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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday August 2nd 2014 this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here tonight we're going to be continuing the extended version of the cosmic abandonment presentation exploring the interconnections between the interference theory of human origins to the current human condition I'll be going through another section of the cosmic abandonment presentation this evening during the first two hours of the show and then I'll be taking your calls an hour number three the call-in number to join us for those who may wish to get in the queue early is 803 one three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us in the third hour of the show tonight 800 three one three ninety four forty three one quick event announcement before we begin with the information for tonight's broadcast I will be giving a live all-day seminar in Manchester Connecticut on Saturday October 4th 2014 the seminar is called demystifying the occult this is presented by pattern recognition time art Capozzi hosting and it will be taking place Saturday October 4th 2014 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. an all-day seminar it will be taking place at the Manchester History Center at 175 Pine Street in Manchester Connecticut the zip code is zero six zero four zero free parking is available at the Manchester History Center for those who are coming from out of town here's a brief description of the seminar mark passio the no-nonsense teacher of streetwise spirituality take his guests on a journey of exploration examining the world of the occult and its symbols what exactly is the occult why should you know about it what kind of knowledge comprises the occult who possesses such knowledge and how do they use it how is occultism different from mysticism what can the secret language of symbolism communicate how is symbolism being used in our everyday lives these themes will be deeply explored in the seminar and then in the second part of the seminar I will be giving a discourse on the Major Arcana of the Tarot and breaking down its symbolism as a case study in occult symbolism so once again Saturday October 4th 2014 demystifying the occult in Manchester Connecticut the advance tickets are only a $25 donation you could send a check or money order payable to Arthur Capozzi to 500 Monroe Turnpike suite 142 Monroe Connecticut 0 6 4 6 8 at the door tickets for the seminar are a 30 dollar cash donation so that's the only event announcement I have for tonight's show really looking forward to the all-day seminar in Connecticut coming up in October hopefully I could see a lot of people out there hopefully it'll be a packed house one other quick announcement there is a donation button on the left-hand side of the what on earth is happening dot-com website if you do feel that you have received value from the information that has been presented and shared on the what on earth is happening radio show and website you can feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that it may continue long into the future with that having been said we could jump into the material for tonight's show I want to as always direct everyone's attention to the what on earth is happening dot-com radio show page on the show with the player for the broadcast underneath that you will see images for to tonight's show and underneath that you'll see the slides of the numerical links for the slides that I will be presenting on the show tonight and have been presenting over the last several weeks so you can click on those and it will bring up a slideshow presentation type format and you could follow along with the slides for the presentation so if you don't want to follow along that way via the web you can always download the slides I have underneath the two sections of slide images a zip file link a zip archive link you can download that to your computer and unpack it and open up those images locally on your own computer if you wish so with that having been said let's begin last week we ended up on I believe it was slide number 97 was the last slide that we covered so I'll begin there we were talking about how in the ancient past these are groups of non-human entities that came to our planet had essentially set up rulership over the people because they essentially created the people through a hybridization a genetic modification process and you know they set themselves up essentially as our gods whenever I tried to make this point abundantly clear whenever I use the term gods to describe these beings I do not think it is not my personal belief that these are any kind of supernatural entities they are simply beings like us that have arrived at a much higher level of technological advancement perhaps not a higher level of spiritual and true intelligence advancement yes they have a lot of a lot more intellectual advancement and advancement in technologies but I do not feel that these beings are gods of any kind in any way whatsoever and they are certainly not any gods that I would fall down and worship and nor should do I believe anyone else should ever have or ever should so I don't know how much more clear or abundant I could make that you know I still get emails from people saying I call these beings gods you know this is what the ancient peoples in many ways called them because these beings were utterly ruthless and brutal and wanted in many cases to be worshipped as gods here so you know my position I don't think could be any more clear on that for anybody that still you know spotty on that and doesn't understand my position I mean you just have to go back and listen because I've reiterated this over and over again on this podcast so as always I always tell people go back to podcast number one and listen forward to the entire series from in order not skipping around that's the way you'll get the maximum value out of this whole broadcast you know we're covering the advanced material right now that has a lot of prerequisite knowledge in order to understand so you know people joining just now if this is one of your first times listening to the show it's not a good time to tune in you know you want to have under your belt the prerequisite knowledge that is contained in the prior 164 podcasts this will be podcast number 165 so as always the images are also included with each podcast on the podcast archive page on the what on earth is happening dot-com website going back to the presentation you know the vengeful and jealous God of the Old Testament is these beings this is what we have to understand the Old Testament isn't really truly describing the God of creation it's describing these beings that came here in the ancient past we'll pick it up from right there on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back the cold we don't hare speak between us there's nothing wrong there's a code of fact a cat go walk welcome back everyone they're listening to what on earth is happening here on our BN on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking about the connection between the interference theory of human origins and the current human condition and I want to remind people that's really what we're ultimately talking about here tonight how this all relates to what humanity is going through today in the modern world we may be talking about ancient events that happened in the far distant human past but they all conditioned the psychological state of humanity such that we're in the situation that were in today and on slide 97 I was talking about this depiction of the Old Testament God as not to being anything to do with the God of creation the true God of creation the creator of the universe the these are depictions in these ancient texts not only the biblical text but the text of many other ancient cultures throughout the world of these non-human entities that came here in the ancient past and essentially set themselves up as our gods they created the human species as a slavery slave species for their own purposes to do labors that they were loathed to do and they essentially wanted to be worshiped and served while they were here on an uncomfortable mission that they didn't really want to be on and there's throughout these ancient accounts thousands of depictions and meticulous descriptions of the ways that these so-called gods wanted to be worshiped and served by their creations the human beings that they create in ways that the god of creation would have absolutely no use for or would never demand them to make meticulous building projects and go through intricate meticulous ceremonies on their behalf to offer sacrifices and burnt offerings to them you know and to just do every other manner of you know menial labor that you could possibly think of the god of creation would be nothing like this I mean you know the god of creation has no requirements for anything it's the god of creation it's the force the underlying force of intelligence and creation inherent in the whole universe it wouldn't make all these petty demands of of you know what it looked at to be lesser beings as these so-called gods did and you know it they ruled the people with an iron fist in many cases okay and you know it's you see all kinds of jealousy you see all kinds of pettiness you see all kinds of high level of ego and it just doesn't really fit the description of a true god but if you understand that in the context of that these beings were from elsewhere and came here for their own purposes for their own agenda and made us as their so called helper race really in effect their slavery's it makes a whole lot more sense when understood in that context and then you know you see depictions of or you read about depictions of giants in these texts as well and that doesn't make sense unless you understand the background you know and you have to go into older texts not just the biblical texts which tell about these encounters in such a watered-down way in comparison some older texts where the the detail is preserved so you know this is what we were essentially starting to talk about last week what I really want to get into this week more is how religion came about as a result of these beings presence so if we move on to slide number 98 you know we have all this religious infighting that's been going on for thousands and thousands of years on this planet and it's likely to continue into the distant future doesn't really look like there's any sign of it abating you know people have constantly been fighting about what is the will of God what does God want us to do have their own you know utterly ridiculous set of beliefs they're utterly ridiculous set of practices and I don't care what religion it is trust me I'll get to you know the task of offending them all at one point or another during the broadcast tonight and in the future and probably have already in the past at people who know me and know what I talk about on the show now I have no reverence for organized religion it's probably the thing that has been responsible for the most death and destruction on this planet since humanity has existed on it and there's a good reason for that all of these people who have started these religions you know believed that they were the chosen people of the gods believe that they were the ones who had the divine instructions directly from the gods mouths you know who knew what the God's will was and knew just how to carry it out and in many cases this is true because these gods did interact with humanity in different sects and certain of these gods certain of these ancient non-human entities did essentially pick a certain people to carry out their bidding and often pit them against other people and so there was conflicting and contradictory orders given you know and different people chosen in different parts of the worlds to do different gods biddings this is what we have to understand about the origins of religious sects in general that the reason that they have so many conflicting beliefs is that many of them were worshipping different actual gods with a small G in double quotes okay these beings that the Sumerians referred to as the Anunnaki okay you know they interfaced with humanity by appointing either a human representative or I call a demigod representative one of the Nephilim creatures the hybrid species between them and humanity that we talked about in past weeks and setting them up as a king or a priest or in many cases a hybrid hybrid blend between a king and a priest you know that essentially was the representative of one of these gods on the earth because these gods often didn't even want to spend a whole lot of time on the surface of this planet instead spending it in weigh stations or in crafts that were in orbit of the planet so you know we have to understand these beings gave us all of the cultural worldwide religions they were the ones who essentially started these religious practices and they were started on the behalf of their worship and their caretaking and you know to follow all of their orders and offer sacrifices unto them and worship and serve them in any way that they deemed necessary during their stay here on earth now when we understand religions and these in this different context it makes so much more sense infinitely more sense than just primitive people developing you know beliefs that are just completely at random for no reason you know when we understand that these beings set these practices into motion they were the origins of it of all these non seemingly nonsensical belief systems when you understand that they were fit a physical presence at some point in the ancient human past and they set up these organizations as their quote-unquote you know chosen people or their religious factions to interface between the you know hordes of humanity and themselves as the rulers as the gods you understand how the religions ultimately came to be when you look at it from that perspective whereas you know traditional explanations for how religions came to be you know really lack you know a lot of common sense so when we understand the true origins of all these religious cults we can understand their deep irrationality throughout the ages and why they were so quick to go to war with each other because they were being driven by you know the will of these seemingly supernatural entities back in the ancient past that had incredibly advanced technology and you know they didn't follow their orders they probably would have been wiped out from there on the other side of the break [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio we're continuing with the cosmic abandonment extended presentation we were talking about the origins of cultural religions throughout the world and how many people came to see themselves as the chosen people of the gods that they were the ones who knew the will of a particular God you know in the gods that they worship seem to have some some different qualities some similar qualities always making different demands on them always basically pitting them against other human beings because this is exactly what happened in the ancient world these beings essentially had selfish motives that called themselves our gods and they enlisted human beings to essentially do their bidding in factions and cults and different groupings and said that they were the chosen of that particular God and if that you know they did his bidding they'd have everything that they needed and all we set them against other human beings you know as long as the God's agenda was being served in the way they wanted it you know he would allow them to continue and live and have a modicum of you know resources on the earth to live by but you know if he if they didn't follow along with them the kind of technology that would be unleashed against them was horrifying this is the origin of essentially every organized institutional religious sect on the face of the earth and it's the origin of the concept of the priests class in general this idea that there need to be needs to be intercessors or intermediaries between the god of creation and humanity you know just because these beings that called themselves gods who came here on are in our ancient past where you know they set up the this priest class as intermediaries between them and the rest of the the slave species one thing I want to say before we move on from this slide is for people who defend religion and I get a lot of them you know I constantly get emails of people telling me if it wasn't for religion this planet would be in total chaos as if it's not in total chaos with religion as if religion hasn't been one of the main reasons that this planet is in total chaos today you know first of all that statement has so many logical fallacies in it to begin with and it's based in such ignorance it's almost incomprehensible that anybody could utter it besides that you know the person just cannot even see that we're already in chaos he's saying if there weren't four if it weren't for the religions we would be in total chaos you know as if somehow implying religion is keeping things in order implying that somehow we have order on earth I mean there can't be any more highly ignorant of a statement to begin with right there you know for people who are still religiously diseased you know and believe in these superstitions and I'm not telling you don't accept that there's a higher power and creation or accept that their God exists the creator of the universe exists the creative force in the universe exists I'm not telling you not to believe or accept that what I'm saying is to subscribe to organized religion is utter superstition and it's just this you know programmed belief that gets hammered into us it's almost encoded into our DNA that we accept these you know totally pre-programmed belief systems that are just seemingly running like a computer program on their own with previous generations programming the next generation and people can't get out of that cycle because they can't come to rely upon themselves they can't come to understand that they need to go into knowledge of the self in order to come out of this crisis this spiritual and psychological crisis that humanity is in now they don't want to do that because that's hard work that's maybe having to go into fearful places within your own psychology and do cleanup work there you know we don't want to do that anything but look at those areas of the self now we want to externalize all power look to the outside somehow so not only do I want that I want to bring that topic up but I also want to say that the organized followers and organized leaders of religion have largely done absolutely nothing in exposing the worldwide control agenda they've done nothing in exposing slavery they've done nothing in exposing mind control they've done nothing in explaining to people how immoral the current culture of humanity is is they've done nothing up about really speaking out against violence ideology control based ideology speaking out against government okay absolutely zero and you know there's a few here and there there's a few people here and there you often non-denominational ministers of some kind you know you'll see are a few and it's a handful but the people who say that they're men of God they say that they're holy people they say that they're moral people they say that their leaders trying to guide other people toward morality often they have zero idea of what morality really is they're talking about conditioning people into religious beliefs thinking that somehow that's morality they know nothing of natural law they know nothing of true moral law in many cases you know they're not actually looking at the difference between true right and wrong about whether an action causes harm or does not cause harm how many of them even explain things in that context at all ever hardly any they don't talk about rights they don't talk about freedom they won't even tell you that the highest quest of all spirituality in general is freedom is to be free and to live unfettered and Unchained and not a slave to understand your own sovereignty now they won't talk about that they won't touch those topics with a ten-foot pole you know but they'll tell you not to eat meat on Friday or how to observe some other ridiculous custom involving you know food or clothing or whatever it's just you know it's utter it's all other nonsense utter nonsense with absolutely no substance behind it when it comes to real spirituality and understanding real morality and real freedom so quite frankly look if you're a religious follower I don't want to I don't want to hear from you I don't want your email I don't care what you think of that statement I'm not interested in it not interested in your nonsense belief system I don't want to talk about it at all okay it's a waste of my time I don't care how mean you think that sounds I don't care how you perceive that I don't believe in nonsensical superstitions that came from the race of beings that enslaves us that enslaved and probably still does enslave us I'm not interested in the worship of those beings which is what all the religions are about okay period so don't send me emails picking up for religion I'm not interested as soon as I detect it that's that the vibe of it I'm deleting it I'm not interested I don't know how much clearer I could put it I know what religion is bottom line I'm not saying I believe in what it is I'm telling you I know what it is and I know where it came from therefore I there's nothing else I need to understand about any particular culture or religion and I've studied them all it's not because I haven't studied them or looked into into them I've done it extensive and intensive not researching and accumulation of knowledge in comparative religious studies so I know all about the religions of the world and I'm telling you I find them all to be control system based nonsense and they are the thing that has put chaos into the world not keeping it back not holding it back not keeping a modicum of order in the world at all it's exactly the reverse I've said from day one that religion is the problem with the earth it's the problem with this planet it's what keeps this planet in slavery is religion the very word means to hold back to tie back to stop from forward progress well what does that sound like does that sound like something you want in place to stop you from forward progress and your understanding of truth and your understanding of consciousness and your understanding of self you know I mean it's just but the bottom line is when it when it comes to this topic there are people who can't think there are people who refuse to think they don't want to thank for themselves they want a crutch they want a superstition to blindly follow it's all it comes down to because they're weak people and get as offended about that as you like we picked this up on the other side stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone in the last segment I was going off on a kind of mini tirade against organized religion before we leave slide number 98 and move forward in the presentation I just want to say one more thing about this topic just think of the reason why organized religious leaders in the religious community do not want to step forward and talk about the control system do not want to talk about the slavery that humanity is living under do not want to talk about the violence ideology that permeates society do not want to talk about all of the things that are ultimately enslaving humanity in the modern world there's one overarching reason and it is because their God is not truly the God of creation what they ultimately bow down to and worship above all else is the one god that ultimately rules this world and that is money money is these people's true God they care more about their 501c3 tax-exempt status in this country than they do about the truth than they do about the will of the true God of creation they don't serve that force at all they serve the power of money coming into their coffers into their pockets into their collection baskets that's what they ultimately worship and I don't care what religion it is I don't care if it's Christianity Catholicism Judaism Hinduism Islam doesn't make a difference it's all the same thing money drives all religious institutions you know and are they putting that money to use in the service of truth and freedom by telling people what's really going on and what has really been going on no not a bit because what would happen if they started to do that is they would have their five-o their treasured 501c3 status revoked from them and then they'd be hit with the same violence and confiscation that the rest of people are hit with by taking in any money in the entire monetary system taxation in other words and they don't want that no because you know they're 501c3 status is prized and treasured to them in these organizations you know I have a challenge to throw out there on the air anybody who's a priest an imam a rabbi okay call into this show and I want to know spent you you specifically tell me what you're doing to talk about the police state that we have in America or anywhere else throughout the world for that matter because we're living in a worldwide police state whether anybody will admit that or not that's the truth what are you doing to expose the control system you know how are you speaking out to your so-called congregation because in many cases you know what it is it's a big goose egg what these people are doing to expose the control system because they're cowards utter absolute cowards now because they're already essentially receiving favors from Big Daddy from government they don't want those favors revoked the modern-day gods would revoke their that favor you know then they wouldn't have more of the object of their worship than they do now you know the real object of worship is that dollar bill bet on it bank on it know it these aren't holy men these aren't men of God quite the opposite they're serving the control system they're serving the system that was set up by the beings that enslaved us that created our enslavement and by in doing so they're perpetuating our enslavement that's all they're doing and in many cases they don't even understand how they are completely mimicking the the very gods that you know created these institutions the so-called quote-unquote gods that created these very religious institutions so you know I really don't have any respect for any of these religious institutions or their so-called leadership they're not holy men they're not men of God whatsoever they're not really teaching anybody about real spirituality or real freedom they're locking them into a belief based system of control which is slavery which is anti spirituality which is anti the will of God of the true God of creation they're actually serving the the will of the entropic force within creation the satanic force within creation thinking that they're doing something that's holy holding back human evolutionary progress you want to serve the true will of creation you want to serve the the sin tropic force that orders and progresses things in consciousness then you have to expose darkness and how many religious leaders actually do that now they read from their little scriptures and collect money in their collection baskets and that's the end of it 99% of them how not it's not a blanket statement I'm not saying there aren't some good men and women in these institutions who really understand what's going on and still have their religious you know belief based superstitions I could even excuse their religious superstitions if they at least speak out against the control system speak out against government speak out against violence ideology in our society you know then at least I could have a modicum of respect for them but the amount that do that are a paltry number it's seemingly insignificant compared to the the throngs of how many people are involved in these organizations so let's I think I've said all I really want to say there and if anybody wants to call in and you know essentially say how they're doing that I'll let you even you know advertise whatever you do on the air and you know give your website or whatever but I mean the whole point here is or what are you really doing you know how many people are really talking out in a bold way with their name attached to it not some anonymous web blog or something like that you know I'm talking about putting yourself out there and now you know that that goes for just about anybody it doesn't have to just go for the religious people out there the religious leadership you know how many of us are doing that whether we're involved in a religious institution or not you know you have all these keyboard commandos out there that want to make a million comments on a YouTube video but god forbid should they actually write an article with their name attached to it or make a youtube video with their own face on it in their own voice on it you know can't have that now they want to stay anonymous you know hide them behind the keyboard keyboard warriors you know they they won't interact with somebody face-to-face let alone there they probably wouldn't interact with their own family members face to face or friends or coworkers you know but they'll get on those YouTube videos and hammer away at the keyboard relentlessly all day and night trying to make absurd points that have nothing to do even with often the video presented that's why I tell anybody that puts video out there when you put videos out on YouTube disable the comments I know that's highly unpopular oh my god mark how can you say is that censorship you're advocating censorship no what I advocate by disabling YouTube comments is you want to actually put a video out there that's why the reason I disabled all my YouTube comments on any of my videos is because I don't want idiots writing crap that detracts from the message of the video I'm not interested in what they have to say because half of the time they're morons quite frankly they're just absolute mental morons that have no idea what they're talking about they want to spout something and just have somebody pay attention to them and if they think they have something valuable to say make your own video by all means write a book by all means put up a website do what other people have done who have something to say you know my video on YouTube is not your forum for spouting your nonsense you want that go get your own page to do that we'll pick this up on the other side of the break folks stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening [Applause] [Music] you know the day destroys the night 95 today tried to run try to hide and we're back you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we are going through the extended version of the cosmic abandonment presentation that I originally gave back in December of 2013 we have been doing this for the last several weeks and probably will for the next several I'm unpacking the connections between the interference theory of human origins and the current human condition and we were talking about religion and how all the cultural religions got started how they continued in the modern day as a system of control and superstition and ultimately how they essentially breed compliance with the violence ideology that rules the world and encourage people really not to take action and speak out against it because so few people who are even religionists in general do let alone their leadership the priests and other so-called religious leaders in any given community which is why I said I really don't have respect for the institution as a whole I think it is holding humanity back I don't think it holds back chaos at all I think it has been largely responsible for the creation of the chaos that humanity is living within and I think most of these people are just playing cowards if I just come right out and say say it openly and plainly and how I really feel about it these are just cowardly people who are right brained and balanced and won't take any real world action to speak the truth to power in this world period so moving to slide number 99 I mean even just a fundamental cursory look at the symbols and trappings associated with most modern religions will show you how far back these belief systems go much much farther back than even their so-called sacred texts existed for you know because they come out of older traditions and they are an extension of the priests class that was created by these non-human entities in the ancient world so you know we are just looking here at the the Pope's mitre the headdress worn by a pope or often by you know Cardinals and you can see it is almost identical to the headdresses worn by the ancient Babylonian priests kings and and Acadian priest Kings you know these beings were being revered and venerated by the priests class of their day and that's why they essentially tried to depict themselves like one of these beings with the elongated skull like we talked about a few weeks back the the scales you know the holding often the pinecone as you could see on the priests cross scepter there on the right the pope scroll scepter with the pinecone as similar to the other depictions of some of these ancient Anunnaki beings that we saw in past weeks in this very slideshow you know and I joked around in the original giving of this presentation if people can't see the connections I feel sorry for them I don't know what to tell them you know if you can't see that the modern priests class comes out of these ancient systems of belief you know and is just a continuation of the same ancient religion directed by these non-human entities these so-called gods I feel sorry that you can't see that connection because it's so abundant and apparent you know even in the belief systems that they practice not just in the trappings and the symbolism so the ancient priest classes that interfaced with humanity they were essentially doing the gods bidding and as such they had interface with these quote-unquote gods and in that interface knowledge was often shared actual real world knowledge about how things really worked what was really going on what the gods were actually doing okay because they had to share a modicum of knowledge with these people in order to have them be able to maintain the control over the masses so in the acquisition of that knowledge these people began to have a real actual level of power amongst the rest of humanity it wasn't just because the gods rule you know ruled over everybody and they favored this priest class in that accumulation of knowledge which they realize made them gave them a tactical advantage over other people and made them special you know because they had this understanding and the bulk of the masses of people did not understand any part of it they could often manipulate people they could often get what they want out of wanted out of other people even without the assistance of the quote gods and so the this priests class started hoarding a lot of this knowledge sequestering it away from the other people you know and using certain enforcers within that class to basically hold that knowledge back from others as well under the threat of violence should the other people try to engage in it or you know essentially spread it in a gala tarean fashion throughout their culture that was forbidden by this priests class and over thousands of years these became essentially these priests class priests classes extended outward and through this body of knowledge that they contained this high-level knowledge that was given to them in many cases directly by these so-called gods this these vans technologically advanced species that came here in the ancient past they created extended societies of people with large amounts of knowledge about how universal laws actually did work laws of science laws of nature okay even spiritual laws in some cases and they formed tightly knit interwoven societies of people that were essentially sworn to preserve and keep this knowledge but most of all they were sworn to keep the knowledge within the small community that had already acquired it and was sequestering it from the other people and they did this for different reasons different groups among them did this for different reasons some of them essentially said well we're the caretakers of this knowledge and since we've already been entrusted with it we know so much more than other people we have to be the ones to preserve and protect it because these other people are ignorant and they don't know how to do that you know they might squander this knowledge they might destroy it they might lose it somehow so since we're already in a better position than them because of our interface with the so-called gods we have to be the ones who form these societies to protect and sequester this knowledge some of them rationale did you know they rationalized it and said well if it were shared to get in an egalitarian fashion and everybody had access to this knowledge maybe some people would use it for evil purposes not like us we're using it to serve the will of our gods we're using it to serve you know the will of the all the people to protect them from the God's wrath you know so we give it to them they might squander it they might not understand it they might lose it or they might use it for evil purposes and this ladies and gentlemen is the origins of the secret societies and the mystery school traditions all of these different rationalizations for keeping knowledge of truth from the bulk of the people of humanity from everyone essentially who it is their birthright to know these things and everybody you also get people who will debate that all secrecy as necessary secrecy's required the ignorant masses what would they do if they knew this or that or that maybe they won't be ignorant anymore you know and then you know that just shows you their worldview it shows you how dark of a worldview becomes for people for you know these people who think that all this knowledge still has to remain sequestered and you you know you're doing a disservice you're somehow throwing pearls before swine by telling people the truth you know it shows how little faith people have in humanity's ability to transcend this condition and like I said I'm not telling you we definitely are going to transcend this condition so I'm not you know saying have tremendous amounts of hope what I'm saying is it can be done the question is will it be done not without putting the info out there [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I was talking about the origins of secret societies fraternal orders and mystery traditions schools how they came about as an extension of the original religious institutions the priests classes of the ancient world that were put in place by these entities that came here in our ancient past and essentially set up intermediaries between themselves and the hordes of the human masses that they were attempting in the way that they felt best were most effective to control it's always been about control that's what religion is a huge part of it's a huge part of the control system I look at it as one of the three arms of the unholy trinity religion government and money not in that particular order and you know this also helps us to understand the context which may not make as much sense if not understanding the the actual origins of this as I've just laid it out of how these societies came to be you know how did they acquire hidden knowledge how did they acquire forbidden knowledge who forbade it to begin with what was these beings that forbade it they didn't want people to understand how they were being controlled they didn't want people to understand real science they wanted them to have superstition they wanted him to just follow orders to go along to get along to say this being is somehow closer to the gods than us so we better follow what he's telling us to do and of course those orders came down directly from the Anunnaki gods made it so much easier for them and we still can't see how that's done today you know we still want to say oh no yeah but my religion is the right one see oh yeah okay I could get behind oh maybe that happened with all the others but oh no no no my religion because I believe in it it can't be like that it was different than all that that's the one that just somehow is magically exempt from all the others now all the others yeah they're they're all corrupted and perverse but the one I believe in that one's the right one that one's okay and everybody who has a religion thinks that way they think the same thing about all the other religions not one of them talking about natural law I'm not one of them really truly talking about the difference between right and wrong now they're worried about things like homosexual marriage or something like that you know they want to make that a huge issue you know they're gonna they're gonna basically make that the be-all and end-all of their belief system you know people's bedroom preferences you know as if as if that's the that's yeah and then then though then they'll just fully get behind a taxation system you know so that that should be in place but we shouldn't have homosexual marriage yeah because that's harming so many people whereas taxation oh that's not violence that's not actually doing harm to other people that's not the confiscation of labor which is slavery you know who's the homosexual couple enslaving you know I mean I you could say that about any particular thing you find somehow repugnant or you don't actually you know find somehow attractive or want to go you know to partake in well then don't partake in it you know you don't want to you don't want to uh you find us snorting cocaine repugnant don't do it you know you know you don't like smoking marijuana you don't you know cannabis don't do it you don't like shooting heroin into your veins don't do it you know that shouldn't interfere with somebody else's freewill decision they're not harming somebody else but you know this is what religious thinking does to people takes them off of the real issue of violence in our society and how its reinforced by people who the violence is actually done to the ideologically support the ideological support for violence is what's up holding this whole control system how many religious institutional leaders will ever even talk about that so these these ancient mystery schools and secret societies they they came down through countless generations thousands of years after their introduction and make up in the ancient world through these priests classes hoarding all of this knowledge that had been given to them and then eventually these gods departed or I should say largely departed you know that is a small criticism that I'll take the heart of my original presentation I kind of didn't really have time to unpack it's not my thought that they completely departed and they're 100% gone you know a lot of people you know make comments about that and I agree I should have said they largely left us I'm not even going to tell you I think that we have absolutely no interaction with these beings even today because more likely than not we do I'm not saying I know that for a fact or can prove it but it is highly likely that a contingent of them is monitoring at least what's happening here or if not actively directly involved in what's happening here so let's just say their physical observable presence was removed okay and you know in the shadows these beings may even still remain and these high highest levels of these priests classes and secret societies and mystery traditions are still interacting with them that could very well be possible so you know what I'm ultimately trying to get at here is the origins of the occult both light and dark because again some factions of these beings did want to eventually bring humanity up in knowledge and this is where we get into what I call the the Enlil and Enki factions of these beings okay for lack of a better term again it's just a label you could call it the absolute control iron fist ruthless rulership faction and then you could say the covert control gentler form of control if there is such a thing with a underneath somewhere desire to uplift humanity so eventually they could strike out on their own faction of these beings okay with the former being the Enloe faction and the latter being the N key faction and you know again I've gotten into in past weeks people who think that Oh somehow that makes the former the Enloe faction who wanted ruthless control just to do what they wanted to do and then get out of here that the ultimate bad guys and it made the N key faction who wanted more covert control and wanted somewhere deep down inside to uplift humanity and give them some knowledge so that at some point in the future they could strike out on their own as a free species that made them somehow the wonderful beneficent gods you know the benevolent gods that we should somehow bow down and thanks so much for what they've done when he was the one who originally came up with the idea to create a slave species to begin with okay there's you know the the morality of these beings cannot really be called into question they were immoral creatures period all right they did the wrong things they did things that they had no right to do but then some were thousands of years later maybe they began at some point some of them I'm qualifying this okay some of them saw the wrongfulness of their deeds and had some level of a desire to begin to uplift humanity as I said in a couple weeks ago when we were talking about the flood destruction the cataclysmic flood stories even the Enlil faction if you will or Enloe himself had some level of pity on humanity when he witnessed the destruction of the cataclysmic deluge pick this up on the other side stay with us everyone [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we [Music] welcome back everyone we're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio we were talking about the origin of the mystery tradition schools the secret societies and fraternal orders of the world how they were an extension of the ancient priests class that ultimately came from these non-human extraterrestrial beings that created the human species in the distant past and I wanted to make the point here in this section that it does not necessarily mean that all of these groups are evil or bad again different people had different rationales for holding knowledge in their possession and away from others again some did it yes to control and to keep people ignorant so that they could gain a tactical advantage over them and that's what I would call the dark occult keeping things hidden for the wrong reasons and then there you know is a valid and legitimate reason for occulting knowledge at certain times during such extremely draconian times such that the exposure of certain knowledge would have literally not only gotten you killed gotten your group of people who were trying to preserve the knowledge killed but actually had their knowledge eradicated that that's how ignorant the human species had become at certain times and draconian and ensconced in superstitious belief systems that they had become at that point you know that knowledge did have to be sequestered and taken in deep underground hiding in order to preserve it and I would say that's probably the only legitimate use for the occult ation of knowledge the only legitimate reason for the occult ation of knowledge that is not the case at the current time we're not living in such a draconian time that you know you cannot come forward and expose this knowledge because it already has been exposed it's all out there you know all you're doing isn't is now spreading it around in a more egalitarian fashion in a more distributed fashion you know the the ancients would have looked at us and say wow all this is already out there you guys got it easy all you have to do is tell it to enough people and keep telling it to enough people until they begin to look into it for themselves and recognize it's true that this is what the world is and it does need to change and they do need to look within and they do need to know the self and they do need to understand how these hidden Sciences work you know so the image that I've depicted here on image 100 this little collage of secret societies and mystery traditions etc you know it's what I would maybe you know loosely termed the lighter aspect of the occult if you will and people have a hard time with that because you know Freemasonry and you know the order of the Golden Dawn and Rosicrucianism and you know you know in general secret societies you're going to sail somehow there's some good to that the original intent yes you know what they descended into and became in the modern world no again there's a whole huge difference between the original intent of particular societies and orders and lines of thought in the mystery traditions compared to what these philosophies came down to us in the modern world as as cultural institutions as institutions of control so would I tell you that a lot of the modern large systems and of secret societies and fraternal orders are really good and then rush out and join them and you're going to become enlightened no again it's a it's a very it's a much more multi-dimensional and mature approach to this topic than you'll hear most researchers espouse you have to go back to my podcasts on particularly Freemasonry and Kabbalah to understand what I'm talking about how there are different sides and aspects to it as with all of these ancient traditions there's a light side and a dark side and what it largely depends upon is how the knowledge is being used is it being used to uplift or is it being used to just keep it sequestered and keep it hoarded amongst a particular a group a priest class that sees themselves as the elites and everybody else has the profane in order to exploit a knowledge differential and they're then therefore convert that to a power differential and control other people that is what I would call what I depict in image number 101 the dark aspect of the occult all of the dark orders the dark secret societies the satanic and dark Luciferian institutions and traditions okay that stems from that ideology that we're gonna we have this knowledge we have this information that other people don't have don't know don't understand okay therefore they don't understand how all these different aspects of reality work we do and instead of trying to spread that and enlighten them to level the playing field so to speak so that you bring everyone up in consciousness and therefore understand natural law live in harmony with it and become more free no we don't want we don't want to do that because that upsets our power differential our tactical advantage over others and we want to be on top because we're in such ego you know we have to rule over other people so we're going to take this knowledge and we're going to use it in the sense of what is known as the left-hand path using knowledge to control other people okay using it as a power differential okay that's what they say when they say knowledge is power it's not really just that simple applied knowledge gets converted into power over other people if they lack it and and a certain group of people possess it all right so it's about how you use it how you apply it in the world just the knowledge by itself is neutral it could be used for either purpose and this is one of the things I'm going to go into in depth in explaining in my demystifying the occult presentation because people have to get over the idea that the occult is one thing that it is just the negative or the bad side of all of these you know groups and and societies there there is a positive application is it being used that way largely no I'd have to admit largely it's being used for the negative purpose but it doesn't have to be that way this is just knowledge of self in the universe that's all it is that's all the occult really comes down to when you understand it it's knowledge of what goes on in the human psyche in the the spiritual domain and the you know with the realms within the self all the different aspects and components of the self and then it's knowledge of how the laws of nature operate not only the physical ones but the spiritual ones once you understand those things and you have a general understanding of how things work then you could align your behavior to the laws of the cosmos and therefore you won't generate self-inflicted suffering that's what living that's what it means to live in harmony with natural law and you know essentially both of these groups understand how this works the light and the dark and the light is trying to overtime get other people to understand that by spreading that information to the extent that they can and the extent that it will be received depending on the mindset of the people who they're trying to give it to you know and again in many cases people want to slap this knowledge out of your hand when you try to give it to them as a gift and that well we'll be done with this presentation that will be done with all of my other work as well I fully recognize where humanity's mindset is that humanity doesn't want to know the truth they love their enslavement right now love it because an ignorant child who has never actually had to do for him him or herself wants to remain in that condition and that's what humanity is an ignorant child that's never actually had to truly take care of itself to truly provide for itself to truly be free and understand all the responsibilities that go along with true freedom no they want a crutch they want a God to depend upon they want somebody else who they feel is looking out for their interests to set all the boundaries and the rules so to speak not to learn the the true rules of the universe not to learn natural law for themselves because that and that requires seek that requires learning that requires time that requires admitting you were wrong that requires understanding there's higher powers in effect than your little miniscule ego no no no we can't have any of that you know we need to say these people are in charge they're the authorities they know better than everyone else and everybody else listen to them and follow their orders and somehow everything will magically be alright even though we're still a bunch of ignorant children good yeah good luck with that that's that's a great plan it's been working out good so far hasn't it yeah it's it's it's so great you know so what happens when you take that approach that attitude of fear and superstition and refusing to understand truth you get ruled by the dark occult you know as depicted on image number 101 you know that's how the world becomes a prison a big farm you know and like I said it may have started out that way because of these beings with their advanced knowledge and technology but it doesn't have to remain that way this is what I was talking about the end of the last segment this is a matter of will it's a matter of free will choice whether it will continue or we will change it we'll pick this up on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host mark passio this is going to be the last segment that I'll be presenting for this show and then in the next hour I'll be taking your calls for the duration of the third hour as long as we have enough callers to fill that time in the event we don't have enough callers to do that we probably will but just if we don't know I'll go back to the presentation to fill the time but let me give the call-in number real quick here for the next hour of the show the calling number to join us is 803 one three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us in the next hour 800 three one three nine four four three and that is a toll-free number so we were talking about the differences between the light and dark aspects of the occult the occult of course simply meeting hidden knowledge knowledge that has been hidden from people's understanding and view largely to keep them controlled and I would you know say essentially all occultism if you want to look at it that way hiding knowledge is not a good thing light Oh cultists tend to be do cultists they are they do have the possession of that they are in possession of that previously hidden knowledge but they want to share it with others they want to do cult and make it not hidden anymore so that it is understood and therefore people are bettered by taking that knowledge in and therefore they can align their actions into harmony with universal laws so let's move on to slide 102 and start to breach a topic which I'll probably continue in the next week that is one of the largest and most important aspects of this whole story of our ancient past and how it has shaped the modern psychology of human beings and that is of course the control system god known as money if anything there is there you know these beings that you know the Sumerians refer to as the Anunnaki they Ward amongst each other at some point you know they were trying to establish the one God above all as they called it and you know they constantly battled each other there was depictions in many of the ancient texts about the wars between the gods and the sky great detailed depictions of their technology and how they went to war with each other and you know just events that shook the earth and left human beings trembling it was all jockeying for power on this planet you know like I said they tried to establish you know amongst themselves as the gods of humanity they were trying to establish one God above all the others that the people would unite the people and they would all believe in particularly the god Marduk was very dedicated to this endeavor wanted to establish himself as this one God but I'll tell you you know they really never really did that amongst themselves there was no one of them that actually became worshipped as the one God above all else but I'll tell you what they did create that God they created the one God that would be worshipped among all other gods over all other gods on this planet regardless of whether it was the so-called anunnaki quote-unquote gods or whether it was you know some cultural religious god some supernatural entity that people believed in as a god doesn't make a difference what God we're talking about here there is one god that has emerged on this planet as the God above all others and that is money you know the very symbol of God in the ancient world that comes down into the modern mystery traditions and the modern secret society traditions is the all-seeing eye the one eye representing the spiritual eye the underlying spiritual intelligence that watches over everything that underlies everything you know and also represents the balance between the two eyes you know which is why the one eye is depicted in the center of the forehead the all-seeing eye you know the the spiritual vision within humankind the spark of the divine within mankind you know this symbol symbolically we talked about it you know many many many weeks back years ago now and I went into it in great detail explored that on past podcasts on symbolism and you know the very name in English money is taken from a combination a green language combination phonetically of the prefix mono which means one and the English word I so when we put the word money together when it was actually created and put together it was a deliberate effort to make the word money be a symbolic representation of God one eye Mon eye money and people say this word billions of times a day on this planet and still never actually recognize that what they're saying when they're using the word money is one eye because it has become the symbol of God that's why they put it on the one dollar bill the symbol of the one eye the symbol of the world in transition that we saw a couple of slides back again if you're not familiar with that symbolism and you haven't heard my particular breakdown of it I highly recommend that you go back I think it was somewhere back in the 50s or 60s maybe that I broke down that symbol is maybe the sixties of the podcast I'm not really sure I don't have that list in front of me but I'd highly recommend people to go back and listen to those podcasts on symbolism again particularly the all-seeing eye symbolism and my breakdown of it because it really reveals a lot and will get you to understand how they use symbolism as talismanic magic you know in conjunction with talismanic magic really that's what money always is and has been it's a talisman of power okay because when it was even carried and you know used and revered in the form of gold by the ancient people they knew that that's what the gods found valuable so it was a symbol of these gods these Anunnaki gods you know they ascribed inherent intrinsic value to gold for some reason that we still are not fully privy privy to that we still do not fully understand what did they come here and want this resource for of course modern forms of money became representations of the holding of gold but one like I said before and I will attempt to establish now actually is there is no real intrinsic value in gold anybody that thinks that there is is undermined control you've just heard that and repeated it you cannot actually establish the intrinsic value of gold no one can do it cannot be done because there isn't any because what you've not really explored is a definition a definition of intrinsic means having value in nature and that means if there is no society what can you actually do with it again intrinsic means based in nature not in belief it's like the word natural you could replace the word intrinsic value with natural value if we looked at the word like that if we looked at this phrase intrinsic value instead of saying in trend looking at as natural value value in nature then people would be very hard-pressed to explain the value in nature of gold okay and again the caveat for that is except in a technological civilization in which that's used for computing applications okay and actually making computer components then there is some intrinsic or natural value to it what natural value means or intrinsic value actually means is can you do certain things with it and the things are as follows can you eat it can you shelter yourself with it or can you use it as a means of self-defense if you are under attack those are the three things that actually bring actual intrinsic value you could say clothe yourself with it which is another method of protection from the elements so let's group those together and say can you nourish yourself with it in some way can you protect yourself from the elements with it in some way and can you defend yourself from hostile entities with it in some way that's what makes something intrinsically valuable or naturally valuable nothing else therefore when we understand that in that context that definition there is no intrinsic value for gold your calls on the other side of this break stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Republic Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening comm we're into the third and final hour of tonight's broadcast and as promised I'll be taking your calls for the duration of this hour so let's go right to the phones let's hear from Allen in Georgia Allen you are live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark it's great to talk to you I appreciate everything that you've done you've woken me up to so many things I can't even express how much I am grateful to your dear great work I appreciate that thank you and I just I want to tell you I kind of felt it was personal whenever I I heard you said that you deleted certain emails because I was feeling like hey maybe he's deleting my email okay no I I didn't say I was the leading them I said I really would wish people would stop sending me emails defending the role of religion in the world I don't really care if people have their own religious belief systems or faiths but I just would like kind of like people to stop trying to get me to see religion as some kind of a good thing in the world you know I've long since abandoned that position because I have the knowledge of what it has already done it's it's a it's part of the historical record I feel that it's something that needs to be eradicated from the world we need to believe in nothing we need to know truth that is my position that has been my position that will be my position belief is never the I've told people from day one the only piece of belief that is required to free humanity is the belief that the truth does indeed exist and that's it once you have that belief you could then go on in search of the truth you could set out on the path to the truth and then that belief is no longer required because you will then seek truth and find it and then understand and have knowledge and then that original belief you could abandon it you only had to have it at one point just at the time that you are ignorant you have to say you know I believe truth is out there and it can be known and if I just go off in search of it and find it then that's not a belief anymore then you know that it exists I've said that that's the only piece of faith that's ever required in this entire journey and then at a point later in the journey even that piece of faith can be abandoned so I'm not a fan of faith and basically the people of that think faith is a great thing to think belief is a great thing I think it is the most destructive thing that has ever happened to humanity and it's the very thing that is keeping humanity's consciousness destroyed so people who are trying to convince me to see faith otherwise good luck it's it's a lost cause it's a wasted it's just wasted energy sitting at the keyboard even trying to send something like that to me because as soon as I understand that that's your intent I'm probably going to move on to another email as all I'm saying right right well that wasn't me now that you now that you say that I have a feeling you might not have even got to mine I just had a couple of statements and a question regarding this Ruth and you know I've heard you talk about juicing quite a bit and I ended up looking it up and you might have you know who I am I mean I guess through one of the emails or since you are the tangy tangerine but I did a comparison oh yes I really great stuff I I've really been enjoying it so thanks so much that was you and that's that's awesome yeah really thank you great great yeah I just you know cuz I I knew you're on a quest to find the truth yourself in regards to the Lada you know the diabetes you know whatever they want to call us like you say it's all lack of nutrition basically and and I I came to the conclusion that the juicing really wasn't that great of a deal and that you know I was like I hope Mark you know comes out and says you know wow you know maybe I was wrong about this and you know because I mean if you looked up how much money it's gonna cost to get all of the fruits and vegetables and then you end up taking the dietary fiber away with this machine which you know God didn't create a machine for us to be juicing you know what I mean it's just well it's not you're not fully taking out dietary fiber from your diet you're just using the juicer to basically get an infusion of the micronutrients at a higher level than you would be able to buy eating it it's not saying just stay with a liquid diet and don't put any fiber in the body you know so I I'm not you I'm not doing that kind of an extreme only when I do a juice fast do I stay with just juice and no solid food but that's only for short time duration that is not of course how I eat on a regular basis so that would be pretty extreme ok great great yeah I was just getting concerned that's all it was I'm so glad to hear that that yes you come to that it's funny that you would even mention juice because right during this this last break I went upstairs and poured myself a nice big glass of a carrot cantaloupe combination I've mentioned that before on the air it's become one of my favorites I think people should definitely try it and they wouldn't even be able to believe what they've been missing out on and you would not find anything like that combo in a store and it's got a lot of great nutrients in it and and it's great tasting as well so it's funny that you would even mention juicing and I you know happen to go up and get a big glass of juice during the break well that's great hope that your health is doing much better ok so a couple more things I you know I feel it for sure for certainly we're talking about myself I was had a question about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse I know that you know this is religion maybe I mean it could be a construct for the global elite to put us in a mind frame that we need to follow this to do to expect this so when it starts taking place to not do anything about it you know to just remain enslaved when you see like Barack Obama portraying himself to be the Antichrist whether you're Muslim because I've been doing research on that they're saying he's the Mahdi or in the Mahdi he's you know what he's basically the Antichrist in the Muslim religion and he's following the the Antichrist you know portrayal in the Christian religion and so with these four horsemen a question about you know it seems like the white horse is like the white man conquering everything we know that's a fact that it's not it's not me trying to be racist that is a fact ok then you got the next horse the red horse you know taking peace from the earth and that's like to me that brings up communism you see red flag here there they got nukes they threaten us all the time you know in North Korea they're taking peace from the earth and then I've got you've got the black horse which I can construe as the black man who's been given the scales of justice cuz that's the way it puts it the black man has been given the scale of judges Barack Obama black judges black cops everywhere when that never existed before that is a fact I'm not racist and then you got the pale horse and then Lady Gaga riding out in the Music Awards on a pale horse and she's you know Illuminati you know trying to be it anyway a puppet I mean is she really human ah do you mean she's just a puppet you know we know that but no it's just all of that makes sense to me that they're either scripting this or it is reality it is a prophecy but either way it is well I would definitely see them as highly symbolic of humankind's mindset their psychological condition that they exist in you know if you look at the four riders of Apocalypse the Horsemen of apocalypse in the context of the symbolism that they represent you have you know conquest or Dominion you know that's trying to control other people you know war which is the result of attempting to control other people taking war to the four corners of the earth you know destroying the actual physical earth that we're dependent to live upon to actually carry us as a species you know so that would be the famine or I'm sorry the pestilence aspect of it you know the famine and pestilence aspect that's the one of the other riders and then death which is the outcome you know if we maintain this idea of control and dominion over the people and the planet you know if we it's it's all basically things that come together to symbolize an entire psychological mindset of dominance and control and violence based ideology that's how I see this symbolism from the you know book of Apocalypse or revelation it's it's some definitely allegorical in its content and I think it says a lot about you know how the writer perceived the current human condition and current psychological state of humanity and depicted that symbolically so that's my take on it anyway I hope that kind of answers your question yeah yeah I want to thank you so much for the call really great insight so we'll pick this up on the other side of the break folks stay with us [Music] okay folks it looks like I'm back up my internet connection just completely went out on me and I had to power cycle my router and now it seems like it's back up so I apologize for that brief interrupt we were taking your calls and let's go back to the phone lines and hopefully uh this will not happen again during the remainder of the hour let's hear from David in San Francisco David you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show thanks so much mark it's great to be talking to you yeah first off I just want to say thank you so much for your devotion to the one religion that I guess myself and your listeners can agree on which is the truth and for nourishing my brain's heart and courage on my journey towards the same so I just want to thank you first off so much for that thank you for the kind words yeah and also I want to thank you for introducing me to the Cabal yin and the end of all evil those two books have been rocking the world probably in a similar way as they've shifted things for you and yeah and so one of the things I wanted to discuss is that I live right here in kind of the mecca for the New Age movement the San Francisco Bay Area and the west coast of the United States in general and one of the other pieces that is really big out here is feminism and you know I would I would be the first to acknowledge that there are good things in both of those movements but that there also I think greatly shaped by these holy Psychopaths that you're discussing and I you know absolutely and you know Aaron Russo spoke about that specifically and when he was introduced to one I believe it was Nathaniel Rothschild and he's you know he revealed to Aaron Russo who you mentioned earlier that they were you know basically behind the feminist movement and so that's a really interesting thing for people to look into and to consider and I'm you know of course Pro everyone you know being given equal rights not given equal rights as you would point out everyone has the same rights but it but yeah it's just an interesting thing to consider and you know there are a lot of people who I'm friends with who you know they don't pursue the truth fully unless it's you know in alignment with their beliefs many of which are highly influenced by the New Age yes and one of my big pieces is to help articulate the most positive vision of the future and my journey went up with all of this I've seen that there's this gigantic lack of people actually taking visionary responsibility for the positive future so you'll see more people doing that inside the free energy movement perhaps you know they kind of act like everything's just going to be solved right and it's this notion that no real work is going to be required on humanity's part to change the way we think see they they they're okay with rearranging things in the material world you know but when it when it comes to actually changing your belief system and stop believing in the things that that are holding us back and actually changing the overall way that you think and then after doing that changing your behavior to no longer support the control system and to actually do things that lead to real freedom that's where most people have a huge problem when it comes to the real way to create real change and it's funny that you would mention the free energy movement because I just want to very briefly mention to people since you brought that up that I have written an article in the latest Tesla magazine and the article is called don't put the cart before the horse understanding the free in free energy in which I explain to people what's really going to be required to create a new and sustaining and lasting free energy based paradigm where it's going to take the abandonment of the world religions of control authority and money first in order to do that because that's you know that's basically the horse you know that's pulling the cart of the free energy paradigm into manifestation people want to put it the other way around they think that will create this free energy technology and then suddenly it'll make a free world it'll make everybody free and understand freedom it doesn't work like that you have to change the mindset first then the physical manifestation follows that so that's a great point you are brought up there yes yeah and just to illustrate your point I mean so many of the reasons a lot of these free energy inventions have failed it's because people are trying to make a profit get investors they go to the Patent Office you know and then announce that they've invented this thing to the US government you know and then the men in black or whatever you want to call the institutions involved in suppressing these technologies or you know get fully involved in suppressing it with whatever specific invention was filed for because everything's wrapped up in the money system so you know it's it's you're you're absolutely right on there one of the things that I wanted to discuss is that you know I I see these people around me and I see a lot of them as being incredibly well-meaning and in in their own ways courageous but you know to me it's like the more I can show the different solutions to these problems the more that I can illustrate and articulate the possible world that we could live in sure it seems that people become more receptive to really going into the rabbit holes of you know the problem that you've spent you know it'll have several years of your life beautifully articulating for all of it I find it good and I find a really good segue or intro into it is is health and like how there's cures out there for cancer of all kinds and when people hear that then there may be willing to look at well why are these suppressed why aren't they out there great points David thank you for the call we'll pick this up on the other side folks stay with us [Music] you know today disguise the night 95 today tried to run try to hide Frank I'll do the welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio we're taking calls throughout the duration of the show let's go back to the phones and hear from Raphael in Indiana Raphael you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi Marc thanks for taking our call sure well I just want to say uh as the other callers that's enough thanks for everything you've been doing and continue to do I prevent oh thank you you know it's just like you always mentioned all your work is a tapestry of information and it's pretty much everything that helps facilitate every individual that does that journey so basically it's a path of self-realization of what they need to do in life and uh you know I think thank you for that and uh I recently not too long ago he came across I first came across the first time ever a lecture of Manley P Hall yes was I think it was a search for the essential meaning of life and I was a blown away at least he's phenomenal I mean and you know he I feel started out on what you might call a grey path you know he wasn't in his early years perhaps what you might call a light ocultist ordeal cultists but then you know during his a middle-aged period I think he really came on to a deep understanding and then from there he definitely went forward and into the light and then realized he had to take this knowledge to other people and that's when he you know wrote his I guess you could call it his magnum opus you know see secret teachings of all ages and then he went on the lecture circuit for many many years and really lectured until almost until right up until he died and you know I mean he was in his 90s on the lecture circuit that's how dedicated this man was to spreading knowledge and information about the truth so I definitely consider him a mentor and consider him a role model his lectures are absolutely phenomenal and the only thing sometimes you have to kind of get past is you know he had a kind of a manaat' monotonous voice in his older age if you can get past that the information is so brilliant it's it just blow the top of your head off well and again I thank you for for everything you've done because without that I would have never came across a trial of I won't even think about listening to one of those podcasts or one of his lectures and I mean I've listened to a couple of them so far and they're mind-blowing and I saw its knowledge that the individual oh that's awesome that I could turn you on to something like that and hopefully other people will also follow suit and check some of that material out because they'll definitely get a lot out of it that's for sure and I just had one other comment more um last week on your topic of cosmic abandonment cajon we went to go see a Transformers newest one in the theater and I'm not eating that one yet I have I really did not enjoy it as a movie I thought it was a very weak movie as far as the screenplay and the the dialogue and things like that I mean the effects were great but there is this underlying theme if you could sit through the bad movie as far as I'm concerned anyway of you know these beings from from elsewhere that basically have you know a power play going on here on the earth so is that what you were going to allude to yeah and just basically some of the dialogue that you know I thought was pretty ironic the wine and fry which the villain he said he he said I we have a saying it's basically I don't care I thought that was pretty crazy yeah you know yeah I mean there's definitely allegorical content in in these Hollywood films with this one I think it got kind of overshadowed like I said I think they could have done a lot better on the the screenplay I haven't really enjoyed any of the Transformers movies to be honest but there is this allegorical you know underlying content that if you can get past the the the the cheesiness of the movie that it sits there and it is about interaction with non-human entities coming to this planet but I think they could have done a lot better with the the scripting in general of the whole Transformers um you know paradigm when it comes to their movies I I preferred the cartoons quite frankly I used to watch them when I was young and I thought they were really good allegories for what's going on but the movies could use some work as far as I'm concerned but there was some interesting material in the in the recent one regarding you know the attitudes of some of these beings for sure so thanks for bringing that to the attention of the audience yeah I mean that's pretty much just of everything that you know just know now after you know I'm going through some of your presentations and your information is now it's like you know when I see movies I have to see what the interlining message they're sometimes you guys said to some of the trash but the Decepticons are the Psychopaths of that whole world you know that's what they're basically trying to say they're they don't have any care they don't have any you know empathy or compassion that's that's you know what they're trying to explain that we're really up against yeah well well thank you very much mark for everything you do and that's all hey absolutely Raphael good to hear from you let's hear from Thomas in Toronto Thomas you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hi there mark great show as usual thank you this week I'm just gonna have a short call gonna have the greeting language about the word individual and how we call people individuals okay so if you break down the word you get in divide and rule so like to say all people are they're divided they're dual so kind of applies to sigilian dialect it applies to religion pitting them against one another and most unfortunately it applies to the two hemispheres of brain and how people are really divided they don't have like an inner truth in them so I guess my point is that calling someone an individual it really means that they don't know or they're constantly divided on their motivations and things like that yeah that that's definitely one way of breaking down individual in green language terms one one perspective of seeing it I just like to possibly present the alternative perspective when it comes to the word if we take the first part in to me not as it is in many older languages then we get the the idea of not divided or dual which is what the word individual is supposed to really mean connotative li we bring it together we're worse were uniting what was once separated and making it into one hence the term individual representing one being not a divided or dual being so that would be you know you could look at it in either one of these interpretations if we're talking about green language we can look at it being in the state of being divided in dual or we could look at it as not divided not dual both of these I would say as far as green language is concerned you could you know pick one or the other depending on which way you want to perceive or look at the term from I tend to look at it from the more positive aspect or the positive you know interpretation but green language can work in both ways and you could see both sides of it when you break down English words like that for sure I guess it's a bit of that a glass-half-full metaphor sure sure and there's a lot of green language terms that work that way you could see both the negative and the positive aspect of it it just depends on how you break it down and how you interpret the different components of the word if you're going to analyze it quote magically like that and you know III definitely think there's value in doing that with with words particularly English words because you know so many people insist though you know you're just looking for something that isn't there but there is real magic and value in how language is structured it's not done just purely accidentally or coincidentally there's a for me at least there's a reason for why words were made the way that they were even if it wasn't deliberate in the intent of the people who were constructing the language over time it came through the universe brought that meaning through to the modern day somehow and it's up to us to look at how we're going to interpret that and find meaning in it and that's what green language is all about I also have another one trough I know if this one is good but um when you take off not really green language but sort of creative spin on it all right you get the Oh PS or criminal offering Protective Services kind of an acronym yeah okay so that's all I'm gonna say for this week thank you got it thank thanks for that Thomas and let's hear from Phil in Oregon Phil you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark great presentation man now there's any wealthy people out there listening with some extra cash please sponsor this man I mean Marc's doing the great work everybody if even the regular listeners if we could all come together throw mark five bucks each we could really facilitate mark getting more presentations out like this not just presentations but really what a lot of the donations that people are giving are going to go to in the very near future is the actual pressing of physical books because I plan hopefully if all goes according to plan by sometime around the first quarter of next year I'm not going to hold myself to that but I'm projecting to have my first book published oh hey Phil stay with us we'll pick this up on the other side of the break okay okay stay with us everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on our VN we'll be right back [Music] what on earth is happening here on rbn this is the final segment for tonight's broadcast we're taking your calls and we were on the line with Phil in Oregon Phil was imploring people if they were in a position to do so to make a voluntary donation - what on earth is happening so you know if you can do that I mentioned the beginning of the show how to do that with the donation button on my website but I just want to say before Phil continues that I think the best way anybody can donate to the show - my work - what I do in any way is to put the truth out there for yourself and I mean by structuring it and making it clear to understand and putting your your own style to it and then putting it out there for other people online I mean like actually put it out there for the world you know even if you're going to do something like lectures or presentations in your area you could do it at community centers or wherever okay record it put it online for people you know if you're gonna write a book put it out there you know there's so many different ways people can reach out you can make a website you could you could do blogging I'm saying don't just go on Facebook and type to a few people here's what I think is going on that's not getting the message out there okay you know that's getting lost in a huge amount of noise that goes on out there I'm talking about put it out in a structured way put it out in a concise way in a way that makes sense in a way that is clearly organized for people to understand it that's how you put the truth out there to people and if enough of us do that we'll make headway so Phil thanks so much for that sentiment and I'll let you continue yeah no worries um now I'm gonna try to connect some things before I ask your the question this intervention might be the cause of humanity is kind of schizophrenic nature remember Michael cesarean talking about the idea or entertaining idea that Yogi's tried to purge the interventionists DNA from them through their own consciousness now I'm an artist and the torment comes in waves so sometimes I'm great and sometimes it just hits hard and I've noticed a pattern like my exercising is an exorcism exercising the shadow content of my own psyche through creative expression seems to diffuse are neutralizing this this problem and we don't do that as a collective whole and that's why creativity is so frowned upon by the control system that's why they don't want you exploring or engaging in those centers of yourself right yeah I noticed that like when I think about past hardcore situations I was in when things were just dark I needed to draw the darkest thing I could and everyone's like why are you doing that that's just sick you know I'm like I don't know and I know I know that I have the inside I'm like oh that's I was doing that but now let me think can i phrase this um hope what not what practical methods did you use when you were going through your deprogramming process to actually bring the subconscious issues up to the conscious mind now can you kind of demystified it like you like your presentation and give us you just acknowledge it that with it and then letting go is that healing or can you go through that essentially I did that through the form of such immense depression sitting with sitting and exploring that darkness that I had made a realization somewhere in that agony and pain and suffering that it was either to expand and grow my consciousness from there and get out of the rut that I was in and go into real knowledge and real exploration of the self and get out of the egoic frame of mind that I was somehow made the recognition that I was trapped in or die that's it I people asked me how how I came out of the satanic consciousness and mindset that I was once in and the answer was I suffered so badly that it finally snapped me out of it the suffering snapped me out of it this is why I try to explain other methods of you know working with the psyche so that people don't have to take that path that's the path of its hitting rock bottom that essentially that's how it happened for me I don't think it has to be like that for other people and there's other methodologies available there's meditation there's emotional freedom technique there's getting on to a really really healthy diet early in the process which I didn't do I did it much later in the process getting into a good healthy high nutrient density plant-based diet you know there's psychedelics is an option if you can explore that in a responsible way you know there's many other techniques as well and we've talked about them here on the air in the solutions section you know mindfulness understanding present moment awareness really deeply looking just you know knowledge of the truth itself is one of the ways to do it literally just going and researching what the hell is going on on this planet what is really taking place in the world can snap you out of an egoic trance mind state you know uh or a state of you know depression to a point where if you understand what's really going on and you don't let that overwhelm you when you say hey action has to be taken in order to counter this you know and you you take a balanced approach when it comes to looking at what is and then saying well if enough people join the dynamic to counter act this negativity we can reverse it you know that's part of the process that's part of the healing process as well again what really did it for me I you know it's not you know encouraging to most people was I hit rock bottom through suffering so badly in my daily personal life that I had to make a conscious decision at some point that it was either leave this totally egoic satanic mindset and work upon yourself or die because that's where I was headed okay nice so you're saying there's no real magic wand it is a choice know your triggers and it's lifelong lifelong homework it's it's willpower it's all ultimately comes down to do you have the willpower to pull yourself up by an act of your own strength and that does not mean you cannot rely on others to help you along in that process that's what an alchemist or an assistant in that process is you know other people helped me in that process you know there were mentors there were people who gave a freely of their knowledge you know and I had to have the internal insight or wisdom to listen when somebody else spoke to me with knowledge to say hey I'm wrong about this this person doesn't know what they're talking about they're in a better position than I am and then you had to actually actually use your will to change what you were doing it's not just about knowing it it's about first hearing it and knowing it and recognizing hey this is true then you have to say to yourself well am i doing that am i aligning myself with that process or that you know philosophy and if the answer is no the answer is I have to admit that I'm wrong and then change and actually align my behavior in that way that's the hard part and that requires willpower and so to go back to your question or your comment yes there is no shortcut there it's a it is a it is a linear process of working upon the self with sustained willpower and again if you don't all inherently have that you have to build it slowly and you may need to build that slowly with others help it doesn't mean you have to do it completely alone awesome great answer I'm gonna bring up one thing he said quick you're cut off the causers idea I think that that might be a huge priority right now if we could do like a documentary to connect with the police in the military because it's out of hand I I had a encounter a few months ago and that's that's a huge issue if we can get to these people like a grassroots way from how maybe set up a community for them leaving yep or yeah I'm gonna feel really some kind of an idea and work with it over the next several months maybe you know early next year come up with something a little bit more definitive I've just floated the idea out there up to this point but we need some kind of a ground-up grassroots effort to basically break down ideological support for people engaged in violence in this country in particular and throughout the world in general and you know I'm open to ideas and suggestions when it comes to that as long as they're you know heartfelt and serious suggestions I'd be uh you know interested in hearing what people have to say on that Phil thanks so much for the call great points you brought up that's unfortunately all the time we have on this episode of what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen remember there's only two mistakes that one can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Music] [Music]