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my presentation is entitled what on earth is happening and there is no question mark at the end of that because this is my attempt to explain just that what on earth is happening on our planet and recognizing the fact that researchers often stand on the shoulders of giants men who have come before them men and women who have done incredible research and put that out into the world I dedicate my presentation respectfully to the four individuals that you see here who are what I call the four horsemen of my personal apocalypse these are the four men that were responsible for helping me in awakening myself in understanding this information and that is David Icke up in the upper left there then to the upper right Michael to serían on the bottom left that's jordan maxwell and perhaps more than any other individual who and so has inspired me the late great times in the cabinet there at the bottom right so this presentation is respectfully dedicated to these men introduction truth and lies questions and answers everything I'm going to be talking about here today ultimately boils down to one thing what is the truth about what is taking place here and that's a big word that's a big topic to get into Who am I to discuss what the truth is who is anyone to discuss what the truth is is there a truth well one of the main concepts in my presentation going forward that I put out there is that there is in fact a truth and it is that which is the truth is simply that which is it is our perceptions of truth that waver from individual to individual some resonate with it some do not some come into accordance with truth and some waver radically away from it but the truth is its unwavering its unalterable it's simply the pure state of being is that which is and it exists it is knowable we can come to know what truth is that is the spiritual journey so that's what this entire presentation is ultimately about getting to the truth philosophers have often made comments about truth like William Blake he said that truth can never be told so as to be understood and not be believed poet and author William Blake made that staying in other words if you can speak the truth in a way that it is easily understandable to people they will recognize it as such phosphor Arthur Schopenhauer he said that every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized in the first stage it is ridiculed in the second it is opposed and in the third it is regarded as self-evident George baptize said that the truth is paradoxical to the extent of being exactly contrary to the usual perception very true statement there most people see things often exactly the opposite of how they really are and they stay attached to that belief because it's more comfortable for them so truth can often be seen as paradoxical because it's exactly the opposite in many cases to the usual perception of most people George Orwell said that during times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act and indeed what you're witnessing is an act of revolution in the times that we live in the questions for the entire presentation are as follows these are the questions what we really attempting to answer who are we what is the purpose of human life why do we hold the beliefs that we do about ourselves and the world why do we act the way that we didn't toward ourselves and others what is happening in the world today and why why most importantly and finally how can we improve ourselves and by doing so improve the world in which we live because ultimately I believe that is most people's goal in life if they're a truly self examined individual they want to improve themselves and they want to improve the world leave this world a better place than they found it so these are the greatest questions that humanity has ever asked of itself and these questions have answers these questions are answerable the answers are out there the answers are discoverable it's up to us to discover the answers to these questions so the enemy of all truth if you're on a quest for the truth there are mortgages there are there are roadblocks involved and lies and deception come up all the time when one is going off in search of the truth so we want to understand how that dynamic works in this process if there's anybody who knew a lot about lying and evil it was this man Adolf Hitler he made this comment about a lie he said make the lie big make it simple keep saying it eventually they will believe it a technique of for propaganda anyone knew about lying and even Hitler it was this man that the Nazi minister of propaganda during the Third Reich Paul Joseph girls he said the bigger the lie the more it will be believed contrary to what you would think you make the lie even bigger even more extravagant even more encompassing and more people will actually believe that which brings me to the concept of the biggest lie so the biggest lie that can ever be solar that we can ever personally buy is simply the lie that there is no truth or even if there is it's undiscoverable so why bother to even go out and search for it this ties in with the philosophy of moral relativism and it's a dangerous and slippery slope when you go down that path because if there is no truth then there is no right or wrong either so there is a truth it is knowable by us it is our job to find out what the truth is so if you buy the biggest lie that there's no truth out there to discover that it's all just perception then you're headed down a path in which there is no right or wrong either and it's up to anybody to decide you know what they think is appropriate given at a particular situation they're not really making a decision that is born in true conscience it's just what is right for me I'm going to do regardless of the consequence of consequences because I don't believe that there is actual truth to live in harmony with so that's the most dangerous lie of all to buy unfortunately most people in the world have bought this lie that there is no truth and therefore the spiritual journey for them never really begins because they're never really striving for something beyond themselves so it's a very important thing to overcome and to get past before you go deeper into this journey you have to believe the truth indeed does exist otherwise you're not really actively searching for it so in our search for truth where do we go for answers what sources do we have to go to well most people go to what I call the big four and they are politics religion science and the New Age movement and each one of these is a an ideological system it's a an institutionalized system of thought and each one of them differs in various ways but most people will go to one of these four institutionalized systems in their search for truth and what I'm going to talk about in my presentation here today will touch upon all of these institutionalized systems however it cannot fit in nicely into any of these boxes because that's what they are they're boxes for consciousness they are paradigms they're acceptable ways of looking at the world outside of which is discouraged to look outside so if you're looking into any one of these given systems of thought specifically you're not going to find the whole truth and compass within any one of these systems of thought because that's what they are they're systems they're boxes they're they're they're confines so to speak and the truth is too big to be put in a box it exists outside of any boxes outside of any limitations so we have to expand our perceptions to look beyond all of the current social and political and religious paradigms and scientific paradigms in the world if we're really going to endeavour to find truth so the truth is outside of all of these we cannot limit ourselves to any one specific institutionalized false system if we're truly serious in our search for the truth so part one I'm going to start with a solution like this presentation is in three sections part one is the solution part two we examine the problem and then part three we talk about how to actually apply the solution to get the desired outcome so I'll begin with part one the solution and the solution for the problems that humanity currently faces is indeed a raising of consciousness consciousness must be raised on a global scale but to do that the way that that is done is by raising it on an individual scale within each individual consciousness must be raised and as each individual consciousness is raised global consciousness is raised but in talking about consciousness and why this is the solution to all the problems that humanity faces most people don't really understand what consciousness is they think of it as simply being physically awake yes we have physical awake consciousness because we're awake or alert but consciousness is much more than just a state of being physically awake so we need a definition for consciousness as we go forward in the presentation and I went to encapsulate how I feel about consciousness this is a quote that is on the Oracle at Delphi in Greece this is words that are inscribed upon the Delphic Oracle heed these words you who wish to probe the depths of nature if you do not find within yourself that which you seek neither will you find it outside if you ignore the wonders of our own house how do you expect to find other wonders in you is hidden the treasure of treasures know thyself and you will know the universe and the gods so this is one of my favorite quotes because it tells the whole story essentially we need to know ourselves all knowledge of value ultimately is self-knowledge and this is what we lack globally we lack this as an entire species and this is why we're in so much trouble today this is why we're in the dark situation that we're in because we lack self-knowledge we need to understand ourselves and our motivations and our desires and what makes us tick if we're really going to have any kind of happiness success or peace in our lives and the ancients understood this and they encapsulated it perfectly in a statement like that and in the buildings and in the architecture that they put together perhaps they were more connected with consciousness and with their own self-knowledge than we are today so this is this next slide is a a dictionary definition of what consciousness is an encyclopedia or a dictionary says that consciousness is the characteristics of a being generally regarded to comprise qualities such as subjectivity self-awareness sentience statements and the ability to perceive the relationship between oneself and one's environment now that's an excellent definition of what consciousness is in in my estimation but it's a bit complex there's a lot of words there and instead of going into each word and breaking it down and defining it separately we can take that as a pretty good definition of what consciousness is but for the purposes of this presentation I would like to just simplify it and take it down to a simpler level so with that in mind this is the definition of consciousness that I'm going to use going forward in this presentation consciousness is simply the ability of a being to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place both within oneself and in the realm in which the self exists and operates in other words consciousness is the ability to understand information understand events that are taking place the implications of them and internal events and information as well as external worldly events and information it is the ability to recognize patterns within information that's my definition of consciousness as I'm using it in this presentation so we want to keep that in mind as we move forward the ancients had different symbols that they used for consciousness and energy and this is one of them this is called the doubt some may know it as the yin and the yang and this represented the all everything because everything is conscious everything is consciousness ultimately it's all energy and there are different mixtures of different types of energies and the Taoist philosophy codified this in this symbol the the other day the yin-yang by a mixture of two basic polar energies one being light one being dark one being male one being female they call these the in and yet ik now yang is on the left there and it's sore it has do with late the Sun its masculine in its qualities it's active it's more analytical and it's a dominant energy it's more left brain we're going to talk about the structure of the brain later on and it can it can be aggressive it's it's its dominant it's active it's a male thrusting principle okay the darker energy yin is associated with the moon which is a op at night okay when it's dark it's a feminine a more feminine or passive energy it relates more with intuition than with analytical thought or lot or logic it's more submissive than dominant it's more right brained and it deals with concepts of compassion and nurturing so the ancients look that this says these are the qualities that are in all of us not just men and women it's not just male or female this masculine and feminine energy is in dwelling in us whether we are male or female and we have to strike a blend a perfect blend or an equilibrium of these two types of energies male and female yin and yang so what we're going to talk about later is how one of these energies is really seemingly dominating the other more in the modern world another mode or another own symbol that the ancients used to explain what consciousness was is the triangle because they recognize that consciousness was a three-fold aspect within vidual basically an individual expresses their consciousness in three basic ways and all other ways that they express themselves our options are variants of these three basic modalities of consciousness so in ancient world this was known as the law of three or the the triune aspect of the individual and here's what they are our thoughts our emotions and our actions see our thoughts are the creator of our experience everything that exists has to first exist as a thought to come into manifestation so our thoughts can be seen as the Creator God the creator of our experience so I haven't labeled here the father of the Trinity of thought emotion and action and thoughts arise from what we call mind the second part is our emotions this is the Yin aspect of consciousness okay so the thoughts are the the holistic quality it's the essence the motions are the in ask aspect this is the feminine aspect of consciousness this is the spirit in which we do things our emotions so this is the Sacred Feminine or the mother of the Trinity the Holy Spirit if you will okay this is the internalised expression of our consciousness how we feel and then there's the male aspect what we do so we have a thought we feel a certain way about it and then we take action in the world in relation to our thoughts and emotions so our actions are the third aspect of our business and we perform actions with the body and since it's a male principle this is the yang energy it's considered the offspring of our thoughts and our motion so it is the child of the father and the mother and it's a male principle so it's a male child the son so this could be seen as the divine child of the Trinity thoughts being the Creator God the emotions being the Sacred Feminine mother and then our actions being the male offspring of those two the divine male child the son so the next part of the presentation is going to deal with how consciousness manifests itself through our physiology and the structure of the human brain because it's extremely important to understand the structure of the brain and how the different complexes within the brain function if we're going to understand what's really going on within us so this is a schematic diagram of the human brain and it shows that the brain is basically broken down into three sub complexes we have in effect three small brains working in unison as one whole brain complex and the three complexes within the brain are the are complex with a reptile brain you see here at the bottom and it is basically the brain stem and the cerebellum the dark part right behind the brain stem right here the Sunbelt and this is the brain stem so this part of the brain governs our survival instincts it has to do with our motor skills it has to do with all things that we interact with in the physical world movement basic survival techniques the necessity for food to take food and nutrients into the body shelter clothing one thick cetera so the reptile brain is geared toward the physical the physical world and it is it is focused upon survival that's what helps us to focus on the physical things that we need to do to survive on a day-to-day basis the r-complex the reptile brain so the second sub complex of the brain is the mammalian brain or the limbic brain and this is the part of the brain that basically governs our emotions it makes our it makes our emotions capable of being expressed through our body in other words it pumps all of the chemicals the neuro peptides into the body from this part of the brain that makes us feel the consequences of what we do in the world so this is the limbic brain and it can be seen as the intuitive part of the brain since it generates our emotions it's comprised of the hypothalamus the hippocampus the amygdala and the pineal and pituitary glands so that's the midbrain and there's a third part of the brain that most people when they see they think that that is the entire brain the the gray matter of the brain and it is simply one of the complexes of the brain but it is by far the most complex and by far the part of the brain that give us our human qualities and that is the neocortex it's called the human brain this is the part of the brain that is responsible for higher-order thinking within a human being it makes higher order thinking possible all of the things that distinguish us from the animal kingdom it takes place within the neocortex our science music speech verbal and written communication all neocortical functions so these three parts of the brain can also be seen to be symbolic analogues of consciousness of the Trinity of consciousness as we have already talked about see the reptile complex of the brain is based upon control it's the part of the brain that makes us want to control our environment so that we survive and this can be seen as the old testament god obsessed with law obsessed with regimen with control so it's the dominator aspect of the brain a reptile is a creature of instinct without emotion cold blood just focus on survival the Sacred Feminine part of the brain what I correlate to the Holy Spirit is the midbrain the limbic system limbic brain the mammal brain so it is of what generates our emotions the steer in which we do things so that's the feminine aspect of of the brain complex and then the most important part of the brain by far is the neocortex because that's what that's what all of our human qualities are really derived out of the activity that takes place within this part of the brain without the neocortex we want to be able to do any of the that they assume it though this to be seen as the blood the thing that truly separates us from from the animal kingdom and it is the Sun the divine child it's the product of these other two brains with a reptile complex thing the father the limbic system being the mother and then they bear the divine child the neocortex the light of the world so to speak because the prefrontal neocortex was known as the third eye and by the ancients and this is the part of the brain that is responsible for our highest order thinking and it's the seat of higher consciousness in the physiology so these three parts of the brain the triune brain as it's called in the scientific world is a symbolic analog to the aspects of consciousness and the types of energy that we talked about when we talked about the doubt so absolutely important to understand how these components function and what happens if they become imbalance which we'll talk about later in the presentation now to understand that we have to understand the neocortex itself is bilaterally symmetrical it's divided down the middle it's in two distinct parts two distinct halves and they're both brain hemispheres so there's a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere and they they govern different functions of an individual so the left brain of an individual governs things like logic analytical thought processes verbal communication or language mathematics and science okay anything that requires analysis and logic okay so it's the masculine side of the brain hard facts hard figures physical worldliness reason good the right brain functions entirely differently it's more holistic it governs holistic thoughts spiritual thought it is intuitive it's what our intuition is derived from it's the creative center of the individual so artistic a capability is derived from this part of the brain all kinds of creativity music Pixlr art comes from this part of the brain so it's the feminine aspect of the brain so you have a male side of the brain and you have a female side of the brain and it isn't that one is better than the other is that they need to be balanced just like the yin and yang energies they need to be balanced to come to a state of wholeness of working in unison with each other an equilibrium and that's a truly literate individual a person who really it is truly awakened consciousness has a balance frame there they're using both brain hemispheres in conjunction with each other when that is done the prefrontal neocortex that governs the highest order thinking within the individual really comes online and that's kind of the opening of the third eye so to speak and that only happens when these two brain hemispheres come into coherence with each other a little bit later I'm going to talk about what happens if these brain hemispheres are radically out of balance with each other what happens at one side really is dominating the other and there's very little activity taking place in one hemisphere of the brain but a whole lot on the other and uh not too unpleasant things begin to occur things that aren't too good in our experience begin to happen when the brain is in significant states of imbalance so I'll be talking about that later again the left brain is the yang energy the right brain is the yin energy in correlation to Taoism so the the symbols for these which will become important as we go forward and talk about symbology are the author pointing triangle in the ancient world the upward pointing triangle seen here was known as the blade this is a a symbol representing male energy or yang energy it's a rudimentary phallic symbol it's an upward pointing triangle it's like the tip of the sphere okay or it's a like I said a rudimentary phallic symbol these are thrusting elements a spear a penis male active thrust okay the opposite of that yin energy is the inverted triangle okay so you just are taking it and you're using its opposite an inverted triangle this is like the shape of a womb the shape of the the lower portion of the female anatomy that bears children you know it's like a chalice that holds wine or blood you know the Holy Grail is a of this inverted triangle that it was known as the chalice in the ancient world so you have the blade and that represents the yang energy the left brain and then the chalice the inverted triangle that represents the in energy or the right brain so keep those symbols in mind and how they correlate to consciousness and how they correlate to the brain as you go forward because you will be seeing them again the next concept i'll talk about is polarity so polarity is how seemingly opposite forces work in the world and I'm going to talk about how they're really then the differences between them are really delusion that there really is only one ultimate force that's at work in the world but it kind of has slit itself in two and it works in different ways to really help us to have an experience in the physical world so polar forces can be looked at as hot and cold good and evil young and old hot and cold let's take a light and dark as an example it's only one thing light and dark they're not really opposites there is only the light energy say there's either it's either present or it's not present in which case you have darkness you can't go into a completely lit room and shine darkness into a room there's no such thing as a darkness flashlight right because a darkness is simply the absence of light energy so there's only light energy we look at light and darkness two polar opposites but they're really not there's really only one thing there there's only light or its absence so that's the going forward with this section that's what I want you to keep in mind that things that we really see as opposites as really warring against each other energies are the warring against each other are really only one thing or it's its absence scientist dr. Masaru Emoto I believe is his name does experimentations with water crystals where he exposes simple water to energies to vibratory energies to emotions and he then takes the water molecules and he photographs them under high magnification to see if their structure changes depending on proximity to certain forms of consciousness like high level of joy or high level of fear or anger things like that and this beautifully organized water molecule crystal that you see here formed when the scientists placed water in the presence of high joy and love within certain individuals so it became ordered and this brings us to the first polarity okay the first polarity is that which brings order and is the good emotion we only basically have two emotional polarities every other feeling that you can possibly feel is an extension of one of these two basic polar emotional forces at work in the world so the first one is that which makes us feel good that's what that which brings order and it is the energy of love the polarity of love and giving a an idea of what I mean by the law of polarity the love energy going forward throughout this presentation it is not these Hollywood or romance novel idea of love it is the expansive force of consciousness if you look at the images here it's individuals that have opened themselves up to what is and are in harmony with that which is with truth and with understanding and knowledge and light and consciousness and love is that aspect of consciousness of the expansive aspect of consciousness that which flowers does this and opens up opens us up to that which is that's what love really is okay it's it's polar opposite is the opposite of the energy that makes us feel good and which brings order this is the energy that makes us feel bad when we experience it and which brings to our experience chaos and disorder and disarray and pain and suffering and it's interesting that the scientist the Moto took what the same water that he had just previously exposed to to a high vibratory energy of consciousness and love and joy and he then exposed it to people totally in shutdown unconsciousness fighting amongst themselves in fear and anger and just being generally nasty to each other and this is what the same water ended up looking like then the crystalline structure completely broke down and there was just chaos in in the structure of the water and it shows you that our emotions and what we think and what we do have an effect on the physical world the the external reality is a reflection of what's inside of us so this is water that's been exposed to the negative emotional polarity and that emotional polarity is fear fear is the opposite polarity of love it is the absence of love to varying degrees and this is the force this is the polarity that brings disorder into our experience it brings chaos when it arrives within us it can never create order love is the polarity that brings order fear is the polarity that brings chaos this is the energy that shuts consciousness down like love does this and it opens it up fear does this and it closes it down and it keeps it suppressed okay so these two basic emotional polarities love and fear or what really create everything around us depending on how much we're in harmony with each of them and they have each internal manifestation and they each have an external manifestation so love has a manifestation that happens within us and then outward in the world and fear has a manifestation that happens within us and then outward in the world we're going to talk about those so we'll talk about the internal polarities next the internally expressed polarities of fear of love and fear so when love reaches a crescendo or a highest expression within an individual within okay I have a term that I call this it's a concept that as you think so you feel internally and so you act in the world see there's no there's no separation within you right as you think so you feel so you act and I call this concept Dominion it means that you are in rulership of the only thing you're really allowed to be in roseabove you're in rulership of the kingdom of self as you think so you feel so you act that those three aspects of consciousness are in unison within you and no one can tell them apart no one can divide them or conquer them people can't get you to do something that you don't feel is right you act in a way you say you think and feel and then you act that way in the world there's no contradiction within that's the state of Dominion its opposite is when fear runs rampant within an individual and you have opposition within the self the consciousness is shut down the individual does not really understand what's taking place within themselves or around them because they're they're essentially unconscious the opposite of conscious consciousness being the ability to recognize patterns taking place within and outside of themself this fear that runs rampant within an individual it reaches a crescendo or it reaches a final expression within an individual and this is what this is the state of confusion confusion is the internal polarity of fear residing within an individual individual goes into a state of shutdown and confusion they do not understand themselves and they do not understand the world and often when they're in this state they don't want to do any learning because they're operating in lower forms of consciousness and that's not where we can really do learning and to get out of this mode which it becomes like a cyclical process the individual becomes trapped in it so these two polarities love and fear have an external manifestation this is extremely important to the most key concepts that I'm going to be discussing going forward in the presentation I'm going to talk about right now when love the power energy of love reaches a its highest vibratory state within individuals the community around the individuals begins to express something if something is becoming born in the external world when individuals have the love energy dwelling within them and this is the highest expression of love manifested outwardly in the outside world that we see in our experience and that is freedom freedom is the highest goal of the quest for truth of a spiritual quest it is one and the same as the quest for the divine and if spiritual teachers aren't really teaching that to people I don't believe that they're doing their job because it's all about freedom and about very little else freedom is what the end result is all about okay it is the highest expression of love in the world around us when love is present within an individual they're working toward true freedom the opposite of this force the opposite of this manifestation in the outside world is if fear rules within the individual but the essence of fear rules the individual goes into the state of confusion within so the polar energy of fear is ruling their consciousness is shutting consciousness down and then internally they're in that state of confusion when someone is in a shutdown state of consciousness and Confused the way that they then almost invariably act in the external world is the desire for control control is the polarity of fear that reaches its highest expression and then is borne out into the external world and it is based on the dynamic of fear is based on the polar vibratory energy of fear not strength not power but fear a controller once control because he is in fear external control is an illusion it does not exist anywhere in three dimensional manifestation it is a complete illusion that we buy into because our consciousness is shot down through fear and confusion and this dynamic cannot ever create order in the world being based on fear you saw what fear does to the water molecules and ultimately it creates chaos in the external world the only way that we would be able to create or is to freedom impossible to do it through control because control is based in fear and fear creates chaos as we've seen if you're going to create order in the world the only way to ever do it is to do it by attempting to create freedom in the world because freedom is based on the poorer energy of love it is based on the dynamic of love and that is the force which bring this order and peace and prosperity trying to create any kind of control through any kind of order through control is only going to get you chaos it cannot ever create order or peace so with that being said the next concept to understand is direction we understand how these polar forces work what they do in the act in within ourselves in the external world we have to ask ourselves some basic questions about the direction of our lives and how we've lived how we are living and what will can we continue on the path wrong what we're likely to see in the future so we're looking for our compass we're looking for our emotional compass okay the direction that we want to set ourselves in in life and we can do this we can try to set this compass for direction by asking some basic questions are we moving toward an expression of love are we moving toward an expression of fear but within and in the outside world what one which one of those basic polar forces are we really moving toward if we are honest with ourselves based on our available knowledge of ourselves and the world around us we have to make an honest appraisal of where we are and where we are headed we have to have an understanding of the past and not studying the past is extremely dangerous because those who don't understand what has happened in the past that is very true that they are often do the repeated and cyclical itten cycles because they don't get the lesson so an understanding of what happened in our past can help us to orient our direction for the future we should learn from the past from the mistakes of the past but most importantly in the analyzing and trying to come to an understanding of what sets our direction in life we have to really grasp and understand that our emotions are the most critical factor our emotions our compass for direction in life that what we feel emotion it's because it's trying to tell us either continue to do that thing or do not continue to do that thing the emotions are the compass that's why it's called compassion compasses in the word compassion compass passion emotion so our motions are our compass for direction in life if we know them out if we seek to not feel them we're throwing our compass away or lost in the wilderness so your emotions are there to be felt not to be known that as many people are striving to do the modern world there there are our guide so to speak there are our markers through the wilderness that we're in and we need them and we need to cultivate them and feel them not on them out so one of you is the next concept - great and this really is what most people suffer from a poisoned worldview as I'll talk about in part to see art it's just what it says it's our view of the world how we view ourselves in relation to the world how we view others in relation to ourselves so just like the polar energy forces that we talked about in polarity there's a positive worldview and then there's a negative world here so the positive worldview is one that sees ourselves as yes an individual unique expression of individuality the MOE of consciousness if you will the individual unit but it recognizes that we are unique and we're an expression of the whole and we're part of the whole when that drop is in the whole ocean there's no separation it is the same consciousness the same energy it is the same substance it's made of the same thing and we need to see the world more in that holistic sense if we're going to come through these problems that we're facing then we see in the external world so because we see ourselves as fundamentally separate from everyone else see it doesn't mean we have to lose our uniqueness we can still understand that we're completely unique like a beautiful snowflake and there's only one like that you know it's not to throw away the idea of individuality because that is total importance that is of critical importance and that each individual is a unique expression of consciousness within the whole so the value of the individual is infinite and it must be respected at all times but it's not to say that the individual shouldn't also understand that they are part of a living system see we belong to the whole system of the earth the whole complex that is this living breathing planet we can't separate ourselves from our environment from our ecosystem we belong to it we are part of it and human nature you know this is really what worldview really gets down to how do we see human nature do we think of human nature as fundamentally flawed do we think of it as fundamentally evil or vile you know I think this is what human nature really looks like once all the external tapestries are stripped away and all the non-essential are stripped away human nature is fundamentally good not fundamentally evil or flawed this is that's a poison worldview we're going to heal the problems within ourselves in our our social structure we need to recognize human nature for what it is it's good it's all the conditioning and the mind control factors that go into poisoning a person through information that they take in over the course of their lives that makes them do things that they do the harmful things that they do it isn't then that's human nature and we need to really be focused on working toward true freedom if our worldview is a positive one and if we really understand what we're here to do and what what a positive worldview is really seeking to create to accomplish when we take this worldview this positive connected worldview this unified non-dual worldview these are the states that emerge higher levels of consciousness and awareness Dominion within the self understanding of our motivations our desires and States like this is what emerges what you see here peace harmony justice truth freedom order they can only be created with a positive worldview the opposite worldview is a negative or a darker worldview Poisson worldview as I call it so it's the worldview that you know sees that again that little drop up there has completely cut off and separate from the whole this is one big huge mass of consciousness but I'm completely separate from it and I have no relationship to that whole you know I'm just a number I'm one of the faces in a man and massive faces and I can't really affect any change just a number I'm powerless my nature is fundamentally flawed we come into the world in a state of corruption and sin and you know brokenness and you take this worldview your life will become a reflection of that worldview you will your consciousness will slowly begin to shut down until you're in a state that resembles sleep or hypnosis and you will have all kinds of such a susceptibility to techniques of mind control which I'll be talking about and when we take this negative worldview then we want to lash out against everyone else we're cut off we're separate from everybody else we're in a state of internal confusion because our consciousness is shut down and then we want control we want to feel better about ourselves by taking external control over someone else and all of that stealing is ignoring the basic problem the basic problem that a controller does not know oneself they don't really understand the modalities of consciousness that are in dwelling within them and because they're in that state of internal confusion then they seek for external control over others you're only going to create chaos suffering disorder disharmony and ultimately enslavement by looking at the world in that way these are the states that a negative worldview brings into manifestation being that is shut down in fear totally oppressed or looking to oppress others like a sorcerer or a big brother-type so that is worldview the next concept I'm going to introduce is magic versus sorcery these are very real forces these are very real energies there that are being used all around us at all times in the world and they're very real but they're quite different from the Hollywood interpretation of definition a real magician or sorcerers and you know casting lightning bolts from his fingertips but he is using forces at work in the world to create what he wishes to create and here's the definition of magic this is what magic actually is in the real world magic is a science it's a science and part of influencing change to occur in accordance with the will now that's a very important term there at the end we'll with a capital W okay whole box whole volumes have pretty much been written about what that means and this does not mean the practitioners egoic will my will my desire what I want to see happen what I want to see done this is the will of the energy of creation is the will of love it is the will of that polar force that once to create order the divine intelligence inherent in creation the energy of creation now you can call that whatever you want I have no problem calling that God I have no problem calling that the divine this is the Divine Will but you can think of it however you wish to think of it so that's what magic is the science and art of influencing change to a car in accordance with the will capital W the divine will let thy will be done not mine ego will good magics goal is the state of non-dualism we talked about this before this is the state of Dominion the state of not being able to be torn apart internally this is the state of as you think so you feel and so you act you are non dual you are one within your three aspects of your consciousness are one and cannot be torn apart as you think so you feel so you have that is magics goal a true magician is trying to bring the state of non-dualism into being not only within himself but with anyone else that he may have the ability to influence and inspire and the process of this magician's process to create the state of non-dualism is known as alchemy and alchemy is not this medieval concept of turning actual metals base metals into gold this is an allegory this is a symbolic allegory of helping to raise base consciousness into Solimar consciousness into divine consciousness you know non-dual consciousness a harmonic with you what the resonant energy of love of order of a unified brain the unified male female energies so that's what an optimist is really trying to do he is attempting to inspire others and be an influence for them to raise their consciousness up to a higher level that's what the process of alchemy is and that's a magician's vehicle for doing his work to accomplish non-dualism the opposite of magic is sorcery and as you see here the definition is almost identical sorcery is the science and art of influencing change to occur in accordance with the will and you'll notice that the will is no longer capitalized lowercase W of a because this form of will is not the capital W will it is not the divine energy is not the divine aspect of creation divine well this is the sorceress own egoic desires what I want what I want to accomplish from my ends let not thy will be done let thy will be done so sorcery also has a goal and what it is trying to create and bring into the world is the state of opposition opposition is the state when polar forces aren't war with each other and there is struggle there is conflict there is suffering there's chaos moreover it means that sorcery wants to create an a sorcerer wishes to create an opposition within an individual this is the opposition that takes place within us we don't we aren't unified in the way we think feel and act we may think a certain way or feel a certain way about something and yet we do something that's in opposition to that so we're torn apart from within free of our consciousness are not unified as one they are torn apart so in that aspect the person is an internal opposition where they are crucified within themselves it can be seen as and the actual methodologies that are used to accomplish the state of opposition both within an individual and in the external world is the Sorcerer's tools of illusion and manipulation is getting people to believe in something that simply is not real and it does not serve their interest in the world does not serve who we are and how we are really meant to live and it creates disharmony and strife and suffering in the world they want to try to get people to believe that way because it may benefit them even though it doesn't benefit the whole it may benefit them so that they profit and they come out on top and everyone else suffers that's what a sorcerer is really trying to do and they use illusion and manipulation playing people off against each other manipulating them getting them to see things that they want them in a way that they want them to see getting them to believe in things that aren't real don't serve them and yet then people develop an attachment to it and that's really what creates all suffering so that's what magic and sorcery is really about as they are used in the real world so the next concept in consciousness that we have to understand is what really keeps us as a species in a state of general unconsciousness what are the barriers to our self-realization and look at the word realization I'll be talking a lot about the meaning of words going forward station 2 use one's real eyes to realize something when we realize it we are making it real real lies in it ok so it's bringing something into manifestation or what are our barriers to realizing the true self the true essence of who we are the barriers to the realization of the true self they not the egoic self but the real essence of who we are here are the four main barriers to the realization of the true self the five sense illusion ego identification the prison of the left brain and institutionalized belief systems which we've already talked a bit about so I'll take them in order the five sense illusion is the first barrier to the realization of the true self this is the idea that only what we are able to perceive with our sensory organs is real and anything that lies outside of that sense perception cannot exist that's what this concept is the five sense illusion this first image over here on the left is the the visible bandwidth of light energy that we are able to see a decode s color in the human eye and you see this is a blow-up of it here but over here this little strip right here that is in fact all of the visible colors of light that the human eye can perceive there is an infinity in the spectrum to the left and the right of frequencies that the human eye cannot kotas caller yet they exist sound is another example tape a dog whistle as an example you blow two bald whistle your ear does not hear the sound yet a dog's ear does that's because your ear is tuned to a different vibratory bandwidth of frequencies than is a dog's ear does that mean that no sound is coming out of the whistle that you're blowing of course not the sound vibration exists it's traveling through the air it's actually reaching your ear your ear just can't decode it as sound that doesn't mean it doesn't exist our identification with the solidity of matter most people do not realize that matter is nothing but solid it's nothing like anything solid matter is almost entirely empty space the atom is almost entirely empty space the nucleus of an atom you made it the size of a baseball the electrons what we you know term the electron shells would be city blocks away from from the nucleus and all all in between is empty space vacuum if you took a subatomic particle of an atom and looked at it under enormous ly high power powerful magnification we don't even have the technology to do that scientists understand that these subatomic particles that comprise all matter are really vibratory energy they're just they're just a wave of energy vibrating very quickly like a little rubber band this is string theory and think of it like a telephone cord if you took a telephone cord a jump rope okay and just kept whip whip make a faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and faster eventually you can make it look like there was a ball there if you are able to move to whip it around fast enough but it's not a solid object you have a very very thin thin unit dimensional piece of rope or strand or a string and it's just vibrating and it's taken the form by the way it's vibrating matter is the same way matter is not solid it's simply energy and vibration and everything is made of this from the smallest cells the smallest single celled organisms to entire galaxies we are made of this we are not solid we are energy taking a form through vibration and so don't we have to understand that if we're going to get past this $0.05 illusion of only what we see and perceive you know to our limited sensory organs is real it simply is not true a great experiment that really helps one to understand that matter isn't really solid and that our consciousness is really what determines the outcome of how we perceive and experience the physical world is the double-slit experiment the quantum physics double slit experiment you could go along and look that up and watch a video about it but I'll briefly describe it here scientists take very very small bits of matter like let's say you let's say you took a little bit Barry you shot it through two slits as you see up here you get a pattern on the other well okay that looks like two slits from where they went and they shop the measuring device on the other side okay so that's this first image here very small pieces of matter like let's say ball bearings or pellets you should have shooting them through a shield with two slits in it and that's the pattern they form on the other side now when scientists do this with electrons which are very very very small bits of matter part of it out of a subatomic particle of an atom which is what matter is comprised of you do not get two slits you get what's called an interference pattern which is like waves like when water goes through something and strikes it with intensity and then it diminishes as it goes out from the center of intensity but scientists are confused we shot small bits of matter through these two slits and we get an interference pattern how could that be they thought maybe they were interfering with each other because they're shooting them through as a stream of electrons so what they do is they then take an electron volt meter which fires only one electron at a time so now they're just firing a one electron at a time but yet they still get an interference pattern there's nothing for the electron a single electron to interfere with because it's going through one at a time but they still get an interference pattern like waves okay this is because at the quantum scale matter isn't solid it is wave energy and the electron is leaving that electron volt meter as a wave and it's passing through that double slit as a wave to strike the wall as a wave now scientists were wanted to determine well how many of them were going through once with how many of we were bouncing off how many of them were going through another slip so they equip a measuring device okay before one of the slits and they're going to measure how many of these individual electrons are passing through only one of the slits what happens is when they put the measuring device onto the one slip the pattern then changes and it behaves like large matter large pieces of matter like macroscopic matter instead of the very very tiny subatomic particle of an electron it stops behaving like a wave because consciousness has been introduced to the equator and then it behaves like solid matter then upon being observed here this is called the observer effect upon being observed before it goes through the slit okay it has to make a decision about which slit it's going to go in it cannot act as a way because there is consciousness introduced so then an outcome must be determined and that what happens is it is called the collapse of the waveform so the part where that left as a wave collapses to a point particle and then goes through one of the slits or the other or bounces off the screen prior to that it only exists as a waveform if no consciousness is introduced so this shows us one matter is not solid it is in wave form a vibratory energy to how we view ourselves the world the things that are taking place has an effect on the outcome we are made of these particles okay so introducing consciousness into the equation can have the effect of changing the end result that's the important thing to keep in mind here looking at it one way may get you one thing looking at it a different way may get you something else the $0.05 illusion the next barrier to self-realization is ego identification so ego should be briefly defined because most people think of ego as oh I'm just a person who's completely full of myself you know and I just think that I'm so great so better than everybody else that isn't ego as I'm using it in this idea in this concept ego identification means that a person is identified with roles that they play in life they don't see themselves as an aspect of consciousness they see themselves as what I do what I'm involved in the role that I play so I am a businessman I am a soldier I am an American I am a father or mother okay you're identified with the roles that you play in life these are simply vehicles expressions for consciousness to have an experience in the physical world they're not who we actually are underneath we are the expression of consciousness having an experience in the physical world these are roles we play in life they're not actually who we are but we often tend to get into the trap of identifying with these roles so much so completely that we define ourselves as these roles and that's where we get into trouble the next barrier to the realization of the true self is the left brain prison so we talked about the hemispheres of the brain and how the left and right brain playing very different roles in their functions and what we have to understand is that shut down modes of consciousness are very frequently caused by left brain imbalance and this is we'll talk about why that is later and what happens to the brain when it becomes imbalanced toward one hemisphere or the other so the next barrier to the realization of the true self is what I call and what many researchers have called the left brain prison this is getting trapped in the functions of the left brain only and kind of ignoring the the right brain functions of holistic thought and intuition this is a product of our culture actually which stresses reading writing math verbal communication written language science logic reason that it oftentimes ignores particularly in our educational operating holistic thinking intuition creativity our music things like that are often de-emphasized in our educational structures certainly not emphasized in our scientific establishments and this saw this is a look kind of like a cartoon talking about making a comment on the differences between the left and right brain the left brain there you see everyone in business cubicles all the same color you know all looking identical like like robots kind of and then on the right hand side you see people engaged in creative acts in a holistic become behaviors hanging out of their family flying kites reading you know doing creative things art and it's a good analysis of the dichotomy between the left and right brain hemispheres and the tendency in our culture's to get trapped in that left brain and modality because that is the part of the brain that kind of keeps us real rooted to the physical world and it's that which kind of is geared more towards staying in control this the dominate Dominator part the aggressive or Dominator part of the brain and that's why I have the image there of big broader from 1984 because this is what it ultimately leads to if you stay trapped in that left brain a sense of identity the left brain prison becoming like a Dominator the next the next barrier to the identification of the true self is institutionalized belief systems so I call them belief systems because that's exactly what they are they are beliefs that people become attached to they do them often because it's simply the way they were done previously if they were introduced suddenly now without any prior knowledge on them many people would say well why would you want to do something that way but because they're handed down to us by other people just say that's how it's done or that's the way it is or that's how we do this then it's accepted but from our cultural pattern on our cultural way of seeing the world and it's also interesting to note the word institution when we say that we are committed to an institution what do we mean by that are we do are we favoring the things that a body of people who do a certain thing their approach to doing this are or are we saying I'm being committed to a mental asylum you know committed to an institution and committed to an institution are the same phrase in our language and once you think about why that may be why are they the same phrase even though they mean two completely different things language is a funny thing like that we'll be talking a lot more about words the meaning of words the derivations of words you know how our language speaks to us in very very great bringing ways if we can only break it down and really hear what's being said kind of always symbolically but these are some institutions you know marriage business the business world the educational world the medical community you have government you have religion you have a military police and power military these are all institutional belief systems they're not institutions which are really out there to discover truth their institutions that are out there to tell people how things actually are in their view and their worldview and then get them to go along with it without any actual examination of the facts for themselves therefore their belief systems it works like this take my word that it works like this and just do what we say based on belief not discovering not self discovery but just belief and that's why I think that institutional belief systems are one of the biggest barriers to self-realization because they don't really take the individual into account they absorb the individual rather than our unique rather than encouraged the unique expression of an individual with that having been said the next section is the true self versus the false self or the lower self so the higher self versus the lower self that which is the real self versus the self that is engaged in and trapped in illusion so this is what the properties of the true self are when we are born in conscience when we are born in consciousness these are the qualities that the individual takes on the true self exists in a state of Dominion and non duality so as they think so they feel so they act and they cannot be separated from that that way of living a life way of being in the world a true self understands and works for true freedom they really grasp the concept of freedom they understand it as the highest expression of love and in the world around them and they're working toward higher and higher expressions of freedom true-self practices alchemy to bring about the true will so the true self is a magician in the truest sense he is not serving his own egoic role he is serving the will of creation the will of the divine that which wants to bring higher levels of consciousness into manifestation the true self is concerned with the alleviation of suffering for all beings that's very critical the true self recognizes that another being suffering is his own suffering and he suffers he or she suffers as long as there is even one other being that suffers and they realize that because their worldview reflects an understanding that there is no separation between self and others that separation that seeming separation is an illusion there is only one consciousness here and there is really no separation you get right down to the deepest levels of consciousness the true self does not exist in left-brained prison hood and it does not exist in ego identification he has made the energies that are the seat in the seat of consciousness that in the physiology in the brain one he's United the polarities of left and right brain of male and female the chemical wedding if you will what's been called and he's operating from a perspective of whole fault okay and he's not a I go identified he doesn't consider the role that he is playing in the world regardless of what it may be father brother son teacher you know any job that he made him he's not identified with that as his identity okay it's not who he is it's what he happens to be doing at any given moment the role is play the true self seeks to break down all institutionalized belief systems because he recognizes them as boxes of consciousness keeping people in training into belief systems into believing what they're told instead of really discovering things for themselves so the true self wants to break down these institutional lie systems he wants to limit their their capabilities and their power as much as possible because he recognizes that institutional belief systems are ultimately an assault upon the freedom of the individual and they're ultimately an assault upon consciousness when you get right down to it now the qualities of the false self the lower self the base self if you will the the false self exists in a state of confusion and opposition and not not in a state of Dominion they're in a state of internal strife they're confused seeking control and therefore they're in opposition with themselves as they think isn't how they feel an act they'll take an action in complete opposition to how they may really feel deep inside their sinning against their emotions sinning against the spirit see and this can only happen because the consciousness is shut down through fear they ultimately exist in a vibratory energy of fear the true self can't even envision what true freedom is you could try to explain the conceptual idea of what freedom is but that will not really grasp it or understand it because they're so their consciousness is ruled by the vibration of fear that a lot of their seeking is control to try to alleviate the internal confusion they don't understand themselves or the world so they just lash out through control to try to externally control events and only we want to do by that modality is bring more chaos and disorder into the world and into themselves ultimately the true-self employees often employed sorcery to bring accordance with his own ego wealth his or her own desires they so and normal people can act as sorcerers trying to manipulate and influence other people just for their own benefit doesn't have to be a still practitioner of mind control or magic okay this is an everyday person can become a sorcerer and they're trying to bring accordance with their own ego well it doesn't matter the divine will doesn't matter at all it's what I want it's all about what I want he's concerned only with oneself and one's own if that you know maybe my family small circle friends in that but ultimately the focus is on my own comfort my own happiness my own desires and anyone else if if if it doesn't affect me in my own immediate surrounding they can be damned true self has a worldview that reflects a belief that everything exists in a state of separation even though this is not the case they believe that because they're trapped in that left-brain modality that left brain prison the true self lives life in a state of left brain ego identification totally identified with the roles they play and attached to their belief systems totally attached to what they perceive doesn't matter what the truth is I'm going to think what I want about it it's with this more relativists stance comes in doesn't matter if there's a truth out there I can determine the truth for myself or wolf you know whatever I want it to be I'm the arbiter of truth so he's in such a state of left brain prison hood that he is completely ego identified the role I play is all that there is that's who I am and the false self accepts and reinforces most institutionalized belief systems so that not only do they accept the belief system they enforce it themselves they want to propagate it because they're benefiting in the physical sense in the worldly sense from that institution being in operation and they want to continue that so that's the false self the qualities of the false self the egoic or lower self what we've talked about often part one so far is really the nature of good and evil the nature of what we experience in the world within ourselves as good and what we experience in within ourselves and in the world as evil and ultimately it's broken down to simply this way love is that which creates everything that is good in the world and fear is that which alternately creates everything that is evil in the world and these are emotional polarities these are the forces that either awaken consciousness and make it flower or they shut consciousness down and put it into a box and these are the things that they bring into manifestation love brings Dominion within it brings freedom without it is accomplished through magic to bring about the true will through alchemy to create non-dualism fear is bringing evil forward through creating internal confusion which then results in the external desire for control inwards through the process of sorcery manipulation and a serving egoic will to create illusion in others and ultimately opposition within the self and others love is sending us in the correct direction the emotional compass is set properly when we're in the vibratory energy of love higher consciousness it's its goal as oneness to bring about the true self to open our minds and hearts up to higher and higher levels of awareness of consciousness to help us to understand that we are but one thin slice of a multi-dimensional world of infinite consciousness taking place all around us and it can help it is trying to bring about a balanced brain a perfectly balanced brain between the male and the female the left and the right hemispheres of the brain because that is what will create order in the world okay all of these concepts will bring about good and order the opposite side evil which works through fear will create misdirection like fear will always create misdirection will always throw the emotional compass off target sent us in the wrong direction because it's working to try to separate people when you put people into fear you're separating them and you're getting them to see everything as separate themselves as separate from everything else this is identification with the lower self this is base consciousness this is consciousness put in a box and in a trap it's ego identification total identification with the physical worldly roles that we play trapped in the five sense world my senses can't perceive it it doesn't exist even though they're very limited bandwidth open a very limited of frequencies and bandwidth but if my senses can't perceive it it isn't real and this is accomplished by keeping people and left largely in the left brain prison hood and we'll talk now about how what these what these are different modalities actually bear into the world with a birth into the world then we'll talk about we'll start to talk about how the brain can become imbalanced and how the brain really is is a very significant factor when it comes when it comes to how these forces work in the world so when our thoughts are in balance when they're in harmony they we are in the vibration of love this is the essence of consciousness this is the force that helps consciousness expand and it ultimately is derived from how we think when we are in that vibration our motions are acting as one and they're helping us to create the the the unified consciousness of Dominion so as we think we feel we act and we cannot be torn apart and when we do that then our actions are also in harmony and we're working toward true freedom so it happens for my thoughts in a vibration of love and internally our motions are are in harmony and in check and we're not ruled by them either we own them as well we're in Dominion okay so we know what's going on within then we put that into practice in the outside world to create freedom which is the highest expression of love in the world so the pyramid of love is built upon Dominion within and freedom without there's no other way to get to that state there's no other way to create good in the world order peace will come from these polarities being an operation within the self and in the outside world you're not going to create an any other way it simply have the organizing principles of the world work these are these are the energies we are working with and this is how they work the opposite of this effect is if our thoughts are in complete disharmony and they're ruled by fear we are in the fear vibration with how we think that our motions are going to be completely out of order often they are going to rule us instead of us using them for our benefit and we're going to be in a complete state of confusion within and then our actions are going to be geared toward trying to take external control over others and the only thing that's ever going to create in the world is chaos and evil that's how you can create with those polarities you know truck trying to say that you're going to create good and order in the world through control is like saying I'm going to take my wet laundry that I just washed and I'm going to dry it by pouring more and more water on top of it you'll never drive like that it's an impossibility you're adding the opposite polarity than what you want and that's what that's where people in fear-based consciousness in internal confusion that don't really understand the self that have not made a study of their psychological and emotional makeup are going to they're going to create nothing but chaos in the world through trying to control things externally instead of understanding what's really going on inside of us so that's how that pyramid works now we talked about consciousness and how it's correlated to the brain the yin and yang energies the left and right hemisphere of the neocortex the human brain okay and what I want to talk about now is what happens when one of these hemispheres is completely dominant over the other how how does the whole brain begin when that happens well the neocortex the whole upper bring the whole human brain is like the executive controller that it's that the command center of the whole 3 some brain complexes remember you have the neocortex up at the top of the head the new brain the new cortex neo meaning new you have a little bit brain in the middle it's the midbrain the mammal brain and then at the base of the brain you have the brainstem in the cerebellum which is called the r-complex the reptile brain so the neocortex the top brain ok is like the CEO of the company let's look at it that way this he's the person that makes the executive decisions of the Komen now if that part of the brain gets sick or if it doesn't isn't working properly then the command functions of the whole brain complex the three parts of the brain have to be shunted to one of the other two brain complexes so the executive functions are either going to go to the limbic brain the midbrain the mountain brain or whether they're going to go to the lower brain the r-complex so here's how this imbalance works here you see the three complexes of the brain the neocortex they met the limbic brain and the r-complex or the reptile brain if we become extremely imbalanced to the left brain hemisphere and this how most people become imbalanced there are is a percentage that become very right brained imbalanced but there is more of a tendency to become left brain imbalanced because of how our educational system is here in the Western Hemisphere the left brain he comes down and what happens is the show neocortex starts to not function properly and this is the part the brain starts to shut down the limbic brain see our motions are more cultivated through a holistic cohesiveness of both brain hemispheres particularly when we start to get in touch with our right brain hemisphere okay when you're only in the left there's very little emotional or intuitive makeup within the person so their limbic system actually begins to shut down there are heavenly your cortex isn't functioning properly because of that imbalance so the part of the brain that takes over is the reptile brain the are complex and the person begins behaving in reptile like waves controlling dominating hoarding greed external control over others we see this everywhere in our culture because these people's brains are in such a state of imbalance and such a state of normal chemically they're not operating properly and the limit brain has stopped functioning the person is essentially cut off from their emotional guidance system of how they feel about what they do to others and they become like a reptile because they're being ruled by the reptile brain and they become cold blood and they don't care about what they're doing that anyone else it's all about me and it doesn't make a difference who I have to step on that's what a person is thinking who is ruled by the reptile brain doesn't matter if it's right or wrong doesn't matter it's only about power relates to me now the opposite of this is if the right brain becomes imbalanced okay which is a moral rarity but it does happen then the person the neocortex shuts down in there not completely but it's it's not really functioning in the way it's intended as the executive the executive functions of the brain and in this case the person loses a lot of connection with the r-complex of the brain so they don't care about anything going on in the physical world it doesn't matter if I'm living in a state of physical disarray doesn't matter if I you know have none of the basic necessities for survival it doesn't matter if I'm being controlled externally from other people and my rights are being taken away or I'm being physically abused see because in that case the man million brain the limbic brain has gone kind of haywire and this person is being ruled by their emotional brain you know they don't have enough of the male tendencies because the feminine part of the brain has has overtaken their consciousness and this person the limbic system becomes the executive controller of the brain and they lose all connection with survival instincts and anything having to do with certain you know living in the physical world so somebody who's extremely imbalanced in religion or the New Age movement perhaps you know excessively meditating let's say did this could be a way that the brain is imbalanced to the right hemisphere and then the person becomes ruled by the limbic brain the man million brain and ultimately that's what is really going on we have people's brains being the imbalance and and really being put into a state of extreme unhealthiness through imbalance toward one brain hemisphere or another because when we get imbalanced for the left brain we get ruled by the r-complex aleikum dominators masters okay when we ruled by the right brain then we lose all connection with physical survival and don't care what happens to us anymore we become ruled by our emotions and we become like slaves so this is why this brain imbalance is really occurring there's there's a force out there that wants to create a world of masters and slaves ultimately they want the brain so imbalanced it wants the brain so imbalance that there's some people who are so left brain and balance they become dominating controllers and some they become writing brain imbalance and they're willing to capitulate to any form of control that is thrust upon them and ultimately there's a little of both kinds of imbalance in most people and they become like a master and a slave simultaneously you know they want to rule over whoever they can below them and then they'll take orders from whoever is above them in this hierarchy of control so this is an actual brain scan taken from a science journal of what the brain looks like when it becomes heavily imbalanced that this isn't physical holes in the brain over here these are areas of electrochemical deadness so there's no neural firing in the black parts of the brain real dark areas this this person's brain that's labeled normal here it's a bit difficult to see on the slide but this person's brain is it is in what's called global EEG coherence global brain coherence the the electrochemical activity is distributed equally about both hemispheres of the neocortex you're looking at the neocortex from underneath this being the top of the brain here so this is the front of the head that's the back of the head head so that would make this the left brain hemisphere and this the right brain hemisphere if you could visualize that so look picture it as if you you're taking the brain and lifting it up like this here's my left side of my brain I'm lifting it up like this you're seeing it from underneath so that's the left brain hemisphere that's the right brain hemisphere Thomas sorry it's backwards this is the left brain hemisphere here the left brain on that side and that's the right so if you tilted this down this way that would be the front of the head okay now here the brain is labeled violent because I'll tell you about the the person that the types of individuals that were scanned for these two images this person did not was not given a standard Western educational upbringing did not watch a lot of television did not eat a Western diet meditated a small amount on a daily basis and they have global EEG coherence this person was brought up in a Western education system they watched many hours of television and I didn't really do a lot of reading never meditated ate a very Western fast-food type diet and that's what they're bringing ended up looking like you can see that really the real damage sparked the real electrically dead part of the brains right there on the right hemisphere see because they became like a controller and it's labeled violent this person had violent tendencies and had problems you know behavioral issues possibly I'm not sure if it ended up in problems with you know law but that's when a left brain imbalance neocortex and looking like that person became very heavily left brain imbalance you can see all the areas of electrochemical deadness of the brain so that's what brain imbalance does to brain physiology it's measuring what's provable this is a type of scan that shows this type of imbalance and this is called a PET scan there's other even more advanced and it's called SPECT scans that you can look into to show the the neocortex and how brain imbalance begins to affect the electron the electrochemical properties of the brain so what we're really going to look at in part two is how this imbalances that work in the world and how it's ultimately create all the problems that we see in manifestation in the outside world and what we're seeing is this that consciousness is ultimately being torn apart in most people by the imbalance to the male energy and it is the suppression of emotions the Sacred Feminine the Holy Spirit the Divine Mother the feminine aspect of consciousness our emotions that is really what is driving this that our emotions are being so none kept down ignored and ultimately killed the Sacred Feminine is being killed in our world and that's our emotional of consciousness and when that happens the yang energy begins to dominate because we're out of touch with the feminine aspect of ourselves the intuitive compassionate side of who we are and where we're being ruled by this yang energy the male Dominator principle of energy when in fact what we need to do is unite these and help them to come into equilibrium and exist harmoniously in all individuals that's the ultimate goal so this is a painting by the artist Alex gray a great spiritual artist this is my favorite painting by him called Gaia it's the last slide on part one and in here he brilliantly depicts what happens when we lose touch with the right brain side of ourselves if you imagine yourself as the world tree that he's painting in this image this would be the right brain that would be the left brain and you're facing this way and he shows but with the total imbalance to the left brain the world is on fire there's pollution that there's you know smog in the sky there's rivers of blood um the tree is completely sick and it's just utter chaos but if we get in touch with our right brain hemisphere and we unite the brain hemispheres then we can build a world like this a piece nature and harmony blue sized Sun moving the sky and it's just a great depiction of you know what going into certain modalities of consciousness through the left and right brain and bring into manifestation in the world and that's why I think it's a great painting by a great artist and it's a great place to end part one and in part two we will look at what happens when this type of brain imbalance comes into fruition in our world and that's exactly what has happened and we'll talk about the forces that are driving that imbalance that left brain imbalance and ultimately holding conscious the consciousness of this planet where it currently is because they benefit from it being held there and we'll talk about what those forces are and we'll talk about how they operate to accomplish this imbalance I send the money back for part two thank you you you you