-up and spiritually awakened people's rights and freedoms are not without physical consequence you'll find out what a child you are and what it's going to lead to boy and girl don't worry about it you'll find out it's getting there it's getting there and trust me when it comes everybody's not going to like it it's not gonna like the result you get I've been trying to avert it for 227 fucking episodes of doing this shit I've been trying to avert that eventuality and the the reality that's going to manifest itself in our world I think we're long past the ability to even hold it back quite frankly and I think it's going to emerge into Brandis horrific bloodshed the likes of which this planet has never before seen and is likely to never see again and you know what you know whose fault and responsibility it is because blame is real blame is true too few people look at moral culpability true few people acknowledge and engage in the dynamic of blame of moral culpability it's people who give away the responsibility like this that's first and foremost who's blame and fault it is and secondary you know whose fault it is people who won't step up into the role of teaching true morality to other people it's your fault as well and that's most of my listenership most of my viewership still has not come forward to do the great work you're absorbing and absorbing and absorbing and absorbing and you're doing absolutely no fucking right action with it you're doing no right action with it and that's the problem this isn't about absorbing data or knowledge or watching me every week this is about putting information out to the public and reaching other people I talked about years ago we need a campaign getting people to quit the cult quit your cult campaign quit your cult or be cut off how about that as a name for it quit your cult or be cut off and this is family members have to reach out to people in the positions of or following and say I'm going to give you this information over the period of six months to a year and after that time I will have nothing to do with you as a human being whether I am your daughter your father your mother your cousin your aunt uncle sister brother wife husband anything child that's it I reckon I recommended this a couple of years back and I think that should be the name of it quick you're a cult or be cut off that's it quit your cult dot-com for words - what on earth is happening I just briefly as an aside I just registered mark passio dot-com finally after all these years that redirects - what on earth is happening you don't want to type the whole name wo eih redirects - what on earth is Hopkin are all com quit your coke com mark passio com wo e IH com are redirects - what on earth is happening but we should do a campaign somewhere whether on the one great work network on social media we're here on what on earth is happening called quit your cult or be cut off okay where we have family members and associates and friends and you know all kinds of connections to order followers tell them I recognize the immorality of what you are doing and if you don't stop within a certain amount of time I'm going to continue to give you information in the form of links videos book books documents etc to get you awaken to the immorality of what you do in the immoral institution that you are a member of a cult member of and if you do not cease and desist in your complicity with this cult I will have nothing to do with you as a human being and I think that should mean full divorce and full custody of children I think that should mean cutting people out of wills and saying nothing in monetary resources or physical resources will be left to you if you are my descendant or heir we need to take it even into those realms hurt them financially if you can this is a war and we need to pull out all the stops in this war that's what I campaigned I think so somebody should start it or you know we should start it here as an ancillary project and see who picks up the ball and runs with it because I talked about it enough and we really haven't done much with it I talked about this all the way back from free your mind for when I gave my presentation called the cult of ultimate evil were followers and a destruction of the Sacred Feminine so that's the campaign name that's what I decided on quit your cult or be cut off and I think it's a great name and it expresses the entire dynamic in a few words so let's see what we can do to get that started they this order following class in the police has no connection whatsoever to any true personal power or creativity in their lives they have no internal sense of personal power or personal creativity in their lives that's why they want to control this is what bullies and controllers and racists all have in their lives they have no true internal sense of self-worth and true internal sense of power and creativity they've never engaged in that dynamic for a second in their lives they're not creators they have no connection to the Creator through the dynamic of creativity in their lives that they've never made any project on their own they've never engaged in artwork or music all they have because they have no imagination and they have very low intelligence levels is physical strength and so they try to put that to work toward controlling other people and think that fulfills some role in society no it doesn't that role is not really needed in society in the way you think it is even if you think society would fall into collapse and violence and chaos it's already there you just don't see it it's there in a different form as you imagine it wouldn't and guess what the way you imagine it would fall into chaos would be preferable that to the chaos that we're in now far preferable which I'm going to explain as part of this psychological breakdown in this presentation so these people don't have any connection to what gives you a true sense of internal power which is creativity in your life they don't engage in that dynamic in their life that's why their brains are burnt and destroyed because all they do is chase adrenaline and that's what destroys the limbic brain and that's a big connection to holistic intelligence and creativity because it's very connected the right brain the right brain hemisphere which truly governs all those human dynamics of creativity and imagination and intuition and that's why these people are so terrible at those human dynamics folks I know what I'm talking about when it comes to this I've studied it the bulk of my life and I'm not gonna be told how it works by know-nothings see this whole thing that I know nothing that's a bullshit crock of shit New Age crock of shit I know a considerable amount and I'm not afraid to say that I know what I know because I know it you want to say that's egotistical you go right the fuck ahead and say it's egotistical I'm not going to say that I'm ignorant or I don't know anything because there's an infinite amount of knowledge to be had who gives a fuck it's a non sequitur logical inaccurate logical argument it's a logical fallacy just because there's an infinite amount of knowledge that you know nothing no there's an infinite amount of knowledge and I didn't make a statement regarding how much percentage-wise I know I still know a considerable amount for a human being and what I know is true that's why it's called knowledge and not an opinion or a perception of it I have quite an amount of considerable true knowledge that I've taken into myself and I'm not going to apologize for it and I'm not gonna have false hubris and say that I know nothing fuck that that's New Age garbage I know quite a bit and I'm not gonna be told what I know or don't know by someone else and I know how these dynamics work because I've studied it endlessly I've studied it with such total commitment like a hermit that it is all again I've said in the past it's almost frightening the level of tenacity and completeness with which I've studied it you don't know the amount of work I've done to study these dynamics and how completely I understand them I'm not going to apologize for what I know and say that I know nothing fuck that false you bull New Age bullshit Hubert a false humility I should say it's New Age bullshit false humility I know quite a bit and nobody should be afraid to say that they know something if it's true that they know it so these sick order following police have multiple deep-seated psychological inferiority complexes both real inferiority complexes and perceived ones that means that they know that they're inferior in ways that are actually real and measurable and they have other perceived inferiority complexes in which they just don't have any real true self confidence and they think that they are unworthy in certain aspects that maybe even an imagination and invention of their own internal psychological framework and mentality when in fact they're not really truly inferior in those ways but they are just they just don't have any real self confidence because they're such self-loathing self haters deep down inside themselves that's why they gravitate toward a position of controlling others and getting approval from the proxy mommy and proxy daddy so we're going to look at ways that they have inferiority complexes you know first of all they know how dumb they are deep down inside that's why most people who are cups did terribly in school even in just general left brain intellect ways they're usually horrific at math horrific at science again you could say some detectives etc who are higher up in the police forces have a little bit more left brain intelligence from an intellect point of view with math and science but the average rank and follow follower rank and you know file order follower is extremely unintelligent in even just IQ measure of intelligence let alone holistic intelligence and they know this deep down inside they know that they're not very smart people that's why they gravitated toward an institution based in control and physical violence because they feel like that's all that they would ever be good at how about trying to play an instrument how about trying to work on some artwork go did you know download Adobe Creative Suite or Photoshop you know and pay the subscription fee and just try to work on your art skills maybe you're good with a pen or a brush draw our paint do some pottery pick up a guitar learn piano learn the keyboard play some drums if you want to beat on something instead of beating on somebody's head with a billy club you know there's tons of other creative options that you could explore you know internal psychological frameworks through rather than have to try to be a controller of others which is never going to work to transform society for the better anyway as we're going to talk about a lot of them feel like they're they don't have any connection to other people through their personality their sexuality etc so they feel inferior in simple personality traits and connections to other people a lot of them know that they're psychopaths either secondarily or deep down inside because of some type of trauma that they experienced psychologically in their life and so they just want to continue the trauma victim cycle and take it out on other people and become the trauma creator you know that's this these are all the internal dynamics psychologically that's going on with it within police that's why they gravitate toward an institution based in violence and coercion and that's what they do they attempt to compensate for their inferiority complexes by controlling others it's the perpetuation of the trauma victim cycle which we talked about on what on earth is happening in the past trauma gets created in someone's life by a abuser and then they either identify with the abuser or with the victim role and then they either become the next abuser or they continue the cycle as the next victim and allow themselves to be abused the only way of breaking that cycle is with true self-respect and a higher level of consciousness by working through the trauma not burying it down inside facing it and working through it you think I haven't been through my share of trauma in my life and it's an ongoing battle you deal with it every day I feel like I'm traumatized every week putting this show together quite frankly you know but do I deal with it I force myself to look at it and deal with it and power through it because it's moral obligation to do the work do I like it no but do I deal with it and and persist and power through it yes I think dealing with the ignorance of this society is a trauma people asked me in the question-and-answer session of the conference from Spain recently how do you deal with all the ignorance doesn't that create anger and trauma inside of you and I said I deal with it very badly yes it does and do I think that I should be in a state of you know total forgiveness and total ignorance and like have I think I can't remember how some Buddhists false Buddhists worded they say you know dealing with the ignorance of others is eternal tolerance for someone else's cognitive dissonance we should never be in that mind state folks the emotion of anger is there to be felt it's there to be felt so you realize how wrong the fucking thing that we're dealing with is and to do something to change it and make it right that's the adult way of dealing with it the problem is we have a society where so few people or psychological adults and they bought into so much bullshit New Age nonsense that we're not actually dealing with it we're given paying lip-service that we're dealing with it we're not actually changing anybody else's mentality because people think oh it's only internal work wrong it's not just internal work internal work comes first but it's about influencing other its internal and external alchemy not just internally because if you're not an influencer of someone else's internal work you're not doing your job as an influencer in teacher of the great work what do you think I'm not still doing internal and external work both of those processes have to continue indefinitely you don't just say I'm done my internal work and you certainly don't say I it's only internal work no incorrect New Age bullshit belief system so let's look at the second side of these characteristics of all police the second category psychologically a police officers are the the Psychopaths oh these are just lovely people and they're all over they're all over every department in the world don't try to say it's just some it's a good percentage in the police I'd say you probably have about fifty percent if not more are psychopaths to one degree or another or on their way to becoming Psychopaths right and I might be being generous it might be far more than that percentage-wise but I'm gonna put it in at least fifty percent and we talked we did whole shows on the this lovely breed of people the Psychopaths of our world we've done whole shows on this on the psychological dynamics so go back and listen to them in depth with slides there's ton there's whole shows on this in the water earth is happening podcast archive the characteristics of psychopaths aggressive and callous behavior now just listen to all of this when it comes to the police see how much it's describing complete absence of conscience and empathy or in other words an internal death of emotion in their own psychological makeup that's why they have no cycle they have no true holistic intelligence because most of them have dead into motion and by the way forty percent of all police it's proven in peer-reviewed studies are domestic abusers and that's probably a load low figure proven over and over again in Psychological studies that over 40% of all police officers worldwide abuse their spouses whether they are male or female just think about that dynamic by itself without even going into all the rest of their characteristics psychologically 40% of them are spouse beaters okay husband beaters or wife beaters obviously mostly wife beaters but it works the other way too they are willing to engage in immoral criminal conduct to intentionally violate the inherent rights of other human beings sound familiar all Psychopaths are willing to do this willing to use intimidation and violence to dominate and control others that's the police's job on their on its face complete absence of any sense of guilt or remorse for the harm their actions caused to others I can vouch for this personally from secondhand experience of talking to someone who was a ditched dispatcher for the Philadelphia or it might have been a Philadelphia area surrounding Police Department once again I'm still looking for that person I have lost their contact details I'm gonna just say it again probably be the last week maybe next week I'll ask for him one more time it is a male person I don't know if they want their name sent on the air so I won't do that and we talked several times at meetings of truth freedom prosperity here in Philadelphia when they were hosted by Mike myself Fernando and other people Scott others he was a colleague and acquaintance I wouldn't say that we developed any kind of a deep friendship but we spoke a few times and at one luncheon of truth freedom prosperity or it might have been a dinner he told me about his work as a police dispatcher and told me about the violence that police did to people gleefully did with zero remorse knowingly harming people and knowingly spreading all over their rights and usurping their rights and mostly what he got into telling me were the horrific and incredibly profound saddening and maddening acts that these police wordy cycle psychopathic police were doing to animals particularly dogs deliberately murdering animals in people's homes when they knew they posed no threat to them and could not wait to get on the next no knock raid so that they can go and kill more innocent life so if the person is listening I can't make you come on the show obviously I can only put the my intent I would like you to courageously come out and tell people what you personally heard as a dispatch officer from police's lips to your ears if you'd be willing to do that once again that is your choice and you would have to develop that internal courage to do so but if you're listening or anybody else who knows who I'm talking about is listening please get in touch with my assistant Leah and she'll bring you onto the show okay we'll bring you onto the show for a full interview you could have as much time as you need to lay it all out I'll give you the floor okay so I've said my piece on that let's go back to the slides and these people are guiltless and remorseless and more so you know what's making it more like that that they're not being held accountable individually for the crimes that they commit that's called qualified immunity in policing here in the United States and in other countries look it up it's called qualified immunity this means that police are no longer being able to be held legally or personally or morally accountable for their behavior we are creating a whole class of people that can commit crimes with impunity let me say that again we have created an entire class of human beings that can commit crimes with legal immunity and impunity meaning that they will go unpunished according to any legal system do you know how dangerous of a precedent that is it's called qualified immunity and it exists in almost every state if not every state in the United States and at a federal level it is criminal on its face to have ever even proposed such quote legislation or to voted it in every person whoever did that is a criminal and a violent criminal themselves and they should be held physically accountable for even trying to dare do such a thing Psychopaths will deny abdicate and rationalize their own immoral behavior in other words they accept no repop responsibility and in condoning that behavior their supporters have accepted no responsibility either no ability to respond to their immoral behavior most Psychopaths if not all psychopaths are very well practiced pathological liars and police lie continuously to people as a matter of fact it's part of their job description to lie to people and it is told that they are allowed to lie to people outright and openly and people think that that's fine and they have total immunity for doing that as well psychopaths are very skilled at faking normal human emotions they are very skilled at feigning or faking a normal range of human emotions because they have to put on that mask and pretend that they have emotions like everybody else even though they don't feel like everybody else they have no emotions for empathy or the the any kind of feeling toward what their behavior is the harm that their behaviors and suffering and trauma that their behaviors caused and initiate Psychopaths have become very adept and skilled at manipulating other people they practice manipulation skillsets literally practice them to appear normal in the eyes of other people even though they're really internally monsters psychologically and they believe in their own internal psychological dynamic and framework that they will never be brought to justice that they can continue to conduct their crimes forever unpunished that their immoral criminal actions will never be punished they will never be punished for them that's what a psychopath thinks now every single one of these characteristics meets the ecological dynamics and characteristics of almost every cop and if you don't think so look I don't want to hear I honestly don't even want to hear it you're a very dumb and naive person if you don't agree with that statement you are a panderer and a boot licker to police and I don't care whether you know him personally I don't I'll look you in the face and tell you I don't give a shit whether your father's a cop I don't give a shit whether your mother's a cop I don't give a shit whether your cousin your sister your daughter your aunt your uncle your niece or nephew I don't give a fuck what relation you have to them you're a know nothing naive person if you don't understand that these are the psychological characteristics of all police in one form or another on one side of that column or another whether their order followers or Psychopaths we're a combination of both put the slide back up look at this chart police are wondering or the other or a mixture of these psychological characteristics in their internal psychological makeup the end for all time get is offended as you like this is the garbage that is attracted to this institution if you don't like it it doesn't make a difference it's true and you're wrong let me just say that once again - just just let's make it very confrontational if you don't like that statement you're wrong and it's still true you got to work through your in correctness because you're in correctness is preventing you from understanding rights because being wrong makes you behave wrongly see correct behavior correct understanding leads to moral behavior incorrect understanding leads to immoral behavior that's why it's called right and wrong in both respects you have to be right to behave rightly and if you're wrong you're going to behave wrongly or and morally and this is what people have to understand being correct when it comes to rights and what's going on in the world leads to right action or in other words moral behavior being wrong or incorrect in what you understand about psychology and philosophy and what's going on in our world leads one and leads eventually all society to be wrong in their assessment of what behavior is what r.i.p and wrong behavior is and it leads eventually to wrong or immoral behavior so it is all people say oh don't worry about being right it's all about being right it's all about whether you're correct or not we've been taught this bullshit for far too long that it isn't about what you know to be right as incorrect yes it is entirely about whether you are correct or not the really I don't fight other people and try to be right no the only dynamic that matters is whether you are correct whether you are right it's the same bullshit when people so it doesn't matter who started a physical altercation yes it does that's all that matters all that matters is who initiated the violence because the response to physical violence is defensive use of force it's not more violence if someone punches me on the street when I've done nothing to harm anybody else and I punched them back to acts of violence did not occur only one did the one that initiated the harm which was the person throwing the punch at me and too few people understand that because they don't understand self-defense and that's a big part of what we're gonna continue to talk about so let's move on that those are the psychological dynamics of of police whether they happen to be order followers or Psychopaths and these are the two kinds of people who are police the only kind of people that have moved on toward not being in these two groups of people psychologically or are those who have quit this cult and let's stop calling it any other euphemisms okay let's call it what it is it's a fucking cult and these are the two types of cult members that join the police forces anywhere in the world no matter what country no matter what municipality it's all a cult that's what it is it's a satanic cult believe it or not whether you understand that or not it's actually irrelevant that is the truth as well police are all members of a worldwide satanic cult it doesn't matter whether you don't understand that whether you're hearing it for the first time and you think it's over the top it is true nonetheless regardless of what you think of that statement and if you don't acknowledge it I'm just telling you you are incorrect and wrong that is the eternal unwavering truth that woman can never be made on so I am correct about it I don't believe that I'm correct about it I actually am correct about it and you could say that's ego all you fucking won and it will never make the statement I have made regarding that untrue if you don't understand it or agree with it you're just fucking wrong get his offend that as you like I'm here to create disharmony and that discord emotionally and vibrationally between the people who double down in their ego and insist that they're right when they're wrong that's what bringing the sword to the world means that's what it means like the allegory of Christ in the New Testament I have not come here to bring peace to the earth I've come to bring a sword and that's what it means it's not about talking nicely to people it's not about infecting them with sweet tones like the bullshit lying fake whore fucking media does truth doesn't need to be deceptive and sneak itself in through the backdoor I'm telling you right to your face there's a way things actually are and there's alignment to that through your own perception and if you don't do it you're wrong and you're going to behave wrongly as a result so that is the psychological dynamic of all police whether you like it or don't like it tough fucking shit and again I get very emotional about it folks said I'm gonna try to tone it back and I've been as you know into the emotional aspect of it as much as I was last week so I'll try to pull it back a little and like really just get these concepts into people's mind because there's a lot more to go through all right let's look at the psychological profile of all police supporters once again blanket statement because there's only two kinds of police supporters ultimately for whatever reasons that they have been worked psychologically into these two mindsets there are only two kinds of people who say that they support the police there are people who are bootlickers and want their authority to continue and be present and love it and revel in it and that there are cowards who whether they know that their behavior is immoral or not they will not act and do anything about it or even say anything about it because they have no courage and ultimately their self lo there's just like the sick order followers and Psychopaths who joined the police only it manifests in a different form let me make no mistake let me make no bones about it or mistake about it all cops are cowards as well all blanket statement you don't have any real courage you have perceived courage it isn't it isn't true courage just because you say I'll go and deal with a potentially violent situation that's not real courage that's your perception of courage real courage is doing what is actually morally right you would be more courageous not to run into some burning building or into some situation where a bunch of people are being violent you try to stop and arrest you somebody you would be actually more courageous rather than do something like that to quit your fucking job that would take more courage and now some police are quitting their job but not for the right reasons not because they've recognized that as an immoral institutional on its face because it's built on coercion violence and slavery but because they feel like they're disrespected by people wanting to do fun them and saying oh you'll see what what'll happen without police yeah maybe we will and guess what I know what I'm asking for I know potentially what might happen and the chaos that might result and that form of chaos is in preferable to what we have now infinitely preferable to what we have now so quit your fucking job I don't need you and neither does anybody else who is thinking sanely and if anybody else doesn't understand that dynamic you haven't gotten what I'm teaching here on what on earth is happening because you're either a fucking boot licker or a coward get as offended as you like and I'm gonna teach that underlying core philosophy today of why there is no justification ever for having policing in society so let's look at the psychological characteristics of these two groups of fucking lowlife type of people cuz that that's all you guys are - you're just fuckin low-rent lowlife consciousness people and nobody else said it to you like that because they're to a friend afraid of offending you we don't have the time to go and say these people shouldn't be offended let's talk you we tried talking to you rationally philosophically and nicely it didn't work cuz you're rooted in fucking ego and you don't want to give up your wrong positions and beliefs you don't want to bend the knee to truth and morality and true philosophy because your ego has you and owns you so what the people of real holistic intelligence real morality real and real philosophy are going to say to you is you as a fucking non grown-up emotional infant and philosophical infant child are not gonna own and rule an awakened being you're not ruling us you know it own us we're not your fucking slaves and there's going to be physical consequence to continued efforts to enslave play the fucking game and watch what prizes you win trust me motherfuckers on my plane and neither a lot of people here's their psychological characteristics the truth of their psychological characteristics that people don't want to look at they don't want to identify they don't want to understand they certainly don't want to teach them to others because they're afraid of rocking the boat and have somebody not liking them let me tell you something folks what I do here on what on earth is happening I do at the level of no other human being on earth I'm not afraid to say it I've never heard any show where anybody lays things out the way I do unapologetically and with the kind of courage I do it and that's fuckin sad it's sad my heart is saddened by that and that's the problem with the world is that there aren't enough people at my level of consciousness and courage it's the whole problem with the fucking world and I'm talking to my viewers now I'm talking to your lack of fucking getting involved and what you've not done to make this a burden upon the few people who are actually actively carrying this weight and then other people want to complain that I'm asking for help fuck all you you don't know what I do on a daily basis quite frankly motherfucker and I won't apologize for it so half of this police supporter category is the bootlickers they revel in the completely erroneous religious cult belief that authority is morally legitimate when it is in fact based entirely upon coercion and violence and has absolutely no morality in it whatsoever there is no morality to the concept of Authority anybody who listens to what on earth is happening that still believes there is any such thing as authority vested in human beings you're a dumb motherfucker and you haven't gotten one thing I've ever tried to teach morally or philosophically and you're more likely than not so entrenched in satanic ego that you're actually the enemy you're actually the enemy and I don't care what you say you are you don't understand it if you haven't gotten that they are possessed and I mean that in the true sense of the word as in possession as in the takeover of their soul they are possessed by the ego hardened religious cult belief that some people can magically obtain rights that others do not possess through some political magical ritual of delegation of rights creating rights that others don't have individually they believe that some super class of human beings can magically be granted rights that others don't have they possess a completely distorted and incorrect sense of quote-unquote justice you don't know what justice truly is justice has nothing to do with punishment by a control class justice is a cosmic dynamic is related directly to natural law of the Creator so they have this distorted sense of justice and punishment but of evildoers that is conducted by human decree and I'm not saying you never take physical action Reaper Kosovo on people who have done harm to others without right but that doesn't mean you create a control system a prison system etc you know it's just people individually have to act on what is right and I'm sorry if you don't agree with that or think that that's good enough of an explanation the answer lies and not what we have to continue to make or create or make new things or learn new things it's what we have to unlearn and stop believing that we have the right to do I've said this many times feels like you don't give any solutions the whole fucking show since show number one is a solution of explaining we don't have the right to do behaviors that we think we have a right to do that's the entire problem and the entirety of the solution is to cease and desist in the immoral behaviors that we are doing that we believe we have the right but in actual point of fact nature we do not have the right to conduct and that means government and policing there is no right to do such things because they are based in coercion violence and slavery and the solution to the problem of diminishing and disappearing human freedom is to desist in those behaviors it is not to create any new systems when the behavior is desist ax din and no one is continuing to do it the problem will disappear from the world on its own how you get people to do that is you explain true objective morality to them and you continue to hammer that into their brain and tell them you either get this or I will not support any endeavor of your life as an individual and more people have to do that than not do it that's the work and it doesn't matter whether you don't like that explanation that's still what it is and that's still the solution it doesn't matter whether you haven't understood that that's the solution and it doesn't matter whether you don't agree that's the solution that's the solution and I'm gonna keep saying it and I'm gonna keep saying it's true because it is doesn't matter how many people don't like it you don't like it tough fucking shit that's the answer and the solution to get people to actually do it is hard work that's why it's not called the big party to come to and socialize it's called the one great work that's why it's called that because it's the greatest effort that humanity can ever undertake to rid someone of a false cult belief system that is hardened into their ego into their satanic Li heart and ego and I'll tell you what folks people are doubling and tripling down in refusing to understand objective morality doubling tripling quadrupling down Quinn trooping down thousand times doubling up on their ego we have to do a better job of putting this into people in front of people's consciousness and we're not doing it our group of people and the people who listened and view this show are not doing the work that you need to be doing you're not doing it I'm sorry I'm gonna keep hammering on it I don't care how many listeners I lose I don't care how many viewers I lose I don't care I am NOT here to placate your sensibilities you are failing in the work I've explained to people endlessly ad infinitum ad nauseam what the work is and you're not doing it not enough of you are doing it they child childishly these bootlickers attempt to abdicate to others their own personal responsibility for self defense ladies and gentlemen no one else can ever protect you no one else has ever protected you no one else ever will protect you only you and your behavior can create protection or insulation against any form of harm let me say that again only you as an individual and only us as a community can ever prevent us from having any harm or you know any kind of theft done to us by what we choose to do by how we think how we behave and ultimately how we act in the aggregate that is how we are given our Karma the consequential result of what we have done in the world which is our Dharma our work if we're not doing our work we're gonna receive negative karma if we're doing our work will receive positive Karma it's not always instant and it works over the aggregate level of humanity it's not always just at a purely individualistic scale and this is what people don't understand about karmic debt and consequence which is how natural law operates because they've been taught a false cartoonish bullshit New Age bullshit version of karma that is totally individualistic and totally and totally instant and it doesn't work that way never has and never will karma works over the aggregates scale and over a long period of time that is why we will lose our rights and freedom over thousands of years on an aggregate level as a species that is why if you do one wrong thing an instant wrong thing isn't going to happen to you in the next 30 seconds or over the next day or even weaker year karma works over the aggregate it's what we are building here as a collective as a species and we have to undo that false belief system then it works like a cartoon where you do something wrong and you walk outside the building and an anvil falls on your head that's not how karma works that's not is not how natural law works and it never has worked that way there is no such thing as Instant Karma in the instances that that happens it's exceedingly rare and you could say okay that Pope type of poetic justice happens sometimes but it is the extreme exception to the rule no one can protect you protection is first and foremost created by behaving rightly and then therefore receiving support and insulation from harm from the universal forces themselves of natural law the secondary way that defense against harm is created is personally through personal self-defense learning personal self-defense through combat tactics and tools that's it and no other way and then you could extend that to your community of free sovereign individuals and that is called creating a militia that's called the militia of the people that is a right that can also never be dissolved which I've explained not nauseum in the true meaning and purpose of the second amendment parts one and two the people who are bootlickers in our society who think that policing should continue are not at a true spiritually awakened level of consciousness because they still do not understand any and all government is slavery and government includes by definition policing a strong-armed class of dominating yes men who are actually a gang of street thugs carrying out the political dominant will of the ruling class called the politicians and the dark ocultist that's it and thrown behind that a sensible realm of power and that's called slavery if you stop euphemized it like a little child it's not just government it's slavery and policing is all part of slavery as a matter of fact folks most people still are so damn ignorant of human history and hit on United States history that they don't even know that the original police forces came into effect as runaway slave patrols that is the racist origin of the police forces of the United States of America we had no organized police forces officially chartered until about the Year 1948 I'm sorry 1848 in the Civil War era period for a little bit prior to the Civil War era and though those forces that formed were for the collection of runaway slaves runaway black slaves in America the police originally banded together as runaway slave patrols to go out and hunt black slaves and bring them back to the plantations they escaped if you don't like it tough fucking shit that's the true history of the origin of us police forces it's that's not cultural Marxism that is not any kind of a perception to try to bring up any hate toward the police that's the actual historical origin of police forces and they did not were not chartered in the United States until the year as official police forces until the year 1848 historical fact the other psychological group that the supporters of police all supporters of police fall into in one of these two categories are cowards and as I've said before many times on this show in all you to reiterate and repeat the creation itself the universe itself hates cowards or very simply and concisely put God hates cowards yes I will speak to that dynamic and place that as something that God actually loathes despises and yes in fact hates the force the creation loves above all else is true courage let me stay say that again the internal force and characteristic and dynamic that creation comes to the assistance of human beings first and foremost and for the most reason the overarching reason that creation sends its blessing its grace its support down upon humanity for is internal true courage meaning in spite of any fear being present acting rightly for the right reasons that's what true courage is and then conversely on the other side of that equation the thing that the universe that creation that God will put up the most roadblocks in your path to happiness fulfillment any type of you know flow of your life the thing that it will put a roadblock after roadblock after roadblock after roadblock after roadblock in your way is if you are a coward inside yourself and you say I want to do that but I'm afraid of this or I'm worried about this happening if I do that if you're that kind of person God hates you so you want to think that's a religious statement you don't even understand what I'm saying it has nothing to do with religion it has nothing to do with what any religious person thinks God is the laws of the universe come to the assistance of true moral courage for the right reasons in the world and put endless roadblocks in and frustration in the path of people without true courage that is why it is so hard to find people with true courage acting rightly and doing the right things to put this information and help put it out into the world because most people are cowards and people gotta really hear what I'm saying here listen close play it over and over again if you have to the ultimate forces of creation and the will of that create or come to the assistance of those with true internal courage for moral reasons that are doing the work for them right moral reasons and it stifles the life goals and puts everything in the every roadblock in the path of those who want to serve their own selfish agendas and don't have any true courage to do the higher level will this is what is meant by in the thalamic occult philosophy of Thelema do the will and no other shall say nay and capital W will do anything other than that and every roadblock is placed in the initiatives path that is what is meant by that in the thalamic philosophy which I happen to be a very serious student of and understand it at a fundamentally deep level not at some bullshit level of some Crowley ID who thinks he knows what is meant by in the Philemon filosophy and they're following Crowley instead of actual thalamic principles but that's another presentation altogether these people who are cowards ultimately first and foremost are self-loathing individuals without a true shred of true self-respect deep down inside there's something broken with them at some sort of a traumatic level that they did not work through and heal and they still hate themselves at some fundamental level which is why it prevents them from doing the work they are absent or they have an absent or distorted sense of true self-worth and guess what no one can make you a self-respecting person but you that is all internal shadow work that's called sitting down in front of a mirror looking into it and going why am i behaving this way when I know I should behaving better than this that's it and you know what folks you want to say that I'm sucks bad because I'm asking for help where I'm taking too long with emotional outbursts or you know you don't even know what the fuck real self-respect is okay you don't even know what it is you don't know what the shadow work is I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing to elicit an emotional response out there from people and guess what the vast overwhelming majority of people are telling me thank you for doing good because you're lighting a fire under my ass mark a handful of people still don't fucking get it because they're thick hard heads most people get it who are at least listening to this this far in cowards are taught from a very early age in life to be afraid of everything that they don't understand this is called learned helplessness as a psychological dynamic the media does this the government does it schools do it parents teachers everything everybody we're teaching our children to be helpless slaves only ever asking us somebody else for help but never do anything themselves especially their own defense and a defense of their freedom and rights these are often not always but often physically weak people in addition to being mentally weak emotionally weak and spiritually weak they're often people who will blow away in a strong wind they couldn't punch their way out of a wet paper bag as the old saying goes and you know what if you are that physically weak get a firearm and learn how to use it to defend yourself or learn some overwhelming martial arts strategies like at least learn how to Uyghur throw a nice strong you know straight stomp kick to the knee joint or straight you know snap kick to the balls you know where you could do overwhelming damage in a very short order not even having possessing that much physical strength no people don't want to take that personal responsibility for their own defence though they'd rather call a fucking dirty cop who's taking their freedom away they always want someone else to keep them safe and or protect them from a dangerous or threatening situation and as I've already explained that is a actual impossibility in the natural world it cannot be done ever can not be done in addition to that it is actually physically impossible for anyone to prevent harm to you because they can't get there faster than you are because you're already there physically in person they've already told people that's not their job it's not their responsibility it's not their duty and they are not duty-bound to do that they are only there to clean up the mess when you allow yourself to be traumatized or victimized that's it they're there to clean up the mess and unfortunately they're there to actually even prevent people from exercising their right of self-defense and that's the problem is that people think that they have the right to stop someone else from exercising their right to self-defense cowards always almost always psychologically suffer from parental abandonment issues and guess what so two police so did the bootlickers they all do and this is the whole root of everything folks the psychological root of all these people's trauma and behaviors is that mommy and daddy failed in some form or fashion they weren't there physically they weren't there emotionally they didn't provide knowledge they didn't provide support they didn't teach morality true objective morality correctly they failed in their mission as parents in some form or fashion doesn't matter which way you know parental abandonment abandonment does not mean that the father or mother wasn't physically present it means they weren't present either physically mentally emotionally psychologically spiritually many ways that a child can be psychologically that can be parentally abandoned so don't just think it's physical abandonment and again that's why the government is all too happy to step in as the proxy parents using the two parties to represent mother and father and once again people still don't understand this this far into 2020 they still don't understand how that psychological game works it's sorcery it's psychological sorcery that's what dark occultism is it's not going out and burning ritual sacrifices of animals in the woods to Satan or Lucifer you in hard-headed lis insist people hard-headed lis insists I still get emails of people telling me I don't know what Satanism is as a fucking priest in the religion but I don't know what it is and they're telling me when they haven't had no direct first-hand experience in what the fuck it is that I'm wrong in there right fuck you you don't know what the fuck you're talking about and you're not gonna tell me who is directly involved that I don't know what I'm talking about motherfucker and I'm not gonna be nice about it or take your shit it's you who doesn't know what the fuck you're talking about who insists on that I'm telling you what Satanism really is because I know and you fucking don't you want to know what Satanism really is it's deep psychological ancient sorcery that it is about psychological knowledge when other people don't have it and that opens the door to manipulation by way of knowledge differential about how the human psychology works because 99.99999 people on this planet don't know what i'm talking about in this presentation and have never studied any dynamic of it one second of their fucking worthless lives even people who were in psychology I've had a professional child psychologist tell me you taught me and laid out more about human psychology in a three-hour conversation with you that in all the years of school ever had and I do this professionally and am paid to do it just like Freemasons who have been in in Freemasonry for decades of their life have told me you I've sat down and have a conversation with you for an hour on what Freemasonry really is and you've taught me more about the symbology and allegory of true Freemasonry than in the 20 years I've been involved in the lodge system yeah it's very easy it's because I know what the fuck I'm talking about and I'm right and I'm not gonna apologize for it and this is the problem folks we want to accept the world view violence of other people and we don't want to say no you're just incorrect and you're just a child who hasn't grown up and seen this from an adult psychological standpoint you're not correct and you're not gonna force your fucking worldview on us this is the spirit of true America that's not a political statement that's not a nationalistic statement America is an idea whose fulfillment hasn't come about yet it was the seed of an idea that started through the Declaration of Independence and is gone downhill ever since the problem is they didn't stop there and say we're just independently free sovereign individuals the end try to stop us from engaging in those natural rights and you'll find out what fucking happens and they instituted a government the Federalists as we'll see you I'm gonna end with a slide about a Federalists who was incorrect and didn't go far enough in consciousness James Madison even though he was one of the authors of the Second Amendment along with Monroe no I'm sorry yeah Monroe I believe but James Madison was one of the Federalists who was instituted the Constitution and federalized the United States government I switch back over to the slides so these people almost always are suffering from parental abandonment issues and even if they are knowledgeable I'll wait until we get back to the slides if you have to do it with the physical layer just turn on the physical layer sorry folks we're having a technological issue here oh just gonna have to give us a moment folks cuz I want to talk about this last issue with the slides up even if these people are knowledgeable on the second side of this column that I'm talking about who are the supporters of the police they will never act upon it that's what cowardice is cowardice means that even if you have the knowledge you're not doing anything with it yet can you please get the slides back up thank you so there at the bottom of the bullet points there on the right side even if these people are knowledgeable a coward could have a whole lot of knowledge but they're not acting on it and that's what converts knowledge into wisdom knowledge by itself is meaningless ultimately it's great to have it but if you're not doing anything with it why bother having amassed it in the first place to begin with what converts knowledge into power is right action what converts knowledge into wisdom is right action and you know what folks the dark occultists of our world are neither bootlickers or cowards they're actually creative people who are bringing things into the world that they want to create even though they can really only do that by proxy by distorting and changing something that's already there they do create something different in the in the ultimate end which is dark sick twisted pathological psychopathic control based slavery based but they're making something they're bearing something into existence they're giving birth to something it's dark it's evil it's satanic and guess what they have the will to do it and they have the courage to do it this is called dark care as I've talked about a lot that people don't want to hear about and that's why the universe will actually assist in the creation of hell I'm gonna say that again folks people think God is just all merciful and all caring from a lovey-dovey perspective God is law let me just say that again God is law creation is law period it's law law capital L capital a capital W God is law this is what religionists and new-age bullshitters have to get into their mind that that's what really the Creator the forces of creation are they are laws man didn't put them into effect man can't take them out of effect humankind humanity it's not a sex statement or a gender statement humankind did not put law of creation into effect it cannot take law of creation out of effect so creation respects people with courage even if they're evil it says that they put the will behind putting that into effect that they have the courage to put that into effect yes they did did their opponents have the will or the courage to stop them no they did not that's what then manifests the end that's how law works in creation and then we're all going to share in the aggregate consequence no matter how uncomfortable painful or even traumatic it is the universe says yes that is what we allowed to be created and it says yes you may have it even though it's the worst thing possible for your own evolutionary development you asked for what you got and that's why what we've been doing collectively as a as a race of beings as creating our own prison so going back to the slides this has been the psychological profile and characteristics of bootlickers who are the supporters of police and cowards who are the supporters of police and or those who will do nothing about their immoral behaviors and let me say one more thing before we move on from this folks I'm not this is not from any political side of the spectrum anybody who's interpreting this as I'm a leftist when I talked about how bad communism and socialism are and that all forms of government are really a form of socialism I had people from the left-wing saying you've gone full on a conservative retard mark no not a political statement I talk equally out against fascism and and right radical right-wing fascism and Nazism as I do radical left-wing socialism and communism because they both are arms wings of the same bird that are gonna carry us that bird of prey is going to Arius it's talents to the same place slavery they're just two models of slavery where the control a cult ruling class sits behind the scenes of both of them and says which one can we more successfully sell to the fucking dumb ignorant public and the one that sells best is the model they go with and here in America the left-wing aspect sell soul of slavery sold the best of the people and that's the model they're going with pretty much worldwide they tested out the right wing model and Nazi Germany and it didn't work out so well so they went with the left wing model of international socialism which is communism and that's what they're how they're trying to get us into worldwide slavery now I don't pick political sides politics is a bullshit illusion mind control technique to get people divided on an illusion that never existed there's only freedom and slavery there's no such thing as political parties the dark occult Luciferians control the highest levels of all politics all banking all military all policing all the food production all so-called drugs and medicine and people don't understand that yet because they're seeing things from the level of the media playing it out like a movie on a screen you're seeing the shadows and Plato's cave there's a great shirt designed maybe I'll make it politics is the belief in the shadows on the wall of Plato's cave the only reason that wouldn't be a great sure is the population so fuckin dumb they don't know what that means they've never read that philosophy so they don't even know what it means and they look at you like who you think me oh you're talking about that's how they'll respond to that shirt which is probably why I won't make it so this is not a left-wing political thing okay because it is true left-wing politics wants to dissolve police forces for an entirely different reason so they could bring in their equivalent of the Nazi brown shirts okay they want to dissolve existing policing because they want to bring in a police force that they could even more tighter control to carry out the leftist political agenda the radical leftist political agenda which will be extreme worldview violence turning into extreme physical violence caused a antifa and other institutions like them and even BLM are models for that type of violence now that's what they've unfortunately been co-opted and turned into they're not taking stances against just fascism and police brutality that's maybe how they the intent that they may have started with but that those organizations are co-opted and it's it's a shame but it's the truth that's why I don't join organizations I represent myself as a sovereign individual and that's it don't join organizations and cults it's unnecessary it always devolves into groupthink and eventually immoral behavior because individuals only have morality and a true sense of true objective morality once you're getting involved into a collective that collective takes on a mind and a morality of its own and that's almost always untrue and immoral that mindset sorry to break that to joiners but that's the truth so don't join anything even what on earth is happening is not an organization folks this is a sovereign effort what on earth is happening is nothing more than the name of my website it's not a group it's not a party it's not an organization there's no LLC there's no tax exempt status there is no incorporation whatsoever for people to think that it is other than that I see jackasses on YouTube we don't all fucking thing about me never met me in their life telling me I have 501 C tax-exempt status never happened never will happen I don't play ball with fucking terrorists and fucking pedophiles which are what government is this isn't an organization it's not even a sole proprietorship and it's actually that's none of anybody's fucking business how I conduct my business quite frankly but I'll even tell you it's just me mark passio and no one else as a sovereign free individual and that's it and that's all it will ever be what on earth is happening is nothing than the moniker for a website I built that's it so this is one of the best memes of the last year as far as I'm concerned when you're so confused that you put a come and take it sticker on your truck and then put a thin blue line sticker honoring the very people who will come and take it when the politicians command them to yeah these are the bootlickers and the cowards of our society you don't know what the fuck you're talking about little boy you don't know what the fuck you're talking about little girl you haven't studied the dynamic deeply enough you're a fuckin halfway or at best and a know-nothing at worst and nobody will tell you that you're a fucking fake patriot you're a fake fucking militia person you don't know what the fuck you're talking about cuz you're dumb and you haven't acquired enough knowledge and you think erroneously that you have it figured out you haven't figured out your fucking ass and nobody has told it to you like that you don't know natural law you don't know true spirituality you don't know the difference between freedom and slavery you're a dumb fucking dunce and I'll tell it right to you little fucking boy right to your face so put that slide back up because I think this is this really encapsulate the true mentality and psychological dynamic of these type of people the bootlickers you know this is how dumb they are this is how low true IQ they are that they can't see holistic patterns you know and they think they're standing for some type of justice you're standing for your own fucking enslavement you dumb dunce so let's move on to a reiteration of something that I did back in 2018 I am going to represent for a lot of people out there that I'm horrific ly disappointed in in the truth community and freedom movement in particular and I want you to really hear my words and the Spirit coming out of my voice and out of my body right now who think there's any such thing as a good cop I hear it over and over again on social media on YouTube on interviews that people do on podcast that people do and I'm fucking sick of it to the core of my essence that a cop can actually be a truly good person capital G good capital P person there is no such thing as a cop that is a truly objectively morally good human being that is an oxymoron in terms and can never actually occur simultaneously in nature it does not matter how good you are to individual people to your own family members how nice your disposition is as you as a human being if you are active duty police or active duty military you cannot be a moral human being from a true objective moral perspective for one who understands true objective morality anyone who understands that true logic and true philosophy from a moral standpoint knows that that is an absolute impossibility so this section is called the sheer ridiculousness an absurdity of believing that there is such a thing as a good cop it cannot occur and the truth and freedom community who believes this you have your head up your ass still you have your head up your ass still I will be re giving a section now of a presentation I originally gave in outside of Phoenix Arizona the truth mine reality conference this took place March 10 2018 my presentation was called duress dissidents and deadly force this is available in its entirety on gifts thought what on earth is happening calm in flash drive and DVD forms and it is available for free in its entirely on youtube on my website on my other some of my other media platforms so let's jump into this section this is called what is duress every police officer in the history of humanity has participated in the process of the public holding every individual of the public no matter who they are under the psychological state called duress let me say that one more time definitively every cop who has ever lived has participated in the process of holding the entirety of the public under the psychological state known as duress what is duress duress is a continuous condition of correct coercion coercion of the free will of a being or a group of beings by another being or group of beings through threats of violence and/or actual acts of violence if those being coerced do not comply with the decrees or commands they are given so that means one class of human beings decrees you must do my will and my bidding if you do not do my will in my bidding you will be punished there will be coercion to get you to comply and if you do not comply violence will be conducted against you that is what duress is and it is saying I am threatening you with violence if you do not comply and if you do not comply I will then conduct violence or have my goons my thugs conduct violence against you that is not what I think duress is that is what duress actually is when people are held in the condition of duress they are unlawfully prevented from exercising their free will to engage in rites which they actually possess and or they are coerced through threats of violence to perform behaviors against their free will so duress forces people to desist in actions which they do have a right to do and it forces them to engage in acts that they do not in their free will wish to conduct that is called duress that is coercion that is violence and ultimately if we're not mincing we're are using language euphemisms that is slavery that is slavery this is what the rest looks like it's giving your money or your life it's I will choke you out if you violate the slightest law that politicians have decreed you will be choked to it into unconsciousness and death or beaten into unconsciousness and death no law is too small or too so trivial that the state will not summarily execute you for breaking it what it is folks it's mafia rule its mob rulership that's it it's we're going to rule you because we have the physical power and ability to do it and we're going to do it because we want to and we can and we're going to exert our sick satanic will upon you because we have the force to do it now do you think any member of any institutional organization that takes part in the implementing of that duress can be a good moral person just think of it from a pure standpoint of moral logic no matter what degree they're involved in that system makes them a bad person by definition and this is the problem is that we have people who say I'm a truther say I'm a person that stands for freedom and you don't fucking understand this yet and I'm embarrassed for you because you're too dumb to be embarrassed for your fucking self next slide what's the difference between a police officer and a strong-arm mafia enforcer absolutely nothing they're both members of gangs who don't question orders or think for themselves they both initiate violence to enforce policy both have a code of secrecy a lack of transparency both cite the institution's policies for the violence they manifest in reality beautiful meme Thank You Freeth police the police great meme absolutely true get his offended as you like nothing will make it not true that is an eternal truth look at from a perspective of a mafia or gang point of view very few people do this the Mafia has many different layers of involvement right you can look at an organization like La Cosa Nostra the Italian mafia they have hitmen that go out and perform executions they have gambling people number runners you know who take bets excellent horses fighting etc okay then they have people all the way down to runners as they're called I'm just gonna take bets from one person to another and run run down the this this you know this bookkeeping thing inners take it on in a car or on a bike and take it to another or physical place whether they're bent runners drug runners money runners all they're doing is really carrying physical things from one place to another so let me ask you a question is any member for whatever reason they take part in a violent institution like this a good person all the way down to their wives who just support their efforts because they receive the benefits no no one individual member of a mafia like this is a good person no matter what how small their involvement saying all there's some good people in the mob and some bad people in mob you sound like you're a fucking retard because you are and guess what I hope this loses me friends and loses me Facebook friends I don't give a fuck I'm not here to be your friend I'm here to tell you the truth about objective morality I don't give a fuck whether you don't like me or don't talk to me all I care about is whether you're correct about what's moral or not and you're still not most of you there is no such thing as a good complicit gang member it's a violent gang a mafia is a violent gang it doesn't matter if you just ran some tickets from one place to another you're helping them get their agenda done you're a complicit gang member at any level by definition you cannot be considered a truly good moral human being by definition of what it means to be good because you are helping violence and slavery take place I don't understand why this is so hard for people to get cuz you've never heard it like this because everybody wants to dance around the topic and say say it in super nice terms instead of saying how it really fucking is and I'm sick of people thinking you have it figured out and you don't have anything figured out and you're teaching wrong things you're hurting the effort to educate morally not helping it violent street gangs let's look at the Crips and the Bloods for example or any other violent street gang these are just stock images you know don't read too much into them folks I just look for images that try to go along with the concept violent street gangs of whatever persuasion they have happened to be white skinhead gangs Latino you know drug cartels in Mexico black street gangs in LA Mich street gangs in America it doesn't make a difference they have membership all the way up at the highest levels of people who command hits to people who conduct hits and executions down to people who run drugs and or and again that's even the people's right to put into their body what they will down to people who just you know do the smallest ancillary tasks even people who look to try to make peace between gangs there's still gang members you know this is all about territorial control over a region to operate the black market which is made possible by government which is actually made quote-unquote necessary by government these are just lower-level thugs does any member of a violent street gang no matter how small their involvement is or even what they're trying to do to promote peace between neighboring gangs are they morally good people let's just take the example on the upper left which is the least ostensibly violent image and in the picture the other ones insinuate maybe that they'll go and enforce coercion upon others or actually conduct an execution of someone else but imagine even to get you know neighboring gangs saying oh we don't need to be killing each other let's just try to you know work in our own territories and promote peace between ourselves does that make them good people no there's still complicit gang members there's still people who are violently helping get the agendas of violent street gangs accomplished so it doesn't matter how low-level their involvement is that doesn't make them a good person it's just so hard for me to believe that people still fucking think that violent members members of violent gangs no matter how low-level their involvement is can actually be morally good people it doesn't matter if these go people go home and treat their wives well or treat their children well or provide for their family they're doing that at the expense of other people's rights and freedom through coercion and violence how can we not understand this how can we not understand this is the exact same situation as the police in this country or anywhere else in the world for that matter so you look at all the violent things that police do that they have no right to conduct against people kicking a handcuffed woman in the back of the fucking head you're a real man pussy you're a real man you fucking pussy you need to get clapped the fuck out is what needs to happen to you boy doing that to a woman you're a pussy fucking coward Sartain and nobody ever told you that to your face fuckhead beaten people to death dumped and fucking people in wheelchairs down on the ground hitting their head on the fucking floor dumping schoolchildren out of their seat on the back of their fucking head spray paint spraying people with mace in the face of them nothing violent you're fucking trash your whole organization's fucking trash it's sick what you do and it's sick that people support you any supporter in my sphere of influence and what on earth is happening if you support this you're fucking my enemy and you've always been my fucking enemy and if you think anyone who is involved in this organization is a good person you're basically my fucking enemy you haven't understood it from a deep enough moral perspective and you haven't understood the moral philosophy deep enough you're confused and or at the very worst you're deliberately ignoring it which makes you the fucking enemy and I'm tired of mincing my words and I don't care how many friends supporters viewers or anything I lose I'm not i don't have allegiance to you i have allegiance to truth and god and that is it and they are one in the same understand that I don't need your allegiance I don't need loyalty to you quite frankly as in as individuals I want a sovereign level we only need to forge allegiance to the same truth law morality goodness and creative force then is one in the same for all beings because that is what natural law is so look at the clown in the middle with his stormtrooper doll then he thinks is somehow cute and even they even hinting this is who we are we know this is who we are you know it's not funny prick you're gonna find out how not funny it is if you already haven't and guess what I'm not supporting you know I'm not supporting the type of violent you know so-called protests that are really have devolved into riots either because I know who they're really being conducted and done by and again we talked about that a gen provocateur II they're just trying to call for stronger levels of control for these fucking idiot enslavers but guess what at some point the cannot be allowed to continue to do the immoral violence that they are doing see what I'm talking about is what we do need to abolish the police but we need to replace it with nothing these leftist want to abolish the policing replace it with their version of policing because they want the political control that goes along with that when you replace what when you eliminate cancer of a body what do you replace the cancer with you replace it with a different type of cancer well it's really great that we got that you know cancer of the lungs out of the body let's replace it with some pancreatic cancer you know because you have to replace cancer with some other form of cancer you can't just take cancer out of the body and replace it with nothing don't you know this is what arguing with different with reforming the police's you can't reform cancer cancer is cancer garbage is garbage you don't leave cancer in the body or replace it with nothing you get it out and keep it out well that's what these people are so my question on this slide the person in the middle who's just a paper pusher sitting at a desk is he any less compliant with the agenda of the street gang thugs called the police does he bear any less moral culpability no why because he is a complicit gang member just like the other members who were going out on the street conducting physical violence he is helping them get that agenda accomplished and therefore no police officer anywhere at any time for any reason can ever be a truly good moral human being it is an impossibility according to law it cannot be done it cannot be created you cannot be a cop and be moral simultaneously it is a impossibility according to law the laws of morality do not work like that to permit those two contradictions simultaneously if you believe that can happen you are in cognitive dissonance and you do not understand natural law in its fullness they think you do but you don't have a firm grasp of it philosophically or morally and I'll tell you that because I do have a firm grasp of it philosophically and morally what these people are are psychopaths and order followers who have an agenda to control because they lack internal power in their own lives and don't have any true self respect there are self-loathing people who have deeply seated psychological inadequacies rooted in abandonment issues and traumas who have not done any shadow work any personal spiritual work upon themselves so they want to continue the psychological cycle of trauma and victim the the trauma victim cycle that's all they ever have been that's all they are now that is all they ever will be and that is all they ever can be what they really are our house slaves it doesn't matter what color they are it doesn't matter what a sensible race they come from doesn't matter whether they're white black yellow brown purple blue or fuchsia their house slaves they are the enslavers of other slaves they think that they're doing the enslavement when they're actually enslaved themselves by the master class of dark the cultists who sit behind the ostensible power enthroned in the shadows they're really calling the shots and these house slaves are doing their bidding just like the house slaves of civil war air america controlled the field slaves and there's no bigger piece of trash than a house slave because you do it to your own thinking that because you get thrown an extra blanket an extra piece of corn get tinton instead of living a dog house or even get to live in it out in the field exposed to the elements the master gave you a dog house to sleep in that's what you would sell your own people out for you fucking piece of trash your fucking trash and you always have been you don't deserve any respect because you haven't grown up to earn any respect to earn any respect you need to grow up as a true adult and a true spiritually awakened being you don't just demand respect and then somehow somebody owes it to you respect is earned first of all respect comes from doing internal work respect is generated internally first and when you're radiating it that's when you want to earn it from others you aren't radiating respect what you're radiating is you're either an order follower or a psychopath and what you're ultimately radiating what everybody really knows deep inside whether they could verbalize it or not is you're nothing but a fucking house slave boy that's all you are and that's all you ever have been and I'll say it to you because no one else will apparently order followers also have the brunt of moral culpability because this is how the dark occultists have duped them into actually taking the karmic debt away from the order giver and placing it firmly into the lap and upon the shoulders of the order follower and the order follower to holistically dumb to understand how they've been duped in that regard and how they're gonna have their lives flow much more in a difficult way and ultimately not have any of the true happiness manifest in their lives because they've taken on total immoral behavior at the command of someone else the order follower this slide is called moral culpability the order follower always bears more moral culpability I am NOT saying that the order giver bears no moral culpability I am saying that if we look at the ratio of moral culpability the order follower bears more culpability in here is why the order follower always bears more moral culpability than the order giver because the order follower is the one who actually performed the action and in taking such immoral action they actually brought the resultant harm into physical manifestation the harm could not have come into physical manifestation in the world if the order follower did not take through their own freewill decision to follow the order the resultant the the initiation of harm that they conducted upon others the order follower always does that therefore they always bring the manifested harm into physical manifestation in the 3d World Order following is the pathway to every form of evil and chaos in our world order following is the path to every form of evil and chaos in our world it should never be seen as a virtue by anyone who considers themselves a moral human being this is why all supporters of police are not truly good people you can think you are all you want but if you believe an institution should continue to conduct coercion violence and slavery you condone coercion violence and slavery and therefore you cannot be judged as truly a true moral human being from a standpoint of true objective morality order followers have ultimately been personally responsible for and mope morally culpable for every form of slavery and every single totalitarian regime that has ever existed upon the face of the earth this is why totalitarian regimes are called police states they are not called politician states they are not even called dark occult estates they are not called judge States they are called magistrate states they are called social worker states they recall politician states they are called bailiff States or lawyer states they're called police states for a reason because that is who brings the slavery in the physical manifestation the police the bottom line when it comes to moral culpability is if you actually did it with your actions your behaviors you and you alone are ultimately responsible for the resultant harm that comes in to physical manifestation as a result of your behavior not whoever told you to do it eternal truth of objective moral law nothing will ever make that statement untrue get as offended as you like so now we're going to move into the last part of the deep philosophy of this and then prod I'm probably not going to finish this but then next week I'm going to continue this and then I'm going to read the entirety of confessions of a former bastard cop to try to explain what the actual real-world actions of police and their mentality really are so this last section of the presentation here today is called the absolute sole underlined foundational first principle based truth regarding why all police forces on earth should and must be abolished like slavery must be abolished because that's what police are are the enforcers of slavery and I am NOT taking any political stance on this from a right or left wing persuasion because I don't believe in politics politics is the belief in the shadows on the wall of Plato's cave there's a nice quote from Mark passio from me makers out there politics is the belief in the shadows on the walls of Plato's cave ok so there's not going to be any graphics in this section just text because I really want people to understand this from a foundational philosophical point of view that's how important it is so let's go through these five slides human beings do not emerge from their mothers wombs as immoral beings this is the problem first and foremost is we believe that there is such a thing as human nature other than human programmability let me say this folks human nature is human programmability and nothing more I'm going to say that again because it escapes most people logically and intellectually human nature is human programmability there is nothing beyond the nature of a human being other than a human being is a programmable being let me say that again human nature is human programmability there is nothing beyond the nature of a human being other than a human being is a programmable being human beings do not come into the world good or evil they do not come into a world with knowledge or immediate ignorance what we put into a human being is what comes out of a human being once again people will argue the nature versus nurture argument from mouth to all time and if you don't understand that it's programmability you are fucking wrong you haven't studied it enough you don't know how the fucking psychology works you don't know how the brain structuring works you don't know how the formulation of behavior works because you haven't studied deep occult psychology enough and I have and I know how it works and so do your owners and fucking masters no and that's how they control you and everybody out there saying no more you're wrong there's a nature to human beings out of the womb your owners count on you thinking that and be in that fucking dumb and that's why they own your ass boy and girl and I'm tired of saying it nice you would having people insist that they know when you're fucking wrong you're just fucking wrong human beings do not emerge from their mothers wombs as amoral beings immoral behaviors are learned or influenced by bad parenting wrong teaching the acceptance of unintentional or deliberate misinformation and pre-existing yet accepted amoral cultural conditions and beliefs in essence garbage input in the form of information results invariably and unwaveringly in garbage output in the form of behavior and guess what folks I've just given you one of the occult secrets secret of Secrets I've given you something that the dark occult dark Luciferians of the dark occult hold so tightly to themselves that they don't want what what's in that little paragraph right there getting out to the world and being understood on a mass scale that's foundational principle number one foundational truth number one about why we don't need a control system of policing and government and guess what 99.99999% of the garbage illiterate completely philosophically a lack of understanding public and in total ignorance will refuse to the death what's on this slide they'll refuse it to their fucking ignorant deaths nothing will ever make this statement untrue and people better learn it if you want to fight who we're really up against you better learn the truth of this statement human beings don't emerge from their mother's womb as either moral or immoral beings either way immoral behaviors are learned or influenced by bad parenting wrong teaching the acceptance or whether it's put out there unintentionally or even deliberately of misinformation and pre-existing yet accepted amoral cultural conditions and beliefs the very essence of this statement is that if you put garbage into a human being in the form of the information that they take in you are going to receive in the 3d world as a manifested result in our environment garbage behavior or immoral behavior so then if you look at the solution the solution cannot be to try to control things from the realm of manifestation or the result you have to control you have to influence things from the realm of the cause the causal realm not the realm of the manifested 3d reality that's called putting bandages on the wound instead of actually addressing the psychological issue that forces someone to continue to cut themselves and create scars and then your calling out for bandages bandages that's what the police are they're bandages for a psychologically diseased society that doesn't want to learn where the root causal factor of that psychological illness came from folks this is alchemical gold what I'm giving people in this episode this is the heart of everything that's going on from a psychological standpoint I'm exploding the truths of the occult world onto the dumb ignorant public the profane public and most of them still can't grasp it I'm giving you the knowledge that your owners possess and are holding back from your understanding I as an individual have exploded that knowledge onto the world and I know definitively I've thrown pearls before most swine I'm gonna do it anyway because that fulfills my dharmic destiny and what I came here to do and the rest is your fucking karma not mine the conditions explained in the previous slide are unknown and or unaccepted causal factors for amoral human behavior that means most human beings will never accept what I put there they either don't know it or they don't want to know it or they refuse to know it they will not accept the true causal factors that I've just given you in slide one since most human beings either do not know or refuse to accept the truth regarding human behavior they erroneously believe that the answer to the problem of immoral behavior is to set up a system of control to ostensibly provide quote-unquote protection for human beings such as government police military etc instead of correct moral education for the young if we gave correct moral education to the young and they had the correct information as input their behavior would not be immoral garbage as output but we don't have correct parenting we don't have correct education up in that regard and we refused to do it as a people and that is why those conditions continue the immoral behavior continues slide three of this deep occult philosophy systems of control invariably attract to them those who have the internal desire to control and abuse others because of their own psychological imbalances and inadequacies what I've just spent the last three hours explaining the bulk of the last three hours this inevitably creates a system entirely built upon corruption which is what we have now the very idea of power over others attracts human beings or as I've called them garbage to the garbage of government it attracts human beings with the absolute worst psychological and behavioral qualities which I've also just outlined and explained such systems of control are inherently immoral by inception by definition because they themselves are built upon the false belief that some people may be granted or delegated rights that others do not possess when in fact they are coercion violence and slavery in their actual manifested behaviors and we'll go over this again next week slide for those corrupt human beings eventually believe that they have the right to rule everyone else and they are willing to use coercion and violence to keep their subjects or really if we're not euphemized they're slaves in line because the belief in Authority is so widespread most people actually believe that this class of corrupt and violent human beings have legitimate moral authority to command the behaviors of others most people even believe that this corrupt class of humans should possess a monopoly on the use of physical force and that everyone should abdicate their inherent right and responsibility of self-defense to this corrupt class of human beings called the government and the police we're on the last slide but you know what folks we've really run out of time this edition of what on earth is happening this is too important to rush I'm going to reiterate this very deep occult philosophy in the next episode which will be part two of the psychological state of police and their supporters and we'll be going into a full reading of confessions of a bastard cop next week when we finish this very important occult philosophy you've been watching what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen government is slavery we'll see you right here next week [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]