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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Republic Broadcasting org today is Saturday April 4th 2015 the show is live every Saturday evening from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time that's 9:00 p.m. to midnight Central Time we have a great show lined up for you here tonight I'm going to be talking about the fear of self defense and the fear of rebellion against tyranny why do people fear these things or the or why do they believe that somehow they should never be engaged in and many people do believe those things many people do feel like that so what are the psychological factors going on in their minds what is their what is the logic so-called logic that's going on in their minds that makes them fear self-defense and fear righteous rebellion we're gonna be talking about this on the show tonight I'm actually gonna be reading a couple of articles that deal with things such as this and then I'll be going to your calls and we'll be taking many calls throughout the show so the calling number to join us ladies and gentlemen for this edition of what on earth is happening eight hundred three one three nine four four three once again the calling number to join us 800 three one 390 443 a couple of quick announcements this coming weekend less than a week away free your mind three the biggest conference of its kind in this country possibly throughout the world in the year of 2015 April 10th 11th and 12th that's next weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday April 10th 11th and 12th 2015 at the Sheraton Bucks County hotel just outside of Philadelphia at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania the speakers for free your mind 3 Bob Tuscan Clint Richardson Curtis the illuminated one Davis Dennis McKenna Derrick Bros ed fortune the New Jersey Weed Man Freeman for its spring Meyer Jay Parker Janis barceló John Bush John and Bonnie Mitchell John vibes Josie the outlaw Wells Laura Eisenhower Lennon honor Mark Devlin myself mark passio Ross Ben Steve stars Stuart Swerdlow an alternative media panel featuring luke rudkowski of we are change the free thought project and the anti media a meeting of the minds speaker panel discussion with many of the speakers from the conference open mic night sessions featuring members of the audience and a showing of Dan Fogler movie Don peyote an all weekend pass for the free or mind 3 conference only $150 the website free your mind conference dot-com get your tickets if you don't have them already you can get them right up to the days of the conference or you can get them at the door at the same price free your mind conference calm is the website I hope to see many many people just outside of Philadelphia next weekend I know I'm really looking forward to it I'm going to be giving a presentation on Saturday evening entitled the cult of ultimate evil order followers and the destruction of the Sacred Feminine that is my presentation title for this year's conference it's going to be a very hard-hitting presentation it's going to be a presentation that may be difficult for some people to hear because of the religious beliefs that they are still subjecting their mind to and I mean the religion of authority ladies and gentlemen so that's the free your mind conference coming up at us next weekend it's just going to be a huge event and I once again I hope that 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seven eight six six four so if you are in a position to do so please help out the network they could definitely use it and you know that's what it's all about this network as listener-supported and your donations help keep it going so I want to direct everyone's attention to the what on earth is happening comm radio show page if you're not already listening there of course underneath the player for live broadcast there are images for tonight's show the first two images there's only three images up there this evening the first two images are posters for the freer mind three conference you could feel free to share them and the third image is a meme that was made regarding the latest topic that I have been covering on the show over the last few weeks which is gun ownership and gun ownership rights and the Second Amendment in particular I just completed giving an extended version of my true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment presentation that I originally gave a couple months back here in Philadelphia I gave this extended presentation on the air over the last few weeks and got a lot of positive feedback and responses from people and a listener that posts to a Facebook group that is dedicated to my work made he created a meme of me from that presentation a photo of me from the Second Amendment presentation with my ak-47 and underneath it it is a quote from me that says if there are no guns in your country that means slavery was perfected there it's a quote that I came out with during the first half of my second ammendment presentation that I gave live on the airwaves a few weeks back and I was pretty riled up during that show because I was thinking about all the efforts that are being made to try to curtail and gun ownership rights and how many states in the United States have completely unconstitutional and immoral gun laws on the books that have no business having ever been enacted whatsoever and you know having thinking about having been thinking about that over the days before I was doing that particular presentation the vitriol definitely was raised in me let's just say but um this meme I tried to kind of get it to spread as much as possible on Facebook because a lot of people need to hear words spoken just like that you know because so many people think it's so wonderful and great that there's no guns in their country that the citizenry has been disarmed you know and therefore they have absolutely no means of resistance against tyrannical government and they somehow think that isn't gonna happen in their country when it has happened repeatedly time and time and time again throughout history genocide by a tyrannical government so people like that in my opinion are just completely naive they have the mindset of little children and you know I don't as much as I'll you know directly come out and say how I feel about people like that I would still encourage them if if they're living anybody who's from a country where the citizenry has been disarmed like let's say England or Australia has been largely disarmed Germany has almost been completely disarmed not entirely but it's most of the way there if anybody wants to call in from any of these locations you know I'd like to hear what you think about your nations populace being disarmed and basically at the mercy of your governments because let me tell you something folks one thing I know is not going to happen here the citizenry is gonna be disarmed in America you can bet on that as sure as you can bet on the Sun rising on the eastern horizon tomorrow morning okay that's one thing I'll guarantee you with my dying breath they can try all they want they could pull however many false flags they want to try to pull it's all nonsense it's all a big act to try to tug on the heartstrings of people and say oh look at how many how many more children have to be killed you know how many more every single person on the face of the earth how about that you want a number there's the number then you'll have no more gun owners in America when every person on the face of the earth is gone and not a minute until you're never gonna get that done oh the Marxists and socialists and communists and fascists and Nazis out there you're never gonna get it done here but they'll keep trying folks believe it believe me they'll keep trying you know what one thing I do want to mention before I get into some of the material I want to cover here tonight we are in I neglected to mention this last week or two weeks ago I should say just letting people know I didn't do a live show last week there was a little bit of confusion on the network end of things and scheduling got a little bit messed up and I just didn't prepare a show and didn't go live so it was just some back-end confusion and complication that took place so that's all been worked out and everything is fine but I didn't do I two weeks ago I did do a show and it was during I believe the very first first week of the season of sacrifice the occult season of sacrifice as it is known that that show was on March 21st and the season of sacrifice is a forty day time period that runs from March 19th through May first it is a time period during which the dark occultists that basically are running earth do sacrificial rituals and blood sacrifices on a mass scale to essentially basically pay homage to the gods that they believe in the entities that they believe have to be appeased and many of them do believe in entities such as that many of them do not and they are they also pull these false flag events these human sacrifice ritualistic events in order to instill large amounts of fear to inject large amounts of fear into the populace so that they can sway their minds in a particular direction that they want them to go in this is of course has been referred to politically as false flag events but they often take the place of ritualistic human sacrifices that are all not always but very often done in a location that is the name of a goddess a goddess figure okay so you'll see Columbine High School Columbia is the Dove the Dove is a representation of the goddess Virginia Tech the virgin okay another representation of the goddess the Columbia space shuttle disaster again Kalume means dove Aurora another Greek interpretation of the goddess okay so the Aurora shootings you'll see this on and on and on in many of the rituals that they do and we're in the thick of it right now April is their favored month to pull one of these sacrificial rituals some people think that one has already been done and was the crashing of this plane with a hundred and fifty people on it into the French Alps this German plane so it is quite possible that that was one of these season of sacrifice rituals if so it's kind of a you know a light one if you will because it's not quite what I would call a false flag but who knows the reasons that something like that may have been done deliberately so it's been suggested that may have been one of these rituals I'm not speculating either way on that but I am saying that this is the time period to really be vigilant for false flag events especially mass shooting events you know like the Port Arthur massacre which was I believe done during the season of sacrifice as well you know that was you know we had our Sandy Hook which was supposed to be like the Port Arthur massacre to get all the gun laws you know enacted against semi-autos etc here in the United States and it didn't work out the way that they planned because a lot of people saw right through the Sandy Hook false flag you know it's like one of these things where absolutely no part of it stands up on its own no part of it makes sense just like the official story of 9/11 which was another one of these ritualistic sacrifices not during the season of sacrifice but certainly a sacrificial mass human sacrifice ritual event that was a false flag slash inside job but I just wanted to put that out there I am NOT going to do an entire you know re-evaluation of what the season of sacrifice is if you want that you can get that in for more podcasts and learn all about it and you know what their belief system is regarding that the dark occult but I just wanted to let people know we are in the thick of the season of sacrifice April particularly around April 19th and 20th for you know some reason they really really like to bring event you know mass events out around that time period although they do do it earlier in the month of April many times so keep an eye out be vigilant it is very possible that a false flag event is on the way because this is their favorite time of year to pull them out we'll be right back folks you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm so before the break I was talking a little bit about the season of sacrifice how we're in the middle of it and how to what and warning people that they should just be vigilant for the possibility of false flag events and if it does happen you know tell everybody that this is a staged event they always are and you know it's always for an alternative agenda to try to get gun control measures passed or to just try to inject enough fear into the population that these controllers can get whatever agenda that they want to accomplish through with as little resistance from the public as possible the answer is being aware of how they pull this tactic and therefore eliminating its effects so going back to the main topic I was saying that I'd like to get some calls from people later on in the show if anyone wants to call in from countries that have been largely disarmed or completely disarmed their populace and see what they have to say about something like that and what if anything they feel can be done about that deplorable situation so if there is anybody listening from countries such as that feel free to call in again the toll-free number 800 three one three nine four four three before I go to calls later on in the show however I want to read a couple of articles related to the topic of gun ownership and self-defense and the psychological fear of self-defense which is the main focus but before we get into that particular topic I want to read an article that is about the gun being a symbol of civilization which I ended my second ammendment presentation podcast on that note that it is said the gun is civilization and I'm in complete agreement with that sentiment personally I think if everyone was armed a society would be extremely more polite to each other because you know that everybody has equality in deadly force capability and therefore everybody's gonna be a little bit more hesitant shall we say to infringe upon other people's natural rights if they knew everybody had that capacity so this article is called the gun is civilization and it's by majorelle called deal rich I think I'm pronouncing that right or caudal retired marine so I'm gonna comment possibly occasionally during the reading of these articles you know as I've done before on the show so just bear with that if I want to make a point during I'll make my point and then say I'm continuing with the article now to give you a distinction of when is the article and when I'm making a commentary on it and also post these articles with the podcast of course so this is called the gun is civilization human beings have only have two ways to deal with one another reason and force if you want me to do something for you you have a choice of either convincing me via argument or force me to do your bidding under threat of force every human interaction falls into one of these two categories without exception reason or force that's it in a truly moral and civilized society people exclusively interact through persuasion force has no place as a valid method of social interaction and the only thing that removes force from the menu is the personal firearm as paradoxical as it may sound to some when I carry a gun you cannot deal with me by force you have to use reason and try to persuade me because I have a way to negate your threat or employment of force the gun is the only personal weapon that puts a 100 pound woman on equal footing with a 220 pound mugger a 75 year old retiree on equal footing with a 19 year old gang banger and a single guy on equal footing with a carload of drunk guys with baseball bats the gun removes the disparity in physical strength size or numbers between a potential attacker and a defender there are plenty of people who consider the gun as the source of bad force equations these are the people who think that we'd be more civilized if all guns were removed from society because a firearm makes it easier for an armed mugger to do his job that of course is only true if the muggers potential victims are mostly disarmed either by choice or by legislative Fiat it has no validity when most of a muggers potential marks are armed so I hear the break music coming up folks I'll continue this article called the gun is civilization on the other side of this break stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] you know the day destroys a nice night divides a day tried to run do the others welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com I'm going to jump right back in and continue with the article entitled the gun is civilization people who argue for the banning of arms ask for automatic rule by the young the strong and the many and that's the exact opposite of a civilized society a mugger even an armed one can only make a successful living in a society where the state has granted him a force monopoly then there's the argument that the gun makes confrontations lethal that would otherwise only result in injury this argument is fallacious in several ways without guns involved confrontations are won by the physically superior party inflicting overwhelming injury on the loser people who think that fists bats sticks or stones don't constitute lethal force watch too much TV where people take beatings and come out of it with a bloody lip at worst the fact that the gun makes lethal force easier works solely in the favor of the weaker defender not the stronger attacker if both are armed the playing field the field is level the gun is the only weapon that says lethal in the hands of an octogenarian as is in the hands of a weightlifter it simply wouldn't work as well as a force equalizer if it wasn't both lethal and easily employable when I carry a gun I don't do so because I am looking for a fight but because I'm looking to be left alone the gun at my side means that I cannot be forced only persuaded I don't carry because I'm afraid but because it enables me to be unafraid it doesn't limit the actions of those who would interact with me through reason only the actions of those who would do so by force it removes force from the equation and that's why carrying a gun is a civilized act absolutely phenomenal article ladies and gentleman I'll post it with the podcast anybody who doesn't understand the pure and simple logic that is contained in that article I don't know what's wrong with them but they are clearly brainwashed by the state that's all I'll say and you know it's it's funny because so many people can get things halfway you know this is by a retired Marine who is an order follower in one way and yet fully understands you know the self-defense principle in another way you see a lot of this going on where there's only still partial enlightenment everywhere throughout society and this is one of the main problems there's not total enlightenment you don't have a whole lot of people in the populace that fully understand both the Sacred Feminine principle of non-aggression do not initiate force against your fellow sentient beings and simultaneously deeply understand the sacred masculine principle of self-defence which is if someone else does violate your inherent rights and has come at you with violence that is violating your right to be left on a cost that are none harmed you have a right to defend yourself with physical force against that attack period and that includes the threat of attack that includes coercion that includes being put under the state known as duress you have a right to end the state of duress when you are threatened continuously with violence the only thing that I would have liked to have seen someone like this do in his language or and wording his verbage is to just use the word violence everywhere he used the word force then I think the article would be practically perfect because force isn't violence you know we understand what he's saying to coerce someone to do something you know to do it by coercion I prefer the term violence wherever it can be used in place of force because it means that you are violating someone else's rights and it becomes much less ambiguous when used like that in human language there's a big problem with the obfuscation of force and violence which I tried to clarify repeatedly in my natural law seminar and in the material here on what on earth is happening in any event that's the first article that I wanted to read and anybody that wants to comment on that is you know feel free to do so I'll post that with the podcast of course the next article I want to jump right into is called understanding the fear of self-defense and revolution and this is a absolutely brilliant article by Brandon Smith I don't really know Brandon Smith I know he is a blog writer for a couple of different blogs but after reading this article I just think that he has a very spot-on perspective and a brilliant mind and you know I commend him for writing this and this fits in with a topic I want to talk about here tonight which is the fear of rebellion why so many people are against rebellion against tyranny so many people think oh it was it was great that the founding fathers did it and the Revolutionary Army and the the colonists in the United States rebelled against they totally psychopathic King but somehow we're in such a different situation today you know what less of our rights are being violated and not more were under less coercion were under less threat of violence were under less duress here in America today than we were back in you know the late 18th century you know in the in the late 1700s how does that how is that possible because I you could have fooled me folks you know I mean the things that our forefathers here in America went to war over and were willing to dispatch other people over were far less egregious than what's taking place in America today we're a thousand people a year are being murdered without trial by police in America and we don't think we have an epidemic of police violence of police criminality while our military forces are being used to serve global elitist bankers and being sent to kill people that pose no threat to us only a threat that's whipped up in the minds of people by the media by the complicit yellow journalists propagandist media in this country who are bought and paid for Liars so my point here to go back to it is why are so many people in such psychological fear of self-defense and rebellion particularly when it comes to rebellion against an unethical and unlawful government so this article is going to explore some of these psychological dynamics or the the arguments against rebellion against tyranny or simply revolution as Brandon puts it in this article I prefer the term rebellion to the term revolution because rebellion takes on a little bit more of a righteous connotation and revolution has that idea of your going around again you know righteous physical rebellion can be the same as righteous revolution the two terms on you know not trying to split hair here they can be used interchangeably I simply prefer the term rebellion particularly rebellion against tyranny so here's the article it's entitled understanding the fear of self-defense and revolution by Brandon Smith our era is a strange one when considering how social attitudes have developed in such a contrary fashion to the rest of history I think that our forefathers would look upon our current culture with bewilderment when confronted with the fact that our generation has all but abandoned the option of physical rebellion as a tool for social change even amongst the most enslaved of Nations and people's the idea of revolution has been held in regard as an entirely moral and principled affair involving every individual no matter their age or economic station today however that which we call quote revolution has been delegated mostly to college-age intellectuals and has been so watered down and whitewashed with politically correct restrictions that the concept is hardly recognizable I believe the civil rights movements in America and in India in the 20th century have in many ways warped the public view of how opposition to totalitarianism is actually accomplished I find it interesting that movements led by Gandhi and Martin Luther King jr. enjoy so much adoration in the mainstream media and in public schooling while the American Revolution is often either misrepresented or not discussed at all Gandhi's movement was in concrete terms a failure until Indians had actually began organizing to physically fight the British causing the crown to attempt to diffuse the movement by suddenly offering up a reformation of Indian governance one that would continue to bend fit them of course meaning the British when one examines the facts surrounding COINTELPRO operations by the FBI and CIA during the civil rights movement in America one realizes that half the efforts and actions were legitimate and the other half entirely manipulated over the course of half a century the philosophy of quote anti violence has come to include a distinct distaste for self-defense self-defense is now consistently equated to quote violence and is thus immoral in other people's minds regardless of environmental circumstances even in the Liberty movement there are people who disregard physical defence as either barbaric or futile and have adopted rather less effective pacifist ideologies of more socialist activism the problem with certain factions of libertarianism is that they tend to live within their own heads I'm breaking in here for a moment because this phrase right here resonates deeply with me when it comes to the interaction with a lot of quote libertarians and they have been known as as Brandon we'll get to in a moment the eggheads the egghead libertarians they're only putting forth all these intellectual ideas but if someone suggests that someone that does not have a right to coerce someone should be dealt with in a physical fashion then all of a sudden everybody backs up ten steps whoa whoa we're only talking about ideas here see it's never something that's brought into the realm of actual action this is what is so psychologically feared in the so-called truth and so-called freedom movements continuing with the article the problem with certain factions of libertarianism is that they tend to live within their own heads reveling in a world of Ayn Randian and Rothbard Ian's political and social theory while abandoning the other side of concrete resistance some in the survival community call these people quote egghead libertarians that boy is that true and I think the label fits I agree Branden wholeheartedly continuing they rejoice only in the intellectual thus they tend to see themselves only as quote intellectual warriors unquote for them the war against tyranny by extension must be fought on an intellectual battlefield otherwise as individuals they have little to offer the resistance they believe that if they merely present a better and more logical philosophy they will win over the masses to their side or even change the souls of the rather soulless Psychopaths creating the tyranny in the first place like magic they will have won the fight without ever truly fighting it sounds like a strategy right out of the art of war but really it is an intricate excuse designed to avoid risk an intricate excuse designed to avoid risk my emphasis continuing they have almost no experience with and therefore no respect for the concept of self-defense and revolution and they have no capacity to fathom what such an endeavor would entail this unknown scenario inspires fear in them a fear of struggle a fear of failure and a fear of death while taking action from a positive from a position of love for one's fellow man is indeed noble it is sometimes not in enough in the face of pure evil the kind of evil inherent in the ranks of elitism and the globalist ideology it is important to keep at least one foot on the ground when building a movement of dissent and realize that while maintaining the moral high ground is paramount there are limitations to what peaceful resistance can accomplish depending on the opponent let me read that sentence again because it is profound it is profound and needs to be deeply contemplated by everyone out there it is important to keep at least one foot on the ground when building a movement of dissent and realize that while maintaining the moral high ground is paramount there are limitations to what peaceful resistance can accomplish depending on the opponent if you are not prepared to use both peaceful means and physical defense if necessary your movement will ultimately fail against an enemy without conscience once again I'm going to read that sentence again to let it sink in if you are not prepared to use both peaceful means and physical defense if necessary your movement will ultimately fail against an enemy without conscience never before in history have humans been so dismissive of the self-defense concept and I attribute this to clever conditioning and to an ingrained and powerful fear here are some of the most commonly heard arguments of physical revolution and why they are either ill-conceived or outright disingenuous and here is point number one that the people who are psychologically in fear of self-defense and rebellion against tyranny always try to bring up is revolution morally wrong so he's asking this question revolution is morally wrong question mark is it so continuing with the article I I think that's the break music coming up is it yeah okay so we'll continue this on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen reading the article from Brandon Smith understanding the fear of self-defense and revolution a absolutely brilliantly written article we're going to pick up on the concept of is physical rebellion is revolution morally wrong on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening stay with us we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we're reading an article I'm reading an article on air called understanding the fear of self-defense and revolution by Brandon Smith and I'm going to continue it right now with a section called revolution is morally wrong question mark I find the attitude of moral superiority of the non-violence crowd rather disconcerting at times and in many ways dishonest it is very common to run into non-violence proponents who are not satisfied with their own personal choice of pacifism alone in many cases they will attack or undermine other parts of the movement preparing for self-defense on the basis that even mere preparation is somehow akin to physical aggression these people are never satisfied until everyone in the movement meets their quote high standards unquote of activist purity in the end I think their position is less about a regard for peace than it is about a regard for their own egos people in general tend to support the formation of taboos as opposed to honest principles in order to gain what they see as the moral upper hand over others they invent a condition of arbitrary piety around themselves in an act of self elevation that does not constitute true morality anyone who makes self defense a taboo is not only living in a fantasy land outside the inherent structures of natural law he is also likely doing so because he enjoys the sense of social superiority such a position affords in this way many of the more irrational non-violence activists are in fact no better than the raving acolytes of the cult of political correctness hear hear physical self defense against tyranny is not only necessary but entirely honorable when the violence of an individual is forwarded by defense when a potential thief Rob's the wrong house when a rape is prevented by an armed and prepared woman or when a potential murderer is shot dead by a citizen who refused to be a victim our society Cheers but when someone suggests the same measures be taken against a violent and corrupt government people suddenly claim moral hazard there is no difference between the act of defending oneself against a common criminal and defending oneself against a criminal government and I'm gonna read that sentence again ladies and gentlemen let that one get hammered into the brain a little bit there is no difference between the act of defending oneself against a common criminal and defending oneself against a criminal government I would venture to say that self-defense is a moral imperative more vital to the survival of peace and freedom than any other we'll pick this up on the other side folks you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] the [Music] [Applause] [Music] freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com we are talking about the psychological fear of self defense that is so strong in the modern population due to social engineering and why people are afraid of even the discussion of the thought of rebelling against tyrannical government physically you know the last sentence here says it all that in this last section on this article called understanding the fear of self-defense and revolution by Brandon Smith he said quote I would venture to say that self-defense is a moral imperative more vital to the survival of peace and freedom than any other I mean I I'm in complete resonance with that sentiment that is that is 100% spiritual truth right there and people need to get that through their head that that is spiritually true that's the problem is you have religions like the New Age garbage movement pumping people's heads full of nonsense that there's no place for self defense in a civilized society I mean please the religion of stand down don't stand up for yourself stand down take whatever violence is thrown at you yeah okay yeah that's real spiritual you're so enlightened aren't you it's it's an absolutely deplorable garbage ideology that is based in self-loathing that is based totally in fear it's based in cowardice pure cowardice as is pacifism it's a deplorable self loathsome ideology pacifism I am all for peace ladies and gentlemen but I want no part of pacifism there are two entirely different things they are completely diametrically opposed to each other one of them fully embraces and incorporates the Sacred Feminine principle of non-aggression while simultaneously bringing in the sacred masculine principle of self-defense a true philosophy of peace that's based in both of those sacred principles pacifism on the other hand totally throws out in the trashcan the sacred masculine principle of self-defense and says somehow it's not valid well I beg to differ and anybody who wants to think that they're pursuing a spiritual path needs to get it right and understand both of those principles need to be in balance in harmony operating in union with each other so this whole section that I just read is revolution morally wrong my question to the listening audience is did the American revolutionaries during the Revolutionary War period were they doing something that was moral were they somehow conducting immoral behavior by rebelling against the British who were coming over here across an ocean and oppressing us at the behest of a psychopathic king taking people's rights away raping their women doing violence unto people in the street putting soldiers on the street quartering them in people's homes completely destroying people financially taking whatever they wanted whatever decree the King said was law was made in the law whether it was moral or not whether it took people's rights away or not so did they somehow do something that was immoral by rebelling against that so-called Authority that totally criminal psychopathic government I beg to differ they did something come completely moral that was based in higher consciousness which is called love the American Revolution was an act of love and if you don't think so you have your philosophy all twisted up and you don't understand what real enlightenment or real spirituality is at all not even a little bit so let's continue with this article Brandon Smith understanding the fear of self-defense and revolution the next section is entitled revolution is futile and the enemy is too strong question mark this is another fallacious argument that's brought up by people who are just cowards and want to say we should never even consider the notion of physical rebellion so here we go when anti Defense Initiative Li argue against the moral principles of physical revolution they invariably change tactics asserting instead that revolution is a useless endeavor that will only end in tragedy for the participants I see this argument as a product of brainless nihilism rather than rationalism and such a defeatist mindset invariably stems from cowardice rather than logic absolutely wonderful wonderfully written truer words could not be spoken nihilism is a powerful psychological force that destroys all hope and all positive pursuits it is essentially the act of denying success before an endeavor is ever undertaken nihilists ensure their own failure because for them every scenario is a no-win scenario to them i might seem like a blind optimist while they see themselves as realists in truth Pro self defense the mists are far more realistic advocates are far more realistic there is certainly a fundamental difference in the manner in which we look at the world when I and those quote optimists like me see a problem we look for a solution regardless of the scale of the threat and if we cannot immediately find an obvious solution right away we keep working until we do there is no such thing as a no-win scenario for us there is always a way to overcome an obstacle the odds of success are not relevant where revolution against oligarchy is concerned I would also point out the reality that at bottom it does not matter what the odds are in a revolution for freedom when all is said and done you will probably be confronted with two choices in the face of tyranny fight and possibly die or surrender become a slave and probably still die those who argue against self-defense are in most cases trying to avoid the inevitability of this choice by creating non options and non solutions out of thin air this is the opposite of realism physical revolution requires a methodology of adaptivity and courage fear has no place in the mind of a freedom fighter and nihilism is just as foreign to him the goal of Liberty will be accomplished totalitarians will be defeated the size of the movement is not a factor we expect that we will be in the minority there is no other outcome but victory because we will allow no other outcome period if we are proven then we are proven wrong but it will not be due to a lack of trying and there it is folks I'll read that again the goal of Liberty will be accomplished totalitarians will be defeated the size of the movement is not a factor we expect that we will be in the minority there is no other outcome but victory because we will allow no other outcome period if we are proven wrong than we are proven wrong but it will not be due to a lack of trying in our age arguments of the technological superiority of the enemy are often brandished as clear evidence of the uselessness of physical resistance I think one could also make the argument that technological superiority in media manipulation and other fields could make nonviolent resistance useless as well I'm not really sure why nihilists cling to the notion that technology matters at all except that it perhaps offers an easy and lazy avenue of debate the enemy has Predator drones therefore revolution is futile in conjunction with oathkeepers I will soon be producing a video that will show the Liberty movement how to build their own working thermal evasion suits perhaps this will quell the incessant proclamations that drones and tanks and Apache helicopters mean anything at all in the face of asymmetric warfare if the enemy can't see you they can't kill you and for every high-tech enemy there is a low-tech solution of course I doubt this will mean anything to the nihilists who don't have the will to fight for anything except their belief that fighting back is useless that's right Brannon because these people are cowards cowards and that's all it comes down to the next section is entitled revolutions are always co-opted question mark I have heard it argued by multiple sources within the Liberty movement over the land over the years that revolution is a poor option in defeating tyranny because of the cyclical nature of political and social change they claim that all we have to do is look back at history to see that even when a revolution is successful in removing oligarchy the resulting Republic is invariably co-opted years or decades down the road I agree to a point the problem is not that the concept of revolution is ineffective what these skeptics of physical rebellion tend to overlook or deliberately ignore is that no revolution in the history of man has ever gone far enough no revolution in the history of man has ever gone far enough each revolution has targeted the corrupt government of their day but no revolution has actually removed the elitist cabal behind those regimes the same cabal of elites that has bankrolled nearly every tyranny over the past several centuries this is in part due to the fact that knowledge of who these elites are was not widespread today for the first time ever mankind has full access to information on who the globalists are and what they want in fact the elites barely hide who they are or what their intentions are anymore one can simply look up the roster of organizations like Bilderberg Tavistock trilateral commission Council on Foreign Relations the International Monetary fund the Bank for International Settlements etc at least in the Liberty movement we know who the real enemy is co-option is always a threat if you do not know who the enemy is a revolution against the Obama administration alone for example would be useless because President Obama is nothing but a puppet a mascot playing a role that's exactly right a good actor but a little less than that removing middlemen is a half measure and anyone who tries to lead you into revolution on the premise that Obama alone is the source of your troubles is probably an elitist leading you toward disaster if you are not removing the root of the threat the threat will persist now I'm going to chime in here for a moment the real root of the threat is the ignorance of the population it's not just the globalist cabal of elitists it is the mindset of the people who are so ignorant and don't want to be free they want to be ruled that's the main problem and that's where revolutions have stopped short they've allowed all of these ignorant people to just breed up around them and to stay here people who want to be ruled to stay where you just successfully accomplished a physical rebellion and I'm going to talk about that a little bit later on this broadcast when I'm gonna read a little bit of an article by Thomas Paine where he talks about Tories who were loyalists to the British crown during the time of the American Revolution and it parallels nicely with these couple of articles on you know guns and gun ownership and rebellion the fear of self-defense and rebellion against tyranny continuing with this section of the article called revolutions are always co-opted question mark co-option also occurs when people become obsessed with the idea of popular top-down leadership rather than bottom-up decentralized resistance if you are out there looking for the next George Washington on a white horse to save you from tyranny then you will eventually get him but he may not be all what he beware of generals and top brass suddenly in supportive revolution beware of any notion of a military coup beware of any revolution that uses political party divisions as a motivator beware of any government with a central bank that wishes to bankroll your revolution stay decentralized and refuse any push for top-down leadership this is the only way to avoid co-option brilliant and true the next section in this article is entitled revolution solves nothing because mankind is quote predisposed to tyranny question mark the great lie being injected into the movement over the past few years is that removal of the elites will solve nothing because the real problem is the corrupt nature of humanity in general and that if we remove one set of elites they will simply be replaced with another set as if society is fatally predisposed to develop an elitist class this is the most vapid form of defeatist garbage ever regurgitate advice now I want to jump in on this paragraph here because I definitely don't fully agree with the sentiment that all we need to do is take out a small percentage of people the elite cabal the the globalists the dark occultists whatever you want to refer to them as and the problem will be solved I don't agree with that I don't know if that's exactly the type of sentiment he's you know advocating here but what I'm saying is without question the ignorance of the human population is the root of the problem and there are many people who will just step right into those roles I mean you just talk to people on the street you need to go no further than outside your own home and talk to some people in your neighborhood if you live in any kind of a metropolitan area and ask them would you trade places with the rulers of the world and in a heartbeat you'll get hundreds of people all around you saying without any doubt put me in their position right now this is not however okay inherent to humanity this is not human nature okay so it's not because we are predisposed to thinking like this it is because we are culturally engineered to think like this it is a program that is running that has to be disinfected from the human brain disinfected from the human soul and that can be done people can be re-educated by learning the truth by learning information about consciousness by learning information about themselves and how their minds work how their psyches work this is the occult information that has been held back by the elitists the Darko cultists to gain a tactical advantage over humanity and rule them because that population is completely ignorant of how those dynamics of nature work so I just wanted to say that you know that's my take on that they would be replaced by another set of dark Kabbalists if nothing changes in the minds of the people if nothing changes in the population spiritually so I'll continue with this article on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm I've been reading an article by Brandon Smith entitled understanding the fear of self-defense and revolution were in the last section called revolution solves nothing because mankind is predisposed to tyranny question mark and he started this by you know raising the argument that people bring up that you know Humanity is corrupt you know by its nature the corrupt nature of humanity in general and if we take out one set of elites then people will just replace them and you know we'll have the same problem as ever and I said that I do think that that is the case that that would happen but not because this is our nature but because people are so mind controlled and conditioned that they want to be like their own enslavers again this is you know the concept that they have given us their mindset a lot of people have psychopathic tendencies dwelling within them and they would change place with their enslavers in a heartbeat if only they could be the rulers and that is not human nature ladies and gentlemen that is human conditioning and only a deep exploration of the self and human consciousness is going to change that mentality that mindset that soul sickness because that's what it is that sickness of the soul and that is not human nature we are not born like that so that's what I would add to that but continuing with the article the last couple of paragraphs first we have no idea whatsoever what life would be like without the globalist network because we have never lived in a society in which they have been removed even for a single generation I think early America after the Revolution is the only example I can find of a society free most elitist controls and the prosperity that developed in that environment leads me to believe that removal of the entire elitist framework would result in undeniable positive changes for the world I do agree with that why else would the globalist spend the past two centuries attempting to dismantle the Constitution and Bill of Rights second if mankind is so predisposed to be coming naturally subservient to an elitist class why do the elites feel so compelled to manipulate the masses with complex forms of propaganda and fear tactics exactly why go through all the trouble of engineering economic disparity and war what is the point if we are all dumb animals just waiting to be ruled the argument is nonsense the elites spend billions of dollars if not trillions of dollars in capital and go to such extreme and go to such extremes because oligarchy is not a natural state of man it is so unnatural that the elites are forced to expand constant energy trying to keep us from progressing away from the slave dynamic exactly from the slave mindset I believe revolution is indeed necessary a final revolution to remove the influence of the globalist cult once and for all not only their puppet governments puppet political parties and puppet despots but the globalists themselves will bad men still exist in the world of course they will but the kind of advanced and well-organized internationalist machine that exists today will no longer exist to save a patient poisoned to the extreme the pace the patient must be purged until his body can recover on its own the elites are a poison that must be physically removed from the human system now there are some powerful and brilliantly written words and I commend this gentleman on the writing of this article I'll post it with the podcast folks might suggestion is to spread it to as many people as will read it because Americans need to read that and understand what's written there it's probably the best article or piece of writing I've seen since Aquinas wrote his small essay called on liberty so I want to read one more small thing from Thomas Paine from the crisis in 1776 after this break and then we'll go to the phones ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] the cool side that we don't dare speak while between us [Music] Aaron so deep it's cold can't go walk welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm so I just completed reading that great very well-written article by Brandon Smith entitled understanding the fear of self-defense and revolution and it all really comes down to one dynamic folks it always has only ever come down to one dynamic and that's cowardice something many people just don't want to hear don't want to talk about that's that's what this is all about you know I mean if you haven't figured that out you're not paying attention good people are just loath to do the right thing if it's gonna cost them something especially if it may cost them something physical like their well-being or their life you know all these arguments that these pacifists bring up are always struck down by simple logic revolution if it's righteous isn't morally wrong I mean by definition if it's revolution against tyranny it's something that's right that is a right so what if the enemy has stronger technological capabilities what does that mean you lay down the tyranny you lay down to evil because you think you can't win that's just pure cowardice you're not going to bother to try just because you think it'll be co-opted in the end it's a defeatist mindset it's a defeatist attitude and this totally poisonous worldview of human nature oh we're just evil by our inherent nature you know human beings are just bad that we have a corrupt nature and we're just predisposed to tyranny so so we should just live under it and accept our our fate right we should just accept our lot in life you know it would be great if there was a place where if people wanted to go and live like that they can go live under whatever kind of bondage they want but unfortunately there are people who want their freedom and are living in the same place that's why I have a huge moral problem with mindsets like that with arguments like what these pacifists come up with or these nihilists come up with were these moral relativists come up with if it only affected you you're entitled to all your beliefs anything you want unfortunately there's other people living in the world that your sick twisted mindset is affecting you're affecting my freedom my rights my life my property therefore I have a big moral problem with what these kind of people are advocating in the position of just lay down to tyranny no I don't think I will because what it comes down to is there just cowards trying to justify their immoral position of letting evil run rampant want to hear the truth of the matter that's it folks that's all it comes down to so I want to read a quote by probably the greatest mind to have existed on the American continent if you ask me and that is Thomas Paine who if you want to know who was one of the architects the real architects of the American Revolution look no further unfortunately most people aren't familiar with his writings because they keep his name out of American history books largely they don't want people understanding what Thomas Paine understood they don't want anybody becoming as much of an extremist as this man was an extremist toward the truth because he was in general an anarchist and didn't believe anybody had a right to rule didn't believe we should have instituted a new government wasn't there at the Continental Congress to bring in the Constitution you know he just wanted us to rebel against the crown and live free on the land period the end which is how it should be and chaough should always be god forbid real freedom you know what are we talking about here you know that's sacrilege sacrilege against religion of authority there is a an absolutely phenomenal set of writings by thomas paine called the american crisis or simply the crisis folks if you haven't read this you need to because it will give you an idea of the mindset of the of the brilliance of this man the first crisis newsletter article or essay whatever you want to call it was written on December 23rd 1776 after the American Revolution had already begun long after probably over it was owed this is over a year now after Lexington and Concord the battles of Lexington and Concord and in this paper Thomas Paine says this regarding why the enemy the British troops have chosen to make their landings or their seat of their war against the colonies the middle colonies the middle state before they were States the middle colonies and mainly the middle colonies were New York New Jersey Pennsylvania and Delaware and they did not choose to land their troops largely in the northern the New England states or colonies or the southern ones they eventually came through the southern states as well but um they didn't choose to attack New England first which is where the revolution started they and they did this strategically because they knew they wouldn't have any ideological support among the population in the New England colonies whereas if they landed in a place where a lot of people were benefiting from the interaction with the crown making a lot of money were set were very rich were not being oppressed the way that the people up in New England were being oppressed that they would receive ideological support for their effort by the local populace or in other words the Tories those worse the loyalists to king and country you know they were still loyalists to this psychopathic boy sitting on a chair thinking he's God on earth a psychopathic punk clown little boy calling himself a king over men I mean you have to be joking anybody that thinks has ever thought anything like that is legitimate as a joke they're a joke of a human being and all these Tories living in the middle middle colonies went right along with the the whims of the King many of them and and I'll read this article and then I'm going to comment on it because it is profoundly significant to why revolutions and specifically the American Revolution did not succeed in the way that it could or should have and why we're probably going to need another one so here's the quote and you know what as a matter of fact I mean recognising the brilliance of someone like Thomas Paine and his writings I think on the next show after the conference in two weeks again I will not be on the air live next week because I'll be at the free your mind conference speaking and hanging out with the other speakers and the attendees so there won't be a show next week I'll probably replay you know a recent show but in two weeks I think I'm gonna read the entire paper the crisis number one by Thomas Paine but this is a small excerpt from it that I just want to bring up here tonight because of how nicely it parallels with the other articles I've read and here's the quote why is it that the enemy have left the New England provinces and made these middle ones the seat of war the answer is easy New England is not infested with Tories and we are he wrote this from Pennsylvania from right here in Philadelphia actually where I am at today and you know he's referring to where he's at in Philadelphia Pennsylvania that it is infested with Tories as he says continuing with the quote he says I have been tender in raising the cry against these men and used numberless arguments to show them their danger but it will not do to sacrifice a world either to their folly or their baseness the period is now arrived in which either they or we must change our sentiments or one or both must fall and what is a Tory good god what is he I should not be afraid to go with a hundred Whigs against a thousand Tories were they to attempt to get into arms every tour is a coward for servile slavish self-interested fear is the foundation of Toryism and a man under such influence though he may be cruel never can be brave Thomas Paine the American crisis December 23rd 1776 now there are words of wisdom and just substitute statist for Tory or better yet just substitute willing slave in there one who goes along with their enslavement who doesn't rebelled against it then you'd really have something that is not only accurate but is appropriate everywhere every Tory is a coward every statist is a coward every willing slave is a coward that doesn't rebel against their slavery every other follower is a coward so appropriate to the discussion about understanding the fear of self-defense and revolution the psychological dynamic that is at work is cowardice that is brought about through self loathing and through conditioning people to believe that somehow they should just accept their servitude or somehow they deserve it and only a self-loathing person can buy into bull crap like that that someone is deserving of their slavery imposed upon them by Psychopaths in two weeks I'll read that whole article because it makes so many other brilliant points but I want to take calls on the air tonight and I and the calls again I'll give the call-in number once again the callin number to join us 800 three one three ninety four forty three I want to hear from people on the entire topic of gun ownership of the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment the the presentation that I gave over the last few weeks and on the psychological dynamic of why people fear physical rebellion I also would love to hear from people in places where the population has been disarmed to firearms and can really not offer any true physical resistance should their government become completely tyrannical but really all governments today are completely tyrannical you know it's their way or death or escalating up physical violence unto death which is called living under total coercion which is slavery if the truth is told the way it really is when people are loath to admit that because what that implies then is responsibility to physically do something to act and nobody wants to be the person who says something needs to be done about this not just talked about but done so let's go to the phone lines let's hear from Gumby in Colorado you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yes okay most of uh I must have gotten uh gotten that confused so go right ahead Jeff Jeff and Cambodia I spoke to you I think couple weeks back welcome back to the show that was a couple weeks back we got caught up at the end there I just want to let you know that I'm very glad that you're out there talking about gun ownership to the extent that you are however and you can tell me if I'm wrong here I've heard you're a lot more optimistic about the future than I am when you mentioned cowardness and you mentioned for example the young generation being if taught about Gandhi bring the exclusion which I have no problem but if you're going to talk about that to the exclusion of the Colonials which in my mind was the only contract that humanity really ever had as a protection against tyranny then what you've got is you've got a mind-control severe is that yes we've got a hundred million gun owners now and in America and and you know we'd like to think that that'll make a difference however they don't care about those people that was waiting for this generation to die off and they got the young young kids who will take the microchip for free internet that on it and the furthest thing from their minds at the ownership of a gun no matter the other parents their minds are absolutely infested with with caught out right communist propaganda in the schools today I mean a friend of mine I don't know if he wants me to mention his name on the air but you know so I won't I'll just you know an anonymous friend who is in a college here locally around the Philadelphia area recently told me that hi I'm sorry college professors who were teaching history in local colleges are telling their students that people like Joseph Stalin and Mao say Tung have it just have a bad reputation laid upon them by most modern Americans and they weren't they weren't as evil as they are portrayed to be the two largest mass murdering dictators in the probably the last several hundred years being told to our children and schools that they weren't evil people you know and the thing is when you look at it you just so wonder you have to wonder get this next generation coming along wouldn't put up any resistance whatsoever I personally think no I think it's over so I'm getting myself ready experienced chefs there will stay with us through the break I'll let you continue on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening here on rbn we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] and [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on Republic Broadcasting I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're taking your calls for the duration of the show this evening the callin number to join us toll-free 800 three one three nine four four three we were talking to Jeff in Cambodia and you know he was alluding to the fact that he believes that the minds of the youth are so taken by the indoctrination system of public schooling that it's gonna be very very difficult to get enough of their minds freedom oriented enough to really wage this ideological war let alone a physical one because so many of them are put off and told the guns are somehow a bad thing don't get involved in that don't understand self-defense or real freedom and I you know came back with that a friend of mine told me recently that in college classes in history children that the classes are being taught that Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong were just well-intentioned people that were just misunderstood and just didn't get the things that they wanted to accomplish through in the right way and they just get a bad rap by modern Americans you know two of the biggest mass murderers who starved out and executed more people than any other totalitarian regimes they're being taught in American schools that somehow these were just well-intentioned people and they were just misunderstood by by people in a wider sense and they just get a bad reputation in the modern world imagine this being taught in American schools it's an utter disgrace Jeff are you still with us I think you hit it right on the head and the problem is as you well know it's a heck of a lot more than just the schools at every possible angle on the Internet anywhere you go a massive percentage of what you see is going to be anti-gun anti-freedom agenda now we people like us I would say and you may have commented on this on one of your early projects we tend to in our own minds exaggerate how effective we are being I hope I'm wrong about that but as you've been to maybe before is a miniscule percentage of the population that even thinks along the lines that we'd you without without a doubt he's off without a doubt Cheston I have people ask me all the time well Jack what you're saying is true why is Alex and Steve quale and and you know mark why are these guys not dead well it's very simple because the powers that be don't need to kill you don't even kill me exactly we do is wait for this generation to die off because they got the next one microchipped back in fact they would be if they did try to do something like that they would be lending incredible credibility to the message that we've all spoken thus far and they don't want to do that you know they they want to marginalize us through ignoring us through not giving people in the true alternative media any real press so I agree the numbers are paltry that doesn't mean we should give up but we have a long long long way to go and we have to increase our numbers by speaking the truth to everyone around us that is what the great work is all about Jeff I want to thank you for that yes yep I want to thank you for the column for the insights that you brought up really great ladies and gentlemen another hour of calls coming at you toll-free number to join us 831 394 43 stay with us everyone see you on the other side of this break [Music] [Music] freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] freedom [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening this evening what on earth what's happening well here on our Vienna I'm your host Maurice my websites what on earth is happening calm mind control natural law the occult looks like we're having up at all oblem a bet with the dropping on the intro over what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark passable [Music] alright there it goes finally ducking back down so into the third hour of the show we're gonna take your calls during this hour the toll-free number to join us 800 three one three nine four four three once again toll-free 800 three one 394 43 I'd like to hear people call in to talk about gun rights ownership gun ownership rights I'd like to hear him talk about self-defense explore more this psychological fear of self-defense and physical rebellion against tyranny you know are our ancestors didn't have a problem with it at least not here in America they didn't you know they did the right thing when the time came it might have taken them a while to get their act together and get it in gear but you know they beat back the tyrants once and I think it needs to be done again it's gonna need to be done again at some point unless we can really do the great work of putting the mindset of true freedom into people helping them to understand what rights are helping them to understand natural law but you look around at the colossal ignorance around us it seems highly unlikely the numbers that we have on on that front are paltry compared to where they need to be to really effect a change in consciousness worldwide I'm not saying that that means we need to physically you know do this now but I'm saying the time is going to be upon us at some point and people need to be prepared for it and they need to make sure they do not give up their right to self-defense ever for any reason no matter what happens and now is the time that is rife to watch for false flag events and human sacrifice ritualistic events that are designed specifically to it to inject fear into the human mind on a mass level so that people will willingly lay down their rights and if you see anything like that occur no that is a staged event I mean as soon as it you can guarantee that's a staged event like all these false flags always are so let's continue with the phones and let's hear from Tom in California Tom you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show all right yes yeah great show tonight are you still there yes I said thank you oh okay my question is is the tyranny you know I got a letter I hadn't paid my taxes and I you know I'm a small kind of guy do the swap meets sell surfboards and that kind of thing right I'm just wondering if they're gonna be breaking down my door and dragging me away with their guns because it's been about 10 years since I filed now it'll make a whole lot of money you know and I'd listen to a podcast that you had last week and you had a caller that called in and you mentioned that like me you just pay cash and take cash when you you know do your work etcetera etcetera have you have any type of problems with I won't file any paperwork I won't put my name on any paperwork that says that there's gonna be a middleman you know so that's that's just how I do things when I conduct business with people you know it's a it's a verbal contract between two sovereigns and that's it you know right I don't give you permission to tell anybody what you paid me so right right I understand I understand that but I mean if it's been a while like me and you haven't filed anything and finally they're catching up with me I mean have you had that same problem or or no I have not I have not and don't really anticipate that but they must have tracked some kind of paperwork down that you you filed at some point or signed what yeah it's um you know you know in the 90s I you know I filed and then I hadn't dropped off the plan and I go I'm just wondering what to expect and that is a come at people with violence for that in the past so I'm not going to you know just you know make you feel good and tell you that that's not outside the realm of possibility because it most certainly is and therein lies the problem the fact that some would come at somebody with violence for you not paying them an amount that they say you must pay them that's just extradition it's theft you know it's not voluntary it's based on coercion and violence and to anybody would say that that's acceptable and just watch it happen is unacceptable you know and you know I'm a small kind of you know time guy just doing swap meets selling surfboards used bikes you know I live by the beach and I live you know try to fly under the radar and they just finally caught up with me so I'll just kind of see what happens but I appreciate you and all the work that you do and you've got a great show and I love the Thomas Paine and do read his whole thing you know after you're at my absolutely I definitely intend to he was a brilliant brilliant thinker and more people need to read his writings for certain so Tom I want to thank you for that call great points that you raised and yeah I mean it's a shame that this is the society that we live in and we consider it civilized where people come at people for violence for not paying extortion fees called taxation you know just outright theft you know taking choice out of the equation taking freedom out of the equation and saying whatever number we arbitrarily set you'll pay it you know because it served them I mean let's call it what it really is that's serfdom and slavery period and if people don't see it as such they don't see what the truth of the matter is let's move on to another caller and let's hear from Elizabeth in Connecticut Elizabeth you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show hi thank you I wanted to thank you very much for the video you can post it I learned a lot the one on the second of the real meaning of the Second Amendment I learned a lot I've been pretty indifferent to gun ownership I guess on my life I know usually most people are have you know one extreme opinion or the other and I'm yeah it kind of it it's been a catalyst for me to sign up you know to get classes and great but I'd also like to learn as you know other methods of self defense sure I think that's very valuable as well I mean you know martial arts hand-to-hand combat things like that you you can't go wrong with that kind of knowledge you know at your disposal so it's also you know something that will keep you in good shape and it'll keep your mind in good shape as well so I think it's definitely a valuable pursuit to get involved in other areas of self-defense as well yeah absolutely I think my problem has been actually finding some ways to do it I know the gun class is out here I booked out for another couple months I can't even sign up for that it's actually popular than people would expect you know like you said that they're they're packed full and it's almost like a waiting list where you're at a lot of people are taking interest it's a good encouraging sign actually and that they could also be expensive you know that's why you know in local groups that I work in I volunteered if anybody is just not familiar with firearms at all and just uncomfortable and you know just once basic instruction I would say I'm no you know expert super expert by any stretch of the imagination but you know I have a decent amount of knowledge on some basic platforms and you know would always be willing to help people out that you know our Liberty minded and I've put that offer out there too many people locally at least but you just got to really get involved with people that you know you know are of the same mindset who you know you can trust after being around them for a while and you know just uh you know go go to a range with you know make it like a fun thing to do amongst people that you hang out with that's really what's gonna bring some camaraderie amongst people who really care about the right of self-defense and the right to keep and bear arms III think it's just you know we need more community when it comes to this whole dynamic instead of people being atomized and on their own with it you know get together and you know make it a social event you know I think it'll it'll definitely bring more value to the entire endeavor yeah thanks for that suggestion I'm having a hard time kind of getting started I you know I didn't grow up with done some I don't I don't really have a network of people that I used them my daughter's boyfriend does but you know with his schedule I don't know if that's something I could ever get in contact with him about but yeah I like that approach of you know finding people like that sure you know um the same is true for me my family didn't stress any kind of you know gun rights a gun ownership rights or I didn't have a background in that I was in the scouts when I was very young and you know shot basic rifles there but beyond that I you know picked this up recently a financial difficulty is also a big struggle when it comes to this because it can be very very expensive so that's another thing that people have to take into consideration you have to start according to your means right now and you know starting is is the most difficult part of it but again my basic suggestion would be just get in touch with some people who have already begun that endeavor ask for help ask for help from people that you think that you know who are reliable and responsible of course and I guarantee they'd be all too happy to help to help you out and get started yeah and I understand laws can differ from state to state and I hear that there's some laws proposed on ammunition ending a munition I don't know that that's obviously another motivating factor you know the fact that they're talking about spending body armour limiting ammunition yeah I don't know anything about this I'm just learning but it's just amazing that it's just amazing how many and runs they're trying to do against the Second Amendment that you know basically states the right to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed period I mean there's nothing after that you know that means you cannot stop somebody from maintaining or carrying protective weaponry the end-all laws that are regarding that are invalid in every state and no one seems to understand that you know as soon as you as soon as a lawmaker tries to pass a law that says you may not have this defensive weapon of any kind it's invalid immediately on its face and that's what we need to get across to American citizens and people throughout the rest of the world to you know this is an inherent human right period man cannot take that away from humanity period it didn't come from man you know that's that's part of the whole root of the problem is people don't understand rights or where they come from that's that's the main crux philosophically of the problem that we face right yeah thank you so much for you know enlightening on that deeper understanding I never you know hearing some about some of these laws you know these proposals going on always bothered me even even not being a gun owner and hearing that going on was just to me well you know that's absolutely that's just fishy right there and I saw that that really just got me right there and I just want to thank you again you have some video that deeper understanding and I realize it's gonna be a constant fight for my freedom in that way it is that's right Elizabeth I want to I want to thank you for for those sentiments and I think you're really on the right side philosophically and I'm glad that you got a lot of value out of the Second Amendment presentation so thank you so much for the call thank you you got it great let's hear from Tom in Toronto Tom you're live on what on earth happening welcome hey Mark uh I was just thinking about what you said earlier you know about the elite when you cut them down and another one in the place I was thinking about the symbolism with the Hydra in mythology yes no with uh Hercules he cuts off the head of the Hydra and they go back right yeah yeah anyway it's very very symbolic of that dynamic for sure you know that that does you know kind of bring to mind that there's a lot of people that just want to step right into that role you know they are of that mindset they have conditioned us with that mindset socially and you know I tell people just go out on the street and talk to some people and say hey would you trade places with some of the richest most callous people in America you know if you could get to the the level of you know the financial level that they enjoy and they would do it in a heartbeat in a heartbeat you know I don't want any of their money I want to be free and left alone the end that's it you really want to know what I want that's it it's you know it's it's like in the first article today the guy was saying I don't carry a gun because I'm in fear I carry a gun because it allows me to remain unafraid because I know I have the ability the responsibility to deal with whatever problem may come my way when it comes to physical violence or coercion and it allows me to enjoy the number one inherent human right which is the right to be left alone I agree I was actually somebody told me once you know like if we all own guns ooh be chaos I'm like back opposite wow that's big brainwashing right there yeah chaos break out now people can't defend them boy when I'm around all my friends who are gun owners it must be a real chaotic event let me tell you you know we're all sitting there armed and the chaos that breaks out let me to throw man you wouldn't you won't even be able to imagine it the level of chaos I mean it's just this is how brainwashed people are it's so ridiculous you know well yeah like who else but the government can commit such large-scale violence using Wars because they have the funding from taxation you know exactly the average person who owned the firearm you know all he wants to do is protect protect his own stuff nobody you don't that's right better tom we're coming up we're coming up to the break hold on through the other side I'll let you continue on the other side of the break ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone sorry for that delay there you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening comm we were talking in the last segment from with Tom from Toronto Tom are you slow with us yeah okay I'll let you continue with your thoughts there and then I can move on to another caller okay yeah so like I was saying taxation is only way that large-scale violence can be conducted because wars are so expensive so really a government or some entity that takes from others the only one that can continue a war or the mass amount of resource expended in the process without a doubt I mean imagine how much of all of that confiscated money is going to just control in in whatever way they see fit to do it and then they can print money as well you know they can print as much money as they want and use it for control purposes you know we're funding our own enslavement which is why people have to say no and stop doing it you know just stop contributing to what these Psychopaths want people to do you know I I just won't do it you know it's it's most people just don't have the courage to just live a life like that they just won't do it like I'm not going to take part in that system where I'm contributing to that I don't care what happens to me that's the bottom line the bottom line it all comes down to do you care more about comfort or do you care more about freedom and what's right the end that's it and people can say whatever they want that oh if I go into a store I buy something their sales tax associated with it I'm still paying it I'm minimizing it to the extent that is within my power to minimize it you know nobody needs to tell me I need to go and live without technology live out in the woods place no you go live out in the woods someplace somebody that says that to somebody you know I'm minimizing the negative damage that I do to other people by my refusal to pay the bulk of whatever I make through my contribution of work you know and that's what I can do you know this whole argument well you know do nothing well wat sit there in a corner and rot and die you know and and you know not eat not do anything you know because somehow you're gonna be contributing into the into the system yeah I have to live among it to try to change it that doesn't mean I need to be involved in it you know I'm not involved in doing it but I try to minimize my impact as much as possible so I mean I hear I totally hear what you're saying more people have to recognize that this these are resources that are being confiscated under duress are being put right back into the work of enslaving the very people who are paying that money without it down that book on that point as well I agree you know not only does it like really the ownership of like crazy amounts of land contribute to large-scale crime but also a small scale crime how many people you know we're just like committing a mugging or just starving to death they don't really have an option like oh you know I could go out into the field get some land and start growing my own know all this land belongs to us right oh sure the the claim of the ownership on land that isn't even being used for anything you know I know and of like a contradictory to the whole concept of ownership say people aren't using it and yet they're keeping it from other people it's not really a word omit ownership yeah well Tom I want to thank you for the call and for the points that you brought up thanks so much and let's move on and let's hear from Jonathan in Kentucky Jonathan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome words have encouraged me instead of just speaking on knowledge I don't help with the action without a doubt yes if you guys are anybody who's listening to this radio station you need a better arm and I'm not saying this to be invoking any type of fear sure you need in a various weapon nine years in the infantry so I went first first hand with people who are insurgents which were the US military inserting themselves and I've dealt with guerrillas who are locals and you need at least one first get a network going with your community you need a lead out he is you know a part of the system and it was like minded and you need invest into a firearm I would recommend if you are cost-efficient to get a SKS even their friends throw down two hundred dollars together and you can split a thousand rounds of 7.62 by 39 stock up on some 20 round Tapco magazine these that are about pulls up diseases you know combat right is six plus one an excellent I always yeah Jonathan stay with us stay with us through the break and I'll let you continue with thoughts on the other side ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] you know today destroys the night 95 today right welcome back everyone you're listening - what on earth is happening here on rbn I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com taking your calls through the rest of the show toll-free number to join us 831 394 43 we were talking to Jonathan in Kentucky Jonathan I think you were recommending to people a choice that you thought was a good one for a semi-automatic of the Russian SKS which is chambered in the 7.62 by 39 variant and you know is a pretty inexpensive and would probably be a good choice for a person getting a first semi-automatic rifle Jonathan yes yeah there you go yes and I would recommend they'll have different names on him Noriko that's usually Chinese but they're all formatted pretty much the same you need to get something to hold magazines for an infantryman combat load is six plus one or seven mags but you can downgrade depending on weight you want something to hold up maggot Dean's which are the device that holds your bullets right and you want to some a pouch to hold your empties and you want to have something with water and you want to go out with your friends and wear it all day and practice shooting with it and you want to learn model control and charger safety so you want to sleep your buddies when you're practicing and you want to keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot there you go no no ladies and gentlemen do you know what Jonathan from Kentucky just described there he described a well-regulated militia continue and not only do you want to train the shoot but you want to train just having the weapon with you so find some of it lives in a rural area and just walk with it walk with your friends practice walking in what they could say in military terms patrolling but just get it get a feel what it's like you'll get exercise you'll connect with the earth and you'll get to learn the environment or where you live and you want to start practicing with your friends and you need to find somebody lives in rural area you know and that yes and combative everyday I call when you're in the deep urban jungle as I am but I don't think that yeah I would encourage if you if you can do it absolutely take advantage of that without a doubt that's good advice yes sir I'd just like to add one more thing Marcus's ok now I know synchronicity has a lot to do the things you hear things you see I just wanted to make one comment in natural law I would perceive to work that if you don't do any action you were forced to make a reaction and I just wanted to say that and when I will gotta have a military my life stay in the military I just want to tell you this is kind of odd but uh I was going to my armory that day and um the road was a dead dog and I went on the neighbor's house and asked them if that was a dog and I said yes it died and I drug it off the road into the grass and when I left and got in my car it just hit me how symbolic that statement was Wow I don't know if that is that connects with you at all but I just thought it was very symbolic for it being my last day in the drug dog off the road amazing I mean like synchronicity and you know symbolic events like that that you know if you're conscious enough to pick up on them they can have a profound impact on your consciousness and yeah yeah I mean that it makes sense to me so and I think and I just want to tell people the reason why I say to go outside is not so much the freedom of using your firearms is that you really need to connect with this planet and I know that sounds hippy but the only way you're really gonna know what you have is if you start connecting exactly I can't learn absolutely Jonathan thanks so much for the call thank you good advice there you know that's what we do need to do we need to prepare not put all our eggs in that basket put them into right action into teaching people in a learning for ourselves and changing our own minds and then helping others to change theirs but you know there has to be that preparedness mindset there as well and the advice to connect with nature and know your surroundings is also very sound so a great call there let's hear from Josh in California Josh you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hey Mark can hear me yes I can well I'll make this short first I just want to say it huge thank you to you I I've listened to every episode of the podcast I just finished 189 yesterday so I don't some listening live as a treat to myself first couple years of hard work and that's been amazing man I just everything you've said from episode one to till now has really resonated with what I already knew but hearing you say it helps me come into a deeper understanding and now I'm trying to communicate it to other people so thanks a lot man for slugging through with you know teaching people the difference between right and wrong you're very well someday thank you for that compliment yeah absolutely maybe someday we can get out of kindergarten and start you know dealing with the graduate level material that we deserve to think about but um anyway I'm just on the note of guns I wanted to tell you that I grew up in a very like typical American liberal liberal kind of household and in California and I'm doing the hard work of admitting that I was wrong which I think is most important thing people can do and realizing how conditioned I am too perhaps in any way to um you know not even consider owning a gun and thinking it's negative everything and I'm actually actively researching different kinds of firearms and getting ready to make my first purchase and it is largely thanks you so it's wondering you to know that this is not falling on deaf ears and there will be a hundred million and one gun owners in America there huh that's fantastic and you know trying to talk about this with people because even though I'm still getting you said you have personally owning a gun and clearing me really quick that you know obviously gun control is just centralizing of gun ownership by the state and it's the moral and everything now I'm trying to talk about rolling I'm just especially the state that you are in unfortunately Josh I mean yeah well I was in Philly the worst offender probably next in our Z yeah I was eyeing your a K and looking at Larkin roads they are thinking well I'd love to call this dude but apparently that's not currently an option because the people just love their slavery over here man it's very rough that the two worst states I would say are California and New Jersey but New York and Connecticut seem to be trying to catch up Massachusetts as well and even Maryland I mean there's some really egregious transgressions against the Second Amendment going on in many states at the same time there's some good positive reinforcements of the Second Amendment and gun you know ownership rights going on in many states I think eight states in America have passed legislation firmly solidifying the right to keep and bear arms in their state legislatures so there's some positive things going on on that front as well I think people need to put a lot more pressure just in general on bringing up the discussion of the inherent nature of the right to keep and carry defensive weaponry you know I mean I think there was a there's a state or at least some municipalities that are trying to get do away with concealed carry permits because they just say you know carrying a defensive weapon is a human right period it's it it's not something that can be permitted or you know decided on whether to allow somebody to do that you know and I'm totally in in agreement with that I don't think we should have concealed carry permits you know getting permission from the state to engage in a right I mean what is that you know that's just the human right and it'll be walking permits a Kermit yep exactly yeah I actually looked it up and I guess the county I live in is like a may issue for concealed carry permits and I looked it up and they're in the county of you know hundreds of thousands of people there I think 80 80 or 90 concealed carry permits this year that said Wow dad yeah that's how it is in the state of New Jersey they have the May issue concept instituted in that Nazi controlled state as well and it's a very extreme rarity where they will issue a concealed carry permit you know if you don't give them adequate reasons according to their definition of what constitutes the right to concealed carry then they deny it yeah I don't want to march into the police station here and just ask for a reason you know the point of them and they you're the reason they need exact Terry permit huh that's one of the best reasons at this point where we're at you know cuz they're trials just set precedents just like the SA and SS did in Nazi Germany that you know if you dish disobey your commanders on the street you'll be summarily executed that's really where the whole thing is going ideologically that's what they want to psychologically set in the mindset of the people and it's it's just disgusting what's going on you know we're losing a thousand citizens a year to summary execution without trial by police in America I mean the rest of the world has to be completely laughing at us that we're taking this garbage but Josh great points that you brought up and I I think it's really really great that you turned your mindset around regarding that and it really shows your Constitution to be able to do that and admit that you were wrong about certain points of view and then actually take action to to remedy that so my you know congratulations on that thanks mark you're doing a great work thanks so much you too all right let's hear from Ivan in Phoenix Ivan you're live on what on earth is happening welcome to the show my friend hey Mark in a while it's great great to talk with you hi how have you been all right okay a little bit here and there I'm Ashley from work tonight since I changed my days off for this week so that I can make it out to the conference Wednesday Thursday and Friday I'm looking forward to seeing Don yep just real quick before I get off the phone here I recorded a couple of new podcast episodes and my team was a truce mine reality a little too episode little presentation if people who are interested in maybe catching that they can hear it on three or line AC comm and it's also on iTunes but I kind of touch on what you we call militia the last time I spoke to you I mentioned something about helpers and that kind of opened the lines with people like us that know what's going on and what needs to be done and sharing it with others so that's that's the concept I threw out there in that podcast and then also I'm with your topic tonight I'm noticing within the last six months a lot of the TV shows and films that I'm watching I'm really picking up a lot of a lot of secret masculine and Sacred Feminine topics in the movies where they show a lot of the women defending themselves exactly you know it's actually taking action you know and even this last insurgent film that was very had a good theme at the end you know that the divergence they were considered people that are odd and different but as it turns out there's a little spoiler alert as it turns out at the end of this movie the people that I've urgent or different were the ones that were part of an experiment to see if humanity can still generate creative original people and then all the other factions that were you know believers in government believers in religion believers in science they were the part of the problem lack of originality lack of creativity so you know that that was pretty good and this movie sure I've heard really great things about the our allegorical content of this film as well I haven't checked it out yet but I definitely intend to write and then going back to some of the classics that you've talked about I recently rewatched the Matrix trilogy and everyone knows about your all the allegories in there but I was very pleasantly surprised with third Matrix trilogy matrix from revolutions and that hinted strongly some militias also because when the Sentinels attack Zion not only are the soldiers or the Warriors or the fighters fighting you see the women the women are creating explosive the masu there they're having attacks or again showing that it everybody you know with Ron's ability that Athena was also brought up in the last Hobbit film the Battle of the five armies where the women became involved in the in the effort to fight against the the you know insurgency of the orcs and you know they they took up arms as well toward the end of that very so that was another a Jupiter ascending also had the theme of you know the the the sacred feminine aspect of having to care for a wider aspect not just you know yourself and your family dynamic but care for all which I thought was a good theme within it I didn't like the implementation of the actual film so much you know dramatically but I the the underlying theme was was excellent that she had to make the main heroine of the film had to make a decision between whether she was going to protect her own and her family's interest or whether she was going to extend her care to a wider extent to encompass all of humanity which I thought was a good theme and then also like on social media with a lot of the Facebook videos that were seeing with the police brutality and just recently we saw one yesterday or the day before where there was a high-speed chase going on and the car that was being chased crashed into a couple other civilian you know cars that were parked there and two individuals came out of one you know the vehicle that was struck and they pulled the guy out of the car that struck them and you know held them down until you know unfortunately the club members to interest them but that also showed you know regular people taking responsibility and you know not just standing there with the camera phones and waiting for somebody else you know wrong interaction and and did something and if that if that can be done with you know that around into them I'm hoping that people can step it up you know into uh more important situations like when police are chewing other people instead of recording it to jump in and actually start stopping that absolutely and that's pretty much all I got for today I got to start heading back to work but I'll be you this weekend and yeah that's about it absolutely Ivan always a pleasure to hear from you and I'll see you at the free or mine three conference this coming weekend alright take care Mike you got it alright let's hear from Paul in Montgomery Paul you're live on what on earth is happening welcome thank you sir how's it going going doing well yourself very well sir I was prompted to call by that sweet young lady that was talking about considering owning a firearm yes and I just struck me you know because ver honesty and and I am 61 years old I've lived most of my life with the policy of not owning a fire firearm until a couple years ago when I realized for obvious reasons I needed to change that policy and I did do the gun to do the research and and so I just want to pass on a couple introductory items that may help her sure I'll hold hold on to that through the break I'll let you continue that right on the other side of this break ladies and gentlemen stay with us you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] welcome back everyone last segment for this edition of what on earth is happening we were talking to Paul Paul you were just about to give some advice for a potential new firearms owner I'll let you continue with your thoughts yeah I'll try to be brief I would say just what I would recommend what I did and that is to go slow to do her research and to meet people try to find venues that she can meet people that are gun owners I want to say right up front the statistics show that gun owners are some of the most responsible people in America they're very even headed folk and there they are not looking for trouble in fact it's quite the contrary they are looking to avoid trouble that's right I am and they are prepared for at the last at the last element that's there they are prepared to defend themselves correct with that being said I mean a very balanced spoke without being said I there's plenty of things I could recommend but I recommend two sites YouTube sites that's Hickok 45 that's a chai CK okay 45 this is a marksman is an older gentleman who reviews all sorts of guns you're very very familiar with that channel and it's an excellent one and the next one is another one that you would be aware of and that's nutnfancy that's nu T in fanc Y nutnfancy is a retired colonel a young man who reviews guns now there's a particular talk that he gives actually gives several Hawks on top of you know here's many many reviews of guns but there's a particular talk I'll Rebecca meant for everyone who's already a gun owner and has plenty of experience go listen to it and it's called Burke Canfield carry protocol the concealed carry protocol where he discusses all the ways of avoiding issues just because there's an issue there don't mean you're supposed to get involved because you're missed a big guy with a gun you're supposed to look for every opportunity not to get involved but you still observe I guess the overall commentary on that is when you when you do your training and you become good with your with your pistol you become there's a term called situational situational awareness I now when I walk into a convenience store when I pull into a parking lot of the Best Buy or wherever I go I'm aware more now than I have air ever have been of my surroundings it's not like I'm suspicious it's on very casually looking at what's going on around me whereas before I would just blindly enter into situations and not even think right now I am very aware and in fact when I got my concealed carry license after I bought my pistol all the way home I had a profound peace it's not like I you would think it would be the opposite but actually I just profound peace and my awareness around me expanded dramatically an expanded awareness carries with it even more responsibility become an owner actually makes you a more responsible human being that's man this is all ultimately about Paul phenomenal call to end the show on that's all the time we have for this edition of what on earth is happening folks remember there are only two mistakes you can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way thanks so much i real hope to see a lot of you at the freer mind 3 conference this coming weekend in langhorne pennsylvania april 10th 11th and 12th i'll see you right here in two weeks thanks for listening everyone good night [Music]