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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] freedom [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday August 16th 2014 we have a great show lined up for you here this evening this show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9 p.m. to midnight Central Time tonight on the show we're going to be continuing going in-depth with the cosmic abandonment presentation as we have for the past several weeks and will continue to do so into the future for the next few weeks the cosmic abandonment presentation explores the connection of the interference theory of human origins as I call it to the current human condition and I will be taking calls in our number 3 of the show this evening I'll give the call and number right at the top of the show for those who wish to call in or perhaps get in the call queue for the third hour the callin number to join us here on what on earth is happening is 803 one three nine four four three once again the call in number 803 one three ninety four forty three a couple of quick event announcements before we begin I will be giving a live all-day seminar in Manchester Connecticut on Saturday October 4th 2014 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. it is called demystifying the occult it is presented by Arthur Capozzi of pattern-recognition time it will be taking place at the Manchester History Center at 175 Pine Street in Manchester Connecticut zero six zero four zero there is free parking available at the Manchester History Center here's a brief description of this all-day seminar mark passio the no-nonsense teacher of streetwise spirituality will take his guests on a journey of exploration examining the world of the occult and its symbols what exactly is the occult why should you know about it what kind of knowledge comprises the occult who possesses such knowledge and how do they use it how is a cultism different from mysticism what can the secret language of symbolism communicate to us how is symbolism being used in our everyday lives this and much more will be explored in this seminar in the second half of the seminar I'll actually be breaking down some of the spiritual symbolism in the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck so that's demystifying the occult coming up Saturday October 4th 2014 advance tickets are only a $25 donation for advanced tickets you can send a check or money order pair payable to Arthur Capozzi that's CA poz Zi 500 Monroe Turnpike suite 142 Monroe Connecticut 0 6 4 6 8 at the door tickets for this seminar only a 30 dollar cash donation in person at the door the truth freedom prosperity free documentary film screening and discussion evening as always takes place on the third Thursday of every month here in Philadelphia and this month coming up on actually this Thursday coming up Thursday August 21st we will be showing run from the Cure the Rick Simpson story these free documentary screenings take place at the Guerin recreation center 1600 Jackson Street in Philadelphia that's the corner of 16th and Jackson 7 o'clock p.m. start time and again they're free to attend and you could bring your own food and drink the run from the Cure documentary is probably one of the most important documentaries that people can see and I wanted to kind of really highlight the whole cover-up of the cure for cancer through cannabis oil I'll read a brief description of run from the cure after a serious injury in 1997 rick simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal cannabis oil when rick discovered that the cannabis oil he was using with its high concentration of THC cured cancers and other illnesses he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge in the process curing hundreds of people's illnesses but when his story went public law enforcement officers descended on Rick's home and stole the medicine that Rick was sharing with others leaving thousands of people without an effective treatment for their cancer and in many cases without hope even those who were completely cured of their cancer due to Rick simpson's proven treatment and immense generosity were not allowed to testify on his behalf at his court trial in September 2007 everyone especially those who have lost loved ones to cancer needs to see this documentary so that they may understand that a known cure for cancer is actively being deliberately suppressed because the so called quote unquote treatment of cancer is big business and the pharmaceutical and medical industries continue to put their desires for profit above the care of people so that's the documentary that we're going to be showing this Thursday August 21st in South Philadelphia at the Guarin Recreation Center 1600 Jackson Street for more information you can check out truth freedom prosperity org my streetwise spirituality seminar is now online it's been posted both to my website and to my youtube channel you could check it out on the videos page of my website is in the news section of course it's on my youtube channel it's also posted in the late News right now on the left-hand side of the what on earth is happening dot-com website for people who aren't familiar in this seminar I presented 20 factors which define the whole are the defining hallmarks of what I consider to be real spiritual awakening as opposed to the quote-unquote new-age variant of what many people in that movement consider what awakened consciousness means I want to thank once again ray mom for hosting this seminar in st. Louis back in May and I want to thank Adnan from UFO hub dotnet for his video recording and editing of this seminar I also was interviewed on red ice radio red ice creation.com just a phenomenal wealth of knowledge for everyone out there in the world to explore and to take in a truly eclectic array of information from literally hundreds of people who are full-time researchers bringing occult and esoteric knowledge to the masses so I was once again interviewed on red ice radio this past week of course hosted by henrik palm green on august 11th the main topics we talked about was how the New Age movement subtly teaches its adherents to ignore self defense and self-preservation and I'll pick this up on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening - you're on rbn I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com was briefly talking about my red ice radio appearance of this past week in it me and Henrik discussed how the New Age movement subtly teaches the people who follow it - really uh not put too much focus or attention on their inherent right of self defense and self-preservation and that's really what this religion is designed to do to get people to stand down and accept tyranny in the second hour I outlined some of the factors of true spiritual awakening which I presented in my streetwise spirituality seminar so you could check that out that's also in my news section of my website and on the left-hand side of the site under latest news it could also go to red ice creations calm as well so last week I was not I did not do a show I took a little bit of time off for personal reasons I celebrated my 40th birthday last week my birthday was on August 12th I turned 40 years old and I just felt like I wanted to take a little bit of personal time and you know even someone who's a slave to truth such as myself I think is occasionally entitled to a little bit of leisure time so I took the week off last week one other quick event announcement or not an event announcement of a quick announcement there is as always a donation button on the left-hand side of the what on earth is happening comm website if you feel that you've received value from the information I've shared and presented on this radio show feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue into the future every little bit is very much appreciated and welcomed so thank you so much for those who have contributed I want to let everyone know where they can find the images for the show the images for the presentation slides that I'll be talking about this evening you can go to the what on earth is happening dot-com radio show tab just click on radio show with the tabs at the top and underneath the player for the live show for the live broadcast you'll see images for tonight's show those are the two Flyers for the events I talked about my demystifying the occult seminar and the truth freedom prosperity documentary night that's coming up and then under that you'll see cosmic abandonment slides part 1 & 2 we are on part 2 I rounded up last week on I believe it was slide number 102 where I started talking about the origins of money and the origins of the perceived intrinsic value of gold and that's where we're going to pick up this evening so these links on the page are set up as numerical links if you click on the link it will open up a little slideshow where you could follow along with the images if you prefer instead of doing that I know my site has been a little bit slow it's been under some packet hacker attacks in recent weeks and it's been hit with denial of service distributed denial of service attacks because obviously when you are over the target you get the flack as the saying goes in warfare parlance you know I'm here talking about the origins of religion the origins of money the origins of government and the whole control system that we are living under and when you're talking about things that people do not want you discussing do not want the masses of people to even consider let alone know about then you're going to come under hard attack from people who will just do whatever they are commanded to do for a paycheck because they are house slaves okay that's all it's really about you know and I mean and it's not gonna stop me from saying what I'm saying it's not gonna stop people from listening to what I'm saying because the truth remains the truth and is indestructible it can never be destroyed the only people who think that they can do that are living under a total illusion and they're kidding themselves so that's what I have to say about that so let's move on into the material for this evening I'm going to pick up talking about the absolute bogus idea of the intrinsic value of gold and where this came from okay I started talking last week about the word intrinsic and what it really means it means having value in a natural setting in nature okay it means that you could actually use it in a utilitarian sense not because someone believes in it okay not because someone has a perception that it is valuable but because it is actually in nature valuable to you and I talked about what it meant for something to have intrinsic value okay and all money does not have intrinsic value it is all the perception of value with whatever kind of money we are talking about any kind of paper currency any kind of precious metal any kind of information stored electronically on a computer screen that supposedly represents real world wealth it is all only existent in the perceptions of the person who thinks that that has actual value okay it's a belief system intrinsic as a word actually means having value in nature okay it means that you can either eat it or take some type of sustenance from it eat or drink it okay and it will nourish you and we can talk about how gold can actually be used as an internal substance in the human body that's for a later discussion when we get into monatomic s-- and talk about monatomic gold and how this may very well have been the intrinsic value that the beings that we have been talking about here in the cosmic abandonment presentation for the last several weeks viewed the value of gold okay but I'm talking about traditional perception of gold as having value to human beings okay well we don't even really know what this substance is or what it actually can do we don't understand why it's seemingly eternal and can never really be destroyed or tarnished okay to go back to the concept of what intrinsic really means intrinsic means you can nourish yourself with it you can clothe yourself with it or shelter yourself with it meaning protect yourself from the elements with it so nourishment protection from the elements all right you can make oh if you can make some kind of a weapon out of it to protect yourself so protection from harm from harmful threats all right and you know really that's about it that's what intrinsic means now again there's other forms of intrinsic value in a technological civilization in a technological civilization certain metals are going to be valued because of the ways that they can be used for technology for conductivity for storage etc okay now we've only come into the realm of technology really in the past hundred years or so in humanity you can little over a hundred years so for the vast vast vast time that humanity has existed we're talking about you know people who haven't been using gold in that fashion as a technology now there are people who would say well maybe gold was used as a technology in the ancient human past and it that's just lost knowledge that's a very possible as well okay so that would be one of the legitimate intrinsic values for gold but when people talk about using it as a system of exchange as part of a monetary system this is all perception this has nothing to do with real intrinsic value you could use anything as a mechanism of perception and people will say well the reason is because it was being able to be held for long periods of time it was never tarnished okay yep but again the whole idea of money is something that exists in perception we'll pick this up on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen stay with us [Applause] [Applause] the cool side we don't dare speak while between ups no rim so deep we keep rated there that there's nothing wrong welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Republic Broadcasting Network on their host mark passio we were talking about the fallacy of the concept of the intrinsic value of gold to human beings particularly human beings in the ancient past and how the word intrinsic means having natural value meaning can you nourish yourself with it can you protect yourself from the element elements with it or can you protect yourself from an external threat with it the other aspect of intrinsic value is can you use it for some type of technology higher technology and if the answer is no then it doesn't have intrinsic value and again people will make the argument well people chose gold because it was simply a good replacement you know a good way of keeping the value of something because it didn't tarnish like other metals did but again that's still perception of value it's not intrinsic value and again then this is why paper notes were eventually created because they're lighter to carry then gold pieces or bars etc the whole idea here is that money is based in perception and is not something that is intrinsic never has been never will be when people talk about gold is real money you know it's still based on perceived value and not actual intrinsic value and what I'm trying to really ultimately get out here is the the ancient peoples only saw gold as inherently valuable because their gods saw it that way and they took their perceptions from the beings who were ultimately in charge of them and ruling them at the time this is where this whole perception even came from or are human beings would have never started mining and smelting gold there this fits into the story of cosmic abandonment perfectly because you have to understand if it is true these beings were here to acquire gold for whatever their purposes were for it regardless of whether people think it was actually being used for technological purposes or being used as some type of a reflective substance to heal their planet of something that was going wrong with it and they needed to diffract or deflect a certain amount of sunlight away from their planet or if that you think it has some kind of strange or unknown properties that can be activated in the human consciousness once it is ingested in a certain form that may also be a reason why they they wanted access to this substance regardless of what they were here to use the gold for it seems that what they did through all the stories that are told about their interactions with the ancient peoples is that they transfer their perceived value of this substance perhaps it was an intrinsically valuable substance to them onto their human progeny okay so this is where the whole idea of the desire for gold came from not just because it's Purdy and doesn't tarnish alright so they essentially gave us our whole concept of money and again as I talked about in past weeks these beings created a monetary system among the population the human population in order for them to more effectively deal with the large human numbers the population that was growing out of control and getting out of their grasp at the time so they wanted them to have a social strata social strata that would basically keep the human beings in line and allow them to police themselves and so if some of them saw themselves as more important because they had more access or had more had been given more entrusting of the gold of the gods the gods substance well they became important people who other people looked up to and listened to you know and wanted to follow in line with so then the the quote-unquote gods only had to control a smaller portion of the population because then the rest of the people fell in line with those seemingly more important people it's a divide and conquer strategy and it's a social stratification and it's a it's a way that you create hierarchy to get people to fall in line because hey people have been tripping over each other since time immemorial to get in line to follow the leader it's it's no different now than it was then we've never come out of that mentality of following others you know and I can't overemphasize this enough I keep telling people I'm not in this to have some kind of a cult or religion created around what I'm saying I'm in this because I'm trying to put the truth out there for other people to research for themselves not to follow me or what I'm saying and some people will agree with what I'm saying and go forward and research it you know they'll initially find it interesting and they'll go research it from their set for theirselves and there they'll decide whether they agree or not with the conclusions I've come to and others you know some will dismiss it out of hand and never look into it and some will look at it because they found it initially intriguing and come to a different conclusion than me and that's all fine you know I want people to do this work for themselves ultimately not listen just listen to me or believe me as I've said from day one so we have to understand that there were perhaps some hidden properties to gold that the beings who came here in our ancient past and created us were knowledgeable about and I can't claim to have all the answers folks there are things I don't know about there are things that are occult 'add from us that I do not know all about I can speculate I could look into things and I could try to come to the best conclusion that is possible with the available information that I have acts but that doesn't mean I know at all so I mean I've looked into monoatomic gold I've taken it myself and I can tell you it does have certain mental properties when it's ingested it does have certain properties related to sleep and dreaming and things like that that I've noticed anyway but you know I don't know whether I would go out of my way to state that that just may be the reason that they found this substance so intrinsically valuable it may be who knows and again they may have used it in some kind of a technological way that we don't understand as well whatever it was it seems it had intrinsic value to them and they passed their perceived value of it on to us and then we looked at it as the early humans looked at it as well this is the substance that the gods find so important and appealing and therefore it's important and appealing to us and that's why it became the original essentially the original source of money the a system that the quote-unquote gods had given to humanity and put in place to make them more easily controllable and as I call money today it is the god of this world you know as I was starting to allude to last week these gods and their the later part of their interactions with humanity more likely after the the last Cataclysm that took place on the earth the deluge probably around 13,000 years back they started really warring amongst themselves to see who would be worshipped as the god of this planet you know the God above all as many of them called it and I think the winner came out in the form of the monetary system itself that's what they really put in place as as a proxy the ultimate religion you know the most powerful religion and the most powerful god of this world the God above all is money at least that's what it is right now on this planet and you know that's most people's God that's why I put that image here in this slide you know this is most people's God and it's sad I I always say if if a piece of paper is your God you deserve slavery you know if that's what people think is the most valuable thing that they should be putting all their energy and life to acquire I I think slavery is exactly where they belong and need to stay because they're a danger to the rest of the cosmos if that's how screwed up their mind works as far as I'm concerned you know so I mean you really need to know look to no other causal factor not understanding natural law putting money above the difference between right or wrong there's the very thing that keeps this this race and slave then rightfully so it belongs to stay right in it's change as long as that's the current condition in the bulk of humanity's mind in the bulk of our mindset as long as that remains the way people think slavery is exactly how it should be and get as offended about that as you like you know that's how natural law actually works period until that mindset changes don't expect the external condition to change and enjoy the chains that are on the whole species enjoy it you know but most people they're not even at a level of consciousness to even understand how that connection works we'll pick this up on the other side of the break folks don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] [Music] and [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Public Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com I am been talking about the fallacy of the in perceived quote/unquote intrinsic value of gold in human society and where this came from the beings that ultimately created the human species put this value here with us because they created the whole concept of a monetary system in order to get people to essentially control themselves through the organization of social strata and the perception of more important people because they had more of the gods gold and again when you look at accounts of some more developed civilizations coming into contact with older civilizations that had kind of state as tribal in digit indigenous cultures particularly like when the Spaniards came into contact with the Inca Empire they always told of accounts where these older cultures would say that all of the gold in their possession in their society did not belong to them and you know some of these other more so-called advanced cultures that had come into contact with them were confused by that and would say what do you mean by that why would you say this isn't yours it's here isn't it it's it's among your people it's in your your culture it's here in your civilization and your buildings and your artifacts you know why would you say it's not yours and they said their answer was almost universally the same it was the gold belongs to the gods to our ancient gods and we are simply the caretakers of it for them so you know what did they mean by that it very well could mean that you know exactly at face value what they're talking about you know it's not some symbolic spiritual message that you need to dig down and interpret they're talking about the physical gold that they used they didn't look at as theirs and they looked at it as belonging to their ancestor gods you know and they were just stewards of it for them until they returned so I don't want to really be labor the point on money and gold too much that's not what I wanted to make this whole show about but I feel it was important to reiterate the concepts of the fallacy of the intrinsic value of gold as many people you know the gold bugs out there still think this is the solutions somehow for the woes of humanity you would just be replacing one form of enslavement and religion for another that's all and that's all people seem to want to do you know they don't want to actually be free away from erroneous belief systems they want to take one religion and replace it with another religion so what I really want wanted to start moving into if we move to slide number 103 well before we do that I just want to say I haven't really talked a lot about the monoatomic s-- and the possible value in that as as gold having I would rather put that off for a whole nother show sometime and then maybe I can interview an expert in mono Atomics which I do not consider myself I've read a little bit about it I know a little bit about it maybe you know I could bring someone on that really has a lot of experience and can explain some more of the physics to that in the in a future show so with that having been said I'm gonna rest that topic for now and we'll revisit it in a future show and let's move on to slide 103 slide 103 again this whole section is about why do we have certain institutions and certain control systems that we have today where were their origins in our ancient past and you know we've already talked about the origins of religion and we've just kind of wrapped up talking about the origins of money we've talked about the origins of occultism and dark occultism and secret society networks etc what about the orange origin of government and kingship okay where did that come from and again in the story of that we had outlined in the story of our past in a pre previous show dealing with this cosmic abandonment presentation which of course you could always go back into the archives and check all that out you know that several shows back now we're on this is podcast number 166 this evening for those who might be listening via podcast you know you could go back and you know hear the story about how these beings essentially put pharaohs and Kings priests Kings into place representing their authority over humanity okay as the gods the demigods okay the gods interbred with humanity and once again you know please recognize I'm saying gods with a small G in double quotes wrapping it in double quotes I don't think that they're real gods okay and I think it's very important for me to reiterate that because when people hear me telling this story they always go back well do you see these beings as gods I still get emails you know if people saw the emails I get by people hearing snippets of what I say without hearing it in full context of the past shows you'd be surprised at how many people do not understand what I'm saying they misinterpret it because they want to listen for five minutes and think they understand what I'm saying that's why I tell you have to go bet back and listen to all the podcasts from number one but if you just want to go back and listen to the stuff on cosmic abandonment I think I made it abundantly clear almost to the point of nausea that I don't think these were real gods but that's what they called themselves you know to get other people to follow them and obey their commands and that's how other people saw them because of their advanced technology being sort of indistinguishable from the supernatural from their perspective so they interbred with humanity as we saw in the story of our past and they essentially put some of their offspring their hybrid offspring which was a combination between themselves and humanity into positions of power I simply referred these beings as the demigods because they were partial quote-unquote gods and partial human had human characteristics and traits as well so these these beings that they put into positions of power were hybrids and they didn't have as long of lifespans as them but certainly longer than regular human beings and they didn't have they had a combination of an appearance their appearance was more similar to the gods of course their genetics was more similar to the gods but it had human genetic material in it as well of course and so humans were more readily willing to accept their commands fall in line under them accept them as their rulers because they weren't really fully human they were part Anunnaki that the name that the Sumerians described to these beings they were part you know full quote-unquote God and they were part human the Bible refers to these beings these hybrid beings as Nephilim meaning those who fell a simple translation from the Hebrew verb the fall which means to fall it's actually where we really get the english word fall comes down to us from the fall so they were the Fallen ones and people interpret this meaning as fallen angels yeah well if you see the original quote unquote gods as being angels from the sky these were the beings that couldn't go back to their planet after their mission was over because they were hybrids and that was forbidden by their planets rules so yeah they were fallen to the earth they had to stay here and they were put into the chief positions of power unquote Authority in our world because they had more of the quote gods genetics within them and if you just think about that it makes perfect sense when you think of bloodline being the reason that kingship is passed down it's not passed down through ability it's not passed down through righteousness it's not passed down through traits of the individual it's passed down through blood through kinship through who was your father who was your son who was your mother who was your daughter you know it's about genetics it's about blood transference from one you know group of people to another and therefore handing so-called Authority perceived Authority down to those future generations but so why would people think that there would be such a thing as Divine Right of Kings connected to blood if there wasn't something physical to this story if there wasn't some kind of physical tangible reason that the inherent ability to rule was perceived in this way because these beings actually came from another species of beings we'll pick this up on the other side folks stay with us [Music] education we don't need to slow [Music] welcome back everyone put into the second hour of the broadcast for this evening you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're going through the extended cosmic abandonment presentation cosmic abandonment is a presentation that explores the connection between the interference theory of human origins and the current human condition so we're in to part two of this whole presentation this extended presentation which is about why do we have the social structures and institutions that we have what are their origins where do they come from why did people start believing the things the ridiculous erroneous notions the bad thought processes the absolutely false religious beliefs that they have come to you know and where did that all come from what was the origin of all that bad wrong thinking that it have some sort of a physical historical origin and the ancient past I believe that it did and the whole notion of kingship and the divine right to rule and that having to do with bloodline lineage comes directly out of the story of our past of human origins of these ancient watcher beings or fallen angel type beings people have called them many different things they've called them the gods they've called them the Watchers they've called them the fallen angels or simply angels they've called them the ones who came down the ones who fell you know many many different names in the modern day we refer to them as possibly extraterrestrial beings or even extra dimensional beings who knows again whatever the nature of these beings are they came here and essentially set up a kingdom for themselves as gods to rule over at least a faction of them did I don't want to paint with too broad of a brush and say every single being felt that way but certainly a large enough faction of them wanted to do that and they position themselves as our gods because they were our creators genetically and you know they looked at it like since they made us they have a right to do with us as they will and we have to listen to them they are our quote-unquote cosmic parents we are their cosmic stewards and we don't have a right to for self-determination we don't have a right to essentially own ourselves and so they created kingship which was the beginnings of government on this planet was the first governments essentially and again they put the people the demigods into these positions of power and authority because they didn't really want to do that work themselves they didn't want to do the administrative tasks of running daily life here on this planet themselves oh no they were too lofty and and you know otherworldly and busy to do that you know they had other goals and aspirations they put their hybridize prodigy into that role you know and set them up as the king or the the priest king or Pharaoh that had to be worshipped and listened to and obeyed without question you know this is the origin of royalty this is the origin of kingship which eventually began over time because too many people began to see it as the absolute farce that it is it slowly degenerated over many many millennia into the notion of government and representational government also equally as complete bunk illusions as you know this original form of government which was called kingship or royalty and you know it's all been a complete farce a complete fantasy a complete illusion something that doesn't exist in nature something that has no Lidda t2 it's something that has no you know absolutely not one shred of legitimacy whatsoever and you know people insist that anything has changed you know because now we have governments that are representative of people of the people's wishes really really ninety-five percent of America the American people don't want us involved in a lot of the foreign entanglements that we are right now but we're still there you know ninety not over ninety five percent of the American people didn't want bailouts of these super mega banks but that happened anyway didn't it the vast majority of people aren't for any gun control measures whatsoever at least in this country thank God and yet you're still seeing the encroachment of gun control happening constantly trying to continuously sneakin in and every opportunity in turn by our so-called representatives that's why the whole idea of represent representative government in general is a huge farce and an illusion because it presumes that there is authority over other people at all and anybody can be quote represented there's only one Authority that exists over any human beings it's called natural law it's called the laws of morality that are in place in the universe put in place by the real god of creation period God with a capital G and you might as well capitalize the O and the D - because I'm not talking about lowercase God with double quotes around it like these completely imbalanced creatures who came here and did the things that they did to this planet and us did you know has nothing to do with the god of creation they would they would claim to usurp the role of that force in nature I don't even want you don't even have to look at it as a being if you have a problem with the word God look at it as a force an underlying force of organization and intelligence present in nature I'm perfectly comfortable with the word god but if somebody else isn't hey look at it however you want whatever makes you feel comfortable but if you think mankind is the highest power inquiry in creation and we get to make up the difference between right and wrong you think just like your owners do that's exactly how they think we're the highest power in creation we get to rule over these beings we get to make up the difference between right and wrong who can tell us otherwise you know forget about what's really truly right or wrong now forget those laws that exist in nature we don't want to know about that we want to ignore that we want to believe that doesn't exist and you wonder we wonder why we're still in a prison cell as if people even need to ask that question because they never make the connection see that's how that's how people never make that karmic connection then whether our actions in our alignment with right or wrong behavior determines whether we are free or not know that connection is never made in people's cognitive Association because most people don't have cognitive Association they've been too dumbed down and conditioned and brainwashed and mind-controlled to never develop that cognitive associative associate of thinking you know god forbid that might a god forbid folks that might actually require effort and time and willpower and reading and taking in information from an eclectic variety of sources and then filtering it and thinking about it and processing it making up your own mind about it can't have that population wants nothing whatsoever to do with that you know let's hit the strip bar let's go to the game pass me a beer that's all and just pursue that hedonistic lifestyle never-ending ly the whole time sitting in a cage makes a whole lot of sense to me we'll pick this up on the other side folks don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening [Applause] [Music] you know today destroys the night-night divide today tried to run track welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on our PN I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com we were talking about the origin of kingship the origin of government the origin of the quote unquote divine right to rule the origin of passing on the continuance of this rulership through bloodline all having to do with the quote unquote gods of the ancient world who had come here in search of whatever resources they wish to procure from this planet created a quote-unquote species of primitive workers as they referred to us and essentially then decided well these are our quote unquote cosmic children we're going to rule over them as their parents and essentially create a society in which we are worshipped as God and that's essentially what they did for tens of thousands of years and it's still going on today nothing has changed you know this whole idea of kingship was what was known as the old world order it's what we call it today because it's what went on thousands tens of thousands of years back and I'm moving on to slide number 104 to illustrate this point this concept the old world order was kingship it was you know society being ruled by a priest a king or a some some type of combination of the two of those two dynamics a religious leader or a political leader and that authority being given to him by God quote/unquote directly he is divinely appointed see the gods put him in that position of power because of his blood therefore his blood is different than other people's blood and in this case it was that's not to say he should have any right to rule over other people but that is why probably so many people went along with it you know because they looked at these beings as somehow supernatural entities in their limited awareness and perspective of what they really were they had certainly had much more advanced technology and could perform feats that seemed like supernatural or magical feats to them so they were gods in their eyes and they appointed a ruler in their stead you know who would basically do their bidding and pass their commands down onto the people in this hierarchical system that they would have created this was called simply kingship or what I label it here the concept of authority vested in one being and of course I write the word authority in quotes because it's a total illusion it's completely illegitimate there is ZERO legitimacy to it never had any legitimacy there isn't any now and there never will be any legitimacy to a king there's no such thing as a king who has the actual right in nature to rule over other people if there is anybody left on this planet who actually believes that there's so many ill that I feel absolutely sorry for them how broken their brain is you know and if anybody thinks that they're under deeper mind control that I am ever capable of helping anyone to come out of but then again so many people still actually believe in this concept indirectly which we'll get to the concept of authority vested in one is the the definition of this whole concept is a system that is based entirely in violence because what it's really based on is coercion it doesn't make a difference whether the ruler is saying something to the people that they don't want or don't want to do in this system the people are perceived as having some kind of a moral obligation to obey the masters wishes okay to obey the Kings wishes and he is claiming to have a moral right to rule over them and to give them issue them commands so this system is totally based in coercion right from Jump Street right from the get-go okay it's based in violence as such and it's built upon the erroneous which means absolutely false fake you know somebody who believes in it falsely and is wrong for doing so therefore they are in error that's where the word erroneous what erroneous means the erroneous and dogmatic meaning it's unchallenged unwavering belief it's just hammered into somebody's mind from the time that they're young and then they believe in unquestioningly they're dogmatic belief which these two things constitute a religion an incorrect and dogmatic belief system is religion which is what the belief in the legitimacy of kingship always has been it is a religion most people will not have ever heard something's you know basically said like that that kingship is a religion authority in general is a religion okay it's a religion and their main the main belief is that one person is the master who possesses a moral right to issue commands to the whole body of his population and all others in that population are his subjects they are subjected to his wishes his whims his commands and they have a moral obligation to obey the commands that are set by that master now just think about that whole concept is that not what kingship is and was yeah that's exactly what kingship was and in certain places in the world sadly there still exists political kings it's always been a religion that's based in a belief that isn't true it's based in a belief that is erroneous that is only a claim a claim made by one individual that I'm God on the earth you have to do what I say and you know you have some kind of a moral obligation to obey me and if you don't I'll do coercion and violence to you through other people that I've gotten to believe this absolute nonsense bunk and I'll have them do violence unto you of course I won't soil my hands myself because you know why I couldn't because I'm not I'm not big and bad enough to do that anyway I to have a cult that I built based on complete false religion you know and like idiot cult followers who don't think for themselves and just want to listen to what they're told to do and follow orders they'll do all that violence to you I've never touched you I'll never lay a hand on you you know but my moronic cult followers oh they'll go and do whatever I tell them to do and folks let me tell you something was talking with a friend about this this week this is why you'll never really hear me talk really really angrily about the masters of this world I don't talk about the people who currently rule the world in a real super nasty way I call them Psychopaths because that's what they are they're psychopathic people they're like animals who do not have the capacity to actually feel that's not really saying something angrily about them or something that's really emotionally charged if you really think about all my past comments about the quote ruling class it's very sort of cold and dispassionate okay it's like I'm just explaining their nature I likened it to this when I talked with another person about this okay I likened it to would you get super emotionally charged and try to talk to or out against a tiger that had just ripped through a village and eaten a child or something like that you know if you lived let's say in it in a tribal culture in Africa and a tiger comes ripping through the village and eats a child you'd be angry at the event at what took place you'd be heartbroken and and you know possibly really you know really emotionally in upheaval over that event taking place but would what I'm asking you is would you actually try to like get up in the face of the tiger and get all crazy emotional and might be yelling things to the tiger you might go get a high-powered rifle and put a bullet through the Tigers head and be done with it and that's-- those are gonna take the hurt away of a child being killed but the whole point is that's an animal doing what an animal does if it's desperate and hungry you know to get super upset and mad angry at that tiger you know is nonsensical it doesn't even make any sense because that's just what a tiger may do in that instance you know well that's the same thing as the ruling class I never get really angry with them they're animals who act the way an animal acts what I do get mad with is order followers who do their bidding we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Public Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio before the break I was talking about the fact that I you never really hear me get too emotionally charged when I talk about the quote unquote ruling class the powers that shouldn't be you know the order givers so to speak what I do get very emotionally charged when I talk about is order followers because these are the people that actually carry out the wishes for these lunatics psychopaths you know they're the ones who are basically at the behest of these animals and doing their bidding for them an animal is just what it is it's their it's their very nature a primary psychopath cannot act any other way than how it acts it's a genetic anomaly a degenerative genetic condition that is a result more likely than not of the genetic modification that these beings did to us in the distant past creating this condition as we talked about weeks ago but that just is how they are so I don't really harbor that much ill-will against them I disagree with what they do I think that they really shouldn't be doing what they're doing and but that doesn't mean that that's gonna make it so that that's just gonna magically make it should make it so they're gonna continue to act the way that they act because that's all they know and that's all they are and they're not capable of becoming any more than that something is cut off from them you know you know I liken it to you know your your people sit there thinking that that somehow they could regrow their capacity to feel that's not what primary psychopathy is people don't want to admit or acknowledge this condition exists in the world you know it's it's just like an amputation you know you're not going to say to a person who doesn't have hands you know I'm gonna teach you how to uh have a lot of dexterity with sculpting you know you're not gonna be a sculptor with your hands at least okay sculpt with your feet or your tongue but it's not gonna happen with hands that you don't have if you were born with some kind of a genetic dysfunction or condition where you were born without hands or arms it's not there the capacities not there it's like you're gonna try to teach mathematics to a cow the capacities not there they're not going to be able to ever grasp algebra or calculus or you know probability and statistics it isn't going to happen it's the same thing with a psychopath Psychopaths not going to feel it's not going to have you know emotional repercussions for their behavior you know they're they're they're incapable of that so I why get all emotionally charged you know talking out against someone like that that's some program that's running that's a machine of some kind that's a flesh robot you know it's not even an actual being with that has true free will at some broken entity that is you know operating like an automaton robot and just doing what it does like a wind-up doll who does have actual free will are the people who they get to follow them and do their bidding for them those people are actually abdicating and trying to hand over their freewill responsibility to choose right from wrong for themselves to someone else and who they're giving it to is a psychopath now that I could get emotionally charged about because they're the ones who are making this world of prison they are the cause they are the ones who are actually doing it and if you don't understand that yet you're totally asleep you're completely asleep if you have any respect from police if you have any respect from military if you have any respect for any people whose job it is to follow somebody else's orders you are asleep you don't know the first thing about truth you don't know the first thing about enlightenment at all at all blanket statement blanket statement 100% that way all the time eternally I don't care who it offends as I'm not here to be liked or at play a popularity contest I'm here to tell the harsh hardcore uncomfortable truth that needs to be understood and integrated for this species to come out of its slavery so speaking of that word let's move on to slide number 105 because if you think that the concept of authority vested in one person as a king okay is anything other than slavery you are also completely unconscious you don't know what the truth about this reality is you don't understand that that's completely inherently illegitimate there is no legitimacy to the concept of kingship the old world order the concept of a king ruling everybody else because some kind of imaginary authority is vested in him let's call it what it really is without euphemized it without applying a euphemism which is a word to make a concept sound better than it really is that's all a euphemism ever is it's the definition of what a euphemism is let's stop applying a euphemism and calling this kingship or even rulership this is called slavery if we're being honest with ourselves if we're being honest with ourselves which most people aren't they want to lie they want to justify they want to give excuses for order followers who keep slavery in place you know because they don't want to admit that they've been wrong about something they've formerly believed that is their religion their religion moving on the slide number 106 so my question at this point in the presentation becomes what has changed has anything since the days of the quote/unquote old world order and kingship changed and again what I want people to understand even when I use the word old world order okay put order I really should in these slides have wrapped order in double quotation marks okay I do that now on my more modern stuff my more recent stuff okay it was an order this was not nothing that resembled actual order it was total and pure chaos because slavery is chaos if the condition was slavery it was chaos people have to understand that you could have slavery run by coercion where all of the slaves are well kept well fed well cared for but they're still slaves and that condition is not orderly doesn't make a difference if nobody kills anybody if nobody does anything you know just unexpected or you know in some way that people wouldn't know how to react it wouldn't make a difference how seemingly chaotic behavior ly behavior was in that situation it would still be chaos slavery is chaos okay period all the time that's why people think through harshly or directly controlling somebody else you could somehow create a state of order it's not possible it can't be done they are antitheses of each other those two states are the direct polar opposite antithesis of each other control and order the only kind of control that could ever bring out order is self-control that can never bring about orders self-control meaning you're choosing according to your own freewill decision-making processes to act within the boundaries of rights under natural law by your own control of your own behavior that's the only kind of control that can ever bring about order the external control of other at people can never bring about order so the concept of government has anything changed since the days of the quote old world quote order concept of kingship has anything really changed in the modern world do we have the same condition of course we do the same exact thing except now the so called quote unquote Authority is distributed over a group of people you know this is where the whole concept of government came from from these beings having been put in their positions of power in the world as the kings of the old world of the ancient world and now since people started to question that question the inherent legitimacy of a king as having legitimacy to rule over a whole body a whole population of people well the powers that be the bloodline progeny of these ancient bloodlines which is what the people in the real high-ranking positions of power always have been decided they had to go more covert and distribute the alleged Authority the claim of authority over a wider body of people and take more people into that fold and so we have oligarchical governments representational governments we'll pick this up on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] all right say that's a pretty good advice we do need to wake up from our sleep if people believe in the legitimacy of authority and government they are indeed asleep and I mean snoring and snoozing well past the alarm has sounded and the snooze button has been hit several times as well so we were talking about you know the old world order a concept of kingship and how that was slavery by you know it's euphemized term kingship or rulership and how nothing really has changed except that the concept of government that comes down to us in the modern world is just a distributing of the alleged claim of authority instead of it being vested in one person it comes into a group of people so slide 107 really what you have to be under as I said to believe in the legitimacy of any kind of Authority is mind control and it's very interesting to note that the actual word government literally means mind control and we break it down into its etymological component roots the verb govern are a in Latin which in classical Latin was of course rendered with a be goober naari because there was no V in classical Latin and the V comes through later phonetic drift and phonetic morphing and change into other languages the verb goober nari in Latin where we get the term gubernatorial meaning related to a governor means to control and the Latin noun men's mentis that which is where the second part of the word government meant well any English word that ends in mint comes from his mind and yes that is the actual derivation the etymology I've been through this a million times odd nauseam with people men's mentis is the second part of the word government it's where it came from etymologically it's where any word that ends in mint meaning the state of or the condition of comes from because for any state or condition in the actual reality the manifested reality that we live in to come about that the idea or concept of that thing has to first exist in mind in of that thing that state or that condition so mind is this is according to the principle of mentalism that ultimately everything is mine and everything flows from mind there had to be an idea or an archetype first and then from there then you brought that into physical manifestation or the condition into physical manifestation the object or the condition so that is why the people who originated and put together the English language over time chose the Latin word meant meaning mind to mean the state of or the condition of the word government simply means mind control it always has meant mind control it does now it always will that is what government is to believe in it is mind control you have to be under mind control to believe that there is authority vested in man period that's all it really comes down to and government is the quote new world quote order again really on if we moves forward to slide number 108 this concept of a new world order based in government and refining itself to a point where there is world government one on challenged unquestioning rulership okay they're really trying to go back to the old world order of kingship where instead of a king and will be the people of the party who act as the king you know that's all it'll just be vested in a slightly larger group of people instead of it in one so the concept of the new world order is neither new or orderly that's another thing you know I should have corrected this slide and put new in quotes and order in quotes because it's not new it's something that's the same as what was going on in the old world in the ancient world and it can never bring order because it's based in violence and control the concept of government itself is Authority quote-unquote authority vested in a group this system is entirely based in violence through coercion and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic belief or religion that a certain group of people are masters who possess the moral right to issue commands while all others are subjects who have the moral obligation to obey the commands of the master on slide number 109 I just reiterate that this is slavery it's the same concept as what was practiced in the ancient world through kingship so since kingship was a euphemism for slavery and government is the exact same thing except the the so called Authority the claimed Authority is distributed among more people instead of one it is also slavery it is the exact same thing so the answer to the question of what has changed in probably over 200,000 years or more lies on slide number 110 absolutely nothing has changed we were under slavery then we're under slavery now only the names have changed instead of kingship they call it government instead of slavery ruled by one being it's now a form of slavery ruled by multiple beings by a few comparatively when you put it when you compare it with the totality of the population a tiny tiny percent that's what the new world order is slavery and it's no different than what the old world order was it's the same in concept and this is just what they want to get back to is it having having open rulership out in the open open dictatorship that's the goal of all governments to get back to the whole concept of these beings ruling over us as our gods because again their mentality comes from this abandonment mentality as we're going to talk about next week you know we went into the whole thing what makes an order follower ultimately an order follower always has abandonment issues they want mommy and they want daddy they don't want to let they don't want to grow up they don't want to be on their own they don't want to actually think for themselves they want somebody telling calling the shots and telling them what to do like a parent they just want to act without thought you know just tell me what to do and I'll do it because that's the quote law because a group of people in suits said so not because it's right or wrong no they don't they could give a damn about what's right or wrong order followers you know and I hear people on other alternative radio shows and I have to laugh hysterically saying I don't think the police would follow orders to to do anything horrible to the American public or the people there they say that they're sworn to protect I don't think the military would ever follow their orders and turn their weapons against the American public people who think like that are so naive you don't think the military or public art or police would turn against the American public I mean you got to be a joking imbecilic child to think that way and call it an ad hominem attack I don't care what you call it call it whatever the hell you want to call it you don't think the military have already turned against the people and the police have already turned against the people you're an asleep joke yourself you don't know what's going on you can't see what's already taken place in this world in this country so folks I'm gonna go that's all the slides I'm gonna cover for today we're gonna get into the psychological dynamics that underlie order followers and underlie people who want Big Daddy and big mommy around all the time who don't want to grow up and be true human beings we're gonna go into all their psychological dynamics next week and talk about what really makes them tick in their completely undeveloped brains is they're the people I have an emotional problem with okay not not the elite psychopath the so called elitist psychopaths there are just animals doing what they do that's all you know and they're a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny portion of the whole body of of this species we call humanity that would be completely negated if we wouldn't have order followers that were so ready to jump to give away their free will to somebody else they're the real problem and the people who ideologically support violence which is what we're going to get into next week in the next hour I'll be taking your phone calls so let me give the call one number here at the end of this hour briefly the calling number to join us next our 800 three one three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us for questions comments anything that you want to talk about an hour number three 1-800 it's a toll-free number 1-800 three one three ninety four forty three your questions your comments coming up in our number three of the show like I said folks it's all about owning our personal responsibility ultimately order followers want to give it away and they think somehow they can create order that way only chaos will ever be created by doing that stay with us everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening your calls next hour [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone we're into the third hour of tonight's broadcast of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm as promised we're going to be taking your calls in the third hour of the show tonight the call-in number to join us 800 3-1 394 43 once again toll-free 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 calling and talk about anything you want anything we've covered in the cosmic abandonment presentation the extended presentation so far or anything else for that matter never any taboo topics here on what on earth is happening all right let's go to the phone lines let's hear from Twain in California you are live on what on earth is happening welcome thank you mark first time calling and first time actually listeners show all those listened to many of your tapes and learned a lot from you and I appreciate that a couple of things one things I wanted to let you know about is I was able to break through mind control with something called the CES device and it's basically it's cranial electric electro-stimulation okay drop that out there it's also good for PTSD depression supposedly anxiety and I guess even drug abuse supposedly that people have been able to get off of this in the 70s and 80s like even one of the Rolling Stones apparently was it was bit off I don't know what he was on but without any withdrawals Oh anyways and this is a fancy generator device um generates electricity okay a couple amps and you put it on each earlobe I don't know if it's using acupuncture points you don't know it's nothing special you just clip it onto the bottom of each of your earlobe and then turn it up to where you can feel then gradually turn it down and so you can no longer feel it and they say to only use it for twenty to thirty minutes but I wasn't getting much use out of religion efficacy out of that rate and I dialed it up a bit and actually broke through you know depression and everything it's really an amazing to realize oh we're electrical being so you know who knows uh once we tap into the right frequencies or fields or what that may change in us you know in a deep way in a profound way but I'm glad it was able to help you yeah using common luck successfully I'm planning on people using them I'm having a hard time finding anybody that has that the stage that they've been successful with the common law grand jury I hear some things about it but I I personally am not too hopeful when it comes to any kind of solutions that lie within the system of man's law at all I just don't think there's any legitimacy to it to begin with natural law is the only inherently legitimate Authority or law in the universe and until men obeys that good luck with anything with any other solution until people understand that that's what governs whether we are free or not and we start aligning our behavior according to those laws of morality there's freedom is not possible cannot ever be acquired it cannot ever be manifested so okay the other all of that yeah I mean exactly yeah see the all of man's law is based on moral relativism which goes against natural law in most of the time so all of man's law is basically either redundant or it is completely can be completely thrown out because it's not in harmony with natural law you know if it is if that means it's redundant and therefore you don't need to state it write it down it's already in effect it's all you already bound by it and if it's not in harm with natural law it can't legitimately be binding on anybody so it should be ignored you know most of the laws we have now are out of harmony with natural law of man's laws so you know it's always been illegitimate to begin with government's never been legitimate man's law is not something that is legitimate because it's based on the concept of authority and and the coercion of the state and the lack of the respect for self ownership of other individuals it's cut it's based in collectivism it's based in coercion it's based in violence and therefore it's not in harmony with natural law so I mean I'm I don't not saying I don't have some respect for the the will that some of these people put together to come up with the ideas to do some of these systems I just think ultimately they're spinning their their wheels because they're still going to a system that is based in authority to basically ask for their you know permission in some form you know when it comes to sovereigns you know you're going and filling out paperwork by somebody and that's you know asking somebody to respect your sovereignty well you're basically saying they have the ability to either respect that or not respect it so is that really you thinking that that your sovereign you know so I mean that's why I don't really subscribe to the free man on the land movements or the common law grand jury movements in general if it's going through a system that is based in man's law in any way as far as I'm concerned there's there's not really legitimacy to it I think we're already sovereign see I don't need anybody's consent to agree that I'm a sovereign being that I that I own myself that I am NOT a slave of another it doesn't make a difference how many people say that I am how many people say that I'm not the eternal truth is that we are sovereign entities the end and it can never be otherwise it can never actually be made any other way than that it's only all of man's law is just that of jurisdiction is a claim of authority so I say why bother convening grand jury this or that or the other thing it's all about take your sovereignty it's your possession it's not anybody else's possession to take you know to take away from you we have to stand up and take actual real world action to say we are not going to take this anymore we're not going to accept all this corruption we're not going to ASET accept all these laws that are constraining our freedom it has to be taken freedom as he is taken it's either kept or it's taken away and it's been taken away and now we need to take it take back what is rightfully ours there I mean I understand that that strong words that strong language that's the only way I really know how to put it openly in a in a conversational way is to say it outright there is no legitimate Authority there is no legitimacy to man's law anybody working within that system is working within something that's still legitimate somebody's harmed that's natural law you don't harm others sure well surely there's natural law common law grand jury is the fourth branch of government outside the entire man law how could you call it government how could you legitimately call something government government is a system that is based in coercion if something is not based in coercion then you can't rightfully call it government you can't legitimacy legitimately say that that's government government by its very definition is a claim of authority so are these people claiming that they're an authority over other beings know that 24 people will get together and decide if they're somebody who's been harmed outside the government okay well I have no problem with a group of people coming together and looking at evidence about something that may or may not have taken place and saying you know we think that this is what happened not now you know if people are free to do that but to call it a branch of government is where I would take no exception to that I'm just like they refer to the suppress the free independent capitalist front with a branch of government I didn't mean that literally okay so this is like the the Fourth Estate concept of government and litter in the sense that the press was supposed to be the check on the institution of government yeah I see okay fair enough you know so my take on it is still you know that's not going to do too much until we take this existing immoral and corrupt system down you know yeah royalty quote-unquote what is the cannibalism thing with it how they are had always been a part of it great I will take that on the other side of the break [Music] and my [Music] welcome back everyone listening to what on earth is happening we're taking your calls in this our toll-free number to join us 831 394 43 yeah I want to thank Twain for his call in the last segment he ended that segment asking a question about what it was the role of cannibalism in some of these ancient societies and the practices that they engaged in with cannibalism and you know a lot of these ancient ruling classes perhaps they felt you know just my take on it perhaps they felt that somehow they were preserving certain traits or characteristics that were very strong in the bloodline of some of the people who they perhaps consumed you know that would be one way that they in their mind or in their religious belief or tradition thought that they were going to preserve certain characteristics or abilities that's the only real way that I see cannibalism being practiced in by these you know occult covert rulers especially in the past my take is does that go on now more likely than not it wouldn't shock me one bit if things like that went on now because there are practices that I've heard about that go on in the dark occult that would you know raise the hair on people's head and prevent them from sleeping at night you know so nothing is beyond their capability of their degradation degra gated morality and absolute inhumane mindset as far as I'm concerned I mean when people when these people really are living like animals there's nothing that you could suggest that I wouldn't put past them being capable of doing that's what it's what a psychopath is capable of is absolutely anything to another human being or another living person living entity period so I hope that answers my take on that but let's hear from Ivan in Phoenix Ivan welcome back - what on earth is happening good to hear from you hi mark how are you doing doing well how are you alright going through some of the self realization of my own cognitive dissonance if that makes any kind of sense okay and why I say this is it's I know David Icke talked about this once in like an interview or something I heard of his how he started at one point like getting rid of all his stuff and cleaning out his home and and everything like that and that it was kind of like yeah you start tearing down if you're waking up to one form of reality or how things are you can't hold on to the way things were before and little by little things in your life start either disappearing or you got to deconstruct it right or reconstruct it and I feel I'm kind of going through that but mentally it's a cognitive dissonance because I know like I've mentioned before you know I I have two boys so I still like have that and uh this man-made system have to paint quote-unquote child support and all this stuff and and everything else but yet I'm struggling with trying to get away from supporting or having to deal with that system but yet I understand and know that that's the system I need to get away from and I want one problem I had was with a co-worker constantly telling me lead by example to lead by example and that's where I get stuck because my example would be get away from this and go live in the mountains live off nature and and you know that's that's it don't deal with this but then I want to be addressing the problem the problem will still exist the system will still be in place and my example will be to run away I agree I totally agree that's not the solution right here altogether in tirely too much talk and actually seeing too much of people thinking that they're going to somehow escape this problem escapism is an illusion it literally is what the ego wants to tell a lot of people to do because they can't see a solution in sight and therefore their object is I'm going to hide from it or something as if it's not going to find you is it you know one of the allegorical movies I know whenever you call in I like to or we somehow get onto the topic of allegories it just seems like a a thing for me and you Ivan but a great allegorical movie about the actual inability to run away from a problem is Kite Runner based on the book you know this child had a problem with a bully when he was young and you know essentially saw it as some kind of as he grew up as something that was just inherent in his society in some way and he was going to leave it by coming to America you know and he lives his life in America only to find out that the problem really follows him and he can't escape it and he has to go back and confront it from where he was originally from in the Middle East and it's just a great spiritual allegory about you cannot run away from problems and this is no different this is not something we are going to run away from the earth isn't going to separate into two earths where there's going to be government and slavery on one and then somehow magically and ascended earth is going to exist with no control the people who think that are under a new-age spell you know they've been lied to and they've bought into a absolute religious notion of some kind of a rapture that's going to happen on another dimension you know it's just another variant of the Christian idea of the rapture and you know the people who have bought and all this notions that somehow the good people are going to be magically spared and they're not going to be involved in the same on the same sphere on the same membrane of existence the same plane of existence as what's going on with everyone else they're just absolutely kidding themselves they are literally in a state of cognitive dissonance escapism and it doesn't work that way what is going to happen here is going to happen to everyone on this planet you know and that's what people don't want to hear or accept and they want to think somehow they can insulate themselves from it you might be able to insulate yourself for a time by hiding in some remote corner of the world but that again like you said the problem is still going to exist and be there and the lesson is not try to find a way to avoid this that's not the problem it's too late for that that comes at the beginning at the beginning of the problem to solve it is don't ever let it come to this once it's this bad if you don't confront it it's going to get worse and worse and worse right she knows now here's the thing though that what I was talking about that is the way that we can live and we have a free will you know a choice to live that way but the thing is that that is not a solution that's right we this is kind of like that ends this is not the means to that end I can go and live in the mountains and all that but that doesn't mean that's a solution for this current problem we still have to go through this problem and solve it after the governments have been taken down all these control systems or this way of life has been obliterated and it doesn't exist anymore then we can be free to go live in any mountains have solar power pump own water and all this stuff but that is not the solution it no exactly not even more than that and even more than that I haven't even anybody that would say I hate that I can't stand when people say if you don't like this go somewhere else move you're gonna tell me I need to move away from where I was born no no no how about you move and I'll make you be the one to move I'll make this problem go away and leave by an active force if necessary you know if it comes to that I'm standing my ground and I'm standing my ground okay you know I'm a the people who say move you know you don't like the way things are done here move we're the ones we're gonna make them move at some point okay that's what's going to happen when real freedom breaks out we're going to be the one to make them move [Music] education [Music] welcome back everyone we're taking your calls in this hour of the show you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio I want to thank Ivan from Phoenix for his very profound insight that Escape is no solution it never has been and never will be I've said before many times on this show that the way out is through you're not going over or around or under this problem where we've let it come to now the only way out of this is going right through it through direct confrontation of the underlying causal dynamics of the problem itself and very possibly if we fail to do that through direct physical confrontation which is what I want to try to avoid because if it comes to that the devastation that's going to happen to this planet and its people is gonna be beyond calculation and I think that's what we're that's what humanity's willingly choosing they're willingly choosing going down that road and it's a mistake it's a mistake but if we have to go down it so be it you know we want to choose the way of maximum pain this species because we're self-loathing species as a whole these are the dynamics we're going to talk about next week on the show so thanks Ivan for that profound observation there that there is no running from this problem there is no running from it there is no hiding from it there is no escaping it the solution lies in confronting it let's hear from Robin in Missouri Robin your live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show it marks good to hear from you so I think my question is kind of relevant to what you've been talking about regards about Anunnaki in the last few weeks basically I'm wondering how you feel about the gender wars that seem to be going on with this it is men and women in the u.s. marry end up divorcing off 50% of the time which is pretty ridiculousness bit more in other nations - I'm wondering how you feel about this and do you think it's maybe because Anunnaki came down and twisted our genetics to create this constant battle by making the psyche is incompatible with one another or is it maybe because a societal construct that's making her way stressed out or is it just like an imbalance of the sense of the feminine and masculine energies an individual and it just seems like we're basing our mating behavior off of the lower reptilian brain and that's kind of based on a survival the ministrant survival of the fittest mentality say it's a combination of a lot of those factors you know you have all the societal pressures that always drive a wedge between families between in you know couples as well you know you have the type of sex drives that people were programmed with versus what social norms are considered to be you know you have the constant mental manipulation the mind control divide and conquer strategies that are brought on by the rulers the powers to be to keep people warring against each other and you have the types of brain and balance in the masculine and feminine which exists within both sexes you know both all of those things combined to create factors that continue to drive wedges between people and keep them on different pages keep them separated so that they're easier to conquer and rule and keep them enslaved yeah I just think it's pretty crazy that for thousands of years we're still basing most of our behavior and the lower-left iliyan brain I feel like at this point in our evolution we should start thinking about what traits you want to reap we want to lead out of her psyche what do we want to include etcetera it just seems crazy that this is still going on that was rooted in this viable of the fittest mentality and that's our ver mating behavior - it's a total world view schism and it's a poisoned worldview that it's all about just the survival of physical matter and morality doesn't enter into the picture and consciousness doesn't enter in picture I got into it at the beginning part of this extended presentation series when I talked about the whole origins a schism the the the you know schism between creationism and and Darwinism and how that's also perpetuated to divide and conquer people yeah I mean the people who have this idea that it's all about Darwinian macro biological evolution of physical matter and just you know everything is just a mechanized clockwork of atoms that is all there just to propagate for no reason like a virus does you know is it's such a poisonous worldview that that's a really really really powerful mindset that has kept people enslaved and people don't see that as an enslavement mindset they see that as some kind of a scientific mindset it's nothing of the kind you know there's there's no real knowledge no real science and just believing that the world is some kind of an automaton clockwork you know that's that's an imbalanced poison worldview as far as I'm concerned and it's not really based on any real science to begin with on top of that so you know the people who take up that position are just extraordinarily left brained in their imbalance that's the way that the mind control got them you know that's how I look at it yeah I mean it's just also we had something that's called conscious evolution we're gifted with a higher awareness where we can dictate how our genes progress throughout the years and animals do not have this gift and it's just a shame that we're wasting this gift and not looking at how we can advance it though all the potential in this species it's almost incalculable and what did we do we built a prison you know it's a sad sad sad commentary on what humanity's highest vision of itself seems to be you know Robin thanks so much for the insights great call let's hear from Gary in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Gary you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark how you doing I'm doing well how I'm the DVD guy we can either see you down there in North Carolina oh yes beautiful how you Oh doing the same thing by annoying people with my DVDs I wake people up that's it keep spreading the truth right persistence and that it's really all about that's right amen you have tonight you know this this has been a good show and I've been I've been sitting here thinking before I forget you know we sit we sent you one like I said I need now to least acted by coming to speak over this way I don't know if you saw I did and I have it on my to-do list to get back to him I've just been so swamped with different things I have not had a chance to give him a call I have his number actually right here a white to-do list on my whiteboard and I'm going to call him this week okay great yeah I told him I was calling tonight so I would mention the men Toninho you know be nice to do a rotation in Pittsburgh I've been there many times I enjoy going to the city and I will talk to him and try to set that up oh that would be great yeah we'll get don't set up and we'll make it worth your while incoming you'll have a good time but I was thinking about you know most of the countries in the Stockholm Syndrome they've come to you know accept their enslavement and you know the the best slaves there are those who don't even know they're slaves and that's that's exactly that's the dynamic they want and in effect because if somebody thinks that they're free they're never going to battle against their enslavement they're never going to try to really truly free themselves if they think that's think that that's already the case erroneously you know yep my my friend was telling me about you know Josie what's remaining Outlaw Josey Larkins friends Oh Josey Wales yeah Josie the outlaw yes yeah yeah he was telling me about one of her videos that she was she was like ranting saying what what law would you refuse you know I mean how far can we go where you finally say no I'm not doing that you're exactly I mean it's just common sense but you know they it's just perceived Authority with these disease disease taking people walking that have this distorted perception that that man that one man has the authority over another it's like when you were in the courtroom and the judge comes in they say all rise for what oh right all right well I'm gonna give him authority right this is the thing order following the dynamic of order following is the crux of the problem I think I'm gonna do a presentation in the future called what makes a good person good and a bad person bad that this is what people really don't get is that the very base dynamic of what it means to be a person that does not really have a developed sense of true conscience is that they are the people who are willing to follow someone else's orders no order follower has ever been a truly good human being ever ever let me just say that emphatically again so I could really try to offend some people out there maybe the really per their ears up and listen and pay attention there has never been in the history of the universe an order follower no matter who they were taking orders from that has been a truly good being period could I make any more of a blanket statement than that the definition of being a bad person a bad being is that you are willing to follow the orders of another being period I don't care where it is in the universe I don't care what planet it's on I don't care what species it is if one being is following the order of another being that being who is doing the order following is not a good Bing period by definition and this really humanity refuses to accept they refuse to accept that truth that eternal truth that can never be made untrue it is an unwavering unalterable eternal truth in the universe in nature well I agree we're going to a break we'll be back folks [Music] you know today disguise a night 95 today tried to run to the other to the other welcome back everyone last segment of the show for this evening the time really does fly we were talking to Gary in Pittsburgh Gary I was saying before that really all order followers since the beginning of time they really don't have a developed sense of conscience and this is what makes them be willing to follow someone else's orders by definition that's a person who has not really developed conscience and by definition they are not a truly good human being you can be do some good things to people in your life but an order follower is a person who is willing to follow the dictates of an other even if those dictates are not in harmony with the laws of morality by definition that makes you not a good a truly good human being and if you want to like capitalize you know truly good human being the capital T you know capital G capital H capital B truly good human being okay I'm talking about in the real sense not that they are incapable of doing anything good in the world and means ultimately that the core essence of the being remained truly undeveloped and never came into the capacity of truly knowing the difference between right and wrong behavior for themselves that's what I mean by that so I'll let you finish up your thought there that's my take on that but any other thing you wanted to bring on table go right ahead thank you it gets me so fired up and irritated is when you hear from police officers school teachers whoever whatever perceived Authority well I'm just doing my job I have a family at home to feed right well you know what this hold just don't - step aside so I can pays your pregnant wife because she won't give me her papers your enemy I'm just doing my job I have a family to feed you know how about thinking for yourself yeah exactly no but see that's the whole thing a person who hasn't truly come in to conscience and therefore isn't a true human being does not want to think for themselves they think that they can abdicate their responsibility for their own actual behaviors to another person to another human being and that can't really be done in nature you can only claim that you can do that you can never really truly do that in actual point of fact reality it cannot be done what is because the mark what what do you think is well we're gonna get to next week on the show right inside the food and the fluoride never they are conditioning next week on the show I'm going to talk about the very causal dynamic psychological factors that lead people to want to follow orders then lead people to one control and lead people to at a - to continue to support ideologically support violence and control that's what the theme of the show for next week is going to be on a break I'll leave it at that sorry about losing Bob Duncan I know I heard I heard about this and you know it really loud I really upsets me and we got to do something to try to get him back on because it happened as a result of a huge amount of confusion and miscommunication and I feel really bad about what took place and Bob was really largely responsible for getting me on airwaves to begin with in general you know and and on this network certainly helped that process out tremendously so I mean I just really empathize with what happened with Bob and I don't I I you know I'm not really happy about it and I really think hoped that we could at least bring him back on for an hour or two and even an hour write something great because his work is phenomenal and really needs to be shared with people out there for sure amen okay okay mark Gary thank you so much man great call all right let's go to another call before we wrap up let's hear from John and Kentucky John you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hello mark can you hear me yes I can loud and clear okay sir I just got out of the military a few weeks ago and previously I watched a movie The Thin Red Line and there was a quote in the movie that really impacted me inside and I felt like printing it on on a bunch of about a hundred pieces of paper and gave it to my company and I'd like to read it to you if that's okay so we're gonna run ahead okay um this great evil where's it come from how did it steal into the world what seed what root did it grow from who's doing this who's killing us robbing us of life and light mocking us with the sight of what we might have known does our ruin benefit the earth does it help the grass to grow the Sun to shine is this darkness in you to have you passed through the night and I put at the end if you're my foe this evil is in you remember I will not hesitate hmm that's where I wrote that to my company before leaving I just kind of wanted to just let him know how I felt about the war and my involvement in this tyrannical world of takeover and yeah you know so it's just my things to give to the guys I guess and have you gotten out are you out for good yes I am completely out I've done two tours over in Iraq unfortunately and I'm out now I didn't Easter out now I commend you for that yes is there any questions you have from a soldier who's I guess you could say awake and wrote this you know I know you you're pressing on they're trying to get the awakening of the soldiers and military police so I if you have any questions for me it's fine okay I'll give you I'll say what's your honest appraisal about whether soldiers will willingly follow their orders unquestioningly to do what whatever they're commanded to do what would you see a percentage let's say instead of trying to qualify it you know with words what do you think a percentage breakdown would be of how many people would unquestionably follow their orders if they were let's say to turn against their own population for whatever reasons they justified it with because you know they'll always try to make it dress it up and make it look like it was necessary how many people will say I'll fall in line with my orders percentage-wise and how many people would say I will resist that physically if necessary I would say probably twenty to thirty percent would would stand down and I would say the majority would be afraid of their hierarchy structure that's about what I agree with that is about what I'm here with yep yeah and that is realistic that is realistic to me realistic numbers is I would say 8 out of 10 would go along and 2 out of 10 would resist and yet I need to get him to wake and they are but they're too like oh I got to finish up my time and I don't like through that guys you need to get out now the only way you're gonna end this is if you're out and you're not wearing that stupid uniform there it is there it is thank you for saying that there this Sarah you take it easy I'll see ya absolutely great call that makes me feel like there's some hope in this world right a call like that awesome I don't know how we're gonna top that one but let's go to geralyn in Phoenix we have very limited time so you're live on the air what do you have for us okay let's hear from Tom and Toronto you're live on what on earth is happening we have limited time I'm mark yes sorry doing one short so uh about you know the God in quotation mark and how they in Egypt they had heads of animal I think that sort of the synchronistic symbolism of how they had really animalistic ways about them considering their lack of morality yes when feeding human race treating them awful really like animals in many in many cases I would say I don't want to paint with an extremely broad brush to say all of them behave that way but many did there were factions of them that wanted to uplift humanity and teach us and teach us how to use technologies in the right way and teach us how to be essentially moral beings amongst each other through our behaviors it wasn't all of them there were some somewhat good beings I'm even among them but you know the whole thing that they did here I think was a could you could sum it up and say it was like a huge ultimate sin against creation playing God here the way that they did so I wouldn't go so far as to say all of them were totally evil but there were some wanted to help humanity in some ways yeah it's really animalistic like with the first pentagram domination by the animal urges sure that's part of Satanism as it comes down to us in the modern world which came from some of these older occult ik belief systems definitely it raises all the cell from where the self based desires you know and puts down the spirit but you know are you saying did that really come from these beings that that whole essence that whole kind of ideology come from these beings I would say probably it came down through these beings into the present day in the form that it does that's from some point in the ancient past like I said since they created our religions and they created the priests classes that descended into Satanism and dark luciferianism I would say that there is a connection to these beings you know for those ideologies I hope that somewhat answers the question but unfortunately that's all the time we have for this episode of what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen remember there are only two mistakes one can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way we'll see you right here next week thanks for listening [Music] [Music]