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Sunday June 12th 2020 we have a great show lined up for you here today today is episode 230 of what on earth is happening and our main topic for discussion is part four of the psychological state of police and their supporters we are also going to be taking your calls on this topic right after I finish the material for part four and that will probably be fairly early we don't have too long to go so let's switch over to the slides this is the title card for today's broadcast I have a couple of quick housekeeping announcements and then we'll jump right into the topic we are still accepting donations to help complete the documentary mark passio and the science of natural law you can donate for this at gifts dot what on earth is happening calm please don't send a straight donation for gifts toward the documentary use the gift site ok don't use the donate page for that we have five donation tiers on the gifts area all donations go directly directly to production costs all donors will 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in this design and then this is the new shirt here it's called the science of natural law t-shirt and they are only available in black long sleeve or short sleeve I'll show you the long sleeve design with the artwork from the documentary and on the back it says morality increases freedom increases and as morality declines freedom declines with the water and earth is happening calm website address so that is the new t-shirts available at gifts dot what on earth is happening calm let's go back to my slides alright I want to speak briefly about how to become the new media seminar we started it very successfully last Tuesday attendance was great and we made a couple of quick changes I made a little spelling error here how long let me just fix that okay we made a couple of changes to the seminar this week class number two this Tuesday July 14th the zoom meeting has been converted to a webinar okay so this is going to make things a lot smoother and easier folks yeah we go back to the slide I had another little space hour there we converted it to a webinar there's gonna be less distraction I think it'll help with bandwidth I think it'll also assist with people getting in easy okay there'll be less distraction because you won't have anybody's you know video on your screen it'll just be my video you will still be able to raise your hand to ask a question I'm going to have a couple of co-hosts this week who are going to assist me in bringing people into the room and alerting me when they have a question so I think things we learned a lot from the first class on how to host it a little bit better I sent out a new email there is a new join link so please be attentive of that you can still join with the same meeting ID it is now just a webinar ID but it is the same numbers to get into the class okay so you could still put those numbers when you hit join in zoom you could still put those numbers in to get into the class we are starting the web web anar an additional half hour early to ensure that everyone gets in so you will have a one hour joining window to the class so the webinar will start at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time there is no excuse to be late please ladies and gentlemen who have very very generously donated to take this seminar please be on time I'm asking you sincerely and nicely it's rude to show up late for other students just show up on time and get maximum value for the class just don't be late if you intend to take the seminar okay I'm asking that respectfully okay please be respectful of me and the other students beyond time you have one hour window to come into the class no one should be joining after 8:00 p.m. okay let's be realistic all right be an adult about this and join the class within the one-hour window don't come late okay and there's a very important reason I I can't repeat things other people who are there on time want to have their time respected I'm not going to repeat things that I talked about early in the class and if I covered it and you say and then you have a question about something that I covered that you don't know that I covered because you were late I'm not going to field questions about that I'll field questions on how things work or clarify things but if I covered something and you aren't there for it I don't I don't want questions asked later about it when you had the opportunity to be on time okay so just be respectful when it comes to that keep a notepad handy for notes and questions headphones are recommended so you don't create echo or feedback if you do ask a question publicly in the class no one has to interact you can passively watch this seminar no problem okay but if someone does have a question you want to interact with me in the class I ask you to wear headphones because that will eliminate feedback into your own speakers or echo if you have any problems joining this seminar you can email true media at what on earth is happening calm and we will do our best to field any questions that you may have that's all about how to become the true media I look forward to the class Tuesday evening we are announcing today that what on earth is happening has entered into a working cooperation with autonomy and we're very proud of this these guys have a lot of integrity and are doing a lot of great work so autonomy is the brainchild of Richard Grove of tragedy and hope calm tragedy and hope communications many people will recognize Richard from being the individual who recorded and edited the natural law seminar this is who helped to bring that seminar to the public I want to say something about our cooperation with autonomy I want to say something about Richard everything that Richard has ever told me that he would do he has fulfilled he is a man of his word autonomy is a teaching group you could look at it as okay it teaches people some of the skill sets that I'm teaching them in how to become the true media all my interactions with autonomy thus far have really worked out for the better the betterment of what on earth is happening they have come to our assistant and assistants in a time of need I consider Richard and the people at autonomy very honorable and trustworthy people and we are in a proud working relationship with them and their make going to make things possible for us there weren't possible previously so thank you to the autonomy team I think other people should check into autonomy and the work that they are doing you can visit their website at get autonomy dot info I want to step out and go to the website and show you guys their site and also show you our tragedy and hope communications if you aren't familiar with that so yeah let's switch over I've made a tab with autonomy this is all get autonomy dot info this is autonomies website you can you know basically look at some introductory videos about what autonomy is and what they do and the services that they provide and you know it's a pretty extensive website that goes into how it works user testimonials you know explaining the different steps that you could take to move further into a relationship with autonomy and again you'll get a lot of valuable skill sets from working with autonomy that's what it's all about it's about teaching people how to do the technological aspect of the great work very similar to what we're doing with how to become the true media this is Richards main website tragedy and hope calm I highly recommend it there's a lot of great information he has done the peace revolution podcast as well it's one of the best podcasts on the Internet as far as I'm concerned and if people are not familiar with Richard Grove and tragedy and hope I think you need to become familiar with them because it's invaluable material that everybody should really already be aware of all right that being said we're very happy to have entered into this partnership with autonomy so we can move back to my slides thank you let's move into some of the material for today's broadcast so I always like to take a jab at all the stuff that's going on regarding the cove in nineteen alleged pandemic but what it really is is a huge SIOP and we're going to be getting into this in future shows okay I generally don't talk about things happening of the day you know the daily events and over follow political events we talk about causal factors in consciousness in the the realm of the mind in philosophy in getting down to what you need to change in your thinking in order to change the results that we all receive in the world at large but you know beginning these last few shows I've just taken a jab at what's going on at the ridiculousness of it of the ridiculousness of the level of belief of the mainstream media that people believe they're telling us the truth about this even though they're lying to us about literally everything else these are the people who told you that smoking cigarettes was healthy in the past you know these are the people that will tell you that taking products with aspartame is perfectly fine for your health these are the people that told us that there were weapons of mass destruction hidden in Iraq that cost a million Iraqi lives you know everybody suddenly forgets that but now suddenly they're telling us the truth about the covert 19 pandemic I mean please you have to be a naive child to believe that okay these are paid Liars they're part of operation Mockingbird which is a CIA integration into the mainstream news media and has been taking place since the 1970s all you got to do is look it up and read about it and most people have never heard about it you know the same way they never heard about project cyclone or Project Paperclip you know some of the biggest covert operations and intelligence history because people are ignorant of world history they're ignorant of modern history and ancient history alike you know so is this about a virus or is this about controlling every damn aspect of your life that they can get their grubby little control-freak paws into this is a control game ladies and gentlemen and it always has been it's nothing new it's just another phase that they've moved into and they've got most of the dumb population buying into it locked stock and barrel hook line and sinker because they're members of a cult religion a religious system of belief that the media and Big Daddy are looking out for our interests and they care about us and our well-being I mean nothing could be further from the truth I would hope with you know every cell in my body that my listening audience understands this already but you know the general public is still dead asleep to this folks and that's our job to wake them up but you know if you think these people are stupid just you know look at some of the thin blue line supporters that then want to you know also use the Gadsden flag in combination with that you know I mean and I have to be on some bad drugs is all I can think you know this meme says if you if you ever feel stupid just remember there are people out there that are so indoctrinated they think freedom means supporting the police you know and that's what this whole series these last four episodes have been explaining that the police are a cancer they always have been a cancer it's nothing new it's not anything new just because the George George Floyd incident happened it's been like this forever since the inception of policing they've always been tyrants they've always been the control arm of the ruling elitists they've never been anything other that they've always been low-level low-level members of the satanic cult that ultimately rules this world their cult members they always have been cult members their supporters have always been supporters of the big cult their supporters have always been the supporters of slavery first of all that's where the police came from they were started by runaway spike forming runaway slave patrols look it up study about it in history that's how American policing began on this continent it formed from groups that were formerly runaway slave patrols during the civil war-era period and people do not know this because they're ill studied and ill read in world history and American history and then they want to try to say that they're gonna call the shots or tell people how it is and you know I said last week I've taken potshots at people like this and called them retarded because that's what they are and then other people are calling me an ableist because of this now and I said hey maybe I am maybe I'm an ableist so let's let's take it further you know this is what people who believe in government are you're a little slow on the uptake you know maybe I have to put a partnership together between the guy from Team America and special ed here you know maybe we should bring them both into some kind of a video one at one point I think they'd be good partners together you know vomit puppet guy from Team America and and edie special head from Crank Yankers right people are incapable of governing themselves so we'll elect people to govern for us yeah you know yeah I mean that's what it really sounds like it sounds like you got hit in the head with a hammer at Birth really it does you know and again I'm not gonna sugarcoat my words I'm not gonna baby spoon feed it to people this is a form of mental retardation it's certainly spiritual retardation anybody that believes government should exist at all or policing should exist at all you literally are spiritually slow on the uptake you're a little bit spiritually retarded because that's all it means it means to be slowed down you're not making the progress that you should make you're slow that's what the word to retard as a verb means to retard means literally to slow a process down and that's what's happening people are just slow on the uptake they don't understand they haven't moved forward in their mental processes and they haven't moved forward in their spirituality you know they think they're awake they think they're woke and they're nothing of the kind they haven't even begun the spiritual awakening process if they still believe in government that's the beginning of understanding that what real true spirituality is is understanding that there is no such thing as Authority and no one has the right to rule anybody if you're not there in spirituality you're not awake you're not spiritually enlightened or awakened not even a little bit so let's get that straight here are some of the other people who are a little slow on the uptake the people who say yeah we should defund or or by even abolish the police but what are we going to replace it with after we abolish it and I've likened that to replacing up a certain type of cancer that you've just removed from the body because it has become so aggressive and deadly that you had to actually cut it out of the body physically through surgery you know saying what should we replace the police with back to the slide please is the exact equivalent of a a hospital patient that has just had an operation a very serious operation for lung cancer and they've had a huge tumor removed from the inside of their lungs and the doctors are over their bed saying what kind of cancer would you like to replace your lung cancer with miss that's what it's like saying that's exactly the level of retardation that we are talking about for people who think yeah we should about with abolish the existing police force but what should we replace it with some other form of policing it's all slavery ladies and gentlemen the problem cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created the problem to begin with no problem can be solved at a low level of consciousness you have to come up to a higher level of consciousness to understand that all policing is ever has been and ever will be is a form of slavery that is morally illegitimate and always has been morally illegitimate and if you don't understand that you need to go back and listen to all the previous episodes of what on earth is happening again this show builds upon earlier prerequisite material it's called prerequisite knowledge this is called cumulative knowledge you cannot understand the things that we are going to be talking about here in the later episodes like this episode number 230 unless you understand the prerequisite knowledge that has all been laid out in the earlier episodes it's cumulative it's built upon the earlier information so if you start listening here you're not going to understand what I'm talking about you are going to be largely lost you have to listen from show number one in order without skipping around you start at show one proceed to show two when you're finished with show two proceed to show three do not go from show number three to show number twenty-five go to show number four it's called simple counting in order follow it in order it's there in order for a reason they're not separate shows it's all one show this is piece or parts 230 of the show called what on earth is happening which you can consider one show okay you will not understand show 229 or two thirty were 231 without going through all of the earlier episodes in order so I just try to say that every week some people listen and follow me up on my recommendation and then they'll get back to me when they're like show 7500 low go thank you for telling me to listen in order mark because I wasn't doing that before and I could not hear what you were saying I literally couldn't hear it I couldn't force myself to listen to it my mind would not accept what you are saying until I got all the prerequisite knowledge in the earlier shows I receive emails from people like this all the time that finally listened and did what I recommended and listened in order at your own pace and then you will understand what I'm saying here in these later episodes if you don't do that more likely than not you will not understand it will be like walking in at the end of a class and you're going to be like what the hell is the instructor talking about I have no idea what he talked about to get to this point so I'm gonna continue to reiterate that last week we performed a full reading I attempted to go through the full document but we didn't quite make it of the document by a former police officer called confessions of a former bastard cop so we got about three-quarters through that document last week I'm going to continue a little bit earlier than where we left off and we're going to continue the reading of confessions of a former bastard cop as I did last week I will make this available again with the podcast for this episode so I'm gonna step out of my slides briefly and I'm gonna bring up my PDF document okay we can switch back great and we're gonna pick up from where okay now I'll just give a little bit of a little bit brief review this document is a former police officer who quit his job because he saw all of the corruption violence theft and lying just the outright immoral behavior that went on not in isolated incidents but as a daily reoccurrence in the police force and as something that was routinely covered up swept under the rug not talked about there was a code of silence about it and it was a known issue of evil that just went on completely unhindered and with complete impunity in the police force as a matter of practice not as oh one bad apples just doing this no it was almost all of them and the higher-ups covered it up covered up all the evil doings that the police did on a daily basis he went through a veritable shopping list of all of the crimes committed by the police then later he talked about well what should what does the public usually think that we could should do about it and he talked about why those things don't work then he proposed some of his own solutions which I agreed with some of them and then others I thought he was coming at too much from a false dialectic of capitalism versus socialism approach which is not the answer really ultimately they're both control systems and belief systems and ultimately they are methodologies and mechanisms of the satanic cult that ultimately rules the world they are not either one of them solutions ok then this former cop moved in his document to talking about a final idea of consider the complete abolition of all police departments everywhere and that's where I'm going to pick up the reading of this document from so here we go continuing with and finishing confessions of a former bastard cop now once again these are his words not mine I am reading from his document one final idea consider abolishing the police I know what you're thinking what we need the police they protect as someone who did it for nearly a decade I need you to understand that by and large police protection is marginal and incidental it is an illusion created by decades of cop agonda as he calls it designed to fool you into thinking that these brave men and women are holding back the barbarians at the gates he should have really put that in quotes these brave men and women are holding back the barbarians at the gates that's the illusion folks that's what we've talked about over the last several episodes police do not protect anyone they show up after the fact they are not stopping any violence from occurring they show up to arrest and potentially punish the person who commits violence but they do not protect you from violence and never can they'd have never done that they never can do that the only one that can ever protect you from violence is you by studying martial arts carrying a firearm learning situational awareness engaging in true common sense and personal responsibility period the end for all time no one else can protect you no one can get to your body quicker than you having understood this for the longest time that is why I am trained in martial arts and I carry a firearm in public that's it that's what mitigates my chances for being harmed because I know how to handle myself physically and in addition to that if I'm outnumbers outnumbered and I don't have to go to deadly and I do have to go to deadly force I carry a firearm that's it and that's what everyone should have the capabilities of man-woman and I would say even children should be learning that until they become responsible as an adult that's it even children should be learning martial arts for sure that's called the right the inherent natural right of self-defense which is shared by all human beings all human beings have that inherent right that being said let's go back to the reading I alluded to this above the vast majority of calls for service I handled where theft reports reports domestic arguments that hadn't escalated into violence loud parties houseless people loitering I like his use of the term house listener not homeless people they have no house they need a house okay houseless people loitering traffic collisions very minor drug possession arguments and arguments between neighbors mostly the mundane ups and downs of life in the community with little inherent danger and like I mentioned the vast majority of crimes I responded to even violent ones had already happened my unaccountable license to kill was irrelevant what I mainly provided was a quote unquote objective third party with the authority to document property damage ask people to chill out or disperse or counsel people not to beat each other up a trained counselor or a conflict resolution specialist would be 10 times more effective than someone with a gun strapped to his hip wondering if anyone would try to kill him when he showed up there are many models for a community safety that can be explored if we get away from the idea that the only way to be safe is to have a man with an m4 rifle prowling your neighborhood ready at a moment's notice to write down your name and birthday after you've been robbed and beaten you might be asking what about the armed robbers the gangsters the drug dealers the serial killers and yes in the city I worked I regularly broke up gang parties found gang members carrying guns and handled homicides I've seen some tragic things from a reformed gangster shot in the head with his brains oozing out to a 15 year old boy taking his last breath in his screaming mother's arms thanks to a gang members bullet I know the wages of violence this is where we have to have the courage to ask why do people rob why do they join gangs why do they get addicted to drugs or sell them once again folks stepping out of the reading briefly what have we talked about from day one here all water and earth is happening why is so different than all of the other podcasts out there causal factors root level causal factors in psychology and philosophy garbage goes in in the form of information and then it is believed culturally garbage will come out in the form of behavior and it will make everybody's living experience hell that's a simple equation when it comes to the human condition that is not what human nature is human nature as we are going to talk about extensively probably on the next series of shows that I do is that human beings are programmable through information that is why the controllers of the world have to give people either a limited set of informations and variables to consider or they have to outright hide the information that people do need to know to come to an informed decision and then understand what they should act how they should act what they should do okay if you don't have that prerequisite information in the form of knowledge you are not going to understand what that information means and then you are not going to be able to base your behavior accordingly garbage goes in garbage comes out you could look at it as garbage or incomplete data goes in then garbage behavior is going to come out so if garbage in the form of information goes into the person that is what is going to inform their decision-making and their behavior continuing with the reading this is not because people are inherently evil he understands this and I'm glad to see that he does I submit to you that these are the results of living in a capitalist system and that's where I disagree no ladies and gentlemen it's not the result of living in a capitalist system it is the result of living in a satanic system let's not conflate the two or confuse them we are not even living in a capitalist model at all we are living in onie capitalism which paves the way to socialism and communism ultimately sometimes it paves the way to fascism right now the public has bought socialism hook line and sinker and that is the stepping stone through the crony corporatist environment that we have toward going to complete communism getting people to bite the bait of socialism I've talked about this ad nauseam on what on earth is happening and explain how it works politically I think if you don't understand that again you're very naive or you have an incomplete data set and you don't have the information that you require to come to that concur echt conclusion I would recommend reading the book none dare call it conspiracy by Gary Allen and I would also recommend the book the grand chessboard by carroll quigley and the book tragedy and hope by carroll quigley then you'll understand how it really works from the horse's mouth and very few people have ever read those books so they have an incomplete data set and it's not just those books as hundreds of others sometimes it's right from the white papers of the people conducting the control-freak behavior that are telling you how they did it I've told people many times on my show the Satanists that I work with in the what other people might call covens or secret societies they were called grottoes in the groups that I worked with we're all too happy to tell you we already control things we own the police and the military they're our pets they'll do anything we command them to do like loyal dog servants and this is what they called them out in the open blatantly you know and they were perfectly and completely open about that in private ok yeah this is the book right here check this one out folks if you haven't read it yet if you don't understand what's written in this book you understand very little about what's going on in the 3d world that we are living in today none dare call conspiracy by the former senator Gary Allen ok written in the Year 1977 zero I wasn't born when this book was written and now all the things that were talked about it today are coming true everything's he he doesn't discriminate he's got the hammer and sickle as part of it he's got the dollar as part of it he's got you know the Chinese star as part of it you know he's got the the Communists the symbol that they use in in black lives matter here with the raised fists he's got the UN symbol he's got it all he's got it all it's all part of it they control all of the sides folks it's a dialectic I I've asked people at my own lectures who's read that book you know three hands go up in the room it's pathetic it's unacceptable I've told people it's unacceptable that you think you're informing you haven't read none dare call conspiracy you're not informed you have a halfway understanding in your opinion at best you know and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it anymore I'm gonna tell people when they're ignorant you're if you haven't read that book you're pretty damn ignorant you don't really understand how it works you would have been drawn to that book if you were looking in the right places this is part of the problem people aren't even looking in the right places you know III I say it to people all the time and it could sound as egotistical as you want to hear it I say I really know what's going on in the world and then somebody says yet do you know the work of Mark passio do you know the work of David Icke do you know the work of jordan maxwell do you know the work of Michael - sorry on do you know the work of Gary Allen do you know the work carroll quigley put out there do you know we'll know the work of Manley P hall and everybody goes who the hell are any of those people I don't care how you can test the gold sounds if you haven't come across my work by this point you're not looking in the right places okay if you haven't heard of the work of the men I just mentioned you're not looking in the right places you think you know but you don't really know it's called you've sipped at the period spring not slipped you have sipped you've taken a tiny little sip like this you here's here's the fount of here's the eternal fount of knowledge called the period spring with all the knowledge in this you've gone listen here's what happened yeah I admit I don't I don't know anything I'm the potential candidate or initiate right who's who's trying to learn how the world works and you're going I admit I don't know that much right so here's all the knowledge that could be available and here's what you're doing oh yeah now I know it all now I got it I'm enlightened I know what's going on in the world instead of doing this now maybe you know a thing or two maybe maybe you need ten of these maybe you need a thousand then you'll know a thing or two most people do the first thing they take a tiny little sip and then they think they understand and there's the old saying a little learning is a dangerous thing drink deeply or taste not the perience spring they're shallow drafts one toxic eight to brain but only drinking largely will sober us again that means you're going to be drunk with the illusion of knowledge if you take a little sip and you stop there again in the Eastern tradition this was what was called meeting the Buddha on the road to enlightenment that means that he's a false Buddha and you are at a level of false enlightenment you'll meet the Buddha at the end of the path when you really are enlightened and understand what's really going on and if you haven't come to the total conclusion that the world is operating on a satanic agenda and it is a slavery system then you have not drunk deeply from the period spring you're drunk on the illusion of knowledge and the illusion of being awake this is what the people who are calling themselves woke are the woke movement you know it's an illusion of being awakened true awakening study the twenty points that I put for in an entire seminar called streetwise spirituality streetwise spirituality you know not being wishy-washy or new-agey or woowoo about it no getting it to a deep level of understanding and being street smart about it that's what it means to be really truly awakened look at those twenty points of awakening and then let's talk about what enlightenment is so let's go back to the reading I submit to you that these are the results of living in a capitalist system and that and that grinds that grinds people down and denies them housing medical care human dignity and a say in their government these are the results of white supremacy pushing people to the margins excluding them disrespecting them and treating their bodies as disposable once again we don't have a white supremacist Society we have a satanic elitist society we have an occult AA cracy an occult AA cracy meaning rule by the occult rule by the hidden elite and you know what folks if you don't believe me take it right from their mouth right from their words go watch the interviews that I talked about in demystifying the occult part to Satanism and the dark occult an interview with Anton LaVey former grandson you know I might I don't even know if he is not married to Xena LaVey anymore but Nikolas Shrek was interviewed on cable access by a white supremists by the way who asked him what would the world look like if you as Satanists were in control of it what would you do differently and he said oh no no you quite misunderstand we already are in control we want the world more radically transformed into our vision of what it should be and look like but make no mistake we already are in control of it we are just going to tighten and refine our control of the world that was Nikolas Shrek's answer - Tom Matt sir in that interview that I gave in that presentation go back and watch it again maybe we'll play it you know to show people hey here's how it really works these people are all too comfortable in telling you how they operate from the shadows so he's trying to put this saying it's to blame by capitalism and white supremacy and these are just divide and conquer tactics ladies and gentlemen they're not going to teach you who's really in the realm of true elitist power you want to learn that go read tragedy and hope by carroll quigley then you'll know who's really in power and he says the exact same thing that i say from having been involved in it at a low i was involved in it at a low level carroll quigley was involved in it at a high level and we both say the same exact things it's a complex interconnected network of people who know all of the workings of the human mind human psychology and know how to manipulate it their master manipulators of psychology same exact thing he says I've been saying for years he wrote that book almost over a hundred years ago I think ok and then what does he say about that it is like a cult it is like a religious group a secret society however you want to look at it and it has no name well I said it a million times here on what on earth is happening it is a cult with no name if you think they call themselves the Illuminati you have drunk shallowly from the period spring first of all that word is a ridiculous word to use in relation to these Psychopaths they are not illuminance of anything I'm a member of the Illuminati I'm an illuminated one and when you are enlightened there should be no ego involved and no false hubris involved in saying that you are I am aware of what's taking place in the world truly from a perspective of true and complete knowledge ok and I am not afraid to say that I'm not gonna tell people I don't know anything I know quite a bit and I've put out quite a bit my knowledge okay so Quigley was telling people this is ultimately a secret society he referred to it to give it a name as the anglo-american establishment and he also referred to it as the Society of the elect meaning the Society of the ones who are in control they have elected themselves to those positions of power and influence and they place point men and women in positions of great power and influence in our society so for lack of better terms he himself said I'm going to call them either the anglo-american establishment or the Society of the elect for the purposes of my writings I have called them the occult controllers the occult ruling class the mine controllers ok the social engineers I've called them the dark occult I've called them the darkly illuminated ones or the dark Illuminati I've called them the cult of the black Sun I think that's for me the perfect name for these people because they are dark aluminous using the Sun as symbolism in a lot of their works but it is not the true light it is not Detroit the true light of true spirituality and enlightenment it is the false light of the dark Sun so I like the name the Black Sun order the cult of the Black Sun it doesn't matter what you call them folks their methodologies matter how they go about entrancing people and putting them under their thumb psychologically and ultimately then on their behavior as a result of that that matters a name is just that it's just a label so don't get too hung up on names and understand they use the dialectic of capitalism versus socialism you know black versus white you know Republican versus Democrat they'll use any dialectic that serves their agenda and gets people fighting each other instead of them you know they don't care what dialectics they have people fighting over they're all too happy to provide the distraction of divide and conquer so let's continue I know I'm jumping in here a lot I'm gonna try to just read Straight But when he says something that's blatantly wrong I'm gonna correct it equally important to remember disabled and mentally ill people are frequently killed by the Pope by police officers not trained to recognize and react to disabilities and mental health crises some of the people we picture as quote violent offenders are often people struggling with unrelated mental illness often due to economic hardships very frequently the officer sent to quote protect the community unquote escalate this crisis and ultimately wound or kill the person your community was not made safer by police violence a sick member of your community was killed because it was cheaper than treating them are you extremely confident you'll never get sick one day - exactly the police do this all the time as a matter of course so let's go back to the reading wrestle with this for a minute if all of if all of someone's material needs were met and all the members of their community were fed clothed housed and dignified would they need to join a gang I personally agree with that and there's no reason we cannot do that without the government or police why would they need to risk their lives selling drugs or breaking into buildings if mental health care was free and was not stigmatized how many lives would that saves save again he gets now into socialized healthcare which is basically conscription you cannot demand that someone else treat somebody that's conscription okay so I don't agree with socializing anything because you're basically giving that to the government to control and distribute and then you're conscripted of Taxation and or outright physical conscription I don't believe in graphs or conscription for anyone that's taking choice away from someone if someone wants to operate privately they should have the right to do that you want to join a collective of people voluntarily and then do that work pro bono you do that as free individuals as well when the government gets involved that's when it becomes slavery that's why I don't believe in the government mandating anything they don't have the right to exist let alone mandate anything would there still be a few bad actors in the world sure probably what's my solution for them you're no doubt asking I'll tell you what generational poverty food insecurity house lessness and for-profit medical care are all problems that can be solved in our lifetimes by rejecting the dehumanizing meat grinder of capitalism and white supremacy folks it's not just capitalism or white supremacy it's the way that the ruling elite have structured the entire society and it's not just here it's if that happens in other places where there are different systems in place the elite a cult ruling class once there to be divisions amongst the people in class status that is what keeps people fighting amongst them and not looking at who the real enemy is it would happen in any other form of financial structure okay ultimately yes we need to get away from any form of money because we have to come up to such a level of consciousness that we understand we are all one family until the the world is at that level of consciousness that would not obviate or remove property all rights are ultimately property rights it would still mean that you would own private property and somebody would not just have the right to just barge into your home or steal your computer or take all your books or steal your food it means we would structure the world such that we would care that everyone's basic needs of the human being are met and wouldn't allow a structure of finance and money to dictate who are the haves and then other people must become the have-nots and go without basic necessities but I don't call that capitalism and I don't say that the solution is socialism the solution is consciousness the solution is not the government mandating who needs what and then deciding we're going to provide it in this way through theft which is what taxation is through violence which is what police you know and that's what taxation is it's ultimately done through violence and the threat of violence which is called duress you know it would just say we need to come up to this level of consciousness and the people have to do that and if they don't do it it doesn't get done this is what people are afraid of folks the chaos that might break out if people are left to their own devices well what's worse people being controlled and enslaved or people left to their own devices and there may be some chaotic stuff I've happened I talked about it last week it would always be preferable for even violent gangs to come out and take over society because no one would believe that they have the right to rule them now we have a violent gang running society called the police run by the politicians and ultimately by the dark occult as' but everybody believes they have the right and authority to remove them you think that's not infinitely more dangerous they have gotten people to covertly believe that they are the rulers of society and have the right to do this violence on to other people and people believe this horseshit that's an infinitely more dangerous problem the belief in authority and then monopolizing a gang to do violence calling themselves the police that would be infinitely more dangerous than just having some violent street gangs take over no one would think they have the right to rule and then they'd step up and eventually stop them through defensive force including deadly force which would be their inherent right to do so it's already our inherent right to do so people just haven't recognized that fact you see you know continuing once that's done we can work together we can work on the edge cases together with clear hearts not clouded by a corrupt system again he makes some points about you know good points about abolishing the police but then he off on tangents I'd Trax because he doesn't have enough knowledge if this person understood the world of the occult and what it really does what it really is not what Hollywood wants to make you think that it is what it really is and who's really running things he wouldn't be worried about the dialectic between capitalism and any other form of Finance and he certainly wouldn't be advocating for socialism alright continuing police abolition is closely related to the idea of prison abolition and the entire concept of banishing the the car serial state in other words that which does the incarceration meaning creating a society focused on reconciliation and restorative justice instead of punishment pain and suffering a system that sees people in crisis as humans not monsters people who want to abolish the police typically also want to abolish prisons and get the same quite the same questions get asked what about the bad guys where do we put them I bring this up because abolitionists don't want to simply replace cops with armed social workers or prisons with casual detention centers full of puffy leather couches and Playstations we imagine a world not divided into good guys and bad guys but rather a world world Pete where people's needs are met and those in crisis receive care not to humanization I I agree with this to a large extent the only part I don't agree with is that there should never be punishment for bad behavior and I think the punishment should be immediate where if you get even work yourself into a state of consciousness or a mentality or a psychology where you think you have the right somehow to harm someone else you should be prepared to accept the negative physical consequences from other free beings let me just say that again on equivocal II I believe in the abolition of the police I know it's the only moral position I believe in the abolition of all prisons I've said this from day one on what on earth is happening I think that's the only moral position I don't believe anybody should be kept kept caged okay I don't think those are solutions to people who want to take other people's rights or property away however I do believe in vicious immediate response to violence let me say that again in no unequivocal terms and let me say this if you think this is not a spiritual understanding and a high-level spiritually aware statement you aren't awake you don't understand what inherent rights are and I'm not saying everybody has to take this approach but I'm saying if the approach is taken it would be well within the inherent rights of every human being if someone who costs me on the street and starts whaling on me for no reason I have every right to physically annihilate that person no matter what uniform they're wearing if I if somebody accost me on the street and tries to steal my property I have every right to physically annihilate that that being no matter what uniform they're wearing whether they're in train pleat plain street clothes whether they're in the uniform of the state or whether they're buck naked it would not matter okay people have to understand self-defense and we need to be a society that enshrines self-defense as an inherent natural right and uses it so frequently that when it is used justly somebody goes good for that person they exercise their right against a thug and ultimately it doesn't matter why the thug became the thug I will I agree we should address all of those concerns and we should have help for people like that but if they've moved it from the place of being fucked up in the mind so much that then their behavior as a result in them accosting taking away rights from other people stealing property from other people whatever happens to them happens hardcore cold I look at somebody right in the face and tell them that because they have no right to conduct violence on other people and other people inherently have the right to defend themselves up to an including deadly force I don't play games with people on the street if they accost me I'm not playing games with them just a few months ago right near in my neighborhood a couple of blocks from where I'm sitting two guys got in an argument one guy thought he has the right to punch this other guy in the mouth hits him in the jaw knocks him out falls backwards hits at the back of his skull on the occipital protuberance on the concrete dead dead over some stupid fucking argument okay you willed physical force against me without right I'm gonna take it up to very quickly escalated up to deadly force because you have no right to do so you have no right to put another human being in a position where they can potentially die and I do not know where the violence would stop that's why I'm gonna stop it completely and totally and guess what yes that's your right that is my right and yours it doesn't matter what the government says that's a human right anywhere on earth in any Co that is currently being immorally ruled by any government that's a human right so I guess I just triggered all my European buddies and gals out there right you're all triggered because this right of self-defense has been conditioned out of you like a good little pet right I'm a I'm a violent American because I just stated that that's my right no I understand it and you don't that's the fact of the matter that's the point of fact matter of reality boys and girls okay so if you're not there yet go back in the podcast and listen from number one and maybe you'll get there all right doesn't take anything away from the truth about what I just said said if you're triggered or offended by it get is offended as you like it's still true continuing let's move move forward here here is legendary activist and thinker Angela Davis Angela Y Davis putting it better than I ever could an abolitionist approach that seeks to answer questions such as these would require us to imagine a constellation of alternative strategies and institutions with the ultimate aim of removing the prison from the social and ideological landscapes of our society I couldn't agree more the idea of a prison is inherently immoral and all it teaches people nothing in society it takes the people who are bad actors among us and sequester's us sequester's them from us as everyday society so that we cannot see the consequences of what our own failure to teach morality has caused in our environment that's why I said from day one abolish all prisons and put all those violent people back into the society that that created them and let them deal with them then people will start looking at causal factors in mind and in spirituality why do these people become this way why do we have so many of them why are they willing to act the way that they are willing to act and it's you know whose responsibility it is it's all the people out in the world it's your failure you are responsible for it it's your failure to teach morality to your children and to everybody else you have failed at that task I have done that task I am NOT a failure at that task you who have not done that are a failure at that test and yes there is blame to be laid yes there is such a thing as blame yes there is moral culpability and yes there are people to blame for that failure and most of the people out there even the people who listen to this show or the weekly basis you are the one who failed at that task I don't care about ratings I'm here to hit you hit you with hard truth and that's the hard truth of the matter I don't care if you get offended and shut the show off and never listen to an episode again not my problem I'm fulfilling my daughter like work and that's your karma that you've taken and done nothing with and you will be held accountable in other words we should not be looking for prison like substitutes for the prison such as house arrest safeguarded by electronic surveillance bracelets rather positing D car serration as our overarching strategy we would try to envision a continuum of alternatives to imprisonment or nd militar to imprisonment demilitarization of schools we should have a comma there instead of a - I'll fix that revitalizing the education revival revitalization of education at all levels a health system that provides free physical and mental care to all again that's where I would diverge in that because if it's voluntary fine but you cannot conscripted healthcare you know you cannot tell them yeah and what they how they want to work it is steal from everybody and make the government pay for that those services that's theft that's immoral all socialization of health care is immoral you cannot can script ours and you cannot keep people in the rest through taxation either people get it done voluntarily or it doesn't get done that's the level of consciousness you have to get to if a road if people don't pave the road the road doesn't get paid if food isn't grown food doesn't get grown if we don't teach people morality they grow up into bad people that's it all the failure has to be placed squarely upon the individual and the community for not doing those things if you don't take your trash out of your environment you have a filthy environment if you don't clean your house you got a filthy house if you don't clean your dinner plate you eat off a dirty dinner plate the next night take personal responsibility for what needs to be done and do it don't tell don't say we need to have free this and that not know what you're saying is steal from everybody and or construct doctors let's be honest that's the violence of your talk about enacting it's not a right it's not a right I don't want to make the show about that but they hammer this in this article and I'm gonna point out where things are false or immoral they don't have all the answers they've drunk shallowly from the parry and spring whoever wrote this if you can prove you wrote this get in touch with me I'll help you get mentored into total enlightenment okay and yeah I can make that claim with no false hubris I'll mentor you through my material into getting completely awake so that you understand what rights are this is still written from a perspective of someone that doesn't know the definition of a right and has some solutions correct and then some solutions that they envision would require duress and violence and would not be voluntary so I'm gonna point that out continuing mental health care to all adjust the system based on reparation and reconciliation rather than retribution and vengeance I'm not telling you I have the blueprint for a beautiful new world what I'm telling you is that the system we have right now is broken beyond repair and then it's time to consider new ways of doing community together I fully agree with that statement those new ways need to be negotiated by members of those communities particularly black indigenous disabled houseless citizen and citizens of color historically shoved into the margins of society instead of letting Fox News fill your head with nightmares about Hispanic gangs and the Hispanic community asked the Hispanic community what they need to thrive instead of letting racist politicians scare monger about Pro black demonstrators ask the black community what they need to meet the needs of the most vulnerable if you truly desire safety ask not what your most vulnerable can do for the community ask what the community can do for the most vulnerable a world with fewer bastards is possible if you take a only one thing away from this essay I hope it's this do not talk to cops but if you take only two things away I hope the second one is that it is possible to imagine a different world where unarmed black people indigenous people poor people disabled people and people of color are not routinely gunned down by unaccountable police officers and let me tell you something folks I agree with that but it is not the totality of what's going on with the police this is not about race yes races of non-white people are actually more likely to be harmed or killed in a police interaction but it's not just them white people are killed by police just as violently as black people indigenous people it does not matter this is not a matter of race and never has been this is a matter of the belief in authority let me say that unequivocally again for those who are little slow on the oak tree it's not a matter of race it's a matter of the belief in authority so you go out and ask all those protesters out there protesting the George Floyd incident do you think all government should be abolished or do you think these people actually have the moral right to exist an organized society in the way they organize it I guarantee you every one of them almost bar none with the exception of a tiny percentile maybe one or two percent are going to say oh no we are not suggesting getting rid of all government we want to do it we still want to have government but we want to be the ones with the reins of power of government in our hands we want it to work for our needs right they don't want to abolish government they want to restructure policing and government into something that is akin to what they want in their mindset and I don't care what color you are that makes you a moral that makes you a supporter of duress and slavery doesn't matter what color you are I don't care if white people advocate for that I don't care if black people advocate for that for that I don't care of Asian people I don't care if indigenous Americans I don't care if South Americans any you know Latino people advocate for that it matters not okay it's still immoral it's still an immoral position you are condoning violence and slavery which makes you a bad person if you condone it go all the way to enlightenment don't stop halfway or a quarter of the way understand that government is slavery and always has been slavery they diffuse the authority from a king or ruler or representative of God on earth to oh we're just gonna have an oligarchical ruling class it's just a few people but they're called government may have authority just like the king or the pharaoh had authority in the ancient world it's no new different the new world order is the old world order with different labels that's all it is different euphemized labels we're gonna euphemized this give it a nice little euphemistic label put that euphemism out there for the dumb public to buy into and repeat it over and over and over again and then the public grasp onto it and says oh yeah this is completely different no it's the same shit on a platter they just put a little sprig of parsley next to the big glop of shit that's all that happened folks they dressed it up and you swallowed it alright that's what happened it doesn't have to be this way yes it requires a leap of faith into community models that might feel uncomfortable but I ask you when you see a man dying in the street begging for breath don't you want to help don't you want to leap away from that world when you see a mother or daughter shot to death sleeping in their beds don't you want to leap away from that world when you see a 12 year old boy executed in a public park for the crime of playing with a toy jesus fucking christ how can you really just stand there and think this is normal and to any cops who made it this far down is this really the world you want to live in aren't you tired of the trauma aren't you tired of the soul sickness inherent to the badge let me tell you something they become more soul sick than all the people who are traumatized and victimized by violence out there in society that's why they're largely brain-dead and soul dead these cops that's why you guys are so brain damaged and soul damaged that's why you can't think clearly that's why you're not smart people I don't care what your IQ is you're not holistically intelligent most cops are dumb most cops are dumb people I don't care what you can even do on a math test that doesn't make you truly smart or truly intelligent you're not holistically intelligent you can't envision what true solutions would be from a causal factor perspective that's why you don't have total heuristic big-picture thinking you're locked into the left brain of action only you can't see the solutions you have no imagination that's largely right brain capacity you're not intelligent you're not nearly as intelligent as you think you are you're actually quite dumb and I'll say it right to your face you are not holistically intelligent people regardless of what you can score on an IQ test that is an Intel intellect quotient not an intelligence quotient I have a very high intellect as well I have a 147 intellect quotient that's genius level so what so fucking what well you think that matters but guess what if you came up with something that could truly gauge holistic intelligence I would score just this high because I'm holistically intelligent I'm not just intellectually intelligent and most cops you are absolute complete inept backwards dumb people when it comes to holistic intelligence and get as offended about it as you like it's true it's true no matter what you say and guess what so are most of the people coming up with so-called solutions you're not holistically intelligent because you haven't taken in enough information to change your brain into truly firing in both hemispheres equally to make yourself holistically intelligent and I'm not here to take you by the hand and pander to your delicate sensibilities about it that was the mark passio on show number one that's what I was doing then and I've said it before folks and I'm gonna say it again that guy is gone that was a persona I was acting in the capacity of putting out a nicer persona than my real personality which is very abrasive for the purpose of getting people to listen to go into the deeper episodes now there's no more chewing your baby food before i spoon food it spoon feed it to you it's not happening we're in war this is war now we are at war if you haven't recognized that what's going on around us in our society is war yeah I don't know what to tell you I just don't know what to tell you and if you think that the time is now - baby spoon potential soldiers in an information war you're nuts we are in the trenches being bombarded and have to shoot back at the enemy and put this information out there and I did it I did it that way I baby spoon fed it to people through like a hundred and fifty fucking episodes and I'm not doing it anymore at least that long maybe longer that persona is over alright don't expect it to ever come back if at this point you're that emotionally charged about it you don't belong even listening through these the rest of these however many future episodes there happened to be buck up reel yourself in and understand you're no longer a child that needs to react emotionally you're at war you're a soldier in combat now whether you're ready for it or not take that approach to life in general because that's what life on Earth has become to any cops who made this this far down okay let's see are you tired of the trauma aren't you tired of the soul sickness inherent to the badge aren't you tired of looking the other way when your partners break the law are you really willing to kill the next George Floyd the next Brianna Taylor the next Tamir rice how confident are you that your next use of force will be something you're proud of I'm writing this for you - it's wrong that our training what our training did to us yeah it's called the techniques of cults which I covered last week it's wrong that they harden our hearts to our communities and it's wrong to pretend this as normal no that's what has made you amoral pieces of trash that's why you're a moral trash as police officers it's to even believe that policing should be done makes someone an immoral piece of trash then you can envision that it be done a different way and no it is not different than an individual defending themselves if they only did that when violence occurred I would say hey then they're just acting in the capacity than any other person who had individual has these rights no they are so-called delegated special rights that other people don't have and then they get qualified immunity for doing that violence and duress to the public and they can't be held accountable as individuals once again the reason government and policing cannot exist morally from a moral philosophical framework groundwork perspective is because no individual can be delegated rights that do not exist for any other individual for all other individuals either you have a right by nature and it's the same for everyone and if you do not have a right you cannot grant that behavior and tell someone else you can do that behavior within it is axiomatically flawed to think that you can it is axiomatically meaning from a foundational standpoint when it comes to philip philosophy and morality you cannot delegate a right to anyone else that does not exist for an individual that's an axiomatic flaw meaning meaning you are flawed at your foundation like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and you started building and building and building and now you have a structure that is not really truly structurally sound that's what we've built in the world because we have our axiomatic principles completely out of alignment they're not in harmony with natural law they're not in harmony with true morality and then other people think it's just fine and they think somehow they know a little bit about what's going on in the world when they're actually dunces who haven't looked at the available knowledge and then then they think they know and they're gonna dictate to everybody else back to the reading look I wouldn't have been able to hear any of this for much of my life you reading this now may not you reading this now may not be able to hear this yet either I find the same thing with what on earth is happening people cannot hear this they cannot hear what I say does not matter true nonetheless not because I said so or because it's my opinion no has nothing to do with that there is objective and absolute truth in nature and it is our goal as human beings to gather that knowledge take it into ourselves and bring our perception into alignment with natural truth most people's ego is too big and out of control and therefore they cannot hear it and they cannot bring their behavior there their mental processes and their behavior into alignment with objective truth in nature the problem has absolutely nothing to do with me as I teach it the problem has everything to do with others ego being too inflated and too in the way to receive it that is why they cannot hear much of what I say I've had people say mark my ego was so hard and the lies I'd listen to shows from you and I could not hear them I had to stop experience has had to happen to me in my life other knowledge had to come to me in different ways finally I could go back and listen and then I could hear what you had to say and you were 100% correct and generally the only thing I say to them is yes I know that this is how it works keep going don't stop where you're at so continuing with the reading but do me this one favor just think about it just turn it over in your mind for a couple of minutes yes and me for a minute so do the yes and process for a minute look around you and think about the kind of world you want to live in is it one where an all-powerful stranger with a gun keeps you and your neighbors in line with the fear of death or can you picture a world where as a community we embrace our most vulnerable meet their needs heal their wounds honor their dignity and make them family instead of desperate outsiders yeah exactly that's why policing shouldn't exist at all that's why government shouldn't exist at all you know he stopped short of saying he should that all government should be abolished you know let's see what the person who wrote this thinks about government's existence not just the police's existence okay if you take only three things away from this essay I hope the third is this you and your community don't need bastards to thrive amen amen okay so I agree with about 90% of what this gentleman who wrote this said about it and then there's 10% I think he has to get clear by going deeper into the world of the occult and the real manipulation game that's being played I would bet dollars to donuts ladies and gentlemen that the individual who wrote this essay knows exactly zero about the world of the occult I can tell it in his words he's not an occultist he's not a studier or a student of the occult world he's looking at this purely from a three-dimensional point of view and not from a higher level of moral philosophy he's got a lot of it on in thinked and I very much congratulate him for that okay that's great if people can work it out in their own minds to this level but look at his experience look at what he saw right he had to go through that dark netherworld himself like I had to go through the dark netherworld of the dark occult myself or I may not understand how this world works I may be one of these hard-headed fucks with an out-of-control ego that still doesn't want to understand that the world is run by Psychopaths and sick religionists with a very ancient and secret religion that they adhere to and they believe in fervently most people will reject that idea out of hand say oh you're a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist no you don't know what I've lived through you don't know what my personal experiences have been I've seen it with my own eyes in person and you aren't there all the people saying well it doesn't work like this you aren't fucking there and I was ok let's get that perfectly straight first and foremost you're not gonna tell me what my life experiences have been and I'm gonna repeat that over and over again because I still have hard-headed egotistical fucks telling me I haven't actually lived the experiences that I've lived fuck you you weren't there or you'd know what I know that's how it really works boy and girl all right you want to play ego games with me and tell me the things that happened in my life didn't happen to me no I don't think I'm not playing that game you ain't playing that game with this one not with this one you weren't trying to Gaslight some other motherfucker go ahead you're not playing that game with this one I know what my experiences have been and what they meant alright so don't tell me where the fuck I've been or what I know about my life experience you want to disagree on a principle tell me why and I'll respect you enough to listen to it but you're not gonna tell me I haven't been around the people I've been around and the things that happened in my life didn't happen that's where I'll get ready to fucking throw down and break natural law okay because that's blatant disrespect to another human beings life experience and you're not doing that to me not after what I've been through not after the trauma that I've been through and it caused me depression for years years when my facedown in a pillow crying into a pillow listen to do metal after what I allowed myself to become and to go through and participate in you don't know what my experiences were boy you're not going to dictate what they are to me so that's the conclusion of the reading of confessions of a former bastard cop with my commentary on top of it that my my statement is congratulations for working it out in your mind to this extent but you still have a way to go and if you want to come on the show I would be willing to interview you even if you want to do that under an assumed name but I would also say you have a lot more to go in your understanding of how the world is structured and who runs these organizations really wasn't your commissioner it wasn't your chief of police when you look back into the deep Carter's of power you're gonna find Satanists they're they're gonna find religionists there and I don't mean religion is from the ostensible cultural push perspective of religion like priests and you know Imams and you know Jewish rabbis okay I'm talking about Satanists you're going to come into the Satanic clergy who's really operating in the deep Carter's of power of the deep state and beyond they have a religion and it's called Satanism and dark luciferianism and if you don't know about it you need to study up and you should start with my demystifying the occult series both of them do you mystifying the occult part 1 and part 2 and then you'll understand some of their mentality some of it so I think that's a great place to go in to calls for the rest of the show so folks as always we take calls through discord okay I only want questions and comment about the last series of what on earth is happening shows of the psychological state of police and their supporters let's keep it to this topic for the purpose of this show okay so if you have questions comments or you need clarification on any topics that were covered in the series called the psychological state of police and their supporters that is what we are going to take questions on questions are through our discord server and you can go to what on earth is happening comm slash discord to get into that server and then you have to click into the call room read the instructions okay and you know you can then join us in the call room on the server alright so I'm gonna go into the call room and I'm gonna unmute my mic my mic is allready unmuted good get my headset on because I do need a headset to monitor what's going on inside the discord server so all right let's go to Corey Corey you are our first caller for today welcome to what on earth is happening hey Mark how's it going not bad yourself not bad man you get me riled up I'm pretty sure you probably get a lot of people riled up here it's it's it's intense world that we live in isn't it it is and we have very calcified people out there that think they're right when they're not correct and they don't want to hear it like that because their ego is in the way and I am here to say it like that to those who may be able to hear it but I'm mostly here not to talk to the total golem who is so rigid in their belief structure even though it's false that they'll take the the the one ring and clasp it to their heart in their dying throes as they fall into the fire of Mount Doom to give our Lord of the Rings analogy that they want that power and control so much and they want their belief they're hard and calcified beliefs so deeply that they will take their legend into their very own doom I'm not really necessarily talking to those people I know many of them may die in that condition I am talking to the people who unlike myself will take the job of trying to talk to the total golem and maybe show them some care help to D traumatize them etc that's not my role that's not my role here on what on earth is happening and it never has been since day one I have always been trying to create other teachers of this work from people who are already part of the way there I and I think it's very ill understood it's not understood by most people you know most people think I'm doing that other work that I am asking them to help do I am trying to teach the potential teachers they can go and do that soft work that's not what I'm here to do I'm here to present hard core indisputable eternal truths of nature whether anyone is ready to hear them or not in the hopes to get some of the potential teachers who are ready to hear them active that's always been my goal and always will be so sorry for that long explanation there but go ahead and continue no it's perfect thank you I mean you're totally right and we live in a left brain dominant Society so maybe you'll get some of the doctors and scientists on board and that's you know more along the lines of thinking where I was because I was in the whole health thing before I found you so I mean having that understanding perhaps of the holistic mentality about healing in Eastern medicine is a part of this greater picture so you came to this you approached this whole field of understanding through health yeah see that was what I think it's great when people do it like that personally I like to hear that because I think part of it is you have to get your brain in a state where you're giving it healthy things giving a healthy nutrition and the things that it needs to even come to a higher level of being able to reason and and study things you know and I didn't have that that was one of my last things and I saw all of the darkness all of the control aspect all of the dark occult things first and I got health last I didn't realize they were using food and water and air as a poisoning methodology it was one of last things that fell into the the puzzle for me if that would have come in first as it did for you I probably could have gotten to this work a lot faster yeah well I mean I guess say you know people like make a big deal out of my age like so what am nineteen like just because I'm this age doesn't mean anything absolutely it's meaningless ages meaningless there could be wise people at 17 years of age and there could be total fools at 95 years of age exactly and and I want you to be honest with me too about all the things that I'm doing because I know that perhaps you came across my work earlier and I don't mind it if you just tell me you write to my face because that's what I'm looking for see I don't have necessarily right now the community who can be upfront with me and tell me what is it that's on their mind what is it that I may be doing that I that could use improvement I'm always looking for improvement I'm a Leo so maybe I'm a little bit more along the lines of left brain dominance since sometimes especially being in that side I'm a Leo and I don't necessarily think it means that but we're very hard on ourselves we and we often demand perfection of others you know and you know sometimes we have to take a step back from that allow ourselves to make mistakes allow others to make mistakes without by crucifying them you know and it's like Leo's our perfectionist almost by you know our inherent qualities to some extent I do place a little bit of you know belief that there is a influence through our Sun sign I don't think it's the be-all and end-all or determines anything we can always work to change you know certain aspects and personality characteristics but I think there's a little bit of influence there and I've seen that in other Leo's as well and that's why we can be hard on ourselves and sometimes we could be difficult to work with around others sometimes so are you the individual who sent me some of the links to your work earlier on with you son of the email yeah Mike here's the answer yeah I got a chance to look at some of that and I think you're doing some good work out there I think anybody doing something that pushes these moral principles forward and helps people to understand them better is doing great work out there any bit toward accomplishing the great work is something that wasn't there previously and adds the effort and helps us inch forward to that goal so I thank you for putting taking the initiative to put anything out there online publicly that in itself takes work take some study and understanding of how the internet works and take some courage to put that out there you know yourself you know speaking to other people like that publicly I mean I will let like I'm doing kind of what you were doing on I mean it stays on end night Sunday sorry I'm doing plenty of writing so I'm not just working on my health book which I think can help tie the health individuals into this fuel so I have a lot of plans like around bringing perhaps the doctors and scientists into this because they already have a deeper understanding of the world and you are very good at penetrating that left brain because you're very hardcore right on the facts to where you can give it in detail to them because that's what they tend to look for and right to the point so I thank you for that and you deserve a thank you for that I do want to mention that you know I look on comets for like YouTube videos all the time I see you know all these people making content and I see the comments right you ever look at them it's like people are saying we need change we need unity and what are they well yeah exactly it's like okay well of course we need change of course we need unity but how about you be the change right that's right you know it's funny I got it flipped around on me one time a stranger who really didn't know that much about me when I started having a conversation with him about some of these things and I was saying all these dark things that are taking place and you know giving a little bit out about what's happening they actually turned to me and said oh you seem to know a lot about that but what are you what are you been what have you been doing about it they didn't even know my name this is how much people just assume that everybody's just like them well if they weren't doing anything I obviously I'm not doing anything either you know and I just smiled and walked away just comically like just chuckling about it like imagine someone who doesn't know who I am right and then said something like that to me you know I want to say another thing too is we shouldn't be afraid to expand past at our boundaries you know we don't want to create an echo chamber here where it's only just sure these beliefs in us just talking to one another I think we have to really seek out there and you know perhaps you know what I'm starting up I think there's one of our last hopes potentially cuz I don't know where this world is going right in just a couple of days they have things so firmly grasp it they're so confident this agenda of theirs that perhaps it doesn't even matter what we do on the market which is what makes us so angry which is what makes us where actually want to do more and so I find myself pushing myself alright gratefully that's definitely a Leo trait for sure but you know don't burn yourself out I've burned myself out a couple times and then how to take a break you know and then other or other traumatic situations have occurred where I've had to step away from this work and then come back to it um you know slow and steady does win this race as long as more people continue to do it we need to add to the force to the effort you know if we're gonna move a big weight you know you got to add to the actual work effort you know but that's not a thing is your work is timeless like it'll always be um you know it'll always be up there it can be copied it can be distributed it could be put on you know distributed network platforms like BitTorrent or library okay and you know it'll be up there you know and it's never going to be dated as you said this is timeless philosophy so it will not be dated um Cori you reminded me you reminded me about one thing I'm going to tell a little anecdote about what the higher level people in the occult think about the police and that will kind of tie in with you know this whole series I'm gonna have some artwork drawn by an artist to really depict really well what this scene looked like but you reminded me about that but before I let you go I want you to be able to tell people where your work is at online and here's what I just have to say about it he's putting his work out there folks he's putting it out there publicly for people to look at and again if he puts out this philosophy out there it is also timeless and it's up there and it does the work on its own of teaching people the informations out there if you talk to someone one-on-one yeah fine that's great wonderful but guess what that conversations gone forever once you walk away from that person the conversations gone if you want a truly archived material that can work 24 hours seven days a week 365 and a quarter days a year you have to put it online you have to formalize it and put it online so this is what Cory has done with some of his aspect of the great work Cory go ahead and tell them where they can find your work yes so you can go to the website WWE 2.1 that's nit a cont but my youtube channel and bright the birtija and bright TR I'm sorry and bit soup there Cory nature is the answer because that's what it stands for and for the record yeah when you meet downtown perhaps just go outside and nature start using more of that right brain to heal yourself in this left brain world that obligates us to take more action and sometimes burn ourselves out like you mentioned right so I think it's really important that we do keep ourselves in check for ourselves is what's gonna change the world we're not pointing the fingers other people we're gonna change ourselves that's right and and in for the record I'm starting a campaign today I'll be releasing a video about how independent media or anybody who's listening to this or anybody who has you know articles videos even concentrators themselves can spread this word and could get this going very in circulation if we have natural law in circulation a lot of this stuff naturally disintegrates this is not a process where you have to take arms to presenting god it's gonna come down to the earth and he's gonna free all the people like okay well that is the solution the solution is understanding objective morality from a deeper God's law aligning our behavior to it that's it you know and people will say I don't give solutions the entire show is the solution ladies and gentlemen you know the self you know the enemy and you know the law that's it and not you'll win it you'll win all your battles unfortunately most people don't know any of that stuff you know finalize real quick it's not about me I want to make that very clear and I make that super clear and I've created a lot more videos since the last time I came on here and I'm willing to talk to people after the show too if they want but because it's just necessary to have this communication so you know what they open up the voice Channel that's what it's all about and then getting more people to actually learn the communication and publishing tools on computers this is where this this is where we propagate this work out to the world you got to do it online okay that's how you get the bulk of your material out there and once people learned that technology they'll be able to do it for themselves that's what I'm teaching with how to become the true media I'm sure you have some you know expertise and understanding in doing that in just the short time that you've been doing this but you can help pass that those skill sets along that's what Richard and tragedy and hope and autonomy is doing that's what this is all about folks it's about learning it it's about teaching it and it's about how to help teach others to teach it how to not only get them to understand it but that have to help them to teach it as well see we have to become teachers who inspire other teachers that's really when you're doing the great work okay Cory thank you so much I really applaud your efforts and that wood is what it is all about ladies and gentlemen okay so let's uh and now again his website is Nita dot one and ITA got one that stands for nature is the answer okay let's go to Gavin Gavin you are live on what on earth is happening welcome yes you are awesome great thank you for taking my call Gavin from Utah by the way just real quick I just like to give like an applause to Korie like holy cow is surprised to hear that it was 19 and I mean and see that on work and just hearing like just seeing and hearing the amount of work ease and just to speak to that briefly folks it's never too young to start and it's never too old to start never too young to start never too old to start all you have to have is the drive and the initiative to do the work that's it you know so we have some people taking the true media seminar that are somewhat older you know fine that's great it's never too old to learn how to do something new there you can teach old dogs new tricks okay don't buy into that old adage never too late to start this okay so go ahead I just wanted to say that and to kind of echo what Corey was saying to about you yourself Marc putting people in this in this sort of Drive mind state to just go full speed ahead and and hearing you and just hearing Cory a moment ago it's like wow the opportunity is endless so I'm definitely gonna start just you know getting in my headspace and just doing what I can with the skill set that I have right you know and that's all anybody can do you have to start where you're at and then you build on your skill sets as you go you even build on your delivery as you go you build on your you know courage as you go you know you build on your comfort level in doing it as you go all of those things I don't have all the knowledge skill sets and you know comfort level and courage that when I first started you know you'll go back and listen to some of the first episodes I don't think I did a bad job but you know I was a little bit less sure of myself I didn't have all the experience under my belt that I do now but I've forged forward it's about keep moving forward don't don't back up keep moving the work forward don't let them have the world you know too many people are just today saying I give up let them have the world that's not there can't be any worse of an approach than that you know fight till the end even if it's going to be our end but don't give up you know that's why I end the show every week with never-say-die sometimes I feel like giving up but I don't I don't actually do it I get discouraged I get annoyed I get aggravated I hear you know some of you know people who I consider total idiots spouting nonsense out of their mouth that they don't know about and it makes me angry or discourages me and it isn't to say just totally ignore those people you got to be you got to put your finger on the pulse of consciousness in the world and you got to say hey if practically everybody I hear is out there on social media saying nonsense this is where the world is at its AG aging process you don't just ignore that you know so many people say oh never look at that just ignore it no you have to understand what your work is to do so you can do it and it means revisiting that and saying hey let me take a look at a forum from time to time and see if anything changed are there more people in there saying we need not only abolish the police but government is immoral it's slavery and we need to abolish it you know then you go on forums and you say hey has anybody gotten it is anybody teaching it is anybody you know have a deep understanding of it and you know what I see when I keep going and revisiting nothing has changed it's it's a tiny little little little little sliver has been moved forward in real understanding oh we got a lot more people that understand hey we're living in a violent world oh there's a problem Oh a lot of people don't have food clothes clothing shelter all what these wars or words of aggression oh the police are out of control what's the difference if you understand the problem if you don't understand the causal factors and you can get to the solution which is natural law if you don't understand that that objective morality of nature of the Creator you didn't understand zero aspect of what is going on on this planet zero so you could look at all of the negative things that are happening and that's just further more detailed descriptions of the prison oh wait this room is my prison oh well let's explore we could explore the lens in these glasses we could explore the rim of this glass and go down with a microscope and explore every detail of the prison does that get me out will that get us out no all that we'll do is refine what you understand about the problem it doesn't mean you understand the solution which lies in understanding the causal factors of the problem and when you tell people the causal factors of the problem rely nowhere in the 3d domain they rely in the causal realm of thought and that you must change what you believe about what is true and stop believing in things that are not true and stop refusing to accept things that are true and those are discoverable see that's why the first thing I started with on one of the earth is happening is the biggest poison pill that you could ever swallow is solecism we can go back to episode number one where I was talking about how dangerous the ideology where religion called solipsistic there is only a piñon and perception and there is no objective truth or facts I mean if you believe that you never go in search of what the truth is about what's happening within yourself or external to yourself and you're sunk from the beginning you know yeah it's a total sabotage from the very beginning so obsessive that's why I called it the biggest lie you know but guess what this is where most people are at today they've been conditioned by the social engineers to say my emotions matter more than facts and if this hurts my feelings then I don't accept it as being true you know you reason like that that's solid sysm that's not reason at all that's a religion it's a belief system that we have to purge from the human mind and you tell people that and they want to do harm to you they you're telling them the solution can never lie in something like solid sysm or the belief in authority and that the mind has to be changed before the external world could change in any way and they'll get angry at you for telling them they have to change the way they think when they're thinking is the actual cause of the problem that we are experiencing and they don't yet understand that you know that's what we have to start teaching people as a group of people who claims that we understand this information and again in order to do that and to get it out there if you're gonna bang your head against the wall forever if you think you're gonna do that one to one as an individual again I've given the example I did that with my mother okay as she's never gonna watch anything unless I force her to okay I got her up to the point where she says you're correct it's a worldwide control system they they want control their control freaks and I don't question that anymore because I've seen it enough with my own eyes right she gets to that point you went into all the details about food drugs different secret societies different think tanks how the world is ultimately controlled she wouldn't know any of those details if I said explain to me the fossa fee of salep says or the ideology of salsa wouldn't be able to do it tell me some of the tenets of Satanism because these are really the rulers of the world and we have to know their mindset otherwise we can't really know the enemy and make any progress against them she won't be able to do that right so the details aren't there but in like 1215 years let's say of constant hammering on one human soul and mind Bombo hammering on it relentlessly non-stop for fifteen years I got one human being through my voice in person in comp in person conversation I moved one human being that far right which is nothing nothing I only did it because she's my mother and I care about her soul that's why I spent the time doing that I wouldn't do that for a stranger that's why I do this I put the work out there publicly when someone finds it they could pass it on to someone else they could watch it or not watch it and you will understand if you take it all in if you don't take it all in you're gonna have a halfway understanding at best or no understanding and guess what I have fulfilled my duty and obligation morally to put the word out there to the world this way through technology that's why all the loving Luddites out there meaning people who are afraid of technology and don't want to use it right you don't understand it's a neutral tool a neutral tool is a book good or evil well the book is a piece of technology what's in the book can be good or evil depending on how it influences other people's minds and behaviors technology is a tool when a computer comes to you it doesn't have any other information and you could put what you wanted and you could distribute that information that's what Communications and publishing technology are the problem is we don't understand the importance of the tools that we have in our hand we have guided nuclear bombs in our hand that we could use in this war and you know what we're doing we're playing you know garbage video games right it's like um what McAfee I forget his full name said at the attic adelphia conference he said in his video he said cryptocurrency is invincibility and a battle rifle that never runs out of ammunition that you can never die and you have a perfect battle rifle that never runs out of ammo that's what really cryptocurrency if you want to truly use it to take down the control system as far as the financial aspects of it are concerned and he said you know how all of you guys are using it like a little toy like a little child's toy you know and I agree and it's the same thing when it comes to technology any technology we have the potential to become powerful teachers of natural law and what's really taking place in our world and you know what most people are doing they're on Facebook playing some stupid game you know or on their phone playing some dunk there slap I'm not gonna call it a phone anymore it's the slab that's the new name for the smart phone do you have your slab handy cuz that's all it is it's not a creative tool that was part of one of the first things I talked about and how they become the true media if you think you're gonna put out any publishing true good publishing to the world on a tablet or smartphone you don't understand the work that's involved those aren't real computers those are slobs okay and that's how I view them so I just wanted to say that regarding technology and if you are thinking about moving forward into this work I commend you for getting that far and understanding that it's about taking action so if you have anything else Gavin um yes first of all just amazing insight that you just brought there one last thing I would just like to say so most of my family our solipsistic Order followers or supporters of order for I'm sorry are hardcore deep deeply rooted solipsism and always bringing in the into conversations perception is reality and well but those aren't my facts those aren't Wow Wow yeah they're all I'm up again they're pretty much gone I mean that would take a lot of hard work upon the psyche and soul to remove that I would assume many of them are atheists I mean de-facto it yes there and so they're so-called Catholics or Christians right but they they've bought the idea that there is no objective truth in nature the universe that is uh that is something that most of the mystery traditions of consciousness throughout all of human history and time it would have referred to as the unteachable they would have not wasted their words on them the only thing I would say is if you can pinpoint a maven a person with influence with the rest of them you might want to try to work on the maven in that group setting because then they might be influencers for the rest of them and help to decalcify their ego because a lot of times people will only listen to the maven and I'm almost certain you're not it when it comes to your family members yeah I would you know bet anything and um you know if you can identify that there is a clear maven of the family you might want to do what I call maven target and target the maven work on them that's why I chose my mother not only was she my mother she was the maven or matriarch of my family okay both the matriarch and maven you know since my grandmother died who people would consider the existing woman influence or female influencer of the family when she passed away that role sort of organically fell to my own mother in my family dynamic that is why I focused so hard on her I already understood how this psychological dynamic worked when it comes to helping wake other people up and I've really focused on her as an individual and now we're seeing the very very very beginnings of the planting of those seeds of it's spouting some growth and possibly influencing some other people in the family we'll see how it goes but guess what if I didn't do that hardcore work in the beginning of planning all those seeds and forcing her to watch certain things it wouldn't been in her mind when all of this stuff with the coronavirus nonsense went on and then she wouldn't be waking up during this process she'd be one of these hard-headed people that is doubling and tripling down so that's how it works you have to pick somebody go to work on them locally and hope that it bears fruit fruit in the future definitely Marc thank you for that yep well I appreciate the information I'll definitely try and focus on the Maven targeting and hopefully you know get involved in the great work so I appreciate your time having me on Gavin you take someone thank you mom absolutely Gavin thank you so much great I'll call great insights I appreciate it let's go to Ivan from Phoenix I've you're live on what on earth is happening welcome and you're here me today yes I can you're in yeah in a while brother fix them good to talk with you yeah yeah same here speaking that it's been a while yeah my condolences and thank you thank you it's still you know it's still affecting me greatly and I'm just powering through it and get getting back to the work so that's how I'm handling it yeah but I appreciate that thank you yeah yeah III think about her and I said some tears that I'm sure because all the times I've seen you pimples and bits you know a bit like Tom and Jerry when I think of you obviously you know she comes to mind so well yeah I'm sure she's proud of you know you've really turned it up quite a few notches right and yeah and this time this is how we need it that's right the baby spoon feeding that's right and even my mind said I mean not my I still work on myself but emotions and actions but my thoughts are there this you know we're at a point like you said World War three we are living in World War three right now it's not you know tanks and guns and main choices the system against humanity that's right right now we have to toughen up in that regard and you know get out of our reactive minds and realize everything we do has to be focused on putting this information out and attacking against the enemy putting their disinformation out so you know that's what the great work is all about doing Ivan you know III basically was going to keep it to you know the police and their supporters and that that mindset but since we've kind of hit upon a little bit of a theme of doing the great work and you come to mind because this ladies and gentlemen is an individual who has very much ramped up his efforts in doing the great work I want you to tell people about the work that you have done because your conference was what I consider one of the most successful ways of doing a conference even though it costs you personally and you know I know you don't maybe like to talk about that and I'm not trying to like you know make you quote any kind of a martyr or anything but I'm trying to explain to people that sacrifice gets involved in this you know Ivan put out so much money of his own to host the truth mine reality conference and did not recoup it but he did it because it was the right thing to do he had the resources to put toward it and he said that's more important than me making a profit you know I mean that's like to me phenomenal I mean that is the heart of what this is about you know so I want you to tell people like you know some of what you did with your podcast with your conference and you know let them know what kind of a trial and ordeal some of that was like because a lot of people don't know what to expect and I'm not trying to make it sound like it's all bad but you know they I want them to know how they have to just put their nose to the grindstone and stop talking about it and just do it and let the chips fall where they may learn from mistakes so if you could speak to that I'd love to hear your thoughts on that well mark you know it never sells that you always seem to like that fire because here I am with everything going on right now you know I honestly admit it feels like I'm going to a slight potential depression almost you know because with the job where I'm at the requirement mandating of the mass or I have to you know stay away from there as much as also it's the constant kind of like you know shit balancing of the thoughts emotions and actions right yeah it's a lot of work especially the way things are going now so I was kind of feeling a little bit you know not so confident it's like man I'm not really doing anything and all that and yet look here you go and the first thing you'd put out that conference and I'm like well shit yeah I did do that didn't is right so but yeah so that was know so much for either I mean in your podcast like okay you take breaks on that and go back to it and there's no problem with that but you're putting out good philosophy in there and it's archived for people to go back to and listen at anytime and download you know that that's what I'm talking about you know you you wouldn't consider yourself like any kind of a high-level computer expert right nope okay you're just an average guy you call your podcast guy next door speaks I love it I love the title that's I consider myself just a guy from South Philly how did I stumble into all of this I someone in all this by getting involved with some of the wrong people that took me into a really really dark place where I saw some of the power behind the scenes that's how it happened for me I'm just some dude from South Philly you know I'm not special I don't have any superpowers right so I work at what I do hard work at it hard I go non-stop some days some days I say I'm burn out I need a rest day that's it and then I rest and I don't work you know but you know it's you got a steadily chip away and make progress and move forward and its gonna take sacrifice sometimes what you're you know you're just an average guy from the southwest I think you were originally from the West Coast you move to the southwest the East Coast move to the southwest you're in Phoenix you know and you decided I'm gonna make a podcast and try to explain what I know what I've come to know about what's going on in the world that's it Ivan just a regular guy he doesn't have any superpowers would you have to do you had to learn how a podcast work works you had to make a decision what platform am I gonna use how am I gonna record it let's learn some recording software takes a little bit of time you got to put expend effort you got to spend some time doing that that you would normally have spent doing other things that's how it works it's a trade-off you spend that time then you get something in return you get some expertise and now you have ability and you have the ability to reach out to many many other people yeah that's right and again yeah like a lot of people start in different areas you know whether it's the vaccine stuff or whether it's the healthcare stuff the diet or 9/11 was a big catalyst for sure we're right now not 9/11 2.0 yeah right now with Toby that's waking up a lot of multi-node I hope you will join the great work but yeah like you said the fire under my butt said that plenty of times on my podcast and I kind of hammered on the action part until actually you finally got it it's not just about what you know or understand it's about taking action upon that knowledge you know so good and if it starts slow with me and well I can say slow with me but it is slow stuff or some or little for some can be big for others guess what that's okay that's okay yeah here see we're trying to build out a new site for the one great work network we're going to build it it's going to happen right it's going slow the pot the documentary was going slow we're making more progress with that now because of funding and a video editor okay so it's it's moving a little bit quicker now what on earth is happening is in full speed right that was really slow at the beginning nothing's gonna be snap your fingers and ultimate fruition nothing works like that okay slow and steady truly does win this race now that doesn't mean I don't want to see more people waking up more rapidly sure I do okay but it means the people who are doing the great work to put that information out there imagine if imagine if 500,000 people 1/2 of 1 million people made the effort you made Ivan just imagine if just a half a million people in all this seven and a half billion people if five if we duplicated you five hundred thousand times how much effort would that amount to a lot a lot yeah okay imagine if we duplicated me five hundred thousand times how much effort would that amount to right this is what I thought we would have a million people doing this work by now I really did I really did and see people like Ivan are doing it people like Cory are doing it people like the gentleman before eat no you haven't Gavin are getting ready to do it okay other people have already started some people are on the fence about starting I say the same thing that I say to everybody who says I'm on the fence about starting what's holding you back there's a fear somewhere there's a fear or a trauma somewhere in your makeup that is holding you back get over it it's not what's happening it happened in the past you can't let that dictate your life you have to do the shadow work to say I'm gonna release that trauma maybe it's a fear of public speaking a lot of people have that one recorded your voice that will help you get over you record it you listen back like an audience member then you know you're gonna find you're actually you do that for a few weeks or even a couple months right let me tell you what you're gonna find this is what I did and I didn't really have a fear of public speaking because I was in bands since I was 15 years old I was used to getting up on the stage and screaming into the microphone you know I was used getting up to you know on the microphone and a hardcore ban or death Mel ban and telling people to go nuts and start a pit and they'd listen you know I'd wound them I'd wind him up into her into a fervor you know I was a really good frontman and I was good at doing that so getting up in front of a group was never a problem for me but if it is right I did not like the sound of my voice and I had to get over that so what I did is I'd record it and then I'd listen back and I'd go you know what I still don't really like the sound of my voice too much but guess what what I just said nobody else the same you know it's like you you're gonna bring a unique delivery in a unique style and you're gonna what you're gonna value that right and you'll get over not like in your voice you'll get over speaking in public it'll happen but you've got to keep doing it you got to practice this is a practice right nothing is ever perfect you keep practicing at it and making it better you know and you know you did that by putting out episodes of guy next door speaks and you did that with deciding I'm gonna host my own conference you went that far and you did it and you brought people there and I'm telling you it was probably the best conference that I was invited to and attended as a speaker thank you well because yeah okay well I'll just run down to everything 2012 20 2007 I woke up to some stuff with Kevin Trudeau work you know I wonder if he's ever getting out of jail but that's something else with his work and then listening to new around 2010-2011 and then the kick in the ass is start a website start a podcast start a meetup group and even there with the meetup group after about a year or two of doing those three things people in the meetup groups other meetup groups that I will attend would ask me oh you know all this stuff anything what are you doing what are you doing about that he talked all this and it's like oh nothing much I started a web website I started a meetup group and I started a podcast what are you doing but that is something that's actually quite a lot you know that's not know exactly yeah exactly yeah and then yeah like like you start following the progression like a podcast website bringing people together I need to bring more people together and then the idea the line being the stars align the universe came together for the conference because the work was so so happy where I'm at that they were just giving money away over time over time over times like okay now seems like a good time where ticket sales won't cover it you know it's something I want to do pay for it other thing I think about that ladies and gentlemen listen to what he's saying he said I know that I'm not gonna be able to cover this right now with what I'm making so he took overtime shifts to fund this event that sacrifice that's dedication that's making it happen you know so I mean that's just fantastic so yeah yeah yeah well again fortunate for me yeah the weight of the world is many people don't have a paying job right now though again it's like a make do what I have with what they're yes right right with the resources that you had at your disposal on what you were capable of doing you've pushed forward and did it and you probably did that at the expense of other things hey Ivan you could have taken that money and went on a beautiful vacation with it you know you could have taken a cruise down to the Caribbean with it relaxed you chose to put the grog out there to guard me about our computer right priorities principles principles are coming first principles right first things first exactly that's it folks that's what the great work is right there that's what it is to do it's called getting involved get involved in the war effort because we are at war you know so Ivan I think I'm not having really even thought mark I don't know if you notice the about a month ago I took up your recommendation suggestions and and truth of the matter about if we're gonna continue doing the work we need to invest we need to actually stop using your cell phones tablets and laptops and get you know professional you know that's right with after all these years all these years about 2007 through two three months ago I've been using the same Windows XP oh my god stop yeah that's pretty good finally yeah finally I went well I had updated to a laptop the laptop was a Windows 7 and then they did the automatic updates of Windows then but it was still a laptop right and now finally a couple of months ago again with the funds coming in I went and had a computer built nice big powerful machine lots of memory lots of glass harddrive space I went ahead and dad would looked at a little bit with my friend Francesco out of Italy we put together two podcasts or one podcast episode breaking down some movie clips and it worked beautifully we resume and screen sharing and all that was like okay yes the technology and the power makes this better everybody right now could have a home studio in their living room in their bedroom that that is how far the technology has come right now I'm in my bedroom this is a home studio in my bedroom of my house okay that's it and look at what we're capable of look at what we're capable of putting together and doing okay so anybody can do it if they place a little bit of time and effort into it take it seriously look into it look into the best practices for doing it study it and then you have to dedicate your time to it you have to take time that you would do for other things and set those things aside and then say this is going to be my time for the war effort because that is what this is and that is where we are at we need more soldiers with boots on the ground waging this war and there is no excuse because all the technology is in our hands we have all the tools that we need to do we have all the knowledge we need to do it and we have the tools that we need to do it you know it's missing the will to do it the will to wage this war that's what we're not there yet with so more people get online like lot like Ivan and just say I'm gonna learn about this I'm gonna figure out how to do it doesn't matter how long it takes folks it's not a rush right yeah we're in the final throes of this battle right now or it could get a lot worse too but when I say it's not a rush I mean don't place deadlines on yourself just steadily learn and move forward you know so you know I'm not placing deadlines on like a new site I'm trying to build I want to built well alright I want it built so that people want to come to the site and use it so it'll be finished when it's finished but I'm working on it we're moving steadily toward it you know that's all it is is keep moving forward don't give up persistence persistence and some patience you do have to have patience with yourself don't beat up on yourself if you don't understand something the first time go back to it until you do understand it and move forward that's it that's what the great work is to do and I've and I thank you for your contribution to the great work well you're welcome but yeah thank you because yeah you you I always say it I listen to so many people and watch so many things you know online like like a lot of the truth-seekers but you're one of the few up there that percentage-wise statistically it's like very high nineties there's like very few things that people like oh I don't know about that right yeah I mean nobody's gonna agree with everybody you know but the goal is that bring your you know perception into alignment with as much truth as possible I never claimed to be perfect you know there are some things that I you know we'll get wrong and then if I am alerted that that's not correct I'll acknowledge it and move forward and change my mindset about it that's the process of having to admit that you're flawed and you can be wrong and nobody has all the answers however when it comes to understanding objective morality there are correct answers out there we can come to know them if we set our mind to it and then we could teach others if we set our mind to that goal so that is ultimately what it's all about and I love to hear the fact that more people who interact with what is happening and call into the show are really turning the corner from just being a passive observer and listener and viewer to actively doing something themselves that's what this has all altima been about since day one is to show people you can do this I am nobody special I just dedicated myself to it my time my effort my patience my persistence until I worked it forward and got it to this point and you could do the same thing you're no different and having though I have no different ultimate capabilities of you as a human being I just worked at it and so can you so Ivan thank you so much it's always a pleasure to hear from you all right that's Ivan from Phoenix all right okay let's uh let's hear from Jonathan Jonathan your live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show mark can you hear me yes I can loud and clear welcome all right well I don't know if anybody here has ever seen my YouTube channel but a good way to start I have a Apple Computer and iMovie is an excellent initial start to just go into novice creating a video platform you can edit your audio spectrum to get your background noise down you can edit your video to make it cleaned up and look a little pretty and that was my initial start I just wanted to tell anybody here who's a little bit worried about starting something is that if you got an Apple Computer iMovie is an excellent initial start to start trying to make something to manifest something to start your great work instead of just patting somebody on the back and saying thanks for your work instead of getting your feet wet in the pond and joining us in this battle sorry I agreed that actually Jonathan I think that iMovie is a very simple video editor that a novice can pretty much put out a pretty polished video with without knowing a more complex tool like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere I think Windows Movie Maker would be like the kind of equivalent or I think they have a program just called video editor now on Windows 10 that would be the equivalent on a Windows based system that on a novice for free can just start experimenting with it look folks if you don't even like you know how you look on camera you don't have to be on camera to do any of this you know you could just put slides up to your voice and talk about them very easy to do in video editor or iMovie you see a little bit of limitations coming forward in that software once you sort of master it you want to do something a little bit more complex then you move up to premiere or Final Cut Pro things like that and there's tons of manuals and online video tutorials things like that you know it's all about a matter of how far do you want to take it how what kind of things do you want to do if you just want to do an audio podcast you don't even need to learn a video editor open up your recording software hey you can record with your little recorder in your phone if you wanted to I'm not saying that that's a great idea you're probably not gonna get great quality that way I would use a semi-decent microphone like a podcasting microphone you know you can get those for like less than a hundred dollars you know and all right just hook it in to your computer and you're off to the races you don't need to be even beyond it then just save video and upload it you know to a I've save audio and uploaded to an audio site or like Jonathan is saying take that audio put it into iMovie put some slides over it or just put one slide over it doesn't matter pick a nice slide make a logo you know mess around in Photoshop or illustrator and make a logo we're just you know pulling an appropriate image down from the web and make that your your image and just let people listen to that through YouTube you know there's tons of ways you can start you don't need to go gung-ho from the very beginning for what I'm doing for the purposes of teaching people with how to become the new media is I'm trying to show them the very very foundational building blocks of computing so they have good practices when they use their computer and they don't mess up their computer and then I'm gonna teach them how to do some of the similar things that we do here for what on earth is happening you know making posters you know advertising posters um for live events how to do presentations how to make motion and presentations how to do very simple videos you know we may show iMovie or Final Cut how to build a simple website or you don't have to be a really super advanced web master you know very simple stuff foundational building blocks of publishing you know that's it so don't be intimidated ladies and gentlemen you got to get your hands in there and get them dirty make mistakes that's the other thing one of the tenants I'm teaching is there's a million ways of doing things stop take your time look don't get overwhelmed okay learn a little bit do a little bit learn a little bit more do a little bit more and don't be afraid to make mistakes these are the foundational tenets of the seminar I'm teaching you know mistakes help you to learn what not to do hey Jonathan if you want to give out I'll let you keep going but if you want to give out your YouTube channel feel free so that people can check out your work as well yes it's Jonathan pecan it's just my name just jail na tha NP ICC oh and II and the reason why I've got motivated to do my youtube channel is it want to say thank mark passio for your work but it initially it's gonna take yourself that's where I start whatever you're doing you might have been an ember to start this this this pile of fire that you had for yourself right and being a former order follower pet for the satanic cult military death called I'm a veteran in Ramadi and I get a lot of fear not a fear but more of a anger that threw me and the thing is is that I just see a lot of cowardice in people now and and I'll be honest with you Markham I'm scared to death to see that the manifestation of this of what I've done to overseas is coming full circle on my own soil and I tell all these guys that are prior military our police are even active-duty that you know you're no good even if you are gonna follow orders you're no good overseas you're better off here because all they're gonna do is have you go somewhere else you're gonna be expendable asset over in a foreign country and if you are gonna you bang it out with us I'd rather you be here on the soil and retake your freakin side then be somewhere else right and the other thing is Mark is how do you how you harness that anger because it it builds up a lot and and for some reason it's a release for me for a lot of my PTSD through the war my answer to that is sometimes not well sometimes quite badly you know it affects me I'm an emotional being you know I'm not a robot I'm as human as anybody else you know and some people around me will can tell you sometimes I don't handle it well but what I do altum Utley is I channel it to my work so you can see the proliferation of my work right that's all driven by the fuel of anger of the injustice that is happening in this world and how they have fooled people you know and I'm gonna tell an anecdote about that actually again I believe it was a quarry and now you are reminding me of this and now that you reminded me that you were a former order follower I'd like to give a brief anecdote and at some point in the near future I might have artwork that reflects the exact scene I'm describing it to an artist as we speak who is going to be drawing it for me but if you have anything else you know I'll let you go now and then I'll let you go to give this little anecdote about what we're talking about so go ahead sure well if you for future reference if you ever do a presentation on order followers the intima entomology or the wording of the word infantry has the word infant in it so it's literally in your face of what these expendables pets are that's right and in Satanists I work with called the police and military their pets and they give them dog tags that's how they're mocking symbolism works most people don't even understand that that's what they're saying to them is that your our pets and work we've trained you in the boot camp or police academy and we will unleash you when we say and you'll follow our orders and you'll follow our commands to do whatever we tell you to do to other people like a well-trained dog and that's the only name that they ever called people in the dark occult who were police and military they referred to them as as I've said many many many times on what on earth is happening they called them our dogs or our pets nothing else they never even referred to people in uniform as human beings they never even called them humans or individuals they used the term our dogs and our pets every time they refer to the police or military I think the biggest disappointment is the quote firearms community because they seem to be some of the biggest status of order following lover worshippers I think unbelievable what boot lock what bootlickers the people in the alleged patriot movement you're not Patriots your fake-ass Patriots the people think they're Patriots and support the police you are not Patriots you know and that's not a left-leaning statement that's not a right-leaning statement that's not a political statement that's a spiritual statement and that is a consciousness statement that is a statement of someone who is coming from the level of true spirituality higher level consciousness and natural law and if you want to look at what a true patriot is understand what I've said about true patriotism I'm going to give a whole presentation one day called fake-ass Patriots and boy is not going to enflame some of those people just just bring reference to the history of Battle of Kings Mountain where all the other the militia said be your own officer that's right that's how the natives fought they said you fight you fight for your own your own plot it's roaring creaking language you're right that's that I'll be conquered battle Kings Mountain excellent Jonathan thank you so much I think that's giving people something to think about and it's definitely gonna be a for at least a former show I mean a future show on what on earth is happening if not a full formal presentation called fake-ass Patriots that'll be coming right if you need any pictures of someone who has the look of a lost soul in their eyes I have plenty of my own in the military and what what carnage and destruction can do when you allow somebody to tell you what what to do excellent excellent different defend free will and everybody be doing a mirror work be looking at yourself instead of outwardly figure out what's going on that's what trust self-respect is all about and that's what coming out of this cult is all about Jonathan thank you very much very Greg Hall thank you all right this is the kind of calls we get here on what on earth is happening you won't find this in any other program you won't find callers like this anywhere else on the entire internet I can assure you of that Jonathan brought up the point and Cory reminded me of this earlier of what the dark occultists actually think of the military and the police and again this is sort of the brick Jonathan began bridging this he's this calling segment back to talking about the police and the military which we have talked about over the last four shows on what on earth is happening and I'd like to give this little anecdote when I was still a Satanist and I was attending rituals in my tri-state area and a few in Maryland I'm in Philadelphia I consider the the tri-state area is considered in the Delaware Valley hear Pennsylvania New Jersey and Delaware that's what they call the tri-state area New York is a little bit separated and it's further north past New Jersey so they don't consider that our tri-state even though it borders Pennsylvania on the north and they don't much consider Merrill in the tri-state area but you have to understand that a lot of Satanists are from the state of Maryland it's a it's a hotbed Delaware in particulars a big hotbed because the DuPont family lives there and they have set up a lot of communities in the state of Delaware small though it may be it's a huge area for the satanic cult and belief system obviously New York is one of the biggest hotspots in the world I'm not going to talk about that because I didn't really attend many things in New York friends of mine have more experiences dealing with the different aspects of the satanic cult that I talk about in New York but that's not really my much my area of expertise nor is New Jersey that much but I did attend some in Pennsylvania some in New Jersey some in Delaware and some in Maryland when this was vol Purchase knocked and I believe the year was 1997 I could be off by a year or two but it was probably 97 I was at a home that was being used for the purpose of a ball purchase nocked ritual in northern Maryland in a town called Whitehall at it's just a rural community rural place the high a pretty affluent in general and there we attended the ritual it was very I don't want to say completely informal but it was like we're gonna do the working at you know 9:20 p.m. please be downstairs for that you could mingle and talk and you know enjoy refreshments up here the working is done we'll move back up here we'll go into this you know reception area here which is just basically like a den or a living room and they'll be you know food and other additional refreshments and you could stay and talk until about 1:00 a.m. and that was it so they did a what's called a sympathetic working in Satanism there are three types of rituals there are workings for sympathy or alignment with goals there are workings for destruction or those who are thwarting your goals to try to send a negative energy to them and then there are sexual rituals this happened to be a sympathetic working or sympathetic ritual I don't remember exactly what it was for but I remember it being something that they wanted to pass legislation to do in the state of in the county that we were in in Maryland so that's what the ritual was for and how it worked was they could called this a mastermind everybody has to clear all other thoughts from their mind during the whole ritual which involved darkness candle light incense bell sounds some tones possibly singing bowls to create a certain atmosphere ritual elements like swords daggers cloaks etc okay and you can go on and on with the description of things and events and how they conducted the ritual that's not important what's important is the mental state that they demanded of the participants you were to completely remove any other thoughts from your mind except what the working was for and I'll tell you what I it does work I don't get into ritual magic much myself but I've done it outside of this environment to success believe it or not and I can talk about that as a further anecdote but essentially we went downstairs and everybody had to clear their mind of anything but the goal of what they wanted to accomplish meaning we're going to get this legislation passed in this county there will be no opposition to it we'll get our vote through you know the council members will get their vote through or legislature whatever it was and no one will stand in our way and if anyone does stand in our way forces will be brought against them such that they will not be able to accomplish their goals now what what they instructed you to do was to not only keep the goal in mind but to feel as if it was done that's it it's a done deal well you don't even have to think about it we put the intent out totally single-mindedly focused and then we say it's done it's happening it has happened actually is what they would tell you think that this has already occurred unequivocally and then after that don't think about it anymore put it outside your mind don't trouble yourself with it and just know it's going to happen that's it and it worked they got it done again I don't recall the exact thing that it was for because there were many different rituals I attended during the course of going to different satanic grottoes I don't specifically remember what this one was for but it was some piece of legislation as I recall then they said okay the working is adjourned everyone can disperse for to the upstairs you know living room area for refreshments everybody is welcome to stay till 1:00 a.m. and then we'll I asked you to go to your separate ways because the owner of the home only wanted to host the party tell him that our party ritual you know it was part ritual part gathering meeting party whatever you want to call it socializing networking that's what they do before and after usually we come up the steps and go to a reception type you know buffet area and I start talking to a couple of people while I'm picking some food from the buffet onto my plate and one of the individuals is a kind of heavyset guy probably in his mid-50s possibly a little that hard to pinpoint at exactly late mid the late 50s maybe early sixties kind of fad you know definitely heavyset let his weight go dressed in you know simple you know sort of a suit not I wouldn't say ultra expensive you know typical suit with a tie some people came in formal semi formal attire I wouldn't go say there were people there in tuxedos but semi formal some people were suit some people were just dress pants on a jacket some people didn't wear a jacket they just wore a shirt I just wore a plain button-up shirt okay because you know they didn't really care it wasn't there were no dress code for formality it's just you know everybody had a cloak with a hood for the ritual okay at the buffet we're talking this is a heavyset guy suit tie mustache no beard clean-shaven other than a not complete handlebar but like a standard mustache thick mustache he was smoking he was smoking a cigar the host allowed smoking obviously we were all eating and drinking you know we all had like meat on our platter I was not a vegetarian or vegan at this point and you know just drinking and they had some wine they had water I was just drinking water I think he had a glass of wine we had utensils like knives and forks on our plates you know and it was just hors d'oeuvres and you know some meats and cheeses things like that now there was outside placed before the working before the ritual a off-duty police officer who was sort of young I would say he was probably in his early not early but maybe mid 20s okay so he was in his mid-20s and he was asked before we began to guard the house to not take part in the ritual but they said your services would be better since you're a police officer and you're armed here today obviously from Maryland okay to just be our guard outside should anyone you know happen to roll up here and you know who knows want to find out what we're doing or cause any of us you know harm and he said yeah absolutely so he wasn't dressed in a cop uniform but he had you know simple black clothing on long sleeves it might have been a button-up shirt I sort of remember it more as like he had a sweater a black pullover long-sleeve black slacks black shoes looked like you know a cop on duty but without the uniform very traditional looking you know short you know jar cut style hair you know you know Germanic anglo-saxon features or Irish very serious you know very willing to please the the owners of the home he stands in a foyer not a foyer a patio area the place where we were at had hexagonal windows so you could see out to the patio area outside the main entrance the main door there was a driveway and a multi-car garage on the other side of the patio area he's standing there outside and had been since the beginning he didn't come in the whole time he stood out there on guard with a firearm at his side the entire time okay inside I started talking to a couple of people who were higher level Satanists than me in this grotto which is what they called our covens one of them who was this older guy who had you know this look of you know a sort of fatter slovenly type guy I have said before on the show and in other descriptions that he looked like the stepfather of Harry Potter Dursley CAIR members first name with the father Dursley of the Dursley family looked a little bit like that i wouldn't say exactly but a little bit like that okay heavyset a little bit of a double chin that same mustache for sure hair not even his his hair looked kind of like greasy and not unkempt but you know like sort of greasy hair comb comb over you know like that and he's smoking a cigar he's drinking some wine he's eating some meats and cheeses off his plate and he's talking with his mouth full - I recall and like not like you know totally disgustingly but as he's talking he's chewing his food and he starts talking about the cop outside guarding the ritual house and he's like can you believe these dogs and I I'm like I don't even know what he's talking about I'm like what dogs I didn't see any dogs he's like oh no I mean him I'm like what do you mean the guard outside and he's like yes there are dogs I'm like what do you mean and he's like they do whatever we tell them they're just just total loyal animals to us they're our pets you know wouldn't matter how immoral the command we gave them was he'll do it so he was basically telling me we own these people you know he said we own all the police everywhere and at that point I didn't believe him I do now I certainly do now he's like anything we command them to do they'll do they'll sit when we tell them to sit they'll stay when we tell them to stay they'll attack when we tell them to attack they'll kill if we tell them to kill and I'm thinking like this rotten prick I want to kill him right now he's telling me that ultimately the the Satanists of the world have controlled all the police forces of the world I already didn't like police because I didn't really like people who don't think for themselves in order followers but to think that this cult is I didn't really call it a cult then I thought it was just you know people getting together trying to enhance their ability to get things done learn things that other people don't know so they can leverage that knowledge and do things that other people can't and my ego appealed to that that's why I joined up with them and he's telling me no we own all the police there are there are animals there are pets there are dogs you know and they'll do whatever we tell them to do at any time no matter how absolutely ruthless or immoral it is and guess what he wasn't telling a lie he was telling the truth and then he starts laughing at them he starts laughing at the guy outside and it's by extension all police and all military all order followers he's laughing hilariously and saying I can't believe how much they're dared they just don't think for themselves they just let other people totally director actions he's got food in his mouth and he's laughing I thought he was gonna choke he was laughing so hard it sound like this sick belly laugh like wall he's got food still like in his mouth or like going down his throat and he's laughing away like haha I can't believe it they're just so fucking dumb you know they'll do anything we tell him to do you know in this deep belly laugh ha ha I couldn't breathe at one point like like could not breathe he's laughing so hard at the guy doing his bidding outside the door on the other side of the window that he knew couldn't hear that's what they think of you cop that's what they think of you soldier that's what your owners and masters think of you they call you their fucking dogs they're fuckin pets and they're laughing at you so hard they could almost choke on their own laughter and you still give your mind to them you give your behavior to them and you know what you're ultimately given to them you dumb fucks you're giving your soul to them and you may not you may hear that now and go start laughing oh the soul yeah you'll find the fuck out you'll find the fuck out guess what you know the old saying there's no atheists in foxholes it's absolutely true it's absolutely true because when it comes time for you to actually leave this dimension of existence and and meet the Creator and meet the maker meet the force that they put all of the laws of creation into existence you won't be laughing boy you'll say you'll be laughing but guess what while you're dying and you're drawing your last couple breaths you won't be laughing fuckhead everybody laugh still it happens to them let's see you laugh on your deathbed you ain't that hardcore son you ain't that hardcore you think you are but you're not you won't be laughing yeah people talk about seeing people die I've seen people on their deathbed I've watched people die okay I've seen it in my lifetime you will not be laughing while it's happening to you then you'll be thinking what did I do with my life then you'll be thinking how was my behavior then you'll be thinking where am I headed in a few seconds that's what you'll be thinking or will I be headed anywhere at all okay but I guarantee you one way or another you won't be laughing when that eventualities when that definitive eventualities occurs you know you want to mock it now and mock you know creation now and say oh no that's all fairy tale let's see what your attitude is when you're actually drunk pulling your last couple of breaths and then let's see you laugh you know then I'll say oh that's a hardcore son of a bitch and he went to his grave laughing ain't gonna happen trust me you're not that hardcore if you were that hardcore you would really be your own man and you wouldn't be doing the bidding of anybody else let's get that straight you know you're not as as courageous as you think you are you're actually very coward it you have a lot of cowardice you're actually a coward because you do other people's bidding instead of the truth instead of serving the truth and serving the will of creation which is freedom not control so that's what they think of you I'm gonna have this scene drawn from my perspective of seeing of seeing the guy in front of the window laughing at the guy on the other side of the window who can't hear him and calling him our dog our pet you know and he'll reliably show up for the next ritual at the next grotto and protect his owners who look at him as an obedient dog animal right that's what they think of you and you still do it and you think you have self-respect you think you're some man you're not even a man you're a little boy with no self-respect that underwent some trauma we don't want to work on yourself to heal the trauma and so you have parental abandonment issues and this is who these are your new surrogate family this is your new surrogate mommy and daddy and you think you're a man you're a punk-ass bitch little boy son you never grew up you never work through any of the trauma that your parents caused you to their nonsense to them not teach a new morality do them ultimately abandoning you whether physically mentally emotionally or spiritually that's what happened to you son you're a little boy who never grew up and never got past the trauma a fucked up parenting and I'll say it right to your face in person and now you're taking out all your rage and aggression I'll fuck up the rest of the world and all you'll you'll see I'm who I was bullied now all bully other people I was traumatized now I'll traumatize other people in the world you're not in control of it ass you think you're in control but you're the one who's owned and they're your owners fucking laugh at you son all right that's what they're doing whether you know it or not and I don't I don't need to read about that in a book that happened in my life boy and nobody's gonna tell me it didn't that happened in my life I saw from their lips to my ears what they think of you I heard I saw it and hurt him so having said that I'm gonna have that depiction drawn by an artist that we're working with and see if we can bring it up as a slide on a future what on earth is happening let's go to some more calls before we close up the show let's go to Mitch Mitch you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey Mark can you hear me yes I can loud and clear hey man I really appreciate you taking my call absolutely so I have a well actually this call has been amazing it's actually answered pretty much every question that I had it's kind of funny how that happens but um so my question for you is how long so I've been doing this work for about four years I've been in the absorbent process just reading reading research and then helping like family members and people here and there and when I get to my computer I have like this I have all this knowledge but it's like where do I start you know that's where I'm at right now and I'm taking your course and it's actually came at like the perfect time awesome I'd like to ask you a question if I may about what you think of so far the first class do you do you think you're getting good value out of it do you think that I'm moving too fast or slow just give me your general impression quickly like quickly for the audience just to give a little bit of a you know testimonial to how it's going so far yeah it's going great I I'm gained a lot of knowledge just off that first course and I've applied a lot of knowledge I took a lot of screenshots and I've been cleaning up my desktop and good I'm just kind of like looking at my computer and seeing you know what I have because I'm very technologically illiterate you know I'm not very good with you're not going to be any longer at the completion of this seminar I can I can promise you that you're gonna know a lot more than you knew when you signed up that's all I will absolutely promise that well I appreciate that man I'm uh I'm 100% committed and this is like been a big thing for me personally like I have this knowledge and I have this you know specific voice and this unique you know gift and I'm here for this reason and when I get to my computer I'm like shit you know so your general question was where do you start okay so what are your strengths you you seem to have good communication skills and a decent voice would you want to put out a podcast what do you want are do you have good writing strengths are you an artist of some sort tell me your strengths and then we could kind of give you some formula t'v ideas about where you might want to start yeah so I've been thinking about hot I mean my voice I'm okay writer I'm pretty good but I was thinking podcast videos yeah and just like I said my my issue right now is like I get to my computer and I'm like okay there's so much shit going on in the world I are talking about you're not doing what I want so it sounds like a podcast or a video podcast would be ideal for you it sounds like you aren't too afraid of just putting your voice out there you speak well you communicate well no problem I don't think there'll be any problem there okay and I I try to gauge this and I'll be honest with people if they don't have to good in the way of a voice or communication that maybe you want to write articles you know or maybe you want to take up art or music right but you seem to have good voice good communica munication I think a podcast would be perfect whether it be audio or video that's your choice where to start is a whole different story okay as far as content now you have to decide are you going to focus on one thing or area or you're going to be a generalist and go into the whole thing so then I would say you need to make an outline clearly outlining what you want to show people so almost every one of my presentations or shows starts in a word processing document it starts in a text editor folks a lot of people are very surprised to hear that right and a simple text outline of my ideas is where anything you see pretty much and what on earth is happening begins so that's what I would recommend I would recommend you start in a blank slate in a word processor and you focus and put down your thoughts and you say I would like people to understand this first and foremost or if you have a specific target audience okay you say here's my target this is what I want them to understand here's how I'm going to tell it to them and you write your thoughts out then you can clarify yourself also let me tell you folks I'll just give you a little bit of background information how we do this on what on earth is happening I did this myself in the past and then refine those ideas when Leah came on board as my assistant what she will do is actually use a voice recorder and record what I say I will have literal voice notes taken then she will put those into a document and then we will refine the outline I'll say I this is really what I want to cover this isn't as important will outline the ideas okay in a very pretty formal outline process then I will take those notes and outline and I will start working on the presentation in the slides and I will beef up some sections and some sections I'll trim out she can help me find images or some other friends help me find images sometimes I just bump my mic I apologize for that no problem um the former caller just said he would be willing to help with images I take people's suggestions when it comes to images sometimes if I don't have an image very clearly in mind that fits with a certain part of my presentation I look up images as well or videos put them in the presentation and then I start refining it you know and it eventually becomes what it is so what I would say Mitch is to sit with a word processor and just write out your thoughts or record your thoughts take a voice recorder or record in your phone doesn't have to sound good because that's not going out right and just record into your phone and then copy that to the computer send it to your computer over you know Google Drive or something like that or you know buy via Wi-Fi if you know how to do that and take that document listen back and then take notes on it and say I can outline this this way and say here's a section here's what I want to talk about in this section that'll be the end of that section I go to the next section and then form formally outline your thoughts okay once you do that you're gonna have a much clearer idea and I'm gonna teach everybody how to do this like we're gonna go through all of that process in the class okay we will get to that in four more classes I'm teaching even bait more basic stuff than this right now and just the components of the computer the the file system etc okay how to copy and move files right you don't know how to do that you don't know how to work with the file system you're not gonna know anything about programs okay and we're starting with the very basics then we're going to move up to apps or programs so I'll teach you some work word processing we'll do word processing and editing and I'll show you how to make an outline for your thoughts we'll go into voice recording I'll show you how to do that okay so I'll let you wrap up and because we're running out of time we got about five minutes left in the show does that help you at least get an idea of where your next step would be in that process to outline and refine your thoughts and then choose the media that you're gonna deliver your thoughts through because I oh I have an outline set a basic very outline sitting right here for what I wanted to cover for this show it's only a few lines because you know I did a few slides I've read from the end of confessions of a former bastard cop that I'm going to take calls but I have a basic outline of how I want this show to go to proceed and I do that for every show and sometimes I consult it sometimes I have it pretty firmly in my head so I don't consult my secondary computer too much the secondary laptop has my notes on it okay but this is what I think you would want to do you want to formally outline your thought process refine it so that you know exactly what clearly what you want to talk about and then start actually doing that in whatever form you're gonna do it whether it be in audio form only whether it be in video form whether it be in presentation form or film you know documentary you know things like that or short form film project for YouTube or any other you know video sharing site that's how you would want to proceed so I mean what do you think regarding that basic advice and you know your ability to do it I think you could probably learn how to do that in only a few few classes that would only require a few hours of your time absolutely yeah that helps a lot mark I really appreciate that yeah thanks man no wait you know what it does it helps you to for get the message out there so you're not stumbling over things you you see it and then you put it into some formalized way of presenting it so this is how exactly how I work for my big presentations right I make an outline I say what I want to say in the outline literally write it out then I consult the outline and I start building slides for each one of those points and it takes as long as it takes and it is as long as it needs to be it's as big as it needs to be but that's the that's the procedural steps in your thoughts come first write them down get your ideas clear on paper or on digital paper in this instance then start putting them into a formalized way of presenting you're gonna reach more people like that they're gonna recognize that you took the time to do that instead of just talking off the cuff off-the-cuff right that's not a formalized way of doing it get your thoughts clear people will appreciate it they'll be able to recognize hey you put some work into this you know yeah right and I've been living kind of like so spontaneously that's what I've been doing just kind of like you know letting the energy of the moment dictate where my you know conversations gonna go what topic is gonna be talked about you know I haven't really sat down and organized it and you know really you know contemplated it and thought about it for too long I'm just like oh I'm just gonna talk to this person based off where they're at you know and that's that's true that's good that's good but like to have even like what I got from what you just said was like even if you have a few words you can say oh this topic of you know police that I can talk for an hour but hour hours and hours about that just having that written down somewhere you know where and then and the other thing you mentioned is you know if you're talking to somebody one-on-one they don't have the prerequisite knowledge so you in that instance you might say well you can't really understand the totality of what you need to grasp about this topic until you understand some things over here that we haven't even talked about or discussed yet that's why I did a very painstaking long-form introduction to all the topics you know and went over for weeks if not months because without all that prereq was a ground work nobody's hardly anybody's gonna be able to hear what I'm saying now especially in the you know passionate emotional state that I sometimes say it because of how badly our freedoms are being totally trounced you know so I had to do all of that set up work and that's why I always highly recommend people to start from the beginning what you have to decide for yourself is what works best for you we're going to focus on one area are you going to teach general principles of philosophy and morality you know are you gonna go back cover a lot of ground like from square one are you gonna like focus on just hey health and nutrition might be a Forte that you have you know we're gonna talk about you know how to resolve trauma you know there's so many different areas that you could go into and so many different ways that you could approach it but it all starts with clarity of thought knowing what you want to talk about knowing who your target audience is going to be and then putting the an outline of that on paper and then working from that outline that's how I start everything I do here so Mitch I hope that helps and I really thank you for your your call in - what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen mark you got it ladies and gentlemen that's just about all the time that we have for this edition of what on earth is happening I thank you for watching ladies and gentlemen remember government is slavery that's not an opinion that's not Sol abscissa that's point of fact reality in nature and it is our great work to teach that to the masses at large that's all for this edition ladies and gentlemen we'll see you right here next week thanks for you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] 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