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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website is Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday November 25th 2012 the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here today we're going to be having another all call-in show and this time it's going to be focused on any solution that the callers want to talk about we're going to review the entire solutions section as we've been laying it out over the past many months on what on earth is happening so any solution that we have touched upon or if you have new solutions to offer to help to affect the current state of human consciousness for the better that is what this show is all going to be all about and it is going to be made by the listeners by the callers so let me give the calling number right here at the top of the show the calling number to join us toll-free is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five your calls coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening as we talk about grassroots solutions to affect real positive and lasting change in our world I have a few event announcements and thanks to go over I want to thank Len and honor first and foremost for coming on the show last week and doing one of the best interviews that I've personally ever done with anyone Lennon was just phenomenal and if you haven't heard the show definitely go back into the show archive and listen to that one because it was a great show that's show number 130 in the podcast archive on the what on earth is happening dot-com website and also like to thank all of the people who helped organize the end the Fed rally in Philadelphia yesterday including Mike Salvi Michael heist Michael hice Bob Gardner and Darren wolf it was a vent that was definitely light on turnout because we had pretty cold weather yesterday and I would really have liked to have seen a lot more people there for this and the Fed rally the people that did show up were very well informed high energy and it went well overall and we did some outreach to people on the street which I'm going to touch on a little bit when we jump into the topic for tonight because it was you know Black Friday weekend the day after Black Friday it was yesterday Saturday and you just see the the general state of consciousness on the street in a place like Center City Philadelphia and it was just as far as the people we interacted with on the street practically deplorable I mean people really are walking around like zombies literally it's you know during the holiday shopping season it seems to be worse than ever um just people with glassy eyed you know a glassy eyed look you know stumbling around just not really paying attention there's no alertness in their eyes I want to just briefly touch on that dynamic when we start the show start the topic of discussion and just see where other people you know sense consciousness being at do you see it uh you know progressing do you see it getting better or do you see it really really taking a turn for the worse and descending at an even faster pace so um thanks to all the organizers of the I and the Fed rally yesterday for their efforts and outreach and I want to thank Larkin Rose for appearing last night at truth freedom prosperity live TFP live Larkin did a great job and he was the featured interviewed activist at TFP live last night at underground arts so of course ladies and gentlemen the free your mind to conference coming up here in Philadelphia in April it is just going to be an incredible event we're really excited about the speaker lineup and I have a new announcement to make for today so free your mind to a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania April 25th 26th and 27th free your mind returns to Philadelphia in 2013 with a three-day conference featuring top caliber whistleblowers from across the country who will shed light upon our world's problems and bring forward empowering solutions the location is the beautiful Arch Street meeting house at 3:20 Arch Street here in Philadelphia in the historic district of the city the doors will open at 8 o'clock a.m. each day with the program beginning at 9 a.m. each day the featured speakers so far are Alan Steinfeld Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Ben Stuart Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien Curtis Davis dr. dream freighter X Freeman fly Yan Irvin Jay Parker Jim Fetzer Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Lauren Moray myself mark passio Mark Phillips Marty Leeds Randall Carlson Ross Ben and Sonja Barrett we'll be adding one more speaker to complete the lineup the advance ticket prices for the Thursday conference $30 for the Thursday meet and greet $20 and I can announce today confirmed after the speaker meet-and-greet we will be having a theremin concert the divine hand ensemble that has been known to play at the Tesla celebrations of the Tesla energy independence celebrations when we have those in Philadelphia the divine hand ensemble center around the therm played by mono Davina and his 8p string ensemble will be playing after the meet-and-greet in the main hall at the Arch Street meeting house we're really excited to have the divine hand ensemble on board we are not going to increase the price for the meet and greet everyone who buys a ticket for the meet-and-greet will get to go into the concert for free so for $20 you get the meet and greet with a meal of vegetarian and vegan cuisine served at the meet and greet plus the concert featuring the divine hand ensemble I mean you can't beat that anywhere that is just an incredible deal and we will also be offering just admission to the concert featuring the divine hand as a separate ticket so even if you don't have a ticket for the meet and greet you can purchase a ticket to just see the divine hand ensemble play at the at the Arch Street meeting house as well so for the Thursday meet and greet with a meal and with a concert afterward $20 the Friday conference $40 and the Saturday conference $40 for all three days plus the speaker meet-and-greet and concert featuring the divine hand ensemble $120 are very very reasonably priced the best way to help support this conference is to buy an advance ticket the advanced ticket sales we are counting on to help offset the costs that we need to put up up front to bring all of these speakers into Philadelphia we have to pay their round-trip fares into the city and then back to where we're bringing them in from so that's all you know that is very expensive and we really need advance ticket sales to help cover those costs so if you're planning on coming to the free your mind conference for your mind to conference please get your tickets now now is the time to pick them up pick them up in advance we have two I'll cover the all the travel arrangements by no later than mid February at the very latest so we're really hoping to have a lot of advance ticket sales come in over the next couple of months so an advance ticket sale is better than a donation if you could make a donation help support the effort that's welcomed and encouraged but an advance ticket sale is even better than a donation so that's the free your mind to conference coming up April 25th 26th and 27th 2013 here in Philadelphia first speaker BIOS and ticket information and venue information and much more please visit the conference website at WWF renew our mind conference calm I want to thank Franco you word of h2o radio network in Montreal Canada for agreeing to run an ad for the free remind conference on his website so for those who listen to the h2o network in Canada you'll be hearing the ads spot for the free your mind conference if there's anyone else that would like to run the ad spot that we had made for the for your mind to conference please get in touch with me and I can send you the file for running it on whatever radio network you happen to have if you want to take part in helping us to promote for the for your mind to event I'd like to announce that I will be appearing on these changing times a radio show out of the United Kingdom I was invited by Tony Calvert to appear this Wednesday November 28th from 8 to 10 p.m. UK time that's 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time and the website is these changing times Radio Times is spelled with a Z so these changing times with a Z radio Ning comm you could check out that radio station out of the United Kingdom also the truth freedom prosperity documentary night the documentary screening and discussion evening will be taking place as it always does on the last Thursday of every month this Thursday November 29 2012 at a scene food market a scene food market is at 719 south fourth street that's the corner of 4th and Monroe streets in Philadelphia this month we will be screening the documentary the turning point which is a documentary about the Bilderberg Group it exposes the Bilderberg Group with this international think tank of high finance years politicians media moguls etc is all about what their agenda is and why it is so important for alternative media to cover this since the mainstream media refuses to do so so the turning point documentary our featured documentary this Thursday night November 29th at 6:30 p.m. at a scene food market fourth in Monroe in Philadelphia for more information please visit truth freedom prosperity org one other quick announcement about the documentary night this Thursday is that we will be joined by a special guest who is coming in to Philadelphia for a few days this uh this weekend this weekend and appearing at the documentary screening and discussion evening at a seen market on Thursday will be my friend freighter X from the American freedom radio network so freighter X will actually be joining us in person for the documentary night and he will be getting involved in the discussion as well so if the the break documentary we're showing isn't enough if you want to come and meet freighter X and maybe even get in a discussion with him about the movie and about anything else that's going on in the world come on out to a scene food market this Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. the ad-free chip in effort for the what on earth is happening radio show currently stands at $350 donations are steadily coming in slowly but surely so thank you so much for that effort to keep the show commercial free for the two hours that were on the air with only the small to out two-minute break at the top of the hour of the station break at the top of the hour we do need to raise 1000 by January 31st in order to keep the show ad free on the network through the February March and April period so again it's a ad free chip and effort and it goes for a three month period where three-fifty so we're over a third of the way there so good job to everyone who has donated and I'll keep up those great efforts okay let's jump into our topic which is solutions and just as a very brief review I'll go over the ten grassroots solutions that we've covered in depth on the water on earth is happening radio show over the past several months these are basic grassroots things that people can do and put into practice in their life to help to heal themselves in their own worldview and ultimately to bring others to a balanced state of consciousness as well to help to bring others to that balanced state of consciousness which we so desperately need in this world before we encounter disaster head-on so we've talked about ten basic overarching solutions of course you know we could get into uh you know different sub solutions within these and there are other things that kind of fall under the umbrella of these solutions we didn't get really in-depth into but we've done that over time like free energy you know again you know getting off of the polluting and unsustainable that we're currently addicted to I guess you could say that even falls under the detachment from our current monetary system because it's just basically acting as a form of energy but we need the real thing we need to tap into the real unlimited energy supplies that are actually all around us in nature we've talked about many different solutions the healing of one's own worldview getting out of the poisoned worldview the poisoned paradigm the way of looking at the world that we've been fed through the media and through indoctrination and manipulation techniques over the years really since we've been born were continuously fed this poisoned worldview you know that there's too many people that were always you know going to be low consciousness beings that that's just human nature and that you know there's nothing you can do about that and looking at the individual as you based on their role in life or how much money they have in their bank account you know these are all completely low consciousness ways of seeing oneself in the world and it's you know something that real really needs to be overturned through the process of world we world view healing and some people call that process shamanism which is the ability to see in the dark what has been done to the human condition so that one can actually envision solutions and then help to put those solutions into practice in our lives so the healing of world view is where it has to all start and that's why we took that as the very first solution we went over the change in the quality of our attention how we have to get off the poison stream of media and get out of the indoctrination that we've been put through really overturning fundamental axioms that we've been fed and that we've grown attached to and that's all about getting on to positive empowering streams of information in the alternative community we talked about the development of true present moment awareness not a lot of the concept of you know tunnel vision that we often get when we hear the term true present present moment awareness in the New Age movement but what true the development of true present moment awareness actually is being in the moment and actually using all of your attention your care and your will to affect change to affect the outcome to actually make a difference in the in the physical world it's not just about you know focusing on minutiae or hoping that something better is going to come but it's actually about being truly present so you could put your full energy behind creating change as a true change agent in the world we talked about changing our diet as the fourth solution getting off of the poison um uh so-called sustenance that we take in the so-called food that we take in on a daily basis which is really nothing of the kind it's basically been poison and tainted and we need to understand the importance of high nutrient density organic fresh locally grown foods and how that can really help to change not only our body but of course our mind and ultimately our connection to spirit because it's all interconnected it's all you know one in the same system it's a holistic interlocking system the mind the body and the spirit so changing the diet is such an important part of that process of coming out of low consciousness and helping to purify oneself it's a process of alchemy as we talked about the fifth solution we went over with the detachment from the monetary system which has such a stranglehold over humanity and humanity's mind we talked about money as a religion and one of the three aspects of what I call the unholy trinity of religion government and money and we talked about how difficult it can be to detach oneself from the existing immoral monetary system that is in place we are went over you know talking about some briefly some alternatives to the current monetary system we did a series of shows on the sixth solution that I've talked about in depth which was the non support of dominators probably what I consider to be the most important understanding that there is no such thing as authority and to stop bowing down to it and accepting it in our lives thinking that these people somehow are justified in doing what they're doing when all they're doing is taking other people's rights and they have no right to do so they're not in the right and it's time to stop showing them what we call respect which is really just again cowering to them and their demands they don't deserve respect because they haven't showed any respect to themselves first of all by being a controller and a Dominator and not understanding that you have no right to control anything except your own thoughts your own emotions and your own actions and you're not in control of anything else and getting out of the headspace of even talking about the people who do these jobs with any sort of respect or with any kind of you know bowing down and putting yourself on in a lower space and them up on a pedestal or you know worshipping them is some kind of heroes or people who are doing something that's good instead of unknowingly serving evil in their ignorance um harsh words absolutely true absolutely so uh we went over the concept of getting out of the support of dominators stop thinking about them in the ways that we've been conditioned to think about them over many weeks and of the tail end of that was talking about how we are dominators in our lives even through the practices that we engage in through food so carnism was a part of that talking about how that's the ultimate form of domination the killing the taking of another's life without need without necessity and uh you know eating there the flesh of dead animals so that was part of the non-supportive Dominator section that we went over we talked about the development of mindfulness which is essentially a brain balancing technique it's a way to come to a place of balance in the mind in the brain through forms of different forms of meditation and just general watchfulness and becoming the observer of your own actions in your life a simple yet very effective and powerful solution we also talked about the use of entheogens in a conscious context this is the last chronologically the last solution that we went over in recent weeks and we talked about how these substances these spirit helpers which is more what they are than just simple substances or compounds they can help us and help to guide us and take us out of this left brain form of imbalance that many of us are trapped in and help us to heal our worldview if they're used in a conscious context we also talked about the solution of true positive thinking not again what is goes around in the new-age circles as positive thinking just envision it and you'll get with what you want but this is more in the sense of believing in yourself and not being negative about what's going on just continuing to push forward and push ahead with sustained effort and sustained willpower not getting into such a funk about what's going on in the world that you just stopped your effort and say oh it's not worth it you need to believe in yourself and you need to know that what you're doing is helping to put the truth forward and in doing so engage the will completely and not give up so of that aspect of true positive thinking we covered as one of the solutions and then the final the tenth solution was to help others to go through the same process of awakening that we all have in coming on to the truth from the hypnotized and manipulated state of consciousness that we've all come out of now that we are aware of what's really going on in the world so helping others to awaken is the process of ourselves becoming a teacher becoming that world teacher that worldview healer that shaman if you will the one who sees in the dark and helps others to make that journey through that darkness so important to do that work and I would argue that that is indeed why we're in the situation that we're in that we have so few people that are willing to do that great work of becoming that teacher because um it really takes a lot of energy to do it it takes a lot of effort sustained willpower belief in oneself and study and knowledge to know the truth and have enough confidence in yourself to come out and speak it and communicate it and not everyone is at that level of consciousness of course but um it is important to understand most of all that knowing is not the end it is the beginning and then we have to do something with what we know we have to put it into practice in the world and help others to come to that same level of knowledge and awakening in themselves so that was the tenth solution and that complete a brief outline of the things that we've talked about in the grassroots solutions section which I call the way out of course the related images for the show are always posted on the what on earth is happening radio page during the show and then with the podcast after the show with each related podcast so you could take a look at the list of grassroots solutions which I have just been going over the outline of its image number three on the what on earth is happening comm radio show page okay let's go to the phones your calls this entire edition of what on earth is happening the topic any solutions that we have covered our fair game if you want to bring up new solutions you go right ahead and propose what you think would help humanity to move forward in these troubling times let's go to the phone lines area code six zero two I believe this is Ivan in Phoenix you're live on what one us what's happening okay I'd like to just go back I don't know if it's popular but I juice well okay you know what I'm going to go ahead and call you back after four o'clock your second hour where I'll be away from these machines and I'll put in my information at that time okay mark thanks bye bye a little bit of background noise there or maybe a little bit more than a little bit but give us a call back when you're a little bit of a choir and location and we'll doubt definitely always a pleasure to hear from you and you bring up a lot of great points and interesting things to consider on the show when you call in so call back and I'll bring you right up alright let's go to another caller the calling number again eight six six eight four one one zero six five toll-free eight six six eight four one one zero six five let's go to another caller caller from the 9:05 area code you are live on what on earth is happening welcome a little mark awesome to talk to you hearing me okay you're coming through loud and clear what's your name awesome okay my name is Ron and first of all I just want to say lots of love owed to you and lots of love out to the listeners they're listening now first of all just a little bit about myself I've been going through about a five-year process and it takes time and I managed to deprogram myself of the military because I was a soldier for 15 years and also as a child I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness so I carried a lot of religious guilt all my life and I find that now the things that I've gotten rid of are suicidal thoughts no more self-loathing my consciousness level is through the roof it's like I'm on a rocket ship right now I've been listening to your show since last last summer and I'm now a vegetarian and that's even taking my consciousness higher and higher and it continues to go higher and higher the one thing that I realized before I even started listening to your show is that you know what I've spent all these years now gathering this information gathering knowledge from hundreds of different sources hundreds of hours and I said to myself you know what I got to do something like this I I can't sit on this stuff it would be wrong to not try and speak to people if I can't and for quite a while I would say I was banging my head with people but now I sort of learned that you know there's there there's some certain words I can apply to this and I would say the first word is in get engage engage people engage them wherever you can and whatever you can and you don't have to stand there and talk for hours I've engaged people for five minutes just on any topic you want to talk about this relevant to what's going on whether it be I you know I I get my water from the country a countryside spring and I come back to the city and and and somebody in my building season two bring it up and right away I know the last oh you got water blah blah blah and it's like yeah I don't drink four days of water you and this is why blah blah blah I've talked to him for like two minutes right over weight you can see if shaking something in their head that hey they're gonna go look on the internet or something now check this out what I just told them plan is a little that seed can grow a future point and your words cannot be unheard at least they hear it even if they don't readily understand it right at that time it can it confess her in there as a seed which can eventually sprout yeah and that's a that's another thing like for instance now I've got a woman at my gym she asked me out for coffee because she had trouble sleeping I talked to well he ever tried meditation she goes no look into it check it out right and you know so she wants to check it out she wants to hear more so I'm actually going to go out with her right and the other thing is you know keep keep momentum going I mean once you've got it keep it rolling like don't don't just stop like it's and there's places you can engage people that are are more aware and one example for me is uh the organic market I go to when you go there there's people there they're already either awake or on the verge of being awake just because that they're being responsible about their eating right away I have engaged so many people there and and it just you know it just goes on and on and on like don't feel frustrated if you can't stand there and talk for hours about you know mind control and all this stuff just little bits here and there and and refer people to the Internet you know just tell them hey go go look this up on the internet bla bla bla you know so you don't need to be an expert in every aspect of this it's even pick some to actually do understand well and focus on that with people and and try to bring that to them if they're unaware of it it's whatever your personal strengths are or what you're good at communicating and everybody has that's different in everybody I mean for me of course it's the mind control techniques and natural law those are the you know what I consider my specialities or Forte's to communicate to people but you could do you know anything as long as it's something that you feel comfortable talking about and you can communicate well get out there and do it like you said um just don't stop just don't give up like you know even if someone persons unreceptive to it another person will be receptive to it and you'll make a difference in their life even if it's a small one and as you say etymology is a great weapon because people actually love like people like to hear when when you go do you know what this word means do you know what this word means you know this is what it actually means they go oh wow right and there and then they're like you know a little bit stunned right and this sort of thing now just on the other on some other point I want like when you talk about empty yu-jin's well as a young as a young man I went through all of those stuff but in a recreational way so I kind of know what it's all about but some other suggestions that I would make to people along the same lines if you don't want to try the anti-aging thing is hey I tell people you know what go on say YouTube and type in native elders speak okay and and you listen to native elders and what they've got to say amazing stuff another thing is eight is if you got the money you know it's just as good as an entheogen is go travel to India okay and and see how the people live there and how you can humble yourself that way and just the other thing is have you ever heard of Ormus oh of course I will delete rearranged monoatomic element or anomic element yes okay I've been on it now for about a year if you want to raise your consciousness and do it seriously and you have the money to afford it I highly recommend it I've been on it and it's helped with my emotional healing too so because I do write for listeners that aren't aware of this it's a monoatomic elements often gold and other trace minerals that are order orbitally rearranged to make them into mono Atomics monoatomic gold maybe one thing that people are somewhat familiar with and you take small amounts of this powder form of monoatomic elements and allegedly there is a benefit to the balance of the brain the creative capabilities and again emotional healing as well it's been shown to affect so I do engage also in taking a monoatomic gold I usually I think it's a product called aetherium gold and I found that it kind of helps with sleep as well it the sleep cycle mark mark market helps with everything I mean and the reason I know that it was working right away like it took it it's taken about a good eight months to kick in like full but the first thing it did to me believe it or not I had an old like I used to play sports and I had a bad ankle injury that would wouldn't heal my might my ankle was screwed for for a couple of years and then all of a sudden everything came back to my ankle so I knew something was up this stuff actually does repair things in your body too and but like I said now I have no more self-loathing I had that all my life okay and my emotions are so much better and and and you become so positive guess what you're attracting all the positive people a positive energy and those are the people you can engage as your as your consciousness Rises your going to notice that your going to be around whole new groupings of people that are going to help that process accelerated more and even faster yeah exactly I'm attracting like people that I would never have attracted before and you know what there's no negative people coming towards me either and it's really it's really I don't know it's it's beautiful you know a little bit bizarre but it's beautiful so it's really provided the more we are in tune with higher consciousness and natural law that's that is proof of the law of attraction that that is what is ultimately governing the quality of our experience in life so yeah so you know more conformity with that the quality of your life is going to get better I guess there's a final note I just like to say to people out there don't be discouraged I mean it you can get down you can you can bang your and and I've done it myself plenty of times but when you do start to engage people and you get the good feedback then that's where the satisfaction comes from yet you know I fall into those things myself a lot of times yeah although my you know best efforts to attempt not to it still happens and all I can say is you have to really shift your your focus to uh you know not so much dependency or you know total hinging everything on just the outcome but realizing it's about the work itself it's about doing the right thing for the sake of the right thing not necessarily whether it's going to definitively have an overall impact on the masses again I have told people what I do isn't even geared toward the masses I'm looking to try to build up the other teachers that are latent that are out there but are not you know have reached the full expression to a point where they want to come out and really start speaking this out in the open I'm in I'm in I'm in that category exactly and like I said it took my own process took like about five years by me but to where I am now it's like it's like like I said it's like I'm on a frigging rocket ship well that's absolutely fantastic and I want to congratulate you for doing that work upon yourself to get yourself to the place that you're at now thank you so much and the other thing is I'd like to say do look look to the natives you know there they have some wonderful knowledge absolutely absol great caca near you to go okay great caller Oh what he was saying is so true and appropriate and it's great to hear of someone who has made that transformational change from someone who had undergone a lot of heavy programming I mean heavy religious programming heavy military programming and still came out of it and healed his worldview and is on that rocket ship ride that you know ascending rocket ride to higher consciousness and you know in his own words and it's so true it's it's a stepwise progression once you make it once you set foot on that path you know they say the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step once you set foot on that path there's really no turning back you know once the process of the breaking down of the big lie begins it's just in an it's inevitable it's a matter of time before it all crumbles away once you're on that path of truth as well you'll notice that synchronicity will develop in your life things that didn't happen or that we're cumbersome and you know took so long to happen before will happen faster at a more accelerated rate the pace of Awakening and the discovery of truth will also accelerate almost to a point where you'll wonder how can I take it all in you know how can this is coming at me so fast how can I even take it all in that's why you just need to maintain that openness and that receptivity and that may just make a decision within your mind that you're not going to stop that you're going to go forward and go all the way to the end of the journey and like you know there is really no end you know but you're going to go all the way in this world to where it takes you to the the inevitable end that it takes you to which is really getting out of all of these fundamentally flawed axioms and worldview poisoning that you once held attachment to in your life once that all breaks down you can see the truth as it actually is and then once you you know develop some uh you know a true deep self respect and true uh deep confidence in yourself which is really what we're talking about here is courage then you're going to put yourself out there for other people too so they can learn from what you have already had the benefit of learning and experiencing and then you're going to help them make that same journey that's what this is all altum Utley about and again that's what I've said repeatedly that's why I do the show I don't do it to try to reach the Walking Dead you know as the the saying goes the the zombies that are part of the zombie apocalypse um and those people are out there I mean you know as harsh and you know unfriendly as that can sound saying it uh all you need to do is just look at people's actions on a weekend like this you know where the holiday shopping season is in full effect and all these deals are being made by these merchants and you know people are just you know treating each other like animals acting like animals over physical goods that you don't even really need you know consumer electronics and smartphones and you know games and DVDs and it's just it's so ridiculous that we've come into this level of identification with material consumerism that people are willing to maim and even kill trample people to get a thing to get hold of a thing for cheaper than they ordinarily would you know it just is it's an indictment against the human species in a lot of ways but you know while there are many people who act that way there are many people who are on the higher path such as the gentleman who just called so um I just want to briefly touch on that before we go to the next caller I mean we saw people on the street yesterday I mean my heart just goes out to some of them because they have been degraded to a point of it's it's almost can you call this being a human being can you call them truly human I don't even know what to call them they have been turned into some form of creature that is somehow less than human they've been turned into like a golem literally it's like there's no responsiveness and some of their eyes all it's like they're just looks staring off into the distance like they're looking through you like they're not even there there's hardly any personal engagement at all you could tell they have their mind I'm a mile into the future they're not present in the moment at all of what's going on around them you can tell they're focused only on themselves obsessive self-focus obsession with the self and I'm not talking about the higher self I mean the lower case ego identified five cents physical world is all there is notion of self and it's so sad to see because these people are just being there being soft killed they're being murdered and don't even understand that they're being murdered they don't understand that there's a war on them they don't understand that their food is poisoned they don't understand that all the media they have access to in their life is completely untrue and just you know laden with poison that that can only do harm to them if they take it into their mind they don't understand that they're being you know hit with radionics and you know chemical spray in every other form of poison against the mind the body the consciousness that these sick twisted Psychopaths can throw at them they don't understand that any of that's taking place they're at war and they're casualties of war and don't even understand that they are and uh you know we need to try to figure out some methodology of snapping these people out of this state because there is way very down down deep buried deep within them a spark that possibly if ignited could heal them and again you can even hear the hesitation or doubt in my voice when I say that because you know some of the people we came across yesterday you could not even imagine and it's like you know they're all out there - feeding into this whole uh you know feeding frenzy of go out and consume go buy prices are lowest they're going to be you know and you know even handing people a flyer on the marks yesterday was even difficult because so many people had bags in their hand in both hands you know could couldn't carry anything else and those are the people who would like the least receptive the people who arm the most crazed with all of the you know physical goods and all the consumer items were like totally wrapped up in their own stuff and didn't have a moment then I didn't have a second to even divert the attention to a flyer for five seconds you know and say oh then let me just take it I'll read it later not even that can't be bothered so it was a big dichotomy from the last March which I saw a lot of receptivity so it's very possible that changes during the course of the year depending on what season is depending on what kind of energy is out there to be maybe even depending on what the weather is like we had really cold dreary cloudy weather yesterday it was the coldest day in a while and I think that affects the energy system of the mind and body of people unless they're at a high level of consciousness to kind of counteract that and you know sustain themselves through that low energy point but most people who aren't at that level of consciousness they you know take the brunt of that energy hit there they're allowing themselves really to be victimized by these herbs and flows in in the quality of time that many different researchers have talked about you know over time and they really don't have the the consciousness energy the muscle if you will to really offer any resistance to that you know it's like a weight that's upon them and they don't have the strength to lift it and you just saw that yesterday on the March at least I did I don't know if anybody else that was involved in the and the Fed rally in March here in Philadelphia or in any other cities saw that same level of just uh energy depletion and overall lethargic miss and the public we again have to renew our efforts to somehow combat this and get these people to engage because they are under attack this is a war that we're waging it's a war in consciousness you know and it's a war against the people of the earth and we need these people involved in the battle this is a spiritual battle that's being waged whether anybody wants to admit that or not or understands it or not that's what it is and we need these people to engage on that battlefield of life so if anybody wants to offer some suggestions or talk about the dynamic that they see playing out in their area especially if they're at activist I would definitely like to hear from you once again the toll-free number to join us to talk about solutions is eight six six eight four one one zero six five I briefly talked a little bit about the dynamic I saw on the march to hand out information about the Federal Reserve System yesterday and I'll have another little anecdote when we have another Mullen callers but we have another caller on the line so let's go to the phones again David in Idaho you are live on what on earth is happening welcome David a market of David and thanks for having a show and I just had a question in reference to an older show drama you were talking about the pentagram and how an increase in its ability to influence the user if he stood in the middle and then it was open had an open side and I just wondered how that related to the Pentagon on 9/11 and we don't mean the fact that yes we did briefly bring that up and again this isn't unnecessarily my belief it is simply something that I was covering about what the beliefs of occultists happened to be and how they view the pentagram as a symbol and its capabilities and what it what they use it for so uh you know I I don't want people to say that's my belief system it is something I'm making people aware of that is a belief system that is out there and is deeply held by people who are into the occult especially the dark aspects of the occult to summon beings and use them for their purposes for their egoic selfish purposes um they feel that that can be done that is part of their belief system whether it can or cannot is up to each individual to decide for themselves but we talked about this as being part of a summoning to summon an energy from a higher dimensional space and that is very very possible indeed why the entire events of 9/11 played out the way they did with one aspect of the pentagram they Pentagon which is the hub of the central hub of a pentagram being broken we talked about the broken pentagram in that symbolism B as being in the occult world especially the world of ritualistic magic as being a symbol for a pact with an extra dimensional entity or a demon if you will okay so the broken pentagram is often called the sign of the cloven whom for the pentagram of pacts and I do believe this was the symbolism that was invoked on 9/11 it is part of the entire ritual that 9/11 was and that breaking of that one side of the Pentagon as being an aspect of the pentagram is definitely an aspect of invocation to what entity to what form of energy that's you know anyone's call but I would suggest what they're really invoking is the force of fear itself and if you want to call that Satan you know I've you know explain to people that Satan is derived from the Hebrew term Shaitaan which simply means the adversary or the opposer and our adversary and a poser added the at the ultimate level is fear itself because this ritual was an injection a mass injection of fear an invocation of fear summoning it and then injecting it into the mass consciousness of people so that they can be more easily controlled and are more apt to give up their inherent freedoms for so-called protection so that's my take on what that was about and I I think you know I also covered that in the section that we did on symbolism when I talked about the pentagram of pacts I'm not sure off the top of my head what podcast number that was but you can go back and pull up in the archive on the podcast page of the website well I've been missing much of the information that you've been giving out and it's just a pleasure to glean from your knowledge and Greene is a little bit here and there and I mean you reference a book if I can go find it and I read in here and then I'm able to share with people around me and it's the globes and the solutions that he put forth on curing this ill or in and carnism all the kind of thing that affected me more than then you know I reflect on it each time I I mean and I think try to decrease my meat by 75% and so I don't have very much further to go I wasn't meeting that much before and it's just kind of a goal that I have in my line of obtaining that peace within and having no fear and I appreciate your show Marc thank you so much I appreciate you sir thanks for the call all right great callers as always to the show your calls for the rest of the show coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening to call a number to join us toll-free 866 eight four one one zero six five I want to hear from people specifically to talk about what they're doing to try to wake people up what they're doing to help to affect change at a grassroots level I want to talk about the dynamic that people see playing out in the world where do you see it at what do you see our chances as being to turn this thing around in this late hour eight six six eight four one one zero six five yeah the last caller brought up some great points it is all about just continuing to go down that path and it becomes easier as it goes personally of course the work that we have to do on a world scale does not really become too much easier maybe at one point that will accelerate and become a lot easier too once we increase the numbers of people who are actively doing such work but on a personal level the awakening process you know it begins like anything else you need to exert a lot of effort and momentum at the beginning to get it rolling but then that momentum takes over and it becomes easier to engage that effort and sustain it over a longer period of time so yeah when you're engaged in something like changing dietary habits at first it can become difficult you're attached to the way that you used to eat the way you know might have made you feel in the past the the flavor and taste profiles the shopping habits all of it you know they become habituated and ingrained and therefore there's momentum built up to those and stopping something that momentum is already built up to four can be difficult you know because you have to exert a lot of force to break that momentum it's like a train that's already been moving at a high speed you have to exert a lot of force to slow that thing down less force than you would to keep it simply moving at that pace so again momentum is a key thing to keep in mind here and the acceleration of any given process whether it be toward the negative or toward the positive toward the awakening process again then you have a lot of momentum behind their efforts to shut people down and that's why if none of this information reaches many people's eyes and ears and they don't take it into themselves they're not receptive to it they're going to be shut down at a faster and faster pace because that momentum that is working toward the dominators side toward the mind controllers side they have a lot of momentum built up behind that and it's going to be easier for them to sustain that process or even accelerate it that's why it's so critical now at this time at this juncture in history for people to really fully awaken themselves and get involved in the process of helping to awaken others it isn't just about listening to the sound of people's voice it isn't just about hearing what I have to say it isn't about just listening to other radio show hosts or watching videos you need to take it in but then you need to put it back out there you know I was doing the same thing at one point that a lot of people are on the edge of saying well should I step forward and make myself you know publicly known and start doing this or that and reaching out to people and you know that they have all these doubts in their minds or what if I'm not accepted what if people don't want to hear what I have to say what they don't believe me what if I'm not an effective communicator etc etc etc and there's a million different excuses that the Evo is going to come up with for why you should stay silent and why you shouldn't get involved in the battle why you shouldn't take your knowledge to a higher level by putting it into practice on this field of battle okay the ego will try to come up with a million different reasons for not doing so and I was there at one point myself and I told this anecdote before and I'll briefly tell it again we went Barb and I went to a meeting in Virginia the state named after the virgin the goddess okay and a woman there said you have all this knowledge what are you doing with it and I said well not really much just kind of you know still building on it and she said what makes you think you're allowed right back [Music] welcome back ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening you're on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're live into the second hour of the show I apologize for completely missing the station break as it was coming in it was very low in my headphones and I talked right over it so I want to go back and reiterate this the anecdote that I was telling about how I waited a very long time to really get involved in opening my mouth even with all the knowledge that I had and the personal things that I had been through in life and I kind of still kicked myself or beat myself up about that from time to time because I feel like I waited too long and I should have gotten involved in doing it a lot earlier but how it really manifested or how it I realized that I couldn't stay silent any longer is Barb and I went to a lecture in Virginia and during the lecture a woman who was attending I got in a conversation with her name was Pat and you know I started basic we started talking about a lot of different things and some other people were you know in and out of the conversation as well and during the course of this conversation this woman packed kind of just said to me you're knowledgeable about so much I can tell you've done so much study and had a lot of personal experience what are you doing with what you know and I said well not much not really anything really because I'm just continuing to take in more I'm amassing information I'm you know a a reading listening watching and that's basically it and her answer like made me take a step back and you know do a double-take because she said what makes you think you're allowed to do that you know and it was like kind of a kick the or a punch you know that hit me and I really thought about it in the days and couple of weeks following that and had to say yeah what does make me think I can just sit on all of this info and not do anything with it because having this knowledge inherently implies a responsibility to do something good with it to put it out there for others so that they may benefit from it and that's what really kick-started me uh gave me that kick in the rear end you could say to start doing what I'm doing now to make a presentation to you know eventually do a radio show and put all of this information out there for other people to take in so that they can really accelerate their own personal growth and their their journey in consciousness and their discovery of self so that's something you know an anecdote I wanted to reiterate again just to tell people even I started with that same attitude that I'm just going to hang back and watch and wait and listen and learn more and more and more you can't stay in that position forever you know that that's that's hurting the overall dynamic what you know well you got to come forward and start bringing forward to others even if you don't have the whole entire picture no one has the entirety of all of it of all the pieces that would mean that there would be nothing left for anyone to learn and for that person to learn no one has that everyone is still learning you know all the good teachers of this world included so um it isn't about having to vet every single detail of every single piece of information that you've ever heard it's about having a good enough piece of the picture that you can see it clearly enough where you can communicate that to someone else to help them heal that's all it's about and that is a act of courage ultimately it's an act of hair of course that goes without saying you have to care enough to want to get involved but ultimately it's an act of courage to step out of the shadows to step out of you know anonymity and start doing something out in the open with other people so that's what's ultimately required is courage and willpower and again no one is perfect no one needs to be perfect to do this work you simply have to have the care the knowledge the care in the will to make the effort and again as I've said many times over the last several weeks many hands makes light work the more people that get involved in this effort the more the awakening process for others is going to accelerate and we can make that happen faster and faster if more people will get involved in bringing this information to people we have to raise our voice as a chorus no one can do it alone no matter how popular they are individually it has to be ultimately a group effort all right we have some more callers on the line so let's go to the calls alright let's go back to Ivan and Phoenix and see if he's been able to clear up the noise issues on his line Ivan are you with us yeah I'm here mark Ivan much better we can hear you well now okay well I'm in the break room away from the machines already we have force today I got quite a bit hopefully I can get it all in here now first of all to help the listeners understand when I'm reference referencing if I can just give up my website again that I gave you a few shows back free your mind az.com so that's free your mind av calm the abbreviation of Arizona and on that website I posted a audio reading of a book that I got from John Irving's optic media website called no treason Constitution something about the Constitution by Lysander Spooner I don't know if you're familiar with that from by 1860 something he kind of breaks down the Constitution how it really kind of doesn't apply to us because like every other contract is everything that everyone signs today is a contract but yet none of us alive today slime drought the suture is simply a set of restraints on government employees that's all it really is typically right right like our right somehow all it is is a set of it's a set of what people in government are being given the ability to do by the citizenry granted the right to do by the citizenry and what they may never do a list of restraints on what they may never do quite simply my problem with it is that it tries to grant or delegate rights that don't exist that's why I'm not what you would call constitutional lists but I understand the general um intent that was put forward for a limited state of government that that was birthed by the Constitution but I happen to think no matter how small government you start out with it always grows into tyranny because government itself is a fundamentally flawed axiom all forms of government except in drug uh direct by the individual you know control over one's own mind by the individual is true government its internal government sovereignty and that form of government I think Israel and we do need to enact within ourselves but no one can do that from an external place which is why I say I only accept two forms of government monarchy and anarchy monarchy being the state of internal rulership by the one by the self so I own myself I am a kingdom of one and I am the monarch of that Kingdom and my rulership extends only to the kingdom of one I rule over no one else and I understand that every other being in this world is also a sovereign being and they rule themselves and therefore I don't intrude upon their inherent sovereignty and they should not intrude upon my inherent sovereignty that's what a monarchy a true monarchy is not an external monarchy that's an internal monarchy and I believe in external anarchy which simply means the absence of masters that's all anarchy means uh right now what we have is the opposite we have internal anarchy within people which means they have not mastered themselves and therefore we have external monarchy this uh globalist uh you know elitist hegemony called the new world order if you want to call with that you know the global elite quote-unquote you know the psychopathic masters of the world the money masters etc the occult overlords you know the the dark the cultists who ultimately are in charge of the earth in a de facto sense because people do their bidding because they think they're doing something good when in fact they're serving these evil psychopaths uh that is the form of external monarchy that is really reigning over us right now as people we need to flip that all around so that we have internal monarchy and external anarchy right and they're two phrases or two words that using your what is it green language that I mentioned to you before free Dominion and wise Dominion freedom and with wisdom so that's I guess the same as anarchy and monarchy and there was another thing also on the website you were talking about being out and about this weekend and how the zombies or excuse me the public within a days with their shopping also on the website it I wish I would have really taken some video footage I didn't because I was busy handing out flyers and engaging keep trying to engage people in conversation but uh you should have just saw it it is sad to witness and I really don't know what we can do to turn it around at this late stage but if you have any suggestions go right ahead oh yeah I know what you're talking to my opinion in the past those hordes of people at midnight waiting to get in to buy the $20 DVD player yeah I see I've seen those before but on the website I posted an article that came out in 2009 that I was forwarded to Facebook's by Peter Joseph and it's called the gospel of consumption and that is a very good detailed article breaking down how in the early 1900's the workweek was only thirty hours six hours a day how a little bit of money that the population earned they were able to make it you know last was a little food they needed the clothing they needed and you know shelter and then gradually would be a you know growing of the industrial you know society more cars more productivity so everything started changing and the powers that should not be gradually started changing society's perception that oh we need more money where you can buy more stuff and that's where we're at now that everybody thinks oh I need the new iPhone I need the 50 inch TV I need this year's new model car and so that article breaks down very detailed and very succinctly how we got to where we're at now and then it's very very good article I recommend people checking that out on the website excellent and um Ivan your site I've checked it out really good job on everything you put up there this is a great example of someone who's getting involved and you know putting information out there for other people it's it isn't as difficult to do as people might think and the more voices that join the stronger that course is going to be and the more effect that is ultimately going to have so Ivan great job on your site as always I'll give that give the address once again for people WWWE your mind a.com for your mind a commas in free remind Arizona yeah we should have a cleaner find every state you know everybody should are thinking about that yeah you know boosting our efforts and you know information and form a meet up etc then just do it nationwide and don't wait for orders from headquarters just get out and do it that's it there is no meter as the accent fries efforts you took the initiative to do that you know on your own and just go ahead and do it that's all it's about and that's the kind of efforts pissed on truth will and true courage that we're talking about here right I have one more thing and this stems from last week's show that you had a Leonard hammer on and I called in and brought up something about an event in Phoenix um it gets a little touchy because some people I understand Leonard learning the point of view about fear and that time will tell or that I'm also applying what I've learned from you about symbolism and I picked this up listening to Microsoft Aryan you know synchronicity again I listened to some of it separately we get into this my take on the whole thing with false flags is very clear it isn't about giving in to fear it's about understanding what the possibilities are based on patterns that we witness and I think if we write enough about that we can change the outcome so um you know there's got the possibility of something doesn't necessarily mean we're giving in to fear about it or empowering it it's talking about potentials possibilities and it's I think creating awareness of how these people think in their patterns of thought and behavior so that we can become more conscious of you know how they operate and work to avoid these scenarios so with that being said go ahead and offer this scenario exactly exactly a couple of weeks ago listening to a few other shows the author of this book his name is uh Kent Bane and the book is called it the most dangerous book in the world 9/11 as mass ritual he's been on a local show here called Maria hazard show he was on red eyes and he was on beneath wood so I downloaded the book and I'm about halfway through but even before Ivan did we lose you I'm here there you go oh you come here come on milk you can continue oh okay maybe I'm about to say something some people don't want me to say and they're trying to cut me out yeah anyway okay so basically I started applying what I picked up from your show about pattern recognition and symbol literacy so I broke down Phoenix Arizona and Phoenix it's seven letters I was on earth seven letters there's your seven seven and then for the Christmas holiday we have December 21st 2012 and you see how and uh you know forties and fifties they really narrow down this gate that get pinpoint December 21st of 2012 when you take the December that one and two that's three the 21st two and one best three and the year twelve that's another three so we got three there add them up you got the nine you're playing around with these numbers I was like holy cow well everyone's out there thinking about the Mayan and the end of the world or celebrating a new consciousness or celebrating maybe into the pain whatever December 21st represents for them the darker coaxes will use all that energy and possibly do something somewhere and you know use all this energy and focus it in their negative direction that's what I came on my own not to mention you know from all the other conspiracy quotient or websites and you chose talking about you know Homeland Security purchasing 707 alien rounds Social Security getting cynical 400 something around like FEMA planning for Mathew Knowles and all these little pattern recognitions let me detain her maybe something can be in the works not not on the fear but more of a awareness and maybe this needs to be put out there so that the consciousness we can do a what is it apophysis and you will know to bring apart upon the positive that note this is not going to happen we will not let you do this gallery see that's what they want people focused on a particular thing that they can then I guess you could say direct that type of energy that attention that's why they want people focused on the you know all the possibility of a negative outcome or a negative a cataclysm a cataclysmic event or a disruptive event of some kind that that's what they're counting on they're trying to inject that into the public consciousness I never looked at 2012 as anything that was cataclysmic or destructive I always looked at it as I said really when we started the year here on this program and talked a little bit briefly about the quote/unquote prophesied year of 2012 that it was about a window of opportunity that we're already in we've been in it for many years and we'll probably continue to be in it for many years after 2012 but it's this window of opportunity in time by which all of the circumstances and the the unneeded things that we have in our life like the internet like all these different forms of electronic devices that we can use to better our minds and to take in all this information that is around us now this would be an opportunity for us to amass all of this information the knowledge of truth that is has always been all around us but now we can aggregate it in a way unlike we've ever been able to do before in human history and concentrate it and focus it and send it okay we're able to send directed information and in a more targeted and focused way to receive it and to send it in a more targeted and focused way than we ever have before as human beings that is a unique golden opportunity to reach people and help them to awaken first of all it's a golden opportunity to awaken ourselves and come out of the mass mind control techniques that are used against us on a daily basis but then it's an incredible opportunity to help to awaken other people so if we this window of opportunity is all about what are we going to do with all of these capabilities at our disposal are we going to use them wisely now we're going to put our full care our effort our willpower behind it in an act of courage and in an act of love and transform consciousness with all of these tools at our disposal or are we going to squander that opportunity and at some point I believe the universe would arrange a very negative scenario or outcome for Humanity if it decides even with all this opportunity around us we're not we're going to do nothing or we're going to lay down and take what you know whatever default condition is handed to us or we're just not going to do anything with all of this information we're going to ignore it we're going to ignore it if that's the case we're in for a really rough time on the other side of this window of opportunity but if we take this window of opportunity and we leap through it you know a full a full steam ahead on the other side we can see a world again that like I said that we could barely even envision at this point it is so trance transformed that has been transformed into some something that is so empowering and so amazing that we can even barely envision something like that from our current you know condition our current place in consciousness and the current conditions that are around us in the world that's what I see 2012 as again that window of opportunity so I think the whole fear mongering type thing the whole injection of fear and the all the putting forward of all these you know horrible dastardly scenarios of you know destruction and Cataclysm and you know poles shift etc can go on and on and on all these different scenarios Planet X that people talk about having associating with 2012 that's all planned by the dark aspect the dark elements involved in this in this chess game in this battle heythat's planned by them to try to instill fear in everybody if they can get everybody on that page of fear they only need to maybe press button you know just doing some small act around that time and it would set off that fear bomb you know so to speak uh you know allegorically or you know as an analogy uh that they have rigged that they have already pre-programmed and that's what I feel that all of the negative and cataclysmic stuff for the 2012 time period is all about it's all they're doing again to try to plan for a false flag event of some kind we need to say we're not going to fall into that level of fear we're going to understand this is an opportunity to do the work that we need to do here to change consciousness for the better and we're going to do that and not have any fear about what these possible potential outcomes might be we're going to do the work that we know we need to do here and get involved and step out on the real spiritual battlefield but I think all of this other stuff about 2012 is simply a distraction for to take people off the path so they're out of the game they're there they're sitting on the sidelines just watching it this isn't a movie ladies and gentlemen it's not there to be watched life is there to be engaged in not to be watched from the sidelines so take an example from Ivan and Phoenix get out there and start doing something with the information that's out there don't just say oh I know it and that's it that's the end no that's the beginning you need to take this information and bring it to other people who need to see and hear it so I really write the great points on the whole concept of this 2012 prophesied time period and for bringing up that you know are those numerological significance is but you have anything else for us today now that that should be about it for today I gotta start getting back to the noisy area so I'll do in you to listen to your show here through the phone and talk to you next time on watch great work with your side my friends all right thank you thank you take care bye mark [Applause] all right great always great to hear from Ivan in Phoenix all right let's see let's go to another caller here we go Richard in Washington you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yeah great show I was going to just present a cyclical perspective and have you considered this in the 20th century every 20 years is a cycle that's directed toward the youth in the tens it was up consider with the jungle and Frank Norris with the pit which is the today's version of the Earthlings in the 30s we had the Victorians with the George Bernard Shaw and Eleanor Roosevelt the 50s The Beat Generation Allen Ginsberg 60s my generation her 70s my generation the hippies 90s to save the planet PETA Al Gore John Robin stands to slop we've got to save the small planet etc and then today we have and I'm including you in here as a bastion of this we have the same cycle coming around and now we have John McDougall talking about the all starch diet and why I'm bringing this up is the body is also cyclical we start out being anabolic and in a growth stage up until about the 30s or 40s and we start hitting the catabolic downhill slant so in that cycle of things we start dealing with issues we didn't deal with that we were when we were in the anabolic stage and why I kind of harp on this a little bit and you know I know you you have cotton like my what carping is the fact that when you're in a vegetarian perspective when you're young when you can run on sugar you're actually setting yourself up for a earlier problem when you get into the catabolic state because you can't run on the sugar in that state you hit what I call hitting the wall and my last 10 years of my kind of productive life was dealing with people much like and you read the book linearities people that got older we're following the cyclical perspective and all of a sudden they hit the wall and and that's all I try to bring out is the fact that you know everything is variable depending on which stage of the cycle you're in and and what you can do in your youth sometimes doesn't even seem possible or likely when you hit the older cycle and in conjunction with what we talked about when I called your show last the spiral upward either Yin or yang is always balanced by the spiral downward the yin of the yang so it ends up to be a totally cyclical perspective and and that's something that I just wanted to bring out to people to think about okay great thanks Richard arm of my response to that is if this is true there are cyclical progressions and what I would say and how I would slightly add to this or offer a slightly varied viewpoint regarding this is that it's not a cycle in the sense of a circle it's a tendency toward a certain outcome or an ebb and flow okay so there's a current that is somewhat pushing things in a particular or specific direction what I would say is that that is not an assured outcome it is not a cycle in a sense that it always goes in a circle I said last week with Lenin that it is a spiral progression and there's always an upward movement and of course there can be a downward spiral movement as well it's not to say that it's always going up but if we're alert to the changes if we're alert to these tendencies of progression and the ebbs and flows that come forward in time okay that we can use that knowledge we can use that consciousness to even transcend some of these tendencies of flow this is what is called in the ancient mystery teachings the mystery school teachings as the laws or the principle of rhythm the principle of rhythm it's based in the principle of polarity that things a tendency to sway from one polarity to another okay there is an ebb and a flow all right there is a tendency toward a particular outcome but that outcome will only sweep you up in it if the consciousness is low if the consciousness is high you can transcend that tendency this is what's called raising yourself above the law lowercase L you are raising yourself above what is generally seen as being something that is inescapable as a law or but it's not a capital L law which is truly an unbreakable inherent condition in the universe that is what I call natural law you will not rise up above natural law by right raising consciousness raising consciousness will get you to a deep understanding of natural law and keep you there but raising consciousness through availability of information opening oneself up to possibilities opening oneself up to truth is going to help raise conscious your consciousness up to a point where you can transcend this lowercase l law and by that I don't mean man's law either I'm talking about things that people see as it's inevitably going to go that way it has to go that way you know it's a cycle it comes it's always happens this way a good book to check out regarding this that and I don't agree with everything this gentleman says but I think that he has a good point regarding the spiral and fractal flow of time is Gregg Braden I definitely recommend his book fractal time because in it he talks about these ChoicePoint moments and we're in one right now that this is a massive choice point in the beginning of my show at the in the very introduction I say you know as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice that's what this whole thing is about we're in that window of choice that window of opportunity right now based on this seemingly cyclical but actually fractal and spiral Evan flow of tendencies okay so there's a tendency that comes around every once in a while every cyclic lis so often within time but it's an opportunity for growth and development if we're receptive and are willing to get the message so that's my response to that where I don't see it as cyclical in this flat two-dimensional graph with a circle on it that you go up and then you go down and then you go back up and it just repeats over and over and over again that is not how I see the progression of consciousness in the universe I see it as something that is like a coil of a spring that is cyclical and we can progress upward and as we go around and reach that same degree point okay which let's say it's at you know a 45 degrees on the on the spiral there's going to be a tendency at that point which is going to give us an opportunity to learn and grow in which case we can go up the spiral and then maybe there'll be a tendency at that same point that deals with similar issues but at a higher level and we can work there and go up higher if we fail to do that we're going to be sent back down and around that spiral until we and maybe even have to face something that is even darker and that that's the time period that we're in right now and perhaps we can jump levels in that in that spiral without having to go through the entire cycle over again you know you go up to a higher step of the spiral and because you got the lesson that that choice point presented and you don't need to go through the entire revolution again another turn you know within that that spiral that looks like a circle but really it either sends you up or it sends you down so that's my take on the sickness cycles again so is this something that exists yes teachers throughout history have been talking about cycles of time it's something that is simply flat two-dimensional cyclical that it always just comes around and then repeats in a different form no it's a tendency and consciousness will determine the outcome consciousness will have to do with the level of consciousness you're at will have to do with whether you learn and grow from that tendency being presented to you or whether you're taken down and ratcheted down a notch or given the hard lesson or the whipping if you will and unfortunately I think Humanity is kind of rejecting the lesson that we're all here to learn at this choice point that we're at and I think it's going to take the whipping personally again I want to hear from people on that point do you agree do you disagree do you think we can turn it around and change it and have and be able to avert that negative outcome I'm not so sure after seeing the kind of people that I saw on the street yesterday and I want to so moving on from the the topic that Richard brought up on cycles I want to touch upon some a couple of other things regarding things that I witnessed yesterday on the street during the street action with the end of Fed rally and it's it's kind of telling where people are at because uh and this could even be seen as a controversial dynamic and after this I'll get to some other callers but all of the seemingly well-to-do individuals on the street not super rich people by any stretch of the imagination but you know upper middle class seemed to be the least receptive you know people who you know by the way they dress the items that they may be carrying etc you know are have money put away they haven't they have a job obviously where they have a lot of savings they have a lifestyle that is very comfortable they're not they're not meeting for anything for certainly not for physical things or for money there's certainly needy in the spirit but that's another issue these people are are the most the least receptive to the men they think they're okay because they have some money they think that's the only determining factor for whether you're okay quote-unquote in the world or not and you'll hear this phrase you'll hear the phrase no that's okay I'm okay no I'm not interested in that I'm okay they'll actually say the phrase I'm okay and this is like an art almost on our title phrase that is coming out of their mouths out of the subconscious that the ego has them believing that they're okay they don't even understand they're in a war they don't even understand they're not okay they're destroyed they're actively being destroyed at all times and places their spirit is devastated their spear is almost completely destroyed and yet they are using this phrase I'm okay I talked about this with some other people including barb who has said no that's that's what they all continue to say oh I'm okay you know like oh I don't need to know anything you could possibly have to show me there's no information you could possibly put in my hands that I need to know where I'm at I have it all figured out I know what the world is I'm in a good place because I'm covered as far as my physical need needs go right in this particular moment and I'm okay and I think that is the most arrogant ignorant just diseas'd thing that could pour out of a person's mouth who is a complete no nothing a no nothing again these are the people who I say have negative knowledge and believe me if for a couple of them that do give you the two seconds that they're willing to grant to have a very brief interchange or dialogue with you know that they know nothing you know because they have no idea what the Federal Reserve is they don't know what fractional reserve banking is they have no idea about the all of the machination that went into creating this financial crisis that is plaguing this country and will continue to plague it and they think because there in a position right now where they have a little bit of cash that somehow their quote unquote okay and all I have to say to these people if this information probably won't reach their ears but if it ever does trust me you're not okay you're in a very bad way whether you understand it or see it or not right now you are most definitely not okay and again the dynamic that you see always has to do with the people who seemingly are comfortable in the job or money-making role that they play in life you know they have a cush job and therefore nothing else is of any import whatsoever their information is meaningless knowledge is meaningless to these people and one of the things you see when you engage them is a smirk on their face there's this smug smirk as if to say what could you possibly have to tell me what could I possibly be able to gain from hearing one word that comes out of your mouth or one thing on a slip of paper that you have to hand to me possibly this arrogance and smugness is ultimately what's going to be these people's downfall they're not going to transcend the cycle they're not going to transcend the law Capitol I'm sorry lowercase L let alone upper no one's going to there is no such thing as transcending the uppercase L law but this lower form of law this AB this sick seemingly cyclical flow that is an ebb and flow of tendencies throughout time they're going to get crushed by that wave crushed and they've done no preparation mentally psychologically spiritually definitely obviously not physically for the eventualities of this wave that's coming to run them over like a tsunami and you could say hey that's really harsh talk yes it is because I even imagine how someone this ignorant and poor in knowledge and poor in spirit can be so smug and you just see it over and over and over and over again like what I don't even know what that is what is this thing this thing that calls itself a human being that you would like try to make a degradation of someone else's will and effort that you're not doing anything you're sitting on your ass watching television not getting involved in anything to make the world a better place totally self-absorbed totally in your own head and you are dare to scoff at the efforts of someone else to bring solid reliable information to other people whether you agree with the cause or not I want to go and scoff at someone else's political cause you know I'm not scoffing at the people who go in march against cancer in these anti cancer walks these March for the Cure walks their intentions are good they just don't understand that towards for cancer are already in existence they've been with us for a hundred years under actively being suppressed you know that this this whole medical paradigm this model that we have of what real science and medicine is is never going to give us a cure for cancer because it's only addressing symptoms and not underlying causes and they're just misguided they're well-intentioned but misguided but these people are a whole nother animal and I use the word deliberately there are a whole nother animal they're not even a human being they're like an animal that is so obsessed with its own self and it's so obsessed with only what it can get out of something my own selfish interests you know my own little worldly desires that that they actually have a smug laugh you know this smug smile you see it over and over and over again and not just toward me but just toward everyone who's on the march you see someone I'll watch someone try to put a flyer in someone else's hand say here you go sir here you go ma'am would you like some information on why we're marching and what the Federal Reserve is doing to the financial situation of the American people and that they just not only won't take it won't even bother you to even engage you with speech but they'll just have this smug smile like oh god you actually think that information is important you actually believe that there's something there's something that that you could give me that I don't know about how life works and I just find it totally disgraceful and in a lot of ways it's like you almost are rooting for the negative outcomes so the people like that just get smacked by the Mack truck right in the face you know just so they never even see the blindsiding coming and experience the deepest aspect of suffering that could possibly be experienced because the whole world is going to be toppled on top of its head and they saw none of it coming and they're going to be in total psychological in a psychological sewer worse than they are now because they thought that they were okay and insisted that they were okay and you know I have to try to fight with myself with the lower aspect of myself to say no we don't want to see that outcome we want to continue to try to press forward and bring the effort forward to try to truly educate these people and get them out of their mind-control stupor but it's very difficult when you see people with that kind of an attitude literally not only not wanting help but scoffing at people who are trying to help them it's amazing that people are that degraded I mean these are literally troll goblin creatures they're not even like I said they have much much much much work to do to get back to being a base human being getting back to base consciousness they're in total D monic consciousness demonic consciousness they're in a place that's so low there's nothing lower than it beyond death you know beyond physical not you know non-existence of you know the anime body to have an experience within consciousness just go back to the void you know that's about the lowest layer of consciousness in the physical world that you can get is to think you have it so figured out that no one could possibly put any information forward that you could gain or benefit from in your understanding and that's the worst place you could possibly be at and I saw the biggest number of those individuals yesterday because of the timing of this event right after Black Friday this sales craze and to continue this anecdote before I go back to the phones I just want to say that there was one other encounter that I had all two other actually in front of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia we handed out many flyers about the Federal Reserve and there more people were receptive but even there you had people do this same attitude you're standing in line to see one of the symbols of the American revolutionary spirit one of the symbols of the founding of this country which attempted to enshrine sovereignty in the hearts and minds of the people and combat and fight against tyranny and Beyond eternal vigilance against it and you don't even have the dignity to say when an activist is coming up to you saying these people are destroying American you need to know about it the mainstream media is not going to tell you about this that people standing in line to go into and see a physical artifact okay the Liberty Bell thinking that somehow they're participating in freedom you know by just going and visiting in person a physical object from that time period I'm not no disrespect against the whole concept of the Liberty doll fine whoever wants to go and see it and you know get a glimpse into our you know past American history I have no problem with that but I'm saying the people in line many of them did engage in taking the information from our hands but many had that's the same mocking or skull scoffing attitude and a lot of them you can tell have this attitude of these people are just troublemakers they're just malcontents they don't they think they have it so bad why don't you go live somewhere else I'm not saying there aren't worth places in America of course there are but there's no good places in the world the whole planet is a prison essentially the whole planet doesn't understand sovereignty the whole planet doesn't understand truth the whole planet has no conceptualization of what real freedom is doesn't matter where you go you're just going to a worse place within the global tyranny the whole place is global tyranny so this whole attitude of America love it or leave it people can take that attitude and cram it up their ass sideways as far as I'm concerned and I'll say it that harsh okay because I'm not going to leave this place I'm in here for the long haul whether it comes to a physical revolution or not I'm going to continue to wage the revolution in spirit and in mind and if it comes to a physical revolution I'm still not going anywhere I'll be here and I'll be fighting on the side of truth and freedom so you know don't tell me where I need to leave because this place is where I was born it's my birthright and it's where the people who founded this country fought and defended human freedom with blood so again anybody that has that attitude about real Patriots people who are really trying to free the minds and hearts of the people in this totally brainwashed mind controlled country you know what you could do with that attitude okay so that's all I have to say about people like that one other quick thing I want to bring up is in front of the Constitution Center okay now just think about this for a minute in front of the building that is represents having a you know land that is about We the People there was an entire family with tons of packages seated on the steps of the Constitution Center waiting for a tourist trolley and maybe they weren't from the United States I don't even know okay but I went up to him me and another activist and tempted to hand them a flyer and the they said what's this like a barb said you know commented that it was as if you tried to hand them a recipe for cooking babies as comical as that sounds and the ridiculousness of the notion it brings to the mind it was like that was the mental that was the physical look on their face just taking out a single slip of paper and attempting to put some information into their hand it was like you had you know attended them to look at the most the grossest atrocity that has ever been committed by humanity you know like this look came over their face like yeah like you're trying to hand me something with words on it and they're like what's this about the the father the mother and the children all with this you know how dare you stranger approached us you don't speak to us on the street we're a busy about our shopping and tourism or whatever you know how dare you attempt to hand us a piece of information and I said well you know this is a march to raise awareness of what the Federal Reserve System is doing that's completely immoral and basically making the American people destitute with a complete Ponzi scheme which is what they're fractional reserve banking system is we find that some moral we're speaking out against it we're trying to raise awareness of what they do and here's some information about it and I said and this is also a rally to end the illegal wars of aggression that are made possible by funding the federal by the funding of the Federal Reserve System that makes all these illegal Wars offshore wars of aggression that are pre-emptive possible been able to continue for so long and they said we have better things to do with our time than to waste our time with junk like this literally that's exactly the response we have better things to do with our time than to waste our I'm with junk like this and I said junk like this like what's really going on in the world you'd rather remain ignorant about it and do nothing about and you're sitting on the steps of the Constitution building in Philadelphia I said enjoy your slavery that's you can do nothing for someone in that state of consciousness they are a golem they have no consciousness they're not really a human being there are there are an animal in human form calling themselves human being but they're there they are the dead the dark occultists call these people the dead for a reason they are the dead someone like that is beyond help and I'm not trying to say get discouraged and stop the effort but someone like that ultimately needs to be drowned by the chorus of truth that we need to raise we need to have so many people speaking the truth that it is impossible to ignore and that they are uncomfortable in their bubble of ignorance we have to make it uncomfortable comfortable for people to remain ignorant than to go to the truth regardless of how uncomfortable that is that's how many people need to see people disagree with this approach that they think no pressure is involved let me tell you something to make a diamond pressure is needed we need the pressure applied to create something that is good it's not going to happen without willful effort and pressure people say the truth doesn't need to be if defended it doesn't need to be defended but it does need to be spread it does need to be spoken into existence and in doing that you are creating a pressurized effect that eventually it's like walls closing in and no one can escape it unfortunately it's that dynamic is turned upside down and the pressure is all coming from the mind-control syndicate they have more they're applying all the pressure not the truth the real truth activists not the my freedom activists I'm talking about people who really know what's going on we need to apply more pressure folks and do that in an unapologetic way so you know I took some time to relate some negative experiences that went on yesterday but I think it's very telling about where we're at in consciousness let's go to the phones to wrap up the show here we go caller from Philadelphia you're live on what on earth is happening welcome is this Jay Parker yes Jay what's up I just wanted I just wanted to say mark that you know this spring with the free mind conference and the end the Fed and the wars I mean I I believe we're going to start to see some real activist groundwork in Philadelphia so don't just bear well it's certainly what that's right it's certainly stay with me for a moment Jay if you will let's take let's take this call out to the end of the show since you've called in we could type up the free your mind conference a bit for the listeners as well but I want to touch on what you were saying I do think it's true that there's a lot of activist work going on here in Philadelphia most certainly okay there's a lot of groups here I mean you know what what on earth is happening is here armed truth freedom prosperity is here the through your mind conference is here the Tesla Science Foundation is here we have a lot of stuff going on here in the city you know arm so there's no shortage of events that are promoting truth and freedom most certainly the thing is simply not coordinated it's not only that it's not coordinated isn't it the same people involved in all of these groups it's a tiny core group that's really involved in all of these groups they're the same people that you see over and over and over again regardless of where you go you know they call Philadelphia it's a small metropolitan city it's one of the small big cities you know it's like New York it's it's you know Philly is its younger brother and it seems like it's a it's a big town but it's a small town as well and you see the same people coming out over and over and over again you know so what do you think can be done to engage more people to get involved in all of these efforts so that we can start spreading this in a more targeted way well we've had this discussion before and also with Michael falsetto and and basically the outreach of free your mind this April is going to incorporate an entire room of over 30 vendors dedicated the healing arts and also information that's going to empower people psychologically and financially and that's where we have to start in just the street level you know press roots and build organizations that are truly grassroots that's not the problem with campaign for liberty and the Ron Paul organization was basically they wanted to be Republicans and the truth is neither Democrat nor Republican it's it's the truth they want to become the new establishment instead of ultimately removing the quote-unquote establishment you know well the establishment if we have a revolution then the oppressed become the oppression right exam and I'm really hoping that you know I know this is going to sound the new age cornball but I'm hoping that you know the Mayan calendar and actually we get a small fundamental energy shift in in frequency here on the planet and it helps open people's minds up to new ideas excellent Jake great way to take the show out and wrap it certainly very possible ladies and gentlemen Jake Barker one of the speakers for the upcoming free your mind to conference in April of 2013 great to hear from you Jay that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for joining us we'll see you right here next week you [Music]