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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you are listening - what on earth is happening right here on the oracle broadcasting radio network i'm your host mark passio this show is live here on oracle every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time today is Sunday August 7th 2011 and we are going to begin the transition into a new phase of what on earth is happening here today this is going to be kind of an interim phase of the transition from taking a look a deep penetrating look an analysis of the darkness of our world into solution oriented thinking and the measures that we can take and the things that we can actually stop doing that are leading our world into darkness then and take a look at the measures that we can take to lead it into the light so today is going to be an open lines all open lines call-in show so you will make the content of this show as the listeners of this show we could talk about anything you want it's gonna be a show to basically put our finger on the pulse of the public so to speak so you can talk about anything we've already discussed here on what on earth is happening for the last seventy one week seven this is week 72 that I've been doing this show you could talk about things that we will be discussing in the future solution oriented approaches or you could bring up your concerns questions any clarifications that you might you know won't want to go over to ask me specific things and have me clarify information or in any given topic that we've already discussed so that's what's coming up today on what on earth is happening let me give the call-in number right off the bat so people can get ready and start calling in the calling number for this show is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five so call in feel free to talk about anything you like there are no taboo topics here on what on earth is happening there never have and there never will be I don't censor anything that goes on on this show because that's what it's all about is freedom of speech always people have called in and presented intelligent conversation and intelligent questions for discussion discussion on this radio program I expect it to be the same this evening as we move forward into a new phase of the program solution oriented approaches for the problems that plague our world that's coming up after the break on what on earth is happening everybody stick around stay tuned it should be quite an interesting show today I'm your host mark passio and you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back folks you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network we're gonna do an all caller show today your calls will make the content of the show anything you want to talk about about what we've already covered or what we are about to cover on the show the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five we don't have any callers on the line yet but I'll wait for people to start calling in and I'll bring up a topic of discussion and how this will relate directly to what we are going to be discussing in few future weeks here on what on earth is happening and that is the recent raids that have taken place against sellers of raw milk and raw cheese products the Rossum growers and the healthy family farm growers and this is one of the most appalling things that I can even imagine going on that people are simply providing for the people that want it raw dairy products and these organizations are being raided by armed thugs of the state because the state has told them that they are permitted to do this to people that are making voluntary exchanges with other human beings things that occur in nature in the natural world and as a matter of fact if you look into the enzymes that are contained in raw living milk these are extraordinarily healthy for human beings now you know different people have different takes on using any animal products whatsoever whether you know I have told people before on the show I'm a strict vegetarian I know eat meat I do have however use dairy products I tend to limit my intake up of it aside from cheese I will partake in quite you know on a normal basis but I limit my intake of milk but I don't really see a problem with it as long as the animals are treated with respect to use their the the milk from from farm animals but the nerve of these armed agents of the state raiding a farm people who are simply growing food and providing raw and organic foods for people which are the healthiest foods for people to take into their bodies and they're coming in with a SWAT team with guns drawn and closing down their establishment because they're saying that they have not been able they're their owners their bosses have not been able to determine the safety how wonderful how kind and loving of these individuals that they're so concerned about the health and safety of the human family that they need to go and stop these criminals who are selling raw dairy products how dare they because after all it's it's these thugs in uniform with automatic weapons who keep the rest of us safe by by rating raw organic farmers people who actually care about the ecosystem and care about human health and are trying to provide the highest nutrient density foods you know the foods that grow naturally from the earth and supplementary foods that come naturally from animals if we care for them and treat them the right way unbelievable truly unbelievable so that's a topic that I'd like to see discussed today and how this is a complete contravention to natural law and how these people who were taking part in these raids I would love to hear from one of these people the who dare to do this unimaginable that this is what your life is that your life is this low in consciousness that you literally have absolutely no idea what your rights are or what other people's rights are and you would dare to go and take someone else's natural law rights you would attempt to usurp their rights because that's what you receive a paycheck to do and you say yes sir yes master let me go and do whatever it is you tell me to do with absolutely no thought as to whether it is actually my right to take part in that action it's a disgrace a disgrace we have some callers here we go John from San Diego you're live on what on earth is happening hey Mark I changed the subject to a sama for a second go right ahead sir I think what comes down to you right now is a basically a rift between people who believe in all of this stuff and all the narratives and people who don't yes and yesterday's story about how the same members of SEAL Team six who killed Osama and threw him in the sea died how at first that was the story and then it changed ooh no it wasn't the same guys what I get from that is that story was directed specifically to discredit the people who do not believe in this Osama narrative interest you didn't thank us and interesting because yes because at first they were saying it's the same people and so then guys like you and I would go to all our friends and family and say hey look this is this is ridiculous their story is just BS and then flowers later they you know subtly change their tune but enough to make the believers look at us you brought up at that point and say ah they're just they're just looking to discredit the whole thing they are actually believers and the non-believers you know what I mean right so that cannot thank you no problem yeah that's another interesting psychological development that story with SEAL team 6 initially putting out that members of that team were involved in the so-called bin Laden raid there's so many different dynamics to that psychologically I mean we could spend a lot of time on that but basically again what you pointed out is all it ultimately comes down to is the people that believe the ridiculous narratives the movie as the researcher David Icke often calls it the movie version of reality this scripted slant on what actually is taking place in our world to just invoke more of this fake patriotic fervor and get people to worship people who are actually being used to take their natural law rights away as their heroes as people who actually keep them safe and I said two weeks ago on this show and I strongly reiterate it nobody in a uniform keeps me safe never has does not now never will adherence to natural law principles is the only thing that keeps anyone in this world indeed in this universe safe nothing else so we'll talk about that more on the other side callers please hold on the line I'll get to your calls we'll be right back on what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] [Music] 3r - folks this is what on earth is happening on your host mark Hasse oh let's go right back to the phones we have a couple of callers online there we go caller you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us here today is it me yes you are here online Oh oh hi my name is Chad you have a great show you know I discovered it like two months ago and I've watched every I've listened to every show and it's really amazing stuff thank you so much for all your effort oh thank you yeah um I had a couple things I'm actually here in Germany and I've been to a lot of churches around and I see that there's they always use the symbol of the shell that's like a son yes and I noticed you meant you mentioned that in one of your episodes and I did a little research into it and I actually took it out that shell in Hebrew means belonging to or of thee so there's a little symbolism right there interesting I'm also if you noticed you did a great few episodes about 9/11 that was awesome you know I don't know if you never noticed but the Statue of Liberty is you know from one perspective directly in between the Twin Towers yes or what used to be what was used to be 20 hours that was very interesting that you brought up this whole concept of the Empress tarot card right and the relationship so really it was actually there in it yeah I hear it well I'm sure that is was a deliberate alignment with those buildings where the buildings were placed being a deliberate alignment with the Statue of Liberty for that very reason and last thing you know a lot of researchers you know I just saw a video on YouTube the other day and this a pretty famous researcher was going on and on about he you know he knows the most about the Bohemian Grove and you know he then he goes he cuts to the owl and he called the owl Moloch and I want to know my research says that the owl is Minerva and I listened to your episodes already on this but I still if you could just quickly touch on it again why why is it Minerva and not Moloch and who and why is this character evil the the eight you the um connection with Bohemian Grove and the owl statue the owl is one of the symbols of the elitists of the darker cultists who consider themselves predatory interspecies predators who can see their prey in the dark while their prey cannot see them however this connection to Molech comes up Moloch is a Canaanite God and a God in of the Phoenicia Kaena area of the world okay it was originally a bull God okay and the effigies of this bull were created these huge not statues but they were basically built of flammable materials okay and they were erected to look like a huge bull and this is because the bull God is representative of the Sun this is a solar deity the solar cult worships this ancient deity known as Moloch okay the rituals themselves were known as Moloch's mo loc HS Moloch's okay if you research what a Moloch was it was a ritual of sacrifice and it was also a ritual about atonement for sins or in other words an absolution ritual okay they were offering the most pure energy the most pure blood in the form of infant's to this deity and the the rationale here was that any of the wrongdoing that this culture who looked at the Sun as deity as the all giving all-pervading essence of life on Earth which essentially it really is if the Sun weren't here we wouldn't be able to have life on this planet okay but this dark twisted variant of this knowledge okay is such that we need to satiate the Sun okay we need to give it energy in the form of our life in order for it to keep giving us its energy which allows us to continue to live so occasionally if this deity becomes displeased with our behavior because we really haven't been doing the right things we can give it the most pure essence of life in other words saying look at what we are willing to provide for you you know how they did this was they would make an area in the middle of this effigy of this God this deity like a burner okay and they would put the child inside of this area you know I mean you want to kind of look at it like an oven it could be looked at like that the entire thing was flammable and then they wouldn't ignite the entire thing and it would burn up with the child inside there's many depictions of this online you can read about it there's some books that talk about ritual magic in which you can read about the Molech rituals but that is essentially where the tie to the bull and the owl come from in as this tradition progressed the the bull and owl symbolism were kind of intertwined or intermeshed so it's basically a continuation of the same cult this solar cult which is still in control today what's in control today is a solar cult the cult that basically has all of its symbolism based in the Sun they are referred to in general as illuminated ones okay which they are not the people who really understand like I said last week what we're talking about on this show in relationship to natural law principles are the real illuminated ones but this is also a symbol or a nod to light okay because light is a symbolically representative of knowledge and they possess lots of knowledge about how things really work in this reality they hide that we're occult it from others so that they can gain a differential power advantage over them okay while knowledge itself is in power it's a means to power ultimately a means to control should an imbalanced consciousness wish to use it as such so as this solar cult progressed through different regions of the world and through different time periods the symbolism which they actually truly prefer from the even further ancient world of the owl was intertwined with this bull symbolism and if you look at the Ala P Bohemian Grove it almost resembles a bull more than it does an owl so this is this is an example of symbolism that has blended or meshed over a long period of time and different cultures in different regions of the world but the symbolism of Molech itself derives from Phoenicia Kaena and look up the rituals known as Moloch's and that the the form that the the burners that they used for these children took on and it was the form of a bull God and one of the other reasons for that before I go to the next caller is that the son during this time was in the constellation of Taurus okay that's the ruling deity and it took takes on the form of a bull just like when the Sun moves toward Aries then the ruling deity was the RAM now we're in the Age of Pisces and you look at the ruling solar cult and it's religion all you need to do is look to Rome and understand that the ruling deity is now the fish the fish God the Pope's mitre in the form of the head of a fish it's all about the Sun and it always has been all about the Sun so here we go next caller dawn in Oregon you are live on what earthers have happening hey Mark thanks for taking my call I had a question about symbolism for you sure hi can you hold that until the other side of the break just hold on and we'll bring you up first on the other side of the break this is what on earth is happening folks we'll be right back with dawn from Oregon's call [Music] [Music] [Applause] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening and I'm your host Mark patio today an all calling show before the break we were talking with dawn from organ donor are you still there I apologize I wasn't watching the clock I brought you up right before the intro music for that break goddess so well thank you so much for taking my call and thank you for spending your time sharing your knowledge really appreciate everything you're doing um I had a statue of the symbolism of the Statute of Liberty and also about Persephone on top of the White House sure but um I you know is she they got his freedom err she Persephone she was like 20 different names but back to the Statue of Liberty their shackles around her ankles the book she's holding I'm wondering what you think about the symbolism of those items on the Statue of Liberty but the book and the torch generally represent freedom and you know we go back into the into the Roman language and we look at the word for freedom and it was liebherr liebherr toss okay where we get the word Liberty from that's based on the word for simply free which means which is lis bear in Latin and that is also the word for book so book and freedom are essentially the same thing they come from the same root word in Latin that's how important the concept of reading and understanding was to people in the ancient world and of course this is long that this word was derived long before the fall of the Roman Republic but we're basically entering a cycle where Rome is falling all over again the Republic is falling all over again and we're heading into those same pitfalls that the ancient Romans fell into hedonism and looking at looking at truth as something that wasn't important wasn't as important as self-gratification and these are the things that do indeed keep Liberty shackled or Liberty and chained because if those dynamics are allowed to just completely run away with absolutely no self-control put in place by people who understand that if there is no internal government governorship or self-ownership or ruling of the passions of the base instincts when those dynamics completely run amok you get a society that is externally enslaved or externally put into chains and that's what we're seeing develop in the world and it's because we have allowed internal anarchy to reign and I think that's what symbolically the the Freemasons who gifted the Statue of Liberty to the United States were encoding into that statue into that effigy of this goddess who has many different names in the ancient world ultimately you know to me that's Isis that is that is um Semiramis of the babylonian tradition it's isis of the Egyptian tradition it's Mary it's all the same goddess you know the seven rays on her head point to the fact that that is a symbol of Isis I mean Isis's star had seven points so inside in certain free Masonic books you often see a Sun inside of a seven pointed star that is the star of Isis giving birth to the god Horus the Sun and god Horus who is in her womb who is carried by her she is the bringer of light hence the torch she bears the torch which is the torch of wisdom and enlightenment and knowledge and she carries a book which represents freedom the same word for freedom LeBaron Libertas in Latin that's my take on the Statue of Liberty I don't have the dark viewpoint that other people have of that imagery there is a dark side of luciferianism of the concept of Lucifer the light bringer I talked about that last week extensively but this to me is the positive side of the Sun it's it's representative of knowledge and understand and then acting on that which is wisdom is the path to freedom and those are the three steps of the Trivium which is another thing we're going to talk about extensively in the solutions section here on what on earth is happening and hopefully I'll be able to get our good friend Yann urban to come on and tell people a whole lot more about the Trivium in coming weeks that's my take on the Statue of Liberty awesome thank you so much for your interpretation it's amazing I'd love to continue listening on my phone here I'm without my computer know and then you need to say about Persephone on the Capitol building again yes sure I'll mute you and you can continue listen I won't hang up on your call then okay great so yeah Persephone again it's another name for this goddess in general she is known as the goddess of freedom or Columbia in in Rome she was Venus Columbia or Venus Kalume the Dove okay it's again just another name for the same incarnation of this goddess which represents the same concepts and it is placed on top of the Congress building because Congress means a coming together okay a gathering it's supposed to be the coming together of the male and the female it's supposed to be Congress or union that's another word for sexual Union the chemical wedding okay of right action with the emotional empathy that is brought to the table through having developed the emotional qualities okay there Sacred Feminine and that would basically bring wisdom forth or right action born of having a deep connection to the the underlying emotions that are empathetic this however is not at all what we see happening in Congress today this is simply a symbol that is there to try to basically act as a a remnant or a a vestige of a sign or symbol that this is what it did wants me but they want people to think it still does mean that and equate that with the goddess Columbia or Persephone where Isis or Astarte or you can go on and on with the names you know again you can find 50 different names for this same goddess that represent the same conceptual idea and you could find 50 different names for her child the Sun God who represents the idea of right action in the world but again the whole idea of this being on top of the building is it's supposed to represent the concept of compassion and then joined with right action which is what these people who are hired to do the job that they're hired to do are supposed to be doing but do we see them doing that absolutely not they it's been infiltrated by people who don't have those developed emotional qualities and who are essentially psychopathic and who are on the take and who only care about how much money is going into their pocket or their coffers and they're there to serve their own interests not the interests of the public so that's uh you know basically why that that statue is up on top of there I believe the original intent is a good one but I believe of course those ideas we have fallen horribly from in the modern world and it's because moat in general like I said I've said before on the show I can come on the show say three words and say good night folks and there's the reason everything is the way that it is people don't read that's it and by reading I mean reading books you know reading is a pathway to freedom but you have to also be eclectic about the information sources and then you have to process that information process what you take in from varied sources and analyze it to come to whether it is truth or not whether acting upon it would be a good thing that's what I suggest that's why I say don't believe me try to find the wisdom in my words if there is any and if there is then act upon it you know understand first though don't just take somebody's word for it you know just reading isn't the path to freedom understanding what you read and if you understand it to be something that is good and can lead to something that is good then you act upon it that's the path to freedom so great call here we go next caller you are live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us hello hello caller you're live on the air Vicky are you asking for it yes Vicky you're live how are you oh great great fine I'm a member of the Rossum food co-op here in Los Angeles great and that was raided okay and I I have illness and I have to have no right I can't have dairy that's not raw so when I go there Vicky let me say my thoughts are with you as you're going through this difficult time and I think it's an utter disgrace what was done to you and there's a solution I think this mission is what I want the real trick is I called Walker's office the secretary gave me to his assistant sergeant I don't remember his name and he any claim that sheriff Baca of Los Angeles the sheriff of Los Angeles did not know about it I called the ask why are you letting that unconstitutional activity occurred on your buildings and he said he didn't know it hurt anyway I recommend this and that he read sheriff Mac so Vicky what coming up we're coming up to a break I want to hold you through to the other side of the break hold on don't go anywhere okay folks we'll be right back after these messages you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening on the host mark passio today is an all call-in show the call-in line is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five before the break we were talking with Vicki from California who unfortunately had her natural law rights trounced the other day as part of this guns drawn raid by thugs of the state on Raw some foods let's go back to Vicki Vicki are you still on the line yes I am okay continue what you were saying you were telling us about that you tried to go to you our I called you Sheriff Walker's office Sheriff Los Angeles to find out why the heck he would let that unconstitutional activity occur in this county and I talked to his assistant the secretary gave me to his assistants a sergeant I remember his name and you said that sheriff Baca didn't know about it so my I had an idea I don't I don't if you believe there's a Los Angeles oathkeepers group and I tried to get a couple guns ahold of a couple guys that I thought was in it but anyway I if anybody's listening that's in escapers of Los Angeles I'm thinking you should organize a crowd of people to go to the sheriff's office and give them a book and be sure and tell all the TV local TV stations and the local newspapers that you're going to do what sounds like and I no doubt it sounds like that's I have no doubt but la is a communication center of this country so that's good if it means could be done and I have no doubt that all the members of Boston foods all the people that get all our food there I bet you they'd even leave work to join it you know so you have two groups this meeting all kinds of groups in this LA area Vicki let me know I mean all together what is that what is that I will help what is the reaction of the people of that area been to this raid oh oh just discussed good but see these people are so gentle I don't know why it is but the people that take good care of their bodies and vegetarians they're so sweet and gentle you know and I'm not really you know I need some warriors with me that's right people I'll do is I'll go on my computer and find Lal keepers and I was a volunteer - right number I'll help but I need somebody we need to do it spirit reaction to this that's right as opposed to just laying down and going along with it because the government said that that's what it is you know let me ask you if every sheriff in this country disallowed - they're the highest officer you offered nobody's higher than them no military nobody's higher than the sheriff if every sheriff in this country understood this stuff and implemented this stuff weird 3 sounds like that sheriff absolutely isn't even doing his job he's asleep at the SkyDome territory that he doesn't even know are there that's their very cheapest I called the DA also and they were very sheepish you know they then the DA handed it to some federal DA specializing and it helps food stuff or something I mean they were getting so many calls there's a lot of us upset this is where we all sure that there is some vitriolic reaction to this that there is some you know L righteous oh yeah yeah take place yes well I told the DA I said this is like somebody walking into my house and grabbing my food out of my refrigerator this is a private co-op right private you're a member so I said what's the difference between that well you got what they did is somebody walking in my house right what's the difference and he says I'll probably be brought up in court and then these poor people I both go to jail in the mean time didn't only reason they got out of jail because there's a crowd right and in the meantime they were traumatized by guns drawn raid and what did they do to all of the stock well I mean well and it was what it was but with their father gear on right it wasn't just cops of gun it was a team for God's sake you know that man I got to do this is we have anything better to do this is where we've come in the United fascist socialist States of America you know in the table Jews what's wrong with these cops they're lemmings internal to the Constitution don't think these people are uneducated individuals there are people who have never really read any books worth reading in their entire lives and their diet is horrific then maybe they should be drinking more raw milk and eating more raw cheese instead of all the crap that's in milk and choose that they're eating on a regular basis the universe with four modes antibiotics and and and preservatives and chemicals that's destroying that lid okay well thank you please I'm gonna go to your website right thanks so much for calling in and give us given all right update thank you your thoughts and prayers are with you okay great great call um yeah this is something that people really need to get up in arms about because I'm just think about this these people are going guns drawn into a place that grows food for other people okay and saying because we've been told by others that they don't think that this is safe and it's all big crock of crap ladies and gentlemen it isn't because they don't think it's safe is because it's because they know that this food will help people's brain to restore to normalcy and they don't want that they want chemicals and pesticides and additives and and chemical fertilizers and preservatives and hormones and junk pure crap in the food because you literally are what you eat your brain becomes what you put into your body and if you put junk into that body computer that we call the human brain you're going to get junk out through behavior and that's why these thugs act the way they do one they have not really done any self-examination in their life they've never taken a good hard look at themselves and whenever they have they hate what they see and therefore they want to take out that hatred and aggression on other people because ultimately they don't like themselves - they're stupid people they're unread period the end and you know you don't like the way that said tough I'm saying it openly outright that's how it is they're dumb and they're dumb because they don't read and that's why they're enslaved that's why their minds are in bondage because they don't read and they have a crap diet therefore the brain is literally virtually destroyed okay if you look at the the if you did a brain scan of one of these criminals because that's what they are you would see a map of the brain on the neocortex that looked like Swiss cheese that looked like the surface of the Moon that's how many craters would be in it of electrochemical deadness of neurosynaptic non-firing but they don't even understand the components of their brain half of them probably don't even understand they have something called a brain because they never paid attention when any learning was attempting to be conveyed to them and sadly much of the time hardly any learning ever was attempted to be conveyed to them in their environmental conditions when they were being brought which was failed they were not brought up they were not raised by anybody their parents or anybody else and I would say that directly to one of those people's parents how about that folks why doesn't somebody who is a parent of one of these thugs call in to this show today and and I'll tell you you didn't raise your child I'll tell you I care more about your child than you ever did and I'll say that to your face it's disgusting disgusting and people should be completely enraged over this happening and put a stop to it immediately immediately if they want to go and raid somebody for doing something destructive to the human body why don't they go raid Monsanto why don't they go raid Philip Morris Oh what because um well they say hey they're putting a cigarette telling you it's bad for you yeah well good people can make the choice of whether they want to drink milk that might have some bacteria in it people are making the choice whether they want to smoke um tobacco that's been treated with radioactive chemicals to make the soil that it grows in overturned faster they're still hopping away on those cancer sticks we'll be right back folks hello gotta keep my cool make them think I'm made up stop [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] airing because basically their brains are devastated by the toxins that they put into their body on a daily basis and by the garbage information that they put into their mind on a daily basis we'll be talking about how to reverse all of those things how to bring the mine and body back to balance as we go forward in what on earth is happening we'll be talking to health food experts will be talking to people who know a whole lot about nutrition we'll be talking to people who know how to determine the veracity or truth of information through methodologies like the Trivium we'll be talking to people who have a lot of knowledge about communication skills and how to go and reach other people with information and truth so putting information out into the world in different ways how to change help to change the quality of people's attention through the right information being put out there into the field okay we'll be talking about all of those things coming up in the solutions section so let's go to some more calls we have a couple more people holding on the line caller you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us here today goodnight mark keeper here hey how are you we can hear you fine your life what do you have for us hello let's try this one more time no we lost them call back in I'll bring you up first let's go to the next caller caller you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us today hello caller are you there going once yes it is Oh and they look you're really on or not I've read scriptures yes and I've also tried to lead a II wait the Holy Kabbalah yes not an easy book to read in fact I think I will not be able to conquer this book so imagine my you know to read also in morals and Dogma that the biggest section in morals and dogma is on the Kabbalah yes for 200 pages and what they talk about it makes a lot of sense but can you explain victory and glory HOD and nutshell no a little more and I'll take your answer off the air code and net saw yes sure no problem okay the former caller who called in and the call dropped if you want to call back in I'll bring you right up so I apologize for that happening technical glitches happen sometimes so this caller who just called to talk about the Kabbalah as the root of the Western mystery traditions and Freemasonry of course she had a question about the two spheres on the Tree of Life code and that's odd and I can explain those and I'll do that on the other side of this break this was a short segment we'll be right back after these messages you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] when he looks at it with his eyes is what we see when he looks at it from the sunglasses we see the same things all the way through the subliminal sit what we could say okay no independent or [Music] glasses as night we are back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio the caller on the other side of the break had a question about the Kabbalah and also made reference to some of the difficulty in being able to get through some books on occultism and mentioned the author's AE weight as well as Albert Pike and it is true that this could be very heady abstract material and there is often language barriers involved not necessarily the English language to the English language but to the language of the time period because you can be talking 21st century English and using the colloquial terms that we use every day today and this was not the way English was necessarily spoken back 100 150 years ago or even at the beginning of the 20th century there was very different ways of structuring the English language and it was often exceedingly verbose as well where the concepts would go on and on and on within one sentence and it was just a different way of communicating this is I often hear discussed when people talk about the understanding some of the scientific literature of the day back in the early late 1800s or early 1900s and it's definitely a problem that does need to be wrestled with struggled with through an act of will I would say to the woman who just called keep at it don't give up knowledge and insight will come forward through your effort of will so with that having been said I'll go to your question about the two specific Sephiroth that you mentioned known as hood and net saw these are the two Sephirah at the bottom of the Tree of Life the the two paths on the right hand side and the left hand side okay of course the very base of the Tree of Life is mal couth which means kingdom but if you look at the two pillars that are on the opposite sides of the middle pillar on the Tree of Life the left-hand path pillar is known as the pillar of severity and this as I've said in former podcasts and just to let you know you can go back to podcasts on the Kabbalah I believe they were in the early 40s so I'm fairly certain they were around 42 42 43 44 these are the podcasts I covered Kabbalah on okay and then if you want to look at the little bit later podcast after that I talked about the connection of Kabbalah to the Tarot tradition tarot cards and Kabbalah is the root of the Western mystery traditions and specifically it is the root of Freemasonry which is why there would be no surprise that Albert Pike would dedicate so much of his book his famous book morals and Dogma to the Kabbalistic tradition to go specifically to your question the sphere hold is at the root of the path known as the path of severity the left-hand path pillar and this is the sphere known as splendour okay this emanation okay this Saphira represents the internal qualities of will because the left-hand path pillar is all about it isn't necessarily about the negative it is about the veiled or hidden or internal qualities those which you don't outwardly directly see or manifest outwardly so hoed represents again it is on the third chakra level if you look at the levels of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as chakras within the body as the energy wheels or vortices within the body you have mal coot as the base chakra yes soda as the desire or sacrum chakra and then the third level is a dualistic chakra there are two manifestations an internal and an external when you come to the solar plexus or the will chakra okay so code is the internal manifestation of will and this is courage courage it's called splendor okay in Hebrew code that's what it means in Hebrew but this would be essentially the qualities of courage that the individual carries with them all right the the propensity to look at something and not be fearful or even beyond that perhaps to experience the fear and then move on in spite of it that splendor that is hoed okay this is the base of the pillar of severity the left-hand pillar okay the pillar of Mercy or the right-hand pillar the right hand path at the very base of that pillar is the sphere known as net saw net saw means victory in Hebrew and what this sphere represents is the outward manifestations of will so this would be will itself to get things done in the world okay this would be your drive to do things to actually follow through in action on that which you have already taken an internal courage with respect to you've developed the internal courage now you're putting it into action in the world okay so this would be net saw that would be your drive to do things to get things done okay and this has to be bridged with has said mercy true compassion in order to attain wisdom or hokhmah which is above it on the right hand pillar and again we could do a whole nother show on Kabbalah and we probably will because this is one of the big solutions understanding the self is the main solution knowing thyself as was directed by the Oracle at Delphi know thyself and you will know the universe and the gods we started this show with that statement back in episode number one the Western mystery traditions the eastern mystery traditions the traditions out of the Middle East they're at their core are all about self knowledge self understanding going within and knowing what we're made of that is the ultimate solution self-examination which most people don't want to do again as I've said they want to run fifty thousand miles in the opposite direction from that because often you pulled a mirror up to someone and they hate the image that looks back and that's why we're putting ourselves through this mess that we've created here because ultimately many of us don't like ourselves and all we want to do is take out that frustration and aggression on someone else which we have no natural law right to do so we'll go to some more callers on the other side of this break callers who are hang on stay with me we'll be right back folks you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] [Music] welcome back ladies and gentlemen this is what on earth is happening and I'm your host mark passio it's an all calling show today you create this show anything you want to talk about is fair game no taboo topics the call-in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five coming up on what on earth is happening we are going to be going into a penetrating analysis of natural law this is something that people have been actually asking for wanting some more clarification on we're going to be going into the principles of natural law helping people to understand deeply what is your rights what are your rights what are they not more importantly what are not your rights something that these criminals who raided healthy family farms and raw some foods have absolutely no idea of they don't know what their rights are they don't know what their rights are not and for something that's illusory based on nothing money they're willing to go and pillage the natural law rights of other people and this is what we ultimately need to transmute we need to change this this is unacceptable no one should accept this they are not only trouncing the natural law rights of other people who they're doing this to they're putting their own children in shackles unknowingly unwittingly because they really have no knowledge or no wits about them they're unconscious individuals that we need to help raise properly and I said earlier on and I know some people will take that as a harsh statement their parents did not raise them they failed society failed at raising these individuals that's why we're in this mess as a whole we don't self examine we don't read as a culture we don't read books that are important and see the again I have to commend the woman who called in about the Kabbalah and about reading books on Freemasonry and the Kabbalistic tradition even though she admitted and that's not hard to do that takes courage to admit that you're struggling with something you're struggling with it but you have the desire to do it your this is all about the Wills chakras that you ant asked about all about the the two centers on the Tree of Life that deal with the will power through it and you'll come out better for it so I have to I commend individuals like that who may even say come out and uncomfortably what admit to someone else I'm struggling with this material see that's that's the problem with everything that's going on you see these individuals who are going out and raping other people's natural law rights they won't admit that when they struggled with learning something that's why they're doing a job like that folks you don't do a job because you look like what they're doing because you like yourself because you think you're really doing something good you do a job like that because you struggled with understanding any real knowledge and you never had the courage to admit that to anyone else to say the words I don't know and I'm even maybe having a difficult time coming to a place of knowing but you know what until you admit that and you possibly ask for help you're going to continue to remain in that place of ignorance and apparently people like this are okay with that they're okay with being stupid and just doing a job where they're paid in an amoral capacity to rape someone else's natural law rights well it's not okay it's not okay it's not okay and I would again make an appeal to anyone who happens to be listening to the show to the parents of these individuals to the the sons and daughters of these individuals to the spouses of these individuals the brothers and sisters any relatives you want to call into the show and talk about these people I'll tell you right to your face these are unraised individuals they did were not raised with proper moral values otherwise they would not do what they are doing and not just the family has failed in this capacity Society has failed in this capacity and they need to buck up and admit that and then start attempting to reverse the trend but you can't do that until you yourself have learned what natural law really is how it operates and how this society isn't going anywhere but in the toilet bowl until these principles are deeply understood and then adhered to and that's it and that's how it's always been it's always been like that natural law has always been here with us it has always be been in effect it is unbreakable and it will forever be in effect period the end for all eternity until the three-dimensional space time continuum known as this universe exists and I don't know how much clearer I can make that let's go back to the phones here we go caller you're live caller we just I just lost you I'm sorry about that again this is the second difficulty I've had please call back in and you'll go right to the top of the queue I apologize for that the other caller called in and had some difficulty as soon as I took his call and now we just got disconnected on me attempting to take this call so call her that was in the queue please call in and I'll take take your call immediately that was the only caller in queue right now so let me give the call in numbers one more time for anyone else that wants to call in it's eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five a little bit of technical difficulty there but no problem we'll work through it so let's continue to talk about natural law for a little bit since I've gotten onto this topic and I've gotten on it through the really disgusting events that have happened through this raid on these raw foods and you know what I I use these raw foods whenever I have an opportunity to buy any cheeses that are completely raw and unpasteurized I take that opportunity so this is something that I recognize as something that is has health benefits and the enzymes in certain cheese's do have health benefits this is unequivocally known okay as the caller who called in previously Vicky said she uses raw milk in a health capacity and it's been known that there are health benefits to drinking raw milk now I would say I don't use a exceeding amount of dairy products but raw milk is something that I have used I've generally transitioned to almond milk which has a lot of antioxidants in it and I make my own I make it from raw almonds that are not treated with radiation or pasteurized or anything else done to them or roasted raw almonds blend them up in purified water and strain off the meal you could use the meal for a delicious bread and drink the almond milk it you could use it in the same way you could use any other type of milk any dairy milk and it's absolutely delicious and it's health healthful and it has tons of antioxidants in it and you know that once somebody starts taking away your right to make decisions about what you put into your body they own your body that's what they're telling you we own your body your body belongs to us we'll tell you what you're allowed to do with it not so I think this is the same caller who I accidentally disconnected call her you lot are you there good day market fever how are you if your client thank you thank you well I'm gonna hold you through through the break I wasn't watching the clock once again I do this all the time so hold on to the break and we'll bring you back on right after this next commercial break look you're listening to wall on earth is happening folks we'll pick this up after these messages [Music] I was born a shot cannon behind the girl I'll make my all day [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passier let's go right back to the phone's keeper you're live on what on earth is happening thank you very much my friend and I really appreciate this so it has really helped to enlighten me and and illuminates me along my path which has been going along for a long time by by being having things pointed out to me then I can actually do something about them make a change or decide to keep those habits and those ways of being and as I've been listening to your show quite consistently over the past several weeks in your previous show in fact you were mentioning the ten tenets of Satanism and I remember you going over moral relativism and the concept of sophistry salep system isn't specifically one of the tenets of Satanism as a matter of fact it's quite interesting to note that Satanists warn other Satanists about solipsistic insinde panic religion of the Satanic ideology and there's a reason for that Satanists want other individuals that they control to be solipsistic truth and it's all just a matter of opinion it's all just a matter of preference Satanists themselves warn other dark occultists against falling into any such trap as solace is Amanda consider this a no no they consider this something that any self-respecting occultist particularly an occultist on the left-hand path would never would never engage or adhere to but they use this concept this this ideology known as solid season to put other people off of the troop so that they can be more easily controlled its solace is amiss a of the Satanists but not one of their beliefs and their tenants so it's an important distinction to keep in mind well thank you thank you and if as it is a slippery slope and I know I went through those those modalities of thought I actually did think that way you know back in the day you know growing up and so forth that I found myself but yeah I used to be like that but I changed I saw that he saw the trap for what it is and now I'm on my own modality my own personal path that I'm drumming myself into existence here and realizing that I'm marching past all these different paradigms and modalities mental traps so to speak the universe that I want into action and I've been employing that and putting it into action and even if I get the blank stares back it's not about that person at the best speaking the truth into the universe that's right that's exactly right and that is a phenomenal insight they're really really glad that you in your own personal development and journey have arrived at that point because that is where more and more people need to come to to understand it is about doing the right thing and speaking the truth and putting the truth into action for truths sake not not necessarily even for other people not even necessarily for ourselves it is for the fact that this is the right thing to do period and we want to align ourselves with that force because that is the Higher Self that's what it is that is the higher power that really generates anything here that is worth being a part of that is good or wholesome or positive or empowering that's what it's all about so I commend you on that and that's just a phenomenal to hear that coming out of someone else's mouth and to know that more people are on that path and on that journey in their purse live so thanks for that well thank you Mark it's it's been a pleasure in a really illuminating time and I'm appreciating this I look forward to getting back in into more discussion of positive aspects of particular thing it's good to look at the negative to gain my understanding right but don't look too deeply into the abyss because it stares back at you absolutely you can't dwell on looking at it becoming aware of it is one thing dwelling in it and letting it completely shape your worldview into something darker and more and more sinister in your in your own life is probably not is definitely not a good thing it's not where you want to go you want to be aware of the dark as I said last week you want to be aware of the dirt all over the house but then shine the light on it they're shining light on it makes you aware of it and then you want to take the necessary action to clean up the dirt not just go woe is me look at how dirty the house is you know that that path toward knowledge is so that you understand the causal factors of the problem not so that you just sit and dwell in the problem it's then about once you have the knowledge of those causal factors then taking the appropriate steps and the appropriate actions to rectify that problem to make it right that's what it's that's what wisdom really is as I've said so many times on the show it's taking action based on what you learned if you just sit there and not don't take action and just say oh I've learned all of this horrible stuff that's going on in the world and then you don't take any action actually correct it or to make it right what good was learning what good was all of that knowledge that you accumulated so great observations your heart and and do what you feel is the right thing and actually do the action you have to follow these natural laws and the more you follow those natural laws in your own inner sense your own compass of what is right and what is wrong in the situation you'll find yourself truly living the law of attraction and the universe will start working you will gain that protection that you mentioned goes back and you will become a lucky person oh man things just start working out well yeah if you go with the flow instead of fighting against the flow of the universe things start working out synchronous right can be amazing once you set foot on that path and start walking down it Keefer thanks so much for that call just great insights and uh just uh phenomenal observations there so thanks for calling call back in any timing next caller here we go caller you're live on what on earth is happening hello caller are you there hello yes you're live on the air yes I'm not yes very happy to speak here just just very happy for you doing incredible work I just had two questions from my first question was regarding if we look at the birth of having some of the great apparently the Temple of Artemis burned down on the 3rd now the title of ultimate was it supposed to be a temple of the goddess no yes but not be some kind of possible burning got it absolutely fostering it certainly symbolic on that very integral if it was not directly a false flag event of the ancient world it most certainly is asynchronous that a synchro Mystic event that calls to mind the this again this burning or emulation of the Sacred Feminine that we see over and over and over again in in events of the world often which precede a very sharp decline in consciousness and a sharp rise in psychopathic tendencies or behaviors in a wider sense in in civilization so absolutely that's a that's a pretty synchro mystic connection that you've made there and I think there's something to absolutely fascinating brother do you think that Alexander was possibly sort of meth brain oh yes I do think that he was one of the Dominator yes the elite from the elite bloodlines and if you look at some of the the directions that he took the the former greatness that was Egypt I personally don't see him as anybody that was really trying to help raise consciousness he was definitely of these bloodlines that was attempting to subvert people and keep them under control I mean if you look at if you look at things that these higher level emperors you know people who looked at themselves as separate from everybody else and just they were rulers they repeat people there to be put upon Thrones and worship that's God God meant on earth you know he they they had basically gone through an apotheosis while they're alive and basically they are elevated to a tremendous level above everybody else and that gives them the divine right to rule you you look at they all had the same basic knowledge the same basic information as what they kept from the from the population that they ruled over if you look into ancient Rome specifically you'll see all of the Caesars of Rome specifically during the empire and you see that if you study some of the journals of some of these individuals they always warn against any of their people in their command teaching anybody the methods of the Trivium I'll pick this up on the other side of the break in the last segment stay with us folks this is what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back folks this is the last segment of this edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark Cassio my website what on earth is happening dot-com in coming weeks on the show we're going to be getting into a penetrating analysis of natural law principles and we're going to hammer this home because it is so critical to understand what natural law is how it works what the mechanics of this system that has been put in place in the universe for our benefit what its underlying mechanics are and we're going to look at that and we're going to deeply explore and we're going to give examples and we're going to try to help people to come up to a higher level of understanding of how natural law and our adherence to it or cut or conversely our completely living in disharmony with it is directly related to the quality of the experience that we have in life and can never be separated from that it's a cause-and-effect relationship so let's go back to the phones before the break we had a caller on the line I'm gonna go back to them and see if he had anything else caller did you have anything else that you wanted to bring up before we went to the break we were talking about ancient rulers and I was I mentioned that if you look into some of the writings of some of these rulers they talk about their method for learning and how that was strictly to be held in their confidence and in in the confidence of the individuals that were below them in their hierarchical system who were helping to control the people that they considered slaves but it was expressly forbidden to ever teach that methodology of learning to the slave class and something like the Trivium is a perfect example the Trivium was forbidden to be taught to any non free people only free people who were given the right read by this ruling class were allowed to learn the trivia absolutely is fascinating I'm particularly fascinated by your answer singing through the Alexander questions regarding of the date of birth and the burning of the Temple of Artemis because it's very interesting during this review I think I mean that possibly there is something that I didn't have a sexy question essentially when we look at just nature around us I it needs tend to find that so there is a lot of nurturing that there's also a lot of sort of pain and suffering a degree of cruelty when we look at an animal killing another animal feeling a sharp chin you see all type of what's best attacking its prey in a certain way that's part : etc um I don't know this has confused me in the sense of if the natural state is love why do we finding sort of things in nature that are wealthy that needs to be being negative there's two ways of looking at that one is that these aren't human creatures they are animals and generally at a lower state of developmental consciousness than are we so we have taken on new characteristics and capabilities another very interesting way of looking at this that the couple of researchers whose names escape me right now that I have come across information that they have put forward having to do with fields and what they called morphic fields or Morpho genetic fields having to do with how powerful human consciousness is in what is observed in what we call the wider animal kingdom here on earth and that if human consciousness were to change you may not actually observe that level of cruelty in the animal kingdom as well and I think that is that is possibly possible that perhaps the way animal behavior is now is not the way it has always been in the past so that's something for people's consider when they hear that and again we can't directly say just because this form of life behaves in this way that that means that it is the natural way for us to behave we have a whole higher order of thinking and a whole higher order computer that we are gifted with called the human brain and if you study the brain and the structures of the brain as we've done on this show you understand that we are in a completely hot separate and what I would consider higher class of consciousness than are then is the animal the other and that doesn't mean that we can treat them with cruelty that means we we should act as their stewards and help them along their evolutionary journey in consciousness as well because it's all life it like you said it is all suffering ok there is so much suffering in both the human and animal worlds and our goal should be to help alleviate that suffering for all beings not just even be speciesist about it and just want to help human beings I want I don't want to see animals suffer either you know I I want to alleviate suffering for all beings that that's my cat mites mind are the previous people right I think do you think it might be sort of egotistical to think of it as a sort of test the test with humans to see if they will be sort of innocents accused by the suffering and go down that route well writers and not go down that route and treat animals as loving nurturing way in right then possibly reach higher domains once we die I definitely think that's true and and another thing to keep in mind is look at the the level of energy that's the suffering energy that we put into the world and then consumed as a result of how we treat animals ok and then certain people eat those animals and they're taking all of that energy and suffering into themselves and this bears out in human behavior because this everything is energy and if we eat something that is low energy because of the way it was treated the what when it was alive we're doing horrible things to our consciousness as a result I tell people there's only one documentary in my collection of thousands that I will not watch again and that is the documentary called Earthlings Earthlings is a powerful documentary about how human beings treat animals and I only recommend it to people with very strong constitutions because I was devastated as a practically psychologically devastated as a result of watching this and I forced myself to watch it a second time just the hammer the point home of the what human beings have actually become in relation to the natural world around them and it's it's a it's a horrific horrific look but it's true it's true I mean like I said I made myself watch it a second time to just hammer that point home look at what we've become look at what we are doing this needs to change this needs to be undone this is not the way we should be behaving toward beings that we are generally as a higher form of consciousness in stewardship with here on the planet Earth not there to be treated as commodities or as just a you know things these people treat these beings as things well the more we do that with the beings that are at a lower developmental level of consciousness than us the more that will be done to us again it's natural law it's a cause and effect relationship so I want to thank you for your great points I have a couple other calls I'm going to try to get to before the end of the show great thanks okay here we go next caller in the queue you're live Dylan from tech from Kansas you're live on what on earth is happening hi Marco I don't want to waste your time I'll let you get to the other callers I just had a question you know we talk a lot about you know the elites and history of you know others other people and I'm curious if we're looking for information about ourselves and and our own heritage can you give me a couple pipes to maybe see some of that information thanks a lot great show well one of the things I would encourage you to do if you really want to go down deep into that rabbit hole is to attempt to look into the information about human origins in general and you'll come across some very interesting perspectives of course people will bring up the works of zecharia sitchin I think that's some interesting work I recommend the works of a Mooney he wrote a book called gods of air and darkness I would recommend any writings by good free Masonic authors on the origin of humanity I would recommend Albert Church Ward I would there's so many that we could name Manley P Hall his works look up human origins in general not any specific people or race of people on the earth but to get to the knowledge of our origins is empowerment as well because it is all about the history of control itself and I'll leave it right there we'll see you next week folks thanks for listening this is what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting network up next Michael Vale [Music]