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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] part two in this part we're going to talk about the problem that our species collectively faces toward roar well said that if Liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear and that may be exactly what I'll be getting into in this section things that are uncomfortable for us to hear philosopher vernon howard said that human sickness is so severe that few can bear to look at it but those who do will become well søren kierkegaard said there are two ways to be fooled one is to believe what isn't true the other is to refuse to accept what is true and it all really boils down to that right there we suffer because we either believe in concepts and ideologies that simply aren't true and do not serve us where we refuse to believe in that which is true and therefore we suffer those are the two main reasons why all people suffer the questions for this entire section of part 2 are the following what is the nature of this problem that we collectively face whoever what is creating this problem how is this problem manifested in the world is there an underlying agenda and if so what is it so we'll be taking these in order and I'll be spending the majority of the time in this section talking about how the problem is manifested the actual methodologies that are used against us and talk about what the problem is first so this is in one sentence the main problem that humanity collectively faces a small cabal of evil sorcerers control our whole planet by manipulating the consciousness of its people into a vibration of fear we talked about what sorcery and magic were in part one sorcerer's use illusion and manipulation against people to try to create opposition within the self and opposition in the world and chaos so there's a group of these people who understand how consciousness works and they're using that knowledge against the bulk of humanity to control their consciousness by controlling the mind and they're manipulating their consciousness into a vibrational energy of fear with that only chaos and evil can be created outwardly into the world so that's the the problem that we all face that's what's actually occurring here that's what we're falling victim to many have seen this image the pyramid of manipulation the hierarchical and compartmentalized structure through which those in the know those who have the knowledge of how human consciousness works and are using it as a weapon against the masses how they run this top-down pyramid scheme up here you see the top of the pyramid the pinnacle the summit where the knowledge is at those in the note those with the knowledge those who are illuminated into this knowledge of consciousness alright can be seen at being at the summit or at the top of a pyramid and then all different aspects of society are controlled from the top down through a hierarchical regimented compartmentalize system those who are down here have very little knowledge of how things really work and how they're really structured they just go along to get along they do their job they don't really consider the wire implications of what they're involved in and what they do then yet they're being used as pawns in a game in a manipulation game to actually create more and more compartmentalized and centralized control of everything and everyone and you can look at this as simply a structure of knowledge knowledge is is concentrated at higher and higher levels as you get closer to the top of this pyramid and there is very little knowledge about how things really work down here these are just puppets whose strings are being pulled to accomplish the goals and the agenda of those higher levels of knowledge these sorcerers of consciousness as I'll call them are occult practitioners they use the knowledge and methodologies of occultism to accomplish their agenda now the word occult is very misunderstood I want to make it very clear that I am NOT speaking out against or condemning all types of occultism occultism is a bottom of knowledge that is not generally understood or known about it is simply knowledge it's a tool to be used by the practitioner and what we need to understand this just because it's a cult does not mean that it is evil it is simply information about how consciousness works about how we work and it is known by some and not known by others so as a tool you could look at it like any other tool for example a hammer you would not consider a hammer as good or evil hammer simply is a hammer it is a tool it is what the wielder of the tool does with it that makes it good or evil that makes it being used for good or evil so I could take a hammer and I can go out onto the street and strike the first person bystander on the street that I see and kill them which would be a completely sadistic evil act that doesn't make the hammer evil that makes my intent for wielding the hammer view I could then I could take that same hammer and go and use it to build a shelter for a homeless individual and I would have put an act of goodness forward into the world so it isn't the tool itself you know that's good or evil it's the consciousness of the individual that is wheel the truth and that's what the occult this is simply a tool it is a body of knowledge and when we get into the word you look at the word occult it comes from the same root as the word ocular meaning related to the eye or related to vision and that is exactly what the word occult means the word occult simply means hidden that which is hidden from sight hidden from everyday availability for sites we cannot perceive it because it is cloak that is veiled that is what a cult is all cultism simply means hidden knowledge researcher Judith Moriarty made this statement the greatest conspiracies are not actually hidden they are just fragmented into different pieces like a puzzle right before our eyes so this conspiracy that I'll be talking about this global hegemony of control this global manipulation scheme it's right in our face and we can't see it most of us it is just beyond the limits of ordinary perception because it is occult knowledge that most people have very little if any awareness of so it's fragmented into different pieces but it's right in front of us in plain sight hidden in plain sight so to speak Woodrow Wilson described this manipulation he said that we have come to be one of the worst ruled one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the world no longer a government of free opinion no longer a government by the conviction and vote of the majority but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups all dominant and you would think that an individual like this would understand how the government had come to be structured these are this section I'm just going to lay out I'm not going to go into great detail about how old these groups are interconnected and related and their histories because that information is there to be gleaned from number of researchers who have done intricate detail work made a life's work of understanding about these groups and their connections I'm simply going to lay out an overarching idea of who the hidden occult controllers of this planet are and give you a general idea of the types of organizations that they work through so any organization that is globalist in nature that is working toward a world government to a greater centralization of power think tanks that are interconnected and working toward common worldwide goals and worldwide laws I'd simply refer to these organizations as the globalists because that's what in fact they are organizations like the United Nations the G a G 10 family of Nations you have the round table think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations the Trilateral Commission the Bilderberg Group the Royal Institute of International Affairs the Club of Rome and many others and the bottom right there you see collage of different members of your organization known as the project for the new American Century these are globalist think tank organizations that are working toward greater power in fewer hands that's main thing to keep in mind centralization of power and organization is working toward that aim royal politicians are simply puppets for these greater organizations that are trying to centralize power more and more if they're on a scene level they are probably not very high up in the hierarchy they are controlled and they are simply performing their tests as they are laid out by their masters by those who really are pulling the strings behind the scenes but world leaders that are in scene positions of governments are certainly involved in this process of goal and emulation military military leaders strategists planners at high levels very involved in this manipulation much higher up in this hierarchy and organizational structure are globalist bankers such as the Rothschild banking dynasty the Rockefellers and many other financial institutions that are really calling the shots behind what we see playing out at governmental throughout the world royal family members of all nations the the royalty of England Spain the the Netherlands Saudi Arabia and many other countries so royalty is not simply figurehead it is involved in these organizations it does direct the agendas of these organizations and it does have intricate interconnections with the banking dynasties that are really calling the shots behind what we see playing out at the scene level within government governmental structure religious and new-age ideology leaders certainly play a role in this to cover the spiritual aspect of the deception media moguls that control the information that we are presented with and again it's not my intent here to go through all the interconnectedness between these organizations in order to present a final encompassing tapestry of how they work it's simply to give you an overview that this is the the body of individuals and these are the organizations that they work through the research is out there and has been compiled by many researchers and you could look into that for lifetimes if you so chose Theodore Roosevelt made this statement behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government I mean no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people former president making the statement you would think again that someone like this has some knowledge of how things were really structured in the power centers of the world and he's telling you right there out in the open that there is an invisible government that it goes no allegiance to the people know the the body of knowledge that these Sorcerer's have available to them where it is derived from is what many researchers have called the mystery traditions the mystery traditions of consciousness again it is not to say that this body of knowledge in and of itself is evil it the sorcerers that are doing this work of manipulation this great work to hypnotize and enslave humanity they are the inheritors and the pervert of this body of knowledge it is not theirs it does not belong to them they happen to come into contact with it through their perhaps bloodlines and their involvement okay and they are taking this awareness this knowledge of how the human consciousness works and how it can be influenced and they're using it for their own egoic ego identified worldview and benefit so there are the inheritors of this knowledge and they're the perverts of this knowledge they're using it in a perverted irresponsible fashion to serve their own ego at will and this is the the city ancient secret society networks all throughout the world that have their roots back as far as each in Egypt and Babylon and even farther back that's they have this body of knowledge they continue in many ways to preserve this body of knowledge some of them for a positive purpose some for a negative purpose so it isn't and in one given secret society that's orchestrating and controlling it all there are very responsible and good-hearted individuals in these groups and they're very dark-hearted manipulating individuals in these groups is simply that the body of knowledge about human consciousness that there are it's called the mystery traditions because it dates so far into human antiquity we don't really know when it was codified and came into its existence as we understand it but it is the knowledge of how human beings operate you know our physiology our emotional makeup our psyche arts psychology etc how human psyche works and that is who is really controlling the the whole game from behind the scenes are the people who have this information have had it for thousands of years and are using it in a completely perverted way to manipulate people for their own egoic benefit so that's clear that's crucial to keep in mind and to keep it clear that again it is not the knowledge of the mystery traditions and with the mission traditions themselves that is evil it is how imbalance consciousnesses are using that knowledge to control people so this is one of the structures of secret societies in this case it happens to be Freemasonry you see that it is a compartmentalized pyramidal structure that is hierarchical so it's a top-down scheme higher levels of knowledge in fewer people's hands as you get closer to the top and then as you get down near the bottom there's many more people that comprise that group but there unless they're less in the know than those smaller groups at higher levels so it's simply a process of compartmentalization and the hierarchical structure of knowledge so you want to get to this level you have to play the game to get up to this level and then you're initiated into that knowledge and it is my contention that this is the entire reason that this knowledge has been perverted in the way that it has this is not a democratization of knowledge this is elitism when it comes to knowledge this isn't giving knowledge out to everyone freely regardless of who wishes to have it the total distribution the egalitarian distribution of knowledge would have assured that this knowledge never became as perverted as it has become but instead because there is this hierarchical and compartmentalize structure within the networks that do have the knowledge on the mystery traditions that says this is the reason that we have seen such an irresponsible use of that knowledge the researcher Phil rapture described this process this way and I think it's a great statement the authoritarianism inherent to this structure is talking about the compartmentalize hierarchical structure the pyramid structure of secret society networks this authoritarianism inherent to this structure is antithetical to the concept of the rights and liberties of the individual most individuals bound by secrecy prone hierarchical values will over time lose the ability to display free thinking engage in civic discourse and even be able to envisage the notion of freedom that's what it is really all about do you put people into this idea that there is always someone beneath you and always someone above you and the idea of freedom slowly goes out the door with that regimented compartmentalize and hierarchical worldview and that is why very much like the this pyramid of manipulation diagram secret societies have also fallen into that way of looking at the world and power being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands and that knowledge being used ultimately in an irresponsible way by those who have it so I'm I'm going to talk about two groups of people I'm going to talk about the people at the bottom of this pyramid and the people at the top but not so much those at the top there's a level even above the top of that pyramid which I'll briefly talk about but I want to talk about the people at the bottom of this pyramid those who really are no those who really are suppressed by this manipulation that's at work and the group that I perceive as being the most suppressed the most damaged by this level of manipulation that has taken place you wouldn't think it's just your average citizen your dream your average person but it really isn't there is a group that is even more manipulated there is even more help in deep levels of unconsciousness and fear and in being cut off from their true divine nature being cut off from the the ever present and ever flowing dynamic energy of consciousness and love and these are the people who I would consider at the very very bottom of this pyramid with the most weight pressing upon them and it is the controller's of the world the military and the police these are the people who are the most victimized by this hierarchical structure of manipulation sadly they're often the people who understand how this dynamic is work in the world more than anybody else they don't understand it more so than anyone else because their consciousness is in that shutdown of a mode and because they're so ruled by the reptilian complex of the brain that they're in that fear vibration they're in that confusion vibration and they're just being given words they're just following orders to go out and control things in the external world because they've bought the big lie and they bought the lie that says that control is the answer that you can create order from control and we've already looked at that in part one it's like trying to dry wet clothes by pouring more water we're trying to put out a fire by pouring more gasoline on it you will never create the opposite polarity by adding the same polarity to the situation so you can never create order by adding fear confusion and control to the mix you can only create order by adding the love dynamic love Dominion or non-duality and freedom is how order is created and I can't emphasize that enough these are the people that are actually the most damaged by this system and the most manipulated they actually have the brunt of the weight of the system upon that more than anyone else and as such they need the greatest amount of help and the greatest amount of emotional support and understanding in getting to a higher level of consciousness which will be exceedingly difficult for these individuals particularly if they do not want wish to come out of their world view their negative won't view that is based on separation and control and they have great attachment to being right to do that the world is the way they currently think that it is even though it bears very little resemblance to reality in any way it is quite unfortunate so they actually need our help more than anybody else now back to the top of the pyramid those who are really in the know really calling the shots is there something even higher than that and I'm really here today got to tell you that yes there is and I'm kind of uninterested in what really controls the game from even higher than the top level of the pyramid because in either event it's the same way that they accomplish it and it will be undone in the same way through a rising of awareness and consciousness I'm here to tell you that the highest level of this pyramid is not the summit there's always a hidden chamber built into any Great Pyramid and the hidden chamber is where the game is that shots of the game are really called from okay and there it is now it is now known that there is one sorcerer that sits in the middle chamber in the hidden chamber of this pyramid of manipulation and it this one sorcerer alone calls the entire shots of the entire game there holding one of the keys to all the locks on all the doors and there's a device now that you can look into and you can discover who that one one hidden manipulator hidden sorcerer hidden prison warden if you will is and there's only one and the device that has been built that enables one to look into it and find out who that hidden controller really is is right here it's a common everyday mirror because that is who controls the entire game the individual the person that stares back from that Looking Glass is who has all the keys to all the locks on all the doors and it's all about what is going on within that's what's really controlling the game every individual is their own prison warder see we ultimately create our own manipulation our own enslavement our own domination so it is up to us to individually raise our consciousness our understanding of what is taking place to break out of that prison break out of that she'll I'll shut down consciousness to understand what's really going on here then of course if we look at the levels of consciousness as they are as they manifest in the physical world we understand that there is one way that manipulators people who are attempting to manipulate consciousness so that they come out on top and other people suffer as a result they have to attack really one aspect of the individual and it's ultimately all about mind control because if we look at this structure spirit mind and body this level is the physical world low above that linked with it is the mind and above that is spirit is all-encompassing pure being pure consciousness if you are going to have a true connection in your physical manifestation to the spirit that that connection is this layer the mind layer okay so if the mind is in good health if the mind is in balance and the mind is not under manipulation and control there would be a powerful connection between body and spirit if it is not in good state if it is in disarray if you do not understand nature of mind and the nature of your own psyche and psychological makeup then it is very easy to sever this connection between body and spirit once the mind is under control external control externally control so you look at it this way the body could be seen as the male principle the blade or the yang energy conversely the Spirit is the opposite aspect the opposite essence it is that which is not physical it's the yin or the feminine aspect it see the body rises up to meet the spirit and the spirit descends to meet the body so that they meet at this relevant this is what a body and spirit meet and they Mabel in in the realm of mind so the the the the blade and the chalice combined could be seen to represent mind and it's a symbol that we've all seen it's the Star of David or the Seal of Solomon as it has been called it's the seal of body and spirit coming together at the layer of mind and it is the solar energy combined with the lunar energy to create soul and Mon Sun and Moon the Seal of Solomon so keep in mind that is the whole dynamic that sorcerers are after they want to control this level so that this level would be very difficult to control physically you would need a lot of physical force to get it done you control this level people will police themselves they will they will mind control themselves essentially by through public opinion through indoctrination downton generation upon generation then the control that they're after is in this level and if they control the mind they D link this the bottom from the spirit and that's the whole game that they're after that's the whole thing that they want to perpetrate mind control so this whole next section of the presentation is going to be about methodologies of mind control consciousness control how to control what you think how you feel and how you act okay the methods of manipulation that are poor employed against us members of the human species by people who have this occult acknowledge and use it for their own egoic benefit I call this the methods of manipulation and as many researchers have called it particularly Michael caesarean has turned this the war on you because it's the only real war that's being waged out there there is a war on poverty there isn't a war on homelessness there isn't a war on ignorance there isn't really a war on terrorism there is only a war on you and your consciousness that's what the real war that's being waged on earth is is really being waged upon it's the war on your consciousness on your mind so we're going to look at the methods of manipulation and they're they're very very in their attack pattern they're very it's multi-tiered okay it's very spread out and throughout all different areas of life these these methods of manipulation so it's a multi-tiered attack on our consciousness and I've chosen 14 of what I consider the most prominent methods of manipul to go through in the presentation and I chosen 14 as a symbolic number which we'll get into later and you understand why but here's ears what the methods of manipulation are that are used against us obfuscation world view poisoning the exploitation of primal fears the divide-and-conquer technique indoctrination through what we call the education system control of opposition the financial system of the monetary system the control of mass media and information food and medicine in quotes the illusion of time the denial hassle ridicule factor what I coined DHR a factor religion specifically religion as binding which we will get into the use of symbolism in a mentally subversive way in a mentally subversive fashion and when I call chaos sorcery what other researchers have called the problem reaction solution method or the Galleon dialectic so I'll be taking the first 11 of them up to the DHR factor it would be a small analysis of each one but then for the last three religion symbolism and chaos sorcery I consider those are the real heavy guns of the war socity they're the real weapons that the big three of the weapons and I'll be taking those at length I'll be going through those specifically so now we'll take off the bulk of part two so I'll begin with obfuscation this is the first method of manipulation that the mind-control sorcerers use against the population so obfuscation kind of looks like this you see an elaborate ornate mass here if you saw that coming out you might not be so you know worried about it it seems like an ornamental style it's this is how something has to be packaged to us it has to look more named that has to look pretty it has to you know be packaged and presented to us in a in a nice way but if we really saw what la what lays underneath if we really saw what was truly coming at us which is this we would want to go in the opposite direction so see it always has to wear a mask it has to be sold to us as something other than what it really is so that people think it's something else that's what our few station really is and I'm going to just briefly go over what are the things that are on view stated how do they use on a few station to control us mentally well the sorcerer's want to obfuscate simplicity with complexity in fact everything that I'll talk about in this presentation is quite simple taken in and of itself the tapestry may be ornate it may be ver of a lot of information to take in but each individual component is simple and that is because the truth is always simple it's always easy to understand truth truth never comes out us with great levels of complexity it's always something simple and elegant just like we find in nature so if a controller can get you to think that discovering the truth is way too complex for you to ever look into it they'll push you off the path because you'll say I'm not even going to bother it's too complex I wouldn't possibly be able to understand so not even gonna bother to try okay so that's obfuscation of simplicity with complexity controllers obvious Kate principles with laws principles are based in conscience of doing the right thing because one has consciously recognized it as the right thing law is that which strives to create obedience because based on a dynamic of fear of punishment you're codifying something and saying you must conform to this you must comply to this not because you have recognized it as such as as being true and as being the right thing to do but because in fact you will be punished by someone if you do not conform to this or compliant and that modality of consciousness is based in fear law is based ultimately in fear consciousness whereas principles are based in the recognition of truth and having conscience be born within an individual and as such that consciousness is based in love embodied in a man like Gandhi a man of principle so the next thing that they are few skate is Dominion with fear of punishment so this is a person who rules the kingdom of the something activated the energy within them they have United the male and female polarities the yin and the yang and they have raised their consciousness to a vibration of the solar mind to the love energy dwelling within them and they don't take actions because they fear the punishment if they don't do or do not take a certain action they take an action because they themself understand and have recognized that that action exists in harmony with natural law with the natural order of the universe with the truth it resonates in truth and that individual has made that recognition according to their own will and their own consciousness not because they fear punishment anything that taking an action are not taking an actually because you fear punishment is the lowest level of consciousness that you can take or not take any action you're taking it out of a vibratory energy of fear as opposed to a level of understanding that is born in love and conscious conscience and consciousness so you cannot you cannot take an action based on fear of punishment and expect there to be order and peace and good things in the world we have to make these recognitions through the raising of our own awareness that they resonate with truth and take action according to those principles the next thing that they are few speed is gnosis with belief see gnosis can be defined as an understanding that is born through direct experience of the thing so gnosis means you'll believe that it exists you know that it does because you have a direct experience of that thing so you could put your hand in a pot of water and it's hot then that you have noticed that it's not because you actually place your hand in the pot and you know that it is hot someone else if you said okay that's hot they may believe you they may have a belief about that they don't really have gnosis of it until they directly access or directly experience it so that's what gnosis is gnosis is knowledge born of direct experience belief which is what religions want you to have they want you to simply believe something because it is told to you by someone that came before you will put you into a modality of consciousness where you're not really thinking your own thoughts you haven't really thought through why it is you may hold a particular belief or value it is just something that you have acquired from someone else's understanding of the world and that's why I say throughout this presentation no one should believe anything that I'm saying throughout this whole presentation it should resonate with you as truth because you looked into these things on your own and determined they are true or not true and then live your life in harmony and and according to your understanding of that not because you believe what I am say I'm not asking for anyone to believe I was asking for anyone's belief I will be no better than any other religious leader so I'm looking to inspire gnosis within a person now you look into things all your own and come to your conclusions about them because you yourself have studied and considered them how they work individuality is obfuscated with culture and this is a big one because all the value within us is carried in the individual the individual is a ultimate value and again that an individual is unique a unique expression of consciousness and culture as the late Terence Mckenna one of my greatest mentors and teachers said culture is not your friend folks he was very fond of saying you know it's it's that which is that which controls you it's it's a cult so to speak so culture is trying to make everyone conform to its value system and it's ideology about what is true and what is right and oftentimes that's not really in harmony with the truth with natural law with how things really operate in the world it's simply that way cause people who came before us made it that way and we're just going along with it we don't know whether it's actually right or getting anything really of great value in and something that can lead to our actual fulfillment out of it we're just going along with it because others before us did it and we're expected to take up that mantle and do the same thing in a culture so it's a self-perpetuating institutionalized belief system it's an institutional paradigm a way of looking at the world and that's what they try to tell you your individual identity is it's a member of culture well that isn't what your individual identity is the true identity of the self is pure consciousness experiencing itself in a multitude of forms and that's where the greatest value lies within the individual not within a culture they are a few state open the truth with lies this is very simple they'll just telling you black is white white is black and it's this way because we said so because we're the arbiters of truth and we will tell you what is right and what is wrong we'll make it up as we go along depending on our objectives and our aims and our goals so the truth is what we say it is it's not something that's out there if it's just a little relative moral relativism again truth is what I say it is because that's what's good for me well that isn't really what truth is truth is actually independent of the individual and we need to use our perceptions to get into harmony with it that's the truth actually exists independent of what we think we feel about it so that's another method of obfuscation and this is how moral relativism works I'll have you state the truth with lies obtuse take good with evil get everybody believing that they can continue though continue to do things that really aren't good for them but they'll end up getting something good out of it this is the hamster in wheels syndrome you know I'll keep doing this and getting one result but expect to get another result which I can never get by doing this but I'll continue to run around in the wheel anyway see I they want you to believe that you can get that which is good by really doing things that are harmful ultimately you know and are not in harmony with nature and harmony with natural law and harmony with the truth so people are really living this here they're living that which is going to get them at and they think it's going to get them this it'll never work that way and that's what attachment is all about attachment to doing things one way thinking this way and you expect it somehow magically even though it's never gotten me what you want it's going to suddenly get you what you want one day and unfortunately it doesn't work that way the next method of manipulation is worldview poisoning as we talked about a bit in part one what the employees Ihnen is through constant application of repeating certain phrases repeating certain concepts and putting ideas into people's minds you get people to look at human nature in a certain way as damaged as fundamentally flawed even upon coming into the world we're born and an evil State were born in a damaged state in a nun pierced eighth and that isn't really what human nature is we have to see this for what it is a method of worldview poisoning we don't come in evil we are conditioned those who have come before us through the the bad information that we take in and accept as truth that's how we become flawed in in our ways of looking at the world and of being in the world this is what human nature really looks like it is fundamentally good is fundamentally nurturing and protecting and wants to help raise ourselves and other beings to higher levels of awareness another way that the worldview is attacked is by getting people to identify their value with a number or a group of possessions so this has to do with how we view mentally our value as an individual do we look at ourselves as how much money we make how much money we have in the bank what kind of car we drive and kind of clothes we wear what kind of house we live in you know or do we recognize that no value can be placed upon the individual because the individual is on infinite value and the in finish the individual is an expression of infinite consciousness having an experience in the physical world and if we look at that as our value then we can't be brainwashed we can't be mind controlled because one will recognize the spiritual nature of ourselves in others that were around in other words that which is divine in me recognizes that which is divine in you as encapsulated in the phrase namaste or by the Mayan in LA catch I am another you you are another me because this is our true value the controllers want people to think to mentally believe that there is no such thing as change that there is a static state it has always been this way it is this way now and it will always be this way and this is simply untrue this is another method of worldview poisoning another methodology to control consciousness I often say to people so much change is occurring it's almost impossible to keep up with it and people often respond nothing's ever going to change it's always going to be this way there are a victim of this worldview poisoning that it is impossible to create change because they think that change has to be something that happens instantly on a global level it doesn't work that way the global change is happening slowly by individuals changing their themselves their their own consciousness we have to change and become the butterfly and that's how change happens on a global scale okay so change is possible thousands of people alive today are evidence of this and it can be done it often happens in small steps and it happens by each individual being the change changing themselves the next method of manipulation is preying upon our primal subconscious fears that go back to human antiquity and here's what they are our primal fears are fourfold the fears that are the deepest rooted in the in the subconscious mind are the fears of darkness the fears of predators the fears fear of abandonment and the fear of chaos so the controllers notice the Sorcerer's notice those who are using mind control understand that we are motivated to avoid these fears so they use them against us all the time here's how it works see the Sun is the greatest friend of mankind there would be no life without the Sun on this planet could never exist without the Sun Sun provides energy light heat warmth food for plants to grow and other animals to live so there is no life without the Sun the ancients understood this quite readily and that is why the Sun is revered and worshiped in many ancient religions and cultures winter is a time of the Sun not being present so along with that you get the cold you get diet die off of plants you get the scarcity of food you get animals coming in and encroaching territory and things becoming a more dangerous place so you're looking to the father figure the strong male dominant father figure for protection protection of those that aren't as strong and are as physically able to control the surroundings so when the Sun is going down and not presence where as absent for a long time as in winter that the main source of protein the male-dominant father-figure of them of the tribe or the culture because he is the one that will protect the tribe protect the family from these guys the Predators that ties it with the other primal fear so you have the fear of darkness tied in with the fear of predators and if the father-figure abandons his people that he is protecting that they are exposed to the influence of predators so there is where the fear of abandonment ties in to this story about how these subconscious fears have been working on us since the dawn of mankind since human antiquities and when we get into that situation where there may be predators around us the first thing we're going to cry out for is do something about it this can't continue to go on we need to be protected by the big daddy figure the male dominator father figure which in our culture has become the governments of the world those who we look to for protection and we are dependent upon we have become dependent upon because they have been propped up as the male father figure of our culture to protect us against any threats when in fact the joke is really on us because a predator if you break the word down is simply a predate er one who has come before another and again this ties in with the ancient mystery traditions the ancient secret societies that had the information of consciousness and these are the people who are ultimately in control now who are calling the shots from behind scenes and they are free daters to our level of awareness they've had this knowledge for thousands of years they know we don't have it for them it's almost as simple as shooting fish in a barrel because they have all this knowledge about how we work we have very little knowledge about how we work and many don't even desire to have it that's one of the main problems and they have become the Predators our predators they're telling us that they're going to prop themselves up as our protectors but in fact because of the levels of knowledge we have and how they're using it against us they're actually our predators our pre daters the next method of manipulation is the technique known as divide and conquer so I have here an image of Caesar who used this in the Roman Empire to conquer lands that he absorbed into the Roman Empire for example when Caesar was attempting to conquer Gaul he would have some regiments of his of his army attack certain towns in the region Gaul which we now call France to create conflicts between neighboring tribes even blame it on on the pad then blame it on another tribe and then he would watch the cows and Sue and watch them fight amongst each other while he was sitting back his armies were had lots of rations lots of supplies were well rested when the fighting was done and their forces were weakened he would send his legions in and annihilate the enemy with minimal losses the divide-and-conquer strategy get people fighting amongst themselves so they do not have any reserves with strength for fighting the real enemy that's keeping them all down and they divide us on whatever principles they can whatever ways we can possibly see ourselves as separate they use the divide and conquer through sex male and female through race any any differences in race region of the world ethnicity through age young and old through religion I'm Christian I'm Islamic I'm Jewish through class the rich in the poor through politics Republican versus Democrat conservative versus labor you look at nationality the United States versus Mexico Canada versus the United States France versus England you know any ways that you can get people to see themselves as separate you're reinforcing this method of manipulation and mind-control because people are easier to control and dominate if they are warring amongst each other the indoctrination system that we laughingly call education in the Western culture Western education has been become almost entirely left-brain and we talked about what the imbalance in the brain does to the brain chemistry and the brain physiology our culture is actually a system of indoctrination toward the left brain reading writing and math science the absence largely most programs that get cut from school are artistic creative programs music things like that we need a whole brain edge encapsulate and that encompasses both left and right brain for a holistic approach to to balance both brain hemispheres and having them come together in coherence and unfortunately that is what we have we have we have outcome based systems of Education that are really there to dumb people down to keep them in a half brain state of consciousness to teach them only five cents identification and to prepare them for roles for ego identifying roles that we call jobs that are basically preparing people to be this education system is designed to prepare people to be conforming obedient workers that is what they're trying to pump out through the scientifically crafted form of indoctrination in the West that we call education and what I'll be talking about later is a cultic symbology that is used throughout our culture one of them is the square congratulation hat that the board that is one on top of the crown chakra this is a highly subversive symbol because the square has always represented base consciousness the square in particularly free Masonic symbology represents base consciousness or the chequered life of mankind those who are Wanderers between light and darkness never really knowing which is which so they lead the life of a pawn and it's particularly subversive because it's a black square that represents darkness ignorant strength conflict the blacks wear highly subversive symbol and they're placing it upon graduation upon the crown shop or the place with the energy of consciousness is strongest in the in the physiology and a highly subversive symbol representing that one has become gradually indoctrinated they have graduated to the consciousness of the square is it it's absolutely amazing that this a symbol like this can be put right before people and they think of it as something that is positive and revel in it yet it is actually a very subversive usage of symbolism upon the consciousness the next method of manipulation is controlled opposition so this is the illusion of two opposing forces fighting each other when in fact they're actually the same forces as a flip side of the same coin best example this is Democrat versus Republican there is no difference between the two there is only really one political party doing the agenda of the manipulators behind the scenes the the international banking dynasties and the the occult controllers that call the shots but this is a great political cartoon here the two-party illusion is the first aspect of this controlled opposition again no difference between Republican and Democrat there are two wings of the same bird vote all you want the flight plan does not change the body they're both connected to the same body and they're flying to the same place and if you need any clear example of this look to the 2004 election scam the election fraud between John Kerry and Joe but because they're both members of the elite order of the Stalin bonus Yale fraternal were based on a dark set of Freemasonry what I would call a rogue a rogue Lodge and it is the order of death and is that which worships the force that brings chaos because they are the Kaos magicians they are the Cal Sorcerer's they are bred to be these left brain dominant controllers and manipulators that use occultic ideologies against people to manipulate them and these two men are both little orders of members of the same fraternal Brotherhood of Yale University the Skull and Bones a bit about the symbology of the Stalin the bones the skull is where fault takes place the bones the cross bones are what we use to perform action but you'll notice that there is a lost mode of consciousness here there is thought and action but no emotion the Sacred Feminine is removed from the equation because the sorcerer's of consciousness are those who use their intelligence and their will to act but have no emotion so they are the skull and the bones they don't care about the the the consequences of their actions in the external world and what their actions do to others they're only using their egoic will the bones and their cleverness the left brain conscious is the left brain aspect of human thought with with no connection to the wisdom or the nurturing or the intuition of the right brain to do whatever they want to do to do their ego it will the second the flipside of this controlled opposition is the New Age movement and this may somewhat upset some people who are into New Age ideologies I don't think all New Age movement ideologies are bad or negative or shouldn't be looked into I certainly think they should be looked into I think meditating in the proper context is a great form of experiencing pure awareness however I think that the New Age movement is largely co-opted and it is being used as something to get people never to look at the negative to say don't look at that that's negative you're being negative by saying that people are being manipulated speak no evil see no evil hear no evil and that isn't that ideology isn't going to get you anywhere that's not going to get you closer to the understanding of why things are the way they are that's an an ostrich with his head in the sand syndrome as far as I'm concerned so the New Age movement can imbalance people toward the right brain if they're not careful and they keep going into these ideologies that says there's no such thing as anything negative don't don't look into any of the negative it really isn't going to get us anywhere and understanding why things are the way that they are and how they got that way we need to confront the negative not be totally absorbed by it or to completely get lost in it but we need to look into it confront it confront the dark recesses of the psyche and the origins of the human ego and the human attachment to the physical world to understand why evil has come into manifestation to the extent that it has in our world if we're really going to solve these problems we have to go into those levels of the deep dark recesses of the subconscious and confront the shadow there where it lives if we're going to come out of it and be reborn in wisdom and understanding so that is controlled opposition the next method of manipulation is one of the biggest and it's one of the hardest to transcendent rise above because of how ingrained the belief in the financial system is in our world so the financial system is basically a system of enslavement and it is based on the principles of fiat currency and debt which we will talk about that one of the originators of the Rothschild banking dynasty Mayer Rothschild made the statement permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws because he knew that all you really had to do to take control of the direction of a nation is to control how its monetary system works and control the way that the money is printed the interest rates the charge interest on it and to control the amount of money in circulation and what we have in effect today as our monetary system is a system of fiat currency fiat is a latin word which means so be it let it be and this is exactly where our monetary system is money is printed at the wind of money printers they simply say let it be the Federal Reserve System a conglomeration of corporate privately owned banks that has nothing to do with our system of government it is wholly privately owned and operated and it essentially controls our government our lawmaking body our law making decisions in in commerce and now this fiat currency system is actually a system of printing money at the whim of the money masters in order to create one thing and that is dead our money system is essentially nothing but that because every dollar that is printed carries that with it the amount of money in circulation never equals the amount of debt that is owed so it is a self-perpetuating system of that that can never be paid off it just grows larger and larger and larger Thomas Jefferson warned against this type of a monetary system he said that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies if the American people ever allowed private banks to control the issue of their currency the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupied he understood it perfectly he warned us against this practice of fiat currency and giving too much power and sovereignty to corporate banking institutions the next method of the financial system is taxation and taxation is one of the clearest forms of indentured servitude at least it is to me than anything else that I've ever looked at if you're saying to someone for whatever reason you must give me this much of what you make and I will determine how much of that you will give me I can't understand how anyone can look at that and not understand that that is a form of slavery you're saying that you're the the product of your labor is not your own it does not belong to you it's essentially saying that your physical body that you use to put your labor into effect in the physical world does not to you and it is owned by someone else who can tell you what you will and will not do with your earnings so this slide should upset a great deal of people because these four months are essentially the months of the year that your average middle-class American works for nothing the all of this money is given to the state all our money you make on all of these days January February March and April are now given to the state through various forms of Taxation then you're taxed on what you buy as well but the average citizen one-third of their earnings are given over in taxation and we actually still think that we are free people so manufactured lack is the next example of how we are controlled through the financial system and there are third world nations that are controlled by these banking dynasties they get into these situations not because they don't have the resources to feed and clothe their people is because their leaders have gotten into debt contracts with foreign banking institutions and then when they squander those loans for they go to countries that they know that they can manipulate their leaders when those loans are slaughtered and they really can't pay back the interest or even the principal on those loans they come in and say well we'll forgive some of this that if you let us use your land for certain things that we want to build then and ship out and they get into shrieking groaning cash crops on their land and shipping them out exporting them to then import buying import goods into their car that really they don't really need from other countries that they could grow on their own land and they're exporting their main resources that could be used those resources could be used to feed and clothe their people and that's how the laughs and third-world debt actually works there's many documentaries about this that you could check into but the the world has enough resources to feed and clothe every single living being on this planet many times over and the idea that these nations could not feed their own people is ludicrous the reason that this is happening is because they are extremely put under a hardship of debt to international banking institutions like the IMF and the World Bank the other aspect of the financial system that really goes to work on our consciousnesses that people come to be seen and to see themselves as human resources not as individuals but as a resource to be used as the corporate structure wants to use us to look at human beings as simply a resources to devalue their individuality and their uniqueness and how people see themselves as a thing as something that isn't really actually human as an object see they want us to see ourselves as simply worker drones you're just a drone that can be replaced at any given time and someone else would step in and do that test it was described beautifully in the allegorical movie the matrix by the character Morpheus who said that humanity has simply been reduced to one of these a battery to power the structure of the to power the machine world and that is what we are when we see ourselves and we allow ourselves to be seen as human resources ultimately the financial system boils down to one word slavery it is what is used to really chained us and get us to see ourselves as workers as a worker race of people and it's it's used to actually keep us in servitude to certain interest them really don't we don't benefit from we think we do but in essence we don't things continue to go on as they are benefiting an elite class a very small elite class while millions of people go hungry and starve and there's no reason for it the financial system is slavery as long as a differential profit motive monetary system is in existence human beings will live under slavery until we recognize that there are only people and resources on this planet and we use our power of will to properly distribute the resources to the people as they need them and as we probably use them and not in destruction of the earth looking at the earth is something that we own but something that we are ourselves a part of and we use and manage these these resources efficiently until we do that and get away from a profit motive differential source of seen money seeing goods okay and services there will be human slavery and I will go so far as to say that is exactly as it should be everything is now exactly as it should be based on our level of consciousness we are getting what we are creating through our consciousness this isn't something that is happening to us that's why I say we are they in the hidden chamber of the pyramid controlling the shots it is up to us what we put into manifestation through our thoughts emotions and actions that determines what happens to us collectively so we want to continue to believe in the monetary system and continue to live as if somehow it never has gotten us what we really want it's always treated more suffering and more debt and more enslavement but we want to believe we want to stay attached to a belief system that doesn't benefit us and we want to think we'll continue to do that and somehow it'll just work out okay we'll suddenly just get something that we've never gotten as a result of doing this we're going to continue to be enslaved and again it should not be any other way when we change our consciousness the shackles will come off the next mechanism of manipulation that is used upon us by the sorcerers of consciousness is the control of our mass media the information that we get to hear the mainstream channels on any given day the mass media companies like CNN CBS NBC ABC fox news time mirror Times The Washington Post these are all tightly controlled hierarchical systems of scientifically crafted information to spur that can be summarized under one word propaganda these are propaganda corporate entities they are pumping out a worldview a vision of seeing the world way of seeing the world that the people who own these entities which are approximately now five companies want us to perceive the world so these are the disseminators of the mind control through society to get people to think not for themselves to not get people to learn how to think but to tell them what to think and you'll hear all forms of negativity all forms of violence of dog-eat-dog world the man's hatred of other men of of rioting of natural disasters any kind of fear-based mentality that they can pump out into the culture through the media they will do it because it is all about keeping people in fear fear at least that isn't happening to me I better shut my mouth and go along and just to keep my head down and just do what I'm what I'm doing don't think about things too much don't question things too much be glad with what you have that it's as good as it is because look at what's out there keep people in fear make them think it's great that I even have what I have now because they'll never really think about how they're spiritually impoverished morally impoverished psychologically mentally and emotionally impoverished you keep pumping the modality of fear into them and if that isn't working even as good as you like you have distraction you have you have sports you have celebrity celebrity worship and celebrity gossip it's this this isn't even news this is pure distraction this is pursuit dissuasion to get people to look the other way you know get them to pay attention to something that's really oddly meaningless so they're not really seeing what's happening to them and being people like this in the media on these conservative talk shows on these really they're really just pumping out a worldview that the state wants people to think and essentially all of these Talking Heads really are our parents they are parenting an official version an official worldview an official storyline the movie as the researcher David Icke calls it to get people to see this version and this vision of the world but never really think about it in their own terms with their own mind just accept that we've told you we're where the repeaters we got it from our higher-ups and we're just reading and we have news readers yellow journalists news readers for the state in this country we don't have a free press we have a tightly controlled press that our news readers their parents for the official state propaganda unfortunately that's what we have in the mainstream media this is changing through the alternative media however which I'll talk about in part three Adolf Hitler understood how important the control of the media was he said through clever and constant application of propaganda people can be made to see paradise as hell and also the other way around to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise because that's what the media is there for to keep people asleep and to keep people afraid in fear consciousness so that we are a sheep looking up to Big Daddy for protection that's what it is designed scientifically designed to do to the consciousness food and medicine is a very important method of manipulation there in quotes here because they're anything but foods or medicines they're actually poisonous we're being poisoned at the level of what we take into our body through our foods foods are sprayed with pesticides they are there are chemical fertilizers and the soils that they're grown they're genetically modifying foods that are causing all kinds of health problems and not giving us the nutrients that we need in our diet the fast food and sugar and carb based diet that we see in fast-food chains throughout the United States and through the chemical processed foods that are pumped being pumped into our supermarkets factory farming systems - in which animals go through absolutely incredible amounts of suffering that are treated in horrific ly inhumane ways and then we're consuming that energy so many different aspects of food what's coming up with Codex Alimentarius to make nutritional supplements drugs and then to more tightly control them can do a whole presentation in and of itself in what is going on in our food but the flipside of all the negative things that are taking place with what is being pumped into us through the Western diet is the the unnecessary application of food medications and surgery the the Western medical view of the world that the body is simply a machine is a horribly left-brain approach to whole holistic wellness to health and they want us to see ourselves as meeting their solutions for wellbeing like drugs like pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals aren't will create health health is created on a number of different levels through how we think what we put into our body what we pay attention to how we react to stressful situations it is not created by pharmaceuticals these are tree treatment of the symptoms not addressing the root causes of disease so the medical community simply wants to keep this going by selling us unnecessary drugs and surgery because that is their product they are in operation as long as they are selling less drugs and surgery most individuals in these jobs don't really down deep wants to create wellness they want people at the highest levels they want people sick its knowingly put into effect they want people sick because that's how they stay in business by having sick people that gauge their success by how many people are ill and that we're treating that's not a measure of success measure of success in any kind of true medicinal field would be how many people are Wellman don't need don't need to be treated because they're in good health so HM there's propagate this because they're just about profits and they're not really out there to help people that are out there to make as much profit as possible they're answerable to their shareholders for a profit above all else the medical community goes along with this because they want to stay in operation and have have a flow in clientele and sell people unnecessary drugs and surgery vaccinations are part of this often a deadly cocktail of chemicals who knows what are in some of them not as much research as it needs to be done is but not on a lot of these vaccinations and you're seeing all kinds of unforeseen side effects through the vaccination of our children and then this brings me to the author what can be the most harmful substances that one can put into their body the antidepressant series of drugs SSRIs which stands for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors these lock serotonin in the normal pathways between synaptic clutz and oftentimes because this serotonin cannot be read up taken into the the brain chemistry it will start to bond in place in between those Dozo the neurotransmitter will bond in place in the in the synapses and this can cut people off from certain emotions and certain levels of consciousness and certain ways of opening up their mind expanding their consciousness and seeing things in a new light this is a scientifically engineered way of keeping people at a very specific level of consciousness and a very specific level of feeling the emotions that they're experiencing and often not feeling them at all some people report that these substances make you incapable of feeling certain types of and that's why I would say they're extraordinarily dangerous to be messing with because and they're absolutely over prescribed as well but they're dangerous to be taking and messing with because anything that really permanently affects our tonal levels I will view as a dangerous compound to put into the body we are meant to feel certain emotions because our emotions are our compass for our moral direction in life you start to play the numbing out of emotions game and you're you're heading on a very slippery path you into robot consciousness let's put it that way so that's my take on SSRIs I call them the demon drugs a class of demonic compounds they're very much against their their use and over-prescription the illusion of time is the next method of manipulation that the Sorcerer's of consciousness use against us this is kind of a this is kind of a conceptual one it's a heavy one you have to visualize this aspect so time is a quality that we often see in physical terms we say I don't have enough time I am spending time time flies see it's looking at time as a physical quantity based on physical movements of of astronomical bodies so you're you're quantifying time and you're saying that it's a physical thing this goes hand-in-hand with the idea that time is money time is value to us and we have to acquire it when we have to look at it in a way that is physical in nature so this keeps the consciousness very much grounded in the physical world it's based on physical astronomical objects it is based on physically and lessly repeating cycles that go over and over and over again and repeat endlessly so it's a negative worldview way to conceptualize the notion of time this is a great depiction of what I look at as present moment awareness or the idea that time is actually an illusion because if you can get somebody time identified though they'll not take the time to look into certain events they're wound up in the events that go on in their life and it's an endlessly repeating cycle of events over and over and over again nobody dissuading from you know going off of the usual path of what they do on a daily basis and they're locked in an endlessly repeating cycle this is a depiction of the Gnostic crucifixion where it's a symbol this is a symbol about time in effect if you look at Jesus as the savior the light of the world the one who is the Redeemer of consciousness I'm not saying I necessarily believe in the man Jesus in that realm we're looking at this as a symbol he is crucified at Golgotha a Greek word which means the place of the skull so the light of the world the awakened consciousness the savior of the world our consciousness that is born in the prefrontal neocortex of the brain that the third eye so speak the light right is crucified he's put to death at the place of the skull this means that the light of the world can be put to death in the mind through psychologically being identified with time so cycle time is represented by the two thieves that the light of the world is crucified among this is the thief of the past he Rob's from the present moment awareness what is happening now what were experiencing now at this moment the present moment the gift moment this thief is the future he also Rob's from the present moment so if you can keep people's consciousness identified with time they are always either in regret over the past or in anxiety over the future they're never really rooted or grounded in the present moment the gift of consciousness the light of the world understanding what's going on within you now and around you at any given time true present moment awareness we'll talk about that more in part 3 the last method of manipulation before I get to the big three is the denial hassle and ridicule factor so this is threefold the first one is denial again the ostrich with his head in the sand don't look at these things they're all negative why would you bother spending your time analyzing the negativity that's going on well because if you don't understand the problem you're not going to make an accurate diagnosis you need to look at the negative so you can make a diagnosis dia in Latin means or in Greek means through and gnosis means knowledge a diagnosis happens through knowledge and means looking at the negative what's the underlying cause of the symptom you're experiencing you need to do it you cannot continue to exist in denial that these things are taking place this is a serious psychological condition known as cognitive dissonance it's simply seen with your own eyes the negativity that's going on in the world and yet still saying it isn't that way no I deny that it is that way it isn't how I see it happening to me even before my own eyes but I still choose to believe that it isn't so that's cognitive dissonance that's serious it's a serious psychological condition of denial hasil is the second factor of the DHR factor denial hassel ridicule I don't want to start speaking out against this stuff because I'm afraid of all the hassle that all have to go through by people who don't want to hear this message it may even be the truth but I'm not going to bother speaking it because I'll have to go through too much hassle and endure too many unpleasantries well that also won't get you any change that will also keep you controlled it will keep you actually enslaved you will not really make any changes for the better in your life and actually work toward true freedom and true peace prosperity or order if you stay in the modality of the hassle-free zone and the third of course is ridicule I don't want to talk about these things because not many people know about them or understand them some be seen as the guy in the tinfoil hat the weird guy who you know talks about strange things that people can't really understand or comprehend and don't know god I want to know about so I'll just shut and not say anything and this is another way we police ourselves these methods are how the sheep become the sheepdog and police themselves denial hassle ridicule we fall prey to these we're not really working toward a true change we're not really working toward true freedom so now start to discuss the big three heavy guns of manipulation and the last part of this part one part a of the problem part two okay is religion and the the second half of part two the problem will pick up with the the subversive use of symbolism and then we'll go into the lasting potentially the biggest method of manipulation chaos the sorcery but we'll look into religion now and it is one of the big three methods of manipulation and it is essentially all religions are essentially one thing in disguise they're presented to us as different essentially different ideologies and they all do have a core of truth to them that is very well hidden it's very well concealed it's there you have to go through a lot to get to it but religion and of itself is technically a disguise for something and I look at it as a binding as a magical binding which we'll see Thomas Paine who is one of my personal bravest philosophical influences one of the people who is really one of the core philosophers of the American Revolution and the principles that found in this country about freedom and about sovereignty he made this statement regarding religion which I personally resonate with and have for many many years I do not believe in the Creed professed by the Jewish Church by the Roman Church by the Greek Church by the Turkish church by the Protestant church nor by any church that I know of my own mind is my own church all national institution of churches whether Jewish Christian or Turkish appeared to me no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind and monopolize power and profit that is what organized religion is really about it is a methodology of control specifically mind control through fear the fear of the unknown the fear of the the unexplained aspects of ourselves of how we are actually connected to divinity and we need no priest to experience that we must become our own priests our own shamans if you will to experience the divine within us and Thomas Paine's quote there are perfectly encapsulate shall I feel about religion in general it's and moreover it's because I understand the word religion and what it really means the word religion is from the Latin relig re and relig re means to tie back to hold back word to bind fast it does not mean to as many individuals will translate the word religion if you look up the word relig re which is where the word religion is derived it means to tie by binding that is what the word actually means if you know how to conduct a nibbly translate rat latin and you know the truth etymology of words religion means binding or to hold back by tying and what is it binding what is binding yeah here to prove the point in a Latin dictionary I look up the verb reading re and it says to tie out of the way to bind fast or to more I'll be presenting a couple of these you know dictionary lookups just to prove the actual etymology of the word so if someone doesn't have to take my word for it so religion is binding but what is body what is binding in actual magical practice in occult circles and cold Parliament's what this binding mean and binding is a magical term and it is descriptive of a class of spells intended to thwart or hold back the progress of an opposing force or a practitioner so that's what binding is to form or hold back to tie out of the way that's what religion is a binding so what is it trying to bind if it's binding something what is it binding well I called this the dartboard of truth okay this is the religious traditions of the world around the outside inside and in the inner circle you have the mystical traditions but then there's the core of truth that's what all religions ultimately share but it's also what the exoteric aspect of the religion is trying to hold you back from that's what it's binding religion is saying they're out here what the truth is it's a don't look here and certainly don't look here take our word that this is what it is here so religious traditions are exoteric meaning on the outside of the on the periphery the esoteric or the mystical traditions come much deeper and closer to the core of truth that they may not be at the bull's eye at the very core or the heart of the truth itself but they're much closer they guard the inner sanctum the Holy of Holies the true secrets the the the thing that really connects people to truth that it is is indwelling so that's what we want to get to we want to get to that bull's eye religions are here to act as a shell to prevent us from getting to that core and that's what they're binding isn't to say that there isn't truth to be found within any of them but to know again it's it's a it's a box for consciousness you're looking into any given religion you're not seeing the whole picture and the thing that most people do not see when they look into a religion or when they become part of a religion is that all religions share one common thread they're all essentially astro theology in disguise what after theology is it is the placing as gods this the planetary bodies and the astronomical bodies that we see in the sky so it is essentially the worship of the gods in the sky the planets the stars the Sun and the moon so there are three major groups of Astro theological worship there is a aspect of asteroid theology that is dedicated to the smaller lights in the heavens the the painful subway so to speak there the the Sun absolutely the Stars and the planets okay so the the small lights of the heavens are the stars and planets all the little pinpoints of light that we see in the night sky that's one of the bodies of worship for a show theology and the other two are the large lights that we see in the heavens the Sun and the moon so you have three major groupings or let's say sets of Astro theology you have the worshipers of the Sun the worshipers of the moon and then the worshipers of the small lights the stars and planets I'm going to choose one of them to tell a story of how that particular religion is given to one of these aspects of astronomical bodies and since it is the religion that I was indoctrinated into when I when I was young I'm going to choose Christianity and I'm going to tell the story of how essentially Christianity is an ancient Sun worship religion so I'm going to use there are many different cultural myths and cultural religious ideologies that I could have went to to discuss the story of the Sun but I'm choosing the Egyptian culture because I think it's probably the clearest example this is one of the gods of ancient Egypt on his horse Horus hor UMS Horus was known as the golden Falcon in Egyptian cosmology he was the Sun God the solar disk that rises in the east and makes he flies across the sky in his in an arc okay he flies across the sky and his Solar are he makes an arc across the sky until he reaches the west at sunset so Horace is a golden bird he's a bird that is that his goal the Falcon and he makes his trek across the sky daily the word horizon is it means the zone of Horace hoorah hor I is the genitive or the possessive word for horse me it means horses were on Horace zone the horizon the zone of Horace that's where Horace appears during the day on the horizon the horizon he makes his trek across the sky and then he goes into the West at sunset okay so Horace has three main family members that you need to understand the role that they play in this story he has a mother a father and a brother his mother is depicted here Isis Isis is the goddess of the night sky in Egyptian cosmology she is often also identified as the moon goddess so at night when the Sun is not often the moon is the queen of the heavens she rules the night sky that her cloak is the dark cloak that the stars are embedded in okay so she's the goddess of night and the goddess the moon is her her presence when the moon is out you see it at night so this dark feminine moon goddess that also represents the cloak the black cloak of the night sky with all the stars embedded in it each day gives birth to the Rising Sun she gives birth to gods son the son that is owned by the god of the heavens Osiris the father God the Creator God Horus is the son of Osiris he is the creator gods son see the solar disk above his head and the Divine Mother Isis gives birth each day to the solar God when the the Sun is born of the night sky Horus is depicted right here his he is touching Osiris on his right temple his dark brother Seth depicted right here okay his touching Osiris in this picture on his left temple this is the idea of conscience this is the idea that therus is the right mind he is the connection to the right brain sees touching Osiris on his right side of the brain hemisphere so this is normal action he's the male principle that's good enough the feminine principle of emotions right this is the goddess of emotion the feminine goddess the Holy Spirit our emotions and our emotions are what give birth to properly real action so he's the light of the sky he's touching the right brain right on the left you have the God of Darkness he's known as set in the Egyptian pantheon of gods in Egyptian cosmology set is the one who comes at night when the Sun is setting this is where we get the word set the sunset from and if he conquers the life he conquers Horus and darkness prevails so this is this is one who is in ignorance if one is in worship of sets this is the dark god it's associated with darkness inherence and the light going out and look he's touching the left brain which tells you your two left brain your actions are not in moral rightness you're not in the light you're in the darkness with a the light is put to death so this is like the concept of the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other shoulder of conscience once whispering in your ear to do the wrong thing once whispering in your ear to do the right thing and Soros was known as he's a god of uprightness of righteousness the savior of the world with God of lights the solar dis and set is the god of darkness that conquers the light so you see here the Trinity but Cyrus's our thoughts Isis our emotions and Horse and set our actions one is born of metal uprightness and one is a God of darkness and ignorance it's a beautiful moral symbolic analogy if we take it as an expression of consciousness symbolically and not as physical gods in the sky so here we see an under statute from ancient Egypt of Osiris the Middle Pillar our thoughts and then you have Harris the male principle of action alongside Isis the feminine lunar goddess of emotion here you have again the yang principle the yang principle and the mixture between the two the coming together of the male female or thoughts emotion and action coming together as one so here on the Left we see Horace as the child with his mother Isis and on the right we see the these comparable image of Mary with the the Madonna with the child of of Jesus now there's a couple of reasons why they are a Virgin goddess and they give birth to a male child that is not born of a male sexual union with sexual union with a male the reason for that is Isis represents the intuitive brain she represents the midbrain where conscience and intuition come from when one conquers the reptile brain and is getting in touch with the right brain of conscience and into a conscience and intuition one has conquered the father the controller part of the brain the oldest part of the brain the reptile brain and it is a virgin birth the the feminine limbic brain is giving birth to the neocortex the divine male child of proper moral action into the world so it's a it's a virgin birth we're going to see how even that idea is is is covered over by Ashlyn theological ideas and it's just like that as that's the place where the Sun is born in the zodiac which we'll get into and look at this these images of Mary depicted as the Queen of Heaven with her crown on in each example she is the moon goddess she wears the dark cloak with the Stars embedded in it the cloak of the night sky with the Stars and in each exam here in this example you actually see the crescent moon at her feet she is the lunar goddess and in each example she is giving birth to the child of my enlightenment the more solar principle of proper moral action here you see Jesus depicted as laying on hay which is actually the radiant rays of the Sun here you see him coming out from beneath the cloak of the heavens being born the night sky buried the soul solar male child during the day and here you see from her cloak here is the Sacred Heart of Jesus being born in the flames of the Sun so in every example you're seeing the Queen of Heaven the night sky the lunar goddess giving birth to the child of moral action of the Sun now to understand how the story of consciousness which is Christianity it actually there is a real religion of Christianity underneath the astro theological trappings of it that it is wrapped in two cell as a binding and that's it it is the story of how proper moral action is given birth to in the world it's doing it's a it's a virgin birth because the other complex has been conquered the limbic brain is our intuitive brain that that governs our emotions and we feel that of those emotions and so it helps to give birth to the the properly balanced neocortex the savior of the world so to understand the story as an astro theological metaphor we have to understand two basic concepts in astronomy that aren't too complicated one is what creates the seasons of the year and the other is what is the the equinoxes so I'll take the first one what creates our seasons our seasons are created simply because of the tilt of the earth in relation to the plane that it orbits our Sun in that's all it is has nothing to do the earth doesn't very mean great distance from the Sun as it makes its journey around it during the year it's it's a it is a slightly elliptical orbit for but for our intensive purposes we can consider it as a circle so it has nothing to do with distance from the Sun it is simply the tilt of the earth on its own axis of rotation that's the only thing that really creates our seasons so let's look at this here the Sun is at the start of the autumn equinox the autumn equinox the Sun is directly at the equator of the earth okay so see that angle that the Sun is making with the equator of the earth it's right at the equator right at that point okay so the Sun is right at the equator zero degree no angle it's there if you went to the equator look straight out at that day the Sun is right at the equator it's not in the northern hemisphere it's not in the southern hemisphere as the Sun makes as the earth makes its journey around the Sun later in the year it arrives at the winter solstice and you see that the tilt of the earth doesn't change as it goes around this this plane of the auditorium here is making a different angle with race to the Sun so look at where the Sun is striking the earth back it's striking the earth in the southern hemisphere here is the equator here's the northern hemisphere here's the southern hemisphere so the animal that it's making is toward the southern hemisphere so the sun's started here and now I went down to here so now at this point the winter solstice the Sun is now at a 23.5 degrees south angle the next time of the year is the spring equinox and the Sun has now moved from its sovereignly position and it's gone back to the equator so it is back at a zero degree mark with relationship to the Sun then we get we go put toward the spring season and to the summer solstice the beginning of summer so at this point we see here's the equator of the earth here is the Sun and here's the angle that it's striking the earth at and we see that now it's in the northern hemisphere it's right in the earth at a 23.5 degrees north angle so now the the northern hemisphere is favored by the Sun during the season that's why it's the beginning of summer for us when the southern hemisphere is favored by the Sun here that's summer in the southern hemisphere and winter in the northern hemisphere okay so that is what creates the seasons the tilt of the earth with respect to its it's plane of orbit around the Sun and essentially we can look at this a different way we can just look at it as here's where the angle with the earth with the Sun starts if I am the earth and the Sun is directly out from the equator this is the autumn equinox okay the winter solstice it goes down by 23.5 degrees spring equinox it comes back up summer solstice although equinox winter solstice spring equinox summer solstice and this process just keeps repeating like a sine wave as the seasons go on it just up and down up and down okay it's it's a like a pendulum movement so the next concept and astronomy to understand is the precession of the equinoxes there is another reference frame of motion at work which I won't get into the the full mechanics of but you just need to know that the background of stars behind the solar path the constellations that make up the zodiac they're in what's called the solar eclipse they slowly go backwards throughout a very long period of time they slowly precess counterclockwise okay so at the at the spring equinox okay the the the constellation that is in that the Sun is in at the spring equinox over a very long period of time begins to shift and a new constellation comes in and it is behind the Sun at the spring equinox and this keeps going until it makes one complete revolution through the zodiac so the the frame of reference that of what the earth is the point of the earth is going to actually makes a full circle in the sky and it is not because the earth itself is wallowing on it I will not get into what really causes that reference frame but over a long period of time approximately 25,000 years complete circle is made and at the spring equinox every constellation has been gone through until you come back to the first one so that's called the precession of the equinoxes so just keep that in mind you don't need to fully understand that right now just keep it in mind so this is the story that the ancients told about the Sun on the wheel of the zodiac this is the zodiac it has family constellations that the Sun goes through during its course of the year the ancients would quarter this to create the seasons so they placed a cross over the zodiac wheel and they looked at it as these three constellations are the spring season these three are when the Sun is in the summer season these three are the autumn season and these three are the winter season okay the ancients then place the Sun on the cross of the zodiac and they would tell its story of its journey through the the houses of the zodiac through the constellations during the course of a year so I'm going to start where we begin our the zone vehicle here in Aries at the spring equinox so the Sun here is at 0 degrees in his at the equator and it started to make its journey up northward into the northern hemisphere so during these six months the sun's in the northern hemisphere during these six months the Sun is in the southern hemisphere so here's the point of the zero point and it starts rising now when it hits Taurus Taurus the Bull the mid point of the spring season the Sun has become a charging bull he's gaining strength because he's rising in the northern hemisphere when he hits this point this is the summer solstice the Sun has gone as high in relation to its angle of the latitude of Earth as he's going to go so he's at his highest point in the northern hemisphere 23.5 degrees north latitude of the earth this is known as the Tropic of Cancer that line the latitude on the earth is called the Tropic of Cancer and because the Sun is entering the house of cancer the constellation of cancer at that point during the year this is the summer solstice that is the longest day of the year as far as light goes because the tilt of the earth makes the northern hemisphere of the earth favored now the Sun is entering the summer season and he's travelling toward Leo the Lion this is the season that the Sun is hottest in the northern hemisphere he has become a roaring lion with a large main you know the solar rays of the Sun the fierce lion and then the Sun makes his journey into Virgo and that is after he passes that house he's at the autumn equinox now he's back at 0 degrees now and he's getting ready to fall into the southern hemisphere this is why this season is called fall the Sun is making his descent to another solstice to its lowest point of power okay so that's the season of fall now this is where the story of Christianity's to become involved in the telling of the atrophy illogical story of the Sun on the cross of the zodiac and it is because at this time of the year when when the Sun is in Virgo getting ready to make his journey into the southern hemisphere into Libra while the Sun is in Virgo in the constellation of Virgo when when it is rising at the beginning of the day there is a constellation beneath the house of Virgo known as Crookes this is what crux looks like it's known as the Southern Cross only visible from the southern hemisphere so at this time the ancients would say that the Sun was on top of the Cross of crooks not madness Sun doesn't go into this the Sun is here is over top of cross because Virgo is on top of crooks in the night sky you just need to look at a celestial map you pinpoint the Virgo and then you look lower toward the southern hemisphere and you'll find crooks the Southern Cross so at this time of the year the ancients said that the Sun was placed upon the cross of crooks the Southern Cross and this marked the time that the Sun was getting ready to begin to die begin to go to his lowest point the winter solstice so in this season the Sun then passes through Scorpio the scorpion and he is stunned by the venom of the scorpion so he now he's really in rapid decline ok he's dying quickly because he's he's stung by the venom and he's dying and then he comes to the winter solstice now the Sun is at 23.5 degrees south latitude of Earth he is at the Tropic of Capricorn because he's getting ready to enter the house of capricorn this is the Tropic of Capricorn 23.5 degrees south latitude of Earth this is when the Sun is that is winter solstice and the ain't the ancients noon that was as far south as the Sun would descend it's making its lowest arc across the southern Li sky that it's going to make and that's the shortest day of the year as far as light goes it's the day that is the longest day and darkness so this is when the Sun was said to have died upon the cross of the zodiac he's at his lowest point of power and he has died upon the cross so remembering that at the autumn equinox point here is when the Sun was placed upon the cross of crooks the Southern Cross and this one here at the winter solstice is when the Sun dies on the cross of the zodiac you see here that it passed through one two three zodiac houses to reach that point this is a symbolic corollary to the story that Jesus hung upon the cross for three hours three choruses hours before he expires upon the cross so in this instance from the arm equinox to the winter solstice these three zodiac constellations are symbolically as ours so at the winter solstice the Sun has reached his lowest point in the southern hemisphere and this is at this point the ancients could see with the eye no visible movement of the Sun back toward the northern hemisphere for approximately three days so the winter solstice takes place on December 22nd for three days the Sun is seen to be stationary and it's art is is staying at the same position and location in the sky as it rises and sets it is not until three days later that the Sun begins to make its trek northward until that is visible to the naked eye so the ancients would see the Sun rising farther northward in its arc getting somewhat larger on the third day after the winter solstice and that day of course is December the 25th the birth date of the Sun because that is the day visually the Sun can be seen to be to be burned from its place of death in the southern hemisphere and to begin to rise again or start the cycle again of rising and falling during the course of the year so that is the date when the Sun son of God is said to be born and he is born of the Virgin and we talk about what that really means the the birth of consciousness the birth of the neocortex from the man million brain however in this content context Astro theologically it means that the Sun is born of Virgo so that at one point was where the the convey the zodiac began it was it was it began at this point the the line between Leo and Virgo so at that point the Sun would be born of Virgo the virgin not of Aries so if the the the some of the the zone navel year would begin at this point it would travel in a circle until it reached Leo and back to the Leo Virgo line so if you look at where Rho is and you count the houses in procession in the precession of the equinoxes okay backwards counterclockwise through the zodiac signs you get nine months and that is the human gestation period the Sun if he is born of Virgo and carried to turn for nine months until he is born at the winter solstice point so in that instance the zone April houses are seen to be months symbolically here we saw them as hours and here we see them as month so we're going to see them as days as well so here we see a zodiac in stone this is the Virgo the virgin and Leo the Lion the Sphinx it's its position looking east toward the Rising Sun and it commemorates the Sun being born of the virgin and the the track of the Sun through the zone ankle houses and till it ends up in leo at the end of the ancient zodiac so the Sphinx is simply Azumi acting in stone now at the winter solstice the Sun that begins his trap northward again he goes through Aquarius the water bringer because the winter frost is beginning to thaw as we approach the spring equinox again okay so that's the bringer of the waters and then the Sun comes back full circle to the spring equinox the zero point again when it is back at the the zero point the equator and we see that at the point that he died in the southern hemisphere or in his tomb after being placed on the cross he's in his tomb of the southern hemisphere and after one to three days he comes back to the zero point to begin rising again in the northern hemisphere so this is the rebirth of the Sun this is the emergence from the tomb of the southern hemisphere to the favored northern hemisphere and that day is Easter Sunday and think about the day east star Sun Bay all concepts associated with light the Sun and the Sun is a star rises in the east it's up during the day so Easter Sunday is happens at a different date every year it happens on the first Sunday the worship the day of worship for Christianity is a soul our religion the solar absolutely illogical religion and it occurs the first Sunday after the first full moon because again in the lunar moon goddess must become full to bear the Sun after the spring equinox of the rising of the Sun from the spring equinox out of the tomb of the southern hemisphere so Easter Sunday is always celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox and this story of the Sun Savior that has 12 helpers the twelve constellations of the zodiac who is the light of the world the way the truth and the life has performs miracles that rises from the dead after three days has a Virgin Mother is the Son of God every one of these aspects of this Savior story the Saviour myth that is told over and over again through time there are over 30 incarnations of this Sun God every one of the names that you're about to see scroll by is one of the names of this ancient Sun Savior figure that comes from the east is has miraculous powers redeems the world through the light again has twelve helpers is the son of God as a virgin birth performs miracles etc and every one of those names is that same Savior myth retold and every one of those names predates Christianity it predates the first century of the comedy or offend by thousands of years some of those names predate the time that Jesus was said to have lived by 2000 or even close to 3000 years now this is not to negate the understanding the underlying moral lesson that Christianity has to teach there is a core of truth there is a religion that perhaps an not our that walked in the land of Galilee at the first century was attempting to bear into the world and really help to awaken minds of his time and I don't I don't necessarily try to negate that that it may have been a teacher or a group of teachers however I think that the idea has been co-opted and it has been turned into this story of the ancient pagan Sun Saviour myth in order to conceal the true message the true message of what the virgin birth is of what the savior of the world is what indeed the ideology that perhaps an enlightened avatar that time was trying to teach people and in help to enlighten unto and therefore the authorities of the time had to shut down that expansion of knowledge and they did it by taking it and perverting it and wrapping it in the old Sun worship cult the cult of the Unconquered ball Sun Sol Invictus and that's why we see the story of Christianity presented to the masses in the way that it is today I don't think it negates the true moral lessons that can be gleaned from Christianity but what we are seeing presented as Christianity and organized religion is certainly not the religion of Christ consciousness so to speak of higher levels of awareness which is what I believe that if you look into the true message of Christ the true teachings that are encapsulated in his words I don't think that's what modern Christianity is really teaching people Leonardo da Vinci understood that this is what Christianity was that he brilliantly codified this in his painting of the Last Supper if we look at the symbolism that's encoded into this painting we see that we have a dark half of the room and a light half of the room okay so again this is the concept of the light and the dark you could look at this as the male aspect right you could look at this is a female aspect right so the gang energy begin energy Jesus is the perfect blend of the two he's the middle he's the chemical wedding so to speak he's the Savior the light of the world of higher consciousness you see that he sits in the region where the light is really coming into the room because he's the Sun he's surrounded by his twelve helpers or his 12 apostles the zodiac constellations you see they're broken into groups of three right so this would be the winter season here and then as it is arising this would be the spring season okay here you're going toward outside this would be the autumn season and of course that would be Virgo okay now virgo is in Virgo is actually in the summer season technically it's above the line so that this is the this is the autumn season we see that he's surrounded by the twelve his flat helpers the 12 signs of the zodiac we see the do broken into groups of three each group representing one of the seasons here in the dark part of the year you have winter and you have all and then as you're going toward the light part of the year somewhere in the northern hemisphere here you have spring this group here is spring and the far group there is summer because you see that the part when the Sun is darkest that would be winter and you're going up toward the summer season there and Jesus is the equinoxes he's the perfect balance between the two so he is this star or the son of God at the gate the star D and C there's like chaos in the room they're not in agreement with each other they're arguing where there's some conflict and Jesus has a peaceful countenance on his face because he is the way the truth and the life it's the blending of the male and female to awaken the the prefrontal cortex and that is the way out of the world of conflict confusion and it is the way to the length of the the world above the connection with the light on the world above so da Vinci encoded this all brilliantly into the last supper and I think he had a real strong grasp of what Krishna the real message of Christianity was versus what was being sold to us in a national theology so here we see the seven planets were God's if you will that are visible to the earth with the naked eye you know the Sun you have Mercury Venus the moon Mars Jupiter and Saturn these are the seven gods of the ancient world these are the the planetary bodies that can be seen with the naked eye one cannot see beyond Saturn without the aid of a telescope we see that each day all the other week is given to one of these seven gods so we have and we have the days of the week given an English and French we have the planetary body that they are associated with Monday is the moon's day Tuesday in French is merridy it's where we get the phrase marady gras from that's Mars day interestingly the 9/11/2001 event took place on a Tuesday for the invocation of Mars the Roman god of war Wednesday is mercredi in French that's Mercury's day Thursday is fors day in Norse ideology Thor was Jupiter Friday in French is Vaughn daddy that's Venus's day Saturday and Sunday are relatively self-explanatory the the Jewish religion is Saturnian basis the the stars and planets astro theologically the religion of the stars and planets and therefore it's day of worship is Saturday after Saturn that they who they considered since it was the farthest body out from me from the Sun that could be seen with the naked eye it was considered the ruler of the planets and then of course sunday is the sons that the christianity worships on Sunday being a sole mark all our whole notion of time and how we see time is also affixed to the concepts of Astro theology so we have the three ash of the illogical sex the Sun the Moon the planets and stars and we look at our clock being a symbolic zodiac it has the twelve houses okay it has three hands each one of the three hands of an analog clock is given to one of the sets of Asheville theology the solar the lunar and the planetarium so we see that the Sun is given the hour hand the most important hand it's the hand of Horus the Sun God the minute hand is named after men which is a ancient name for the moon men was the moon in in Phoenician and the minute hand is is dedicated to the moon on the clock and the second hand is the fastest hand that travels around the clock more than any other any of the other hands because it is given to mercury it's the planetary and where the the the the pinpoints of light in the sky the lesser lights because mercury is the second body of the solar system after the Sun and it makes its orbit around the Sun faster than any other object in the solar system so this takes us to the concept the last concept in religion as Astro theology that ultimately what we are seeing is the breakdown of consciousness on the earth and we are seeing the earth as a global brain this is a very critical concept to understand that will help people to understand why the events that are playing out in the regions of the world that they are are happening the way that they are adding the locations that they are so if we look at the earth if we consider that the earth is a living brain it is actually a conscient one consciousness one brain it has two hemispheres we have a Western Hemisphere and an eastern hemisphere so we symbolically correlate this to the concept of the bilaterally symmetrical brain we can place the structure of the brain on top of the earth map so we have a left hemisphere of the brain and we have a right hemisphere of the brain so you want a picture that you're actually looking kind of this as at them as the back of the head so this area is let's say this is the back of the head okay and this is the left hemisphere of the brain that's the right hemisphere of the brain so you need to envision your head looking this way okay picture your eyes looking that way this area of the earth is your left brain this area of the earth is your right brain and if you understand how religious ideologies are structured on earth this begins to make a whole lot of sense because we have three basic astral theological sets that each correlate to a major world religion the solar set of Astro theology is named after the god Horus and sources name in other Egyptian in other Egyptian cosmological studies was his name was on men raw almond raw is the name that is invoked when Christians pray a prayer and then they say the word amen after the prayer is said to invoke the Sun God of Munro what he really represented was the son at his zenith at his highest point in the sky on Monroe represented so it is the Sun not at each horizon at the rising horizon he could be called Horus the golden Falcon at the setting horizon he is set but I was Zenith his highest point in his arc across the sky he was known as Amun raw and often this was just shortened to raw or gray where we get the word radius of the Sun from so it's another name for the sun-god horus and we have seen that this is the religion of Christianity and its symbol is the Sun on the cross there you have the Sun behind the cross right there and I'm going to place the blade as this western left have a spherical religion the male religion so the symbol I'm placing on the Sun here is the blade the upward pointing triangle representing yang energy male energy the moon cult or sect of a show theology it is named after the moon goddess lysis depicted here so this is Isis the moon religion is the predominant religion of the eastern hemisphere and it is Islam Islam's main symbol is the crescent moon and we see just as Christianity is the predominant religion of the Western left brain of the earth the left hemisphere and it's a male principle the religion of Islam means surrender the word Islam means surrender to God because it is the religion of the predominant religion of the right brain hemisphere which is passive or surrendering so Isis correlates to the right hemisphere of the earth and the right brain hemisphere of the human brain and all the moon to place the inverted triangle known as the chalice now there's another world religion and it is based upon the sect of Ephraim theology of the stars and planets so the creator god Osiris is looked at as the God of all the stars cuz he's the God of all the sons he created the heavens and in Phoenicia cana he was the ruler of the planet saturn saturn is the is the planet that is farthest from the Sun that can still be seen with thee with the naked eye so his orbit is seen to encompass all other planets as such he's the War of the planets that that were involved that revolve around the Sun that have workman's around the Sun and in you know in somatic religions ancient Semitic religions this God was known as L it's where it means God the word hell in Judaism which is what the Judaism is actually this aspect of Astro theology its religion its symbol is the star then the stars because it is the religion of the stars and the planets the pinpoints of light as we talk about them the the small lights in the heavens so the the name of God in Judaism is Elohim and it's plural the reason it's plural is because there isn't one God there's many gods Elohim means the stars and planets that's why that's the big mystery about why L is pluralized in the Bible because the real Astra Thea large basis of Judaism is the stars and the planets plural the many lights of the heavens so that's where Elohim is actually derived and of course just like their symbol being the star it's the combination of the male and the female symbols into one now the reason that there is a two-fold aspect to the middle part the middle pillar of the earth is because in the middle if we're looking at the brain from the back side of the brain they said your head is actually facing this way and you're imagining this side as your left brain hemisphere this side as your right brain hemisphere what do we see playing out in the world today we see the left brain Christian nations of the Western Hemisphere where did you were against the right brained Islamic surrendering nations or the ideology of the surrender to God as being their religion the basis of their religion we're waging war over here in the eastern hemisphere in this region okay so it's like the left brain is over attacking the right brain and the Middle East the Middle Eastern region is where all of this conflict this is centered and the reason that it's centered on that part of the earth is because this region of the earth is the back of the brain of the earth it is the cerebellum of the earth the opposite side of the earth is where the Pacific Ocean is at so that's where the energies are truly United on the opposite side of the earth he's full ocean pacific peaceful it's the prefrontal neocortex of the earth the third eye of the planet so to speak and writes on the other side of the globe from this point you would see in the middle of the Pacific Ocean the Hawaiian Islands with the largest volcano on the earth Mauna Kea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii it is the physical representation of the third eye of the planetary brain all the conflict is happening on the other side the back of the head of the earth the cerebellum of Earth which is the middle eastern region Middle Earth the around the Mediterranean region so this is a proof of the hermetic principle of as above so below as the individual units of consciousness upon the planet become imbalanced toward one polarity or the other you will see the reflection happen on a grand scale on the entire planet the earth is in a state of left brain imbalance because we are in a state of left brain imbalance and we are seeing all the conflict driven by the bar complex of the earth which is the middle eastern region which correlates maps symbolically to the Sun bone of the earth if another country happened to be there at that location that's where you would see the turmoil and conflict happen it is it is a reflection of the her principal as the individual goes as all the collective in the collective individuals go on the planet as their consciousness goes so the mass consciousness will go and you will see it reflected on a grand scale so as we see these three religions put together of Judaism Christianity and Islam when we put them all together we get Isis which is Islam the lunar religion raw or horse the so our religion of Christianity and El the religion of Judaism we get basis plus raw + el and that spells the word Israel now this is important to understand because you have to understand that this region of the world is where these Astra theological sects actually consolidated the knowledge of the mystery traditions and then began to disseminate their knowledge and culture into other regions of the world so it is simply an understanding that that knowledge was concentrated in that region of the world before then began to go out and populate other areas of the world with that information and this is one of the main reasons why the country of Israel the government of Israel has so much influence with many other nations more populated than it and seemingly will do more political power but there is such a concentration of the ability to lobby these other nations the United States and Great Britain with with the desires of the government of Israel because the the power of these Asheville Theological sects is still highly concentrated in the region that we now call Israel which was formerly Finnish Shekinah and the the knowledge of the mystery traditions actually came into that region through Egypt and Babylon and the the mystery tradition centres that were around what we now call the State of Israel so that explains why Israel is so influential in what is taking place in the Middle East region of the world and explains why the ties with larger more populous nations are in place it is in no way any kind of a commentary on the the nationality or the religion of the people of that region it is simply a commentary on the government of Israel and why it wheels the amount of influence that it does so that is religion as binding the next method of manipulation the next big gun of manipulation that I'm going to talk about is the subversive use of symbolism the mentally subversive use of symbolism particularly in Western culture and particularly through advertising so symbolism is everywhere it is omnipresent it is all around us isn't just about everything we see in our daily dealings in the physical world it's stamped on just about everything and it's a language symbolism is a language a symbol is neither positive nor negative just like knowledge just like a cultic knowledge a symbol is simply something that has the ability to influence consciousness because symbols are language that we read through the subconscious mind largely and we often can get a message through symbol simple immediately through symbolic language we get the message immediately even if we do not really understand the symbol at a conscious level because it is not really speaking to the conscious mind unless you know the language of symbolism now unfortunately many people do not there they are illiterate when it comes to reading symbolic language and therefore they're really at its mercy they're really at the mercy of Hell a an advertiser or a product peddler wants to reach your subconscious mind if you're not aware of how they're using symbols to reach the subconscious regions of of the mind and the subconscious awareness so we have to become symbol literate if we're going to be able to use symbols ourselves if we're going to be able to protect ourself against unwanted influence and usage of symbols what I'm going to do is the present a symbol describe how it is being used for what purpose and then I'm going to give examples of how simple is used in in logos so the first symbol is that of the Sun which we already talked about the significance that Sun is a symbol of light of life of knowledge and information it's a symbol of moral uprightness okay of morality most of all it is a symbol of of knowledge of awareness of enlightenment of having knowledge and being able to use it to to do the correct things that will lead to awareness that will lead to order in life will lead to prosperity in life that's what the Sun has traditionally been a symbol of however wherever it has been used in iconography and we see this employed by companies that want you to trust them want you to identify with their products as something that is used for a life that is used for life blood so to speak that that is used to represent enlightenment even so here we see it used in oil logos in gasoline companies so you see here a Sun oil company Gulf with a large orange this representing the Sun behind the sunflower of British Petroleum and Dutch royal Shell gasoline which is a symbol of the Sun coming up over the horizon with the rains even though it's encased in the outer shell it still has clearly an image of a Rising Sun with the rays of what coming up over the horizon we see in technology we see immediately seeing the food companies one of my favorites is shop right you see the the shopping cart of a son behind it indicating that if you shop there you can purchase light it's a subconscious play on the symbol so they're trying to sell enlightenment as part of the product you know or something that you lack something that they are aware that you want spiritually is being sold you by proxy and a right is a ritual the ritual of shopping shop right and there is the Sun in the in the basket it's a very good example and financial institution that the Sun is ever present because again it is a symbol of trust it is a symbol of sovereignty is a symbol of knowledge and enlightenment on the discover charge card SunTrust Mortgage Corporation here's Citibank the cross of the zodiac and the Sun coming up over the horizon Lucius trust Lucis meaning light Sovereign Bank sovereignty being sold to your banking institution this circle with the dot with the circle around that an ancient symbol of the Sun and you know in the the shopping giant target of course Barack Obama's logo the Rising Sun many people just look at this as an O with the American stripes but it is the Sun coming up over the horizon because he is being sold to us as the new savior that will save us from all the evils of the former administration he is the new doll reincarnated son Savior so the the zodiac is the next son that is used and this is these symbols have to do with zone a or houses and Astro theology in general we see on secret society logo such as the order of the mole egg the cross of the zodiac you have you have the the cross afid the solar system the equinoxes and the solstices and then you have the Galactic cross the great cross there the double cross here you have the Knights of Malta slow go the cross of the zodiac equal armed cross on the CIA the Central Intelligence that cross with the Sun and BMWs logo and equal armed across quartered like Vassili a Camille you have the moon iconography used in Starbucks logo you see the crescent moon and she has the star she's crowned as Queen of the heavens so again it's a be on the goddess being used there the horns of Aries often used in different corporate logos you see the ring of Saturn used over and over again there's more rings of Saturn mercury the planet use there specifically Pisces the two fish see examples of how this iconography is used here we see the the sacred geometry of the best set of places using mastercards logo the unification of male and female into the womb of creation before the one and this symbol being the female sex organ the channel for men chanel for men the vesica Pisces male and female uniting again on cools logo we see it used as the depiction of Jesus the fish because the Sun is now currently in the house of places to fish and of course the Pope The Vicar of the Sun God incarnate upon earth he wears the the Minor which is the fish with its mouth open and here you see the Ashland theological cross the equal armed cross of the Sun on his forehead where you see the end on his section and he carries the image of the cross with the Sun God upon it the inverted pentagram so the pentagram is used as a symbol of the four elements and then a fifth element the four elements being earth air water and fire the material world but more specifically what those elements represent is Olaf is our resources it is what we have to work with the things that we can put into use for ourselves in the world and how we use them and it is on makeup or our genetic makeup our natural abilities that's what earth represents era represents our intellectual makeup the powers of the mind the powers there are intellect water is our emotional makeup how we use our emotions to to change consciousness in the world and then fire is our actions the male principle what we do with what we have so those are the four elements but then they almost be governed by the fifth element and the fifth element is ether or spirit it is the actual pure essence of consciousness the essence of who and what we really are that we must connect you to unite the other elements so it is love it is higher consciousness it is spirit and in its correct upright form you have the four elements at the bottom and then the point facing up to represent spirit the inverted pentagram is the symbol of the opposite of that it is the material realm the earth air water and fire the elements ruling over spirits the fifth element which is why an inverted pentagram is a negative connotation of this symbol it's a reversal of a powerful positive connotative symbol the upright pentagram but the inverted pentagram means that the spirit is being thrust downward and is being ruled by the material realm here we see it in the order of the Eastern Star here we see in the Victoria Police logo here we see in the official emblem of the Church of Satan and here we see an upright pentagram for the Fraternal Order of Police but I'm going to refute that symbol as actually being upright now I'm going to that it's real orientation if you study the iconography inside of that circle there you will not orient that temple as it is in all Masonic tradition unless you flip that pentagram over and then you're seeing it for what it really is being used for particularly in the its usage with the Fraternal Order of Police the blood drop is another symbol that is used not as widespread as some of the others but as certainly in s powerful way and this again represents life force energy the blood drop it is our lifeblood so we see this in often oil companies and financial institutions Commerce Bank Lukoil oil money these are your lifeblood Pemex oil from Mexico again here's the combination of the blood drop with the solar disk the triangle and all-seeing eye were pyramid and all-seeing eye so this is a symbol of intelligence this is a symbol of higher consciousness this is the symbol of awareness and here's how it is being used AOL logo the the CBS eye there's a there's a symbolic speech synthesis in their CVs that's what you will be seeing if you watch the CBS you will CBS fidelity investments you see the pyramid with the all-seeing eye at the top ground and light knowledge at higher levels darkness below in ignorance those below the Hut the highest levels are Co here is the symbol of a pyramid with the capstone missing as from above here we see in Masonic iconography we all seen guy above the compasses and square where we see it on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States which is on the back of the dollar bill which I'll be going which I'll be explaining in detail the Information Awareness office and of course British intelligence mi5 so about the the pyramid the cap missing and the eye in the middle of it the owl is a powerful symbol of the elite the owl is I guess you could say the mascot of the sorcerer's it is the animal most identified with consciousness that is aware yet is using that knowledge to suppress those who are not in the know and we see most widely used in the Bohemian Club this is a organization of elite occultists that meets once a year in the redwood grove about 70 miles north of San Francisco and they have rituals in this room that are actually derived from ancient babylonian ceremonies and they have a stone al there that represents an animal ate god that was children were often sacrificed and immolated to discuss this God's name was Moloch or Moloch and the he was often depicted as a bull God the owl kind of has been used to as a symbol symbolic representation of this bull as the bull has the two horns like horned owl does and it can be seen as either a bowl or now in the Babylonian tradition was more frequently represented as a bowl but it was also seen as an album because it represents the inhalation of a specific aspect of consciousness and that is the feminine aspect of consciousness so what what the ritual entails if you really understand its its deep symbolic significance which many do not and they will say oh it's just a harmless ritual why men who are acting out psychodrama it's it's nothing of the kind it's a it's an extremely subversive ritual against the the the feminine aspect of consciousness and here's how it works that they they have this out that they're going to pass a ritual before and they take an effigy of a child and they floor it upon the water you see here the the dark aspect of the hermetic principle being conveyed here the as above so below aspect in the reflecting pool as above so below and they float this effigy of an infant out into the water where they set it ablaze and they immolated to this owl what this represents is the emulation of the inner child that's what the elite are actually doing in this ceremony they're telling people subconsciously to annihilate your emotion uh not only in your care for what you are doing in the world so the ritual itself and the name of the ritual it's meaning the ritual is called the cremation of care that is exactly what those who are participating in this aren't doing they are emulating the inner Sacred Feminine child of consciousness care is what's being burned so they're saying that dark air is the enemy your care for what you do to others is the enemy it needs to be eradicated so you can use your power of will to do anything that you want to do regardless of the consequences that it means for other people if you in relate your emotion you will be more able to do that effectively without emotions getting in the way and that's why they burn the effigy of that infant anybody that says that that is not what the ritual is about does not understand the deep symbolic connotations on that ritual and the derivation of where that ritual came from and it does indeed come from ancient Babylon Babylonian writes specifically the rites of the ammonites which are a dark basically a satanic cult the worship result of the gods of chaos mo let being one of them the devourer of this sacred child the feminine care a principle that is the album we see it encoded very covertly because the owl is a predatory bird that can see its prey at night from a higher perspective when its prey cannot see it so it is easy to remain hidden and then attack when it wishes to to pounce upon its prey and its praise in the dark so it's in oh its prey is in the dark a perfect symbol for a sorcerer wishing to yield occult knowledge against those who are in ignorance we see very covert displayed on the shield on the upper right hand side on the front of the one dollar bill up in the corner clearly though and blown up you can see that it is indeed a small out peeking out from the corner it is included in architecture this is Commerce Square Commerce Square the financial system and the square a symbol of base consciousness combined and the two owls the double owl if you look at these in another different aspect you will see that there are actually wings down at their sides as well this is on 21st and Market Street in Philadelphia and this is the frost bank building in Austin Texas clearly from the corner angle and now it looks even more convincingly as a now when it is illuminated at night and it is even more appropriate and that brings us to the torch of illumination [Music] [Applause] [Music]