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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the illuminated torch this can be simultaneously a symbol of freedom a symbol of knowledge and awareness of enlightenment and it could also be used as a flame of sacrifice a flame of those in the know using their knowledge to subvert others and to create sacrifice or emulation in the world I don't tend to see this symbol as such I tend to look at this symbol as the flame of knowledge the flame of the torch of freedom the torch of Liberty and that's how I tend to look at it but it goes back to the Babylonian Queen the Babylonian version of Isis in the Trinity so you had just as you have God the Father God the Son and the Blessed Mother okay in the Christian Trinity the Holy Spirit taking the place of the feminine of course in that training but you have the the Egyptian Trinity of Osiris the father God is the mother and Horus the divine child in Babylon you had this same Trinity who had Nimrod the father Creator God you had the the son which was Thomas depicted here and he's sitting on the lap of the the Sacred Feminine goddess which was known as Semiramis in this culture so this is a depiction all of her on an ancient coin holding the cross of the Cross of the Sun and a version of the chalice which could also be seen as a torch so you have Semiramis depicted here the Rays of the Sun reflected from the moon she is the moon goddess illuminated the Queen of Heaven she's holding the torch torch of awareness of Liberty of a freedom of of enlightenment you see it on the back of old American dimes you see in Columbia Pictures logo you see it on heaven whose gas company logo so in in direct relation to the Queen of Heaven is the symbol of the Dolph so the Dove is how the moon goddess is depicted as being a crescent of white crescent moon you know what crescent moon as it makes its trek across the sky looks like a dove painting white bird so you know you could take imagine this piece as the wings as the the crescent moon and it's making its trek across the sky at night so this is why the dog was associated that the the the the bird the Dove is associated with the lunar feminine goddess just like the Falcon was associated that with the the the male solar god Horus and the word dove in the French language is calluna CE o lu MBE Kalume this is why we have so many usages of the word of the word Columbia it or Columbus in American Synology the founder of the country is named after the Dove his name was actually Cristobal Colon and he was a member of a secret society network here you seen giving a secret society hand gesture in this painting but he was renamed Columbus after the goddess Colombia say it's the feminine God goddess named after the doll : we have the District of Columbia the the name of the Capitol were the male dominator phallic energy the seat of male dominator power is rooted in the United States and look at where it's at its and after the Sacred Feminine the Dove Columbia and it is situated between two states it is situated between Maryland and Virginia Mary land named after the goddess of the Christian Trinity Mary and the Virgin Virginia so right in between the two feminine states named after the goddess you have the male phallic symbol of power also taking the name of the Gus this is a symbolic rape if you asked me this is placing the phallic symbol directly in a slot between the two Sacred Feminine states the male dominator energy of concentrated centralized power of this country erected right between the two feminine states of Maryland and Virginia here we see that goddess depicted on Columbia Pictures you have Columbia Records Columbia Broadcasting Columbia University with the decidedly Masonic symbology on the on the shield of Columbia University with the three crowns representing the three Blue Lodge degrees with the square of base consciousness depended there as well but we have to understand again that the goddess represents the intuitive side of our consciousness it represents conscious conscience the the ability to know right from wrong and that is a protector energy it is also the aspect that gives birth to the male principle the savior of the world the enlightened neocortex here we see Mary the Sacred Feminine the limbic brain the Queen of Heaven she's giving birth to the Immaculate Heart of Jesus the savior of the world she is spending on top of the serpent here the reptile she's conquering the r-complex the limbic brain where emotion is ourn where care is born in us okay when we when we listen to our intuition and listen to our inner knowledge of right and wrong we conquer the reptile aspect of ourselves and we give birth to the son of the Godhead and here you see the doll above her head and here you see the 12 stars depicting the 12 houses of the zodiac in this image is even more clear how she is a feminine protector the Queen of Heaven illuminated by the Rays of the Sun is wearing the dark cloak of the heavens the the dark cloak with the Stars is better than that because she is the Queen of Heaven you know the crescent moon because she's the moon goddess she's being crowned by the angel as the Queen of Heaven and she is acting as the protector of innocence the inner child conscience care and again she's giving birth to the male Saviour figure the neocortex the divine child the son Jesus and she is holding the serpent at in that case the sea serpent or the reptile hold that the limbic brain holds the reptile complex at bay when we make a deep connection with it and we get into our intuitive side and we care that's where conscience is born from and that's why this goddess is seen as a protector she's seen as the watcher of the torch of freedom and liberty because we have to get in touch with that sacred feminine side of ourselves in order to truly bare conscience and freedom into the world here let me see in the modern Christian Trinity that goddess has been removed and replaced with the Dove you have the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit represented as the Dove but there is no divine mother the feminine has been removed and it's been replaced just by the symbol that the Sacred Feminine goddess was given in the ancient world the Dove Kowloon now we're going to see a darker aspect of how the goddess symbology is usually looking things I'll do this one since it's later first you have here the moon and the Dove because this is a sacrifice of how we use money through credit building up debt so you have the moon and the dog on the same car for Visa and it's a symbol of the Sacred Feminine being used in a boat in a depiction of sacrifice of an individual sacrificing in a monetary sense here we see being used in a very dark form as human sacrifice because human sacrifice is still very real very actively practiced in the world it just isn't the practice of carrying people up a pyramid as it will pass how it was done in the past were sacrificing them upon an altar with an obsidian blade or a dagger of now human sacrifices carried out with the knowledge of everyone around us and it is done willingly people go off to sacrifice others and themselves in the act of war Moya is modern-day human sacrifice and here you see that goddess with her wings depicted on a war memorial see this is the goddess herself being the sacrifice a lot of researchers believe that it is them sacrificing people to the gods it isn't so much that they're sacrificing to the goddess it's the reason that goddess is always depicted in conjunction with sacrifice is because they are sacrificing the goddess within an individual it is the cremation of care conscience the protector the the grand architect of everything we experience is hair so this is the goddess herself depicted as being with these men as they are sacrificed all along with the goddess that's what war is it's a it's a ritual sacrifice of the Sacred Feminine in an act of sacrifice of human sacrifice so another use of the Sacred Feminine symbology and imagery when it comes to human sacrifice rituals or attempted human sacrifice rituals we see this through different events that have played out that how the the Sacred Feminine of the name of the Sacred Feminine embedded working coded within the the ritual or the this scenario you have the murder of Princess Diana which I do not believe was an accident I believe she was taken out because of her connections with the royalty of Britain and her name was Diana a Roman name for the goddess Diana we saw the superdumb incident where thousands and thousands of people were hoarded into this dome looking like a feminine breast and left there without supplies essentially to die and FEMA did not get to this region four days after Katrina hit and this the conditions in there were horrendous I believe that that is a deliberately designed thing that was done to try to maximize the amount of death and suffering that happened in that feminine breast the the Superdome with a symbolic representation of a breast and the two large school shooting incidences could be seen as very clear examples of mind control of trauma base Mike or Columbine High School again at Columbia Kalume the Dove Columbine and Virginia Tech the Virgin Virginia again two names of the goddess again human sacrifice rituals in disguise made to look like totally disconnected incidents but perhaps the clearest example of human sacrifice in concealed ritual of all is the symbolic burning who are emulation of the Columbia space shuttle again the Columbia named after the goddess Columbia Kalume the Dove and it's the white dove and it's burning up being immolated as it reenters the Earth's atmosphere when we see the crew was a seven-member crew and their car that's Carlene to the seven planetary bodies of Ashman theology you have the five male gods five men in the crew you have the Sun Mercury Mars Jupiter and Saturn and the two feminine heavenly bodies you have Venus and the moon so the the seven principles of asteroid theology are encoded there in the crew of the Columbia another ritual of human sacrifice the next symbol I'm going to discuss is the the fact shine and this is where the word fascism comes from it is the axe surrounded by the bundle of rods this is a Roman symbol that represents centralized it is the the central authority is the axe and then the satellite regions the satellite states are the bundles the rods bumbled by the central Roman Authority the fashion this is where the word fascism comes from we see this in multiple areas when it comes to political symbology is on the two sides of the Senate chamber the House chamber it is on the the fafsa is depicted on the the throne that Abraham Lincoln sent upon as a dominator father figure God God figure so he's holding both compartments of power the church in one hand and the state in the other because an absolute ruler must unify those two principles must unify political and spiritual power into one and the the regime that really attempted to do that in the modern world was the Third Reich and here you see the Roman thigh-high simple as a symbol of the Third Reich used on one of their post postage stands we had it previously on the back of old American dollars now I'm going to talk about free masonic symbology and I want people to understand that Freemasonry in and of itself is not an evil ideology again it is an occult system of knowledge that can be used for good or it can be used for ill or manipulation depending on who is willing that knowledge so this is the free Masonic compasses and square with the letter G in the middle as depicted in American Freemasonry the compasses represent higher consciousness and they represent morality proper moral action the square represents base consciousness which must be ruled by our compassion and must be ruled by our moral uprightness the square is base consciousness it can be seen as the reptile brain you look at these three components as the three complexes of the brain okay you have the our complex being the square you have the neocortex with its two hemispheres being the compasses and you have the midbrain that which gives birth to the conscience care as the G in the middle of the two it represents the goddess the grand architect of the universe which is hair maybe that's what creates our experience what we care about and if we get into touch with conscience it can give birth to proper moral action but we can only do that by getting in touch with the grand architect of the universe the god principle that the sacred within us and that is how to get off of the square and on to the compass see these sweater traces a shape that is a square with 90-degree angles not found in nature rough edges the the circle traces the symbol of perfection in ancient systems of occult knowledge the circle is perfect and is unbroken it is a symbol of divinity it can never be nailed down with perfection because it is based upon PI a figure that is a divine principle that can never be calculated with absolute certainty so the object is to circle the square and have our compassion and our higher consciousness rule over our lower instincts and our animal instincts and we do that they're getting in touch with the care principle the the generative principle the G which is the grand architect of the universe terror conscious so it's about moral uprightness and it can be equally seen by dark builders by dark mesas to represent quite an opposite this is what how symbolism is in the eye of the beholder and how the wielder of this simple determines what it's really being used for based on their level of consciousness so a dark Mason a rogue Mason a dark builder so to speak could you see the symbol this way man is ignorant he exists in base consciousness and I as one who has perfected myself have the divine right to rule over the base man the square the he who is on the square so it's two different interpretations on the same symbol one seen and a positive connotation and one seen in a manipulative negative connotation depending on of the eye of the beholder of the wielder of the symbol here's how this has been used in in popular culture in some of these examples that subversive in some it could be seen as not looking simple but then generally in education you'll see the square used in the three symbols and the color blue for the square representing the blue lodges and this is based consciousnesses is the base of the pyramid of this particular secret society network the hierarchical pyramid like structure and you're seeing the pyramid encoded here but through the square and the three base levels of Freemasonry the entered apprentice the fellow craft and the Master Mason being the three introductory or initiatory degrees of what is known as the Blue Lodge an American Freemasonry and this is as far as many go and it is often the degrees that are sent to keep knowledge of higher level suppressed for those who those in the really in the know of the order do not wish for those people to receive the knowledge because they have been gauged as really still being in base consciousness now you're seeing that depicted in educational memos there this columbia university of that the university of pennsylvania's shield here we see the compasses tracing the semicircle on the patch for the columbia space shuttle mission and one of my favorites encoding the compass and square Freemasonry is the game of baseball game I've personally resonated with but we see the compasses encoded by the foul lines here okay the make up first and third base the basis for the square for the individuals in base consciousness on the square the base men okay they're the basement and the middle here the mound of creation the primordial mound is the limbic brain the generative principle the feminine aspect that throws the feminine seed into clay the intuitive principle of the limbic brain giving in for to us and it is up to us here at the the place where the feminine instinct is being given to make contact with it with the male principle when other words to put it into action with the phallic symbol you're uniting the male the bats and the female that the ball and putting the the feminine aspect of truth into play in the field of consciousness to get it past the base men and to make the journey from base consciousness to higher consciousness to get home the game of baseball is completely Masonic Lee designed I don't see that as a negative influence I'm just pointing out an example of how that symbology is used in the game of baseball I personally look at that as a positive understanding the picture being the feminine I expect care the grand architect of the game so in these examples I do see it as subversive and this one of course the compasses used here on this on this logo from NASA but we know what happened with that mission so could be a illusion that dark Masonic elements may have been in control of bats particular sacrifice who knows the game of baseball clearly Masonic Lee designed I look at that as a positive connotation of the symbolism in a very negative connotation of the symbolism we see how the free Masonic Network is used all throughout the United States in control agencies and agencies of mail dominator control in this example being police and there these these examples are certainly blue light degrees blue log orders lower orders of masonry and I would look at the individuals belonging to these groups and other fraternal orders of police as being on the square and if anybody thinks that when someone tells you in the free Masonic parlance that you're on this square and they're paying you a compliment you have no idea what the term means because you've just been insulted by being told that you're on this square your being it's not a symbol of being fair now fairness and uprightness is e the square and Freemasonry is most certainly a symbol of base consciousness of not understanding the true self and when someone is told that they're on the square and Freemasonry it is essentially an insult and we see that this network of secret societies is actually at work in these controlling orders of police and I look at that as a very subversive symbol because these these fraternal orders have more allegiance to the secret oaths that they've sworn than to actually do the job to uphold the Constitution and to protect the public and it can be really used as a means of one hand washes the other the other I'll do a favor for you if you look the other way at this instance or you know do what I tell you to do here and it is really a way that freedom can be so burnin through this hierarchical order particularly when it is used in conjunction with controlling bodies like the police so this is extremely important symbol that's going to carry over into what we talk about next this is the first-degree Masonic tracing board and I'm going to cover this from two angles a positive connotation and a negative connotation so here we see first there are directions this is a map you see north south east and west so we are standing at the West looking east the West is down here the East is up here we see that there is a checkered floor of black and white squares representing base consciousness this is the checkered life of a man who is not born in consciousness he does not know light from dark he is a runner a pawn in the game so to see one who can be positioned however his master may wish him position the chess master of the game who sees the whole board from above from a higher level of consciousness and takes the pieces and positions the mass he will this is one who is in duality here is the pillars of the dual pillars one is this is the pillar of jockey it is a masculine color represented as a Doric column and you have the Sun ruling that color it's the pillar of strength the S representing strength the feminine side of the pillar is the pillar of Boaz the B at the bottom of stands for beauty it is a currently in power a ladder ornate and the moon sits above that door this is the pillars that represent the male the masculine and feminine aspects of human consciousness and is how we entered the world with these two principles kind of in opposition and it's our ability to understand them and to unite them as one - to use our will power this is the filler of will or with them which the W stands for it is Jacob's Ladder Jacob as described in the story of Genesis goes to a higher level of consciousness he experiences God consciousness he comes back down to the earth and understands that really the journey of life is to get back to that level of pure awareness and pure consciousness and that is the end of the journey kind of you know it's like you enter in this dual state seeing things as separate and then the object is is to make it through the realm of duality the checkerboard floor and unite the two principles as one and then you're born into the Stars into the light of common conscience and consciousness so that's the journey of Jacob's Ladder and we see here in the background that the stones known as the a Schwarz the rough ashlar are representing the soul in need of work and the perfect ashmar representing the state of perfection - ish - which we seek to attain now the the initiator telling about the ladder in the three basic degrees of masonry enter an apprentice who is still on the floor the fellow craft who is in the middle who has not received the key which is tied here to the ladder but he's at the GD where conscience is to be born the care principle and the Master Mason who gets the key to unlock the Stargate the Sun so to speak is bringing himself to a place of balance and understanding and enlightenment so it's a powerful and positive connotation it could also be used to represent the left brain and the right brain the male and female young Indian energies and the object is to unify them in the middle to awaken the prefrontal cortex and the pineal gland to awaken our star eight okay and that's in the direction of the east the direction of the lights the Rising Sun is in the east we don't want to be headed west that's the direction of base consciousness and darkness the Setting Sun the Sun sets in the west of course so powerful symbology there but it unravels even more when we consider this tracing board on its on its side as I will show you again here we're seeing the three lights in the heavens the lights of Freemasonry lengths of the religions the Sun the moon and the all-seeing eye the stars and planets again we see we saw the religions of Christianity Islam and Judaism representative of these principles and how they correlate to the three pillars of Freemasonry and global consciousness now looking at the free masonic traces were on its side opens up a whole nother level of what this symbolically represents so again we're given directions here is the West here is the east this is the south and this is the North understanding what we now understand about ashwin theology we can now understand what this whole scene really depicts it depicts the spiritual journey man out of the prison vibration that is on the earth identification with the physical worldly world of matter this is the earth it's black and white the colors of a prisoner okay the prison planet so to speak and it's these are the lines of latitude and longitude of the earth this is the earth's equator right here the Middle Pillar this is the the Tropic of Cancer this is the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere the Tropic of Cancer in the northern hemisphere here we see the lent of Freemasonry the Sun in the east away from the earth and this is the Sun at the summer solstice this is the Sun at the winter solstice when the northern hemisphere is in darkness depicted as the moon there were not in enlightenment right this is the the the pillar that the pillar of mercy because when the Sun is up there the Sun favors the northern hemisphere shows mercy upon the northern hemisphere Bhalla is considered the pillar of the severity because the Sun is not favored the northern hemisphere when it is at the pillar of OS or the Tropic of Capricorn and this is the equator this will be balanced on the equinoxes the all-seeing eye is the place that opens up when the hemispheres of the brain come into a perfect state of balance so this is the journey of the initiative from darkness started here on earth in darkness and then proceeding in a stepwise fashion to a place of balance okay this is emotion this is the Sacred Feminine principle of emotion nothing care enough to begin the journey you go higher you're trying to reach a place of balance between these energies and then you can get that key right there to unlock the Stargate they tell unlock and that's accomplished in action the male principle of putting your emotions and your thoughts into action and that is how you get off of the base consciousness and to the Stars powerful iconography powerful symbology being used here if you know how to read it now in a negative connotation a dark builder a dark Mason may want to look at this symbol in a perverted way so here's a reversal of it you see yes this is base consciousness and this is higher consciousness but they look at this symbol and saying well the matter is tilted across toward the left toward the Sun only and away from the feminine power away from the moon and when it our task is is to imbalance consciousness toward the male principle only or the left brain only because that's what gives birth to a Dominator to one who is bent upon control a sorcerer of sorts so this is how a dark of cultists would interpret this symbol I'm God my will be done I will use my influence to take those in base consciousness and give them the dark lights make them think that they're being initiated into something important but what I'm really doing is in balance in consciousness to the left brain and that is what some people are doing with certain individuals who enter Blue Lodge degrees in rural lodges of Freemasonry and they're being they're using that knowledge to create more mind-control dominators that will listen to them follow their orders and they're not really receiving the true light they're receiving the dark light of male left brain imbalance that is one way that that dark manipulators will see a very powerful positive connotative symbol and perverted and turning it turn it into something completely negative and here is how that process is used we see this extremely subversively when it comes to the iconography that is used on police uniforms particularly here's the floor of the house representing base consciousness the pond the checkered man who cannot understand the difference between the light and dark he doesn't really understand what makes the principles of right and wrong function the way that they do and the conscious isn't born in an individual that simply follows orders any one of true conscience would have always asked the question why before carrying out any action or order given to them by anyone and we see this if we look at this symbol of the Fraternal Order of Police having a Masonic third degree handshake and the all-seeing eye of of Freemasonry there and the three other corners of the pentagram representing the three law the three of Blue Lodge degrees we also see here the three pillars and now they're in their proper orientation with the checkerboard floor in between them with the doodle pillars being here and that one color being unified at the top and in that orientation we see that it forms an inverted pentagram as opposed to a right-side up one just as it is here in the Victorian police's logo clearly an inverted five pointed star and is placed along with the checkered floor right around the Temple of Solomon and then directly on top of the prefrontal neocortex the third eye the inverted pentagram which we already talked about as an extremely subversive symbol representing the destruction of spirit and the burial of spirit into the ground beneath the material world and here we see the double square another symbol of base consciousness representing the hypercube which I'll get into on the third eye on a English fleeces headdress so and there in the checkerboard floor of a house wrapped around the temple of Solomon the temple the Sun and the moon the left and the right brain and that's what the symbol actually represents the the Masonic Tracy board represents in Freemasonry the Temple of Solomon the temple within man it is a representation of the brain the temple within man the Temple of Solomon the brain complex so that is how it is used and here is a 33rd degree freemason who I do not consider to be a nag or evil person I think he understood a lot about what Freemasonry was and how was used and what its true purpose is but he did talk about some of how the negative aspects of Freemasonry are used this is Manley P Hall he said that masonry conceals its secrets from all except the abbot's and sages of the elect and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve to be misled to conceal the truth which it calls light from them and to draw it away from them but he's saying that those who are really not in the know that often would pervert the ideas of the knowledge are deliberately misled away from this knowledge so as not to let it fall into the wrong hands I often think that as well in Freemasonry it is being done deliberately to try to create people who those who really are in the knowledge of how consciousness works can manipulate for their own gain and get them to do what they want because they're dangling a carrot so to speak before them and said I have the higher level knowledge if you'll do what I tell you and you know that I'll let you have it when in fact they're just being led like like you know like I said like like a dumpy with a carrot at the end of the of the stick man VP Hall said that the blue degrees are about the outer court of the portico of the temple the porch of the Temple of Solomon hence the term porch Masons part of the symbols are displayed to the initiative but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations it is not intended that he shall understand that but as it it is intended that he shall imagine that he understands that their true exploitation is reserved for the ad that's the princes of masonry one of the highest level Freemasons in in Masonic tradition telling you right out in the open what the Blue Lodge degrees are for and of course the Fraternal Order of Police thing is Blue Lodge degrees of masonry so that's the Masonic symbology and some some some variants of how it is used the next a moment to talk about talismanic symbology and how it is used on our money so this will be a very big part of this part of the lecture this symbol is one of the most important symbols in all most symbology is the most prominent symbol or our one dollar bill is one of the most viewed symbols on earth and very few people understand what it really means I'm going to break it completely down from top to bottom and go through each element and attempt to explain it as as fully and as clearly as possible this is the symbol of all the mystery traditions they very simply it is the symbol of all the cultism of course it is Egyptian in its thematic representation symbolic representation in his Egyptian and there is a reason for that we see the elements of the symbol being the words unlit coeptis at the top then we have a pyramid with its capstone missing the capstone is cut off so it is an incomplete pyramid atop the pyramid as a two-dimensional slit in the sky it could be seen a 2 dimensional opening or a rift in the sky from behind that we see an eye and that that is bathed in light the pyramid is comprised of 13 courses of brick the bottom of which has a date inscribed on it in Roman numerals 9 Roman numerals there is then a sack with the words Novus Ordo seclorum written on it at the bottom so we have to understand each element each element is here not by accident is there by design and the makers of this of this sigil because that's what this is this is a central which is comprised of many symbols put nothing on it by accident and everything has a meaning in this so let's start to break down the symbols one at a time my purpose is Latin it means honor it means to favor or to look favorably upon coeptis is an enterprise and undertaking or a project a work a work in progress you could say so unequipped this means he favours could mean she favors and favors our project he favors our work he favors our work in progress okay so he favors our work his good trance Noah sort of seclorum is often hotly contested as to its meaning Novus means new order means order or way and set quorum is the debated word so I go to addiction a Latin dictionary and I look up the word Sai chlorin s AE CE o lor um this is because people will say set form means of the ages so I'm looking up the word side quorum and that means age generation people born at a time race present time or age century so this if this phrase said the new order of the ages we should see an A in between that s and either it would say Novus world psyche Lauren but it says cette Fleur so clearly that's not the definition many people will say that that's what it means it does not mean of the ages they the one set corn is put into a Latin dictionary and then you see it is a word modification a truncation CL is derived from Cu L so an internal CL might be rendered by CU l thus giving us secular and secular secular is a noun that means world universe secular temple earthly or worldly affairs Cairns or temptation so clearly I think this can be solid and agreed upon once and for all so we don't have to hear this incorrect connotative ly incorrect translation to new order of the ages this phrase clearly says new world order and that's it that's what it says let's lay this to rest once and for all okay so he favors our work the new world or and you have an eye on the triangle looking out from another dimension of space into our round the light is pouring through the scene from that realm and a pyramid is being built so he favors on work the new world or what is who favors the work what is the work and what is the new world order so clearly this is the being the favors the work this project is the work that's being done they this is the incomplete project this is the date that the project is could be begun or finished depending on how we look at the seal so we have to understand a little bit about Egyptian cosmology and the main solar God the solar disk which we looked at as as coarse as as raw set is the dark incarnation of it really all of these principles could be encapsulated as one solar god known as axon or a tongue depending on the spelling it could be spun aton or a te n so Akhenaten of 18th dynasty Egypt was actually named after this he's a fellow of 18th dynasty he brought in the concept into Egyptian cosmology of a One God that is the the overarching ruling aspect of everything known as the and he named himself after this god Akhenaten means the seer of the attendant the soul our God so that is the the being here the Adson now that could mean a couple of things depending on how we look at this symbol but let's just let it be seen as it is the solar principle the solar God the God of light the bringer of light so it could be also seen as the word Lucifer Lucifer comes from two Latin words looks meaning light and fair a meaning to bear or to bring or to carry so it is the bringer the carrier of light now this could mean two different things we have to understand that Lucifer and the Aten are the same basic principle the same symbolic principle and they are essentially they are a dual God there is a light aspect of the Sun God the one that brings true light of awareness and then there is the dark aspect of life so one can be truly illuminated and really possess the light really possess the knowledge and then there is one who can be born into the dark light those who have knowledge of how things really work but the way they're using it is for the ego being my will be done because I view myself as God and separate from everyone else I am out there to manipulate and rule them so even when you look at that symbol there it is the attend or Lucifer it doesn't matter whether you're looking at that symbolically as as positive or negative and I will go over both interpretations both the positive and negative however it can of in both aspects this entity could be seen as at 10:00 or lucifer keep that in mind if you take the compass and swear symbol and place the apex at the top of this symbol and the base at the same base level where the pyramid meets the ground you're going to see a very interesting thing emerge if we just trace the five points of the compasses and squares the two compasses the two edges of the square and then the middle part that that both share the the line of symmetry between them so we go down the compass edges and we see that the compass points point to two letters the the two and matters of this sash okay N and M and from novice and inset quorum then we go up the place where the square is used to measure from the inside edge of the square and we see that that also points to two letters and they are also both on the opposite edge of this phrase unlit crapless so we have the a and onwhat than the s equals and now we come down the the horizontal axis of symmetry and we see it reaches one letter that is exactly in the middle of the session the other from bordeaux these five letters if rearranged are an anagram for the word Mason and I am and this is the symbol of all masonry it is the symbol of all builders and who are the builders we all are the builders we are collectively on this planet the co-creators of our collective experience whether we are doing that creation unconsciously or consciously creating our experience we are the builders of this world and this is what we've built it into what we currently have right now so who are the builders we are the builders but there's two different types of masons see there are masons that build with stone they build the pyramid upward they're building with stone if you connect these five symbols as they are collectively used in this seal they form an inverted skewed pentagram an inverted skewed pentagram if you look into a dark occult ik symbology is always used as a symbol of pacts it's a symbol of paths of promises made to be something to be fulfilled to be delivered upon completion of something else so again we saw that these four arms represent the material world depicted as the the upward pointing pyramid the breath the physical object and they are crushing the spirit of the fifth element into the ground burying it under the weight of the pyramid see the dark builders the dark Masons those who are building toward a world of male domination the blade see they're building with bricks the bricks are people who are trapped in physical five-sense reality and left brain prison hood they're those who can not change they have one form and it's hardened a brick was once malleable clay that could be shaped more than take different forms it flows easily change comes easily to it but when it is baked in the left brain solar male Dominator consciousness it becomes hard and immovable it becomes a brick and that's what the male Dominator world is being built with the bricks baked into one form the unit form those in uniform cannot see what is not see there they cannot see they are Nazis see they are baked into one form the brick okay and their help they're being used as elements to build the blade world and the blade world will be ruled by those who are in the light they are the bleh the male dominators sorcerer's they have the light but everyone else is in ignorance and when you complete this structure the light goes out from the scene see they're building the blade if you complete this structure in brick they have all the light and the entire world is bathed in darkness that in that symbol the 1/10 or Lucifer represents the sorcerer and he is completely trapped in ego the ego bound consciousness it's the eye in the Triangle I am God the sorcerer says to the world and I will make everyone in this world and the entire world in my own image and likeness but I will have all the light and the light will be blocked out to those in ignorance and in one form and the male Dominator world will be born into existence and it will be the world forever in darkness that's the negative connotation of this symbol see you'll notice it's the bleed without the chalice see these are the three points make the chalice but it's gone it's ghosted just like it's been ghosted through human sacrifice through the cremation of care right it's been goes to through the removal of the Sacred Feminine from Trinity and through not caring about what goes on in the world the Sacred Feminine is removed it's its ghosted but the male principle is embodied its own and that's the project that the the New World Order project that the dark Masons the builders with brick are building into manifestation now there is a light sign of this symbol again he favors our project the New World Order if the true God of creation the true bringer of lights the awakened neocortex the prefrontal cortex the opening of the third eye the stone the builders rejected that Christ consciousness so to speak the true bringer of light right the true aspect of attend the so our mind right if we as the other kind of Mason are trying to come are trying to do the work that he favors the true brain of light the true God of creation and create the positive New World Order our job as the builders of this project is to remove the brick from the top down a little bit of time for those who we can help to work smaller groups gradually removing and helping people to change in larger and larger and larger groups and if that pyramid is razed to the ground is removed from the scene there's nothing to block out that light of creation and it comes down and it's with the earth so the earth is not bathed in darkness of the male nominator blade world instead it's bathed in late because the bricks are gone those who cannot change are gone they made the change the metamorphosis the Transfiguration of transformation in consciousness and they've been raised to a higher level of awareness so that's the OP the opposite a positive New World Order masons often tear stone down and the light Mason one the light bill or the light worker wants to tear the stone down so the light comes down and join up with the earth to create the positive New World Order and in that aspect this is a powerful magnificent symbol of the true mystery traditions the object is to remove that pyramid of male domination and bring the light down to the earth so we see that this is the symbol of Solomon encoded into me the male aspect here's the yen after the yang light aspect of consciousness combined with the feminine yin dark aspect of consciousness to create the Seal of Solomon as above so below the hermetic principle encoded into the seal the Seal of Solomon he depicted there but it is the body unified with the spirit within the temple of man the mind the Sun and the moon left in the right brain to create the stone the philosopher's stone the opening of the third eye the Piney known as the stone the builders rejected because the dark builders reject that light of awareness and consciousness and they are trying to block it out by completing that pyramid in stone so that is my analysis of that symbol and it's amazing when you get into it really study it for yourself and really go deep into the symbology and it gets even better when you start to look at that date on the bottom of the pyramid because that day is M DC c LX XVI in Roman numerals and that totals 1776 and here's how it breaks down this is a chart of the letters and their corresponding numerical values so if you just do the math and there's 1000 B is 500 C is 100 you have it twice there so here up to 1700 L is 50 that's 1750 X is 10 which out twice so that's 1770 V is 5 and 1775 and I is 1 1776 so what we're going to do now is something called gematria it is Kabbalistic numerology it's in a cultic form of numerology and it's very simple it is simple addition or counting of these numbers and we can combine them in different ways depending on which numerals we add together and we understand that all the added values are identical and they mean the same thing in a cult of numerology so 1776 is the number that we get and we add these Roman numeral values together and what we are ready to do we're just going to take the one and add it to the six and leave these two sevens so we get seven seven seven and anyone familiar with Judaism or Kabbalah may know that that is a symbol of God that it's nothing that represents the the Trinity of consciousness in its perfect form the seven seven seven is the aspect of the divine in man it is thought in motion and action the three aspects of our consciousness having reached the place of the gods the seven entities of the size the Sun the moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter and Saturn the seven gods that can be seen with the inch world a representation of the seven chakras of energy in the body so seven is a symbol of completion perfection and God it trembled as it is a representation of God so if we add the three sevens together it totals 21 and 2 plus 1 this is the parents and the child the father and mother the sake the Creator God and the Sacred Feminine than the divine child and then they that totals three two plus one is three so all of these values can be seen as identical or they mean the same thing they are numbers that represent God or completion perfection the divine has been awakened and realized so they can be used interchangeably in systems of occultism and again three being the number of unity of unification of thoughts emotion and action the triune being the three-in-one God right Trinity so what I'm going to do in this study of gematria is I'm going to take these letters because German tree is a combination of geometry and mathematics geo geometry gyah earth this measure of things a measure of the earth the mother right and maitreya mathematics the mother science after moths from Egypt the the mother gas so gematria is a combination of geometry and mathematics so we have all of the elements in place we have the math aspect is covered by the by the Roman numerals that represent value or mathematics and we have the shape that's given by the triangle shape of the pyramid shape so we're just going to combine it to by taking we have nine letters and we're given a shape that has three three vertices so we're just going to duplicate the shape three times and we're going to place the letters at the vertices of the shape so we'll start with M and put it at the top of the first triangle and then D C at the base and then repeat it three times M DC c LX x VI and now we're going to substitute the numerical values for the Roman numerals so we get this we get one thousand five hundred 100 150 10 10 5 1 so you see a pattern emerge there at the top of the pyramid in every example we see a clear pattern 1110 now in mathematics those are known as powers of 10 or powers of 10 at 10 powers of acton at the top of the pyramid because at 10 no matter how you look at it is at the top of the pyramid this is a play on words that works out in the English language and it is not an accident these are perfect numbers of base 10 new numerology base 10 mathematics and the powers of a 10 the powers of acton are indeed at the top of the pyramid at the bottom of the pyramid we have five hundred 150 ten five and one if we add those for each base we have 600 at the base here and 1000 at the top 60 at the base here 106 at the base here and 10 at the top we can then simply remove all the zeros because zeros don't add to anything in gematria think so they can be removed so we see that it simply boils down to this ones at the top six is at the bottom and now we can combine - one pyramid and you have at the top one one one were the three pillars the three aspects of consciousness thought emotion and action the three pillars of Freemasonry at the bottom triple six six six six the number of beasts or base consciousness and noticing that three correlates to seven seven seven because if you add seven seven something you get 21 if you add two plus one you get three so seven seven seven and three are identical so you could simply substitute 777 for anything that totals three like one plus one plus one one plus one plus one is three so we can simply put seven seven seven out there and substitute for one one one they're identical because they both add to 3 so we have God at the top the light the Beast or base consciousness of illusion and identification with the physical world at the bottom of the pyramid in a captured in stone in one form that cannot change illusion ego ego identification so if now we reduce them again so we add 7 + 7 + 7 we get 21 we had 6 plus 6 plus 6 we get 18 this is what is meant by counting the number of the beast that's what we're in the process of doing it's a it's a prescription for gematria given in the book of Revelation in the Bible we had 21 and of course as we saw that totals 3 the number of God and 18 1 plus 8 totals 9 the number of ego and illusion why is 9 the number of ego illusion well here's why the number nine has very significant mathematical properties and they are shown to us in addition to the number nine and in multiplication of the number nine so this side of the table is an addition table this side of the table is a multiplication table nine plus one is ten one plus zero reduces to one we're simply adding the final result the digits of the final result together so we're back at where we started adding tonight one so adding the nine was like adding zero okay 9 plus 2 is 11 1 plus 1 reduces to 2 it acts to 2 so we're back to 2 so again adding the 9 was like adding the 0 you do this with any number 9 plus any number gets you back to the same number once the result is added together or what is called in gematria reduction you're reducing a to G 2 digit or 3 digit afford to do that you down to one number you will ultimately come back to the same value that you started with because to add 9 is to an illusion or to an ego or to add base consciousness and when you add the beast when you add base consciousness you can never effect any change in value you bring metal value to the equation you are adding zero you are adding nothing you are adding illusion now the multiplication of 9 is a different result 9 times 1 is 9 9 times 2 18 add the 1 and the 8 you get 9 9 times 3 27 add 2 plus 7 you get 9 9 any number no matter what it is you add the resultant digits you will come back to nine so what this is saying symbolically is multiplying base consciousness only gets you more base consciousness you can never create anything new with ego and illusion and base condo so this is why nine is the number of illusion and base base consciousness and as such it is synonymous with 666 or the number of the beast one thing I should mention is that the date 1776 is simultaneously the year that the Declaration of Independence was signed in the United States and there is a document declaring human sovereignty and that our rights come from our Creator whenever we happen to envisage that creator without a force as and not from man what it also is the date of the birth of the Bavarian Illuminati order and that happened on May 1st 1776 which is a Luciferian dark occultic Sabbath known as all purchased not May 1st May Day of 1776 is when the official Bavarian Illuminati the order of the illuminated came into being so there's a dualism even inherent in that date you could look at the dark New World Order building upward from 1776 in earnest from a time when this dark occult ik order came into manifestation the object of a light new world order to bring the light down by removing the bricks and getting back to the understanding of personal sovereignty as the code in the Declaration of Independence when we look at it we see that the these two numbers 777 representing God or completion or perfection and 666 representing the illusion or base consciousness they total nine and three and that brings us to the occultic number 93 to go from the illusion to the real to go from the illusion to the true source of power to go from base consciousness to divine consciousness or compassion and that is the process of going from the nine to the three because the nine drops away it's illusion 9 plus 3 is 12 1 plus 2 goes back to 3 so the 9 falls away being illusion to go from the 9 to 3 and this is a number that represents will real power we make this journey by an act of personal will and it is an act of love love and will we will see later are identical forces keep the number 93 in mind the next way that symbolism is used subversively is in architecture so this is the pyramid outside of the Louvre the Art Museum in Paris and it is a symbol of a pyramid upward-pointing male pyramid and it is comprised of exactly 666 panes of glass so again the base consciousness is encoded into the shape and you see that the pyramid informed slightly off overwrite almost an exact wrong angle at the top apex here we see the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and we see from overhead this art is a solar symbol you could see this as a point of male energy these twelve streets being the twelve houses of the zodiac ball could form converging on the Arc de Triomphe with the Rays of the Sun around it could look at this as a unification of the two pillars we arch the the point in the middle where the two become one and they join together in the male and the female principles we see the masculine principle encoded in the in the Eiffel Tower it is in three levels just like the three degrees of masonry you have the the entered apprentice the fellow craft and the Master Mason the three levels of me of the Eiffel Tower it is illuminated at night and it as a phallic symbol the illuminated pyramid at the louvre at the base of of the move underneath if you go underneath this pyramid the hermetic principle is encoded by a downward pointing pyramid overtop of an upward pointing one or spirit and matter joining together as above so below here we see st. Peter's Square the Vatican and we see the Sun God the cross of the zodiac and the great cross of the the galaxy at st. Peter's Square and we have the phallic symbol of Osiris the obelisk in the middle Osiris being a Sun God in Egyptian cosmology the pentagram in the the Pentagon being the central part of a inverted pentagram encoded into Washington DC the heart of the inverted pentagram the Pentagon being the the the center of Defense Intelligence for the United States where war is planned human sacrifice we see from overhead in Washington DC this right here is the White House and then north of the White House we see an inverted skewed pentagram with one broken arm now this is a very clear example of what is known as the pentagram of pacts in dark occultism the pentagram of pacts is inverted because it is satanic horror it is thrusting the spirit downward it is often skewed representing that which is really out of alignment or proportion so it is usually skewed in one form or another either stretched or squashed in this case it is kind of squashed downward and we also have a broken arm and a broken arm in a pentagram represents a pact that has not yet been fully completed or fulfilled so that which is promised has not yet been delivered because the work is still in progress and I think we can understand the meaning of that broken arm by understand what the pentagram of paths represents so it is not that they simply didn't who are able to complete that in some way is intentionally left broken and then this is one of the arguments against it actually being in a cult assemble well if there was a cult leaders that made it could they not have completed the last arm and they did not want to complete the last arm it is intentionally made to be a pentagram of packs and that arm is left broken for a very specific occult reason the phallic symbol of Osiris encoded as the Washington Monument a male symbol of phallic energy that's in direct alignment with the symbol of the feminine energy which is Congress Congress being another word for sexual Union Congress and the Congress building is the feminine principle it's that don't love the feminine breast with the goddess statue of Columbia or freedom atop the the dome representing the feminine energy and it is reflected in the water the water being the principle of the moon goddess the goddess of the water the moon's light is reflected in the waters at night so this also encodes in this reflecting pool these hermetic principle as above so below as goes on in consciousness in the the earth is reflected from the heavens reflected in the external experience that we have other sexual symbols were phallic symbols seen in in the layout of Washington DC here we have the Washington Monument here we have the Lincoln Memorial which is a temple to the king it's a reflection of Osiris the king ruling that over the Dominions of church and state as we saw with Lincoln in his King's Chamber so to speak holding the the symbol of the fashion I on on both his left and right hand while seated upon his throne and if we look at the street system that connects these two monuments we just make a read we can make a red outline of the street system around these two monuments and just fill in that area and that is what it looks like it is clearly a phallic symbol that is directing male energies encoded into the actual layout of the streets people who believe in this system of geomancy we're tapping the energy of the earth through the types of liens that place upon the earth believe that this is directing male and female energies in certain ways and in certain proportions so you have the feminine egg here next to the male phallus this is called the ellipse on the south side of the White House again Lincoln holding the fat side a symbol of the fashions as a symbol of Roman roamin centralized Authority encoded in the the central acts around which is the bundle of rods were steps now east of that Washington Monument phallic symbol we have a 13 level pyramid again 13 on the back of the dollar bill a solar number the Sun and 12 houses of the zodiac with the 14th level being the unification of the earth air water and fire culminating at the 14th level of the pyramid one plus four is five so you have the earth air water earth air water fire and spirit unified at the top level of the pyramid so here we have a 13 level pyramid with the capsule missing and around the streets around me this is the Congress building the Capitol building around the streets that path that creates the streets going all the way around the Capitol building forms an image of an owl that sits atop there's 13 level of pyramid with the capstone cut off in the street system of Washington DC if we trace the pyramid and then we trace two streets that shoot off from near the top of the pyramid we see that there is a free Masonic compass and square and coded into the layout of the streets as well I'll take that off and do it one more time for you to see where those streets are here's a close-up of it there's the owl I'm removing it and putting it back so you can clearly see the layout this image was taken from Google Earth and the owl again is that Babylonian deity that the ammonites were that they worship they often worship that as Moloch and here it surrounds the Sacred Feminine again it's the same principle as codified in the cremation of care ritual the the Sacred Feminine of conscience of care is being sacrificed to the Babylonian owl / bull god Molech it's in the belly of the beast [Music] and we were head above this complex here were the others and the capital layout we see the Seal of Solomon encoded into the street plant representing the feminine aspect that and that ends at the Capitol building the feminine okay and then the male aspect ends at this place right here which is known as Lincoln Park and Lincoln Park is a resonator for Lincoln who sits in the King's Chamber the male principle so you have the Queen or the goddess is building and then you have Lincoln Park here which is a representation of the male energy and it's said it's a cop it's a symbolic correlation to Lincoln's name who sits in the King's Chamber at the Lincoln Memorial this is the entire occult layout of Washington DC and there's even more in this layout which I don't have time to go into but studying the the occultic orientations of the layouts of the street systems of many cities is very interesting and there's all kinds of symbology and covered into it to be on a presentation in and of itself the last symbol but I'm going to talk about in this symbology section is the hypercube and this is one of them the deepest symbols of all occultism which very few people really delve into and get into the meaning of the hypercube represents four-dimensional space and time the next level of of the next higher dimension from the 3-dimensional world that we inhabit so you have a point that represents no dimension you have a line that represents a one dimension that you can go forward or backward you have a plane you extrude the line and you get a plane now you have a two-dimensional object then you exclude the plane into a third dimension and you get a cube so that's what our three-dimensional world is like 3d you have a single cube yeah length width and depth but then if you extruded cube we take the cube when you pull it and you shoot it that way you get what's called a hypercube so this is a four-dimensional object it is derived by unfolding the cube into all of the dimensions of each one of the planes of the key and you get this object you when you look at the hypercube ideology it is represented representative of the the mind existing inside the construct of matter so you have matter being the outer part of the cube and then mind is the inner part of the cube okay so this correlates to this level of body mind spirit levels of consciousness that we saw in part one and we see that the hypercube is derived when we combine matter represented by the Red Square and spirit represented by the Green Square we see that that is everything that is they that is the universe or the world of matter the world of spirit coming in to manifestation as matter to experience itself subjectively and that is the large cube that is derived from that Union see that's the large cube the unification of body or matter and spirit is the large cube and then the inner cube is the mind that is where body and spirit combine they merge in the realm of mind so that's the inner part of the cube so if we put the power cube over top of the inner cube we see that the hypercube is actually a cube within a cube and again this part of the cube in the center is the experience of mind this part of the cube in the outside is the physical world of manifestation that the spirit comes down to create that which can have experiences this is the two-dimensional projection of this four dimensional object a huge rotated around in every plane that it can be rotated in it's a complex heavy idea if you look on the internet for some graphic depictions or animations of a hypercube you can get a clearer idea of what it is in your mind but the idea is that to look at the cuba in a dark way the hypercube in a dark way means that you are seeing the physical world as a prison and that's the large box the big box on the outside is the physical world that imprisoned spirit see this is a negative world view that says all of the physical world is really a prison and it's it's a horrible thing a horrible place it's not a contract for experience of spirit to descend into physical form so that it may come to know itself more fully it's a harder thing that is you know a prison and that's the way that a Dargo called this looks at the dark hypercube and the hypercube symbology the inside of the cube is the mind that is held captive within the body so you have the prison of mind being held in the larger prison of the physical world of the matter and this is it's two-dimensional two-dimensional projection which looks like an octagon so this is a symbol of mind control the the octagon is a symbol of base consciousness it is the symbol of the controlled mind the small cube being held in the large cube the prison of matter so it's a dark world view concept that represents the double prison the prison of mind held in the cage of matter and what do we see the hypercube where the Octagon used to represent we see it as a male dominators store that involves the potential of destroying the breed extremely violent male Dominator sports cage fighting you know where the brain isn't respected go into a cage and smash your opponent into unconsciousness and do all kinds of damage to the brain the octagonal hack the eight cornered hat that law enforcement officers wear it's another total assault on the consciousness of people who take the jobs as enforcers or controllers they're being totally symbolically you your consciousness is of the hypercube it's of the Octagon the Octagon is placed on the crown chakra just like the square we saw in the other example the double square on the English police's pad right here on the forehead on the third eye again the double square is representative of the Octagon the two squares being combined in an eight-sided shape if you complete the the corners you get the Octagon if you connect the corners but the eight corner hat is the octagon being worn on top of the crown chakra as another occultic insult in an in in symbolism to the mind-controlled controllers the controllers who they themselves are under deep forms of mind-control to to do a job that is a deeper suppression of their spirit and others because the hypercube is seen in one more place and is ubiquitous is everywhere is on every metropolitan street corner the stop sign encoded in red and it has the word stopped written on it and this is saying to the consciousness stop stop the journey stop your movement stop the progression of spirit just stop and stay in the double president stay in the hypercube the president of mind encoded and captured in the prison of matter the hypercube is one of the more difficult symbols to really grasp the deep connotative understanding of the symbolism of it but once you understand it you will see it in many places and it is definitely used as a subversive symbol in most instances particularly in cage fighting in the uniform and emblems of controllers particularly the eight cornered hack of police and most ubiquitously in the stop sign that we see all over Western culture this brings us finally to the last part of the methods of manipulation and the last one is the biggest of them all chaos sorcery what has been known as the Hegelian dialectic or problem reaction solution and we're going to talk about what the heck Elian dialectic is and we're going to see an example of how this is put into action when we analyze the 911 occult ritual the Hegelian dialectic is what kal sorcery really is and this is an ideology that was formulated by Georg Hegel German philosopher pigouvian dialectic is a framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead to a predetermined solution so the solution is already predetermined before anything happens the people who are putting this into effect want a certain outcome this is outcome based framework an outcome based framework it's saying this must occur this is the end result that we want and anything else is undesirable and we will not settle for it's going to happen this way we just have to convince people that it has to end up happening this way so what you do is you guy fought an action into decision making that ends up how you wanted it to begin with this is accomplished by manipulating consciousness into circular pattern a circular pattern of thought and action so again it's a manipulation of consciousness it's ultimately about mind control the synthetic solution to these conflicts cannot be introduced unless those being manipulated take a sign that will advance the predetermined agenda the agenda is already free determined we just need to bring a synthetic conflict to to make this come into manifestation the way we have it originally planned and designed so this is Peggle dialectic and it is not so much that Hegel is an evil person in his own right this is another perversion Howcast sorcery is uses an example of the Hegelian dialectic is it's a modified version of this dialectic for a dark purpose for manipulation the researcher David Icke has called this problem reaction solution and it's a great term for it because it describes it perfectly you create the problem to get a reaction and then you offer the solution and the solution was already predetermined but I like to call it chaos confusion opportunity because I think it more accurately describes what the process that's taking place is really about you want to create chaos you need a chaotic situation created because the reaction that you're looking for is confusion not knowing what to do or how to act appropriately to the situation once confusion enters the the the mix you have fear-based consciousness so the person is willing to accept all kinds of limitations and control to go back to order and therefore that's your opportunity to bring in your predetermined solution and get them to go along with what you originally wanted David Rockefeller described the Delian dialectic perfectly he said we are on the verge of global transformation all we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the new world order and it's not the late one that he's talking about this was the major crisis that they introduced the events of 9/11 2001 was an example of the modified Italian dialectic it was an exact example of chaos sorcery it was an occultic ritual of human sacrifice that involved three major examples of occultic symbology and ideology in in the work to create the synthesis that they were looking for and those 3 occult schools or occult ideologies that were employed on that day the symbolism of which was employed on that day was Kabbalah Tarot and Freemasonry now before we get into any confusion at all I want to state emphatically that I do not believe that any of these systems are evil in and of themselves it is how occult Sciences are used the cult knowledge is used by the practitioner to one end that determines whether they're wielded for good or evil so it is not these practices for these systems that are of knowledge that are evil in any way they are simply knowledge and it is how they are used let's get that straight right off the bat so these three systems of occult knowledge all encode within them the understanding of human psychological makeup and human consciousness and the ritual of 911 is ultimately about the destruction of that knowledge and keeping the truth down keeping our awareness down the shrink our awareness destroying consciousness so we're going to look at some examples of this occultic by petographers Amit was used on that day the most glaring example of which is in Tarot this is the Tarot image known as the tower it's a card that represents the end of an old way of things and the birth of a new way of things it's the destruction of something that is old and worn down and the building of something new in its place one thing is being cleared to make way for something to be put up and into place okay so that's the tower it is depicted as being struck by a bolt of lightning on fire with people toppling out of the windows and that is exactly what we saw on the day of 9/11 2001 we saw towers that were struck by forces they were on fire and people were leaping from the windows so clearly the occultic symbology of this particular tower part is was employed on that day whether this be totally by design or be synchronicity I'll leave that up to the the PERT of the the the audience to decide but one of the main things we have to understand to understand how this ritual went into effect is that two buildings did not collapse in New York City three buildings came down on that day in New York City alone many people still do not know this or understand it amazingly because the mainstream media only showed the collapse of this building here to the right only one time and never really showed it again unless you go on the internet and search for the video of the collapse of World Trade Center number seven some people are still unaware that a third building came down at 5:20 p.m. on that day so we have to understand first that not only the Twin Towers collapsed into their own footprint but sewn in building seven eight forty seven storey steel concrete and steel reinforced building collapsed into its own footprint in approximately six and a half seconds at 5:20 p.m. on 9/11 2001 when no plane had struck it so I'm not here to argue the physics of 9/11 I'm not here to even talk about any of the aspects of the hal part of 9/11 the the physics or the how it happened I'm much more interested in using my time to discuss the why and the implications of the occultic symbology employed in what I consider a dark occult ritual a ritual that embodied the modified Hegelian dialectic and so the first thing to understand is three towers came down three pillars if you will came down on 9/11 not to the first occult system that I'm going to look at in relation to 911 is Kabbalah Kabalah is an ancient Semitic form of occultism Judaism takes some of its roots from Kabbalah and this is the main symbolic structure or this symbolic icon of Kabul ISM it is known as the sefirot ik Tree of Life this is known as the ladder to God okay but the levels that go up in consciousness to God and there are ten of these seers on the tree if you count them there are 10 total this is one two three four five six seven eight nine ten there are known as these spheres are known as separate so the ten Sephirot are comprised the Tree of Life now in the books that describe this symbol the sefirot ik tree there there the the zohar and the Sepher Yetzirah they look at it as that there are only ten separate there are not nine and there are not eleven this is specifically worded into these books to speak of there as being any more or less set row is considered like a blasphemy in Kabbalah because there are only ten so this is where part of the name the name of the ritual comes from not nine not 11 but yet we have the ritual happens on 9/11 and we'll talk about the occult significance is of the numerology as well when we explore that but in Kabbalah 9 and 11 are considered blasphemies against the ten separate if you speak over there as being any less than 10 or any more than 10 and we also see that these symbolic numbers the numbers of these buildings are symbolic when we relate the ritual to Kabbalah because the building that came down were the the the the tower one which is the male tower they it has a phallic symbol on top this is tower one in the in the numbering system of the World Trade Center the the feminine power is power number two and then this building is World Trade Center seven so if we add them together we get one plus two plus seven and that equals ten so we see there are ten separate the building numbers total ten so they're bringing down the ten in the buildings and they're bringing down symbolically the ten etc you see in the separate there are three pillars three columns you have this left-hand path known as the path of severity you have the one hand path that is known as the path of mercy again these are corollaries to the free masonic pillars this will be the pillar of Mercy which is jackeen this is the pillar of severity or Balazs and then you have the path of minus 4 the path of will will to ascend and consciousness this sphere representing base consciousness and this sphere representing cosmic consciousness without going into very deep explanations of what each separate represents just understand that this middle pillar is the synthesis between these two this represents too much male aspect or or control this could be too much Pepa chelation to control you can look at it that way with this path being severity this past being mercy you can look at it as this path is not being a controller and also not being a slave it is not being the Dominator nor capitulating to domination therefore the middle way as it is called in Buddhism the the unification of male and female the chemical wedding it is the ascension from base consciousness through connection with conscience the heart chakra and a team cosmic consciousness or higher level awareness represented as the crown separate see if you collapse these in right if you if you were to take these three levels and collapse them in right into the middle pillar to bring these dual aspect separate into one you would see that this is really this really represents the chakra system the seven chakras you know the base chakra the sit the sacred Rock er these two comprises the solar plexus chakra the heart chakra these two comprises the throat chakra these two comprise the third eye chakra and that comprises the crown chakra so there's the seven chakras alright and we see that that would be on the middle pillar and it will contain seven chakras and again the middle pillar here is building seven all correlates perfectly here are the chakras representing the seven planets the Middle Pillar the spinal column the raising though the Kundalini energy up the spine and to the top of the head from down here the farthest out from the Sun until we get up to the solar mind and the earth being the heart chakra of the system the Earth and Moon right in the middle this it would be the fourth of the seven shock and that's what's ultimately being brought down the consciousness is being destroyed at 11th by the leveling of these of these towers okay so that's come on that's the Kabbalistic aspect of the destruction of the the World Trade Center buildings the three pillars of the World Trade Center the second called the tradition tower we see again the columns of jockey and Boaz now see they're reversed in this example they're the same way that the they are in the in the Kabbalistic sefirot Tree of Life but this is the male power the light power of the pillar of mercy this is the male pillar because you're looking at the entrance of the temple seeing the free Masonic tracing board that we discussed the walk the leg pillar is on this side because you're on the outside of the temple walking in in this example you're you're inside the temple looking toward the outside and the goddess is seated in the temple and she's veiled from the outside so if you were to picture yourself walking in from behind her right and she's failed the the jocking pillar would be to your left and that is the male pillar and here we see the male pillar with the phallic symbol the feminine pillar see it's on her right side this one's on her left side so you have the feminine pillar which would represent by us the masculine pillar here would represent jackeen the middle pillar represents the Goss again it's a sacrifice of the goddess once again we see it happening but here we see she's the moon goddess she has the cross on her chest the cross of the Sun you know that she that she carries within that she gives birth to here we see that the sefirot ik tree is behind her because Taran Allah Kabbalah and Freemasonry are aspects are aspects of occultism that must be studied in conjunction with each other to fully understand that the goddess holds the book of truth the Torah the law of the truth and it is veiled by her claim because no one knows how the story ends the future is still to be written so in ancient goddess worship traditions this goddess was known as Tara t-ara and this is why as a result of this ritual we have a war on terror terror but see it's said when it said quickly it it morphs and the word phonetically becomes terror the war on terror the warm of a goddess the war on a Sacred Feminine the war on our emotional feminine aspect to shut down conscience and to simply follow orders to do whatever we are commanded to do to simply follow orders without conscience being involved the sacrifice of the goddess care conscience the Sacred Feminine principle of the individual so again this is mental power is the most important is the synthesis between the male and feminine masculine and feminine energies the other two pillars so the third pillar is the principle of truth because another name for this goddess in Egyptian tradition was cowards and Thai words name kind of phonetically morphed until it became Tom roof and this is where we get the word truth out of phonetically the word truth comes from a derivation of this goddesses name so she is the goddess of truth now this is why there is a 9/11 truth movement because they took too big of a chance in completing the ritual when no plane had headed see a plane was more likely than not scheduled to hit that building where something was scheduled to hit that building whether you believe its planes or anything whatever you believe actually struck her that the force that was used to bring down those buildings to me is irrelevant the buildings did disintegrate they were knocked down okay and whether you believe it's controlled demolition or even a more exotic technology as irrelevant as far as I'm concerned the buildings were brought down and that's the main thing and the the middle pillar which represents that goddess it represents truth it represents the path the higher consciousness the unification of the masculine and feminine principles of consciousness within the individuals are being destroyed ritual mystically symbolically were destroying the Sacred Feminine were destroying destroying conscience were destroying consciousness were destroying truth okay that's what the ritual is about and that is why building 7 had to be brought down something went awry in the plan whatever it was supposed to happen physically to that building didn't happen when it was really scheduled to happen because clearly these buildings were wired with explosives well in advance of the actual ritual taking place because that you know the explosion did happen from within the building and no one could have wired them on that day so something happened and they could not take it down as they wanted to but they would not leave the pillar up because if they left it there and we symbolically represent that the will still stands the word - ascendant consciousness who would symbolically represent that the truth still stands that the goddess still stands and they could not do that they had to complete the symbolic interpretation of this mass ritual by bringing the middle pillar down even if nothing appeared to strike it and that's why they brought it down at the end of the day so that is the Tarot aspect of it and how the goddess ties into it it is a symbolic sacrifice of the Sacred Feminine of the goddess once again and now a clear example here of the three pillars that we've already seen in the three Masonic crazy board again the masculine or solar pillar of jocking the feminine or lunar pillar of Baba's and then the pillar of Jacob Jacob's Ladder the Middle Pillar the one that gets you through the starry okay it gets you to the all-seeing eye right the all-seeing eye directing the entire operation right takes you past that through the Stargate to the realm where the true life is at the intelligent principle of the universe and this little pillar is the synthesis between these two so this is this is bad thisis this is antithesis antithesis antithesis and this is synthesis that's the Galleon dialectic you are combining thesis with its antithesis to create the synthesis that you are looking for and that is the matter to higher consciousness to higher ground so to speak from which you can see the entire game board you can see the whole floor of the house as they call it in Freemasonry you're seeing it from a higher novel perspective and from that a controller can play two sides off against each other see the one who chooses this level the highest ground the third tour the Middle Pillar really sees things that want in base consciousness from me from the lower perspective the dual perspective cannot see things from so they can be easily played off like a puppet master playing off to two puppets on strings against each other so that's how the Hegelian dialectic works and that's exactly how they use this event they're playing off two sides against each other the Christian nations against the Muslim nations when in fact those who want the synthesis created the whole thing they orcish the entire thing and they got their synthesis rushing off into Wars with countries that really did not have anything to do with the events of those of that day because with a highly orchestrated a copic event controlled by the hidden sorceress from behind the scenes and this entire operation was directed from that all-seeing eye the Pentagon so bringing down that metal pillar at the end here could represent well once a puppet master climbs up to a higher level to control two sides against each other he has to destroy his ladder so no one can come up to reach him where he's acting discover that he's the one pulling the strings see in that symbolic context that's why they destroy the metal pillar there so in any context it works to understand also in Freemasonry Hiram Abiff is a representation of truth or conscience right he is the middle pillar here he is the grand architect of Solomon's Temple the greater architect Hiram king of Tyre being the lesser architect representing the square Hiram Abiff represents this G in the middle the grand market he is the grand architect for Solomon who represents the compass on the Masonic compass and square so he is also a manifestation of the truth that is a synthesis between the male and female aspects see and then he's wearing a blindfold truth is blind and again he could be it could symbolize an initiate who was initially blind you know and then he gradually becomes the the all-seeing eye through his ascent to the higher level of awareness he begins on the floor of the house belonging to the light the end the all-seeing eye again a symbolic understanding of consciousness as a journey from darkness into light and this again is a representation of that these powers a representation of the Temple of Solomon and the original Temple of Solomon is the Giza complex the peace pyramids are the the mystery traditions embodiment of the temple in man that's what they were representing then and the the buildings in New York City are rebuilding of this symbolic temple in New York City just like they were built in Giza like the temple of Solomon was built in Jerusalem and then it was razed to the ground and another version was built it was rebuilt in New York City symbolically and then it was destroyed again and now they're planning on building another Temple of Solomon on the ground where the World Trade Center was destroyed but they're they're doing in a very different way this time which will understand when we get to that slide but see Hiram Abiff the ritual of becoming a Master Mason is about Hiram Abiff ritual murder and he says that he refuses to give me that the secret the secrets of Freemasonry refuses to give the the secret word of the master Mason he says I will not give it to these ruffians who are costing me you know that they want to know the word without doing the work so he is ultimately slain by these ruffians for not giving the word but he only tells them that you'll know the word of the master Mason when the temple is rebuilt this is a sin the Templeman man the brain is ultimately in a state of total disrepair it's been destroyed through manipulation and control and taking people's consciousness down to lower and lower levels and just completely being conditioned and accepting falsities as truths and refusing to accept truths that's what is so Hiram Abiff as a representative and a servant of truth refuses to capitulate to domination or become a Dominator and he is slain ritualistically for it this is this is a representation of the the the aspect of consciousness than his base consciousness being slain and it being reborn from through a connection to conscience as the widow's son see the widow's son is who Hiram Abiff is and this is the the son again of the limbic the limit brain the mother aspect the feminine aspect who does not have a male counterpart because the reptile complex the base brain has been put into checked by our intuitive the side and our conscience so then the male child of proper moral action thee the unified neocortex is born of the widow the mother without the the father or the virgin birth it's the Christ story retold in a different way the widow's son is born the the unified neocortex bears the person of proper moral action because their being born of the the intuitive feminine part of the grain and the male Dominator reptilian part of the brain has fallen away he's fallen dead okay so that's what the story of Hiram Abiff is about and he sang to the ruffians those in bass consciousness who threatened to kill him for not giving the secrets of Freemasonry you'll know the word when the temple the temple here is rebuilt and the word the last word of Freemasonry is equilibrium that is the lost word because equilibrium is what we're striving for between the hemispheres of our brain and the mass Sun and feminine polarities that are in dwelling within us so they have to come to a state of equilibrium and then the temple will be rebuilt the brain will operate in global coherence across both brain hemispheres and the third eye will be open and cosmic consciousness will be awakened that is what this story is about that is what the ritual murder of hi Ron Biff is about and we'll keep that in mind when we understand that there is a new temple being built on the ruins of the old temple in New York City again the complex of the World Trade Center is a symbolic representation of it the original Temple of Solomon the pyramid complex at Giza rebuilt in Washington DC here we see the three pillars at Giza two extremely large towers or pillars and one small one and we see it rebuilt here in the two large towers and then the one that is less than half the size of the other two this spirit here is a representation of the Sphinx they in at the base of these columns so these columns are also a symbol of the Babylonian gold headed man depicted in the dream of nem you can in the book of Daniel a prophetic book in the Bible the the goat had made represents centralized authority pharaonic rule or total hegemony the the unquestioned global or the One World Order the church and state unified in the head of gold and as dynasties went on power diminishes it goes through the Silver Age then it goes into the Bronze Age and eventually you have a separation of church and state and you have the iron legs of the separation of church and state and then you eventually get to the clay feet if you study this symbology in in Daniel and it's it's understanding how power is amassed and eventually through time it is diminished and so they're trying to get back from this level to this level and that is what the dark new world order Wendy the the disruption of the two pillars and the combining of them into one centralized authority one world state and religion that's what the new world order ultimately is about the dark new world order so they're destroying these two iron legs they're destroying the iron legs of the Babylonian gold headed man to try to get back to one centralized authority of church and state these pillars could be seen symbolically as church and state being destroyed so where do we see the contents of church and state we see them in Tara on the death card of the major arcana so we see the Ryder death on the white horse coming with the flag the black flag has the inverter pentagram honor the destruction of spirit he is running down a king and he's getting ready to run down a pope or priests so this is the war of states this is the roar of church or religion and he's running them both down destroying church and state and you see in the background the two pillars with the Setting Sun in the background the light of going out from the world between the two columns highly symbolic this is a representation of the new temple that they're building in place of where the two pillars stood they're planning on erecting one one from the one of the two stood the thesis and antithesis destroyed the synthesis has created the phallic symbol the one male phallic symbol erected in place where the symbols of church and state symbolically once stood now obviously they weren't buildings that really represent that but they're symbolic analogues to these concepts and putting the one pillar up in the place where the two stood is the rebuilding of the destroyed Temple of Solomon in New York the Sun and the moon and now only the Sun or a phallic symbol the male tower remains that is when 9/11 was about 9/11 incidentally the Freedom Tower is what that building is going to be called and it's scheduled for completion in the year 2012 I'm sure to correlate with other dark prophecies of apocalypse Armageddon and which isn't what I see 2012 as being at all I see it really being the birth of consciousness because they're not able to put consciousness down their ritual failed there is hope in the fact that the building seven stood and they had to bring it down and essentially screwed up the entire thing by really making people come online and understand that this was an inside job and this was an occult ritual by bringing down that metal tower land nothing had hit it so that was the ultimate mistake in this whole ritual enactment and as far as I'm concerned they did not fulfill the agenda that they were trying to fulfill by this ritual being enacted instead they initiated a grain waving within the human population as the researcher Michael - siren is fond of saying the 911 shake our supper did it so now just as we did with the reverse of the Great Seal on the back of the one dollar bill I'm going to examine the gematria the occultic numerology involved in the 9/11 event these are the numbers of the three flights that struck these three buildings the North Tower was struck by flight 11 the South Tower was struck by flight 175 and the Pentagon was allegedly struck by flight 77 now there is another flight that was involved on that day that crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania by an unknown act of will shall we say and this was flight 93 and it is my contention that flight 93 was indeed headed for World Trade Center number seven building seven on the train center not to Washington DC as is claimed and this to me makes much more sense than it heading toward Washington DC because I believe it was there to stripe a building that had already been wired to allegedly collapse as the two twin towers were and that was building seven and and the the flight not making it to that building meant that they had to make a decision about whether to pull that building or to allow it to stand and we know what they chose so I'm going to place 93 over building seven and at first this would seem like a very arbitrary arrangement of numbers and that these numbers don't have any commonalities to them until you begin to perform gematria apartment and then we see a very clear pattern emerge so I'm going to leave 11 as is for now and I'm going to reduce or add these two numbers together and get a total so 9 plus 3 is 12 1 plus 7 plus 5 is 13 and 7 plus 7 is 14 so now the third order of the floor planes we have a clear pattern we have the pattern 11 12 13 and 14 and we can further reduce those down to one digit we add one plus one and we get two one plus two is three one plus three is four one plus four is five so we have the pattern two three four five when we add those together 2 Plus 3 plus 4 plus 5 we get the total 14 and again there's that symbolic number again the total spy that is about the five elements earth air water fire and spirit but it is the separation of them the 1 and the 4 the spirit and then the four elements this is the 14th level of that pyramid where the light is at the 13 levels of sown and then the light at the top the 14th level so look at the 9/11 date 9/11 2001 you add up all of these numbers 9 plus 1 plus 1 plus 2 plus 1 in 2001 and you get 14 again so not only is it the date it's the the powers that did the act okay the four planes total to 14 their digits all totaled make 14 so the powers that perform this act are the 14 and this correlates with the 14th level of this pyramid or the The Sorcerer's behind the scenes that are manipulating the events of the world so we have this arrangement on the building 77 at the Pentagon 11 at the North Tower 175 at the South Tower 93 at building 7 if we add the two planes that struck these powers together we get the number 186 175 plus 11 is 186 now these are the planes that struck the Twin Towers the north and south tower what if we equally distribute that number between the two buildings by dividing it into two 186 divided by 2 is 93 so there is 93 93 93 on every building and we've already seen what 93 represents it represents the will to ascend out of illusion out of base consciousness and into cosmic awareness or higher levels of consciousness 93 is the number of will power and of love it is essentially the same force the force that expands consciousness love or will to ascend to put what we think and feel into action to use our will power so we are left with only two numbers that symbolically represent the events of this day 77 and 93 and these are two extremely significant occult numbers in numerology because they represent two completely different concepts and we have to look at these two numbers as they relate to a third number the number 777 which we've already seen is the number of God or completion or perfection we saw that earlier the seven chakras the seven planets that can be seen with the naked eye tripping for the three aspects of consciousness unified as one two total three again it's the number of God the number of completion were the number of perfection 93 in relation to this number 777 just like seven seven seven totals twenty-one which totals 393 totals twelve which reduces to 3 so they equal the same thing which means they equal the same they mean the same thing so love is 93 will is the concept of 93 is the number of ascension so all of these ideas are the same they mean the same thing in geometry when numerological additions total the same value the the words that they represent really mean the same same thing so 93 is 777 is love is will is ascension is God his completion is perfection these are all the same concept the number 77 is very significant it is the 14 it is the dark aspect of that linked in the Triangle the ego the the all-seeing eye that is identified with building that pyramid upward the physical form the physical world ruling whole sorcery it is the force of chaos the number 77 represents chaos in all forms of occultism it represents the sorcerer is the Sorcerer's number and it is the number of the beast in disguise why is that because if you fail even if you succeed in one of the other two aspects of consciousness in thought and emotion but not action or in thought and action but no emotion and the example of a sorcerer has no motion or even in emotion in action but with no fault that is base consciousness that is the Beast you have not arrived at the seven seven seven you have only arrived at the seventy seven which is two-thirds of completion or it is fourteen out of 21 two-thirds right and this reduces in decimal to 0.666 repeating so it is the number of the beast in disguise a sorcerer is the Beast and this is encoded on the third degree tracing board of Freemasonry here you see the tools that slayed Hiram Abiff he is finally struck with the mallet representing ignorance the light going out the third eye being struck put into the coffin okay the coffin is the spirit where Hiram Abiff the hh8 hey hey hey in Hebrew representing five five five Hiram Abiff number he is in his coffin because he is the spirit he is the truth he is the light and he is the the stolen bones is placed on top of the coffin symbolic of a sorcerer the sorcerer who his spirit so that the skull cleverness thought and cleverness left brake levers plus the will to act rings over the spirit the sorcerer has cleverness he has the will to put his cleverness into action but that he has no conscience the conscious conscience is in tune in that coffin and an individual such as this is heading west they are heading toward the realm of darkness and death to the west not toward the realm of light to the east and here if symbolically is the spring of acacia and that represents the hope of Resurrection in Freemasonry so this is the hope that one who has destroyed their own spirit through their their usage of their intellect and their will to act in an egoic fashion may indeed still be able to resurrect the spirit and come to a place of moral uprightness and conscience so that is what this tracing board represents and it is the third degree tracing where it is saying you may now be initiated into some of the mystery into some of the knowledge but you must use that with spirit intact and not use it as a sorcerer otherwise you are headed west and you are not headed toward the true realm of light which lies to the east and i think that's a great allegorical explanation for morality we see therefore that the two numbers that this ritual reduces down to is 77 and 93 and the positions that they are in is all telling the this the purpose of the ritual is so that the Sorcerer's that are consider themselves the all-seeing eye of consciousness okay are destroying others ability to find truth to give birth to conscience and to rise in consciousness and they're destroying that ladder to the higher realms of consciousness or if we replace 77 and 93 with their symbolic analog 77 the number of the beast in disguise 93 another variant for 777 the number of God look at what this ritual is really about symbolically it is about the Beast reigning above God the Beast becoming God and destroying God that's what it's ultimately about that's how dark this ritual really is it is about the ego and illusion conquering the spirit and conquering higher consciousness we can see that it is encoded in the date itself 9/11 reduces to 9/2 or just adding the two ones together and there we have symbolically the entire ritual encapsulated in the name 9/11 is 92 see it is not 93 one short of love of Ascension of will of God it is falling short of the divine that's what this whole event was about that the idea that will is falling short and now the time of the Beast is upon us see 92 out of 93 falling short of love will ascension God is reduces to 11 out of 12 which reduces to 2 out of 3 which again is the number of base consciousness it is the number of the beast when it is reduced to its decimal format and that's what the whole ritual of 911 was ultimately all about it is about the destruction of the ladder to God bringing down the the the the the Kabbalistic Tree of Life the ten separate one two and seven bringing them down to destroy the latter two but with which we can use to ascend in consciousness it is about the destruction of the truth and the goddesses a human sacrifice ritual those people were ritualistically sacrificed in this evil doing and it is about the destruction of the Sacred Feminine of care of truth another ritual to emulate the goddess of care the goddess that represents the earth Terra again you hear politicians say if you are not with us you are with the terrorists tarah the goddess the mother earth tara is the name for earth if you're not with us you're with those who side with the earth and the mother goddess right and there also it was also used to create the Hegelian dialectic the the bringing down of thesis and antithesis to create synthesis the Sorcerer's metal pillar that's what the event of 9/11 2001 was all about an occult ritual to bring about the dark modified version of the Hegelian dialectic chaos confusion opportunity General Douglas MacArthur talked about the Hegelian dialectic he said our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor with a cry of great national emergency always there has been some terrible evil at home or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it create the chaos get the confused fearful reaction and then that's your opportunity to offer the solution that you had in waiting Hermann Goering perfectly understood this one of the highest-ranking officials of the the Third Reich the Nazi regime he said naturally the common people don't want war neither in Russia nor in England nor for that matter in Germany that is understood but after all it is the leaders of the country who determined the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it is a democracy a fascist dictatorship a parliament or a communist dictatorship voice or no voice the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders that is easy all you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounced the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger it works the same in any country and that is what we saw on 9/11 except it wasn't just telling the people that they were attacked this is what Hitler did Hitler burned his own Reichstag building that the German parliamentary parliamentary building in Germany and he blamed it on communists even though his Gestapo really didn't did the fire they they lit the fires at the right time and he blamed it on the Communists as an act to assert more political power and be appointed US Supreme Chancellor garland was describing the Galleon dialectic exactly Benjamin Franklin made this statement those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety and we have neither as a result of going along with this witch hunt and this hunting for the boogeyman that perpetuated 9/11 because the Middle Eastern terrorists did not do this event it was a staged orchestrated occult ritual that has nothing to do with Islamic fundamentalism whatsoever Voltaire said those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities if you go along with what simply is not true you can be led into any number of atrocious actions and really that's what the ritual was all about to keep us in a perpetual state of fear so that we are easier to control that's what the Holt our fear of terrorism the terror alert system is all about see just like Hitler burned his parliamentary building we had our Reichstag fire called the 9/11 event and it's just about an attack on civil liberties and our rights and our right for freedom of speech and just to curtail all the god-given rights that we already possess to as an attack on our personal sovereignty and people will be willing to give up more personal sovereign rights if they are there consciousness now through fear they bought into the fear and now we're going off in other lands that really had nothing to do with this event and we're waging war and killing millions of innocent people as a result of this total fraudulent staged event and these are the atrocities that were committing because we believed in this absurdity the murder of children tortured now seen as acceptable in many circles absolutely representable reprehensible actions perpetrated upon people that do not deserve to be treated like animals which is what they're doing to many of the prisoners that they're hoping in often times secret president camps and it's just a further perpetuation of suffering and fear into the world that is a self-perpetuating cycle and creates more and more of the same dynamic fear disorder chaos that's what the whole infant was about encapsulated in the 33rd degree of the the the 33rd degree of the order of Freemasonry is this sentiment double had an eagle which represents he who sees the past and the future because ultimately a same force is controlling both and directing both and it's about order out of chaos Dennis mayo McQuaid just is a Latin phrase that means God and my right god and my right leg the Divine Right of Kings and you know okay oh another emblem of the 33rd degree chaos sorcery our brand of order out of our brand of chaos now there is a positive interpretation of this element of the phrase order at Ko order does indeed arise from chaotic situations like when you take look at putting water into a vessel and taking it from one level up to a higher level that is the way consciousness is sensed it has to be a chaotic chaotic event but then it comes up to a higher level and then it maintains equilibrium and order again so that is a way of seeing this principle in a positive way but in this event certainly dark occultist manipulating sorcerer's are orchestrating this event as an example of chaos sorcery chaos magic to bring about their tide Elian dialectical order out of the chaotic events that they themselves will be shredded and that is the final method of manipulation so now the last thing I'm going to do in part two is talk about what is the globalist esoteric agenda what is the ultimate agenda that the globalists want to see brought about why are they doing all of these things why all of this manipulation and mind-control what is the end game what is the end result of what they're trying to accomplish what is their agenda and j edgar hoover it's the former FBI director made this statement the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists the American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst it rejects even the assumption that human creatures could expel a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent see this is why we're in such denial why were in such cognitive dissonance about all of this people will say it I don't care if I had absolute definitive proof that this is exactly what happened and how it happened I won't believe it anyway I'm going to choose to believe in something that isn't true because my mind can't go there it's too uncomfortable for me to accept and this is the condition Hoover right here a former FBI director is describing he's describing cognitive dissonance psychological denial that comes from the refusal to accept the fact that things aren't as bad as they are David Rockefeller described this New World Order what they're trying to put into effect this agenda he described it he said we are grateful to the Washington Post the New York Times Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years it would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the subjected to the lights of publicity during those years he is thanking the media for their silence and complicity in not exposing the agenda of these global manipulators and their plan for the world he said the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government the supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries imagine the hubris of somebody making this statement practically out of the open saying that the world surely would be better to be completely governed by international bankers and an intellectual elite rather than national sovereignty and personal sovereignty codified by our you know documents of higher consciousness like the Declaration of Independence that explained what the sovereignty of man is really about and where it comes from and he's saying out in the open why have that when you can have rule by international banking dynasties this is what the agenda is all about the elite want to get back to the Babylonian gold headed man they want to get back to 100% total control of all the resources and all the minds on the planet as God on the earth the all-seeing eye in human form that which is omnipresent omnipotent and all-powerful all-powerful all-knowing all-seeing all present everywhere so this is the rulership of church and state in one church estate are obliterated and they are replaced by one sovereign ruling global elite class that runs the the state and the religion and they're one of the same just like Nazi Germany trying to do but this would be the new version the fourth threat Nazi Germany on technological steroids taken to a whole new level by advanced technology 1984 has written out by George Orwell and his brilliant novel like the the ink so party you know total 100 percent control everything that is true everything that is believed everything that is done they are the arbiters of truth their God on earth that's what they want to accomplish they're putting this into practice through trying to eliminate national sovereignty through the ratio of borders and to create national super block states of nations like they're doing with the European Union like they want to try to create with the North American Union of Canada the United States and Mexico their plans for this have been slowed but I think they're going to use the economic crisis to try to put them into a more forward state of advance they want a more mercenary army to control the population of any dissenters they want a world central bank they want a microchip population from which resources food money can all be controlled by a globally networked computer that they control so they know we're all we're all financed we're all currency is flowing and can can take anybody out of the loop for not going along with their along with their agenda at any given time and then they would have no ability to take part in any commerce in any way the mark of the beast so to speak a total surveillance grid a technological surveillance state big brother is watching you watching getting us you stand acclimatized to always being on camera always our actions always being watched further and further centralization of control and further and further people policing themselves that's what they ultimately want the destruction of the Sacred Feminine aspect of our consciousness our emotions through the numbing out of our emotions through our food and medicine particularly the overprescribed and depressant SSRI drugs a total state of left brain prison hood in which people become more and more controlling and dominant in all to the left brain even females and they become subservient to those of higher levels above them so a race of masters and slaves in continuing human sacrificed an endless conflict and war wherever they choose to do it to decrease the surplus of anybody's daily you know produce and to keep the the blood of human sacrifice flowing into the earth they believe that they have to continuously sacrifice people this goes back to the ancient rites where the ancient priests class as the Sun this demonic priests class would actually believe that they had to keep blood flowing and human sacrifice for the Sun to make its journey across the sky each day it's that that level of perversion and sickness in this call this occultic ideology to the wants and desires that have endless human sacrifice to war to have a population of completely disconnected from spirits individuals that are completely hypnotized shut down in consciousness totally blindfolded have the blinders on and have become pure sheep they become their own sheepdog being police themselves and they have become golems they become creatures literally creatures without actual consciousness of their own that are completely programmable and are owned by someone else they're made they're totally created beings that are made by someone else see that's the definition of God is not it's a being that is capable of creating another being in its own image lightness and that's what they want to create they want to create a being that looks like that that's how they look inside that's how much they read against what is they are actually that golem on the inside they want to create that in the external world because that is how they ultimately feel about themselves in the world Julian Huxley described this total scientific dictatorship he said in a really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude this is a person who study eugenics and mind control and he was explaining what the new world order that they're trying to build really is slaves that love their enslavement because they have become so dependent on the big-daddy state what this all boils down to once again the New World Order is about human enslavement it is about slavery a society of perfect evil perfected evil is the state when every being in a society is both simultaneously a master and a slave they have subordinates under them which they dominate push around and our masters of while simultaneously they follow orders from an elite class above them and so they are subjugated and enslaved to a hierarchy above that and it on and on up the chain no one is free in this society of total human enslavement no matter how high they are on the hierarchy because ultimately you can get to the highest level in a physical body and physical form and ultimately they are serving but dark force of consciousness they are ultimately enslaved by their own fear they are ultimately enslaved by their own ego and they are ultimately enslaved by illusion the belief that you can have a right to attempt to control anyone or anything outside of your own thoughts your own emotions and your own actions because that's the only thing you have any right to control and that's the only thing you can control everything else is an illusion and if you attempt to control you are ultimately enslaving yourself there is no such thing as control in the three-dimensional reality there is no such thing as authority here in this realm authority does not exist in this realm there is only one Authority and no man is it this system this new world order is destined to fail for that very reason you cannot go against what is you cannot expect to stand up to the force of creation and win Plato made this statement the price that good men pay for their indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men so we may get ourselves into a deep mess of things and eventually end up being ruled for a time by these tyrants by these controllers by these Sorcerer's and if that occurs that will only be for one reason we did not develop the care enough to do anything about it we did not care our indifference to what is going on to the suffering that's taking place around us is the only thing that can create our enslavement and in fact it is what is driving this process of enslavement the fact that we do not care about the suffering of anyone but ourselves when we experience it is what's creating this dynamic and that is what the new world order is the dark new world order is that pyramid of enslavement controlled by an intellectual elite with no conscience that is in the know about how consciousness works is keeping others in the dark with their own will they're using their desire to stay in ignorance against them and keeping them at lower levels of knowledge not understanding what their part of being the bricks in that pyramid to build their dark New World Order and put the light of creation out of this world forever so they think they can accomplish that and that is the idea of hell on earth the perfect state of evil the slave and master world in which every being is simultaneously a slave and a master of a slave how on earth it hasn't been tribes' the dark new world order so in that is the end of part 3 that is the ultimate agenda that the globalists have for Humanity in mind and in the next part in part 3 I will be going into how to apply consciousness to this problem so that we can solve it and get out of the current state the current problem that we are experiencing so part three will be solving the problem two applying what we've learned about consciousness [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]