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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday January 22nd 2012 the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 central and we have a great show lined up for you here today with our special guest Bob Tuscan coming up this hour Bob's gonna be with us for the entire show today we'll be taking calls probably during the second hour and we're going to be continuing our ongoing discussion with Bob on the change in our quality of attention and what type of change in attention is required if we're really going to move forward and solve some of the problems that humanity is beset with at the current moment in history so we're going to be talking a lot about alternative media freedom of speech the encroachments that are coming down upon freedom of speech in our world in the modern day and anything else that we might get into with Bob that's coming up after the next break so I do have a couple of quick event announcements I just want to go through quickly at the last Wednesday of this month January 25th there is going to be a film screening that's actually this coming Wednesday at media Bureau studios which is at 7:25 North 4th Street here in Philadelphia this is hosted by truth freedom prosperity and activist group here in Philadelphia and every last Wednesday of the month they have a documentary screening and discussion night and this month they're going to be showing IM fish head I am fish head is a film about psychopathy human psychopathy something everybody needs to really understand if we're going to know what we're up against so that's coming up this Wednesday January 25th at 7:15 p.m. at media Bureau studios here in Philadelphia also I have two radio interviews coming up this week I will be interviewed on red ice creations with Henrik Palmgren later this week look for the show later in the week or possibly next week depending on whether when Henrik gets it up online on his site at red ice creation.com an incredible invaluable resource for seekers of truth I highly suggest if you don't already know all about red ice to go over to red ice creations and check out Henrik Palmgren incredible site with a wealth of information also I'll be interviewed on the antimatter's own Network on the show called occult Empire with Bob from Cincinnati a frequent caller to the what on earth is happening radio show that will be taking place this Thursday January 26th at 8 o'clock p.m. East Coast time the topic will be alpha me and the alchemical tradition so look forward to that one I'll post the link on the water on earth is happening website to remind people about that one there comes the break music we'll be right back after these words ladies and gentlemen with our special guest Bob Tuscan don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone [Music] we have a special guest on the show today Bob Tuscon another host on the auricle Broadcasting Network Bob show is every weeknight from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time you don't want to miss his show he brings on great guests he talks about all relevant issues about what has taken place in our world and what we can do to improve it solutions oriented approaches or something Bob always focuses on ladies and gentlemen welcome to what on earth is happening our special guest Bob Tuscan hey Mark thanks and you're one of my favorite guests that I have on my show and for folks that missed it mark was on Wednesday was it yes and that's of course at the archives Bob Tuscan calm and the Intel hub calm my two sites mark there's a lot of things we can talk about today but why don't we just let the primary talk out of everyone's system okay folks here we go Gingrich Gingrich Romney Santorum Gingrich and that's enough of that not did everyone enjoy that commentary I hope so it seems to be the forefront of what everyone is talking about but we're gonna be focused on a little bit something a little bit more abstract that freedom of speech is probably going to be the the center piece for the topic today but in general what I've been talking about on the show and the reason that I brought you on and the reason I wanted to talk to you regarding this topic is I've been discussing a solutions oriented approach that I call the change in our quality of attention the kind of change in attention that is required if we're going to solve the problems in consciousness that we're currently experiencing so I want you to speak to that to what you personally did to change your quality of attention and in other words you know what did you do that woke you up how did you change your personal attention to get off of the poison stream of media and start to concern yourself with matters and issues that really really affect us the truth in general what was that process like for you and what woke you up sure it's an ongoing process and folks it's really difficult it you know requires baby steps well a lot of us are born into this world in this climate of just constant mind control and propaganda everywhere you look with you know subliminal messages and whatnot and I came from a fairly you know liberal secular family that gave me some some moral you know guides they gave me a little bit of a moral guide that's what I'm trying to say here so I had the you know the fundamental morals always in my life I've always considered myself to be somebody who's you know against wrongdoing and you know it's not a Messiah Complex it's a matter of ethics folks you know if somebody violates natural law that has never sat well with me okay and I've always been somebody that doesn't just sit back and be apathetic while their neighbor's house is burning down I go and you know help the neighbor and even though my parents had taught me this in a sense right and not just my parents or a product of more than just our nuclear family even though I I learned this in my environment I still was around so many people that just didn't get the big picture you know they can apply it in some context they can apply the ethics in certain contexts but in other contexts they dropped the ball and I realized it was because they're consumed with information that is vanity filled you know job fill money filled consumer filled and that was taking us away from our true self so at a very young age mark mmm-hmm I got out of the hole vanity based lifestyle the whole you know I'm cool unpopular as a kid you know and because as a kid growing up in South Florida and very cutthroat culture that's the thing to do it a bit to go for the vanity ego identification yeah and and that ego death was probably the first part of my journey that I'm on and it's a required part to all of this and and that's something that I think we should pause on here and look at it a little bit deeper other than just my personal story because really it has nothing to do with me and that's what I discovered which led me to be able to consider things with the critical open mind so when you when you put your ego aside and Theo Jones was definitely a part of that for me when I got a little bit older but even on a more simple level you know just putting aside your ego and putting aside you know changing your value system opens you up to to learning and to getting beyond the paradigm that the powers that shouldn't be want to keep you in as a useless eater and a consumer and that was probably one of the pivotal parts of my awakening if you will was just letting the ego go and I know that might sound condescending to some you know everybody has an ego and yet it has its place and there's a balance of course but intellectually speaking if you're a know-it-all if you're somebody that doesn't you know that is told something by the teacher and therefore you accept it because your ego tells you that's an authority figure and that you should accept what they tell you then you're gonna be a product of the mind control in our world today and if we allow ourselves to question that authority which is something I also didn't just you know inherently then we can go beyond the paradigm again that the orange stream wants to put out for us absolutely I think understanding the proper role of the ego is so important in that process it isn't that the ego needs to be completely destroyed it needs to be put into its place it needs to serve its proper function of helping us to deal and interact in the physical reality in which we live it isn't about total ego destruction it's about not letting the ego run the house of the human spirit it's about using it as a tool which is as it is intended to be used as but not letting it be set up as the the keeper of the house speak right and and it's important that people get that early on if they want to allow themselves to really be able to see what's going on that's the first step and like I said they're requires it requires baby steps because some of us get it faster than others yeah but at the end of the day we are just so submersed in all this propaganda and mind control around us that if we get stuck in our ego of wanting to just be right and be okay and be happy and you know just sit there fat and you know worship gluttony and these sorts of skills and or not skills but these sorts of qualities then we're gonna be a product of the mind control we're going to be a product of the world we live in exactly we have to be willing to give up attachments to the things that don't serve who we really are as a people and if we're willing to admit that we're wrong and give up those attachments then we can make forward progress so you bring out really great really great and relevant points there with with those aspects of the the shift and attention and the awakening process I want to ask you about your your pro background as how as far as how you got involved in the alternative media community and radio in general so think about that and we'll pick up on that topic on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening with our special guests Bob Tuscan another Oracle broadcast and post here on the network we'll be right back after these words stay with us [Music] silent fashion it alone gotta keep my cool make them think I made up stop [Music] [Music] all right everyone we're back with our special guest Bob customer Bob before this last break I started to ask you about your professional background and how you got involved in the alternative media community can you speak to that well mark it started at a young age when I was listening to coast to coast I mean I've been listening to coast to coast for 15 years now almost and I'm only 25 so when I was what ten eleven I was tuning in late nights to our belt and I started to gain a passion for talk radio and a very young age a very bizarre passion and at that time of course I was kind of sub coming to the neocons on talk radio and even the Howard Stern type stuff and at the age of 15 I I did my own talk radio show on an AM station in Miami which we did weekly and was kind of a prank call type shall have nothing to do with what's going on in the world and and then eventually I did a show a talk show with a guy named Craig Worthing who was one of the longest-running talk-show hosts in South Florida and at the age 18 I was co-hosting with him on a weekly basis with his talk show also in South Florida and I I really got out of it to be quite honest mark and at about 19 or so right around there I started to learn about what's going on in the world now granted I always had the backdrop of coast to coast which allowed me to keep an open mind and listen to all sorts of things and entertain all sorts of different thoughts I had the background of the the study of them Theo gins and my thirst for knowledge when it came to that and at that point I had already witnessed an election being stolen by bush and so many other fraudulent aspects of what was going on in the world I had always been very much against war and that kind of thing so from that anti-war movement eventually came you know movies like Fahrenheit 9/11 how many years ago did Fahrenheit Fahrenheit 9/11 come out mark what was that Oh three or oh four I mean it was shortly after 9/11 if I'm not mistaken like it was later Oh 203 yeah yeah so I that was I remember going to the theaters and watching that with my family and as we know now Fahrenheit 9/11 is only scratching the surface but from the point in which Fahrenheit 9/11 came out I began my trip down the rabbit hole until I found in plain sight and like so many people listening right now 9/11 waking up to that was the aha moment in my life which took the passion that I had for talk radio that I was using to just satisfy Clear Channel and the other conglomerates that are brainwashing people with their controlled media and that includes Mitt Romney's company that he owns which owns most of Clear Channel right you know I realized I said to myself mark wow this is really messed up as a lot of people did I got to do something about this you know this turned on my activism I said this you know in my lifetime and again I don't mean to sound like I have a Messiah Complex but this in my lifetime I'm not gonna let this go under you know go unheard I'm not gonna let this go away I want people to know and at that time nobody really knew so that was the time in which we were a lot of us were first starting to wake up and we didn't know if we had other people out there that thought the same thing we did that saw through the lie that was deeply disturbed by this huge ritualistic trauma-based mind control and that was a pretext to killing millions so what I did was what anybody would do I took my passion for talk radio and I took my newfound passion for being an activist and I put the two together and the rest is history and I've been learning using the talk radio as a platform to learn well Bob and in some ways I don't think you give yourself enough credit because it's not something that just anybody would do there are a lot of people out there who know and still silent and that's one of the worst places to be I've said over and over again on my show you took the role of a person who really listened to their conscience that's what you did you saw something that you knew wasn't right and you decided you weren't just gonna let it go you were going to speak out about it and then you took action based on that conviction so not everybody does do that I would say you know a small percentage of people actually listen to that clarion call and actually take action based on that knowledge so you you definitely stand out in that regard because again there's many less people who actually take it into the realms that just show mark what would you do I have not okay it's a it's a lamestream show and I don't have a television I threw my TV out years ago years ago but occasionally come across something on the web and it catches my attention and this is an ABC piece or something like that from the lamestream and the the basic premise is they set up scenarios where somebody's doing something that you would think somebody would intervene if they overheard and somebody would say something right like oh no we're just people's rights are being infringed or maybe they're being mugged or something like there's there's the case of the drunk that's about to get in the car would you stop that okay okay you know things look scenarios like that and I'd love to show because I end up in tears and I don't know if this is how they presented I'm giving myself away as a softy but I end up in tears and I always end up in tears because I see people not knowingly that they're on camera you know they have no idea it's can camera type situation and they actually do do something they actually see the kid and say I'm not gonna let him be in this situation and they actually do get involved Wow and and and it touches me to see that there are people out there and I know we feel alone a lot but there are people out there that will do something and and I realized mark that these are the same people though that when he asked them about what's going on with 911 or the you engineering operations taking place in our skies or the massive rings of pedophiles okay that are really behind the scenes in Washington rest in peace send us key with your weaponized cancer because I had a feeling you were going to blow the whistle then aside I digress the fact of the matter is on a micro level people will act and then again I contradict myself because on a micro level we've also seen them not act where the case of the lady who was being raped and there was 20 people around nobody did anything because they all thought somebody else was gonna try it seems like when they feel that their they have some level of personal responsibility or maybe they're the only one who can respond to it then they'll jump into action but if they feel oh this could be left to someone else and they could pass the buck along then they're willing to do that that's exactly right so if it's out of sight out of mind who cares it's not in my backyard but these same people when they're when they're put into the actual situation they'll do something about it and they touch me it touches me it really does but those same people mark however as we saw with the Milgram experiment we'll put somebody to death with electric shocks because an authority figure is telling them to do so the belief and authority one of the great religions of the world as we've talked about in past weeks on this show it has such a powerful sway over the human mind and people believe in this illusion and they give their they try to give their personal responsibility over to it thinking that they're not responsible for those actions exactly right and I see a time and time again I would say the the number one way in which the powers that shouldn't be lie is through the use of an appeal to authority fallacy and it's so prevalent these days it's so common I've seen it in so many different you know parts of my life whether it's dealing with somebody on the phone through telemarketing I mean everybody these days and I could sit here and go through the different scenarios but everyone these days is so quick to accept some some somebody tells them because of a perceived Authority because they have fancy letters next to their name because they have someone else wrote for badge on and not by the content of what they're telling them that's why we have to apply the logical fallacies in critical thinking in accordance with the Trivium to be able to see through that big lie we'll be right back after these words folks are listening - what on earth is happening with our special guest Bob Tuscan [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Blastoise as nice welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio today on the show Bob Tuscan of Bob Tuscan calm another host here on Oracle broadcasting the Bob Bob Tuscan show is live every weeknight from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. East Coast time right here on Oracle broadcasting Bob give us your take on the the SOPA bill the Stop Online Privacy Act and and pipe of the protect IP Act these two bills that are considered a tax on free speech that are currently making their rounds through Congress let's get your take on those or is the outcry about the internet Killswitch that Obama announced he had where's the outcry on the internet to plans that they have perhaps this is the start of internet too but people are genuinely upset about what's going on it's very interesting I was just reading an article at the Intel hub calm that they made a stop SOPA app for androids and iPhones did you hear about this I have not I know you got an Android right mark I do I got the boycott SOPA app for Android it's been a huge help supposedly with the nationwide grassroots efforts against the draconian SOPA and PIPA bills and they reported today in the news that an another file-sharing site was taken down you were just telling me about this mark file sonic yeah and I lingly pulled their own services after the the raid on megaupload and other file-sharing service file sonic was not even rated by the feds and yet pulled down their own file-sharing services earlier today so well the fear is obviously working yeah and it shows you that that's all they need they don't need any fancy legislation to push the fear I and then we see a lot of flip-floppers in congress that said they would support it then they wouldn't support it we had Reverend Al Franklin Franklin was that his name Frank Franken Franklin you know the guy from Saturday night life yes anyways we had that clown go back and forth and with a little bit of pressure they they say oh well maybe we won't the votes coming up here in just two days and the 18th of course was a day in which a lot of the internet was blacking their sites out including Wikipedia and even Google which makes you wonder you know that Google might as well be called NSA I mean they're working so closely gathering information and gathering data for echelon that it's not even funny at this point I see no separation between Facebook YouTube and Google completely co-opted the only difference between here and China's Internet is that China openly announces that they have an Internet censorship campaign taking place operation Golden Shield in China was introduced what was it 2005 something like that and it was a 70 plus million dollar campaign two cents in their internet and to be able to look for keywords like Falun Dafa or Falun Gong with the Dalai Lama those kind of things and it was another sign of where we're headed here in the East excuse me in the West right and the fact of the matter is is that we saw them take down the Internet in Egypt which I believe was a operation that was taking place to test the waters if you will to see what kind of you know a response they will get and then at the same time they take the internet down there in Egypt they have sunk accounts puppet accounts from intelligence going around causing all sorts of trouble and tweets and on what and all that which they've announced it's because of how powerful and influence the free flow of information can be when it comes to waiting people up and showing them what's going on within their very own society that they would not ordinarily get to see in here this is why this resource really has to be protected and we have to watch out for all encroachments upon it because right now it is our window to an accurate understanding of our reality so what do you think it could be some solution that you would propose or what people would need to do to start really trying to go on the offensive even about stopping and beating back these egregious attacks on free speech and free assembly in general all right one of the ways we can do that as take ourselves off the dependencies to their technologies and I've talked to hackers and people who are a lot more technologically savvy than I am about this and they don't think that it can be done they don't think they can take it down so I don't know that I've wrapped my head around what you can and cannot do I guess there is talk of and we talked about this on a show I did a couple weeks ago that maybe they could take down the DNS directory or whatever it's called and I'll again I'm not good with specifics on all this but if you have a list of the IPS you can get around that DNS problem sure the domain name system basically routes a name typed in to a URL sir address bar to an actual server to an eye to the I've seen an actual server right yeah and then you know if we have the direct IP then we can get to the sites but here's what I say and this might sound completely radical but I don't believe that we should be dependent on the electrical grid at all we're so vulnerable right now to a major EMP taking down the grid and if not an EMP something else and the fact of the matter is if we're dependent on electricity then I think you're in for a rude awakening because the internet is gonna be the least of your concern refrigerator you know refrigeration right you know just basic sanitation every sanitation yeah all of these things we take for granted in addition to that I would suggest ham radio if we're talking about communication and we're talking about you know what we're doing right now getting out the word to the masses and organizing with people and don't get me wrong why we still have the Internet we need to use it for all it's worth we need to melt the heck out of it because it is a brilliant tool of course it's a double-edged sword because it's a vacuum it sucks up all sorts of fluff and junk but if you use it like we use it in a way that takes you down the rabbit hole if you will and brings you to different research like Marx or whoever's then it could be an invaluable tool it really is and it's expedited my process of learning like you wouldn't believe that's what it's all about it's about changing your attention through these resources while they're at our fingertips while they're available whether you do it with digital information whether you do it through listening to lectures whether you do it by reading books we need to change that quality of our attention and then bring that information by word of mouth to other people speak the universe is spoken into existence don't be afraid to speak don't be afraid of what other people will think of you it's about getting out there and getting in other people's face with this information not being timid about it if you know it's the truth speak it to other people attempt to have an influence in their life and help them to change themselves don't be timid about it I totally agree I've always said that you know there's those people out there that don't want to get a confrontation I don't want to disturb anybody you know forget that hey man maybe it's appropriate that I come from pushy New Yorkers and my family and I'm from South Florida which is the sixth borough of New York because you know I always felt that so that we should not be timid about this we need to be bold we need to get the bullhorn out so I've had my bullhorn staged when I go out and protest and you know shout on the bullhorn right we need to tell the guy drinking out of the water fountain about the fluoride even though that guy wants to kick the crap out of me I think I've told you that story before yes yes I mean he looked at me I just volunteered I said you know and it was very polite I said very casually uh what do you think about the fluoride you're drinking in the water fountain you know I'm waiting my turn I'm about to dose myself up whether - I forgot my reverse osmosis water and he looks at me like I just said the nastiest thing to him last time I checked if somebody's poisoning me you might want to know you might want to oh and III would say thank you to the guy telling me I said oh okay I'll look into that even if I don't know if he's telling me the truth or not even if I think he's just some crazy guy with a bunch of big hair and a tinfoil hat yeah it's it's great that you mentioned reverse-osmosis I mean the quality of water that goes hand-in-hand so much of us is water ladies and gentlemen you know the cleanliness of water is gonna have a lot to do with the the clarity and cleanliness of our mind and our body reverse osmosis systems are definitely we use one and I can't recommend them highly enough I mean you want to get the the drinking water that you're going to use on a daily basis as clean as you can make it because the municipal water supplies there they're not they're not good for your body their mind they have imagine your drinking water my sediments pharmaceuticals fluoride as Bob Bob has said yeah and not just the drinking water I didn't reject that what are you right yeah transdermally you're absorbing all the junk and you know I got I got to call myself out on this I need to get a good shower filter I have yet to do so so see folks I'm human I'm not perfect I don't have everything figured out but I sure as hell need to get one soon well Bob since we got into this topic tangentially maybe I'll post a couple of resources together with the show because I do have some information on on filters like that so what I'll post with the resources attached to this show room podcast I like that especially with babies folks with their brain you've got the soft spot you don't want them in that kind of water please right all right ladies and gentlemen coming up to another break I'm gonna give the hall in number in the next segment so people get can get in the queue we'll take some calls in the second hour of the show but we'll be right back with our sorting radio yet [Music] welcome back everyone I'm mark passio and this is what on earth is happening my website what on earth is happening dot-com today on the show we're talking with special guest Bob Tuscan his website is Bob Tuscan com go over and check it out definitely check out Bob's show he has a great radio show every weeknight here on Oracle broadcasting from 8 to 10 p.m. Eastern Bob I want to give the callin number so we could take some calls in the next hour from listeners and I'll do that and then I have a couple more questions I want to direct your way before the top of the second hour so the calling number for the show ladies and gentlemen is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five calling get in the queue we'll be taking your calls in the next hour with our special guest Bob husk and anything you want to ask Bob is fair game call in and give us a shout so Bob I want to talk to you about personal responsibility and the role that this plays in the change in our quality of attention because as we all know it's really still largely up to us the type of mental food that we take into our our makeup as a human being and I want to get your take on personal responsibility and how people who believe in some way that they have the right to do this quote enforcement of infringing draconian laws against the freedom of speech of other human beings how does that go along with the dynamic of personal responsibility in your mind yeah well they take it unto themselves to violate natural law which is something that we've talked about time and time again and I think it goes together with the idea of personal responsibility and taking control of your own situation first and foremost and not waiting for a savior to come and help you you know this is what the powers that shouldn't be want the you know election process to do is to act you and take the onus away from yourself and your community and your family and put it into something somebody else and especially someone who is you know bought and paid for right and even the Ron Paul campaign to a certain extent you know what there's a balance that needs to be hand there I don't put down Ron Paul I I'm not a huge supporter per se I I know the Intel hub and myself cover it quite a bit because I think it does bring attention to a lot of different issues right but at the end of the day I'm more of a grassroots guy I much rather sit here and talk to you about how you are doing you know different things to change the situation that we're in talking about growing a garden getting off the grid and or whatever it may be everybody has their own different you know way of going about this but people are afraid of failure mark there are fate of failure they're afraid of rejection right so they don't have enough cuspid to get out there and do something okay because they're they're afraid of being put down and put in their place and they don't want to get hurt and that's unfortunate because you know if if they would realize that it is up to them to allow for these scumbags to get away with what they get away with okay it is up to them you know who said it best Martin Luther King Day happened just recently it comes a point where your silence becomes complicit that's right the only old I don't you if not you who if not now when you know we have to realize there's nobody holding us back from forward progress in consciousness and evolutionary development and freedom except ourselves and the longer we sit back and wait and rest on our laurels and don't get involved in this in this war which is what it is I mean let's not mince words it is a war and people can say that strong language or that's divisive language or that's dualistic language but we're in a fight here we're in a fight against the forces of darkness tyranny and enslavement and if we don't get involved in that struggle and make our personal responsibility and say yes we are responsible for what happens or doesn't happen in this war then we're gonna sit on the sidelines watch Life pass us by and watch the the default state of tyranny overtake us and ultimately rule over us and it's a lot easier mark at the end of the day to pass the buck right let's pass the buck let's not worry about it let's just pass the buck and that's why so many people result to the appeal to Authority fallacy because we say well they pass the buck they don't they're not autodidact they don't think for themselves they don't look into it for themselves they say well because the doctor told me or because the president told us that that makes it so right today this is the exact line of ideology that is dwelling in the minds of these so-called controllers the police and military classes they're attempting to hand away their personal responsibility to others and say oh I can't be held responsible for my own actions I'm actually doing these actions I'm actually creating violence I'm actually putting these people in cages for what someone else told me I'm allowed to do that for even though I have no right to do that because no one has been harmed as a result of their actions but that's exactly what they want to do pass the responsibility onto someone else even though they're the people taking the actions and it's so and we wonder why the nanny state has gone out of control you know on a regular just about everything that because unfortunately the powers that shouldn't be they they buy into the Leviathan to Thomas Hobbes and his work where you know you know human nature is all nasty and we need somebody to control us right because we're inherently bad we're inherently not able to take for ourselves and we're always in this survival of the fittest mentality a poisoned worldview yeah and this social Darwinism that's so prevalent and I'm here to tell you folks that it doesn't need to be the case that we as human beings have certain qualities that go beyond the rest of the animal kingdom and in fact if you take a look at Darwin's writings he only mentions this viable of the fittest that he's so famous for but a few times in fact he talks about human beings evolving to a place if you will to a where were you know able to love beyond our kinship and love beyond our direct you know surroundings and whatnot and we have all these other qualities these benevolent qualities and exist in humanity that doesn't exist outside of the animal kingdom and rather than realizing that we as human beings have an amazing ability to be the custodians of this earth to care for our children and provide them with an abundance that the earth provides and I don't I know I hope I'm not sounding too hippie-dippy with this mark I hope you see my point because absolutely I think that if we look at the alternative which is the divide and conquer the order out of chaos the fact that there's what you know and if as long as they keep us in that frame of mind where we believe that we have to be in the state of chaos or any survival of the fittest then they're going to be able to play on our emotions and our fears it's a fundamental shift in worldview and attention is what's required to get out of that attachment in that way of seeing the world that's been around us since we've been very young so we've been conditioned to see the world like that basically from the cradle and it's passed down from generation to generation a poisoned worldview like that and as you've been eloquent in saying that's really not the case you're here to tell people the good news that that's not true that's really not who we actually are as a people we don't need all of these multifaceted levels of control in order to live a quality existence on this planet what we need to do is be vigilant about when freedom is being taken from us because we understand natural law rights and we have developed the willpower to be willing to protect those rights when they come under threat that's what's ultimately required Bob I want to get your take on another dynamic that we saw during these this past I know you know we we put too much stock in the whole election because it's fraudulent to begin with and it's always ultimately giving away personal responsibility to other people that we think can in some way represent us you know which is insanity thinking to begin with that anybody can actually represent your interest for you but I don't know if you saw when Ron Paul advocated that we treat other people as we would like to be treated in one of these debates that just passed and the crowd actually booed the golden rule home yes oh my god if that's not a sign of the sickness of our world today I mean the golden rule is so fundamental so important so basic and it goes beyond just treating people like you would want to be treated because if you're a if you're a sadistic individual who hates themselves well that doesn't count in my opinion so III approve of the golden rule enhanced in the sense that for those who want to be statistic fine but that doesn't mean you should treat your neighbors like it either absolutely right we have to get out of this mentality of do unto others before they do unto us this idea of pre-emptive aggression is insanity and we do need to get back to these core principles of the golden rule which lie at the foundation of all wisdom traditions regardless of time regardless of place in the world great segment Bob we'll be back at the top of the hour and hopefully we'll take some calls you're listening to what on earth is happening with our guest Bob's Chris geo of truth frequency I was born a shotgun [Music] behind the girl I'll make my finals day well hopefully ladies and gentlemen we won't have to make our final stand behind the gun hopefully we can make it behind the philosophy let's never forget that's what this show is all about that's why I do this show so it doesn't have to come to anything like that that's the number one thing that I have in mind is keeping it from going and escalating to the level of force we don't want it to have to go to that we want to help influence people to understand the philosophy of freedom and live that way and be willing to respect that in for all other people so Bob this is the short segment and we'll go to some calls in the in the later part of this in the next segment but you had a project a special project that you're working with some of the gentlemen from tell hob on that you wanted to tell the listeners about you go right ahead and knock yeah I appreciate that mark the Intel hub comm of course as you know I work very closely with them and we're working on a new podcast series that takes an in-depth look at some more topical situations if you will for instance the strange sounds did you hear about this mark yes I did I'm not really too sure what to make of it I mean it seems like in some way this may be connected with the Earth's magnetic field I really think it isn't that isn't the case because that could bring about all kinds of different possibilities for what may lie in store with us as far as mother nature is concerned but it's something I have looked into and it's kind of disconcerting yeah there I mean there's a million different possibilities with this it could be a viral marketing campaign for a movie so anyways the the point of me bringing it up I don't mean to digress I did a show on that by the way what was a Friday night I don't know yeah check it out it was pretty good we had Lucas nine-one-one and Francis Walsh an astronomer and Scott all from different backgrounds with different insights right so what's going on and back to the Intel adduce brief it's mental take something like that and give you about 10 15 minutes you know just to give you that concentrated in-depth look at what's going on you know we do live talk radio and I love live talk radio right so we can take calls it has a more natural feel to it we don't pre record any of this stuff folks it's all as it comes and folks you don't realize that that although it's a double-edged sword and may allow for prank calls to get through or whatever it allows us to be genuine and it allow us to be off-the-cuff which I like but the podcast on the other end also allows us to go in-depth into different topics and make it brief we want to make these brief to the point we did one on Ron Paul and I had Michael bad and Erik former presidential candidate on for a podcast we did a couple weeks ago getting his take on the madness and so much more so we're trying to keep these up-to-date and topical releasing 2 to 3 every week at the Intel hub calm just go to the website the Intel hub comm with the banner up there and if you're not familiar with the Intel hub comm where the hell have you been you know because Marc they really do have the best source of alternative news it is a very good site and these gentlemen also are responsible for hosting the free your mind conference videos that are we posted the user YouTube that's right doctors will get a whole lot of hits absolutely not for sale the number to NWO is our official YouTube channel I've posted countless videos including my recent chat with Freeman fly Freeman came into town and of course I talked with him at the freer mind conference where he spoke and yeah the videos are going viral it's a great channel with over 4 million uploads which tells us that people will want to hear what's going on when we see that our Alexa rating surpasses Chris Matthews three four times it tells me not that we're doing not that I necessarily I'm trying to pump myself on the back but that people genuinely want the truth and they're tired of the lamestream media they want something different they want something that's going to show them what's really going on and not lie to them and pander to the establishment at more so than at any time in human history believe it folks more people are ready to hear the truth and you're not going to get it from the mainstream you have to go to the alternative media you have to go to books you have to go to podcasts to get that so a great project Bob you pick it up on the other side stay with us everyone [Music] welcome back this is what on earth is happening on their host park pass yet today on the show we're talking to radio talk show host and activist Bob Tuscan Bob we have a special caller on the line you want to take some calls yeah let's do it once let's hear from the people all right click on the line with us is Frey directs whoa Oh what do we owe this guy's amazing mine nine different secret societies okay I prefer esoteric orders esoteric orders all right I like the secret society thing though because it sounds mysterious how you doing Bob doing well I hear you had good show last night with Carol and gora yeah yeah it was excellent and greetings as well to mark thank you thanks for calling in know it's been a great show the first hour been listening I was really excited to have the opportunity to catch your show live mark I listen to it every week usually in podcast but today I had the opportunity so ring Here I am and I want to say I had an excellent exchange in the chat line with about 20 a year Abid listeners there in the chat yeah the Chinese pretty lively during the show and people are gently pretty pretty good in there and you know act civil toward each other too you have a moral agency so I'm glad that the chatroom is there and acting as a a supplement to the show I hope people will keep it that way definitely I I don't know if you caught it or not but I had a little exchange back and forth with an anonymous listener who claimed to be a Scottish Rite mason so I asked him some direct questions and he admitted to me right there in your chat that basically the Scottish Rite is superfluous as I've said many times it has become something that is far from its original intent that's for sure yeah so it was really it was a good opportunity I liked being able to talk to him excellent thanks for that but anyways I love your topic the topic of freedom the idea of I was thinking right away when you open the show that you know who won the revolution in America if not people you know who with freedom in their hearts you know and and it's not it's not lost in my mind that what the Revolution was finished they quickly got rid of guys like Thomas Paine because they needed to bring back dinner you know the elite control of society and they had to really extinguish that fire freedom real quick that's right yeah common sense who needs it right well you know we gotta we gotta get these expansive ideals back in check really is what it came down to I mean what we're talking about politics we all know that politics I mean politicians are there just to give the illusion of the freedom of choice right they and so yeah it's it's dialectical mechanics it's just you know a false choice leading people down to the same authoritarian ideology that there should be people who represent our interests that there should be people who are our authorities so there should be government our cause you know it to me and if you break down the meaning govern to control meant meaning uh mind that's right mind control there you go that's government and as I've said many times it is simply another form of religion it is uh the belief in something that is illusory and not attempting to imbue that illusory thing with energy and make it real in our lives such that it has power over us and that's all any form of religion in the sense of that which holds us back as we broken down the word many times is there to do simply control hold us back from forward evolutionary progress in consciousness true religion which is based in truth which is based in philosophy the love of wisdom in actions that are grounded in natural law and do no harm and serve our best interests true religion acts is a reconnection to the divine that exists within all of us so the distinction has to be made between religions so-called which is really false religion and what a true religion or a true philosophy based upon truth and natural law can actually do for us I absolutely agree with mark yeah I mean you could call it spirituality you can call it mysticism I mean it's it's it's a distinction from the religious you know spirit that's help humanity captain for well what John last calls the infiltration of the opera' hammock patriarchal religions you know the Hama infiltration but you also talked about water and I was I was reminded of the I had a conversation with Max Egan last month and and you know we spoke about water and the basis of consciousness and how his theory is that when a person dies the water goes back to the ground table you know the water table and basically uploads all the impressions and experiences of the individual back into the main water source very interesting but what is what is the substance if it's not calcified in the pineal gland its water right yeah it's a liquid well I mean oh I've actually heard that it's a crystalline substance it's actually silicon there could be you know actual still in there well if that's very interesting it makes it even more fascinating but as far as I know water is connected and then you have the experiments that the Japanese scientists did with looking at water pictures of water and the different projections that he would put in order to put love and and I've seen some skeptics take that on on and I think it's interesting but at the same time I think when we start to say that simply projecting a thought will will bring you know something into our lives is a bit naive it requires action okay so I don't like the secret I'm a big anti secret Law of Attraction guy and it's not because before we go down that rabbit hole right let me put it in perspective the reason why that's okay I want to get your opinion there but the reason why I brought it up is because water he who controls the water you know his point when he made it to me was the corporation's the global corporations out there as you have pointed out so often Bob they're taking control of water and if they get control of the water they put additives in there they change the molecular content of the water they're changing our consciousness during water right you know a lot of people say it's a form of thought transports for thought transference in and of itself water if you even look at the pineal gland it has some of the most high volume blood flow of any other part of the body and blood is comprised mostly of water as we all are it comprised mostly of water so if you can actually control the quality of water as you're talking about Frey directs which is what these conglomerate corporations are attempting to do in all areas of the globe you will have a inroads to be able to affect human consciousness on a grand scale absolutely as a matter of fact one of the whole shows I'm gonna do as far as solutions when it comes to food is going to be on water and one of the the most pure forms of water that anybody can take into their body I'm a believer in RO systems I know Bob you have one as well but more so than that we need to look to the water that is distilled by nature itself and that's why I'm really huge on juicing and if you look into the power of juicing and how high energy that body is you are bringing the energy of the Sun you're bringing light into the body by taking the water that's distilled by nature and fresh fruits and vegetables and water by itself you know even the reverse osmosis is broken in a sense I've looked at robee robee us plant red tea it's called sometimes I'm yes mention with making whole water fascinating matter a lot realize a real quick here before we're gonna break we went to war with Iraq everybody talks about oil but they have the largest freshwater aquifer actly grade-point Bob we'll be right back after these words folks don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back ladies and gentlemen this is what on earth is happening here on the oracle broadcasting radio network i'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today on the show we're talking with fellow Oracle broadcasting radio show host Bob Tuscan Bob Tuscan com is his website Bob we were talking to Freda Rex and he wanted to get into the law of attraction a little bit with you as you were going to talk about the law of attraction that's making its way through the new-age community and the the quote secret and how that differs from the true law of attraction so let's go back to freighter wrecks and get into that with them a little bit and we also have other callers waiting on the line real quick the calming numbers eight six six eight four one one zero six five Collin pose some questions for Bob Tuscan and here we go freighter Rex are you still on the line with us cool mark I mean basically I would like to hear what Bob had to say about that because I think I I'm interested in his in his assessment of the secret and the natural law of applications of such go ahead well yeah I don't mean to be a party pooper here folks but the mere fact that you're thinking about something and you know therefore you're going to attract it is complete BS yeah you can think about things and think things through and have critical thinking and learn about something and meditate perhaps and you know ponder on something that's what philosophy and all the things that we've been talking about today on the show is all about but this notion that if you think about money or for instance here's well here's one example that I see somebody told me the other day that if you think it works both ways here either you can think about getting sick and then get sick or you can think that you don't want to get sick and then when you do get sick it's because you're not supposed to put out what you don't want so I've heard both ends of that said and I don't buy either way I don't believe that I believe that with every action there's a reaction and that we need to look at the process and be pragmatic about it and again yes there is a sort of thinking and deliberation that takes place before we act and and of course if you don't think about you know being an activist for geoengineering and chemtrails or if you don't think about waking up to 9/11 or whatever it may be or if you don't think about the occult or whatever then you're not going to learn about it but if you think about it then you'll learn about it it's as simple as that that's what the the secret is the secret is is that if we think that we're going to be able to put our intentions out there and that that alone is going to help us it's no different than what we were talking about earlier where we we think that somebody's going to save us - save your complex I'm in total agreement I think that positive intent can play a role but it can't act for us we have to do the work you know we can put out an intent we can put out a general feeling about how we're going to be receptive and open to information or even healing for that matter you know there is information to suggest there is such a thing as the placebo effect and you know you can believe that you're being healed and then that can change energy fields in the body but I don't think it's going to go out into the world and just magically change the world for the better if we don't help people to understand what they're doing that they don't have a right to be doing and then stop taking those actions you know it's an act of willpower that ultimately changes the world because ultimately behavior has to change just thought okay alone is not going it's the starting point it's not the ending point the ending point is actually making a willpower decision to change behavior that's where the law of attraction ultimately plays out in the real world and the realm of manifestation so I'm in agreement with you there Bob a power of intention is one thing but thinking that that's going to get it all done is quite something else and it's a watered down version of the real law of attraction so freighter X does that answer your question about where Bob's take on on the law of attraction that's around the New Age movement our lives yeah I think it's really clear and eye-to-eye I agree with you both and I couldn't have put it better mark than the way you summed it up I mean it is I think very easy to get sucked into oversimplified generalizations about things the secret is a clear example of that the movie is an oversimplification of the laws of you know the natural laws that we have all studied closely and you know this is something that is very you know it's manifest I think throughout our this industry here and truth-seeking and the idea of you know you're going to people are going to rise up with these oversimplified generalizations and you see the fruit of it it always comes through over time but in the end it I think I completely agree with you guys and you know one thing that was a little bit of an aside I think the flaw of the approach that's laid out in the direct oh just think what you want and it will manifest approach is that you know in sigil magic for example you have you create a diversion where you you symbolize your intent in a thing that is usually a mixture of letters of a word or an otherwise directed practice of will and you the reason why I've said that mark you brought up a clear assessment of is because you discuss the action phase we need to do things to improve our consciousness we need to do things to improve our behavior and this is the only solution is actual dynamic action and if you lay back on the notion that if you just wish a thing into effect or into existence then it's going to you know come to you it's like the whole Savior concept it's the same same principle you know Snyder I like I think I one other aspect of this that I want to mention and real short real briefly here is the fact that somehow you would have the nerve to say that people being slaughtered in a genocide in Africa somewhere by machetes you know children in a village that somehow they at tracted that to themselves and I just don't buy it yeah doesn't sit well with me that you know you have a geezer of a nursery whether your kids are just slaughtered or you drop bombs on them I don't think that the law of attraction brought that to them I don't buy it I it doesn't sit well with me and I think we need to go beyond it well it's a whole different pattern of consciousness that would deal with that sort of you know experience it's completely beyond I completely agree with you but you know the point I raised the only reason I bring up the the example of sigil magic is because the reason why a person would turn to sigil magic as a practice is because the idea of focusing on your intention creates a corruption in the sense that you instead of bringing about the effect you get what you do is you create a groundswell of what you lack you see by wishing for a thing what you're really telling the universe is I don't have this why do you're making that statement Friedrichs why do you think they use sigils on our money to keep us from the thing that we actually need the most which is the awakening of the one I interesting yes why thou at for that specific form of magic as your disgusting sigil magic is used in that negative aspect on money so phenomenal points really great call freighter X thanks so much for calling and contributing the show look forward to hearing from you anytime and maybe I we have to do an entire show with you as a guest in the future hey no problem give me a call and great show guys good good job will be I'll be listening for the rest and thanks again for taking my call thanks Ryder take good care all right Bob I want to quickly ask you about your take on chemtrails which is something that people really need to shift their attention and just take a look up in the sky to see that this is going on around us at all times sure they're spraying the heck out of us folks barium aluminum oxide and strontium and just today I was enjoying some exercise playing soccer and I looked up in the sky and there was a plane spraying a fresh aerosol you know fresh trail of aerosols and into the sky and right next to it literally right next to it was another plane with absolutely no condensation trail nor chem trail from the back of it so it's something that I'm working on we're working on a film and we're working with the EPA and our City Commission to get the word out here locally to put an end to the geoengineering operation I want to pick this up on this topic up a little bit on the other side before we take some more calls so stay with us ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio talking with Bob Tuscan of the Bob Tuscan show here on Oracle broadcasting today Bob we still have a couple callers on the line you want to take some more calls yeah let's do it all right here we go rich from Sacramento you're live on what on earth is happening welcome mark Bob nice talk yes doing well heckle compelled to call it and I remember mentioning the Bob a couple of days about the scientist he was studying that water stuff hey I'm not going there I just read a book figured out for themselves but uh what I didn't want to talk about is uh what I am doing in action I work with firearms quite a bit so I deal with law enforcement and military all the time and be honest with you I'm probably the last person that you would ever think to be working with firearms I don't really have enough fascination with them I kind of just throw in this position and in the times they are needed the money so I took that position but it in light of doing that it made a perfect opportunity for me to talk to our first lines of defense in the Sheriff's Department lieutenants ex-military military still in court things like that all the time getting their perspectives on what they think is really going on right now a very important they they are victims and as Marquez pointed out in his presentation the powers that shouldn't be think of them as more of the the bottom feeders than even the US the the normal goyim yeah I would say their take on them their mental attitude toward them is lower than a slave as I've said many times they literally call them their pets sadly I've seen I've seen I work with the military guy he's fresh back from both Iraq and Afghanistan and I've seen his perception on the world changed dramatically in the last six months probably because he didn't work with me for the past six months but uh yeah just the other day shows me an example marine walks in in full garb ease or watch this I'm gonna walk by and he threw out a call we're just a simple command from the drill sergeants and this guy jumped two feet out of his seat didn't know what hit them just based on commands and talking about all repetitions that he remembers being put through it clearly it's a form of mental torture it is Bob your take on well you know it's pretty clear that they should be treated with with respect but the powers that shouldn't be don't treat them with respect because unfortunately they look for the dumb down people we heard reports that police are police agencies are allowed to discriminate in hiring people because of too high of an intelligence score okay so you know it's not only are they actively recruiting people with lower intelligence into these positions they went to court they went a court case that they can discriminate against people who are too intelligent so that combined with the fact that the sheriff's office should be a buffer for us and protect us and that these oathkeepers should be on our side and hopefully not be used against us with the chemtrails where I am in location we have extremely clear skies and you can see all the way the horizon with no development so it's very easy to see when the sky is marking 10 20 30 line to grid it out like crazy and every time it's a clear day and I can meet somebody at the door first thing has two interesting skies they huh and get a reaction given quick profiles this individual would take the mention of a country no lightly or not and further progress in a conversation otherwise and what are some of the reactions you've heard from bringing that up usually if it goes right over their head and they're like yeah it is strange or you know it clearly they have no forethought of what a chem trail might be I kind of I kind of sweep it under the rug but if anybody shows any inkling of interest and I've had everything had plenty of Marines I say that's interesting and then I'll turn them on to what is it what in the world they spray great dr. magiot McGrath with progressive and in the tradition I mean these people are coming back on a regular basis so I'll get follow-up comments from them having seen those videos and things like that and you know how did we locate Bob I know you weren't planning on going much deeper into this topic but it is something I'd like to get your a further take on from you insofar as this connects in with the quality of our attention how do you suppose it could be that we live in a society where people can see something right before their own eyes and still deny its existence and try to pass it off as something which it clearly is not what should they call a persistent contrail condensation trail of water vapor at altitudes by which frozen water vapor could not freeze and form into a contrail and they're seeing these uh sprayed into the skies on a practically daily basis and yet they can completely ignore I mean what does that have to say with where most people's quality of attention lies well it's two things Monica real quick areas two things we've talked about the fact that something right in front of your face is usually a good place to hide and you know that's one aspect to this but the other aspect to this is that if we were to open ourselves up to the possibility that there is this massive aerosol operation taking place on our skies then if this is true what else is true and then the other thing people do is they say well I'm not sure of the motive and even I'll be honest to tell you that I don't know the mode of a hundred percent so therefore I should neglect the fact that we have samples of barium aluminum oxide in strontium and we can show you time and time again that the atmospheric conditions have very little to do with these persistent contrails it's it's I just find it so amazing that people who don't know what they're actually doing who aren't privy to that highest level of that intent for that action would still go ahead and take the action just because they believe in faith with faith with religion zeal that the people who are directing that agenda have the best interests of the people in mind I can't it's hard for me to even fathom that people can be that naive or completely uncaring and disconnected from morality that they could go up in a plane and spray something that they don't know it's actual intent on to us a civilian population it's it's unbelievable so if anybody that wants to get a good a good side of some chemtrails you can visit Lake Tahoe anytime on any given day and like here about 6500 feet closer to the sky and the chemtrails just go crazy it is insane it's Jahjaga well rotate really I want to thank you for the call bringing up some good points and good questions for Bob so let's go to another battery dock in Florida you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Bob tusk and welcome it's great to be with you guys thanks doc hey that Bob yes it is yeah what's up here Bob Tuscon oh no it's it's just Bob Tuscon or Bob Barr anyway yeah it's been about 30 minutes with Popeye earlier today on a show in line yeah yeah Popeye is a good friend of mine yes show on the Orion talk radio network correct that's exactly right yeah at the same time but check the archives out because you know that's the beauty of this thing it's that we can promote each other shows and not really care about it because you guys have no excuse to not check out one show versus the other right I've been on interviewed on Popeye show he has a great show putting the truth out there people should definitely check it out well you guys got a simulcast one day sure yeah those work out well in my opinion yeah I did one the other day on you know much smaller network and it worked out fine it was a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone so and increase each other's listening audiences you know I mean it it's not a competition we're all in this for the same reasons precisely you know that that's sort of pouring of this truth market if you will it's not a good thing so I like for people to work with each other and support each other it's important you know at the end of the day anybody can contact me I read all of my emails I'm very accessible anybody can email me pop-tarts gonna have two Intel hub comm and what I'm doing should be no different than anybody else who's out there concerned about the issues we talked about that's right get out there and take action and don't be afraid to speak can't be overemphasized enough Bob do you want to ask another a question or specific question of Bob what's under my dock you talking to me yeah yeah what's up yeah yeah I had brought up some pretty news the items on his show and one of them is on conspiracy cafe about the shipment of explosives taken to the Canary Islands which is something everybody certainly needs to know about interesting yeah that would create a tsunami dock that would potentially take out the entire East Coast markrob can we get back from break here we'll talk a little bit about that absolutely this is something I have not yet heard about so I'm interested in hearing this already all right folks this is what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network be right back with our special guest Bob Tuscan don't go anywhere we'll be right back for the last segment [Music] okay we're back for the last segment of what on earth is happening for this Sunday January 22nd 2012 edition with our special guest Bob Tuscan the bob Tuscan show here on Oracle broadcasting we had on the line doc in Florida doc are you still with us here I am okay we were you had a question about a source report that you heard that you read at conspiracy cafe and it was regarding shipments of explosives to through the Canary Islands and bob was about to respond to that okay yeah well tell me a little bit more what what do we know for certain as far as these explosives were were they sent and what's your take because it would be very interesting to see a false flag of some sort lead to a major tsunami which they've talked about the Canary Islands blowing on their own why do they need explosives when it seems the the geology already is fairly uncertain no Larry false flag or whatever you know big event like Japan there's always been an exercise there's always been they want to accelerate the process they don't want to wait they're running out of time they're being discovered etc they're running scared are you looking at the same website now no I I don't have the link pulled up here I mean I can but just tell me in short what what's to take care well they've offloaded tonnage of explosives there and there's no other reason for it except for that I mean the shipment was originated didn't originate but it stopped in Finland and the captain of that ship was arrested because the container shipping containers had cruise missiles the latest version and all kinds of explosives and the shipping crates were marked fireworks destination China now China makes fireworks hey Tony import them interesting Bob your take on what this might mean might be a good time to get off the East Coast we the nuclear facilities in abundance here it's probably a good idea to get away in general I'm not quick to say that this necessarily means we'll see some sort of false flag attack happen but it wouldn't surprise me so I think it's good that we bring this to the listeners attention and doc I appreciate the call yeah I would say that the time to watch for anything like that as always comes up around that season of sacrifice from the beginning of spring to the midpoint of spring I can't emphasize that enough for people to pay attention to that time period the occultists love that and they definitely believe that that is a time to offer blood sacrifice to the earth we have another caller Mike in New York you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Bob Tuscan welcome hey Mike hey thank you for taking my call anytime I appreciate the great show at least I just like to say something I've said it before on air the biggest solution anybody can can do in their life is really improving the relationship with themselves and their their Creator or their higher self absolutely and also the people in their lives all the guns all the gold all the seeds cannot protect you when you lay your head down at night to go to sleep if you've done nothing for the people in your lives you don't preserve sleep and I just like to throw that out there absolutely we have to be the change that we want to see and the the greatest solution is the work that we perform upon ourselves I'm going to be talking about that a lot this Thursday night on a cult Empire with Bob from Cincinnati because we're going to be talking about the great work of alchemy and that's is exactly what that process is all about Bob your take on that yeah and I again I'm a little reluctant to say that we should completely discount being pragmatic and prepared for the sake of helping others but yeah we do need to help others we we do need to realize at the end of the day that karma is important whatever that may mean to you and I've seen it in my own life karma at the end of the day does have a mysterious way about it absolutely it is a that is a good point you know you can only prepare yourself but at the end of the day but you if you've done nothing for somebody else and I'm done nothing good for somebody else when somebody was in need that will that will affect your that will affect the change you want to say that'll be you know the reality in which you find yourself stuck in and collectively and we talk about how selfish of a society we become and self-centered focused upon our own gain as opposed to really wanting to extend the the way that we perceive our rights and how our rights should be respected and protected and extend that to all others and just again it's the Golden Rule in practice treat others as you would want to be treated allow others to express their individual uniqueness and their rights as you would expect yours to be respected and honored and if we don't do that for others we can't expect that for ourselves so it's a great point that you're making there Mike exactly and I think that's sort of if I want to get a little philosophical for a second I think that's sort of the the conundrum if you want to believe in a creator or sole creator I think he also said that tombs in the hospital that uh you know what kind of a God would I want to be you know and what kind of a person do you want to be on this planet because I think the reflection you put back on this planet there's really the reflection of what's going on in the struggle for Humanity as a whole within yourself absolutely Mike great points Bob any response to that and then I'm gonna get your final thoughts Mike thanks so much for the call yeah always good to hear from Mike and you know yeah mark I think there's been a lot said on this program tonight that I hope resonates with people and I'm sure it does because the people that listen to Mark show are very much interested in learning and using critical thinking I want to refer people to the programs we did on the Trivium and you know take a closer look at all the various things that you've pointed out in your great research and I want to thank you mark in the final moments of this show because you've been an inspiration to me and I've appreciated having you on the show throughout the years and I'm free when that bomb everyone should know Bob got me into internet talk radio through a mutual friend Eric who I met at a Tesla Art Show that I had helped to Kure Eric put me in touch with Bob when he was broadcasting on revolution broadcasting and Bob got me my start in internet radio helped me get me get a foot in the door to do what I'm doing now so everyone should thank Bob for that and I'm eternally grateful to you for that Bob well you know it's it's been a good partnership that we've had mark because we've gotten the word out to more and more people and your reach has grown exponentially and then we had such a great freer mind conference in Philadelphia that you put together and organized which was something that I've never been a part of before and I was completely impressed with how that went and I appreciate you making me a part of that I know there's a lot of pressure for a free flight conference number two we're going to be talking about it it's we're going to talk with some of the organizers and see if we can put it together I'm not promising anything definitively but we're going to be discussing that about making that happen later in 2012 well I encourage all of Marc's listeners that are familiar with the free remind conference whether or not you are in Philly and saw it live are you caught it on our YouTube channel in which we released all of the videos open source which really was a testament to the fact that this was free your mind this was about getting it out there and getting the word out and I encourage Mark's listeners to bug him about it you know okay and and Mark's gonna kill me for this Thanks he's gonna kill me for this but you know tell him how much you appreciate it and that you want to have a similar event because it's good that we could meet face to face with people I mean people came from all over to this event they came from Canada we met some great folks from Canada mark we had one guy drew what was he from Ohio he drove all the way in from people came from Florida from up in New England all over this yeah yeah it really was an awesome experience and perhaps that's a good segue to remind you know my final comments here wanting to remind people to get face to face with people and even if there's only one or two activists in your area meet up with them and start to get that community because no man is an island I got off the grid and was living in Mexico mark as you know in complete abundance with a complete water system and food fruit trees and vegetable gardens in the ocean but I was all alone and we need a community at the end of the day we need to get back to our families and I love everyone listening right now I know that sounds a bit Pollyannish but that sort of unconditional love needs to be reintroduced so that we can take the power away from the powers that shouldn't be in there scum anyways and what better way by coming together and putting our intentions into action to change the quality of our attention for ourselves and ultimately for our world Bob phenomenal show I want to thank you so much for coming on you're welcome back at any time ladies and gentlemen Bob Tuscan go and check out his site at Bob Tuscan calm and listen to his show here on Oracle at every weeknight at 8 p.m. Eastern Bob thanks so much all right folks hope you enjoyed this edition we'll see here next Sunday stick around up next here on Oracle broadcasting Chris ever art AG is a symbol for silver on the pier