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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website of course Republic Broadcasting org the show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern time from 9:00 p.m. to midnight central today is Saturday January 31st 2015 we have a great show lined up for you here tonight we're going to be continuing to talk about what I call the elephant in the room a topic that many people do not want to bring up and discuss because of its controversial nature mind control specifically targeted at women to foment the war between the sexes that we're witnessing in our society I'm going to be discussing neo feminism continuing to discuss neo feminism as we started last week this will be an ongoing series neo feminism as a eugenics operation what I call epic eugenics I believe it's a term that I have coined myself it's epic genetic eugenics it is genetics that is waged through mind control of the population essentially getting them to call their own numbers and we are indeed seeing that take place before our eyes if people don't understand that that's what's going on they really need to set up and pay attention to what I'm talking about in this series I'll give the call in number right here at the top of the show I may take calls in the third hour of the show last week I did not get around to taking calls because the I wanted to stay focused on the information hopefully we'll have some time to take some calls in the third hour the call-in number to join us here on what on earth is happening 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 once again the calling number to join us if you want to get in the caller queue now 800 3 1 394 43 also I may go to the phones to ask the listening audience a question during tonight's broadcast so if you're willing to you know maybe answer a question that I would like to pose just to put some some food for thought out there for the listeners tonight call in the call-in number and I may go to you to get your take on something so a couple of quick event announcements before we jump in with the topic for tonight the free or mind three conference of course coming up here in the Philadelphia area April 10th 11th and 12th of 2015 at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in Langhorne Pennsylvania just outside the city limits of Philadelphia the speakers lined up for this great conference coming up in April Bob Tuscan Clint Richardson Curtis the illuminated one Davis Dennis McKenna Derek Bros the New Jersey Weed Man Edie fortune freighter X Freeman Fritz spring Myer J Parker Jenice bar cello John Bush John vibes Josie the outlaw whales Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor luke rudkowski Mark Devlin myself mark passio and Stuart Swerdlow there will also be an anti media panel there will be a panel discussion group with many of the speakers that are taking part in the conference and there will be open mic night sessions at the end of each evening an all weekend pass for the free your mind 3 conference coming up just outside of Philadelphia in April $150 you can get your tickets online at free your mind conference calm the best way to support this great conference that's coming up here in Philadelphia in April is to buy your tickets in advance there's this is the biggest conference of this its kind on the East Coast coming up this year most certainly with a who's-who speaker line-up so that if you want to support this event get your tickets in advance that's how the organizers are able to pay for the venue that's how they're able to pay for the speaker travel arrangements and this speaker lodging arrangements for this great event freer mine conference calm get your tickets now Philadelphia Liberty on the rocks presents a special presentation by myself mark passio on the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment this is going to be taking place Tuesday February 10th 2015 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time at the cafe the cafe is located at 2011 Walnut Street in Philadelphia 20th and walnut this event is free to attend and I will be what I'm going to be doing what I call field-stripping the Second Amendment I'm going to break it down into its all of its constituent elements and explain to people exactly what was meant and intended by the founders and the co-authors of the Second Amendment and I'm going to then reassemble the Second Amendment on the other side of that field-stripping to help people to very clearly see its true meaning and purpose as it was originally intended instead of these new interpretations that people try to ascribe to it that had absolutely nothing to do with its intent so this is coming up February 10th Tuesday February 10th 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. the presentation will not be all three hours there will you know be a question and answer session and a discussion after the presentation so for more information on this event you can go to Philadelphia dot Liberty on the rocks org they also have a meetup group Philadelphia Liberty on the rocks I will be taking part in what is called a counter protocol of light event this is going to be held during around the time of the halftime show of the Superbowl tomorrow Sunday February 1st 2015 at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time this event will be hosted by Scott Bartle and Debra punch of shift is happening tv.com the website is shift is happening tv.com the other members of the panel of the discussion panel will be Sean Stone Freeman John Ramirez Jamie Hanshaw Sarah Adams and Patrick Henningsen so a really great panel discussion group and they're also going to do like energy work as well during this event the counter protocol of light there we're going to be basically breaking down what they do during these Super Bowl halftime rituals which is what they are why they do them and what the intended effects on the mindset of the population is that's basically what this panel discussion is going to be on and the hosts intend to basically counteract that dark and negative energy with an event like this to raise awareness and to help people to basically shield themselves against you know this type of ritualistic energy that is being sent by these dark occultists that organize rituals like this the the Super Bowl halftime shows are very clearly ritualistic and they're they're definitely put together in order to steer consciousness in a certain direction so once again counter protocol of light event Sunday February 1st 2015 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time and we'll go through the Super Bowl halftime show and you could check that out at shift is happening tv.com one of the panel members Freeman will also be hosting me he has put together this question and answer session because I just appeared on his show the free zone and I'll be doing a question-and-answer session with him on Monday February 2nd I'll tell you a little bit more about that on the other side of this break stay with us let me empty [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone they're listening to what on earth is happening here on our DN I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break the first break headus I was talking about an event I'm dealing with Freeman of Freeman tv.com he'll be hosting a question-and-answer session with me called ask an ex Satanist anything and this came about as a result of me being on his show the free zone just yesterday so he wanted to put together a question and answer session for his listening audience and this will be taking place Monday February 2nd at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time Monday February 2nd you can get more information about this Q&A; session that I'll be doing with Freeman and his listeners on Freeman tv.com check out Freeman's website Freeman tv.com there are still what on earth is happening promotional t-shirts available as a free gift in return for a voluntary donation to what on earth is happening you can click the email link that's listed in the news article at the top of the news section on the what on earth is happening dot-com website to get more information about how to receive a what on earth is happening promotional t-shirt there's also a donation button on the left hand side of the what on earth is happening website if you feel that you've received value from the information that has been shared on my website and on this radio show you could feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work so that I can continue into the future with that having been said I'd like to direct everybody's attention to the one on earth is happening calm radio show page underneath the page during the live show there are always images for tonight's show listed the images there tonight are just about the events that are coming up the free or mind 3 conference my second ammendment presentation at Liberty on the rocks coming up on February 10th the counter protocol of event at the halftime of the Super Bowl and the ask an ex satanist anything event that I'll be doing with Freeman on Monday so I don't have any images for the material that I have been covering and will continue to cover because I haven't really organized this officially as a presentation I will more likely than not do that at some point in the future and have slides prepared for such presentation on this topic but for now this is going to remain sort of a stream of consciousness type thing where I'm basically going along with a general outline of topics that I want to touch on when it comes to this dynamic of neo feminism as a eugenics operation what I call an example of eppy eugenics you know eugenics could be carried out a number of ways it can be done physically it could be done chemically you know it could be done basically through forced sterilization things like that but I think the social engineers have ratcheted up their game to a very significant level and they are doing it epigenetically they're not doing it physically anymore eugenics is being waged through mind control and if that's what I call epic eugenics epic eugenics the concept that you can get a population ultimately to want to call itself and this is what we're really seeing happening there's so many first of all how I want to basically transition into this going back into all the topics we were touching on last week is to reiterate that when I bring this up the war between the sexes and mind control that is specifically targeted at women in our culture especially in Western culture I'm not trying to further divide the sexes I'm trying to heal the divide by bringing awareness about how this is a Hegelian dialectic that a mechanism that has been put into play in our society and in any dialectical manipulation only one side ultimately needs to take the bait they only one side needs to buy into the the lie of the dialectic in order for the dialectic manipulation to work to have effect on the whole society you know I give the example often times let's say let's say a a student in a classroom wanted to start a conflict be to between two other students okay and the two students are sitting next to each other in the class well one student may be going by one of them and and smack them in the back of the head and then you know quickly pass and you know the the one student that got hit in the back of the head turns to the other student and looks at them as if they did it you know and really what the student who struck the the first individual in the back of the head was trying to do is to get that person to think that the other student did it well the second student does not have to be involved in the manipulation you know only the first student has to by the notion that that other student hit them in the back of the head when in fact it was the person who walked by you know and then a conflict can start between those people and that person who got hit will think the whole time oh that that person did this and you know I'm just responding to that you know and then oftentimes if they do something harsh or you know violent to that other person then that person's going to respond even though they're they didn't intend any any harshness or any conflict with that other person you see that's what I mean by only one side of a dialectic needs to by the life or the dialectical manipulation to be accomplished you know if the the the first intended target of the manipulation doesn't see through the lie the conflict can easily begin and that's what we've already seen in our society as a result of neo feministic beliefs so we started breaking this down last week and I tried to explain to people that I would not be willing to take a chance on alienating a huge portion of my listening audience and people that I've tried to get to understand the dynamics that are really happening in the world if this topic were not real and critically important if it were not something that is absolutely essential to understand okay so last week we touched on a whole lot of different dynamics when it came to this problem that we're facing in society of what I call neo feminism and I label it that to distinguish it from classical feminism which is simply about equal rights under natural law and women being respected as much as men in in society being treated as equals I don't have any problem with that I think both sexes should be treated with fairness and dignity and as equals as far as our rights are concerned our rights under natural law this does not mean that the sexes are the same of course and this is the the part of the neo feminist agenda is to end Rajan eyes the sexes too masculine eyes women and to feminized men so that there is a blending and a indistinguishable aspect when it comes to the sexes that's what they want they want androgyny and what this does is it weakens the masculine instinct in men and it makes them into what I call the inauthentic man okay the corporate man and then what it does is it also makes women more masculinized and more wed to the state the idea of domination having to be present okay having to have a part in our lives government the acceptance of government and you see this so prevalently in modern society when it comes to the fact that most women are still status now that doesn't mean most men aren't okay most men are still status as well but I ask people as a an introductory an introduction to this topic just think about the ratio difference in the so-called truth movement between men truth seekers and truth tellers okay who are putting information out into the world and part of the alternative media versus how many women are involved in that and it's not to say that there are no women involved in that process of doing that great work but it's the the ratio is so overwhelmingly imbalance that I think anybody being honest with themselves can easily see that and I think we should be asking ourselves the question why is it that way we'll pick up right there on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] welcome back everyone we listen to what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com continuing to get into the topic for tonight we're talking about neo feminism as a epi' eugenics operation as a way of ultimately calling the human population by getting people to war between the sexes and we're seeing that already play out in our society and it has been playing out in our society for decades since this agenda has been brought in by think tanks and Marxist and socialist movements you know we talked about that briefly last week all the different institutions that are part of this you know a lot of this neo feminism was ushered directly into our society by the Frankfurt School part of Graham she's plan of the long march through the cultural institutions people should look up Antonio Gramsci and understand incremental socialism creeping socialism you know the total creeping incrementalist control of the state look up the fabian society you know that's another think tank organization that is all about slowly bringing in the destruction of the authentic man and the authentic woman in our society so that the androgen aizen's that the the husks or shells of the former authentic man an authentic woman can basically be cannon fodder for the state and are easy to manipulate in control at that point though all the other think tank involvement you know goes up higher than even these organizations these are like the political aspects of it you know you have like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Rockefeller Foundation you know again aspects political driven aspects of this here in the United States and then you have things like the Tavistock Institute of human relations which is all about mind control and social engineering and eugenics those organizations grew out of Chatham and Ellington house in England you know and then of course you have the Club of Rome which to me is probably one of the highest think-tanks that's directly involved with this agenda because that they are entirely about eugenics and population reduction you know then you have to explore the connections between all of this and you know organized religion so it has very deep roots and it's ultimately all about control it's not about anything else it never has been about anything else it's about control and making the population more manageable through reducing its numbers another thing you have to understand is dark occultism plays into this directly the Neo I'm gonna make a statement here and get it folks get as offended about this statement as you want the Neo feminism agenda is derived directly out of satanic ideology it comes out of Satanism and one of the books that I highly recommend people to read when it comes to understanding the direct manipulation of the male mind in society is the Satanic witch by Anton LaVey a very little-known book hardly anybody I know ever has ever read this book and I think it's absolutely critical it's a critical book to read to understand what's really going on in society you know this is a it's a guidebook if you will it's an instruction manual for the Neo feminist agenda as far as I'm concerned you know and you know look here's all you really have to deeply grasp at first the social engineers who have constructed this agenda want the vast majority of women and again I'm going to make generalizations when I talk about this all right I'm going to use terms like the vast majority of and if you're uncomfortable with that like I said last week turn the show off now okay I'm not interested in whether people get offended by you know generalized statements to understand this you need to use generalizations so I'm going to use moe almost all almost every the vast majority of and if you're uncomfortable with that tough okay so the the the vast majority of women are being manipulated by this agenda by them being essentially told and buying into the idea that what life is really about folks is pleasure and comfort and you know your daily pursuits you know the idea of the whole pursuit of happiness very ambiguous terminology okay rights are left at the door when it comes to this mentality all right it's about me me me me me all day every day I try to explain to people that if I could explain to you what Satanism really is when when you say the term everybody's mind goes to the idea of the Christian devil you know the red devil and with the horns and the pitchfork and the tail okay this has little to zero to do with what I am calling Satanism okay ideological Satanism which in which and maybe this is a good time to explain this because we're talking about the connection between the Neo feminist agenda and Satanism Satanist shows the name Satan because of the archetypal connection to the Christian adversary or opposer that which is the adversary or opposer which is what Satan means in Hebrew to the Christ consciousness to the higher consciousness the higher mind the connection to the higher self the real Savior of the world which is making that connection to higher self and higher consciousness and really being aware of what's going on within us and around us okay Satanist chose that image because what they are trying to do is destroy that higher consciousness keep people in a state of low vibratory consciousness so that they can be route controlled and therefore ruled and put into slavery and bondage you know as such they're the adversaries of that Christ consciousness you know they don't want that type of consciousness rising in our society they want to keep it quelled so that's the reason they chose that however the ideology of Satanism has nothing to do with the worship of the Christian devil the concept of the Christian devil it is about pure selfishness being the highest aspiration in life if I could encapsulate what satanic ideology is in a nutshell it's waking up in the morning and from the minute you wake up until the time you go to sleep that night you aren't thinking about anything but yourself and what you could do to improve your own situation and you never ever think about anybody else's situation you never have any compassion for the suffering of other people in the world you don't look at the world in a wider sense you don't look at the in justices that are going on in the world in the what in any kind of a wider sense all you are doing is focused on me me me me me all day every day that is Satanism that's what Satanism is and I'm not asking you to believe or accept that's what Satanism is I'm telling you definitively and factually as a former priest of this religion that that is in fact what Satanism is period the end and it doesn't make a difference whether you accept it or believe it or not you know I like like I've said if you want to know about any religion you would probably want to go to the priest of that religion and ask them about it well I was a former priest of Satanism and I'm telling you that's what the religion is the period now when you think about that how many people in society qualify as Satanists and out of those people how many of them are women and III admit just about as many or probably men but I'm telling you this is heavily heavily heavily marketed and peddled to women in society and there's a reason for that to get the moral decay of a society going you have to get the woman's mind first you absolutely have to get their minds first because largely they're the people who are quote unquote raising children and I say quote unquote because the parenting in our society is a joke it's a joke and women want to bear children but they don't want to raise them properly you know because they weren't raised properly and largely neither were the men that they're associating with at all and I'll tell you that just from my perspective I talked about this last week I wasn't raised properly by my parents I wasn't raised by my parents period like I said last week my real family the people who really truly raised me are people I don't know personally in my life in person they were people who communicated through their writings and through other forms of media what real morality is about and we have way too few quote unquote parents doing that job they're failing miserably at it and that comes directly out of the mind control that most women undergo we'll continue to talk about this dynamic on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn we'll be right back folks stay with us welcome back everyone in listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break I was talking about how neo feminism grew directly out of this satanic ideology and there's no better evidence of that than the book The Satanic witch by Anton LaVey which I highly recommend everybody reading to understand a lot of the manipulation tactics that are really being used against men and how men are really being emasculated in this society controllers don't want any strong men in society because strong men are the only people who strong informed and enlightened men are the only ones who are really going to wage any kind of physical resistance against tyranny of tyrannical government in society now it's not to say that women would not be able to ideologically come out of their trance and understand the tyranny that's in place you know but when it comes to any kind of possible necessity for physical action certainly men are going to be more likely than not the individuals are going to be taking that action that's why it's so important to get men completely emasculated in society and this whole idea of the destruction of all moral values in society starts with taking the woman's mind over okay because they're they've been in the traditional role throughout history as the nurturer and the one who is going to instill moral values into the child okay by teaching them especially since traditionally women stayed with the child now with women in the the workforce there's nobody except the state schools to basically instill so-called values into the child and what's getting instilled in those schools social Darwinism you know the the worship of money the worship of the state that's what's getting instilled into children scientism you know a total left-brained so-called education which is a total indoctrination system of fifty thousand hours of compulsory schooling with a child away from both parents when you have parents who have not been raised with moral values and their only thing that they've been taught to value is money that's the value system money you know where do you expect society to go you expect it to become more free you expect people to to do great things in a free capacity expect it to go into chains into chains which which is exactly where it's at and you know I tell people let's make it personal I don't need to go to anybody else or talk about anybody else as an example let's talk about my own family my own family are completely ensconced and entrenched in a satanic mindset every member of my family except me maybe with the exception of one or two others who I would consider is very semi awakened aware and not really active but in general the entirety of my own family are in a satanic mindset never focusing on anything but me me me me me me me all day long every day the women of my family don't care about rights they don't care about freedom they don't care about what's going on around them and the only thing they tell their children is go out and make enough money the only thing that I was that that my own mother was ever concerned with is whether I was making enough money or had a quote job that's it no involvement in any aspect of emotional or spiritual life whatsoever certainly not trying to rate raise me to an accurate and deep understanding of morality at all zero never mentioned it now just go along with the program go along with the system follow the rules because you have to come out on top because you have to make enough money that's all physical creature comforts yes you're taken care of you know as if that's all there is to the raising of a child and you have millions and millions hundreds of millions of people doing this so-called raising their children like this thinking that physical creature comforts are the only thing that a child needs met that's it nothing else so why do what surprise is there when we have totally inauthentic men and women in society that we're never raised that have no connection to the true self and what I want to talk about is what women have been socially conditioned to desire to one because that plays a huge role in what's going on a gigantic role what the inauthentic socially conditioned women woman which is the vast overwhelming majority of most women want the the corporates inauthentic man that's what they desire in society and so the corporate inauthentic man the ones that will go down that path and play ball with the system you know most women will gravitate toward that toward the guy who is compliant has been emasculated by the system by government and is completely compliant with all the rules and regulations because you know will basically make themselves make their image into what their corporate masters want them to be and then follow in and fall in line whatever behaviors their corporate masters want from them and most men will just do it because what most men in our society one is for women to be interested in them and paying attention to them and that's what their lit they're living their lives to try to accomplish not trying to get it the truth not trying to understand what's going on in the world they're chasing the inauthentic woman for the vast majority of their lives and so they want to reinvent themselves into their corporate masters version of what a man should be to look like they want them to look to act like they want them to act it's pathetic and these aren't real men they don't resemble real men in any way and neither do the women who want men who are corporate doormats and in general that's what modern women want they want either either they want a corporate doormat that they can use as a resource or they want a total dominator you know and this all stems from either wanting to be in the position of control or wanting to be controlled the vast overwhelming majority not all there are some genuine authentic women and genuine authentic men left in this world but the numbers are waning and dwindling folks and that's what the social engineers want and how they put this idea into into women's mind you know this idea of you have to get the person who's the most successful in society you know I have a question for listeners I'd like to pose a question that is a social experiment I've done to try to highlight this dynamic and folks I realize how controversial this is and guy I said it from the beginning I'm not going to shy away from this what I'm going to say needs to be said and I'm going to say it anyway ok it doesn't make a difference whose offend that are alienated by this if you think this paints some kind of negative light on my work we'll turn it off don't listen to it anymore it doesn't make a difference the truth remains the truth and this is still going on I'd like for people to call in because I have a question to pose somebody wants to answer an off-the-cuff question you know a blind question that I want to put out there to try to highlight a dynamic I want people to understand the call one number to join us is 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 once again the callin number 800 3 1 3 9 4 4 3 we actually have a caller on the line I'm going to go to them in the next segment after the top of the hour because I have a question that I want to pose and I think it will highlight this dynamic of why there's such a absolute degradation of moral values in our society and how women have largely played into that as a result of social engineering I'm not saying men haven't either but very much so this dynamic has targeted women these social engineers know exactly what they're doing folks stay with us we're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] [Music] and welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on our VN we're into the second hour of the show for this evening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're continuing our series on the neo feminist agenda as a eugenics operation what I call an example of eppy eugenics eugenics that is carried out through mind control this is about the mind control specifically targeted at women to foment a war between the sexes and that is the elephant in the room that hardly anybody wants to really get into and talk about on any kind of a deep level help people to understand the think tanks and occult groups that are directing this agenda how it works the type of conditions that it has led to in our society and what we can do about it but again I said I've been studying this dynamic for years now and I finally felt that the time was right to bring this information forward because I consider it a moral obligation to talk about this when I understand the dynamic that is going on so well and very very few people do you know neo feminism constantly wants to tout the notion that you know the sexes aren't equally as oppressed in our culture that our freedoms aren't being destroyed all around the board men and women you know they put out this notion that every you know everything is because of patriarchy well ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages we don't live in a patriarchy or a matriarchy I mean if you believe that you've bought into the dialectic we live ladies and gentlemen in an occult aa cracy that's the nature of the ruling class that generally completely dominates and controls and enslaves the rest of the population you know people want to call it a patriarchy a matriarchy this and that a corporate ah cracy you know an oligarchy it's an oak autocracy maybe people have never heard that term before well you have now it means rule by the occult rule by occult means and folks if you think the occult the dark occult as I refer to the twisted variation that the cult aspects of occult acknowledged being used against people as a weapon okay the dark occult and darker cultists are comprised by both men and women and they're comprised by people from every culture every walk of life every age you know both sexes and even just about every social income class you know people think it's only the ultra-rich know the occultists are not all rich you know there's people who are involved in generational bloodline families of occultism and they're not necessarily rich and powerful people they're powerful when it comes to what they understand about the mind we're not living in a mate of patriarchy folks it's an oak autocracy ruled by dark occultists and what I was talking about in the last segment is that you know most of the inauthentic women in our society want either a doormat or a Dominator you know because again they're in one form of brain imbalance or another the vast majority of them are being conditioned and left brain imbalance because that's masculinizing the woman and it's also getting the woman to align her so-called values to the state to the state and it's so-called values put all this stuff in quotation marks folks and again you could put the word woman in quotation marks so you know maybe that'll make it a little bit more palatable I'm not really talking about a real woman here you got to understand that every time I'm using the term woman when I connected in with a neo feminist agenda you have to understand I mean the inauthentic mind controlled woman that has nothing to do what what a real woman is at all zero and unfortunately the inauthentic woman comprises the vast majority of women in our population yes that is a generalization but it is a true generalization the social engineers have done their job well and they know what they're doing and they know how to do it you know this is done through movies television magazines media the news the the daily news that people absorb you know you just look through society and I'm telling you right now all you have out there is television Watchers folks you got people who sit in front of that garbage device day in and day out rotting their brain and they think it's telling them something that resembles truth the genuine being the genuine human being the genuine man the genuine woman is not involved in in any aspect of the game of control whether on the side of being a Dominator or being a doormat and no genuine man or woman who would want somebody to play either one of those roles a real relationship involves control not being involved in it and unfortunately that's what modern-day relationship relationships have all become about control but I have a question I want to ask the listening audience I did I've done a social experiment over the last several weeks or on my own time where I asked approximately 75 people 75 individuals this question that I'm going to pose to a caller blindly right now okay and out of well I won't tell you what the results are okay let's actually go to the phone line so I could pose this question and I'll tell you a little bit more about the social experiment that I did let's let's hear from Phil in Oregon Phil I know you may have called in to pose some other question but I want you to hold off on that question for now and I want to ask you a question okay and if you still have a question or a comment that you want to make I'll bring you back on later okay you could hold and I'll bring you back in but I'd like to pose a question blindly to you and could you just confirm I haven't asked you this question have I know I'm kind of excited okay we didn't talk at all or pre rehearse this in any way okay I'm just bringing fill in because he's the first in the call queue and I just want to ask you something okay I've asked 75 people so far this question all right as a social experiment in a modern day interaction between a male and a female after the social niceties and pleasantries are exchanged at first could you tell me the first question invariably that the woman poses to the man in that interaction man we think almost invariably the first question that a woman in modern society will pose to a to a man after you know that the general pleasantries are exchanged like you know what's your name where you from you know what's the next question that comes up oh I got it go ahead what what do you do for diamond coin slavery points Thank You Phil now now ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen this deeply deeply explains the dynamic that I'm talking about here okay Phil I'm gonna let you go I want to thank you for giving that answer okay and I want to tell people the result of this experiment if you want to hold on the line you're welcome to do that and I'll bring you on for a question or comment after when I go to the phone if I go to the phones but thank you thank you for allowing me to ask you that question blindly okay thank you so of course the answer to that question is what do you do for a living what do you do to make money okay that's the first question now that's person 76 that I've posed that question to in the last several weeks and I'll tell you the result of that little social experiment on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you are listening to what on earth is happening stay with us [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm now before this last break I think we've hit people with something that is a cornerstone in what I'm trying to explain and I want to thank Phil from art Oregon from answering my question live on the air blindly okay not knowing what I was going to ask and the question was that I've done a social experiment with this over the last several weeks and I've posed this question to 75 people phil was number 76 and the question was in an interaction in the modern world between a man and a woman who have just met each other after they you know if they're talking and they exchanged pleasantries at the very beginning of the conversation what is invariably the first question that the female will pose to the male in that interaction and he answered what do you do for a living he worded a little bit more colorfully he said what do you do for a demonic coin of the realm or something to that effect you know for fake Fiat Federal Reserve notes you know but essentially the question remains the same what is your the occupation that you make money doing okay now this being the primary front foremost question that is posed what does that say about what is going on in the modern conditioned female mind well what we get into that in a minute but let me give you the results of my little social experiment that I've conducted here over the past few weeks 100 % of people that I posed that question to 76 out of 76 answered the same what do you do for a living 100 percent now ladies and gentlemen of the listening audience okay if I went out on the street corner here in South Philadelphia and I went on the corner and I just said I posed the question to a hundred people as they walked by could you please tell me what color the sky is on a cloudless weather 'less day during the day when that what you know not at nighttime but during the day on a cloudless weather las' day what color is the sky what color does the the sky refract to the human eye I will almost guarantee you guarantee you that you will not get 100% of people to answer with the word blue I will almost guarantee it yet 100% of people you know how difficult it is to get 100% agreement on any question on any question you go out on the street corner and ask people what planet is this that you are standing on I guarantee you 100% of people won't respond with the earth I will almost guarantee it as crazy as that sounds trust me you will find somebody that will give a different answer to get 100% agreement on asking that many people anything is unimaginably extraordinary and says volumes about this social dynamic it speaks volumes and the reason for this is because the utmost thing in the mind of most people and I will say the is true for both men and women but it's overwhelmingly the case for the conditioned woman in society and everybody will make excuses for this and they'll have justifications you know till the end of time because they won't want to look at this dynamic honestly they won't want to look at it honestly what this means what this says societally is going on psychologically within the minds of the vast overwhelming majority of socially conditioned socially engineered females what they are saying is my value system is based in money get is offended about it as you want I don't care what anybody says about that it's the truth that is what that dynamic is saying psychologically now let me ask the listeners out there this question okay could you pose a hypothetical reason for me to contemplate and for the other listeners to contemplate could anybody out there tell me why the first question that does not come up in conversation between a man and a woman interacting socially in our society that the women the woman would ask to the man or that the man would ask to the woman for that matter is do you know the difference between right and wrong behavior definitively or in other words are you a truly moral being why isn't that the first question that's asked why is it that the first question that's asked ladies and gentlemen want to know why because most people don't give a damn about that at all at all that's why that's the truth I don't need anybody to hypothetically answer the question I know what the answer the question is because their values are based in anything that is a real value it's based on an illusion called garbage nonsense fake fiat money there is nothing but a control system for the mind and behaviors and emotions and I guarantee you will get tons of excuses and tons of justifications about that you know I'm a misogynist for bringing that up don't you know you know it's because money is the value system that they have been taught and that's the value system they've retained morals uh who gives a damn I don't need to know anything about that you know do you condone or support violence against other people by your support of the state now we donate I don't need to know anything about that because it variably ninety-nine point nine percent of these people all do support the state their status now here's my mic question folks let's get to the underlying psychological factor that's going on there let's get to the under underlying psychological causal agent the causal factor of what's taking place in the female the manipulated conditioned female psyche again folks one of the things I want to re-emphasize that I talked about last week is we have to understand that this is not human nature and many men are absolutely just as brainwashed and conditioned and mind-controlled and socially engineered my contention would be that more men are out of that conditioning than women are by a small percentage well we have to get to the underlying psychological reasons for this we picked this up on the other side [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on our BN on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm you know we've pretty much struck a nerve when it comes to the dynamic that I'm talking about regarding neo feminism and the socially conditioned mindset of the overwhelmingly vast majority of women in our society and the value system that that really shows that most people are in which is no values at all you know it's it's the worship of money and more over than that it's it's deeply beyond that because we have to get past just the symptoms and understand what the underlying social psychological factors that are really going on in most people's minds okay especially the female mind which is part of an overwhelmingly important part of what perpetuates statism in our society and perpetuates everything that goes along with statism which is that continued condoning of violence and oppression and slavery in our world and I'm going to put out there the argument that the overwhelming mass of females in our society want that to continue they love the state they cannot get enough of it and I'm not saying that most men aren't status as well because they most certainly are but I'm saying it's almost entirely has a hold over women's minds as opposed to men who seem to be coming out of the status mindset a lot faster I know that's a controversial statement to make but look the numbers are there in the observation just go out and look at who's out there telling the truth about statism as being a complete illusion how many men are doing that versus how many women are doing that I mean I don't think anybody would call into this show or try to debate at all anywhere that the overwhelming numbers of people involved in the truth movement are men the ratio is wildly skewed if I had to guess I would say it's a minimum minimum of 10 to 1 and I'm probably being extraordinarily generous in that estimation I'd say more likely than not it's actually closer to 20 to 1 you know which it speaks volumes all you have to do is go out in any group of activists and observe and I'm talking about for like you know really things that are anti the state of course there are activist groups that are comprised largely of when women I'm talking when it comes down to telling the real truth about this entire corrupt immoral system because most women gain benefit from that system from being in place and wanted to continue they don't want the state to come down that's why the state is constantly you know trying to justify their existence in their minds and and tell them how much they need them because it is like the state's trying to prop itself up as the the actual real masculine man image you know and say you need us and here's here's the underlying psychological Diamont dynamic that I'm talking about what are we really talking about folks why does a woman in a in a first interaction with a male ask the question what do you do for a living what's being actively sought psychologically what are they revealing about their condition that they're in you know just let me just say this as an aside do you there are people who I know and have known for years that I still don't know what they do quote for a living I hate that term what do you do for a living as if you wouldn't be able to live without doing this you know as if they somehow all of life is dependent on the flow of money and whether you're in some corporate slave job I hate the term what do you do for a living for a living what do I do for the fake garbage Federal Reserve notes that people so believed in as a religion as a false religion and that morons believe in as a false religion you know so I lost my train of thought there I was saying you know the underlying psychological dynamic that you know is going on here and how wildly you know skewed truth-telling is in in the in the truth movement and you know there the ratio that exists between men and women the this dynamic of you know what do you do for a living where where is that coming from you know I mean I would never I was saying I never I there are people who I know who I have never even asked that question - I've never posed the question to actual friends that I have people that I've known for years you know I've actually gone up to and said you know I'm the how long have I known you you know and someone replied to me oh about five or six years now it's gotta be and I said I have no idea what type of job you do during the day at all never asked them one time because I don't care about that well why would I care about what fake nonsense that somewhat is made to go through is coerced really to go through okay by this society to make you know absolutely fake nonsense money that has isn't backed by any real intrinsic value what so why would I care what someone who's in the same basic slavery position as Amin when it comes to having to have an amount of that dynamic in your life to be able to just get any food or services at all okay and why would that be somehow the term determining what how I interact with that person I'm not concerned about what somebody does for their job at all in any way because that's not what makes somebody a person I want to know or not at all in any way I honestly don't care what they do as long as I know that they're a good person and they're fighting the good fight of freedom and getting involved in doing the great work in some capacity that's what I care about I want to know whether someone's awake I want to so want to know whether someone knows what's going on in the world I want to know whether someone is conscious I want to know whether someone cares about what's going on in the world not how many fake Federal Reserve notes they can accrue there are people in my life who I've known for years I've never even posed the question to I don't know what they do and I don't even want to know and yet this is the first and foremost things on the minds of most people because what they are trying to get at is how much money do you make and that there's a reason for that psychologically what's going on in their mind now I want to go to another caller and ask them this question okay so I'm going to go back to the phone lines and I'm gonna bring somebody else on and I want them to try to answer the question what psychologically is going on in the minds of someone who poses a question the first first question they ask somebody else because they think there might be you know some kind of interaction or attraction or whatever and you know in pursuing some sort of a any kind of a relationship the first thing that they want to know is what do you do for a living okay I want to know the psychological dynamic that is taking place there what psychologically is going on so I'm gonna bring on Donna from Los Angeles and Donna if you have another comment or question I'm gonna ask you to hold it for now I'll go back to you if we go to the phones tonight and I want to ask you what do you think is the psychological dynamic that is going on there with the vast majority of women who pose this question and again I'm not trying to debate whether that is the answer to the question 76 out of 76 people answered that question the same way so clearly that is a dynamic that has taken place whether you want to argue that it's you know that's happening all the time everywhere is not the point here what I want to ask you is in that dynamic that is taking place what do you think psychologically is going on with socially conditioned people who are answering are posing that question can you tell me what you think they are looking for okay well I think when a woman says I want to know what this guy does for a living you know if he's gonna be my potential you know partner in life or my husband they're looking for some type of financial stability I think so now what what what was that dynamics psychologically financial stability translates psychologically to what in the mind maybe having someone to help take care of you someone who will you know make the you know take away the problem what am i is all forms of to get to the get to the actual word tell me what this is all a form of seeking I'm not really sure if you want financial stability if you want somebody to take quote care of you okay if you want you know there to be resources present when you need them tell me what your psychologically seeking are you psychologically seeking goodness and virtue are you psychologically seeking morality are you psychologically seeking freedom no no no okay correct correct the answer to those questions are no well then what is being sought well you know it's almost like in exchange people with women who buy into this and believe me I'm not one of them the women who buy into this it's basically their exchanging their liberty and their freedom for a false sense of security a false sense of oh it can all work out I just said it thank you Donna you just said the word I was looking for security or in other words safety security or safety that's what's psychologically being sought yeah now let not and I'm gonna let you go on that note and I want to thank you for calling and allowing me to ask you a question blindly and thank you so much for you know exploring that dynamic with me hold on the line if you want to get back to asking a question or making a comment if and when I take calls later in the show so thank you Donna you got it so there's the dynamic folks safety now the question the next question becomes psychologically what kind of people first and foremost are looking for safety over any higher values we'll explore that on the other side of the break folks you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm so before the break I talked to Donna from Los Angeles and we were trying to get at the route psychological dynamic that is going on in the minds of people that of women in society who are focused on simply you know what a guy does for a living you know and we talked about that I did a social experiment of this being the asking 76 people with the first question a woman asks a man in you know an in an in an encounter between a woman and a man who have just first met after the initial pleasantries are exchanged what does the woman invariably ask the man first and 76 out of 76 people answered what do you do for a quote living you know you can't get that kind of agreement on what color the sky is during the day and so I you know I asked the question well why is that what are they seeking psychologically what's going on in the psyche that would make someone be so conditioned and so focused on that dynamic first out of all the other things you could possibly know about a human being and the answer is what they're seeking is safety security because in their minds in their socially conditioned Minds money translates to security in society now that obviously is not true because we're going into a police state you know where violence is everywhere you're not safe just because you have a lot of money you know we're losing our freedom and that makes you not safe and in this condition of chaos when you don't have freedom money's not gonna solve that problem hey you natural disasters can happen you know it's natural disaster that there's a tsunami rolling in off the coast say oh that person's house is you know they clearly make you know a couple hundred grand a year I'll skip over that house a tsunami doesn't say that and most certainly neither does an asteroid or a comet that's barren into the earth you know it's not gonna say well I'll take out all the poor people you know when I strike but you know what we'll let the rich go we'll let them you know we'll let them continue and you know we won't affect them you know people don't understand there's no such thing as safety there's no such thing as guarantee of safety doesn't exist it's an illusion and there you have what I'm trying to establish here socially engineered people like this and particularly this extraordinarily socially engineered aspect of society namely modern inauthentic conditioned women are chasing an illusion they're chasing something that does not exist because of an ingrained belief system that somehow money will make you secure for your life how about all the wives of all the people all the men who were part of Enron I'll bet you they all were asked in the situations that they were in with women what do you do for a living and when they said I'm part of a really new awesome energy company that's gonna storm the world it's good it's gonna take the world by storm I'm sure yeah you had plenty of them that were so ecstatic about that they were beside themselves you know what happened with that where was the security that could happen to any company any company could go down money doesn't create security in a society folks you believe that you are under mind control and your religion of choice is the monetary system because that's that's where all of this is coming from folks getting people to make their religion the monetary system and you know what that's satanic because that's all about what where's my personal power since this is believed in as power in our society and the ability to do things even the ability to have basic needs met like eating you know the monetary system the god of this world the ultimate religion the religion that even people who have kicked statism still buy into and it's all equally sewage it's sewage for the brain it's sewage for the emotional makeup and it's sewage for the soul and yet that's where these people's mindset is at that's where their mindset is and I'm telling you it's the vast overwhelming majority I'd say it's well over 99% of women think that way and I'm not just making a wild estimate or trying to be harsh I'm just being honest in my assessment if 76 out of 76 percent of 76 people out of 76 people answered the question the same way you have to understand that this dynamic is totally widespread its omnipresent it's beyond just widespread it's everywhere chasing the illusion of safety and here we go folks just extend that outward and we then we have the acceptance of the state by the vast overwhelming majority of women well of course if you're going to accept the monetary system as your main value system well what it's a logical progression that you're going to accept it except the state the state as you're a quote protector to keep you quote safe quote unquote safe yeah they'll just control you with their form of quote security you know like Ben Franklin said those who would give up Essential Liberty for a little bit of temporary safety will lose both and deserve neither only bringing our behaviors into alignment with moral law with natural law can ever ensure the safety of a society and let me tell you something folks people who say well others still be natural disasters and this and that I firmly firmly look at it exactly the opposite I think nature is responding to bring suffering to a community a society when they become more and more immoral I think that natural disasters are totally connected with consciousness and that's what's invariably going to bring a comet down on this world or not a huge asteroid down upon it because that's going to be nature's way of saying these people had their chance to learn and come out of their garbage belief systems come out of their total mind controlled belief systems that doesn't serve any part of who they are or who they say they want to be and they've had enough chance they've had enough chances they've had enough time so let's see what you make of this huge space rock now we're going to leave the guard in a little bit we'll pick this up on the other side of the break folks don't go anywhere we'll be right back [Music] folks sorry about the mix-up with the with the bumper music there clearly that's not supposed to be in my bumper music cue I'll see if I can get them to take care of that on the network side but no worries you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're into the third hour of the show this evening and we've been discussing as we have over the last couple of weeks the Neo feminist agenda as a eugenics operation an operation that I refer to as an epic eugenics operation which is eugenics being waged through mind control and through social engineering in society I do want to take some calls in the third hour of the show tonight and I'll give the call-in number to join us for your questions or comments on this topic the callin number to join us eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again toll-free 800 three one 394 43 I do want to wrap up some things in this first segment then I'll probably go to your calls in the next segment but we were essentially talking about the degradation of moral values in society and how people don't really care whether somebody is good or bad as long as they make money once again let's just bring this dynamic home to roost okay I don't need to go outside of myself and my own experience to prove that this is what's going on in society my family members did not care about whether I was growing up as a moral being or not which is why I didn't grow up as a moral being until much later in life I didn't grow into a moral being until way after I stopped listening to the programming the indoctrination that my family was giving me about what's real in this world I had to get out of that whole dynamic because that they were making me into more of an immoral person and you know some of them will hear that and they'll say oh how could you possibly say that I'm not saying they were evil evil people who told me to go out and hurt people but the real difference between right and wrong behavior was never effectively communicated to me and it's largely never communicated to other people by their family members and this is because of the propagation of this no values system in our society and it is my contention that that has really gone into hyperdrive as a result of neo feminism coming in and taking the minds of most women in our society I'm not saying it wasn't bad before that it was already on the decline but the think tanks that have put an occult organizations that have put neo feminism into place in our society in the big way that it is now it is done to completely destroy the value system of people and put them into a satanic mode of thought which is me me me only only worry about my safety my security my comfort and is this not worry what what you see most especially young women talking about an obsessing about I mean folks the in anus and the the vapid form of consciousness that is out there it all you have to do is go to any public place and just eavesdrop in on a conversation that's happening and I'd suggest it'll work with equally with men and women but in particular you will hear women only talk about you know their creature comforts you know their clothes or you know what they are gonna do with their friends or you know the soap opera that they watched or the celebrity who's getting married you know it's it's vapid inane banter that goes on there there's large you know and you know men have the whole sports dynamic going on everybody's talking about the Super Bowl as if this matter is in your life you know I mean this whole concept of dumbing people down and taking away their morals you know just totally in infringing on any moral sensibility that they had at all and destroying that the monetary system is a gigantic part of that and almost overwhelmingly the vast majority of modern conditioned women have totally bought into that system as their value system I know my family has I don't look folks I'm like really the only awake being in my entire family man or woman I'm telling you there are zero zero females in my family who deeply care about and understand the difference between right and wrong they are concerned about money and whatever they have to do to get money and and whatever they're the man in their lives has to do to quote make a living and that's all they care about they don't care about what's going on in this world they don't know anything that's going on in this world they have no knowledge and this this and this entire concept is totally omnipresent and widespread in our culture totally widespread and omnipresent the desire for security a total illusion it's a product of the Satanic mindset ego gratification me me me thinking no care the destruction of care the cremation of care you know nobody actually caring on any kind of a wider level you know just worried about my creature comforts and this leads to women who want men to be around them for nothing else but a resource to explore to some form of a resource you know which is why they're so largely concerned with asking that question immediately you know it's like a it's like a algorithmic response going on in the brain there it's it's you know a sizing up it's a you know a filtration process well there's this amount of money gonna be good for the lifestyle I want to live you know cuz I'm not worried about anything that's going on in the world or whether this person is a good person or not you know the desire for people to be used as a resource and I'm not telling you that doesn't go on on the other side of the equation too with men doing that with women but it is deeply ingrained in our culture for women to do that and for that to be somehow acceptable you know like I said they're not asking the question do you know the difference between right and wrong behavior they're not concerned with that but they ask that question what do you do for a living that this all ties into a concept known as hypergamy Hyp ERG a my a lot of people may never have heard about it but it's the installation of this cultural indoctrination of you have to go the woman has to go out and find a man that can be used as a resource that makes enough money to act as the provider you know and of course the state is the ultimate form of this the state is the ultimate form of big-daddy provider in 99.9 percent of woman's mind you know they're going to provide safety and security it will be chaos without them around you know this idea hypergamy is this idea of what the woman will marry up to get a guy that has a lot of resources and money at his disposal because that translates to to power and ability in in that person's mind they're not concerned about really what's going on in the mind of that person like I said my family would be ecstatic ecstatic if I was a multi-millionaire evil Satanist who is trying to murder people through eugenics operations which is where I probably would have went had I not come of the satanic mindset that I was in in my youth but I'm sure my family would have no problem with it as long as money was rolling in you know and to be honest most women have no problem with whatever immoral activity their man is doing their husband the man in their life whatever it's doing they don't care if they're hurting somebody else the vast majority I'm making a generalization yes I'm saying the overwhelming majority not all certainly and you will not hear me say the word all pretty much in this whole general discussion four weeks of course none of this fits into a blanket statement but that the general mass of people are they like this absolutely so folks stay with us we're going to get to your calls on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone University and - what on earth is happening here on our VM I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm I think I'm going to leave the presentation portion of the show for tonight right there as it is and we will continue talking about these topics on next week's show I'll be continuing to delve into the Neo feminism agenda the mind control that is specifically and the social engineering that is specifically targeted toward women to control their perceptions and their ideas of what they want and ideas of attractiveness etc you know we'll talk about a lot of these things and we'll get into how this is completely really driven a wedge between men and women in our society and also eventually beginning into some of the lash back that's starting to a car when it comes to different types of you know men's reaction type movements to this and that'll be coming up on future shows in future weeks I'll also be going back into the importance of gun ownership rights and why it's so important to arm yourself and to know how to use arms and I'll be you know getting into the Second Amendment like I did before and you know talking about that and really also talking about how a lot of people still don't grasp and understand this importance especially in other countries thankfully here in America you know people still are very much into gun ownership and fighting hard every day to retain those inherent natural rights on future shows also be talking about the occult history of Nazism I think I'm going to do an entire series on this and explain a lot of the personalities and groups that were involved in bringing Nazism out of the realm of the occult and turning it into a political ideology you know in the 20th century but we're gonna go to the roots of where that came from and I'll be breaking that down how that was done and fomented through a lot of different dark occult orders I'll also be going into solutions again to try to bring a social dynamic to waking people up you know a social technique for waking people up this is what I call maven targeting I believe it's a phrase that I have coined as well I haven't heard anybody else use it but I will explain the concept of what the maven is and why we should try to essentially focus in a group setting on changing the mind of the maven of a social dynamic particularly a family if possible which would probably be the most effective instead of trying to you know just wake individuals up we need to target key people when it comes to waking them up and then that influence will have a greater effect on other on other people because the maven is the person who is essentially their opinions are listened to okay so that's all coming on future editions of what on earth is happening just a small you know sneak preview of what I'll be getting into in future weeks right now let's go to the phone lines and I'd like people to comment or talk about you know the Neo feminism agenda and aspects of it that I've talked about and covered thus far I'm not going to totally limit it to that if you do want to go into other topics or areas of inquiry or discussion that's fine but I would personally like to see people ask questions or make comments regarding the material I'm talking about in the current show and last week's show so let's go to the phone lines it looks like we have full lines let's hear from Phil in Oregon Phil you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey Mark thanks got me on again I had the reason for that answer earlier had to go into slaves think to pull that out yes and certainly is isn't it yeah man hey first of all I've got to thank you you know thank you for suffering man we wouldn't be here without it some of my I want to talk about the masam men aspect of the how they're targeting men is in a sec but I want to say I noticed that what on earth is happening is a piece of high magic I've noticed I don't thank you for that I mean IIIi considered that this is all about alchemical transmutation from lower consciousness base consciousness to higher consciousness and true awareness so I kind of like that assessment and you know I kind of like that comparison to you know real magic because III do consider it that it is a piece of high magic it finally hit me kind of weird you say transmute because I noticed when when I'm in the process of suffering it's a game changer when you think the suffering of gratitude during in that process it gives a purpose and changes it's a trip it really works but anyway I want to talk about I don't know if you have a hipster epidemic in Philly but oh god yes oh the emasculated hipster manchild right there they're everywhere it's it's pretty bad I mean you know that's that's what they want you know they want somebody who you know isn't a strong person physically or mentally they want someone who doesn't care about gun ownership they want somebody who doesn't really care about rights who wants to be trendy they want somebody who wants to be popular instead of being moral you know they want somebody who's going to just take on pleasure pursuits in society and try to go along with the flow and fit in instead of really standing on their own as a true nonconformist and really going against the flow of this immoral system that we are all enslaved by they don't want that you know and so the hipster mindset is absolute be perfect for that you know it's about pop culture it's about popularity and it's about as you know the same type of vapid mindsets that I was talking about earlier you know yeah totally they're like spiritual manicures spiritual invalids and soulless and they're worried about like fashion and who can wear women's clothing it's ridiculous and that they're just testicle this man children in India gets it gets even a lot of it I absolutely love it and I agree continue yeah me and my roommate see if we can get you a laugh tonight but uh anyway uh the BPA the Bice by seeing all in though you say oh yes misty NOLA yes a bps in the polyester and your clothing people the petroleum products estrogen in the beer plastic food containers all these are endocrine disruptors and gender-bending chemicals and estrogen mimickers if you can get away from that stuff as much as possible I mean throw here clothes petroleum or a polyester man it it totally turns you into a feminized man you don't want to fight back you just like you said that the voice even the voices are like raising and it's really spooky I mean I know many women have actually pointed that out and and said that to me that you know you just hear modern men talking it's like it doesn't even sound like a masculine voice anymore you know they sound like you know high-pitched and you know a lot of it is the hormones also in meat and dairy you know that's pumped into the modern you know meat and dairy diet huge it's a huge part of it as well you know but absolutely things like bisphenol A and plastics and you know they even put that in printer ink and you know it's in the plastic containers and cups and you know mning as you said it's a widespread attack I'm actually going to get into that probably next week to talk about a lot of the ways that you know they're turning people into these genderless you know slaves they're destroying the sex drive you know through food water radionics chemtrails is a part of that we'll pick this up on the other side stay with us everyone we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] don't dare speak wall between us Cole decides to walk welcome back everyone you listening to what on earth is happening on their host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're taking your calls until the end of the show this evening I want to thank Phil from Oregon Oregon for a phenomenal call really bringing up really great points about what is essentially emasculating and feminizing men in our culture and that's part of this neo feminist agenda of eugenics what I call epic eugenics because they want to eliminate strong male presence 'as in this society not only for father figures to children but certainly they want to eliminate the ability of strong men to stand up physically against state tyranny and that's why a huge interconnection between the Neo feminist agenda is the anti-gun agenda without any doubt without any question and that's why you know they Lobby to get so many of these neo feminists to you know promote anti-gun agendas and political political figures so let's all let's continue with the callers and go to Donna in Los Angeles Donna you're live on what on earth is happening thanks for holding oh hi mark again um I just wanted to make a couple points one isn't it um even though women might be in the minority about this there's a lot of us who don't leave in this Neil feminist agenda and we actually I dunno I actually intend to cover that dynamic and explain to people how there are many many women in our society who are recognizing the dialectical lie of the neo feministic agenda and are coming out and starting to speak out against and explaining how this is as much of an anti woman campaign as it as it you know affects the male sex as well you know this is this is completely about the destruction of the between human beings so that the state has an easier time dominating controlling and enslaving people make no mistake that is the ultimate agenda and the whole concept here is this is done by the occult ah cracy ultimately and the social engineers to put the majority of women in this mindset again this is one of the reasons I have to use terms like the vast overwhelming majority almost every almost all are they generalizations of course they are but you know language is kind of you know a limited thing and it's like I have to just keep r.e.m ffice izing that so people don't think I'm talking about all women and certainly so that people don't think I'm saying that this is the nature of women I am definitively saying this is not the nature of women this is the socially engineered condition of women in the modern world and until they understand how these mind controlled dynamics work work we're not going to be able to change that condition and bring about healing between the sexes you know those of us ladies who are awake we see it as a divide and conquer tactic you know we know who you know the powers that be what they're trying to do by dividing and conquering on mark I also wanted to mention because we've been listening to your show for a long time and we really are very grateful for all the work you do for exposing you know the hidden meanings and the symbolism you know that people take for granted we appreciate you exposing that I just want to mention real quick because I know there's other callers waiting you know there's quite a few women who are truth seekers and are trying to expose the truth and I don't know if you're familiar with the work of a May Brussels she had a radio show in the 70s and the 80s but she was one of the first women to talk about mind control secret societies the organized banking cartel and all this stuff she was a pioneer for her time her name was made Brussels yeah I'm not familiar with her but I'm definitely going to become familiar with her based on your recommend and it sounds like a person who was quite aware especially at that around that time you know she must have done a whole lot of reading and a whole lot of visiting of libraries in order to become that aware you know that long ago and I I would definitely definitely check out her work yeah and then there's a couple of women who are pretty active today there's one lady in veterans today dr. Stewart Jean Bramhall she's great Catherine Austin Fitz she's an Austin Fitz is pretty great yes I I'm familiar with her um there's Daisy Luther she's the organic prepper Melissa Melton she's of truthstream media Erin dykes and Catherine from Povich these are all women writers and I really enjoy reading their work and it's good to see some of us sisters our way and you know we want to you know we want to find out what's really going on absolutely Donna thank you so much for those recommendations I will look into many of them especially may Brussels who you mentioned first and I just want to say yes there are some women who are waking up to this agenda and waking up to the overall control agenda and the overall occult agenda and I think those numbers just need to continue to grow and grow and grow and I'll do everything I can to encourage women to step out of their you know comfort zone and develop some courage to look into what's really going on in this world and then start to speak it you know to other people fearless Lee so that you know they can develop some real security by aligning their behavior to natural law and the great work because that's what really provides real safety and security of any people in a large social dynamic in the aggregate so Donna I want to thank you so much for that call thank you very much mark you got it okay let's continue with some other callers and let's hear from Avery in Seattle Avery you are live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hey Mark hey how are you hear me yes I can all right cool and I've been listening for about a year and I really appreciate it I really appreciate you bringing up this topic of neo feminism sure I thought it was high time I've stayed silent on it for actually years and you know the the dynamics that are going on in society are so completely out of control that I said I can't wait anymore and I don't care who this may offend alienate or make uncomfortable I understand how controversial of a topic it is and how tensions run hot when things like this when socio-sexual dynamics like this are brought up but I cannot stay silent about it any longer and I will not oh absolutely you know and um I must say that you know you always pick up you whenever you tell bring this topic up which you know I have in public before well I'm glad to hear from you that um eulogy that thing like oh you know you're you're misogynist or you're generalizing women into a category of you know you know you're trying to make them sound like they're bad but you know I'm really whenever I bring it up to people I try to make it sound like well I think it's been due to you know people like you know mind control kinda like what you're talking about you know we're we're these things on the media you know and then you see these things these young women get into you know I've got you know a girlfriend you know my sisters and stuff and the stuff they get into you can guide you won't even like believe it and I don't know if you pay attention to you know the general media like you hear some these artists and young women get into like Nicki Minaj you know Taylor Swift is rooms they do and it's just like oh my god you know and they name vapid music and the lyrics you know and it's all about you know me me me accumulation of wealth and and status and popularity and it's just it's yeah but it's you know the man in the woman you know yeah they have they have the youth focused on junk especially when it comes to pop culture and music oh yeah absolutely and I tell my sisters this stuff too I say you know you know or you know and my girlfriend everybody I say look you know you you know Taylor Swift's wanted just for some right when she's talking about this stuff you know maybe she should go get a new boyfriend but um you know one of the points I wanted to bring up was you know I wanted to thank that Phil from I believe he was from Oregon yes I know I'm from you know West Coast here so you know I'm in hit store hell where I get told every time I talk about gun control I'm a Republican or you know I'm category you know all I have a friend who's in the freedom movement he's wanting people it's really into the 911 thing he was telling me just this week that I sound like Bill O'Reilly I consider got to be really bad on the west coast I could tell you it's horrible here in Philadelphia and I could only imagine what what cities in California must be like yeah any conscious people there must be going through total hell arguably more so than you know what we're going through here on the East Coast Oh even even it like gum I'll go to the Theosophical Society I'll go to these kind of places to you know we got them over here and you not go in there I start talking about because the guy who works there at the Theatre Workshop he into a Avery State stay with us and I'll let you continue this line of phone on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone listening what model is happening here on our BN last segment of the show for this evenings episode we were talking with Avery in Seattle Avery are you still with us yep I'm here okay you continue your line of thought I think you were talking about you were trying to explain to some people out on the west coast the importance of gun ownership in the Second Amendment and the you know negative responses that you're getting from many of the people there oh yeah I was actually where I was going with that was even a little further because I was over it you know the you know you're familiar obviously with the Theosophical Society yes I am oh yeah you know they have a chapter out here and or whatever you'd like to call it and I went over there I go over that a lot you know I have a lot of different books that I'm interested in and I was talking to one of the guys because you know he's known for being kind of like even the you know these satanic groups and stuff like he'll talk about it openly you know so I approached him and I was talking to him about you know I said you're heard about you know the government kind of gets in you know the government is directly affiliated with some of these groups and stuff because you you're that documentary about it was Lawrence King I know if you saw that one from from all of the pedophile scandals that were going on in the Nebraska and his connection with I think what was at Boys Town yes I'm talking about yeah yeah it's part of it's part of the conspiracy of silence as it was called in the documentary I can't remember the book John de Kamp was the author of the book who kind of exposed that he was a Nebraska state senator who found out about this pedophile ring going on from you know money scandals that were taking place within her you know and he you know so I'm bringing some of stuff up you know the government might you know how you know it's been obvious that they have a lot of ties you know this guy so he talks about it openly and he was telling me that no that's just conspiracy and like huh what do you mean that conspiracy I'm like you know how about all the stuff coming out about how you know the royal family is involved in in covering up pedophilia and actively involved in it you know the Jimmy Savile stuff that has all come out and the other pedophiles you know that are part of you know Parliament and in the English government this is all breaking you know and he doesn't think that this is happening you know no no oh yeah oh the funny thing is i you know i hear i'm talking about this stuff and he would mean he was talking before i was talking about how you know the government seems to have a lot of ties you know cuz obviously i believe that but you know presenting it to somebody I kind of you know I waited for him to say something first so then I bring it up and then he shot me down and looked at me like I was like yelling there was a fire in the pool or something you know he was like you like what nah dude that's that's just conspiracy and I'm like you know this is the Theosophical Society have you ever picked up a book by hey no you know how honorable that you know she she is you know she talks a lot about things like this and stuff and I was like I couldn't believe that this guy was just I kind of shooting me down like that you know yeah I mean no if he is in the know and he had does take part in dark occultism of course he would want to discourage anybody from looking into material like that the book that I was trying to think of I just realized was the Franklin cover-up by John decamp I highly recommend people read that book because it exposes a lot of the pedophilia that's going on within government and how government has ties to satanic networks and you know also I'd recommend the book the ultimate evil that exposes how satanic hierarchies are at work in our society and you know that was about all the disinfo that went around about the Son of Sam killings you know David Berkowitz etc and tells the real story behind that and how it was all directed by satanic networks but the Franklin cover-up is a book I would recommend to anybody who wants to understand the connections between you know pedophilia and high-level government officials and I would suggest that it does a pretty good job of tying that into you know occult rituals and you know the The Satanic Network network the hierarchical network of Satanists and darker cultists I've been talking about since basically day one yeah I mean in it's just you know the Washington documentaries and just you know thinking like you know how does someone just watch this and walk away you know just like oh it's you know I guess like they don't think about it twice or anything you know cuz that kind of thing you know that's the whole thing too I think with the the neo feminist agenda is kind of telling women you know especially the younger one that men don't have feelings you know Matt men are like these you know almost like psychopathic characters right you need to avoid and you have to become the man and take a stand against them and the whole the whole men just should suck everything up you know they're there there's no outlet for any kind of emotional turmoil that most men are going through it's like a double standard you know it's like saying that's those types of emotions are fine for women but men should just suck it up and deal with it you know and and not have any outlet for any of that you know it's a big part of you know the the the devastation of real care and compassion within our society you know most people who are in this mindset don't care about the suffering anyone else goes through you know yeah that's the saddest fact of the matter until we change that dynamic don't expect the external reality that we're experiencing to change absolutely you know and the caring female the caring female figures are really you know I can tell you can really try to kill because you know they want the women I noticed this a lot to like when I was hearing you talk about this this is this is real you know we're trying to become the man but you know what it's beyond me just just mask analyzing them and getting them to become the quote man it's they want them to act as robots in our society they want them completely conditioned and desensitized and having no compassion they want that from men to that you know that that's going on obviously within the realm of the police and the military and the the dominator figures who are you know total supporters and not just supporters of but they're the people who are holding up the state through the violence and and and through the coercion that they do you know so they want it on both sides without any question the Neo feminism agenda in particulars to get women into that non-caring mindset oh absolutely and then have the state become the dad I mean that's what a really hard that's what I like you said you know the state then just comes in and give them money and now that you have to listen although you know they just like the daddy role I really like when you said that last week and it really stuck with me because that's really what doesn't happen I've noticed that so much of this is about parental abandonment issues so many women fall into this mindset because in some form or fashion their parents failed them and did not provide for them mentally psychologically emotionally spiritually and they're falling into this mindset as a result of bad parenting and parental abandonment you know in some form not doesn't have to be physical parental abandonment the abandonment issue the abandonment issues that are going on in our society cannot be psychologically overstressed we have to understand those abandonment issues work with them and heal them if we're going to transform society for the better generations to I knew this one girl who her mom you know didn't want to be with any guys she hated men and then now she goes out and doing that and she has troubles with men and she gets with abusive guys they're guys who are you know you know off or you know sketchy and and you see how it can move through the generations especially the younger women you know and there really starts you know in the you know you start with those kids the kids parents and then now they're spreading it and now their hands right now it's hard admit it's part of the abuse victim cycle that we've also talked so much about on this show and breaking that cycle is very difficult because it requires deep introspective knowledge of the human psyche which is part of what they want to continue to occult from human beings and dissuade them from ever looking in to dissuade them from looking into the self Avery I want to thank you so much for your call absolutely a great great insights that you brought up there a lot of food for thought let's hear for that Frank in West Virginia Frank you're live on what on earth is happening welcome I really appreciate as many points you've made concerning human relationships sure at how the society works pretty practical sociology I hope it's making sense in a practical way and a lot of the patterns that we're seeing are coming together and people are understanding why this is being done by these social engineers at least I hope it's coming across that way what it isn't very sure or speaking and I've split it on these topics that you have brought up and raised night in number of different forms public forms and I found that is true there is a a particular worldview that is common here in America that you'll find people are raised from little children all the way up they there's your example frankly unfortunately that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening thanks so much for your points call back in next week I'll bring you back on the air folks remember there's only two mistakes you can make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks for listening we'll see you right here next week [Music] [Music] [Music]