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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday July 5th 2014 the show is live every Saturday night from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight central we have a good show lined up here for you tonight I'm gonna be continuing to get into my cosmic abandonment presentation the extended version of it and I'm going to be exploring the connection of what I call the interference theory of human origins to the current human condition that is what we're going to be going over tonight on the show and I think like last week I am going to forgo phone calls to just really delve into this material deeply and get through as much of it as possible so no calls for tonight's show maybe we'll make up for the few no call shows with an all call-in show at one point in the in the near future I do have a couple of quick event announcements that I want to go over the Nikola Tesla energy independent celebrations for 2014 are coming at us this week of course every year hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation they extend their information to the public and reach out to try to make people aware of Nikola Tesla and his work and legacy and what he tried to do for Humanity and there's gonna be three individual events right here in the city of Philadelphia coming up this week as part of the energy independence celebrations 2014 the first is a Tesla film screening and discussion on Wednesday July 9th again Tesla was born at midnight between July 9th and 10th so these celebrations usually center around that time period of the year Wednesday July 9th 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Free Library of Philadelphia Maine branch in the auditorium the auditorium is in the basement of the free library main branch which is at 1901 Vine Street here in Philadelphia they're going to be screening a bunch of Tesla documentaries followed by a discussion open to the public that's the first event the second part of the energy independence celebrations will be taking place at the independence Visitor Center just across from Independence Hall it's the Tesla birthday celebration that they do every year and I'm sure there'll be lighting some Tesla coils instead of candles for Tesla's birthday they always have a couple of Tesla coils out at the birthday celebration so that's going to be Wednesday July 9th 7 o'clock p.m. through to the end of the evening probably around 1 or 2 a.m. in the morning certainly after midnight so that's at fifth and Market Streets in Philadelphia and they'll probably be some guest speakers there as well the third part of the energy independence celebrations for this year is the Tesla Days celebration and lectures that's going to be taking place Friday July 11th from 10:00 a.m. all the way through to 4:30 p.m. at the Philadelphia City Institute that's another branch of the free library actually and that's at 1905 Locust Street in Philadelphia so those are the three events that comprise this year's Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations for more information on this great event you can visit Tesla Science Foundation org once again for more information on the Tesla energy independence celebrations 2014 here in Philadelphia coming up this week visit Tesla Science Foundation dot o-r-g second event I will be giving a all-day seminar another one of my all-day seminars coming up Saturday October 4th 2014 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Manchester History Center that's at 175 Pine Street Manchester Connecticut zero six zero four zero the title of the seminar is called D mystifying the occult demystifying the occult and it's hosted by art Capozzi again and the advance tickets are twenty five twenty five dollar donation you could send a check or money order payable to Arthur Capozzi CA P ozz I 500 Monroe Turnpike suite 142 Monroe Connecticut zero six four six eight the at the door tickets are a thirty dollar cash donation and here's the brief description of this seminar mark pashia the no-nonsense teacher of street wise spirituality will take his guests on a journey of exploration examining the world of the occult and its symbols what exactly is the occult and why should you know about it what kind of knowledge comprises the occult who possesses such knowledge and how do they use it how is a cultism different from mysticism what can the secret language of symbolism communicate and how is symbolism being used in our everyday lives these are some of the questions we're going to explore mainly in the first part of this seminar and then in the second part as a case study regarding symbolism and occultism I'm going to be exploring the Major Arcana of the Tarot so that is what this seminar is all about and it's really going to delve deeply into the world of the occult and its symbols it's called demystifying the occult Saturday October 4th all day doors open at 9 a.m. there'll be a preliminary presentation by art Capozzi and then we're going all the way through to till 8 p.m. and a question and answer session will follow the lecture portion I haven't exactly worked out the time scheduling yet but I'll announce that when we have that solidified there's also free parking at the Manchester History Center just wanted to announce that for people who may be driving in from out of town so if you're in the Connecticut area in October in early October miss this great all-day seminar that I have coming up there one other quick announcement there is a support donation button on the what on earth is happening comm website on the left hand side of the page if you feel that you've gained value from the information that I've presented here on this radio show and podcast and shared with people freely then please do feel free to make a entirely voluntary donation to help support and to spread my work so if anybody has contributed thank you so much and if you are going to contribute in the future it's very much appreciated so that's that and I want to point everyone's attention to the wat on earth is happening comm radio show page if you click the radio show tab and go to the listen page underneath the player as always for tonight's show there are images listed and you could see numeric links that you can click on and they will bring up the images that I'll be talking about tonight there was one image for tonight's podcast that was the the flyer the demystifying the occult seminar and then underneath that you'll see cosmic abandonment slides this is the presentation I'm going to be continuing today I started it three shows ago and you can check those out on the podcast section of the website tonight we're going to be picking up from image number 45 where as basically where we left off last week we started getting a little bit into image 46 but I'm going to go back one slide and just take it from the concept of the Nephilim which we were exploring neck last week that's coming right up ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Laughter] [Music] welcome back everyone you listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're continuing the cosmic abandonment extended presentation on tonight's show last week we left off discussing information about the beings known as the Nephilim and that spelled ne pH I li m Nephilim as I was saying last week these were the beings that were the offspring of the original non-human entities that came to this planet hundreds of thousands of years ago and created humanity as a slave species and they then some of them interbred with their creation with their genetically modified creation and we were on slide number 45 of the cosmic abandonment slideshow presentation and I'll briefly reread that slide it says eventually Anunnaki again this word means those who from who came to the earth from deep space Anunnaki males be in the Sumerian language that's what that word translates as so these alien beings began to take human females as sexual partners and offspring were born that were another hybrid species with more Anunnaki DNA they were referred to as the demigods as they were not full Anunnaki quote-unquote gods nor were they fully human this interbreeding is described in the biblical text in Genesis chapter 6 which says quote and it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them that the sons of God saw the daughters of men were beautiful and they took wives of any of them which they chose and the Lord said quote my spirit shall not always strive with man for he is also mortal yet his days shall be no more than 120 years there were giants in the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men and bared children with them the same became mighty men of old the men of renown now that's a whole lot of information to take in there in just those few verses in Genesis 6 but this is a watered down recounting of the genetic hybridization and interbreeding story that is described fairly extensively in the Sumerian and Akkadian texts so what you're seeing here is just taking all that information and condensing it down in Genesis but the information is essentially there it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth now what that means is after the first modification was done to the mark one variant of the human species because as you'll remember last week or a couple of weeks ago I was describing the time when the first humans were genetically modified when they were genetically created hybridized they could not reproduce on their own and therefore they went these beings went and did a second modification and they gave them some more of their genome of the these alien beings genomic material their DNA and that enabled them to procreate on their own and gave us the current amount of chromosomes that we now have by splicing a chromosome one of their chromosomes with one of ours okay so when men began to multiply on the face of the earth because they didn't always have that ability all right and daughters were born unto them so they were at the point where they were procreating on their own the sons of God this means progeny of the actual Anunnaki or these alien beings the purebred variant of them all right saw that the daughters of men were beautiful the male's took a liking to human females and took wives of any of them which they chose well they were gods in early humans eyes they were our creators our commanders our enslavers you know with seemingly supernatural capabilities and technologies and so they just did whatever they wanted and humanity was in no position to disagree with them at this point especially after the further dumbing down of humanity that happened as a result of the second genetic modification that was done which we talked about last week which I feel would is responsible for so many of the flaws and degradation in the human genome which leads to all of the different degenerative disorders that we find in the human species not least of which is primary psychopathy so the next part of this quote the Lord said my spirit shall not always strive with man for he is also mortal well well what does that mean he is also mortal it means that these beings are mortal as well he's talking about man saying humanity is also mortal just like we are their lifespan is thousands possibly even tens of thousands of years but they are mortal and they can die they do die but man would have saw the early man would have saw them as immortal beings because you know they lived and they outstripped their lifespan by such an extent that many times you know tens of generations of human beings would never see one of these beings die that's how many thousands of years they lived for maybe even a hundred generations of human beings would never see one of these beings die so they thought that they were immortal and never died they just had an extremely long lifespan that could also be as a result of interstellar space travel when you're in a different you know relativistic frame and especially traveling at near light speeds who knows what their technology was that could have you know made them live extremely long on this planet whereas they might have a relatively new coat on quote normal lifespan where they come from I don't know it's just speculation at this point but it's something to consider so he says yet his the Lord speaking here and again this is one of these beings it's not the God of creation yet his days shall be no more than 120 years so this is you know a direct allusion to the previous discussion or debate that was going on between the commanding brothers of this earth mission Enlil and Enki which you have to again take as a grain of salt and even possibly look at as factions of these beings I don't I look at these these two brothers not even as just individual beings I see it as debating factions or warring factions you know of these beings that perhaps the people that were just taking down these accounts you know saw them as one set of beings that wanted to help humanity one set of beings that just wanted to overtly control humanity which is the Enlil faction okay and the N key faction seems to be the ones that came up with the plan to begin with and then wanted to kind of try to uplift their progeny if you want to even call it that you know by giving them knowledge and information and trying to somehow make them capable of living in in some type of harmony with each other on this planet I don't still see either one of them as good guys you know the whole thing was wrong to begin with was immoral and never actually should have been done its messing with you know the actual order of nature by going in and hybridizing other beings and making things that nature didn't really select for existence you know that could that could be debated at another time I'm just putting out my thoughts regarding this now you know what does that mean does that mean well then humanity would have never existed well maybe maybe that's something that people should consider may have been the natural way that things were going on this planet another being may have been selected to actually evolve naturally on this planet and not humanity and then this was done this was done to that set of beings you know and they were hybridized to create us something that it appears was actually infinitely less than what they were but we'll get into that later we'll continue with this story on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening we're continuing to delve into the story of cosmic abandonment to try to explain the current human condition by looking at what I call the interference theory of human origins and we're talking about these beings known as the Nephilim and we were reading a quote from Genesis Genesis chapter 6 which talks about these beings that were demigods quote-unquote alien-human hybrid creatures that were created by interbreeding between the Anunnaki beings or the purebred alien creatures that came here and created humanity for their purposes in the ancient human past and their their own creations the human beings that they made and in the biblical text that says that there were giants in the earth in those days and you know people have speculated it doesn't say there were giants on the earth but in the earth you know possible a possible allusion or reference to these beings living in subterranean dwellings of some kind possibly because again we have to understand this was forbidden by their mission plan and these beings were really the commanders of these beings would not really have been very happy that this started taking place because this created a whole new dynamic for them to have to contend with you know it was bad enough that they had already created a species that basically should not have existed according to nature and then what they did has started interbreeding with them in creating yet another species that was not intended to exist by nature the Nephilim race so it says there were giants in the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men and bared children with them the same became mighty men of old men of so what does that mean that means the bings that were the byproduct of this interbreeding okay they became what they called the mighty men of old the men of renown their same were these giants that were larger than normal human beings because they were essentially a cross species and interbred species okay so they are saying that they became mighty men of old the men of renown now what does that mean okay it means that they became the beings that were essentially propped up on pedestals as the gods that would rule over humanity they were placed at the highest apex is of institutional power in human society again we talked about this covert methodology of control by giving the human beings the institutions okay they gave them money they gave them government they gave them religion so that they would be more easily controllable okay and now that this happened all right these institutions could be ruled by these interbred species than nepheline they could put them in those point positions of power at the apex --is of these social institutions that had already been created by humanity and they would see them as the intercessors or the intermediaries between the gods their actual gods and human beings so they were demigods so to speak and again this word Nephilim it comes from the Hebrew language not Nephilim the fall NEP HAL transliterated in english that's how you would spell it comes from the hebrew nephal which is none pet la med and that verb means to fall it literally means to fall Neph fall fall what the word fall is actually in the word okay so Nephilim again Oh heme is a plural ization and you're combining basically those two nephal Oh Nephilim Nephilim Nephilim okay that's in Hebrew spelled nun pet yad la med yoda mem final mem okay so that the word Nephilim actually means those who fell or the fallen ones now here's where in religious sensibilities when they come into the picture you have people that believe that that word takes on the connotation that they are fallen angels fallen ones meaning fallen supernatural entities okay now I can understand why people of a religious persuasion think like that because of course this whole thing is dastardly and and devilish by any stretch of anybody's imagination to come and create a species that is a bastardization that is a hybridization that you're taking off of their natural course of evolutionary development on on the planet that they were adapted to you're combining and splicing your DNA in with them to make them actually dumber and and they'll say that they were modifying them and making them better and smarter and giving them the ability to understand their language and use their tools in my opinion there was nothing wrong with the beings that were already living on this world and they were developing naturally according to the natural evolutionary progression of this planet in harmony with it and could have become something profound and now we have been our inter our evolutionary development our natural evolutionary progression has been interfered with by this genetic process by this genetic hybridization process that's why I call this interference Theory not just intervention you know they interfered with a natural process that was already taking place and was going along its way just fine and they turned us into a being that was not adapted to naturally living on this planet as we are really the only being aside from the domesticated animals which we have hybridized that are not naturally adapted to living on the surface of this planet so you know it's um it's something that we really have to explore when it comes to how people consider these beings their nature and you look at you look at the whole Christian interpretation of these beings being fallen angels but to me this lends credence to them as somehow being supernatural entities okay you know they're to me they're not supernatural entities they're not gods at all they're not you know fallen angels that were once somehow good they're just being like us that had technology and an understanding of you know how to do certain things that we didn't understand and the word enough although and nepheline those who are fallen it to him to me that's a direct reference to what happened to these beings after they started interbreeding with humanity they since their DNA okay was combined with ours they were looked at by their superiors quote/unquote by the purebred Anunnaki as somehow diminished fallen from their original state you know because now their DNA is combined with the human slave species DNA and this was forbidden you know having sex with her own creation like this would have been certainly forbidden by their mission plan that wasn't wasn't part of the deal that they basically were charged to do on this planet by their homeworld and the council that voted to do this hybridization to create the slave species to do the labor that they wanted them to do so certainly this interbreeding with these beings would not have been permitted and therefore none of these and Nephilim the fallen okay the ones who were less pure in their genetic code than the purebred Anunnaki would not have been allowed to go back to their homeworld they have not would not have been allowed to ascend to their planet which they called on new or heaven that translates in Sumerian as heaven or heavens they could not have gone to that homeworld okay to the heavens so they were fallen they were confined to the earth they were confined to this planet after this genetic interbreeding took place their own people the purebred ones would not allow them to return on their craft or via whatever means they were traveling so hence the name those who are fallen they are fallen to the earth they are not allowed to ascend back to the heavens back to the Anunnaki homeworld I mean it just makes so much more sense if you think about the possibility of this just being offworld entities who came here through technology rather than this being some kind of a supernatural play why would supernatural beings be concerned with what's going on on a terrestrial world on a physical planet you know and people will speculate well they may these interdimensional or supernatural beings may use us as a food source or feed off our energy and that's something else we have to be open-minded to and explore as well in any event will continue the ancient story of human origins and interference theory on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the cool side that we don't dare speak [Applause] is wild between us [Music] little rip so deep we keep rated there but there's nothing wrong there's a code of law there is a code of silence folks there's a code of silence about our true origins and all the Darwinists out there want us to believe it's all about random processes and natural selection and you know it's all just a clockwork mechanism for no purpose and then all the religionists want us to believe oh it's just God doing everything and it's you know all just him making things the way that they are and like I said earlier when we talked about these two childish theories of real human origins that don't take into account the current human condition and why it is this way you know it it makes so much more sense when you look at it from a perspective that there was a natural course of progression happening here and then it got hijacked it got hijacked by beings that didn't give a damn about us and they were just using us for whatever they could get out of us and many of them just intended to throw us away as we'll get to after we were used so again just to wrap up this one section before we move on the the Nephilim Oh heme is like adding a pluralization to an English word as in Elohim Elohim is the gods it's the word that is used for God in the Hebrew texts of the Bible and you know you asked Christians you asked Jews you asked you know alleged people of the book why is the name for God plural in the Bible and there's no good answers that come back you know it's not L it's Elohim the gods the plural gods okay because they're talking about multiple beings that were seen as gods that's what these accounts are of they're not talking about in these old biblical texts they're not talking about the God of creation they're talking about these gods quote-unquote gods you know and then there's the demigods that came after them the Giants the men of renown the ones that were in the lofty positions of authority because they were placed theirs as intercessors and eat intermediaries on behalf of the gods and then they interface with human beings that way instead of showing themselves you know it's like this is the God's will you listen to us we dictate the will of God it sounds very familiar because that's essentially the same thing priests and government officials and judges and you know people at all the top level positions of earthly quote authority actually feel about themselves today it's where this whole idea of Divine Right of Kings came from which we'll get to they have more of the gods blood in them of their demigods they have more of the gods essence you know they have the divine right to rule over us the gods appointed them you know it's where this whole notion that beings just because of their bloodline have some sort of a divine right to have a position of authority over others and you just think about it it makes so much more sense where would that idea have come from that your blood and the communication of your blood through your your lineage would somehow give you a right to rule over other people people don't even consider how ridiculous that sounds when we think of kingship and where something like that would have ever come from let's move on to the next slide and continue slide number 46 while interbreeding with the new slave species was also forbidden by the Annunaki Mission Plan they use this to their advantage by placing these quote demigod offspring into positions of royalty and authority on earth in this way they interfaced with and controlled the growing human population more easily and there you see on the right hand side a God more likely than not and key because it has the water flowing from his shoulders and he was always depicted like that with fish near his head okay seated on his throne okay and you have human supplicants on either side of him and you have other beings who East he's talking to and perhaps communicating his will to they're gonna go in and essentially rule on his behalf he's gonna send them down to the earth he's not gonna go and do that work himself you know he's an ascended one he's one of the actual gods you know these beings at some point very rarely made even appearances on the earth they let their intercessor intercessors handle their business for them and they interacted with human beings on the earth instead of the gods and again hence their name the fallen ones those who could not ascend those who were you know basically I don't want to use the word condemned but we're you know they're as part of their mission or part of their orders they were to stay on the earth and you know that could be a condemnation or a death sentence when you look at it but in any event these beings you know were consider the lineage of the gods because they had their DNA in them more so than human beings didn't and hence they were saw seen as demigods eventually in their competition to control the slave populations population skirmishes and even all-out Wars broke out between different factions of the quote gods and demigods so they were vying and jockeying for power on earth and resources themselves and eventually they started going to war with themselves over territories over resources etc and it was an egoic thing where they wanted to be seen as you know the main God they wanted to be worshipped as these beings got you have to read some of the accounts of what human beings would do for these creatures how they would see them literally as gods and treat them accordingly you know where every single whim was satisfied every you know you name the task you know they would do it for them they would you know completely take care of these beings in every single way that you could possibly imagine bringing them whatever foods they want doing all their their you know physical chores for them sexual Association and pleasuring you name it anything every single possible way that they can attend to these beings it was done it was like so in many ways while the conditions that work seen as deplorable on the earth and these beings that really want to be here in on this planet they like the conditions because they were literally treated as gods it was like some sort of a getaway or paradise to them because on their world people weren't gonna treat them like that they were just normal beings but here they were gods you know with their every wish and whim fulfilled so the the ancient wars between the gods is talked about in many of these texts as well particularly the Indus Valley tradition texts like the Mahabharata the Ramayana etc and some of the apocryphal books of the Bible get into that as well like the Book of Enoch and you know you realize that these beings were simply now in a complete state of ego by this whole condition that had been that they had created and they they liked it in many ways some of them didn't again that this Enlil faction of beings really wanted to complete the mission and get out of here and they looked at it as a complete abomination what had been done on this planet so let's move on to slide number 47 and we'll get into that a little bit sometime later and when I say sometime I'm talking probably thousands of years had gone on you know we're talking about large stretches of time here not like a few years a cataclysmic deluge swept over the earth wiping out much of humanity but leaving small pockets of survivors some researchers believe okay again of course this is the story of the deluge or the biblical flood okay and there is a lot of scientific evidence to support that this actually took place that it was like a worldwide flood that basically set everything back to almost zero and the oceans were tilted over onto the continents and the only thing that really can do that is something that is akin to a pole shift a physical pole shift which would create the quote-unquote bathtub effect which would completely you know tilt large bodies of ocean waters over onto the continents of Earth [Music] [Music] [Music] here on Republic Broadcasting under host mark passio we're continuing to unpack the cosmic abandonment extended presentation and we were talking about the Great Flood and some researchers again this is slide number 47 in the presentation if you're following along with the slides which are on the what on earth is happening dot-com radio show page they're also listed with the podcast this will be podcast number 161 you can also download the zip file that is up is linked up there too and just unpack it and you'll get all the images for this presentation so this deluge or this cataclysm that basically created a physical pole shift of some type there's a lot of debate over what caused that some people some researchers believe this was a natural event which these beings that were called the Anunnaki by the Sumerians knew was imminent but they were incapable or unwilling to prevent in other words they knew it was coming but they wanted it to hit the earth because it was a good way to basically get rid of the humans at that point which you know their work had largely been done and we're talking about relatively recent human history were going back probably a little over 13,000 years maybe even a little bit less than that give or take a few hundred years so some people think that you know this was their mission was wrapping up many of them were leaving and they were just basically looking for a way to solve the quote-unquote human problem so some people believe that this was a natural event that was part of a Seifert galaxy cyclical explosion and the researcher of scientists I'm sorry Paul Laviolette has done a lot of work regarding this the scientist Seifert is who this phenomenon is named after it's believed that most galaxies have a large central condensed mass that periodically emits eruptions from the from a blow off of that mass and that creates a galactic wave that stems out from the center of the galaxy in all directions every so many thousand years and that gravitational wave can basically rearrange solar system whole solar systems if you're caught in you know some kind of an airflow of it if you happen to be in that portion of the galaxy that really hits hard and supposedly earth was in that path during this seaford galaxy explosion 13,000 years ago now that's what some researchers think caused this okay and I think it's a solid of a theory as any and there's a lot of evidence to support physical geological evidence supports the flood the Cataclysm and that there was a global civilization on the earth before that that was then wiped off the face of the earth and we've been rebuilding ever since other people believe that it resulted from a physical pole shift which was deliberately caused by a faction of the anunnaki led by Enlil using advanced technology in order to eradicate humanity deliberately a species which Enlil saw as an abomination that never should have existed did they have such technology more likely than not they did some researchers speculate that the earth was not always at its current axial tilt with respect to its plane of orbit around our star the Sun its 23.5 degrees axial tilt is what gives the earth its seasons okay when it's pointed toward the Sun there is summer the Northern Hemisphere winter in the southern hemisphere when the northern hemisphere points pole points toward the Sun when it is pointed away from at a 90-degree angle away from the Sun that's the equinoxes whether it be the spring equinox or the fall equinox whether it is when the north northern pole is pointed away from the Sun that is winter in the northern hemisphere and southern in the southern hemisphere because the southern pole would be pointed toward the Sun hence this axial tilt of 23 and 1/2 degrees gives us our seasons if the earth were not tilted at such an angle with respect to its plane of orbit around our star there would be an eternal spring crops would grow in the northern and southern hemisphere at all times of the year and just think about what kind of a different level of consciousness that would give the people of the earth there would be no season to survive there would be no season of death and non growth and no growing of food that we used to sustain ourselves because the energy of the Sun would always be directly hitting essentially the equator of the earth and therefore the northern and southern hemisphere will always be temperate zones where we could grow essentially any time of the year food therefore there would be no state of lack because we wouldn't have to go into survival mode every year now it's a lot different because there's food trucked in from all different locations where it's grown you know but the point here is the consciousness of lack and non abundance and scarcity would not really be present on a planet that had a equal angle the zero degree angle with respect to its plane of orbit around its star because it would be basically a planet in perpetual spring many researchers speculate that this was the condition of the earth in our ancient past until this event which threw it into further chaos first of all you look at you have to look at the continents of the earth as like a basin holding water and then if you suddenly kick that basin what would happen to most of the water it would spill out over the sides you know the the ocean floor the continents are you know like an elevated shelf sort of and then the ocean has is like a basin so the water is sitting in a basin and if you suddenly tilted the entire thing or jolted the entire thing what would happen well water would spill everywhere that's what a physical pole shift is we're not talking about a magnetic pole shift in this case we're talking about a physical pole shift and other researchers believe that that was actually created by somehow destabilizing the possibly the Earth's magnetic field to such an extent that the physical body of the planet re shifted itself to compensate and that this technology was used by ml or the Enlil faction of Anunnaki beings and again I just want to reiterate here these names are just terms you know we don't think I've hung up on names you know it's not that they have to be the quote-unquote Anunnaki of Sumerian origin of Sumerian uh you know way of explaining it this is just a name that all that meant was those who came to the earth from the heavens from deep space that's it you know it's just a label other cultures called them call them other things you know like in the Zulu tribes they called them chitta Ori you know they were called many many different names in the Semitic regions they were the Elohim so don't get hung up on the names and even when I say Enloe again it doesn't necessarily have to mean one person I look at it as a faction of beings they might have been led by a being named then though but they had the same idea or ideology when it came to how they viewed humans we'll be right back [Music] we [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking about the largely untold story of ancient human origins as a slave race and how this connects with our current condition as a species and eventually we're going to talk about you know what we have to look at in order to change this condition but we're talking about the flood the biblical deluge and how different researchers who are in to interference theory as I call it intervention theory as some other researchers have called it how they looked at the causal factors for this Cataclysm some think it was a natural event and that the Anunnaki simply looked at that as a fortunate thing for them because this could handle the human population that they didn't really know what to do with or how to handle it was running out of control it was very violent it was barbaric they really couldn't be taught very similar to how we are now really nothing has changed and they just wanted them gone many of them and some speculate other researchers speculate that no this was a deliberate event that was actually created technologically now regardless of which one of those is true the result was the same and large amounts of ocean water poured onto the continents and wiped out the vast majority of humanity we're talking about tsunamis you know a hundred feet tall or more or higher you know we're not talking about you know little 20-foot storm surges like we've seen in recent years here on earth we're talking about walls of water rushing over the continent you know where you would only survive if you were in the very highest mountain regions or you happen to be in a spot where some of these massive super you know tsunami waves did not gather which would have been very few places but you know this goes to the biblical story of the flood and Noah you know which we're going to look at in the next slide all right so we can move on to that was slide number 47 we can move to slide 48 now the pre-pre allude to the deluge is described in Genesis chapter 6 again Genesis 1 through 6 is really the watering down accounting biblically of the entire early human history with these beings and it's just traditionally you know the way it's told is to hide the real events that took place because religion wants to control you it doesn't want to enlighten you and tell you about your real origins religion is all about you're gonna do as we say you know and if people don't think that dark occultus gave us all the religions you know all the world religions they're just they're foolish people who just don't understand what's really going on at all because they want to believe my religions right my religion is the truth you know everything else is all screwed up everything else has all been been handed to us you know by these people as their system of control to be propped up as their system of control but somehow the religion that they you know that that we were given is there is the correct one and somehow that's the one that's going to lead to an entire better place in a better world and I'm talking about of course XO religions I think all religions have an esoteric core at the foundation that is based upon natural law that some of the people who communicated these stories wrapped a lot of natural law in some of the allegories but in general if you're focused on the outside story you know the shell so to speak all your all that's being done is your mind is being controlled you've got to get past the cover story past the asteroid theology past all you know the things that are the stories that are told there to simply control your your way of thinking about what is taking place in the world okay and get past all of that to get to the truth and a real tradition that lies underneath all of that that is about how we really should be treating each other you know not which god is better you know not you know which ways we should see imposed on other people because we somehow dislike the way other people live it's all about whether something is moral or not that's what it really needs to be about that's the common sense basis the foundation and then that just gets a load of dirt thrown all on top of it and and muddied over you know because people aren't really looking at what's right or wrong you know they're looking at their own preferences and whims how they think things should be done and it's more about being right to them than it is about actually knowing the difference between good or right action you know and wrong action or evil so going back to this account well let's look at what Genesis 6 says about the deluge and then we could understand it in light of these events with these non-human beings it says quote and God saw that the wickedness of man was great upon the earth and that every one and that every thought of his heart was evil continually and it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart and the Lord said I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth for repenteth me that I made them that I have made them but Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations and Noah walked with God and God looked upon the earth and saw that it was corrupt and God said unto Noah the end of all flesh has come before me for the earth is filled with violence and behold I will destroy them now you'll notice a couple of things the word Lord and the word God it switches somewhere in there doesn't it see there's the word Lord in the beginning of it and then there's the word God near the end of this paragraph and I would suggest to you that the word Lord here okay applies to one of these factions of beings and the word God may apply to another or you could look at it as this God that we're talking about here maybe the Enlil being or the end little faction of beings and then the God that saves Noah quote-unquote who is actually Ziusudra from the sumerian tradition it's the same story when you look at the story of Ziusudra and out of Sumer that is the biblical story of Noah we'll look into that dynamic a little bit on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening exploring ancient human origins we'll be right back [Music] you know today destroys a night 95 today tried to run track we need to break on through to the other side to get to a more accurate understanding of our past that can help us to understand why what is taking place in our present world is happening and what we can do to change it so we were talking about the story of Noah biblically and how this is a direct parallel to the older story of Ziusudra in the sumerian tradition and many speculate that Ziusudra was actually a hybrid as well was part Nephilim in his genetics possibly but there's so much in this paragraph let's break it down for a few moments God saw the wickedness of man was great upon the earth again they were behaving as savages and barbarians in many places because their genetics were really so screwed up and they weren't really taught morality and they you know were living as you know just vile creatures in many cases and there were others that were very civilized and wanted to you know be moral beings and you know wanted to learn how to use technology in the right way and treat each other with fairness and decency it's kind of like it is today you know but the vast majority of people were barbaric and there was a lot of violence you know and he says God saw that the wickedness of man was great and that every thought of his heart was evil continually and it repented him that he had ever made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart again these beings saw that they had done something that was an abomination against nature that they had tampered with the real code of God DNA and they had rearranged it in a way that it should not have been done and created some sort of a monster and people can say all they want all that such a whore dark world view of what humanity is okay and once again I don't think that's our nature I think our nature is that they made us so that we are programmable the problem is there was no good programming going in you know when you make something with a nature like this and then it's left to its own devices without actually giving it good information and programming it properly you know it just decays it goes into a downward spiral proper information proper uplifting proper building of the mind of the soul would have to be done with these beings and in many cases that's what the N key being and faction were trying to do which we could talk about all right but essentially it wasn't enough and the it says that Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord that's where his name is first mentioned but Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord okay now the Lord may have been referring to n key here and key favored Noah see if Enlil sent the flood kerr created the flood right or forbade anybody who knew that a cataclysmic event was coming like a Seaford galaxy explosion which the Anunnaki would have been able to detect with their technology probably four years before it happened possibly Enlil as the mission commander forbade anybody to tell any humans about it so that they could do no preparation to avoid or avert it because he wanted them gone and the Lord in this paragraph may be referring to any key who couldn't let go of humanity because he saw them as his children that he had created there weren't weren't weren't could not have lived could not have existed unless it was for him and his idea to create this genetic hybrid species so Anke may have been searching for a being that could repopulate the earth with his genes see that's where the next line comes in so importantly okay Noah was a just man means maybe the teachings of n key and the N key faction of mystery schools the early mystery school traditions which N key had set up where Maeby had taken effect on this person and he maybe he did understand natural law maybe he was a very moral human being but the next part is critically important and perfect in his generations what does that mean perfect in his genes generations is just a euphemism or a code word here for genes it doesn't mean all of his previous generations were perfect beings it means that his actual his genetic essence was somehow an anomaly and it was free from the flaws and the degenerative conditions in the genomic makeup of the larger portion of humanity and therefore if he used his genomic makeup as a template perhaps when he began to procreate as he gave birth to new beings they wouldn't be infected with the kind of genetic disorders that was seen in the bulk of humanity over the over 4,000 genetic disorders that still existed with humanity that still exists with humanity today that existed then see and perfect in his generations and Noah walked with God now this probably literally means that he's having a conversation with n key at this point and he's saying that he's going to let him know that the earth is going to be destroyed because he wants him and perhaps a small pocket a small faction of earth humans to serve with him so that they could repopulate the earth after the other Anunnaki would probably think well nothing could have survived that and in many cases that accounts of them watching the flood take place they were just as terrified and petrified as many humans who were undergoing it on the surface would have been it was that powerful and they thought nothing could have survived down there but in small pockets humanity did survive it's time we die hard believe me it's tough to get them all so these beings like I said either created the deluge through technology or they allowed it to take place and forbade most of their people from telling humanity what happened but Enki told Ziusudra / noah about this and a certain portion of them were able to make preparations and survive it and therefore begin to repopulate the earth thousands of years hundreds of years after the deluge occurred and then the waters receded you know this pocket of survivors would have probably bred among themselves until they found other survivors elsewhere elsewhere in small pockets once these flood waters receded and slowly they started building up a population again so also there would have been many Nephilim on the earth during the deluge because again the Anunnaki I don't feel wanted to save these beings I don't feel that they really wanted them with them because what would have been the the social ramifications of that on their world they would have had to take these hybrid beings with lesser genetics as they perceived it to them back to their homeworld and explain how they had had sex with their own creation of worker slave species that they had created as part of a mission plan and then they had interbred 'with it would not have been looked favorably upon on their world by any stretch of anybody's imagination and therefore I think what happened was there were pockets of human survivors there were pockets of Nephilim survivors the demigods and then a society came about where they were all interbreeding with each other because there would have been a diminished gene pool as a result of the decrease in population and the Nephilim would have looked at themselves and their progeny as we are of the gods we have a divine bloodline we have more of the God's DNA in us than these other humans and they would have reset up re-created society along with some of the guidelines that the original Anunnaki would have given them while they were alive and running the whole show on earth so these original beings finished their mission after the deluge that there what there was you know interaction after the deluge this wasn't immediate you know I believe maybe they had some doing and setting up the institutions when they recognized that we couldn't get these beings or even this natural disaster if it was didn't get them all and in many ways there are researchers who looked at this as they saw this as these beings saw this as a divine signal from the god of creation to say hey don't try to wipe out these beings look at what they just survived look at what they just went through and still survived [Laughter] [Music] welcome back everyone listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're continuing the unpacking of the cosmic abandonment presentation in its in its extended format and after I complete this extended unpacking of this presentation I'm going to get into specific details by going into source text material regarding the supporting evidence for these beings existence and the events that occurred in our ancient past so we were talking about that the deluge or the biblical flood and its aftermath and how pockets of survivors both human and Nephilim survived it and the Anunnaki saw this as some kind of a divine sign in the aftermath that hey they survived this we thought it would wipe them all out some accounts even tell that Enlil was moved by the survival of the people even though he had hated them from the very beginning and they I believe what they did at that point is they decided to simply reset up the social institutions that they had given and let the experiment run from there you know let the petri dish you know cultivate as it would and they wouldn't have any direct over involvement in that process at least not that you know is outwardly put out there by a lot of researchers or a lot of historians ancient historians but who knows like I said I'm not opposed to the idea that some of these beings remained to oversee this whole thing okay that's very possible but what I do feel that they did is they set up their demigods the Nephilim to basically rule the institutions that they had given to people on the earth and they set them up as the very powerful heads of all the human social institutions you know they set them up as Kings as priests as the people who would direct currency you know as people who would lead teaching centers etc and you have the total descent of humanity from there from that point on that's why at the very beginning of these beings providing these systems and leaving everything descends in almost a linear progression from that point you know till we get to the modern era where we seem to be building technology back up to levels of before in a very different way because these beings used Nephilim technology and Anunnaki technology before now would seem you know their bloodlines and genes have completely entered mixed with us and you know there's still a lot of royalty is still obsessed with inbreeding with each other because they're looking for keeping certain characteristics intact and traits intact and see them as see themselves as having divine right to rule because of their blood you know it probably stems right back to this these ancient accounts of these beings and their differences in DNA and the different kinds of hybrids that they essentially created but of course the actual beings are no longer here with us these original beings are no longer at least overtly here with us on the surface of this world clearly and I would feel I would speculate that the Nephilim or the interbred or crossbred hybrids that had there a lot of their DNA and also that those genes got into bred into the pool of humanity and eventually became lesser and lesser and lesser until those traits could it really be seen as much and it all blended into one basic genetic pool hence you don't have beings that look a lot like the Anunnaki in our current society you know that was probably an even smaller gene pool the Nephilim gene pool and it eventually got absorbed into the human gene pool as those two races bred with each other on and on after the original Anunnaki left the purebred Anunnaki left the earth so slide number 49 is the last slide basic slide of this story it says the Anunnaki mission was eventually completed more likely than not successfully that they came for they acquired the amounts of materials that they came here to procure and they gathered their people and returned to their home planet leaving the traumatized surviving members of their human slave species to repopulate the earth with the social conditions which had been provided to them and with the demigod Nephilim species as essentially their leader their leaders or their overseers with the institutions that had provide been provided to them in effect put into effect by the Anunnaki and it makes sense why we're running this insane system ever since that isn't good for anybody on the planet it was only good to control the problem children of these problematic parents so-called and they took off to go do their thing and they left us here on the earth with essentially you know they're of a version of a bratty big brother and sister the nephilim to run run the household so to speak and in slide number 50 I gave this talk around Christmas time I wanted to put in a little originally I wanted to put in a little bit of comic relief I said that we were left here home alone cosmically abandoned you know the the Macaulay Culkin character from the movie home alone whereas parents go out and forget that they had left him home by that by himself which leads to comical situations when you know burglars arrive at the house an old Christmas movie for people who may or may not have seen it so I said we were left home alone in effect we were just abandoned and forgotten you know they set up some control based traditions which they felt could somehow lead to order here for us but they didn't stick around as parents you know they made us and then they abandoned us just like so many people do today with children it's the same story just you know on a cosmic level they made a species and then abandon that species essentially abandoned it people could say they left us here with some kind of a system that they thought would bring order but it doesn't and it hasn't and it never can because those systems are flawed on their face because they're based on some people being so-called genetically superior to others and having some kind of right to rule over other people as their slaves as gods you know ruling over slaves no system that's built on slavery can ever result in order can only result in chaos and destruction which is what we're we're already in that this phase of total chaotic break down and eventually destruction we just coming if we don't pull our heads out from up our rear ends and completely think differently about everything that's going on here you know which leaves me you know something I've really one wanted to touch on I'm going to shift gears here for a little bit before we go into the next story the next part of the story which I call the story of our present part two of the presentation and that's this idea of that were somehow free and independent you know this is 4th of July weekend Independence Day weekend if the people who tried to put a system of real freedom and independence in place would see what this country has become today they would urinate on us the founders of this country would literally urinate on us that is how bad the situation is in America now we have become in every way a communist nation a communal fascist nation and people still have the nerve to even put up a flag wave a flag and do whatever ritual they're gonna do with animal meat and claim that they're free and say we're celebrating freedom and independence the people of this country are a joke if they think they're free and independent a joke and anybody who thinks that the people who quote-unquote go fight overseas for freedom are doing that and securing freedom they're an even bigger joke an even bigger joke they're a bunch of clowns is what they are and they're the problem with the world people who think like that are the very problem with this world brainwashed and loved it I'm gonna continue this little mini rant on the other side before we jump into more material you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back don't go anywhere [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone who listens you what on earth is happening under host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm and that is exactly what we need to do is we need to wake up from our sleep because anybody that thinks that humanity is somehow free or the even Americans are somehow free they are in a deep coma they're beyond sleeping you know if people can't see that this species is enslaved and we don't get to keep the product of our labor one of the clearest examples of slavery is taxation prohibition can't think of any more clearer form of slavery than that telling someone you may not put what you want to put as an adult into your own body I'll dictate what you may or may not put into your body and people can't see that's a claim of ownership on the body of another which is exactly tantamount to slavery because they call it something different and conditioned people through words and then we're told it's not slavery and so then we can't see it as a people it's really just that simple that's how word magic works you know people can't see government as slavery people can't see money is slavery and as long as money exists slavery will exist all of these systems they were all given to us by our creators plural and I do not mean creator of the universe they were given to us by our offworld creators all of these systems of control money government religion politics taxation all of it at their whim and we've been running these programs like a hamster caught in a wheel ever since for thousands of years tens of thousands of years hundreds of thousands of years when are we going to wise up and realize none of this has ever been for our betterment it has only ever been put in place to do one thing and that is to enslave us because it all comes down to one thing folks it all comes down to self love that's the main problem with this entire world in its people we are a self-hating species and no one wants to wrestle with that no one wants to confront that no one wants to look at that humanity ultimately hates itself we hate ourselves for a very specific reason that is not the bottom line of the psychological story of mankind of a psychological condition that we are undergoing is self-loathing and self-hatred that's not the bottom line that's what it all comes down to that needs to be changed but the question becomes why do we hate ourselves we hate ourselves because of deeply seeded psychological parental abandonment issues and I apologize if you hear noise in the background one of my beautiful pet chihuahuas is down here with his toy and he's a little bit worried because of the fireworks going on in the city both of them actually are as many people are with with dogs would probably you know know what goes on during this time of the year with them and they want to constantly be right next to you and around you and he's squeaking his toys so I apologized that that comes through on the microphone but he's he's doing his best to cope with the fireworks and noise outside so going back to what I was saying regarding you know the whole fourth of July thing and people not recognizing slavery you know these beings just did whatever they wanted then took off and they left their so-called children here to deal with the aftermath of a the existence of a species that should not have ever existed and that is trauma that is traumatic and it is literally the race was abandoned by its cosmic parents that came here gave birth to us and then left now what do you think that's gonna do yeah well you know what that can do to an individual child imagine what that will do to a species and their collective psychology it threw them into a state of self-loathing and because they were told by their parents hey this system is here to help and protect you and bring order you know here's your big brothers you know we're gonna give that to you well we took it like coming from as as advice coming from somehow loving parents yeah as a child would take it from a parent well I'll take my parents advice they must know better and we just hooked that ball and ran with it then you know where it got us into a huge pit a huge pit of degradation and immorality and decay and destruction and we don't want to grow up we want to keep blaming what's continuing to go on on the story of our past you see that's what somebody who is in a state of self-loathing always you want to know the best place to look at this psychological dynamic in people with addictions I'm talking hardcore addictions bad drug addiction bad gambling addiction things like that that are absolutely destroying their lives completely hijacking their own life and hurting themselves somebody who's doing something like that can't possibly love themselves but I guarantee you you find a person like that and you go back into their past and almost invariably I would say oh well over ninety five percent of the time maybe up to 98 percent of the time if I had to give just a guesstimate as someone who has studied this dynamic you're going to find childhood abandonment issues parentally they're gonna have some kind of an issue where in their childhood their parent let them down didn't provide for them in some way that the parent doesn't have to take off and be absent I've said this repeatedly over and over so people understand what I'm talking about with parental abandonment does not just mean physical parental abandonment it can mean psychological abandonment it could mean spiritual abandonment it can mean mental abandonment it can mean emotional abandonment abandonment and whatever the child actually needs for their proper development to become truly raised into a real adult who has common sense and morals the parents haven't provided that therefore that child has this feeling of inadequacy why didn't they do this for me this is going on this is an internal dialogue going on subconsciously the person doesn't even have to be aware of it what what is wrong with me why didn't my parent love me enough were there something wrong with me you will find this the inner dialogue going on not at a conscious level at a subconscious level with people who are wrestling with addicted diction and addictive tendencies invariably and the same overarching psychological dynamic is happening on the whole planet because of what happened in our ancient past with the whole species because of what happened here on this planet in our ancient past we can't let go of the past trauma in many cases because we don't even understand it we don't even know about it so we'll pick up this story of our present what does this tell us about what's going on now what can it explain on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us the cold we don't dare speak the wall between us [Music] there's nothing wrong we're about to jump into another segment of the cosmic abandonment presentation that I've been unpacking over the last few weeks this is part two of the presentation which I call the story of our present and we're moving on past the first 50 slides this is slide number 51 right now and in this segment of the presentation what I'm going to attempt to do is try to explain seemingly inexplicable aspects of our modern society in light of what we just talked about the story that we just unpacked and talked about regarding our true ancient origins as a species as a slave species so moving on to slide number 52 I pose the question in light of extraterrestrial involvement in human origins or what I have simply called interference theory what seemingly inexplicable aspects of our modern world can now we explain more readily and we're going to look at several different dynamics in this portion of the presentation we can look at ancient structures and artifacts that we still don't understand how they were built and in many cases could not duplicate those structures in the modern world with all of our seemingly advanced technology today we could not rebuild them with the level of accuracy by any means that we have technologically at our disposal today could not do it and anybody that wants to tell you that we could reproduce some of the efficiency on some of these ancient structures is absolutely incorrect or lying and we'll get to some of those all right obvious flaws and complete inaccuracies in Darwinian theory of evolution which again I've said from the very beginning I do not concur with or believe in I think Darwin had a promising theory which he picked up the ball and ran with it and he said that it would have to be borne out in the fossil record and it never was and social engineers took that theory and they certainly ran with that ball much farther than Darwin ever did you know because it suits their agenda and they want people to think of themselves as part of a clockwork soulless mechanism that is the universe you know with some grand clockwork mechanism with no purpose or true intelligent design underlying it so when we look at this story of and our ancient human past and we look at specific details of our origins it completely punches holes everywhere in Darwinian macro biological evolutionary theory where I put evolution in quotes when I ever whenever I talk about Darwinian evolution I always put the word evolution in quotes because it only takes into account physical survival and the passage the passing on of genetic material which is not what evolution is that is one small part of what evolution is and you can as I've said in past shows you can pass on genetic material and beed evolving not be evolving at all only if you are moving toward more truth toward more morality toward more knowledge and understanding toward more common-sense toward more complexity in the way you think and understand things and certainly toward more morality that you embody and live in your life are you truly a solving evolution does not mean just physical survival of genetic material what else can this inter interference theory help to explain as we've talked about human genetic defects actual genetic defects in the human genome and when we look at how they're imprecise splicing of genetic material because they were just creating a impermanent temporary slave worker species as they called it a primitive worker which is how the quote/unquote elitist still see humanity as primitive workers to just work for them you know this can explain all of the various genetic defects in the human genome which we have thousands of not hundreds thousands and people think that God of creation makes things like that with all these genetic degradation and anomalies I don't think nature is sloppy like that I think other beings can be sloppy like that especially when they don't really care about what they're making except for their own selfish purposes but no god of creation that I accept does things like that for what for what purpose to torment us what's his math just bad you know his he just can't get a handle on proportions you know can't quite match up the base pairs properly bit for bit I guess he's just bad with arithmetic I guess that's what it is this interference theory can explain the origins of primary psychopathy which again hardly anybody even attempts genetic researchers hardly ever attempt to do it psychologists never attempt to do it sociologists don't attempt to do it where did primary Psychopaths come from well I think it's one of the genetic defects that came in as a result of the genetic splicing that these beings did and that makes so much sense because the other possibilities of it being God doing it to us or us doing it to ourselves certainly don't make as much sense but if you have direct interference in the human genome primary psychopathy is something that very well could be explained quite easily quite readily somebody's in there tampering but something that shouldn't be tampered with with the human genetic code what what makes you think that couldn't create a brain structure in a certain portion of human beings that has no capacity to experience emotion in the midbrain which is what primary psychopathy is of course that could create a condition in the human genome that in a certain percentage of human beings the midbrain is malfunctioning and doesn't create the neuro peptides that go into the bloodstream and help us to feel emotion in the physiology when we perform actions to other people or other beings or animals and nobody wants to try to take a crack at explaining how that condition gets created in a species oh it's just it's just random right it's random mutation like Darwin says random mutation just created that I guess cosmic rays hitting us in a certain way just created psychopathy and people actually believe this notion that nature just produces things like this for what purpose like I said it has to be the worldview if you accept that at its foundation there is a worldview that says nature is here to torment humanity that's an inescapable conclusion an inescapable logical conclusion that has to be the worldview does nature do that is the question is that what nature is attempting to do provide a basis for human trauma and torture by making a small percentage of people just screwed up to a point where they don't feel at all and they become interspecies predators preying on their own kind I'm so tired of getting emails please people do not send me an email defending Psychopaths I don't want to hear it okay I don't want to hear that you think this is somehow an evolutionary adaptation or advantage you're sick you're a sick person if you think that you're demented you're mentally ill don't send me emails defending Psychopaths I don't want to hear it I don't think I could be any more clear than that we'll pick this up on the other side folks [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone who listened to what nerd has happened I'm your host mark passio and before the break caught us off in the last segment I was talking about people who send me emails who try to defend human psychopathy and say it may be necessary it may be some kind of an evolutionary adaptation Elad Vantage you know somebody sent me an email last week or a couple of weeks back saying what do you think about the theory that psychopaths are necessary for saving lives in our society because their inability to feel makes them excellent firefighters and ambulance drivers etc you know they have no concern for danger you know they don't care about what position they're in because they're willing to take such chances yeah I want that psychopath driving me to the hospital next time I have a traumatic circumstance that has to be dealt with in the body I definitely want to psychopathic ambulance driver I'll tell you that much I mean I mean you know I it's it's hard for me to even express that people could even take anything like this seriously let me talk let me just say what this is do you know who puts out these theories you know who puts out the theories that psychopaths are necessary and required and they're they're the they're the foundation of a healthy society they're needed for saving lives you know who puts that out psychopaths who know that they're Psychopaths that's who puts those theories out there that's what I think of that I mean it's just such nonsense that people would even waste my time with stuff like this I'm telling you I get it all the time I get I get the whole thing from people still emailing me telling me that there's no such thing as psychopathy they can look out in society and say with an open straight-faced look on their face with open eyes there's no such thing as human psychopathy doesn't exist I mean I think these people are more mentally ill than the Psychopaths themselves to be honest that's a whole different level of crazy a whole different level then you can look at what's going on in this world and say that there aren't such a thing as people who have lost all ability to feel emotion or were never and never had it to begin with and you don't know that that's the case definitively objectively I mean there is no common sense there whatsoever as far as I'm concerned if somebody takes that position none it's a naive child I've used that term before and I'm saying that's exactly what that person is you have to understand this is not just an ad hominem attack you could call it that - it is that - because I am certainly attacking the person who thinks that way yes it is that but you know what it's also true because that's exactly what that person is psychologically in their makeup they're a naive child who has never grown up and looked at the world as it really is it's not just my feeling or impression or take on them being like that they really are like that and I'm also pointing that out to other people that that is true and correct that is their psychological dynamic that they're trapped in you know and this whole dynamic of psychopathy I have to do a whole nother show on it one day you know I have to go into you know the the idea that do we need a psychopathic aspect of our personality even though we're not Psychopaths even though we're not actually primary or secondary Psychopaths is it a part of a toolset to have the ability to switch off all emotion and should that be maintained yes I'm an advocate of that actually I tell people all the time I am NOT a psychopath I am NOT a primary psychopath I am NOT a secondary psychopath but in my toolset in my psychological toolset I have a psychopath at my disposal that I can take and use when it is required and necessary and then when I'm done I could put that psychopath back in the tool set when you're in enough control over your own psychological makeup you can do that and this idea this psych psychological dynamic is actually explored in the movie equilibrium which is about psychopathy and not having the ability to feel emotion it's about primary and secondary psychopathy a very highly symbolic Masonic movie told through the allegory of Freemasonry hi I can't recommend the movie equilibrium enough it's right up there with they live as one of my favorite movies of all time it's probably number two behind they live but I'm telling you people need to watch that film to understand all of the different dynamics going on regarding human emotion and I think it gets almost everything right on point except it's kind of view of human nature I don't see human nature as something that is inherently you know dark and foreboding and you know creating a chaotic chaotic conditions it's simply programmable which is how these beings made us programmable because they wanted a program us to their liking and to perform the tasks that they wanted us to do so does this explain the origin of primary psychopathy we're going to get into that in this section this interference theory as the creative creator of primary psychopathy that these beings did this to us and created this condition that has been with us ever since as a result of their imprecise genetic modifications to us does this interference theory of human origins explain the cultural institutions that are all around us to this day like religion government money authority priests classes mystery school traditions secret societies dark occultism I would suggest yes it does can we understand the origins of money as a system of control and enslavement as a result of studying the interference theory and the interference origins of humanity these are the beings that created money the concept of money and gave that to human beings so it could easily control them and create social strata classes among them so that they would easily control themselves the human obsession with gold is a big part of this which we're going to explore and I've already touched on how gold is not actually intrinsically valuable that's only a statement that is not actually true intrinsic value means you can eat it you can clothe yourself with it or you could defend yourself with it or shelter yourself with it that's intrinsic value these are the basic needs of a human being for survival beyond that it's something that you want or you find aesthetically pleasing it's a desire it's not a need intrinsic means it's fulfilling of a need and gold has no real intrinsic value it has perceived value the only way gold has intrinsic value is when you are already in a highly technological society that uses precious metals such as gold for technological development as in computing technology therefore it does have intrinsic value if you want to use it in computing applications other than that it does not can this interference theory of human origins explain how we got the notion of royalty the divine right to rule the notion of authority and government and kingship we're going to explore all of that in this section and again we'll do this so you know over the next you know segment until the end of this show and then we'll continue this presentation and you know the next several weeks so that's the general topics of this section that we're going to look at not in any particular order so let's move on to slide number 53 one of the things in the ancient past that was absolutely forbidden and punishable by death especially when the Nephilim were ruling humanity and the gods were often space at weigh stations and they were only overseeing the operations you know every so often was to attempt to make actual carved images of what the Neph of what the Anunnaki themselves really looked like that was completely forbidden and punishable by death we'll pick this presentation up right there on the other side stay with us everyone [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm their host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com last segment of the show for this edition and we were talking about how in the ancient world when the quote-unquote gods the Anunnaki were still among us they forbade anyone to depict them as they really looked this kept them kind of in the shadows and kept their hybrids the Nephilim basically ruling over humanity unchallenged because they were doing the bidding of the gods and the gods would not be recognized as simply mortal creatures by a population of humanity that was probably slowly beginning to come out of their naivete as a species as they evolved over thousands of years so the Anunnaki put in place this tradition of absolutely forbidding their actual image to be recorded in any way and communicated to other people they had vague notions of what they looked like and we see in a lot of ancient carvings edgings inscriptions stelae and reliefs different depictions of what these beings look like and many of them are symbolic and are not meant to be taken literally okay I think more likely than not we don't have an accurate account of what these beings really did look like there are many different descriptions by different researchers who have drawn pictures painted painting etc and we could get to that that on a future show but one of one of the things that is common to all the ways that people depicted them is that they portrayed them in many ways with scales feathers wings fish symbology bird symbology okay and one way in many cases above all else with a large elongated skull okay so we can see all of these themes in effect in just this slide alright so let's look at the first image this is an image of Sargon some people will look at this as of one of the gods of the Dagon occults of the ancient Middle East okay and you have a fish on the head now this is exactly like a Pope's mitre again because this ties in with the religious institutions and traditions that were attempting to be the intermediaries between the gods and human beings so the human human beings were trying to make themselves look as similar to how they depicted the gods but again this would have been something that was mimicking or attempting to symbolize the way their head looked okay and again the scales would have been symbolic of what their skin looked like many people have depict them as reptilian beings I would suggest perhaps that instead of outright reptilian beings maybe these beings skin simply was of the type of texture or look that we have on our elbows and knees and that's simply what their whole outer layer of skin may have looked like but they had skin similar to ours maybe just a little bit tougher or rougher and it was you know you see some of the remnants of that on things like you know the backs of our knuckles and our elbows and our knees etc okay but they were often depicted as bings with scales like fish okay or like serpents so they were in many cases called or alluded to as serpents serpent beings and again this is where this notion of reptilian beings come from and I'm not saying that there may not be beings that are outrightly reptilian I keep an open mind when it comes to any type of extraterrestrial life-forms however what I'm saying is more likely than not these beings had more characteristics that were similar to a human being a larger human being but their skin was certainly different than ours our skin is much smoother than theirs was and probably a lot thinner their skin was probably tougher like the skin of a reptile so hence they were depicted like that and since they could fly in their technologies they had craft descent down to the earth they had craft that could orbit the earth and craft that could travel interstellar distances they were often depicted as flying beings they were depicted as birds in many cases so here is where you see this crossover of bird-like symbolism coming into the depiction of the Anunnaki and you see in the middle section you have a morphing of this Sumerian Akkadian character on the left hand side and you have him becoming this King with this ceremonial headdress with again huge wings okay and you'll notice they're all in the same position they're all carrying the same similar some type of a pouch or a jug of some kind and they're all carrying something in their hand that looks like a cone okay in the first one in the first image to the left you really can't see it so well but in the other images it's clearly some sort of a cone all right now some people have speculated that maybe a piece of technology some others have speculated that may have been some kind of thing that was actually consumed by them that would enhance their mental capabilities some people also speculate that this was a symbol of their high level of intelligence namely the awakening of the pineal gland that looks like a small pinecone like that okay so this could represent that these were high more highly evolved or knowledgeable creatures so the pinecone is still a symbol of the quote Illuminati today illumination the awakening of the third eye okay but you see the theme repeated over and over birds bird feathers serpent like birds serpents fish with scales beings that came from the sea in the sky not the land okay yes a serpent slithers on the land that was largely regarding their skin texture okay so I've speculated that perhaps these beings still remain in the seas of Earth completely uncharted territories deep within the sea we could look into at some point I am gonna do a presentation looking into this hypothesis okay this theory and I'm going to talk about why things like the naval intelligence aspect of the intelligence agencies okay the Department of naval intelligence is really running the entire show when it comes to the cover-up of these beings and perhaps still working with them I know it sounds like an out-there thing you know but we have to keep our minds open that some level of interaction with them still remains by the people who are still running the farm who are administrating the farm here on earth you know I could do a presentation looking at how the NRO the National Reconnaissance Office is basically a division of Naval Intelligence and that's the satellite control grid system that is put out in Earth orbit and is essentially also a weapon system you know you look into their occult origins and ties and into the the mission patches and how deep occult symbology is used in those I mean maybe I'll break some of that information out at my seminar in Connecticut I mean because you have to look at the dark occultic symbolism that is in NRO symbology it's just unbelievable it's just so blatant and out there and in-your-face and the alien symbolism that's encoded into there is well it's not even symbolism it's direct out in the open so you know we'll explore that on a future show but ladies and gentlemen we're going to continue with this cosmic abandonment presentation next week a lot more about our ancient origins as a slave species and our so-called God creators unfortunately that's all the time we have for this week you've been listening to what on earth is happening we'll see right here next week good night everyone [Applause] [Music]