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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you've got to groove on freedom [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're watching what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com ladies and gentlemen government is slavery and here on what on earth is happening we are ending slavery one mind at a time thank you for tuning in everyone today is Sunday July 5th 2020 we have a great show lined up for you here today this is episode number 229 of what on earth is happening this episode is entitled the psychological state of police and their supporters part three confessions of a former bastard cop let's switch over to the slides for today I have a couple of quick event announcements before we jump into the material for today I want to thank Brad Hatton Becka Godwin and Mark Messina for artwork provided for this episode this is the episode art for today's show we are still accepting donations to complete the documentary entitled mark passio and the science of natural law my premier documentary effort there's five donation tiers on gifts top water earth is happening calm that's called our donation gifts area of the website 100% of all donations go directly to production costs for the documentary all donors receive a free complimentary copy of the completed documentary on flash drive and DVD thank you to everyone who has donated so far you have really advanced this project forward it's looking great we are certainly slated to complete this before the end of the year there are some new items coming for donation gifts namely new t-shirts we're going to have the science of natural law t-shirt release soon I just released the world view violence and the real pandemics presentation up there on flash drive and DVD of course we have the complete passio one great work collect on a SanDisk 500 gigabyte solid state drive it's a very popular item check it out all check all that out at gifts thought what on earth is happening calm I want to talk a little bit about the how to become the true media seminar this is a 23 week technology seminar hosted by zoom by me and I want to thank everyone who has enrolled because um the response has been tremendous now a few quick notes about this seminar for those who are taking it and who may have wanted to take it the seminar available slots of the available enrollments were all filled entirely on June 29th that was about five days before we had planned on finishing enrollment the response was greater than I thought and a lot of people who wanted to take the seminar were unfor unfortunately missed the boat and you know didn't get a chance to enroll because I had to cut enrollments off at a certain point I want to say something about this and I don't want to beat up those who didn't make it into the class I just want to let people know that this is part of what this class was about everybody a lot of people ask me can you please reopen enrollments and my answer was no politely I I'm not going to do that okay now that could mean I bring in more money for the cause but that's not even what this was about okay this is about finding the people who will show the initiative to go after something like this and really seize the opportunity so for those who did not make the enrollment because we you know basically filled up the class on June 29th I just want to say that I told everyone this was probably going to fill up so you cannot place this upon me I told everyone in advance multiple times this was probably going to fill up before July 4th when we were going to cut it off many people have emailed us and asked us if they would take a late enrollment and we are not doing that this is sort of - you know really kind of you know raise the bar and and say hey this is how you have to be you cannot let opportunities go because they may not be there the next day so for those who missed the enrollment you can enroll next year when I do this I'm thinking about doing this as a six month on six month off thing where I give the seminar every six months and then we take a break for six months and then I open enrollment again approximately six months later and it looks like how I'm gonna be doing this for at least the next year or two minimum okay so you will have an opportunity to enroll next year in the 2021 class if we're all still here that being said for those who did make the enrollment cut off classes will begin this Tuesday July 7th the zoom meeting will begin exactly at 7:30 p.m. u.s. Eastern Time this gives you one half hour thirty full minutes to get into the waiting room I am going to be admitting people from the waiting room of the zoom area into the seminar I'm highly recommending to people do not wait until 8:00 p.m. to come into this class I want to say for all enrollees to this seminar do not wait come in at 7:30 if you can get yourself together and mentally prepared okay don't wait until 8 o'clock I want to explain something and I'm gonna take a couple minutes to go into this a little bit okay because I find it very important this is like showing up to a live event when the speaker has already begun speaking late it's extremely rude to do that okay I don't want I really don't want anybody coming in after 8 p.m. I'm giving you a half an hour berth to come into the class on time consider that it starts at 7:30 let's just look at it that way okay the meeting starts at 7:30 come in early get a drink ready get your notepad ready get a pen so you could take notes okay we're going to get to that but just show up early so I could omit you in from the waiting room into the seminar don't show up after 8:00 p.m. it's rude okay it's a distraction because uh there's no producer on duty for this folks I want you I want everybody to know this okay no producer will be on duty for this seminar it's just me sharing my computer screen with you and doing live tutoring that's what the seminar will be me showing you software okay and eventually will will show some hardware things through my camera but I you know showing up after 8 o'clock you're forcing me to take a break from what I'm doing and admit you into the class from the waiting room it would be like the equivalent of showing up at someone's home who's doing a private seminar in their home and ringing the doorbell after the seminar has started consider that extremely rude so I'm asking enrollees respectfully not to do that please okay so just show up a little bit before the seminar starts okay the class instruction will begin promptly at exactly 8:00 o'clock p.m. eastern US time if you're from another country other than the United States or if you're from another time zone please make sure you calculate that correctly u.s. Eastern Time we are in daylight savings time so it's EDT Eastern Daylight Time okay calculate that correctly so you can be prompt for the class please be on time or you might miss important information that will not be repeated if you come in late and you miss in announcements that I make at the beginning I will not repeat myself this is going to be the same way all 23 classes so show up on time for all 23 classes do not expect me to repeat announcements that I will give at the beginning of each class later on that will not be done so if you miss it you miss it and that's on you and that will detract from your value of the personal resources that you spent on this seminar and I don't want that to happen to you I want you to gain maximum value I know how hard earned your resources are and I want you to gain maximum value from what you put into this seminar okay please keep a notepad handled handy for notes and questions I mean you could do that digitally or you can write it down with pen and paper there will be a function where you can digitally quote-unquote raise your hand in the seminar class and you will be able to ask questions I will take the question as I see hands go up and I will put your microphone live and you can ask questions for of those who are going to interact and ask questions I'm not going to put your camera live on the seminar it will be voice only I will turn your voice on this is why I highly recommend headphones headphones are highly recommended for this seminar because if you don't use headphones your mic that is going to be picking up your voice you will get feedback through that microphone through your computer speakers it will loop back an echo or feedback and then that will feedback in everybody else's ears so that is also rude if you intend on asking questions you know through your digital audio okay please use headphones it's a respectful thing to do for all other attendees and myself if you have any problems at all okay there most people are completely registered and ready to go if you enrolled and you have any problems registering for the classes getting in to the class through the access link okay please email us now do not wait for the last minute okay email us immediately we will guide you through the process of getting the software on your computer if we have to purse we will personally guide you through it okay so please you know email true media at what on earth is happening calm if you any problems whatsoever alright I think that covers everything I want to cover regarding the how to become the true media seminar I want to thank all enrollees I'm very excited about this I think it's going to be awesome I think people are gonna learn so much okay people are gonna be blown away by how much they learn I think okay and I want to thank everyone who enrolled it's really going to help us out here at what on earth is happening and you know I think it's gonna be a win-win situation for everyone I want to say something about the new 3d logo which everyone obviously has already seen this is incredible I'm so happy about it okay I want to thank Justin Shepherd for making this for us I mean what a phenomenal job I mean this man is ultra talented okay so thank you to Justin another artist and developer we are working with phenomenal job thank you for your efforts Justin okay so that being said let's jump into the material for today's episode before I jump into confessions of a former bastard cop I want to go through a couple of quick slides first of all I want to say that I feel that the fourth of July which some people just quote-unquote celebrated should actually be turned into a National Day of Mourning and if you're offended by that statement get as offended as you like okay because if you think July 4th is anything for modern Americans to celebrate quote-unquote you are delusional you are a naive delusional brainwashed child if you think July 4th is cause for celebration July 4th in the modern day should be a day of mourning and sad contemplation for the ultimate sacrifices that human beings made to attempt to procure for future generations for themselves and for future generations a small modicum of human freedom and that ultimate sacrifice was completely and utterly squandered by human beings ever since this is the state of freedom and liberty in the United States and actually throughout the world it weeps for Humanity July 4th should be a day of national mourning not celebration to anyone who considers themselves awakened and paying any attention to the events that are truly taking place in our world and especially here in America I made this slide a couple years back and I I think you know it uses this old saying that has been out there quite a bit I refined it a little bit and just dressed it up aesthetically our forefathers did not politely protest the British they did not vote them out of office impeach the King March on the capital or ask permission for their rights they fucking shot them that is what our forefathers here in America did now you can go on and on and on about how yes they procured that modicum of freedom for only a percentage of people and didn't do that for everyone fully agreed they weren't at the level of consciousness to understand that freedom cannot be held back from anyone that being said they did procure it sufficiently such that at least the people who came after them could go pass them in consciousness and even have this conversation and even put a slide like that up on thousands of people's screens throughout the world okay so freedom is a stepping stone process should it be understood all at once yet should by anyone anyone with common sense this slide should be understood by anyone with common sense but unfortunately people are so brainwashed so indoctrinated now sometimes we have to take it there in a stepwise progression and that's what I've intended to do here on what on earth is happening and regarding that I say every week one on earth is happening is a stepwise progression it is cumulative information if you're if you're new viewer you shouldn't start here folks okay this is the end of the road you should start at number one and work your way forward go to the podcast tab what on earth is happening calm slash podcasts work your way from number one go to go to in order okay and work your way from number one through two 229 okay this is built upon all 228 previous episodes alright work your your way through the material in order at your own pace and then you'll understand fully I see tons and tons of people who to this day have not done that and you do not understand fully because you haven't done that process because you're lazy quite frankly you're a halfway er and you're a person who xk execute half-measures and that will not get it done in consciousness that's why your consciousness hasn't progressed to where it has to progress to and you've taken lazy half-measures if you haven't listen and watch every what on earth is happening episode in its entirety in order okay get his offended about that as you like I couldn't care less I'm explaining to you how to gain maximum value from this podcast series if you don't want to do that it's on you and you won't understand fully at least you will understand half-assed which really you might as well not bother quite frankly let's go back to the slides you know this is the modern-day jackass living in America brainwashed indoctrination indoctrinated imbecile who thinks they're somehow aware and helping you know they're like a Ralph from The Simpsons eating his boogers that he picked out of his nose saying I'm helping how can you tell if someone is an indoctrinated idiot in the year 2020 they'll be wearing a germ-infested face diaper while believing that they're heroes who are saving people's lives you know this is what we have indoctrinated jackasses who actually believe they know something of science and they think it's settled science and they think wearing a mask is going to help them or anyone else and it's a crock of bullshit and it's a big sigh op now probably two weeks from now I'm going to begin a host new series on the water on earth is happening podcast series called psyops it's a series of presentations that I've been wanting to do for a while okay and we're going to cover the coronavirus sigh up in detail we're going to cover many other psyops in detail including flat earth including Q including the cultural Marxist SIOP of painting the founders of America as all bad people okay we're going to be getting into all these types of psyops and more alright so we'll be doing that in future episodes but people who think that it is settled science of how quote viruses work this is part of the problem ladies and gentlemen it isn't settled science it's highly contested there are multiple theories of contagion vectors for contagion and the nature of what we are calling viruses and that is not settled science and is highly debated and as a matter of fact there are theories that make far greater common sense than what we have been told by the mass media and by current quote-unquote science which is not settled as many people insist and claim it to be and as you will see we will talk a lot about exosome theory vs virus theory and you will see how they the very idea of an exosome is actually the building seven of the corona the kovin 19 SIOP okay I'll say that again exosomes are the building seven of the kovat nineteen SIOP and you will understand what I mean by that when we cover this material in a couple weeks or what on earth is happening that being said let's continue with the slides for this week let's jump back in I brought this slide up last week and I think it's so good I just want to reiterate it this week this slide encapsulate the entire state of our reality in one slide there is a satanic death cult that is actually running the world and is coming to devour people it doesn't make a difference what walk of life here from it doesn't make a difference what color your skin is what your cultural background or religion is what your class is how old you are okay none of that matters all that matters is whether you're awake to it and you understand that this is a dark occult satanic death cult that's what all politics is that's what the mainstream media is and most of all connected with this current series that we're going through here and what on earth is happening that is what the police are a part of all police worldwide are low-level members whether they know it or not you don't have to know it consciously but they are all low-level members of the satanic death cult that ultimately runs the world and is currently calling the world we are in the middle of a satanic dis genex calling see I don't even call it eugenics anymore okay we shouldn't even refer to what's happening as eugenics eugenics from the Greek roots mean good genes or good breeding or good carrying down of genes to future generations that isn't what's happening to humanity we are undergoing a process of epi' dis genex meaning that the districts were bad carrying down of genetic material to future generations that is happening is actually being done through mind control that's called epidemics going beyond classical methods of this genex through forced sterilization through popular forced physical population reduction no they don't need to do with that that way anymore folks they let the herd call itself dis Jenna Klee okay that's what if that's what epidemics means what we have to coin the term okay I called it epi eugenics in my unholy feminine presentation but if the truth is told this satanic cult is exercising what I am now calling epidemics we need to popularize the term okay and there's a tiny few people who are exposing this satanic epidemics death cult that is actively calling humanity tiny tiny few people doing that work in any oh you know way that is actually very good that they're actually doing that work in a really effective way a tiny tiny piss and a pot handful of people worldwide scattered to the four winds of the earth okay and that's what that you know dog represents and then the rest of the world are lazy ignorant a pathetic cowardly sheep that are just couldn't care less about a damn thing except what's going on in their pathetic miserable selfish lives that that's all that they care about because they're actually lower level members of that satanic death cult if the truth be told they're practicing what I call mini-me Satanism meaning they've been inculcated and indoctrinated into an even lower level variant of the religion that the big satanic death cult that is running the world operates according to that's really what the rest of the world is it's just a lower-level minion level status way way way down on the hierarchy on the totem pole then the higher level satanic death cult you know they have to give other people their mindset and folks I see it every single day every single day on forums and social media I just monitor it I don't get too involved in the drama I just look at it just to be an observer of where human thought where human consciousness is at and it's tragically pathetic tragically pathetic my viewership you're not doing your job I'm sorry I don't care how offended you get you're failing miserably at your job guess what you don't like me saying that turn the fucking show off I couldn't care less I'm speaking the truth I don't care who it offends I don't care if you're offended I'm gonna tell you when you're doing a good job I'm gonna tell you when you're failing pathetically regarding reaching the masses of people your pathetic failures at what I've been explaining you must be doing for over a decade now it's a pathetic failure the outreach that should be occurring as a result of what has been taught here on what on earth is happening and you my friends that are watching out there are failing at it and I'll keep reiterating that right to your face I don't care about losing viewership I could care less I'm here to speak 100 percent hardcore truth no matter who it offends and I'm gonna do that week in and week out and I'm one of the only people that'll do that so I don't give a shit about ratings I don't care about money all I care about is what's true and all I care about is whether we're affecting the world for the better and I'm telling you you're not doing your job you think you are and you're failing miserably at it because you're not involved enough that's part of what the seminar is about now how to become the true media seminar you know because people don't know how to do this outreach that's part of it even those who do many of them stay silent because they're cowardly they don't want to rock the both they don't want to draw attention to themselves a lot of people out there saying that they're doing it you're you're you're cowards and so many other ways in not using your real name you're telling everybody that I'm afraid it's pathetic it's pathetic and cowardly not to use your real name I don't care what you think about a real legal name I could care less you know I could care less about that somebody named me a birthmark passio that is my actual legal name I was given at birth who gives a shit then it's legal I couldn't care less I don't acknowledge the state but that is my birth name okay and I put it out there for people I don't care who's watching and listening anybody listening all you can do is learn something from me as long as you're not a hardheaded totally rooted in the ego Satanist which most people are in their minds okay but I'm telling my hardcore viewership out there you've failed at doing your job to a large extent some people have done a great job and some people have done such a great job I'm going to be asking them to come on the one great work network which we are building out it's it's actively going to be being developed we have found developers to do this project and it's going to happen so get ready for it the one great work network is coming I don't have any dates I'm not going to project on that it'll come when it's fully ready but guess what we have the people to put it in place now finally and I'm gonna be by personal invite offering people who I do think have done a good job don't take what I've just said as a blanket statement folks some people have done a great job but you know it's a tiny tiny few comparatively by ratio of the total people who say that they know what's going on and say they're awake compared to the people who are actively doing very good work it's a tiny handful of people less than a handful okay so I just wanted to reiterate that slide and talk about that dynamic a little bit last week we ended the show on these couple slides I'm just going to briefly review do most people think see when we're talking about police their supporters policing in general I continue to hear it on social media the staggering staggering ignorance and lack of true being awake so many people I'm gonna do a whole thing we're gonna have a whole series or what on earth is happening called the false awakening the false awakening and its characteristics how about that as a future what on earth is happening topic the false awakening and its characteristics that will be a phenomenal show or series of shows here on what on earth is happening because I hear people who claim that they are awake day in and day out just you know listening out I just observe and see where consciousness is at I'm telling you it's in the toilet bowl it's in the toilet bowl human consciousness and our viewership who claims it they're awake you're not actively truly engaged in wisdom you have knowledge and understanding many of you but you're not engaged in wisdom wisdom is doing the right thing with what you have come to know and understand and how how few of you they're doing that once again it's a paltry effort paltry efforts look up the word if you don't understand it P alt ry paltry it means it's so few as to be negligible it's embarrassingly few that's what it generally means okay so when I hear people who claim to be awakened saying not all cops are bad hold on step out of the slides because he's coming out vomit man is coming out haven't brought him out in several weeks here but he's coming out today let's switch over to all the people who insist that there is such a thing as a good cop you know I'm completely like I'm a totally awake human being I know what's going on in the world and you know what all the people that say that all cops are bad no you're wrong some cops are good people yeah I'm awake and I want to dispel this myth that all cops are bad people no some cops are good people that's what you sound like jackass that's what you sound like jackass and I will not apologize for what I just did you're not awake and you don't know what you're talking about hold off on going back to the slides hold on let me get it set back up okay you can switch back I'm not going to apologize to anybody because I'm right because I'm right and you're incorrect and I'll say it right to your face in person come see me when you see me in person and I'll say it to your face there's no such thing as a good cop and never has been never will be I've gone through it endlessly endlessly here on what on earth is happening if you do not understand I do not need to reiterate all of that philosophy on every episode no I do not you are the one who is deficient and negligent you are the one if you want to understand it need to go back in my former effort that I have archived on my website what on earth is happening calm slash podcast and listen to them in order and then you will get the necessary prerequisite philosophy and understand why there cannot be such a thing as a good cop ever and never has been you're lazy and you haven't done that work and I don't need to reiterate it and take up the time to reiterate it on every podcast you go back and listen to it I've already done the work and I've already explained it in detail I'd know that means to the point of nausea to the point where it will make you nauseous how much I've reiterated those philosophical first principles in morality in objective morality so if you don't yet understand it it's not a matter of opinion its objective fact and you're wrong and you need to clear up your erroneous belief system you need to clear it up and get right with the facts with the objective provable facts in nature because you're part of the problem if you still think that so we left off last week's show talking about classical gangs that just want to take territory and tell people that they own them and that they're going to tell them what they can and can't do in whatever territory they rule this is no different than the concept of jurisdiction put in place by politicians and police but do most people think that classical gangs like this violent gangs have the right to rule them no they do not that's why it would always be better for a situation where chaos broke out and gangs like this started claiming that they can rule people that would be better than what we have today let me state that in unequivocal terms it would be better to have a scenario where gangs like this like what you see in this slide claimed that they have the right to rule people because would people accept and believe that notion of an armed criminal thug gang who just wants to do violence to other people would they actually oh just fully mindedly give their belief over to these people and say oh yeah we believe that you have the right to rule us no they wouldn't do that we're in a far more dangerous situation boys and girls far more dangerous farm or even chaotic situation than that because we are in a situation where jackasses all throughout the world who are members of a cult belief system a satanic cult belief system actually have come to believe through a total process of brainwashing and indoctrination that's been fed to them since the moment that they were shat out of their mother's womb okay actually believe that this criminal gang has the right to rule them because of a concept called authority because of a religious belief called Authority if you have not come to the unequivocal objectively true conclusion that all authority is is a religious cult belief system then you are not a wink and if you think this gang has the right to rule you your most or even to exist you're not awake at all not even a little bit child you want to be spoken to with respect exercise self-respect and stop believing in nonsense stop believing in religious cult nonsense what people who believe that police even have a right to exist actually believe in is satanic cult religious belief nonsense get as offended as you like it'll never make the statement untrue back to the slides what this condition actually is no matter what how you want it you for my zit its called slavery it always has been slavery you know it is slavery now and we're still we're enslaved right now it is slavery until this entire concept of policing of authority of government is completely destroyed and abolished from the world it always will be slavery and if you don't understand that you are unconscious you are not a conscious awakened being let's get that straight let's get it straight that's one of the top characteristics of what it actually means to be truly on a and being I covered all of the characteristics of what it actually really an objective reality means to be awake to be an awakened being in the seminar that I put out publicly entitled streetwise spirituality go back in my archives on the video section of what on earth is happening calm what on earth is happening calm slash video videos I believe or just click the videos tab ok what on earth is happening calm slash videos and watch streetwise spirituality that's the seminar you want to get clear about what it means to be awakened and most people out there you're not awakened even a little bit even some listeners to my show some of you are truly awakened some of you are not just awakened but you're you have wisdom because you're doing the right thing with that status of awakening and that's what it really means to truly be awake you have to be taking action but I'll tell you what most of you are halfway there at best and you know a lot of you are taking action and that really truly means you're not all the way there you're not all the way awake to really push it forward into the realm of true awakening you have to take right action so back to the slides this is what I concluded last week on government and policing policing are themselves merely euphemisms for slavery one of the so-called founding fathers of America James Madison he put out some flawed moral and philosophical logic ok he said if men were eight we're if men were angels no government would be necessary this is the justification for what is known as menarche ism or limited government in other words this person believed in such a thing as limited slavery I credit Madison for taking things so far up to a point but then you have to say what it truly is menarche ism is minimal slavery is there such a thing as minimal slavery can you be minimally and slaved he didn't understand and wasn't fully philosophically morally and spiritually awakened he was a half-way being he was halfway there I on the other hand I'm all the way there you know I'm gonna do in in the presentation or presentation series entitled the false awakening okay one of my first title cards one of my first pieces of art I'm gonna display a quote and it's going to be the concept in eastern thought in Buddhism if you meet the Buddha on the road to enlightenment kill him let me say that again if you meet the Buddha on the road to enlightenment kill him that means if you you're gonna encounter on the path to true enlightenment false awakenings that are considered false Buddha's the Buddha was considered the awakened one in eastern Buddhist philosophy so this statement in Buddhism means if you're on the path to awakening but you're not there yet and there is such a thing as getting there as being there yes there is such a thing as a destination the destination is the 20 points that I cover in streetwise spirituality that's what it really means to be awake it's not my opinion it's not subjective if you don't have those 20 things you're not awake if you don't have those 20 characteristics you're not awake so that's the destination you can go even past that okay there are other destinations but that's the destination of what it actually means objectively to be awake but if along that way you're getting there getting there getting there and then suddenly somebody goes oh no this is the end of the path set up tent here you don't need to go any further this is where the people who believe that policing is morally legitimate are this is what we're people are like James Madison who was a men artists and didn't go all the way to true anarchy to true under ending that there can never be moral legitimacy in the rulership of other people that is just a claim or of ownership on other people which is slavery that's what all government is claiming that some people have rights that others do not claiming we can delegate rights that the individual does not to other individuals claiming that authority is real and legitimate all of these things are false religious beliefs and those who don't strike them down have encountered a false Buddha on the path and haven't killed him ok that's what that means that's why I'm gonna start that lecture series that presentation series with that concept if you meet the Buddha on the path to enlightenment kill him ok now I countered james madison's menarche flawed moral and philosophical quote logic with true awakened and sound moral and philosophical logic for anyone with common sense and a true understanding of objective morality my retort to Madison in the modern day in my words is this since human beings aren't angels and we certainly agree on that point none are fit to rule all authority is illegitimate for human beings no one is an angel no one is angelic we are all flawed human beings no matter how awakened we are we still have flaws because awakening does not equate to perfection that is number 20 out of 20 okay there's your 2020 in 2020 the 20th point of streetwise spirituality of characteristics of what it means to be truly awakened in awakened is do not equate being awakened with being perfect being an awakened one does not mean you are a perfect one and if you claim to be perfect that's the height of egotism and the height of hubris no one is perfect no one ever has been perfect no one ever will achieve perfection in 3d human form that is for the creator of the universe itself that's what that is that's what that force or consciousness is it is not human beings you claim that you're claiming godhood you're claiming to be God you're claiming to be the creator of the universe that said all the laws of the universe and emotion you are not mad you are within that you are a part of that but you are not that in its entirety okay right now we are all flawed individual human beings having a human experience we are spiritual beings we are components of the spiritual having a human experience in the 3d to claim perfection in that is the height of hubris there is no such thing as perfection in the 3d or physical domain so human beings most certainly aren't angels and they're not perfect therefore none are fit to rule none are fit for the position of authority or kingship or rulership it's inherently immoral and inherently morally illegitimate and if you don't understand that it's not a subjective opinion to say I agree or I don't agree if you don't understand that eternal truth you are simply wrong in your ego is in the way of understanding it as I've said very pointedly last week and in previous weeks it is your ego that is in the way of the proper reception of that first principle of morality in natural law it is not because I haven't explained it sufficiently it is because you haven't received it properly let's get that trait where the ego is at the problem in ego is not with me I have understood it changed my thought process accordingly changed my actions accordingly taught it perfectly that's where I can claim I've done something perfect I don't claim to be perfect but have I taught that perfectly I've taught it as close to perfection as it could be done in human form to the point where I've covered every philosophical aspect of it practically hundreds of times so the fault or flaw does not lie with me as a teacher of objective moral philosophy when it comes to the concept of authority and how it is inherently morally illegitimate all Authority and government is the problem lies with others their ego is too huge and too calcified into diamond calcified to the hardness of diamond that is in the way of proper reception of natural law first principles therefore they are clinging on to immoral ideas and as such they continue to express and act upon immoral ideas and that is what makes them themselves a bad person yes clinging on to those immoral ideas that government should exist has the moral right to exist and that other people must be coerced to live under it is itself immoral behavior and those who believe in it are immoral beings for having done so and for continuing to condone what if we strip the euphemisms away amounts truly to slavery there is no such thing as being a moral person and saying slavery should continue to exist if you believe that and condone it you are condoning something that is immoral and that makes you an immoral person so that's where we wrapped up last week before I get to the reading of confessions of a former bastard cop I brought up I made this little quick slide which is two people thinking to themselves I wonder what we should replace the police with well if you claim that police should be abolished and I absolutely do make that claim they've always needed to be abolished long before any of the events with George Floyd happened okay I always knew that they must be abolished on moral principle grounds okay all statism is slavery and it's immoral police are a part of statism therefore it's an immoral institution on its face from Jump Street so when this question is asked what should we replace the police with I had my new graphic artist who's doing a fantastic job I made this and I said let's make a retort to this question so my new graphic artist mark made this retort to the question this is how silly and mentally ill people who asked the question well what should we replace the police with this is what you sound like you sound like somebody asking a patient who is in recovery from having lung cancer surgery and having a huge tumor cut out of their lungs saying what kind of cancer would you like to replace your lung cancer with imagine how insane that sounds because that's what all police are there are cancer they're a blight they're a plague upon society and always have been and always will be they are the enforcers of slavery order followers police military National Guard you are the enforcers of human slavery and you always have been and you always will be for as long as you continue to do that job you are low-level members of a satanic death cult you always have been you always will be you are that now if you are active duty police military National Guard or any member of government it does not matter whether you understand that or not it is still true objectively eternally it's an eternal principle rooted in absolute truth which yes there is such a thing only ego-driven satanic ly minded people think there are no such things as absolute truths this is called solecism this is called moral relativism those who believe there no absolute moral truth about anything you are a moral relativist you are a Salib Syst and that is one of the hallmark characteristics of the low level mini-me Satanism belief system of the big satanic cults again I've explained this before almost ad nauseam about the mindset and beliefs of the high level satanic cult members of the Darko cultists who ultimately run this planet who are these social engineers and mind controllers of the masses of people who own and control the politicians the judges the police the military the media etc they've long since owned bought them out and controlled them since day one they own all the religions you know if they're old they all just funnel into the big religion of dark luciferianism at the very top or apex of the pyramid of power and control they own all the financial institutions and corporations they're the royalty the royal families of ancient europe and beyond that go back into ancient babylon ancient Mesopotamia to potamia okay in the ancient Egypt predating that into into pre diluvian ages so the ridiculousness of saying you know what do you want to replace the police with you know I said I'm gonna have this drawn or ask somebody to draw it well here it is I by the way I love marks artwork style I'm gonna be able to have some beautiful very stylistic and unique very um what's the word I'm looking for a distinctive artistic style added to my presentations from here on out I'm extremely excited about this and he's fast too you know he did this and like you know a couple hours basically so I'm very impressed with it I love the style I'm gonna be asking him and do a lot more and you know I guess you know this is like you know David David Icke with his former artist Neil hey guy I got my own Neil Haig now you know so I I definitely appreciate the effort and I lo I love the style we're gonna be moving forward with a lot more graphics now that I have an in-house graphics person and I could just hate I spit out an idea in my head boom it's on the screen I would love to take a break from teaching moral philosophy so that I could get this good at at digitally painting or drawing or sketching I think I have that within me somewhere buried nested way deep down inside you know I'm pretty aesthetic in what I put together you know I'm a good digital manipulator but not too good with original art if I didn't have to do this I'd love to turn over my life to a creative expression and get good at things like this then then who died be really dangerous if I could really encapsulate digitally you know as art what I that visions that I see in my mind that I want to bring to life but now this is going to allow me to to do that and so you know I thank all the artists that we're working with now you guys are fantastic thank you for bringing your efforts forward like this okay thank you to the people who have donated to make things like this possible because we're going to move forward with stuff like this my presentations are gonna have some awesome art in them going forward okay so let's move on and let's get to the real meat of what we're going to be talking about here today if time allows we will go to calls probably not for this episode we'll see again this will take as long as it takes if we have to do a whole call-in show on this topic I would love to do that and hear your thoughts on this entire topic maybe we'll do that next week okay so let's move forward with confessions of a former bastard cop and you know what folks I've said it before I think I've restrained myself a little bit this week got a you know angry a few times but it's better I'm gonna try to stay focused and OnPoint philosophically and I'm gonna let this document do the talking I'm gonna let it speak for itself there's no really even need to even add any commentary it's right from the horse's mouth so to speak okay so let me switch out in my slides and go to my PDF talk give me a moment let's get that up on the screen go right ahead you can bring it up great so I've put this in you know dark mode I think it looks pretty decent let's let's begin now I'm gonna read this okay for those who may you know find that a little tedious or boarding oh well we're gonna hammer this into people and help people who still think any of the police are doing something necessary or a quote unquote good let's get the idea of what really goes on behind the scenes and I've known this since before I started what on earth is happening years before I started what on earth is happening I've had conversations with people inside police departments years before I ever said a word with what on earth is happening I knew it was going on in from an insider's perspective once again before I even start this this will be the last thing that I'm jumping in I'm putting the offer one more time on the table and if the person comes through or if somebody knows who I'm talking about I will not say the person's name on the air it is a male okay it's it's it's a man okay if somebody knows the the gentleman that I knew back in the days of truth freedom prosperity here in Philadelphia which was an activist group they held all the end the Fed rallies here in Philadelphia back in the day okay if you know the person I'm talking about who used to be a police dispatcher he worked as a police dispatcher he told me all of the insider things that went on in the police department during the quote-unquote Ron Paul revolution you know when they would have the Ron Paul revolution rallies and the end the Fed rallies here in Philly when there was a big quote freedom movement it wasn't really afraid of movement it was the my freedom movement hate to say it but that's really what it was okay not too many truly awakened or enlightened beings people who woke up to a certain level of the political machinations but you know you bring up spirituality to them they looked at you like you you had you know seven medusa snakes growing out out your neck you know they had no understanding of the spirit Component very few of them did a few got there not many okay but if this former police dispatcher who quit his job over what he saw and heard would tell me about how police were frothing at the mouth to slaughter animals on no-knock raids loved it were psychopathic killers and loved what they did craved it frothing at the mouth like Mad Dogs craving to go out and tell animals on no-knock raids if you have a lot of courage built up in your heart sir you will have the floor on what on earth is happening I'll give you a whole show to lay it out okay you you'll have the floor I'll ask a few questions about what happened and you could explain it all your own words with no prompting from me if you want that contact us you know send an email to my assistant Lea at what on earth is happening comm will book you on the show I'm not gonna say that again that's it you know if he wants to do that or if somebody knows what I'm talking about and wants to find the person and bring that to his attention you go right ahead I can't make anybody speak if they don't want to but if you have the courage to do it the floor will be yours for a whole show here we go confessions of a former bastard cop by Officer a cab which is obviously an acronym I would love that the person put his own name on this it would have shown more courage but this stands for all cops are bastards okay an acronym so that's not his real name that's a pen name I was a police officer for nearly ten years and I was a bastard we all were this essay has been kicking around in my head for years now and I've never felt confident enough to write it it's a time in my life I'm ashamed of it's a time that I hurt people and through inaction allowed others to be hurt it's a time that I acted as a violent agent of capitalism and white supremacy under the guise of Public Safety I personally ruin people's lives but in doing so made the public no safer so did the fam the family members and close friends of mine who also bore the badge alongside me but enough is enough the reforms aren't working incremental ISM isn't happening unarmed black indigenous and people of color are being killed by cops in the streets and the police are savagely attacking the people protesting these murders American policing is a thick blue tumor strangling the life from our communities and if you don't believe it when the poor and marginalized say it if you don't believe it when you see cops across the country shooting journalists with quote less than lethal bullets and caustic chemicals maybe you'll believe it when you hear it straight from the pigs mouth why am I writing this as someone who went through the training hiring and socialization of a career in law enforcement I wanted to give a first-hand account of why believe police officers are the way they are not to excuse their behavior but to explain it and to indict the structures that perpetuate it I believe that if everyone understood how were trained and brought up in the profession it would inform the demands of our communities should be making of a new way of community safety if I tell you how we were made I hope it will empower you to unmake us one of the other reasons I've struggled to write this essay is that I don't want to Center the conversation on myself and my big salty boohoo feelings about my bad choices it's a toxic white impulse to see atrocities and think how can I make this about me and again folks I'm gonna take a break here from reading it because this person has a lot of quote white guilt complex which is a false psychological complex this is not about race this is about statism this is about the belief in authority this is about the belief that some people have more rights than others this is about the belief that the state and government and police are morally legitimate entities that's what it's about it's not about race it's not even about capitalism or money okay these are false paradigm attic dialectics they're divide-and-conquer strategies it was essentially what a dialectic is okay so I'm just gonna chime in occasionally when I see a flaw in his explanation / psychological or philosophical framework and corrected a bit now that's his own words and that's what he thinks and you could see he's not all the way there in his understanding but let's go back to it I just wanted to point that out so I hope you'll take me at my word that this account isn't meant to highlight me but rather the hundred-thousand of me in every city in the country it's about the structure that made me that I chose to pollute myself with and it's my meager contribution to the cause of radical justice yes all cops are bastards I was a police officer in a major metropolitan area in California with a predominantly poor non-white population with a large proportion of first-generation immigrants one night during briefing our watch commander told us that the City Council had requested a new zero-tolerance policy against murderers drug dealers or child predators he's asking the question against murderers drug dealers work child predators no against homeless people collecting cans from recycling bins that's who the new zero-tolerance policy was against homeless people going around collecting aluminum cans from recycling bins that's who his commander in the police force and we have a new zero-tolerance policy you know would have been bad enough if it was against drug dealers it wasn't against murderer murderers or pedophiles no it was against homeless people collecting cans and other people threw away see the city had some kickback deal with the waste management company where waste management got paid by the government for our expecting expected tonnage of recycling when homeless people quote-unquote stole that recycling from the waste management company they were putting that cheaper contract in peril so we were to arrest as many recyclers as we could find even for me this was a stupid policy and I promptly blew Sarge off but a few hours later Sarge called me over to assist him he was detaining a 70 year old immigrant who spoke no English who he'd seen picking a coke can out of a trash bin he ordered me to arrest her for stealing trash I said Sarge come on she's an old lady he said I don't give a shit hook her up that's an order meaning cuff her and arrest her and I did she cried the entire way to the station and all throughout the booking process I couldn't even comfort her because I didn't speak any English any Spanish I didn't speak Spanish sorry I felt disgusting but I was ordered to make this arrest and I wasn't willing to lose my job for her does that sound familiar ladies and gentlemen order following this is what all cops are they break down into the order followers and the psychopath and ultimately they're all order followers a lot of them increasingly even most of them are psychopaths unfortunately in today's world but this is what we talked about on the last several weeks of what on earth is happening order followers and Psychopaths make up the police forces this person is acknowledging I was an order follower you could say he had some knowledge of right and wrong that's called conscience the knowledge of the objective difference between what behaviors are rights and what behaviors are wrong so you can hear in his explanation of his former behaviors he is saying he knows that it was wrong but why did he do it anyway he ignored his conscience or knowledge that is why I can say I can make the claim some order followers have conscience but they don't follow their conscience they follow their orders see that's why their order followers not followers of conscience you can't do the two things simultaneously because an order follower means you do what you were commanded to do whether it was right or wrong or not doesn't matter you are saying yes sir I will follow that command or order whether it is correct morally or not that's the definition of what it means to follow an order therefore or all order followers are bad people morally on first principles you cannot be simultaneously following an order and following conscience it is an impossibility in nature objectively get that straight get your philosophy about that straight if you don't understand that you're incorrect you have your philosophy mixed up confused incorrect then you build on top of a false axiomatic belief all of your behaviors that follow upon that belief are also going to be flawed and also going to be immoral that is why it is so important to be correct philosophically and morally read the works of Richard R Wetherill he wrote a book called be right go wrong this is what he meant by this you cannot get your behaviors straight according to moral natural law if you are not first correct about what behaviors objectively are right behaviors or objectively wrong behaviors so this person knows what he was ordered to do was objectively wrong and he did it anyway why did he do it anyway because he has such low self-esteem and he was so self-loathing at the time he could not exercise conscience so he followed it in a moral order instead even though he knew it to be wrong because he's the kind of person who thinks I can't lose my job this is all I know how to do because he has no self-worth no confidence in himself as a human being to go out and get another job that is Right Livelihood that is a moral job do you understand the viewing audience I'll repeat it 70 thousand more times if I have to do you understand the underlying moral principles and philosophy regarding that that I've just stepped out of this reading to explain because I'll do it another 70 thousand times if I have to okay so let's go back to the reading and continue with what the order follower did I couldn't even come for her because I didn't speak Spanish I felt disgusting but I was ordered to make the arrest and I wasn't willing to lose my job for her no former order follower you aren't willing to lose your job you're immoral job to do the right thing which is what following conscience is so I'm going to correct his axiomatic errors from time to time and explain how it really is in nature all right let's continue if you if you're tempted to feel sympathy for me don't I used to happily hassle the homeless under other circumstances I researched obscure pain codes so I could arrest people in homeless and camp encampments for lesser known crimes like remaining too close to railroad property section 369 I of the California Penal Code I used to call it planting warrant seeds since I knew they wouldn't make their court dates and we could arrest them again and again for warrant violations look at what a piece of dirt this person was this is what it means to be a bad person and a piece of dirt whose parents were probably also amoral pieces of fucking trash and didn't raise this person morally and this is what people think are good people this is what you'll hear oh it's just one barren Apple no the concept it's not some bad apples the entire institution is amoral all of them on their face it's immoral because no one can have rights that others do not possess no one can grant rights that an individual does not possess as an individual get that straight men arcus out there your moral philosophy is fundamentally axiomatically flawed and since very very few people will tell you that I'll tell you that right to your face let's continue we used to have informal contests for who could cite or arrest someone for the weirdest law listen to this contests about taking someone's freedom for the weirdest law for the things that don't don't even hurt anybody when people do DUI on a bicycle non-regulation number of brooms on your tow truck some stupid code shit like that for me police work was a logic puzzle for arresting people regardless of their actual threat to the community in other words regardless of actual morality as ashamed as I am to admit it it needs to be said ripping people of their freedom felt like a game to me for many years folks he's not alone this is most of them most of them take this attitude and approach I've been told by insiders it's most of them it's not some of them it's most of them I know what you're going to ask that I ever plant drugs that I ever plan a gun on somebody that I ever make a false arrest or file a false report believe it or not the answer is no cheating was no fun I like to get my stats the legitimate way but I knew officers who kept a little baggie of whatever or maybe a pocketknife that was a little too big in their war bag yeah we call our duffel bags war bags did I ever tell anybody about it no I did not did I ever confess my suspicions when cocaine suddenly showed up in a gang members jacket no I did not in fact let me tell you about an extremely formative experience in my police academy class we had a click of around 6 trainees who routinely bullied and harassed other students intentionally scuffing and other trainees shoes to get them in trouble during inspection sexually harassing female trainees cracking racist jokes and so on every quarter we were to write anonymous evaluations of our squad mates I wrote scathing accounts of their behavior thinking I was helping keeping bad apples out of law enforcement and believing I would be protected instead the Academy staff read my complaints to them out loud and outed me to them and never punished me causing me to get harassed for the rest of my academy class that's how I learned that even police leadership hates rats that's why no one is quote changing things from the inside they can't the structure won't allow it and that's the point of what I'm telling you whether you were my sergeant legally harassing old women me legally harassing our residents my fellow trainees bullying the rest of us or quote the bad apples illegally harassing quote shitbags we were all in it together I knew cops that pulled women over to flirt with them I knew cops who would pepper slay pepper spray sleeping bags so that homeless people would have to throw them away I knew cops that intentionally provoked anger in suspects so they could claim they were assaulted I was particularly good at winding people up verbally until they lashed out so I could fight them nobody spoke up nobody stood out nobody betrayed the code because it's a cult let's call it what it is it's a cult it's not even a secret society folks it's a cult police are a cult they always have been a cult they're a cult now and they always will be a cult stop you from izing it this is how cults operate and I and people dare dare to say what on earth is happening is some kind of a cult fuck you we are the anti cult I am teaching all the methodologies of cults and exposing them to the entire world so people fucking quit their fucking cults dumb fuck and I'm not going to apologize for it you're just a dumb fucking can't understand what I do here every fucking week I expose the methodologies and mindset of cults and jerk off say this is a cult you don't know what the fuck you're talking about punk bitch I expose the methods of cults to try to destroy all cults back to the reading none of us protected the people from bad cops let me read that one more time now let me read that three more time none of us protected the people or in other words you from bad cops none of us protected the people from bad cops none of us meaning the police protected the people from bad cops this is what Jackass is out there actually believe is being done that the police protect you from anyone most of all themselves you're a jackass no nothing psychological punk bitch child and you won't hear anybody else pretty much in the world tell you that I'll tell you that come up to my face and see me about it because I'm not afraid to say it to somebody as long as it's the truth and once again you're the problem who doesn't get it let me reiterate that three times if you don't get that you're the problem you are the problem you are the problem you have not received moral philosophy properly the flaw is in your mind and in your ego boy the flaw is in your mind and in your ego girl that's where the flaw is not with me 9 how I've taught it none of them ever protect people none of them ever protect people from the sick psychopathic twisted fucks in their own ranks get it through your ignorant hard-headed skulls back to the reading this is why all cops are bastards and what he means here is all cops are bad people all cops immoral people according to the actual objective definition of what it means to be a bad person even your uncle even your cousin even your mom even your brother even your best friend even your spouse even me finally someone has the balls to tell the truth that they're a bad person because even if they wouldn't do the thing themselves they will most they will almost never rat out another offer officer who does the thing much less stop it from happening meaning actually arrest the person who's actually doing immoral behavior namely their own officers bastard 101 I could write an entire book of the awful things I've done seen done and hurt others bragging about doing but to me the bigger question is how did it get this way while I was a police officer in a city 30 miles from where I lived many of my fellow officers were from the community I treated their neighbors and can be and treated their neighbors just as badly as I did while every cops individual biases come into play it's the profession itself that is toxic and it starts from day one of training now let me read his statement again here while every cops individual biases do come into play it's the profession itself that is toxic and it starts from day one of training every police academy is different but all of them share certain features taught by old cops run like a paramilitary boot camp strong emphasis on protecting yourself more than anyone else the majority of my time in the academy was spent doing aggressive physical training and watching video after video after video of police officers being murdered on duty ladies and gentlemen I'm stepping out of the reading momentarily ladies and gentlemen go back to this series in the podcast archives where I taught all of the methodologies of cults what are the four methodologies or at least a few of them the first is separate your potential cult members from the rest of society isolation from the rest of society okay what's next total indoctrination okay us-versus-them mindset and trauma this is these are all the classical indoctrination techniques of cults throughout the centuries this is what police bootcamp is this is what police academy is it's cult techniques what are they doing they're isolating them from the rest of culture from the rest of society they are spending the entire day putting them through aggressive physical training to wear them out so that they're not thinking logically and then they're traumatizing them by showing them videos of murders day in and day out over and over again this is a right from the police officer telling you how they do it what he really doesn't understand is that these very techniques are all right out of the PlayBook of classical cult mess methodologies throughout the centuries of human history every single cult in all of human history has engaged in the exact same techniques it's called the techniques of cults and I've gone over it tons of times I did whole shows on it on what on earth is happening the shows were techniques of cults go back in the podcast archive and watch it in its entirety as a matter of fact don't just watch that by itself watch the whole damn podcast in order all 229 episodes and only go forward in order and then you will understand those who don't do not understand I guarantee you having done that because you're fucking lazy stop making excuses and do it and get your fucking head right back to the reading I want to highlight this nearly everyone coming into law enforcement is bombarded with dashcam footage of police officers being ambushed and killed over and over and over Reid cult technique that's what you should read their cult technique colorless VHS mortality plays cops screaming for help over their radios their bodies going limp is a pair of taillights speed away into grainy black a grainy black horizon in my case with commentary from an old racist cop who used to brag about assaulting Black Panthers to understand why all cops are bastards you need to understand one of the things almost every training officer told me when it came to using force I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by six meaning I'll take my chances in court rather than risk getting hurt and guess what courts always let them off they never even goes to court which we're going to get to and talk about it's called qualified immunity for police officers say I'll take that attitude when it comes to giving up my rights to police I'll be judged by 12 rather than carried by six you know because that's what these people are potential murderers that's what the police are potential murdering cult members we're able to think that way because police unions are extremely overpowered and because of the generous concept of qualified immunity a legal theory which says a cop generally can't be held personally liable for mistakes they make doing their job in an official capacity now ladies and gentlemen they're flawless gods they're not personal responsible for anything they do that's morally wrong now they're above the rest of humanity as God's entrenched above all of the rest of Leicester minion subjects and slaves don't you know you're held personally responsible for the littlest fucking thing you do that they say is wrong even though it's if it's not wrong but they could murder people with total immunity and get away with it that's what qualified immunity is and almost every cop in the entire country and actually in the entire world has it going for them qualified immunity in other words you can rape pillage and murder with absolutely no impunity with no physical repercussions coming back your way that's what they are told with impunity you know that's what qualified immunity is licensed to do total wrong doings theft and murder with complete complete impunity meaning unpunished when you look at the actions of the officers who killed George Floyd Brianna Taylor David McAtee Mike Brown Tamir rice falando Castillo Eric garner or Freddie gray remember that they like me were trained to recite I'd rather be judged by 12 as a mantra even if mistakes were made the city meaning taxpayers meaning you pays the settlement not the officer that TM is mistakes were made trade market it's not superscripted sorry I missed that in my in my editing of the document should the TM should be superscripted minor detail once police training has through repetition indoctrination and violent spectacle promised officers that everyone in the world is out to kill them the next lesson is that your partners are the only people protecting you occasionally this is even true I've had encounters turn on me rapidly to the point that I legitimately thought that I was going to die only to have other officers come and turn the tables one of the most important thought leaders in law enforcement one of one of the most important thought leaders in law enforcement is Colonel David Grossman a kilala gist who wrote an essay called sheep wolves and sheepdogs cops are the sheepdogs bad guys are the wolves and the citizens are the Sheep see they're trying to reframe that satanic death cult image that I showed earlier that's why I brought it up again they are trying to reframe that in their favor saying they're the sheepdog who's protecting the human herd and protecting each other no incorrect you are a low-level member of the satanic death cult that is calling and devouring humanity I am one of the sheepdogs who is protecting people by putting the truth out there let's not get it twisted Punk don't ascribe false courage to yourself you're a totally non courageous shit-for-brains coward I'm the courageous human being shit-for-brains punk bitch let's get it straight boy me and the people who do this great work are the ones with courage and we're the ones bringing some level of protection through knowledge to the human fucking sheep out there not you punk bitch so they're giving this false interpretation of them as the courageous sheepdogs that are trying to protect humanity by putting the word out there no you're a member of the satanic death cult and you always have been you're just too dumb to know it cops are the sheepdogs bad guys are the wolves and the citizens are the Sheep Colonel Grossman makes sure to mention that to a stupid sheep sheep dog looks more like wolves than sheep and that's why they dislike you no they dislike you because even at a subconscious level they know you're amoral pieces of fucking dirt fucking trash boy that's what they know at a subconscious level that's why they don't like you or respect you you're not worthy of respect you don't respect yourself because ultimately you're deep inside you're chickenshit coward little boys who never grew up in consciousness you don't have any real courage you're members of a fucking street gang that people believe have authority over them that's all you ever have been your pieces of dirt your lowlife trash fucking parents never morally raised that's what you are shithead this quote they hate you for protecting them and only I love you only I can protect you tactic is familiar to students of abuse partially true ladies and gentlemen do you know who it's very familiar to people who have studied the techniques of cults that's who it's intimately familiar to this is one of the techniques of cults putting people through abuse physically and psychologically and then telling them you're the Saviour as the cult leader this is one of the main techniques of cults do me a favor somebody put have somebody on the team put on Drive the slides that comprise the techniques of cults I'm going to put them in here on the fly okay ask do it on the fly I want somebody to go back in the podcast archive pulldown techniques of cults I wanna I haven't put it in my presentation and I want it on the fly put it up on the screen for people to see okay let's see if we can get that done if not hey it's what it is but if we can get that in in Drive please direct me to it put it in the show notes area right next to the show notes and I'll get it in my presentation please thank you if you can accomplish that I know it's on the fly request but let's see so continuing this they hate you for protecting them and only I love you only I can protect you tactic is familiar to students of abuse it's what abusers do to coerce their victims into isolation first technique of all cults pulling them away from friends and family and in snaring them in the abusers toxic web law enforcement does this to pitting the officers against civilians they don't understand what you do quote they don't understand what you do they don't respect your sacrifice they just want to get away with crimes you're only safe with us end quote you know this is what the police teach their membership it's a cult indoctrinating they're low-level members through trauma and repetition there you go isolation repetition us-versus-them attitude and trauma that's it conformity and trauma I think the Wolves versus sheepdog dynamic is one of the most important elements as to why officers behave the way they do every single second of my training I was told that criminal criminals were not a legitimate part of their community that they were individual bad actors and that their bad actions were solely the result of their inherent criminality let me read that again because this is what I talked about the first thing to understand about why police must be abolished is where does bad human behavior come from this was the first philosophical true eternally true tenets of where bad behavior comes from and the police are teaching people the exact opposite of that eternal truth okay I was told that listen to what he's saying here this is critically important to understand ladies and gentlemen focus in and listen every single second of my training I was told that criminals were not a legitimate part of their community that they were individual bad actors and that their bad actions were solely the result of their inherent criminality go back to last week's show of the five eternal truths why police should and must be abolished point number one is that bad behavior people engaged in bad behaviors do not emerge from their mother's womb that way it's not inherent behavior it's learned behavior it's learned through culture it's learned through bad parenting it is learned through indoctrination bad information goes into the human brain and mind by the garbage that's put in there through all those bad methods of bad parenting bad media bad schooling bad you know information coming in through the media etc what results what is the manifested result on the other side of garbage going in garbage comes out and manifests in our society in the form of bad behavior what do you think the police are exempt from that process of garbage in garbage information goes in garbage information comes out in the form of behavior what police are exempt from that no it's the same exact thing that's why their behaviors are immoral just like criminal behaviors of the average person out there are also immoral they're no different they're just as ignorant they're just as ill-informed they haven't corrected that axiomatically flawed understanding of where behaved bad behavior comes from and may insist that they're correct and then it doesn't come from where I just explained their ego is in the way and they think they have it figured out and they haven't figured shit out just like most of my listening audience you haven't gone far enough you're not all the way there you haven't figured it out look I need to do a whole nother show well I need to do a barage engligh hammering show on what human nature is not what human nature is and what human nature is not that's the next show after the call-in show we're going to delay other shows the next show after the call in for this topic is what human nature is and is not and the big part about it really is I should just call the show what human nature is not will remove all of those things and then we'll come down to an understanding of what it actually is because people still make that this is the other thing I hear in the so called freedom movement I hear total fuck tarded jackasses spouting let's take take it away from the slide for a moment the vomit man's making another appearance okay let's go hold on let me bring it up and let's go back to let's hear from the average dumb fucking the my freedom movement well I know where you must human nature is you know our human nature it's just people were just bad you know it's just a they're inherently either good or bad it doesn't have anything to do with the information that they take in through the Reform of years and then just believe about what culture and media told them and what their shit had parents told them or what their shit had teachers told them or what the shit had media told them no no they're just they come out of their mother's womb either good or bad that's just what human nature is it's just human nature to be a certain way that's not the human condition that's just human nature you're a fucking you're a fucking idiot and you don't know what you're talking about you don't know what you're talking about that's how dumb you sound boy you know nothing nothing truly in understanding about how it really works and functions zero that's why you can't do the great work you haven't even gathered the knowledge you're not even at the grammar step of the Trivium process you're not even there because you think that the human that human nature equates to the current human condition no people are the way that they are right now because they've been conditioned to be and behave the way they are now it is not their nature you are incorrect little shit no nothing shit-for-brains person you're incorrect that's not human nature that's the human condition so we're going to do a whole show where i beliee boringly and slowly and repetitively fucking hammered into your spoken dumb skull numbskull cause let me tell you something folks and then for the people who say oh you're just talking at the people who refuse to get it no you're wrong it's some of my own fucking listenership you're wrong it's some of the people who are out there at the rhetoric stage trying to tell people they know and they know what the solutions are and they haven't even arrived at the grammar stage properly of the Trivium methodology they're out there putting the work out saying that they know what's going on and they don't know a fucking thing about what's going on they're spouting bullshit rhetoric before they've even pieced together the grammar you got your order of operations out of order go look up PEMDAS and get your order of operations straight ass okay you know you there's an order of operation in mathematics it's called PEMDAS look it up PE MDAs parentheses what's the second one yeah yeah parentheses exponents then multiplication and division in order from left to right and then addition and subtraction in order from left to right you know a person's second grade should understand that the acronym PEMDAS well guess what dumbfucks out there even in the freedom movement you got your order of operations and correct get your grammar underneath your ass before you go to the rhetoric stage and then guess what go through the middle step as well which is true logic we through all of the logical inconsistencies and go through and process all that data all that grammar all those building blocks and understand it truly before you start spouting rhetoric most of you haven't done that and you're out of order you know it makes sense when you look at it that way from the perspective of the Trivium you're out of order and that's why you make no goddamn sense logically you haven't truly developed logic and reason so I'm told very kindly some of my staff has put these images up keep it on me for a second why grab grab a couple of these images and only take a second and I'm going to show you what the techniques of cults are okay because I feel it's a good refresher and people really should understand this and know it okay so I could do this on the fly here let's bring it right up in a second hold on I just hit the wrong button there one more second let's go full screen with this okay great switch back thank you to my staff very attentive I really appreciate that and guess what folks this is what it makes possible to do on the fly here on earth is happening because I have an attentive staff on duty during the show thank you guys it's very appreciated great job okay let's go back to the slides this is what your generosity folks in helping me to achieve this this level of production and production values has made possible okay so look we can just do things like this on the fly now techniques of cults or how to brainwash willing followers who want to give away personal responsibility for their own actions the techniques of cults eternally throughout all of human history have been the same isolation conformity indoctrination through repetition and trauma and I stepped through this previously the mental and emotional trauma that was for B these aren't in order let me just step out step out it doesn't matter it doesn't matter for a second let me bring them up in order conformity so tech cult knee yet call technique number one let me see if I can grab it yeah isolation is first okay call technique number one isolation physical separation from the rest of the community this is boot camp and/or police academy creation of us versus them mentality demonization of incidents Outsiders or those who don't belong give me a second see if I can get him in order you could yeah you could step out of there just step out of there while I do this take one second ya can't get them in order just give me one second all right now they're in order okay go back there's always workarounds for people there's always work around for things folks not one way of doing things if one technique doesn't work you got to go on to the next technique we're gonna be teaching that in the seminar okay I got him in order correctly now that one's just not big enough there we go okay cult technique number two conformity no individuality tolerated ones old identity must be completely shed uniforms to create sameness and appearance go back yep thank you and sameness in speech and behavior is the second technique of all cults throughout human history next one indoctrination through repetition rigorous schedules and instructions repetitive behaviors like obstacle courses drills formations marching in step et cetera this is what tires people out puts them in the r-complex of the brain so then they can't use the neocortical brain the human brain to logically think and reason and come to accurate conclusions about what they're a part of or what's being done to them repeated phrases chants or songs all cults do that next slide this is technique for a out of technique for which is trauma we have physical trauma and then psychological were mental and emotional trauma so for a is physical trauma high levels of activity to the point of exhaustion that's what you heard him explain earlier in the document low sleep time and disrupted sleep high carbohydrate and low nutrient diet this fucks your brain up so you can't think and reason properly last part of the technique of cults was for B let me bring it up hold on it was sorry one second for B we can switch to okay mental and emotional trauma verbal and psychological abuse unexpected sudden and shocking scenarios like waking people up to do drills in the middle of the night and a perpetual atmosphere of fear like playing videos of police being killed over and over and over and over again to them that's mental and emotional trauma every technique of cult is in place in military boot camp and in police academies every single one I'm going to step back to the regular slides in a second thank you for that staff members I really appreciate you doing that on the flight I think it really hammers the point home when you see it in real time there okay so let's go back to the reading one once police training has through repetition indoctrination and violent spectacle uh what we went forward passed this sorry we were on the next page okay all right here we go so every single second of my training I was told so we were talking about that they have no understanding of human nature they're constantly sold on the idea that human beings are just bad bad apples out of the womb and that it's bad behavior is inherent they don't understand that human nature is the ability to be programmed the ability to be programmed extremely badly or the ability to be programmed through truth very well if your program badly bad behavior manifests and is the result if you're programmed well good behavior moral behavior is the result or the manifested reality that you get in all of society and that happens on the aggregate scale and that is called the world that then we must all together live in and these dumb ignorant says don't understand that is what human nature is and they're trying to sell their cult membership on the idea that it's just it and behaviors are inherent no they are not and I know a lot of the assholes out there even watching you still haven't gotten that hammer through your thick fucking skull and I'll be the one I really don't give a shit if you're offended by that I'm the one who will tell you that I'll tell you you don't know what the fuck you're talking about and you're wrong and your egos in the way for it and it's blocking correct reception and understanding of what human nature really is versus what the human condition is that is not the nature of humanity because what nature means is its eternal it cannot be changed let me say that again what nature means is it's just that way it's eternal and it cannot change that is not what people claim human nature is they claim all these things Oh people are just greedy that's human nature no that's not an eternal state of humanity that cannot be change people have been conditioned into being greedy people are just lazy that's human nature no wrong incorrect incorrect that's part of the human condition people who are lazy now can be very industrious if they decide through their will to change their behavior and that is possible to do that may be hard work but it can be done it is not eternally one-way that's called a condition that is in place get it through your thick fucking skull that that's how it works because if you explain it to other people that it doesn't work like that you're part of the problem you're undoing the great work by telling people know if this dynamic is incorrect when I talk about what human nature really is know if you don't understand what that is you're part of the problem get your grammar underneath yourself first as a foundation before you start to speak and spout bullshit rhetoric get your understanding under you first before you step to the third stage of the Trivium and start putting rhetoric out they you're completely incorrect about your doing harm you're doing harm I want this played for people out there who have it wrong show them this video make them watch it I know you can't make somebody watch something influence them enough to watch it maybe you'll come out the other side with a little less hard and fucking ego you think you know when you don't and that's the most dangerous thing there is again drink deeply from the period spring or don't drink at all and it's not a kind of bottled spring water ancient Greek philosophy about drinking from the fountain of knowledge known as the Parian spring it means if you're gonna drink a tiny little sip from it you might as well not bother because then you're gonna think you know and you don't know fucking shit that's what it means don't think you're enlightened when you're not because you went half-ass and your knowledge and your knowledge gathering and in your knowledge understanding you didn't go through the two first two most important stages of the Trivium before actually doing action the rhetoric stage based on correct understanding that came from the gathering of knowledge of pertinent data if you don't do those first two steps correctly of the Trivium process you can never do the third one which is true wisdom the rhetoric stage of the Trivium correctly and this is where most people in the so-called truth community are act because they don't have that true scientific truth discovery process under their belts that in other words there are people who think they know and they've done the Trivium process either incorrectly or out of order and therefore they don't really know yet they have their mouth open spurts spout and verbal diarrhea all day long so let's continue with the reading let's go back to the slides thank you any concept of systemic trauma generational poverty he's talking about culture here or white supremacist oppression was either never mentioned or simply dismissed right because they don't want their cult members to understand how human behavior is created you don't teach your cult members the Trivium you know after all most people don't steal so anyone who does isn't most people write to us anyone committing a crime deserved anything that happened to them because they broke the quote social contract which is another bullshit myth and yet it was never even questioned as to whether the power structure above them was honoring any sort of contract back there is no contract there is no such thing as the social contract you're either a moral being because you've taken incorrect information and therefore your behavior is an alignment with objective morality under natural law or you're an immoral being because you've taken in incorrect information and your behavior is out of alignment with objective morality under natural law that's how it really works understand police officers are part of the state monopoly on violence there is no such thing as a monopoly on violence or a right to ever use violence they're part of a state monopoly on the use of external force upon others which can be moral or immoral that's what they the state once is a monopoly on the usage of physical force police officers are part of the state monopoly on violence and all police training reinforces this monopoly as a cornerstone of police work a source of honor and pride many cops fantasize about getting to kill someone in the line of duty let me read that again many cops fantasize about getting to kill someone in the line of duty you want to know why folks because many of them are psychopaths and again there is such a thing as an inherent genetic psychopathy because their brain is broken at Birth through different ways we could talk about that I did shows on what primary psychopathy is which is essentially brain physical brain damage that's what primary psychopathy is it's a form of physical brain retardation and/or brain damage that's what it is and yes some people do emerge from the womb like that the vast overwhelming majority of psychopaths are created through cultural conditions and environmental conditions traumatic conditions that they have undergone mostly when they were a child that numbs out the emotions and destroys the limbic brain which is responsible for the generation of the peptide chemicals that help us to feel emotions physically in the body through the midbrain or mammalian brain the limbic brain I've talked about this endlessly go back to the former podcast and do your homework there is such a thing as secondary psychopathy where that happens over a period of time people ask for that to be clarified it's been clarified I just did it again there are a primary Psychopaths it's a form of brain damage there are secondary psychopaths it's also a form of brain damage which can be undone because it got that way through cultural conditions and trauma go back to the shows I did on psychopathy and listen in its entirety continuing let me read it one more time many cops fantasize about getting to kill someone in the line of duty egged on by others that have gotten to do that one of my training officers told me about the time he shot and killed a mentally ill homeless man wielding a big stick he bragged that he quote slept like a baby that night this is the kind of trash that comprises the police forces official official training teaches you how to be violent effectively and when you're and when you're legally allowed to deploy that violence but quote unofficial training teaches you to desire violence to expand the breadth of your violence without getting caught and who rode your own compassion for desperate people so you can justify punitive violence against them in other words unofficially what all the police forces throughout the world are ultimately doing are acting as a breeding grounds for secondary psychopathy they are creating secondary Psychopaths whether the person is a born psychopath or not they are active cult breeding grounds for secondary psychological psychopathy breeding grounds for psychopaths to run amuck in our society posing as our protectors and defenders that's what police forces are hell to be a bastard I have participated in some of these activities personally others are ones I either witnessed personally or heard officers brag about openly very very occasionally I know an officer who is do I mean re I apologize for that folks I may have inadvertently caused the bad connection with my mic I apologize for that I needed something to drink and I clapped my microphone with my with my glass I'm usually pretty good about that but it happens I oh so he he's saying I have participated in some of these activities personally others are ones I either witnessed personally or heard officers brag about openly very very occasionally I knew an officer who is disciplined or fired for one of these things so here's the list police officers will lie about the law about what's legal or about what they can legally do to you in order to manipulate you into doing what they want and they'll face no repercussions for that lying they're liars there are they're bad people not only because of what they do but because of what they say they're liars they're deliberate liars and get off about the fact that their deliberate liars trying to manipulate people into either criminalizing themselves or admitting something that has gone one against going against one of their are ridiculous code restrictions so they will lie about the law about what is legal or illegal or about what they can legally do to you in order to manipulate you into doing what they want that's one of the hallmark characteristics of a psychopath the willingness to lie to get their way or to manipulate people into giving them their way why don't we talk about this last week and when we went over all of the hallmark characteristics of psychopaths a number of times on the show police officers will lie about feeling afraid for their life to justify the use of force after the fact they'll tell you oh I was fearful for my life now you aren't feeling fearful for your life you just lied about it to get away with hurting someone else or hurting an animal police officers will lie and tell you they'll file a police report just to get you off their back police officers will lie that your cooperation will look good for you in court or that they will put you put in a good word for you with the DA untrue the police will never help you look good in court police officers will lie about what they see in here to access private properly to conduct unlawful searches that go against Fourth Amendment restrictions without any doubt okay they lie to get access to private property they'll lie about what they've seen or what they've allegedly heard they're liars they're liars almost all of them dirty liars police officers will lie and say your friend already ratted you out so you might as well rat them back out this is almost never true police officers will lie and say you're not in trouble in order to get you to exit a location or otherwise make an arrest more convenient for them police officers will lie and say they won't arrest you if you'll just be honest with them so they know what really happened there are liars and they say they can just legally lie with total impunity just doing something that's completely immoral to entrap people and they don't have to be responsible for it it's called being an amoral piece of fucking trash and all of them are that not just some all of them all of them are privy to this all of them know this is going on all of them allow it to continue that's why every single one of them is a piece of amoral fucking dirt there they are partaking in the evil a good person doesn't partake in evil a good person says I will not participate in evil no matter what you do to me or threaten me with these are evil people who participate in institutionalized evil and that makes them evil people that's the definition of what it means to be a bad person get it straight moral get it straight philosophically get it straight from a first principles based solid groundwork of true moral philosophy which is what we teach here on what on earth is happening police officers will lie about their ability to seize the property of friends and family members to coerce a confession police officers will write obviously bullshit tickets so that they get time and a half overtime fighting them in court police officers will search places and containers you didn't consent to and later claimed they were open or smelled like marijuana they'll make up what they consider groundwork you know legitimate grounds for searches and just say you know I was already open when they broke into it or say oh it smelled like you know some illicit substance that they shouldn't even have the right to arrest anybody for in the first place you know just say oh I thought I saw a cocaine residue or I thought I thought I smelled you know cannabis so that they can break in someplace they're liars you're dirty liars all of you and the ones who just look the other way and protect their cult members you're liars and you're a moral people and your deeds have been exposed and they're going to continue to be exposed until you're not just shame that of that job but physically forced out of it if it has to come to that because you're dirty and moral scum trash liars and your parents fuck you up boy your parents fuck you up girl you had trash for parents and you grew up to be trash and I'll tell to you just like that to your motherfucking face police officers will threaten a more serious crime they can't prove in order to convince you to confess to the lesser crime that they really what you for this is their dirty liar tactics of this cult police officers will employ zero tolerance on races and ethnicities they dislike because they're dirty rotten racist pieces of trash you know how big racism runs in police forces the majority of police are racist trash in both directions doesn't matter what cut in any direction it doesn't matter what color there are almost all of them are racist trash I've heard enough from the inside to know that that statement is true the vast overwhelming majority of police are racists you're not just immoral people you're not just liars you're racist - and it's egging on further racism because there are people who would dare to claim me doing this to expose this for as many years as I've been fucking exposing trying to say I have some privilege or I'm racist then fucking nerve you you're not gonna push your bullshit Marxist guilt on me motherfucker you don't know what I've done or what I fucking see nor would I been through what I know you're not gonna tell me that quite frankly you don't fucking know what I know I've said it many times and I'll keep saying it and you certainly don't know what I've sacrificed to do and then motherfuckers gonna try to try to tell me I'm somehow racist I told people since day one that's a total indoctrination divide and conquer dialectic tactic to enslave people there's only one race it's called the human race even that is it as a dialectical identity there's consciousness and morality and that's all there is that's it there's alignment to natural law and consciousness you're not in alignment to it that's the only divide there is that's the only true divide everything else is an illusion of separation but there is that separation and consciousness and that's one of the biggest things that it means to be awake as you understand there can be no such thing as authority that is youth a euphemism for coercion slave violence and slavery which is what police continuously enforce police officers will employ zero-tolerance on races and ethnicities they dislike and show favor and lenience to members of their own racial group police officers will use intentionally extra painful maneuvers and holds to arrest during an arrest to provoke resistance so they can further assault the suspect he's seen this personally I've seen and heard about it personally some police officers will plant drugs and weapons on you sometimes to teach you a lesson sometimes if they kill you somewhere away from the public view legalized murder some police officers will assault you to intimidate you and threaten to arrest you if you tell anyone a non-trivial number of police officers will steal from your house or vehicle during a search folks first of all I've myself been the victim of two of these techniques okay so I've had police hurt the nerves in my wrist by unlawfully placing me under arrest when I was doing nothing but handing out factual information not solicitation which I was then sent a letter of apology okay saying that they acted inappropriately and I had every right to do what I was doing and refused to leave the area because they didn't want a lawsuit lawsuit these people should be lucky to live every person who witnessed this should have descended on them physically and tore them limb from limb that's what would happen in a true free society when someone's rights are being usurped torn apart like a grizzly bear and I was handcuffed with zip ties so tight that I didn't really get the true nerve feeling back in my hand for at least six months after the event almost permanent damage done to my right hand by these fucking trash cult members when I did nothing wrong except exercise freedom of speech and the press and we don't think we're at a point where we need to go to war and it's gotten infinitely worse since then you know what that punk bitch cop did took my wallet out of my pants without my permission when I said I do not consent to any searches and stole the money from my wallet you fucking bitch you're a fucking bitch Punk you're a fucking lowlife thief punk you're a trash fucking criminal punk bitch when things break down come and see me boy I'll find you in my bare hands and you'll see what'll happen to you son you're a low-life Punk criminal fucking bitch boy you're a common fucking thief at that time I was extremely poor and had hardly any resources to my name the entirety of the money that I had at that point was 120 dollar bill in my wallet I'm almost embarrassed to say it I'm almost embarrassed to share that with with my listen my viewing audience I was so destitute at the time that that happened trying to educate the people about what the Federal Reserve is and has done to their resources and and savings okay that they had to work real hard for it and that the Federal Reserve has destitute at that through what they call monetary policy I'm printing factual information and handing out factual pamphlets about how people are being stolen from through a hidden tax called inflation and I'm arrested not it wasn't an arrest it was an illegal detainment an illegal detainment okay but if you're stopped that's called being stopped from what you're doing but it's an illegal detainment an unlawful illegal detainment that should have never occurred and this scumbag punk bitch tries to cut the blood flow off to my hands so bad that I get nerve damage and then unlawfully takes my wallet which I told them I don't consent to a search because this is unlawful and steals the only bill in my wallet to get my ID when in stole from me you're a rotten fucking skank thief boy and your parents fuck you up little fucking boy and you've done nothing to unfuck your mind or your morality and anybody who thinks that this doesn't go on at a totally completely institutional level that is completely espoused you are a low-life naive scumbag yourself who is endorsing theft immorality coercion and slavery and you're just as much of a piece of shit because you watch it happen and you say nothing and you do nothing this goes on every day two completely innocent people who have done nothing wrong if you believe in policing you are a supporter and akan donor of slavery you rotten piece of shit dirt and I'm not mincing words I'll say it even calmly to you you're a rotten piece of fucking dirt your parents fuck you up morally and you haven't done a thing to correct that fucked up this in your mentality because you don't give a shit about yourself enough to unfuck yourself now there it is with common Street lingo boi common Street lingo girl I'll tell it to you right to your face like I would some other fucking thug criminal on the street cuz that's essentially what you are that's real fucking talk you ain't gonna hear that anywhere but right here on what on earth is happening cuz nobody else has the fucking balls to do it so I'll do it I'll do it for the whole damn totally diseased world let's continue and try to get through this a non-trivial number of police officers commit intimate partner violence and use their status to get away with it in other words they rape and abuse their spouses whether they be wives their husbands a non-trivial number and guess what folks we're learning about this through studies it's over 40 percent I would say that's really just what we're hearing about folks if we're honest with ourselves it's well over half of police officers are violent abusers and rapists of their spouses that's why if you get involved in a relationship with these people knowing what they already behaved like honestly part of the blame has to go to you I'm not blaming the victim I'm saying part of the blame goes to the victim because they didn't listen and they got involved with people who are known Psychopaths so guess what again is a fucking defendant about that as you like and say oh you're blaming the victim no I'm blaming the perpetrator first and foremost but I'm saying the victim is actually involved in the perpetuation of it because people still want to go out and forge relationships with police and if you do you deserve what you get quite frankly you deserve what you get because you can't claim ignorance all this information is out there and has been out there for a number of years look at the studies on police spousal abuse a non-trivial number of police officers use their position to entice coerce or force sexual favors from vulnerable people if you take nothing else away from this essay I want you to tattoo this on your brain forever if a police officer is telling you something it is probably a lie designed to gain your compliance because they're all dirty fucking liars there are moral people they're thug criminals they don't care about what's right they don't care about what morality is they'll tell you that from now they'll tell you that they do from now til the end of time and on here telling you this is exactly as it is as you're hearing it straight from the horse's mouth and it's an actual tiny minority that do have a conscience and when they do it develop a conscience they see that this is what the institution props up and they finally give in to their conscience follow it and quit as this person did how many people do you know who have done that a tiny paltry piss in a pot few that's why I say there is no great awakening happening there is a false awakening happening characterized by a ton of false awakening characteristics a real true awakening police would understand that what they have been involved in is a satanic death cult and they would follow their conscience instead of following orders and they would quit their cult is that happening no some people are realizing this is what the police are from a foundational institutional basis and they are starting to shame them because of it because it's getting so bad is that shaming place into quitting their job because they've suddenly come to an awakening of what real morality is no that's not why some people at least are walking off duty they haven't become any more moral than they were they're just as dirty amoral pieces of dirt bag fucking trash as they ever were just like common three street thugs they are no different they have not reached an awakening or an understanding of true objective morality at all they're walking away because they egotistical II feel disrespected by people who are starting to come online to the truth about what their institution is as a fucking death cult and now their little boy their little shit diaper feelings or her these people lose respect for me anybody with a fucking brain never had any respect for you punk ass bitch boy never had one ounce of respect for somebody who never had an ounce of respect for yourself respect as a mirror respect is a mirror you respect yourself others will show respect to you you have no self-respect because you're a dirty and moral order follower you're not following conscience because you don't want to do the hard work of learning what conscience is which is the objective knowledge of the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior under natural law you don't want to do that work you want to stay in your indoctrinated fucking satanic cult mindset and just do what you're told like a little pissing up diaper shitting their diaper no brain shit-for-brains bitch and to bring an active-duty cop right in this room and I'll have that conversation right to your know-nothing face boy bring them in I'll bring them right in off the street and say that right to them right to their face on camera you think I'm afraid of you I'm in the right I stand in pure righteousness of natural law and there is no greater protection there is no other protection i definitively know the difference between objective moral right and immoral wrong and I live it through my behavior by a act of my will in the moment every single day and that is the only protection that's the only true ultimate protection then when it comes down to protection in the physical domain then self-defense comes into play and firearms come into play but let me tell you something you want to talk about ultimate cosmic protection you have none of it going for you because you stand in the wrong I have all of it going for me because I stand in the light and in the right that's why I'm not backing down and I'm not afraid of you no fear stand in the right and mighty forces will come to your assistance if everybody had that level of courage we'd be free right now continuing do not talk to cops and never ever believe them do not quote try to be helpful with cops do not assume they are trying to catch someone else instead of you do not assume that what they are doing is quote important or even legal under no circumstances assume any police officer is acting in good faith also and this is important do not talk to cops I just remembered something do not talk to cops checking my notes real quick something just jumped out at me do not fucking talk to cops ever ever say I don't answer questions and if your friend if you are free to leave if so leave if not tell them you want your lawyer and that part of the Supreme Court they must terminate questioning if they don't file a complaint collect some and so collect some badges for your mantle if I am ever confronted with a cup I do not understand I wish to go on my way that is it I know I'm not talking to you I don't understand anything you say you are stopping me from going on my way and I wish to go on my way that is it that's it I don't understand anything you say I don't know what you're talking about I don't understand anything you say cuz it's all in legalese nonsense bullshit that has nothing to do with me as a natural human being I stand on the right I have harmed none that's it and I'm not even going to say that I don't understand you speak a different language you speak satanic cult legalese I speak Veritas the language called truth that's it so we have a language disconnect I don't understand anything you say ever have said ever will say and that's all I ever said to those cops who unrightfully unlawfully detained me I just repeated I don't understand anything you say I don't understand anything you say I wish to go on my way I don't understand anything you say I said lots of other things too to the crowd but to them I said I don't understand anything you say this is illegal unlawful and immoral and I want to go on my way that's it your behaviors are immoral and I want to go on my way and you know what folks again we're going to get into even deeper harder material on this show in future podcasts it's gonna go way deeper and darker folks because we're gonna get I'm going to get into the right to kill we have to go over things that were talked about in duress dissidents and deadly force and talk about the natural right to kill when your rights are being usurped and this is a very hard concept for most people to understand and it shouldn't be that hard to understand the the ultimate in spiritual awakening is simply the fact that sentient beings have the right to kill those who would thwart their rights as sentient beings let me say that again and let me tell you something folks this is the end goal understanding of every occult esoteric school of thought that has ever existed in the history of humanity it is ultimate awakening ultimate awakening maybe we'll name the show ultimate awakening : the right to kill every single sentient being that has ever lived has always and will eternally always possess the inherent natural right to kill any other being who would attempt to thwart their rights it is an eternal truth if you don't understand that you are not awake you not studied natural law and or occult philosophies of the great mystery traditions of consciousness that have existed throughout human history in their fullness in their entirety and at the level that you need to study them to understand what eternal truth of Awakening and eternal truth of natural law is and always has been regarding the right to kill notice I did not use the word murder because murder and killing are two different things and ladies and gentlemen the kind of war that's going to involve that type of killing is coming and it is not going to be able to be avoided I have done since day one my total duty my duty and fulfilled my obligation and responsibility to attempt to avert that human eventualities in the physical domain of war and I am Telling You we are on the rapid fast track for that to occur let's go back to the essay do the bastards ever help reading the above you may be tempted to ask whether cops ever do anything good and the answer is sure sometimes and this is the difference between doing a good action or deed versus being a good person Capital G capital P a good being a moral being let's call being a good person being a moral being capital m capital be a moral being a moral human being capital m capital H capital B do you understand thick-headed fucks out there that's what I mean when I say a truly good person a truly moral human being it doesn't mean what you think it means your definition in your rotted brain is different than what I'm explaining the definition of a truly good moral human being is get your drooling fucked hearted definition that exists in your shit-for-brains head out in your liquid shit pool float clock sloshing around up here folks get your internal definition out of the pool of liquid shit sloshing in here okay understand what I mean by the definition of a truly good moral human being because sometimes I really think I'm talking to an entire population of people with you know Down syndrome I really do I really do and sad it's sad it's really really sad we are not talking about the ability to perform one or two good tasks in your lifetime or to be seen as good by your little daughter who you you bounce on your knee at night while you're stripping everybody else have their natural rights as human beings during the daytime that's not what we're talking about as being good capital G good capitalize the word good it doesn't mean what you think it is it doesn't mean what you think it means your internal definition is skewed and fucked up you think it means can this person perform any good tasks ever in their lifetime can they be good to their daughter or their wife yeah that's possible and still go and be in a moral piece of trash the rest of the day a good person doesn't engage in immoral activity during the course of a day they make an informed decision based on the knowledge of conscience is this behavior right or is it morally wrong and if it's right they can do it and if it's wrong they don't engage in it that's what it means to be a truly good moral human being so get your definitions right numbskulls you know and you got to say it this way to some people because you've been saying it for I'm not gonna bang on my desk you've been saying it for 10 goddamn years and then people still come through haven't watched the fucking podcast and say this person could be a good person you're you're literally do you have down syndrome because please turn it off I've been called an ableist because I say so down actually you're an insult to people with Down syndrome a lot of them can get it folks I could explain this to literally a mentally retarded human being with Down syndrome who is unfortunately afflicted with that condition and they'll get it before you in more in a lot of cases they'll get the philosophy before you will so maybe it's an unfair comparison maybe I should apologize maybe I have been an ableist I've been called an ableist by people because I compare dumb people people with total mental retardation like Down syndrome maybe I've been an ableist you know maybe I have to reevaluate that and maybe it will be easier to teach this to people with Down syndrome then to teach it to the people who have such a hard and fucking satanic ego that they're never gonna get it they're gonna die in that condition they're gonna gleefully and gladly die in ignorance not because they're incapable of understanding it from a mental capacity level they have the mental capacity to understand it's just their satanic ego is so fucking hard and they don't want to understand it and they're gonna die in that level of willful ignorance truth and morality be damned you won't hear that from anyone else you know I wish there were tons of people on video saying this every day I wish I could say hey let me tag out of here and stand on the apron for a little while you know like like my guilty pleasure of watching pro wrestling since I was a kid you know that's my one dumb guilty distraction so that I don't dwell on this continually and then I'd be a really angry human being as if I'm not already angry enough already because of the sheer willful ignorance but to give the in pro wrestling analogy you know I've been in that ring getting beat from pillar to post you know for the large part of the match and finally I see somebody on the apron I can tag out too and get a breather on the apron you know if I saw that with tons and tons of people doing the great work it would be a huge relief and maybe I wouldn't be this bitter maybe just maybe I don't know maybe it would help but guess what you know what everybody says you're doing fine in there mark who needs the tag in fuck you you know you know you've been getting the shit literally beaten out of you you know all this whole match but I'm standing on the apron fresh as a daisy who needs to tag in you know that's what you sound like it's what you sound like you sound like a tag team partner that has left the apron and gone back to the dressing room and said fuck my partner you know that's really a perfect analogy so let's go back to the reading the answer is sure sometimes they could do some things that are good in fact most officers I've worked with thought they were usually helping the helpless and protecting the safety of innocent people this is how you know dumb shit-for-brains people they are during my tenure in law enforcement I protected women from domestic abusers arrested cold-blooded murderers and child molesters and comforted families who lost children to car accidents and other tragedies I helped connect struggling people in my community with local resources for food shelter and counseling ID escalated situations that could have turned violent and talked a lot of people down from making the biggest mistake of their lives I worked with plenty of officers who were individually kind bought food for the four homeless residents or otherwise showed care for their community the question is this did I need a gun and sweeping police powers to help the average person on the average night the answer is no when I was doing my best work as a cop I was doing mediocre work as a therapist or social worker my good ideas were listening to people failed by the system and trying to unite them with any crumbs of resources the structure was currently denying them it's also important to note that well over 90 percent of the calls for service I handled were reactive showing up well after a crime had taken place we talked about this last week folks police officers cannot protect you they do not protect you they will not ever protect you they show up after the fact and then they attempt to go after people who committed some violent acts that's it they do not stop violent acts from occurring and never can don't now and never will never can they do that that's why self-defense is your personal responsibility and in your hands if you don't want it tough shit it's still your personal responsibility we would arrive take a statement collect evidence if any filed a report and then all into the next caper most active crimes were stopped that we stopped where someone someone harmless possessing or selling a small amount where someone who is harmless possessing or selling a small amount of drugs very very rarely would we stop something dangerous in progress or stop something from happening entirely that's that's that I mean that is like literally one in a billion I would say it is an extreme rarity when that ever occurs I would say largely just like a Satori sudden awakening out of nowhere and a Kundalini experience bursting out the top of your head and suddenly you're an awake spiritual being it happens with one in a hundred billion people if that don't count on it it's not the rule it's the unbelievable exception to the rule if you count on it you're a naive person awakening takes self-work knowledge and self work very very rarely when we stop something dangerous in progress or stop something from happening entirely the closest we would usually get was seeing someone running away from the scene of a crime but the damage was still done that's it they don't protect anybody consider this my job as a police officer required me to be a marriage counselor a mental health crisis professional a conflict negotiator a social worker a child advocate a traffic safety expert a sexual assault specialist and every once in a while a public safety officer authorized to use force all after only 1,000 hours of training at a police academy which is a cult training facility does any person we send to catch a robber also need to be the person we send to do to interview a rape victim or document a fender-bender should one profession be expected to do all that important community care with very little training all at the same time to put it this other way to put this another way I'm a double the salary that most social workers made to a fraction of what they could do to mitigate the causes of crimes and desperation again the real cause is what you learn when you're young do you learn morality when you're young or do you not learn that from your parents and the rest of society what we're teaching here on what on earth is happening since day one now you're gonna not get that moral education from schools from the media from any government institution and certainly almost in every case not from your fucking parents because they didn't get it from their parents I know I didn't get it from mine hey I love my parents but guess what I didn't get that moral education from them I got it from strangers who cared enough to put the great work out there to other people for other people to learn that's where I got it and that's how I awakened didn't come from my parents or any of my fucking family who most of which are still completely asleep some on the very very brink of awakening but not even halfway they're not you know talking out against it it's great that they're starting to wake up but it's there you're late to the party let's just put it that way you know people had this opportunity you know 13 years ago well 14 years ago I was doing this to get this instruction directly from me you know and back then they were saying uh where's your tinfoil hat you're crazy you don't know the fuck you're talking about now not so much now they're saying hey I think marks been right about this all along late to the party hey I'll welcome into the party anyway still understand you were late because of ego because of ego because of not being able to say the three big magic words I was wrong certainly not being you know were able to acknowledge to another of your kin I was wrong and you were right most people will never do that they'll die in ignorance before ever doing that continuing on dan doctrine aidid and dare I say traumatized cops do not make you safer community mutual aid networks who can unite other people with the resources they need to stay fed clothed and housed make you safer I really want to hammer this home every cop in your neighborhood is damaged by their training because they're members of a cult and they received cult indoctrination not training every cop in your neighborhood is damaged by their training emboldened by their immunity and they have a gun and the ability to make your to take your life with near impunity this does not make you safer even if you're white I've been telling people this for years on end finally someone with a little bit of courage come coming forward and telling it from an insider's perspective how do you solve a problem like a bastard so what do we do about it even though I'm an expert on bastard ISM I'm not a public policy expert nor an expert in organizing a post Police Society so before I give some suggestions let me tell you what probably won't solve the problem of bastard cops increased bias training this will not solve the problem a quarterly or even monthly in session is not capable of covering over years of trauma-based camaraderie in police forces I can tell you from experience we don't take it seriously the proctors let us cheat on whatever tests there are and we all made fun of it later over coffee tougher lawyers won't solve the problem I hope you understood by now cops do not follow the law and will not hold each other accountable to the law tougher laws are all the more reason to circle the wagons and protect your brothers and sisters that's right folks because they're not the thin blue line they're the satanic death cult there are low-level members of the satanic death cult that rules over our entire human society that's all you ever have been thin blue line my ass your ego hardened thick-headed low-level rank-and-file shit-for-brains boy and girl of a satanic death cult that will throw you under the bus when they're done fucking using you like the fucking tool you are back to the slides more community policing programs will not solve the problem yes there is marginal effect when a few cops get to know the members of their community but look at the protests of 2020 many of the cops pepper spraying journalists were probably the nice school cop a month ago police officers do not protect and serve people they protect and serve the status quo and I would say they protect and serve the one big satanic cult that is running the world they protect and serve the status quo quote polite society and private property using the incremental mechanisms of the status quo will never reform the police because the status quo relies on police violence to exists exactly therefore if you believe it should continue to exist you are a condone er of violence and slavery capitalism requires a permanent underclass to exploit for cheap labor and it requires the cops to bring that underclass to heal you're not talking about true capitalism you're talking about crony capitalism here you are talking about ultimately what amounts to statism which all forms of statism are forms of socialism and ultimately international socialism which is communism it could be called fascism it can be called communism the whole left versus right divide is just a bullshit dividing tank divide and conquer strategy that is all about polarization dialectic we've talked about an odd nauseam here on what on earth is happening okay you know what it all is it's all called feudalism doesn't matter what brand of feudalism what flavor you look you like Chuck the feudalism vanilla feudalism maybe you liked America strawberry flavor of feudalism called libertarianism you know the libertarian party if you don't like chocolate and vanilla that Big Daddy has prepared for you we have the third flavor to complete the Neapolitan triad and you could join them the the Lib tard ha the libertarian policy I think I had it right the first time okay you know this is what people think is freedom no it's a euphemism for slavery that's it that's all what ever has been doesn't matter which side is slaver you come from the right to left the middle the bitter kiss it's all slavery stop you from izing it and it's not capitalism it is crony capitalism which is actually a form of socialism now I'm not saying I'm a capitalist I think that's just another form of control as well but what he is lumping it together as is not true capitalism even that form of raw capitalism would eventually form a control system okay it would be a harder one even to get out of mentally that's why all forms of money there aren't don't exist in nature and aren't true inherent value our forms of mind control so don't paint me as a you know anarcho-capitalist I'm not I'm a pure anarchist that understands there is only natural law and morality whether you understand it and adhere to it and behavior or not that's what true anarchy is there's no such thing as hyphenated anarchy I'm gonna do a whole show on that maybe a few okay instead of wasting time with minor tweaks I recommend exploring the following ideas no more qualified immunity police officers officers should be personally liable for all decisions they make in the line of duty no more civil asset forfeiture did you know that every year citizens like you lose more cash and property to unaccountable civil asset forfeiture than to all burglaries combined the police can steal your stuff without charging you with a crime and it makes some Police Department's very rich breaking the power of police unions police unions make it nearly impossible to fire bad cops and incentivize protecting them that's called the thin blue line to protect the power of the Union a police union is not a labor union police officers are powerful state agents not exploited workers they are satanic death cult members if we drop the euphemized require malpractice insurance doctors must pay for insurance in case they botch a surgery so police officers should do the same for botching a police raid or other use of force if human decency won't motivate police to respect human life perhaps hitting their wallet might defund militarize and disarm cops thousands of police departments own assault rifles armored personnel carriers and stuff you've seen in a war zone police officers have grants and huge budgets budgets to spend on guns ammo body armor and combat training 99% of calls for service require no armed response yet when all you have is a gun every problem feels like target practice cities are not safer when unaccountable bullies have a monopoly on state violence and the equipment to execute that monopoly one final idea consider abolishing the police hurray someone gets it abolish the satanic death cult at a lower level altogether and then these satanic death cult members won't be able to be the rank-and-file Order followers from the satanic death cult order givers then we're making some fucking progress folks I know what you're thinking what we need the police where's the voluntours vomit man they protect us yeah this is the myth I've been trying to shatter for the last month as someone who did it for nearly a decade I need you to understand that by and large police protection is marginal and incidental it is an illusion created by decades of cop agonda cop propaganda designed to fool you into thinking these brave men and women are holding back the barbarians at the gates I alluded to this above the vast majority of calls for service I handled where theft reports burglary reports domestic arguments that hadn't escalated into violence loud parties houseless people loitering which is House lessness you know we didn't need to stop calling it homelessness call it what it is they have no a house traffic collisions very minor drug possession arguments between neighbors mostly the mundane ups and downs of life in the community with little inherent danger and like I mentioned the vast majority of crimes I responded to even violent ones had already happened my unaccountable license to kill was irrelevant what I mainly provided was an objective third party with the authority to document property damage ask people to chill out or disperse or counsel people not to beat each other up a trained counselor where conflict resolution specialist would be 10 times more effective than someone with a gun strapped to his hip wondering if anyone would try to kill him when he showed up there are many models for a community safety that can be explored if we get away from the idea that the only way to be safe is to have a man with an m4 rifle prowling neighborhood ready at a moment's notice to write down your name and birthday after you've been robbed and beaten you might be asking what about armed robbers the gangsters the drug dealers the serial killers and yes in the city I worked I regularly broke up gang parties found gang members carrying guns and hooded hummus and handled homicides I've seen some tragic things from a reformed gangster shot in the head with his brains oozing out to a 15 year old boy taking his last breath and his screaming mother's arms thanks to a gang members bullet I know the wages of violence this is where we have to have the courage to ask why do people Rob why do they join gangs why do they get addicted to drugs or sell them it's not because they are inherently evil I submit to you that these are the results of living in a capitalist system here's where you got it wrong I'm sorry man but you got it wrong there it's not because we live in a quote-unquote capitalist society if you said crony capitalist society you're correct they're partially it is because we live in a society that has no true knowledge of objective morality according to natural law it doesn't matter what kind of monetary system you set up there are still people who are totally ignorant fools when it comes to what the actual objective difference between right and wrong actually are if you would have said that you would have gotten 100 I'm gonna have to deduct like at least 10 to 20 points off your total score unfortunately okay but you're getting human nature isn't what we've been told okay I submit to you that these are the results of okay so it says yeah why do they get it I submit to you as their results living in a capitalist system that grinds people down and denies them housing medical care human dignity and I say and I say in their government this is what the satanic death cult does okay you could look at capitalism as just one of you know a crony capitalism is just one of the manifestations and methods of the death cult these are the results of white supremacy pushing people to the margins has thing to do with race folks it's about statism it's about the belief in authority okay that's what it is it's not about race you could say a lot of these people are races but it goes in any direction when it comes to race it doesn't have to be white on black black on white you know it could be Hispanic on white Hispanic on black black or Hispanic and all in the line of these perceived differences between human beings the one difference we're not looking at learning enough about is whether you're a moral human being or not from a true objective moral perspective when it comes to natural law these are the results avoidance of urgency pushing people to the margins exclude including them disrespecting them and treating their bodies as disposable equally important to remember disabled and mentally ill people are frequently killed by police officers not trained to recognize and react to disabilities or mental health crises some of the people we picture as violent offenders are often people struggling with unrelated mental illness often due to economic hardships very frequently the officers sent out to quote protect the community escalate their this crisis and ultimately wound or kill the person your community was not made safer by police violence a sick member of your community was killed because it was cheaper than treating them are you extremely confident you'll never get sick one day - and that won't happen to you you know our people that confident are they willing to take that risk so we have a couple pages left in this document folks at least a few pages left ok got about four or five pages left unfortunately that is all the time that we're going to have for this edition of water on earth is happening ok I will back it up a tiny bit and maybe r.e.m ffice eyes some of the things he goes over as potential solutions or that he's saying you know completely dissolve the police okay we'll pick it up from there next week that'll be part four of the psychological state of police and their supporters and then we'll take your calls from the rest for the rest of the show ladies and gentlemen you've been watching what on earth is happening and remember ladies and gentlemen as always government is slavery and so is every single form of policing that has ever upheld the satanic death cult of slavery we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]