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mark Cassio who some of you have seen in the lobby at his table this weekend is an independent researcher public speaker radio talk-show host a conference organizer and freedom s activist from Philadelphia right here in Pennsylvania Marcus undertaken the task of assembling vast amounts of research in the areas of metaphysics occultism spirituality symbology and consciousness studies in 2007 mark began presenting the information in the form of a presentation series entitled what on earth is happening with the intention of bringing the implications of this body of knowledge to a greater public awareness in 2010 mark began hosting his own weekly internet radio show called what on earth is happening and then something that you can access under computers it is live every Sunday on the Oracle Broadcasting Network mark is also one of the coast hosts of pre of mind the Philadelphia based conference on consciousness mind control and the occult and is my pleasure this afternoon to introduce Philadelphia's own Mark Hasse Oh what I want to say thanks to everyone involved at leuphana for hosting this great conference and inviting me to speak I want to thank you all for being here today my presentation today is entitled morality and disclosure moral issues involvement in the continued cover-up of extraterrestrial phenomena let's jump right in as Peter said I host the show called what on earth is happening this is also the title of my website what on earth is happening calm there's a tremendous body of material terror I highly encourage everyone to check it all out I'm also one of the co-hosts of the freer mind conference conference we started this back in 2011 had a great event in Philadelphia that we're going to be hosting free your mind to do a conference on consciousness mind control in the occult this is coming up this April 2013 here in Philadelphia we already have 20 speakers lined up for this great event and for more information you can visit free your mind conference calm there are also tons of posters and flyers at my table please take [Music] yes and the Exopolitics movement as well yes so we'll be having a lot of boss over and over mine well my presentation is about today is not any of these four paradigms if anyone believes that the solutions lie in politics religion science ism order the quote-unquote New Age movement you're going to be sorely disappointed by my lecture here today because that is not what this is going to be about and these I consider boxes for consciousness to keep consciousness confined well what the lecture is really going to attempt to get at the heart of is something that smashes all of these paradigms and that is the truth we have to really go further than what our comfort level wants to allow us to take in and so you're going to be hearing some things today that may make you feel uncomfortable George Orwell said that if Liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they did not want to hear so again there may be some things that take you out of your comfort zone here today for those who know me and know my presentation style well my tact is not one of gentleness often times it is straight ahead and I don't believe that there's any time for baby spoon feeding information to people we've come far too far to the precipice for that and there's not enough time to do that we need to take the wrecking ball approach as I call it and shatter the illusions and shatter the lies and just put it out there plainly for people and if they accept it and they accept it and if they reject it well that's on them but the truth cannot be unheard so I'm here to plant seeds if nothing else I ask people not to fall into the mind state of what I call emotional mind control and this is attempting to gage the veracity or the truthfulness of information simply based on how it makes you feel this is a really dangerous path to go down and too many people judge information this way the truth makes us feel uncomfortable the truth often insults us it is combative in many ways because we are very attached to illusory perceptions that we don't want to let go of and if you're engaging information its truthfulness based on their emotions it's not a good way to do it now don't get me wrong emotions are incredibly important but we can't let that guide where we're willing to go as far as truth is concerned I gave a presentation back in 2010 entitled don't count on disclosure this was my first foray into the ethology field I gave it at the Philadelphia UFO Awareness Day hosted by Pennsylvania MUFON the subtitle of the lecture was reasons not to expect official disclosure in any way that resembles truth and in this lecture I talked about the powers that be their reasons for not wanting disclosure getting out this included but most of primary importance the continuity of control that is what this is ultimately all about in case anyone has not figured that out yet this is about maintaining control over the human population the existing power structure does not want to relinquish that control it is about the perpetuation of the fossil fuel based energy scarcity fraud and it is a fraud energy is all around us and available in unlimited quantities if we only know how to tap into that we of nature and the it is a lie that we are here and everything is scarce that is there to keep fear going and only when you're in fear are you able to be controlled that's another reason for this continue to cover up it is also about the continuation of the cover-up of true human origins as some speakers have actually talked about here today and yesterday and this is because if you keep someone's origins from them their true origins they're also more apt to be controlled by you it's ultimately about the suppression of consciousness which I'm going to be talking about a lot here today this is a presentation more about consciousness and how it is the inductance of the UFO phenomenon and what drives that continue to cover up at a psychological level the dynamic of mind so ultimately the embargo on disclosure is about the suppression of consciousness and the human imagination I closed that lecture with moral considerations of the disclosure topic and that's what the remainder of this presentation is going to be about it's going to attempt to answer two primary questions here today why does the cover-up continue this is about causal factors if we don't understand causal factors we are powerless to solve any problems that we may encounter we have to get to the root fundamental reasons the root causes then we can understand why the effects are manifesting and who is truly responsible who holds the most moral culpability involved in the embargo on disclosure so I'm going to talk about the Roswell incident as a case study to get at the psychological dynamics at play in this famous incident well have familiar with this incident and I'm in no way the the authority on it by any news but again I'm attempting to look at that not this not from the nuts and bolts perspective but from the perspective of what psychological dynamics are underlying this incident within the human mind so let's give some background on the event July 2nd 1947 a saucer-shaped craft crashes on the foster ranch near Corona New Mexico not far from Roswell Army Airfield July 3rd William Mac Brazel the foreman of the foster ranch the site of the crash debris finds the remains of the crashed saucer pieces were spread out over an area more than half a mile long everyone who browse was showed the pieces of the wreckage agree that it was unlike any material that they had ever seen on earth on July 6th Braswell showed pieces of the wreckage to Chavez County Sheriff George Wilcox Wilcox calls intelligence officer major Jesse Marcel of Roswell Army Airfield Marcel drives to the sheriff's of sheriff's office inspects the wreckage and he reports to his commanding officer Colonel William Blanchard Blanchard then orders Marcel to proceed to the ranch with Brazel and collect as much of the wreckage as possible on the 7th Marcel and Sheridan Cavitt of the counter intelligence corps collect the wreckage from the crash site on the 8th in the morning Marcel and Cabot arrived back at Roswell Army Airfield with two carloads of wreckage from the crash site Marcel accompanies the wreckage on a flight to Fort Worth Army Airfield July 8th at Newton Colonel Blanchard at Roswell AAF orders public information officer lieutenant Walter Haught to issue a press release telling the country that the army had found on the crashed flying saucer again as Steven just alluded to in his lecture previously the embargo was almost ending at Roswell we came very close to getting disclosure that in there as a result of this event in this press conference this press release on July 8th in the afternoon and only took a couple of hours general Clements McCullen in Washington DC ordered General Roger Ramey at Fort Worth this was Blanchard's commanding officer to quash the flying saucer story by creating a cover story a cover-up and to send some of the crash material immediately to Washington he sing July 8th in the afternoon Roger Ramey held a press conference at the 8th Air Force headquarters at Fort Worth in which he announced that what had crashed that Corona was in fact a weather balloon not a flying saucer and to make his story more convincing he showed the press the remains of damaged weather balloon that he claimed was the actual wreckage from the crash site at the foster ranch July 8th in the evening some evening newspapers including the Chicago Daily News Los Angeles account Express San Francisco Examiner and Roswell Daily Record carried the initial flying saucer version of the crash event the New York Times The Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune were morning papers so they carried only the weather balloon cover-up story after being sold that version of the events via the Fort Worth press conference on July Lee search groups of soldiers were sent to meticulously scour the debris field at the foster ranch removing all traces of that there had never been a crash there that anything had ever occurred there unknown to major Jesse Marcel most of the other military officers that were involved in the events of the last few days the main body of a crashed saucer had already been recovered by militant by a military retrieval team a few days earlier and a few miles from the foster ranch debris field that was simply the debris from the craft but the main body of the wreckage was found elsewhere approximately a mile from the main crash site of the saucer itself they found several bodies of small human ones and also recovered them after reporting his discovery of the foster ranch debris field Mac Brazel was held in military custody for a little over a week following this period of detention Brazel repudiated his entire initial story he completely changed his tone and you know didn't want anything to do with the event after the military had in for a week he refused to talk about the incident after even after his release even with his closest friends he remained in so much fear following this incident that he claimed that he if he ever found anything else unusual he would wouldn't talk about it with anyone okay he would remain completely silent and there you see saw him newspaper clipping talking about brazos harassment let's talk further about the intimidation factor that went on during this event Marion Strickland a neighbor of Mac Brazel was lured by military officers to tell anyone who asked her about the material that was recovered from the foster ranch debris site that there was absolutely nothing special about it in any way whatsoever and that there was no excitement or curiosity on the part of the local people about the material they wanted her to just lie and cover up the incident Barraza told marion that he was under here emotional stress effort is detainment by the military and that wild the team he was threatened that if he opened his mouth regarding the incident that he would be thrown in a jail cell indefinitely sheriff George Wilcox who browsed that brought the initial degree - and his wife Inez Wilcox were paid a visit by military police following the incident they told George bananas that if they ever told any anyone anything about what they had seen not only would they be killed but then that their entire family would be killed George was very shaken up by this and he resigned as the sheriff of Chavez County shortly thereafter Inez tacitly accepted that the whole incident was being kept quiet for reasons of quote national security and remained silent about the event thereafter feeling that it was in the best interest of the country not to talk about them you know as we know the whole cliche national security can mean whatever they wanted to mean they just put slap that label on anything they don't want us to know about and expect us to just swallow it because they said it's for national security Glenn Dennis a mortician who witnessed some of the bodies that had been retrieved from the crash site was told by two military officers if you open your mouth will bury you in the desert and they'll be picking your bones out of the sand he was told that to his face by military enemies roid dancer a local plumber who saw one of the dying beans on the crash on a stretcher at the Roswell base hospital was told by a military officer we'll know if you talk we'll know who you talk to and you will simply disappear a government by and for the people sure members of the public and even law enforcement anyway George Wilcox they were told that their families would be in jeopardy if they talked about the Roswell incident during their efforts to silence eyewitnesses to these events military officers made it abundantly clear that they were completely willing to murder children they were completely willing to murder children if those whom they ordered to remain silent disobeyed them and spoke out about what they had witnessed you're living in a free country sure let's look at the psychological dynamics and behavior involved in these events what do they what characteristics do they encompass what we see fear we see secrecy we see deception we see disinformation campaigns being waged we see intimidation a lot of that we see outright violence and threats of violence we see cowardice on the part of the people who simply back down when the threats are made and ultimately the overall dynamic is that there is no allegiance to truth and that's the main crux of the problem now with all of these being the main psychological driving dynamics of an event like this and I would suggest to you that this is simply a microcosm of the entire UFO heaven phenomenon this paints a broad picture but an accurate way of what the overall phenomenon entails as far as human psychological dynamics are concerned can't you just imagine that our star brothers and sisters are just so anxious us to show up in their backyard with those being the primary dynamics at work among the human race I mean I bet you they can't wait to greet us with open arms so let's look at another dynamic involved and I have two prizes to hand out to the audience during the section for correct answers to a couple questions I want to be posted to you I'm going to be posted here at the bottom down here we have Mac Brazel in the public you know who won the truth brought out about this who won didn't know what it was about at first but Mac brought the initial debris wreckage to sheriff George Wilcox okay then Wilcox contact an intelligence officer Jesse Marcel and from there he reported the finding to his commanding officer Colonel William Blanchard Blanchard made the initial contact to a military military press and he wanted the mill military to report the finding honestly at first so he contacted can he commanded the lieutenant Walter Haught to initial that initial honest press release but then Roger Ramey ordered Blanchard to stand down and not report the finding honestly and he held the press conference to the media that gave the cover-up story the weather balloon nonsense he was under orders from general Clemens McCullen in Washington DC so can anyone tell me what we're witnessing here what is this structure that's going on what is this dynamic that we're seeing here anyone yes okay it's a pyramid scheme what dynamic are we talking about what's taking place within the individuals who are all seemingly deferring to those who are above them chain-of-command was the gentleman's response and that is close but it is not correct most people think of this as the chain of command a free DVD with two lectures from the first for your mind conference to anyone who could tell me what it really is close it is a chain I'll give you that pin it starts with chain of but what are we looking at really know anyone else you're getting closer you're getting warmer No for what reason you're gonna close up you're very close when you're passing the buck what are you really doing really returning to anyone but if you're if you're advocating that responsibility and truth to someone else what are you doing what are you doing to them who are above you're really you're really between your control to it like doing one by doing what to the people above so no one is hit upon the word okay so I'll continue and I'll give you the answer here and when you hear it go really hopefully it will be an aha moment it is not the chain of command but it is in fact the chain of obedience that's what you're seeing it weren't it psychologically these people are obeying those who they consider in a superior positions of them and deferring to them instead of being honest to themselves into the truth so can anyone for another DVD free DVD I'll tell you why I'll give you the prize would be both of them and you can give the other one to whoever you want okay what's at the top of this chain of obedience what is the psychological dynamic that drives the whole thing not fear but it's part of the dynamic what's really going on inside the minds of the you really think about it that you're honest with yourself about the answer for someone to be obedient what must their belief system entail a belief in wat sorry is a mother said who said it there you go well you can give whoever you want okay it is the belief in authority that drives this entire dynamic the belief that someone else is in charge and in control of you and that's what is driving the dynamic of no allegiance to truth the belief in authority is ultimately what keeps the embargo of the truth of this entire phenomenon going and that may come as a shock to some people this is where our world really is at right now it is under this dynamic under total control by people who we don't really know who they are and most of us don't really understand their agenda they work from the shadows and they are amassing and gathering all of the energy of this world to them okay in it so Tollett Aryan fashion because they have capitalized on people's belief in authority and they have built this pyramidal structure just as we saw in the dynamic with Roz Bo and their entire modality of control their methodology of control is based upon occult knowledge now when people hear the word cult things go off in their head because this word has been co-opted and controlled that mind control is work through words to associate words with other meanings that they really do not have the word occult only means hidden it comes from the Latin verb when we talk a lot about the meaning of words a lot of heard fools Atari means to hide to conceal or to keep secret the two dynamics that keeps this chain of obedience going that keeps it perpetuated is hierarchy and compartmentalization hierarchy where the chain of obedience and compartmentalization you keep things in seemingly disconnected areas of interest in areas of operations so that one hand that there's working on one part of the project does not know that the other hand that is working on the other part of the project is doing it that is how they are able to keep knowledge occult or hidden from view it is a pyramid scheme and it is a scheme that is based upon obedience it's not about the chain of command command implies power ultimately we are advocating our power to the individuals at the top by being obedient to their immoral Commandments and not following the truth this is a religion and that is another thing that people will maybe you know find shocking to them the word religion comes from the Latin language as well from the verb Remi gar a in Latin which means to tie back to hold back to bind or to thwart from forward progress that is what the word religion means now it's very interesting that the word really friendly God ray in Latin can also mean to not to bring back together again so religion has in its etymology in its etymological group has a dual meaning and we have to look into the dual nature of religion to really understand this see there are two kinds of religion there is false religion and then there is true religion and again please don't think about this in terms of world religions like Christianity Judaism Hinduism Buddhism Islam etc that's not what we're talking about here we're talking about a belief system okay false religion is a belief system that is based in illusion while true religion is based upon truth or false religion ultimately ties us again the word coming from regards attire to bind it ties us with illusion and deception in believing in things that are not real it works our progress in consciousness it holds us back from the truth and ultimately it binds us from evolving as a species conversely in the sense that reunites true religion ties back illusion and deception out of our lives and ties back to the lie it thoughts the progression of tyranny it reunites us reunites us with our true divine essence the spark of the divine lives within us all and true religion does find something in defines all forms of evil at work in our lives authority is a false religion the belief in authority let me say that again emphatically is a false religion if you believe in this concept you are a believer in a false religion and you're under mind control and I don't care who that offends the truth cannot be unheard that is the way that it is that is not my opinion this is about taking your comfort zone if you believe in this religion it's one of the two universal religions along with money that keeps humanity back from or progress and consciousness and is ultimately keep us keeping us in a prison here on earth a prison of the mind the religion of authority is based upon the illusion and falsehood that some were masters who may set arbitrary dictates which are not based in morality and which are enforced by violence while others are slaves who have a moral obligation in quote-unquote to obey the arbitrary dictates that are set by the Masters that is what the belief in authority is it's not my opinion of what it is that is what it is and this is a falsehood it does not exist in reality it is an illusion there's a mental construct of an imbalanced mind and imbalance of psyche the biggest manifestation of this Universal world religion called the belief in authority is government let's look at the etymology of the word government for a moment government comes from the latin verb goober nara which can often be rendered as govern ra with a change in the eternal be becoming a fee but since there's no v in classical latin it is most often seen as the verb goober nari and this is the root of gubernatorial Gump relating to governor okay or governing goober nori means to control in Latin the second part of the word mint comes from the latin noun mens mentis which is the root word the root of our word mental in english it means mind by it's very meta melodical definition the word government itself means mind control literally to control the mind other forms of government the belief in authority is mind control sadly however most human beings erroneously teach the false religion of authority and unquestioning obedience to it as virtues to our children instead of instilling in our young the truth about what this hideous dogmatic belief system called Authority actually is and what it actually is is the path to every form of evil and annihilation that we ever witness on this planet as only a cursory study of even modern human history will attest to this is what Authority gets you people giving their minds their bodies and their souls over two seemingly charismatic leaders who will promise them anything as long as they will follow them and obey their orders and this is what the obedience ideology ultimately leads us whether you want to accept that or not get a good hard look that is where the chain of obedience leads you to a grave and we've seen it over and over and over again throughout history and this has everything to do with the UFO and alien phenomenon because the same thing is happening in the mind someone is conceding to someone else when they believe as an authority they're going against the truth and ultimately that's where it gets you in the end if you don't want to look at it from a historical perspective look at it from a psychological perspective study the Milgram experiments that were conducted in the early 1960s by Yale psychologist dr. Stan nobre he conducted mock psychological experiments to find out how many people would be willing to administer a lethal electric shock a lethal electric shock to another human being if they were incremental II learned to do so by an authority figure but we think of ourselves as so moral as individuals but let's look at what this psychological mock study shows because all of the people being shocked were actually actors the people who were doing the shopping we're actually the test subjects and they weren't really administering real shocks of course because they would have killed the other person but they were trying to see how far they could push people to do something that was immoral shockingly pun intended regardless of sex age economic class cultural or religious background almost 70 percent of all tax test subjects obediently followed their their orders and went all the way to the lethal dosage of electricity seventy percent of human beings they've commanded to do so by an authority figure were willing to murder another person if commanded to do so just because they perceive them as an authority this experiment was Rican ducted in the late 1990s the results were the same nothing had changed whenever belief in and obedience to authority supersedes allegiance to truth and morality on a mass scale the entire population ends up in a prison of its own making and ladies and gentlemen whether you have really come to right as this in your own mind or not this is what we are this is where we are and if we want to get out of that cage we have to free our mind and stop believing in illusion because the police state of total control is our doorstep they have the population understand hypnosis resembling sleep in a state of unconsciousness and the Big Brother state is looming you fast the shackles are getting ready to go on the thing that ultimately drives this is ignorance because so many people are brainwashed by mass media and are willing to believe what they're told if they perceive it to be coming from our two fingers same dynamic at work in Roswell people just completely abdicating their own personal responsibility to tell the truth to some of they considered superior to them the solution for this problem is the development of consciousness which is working upon our selves these are the components of our consciousness the actual manifestations of our consciousness are our thoughts our emotions and our actions it is ultimately about doing work upon yourself to bridge these three components of consciousness and to unify them such that as we think so we feel so we act and there is no contradiction between these three modes of consciousness that they we cannot be torn apart from within that we cannot be made to do something that we don't truly believe in that we don't that we feel badly about do it anyway okay that's oppositional consciousness the goal is to to bridge these three modalities and bring them into unity consciousness it has been called the body mind spirit connection and ultimately this is the dissolution the type of knowledge that we ultimately need is that each and every one of us alive on this planet are sovereign beings sovereign beings let's look at the root of the word the roots of the word sovereign for a moment in Latin stew para which the first part of sovereign comes from again you can rerender a V in classical Latin as a B or a of the often super in Latin means above and regular the root of rain is rulership or control so super regnum sovereign means one who is above being ruled who is above being controlled by another or in other words one who is not a subject or a slave and that is all the word sovereign means it means not a slave that's what the word sovereign means not a slave I'm a sovereign being I am NOT a slave you are a sovereign beings none of you are slaves whether you understand it or not that is the truth it can never be any other way someone can only claim that is it is another way and others may accept the validity of their claim even though it is not valid it is completely invalid there are no masters where I were slaves and there can never be there can only be a claim to that and an acceptance of it by someone else but it is always a lie we are all solvent under the Creator whether we recognize or not sovereignty therefore is the rulership of the kingdom of oneself you're not ruling anyone else you are the ruler of the kingdom of you we're by one's thoughts emotions and actions their consciousness exists in a state of unison non duality non contradiction non opposition sovereignty is about self ownership recognizing that you own yourself you own your consciousness your mind body and spirit no one else owns it stop giving it away to other people that's where we get into trouble that's where all the problems of this world are ultimately generated from is giving away our power to other people who we think have our better interest in mind and often all they're about doing is controlling for their own selfish interests sovereignty is ultimately about self mastery Thomas Jefferson I believe said it best he said that if a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization it expects what never it was and what never will be you can look at it mathematically for those who are a bit more left brained and I've come with this little equation okay to help people understand the dynamic the presence of truth in the lives of the people of a society is always inversely proportional to the presence of tyranny in that society that symbol of the middle means inversely it means proportional to okay proportional to and that's the inverse so if you have tyranny you don't have truth if you have treason you don't have tyranny it's that simple it's an equation this is a law in nature it always works like that everywhere it's a natural law the dynamic at work that is keeping people from the recognition of this knowledge is the abdication of their personal responsibility and I should have put on this slide the attempted abdication of personal responsibility because you can't cannot really abdicate your own personal responsibility again like the claim of authority it is only a claim that you can do that in actuality in reality you cannot abdicate your personal responsibility you're always responsible for your own actions and behaviors many people want to give up their own personal responsibility to choose between right and wrong actions to someone else someone they consider superior to them who would make that decision for them they that somehow this could absolve them of their personal responsibility to make great choices not only is this abhorrent and deplorable it is actually impossible as each individual is always personal reasonably responsible for the choices they make and the actions they take regardless of their belief otherwise of their belief otherwise not the truth see the problem ultimately is rooted in the belief and illusion that we can do things that we cannot do human beings are real good at this they believe that they can do all sorts of things that they can't do and that they have no right to do see this is what happens when we believe in illusion you could believe you're going to fly effect that all you want you're going to go down and hit the bottom and that's where we're at as a species the belief in illusion is the root of the problem and the root of the solution lies in simply abandoning belief systems that do not serve us and then hold us back or in other words abandoning religions søren kierkegaard the philosopher said that there are really only two ways that humanity is ever fooled one is to believe that which is not true and the other is to refuse to accept that which is true and I would go farther than Kierkegaard and I would say these are the only two reasons ultimately that humanity experiences self-inflicted suffering we refuse we want to believe in illusion believe in things that are not true and refused to accept the truth into our lives that's why we're going deeper and deeper into bondage and tyranny as a people so I'm going to leave on a negative note I want to present the opposite sides of this what is actually the solution you know we really need to grasp and understand what's the key out of that cage what's the way out so let's look at that dynamic the way out is the understanding of natural law and again if this were understood you wouldn't have people who are willing to continue to admire them the truth about anything let alone the UFO and alien phenomena they would do their obligation and practice their allegiance to the truth and they would tell the truth about what they have discovered but unfortunately people don't understand this dynamic of natural law and let me just clear this up before we go any further but when I'm using the word natural here this is another word that has been co-opted by mind control techniques natural has zero to do nothing to do with the theory of Darwinian macro biological evolution or what certain Darwinists call the core one quote natural order nothing to do with that at all and I cannot emphasize that enough it is in fact the exactly inversion of that this is about morality this is about the definitive knowledge of the difference between right and wrong is what this is about okay and then choosing the right action over the wrong action because this natural law is what ultimately gives us the results of what we have chosen it's what puts forward the manifestations into our lives of the factors that we have set into motion through the causes called our choices okay so natural the dictionary definition of natural is inherent having a basis in to reality and truth not made or caused by humankind the word law the dictionary definition an existing condition which is both binding and immutable that means it is in effect at all times in places and it can not be changed just like gravity or electromagnetism okay these are natural laws they work the same way in all times in places they are binding whether we recognize them or not and madness does not have the power to change those the presence of those laws they are always in effect I give a working definition for natural law in a practical sense natural law is universal non man-made binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of our behavior it governs the consequences of behavior I recently stopped calling this natural law and some of my lectures and talks and switched over to the terms universal spiritual law because that's what it ultimately is and I think that paints a clearer picture instead of using co-opted term natural many will recognize these as the laws of cause and effect if we are scientifically inclined in fact invariably follows cause all effects were manifestations have causes that precede them for every action there exists an equal and opposing reaction we've all heard that in the New Age movement we may have heard them as the laws of attraction the energy that we admit is the energy that we attract what we are putting out is what we received back the universe is like a mirror in that regard it is reflecting back to us that which we put out into it's filled of energy as you think feel and act so shall we be this is another way that the law of attraction has been expressed and it's ultimately saying the same things as natural law or universal spiritual law karma that has been called or moral law that we reap what we sow and it has been expressed beautifully magically as the Golden Rule do unto others as you would have done unto yourself it's really as simple as that it doesn't really go beyond that and I could just say that and say good night everyone if people weren't practicing that truly in their own lives that would be no problem but unfortunately we don't want to accept that truth into our minds and into our hearts not two laws about the objective differences between right and wrong when it comes to right and wrong there are no shades of grey it's all one way that's another very difficult thing for people to hear because our society is so in disgust in the lie and the religion called moral relativism which will take us down the path to destruction there is a difference between right and wrong and subjective and definitive right is that which is correct which that which is based in truth and wrong is that which is incorrect that which is not based in truth that's why we use the term right wrong meaning both moral or truth you know whether it's correct or not the world is right if it is in harmony with natural law than it is right if it is in opposition to natural law that is wrong and here's what we mean by in opposition or in opposite in harmony or in opposition to natural law means actions that are based in our rights we have the right to do it if the action does not result in harm to other sentient beings but if it is wrong if it is immoral if it is incorrect and not based in then the action that is based in that dynamic results in harm to other sentient beings it is that simple well we really need to understand that we need to know what her right is and what her right is not this is part of the difficult part of this dynamic most people don't understand what a right is what a right is not because they don't understand definitively the objective difference between right and wrong unfortunately it's best to understand what rights are in the apathetic sense many will never heard that term before what it means is in the negative by describing what something is not and through describing what it is not coming to a clear understanding of what it is okay so it's affirmation through negation the elimination of no negatives it's your reasoning by way of elimination of no negatives that's called the apophatic inquiry method to get to truth okay know which actions are not rights because they cause harm there's too many rights to list we have infinite numbers of Rights of what we can do and create but there's a very short list of things we may not do because they cause harm that's the things we really need to understand we caused you harm and suffering to another then it's not a right the truth regarding rights is not dependent on numbers or population doesn't matter how many people you have natural law holds true in all kinds of places and all numbers of population rights that do not exist for an individual this is key cannot be granted cannot be created or granted to any other individual or group of individuals do we think we have the right to create governments and give them rights that individuals don't have and that's impossible it can't be done again people can claim that they can do it but it will never make it true it's the way out is ultimately about the development of conscience which is coming into the full knowledge of what natural law is about how it operates conscience Latin con meaning together and the Latin verbs quiere the root of the word science meaning to know you put them together conscience means to know together it is knowledge conscience is knowledge that's something many people will not have heard before either conscience is knowledge okay it is the definitive knowledge of the objective difference between right and wrong and it's common sense where it should be unfortunately we have lost contact with common sense and therefore many of us are not exercising conscience now exercising conscience is when action comes into play because when you're exercising your conscience you're wilfully choosing right action over wrong action once you've come to know that definitive difference between right and wrong that's how you exercise conscience so this is what wisdom is conscience the development of conscience is coming to a level of understanding because you're acquiring knowledge about right and wrong then you're applying it in the world that's called the exercise of conscience okay and that's what wisdom really is this is a hard one for most people to swallow but it is also true by a very definition of the term of the phrase if someone is following orders it is an impossibility for them to the exercising conscience you cannot be exercising conscience if you are advocating your personal responsibility to know and live the truth to someone else if you are simply following their orders it can not be done you could believe you can do it but once again that will never make it the case and we saw where the belief in authority and the abdication of personal responsibility to make choices ultimately leads us Jerald Matson egyptologist said that they must find it difficult those who have taken authority as truth rather than truth as authority we can't continue to make justifications which comes from the Latin down yes meaning right and the Latin verb fuck carry meaning to make or to create justifications our attempts to create rights rights cannot be created by manner rights come from the creative force in the universe regardless of what you want to call that you can call it God you can call it a line you can call it voodoo then call Christ Christ consciousness I don't care what you call it that's up to you to make a one-to-one connection with that intelligent creative force that is what we are all part of but you cannot create a right it is impossible rights are inherent to creation justifications are feeble tiny puny human attempts to create rights that do not exist I was just following orders is never a valid excuse or justification for immoral behavior as we saw in Roswell with the cover up and then the Sun the intimidation and threats of violence that were made against witnesses and I'm sure they'd say I'm just following my commanding officers orders well that's never of valid justification for immoral behavior and it should never be accepted by anyone as some sort of a valid excuse for immoral behavior an order giver is even more morally culpable than an order more nor follower I'm sorry is even more culpable than an order giver now that does not absolve the order different of their moral culpability I didn't say that what I did say is that the order follower is always more morally culpable than even the one who whispers in their ear and tells them it's okay to go and do the immoral act because the order follower is always the one who has actually taken the action the order giver isn't doing the action the order followers doing the action the theft of truth that constitutes the UFO embargo the embargo on truth about the UFO and alien phenomenon the theft of truth about something this world changing and life transforming about regarding extraterrestrial life and Technology actually constitutes a crime against all of humanity and no justification you should ever be accepted when offered by the perpetrators of this crime they need to be held to account for this crime the researcher demonite has this to say on justifications accept the responsibility for yourself and your actions thoughts and words you will never make choices you alone are answerable to the consequences of your behavior the people excuse that your boss required the establish expectative holds no truth or justification what is the point of even having principles if you allow others to dictate your behavior at the end of the day you will judge your performance and the contribution you have made to creation it will not be based on what another expected of you or what you did because you felt trapped this is not the justification and should not be accepted as an excuse we're all ultimately responsible for our actions one of the ways out is through an apology and I call this the cosmic apology the apology on the level of the species to admit that we were wrong that we have done wrong and then we are allowed wrong to be committed in our midst and in our name a large part of the crisis in consciousness which we are currently facing is due to the fact that most people are not only unwilling to admit their own doing but also unwilling to stand up and call others on their wrongdoing true forgiveness you know this you know I wanted to have have something about forgiveness in here because it isn't about punishment as long as this embargo comes down we can forgive you know we don't have to necessarily punish people for what they've done as long as they're willing to come forward to tell the truth admit and admit responsibility okay in the new-age circles sometimes you have this false notion of forgiveness you know and again maybe an apology is a source of strength it's not a weakness and many things are wrong is a source of strength not weakness because you're coming into harmony with truth and that's where all power really comes from but true forgiveness is often misunderstood it does not mean that that continuing to excuse the willful commission of wrongdoing an infinite number of times that's not what forgiveness is this is a false notion of forgiveness and unconditional love okay that is naivete at best and cooperation with evil at worst we have to call people and hold them to account while their wrongdoing and be strong enough to stand in the truth and do them a sincere apology starts with the willingness to tell the truth that is where true forgiveness and reconciliation must begin with the willingness to tell the truth and we can't do that unless we develop true self respect self-respect people use the word respect when you know talking about their relationship to another person it has nothing to do with another person true respect has anything to do with oneself it comes from the Latin prefix Greek meaning again and the Latin verb Specht RA meaning to look at so what respect actually is is taking another look looking at again but what it ultimately is when we do this upon our cities taking another look upon ourselves and re-evaluating what are these systems have been all about and whether they have been on the side of truth and justice and peace and order and harmony in the universe okay so we needed that's the device that's going to get us out of this mess not any piece of technology you want the device that's going to solve the problems that we're facing as a species there it is it's called a mirror develop a deeper relationship with one take a look at oneself take a look into the self and we need to reevaluate what our mental positions and staying confined and staying attached are attachments have been okay that's what we need to reevaluate and that's a process of respect that is internal the Buddha once said that there are only two mistakes that one can ever make on the pathway to truth not started and not going all the way I know this presentation is probably stretched your minds and gotten you to maybe take up a look at some places where you maybe we're uncomfortable to take a look at before and it brought up some things that may be uncomfortable but that's where the truth leads to go past your comfort zone and to go all the way I'm gonna wrap it up right here regardless of what anyone's religion may happen to be government money official world religions scientism a military New Age movement whatever it is we need to stop attempting to make our religion the truth and what we need to do is start making truth power religion when we do that then we would wake ourselves up and we will step into the light and the chains of bondage that have bound this world for so long will start to fall away we will ascend the ladder to higher consciousness and in doing so we will step out of this world hand-in-hand together and join with our brothers and our sisters in the realm of the infinite ladies and gentlemen thank you for your comments [Applause]