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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark Pascoe welcome one and all you are listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today is Sunday May 8th 2011 this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern Time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time and we have a great show lined up for you here today on the Oracle Broadcasting Network great to be here and what I usually do to get the show started is to read some event announcements for events that are happening in my local area and again the reason I do that is because the for the true essence of freedom when you boil it all down is ultimately about one thing and that is taking right action in the world so with that in mind let me get an event announcement out of the way in this first segment and then I'll give the call in numbers and we'll jump right in with our topic for today the Tesla Science Foundation of Philadelphia will be hosting their third annual Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations here in Philadelphia on July 7th 8th 9th and 10th there is a Tesla science conference coming up on those days at - Liberty Place 1601 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia the conference topics will include ether theories alternative energy exotic propulsion technologies electrotherapy Tesla coils and of course wireless transmission of power this conference is open to the general public it is only $100 for registration to attend for all 4 days $50 that's right a 50% discount with a valid student ID you can register online at the Tesla Science Foundation's website at WWF thats Tesla Science Foundation dot o-r-g this is a great group of people who want to see a better world come to fruition based on the technologies of Nikola Tesla and I'm I'm very proud to work with them as part of their outreaches and educational opportunities the Tesla Science Foundation is just a great group of individuals and people should learn more about them and if you have it within your capability to attend the conference coming up this summer please intend to be there so that's all the event announcements I have alright call in numbers let's give the call in numbers and then we'll jump into the topic after this first break calling numbers for tonight's show never any taboo topics on what on earth is happening and there never will be feel free to call in anytime I love taking calls the numbers five one two nine zero four eight zero one four or you can call the toff toll-free line at eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again five one two nine zero four eight zero one four and eight six six eight four one ten zero six five coming up to the first break we'll be right back after these messages folks you're listening - what on earth is happening on the auricle broadcasting network [Music] [Music] [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen are back on what on earth is happening here on the chlorophyll Broadcasting Network I'm your host Mark Hasse on my website what on earth is happening dot-com and last week was the first what on earth is happening in its entirety here on Oracle broadcasting and it went very well we had a contest on the show last week it was won by a gentleman named Ben in Louisiana he won the the prize for answering correctly the question of the mystery traditions and the topic that we had been talking about the week before was self-generated suffering and we got into the question of the mystery traditions as we were relating it to the modern occult traditions that one may come across in their studies namely we were relating it to Freemasonry because this has been an ongoing topic of discussion on the show for the past many weeks and we've been probing the symbols of Freemasonry of true esoteric Freemasonry for the last couple of months and we will continue to do that tonight tonight will be probably the last show where I break down some Masonic symbolism for the listeners I will probably have one more show on the topic however and I'm hoping to make it sort of a roundtable discussion with some official Lodge Freemasons in this area or perhaps in other areas I'll probably be putting that show together if it doesn't come together I will simply move on to continue the topics that we've been discussing such as symbolism in general as a methodology of mind control and to subversively gain access to the subconscious mind when an individual does not is not aware that symbolism is being used like that they certainly can indeed be controlled through it so becoming symbol literate is quite important but to go back to what I was talking about regarding the show last week we had a winner of the contest he answered the mystery tradition question correctly the question was how does one truly know that one is in a state of suffering how do you know that you are suffering and the gentleman called in and correctly answered the question that if there is even one other who is suffering then you are suffering because everyone is interconnected inextricably interconnected by the field of life that is all around us therefore if any suffering exists one knows that one is suffering themselves so that was the answer and he won a orgonite pyramid which was made by one of the speakers of the recent free your mind conference here in Philadelphia just to get into that for a moment as well videos for the free your mind conference will be posted to the free your mind conference website at free your mind conference calm probably within about three weeks to a month I'm just guessing the videos are currently being processed so anyone that is it was interested in that conference could not attend we will be releasing that information to the general public for free over the next coming a few weeks so be patient the videos will be forthcoming and you'll be impressed with the information that you get to see in here there for those who don't know about the conference it was a conference we just held here in Philadelphia last month and you could check out the conference website to read all about these speakers and topics that were covered at WWF read your mind conference calm so far so good with the the new show here on Oracle it's been it's been a great experience and it's um it's an honor to be part of a great network with all of the caliber hosts that are on this network and the topics that they discuss I think it's probably the best internet radio network going online today with that having been said the only drawbacks that people had written in about that listeners uh kind of commented from how the show used to be in its old format to this format was the ads and I want to respond to that briefly yes the ads do kind of basically create an intersperse all between the information as I'm giving it out here on the air but that's a good thing because people who support radio networks like this want to get their products out there and make a living for themselves the network needs to do what they need to do so and that isn't for free you know that really costs a lot out of private individuals pockets so they make some money by selling ad space I have absolutely no problem with the ads for those who think it's a distraction I can understand where you're coming from however it's a trade-off like anything else I get to be on a bigger network where there's more listeners able to hear my voice and get the message out to more people and for that the show is broken up a little bit with some ads interspersed here and there like I said I don't have any problem with it I hope it's not too big of a distraction from people coming over from just listening to me on what on earth is happening previously before we came over to Oracle but it is what it is and that's my take on the whole ads for listeners who have come over from listening to me previously so let's jump into the topic for tonight shall we we've been talking about Freemasonry for the past many weeks and Freemasonry is an incredibly complex topic it is an occult tradition and for those of you who still have not made the connections that ocultism is what ultimately everything that's going on on the earth is all ultimately about you need to take another look at what the occult really is because there's a mind-control technique that's played through words and word association games and what true evil people and dark Oh cultists always want to do is have you associate something in your mind through words that really that thing has nothing whatsoever to do with or it only has a partial connection with that word but in other words then the technique works too for example as it is said throw out the baby with the bathwater you will say well that's associated with something that's that's dark or evil and therefore I won't look at any of it and I'll throw it all out and not ever ever go into the esoteric understanding that the dark occultists really wish to hold people back from see that's how this technique works and the word occult is used occult is used in this sense it's a mind control technique if if a dark ocultist who does not want anyone to look into his methodologies into what he is doing through hidden techniques okay and that's what the word ultimately means hidden it is hidden knowledge that is used as a weapon against those who do not understand the techniques that one is working with because they are hidden from that individual if someone doesn't understand it those who do can wield it as a weapon if they're in the mode of consciousness where they may be inclined to do so and that's what the psychopathic ruling elites of this planet are they are dark Oh cultists they are using hidden knowledge against us as a weapon when we bring that knowledge to the light of day they can no longer do that effectively because it becomes common sense we'll be right back folks we listen to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle aah gasps the network [Music] welcome back everyone they're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Orphic Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio I'd like now to wrap up what I was talking about about the occult the word occult as we have said many times previously on this show simply means hidden and it is hidden knowledge that is attempted to be held back from the general population by d'arco cultists who use this knowledge as a weapon against people it is ultimately knowledge about consciousness it is knowledge about how the human psyche works it is knowledge about the deepest parts of the human psychology that drives our motivations and fuels our understanding of reality and when you get into that and control that you have people at your beck and call okay you have people right under your thumb right where you want them because they don't understand themselves and ultimately that's the only knowledge that is truly worth having is knowledge of self and what we truly are and what our true potential is and that's what we do here on this show is try to help people to delve deeply within so that they can understand what that the outer world that we see around us is merely a reflection of what is going on inside of us collectively so with that in mind I want to jump into the topic for tonight which is the symbolism of some of the higher levels of Freemasonry and we're going look at Royal Arch Freemasonry we're going to look at some of the symbolism of the 32nd and 33rd degree and we're going to talk a little bit about what is known as illuminated masonry tonight and hopefully I can get through all of this symbolism before the end of the show so we can do a roundtable discussion on Freemasonry next week so I'd like to direct everyone first and foremost to my website at what on earth is happening com if you're not listening on a computer you can go and check out the podcast where you will be able to see these images the podcast is in the podcast tab of my website at what on earth is happening and they're all free they're all available for download to any digital music devices so make use of that archive as a great resource for information I post a lot of image links a lot of document links a lot of video links so there's tons and tons of study that can be done at the podcast section of my website if you go to the radio listen page which is right on the front page and then you click the button over on the left hand side that says listen live you will be taken to the radio listen page and there for shows where symbolism is required to be seen along with the explanation of that symbolism I post related images for that that night show on that page so you'll see they're listed images for tonight's show May 8th 2011 and there will be I believe 11 images or 12 images 11 11 images posted there the first image there is simply the poster for the Tesla science conference which I just announced as part of the event announcements tonight so we are moving to image number 2 on the what on earth is happening radio listen page if you look at image number 2 this is where we left off on the show last week we were talking about royal arch symbolism royal arch masonry is a part of the York Rite of Freemasonry but overall this is basically higher-level esoteric symbolism that is contained in the Royal Arch degrees and we see an image number two the tracing board of the royal arch so this is a board that has the complex esoteric symbolism in it that is meant to be contemplated and meditated upon in order to understand what is being said through this imagery again Freemasonry in general is a tradition in which natural law and morality is taught through a system of symbols allegories and rituals okay and we also looked at the word allegory as part of our understanding of Freemasonry in previous weeks as stories poems pictures symbols that may be interpreted in specific ways to reveal hidden meanings typically these meanings are moral in their messages that they are attempting to convey they are attempting to convey moral lessons and that's indeed what all of the symbolism we have seen thus far in Freemasonry when it is properly decoded by people who understand what this symbolism was originally intended to embed into the subconscious of the viewer who may not be consciously aware of it it was originally intended to embed a moral lesson sadly in the modern era much of this the meaning of this symbolism is lost even to Lodge Masons okay and I'll be the first to tell you that that large Masons are horribly ignorant of the esoteric aspects of their own supposed tradition and they do not understand these symbols in any way that they really should be understood and part of that is simply their own ignorance and not wanting to go farther and deeper into the topic and part of that is deliberately being misled by those who have corrupted this institution from the higher levels and being been put into places of power within institutions such as Freemasonry in order to deceive and mislead and again I am in no way here to be an advocate of Lodge Freemasonry I am talking about the esoteric underlying tradition that lies at the core of true Freemasonry okay that I want to make abundantly clear therefore let's start breaking down some of the imagery here in the Royal Arch tracing board we saw last week that these pillars and we saw in many weeks in the past and you can check that out in the podcast section that these pillars represent the double aspect of the nature that lies within all of us we all have a mask and a feminine aspect to us and the masculine side is logical it is linear it is it analyzes things it's left brained okay so it's our solar nature our active side okay well what the information that we break down and then ultimately take action upon this is the solar side of the personality okay or the masculine side of the personality all right the scientific the logical the linear the analytical okay on the right hand side the right hand pillar represents the feminine nature within the individual it represents intuition creativity caring nurturing the creative principles okay it represents our emotional qualities not the active ones but the ones that are hidden within how we feel about what's going on within us and around us all right so these two basic principles need to be bridged or brought together in order to come into harmony with each other such that our emotions and our actions are one in the same and we do what we feel is truly right okay so unity consciousness thoughts emotions and actions brought into harmony with no contradiction between the three we've talked about this ad infinitum on this show and I'll continue to repeat these concepts because they sink in more as they're repeated so the arch itself is a coming together or a bridging between these two aspects of the individual okay and it represents coming off of the checkered floor of the house the checkerboard floor being a pawn being led not understanding light from dark being just one of the pieces that is being moved by the chess master because they have a higher level of awareness and they're looking at the board from above and they can pick up pieces and move them as they see fit all of these allegorical ideas here need to be picked apart to be understood properly in the context of the symbolism complex symbolism is what we're talking about here we'll continue to break down these royal arch tracing board after we come back from these messages you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark Cassio my website what on earth is happening calm we'll be right back folks [Music] what he looks at it with his eyes as what we see when he looks addicted the sunglasses we see the same things all the way through the subliminal sympathy okay noe defendant [Music] I hope everybody's got their sunglasses on out there though those are samples they're from the great movie they live and that was David Icke actually explaining some of the symbolism in the movie they live everyone on earth should see the movie they live folks that's all I'll say about that if you haven't already seen it probably almost everyone listening on this network has seen it but anybody listening in the podcast section if you haven't seen the movie they live it's something you definitely should do immediately because that movie's not just a fiction it's an allegory about what's happening in our world as is Freemasonry and we were talking about the Royal Arch symbolism of Freemasonry before the last break let's jump back into the image here which is image number two on the radio listen page at what on earth is happening calm we see that the arch is coming together to form a semicircle at the top of these two pillars okay we'll see ultimately what that symbolism represents in a moment we see the keystone of the archway okay off onto the left-hand side it has been pulled out of the arch okay now the Keystone is the strongest part of the archway this is the thing that actually gives it its strength that's where all of the forces is is leaned up against on both sides okay so this is critical to keep in mind why would the Keystone be removed from the arch and we were getting into this at the end of last show and I want to really reiterate this so that I hammer in the real understanding of this symbol because it's very important and it's very widely misunderstood the Keystone is being removed okay as a symbol of enlightenment okay this you see the light pours in when the stone is removed see people misinterpret this okay because in biblical terminology there's such a thing called the chief Cornerstone or the Keystone all right and this is what Jesus himself is referred to as in certain books of the Bible in the Gospels he's referred to as the chief Cornerstone or the Keystone okay and this does not represent taking away the Christ out of someone's life or out of their consciousness it represents letting that consciousness into oneself okay as a symbolic aspect of higher consciousness now I'm not talking about exoteric organized Christian Christianity the Christian religion as we know it in the modern world that's not what I'm talking about here no more than I am talking about organized Lodge Freemasonry in the modern world I'm getting down to the esoteric core symbols and the core understanding that under Locke underlies those symbols okay and it's all about consciousness and awakening of self it's all about when we bridge the left and right brain hemispheres together the masculine left brain hemisphere and the feminine right brain hemisphere through the this divine process this divine union the chemical wedding as it is known in different forms of mystery school teachings okay we are removing all of the barriers and the blocks to the light okay and we do that by also awakening the pineal gland the spiritual vision gland in the center of the human head this has been referred to by mystics as the third eye okay it is the Ozma chakra in the Vedic chakra tradition okay the third eye is the single eye that is spoken of in biblical terms when in the story in the New Testament Jesus is telling his followers that what you need to do is make the eye single if you make the eye single the body is full of light if the eye is dual the body is full of darkness what this means is if that your your brain is imbalanced toward either hemisphere or both hemispheres the left and right okay you're seeing with duality us versus them thinking okay you're in a state of either Dominator or slave and we've talked about this almost endlessly when we talk about the functions of the brain the brain hemispheres you can go back and research all of this material in the podcast archive it's all there folks I can't you know repeat every single aspect of it just to touch on it the the the the making of the I to be single instead of dual is a reference to the brain it's a reference to bridging the left and right brain hemispheres and uniting them it's also making your emotions and your actions unified as one okay so that you do what you feel and know to be right alright and there's no contradiction your actions do not betray your thoughts and your emotions this is what awakening is all about this is what enlightenment really is okay and that process is the awakening of the all-seeing eye the pineal gland the light that is within us and it's a connection to the heart as well so last week we left off on helping people to understand that the removal of that block that barrier that stone that Waits okay is the removal of the barriers to awakening the barriers to the light the barriers to letting the Christ consciousness enter the heart okay and then therefore change one's actions and one's view view of the world first and foremost and then one's actions so that's why the light is streaming in through the missing Keystone okay because now it's full of light and that light is coming into the center which of the image which represents the center of the self or the heart and this is represented by the two angels on both sides having bridged together and their wings are touching in the form of a chalice or a hardware the inverted triangle which is also known as the chalice in ancient symbolism okay because it represents the sacred feminine side of the self so this is the union between thoughts and emotions the union between knowledge and then why we do what we do with knowledge and ultimately what we do with it and that has the stem from the heart okay so that's that's what the Royal Arch degree ultimately is attempting to teach people through this complex symbolism to come up off of the floor of the house duality alright us versus them thinking not understanding natural law not understanding what our rights are and what they are not not understanding light from darkness right from wrong and there is such a thing folks you know Satanism if I learned anything during all the time that I was involved in Satanism in my past which some people on Oracle may or may not be aware of I used to be involved in dark occult ISM I speak about the dark occult from being personally involved with it in my past and having torturously come out of that level of mind control and being so asleep that my life was in such a state of disarray that it was only two places to go as I've told people in the grave or up and I chose the latter both and that's deliberate pun okay I chose the later option but I also chose the latter which is a symbol of Freemasonry a ladder meaning something that we use to climb out of the depths okay which we'll see in we've already seen in past shows when we looked at the first degree tracing board with its ladder on the middle pillar which is the which is called Jacob's Ladder in Freemasonry so that's what this Royal Arch degree ultimately represents the letting in of the light by decalcifying chipping away the stone from the pineal gland okay the all-seeing eye so that the light can stream in into the heart and we create what is known as the heart okay and I add the heart mind guts because it's ultimately what we do that makes the difference in the world so there has to be courage involved there as well it's not just what you know and and what you care about right it's also what you actually take action and then do in the world so we have to combine all three of those principles the thoughts the emotions the actions I call it the heart mind guts so intelligence is required true care is required and ultimately courage is required and willpower as well the dual aspects of the active principles courage and will so that's what this complex symbol is saying here and it is also about the coming together of the left and right brain the Temple of Solomon okay we see the repeated images here Solomon being the Sun and the moon soul Sun Moon Moon okay and Hiram Abiff H a B at the bottom there the builder of the temple okay he represents the generative principle and truth and care true care okay he is the Sacred Feminine aspect in this Trinity all right so we're gonna look at other examples of Royal Arch symbolism we have a couple other royal arch tracing boards that I'm going to break down and then we're going to move on to some different free Masonic symbolism when we come back from this break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back folks [Music] [Music] welcome back we're back on what on earth is happening on your host mark Cassio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're breaking down complex esoteric symbolism of the tradition of Freemasonry here on what on earth is happening this evening and we were looking at image number two on the radio listened page of my website what on earth is happening calm I want to touch a little bit more on some of the symbolism here on this tracing board before we move on to image number three you see the tools at the top I want to touch on those a bit the tools of the Royal Arch are the pickaxe the Spade and the crowbar or you know the pry bar alright this is what we need to dig ourselves out okay when we've been covered up or buried with dirt okay the the the darkness has covered us has blocked out the light we these are tools of digging okay we need to dig for the truth we need to dig ourselves out of the hole that we've placed ourselves in as a species all right and then finally we need to wrench forth the stone to let in the light all right so to with all of our will and power use the pry bar to get that stone okay representing the calcified pineal gland all right that we actually D stone to open up the spiritual vision center within us all okay that's what these this symbolically represents all right then we climb out of the grave and we're gonna see the coffin in the next image Hiram Abiff scoffing this is ultimately about resurrection okay and you can see the parallels in biblical tradition because Jesus was resurrected from a grave okay and he rolled away a stone in order to do it you see to come out into the light of day from the grave where Jesus was at he had to roll back the stone of his grave so this is a direct correlation to two Christian symbolism okay and it's not meant to be taken literally in the sense of the story of Jesus all right regardless of what you believe about whether Jesus existed as a real person or if it's pure astro theology we're going to see how much this connects to Astro theology in the next image and what the Royal Arch is from a national astro theological point of view but this is this pales in comparison to the true esoteric meaning of the Royal Arch and how it relates to the resurrection of the soul from the state of deadness of spiritual deadness of not understanding that we are a spiritual being having a physical experience not understanding natural law not understanding the law of one not understanding that as one suffers all suffer okay it to come out of that state of spiritual deadness and resurrect ourselves to the light that's what this the the truth the the knowledge of truth the knowledge of the true nature of self okay which is the spiritual nature of all things okay and ultimately that's what this whole system of Freemasonry is all ultimately supposed to be teaching spiritual resurrection not identification with the physical world okay not just worrying about what's happening in my daily life but seeing the big picture about what's going on all around us as a species and being concerned with the wider picture true care not just small care with a with a small see meaning I care about what's going on in my life and maybe my families maybe the people around these life's lives but the capital C version of care which is care on a on a wide level on a global level on a universal level to be concerned with the suffering of all beings all right that's what this is ultimately all about that's what we are trying to raise people to the understanding of okay so the thus the language that goes along with this degree if you read into the rituals I won't be specifically getting into that tonight I posted many books with elaborate breakdowns of rituals on the website you can go there and read all about those again there's much allegory contained within those rituals as well I find it much more poignant to get right to the heart of the matter and break down the symbolism for people because I think it expresses it even more beautifully so part of the ritual of the Royal Arch degrees is to rise and wrench forth the Keystone we already understand what that means now from an esoteric perspective to let in the light and to let that light into the heart and develop true care care with a capital C this is what being raised is ultimately about we talked how this is about how this is connected with raising children we use the word being raised raising children okay how many children are really not raised how many adults are really not raised in the world how they are simply going through the motions of life and not really understanding any of these wider issues about what's really taking place around them in the world so what I want to do now is move on to image number three on the website and look at another variant of the Royal Arch tracing board so here we see this in context with the first board all right we can see how this relates to also the first degree tracing board that we broke down in previous weeks the first of which we can see the two pillars once again the left and right pillar we can see again the symbols of the three astro theological cults of the ancient world which we broke down when we talked about Astro theology many weeks ago the Sun the moon and the stars with the Royal Arch right in the middle between all of them because it represents that place of bridging or coming together the balance point that unifies all of these things thoughts emotions in action coming together as one okay so we see the I want it briefly before we get into the symbolism of this particular board and the the sign of cancer there on the Royal Arch and it is a yin-yang symbol as well to just talk once again briefly about words and we look at the words royal arch okay why royal arch well two reasons royal means related with kingship were a queen ship okay and what this is ultimately about what the knowledge that is acquired upon bridging these two sides of the self and understanding what's going on in the world in a wider sense the that knowledge is ultimately about sovereignty is about self ownership is about understanding that there is no authority other than the creator itself okay the generative principle truth is the authority authority is not truth it's an illusion okay it's not that there's no real power in the illusion of man-made authority it's all ego based and fear based you have to be in fear to believe in that concept okay it does not exist it never has existed it never will exist it's an illusion it's a fantasy that people have made up in their own minds and then bought into in their own fear and in their own abdication of personal responsibility okay so royalty in the true sense means sovereignty being one's own king one's own queen one's own ruler one's own inner monarch one ruler no external ruler no external government internal government internal control over one's own mine over one's own thoughts emotions and actions the only thing you're ultimately allowed to control were those three things okay without a breaking natural law so that's what the term royal here really represents an arch is synonymous with arc and we already saw that the Ark of the Covenant in the last image we'll see you know an ark is also a word for a tomb okay so it's the tomb of the Spirit which is represented here needing to come out of that tomb to understand that we are all part of the Ark okay an arc AR C okay is a part of a circle okay the circle in almost all esoteric traditions represents this the divine shape the shape of spirit the shape of divinity okay it's God's shape it's perfect it's it's never-ending it has no beginning or end it's based on something that can't be calculated in its fullness because we can never fully understand the mind of God okay the Creator is never-ending it's continuous okay no beginning no end therefore the circle represents that shape and an arc is a piece of a circle which is what we all are we are a piece of that totality that wholeness that oneness okay so therefore that's what the Royal Arch in words represents those concepts sovereignty and part of the the all part of the one of the the one spiritual divine center that we all are armed our part of we'll get back into the breakdown of this next tracing board right after these messages you're listening to what on earth is happening on the Oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] oh sure [Music] behind the girl I'll make my fine all day [Applause] [Music] that's why they call me [Music] [Applause] [Music] at eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the toll-free line is eight six six eight four one one zero six five let's jump right back into the images we're looking at image number three on the radio listen page at what on earth is happening comm for visual aid reference to the concepts that I'm talking about here tonight on the show you can also get all of these images in the podcasts I post them with each podcast on the podcast archive at what on earth is happening comm here we go the the symbolism of the Royal arch here has a whole lot of other imagery associated with it at the bottom here we see the coffin this is again Hiram Abiff scoffing which represents the entombed spirit which needs to be raised out of the state of spiritual deadness the dead needs to come back to life to be born again okay so it is of course below the pillars and below the floor of the house because it hasn't even made it to the point where it starts the journey the process of initiation okay we need to climb those pillars in order to form that arch between the sacred masculine and sacred feminine sides of the personality the little tree there the sprig that is growing at the top of the coffin is acacia acacia okay represents the hope of resurrection meaning can we awaken people can we bring them to the understanding of oneness can we bring them out of the duality of mind control can we bring them to the place where they have a firm grasp on natural law and sovereignty and their own sovereignty and the sovereignty of all others around them okay can we get them to understand those ideas and understand what the true nature of self is as a spiritual dimension not a physical one okay as a spiritual nature having a physical experience okay and that's what that sprig of acacia that tree of life ultimately represents okay the hope that we can indeed fractally radiate this knowledge out to everyone and awaken the world okay so the archway itself represents the time of the year where the Sun is active okay it's the half circle of the year when the Sun is in the northern hemisphere all right the favoured season of the northern hemisphere where most of the population of the earth lives all right at the very top the archway is depicted the the keystone of the arch is depicted by the sign of cancer this is when the Sun is at the summer solstice when it is entering the house of cancer it is at the highest point of its power during the year at this time of the year this is half of the zodiac if you go back and look at the astra Thea theology section that I did and show the signs of the zodiac you will see the top portion of that zodiacal wheel right represents the favoured season of the Sun or the light okay when it has been resurrected from its tomb of the southern hemisphere we're in another break we'll be right back after these messages folks I'm mark pasión you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back folks you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com in this hour we are breaking down some of the symbolism the complex symbolism of Freemasonry some of them the higher degrees of Freemasonry namely the Royal Arch degrees we're going to look at some more complex symbolism of Freemasonry and we're gonna get into some of the higher degree symbolism specifically the 32nd and 33rd degree symbolism in a little bit in image number three on the website on the radio listen page we were looking at another royal arch tracing board and we saw that had the symbols of the major religions we saw that it had the Sun the moon and the stars we saw that it had the symbols of the zodiac particularly those that are in the top portions of the zodiac meaning when the Sun is in the northern hemisphere the houses that it goes through are depicted here and at the very top of the Royal Arch is the sign of cancer which is a yin-yang symbol representing the correspondence principle that which is above is like to that which is below and the union of opposites the divine union or wedding between the male and female okay the yin and yang sides of the self yang being the male and Yin being the female so this is the time of the year when the Sun is at 23.5 degrees north latitude with respect to the earth's equator and this is the beginning of summer the high point of the Sun the high point of light because again this is all about light and it is about God's light God's Sun okay allegories that we saw in the Christian tradition when we looked at it from an astro theological perspective also the same when it comes to Hiram Abiff the resurrected one okay the one who represents the light of truth and knowledge and justice okay balance alright the way the truth the life etc these are all allegories for the same modality of consciousness non-dual consciousness alright it has been called Christ consciousness it has been called Buddha consciousness it has been called Krishna consciousness it's all the same thing it's the awakened mind the true understanding of sovereignty the understanding that authority is an illusion that there is no one between us and the Creator that we are all sovereign beings and that we are free and sovereign by nature of being born into the universe of the creator that's it period with nothing after it the end in other words okay no justifications needed no explanations needed no compromises needed that's how it is that's the truth okay I've arrived at that understanding and have for a long time and are waiting for other people to complete that work within themselves because this is internal work that needs to be done for each individual to truly comprehend that to truly understand that and then to live it and that's what the great work is ladies and gentlemen that's the true great work that lies ahead of us all and each one must contribute their part to it individually no one can do that work for any of us so let's look at some of the other images here of course we have the G in the middle of the image again representing the generative principle true to care the hearts okay the generator of everything including the pump that fuels our body with blood okay the lifeforce energy within us all right the heart is the generator the pump that dries Everitt drives everything care is ultimately what creates our experience what we care about is what we ultimately manifest if we care about frivolous things we will manifest negative things in our lives if we care about the things that truly matter and are of true value namely truth and knowledge and moral right okay then we will create a world that is much better than the one that we've created so far so we see the compasses and square there again representing that our higher nature has to basically trump or rule over our lower aspects of the part of the personality namely the the ego and the physical identity identity having lived in a physical world the things that we basically need to do to survive on a daily basis can't be the things that ultimately govern us that rule us that are the main focus of our attention we need to understand our higher nature and let that be in a position above the so called lower nature okay represented by comp compasses the compassion okay bridging the left and right flexible right ruling over or above the square okay the the compasses draw the circle the divine shape the cot the square is not found in nature ninety degree angles rough edges that need to be smooth over okay it's the lower nature of the square in this aspect all right base consciousness in other words and the compasses represent divine consciousness or true compassion true higher care the cornucopia represents the harvest of what we get as a result of our thoughts emotions and actions okay the harvest time is what happens upon whether the light was received okay see the allegory here the light comes down to the earth gives energy right it is either received well or it is not received without and then we have a harvest based upon that exchange of energy what we did to cultivate the truth and knowledge right or to cultivate the plant in other word the planting of the seeds and the and how well those seeds were receptive to light and were able to sprout and generate on their own so the cornucopia represents the harvest okay and we'll see other signs of the harvest as we move on alright so there's much more symbolism in here I won't break each single aspect down one thing I do want to point to is in the bottom right hand corner you see another representation of the Ark of the Covenant again this is the place where God was said to be stored or kept or or entombed okay it represents spirit it represents that we have an inner core spiritual nature and we have to get in touch with that that's the that's the true treasure that lies in the Ark of the Covenant okay and again it's a a wordplay on arch arch and Ark are often used interchangeably okay it means that a tomb it means a part of a circle which are both things that we see here all right the Ark of the Covenant okay we're gonna see that we saw that in the last image we're going to see another arc in the form of a tomb in the next image so let's move on to image number four and there's the break music we will continue to break down some of the complex symbolism of royal arch free masonry when we come right back we'll be back after these messages on your host mark Casto you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the oracle Broadcasting Network stay with us folks [Music] silent fashion it I love gotta keep my cool make him think I made up stop [Music] okay folks who are back on what on earth is happening I'm your host mark Cassio let's jump right back into the symbolism of Freemasonry which we have been breaking down we're looking at image number four now on what on earth is happening calm on the radio listen page so here we see yet another representation of the pillars and the arch with the Keystone in it we see the all-seeing eye once again we see the Sun and the moon and the stars we see the two globes at the top of the pillars in this image a little bit different of a take on this particular tracing board but we see the terrestrial sphere and the celestial sphere so you see earth there on the left and on the right-hand side you see the the band of stars known as the zodiac and then the wider stars of the celestial sphere around that so the these two spheres in conjunction with each other represent the principle of Correspondence that which is above is like to that which is below we're in other words the universe is self-similar across scales and we are simply a part of the all but the essence of the all is contained in each of its parts so that principle is conveyed here in this tracing board as well I want to just quickly point out some of the symbolism on this board we see the G right in the middle again representing the heart representing true care representing gnosis representing the generative principle again wisdom okay Sophia what we do with what we know because of how we feel about it true care okay and it's ultimately about taking action all right we see the arc in the middle again the tomb as the altar with the volume of sacred law or the Bible on it with the compasses and square set on that the three lights representing again these three principles of Astro theology the Sun the Moon the stars and planets but also the Sun in it struck across the sky in the east in the southern portion of the sky in the northern hemisphere and in the West okay we see the anchor representing that we we must not totally you know wander off in a spiritual days either that we have to realize that our work is to be done on the ground it is to be done here in the physical domain it isn't about escapism it isn't about just knowing that you're okay or that you feel good it's about helping others who are suffering and who aren't understanding the things that really do need to be understood in life and there are such things it's not that's not an a statement that you know people should be offended by hearing that yes there are things people should be looking into and should know people hear the word should and they immediately recoil it's a form of mind control okay that they think nobody else should ever use the word should nonsense there are things that should be understood and known and lived in the world I'm not afraid to say that I've come to recognize and understand that and I wasn't doing it in the past but now I am there are things I have come to understand and I live these principles in my life and I'm not shy about saying other people should understand a lot of the things that I understand and it's not just my understanding this is just knowledge about the world and life in general and how things work and how natural law operates so it's like saying you should know about gravity if you don't want to fall and hurt yourself from a high height yeah it's the same thing we should know about this if we don't want to hurt the entire world like we're doing and continue to do in our ignorant of these principles so going back to the symbolism that's the anchor okay stay anchored in the world and be not of it okay be in the world but not of it that's the concept there okay understand the work is to be done on the ground meaning don't drift off into a spiritual haze just because you understand higher minded concepts which the New Age movement is so fond of doing I'm all okay I'm fine I understand higher spiritual nature and I'm just gonna sit here and meditate you know and not worry about whether anybody else really gets it this is a cop-out it's further abdication of personal responsibility to act upon what one truly has come to understand in the world and again I'll quote the Chinese philosopher Yang Ming he said to know and not to do is not to know so do thee do these New Agers really understand what's really ultimately going on and what needs to be done about it and are willing to do that do they really know no I would say they don't really know and the reason they don't really know is because they don't ultimately take action they want they want to sit and think that just the internal process is the end of the journey wrong that's the beginning of the journey that's the beginning of the journey taking action is required you may have the Sacred Feminine principle but you don't have the sacred masculine principle of right action in the world and that means you don't have the Divine Union you've only gotten half of the equation the other half is action okay so going back to the symbolism on this tracing board quickly we see the two ash Lars the imperfect - lar they're on the left and the perfect one they're on the right okay we see a five-pointed star which is a symbol used over and over again in Freemasonry on the archway okay the five pointed star in its upright orientation representing man's spiritual nature spirit raised above the other four elements okay earth air water and fire so earth air water fire and spirit and the spiritual point is at the top okay because that's what we need to understand and embrace above all else okay two other quick symbols I'll mention on this one and then we'll move on is at the base of both pillars at the left we see the hourglass and at the right we see the sky again these are symbols of death these are symbols of time time running out and harvesting okay and these are concepts that may make some people uncomfortable but they should be discussed we should understand we are mortal we will live in a physical body for only so long we need to make proper use of our time and our attention the spiritual currencies okay what we pay for things with what we buy things with is not this fake money it's ultimately what we are ultimately getting or reaping or harvesting okay what we are ultimately manifesting in our lives is dependent upon what we do with our time and our attention or in other words what we care about this is the spiritual currency that actually gets us what we have the harvest okay so that's what this is saying here what do you pay attention to what do you care about what do you spend your time doing do you spend your time on self-improvement and then helping others to improve themselves or do you use your time frivolously because you only have a limited amount of it alright so symbols of death and we're going to see that come up again later on tonight okay in image number five here's another depiction of a royal arch tracing board the Ark of the Covenant once again the tomb spiritual nature that needs to be resurrected by bridging the left and right the the masculine and feminine the Sun and the moon okay the Ark of the Covenant we see the five pointed interlocked star once again in the middle of the archway okay the semicircle alright man spiritual nature being resurrected and again at the top this is a very simple one but a very powerful one I really like this interpretation and again we see the stone being pried away or rolled out of the way so that the light can come in resurrection okay to higher spiritual understanding and the spiritual nature of self very powerful symbolism they're all up there for the taking there are no secrets in true esoteric Freemasonry I can't speak for the lodge system I'm not a member of any institution on the earth I help assist with some local groups here I don't consider myself a member of anything I'm an individual that understands my own sovereignty and tries to help people understand their sovereignty so we'll get more into the symbolism of Freemasonry when we come right back after these breaks I'm your host mark passio you're listening to you what on earth is happening here on the oracle broadcasting network we'll be right back folks that stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone we're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark pasio we're talking about some complex symbolism in the esoteric tradition of Freemasonry here tonight on the show and we've been looking at the symbolism of the Royal Arch in Freemasonry and what that ultimately represents let's move on to image number six we're looking at images here from what on earth is happening on the radio listen page image number six is a Master Mason certificate that has some of the most esoteric and complex symbolism in all of Freemasonry and I would add some of the most important and it is a much lesser known than some of the other tracing boards which we have already seen and looked at and some of the other symbols and tools that we've analyzed and broken down however this I'd really like to call people's attention to in a big way because to understand what this is saying really says it all about what's going on in our world today so here we see an image of the Temple of Solomon that's what that structure there is on the right okay and then you have in front of the temple okay you see a scene depicted by a woman okay who is standing in front of a broken pillar all right or a broken column she is holding some sort of a twig or branch over the column she has a cup or an urn of some type in her other hand there is a book upon the column behind her there is an angel with a sky clearly representing the Angel of Death holding her hair and there is an hourglass set beside him which is the sands are running through all right in the background we see the Sun the Moon the Stars and the all-seeing eye symbols which we've already looked at in depth we see the five pointed star on the right-hand side of the image and we see the trowel the symbol of the Master Mason on the Left representing to spread the light or spread the knowledge of what one understands and has come to know in their mind and heart and this is indeed the cement that will make good people stick together in the world and therefore for the light to spread okay so let's look at what specifically the image of the woman and the the Angel of Death here represents well this isn't a depiction once again of the goddess of the Sacred Feminine okay and we've seen this in the Astro theology section when we went through what the goddess represents how the goddess is always attacked and sacrificed that it represents the lunar or feminine qualities within all individuals the Sacred Feminine okay it represents creativity the creative principle care nurturing all right intuition all of these things that we really need in order to come out of the horrific mess that Humanity is in because of the belief in authority and government and money and religion from an organized perspective of course not a true esoteric understanding of the core truths that underlie those traditions okay so this is the goddess aspect of ourselves the Sacred Feminine that is broken the column is broken again this is a wordplay on the French word for dove Kalume column okay which means dove the dove is historically traditionally the symbol of the goddess in many ancient traditions that revered the goddess and then we saw all of her names when we looked in Astro theology she's been called Isis and Semiramis and Diana and Hecate and Aphrodite and Astarte in each car you name it you can go on and on and on and on of all the names of the goddess Mary of course in the Christian tradition all right but ultimately this represents our sacred feminine aspect true care the generative principle and it is nearing defeat in this image it is half broken only the very base or foundation of it remains and upon that is the volume of law which represents natural law I'm not talking about how the Bible is interpreted talking about the symbol that it represents this is the book of natural law that is on this pillar here in this image I'm not specifically referring to the Bible although that is what the volume of natural law is used interchangeably with in Freemasonry it's the concept that needs to be understood not to get hung up on specifics okay it represents natural law and sovereignty that's the Grail the Holy Grail the sacred feminine side of ourselves okay what she is holding is the sprig of acacia which represents the hope of Resurrection in Freemasonry and what this sprig of acacia is saying what the goddess here in the image is saying is I will hold out and stay with you until the very end if you wish to continue your course I will be here and always be giving you the chance to change and to understand the truth and to come to a place of balance and to come to an understanding of natural law and sovereignty and oneness and right action however behind her sits the principle of decay death Azrael the angel of death and it's a reminder that saying we don't have all the time in the world to make this transition to make this change in consciousness there is a time when a negative harvest would arrive and we're nearing that time ladies and gentlemen not to scare anybody or try to put any fear into anyone it's just the case nature does not allow the kind of abomination that the human race has become in their ignorance and abdication of personal responsibility to continue forever eventually the slate will be wiped clean the sky will come out and it will reap the SANS will go through that hourglass time will be up and a reaping will have to happen and whether nature does that or man does that to himself you can bet on it if we don't change our ways it's gonna happen that's just the the law of things that's the way natural law works in the universe okay aberrations are ultimately really not tolerated once they make things go into a state of disrepair and imbalance for so long there is a natural cleansing system that is inherent to nature that comes in annihilates what needs to be annihilated wipes the slate clean so that there can be new room for growth get is upset about it as you want pound your fists against the wall pound your fist on the table crying your milk in joy that's how it works that's it and there's no one who's creating that except us we are always creating the manifestation that we are receiving but what's being said here is that the goddess is always holding out hope for us and again it's not a physical being or a physical goddess understand that this is all symbolic ladies and gentlemen and not get hung up in literal interpretations people do with the Bible as well when it's largely allegorical okay this is all allegorical this is to get you to think deeply about concepts that relate to you and your role in the creation of what we see around us and I know many of the people who listen to this network understand these principles so I don't want to get too preachy or harpy about it but for the people who have not thought about these things it needs to be emphasized and stressed we are the creators of our collective experience we need to step up and own that responsibility okay so in image number seven I simply put a close-up in another interpretation here of the broken column the broken dove or broken goddess or the goddess that is crumbling but she's holding the sprig of acacia and behind her is the angel of death possibly preparing his negative harvest if it comes to that okay so this is a symbol of time running out it's a symbol of urgency of what your work is to do to spread the light to spread the truth to spread awareness to spread knowledge to speak the world that you want to see into existence into manifestation the creator spoke the world into being let there be light or the words that were spoken we need to speak the truth and the light in order to create a better world and bring that world into manifestation we have a power on the line we'll get to a couple of calls coming up in the next segment we'll be right back folks stay with us [Music] [Music] okay we are back on what on earth is happening on your host mark passio the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern 4 to 6 Central Time my website is what on earth is happening calm we've been discussing the esoteric symbolism of Freemasonry over the last many weeks tonight we looked at the Royal Arch degrees and we looked at the symbolism of the broken column and the goddess and the the reaping or the harvesting which is basically the idea that we reap what we sow this is the golden rule essentially if you don't want bad things to happen to you treat others as you would be treated it's really as simple as that people make it something more complicated than that but that's all it really is ladies and gentlemen but the sad fact of the matter is so few people are in that understanding and actually live it in their lives they are basically under a myriad of mind-control methodologies and basically will buy any buffet of lies that is set before them because they want to not take personal responsibility for their own thoughts emotions and actions and do the hard work that it is to raise oneself from a lower vibratory state of consciousness to a higher one that work no one can do for us we must do it ourselves we must do it because we care enough to do it because we have developed the Sacred Feminine principle of care the generative principle which is what the G in the middle of the compasses and square in true Freemasonry is all ultimately about I have a caller on the line from California here we go to the calls caller from California you are live on what on earth is happening what do you have here for us this evening hello caller from California are you there going once going twice gone okay I guess he either got tired of holding on or just didn't really build up the nerve to come on and say what he had to say call her from California if you would like to call back in I'll take your call right away sorry I let you hang there for so long I I knew you were there but I wanted to get through some of the concepts before I took some calls so that's okay in the last segment we'll just look at some of the things I had planned I may not finish this up in this segment but we can continue next week with a little bit before we jump into our roundtable discussion should I end up doing that but here we go image number eight on the site let's look at some of imagery some imagery from the higher degrees of Freemasonry now we're going over to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry here this is the 32nd degree which is the last I guess you could call it official degree that you can move up through the ranks of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and attain the 33rd degree is the honorary degree it's an honorary imparted degree that is given to people who display certain qualities that are looked for either by light Mason's or by dark Mason's okay we looked at that there are two different forms of masonry true Freemasonry which I refer to as light masonry and then there is simply masonry or dark masonry which is building with material other than light which is building with weighty heavy material such as stone that creates blocks and then erect walls or barriers between people to create duality this is what occultists always do they take a system that is already in place with its symbols and allegories and then they twist it for their own purposes so indeed there is such a thing as dark masonry we need to become very mature in our understanding that all occultism is twofold it can be used to create something very positive or it can be used to control people and that depends upon the consciousness of the wielder this is all just information it is all just a tool and all of all of this information is ultimately about what is going on within us and consciousness in general and the laws of the natural universe that is all around us and that we are an inseparable part of so that needs to be understood when we talk about what occultism is in general and any specific occult tradition for that matter can be used for good or for ill so in the 32nd degree we see the symbol of the double-headed eagle and the pyramid or the upward pointing triangle okay we see a sword that is being held by the eagle with the two heads and then we see the Latin phrase Deus Mayo McQuay yes Deus Mayo Mayo yes and what that means is God and my rights okay so these are two of the biggest concepts in Freemasonry the Creator and what your rights are and what they are not okay so this is about natural law okay yes is the root of justice in Latin okay yes meaning right or law okay deus is God and my own way and Meyer and me God and my right the understanding of the spiritual nature of man what your rights are what your rights are not natural law sovereignty your existence is a free being under the Creator the Sword of Truth okay it's a symbol of power that knowledge is power applied when it is applied in the world okay right action represented by the upright triangle the masculine principle the two heads coming together representing the divine union okay the left brain and right brain in one body a unified all right when they come together right they form the chemical wedding or the divine union now this process is not completely finished because there are further degrees than the 32nd degree as I'm going to talk about either if I can get to it in the next few minutes or next week okay the two heads looking in both directions represent also the past and the future and the understanding that we need to be in the present moment but we need to have a good understanding of the past or in other words to have an insight about where we have been and how we got to where we are now to understand where we are going and how we might change it so an understanding where an accurate vision of the past gives us an accurate vision for the future okay an ability to predict patterns should things continue on unchanged or if we want to change the rudder okay move the rudder to change the direction that we are headed as a society as a species then we need to understand what got us there what actions led up to this collectively in the past that got us to the present moment so that we can say oh we're not going to continue to do that we're going to change do something different and then we'll change direction for the future so that's what that symbol basically is saying there's another variant of it they're an image number 9 it's basically the same image but there is a different saying underneath in Latin it says spez maiya in deo essed spez maiya in de Oeste means my hope is in God my hope is in God meaning my hope for the resurrection of humanity lies with the knowledge of the creator and that we are spiritual beings having a human experience a physical experience in the physical world because it is a place where we can come to have experiences in apparent duality to come to know ourselves all the better so the hope is placed in the novel and in the the higher level of consciousness that comes through to us through the creator itself so that's what that symbol there represents and again I'm giving you the core esoteric interpretations of this symbolism not what it may have been twisted into in the world my intent here in this whole Freemasonry section is not to cover dark masonry or what may be being taught in certain Lodge systems my intent here is to go to the heart of the original intent of what these symbols were about and attempting to convey esoteric true Freemasonry the builder of freedom okay that's what Freemason ultimately means all right so the last symbol here is one that a lot of people have seen it is the symbol of the 33rd degree we're going to talk a little bit about the illuminated degrees next week but I'll hold off on that until next week that's really all the time we have for this week folks it goes by quick I hope you've enjoyed the show we'll see you here next Sunday on what on earth is happening on your host mark passio check out what on earth is happening calm up next the vantage point with Michael Vale stay tuned everyone [Music]