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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic broadcasting org today is Saturday March 15th 2014 the show is live every Saturday right here on Republic broadcasting from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight central we have a great show lined up for you here today I'm going to be continuing a little bit discussing parental abandonment issues as the root psychological factor that is contributing to the continued human condition of slavery we'll get into my own parental abandonment issues today as I hinted that we would be doing last week and then we're gonna go to your calls and get your take on this issue and anything else that you want to discuss let me give the call-in number right at the top of the show and hopefully I can take calls throughout the show the calling number to join us here on what on earth is happening today is 803 one three nine four four three once again 803 one three ninety four forty three you can call me now and get in the queue and as I said I'll be reviewing a little bit getting into my own parental abandonment issues that I've worked with and hopefully conquered completely you know we all carry a bit of this with us and we're all still working with it but as long as we're willing to do that work we're making progress and it is a such a huge issue and it's one that goes so unnoticed because it's very nested in the subconscious mind and that's why many people don't even realize they're carrying these subconscious psychological abandonment issues around with them there they're not consciously aware of them and it affects so much of their behavior from that unconscious subconscious point of view so we'll be getting into that a little bit more I have a couple of very event announcements I will be speaking next weekend in Asheville North Carolina I'm going to be giving a presentation on Saturday March 22nd 2014 Asheville North Carolina called New Age BS and the suppression of the sacred masculine revisited with even more new-age deceptions exposed so I'm billing this as a presentation to ask the question to people out there are you truly awake especially the those who identify and consider themselves members of the New Age movement or the New Age community are you really awake are you truly awake or are you just in a spiritual trap that is designed specifically to make you believe that you're awake this is going to be coming up again March 22nd Saturday March 22nd in Asheville North Carolina at the Lexington Avenue brewery that's at 39 North Lexington Avenue in Asheville North Carolina the doors will open at 9:00 a.m. this is going to be an all-day event it's an a one-day seminar is what it really is not just the presentation I'll be giving a morning session will be breaking for lunch I'll be giving an afternoon session we may or may not break after that and then there's going to be an extended question and answer session where people can ask me any questions about my take on what I've presented there that day or anything else about the New Age movement that they want to talk about so the advance tickets for this are only seven dollars you could get advance tickets by calling eight two eight seven eight two zero eight four zero once again four advance tickets only seven dollars eight two eight seven eight two zero eight four zero you could also email I walk with purpose at gmail.com once again the email address for advanced ticket requests I walk with purpose at gmail.com at the door tickets only a $10 donation so only $3.00 more at the door you can't beat that price anywhere for an all-day seminar with information that I'm going to be presenting that people absolutely need to see and hear to understand how the New Age movement is a deliberately crafted religion I call it the religion of standing down to get people to stand down from taking right action in the world and believing that everything is just okay and is gonna magically work itself out it's a huge deception a lot of people are wrapped up in it and if people come out they will gain a lot of clarity and discernment regarding what this entire movement is all about and how to get your mind free of the trap of the of the snare that the New Age movement want to catch wants to catch your mind in so once again that's Saturday next Saturday March 22nd more likely than not I will not be broadcasting live next weekend okay next Saturday will probably be playing a replay should conditions be very conducive to broadcasting a live show maybe I'll do a live show from from Asheville possibly but right now my leaning is I'll probably not be live next weekend so we'll see what happens the other quick event announcement I have is that I am as many listeners will know I am on a juice fast in an attempt to cure my diabetes once and for all I have type one point five or what is known as latent adult onset of juvenile diabetes they call it la da la da or it's been called type one point five diabetes it's juvenile diabetes that comes on slowly in adulthood this came on when I was in my early 30s over a period of time I was diagnosed with it finally and I've been largely insulin dependent however I can control this with diet I have and I've done a 30-day raw food diet in the past which has basically knocked the diabetes down for several months and it did slowly creep back in for another several months a lot of people talk about that you know you may have to do these reboots of the gastrointestinal system and the endocrine system so many so many after so many months and just do another raw food diet for a 30-day period I've done some research and come across a lot of people reporting different types of diabetes cured as a result that they extended juice fast so I started this fast via a few weeks back thinking it was only going to be a 10-day fast as I've done before but after going into it a few days and seeing how easy it was and how good I felt and how much clarity of mind I had during it after about three or four days I said I'm gonna do a full 30 days and you know try to proactively go after and tackle this a diabetes problem once and for all because I'm no fan of not a big fan of needles I don't like to have to stick myself to test my blood you know once a day or twice a day I don't like to have to take insulin injections if my sugar levels go high my blood sugar levels so I'm happy to report since day one that I started this juice fast 26 days ago today is day 26 I have four more days to go since day one my blood sugar levels have been within normal parameters they have been absolutely perfectly normal since the first day I started this fast so that's great news and hopefully that will continue after the fast is over after I go back to eating solid food so uh wish me luck four more days it's been an exercise in willpower if nothing else you know not having solid food for that long there's a definitely a mental a psychological component to it you do I did have cravings for solid food I was able to control that you know I believe I have very very good willpower and I've stuck with it I have only taken into myself freshly squeezed juice made from an auger juicer [Music] [Music] right back [Music] [Music] my website [Music] we get into a little bit of a review from the material that we covered last week I was talking about the underlying psychological state of humanity okay and how that's really driven by willful ignorance willful ignorance is really the manifestation you know and from there we get ignoring evil we get ignoring what's going on all around us we getting ignoring all the iniquities and inequities of our world people not caring about each other people not helping each other people not trying to spiritually up left each other people not trying to present people with information that they need to know just saying I don't care you know which is where most of humanity is at and that comes from a state of willful ignorance and then it allows evil to just run roughshod all over us but underneath that there's another condition and this is people wanting to remain children it's them wanting to remain in a state of not having any personal responsibility and abdicating personal responsibility believing that they can advocate personal responsibility I should say to someone else you know it's not my responsibility to understand this is not my responsibility to take care of myself it's not my responsibility to help out my fellow man it's not my responsibility to teach my fellow man anything no that's somebody else's responsibility you know it's the state's responsibility above all else don't you know you know that's what people want to pass this responsibility off to that's government job you know and then government becomes like the surrogate parent in a society of beings like that in that kind of a mind state and I was explaining to people there's a another underlying condition it lies beneath wanting to remain an eternal child and not ever have any personal responsibility and that is self-loathing a people cannot truly love themself if they don't want to grow up take care of themselves how could they possibly love themselves it's not possible people will hate to hear that said directly and I understand that I get it believe me folks one thing I'm not regardless of whatever else you may think I am I'm not naive I'm not a naive person I know exactly where the psychological dynamic of humanity is at I told people last week I will often know what's going on in somebody's mind where they will not because somebody who has studied psychology at the depth that I have at this point you you can know things about people that they don't know about themselves because they've never dredged up these issues these psychological issues and worked with them and dealt with them and confronted them let alone studied them in depth so I know what people think when I say there were a self-loathing species I get that they're in denial they're in psychological denial about that they don't want to hear it does that make it untrue absolutely not it's true nonetheless we are a species in self-loathing because only a species in self loathing in the aggregate I'm not saying everybody is don't don't confuse my words I'm not saying every single individual plenty of people have true self-respect not nearly enough but there are many who do but as in the aggregate when we're talking about the whole species of humanity on earth it's it's a paltry few in percentage-wise ok so what I'm talking about here is aggregate numbers the vast majority the vast percentages of people are in a state of psychological self-loathing subconsciously they don't have to think consciously I really don't like myself nobody most people don't have self-loathing issues at that conscious level and like want to kill themselves or or say that they hate themselves nonetheless they do hate themselves deep down inside underneath it at the subconscious level at the level of the unseen okay this is B this there's another reason for this self-hatred see again just to clarify this only a people who are self-loathing and ultimately hate themselves could allow themselves to remain enslaved it follows logically if you just think about it it has nothing to do with the physical enslavement here people are participating in their own enslavement because they will not desist in doing certain jobs because they will not desist in continuing to support the financial and monetary enslavement because they want theirs see they can't transition to the mindset that there's only one family living on this planet it's it's too far beyond their level of consciousness to go to they can't make that fundamental understanding to transition into the level of awareness that there is no separation at the ultimate level and I get it not everybody understands that that is the one level of actual separation consciousness whether people understand that we are really one whether people understand that there is no such thing as authority and no one is higher than anybody else and that doesn't mean there aren't people who are at higher levels of awareness and consciousness when it comes to these truths and I get it that may sound like total alien language to some people listening out there because they're not there yet they're not at that level yet I get it once again I'm not my Eve enough to believe everybody's at the same level of consciousness I'm telling you what the truth is but I'm telling you not everybody's going to accept that or understand it they're gonna look at you when you try to explain it like you have three heads growing out of your neck okay don't make the mistake of believing people are on the same level of awareness when it comes to the solutions to what really needs to be done because they're not most people can't even comprehend that Liang which let alone really understand the level of consciousness it's gonna take to get there you know it's it would literally - with some people be like trying to explain arithmetic to a dog literally and I'm not saying that to insult people I'm saying it because it's true that's the level of consciousness they're at so this self-loathing condition is what has to ultimately be repaired now that's not easy work that's not gonna be easy to do because the conditions are holding people in self-loathing as well not just their psychological framework or mindset the external conditions in the world are continuing because these people don't have time to work on themselves they're too busy doing things for survival needs you know let alone they're they're barely makin by scraping by with basic survival let alone thinking about deep nested psychological issues at the subconscious level they're not looking at themselves they're doing everything they can to avoid looking at themselves in many cases so this some self loathing only true self respect can heal it breaking out of the abuse victim cycle saying no I don't need to continue to think about it as I need to be to come out on top I don't need to think about it as I need to do what's been done to me or what's been done to other people to propagate the same cycle of abuse we have to get out of the abuse victim game out of the mentality get out of the mentality of wanting to be an abuser and going to continue to be abused that's what real self-respect is put this up on the other side stay with us [Music] [Music] [Applause] you're talking about self loathing issues that are subconsciously embedded in humanity's collective mind you know until we become a self-respecting people that want freedom that want to take personal responsibility for their own lives that don't want to be ignorant that want to be well-informed expect slavery to continue I mean what can I say that's just how it works that's how the laws of nature work ladies and gentlemen you know and I would add we need to get out of this mindset that we need to constantly one-up other people it's all ego I need the profit you know I need to be in a position that is in control over and over this person it's all ego based people will say oh it's just survival adaptation no it isn't it's called the ego run out of control and the ego owning the mind not being a part of the psyche but owning it and that's what people have to understand the psyche isn't there that the ego isn't there to be obliterated the ego is how you lift food and put it into your own mouth instead of you know trying to put it into somebody else's mouth or throw it on the ground the ego is what allows us to use a tool to assist ourselves and make our lives better to invent technology ok I'm not telling you I'm talking about the ego run amok run out of control that's different than just the human ego the ego is there to be a tool to be picked up used and then put back in the tool box unfortunately it has come to rule the house and it owns us you know it has us all trapped inside of it we need to get out of that state of mind control we need to get out of that state of ego identification all material I've talked about on past podcasts you go back in the archives I tell people if you want the best value out of this radio show out of this broadcast go back into the archives start at number one what on earth is happening komm slash podcast click the podcast tab on my site go back to number one listen forward in order at your own pace it's a tapestry of information meant to be taken in as a whole in a linear progression that's what you have to do to really understand what's going on on this planet to understand the solutions and going forward this issue that I'm going to be getting into a little bit more tonight that underlies all of these other psychological conditions of willful ignorance of the refusal to take on personal responsibility as an adult self-loathing what underlies all of that deep-seated subconscious psychological parental abandonment issues and again to reiterate what I was saying last week about the abandonment on the part of a parent it does not have to mean that the parent was not physically there the parent can be physically present and the child can still be abandoned or develop abandonment issues because if the child's emotional needs are not met if their psychological needs are not met if their spiritual needs are not met that is still an abandonment issue that is going to be present for that child the parent can still be there and not be providing any real nurturing in those capacities for the child even if they're taking care of their physical needs does not make a difference physical presence is only one aspect of abandonment issues of course abuse comes into this the parent can be there physically providing the for the child and still abusing them and not necessarily even physically abusing them emotionally abusing them psychologically abusing them pif passive aggressively abusing the child okay instilling horrible thought patterns into the child because that programming is where the child is going to eventually pull their self-worth from especially if they don't by nature have some sort of a strong constitution which you a child does not they're gonna look to a parent for support especially in the first six or seven years of life so we are all affected by these issues nobody can say that they're a perfect parent and provided everything that a child needs parents do their best they try to do their best least good ones do okay that doesn't mean we're going to be unless with certain issues that are unresolved that are nested in the subconscious mind and this is for those of us who even had good parents okay so let me give the call-in number once again again I'm taking calls throughout the show 803 one three nine four four three once again one 1-800 three one 394 43 get in the queue I'll go to your calls as they come in I want to briefly since last week we talked about these parental abandonment issues we discussed the the conscious mind versus the subconscious mind you know how the role of the conscious mind is the scan the environment make sense of things organize information plan okay the subconscious minds role is quite the opposite it's automate it takes care of automated bodily functions instinct and fight/flight response habits you know initial emotional imprints initial emotional responses to things it's ultimate function is to protect the conscious mind from the re-experiencing of past traumatic experiences because the conscious mind has this very powerful capability called imagination and visualization capabilities you know so that imagination and visualization can actually be a bad thing if we relive horrible traumatic experiences then we're reliving that actually physiologically and the body starts pumping chemicals into the physiology that it can actually be harmful and can actually do damage to the internal organs and the brain when we relive traumatic experiences that put us into fight flight mode emotionally and mentally it's called stress it takes the blood away from the torso where the organs are it takes the blood the blood pumps away from the head the brain and and it goes to the extremities where what we need for fight or flight the arms and the legs so it's a very physiological reaction stress reliving the past that is painful and traumatic that was painful or traumatic that's why the subconscious mind has this defense mechanism to protect us from that by messing it and burying it in the subconscious so we don't consciously think about it but if we don't do the work to bring it up to the conscious level and deal with it not necessarily dwell on it and keep you know trying to re-experience it quote-unquote okay through imagination and visualization but to work with the traumatic experience in a way that helps to heal it emotionally heal it mentally heal that trauma this is very deep introspective self work I talked a little bit last week briefly about EFT emotional freedom technique isn't tapping on meridian lines in the body that can help with this and you could release the forms of these traumas that are nested into the subconscious through an energy response similar to acupuncture very advanced technique actually but that doesn't involve having to to dredge the memory up in a in a imagination / visualization sense but I'm not telling you there aren't people with the constitution's that can't do it that way you know by going in and re re imagining the experience it takes a lot of self-control to do it that way a whole lot and not put yourself under an immense stress so we talked about this and we talked about breaking out of the abuse victim cycle this cycle of not becoming the abuser or the victim once at has happened last week we also then briefly discussed political parties as what I called psychological proxies you're putting this political party or affiliation or a candidate in place as the real thing for the absence of parental a parental figure we looked at the Democratic Party as giving of providing a psychological proxy for the absence of the mother figure in a mother child relationship because the Democrats see government as where the Liberals or leftists would however you want to word it want to see government as the nanny or the mommy the the nurturer and the provider that is absent for them in some way in some respect they think it should be provide for all of our needs from cradle to grave you know that people shouldn't truly be self responsible for their own needs no government should be fulfill that role like a archetypal mother and vice versa the Republican the conservative the right winger looks at government as the father figure the strong archetype will father figure protector that's going to go out and police the world and keep us safe substituting as a psychological proxy for an absent father figure we'll pick this up on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening the coin we don't is the wall between us so Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm talking about parental abandonment issues as the ultimate nested subconscious psychological issue that is driving the condition that humanity finds itself in and that is slavery government is slavery ladies and gentlemen whether you understand that or not doesn't make one bit of difference it is still true until we get rid of this idea called government get it out of our minds that it is necessary what anybody is saying when they say government is necessary is they're saying slavery is necessary and you know just if you even just look at that term you know you see how ridiculous or if you should see how ridiculous it sounds you know that should be self-evident to you when you say slavery is necessary but that's what you're really saying when you say government is necessary that's what anybody is saying when they say government is necessary and they're enslaved by that very system so it's a slave on the plantation telling other people I should be I should remain a slave now how could anyone in that psychological state love themselves it's not possible it's not possible okay so you could hate hearing that all you want to hate hearing it that doesn't make it untrue it's still true that that's where people are at most people are in that state of such deep self-loathing because they want the state to be mommy and daddy because they can't deal or haven't dealt with or refused to deal with their own parental abandonment issues and they haven't really grown up as a result they're not a true adult they are not they could be as old as anybody else they could be as old as an 80 year old person they could be you know in their late 20s in their mid 40s it doesn't make a difference what age they are they could look at adult and they're still a cycle infant there's still a spiritual infant physical age has absolutely nothing to do with how truly grown-up a human being is internally how truly mature they are internally okay so and this is what the state loves the state loves people who are psychological children we're a nation of grown children of psychological infants that's what allows the state to stay in control and they love it they do everything they can to propagate it talk to us like we're children on the airwaves feeding us nonsense you know mindless forms of entertainment on every channel on the idiot box that people sit behind with their GMO food you know cram and down down their gullet every day after they go to their left brain job you know and their bodies all run down then they sit in front of a device feeding themselves crap food and then watch a mind-control device all night and I guarantee you there's plenty people out there who do the same thing who are listening to this broadcast and think that they're awake think that they know what's going on because they're just don't understand you're on a farm that you're in a pen you're in a barn okay you're one of the animals on the farm and most people have absolutely no idea how that is maintained how that condition is maintained and they support it in many cases they support it because they don't want to truly grow up for themselves and take care of themselves so what I want to talk about here today is my own psychological parental abandonment issues and those of my sibling and I'm going to talk about my sibling my sister here whether she likes it or not or wants me to to bring these issues up or not I'm gonna talk about it because it's something that I want to discuss okay so my mother and father separated when I was five months in the womb okay now how's that for an abandonment issue my father takes off obviously you know marital infidelity played a role in all of this and he takes off and splits when my sister is six five and a half years old and I'm in the womb five months so you know this is obviously a typical story of how families break up you know divorce infidelity Devore leading to divorce leading to one parent raising two children this was the case with my family or you know before I was born actually so you know my mother she's young she wants to raise her two children you know gets a decent job and then essentially can't be home for the raising of her two children largely so now you have the father gone and you have the mother working constantly every day you know only there a small percentage of the time and again the state loves this they love scenarios and conditions like this because again they want to be the surrogate parent they want to be the proxy the psychological proxy for both parental figures so they they have a vested interest in keeping people in these nested subconscious states of undealt with psychological issues because they want you to be emotionally immature so that you'll eventually identify the state as mommy and daddy so many people are right in this trap and don't even know that they're in it so going back to the story parents separate at about five months pregnancy with me in the womb so that means I don't ever really know my father upon being born and growing up at a very young age eventually I did he came in my life at a later point not not in a big way but you know uh in a way such that I never really harbored a deep ill-will or resentment started to try to understand young I feel how relationship problems can crop up between people and it's not and didn't necessarily have anything to do with me now that was me and my take and my understanding my sister did not have that understanding it hit her way way harder because she was already born and she was already five years old when my father splits with my mother so now again my mother is working full-time trying to raise us and support us or at least provide for our I shouldn't even use the word raise I should say provide for our physical needs much different than raising if people think that's all there is to raising a child you have no idea what the word raising even means okay I don't look like I was I don't look at it from a true perspective of what I understand the word raising to be I was not raised I was raised by strangers from a condition of psychological infancy immaturity and self-loathing and you know ignorance that's what that's what raising really means as you come out of all those conditions strangers did that for me that I never met personally people I consider my mentors and you know what I don't give a damn let me just make one thing clear I don't give a damn what people think of the people I consider my mentors I could care less what you think about them okay let me make that clear I put who I consider people who influenced my life for the positive in a video and then people say you want to dismiss my video work we'll go right ahead and dismiss it shut it off I don't give a damn okay they're the people who helped me if you don't like them go listen to somebody else you're free to do that you're also free to dismiss my work and say there's nothing to it because he likes these people I think you're a total retard for thinking that way it's a complete logical fallacy okay you know to say that there's nothing here because this person likes this person's work and agrees with them on a lot of things it's utter nonsense it's it's more emotional immaturity and childishness that's all it is you think you can't get gain information or garner understanding from listening to somebody just because they like somebody that you happen not to like or agree with you're a moron you're a moron okay so you could say anything you want about who I list this people I like and my mentors and who I consider who raised me from the standards go right ahead and say you're listening the what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen I'm your host Mark Hasse we'll be right back freedom man that's what it's all about our number two of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm in the last segment I was talking about my own family and the the parental abandonment issues that myself and my sibling went through growing up because we were essentially raised in a by a mother who was divorced you know our our father left when my sister was about five and a half years old I was in the womb still yet to be born and that creates a whole host of issues my mother again had to take work and not be around for much of the day so we were essentially living with our grandparents for much of our early childhood and they would watch us during the day and eventually I ended up essentially staying at that house almost all the time so I consider like I was brought up by my grandparents more so than my parents because again my father wasn't around physically my mother not really around much because she had to work to provide for physical needs and monetary needs for myself and my sister so not to say as I was saying last segment that my mother didn't do what she could and my grandparents didn't do an excellent job instilling a lot of good values in both myself and my sister but I would still not say as harsh as this may come off sounding that these were the people who raised me I was not raised by family members I was my physical well-being was cared for by family MERS was I cared for by family members absolutely that's different than being raised by somebody most people are not raising their children all over the world they may care for their children you know and provide for physical creature comforts for their children but they're not really truly raising children now what I mean by raising again this is a masonic term it means to lift up from a state of spiritual unconsciousness to actually turn the unconsciousness that is a childlike condition or a actual child condition into an awake and aware adult mature responsible condition it is to spiritually of uplift a human being it is to instill a true sense of morality of the actual difference between right and wrong behavior into a human being with knowledge now with just how you feel it should be done you know hoping you do a good job or having good intentions that's what most parents are doing they're flying by their shoe strings okay I'm talking about with actual knowledge raising someone from an unconscious condition to a conscious condition that's what it means to quote/unquote raise somebody and parents in the United States and all throughout the world they're not raising their children a damn bit not a bit who I consider who right now again these are people who physically took care of my needs different than raising I was not raised in my childhood I was not raised until I was about close to 30 years old I would say I began being raised in my late 20s and I was finally I would consider raised by the time I was maybe 30 32 33 something like that I'm 39 now gonna be 40 this year this summer so um who raised me who really raised me people I've never met people I've never met in my life Michael - sorry ons an individual who helped to raise me Manley P Hall helped to raise me Jordan Maxwell David Icke William Cooper Terence Mckenna max Heindel I could go on and on these are the people who raised me I may not agree with every single thing they say as a matter of fact I don't agree with every single thing they say that doesn't mean that they weren't instrumental in raising me many many other authors and lecturers and presenters how about H people of at ski and her work you know how about people like Israel Regardie Graham Hancock Richard Hoagland you know you can go on and on and on you know other other teachers too that I don't pull I don't consider now every aspect of their work true even people you could say in this so-called New Age movement I got a lot of value out of Deepak Chopra's work I got a lot of value out of Wayne Dyer's work do I consider them new agey yeah I do that doesn't mean a lot of things they don't say or are true at heart always work some of it is very very good although there's many things I don't agree with him with as well you know again it's about taking what works and if something isn't working or isn't true and you logically screen it out and leave it that doesn't mean you can't take the rest you know I love people who one thing this researcher said I disagree with wall of it he's an agent immediately they go to that immediately he's working for the dark side it's all it's all a ploy it's so it's so he's he's a shill yeah okay how old are you you believe that nonsense not everybody has every single aspect of the picture figured out folks you know we need to be mature about that and exercise judgment and discernment but see that involves that thing responsibility again and there's what people don't want they want to just randomly throw things out so again there are the people who raised me okay made me into a person who had truly had conscience and again from an amalgamation of all their work no one individual did that a group of strangers who I never met raised me now going back to the actual condition in in childhood you know since we were basically you know cared for and provided for by my mother and my grandparents but largely by my grandparents who are no longer with us today they've passed the the situation took its toll much more on my sister than it did me because of course she was at a an age of somewhat understanding of slight understanding but some understanding about what the actual situation was I was very very very young you know just being born you know not born when the separation happened and you know early on in life I didn't know anything any any different she had lived with my father for years before the split and that took a harder toll on her so these parental abandonment issues were even more deeply rooted in my sister she never really fully got over this stuff and you know I don't feel she's ever really worked with that shadow material and you know there's no talking to certain people in certain psychological conditions there they're gonna it's gonna create suffering and pain till they're ready to come out of it unfortunately and unfortunately that seems to be where humanity is at we don't have time you know we're out of time you know the walls are closing in folks and most people are like in the same situation as somebody like my sister who is probably isn't gonna deal with these issues you know I've looked at them head-on a long long time ago actually and let it go because it's it's first of all present moment awareness has a lot to do with this that's in the past it's not happening now and I made a conscious decision at some point I'm not gonna let this define my self-worth this what happened there between those two people even if I was a factor in it where she was a factor in should not define our self-worth and I made a conscious decision not to allow it to it's a matter of willpower it's a matter of self-respect it's a matter of looking at the issue in deciding what am I gonna make this mean for me I can imbue this with purpose I can imbue this with meaning is it gonna be something that just happened between people who grew apart didn't really love each other anymore and there were children involved because that's what it really was you know at an actual level you could go on and on and on about why people do the things that they do it what happened is what was it's not what is it's in the past first of all I'm not gonna let that to find the quality of my life in the present moment and I am most certainly not going to myself value what I think of myself not everybody has that kind of willpower the page I don't make the mistake of thinking that everyone does [Music] [Music] [Music] you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I don't want to spend too much more time on talking about this situation other than trying to help people to understand how this will set a precedent in your life if you let it and most people have let that happen they're not looking at it from a perspective of clarity and understanding okay they're there letting it color their opinion of themselves and their self-worth and I'm not trying to tell you everybody is gonna have the strength to immediately see a situation in that light you know they're there a lot of times when you're young you can't you don't have enough knowledge to do that see I guess I was more insulated from the situation because of my extreme young age whereas again my sister took it so hard that she held that grudge let it you know I guess you could say fester in her own emotional makeup and you know what it did later on because she looked at it from a situation of this has something to do with my self-worth this has something to do with what other people think about me and therefore I'm going to think a certain way about me possibly maybe less than I should and I see I see my own sister or somebody who sells herself short you know thinks that she's not somehow as good of a person or as smart of a person or as worthy of a person as she actually is you know and in many ways she has led that or very early happening in her life color a lot of her own self-worth and perspective on on herself again by looking at this and understanding a lot of the psychological issues involved with it later i bypassed a lot of that and again again you could say well because this happened when you were so young it didn't just affect you that much that's partially true but again partially is because I deliberately went into the issue and looked at it and thought about it deeply and I couldn't say can I hold this grudge against my father for the rest of my life no I can't I'm not going to first of all I'm not gonna harbor that kind of energy to to because Italy won because it'll eat me up and to because it's already done it happened it's over it cannot be taken back and changed it's the past okay we can decide what we're gonna do now so now am I gonna look at that and say well that somehow means I'm not worthy or he left left me because I wasn't good enough no I'm not gonna let that color my self-worth just not gonna allow that I am in control of my own self-worth I really recognize that from a young age I am going to determine what I think I am worthy of nobody else is gonna determine that for me and you know what I think I'm worthy of more freedom more happiness more understanding more knowledge more peace everything more of everything that's good why would I sell myself short and think I'm not worthy of that so the whole point here is you're in control of your self-worth no one else is you can only allow somebody else to color it and influence it and take control of that and that means you have to not everybody has that strength of Constitution I get it I get it but if you work with these issues and you bring them up to the conscious level you can start to reverse these nested subconscious issues it is possible to do it's hard work sometimes and if someone like my sister wanted to do that work I'm not telling I'm not saying it would be easy it would be difficult but it is possible and those methods are available to people and you know what did she do later in life she gravitated towards someone with the exact same abandonment issues father abandonment issues her own husband my brother-in-law has the exact same issues fatherly abandonment issues I won't go into depth or detail regarding that but it's funny how we like a trike attracts like it really does it's true so since she had these nested psychological not even nested these very conscious abandonment issues she gravitated toward in her marriage toward a man that has the exact same issues and in many cases they don't they don't even recognize that I would say largely they don't recognize that that that's probably the single factor that drew them together and it's not exactly what you would call you know the ideal marriage or relationship but again that's getting drifting off in other territories the example here is psychological parental abandonment okay parental abandonment in any form whether it's psychological mental emotional or physical but it's the psychological issue of dealing with parental abandonment so you see how this dynamic works last week I explained how this works with worked with Steve Jobs of Apple you know why how he became a control freak that wanted 100% control over everything at his company over at all parts of the user experience it's why to me as a longtime user of a lot of Apple's products I won't I will buy anything from them anymore if they're so about control and you know he put people in charge who he knew we're gonna act as lackeys and essentially keep his model exact you know so don't expect Apple to reverse their trend on what job started you know because he was adopted you know I went into this last week on on last week's show and he could never truly give away his creations like his parents gave him away early in life this is where he was holding on to this nested subconscious psychological parental abandonment issue and it colored all the decisions he made and he became a control freak so you know once you understand how these issues work you can see them so readily it's like handwriting on a wall it's like literally someone shining a flashlight on on on you know in your face you see it so immediately it's so apparent whereas before you know you you're wondering why is behavior like this you know why is this person behaving like this and again I said it last week most of the military and the police they're doing the same thing because they have mommy issues and daddy issues they're little boys who never grew up whose parents didn't pay enough attention to them whose parents abandoned them in one form or another whether physically mentally psychologically emotionally spiritually or all of the above and now the the the state is big daddy it's it's nanny its mommy okay and they want to give all their power away and all the responsibility away to the new surrogate family the new surrogate parents which is the state you know and it's all because they won't look in the mirror in the one place that they need to look to deal confront and deal with those issues that are going on deep inside themselves in their shadow selves the part of themselves they don't want to look at because it's too seemingly painful but ultimately you don't deal with that shadow material you know what it does it rises up it sneaks up behind you and it devours you it pounces on you like like a huge cat of prey and it devours you it eat you from the inside out and that's what they're doing not only to themselves but to their whole damn society their whole society and they're acting as the house slaves of that society doing it to their own kind okay imposing slavery on themselves their own people their own children without even a thought in their head because they have just refused to look at truth they've refused to look at self they say it the self is too painful to look at and it's too painful to look at what I've already become what they already know deep in theirs and down inside of themselves and the subconscious part of themselves what they already break this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark TAS so I think I've really done a brief review of some of the material we covered last week I've gone into some of my own parental abandonment issues and some of the scenarios that played out when I was young talked a little bit about how it affected my older sibling my sister and I've kind of covered what I want to talk about we still have an hour and a half left in the show I'm going to go to the phones this segment and take your start taking your calls so really um the rest of the show is fair game if you want to stay on the issue of abandonment talk about that ask any questions about that any other topic is fair game as well no taboo topics ever hear on what on earth is happening call in and ask anything you like you could ask about any of my old material that you want clarification on the callin number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three once again 803 one three ninety four forty three in coming weeks I will be expanding on this topic and taking it into the realm that I call cosmic abandonment and this will take many weeks to unpack this ancient story not everyone will agree a lot of people will want to go into shutdown mode and psychological denial with a lot of the things I'm going to be talking about on this show in the coming weeks but over the next many weeks I will be unpacking the topic of cosmic and you can get a little preview of that if you go to my videos section on my website at what on earth is happening calm and check out the prelude to that which is the video called cosmic abandonment but I'm gonna be breaking it down deep over many weeks here on this show and going into a lot of source material and doing some reading on the air and presenting some other researchers maybe even possibly interviewing some of those researchers if I could secure them for an interview for the show so that's coming too what on earth is happening a lot of people have been really anticipating this material so with that having been said I do have one other brief announcement I want to make the freer mind two videos from the 2013 conference last year in April they are going online now as we speak our editors are really churning them out now and they're being posted to the conference website and I think it's actually not too bad that it kind of took a little while because if you really think about it a lot of people aren't motivated to go to conferences live anymore so that's why I like the free your mind conference is in every other year event and maybe it might be a good idea to keep it that we have the conference then the next year the videos go out and then you know then we have a conference the year after that this way there's incentive for people to go live you know because if you the videos come out immediately after the conference most people like all catch it on video you know this way at least there's a little bit of waiting involved I might have liked to see him come out a little bit sooner but I'm not really complaining that much when I think about the timing because them going up about one year after we did the conference it does give people more of an incentive to attend the live event those who can I realize not everyone can but then we are going to we are have made the information available for free and we all of them will be live they will be forthcoming about half of them approximately half of them are up online right now they're on the speaker bio pages of free or mind conference calm so you could check that out when you get a chance hit up for your mind conference calm and go to any of the speaker pages and the people the speakers whose videos are ready their videos are live on their speaker bio page at for your mind conference calm we also did finally put up an official for your mind a YouTube channel and I'll be linking to that in what on earth is happening at what on earth is happening comma and at for your mind conference calm I believe it's already linked it's youtube.com slash fym conference so youtube.com slash FYM conference as in free your mind FYM conference spell out the whole world word conference no space between those youtube.com slash FYM conference is the new for your mind YouTube channel and the videos for both for your mind one all of the videos for free your mind one back in 2011 or up on that channel as well as the videos that are completed so far for free your mind - we will be adding these as our editors make the videos available to the organizational team and I will be posting them on the conference website as they become available that having been said let's go to the phone's mic in New York you're live on what on earth is happening welcome thank you for taking my call on this Mike yeah Mike welcome really great to hear your voice my friend what do you have for us tonight well you know in my life I feel that your information came into came into my life at that times when you know it could couldn't have been better and I have to say this topic you brought up is the end abandonment and lore is really hitting close to home my father passed away back in September 2012 and throughout my life but my father and my parents were actually bring you a pretty decent people it was so good maybe a little overbearing so much so that I actually I feel instead of more of abandoned that I feel I've actually rejected actually my parents I rejected the entire scenario maybe these played the part of I'm gonna influence you maybe you know I like sports he was very left brain oriented so sports and math was was a great subject for him me on the other hand was very right brained and III went off completely in the other direction I think because of that I've actually rejected my parent you know innocence I've also in turn rejected the world and virtually I also rejected my god subconsciously I rejected myself and I also hated myself knowing of the fact that I could never achieve the greatness that I thought that my parents have already bestowed upon me in doing so throughout my years I've caused major self-destruction I've wasted 20 years of my life throughout a dark path of lying manipulation cheating stealing whenever I had to do to survive coming out of that that's the question of why and it you can't you know your information throughout the the videos and stuff that you've released over the years has really come come to answering that yes I truly hated myself and that is why I can never achieve anything in my life nor could I achieve any greatness for anybody else in my life and turning that around and really you product you know visually imagining it or not imagining it but visually bringing out in your head that was the only way the only solution I can come up with to actually go about piece by piece and reconstruct all the damage and all the horrible things that I did and that's the only way I could repent because some of the people that I couldn't even apologize they were already dead and how do you deal with that now could you hang on it could because I have hung up on this deal my whole life and and always hated myself for it no but I have to by improving myself and improving the people around me with with true knowledge and trying to enlighten them in any way I can as you say get in front of them get loud and don't go away I've been I've been thrown out more than I've been asked to stay but that's okay I have the strength to actually deal with these situation through the information that you you know have come out with and I couldn't feel that your information is couldn't have been more timely and I thank you for that oh my god thank you for that and I want to say you're doing a great job in not only dealing with those issues bringing them to the fore bringing them to the surface out of the subconscious mind and into the realm of the conscious first of all and secondly it is all about standing within truth as you're doing your your your you called it repenting and that's really what it is you're atoning you're making up for the the lack of that responsibility earlier on in your life and you may not have been as knowledgeable you may not have been as mature but when you did develop that that knowledge when you did develop that maturity that personal responsibility you ran with it you took that ball you ran with it and now you're taking that information others in an attempt to help them and like you said you can't undo the past no one can what's done is done you can't beat yourself up over things you did I look back there's a million things I could have done differently that would have saved me from all kinds of suffering but in many ways that also helps us that informs who we are now you know that those experiences if we have learned from them become valuable helpers and assistance to us in the work that we have to do now so and that's the key in that term if we have learned from them suffering is all futile and pointless if you learn nothing from it but if you learn from it and then you adjust your decisions and actions accordingly it can be a very powerful teacher in your life and that's what you did you didn't let that go to waste you employed it because you allowed it to change you for the better and then you ran with that ball and did the work that you really came here to do which is speak the truth to other people so I thank you for doing that great call as always great callers here on what on earth has happened we'll have more of your calls until the end of the show today you're gonna make the content for the rest of the show folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] you know today destroys the night 95 today trying to run to the and groom here on what on earth is happening your calls until the end of the show so you'll make the content from here on out I've said what I had to say already tonight let's go to Damon in New Mexico Damon you're live on what on earth is happening welcome okay uh Damon looks like he hung up let's go to Ivan in Phoenix Ivan welcome to what on earth is happening my friend hey Marge how you doing doing well how are you alright I'm out and about right now so if you hear some traffic in the background that that's background noise no no not at work like before so I just got into the car and on my phone started listening to your show called like the last 45 minutes or so and it's again pretty much we have this thing of synchronicity every time I'm listening to you there are things I bring up that just was just doing like you mentioned being raised once who raised you and you throw out David Icke last night at works I went back in my old podcast archives and listen to David Icke was it uh Lion Sleeps no more humanity get off your knees oh yes that whole six or eight hour thing and it's incredible that after listening to you for the last year and a half two years or so going back to David Icke it's it's different now there are things that he brought up in there that I agreed with but I was surprised that there are other things that learning from you or being raised by you that I didn't agree with anymore that I can see where he had certain like limitations that he wasn't going as far as you were taking it and I think last year at the conference I brought this up to you that listening to other people it seems like we've you and listening to you we've surpassed the research of other greats and that goes to that thing we stand on the shoulders of giants they laid down the foundation but we take it further and you wanna take away many will come along and take it further than us as well Ivan if that's how it's supposed to go on and on and build up to greater and greater levels of awareness and consciousness so you know eventually someone will come along Eclipse what I or anybody else has done you know what Michael - sorry on has done what David Icke has done what Jordan Maxwell has done and I absolutely hope that they do and go way beyond it because there's so much more out there to learn and understand none of us have all of the pieces of the picture we can we can see the general picture pretty well and we could also envision the solutions pretty well but there is always more to learn there's always more to know there's always more to understand yeah exactly and you bring up a topic about raising that's again synchronistic because for the last couple of months I've kind of had this guilty feeling I have a 15 year old that the loofahs mother were divorced and sometimes I feel guilty that I'm not in his life as much but yet I'm providing he gets the child support he has all the material stuff and everything and I see that his mother and and the person she's with now they provide for my son but they're not raising him so even though I'm not in his life once you said that you you kind of relieved me when he's with me I bring up you know the lives of the schools in the governments and society and money and he he's still under school so obviously he has it coming from both sides but at least I know that I'm trying to raise them properly I tell them yes you have to go through the motions just you know succeed and accomplish but you know distinguish what they want you to learn and then this is the truth and society the money and the way things are so now I kind of feel better that I am trying to raise him properly even though it's not just well he gets child support so I did my part right exactly it can be so difficult with a child of being raised by you know separated parents because often they'll get a lot of conflicting messages as well you know one pair or maybe the new spouse that a one parent has taken will teach a conflicting message than what the other parent will be attempting to instill in the child and that kind of crosses the wires in many cases and leaves the child especially if they're young and in a state of early cognitive development very confused you know it can be a real challenge growing up in you know that type of a environment of separation when it comes to the parents and it really does affect the child on deep emotional levels and deep psychological levels that you know stay rooted in the subconscious and again that should be confronted and dealt with as early of an age as possible as far as I'm concerned because the child really should be gently helped to come out of start bringing those issues out of the subconscious mind right away because what the subconscious mind is trying to do even at that early age is bury it deeper nest it down it wants to protect the conscious mind from the re-experiencing of that trauma we we have to understand while that is a so-called defense mechanism it is still allowing for those issues to go unresolved and on dealt with and then they become bigger behavioral issues later on in life so just by the fact that we are aware of those issues is going to put us in a position of empowerment to start nipping them in the bud and tackling them before they become way bigger psychological issues that create very unstable behaviors or even lead to violent behaviors later on in life right okay now one one more part from my end even though I'm already in my mid-40s and I'm learning all this stuff and pretty much absorbing everything you've put out in David Icke and everyone else the last few months I've had this little personal struggle because I can see the goal line but yet I realize that the reality of the situation is getting there from here and I see your you don't eat meat vegetarian I see Larkin roles either anarchist you see all these different things from other people and I know that's where I want to go or need to go but then I'm also realizing that I'm learning this there are people who don't even know this so yeah I can take a break from trying to tell anybody anything and just work on myself and who knows that that will take a year or ten years but by the same token I'm thinking well you know what I'm in the same situation as everyone else at least I'm aware of it so I can work on myself and at the same time share this information with others and get them in the direction of anarchy or or get running down their meat consumption and stuff like that let me tell you something yet very a recognition right there that you just laid out puts you well ahead of me when I started because I waited for so long to talk about the things that I talked about I knew this I knew the stuff that I'm talking about now four years before I started and waited and waited and waited and didn't say a word I didn't say a word to my family members I didn't say a word to my friends I didn't say a word to any strangers nothing didn't put it out there online I was like in a shell waiting waiting waiting waiting until finally I was snapped out of it somebody basically said what the hell are you waiting for man you need to be out there doing this your recognition that you need to be out there doing that while you are learning puts you so far ahead of the curve you know I can't even express it it's just this is great to see and you know I just want to commend people that understand it's not just about working on yourself it's about working on yourself while you work on others it's an influencer game that we are playing here the awakening process is a game of influencing other people we have to work on that influence on others and that helps us to work on ourselves see speaking to others isn't just about just trying to influence them that helps you to reiterate and refine your message and it's sinking into you when you speak it to somebody else you're speaking it to yourself and you're further solidifying it and you're further learning it so it's just about doing that work on others while you do it on others you're doing upon yourself as well so just great great observations and insights do you have anything else for us well you know I always have a ton of stuff if I can just blurt it out because that's my linguistic skills are not as sharp as your second just you know spill it all out but at work I gave this lady the natural law seminar on three DVDs the three parts and she watched them and she came back and she told me knows about seventy five eighty percent of it that she really liked she didn't like the political kind of thing I'm like what what political stuff and she press explain and that can picked up the emotional mind control and I was like wow I don't know motional Mike and show she was attached to that everything else he was like fine with but the emotional mind control with the political well who's gonna do this that common thing well who's gonna make the row kind of be like wow Ivan we're coming up to a break thanks so much for your call always great to hear from you we'll see you on the other side of this break folks don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] third and final hour on this edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm taking your calls in this final hour so you'll make the content I'm settled here with a nice cup a couple of juices I have going here tonight I have a couple 50/50 blends I'm taking in tonight I have a carrot cantaloupe blend let me tell you something folks if you haven't tried that combination of juice go out and get a juicer just to put those two juices together because you don't know what you're missing if you've never tried carrot cantaloupe about a 50/50 blend between them and leave the skin of the cantaloupe on there because a lot of nutrition in the actual skin get organic buy organic always if you can and run that through your juicer and man absolutely delicious I also have another little 50/50 blend going here of a pineapple and apple and again just you know don't skin anything leave all the skins right on that you get a hundred percent of the nutritional value of the fruit that way and it's just awesome so again I'm on day 26 of this thirty day juice fast it's going great I feel good my mind is clear I've dropped a little bit of weight I think I've lost about 12 pounds on this fast I have a lot of energy and really looking forward to speaking in Asheville North Carolina this coming Saturday a week from today my presentation New Age BS and the suppression of the sacred masculine and hey very synchronistically uh while we're talking about that let's go to back to the phones because in North Carolina we have Frank on the line Frank from North Carolina welcome to one earth this happening oh maybe we don't have Frank Frank yeah oh there he is how you doing I'm sorry he dropped oh he did drop okay all right then let's go to Ray and Oregon Ray you're on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark I'm glad you're doing this this open forum thing I got through for questions that bounce off of you you said all topics are open right nothing that I mean I just as a side note I'm very familiar with what what you're talking about the abandonment issues and whatnot and I think there's a there's a good bit of learning to be done right there but anyway my question has to do with like on Anton LaVey you sounded like you had quite a bit of experience in that particular realm I was a priest in Levay Church of Satan Levay actually appointed me a priest in his organization when he took a look at some of the work that I was doing through literature and music in my past and he actually contacted me because I was espousing the Satanic ideology back in my youth and he asked me if I wanted a priesthood in in the church and to act as a voice piece of the Church of Satan and I took that with great pride back then in my former mentality and that opened up a lot of pathways for me in the dark occult and it wasn't until a few years after that that I became really deeply aware of that dark occultism was running this planet was running the world and these interlocked networks of dark occult orders were actually who were in the highest positions of power in all of the cultural institutions on the earth very interesting yeah well now how does they fit into that now as I've read I've read two or three of his books and I'm reading a quino's book right now and I'm trying to figure out lavay seem to me like a pragmatist like a opportunist he was seeking fame where did he did he start out that way is it just thinking you know he the vase started out I believe as a crime photographer for a police department he photographed he was a you know somebody who photographed murder scenes and he also had some connections to the Lansky crime syndicate so the Meyer skee mob yeah yeah yeah through his family some of his family members I believe his real name was Paul levy or Anton levy I'm not really certain but I know wasn't Anton LaVey that was like his pen name but as I understand that levae was really a what you might call a lap dog he was someone who was asked to do what he is doing to essentially recruit but not fully recruit for these organizations again if you listen to some of my work on Satanism and trying to help people to understand what Satanism really is as opposed to what they think it is or this Hollywood variant of what they're espousing or trying to convince people Satanism really is a Satanism is an ideology it's a worldview it has four basic tenets the four basic tenets are that self-preservation is the highest aspiration of man and you know man's own self-interest has to come before anything else regardless of who you have to step over to again get yourself to a higher position of power influence and control the second tenet is moral relativism the idea that there is no such thing as an objective right and wrong that exists objectively from perception that we can make up based on our preferences and whims what right and wrong are that's the second basic tenet overarching ideological tenet of Satanism the third is social Darwinism which is the idea that the most ruthless in society have earned the right somehow to rule over the people who aren't ruthless and aren't vicious and aren't opportunistic and you know will do anything to clash to scratch and claw their way to the top it's it's a variant of macro biological Darwinian theory of quote survival of the fittest which then these social engineers took and applied to their own worldview and ideology and then the fourth tenant is eugenics the idea that since there should be a ruling class but since you know their genes have gotten there and you know keep them at the top of this you know ruthless pyramid of power then they should have have the reigns over who lives and who dies and get to make the decision over who gets to propagate their genes or not that's what eugenics essentially is so those are the four main pillars of Satanism but as I understand lavas role in this to answer your question is he was simply a what I might call a lapdog for the higher level aspects of these occult dark occult hierarchical networks and he was charged to write the Satanic Bible he was asked by some of these higher level organizations and think tanks to write a book that crystallized some of this ideology albeit at a what you might call a lower level or less intensified level of the way it's being practiced at the globalist level that the globalist scale and the high level satanic scale if you will he was to do this to send out psychological infiltration feelers out into the general public so that the public members who were on the verge of turning into a secondary psychopath or had a secondarily psychopathic mind state that they would identify with this ideology and want to become a part of it that's how I eventually was reeled into Satanism and the Church of Satan and other satanic organizations and affiliates affiliations with other satanic organizations like the temple of set the the order of the vampire the order of the evil eye Whitehall Church of Satan and some others some other smaller groups to the Church of Lucifer etc I had I had I had contacts and affiliations with many of these groups and I was an official member of a couple of them namely the Church of Satan the order of the Eli so um again the Church of Satan as I see it and how Levay propagated it was a organization to interface with the general public and put out these tentacles or feelers to identify members of the public who fully understood this ideology agreed with it and then mine that those members of the public and try to go into there for people who had certain psychological characteristics and skillsets real-world skill sets like communication writing planning computer skills you name it music even they want people to infiltrate all institutional bodies with you know these this ideology so that's what lavas role was as I understand it great question if you want to continue and throw something else after another question or two hang on through the break and I'll have you come back [Music] from your sleep if it's your soul you want to keep make no mistake about it folks this is all about saving our souls because there is a lot of evil in this world and there's a lot of ignorance that's fueling that evil and there's a lot of misperceptions about what's going on so we were talking to let me just give the call in number one more time last 45 minutes of the show I'm gonna be taking your calls the calling number is 800 three one three nine four four three once again 800 three one 390 443 I believe we were talking with Ray in Oregon he had asked me about Lovaza role in the satanic hierarchy I explained that in last segment ray if you had another question go ahead well I've got a few I really wish I could have run into you a long time ago I've been I've read most of those authors that you named before I found some very good and all of the well most of them I really thought Manley Hall was brilliant would you call Manley Hall the right-hand path where Pike would be the left-hand path absolutely I think that Pike also has a lot of illuminating work but I do feel that he kind of strayed off the path off the middle way and went to what you might call the dark Sider and certainly the gray side but III do feel that Manley P Hall was certainly a true enlightened soul and he really he also I think he started on the left-hand path back in his youth and turned it around pretty quickly he turned it around before he went very deep into it and he really really contributed in the way of spreading a lot of highly illuminated knowledge out to the masses of people and I guarantee you the controlling class did not like that one bit I certainly like Manley P halls work and if anybody is not familiar with him you should 100% check out his books and most of all his lecture series which you could find online for free just type in Manley P Hall lectures do a torrent search for them type in Manley P Hall lectures torrent I guarantee you'll find them all that way they're out there yeah out there for the taking just you could also you know if people are still want to do the ark offer I still make the ark available it's a one terabyte drive full of knowledge you know you just have to get in touch with me email me and say give me the information about the Ark you know I still send out a lot a lot of art drives that people send to me so that offers still on the table all mainly P halls work a whole lot of it is on there I don't know if it's all of it but a whole lot is on that drive so I definitely consider mainly P Hall a very very powerful and positive influence in my life at least that archive do you have a listing of what all the information is on there I'm here contact me you can send it but you that'll take maybe as long as to to read the content listing is it will go through something that information it's it's a lot of data it's I think it's like 7,000 books or something like that and there's like 20,000 mp3 files lectures and audio and radio and then there's about 18 hundred videos 17 or 18 hundred videos something like that it's crazy it's literally a lifetime of knowledge in one hard drive I was going to eventually expand it to 2 terabytes I think I have something like 15 or 16 terabytes of data in this house did stored archive digitally so you know I could probably make a 4 or 5 terabyte drive if I wanted to but for now it stands at one terabyte I may eventually in the future expand it to a 2 terabyte drive and throw a bunch more videos on it wow that sounds really cool and I would agree with you about Manley Hall you know before the Masons the way I'm understanding it they recruited him after he'd been doing this for a long time before then it just said well geez you know all this stuff we're gonna make you an honorary 33rd degree he never went to you know any of there any other their rituals or anything else like that they just made yeah that's right which which in mic in my opinion that was done by a lodge that obviously understood the value of what he was teaching and probably espoused and taught true esoteric free miss free Masonic knowledge and the true esoteric Masonic tradition as opposed to this diluted watered-down you know old boys club of the modern large system of what could laughs would laughingly be called Freemasonry which has nothing really to do with true Freemasonry which has really been turned into a man's club of influence and control and Medivh incor a masonry so I believe Manley P Hall was a true esoteric Freemason and carried on the the dissemination of knowledge in that true ancient tradition and that is why the lodge that gave him that honor did so in my opinion yeah I think you're probably right and I agree completely with uh with your breakdown of the of the Masons I've gotten too many debates with many lodged masters and told them what they believe in and they they didn't even believe me that they believed in I mean it's right there in your dock and your doctrine guys well anyway um okay so back to lavay when when levain that your answer there made a lot of sense to me because I've been trying to pin him just you know who he was was he just the the the showman was he just looking for stardom you know because he got to mix with with the Stars and he was on the Eagles album cover and he got you know honorary mentions in all these different places and whatnot and I so he was out there mining talent that that actually makes a lot of sense to me when he was writing the the Lucifer core that the satanic rituals he came up with you know a one element or one being for each north south east and west yes st. Lucifer Belial and the Leviathan it was I I had never seen those before and never heard of them since I think he's the only one that is using that what would would you say that that is true no I would say that this goes back to an ancient tradition of the four elements of earth air water and fire each one representing a different quality of consciousness so in his system Satan represented the south which was desire okay which was you know I would say these were it was um you know uh your willpower to it's what you wanted to get accomplished you know then you had Belial in the north you know and that was like he considered that like the the war aspect it was like you know the the willpower okay and then you had in the in the West Leviathan and that would be the waters that was like your your emotional qualities and then in the east there was Lucifer and that was knowledge you know so you had you know similar to the tarot deck you have the the the the different suits of the Tarot you have the the wands that would correlate with with uh with fire you have the the cups which would correlate to to water you have the you know the swords they correlate to air and then you have the disks they correlate to earth so you have you know the earth air water and fire elements that they come from the ancient alchemical tradition and all ancient occultic traditions taught about these four basic signs and again they just represent different qualities you have resources you know at your disposal which is the earth qualities that your essential makeup the essential makeup of the personality the things that you have the work with the innate characteristics and qualities of the being you know you have the air qualities which are intellectual capacities knowledge you know your your actual ability to use an employee intellect not necessarily holistic intelligence but just you know cutting edge cutting intellect then you have you know the emotional qualities which would be represented by water and you have you know the the willpower the will the the actions are active masculine qualities and you know that's that's the fire aspect you know born out of desire and drive you know encouraged so Levay was just taking those four elemental components that are found in many different occult traditions and then ascribing his own you know demonic name of the for what he called the crown princes of hell to those four elemental realms and then you know of course you know ascribing directions to them the cardinal points and making you know the in his ritual system making the altar the western aspect which was Leviathan the waters because it's the the Setting Sun and it all has to do you know the idea of Satan came from the Egyptian tradition the the God set you know because he was the conqueror of Horus the Sun you know this is all part of the Astra theological tradition where you know you get into you know Horus being the Risen son and the savior of the world because it provides energy for all life on the earth the solar disk then he's conquered at the end of the day by his brother set and has to go into the underworld and Russell was set to be reborn the next day so you can vineeth the world again it's all ash no theology lavae was just you know ascribing that to his system and within the satanic ritual concept and system that he came up with so great question we'll pick this up on the other side folks stay with us [Music] don't listen to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm just to wrap up with the previous caller ray from Oregon ray I'm going to go to some other callers but I just wanted to let you know a gentleman you want might want to check out it's one of LaVey sons I believe Levay had him when he was about 40 in his late 40s or early 50s he was uh Jes LaVey he goes by the name of Jesse Levine I think his real name was Anthony LaVey if I'm not mistaken but if you look up this guy he's since going on - I believe start up a Christian ministry of some kind and he really talks about what life was like living with lavay and what his real role was how he was Lackey for a lot of the real political and military elite and was at the behest of these people like people who were in the Bilderberg Group and you know Club of Rome and other groups III think he specifically mentions him having many meetings with the George Bush Senior and other high-level political members who are obviously dark occultist members of skull and bones etc so there that's a pretty interesting person you might want to check out giving it right you know right from the horse's mouth so to speak telling you I've having lived you know among him you know right well there with him and some of the horrific experiences he actually went through you could check out him you could also do a Google search for Jess Levay I'm sure you'll come across the material if not once again like I said it's on the arc Drive let's go to Damon in New Mexico Damon you're live on what on earth is happening and if people could you know be a little bit brief here now because I'm gonna try to take all the callers in the queue if we can get through them all if we do two callers or so in a segment maybe we can get through everybody waiting in the queue Damon what do you have for us Damon are you there hey Mikey in Darius David welcome hey say doctor I think roll muscle we had so many people in the background I just wanted to talk to you about your painting endorsement of Aleister Crowley I wouldn't call it an endorsement I would say that I've told people to look into his work but not live the way he lived so it's a cautionary tale in other words someone who has a lot of knowledge and wisdom can put that out there and you can definitely gain a lot from learning and studying his writings and words that does not mean to go and try to live like he lived and do the things that he did he fell from the path of spirituality and righteousness so I would consider him a fallen prophet if if that I said he was a grey wizard at best certainly put out a lot of high-minded spiritual writings and again I feel that those writings were channeled writings that came in possibly in altered states of consciousness from other intelligences perhaps and you can actually if you use discernment while reading a lot of his writings you can see the writing switch and go from what would would more likely than not be a spiritual channel to being his own egoic words so Crowley is an enigma that requires deep study most people have a cursory understanding of his work and then in that very fragmented understanding of any of his work they'll say I totally espouse everything he said and think he was such a great guy and said tell people to go and live like he lived that's not what I've said from day one regarding him if you go and listen to the podcast I did on a cult I believe it was a cult empire on Thelema who over and over again I repeat the same warning look at his writings understand the spirituality contained in the writings which may not have come from the man but don't try to live the life that he lived because he fell from the path I've said it over and over again but with that clarification you go ahead now and continue your point concerning basically how he says in magic in theory in practice that sacrificing and raising children is the highest form of magic and I just came to understand how anybody try to proclaim anybody who would say something like that as any personal effect once again that's more likely than not Crowley himself again see it's it's a very again it's an enigmatic distinction that has to be made okay we're talking about the man and his egoic writings combined with writings that he brought through from a higher level spiritual intelligence there are two different things and in that instance where you are you are there talking about the writings of the man which is which is obviously lesser and unconscious work and on what I would call low magic and it's not conscious magic or high-level spirituality yet in Crowley's writings in the writings that he brought through himself there is high-minded spirituality in the writings if we read them with absolute discretion and with judgment and with discernment that's what it again it's not I wouldn't tell a beginner to go to Crowley's writings I wouldn't do it I would tell people who have studied the occult for years now start to study Crowley's writings because for a beginner to do it they're going to come away with a complete lack of understanding a total lack of understanding regarding him then they're going to paint anybody that says there's a lot of good stuff in what he put forward and when I say he rap he in quotation marks there's a lot of good stuff in what Crowley penned with automatic writing just like there's a lot of good stuff that Neale Donald Walsch penned with automatic writing but I don't agree with everything Walsh talks about and I consider him a new New Ager however there's a lot of very good stuff in conversations with God I wouldn't throw it all out and throw out the baby with the bathwater again when it comes down to spiritual information you have to use discernment and judgment that's what responsibility is about you can't say I don't agree with this so I'm throwing it all out so I look at I look at the example could Adolf Hitler ever have spoken words of truth in his entire lifetime of course he could have does that make him any less of a megalomaniac murderer no it doesn't who would say try to live like Adolf Hitler but if you quote something to Hitler said or wrote and it happens to be true it doesn't matter who it came from if it's true it's true truth is objective a mass murderer could speak truth and then they can go out and do some mass murder that's why I'm saying don't know stop me up on a pedestal take the information for what it is worth if it is true take it and run with it if it's true it can do no harm if it's not true it's gonna do harm that means don't put any in any individual up on a pedestal I don't put somebody like Crawley up on a pedestal he was a flawed human being that lived a flawed life and he wrote some powerful stuff and not all of it was good and I've made that distinction I think so abundantly clear I don't really know how I can make it any more abundant abundant or clear I thought I repeated it ad nauseam in the presentation I did with Bob from Cincinnati on a cult Empire but apparently still the message you know doesn't really get through or get filtered because I think people selectively hear what they want to hear instead of what I'm actually saying regarding those writings listen to what I'm actually saying not that the judgment that you want to color it with no one is telling you certainly not I to live like Aleister Crowley lived that doesn't mean that a lot of his writings have very very powerful value so I hope that answers the question let's go to a Fred in Iowa Fred you are live on what on earth is happening welcome real well it's so many of the producers fault anyhow a week ago I he's at me on air and you were on and I said Manny this guy's honors something I believe what he was even hurt it 90 does Emma have okay I'm gonna ask you a question I don't want you to answer me until I give you some background go ahead hey what is your thoughts and your beliefs about God in the Bible I don't answer me now okay I went to sleep but just woke up at 11:30 so I missed the show but I've been on your website I have a cardinal rule and I do a lot of research and that is the word and I got one other and it's this UFOs so I believe in UFOs yes do I believe is there from other planets absolutely not okay I hold Navarro and free high esteem and this last seven or eight days I thought I found the Holy Grail when I got onto rbn people can't be manipulated so easily even very intelligent people can be manipulated and I'm kind of getting off the track and losing my train of thought well you know what we're coming up to a break anyway Fred I'll let you hold over there and I'll answer your question on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on republic broadcasting may be right back do the time [Music] a segment of what birth is happening for this evening i'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I'll answer Fred's call and then we'll go to a couple more callers to round out the show Fred was asking about my take on the God of the Bible and I've talked about this pretty at length in the Astro theology section of what on earth is happening in the podcasts this was probably back in the I don't know maybe the 50s or 60s of what on earth is happening if you go back in the podcast archive it's all there but just do a search on the page when you get into some of the earlier podcasts for Astro theology astr o th EO l o gy Astro theology and I make it clear there that while there are many truths to be found in biblical in the biblical texts that they are largely allegorical and not only are many of them allegorical but a lot of the earlier ones are actual historical accounts as well and I agree that this does go into the issue of UFOs and non-human intelligences and I also agree that many of them may not be coming from other extrasolar planets okay it's a lot more involved than that and I would say to Fred stay tuned to this show because we're going to be getting into this in a big way in upcoming episodes of what on earth is happening probably starting in a couple of weeks because cosmic abandonment is a issue that people really have to understand and research for themselves and you'll really get my full take on what I think of the biblical stories about quote God and the gods on future episodes and I think I'll leave that there as a teaser so let's move on to Dianne in Nebraska Dianne you're live on what on earth is happening welcome I heard you mention the all is one tonight and it got me thinking about dr. Hugh Lynn and his utilization and teaching of the ancient Hawaiian hope oh no po no prayer since all is one therefore we're all a causal effect of everything that happens and I just wondered if you what your take was on that prayer if you've utilized it and if so what what kinds of results you might have experienced you know I'm not actually familiar with that if you have any more info on it please email it over to me and I'll definitely check it out but I absolutely agree with what you've just stated there that we are all creating ripple effects through our behavior through our thoughts words emotions actions all forms of our consciousness we are intricately inseparably interconnected that doesn't mean we're not all unique individuals and and everybody isn't different and has their own unique capabilities and characteristics and are special on their own but that means we are all contributing to the aggregate quality of experience here on this planet and we have to understand that level of interconnectedness and get over this notion that there have to be winners and losers we are all essentially in this together and I tell people thing out one of the things Dyanne that a lot of people ask me is how could you put forward the idea that there's no such thing as money and that money is an illusion and that money doesn't really exist in nature I can't imagine how that would work and so much is revealed just in them saying that one the imagination deadened to their lack of understanding that we are all one family here that we are all in the same situation together okay I I ask people if there was a family living in the wilderness okay no technology no civilization and there was a mother a father and two children would they develop a monetary system and then some of them not eat if they didn't have money of course not why because they're a family and they would do for each other and provide for each other and care for each other as if the other member were themselves that's the Golden Rule were so far away from that level of consciousness ladies and gentlemen please do not confuse my statement what is in reality with me thinking everyone is there because I don't I know factually and definitively we are not even close to being there we're so far away from that level of consciousness it's laughable it's laughable but is that the truth what I just stated it is the truth and that's where we need to get to and until we do have the imagination understand that we can get rid of this plague called the out-of-control ego thinking that there have to be losers for there to be winners and that this can be a win-win situation for everybody on the planet there are enough resources to go around we could have free energy with we could develop free energy technology in under a year if the control system were taken down if the slavery system were taken down but that's what prevents it from manifesting then who knows what could happen we could be inhabiting the Stars in a decade possibly with what the human mind and ingenuity and creativity is capable of but the ego holds it back and the lack of imagination holds it back and that doesn't mean there wouldn't be such a thing as property there would still be property you know property means what I am in lawful possession of what I'm using at the current time you know what I'm responsible for that's what property means it doesn't mean you throw the idea of property out completely and say just because you're gonna die you can't ever own anything no I own the things that I use I own these hard drives sitting in front of me on my desk I own this board this sound board that I'm doing my radio show through I own this microphone I own this keyboard you want to know why because I'm using them they're my property I own my body I own my mind I'm in full capacity over them I lawfully rightfully own them nobody else owns them I make the decisions of what's done with them I use them I am in stewardship of them they are my property I am responsible for them so you know we have to understand property still exists but that doesn't mean we could not share resources widely freely and opening it openly in a gift economy or what you might call a resource-based natural law based economy it is possible to do not at the current level of consciousness humanity because we're so far away from understanding how that could even be possible that that's what makes it currently not possible the the mind leads to the external manifestation and since we're not at that level of oneness in mind we cannot actually express that in the manifested reality that we all share and that's what goes right to your point about how what we think what we do ultimately has ripple effects goes out and is interconnected with everything else in the aggregate quality of what we create this is the real law of attraction not the individuated new-age BS version that you make up everything there is in reality no we don't create reality individually we together as a whole species on this planet in the aggregate create the reality that we all experience the cause we are all connected Dyanne great point great insight you have anything else no I'll send you more email on that information thanks so much absolutely I definitely like to check out that prayer you were referring to thanks for the call let's move on to Elizabeth in Tennessee you're live on what on earth is happening we only have a couple minutes so be quick mark you are my razor I appreciate that busy show let me tell you what I am a clinical social worker who got burned out and left the field started listen to you Oh year ago I'm back on the tracks and I am only doing groups I'm not doing individual and I am teaching everything I learn from you and the most powerful thing is get your your emotions your mind and your actions in all in unison that's right do not be a warrior self man that has been like the greatest blessing and Elizabeth can I ask are you you're working with children or mostly adults Oh Lori that's fantastic Oh Oh but I only do a part-time now because that's pretty heavy Shh and I have just opened up my whole yard and everything and I am doing organic gardening shear and sewing at the market awesome um but like six months before I'm wealthy actually that's a lie maybe two months before I met you I was just laying on the couch dying I'm really glad that the information could you know wave back to some you know exercise of will and and driving you forward because that's what this information is all about and if I made an impact there I'm so grateful to have you know taken apart in in your rejuvenation I thank you for what you're doing so thanks so much for the call and and letting me know that you know this show and the information is having an impact I really appreciate that ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have for this episode of what on earth is happening it really flew by thanks so much for your calls we'll see here in two weeks [Music]