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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc past ago [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the revolution broadcasting internet radio network I'm your host mark passio this show is live every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time my web site is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website revolution broadcasting comm we have a packed show for you here this evening so I'm going to jump right into the event announcements and after that we'll go into the contest it's the first contest that we're doing live on what on earth is happening and we will get into that this evening so the event announcements I read event announcements for the Philadelphia area it's all about activism folks this show is about freedom and ultimately to be free we have to take right action in the world and therefore I want to read a couple of event announcements for events that are coming up in the Philadelphia area if you live in the area try to make it out to some of these the global dialog Institute of Haverford College presents the global philosophy forum consciousness connectivity and integral modes of reality a deep dialogue on science and philosophy in quest of the unified field of reality so this is going to be taking place at Haverford College at Marshall Auditorium Saturday October 23rd 2010 from 1 to 6 p.m. and the keynote speaker is dr. Bruce H Lipton Bruce Lipton the author of the biology of belief unleashing the power of consciousness matter and miracles and spontaneous evolution our positive future his talk will be called spontaneous evolution our positive future and a way to get there from here bruce lipton a critical information I highly recommend people check this out the other keynote speaker is Barbara Marx Hubbard visionary futurist and co-founder of the foundation for conscious evolution her talk is going to be called conscious evolution visions of a universal humanity this form is presented by Ashok Gong Guardian he is going to be giving a talk called awakening global enlightenment our great evolutionary shift the entire theme for this philosophy forum is called making sense of our great evolutionary shift so that's at Haverford College Marshall Auditorium Saturday October 23rd 1 to 6 p.m. a $10 donation at the door is appreciated but not absolutely necessary so the second an announcement I have is the mind/body/spirit Expo that's coming up at the Valley Forge Convention Center just outside of Philadelphia this is going throughout the weekend October 22nd to 24th I mentioned this because the keynote speaker is a man who really helped me out a lot in my journey in consciousness and that's Neale Donald Walsch he is going to be the keynote speaker at mind/body/spirit Expo October 22nd through 24th at the Valley Forge Convention Center for more information check out mind/body/spirit Expo dot-com Neale Donald Walsch author of conversations with God an another event announcement I have is for a ufo-related conference that I have been asked to speak at and I've accepted it's kind of a last-minute thing but that's fine this is called the UFO et Congress 2010 this will be taking place in Borden now New Jersey at the Ramada Inn November 13th and 14th the Ramada Inn is at 1083 that's 1:08 three u.s. highway 206 in Bordentown New Jersey the topic that I'm going to be speaking on is disclosure and my presentation is called don't count on disclosure and it is about the deepest reasons for the worldwide cover-up of the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena the other speakers are Dennis Roger denne denne okhla from Paris he is going to be giving a talk called UFOs crop circles 8 and 18 visiting EXO civilizations Jacqueline Delibes will be talking on extraterrestrial forces of the light dr. Julian salt from Great Britain will be giving a talk called UFOs ETS and the new world situation Dan Smith giving a talk called selling the best possible world and its best possible ending and the master of ceremonies for this conference is Pat J market ilio and Pat is the master of ceremonies and he's hosting the conference and you can check out more information at his site which is dr. UFO org dr UFO org so i'm honored to be part of that conference and the next - event announcements go together I'm hosting a conference called free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult this will be taking place in Philadelphia in April of 2011 free your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the date is Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 2011 the time 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days the doors will be opening at 9:00 a.m. both days the location is rubra hall Ruba ha ru ba hall at 4:14 Green Street in Philadelphia admission price is very reasonable at only $20 per day the confirmed speakers and we have two new confirmed speakers for the free your mind conference this week just added the confirmed speaker so far Aaron McCallum Alfred Webber Andrew basiago just added mr. Bob Tuscan the owner of the revolution broadcasting radio network he'll be giving a talk about how scarcity affects human consciousness versus what consciousness might become were we to live in an abundance based an abundance based society very critically important topic and Bob Tuscan will be talking on that at the free your mind conference fara your dozous another speaker again just added this week Yan Irvin of Gnostic media he will be talking about psychedelics and the Trivium method of education also speaking J Park er John Nicholson Larkin Rose Laura Magdalene Eisenhower myself Mark passio Mel fàbregas Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor that's the free your mind conference a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult April 9th and 10th Philadelphia for more information visit free your mind conference dot-com connected with this we are doing a fundraiser for the free your mind conference Friday November 5th 2010 at 8 o'clock p.m. in Philadelphia at Liberty's pub on the second floor of the pub Liberty's is at 7:05 North 2nd Street that's its second and Fairmount in Philadelphia a ten dollar donation at the door is requested to support the effort to bring some of the out-of-town speakers in for the free your mind conference we will be having live music at this fundraiser mr. chip Raymond will be doing a couple of acoustic sets and we'll have a 50-50 raffle all proceeds will go to offsetting the cost to bring in out-of-town speakers for the conference in April tickets for the free your mind conference go on sale Friday November 5th the 5th of November the tickets for the conference will be available at the conference fundraiser at Liberty's on November 5th for more info on the conference and the fundraiser please visit the chat on the on the talk show live program could someone from the forum if they're listening through revolution broadcast and confirmed that I am NOT coming in through talk Xu through my site it looks like there's another problem with talk true I started the show through them and it immediately disconnected me for some reason so it looks like we're broadcasting fine over revolution broadcasting but it looks like we've dropped out of talk show if anyone can confirm that either through Skype or through the talk show live program for me please do so that's going to make it difficult to have this to have this contest go over the airwaves so what I'll probably do is just work it through email and we will determine a winner that way the first email that comes in will be the winner because I don't believe I'm going to take be able to take calls on the show because the the show has already somehow prematurely terminated through talk show so I apologize for the technical difficulties that's okay because I have a local backup recording right here locally on my computer so the podcast will still make it up there and we're still going out live over revolution broadcasting so let's get into the contest this was brought up because last week the topic of alchemy came up on the show and what I wanted to do was to inspire some people to look into the science of alchemy into the occult science of alchemy because it can be an incredible journey in consciousness once you understand what alchemy really is I believe it was Bob from Cincinnati who called in last week and brought up alchemy and I decided to do a little content and the winner of the contest would receive a free weekend pass to the free or mind conference so I have a couple of just you know general small ground rules that I want to ask people to observe for this contest if you don't really want to attend the conference please don't respond to the question to the to the riddle that is going to go out over the airwaves and has been on my site for about a week please reserve this for people that do really want to attend the conference and can attend it okay so if you're you know from the west coast and you know you're not gonna be make be able to make it out to Philadelphia don't bother to respond to this just to prove that you know the answer please reserve this for people who do want to attend the conference and can attend it can make it there in April know that they're going to be able to attend it okay that's the only thing I ask so I'm going to give the I'm going to read the riddle out over the airwaves and the first person to email the following email address will be the winner of a weekend pass that's two free tickets one for each day for one individual to the free your mind conference in April of 2011 here we go I'm being told that talkshow is responding that the voice is going out over talks you I don't know if I'll be able to take calls so we can try to do that but if that doesn't work we'll go out over what won't take the answers by email I'll give the call-in number in case people are able to call in the calling number for the show is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the calling number seven two four triple four seven triple four the call ID number is eight three five one five you have to put that in after you call the call-in number so that it identifies and wraps you through - what on earth is happening once again the call ID number for what on earth is happening eight three five one five so this is the riddle and I'll give the email address okay let's say if the calls come in we'll take that if whoever's the first caller they can that they can claim the prize if they have the correct answer if calls aren't working through talk show we will go to email as an alternative so here is the riddle this is a document called better living through alchemy the key to life and death is everywhere to be found but if you do not find it in your own house you will find it nowhere yet it is before everyone's eyes no one can live without it everyone has used it the poor usual usually possess it more than the rich children play with it in the streets the meek and uneducated esteem it highly but the privileged and learned often throw it away it is the only thing from which the Philosopher's Stone can be prepared and without it no noble metal can be created people who blindly follow socially accepted values beliefs and behavior are no longer connected to the mystery of this thing and therefore throw it away medieval alchemists frequently referred to this thing as the cornerstone the builders forgot in other words it is something important that is not an integrated part of our current civilization sometimes these intimations are only obvious at quiet times or when we focus our undivided attention on the present moment or enter deep meditate meditation seeking to learn the true nature of reality to alchemists consciousness is a force of nature that can be harnessed and purified through prayer and meditation and then added to the experiment just like a chemical ingredient magic has the power to experience and fathom things which are inaccessible to human reason for magic is a great secret wisdom just as reason is a great public folly within every living thing there exists a hidden star that is that thing's quintessence one of the symbols for the quintessence is the star in general terms the star is the truest part of anything the divine thought that gives things their form and being too much reliance on intellect instead of intuition will surely spell disaster for the world we have assimilated the sun's masculine spirit on earth and it has led to great technological advances but our lunar feminine soul has been pushed away in the process the key to transformation is the union of solar and lunar forces the sacred marriage of the Sun and the moon instead there exists an estrangement between them and correspondingly between our own spirits and souls our intuition lies in our innocence your head must bow to your heart this is called better living through alchemy and the author is anonymous however I would make the claim that they are also enlightened and the question the question here is what is the key to life and death that is referred to in the first paragraph this entire thing is actually a riddle it is trying to get you to understand what is that thing from which the Philosopher's Stone the lapis philosophorum can be prepared that thing that without it no noble metal can be created it is called in this document the key to life and death in the first paragraph and I want to know what that is what is the key to life and death that is being spoken of this document is on my website you can look at it in the news section it is the first recent news item so here's what to do call in the calling number and if you have the correct answer for this to free tickets a weekend pass both days one ticket for Saturday one ticket for Sunday for one person to the free your mind conference in April of 2011 in Philadelphia in the event that callers cannot call the calling number email send an email to this address what on earth 93 that's what on earth nine three at gmail.com what on earth 93 at gmail.com I'll say that one more time the first person to send an email with the correct answer to this alchemical riddle - what on earth 93 the number 93 at gmail.com will receive two free tickets to the free your mind conference in April I'll be checking that periodically as the show unfolds so that is the contest and hopefully we'll have a winner before the end of the show if we don't it will go to next week so the topic for this evening of the show is going to be food and medicine specifically food and medicine as a technique for mass control we have been analyzing and discussing over the past many weeks the methodologies of mind control and we've been emphasizing how important it is to look at this dark topic people may be uncomfortable with this they may not want to believe that this is going on but the fact of the matter remains that this is what is taking place and it is critically important if we are to emerge from mind control which the vast majority of the human species is under in one form or another if we are to break these mental chains and emerge from this state of consciousness this dark state of consciousness which we are artificially being held in through what we get to see in here through the mainstream media read about in newspapers and magazines etc connected fundamentally with this is what we put to our bodies that nourishes us or doesn't nourish us as the case may be the adage that we are what we eat is true but as we talked about on the show last week it's more than that we are what we put into our body in totality meaning not only what we eat and drink and take in in the way of medications or drugs etc we are what we take in to our eyes and ears what we listen to what we pay attention to what we watch what we hear so we have to become discerning not only about the sources of information that we pay attention to but also what we physically put into our body because what we put into our body is ultimately information we are comprised of information everything is comprised of information and if we put junk in we will get junk out it's a very simple equation junk goes in junk comes out good stuff goes in good stuff comes out the truth is simple it is very simple to understand it's not as complex as some people want to make it dominators and controllers want you to think in terms of impossible complexity that cannot be perceived or conceived therefore people won't even begin trying to seek truth but the fact of the matter is truth is always simple so we're going to talk about today problems with our food we're going to look at the dark side of this we're gonna uncover things that are going on with our food that fundamentally hold us back as a species that pave the way toward more control that paved the way toward more ignorance that pave the way toward more bethey in our society and food has the power to do that I should say we have the power to let that happen or to stop it from happening and make up change for the better based on what we choose to put into our body and this is one that most people have a relative modicum of control over in their own lives thus far they still do now if we're not careful that could change for the worse what we get to choose that we eat and drink you know another component of this is the air we breathe we have not that much control over that being how we pollute the air through industry through the transportation forms that we use and through the chemtrail phenomenon which if anybody listening has not researched I would highly suggest that you do so and look at the types of toxic particulates that they're spraying into our atmosphere so that's something we don't have too much control over but I'll touch on it may perhaps not in this show today but in a future show we're gonna spend a couple of weeks on this topic and we're going to take our time unfolding it because this is a critically important topic of research and is critical to understand if we're gonna understand how we build ourselves into better human beings and how we do that by making higher consciousness choices about what we take into ourselves and we can only do that once we understand that essentially everything is made of information including us including that which we take into our mind that which we and that which we take into our body through our food the first doctor of modern civilization Hippocrates this is the Greek historical figure from which the Hippocratic Hippocratic oath which doctors still take to do no harm is named it is named after Hippocrates he said let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food so he had a profoundly deep understanding of what actually generates health and well-being sadly in the modern age most people not all but most people of our species have gone wildly off the track about what generates health and we have to get back to these simple fundamental principles as espoused by someone like Hippocrates that what we need to generate our health to be our medicine to be our guide to good health is simply the foods that we choose to eat or correspondingly not eat and a huge profound level of ignorance abounds in our society about what good food is a huge level of ignorance abounds about what levels of toxins we can safely take into ourselves and not affect our minds and our judgment and our consciousness in general and that needs to change the only way that's going to change if we understand what has been done to our food supply that we take in on a daily basis and I'll tell you what a lot of a big portion of the freedom movement is not on to this information I see a lot of people not eating very healthily in in the freedom movement there are people who have partial pictures of the whole dynamic that's taking place and you know I harp on this here it something I'm not quiet about I think it's a dangerous thing and it's not a good thing to have a partial picture I think more people need to research a whole lot more and go a whole lot deeper you know people in the freedom movement you know have a very partial picture of a lot of things a lot of things not just about food you know I talked to activists in the freedom movement and they don't want to acknowledge that the occult is something that is real and they're kidding themselves they're absolutely kidding themselves but they have an attachment to certain belief systems and you know you bring up a food to some people and they have attachments that they you know want to continue to eat what they've always eaten and think that that has no bearing on consciousness and it does it most certainly does and we'll talk about why food has bearing on that and this is totally connected with the structure of the brain which we talked about on this show numerous times on past shows when we don't have quality nutrients entering our body and our our whole mind body system in general we significantly imbalance the brain specifically the neocortex of the brain this is the part of the brain that really needs proper nutrition to function properly as the executive command center of the human brain the higher rational thought processes the higher mind functions we talked about the components of the neocortex the left and right brain and their brain functions and we also talked about in previous shows what happens when the neocortex becomes dysfunctional when it becomes imbalanced toward one brain hemisphere or the other what results you can go back on past podcasts and listen to that but essentially the destabilization of the neocortex means that our behavior going to be fundamentally changed for the worse as a result of this destabilization of the higher thought functions of the brain we will revert into reptile mode reptilian brain the r-complex which is base consciousness survival mimimi thinking okay pure egoic selfishness hoarding not caring about your fellow human beings acting like a psychopath considering personal survival the only thing that's of any importance screw everybody else complete ego identification complete identification with the physical and the material no thought of morals and higher awareness or consciousness you know that's that's mostly due to left brain imbalance that type of behavior and dysfunction right brain imbalance does the opposite but just as much damage and that will create a slave like mentality go along to get along don't challenge don't question authority become docile and the food that we eat will imbalance people to both of these states of consciousness not just one or the other but both if we're not eating the right foods if we're not eating nutritious foods that are devoid of toxins the toxicity of our modern food chain is something we're going to discuss extensively today so I'm gonna check in all my email see if anybody has answered the alchemical riddle we have we have a attempt ok so here we go let's see okay we have an answer from c.j be okay cjb says thank you very much for your show when you say the poor have a lot of it and the rich not much and the meek value it but the privileged throw it away it makes me think of both time and love like when you value money over people or over or over intellectualize rather than use your instincts and heart but if you want only one answer I'd have to say time okay both great answers but unfortunately incorrect there is one correct answer I'll just say that it is a one-word answer that's that's the only hint I'll give out and good try see JB but that is not the correct answer that is not what the key to life and death in the riddle is about and it does look like we are not getting calls coming through the switchboard today I apologize for that folks it's been a little bit of a trying time with talk show recently but try to work out the technical problems but email is still a way to go it looks like we have another answer coming through Paul says I want to venture an answer to your riddle I say the answer is one or more or all of the following love acceptance laughter innocence thanks Paul okay thank you Paul great attempt it is not any of those those answers but also a great attempt but that is not what the key to life and death that is spoken about in the alchemical riddle called better living through alchemy is so we have two really great attempts there but not the correct answers to the alchemical riddle once again I just want to give out the email address we're gonna I'll take take answers to this riddle through email today since unfortunately talk show is not giving me is not allowing me to take calls through the switchboard so the email address to email to put in an answer an attempted answer at the this alchemical riddle the prize for which is two free tickets to the free your mind conference in April the email address to send your responses to to send your attempted answers to is what on earth 93 at gmail.com what on earth nine three the number 93 at gmail.com I'll in a few more minutes I'll go back and check some more emails and see if we have a winner but good attempts see JB and Paul so thank you for your responses okay let's get into some aspects of our food and food chain and what this is doing to human consciousness the first thing we have to understand about the very toxic and poisonous aspects of the foods that we eat our most conventionally grown produce uses large amounts of chemical pesticides and fertilizers to grow the food the way that they grow it crops are sprayed to keep pests away from eating them and cutting into the farmers profits and yields and they largely do this with conventionally grown fruits and vegetables and grains with chemical pesticides which kill pests that's what they do that's why they're called pesticides they kill bugs and other pests that eat the crops that are grown by farmers but they have a toxicity that goes into the food that we then consume and for people that think that you're gonna take fruit or produce and you're gonna wash it off and that's gonna rinse away all of these pesticides it doesn't work that way when something is sprayed chemically it becomes systemic to that food now what that means it is it is it becomes distributed throughout the food it doesn't make a difference if you wash it it is systemic meaning it is everywhere within the food when you're eating it it doesn't make a difference if you take the skin off if you wash it none of that matters it's completely distributed throughout systemic so that's one thing chemical pesticides chemical fertilizers are used to make soil turn over faster and replenish the nutrients of the soil that are depleted because of the way the crops are grown if you're going to use natural organic farming techniques crops will need to be soil the crops growing will need to be given a certain amount of time to turn over and then become nutrient dense again this is often accomplished by rotating crops which often is not done in conventional farming techniques this is a reason why organic farming is so important and choosing organic foods is so important that's the solution to this we will get into solutions a bit later but I want to emphasize the problems with our food first and the reason I'm doing that is not to be negative not to inspire fear it is to educate about what is going on with our food that if we want to become better and we want to improve our bodies and our health and minds we need to get actively involved in changing how our food is grown and produced and sold and we do that by voting by what we purchase as far as what we choose to eat when we go to the supermarket or the grocery store or the farmers market to buy food so food producers will listen to what people want we'll vote through them you know we'll vote through what we spend our money on and if we don't buy garbage don't stop producing garbage so that's part of the solution is choosing the right foods and that's how you'll get food producers to hear this is what people want and that's slowly changing you see more organic produce and products in on supermarket shelves but it needs to change drastically more so chemical fertilizers are a big part of the the negative aspects of the food that we put into our body and how toxic they are and how damaging they can be to health and to consciousness so again I say I bring up the negative to make a diagnosis and we talked about that word on past shows if we're going to correct wrongs if we're going to make changes for the better we have to look at the negative the negative cannot be pushed away and ignored it needs to be faced and confronted and we this is how we make a diagnosis about what is ailing us the things that are wrong with our society and we know we can see there's a lot of wrongs but so few people get down to the core the causal factors and that's what this show is all about so making a diagnosis if we break that word down it's Greek roots the etymology of the word goes to the Greek diya in Greek di a means through or by way of through by way of okay gnosis in Greek means knowledge so by way of knowledge we will make a diagnosis we will find out what is wrong then we're in a position of power through that knowledge to then take appropriate action to correct that wrong and that's called wisdom wisdom is what you do with what you know it's applied knowledge for the right reasons okay so chemical fertilizers that goes hand-in-hand with chemical pesticides these become systemic to the food that's the critical thing to keep in mind about that aspect of it so when we look at what generates health that's what we're we're focusing on here what generates health what we put into our body and mind so what we're feeding ourselves with is what we become if our food is laden with chemical pesticides and fertilizers we're putting junk information into our minds ultimately because this is what is nourishing the brain and the active thought processes if we put low quality information in that capacity into ourselves we are going to act in a low-quality fashion our behavior is going to be low quality and base the next component and I have a laundry list here ok I really really was hoping to take callers today because they could bring up more topics of discussion but unfortunately again it doesn't look like we're going to do that I opened up the chat forum on the talk show live program but it doesn't look like that is coming in let me let me expand my screen here and see if I'm able to get anything from that let's see I'll take I'll take now the chat okay it looks like the chat is working if anybody is still in the talks you live form for my show through talk show please type something into the chat so I know that it's working through the the guests in the room people can do that I'd appreciate it because we can take some calls some questions that way and get some comments from people that way today let's it looks like a loud chat is turned on if anybody can type into the forum if they're hearing what I'm saying please do so see if it works if you want to chime in on the show today email what on earth 93 at gmail.com we could take some some comments that way the contest is still ongoing for the alchemical riddle that is the first news item on my website it looks like we have another attempted answer okay our Clark attempts the answer he says a classic mark passio style answer to the riddle and his attempt at answer is care with a capital C a great attempt our Clark but that is not the answer to the alchemical riddle looks like we're gonna have a tough one with this one and that's good because it will get people thinking and that's what the whole goal of this really is and dig down deep and really try to get to the core of this you know the key to life and death the only thing from which the lapis philosophorum may be prepared care is a phenomenal answer it is very important it is a critically important ingredient in the alchemical equation but that is not the key to life and death it is something that in many ways needs to be even more deeply treasured as deeply treasured as care where the capital C must be it is the generative principle and to go hand in hand with that I'd like to read a quote that I think really encapsulate what I'm talking about with food and people would say oh how could this possibly connect in with food well our Clark and his attempted answer really demonstrates this because what we care enough to do is what we are going to manifest in the world and that makes perfect common sense if we don't care enough to change our diet we don't care about enough about ourselves to change our diet I mean what does that really say for our self-respect level you know care has everything to do with what I'm talking about with food we have to care enough about our own bodies we have to care enough about our own mind-body connection we have to care enough about the practices that are used to grow food I'll be talking a little bit later or maybe even next week about the processes that take place on factory farms and what we do to animals and boy oh boy is that ever connected with care with a capital C so I'd like to just briefly read a couple of quotes from an occult tome that is called the Rosicrucian Cosmo conception by the Rosicrucian philosopher max Hine Dell and he talks about care in one of the sections of this book and it brings up some of the positive acts aspects of occultism and again we'll talk about this as the week's go on we will have whole sections a whole shows devoted to different cult principals and schools of thought but just briefly I'd like to read something from max Hine though he says in his book the Rosicrucian Cosmo conception that the ignorant use of the generative force is primarily responsible for all of the pain sickness and sorrow that we experience now that is so profound and what he means by the generative force is care care with a capital C that's the generative principle what could be called the eighth or binding principle of all of the hermetic principles and of course this is a highly prized concept in Rosicrucianism as well so the ignorant use of the generative force is primarily responsible for the pain sickness and sorrow that we experience I don't think any truer words have ever been spoken what we care about is what we experience what we do not care about and choose to ignore we will experience in a different form especially if the universe is attempting to call those things to our attention and we are willfully ignoring them sadly this is what is happening with the sickness and pain and sorrow that people undergo through the physical illnesses that they experience because of what they choose to eat they are not making a higher consciousness informed decision about the foods which they take into their bodies I'd like to read another short quote from this book where he talks about care and innocence and wisdom so he's basically talking about that which we pay attention to and this has everything to do with food believe it or not in the aspect he's talking about here yes it's about something higher but this can be applied to the choices that we make when it comes to what we put into our body he says that innocence is not synonymous with virtue with a capital v true virtue innocence is the child of ignorance with a capital I and she and could not be maintained in a universe where the purpose of evolution is the acquisition of wisdom to attain that end a knowledge of good and evil right and wrong is essential also choice of action is essential excuse me if having knowledge and choice man ranges himself on the side of good and right he cultivates virtue and wisdom if he succumbs to temptation and does wrong knowingly he fosters vice what he's talking about is willful ignorance willful choosing of that which one knows to be wrong and I bring this up deliberately on this show because I see this all around me and it's a painful thing to talk about because it affects members of my own family and I'm not somebody that is going to just hold back personal things you've heard me talk about you know family issues before on the show I like to bring things right home to where they roost okay and not hold back or the not be afraid to air things out and explain to people these problems of consciousness exist right in my own family with people that I care about and they persist and they want they for some reason want to suffer more they want to choose the wrong they want to continue in a path of ignorance because they're so rooted in and attached to the way that they do things they don't want to say the three biggest words the three most powerful words that can ever be uttered by the human voice and that is I was wrong the ego has bound them so completely that they would rather choose ignorance sickness sorrow pain suffering unto death if it comes to that rather than admit they were duped they were deceived they were simply wrong they simply didn't have the information and they don't want to look at new information and then use their will to change their behavior it is it has largely been conditioned out of them and this is completely connected to the alchemical key to life and death one of the reasons that the will has been taken out of them is because this thing has been also removed and thrown away so there's another hint let's check the email and see if anybody else saw has come up with a correct answer no other no other attempts so far I'll give the email address again if anybody has an attempt to answer the alchemical riddle on the news section of my website what on earth is happening comm is the first news item it's called better living through alchemy and it is a riddle the prize to answering the question what is the key to life and death that is spoken about in this document the the the prize is two free tickets to the free your mind conference in April of 2011 in Philadelphia please only submit an answer to the question if you want to attend the conference and you have the capability of attending it please don't give the answer and let people who you know would have been able to attend had they given the correct answer I don't want to give it out over the air and then the person not attend give the answer out over the air and then that that person not attend please only answer if you want to attend and can attend this conference in Philadelphia in April and if you get the right answer to that question I will send you I will get your mailing address through through email and I will send you two free tickets okay continuing with food and why this has everything to do with care and attention it's because we have to become aware of what's in the food that's harmful and often toxic and poisonous and then we have to use that knowledge to change our choices that's how this process works and no one said it was easy the word easy is not being talked about here okay simple yes because this information is available and only through a minimal amount of seeking not even that arduous seeking okay just wanting to improve yourself having the desire to improve your body-mind connection see I'll tell you a little anecdote here folks I was not always the most healthy eater in the world and that's the biggest laughable understatement that I think I have uttered on the air since I've been doing this show to say that I was not a healthy eater in the past is a big belly laugh of an understatement okay I ate sewage I ate junk I hate tons and tons of sugar I tons and tons of fatty meats and red meat okay tons of white refined flour and dough and bread pretzels and potato chips and snack foods and fast foods and you know when these triple burgers you know with extra cheese okay I mean my diet was horrendous horrendous is not even the word an atrocity an atrocity now to go from that to the organic vegetarian diet that I eat now is a hundred and eighty degree reversal it's like a completely different person emerged when I started eating differently and I'm gonna tell you some of the sources that I looked into to change my diet I'll post some movies to the site we'll post some some documents perhaps and put you onto some authors and and presenters who can explain often who are doctors and and scientists in their own right who could explain at high level terms what is going on with our food chain and one of the people who really helped me many people don't like him but I think he's a phenomenal person and he has really opened my eyes to what goes on in food and pharmaceutical industries was Kevin Trudeau Kevin Trudeau the author of natural cures they don't want you to know about one of the best books I've ever read on the topic of food I think another person who is indispensable toward my understanding of food was Russell Blaylock neuroscientist neurosurgeon actually I should say Russell Blaylock Ian crane helped me to become aware of certain things the doctor Riemann labo and there's many others we can go on and on and I'll give some references later in the show we're at the top of the second hour unfortunately it doesn't look like I'm gonna be able to take calls through the talk shew through the talk show switchboard so it looks like the talks you chat is working and you can send emails to what on earth 93 at gmail.com to make comments and suggestions now I have a laundry list of things we're not gonna get all into them tonight we will probably go into a second week on food alone because this is such a gigantic topic a whole show can be done about this we looked at chemical pesticides and fertilizers what about preservatives that are added to food this is largely done to keep food on shelves for longer periods of time and these are chemical additives someone just recently did a time-lapse movie of McDonald's french fries he bought McDonald's french fries didn't eat them put them on a table did time-lapse photography of the fries for a six-month period of time and at the end of six months the fries looked exactly like they did the day he purchased them and you people think that's natural that this could possibly mean that eating something like that is good for you it's not even food anymore natural food spoils in case you don't know that it's not meant to stay permanently the way that it is and secondly that's something they're giving you right there on the spot for you to eat what would it need to stay like that for that shows you how much chemicals are in them there's no reason for McDonald's fries the steps taking that long are they gonna be on the shelf for six months they're being served to you right there when you walk into that garbage facility but you know it's amazing six months and the fries look exactly as they did making it they were bought and people are gobbling these things down I used to I'll tell you I I don't I don't talk about things that I haven't changed in myself hey I've made this change people who are not eating right can make this change it's just a matter of willpower it's a matter of a little bit of knowledge and then largely it's a matter of turning on the will but you have to have that tool in your arsenal willpower it can be can be done will it be chosen that's up to you if you understand it's the right thing to do that's the first step that's where care comes into the equation then will has to be exercised you know if you want to become better if you want to change your diet that's care the knowledge part about it is what I'm trying to contribute to by giving you information about what's in our food now and then will has to be exercised and these are the three components I'm gonna type something to the people in the chat forum just asking people if anyone in the forum wants to take a shot at the alchemy riddle let me check my email address again and see if there are any other attempts it looks like there are okay ladies and gentlemen we have a winner Dianna Smith hello Diana I'm familiar with Diana I I know her Diana Smith has the correct answer to the alchemical riddle and she is the winner of the two tickets to the free your mind conference Diana Smith you get a weekend pass to free your mind I'll email you and give you the I'll let you give you give me your mailing address so I can send those out to you after November 5th ladies and gentlemen the answer to the riddle of alchemy the key to life and death and I'll just read the first paragraph of this again before I give the answer which was given first by Diana Smith from Philadelphia the key to life and death is everywhere to be found but if you do not find it in your own house you will find it nowhere yet it is before everyone's eyes no one can live without it everyone has used it the poor usually possess it more than the rich children play with it in the streets the meek and uneducated esteem it highly but the privileged and learned often throw it away it is the only thing from which the Philosopher's Stone can be prepared and without it no noble metal can be created the answer which was correctly given first by Diana Smith is imagination the imagination is the key to life and death it is that thing from which the Philosopher's Stone can be prepared if we cannot imagine a better outcome we cannot create one if we cannot imagine a different way of being we cannot make that way of being become manifest in our experience or in our world this Faculty of humanity has been devastated in our current civilization it is pounded out of our children mercilessly through the so-called education system which we talked about weeks ago it is indoctrinated out of our youth and that is why we are stuck in the rut of consciousness that we are so excellent job Diana I will be emailing you after the show to get your address and I will send you two free tickets too for your mind after November 5th the tickets go on sale November 5th so shortly thereafter I will put them in the mail to you well done imagination folks that's it that's what it's all about so that is handled and let's get back to our discussion on food chemical pesticides chemical fertilizers chemical preservatives processed foods the way that foods are generally processed often rob them of their nutrient values the more the more processed a food is the less nutrient-dense it becomes that's why staying away from prepackaged foods see they'll try to sell you on this for your convenience but eating fresh foods that don't need to be packaged ok keptin containers is what is a much healthier choice than eating processed and prepackaged foods now again none of this I'm saying is to be so 100% gung ho ok that you are paranoid about everything you put into your mouth that's not what I'm saying here I'm saying start changing the way you look at food start changing your awareness of what's in food do some research then start changing slowly what you eat get off of bad foods get on to organic foods get off of prepackaged foods get off of foods that are chock full of preservatives and processed heavily fresh organic foods are the key so processing and pre-packaging often sold to us for convenience sake often not good to put into the body there are nutrient deficient foods collars and dyes added to food especially children's foods I'd like to take the time briefly to thank barb my girlfriend barb for helping me to compile this list we went through and thought of all of the this whole laundry list of components of everything that is being done to our food over the last day and she did a great job helping me to compile this and I you know will go through this list and I'm sure listeners will bring up more topics so today we're going through email and the chat session on the talk show live board because the call-in function does not appear to be working if anybody wants to try to call in go right ahead but I think you'll confirm that that function doesn't seem to be working you could try it and we could see but no one seems to have called in thus far so I don't think that that is working properly the email address if you want to chime in on the discussion at night is what on earth 93 at gmail.com again we had a winner to the better living through alchemy riddle and that was Dianna Smith from Philadelphia so great job Dianna the answer was imagination going back to the discussion about food dyes you know you look at packaging and you see this dye color that dye color all artificial and chemical additives to change the color of food to make it look a certain way all unnecessary all harmful these are things that are harmful to the body oh they do not need to be in our diet chemical pesticides chemical fertilizers chemical preservatives processed foods added dyes okay bleaching the process of bleaching this is done through sugar flour even eggs bleached white I was telling a friend eggs don't come out of chickens white they come out of chickens Brown certain chickens lay eggs with like a bluish hue or hint to them but eggs don't come out of chickens white they are there bleached to become white like that people associate this idea of things that are white with purity and as far as food goes not nothing is farther from the truth you know white flour white breads white sugar refined sugar these are all things that are not good and have low nutrient value white roof light refined flour is completely nutrient due it's devoid of nutrition white refined sugar has no nutritional value then that brings us to the next topic sugar excessive amounts of sugar refined white sugar in tons and tons of foods that we and even worse than that high fructose corn syrup someone just chimed in on dyes and said red dye causes a neurologic neurological allergy this person has an autistic son and becomes Moody and withdrawn when it when every eating something with the red dyes in it yeah absolutely it looks like we're getting some callers in let's see if we can take a call here call her call her name Brian you're on what on earth is happening how are you yeah hi I was just testing the phone for you great it looks like that I want to commend you I've never I've never been on this show before and you're right down my alley I'm mouth nut and I really agree with everything you're saying great it looks like the talk show function came back online it didn't look like it was working earlier I got a couple of error messages through the switchboard and now it looks like it's back so I'll give the callin number again since we're into the second hour Brian did you have something something else or was that all you wanted to say because I'm gonna give them no I just want I just I just wanted to help you with the phone check you know but I also I wanted to commend you for what you're doing I give you a lot of credit because few people know how to eat right I I thank you very much thanks for calling in and attesting that out for me and thanks for the kind words you have a good day okay so McCall in function seems to be working again the call-in number seven two four four four four seven four four four the call ID number eight three five one five once again the call-in number seven two four triple four seven triple for the call ID number eight three five one five you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the the networks website revolution broadcasting calm here we go next caller you're on what on earth is happening well you have for us hello market the Kevin actually I just want to call and in touch base and mention that yes phone system was working as well and specifically who mentioned that I was actually the gentleman who obviously just typed into your chat about I think the autistic son and how specifically red dyes have become a serious detriment to his cognitive abilities and so we have completely eliminated them from these diet they tend to as I mentioned in the chat gives him almost what seems to me like a neurological allergy of sorts for lack of a better word where he becomes moody withdrawn and more specifically and most straightening for me it's his cotton coffee sometimes flat-out becomes like violent because his cognitive abilities are not functioning properly it's almost like I don't know it's I know he doesn't get exactly he get who that anything like migraine headaches but I know when I personally go through those sorts of things it reminds me very much of that sort of mentality in him right right that that's amazing and I'm sorry to hear about his condition i I would I don't think I was aware of that previously yeah it's it's terrible some of the things that they're putting into the foods and expecting children to eat in particular and died foods are a huge thing in children's food and it's just you know this corroborates it that this is toxic and it is detrimental to proper brain function and we've got to get our kids off of this stuff and get them on the natural holistic you know organic foods we have definitely alternative dye to make it much more appropriate for him for sure and it has it has helped definitely moving that from him there are times when somebody will accidentally even just give him a red lollipop and for literally hours if not sometimes days we've had it really bad at one point he just becomes was despondent or or angry as in a very strange fashion it's almost like it's almost like how I get personally like and in a moody lack of sleep eclipse today but it's definitely much more I don't know the there seems to be a specific nature to it I can't explain it and it seems that it's all develops its we gave him his first couple sets of shots were fine but when he got his three year shots whatever it was then or the end order towards the end of two years shots it was he got a grouping of shots all in one and one little needle and ever since then like during those during the first couple of months then he definitely were going through the same types of issues and it took us a while to figure out was even going on I I don't think we'd have even known it if we hadn't gotten him the early intervention care through this school as because we sent him to school so early through a Montessori charter school in Philadelphia we were actually really lucky that we got that information when we did it and have been able to correct things and have tailored his entire life away from anything that would further exacerbate any of his what's called pdd-nos it's a mild form of autism essentially and it's pervasive developmental delay not otherwise specified so as as much as I understand the science behind it or lack thereof at this point because they they can't give enough information hence the net not otherwise specified part right of the nos of the pdd-nos but specifically what really kind of messes everything up is that it he has this ability to be a very willful child and doesn't want to give up that strength as well and so schools often have labeled him as being let me guess yes oppositional and defiant correct yes yes and to the point that the new disorder that these psychiatrists are diagnosing you know and then their solution of what we're going to talk about next week is drugs their solution is drugging the children you know putting them on these the speed is essentially what it is these forms of amphetamines that basically make the the synapses and the brain goes so haywire that they become like zombies okay that will not be happening to my son he will not be getting those medication he is fortunately in a in a very good school right now in such a way that realistically all of the added help they're now giving him could in theory make him out to be a better as strange as it sounds and I'm not going to say that I like any of it but specifically how it started but in the end all of the problems with autism that he has at this moment in time are all things that are correctable through speech therapy and in going through the speech therapy that he is currently in it is actually going to set him up in such a fashion that he will wind up by the time he's done gone going through it all be in a position where he is actually shocked as this is better off than most people because he will have a lot of the aspects of autism that are actually really good for a human person for like the Asperger's specifically and then since we have gotten him over the difficult humps he will have those good aspects as well as being a normal kid right so I'm strangely thankful but it will be in a very long run and it is not something I recommend to any parent as a matter of fact I would even go so far as to say that realistically at this point I'm considering medical technology and at least my paranoia thereof I personally would never allow any kid to ever get another shot as such ever again and if I ever do have kids I swear no doctor would be happy if they bring in my kid this will be the topic of discussion probably in a couple of weeks because I'll probably extend talking about food over next week and then the week we will get into drugs medications we'll get into the whole pharmaceutical industry treating symptoms instead of going down to root causes through through drugs and surgery we'll get into vaccines flu shots HMOs and insurance companies and one of my most you know the plural topics of discussion which is uh the antidepressants people who know me know that that's one of the things that I'm stand out against the most because of what they basically do to the emotions which is uh one of our greatest gifts that we possess as humans the human species and the SSRI drugs we'll talk about also and yeah this is what they want to do with kids they want to diagnose disorders that don't really exist make up new things so that they can sell them more drugs shoot them up with more shots and and get them hooked on drugs that they don't need that that largely you know even if there is some sort of an imbalance the the thing when they treat it is through the change of diet changing the child's diet and getting them off of garbage foods and onto a good healthy organic diet you could you would be amazed at the level of improvement in behavior and cognitive function that children will experience when their diet has changed for the better we don't need to put them on drugs you know and I highly recommend the movie generation rx and I'll bring that up next week in the week after but that's a great film that discusses this very topic so Kevin you know sorry to hear about that trouble with your son he's a great kid you know I've met him and he's wonderful I hope you know you work that out and uh keep keep going forward getting them onto you know the right foods and things will improve thank you very much more keep up the great work I really love your show and their gods don't want to actually say in this truth have a good one then Kevin thank you so much you take care it's always you know even more painful to hear about when children are suffering because of this and you know that's another thing I mean we need to do this not just for our ourselves but for future generations to come so you know people are bringing up different things I'm gonna go on in the chat I'll get to that and I want to talk a little bit about excitotoxins okay we talked about refined white sugar which is in a lot of things and high fructose corn syrup which is increasingly being added to just about everything and these can act like excitotoxin have taken in large enough dosages but artificial sweeteners man are these things to stay away from these are categorized as excitotoxin x' by many neuroscientists and neurosurgeons what they do when they hit the the brain is they actually open up barriers in the blood-brain barrier they open up the blood-brain barrier so that toxins that can not normally would be filtered out of out of the the blood system through the blood by not being able to pass through the blood-brain barrier get into the brain so they become neurotoxins this is a class of chemicals that is known as excitatory neurotransmitters excitatory neurotransmitters they are otherwise known as excitotoxins okay exc I tio tio Xin s excitotoxins and this is the whole category of artificial sweeteners nutrasweet aspartame sucralose Splenda you know equal you name it all the the the the the packs of pink blue and yellow garbage that's what I'm talking about here stay away from that stuff it is damaging to the nervous system to the central nervous system absolutely and connected with something someone is talking about somebody said what is good for anxiety well one is to get off of toxic poisonous foods and definitely don't drink or eat anything with artificial sweeteners in it because that will do things to the nervous system that you will not want happening ok it opens up the blood-brain barrier it gets allows things into the central nervous system that will ordinarily be filtered out that's what excitotoxin is are okay it will make people jittery it will make people have headaches okay this is shown connected with migraines excitotoxins and artificial sweeteners it will reduce cognitive function and ability to concentrate a whole host of things go along with that there are natural things that help with anxiety like st. John's wort has been shown to be a little bit of effective you got to watch what you take take it with you can't take it with any kind of a MAO inhibitor mono aiming oxidase inhibitor and again I'm not I am in no way providing health advice I'm not a doctor okay I'm not a scientist I've researched these things I would HIGHLY encourage you research these things don't take my word for any of this you do your own research when it comes to this and then you know read studies read reports understand what other people are saying about this I ice I would highly recommend people look at Russell Blaylock's work specifically on artificial sweeteners as neurotoxins he wrote a book called excitotoxins the taste that kills is what his book was called I recommend people read that I recommend you watch the video of the same name he has a lecture video out on google video maybe I'll post it with the podcast today I see we have another caller so let's go to the phones here we go caller from Southeast Pennsylvania you're on what on earth happening hey how you doing mark right yes how are you good Stan as you walk outside it wasn't chat but to get a signal um I don't I don't have a question with the you know regards to the topic tonight Perseids I'm matter no go right ahead okay so um I I stumble upon this you know this what's going on only a couple months ago and had my accident actually because I actually was wanting to download a movie the most dangerous man in America and turns out somebody switched it to Bill Cooper documentary which yeah was and rightfully so I think I think Bill Clinton called him that but I'm so anyway when I saw what he had predicted in his June 2001 bro okay immediately knew something this was was trolling here and that's what started this whole thing and I'm just it's two months later and I mean a deeper and deeper we go I go and and I just tell you all the people I know and friends anyone I mean there's I just I have no idea what to do with this burden of info or or for that matter case finding anyone that would even share this opinion I mean even close to it and I found you kind of by accident because I was looking at meetups okay there's something else and then anyway so that's my question is what does one do with this burden of information you know I'm in the Chester County area but uh anyway that's my question if you can answer I struggle with the same thing you know it is burdensome one once you have the larger picture it can be a burden the the the the the task that we have basically assigned ourselves by taking on this knowledge is to disseminate it as widely and as freely as possible and to make our available as conduits of information and that is what the great work is as I talked about briefly on the show last week and the the caller Bob from Cincinnati reiterated and brought up the great work is to understand these truths and then speak them the universe is spoken into existence the reason that we're in the mess that we're in is that the people with the really poisonous worldview and way of being and way of living in the world have propagated it unwaveringly through their voice they have continuously put put out and reinforced this message of deceit and it is our cure to undo that it is our task to combat that with the voice of truth and I struggle with that myself I want more people to pay attention I'm tired of hearing denial and tired of hearing ignorant being spoken all around it is brittle they'll fight you to the bitter end on it too they don't want the ego the ego is the most powerful thing that is holding these people where they are they can't break but also fit this question if I can ask you this what I get a lot is okay what are we supposed to do and what are you going to do and then you probably heard that so what are we supposed to do and what I would say you have to understand the the totality of the big picture the the tapestry of all of this information as it pertains to what's going on in the world and how it affects our lives on a day to day basis and then put it into a format that can be readily understood by other individuals and then share that information with whoever will accept any part of it that's what there is to do unfortunately that's it this is an information war that's what it is it's very accurate that term what changes us is information but connected with that there to be care enough to take it in there has to be will enough to change you know we have to care about it we have to change the quality of our attention and help others to change the quality of their attention and then we have to use the our will to continue to do the right thing and it's not easy it's against enough you think that is enough to make a dent and I mean seems like that hours a day are on fast forward you know they know that there's an awakening happening they're well aware of the collective consciousness of humanity is on the rise in general and that's why they're scrambling to try to keep their power you know this is them scrambling to try to move their agenda into fast-forward mode to keep the power they already have not not to increase it more but to hold on to what they have because people are becoming aware that they've been played and they're waking up to that fact and they're starting to take action and do something about it and that's their worst nightmare especially if that begins to happen in any large numbers so cute man keep doing what you're doing keep taking in info but then disseminate it as well you have to give it out you have to be like a pressure release valve take it in but then put it back out there okay last question keep it in it'll build up pressure you know and that's what I send a lot of people you know a lot of people keep learning and learning and learning but they're not putting the info out there they're timid they don't want to speak it you have to speak it that's what it's all about change happens through how we use our voice and our will that's about your other question I'm sorry you find other people you know near bhai or wherever because it doesn't seem like that's an easy thing to do it isn't but what you already mentioned meetup.com is an excellent resource for that you know you could type a topic that you're interested in or want to learn more about it in to meet up and that with that with that will lead you to other people to have some more interest in ways of thinking so that's a good resource there's a group in are you in the Philadelphia area or you outside outside of this region oh yeah in the downtown area okay truth freedom prosperity is a great group to become involved with they're there you know they do these documentaries that I usually announce every third Monday of the month at the ethical Society that would be a good resource the end the Fed a group that that has you know it's generally organized through truth freedom prosperity but and the Fed you have the Tesla Science Foundation of Philadelphia that is in the free energy and the whole you know control of energy and and that led a lot of people into this topic you know into seeing the big picture for example I was at David Icke this Sunday in New York City at the Nokia Center and we sat next to a gentleman we just happened to get into a conversation with him and asked him you know what got you into all of this what got you into David Icke all of this material and he just answered with one word Tesla and we happen to be sitting next to him and that's a foundation that I work with in the Philadelphia area he said I was interested in alternative forms of energy I started researching Tesla and that opened up the whole can of worms when I understand why they suppress his technologies and I was like wow that is truly amazing and synchronistic that's what led that person there he was from Milwaukee so just amazing would have never made that connection you know what will be someone's in point you never know what that end point will be you know some for some its food for some its energy for some it's the occult for some it's politics it's for some it's UFOs you know there's a million different end points tell you one of the things that got me into all of this believe it or not looking into the UFO and the crop circle phenomenon when I was young I mean I was ravenous for information about this and it opened up one thing into another and to another and to another and to another you know being involved in the occult myself when I was younger that you know really had a profound impact on how to me see what the real power structure was so so you you truly believe that they suppress the confirmation deep do you do you think there's any danger and here's a lot of people feel like they're going through stage you know a UFO type of situation that you know the biggest danger in the whole thing is a cosmic false flag you know if we thought that 9/11 was a big false flag and that just affected New York City and America in general you know Western civilization as a whole if you want to take it to its extreme wait until they try to pull a cosmic false flag okay and we shouldn't be fearful about that we should be helping people to understand what false flag terrorism what false flag events are okay and making Kerry we could try something like that how easy would it be it would be very easy they would have to project through some form of holographic technology which is already very developed in the civilian sector imagine where it is in the military sector okay if they projected a hawk Cooper's super so they had they already had you know this type of I am I would not surprise me one bit if they projected a hologram in the sky and detonated a bomb on the ground below it people would freak out and be ready to hand over all their freedoms to protect us from the deadly aliens so that right to be brought to people's attention absolutely absolutely it needs to be meanwhile we look like nuts right look the only problem I'm not saying that all extraterrestrial beings or extra dimensional beings whatever the case may be are all but benevolent that isn't the case there's ranges of consciousness in their domain as well and some may be benevolent toward us some may be malevolent toward us we have to be discerning about that and understand it's not just one thing happening it's something I don't talk about much on the show or in my presentation because I look at that as its it what I talk about is something that I have come to a comfortable level of knowing that this is the way that it is actually unfolding so I kind of leave those things because I I don't discourage from people into looking into them I definitely think these are areas of tremendous interest and you can really expand consciousness by looking into these areas and I'll tell you what as an anecdote but the group that I work with in this city and you know this people may be weirded out by this people may think this is a very appropriate people may think it's strange but I work with all these different groups the highest consciousness group that I work with is the UFO community particularly the discussion group that takes place at German books on the second Thursday of every of every month and I never miss that group I may miss a Tesla meeting here and there I may miss a survive and thrive another group that I go to here there I may miss a you know a truth freedom prosperity meeting I don't miss those discussion groups with the UFO community because this is the group that is taking in the big picture they're seeing all the interconnectedness of all the different things that are going on and we ran out of that group feeling in the bigger a germ books it's a bookstore in the Frank the on Frankfort Avenue in the fish town section of Philly and they have a discussion group on UFOs extraterrestrial phenomenon crop circles just the general paranormal and unknown in general you know it varies all it goes off into different tangents they get into the political discussions discussions about freedom discussions about consciousness you name it it's discussed there they see the interconnectedness of all of this and I come out of their feet it's the only group that I come out of that I have dealings with in this region that I come out feeling truly invigorated and I'm not afraid to say that and I say that all the people that participate in there I love going to that group with you guys and taking part in it I think it is the group that is the most advanced in consciousness in this whole region it's all yes sir no God is their collective on like an agreement or as to what this new world order mission is it's to men like what is their a-game because there's so many things it depends on which new world order you're talking about you know is it the new world order that is being erected to block out the light or is it the new world order that's being erected to bring in the light and if it's a new world order that you're talking about to block out the light the dark new world order agenda well their end goal is the total enslavement of all life they want all life to be enslaved to be completely miserable and under total dominance and it's the difference between about this that there's only really two forms of rulership or states of consciousness there is monarchy and there is anarchy that's it there's no in-between all the in-between states are illusory okay now both of these states of consciousness are real both of these states of rulership are real and I'm gonna shock everybody I believe in and want both of them not just one of them okay but you have to understand the distinction between these two states and their internal and external manifestations see monarchy right is one ruler anarchy is no ruler that's all those terms mean one ruler and no ruler okay when there is internal anarchy meaning that a being does not rule the kingdom of the self they do not know thyself so they have no rulership over their internal Kingdom they don't understand the components of their consciousness and how they manifest the reality that they experience that person is in a state of internal anarchy meaning they do not possess self rulership they are not a sovereign okay they are not monarch of self the one ruler of self the king or queen internally of themselves the only thing you're allowed to be ruler of okay there will be external monarchy there will be a force that wants to rule over that Bing as the one it's one ruler a monarch ruling over the an irk being that because they're in a state of internal anarchy so the more of us are in internal anarchy the more the closer we're gonna progress toward external monarchy which is tyranny which is external tyranny is what it is now the more of us that become true monarchs and see there's a cult connections to this folks that's why the monarch program is called what it is they want to usurp the true monarchy okay they want to usurp that transformative process the monarch the caterpillar becomes the monarch butterfly a process of spiritual transformation is is is resonated through that transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly therefore the monarch mind control program that's a joint project between intelligence agencies and occult organizations okay they usurp that name and make it their own okay we need to become internal monarchs rule the kingdom of the self and in that kingdom there is only one ruler each individual and when that happens when each individual becomes an internal monarch the one ruler over the kingdom of self a sovereign being a king a sovereign king a sovereign Queen over their own consciousness then there will result external anarchy there will be no rulership over other individual beings that is what the great work is to make that process of transformation happen within the beings on this planet and it's the hardest work there is to do anywhere in the universe and welcome welcome to that work it's not easy Thanks you know and I appreciate that very much and it's just uh you know all that learned all that we strive to learn I have a family and kids and it's like well and and all that we thought to do and pursue and prepare for it's like well now what do we just keep going on this on this road or yes yes much of it was false we just continue on with the false notions oh yeah like that do they just compile going on with the false paradigm yeah that's what a lot of people seem to believe even me even directing my kids or what we plan to do in the future I do anything and at this point it just seems like a lot of willpower but more than anything else that takes courage courage is the internal quality that when directed outward becomes will and to unify that ok that process we need to combine it with intelligence or a higher level of awareness seeing things from a new perspective and with the care to want to do it you have to care with a capital C to want to do the great work you have to want to do it not just because it's it can result in something better for you or even for anybody else you have to want to do it because you know in your heart it's the right thing to do that's right there's ultimately what this is all about and that's where you can find that the will and the courage to keep moving forward and that's why is discouraged as I become and I become discouraged man I'm I'm not a shiny happy person believe me that anybody that knows me can tell you that ok I am I am discouraged in a lot of ways with what people are choosing they continue to choose fear over the force of expanded awareness consciousness and love and I see the decisions that they're making that are totally self detrimental and self punishing and self-torturing I don't understand their decisions to do that but that doesn't mean I'm gonna give up even if I go down with the ship I'm not giving up and that it will mean that I may not succeed but I I I haven't failed and so you know I want to thank someone last night sir Wright for giving me a pep talk on this because I was pretty discouraged and she said look you haven't failed if you try your best at that you know and David Eick ended his talk with this as well it was very synchronistic synchronistic that Mike ended his talk with this this person did not go or hear the talk and then she said to me yesterday the same thing he ended his talk with that if we have tried our best we haven't failed even if we haven't accomplished the goal that we think we need to accomplish right the work is done within that's where the great work is accomplished so we can make that New World Order happen within not the their external horrible torturous slave enslaved New World Order we want to make a positive enlightened New World Order happen but that happens once we make that world happen within and that's what was referred to as the kingdom of God do you have any faith in any political figures at all and we trust in any r-run oh I believe that Ron Paul was a good man I believe that he has morals and he has principles and he sticks to those principles I do not believe it is going far enough and I don't believe in representative government no one represents me I present me no one is my representative no one represents that which I am I present that which I am through my consciousness to my thought to my emotions and my actions so I don't think a representative government is the way out of this I think that's a you know we could it could be a stopgap toward the higher level of truth and toward making a better world happen if we revert to the some of the constitutional principles that were enshrined in our founding documents in this country but it's not far enough by any stretch of the imagination see we need to employ the imagination to go much farther than that and to understand this concept of internal rulership that there is no external rulership or authority the authority that is talked about in a constitution is also illusory and does not exist so we have to go far beyond the ideas that are even enshrined in the Constitution and go down to natural law principles which I talked about over and over and over on this show and understand what the actual natural laws of creation are and that there is no one between us and creation and the creator it's itself whatever you happen to believe that force is that we are sovereign beings here we have to recognize our sovereignty and then use our courage and our will to actually live that way and it's not going to be an easy task the force of fear is constantly pushing against that and it wants us enslaved we have to stand with courage against that force and action methodology right we're not reach a certain level of awareness this is enshrined in the three degrees of Freemasonry the main three degrees C which are a reflection of the entire journey of the free Masonic journey the first degree is the entered apprenticed who who comes because he has opened his heart okay he is he has cared enough to better himself the second degree is about the fellow craft which is also about care but is about starting to open up and gain more wisdom and knowledge and not quite being able to see what's around the corner that's enshrined by the symbol of the spiral staircase but then the third degree Mason has enough knowledge where he now takes the trowel which is a symbol of spreading cement or spreading the the idea that there is only one human family and morals need to be cemented in place to bring that human family into oneness into a state of oneness and that is the third degree when you have mastered yourself that's why it is called being entered in the first degree being being passed in the second degree and then being raised to a state of mastery in the third degree now that doesn't mean that the people who often there go that initiation those initiation ceremonies really understand that or are really truly raised as I briefly alluded to on past weeks of the show but we will go deeply into that symbology and that that occult symbolism when we talk about Freemasonry and other occult schools of thought in on future shows I want to thank you for calling in and just great questions really really thought-provoking and just keeps this keep going keep staying the course keep traveling keep going forward toward the light and it's not easy I'll tell you I struggle with it myself by no means am I in any way perfect in any of this believe me okay thanks for thanks for you that long spear I appreciate it absolutely you got you take care right now in Norway in no way am I you know I I joke around with my friends and with you know my girlfriend and say you know god help us if I'm one of the better examples of what we have out there because that that's that's a bad new situation if you know if I'm on the cutting edge of where we really need to be you it's a bad example overall of what the bar we want to really set because I fail in a lot of this ok the point is do your best keep going forward don't ever accept where you're at there's always another step to take you know it's a process it's a process alright so that's great ain't no problem we got off the topic of food a little bit not a problem at all there are no taboo topics here you can call and talk about anything you want to talk about here I got another caller from Southeast Pennsylvania you'll be the last caller for this evening your own one on earth is happening what do you have for us Haymarket Erika Donna yeah Eric how you doing my friend you know I am so glad you have this radio show then you just as much as my eyes were open you have definitely opened my eyes my mind much further and I I'm realizing more and more how far down a radical we really are I mean it really does seem like most of society really gone insane and I talk to people and they just their little dreamland I mean they they just don't really understand is I wrote a list here cuz I know you're almost out of time I wrote a list of like 10 different things right that are just the problem here I'll just run through the list really quick and you can just pick up on let's see you lack of true caring black of higher consciousness prozac aspartame the monetary system the mainstream media like drama shows just overall insanity is a lack of historic historical references people are making lame excuses for why their life the way they are sort of taking action poor parent is positive terrible parents out there that don't really teach their kids how to survive on their own or think for themselves and the school system indoctrination system to the speak that sits then brainwashes our children and I mean I could probably write a list of maybe a few hundred things here that are the problem I mean it's there's no lack of abilene here but there's a saying it's a you know hopefully the best expect the worst and I think we should expect the worst because I see things getting much much worse as we progressed here things are gonna get Harold you're gonna get tight it's gonna be it's not gonna be easy okay but I think if we pull together and share what we know and and be examples don't put other people up on pedestals that that's that's one of my main messages you know we went to see David Icke people come they hear what he has to say don't put a guy like that up on a pedestal he's speaking his truth he's speaking the truth about what's going on be like him do what he's doing you know get out there bring this information forward to as many people as will take any part of it in listen and change even a little bit well that's all we have time for tonight our thanks for calling in man have a good night thank you Mark I appreciate a brother you got it okay ladies and gentlemen you've been listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio see you here next Tuesday night thank you everyone good night