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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Intel hub news network I'm your host mark passio today is Tuesday January 11th 2011 its 111 11 today all one's pretty synchronous that we're going to be talking about Kabbalah a mystery tradition that is connected with numerology in a in a big way tonight and what we'll be doing is breaking down this tradition in detail I'll be talking about different aspects of it we have some images up on the radio show page of the website at what on earth is happening calm if you go to the radio listen page you'll see there are eight images for tonight's show listed underneath the player and I'll be referring to those this evening what we have been doing on the show for many many weeks is discussing different methodologies of mind control and we've gone through 12 of the 14 already I'm taking a break in that progression to start to break into some actual occult teachings and Kabbalah is one of the first traditions that I decided to begin to go over with the audience and hopefully this will act as sort of an initiation of a kind for people that want to learn more about it and I will post some documents and videos this week I didn't do that last week I just basically went with the basic symbolic images for the show last week but on the podcast page this week I'll try to post references to some books and videos for people to do further study on their own so we have covered a ton of mind-control techniques I briefly just want to not review them but just go over the ones we've covered so far and talk about the ones that will be coming up in the weeks to come we've talked about obfuscation we've gone over world view poisoning the exploitation of primal fears was mind control technique number three number four was the divide and conquer strategy number five was indoctrination of the educational so-called education systems of the world number six was controlled opposition were basic dialectics number seven was the monetary system a huge one number eight was the control of the mass media number nine was food and medicine and all the harmful things that we find in you know the what we consider nourishment and medicine in this day and age number ten was the illusion of time number eleven was the denial hassle and ridicule factors and number twelve was religion which we've been talking about as Astro theology and as a method of mind control over the last several weeks here on what on earth is happening last week I began to get into the Kabbalistic tradition and we're going to continue that this week and please do go up to the website and check out some of the images that I have posted there on the radio listen page and you'll be able to follow along in depth with those images so before we do that I just want to give the call in numbers and read the event announcements and then we'll jump right into our study of Kabbalah this evening I have three event announcements for tonight and actually one change from the event announcements I've been reading over the last couple of weeks the first is the free your mind conference fundraiser number three this is happening at germ Books and gallery at 2005 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia as a quick side note germ germs proprietor David Williams announced sadly this past week that germ will be closing its doors and that's horrible news it's just really very sad that a bookstore of this quality is closing up shop this is probably the best book store for esoteric information in the entire Philadelphia tri-state region if not the East Coast altogether it's a one-of-a-kind place and I'm really sad to see it go and it will be missed by everybody that used that bookstore as a resource as a gathering place you know for for friends and other people interested in the same types of information so I want to wish my best to Dave and you know let them know that we really appreciate that he's kept that store going for this long hopefully maybe someone else can get involved there and possibly take it over or continue it I don't know you know what the situation is as far as the store or the rent goes but I would love to see it continue because it was one of the the best bookstores I've ever seen so this will be one of the last events at the at Durham books car location the free remind conference fundraiser sent Sunday January 16 2011 at 2 o'clock p.m. at German books the admission is $10 and Michel Melton who was going to give a speech entitled the history of mind control in America at this event unfortunately will not be available to do that he has to attend to some family issues that came up so and he let me know that in advance so he will not be in town during this weekend and therefore his lecture will not be going on at germ on on the other hand what will be happening is I will extend my Wizard of Oz presentation into to cover more ground and to go further in depth so I'll have a little bit more time to really expand on the topics that I was going to talk about in my presentation on The Wizard of Oz my presentation for this event is entitled everything I needed to know in life I learned by watching The Wizard of Oz an exploration of the esoteric occult symbolism can in the perennial classic movie based on the book by Al Frank Baum so this is going to be my contribution for the fundraiser effort for the free your mind conference this is the third one we'll probably be doing one more in February and that will be the last one before we actually have to wrap up fundraisers and really start to get the the travel arrangements completely completed for the conference so if you're anywhere near the Philadelphia area please do come out and support the goals of the free your mind conference I'll be reading about what that's all about in a moment so that's event announcement number one another change is that the truth freedom prosperity networking social which I've been announcing over the last couple of weeks that was going to be happening at Liberty's is postponed I don't have a rescheduled date yet but it is not happening on January 22nd so scratch that from your calendar if you are planning on attending that one instead I will read an event announcement for truth freedom prosperity this is their upcoming free documentary screening and discussion night and it has a new venue it is no longer at the ethical Society of Philadelphia it is now taking place at media Bureau Studios which is at 7:24 North fourth Street 7:00 I'm sorry 725 North fourth street 725 North fourth Street in Philadelphia okay that's in the Northern Liberty section it's near fourth and brown so this month they are going to be screening melt up and I'll read the description for that in a moment but this is happening on January 26th that's a Wednesday night January 26th at 6:45 p.m. they're going to get started so the truth freedom prosperity documentary screening and discussions have been moved they're no longer on the third Monday of the month they now on the last Wednesday of the month in Philadelphia truth freedom prosperity documentary screenings on the last Wednesday of every month and the new venue is media Bureau studios at 4th and Brown in Philadelphia ok so this month are showing melt up and melt up is the beginning of a US currency crisis and hyperinflation so that's what this documentary is basically going to be on the truth freedom prosperity documentary screening and discussion evenings are free however the organizer for these events pays for the room out of his pocket so any donations are welcome so that's that event announcement and finally the free your mind conference itself a conference on consciousness mind control in the occult Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 2011 at rubra Hall 414 Green Street in Philadelphia the door is open at 9:00 a.m. the program begins at 10:00 a.m. on both days admission price is 20 dollars in advance and $30 at the door for your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies for those affected by these devices the featured speakers Erin McCallum Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan Sauer your dozous Yan Irvin John Nicholson Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower mark motika mark passio Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor now we have a few changes to the lineup of speakers as well today and we have a couple of new speakers and we have one speaker that has I believe canceled and is not going to be able to be there that is Mel fàbregas will most likely not be making the conference unless something changes but it looks like he had some other obligations so Mel fàbregas is off of the speaker lineup but just added two new speakers Joseph Joseph Mehra and Paul Marco so Joseph Mehra and Paul Marco two new speakers added to the freer mine lineup I'll be posting their BIOS to the website later this week or early next week so please check out the conference website for more information at WWF reader mine conference calm that's all the event announcements I have for today let's give the calling numbers and then jump right into the topic for tonight too calling numbers for the show I'll give the talks you callin number first that's seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the talk shook all in number seven twenty four triple four seven triple for the call ID number four what on earth is happening is eight three five one five you'll be prompted for that enter the numbers eight three five one five for the call ID if you want to call into the BlogTalkRadio if you're listening on that network call in two six four six seven two seven three three eight seven once again the blog talk call-in number six four six seven two seven three three eight seven so tonight we are going to take a break from talking about mind control techniques to discussing occult traditions and as I said last week we have to get out of the notion of thinking about occult if anyone still does think about this word in the sense that it is a purely evil we need to really become a little bit more mature in our understanding of what the occult is and it is simply hidden or esoteric information information that has been generally taken out of human wide circulation for human consumption and it has been reserved for an initiated class people who want this knowledge and what this hidden knowledge basically really all comes down to and all is about is the self it is about the qualities of the self it is about the relationship between the individual and the cosmos or the divine underlying intelligence of the universe however you want to look at that it is about the human subconscious it is about the qualities of the personality the qualities of the human psyche the mind the aspects of the brain it's all about us that's what it is about that's why we're in the situation that we're in as a species ladies and gentlemen because this information has generally been taken out of circulation and reserved for a specific class of people when you limit information that people have access to and only a small group have access to set information specifically when that information is as important as what we'll be talking about tonight is what happens over time is that information becomes abused it becomes hoarded it becomes used as a weapon because it is a means to an end which is power in the minds of people who want control want domination and it's a piece of cake if you can keep information and knowledge from people and using that same information begin to manipulate them with that information without their knowing because they have no access to it look at it as psychology if a psychologist really wanted to do a number on a person who's very immature and naive and doesn't understand a lot about how the human psyche works it would probably be a piece of cake for them to do that because they know all about how the inner workings of the mind work and the person that they would be wielding that information on like a weapon does not so they would almost be powerless to defend themselves against those methodologies unless they became aware of them and that's what this is all about that's what mind-control is all about mind control is basically using information that other people have been denied access to as a weapon against them and the only way they can really come out of that is to be initiated meaning they developed a desire to understand that information because they understand how important it is and because they begin to understand that it's being used against them they developed the initiative energy and effort to learn about how that works how that those processes of the human psyche work so that's what the process of coming out of mind-control is all about and that's why I'm teaching occult methodologies on teaching occult philosophies and ideologies and there is no blanket good or bad when it comes to this it is how it is used this information is simply a tool to which we have access and it depends upon the level of consciousness of the practitioner as to how this information will be used or employed in one's life so with that having been said let's begin again our discussion of Kabbalah which is an ancient Judaic mystical tradition that is the underlying and foundational tradition that really underlies and supports all the Western mr. mystery traditions in general specifically it is connected with the Hermetic tradition it is also connected with Freemasonry it is also connected with the study of Tarot and other traditions as well as we'll see tonight so I'm going to cover a lot of ground here I'm gonna move kind of fast and if there's any questions please call in no taboo topics always free to call in and discuss whatever you want on this program so last week we began to break down the major symbol of Kabbalah which is the Tree of Life pattern and we will I'll do this again I will review this and you basically start from scratch on this the sefirot ik Tree of Life is the main symbol of the Kabbalistic tradition this is a symbolic tree that is drawn with ten Spears or circles okay and these are called Seth I wrote Seth he wrote is it means emanation okay it's plural word Sephiroth is the singular and emanation or a basic essence or quality something that arises okay that's what this is what this word means okay so if you hear this the tree of the Seth I wrote or the Seth erotic Tree of Life you'll know we're talking about the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and these images are that I'm going to be referring to it's much it's going to be much easier if you're looking at the images as we're talking about this are on what on earth is happening on the radio listening page you'll see the button for that on the left-hand side of the website and you'll see images for tonight's show January 11th 2011 and there are eight links there that will play in a little pop-up window okay so if you want to follow along with the images that will make this broadcast much easier on you that's where to find them the the Safiye wrote or the emanations the spheres on this tree of life are connected by different paths okay in an arrangement and these paths represent different aspects they represent Hebrew characters of the Hebrew alphabet okay they represent tarot cards went because Tarot and Cabala need to be studied in conjunction with each other okay Tarot is also all about the qualities of the self and the universe they call it the the book of life and it is basically a pictorial symbolic representation of the soul's journey through life as is the Tree of Life as well as we will see now these ten Sephirot they are spoken about in the tradition of the Kabbalah as emanations or qualities and there are prescriptions against adding or taking away you'll see this as a recurrent theme when you study religion in general specifically Judaism the Torah the study of the Torah and the ancient books of the Kabbalah like the Zohar they there is a prescription often given in these books that it is considered blasphemy or something tragic will occur if anything is removed or added so books of the Bible you'll often hear this warning and you see this come up in the Kabbalistic tradition specifically in the Zohar because there are ten Safi wrote on the Tree of Life in Kabbalah there are not nine and there not 11 okay and this is said in the Zohar that it is considered you know a blasphemy to speak of either nine separate or eleven separate and we see the number nine eleven come up in a ritual that was enacted in 2001 and nine eleven is a dark it is a black magic number let's just put it that way this is a number loved by d'arco cultists it comes down to the number 92 because you add the two ones together and you know we'll talk about in the future of what the number 93 is all about when we get to the section about 9/11 the next two sections that one of the reasons I'm even doing this breakdown of Kavala now is because it is going to be instrumental in understanding 911 which was a dark Kabbalistic ritual a dark Masonic ritual as well a dark ritual of clapotis magic or sorcery if you will for people that still don't want to accept that 911 is an occult event it was an event that is completely centered around ocultism you're a naive child and that that's all I'm going to say about it I'm not going to try to prove that this is the case I'm gonna state it because I understand I'm gonna be give backing evidence for this when we talk about it but as foreshadowing to that we won't be doing that tonight but as for shining shadowing today I just want to say definitively it was an occult event period I don't think that that's not my opinion I know that with certainty okay and the reason that people don't believe that it was an occult event is twofold one they know nothing about the occult they're ignorant they're not just nation' meaning they don't know it and there can't be expected to know it they're nation' they don't know about the occult and they don't want to know about it and the second reason is the reason they give for not wanting to know about it which is I don't believe in that stuff and here's my warning about that statement and this is a left-brain statement that comes out of people's mouths only super left-brain scientific types logical types types to think that they're gonna solve the world's problems through politics or monetary reform okay think this way because they don't know what the real problem is they don't know what the real root cause of the problems that are going on in our world are which is what we all we talk about on this show the people who think like that who say I don't believe in that stuff so it can't be what you know how it went down or can't have anything to do with that event they don't understand a basic principle you don't need to believe in something as long as someone else believes in it and they're willing to act upon their beliefs your belief isn't required if somebody else has the will to act upon their belief system it doesn't matter whether you believe in what they believe in I give the example if a Christian fundamentalist group wanted to come armed with ak-47s and shoot up an abortion clinic and you happen to be sitting in a restaurant next to the abortion clinic and some bullets flew through the windows and shot you did you need to believe in their ideology for you to be affected by their actions of course you didn't okay so to say I don't believe in the occult and therefore that has no bearing or influence upon my life is bunk and it's a childish naive position to take and it's one that only super left-brained morons take so to put it in quite frank language okay idiots think like that any intelligent person understands there could be any given number of crazy ideologies that people out there subscribe to and if they're willing to act upon those beliefs it could affect your life at any given time that's just the straight truth about that that that situation so I'm letting you know 9/11 is an occult ritual in advance before we even talk about that and it doesn't make a difference whether you believe in the beliefs that this ritual was based upon or not other people do and we'll be briefly touching upon that tonight when we get to the section about clip otic sorcery okay so let's get back to our breakdown of the Kabbalistic tree the tree is composed again I let into this that aside there on 9/11 because we were talking about the ten Sephirot on the tree not nine not eleven in these numbers when spoken of in relation to the sefirot on the Tree of Life are considered blasts in the Kabbalistic tradition so of course this ritual was named after this concept of blasphemy it's because it's dark kabul ism it's not true Kabbalah okay again there are light aspects to all ocultism and dark aspects to all occultism it's the consciousness of the wielder of the information and that's critical to keep in mind and needs to be re-imposed continuously because there are people who insist that all occultism is evil there are people who insist that all of it you know is nonsense and doesn't have anything to do with anything going on in the world and these are people who clearly do not understand the dynamics that are taking place clearly do not understand them and I'm doing my best to desperately try to get this information out there for anybody who will listen make a further study of this because you understand this is all about you that's what this is all about and other people understand this and they're using it as a weapon against you so it would behoove people to learn this information because to initiate oneself into higher levels of awareness about the self about the human psyche the soul is what we're really talking about here okay is the one of the best ways if not the best way to begin to come out of their levels of manipulation and control and to empower oneself to work against these dominators that are doing a number on the human population so the ten Sephirot it is prescribed prescribed not to think about not to consider any more than nine any more than ten or any less than ten so not nine not eleven and you will see on the image there seems to be eleven spheres but this one that is completely behind the tree if you can make out the letters it's dot da ath dot okay dot is called the hidden realm okay it is not one of the cephiro it is a hidden sphere or a a truly halted realm and some people in Kabbalah speak of this realm as the void of the subconscious the the realm that we go into to connect to higher levels of consciousness through meditation it is the unspoken it is the the abyss the veiled aspect of ourselves okay it is the part that really part of ourselves that we really connect with when we are silent when we go into wordless contemplation or meditation and this connects us to the infinite source and the the realm of dot and I'm kind of jumping ahead to something that is more advanced you know I just want to talk about this in relation to that it is not one of the cetera there are ten and this is not one of them it is not considered one of the emanations on the tree but rather dot is considered one of the the places from which the tree emerges so this is kind of the I guess you could call it the realm of the birthing of the Tree of Life okay the birth like the birthing of the soul and these are all the soul qualities so it's like kind of a cosmic womb of sorts okay and it is a hidden realm some people call it the realm of hidden knowledge it is kind of likened to the Akash in other traditions in Eastern traditions okay so if you've heard of the Akashic records this is some some people liken this to what dot represents in Kabbalah and there are different interpretations on this so my word is not the final one but I'm giving you my understanding of it from my readings and study okay so let's start to break down the tents after wrote okay so in order I'll be listing their problems [Music] [Music] okay for listeners who are listening and on talks you I'm not sure that that was a break it looked like some music had kicked in I'm I put blog talk on hold and if that clears up I will go back to the call this happened last week not sure why some kind of a glitch on the network and but let's jump right back into our discussion and I'll chime in on the blog talk line in a moment to see if that is cleared up so the the first realm on the tree the first sefirot is cat tear that is up at the top okay this is the crown okay this is the Ancient of Days as they call it in Kabbalah and what this is is basically cosmic consciousness it's the highest level of awareness and mal coot down at the bottom of the tree where the tree stands upon the base of it is the physical world it is the material realm this is you know a material identifying state of awareness and then the other spheres are all different aspects and qualities of of the self so at the top we have Qatar and then to the right on what is called the pillar of Mercy we have Hoke MA okay Hoke ma means wisdom it's what we do with what we know on the left hand side from Hoke MA we have been aa bi na H this means understanding so this is simple knowledge okay has said on the right hand side on the pillar of Mercy the this right hand path of the tree they means mercy has said on the left hand side of the pillar of severity right in the middle for which it is named is deborah which means severity these are different aspects of how we can deal with ourselves with others in the world we can exercise self-control which would be like guevara or we can exit exercise influence upon others which would be less said tiff arete in the very middle of the tree is the heart this is the care qualities of the individual I'm going to check back with blog talk real quick from the burdens and protect your property I want system is often superior today ok they are in the in the call so in the ad play right now so I'll go back to the commercial and hold on through that ok here we go you want to know more and you can prosper through the economic collapse all while standing honorable and true to yourself then call eight seven seven four one seven eight three nine three that's eight seven seven four one seven eight three nine three or visit free to prosper calm right now hey Mark can you hear me now yes how are you good I have no idea what's happening why that music keeps playing over you that's okay could you hear that music yeah I heard it come in and I thought it was the break so I just uh you know put muted myself and waited like thirty seconds and the first thing faded out but then another song faded in and it wasn't a commercial so yeah yeah so I don't know that gonna talk to you and just told them hold on and tried to clear it up I went back to blog talk and then I heard the commercial in there so no problem it's probably just people messing all right well yeah probably somebody's messing with us hacked into our stuff or something anyways we'll come back from the real break great and I'm still scheduled to come up there to Philly one way or the other whether or not you guys have enough money to throw me anything or not we do Bob we're gonna take care of you well you know you know my all I needed was just a little bit of money maybe towards the the plane ticket yes well there there will be there will be funds for you I'm gonna make sure of that all right no worries and by then we'll have the network fully up and running and we'll be able to simulcast it and do all that fantastic okay man stand by your show's coming back you got it and welcome back to what on earth is happening with your host mark patio where's mark okay so we were discussing the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah and we had a little bit of technical problems those are cleared up and I was talking about how there's ten sefirot or emanations on this tree and they did represent different aspects of the personality the psyche soul qualities in other words and they're arranged on three vertical paths so if you look at image number one on the site you will see that there is three pillars or paths the pillar of severity is on the left the pillar of mercy is on the right and the pillar of mildness sometimes referred to as the pillar of will is between the two in the middle referred to as the Middle Pillar simply sometimes so the pillar of severity we should look at is something that is a dark or evil it is internal these are internal or yen qualities of the individual the pillar of Mercy are thee so the the pillar of severity on the left hand side is the lunar pillar the pillar of Mercy on the right hand side is the solar pillar these are the active qualities or the masculine qualities the yang energy qualities of the individual the pillar of mildness or will in the middle are the synthesis between the two or they are unitary qualities of the individual that lean either toward the active or passive the masculine or feminine okay so kept Terror at the top this is the the sefirot number one now how they how they go in order right was starting to tell people this last week but this is the order you start at the top and that's one where it says cat ter okay then you go to the right and that's the second one hokum ah then back to the left and that's been ah so we're gonna go in like a lightning bolt pattern okay so it's gonna go from the top then to the right then to the left back to the right back to the left okay then we would go to TIF eret in the middle then down to the bottom of the pillar of Mercy Mercy net saw and then hold so I'll give you the order real quick okay cat tear is number one number two is Hoke MA on the right the pillow top of the pillar of Mercy number three is Benna at the top of the pillar of severity number four is has said that's the middle of the pillar of Mercy on the chart there okay that means mercy cat tear means crown hokhmah means wisdom bin ah is understanding that's three okay four has said on the middle of the right hand pillar means mercy to the left of the of Hesed is Deborah that's at the left hand side of the the middle of the pillar of severity Deborah is severity okay the middle of the tree right on the middle pillar is TIF eret ok TIF eret is beauty this corresponds to the heart or care okay next saw okay that's as TIF erectus number six net saw is number seven that's at the very base of the pillar of mercy on the right hand side net saw that's victory okay it would correspond to will power hold on the left hand side at the bottom of the pillar of severity that's a fee wrote number eight code is splendor okay yes sowed in the middle on the Middle Pillar just above mal kook that's cephiro to suffer on number nine okay and this is foundation and then mal coupe is the bottom one at the very base of the tree okay and this is the physical plane this is the material world Malka amines Kingdom so let's start there and if you're looking at image number one it says Kabbalah tree of life it has the tree itself the pillars listed all of the cephiro are labeled and then there are attributions on the right and you see that there are four realms that this tree is divided up into we'll get into those in a moment and how they correlate to different aspects of the personality as well so mal Courte the bottom of the tree sefirot number 10 okay and you see it has a symbol there where it's it's the symbol of Earth and it's broken into four equal armed cross with a circle around it the four quadrants deep this represents earth air water and fire or the material realm the material plane and malkuth is the base base level of awareness and consciousness it is our physical instincts it is our simply physical life lives okay it is the the the physical aspects of the individual some people call them the animalistic attributes okay these are simply base instincts and survival needs that's what mal couth represents it corresponds to the base chakra okay and I'll go over that in a moment when we look at image number two okay above mal couth is yes sewed now I'll I'll talk about the Kabbalistic worlds as I talk about the Sapphira set I wrote okay so mal kook is the bottom of this tree and this corresponds to the the Kabbalistic world there are four worlds in Kabbalah as they are known and this is the lowest of the four okay it's called Ostia a si aah aah see ah is the physical world or the Material Plane as we've already talked about that's what ma couth is associated with and this is on the image I've given it the Hebrew character Hey because they're in the four-letter name of God in Hebrew it's called the Tetragrammaton the four-letter name of God is yo hey Bob hey that comes transliterated English as YHVH which we pronounce Yahweh or Jehovah Jehovah okay and this this is the final character in the name it corresponds to the element of Earth which I've put there over on the right-hand side with its alchemical symbol so hacia is the physical world the Material Plane or the element of Earth and it corresponds with maku now as we move above and out of pure identification with the physical world we have other attributes that we develop in the course of our lives and we basically start to go up into higher planes of development the first is the mental plane then the emotional plane then the plane of the will and these correspond with different cephiro okay specifically they correspond with what are called the triangles there are three triangles that form the other nine separate okay so we have yes so dode and net saw and that's the world of yet zero the formative world or the mental plane okay well I'll be getting to these as we explain each sefirot in detail yes soed is the next Sephirah and this means foundation now this is the desire aspect of the personality and again it could be positive or negative but in its positive aspect it and desire to want to know to want to improve oneself desire to want to get out of the purely materialistically identified realm and get to a higher level of consciousness so to come out of milk ma-kun and to go up into higher levels of development is what you sowed really represents it's the beginnings of initiation and as we saw last week and the few weeks ago when we studied these chakras this sphere would correspond to the sacrum chakra okay which is the desire chakra near the genitals of the body so this is the the the desire center of the individual and this is the the first place that we connect for beginning or initiation into higher levels of knowledge and awareness above yes ode to the left is hold okay Sephiroth number eight and this is splendor and another word that I would use in place of that would simply be courage because this is the this horizontal bar that connects hold and that saw represents the the the solar plexus chakra okay and this is hold and that saw together represent the solar plexus because the solar plexus represents the will center of the body or guts in general courage so it's not just courage but it's then action okay so code would be the internal qualities of that aspect of willpower and which is courage and net saw is the external attributes which is taking action in the world or actual willpower to do things so that's called victory net saw so these two together there it sits at what's called a dualistic chakra one or dualistic cephiro that's why they're on that that bar that actually is like kind of like a on a ladder again the Kabbalistic tree is often referred to as the ladder to God and that's very important because a symbolic representation of this tree was destroyed on 9/11 thereby destroying the ladder to God you see how dark you know the symbolism you know was all about when you start to study this you understand what the practitioners of that ritual were really saying to us of what they were trying to do cut off the human race from the their divine nature but and they're doing a wonderful job at that and we're helping them do it but to go back to the the analysis of the tree hold and that saw if you bring them together they form the solar plexus chakra okay in the middle and it's imp there's simply two different aspects of that those qualities within the individual again the pillar of severity you could look at that as the internal qualities so code would represent courage and the external qualities on the pillar of Mercy that saw would represent actual action in the world getting things done will power to get things done okay now this is where we left off last week with Tiferet okay temperate is beauty that's the very middle of the Tree of Life and you see it has the most connections to it because this is what the universe centers around and it is it's given the attribute of the Sun in the Kabbalistic tradition okay I liken it to the earth in the system of the chakras okay because that's the the the heart chakra of the solar system and indeed Tiffa Rhett represents the heart chakra as well and this is the realm of beauty or care or concern it is love essentially love energy the generative principle care that's what TIFF erect is all about and when when in the Christian tradition they say none come to the Father but through me and these are words attributed to Jesus we see that cat here is the father and that's the Ancient of Days okay and that represents the you know actual God or the Creator God okay Tiferet represents that the son of that quality okay of that force which it's attribution is the son we see in Astro theology how Jesus is a representation of the Sun which we studied in previous weeks and we can see that it is the path along the middle pillar that you must pass through to get to Qatar from mal kook okay that yes so did is on the middle pillar as well right before we just lost our blog talk connection I'm going to add it back in folks bear with me I'm not sure if that's connecting or why it isn't but it looks like we dropped out of blog talk we're still broadcasting on talk soon so no worries may have to get a podcast over to them tomorrow but technical problems persist it happens what can I say so that's why I record live here and you know everything is backed up so you know I take no chances so I'll just continue and if I blog talk comes back in we'll add it back let me drop that connection and try this one more time folks hold on now doesn't seem what oh there it is okay all right if anybody can okay not sure if anybody can hear us on blog talk but I'll try to well continue so hopefully that problem is cleared up but here we go TIF eret is the care center and that is the middle of the Tree of Life the most connections are made to this because again this represents the generative principle and this is what really the universe is centered around so it is probably the most important Sapphira on the Tree of Life as far as I'm concerned this is what we really have to get in touch with if we're if we are going to get up to the high levels of this this climb in consciousness and you know so it is true none come to the Father but through through the Sun this is a Kabbalistic allegory so to speak okay it's it's a Kabbalistic attribution that's really being spoken there for those who understand it above TIF eret to the left you get to set a rote number five which is Gabbar that means severity and again this is a quality that of self-control working upon oneself you know of sometimes needing to reel in qualities within ourselves that are out of control this is the the the thing that I call Dominion self mastery or simply machee ving sovereignty being a being that as you think so you feel and so you act and then action is connected with this because these are two aspects of the same chakra Gabara and has said when they come together when we bring them together on the Middle Pillar they represent the throat chakra okay and this is all about influence how we can we can speak severely or with mercy okay we can we can chastise or we can encourage okay we can invoke fear or we could inspire okay so different aspects of the way we speak this is um you know these two spheres are about how we interact with ourselves and with others in the world so has said is mercy and this is influence of others and it could be dark influence as well when we talk about you know there's a corresponding treat of this in clapotis Kabbalah which is called the tree of death and all of the attributes are all about the pure negative qualities within the individual and you know how they can influence other people to do their bidding and do their will and manipulate their mind so I'll be briefly talking about clip both later in the show but has said on the pillar of Mercy is influence of other people around you okay being an inspiration helping to helping to help others to attain higher levels of awareness if we use it in the proper aspect okay banal at the this is a set number three cetera number three now and this is on the top of the pillar of severity on the left-hand side the naam means understanding and understanding is an intellectual quality and it is simply pure knowing and it is the the internal quality again it is what we the knowledge that we carry within us through our experiences through our readings through our studies through you know who we talk to who we pay attention to what we watch and listen to as far as media goes etc these are these are all the mental qualities of of the individual the right hand side and it looks like blog talk dropped out again I apologize for that folks I'll try this one more time if this doesn't work I'm going to just disconnect from blog talk so we're not interrupted any further okay I'm not getting a connection so I'm going to drop out of blog talk and we're just going to continue on talk-show and I'll have to send Bob a podcast tomorrow that's all so Benna is the internal qualities of knowledge okay and it is simply what we know okay so this is again on the power of severity which is the internal pillar so it is simply knowledge or understanding and once again mark Pascal has dropped from the air on the Intel hub news network seems like somebody's messing with our feed tonight that's okay we'll continue to present this sort of information and we'll be moving off a BlogTalkRadio as soon as possible so if you're tuning in to mark Pat fields what on earth is happening and you want to know more visit his website what on earth is happening dot-com and also visit my website vellai dot-com of course I'm Bob dusk and the host of truth be told radio right before Mark's program on Tuesdays and my shows Monday through Friday at 7 o'clock let's see here where did mark go hopefully he'll be reconnecting shortly not sure why he keeps getting dropped must be something with our message they don't want you to hear about this stuff folks for whatever reason the powers that shouldn't be continue to interfere with our communications but we will continue to present this information as we do Monday through Friday on the Intel Hub news network let's see here maybe we'll take a quick commercial break and when we get back hopefully we'll be reconnected with our good friend Mark pasty and his show life what on earth is happening that's what understanding would mark pass you don't call anywhere a pub and [Music] are you still paying your credit cards and so-called bank loans thinking that you owe the money do you feel like it's your moral obligation but can't see an end in sight well what if I told you that in truth you don't know a single penny and that the bank's know this and hope you don't find out here's where we come in free to prosper Comm specializes in a profound debt repudiation method which challenges the validity of your so called debts morally frees you from the burdens and protects your property our system is often superior to settlement bankruptcy or consolidation which often leave you in a worse situation if you feel the moral obligation to take care of yourself and your family then I urge you to consider taking action right now the economy will not wait if you want to know more so you can prosper through the economic collapse all while staying honorable and true to yourself then call eight seven seven four one seven eight three nine three that's eight seven seven four one seven eight three nine three or visit free to prosper calm right now hey it's me Shepard the host of the Intel hub check out my live show every Sunday at 4 p.m. Central Standard Time you can check it out from my website the Intel hub radio comm join me Joe Joseph John King and AC Griffith Thursdays and Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. Eastern for freedom link radio on the intent of news measures a very wealthy US citizen is predicting that in 2011 we will witness the most important day in America in more than 50 years he says it will change everything about our lives the way you shop travel invest educate your children and even how you take care of your health and family now this man has made some outrageous predictions over the years but the crazy part is he's usually right you see he predicted the collapse of GM Fannie Mae Freddie Mac and America's biggest mall owner General Growth Properties a few years ago in fact Bironas called his work a dire prophecy now this has nothing to do with the stock market but it could have a huge impact on almost every aspect of your life and recently he created a video which you can watch online for free detailing his biggest and most important prediction yet and it's a real eye-opener I can't stress this enough you should at least watch this free video online today he explains everything you need to know including simple steps you can take to protect yourself you can find the video @ww end of America eight.com although this video may be offensive to some audiences it's worth checking out again that's w w end of America the number 8 com watch this free video at WWE end of America a calm you are listening to the Intel Hub news network crushing the New World Order piece by piece welcome to talk soon please enter the call ID followed by the pound key you may access the call up to 15 minutes before it's scheduled start time and we're trying to connect here with mark pasio from what on earth is happening with the tyranny smells by the pound key [Music] enter your PIN followed by the pound key if you are not a talk-show member press 1 then pound to get access to you are now joining the call alright we've joined his talk show account this is what on earth is happening with your host mark passio see if I can connect to him off the air here yeah things happen folks with a little bit of technical difficulties you never know what's going to happen when you're talking about things like that of which we talked about on this network here please leave your message for all right let's try him one more time if not we'll go to a best-of oh wait there he is I think that's him calling up right now mark is this you today I'm Mario Chris Chris what's going on Bob then I was listening to the show on talk-show and also there's an blog talking he's having trouble with you he lost you twice and then as soon as he would be disconnected few I guess permanently because then you have podcast tomorrow then we lost the signal on I often say no one talked to you and I can't I can't listen to him now at all I think what happened Chris is that he dropped off the internet and that prevents him from doing his show I just tried to call his personal salish see if we can try to call him again and get in touch with mark now that I see that he's not online I think that has a lot to do with some of the technical problems is simply an alma mater of Internet going out okay well let you get back to I just wanna let you know what was going on no thank you because I'm trying to figure it out for a Ferrari to connect with mark gun and Chris stand by for back with images off hey mark Bob yeah I think my internet connection is completely out we're having a massive Blizzard in Philadelphia right now so I don't know about that very very interesting uh well you're on the air at least on blog talks and I I thought it was you know we had some weird problems before with the music and then you dropped off and then came back and I thought it was maybe blog talks and we just heard from one of your listeners Chris who was listening on talk-show I am connected to your talk-show although I don't think they can hear me because I would have to unmute my connection to them and you just came back online so maybe okay back up there yep I see our page is loading all the long sucker all right folks don't worry mark I'll be coming on try a log back in to talk show all right and once you log back into talks you give us a call over here at blog talking scalp I'll do that at me or you know what you don't even have to call us on blog talk if you find me in your talk show I'm connected to it so as long as we hear you on on the talk show that's all that matters okay great so all right mark thanks for bearing with us with these you know unfortunate but technical difficulties we have to deal with we're not on FM or AM folks so we don't have these big generators powering us keeping us you know on the air when the power goes out we rely on the internet and what are we going to do folks when the Internet is no more yes that's right folks there's the possibility that the internet will dissolve we've heard about internet too and some of these plans for a commercialized internet well what are we going to do when we don't have access to the Internet well hopefully we'll have the internet forever right folks but realistically probably won't just heard from Bob from Cincinnati's in our blog talk chat he says tell mark to go for it we can hear him through you Bob and he says this stuff is powerful yeah we're going to continue to talk about this stuff hopefully he's connecting to the talk show and we'll hear him any second now and see mark I can't hear you where'd you go mark passio of course his website what on earth is happening calm let's see mark are you connecting to talk show he's writing me right now I can see him writing me let's see here what is he gonna say you know on skype you can tell when somebody's writing to you let's see here just called blog talk alright he's on our blog talk switchboard very good here he is none other than Mark Hasse Oh Rainer sorry folks back on the air mark hey Bob alright so let let's try this again and I'll be standing by intently just in case I have to connect to view your cell or something Bob real quick I just want to let you know the talk show I don't think I'm broadcasting on there because I could not dial back in so okay I don't know if I don't know if all that will be going out over talk sure I just want to let the uh you know listeners know that um I could try to dial in one more time it was giving me a busy signal I've never heard that from talked to before yeah well not if it gave it to me as well and then I dialed back one more time and it allowed me to go in uh you might want to just stick with with one feed both tonight and we'll have to try yeah okay what are you trying to add it to your conference busy saligan oh you were able to hear anything on that but I couldn't hear anything from that line okay well fair enough we'll just keep going on the BlogTalkRadio feed in the Intel hub news network hopefully if we can manage can you still hear me mark and he dropped again folks this is funny this internet connection went out let's come on a cell hopefully he'll just do it sell the phone for the show from the cell rather for the rest of the program hey Bob mark passed you know what on earth is happening man um so it looks like I dropped out again I still look like I'm in through Skype but there was like hardly any audio coming through at all was just all garbled I have a feeling that has to do with the blizzards the blizzard that's coming through and nothing like a think of because you know usually my connection is rock solid and reliable but it parsed it right here net connection is up and down so all right already built through the through the cell phone if you don't mind I was going to say yeah just do it through the cell phone we can hear you loud and clear Bob from Cincinnati's listening we got our friend Eric and we're ready to go anybody want to come in and all you know I could take a couple calls there's anybody hanging it on four calls ah let's see maybe Chris has a comment or two I'll ask him over here and I said I'll continue after taking a call - sure okay and we also have the callin lines open at toll-free eight seven seven five nine eight eighty five forty nine that's toll-free at eight seven seven five nine eight eighty five forty nine and Mark why don't you recap as to where you were and I'll see if anybody wants to speak on air right so I was needed to the realm of basic knowledge the knowledge that we carry around with us it's an internal quality because it's simply what we know not what we do with what we know what we do with what we know would relate to hawkmoth which is Cephalon number two at the at the top of the pillar of Mercy so several separate of number two Hoch mom at the top of the pillar of Mercy on the right hand side would would relate to what we do with what we know and that is wisdom that's what hope not is connected with wisdom so that is the last cetera before Qatar Qatar is of course the crown which represents the highest level of cause of consciousness that human beings can attain to and it is on the top of the pillar of mildness or the middle pillar so if you look to the right of this chart you will see different Patra bution 'he's given to these levels of the tree the three triangles yes so three sets are the form a triangle between yes owed hold and that saw just above mal kook what represents the world called yet zero or the formative world this is the mental plane it is the alchemical attribution of air so you know earth air water and fire are how the alchemical attributions progress in upward progression earth being the lowest and fire being highest these correspondent four worlds in kabbalah with asean being the lowest form the physical or material plane and then yet jeera above that which is the formative world on the world of formation which is where ideas begin to take shape briea is the world above f0 and this represents the creative world or the emotional plane so this is the alchemical symbol of water as if you see it there on the chart this is an internal quality okay and this the triangle that is represented on the Kabbalistic tree is the one that is formed with fleece the three cetera of Tiferet Deborah and have said it's an M word pointing triangle as a put-on yes M is a downward pointing triangle as a triangle that is formed by yes sewed and neck saw or the world of yet zero so Umbria is the I guess you could call it the sacred feminine aspect of the worlds of Kabbalah it is the internal aspects in the purely created world some people call this the DIA I'm trying to think of the main cordilla not not the spiritual plane but of the the Asheville playing the Asheville world or the astral plane now above that is one more realm that is even higher in consciousness and it is closer to pure source without any form at all and it's called absolute absolute is the archetypal realm this is our the world of just pure our title imagery it's a pure idea it's pure spirit if you will okay it's alchemical fire it's the realm of will and spirit from which things that come into formation are originated so this is given the sea blue character yield which is a the first name in the Tetragrammaton and it also corresponds with the alchemical symbol or fire so these four worlds are at different aspects of the individual and it represents basically Asiata the physical world that represents what we have our physical attributes the situation we might be born into what resources we have in the world it could correspond with money it could correspond with you know what our talents our basic talents are get zero is the formative of mental plane this would correspond with you know how we use our mind it would it would basically relate to the things that we study and take into ourselves intellectually and our capacities in that regard bring out the creative world or the emotional plane is how we use our heart and again Tiferet is based in this world this is basically care it's our water you know how do you carry your water in other words so this is the realm that has to do with the generative principle the creative world care how what we care about is what we create absolutely on Piper world is the world of pure spirit or the plane of will it's ultimately what drives everything and to actually are hyper world and that's alchemical you attributed to the concept of fire now moving to the next image here to move along in these concepts we see the Tree of Life and its relationship to the chakras I was briefly explaining this last week but I made a visual representation of it we talked about the planetary system corresponding to the shoppers of the body and here we see a chart in image number two that basically relates all of these concepts together if we collapse the three dualistic separate into one along the middle pillar we would get the seven chakras the base were more mooladhara chakra the root chakra and I correspond to that to Saturn in the attributions related to the planets when it comes to correlating them with the chakras of the body the fear of yes salt on the Tree of Life corresponds to the sacrum chakra the swadisthana chakra I correspond that to Jupiter along the planetary solar system chakra points if you will they hold and mix off with both correlate to of the solar plexus chakra or the planet Mars Tiferet is the or beauty would correspond to the heart chakra as we talked about the beyond ahankhah chakra that is okay the fruit chocolate would have issued the chakra corresponds to the miss years of deborah and has said progressing upward on the Tree of Life again another dualistic cetera which when combined form the throat chakra of Bonanno claw arm when they come together form the Ozma chakra with the third eye chakra or the planet Mercury the throat chakra of course corresponds to Venus heart chakra with her okay um benign hope ma correspond to be third eye chakra or mercury they are very mercurial aspects and what we know and then what we decide to do with what we know and cat care represents the crown chakra again this is pure being higher level of awareness cosmic consciousness Christ consciousness if you will and this corresponds to the saw saw saw saw saw us Radha chakra or the crown chakra of the body there are the seven chakras as it relates to the seven levels of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life we see that this if we move to the image number three we see that this is what the menorah which is a Jewish a candelabra that is used during Passover this is about the Tree of Life as well it's a different orientation of the Tree of Life and the turn cetera a mark at seven yes I thought you agreed that you wouldn't talk about this Jewish stuff on the air you know you know I'm Jewish and I don't want anything to get out about our secret plan the world through the world no problem I'll keep it on the down-low I don't know if you heard payday Monsanto show on Saturday mark but he started going off on Zionism and everything and you know I I did the same interruption of course it's a joke amongst other people that listen to the network that the Jews run run our media station I happen to come from a Jewish family but I am more than happy to hear about all these sorts of symbolisms whether they come from the the Jewish traditions the masonic traditions it doesn't matter me I'm interested in truth sorry interrupt mark go right ahead no problem as I said previously on shows are in the past people who think that it's all one group you know oh it's our Amazon Asst it's all the Freemasons it's all the the doc Kabbalists it's all the Jesuits it's all the Vatican they don't understand the interconnections of these secret societies and how they work as one guiding it in hand it's a very complex web of interconnections and it works through the banking system it works the religious structures it works the governments it's it's not cut and dried it's not a simplified thing with one set of people at the top that are all part of one organization they it's psychopaths who have infiltrated all institutions that are based on hierarchy and compartmentalization this is why I spend so much time talking about the structure of power of quote power which is illusory power but the structures of control are more important than the organizations that actually work toward that control it's important to know about them but we have to understand the how and the why even more so than the one the why is the most important the how is right under that then we can understand the what and analyze it you know from a left-right perspective about who who is it who is involved you know what those organizations are all about and how they work but we have to understand this is a complex interweaving strata of secret society networks working together and it's no one group there are good in bed and all in all you know philosophies and ideologies as far as the way human beings use them so I'm sure there are you know people in the Jesuit Order who are good-hearted people and though people in I know plenty of people in Freemasonry that are very good people that are welcome for the betterment of mankind you know people in the Kabbalistic tradition there are tons of good people all of these things however can be twisted and perverted and used for selfish reasons and for reasons of control so again we have to elevate our understanding of this into a more mature perspective as opposed to this childish notion of all one group of people and they're doing at all let me just add one quick addendum or in addition to that we were talking about this as well on the payday Monsanto to show and definitely want to plug his show mark as you know he's from the Philly area and absolutely he'll be at the freer mined conference definitely just to be there as a student just like I am and also to mingle and perhaps maybe have a performance of sorts I'll have to work that out with him off air but anyways that's besides the point I was going to say real quickly that we were talking about the fact that most Jews they have no idea about the the Kabbalistic traditions if you will they have no idea the average Jew is more aware of his corn beef sandwich in his pickle and his you know his bankroll or whatever and they don't really know the first thing about this they don't know that when they're calling someone goyim that that's referring to other human beings that are not Jewish as cattle and they don't know this they just think of it as non Jews being goyim so the average Jew is a sheeple and there's just as much brainwashed victim as the average freemason who maybe doesn't know the true nature of it and so on absolutely and that's that's what I'm doing this for is to bring awareness and hopefully inspire people to study a tradition that is rich in its understanding of human consciousness like Obama because so much can be gained from a study of this a deep in-depth study and again I couldn't possibly on the air but how many weeks we really covered this cover all of the different aspects of Kabbalistic tradition is a lifelong study now Martin what a bit real let me interject here one of the aspects of the Kabbalistic studies that you were just about to talk to him and before my big Jewish mouth interrupted and I say that with all the love folks anyways one of the things you're going to say and it piqued my interest was something about the menorah tell me more yes so the manure is actually a representation of the tree of life if you look on my site on the radio page image number three is an actual depiction of the menorah and it shows how it corresponds to different Assessor oath on the tree of life there are seven candle holders on the menorah and they are basically in a u-shaped pattern in three you shapes that cross a Middle Pillar being the middle of candle so if you look at that middle candle as Middle Pillar okay and you have the three external cetera okay on the Left representing the path of severity the total severity being code Deborah and Dena as your by the way to the left eight is hold five is getting rough three is enough okay on the left hand side right on the right hand side we have starting from the outside net saw has said and Hoch ma going up on the the path of mercy on the right hand side so then at the very top or the middle a candle holder at the top would be kept there okay and then along the middle of the tree where the three u-shaped holders cross the middle candlestick we would have the three other the to stretch a rope and then the hidden realm on the Middle Pillar being a knot at the top underneath kept hair tips are left right in the middle on the second rung and then metal wrong and then at the bottom you get showed it's you know difficult to understand that by just an explanation over the phone but if you look at the image it becomes very clear of course the base where the actual bottom of the entire candelabra would be Malcolm or the physical realm which is the base where the thing that holds up the rest of the tree all right I think is that the break music yes it is Thanks here's the break views at you [Music] are you still paying your credit cards and so-called bank loans thinking that you owe the money do you feel like it's your moral obligation but can't see an end in sight well what if I told you that in truth you don't owe a single penny and that the bank's know 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John King and AC Griffith Thursdays and Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. Eastern for freedom link radio on the intent above News Network a very wealthy US citizen is predicting that in 2011 we will witness the most important day in America in more than 50 years he says it will change everything about our lives the way you shop travel invest educate your children and even how you take care of your health and family now this man has made some outrageous predictions over the years but the crazy part is he's usually right you see he predicted the collapse of GM Fannie Mae Freddie Mac and America's biggest mall owner General Growth Properties a few years ago in fact Bironas called his work a dire prophecy now this has nothing to do with the stock market but it could have a huge impact on almost every aspect of your life and recently he created a video which you can watch online for free detailing his biggest and most important prediction yet and it's a real eye-opener I can't stress this enough you should at least watch this free video online today he explains everything you need to know including simple steps you can take to protect yourself you can find the video at WWE end of America eight.com although this video may be offensive to some audiences it's worth checking out again that's WWE end of America the number 8 com watch this free video at WWE merica eight.com you are listening to the Intel hub news network crushing the new world order piece by piece [Music] okay folks welcome back what on earth is happening mark pastel your host that's the last break for today's show we're going through the rest of the program for the next half hour commercial free what on earth is happening here we go mark we have a question for you from the chat room Bob from Cincinnati wants to know so I now understand the spears and pillars of the Kabbalah how do these Kaaba lists use the this as a vehicle for power or dark occultism Marco I would say main chiefly in two ways the first is the simple understanding that these are representations symbolic representations of qualities that are indwelling within the individual and within consciousness itself in understanding that simply understanding the motivations of human beings and being able to basically predict their patterns of behavior because you know they do not have that same understanding that you do about the human psyche puts you at a distinct advantage over them in whatever aspect or particular manipulation or machination you want to perform so the knowledge itself of these different so qualities if you will now if they are held by people who have a propensity to desire control in the first place can act as a mechanism for power and being a weapon to be held over the heads of people who are simply dwelling in ignorance pure ignorance and that they're drawn in ignorance of is themselves again such knowledge is the real answer to all of the problems that are plaguing us as a species if we don't know the self we are going to be basically manipulated for us all out in the foreseeable future as we can imagine we have to understand what drives us what our motivations are we have to understand what the aspects of consciousness are how they work how natural mall works and this is what the tradition of Kabbalah is Kabbalah is a visual and it is also a tradition of all the spoken passed down oral tradition with symbols okay but the word Kabbalah actually means to receive by the way so this is the reception of the knowledge of natural law principles is what this ultimately is all about as is Freemasonry in its pure form and its unbelieving form so what they have just by the sheer fact that they have and control this knowledge in general not they control it but they have attempted to control and hoard it in the past and infiltrate it and then water down the tradition so that they keep the true tradition and then water it down for the exoteric masses to teach them the exoteric aspects of it so just by the nature that they are in a position that they have this knowledge and are in some positions to infiltrated these traditions and control them puts them at this distinct advantage over people who are in complete ignorance incomplete nations of this knowledge in some cases and in other cases are in ignorance of it refused to acknowledge its importance and learning um the second way they do this is through the symbolism itself symbolism speaks to us at a subconscious och type of level it does not need to be understood just like we don't need to believe in a tradition for it to have an effect on us if other people are acting upon the belief in that tradition or ideology symbolism does not need to be understood consciously for it to have an effect on the subconscious mind this is why it is used in advertising movies subliminal messages in in media in military in police and it is used in these mega rituals that they trot out every time and again to really bring negative change to the people of the earth so they can have more control 9/11 being the Chiefs example of Kabbalistic symbolism our type of Kabbalistic symbolism employed on mass scale so that meant that we my answer of how the simple understanding of this knowledge if you know it is not used in the right way can be use as a vehicle for control now people will say well knowing that why would you teach this and I would say because I it is my position and I feel that humanity will never be free until the occult is no longer the occult meaning until this hippie knowledge is brought out into the light of day you can grow up realizing realize that this exists it can be used in a positive or negative way and we need to make the willful decision to choose it to use in a positive way for the elevation of human consciousness and I don't think there's any more time to dilly-dally when it relates to that or to ignore the fact that this is what really must be done for the people that understand this who are called this they are coming up and speaking the truth about this now at this time in history and that's I'm part of that process I consider myself to be part of that process and I will continue to think that for as long as I am able and that that is a that is the reason I'd say you know a good'n and evil can be you could choose to use any of this knowledge that I've been talking about on the show for good or ill and I won't take the position of fear that says well because it has the potential to be used for something negative then it needs to be hush-hush and kept for the initiated no that's I don't I don't feel that that's right something just smacks of me of elitism and control for that and I think that's the problem that is the problem is that this hasn't been widely taught so moving on to the next topic because we only have about 20 minutes left in the show and I'll try to wrap the last few concepts on Kabbalah and we can move on to some more sacred symbolism in the next show or talk about the elf the other soul qualities that are spoken about in Kabbalah as it relates to before worlds and this is image number four and you see the Kabbalistic teacher mom mother Duquette in the background here this was taken from one of his documentary films on Kabbalah which I may post it in website if I could find a decent capture of it online we see at the bottom there in the fish the animal soul this is correlates to if you look at the four worlds this correlates to a Fiat or the physical plane he calls it the animal soul this is just basically the root instincts of the individual above that correspond to yet Zira is ReWalk which is the mind's eye this is our intellectual capacities of course this corresponds to the evolved character in the Tetragrammaton which is a visual a nice visual depiction there on the left okay above that this would correspond to the world debris off which is neshama neshama is intuition this is the Sacred Feminine koala again that world correspond it with water and it's the first hey character in yo team Pompey and above that we have the universal life force okay we're alchemical fire this is absolute in the worlds of Kabbalah in the four worlds and this is this universal life force is known as Jia so these are the four life qualities or soul qualities in Kabbalah we see over and over again that one four seven and ten are sacred numbers in a Kabbalistic tradition these are these come up over and over again there's four other principles I want to talk about concepts these are the three levels of the the nothingness that are spoken about in Kamala and dark realm or the hell world called clip oak so if you look at image number five you often see this depicted above the Tree of Life these three levels of of nothing as they talked about in the Kabbalah of the void these are realms that are realms of the Creator intelligence itself and they are called the I'm so or which is the boundless light which is above cat air biscuit air again is that we're talking about we talk about the Kabbalistic tree this is the Divine's of breaking up into different aspects so it can experience itself in in the physical world and the physical domain or dimension that we live in so this is about the elevation of human consciousness two levels of higher levels of awareness ending with care and then above that we have you know the unified realm that they look at as having three levels to it nine so forth being the boundless light this is kind of what they refer to as the light and Freemasonry when they say Fiat looks let there be light you know the Creator lesson first words of the Creator spoken in Genesis but the light of the Creator in Kaaba in Kabbalah this is considered behind so for what is called boundless or limitless light above that realm you have something that is even beyond the light which is the potentiality of creation which is the boundless itself this is just there's there's no physical dimension to it whatsoever it is just boundlessness and limitlessness people look at this is pure empty space and you know the nothingness between the stars so to speak and then finally you have the ein which is just nothing pure avoid the absolute potentiality that is underlies all of creation the no thing that from which the everything emerges the silence from which all vibration emerges so these are kind of very heavy at tract concepts but I figured I'd put them in there nonetheless because they are considered important concepts in Kabbalah and finally underneath the Tree of Life there is a realm as well this is the concept of Correspondence in the Hermetic tradition which is also taught in the Kabbalistic tradition of as above so below as there are regions above the tree there are regions below the tree and I put this region in red and late a little bit it is known as the Pope the Pope is the dark realm deep subconscious realms that underlie physical creation some people say are the whole worlds that sometimes this incarnate consciousnesses may want to enter our physical dimension from and you hear about different researchers talking about that what's really going on is that people are actually inhabited by other consciousnesses from other dimensions that want control and want to feed off of fear and this is what clip opens closes this hello world where it is basically the deepest and darkest research recesses of the human subconscious to connect with other dimensions of existence that are very dark and not geared toward the elevation or mastery of the individual but toward the control of the individual and dark Kabbalists practice what is known as clapotis Kabbalah and in the Kabbalah Kabbalah Kabbalah there is a whole nother tree which I have not talked about which is called the tree of death not the tree of life so if you look to further study on that research clip otic Kabbalah this is the black magical side of Kabbalah and this is what the sorcerers of the world use it is one of the methodologies and aims to gain access to our subconscious and control us and put us on strings like puppets through our desires and our fears it's this is the realm of fear is what how I would describe clip oh ok clip oak is the realm of fear the is the the realm of dot negative energy okay it is the it's the Antichrist realm so to speak this is the not that the realm of the right of the creator as the I'm so for I'm sofa nine are but this is the realm of the demon world okay so um that's all I'll say about it for now but it's an interesting study it's a more difficult to get information on clapotis Kabbalah maybe I can post some because I do have some in my library and I'll try to do my best to put some good resources up on the website for people to look into further and I'll do that sometime tomorrow so finally I'm going to wrap up tonight with a breakdown of Kabbalah when it comes to the tallow and this is an even more fascinating study in my opinion Tarot is one of my favorite mystical traditions it is a very rich tradition symbolically and spiritually and if you really understand what these causes are speaking to us it's a beautiful tradition so on images number seven and eight on the website we see two trees on the first tree number image number seven I didn't get a chance to label it I put this up last minute and I'll label it probably for the podcast images we see the microcosmic Tree of Life okay image number eight is known as the macrocosmic tree now these all of these cards form the Major Arcana of the Tarot Dec Major Arcana is Arcana means knowledge and the major knowledge in the higher realm of knowledge this is the knowledge of the soul and the universe and its relationship to each their relationship to each other the lower realms are the realms of the personality okay the lower knowledge the Minor Arcana okay and these are the decks in the power and they correlate to the playing card decks okay so maybe next week we can just do a study of Tarot because I'm taking a break from again the mind control techniques because I want people to pie a firm background of where some of the symbology that we're going to talk about comes from so we even start to break down all the different symbols that we're going to break down in the next section we talk about symbolism as a form of mind control a method of marine control but you know perhaps next week we can look at Cairo for the whole show but just want me to show how these are cards in the in the Major Arcana relate to the Kabbalistic tradition and the Tree of Life to go back to the Minor Arcana for a moment the suits the suits are of these are for minor decks are coins some people refer to them as disks okay coins or discs or Pentacles they're referred to as in some decks so coins / discs / Pentacles depending on the deck that you have cause that corresponds to the element on earth and again these are our resources this would be in the world of hacia in Kabbalah okay and earth would represent are the resources that we have to employ in life and how we use them and on the regular playing card that this will be the suit of diamonds includes about their riches or money and your physical worldly things okay moving upward when we then have the deck of swords okay so swords would correspond to the mental plane okay or air and it would be yet here on the Kabbalistic tree in the regular playing card that these would be stains and these represent our intellect okay a cutting quality of cutting qualities of the intellect swords okay upward from that when we go to cups cups would represent the emotional plane and this would be real on the Kabbalistic tree okay this is the alchemical quality of water hand cups which you know chalices the Sacred Feminine in other words the emotions okay on the regular playing card deck the cups are correspond with hearts the suit of heart and then the highest deck would be the other Minor Arcana would be ones which correspond to fire or will okay this is the realm of absolute in Kabbalah and on the regular playing card deck this would be clubs now you'll notice in the regular playing card back the entire Major Arcana is missing representing taking knowledge of the self and its relationship to the universe out of the playing card back and relegating it to just the game okay none of those images are in the modern deck of playing cards okay the fifth element is left out of the equation which is the same spirit so if we look at these two tree depictions images number seven and eight as it relates with the Tarot I have made the Major Arcana cards out according to according to their numbers in the same positions as the sefirot on Tree of Life okay now the dot seers okay which is the second down from the top on the Middle Pillar the second card we look at the very top card on number seven that's the magician underneath that I put the soul or the fool okay this represents soul on the microcosmic tree if you look at the corresponding position in image number eight on the site okay and these may be different images in the podcast you have to understand that so these are just the images for the live show maybe I'll just keep them in that position to avoid confusion and tackle anything underneath you know if I add anything else so the the world is the corresponds to the position in of dot on the macrocosmic tree so these are what these two trees are about the first one is all the qualities of the individual as it makes its journey through life and the second is about the qualities that we see enacted in the world okay so I'll start at ma-kun and i'll keep at the bottom is the material world okay on the first tree the micro micro cosmic tree and this is the Wheel of Fortune card so this is the material plane okay above that we have Muhammad and he called swans - yes ode yes ode is a desire for knowledge and initiation we see the Hamid holding the lamp understanding he's in darkness and wants them you know move on in search of light to be initiated he's the initiate okay the strength card which represents internal qualities of courage and the victim chariot card which is in the sphere of victory okay this is the solar plexus chakra courage and Bill okay so we have the mal coupe at the bottom the material plane I made it red the missile sphere which is orange there Mohammed and the yellow sphere which corresponds to the solar plexus it's the the courage card or strength and this chariot will okay so this is a hope be strengthened and net top would be the chariot then the lovers is to erect the heart chakra and there in green okay and we go up to the high lephant and the emperor so this is the throat chakra these are the way we interact - would not present a get the raw severity self-control Emperor would represent have said mercy or influencing others and then we have at the top bar just below katare we have the Empress there on the Left representing understanding of the NA and the high priestess on the right representing wisdom or Hoek mom so the Empress would be the knowledge we carry with us the high priestess would be wisdom what we do with what we know and then of course there is self mastery representing the magician elevation to higher levels of awareness and consciousness he's at the top of the microcosmic tree which is the goal in the physical world of the fool okay but ultimately they grow from this whole tree grows from the zero points which is the fool and it's a that represent the soul's journey into into a state of incarnation on the earth plane okay so that's the microcosmic tree the macrocosmic tree deals with the forces of nature and natural law in the external domain or the universe seemingly external I shouldn't say so we have the judgment card at the bottom representing Malu for being kind of stuck in the material clean yeah you can look at it as rising from the Material Plane the angel is calling one upward out of the material realm and awakening them from their slumber from their tomb from their grades okay knowing the trumpet the judgment card corresponding to MA coupe above that we have the Sun the moon and the star the three cards are corresponding to the triangle that represents that zero okay these are the qualities that we've been talking about over the last several weeks which is a you know correspond to the religions I'm a minute and a half I'll try to break this down quickly and then we can continue next week with a further exploration of the Tarot so above that we have the tower card representing change and the generative principle how change is great ultimately created through the heart and it's funny that that's where we left off last week when I started to break this down when I'm talking about the heart and temperate so only appropriate that we leave it off there this week I won't go any further I'll leave it there and we have about a minute left like I said we'll talk about more about our next week maybe I can complete this breakdown of the microcosmic and macrocosmic trees and then we can look at the tradition of the Tarot hopefully we won't have too many audio difficulties looks like that that was all Blizzard Blizzard related we have a word for Blizzard here Philadelphia today but um the best that's all we have time for folks I want to thank everybody for listening sorry I didn't get a chance to take more calls you've been listening to walk on earth is happening right here on the Intel hub news network I'll see everybody play here next week I chose the night me [Music]