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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Republic Broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday October 11th 2014 this show is live here on our VN every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here tonight my very special in-studio guest for tonight's broadcast is Jay Parker Jay Parker was born into a multi-generational satanic family and received monarch trauma-based mind control as a child for the first seven years of his life Jay was subjected to satanic ritual abuse in a large cult setting Jay now speaks on recovery and healing methods for satanic ritual abuse survivors he discusses in detail neurological and biological discoveries related to satanic ritual abuse in his talks Jay reveals a specialized holistic approach for satanic ritual abuse healing so that that's going to be my guest coming up this hour and through the whole show we'll be taking calls during the third hour of tonight's broadcast Jay and I will be taking your calls let me give the calling number if you want to get in the call queue the calling number to join us in the third hour of the broadcast tonight 800 three one three nine four four three once again the calling number 800 three one 394 43 I want to start with a couple of quick event announcements the demystifying the occult seminar that I did on Saturday October 4th last Saturday went very very well it was very well attended we had about a hundred people there in Manchester Connecticut over double what we did the year before I want to send out a very special thanks to art and Chris posey for their organization of this event I want to thank Richard Grove and the entire tragedy and hope communications crew for coming out and filming in a very high broadcast quality the entire day the whole seminar and we're going to have that out on video shortly probably within a couple months or so I mean you know it won't you know it will have to the footage will have to be edited and the slides will have to be put to the footage but it will be forthcoming soon for people to check out on my website and my youtube channel so thanks to everyone who made that event very very great also thanks to barb for helping out for running the merchandise table and you know a lot of people came out and really were very very attentive had a lot of great questions I got in a lot of great discussions with people and you know it was just a great day all around what can I say I think it went off entirely without a hitch and it was a really great meeting new people up in Connecticut once again so thanks to all who attended and thanks to all who made the day a huge success another event announcement quickly I have coming up the free documentary screening and discussion evening that Barb and I host here in Philadelphia as part of a the truth freedom prosperity group this this coming Thursday October 16th we will be meeting at the Guarin Recreation Center the Guarin rec center is at 1600 Jackson Street in Philadelphia the corner of 16th and Jackson streets and this month we will be showing the documentary film called building the Machine a movie about the Common Core state's standard initiative and its effects on American children's education Common Core is the largest systemic reform of American public education in recent history and has become one of the most controversial and yet on heard of issues in America this documentary building the machine is the first every and ever investigative documentary about the Common Core State Standards and you know you'll people who know what I talk about and have been talking about on this show regarding mind control and indoctrination techniques will know that I don't have a very good opinion of the common core initiatives I think that they are part of outcome-based education which goes back to the Prussian indoctrination methodology and the Nazi mastery learning outcome based education and the type of outcome based education that the Soviet indoctrination system was based on this is just bringing those purely fascist and communist education methodologies into the United States and it serves as nothing but a mind-control method for the young and this documentary takes a more a little bit more moderate of an approach by just basically talking about what the common core is people and that people most people have never even heard of it because it was kind of like you know slammed through in all the states without even really the people who were voting on it knowing what it was and you know it tries to just educate people about what this is going to do to the overall basic mindset of children should it be fully implemented so that's what this documentary is about once again this documentary screening is free to attend Thursday October 16th 7 o'clock p.m. start time at the Guarin Recreation Center 16th and Jackson streets in Philadelphia for more information you can go to truth freedom prosperity org unfortunately it looks like I'm going to have to be cancelling the Kansas City seminar that I had planned for November 22nd or 23rd we really haven't secured a new venue unfortunately and it just to me doesn't seem like there's going to be enough time since the original venue fell through to restructure this and promote it in enough time so barring any kind of a miracle more likely than not I'll be canceling that presentation in Kansas City to be quite honest I really want to kind of restructure what I've been doing recently and come up with a new attack plan or strategy and I think that's going to involve some more small seminars here in Philadelphia perhaps with one or two other people involved and hosting things locally and recording that to get out there on video on you know my website and my youtube channel that seems to be I think a better approach than doing a lot of the type of traveling that I've been doing of late and I think it'll help me get things out there in a more concentrated and focused manner plus I want to turn my attention to trying to get the potential book edited and out in production hopefully by sometime in the first half of next year so I want to turn my attention to that as well another real quick event announcement I have is regarding the free your mind 3 conference coming up in April of 2015 it has been told to me that the conference will be taking place in early April of 2015 similar to the first for your mind conference I believe the dates that they have planned or pretty much locked in were April 10th 11th and 12th of 2015 so that is a Friday Saturday and Sunday the 10th 11th and 12th so I don't want to announce the the venue I do know where the venue is going to be but I'm gonna let the organizers announce that officially for more information on the free your mind 3 conference you can check out the website free your mind conference calm ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back with our special guest Jay Parker stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com my special guest coming up Jay Parker satanic ritual abuse survivor real quick there is a donation button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening dot-com website if you feel that you have received value from the information that's been shared here on the water on earth is happening radio show and website feel free to make a voluntary donation help support my work so that I can continue it into the future another quick thing there are images associated with tonight's show you can check them out either with the podcast for this show this will be show number 171 or if you're listening live you could check them out at the water on earth is happening comm radio show page just go to the website click on the radio show tab and underneath the player for tonight's broadcast you'll see images for tonight's show and you'll also see Jays images some memes that Jay wants to discuss and talk about tonight on the show as part of our discussion so they're listed as numerical links you can click them to bring up a slideshow with those images so I want to welcome my guest Jay Park or Jay welcome to the show well thank you Mark it's good to be back on what on earth is happening and I just want to congratulate you for your fine presentation in Connecticut and working with Richard Grove excellent work yeah like I said I think it was a good learning experience for those who attended like like I said as part of the seminar it was a introductory material it was kind of rudimentary I really was doing this more for the people who will watch it online even more so than for the people who attended it live for people who are expecting you know really super high-level material into deep occultism perhaps they may be a little bit disappointed because like I said it was introductory material but that's what it was intended to be for people who really don't have a good understanding of what occult knowledge is at all to begin with just to kind of whet their appetite and get them interested so that they could do further study and research on their own and again demystify this whole topic well it's amazing to me that we live in the world that is so mind controlled that you really can't even say the word occult without getting a hardcore emotional reaction that 90% of the people will just turn away and say to you I don't want to hear and that's the way anything about the occult is in this country there's just such a taboo about talking about you know the ancient spiritual and religious history of this world you know there was only handful of people that are really looking at this information yeah I agree you know to just go back to what you were saying at the very beginning of that little segment there one of the attendees came up to me during a break at the seminar and said you know I'm really happy to be here and to get to speak with you but I wish that more people would have come with me he was telling me that he invited so many people to come and check out the seminar and as soon as they heard the word occult you know they would ask him well what's the topic going to be what's the speaker going to talk about and he said it's called demystifying the occult and he said as soon as people heard that word they immediately like you know turned off and said I don't want anything to do with that that's all bad that's all evil and nothing good could come from me learning anything out that like you said that's almost the perfection of mind control is to actually turn the meaning of a word the very definition of a word into something that it was never intended to mean or be and have that connotation be so strong in someone's mind that they cannot even fathom or conceive that that word can mean something other than what they actually believe that it means in their own mind that's the one of the ultimate form of mind control through the obfuscation of the meaning of words and Orwell is rolling in his grave but it's not on the show mark we talked a little bit about what we're gonna do for the next three hours and I'm going to with you quickly go through some of the memes I set out being the slideshows sure we'll do that the first hour let's say the second hour we're gonna talk about some occult material and third hour we'll take some calls that sounds like a great plan to me so I'm going to get right into it I'm gonna come out swinging tonight as I do on my radio show sra today on blog talk and to get a grasp at where America is right now you need that you know who can fathom all the money that's being spent in Washington all the waste all the insane corruption and nonsense but I said this me Mom to try to get wrap your head around what is literally happened in America in the last say you know since 9/11 all right let's say since 2003 okay now in the 2008 banker bailouts okay and those bailouts continued for years okay the Federal Reserve the American people gave the bankers approximately seven trillion dollars in cash now from the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars America's spent roughly five trillion dollars and the hundred and twenty five billion a year spent in cancer therapy in America which of course is nonsense compared to cannabis oil treatment which basically takes chemotherapy and through that ring the trash all right both cost wise and effectiveness chemotherapy is only 2.1 percent effective after five years in America so you're using radiation chemotherapy and surgery and it's only 2% are alive after five years so that's a good bang for your buck huh oh so I'm all I have to say is you know it's one of my pet peeves I mean you get into it more but then I guess people still trust these priests in the white lab coat you know when that's their odds that's their chances given the so-called state of the art you know treatment technology well it's sad to say but there was a suppressed study that was done in 2003 it finally hit the media in 2010 and I saw it not too long ago across my feed and basically in Australia chemo and surgery and radiation is 2.3 percent effective after five years and in America it's 2.1 percent and so what what I'm talking about by showing you these pictures of these two towers these blue glass towers and what they are are Liberty Place towers in Philadelphia now up until the building of the Comcast Center in Philadelphia these two buildings were the tallest buildings in Philadelphia and I believe Pennsylvania now these towers basically cost at the time in 1990 around both of them around 600 million dollars but and we're coming up to a break hold the thought right there and we'll pass up on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening my special guest this evening Jay Parker we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Republic broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm J I'll let you pick right up where you left off you were showing an image and talking about the Liberty Place Towers here in Philadelphia and I believe you're going to you know draw kind of like a parallel to how much this bailout really uh was the equivalent to well what I'm talking about here I'm trying to just do a in-your-face analogy here okay America spent seven trillion dollars in banker bailout and that's not even including the backup guaranteed loans I'm talking about seven trillion in cash to the banks in the oh seven Oh a crash and then we have five trillion dollars for Afghanistan and Iraq that's a hell of a good investment right and then we add another trillion dollars wasted in chemotherapy surgery and radiation in the last ten years and it's actually a lot more than that because we're talking about a one hundred and twenty five billion dollar a year industry in allopathic cancer treatment because you know we haven't found the cure yet as Susan Korman says we're still looking but I just want to show you these two buildings in Philadelphia which were up until the Comcast Center the largest buildings in Pennsylvania if you take those trillions of dollars and add them up you have thirteen trillion dollars okay and those thirteen trillion dollars would build you thirteen thousand Liberty places 13,000 of those two buildings so you got 26,000 towers 26,000 towers and that's just three scandalous misuses of American financial life in the last 10 years while average citizens are starving in the streets without you know two cents to rub together to even feed themselves in many cases and you know these people who are absolute criminals white-collar criminals get bailed out because they're too big to fail you know absolutely but if you want to know why this country's going down the shitter faster than a torpedo we have to watch the language because we're going out over AM and FM l I don't know no worries all right if you want to know why then just think 26,000 towers okay because 13 you could have built 13,000 of those Liberty Place Twin Towers amazing so let's go to the next mean because willing to get through these in an hour and then start talking about some of the cold stuff now mark I want you to read this mean and see if you can get through it without screaming today the richest 85 people on earth own more wealth than the bottom half of humanity some 3.5 billion people so 85 people on the earth imagine that own more wealth than the other the lower income 3.5 billion people put together as author Naomi Klein rates quote we are witnessing a transfer of wealth of unfathomable size it is a transfer of wealth from public hands from the hands of government collected from regular people in the form of taxes into the hands of the wealthiest corporate and individuals in the world and this is what I'm trying to get into your head tonight for the first hour on what on earth is happening that as George Carlin says the game is rigged and nobody seems to care well you need to start caring and get active you're already radioactive from Fukushima so you might as well get active this is serious this planet the society the ecology we're in deep trouble here and we need you to take a moment and really get your head into the mindset that unless we wake up and we unite against these satanic oligarchs we're not gonna have a life and you know you can kiss your Ebola goodbye and what I'll add to that little meme there is the saddest part of this reality of so few people controlling so much and making decisions about what happens to the lives of so many people is ultimately the quote order followers of this world are working for them and are doing their bidding when they're in there in that lower bracket that lower bottom of humanity that these people completely rule over and they're still willing to do these people's bidding when these people don't care about them when they are ritualistically mocked by them when they call them the dead and they call them their pets and their dogs these order followers will still do their bidding for the measly grub and pittance of a paycheck that they're given to do this dark work it's it's it's absolutely maddening and it's sad at the same time because these people have no idea who they're really really truly serving if they did many of them wouldn't continue to do the work as an order follower that they do but unfortunately they're so ignorant they don't even know who's bidding they're really doing and that's absolutely true that's why you myself many other people in the free your mind group are constantly out there trying to wake people up that this is a consciousness driven holodeck and everything you think everything you feel everything you do comes together and creates this reality but here's another meme that I want to shove in people's face okay the legal system in America is run now 100% by bar lawyers lawyers who have passed the bar to pass the bar means that you are of the temple bar in the City of London it means you are a foreign agent that's why in the beginning of America lawyers were forbidden to hold public office and this is a great meme and says this five-story cayman islands building okay houses 18,857 companies call it home that's the home station of 18,857 companies okay in that five-story building in the Cayman Islands you and I okay do not have an incorporation in the Cayman Islands so we don't pay taxes but the oligarchs who have taken over our government since especially since the coup d'etat of JFK okay I've just turned all the tax code all the regulation against the small and moderate businessman and entrepreneur and it's all going to the biggest multinational corporations and I'll give you one more mean on this financial stuff I'm shoving in your face and you'll love this okay banks collected over 30 billion in overdraft fees lat year another way of saying that is banks took 30 billion dollars from people that had no money 30 billion dollars in overdraft fees and if you've investigated how banks are jug juggling your account so that they can get overdraft fees if you're on a tight budget they actually will hold deposit up and then hit you with an overdraft fee they've actually been known to do this to actually mess with your accounts so they can hit you with an overdraft fee but thirty billion dollars you know what thirty billion dollars a year can buy the world I'll tell you what it can buy 30 billion dollars is the exact figure it would take the end hunger in the world and yet these vampires keep leaching leaching from the people who have the least while thirty billion dollars with feed and stop starvation will pick it up on the other side [Music] you know today disguise the night-night diva today tried to run try to hide welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm my special guest tonight Jay Parker the images that we're talking about could be seen at the water on earth is happening dot-com website on the radio show page or with the podcast for tonight again this is podcast 171 Jay you were talking about some of these issues about worth wealth disparity the disparity in the United States and how you know the top you know very very very small percentage less than point zero one percent of the people you know basically own all the wealth in this country and throughout the world really and the bottom billions of people really have nothing and yet they're they're still trying to squeeze every last little bit out of you know people who are at the very bottom of society as if you know they don't already have enough this is a to mental disease so absolutely we're talking about really sick predators and of course they are Illuminati perfect or as many of them many of them are pedophiles many of them are possessed are conically and we are dealing with people who are so sick and we're going to talk about the occult in the second hour and I just wanted to come on and do some hard-hitting slap in the face financial reality to start the show off people think that this country has fairness and this is one of the most financially in equitable unfair societies in the world I mean it's just the wage disparity in America is worse than any other Western country CEOs compared to average workers in the company in America make vast amounts of more money than their counterparts overseas and I'm just I'm sick of it I mean we in America have thrown away 13,000 Liberty places in economic energy in the last ten years 13,000 Liberty places that's 26,000 high-rise towers folks there's a huge buildings that's a lot of Union jobs I mean folks you cannot take that kind of financial energy and throw it in the ocean if you do that you end up where we are today with an unemployment rate of 23% and everything is going down the tubes so the next meme I wanted to do say we're gonna get a little bit more philosophical that finish this section of the show out is the next meme is a slide five yes to learn Hugh brooms over you simply find out who you're not allowed to criticize and that's Voltaire and nothing could be more true in today's society mark I would say the people who ultimately rule over people who are people who don't who pee other people don't even know exists you know they don't even understand about the dark occult at all they don't even understand about this old religion that is these people's religion you know and their whole belief system their mentality the tenets of their ideology they know nothing about that you know they're they're so well entrenched in the shadows that that they have people believing that they don't even exist which is really one of the things I want to talk about in the next hour is the groups of people who still don't understand that dark occultism is what needs to be understood to understand the ideology and the force that's ultimately ruling planet and they're still in denial about its exhibits very existence you know so those are the people that we have to understand are ultimately ruling this society and of course you can't criticize them if you don't even understand that they exist and that they're well organized and they that they have an agenda that they're carrying out so well what what I'm saying by this mean mark is and you could take it on several levels but simply you're not allowed to criticize the banks because that's class warfare and we're a classless America you're not allowed to criticize Israel because that's ungodly and so on and so we can't criticize the church you know you can't how absolutely criticize the the politicians how dare you speak out against our wonderful president you know he's trying to make such great change happen in the world you know wow I'm hooked on the hope you so next meme is six image number six yes go ahead read this one well it's the words of George Washington government is not reason it is not eloquent it is force like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master I mean I would go farther than that and I would say government is violence it's not just force you know force I again I look at it as a positive element it's using the ability to create physical change or use physical power to defend oneself that's what forces government is violence it is the unrightfully usage of physical power in order to coerce constrain you know or compel somebody to do something that they don't want wish to do you know voluntarily it's the opposite of voluntary interaction which is what violence is and and that's exactly what he says in the beginning of that statement government is not reason it does not reason with you it is not eloquent it is a sledgehammer and a gun all right so get it through your head because Washington certainly understood what government really was so you still don't have enough of a critical mass of people understanding that government on its face from it's very inception the very conception of the idea of government is a complete fallacy it is illegitimate on its very face and most people still don't understand that and they want to get into these arguments about how much government should be use or how much government is necessary when the answer is all government is violence and slavery therefore all forms of government no matter how minimalistic will always ultimately lead to chaos and therefore they should never even be put into effect in the first place or even conceived of as an idea that is something somehow good for us that could lead to order when you're using violence you can't get to order it's not possible because it goes against natural law so you know I think the the founders understood this at a low level but not at a high enough level to put it into practice that's why you know while they came over here and secured a modicum of a free way of life for the people they made the mistake of going past what they had done with the Declaration of Independence and forming a new government they should have left it at you know we're free people were independent this is an independent land and try to come over here and rule us and find out what happens to you as a result you know that's what we need to say as a people and when we get the second American Revolution done we need to resist the temptation to ever bring this ridiculous notion of government into this land again and we need to be a shining example of a land without a government without a coercive and violent behavior towards people for other countries to then set an exam you know to set an example for other countries well our situation here is one of a people who systematically have been born and bred in ignorance and as long as you have ignorant you can't have freedom so let's go to the next one sure image 7 yep so this is one point by a Milton Friedman if you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert in five years there be a shortage of sand the Milton Friedman yep couldn't have said it any better myself but we have bombs to rain down on other countries you know we always have an abundance of those you know last year they were trying to shut down parks because we were the government was out of money and this year they're just raining bombs from drones down on you know on Syria on you know other other lands wherever they they feel like waging a uh you know an attack on other sovereign people and and you know nations you know wherever they think well we'd have to fight Isis oh yes that's the goddess and you know that's what this ultimately has been about for about two thousand years it destroying the Divine Feminine in the world and it's just amazing people still can't see the symbolism when the name is right in their face you know the well I don't know about what now ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening my special guest Jay Parker will be back stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone listening to what on earth is happening here on republic broadcasting i'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com my special guest this evening jay Park a ritual satanic ritual abuse survivor and Jay is also the host of his own radio show called SRA today which he hosts every Sunday evening on the blog talk radio network Jay let's continue with some of these memes into this hour and then we're gonna have a brief discussion on the occult before we take people's calls an hour number three so we were um we got past about half of them and we were on getting ready to move to meme on image number eight which was about gun control well I just want to say that a freed people own firearms that's my slaves do not own firearm and that's all it comes down to folks I couldn't have said it any better than that myself the bottom line is slaves aren't allowed to defend themselves with any weaponry and only free people can keep and use any arms for personal and civil defensive purposes bottom line that's what they're for that's what they exist in the world for for defensive means and the only kind of people that are not allowed to own a weapon to defend themselves are called slaves period the end you know and this meme says it all you know because government would never turn on its own citizens you know that's why we should have more gun control we should take take the guns away from people so only the government and the police forces have guns great great wonderful brilliant idea you know there's still people who listen to this show Jay who are toy gun which it's amazing and you know one of the things that I want and by the way this image is showing Japanese internment camps during you know the World War two period here in America right here in America we had internment camps of whole racial communities of people you know as if that could never happen here it already happened past tense you know people just are that ignorant of history that they don't even understand this occurred here on this land but I want to just say that one of the closing statements that I made during my demystifying the occult seminar in the question and answer session somebody asked about the defensive use of physical force to beat back the attack that we have been undergoing for you know hundreds of years if not thousands of years on this planet this species you know has been undergoing by our interspecies predator psychopathic friends called governments of all ages you know when I feel that a question about self-defense my closing statement really in the question-and-answer session was anyone that does not own firearms is a very particularly at this point in our nation's history and the road that we seem to be heading down is a very very very stupid human being and I said it just like that to the crowd there in Connecticut and I said get his offended as you like people you know and I'll make that statement right here on the air tonight anybody I would say owning firearms is so important if if you have to not eat for days to have enough money to scrape enough money together to buy some form of defensive weaponry I don't care if you have to sell your clothes I don't care if your children won't eat for a couple of days you need to scrape that money together and get yourself something to defend yourself that's an you know if you can't hear the absolute imperative tone in the sound of my voice you're never gonna get it you're never gonna understand you know that's where most people's head is that when it comes to this especially the New Agers especially the super ripe brain people among us you know I won't take more time I'll let you say what you want to say on this Jay but I think that I personally I started this show tonight telling people 26,000 skyscrapers worth of economic energy was thrown away in America in the last ten years it wasn't thank you a throne of the minds of the top one door hang hold they're selling this place yeah yes thrown to the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and du Pont's but I'm saying this that you've got to get your head around the fact that we have 300 trillion dollars worth of derivatives which is bad financial bets in the marketplace financially today and when this derivatives market blows up and when the BRICS of nations okay totally tanked the dollar which is coming a year from now the Brits of nations which is Brazil China Russia South Africa India when they develop their own International Bank of settlements they will no longer use the US dollar and you're going to see he'll freeze over in America well that's you're not armed good now that's when we'll have hyperinflation food you know won't be able to be purchased except for sky-high prices and it'll be the where Mar Republic in this morning right and then the people will be slobbering at the mouth for some kind of a savior to pull us out of this and you know they'll go right it run right into the arms of a new dictatorship at that point because they still don't understand how why the help is rendered on with the nice you know let's move on to the next meme and you know this is something that I want to get first of all folks the gun issue I have not stopped you know I'm not going to stop covering that when I finish my cosmic abandonment extended presentation to of the theme themes I'm gonna relentlessly hammer on is the absolute imperative of understanding the importance of firearms ownership and above all else I'm gonna just relentlessly hammer on the dynamic of order following and how it is ultimately it's the ultimate evil in this world and I'm going to get into you know the whole mindset of order followers where that comes from what these people are thinking deep inside their subconscious mind and you know how to help get them out of that mindset and things that we can do to actually formulate strategies to reach these people so that's coming up in you know future you know works on this show and in my future presentations but another thing that's very near and dear to my heart that Jays been talking about endlessly is the medical use of cannabis which really needs to be exposed and more people need to understand that the key the curative properties of this wonder plant really need to be grasped and understood by people globally so Jay this next meme number nine is about you know cannabis is healing properties well simply stated mark the medical allopathic system in America that does chemo surgery and radiation for cancer therapy 500,000 Americans roughly die every year from cancer the average cost the chemo ranges from $60,000 a year to one hundred and forty thousand dollars a year unbelievable if cannabis oil treatment was commercially produced it would according to Rick Simpson from Phoenix tears CA our website you all need to go to to get information and get Rick's in his book on cannabis oil treatment for a myriad diseases cannabis oil chores all forms of cancer it cures hepatitis C it cures line 2 cures Crohn's disease secure seizures I need help diabetes epilepsy get Rick Simpsons both for 995 it's an e-book at Phoenix tears CA and start putting the mean on your social media that cannabis oil cures and cancer and many other diseases and the book Jay is talking about is called cure for cancer the Rick Simpson protocol it's about Rick Simpsons suggested usage of 95 to 98% pure THC oil so we're coming up to another break folks stay with us we'll be right back with our special guest Jay Parker [Music] [Music] wake up from your sleep ladies and gentlemen if it's your soul you want to keep truer words were never spoken and that's what this is ultimately about getting to the point of real awakening streetwise spirituality true enlightenment understanding both the non-aggression principle and the self-defense principle and not backing down from either one of them my special guest tonight Jay Parker satanic ritual abuse survivor and whistleblower and we were going through some of the memes that he wanted to discuss this evening we were talking about cannabis and how it's a cure for a laundry list of diseases and this the truth about this is attempting to be suppressed by the medical and pharmaceutical industry all I have to say is you know I've met people personally who have been cured from the usage of high THC concentration cannabis oil it does work it can heal late stage cancer and more people really need to understand about it right now even underground treatments for this stuff can be as little as a couple of thousand dollars which is nothing when it's compared with the immense healthcare costs of traditional so-called treatments that do nothing but indiscriminately attack cells both healthy and cancerous alike and you know you're rolling the dice with that kind of so-called treatment so um I guess well can I say this up rolling his dice I mean if you were to roll the dice and it gets seen on Lauren you you baby circle you have about a 50/50 shot well you bet all its they roll the allopathic cancer treatment dice and you've got a two point one percent chance which is a loaded set of dice to say I mean to say the least it's what it is is we're gonna get you sick and we're gonna make you a customer until we kill you and the doctors all go by this Rockefeller approved protocol that well answer bad outside my solve is from it's about mind control it's right and all I have to say is rich Simpson at Phoenix tears dot CA you need to go there get his book you can go and get a medical card in California or again Washington Colorado if you're out of state just go to one of the THC F clinics with your doctor's report of your element you know you can find them on the web THC F clinics and if you're out of state you can fly to one of these states you can get medical marijuana you can go see the rower and get oil and get treated before we move to the next is about $2,000 right now for a standard cancer there and probably I'm laying down it becomes commercial worldwide it will go down to $100 Wow that's what Rick Simpson says unknowable the difference is a hundred thousand dollars for chemo or a hundred dollars for cannabis and you by getting the word out and telling season Susan B Corman and these other frauds out there hell no we're not listening to your lies anymore and we're not listening to your corruption and getting the truth out you should not let anyone you know die of cancer child old person middle-aged you can go out west get a medical marijuana card if even if you're out of state and go through the system in these states of California Oregon Washington Colorado and get cured in like 90 days from the worst cancers it's just 500,000 people a year in America roughly die from cancer and it's needless another another thing I just want to put out there is a the hype about certain types of cannabinoids like CBD being effective in cancer treatment it really isn't the case THC high concentration of THC is what's required in the extract of the oil extract from the cannabis plant from the cannabis indica plant even more so than the sativa is what's required in this oil so you want a high indica strain if possible and the the tetrahydrocannabinol is the active healing ingredient not CBD so THC is what you want in cannabis oil absolutely and which census book talks about why you want to use indica rather than sativa indica is sedative it's healing it's calming and basically go to Phoenix tears CA and become an activist for this wonder drug stop sitting on the fence and saying it's not my problem the reason why thirteen trillion dollars okay worth of money got wasted in America the last ten years is people gave their power away and said it's not my problem I can't do anything about it if we all start to say enough is enough it will change well let's go the next one yeah look like would you read that more let's move on to the next meme this is image number 10 for people following along it's a quote by John Lennon when I was 5 years old my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life when I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I wrote down happy they told me that I didn't understand the assignment and I told them that they didn't understand life interesting quote well well the thing is I I think that quote sums up our education system in our society very succinctly yeah because he's looking at life from a point of consciousness and they're looking at life as from a point of being a robot yeah they're their value system that they're trying to indoctrinate children with is the the path to making money is the real value in life that's it and what you do to actually make money in society you know that's your value system that labor you have is you write your the work that you do is who you are that's you as you're doing is consciousness there's no such thing as eternal consciousness go back to sleep yeah and when Lenin is saying to be happy here he's not saying just to pursue pleasure he's talking about contentment because there is peace there is harmony there is you know the lack of violence in society you know it's in conjunction with you know the value system of truth love and freedom you know that's what I feel is his you know overall intent when he's using the word happy here doesn't mean hedonism so you know I think he's on target with what he's saying that you know ultimately hey that's our goal is truth love freedom and that's what contentedness and Happiness will ultimately come from so yeah until you until you look at the person in the mirror and get on your Center path and face your subconscious and face the programming of your society and make adult decisions about who and what you are based on reality and knowledge you're simply just playing a tape that has been programmed into you in the first five years of your life and that you can change that this quote just you know perfectly highlights the kind of indoctrination that people receive in school so I guess let's move on to the next meme which was a quote from nassim haramein image 11 even an extremely small radius even at the extremely small radius of an atom still contains some 99.9999% space and I'm just I tell people this that when you really look at the physics of our reality we are in a sea of energy and our consciousness is chay-ara holding that energy [Music] the cool side that we don't dare speak the wall between ups it'll rip so we keep their left there's nothing wrong Cole decides welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio tonight my special guest Jay Parker satanic ritual abuse survivor and whistleblower Jay were wrapping up a few of these memes you wanted to talk about we were on a quote before the break hit us from nassim haramein that even the extremely small radius of an atom still contains some 99.99999% space empty space you know this is about the seeming solidity of matter but yet at the base level everything is simply energy and vibration well Nikola Tesla that's all I have to say and why I put Nazi maramon here is I always try to get people to get knowledge and viewpoints from really great teachers and that seemed her mind the physicists his work is someone you should check out and you can go to the resonance project.org I believe it is but google Nessie never mind and you can see his stuff on YouTube and it'll really open your mind so once you read this Tesla quote mark sure I've seen this mean before by the way this is Nikola Tesla's most suppressed quote we're on image number 12 and Jai's images and J's memes quote from Tesla only the existence of a field of force can account for the motions of the bodies as observed and it's assumption dispenses with space curvature all literature on this subject is futile and destined to oblivion so are all attempts to explain the workings of the universe without recognized recognizing the existence of the ether and the indispensable function it plays in the phenomena my second discovery was of a physical truth of the greatest importance as I have searched the entire scientific records in more than a half dozen languages for a long time without finding the least in anticipation I consider myself the original discoverer of this truth which can be expressed by the statement there is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment I guess Tesla is talking about the vacuum of space or what people have called the ether of the etheric field absolutely and Tesla understood that we are in as Nasim Hara mine says a super infinitely desk dense superfluid of energy and I'm telling you right now we should have free energy we should have so many things like anti gravitation I'm sure that the elite already do but hopefully as we keep pushing for free energy and antigrav will break through here but Jay hey what wasn't the existence of the ether completely disproven by the Michelson and Morley experiments you know you keep hearing that logical fallacy and you know that whole you know absolutely repeated mind-control technique you know that the this experiment that was set up like you know to collect this information about the ether was set up like you know to detect the existence of you know particles blown by the wind on a windless day you know that doesn't mean that there is no gas that there is no that the wind doesn't exist just because you didn't pick it up as you are expecting to pick it up the way you set the experiment up because there was no wind on that day this is how they basically kind of set this Morley experiment and that is lame that totally decides that is one of our favorite people from the past century Adolf Hitler said make the lie big and repeat it over and over again so you know very interesting I know Tesla was a very huge supporter of the idea of the ether and asunción go back if you go back and look at the turn of the 19th to 20th century those geniuses that like Fermi and other people like Tesla I mean just an incredible array of geniuses both in America and in Europe and the ether was talked about and written about all over the place and what we have here with the ether and now that's why I recommend Nassim hair mine because he'll show you the physicality of the 64 grid tetrahedron and the vacuum of space is full of energy and all I have to say is uh you know Tesla and nasty Mehra mine two people you need to know yeah the the video I recommend from Haramain is black hole WH o le that's a really great seminar that he or documentary that he put together regarding the the way that the structure of the the vacuum of space and how much potential energy that etheric field contains and he has continued you know he did a film called crossing the event horizon and this guy is probably one of the few honest physicists out there because if you I've read the book by Rupert Sheldrake sign set free you will understand that our major scientific communities are controlled by Illuminati dark occult and they're not letting the truth out it's a religion unto itself hence why I and other researchers refer to it as scientism it's a belief system in and of itself let's wrap up with these last couple of quotes and then we'll all move on into a discussion of the dark occult good so I want to read this one this is by Malcolm X this is image 13 the media is most powerful the media is the most powerful entity on earth they have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent and that's power because they control the minds of the masses I couldn't have said it better myself as most people would rather die than think you know that's what it all comes down to they don't want personal responsibility to truly understand the difference between right and wrong behavior and that's why they continue to ideologically support violence that's why they continue to act like slaves and engage enslave think mentality and you know they're just you know at this rate they they just they don't even want the truth they don't want to hear it you know they want to exist in their little childish mentality which is all about victim mentality woe is me what can we do they're too powerful etc and so forth and it's all just a little babies child mentality of I don't really want to take responsibility for myself grow up and actually do something about this scenario that's playing out I'd rather be a passive spectator and just you know watch the world pass by instead of actively becoming involved in trying to change other people's mindset because that's the hardest work there is to do is get up in people's mind and try to change their mental state by working with that dark matter and those logical fallacies and those completely that complete ignorance and lack of understanding and bringing the light into that darkness by force if you have to by continuing to engage in talking to them about things they don't want to talk about like continuing to bring it to their attention relentlessly that's the great work ladies and gentlemen and that's what people don't want to do because they recognize the power of this signal this poisonous signal coming in from the media and coming in from bad food and just bad information and people don't want to get involved in cleaning up all that garbage that's going on in between people's ears and in their body you know they don't want to get involved it's a sanitation job is what it really is to make the world sane again you got to become the garbage man of world and you got to work with the dark twisted diseased matter that is on other people's minds and souls that's why the great work is so unpopular because of the very strength of the media and how much it has people's minds on lockdown you know so very powerful quote there you know by someone who I think understood the importance of action personally absolutely and and what why I put Malcolm X here and you know I want people to really think about what happened in the sixties in America and really just sit and contemplate for a few minutes about the assassinations that went on and what the men that got murdered by the CIA in the FBI you know really stood for and then look at our society today and realize that the coup d'etat of 1963 and Jack Kennedy's murder by Lyndon Johnson and the CIA really and truly destroyed America and we got one more we're out sure this is the last one image 14 it's about nine eleven well all I can say is if you believe that airplanes can fly into the twin towers and make them turn into dusk you've been watching too many cartoons yeah you know I've endlessly gone through you know the whole 9/11 fear-based mind-control operation and you know how this was a total scam you know my background in mechanical engineering I've brought it onto the show and went through physics equations to prove this hoax but we'll pick this up on the other side folks stay with us [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com my special guest this evening J Parker J we were just wrapping up with the last meme in your collection here of 14 images it was about 9/11 being a you know essential stage show to promote fear and Institute draconian measures in the United States the things that we saw weren't even in consistency with you know weren't even consistent with the laws of physics and people still buy into this event and bring it up as the hallmark event for the reason we need to continue all these draconian policies that we've implemented here in fascist communist America well absolutely and the reason I like this meme is it's really cuts right to the bone of the heart of the issue the official story is against all the laws of physics and if you can look yourself in the face and believe something that denies the basic laws of Newtonian physics and you're okay with that do me a favor leave the planet now there for people that want to go back in my archive of podcasts again I broke down with my mechanical engineering background I actually bored people by bringing all of the numbers involved in the buildings into the into account and plugging them into the basic physics dynamics equations you know the Newtonian equations of rectilinear dynamics and solving those equations to prove that the official story was impossible according to the actual known laws of physics so you know people can go back into your kyv and bring that show up if they just search on the page when they look at the podcast section for 9/11 I went into a I took a whole show to basically break that down so I get also also you broke down the occult aspects of 9/11 story video and there's another that's even more important DNA there's another thing people don't understand is how you know the the the societies that ultimately were basically planning this whole agenda and had planned this event for decades before this they were using all kinds of occult symbolism and you know numerology in this event and that's you know that's they stick to this plan that they're very predictable in that regard because they love their symbolism they love their you know playing with numbers they love putting this out into other people's face because they feel one of their dark principles if you want to look at it like that of their ideological tenets is that if you tell people what you're doing even if it's telling them wordlessly through symbol or through numbers then you have somehow gotten there implied consent you know because they haven't said no and not to say no is to tacitly say yes in their ideology in their mentality and so that you know somehow in their mind relieves the burden of karma that would ordinarily come down upon them for taking these actions or directing these actions they don't actually take the action they get their order following house slave dogs to do it for them but you know in their mind because they told you in a wordless occult way then somehow that you know alleviates the burden of karma that would ordinarily come down upon them because they did say it in some form it's a little bit deeper not to because what they like to do is get people to actually see the truth and then automatically used to denial and the propaganda they've grown up with yes so they see the lie like john f kennedy's assassination or robert kennedy's assassination right robert kennedy had four bullets in them from the back Sirhan Sirhan was standing four to six feet in front of him so none of the bullets that entered Robert Kennedy's body could have been from Sirhan Sirhan yet the American people stood by and allowed Sirhan Sirhan to go to jail for Robert Kennedy's murder and this is an act of cowardice and act of compliance that you know Slee think people do and so basically you know that they're not even trying to make it difficult to figure out who did it and why and I mean it's right in your face and why did we attack Iraq and Afghanistan for the oil okay yeah when when these so-called hijackers were all from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates but we got in two completely unrelated countries but Jay you know this brings up this you know you getting into the topic of denial brings up really what I wanted to get into and we may go into this a little bit in the first segment of the next hour which by the way I just want to quickly give the calling number I we will be taking calls for myself and Jay Parker in our number-3 then call a number to join us next hour 800 three one three nine four four three once again 831 three ninety four forty three what I wanted to segue into with that you know topic of denial that you brought up is how many groups of people are still in denial about the existence of dark occultism in general and will never touch the topic of the occult world they don't want to believe that they live in a world that is governed by a dark religion dark religious ideology see they want to think there's so many groups of people that want to blame the entire problem with what's going on in the world on one particular aspect of things they want to say oh it's all the bankers that the bankers are the ones who are the problem of the world it's all a financial problem if we could just reel in our control over the money the world is gonna be a great place to live in we're gonna have everything figured out and it's all going to turn around then you have another group of people oh it's just a political you know class of people we just got the wrong people in office you know if we just get the right people into political positions get them voted in get all these bums voted out you know get the right people in political office everything's gonna turn around at all just work itself out you have the people who think it's all just you know religion controls it all oh it's it's the Catholics or it's you know the the Jesuit Order you know they're the ones who are behind all of it and you know if we just you know get in there and rout out these sick religionists you know then okay then everything's going to be fine you have people who think it's just a you know racial group of people oh it's all the Jews that are causing all of the problem of the world you know we don't want to look at political Zionism or Talmudic Zionist belief systems we want to just blame Jewish people and say it's all their fault you know we want to say you know it's other religious groups you know it's the Islamists radical Islam is the core of the problem with the world was look we we have to fight that ideological war and fight them over there before they get us over here all of these people are in denial about the old religion by the old religion I'm talking about the dark occult the cult of the Black Sun the dark solar cult priests class that is about the hoarding of high-level knowledge the hoarding of occult Sciences the hoarding of ancient psychological knowledge about how the deep recesses of the human subconscious mind work and operate the hoarding of the knowledge of how natural law functions to ultimately govern the sequences of our behavioral decisions and the actions that we perform toward others you know this is the knowledge that this dark religious priests class has and holds over the heads of the people of this world and they use it as a weapon for those who they keep an ignorant of these laws of nature and of the deep aspects of the human subconscious mind and the motivational factors that drive human beings you know they don't want us to have that self-knowledge they don't want us to have the knowledge of natural law this is why I call these things the most occulted subjects the most occultic knowledge on the face of the earth and you know I just want to say the people who still are in denial of the existence of dark occultism that don't want to understand that ultimately a dark and global religion that has a hidden priest class in operation throughout all of the institutions on the face of the earth is what's really controlling things they are a tight-knit operation of very different orders and societies that work like a spiderweb network throughout the world where one hand washes the other and they work together toward a common goal we're going to pick this discussion up on the other side of this break in the first segment of the next hour ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] we don't need no education [Music] welcome back everyone to our number three of tonight's edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening comm networks website republic broadcasting org my special guest tonight Jay Parker Jay before the last break we were talking about the fact that so many groups of people still are in denial of the world of the occult particularly the old religion that I simply refer to as the dark occult why do you think people are still in this level of denial and still are in such a level of mind control that they can't even hear the word a cult and understand that it means hidden knowledge and that they just want to shut down glaze over and you know go into this you know hiding mode practically when they even hear the word occult let alone try to understand how these groups have worked together in tandem with each other to carry out the control agenda that's playing out right before our eyes well it's pretty simple mark what you have to do to get a handle on you know what happened to humanity it's basically you have to see what happened to education in the Western culture through the Frankfurt School and through outcome-based education once critical thinking was removed moved from the classroom and replaced with outcome-based education and the German Prussian model of repeat after me and don't think basically we ended up with people that don't have any critical thinking skills and don't ask the question why is this person telling me this information what is their benefit in me believing this and you really have to look at the history of cultural manipulation by the oligarchs and when you start to study history and start studying the bankers which is just part of what the oligarch control dark and cold is you will see the bankers in America for instance in 1912 bought 25 of the largest newspapers in America and turned them from being you know newspapers that reported the news to newspapers which reported propaganda and they took over the education system they used the tax system to slowly take over the pulpit and we have a society now that basically is controlled top and bottom and to learn about the control of society because people need to know that they're programmable it's it's a hard thing for people to face but if you listen to Bruce Lipton's work wisdom of yourself you would know that in the first five years people are in hypnagogic trance right and they're taking in all they're in culturalization and whatever their culture tells them that becomes the word of god to them whether you grow up in a religious family or not that first five years six here's your life before you ramp up and get a normal full mind consciousness and have all your brainwave patterns that becomes your subconscious it runs 98% of your thoughts and deeds in your life and wisdom of yourself right Bruce Lipton goes into what the ramifications for a human being is in their subconscious and so what we have in our society are people who are steered by the Illuminati's Tavistock Institute for human relations and dr. John Coleman wrote a excellent book on this and until you read that book and until you start to look at Bruce Lipton's work on how the human brain develops in the first five years you're not really even going to want to get on the center path and start to learn and become your own person because you're not gonna see the need for it because you're gonna be a zombie undermine control and still in collectivist mentality yes all right now one of the things you brought up was programmability this is something that I've been repeatedly focused on in my work when it comes to human nature and it's a hard pill for a lot of people to swallow that we are a programmable species with that having been said the importance of understanding the programmability of the human being especially at a young age cannot be understated but I think to balance this we still need to understand that people are still responsible for their behavior even if they receive soft programming soft mind control like what what I would call soft forms of mind control this still doesn't excuse us for the responsibility over our own behavior it means that we have to still critically gauge the way that we have fet been been receiving information and then filter that information and come to a conclusion about whether it is inherently consistent with itself this is still a cape that people have but they don't use they don't use because it's much easier to just go along with the programming by rote like an automaton like they've been trained to do it's much harder to resist your training and you know want to break free from that confined set of protocols and parameters that you've been given to operate under because what that those protocols and parameters are saying to your not only your conscious but your subconscious mind is hey you're not responsible we are we're the ones who gave you these orders we're the ones who programmed you like this and told you that all you have to do is listen to us and so we'll be responsible for the ramification of the results of your behaviors you you're not ultimately responsible for that we are you know the the ones who are your order follow or order givers ok the ones who are your programmers and it's not true they can make that claim all they want but ultimately people are still responsible for the behaviors that they carry out and this is one of the central cornerstones of my work and it's again it's one of the reasons people don't like to hear what I have to say in many cases because so many people want to believe that in the final equation human beings are not ultimately responsible for the behaviors that they themselves carry out they want to pass the buck and the responsibility onto someone else and well unless claimed this is only a claim that can only be made but it's never true in reality in reality we're ultimately responsible we can make the claim that we can advocate that responsibility but we can't actually in reality abdicate that responsibility to anyone else it always belongs to us well this is where you're way off base because I was just following orders you know the the idea of my job right yeah it's just my job I didn't make this along yep now the thing is this is a huge thing that is throughout all of society today and it's been systematically programmed into people for the last three or four generations is that you can take your world culpability and pass it away to someone else and say well the politician made me do it that the law made me do it this that and the other thing you cannot in reality take away your responsibility for your own actions absolutely and again this is going to be one of the things I'm going to relentlessly hammer upon in coming weeks months and years in the water earth is happening material so Jay I think it was really worth taking this extra segment to get into some of that material ladies and gentlemen your calls coming up on the other side stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] you know today destroy tonight 95 today tried to run try to hide the other side bring up to the welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my special guest this evening Jay Parker satanic ritual abuse survivor and whistleblower Jay are you ready to go to the phones and take some calls yeah mark I just want to talk briefly before we take a phone call you cannot give the number out now just say a few things sure toll-free number to join us 831 three nine four four three I just want to thank you again for having me on it's always a pleasure to be here you know I love to come in here and you know try to spot people upside the head we're at a point where 40% of the ozone layer is gone from geoengineering spring and if this continues some scientists say we'll have no life in the northern hemisphere of the planet in 15 years so keep that mind that the aluminum barium and the HAARP that used to manipulate the jet stream and change the weather patterns is destroying the planet but also I just want to say this one little story I grew up in northern Delaware which is in the cold pedophile village that worships the marquee of hell 90% of the children I grew up with in the 60s in Arden Delaware work rigidly satanically abused and many of them went into the cia's monarch mind-control program that I was in now what I'm saying is Arden was founded in 1900 along with their sister community rose Valley Pennsylvania people like John lash the Gnostic scholar are still in denial about 10 truths they're still in denial about satanic communities in the world but let me send this one little nugget my Illuminati muddler who worked for the DuPont family said to me as she was freeing me to be Illuminati when you see a town or city that has T o in in the end of its name that's us so think of Wilmington think of Trenton think of Boston t o n now it doesn't mean the entire city is a cult the entire town is a cult what it means is key people in the founding of that society were dark occult and I say to everyone I've said in my talk with Alfred Weber which is on the web that there are 34 million dark cultist in America today roughly 10% of the population it's not just the elite Rockefellers dupont's and Rothschilds it's the cops it's the teachers it's professors they like their little wordplay their symbolic wordplay you know they're dark optimists so we're gonna add a ton to the end of you know the names of these towns there you go yeah and what why bringing this up is when you look at Philadelphia look at the statue of Billy Penn on top of City Hall in this right hand yes a scroll which my mother said means and this is the freemason symbol for having dark occult hidden knowledge that in his left hand Billy Penn has a bag and as my mother told me every warlock has a bag and if you think Billy Penn the Quaker wasn't a warlock you better talk to my mother and the dark coldness I grew up with because they knew he was Junior I'm gonna personally revisit some of this symbolism and put together a presentation about the name bill in general like here in Philadelphia the occult symbolism of City Hall is so obvious maybe I do an entire presentation on that one day phallic symbolism zodiacal a theological symbolism in the middle of city hall the hypercube octagon symbolism is all over it crushing the different races of the world there's reptilian symbolism inside it's unbelievable it's just a modge podge of dark occult symbolism absolutely all over that building so that's something I want to do in the future duh let's uh let's see what some of our callers have to say and again no taboo topics here on this show there never are anything you want to ask me or J is open and fair game let's go to the phones let's hear from Robin in Missouri Robin you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey guys so how are these quick as possible so I wanna hear your input on a quick story that I have and it's pretty important from my community where I'm living right now basically I'm certain beyond a doubt that there is a satanic this information agent lurking around in my area right now polluting the minds as much community members so what I want to do is work out my story to you really quick and then I want to hear what you have to say about it cuz it's pretty crazy sure ok yes sir ok so I live in Missouri in very local rural rural area with Amish and Mennonites are everywhere so it it's there are three communities living in this area who are intentional communities and eco villages and we're all part of this network of living sustainability sustainably and living with one another above in the land and you know a lot of the people in the area are very conscious people and they're aware from the crazy things going on the world but there's still naive to a lot of the manipulation going on right so if you go ahead you know your mind focused on this location imagine the Shire in the Lord of the Rings basically where I'm at that's what it looks like so there's this guy who's going around and he's he's not been around for a long time but he's basically trying to convert people to the idea that climate change is caused it's caused by human and he's repeating information to people trying to convince them over and over again he's repeating this stuff like it's his job and he's asking people how much water they're saving and all these things I have no no doubt in my mind I use a spy and this past May we had a party on Maidan where all of our three members got together and had a party to celebrate the coming of spring and you know we dance sing music he attended wearing goats clothes so he dressed up his pants and he was playing a flute and I know that's possum and symbolism I know he's trying to spread satanic philosophy and subconsciousness I really I know what this guy is doing so I want to ask you all and you go further he works on people computers that's his job he fixes thorough his computer so he has access to his data and looks at what they're doing and their children and the area that he interacts with so this is some serious stuff so I want to ask you how fast can I approach my community members and bring the subject up in a way where they don't just dismiss it right away and think I'm crazy this is serious I need these community members to understand what's going on so that's that's why I wants it changed you like to respond to that well I mean we all know that when it comes to agenda21 issues like global warming and climate change the government is spending billions of dollars in buying agents and getting the word out and these sounds like a spy to me I mean I'm just telling ya and you know not too many people are gonna get dressed up as pan on Beltane okay so right there I mean I got a little bit of a spiritual hit when you said that I was like wow doesn't sound too good you know yeah sounds like you know he's a dark and coldest and he's probably working for the government but what you can do about that is if you want people to wake up to you know the occult reality probably one of the things you would want to look into is the work of Michael two's Arion along with mark Paseos work but Michaels Ariane's work dealing with the aging history you know Jesus we've gotta go sorry we'll be right back folks welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening my special guest tonight is Jay Parker we were taking your calls toll-free number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three Jay I'll let you wrap up your comment on Robin from Missouri's comment well Robin uh you know when you mentioned he was dressed says pan at the Beltane I got a little flutter in my spirit and I'm definitely thinking dark and cold but he sounds like a government agent and so he's it agenda21 boy he's toeing the company line about sustainability and the fact that human beings are bad with their co2 and global warming now the issue of climate change and what's going on with weather you need a lot of true information and someone who doesn't have it axe to grind whether it's an oil man or whether it's a quote-unquote communist environmentalist and the website you need to go to to get ammunition and truth about climate changing about what's really going on with the ecology is a website called geoengineering dot org geoengineering or geoengineering watch dokdo sorry geoengineering watch.org it's run by Dane Wigington geoengineering watch.org has a radio show at I guess it's 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time every Saturday for an hour and go to geoengineering watch.org and look at their information and you'll really get a understanding of the chemtrails and HAARP situation and what's really going on with the ecology these people that run this website only care about saving humanity much like mark and myself great comment Jay let's move on and let's hear from Jonathan in New York City Jonathan you're live on what on earth is happening with our special guest Jay parkour welcome when did I make sure you to be a dick I am degrees where did I work for you to be a dick Jonathan are you there going once going twice gone let's hear from Eric and Colorado Eric you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey Jay mark how you guys doing tonight doing well good I'm so glad I got through Jay I have huge admiration for your work every time I think that I'm serving with mind control I'm growing up in a supposedly normal loving reasonably stable American family I think about what you've overcome on your path and it creates a great admiration for me and great inspiration speaking of inspiration I've been meaning to call the show for a couple weeks now mark I've been in touch with Ivan from Arizona oh yes I meet up here called free remind Colorado awesome I'd love to see these grips spring up all over the country yeah so we have we're gonna be meeting the first in third Thursdays of the month here in Denver at a coffee house called Stella's popular coffee house which is sort of midway between north and south in Burnet row area I'm actually actually living little ton last for me tonight oh you be you'll be happy to know my occult family and uncle lived there also so enjoy I'll just go door-to-door and see if I can find them and ask him but so anyway we're gonna meet the person third Thursdays at Stella's and it is on the meetup comm site under free your mind Colorado I feel like you know I discovered you guys through tragedy and hope Stafford your work market has literally changed my life I prom imagine there aren't other people in Denver that um are aware or and so surely imagine a place to show it though this is a phenomenal idea Eric you know you know people should take an example from someone like Eric and someone like Ivan you know put together a group in your area find like-minded people meet once or twice a month you know get together talk make a strategy to reach other people give out DVDs and and you know presentations you know this is grassroots effort this is how you reach out how you find other like-minded people and then how you branch out and spread the word to other people in your community and this is how you try to influence people's minds you know you have to get together with each other physically in person it's a great idea Erica I wish you all the luck in the world in starting this group I hope that goes great for you while Eric G to Facebook I do well if you're not a friend of mine definitely give me a friend's request and we'll do some chatting and I'll talk to you again diverse Arnab donors you know I was really helpful with an email you know what he's found successful and you know so I you know it's interesting that Mike organized there's a good friend of mine a lady I know quite well and you know I turned her on to to mark and like just watching I mean it was completely inspiring like you know she was sort of right there yeah it's not quite ready and just walking this sort of upward spiral and people take this kind of what I really call it like a bath in the truth right you know like this on going like wow pretty much thing after thing everything like is verifiable in your own experience and you're not like looking to start a church or be a guru or having people send money or anything you know just like this stuff is all free you know like all free like you don't need to believe him you don't need to sign up for it maintaining you know all just there for free you need to listen to it as long as you're gonna stand it and you know and ask yourself a few questions so that's our hope and you know what that this like I said this is what real grassroots effort is all about it isn't about you know waiting endlessly you know to take action it's about putting something together you know reaching out to other people and let it be what it is and take on a life of its own and you'll build it you'll build the effort you'll reach new people up new people will come in and become involved you know and you just keep pressing forward with a little bit of patience and persistence and you know you'll see that you'll you'll reach new people and you'll you'll change lives that's what this is all about and we're talking about Eric we're talking about a quality of life issue turn the TV off and turn your mind on Eric I want to you know thank you for your personal efforts and you know stepping out and putting something together and making something happen we need more people with that kind of courage we need more people with that kind of dedication to actually get up and do something so you know I totally applaud your efforts thanks goes to you and maybe when the book is published it'll do a road trip out west and you can hit Arizona and Colorado sounds good we will see Eric thanks so much for the call let's move on to Alex in Florida Alex you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hi my caller hi hi do you believe that the dark occult is managing countries like Russia as well in China is on curiosity I'm sometimes wonder it's I personally believe there is strong in those countries as they are in the United States or any other countries I think it is ultimately that it's the force that's running at the highest level of all institutional bodies in the world because it came out of the ancient world and the knowledge that came out of the ancient world that was left here by again this cosmic abandonment idea this thesis that other beings came here in the ancient past with very advanced knowledge very advanced sciences very advanced you know knowledge of genetics biology psychology etc knew everything there was to know about us because they essentially you know bioengineered us and they basically left this priest class in charge when they no longer wanted to be here and went back to wherever it was that they ultimately came from that was the abandonment of this species and this priest class was this you know cabal of people with high-level knowledge that had been entrusted to them by these people left quote-unquote in charge as the authorities to govern were administrate this world that was left in a state of basic disarray and the people in chaos and confusion and they took that knowledge and they ran with it they understood that that knowledge if it was held very tightly within their own circles and held out of other people's hands could be converted to a very large power differential in society and that's what started the original secret societies the intelligence networks you know the all the institutional bodies of the earth began as a result of that knowledge disparity in the population had very concentrated in the hands of this priest class and very absent in the hands of the general population it was the origin of dark occultism and that spread to all countries not just some but everywhere across the face of the earth that's why we're in the situation we're in now we've never come out of that level of control I'll let Jake give his take on that on the other side of this break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] we go [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening this is the last segment for this edition of the broadcast my special guest Jay Parker we're taking your calls toll-free number to join us 831 three nine four four three Jay your take on Alex from Florida's question regarding whether the dark occult has presences in all other countries well if you look at blad amir putin you'll see pictures of him with a yarmulke on russia deals with the Rothschild Vatican central banking system there is no difference we put the communist meaning the CIA and the Rockefellers and our oligarchs put the Communists in power in Red China so there's only a handful of countries that are outside of the central banking globalist dictatorship and that would be North Korea Iran Syria and I think there might be one other country there was that that changed Cuba last yeah Libya is gone now so all I have to say is there are all different flavors of criminal gangs and occasionally they have wars to settle gangster disputes just like mobsters in Chicago in the 20s and 30s no internal turf wars basically yep but basically there's probably a thousand really eight hundred five hundred topic cultists and there's a book out called super class and it gives the story of the two hundred thousand people that basically rule this world I recently study came out and said that on a double-decker bus a London double-decker bus you could put 80 people on that literally owned half this planet yep alright let's move on let's hear from Robert in Missouri Robert you're live on what honor is happening welcome hey greetings guys um you know I'm living here in st. Louis and right now this city is under such severe divide-and-conquer mine and control with these uh police shootings you know and this it's just it's it's fascinating to be here and watch the divide between along racial lines yes yep it's amazing that any white people could be so racially charged and belief believe in this nonsensical ridiculous idea of a division of races and humanity that they would actually like good little house slaves support what the police are doing in this country that they would actually get behind a police state system it's a disgusting disgusting ideology that these people have and you know anybody whose race is just completely and utterly misses the point of what's going on on this world come absolutely misses it entirely they have no idea what's going on they haven't grown up there's still a little little child who is in this me me me I identify with my tribe ideology and they have no idea how they're completely owned they're completely ruled and as long as they're in that mentality they're going to be ruled you know and people went there and throughout the world need to wake up and understand it is a divide and conquer strategy and they're falling for it hook line and sinker well it's a hybrid version though because they've got the blacks in st. Louis ready to strike out any in any way they can the frustration levels so high because you know we know this the n-double-a-cp was started by Jacob Schiff Paul Warburg rabbi Stephen wise a bunch of Jewish supremacists to use the african-american population as a bludgeon as a weapon system it fell in many cases you're dealing with a lot of ignorant people that are being manipulated themselves you know but to you know the whole point here is ultimately the government is still doing things that are completely against human rights and they keep pressing and pressing and pressing I would just give you an example every single time I travel I'm selected out of line because I have a beard and because if you look at some of my features I could look Egyptian or possibly Middle Eastern not just Italian you know I my my you know heritage goes back to southern Italian descent so that's mixed into you know Egyptian in north northern Africa etc I could be seen to have some somewhat feature a feature set like that every single time they try to claim it's a random process oh you're being randomly selected to be taken out of line and have your bag you know dust it down for some explosive material or whatever it's not a random process clearly these psychopathic or following house slaves have been told racially profile these people racially profile man anybody that looks somewhat middle-eastern or or or you know other questionable descent or heritage pull them out and make an example of them there's nothing random about it it's called racism that's what's going on there it's called selecting people because of their feature set not because you know anything about them because you know anything about their intent because you have any belief that they may do something that's harmful to somebody else I'm a peaceful person traveling and you want to pull me out of line because of how I look because I have a beard and long hair and I might look you know a Middle Eastern or Egyptian you know well you know markets like this the Fox News crowd the Conservatives this is the almost e strongest form of mind control out there that this Islamophobic a thing that's been wrong the you know your regular old Republican type of person because they're ready to commit genocide on the entire Islamic world over these fake beheadings and the rest of this guard like I said like I said earlier in the show it's everybody trying to blame some kind of a subclass of people that they have some kind of a distaste for when they can't see that the ultimate master Nations and manipulations are going on behind the scenes by this priest class that Jay and I simply refer to as the old religion or the dark occult until you understand what that group of people is and what their ideology is you don't know what's going on on this planet Jay your take on this as long as you're divided you're conquered and as long as people are at a partial level of Awakening and not all the way awake not in a state of true spiritual streetwyze spirituality level of enlightenment of understanding both the highest principles of creation which are the Sacred Feminine non-aggression principle combined with the sacred masculine principle of self-defense people are still ultimately asleep until they understand natural law at a high level they're ultimately asleep you know it's called as long as we abide in partial darkness we will continue to be conquered and being divided is being conquered as Jay just said I want to thank you for your call Robert let's try to squeeze one more call in here if we can Jay let's go to Jonathan and Kentucky Jonathan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show and we have limited time so get to your question quickly thank you like you know do you have a mailing address or Pido box that we can send donations to I've gone on your website yes I can help yes you can you can contact me by email in the contact section there is an email link to request sending a donation by mail just send me an email through that link and then I will reply with the mailing address to do so okay I have a quick question for Jay this is a spiritual encounter I had I had a Jersey I'll make this quick I had a dream of a serpent was coiled around my arm and bit me and sent energy to my heart and right before it hit my heart I consciously woke up in my bedroom and seen the tree of life symbol and face and immediately as I was aware of it and it was aware of me being aware of it it disappeared my lamp fell over and I heard a thousand knocks of like people knocking above my head and underneath my bed his timing on that before J does I would say you had a very powerful Kundalini experience in symbolically and that's a call to higher level spiritual awakening if you ask me that's what that's that that symbolism is calling calling you to go further in your understanding and to start speaking out on your own as a possible potential future teacher and that's a powerful positive Kabbalistic spiritual symbolism in that dream Jay I'll let you figure out or take on that definitely check out Michael's Ariens work on ancient symbolism and learn about the serpent cult of the ancient world it's not a native thing it's a positive thing so or zoos and Oracle's on youtube check out Jay Parkers show tomorrow night on BlogTalkRadio sra today Jay thanks so much for being my guest once it all ladies and gentlemen that's all the time we have on this edition of what on earth is happening remember there's only two mistakes you can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks for listening everyone will see right here next week [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]