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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] freedom [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday May 3rd 2014 we have a jam-packed information filled show ready to go for you here this evening on what on earth is happening tonight on the show I'm going to be getting into a breakdown of the two entrenched polarizing paradigms that are part of a Hegelian dialectic approach and these two paradigms these polarizing paradigms are related to creation and related to human origins and I'm going to try to explain to people how these two imbalanced paradigms lead to the continuation of human slavery and human manipulation so that's coming up on the show tonight I'm also gonna take your calls and the second half of the show I'll give the calling number for those who want to get in the call queue right off the bat the calling number to join us here on what on earth is happening eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us 800 three one three ninety four forty three I have a few event announcements before we get started I want to thank absolutely from the bottom of my heart Jordan Maxwell for appearing last week on what on earth is happening he did a great interview right here last week for those who didn't get a chance to check it out do go to the what on earth is happening comm podcast archive the radio show archive and you could check out what Jordan had to say on the show last week I've been getting a lot of great feedback about that show really happy with how it went and once again I want to thank Jordan Maxwell for graciously extending his time to me for that interview there are a few new things on the water on earth is happening comm website if you go to the news section you could check out a couple of new interviews that I've done I was truth warrior with davidwhitehead last week I was also on a cult Empire with Bob from Cincinnati two really good interviews that I'm very happy with how they went and a lot of good information in there so also up on the water on earth is happening calm website in the in the video section and on the news section my new seminar from Asheville North Carolina new-age BS and the suppression of the sacred masculine revisited with even more new-age deceptions exposed that whole six-hour seminar is on the water on earth is happening calm website as promised I simply edited it to the slides the audio is a little spotty because again we had some technical difficulties with the audio but Steve from Florida was kind enough to record with a handheld recorder from the front row the seminar so it wasn't a total loss at least we did get some audio recorded and I was able to get that from Steve and therefore I was able to actually make a video of that seminar and the information was not lost so very happy and thankful to Steve from Florida for saving the day on that one and for those who want to check out that seminar with a lot of great information about the new-age deception to subtle new-age deceptions propagated often by wrote as false feel-good pseudo spiritual teachings you could check out that seminar it is live on my website and on my youtube channel as well I have two upcoming interviews this week I will be on ghost in the machine with Steve travesty on revolution radio on Tuesday May 6th 2014 from 8 o'clock p.m. to 10 o'clock p.m. Eastern Time you could check that out at freedom slips com I will also be on truth connections with Kathy Buckelew along with my good friend Jay Parker so both of us are going to be interviewed on truth connections this Thursday may 8th 2014 from 10 p.m. to 12 o'clock midnight eastern time you can check out Kathy buck Lu's website truth connections calm the free documentary screening and discussion night hosted by truth freedom prosperity we will be screening a new free documentary film this not this Thursday the following Thursday May 15th Thursday May 15th this meetup takes place the third Thursday of every month and Thursday May 15th we'll be doing it from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Guarin Recreation Center 1600 Jackson Street in Philadelphia the Guarin Center is on the corner of 16th and Jackson and there's a free parking lot interest entrance that is on Wolfe Street between 15th and 16th streets the meeting room when you enter the building through the main doors is the last room on the right and again it's the third Thursday of every month it's free to attend there is we do ask if you can make a voluntary donation because we do have to pay for the room it's a small donation that we have to give to the Guarin center but if anybody you know wants to voluntarily contribute a few bucks it is it is welcome you can also bring your own food and drinks at the Guarin Center the film for Thursday May 15th is going to be a repeat we showed it previously here in Philadelphia at the Essene meetup when we used to do it at a scene foods but on Thursday May 15th at the Guarin Recreation Center we will be showing again in a sense betrayed because of how powerful and informative and important critically important this documentary film is a read a brief description the film the documentary film innocence betrayed 170 million civilians have been murdered by their own governments in the 20th century alone 170 million men women and children who were defenseless to protect themselves 170 million victims of gun control innocents betrayed is a very powerful documentary that is produced by the group Jews for the preservation of firearms ownership a great gun lobby group of firearms ownership group here in the United States I think they're probably the most active gun lobby group in the whole world this group produced this documentary called innocence betrayed which explains how government have historically deprived people of the ownership of firearms and then soon after doing that have engaged in mass exterminations of their populations innocence betrayed shows what happens when government alone has all power and how licensing and registration were key elements to disarming populations leaving them vulnerable to methodical slaughter this film exposes facts that the mainstream media has ignored and concealed for decades in a sense betrayed is a documentary that will open eyes destroy myths about gun control change people's minds and save lives so that's the screening that we're going to be doing here in Philadelphia at the Guarin Center on May 15th once again that meetup is scheduled on the third Thursday of every month I will be doing a live all-day seminar in st. Louis Missouri entitled streetwise spirituality streetwise spirituality is going to be taking place on Saturday May 31st 2014 at the Arden Meade Center at 17 Selma Avenue in st. Louis Missouri the doors will open at 9:00 a.m. with the morning session starting at approximately 9:30 a.m. I'll be talking for three hours with slides and then we'll be taking a lunch break at 12:30 for an hour and a half the afternoon session another three hours from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. followed by a question-and-answer session I'll continue with info on the street wise spirituality seminar on the other side of this break stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening and I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I was talking about my upcoming seminar in st. Louis Missouri it's going to be taking place Saturday May 31st at the Arden Meade Center in st. Louis the doors will open at 9:00 a.m. morning session from 9:30 to 12:30 lunch break from 12:30 to 2:00 afternoon session 2 to 5 and then followed by a question-and-answer session to round out the seminar advance tickets are only $20 a $20 donation you can call to reserve or to purchase advance tickets three one four four eight eight four four five four or you can email ray mummy at gmail.com I've been pronouncing that incorrectly the last couple of weeks I apologized to Ray for that the name is Ray mummy RA Y mu mm e at gmail.com to purchase tickets at the door donation will be $25.00 so it should be a really great seminar about what does it really mean to be truly spiritually awake and I'm looking forward to going to st. Louis to present it I'll be continuing tonight on the air right here to do a giveaway of three additional tickets we already gave one away Swami Shiva Nandi Giri won the first one a couple weeks back when I started this contest we have three additional tickets to give away on the air tonight to the street wise spirituality seminar in Saint Louis Missouri I'll ask callers when they call in if they want to attempt to win the ticket again it's one ticket that you can win per per call and power correct response because you will have to answer a trivia question correctly and please only attempt to answer the question if you can attend the seminar we don't want to just give tickets away and then people waste them and can't attend so please you know only call in and attempt to answer the trivia questions if you are looking to attend the seminar in st. Louis on may 31st I want to thank Joe from Kansas City for purchasing those four tickets and allowing me to give them away free on the on the air as part of a trivia giveaway so thanks to Joe from Kansas City for doing that I want to just briefly announce that I'll be spacing out some alternative interviews like interviews on other radio shows I've really really been going full steam ahead with interviews on other shows for the past few months and this is I believe because of the natural law seminar that took place late last year in Connecticut when that hit the web in late January it sparked off a whole lot of interest traffic to my site went up I may need to be looking at a faster web server pretty soon because the site is clearly gaining popularity and more people are going there to download content so it has slowed down a bit as well but that's a good thing again that's a good problem to have as problems go but hopefully it won't get too bad but as far as the interviews go when when this seminar hit the web a lot of people contacted me a lot of shows contacted me a lot of sites linked to that interview and that's a great thing because I feel that it is the most critical information that I've put out there that people really need to understand and and integrate into their lives but the pace as far as the interviews go has been pretty demanding so in order to focus more on my content and focus more on live speaking engagements and of course this radio show number one I am going to start spacing interviews out a little bit and limiting interviews made on other shows perhaps one or two tops a week so I just wanted to mention that on the air so people know that you know as far as other interviews go I will be again not taking a complete respite from that but I will be limiting the interviews that I take again more so than anything else in order to focus more on this show so one other quick thing the there is a support donation button on the front page of the wat on earth is happening comm website I don't sell anything on the website but if you feel that the information that I have freely given here on this show over the past few years has been valuable to you and you've gained value from it if you want you can make a voluntary support donate and you could do that by clicking the donate donate button on the front page of the wat on earth is happening dot-com site okay let's get in start getting into the content for tonight and as always I like to direct people's attention to the what on earth is happening comm radio show page where the player on the site is at and if you go to uh if you click the radio show link on the tab at the top of the site that will take you to that page underneath the player you'll you'll see when the show is live images for tonight's show and then there are a group of numerical links there you can click on any of those numerical links they are slides that I will be referring to during the course of the show and there'll be some visual imagery there to go along with the concepts and ideas that I'll be talking about so image number one there of course is the poster for the street wise spirituality seminar coming up in st. Louis feel free to disseminate that to whoever you want posted on social network sites it's there to be shared image number two what I'm going to get into tonight is this polarizing dialectic that goes on it's it's what you might call the Hegelian dialectic in action and again the Hegelian dialectic is named after the philosopher friedrich hegel hegel was not an evil individual in and of himself that the Hegelian dialectic is actually about synthesis between two seemingly polarizing opposites to present a choice that often assure some sort of an outcome whether that outcome is really contrived and or whether i should say that outcome is like kind of contrived that's its predetermined but it could be for a positive purpose that the Hegelian dialectic does not have to be for a manipulation deceit deception and control okay so Hegel was using it as a mechanism of basically getting people to arrive at a conclusion by way of choosing between things which is what dialectic simply means by way of choice when we break down the the word in its etymology dia in Latin means I'm sorry in Greek means through or by way of and lect us in Latin means choice so it simply means by way of choice but what I'm talking about insofar as dialectics go here is dialectics which polarize people which get people to fight amongst each other which creates a divide and conquer strategy that the powers that should not be that the the sorcerers for consciousness that the mind controllers use to divide people against each other and therefore make them easier to rule over so this dialectic that I'm going to get into today which I call the polarizing dialectics or the polarization paradigms okay they they are in regard to where we came from and really they're in regard to where everything comes from the whole idea of what drives creation and specifically what has driven human beings to get to the condition and the position that we are in today okay so it's about creation and it's about human origins and these two polarizing dialectics one of them works through a left brain form of imbalance and the other works through a right brain form of imbalance and again since day number one on this show I have been talking about the imbalances in the masculine or feminine side of the personality and these are reflected through imbalances through the left and right brain hemispheres in the human physiology so and again these aren't hard or fast rules when it comes to it's all just left brain and the left brain only does these things of course human neuroscience is more complicated than that and you can't just say all of these functions only interact in the left brain hemisphere and there is no activity going on in the right brain hemisphere when we're engaged in those functions of course that's not what this overall model for left and right brain qualities and interactions means okay people who are hearing it and that live level of reductionism and simplicity aren't understanding the generality that is being made here when it comes to left brain forms of interaction with consciousness and right brain forms of interactions with consciousness we have to be a little bit more mature and open-minded about that and understand that this is a general model and it's not something that what you know 100% works that way all times and places ok and is you know rigid rigid rules [Applause] the cold side we don't dare speak while between us [Music] there in Saudi we keep rated there that there's nothing wrong welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on their host mark passio I was talking about the before the break I was talking about the two overarching polarizing paradigms when it comes to human origins and creation and the forces that drive creation so again one of these is an extremely left brained imbalanced worldview and one is an extremely ripe brain imbalanced worldview and I was talking about there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the interactions of the left and right brain of course every every modality of thinking is going to involve some crossover between these two hemispheres but I'm talking in general terms that largely the left brain is used when it comes to things like scientific thought linear thinking time bound awareness analytical breakdowns of things you know math verbal skills etc okay and largely the right brain is involved when we're talking about intuitive thinking non time bound awareness seeing the big picture you know your ristic type thinking creativity of course nurturing compassion etc okay so one is the masculine part of the brain that being the left brain hemisphere one is the feminine side of the brain and personality largely driven by the right brain hemisphere so let's look at the first polarization dialectic involved in human origins and again this is all a lead-in to discussing the answer to the question where did humanity really come from and what created the current human condition as it exists right now because most people come down on one of the two sides of this aisle of this divide that I'm going to be explaining here tonight almost everybody there's so few that don't fit into one of these two Hegelian dialectic 'el polarization paradigms okay that you can practically count them on one hand very very few people don't buy into one of these two paradigms or another and you know what it's some thing that the universe I was starting to say this a couple of weeks ago the universe has almost been telling me this is what you need to hammer on this is what you need to absolutely bring the sledgehammer down upon because this is what's keeping people totally trapped in a mind-controlled state the their belief on how does a human being arrive at the condition that we have arrived in right now so almost everybody has this so completely wrong incorrect believe in their position from a complete state of imbalance not from looking at any facts okay from believing in a religion whether that religion be traditionalist religion type thinking of any given cultural religion or whether it be from the religion called scientism which is also a religion you know it's a religion where your priest class is the guys in the white lab coats and the in the laboratories and research facilities who are telling you exactly how reality is and you're buying it buying into it wholesale and eating it up with it with a spoon and a straw and what's leading to all of their conclusions is in truth it isn't real research it isn't real science it's what did the government grant money allow us to do this week what did Big Daddy say we were approved and given funding to do because he wants the outcome to be skewed in that direction you know that's what science is in the modern day and I've been hammering on this on interviews lately and I'm telling you folks if you don't think that's exactly how so-called science is done today you are kidding yourself okay I worked in one of the premier research facilities for an Ivy League colonise League University okay the University of Pennsylvania I worked in their medical research facilities supporting their laboratories in departments that research cancer specific quickly blood cancers in their department that reached large heart diseases and I support computers in those laboratories for years and I'm telling you exactly how their science is done they begged the money for government on a yearly basis they're not interested in looking for anything that's really going to radically transform the world and largely they're involved in agendas that are connected to government that advance things like eugenics and I'm telling you folks it's an animal it's an animal sacrifice factory for 24 hours a day around the clock non-stop not really doing anything with those lives except snuffing them out - and not telling you you know if I ever wanted to release photos that I have from what goes on inside those facilities I'm telling you it would bring a hailstorm down upon people maybe I should do it one day I'm telling you people have no idea what passes office science at all at all and how its completely driven by money in the financial institutions and totally directed by psychopaths in government they want the outcome of science to be how they want it to be not how the truth is they could give a damn about truth I'll tell you a conversation I actually overheard just while I'm giving this anecdote you know to show people that science so-called science what I call scientism doesn't give a damn about trying to find a cure for a thing I was in a laboratory in the hematology oncology department working on a computer on the other side of a cubicle and I was I was unable not to overhear a conversation that was going on between one of the heads of the department and one of the researchers who had just been hired and brought on board and was in this cubicle in this laboratory doing some research and on I guess gene work sequencing work or whatever and she was I guess doing some research into certain substances that she was working with and how they may have affected animals or animal tissue and she said to the one of the heads of the department this is a really encouraging result don't you think something to the effect she said something to the effect that if we keep getting results like this I mean maybe this might some at some time in the future lead to a cure for this type of blood cancer and you you know when you hear somebody saying that you would think that the reaction on the other side of this department head who is that basically you know he's the main researcher of this entire department that I was supporting would be very encouraged and so and want to know more about it instead it was as if she just said I'm going to kill both of your children and eat them you know with a little bit of hot sauce on the side now I'm you might have thought she said that to this guy because he like whipped his head around and said don't ever let me hear you say that word again in my presence don't ever let me hear you say that word again in my presence and what was the word he was talking about cure cure she dared to utter the word cure in this research department okay and what he meant by that is if you find a cure for anything there goes our gravy train he said he didn't say it like that of course I'm saying that that's exactly what he meant but he said to her we don't look for cures we look for treatments to be able to mitigate diseases we are not here to try to find a cure so don't ever let me hear you say that that's what you're doing or trying to look for trying to prop yourself up on that pedestal he said this directly to this new researcher who had just been hired okay now that is how modern science is done ladies and gentlemen and if you don't think so you are a fool a fool because that's what scientism is all about it's about the money it's about the tenure it's about just keeping the process going year in and year out so I have my job my job and it's set and it's secure they don't they're not interested in overturning the entrenched paradigm of how science is done they're not interested in finding the cure for a damn thing all right so let's look at this right this extreme chronic left brain imbalance and the paradigm that basically works through it the Darwinian quote unquote evolution paradigm why do I have evolution in quotes there okay what am what am I saying by putting that in quotes I'm trying to make people understand it's not actual evolution again we looked at this two weeks ago when we broke down the difference between evolution in occult terms or in terms that take consciousness into consideration versus Darwinian evolution which is altogether different there's the break music we'll pick this up on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Republic Broadcasting Network don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] and [Music] and [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on our VN before I get into more material that I'm covering tonight regarding the polarizing dialectics regarding human origins I want to give the first trivia question because I'll be opening up the phone's going to the phones probably in the next hour sometime to take your calls and to see if anybody wants to attempt to win a free ticket to my seminar in st. Louis Missouri so I'll give the first trivia question if someone who wants to attend the seminar wants to try to answer this question and you answer it correctly you will be you will win one free ticket to my streetwise spirituality seminar in st. Louis Missouri on May 31st the question is the trivia question is name the four major Sabbats or high holidays of the occult year of the occult calendar okay name the four major Sabbath's or high holidays of the occult calendar and I want the seasons that they are respective to the seasons that they are in the very middle of so I want the names of the four major Sabbath's of the occult year and the and the seasons that they are each individual Sabbat is associated with okay the first person who calls them with the correct answer to that question will win a free ticket to my streetwise spirituality seminar in st. Louis on May 31st so let's go back to the material again we were talking about the imagery in slide number two the Darwinian evolutionary paradigm and again of evolution true evolutionary development is in regards to moving forward toward higher consciousness more complex forms okay more morality more free if you are just propagating genetic material you could be evolving but you could also be devolving okay so this force called involution the chaotic force that breaks things down and puts things into more uniformity less complexity less freedom more chaos alright less individuation alright that could be leading to the evolution devolution just because genes are propagating does not mean that consciousness is evolving I think humanity is living proof of that or at least the bulk of humanity is living proof of that not necessarily all of us but that's why I've put this double quotes around the term evolution in this term describing this paradigm the Darwinian model the Darwinian theory is an evolution at all in the true sense when people are calling that evolution it is actually a misnomer it is actually you're applying the term evolution to it which when you really look at what the Darwinian model postulates it's not evolutionary development at all okay all it is is out of control left chronic left brain world view that sapotes promotes that matter is supreme and everything is just an interaction between you know subatomic particles and the propagation of those particles is all really is of any significance or concern and the consciousness can be left at the door okay so let's look at this paradigm in depth it's it's basically trying to get people to believe in and again this is a religion once again this is all religion I keep trying to explain to people religion false religion is that which holds us back from where we say we want to go false religion is what holds back consciousness from the term relig RA in Latin to bind to tie back to hold back or to thwart from forward progress most of all in consciousness to thwart from forward progress in consciousness in awareness in growing in morality in understanding of natural law in understanding of moral law okay so this left rein Darwinian evolutionary paradigm states matter is supreme and spirit is either completely non-existent doesn't exist okay or it's insignificant we don't even need to worry about that because all we need to understand is the interactions of these particles that we call matter there is no underlying true underlying intelligence or intelligent design or consciousness that is driving nature okay it's just all clockwork mechanism nature is a dead mechanized clockwork that has no purpose no grand purpose there's no real reason for existence you're there to propagate your genes for physical continuation of survival that's all that matters okay humans and here's the main thing what how does someone who buys into this left brain imbalance worldview how do they see themselves often or almost always let's just not even say all often almost always and I would say I'd qualify that and say not always not blanket statement but almost or in all situations when somebody's trapped in this paradigm they see themselves as someone who is completely controlled by genes with no true freewill choice a vast majority of people who buy into this paradigm as a religion think that human beings are permanently and hopelessly controlled by their genes just like a computer program is controlled by you right code and you know you program it into a computer program and you hit execute and then the program runs that program is bound by the code that it was written by and that's how they see us that's how people trapped in this left brain paradigm regarding human origins and creation the processes that underlie creation that's how they see themselves and everybody else in the world they see themselves as controlled not able to truly make decisions on their own because all decisions are going to be colored by interactions in the brain that are ultimately controlled by genes that are coded for by genes and as we were talking about two weeks ago on the show this is actually a completely outmoded and outdated view in science it has been completely overturned and disproven 100% disproven but the problem is that the consciousness of the people of the world don't often catch up to new scientific true scientific advancements that are truly born out by actual research repeatability actual scientific methodology instead of paradigm protecting which is what Darwinian evolutionists do they will have to protect this paradigm at all cost it doesn't make a difference is difference if thousands of examples to the contrary are found in the fossil record it doesn't matter if no evidence supporting their theory is found in the fossil record you know we need to sweep all that under the rug and keep putting this forward as if it's absolute gospel truth because all they're worried about is protecting the paradigm the paradigm that keeps their tenure in universities that keeps them writing and making money on textbooks okay that keeps them entrenched at the top of the anthropological societies and archaeological societies it's all about ego folks it's about ego and money if you haven't figured that that's what drives science once again you're an extraordinarily naive human being and I don't know what to tell you it's the mind of a child if you believe that science is actually really all about the discovery of truth in this world you have the mind of a child you like the kind of person that doesn't accept that psychopaths exist which brings me to the next part of this paradigm you know when the left brain is totally out of control chronically and it's all that's dominating the person's thought processes what does it lead to what does this buy into this kind of a paradigm as a religion ultimately lead to and for people who are like appalled by me saying this who are are you know believers in the Darwinian paradigm don't worry about it I'm going to offend the other half what we'll get we'll get to ultimately pissing everybody often in the process of the before the show is said and done I'll go after the traditional religionists in the next part when we get to the right brain imbalance paradigm of creationism you know that won't be left out because there's got to be two parts to the to a dialectic you know it has to form that strong arch so that both of these structures stand up and constantly do war with each other and keep people from the recognize recognition of truth that's what this is all therefore this war between these two paradigms okay so let's look at what this left-brain imbalance Darwinian quote unquote evolutionary paradigm ultimately leads to or can lead to it doesn't have to lead to this but it can lead to this and let me tell you something folks I have heard this from people's mouths it's not just me like you know reading about this or you know hearing a thing or two about what somebody else heard over said people have said things like this to me about what they believe about psychopathy and there's the break music catching us all pick this up on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting Network don't go anywhere we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone they're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm let's continue talking about the two overarching entrenched worldview paradigms when it comes to the processes that underlie creation and most of all human origins and I know this can seem like pretty simplistic it can seem pretty simplistic but the reason I'm doing this is because in my encounters with other people especially recently I'm telling you ladies and gentlemen these paradigms are so deeply entrenched and so many people accept these as like absolute gospel truth not only that but again the worldviews that it leads to most of all what I've heard come out of people's mouths when it comes to Psychopaths or when it comes to not having any inherent right for self-defense or when it comes to total hopelessness you know or that we deserve this you know just inherently things like that and you realize that all its leading to all these too entrenched paradigms lead to is inaction all these too entrenched paradigms leading to is giving up all they lead to is this is just the eternal way things are and it's just too damn bad because that's how it's always gonna be the destruction of will is what these two paradigms lead to let me just preface this whole next section with that that's why I'm trying to explain how dangerous both of these worldviews are and to get caught in them is to get caught in a trap because your consciousness isn't moving forward when you buy into one of these religions so and you're certainly not going to understand where we really came from or you're going to be very close to even entertaining a alternative possibility than the very limited scope that these two worldview paradigms even postulate so let's look at what when somebody's in this left brain Darwinian evolutionary paradigm you know the belief that matter is supreme and genes control everything you know let's see what this ultimately leads to it can lead to this very left brain and bound imbalance belief system that psychopaths are actually the alpha humans that they're the epitome of our species and again ladies and gentlemen this isn't just speculation I've heard people state this okay psychopaths are the alpha humans because the process of natural selection chose them due to their gene set you know of not having any emotions okay you know because they don't have the capacity to feel that's some kind of evolutionary advantage that allows them to you know survive because though they're willing to do whatever they want to do to somebody else and they're not constrained by conscience in any way you know they're not constrained by empathy in any way whatsoever and you'd be surprised to learn how many people think that's a great thing you would be shocked and appalled I'm telling you that right now I'm not saying that to try to make anyone you know hate other people or be fearful of the current situation I'm just telling you that's how it is this is what our work is to change in other people by telling them how ridiculous that is and what it will lead to is only more suffering and chaos in the world you know they think that psychopaths are alpha humans because natural selection chose them the rule humanity and therefore their existence the existence of the psychopath and the way of being the way of living in the world that the psychopath engages in it's not something that should be decried it's not something that should be looked at with horror no no no we should celebrate it the psychopaths are the epitome you know we should actually aspire to them they have this evolutionary advantage that we the rest of us don't you know this is something other human beings should actually aspire to I've actually heard this leave other human beings mouths and it's mental illness that is mental illness folks you know I know most of my listenership at least the listenership that's been listening to me for a while will recognize that at least I certainly hope they will but I'm telling you I know there's probably people listening out there who are just regular listeners listeners the RBM and you know Devin specifically followed my work who think this way like I almost guarantee you there are and if people don't think that's a problem once again there's something wrong with you because this is what's keeping the dark occult satanic powers that be ruling over you by how we think about ourselves and others in the world and I'm telling you that is a mental sickness the people who think like that let's look at the opposite the aura let me let me rephrase that I'm sorry let's look at the oppo same as David Icke likes to say okay love that term because it's so accurately and brilliantly describes what the dialectic is all about you're not presenting the opposite of this thing it's the same exact thing it just takes it slightly different form a right brain imbalanced approach instead of a left brain and balanced approach because you know we have to appeal to the other imbalanced morons out there okay and you know we get them to believe in a very similar not nonsense that ultimately leads to the same conclusion that's what the dialectic is all about leaves are the same conclusion you know oh what which which maze path are you gonna lead this cattle through because they all lead to the slaughterhouse you know the left-hand path leads they're the right-hand path leads there it doesn't matter which one you choose they choose to be led down they're going into the meek or finder the same thing with these human origin paradigms so let's look at the right brain half imbalanced half of this equation the creationist paradigm the religionist you know thought system people trapped in the nonsense of religion religious thinking which is equally as nonsensical as scientism thinking both lead to more shackles more chains no I hope you're enjoying your chains I know I'm not you know I am mentally free I am psychologically free I am spiritually free unfortunately I'm still physically chained here with the morons that are here with me you know unfortunately because of the way they think that binds me because of how irrational and completely close-minded and absolutely unwilling to look at where the truth leads because of their fear of what it might mean what the implications might present that then they're gonna have to wrestle within themselves and God forbid you look in a mirror we can't have that now we can't have that you know and religionists are the same you know they're the same type of closed mindedness that scientism that the left range super skeptical have it's just a different form that's all you know this one works through belief whereas the other one works through we're walling off every other possible place that any truth could come to us from and saying only you know government monetary grant funded science can produce the answers that describe how the universe works you know that's what scientist ms well religion is the same limitation putting consciousness into a box saying my religion my cultural religion is the only place truth can come from oh good luck with these two completely idiotic moronic limiting belief systems because they know what they're gonna get you more of bondage and enjoy it enjoy it while you think like that because that's all that can Manifest we'll pick this up on the other side of the break don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening I'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] you know the day destroys a night night divide today tried to run we got a break on through to the other side in our understanding we have to become more open-minded we have to entertain the possibilities to be a true intelligence true intelligence ladies and gentlemen is about being able to hold a possibility in your mind without immediately accepting it or immediately rejecting it and unfortunately this is what most people are unable to do the overly skeptical immediately reject and the overly you know right brain imbalance the blind believers immediately accept so let's look at this second polarizing paradigm of creationism of course this works through chronic right brain imbalance and it postulates the notion that spirit is supreme its primary to matter matter is lesser and inferior to spirit and matter should be looked down upon it's bad it's inherently bad it's flawed ok God the creator of the universe who is separate from the creation ok not part of it all it's separate from stands outside of the creation ok God separate is separate from the creation controls every event within the creation so there's nothing that we can do to create change certainly nothing we could do to create change in our lives our conditions our situations or circumstances if God doesn't want it to be that way God doesn't will that to be so well then there's nothing that can be done so since the way the way things are slavery I guess that's God's will there's nothing we could do to change it this is actually how these people think you know I mean I asked religionists do you think God wants freedom for Humanity do you think God wants humanity to be permanently controlled to be slaves to be limited in their thinking you wouldn't you think God would want the consciousness of humanity to come closer to his form of consciousness if he is the all being all-seeing all-knowing powerful creator of the whole universe the underlying intelligence that underlies everything in all of creation wouldn't you think that creation is actually trying to move the individuated forms of consciousness closer closer and closer to that level of majesty no now it wants a prison to be here to continuously punish that that's this is such complete imbalance thinking it's the imbalance thinking okay of a person who loves their slavery it's the imbalance thinking of a person who's totally trapped in self-loathing who hates themselves and they certainly can't have any kind of a majestic notion of a living creating God of an intelligent being that whose intelligence underlies the essence of everything no matter what you see that form of consciousness as if you see it that way that it made the universe to torment the beings that it injected into the universe well I think that is a extraordinarily low form of consciousness to look at as a God just my opinion I certainly don't think that place is that God upon any kind of a pedestal whatsoever and it's no God I want to worship it's no God I want to even believe in you know and this whole notion that matter is bad you know spirit is absolutely supreme to matter it's primary it's another it's just as imbalance as the reverse that there is no such thing as spirit or it's significant and matter is all that all that is meaningful well this is just the exact it's the oppo same that's it the exact opposite you're just reversing the positions saying spirit is supreme matter doesn't matter or it's bad it's it's flawed it's evil so what will this type of a paradigm if it's held on to if it's stubbornly cling to and attached to for long enough what will what are some of the things it can lead to and I'm saying some of the things it can lead to can lead to this doesn't have to but it can when it's totally out of control it can lead to a form of pure right brain imbalance belief system that the whole entire manifested universe is some form of an unchangeable cosmic prison or a hell so to speak which serves simply as an endless torment for all the incarnate beings within the universe and I'm telling you not just religionists believe this but so do the New Age movement people and I'm telling you they've said it directly to me I was at a conference a MUFON conference once I wasn't speaking I was tabeling I went there to see Travis Walton speak and some some other speakers and I tabled at the conference and met a lot of great people had a good time heard a lot of great great speakers great information but I'm telling you there were some New Agers there let me tell you where their head is at it is frightening it is absolutely appalling solipsistic trapped in ensconced and self-loathing you know people who don't believe in truth at all people who think that there's absolutely nothing we can do to change the human condition you know it's all born out of self-loathing and right brain imbalance people who believe everything is an illusion the whole physical universe and I'm not even I'm not even saying I believe in the total solidity of matter and that everything is so actually real and this isn't some sort of a construct for learning and growing in consciousness of course I accept that that's what matter is what else could it be you know things aren't as real as we seem to believe they are in a very left brain from the left brain perspective but don't go all the way into such right brain imbalance that you say the universe is a total illusion so nothing that occurs within its construct matters doesn't make a difference this is all it's all just to fool you into believing this is real well I'm not fooled into believing that it's real in the sense that there's no deeper underlying intelligence or reality underneath the so-called physical matter which is all just a vibratory energy that is here as a construct so that consciousness can have an experience and learn and grow I get that but I'm not going to go so far to say the whole physical universe is such an illusion that it doesn't even make a difference what happens here of course it makes a difference what happens here of course it is important what happens here otherwise what did you learn you know what was the whole point of the experience it is an experience but it's not just an experience as so many new agers want to say that term it's just an experience it doesn't matter how good or how evil it is it's just an experience those are just judgments bull bull good exists and evil exists its called knowing what actions are rights because they don't cause harm and knowing what actions are rights because they do cause harm that's what the New Agers haven't gotten yet that's what most religionists haven't gotten yet at all at all you know their sense of morality is all about whims and preferences I don't like homosexual encounters so therefore they I am deeming that they are immoral well is that true or not you know these religionists insists of a particular preferential lifestyle makes it immoral because they themselves don't find it palatable while I'm heterosexual I don't find homosexuality palatable for me okay that's my sexual preference but that doesn't mean that two homosexuals engaging in sexual relationship together is immoral because as long as it's consensual and it's something that they have both agreed to and there's no coercion or violence or violation of their rights involved in it then whatever do what you want as long as no one else is harmed and this is what religions have become especially something like Christianity in the exoteric sense of the term and the xoxo teracle religious Christianity you know morality is what my preferences are about and that's called moral relativism just like these New Agers think that there's no such thing as the difference between actual right and wrong objectively well because those are judgments that's bad you're judging you know you're saying something is bad and everything has to be positive utter bunk utter nonsense and just it's children these this is a further hallmark of stunted development in consciousness it's being a child in your mind in your psychology and you've never actually grown up to actual adulthood inside of yourself that's all it is that's all it is and that's what these children these New Ager type children and these religionists type children they just believe it's all an illusory contract here to somehow torment also we can never know the truth about anything we certainly can never change it we pick this up on the other side stay with us everyone [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone I'm your host mark Cassio and this is what on earth is happening so we were going through some of the world views that can result as a result of accepting whole mindedly this creationist paradigm or just what I would call a right brain paradigm when it comes to the human condition and human origins and it's the first part of this is a total belief that the universe is fundamentally a bad place okay and it's not a construct for the experience of consciousness so that that consciousness can learn and grow no it's a torment facility it's a construct for torment of consciousness a hell if you will cosmic prison that's completely unchangeable when somebody's in right brained imbalance they go into self-loathing and they believe their situation is totally unchangeable and they also believe it shouldn't be changed because they somehow deserve it and this comes from this belief okay that matter is bad and since we're comprised of matter we must be bad all right and what when we think this way that everything's just an unchangeable prison what do you think is gonna happen you think that person's gonna be involved in trying to change the dynamic that's at work no it promotes total inaction even in the face of total evil going on continuously in our presence and that's that there could be no better description of religion in my book I mean I'm just have I just not described religion all of religion in a nutshell and most of all the New Age movement how many religionists and New Agers are activists they're actually trying to do something to truly change the world hardly any a handful I was saying this on a radio show the other night okay what priests do you see stepping up and talking about the police state measures that are in place how about Buddhists you see any Buddhist monks talking about how people are totally being stripped of their rights and how that's immoral and wrong and should not continue because I don't hear a one not a one where's all the Imams you know of the Islamic faith where were they at stepping out talking about the police state how about the Jewish rabbis you see any Jewish rabbis talking out against totalitarianism and the police state measures that are going on in the United States and throughout the world because they're magically absent as far as I'm concerned if you do hear about them please what point enlightened me point them in my direction I'd like to know about them because I don't know about a one not a single one no they're busy propagating their little box for consciousness that's it because that's what they've been brainwashed and indoctrinated into believing in and now we got to get everybody else in the same box with me in my limitation with me it's called a child a child and they're fearful and all they want really all these religionists really want is their 501c3 money you know once they get into that that's it you know then you can't speak out against Big Daddy you can't speak out against it or your tax exemption will dry up real quick you know then Big Daddy will be beating on your doors for all taxes and all of those donations and and you know collection plate money that you get we can't have that all the dialectic all working through money all one hand washes the other and again it's just like idiots that blindly naively accept science you know the whole scientific paradigm scientism let me let me qualify that you know the scientism paradigm it's the same thing with people who blindly accept that religion is somehow something that's good just because they believe in it all controlled by money you know the very tenets of half of these religions the belief systems that don't really have to do with truth all came from dark occultism anyway but people don't want to accept that you don't want to believe you're believing in the same page soeul are cults that the dark occult came from of the old religions you know you don't want to accept that know that you're worshipping an astro theological Sun God no no because my religion has to be right you know or hey you want to worship the astrological star gods you know the Elohim you know hey how about the ash Lord the Astra theological moon God moon goddess you know that that's the Islamic tradition just like the Stars or the the Judaic tradition you know after the three heavenly lights that the Sun the moon and the stars we have one religion for each cult you know but most people have never even looked into Astro theology so their religion is right doesn't make a difference whether this was all a construct developed to keep people under control that doesn't matter it's my religion so it has to be right all their time spent in the trying to make their religion into the truth but never ever will they try to make truth into their religion you know no because the truth be damned I'll spit in the face and that's what they don't understand all these religious people don't understand God is truth God is truth and truth is God they are one in the same and they're constantly spitting in its face all day long every day you know with a belief system with their rigid belief system scientism is no different it's a rigid belief system it's just left brain imbalance instead of right brain imbalance so what's another thing that this can lead to this form of right brain and balance and I'm not just specifically talking about creationists here I'm talking about anybody that buys into this spirit is superior to matter worldview well one of the other deplorable ideologies that can lead to is pacifism and let me definitively and clearly state the difference between pacifism and non-aggression ISM the non-aggression principle is not pacifism pacifism is not the non-aggression principle okay pacifism embraces the non-aggression principle but it goes beyond that and fully wholesale Lee rejects the self-defense prints enlightenment is about the non-aggression principle which is the Sacred Feminine principle in consciousness combined with wedded to in union with married to the self-defense principle which is the sacred masculine principle in consciousness that's what enlightenment is about no being that is claims to be enlightened it doesn't understand any being that claims to be enlightened that it doesn't understand both of those principle principles and has wedded them together in their worldview and has is living both of those principles they're not enlightened they're just claiming that they are so pacifism has nothing to do with enlightenment at all understanding the non-aggression principle absolutely that's one half of understand understanding of enlightenment a pacifism is a belief or a religion that only evil may ever wield force an evil of course wields force in an amoral capacity that's why it's called violence it becomes violence when it's wielded in a way that you have no right to wield force but there is a rightful usage of force and it's called the self-defense principle when you wield force in self-defense that is a right and inherent right but pacifists claim only evil can ever wield any kind of force there's no such thing as a moral employment of this of self-defense for force for self-defense ok and this is stemming from their right brain imbalanced worldview that spirit is superior to matter so therefore if you take any position that tries to defend your materialistic existence your body's existence and preventing it from experiencing harm or even beyond that protecting your rights from being usurped if you do that in the physical domain then oh that's somehow violence and it's wrong and until here telling you it absolutely is not that is not violence number one that is the moral usage of force in the capacity for self-defense and it is not wrong it is an inherent right and these people have to get out of their New Age religion and understand the self-defense masculine principle because you're not in unless you understand it I'm not telling you that's my belief system either I do not believe that I know it definitively that is eternal truth whether you want to accept it or not no matter who wants to accept it or not enlightenment is a twofold principle encompassing the Sacred Feminine principle of non-aggression wedded to in Union and in balance with the sacred masculine principle of self-defence eternally and pacifists are nothing of the kind at all there are people in right brain and balanced religion worldview of Spirit is superior to matter so now that I've just pissed the entire world off okay and I've explained the two worldviews of imbalance the left brain imbalance Darwinian so-called evolutionary paradigm and the right brain imbalance creationist or spirit is superior to matter paradigm okay I want to ask a very fundamental and important question for people to consider what do these two polarizing paradigms share in common and will answer that question on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com I left off in the previous segment asking the question what do the two polarizing paradigms that I've just outlined share in common what does the Darwinian left-brain inbound so-called evolution paradigm share in common with the right-brain creationist paradigm or the paradigm that postulates that spirit is superior to matter well they share quite a bit in common actually and I think it's what we have to understand is ultimately keeping is one of the factors one of the main factors that's ultimately keeping the human condition the way it is and the very first thing that does that the first trait or characteristic that these two polarizing paradigms share in common is the total dismissal of free will within the individual the total dismissal of free will now just think about it think about it what does the left rein imbalance Darwinian evolution paradigm say about free will well it says free will is essentially an illusion you know it's an illusion because genes control everything the interaction of subatomic particles and electro chemical interactions of matter in the brain are ultimately determining behavior it's a deterministic way of looking at the world ultimately through the idea of randomness it's so far into randomness that it basically comes right back around to determinism and says well there's nothing you can really do to change because that's just your nature that's just the way you were made okay because the the particles the physical material particles that comprise your body your physiology you know there are what they are what are ultimately determining the way you think and your behavior forget about epigenetics forget about circumstances forget about programming forget about conditioning forget about consciousness most certainly you know forget that and it completely dismisses the dynamic of we'll and that's isn't that exactly what creationism or super right brain imbalance religionists type thought does it says well since God is controlling everything of course everything is deterministic you know we can't counteract the will of God things are the way the way they are well certainly God must have wanted them to be this way so what what good is our action what good is us trying to change anything the world will change when God wants it to change not when we want it to change you know so freewill is ultimately an illusion in the religionist paradigm and I'm telling you it's just like that in the in the new-age community just like that I've had New Agers look me dead in the face with a straight serious expression on their face and say free will is a complete illusion there is no such thing you don't have free will neither do I neither does anyone new New Ager saying that with a completely straight face and I'm telling you folks if you haven't understood the importance and the reality of free will you are not awake at all at all not a bit you're not enlightened you're not awake you don't know what's really going on you don't know the self and you certainly don't know the dynamic to get out of the mess that we're in if you accept either of those notions whether coming at it from the left brain worldview or the right brain worldview if you accept the notion that free will does not exist enjoy the chains morons enjoy the chains I don't care how harsh you think that is I don't care what you think of me for saying that saying that like that I'm not here to win a popularity contest or for you to like me I'm here to tell the truth of how the dynamic works that is keeping the current condition the way it is and if you say you won freedom and if you say you want order and if you say you want justice and if you say you want peace and if you say you want prosperity you have to understand how that dynamic works in natural law and natural law includes free will to align your behavior in harmony with laws of creation or to choose to live in opposition to them through your own free will that is the gift of the creator of the universe and everyone has it every being with the capacity for holistic intelligence has free will animals are creatures of instinct we are not just animals we are animals that are also have the component of free will because of the level of the complexity of our consciousness meaning that we have the capacity for holistic intelligence and understanding therefore we have free will we have the free will to move our consciousness forward epigenetically we have free will to change our circumstances we have free will to change the way that we think and therefore we have free will to change the way that we behave and if you don't accept that you are the perfect slave and you should you should be in Chains if you believe there's no such thing as free will whether you are coming at it from this left rein Darwinian paradigm or you're coming at it from this right brain religious paradigm you belong in Chains as a matter of fact you don't only belong there that's the only condition that you can manifest it's the only condition that you are capable of ever manifesting is slavery so enjoy it enjoy it until you change your mind until you change your thinking your thinking has to change for that manifested result to change the end it's eternally like that get over it and this is the problem this is the problem that people want to think they can keep their flawed fundamental axioms in place and still create the kind of change that they say they want well if you want to keep those flawed fundamental axioms in place that can only lead to the condition of slavery stop saying that you want to be free because you're a liar the next characteristic that these two paradigms share in common absolutely share in common is that they completely dismiss the power of consciousness and the ability of consciousness to create change in the world which is what I've just described consciousness is left at the door do you ever hear scientism believers really talking about consciousness except some type of electrochemical interaction in the brain no they don't talk about the power of consciousness to epigenetically affect change in the world no and certainly religionists often see consciousness as equated with the devil you know New Agers talk about consciousness but they don't really understand what it is you know they think it's meditating your way into some higher state when the way that you bring yourself into a higher state is by aligning your thoughts your emotions and your actions and they leave the masculine active principle at the door they leave a third of consciousness at the door so therefore you might as well leave it all at the door but none of these paradigms embrace and actually integrate deeply consciousness into their equation none they all both of these paradigms externalize all power the external ization of all power because look in the left brain Darwinian paradigm this so-called evolutionary paradigm which it's nothing of the kind okay not true evolution we are at the mercy of genes these little molecular structures you know comprised of some amino acids we're at their mercy these tiny little sabotage you know these tiny little collection of atoms you know they control us we're at their mercy like clockwork it's just the universe is just big a big wind-up clockwork mechanism just running on its own gods the the blind clock maker okay and genes control everything and then in the right brain religious paradigm of creationism god controls everything so ultimately human being is just a human being is just a puppet it's just it's just a wind-up toy soldier doll a puppet on strings you know we have no say in what happens to us everything is just being done to us victim mentality victim mentality can you see can can people who are within the sound of my voice are you really hearing what's being said do you understand how these worldviews have created have maintained okay the current human condition they propagate it they propagate slavery because they are both deeply entrenched belief systems that the human condition can not be changed that's what they both share completely in common they can not the human condition can not be changed and I'm here to tell you that that position is 100% utterly false the human condition absolutely most certainly can be changed will it be changed is another story stay with us everybody will pick this up on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Applause] the cooler side that we don't dare speak wall between us there are in Seoul [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening we're into the third hour for tonight's broadcast I want to go to the phones in this section I'm going to just simply wrap up talking about the main topic for tonight which was the polarization dialectics regarding creation and human origins the - brain imbalanced worldview paradigms that perpetuate the human condition I I asked the question and answered the question what do they both have in common their dismissal of free will and consciousness their externalize ation of all power postulating that we are either at the mercy of genes or God and a deeply entrenched belief that the human condition cannot be changed which of course is a lie it is one of the biggest lies that we face that is holding the human condition of slavery in place of course the human condition can be changed of course God doesn't want us to remain in a state of slavery of course we are not at the mercy of genetic code of course we can epigenetically change ourselves and our situation what will power must be applied knowledge must be applied care must be developed and applied it doesn't just magically happen itself so my last question which I will begin to answer next week I'm going to try to take some calls in the last hour of tonight's program and see if I can't give away some tickets to my seminar in st. Louis but the question about these paradigms is of course both of these paradigms are leading humanity to the same place that's why it's called the dialectic they basically are opposed aims that lead to the same place people think that they're so different anything oh I'm a Christian I'm a Muslim I'm a Jew I'm so different than all of those believers in Darwinian evolution and then people say oh I'm a scientist in a white lab coat I'm so different than those people who believe in religion no you're not you're both kidding yourself you're both pranksters you're jokesters okay you're both played you're played okay you're both going to the same place and it's called slavery because of how you think your puppets on strings and not only are you puppets on strings by buying into these polarizing dialectics you believe that your puppets on strings by the very nature that you have accepted those polarizing dialectics and you know what the Satanists of this world are doing you know what the dark occultists are doing you know what the powers that be are doing they're laughing their asses off at you they're laughing with big out-of-control belly laughs non-stop and I'm telling you I've heard them do it from their lips to my ears I've been in rooms with them laughing at you and you just keep going on believing in your absolute BS nonsense religion on both sides of that equation okay because you're being mocked you're being mocked and you don't even know you're being mocked one day on the air I don't know if I don't think it'll be today but when I developed maybe I'll practice it off air and try to try to you know get it just right I'm going to try to do the laugh that a Satanist unleashed in my presence one time at a ritual here on the East Coast at Valle purchase not and he was mocking a cop who was watching the ritual house outside the house okay and protecting all of these Satanists and armed off-duty police officer who was a member of the satanic cult coven you know it there they don't call them covens they call them grottoes and Satanism and this dark occultist who was smoking a cigar and he was wearing a suit and he was eating some hors d'oeuvre that they had served after the ritual was looking outside the window through this kind of like semi octagonal or hexagonal enclosure in the front of this house he was looking over at the patio where this cop was standing watch at the door and he was laughing so hard that his face became red and engorge with blood and I thought he was going to choke on the food that he was eating and that's how much he was mocking and laughing at this cop calling him a complete unconscious idiot you know for serving the sate satanic agenda our agenda as he said okay and just said these people are power pets there are dogs there are animals on a leash and that's exactly how they look at people and you know what as I've said before people can say Oh mark you're in such a dark world view for even saying something like this they're correct they're not incorrect I'm not telling you I agree with their approach or their worldview or the way they think I'm just telling you they're correct they are they're their pets their dogs their animals that just follow them whatever they tell them to do that's it and the people who believe in these completely imbalanced worldviews are really no different they're just absolute puppets on a string and they've been given their belief systems by these Psychopaths they've been given their very belief systems by these psychopathic lunatics so my question that I'll end the presentation part of tonight's show on is is there any kind of a possible reasonable sensible alternative to these to imbalance prevailing paradigms about human origins about the processes that underlie creation well that's what I wanted to try to start unpacking in a deeper way on this show and this is setup or framework material to do that because you have to understand the entrenched paradigms that are already at work and what they lead to so with that having been said that's the end of the presentation for this evening and now I want to go to the phones to see if we can give away some tickets or talk about the topic for tonight or anything else you guys want to bring up the calling number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three once again the callin number to join here on what on earth is happening 831 394 43 let me give the trivia question for the chance to win a one ticket per call or to the seminar that I'm going to be conducting in in st. Louis Missouri on May 31st named the four major Sabbath's or High Holidays of the occult calendar the occult year and I want you to when you give me the names and you can give me any alternative names there's a couple of things that they could be called each okay I want you to give me the seasons that they are associated with that is the full question and to have it right you need all the components of the of the answer correct okay so that's the trivia question call in to answer that and you'll win a free ticket and please only try to answer that question if you can attend the seminar in st. Louis so let's go to the phones let's hear from Brandon in Boston Brandon you are live on what on earth is happening welcome and let me ask you are you going to attempt to answer the trivia question for the tickets to the st. Louis seminar yeah I'll give it a shot yeah okay know who can't attend correct and when you're going to come to the seminar correct absolutely it's not then I'll go right away and you know give more yeah great okay no problem go ahead he's my best shot you know just getting into this stuff so I'm gonna go a saw one that is one of them what what season at Halloween that I guess wouldn't be fair would be with he's an of harvest his went there later I'm sorry no that's not correct you did have one of the holidays correct you said so and and unfortunately it is not in winter so sorry but no win on the ticket to the st. st. Louis seminar but good good try so what else do you have for us this evening any questions or comments yeah just leave the other ones that I had so but uh yeah just this question of Satan versus free will you know about God Marianne wounded and if you do and if you don't brendan heard it right there we're coming up to a break you can continue that on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio before the break we were talking to Brandon in Boston Brandon are you still with us today mark yep okay continue with your comment all right yeah so you know you know it's interesting that we give up one priesthoods for another in both the earth I want to take you know one with a white lab coat one with a black coat YUM and they both long take away your free will the question I have is that you know we are free to choose whether or not we want to follow those things and that in there therein lies our our free will in our faith I think we can be faded and free and the same kind of the same thing we kind of it's kind of a tough thing there's only there's only one thing we are not free to do we are not free to behave without consequence we choose and through our choice our free will we put our thoughts into action through behavior in our lives but there are immutable laws that govern the consequences of those choices so if you want to look at free will as a dialectic or a paradigm a controlled paradigm in that sense and say well then it's ultimately an illusion if that's like that's splitting hairs or I would say that's semantics the the freewill choice still exists but you what you are not free to do is act without consequence there are always going to be consequences because according to the laws of this universe cause invariably precedes effect there is a deterministic component within creation and there is a randomness component within creation called free will what we get to choose is how we will behave we do not get to choose that there will be consequences for the way that we behave that is pre though the laws that determine that outcome are predetermined what we have to do is bring our consciousness up to the level of understanding such that we know how those laws operate and therefore we will be able to align our decisions wisely with those laws and therefore we will not create self inflicted suffering as a result of a poor choice so we still have free will but we don't have free will to act without consequence there are always consequences so I hope that clarifies at least my position on that yeah I would agree completely and also with some responsibilities and and in you know to weaken the other people who are suffering around us you know that is doing the great work and that is so critically important we do if we understand how this dynamic works we most certainly do take into ourselves personal responsibility to speak that truth and to share it with others so that we call can also help to elevate the consciousness of our fellow men and women great point Brandon thanks so much for the call really good insights that work thank you thank you you as well let's hear from David in Boston David you're live on what on earth is happening do you want to attempt to answer the trivia question for an attempt to win one free ticket to the st. Louis seminar that's not why I call Mott okay so just go ahead and make your comment then or question yeah like there's a comment in a question like that really be easier to uh to see how you come down on this because I've only do you show a couple of times but I really already have come to respect your team like spiritual accumulate I want your opinion on this but let me spit it out here firstly you know what I'm talking about this past Sunday my was what the Roman Catholics call Divine Mercy Sunday and Pope John Paul the second was canonized by Pope Francis and now he is known in st. John Paul the great now john paul ii was beatified by his immediate successor who was you know Cardinal Ratzinger who became Pope Benedict the sixteen yes and and in all the centuries of the Roman Catholic history it's unprecedented mark that that is that a that a pope would be a defy the Pope successor would be a defy his immediate predecessor that sounds tough pedantic and then of course we know that it didn't have Bennett Benedict the sixteenth went on to mysteriously resign yes yeah now some have speculated that was because of his involvement in the cover-up of a lot of the Vatican sex crimes that took place during his administration as a cardinal exactly he was Pope John Paul the second right hand men but mark we are asked to believe that pope john paul ii during his he wasn't popular pontiff for just a year or two he was he was the the so-called visible head of the Roman Catholic Church for over a quarter of essentially he had one of the widest pontificates and we are asked to believe the Roman Catholic Church would have us believe mark that Pope John Paul the second he never caught a clue he didn't have a clue what was going on during his pontificate and within his pontificate he didn't have a cool about this global people pedophile rhythm you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you as the saying goes you know I say it mock not the book until I say I have an adult if you people believe that I have an indulgence that like this exactly yeah a movie I highly recommend a documentary a film I highly recommend on this topic is sex crimes and the Vatican it's extraordinarily disturbing when people watch this I mean they're going to be horrified by what they see but you have to understand what's really going on within religious institutions on the face of the earth and I would I would postulate this is going on in all religions it's not just Christianity it's in Judaism it's in Islam it's in all religion because they're using a lot of these Psychopaths who have infiltrated the religious institutions are using the people's trust to gain access to their children I mean let's face it this is going on yeah no no Matt this is my suggestion to the Pope the Pope Francis you know I don't know if he'll get wind of this but I hope and pray that he does but what my suggestion is now that pope john paul ii now that he's officially I st. John Paul the great I would I would order Pope Francis to LA designate him the patron saint of pedophiles it would probably be fitting because like you said there's no way impossible that he knew during his papacy that this was going on that this was going on there's no way he didn't know that this was going on he obviously was in full awareness of it and allowed the Cardinals to perform the administrative duties of just moving a lot of these pedophilia priests to other our communities and and also using Vatican money filtered through you know of banks that the Vatican operates with like p2 Lodge etc and the bankers associated with them obviously filtered a lot of the Vatican money to pay off family members to prevent them from pressing charges in their local communities so David are really great points that you've brought up and yeah I I tend to agree with you maybe he should be you know the saint of protecting the pedophiles and they're they're you know crimes so good points thanks for the call I want to see if we can get a winner for one of these tickets in in on st. Louis I'm really anxious to have a give another ticket away on the air so let's go to the phones and the remainder of the show and see if we can get the winner for that you're listening to what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen don't go anywhere [Music] we don't need welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm ladies and gentlemen I have found a representation of the laughs of the Satanists that I was talking about and it's not exact but it's probably a it's it's close enough in spirit to how I heard a Satanist laughing at the police the military the mindless masses of the world because of how on their puppet strings through mind control through the belief in their very systems of belief that they have people and I haven't really tried this I'm gonna just try to play it over the air I don't have a mechanism for just you know digitally playing this but I think it'll translate through my condenser microphone if not maybe I'll give it to my producer and he could play it or put it somehow into the show where I we could cue it maybe next week if it doesn't translate very well but here goes I'm gonna try this for the first time and see how this translates over the air this is a as close as I could find in a short amount of time to a the belly laugh that I heard a Satanist do at a ritual this was probably back I would have to guess it was probably around 1996 or seven or eight or something like that and again he was laughing at a police officer an off-duty cop who was guarding the ritual room or guarding the ritual house I should say okay here here goes this is a Satanists belly laughs laughing at someone who they call their dog [Laughter] [Laughter] like I said that about sums it up in spirit it may not have been exact but it's close enough and I'm telling you that's how hard they're laughing at most people out there that's how hard let's continue to go to your calls let's hear from Jason in Illinois Jason you're live on what on earth is happening and the first question I'd like to ask before you get to your question or comment is do you want to try to win the tickets to the st. the a ticket to the st. Louis seminar sure yeah I'd like to try okay now you can't attend correct yeah I would like two hours away great okay the question was named the four major Sabbath's or High Holidays of the occult calendar and the seasons that they are associated with go ahead okay Walpurgis night or Beltane correct that's correct and then Samhain or Halloween yes would befall correct and then you'll go winter or Saturnalia I'm not sure I think it's I think it to you all right no I'm sorry that that is not correct that is one of the minor Sabbats which represents one of the lesser arms of these the solar cross the the High Holidays or major Sabbats follow what is called the galactic or grand cross and are the midpoints of the seasons the Yule holiday is one of the solstice celebrations which is of the lesser cross so I'm sorry that's not the correct answer but a very good attempt so thank you all right I'll let you get to your question or comment now sure I can ask you about the relationship between like the Gnostic philosophy and American Indian philosophy by or spirituality and then I was questions yeah I a second question was related what do you which since I noticed that you had long hair I was wondering if you like if you think there's some kind of relationship to long hair and intuition okay two interesting questions I would say I'm not aware of a direct connection to from the gnostic tradition and the Native American traditions I know of course one developed in the ancient Middle East and one is native to the Western Hemisphere but I wouldn't discount that there may be some overlap in their philosophies there I would say where they would differ is in their overarching view of nature to me the Gnostic ideology while I agree with many points of it is very dark in its view of what the nature of the universe is and many Gnostics believed that the Demiurge or a dark God or dark form of consciousness rules the entire universe and the universe is one of these you know hellish constructs like a constructor or prison for the soul that we have to somehow transcend or escape from I do not subscribe to that worldview I think it's a very imbalanced part of the some of the Gnostics ideology not all Gnostics think like that but many do whereas I feel that a lot of the spirituality of Gnosticism they do have on point and correct and I would say that the Native American philosophy definitely takes a more integral or integrated view of nature and sees it as a more holistic mechanism which I tend to gravitate more to in at least the worldview of nature or the universe is concerned so it will be interesting to look into deeper connections between those two philosophies or systems but I wouldn't specifically tell you that there is any direct connections or any that I could speak to that's the first part that's my first answer the second one was regarding long hair today long hair is a symbol of main maintenance of a part of you that is of a feral nature I'm not going to be tamed okay I do integrate the animalistic component of the the psychology and the personality and while I integrate that component I also integrate the higher consciousness so it's that concept of the the serpent and the Dove it's that concept of you know the higher form of consciousness integrated and married and wed to the form of consciousness that is going to be willing to defend itself if provoked or attacked I don't I see it let's put it this way if long-hair were the style I'd shave my head bald okay so it's it's it's a non conformist approach to what is the status quo condition and also taking a razor to one's face is all about you know being tamed being you know putting a tie around your neck it's all about being tamed being D masculinized being taking the feral aspect of the nature away and basically bringing someone into a condition that is more domesticated it's a it's a Adi masculine and it and turning someone into somebody a male who is more emasculate emasculated and I would say it's about ultimately domesticating someone so I've left my hair long in the sort of spirit of rebellion that that came with my my origins in being in the the rockin and metal community when I was young when I was in my youth those are the preferred you know musical approaches that I enjoyed because of its rebellious attitude and and its rebellious nature I still prefer those types of music because of those qualities and you know I always like to see more conscious bands coming up that are integrating you know positive lyrics and talking about mind control talking about the the agendas the dark agendas that are at work and and promoting human freedom to get past those agendas and to defeat them so long hair was about that to me I don't really see any kind of mystical or magical qualities Nicolle reason like the Rastafarians of the Sikhs or Native Americans like yeah I can understand that they had those beliefs I don't necessarily subscribe to those beliefs about long hair to me it's more of the effect as it is as it is seen that you know I'm not domesticated and like I said if everybody was wearing long hair I'd probably take a razor to my head and shave the competitive bulb just to do the opposite ever heard of the urban legend or whatever I don't know what it is but supposedly during Vietnam the military used Native Americans as trackers and then when they got their first military issued haircut they lost their tracking ability interesting marinades for us and they blamed it on intuition I mean I don't know if this was a true story or not but they know I do know many Native Americans don't take the long hair seriously and do believe that it somehow does imbue them with certain characteristics or qualities once again that is their belief system I don't know whether I would say I agree or think the same way but you know my take on it was it's a it's done in the spirit of rebellion as far as I'm telling there's some kind of ancient connection maybe to like Samson and light III would say there may very well be and it is definitely certain people's belief system that it has some kind of magical or you know imbue some type of quality or capability once again I don't know I I wouldn't necessarily say that I definitely believe in that but I wouldn't totally dismiss it and just rule it out entirely it's something I would probably want to look further into okay thank you Mark absolutely good questions all right so let's go to Raphael in Indiana Raphael you are live I actually hold that because we're coming up to another break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back with the last segment of the show for this evening stay with us [Music] [Music] you know today destroys the night-night divide today tried to run bring out welcome back everyone and you're listening to what on earth is happening last segment of the show for this evening and it seems like I can't give these tickets away come on we need a winner here somebody win one of these tickets make me feel good before the show is over maybe I need to make the question the questions easier I thought these were fairly easy to material I've covered on the show before but let's try to get a winner going here Raphael in Indiana you're live on what on earth is happening welcome and would you like to try to make an attempt to win the ticket for the seminar in st. Louis um sorry Marc I will not be trying for a ticket tonight no worries you can continue with your question or comment then um I just wanted a Paul rural powerful presentation as always Marc I'm not sure if your listeners are aware or realize but you'll really appreciate that you're on the side of truth because flipside is pretty scary thought and just want to thank you for that I appreciate that I'm doing what I can do so if everyone just chipped in and did that and put the word out there to people maybe we could change the dynamic on this planet and build a world that's truly worth living in in the future and we truly appreciate it Marc I came across some kind of like a comment it was like I've like a quote so to speak is from Bruce Lee and I I thought it fit perfectly of what tonight's presentation you gave um it says because the one does not want to be disturbed to be made in certain he establishes a pattern of conduct of thought a pattern of relationship to man etc then it becomes a slave to the pattern and takes the pattern to be the real thing Wow a very profound that very profound and very appropriate for what I was speaking about this evening great quote and Bruce Lee was a great individual yeah and he just you know ironic or synchronistically I came across at this Thursday and I thought it was fantastic you know and uh today's presentation is epitome of what that is about oh absolutely great point and again a bring definitely on an individual who had some deep understanding going for himself in the way of Bruce Lee for sure and you know just just from everything you've talked about I grew up in that same upbringing as yourself and you know people you know that Ray Perrine as far as you know it is God's planned and we're here you know to serve his will and and then their regards I comment nowadays from you know listening to your show it's like so then we're just rated mindless slaves and puppets for an old full purpose or free will yeah just accept slavery because that's what God wants for the human species don't you know you know that's not so kind of a god I guess these people believe in you know a God who once slavery to be in place for his own creations that makes a whole lot of sense to me I don't know you know let me actually think like that one less common mark I was uh contemplating you know I've been going through your podcast I jumped around I started all over again had a third way through taking notes and going through stuff and everything and and you know I dawned on me there's this popular TV show it's called The Walking Dead you know they had zombies and and I started thinking about it's like are they really talking about the zombies talking about the people that's now it's allegorical symbolism they're saying we are surrounded by the Walking Dead you know these are about people that have lost their mind that have absolutely no ability to think that have completely abandoned reason that a completely abandoned rational thought that have completely abandoned free will you know there's certainly completely abandoned truth and an understanding of natural law without it and it's like they're like you say their belly laughing and thinking that these people are you know talking about the zombies and in fact they're talking about them that's right that's right when people are watching that what they are what those zombies represent is the majority of the human population out there in the world absolutely it's a it's a spiritual allegory in many ways you know and it that is showing what people the will that they're going to have to use to transcend this and then many of the things that they're going to do that are completely imbalanced than that completely completely out of harmony with natural law as a result of you know this level of imbalance that we have let the world fall into you know so it's I think it's a good allegorical story you know I've actually I've actually engaged in reading the graphic novel for the purpose of uh you know breaking into that allegory and decoding it a little bit and it's it's very disturbing and very graphically violent depictions of things but I think there's some profound statements that are made within it as well about you know what human beings are going to do when survival is at stake what human beings are going to do when they're surrounded by total unconsciousness it's a definitely an interesting allegorical account and I totally agree with you it's not about zombies it's not just a fictional thing it is an allegory about humans who have completely abandoned their faculties for reason definitely and uh and that's honestly with all your paws doing your information it'll lighten this with information work you've talked about in the past where you you start that Trek on that hill and once you're halfway through it and then not even once you're on that path you need to look back at the level based level and you see all these people there it's like you've met that state of consciousness where they're as it's like really right right absolutely great points you know because that's what that's what our job is to do we have to enlighten these people to transmute them out of that zombiefied condition to get them back to a point where they're able to think on their own you know it's not about doing it for them it's about working you know a muscle that has been completely atrophied and these people have been turned into something that's not really their nature we need to go and help them to build that muscle up again so to speak and you know start to do things for themselves research into things for themselves start working on themselves we have to be an assistant in that process for people who want to you know listen to more about that process which is known as the true great work I just did a two-part series with Bob from Cincinnati on that on his a show a cult empire it's on my news section so Raphael thank you for the great points that you've made there thanks for the call let's see if you can get a winner for the tickets in st. the ticket in st. Louis let's hear from John South Carolina John you're live on what on earth is happening welcome and do you want to attempt to win a ticket to the seminar I'll be presenting in st. Louis Missouri mark I'll have to pass on that I'm in South Carolina and it's a little little far for me my friend no wise what do you have for us this evening I have a question for you just sort of bothering me mark and I want to see what you think about it I was watching one of your tapes it's been six or seven months ago and it was only muralla gee and you gave the demonstration where you were decoding the 1776 dates with the three triangles yes using democra and yeah about a week ago I found a video on the net that a kid had found of two triads constructed in New York on the World Trade Center site those words they're they're steel structures there might be steel to stand alone when there's two of them and then on the same site he's got a picture of that plane it was hijacked and it's you know I think it was flight 7:30 or 370 in a 777 and it's got a picture of a triad on it so that's three triads and I was thinking the three triads three triangles the three sevens on the top and the 666 on the bottom right it was just too convenient sounding for me now I'm a you know I'm a white person on this but they just did look too convenient to me is that am I on the right direction on this it sounds interesting I can't really speak to this because I haven't seen this article or this image that you're talking about maybe if you want to email it to me I'll take a look at it and I can give you my take on it at another time but since I haven't seen it I really honestly can't speak to that right now so yeah I email it to you a couple of weeks ago you may have to get past it but I'll send you another copy tonight do that I will attempt to take a look at it and I apologize I mean my email is so out of control it's it's difficult for me to even stay in touch with people that is very important for me to stay in touch with and I get bombarded with so many questions and comments on a weekly basis is very very difficult to manage and I don't have an assistant a secretary or anything like that it's just me so to go through hundreds and hundreds of emails is can be a daunting task so bear with me on that but send it again and I will there endeavor to take a look at it and get back to you with some take on it if there's something there to see so thanks thanks so much for bringing that to my attention John and thanks for your call so let's hear from Bill in Idaho bill you are live on what on earth is happening welcome and my first question is do you want to attempt to win a free ticket to my seminar in st. Louis I would love to and yet at the same time have no opportunity but I'll study up on the issue is Bill and Bill I'm so sorry to have to cut you off like this call in the next show we're out of time for this show ladies and gentlemen there's only two mistakes anybody can make on the path to truth ladies and gentlemen not starting and not going all the way that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Music] you