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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today is Monday December 28th 2015 this will be the last what on earth is happening podcast for the year 2015 almost completely wrapped up I hope everybody had a good Christmas and I hope you have a good New Year coming into 2016 we have a great show lined up for you here tonight I'm going to be talking about the importance of a strong physical Constitution building the body and working with the body diet health exercise all absolutely critical and important ingredients in any person who wants to actively participate in rebellion here on earth so that's coming our way in this edition of what on earth is happening I want to thank my guest from last week Mike Thompson who came on the show to discuss the state of music in general and specifically rebellion in music Mike of course is the guitarist the lead guitarist of my band the founders and I have a few event announcements before we get started with the topic of discussion for today the free your mind for conference is going to be coming at us very quickly so if you haven't gotten your tickets to get them now for your mind for a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult taking place at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel at 400 North Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania April 15th 16th and 17th of 2016 for your mine returns to Philadelphia with a three-day conference featuring top caliber caliber whistleblowers and researchers from across the country who will shed light upon our world's problems and bring for empowering solutions spreading awareness on the topics of consciousness mind control subversive occult influences holistic body mind spirit health and solution oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times the speakers for free or mind four are as follows Bob Tuscan Cathy O'Brien davidwhitehead Freeman Jamie Hanshaw Jay Parker Janice barceló Jim Marrs John vibes Jordan Maxwell Josey Wales Ken Rolla Laura Eisenhower myself mark passio Mark Phillips Mary Sean Young max Egan and Ross Ben when ladies and gentlemen please do keep in mind Ross been at this time because of his father recently passed away so he could use your positive energy and support at this time I'm sure he's going through a difficult time so keep that in mind I believe some more speakers are still going to be announced I'm not sure if that's definitely the case but that's the main line up right now our featured speakers on all weekend pass for the free or mind for conference one $69.99 individual day passes available for 59.99 you can get your tickets today at free ermine conference calm once again the conference's website for your mind conference calm for your mind for is going to be an event like no other of its kind and it's going to be an event that you're not going to want to miss coming at us in April of 2016 I will be giving an all-day seminar with Jay Parker entitled demystifying the occult part to Satanism and the dark occult this will be a live all-day seminar taking place at the ethical Society of Philadelphia the ethical Society is at 19 1906 Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia PA this will be taking place Saturday February 6th so just a little over a month Saturday February 6 2015 an all-day seminar starting a little after noon 12:30 p.m. and going until 9:00 p.m. so this is going to be one you're not gonna want to miss folks because I'm gonna really get into my experiences in the dark occult what it really is what it's about what Satanism really is how it has infiltrated our culture the the general ideology and how most people adhere to it and you're not going to want to miss the things that Jay Parker is going to be talking about at this either he's gonna be getting into trauma-based mind control and the kind of horrific things that these people do to their own kind let alone to other people but to the people within these cult systems and to their own children so this is going to be a very powerful all day seminar on the darkness Satanism and the dark occult demystifying the occult part - Satanism and the dark occult live all-day seminar myself and Jay Parker Saturday February 6th 2015 all day at the ethical Society of Philadelphia a great venue by the way I've spoken there a few times as part of the Tesla Science Foundation's events that they have hosted there my recent Tesla presentation called the dark side of Tesla technology was held there was recorded there so this is a great venue and you know the topic the the the topic matter could not be any more absolutely necessary for people to understand at this point this is something that is completely rampant in our culture and most people don't understand this twisted religion that really has the reins of power in this world and most people are in denial of it they don't want to accept that these people are Satanists that these people are dark occultists you know it frightens them to such an extent that they won't even talk about it but it's it's a discussion that has to be tabled and understood so this is going to be a very very important seminar so come on out if you're in the Philadelphia area or even if you're not in the Philadelphia area the prices are going to be announced next week the price for the attendance of this seminar so I'll just hold on for that information but that will be available probably even before next week you know we're working that out and it will be available very shortly just watch the website for that I'll be putting this flyer for this event up with the podcast and also I'll be putting a banner on the homepage regarding this event as well of what on earth is happening calm so demystifying the occult Saturday February 6th don't miss it the founders my anarchist hardcore punk band will be playing Saturday February 27th 2016 at Connie's rickrack that's at 11:32 South 9th Street in the Italian market section of South Philadelphia that's just off the corner of 9th and Ellsworth streets it's on 9th Street between Ellsworth Street and Washington Avenue so we'll be playing a full set Saturday February 27th come on out for that other bands to be announced I still have some what on earth is happening promotional t-shirts with the one great work sigil the all-seeing eye and the one great work of truth love and freedom those shirts are available for a voluntary donation you can click the button on the left hand side of what on earth is happening calm about those t-shirts to get information on how you can get one there's also a donation button on the left hand side of what on earth is happening calm and if you feel that the information that I have presented here on this radio show and on my website through my videos has been of value to you then please feel free to make a voluntary donation to help support my work and my efforts so that I can continue them into the future so with that having been said let's jump into our main topic of discussion for today which is the importance of a strong physical body how to maintain physical strength how to maintain physical health you know so much of what we talk about here on what on earth is happening is you know cerebral it deals with the psychological information the spiritual information but you know seeking truth in the way that most people do today can be a sedentary lifestyle it's sedentary activity it's it's activity that is done with the mind but it's very sedentary regarding the body you know you just think of a person who is seeking truth they're generally usually sitting at a screen somewhere or reading a book sitting down in a chair or lying down in a prone position maybe reading a book or reading something off of a tablet or a phone you know or sitting at a computer desk and staring into a computer screen well of course this is vital you know to do to learn what's going on in the world the physical body can take a toll can be taken on the physical body because of the sedentary nature of that work you know I joke around with people and say you know a lot of these truthers and you know people who are actively researching what's going on they think if they have to they're gonna be able to just hop right up out of that chair and physically fight if they have to defend themselves physically and it doesn't work like that folks believe me you know people think if they're gonna just you know pop right out of you know where they're sitting and researching and be able to suddenly defend themselves and have they're gonna have the dexterity the capability the stamina etc the strength and stamina required to do that I have news for them it's not that easy you know you have to condition the body to work in certain ways you have to condition the body to be able to put up with certain physical rigors and if you're not doing that activity if you're just doing the mental and spiritual work and you're not doing the physical work that's gonna you know it's not going to work out well for you in the long term if you do have to rely on physical strength and endurance you know in order to defend yourself or your rights or your life or the life and rights of your loved ones so physical conditioning is critical for physical resistance should that become necessary and more likely than not is going to become necessary I tell people in a very serious way that there are people who are training right now to take your rights and your life it's not a joke it's a very serious matter it's very real it's a very real matter right now in this world there are people who are training to take your property your rights and if necessary your life in their eyes if it becomes deep if they deem it necessary or their masters deem it necessary and that's going on every day so becoming physically strong is as important as becoming mentally and spiritually strong you know it's the mind body spirit connection the body plays a critical role in that Trinity if the body's not strong the minds not really ultimately going to be strong you know that's what you have to really get your health in good order to be able to think clearly and logically to be able to really deeply understand what's going on around you the body is part of overall conscious and in dealing with the kind of material that I deal with and that I put out there to other people you know you can get into the pattern of focusing even too much on the mental and spiritual aspects of things and that can cause the body to suffer I mean conversely it works the other way as well focusing too much on physical activity you know and ignoring what's really going on around you in the world or even within your own psycho-spiritual makeup you know that can cause the mental and spiritual aspects of a being to suffer a lot of people do this as an escape mechanism they want to run away from themselves and what's going on with life on Earth you know they so they you know overwork out and you know constantly move on from one physical activity to the next to the next to the next so there has to be a balance in place you know that's what I want people to take away from this whole thing that I'm talking about today there needs to be a balance you have to be balanced between good mental and spiritual work and proper physical work building up the physical body and in conjunction working with the psyche working with the spiritual aspects of yourself so just to let people know I mean I kind of did in the podcast that I came back on a few weeks ago I told people that you know I have been going through some rough times especially emotionally and been a little bit depressed about not only the state of the world you know things going on in my personal life so in order to remedy some of that it's like I recognized I was being too sedentary as well doing what I do the nature of the work that I do so I wanted to start very consciously focusing on the physical body a little bit more and preparing it and getting stronger physically because first of all I know more likely than not what's coming if it doesn't work out that way it would be a miracle at this point I mean I look at nothing short of divine intervention practically or the intervention of nature is going to stop warfare from occurring down the line in this country so I mean knowing that I want to be prepared I don't intend to go quietly into the night I don't intend to have my life taken very easily by the enemy I intend to be a big problem for them and without making the body strong that's it's not gonna work out like that so I've put in a lot of effort over the you know pretty much the last year since early 2015 really to start to build those aspects more I mean I I didn't look at myself as in being bad physical shape prior to that and have been focused on trying to maintain proper diet but I've been doing a lot more physical activity and I'll get into that in this episode diet of course is just as important as the physical activity again there needs to be a balance there you know you want to be able to do you want to have your diet in proper order of course because nutrition is key but you also want the right amount of physical activity and to do that daily make it a part of your schedule a part of your routine it has to be habituated made habitual made into a habit so both physical activity and of course you know a good high nutrient diet have been a big key in what I consider for for myself in 2015 to have been an additional health makeover I look at it like I went through a health makeover for myself years ago when I learned all the bad stuff that was going on in our food and changed my diet for the better but I feel like I've done an additional health makeover of sorts in 2015 because of the physical activity that I've integrated into my life so you know as with any work to improve oneself effort is going to be required you know you you have to put your mind in the mindset that this is going to be work it's if it was easy everybody would immediately do it and see the results with hardly any effort or work it's you know there's a reason this is work it requires effort to get it done it requires energy so you have to built you have to start where you're at and build a little at a time nobody can go from 0 through 100 miles an hour instantaneously you know you this is a process that's another thing that should be understood with all of it it's a process I never you know I think a vegan lifestyle is a better choice than a highly carnivorous lifestyle I've talked about you know that I see carnism as immoral and against natural law and you know people come down on both sides of this since we're gonna be talking about you know physical activity and nutrition you know there's people who think if you're advocating for a vegan lifestyle you're evil there's people who think if you're not vegan you're evil you can't win okay you have to start where you're at and work in a progressive way to be better than you were the day before that's what balance is you know I tell people I'm not competing with anybody regarding this I don't need people telling me that if I don't eat meat I'm evil or if I eat meat I'm evil I'm competing with no one but myself with that with the person I was the day before yesterday and yesterday that's who I'm competing with so it's not a competition folks you know it's a it's it's trying to improve upon the self by starting from where you're at and then working forward so with that being said I mean I was going to say I do think that yeah a vegan lifestyle is the way the direction you want to go in I think that will really not only optimize your health but optimize your alignment with natural law however do you need to do it immediately you know from being a heavy meat eater this day to being a vegan the next no and there's a matter of fact that probably could create health problems if you do it that way it's a process you know move in the direction that you want to go and get better at it each day so I want to very clearly emphasize that I'm not saying that this needs to be overnight changes never have so works going to be required that's the first thing to understand this is going to require effort and you have to put that in your mindset you have to say I know that this is gonna be hard work but I'm up to the challenge you know if this is something I can do it's possible people look at the whole thing and they say oh you know it looks like an insurmountable challenge an impossibly tall mountain to climb well you know as the saying goes the first a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first steps you have to begin somewhere you know it's like an understanding the truth people always say well where do I start they get my art drive or something like that where do I start start from wherever your interest is that start from whatever you find appealing initially you know there's so many good foods out there so many good high-quality nutrient-dense foods out there that taste good as well you know there's good gems that people can go and join you know you can get involved in all kinds of physical activity if you like swimming do that if you like biking do that you know if you like mountain climbing do that you know I mean you could research things just about anywhere you know and get involved it's about starting from what interests you so of course in my own personal life I try to maintain this balance between doing physical work and doing the mental and spiritual work and I've done tons of psychic work you know spiritual works shadow work upon the self but over the last year year and a half or so I personally felt like you know there wasn't a balance for me and it was not only having an it was having most of an effect emotionally for me you know and other factors of course are involved personally which I'm not going to get into today but you know I felt like I needed to ramp up my efforts to put myself in a better physical condition so that the the endorphins and the kind of biochemistry that goes on when your body's in an optimum state of health really does help with an emotional state of well-being that's something that people have to really understand the body and the mind are connected so I kind of took the approach that I was going to put more effort into trying to become as physically strong as possible and that's one of the reasons I took the hiatus that I took for several months so what I really want to talk about today on the show is what I do just some examples of what I do again I think one of the most important things somebody can do is going to talk about the truth is live what you talk about you know do what you say if you're going to put an idea out there let it be something that you've done and has shown an improvement for yourself so that you know this works and then you can put it out there for other people knowing that it's not going to harm them it's kind of like the idea of you know don't discuss the problem unless you're going to talk about the solution to the problem you know I'm not saying you have to stick to that rule you talk about whatever you want but it's a good idea if you're going to talk about something that's highly negative like all the problems that are going on in the world understand what the solution is like living in harmony with natural law you know if there's all these poisons and things that are attacking the body in the environment understand here's some of the things you could do to mitigate that and to lessen its impact by making the body as strong as possible this is like shielding you know it's a form of alchemy that you're strengthening the thing that's being attacked you know and by strengthening it those attacks are going to be negligible they're going to have negligible impact I should say so I feel like as a result of this work I'm physically stronger than I've ever been I have more strength more physical strength more stamina I can do physical a lot of physical activity without getting winded or out of breath like I used to I've lost weight I joke around with friends that you know that they talk about age you know I'm over 40 now and I joke that you know youth is overrated I I could kick my 20 year old self ass if he was standing in front of me you know so people who were thinking well I'm a little bit older now I don't want to take something like this on it's absolutely possible you can start at any age so one of the things I did actually not even I don't even think it was this year it was late last year I was got a gym membership and started working out at a gym about two to three times a week ideally three you know sometimes schedule not permitting a couple of times a week really really helps not only to build a stronger physical body you know muscularly but it builds a lot of cardiovascular conditioning heart health so one of the things I the I'll just run down some of the exercises that I do when I do go to the gym stairs this is something that people will look at and go all God you know like even at the gym not many people go on the stair climber which I'm surprised that because that that's probably my favorite thing to do there and I guess it's because you know it's like the idea of just climbing steps you know repeatedly it definitely takes its toll on you physically cardiovascular you get out of breath pretty quick when you when you start doing this for the first time of course now when I hit the stairs for the first time at the gym that I go to I could barely do 10 flights of stairs you know it's like when I got up to the 10th flight it was like whoa this is like grueling and you got to start at a slow pace you know cuz you could increase the pace that the stairs flow at now I used to work in a Ivy League university as a tech support specialist and when I was there I would always take the stairs I hated the elevators they were slow they were always packed with people I always had equipment sometimes I would have to wait for another car because I would be carrying equipment or pushing equipment in a cart so I got in the habit of starting to take stairs of course if I had a cart I couldn't but if it was just me going someplace or just carrying small amounts of equipment I would just take the stairs and you know that really built my cardiovascular conditioning for a while because I worked on the ninth floor of the building where I was at so I was walking up and down those nine stories of stairs multiple times a day then you see when you stop doing that you know you go back to you know not having really good and not replacing it with anything else you go back to having not very good cardiovascular conditioning and stamina so when I joined the gym one of the things I wanted to do is really build cardio condition so I knew that stairs were one of the best ways of doing that from my experience walking them in the past you know physical flights of steps well real flights of steps I should say instead of you know kind of simulated staircases but in the gym of course these machines are great because you could set them for different speeds and it works really well to condition you pretty quickly if you stick with it you just do what you can at first when you get really really tired and stop you know and then just try to do a little bit more next time you go and a little bit more next time so this is what I was doing starting at about maybe 9 or 10 floors and then just building up a little bit at a time 5 stairs 5 flights of stairs more each time a flight is about 15 so you know 15 steps so you know I eventually got up to like being able to do a hundred flights of stairs and then you know said well I want to do something more than that and go a little bit take this into the symbolic realm you know so each time I go to the gym I start with the cardio of the stairs and I said well what's a good number to try to hit as it as far as an amount of floors to do and I settled on a hundred and ten because I looked at it like this was I looked at it like what was what had a lot of stairs you know like the building I worked at only had like 14 flights 14 floors so I was on the ninth you know there was only 14 flights of stairs I was already doing a hundred flights of stairs I'm like what had that many flights and I immediately thought of the World Trade Center towers which were 110 storey buildings so symbolically I started climbing a hundred and ten flights of stairs doing an extra 10 after I had reached a hundred just you know to kind of commemorate the people who died in that horrific false flag attack and then I said well I'm gonna add one more flight you know and started doing 111 for the three pillars you know as a really three towers came down so as a commemoration to the people who were ritualistically murdered in that dark occult ritual false flag event I was doing for a while a hundred and eleven floors of stairs every time I went I go to the gym now that will definitely put you in decent cardiovascular health let me just tell you that right there if you even did nothing else so now I'm well beyond that and I do about 2,000 steps which approximates it's approximately one hundred and thirty three flights of stairs and that's what I do as soon as I go to the gym before I do any other exercise I do that for cardiovascular health now I'm not telling anybody try to go to the gym tomorrow and do one hundred and thirty three flights on the Stairmaster you know you have you would have to build your way up to that you know it's I couldn't possibly come close to doing anything like that it would have been like a feat that would have been unbelievable unfathomable when I first started at the gym over a year ago and I have had gym memberships before in the past but just never really made it habitual I would go and then stop going you know it's now habituated into my lifestyle that's the key you know you you keep doing something till it becomes a habit a pattern then it becomes easier to do that's why bad habits are very hard to break because even with bad habits they become easier and easier to just keep doing them once we've become accustomed to doing them for a long period of time the same could be said of good habits if you have bitch away a good habit it becomes easier and easier to do as time goes on so now 2,000 stairs is not that difficult for me to do and I could probably be probably push it and do more if I wanted as a matter I have in the past the most I've ever walked on the that Stairmaster was 150 flights of stairs just to see if I could do it one day so you know that's over 2,000 steps so it's something that you build to you don't do it all at once small steps pun intended another exercise that I began doing almost every time I go is a rowing machine an ERG machine so it's like crew rowing and this is like a full body workout you know it'll really put you in good cardiovascular health too and again you could take this at your own pace and there's tension that you could set on the machine most gyms have all of this stuff and and more you know there's very complicated machines that you could find at certain gyms that work all kinds of different muscle groups you know most gyms have just simple machines that work one muscle set and then you move on to another machine and they're pretty easy to understand and work like people who are intimidated shouldn't be you know who think oh I won't know how to use this machine there's always people there that are very helpful the the staff at any decent gym will help you out I mean they want members you know they want membership so they're gonna be as nice as possible to people and as supportive as possible so the people will join and keep the membership so a rowing machine great exercise I usually do about 3,000 meters on the rowing machine which takes me approximately a little less than 15 minutes jumping rope here something everybody can do in their home you know just and again it's it's harder than people think especially as an adult you know we watch kids jump rope it's not the same for an adult you know we have a lot more weight and size and you know you got to start light and just do a few and then work your way up to doing sets you know so I do a few hundred jumps of rope when I go to the gym and you know it's like I do it in usually like 20 or 25 sets and then just keep repeating that but talk about great cardiovascular conditioning and something that will build up your your legs for leg strength jumping rope there's practically nothing better than that that's what one of the other activities I really enjoy when I go also vertical jumps onto a platform like they have these hard foam platforms that you could just you know leap up onto set up at the gym like I belong to I mean people could do this like you know if they have any kind of a platform in their house or outside like maybe in their their backyard or something like that and just if it's sturdy and you know you're not gonna hurt yourself you just do a vertical leap onto it I do a lot of these you know to basically improve dexterity balance and leg strength then of course there's all the machines the the general circuit weight machines and you can work out your arms your legs abs etc you know I I do those machines too after doing a lot of the this cardio workout so joining a gym is something that you know a lot of people look at and they are hesitant or they are intimidated there's people of all ages you know all backgrounds races everything ages and it's again it's not something that people really need to be so intimidated about it's just like go go a couple times a week you know it could be a social thing too you can go with friends you know my gym membership allows me to take a person you know so I could take a guest it again it's a habit that you just want to get into by doing it and starting light over stressing yourself when you start light you're gonna it's gonna be something you feel you can handle and then you could do more the next time it's just like induction into truth nobody's going to be able to be explained what's going on on this planet overnight didn't happen that way for me it's not gonna happen that way for other people you can refute something that is completely wrong and try to explain to somebody about that point what is correct but you're not going to get all the information that somebody needs to know into their brain immediately in or in one day or in one week or in one month it's a process it's the same thing with the body building the body up is a process it's your you're not gonna go from eating you know really bad high sugar low nutrient quality you know high bad fat you know low quality GMO food and having a body that's very out of shape or overweight to immediately being in great shape and you know having you know strong physical body it's a process it's gonna take time to do it's going to take work its effort so you know this is all about willpower folks I mean that's what we're talking about here exercise of the will and you know it's it's mind over matter really is your - to say I'm gonna make this matter called the body stronger now by what I'm going to work I'm going to perform upon it through the will so again it start where you're at and it's and remember that it's a process and you'll see results over time but it will be something that takes time that's what people don't like about it you know they want instant gratification that's part of the whole satanic culture in America we want instinct we want to see instant results instant gratification you know if I wanted to see totally instant results for the work I did I would have done one show you know try to explain everybody as much as possible in one show what's going on and then say oh I want that to take root and well it's not gonna work that it takes persistence the great work is about persistence it's about saying well here's what I've been able to accomplish today tomorrow I'm gonna be right back on that I'm gonna be continuing to work on that you know that's that's something that requires willpower that's what this whole thing is about willpower the willpower to get out of slavery ultimately you know because these people who consider them themselves our masters are not going to easily give up their their grip their stranglehold so another thing that I've been doing aside from just the gym is martial arts and you want to talk about something that will put you in good shape relatively quickly because it works the entire body and the mind and I mean it will work muscles you didn't think you had you know and I talked about this briefly on the first podcast after I came back from my hiatus that I've been getting involved in jeet kune do-- which was Bruce Lee's system of integral integral martial arts and it's even kind of a inadequate way of explaining what Jeet Kune Do is because Jeet Kune Do is a formless martial art form that basically says take whatever works and use it and if it does not work don't employ it and this is unheard of in the martial arts world because it's a very regimented world for the most part where that they say these are the forms this is how you do something and then you just practice it this way and don't deviate from that Jeet Kune Do is a radical departure from that kind of a mentality in ideology when it comes to martial arts because it's saying everybody's body is different you know everybody moves different ways they have different strengths and you have to play to your strengths so it's one of the things that attracted me to it not to mention I always love Bruce Lee growing up and you know this guy had a very great attitude and philosophy when it came to the flowing nature of martial arts how it should be a floo that works instead of something you're trying to you're trying to adapt to you should adapt it to yourself again radical departure from old-school way of thinking in martial arts that's why he was hated by many people who were considered gurus and seafoods in different martial arts forms and you know he was not well-liked amongst that community and again one of the other reasons is because he brought this all to the United States and taught it to the American culture they didn't want that information a lot of this they wanted to hold it tight to the chest again prior to a lot of the stuff Bruce Lee did you know in the last century you could call martial arts in occulted form of knowledge you know because not many people were into it it was you know something that wasn't as widespread nearly as it is now and I think a lot of that is because of Bruce Lee and his system called G kundo so this is what I've been studying and I have a good instructor for it and I take I meet with a private instructor a couple of times a week and it's been going great and we've been integrating that with Kali Kali is a Filipino system of stick fighting and sword fighting and often it is integrated with with JKD as are other weapon systems so that's that's the form of martial arts I've been studying there are many others and you know not telling anybody to just get involved with that one you know there's plenty of other martial arts that if you're attracted to for whatever reasons pursue it again one of the reasons I like martial arts is because I like JKD and and wanted to get involved in that is because it says you know all of these martial arts are have value and all of them are legitimate and we can take a little bit from this one and a little bit from this one a little bit from this one and we can even adapt those techniques to suit what we want to do with them and you know employ them all depending on the situation or circumstance I mean to me that's kind of the approach I take with the information I'm putting forward hey maybe this religion has something that's worthwhile maybe this occult tradition has something that's worthwhile we don't need to make each one a religion or something that's set in stone but we could integrate concepts and ideas from all of them based on what works especially for the circumstances that we are in so that's kind of the approach that G kundo takes to martial arts and that's why I liked it because of its open-minded philosophy but not to say that other martial arts systems wouldn't be a great way to go to improve physical health you know strengthen the body improve the mind get better dexterity physically it's just a great way to go and it's so you want to talk about pushing and challenging yourself there's no better way than through the martial arts to do that one of the things I've been studying on my own outside of meeting with my instructor for JKD and Kali lessons is nunchucks really the actual name is nunchuck ku but people in the United States generally know them as nunchucks it's a weapon that again Bruce Lee used and kind of popularized but the actual combat techniques are very different than the freestyle techniques and that's kind of what I've been looking into on my own and it's a kind of an interest of mine again a weapon that you know is flexible and powerful and silent insofar as that aside from firearms you know if you're using firearms they're gonna make big noise and if you want to be kind of stout you want to have some stealth aspect to a defense or attack then you want something that's not going to make a lot of noise that's where edged weapons and flexible weapons are going to come into play so I seem to have an affinity for them for non chucks and been kind of integrating that with my other martial arts studies also if you have an opportunity to do it one of the best things you can do for not only physical strength and you know strengthening the muscles and the muscle tone and getting stronger to be able to do perform strikes is hitting a heavy bag now of course not everybody has one of these or has space for one of these but some gyms will have them I happen to have a personal friend who has one in their house and it really really helps with you know being able to practice strikes and practice kicks and also get some aggression out and just get a good workout in and sweat a lot you know that's that's one of the things that you know I've heard that is so important like sweating eliminates toxins from the body there are people who say you should do something to break a hard sweat every day because that's a part of eliminating toxins you know and I couldn't agree more I mean like you do physical activity to the point of sweating and you're doing something right you know you could just keep doing that activity every day it's removing the bad stuff from the body through the skin the skin is the biggest organ you know that's why physical activity is so important you sweat through the skin that's the one of the biggest surface area is the skin it's an organ and its function is to remove its that allow things into the body and remove things from the body so in addition to being you know defending being the outer layer of defense for what's inside of your body hitting a heavy bag definitely one of the best things that I've been doing over the last year or so and it really really helps to focus you to strengthen you and to help to release you know any pent-up tension as well so another thing that I've actually been delving into because of my interest in studying martial arts is yoga now I've talked about yoga as part of the New Age bullshit deception when it's used for the wrong reasons and in many cases it is it's used for escapism it's used to just have people ignore the negative aspects of what's going on and be able to tolerate those things more they're told oh you're you're not spiritual if you're going to be upset about these things so Oh take some yoga and you'll thought you'll learn ways to control that anger and when it's something you should be getting angry about even so yoga can be used for the wrong reasons but there are positive applications for it I never tried to explain to anyone that yoga should be thrown out or is not a valid discipline of course it is it's just you got to be using that tool for the right reasons there are valid reasons to employ and study yoga and then there are invalid ones you know it's about how you're using the tool it's a tool how are you using it so I think Yoga is a way to really get in touch with the self and learn what about what your work to do here on earth is all about it's a centering tool especially for those who are too right brained it can be a very centering tool you know I'm sorry those who are too left brain it could be a very centering tool to bring you toward the right hemisphere of the brain and achieve balance for those who are very right brained I think yoga can actually if it's not used properly can imbalance you because New Age practices in general which I'm not saying yoga is new just a new-age practice of course it's been around for thousands of years before you know what we would consider the New Age movement came about this is an ancient Eastern tradition especially used in you know India and the the Indus Valley area the Vedic tradition etc but New Agers the way they're using it if somebody is right brain if doing yoga and meditation can imbalance them more toward the right brain and then they don't develop tendencies of self-defense and really standing up for themselves you know you have to be careful when things like this are used to get you to stand down you know they should be used to get you to build yourself up and get ready to stand up you know and take a stand and you know have more care about yourself and your rights and what other people are trying to take from you you know this is something that absolutely could focus you on reality if it's used properly so of course I feel that I have a firm grasp on what's really going on worldwide you know in the in the global picture sense of the term but how I've been using yoga is the supplement my martial arts studies by using it for strengthening muscles that are used in martial arts that you generally don't work when you work out at a gym or even just do physical activity on a daily basis every day yoga part of it could be isolating certain core groups of muscles and the the muscles around the stomach the core you know that the hips these are muscles that are always used in martial arts there are actually like the critical group of muscles that you use there so I've been practicing certain kinds of yoga that specifically address and target core muscles and again people could use yoga in many different ways for many different reasons but it's just been kind of an adjunct a supplement to my martial arts studies to integrate some yoga into my routine so that you're working with and strengthening a lot of the muscles that you use in martial arts another thing I do and try to do at least a few times a week is bicycling I got a bike from a neighbor couple of years back and just gave it to me just like it was like you know this we used to be my sons he moved out never comes here never uses it doesn't want it at his new place do you want it like a really good bike to a good mountain bike and I was like yeah I'll take it so I got this bike for free and you know I really started putting it to use and it's a little bit obviously more difficult in a city than it is in a rural area because in a city there's a lot of traffic with cars and you have to be very careful or you can become injured but it's um you know it's something that I've adapted to pretty quickly and really I've enjoyed doing and I think it's something that's pretty easily easy and affordable for most people to get involved with so biking is definitely a whole body exercise cardiovascular exercise as well of course you know if you join a gym you can you know go on a stationary bike but no substitute for the real thing certainly again that could also be a social activity for people because they could do it with a friend so walking I mean here's one that you know more people should do every day and a lot of people are just loath to get involved with doing just you know that everybody wants to take a car everywhere they go you know I've walked certain places with people that you know at their age they should be able to walk ten times the length that was walked and they're completely winded and you could tell their cardio is way out of shape and you know insufficient certainly for their age where it should be in the city again it's something that some people really employ and get used to because it's actually easier and faster than driving someplace in many cases now if you have to go a long distance obviously then people are gonna get in the car but you know most places around here I could are within walking distance for me and if I could walk it that's that's what I do or bike firearms training I mean here's another thing that people out of people won't consider a physical activity but it's a combined physical and mental discipline because there's dexterity and marksmanship obviously involved but you know if there's a lot of physical this is one of the reasons I wanted to get in better shape folks I mean you try holding a fully loaded semi-automatic rifle for any length of time you know some of them are lighter than others but you know they're they all have some significant weight to them and you know if you're not in physical condition to be able to do that you know you're not going to be able to defend yourself I think training with firearms also very much puts you in a psychological state of preparedness for what may very well be getting ready to occur and I think that's very important too as much physically be in shape for something like that for scenarios like what we're alluding to here on the show you want to be in good psychological condition you know and again hearing rounds large rounds go off you know it's it's way louder than what you think you know I wouldn't recommend doing it without any kind of ear protection but you know when shit hits the fan so to speak you know it's going to be quite enormous sound volume produced you know and being around that will almost psychologically desensitize you to it I mean you know it's a cold way of putting it but you know you have to hear those many ature explosions from rounds going off and you know not flinch not have your concentration broken you know I go in to the range somedays and it's like you know hardly anyone is there and you could really take your time and focus and there you don't have a lot of distraction and sound and then some days I go and it's packed and it sounds like World War 3 is already happening you know and there's a round going multiple rounds going off every second so I think going to arrange getting better with your aim and marksmanship plus learning the firearm you know practicing with it holding it and practicing with it for you know in standing position for lengths of time is also good physical exercise and but moreover it's a very good psychological preparedness so I want to shift from physical activity a little bit toward diet and talk about some of the things that I've been using on a daily basis to sustain my body and as supplemental you know dietary supplements etc I've been of course continuing to do a lot of juicing and try to make juicing a stable a staple and a stable part of my diet you know people still don't quite understand I find that people don't understand juicing and a lot of them think it's not something that we should be doing and they have no idea your body is a juicer you are a juicer there is the big revelation from podcast 195 folks you are a juicer okay whether you know it or not or like it or not your body already works as a juicer this is how we get the nutrients from our food you take it into the mouth you bite off a piece you chew it masticate it grind it up with your teeth then you swallow it it goes into the stomach and the intestinal tract which then squeeze it and process it and get the micronutrients out of it in the form of the moisture and the water and the soluble fiber and then you eliminate the bulk of the insoluble fiber your body does use a bit of that insoluble fiber as well but then you essentially eliminate that that's exactly that process of digestion of you know mastication chewing and then swallowing and digesting and eliminating and using the micro nutrient dense water and eliminating the bulk of the insoluble fiber that process of digestion of eating and digesting food is the exact process that a juicer performs upon the fruits and vegetables that you put into it therefore making your body take in all the positive benefits of that process by drinking the juice that is full of micronutrient dense with micronutrients and then you don't have the body does not have to expend the amount of energy required to do that if you had just eaten a solid meal of solid food not to say don't eat solid food okay again balance is the key you're going to introduce juicing into your existing diet you don't even have to make any other changes at first you know then you could start eating around the juicer a lot of people do this as a technique you know that the whole idea here is you're taking in distilled water full of micronutrient compounds it's also structured water because it is distilled and structured as it is pulled up through the root system of that plants the vegetables and fruits that we consume so juicing is one of the biggest things that I think people leave out of the modern diet and it's the biggest mistake that they make and I will continue to support that position because nothing has shown me that that is the incorrect way of viewing the benefits of juicing the guy who got me into juicing years and years and years ago was Jay Kordich I don't know him personally but I've you know watched a lot of his material and saw him on infomercials in the past and the guy resonated with me you could just tell he's got a good heart and you know first of all look at his health I mean I mean this guy's in his 90s and it's still strong as a bowl you know so it works you know you have to integrate it into your diet and then you could do it more and more and get better at doing it and find the combinations that work right for you I like doing some green juice juicing right before I came on the air today to do this podcast I drank some deep green juice and it was kale spinach cucumbers and a little bit of apples for sweetness and it was awesome you know I mean totally charges you up you know that's that's what we need that deep green nutrient density and I mean you could combine this with blending especially if you have yeah I recommend a good auger juicer a single auger juicer is probably the way to go if you don't want to break the bank makes a great juice the juice I made today I did in a masticating juicer a centrifugal masticating juicer I used a Breville so I use them both I have one of each and they work great for what I do you know certain ones work better for certain things I really like how the slow juicer does carrots and green leafy vegetables and I like the way that the centrifugal masticating juicer does citrus fruits so you know they have their strengths and you know people have to look into them and decide what works best for them and then you know what's within their budget and and pick one up just buy one and start using it it's not that difficult and they've come a long way in their in their quality and you know in their capability so their efficiency I should say so another thing I'd like to do is make raw food smoothies with fruits and vegetables and what works great for this is a Vitamix which I also own that's a very expensive high-speed blender with a tamper and it's like a proprietary be a system of shape and it's variable speed etc but I'll tell you what for as expensive as they are not trying to make this into an infomercial the Vitamix was one of the best investments in my health that I've ever made and I use it every single day you know you can't beat it for making great high nutrient-dense smoothies especially if you're going to incorporate greens into the smoothie which can produce a better taste you know you want them really really really well blended so that it is the smoothie is in fact smooth I use a lot of spinach and kale and the smoothies that I make and of course use bananas oranges I you know I like to make citrus flavored smoothies a lot so I'll put oranges in there grapes strawberries blueberries any berries really will really kick up the taste of a smoothie apples for sweetness I'll add chia seeds and flax seeds for healthy fats and they're you know really super foods you know that have all the proteins that they have all the building blocks the amino acids for building the proteins the body needs you throw those into smoothies I mean and your your your golden green powder blends many different kinds good ones on the market I like maca which is like kind of like a root it's a for energy vitamin C powder I'll add additional vitamin C powder into a smoothie I use sodium a sorbate powder not a sorbic acid the sodium is sort of eight gets integrated much better than a sorbic is a healthier form of vitamin C for vitamin C I also recommend beyond tangy tangerine again not not a product placement for it but I use it I mean I think this is one of youngevity 's best products and it works I mean it it has all the micronutrients it has a ton of trace mineral elements in it it tastes great I put that in green smoothies and you know it's a perfect blending it blends perfectly with the greens bitter you know this has a little bit of a sweet and a tangy and citrusy flavor and the combination works perfectly I've been using youngevity 's beyond osteo effects for bone health and car you know cartilage joint her joint health etc I find they put out some good products another place that I think has been putting out great products for health is Infowars and hey we're gonna have you know tons of people explode about that you know how could you talk about Alex Jones you know it's like you know he's doing good work with what he's putting out there still would like to see him go full anarchist you know he's still towing the men are kissed line but I like Alex I like his energy in his spirit and he's bringing this information out to the forefront for the people who are new to it and will be introduced to deeper aspects of it through him so and they'll go on to other people who will talk about those deeper aspects you know once they get the frontline information so to speak so I like some of the stuff that he has in his health product section on you know his store and I used the coffee that he puts out the immune system support blend I think it's great I think it's one of the best coffees I've ever tasted honestly I'm not a huge coffee drinker I'll have a cup every now and again but this is organic Arabica coffee and they have six different immune system supporting mushrooms blended in with it and I enjoy a cup of that in the morning sometimes and I also like rooibos tea rooibos is a very high antioxidant red tea that has six times more antioxidants in it then green tea even does and it's caffeine free naturally it's not decaffeinated tea it's naturally no caffeine because it's from a shrub that grows in South Africa and South Africans have been using this for health benefits for decades maybe even hundreds of years the West was kind of more recently introduced to rooibos and I grind it very very fine I actually put it in the Vitamix with I have a dry blade container for the Vitamix as well and I'll grind it super fine that's how I'll grind my coffee so I can make it like espresso style and I make an espresso style rooibos and I'm telling you this stuff is as good if not better than coffee and just gives you this charged feeling because so high in antioxidants great tea great to give the children even because there's no caffeine in it and very you know very healthy for the for the body because of all the antioxidants in it rooibos has spelled Roo IBOs pronounced of rooibos looks like rooibos but it's pronounced rooibos and it's just it's fantastic some supplements I've been using again you know to just give the info whores products a little kick here I've been using their super male vitality formula and what this does the claim that it makes is that it balances hor hormonal e balances the male hormone system because it has a lot of testosterone supporting roots in the mixture fruits and roots some of them I'll just name a couple of them tribulus terrestris Summa ashwagandha maka again I use maca powder myself I put that in smoothies Avena sativa tongkat Ali Catawba more more Mira Palma and I think that's it so these basically are testosterone boosting in many of them and they will also enhance energy and and clarity mental clarity and mental function so I do find that they it's been working I mean it's a combination of these things you could buy these things anywhere - and make tinctures with them yourself you know but I found that this definitely helps to balance you know the chemicals that are in your body that give you energy and you know I've been talking about more and I'm going to be talking about especially at the freer mine for conference the war on testosterone there is a war on this chemical in the body like the the powers that should not be our waging war on that chemical called testosterone they don't want to in you if you're a man they really don't want it in you but they don't want it in you if you're a woman again people have to understand testosterone is not only vitally important for males hormonal balance and makeup but it is absolutely critical for a woman's hormonal balance if a woman has low testosterone levels of course a woman's testosterone level should not be anywhere near what a man's testosterone levels are but if a woman's testosterone levels are low for a woman or non-existent that throws off a lot of the hormonal balance and a woman and they develop all kinds of health problems as well and sexual dysfunctions as well so the the the reigning powers certainly are waging a war on this naturally produced chemical in the body that and they want it gone they don't want it in society because it's a problem for them testosterone makes people resist their enslavement and they don't want that they want people to go quietly you know so I find that the super male vitality formula definitely does work for you know keeping testosterone levels where they should be also been using their Mason iodine and you can get nascent iodine from anywhere I've been using this survival shield and I find that it does what it claims to do you know it's supposed to be for thyroid health and proper thyroid function and you know I it's it the energy that it helps you to maintain it's it's it's a valid legitimate claim I have found it to be valid I have found that it works now other people might take it and say oh it doesn't work for them well whatever then don't use it you know but the I'll stand by those three products from Infowars and what Alex Jones has been putting out the survival shield nascent iodine the super male vitality formula and the immune system support blend coffee are phenomenal products as far as I'm concerned another powder that I try to use as much as possible is apricot seed powder and this is a rare thing only a few places even sell this online but it's laetrile and light a visit to talk about another compound that they want eliminated that they want to wage war on they don't want laetrile in the human diet because it is a cancer killer it's also known as vitamin b17 one of the B vitamins that most people are completely deficient in you can get it from apricot seeds ground up and absolutely powerful for not only killing cancer cells but creating an environment that is cancer resistant another powder all put in smoothies is Moringa oleifera and for people who haven't heard of Moringa it is an absolute superfood with some of the highest nutrient density of any food in the world also just known as Moringa mor ing a people should really look into it and get some for themselves because it's fantastic I'll use some niacin and zinc sometimes in you know to supplement my diet for cleansing diatomaceous earth food grade diatomaceous earth you can get it as fossilized phytoplankton powder which is an excellent supplement for doing the gentle cleanse if you need a stronger cleansed and obviously you know this wouldn't suffice for that but for gentle intestinal cleanse food grade diatomaceous earth is excellent and for our chelation and pulling you know metals out of the body that don't belong in it activated charcoal is also a good product to use so you know again I want to emphasize the role of balance in all of this folks you know this is about what you do most of the time I can't critically stress that enough you know you can go and have the piece of chocolate cake that's made with you know whatever white sugar and the icing etc if you do good healthy nutrient-dense quality foods most of the time you know don't deny yourself having a beer every now and again if you know you're not gonna make it a bad habit you know I I just you know before the podcast had a piece of fudge okay high sugar high butter you know tasty I could have that because you know I'm generally eating right you know it's not this isn't about extremism everybody wants to take everything and make it into a total extreme you know what you should be extreme about understanding your rights and not trying to take other people's rights you know don't do violence against other people be extreme about that I know people extend that immediately to animals and veganism just like with people not immediately getting out of the religion of authority and statism you know they may not immediately go to going from a total carnivore one day to a vegan the next it's a process of course there's an underlying truth regarding natural law and what we have a right and don't have a right to do but balance is the key balance is the key factor in all of this so you know should you be concerned about GMOs yes should you be concerned about excitotoxin and food yes does that mean you can never go to a restaurant and eat out I don't see it that way you know with people make it that extreme I think what you're doing is you're actually harming the body because you're you're you're weakening your defense system the defense system of the body does need some things to quote-unquote practice against you know if your body's so clean that you the first thing you put into it that has a little bit of toxicity your body has a horrible reaction that means you're weaker than you were you know I'm not saying go and put tons of toxins in the body either I feel like I'm strong enough from what I do every day that if I do encounter toxin my body's gonna deal with it it's gonna deal with it that's what a good immune system is about it's not about totally sanitizing everything no more than we can totally sanitize the behaviors of everybody in the world there's always going to be some toxins and toxic elements out there but if you what you do most of the time is what's gonna make the difference so you'll you you stay on stuff like this healthy stuff and building the body up the other things that are geared as an attack against the immune system an attack against the body an attack against the mine will be mitigated they their impact will be made negligible you know that's why think the things like radionics and the mind control methodologies and all that don't have as much of an effect on me because I've strengthened myself against them again this is like shielding this is an hour chemical form of shielding not only against it's not only psychic defense it's physical defense as well and then you can get into making your own things making your own foods I mean this this is something folks if you told me about 10 to 15 years ago that I would be doing things I would be doing today I would have left you hysterically out of the room but now I make all of these things you know on a daily and weekly basis fermented foods you know I would have believed that if you told me I'd be making my own pickles or sauerkraut you know fermented green beans kombucha another great fermented drink that it has anti-cancer properties because of the beneficial acids that it contains that's another thing they want gone they want it oh they want to take kombucha off certain markets because oh if it sits it can develop this tiny tiny little bit of alcohol in it that is so insignificant you know no they don't want it out there because they're worried about people you need to drink ten times your body weight to even get a buzz you know and they're worried about the tiny little bit of alcohol that's in it they don't want that out there because it is a cancer preventive same reason they don't want cannabis out there you know so you know a lot of these things with fermented foods therefore probiotics are for putting the right Mike microbes in the dinette digestive system you know health starts in the digestive system it starts in the gut the gut lining it has to have the right flora the right you know microorganisms that create the intestinal flora fermented foods help create and maintain that condition and they maintain an alkaline condition so fermented foods I mean I can't stress it enough fantastic I love sauerkraut I always make my own sauerkraut and keep it in the house we make kombucha it's a it's a fun thing to do and you could experiment with different you know flavor profiles to by putting different things in fermented foods I make my own almond milk to try to you know essentially come off of dairy and you could get almond based cheeses as well which I found have been the best you know imitation cheeses that come probably the closest but making almond milk is very simple and it's good for you a lot of antioxidants in it nuts have good protein content so if you have a Vitamix it's real simple you know put a couple of cups of almonds in the Vitamix fill it with water blend on high and strain that's and you have great almond milk and you could flavor it with whatever you want you could put some liquid steeped vanilla stevia in it you know or you know flavour it with raw sugar or some agave nectar or whatever you like honey or whatever and you can make a great almond milk that way I make my own homemade peanut butter in a Vitamix which is simple throw the peanuts in there and just grind them up with the tamper on high you know if you want some natural sea salt or a little bit of raw sugar you could add that to taste and it makes the best peanut butter you'll ever you'll ever eat I've been experimenting with baking making homemade bread from ancient grains like spell millet quinoa rye stuff like that they come out great sprouting seeds this is another thing I mean that's very easy to do you know and you make bean sprouts mung beans work really great there's alfalfa sprouts are awesome and real high high nutrient sprouting is something I think people should get into more and you know every once in a while especially around this time of the year I'll bake a few pies you know for desserts you know splurging into the sweet realm a little bit I personally like apple and sweet potato pies I make them around this time of the year recently made a few you know you got to have fun with it too so you know it's not always you know doesn't always have to be extreme and serious you know you can make some stuff that you like and not isn't necessarily even the healthiest thing in the world and enjoy a dessert occasionally you know it's like people have to realize again balance is the key to all of this and the main thing I'm emphasizing here is get your body in as strong active healthy condition as possible because you're going to be using it you are going to need it you are going to have to depend upon it and rely upon it in what is coming in America so do not neglect the physical vehicle you know the basis for that folks the very very underlying basis for that is water you know this is what I talked about when I talked about food and depth and past podcasts we're largely made of water water is the carrying agent for all the nutrients in the body and it's the carrying agent for the toxins that get them out of the body water does those things you want as pure water as possible the body needs pure water for hydration does not need water with anything in it this is a myth this is a piece of disinformation distilled water is the best water you can put into your body that's why juicing is great because juicing releases distilled water from the plants with their micronutrient elements in it distilled water is the most important thing that you could really put into the body this it's Rick were required for hydration now barring having a distiller or buying distilled water you can get a reverse osmosis system for your house this is what I use and it gets it down to very very close to levels of distilled not quite completely there but I tested my water yesterday from my reverse osmosis filter and the water incoming into my house was 250 parts per million of undissolved solids which is like ridiculous and I've seen it I've tested it in other places in Philadelphia and it's been upwards of 600 parts per million which you're getting into like you know damaging the kidneys territory at that point the water at my faucet in my kitchen sink was coming out at about 250 parts per million which for Philadelphia municipal drinking water I guess is not that bad compared to what I've seen in other places I mean at the Jersey Shore testing water they'll forget it it's in the multiple thousands of undissolved so you could see the undissolved solids and new jersey shore drinking water i mean their municipal water supply is a mess a mess so I tested my reverse osmosis system yesterday and it was at nine parts per million that's pretty darn good and there's RO systems that mean get it down lower than that and that filter has been in there for six months I have to change it in January so this is the the the six month that it's been in use and it's still you know at nine parts per million that's fantastic that's a unit that works properly so I I'm a big fan of RO systems I think it's probably one of the best ways to cheaply purify your water and for an investment of like $200 plus installation from a plumber which will probably run you less than $100 for about $300 you can get a great reverse osmosis osmosis system installed under your sink and have pure drinking water and cooking water this is what we always use in this house for cooking drinking we give it to our dogs it goes into the fish tank you know that this is absolutely the only thing that I'm putting in my body we have it hooked up to the ice cube line to go to the ice cube maker in there in the freezer so even our ice is reverse osmosis filtered you know will fill up jugs of water and put it on a dispenser but it's all our oh I think healthy pure drinking water is one of the foundations for good health in general period if you have water structure err you could also structure the water structured water the claim of it is that it goes into the cells more efficiently when it's structured a certain way so there's different water structures one was given to me as a gift from a listener and we structure the water that we use to overall I think one of the best ways that anybody can really improve their quality of their life not only just by improving their mental clarity their mental focus you know their ability their to reason their understanding of natural law of course you know is going to bring about better overall well-being in addition to physical well-being spiritual well-being you know being physically strong you know it's it's like it's a it's a it's a balance it's a back and forth being spiritually strong will help you to want to increase the physical well-being being physically strong will help you to resist other forms of toxins and mind control and you know the manipulation efforts that are geared against us the body plays a huge role in that so it's not all just about sitting at your computer or at the TV taking in documentaries and reading books it's about get being active as well there's a balance that needs to be struck there it's something not again I haven't talked enough about but I want to even move into more especially regarding the time that we are in folks you know because there's a lot of toxic toxic elements in the environment there's not only just toxic people because they don't have a shielding to this because they're not doing a lot of this work but you know we have physically toxic agents all around us the chemtrails that they continue to spray the poisons in the food radion equiping read that we know even very little about guaranteed that's at work you know so-called drugs and medications that go to work on the physiology and horrible ways fluoride in the water you know which is so important to get that out of there with things like a reverse osmosis system or a water distiller there's so much garbage in the environment it's constantly barage in us and going to work to try to break down our defenses physically and then to get into the body and break down our defenses psychically and spiritually learning about all of this stuff learning the truth and then living according to the principles of natural law is going to be our biggest shielding against that getting the physical body in good condition is going to be an additional certainly a strong additional layer of shielding against that it starts with the mind it flows to the body and then as the body gets stronger the minds and mind and spirit are going to get healthier it's a cycle it can help us to overcome bad emotional states depression when we think of the state of the world you know that's one of the things I think it's very effectively helped me to do a lot of physical activity and staying fit and eating right you know you you you dip out of that and you don't do those things and you feel that the depression coming on more and you know when you look especially when you look at the state of the world it's easy to become overcome by all those things so doing that physical activity will help keep you in a balanced emotional state and that's very important especially if you're going to be doing the great work and continuing to do it persistently most of all physical strength imparts the ability to defend oneself and those around us who we care about when the time becomes necessary to do that to actually physically defend oneself and one's rights and one's life ladies and gentlemen that time is coming if not already upon us so my suggestion to everybody is to get ready physically prepare yourself an additional to spiritually and psychologically preparing yourself because the physical body is going to be required and what we are going to encounter moving forward so prepare yourself get ready and ultimately take a role in caring about your physical strength and well-being because that is part of the total makeup of the self and that's ultimately what it's all about improving the self and being better than the person that we were again last year or last month or last week or yesterday so I think that's a really good place to leave this topic of discussion for today I hope people have found this interesting and will be motivated to put some of these things into practice directly in their own lives ladies and gentlemen you've been listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we'll see you right here next week thanks so much for listening have great day everyone [Music] [Applause] [Music]