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  • me by email: [] me by email: []
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  • ...nd I'm glad he's off promoting it a little bit that's awesome yeah this is Marcus how are you good good how are you doing good so what do you have for us ton
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  • ...pening hey Mark it's Chris from new jersey how are you Chris what's up man Marcus owners are here for them oh it's a good here you every night every Tuesday
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  • ...aken over this nation through the foe money system which is nothing but as Marcus pointed out a yoke around our oxes neck we have to shake off this phony sys
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  • letting people know that it is five past midnight we have no time and Marcus is helping the wake us up mark to two things and I'm going to get out of he
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  • ...have a good one man it was good to talk to you again thank you [Music] and Marcus they were they're not going to hear the commercial so I think you ever wish
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  • ...rom Philadelphia you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey hey Marcus Mike hey Mark you know um I'd love to follow ladies and gentlemen Michael K
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  • on earth is happening with our special guest Franco you are welcome hey Marcus well Walt fantastic this is uh Walter Rhodes he's been a guest on what on e
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  • ...I know that I'm sorry I go here knowing and not yeah I know that something Marcus talked about many times about knowing and not doing is not to not know or n
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  • ...talking with a bill from Seattle bill oh you're still there I'm still here Marcus okay you go ahead and continue okay so before the break and by the way I lo
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  • ...t out there and let the chips fall where they may Wow well thanks for that Marcus you will not be doing anybody a disservice you will not be doing anybody wr
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  • ...with the clay feet and the two towers of steel as his legs beyond reality Marcus you know the ancient nobility has never left power they fooled us at the en
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  • ...e you there hello yes there you go yes okay this Joe Mellon how's it going Marcus I'm doing well great quick questions the first question is um you recommend
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  • ...rian forms of government I was how much into the dark occult how deep down Marcus and hates that I went to see that that hindsight that that hindsight is oft
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  • ...out a doubt that's good advice yes sir I'd just like to add one more thing Marcus's ok now I know synchronicity has a lot to do the things you hear things yo
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  • ...nd Kentucky Jonathan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Marcus were I'll let you know I confirm that I sent you and even Jonathan your pho
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  • on what on earth is happening welcome yo what's up yeah what's up mr. Marcus Justin I don't know how are you good to hear from you hey great oh no I jus
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  • ...anizer and freedom s activist from Philadelphia right here in Pennsylvania Marcus undertaken the task of assembling vast amounts of research in the areas of
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