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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting com this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 central we have a good show lined up for you here today we're going to be continuing our ongoing discussion of natural law natural laws principles its manifestation in the world and in our lives and specifically today we will be covering the very controversial topic regarding natural law of force versus violence and really deeply understanding the difference and there is a gigantic difference between these two things as a matter of fact they're complete polar opposites so we'll be looking into that a little bit later on today I'm actually today is October 16th 2011 and I am actually just fresh in from the MUFON PA East Coast conference that happened over this this weekend I actually left the conference just a bit early today to be alive here today on on the air on Oracle and it was just a great time just phenomenal speakers that blew everybody away with tremendous amounts of information left a lot of food for thought for everyone there I want to thank all the organizers of the conference and the people at MUFON for hosting such a great event it was definitely a learning experience and anybody that has a chance to check out a conference that's hosted by the mutual UFO network if you are interested in the UFO phenomenon and associated paranormal phenomenon you won't want to miss their events because they're really well put together so I do have one event announcement that I'd like to read for an event that's coming up in the Philadelphia area on this short segment and then we'll jump into our topic for today in the next segment so this actually two Wednesdays from now or Wednesday October 20 six 2011 at 7:15 p.m. right here in Philadelphia at media bureau studios media bureau Studios is at 725 North fourth Street that's the corner of 4th and Brown the activist group truth freedom prosperity who I work with in this area will be hosting their free monthly documentary screening and discussion night that's Wednesday October 26th it's going to be happening at 7:15 p.m. at media bureau studios the film for this month is called defense against the psychopaths defense against the psychopaths and the description of the film is what is psychopathy what are the personality traits and behavioral characteristics of psychopaths why is it so difficult to identify a psychopath what are the best defensive strategies for dealing with psychopaths once they have been discovered what does any of this have to do with truth freedom and prosperity or you'll have to come out to this great documentary screen night and discussion night to find out you're listening to what on earth is happening folks I'm mark passio we'll be right back [Music] we're back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio I'd like to direct everyone up to my website at what on earth is happening calm if you're not already listening there as most people who listen to this show know I post associated images along with each show so that people can get a visual representation of some of the concepts and ideas that we discuss here on the show so up on the radio show page if you go to what on earth is happening dot-com and you click the radio show tab you will see underneath the player on that page images for today's show and I did update this pretty late because again I got in late from the from the conference today this afternoon so I did update it kind of last minute there should be 12 images you should be seeing 12 links there four images and if you don't see all 12 you might want to refresh the page so 12 images up there and we're going to be again discussing force versus violence here today a concept within natural law and those 12 images are going to I'm going to be referring to and I'll try to do my best about naming which image I'm talking about I do want to mention one other thing that's up on the website from last week that I posted with podcast number 80 and I believe I said last week that I was going to post this graphic that I had made to try to in a very small amount of space try to convey a very big idea that represents the real political spectrum in a graph okay as a function of consciousness the type of government that we have in any given society or in the world for that matter as a whole as a function of the amount of consciousness that exists in that given society so that graph is up there posted with podcast number eighty and I posted it as a PDF document with all of the fonts embedded so that it's pretty much resolution independent you could blow it up and print it as big as you would like to print it I highly recommend the people attempt to show this this graph to others and try to get them to understand it because this is how natural law functions in other words if we are going down in consciousness natural law is always going to make sure that we get a more chaotic and enslaved experience and that means totalitarianism in some form or another see people think there's such a big amount of difference between communism and fascism in this fake political spectrum that's taught in schools and there is no difference between them they represent total control same could be said with capitalism and socialism which are just different forms of control leading to even deeper control okay so these don't respect individual rights either one of these okay just because you don't believe in money doesn't mean you're automatically a socialist okay I'm looking for real freedom not a false idea of freedom that is handed to us by the establishment that we're supposed to buy into so to relate this with you know these protests that are going on before we jump into our main topic for tonight I went down and checked out Occupy Philly in my city here last week and I have to tell you I will I wasn't really impressed at all I was actually somewhat horrified by the lack of knowledge that is displayed by these people who are out there protesting and really don't understand any of the causal factors that have led to the current condition in this world that we have right now so they're out there with you know two of the three things that are necessary to create any true change which is a good start but without the the third all-important ingredient you're not going to get much done and you're always going to be able to be co-opted and let in a different direction a direction that you don't want to go down or maybe even some of them might actually do want to go down but they have care they do care about the situation that's at hand that I can I can give them and they do have the will to actually get up you know off their asses and get out into the streets and try to do something I don't know how effective that action is going to be though without the all-important third ingredient of consciousness which is knowledge okay they don't have enough knowledge they're extremely ignorant on a lot of different things and it's very apparent just speaking with people for a very short amount of time the level of ignorance that exists there about the causal dynamics of these problems they're raging against the effects and as I read last week on the show when I read a little bit from a little another excerpt from the stellar man by John Baines you can not solve a problem dealing with it at the level of the effects that are experienced that are manifested those are manifestations that come from a form of consciousness which is the primary causal factor that led to that condition or manifestation in order to change the effect you cannot stay on the plane of effects again I likened it to hating the movie that you're watching okay on the television or at the movie theater and screaming at the screen you've got to take the DVD out of the DVD player and put a new one in you change the actual code that's being read or you got to go back to the projection room and you have to change the film that's being projected onto the screen you have to rise above in consciousness get out of the plane of effects and get to the plane of causality causality and the only way you're going to reach that plane of causes is by coming up in consciousness yourself you're never going to be able to solve that problem at the same level of consciousness where the effects are manifested at it doesn't work that way that's just how natural law functions and that unfortunately to give my personal report if there having been there for the better part of a day I have to say that is my assessment of the situation it is a lot of ignorance there about things that really do need to be known and not just peripherally but deeply understood and that knowledge is not present it's not present and unfortunately from the the vibe that I got while there these are full cups and what I mean by that is try to fill a cup with something new that's already full you can't do it these people are walking around thinking that they hold a lot of knowledge and a lot of know-how about what's really going on and I you know I know it sounds arrogant to some people that I'm trying to say no you don't know what you're talking about you don't really know the causal factors but I think I can speak to that I think I can speak from that perspective because of the amount of research that I have put into the real causal dynamics of what has been going on that's all I've done with the last it's practically 20 years of my life so we need to get information like this and like this graph into more people's consciousness and help them to understand it at a deep fundamental level of awareness that it's all about consciousness a word unfortunately that I did not hear spoken one time at the Occupy Philly protests here in Philadelphia by anyone other than myself we'll be right back we'll be right back folks you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] we're back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio let's jump into the topic of discussion for today which is going to be natural law once again we have a few more weeks of going through natural law and some of the most important topics that need to be discussed when talking about it we're going to be talking about force versus violence this week next week we'll be taking a look at natural law versus the laws of man and how huge that difference really is people think that the laws of man are supposed to be in some kind of adherence or mirror a mirroring of natural law and really nothing could be farther from the truth so we'll be looking at man's law versus natural law next week the following week I'm going to take a look at the dynamic of free will versus the abdication of free will and personal responsibility so that should be a great show that's coming up on what on earth is happening in future weeks so let's give the call-in number I'll give it right here in this segment and feel free to call in at any time but I am going to ask that the topic of discussion be limited to natural law or questions about natural law okay so comments or questions about natural law are fine but let's keep it on topic tonight most shows yes in the past I've said it's you know a free-for-all you can talk about anything you want nothing is taboo or off-topic today I'd like to keep the discussion focused on natural law and specifically the topic of force versus violence would be really great if you keep it limited to that but you could ask any questions about a natural law or make any comments regarding the topic the call-in number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the call-in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five so in the past many weeks that we've been talking about natural law as the ultimate solution the understanding of this is rising in consciousness okay that's the these are equivalent notions the understanding of natural law and rising up in consciousness are the same thing okay this is what we need in order to enact any solution to any problem is to understand the principles of natural law and how natural law manifests in our lives that understanding is synonymous with consciousness okay we looked at the expressions of natural law and since we did I have kept this chart up on the images because it is one of the most easy to grasp and clear conceptual graphics that anybody is going to find on how natural law actually manifests okay this these are the two base expressions for our choices for natural law we either choose the positive or the negative we choose love or fear and then it works through different expressions as I've termed them the iniciative expression the internal expression and the external expression ultimately to give us a manifestation or a result in the physical world in which we live okay and if we choose the positive dynamic of consciousness of expansion and consciousness and wanting to move toward greater awareness which is love okay if we choose that dynamic that expression we will ultimately end up with order or good the things that we call good for ourselves or in other words order an orderly existence or an orderly civilization if instead we choose the negative expression the negative dynamic which is fear okay which manifests through ignorance confusion and control we will ultimately create nothing but chaos or what we have traditionally called evil for human so that's the expressions of natural law and that chart is once again up on the images section that was slide number one slide number two on the website right now talks about the dynamics of morality of right versus wrong and the very clear distinction between these two things and there is such a thing as right and wrong and there is a complete antithesis between them they are not the same thing they're not shades of gray as people will have us believe there's nothing relative about them this is all satanic mindset and trying to propagate Satanism through society moral relativity which as we heard in the essay that Aquinas wrote so eloquently moral relativism is what's going to lead to the downfall of any civilization that is attempting to base itself in freedom because it's not the freedom to do whatever we want it's the freedom to do whatever we want within the parameters of natural law of nature's law not man's law but nature's law and nature's law is governed by the dynamic of morality by the dynamic of right versus wrong and we need to understand what our rights are and we need to understand what our rights are not and it's actually probably even more important that we understand what our rights are not which is a big part of what we're going to talk about here today when we take a look at the difference between force and violence so right is always based in natural law meaning that actions that are right that we do have the right to take do not result in harm to other beings they do not harm or cause injury to another living being okay wrong the very antithesis of the idea of a right okay is based on immoral behavior is defined by immoral behavior meaning that it has no basis in natural law it is a violation of natural law rights okay it were in other words any actions that are wrong always result in harm to another living being harm or injury to another living being okay so we need to understand our rights and the best way to do that is understanding what rights we do not have because taking an action that is wrong or not right okay which is not one of our rights to take always results in harm so we need to define our rights in the apophatic sense define them through the negative know what our rights are not okay so we have the very clear understanding of what we do not have the natural law right to do and then we can understand any everything that falls outside of those those violations of natural law are our rights okay so it's in the embrace of the negative pathway to arrive at the truth of what right is okay that's slide number three puts forward those concepts of the apophatic sense of knowing our rights that's the best way to know what our rights are to know what our rights are not because actions that are not based in morality cause harm to other living beings the second part of this slide number three I'm gonna talk a lot about tonight and it's that natural law holds true it is always in effect as it always is it never not in effect but it it holds true regardless of population a lot of people want to make this completely inane argument okay that has no basis in fact that as you have more people that you need to somehow in whatever ways violate someone's natural law rights because if you didn't do that this big group of people would somehow turn chaotic and you would not be able to deal with the situation and this is bunk there's no easier way of saying it it's just completely untrue it's a complete straw man argument there's no basis in reality to it okay natural law holds true whether there is one person two people eight people ten trillion people or a hundred Googleplex people okay and yes that is a number okay there doesn't make a difference how many people exist in the world how many beings natural law still is in effect and we still need to recognize it and choose the right over the wrong otherwise we're choosing chaos actively we'll get back into this dynamic on the other side of this break don't go anywhere folks right back real information [Music] welcome back everyone let's jump right back into our discussion on natural law doing a brief review of concepts from past weeks we were looking at slide number three on what on earth is happening calm on the radio show page and we were looking at point number two on that slide that natural law holds true regardless of human population it doesn't matter whether there's one or ten quadrillion people in the world that Nate nature's laws are always in effect and choosing the true good not the semblance of good not what we think is good see because we can be misguided to choose the false good you know an idea that somebody has sold to us as good that's not what I'm talking about here when I talk about choosing something that that Li that is based in good I'm talking about actual virtue okay actions which do not result in harm to another living being okay so many people are told this is going to be good and it's actually resulting in harm and trouncing other people's natural law rights that they do have a right to take and we'll get into these things today and I'm going to give a couple of big generalized examples and then people can call in and ask questions about any other examples or situations and I'll to the best of my ability talk about whether something is within natural law or it isn't outside of the boundaries of natural law and therefore is a violation of someone else's rights so the third point here on this slide is a scenario I'm also going to try to get people to visualize whether an action is actually right is actually good versus what you may think about it in any kind of a conditioned or extraordinarily brainwashed state as a lot of people you know really still are in in the world okay so this is about shedding ego shedding at at mint shedding what we have previously believed and getting down to knowledge about what is actually right morally correct okay so the best way of doing this is visualizing in your own mind that there is only you and one other living being present see because for some and the reason I'm saying this it there's a there's a method to this visualization experience there's a method to the madness as they say whenever you put beings in heard mentality or groupthink situations conscience leaves that scenario for the most part this is just how this dynamic works when there's enough people present a mob or a huge group of people the the energy dynamic that's going on in that specifically because so many of those people are ignorant and unlearned that mob does not really have a conscience so you can't envision the scenario of whether something is actually good or bad in reality when you envision groupthink scenarios you have to take it down to the fundamental core axiom the fundamental core principle okay and understand if there's only me and one other living being is this action right or is it wrong and then it becomes very clear at least to a person with a soul it becomes very clear to a person with a brain it becomes very clear maybe there's some animalistic people out there then it's still they still don't get the difference between right and wrong maybe two people without a real conscience who are truly Psychopaths at their core their fundamental underlying nature is psychopathic which is why I'm going to show the movie there are people like that in the world ladies and gentlemen I mean we can't try to see the world through rose-colored glasses and try to just make believe that there are no psychopaths in the world they're absolute we are there are people who are born that way through whatever function or reason maybe it's a genetic disorder maybe it's you know trauma that's it was experienced in the womb who knows but there is definitely there are definitely people who are born without conscience without the ability to empathize with anybody else I I think it is an actual debilitating condition in the limbic brain in the actual part of the brain that generates the the neural peptides and the other chemicals that go into the body from the brain and are released from the the glandular system within the the midbrain and this part of the brain is simply malfunctioning that's what helps us this part of the brain the limbic brain are the mem million brain is what allows us to experience emotion and to forge connections emotional bonds with other people through the release of such chemicals that the brain releases into the the human bloodstream and the the human nervous system when that's not being done those emotions are not present so Psychopaths do not have the ability to experience the full range of human emotions it's literally like an amputation has taken place it's like trying to go up to someone with no arms and hand them something and say hey could you hold this for me for a minute it can't be done they don't have arms you know doesn't matter how much they want to do it and that's what a psychopath is like and there are people like that so we have to understand that not everybody is going to regardless of how much information is brought to bear on the correctness of an action or the in correctness of another action they're going to choose only in the pure selfish sense of what is good for them because they don't care they don't have the dynamic of care they don't need to have the capacity to care the ability isn't even there so we have to keep that in mind you know and understand that yes there are people like that in the world so we looked at natural law transgressions what are the harmful actions the best way of knowing what our rights are not what actions we do not have a right to take is knowing what actions do cause harm and the four basic natural law transgressions are on slide number four murder rape theft and trespass which in past weeks we actually simplified these things we didn't even give more complex examples of them but simplify them and said that ultimately they're all one there is one underlying natural law trespass and that is theft that is taking that which does not belong to you whether it is a life whether it is someone else's safety or well-being whether it is someone else's health whether it is someone else's property whether it is someone else's personal space or security within that space okay that's that that's what all wrongdoing boils down to so it's alright doing is understanding is is the understanding of what do you have a right to own what is your true property and your true property is your thoughts your emotions and your actions and yes that could extend to your living space you're the layer that in which you live and operate I do believe in actual property rights definitely okay I'm speaking to you through a microphone that I own I'm speaking to you through a computer that I own if someone tried to come in here and take physical objects I happen to be using and depend upon to do certain tasks and activities that's a morally wrong thing it's and that doesn't belong to them it's my property I do have a right to use it okay so there is such a thing as property both internal property and external property I think this notion definitely extends too far with people who want more and more and more and more and more and can never get enough and want the whole world to be their own you know there are some things we don't have a right to own but my fundamental point here is natural law transgressions all boiled down to theft taking that which does not belong to you that's what all wrongdoing is about it's a theft in some form or another so let's get into the deep topic for today that we're going to expand upon and hopefully take some calls on and this is force versus violence one of the main fundamental areas of natural law that needs to be studied and the difference needs to be discerned this is about discernment between polar opposites like right and wrong okay yeah we live in a world of duality okay there there are things that we have to make the discernment about what's real and what's illusion because at the fundamental essence level there isn't any duality there's only one thing and everything else is based in the ego mind set okay the ego mind and that's the illusory component that we need to burn away so that we purify and get down to the fundamental essence of what is true so that we're left with truth and love and goodness these are the real and all of this other stuff is illusion that the ego mind creates you know the ego again doesn't need to be eliminated it needs to be recognized and used as the tool that it is to help us operate in the three-dimensional world to gain experience and learn and grow unfortunately the ego has set up camp in most people's mind and in their hearts and said I'm taking over this house and you're not booting me out of here even for a second so force versus violence we need to define these in order to exercise discernment and know which is which and when these are present in any given situation so we're going to look at the definition of force and the definition of violence in the next segment don't go anywhere folks are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] [Music] okay everyone we're back this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passier we're taking a look now at the crux of today's discussion on natural law which is on slide number five on what on earth is happening calm on the radio show page and this is a simple chart that takes a look at the differences between force and violence and there is a huge difference between them and this is where we are going to get into the power of words words are ultimately what shape and create our reality words are vibratory energy if we don't understand the words that we are using and the words that this world is made of we are going to be powerless to truly affect any real change either with the either within our own consciousness and certainly in the external world around us we're not going to be able to create any of that influence to create change unless we understand words and their effects so these two words have too long been used synonymously they are not synonyms they are only synonyms in the completely mind controlled brain that's where they exist as synonyms these words are the complete antithesis of each other they are opposites they are opposites in what they effect in the in the actual 3d world in which we live and they are opposites in their essence at the core of their essence because one of them is based in right one of them is based in natural law and natural laws principles one of them is based in wrong one of them is a violation of natural law rights so that's what I'm going to hopefully be able to get some of listeners of this broadcast here today to grasp and deeply understand not everyone will understand this and that's fine okay let's take a look first at definitions force is defined as the capacity to do work or cause physical change the capacity okay it is a an ability to get something done that's what force is it is energy you need energy to do something strength or active power okay so you could use will actually interchangeably with the word force the force of one's will the force of knowledge the force of truth it's a power an active power it's the male principle as I described it last week the masculine principle again is much more accurate to call it force is based in right that's the key thing to keep in mind and this is what people have done the dominators the occultists have abused kated they've used the technique the mind manipulation technique through words to obfuscate or confuse the difference okay to blur this difference between force and violence by using force interchangeably with violence with the word violence to try to get people to associate the word force with doing something that is violent I'm talking about the essence of the word force and we're talking about force again as a noun a force we're not talking about forcing somebody to do something that's core version see it would be better to say using violence to get somebody to do something because then you're really clear in words see it's this is all about connotative meaning and what people think is meant by something it is the perception of meaning and unfortunately that's where words begin to really fail humanity because you you have to elaborate more and more and be more superfluous with your words to try to be as clear as possible about what you mean by a certain term this is why you know just using one word is just so inadequate and it's gonna take a whole show to basically really help someone to understand the difference between these terms so let's look at violence and what that is let's give the basic definition for that violence is the immoral use of physical power or force to coerce compel or restrain in other words it's taking an action against someone else that you didn't have a right under natural law to take these are actions that resulted in harm or injury to another living being that's what violence is Violette's look at it like this an easier way to look at it ladies and gentlemen is the left-hand column okay and the definition that we gave for force at the top part of that column is the use of this capacity look at that column in blue there as usage okay and on the right hand side that red column right look at that side where it says violence and the definition that we've given up there at the top in the in the first box underneath violence look at that as abuse so that we're taking these definitions okay and we're elaborating on them but the best way of seeing the the real dichotomy the real hardcore difference between these two ideas is one is proper use and the other is abuse AB use improper use okay excuse me so that's the key factor to keep in mind one is use the proper use under natural law that's force the other is always wrong to take to initiate that action so force is always based in something that is voluntary that's why we have a right to do it to use a force you you have a right to use force to build a home you have a right to use force to lift the book you have a right to use force to make a meal you have a right you use force when you lift food to your mouth and put it in your mouth and chew it you're actively using different forces that you have a right to use to do those things as soon as coercion enters the picture you have left the world of force and you have entered the realm of violence you have left usage and you have turned to abuse because violence is the initiation of action that you do not have a right to take against another it is coercive action force is voluntary action you did it of your own free will volitionally it is based in morality and natural law as soon as another is harmed by any amount of force that you're using when you initiated that behavior okay and I want to qualify it by that statement you initiated it and someone is harmed that's always violence that's always wrong that's always against natural law and you never have a right to do that under any circumstances okay so as I said last week the the real difference between these two types of action is one is initiated where the right to initiate did not exist so it does matter who starts an act of violence it absolutely matters this is another brainwashing technique that people who want to own the monopoly on force and say oh we're the ones who are allowed to use any force okay and if we see violence it doesn't matter who started it we're gonna we're gonna do something negative to both people involved you know doesn't matter who started the violence and then who might have been using force to protect themself against violence we're gonna just you know operate the same way over both of those and it doesn't matter who started it well this is another form of complete bunk and mind control it absolutely matters who initiated the first action that they did not have the right to take absolutely as a matter of fact that's all that matters when it comes to this principle when it comes to understanding this dynamic will look deeper into the difference between force and violence on the other side of this break don't go anywhere folks this is what on earth is happening [Music] [Applause] we're back everyone we are looking at the dynamic we've got natural law of force versus violence today on what on earth is happening and we are on image number five on what on earth is happening calm on the radio show page under images for today's show or image number five along with this podcast if you're listening by podcast we went through a couple of these dynamics on this chart and I want to finish up this chart and look at one other set of set of principles to take a very deep understanding of what actions fall within our natural law rights and and therefore we do have a right to take verses those which do not and therefore with the ones we do not have a right to take before I start talking about some specific examples that I want to give here today so force is voluntary action it is always based in morality or right or natural law it does not violate another's natural law rights okay violence is always the initiation and use of coercive action and that is never based in morality or natural law it's always wrong okay force we always have a right to use it because it doesn't violate anyone else's natural law rights violence we never have a right to use violence there's no such thing as a right to use violence under any circumstances and you understand what I mean by that okay force may be used to defend oneself against violence so I'm going to use an example of that it's the only time that we are allowed to do something that ordinarily we would not be allowed to do under natural law so I guess I could give an example of this now okay if an attacker comes up to me on the street I walk out of my home I walk down to my corner and I'm accosted on the street and someone says if you don't give me whatever money you happen to have or any other valuables you happen to have in your pockets you know of your jacket and pants I'm going to do harm to you in some form or another they might have a gun they might have a knife they might just want to beat you with their hands okay this is the initiation and use of coercive action it is not based in natural law or morality therefore I then receive the right to put down that action okay I would then be able to use force not violence but force to put down that action and I would be allowed to use whatever amount of force is required to put down that action under natural law it's it's very simple if you just think of it in these terms if I responded to that by saying I'm not giving you anything and then the person tried to come at me okay I would be able to use whatever force I was able to use whether I had a gun on me and squeeze the trigger and put a bullet in that individual whether I took out a club or a knife or a tire iron or whatever I had on me to put down that person's incursion against my natural law rights I would receive that right at that point okay now yes that action would be doing harm to that other individuals body but only after they abdicated their right to stay free of harm by initiating violence by using force that they did not have the right to use in that instant for coercion okay to come Helmut you give them something you understand the difference it's critical to understand that deputies will look at this people on the other side stay with us everyone [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcast and radio network I'm your host Mark Hasse oh my website what on earth is happening dot-com the topic of discussion for today is force versus violence as one of the major components of understanding natural law so we're looking at slide number five on the 12 images that I've posted with this broadcast on the website and we were looking at a specific example the example where someone is accosted threatened with violence and maybe violence has actually been in this initiated against them okay so someone has attempted to attack someone in order to take something from them that does not belong to them let's take a look at this action in depth is force being used by the attacker or is violence being used by the attacker well they don't have a right to do what they're doing they're taking something it's theft it's one of the natural law transgressions they're trying to take that which does not belong to them therefore this is the immoral use of physical power to coerce compel or restrain that is what violence is so this is a violent action okay it is the initiation and use of coercion action which is not based in morality or natural law violence is action which one never possesses the right to take so this person is not within their natural law rights okay natural instal ways involves the violation of another's natural law rights so I step out into the street an attacker comes at me they want my money they start swinging on me they have violated my natural law rights to remain safe healthy and in keeping of my own possessions okay therefore I then receive a right okay to do something to correct that situation as a matter of fact it's a I've always had okay I now have the right to exercise that right okay and I want to be very specific about this and try to explain it as clearly as possible because this is where people don't understand that if I were to have to put down this attack I would not physically put it down okay to beat back this attack in some form or another okay such that this other being who this another immoral person who came at me was incapacitated through my physical action I would not have performed violence I would have used force to do that so let's take a look at my response let's say I'm armed okay I'm carrying so I take out the weapon and I fire two rounds into the center-of-mass was that an act of violence this is the fundamental question of the day ladies and gentlemen ask yourself this question is that would that be able to be construed as an act of violence and I would say absolutely not that is not violence that was a response to violence based in force not based in violence you see this is where you have to get out of your mind control folks that the state has put you in and that in many cases the New Age movement has even put you in okay if I respond physically to an act of violence to protect myself I have not engaged violence with violence I have responded to violence with the amount of force which is based in right okay I have a right to protect myself in that situation okay so I have not responded with violence I have responded with force the amount of force necessary to put down that attack so let's look at this chart and see where my actions fall okay the the attacker came at me tries to take what I have i discharged a weapon and put the attacker down okay I have exercised my capacity to cause physical change I have used energy strength or active power at my disposal because my natural law rights were being violated violence was being done to me so I engaged in an action which I possessed here's the concept of possession or ownership again inherently within me I have the right to take out my capacity to act and then exert it in the physical world okay I have a right to take my capacity to act and then put it into effect in the physical world that's a called a right so force which is what I would be using in this instance I always have a right force is backed by right violence is never backed by right it is wrong in 100% of the circumstances there is no such thing as a justification for violence if you understand the real definition of the word violence versus the real definition of the word force but here is where we have a a problem with semantics and people get into semantical games and arguments and they never actually hit the nail on the head with the difference between these things they still insist that they are the same because they want to play semantics games with words that's exactly what the occultists the mind controllers the complete Psychopaths of this world are doing with words to try to obfuscate their meaning did I violate another person's natural law rights in my action in that circumstance absolutely not I did not I possessed the right to take that action and I used it properly because my life was under threat that's what the ability to defend yourself with force is all about and every single individual has that right inherently nobody grants you that right you have that right if violence is being done to you or the violation of your natural law rights is being done to you you do possess whether you exercise it or not is up to you but you do possess the right meaning you are within your natural law right to put down that attack against your natural law rights okay by what the amount of force necessary to put the attack down now again you don't have to exercise that you can say I'm not going to to caused that harm to that person even though I now have that right to do that because of what they've done you can choose to turn the other cheek that's also within your right but I want to make it real clear you have absolutely every right to put down that violent attack by the by whatever amount of force is required to do it okay so on the other side of this break let's take a look at the dynamic of what is an accident violation under natural law okay and let's talk about the dynamic of people who think they have rights that they don't have and and therefore they're actually doing acts of violence that they don't have a right to do and think they do have that right [Music] okay folks we're back this is what on earth is happening let's jump right back into the difference between force and violence which is the topic for today's show once again force is our capacity to actually create change in the world and we have a right to actually exercise voluntary action that doesn't violate others natural law rights once the initiation of natural law rights has occurred it falls within that individuals choice whether they want to use their capacity to create change and exercise force if they want to use that and put it into practice in the world and they would have the right to do it now understand brainwashed people out there don't think that that's a human right there are people who would not think that that would be within someone's rights people who don't understand their rights think that someone would not have the right to put down an attacker when they have violated their rights when they have come for something that doesn't belong to them regardless of what import you might place on the possession that's irrelevant you are violating my body you're threatening me with violence and possibly death because you want something that doesn't belong to you maybe you just consider terror the territory you live in you know the neighborhood I might have crossed into a neighborhood where a drug dealer looks at this is this is my block or my corner and I would just want to pass to get them safely to my home and therefore they're gonna come at me and do violence it's the same situation folks they're threatening somebody and they're threatening their natural law rights to threatening their well-being and they're taking that which they don't have a right to take and you need to get down to the fundamental the very simple baseline dynamic wrong is being committed but more than that wrong is being started initiated there's the key to keep in mind it is all about who starts it okay yeah you ever hear this street saying don't start none won't be none have you ever heard that phrase that's that's it that means don't violate another beings natural law rights period because you don't have a right to if you don't want somebody somebody else reacting to the violation of their rights with force to put down that attack don't start the problem to begin with don't violate another person's natural law rights it's real simple understand what you do own and what you don't own and what I mean that by that is understand you own your own thoughts your own emotions and your own actions once you get into the territory of trying to stop other people from exercising their natural law rights you've crossed into the territory of violence you don't have that right nobody can grant you that right so this is what I want to talk about with another example that I'm going to couple more examples I'm gonna give and then we'll go to the phones of understanding when a violation of natural law right has taken place so that you can understand what rights do exist what rights don't exist and so therefore you can understand that rights that don't exist cannot be granted cannot be granted the only thing that ever grants someone the right to do something that they originally don't have the right to start doing is when they have already been violated when their rights have already been violated someone attempting to rape a woman the woman has a right to physically beat back that attack with whatever amount of force is required to do it okay sure she has been violated her rights have been violated her ability to express her sexual with who she voluntarily chooses has been violated that's an act of violence which no one has the right to take okay that's what rape is therefore if she wants to take out a Beretta and put two slugs into someone's head that that raped her she has the right to do that the the the point I'm trying to make here is we need to understand when we're allowed to use force there is the right to use force against someone else physically physically and this is something I know that the New Age movement has brainwashed people about that there's you can never take a forceful action against another person's body wrong absolutely you can you're within your right to do that I don't care how controversial that sounds too little emasculated little boys out there okay that's the truth that's the truth folks you need to know what your rights are so that you can step up and defend them when they're being violated and people need to know what the rights are not so they don't just start magically dreaming up that they have rights that they never will possess and here's one of them taxation taxation is a right that doesn't exist never has existed never will exist and yet people think that this is so moral that that's right as a matter of fact they have reversed it completely around it thinking that it's immoral to resist being taxed being stolen from the right the right to keep the product of your Labor's if you don't want to give that up to be then used for more immoral purposes people think you're immoral for not wanting to do that this is how ass-backwards and completely brainwashed this society is so let's give an example taxation let's take it back to one other person in the world okay you take your mind back to that space it's just me and another living being do I have a right to say that at all their living being listen there's we're living on a let's say we were living on a small planet someplace it's really small it's like you know a hundredth the size of the moon gravity's real low but it grows lush lush you know vegetation and plant there's food me and one other person are living on that world ok do I have a right to say to this person listen anything you do here to make or create I'm taking an arbitrary amount of it that I decide whether you like it or not if you don't comply I'm gonna do some form of violence against you or I may just you know tie you up to that tree shove food in your mouth to keep you alive whenever I feel like it but I'm not gonna let you move from that spot what I have a right to say that to that person and to do those things absolutely not it's theft that person would be exercising their labor under their volition to create whatever they created from the fruits of their labor okay to use their ability to do work which is force okay - maybe harvest food or plant crops or whatever they were going to do in that natural situation I don't have a right ever to come along with violence and with coercion with compelling threats to say you're gonna do this or else there's gonna be physical repercussions that's called violence that's the definition of violence now if that person resisted me and said nonsense I'm not going to give you anything that I make unless I make a voluntary agreement to do that because we talked about it we agreed on what we're going to exchange and that person said you try to come at me with any form of violence and I'm gonna put down that act of aggression this is the aggression principle or the aggression ideology is a better way of saying it okay I'm gonna put down your aggressive ideology in whatever way I need to put it down if you try to come at me with violence and that person would be well within their rights in that scenario and it doesn't make a difference the people we're going to go and say well with 7 billion people in the world there's a big difference no there's no difference all natural law rights are inherent man did not invent them ladies and gentlemen we didn't make up natural law they are here in the creation inherently the Creator put them there that's who instilled rights and the wrongs and we need to know which is which and we need to start understanding it fast because of the direction we're headed as a people we'll be right back and give some more [Applause] [Music] [Music] back everyone I want to talk about another dynamic associated with this this idea of force versus violence and knowing the difference so we're going to talk about taxation but before we do that I just gave the example of taxation as one individual claiming that they have a right to tax another individual okay because again to get back to whether something is actually based in morality or not we use the example of visualization visualizing that there are only two people present if you have the right to do it in that situation it exists as a right if it would be wrong if there were only two people present which I just gave in the last example and I think anyone that has any inkling of conscience or morality within them recognizes inherently the wrongness of what someone would be doing demanding that that other individual basically act as their slave you're gonna do this for me I'm just gonna take it I'm gonna come and take what you've made they can claim all they want it's for the greater good and it's going to be used for all wonderful purposes it is irrelevant what it's going to be used for if you are taking it based on coercion based on the removal of choice telling someone you don't have a choice in the matter your free will is being usurped by me and if you choose try to choose to just keep what you have I'm gonna do violence to you does this sound familiar ladies and gentlemen because it should this is the Society we have and we live in and people actually think it's right that's how brainwashed they are that they actually believe that that is right or it is a right exists as a right no one individual owns that right no one possesses that right you can't find me one person all out of the seven billion people living on this planet that in that situation has the right where in any situation has the right to take what they say they could just say they're allowed to take from another living human being it that right doesn't exist folks period the end it doesn't exist no one can prove that that right exists because it does not okay nothing you ever say or try to justify will ever make that an existing right so rights that do not exist for an individual because they cause harm or defraud another individual that's the definition of what wrong is that's what a violation of natural law is we're I'm talking about the concepts on slide number six here now okay the violation of another person an act of violence is that the result is that individual has been harmed or defrauded that's what violence is you have taken that which you don't have a right to take from them whether it be their safety their property or their rights so if that is not a right to do that meaning it's a wrong okay meaning you don't have a right to do that action if that right does not exist for an individual no individual living has that right then that invariably logically even follows no individual can ever say to another individual you suddenly have this right it can't be granted through any mechanism through any means ever to another living human being do I have a right to arbitrarily walk up to someone with a hammer and crack their skull that right doesn't exist I can write it down on paper and get a whole bunch of people to agree that this right exists and write it down and put an official seal on it and stamp it put it in a law books on place and that rights never going to exist ladies and gentlemen because it's always based in violence and that's what taxation is see the next slide number seven has to really phrases that really hit the nail on the head about what taxation is it's left it is the fundamental fundamental violation of natural law rights it is the fundamental transgression against natural law theft the one we boiled it all down to the one wrongdoing that all other wrongdoings are based on it also says taxation is slavery because if you can take that which someone else has produced by an act of theft okay and you're claiming that that person doesn't have a right to actually rebelled against that theft and claim that they have the right to keep what they have made with their the sweat of their brow and the labor of their own hands they're a slave that's the definition of slavery that's what slavery is people that don't have a right to keep what they've made that's what slavery is at its core at its essence but more profound and fundamental than this about these two things are indeed what slavery is it is theft and it is I'm sorry taxation is it is theft and it is slavery taxation is both of those things but even more fundamental fundamental than that taxation is violence put an equal sign between those two words folks because that's what it is taxation and violence are the exact same thing it's just calling one thing another you are using force which you do not have a right to use to take which that does not belong take that which does not belong to you and that is the very definition of violence that we gave in the previous slide it can't get any more clearer cut the people who don't understand this are not raised they are not raised in consciousness they are not raised in compassion they are not raised in the understanding of natural law and they certainly aren't raised in conscience in the knowing between right and wrong which is knowing which lights.you actions you have a right to take or do not have a right to take I know that I don't have a right to go and take something that doesn't belong to me I don't care what good I'm going to do with it believe me I could do a lot of good in the world teaching this information if I had more money but that doesn't give me the right to go and say you need to give me money to do this somebody has to make the decision to help someone else you can't coerce good deeds you can't coerce good deeds out of somebody else by saying you must do it because it's right or I'm gonna hurt you that's saying you're gonna do a wrong thing to get somebody else to do a right thing I'm gonna use violence to create something good yeah that'll work sure and people who say it's hypocritical to say that when I've just told you you have a right to defend yourself against violence you know you still don't understand what your rights are you have a right to use force to protect your physical vessel which you are in ownership while you are inhabiting it you are the steward of this vessel while you're alive in this three-dimensional form your body in other words you own your body while you're alive here while you're in this physical incarnation and I have that means I have a right to protect it and if someone comes at me with violence and I know I have harmed none and I do have a right to remain safe in my body I have a right to defend myself with force against that being coming at me with violence eternally I have that right we need to get this straight ladies and gentlemen and stop being just brainwashed over it I mean that's the only way of putting it people just are completely under a hypnotic trance because they think that people have the right to do actions that they never will have the right to do and they think people don't have the right to defend themselves against these violent acts and they're they're simply wrong there is no other way to put it you're just wrong about that if that's what you think so let's look at another example okay that's taxation let's take a look at another example and then we'll go to the phones in the last segment how about people who are saying that if other people tell them that this group of people no longer has the right to assemble or speak I'm gonna go over and I'm gonna attempt to take away their right to assemble and speak and this one will get me I'm gonna really endeavor to try to stay calm about this one because this is one of the things that is the I guess you could say nearest and dearest to my heart speech is one of the most fundamental natural law rights ladies and gentlemen that's why it was enshrined in that capacity in the bill of rights to the Constitution okay now I don't believe in man's law I'm just saying that was the was the attempt that was the intention of what they attempted to do to enshrine that as the ultimate right it's the first thing principle means first thing they attempted to encode that principle that truth into the very first thing in the Bill of Rights which is a restraint against government on what it may never do it's all negative statements Congress shall not shall not shall not and they said it won't that shall not make any law that have bridges the freedom of speech and yet in this very state when the g20 came to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that's what a whole bunch of people thought that they magically were granted the right to do suppress free speech thomas a.org [Music] okay last segment of what on earth is happening for today want to talk about people who think that they have magically acquired the right to put down freedom of speech and assembly and that's exactly what we saw right here in the state where I live on the opposite side of the state in Pittsburgh a couple of years ago during the g20 protests which you could just look up on YouTube and find out how much violence was done and not only that just the outright violation by the city of saying you don't have a right to come out and assemble and protest and speak your mind imagine the nerve the unmitigated gall I mean I have no respect for this city after this nun I'm no respect for the people of that city for putting up with that and not being so enraged about your city just told you you don't have the the rights that are supposed to be guaranteed and protected under the First Amendment that's what they told the whole city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and you know what the people or the mass bulk of the people of that city did I don't want to say a blanket statement and say this applies to everyone in that city but as a generalization that city rolled over and took it they rolled over and just accepted it and that made me lose a whole lot of respect because I thought that was a city of people who you know weren't gonna take anything like that and who were gonna stand up for their rights and their beliefs and what they know to be right but boy was I proven wrong you know the the protesters who did stand up to those individuals are courageous and moral individuals unfortunately they're up against the stacked deck with militarized police with military weaponry and so there's a lot of fear and you know they really didn't have the ability to do much about their situation but if you look at it at a fundamental level did they have the right to put down that act of a aggression if the crowd chose to do so they absolutely had every right to use whatever amount of force would have been required to put down that act of violence because that's what those cops were engaged in and they were breaking natural law and those cops should not be free people today as a result of that they shouldn't be free they're criminals let's let's be real specific about that word that's what those cops are not some of them all of them now I am making a blanket statement okay every single one of those cops who participated in that act of violence against people's natural law rights are criminals and don't belong to be walking in civilization free because of what they done they have done personally I don't think they even should be rotting in a jail someplace I think they should be ostracized from society I think anybody that keeps company with an individual like that is slime themselves and I don't care what anybody thinks for me of me saying that I could care less what you think of me saying that I'm not here like I've said many times in the past ladies and gentlemen and yeah I get fired up over this you know I experienced a full range of human emotions because I'm truly human okay I've said this many times in the past okay I do I lost my train of thought there because I'm I get so so nuts about this in particular which I said I wasn't gonna do but you know when I think about people trying to take people's speech see because that's the thing that makes us the closest to the to the creative essence is the ability to speak that's the thing that makes us closest takes us closest to the creator vibratory energy the communication of ideas and knowledge how dare anyone try to say that they're going to cut off that right and assembly with other people who you can share knowledge with this is a fundamental human right that no one has a right to violate that's why the people who founded this country tried to enshrine that above everything else and they said if this is what's being violated you know do you have the most serious of problems in your midst and you need to act quickly to reverse that condition and correct that problem another place that violence has always been going on is in the military okay of course it's entirely built on violence okay but in particular I want to talk about regimes who have started violence and attempted to take things that they don't have a right to take like lands or people's rights or resources and this is basically what the military does regardless of what country they're from so I've deliberately in slide number nine here put something that I want to be seen as offensive by people to shake them up and make them realize there's no difference between the left side of that image and the right side of that image the modern military that is waging Wars of imperialism and aggression to take those resources of other sovereign peoples that they don't have a right to take are no different than then Nazi Germany no different than the Nazis who marched across borders into other countries and raped other people's rights and murdered countless millions and you know and other countries regimes that have done this as well well to their own people even like like Stalin's regime or mouthes regime it's no different we need to lose respect for the people who haven't earned any of our respect because they haven't even shown themselves any respect they don't have self-respect how are they gonna earn the respect of somebody else there are hired mercenaries who are willing to go and take a paycheck to do something that's completely immoral and I don't care how strong people think my words are about that that's true that's the truth that's what's going on that's what our military is about to summarize everything we've been talking about about natural law you really just have to understand that unless we harmonize with natural law principles there is no way we're ever going to achieve true freedom peace prosperity survival and evolutionary progress moreover no evolutionary progress in consciousness will ever truly be made it's like a chicken and an egg scenario you need an evolutionary progress in consciousness to understand natural law at all but without that understanding forget about peace forget about prosperity forget freedom and ultimately forget survival because humanity's go in the way of the dodo goodbye extinction if we don't really turn our mind around and grasp an understanding of natural law real fast when we want to live in opposition in natural law good luck staring down a freight train folks because that's what we're really doing and that's what these police are doing who want to violate other people's natural law rights to speak that's what the military is doing who want to go and violate other people's natural law rights to exist free to exist peaceably in their country that's what that's what people who want to collect taxation are doing and there's a million other violations of natural law going on all around us that we could talk about until we're blue in the face but ultimately I want to wrap up the discussion today and then take a couple of quick phone calls by saying by quoting Francis Bacon who was the head of the Rosicrucian order at a time I believe in the late 1500s or early 1600s I could be wrong about those dates and may might be uh later than that but he said it might be late 16 into early 1700s he said nature to be commanded must first be obeyed natural law is not really an option see if some sense at some level the free will we think we have is illusory at the level of natural law there's only nature is the grandest dictator you can look at it like that folks but it's not dictation for our enslavement its dictation for our survival for growth we need to understand how nature's laws works work because that is the living system that we exist within that we are embedded within and if we don't understand that body in which we exist ok we're altom utley destroying ourselves so if we want peace and prosperity and true freedom and we want to be able to command the forces of nature we first have to understand nature's laws and live in harmony with them the end that is just how it works and the only way we're gonna ever understand that and accept that is to get out of the ego-mind and start to learn natural law so let's go to the phones with the last few minutes that we have Larry in excuse me here we go Larry in Louisiana you're live on what on earth is happening you can take us out yeah where it says all persons born or naturalized and subject to the laws and subject to the laws is an act of violence there's no man or group of men have the right to subjugate all people beautiful thank you so much for that Larry and those are great words to go out on we'll see you here next week on what on earth is happening folks stick around Chris ever our is up next here on Oracle broadcasting [Music] you [Music]